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,irt T Ginesv ume
9 ..w w w.. ww


Capitalism's self-inflicted cataclysm

Michael Parenti
After the overthrow of communist
governments in Eastern Europe, cap-
italism was paraded as the indomita-
ble system that brings prosperity and
democracy, the system that would
prevail unto the end of history.

The present economic crisis, howev-
er, has convinced even some promi-
nent free-marketeers that something
is gravely amiss. Truth be told, capi-
talism has yet to come to terms with

several historical forces that cause it
endless trouble: democracy, prosper-
ity, and capitalism itself, the very
entities that capitalist rulers claim to
be fostering.

Plutocracy vs. Democracy
Let us consider democracy first.
In the United States we hear that
capitalism is wedded to democ-
racy, hence the phrase, "capitalist
democracies." In fact, throughout
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February 2009
Vol. 24, #5

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United Voices for Peace

Statement of United Voices for Peace.
a new local group protesting the
Israeli attacks on Gaza:

January 12-We gather here to-
day to raise our voices, in unison,
for peace. We are Muslim, Jew,
Christian, and Humanist, drawing
from our deep spiritual wellsprings
of peace and compassion, justice
and hope. The current escalation of
violence in Gaza is a step backwards
from lasting peace. It only con-
tributes to continued misery, death,
revenge-an interminable cycle of
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our history there has been a largely
antagonistic relationship between
democracy and capital concentra-
tion. Some eighty years ago Supreme
Court Justice Louis Brandeis com-
mented, "We can have democracy
in this country, or we can have great
wealth concentrated in the hands of a
few, but we can't have both." Mon-
eyed interests have been opponents
not proponents of democracy.

The Constitution itself was fashioned
by affluent gentlemen who gathered
in Philadelphia in 1787 to repeatedly
warn of the baneful and dangerous
leveling effects of democracy. The
document they cobbled together was
far from democratic, being shackled
with checks, vetoes, and require-
ments for artificial super majorities, a
system designed to blunt the impact
of popular demands.

In the early days of the Republic the
rich and well-born imposed property
qualifications for voting and office-
holding. They opposed the direct
election of candidates (note, their
Electoral College is still with us).
And for decades they resisted extend-
ing the franchise to less favored
groups such,as property less working
men,* immigrants, racial minorities,
and women.

Today conservative forces continue
to reject more equitable electoral
features such as proportional repre-
sentation, instant runoff, and publicly
funded campaigns. They continue
to create barriers to voting, be it
through overly severe registration
requirements, voter roll purges, inad-
equate polling accommodations, and
electronic voting machines that con-
sistently "malfunction" to the benefit
of the more conservative candidates.

At times ruling interests have sup-
pressed radical publications and

public protests, resorting to police
raids, arrests, and jailings-applied
most recently with full force against
demonstrators in St. Paul, Minnesota,
during the 2008 Republican National

The conservative plutocracy also
seeks to roll back democracy's
social gains, such as public educa-
tion, affordable housing, health care,
collective bargaining, a living wage,
safe work conditions, a non-toxic
sustainable environment, the right
to privacy, the separation of church
and state, freedom from compulsory
pregnancy, and the right to marry

Most of the world is capitalist,
and most of the world is neither
prosperous nor particularly
democratic. One need only
think of capitalist Nigeria,
capitalist Indonesia, capitalist
Thailand, capitalist Haiti,
capitalist Colombia, capitalist

any consenting adult of one's own

About a century ago, US labor leader
Eugene Victor Debs was thrown into
jail during a strike. Sitting in his cell
he could not escape the conclusion
that in disputes between two private
interests, capital and labor, the state
was not a neutral arbiter. The force
of the state-with its police, militia,
courts, and laws- was unequivocally
on the side of the company bosses.
From this, Debs concluded that
capitalism was not just an economic
system but an entire social order, one
that rigged the rules of democracy to
favor the moneybags.

Capitalist rulers continue to pose as
the progenitors of democracy even as
they, not only at home but
throughout Latin America, Africa,

Asia, and the Middle East. Any na-
tion that is not "investor friendly,"
that attempts to use its land, labor,
capital, natural resources, and mar-
kets in a self-developing manner,
outside the dominion of transnation-
al corporate hegemony, runs the risk
of being demonized and targeted as
"a threat to U.S. national security."

Democracy becomes a problem for
corporate America not when it fails
to work but when it works too well,
helping the populace move toward
a more equitable and livable social
order, narrowing the gap, however
modestly, between the super-rich and
the rest of us. So democracy must
be diluted and subverted, smothered
with disinformation, media puffery,
and mountains of campaign costs;
with rigged electoral contests and
partially disfranchised publics, bring-
ing faux victories to more or less po-
litically safe major-party candidates.

Capitalism vs. Prosperity
The corporate capitalists no more
encourage prosperity than do they
propagate democracy. Most of the
world is capitalist, and most of the
world is neither prosperous nor par-
ticularly democratic. One need only
think of capitalist Nigeria, capital-
ist Indonesia, capitalist Thailand,
capitalist Haiti, capitalist Colombia,
capitalist Pakistan, capitalist South
Africa, capitalist Latvia, and various
other members of the Free World-
more accurately, the Free Market

A prosperous, politically literate pop-
ulace with high expectations about its
standard of living and a keen sense
of entitlement, pushing for continu-
ally better social conditions, is not
the plutocracy's notion of an ideal,
workforce and a properly pliant pol-
ity. Corporate investors prefer poor
populations. The poorer you are, the .
harder you will work-for less. The




poorer you are, the less equipped you
are to defend yourself against the
abuses of wealth.

In the corporate world of "free-
trade," the number of billionaires is
increasing faster than ever while the
number of people living in poverty
is growing at a faster rate than the
world's population. Poverty spreads
as wealth accumulates.

Consider the United States. In the
last eight years alone, while vast
fortunes accrued at record rates, an
additional six million Americans
sank below the poverty level; me-
dian family income declined by over

To maximize profits, wages must
be kept down. But someone
has to buy the goods and ser-
vices being produced. For that,
wages must be kept up. There
is a chronic tendency toward
overproduction of private sector
goods and services and under-
consumption of necessities by
the working populace.

$2,000; consumer debt more than
doubled; over seven million Ameri-
cans lost their health insurance, and
more than four million lost their
pensions; meanwhile homelessness
increased and housing foreclosures
reached pandemic levels.

It is only in countries where capi-
talism has been reined in to some
degree by social democracy that the
populace has been able to secure
a measure of prosperity; northern
European nations such as Sweden,
Norway, Finland, and Denmark come
to mind. But even in these social de-
mocracies popular gains are always,
at risk of being rolled back.

It is ironic to credit capitalism with
the genius of economic prosperity

when most attempts at material bet-
terment have been vehemently and
sometimes violently resisted by the
capitalist class. The history of labor
struggle provides endless illustration
of this.

To the extent that life is bearable un-
der the present U.S. economic order,
it is because millions of people have.
waged bitter class struggles to ad-
vance their living standards and their
rights as citizens, bringing some
measure of humanity to an otherwise
heartless politico-economic order.

A Self-devouring Beast
The capitalist state has two roles
long recognized by political thinkers.
First, like any state it must provide
services that cannot be reliably de-
veloped through private means, such
as public safety and orderly traffic.
Second, the capitalist state protects
the haves from the have-nots, secur-
ing the process of capital accumula-
tion to benefit the moneyed interests,
while heavily circumscribing the
demands of the working populace, as
Debs observed from his jail cell.

There is a third function of the
capitalist state seldom mentioned.
It consists of preventing the capital-
ist system from devouring itself.
Consider the core contradiction Karl
Marx pointed to: the tendency toward
overproduction and market crisis.
An economy dedicated to speedups
and wage cuts, to making workers
produce more and more for less and
less, is always in danger of a crash.
To maximize profits, wages must be
kept down. But someone has to buy
the goods and services being pro-
duced. For that, wages must be kept
up. There is a chronic tendency -as
we are seeing today-toward over-
production of private sector goods
and services and underconsumption
of necessities by the working popu-

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Editors: Jenny Brown
Joe Courter
Assistant Editor:
Mark Piotrowski
John Jack
Production work:
Pierce Butler
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In addition, there is the frequently
overlooked self-destruction created
by the moneyed players themselves.
If left completely unsupervised, the
more active command component of
the financial system begins to devour
less organized sources of wealth.

Instead of trying to make modey
by the arduous task of producing
and marketing goods and services,
the marauders tap directly into the
money streams of the economy itself.
During the 1990s we witnessed the
collapse of an entire economy in
Argentina when unchecked free mar-
keteers stripped enterprises, pocketed
vast sums, and left the country's
productive capacity in shambles. The
Argentine state, gorged on a heavy
diet of free-market ideology, faltered
in its function of saving capitalism
from the capitalists.

Some years later, in the United
States, came the multi-billion-dol-
lar plunder perpetrated by corporate
conspirators at Enron, WorldCom,
Harkin, Adelphia, and a dozen other
major companies. Inside players like
Ken Lay turned successful corporate
enterprises into sheer wreckage, wip-
ing out the jobs and life savings of

thousands of employees in order to
pocket billions.

These thieves were caught and
convicted. Does that not show
capitalism's self-correcting capacity?
Not really. The prosecution of such
malfeasance -in any case coming
too late-was a product of democra-
cy's accountability and transparency,
not capitalism's. Of itself the free
market is an amoral system, with no
strictures save "caveat emptor."

In the meltdown of 2008-09 the
mounting financial surplus created a
problem for the moneyed class: there
were not enough opportunities to
invest. With more money than they
knew what to do with, big investors
poured immense sums into nonexis-
tent housing markets and other dodgy
ventures, a legerdemain of hedge
funds, derivatives, high leveraging,
credit default swaps, predatory lend-
ing, and whatever else.

Among the victims were other capi-
talists, small investors, and the many
workers who lost billions of dollars
in savings and pensions. Perhaps
the premiere brigand was Bernard


Irv I

SCopyrighd e

Madoff. Described as "a longstand-
ing leader in the financial services
industry," Madoff ran a fraudulent
fund that raked in $50 billion from
wealthy investors, paying them back
"with money that wasn't there," as
he himself put it. The plutocracy
devours its own children.

In the midst of the meltdown, at an
October 2008 congressional hearing,
former chair of the Federal Reserve
and orthodox free-market devotee
Alan Greenspan confessed that he
had been mistaken to expect mon-
eyed interests-groaning under an
immense accumulation of capital that
needs to be invested somewhere-to
suddenly exercise self-restraint.

The classic laissez-faire theory is
even more preposterous than Greens-
pan made it. In fact, the theory
claims that everyone should pursue
their own selfish interests without
restraint. This unbridled competition
supposedly will produce maximum
benefits for all because the free
market is governed by a miraculously
benign "invisible hand" that opti-
mizes collective outputs. ("Greed is

aw Is the crisis of 2008-09 caused by a
chronic tendency toward overproduc-
tion and hyper-financial accumula-
tion, as Marx would have it? Or is it
the outcome of the personal avarice
of people like Bernard Madoff? In
other words, is the problem systemic
or individual? In fact, the two are
not mutually exclusive. Capitalism
breeds the venal perpetrators, and re-
wards the most unscrupulous among
them. The crimes and crises are not
irrational departures from a rational
system, but the converse: they are
the rational outcomes of a basically
irrational and amoral system.

IIV Worse still, the ensuing multi-bil- .
lion dollar government bailouts are




themselves being turned into an op-
portunity for pillage. Not only does
the state fail to regulate, it becomes
itself a source of plunder, pulling vast
sums from the federal money ma-
chine, leaving the taxpayers to bleed.

Those who scold us for "running to
the government for a handout" are
themselves running to the govern-
ment for a handout. Corporate Amer-
ica has always enjoyed grants-in-aid,
loan guarantees, and other state and
federal subventions. But the 2008-09
"rescue operation" offered a record
feed at the public trough. More than
$350 billion was dished out by a
right-wing lame-duck Secretary of
the Treasury to the biggest banks
and financial houses without over-
sight -not to mention the more than
$4 trillion that has come from the
Federal Reserve. Most of the banks,
including JPMorgan Chase and Bank
of New York Mellon, stated that they
had no intention of letting anyone
know where the money was going.

The big bankers used some of the
bailout, we do know, to buy up

smaller banks and prop up banks
overseas. CEOs and other top bank-
ing executives are spending bailout
funds on fabulous bonuses and lavish
corporate spa retreats. Meanwhile,
big bailout beneficiaries like Citi-
group and Bank of America laid
off tens of thousands of employees,
inviting the question: why were
they given all that money in the first

While hundreds of billions were be-
ing doled out to the very people who
had caused the catastrophe, the hous-
ing market continued to wilt, credit
remained paralyzed, unemployment
worsened, and consumer spending
sank to record lows.

In sum, free-market corporate
capitalism is by its nature a disaster
waiting to happen. Its essence is the
transformation of living nature into
mountains of commodities and com-
modities into heaps of dead capital.
When left entirely to its own devices,
capitalism foists its diseconomies and
toxicity upon the general public and
upon the natural environment-and

eventually begins to devour itself.

The immense inequality in economic
power that exists in our capitalist
society translates into a formidable
inequality of political power, which
makes it all the more difficult to im-
pose democratic regulations.

If the paladins of Corporate America
want to know what really threatens
"our way of life," it is their way of
life, their boundless way of pilfering
their own system, destroying the very
foundation on which they stand, the
very community on which they so
lavishly feed.

Michael Parenti's recent books in-
clude: Contrary Notions: The Mi-
chael Parenti Reader (City Lights);
Democracy for the Few, 8th ed.
(Wadsworth); The Assassination of
Julius Caesar (New Press), Superpa-
triotism (City Lights), The Culture
Struggle (Seven Stories Press), and
God and His Demons (forthcoming).
For further information, visit his
website: www.michaelpar'


41 "i, i'


Obaima & Afghanistan =

Nixon & Vietnam?

Scott Camnil
Most of the world seems to be very
' ,',' that the Bush era is finally coming
to an end. They are expecting a more
reasonable and intelligent foreign policy
from President Obama, and so are we.
The problem is that Obama intends to
escalate the war in Afghanistan.

This raises the question: why are we in
Afghanistan anyway? We are told that
this is retaliation for the September 11 th.
2001, attacks on the World Trade Center
and the Pentagon. The problem with this
is that Afghanistan was not responsible
for the 9/11 attacks. We must remember
that those who attacked us on 9/11 did
not come from Afghanistan. Fifteen of
the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.
two from the United Arab Emirates. one
from. Egypt, and one.from Lebanon. The
funding came from Saudi Arabia, the
training came from the Pakistani-intel-
ligence service known as the ISI.

We did not retaliate against Saudi Arabia
or Pakistan. Even today, Pakistan re-
mains the headquarters for Al Qaeda and
the trails from Pakistan into Afghanistan
serve the same purpose as the Ho Chi
Minh Trail did in Vietnam. The ISI is,
still supporting those that we call the

This kind of reminds me of the person
who is looking for lost keys under the
street light even though the keys were
lost somewhere else. They atre search-
ing for terrorists in Afghanistan because

that is easier than searching for them in

Pakistan has nukes and the US govern-
ment would rather fight those who don't
have nukes. Pakistan gave nuclear
technology to Iran and North Korea and
continues to harbor and aid Al Qaeda,
yet we still give Pakistan foreign aid.

The reason that Iran and North Korea
wanted that technology is that Bush
named them both as part of the "axis of
evil." They know that the US govern-
ment believes that it has the right to
unilaterally and preemptively attack who
it wants. They also know that if a nation
can get nukes, that can serve as a deter-
rent to this policy of preemption and

Back to the main question: why are
we in Afghanistan? Well. Afghanistan
wbuld not turn over to us terrorist sus-
pects that we wanted.

Will escalating the war solve that prob-
lem? What is the mission, searching the
mountains for terrorists? It reminds me
of searching the jungles for Viet Cong.
.Is this really a viable plan?

What is the exit strategy? U.S. com-
manders have asked for 20,000 more
troops but because we still have 150,000
troops in Iraq we don't have more troops
to send. Most people believe that the
war in Iraq was an unnecessary diver-
sion from the war on terror. In fact, the

Taliban are now stronger than at any time
since the US invaded Afghanistan.

The US is now losing more troops per
month in Afghanistan than in Iraq. We
might also remember that many of those
terrorists that we are now fighting in
Afghanistan were the "freedom fighters"
that we trained and aided to fight the
Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan.
This is known as "blowback."

The Soviets spent 9 years in Afghanistan
losing 15,003 KIA, 53,753 wounded and
320 MIA. During this time their troop
levels in Afghanistan were between
80,000 and 104.000 at any one time.
When the battered Soviets left Afghani-
stan. it was referred to as the "Soviet

The US intends to do with 32,000 troops
(maybe an additional 20,000 if we can
get them out of Iraq), what the Soviets
could not do with 2 to 3 times more *
troops. There are about 23,000 allied
troops to help the US in this goal. Those
allies have not agreed to send in more
troops, so the weight falls on American

Gainesville Veterans for Peace do not be-
lieve that we belong in Afghanistan and
we certainly don't believe that escalation
will solve anything. We must remember
that in this war of occupation we are the
foreign invaders. The Afghan people are
niot going to move to another country
so this gives them a big edge in staying

If President-elect Obama fulfills his
pledge to escalate the war in Afghani-
stan, it will become his war just as the

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Is My Business"

Rob Martin

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Vietnam war became Johnson's war and
then Nixon's war. Veterans for Peace is
committed to ending the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan and putting a new person
in the White House will not dampen our
commitment or activities.

Afghanistan reading list
Joe Courter
As a progressive who supported
and places great hope in the Obama
administration; my biggest fear is the
"send more troops" attitude that Barack
Obama has been saying he is for. We
citizens must educate ourselves and be
heard on the issues involved.

If you are a reader of books, get Ahmad
Rashid's new book Descent into
Chaos, an encyclopedic overview of
Afghanistan, Pakistan and the former
Soviet republics that border the area.
Another new book is Tariq Ali's The
Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of
American Power. We hear so much but
know so little about Pakistan's founding
in 1948 and the history of it being a lever
in U.S.anti-communist foreign policy at
the sacrifice of its peoples' quality of life.
An older book from 2004 which is still
relevant today, even moreso perhaps, is
Steve Coil's Ghost Wars.

Seek out appearances by any of the three
above authors on CSPAN, Democracy
Now, or other news outlets. Frontline
did a good documentary on the situation
in October 2008 which can be watched
on line at their site.

Easier still; assuming you have
internet access, is the website www., an amazing
clearinghouse of information.

Beyond doom and gloom: Illuminating a

sustainable future for Florida, Feb. 26-28th

The University of Florida Levin College
of Law's 15th Annual Public Interest
Environmental Conference (PIEC) will
be held February 26th 28th, 2009
on the Levin College of Law campus.
The theme for this year's conference is
"Beyond Doom and Gloom: Illuminating
a Sustainable Future for Florida." This
year the PIEC will focus on farsighted

and innovative approaches to Florida's
environmental problems. Panels will
emphasize sustainability solutions from
science and technology, progressive
regulation, economics, and behavioral
change achieved through communication
and social marketing. The conference is
free to UF students.

The PIEC attracts top legal practitioners,
scholars and scientists from around
the nation to discuss and debate
Florida's environmental issues. This
year the PIEC is proud to present two
distinguished keynote speakers, Victoria

Tschinkel and Rena Steinzor. Victoria
Tschinkel is the current Chairman of
1,000 Friends of Florida, the past State
Director of the Florida Chapter of the
Nature Conservancy and served from
1981-1987 as the Secretary of the
Florida Department of Environmental

Rena Steinzor is a professor at the
University of Maryland School of Law
and the current President of the Center
for Progressive Reform (CPR). Professor
Steinzor and other CPR scholars have
proposed innovative executive orders to
the Obama administration with the goal
of charting a new course toward national

Continuing Legal Education credits
will be available for lawyers attending
the conference, and scholarships are
available for students who attend school
in Florida. UF students may attend the
conference for free. For registration and
additional information, visit the 2009
PIEC website at

PIEC is funded in part by UF Student
Government, LCC and the Levin College
of Law.



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ERA Gakm t, FL SaM
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(35277-775s Honb
(352-214-7755 Cd
Wetbe: wwwfm andom .
mM aUa

From the owners of Shamrock comes

60 SW 2ND ST.

Mon.-Fri. 10 am 2 am
Sat. 4 pm 2 am, Sun. 4 pm 11 pm




violence with its resultant large-scale
humanitarian crisis. We call for an
immediate unconditional bilateral
ceasefire and lifting of the blockade
of Gaza. Diplomacy and negotiation
is the way-killing solves nothing
and only creates more extremists on
both sides. We envision a just solu-
tion to the Middle East conflict based
on mutual respect, nonviolence, and
self-determination for all peoples of
the region.

We have come together to condemn
Israel's blockade of Gaza Hamas'
rockets and Israel's disproportionate
response as misguided and unaccept-

We agree with-this statement by
Rabbi Brant Rosen in Evanston, Il-

"We good liberal Jews are ready
to protest oppression and human-
rights abuse anywhere in the world,
but are all too willing to give Israel
a pass. It's a fascinating double-stan-
dard, and one I understand all too
well. I understand it because I've
been just as responsible as anyone
else for perpetrating it.
So no more rationalizations. What
Israel has been doing to the people
of Gaza is an outrage. It has brought
neither safety nor security to the
people of Israel and it has wrought
nothing but misery and tragedy upon
the people of Gaza."

In fact, Israel's policy in Gaza fuels
terrorism and anti-Semitism.

We agree with this statement by Ah-
mad Abdel-rahim:





Thursday, February 5
Common Grounds
210 SW 2nd Ave Gainesville, FL


"We all have to realize that Israel is
accused by the United Nations and
the Red Cross of committing war
.crimes and other human rights viola-
tions against the civilian population
in Gaza. For example, Israeli forces
have used chemical white phos-
phorus against people in Gaza City
and Jabaliya in recent days. White
phosphorus burns human flesh to the
bone and its use in densely populated
areas is against international law.

Moreover, in a period of two weeks,
more than 900 Palestinians have
been killed in Israel's war on Gaza
(according to news reports, more
than half were women and children),
while more than 4000 have been
injured and didn't receive proper
hospital treatment because of the
blockade and shortage of medical
supplies. I wonder how any human
being can find the Israeli conduct

We agree with this statement from
Scott Camil, Coordinator of Gaines-
ville Veterans For Peace:

"I am a Jew. I have been to Gaza. I
know no person who would find it
acceptable for their family to live
under the conditions in Gaza, period.
What the hell does "Never Again"
mean? To me it means that it is
criminal and immoral to sit silent
when you see injustice and suffer-
ing. It is even worse when our tax
dollars pay for the death and suffer-
ing. Every American who pays taxes
has the blood of innocent children all
over their hands. Those without em-
pathy are just like the good Germans
in WW II. If I were a Palestinian
living in Gaza under the boot heel of
Israel, I would be a resistance fighter
against Israel. We neel to get past
the distinctions of Isra eli, Palestin-
ian or American. We ate all human
beings first and none of us choose
where we are born. We need to un-


derstand that occupation is a crime.
To allow politics to divide us and pit
us against one another is ignorance."

We call on all people of conscience
to join with us to help bring the car-
nage in Gaza to an end.

For more information on United
Voices for Peace, contact Scott Camil

Palestine's Guernica and the
myths of Israeli victimhood

Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General
of the Palestinian National Initiative

December 28, Occupied Palestine-The
Israeli campaign of 'death from above'
began around 11 am, on Saturday morn-
ing, the 27th of December, and stretched
straight through the night into this morn-
ing. The massacre continues Sunday as I
write these words.

The bloodiest single day in Palestine
since the War of 1967 is far from over
following on Israel's promised that this
is 'only the beginning' of their campaign
of state terror. At least 290 people have
been murdered thus far, but the body
count continues to rise at a dramatic pace
as more mutilated bodies are pulled from
the rubble, previous victims succumb to
their wounds and new casualties are cre-
ated by the minute.

What has and is occurring is nothing
short of a war crime, yet the Israeli
public relations machine is in full-swing,
churning out lies by the minute.

Once and for all it is time to expose the
myths that they have created.

1. Israelis have claimed to have ended
the occupation of the Gaza Strip in 2005.

While Israel has indeed removed the
settlements from the tiny coastal Strip,
they have in no way ended the occupa-
tion. They remained in control of the
borders, the airspace and the waterways

Continued on page 19 ..


rln'(ict/Urv(/('/ ALTERNATIVES
4203 NW 16TH BLVD
AM-SAT 10-7,SUN 12-5
. .. .. .. ., ... ,. .. -,-,.


t l . .' .. (352) 332-9991




Acrosstown Repertory Theatre Grassroots.
cross-cultural theater at 619 S. Main St. (Baird
Ctr). Info: 375-1321;

Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless
and Hungry Meets 3rd Wednesdays, St Francis
House, 9 am;, 378-0460.

Alachua County Labor Party Just Health Care
committee works on universal health care: P.O.
Box 12051. Gainesville 32602; 375-2832.

Alachua County NAACP Meets 4th Thursdays,
1105 NW 5th Ave. Info: Michael Bowie, 392-
9196, ext. 21.

All-African People's Revolutionary Party Pan-'
African socialist party working for African libera-
tion worldwide. 352-514-7364 email poorvida@

American Civil Liberties Union ACLU defends
Bill of Rights; board meetings open to public, 3rd
Wednesday. 7 pm, SFCC Downtown boardroom.
Info: 338-7727; PO Box 1534. Gainesville 32602.

Amnesty International Gainesville chapter of
worldwide human rights movement: UFAmnes-

Animal Activists of Alachua Raising awareness
of animal exploitation semi-monthly meetings;

Asian Student Union Umbrella organization
including Chinese, Filipino, Korean & Vietnamese
student groups~ contact 392-1665 x 325

Black Student Union Organization of African-
American students at UF: 392-1665. ext 321.

Books for Prisoners Meets Mondays, 7 pm, at
Books. Inc; PO Box 12164, Gainesville 32602;

Bridges Across Borders Fla-based international
collaboration of activists, artists, students &
educators supporting cultural diversity & global

Campus Am. Civil Liberties Union Defends
personal freedoms & civil rights. Info: caclu@

Campus Counterpoise Collective-based club
dedicated to alternative media & perspectives;

Central Labor Council of N. Central Florida
Representing the working people of affiliated
unions in 13 Fla counties. Info: 352-372-6888.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syn-
drome Support Network 352-281-8244.

Civic Media Center Reading room & library of
the non-corporate press, 433 S. Main St.; 2-8 pm.
Mon-Th., 2-6 Fri & Sat. Info: 373-0010; www.

Code Pink: Women for Peace Women-led
grassroots peace & social justice movement uti-
lizing creative protest. non-violent direct action.
and community involvement; contact jacque@

Communist Party USA, Marxist-Leninist party
of the working class founded 1919. Florida
District P.O. Box 7664, St. Petersburg. FL 33734

Community Coalition Against War & Terror-
ism Gainesville's umbrella peace group. Meets
at Wilhelmina Johnson Center, 321 NW 10th St.
6 pm on the 4th Thursday of each month. 377-

Conservation Trust for Florida, Inc. A non-
profit land trust working to protect Florida's
rural landscapes, wildlife corridors, and natural
areas. P.O. Box 134. Micanopy. FL 32667, 352-

CopyNight Gainesville Monthly social meetup
for people interested in copyright reform. All
ages. Artists, lawyers, technologists especially
welcome., gainesville@

Critical Resistance Working on issues of pris-
ons & prisoner rights: www.criticalresistance.
org or call 338-1140.
P.O. Box 13761, Gainesville. 32604

Cultural Arts Coalition Promoting educational
and cultural activities in Gainesville's African-
American community for over 15 years. Contact
Nkwanda Jah, 372-0216.

Democratic Party Center of Alachua County
Open 12-3, M-Th. and 12-6 Friday at 901 NW
8th Ave., Suite A-3 (blue door) 373-1730.

The Dignity Project Inc. Non-profit that
provides the economically disadvantaged with
vehicles and computers. Low cost vehicles
available for purchase also. 371-6792.

Drinking Liberally social networking group
for moderate and left-leaning individuals.
Promoting Democracy One Pint at a Time 4th
Wednesday at Brophy's Irish Pub 7-9pm. www.

Edible Plant Project Local collective to create
a revolution through edible and food-producing
plants. 665-2094.

Equality is Gainesville's Business formed to
fight anti-LGBT Charter Amd. on March ballot.

Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice State-
wide organization; PO Box 336. Graham. FL
32042:; 352-468-3295.

Florida Defenders of the Environment
Restore the Ocklawaha and preserve Florida's
other natural resources: 378-8465. www.flade-

Iguana Directory



I Call if this includes misinformation or inaccurate phone numbers: 378-5655. k

Florida Free Culture UF student group promot-
ing cultural participation, public interest intellec-
tual property policy. hlittp://uf..f(

Florida Military Families Speak Out Speaking
out against the war in Iraq. 352-379-2710. P.O.
Box 142271, Gainesville, 32614

Fla School of Traditional Midwifery Clearing-
house for information. activities & educational
programs. Info: 338-0766.

Food Not Bombs Direct action group to redis-
tribute food to hungry. Food prep. Saturday
12-2pm. serves food at 2:30. downtown plaza
Contact hailierudig(

Frontrunners Active group lor gays. lesbians
& friends: meet for run/walk Sundays &
Wednesday (call for time). Thomas Center. Info:

Gainesville Area AIDS Project Dedicated to
funding social events for people infected and
affected by HIV/AIDS: events, drop-in center:

Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to the
Death Penalty Meets 1st Tuesday of month at
St. Augustine's Hurley House, 6 pin: info: 378-
1690. PO Box 13024. Gainesville 32604.

Gainesville Community Alliance Socially
oriented group for gays, lesbians, bis & friends.
Info: 373-3557:

Gainesville-Cuba Friendship Network Local
group opposing embargo & promoting normal-
ized relations with Cuba: info: 386-418-3791.

Gainesville International Dance Party
Dance to a different beat! Every Friday night.
from 8 11 PM. at 308 W. University. http:// or 359 2903. Learn dances from
around the world. Instruction at all levels: for all
ages. $5: $3 for students.

Gainesville Women's Liberation The lirst
women's liberation group in the South. formnned in
1968. Teaches radical feminist ideas and theory
through consciousness-raisings. speakouts.
actions, community classes, the Redstockings
Women's Liberation Archives for Action, and
the Judith Brown Endowment Scholarship. (352)
377-9935. womensliberationii(

Gator Freethought an atheist, agnostic &
freethinking student association, http://www.

Gator Gay-Straight Alliance Anti-discrimina-
tion organization at

Gator NAACP To inform youth on problems
affecting blacks & minorities, and develop
intelligent & militant youth leadership; naacp@(a

Gay Switchboard Referral line Mon-Fri. 3-7
pm, Saturday 12-4 pm. Info: 377-8915.

GI Rights Hotline Advising military
personnel & recruits on service-related issues:

Graduate Assistants United Represents all UF
grad assistants. Fighting for improved working
conditions, community involvement, and aca-
demic freedom. 238 Norman Hall, 392-0274.

Green Party Meeting times & places vary.386-

Greening UF Advocating campus sustainability
through waste reduction & recycling: 273-1174;

Habitat for Humanity Building low-income
homes in Alachua County: Sat. work days. Info:

Harvest of Hope Foundation Distributes emer-
gency and educational financial aid to migrant
farmworkers and their families across the country.
Philip Kellerman. 352-372-1312 or

Hemlock Society Local chapter of right-to-die
organization; info: 373-9732.

Human Rights Awareness on Campus wolf@

Human Rights Council of N.C. Fla Not-for-
profit educational organization dedicated to
/,/ fighting bigotry & anti-gay propaganda. Info:

Humanist Society of Gainesville Monthly
discussion group on variety of topics. Info: 373-

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Local
union currently organizing grocery and restaurant
workers. Contact
Joe at 352-246-2240.

Interweave Gay/les/bi & allies educational &
support group, based at Unitarian Fellowship.
Info: 377-1669.

Gator Linux Users Meets to support "open
software," a free alternative to proprietary ap-
plications imposed by the Microsoft monopoly.
Visit email
or call 373-0023.

Mahogany Revue Regional black newspaper:

"Mama Raga" Lesbian identified newsletter at
PO Box 141674, G'ville, FL 32614. mama_raga_ or

Matagalpa Sister City Project Info: Robin.

Nakba 48 Advocacy group for Palestinian

National Lawyers Guild Dedicated to basic and
progressive change in the structure of our political
and economic system. The Guild works locally.
nationally and internationally as a political and
social force in the service of the people. Meets
lirst Thursdays of the month. 6:30-7:30 p.m. at
UF Law School. Info: 514-2955.

National Organization for Women .
Campus NOW: email
Gainesville Area NOW: for meeting info.

contact Lori at 380-9934.
Judy Levy NOW: for meeting info. contact
Laura Bresko 332-2528.


North Florida Friends of Progressive Radio
Tune in to: "America Left, powered by Air
America Radio," on XM Satellite channel 167.
Also: "Sirius Left" on Sirius Satellite channel
146 for more liberal talk through the Nova M
Radio network. North Florida e-newsletter:

North Florida Homeschoolers Association

Pax Christi Local chapter of national Catholic
peace & justice movement: supports local
Catholic Worker House. 271-6941

Peace Alliance. Advocating the principles of
non-violence through education and conflict
resolution in the community and nationally.
Campaining for a U.S. Department of Peace.
Info: 337-5126.

Planned Parenthood Clinic
Full service medical clinic for reproductive
and sexual health care needs, Now offering
free HIV and free pregnancy testing daily from
9-1 lam and 1-4pm. 914 NW 13th Street 352-

Pride Community Center of North Central
Florida at 3131 NW 13th St. ste 62. Resources
for the gay/lesbian community, open M-F, 3-7.
Sat. noon-4pm.

Rural Women's Health Project Local health
education organization developing materials
for migrant & rural women on health. AIDS &
empowerment. Info: 372-1095.

Sierra Club Meets first Thursdays. 7:30 pm
at UF Entomology & Nematology Building.
Room 1035. Info: 371-1991.

Solar City meets Thursdays at noon at Books.
Inc. to discuss alternative energy.

Stonewall Democrats educating our fellow
Democrats about issues important to the GLBT
community. Meets 2nd Thursdays 5:45 pm at
the Alachua County Democratic Party Center
(901 NW 8 Ave.. Suite A-3) http://stonewall-

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
meet Mondays at 6:00 pm at Civic Media Cen-

Students Making Trade Fair uffairtrade@

Students Organizing for Justice & Action
Student led coalition at UF supporting goals
& practice of affirmative action: listserv at

Students for a Human Society Dedicated to
fostering improvement of the human condition
as a central theme in student life. www.stu- dreznik(

Sustainable Alachua County For more info.
call: 318-1218.

UF Pride Student Union A group of gay.
lesbian. hi and straight students & non-students.
faculty and staff. Info: 392-1665. ext. 310: 310
E JWRU. Gainesville FL 32611: http://sg.ull.

United Nations Association Info: 378-1560.

United Way 2-1-1 is an information'& referral
service that links people with questions to re-
sources with answers. using community database.
To give or get help call 2-1 -1 or 332-4636. www.

Vegetarian Events A non-prolit educational
organization in Alachua County. Info: 386-454-

Veg-4-Life Vegan Potluck. First Saturday of
each month. 6 p.m. at the Unitarian Fellowship.
Info: 375-7207.

Veterans for Peace Meet monthly. Info: 375-
2563 or PO Box 142562. Gvl. FL 32614: www.

Virgil Hawkins Pre-Law Society whiterozl4(a-

Volunteers for International Student Affairs
(VISA) Umbrella organization of international
students & ethnic minorities at UF. 392-1665

Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood Local
chapter dedicated to educating the community
about threats to reproductive & sexual rights and
freedom. president(;

WGOT 94.7 LP-FM Community low-power sta-
tion operating as part of the Civic Media Center.
Email: wgot947( or

blw-in or Takmut
Best Chiwise Food in Towm





Lunch Specials $5 wlsoda

M-Th.: 11 am- 10:30pm
Fri, Sat.: 11am- llpm
Sunday: noon 10:30pm

421 NW 13th St.
(352) 336-6








( -
,\ /A

Hey, west
G'ville -
low-power FM -
on the air -
tune in at 94.7
(see schedule,
pg 20: email

IF b Moscow, Belgium
Feb 1(Flemish, 2008) is
Hipp film, runs 23rd-29th.
Doug Clifford Sundays, 9-10
am; WSKY-97.3's one hour of
lefty talk per week.
SuperBowl of Advertising;
there's also a football game.

8 The Secrets (Israel, 2008) is
Hipp film, runs 30th-5th.
Golden Democrats' Luncheon
honoring 50-year registered
Democratic voters; MLK Jr Ctr
(off Waldo Rd at 8th). 2-4 pm.
WGOT-LP FM benefit & bake
sale at 1982; support community
radio: music includes Gvl Libera-
tion Orchestra, 8 pm.

15 The Pope's Toilet is Hipp
film, runs 6th-12th.
Gandhi Study Group 3rd-
Sunday meeting at Holy Trinity
Episcopal Church, 100 NE Ist St,
3-5 pm.
The Voice of Algeria at Phillips
CPA, check Scene for details.

* ___


Jacksonville's public radio station has
NPR talk during the day it's located
at 89.9 on the FM dial.
Weekday schedule: 10 am-12: Diane
Rehm (interview & call-in); noon-I
pm: Terry Gross, Fresh Air; 1-2 pm:
Day to Day host Alex Chadwick;
2-4 pm: Talk of the Natiot..
Terry Gross's Fresh Air repeats at 7 pm.
Check out This American Life, Saturdays
2 pm, Sundays 1 pm (repeat); reception
better towards east side of town.
WUFT-FM (89.1) now broadcasts Fresh
Air, noon, Mon-Fri: also Alternative
Radio now airs at 6:30 pm on Mondays.

2 Fla Free Speech Forum: Bill
Chamberlin on protecting per-
sonal info: WUFT-FM, 6:30 pm.
"Muslims in Post 9/11 America" -
program at Reitz Union Grand Ball-
room, 7 pm.
Ten More Good Years (documentary
on older LGBT lives) is CMC film, 8
pm, 1021 W. Univ. Ave.

9 Alt. Radio: Andrew Bacevich on
"The Limits of Power", WUFT-
FM, 6:30 pm.
Humanists meet, SFC Downtown,
room DA 131, 7 pm: "Fossils in Fla"
talk by UF Prof. Richard Hulbert.
H-2 Worker at Hipp Cinema.
No CMC film it's packing & mov-
ing week! Wanna help? 373-0010.

1 Alt. Radio: Maude Barlow on
"Peak Water", WUFT-FM,
6:30 pm.
Rally in Tally at capitol for LGBT
rights, 11 am: 407-617-6682.
Occupation 101 is CMC film, 8 pm,
new CMC location, 433 S. Main St.
Macunaima at Hipp Cinema, 7:30

23 Alt. Radio: Raj Patel,
"Stuffed and Starved", WUFT-
FM, 6:30 pm.
Network (classic 1970s corporate
media dark satire) is CMC film, 8
pm, 433 S. Main St.
Man Facing Southeast at Hipp Cin-
ema, 7:30 pm, free.

27 County Farmers'
27Mkt on N 441 by Hwy
Patrol Tues/ Thurs/Sat, 8 am-
Alachua County Comm.
meets 2nd & 4th Tues, 9 am:
citizens comment, 9:30 am.
Anti-war sign-holding 2nd &
4th Tues, Univ. & 13th, 4-6

3 French Film Festival
at Hipp Cinema, Mon-
Tues see website for more.
Anti-war sign-holding I st &
3rd Tuesdays at University
Ave & 13th St, 4-6 pm.
School Board meets 1st &
3rd Tues, 7 pm, 620 E. Univ.

1 O Alachua County
LU Comm., 9:30 am.
Anti-war sign-holding, 34th
St & Archer Rd, 4-6 pm.
Jason Mercellus Quartet at
Savannah Grande.
Old Crow Medicine Show at
The Venue downtown.

1 7 Anti-war sign-holding
1st & 3rd Tues, 34th St
& Archer Rd, 4-6 pm.
School Board meets, 7 pm,
620 E. Univ. Ave.

24 Alachua County
Comm., 9:30 am.
Anti-war sign-holding, Univ.
& 13th, 4-6 pm.
Merchants of Cool, down-
town library, 6 -pm: corporate
marketers target youth.
Alachua County Labor
Party meets: 6:30 pm, 618
NW 13th Ave; info, 375-2832.

28 Free confi
in HIV tes
Parenthood clinic,
St, 9 am-noon, Wt
Ctr, 1107 NW 6th
1st & 3rd Thurs; it
Downtown Farm
every Wed, Dtowr
"Drinking Libet
Wednesday soci
meetup, 7-9 pm
60 SW 2nd St.
Women's Libera,
Dauer Hall rm 21
8; info on cost: 3'

4 Orwell Rolls
downtown public
Critical Resistai
Wednesday 8 p;
NPR's DianeRo
6:30 pm, UF Pug
"Blackness of Ba
Veterans for Pea
call 375-2563 for

1 Democrats
Comm. me
County Commissi,
Open Mike Musi
Wednesday at Tih
Action Research,
sic show, many ari
George's Meet &
new CMC location

12 Fr. Roy Be

1 Q Fr. Roy Bo
Xky0 Aug. Unitai
7 pm: 904-460-11.
Goering's Author
Jack Davis, UF Hi
pm, 1717 NW 1st.
Venezuela Repdrt
Carol Thomas & C
at CMC, 433 S. M,

25 Follow-up
2 Report-Ba
documentary film,
racy by John Pilge
dia Ctr, 8 pm; disc'
Vets' Speakout at
time tba see afn.
all vets of all opini

I1 Let the Right Fla Free Speech Forum: Dr. Anti-war sign-holding
M ar 1IMe ln is Hipp 2 Trish B. Peterson on bullying, J 1st & 3rd Tues, 34th St &
film, runs 27th-5th. WUFT-FM, 6:30 pm. Archer Rd, 4-6 pm.
"America Abroad Terror, Accessory to Murder: Our Collective School Board meets I st & rIGUANA Deadli
Tribes and the Taliban" Complicity in the Death of Ryan 3rd Tues, 7 pm, 620 E. Univ. issue is Mar 2nd
WUFT-FM, 10 am. Skipper (doc. on Polk County murder Ave. 5655 with events
of young gay man) 8 pm at CMC; mnts, group upd
discussion follows. o upd




lential walk-
ing at Planned
914 NW 13th
ds; & at Pride
St, 4-7 pm on
ifo: 377-0881.
ers' Market
Plaza, 4-7 pm.
ly" 4th
trophy's Pub,

on Class at
7 pm, thru 4/
1z His Grave:
documentary at
library, 6 pm.
Books Inc,

rts speaks
all on
-k Obama".
'meets, 7 pm:
'ts, 7 pm,
n mtg room.
Nights on
& Terry's.
electronicc mu-
sts, 9 pm at
oduce (aka
433 S. Main

rgeois at St.
.an Fellowship,
Night with
itory Dept, 8
Back 8 pm:
onnie Canney
in; see pg 14.

to Venezuela
,ek: showing of
Var on Democ-
at Civic Me-
ission follows.
SFC (room &
rg/~vetpeace) -
3ns invited.

ie for March
zall 378-
ates & info.


12 CMC Volunteers meet,
5:30 pm.
Author Jim Douglass on JFK
murder, Cath. Worker House, 218
NW 2nd Ave, 6:30 pm.
Tavis Smiley for Black History
Month, Phillips CPA, 8 pm.
V-Fest at Common Grounds.

' CMC Volunteers meet,
19 5:30 pm.
Fr. Roy Bourgeois at Cath.
Worker House, 6 pm: other events
with Fr. Roy likely & TBA.
Open Poetry every Thurs at
CMC, 9:30 pm: Gvl's longest-
running poetry jam, open to all;
informal & welcoming to both
readers & listeners.

6 CMC Volunteers meet,
65:30 pm.
G'ville Area NOW meets, 7:30
pm. Pride Ctr: consciousness-
raising on sexual discrimination
& assault.
Free University presentation of
Hubble Telescope photos & new
theories on origins, CMC, 7:30
pm (new topic each Thurs). Info:
Open Poetry at CMC, 9:30 pm.
5 CMC Volunteers meet, 5:30
Open Poetry at CMC, 9:30 pm.


0f Critical,Mass Bike Ride, 5 pm
3OU from UF Plaza of Americas;
followed by concert at Kickstand with
Umoja Orchestra & others, 7 pm.
Books for Prisoners book-packing
parties Fridays at Wayward Council,
807 W. University Ave), 6-9 pm; for
info, call 870-4006.
Art Walk Downtown every last Fri-
day; many galleries participate; visit
new CMC space-to-be, 433 S. Main.
Mural Dedication at Wild Iris Books,
802 W. Univ Ave, 8 pm.
Pato Banton, Duppies at Common

29 Radical Rush tabling, 11
I am-2 pm, Wed-Fri, UF
Plaza of Americas.
CMC Volunteers meet, 5:30 pin.
Dead Man Walking shown at St.
Aug. Student Ctr, 1738 W. Univ.
Ave, 7 pm, by Gvl Citizens
Against the Death Penalty.
Alachua County Water is theme
of Women for Wise Growth forum
at Oak Hammock, 5100 SW 25th
Blvd, 7 pm; info: 332-3884.
Open Poetry at CMC, 9:30 pm.
5 Solar City meets at Books
Inc, noon on Thursdays.
CMC Volunteers meet. 5:30 pm.
Sierra Club gen'l meeting, topic
TBA, at UF Entomology Bldg
1035, 7:30 pm.
Dar Williams & others in concert
at Common Grounds: ad. pg 8.
3rd Annual Fla Film Festival at
Acrosstown Rep Theatre, details
in Scene or on ART website.
Open Poetry at CMC, 9:30 pm.

' 3 Art Hop at various galleries in
J3 Millhopper-Thornebrooke area
- more info: Alternatives. 335-0806.
Sparky & Rhonda Rucker in con-
cert at Acrosstown Rep, 619 S. Main
St, 8 pm. $10.
V-Fest Night 2 at 1982: 4 bands, in-
cluding Chicken Luv.

2 Rachel Goodrich, The Jean
V Marie, Early Twenties, &
Greenland Is Melting in concert at
The Atlantic downtown.

for info on live music in G'ville.
Thanks, Glyph!
Satellite Magazine has great
listings as well more than we
can fit. Pick it up each month.

2 7 "Reclaim the Set" Black
,/ "History Month event at UF
Turlington Plaza, 11:30 am.
Arlo Guthrie "Lost World Tour"
comes to Phillips Ctr for Performing
Arts: see pg 5 for more info.

Anne Feeney, legendary labor &
human rights folksinger, in con-
cert at the new Civic Media Center
space (did we mention that's at 433 S.
Main St?): opening will be Rob
McGregor's Fab Family; 8 pm; tickets
$10 ($8 in advance at Hyde & Zeke &
Wild Iris Books): info: 378-5655.

1 Food Not Bombs food prep,
noon-2 pm; serving Wednes- *
days, 7 pm; Saturdays, 3:30 pm; info:
Radical Rush dinner/social at Pres-
byterian Student Ctr, 1402 W. Univ.
Ave. 6 pm; open to all; representa-
tives from groups will speak; $5 spa-
ghetti dinner; music show follows at
9 pm with Redboy & Rochevenies;
info: 373-0010.
Pick up a copy of Fine Print
(new progressive student paper)
when you're near the UF area.

7 G'ville Peace Forum at Civic
Media Ctr. 2 pm: representatives
from groups & individuals welcome.
Veg 4 Life 1st Saturday potluck, 6:30
pm at Unitarian Universalist Fellow-
ship, 4225 NW 34th St: 375-7207.
Farm to Family Music: live music
in a country setting, 4 pm till late:
camping available: 386-462-5479 or

'A4 Code Pink's "Make Out, Not
War" event at Nat'l Guard
recruiting office (NW 13th St across
from ABC Liquor). 12-3 pm.


21 Civic Media Center Grand
Re-Opening, 433 S. Main St.,
2-6 pm, with ribbon-cutting at 4 pin.
Parking at courthouse to north or
parking lot on SE 5th Ave. Come
check it out!
Umoja Orchestra, Bing Bang
Boom,. & Bosslady & the Company
in concert benefitting Fine Print &
CMC at new CMC. 9 prn.
Ghost Mice, The Damn Wrights, &
Gvl Liberation Orch. at Wayward.

28 Town Hall Meeting 1-4 pm,
2 Thelma Boltin Ctr, 516 NE
2nd Ave: if you want the Obama
agenda, it needs to be worked for:
meet, hear from & join with local
organizations working toward the
change we voted for. Coordinated by
Civic MediaCtr: info: 373-0010.

7 Harvest of Hope Fest in St.
Augustine many many many
bands in 3-day festivals (6th-8th)
supporting Harvest of Hope Founda-
tion. aiding migrant workers: includes
Against Me, Propagandhi. many
more. See

6 Today marks 33 years Leonard
Peltier, Am. Indian Movement
Activist, has been jailed. Pardon'?
FAB music show at CMC, 9 pm.
Dancing Light at Thomas Ctr, 7 pm,
with Cathy Dewitt, $15 (adv fix $12 at
Wild Words at Wild Iris Books, every
1st & 3rd Friday, open mike poetry &
some music, 8 pm.

Perspectives on


Carol Thomas & Connie Canney
A few days after our November
Presidential and Congressional
elections, Connie and [ traveled to
Venezuela with Global Exchange,
a reality tour organization.
Our delegation's theme was
Democracy, Development and
Regional Integration, A New
Vision for the Americas.

We found a vibrant nation in the
midst of massive democratic '
social and economic change. We
saw a capitalist consumer society
where 80% of the people are poor.
They live in massive barrios
that climb, the steep hillsides
surrounding Caracas.

Until their president, Hugo
Chavez, was elected to power in
the mid 1990s masses of people
were largely illiterate. They lived

Election) day in Venezuela. Photo: Connie Cannev.

beyond the arenas of power. They
experienced few benefits of the
nation's wealth.

Chavez introduced a literacy
campaign which ignited a new
sense of empowerment, both
personal and political, among

the traditionally excluded
- particularly women and people
of color.

The political and economic
landscape began to blossom into
farming and fishing cooperatives,
into transportation, banking and
media cooperatives, etc.

Community councils developed,.
enabling people to participate
directly in the issues affecting
their daily lives.

Schools and clinics are being built
in the barrios. Hospitals are being
constructed whose services are
free and available to all people.

For the first time in Venezuela's
modern history wealth from oil
and other natural resources is used
to enrich the society as a whole, to
nurture the public interest instead
of corporate greed.

A Venezuelan sewing cooperative. Phoio: Connie Cannev.


GUANA., JANUARY-FE BRI' \RY 2009. r\,,c;r 14

This peaceful dynamic change in
the direction of growth and social
empowerment has mobilized
Venezuela's tradional elites
along with U.S. corporate and
government interests to a high
level of hostile and aggressive
action. They have organized and
plotted to overthrow the Chavez
government from its inception.
They almost succeeded in April of

On Wednesday, February 18, at
the CMC's new location, Connie
and I will give a reportback and
slide show about our trip. On the
following Wednesday, February
25, a film entitled "The War On
Democracy" will be shown at
the CMC This film focuses on
US efforts to thwart democratic
aspirations of the world's people
in our common struggle for
social justice and human dignity.
Venezuela is in the vanguard

of this forward motion in Latin
America and we, as progressive
people, must stand in solidarity
with them.

Some sources for Venezuela

Carol Thomas and Connie
Canney will talk about
their visit to Venezuela at
the Civic Media Center,
433 S. Main St.,
Wed., Feb. 18th at 8pm.

Also see the film "The
War on Democracy" Wed.,
Feb. 25, 8 pm, also at the
Civic Media Center.

Afro-Venezuelan drummers. Photo: Connie Canney.

in the


The Alachua County

Green Party
opposes Progress Energy's plans
to build two new nuclear reactors
in Levy County. We have joined
with NIRS (Nuclear Information
and Resource Service) to file an
intervention with the NRC,
challenging Progress Energy's
permit application.
Learn how you can. participate
in the intervention. Visit our
table at Radical Rush this
week, and join us for a
Clean Energy No Nukes
TEACH-IN and potluck
discussion. More details at:
The Alachua County Green Party
meets at the Civic Media Center
(1021 W. University Ave.) at 7 pm
on the third Tuesday of every month.




Fax and phone

campaign to

support Black



The following letters explain the situ-
atibn of Jalil Muntaqim (aka Anthony
Bottom) and Herman Bell, New York
prisoners who are being held in Cali-
fornia as part of the San Francisco 8.

From: Jalil A. Muntaqim, aka Ahn-
thony Bottom
January 8, 2009-Dear Friends and
First, I wish to extend a Happy
New Year to each of you, despite the
economic problems due to the imple-
mentation of Milton Friedman's 'eco-
nomic policies in the United States.
Secondly, I want to thank you for
assisting and supporting my applica-
tion to NYS Governor David A. Pa-
terson for commutation of sentence.

The "Phone for Parole" campaign is
having an effect, especially in terms
of broadening support for U.S. politi-
cal prisoners. Like an internet chain
letter, the "Phone for Parole" cam-
paign has been promoted on various
list serves across the country and
overseas. We need to further expand
and broaden this campaign within the
next six (6) months until Governor
Paterson grants the application.
I was scheduled to see the pa-
role board for the fourth (4) time in
July 2008, however, since I am being
held in California I have been denied
an opportunity to appear before the
parole board. The NYS Division of
Parole will not grant a parole hearing
without the physical presence of the
prisoner. This matter in California is
not expected to conclude before mid-
2010, which means I will have missed
two parole appearances 4 additional
years of incarceration when I could
have been released on parole, essen-
tially adding to 37 years of imprison-
Governor David A. Paterson has

the power and authority to commute
the NYS sentence and parole me to
the S.F. warrant. Unfortunately, this
will not happen without increasing
public support urging Governor Pat-
erson to do so. Thus far, the Honor-
able Archbishop Desmond Tutu and
6 Noble Peace Prize Laureates issued
an International Call for the release of
Herman Bell and me on humanitar-
ian grounds. Various European and
Latin American governments have
released their 1960's,'70's and '80's
political internees who were militant
revolutionaries. Even Zionist Israel
has periodically given amnesty to
militant Palestinians releasing them
from prison. Yet, the U.S. govern-
ment has failed to release many BPP/
BLA [Black Panther Party / Black
Liberation Army] prisoners who were
victims of illegal FBI Cointelpro op-
erations. Obviously, without a seri-
ous campaign of national significance
U.S. elected officials and authorities
will continue to deny parole or release
of these New Afrikan U.S. political


Clinical Psychologist

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Karma Cream
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^Buddha BellyRocksl
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Just food and tfie.

Check out our web site
Cm aema for plcup senrvce


See Brad Tucker for wood, ceramic tile,
cork and bamboo flooring specials

352-374-8333 (fax 373-0038)
1411 NW 2nd St.


Omnlkoms & Vatetoifu
Monday thm Frkday Usm to 10pm
SaturdyNoon to D m



As in the famous words of Fred-
rick Douglass, "Power concedes noth-
ing without a demand, it never has and
it never will." This is the task before
us, and our success depends on con-
tinuing and expanding the "Phone for
Parole" (phone/!fax/e-mail) campaign
directed to NYS Governor David A.
Paterson. With your continued week-
ly support. victory is certain!

Remember: We Are Our Own Libera-
Yours in struggle -Jalil

"Phone for Par'ole!" every Monday
during Black History Month. Let us
commemorate Black History Month
by calling or faxing for the immediate
transporting of Jalil Muntaqim and
Herman Bell for parole hearings.

Please look at the attached letter for
more details on this injustice. Feel
free to use it as a basis for your fax or
phone call.

Honorable David A. Paterson
Governor of the State of New York

State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
FAX: 1-518-474-1513. or
phone: 518-474-8390

Dear Governor Paterson:
I call upon you to immediately
approve the already agreed upon
transfer of Herman Bell and Anthony
Bottom (aka Jalil Muntaqirn), back
to New York State custody to attend
their parole hearings.

Mr. Bell and Mr. Bottom have been
languishing in the San Francisco
County Jail for over two years. Their
case is at least four months away from
preliminary hearings, but red tape
continues to block the implementa-
tion of their transfer.

The San Francisco County Jail does
not have the proper facilities or ca-

pacity to hold people for an extended
period of time, and two years in sub-
standard living conditions, woefully
limited visits and little to no access to
proper medical care or activities has
had devastating effects on Mr. Bell
and Mr. Bottom and their families.

Both of these men have been incarcer-
ated for over 35 years and are model
prisoners. Their return to New York
State is essential in order for them to
be present for crucial parole hearings.
It is unfair and cruel to deny them this

. Additionally, Mr. Bottom has submit-
ted a fully documented application to
you for clemency/commutation of his
New York sentence. Please do not al-
low Mr. Bottom's custody in Califor-
nia to lessen the urgency of acting on
his compelling case.

Please act now to end this injustice.

"Anne Feeney IS the best labor SlInger____
In North America" Utah Phillips' "W..I-


ncbtmb, MA?798

expe ience thts anccien6 sa
provic irg
WoOtHsho5ps, tetnea5s anb
pensonat massage
S)56-7855 or go to



Alliance growing to promote green energy

and oppose Levy County nuclear plant

Michael Canney
January 27-Local residents have
probably seen the large legal notices
in the newspaper regarding a new
twin-reactor nuclear power station
proposed by Progress Energy for a
site in Levy County, but the local
media hasn't mentioned that under
federal rules for the nuclear power
plant permitting process, all residents
who live within a 50-mile radius of
the site have legal standing to inter-
vene in the filing.

This legal standing to challenge the
nuke plant application applies to
individuals as well as local gov-
ernmental and non-governniental
entities that represent the inhabitants
of this zone. Progress Energy filed
an application for a permit from
the NRC in early December, but
unfortunately, very few people had
any knowledge of how the permit-
ting process worked, and what the
time limits were. Anyone wishing to
challenge this permit is required to
file a petition to intervene by Febru-
ary 6, and present their contentions
challenging any elements of the nuke
plant application that are flawed or

The Alachua County Green Party,
joined by the Florida Green Party
and the new Ecology Party, stepped
forward in cooperation with the
Nuclear Information and Resource
Service (NIRS) to file an interven-
tion petition challenging this NRC
permit for the Levy site. Individuals
with standing are invited to join the
intervention by filing an affidavit
consenting to be represented by one
of the groups. The filing will be con-
tested in administrative law hearings
conducted by the NRC.

NIRS was particularly interested in

the Levy County nuke project be-
cause it is currently the only nuclear
power plant proposed for a green-
field (previously undeveloped) site
in the US. Currently, every nuclear
power facility in the U.S. serves as a
nuclear waste storage facility as well,
and PE's Crystal River plant is an
example of that. If the Levy County
plant is built, it is likely the site will
become a permanent nuclear waste
storage site.

So far, Progress Energy has breezed
through the local and state permitting
process, and the ironically-named
Public Service Commission granted
the corporation a license to steal from
its ratepayers. The company was al-
lowed to begin "early cost recovery,"
meaning they can charge their utility
customers up front for all costs as-
sociated with the Levy County nuke
project, whether the plant ever gets
built or produces a watt of electricity.

The federal permitting process will
take years to complete, which will
provide advocates for a sane energy
policy time to organize and put an
end to the folly before a nuclear reac-
tor is built on the site. Meanwhile
Progress Energy will waste millions
of the public's dollars on a boondog-
gle that may never get built.

There are many ra-
sons why citizens
should oppose
this nuclear
madness and
support invest-
ment in solar and
clean renewable
energy solu-
tions, and there
are many ways
to get involved.
One'demand of

a grassroots green energy campaign
is to repeal the legislation which
authorizes the "early cost recovery"
ripoff by Progress Energy. Another is
to call for an end all public subsidies
for building nuclear and fossil fuel
power plants.
Those interested in organizing a
North Florida "sunshine alliance" to
promote green energy solutions and
oppose new construction of nuclear
and fossil fuel plants are encour-
aged to join with the Green Party
and other groups working to stop the
Levy County nuclear plant. Green
energy workshops will be held at the
Civic Media Center in February and
March. Check the website for details.
Contact Michael Canney at 386-418-
3791 or by e-mail: alachuagreen@ for more information.

Alachua County Green Party

Link to Levy County nuke plant

Nuclear Information and Resource
Service (NIRS)

Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A
Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy
by Arjun Makhijani
carbonfree/ (download a copy online)

J Allison Anne Stevens
Art & Design
Graphic Print Design Web Design -
* X4. Brand Identity Logos Writing *
Creative Marketing Services *




Gaza... continued from page 9
of Gaza, and have carried out frequent
raids and targeted assassinations since
the disengagement.

Furthermore, since 2006 Israel has
imposed a comprehensive siege on the
Strip. For over two years, Gazans have
lived on the edge of starvation and
without the most basic necessities of
human life, such as cooking or heating
oil and basic medications. This siege has
already caused a humanitarian catastro-
phe which has only been exacerbated by
the dramatic increase in Israeli military

2. Israel claims that Hamas violated the
cease-fire and pulled out of it unilater-

Hamas indeed respected their side of
the ceasefire, except on those occasions
early on when Israel carried out major
offensives in the West Bank. In the last
two months, the ceasefire broke down
with Israelis killing several Palestinians
and resulting in the response of Hamas.
In other words, Hamas has not carried
out an unprovoked attack throughout the
period of the cease- fire.

Israel, however, did not live up to any
of its obligations of ending the siege
and allowing vital humanitarian aid to
resume in Gaza. Rather than the aver-
age of 450 trucks per day being allowed
across the border, on the best days, only
eighty have been allowed in with the
border remaining hermetically sealed
70% of the time. Throughout the sup-
posed 'cease-fire' Gazans have been
forced to live like animals, with a total
of 262 dying due to the inaccessibility of
proper medical care.

Now after hundreds dead and counting,
it is Israel who refuses to re-enter talks
over a cease-fire. They are not intent on
securing peace as they claim; it is more
and more clear that they are seeking
regime change whatever the cost.

3. Israel,claims to be pursuing peace
with 'peaceful Palestinians'.

Before the on-going massacre in the

Gaza Strip, and throughout the entirety
of the Annapolis Peace Process, Israel
has continued and even intensified its
occupation of the West Bank. In 2008,
settlement expansion increased by a
factor of 38, a further 4,950 Palestinians
Were arrested mostly from the West
Bank, and checkpoints rose from 521 to

Furthermore, since the onset of the peace
talks, Israel has killed 546 Palestinians,
among them 76 children. These grue-
some statistics are set to rise dramatically
now, but previous Israeli transgressions
should not be forgotten amidst this most
recent horror.

Only this morning, Israel shot and killed
a young peaceful protester in the West
Bank village of Nihlin, and has injured
dozens more over the last few hours. It is
certain that they will continue to employ
deadly force at non-violent demonstra-
tions and we expect a sizable body count
in the West Bank as a result. If Israel is
in fact pursuing peace with 'good Pales-
tinians', who are they talking about?

4. Israel is acting in self-defense.

It is difficult to claim self defense in a
confrontation which they themselves
have sparked, but they are doing it any-
way. Self-defense is reactionary, while
the actions of Israel over the last two
days have been clearly premeditated. Not
only did the Israeli press widely report
the ongoing public relations campaign
being undertaken by Israel to prepare Is-
raeli and international public opinion for
the attack, but Israel has also reportedly
tried to convince the Palestinians that an
attack was not coming by briefly opening
crossings and reporting future meetings
on the topic. They did so to insure that
casualties would be maximized and that
the citizens of Gaza would be unprepared
for their impending slaughter.

It is also misleading to claim self-defense
in a conflict with such an overwhelming
asymmetry of power. Israel is the largest
military force in the region, and the fifth
largest in the world. Furthermore, they
are the fourth largest exporter of arms
and have a military industrial complex ri-

valing that of the United States. In other
words, Israel has always had a compre-
hensive monopoly over the use of force,
and much like its super power ally, Israel
uses war as an advertising showcase of
its many instruments of death.

5. Israel claims to have struck military
targets only.

Even while image after image of dead
and mutilated women and children flash
across our televisions, Israel brazenly
claims that their munitions expertly
struck only military installations. We
know this to be false as many other
civilian sites have been hit by airstrikes
including a hospital and mosque.

In the most densely populated area on
the planet, tons upon tons of explosives
have been dropped. The first estimates of
injured are in the thousands. Israel will
claim that these are merely 'collateral
damage' or accidental deaths. The sheer
ridiculousness and inhumanity of suct"
a claim should sicken the world com-

6. Israel claims that it is attacking Hamas
and not the Palestinian people.

First and foremost, missiles do not
differentiate people by their political
affiliation; they simply kill everyone in
their path. Israel knows this, and so do
Palestinians, What Israel also knows, but
is not saying publicly, is how much their
recent actions will actually strengthen
Hamas whose message of resistance
and revenge is being echoed by the angry
and grieving.

The targets of the strike, police and not
Hamas militants, give us some clue as
to Israel's mistaken intention. They are
hoping to create anarchy in the Strip by "
removing the pillar of law and order.

7. Israel claims that Palestinians are the
source of violence.

Let us be clear and unequivocal. The
occupation of Palestine since the War of
1967 has been and remains the root of
violence between Israelis and Palestin-
ians. Violence can be ended with the oc-




cupation and the granting of Palestine's
national and human rights. Hamas does
not control the West Bank and yet we
remain occupied, our rights violated and
our children killed.

With these myths understood, let us
ponder the real reasons behind these air-
strikes; what we find may be even more
disgusting than the act itself.

The leaders Israel are holding press con-
ferences, dressed in black, with sleeves
rolled up.

'It's time to fight', they say, 'but it won't
be easy.'

To prove just how hard it is, Livni,
Olmert and Barack did not even wear
make-up to the press conference, and
Barak has ended his presidential cam-
paign to focus on the Gaza campaign.
What heroes...what leaders...

We all know the truth: the suspension of
the electioneering is exactly that elec-
tioneering. [...]

In the end, this will in no way improve
the security of the average Israeli; in fact
it can be expected to get much worse in
the coming days as the massacre could
presumably provoke a new generation of
suicide bombers.

It will not undermine Hamas either,
and it will not result in the three fools,
Barack, Livni and Olmert, looking
'tough'. Their misguided political venture
will likely blow up in their faces as did
the brutally similar 2006 invasion of

occur: the complicity and silence of the
international community.

Israel cannot and would not act against
the will of its economic allies in Europe
or its military allies in the US. Israel may
be pulling the trigger ending hundreds,
perhaps even thousands of lives this
week, but it is the apathy of the world
and the inhumane tolerance of Palestin-
ian suffering which allows this to occur.

'The evil only exists because the good
remain silent'

Reprinted from Huffington Post De-
cember 29. 2008. http://www.huffing-

In closing, there is an-
other reason beyond
the internal politics of
Israel why this attack
has been allowed to

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and community

health care
Ruby Bienert

Most of the conversation about
health care in the US is focused on
how to provide quality, affordable
care in the context of Western
allopathic medicine. While Western
medicine is effective treatment
for many ailments, there are
limitations. Treatment often relies
on medications (which may be
expensive, ineffective, or carry
multiple risks and undesirable side
effects) or surgery (that can be risky
or which may yield poor results).

As health care costs rise, it is
common practice to seek out care
only when one is very ill. So many

health problems could be more
effectively addressed by receiving
care during the initial stages of
illness and could perhaps be
avoided altogether by a stronger
emphasis on wellness treatment
and practices. When people are ill
or stressed out by having to deal
with the complexities and cost of
care they are less likely to be active
participants in their community, so
the costs of inadequate health care
are much higher that that born by the

There is growing public awareness
- that complementary medicine,
especially acupuncture, is effective
health care treatment that is relatively
risk free. As far back as 1997 the
National Institutes for Health
reported that acupuncture is effective
treatment for over 40 common
conditions, including arthritis,
back pain, stress, gastrointestinal
distress, asthma,
allergies, anxiety,
ulcers, stress,
headaches, and

So why aren't
people flocking
to their local



Unfortunately, in the US,
acupuncture is not affordable for
most people. US acupuncture is
mostly practiced in individual private
treatment rooms at the rate of one
or two patients per hour at a cost of
$50 $175/treatment. Acupuncture
is most effective over a course of
frequent treatments, commonly once
or twice a week for at least 5 10
sessions (longer for stubborn, chronic
conditions). In the US acupuncture is
frequently an out-of-pocket expense
since it is often not covered or is
limited by insurance, which isn't
even an issue for the millions without
insurance, and since there are few
public health venues that offer

The private treatment model is the
way acupuncture is taught in the
US. Many socially conscientious
practitioners are stuck in the bind
of wanting to offer lower cost
treatments yet needing to cover
the expenses of private offices in
addition to all of our other expenses
(a $50K education, malpractice
insurance, license fees, etc). Some
offer sliding scales or pro bono/
reduced rates for people who cannot
afford full price. The problem
with this approach is that these
slots are limited and patients often
have to "audition" for them with
income verification. There is also
the awkward stigma of "charity"

A Resource Guide For Young People
Considering Enlistment

Gainesville iI% Chapter 14



and many potential patients either
choose to forego treatment or pay
full price for less frequent treatment,
which reduces the effectiveness
of treatment. When the course of
acupuncture treatment costs at least
$500, this is not just an issue for low
income people, but for a majority of
wage earners.

A few years ago a group of
acupuncturists in Portland, OR,
frustrated that most of their
neighbors and friends could not
afford their services, took a hard
look at the situation in the US. They
founded a sustainable business model
called "Working Class Acupuncture."
They based their work on studies of
clinics in China and on successful
group clinics that treat addictions
and stress in the US. They agreed
that acupuncture treatment should be
simple, frequent, and regular to be
most effective and they realized that
they could provide this by setting
up a group treatment space, relying
more on pulse and tongue diagnosis
and reducing the emphasis on long,
private talk-based intakes (which are
not practiced in China) so that they
could treat 4 6 people each hour
and charge a clear, reasonable sliding
scale ($15 $35/treatment) based on
a patient's own assessment of what
they can comfortably afford. Since
this is the cost of most insurance co-
pays, at this price there is no need for

This clinic model led to the
formation of the Community
Acupuncture Network, and group
clinics are springing up all over the
country. A community clinic usually
involves a large group treatment
space set up with recliners, much
like a comfortable living room.
Fountains, soft music, and partial
screens provide some privacy yet
allow for the creation of a collective
energy field that makes treatment

more powerful. There is a private
room for initial intakes. The style of
acupuncture used is based on treating
points on the arms, legs, and head,
eliminating the need for patients to
disrobe. Needles are retained for at
least 30 minutes and many people
relax or even go to sleep while the
practitioner monitors the room.

The advantages of this system for
the patient are more than lower cost
and more frequent treatments. The
Community Acupuncture situation
invites friends and family to come in
for treatment together. Many people
actually find it comforting to be in a
room with others. Involvement in a
group eases the sense of isolation and
encourages connection with a larger
community. Illness and addiction
often result from disconnection with
community and, conversely, chronic
painoften contributes to isolation,
Clinics offer opportunities to
volunteer, to join support groups, and
to participate in classes on lifestyle,
exercise, etc. Patients are encouraged
to actively engage in their own
health care, not to leave everything
to 'the experts." This is truly an
effort to establish acupuncture as
"the people's medicine." At $15/
treatment, skeptics are encouraged
to at least "give acupuncture a try."
Practitioners benefit because our
patients can afford regular treatment,
greatly increasing the effectiveness
of treatment, and also because
satisfied patients pass on the good
news to their neighbors, eliminating
costly advertising and patient
recruitment. This is truly a win-win
situation for patient, practitioner, and
the wider community.

Gainesville is fortunate to offer
several opportunities for lower cost
acupuncture, including at least two
Community Acupuncture Clinics and
two Acupuncture Colleges, where
acupuncture is offered at a reduced

rate in the faculty-supervised student
clinics. The Helping Hands Clinic
offers free acupuncture. 5 to 7 pm
Monday and Thursday (Women's
Clinic) at the First United Church,
419 NE l'` St. Gainesville is also
home to a large number of very
competent acupuncturists in private
practice who may offer reduced rates
or sliding scales.

Low cost clinics in Gainesville
Academy for Five Element
Acupuncture Student Clinic (352)
Dragon Rises College of Oriental
Medicine Student Clinic (352) 371-
2833 ext 21
Gainesville Community
Acupuncture Clinic (352) 371-0012
One World Community
Acupuncture Clinic (352) 214-6555
For information about
the movement and clinics
throughout the US, contact: www.

Ruby Bienert, L. Ac., One World
Community Acupuncture Clinic

One World
S Acupuncture

Opening March 2009

Quality Acupuncture in
a Comfortable
Group Setting
at a Very
Affordable Cost,

Ruby Bienert, L Ac




CMC moving to

433 S. Main St.

The move is happening, folks. After
over 14 years embedded in midtown
Gainesville. the Civic Media Center is
moving downtown, to 433 S. Main St.,
and we're hoping to be established in its
new digs by Valentine's day; February

The new home is a larger space, with
tall ceilings and a local progressive
landlord. The building is somewhat
historic, having been a downtown
grocery store 50+ years ago (George's
Meat and Produce), as well as serving
as an autoparts store, an appliance
repair shop, and most recently, a
collective art space known as George's
Meet and Produce... amazing hiow one
letter can change two words!

There is a lot of work being done and
to be done as of this writing. The new
ADA compliant bathroom is being
finished, new bookshelves going up,
along with lots of cleaning, scraping
and painting. There will be new energy
efficient lights on the ceiling, a new
AC unit, yet more shelves, and a new
office space all needing to be done
before opening day. Then that week
of February 8th through 14th; LOTS
of books and materials will need to be
moved 14 blocks over and down to
their new home.

The CMC does and will need your
help. We need teams of people to move
stuff; workers to help with finishing
the new space and diassembling the
old space. And of course there is a
need for financial support; if you are
excited about the move and want to
be part of the process; we need your
contributions. Please e-mail us when
daring that second week of February
you can pitch in on moving stuff. 'If

P.O. Box 14712
Gainesville, FL 32604

a financial support is possible;
we need it. Now is a great time
to get a membership, renew a
membership. or make a larger
donation. We will use it wisely.
Colne by and check out the
progress. And then when the

PERMIT # 358

move is done, join us for our grand
re-opening, Saturday, Feb. 21st
from 2-6 pm with a "ribbon-cutting"
at 4pm. Info: 373-0010 or www.
-The CMC volunteers, coordinators
and board.

. . . . . - . ..., . ,
S o ly George's Meet and Produce)

As of February 14th, 2009 the CMC, Gainesville's library
of alternative media and progressive community
organizing space, will be operating in our new home at 433
S. Main St. Come and visit us in our new space to renew
your membership (or sign up for one), peruse zines and
periodicals, or check out a book or DVD. Join us for our on-
going Monday Night Movies series, the Thursday Night
Poetry Jam, or check our website for our continuously-
updated calendar of events, including meetings, talks,
workshops, film screenings, music shows and more.
Upcoming Films, Every Monday at 8pm:

February 16- Occupation 101
A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current
and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

February 23- Network
Media madness reigns supreme in this scathing satire about the uses
and abuses of network television.

March 2- Accesory to Murder
This film explores the media's portrayal of the death Ryan Skipper and
other murders of homosexuals.



$10-20 per year or free to low/no -income
Call (352) 378-5655
or write to address above.



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