Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: July 18, 1895
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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-I-- -II


-Hon. am'l Pasco, Monticello,
'ilkhipen- Call, Jacksonville.
active ~'t District, 8. R. Mal-.
nseacoi; 2d District, C. M
register, J. M. Barco; Re-
Wainwright, Gainesville
L. Mitchell; Attorney
B. Lamar; Secretary of
L. Jrawford; Comptroller, W.
Bioxham; Commissioner of Agricul-
e, L. B. Wombliwell; Superintendent
Public Instruction, W, N. Sheats;
asurer, C. B. C .llins;"Justice of Su-
me Court, Ft. F. Taylor, Tallahassee.
District-Wilkinsow.Call, Jackson-
-^cond District, Samuel Pasco!l

v M ernon;
court, County Clerk, Recorder
Deeds, W. B. Lassitter, V'ernon;
ain, Chipley; Trrasurer,
t '.' .Hor l ley; TaxColl.cetor, A.
Jones, Ve~'ri; Tax Assessor. A.
J. (oay, Grassy rTint- tRt-pintendent
of'Public Instruction, W. L. Lockey;
Chipley; Surveyor, Thos. Collins, Chip-
tistice of the Peace, C. H. Crippen;
Notary Public, Depuly Circuit Court
Clerk. It. D. Hopkins; School Super-
visor, It. F. Brackin; Post Master, G.
B. Ihompson

postmistress, Mrs. Ellison.
aostlistress, Annie R. Pa
Wuie, W. H. Parker.
W. Pitts.

PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Sir Isaac Newton and Locke em-
One Dollar a Tear it Advance. balmed two centuries or more ago.

WILLIAM A. EMMONS As far back as evntententh cen-
Proprietor. tury, Newton said:
S"The plan of a double-standard is
Display ad rates 50c per inch per month still brought forward by here and
Position and extraordinary condition there an orator or a writer as a great
rates subject to spDecial agreement. improvement in the currency. It is
b probable that, with the most of its
adherents, its chief merit .is its ten-
Very Easy to Undertsand. dency, to a sort of depreciation,
Times-Union. there being at all times abundance
"It is difficult, if not impossible, to of supporters for any mode, either
understand how any sane man can open or covert, of lowering the slan-
doubt that the nationss which coined dard."
metals prior to 1878 could re.turc Now dear contemporary. "-;
them to their old ratio by .-. -
^ '; t- 'I',

PeON o outcome of a series of
experienced unsuccessful attempts to
retain the parity between the tw,
meters, which lasted for a century or
more, anid ultimately resulted iii
.atisfactorily convincing them of thie
utter impossibility of it being done,
that experience also witnessed tihe
gradual depreciation of silver and
its further separation from its rela-
tive value with gold.
Most inaions had laws providing
for the continuance of tho parity be
tween the two metals; as one

..... metal could be produced wi:hl s,,

kr er ; Notary

Mosber, Frank Hoskins, F
nstmaster, W. M. Croman;
r.i IH. M. Spicer
0tr S. T. Walkley

M -sees t nat te plaf. or a
Tb;-standard which yon 4ud your
bretlhern advocate has boeenjpeated-
Iv defeated and killed -a its real
origin lost in the .dephths '(f a.n-
-- -
Did They Want It?
Tampa Times.
"The democrats of Florida pro-
nounced unanimously for free silver
beloie Coiin' Financial School was
piublishe.l, and yet the goldbug
organs speak of silver sentiment as.
the product of Harvey's pernicious
Ilow about Congressman Mallory's
defeat in the first district owing to
his atti. nd on the money question?
\Vhat about the indignation of

little trouble and iu such abunance is constituency when they read of

-as to enable the parity to no longer
to be maintained with the other
Of course, tie natural laws ol
commerce compel the payment of
foreign debts in the 'money of the

more precious metal.

rayer meeting at tlhe
'ch every Sunday after
nAe. All are limited.
,. J. Webb, Pastor,
isl C urcl, corner
danu Ciheslnut
M. I.. .very
^^ ^ ^j "

It in in compliance with the heredi-
tvrry in.stitRcts of mankind to crave
after the most valued articles, Pither
in commercial or social life. Andi as
gold, owning to tihe difficnliy in it..
production and its scarceit3, natural-
lv pr'Aj hiLie sunemriort v of valne.

him voting against the repeal of the
Siherman act?
And afterward, how was his vote
en the Bland Seignurago bill hailed
by the people of this district?
Guess Florida was not, and is still
not so overwhelmingly in favor tf
free silver.

Lumber And Tihe New Tiriffl
Florida Citizen
When a'f was framed
~~vs framed
a d I.%m
and lumn list,
the pr- arid
that th


alas Upham Sides With eWC
Wants hotes Ba"sed qISitOD
Crane Explalis th *t'ro, I
th re olnage Humb
That the question w.
Abner Griggs is an inst
genius or a muddled ign
ues to agitate the people
township, is shown in thb
I the North Squantum Go
l- anpyU

lihe int

attet to put his ev inu j
into practice has increasedl d -in.
past week. The farmers and illagers
who were in Hopkins' store on Snturx..y
e.e~ning spent most of tl-! t!ine arguing
for and against the deacon's financial
experiment. Among those whofavored
the deacon wqp Silas Uphaun, who said:
''Pears to me there's a gxod deal in these
new money schemes, and I'm kinder
sorry Deacon Griggswan't let go on till
we see how the thing would work.
There's no use talking, we farmers are
in a bad way. Times is mighty hard,
wheat a-going down, wool lower than
ever, and so many men out of work in
the towns and cities that we can't sell
half the stuff we raise. What we nced is
more money. We want free coinage, so
that all the silver in the world can be
used as money. If that wouldn't give us
$50 per capital, the government ought to
print enough greenbacks to make up the
difference. Then we want the subtreas-
ury system, so as to let us farmers put
our wheat, corn, wool or Tp"rk in govern-
nient warehouses, and get treasury cer-
tificates for 75 per cent of their value.
And the government ought to lend mon-
ey to the farmers at 2 i fr cent. on the
security of their land. If all tiht won't
give us enough money, I don't s-e why
we mightn't try the deac,'n's plan and
issue notes on labor products, 'specially
stones, which won't rust, and which is
abundant round here.
'Some of what you say about hard
times may he true,' spoke up. Squire
Crane, 'but more money ain't going
help matters. Prices is low, bu:t iti
Lule the boost of producing t

S -'.clmer ^tta,1 'tus -fs in
de relief in

ig a dictinulte
U en though
a li Jtroubled in respect
3 I o which she had only a
enral idia to guide her. Nelsino had
happeLId once when they were driving
to point out at the fork in the road at
the top of the hill which of the two
branching away from each other was
thq one leading to Cheyenne. Beyond
this she was sure of nothing, while she
was fully aware that to go astray on
that bewildering sea of plains would be
only tco (a~y. And to go astray now,
when there was so little time to spare
Sh, shut hur teeth sharply on her quiv-
ering undu-r lip, choking back a sob.
Edith Ellery could not have been call-
ed a religious woman. Although a deo-
orous attendant at church services,
with a certaiu appreciation of the asa-
thetic beauty of the liturgyof theohurch
she called her own, her heart had never
been roused to its depths. But there are
times when the most apathetic soul
must awake in instinctive clinging to
that innate faith in a merciful, listen-
ing God without which men might
well go mad. In her heart sinking de-
spair, almo-t unconsciously the girl
raised her tar wet eyes, praying as she
never had prayed before in all the calm
security of her happy life.
Over and over again she murmured
her one impassioned plea, flying strange
comfort in the unreasoning repetition,
and in the exalted mowod that camo upon
her it sewmtd like a direct answer to her
cry, tho idea which fiAhed upon her as
she faced the dividing point in the
roads. It was the one to the right which
led to Cheyenne, but now she remem-
by-:rd that she could turn to the left and
Ko to Hereford City instead, o she
telegraph for a doctor,
M- -& advantage of ar

esWUbr to gIrL WI'OI l
"SomeI Thbey need asbel'.
he returned excitedly "H---o-w "
bound to hope for the bea t
Coes it that you oonMe aft* o
orIP' he added, as f eddent i
the strangeness of iotrl, a m.nu.
" "Where wsA all the men folwf
"They were following afte
thieves," sorry that she mn u
since it would entAIl tartherI
tion. Bhewas so deadly tired. 'V"? -'
horseswee stolen from the plsa
night, one qf them Mr. trowt
Prince. Se dhad thought tha6
Blytbe's self posmsesion b^vAbeea' ..
deal disturbed by the newms of ~ .S
mishap, but she saw now tbM
ba j~~Nt 3Ll)

"es, mua'am. le's just over att..I
barn. Come right in, ma'am, or," fal- Ant
tering, with a frightened glance over trade
his shoulder at the disorder growing out mol an nothing to tempt him.
of a dinner half cleared away, "just now the horse stole, an he laid oasli
wait a minute, and I'll go call him." back this way-well, if it don't ba
The horse pulled impatiently, and the--if it don't just beat evLrytabg
Edith, comprehending his need, wearily An they're on the trail of the rmstleri
followed his lead on to the watering did you say? Didn't Mr. Ellery meo
trough by the windmill, where he fell word down? Didn't be want o fedN
to drinking greedily. With reviving Stook association men sent up?"
hope in having thus carried her purpose "He did not know I was omaP~ .
to partial success, she was full of fever- They had started before Mr. Ba
ish anxiety to have all done. Mr. was--hurt."
Blythe presently issued from the barn, "But of course he wants upa
for onoo appearing almost animated, sent up, surely. That's what the
with the lively curiosity that quickened association is for," sputtered BIyt%
his footsteps, and leaving the horse to eagerly. "There is Tregent lot
drink to satiety, the girl, with painful round Cheyenne now, or was yersdal
effort, hurried forward to meet him. the very man for the job. Send himtfe
She briefly explained the situation, after a rustler-well, hedon't general
wasting no words in superfluous oere- bring back much more'n a saddle b, !
mony of greeting. "And can you send you can bet your life it's jest the He
somebody to Hereford City to telegraph of a saddle that partloular rustOer
to Cheyenne for the doctor?" she breath- to straddle. The thieves have a way
lessly demanded. "I am too much used getting away from him, you sea" A.
up to go myself It has been a long ride twinkle in his eye betrayed an immeoul
for me." appreciation of the grim humor involwd
"Paul Brown bitten by a rattle- in the statement. "But somehow, mon
snake he slowly repeated, seemingly Tregent has been after 'em, they seem
too much dazed with surprise to grasp soared right out of the country. l wW!
the statement fully. "How the-er- ways the particular rustler belonging to.
that is, how on earth did it happen? the saddle he brings back is never beai.
An is he going to pull through" of rustlin again, not as a general thiog
Edith stamped her foot in vehement I'll call Mr. Cameron up again na nte
impatience. "If you would send a man him to startTregent along with the
at once, please, and let me explain aft- doctor. An I- believe I'll drive
erward. So-much time hb *n lost al- back myself, Miss Ellery. Can
ready." well asnot, An i anything
"Sure enough. can telephone, pen to the r n't
you know," Blythb comfortably return- ma'am,
ed, in nowise ruffo. "We have con- cha
section with Mr. Cameron's office
Cheyenne, an I'll ~1him'

IL Deirg nme more

ery tourith pSilun-
I a.m. and 7:30
every second Sun-
ptist-Mects ever Sat-
k a. m., corner of Wood-
Bay View streets; prayer
e every Friday evening
-Church corner Lornine
-d -Ire street. RYv. C. P.
(Cihriistiin) preaches by pe-ruis-
y alternate Sunday at 7:30 p. nm.
iholic-Church corner Wyoming ave-
ster street .

t, weat and north mail, via. Chipley de
arts every day except Sunday a. 12:30
clock; arrives every day except Sun2
ay at 12:00 p. n.
B ay mail for Harrison, Cromanton,
ker, Farmdale and Wetappo, leaves
St. Andrews going east every morning
at 7 o'clock and arrives, coming west
every afternoon at o'clock.
North Bay (Anderson): Arrivus at St.
Andrewt every Monday, Wednesda and
Friday, a. m ; Returns to Andersen
Same days at 1:30 p. m.

Inois, a

least subjected to fluctuatiuons wal
domanidedl in settling the foreign o-b-
ligationsi of tle variiius nations con-
sequentir leaving silver to be the
circulating medium in the domestic
By scrutiny it may be seen that it
was simply impossible for a nation,
by law to create for a metal, a steady
value abroad; as it would be for the
United States or any other nation
to declare, individually that wheat
should command one dollar per
bushel in all markets of the world.
Consequently, after the experience
or years, those nations found it as
impossible to keep one foot upon the
back of eacb and continue to keep
them together, when they were
naturally and inevitably going i;i
different directions, as it was for t'e
president to keep a foot upon both

the senate and house of the fifty-

arker Lodge No. 142,
.A. -E. & A. _M.-
egular (omniunications on Satnr-
y, on' or before each full moon.
Visiting Brothers Fraternallv
"W. H. PARKER. Secretary.
f^- -*--- -^ -"



bmeopathic Physician and Ac-
Scoucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-
gan street,
St. Andrews. Florida.

)roprietor East End Drug Store, of-
fern his professional services to the
izeis ot St. Andrews Bay and
Y. -- -O'lke, at Drug Store.
idence on Baenna Vista avenue
oppot.ide old Florida Exchange.

Notary P'ublec.
septy Circuit Clerk andi Coaellor at
11 legal instruments carefully prepared.
ce in the Roblb i'ld'g Islbella st.. welt
of Brackin's store.

arvyPublic for the State at Large.
:e and residence.

SPublie iand Surveyor. Special at-
All Notarial Ibumiiess
ing of Maps, Charts, etc
-- FIn

,nd Optician.
l Goo a. Rd

third congress, after the senate be
came entangled in the sugar muddle
so as to unable it to proceed, while
the house still marched on.
Thus, it was with silver, it became
too cheap to pass at par, while gold
remained at its intrinsic value, thus
forcing the government to abandon
the coinage of the metal, whose in-

ferior value disturbed the parity
between the two metals.

Electriflyug an Embalmed
The Tampa Tinles in speaking o.f
the adoption by some of the local
press of the Souind Currency liteia-
ture, furnished by the New York Re-
form Club, says:
"They have accepted the offer of
tihe justly celebrated republican
Sound Cnnurencyv committee of the
protective tariff Reformn Club to
furnish plate matter free-amd they
get second hand plates that makes
them look as if .they are using last
year's birds' nests."
It is in no little degree amusing to
hear the advocates of a double-stan-
dard, making use of the phrase "last
year's birds' nest." If they will

Of- glance back of the history of political
FLr. economy for the past few centuries.

they mnst needs admit, that while
the papers which use sound currency
matter, are "using last year's bird.,'
nests," they, themselves are making
a stupendous effort to resurrect a
system of finance which has been
successively condemned and buried by
all the highly enlightened nations of
the vorheJ past two or three
trying to electrify

stein h ben wnea coming from rich prairie f arr veleT=co(-3iBKi'W(im saving hI
7 which cost. about $1.25 an acre, wou tie valuable time. She almost mghed
lor a few nith, they sail, be cheaper than that grown o o aloud in hysterical relief as the idea oo-
"and you will bee that you have dealt farms, which cost from $30 to $50 an curred to her. "Only 30 minlgft Here-
at fatal blow to the inte:csts of the acre to clear. Wheat grown in India fold City. Only 80 miles! Surely we
Sand Russia competes with ours in tle can make that in time to save him "
rInmbermiab. j marketsof the world. Then frefig! rates As compared with the greater distance
ThIe trial has been nade, but tie has gone down, and that help.. power she had anticipated it seemed as uoth-
doleful predictions of the protec- prices. Wool comos now from Anu ralia, ing.
and the great states out west, w]er-, it But it was a day of dry, almost tropic-
tioaists have not been verified. On can be raised farcheaper than h'r. The al heat. A film of hot airquivered over
thie contrary, reports from all fact is, isn't lack of money whi has the baking earth, and the cattle stood
quarters agree that the industry made prices low, but new ways of mak- still, staring with eyes of helpless ap-
Ing things, new places to get 'em from peal, now bending to the curling, fuzzy
is in a far better condition now under and handier ways of hauling then than gases that seemed shriveling to ases
a free-trade policy than a year ago we used to have. beneath the sun'sfierce fires. dth was
under a high tariff Arkansas 'Besides, this thing's as bviad as conscious of a weary effort, in noting
under a ig tari. Aransa t's long. Everything we farmu* buy each smallest object along the way, in
lumbermen are doing a greater has gone down in price, and we'cn get resolutely keeping her thoughts from
business this year than they did last far more for our money than we lid 20 turning backward. Mrs. Campbell's
year. The Lunr Exchange of years ago. So if we do get less -oney words were always ringing in her ears,
year. The Lu er Exchange of for our crops, and while some bf them "All creation can't do anything but
St. Louis reports receipts in that is lower there's a good ma hh trust in the Lord." And ever, as in a
city during one week of 1,435 car- fetches as much as they ever- th numbing despair, she crouched over the
loas of lumber by ri Ad 37,000 can buy more goods of all k d with saddle with more overpowering weari-
loads of lumber by rail and 37 what we sell off our farms. nss, over and over her quivering lips
feet by river, an increase of over 'Anyhow, making more ,oy out framed her one pitiful cry, "Oh, God,
55 per cent above the figures for the of silver or paper won't he ba, but fve me time-give me time to save
P would leave us far worse off. Ts talk nimf"
correspondiing week of 1894. about the need of free coi e is all Spent with fatigue, so little aocns.
One industry after another in humbug, stirred up by the -wners of tomed to hard riding that she began to
which duties were abolished or re- silver mines and other peop-, ii a few suffer torture from that most senseless
states who want to fool the farmers and contrivance for real service, the modern
duced reports that the new system the rest of the people into dcibling the sidesaddle, her eyes winking painfully
is v working better than the old. The price of silver. The rag b y plan of with the white, hot glare, while her
advocates ofl McKinleyism find all the greenbackers is played ou 0lolg ago. face smarted with sunburn, the land- I
advocates of McKinley find all It's the greenbacks we've got that's scape began to appear maddeningly
of their prophecies di-proved, and making all the trouble about or gold monotonous. Mile after mile was the
they will he at a loss next year to find reserve. If it wasn't for ithrn, we same grass grown, half obliterated line
Shich to advocate wouldn't have to borrow hautnlds of of road, relentlessly unchanging.
any argue nts on which to advocate millions of gold at 4 per cett, Ind we She had fancied that she must find
a return to high duties. wouldn't be threatened with another the way somewhat familiar, but on and
pn.. panic. on she w(:nt, over one rise of ground
Won't They Fell Sick? 'The rest of them cheap money after another, with always thn samovast
Won' Te Fe Ne. schemes is all alijk-. Th-ow trvinp sea of unchanging grays and browns,
fow sick and soiry and hu iliste to make something out of nB And with ran object hlicihst od out. in
oti e'itoreel Deacon Griggs' idea of getting rich by distinct reminder of that other drive
so democratic editors will feel baing money on stones is jutta sonsi- when Paul Brown had brought her to
alter thie last echoes of the free sil- ble or as crazy as the rest of theI.' meet the carriage from.the ranch. Here
ver insanity shall havedied away, and "Joe Leffert, the old wleel ]righ and there wheel marks crossed the road
they begin to read up their records thought the squire went a little oo far at different angles, leading she could
for the past few months! in putting the people who w.ate free not guesswhither. Shewassureshe had
coinage down with the other Ial mon- not seen so many on that other day. Any
Not a Ttrgwms ey faddists 'Tisn't only tbq farmer one of them might be the way she ought
In a New England courtroom one aft- who needs more money,' he I|ld. 'My to go for aught she could tell, although
ernoon an energetic counsel was setting business ain't half what it w~ 30 years she kept to the vague line upon whih
forth in no measured terms his opinion ago. These big factories o -in Ohio she had started with a sort of blind de-
of certain testimony which had been and Illinois can make bugies, farm spair, even while gradually a conviction
given by one of the witnesses. As he wagons and carts and sell then hete far that she had, after all, missed her way I
talked he gesticulated freely and was cheaper than I can build th-n get was growing in her mind. It began to
particularly lavish in the use of the enough repairing to keep me ginpg, but seem at last as if someu ucanny spell
forefinger of his right hand, which as- I haven't a third of the hands used to had been cast upon her and she were
sumed a decidedly threatening aspect have.. Seems to me if we had %e coin- doomed to an endless race, with the black
as he progressed in his speech. age the prices of wagons would go up, blotch of shadow ever lying still upon
Suddenly a tall, lank countryman, I the farmers would have so ninu money the ground beside her, mocking her with
who was directly in a line with this they could buy more of theu and I the fancy that her progress was all a
warning forefinger, rose from his seat would do a bigger business. delusion; that in reality she was not go-
among the jurymen. see this all argued out in little ing on at all. And yet she could not go
"I jet tell ye what 'tis," said he. book called "Coin's Financial itool," back. She must struggleon to whatever
"I ain't done nothing I'm ashamed of. I which one of them book agent e me ult might be She could not turn
Iiain't dono obi I'm asoa medof. Ilt e back-to him, stricken down in her
ain't done nothing no way'of no kind, so for mending a split whiffletree af few bsrc hem, stdn o n hn ht i
far's I know, an I ain't a-goin to set weeks ago. I'll bring the book rujTi to services She could not turn back until
here an be abused. Ef you say another the store next Saturday, and w4 1 pe she had done her utmost, evw n though
word, I'll jest light out fer home." if you can answer that fellow "Cn's" she perished in thatvast world of emptte
"My dear sir," stammered the coun- arguments.' ness where even the cattle now seemed
sel, "my remarks were not intended for "Here Storekeeper Hopkins berut to turned to stoher yer t
any member of the jury. They referred blow out the lights, and with a pi .ise But, as if her prer in troth had
entirely to the witness. I to be on hand next Saturday e g rechd th er of hea
"Well, then, you jest quit a-p'lntin the crowd dispersed. A lively tae'is could not hav, kept moro unswervingly
your finger at me when you're talking expected, as Squire Crane and hifl:sitle to the direct routo toward her goal nor
like that," said the lank juryman with- | will undertake to expose the fal ciis have made wbtter time upon her mo-
out appearing to be much mollified by and foolishness of 'Coin's Fin ion. It was but a little after 1 o'clock
this statement. "If you do it agin, I'll SchooL' when, exhinstoc to the utmost limit of
treak up his 'ere ou it, or my nam her strength, as it seemed, she dismount-
break p his'ere or or my name Convincn Proof. ed before the last gate of Cameron's
And with a detBowkermined mien and fire It's proof positive a silver cran.ias ranch, her limbs so cramped and stiff-
n his eye Joshua Bowker at last bsid- wheels n his head when he. poin-to ended that she could not mount again.
d, and th!e counsel continued his a-' the pneumatic tire as evidence othe She tottered rather than walked across
rage a without further interruption.- benefits of inflation. Philadelda the bridge ad down to thehouse,who?-
wih ..ir.A th, ,. o- a a'r ,vi,,l iu lu lniaud _4tn-d"Am

"ome in jan hbe 1 f soutbin. Y
must be nigh about ed."
"You can telepbo= thank heav-
enl" cried the girl, tears of nervous re-
lief coursing down her obeeks. "And
bow soon can we get a doctor here?"
"Oh, within two hours, if his horse
is worth a-er-that is, if his horse is
any good at alL I'll have fresh horses
ready to snake you through in no time
the minute the pill peddler shows up.
Just make ourself easy, miss," throw-
ing open the door of the room she had
occupied when there before "Don't
worry. 'Twon'tbe our ault if the Lord
don't give poor Brown. a show for his
white alley yet." Ediththrew herself
in the easy chair with a grateful sense
of its luxury, sitting in almost comatose
restfulness until Mr. Blythe, announc-
ing his coming by a bashful preparatory
oough, again appeared apologetically
looking in at the door.
"It's all right," he said cheerily.
"Mj&. Cameron was there himself, an
he's out rustlin up a doctor this very
Ininute. He'll have one on the road in
the shake of a lamb's tail now, you bet.
But I must say it beats me"-he went
on in a ruminative tone, a huge hand
settling on the door jamb of either side
-"it does just everlastingly get me to
know how Brown ever come to get his-
self done up with a rattler.: Why, I
s'pose he's killed a thousand of 'em in
his dhy. But the worm will turn, as
the good book says."
Edith's face was deeply flushed with
sunburn, but she still looked wan and
Ill as, with a painful feeling of reluo-
tance, she briefly sketched the accident.
"Well, d-er--dear me!" he explo-
sively ejaculated it grat perturbatioin,-
turning about to spit far across the grass.
"Poor Brown! He was a good fellow,
surely-a stem winder, as you might
say, always right there when you want-
ed him and the Ubest horse breaker in
Wyoming. To think that he'd get to
play in such d-er-that is, such bloom-
in bad luok as thatI"
"But of course we shall get the doctor
there in time now," cried Edith, his
use of the past tense falling upon her
hopes like a knell
"U-m," pursing up his lips ambig-
uously. "If they've got plenty of whis-
ky in the house, of course he's got a
show, but if they ain't it's pretty much

"Jy thcll'T got plenty of whisky in the
house, of curse he's got n ,ishou."
like a bohtafled flush in a show down.
And whisky is the meaxi to keep
in the houaheo st gatlre out
just whepuYou C

I want a bogus dollar, Just based on maen pe.
I hate the "goldbug's" old one that Is wof,
a hundred centa,
r I'm a "silver beetle," as a the worMte -
And except my precious humbua y wi
no bugs ona e. -
I aem give you learned utabstia from Dome I
Adam Smith
And quite a int.aooUaneo b lot of ela
To provethat all our troubles In pat6ua M
or old -
Are but the rank production of a dolna-'iceI.
from gold.
I brook no British meddling wtl tke dte"
stuff that I laud,
Swhet care we for England or IM tblm
who live abroad?
They tell us two and two make tmur, m
as I'm alive,
And so to be American I vow that they m".
Does anybody think the Yankee nation emae4
That anything's a dollar and make Its vttah
stay ?
Should England ever dare to, by the RevoPav
tion's birth,
We will suddenly annex her or wipe her tri
the earth.
We need a pile of money, and it Isn't Engdadq
To refuse the kind we offer. If she doe0,
want to fight;
For if we Yankees legislate that water rn.
up hill
In spite of all creation I will bet you th It
I know the silver bullion that the people n
to buy
.1kd vp wulJ make a monUMnM "lgoA b"
and six miles high, "nA
Besides the minted silver which nobody taki
But we ought to keep on buying It In spite
what they say.
I don't care a continental for Wall street o.
Grover O,
Forall the bloated goldbugs are ras mor
they can be;
So I've sent broadcast my pamphlet as a ort
of summer school
To show the tolks the wisdom of '1oa'iPM .
nanolal WooL"
-Joel Benton in larger's Weekly.
Metal money, according to the Popu.
list idea, is a relic of barbarism, but
most any of them are very anzioq
accumulate such relics.
'~, Debasement of Cnrrenoy.
The silverites seek to gain supportAti
their fad by the pretense that the friend
of sound money want only gold used
currency. The speeches and writings a
the cheap dollar advocates always rep-
resent their opponents as in favor of do-
ing the business of the country with
gold alone. There is not the slightet
basis for this charge. No one propose r
has ever proposed, that we should cesa
using silver and paper currency, nor oat
the silverites point to a declaration by
any defender of our present system fl
favor of such action. What is inalatsi
on is that every dollar used shall be i
equal value, and that no debasement of
thI currency, txirough free coinage o(
silver or fiat money, shall be pormitte ,'.

DreAul Pousbilltr.,
It was evident that they were uama
and wife and were returning from, Rs-
aisting at tho wedding of two of thElw
friends. "Wouldn't it be awful.," she


all the


-NO. 16

Fr' .

coer com



-Nice bread, pies and cakes, fresh
y dAy at E. P. Maxon's store.
Commercial, legal, and plaiu or
ed stationery at the Buoy office.
-espondeuce of the Buoy.
..- Legal cap, commnin cial note
114 ;--=X,.m ter-head papers and envelopes, either
inted or plain at the Buor office.
S-New and desirable goods in ev-
or~.l-t must ,e r nenmbered that th ery department received each week by W
'is r.ut C. olly r'r lible otive pow- H. Shands, and rrices remarkably cheap.
d if the sailors sometimes find it im- Don't miss the store, at Parke.
bible to make schedule time it must be
"ta'- to the elements; they do the boat -Coooa shells, a delicious and
thei ..wholesome beverage, far superior when
Properly prepared to either te or coffee-
-PActKErT .SCOOFE.R three pounds for 2Sc at the Pioneer Drumg
". er a E t tore. Try it.
N ETT IEd --The St. Andrews' public school
R., L. MERRITT Ma5TER. will open next Monday, in the Walworth
Leaves St. Andrsws Bap every Tuesday, building, for the present, with Prof. L.
leaves Pensacols every Friday, L. Pratt as principal and Miss Kittie
(weather permitting). Special atten- Holmes assistant.
rion will be given to receiving and
. for ord g eight for partiese living on -Our correspondents will please
East and NortL Bay, Passangers from bear in mind that their favors must be
oinls on ethor arm of the Bay c,
oend pson eiocrmg prompt th raBa mailed early enough to reach ue not later
lportunion at reasonable rates. Fo than Monday evening: otherwise they
u'rhcoa ifo.'mationr apply to aunot appear In the current iesue.
.t 1 T. .1.. W r.. '" Aera [n A T- -. a-

Sn ,yiv between iI ce
BEhttl 'a uaid Punfacola; will Te reg-
s ilar la'-ii'gs at Cromanton and Har-
'rioai, I.tmrker and at any other point
when r.:qesJed beforehad to do so.
Passengers and freight transported at
rc.tsoniblc r-ates m.iid satisfaction guiar-.
me't-cle. Th.-e ]eoule's Store at Pitts-
l)irLI is headI.a.irters and orders left
there wil' rcveivi prompt and careful
attellbtI-i N.W. W 'Lns, Proprietor.

The tug boat:l tell, having in
Stow the hch-loner (G. L. Daboll of
E*.Pensacola with the Dr. I'liff pai ty of
'T,~t~p-Coseo, consisting of twelve or
ufirt1een persons, arrived and landed
"at \Waru's what i yehotrday forenoon.
Tle l'r. aai 'is party will, as is
his.CL:;tuam, :;pei'! a few weeks fishing
for ':irl.:iun i' i wiichl tii waters of the
:y sb u, o' w ici thy al-
nmu:s i4nva'rijaly caprtnre some fine
s''ecil e:.' .
The ischouner uctt tie whihd has
lately b.n tiiougihly refLitod an I
rep -aid l 'i .a ,..- iatory to being put
ilto th .e freight aind passenger service
between. here ai I'Ponsole left, yester-
sy .fr th'a. point.
ttucamer ( if City passed
And On on r way to

W A Week's Weather.
~ITe following table s'.io:.-s what the
perature at St. Ar.dr.wa hi.a been
S nr duringg the past. wuek, from oblnorvations
S taken at the Bor o.-ice each mdruing
amid noun:l
Morn. Noon.
Thu.-si'.y........ July I 1 1.0 &9
Fri-d . .. ... 1! !'2 fi
Saturd-y.. . .. 1 :-i; t2
i?:ndr y. .. . li :- '9
I SOt-
T < .... . .
Wed nesd .... 7 0 9

A E R i E8

Clteai Excilrsions.

The Plant System

Announces Chap Excursions as
Boston, Mass., Convention Y. P. S.
C. E., and National Young People's
Chrietiar Unio,:. Tickets on Sale July
8th to 10th, good to return until August,
5th, 1895, atone fare for the round trip.
Baltimere, Md., Baptist Young
People's Union of America. Tickets
on saie July 1ith ;i.d 17th, good to re-
turn uritil Austin: 5th, 1395, at one fare
for the rouud trip.
Boston, lMaS: ., Tr;ennial Conclave
K. of P., 'icret: onil ai August 23d to
25th. 1895, gold lo return until Sept.
Id5, atONE FARE for the round
For furthl r information apply to
H. Gf. Haycrait, 'r.Lv. Puss. Agt.,
Ocala, Fla.
R. T. Patton, Trav. Pass. Agt.' Tampa,
B. W.a.Wrenn, PaZ;. Trafic Mgr., Sa-
vannah, tG.
F. M.l. Jolly, Div. Pass. Agt., Tampa,

$Sr5o.oo every month given away to any onewho ap.
Piq through us for the most merorioous patent during
the month preceding.
We secure the best patents for our events,
and the object of this offer is to encourage inventor to
ki track of their bright ideas. At the same time we
a to impress upon the public the fact that
V chas the "car-window" which can be easily slid up
and down without breaklg the passer's back,
"sauce-pan," "collar-button," "nut.lock, "bttlo-
stopper,' and a thousand other little things that most
any one can find a way of improving; andthese simple
inventom s are the ones that bringlargest returns to the
author. rry to think of something to invent.
Patents taken out through us receive special notice in
the" National Recorder, published at Washigton,
D.C, Cwhich as the bt~t newspaper published in Americ
in the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's sub. t
sceiption to thisjournal, free of cost, to all o clients.
We also advertise, free of cost, the invention each month
which wins our $r5o prize, and hundreds of thousands
of copies of the "National Reorder, contaioir, a
setch of tie winner, and a description of his invention,
will be scattered throughout the United Staes anong
capitalists and manufacturer, thus bringing to their
attention the merits of the invention.
All communications regarded strictly confidential
Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents.
618 F Street, N. W.,
Box 385. Washington, D. C.
g* RrbrsetS- igirnpaf/tisfaip., WriLEre.
Jo -pagtarjmykit, FAEE. '

-a commodious wing on the west
uvrre of his residence on Commerce
-The St. Andrews Bay Horticul-
tural and Improvement Association is
prepared to clear, improve and plant into
fruit any tract of land which may lbe giv-
en them. It will pay all persons to buy
a trac. from them and have it improved.
-If you are thinking of buying
property in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase until
you have conferred with, the proprietor of
the Buoy. If you are short of money and
want to buy on your own time Cor actual
settlement you can be accommodated.-
-For Rent-A Smith Grubder or
Stump Puller. This is said to be the best
machine ever invented for clearing land
of grubs and stumps. The Buoy has one
of these machines direct from the manu-
fnctory and will rent it to responsiib;,
parties or a rearo!bllc compensation.
-The regular quarterly meeting
of the St. Andrews Eay Horticulsural and
Inmprovemei i Associatioa will be held at
the association headJiunartcrs, Watson
Bayou,on Fr;day, the 27th inst., at 12 m.,
sharp. llMembers should make it a point
to be prCeent promptly at the hour
nafied. By order.
-Th'l' vill be an ice cieam fosti-
val at te St st Hote: nuet Wed-
nebd.iy eveuiug, Ul'y 24, under the iu.spi-
ces oI the "omau'1Aid society. No ,d-
ission vill be chbrgcd; but.there will ,e
e of oee, lemonade and ice

Lk enmup wi r Horme's re-
port and the seedingss' of the July
meeting of the5oard of county com-
missioners, to ihe exclusiunm of almost
everhibing else this week; but thcas are
raatters in which every one interested in
the county takes an interest, and must
have precedence over other affairs.
-T he replevin suit, Wise vs. Kes-
icr, before County Judge Meclin at Ver-
non was called, and before joining issue
the plaiatlif'withdrcw his case and paid
tlic costs. Papers were also issued
against James Wise for interfering with
and aesiu!ting an officer while lawfully
discharging his duty, and defendant gave
bond for his appearance before Judae
Melvin on August 21d for examination
-No place in Florida or elsewhere
presents more or greater attractions to
the homeseeker than does the picturesque
village of Parker, on East Bay. Every

dollar invested there is sure to multiply
many fold, and the investment can hardly
be otherwisee than a good one. -W. H.
Parker will take pleasure in showing any-
one around, no matter whether they lbuy
or not
-When a poor fellow has to bake
his own pancakes aid stew his own pork
and potatoes, provided he has them to
vlew; as is the portion of the eJilor of
this paper during the absence of his bet-
ter half, there can be nothing which ap-
peals to his gratitude and admiration
than to have some good Saimaritn bring
inl some toothsome ista ttlre dv prepar-
ed fot the table, and with all due apology
to Mi. Jno. Stursock, this is the senti-
ment of the writer towards Mrs. Sturrock
forthoughtfillv povidi..g his table with
a dish of delicious baked pears. They
were simply "out of sight" to use a
breath of slang and it is needless to say
that although lthe dish was a large one,
and heaped to its fullest capacity, tlhe
thro" whose duty it is to preside over the
destiny of lho Buoy, made a literal ap-
pliritioni of the phrase "out ol silil"
and put thetm "out of sight" with thel
alacrity of expeit.. How many oliher
will gain our everl;asti:.' uod will by
proufit mg by Mrs. Slurrock'e c aniple?

-l'he Lryal Teniperaince Legion
niees c very Surday n fterr;oon at 2 o'clock l
-'T'l Baptists will 'vwislip in
I hl i. nei houis~c for the lirl time next
ouZnl.ty, holding teiir uniial :orniric g ai.d
e-.'-:iug services t
--Rev. W. M. Croman occupied 9
th. pulpji in the V. E. clhnroh last Sunday. i
lis presence there was a reminder of the
ir.ni iui ioes in tie past that lie bad worth-
ily filled the position.
-''hio Chriatian Endeavr Thurs-
ray evening nieet;ngs rave hounii onverted I
irte it Bilile study class, under thein-
ltructionl and iLadership of l'rof. Lipes. r
Eierylod) is invited to participate.
-T'he W. C. U.T. U. ha..djurn- ip
edl rts meeting until the first WIVdnesday il
ii SOpt"untla t during [bis vacation it
will cul F rL'~owe_ mission work o
i I" trl' is uut '1

Mr. J. W. Bindman
Fort Lawn, L. 0.

Best For the Blood

Hood's Proved Its Merit--caema
oI have used Hood's arsaparlll and
know it is the best medicine for the blood
I have ever taken. Two years ago I had
a sore on one of my limbs below the knee.
I Spent Many Dollars
tor medial attendance and treatment but
&U In vain. At last a friend urged meto
try Hood's imasparills. I told him It
would not do me any good as I had the
best of doctors in this vicinity attend
Mmaesid i weas

taken I noted a slight re s
improvement. I have
now need six bottles
and my leg is welL Had it not been I
Hood's Saraeparilla I do not think I
would ever have conquered my com-
plaint." J. W. HuTDMAN, Fort Lawn, 8.0.
Hood's Pills cre all lier Ill, oonatls -
tion, bllokmness, sik headache, Indigestion.

-The Y.P. S.C. E. wishes ev-
erybody to attend next Sunday's meeting
at 3:30 p.'m., in the Presb. tePien church,
for the tcoic to be discussed-"A Clean
Life," is one in which old and young
should be interested if they are at all
worthy of life. C!,annnue embodies:
(PaI:lm. 119: -1l9-CLEAN Hearts, Ways,
Within, Offerings, l iands, Through Ohrist.


Is o


P. -':i ..al
Marianna Tiame-CoLuie : Miss
Susie Shephord of St. Andrews
Bay, who has been over to Talla-
hasce i siiing Mrs. W- I. Milton,
jr., ipased l tirogh i Mariauna, M.ilday
en route for Pensacula where bhe will
visit her sister Mrs. Gouzalez, then
to her home on the grand old St. An-
drews Bay.
1. Godard. Auguiit Willbon and
W. A. i';mmuun of the Buoy leaves
tol;ay for Vernon for the purposeof
making fiuial proof on their several
houlnL nle.ld s.
Mrs. R. Gionzalez of Pensacola is
visiting; her p>.re;ts Mr. and Mrs.
Fraio f 1. Sheppard. ,
J i usie Sheppard who has
A )e f1or tihe last
Kl --ow W .r'i1 Ituo
Tall tassee returned II mc oum
Mr.'~rC. Danford went to Chipley
last Sunllay and returned Wudinea-
d.vi with Mrs. W. R. l;,Wi:i..:lc.z and
Miss. Susie Shlopparld.
Dr. J. J. Koster and Officer Ed
Sowles went to Vernon on Satnuday
last to be prcu:;ei o0 ?M!, 'day in
an action t!;kci: dv chatiige of venue
from Justtice ripen'sns court, in
which D"'. rI, had fi, e. :to stabliul
his claim to .vi,:.I god u: tl:i.ca by
Mr. Sowloo as .;:' :.' on a ~ach ment.
from Ml. M::t;in, who ws:; 'a i::.';
the country and owing the Dr. a bil
for medical attcniiai ce.
J. A. Lyle of Pon;acola, who has
been visiting his parents, ucar Farm-
dale, took passage on the tug Stolla,
for his home in Penigacola.
Dr. Cliff and party, haye by pre-
vious arrangement, established them-
selves with Mrs. Corby, corner
Buenna Vista ave and Drake street.
R. D. Hopkins and I. J. Hughes.
two of St. Amndrews' most esteemed
citizens took passage on tile Gulf
City on Sunday last for Carrabeile,
where the former will open an office
for the practice of law, and the latter
establish himself in the watclmaking
and jewelry business. St. Anldrows
can ill afford to spare these gentlemen,
anl CarI-rbelle is to be c'Onigradulated
upion their acquisition; but we have
the assurances of L'tith that they
will return te St. Adurews vwhencve;-
the busitne s outlook is pronmising
enough to vainl eI tn-im ilifiluti'go.g

REAL .MERIT is the character-
istic of Hood's Sarsaparilla. a
cures even after other preparations fall.
Get Hood's and ONLY HOOD'F.

Talks to the Knif-hs Templars.
'ho adherents of the occult (,ga-
nization, uIoi-inated Knights Temp-
ar. will be graciously perinitted to
congregate amlidst the classical sur-
roundiig of :ho modern Athens,
known to tie hi-polloi as Boston,
on the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29tl ailnd
30tl of thie approaching month of
-. ugust, there to counni:gle an.1 col-
ablorate in their Twenty-sixth An.
iual C'oiclavo, (o indulge in phila-
le'lpihian inte course and to excitc.
.Ie wonderment and aplprobation of -
he oo'pulace by their man(euveri:ygs
m1d0 garish display.
1 a aaitheiitically informed that t
t is the inton of tie public carrier, (o
nriown as the PLANT SYSTEM to con- 1)
'ey thos-e \who desire to pa'-ticipate t
n tli innmonruntou gathlhering, at the i;
neii;ge Iecmiiiary stipend of One t
'are foi thle Iuv!td 'L'rip. Mi [. u
N. Wireun, an estimable comnpamioin, t,
esidiug at ',avaninah. Ga., will tck0 t
lea.iure in inditing instrnctive re- d
oseCs to missives requesting mor, t;
etailod lfglrnioation. b
Tickets on :,ale rf:fru all stations
n tihe Plantm Syst..m, AIgu.st 23.1, i,
A Ith and 25th. G,,oi m,: retm,'n u.. .



May 6
Mfay 6
?'eb 4
Mlay 6

April 1
May 6
April .1
Juie 38

May 6
June 3



i ^
May 6
Junsa P

Horne, Treasurer of Washington County, Fla.,
Quarter Ending June 30, 1895.
County Proper Fund. Dr.
Cash on hand ................................8752 73
do of A. Q. Jones ............................ 843 07
do do for license ................. 5 15
do ,do do .................. 5 00
do do .... ...................... 478 68
do do .... ...................... 9 40
do do for license ................. 1 2
'0 By cash paid M. J. Davis.....................
.;7 do Mary Hnudrix ..................
1 do I1. C. oIIrne ..................
S do Godfrey Clemons..............
01 do N. Nathaniel.................
2 do P. Riley........... .....
O do A. W. Potter................
48 do Wm Miller. ...............
19 do John Roche..................
49 do T. M. Ellis ..................
26 do John Barlow...................
i3 do S. W Davis .................
S4 do do ..................
7 do Wealthy Taylor ............ .
4 do A. J. Mainer..................
S do Wm Miller ..................
do Wm Miller ..................
do I. Curry......................
2 do Wm Miller ...................
0 do do ....................
19 do MI Curry ......................
10 do I Stephens .................
I do A. Birdsong..................




S1.ot8. ...... .... ..........
otter ...... ..........
Calista Hurn............
Amie Spne.. ..........
P. Riley.......... ........
Mrs Pittnman.............. ..
W. B. Lsitter-'....... ......
N NAf'ttrnlel........... .....
P. Newton.......................
Eliza Strickland...............
John Roche..................
A Q Jones.. .................
John Marshal..................
A Q Jones...................
David Johnson...............
M Hendrix ...................
M J Davis...................
Godfrey Clemone...............
W A Emmons ................
E Stricklu nd..................
P. Newton ...................
Mrs Pittman .................
R R aley ......................
Wm Miller ..................
do ....................
Mamie Fox...................
A J Mainer................. ....
W Taylor .................
L Potter ................... .
John Boardin..................
Joh Barlow .....................
TM Ellis....................
do Riley......................
S W Davis..................
do ..........
M Curry...................
I Stepl.:ns ...................
R LeviL ...................
I Stephewu ......... ........ ......
Caliis a loirn ..................
Fuariba Snard ...............
J R Thompson ........ ..........
N. Nathau.ni1............... *
Amie Spence........
John Barlow...
J R LaPsitter..

for the

$ 4 00
-1 00
2 95
4 00
8 00
5 00
3 00
11 00
39 9-3
5 20
4 CO
4 00
4 00
4 00
11 00
2 00
4 00
11 00
4 00
4 00
5 00

4 .>'J
S1 i'5
4 00
4 UJ
3; ot)
4 00
3 00
50 60
324* 80f
1 00
8 25
8 O
4 00
4 titl
4 UO
t !.)
3 00
4 UO
4 00
4 00
6 00
11 00
8 00
4 O
2 00
4 (i".
5 ,:')
4 UO

5 00
4 30
4 00
4 00
2 00
8 (t)
2 00
4 U0
11 00
4 00
5 00
4 00
4 i.10



ville, Nashvri le T u. an:l po;i; lis.
Leave Jacksonvile 7 a.m., 5 40p.m. Arrive 10 30 a.m., 9.20 p.m.
ALA-,e Ev. 1. LUa.'e 7:42 -_-_. 6 40 "
Macon 4 0 ( 1:27 a.m. 2:1
Atlanta 30 92 1 p
Ch~LtLonO'ft 12.m -l-- i !) :45 '
Cincinnati 7:20 p.m 8 3ita.m 8 p.m.
Day coach No. 38 through to Atlanta. NT:'. 2n5 and 36 solid vestibule to and
from C'i i,;'n.Ii-Jacksonville. S':-, i' s to arin frm .Jacksonville. '
HOi.,' SPnT:NGROT OUTE. TO St. I.oui-. ('It:cgo. Sioux C-ity.
540 p.m Lv JacLsonville. Ar. 0 -10 a.m.. C in, 11:45 p.m. Leave Atlanta.
12:00 n'n, '':, p.m,.Lv ri'mtin;fham. 7: p.m, :-20 a.m. Holly Springs.
7:30 a.m:3 0:30 a" ,.. i7.,t''. *1:55 I : .i'1. Chicago.
7:30 p.m 7:-0 a.m.'" Dubaquo. 7. a i. .:: ( '.Sioux City.
Through Pullmnan. sleepers ,:.' Louts and .I:i -(c ,.1 ille. Suel)pers through Chi-
cago or Sioux ( it and .1'r ''. ',o with i tli': ot' cia ,lgo.
KANsAS CIT-Y LE. Th" ,-i'! rr' Jac.:llornvil to Holly Springs; Holly
S:)' in to t .- '. only.)
M issouri,. A r:;. I A-', t',a. ': Ioi'y.
4 40 p.m Lv J.cl-o. ulc A 10 .ii 0 p.m Ar Memphis Lv 5:20 a.
815 "' A. :. t L ,.'.. a.m Springfield,Mo" 6:10p.
12:,l', n'rn i] 1 'm .n Kansas City
SOUTH A.:':,'i"."'.'- LOU:-A .'.:2 S 'i .ANS. Daily, except,

% ,il . .4am

-f17 00 am 1
120 ;m I ',, ..I u t5am

1ii i ii
*,.. I ',! ',, .. ., "

2 ,, "Van 1 2 ,L ..- I, ." 10

7 2i1 a u 4 '1 i.n 'i ., ':.
10o.50 am 5 16 i... j .in.l' ..1.^" 5
| A 5 ';.. ..'111't 1mr'l.l,

amn .I j

uu A J MaLner......... .
do J W Hawell ...............
do David Johnson...............
do Amie Spence................
do W Taylor ....................
do A L Harrell..................
do do
do John Roche .................
do Godfrey (lemons............
do Calista Horn..................
do MJ Davis.....................
do M Hendrix...................
do SW Davis........ .......
do do
do P Riley....................
do Wm Mill ...................
do do ....................
do P Newton.....................
do Mamie Fox. ................
do L Potter.....................
do R Raley ........ ...........
do John Roeboe.. ............
do John R Lassittor.........
do Wm Fuller ....................
do John Roche.............. ..
do Farlha Suard ..................
do on hand to bal ........................

?2,(', > 31

July 1 To am,t bro't down ............... ............... l.o4. 95
Aps Special and Road Fund. D1.
April" To cash on hand .... ...... ................ .... .:,.1 0
5' do of A Q Jones...... .................. .... ...i t
10 do C B Collins................ ............. 5 5
May 6 do A QJones........................... 478 6
31 do W E Morris, fine....................... ... 5
June 11 do John D Stephens, fine..................... 3 U
12 do A Q Jones ............................ ....... 9
--No. warrant.
April' 1 257 By cash paid T J Mobley.......................
,1 245 do A J Miller............... ........
July 19 59 do Pauly Jail B'ld'g M'f'g C)........
1895 .

5 00
5 00
2 00
5 40
58 24
4 (00
4 00
4 80
6 00
5 00
11 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
3 00
5 00
18 85
2 00
2 00
1,018 95
.2,, .0 :31

fb jin
jV 3:0 l~rn
t 10 1):p In
fI (15 am S50.1,-mn
2-.. anin 11 ii 1ii1
9I-O oin ; ru


.lAnc si'%

12 7
7 011)

Connection-, fu. Asl v:il ., by .':ain No :,~', Iavirig 5:40 p. m n
6 20Lpm 9 i50 a Lv Jack-onvilI Ar 8 0( a
8 35 pm 1155 am Ar Likc ('ity Lv 555nm
9 30 pm 12 40 pm ** Live (.. 5 09 am
10 37 pm 134 pm M:'.(i- n 4 10 ai1032
1205 am 2 52 pm Mnle icin '" 2 40 u.m 9 00 am
12 45am 3 37 pim Tli:h .. 2 15 am 815a
4 32pm Qa .. 1 17 am
5 15 pm Rv' v :oou "12 35 amn
11 00 pm ..,,, 7 25 pin
3 05 am .. ', a5 m
7 35 am 11 00 am
Through Pullman sloc rco." Ja..:-o. !!- i .,, Now OrleIans.
tDaily exceptrranday. i.'-.o." a;. T:Lunp, for St. PetLersburg, Mana
River and Key %Wi. and t.,'-n,. n -.... -At Waldo. steamer for Miel
Connects at Tallah:- e for SL. M; K., :;'., abnolle a,(nd Apalachicola. Conn
at River Juuctiou fo( Ch-ti, .ho:,chi Ilivir :*.eam-.'. Connects at Ocala for
mosassa. All hba,' ,,e w',l b.- clli(cke,! ;i,in Union Depot. T ick
-,ill still be sokdl ci, the Cily LICCt oilie, 2.2 Hogan st.., as well as at the U
Depot ticckot ofitce. C. S. }JEERBOWER.
Ticket A De'nt 202 We-.t LBay t ree. corner i r.an. .Jcksonville, FJa.
N. S. PENNINGTON, T'llic Vi:. ,... O M11AC DONELL, Gen. Papn. Ag*.

Ppalhwf0 o

1 50
95 (K)
85 04

April 11 258 do Levy Bros& Simon.... ...... 24 50
1. 246 do J M Crigler. ............... ........ 13 .1:1
May 9 285 do Levi Yates, j. .... .......... .i, i,)
t 2J6 do J L Grant................ .......
June do S Ellis ........'7.- ... ........ 2
30 do do ...... ....... ..*... .
j3 -29 do do ........ .............. 2. 00
3 331 do do 2.. .
April 1 261 do J W Alien... ................ I 50
June 0 ; do to balance ................ .. .. .. ... P22 61

f1.11.3 211 Al..r:s 20
July -1'Io cash bro't down ................................ 822 61
"1 Building Funid. Dr. C.'.
April i ITo cash on hand.................. ....... ..$30 is
do of A Q Jones ................ .. .. 92
May 0' do do .............. .......... .299 17
June 12 do do .............. .. .... 5 88
30 1 By do on hand to bal............. ............... $1,14J 15

.1,141 15 $1,141 15
July 1 To cash bro't down.................................1,141 15
The flowing is a statement of the state and county license issued by the
eouuty j dge and tax collector during the previous month-June:
No. Name. Occupation. State. County.
65 R. 3. Bellamy.......... ..... Physician ............... 3 33 1 f66
The foregoing statement having been examined is approved and ordered
'hargct to the collent.or.

I )I e received from State (omuip-
rol.'er loxbani advice that all lands
,n tch h taxes are delinqunwt tnust
bCe~ohion the first Monday in Oc-
o'jr. This will nccessitate their be-
ng aJvortised three weeks through
liemnnth of Sreltetinber anidl te first
ve 1"- October the list, will have
o be .in lthe hands of the printer
liree.'r four weeks before the first
:ate of issne; lience it is important
ia t I11 taxes both personal and real
e id b before Aniis 1. Tax-
ayec wt\\)iareo still delinquent will
I).:.l givo t)hid matter prompt
tilttion anid othierwi'r govern thcu-
,-1, ? i':'? ,i i 1ing7". A.- Q cIO.NE,

June 5th, 1895.
Notice ih hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his in-
tention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said pioof will be
maid. before W. P. Lassitter. clerk of the
ci edit court at Vernon, Fla.. on July 20th,
1M95, viz:
WILLIAM A. EMMONS, of St. Androws,
Hit hIo. 2"36-2 for lot t of sec 19, tp. 4s,
r 13:w;. .
le''names tho following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence',lp.on and
cultivation of said land, vii.-. /
Isaac Godard, Carralpelle, August Wil-
son, i'lalsburg, T. C. Da.nford and 1. J.
Hugh,-s, St. Audrews Bay, all in.Fla.
J. M. BIAto, Regiater
.,.; ; ; feQ r, id-- -


We offer for this scason'H plaiitin;m,. a large an.1 vcry ECIOCt stock oft
Strawberry, IaERpbeirry v nd Blaclkbei'rry P ants.
Also the choicest a.trcktiv' of olpen grouandlo ISNESE, EV"F3IMG IVEENS, et c
Special ,tt~ntion it ip m; ,t''l 1i rn p hi.4 (filn lpuge 20 f 4 u) r Cmithilguigti) o
P EACHESVP alililt.-,( .o th.' lmo'cr (ui id 111FIriIi.
Our stock is all )XU11Hn. Well (Ji,1*wi:, Vj"Y'Ji iiIs, and ".11 1ipteel

Catalogute bii iut1 dfree. A 11 1 j e N IN ES,'C ES "
1'ench wn'i'l Nurmemries. Stqte Linp. Mi

,East u .ior!,


Fresh ad o a Pur

I. W. ;;, PG? FETOR
Offers His PIrofessio;:;,J 'r.;v; :v: Citizens of St. And es an
lay be un at biridell e:rro ti tlll :: n iry.at
M iuy bhr. u' nd at hii.. rusif e,,iue o:, im'; npii:m \V::,tfn ;non (?uc at ntifg t.

IiuJ IU'U OiAW di Ni 3 1 III1


P stofiRc FardaO!, Fla.

Can Fu arishS louh .L
Should you ot ni t y .f. v I

I _

Florida Central an
A. -: i IR 0 *

New Florida and Northern Air
Time Table in Effect, Apri

ror Northern Pois.--Leav ae acl'on-.-illo 8:45 .m., (Sunday
(daily except Sunday); 9. ) a.m., 5.40 po. 7 00 ai Arrive Jack
m., 920 p.m., 8:.5 a.m.,2 :3 p.rm. (daily except, Sunday); 6:36 p.m., (~
Leave Yulcu 9:55 a.m., (ubtitaj' o ly',t; *-1:.5 p.m., (daily except Sun'
a.m., 0:36t p.m., 7:4: a :-. A,.'r;.e Y 1.l0ec 9:010 a.m., 8 30 p.m., 7:50 a.. 1 40 p
(dlily except Sur.day); 5 30 I m (Si:nday only.)
Arrive Fernandina 10:10 a.m., (~A;'days on:y); 5:25 p.m., (daily except Sun-
day); 11 15 a in, 7 p m (daily ce.o.L_ p Surday). Leave '.05 a.m., 7 15 a.m., 1 p m,
(daily ox:cept Sundaytl: -1:50 (Siniau.vs only.
Arrive Everct;, 8:15 p.m.. 0:40 a mu., 7 42 a.n..6 .10 p.m.
Arrive Savannah 10:0d p.m.,1 1:22 a.m.., Lcavo5:55 a.m. 4:44p.m.
11 30 a m. Arrive 5 16 a m., 4 34 ;p m, 0i r in.
Arrive Fairfax, S. C., 6.15 p.m11.,12 ., 1 24 p.m. Leave 3:50
p.m., 8:25 a.m.
Arrive Augusta, Ga. 9:30 p.m. 6:20 a.m.Leave 8:40 p.m.. 7:15 a.
Arrive Denmark, S. C., 7:30 p.m., 1:04 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Lave
p.m., 7.10 a.m.
Arrive Columbia, S. C., 2 40 a.m. 3:45 p.m. Leave 1:30 a.m.,
Arrive Charlotte, N. C.,7 a.mn.,'8:20 11 p.m. Leave 11:05 p.m.
Arrive Saisbury. N. C., 847 ;..m., 9:37 p.m. Leave 7:30 a.m.
Arrive Creenbloro, N. C., 10:15 a.m., 10 48 p.m. Leave 7 47 p m. 6:04 a.m.
Arrive Danville, Va.. 11:04 a.m., 12 p.m., Leave 6 10 p.m., 4.45 a.m.
Arrive Richmond, Va., 2 05 a.m. Lea% e 12:35 a.m.
Arrive Lynchburg, Va., 1 45 p.m., 1 7.3 a.m. Leave 2:48 am.
Arrive Charlottesville..1 04 p.m., 31;5 a.m. Leave 2 22 p m, 1:03 a.m.
Arrive Wahlngtoi., 8:30 p.m., 6 42 a m. Leave 11 15 a.m., 10:05 p.m.
.lBaitimore, 11:2 p. m., SOb ai.mn. LEaave 0:42 a.m., 8:37 p.m.
Ph'ilC.d ellia. ::56i a.m., 10 25" p.m. Leave 7:2u a.m., 5:55 p.mI.
...-L ave3 : 20 1" nm : n.'" nm.


- 1.---~ ---------a~--~c, ~, I
IIs B n




-- ---

P -


Oftli.Juily.Meeting oftheIBoto:.rl
of UOunity Ln Coaiisionier.,
Molinday, July 1, 1l95.
The board of connly coninlihiners
of Washington county, Fluritla, rpur-
asunt to adjournment, met at the
=-l court house in Vernon.
Tliurstlly, dhldy ;89 135, 2 Pro'tent: W. B. Gainer, A. L.
T .r ND R- I p y Harre!I, Johu R. Thompson and A.
5 R CESCURREN T. W. Potter.
.p .uCERIES. Court was regularly opened by
sugar, r Tea, y b Lo leriff.
Grand ,n.'lcd .... %I' Io rNo....... 75
Cot,A... 6 Gunpowder.. 80 The entire board being commi,-
5 Uncol'd Jap.. 50 ioned, each of them exhibited their
.,F Cond milk, Ca ell
treiu..- j3( 2'5 ULi.wcctn'a. lO.'1.5 conruissions which are nas follow:
ro,,vned .*t o, ,w tt ,:,led .. .10 ,15 No. Name. Dateof Date com.
uger :r, a=. ]u.1 I tki; iwd>r Dist. com. cxpiles.
eker -, i g 0.oJ\' I ....... .. 1895 1897
i o, lu 306 C:Oupbel. ..15a25 1 A W Potter......May 24 May 24
1ins Canned fruit 2 A LHarrell......June 1 June 1
n'lul.i iavn,'... .15 Peaches.... jOa20 :.
'lei-. .. 121BG Tomatoes... .lO:i5 4 BW BGainer.... June 28 June 2'.
S..... ..... Apples........ 10 5 John R Thompson June 18 June 18
-: I:-irs ......... 15
.' ; u'lr........... 5 VWherenpon the board procoedle,
'e -. .\i rit........ 25 to organize.
2oal Oil ir al..... ;.5 ,t ,r'.wl,erries... 211
;isoli, ... ...;. iles.. 2 u On motion of A. L. Harroll,
lcri'da ara ... *J C,' "..ieants seconded by V. B. Gainer, Jioh R
loi .... ... .'. ;* . ,e t'.. 15.t ,
incGr .. ... Beef 15:'s rhnomipson was unanimously electlui
hee i 1 .... . Le `of.. chairniiii to which lie acceltet .
Cr......... .4) ...l.... .. .... . -" ..1-- -
G C.inid1 VcfiTCTTs compitroller of laudk retleeined or
F;ult P 'd-li. I I0 C,. ............. 1:, glh tall thle amounts of cointyv
Jelly, gln.- .. 15:C':3 i'. v........... 1 fund derived there from, transinittel
Lim' duire...... 50 Pu: pkin...... to the treasurer of this county aince
lows pPCr do... .
PtOViSIONS. March 81, 1895, showing amount
Flour .. lI t arisinitted to be $90.75. Total be-

s U I r, ;2.. . I)- . .. ...
F:v,,-' ... 4.,.') i lon Sides ..... I
--iiui Ml-il )rll u t;., Frc .li ....... b tH ,
of ).ItIII I I II i.6 . l. -' con 1'
,ornun r lbu...... ..': U1 I: tiv'as.ed I 1
Potatoes Ihoulders ..... III
Irish ...... -. (6 PReei'
v R'.. sge ed 1.60 Cornc.] .........
weet........ i" F .........:.: ,
t, p -,: ad ..C 1.':' Dri .. .. ............
aide........ 5 Mill : )r qt ...... 10
P- L t .) I An le. R
1 : '* " . t . 0

~Ctzapr'nt- *i.iI I
avpr' i~


*~ ~ .,. .)r

- - I1 .... n


i. 1

iwI 5

Et Pt..

I ll... :-


ow and r-nrmy twas -- v

r YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke Va.
Sept. 13. 1895., O(io of tic lInding
ols foir Youti- Ladien -n i II South.
gnificeet building, all modern innrove-
ents. nipiis tenl aci-e l';r'.:na noull-
in scenery in V'.iley o' Va., fanImeCd for
t ifh. Europlc;ti ra:: Amine'i,:.A ; eoch-
Full cn'ir&e- ii-.r'-.r-n-i agese
A Music. .StideIt:lt1 "'on!: iwent t
For caf l :i llrC e, i: c:i .-
VI. A. H Ai'' : , O, .

lulgiing to county funds order ackncw
Iledled by the clerk of the board and
said funds properly charged to the
treasurer. ,
O.ilcred that the pauper roll he
t:ik3a up. Green Tool was placed
on ihe paupor roll within an allowancee
o, $3.00O per month. The nainos of
,M J. L-1:\', -- ne'y Ptter, M:u;A i.i
i',.:, Piunk Riley, Richard Levinis ar..
and Le.vi Pitin:1n, were strick-en from
thel p:tnper roll.
(Or.!ered that Mrs. Pitminu be pai..
$5.00 [or nionth a; pauper instead J:
..1.00 a-i holrntoiore i;pid. Further
',idered that Rebecca IR-ley b- p:i il
P.2.00, Godfrjey Cleminiions $2.00,
.lr.ry Hendri $3.01), Aniie Spe.ice,-
$i3.00, I. Ste pheun i3.0,) a I, Aaro.i
Biid:;.,!ig ;3.AU, as paupjcrs.
'O.-'iler that the warrants iterni-
cih in the foregfiig reports and pre-
%ente 1 to the 'boa, '. by R. C. Hourne,
Ire:isurer, be received, cancelled ani
burned, by and in presence of the
,l anIl that board receipt tihe
herefor a3 follows..
B itproper $1,048.9 >
1mty special .1,115.59; on
$2.161.54 .
.)r.!erecl th:tt \vi'rra.int irlieC to R
0. Horine fir $69.33 on c-1unt v

S oProer fliiind, conittissiRin a8 trusti
ow 1vCC/IVlnnl' a.*...d...'-....shi

alme'.it stated in tht fviregoing rio-
P 't.

Oa1 ntouItiOi the board took a re-
cess until 8 a. ii., T'L'Nuday.
Tuesday, July 2, 1895.
Pursuant to recess taken the board
m at, Inoenbors present, John R.
Thompson, chairman, W. B. Gainer,
A. L. Harrell and A. W. Potter.
A. J. Gay, tax asosor being
present with the assessment roll for
1895 the board proceoded to equalize
the said asiessmont and fiinding the
same to be correct accepted it with-
out change or alteration.
On motion it is ordered that the
following county taxes be levied for
1895, to wit:
County proper, two mills on the
County special, one-half mill on
tho dollar.
County school fund four mills on
the dollar.
Fine and forfeiture fund,'. oeo mill
o' the dollar.
- -u mi~anrL T' nnim on0e 1111f o h fl-c
The amount of school taxes leviedl
being in accordance with the estimate
lnad, and submitted by the county
s.:ho:,l board or lio rd of Public In-
s rnction.
On motion it is ordered that the
fencing of the county jail and the
repairint- of the bridge over Pine
Log C'r'eqG on the Vernon and Pt.
W .lihiin, ton ro: 1 \- ill be lot to the
liVwcst bid l;r on the first Monday in

Alinmt, said work to be done accord-
S to shi'cilic:tiois to be made

There were 3,134,934 Packages of
HIRES' RooBm sold in 1894,
which made 15.675,735 gallons,
or 313,494,7oo glasses suffi-
Fclet to give every man, wo-
man and child in the United
States, five glasses each-did
ougetyourshare? Besure
Sget some this year.
S I ap e aake m sais. &

. wi\v on day of letting, commis-
-.i .ier.S, roserviii the right to re-
A.ect all bide.
,)a petition of citizen: it is orker-
S.iti;it lithe rad from E M. Everetts
inill to the Reddick place on Orange
.ill -:.d which roai was recently
,i continuedd. it is ordered thi;.t
d. 'I rtd b re,:,t.iblisr hed and this
i.-tion n :lie bo.-rd !,o advertised as
he law dirocth.
Thio following accounts were al-
S,.ve' an.l war'ra;tits o:dlered issued at
his meetiiig, to wit:
No. 350t John B1arlow, pauper,
county prop:r 'Lund....... $ 4 03
-I ti'y H, -Iun.drix, pauper
S co-,at2'y prorie" I.jid 4 (-0



Book at druggist, or mailed free AdI- ellV. A. E!,i H, tvenI, T. C. D.I:
ress Tihe Sterlin Rcneedy Co., Chicao A,,.w% Au-t W'i
fice 45 Randolph St.;. New York 10, bor1,-i A, w Au. t c l o- fitter
p r u c c S t b i l. r. E C O "ci ) : .;.
A A IF UT, &97. -P I- J%

As Prizes for the Best Pictures
Ou November 15th, 1895, we shall
gold for the best pictures taken by the
LaCrosse Camera.
The prizes will he awarded as follows:
$200 in gold wiUl be givia! lor ilhe best
picture taken by the (Canera: 8$100 for
heosecoudbest: $.3u fo. ;he third best.:
$25 for the fourth b.-t; I.5 for the
fifth best; $10 for tilie bi'.th best, and for
the next 40 best $5 each ill bo given:
for the next 80 beL $2.501 eachl uiil be
given and for the ue.t 2,,) b: t Aicetures
takenby the LaCr'Jt-i:e C'atu--'a $1 each
will be given, making iu all .I11t- U given
IWe shall do tlii- fori two rea-ons, viz:
The first to illroLduce the LaCro'se
Camera for 1893; tilh e oiAld to educate
the amateurs ii! ihotography. This
contest closes Novembe,'1-Ls, 1l95.
This camera can be used by any one
and is sold under a positive written
guarantee to do the work or money re-
funded. Sent by express with full in-
structions and rules governing this con-
test upon receipt of express money or-
der for $1.75.
Remember, A Writteun Giaralu-
oee GoeS wviLis v':-;'v C' i,'l'r,.
LaCrosse, Wis.

Bo&~'4117,0 iHouse.
N W Gor. Pala-fox nid Wright
Mtrett'4, Onw oloek Wast of
UNION i~ -

i o m. .We-ch' M re
He invitca you all and more
Don't stay away, another day;
Is what I now desire to say:
For here you are invited
Whoro I nall mi.-lak: are riPhtned

SNo. 3.52 Godfrey Clemron,pauper Our F'a:mrale ind B':
S;.h.u,-D el;,;, "up, P ln""ce wa'c:c"*le ;:-"ia,
pco roper.... ....... t vo, were in '
I t0 l:,v\'o' were iii tlv 1f
'i ..i Davi-, paupet. i. t cou. not :,elp., ['
proper .................
1': Lucy Potter, pauper, co. both anpear next week.
-pro >er ............. .. 4 00
;lti P Ni.,-Lon for child of A i
Lo)u Richardson, pauper, co. That Tid Feeling should oF
proper.... ................ 4 00 at orice or it ri;ay end l ij i
357 Rlobueca Raley, paup r, T:ake Hood's Sarsapra illa now r't
co. proper'................. 4 00 sickness and s ring late i on.
353 Mfiitis Curry, pauper, co.
Ir.opr .................... 4 00 y e h
3F9 Mrs. Pitman, pauper, co Hood's Pills are the boat fa sic
proper.... ............... 4 00 tc and liver medicine. U
i3( Amle Spence, pauper, liable. sure.
co proper. ................ 5 00
361 Marnie Fox, pauper,co.00
proper ................4 (0 DON'T STOP TO0 CO .
3162 R C Horno, corn as treas- _
urer, o proper ............ -9 33 .
363 Calista Horn, pauper, co How to Cire Yours o l
proper. .......... ...... ... 2 00 ,
344 Eiisha Strickland, pau- on 1 a
per, co. proper............. 3 00 The tobacco hanit g;'ov.' ,-i, .f-
365e Wm Fuller, repairing until his nervous sy.,tem is da f ad
Miller's Ferry bridge, spe- fected, impairing health, c i
cial....................... 15 00 happii.c-. To quit. sudden ac
366 I Stephens, pauper, co. vre s il,'ek to the system, t' -tmau-
proper .................. 4 00 to an inveterate uer u
367 A J Mainer, pauper, co. lant that his system continually lae
proper. .................- 4 00 Baco-Curo is a scientiio cure for htalvy
368 Aaron Birdsong, pauper, bacco harit, in all its forms, ca l
co proper ................ 5 00 colipolidthd after the fomuiu,.of
S39 Levi Pitman, pauper, co im; .-1, ilil. e lPhyician who Iha ,yh
prope...... .............. 4 W(i) it in li-i private practice s':Id ",.'
370 Wealthy Taylor, pau- vithlOi a fai.ur, purely vcta"l
per, co. proper.............. 2 K uai*aile(C icorr'petivI th o .
371 C G Allen, sherifT at .g, hhc *a
spring term circuit oolrt% t 0i TV
-- arJf'.'TTfen, sherlH iprin-lt a.ntcd ;o ;prinalijLiitiy(v re fu e 0
term ct Court, co. proper.. 26 80 wthl tI. boI,~.x, r. rtf-nd lth I .. ey,
373. J i. Peters, services as .-i. i I 1 .---r ,e,... ;nt. :t. i:.- r.)
e'ibor in case of State of is rn t. a ,il-i. titLte, liut a cic.,i i l. e,
Florida vs. James Alien, co that 'uii.-s without ,h aid 'if witl ti o'
proper .......... ..... ....106 60 turd i ith ,i iicoji% Lve!ience. I l'.v -.
374 W B Gainer, co commis- the systein aa pIl:e and free frl' 1. 'o-
stoner, co proper........... 8 20 tine as t lae da, y,,a t.' ok your tirst cr e.
375 :ichard Levins, pauper, or suok Sold by all druggists, ,
co proper................. 2 00 our i *i'iridd gi:ira..iot, at 1.i'Pl "r
376 John Roche, feed of pris- box, Three boxe.u. 'thirty days 're -
oners in jail for month of moit :,) $..', o.'setit diree: iil"i r.-'
June, fine and forfeiture of ii. SEND SIX TWu-C'(:..*
fund..................... 45 00 STA MPS FOIt SAMPL'L P \.
377 Jno R Thompson, road BOO L..T' AND PiOOFJS r ,:. E
supervisor, co proper........ 4 00 En'e ,a (';,i.-!i cA i; 't'.. *
378 Jno IE Thomp:son, county Comn)aiy, ian',r.'.il:!r CI.c.n-..,,
commissioner, co proper... 13 00 L: .C' e, Wi;cin:;in.
379 A W Potter, roadsuper---
visor, co proper ............ 2 0 L E AL N 0 T I C
3:0 A W Potter co commis- A
sooner, co proper,.......... 5 00 N .
35i G3o iiX:(V ji. al, mile
poLsd and sign loard,., co To be held at St. A-i' -ti Bay.
proper................... 75 On a rl ; i iio.. of the reeula and qual-
S2 L If;arr cocommis- ified vot~i.-s of the St. A, d!-ews Bay
sionor, co proper........... 7 40 School DJstrict No. 2, it appeal ;ig tha..
3. 3 A L ~iarell, road super- said petition contains more ihan oi1-
visor, co proper,........... 6 00 uiir.h he qualified vote!- of t.a d -heloo
384 Geo Everett, tlpairiug Di.->'ic o. 2 and voting pirlecioett No.
diutch bridge on r.:,ad from IJ; hereforo-ie I d ha.t. an e!oc-
Ev;'rett mi!) to Marianna, held at said (ii .-icton Tue dav.
c.. :',p ial ................... 5 0' :,o-, Day of A :iust, for tle i.rll:,oe?
3'5 Ii D Melvi, reporting ,r1 a-c.- .,.i'ing whether or i!o said
lice.L..e. co proper...... ... 1 511 -oi'h l i-: riet shall be ticlar :d a .pe-,
3 > D A..lvia, r.cordinig ,.iai at -., ii,teic., with "ho ftiig .-',
..,' a id '. y iiei ., .. 5 1) '-..'. "*. o-wit: C'tunri inel i g :
T". > D -ii . 'eor'diur D;,,.-'. I',it, ruauiig eas t'.. ar l ah:,l :
:.ate ad eIu ty lie e-S... 15 1., the. -h-.'reto east line of e( tioi i(.. -: 1-
3?:-:.0o Roche, washing for r 1-i w: thence north to northwest cor-
jail, co proper ............. 3 CO .',r uf section 29, ip 3s,. 14w: tilnce
'. a.o G!k-., ats stteo- [ to shore of Ntrth, Fay: lhe jle
grapher in ca-e of State vs. so:h' along shores to point of begin-
Ja:. A!lieu, 'co propLr.... 20 UL0 iu -.
..')0 T J ,':obley, house rent T'h foreg-oii-: is hereby otrderedl by
for riaud jury aud statioue- authori.v iesied in us by -ection ; of
L county, co proper.... 8 20 chapter 4197 Revised Statut s of Fluo-
39r- B Lansitter, 5 blank ida.
booksof witness certificates, / On motion it is also ordered that the
co A .......'.rvi'i ie,'.o:s be and are h~ : V ap-
mwnted i. .pector-- of election, to-wtt;:
A. T. B *,oi:, R F. rackin, G(;. W. Sur-
70 lor; Juo. R. Thiomps-on, clerk.
This th." 25t IL.y ni April, A. D. 1895.
co U .. -el' 50 G.B. B. Bsi Chairman.
39 r..t..h JAIMEs L. MILLE::.
co) IxB x of 1893 D. G N IxoN
co ])rop ..... .......... 13 01 C. LOCKEv1. Se'y Co. Supt.'
395 A J Gay, do as above, co
proper................... 60 00 NOT'IC FOR PUBLICATION.
39,; W B La sitter, clerk's LA O-L.-- ;.r i .::.-iLLL!, FLonIpA.
costs in criminal cases dis- Jui:t 1-.. I;593. *
posed of at, spring term c't Noticc i.c her.')vby gi n Ihal the fol!lvw-
ct, line and forfeiture fund. 47 67 ing nmel s.ttlcr I, s filid iotict his
397 Jane Carton, pauper, co int-tilon to r.,.ke :iu,.l proof in ~uppoi'. ot
proper.... .... .... 4 00 hie cl"-,i.:, a.:d tliat said proof will het. irde
398 T C Danfrd, burial of before ihc clerk of hol e circ.uil court, at
Jas Baxt.er, co proper...... 5 10 Vernon, Fla.. on July otlh, 1i95, vii:
399Jno T-ochc, sheriff b'dof ANDREW J. 'I1 YLOR ot Wa,,sai, Fla..
c o proper........ 4 00 Hd No. 21162 for tl:e neI of thet ,',
C G Allen, sheriff sp'g term nwt( of the be'.. .wjI of the ne ', and
c't c't, Co pr ppcr .......... 6 50 ne. of the seB o sec 22, tp 3n, r t4w.
401 Mrs J WV Davidson, pau- Ho n;amea the following witne'cs to
per, co proper. ............. 4 00 prove hisi conti:uou:s re.iid'u.ice u)un ;id
402 Sarah Webb pauper, co cultiv:itio.n of aid land, via:
proper.................. 4 00 Ii:lh Alsabruoks, N. Carter, Tjoicnas
404 Pink Ruiey, pauper, co Jones and N. P. Tailor, .ll of YWauLueu,
proper .... ................ 5 00 FEa. J. M. B.~n- o, Rqistcr
403 E N Everett, lumber for ,
bridge over Holmes Creek NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.
at Cow Ford, co special.... 31 59 AT ;, FL.,
June 5th, 1895.
don'tt Toacbco Spit, or Smoke Notiev is hereby given that the follow-
Your Life Away. ing named settler .as filed notice of Iih'
Thetruthful, startling title of a hook intention to make flual proof iu support of
bout No-to-bac, the only harniless, his tlaim, and that said proof will be
maranteed tobacco-habit cure. If you made before the clerk of the circuit court
rantt.Lo quit an1 can't, use "No-to-bac." ait Vernon, Frt on July th, ., viz:
traces up nicotinzed nerves, elminates 1A C GODrtRD, of Caterablle, Fla.
footine poisons, makes weak men gain Hd 20.o for t.he w of the ,w .of lot -
Lrength, weight, an-i vigor. Positive 1O sfc li'. tl1 3s r 14w.
uLe or money refunded. Sold ab Pioneer lie ;h'*njs the followir.g witnc?.Pas to
)rug Store. prove hIi.- clnt{inuus. residicu': upoB'and

uyspcpI a, pla 1unimu 1VW
Neuralgia, Troubles,
Constipation, Bad Blood
Malaria, Nervous ailments
Women's complaints.
Get only the genuine--t has crossed red
liie.s on the wrapper. All others are sub-
Ssti ut cs. On receipt of two 2c. stamps we
will send set of Ten Beautiful World's
Pair Views and book-free.
,..r tC. r .

LtHU U iu -i liiJ

Shi;s Made to Order.
Vioin, ft, aepci, ec,


-C AGI. .. A -'N A L

r.-. -4


~~A~1L1LI 'C ~ ~- C ~ 'L~C~L-



H health

means so much more than
you imagine-serious and
fatal diseases result from
trifling ailments neglected.
Don't play with Nature's
greatest gift-health.
If you're feeling
out of sorts, weak
and generally ex-
hausted, nervous.
have no appetite
and cau't work,
begin at once tak.
SIng the most rella-
|ble streugtheniz
Io! Ii me~dicine.whichi
BrownIron Bit-
ten. A few hot.
S -- ties cure-benefit
S44c.. omes from the
Bitters W't af ?!our
it t, ard it'n8
pleasant to take.
I -uL' B a n . '. 'uh..... -


Carries aT



U! .o Aug oi U o 1 se, nr,

Yo 'Ca llt Afford to Miss Tts Cha i!"

Having Purchased the Stock of Goods in the Store'at

I am Making Constant Addiutions hereto and Propose to


1.z tOe LoweSt Living Margin of Profit

ii Treat Every Cstoer Aliko ana CortMeosly.
Cr-i end Soe ?yy Coods and Get My Prioe i


I i T E L. GSijjS!j; LOWEST PFIfi
.1 rp p .-,, ,.,, "p,.., ,;r +,

Pur ~ e 1 A I et ar

PIlea'.e uo"e .anid r.e. i Company a
How I- ly ayou .ill h,. e. If you live near the Bay Cume in a Boat; if back in the Country, Come on
L(ave yonlr o'de'r, -
Ji it i; for a wheel-b.a.rrowr,- '14 4 44~ t4 Horseback; if you have no Horse, borrow your Neighbor', tOx and Ceti
t wll ill.i a mll, .- COME ANY WAY and load in your COUNTRY PRODUCE
This Iliu-ine.s-. im't' :nt todeje you AAnd let me prove to you that
.-av to ..['.I-1mt O tTT 3( y C) A0 7 11 3 it f ot W 1N T i
l r.c: .,'rf, we shall .'lw. 1.l itL h By either Buying or Fclling
l 't n .. hi. ', ;.-.r.4" rrct,' :'E- f np with geat care by the
Or h:,'l,- -.,, - ea '..ifl rn't: l!, l ac'h, i-,alli ;h .old at a -ric, witi!,, .'r re:t'iI to iepare for the public a m,p of" Fine Water-Front and Other Lands for Sale f
it. n WSii,: St. Ai'ildrews as it really i:. It shows title only one rouuove from the United States Government and of course
Comr.lcrr: ,.-t .'.1 of Co i;. .,,r,,,,. PERFECT.
eastward from Dver'6
The old original IFronoh Fruit ure. 'x'tc-d:i"- eastward froi D[vyer'
ei oiit, taking in the Old Town -ite of
S.San atl S:. Andrews, arid gives location of NCTCE F1 R PUBLICATION.. Our Clubbing Li
S829 ]Pinj c p'hiblic business places, private oexi- La,1. O,-,iL AT OA,:::aVI.LE, FLA. i e
1 co det:n.:.. docks, ele., alo. cv.:-y lot in Jue 1, 195. I he BU07 has mado very liberal els,l
f l S o-ot ee.. lock and a.- j, Y ..i,; ;. Not e is heereby given that tie follow- fing arraigenierts with a ew ofthevry
SCan or' t o the Cj,,'i ,, .i t"ren ,r, ;or::-: ii:edsettltrhasfilecdnotice ofhis it.- best pulnlicutisoa in the country and fof
t' i nl r ,I,: tol.-it n.,ke final proof in f.pport of the present can send for a whole year
Atibo utely a and r.o injury to heal [:.' with a fii (dew rl:ioi, o6 tile s!, !a, ,.,..d ..i sid proof will be mad. T e BUOY and
.--. ,lh e. Lu:ore c! .r. c t'ti.o cir-uitcnzirt.t 't VC'..o0l, 1 L, F!oril.. Ctizen,wia klv, for. .$1 6f
rhe Map will -1,w owr.;s r.' lo'..s F' .... oar J 1' "'th, 'l ., '." Farrni er Grnwit re-er 2' . 55
/Er ,~-o, ipnh in te city just wiler they ae l- Floi ida Agriculturist ... 5
FREE TRIALLi lidc -.o "iR7-*-; t'nr tile W^ c Ci ue sa or
Sdayine do v a r cated, and is of value to those think- lot 3 ,.'. -0. ti 4I, r lw.. t o c.ui,,'f. 5each o ... 2 as
and lo s t mat E r" m f lot 3 r: 11111. 10. Ii r :!w.)
rostw. i L 11 ~,or buyingyig ,!,.i e-..' Hie nau.. 'lte foi:owinwin wtpesstp to Farrm Journal, Philad's, moothll 1 10
a;r. iNfARD INSTUTllE, 1201f.8thSt.SC b Site of M;tap :;ilxO0 I3l4ces :5: li continuous residence upon and Cinr ionnti Enquirer twice a wltek
SThe UTOY i ill c-r. this map to any cultiv')'on ofssid laud, i A: 8 large pages each issue..... 1
i thn e t l;:-aac odsrd,. Ct.rrabelle, W. A. Eni- Forp :nyv or ifler orf the above blles
i..5g.el Ci h!i) A ") A r....4 St. A ..d- v. 'bert Brown a >1d P. t'it*0 : eonreett'-r ilt!a m5e
q) 0 N E D 0" L L A. .-A. Killtl-g, il d"" -rd._i
c~Ar 1%j 7.. Vu":";' ."



l !u



1 00c

1 iC. ', .iL;

drLuit,,i . 'OiYI3




F - - l

"l Line of Druls, Iedficnes,

d Dyes, Trusses, Syringes;


DR.J. J. KESTER, DrUggi.Na

I rnr

El r I --Y-U L






e~. in

- 1

S B A Y THE NEW LAWS. and don't hu imptsuicd upon by d o i', I a
Passed by the Recent Legisture .n !9T "': .- fn tirt, ofto rcl'o,^u t -i h;. ? m .t
stimulant,. andim ill mo.t ca.ews, the elcet of
e Foowi itof Law b the stimu antt. he it opium, umorlphilne. or other
SRThe TFo o ing Lito r a y opiates. leaves a fl worse habit contracted.
Their Titles Will be Con- sk our dr-ugist about BACO-CUIRO. It
tiunued from teek to is purely vegetable. Y u do
WVeek Until all aire not have to stop using tobacco
SPublished. with BACO-CURO. It, will
notify you when to st,op and
S114. A joint resolution propoisubg your desire for tobacco will
u an amendment to the cointitution cease. Your system w0il be as
of the state of Florida. r o nicotine as the day bleforet you took your tirsjt chew or smoke. An
To accomplish this the AssociatioNUARopoe i-lSell Lands n tractor Two-rittn guarantee road ae to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in all its forms,
Z 9, 1892 115. An act relative to entering onoe refunJed. Price o.0uoter box or 3 boxes, ,3) days treatment and
anPlant thm ot in T P s ad Vs ad ee guarant d cure,) $2.50. For sale by all druggistsor will be sent by mail upon
To t and recording j ents and decree 39, ipt price. SEND SIX TWO CENT STAMPS FOR SAMPLE BOX.
S object of this A ociaton ist to Improve the Counetry adjacent to e t of the United States courts. t o pokrct heant, and the horriblekChe avig f or obacco, LaiCrosve, Wis.
Andrews Bay and to 116. An act to provide for estab- (fk f Tl E PIONEER PRESS COMPt NY, C. i. .ORNIC, S upt.
Develop ts sources as a Fuit-row g Country. alishing, working a ud repairing, and c St. O Paul, Mico.W., Setr 7, 1894.
To accomplish this the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two- m uaintaiuing the public roads aud ISur, a Chemical and n'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wi s
and-ahalfando Pr nfDei irs-I have been a tobaccotiend for many years, and during the past
f a ivAcres to sc parties only as will improve tIN by the bridges of the several counties of this t ea he smoked teen to tety cigar reglrl ver d. ho
The first quetionne u t becae affected ill naturally be asked until be: physicia told this e must give up the
Erection of ousles. Fences and seh Permnent Improvements as will enhance the state, and to provide penalties for the eo .ys for the time being, until m hyei the so- called le

Smae mproveenach tract sm deisposited of, an approximate prly ent of the timaed cost of e beng, at l-st. I -- WEBSTER'So-calld "KeCley
v f tatoispoe ,dpatin urytofailure thereof'. Cur' O.,cTo-Bac,' and various other remedies. 1ut .%.ithout success, until I
iposed ti, acpartic8, Plarnts anto Vinee, theeref. In arned of your "Baco-Culro."' Throe weeks rvo to-day I commenced
P lan t them out in Trees, Plants and Vine 117. Au act to repeal chapter 3935, uiyour preparation, and to-day I consider inyself complelt.ely cured; I am in
-oth d that in the shortest pracicale time every su tract shall be a laws of Florida, being an act to perrct health, and the horrible craving ,fu tobacco, which every inveterate
Source of Revenue to its Owner. establish a criminal court of record in smuker fully appreciates, ha colplctely left Inme. I consider your '"Baco-Curo'"
Snectsimnly wonderful, and can fully recommend it. Your6s very truly,
AS TO RELIABILITY OF THE ASSOCIATION the county of Marion. Approved C.W. Homc.
The first question which will naturally be asked will be: "1s this Asso- May 7, 1889.
elation reliable"? And the answer to it is: Ally person employing the Asso8iation l118. An act to increase the 4'111445
to make improvements may deposit an approximate pvmerunt of the estimated cost of WEBSTER'S
thL same nw ithi a .... .... 7^.. : .. . .

S;.. -. ..-opv.ovnl w. en thti..socation shall satisfacto- te r toeblind, deaf-and dumb, A cu.- JaA
rily show that the improvements have been made according to agreement. "ear St. Augustine, in St. lus -' .N- . X ,M,,.DICTIONAR Y
The Association will not only improve and plant, but watch and care for ala orf'Cheap MVoner" Argument Made AGrand Educater.
all property entrusted to its keeping, guarding against forest fires, dishonest pilferers county, Florida. Cle-Laborers Ar Not Debtorr-Free L [a dgfd.'
for damages from any cause possible to be prevented. 119. Alu ct to increase the crinilal 8ilver Will Enrich Wealthy Mine Own- C
From a careful estimate of the probable expense and income of a fruit jridcto of justice of the pece er t the Eese o the Poor. Standard ofthe
plantation in the St. Andrews Bay country a few figures are given: 'ng office, the U.S.
Price of ana per acre, say $25 to $50; cost of clearing, say $20; .ost of planting Ist in counties where county courts have The honest people(and they are a ma- SupremeCourtand
year, say $30; cost of cultivation each )ear thereafter, 20 nt bn abliallhe. ity) f this country will have thing l the
It i.s not extravagant to estimate that a 1-acie vineyard will on the third nt b etablhed to do with "fr coinage at 10 to ," arm Sy com-bok.
year, if properly cultivated, yield $200 worth of fruit, and of peaches nearly or quite 120. iAn act te prescribe the mode ode i thy understand what 0it teas. eve erS y
the sawo, while figs should do even better than that. Then, though perhaps a little of procedure in caces of supposed Secretary Carlisle, in his Memphis dent orf Schools,
longer, some of them, in coming into profitable bearing may be named pears, apricots, e it w the ral de and other Educa-
nectartnes, t,lums, prunes, mulbecrriee, olives, Japan persimmons almonds, English insanity, to provide for competent speech, made it clearwho rea b most with-
walnutt, Japa,. chestnuts, pecans, and suany other varieties of fruits and nuts. which examination, to define the auty of and creditors are. ead this part of o ut number
are almost certain to flourish here; while oranges and citrus fruits, though not con- aiatn t en te c his speech and thenou ask yourself if you A College President writes: "For
eidered certain field large returns oftener than they miss. circuit and county judges. and repeal think it right and just and fair to de- "ease with which the eye finds the
The Secretary of the Assodiation will give particular attention to an- all laws in conflict with this act. olare that dollr debts shall be paid "word sought, for accuracy of deflni-
l with half dollain. Here iswhat Carlisle "'tion, for effective methods in mndi-
swering letters of inqu and the Buor will in its answers, to correspondents.an- 121. An act fixing the boundary al dollaating pronunciation, for terse yet
r que~ t loll Saed t comprehensive statements of facts,
R E M E M B E R, the Association Lands will be sold on Easy lines of the city of Ocala. Oneof the most effective arguments for practical seaens a wor king
Terms of Payment; but improvement must lie paid for as satisfactory proof is given 122. An act declaring the town made by the advocate of free coinage, "dictionary,'Wepster's International'
that the work has been performed. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITE.D. in some parts of the country at least, is "excels any other single volume."
Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec. of Fort Brook, in the county of Hills- that the people are in debt, and that it
Harrison, Fla. boro. to be a legally incorporated is the duty of the government to relieve Sh One reat Hdard Autwor, ju,'
town them by such legislation as will enable Supreme court.
l i 1 them to procure cheap money for the 0.. MERRIAIM CO., Publishers,
I 123. A joint resolution asking the purposeof discharging their obligations, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.
congress of the United States to and in support of this argument the w3-9endto.~hepublilsbersfor freepmphlet
Provide for the payment of the unpaid as to the depressed and suffering condi-
r a: depositors of thi Freedman's*Bank, tion of our farmnners, wage earnm:s and
Having Leased and for the settlement of the affairs other producing classes. Thia nrgauxvnt A SECTIONAL MA
of olthat institution, of free coiag at the ratioof 16 to 1 Ar n
o f 124. A jiint resolution proposing the various kinds of currency in use bf
I am Prepared to fill orders on the shoriegnotice for a amnidiment to station 12of article be ol beworth leusdi they ar ad thed
11 R4 of the constitution of the State now, for, of course, if this is not to be
of Florida, relating to pardons. the.result money 'onuld be:, no cheaper. B a y C t r y.
125. An act to prohibit white and To a.sert, that the people are in debt
S1is simply to say that they have traded
e gro youths from being taught in with each other on credit; that no part \\* ,iave ma Ie arrai ingemnts ty
SROugh or Dressed;at Reasonable Pices! thie sane schools. of our fellow citizens, relying nin tho v.l,b ve ca t'irnisl tl MAl'
the Me. East Ba ; West t iHar on. 126. An act providing for tihe iutogrityand financialstmding of their c 1inab'llit ei.Llt1en iTl q rllearv
i l - .. neighbors and acquaintancties, have len , .., iiliini th 'incinnati
-itses thom nioney on time andu
ii the circuit courts anit in the Su- to them without demanding immedia
UTINRU cr of ti payment in cash, and that in this way
SRpeme court of thi State. they have enabled many people to carry '
m 127. An act to prevent persons on a useful business and live in comfort-
If you need FURNITURE of any kind,.call on from enticing seamen to abandon able home who otherwise could not O L'ecripon
their vessels. baye done so. If it is a crime to lend I~y the ;ml 3
their" vessels. mzey to a man who wants to borrow it, lan'l. p!uiirh .c. it t'incinnati
-TA 128. An act to enc'rporate the or o sell property oncredit to at man who Coimnpaiy an lie easily ascertained,
AIIlAgricultural Company of Florida. w tsl to pumrchase it and has no ready ,or, ,ariie may :li.,l us $1 andi their
129.An act toetabi at IlartoIw2 money to pay for it, let the perpetrators description ani we will locate theil
129. An act to etablis hat Bart, be properly punished, but letn- lots .,ot retrn nl the Map by, mail.
and disaster and immolate the innocent Address he m-v,
40 42 & 44 S Palafox st. Pensacola Fla. and educational institute, and to adguity alike in order to punish the St. nrews, Fla.
T & 4 w u s P e s c l9 aP1 provide for an appropriation there- reml offenders. If our people are In debt, For 5 cash subscribers, we will give as
TS TEA for. they owe each other, and consequently a premium, 1 lectlional Map of the Bay
130. An act to amend the city about as many would be actually in- country, or l Map of thY Cit' of St. Au-
1AR0, An actr to apparente city beeie w d-rcws. bleher mapsoldrbeny--t1
LS A R E STOCK, charter of the city of Tampa. by so ling the obligations down to a sil- drws. Either map so
131. A memorial to the congress e standard. The Indebtednossof the ;
LO IE. of the United States asking for an classes of our people, although large in
Sappropriation of $1. 000,000 for the the aggregate, is quite small in corn- $10 *0
.C D A -F R R D harbor of and deepening the a p- parisonwith the whole indebtedness of
oa the great railroad and manufacturing G (Iven Aw ay
S C roaches to tne city of Apalaohicola, corporations, the national and state
DEALER IN Franklin county, Florida. bank, savings institutions, trust com- E very M o th
132. An act to corporate the panies, insurance companies, building vo
n M d *If t tasotiion and other organizations en- .. to the person submitting t*he w
"nDcSoto, Lee and Gulf railway gagenflnancialand commercial enter- I' _4_ most ueritorlous inventionof
,iaycomeri r ." duri the preceding month. w
company, prifles. Those various organizations are : W S BOURB PATENTS
133. An act to amend an act indebted to the people to the extent of o b t FOR INVENTOR and the N
.approved June 7 1887, entitled an many billions of dollars, and while it is corageebe ons offan invent-
GUEENewAREa M eLASSWAR ,chandise! eon aproe J8 lmel turof mindtithoe
act to revoke abolish true that many of the people are also in- s ae turn of mwin. Ao the5"
act to revoke and abolish the present to them their debtors and cred- th we t that u roase
UEENSWARE, GLASSWARE, municipal government of the town of it.renot the samepersons, and there s ( .o
O: ST OVDS ANl m A"E "DLand and to organize a city fore the debts cannot be rst off against It's the Simple, -
Sgoeornment for said town, and also each other and extiuguish.d inu that way. Trivial IipVetitlotit
ST N W9 R to amend an act approved June I-deny that there is any such thing asa
FP ll Lin f an- 1, 1893, entitled an act to amend distinct "debtor class" in this country, That Yield Fortu es
chapter 3781 of the laws of Florida, fo4 while nearly every one owes some -such as De Long's Hook
entitled a act to revoke ad abo de, large or small, nearly every one and Eye ee that Hum,"
phasnlso some debts owing to h .In so vetr .. Air Brke," etc. e
pAlmost every one oonceives
__T_~~~~ ~ --fl TI, _., rcCA:=;j, ivLdIIaiwwarl

Sto organize a city government tor said ow4-ti little at any one time, wniie
.own. their employers are always indebted to
TO BE CONTINUED. tbthli because wag-es are not paid in ad-
vance,.and besides many of them have
small deposits in savings and other
Of Interest to Ladies. banks,'iu trust companies, in building
We offer no apology in placing before a4sociltons and large numbers of them
you "THE LADIES' SAFE PROTECTOR," have teir lives insured for the benefit
it is absolutely reliable, easily adjusted, oftD r wives and children, and couse-
does not become misplaced and insures quent they are creditors of tie banks
protection. Can be worn when desired and to insurance companies. The say-
without observation or knowledge of fias i ank'depositors'in this country last
another and prevents disagreeable an- ~r ,mbered 4,777,687, and thewives
noyance under certain conditions. if ire 4 adte wie
you use it onceyou wil never be with nd ildren of the depoitors who do-
out it. It is a faithful, safe and reliable d3 upon theee accumulated earnings
friend whenever needed by special cir- A'ure support doubtless numbered
oumstances requiring it: use. Itis an 10,OCO000 more. There were 1.925.840
article every woman should keep ready depo"'ors in the national banks last
for immediate use. It is simple to use, year aid 1,724,077 of them had deposit
and inspires confidence to the woman of Iq. than $1,000 each, while state and
ubjng t. It is reliable and scientifically pri banks and loan and trust com-
made, insures protection without injury held deposit for 1,486,688 peo-
to health,as any good physician wouldur life insurance companies, to
say. We are of the opinion that no ple Ou life companies ro
article has ever been made which will 'sa thigof companies ins otherwise,
give as much satisfaction to the woman-. e against lis by fire and otheise,
of to-day as "THE LADIES' SAFE PRO- h 7,505,870 policies outstanding last
TECTOR." The immense sales of this y, upon which the premiums had
article is a substantial endorsement of paid, or were being paid, by the
our claim. Do nottherefore experiment le, and the mutual benefit and as-
with any of the numerous unreliable enent companies had 3,478,000 mem-
articles, as it is both dangerous to The building and loan associations
health and expensive to do so. Such h nearly 9,000,000 members, all of
experimenting can only result in loss of m had paid their money in as re-
time disappointment and dismal fail- .ed by the rules of the body to which
uro. Ladies should reenieth belonged. The hard earned savings
ordering other goods and nojt waste belonged. The hard earned sings
their time and money on inferior arti- the poor ougbt not to be sacrificed to
clos. The best is always the clleadest. avarice of the wealthy mine owners
'THE LADIES SAFE PROTECTOR" issold the ambition of aspiring politicians,
under positive guarantee for use for d if the people who have a substantial
one year, with full directoins and i reest. in the welfare of the country
sent sealed in plain wrapper upon rej d a just appreciation of their respon-
ceipt. fof express monev order for 1.0 ilities as citizens will exert their
threo or 85,00. Do not wait put ordeo pe influence in public affairs this
once. Address THE LA CRoWEs SPEC-
0 Co., La Crosse. Wis. t wro0u can I,. bperpetrated..

Mast, Foos &Comnany's

Double Acting Force Pump.

w iCIvU uuur I w I tUC ...t taJ y
lie In this direction. May o
t make your fortune. Why not |
; try? :: ::
us rite for further Information and
w mention this paper. I
e Philip W. Avirett, Gen. Mgr.,
618 F Street, Northwest,

United Statos.
a W'The responsibility of this company
ms may be judged by the fact that Its
S stock is held by over one thousand
S o the leading newspapers in the
* we

: rz-:at9 guti&&ttlL S&u

- . -.. . . .
DEITER SOE 0O., Ine'p.CA iai $1,000,009
"A dollar saved is a dollar earned." k ,
Tbis Ladies' Solid French Dongola Kid But-
ton Boot delivered free anywhere in the U.S., on
receipt of Cash, Money Order,
or Postal Note for O1.50.
Equals every way the boots
sold in all retail stores for
S$2.60. We make this boot
ourselves, therefore we guar
antee theft, style and wear,
Sand it a ny one is not atlfled
l3 a i we will refund the money
or send another pair. Opera
Toe or Common Sense,
4 widths C, D E, & EE,
izes.BSend our ad;
sizes 1tO and half
DEX un -.C---3 FEDERAL ST.,
Dunm SHOE, No.A ..os ,

Chlcht3tew'e Ensiibh Pland Brand.
p ~Orbmlnwl ani nlilg Genuine.
a'%l" waYs rflfabIl. LAD's &a
Onrignl G nd TI~A' Cezalne.?
u.rnd rand in Hed and 0j1 meallIc
lxrzp. F-alel wslr. tlloo rtbhn Take
"B other. r gavu .4*Lh
rlynr nrvAtmim'.,Ir. At Di tgsIMI. r ,eu4 4e.
L ftr 1 1,UCml1 tin. dtl4 OriE and
M ro. a Ufo c" ZOft-'. by rleurn
MAIL 1 "OOOToAtb36%I,.V'Kd Papdr
"Olb lch ew r %lowlea ", Mijipt=-




Secure one or More Good Residence or Busines

Or a Five-Acre Frit Tact

Being a PRACTICAL UJ I '!T .l,: an prepared& iijrfni
On the Shortel. I'o hibl Notice.
Assessment and Payment of Taxes,
W ill be Uiven Prompt, Personal Attention.
CL OLL 0 -N -
W. H. Parker,
Real Estate Deaser.
Parker, Fla.



L M.




Ship Chandlery, Salt Fisft

Baltimore Twi anH I


Rough and Dressed Lumbar of Afl Gr


*All-, l7Ilaue~ U~ oeprlr am

Junegro. ..

SI lEttime.

L{"QUAKra Cmf BAKINO Pownza" In of all we've found the best
Abuolutelypurc and uholtesmm, (Omif) CIO= & plaoeavgt"auq.'
e With ten ?ennle goet a sam- pe Of yo1ur ?erl an. y day,
IOmnL) t .In He your pemliu llflhp
n-4 --eat tri-al's all onf- fi-clent, Failnretherewfl fner be
8 ursaiicesia will ev-erfol-low (Omiit.) mwhoiis.Q.CL L.IF
-10- P -10,10 J 1- i .01.-1 -p- 00 V -- W. 1 -p

Ask your 5rer for It.

- V IU--4a

I w. -o I '-I P
.Addrm QUakcrCOYu .A.P.006.. Eiehm M &,h

4*.* -- a a a


$ .
Dy purchasing one of the Richmond Desk Comr
Ip 3 p.ny's beautiful Roll-top OffceDeskA. They are
$being -manufactured and sold at astoniabin
low prices. You can buy them for a very
*'" "' A "q" 'X O gg .
$ TheDesks taul for lh,:li .d ves. acro... RICHIMOND, IND., U. .
$ $ $ $ --$---$-.i-:-:-;;---s-. $ $ $ $ $ S $ S
&i WV ile rir I'rkt't ;in'' cat.ai!guii. ~^ ^


I am prepared to do.all kin'd
Hauling at the lowest living r
and give entire satisfaction. ,
cut and delivered at reasonable MU
U. W Suna

Le is
the Placc
Going tot a

Peter Lindenstrith,
A S -pECI-A..-'.'-.


Irs. I, J. Corby,
BuenaA Vista ve and Drake St.
St, Andrews, Fla.
House and Accommodation Fitst
First Class in Every Respect. j


VRl-- 1 t -i-lrGL TIClEF~ cF

& xi mi M x -A z N


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