Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: May 19, 1910
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00279
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026996

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VOL, XX. ST. ANDREWS, FLA., MAY 19, 1910. NO.
VL X .

1c. "J;



H. 8. Co. P G as ct"'),-
Sant AdoVierio bS .)
C. or yTreasurW.eV. rtt Attor.
a 2e l. ad D rast C r e.

loItarte a Aditoa.rnest ACit
Cliford 3..or
H Damitte H- U ey0tntBoot
s Poe4ace.%olo -: ratrr; Rs-

Adjat.neeraCJ,' Dunn. R. Hudson
Burr. N. C Butcb nd 8 E. Cobb. -clerk.
tae renar~ t WBe Glcst; SecCc aryd

sWsh e, ae tW R. L. Mc-
Ain .ton aounaity-;.u of Publie L A.
.M 8 ..g Commission erk of Ae.-
WcLockO Sheriff. C: 0.
Alen. Gne; s asurer. H.B. iUer.
Co etor. Ame Ar. ditorn. hipley;

Collins. Vernon. County Cor n-
old District. . TrL p. I
prt,. H BLtend cler
St.t AUr;o. T r isl ~Mor. Chipley .
erCounty., J. t M.-

t-sPoi -s otras l. L. W rDt .

eCollctor. We B. ior, Tr sure H.BY. F.

.nTax 5wo< j. J. w ilis ms, chipfey;
ern ond &oa n F. Gainert Wausau

,urveyor S.ro ,
rOer Fo P strOak. o.it.. L t.

e"ery Ba--- Comme-.
rand Dtrick Sand third Ds aturdaysb
Simmons;. F ourt Dtric. B. F.Evan; Fifth

DPsterit. H. Port. H amod;

sth vifeatiAs hre uer

R. E P~AIa-m, secre tar

aes e W.beat. .. T.B.
lock: SGWOWW Y posi. A-k:i iStake J i"

W. A. & M oN gl.i

qa OSifd pies. nr w anw

aIt. dre ws. U .


Aoto of ea .- Grdte oA the Univerrty

ss of Wmnm Cildra my Specalt.
oMcrs. dot, .

bfsness inattis tress Mr Di

id A. H. BRAKE. Woodf.
oarPHeoran SteHoarde. Postosr' cOhiao
cry uecofr Sunday raoe i and C een oini
day School every buday at 9 a.N m;=r1y";

serv eoerk soted and giveni prompt,
tetodist ion op c W ing Ave
and Chestnut L8 9- ad School 93o a. in.

te of the Peace. Dist. No. s. ie at rest-

Ed da in Wes End, St, Andrews; but carries
his sealwit him at his busi ness and is prepared
rto akly his Jur a t to instruments wherever

Sound Attends to osfcial business in is juns-

Sdiction. Colections a specialty.
tree. pastf s o tor Large.
C batoi-Church corrne Wyonming Ave. and

seed of taxes tot non-resdtents, speciest .
Fosr r St I

PW oer for sle a strip rom

south aide of the north half of the
Borthwrt quarter t section 10, townmm

ahp 4 south, range 14 west, running
from the seool boase to Watson bayoa,
joining M ivae tion e on th Wfi st

old se*, quarter, or half-are ot.
e price and third acourd s to

oestle. W. &-A. WMONI
e-tL I Public for State &t La'"e ; --io

S oys Wil Bae tBoys
Special attetion ive to land conlveyanes

and are rways getting pscratces, out

sprains, bruises, bumps, burns or sealds.
result serioa if you do. Apply Bauoy Officard's
" norw Inient, acoordin. to dire tioes
rioht away and it will re yee the pain
otary Public fr It ata Lare. Solicits official
business in this jurisdictions.
Office at Bank of St. Andrew&.

and heal the trouble. Price 2 50tr
S$1r fold byai Gteier Mercandnc tile Co.
All Notarial work solicited and given prompt

J dnece in West End. Andrews; but carries
J to apply his jurat to instruments. wherever
found. Attends toofficial business in his juris-

Votar Public for the State of Florida at Large.
Offer at Parer. Fla. Conveyancing and pay-

Peted Toe Rapidly.
*Watter. ank t-h orchestra to play
something different."
"Any particular selection s ir*
"-onmethlug slower. I can't chew
By toed property ti waita ttim"-
rKasa City Jomurst

QOly Chane*.
no you bettve." queWsd the ftr
wisow. "that atlWa peace uw eO
be esbtabtlisd
"-Mt untles p"ept> quat gt#lag mas-
ned." growled the dM baebel.- Chl--
,ago News.

The settlemN
Sutter-What wll yo r atber msttle
ea teM man who marres you? The
Otrt-At the rut t the famly, I ip-
pese.-4t. Ialeua Ttam.

Work ""e Seen &
S.IeweVi-Tew "aat make a molllb
*St of me. rowel--Ne you som to
ar already warded t*e eatrc.-
New Tork trea.

With roan. most of hde mslfrtuM
are occasuioed by man.-PUIy.
Withucr man met o Me

$1.00 a Year in Advance.

Entered Sept. 3, 1902, at St. Andrews,
Fl., as second class matter, under
Act of Congrreas of Earch 3, 1879.

Display adv. rates, 50c. per inch
per month. Position and extra-
ordinary condition rates subject
to special agreement.
,"LscalPrift' 5c per line, first in-
sertion; 2 c per line each subse-
quent. Display locals double
above rates.

If this paragraph is checked with a
blue pencil it isa reminder that your
subemription has expired and that two
or three extra numbers will be sent
you that no break may occur should
you choose to renew.

The Vernon News, a new publi-
cation claiming the county seat of
Washington county as its home,
has just been received, with Mr.
Bee Brooks as its editor. It is be-
yond guess work to suppose that.
while in its Annoucement it declares
it will be absolutely "independent"
that independence in this instance
means populism, and while the
principle may be all right, the Buoy
predicts that the News;is no against
a heroic undertaking to convince
old-time dyed in the wool demo-
crats to think so, and that to pub-
lish an absolutely independent
country newspaper is an accom-
plishment the wisest publishers
have not yet learned to master.
It will be nice if Vernon will sup-
port a newspaper; but if the man-
agement of the News will look the
matter up, the Buoy believes it
will find that all legal advetasing,
to be lawful must be printed in
the place the publication itis print-
edi ut eals itshoie and to hire it
printed in Atlanta or Birmingham
will .not answer. Before dosing
this item, however, the Buoy just
wishes to say that, it heartily en-
dorses Mr. A. W. Weeks's contri-
bution in the first number of the
News in regard to the division of
Washington county on the Base
line. There are innumerable good
reasons why it should be so divided
and not a single one why it should


0 0
WnJohn Winslow's 5
0 0
Suirriender 0

o How a Young Man Saved a
o 0
0 fortune and Got 0
the Girl.


Copyright, W14 by American Press 0
o Aooewstolo. t o
John Wtinlow, head of the hoe of
Wiuunow & O., one of the largest .34
wealthiest engtaeerintag rms toin Amre
tea, whUie astttig at his d4ek la hb
private oec wae headed a telegam,
whteh bhe read eagerly, ad bhs eye
sparkled with joy. Be had been bid-
dIng againlt the Boarena Bridge coarn-
pany tor the boinltng of a large sec-
tlon of a western railroad, and the
message .was an announcement that
his bid bad been accepted. He expect-
ed through tbhis contract to double hse
BHis first thought was, to communi-
cate the good news to the person be
loved beet-the only one be loved ln

the world. Mr. Winslow was a wid-
ower with one child, a daughter.
S"Kenney" called Mr. Witslow, toes-
tna the telegram on his desk.
A young man responded to the tall
to fa hs employer scratching a note
When finished Mr. Wtnslow handed it
ho im. telling im to aend it to his
daughter at one. Kennedy went out-
dsM and looked for an offlc boy to
carry the note. Mot fandthg oa, he
opt o his t bat ad t ert ot tt hm-
mettW. t rita we a wnn ed by a
maid. who b t& htda wh ha aid he
had a aot ftw Mim Wmalow that be
would fnd ber ta.the dawi oom
e wua praIWeing at her harp.
- A pteMyg rl ttgy at a hrp to a
attactiv etsht e. d Kennedy was at
an age to be affected by such a light
and possibly magnifed Its beauty. At
any rate, he saw the vision of hisa ft.
.Yea have passed since then, but to
this day he treasures it In his heart-
the heart that in a twinkling passed
to the girl at the Inqtrament.
And she? Before her stood a yuuo -
ster a few years her senior. with a
bright, honest face. a pair of ruddy
boyish heehks and a mill that seemed
to ber entrancing. He was holding
..', W r ^- .w^w *

ont a note to her. She arme. took th-
note. recognisad her father's writing
opened It and read his announeeneep
that bh had secured the contract on
which he hbd spent most of his time
for the better part of a year.
"Oh. rm so glad!" she exclaimed.
"But pardon me. Won't you be seat
"No. thank you. I must get right
back to the office."
"Did papa tell you he'd got the con
tract r
"Oh. no; he doesn't tell me things
rm only his employee. But I'm very
much pleased to hear that he ha suc-
ceeded. I've done a lot of figuring for
him on that contract."
"Are you an engineer?"
"Yes. I was graduated last year In
the sflentlffe school. Your father ap-
pied for one of our class, and I was
assigned to him.'"
The young man looked happy, and
the girl looked happy and tried to
think of some mor pleasant things
that her father had said about him.
Though he declined to be heated, he
asked her It she would not play lst
ene piece Go her hasr and abe dd, or,
rather, she sng "Annie LurIe," ac-
companying herselt on ber tistrument.
Any ome who has beard that somt ac-
companied by a bap knows of the
depth of feeling there is it. Prom
that moment to Ned Kennedy "Annie
Laurie" was nome other than Elsie
When the engineer got back to the
oflce he discovered that he had been
with the young lady an hour. thinking
he had been with her ten minutes, and
his chlef was Impatiently awaiting
him. Mr. Winslow asked him where
he had been so long, and he replied
that be bad carried the note himself
sine none of the boys was at hand.-
Then he threw out a danger signal tn
a blush, but ti employer failed to un-
derstand It.
Three months was the time speelfled
for the beginning of the contract work.
During this period Winslow & Co.
spent a fortune in materials and other
preparation. While this was going on
e4d Kennedy and itse Wltnaow weo
making a sorts of exue to meet
and wtthto I weeks a mutual con-
tssaon had been mad and the lovers
were tn terror lest Ell's fattr should
discover the extent to which matters
bad gone. tor ElsLe kney that she
would not be permitted to marry any
one, especially a poor Young engineer
earning $25 a week.
Such cases always rue the same
course. The lovers think they are en-
during no end of excruciating torture.
but they are not. When love tortures
end prosaic aertag begins, and as .
husband and wife the couple take In
flito pleasure I reading of other eo-
es' love tortures. The denoemeat
came In time. Ned Kennedy sent a
aote to hs ladylove, not knowing that
ber father was at home. Mr. Winslow
received it and took it to his daughter.
This time the danger signal was in-
terpreted. Then Elsie threw herself
into her father's arms and confessed
No one likes to be deceived. The fn
ther should hae realized that stole
fruit to the sweetest and had compas-
sion. Instead he blamed his employee
for what he termed dishonorable con
duct and blamed his daughter for keep-
ing from him such an important mat-
ter. She tried to excuse herself on
the ground that she was afraid to tell.
Se really thought this was true. It
was not. She did not tell of her love
because she took pleasure in it. In-
dulged clandestinely.
Mr. Winslow was so irritated with
Kennedy that he paid him his salary
and discharged him. He supposed his
action to be based on the young man
winning his daughter's love without
permission. He forgot that he bad
won the girl's mother in the s ame
way. The true reason was that he
was irritated because he had been
stupidly ignorant of what was going

The day when a commencement on
the contract oust be made drew near
Ote morning Mr. Winslow while per
fecting his plans to make sure of the
smallest details had all his formula
spread out before him on a table. The
weather was cold and blustery, and a
fie of logs based on a hearth near
which he had drawn his table for
warmth. Opening the door to leave
the room for a moment, he met a
brisk current of air. When be return-
ed his papers had disappeared from
the table. Terrified, be looked about
for them on the floor. Then In the
fireplace he noticed several bits of half
burned paper. Taking one of them
out, he found It to be a part of his

formula. Everything had been burned
In one week he must begin work or
forfeit his contract. If it was forfeit-
ed he would lose not only the splendid
prodt he had expected, but thousands
upon thousands that be had expended
to preparation would be almost a total
loss-a loss that would bankrupt him
There was but one thing to do-he
must reconstruct his plan There was
no time to make new ones. The old
aes must be set dowa from ameory,
ie was Io longer yemng. Inded, he
bad reached an age where memioy Is
gown defective. e hurried a mes-
sage to the telegraph office asking for
an extension ot time. No reply came
tml the next day, when be was wired
that It would be Impossible to grant
his application.
When Elsie saw her father come to
at the front door that evening she
thought he was some broken down old
man she had never seen before. Tak-
ing him In her arms, she supported
him to the library, where he sank into
a chair, while she knelt beside him
with her arms about his neck. Mhe
knew what bead happened to htis pa-
pers and inferred that hts application
for an extension had been refused.
"Father." she said, "I've something

you and join her when be saw a man
swinging along up te traml toward
"It's Pick." be said to Mhimel "
ad forgotten ior the moment what he
tol me laet olgt. I meant then to
have the canyon at oece, and I must
or I can't bear to stay and see ter
throw herself away on such a fellow
a- ick S ander." And Howard Olney
turned and walked awa that be might
sot wtteo t h meeUte between the

bt a ts dM a*t eed to tarn er
head to okow who Ww comlng:. There
we* aintOrW' kihkt Idtldvusai, in
the aMfingf steps. and recognition
brought a look of annoyance to her
fce as she continued her work.
"Pickip' berries, be you. FaIth7
YoTte lookto' sweet as a Infld pink.
What's the use of your working' so
hard for them boarders when you
know I'm ready fo your" be asked.
"But you ought to know by this time
that I'm not ready ir you," she
&asbed baeek
ea man mad mi te wrote b
as sandy hair. bt. atoutuefk bbi
aNger, reptied:
"I've got enough to keep you frm
slavtv' here. bordin' mfnes, as you're

to tell yea. Listen. I wrote Ned Ken-
nedy or this misfortune This after-
noon I received a reply. which said:
*1 can reconstruct the formula.'"
It seemed to Elsie that an electric
shock had been nfttsetl Into her ft-
rher's frame. With a bound he sprang
from him chair.
"Can he?" be exclaimed.
There was no room for wounded
pride, no words of rearet at being
obliged to humble himself by asking a
favor of the man he bad d&chariged
from his service.
"W1here Is be? Can you get him
Elsie sprang away to a telephone, in
a few uinutts was in coa(uuuiieatlon
with her lover. nod In twenty wluutes
moree he was with them.
"Elsie says"- beK'it her tfl.'.
Inoic It." luteI rupiet Elfle. rub-
bing her hands gleefully.
"I have a good deal of the work I
did." Mrai Kennedy. "n my room.
where I worked nights, odds and ends
of figuring. These will asilst my mem-
ry. and I am sure I can recall the
whole forinula."
Mr. Winslow stood looking at the
young man in a dased way for a few
moment. then caught him It his
arms and bugged him.
"You can: You eanl I know you
can! That memory of yours! It's won-
derful! When can you begin~"
"I'll go to my room and begin at
"No. no: not there Bring any flgur-
Ing you may iave here. tay right
here till the work is finished."
Ned was followed to the door by
Elsie. where several minutes were lost
in a clinging embrace, prolonged In
the knowledge that from that time
forward they had the utper band.
- Then the lover ran all the way to his
room, snatched up a roil of palpr be
had collected ith thi very propose
In view and ran all the way back. Ie4
found ElKte and her father about to sit
down to dinner and Joined them. Mr
Winslow was absortwd in the matter
of the formula. He said nothing, ex-
cept to loterrupt ed and rtt ik rca-
Idonaly. who kepe up a eon-tmnt w h-
hie. the mod n I westg Ift sed thouMtht
he ?oMtd supply bord detat aad that
detall, and Xe4d away an rd him
that be could. though with regard to
some of them be was not altogether
After dinner Ned was given a desk
In the library, with plenty of station-
ary. Mr. Winslow Insisted on helping
him. but Ned declared that he could
get on better alone. So at 9 o'clock
Elsie Insisted on her father going to
bed to recuperate from the strain be
had bee under and carrid him off
upetatrse. As sodr as si ead ta
aMme tn ed she went dn to her

There are youtbthl Mie yneral.
one of which was illkustated by the
young couple. One weaul suppose
that they would both appreciate the
necessity of Ned at once getting at a
work of such vital Impoitance to all
concerned. What did they dot ? at
In the same chair tn each ether' arms
tll 2 o'clock In the morning. And
what did they say? Let those who
have spent hours under the same cir-
cumstances tell-if they can remem-
ber. At 2 a m. Elsie went to bed, and
Ned worked till breakfast was an-
Nevertheless within t o or three
days the formula was reconatructed.
Ned married Elsie and to now at the
head of the Winslow company.

SIn Deer

I Fork Canyon

y How a Man Helped so Saey
HI. Enswamy's Life.


9 1 AssoBoNXte .

In the maroeeo base w alb way tom
tme late summer enwrapa the rugged
lopes of Deer Fork canyon Faith Aus-
tin was gathering wild red raspberrties.
A young man In miner's garb who
was prospecting behind the bowlders
on the opposite slope saw her and had
just made up his mind to cross the
stream .that algsagged down the can*

mysteriously aud at M) regular per'lt
rendered It so unsafe (ha t it tuid tw
abandoned, and no one who knew of It
treachery dared venture Into the shaft.
Almost breathless. Faith gained theb
mouth of the mine and. dropping oii
ber knees. peered down luto the dark
depths below. The black sullesn wa-
tes of the rising streatn biled and
hissed among the Jagged rocks and
edwvces lastaig madly the $egs of a
maeu who stood insecurely- u a nar w
ledge fully halfway down. He was
dlingng In terror to a Jutting rtck
above bla, which threatened every
moment to give way. It was a lieril-
ao0s" awful situation. uaId the girl
shuddered as ahe gazed, while tn the
white horror drawn face upturned tI,
bern she recognized Nick Sandera.
"For Go.d's smike. FltU. try to help
me out of this!" he screuamd.
"I'll try, Nick!" she called back.
But how wus she to do it? She
looked about hopelessly; then her eyes
fell upon a large colt of castoff rop
near the broken windbla. 8he caught
t up eagerly, and, lowering one end to
Nick. she sad:
"1'e this around you under the
Ha did so and felt bhimselt bei

dotnl'. There's Mo we to your staying
eluigt for Howard Wney. tie left for
gmod this morntn'. Hle's goln' to keep
books for Mr. Oweu. tir superintend-
ent of the lligb Tone uine."
The teltale color mounted to Faith's
cheeks. but she beut forward to cap-
ture a refractory vine, thus hiding her
face from her coiaqianonu.
"You think i'm not good enough for
you." be went otn. as she took no no-
tice of bhi inoliuatton. "You think
Oloey's better'n me 'cause he's been
a schoolmaster back east ad can use
lots of grammar. But If you'd lived
In the same shack with him. as I'rve
done you'd know he's not such a saint-
ly galoot as you think he Is. Its no
man that's tor. his back on the girt
as loves him and gb off ourtin' 8aper-
Inteudent Owen's daughter,", he u-
isbed countmptuously.
Fauth faced hibu with bashing eyes.
"Nick Sanders, you're worse thu I
thought you wmre! Howard Olewy
took you into bs cabin aud nured you
through a spell of fever when nobody
cte would., ad now you try to njure
him-behind bts back. Atatr 0our
His eyes fe4t bebeath the wittheri
score of hers. Of the allusion to ber-
sea she took uno twice. but she could
not belp reseuntu the slur put upoo
the man tshe loved.
"You've uo call to tire up for Otbey,"
he sakl malkciously. "*le's above court-
in' a girl who makes her llvlU" cooking'
for miners. Besides, be's to love with
Daisy Owen, and she's struck on Ol-
ney's good looks. It's bound to be a
Faith again bent over her berry
picking that her tormentor might not
see the effect of his words. She bad
hearl through her mother's boarders
about Miss Owen's weatb. beauty and
accomplishments and eatlisen that she
was a mere nobody compared wtth tbe
rpernltendents beieM. t igbht
had she to hope that Mr. Otney wooM
ever love ber? Still tbe mocktg toe
stung ber keenly. and, ber bet bdai
lled .be said goodbye and hurOred
away up the roky tra that lea to s
dt4gy. soletamr s ra em sam fm s
by the tobw"sus eas m evusrems se-r
ounadtsg It
PaIth a h ber mome0w mres e n
the wortl. About e smr be e er
father had been kled by an esxplao
lo he mines It was toward Ole y a
young seetooleetr flom Mew fork,
turned rs.-.tor, who bad risked bis
own life to recover the body. They
cold never ifrget ths noar he untir-
Ing kindness during that time of be-
reavement. It was be who bad o-
couraged them to go on with the rqgu-
lar routine oft b ad flom this sd
-rtead U&t.da. debmtem aa f* tbe I
jmen msh e had a &o twjuals
own peer Pork, and mst ofe l day
wee speat prospectlr.
Boon after 8ande M sawey unttl <
ed. barig been away several oah.
He had been "speclatang," he aa-
uounced, and had bought back aorm
money. Nick bad known the family to
Indiatna In fact. he bed sacompaeied
Mr. Austin to (olorado. He was a
crafty, shiftless felow and did not
make friends amonu the miners. In-
deed. so unpopular was be that when
stricken with fever shortly after there
was no one to care for him except Mrs.
Austin until Howarl, to relieve the
overburdened woman. tocok the fellow
home with him and nnrsed him back
to health and strength. Had It not
been for jealousy be would have been
grateful as one of his selfish nature
could be.
Meanwhile Pnlth had wandered
down the canyon. uuncotclously taking
the trail over which her lover had
passed an hour or two before.
"I will give up tbhikiug of him." shb

wild columbne. "I won't t lthis U oiln
awayr without even ,.aylugK gotolb
worry me. Mother must not see tSht I
care for of course stI'l Iear that he's
gone. Itl pkek sohK* rnwers ne an ex
ose for coming and go hoime and live
my teib without him. A woman's heart
must be strong for endurnace."
Suddenly a wild cry burst upon her
**Help, betp"
The girl listened with bated breath
It did not come Tfrm the direction do
the mining camp. I1ill, It might bt
one of the men had wandered down
the gutch and met with some accident.
Again the call catue, wUild and ago
arising, as though face to face with a
terrible doom. This time she located
the cry.
"Some one has fallen into the old
abaftr' shbe cried, running swiftly in
that direction. This "old shaft" led to
what had once been a promisilng mine,
but a subterranean strCami rthat r.si

lie then dcla red mtem to be tohe a
ebor by wateb Noah fastened the aOLt
to Monft Aaradi TbI rellm am moe
In tm meque a ter t heraw er ow
asd are nasded as boly

nTe Rlate ert o~ l
A iswyer of coadMedabl promina nce
took up theb, amue go Iae ot

betoner a booek et ie. After m.
-isti h Bo t l r at e r e eounsaor
w asked f be bad mastered the
tus. The ltwi lawyer reastiaM
00 Oeasm i On the remark, but rored
equal to the ocearstmO. "The rules? Ob.
they are quite Asmpl he replied.
"There are two I know of and to my
mind they are the most Importast.
Tou mast bit the ball with your club.
and after you have hit it you must
ind It. of course before you ht it
again. It wi take an honest man sev.
eral weeks to master them two rule.
After driving the ball r yewm bm t It
wrbervr t s a. Uod m" on as
prtast t" gotf -II t bGIe Glbastil
ia b one you w trnO m dw m td
prse ofe te balL Bttkb a udt
with the lal tis jatlUb kreidedl-
-New fork Tritbune

slowly drawn upward. Such was his
peril that he could not real that the
girl's hands alone were not strong
enough to pull him to the top. He did
not know that another had also beard
his calls for help and had arrived Just
in time to aid to the rescue. When
almost up a blow on the head from a
shelving ledge rendered him uncon-
scious for several minutes.
When be came to himself he was ly-
ing on the bank of Deer Fork. and.
Faith was bathing his face. Hearing
Howard Otney's voice, be kept ble
eyes closed and listened.
"I'm glad I was In time to help you
save him." the young man was saying.
"i was on my way to see you, Falth.
to sy guodby before leaving the can-
yon. At first I thought I would go
away without, but 1 wouldn't. $-fblt
that I must look upon yo b'face one
more befot I i v yum p to blm."
Nick beard the tremor ta Oley's
voice that told of the emotion be was
edeavortUng to eoe
"Just once aith," be Met
o,. "I sbhootl ot go If yMo cold toe
me. but I know ow I it i. oa ave
know n ck arl youLr tIfa In he do-
lirium of Ie er I learned bow math
he loved P. and afterward be told
wap that Iyou ae b thi re tU I
will not come between yo. Goodbye.
dear one. Remember I helped save
him for your sake."
There was ntene pan In the tones
and as be turned away Faith gave a
qulck sob. and Nick felt a hot tear
fall on his face. lBt the girl made
no effort to detain the-man she loved
One word would have called him back
to her wIde, yet her lipe seemed para-
lyed. She knew that be loved ber
and was gonug because be believe she
loved another: that se would ever
see hhime atn and ber oM ldmely iV
would go oa uwbrtoeO. ubrgnttu d
by Mm. i8 was lpst awar btm
bher ftwer. still she mld noat uftet a

AndlI NI ktew. t. th It I Otme
wet nowb his own echanee of semw
tim wluning Pahb ws better than
0efd. o a misSe.U cawed
to rem6 rassm d, eaua
"Whatt ir. kckr aked Otloy.
turIna back. though ber hd not co-
htmni to took towmad iat
"Comeo p oemer. Frs got somali
to tell you both, and you don't hkow
how herd t t for a man to cal htm-
self out loud and rigb tWedore two
good folks he's been a-wrongtn. a
onery big liar," said Nick. "aBt that's
Just what I am-a onery big liar. I
led to you about Paith's loving' me.
and then I led to her about your lear-
W Deer tk (9 pap accoBnts ( Mir.
Oweib -tsa b&ae yom In l
with ble 4au~b t rP OM yisfi
tevl1. buat' wh a was doew t ast
Me shaft a-acSf death I oaP up y
mind f I ever got the cbsOae rd be a
better ma. iew that yea two bee
aved my worthless lMe and have grve
me the chance I asked for It0 gdm l
to begin wth you and Faith by a~tto'
you right, too love eacb other, and I
want to see you happy. so mt y ble
ain't standing' in yo trall any more.
"Maybe you wonder how I happened
to be down to thnt old mine. You re-
member that Swede who got a pile of
gold and some nuggets stole from hs
cabin over on PIrecheek creek? Well,
I am the thlef, and I hid t all down
In that shaft, where I knowed nobody
would dare go poktn' otind. I went
down, amon' to git part of it to swap
of, and that water rs right ap like
a avengin' angel. I ain't got the
makln' of half a saint to me. but Pa
goln' to tote back that staff where I
got it from and strike a new trail up
the canyon of life."
NoshWe Anchors.
A *pay mt a pe ot ancha i- tod-
wi the booTk entitled "iTo arwan th
sairwan at the Mtheat o th.e Bw
ft i cty o sa cred that wome a
allowed to move about o it bat -ry
stlea Os of tahe tab ot ret Arabs i
to theMo uof BaIr Ben ale d Bo.
Muphiab. Tiso mossqun with It itx
d the shaped dosea, ro tre Tomb t
a amustag old Moslem who died
about the middle of the last century.
fI had great power ver the bay and
Managed afftrh ecoordas to his bow
pleasure. This Mosem got poeseassoa
to Tunis of tour large ancuons which
probably belonged to some old mei-of-
war dabandoneed on account of stre ose
weather. Tran geotleon took wth thelona
name was not content with any sbch
prosaic explanation of their origIn. By
means of tle labot ot Gu Arabs he
had the anchors dragged from Tunis
and deported n tfront of his housea
'hse transportattoa took live moutha.

meat has a rsgulw*r nwlg le dtt
away ftEm theQ Thi ~kpheCmaom
is due to theS grear esapeoe of t.e
Md a which the say a the m
fta. A pendumn phbtd tadfa ay.
Itet*a' colaum, t Tnraft a maa
would be ttad to d4wrtbe on ever
elatM ay tdra S eSMip of t n'laf
lb mluvC.-BaglishMIebam.,

What Everybody Wasta.
eryboudydesrm good health whtch
Is Imptuible unleS tlbekMdae7s ar
sound sad health. oley KMfne.
Remedy shoulder taken at the first la
dicain oa any Irre gularty, Sad a Pr
ous llnea may bear erted. Polsy'
Kidaney madly rwl restore yor kid-
neys and bladder to thet normal stat
and activity. So d by all druagstv.
ksuseest Feen
ulyr sralaed hit uei "hWbat
are Nm tOytg to do-aee me
saga t w II u. ftas -mrl

WO W a r pt "sWie toear t" o
-- Yb l ,ken the Tme.' --~
ld Prr

.........43 L ) I

The Richk.
It o a gret miTnatke t- beteve that
the rich are holding us down. As a
matter of fact. they are pulling u upi
Ift there were no rich people to keep
our eyes glued upon the great gulf
between having and sot baring aone
of us would hustle. We have to bave
te rich man's mansions prodding us,
hto power scourging us and bi auto-
mobMie butting us to get anywhere at
Vall We have to. see his wife and
daughter lto silks and jewetl ad
realse what our own wives anddaugh.
tes without these tngs think of s
as provide to peel our cots off ad
et Into the game. None of us cau go
ot driving witt such a" we avea ad
uafer the richb man to wht past ua
In prism glass and bornlahed brenm
throwing dut in our !eyesa aolne
to car batr, wtheroa dl.eteda atae
peat aea t hume s es avt w he
fth Iwo of three days r. awa, M
to a m al t Ao theyo at w8 wta
te wondr what e am f

f 'wu*doof t Abyfoeen
t was after laa4 yo e rrvl i
Onmee tst a ow tbat bea utifu
poSm "n Bidr e o. A*lr a that
txqusite ms the "Mari o at aOpm
which, "ys a Parts eetsmpmarry,
Over nglishman of culture knows by
heart Documents enabe us to estab.
ish the true Identity of tae berono
f tti poem. Se was one of the
three daughter of Mr. Black. english
vs ecoenml at Athen, at wme bhous
Byron r om time lved. After the
epart ofe t a e thert t her Wcifl
Im-n-JM& a_ 0L {t IM. FI tiet
ab1s wdom sbe bemmc asmra

I toe aac e e tia eld daSt
ottt bat An atd asked theett stagg
W aO b or beauty.. Wt 1a cea
merl so toha epHo atbw

1age we "e a atme, pane

Tm WAR t- of W te
as the resitn bgarA Wauit

S SSM l va -tIv merl
Sdge raI r whe. Tase S s

II- a s p m hoain .as S.

e dea v t W s w HIoM b as.

thsO teaor ho when ask the to sin
a Ie di ttee. ahoug h e h m as mus
Ith rs, went ao tao te platfrn t

a Ta his ebst, hmt of the edao
Is the> midle and retired,
BMe wea cheed uap Trb a etrcyb
Iea Ult me aet to thm, who tn.pe
Wert mw ead; th's dome thy
M st r abet aked tee to s
Il t h mahotr -IAdo Telegrap

ne waei a teb nas, whe Leais
Tnsmb U wrw i ehatrmaa of he seate
scomlittee m Judiciaryo, that BeIjaio
B eot wa tche Sun o Monume dla
nitiue obf bIe h sa. It was w
The period that a drty ati amo tam
I* tae sooem eas vbebd Wasoask

W" b wish a dentre to seoure tO" tou
pe vaebly aecte d r ra rayo of

yta O every ne day a trS b ff da
a"I dl ka,.aO ws Mr. P1W v r

'Pft "I am chna ir.. a the leiatry
amttmea Vf theh Ote. T he snow
nrdy acctdo hids hatrm m mi -

man Trunbul tol ibclarma of the mu.
teuoimittee antd Judge vuanibnfa ts
troubled with two things- ls tbrdysa
Ola, which makes blis elsvrae, saod

The perpendicularity of a mobmavt
it vfsibly affected l-a tbhe ray. of th
sun. Ot every inuno Ltuy a tail moos


c insret r


The Tarpon came from Carabelle
and Apalachicola, Fr iday, and
arrived from Mobile and Pensacola
at I1100 o'clock a. m., yesterday.
The Manteo arrived from New
Orleans via. Mobile and Pensacola
at 7:30 a. m. Tuesday,
The fishing launch Reeba, arrived
Monday with 1,700 ths of snapper-
she also sports a brand new dory,
freshly painted, green.
On the same day the Nancy Lee
brought 2,200tbs, the Bonita 2,100
and the Galatea 700tbs of snapper.
One Tuesday Jos..Primas brought
in 2 200tbs of mixed fish, mackeral
and skipjack.
The Trousdale launch chartered
for government work, which has
been working at Crooked Island
and vicinity the past week, came
up Saturday night aand left again
Monday morning -for St. Joseph's
Bay, where they will be engaged for
the next two weeks.

The following table rceord- the max
,Irum, minmoum ahd mean tempera-
tuare the rainfall and direction of the
wind for the twenty-fonr hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m., as lndi.ated by II. S.
Di**i....... a I K WI ind
:ay. 12 81 59 70 .00
' 12 81 67 4 .00 si
13 80 63 11 .00 nw
14 79 61 71 .00 n
15 .82 65 73 .00 8
16 *4 64 14 .00 a
I7 81 63 72 .00 a
i 81 1641 741 .061

A UsMct Mk rr.indrr.
'Al iI t ', n ,;f trl :
f mnp It 'I. a |( .-l l< t l c;- u r.rlvNt,*
".-' Iiot. ll a.I lllt' lnt .l '. ,ll i.asn ; Pr i i.
ildrIt w* .,'" -,ml , l -. u p;~ inti, .ti.

|"l-'inS iidfi,'] n r'r-.atq Imlir;'f Il.nt of>
h' !l',.t- 'c '" t'Ri1rl itrt' h'n l' i l I sinl ,'d ?ilt"
'" ii aing. the rf s-ru in prilento

lnirt'ed iutly oudttlu tv n.. iSu.rnilng
S .i,-.r r i frb t t.,n t i,.,nn. :iff t,.-ionuntel
,' r-.-.ng in hsh.,il sI Iimrtmi
' t." ". it .rgin i ipg'i then. Ive told
*-,' yn. '. .4'ladi ,"wid. wlth te;tr. In tlhi
" c' "fr. --'" '
-.. res.poni d iti tlttr, turiting
riund IQ'dLe cud tfio rather long ftlgbtv
the tep;s. s l
An' tk you wl." said ti, pia.
isnt dreamily. v but lest you should
ybu know"-
And' lifting p his foot, be gave the
unsuspecting, defenseless visitor a
kick behind 'thai sent him spinning
Edbiw tcl tatrway and sprawling on
the grav'eL-rearso'a Weekly.

An Ideng Husband
is phtiont, even with a nagging wifcfor
oe knows she needs help. She may be
so nervous and run down in health that
tridea annoy eer. If she is melancholy,
excitable, troubled with loss of appe-
tite, headache. sIteplessner con-tlpa-
t ion, falitine or dizzy spells, she needs
Elecric Bitters. the most wonderful
remedy ofr ailing women. Thousands
of sufferers from female trouble. nerv-
oue troubles~ backache and weak kid-
neAs have used them and become heal-
thy and buppy. Try them. Only 50c.
Satisfaction guaranteed o' A. H.
mlake and Gianrd Mercantile ando

Pt last eur' Teibu C to Lister.
Sow all te tribute that the genius stood
tra~u Ltwter, the (pltt~erer o atord sep
who was prtMy t he bnot row ot the ouc-
i aifthiri p.M to blot by Vitunkr.
t9e {apouW French ,clentlu#, At a

..a bhis ini&^t acbTevem.ota we
lnlaloed to bia audience by Pasteur.
A&Se progremid in Mts speech he be-
4tsa inofo. ad noreo emotional, asid

hisj own eloquen-e that the tears stood
3t Uis eyes. Finally be stepped down
from the platform, took Lord Lister,
who was In the front row of the audi-

ence. by both hands, led him back on
o. te platform and khsed him on both
ce.eek, after the manner of the
Vreach t fu ll view of the assembly.
iw touul4. have looked on unmoved
at the gavt 'reachmlan's a't of hou-
age to tLh 4 lstliuliabed inlish sur-


W'J. Io R11150113, "resident

L>(SL B^Jp^ j

-5 or 6 doses of '*6WI will cure any
euae of chills and fever Price 25c.
P'rlIvate B AJtf NG1.-Aply
to Mrs. F. W. Hostins, Cromanton,
-Package of Four Handsome*Hiigh
Art Post Cards--No Two Alike-Ouly
Ten Cents. At Buoy Office. It order-
ed by mail, add Ic. for postage.
-The conditions not being consider-
ed favorable for giving the Home Tal-
ent Concert In Panama City, it will not
be produced there, for the present, at
-Ulank Warranty Deeds, new re
vised, improved short form printed on
good linen uaper, 25c per dozen: also
blank receipts--100 rocepts in a block.
lO each. at the Buov office
-Rev. R. W. Burdeshaw will hold
services in the M. E. church on the
hrst and third Sunday in each month
at the usual hours, morning and even-
ing. All are cordially invited.
-Capt. Noah.Moates has his launch,
Clydo thoroughly repaired, refitted and
launched. The Clyde is now in first-
class orer for service. C. E, Brackir
engineer and M r. Mloanes, captain.
-The many friends throughout the
Bay country, of Mrs. Belie Booth, post
mistress at Panama City, will be paine<
to learn that the lady is seriously ill
and hope that she may speedily regain
her health.
-A few nervous people Were a trifll
uneasy, yesterday, fearing that th
comet might switch its tail while it en
veloped the earth; but as far as hqari
fr:,m there was no perceptible chang
from normal condition..
--They are having fine sporteatch
ing redfish off the ice plant dock now
many fine catches having been made
A twelve-foot shark was caught their
at the fish-house last Saturday and
great many people went to see it in tn
aft -ruoon.
-Mr J. M. Wills, believing that hi
can get more reliable service front
Sa motor than from the wind, has ir
stalled an engine in lieuof his windmill
Sand now feels sure of getting water
When he wants land applying it where
She wants it.
-The foundation is laid and the stnd
ding erected for Mr. R. L. Davis'
large now store building on Washing
ton avenue and the building will b
pusbed to comploiiip,as fat as th
material neededin is construction ca
be procured.
-fandsome letter heads with S
Andrews Bay date line ana views i
either St. Andrews BluiT, or Buen
Vista Point, at 8c ier dozen; aloo, ma
of thu St. Andrews Bay country o
bpuk of a letter sheet at 15e per dozer
at the .Bov office
-The Second Quarterly Conferene
of:St. Ardrews will be held in t.h
Methodist Episcopal church, May 2
and 29. kainess session, May 21, a
6 o'clock 'hi. m. Preaching at 8 p. m.
Saturday and at 11a. m,, Sunday, by J
G. Johnson. R. W. BURDESHAW.
-Capt. Karl Gideon launched hi
large new'boat last Friday, that lie ha
been building upon for the past thret
or four months. It is handsome as
pioture and is substantially built fo
service. The Buoy hasn't learned tha
it has been given a name as vet, bu
doubtless some popular joung lad'
will wear the honor of recognizing i
as her namesake.
-P-arker lodge No 142 F. & A.. wll
meet in regular communication nex
Saturday at 2.00o'clock p. mu. V isitin;
Masons in good standing are iuvitot
to pat ticipate. An order of the Grant
Lodge of Florida demands that visito.ir:
must be provided with a co.'tificate o
membership from their homr.o lodge ani
a full uaid uorecelut for dues.
-Hon. J. F. C. Gnri~Jgs, recent candi
date lor congressman, wishes, thirougl
Lhe Buoy to express his thankfulnes.,
to those fri sids who supported tnnu ir
the recent primary, and to assui,
hose Gho did not see their way clear
to de so, 'that he entertains not the
slightest ill feeling against them, and
that, although he may' be defeated tlhii
time he is by no means discouraged
and the people may again, some time

have an opportunity to support him for
a position requiring attention tothier
-Mr. W. Wilcox, of Chicago, who
has been in St Andrews a few days,
took to the Gulf, in the launch Cyclone,
on Friday,*last, a party consisting ol
Mrs. N, Doolittle, Mrs S. Ro'kstead,
Miss Maraha Tinkham,. Mrs. Austin,
Mrs. Mary Wells, Dr, and Mrs. Crow-
11 and Mrs. Alexander, fer a bath in
the surf at the beach. They had a fine
dinner and a jolly good time and on the
way home they met the Tarpon and
Mr, Wiloox took his leave of the party
and boarded the steamship en route for
.his home in Chicago.

a $15,000o

Fe BULLOCK. ('alhatr.

Judge L J. REEVES.
C.- L NDUNN.:-

Your Patronage is Respectfully Solicited.

--Owing lo some errors finding their

way into the advertised county anti
state delinquent tax list, that sale is
unavoidably postponed till the first
Monday in July.
-Sheriff Allen came down to the
Bay. Tuesday and took G. B. Thomp-
son, a veil-known resident of Panama
City, to the insane asylum. For more
than a year Mr. Thompson has sho vn
symptoms of losing his mind and it will
create no surprise that he should be
adjudged insane.
-Almost every seat in the Bautist
church was occupied for the concert
last night and an intensely interesting
entertainment was presented. The re-
ceipts for admission amounted to $31.50,
and as there was no expense attending
the presentation.. the receipts repre-
sented a clear profit, and the young
people who arranged and presented the
entertainment are to be congratulated
and d serve the thanks of the denom-
inations with whom the receipts will
be divided.
-The work of grading Drake street
aud building a wagon road across the
head of Lake Ware has been corn
menced, a petition having bocn present-
ed to the Town Coincil and the im-
provement ordered provided one-half
of the cost would be raised by sub-
Sscrtption and enough having been sub-
-cribed to insure the completion of the
work. This is a much needed im-
Sprovement and will be a great convc-
nience to the people residing in the
e eastern portion of the town.; The foot-
e bridge at this point known as "the
. Lipes bridge" has been unsafe for sev-
d cral years. and it is the greatest won-
e der that someone has not been drowned
or at least seriously hurt there long ago,
LOCAL IN irmn-S I,
0 The Iriends and patrons of the
a Culf City Business College located
0 at St. Andrews. Fla., will be glad
to know that.the system of Short-
n hand taught by this school has,
. this yiar, won the Miner medal, de-
l eating all competitors, at the
r Fitth International Speed Contest,
e held at Washington, ID. C. There
Were four Gregg writers and four-
Steens others, consisting of Pitman,
- Success and Graham writers. rhis
e school also teaches the popular and
e meritorious Twentleth Century
Bookkeeping and other leading and
up-to-date systems.
Uses Animals Make of Their Tails.
a Horses, cows and other creatures
u ose their tails as fly flappers. Cats.
Squirrels and many more twist them
around their necks for comforters.
The rat has raised the use of the tail
to a fine art, for by Its means It guides
the blind and steals jelly, oil and
Scream out of anr.s nd bottles. The
1 macaco plays a merrily with Its tall
t as' a kitten rda und tIle '~lorujosei
, wbilUek sleeps uses its tall as a si'rt
of blanket. The raccoon catches (crb.
with its tail. Every one knows how
s the monkeys journey through pathless
forests by swinging from tree to tree,
while the fishes steer their way through
Sthe water by their tail fins. The ant
eater puts up its big bushy tail for an
r umbrella. The vanity of the peacock
t is fed by the beauty of its tail.-Dumb
t Animals.

t Advantages of Matrimony.
Friend-Did you lose anything in the
Bustall bank?
i Depositor-Not a cent.
"Well. well! If you knew the thing
was going up, why didn't you say so?"
"1 didn't know. 1 had to go off on
business, so I left my wife some blank
s checks. She went shopping."

Accustomed to Luxuries.
1Mr. Courting (exhibiting penknife)--
Thils handle is, pure sPver. What do
you think of that? Little Girl--Huh!
That's nothing. Sister's teeth is on
a plate of pure gold.
-5or 6 doses of "666" will cure any
case of chills and fever, Price 25c,

An .an.lytoi,.l ,clnistt w\\s retfilnied
i' a skil!m,1 witim.'ss 5mr \-o':r :r s i
were therr \were. nl'eti(;ll ns ''r nii !
leal bhli.lst ry-. 'rThrr, \wa!- one c.tase

where a fa;irmir hlia. loi;lth so'i' ;iartl
Iicial In;.IIIUI''. ni;id I e wI'I % i I'iil sule'.
"or bhe i'ric' ,of ii. It' Ieslslted p y:1
itent oUn the g rio'l'd] t I Ihe mt:It'rl-,
.dl inone of th n';i iii "- *.1f i'int"
At nil 'IT' expl..rl he;r: lst wV.s oni.
*f the witnieezsc :t'ld haId :l-tu id that
lth114ou h tlt .i't! s i ta;! c ht'd l hit s!ime!l
I t-d 1i T I(. !i l' d i *: i : 1i.;u itll ,''
>f 1nliir'i',c. "i,oler (r,','os '-.im n:1.a i1 I
!t wa. nulil]. If t 11 i ;.t v:s s h ",w (.i.
S ic a 4,Ir't 1 l'' r I !o n l' -re!s of the lest
':I;I-I]ors l ih:!N ir l ;:Il ,n the 1, i:11i 'tur' f I
la!,v I -.:ns,. *"''"'' m ,- ust havol i ee(
(.; lv tlirtY ;' ,'." ret'.r'iied the wilncss
-Driln'mi 't< .'' ;.A vi'rl W 'r.
Foi t! fio.'ht
" i' 1 r nr' ''lhbl. rit fii w re. ,sir."
:Mlti, -I' ni rv fanilir, "*that l;stt year
in 0.;,ihiter s:,tit $S..i)0 on her
"Vg.I. I am." said the young man
firmly. 'I nravilsed her to do it over
a year ago. when we first became en-

A Hard Jolt.
Horem-1 suffer most awfully from
Insomnia, don't you know. The Girl--
Did you ever try talking to yourself?-
Illustrated Bits.

Don't blow yourself out because you
are only a candle. Your poor, weak
candlellght may be the light of an-
other's life--Zon's HErald.

A Man Wants to Die,
only when a lazy liver and sluggish
bowels cause frightful deadondency,
But Dr King's New Life Pills, expel
paisons from the .yster ; bring hope
and courage; cnre all liver, stomach
and kidney troubles; impart health and
vigor to the weak, nervous and ailing.
25c, at A. H Brake's and Gainer Mer-
>.,n tl or.o 'S.

The St. Andrews Provision Co, Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf

Fresh and Staple and S T E A M S HIP





Fresh FruitS and Vegetables in Season,
Bay Front, Near Wyoming Avenue.

A Bird's White Feathers.
The occurrence ot white teachers in
a bird's plumage is very common. It
is, of course, due to lack of coloring
matter and is liable to appear in both
young and old thirds. I have known of
several oI birds to exhibit this pe
culiartty (mostly In the wing fearihtrs
however, and it may be due to inDper-
feet nutrition and circulation us the
bird ages. I have also noticed it in
young birds In ia nriibrtr it inStanc'es.
The phenonlitoni tlhus cannot be said
to occur siumity as a result of old age.
but is rather one of those plight
changes in the bird's system the
enuses or whibh we do not know.
There Is tills much mLore to be said.
however- when a young bird starts
out with a few while fen:lthler they
are nusially remained thrighe utM lif.
nioltitng acMth time i it similar man-
ner Old birds may exhibit this logs
of coloring at any tlmen.-St. Nicholas

Patrick Henry's Fee.
It s1 said oft 'atri'k Henry that dur-
ing his practice of Ilw in the Virginia
courts and whtt-n (ie was familiarly a d-
dressed as "gov'erlor" a mnan who had
been arrested for stealing a bog aud
who, was out on bail went to the gov-
ernor to haliev him defend him.
The -governor said. "Did you walk
away \vith that shont?"
"1 don't lil:e to say."
"Out villiU."
"..s. sir"
"'llnfr you got the carcass?"
"t'es. sir."'
o' o r o home, yon wretch, cut the
,Ig illnthwise Ill half and hang as.
Inilh of it in my snmokebouse as you
:ec'h' in yours."
.At cr rl the governor said, "Your
,orw. this nlan has no more of that
:lolell slout.Itnn I a re."
1 lie mint was cleared.--National

A Lincoln Story.
Wlet- iiti-,to;ij. a stru:ghltig lawyer.
.r i l,,,inL' cirult dunt3y i Ohlo he
,nvtc. vl.-'l.'ii ,n c'onlllrv town where the'
:c'ratl stolrekeeper had the reputation
it ad'i;clt';iur;g. even to the danger
iiitn. *is i,; r. In, the i idst of
*'-noO,, I 1 'rrntl tlc ion of lhis store-
.'p li' I jroln(r1: rose mlni night from his
** h! 1)) i h !<.c 'l'el 'v
At!J l ii, li to it ,|i of half dozet
i it\ Trs o l jtudlges to thb~ g'uteral
S n, 1..\ a iliart of ciler," bhe
;aid tu it:'.- -:e i'cit'e 'ic t r
-t's. sir." was the cordial reply.
A mi wh i r:(I-tgr Ld,. Ir--th rip(. at 3
etlls; tite rilellow. at 2. or the unew, at
"lt (!O tii m lttPer which grade, mis-
;er." I.illco t draw ed. "I only Vwaut
o pI.lis an l dog."

Thfe nyentor of the Match.
'rThI. fir-t rniaichwi was the produ.it of
,it v ii1i.i." t.1 ,t t .Ir n 're!derhr k Ei mu-
;-r'r, w.l'!o rtyitv In I the nineteenth cen
vr'. t as iit)lpritsond in the peniten-
i;|i-. ;I I JJl Lj4o'Irg., iii ;'frImlany.
dlld a plivv el'r! lcito 1I'i the Vl while
nI isi'ufi iturers lcon.ll. the (ahean
gbuL fes o'tiii the eutlire u rld.ature
ot ria ore Tan Threel ouid of public
poli'v lio-use somand children phlylng
wih i icin lid f;mritd c d a llire. Kolmener
was ruined b3 Viennese competition
when o wais released from prison and
died a pautier. Up to 1862 the Vienna
Manufacturers controlled the match
business of the entire world.

Ford or More Than Three Decades
Foley's Hofney and Tar has bicen a
honseholh favorite for' all ailments of
the throat and lungsft For infants and
chinldrn it is beat and safest as it ion-
rains no omniates and no harmful drugs.
None genuine but Foley's Honey and
Tar in the yellow package. Sold by all

Owls' Houses.
Owls' houses aro for the most panrt
qnite without liing. Whether ols from
design or pre lazintres the bones and
skulls of small animals wrich they
have killol are left scattered about tbh"
floor. Orewsosime playthings for the
owl children! -P, ut one can scarcel'
imagine even a baby owl being any
thing but wise aud di.-ii,.d, It i:-
easiest to picture tlhini ajimmarnctly
gravely mmi omi these skulls liki
monks in their dark cells.
Since so m;'iay of tlie owls have their
homes in hollow' trews, we niight ex-
pect sorei of their near relatives, the
hawks, to be inclined to live in the

same way. One of them, the' little
sparrow hawk, does nest in the flick-
er's abandoned home ard in comfort-
able knotholes. This bird, too, is sat-
Isfied with perfectly bare walls and
floor, though the floor consist of small
.chips left 1)y the decaying wood or hy
some woodpecker.-St Nicholas.
Good Eno'gh For Him.
Asciinm-1 see there's some talk upon
the question of abolishing capital pun-
ishment. Would you vote to abolish
it? Logic--No, sir; capital punishment
was gogd enough for my ancestors, and
it's good enough for me."-Presbyte-
rian Standard.

"Don't you think envy is a terrible
thing?" soad the e.arest girl.
"No," answered Miss Cayenne; "not
if it's ihe envy of some one else for
something you possess."-Washington

rtatse the coudh and heal lunds



The Farmlfale Hotel!
Farmdale, Fla.

A Happy Father
is soon turned to a sad one if he has to
walk the floor every night with a cry-
iny baby. McGee's Baby Elixer will
make the child well-soothe its i.erves,
induce healthy normal slumber. Best
for disordered bowels and sour stomach
-all teething babies need it. Pleasant
to take, sure and safe, contains no
harmful d-nrs. Price 25c and 50c. per
bottle. Sold by Gainer Mercantile Co.
"Amazing tLings, beetles," the nat-
uralist said. "There's a bombardier
beetle, you know, that carries a gun
of eighteen charges. Eighteen timns,
if pursued, this beetle can shoot. Un-
der cover of the noise and smoke he
"There's a diving beetle that catches
fish. lie has a natural dining suit that
enables him to breathe under water.
lie will plunge down fifteen or twenty
feet after a minnow or young shad.
"The sexton beetle spends its life
burying dead animals. It lays twenty
eggs in each carcass, and thus the
young on hatching have an abundance
of juicy and high meat to feed on.
Sexton beetles, working together, have
been known to bury a rabbit.
"The skunk beetle Is so called not
without reason. Dare to come too
near him in a garden and he will wave
his antennae furiously and discharge
the vilest odor at you. The' c(nnO on
kitchen roach has this skunklike gift
also; hence I don't advise you to make
a pet of him."-Los Angeles Times.

The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangerous because so decep-
Vil I 1tive. Many sudden
deaths are caused
Sby it-heart dis-
Seas3 pneumonia,
jj. i heart failure or
i -- apoplexy are often
the result of kid-
Sney disease. If
kidney trouble is
S' allowUedtoadvance
\% ;^1, thekidney-poison-
ed bloodwill at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, brick-dust or sediment in
the urine, head ache, back ache, lame
back, dizziness, sleeplessness, nervous-
ness, or the kidneys themselves break
down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
better health in that organ is obtained
quickest by a proper treatment of the kid-
ncys. Swamp-"oot corrects inability to
hold urine and scalding pa in passing it,
and overcomes that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled to go often through
the day, and to get up nany times during
the night. The mild and immediate effect
of Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
is soon realized. It stands the highest be-
cause of its remarkable health restoring
properties. A trial will convince anyone.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
,Isold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle and a book that tells all
about it, both sent free by mail. Address,
Dr. Ki!mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
When writing mention reading this gen-
erous offer in this paper. Don't make
any mistake, but remember the name,
Swamp-Root, and don't let a dealer sell
you something in place of Swamp-Root-
if you do you will be disappointed.
Close Range Duels.
During the fir.-st fifty years of the
old American navy.I 17I0S-1848. the
mortality of naval officers resulting
from duels was two-thirds that result-
ing from naval wars. In ith eighty-two
duels listed 1by a recent writer thirty
six men were killed, all naval oflters
except three civilians. The per cent
of mortality was 22. or five times the
mortality of the fed rnil ;army in the
elvil war. One-half of those not kilhld
in these duels were wounded. The
large number of casualties was un-
doubtedly due to the short distance
between the combatants, which cus-
toruarily was only ten paces, or thirty
feet. In a few duels the distance was
even less. In the Barron-Decatur
duel it was twenty-four feet and only
twelve in $he Balnbridge-Cochran

Folcy's Kid ney Pills are antiseptic
tonic and restorative and a prompt cor
rective of'all urinary irregularities
Refuse substitutes. Sold by all drug

Om elOe Prevents PE TeaRl
Oureaa Goled Pfveata Pmeumonea

To grow thefln-
est flowers and
most luscious
vegetables plant the best -
seeds. Ferry' Seeds aro best
becausethey never fail n yield
or qualiUty. The best garden-
c rs and farmers everywhere
know Ferry's seeds to be the
h.ig hest standard of quality
yet attained. For sale
FERY'S 1910 Seed Amial
Free on request

Tuesday. 8:30 p. m.
Wednesday, 4.00 p. m.
Wednesday, 4:00 p. m.
Wednesday, 2:30 p. m.
Thursday, 9:00 a. m.
Monday, 6:00 p. m.
Thursday, 3:00 p. m.
Friday, 11:30 a. m.
Friday, 11:00 a. m.
Friday. 10:00 a. m.

W. C, BARROW. Master.

St. Andrew,
A palachicola,
St. Andrew.
Panama City,

Wednesday, 8.)0 a. m
Wednesday, 0:00 a. m
Wednesday, 10:00 a. mn
Thursday, 6:00 a. m.
Thursd ty, 12:00 noon.
Monday, 6:0o a. m.
Friday, 2:00 a m,
Friday, 12 m.
Friday, 11:30 p. m.
Friday. 11,30 p. m,

rPA SSc E ?I iS E, I^TEJS.
Pensacola to St. Andrew and;Millville. $5.00.
Pensacola to Apalachicola and Carrabell $7.50.
St. Andrew and Millville to Apalachicola, $5.00.
Pensaeola to Mobile, $2.50.
the abovo rates include meals and berths. H. H. BO YE,
V. W. WALTERS, Gen'l Freight and Pass Agt. President.


Several MerlhandisEl



A Full Line of Furniture!

Freight Paid on All Goods Except Meal, Flour and Feed to Any
Postoffice on the Bay.





Mercantile Co.,






The Old PIONEER STORE Business,

Founded in 1878, and built up by tLe late L. M. WaJe,
now Thoroughly Reorganized under New Management

Solicits the Patronage of Old Patrons
of the House, of the Trading Post, and of new ones as
well, and Lguarantees uniform f'iir and courteous treatment
.to all.

We Pay the Freight I'in all Goo's e Ycc (pt Flour,. leal iand
Feed to any : itt ffie uin te Bay.

D)cn't Get All Run Down, j HIIXI
Weak and mise.-';bl', If you have 1
kiduny or bladder trouble, heauacho,
pains in the back, and feel tired al
over and want a pleasaut herb cure.

try .. oiher Gray's A;ustr;alian Letf.
As a regulator it lias no equal. All
Dlruggists, 506. Ask TO-DAY. Sample
FP'EE. Address, The Mother 3rsy
Co., LeRoy: N. Y.

"Thl toi'i nI I, ni e' that m u-.
11n1 t81- -liu rt) t in Oqn.e rcr bu

"My v%%ift r,'v'rseii that decision be
fore i wasu tialde."'--Hoiu. lon lost.

Still Young.
Teacher-i anm surprised that you
are not t rther advanced. You are ex
tremely backward tor your age. Lit-
tle marry again.



Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
*T. LOUx MO.
+ Sold by Gainer .MercantileCo
--i- ---- --.;;
The measure of a man's sin is the
difference between what he sl and
what he mirht hb.-.orfdan.

I .. .fl8R~t~5~


Pale-Faced Women

You ladies, who have pale faces, sallow complexions,
dark circles under eyes, drawn features and tired, worn*
out expressions, you need a tonic.
The tonic you need is.Cardui, the woman's tonic.
It is the beat tonic for women, because its ingredients
are specifically adapted for women's needs. They act on
the womanly organs and help to give needed strength and
vitality to the worn-out womanly frame.
Cardui is a vegetable medicine. It contains no min-
erals, no iron no potassium, no lime, no glycerin, no dan-
gerous, or habit-forming drugs of any kind.
It is perfectly harmless and safe, for young and old to se.


J- 4

The Woman's Tonic

"After my doctor had done all he said he could for me,"
writes Mrs. Wm. Hilliard, of Mountainburg, Ark., "I took Car-
dui, on the advice of a friend, and it.helped me so much.
"Before taking Cardui, I had suffered from female
troubles for five years, but since taking it, I am in good health.
"I think there is some of the best advice in your book
that I ever saw." Your druggist sellsCardui. Try It.
Wrtfe t' Ladles' Advisory Dept.. Chattnon Medtice Co.. ChaLtanoo Tens..
for Spectal Aueons, and M-page book, "Home treatment loCr omen," senfree
SBH^^^ rinprat*.s....l.b.......-l8

~L --- -- --- --~ -- *I-






I w r.-



Thursday, Nay 19, 191M.

rhe Oreatest We.tth.
1. thert *13)3 tilt)- itoo a 'ta tlo In tionov
fr ii .~tar'eL\:ci sta,~aalO. (l\v;a r1'Yi~ m'ahal ?:

binais. ;, a iasiit .r :ii* trin wI,
S'l.ini. llfi,*h H-' v alk1 k hi alfam amLtiq1
Is Tbhe
ecz-ila)4l(3 t''r I Ia' at .hr.tNln t(of tlw
11w. ;' f I ,!. s o f the lv,(' n (j55, I
bi :a liii. a'i n' aiiiir tIm t ones
bejdd tiotl 1 rt-r a.1111 CniaII nvt.
one cioit elvo' of -ro.'at ei ses u

ri'1 oti. I Ia a 1 C.eif, fall Ortwd

sn;~ral~r i's. aIvt'~c m alt ieiay.al
III; rid Tt i ! : I v to :II [.)P t I I t :III
gt~df k rJ so I I S \v (' tt Mztrden lit Suc

"'M ,v u-!ft' is u very ojptiwistle -wo-

na'in taoe''- o~o ~t
Trom~o od isvcl
N,''tied 0'. 1171( yo?
"'Yes: %N hoi I1 ivas talki'q wifth her
yv;-rterala Shie vzaid thagt If you eve"
died she 'womld marry a 'n because
seb felt sure- that she cmfld do better
uext tlm*."-F ouston Plost.

Triumphs of Travet.
he'-4 lsroggizug abvut how he
did Vonlee."
"Whvit doo %tu uownn?
"Most tourists slot id a week in Ven-
Ice. Rie did It lit it day."-Kansam Citya
J ourn al .
Lord Southey's Gtosliotine.
'I*!e mosta. v''el t-wiv eti14'I )r'l tan ee
CeeIIII-1. 111.1) aAviv ,s Lord Saum tasy'vs
arrammweinernm for Xtui('i(e by Ihnsasns of
a guilluthine. tie tlad it magnificent otac
erected it tlhs- dfrawiniag roomnr of '[i11
It ,i ,~ise Ili the 11tie 41s Luxemabouarg at
larl:s. Tihe nIizichinti. Was vf Oboriy iti-
In 'ii %%iltI goldtt and Aliver,. the fIranw-
tv..rlk varvm'si vtitlh aurti-itle skill: hlie
)kinft'. sitar;is aA a rn:mr.r. .;vas otf plishlled
1111u1 taanlouel steel Ilrc'jnzmriaag foir
cie-stio. his l',rclshipt lmclt his hair ceu
i-sc'. m& vilcotheti ita a rube ol' whltto
villi. hbe hilecad 1"ro.iz tIbe psiatfar it tIm-
aliar- lit- knuie lwtioro 4 mirror and
pa''a~scdi~.. -.rn tlu~~l l 'ldvh. shold~l~ re-
lea-ze Ihe knife' Itut hle sloringa failed
to 's,'rk. and 011. i.routatl I"- suicide (ti-
("14l41 tO. give rthe iZkulltI flC 15) to it -

te-llap to 1-1141 his life a '1.' I4Am siw (flat
hes mIaaalle nn 'iailliv) '.l ;grhiaa~go 140 qkt
the gaa1lc.1iltv' U111i11 the end of lik life

A Feminine. R-!ton.
dild ypoll elio to Itake up the study of
Qerarits it 11e.'i: :s of I'pa.'uch (
"litI."7 replied tihe cit her. "the (Crnian
Jpraift-s.4or %vas so, awfully bandsoize,
you, kuorbw."-Catiiollc Standarda apr

ftoow's s'i~
At o cffer oMc! IIIIII'lle'll I Il~iR IL';~
1. chfe Ome iiii'd e'4~ fits -S liewaril
or any case ;tof Calarrh thitt cauna .: lie
cured toy Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENE'Y&CO., Props.,'l'oledo,O.
We thie undersignted, have known F. J
tjhceiey lor the last 15 years. amd Itelieva
aitu perfeal y hloaa'.rai.10 ;it all laistnes
a la ~.mcIAAiMI, 411 fal ham. amjllIV able to 'carry
DUt ascV '*allNA.atil ais zmade Itv their firivi.
Nest & Traux, %`Vholesale 1) upgists,
Toledo, 0
WcIslfii li, Ki( 'u m 1k1 Marvina,
Vlitlesale Irtiggists Toledo, 0.
Hall's Ontarrh Cure is tatkeua interntally.
ctin-a' directly upon the lalood at-d namme
out surfaces of the systein. Price, 75c
per ltsotls4. SOlW by all druggists.
'T.ke HfalI'V Famiily Pills, for coastipa-

A Long Felt Want.
An Awea~licaw once weauf to WCindsor,
castle and insisted upo~u see'ing' QueenU
Victoria. lie was tokl that it was:
qunite Ilmi~osslble, as aim audience with
the qlueen could be had~i only by ay'.
pointanent. Still he p~ersisted.. and tben
they told hlni flatfoted~cc tha~t before
see~ing the qlueeut he malst ulate the ob-
ject ot W is Vit. Hie itai 1w wanted
to show. her a newrr p~iee of' furniture,
a thtrone bed-'-a perfect thronre by dayS
and at pe~rfect becd byo night.
01!owf do you keepy your maor
'lihisy enougit. I bide it where my
wife can't find It."-Oileveiand Plain

Special Re ort to te Buov.
Messrs. Dyer and Kronmiller are
burning another kiln of brick.
A pleasure seeking party from
Farmdale went up Wetappo Creek
on a fishing trip, Saturday.
Messrs. S. C. Morris, G. W. Lowe
and D. W. Raffield made a business
call here, Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. J. I. Kirvin were
visiting at Mr. T. T. Allan's, last
Mr. W. H. Danley was down
from Sandy Creek, Sunday.
Mr. J. L. Kirv-n bought Mr. H.
A. Allan's row boat, last week.

Just Like Eve's Apple.
A f:r'ut s iiplosed to hc:ar the marInr' o'
Eve's teeth is o,'e of the m;rl:,y hot:In
ical curio.iii.des r ('cyl.,nl. t'':et tree or,
which it grows i:; known by the sig
''.it n* ew of "the frhid(f (fr .'!,'
or "'l 's a;aple tree" The bloesonm
has a very pi.easant scnit, hb>t the rell-
ly rema:n:l-k::hh ft; ture of the tree. the
oI;: t; whni.h it ow-cs it~ name. is the
fruiit It is 'he:Inr !iful iand hii: s Iro.:
th, t1-'. in i pt"c-liar .manner. O rn;.',
on tI' e outsid,- ;'Ild d'i "ep e'-::s'so:l w-'h
in. e;ach fn!at has tlhe appearance of
havii-g hiad a piece bitten <,ut of il.
This fact, toucther ~rth its pj;i;oilous
quality, l1, t.e 3tohainuedltaus to rep
r'es.ent It as the rorb' dtl" fruit of lte
7arlden of I:lEdn .and to warn umen
against its Inoxious propertIes. ThIi
Umrk upion the fruit is attrlluted i
Eve. hVby thle lite of Adam did not
also leitve its umlrk is not known., bhut
as only one pIice feents to be uissin.,
Its loss i a-iorthed to tlr li woman.

The I ~y Unc .r tai Door.
"'* i'; rul.s(lini'' for l '!: li w i k dtoo:
key t, pu t ;il'\;f.way nlitlcr the door
so tlat I( .au rrea, I it ihcitn comiiii-.
Itff d(u!y ia;t aLt ai.tir.'" r'-u-iiard a.
:!rI sti to fl a oillll ti ''ll : !.s wrTi':
"'JTh' other nmornilo at Irrl :kfttl,-1 rli
i lalut.a.i Said ) lut e. i -"D. o' t lkil l l
lih I ~:1. ; I iiul ftliiht lasi niilit. I pu)
It'h key hialfwa'y un(d';r tlhe' r f, i:
tlsuaiil. wVtwle. t sn(y horirr.r I .tIw ri.
dr i ii la u lyt 1 uuil 17 of Eitrit. I .liot ihl tliun' 1lle11 t lh:e l Ig tlhc k.t ae1, r

So Ii qit llic'ktly ltcN i it ;1id h llas..
ulir,;ua, ahe tc. duo i'l ( tiini l.tih kcy i-L. N t dali,
Jto roi:'e t6 r oes. I s.l (0!i0 l '1 Iv;ite :
for ai tinw. '"rhti. I ol t ia tilhh kirit.
atIl plo itithed ; sll.ulesi Ithe 'htie .qv. h i ul r';ti5y t ls t' m iatirt(i riL
i wair ai tto niy surpri ".* 1-drw ithe k.'
balick a;i:iln. NSo. very 1:nutirhusly. *I Ul
Noa l;itl nxnd iun i.llta eliri dt'str. hil kas-,
altit :t1Il fA .til io ;I ltitia a:;l'. l111t i!
o(wt1 w ksl'-L<.i t. whia. sthlhe Vfitnljl Z,'
the d4gltrwi'r and setxu titem key pgi hi(
uni ( like .doo'r. ii.i-, lia% e dr'a t ti ill
keyy -fitt of l eigtif% wh li> tr pai:.. (h1iAl:
inmtL w.n dl 'ivti'' with hr "

Foley's Kidney Pills c'aL-tain in con-
centratad torm ingredients ot e tab-
lished therapeutic value for the relief
anld cute of all kicIhey atnd bladder ail-
mnents. Soll hb all Droggists,
Practic'.i Cons.ic.: atlunt.
"My falilly tree"- tgat-in thl titlti
"1'ru tired of hearing atout f:luil.
trees." aisweredl Mr. ('nnlrox. "Ii
the part o ltlii country I caIne from
Ia manila's Ilrdu:tr.v and c-aosequen(-e are
mreasured ity tlie size of the family
wood piles."-- \W': hlng.to Star.

After Old Masters.
Younr Wife--Thls dish. dearest, is
an original conlposition of my own.
IlusbansId-\Vetl. 1 should rather, mny
pet, that you could cook after the old
m:sters.--M eggenldorfer Bla tter.
Ask for Allen's Foot Ease,
Apowder for swollen, tired, hot, siart-
ing feet. Sample Pree. Also Firee Sam
pie of the Foot-'Ease Sanitary Corn-
SPad, a oew invention. Address Allen
IS Olmsted LeRoy, N. Y.

Foolish Question.
"Some one stole every blessed stock
ing off our line."
"What are blessed stockings?"
"Those which are not darned, of
A Gentleman of Leisure.
Codllng-Why did you speak to tha:
old twamp, dear boy? Softy-Why
'shouldn't old chapple? HIe Isn't in
twade. and lie doesn't work faw a lr-

Easily Controlled.
Mrs.: Bacon--I wish my husband
would go wherever I want him to.
Mrs. Egbert-Why don't you get one
of those dirigible husbands?-Yonkers
statesman. ,

Movement of Icebergs.
In the investigation of the currents
round the coast of Newfoundland it
has been observed that there is at
times a: wh(' difference In the direction
of the drift of Ictteergs and that of the
flat or pain ie(. w'l',i,. having no great
depth, la governed ial Its motions by
the surface currents and the winds,
whereas the icebergs, the larger parts
of which are submerged to a great
depth, follow only the movement of
the ocean water as a whole and- are
uninfluenced by the winds. In conse-
quence a huge berg may often be
seen majestically nnintaining Its slow
advance in opposition to the wind and
across the general motion of the fields
of flat ice surrounding It. The sealers
often take 'advantage of this fact by
mooring their vessels to an iceberg
in order to prevent a drift to leeward.
-Philadelph:a Itecord.

Hunting the Kangaroo.
When brought to bay the kangaroo
jumps like a flash for the hunter's
chest and triis to crush it in with his
fore feet. To prevent this each man
wears across his breast a two or three
inch thick matting. Armed with "
spear, with a club attachment at the
other end, they ride upon swift horses
into a Lerd. With the agility and equi-
poise of circus riders they stand erect
upon their horses and use their spears
and clubs.
The kangaroo is able to jump clear
over a horse. As the game is bagged
it is skinned, and the skin is stretched
on the ground andl i'gged down to pre-
vent shrinkage. The flesh furnishes
mqat for the camp. EEachl man places
his private mark upon his booty, and b
when they have 100 apiece they return
back to civilization.
The Turk's Wonderment.
'Writing on the battle of Navarino, a
contributor to the Corihill Magazint
tells this striking little story.
"In the morning the surface of the
bay was covered with floating spars to
which many poor wretches were cling-
Ing, calling for help in different
tongue(. Among them were many
Greek prisoners still with manacles
upon their limbs. An English lieuten-
ant who was putting ashore a Turkish ;
official was anxious to- save some ex- 1
hausted men who were clutching a
scorched mast. 'We must rescue
them he exclatned hotly. f
"'Bah!' answered the Turk. 'They S
are only common soldiers and will soon f
die!' Thent he laughed.
"'Good heavens!' exclaimed the Eng i
lishman angrily. 'What is- there t( I
laugh at?'
"'Laugh" said the Turk. 'By Allah,
you English are a singular people':
Yesterday you came'I into the bay whllh,
we wer" quietly at our coffee. You
knocked our ships to- pieces, killed or
mangled all our men till the fleet Is one
vast slaughter house. lind this imorntrul
you pretend to be so hulumanL tlhat you
cannot pass a score Of. wmilnmdd sol.
diers without putting Nutfselft out of
your way to save them!' "
Do You Really Love Doga?
Pi.rhlps the final test of anybody's
love of dogs is willingness to permit i
them to make a camping ground of the a
ed,,r- h~'l. is .o- other )lafce .in tihe
world that suits' the dog quite so well.
COn the bed lie is safe from being step-
pod upon, he is out of the way of
drafts, he has a coiumanding position
from which to survey what goes on in
thwe'world, and, above all, the surface
is soft and yielding to his outstretched
limbs. No mere nian can ever be so
comfortable as a dog looks. Some per-
sous object to having a dog on the
bed at night, and it must be admitted
that he lies a little heavily upon one's
limbs, but why be so base as to prefer
comfort to coml)anionship? To wake
up in the dark :night :and put your hand
on that warm, soft body, to feel the
beating of that faithful heart-is not
this better than undisturbed sloth? The
best night's rest I ever had was once
when a cocker spaniel lUl)J3'Y, who had
jnst recovered from stomach acho (dose
one to two soda minis) anld was a little
frightened by3' the strange experience.
curled up on my shoulder like a fur
tippet, gently pushed his cold, soft nose
into my neck and there slept sweetly
and soundly until mnorning.-II. C. Mer-
win in Atlantic.

Time at the North Pole.
At the uorth pole time is nothliug.
tlid if one were residing at the north
pole It would be unnlece(sairy to wind
one's watch. You are 1\vlways at 12
o'clock mnid can't walk out of the ho-

!el wl-iaoiut un!king south. .\ll times
,f day unet ait the pole as the meeting
Pla-e *of aill tihe nl 'ridtiatllS. A l imane sit-
iaig wiih lth e r hiivIsIble niaithcialintical
!.)lnit rilit iin('r hit m would lie in all
twliya-fr~l' lionows at oice, or a twen-
v3 fteor h.oNr wealth hl:ic'ed oln tle pole
coisu i I1 iii(ii o loiait to Ithe cl rre't
;iia- it rryc l]i;i.l't of Oie w-urld. There
isedl lo.' 'aitsi in t'o iis in t 'he extri'-ile north of
XNor a \vi \\hlietr tle' dri ges of lougi-
tude siueeze ill, iiinil irecelit days. Cap-
lahis of Norwegiiia coasting schooners
will tell you how in'co\venfeut It was
to change b'etw\deea llit- tine of .iol-
land at P.ergen nad that of Crete at
the North cape while correct local
time was maintained. General Norwe.
giant time became indispensable.

A Living Skeleton
is the final condition of any child that
has worms-if it lives, Thiakof having
something in vour stomach that eats all
you take as nourishment, Nine-tenths
of the babies have worms, may he yours
has. Be certain that, It has not by giv-
ing it White's Cream Vermifuge.-it
expels all worms and is a tonic for the
baby. Price 25,. Sold by Gainer Mer-
cantile Co. e
Too Late Now.
Motlier-- hope you are nice to that
young man who has been calling, dear.
Daughter-1 don't have to be now,
manmma.. for he's in love with me.-
A Choice of Calves.
The difficulties the early Virginian
colonists had with their live stock is
curiously illustrated by the fact that
in the colony of Massachusetts Bay a
red calf was cheaper than a black one,
experience having shown that the for-
mer was more likely to be attacked by
wolves owing, it was thought, to the
wolves mistaking it for adeer.

Mr. P. E Green. representing the
A. M. Robinson Company of Atlan
ta Ga:, arrived in St. Andrews,
last Friday, accompanied by his
wife. He will remain fur a week,
at least, and during that time will
look after the construction of his
fine new house on Lake street, and
Mrs. G. will remain for quite an
extended sojourn while Mr. G.
puts the merchants on his beat in a
way to make a fortune handling the
goods from his house.
Mis. Kv Vickery's mother and
sister, from up in Georgia will
spend the summer with her. here.
Dr. W. P. and Mrs. Crowell left
by train Tuesday morning for their
northern home, Monticello, Ind.,
hoping and expecting to return
here this fall, where they will cer-
tainly, be greeted with a hearty
Mr. and Mrs. Davis of Trov,
Ala., are occupying Lieut, Doty's
Campbell cottage in West End.
Mr. and, Mrs. Ruple moved into
Ky Vickery's house, last week.
Mr. Leland Vickery of the Bay
Bottling Works has moved with
his family to Panama City, to look
after the plant, there, as Ky has to
go to Oklrhoma for* his health, his
Family coming back to St. Andrews,
while Mr. and Mrs. Ruple will oc-
cupy Mr. Leland's house.
Mrs. Dell Johnson and little
daughter, Zona, returned to South-
port, Wednesday, after a week's
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Brainard. Dr. Sncad did
some dentistry for while she wlas
Mr. W. B. Gainer, tax collector
for Washington county has been in
St Andrews and the Bay country
or several days of this week, look-
ng up parties subject to the pay-
ment of licenses and attending to
other matters incident to his office.

His Conciliatory Way.
Mr. and Mrs i'lcl:iway, although
really fond of each other. bad frequent
quarrels owing no doubt to Intirmitles
of teimer on the part of both. Mg4
Plrkawaiy wns telling his troubles to
hui eklerly maiden aunt
"I try to be as good a husband to
Bertha as I know how to be." he said,
'but we don't seem to get along. It
takes so little to irritate her, and when
she starts to scolding she never knows
when to stop. She takes offense, too,
at such little things." i
"'Tiius dy't say tli>se little things.
loshtl'i." a1 l.1 his aunt. "''h-n she.
is cross you must try to bt concilia-
"1 am conciliatory. Aunt Betty." he
answered. "I often say to her. 'Ber-
tha. I know the utter uselessness of
trying to reason with you, but will
you listen to me Just a mluute' and
she gets mad even at that."-Youth's
Co upuniou.

They Like Fat Ciris In Tunia.
A Tl' l ti i~i:. 'i. ha il; li c iilic((' of
du;it'rr:a- < tinas.- s sie tipj:; thbe sraaie at
0 pounds, an1 to th tliat eiud she ctl-
nt-iic ees tu iatten \wi,!: u-tlie i:; liftetll
':ilrs (hl. Sthe takes nlil'rie'lt antid
eAl;:i d glteLti tdeti of s\\i'-t .'I )l ;iuai
iaidai a s-dcliiary lile to hasteu the
'ri)('(;ss. Ltp to liii .'i.' she is ver.\
t.;ir;(ls,,i!:aa lai;i si twea;ty v> hat an im-
ifaIIS., iil ,p.',s1lcy ilmass S" x,: m\.i(ld lss. I.ics, ;ii<,;. tli" s 'tr t Hler costume i:-
e'ry ;', 'ar's5iuei. e pei.ailly if she lie
,14 I:a, : I i'!- : ; '.**. "is 'lithlei'i
Sii :;' ii.s ci resiileldeiit bues cf a;
iris,:2;t r'ci. ''iii \v or .rl't'rtn aini w\v arl's:;
, ;! olf .alis':: i shii:p1 hi atdress, fro:'
!iii h ot'it 11 a: I a5a't VS ii W i e ri:iper'.
i'iiikis'i tIrousers and dainty sllippers
he' I rls ci whh ii bIarely re.' h thi
:iisaile tof tlhe feet. complete the cos.


Where is

Your Hair?
In your comb? Why so? Is
not the head much better place
for it ? Better keep what is left
where it belongs Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula,
quickly stops falling hair.
There is not a particle of doubt
about it. We speak very posi-
tively about this, for we know.
Doa not change e color of the hair.
Formula with each bottle
SShow it to your
Ask him .bout it,
then do an he says

Indeed, the one great leading feature of
our new Hair Vigor may well be said to
be this-it stops falling hair. Then it
goes one step further-it aids nature in
restoring the hair and scalp to a healthy
condition. Ask for "the new kind."
-Made by the J. C. Ayer Co.. Lowell, Ms.am

Seventeen Year Locusts.
The seventeen year locusts are some-
times called Pharaoh's locusts because
they make a sound that resembles the
repeating over and over of that historic
name. The notes or songs are not what
might be termed vocal, as they are pro-
duced by the rapid vibrations of two
very thin films that cover a smallicav-
ity at the base of the abdomen. In
some localities the sound produced.is
somewhat different from that heard In
other sections. Among streams, esse-
callly a:l'int the Ohio river, the notes
arc.imore bass, while on the highland.<-
and especlan lly t (he mountain regions
the sounds jprodwraed are more shrill.-
Omaha World-Hertld. '

An Advantage.
A well known Scottish clergyman
got iuto conversation In a railway car
rilae with a workingman, who inform-
ed, him that he had been a coupler on
a railway for several years. 'Oh." said
iite minister. "I can beat that! I have
twbn a coupler for over twenty years."
"Aye," replied the workman, "but 1
can uncouple, and you canna!"

A Medical Opinion.
"Doctor. how do you account for
the exsitenc-e of rbeunmattsm?"
"The mind. my dear sir. evolved the
disease to it the word."--Chicago Trib-

. The best. rosebush, after all. Is not
that which has the fewest thorns, but
that which bears the finest roIs,-
Helry Van Dyke.

Lion Fondles a Child.
In Pittsbur:a a savage lion fondled the
hrnd that a child thrust. into his cage
Danger to a child is sometimes great
wlnri least regarded. Often it comes
through colds, croupland whoopidg.
cough. They stay thousands that Dr.
King's New Discovery would have
saved."A few doses cured our baby of a
very bad case ot croup, '~ writes .Mra,
Georgo H. Davis of Flat Rock,N. C.
'Wel always give it to him when he
takes cold. Its a wonderful medicine for
babies." Best for coughs colds, la-
grippe, asthma, hemorrhages, weak
lu-gs, 59u., $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Juaran-teed by A. H. Bra ke and Gai-
ner Mercantile Co.

Chinese Filial Piety.
The following Chinese story illus
rates the national regard for fill.
picty A man anid his wife maltreated(
the husband's another. As a punish-
mnent the scene of the act was openly
c:Urs-'d. the active agents were put t:
death, tland the ilother of the wife was
balum oocd, ,iibn)ded and exiled for he
'jaw the c:T It'td'rs lived was dug up froti
ahe f tiu'_id;i I!o*e;. \ areover. theio S( Io;
5i-5 ;1 f w!!1 di;tri't-t were re 'reclut'd froi;
:ttr'Indillng public examinatioM., n
evevn th,, !m];.:;istratves were deprived 6.;
th *'r v'are designed to render the empire

Cleanses and beautifli the bha.
Promotes a huxhlriant growth.
Sever Fails to RBetore Grayi
Hair to its Youthful Color.
Cures scalp dieauel & haft falling.
SOc.,nd 1100 t Druggists

P11 AR lAC Y,

Thet Leading Drug Store

OF 3ST. A&ND. EwS.

Knowing drug values, is of course, the most important
feature of our business but it has not taken all of our time to know
drug values. We know the.value on 'T)ILET SPECIALIES. We
know how to select and buy the very finest that are made.
Test the Fragrance of Our


Examine Our Toilet Waters I



neausmo. -.
"Old Jaggleworth died at an ad-
vanced age, didn't he?'
"On the contrary. he tlei at a t reat-
ly rednhclci a*. lit, tw e r'nally went.
years older tilu bti said be was.'*-
Chicg:-., .',-v a

Jinke-flow muich do you thhbi a
minster ought to get tor marrying a
couple? Filkins- Well. It wbollt anac-
quainted with them, perhaps be might
be let off with six mouths.

Properly there Is only one verb for
love. It is not "nmon" It .s not
"almer." It Is not the softest Italian
verh. No printed language of man
knows it. Iut the violin knows It.
and the lid bird kniws It: even the
sea knows it. The, rowe Is It. and the
moon Is It. I and time I.''k c f 11 ii ainn's
eyes Into a wcom:tas is It. and t ie look
of a woman's yces ,backB ai ius It
But no man or woImin can say It IL
any language' that endures.-"Love Iet
ters of the King."



Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats,

Shoes, Groceries,. Hardware,

Paints, Salt,

Boat Supplies.

A. H. Brake,
,r .." ..- .. s, . !,



TO V.E S ..-





W. H. Milton. John Dillon, John Milton, Ill.
President Vice President. SocyT-reua

Milton Land and Investment Co.


OAPIT ., -- - $a0 ,600o ..

Buy, Sell and Deal i Real Estate, Notes. .Si
Bonds; ets.
Fire, Accident, Burglary and Fldelit InsWy .,
Lend and Borrow Money; both as ,pr alLa s p
agent. .. -' .a
Secure Court. Official and other Bond4. '
Receive, Hold and Disburse Money and act as Tristees
and Agents for Others.
By Special Agreement will Lend Money for Others on
Approved Security-and Guarantee its Renayment.
John M Dillon, John Milton, j.,, W H Watson.
W. H. Watson, John Milton, ill. H. H. Lewis., .
J. E. Gammon, J: B. Brooke. N. A. Baltsell.. '
W.. H.Milt .
Address: W. H ILTON, President,
MgrlaDnqr Pl6rcId

I ,, -

They are -unsurpassed in pertmanency __ _
anD delicacy of odor. We keap a com-
plete assortment, of the ncACVrelicate
domestic and import i.,erfii -s and l M '. P R K1 i
Toilet Waters th :r f enti re ll 1 I ,
Toilet Gooi: artment .
ThI most fastidinns taste i pleased ,. '
We have a consignment of Toilet Soaps, Toilet Sponges and Sponges for tht ..
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oilet is complete without dust of faintly scented powder over the neck and
face. TootIr Powders, Pastes, Washes. Cosmetics and Rogues of every descrio-
tion. Tooth Brushes, Hair Brushes. Combs, Manicure "ets, and all the little A 't
t,aettr.'equietiea j41'.wLtWl to'Inil.r-L~. health 8nd beauty are,to bt.fou3 here
m iti v k L e' RUBBER GOODS.. tis A
i. ', .".lltuw to l-;. '.. ", ; rood : ,
o,rr goodsw'E1 iiha bq.est make and w\in dot aiappoi at you.
We Sell all VA.TBITT I~3EDCINES irfdemanp SU"v i SECIA TIY
A. J H JANSENIUS, St. Andrews, Fla. I* U l^ L

Tell Usthe Character of YourLand

, 0Kind of Crop You Want to Grow

and we will fill the order of any grower
in Florida with the fertilizer he really needs
to meet the crop-producing requirements
of his particular soil.
The growers of no other state arelavored
with such an opportunity. Most growers
buy trimn guesswork they Jnst buy a
FIeflM.t, that's all. No need of any Florida
grower taklig chances. We want to know
the character of soil, the kind of crop to be
grown. We have bault our reputation on
being unmistakably able to nix a ferillzer
that fr tlifae.

Thirty years of experience in Florida
gives the grower a chance to get a ser-
vice that can be rendered by no other
FREE TRUCK fertilizer manufacturer.
with 1-Ton Order
for Pertilizer YOt Ought to have that kind of service.

Send your name and address and, tell u the number of acres and crops cultivated.
We want YOU to have a free copy of the Irgo edition of our Florida Almanac.


* I -

Comats oi"the Past Cenluri".
I)uring t ir Ijviat-wl'I 4tulon" m ry2
mcw ouv t wjr e dilscoered 4agalux
lzt)'-Lwu Lu t Ik gljhit-vialp esilur%..
The niniaeteenth century ails" itwbekl a
greeter number of large nd I r1l0ll1ah
cornts t hman did 1lo prleaee*rWr., IIW
Wgnell nt th' up w'*' t.i'. *- 1 ..r I rM.
*181-. ,iSSIa lai t~i
1900 ouly one wriodt.-:0--rmuito **
uowwa, Halley's. N-A tuan' atre
known, of wbkhh at k Wai t .'n
bave been soeu a mome hau uLne re-
bm to perrlklloa..

A II3guharToum Locay
was Susid- climbil'V : "1a'1. 4 l'uhII fenlg-0,

ting seratehezm,'cul c a .ra'irS,
bumps, buriis or sudd... 13 1BuL t-, TT.,r
nothee j~lIL aliilicd tlBih-llt-1..A r ajidu
Salve aud curedl her quick. I1'ail6 t r4
ythiug healable- b)i (s. tii lt F z' m11,
old sores, corns no lailo, Ti' it. 25upt
A. H. Biake's and Gjineulnr MmIr.aI-in-1


- I I ---


s~Lalr_ -UIu ZIF~PYII



aesusM an ana ts as well as a1
Nbests i blteby w eMthaRb Malowt desbedrlbeland will be old at pub- Of the ltlter there wa a great alo '
lt laMI iO tbhe a*th Afy t 1910, *at the iEt dor ofthe Bank of gI t a vartsty. iso fct a0 th
E. AlaUr asr W a ehmb theMeofd wl be aesawry 1to pei theamout of 1 0l D wi It came.
ie ow tca" Heresa N opposli to the aa together with the cort of euch "a" alr Waltld iM ard thI anl a
mmh ad 'l" maated Kell the m 3m.
aleaaadv WIlath TaO TamWor t w Tofat St. AndrWe, P for. 1909- t wher they met ta at a tl wh
SLL. 5,ARMSTBOG.o Town Coetor. oae oagl barrms afforded ee On

S maar pi A nm't o a famby ms report," wa
S C Wa I ( ed ter, reply.
i tI 1 ot. "A which?" eretnimed Keuly, scartee
Sly crediting hi earns.
w........WA4 0 a blol t............ S30o 4 14 00 49 "A fambly." rpeted tied.
sklM w........ .outh b lot 867.8.9 10U 11,1, Too r e must be nutty," saMid
,k 1314Ma1d Wi blkI awl4..... 8 4 0 2 00 79 ly, with alarm. as though in ,taOw c
abm......... It a ait tg0 nwl5 .... 30 3 14 200 49 body bhrm.
a w......... lte t1 sat 3 k t .....14 20 In ed .d to .ep.aik time ai3.-
tbwam..2....... .. 2ad ad3U 30 awl...... 30 3 14 2 00 49 'Thnt te, pt"n' iset er de
UnWW--.-.----. balT So a O t X b t Aw*..... 30 3 14 200 49 ,t g' tosee them kdsgo
Umrkawu,.......... b aa & u p.t of ...o0 3 14 00 u ry,"he amd. "ot as long as I
11 se*..................... 30 3 14 8 00 87 cn rarth"
Mtnown......... anIet. l O a dIblk2Sw... 30 3. 14 200 49 "You'll gIt pinched an' sent over de
LUkowo........ blka ept 10 t0 aw ........ 30 3 14 8 00 87 road fst thing yer know," warned
skmow......... blk ex t o4 9 aw ....... 30 3 14 8 00 87 Kelly.
ta11kW ......... Mik 10aw ................ 3. 3 14 1000 51 ."Can't help It none." said Ited.
k ......... blke 11 ad I s.......... 30 3 14 20 00 75 n et lo
.. tolks 31 ad 14 awt........30 3 14 2 00 75 Them kids is gon' to eat as long as
.........l.t. SSa 3 d 38 bit U sw ...... 30 3 14 200 49 I'm here."
S........... Iot ad I blk Isw........ 3 14 2 00 49 "Where does er famblv reqlie. Mr.
TakLmm .......... lefl and 2bkt 25 aw......... 30 3 14 200 49 Milwaukee Redr" inqured Kelly. wth
?akSEa......... let 18, ,21and 22 blk 0 sw 30 3 14 200 49 a mock obelsance.
asmBn......... at ioolts10aidl blk : set... 30 3 14 2 00, 49 'ut aussalan Hl way," Bed told
khawea ........ bik texoeeotWt30se......... 30 S 14 800 67 him. ignoring the other's sarcastic
Vskrmm......... blk 1 .......................... ) 14 1000 60 marInr.
w W......b.. o l, 1t ............804, 200 9 "aRuian Htllr" echoed Kelly, the
Utowa .... .... l6 18 bik 18 j.......... 30 1 200 9 cynaicsm in his voice changing to a
Ukaowu..,.....b.. n 0t ..n0........ ....,.30 3 14 1000 40 aoteototteretst
Ukaown...... iiit:e ... ... ............30 3 14 1000 40 "Tea. Itaulan Hill." repeated Red.
Uaknoiwn ...... o. 4,d6, d 7 MkL7 sl.... 30 8 14 200 49 "Wat'e remarkable about those'
Unkwol ..........blki30Pi loe t128s 29t ...3 3 14 800 67 "Notin'." sild Kelly. with forced
UBmoaeL........-. b AS ti1 A 2,30S and31bk S ieort to appear unconcerned. And
S I M...................... 4 2 S TO tben after a moment during wMch
atum U ......... M its12 ad ti k 1t net....... 3 3 4 2 00 40 eltaer uaP e asked: "Wheredoes
Vt oM ......... o0 118 and4l blt ...... 1 3 14 200 49 tbm people Ite Worked that section
-a ..... I. lot I3 M 14 Ikbl ki
S........................ 14 200 79 mU &ett0e7."
Vllbwens .. lto...... hae u lka i ...3. 3 1 200 49 ed told him the street and descrtb-
Uaaws. ......... mofl 1MP 4 Mllk e the i bone, wondering the while
3S at. .... .. ........ 14 200ee 97 though not appearing to notice the
........ o... .31 I 4 200 94 strange effect the letowrnathin seemed
j ......... 1aat. 30 saId t bIk 3t ...1 4 U 200 49 to produce upon ispal.
S....... SOaNI*#AeS 4 M I Uk I "AW yer bt een edtd 'em fer a
to ..........................I1 3 14 600 84 n
UMMOWn ......... M.. 10 l & 14 31 49 14h200 ii Kely
kE ........ b -ad 0 blk13 awlt .31 3 I 2 00 49 Yea an" rii be feedIn' 'em fer an-
UukBm ........otSblkIS Mi.,.............31 3 14 200 49 other month unless-unless her son
aknown......... lal bibk 23mw:........... 31 3 14 200 49 romes back. Reckon he's bummin'
ukmiwb ......... bik I2 awl................... 31 3 14 1000 60 somewhere same as you an' me.
tUakown......... h l 3 Mlk 32nt.... ....... 31 3 14 200 49 Didn't like to tell the old woman,
RCOViagto..... bk 17 aw...... ............. 31 3 14 1000 69 though. Say. pal. if I had some kin
hkaMRw......... bMs7 8and IOwt........... 31 3 14 3000 90 folks o me own to hustle fer I'd-I'd
UIball .......l. b 14 amd l20 a t ........ 3 3 14 1000 7 ult the road an' go to work."
CP Stis rt .. .. 9 lOand l blk 28 a i 3 14 2000 75 Ketly did not answer at once. e
lMb Mnaes.....los .4, IS ad b6 Mb t 8 a 8w 31 3 14 1000 60o seeed to have lost the power of
QOe. Aoiatta,. k 27 atot *w..............1 14 75 00 1 59 spet and to be lost lu thought.
U C COwrih.ft Iilb d 3 ar2t 8ofb ....... 31 3 14 15000 2 70 thogb Itbd knew him too wll to try
UawMd a M la M glotS, 7a a 8kO 10 aisw..... 6 4 14 10000 1.95 to form be h rWed friend to eabosom
M W RiG, We.. le Isd Mk Iwlt........ 6 4 14 10000 195 aiat .
CutMM......... 43 t................... 6 4 14 30 O 90 ty ely td wtel togt
WIakawm... .. s l M 3 ...........bk ............ 35 3 1 000 or i aId: "WL aint be g'.
Unko. .."... m... s.l ,Um11 d 3M 3 1..... 6 3 1 t2000o 5 &Am, ?A N .dnos
lcaews......... Ml 5blk Im e................ 3s 3 16 1000 69 a I r w mwL" Antrs beaIs
Uaew ......... It itll$ 3............... 35 Str t0 WW w. An Bt e sat
Wakaw....... fi M ai blrk 3tl.......3 3 15 1000 60 C( timplevely: AR L. whatever aet
IaWLar....... mwlof d mi 0ea dl b t f doI git it O h iar me
it blk 3.el................. I6 I3 G0 lD I ftp tr efa plk4 d hw gi
J 2lmE 6 ......... tei a .a ae i ........ 36 5 2000 34 it4anL "V Unix
kas......... Is4 I t.......w. I 2 iS 1 0 57 IrW0 Key.-6 u l l "td-
C w Pted........ te t Ia I t............... I 3 15 1000 e0 -a ewdet gt played yerdwt
Vaknsw.........Uslbk 301 .......--- --- 3 15 1000 60tNO TbRAK io myTtSTIN raad
UakM*e.......... lem t r1 a Nlo kt2i...... a 3 I 000 05 .S vi
uiskM .... ...... k t 3 b a ............... 1 I IS 20.0 5 wthet wAn sSl twIt wh
VkM -.........low. 6l bi-blkllOl4..........1 4 1IS 2000 756 ppetd e l uthlltty the next day to
Vu R......... iot1l, *ad Oblkl 21 ......1 4 15 4000 90 rcy as r:
Unkam .......... loe 1,8, a10ld a U Ik 124 ne.. 4 15 2000 7 l SJAK TItnrrES v IN STrNa HILL.
C DVfis........... lot Uk 2oe...............-1 4 15 1000o 0 DISTRlcT.
JA Niaebol......it g9bik 290ne.......... ... 1 4 15 1500 69 Rmcently one" thlew'e have ben plyons
UltolrM ........ 6 ik 16 l............. 1 16 d2000 57 mer trade in the RuoMan Hill dtEtrict so
VIk OWr ......... lo 8 ad 9 blk 1 nuw........ 4 15 40 00 1 06 Indusrousely that their is an tneatent
ULnkoa......... lot 10 bk 1 nw ..............I 4 15 2000 75 cait tr mwe police proteciaoa Articles
__ of od and clthtlng have been disappear-
in II I b rapidly In that nrte*ihrhobod o
e WM, i otiew- t d ua M 4 late tha t t would eem a nall army of
t ibsea'gntry are -t work there. Grocerles
W as he wet I a t as o bad d e IMt at t ck door in the early nmornlng
The Redempti on I- s Iours *are bn taken. clotheaslaes ae be-
SRCUCe p I ing denuded and small nellghborhood
*a tMM, -al S BI9 th nasnct stores even re being entered and robbed
f T Mt. dihta hiaMMf of Ios "Iae- o broad daylight. The police are laying
*.- ~:l .._^ l-. f ._._a l 091. tor these nlrcearnt4 a ood. healthy
thul atel.e eA"-bu St M p y h ry term awAi all cauht ID
KA Y ltP lo a N d staetagd ltowa dragnet.
Al thApirttso bad com t* Mr. Bad And beslde the riak which be knew
A Isp. bt Wa TOugh y f Mltwaukee, he was ronanu Red felt the weight
imso sh tnr a ile l. e ad bM nan a PaIra many tual of the responsbility which he had vol-
e bee aud he knaw Gl tenpes at a untarily assunmed. Looking out for
a gll& wlaur MUt Ao T ertS clht eaL ttg n w sLouth l hbll.self was an easy matter, Long ex-
,k sUTrt ret. Oceue i nrmoment o perlence had made him a past master
.__in te high art of livin without work-
oWeit by AmmtetaW ame weakoess he bbad aceiid a post io But looking out for himself and
ottoe. te place tor at few days washig upporting "a fambly" were two differ-
at propoaltions.
wrakee Red bad Jrot rotted oat Be w'1 boldly into a meat mar- However, be had not long to carry
af a boa ce hating stdv W o bet and ml~: "I'm after d meet for he burden. One morning--t was a
gdM tight fms d etate ed w- Jma V bash tectory. Johnnis seat week since Kelly's sudden dteappear-
elmmliai ek doelk for tree crsLt. eI e w-t~ tea popb"an Anee--Red was surprised to 84d the
WIt s*a feoot verF muy e eomea hy o, oke ait BeA. *Jstl poor woman awaiting him on tbhe oft
bead ilp Ia eas aw a a sa a ag aeetomp lhwther at Jobaley" visited back porch.
od ** riirirrrt iiii Tbeir surprise was mutual, o tbh
a s 0 n bhe logtMi t w u fMI d B ecgies a woman at once recognized in fed the
s-ai.e he had eietied qt real gw eOm every other day. I1n chbnee tramp with whom she had offered to
M fa pi ni a iti i Wk ithb th ma w nyt tlo divide her crut several weeks pred-
wi t a p Iti sheek ta ga a* e I MLte lb the lar bir ab t A to
aW_ woaene eitltyh to mtit I SSnet "And ts t really you who have been
ndM C er. *. h!t W m rttd u st a.denag this?" she questioned, as though
-Hir miktg" s th e sd sat e a be rie douhbtng her senses.
Mled.. "ha *M ~Wt hr d Sw ir mem wi tW a"1 t reckon "aln't nobody ele. mu0"
+l't -- -w iB I M H HUt t nm^ fw-' _r A..

inat ai E helad t tL L rr llillr --m Is.
ft -- "How can I thak or ~er repa
W" babMo _a"_M M. a- --- a-e-- your shbe mid. er tt trembItng.
f ML iAt i b $ iAMotnam Ueiso so bb' "Don't try (td o dneatb er an om,"
---* sadvlsed Red. lonmgig f v eom avenue
he mtdillltht- agtl gn*" Ali****rof esaepe. "'Bow's ytr gttn' erstog?
an 6WOtis0 tral 0 .. o .o flowven the kis?"
"Mt at ta w l814 16 t 001" t si etL s oft at LI a "OL that is what I was watlag to
ats *ISa (be llas t MAa see you or whoever brought the things
t Wgt llW g iYw m I 6 ala bout," said the wommn. "We don't
iIS t *rS M aM luY O~ 1 j hlay need help any more. My dear on
e e a the of whtla t snhie WIr--and tears of happinbes shone
wO bead at u.f In e Io hi -S 4 f- ARed a a fem d tse t heer eyes-"has returned, and he got
"melag OW itaft $ Rt &M b i p~sr b ohe so a be h e t woe yesterday. He's going to take
smaIfrn e mn up gaibsi' ltiflbblMleindbethll e~i04lt, Wcare ot us now. He was gone so long,
"Nauman mgrea a itn am ~ "M credoft: sand we didn't know where be e wa
-.M Onvy am ino 4WWef wg OSs"a U.: _
e-e ead aD g S--ebb efl v.. -o e O Bu Bt be say be never leave us again.
__aft W= a"_ a a Wl la I Ovrww" Wn atll- so happy! It seems as
weto apt ek6re WaaB5W*amdo4I&ti MIL A JFRM. though yo bare brought us good
hw af CMaE. f S, am a earning another and al, lack. I want y to come this evealn
the waraM mi to Sa d t w r Wtb O N e o as th peech
a wym wes iMa oo m tma nrvel ad a gI *papgrastel a poe D Commander Julius A. Pratt
Mt bae m o a gas we a i Al t H oel t to b the0 wakf at Post No, 143 Dept. III., 0. A. R.
orw e T O t.Mve se te ao arIertalbMy d isp pm *a Mr. Isao Cook, uommanuder of above
oIf -q f- OI s~ a Itt # 1 bq O h'W t 1" tMUM Post, Kewanee, ill., wrJtes: "For a
tirmrAiBi tAt Md 1hi *si am- long time I was bothered with back-
eL a kalg am af wmiy U t si -a ea rrt ar IMM eeO- acba sad pains across my kidney.
wtab an as se ti m t id d r gm a b- W About two months ago I started taking
OMUW# $1 A f 6 9 *opt 'fts ML WMIt Slll oe Poley's Kidney Pills and soon saw they
brl. ft M 4 n ftO tk iol were doing just as claimed. I kept on
so t4l anit -ol.Wu meL4W-. i -'i--- : taking them and now I am free tam
te MISo at ftN 1r ad i AIM 4 mN bekraohe and the painful bladder mis-
IteaWgh hyptflML. asfth f4 IN*I a eryt i all geo. I like Poloe's Kidney
wRY- amodms oto6 114 laew, ITMls so swelll thatI have told many of
Sas umgna" eaf eMsll. #A g Pmy friends and comrades about them
te 1tA weessas ata th a* spMlB IM Im and shall recommend them at evea y op-
NlM.MLi wsle ftwat was wrPtte r 0 gi.5a'WS1. Bportunity, Sold by all drugirate.
WiMW. O e&e ft or a #WI __ I __
af acd um O"M ot a Wa, b ptwa- s
ad go# -t Id. at ot e 11 ro And rujII~fh3I*4A


tll o Mw -fa, -mmf v-- -N r-at-

and we my WUL. iHe'll be glad to
aee yol."
Bed looked past the woman and saw
a coat whieb be esity recogni td a
telty hanging upon a peg just with-
to the kitcheo door. And bis pal's
trasge behavior on the night of their
ast cover atiS was at oneo explain-

"Dolm1 .see Jow I can come. mum."
he sa d "but tell lly-I-mean Will
-that I'm glad he's doti' so- well and
to stay with hi new Job."
And belor the happy woman could
dtatm tIo m or press upon him mote
wod at gratitude Bled was out the
gate and gone.
But one day they w an Item In a
newspaper about a tramp being run
over byan automobile and lying nl a
hospital with a broken leg. Something
tI the reporter's reference to the man
led those whom Red had befriended to
think it was he. Going to the hoe-
pital, true enough there was their old
friend. As soon as he was able to be
moved they took him home with them,
and as they were now in a more pros-
perouscondition they kept him till he
bad grown strong again. Then he In-
sisted on going qut to resume his
tramps. They tried to persuade him
to stay with them and get work, but
be shook his bead grimly and walked

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A Careless Man.
Father-Why have you quarreled
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Well there was no harm in that. was
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rerseverance is more prevailing than
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Hi Cnmmnes.
lowui-What did the poor fellow
Sy Wben tbhy pMred him up wftb a
te. tleg atet beti knocked down
by a trolley earth Prwell-That tt was
the first time tn his fe that be bdt *t
bad to Watt ot a etat.-few Too

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U. S Land Office at Gainesville, F
November 20, 1909. $
Notice is hereby given that Sallie A
Iiemphill. whose noetoffice address is
Vernon, Florida, did on the 27th day of
December, -1909, file in this office Sworn
Statement aind Applicatl n. No. 06338, tu
purchase thq ne+ of ne* sec. 23, township
1-pocth. range 14 west, Tillahapsee Me-
ridian, and the timber thereon, under
the provisiohs of the act of June 3, 1878,
and acts amendatory, kuown as the:"Tim-
ber and Stone Law," at such yalue as
might be fixed ly. appraisement, and that,
pursuant to such application the land and
timber thereon have Ieen appraised, at
One Hundred antd Sixty Dollars, the tnim-
her estimated at 10I0,000 board feet at
$1.50 per M, and the land $10.00; that
said auplicant will offer final proof in suip-
por of her application and sworn state-
ment on the 10th day of June. 1910. be-
fore -he clerk ofthe -ircuit court at Ver-
lion, Florida,
A,,y person is at liberty to contest this
purchase l,efore entry, or initiate a con-
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Roses and



Copyrtg, AK by An~arsftn Pr

Tbe sMn asone warm upon the banks
of the Ohipela. upon the tan pines and
the low bending dogwoods and upon
the little cabin In the balt acre clear-
ing that was devoted to chicken rats-
Ing and sweet potato growing.
There were odors of new growth in
the air. the glint of fresh green among
the foliage, and from a branch of the
flowering dogwood a mocking bird was
singing its delirious joy of the spring
sunshine and towers.
A white haired negro came slowly
around the cabin. grasping with both
hands a large bowl from which a
piece had been broken. As he ap-
peared there was a sudden conmmoton.
which spread quickly to the remote t
parts of the clearing and to the un-
dergrowth beyond. and chickens of all
sizes and colors came qluawktitg to-
ward him with wings outstretched(
and feet scarre tcftMilug the ground.
He tr-atered the food amoug them.
After the chickens bad, with Imtupr-
ttslity and many admonitions to be
have. received ah the tood from tbh
hand of the old man. he then sought
a plantiktik w-re the sunshine fell warm
and unbroken atdu ckloed his eyec and
spread out hi trembling arms that he
might enjoy It to the full.
There were sounds of disbea being
washed In the cabin, the swish of a
broom, the passing of a hot Iron across
newly starched cloth and above all the
hubbub of eager, expectant, joyful
voices. The day was not an ordinary
one; that was evident.
A hoe leaned against the cabin, a
mattock lay upon the ground near the
door, a saw still pressed its jagged
teeth toot the trunk of a halt sawn
branch at the meager wood pile-all
these Implements of toll as they bad
been left whe work was over the
night before.
No one c*me to remme wort this
morning, so It was evident that some-
- thing ot t the ordinary was going
P(eenttlt a dusky yomng tee ap-
peared at the window.
"Hey. gran'pap!" a shrll cbd
voite called. "Mammy say it o P to
come tn tof yo' elet esbu. 1o' gwlt
dream up a1' case yo' w'k slower."
Gniadpap moved toward the cabin.
As be went In-a troop o six plcks-
alantei caeC tumbling out. all boys
but aoe A peremptory voice tltowed
"Itow. doea yto chhUlun go fur off.
Booe's yo' gran'wpp'a done tlx yo'
swine be fix too. Now, mim'."
At one end of the cabin a rosebtsh
clamMbered up and bout tte mow
eaves As though through previous on-
derstanding, the boys began to sldle
toward thbl, keeping an inquiring look
upon their sister the while. But not
until one of their hands reached slyly
toward a freshly opened rose did she
notice. Then she said:
"Stop dat. Wasbunton! Ain' yo'
'member dat mammy say all dem roses
gwtne be save tW Ann' Celia's nar-
"But new ones done bloom arter
mammy say dat." expostulated Wash-
ington petulantly. "'Sides, hit's'man-
cipation an' emancipation'ss more'n jes'
"I don't beer. Dat's what mammy
say, an' yo' all know mammy aln' say
one t'lng twice."
"Yo' gwiue be telltale, Made?' scorn-
"No. I aln' gwlne be telltale. But
dat's what mammy say, an' yo' know
mammy mighty sot on what she say.
Yo' know dat. doan yo'?"
Washington looked doubtfully at his
companions and from them back to
the roses.
"Dey twine look mighty nice on we

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alls new'cio's," he said wistfully, "an'
dar's shortly too many for jes'
marr'ge. An' dey keep openin'-up all
de during' time. Mammy ain' gwlne
car' b'W es' one rose to' we alla 'man-
cipation. To' know dat. Mace."
Macte did not answer, and Washing-
too went on persiasvtely:
"To' know dat two nicketi I done
make tott' n'tgA, Macte. Well, 's
gwtne spen* bit atl ftW sweet stuff. an'
yoW'e gwnle bab halt. .An' 'aides, yrd
aborely look mighty ine 'long o' one
dem roses pinned on y' blue caller,
yo' shortly would."
Made hesitated.
"Dar's mo' roses opening' o p. bo'
nut." she said thoughtfully, "an' I
don' 'low mammy'd car'. much, spe-
cally If she didn't know. An' marr'ge
sin' nuffln to 'mancipatlon nohow.
Den yo' say right 'bout dat rose look-
in' part 'long o' my caliber. Yaas, I
reckon jes' one rose dat away gwine
be all right; but. min' you', hal dat ar
sweet stau 'oungs to me."
lChbtflns chilluns! Wh'ar yoF an
be? Come. rusticate yo'se't now!
Granpnp's done fix an' gwine up do
road. To'se to toiler bhm. Den Mose
an mwell come 'long. We hit de road
faster dan yoll alls. Quk-k. now. Yo'
beab met"
Their bands we- already pclaking
the forbidden lower. but at that rall
tbhe r Mln to th* ground moMwn-
tarfly unheded In the sudden tostrr-
nation. then were pkLe d up nde but-
rkbty coureaed about their tattered
clothing. As they shueld round the
corner tWashngton stopped in behind
his cormpanions. DBt in his trepida-
tion be neglected entirely to conceal
tbhe roe. The h arp YeN at the door
caughtt st f tihe r itrtrtdlnlg ntenm.
**Wha' dat yo' pi4 litb4tle y' ahut.
WashunuoutrT th- l iieminattl,. ller
gal swept, over the itlllty fIlres: tben
she steippeil out.u lte ntid walked de-
liberately rot*ml the corner vt thef Inlin
to the ro ,bunh. 'There were te-lltale
leaves and blta ot broken branches
upon the groand-
"Fo yo' didn' heer nntfin foi' what I
'spretely ord wllh mingled riegr't ltitd nreprolh lb
her voke. "Now I's gwu'ne tell yo'
sonw'u'. chilllunl. IDo rof4* ni' ninrlli
.'cp'n' fdit I say wX nt techn dein. al,-
nmake all de tllt'runwe. Now dey'a
gwilnc lKoie yo' d 'm:iit'.lp:tl*it. To
pap an' iI)e in' .Mai-6'll .', to d' dOln's.
illn' yo nalls will .tay right th;>ef lhy do(
aldln till de< 'iturint' t ir'. ;n)i t ':ii iin
ton ht'.s wtlue 'Cliht \vo d. Con111. gI;:
:'le. nil' Ix Is i t,."
ilutl M.lcl hiinal twrk doultlfutly. a
iltlhty sitrug'-le evidently g> l:;: on i '
.ir snllll body.. 8Suddenly she ruiltw'
lher litiad.
"1 dw.l'I sti'l -o 'In, o,' dol"l roses. t n4i
*lHilllrly.," "\* h:,' lit. .a;1f:t I An' J 'e!ini
'spre| slyf n 'I o1 .0i' 1t 4Ihk oult fo' ( t. oit
,lers. Oh chli. hlitlt:"
iHer motln'r lpokLe slowtly. ,and11 M
cle's heid tlrtpped ,l 1 ll power.
"I's sorry. ntailtity." she sanid, rnsentr
allove a whllsier. "bilt I did stite onll
Dot'a di t-lrufe. I's haddlr'l dley is
case I was to look oiit if' ltlden."
"TYas. yo'se batlter'n dley is." her
mother assented. "Ian' I Wkont yo' got
to be punhilh wuss. Iar's dat bug o"
corn dat sin' craok yt. Vo' bring hit
out hbyeh In' penn' on hit Ill day. to'
pap an' me'll go to 'nmanclpltion by
ourse'fs. An'. nin',. altt o' yo'," Im
presslvely. "it day's any goin's om wbhlt
we's off dar's gfwne be mo punitsb-
nPnt ton~mrrer.'"
''he children made no reply, butn
stood bout tultlely until the old peo-
ple had dIs;ilppc;iu'el up the ro:ld to-
ward sMarilnuan. where the "doings'
were to(, e hetd.
"' ali"' gwlnie do n sattch o' wuk all
de during day.'" Waslnugitou declared
deflantly. "If dte wvood git c('opped
hit jet" chop hlts: 'f."
HIts conlntpaious grumbled their ap-
proval. and one of them kicked vi-
ciously at the boe wbkhich stood near
"*An' alL dis to' some no 'count ole
roees." Wasblington went on Irritably,
then: "Wha' yo' gwlue to do dar.
Maete? YIo ain' gwlne to wuk shore-

"Yasa, I be," strdilly. "I's gwIne
poun' dis coru. lee' lIke nmamny say.
An' Ils pow'ful 'shamed o' myse'l. I
Is. Mebbe de roses sin' oo count but
dat sina de p'lut. Marmmy ay not
tech dem. An'-an' mammy'a he
mIghty good to we allt. o*se know
Tee they knew, but not one of them
was ready to admit It jast yet. Bo they
lay there scowling and digging their
beels and toes into the sand and mak-
ing Jeering remarks at Made. But she
worked quietly on. and at lengtb they
rose uneasily, one by one, and fonnd
places tn the window and Inside the
cabin, where they swung their legs
and continued to scowl.
But all the time they were thinking.
and at length. In seeming desperation,
Washington pushed his way between
the row on the window seat and drop-
ped to the ground.
I declar', hit's sights easier to wuk
dan to soat lyer 'long o' vechb rum-

blers," he snorted. "l's wine ntbo dat
wood pile Jea' to' de change."
Presently one of the leg swings
on the window seat slipped'to the
grouud and picked up the boe.
"An I 'low dat sweet tater patch
bas mo' fun to' me dan dia crowd,"
be muttered as he moved away.
One by one the others thought ot
some occupation that was "to" fn"
and shuffled in search of It. And. curt.
ously enough. as they set to work the
scowls and grumbling and diconutet
disappeared, and it was not long be-
fore most of them were whisttag or
singing. Never In the history of the
clearing bad their been greater M-
dustry nor. toward the end of the
ay, greater cheerftulnes. When tbe
old people returned there was a crowd-
ing line to meet them wttb eager a-
couate of the day's work and wltt
embarrassed apologies for thedobedt-
eoce of the moromng.
"Laws a-mewas me!" ejaculated mam-
my. with smiles that were very lr
to tears. "What ebillnus dey Is: A'
all dem taters hoed. ant atl dat corn
pounded, an' all dat udder wuk donet
My, my. Jes' to t'ink! An' bit's 'man-
cipation day an' fo'k all off to de do-
In's. But I ain' fo'git yo. tchtllut .
softly. "I's done got peanuts to' yc'
alls. an' candy an' ratings an' yaller
oranges. Hyer." removing package
after package from her capacious
pockets. "Now, yo' ails run off an' ba
a emancipationn jes' by yo'oe'ft. An
tomorrer yo' all kin p go ftn'."
As she turned and entered the eabtn
she murmured to berself sotly: "What
chllunsmde4 s! What cblitun day ts!"

DoWb wif Pr.e.
A futlback In a football team once
bad the misfortune to put the bee
through his own goal. Thi regrett-
Me error lost his side the game. and
he suiffred agonies of selt r eproh
on the long journey boune.
I'ta no more use than a chocolate
footballer." be sald to h ssweetheart
who had traveled mauy miles to see
him play. "A slip of a boy from school
would have shaped better than I did."
"Now. George. I won'etlet you C
suct horrid things awout yourselff.
dertlared his loyal weetCtheart. "YotI v
md* idea how popular yYe are. I beard
a ienltenman praising you up to the
skies this afternoon."
"Never"r emphath-ally exclaimed the
ncredul ons player.
"'Oh. but It's quite triw" she msat
proudly. "'le said you'd breugbt Ita
cllb the Ieat bit of louk tlhy'd d td fr
ages. and he heartily wished ryou were
playing against them hi every match."

Melodrama to Suit the Locality.
In New York.--larry ne mdi give
me thows p:lpIrs and ynu will revelve
$.)00,t00 in 4-ali. tfnu.se and I'll toss
you from the Ii .olklyn lbridge'
In Wilkes trre. I'a.-Aind you will
receive seventy nires of ril'helt an-
thrncite cotl. Itcfunte iid you go into
a could breaker! C iooset
In Denver.-And you will receive
7.000 shares of tL'Uipste gold mining
stock, worth unrup.te dtllarr a share.
Itefuse and you will ber --r-r-rtyhed in
a stanitl) I:dll to l)~ t-o-wder: Choo'se!
In Mempltii.. Ten u.-Anrt you will re-
ceive 10.0 O Itlets of titest cotton. lie-
fuse iand Vlu go into the cotton gln!
In North Carollina.-And you wil re-
ceive 18H. O barrels of turpentine. Ie-
fuse and you shall be boiled in restnl
Chioose-- 'uck.

London Cellar Restaurants.
Before cof',fee stalls wpre mstitutel
the hmblteat places of retretsheot

the slang phrase I;ent, could "dive for
a dinner," with a choice of sucb Tianda
as tripe, cow heel, seasages and ahla
of beef soup. Same of the cellar rea.
tauranta existed as recently as the ear-
ly seventies of the last century ti
Butcher row, Temple Bar and the net-
work of courts ndix alleys swept away
for the site of the royal courts of jus-
tlice. It was in this iwIighlor&t and probably to I dining place of this
description that Dr. Juohinson resorted
in his struggling days. when he was
so poor that. as he relates, it was not
every day that he could afford a half-
penny tip for the waiter.-London
Tlie Eyea of a Bee.
Every bee has two kinds of eyes-
the two large compound ones kloktog
like bemisphere on ettlher side, and
the three simple ones which crown (he
top of bhe head. Each compound eye
Is composed of 3.500 facets-that is to

ary, an object ts Mlnected l UO times
on Its surface. Every one of tbee
facets Is the base of an Inverted hex-
agonal pyramid wboe apex is ftted
to the heed. Each pyramid may be
termed an ey, for eacb bas its owe
Iris and optic se r. How thee tn-
sects mange this marvelous a nmhe
of eyes Is not yet known. Teby are
Immovable, but mobility Is tunnr sary
because of the range of vision afford-
ed by the position and the number of
fcet. They have o ti, bat ate
protected from dust and Injury by
rows of hbir growing along the UNW
at the junctions of the fteets. The
simple eyop at supposed to bhrv bere
given tbe bee to enable It to amsee bov
Its head when Intent upon gathering
hoey from the cupa of fiowe. Prob-
ably this may be on rson. but It tI
likely there sae other uses for them
not yet -ertt,-r e P as aWeek-
ly. -. -

I .~


__ _~___ _ ____

wows.. .

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