Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: December 16, 1909
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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1 *.. -- - >-^

VOL. XIX. ST. ANDREWS. FLA.. DEC. 16. 1909. NO.
.. .. i m -- ~ -- .. .. !- al-m m . .. . . . . .. I I I i I -- -l- --

U s. Simator-,r DTitrict. W. H. ton, Marl
,nnam: d District. 1. P. Taliaferro, Jacksonvlle
RePen0~,ti.-ist District. S. X. Sparkman
ampa, 2d District. Prank Clark, .ike City;
3d District, Danistte H. MRa Monticello.
Land Offic .Resistrar. Sh led warren; Rcee"v-
nH. S. Chubb. Gainesville.
Slta--eGovernor, Albert W. Gilchrist; Secretary,
H. C. Crawford; Treasurr, W V. Knott; Attor-
ney.General. Park M. Trammel; Comptroller.
A. J. Croom; Supenntendent of Public nstruc-
tion. M. HoUoway; Commissioner of Agri
culture, B. E. McLin; Chemist. R. E. Rose;
eologis H. Sells; Auditor, Ernest Amos
Adjutan -General, J. Chfford R. Poster: Rail-
road Comissioners--R C. Dunnn. R. Hudson
urr, N. A. Blith and S. E. Cobb, clerk.
eFtse Senator-Buell Cook, Chipley.
Washington County-Repsentive R. L. M
enze. panama City: County Judge. A
Hucison Clek of Court, County Clerk Re-
corder of needs. W. iC Lockey; heri. C. G.
Allen, Vernonr Deputyr C. H. Danford: Tax
Collector' W. B. Gained Treasurer. HB. Tiller.
'ernon; Tax Assessor. J. J. Williams, Chipley;
County Sue ntenden B. F. Gainer. Wausau
urveor. Tbs. Collins. Veron; County Com-
mssoners. irst District. Thomas Bro; ec-
ond Distrit,. S. W. Bush; Third District, I. M.

Armstro AldermeJ. L. L Ware, George W.
Surber, Jr., L. E. Vickery,. T. Gwaltney. F.
Bullock; Justice of te Peace. John Sturrock;
Notaries. W A.-Smonso A. H. Brake. F. Bul-
loek School Directos. I. W. Sarrber, Sr., T. B.
eD. Goailn G. Post A. Brake; Postmaster,
Mrs. M. Rose.
Panama Ciy--Postmaster. Mrs. Belle Boothe;
Deputy Sheriff, Ai Hogeboom. lic of
MinvillePotmater." ofe
the Peace, G B. Hares; Contable, J. H.
DParkerPostma M. Boutelle; Notary
Pafrkerc--posmmlr oi
Public. W. H. Part er. ie
CaUoway--postmsMter, M N. Carlise.
Allanton-.Potmaster. Andrew Allan.
Weqt Bay-Postmaster .............
Soul Lport-Postmaster, R Barnett.
Gay- Postmistress. Mrs. R. Gay.
BayheadlPostmater. M. Masbbur.
Cook-Postmasteo. J. J. Fowler
Wetappo-P osmistreat Mrs. D er.
Murfea--.Postmaster, James M T Murfee.
Calh'oun County, Cromanto-ostmaster. Nora
Farmde-Postmaster W. F. Woodford.
Baltist--Church Wyoming ave, and Pearl ast

and Chestnut St Sunday School 930 a. .,turdays
Scorner Lorane Ave. and
rDrak St. Snday School at 9:3 in. ever
sunday. John Surrock, Supt, H Round-
ter. PstAor I ereta i
Poster ESt f.t ur, jur

.Parker Laodge Not. 142

as-D- a asse" Stonda iven S lo land conve rya c*
and rn ce Regularfo d Commu-

and third Saturday

aeso( Womeaand childrenmy Specialty.
in each month.

If, E PAtM a St.dretarw

Notary Public for State at Large has jurisdic Lion
Sdmiweoiter oaths, take aIldavls. legalize
SNotarial work solicited. nyd 'er in romida.
ecial attention liven to land conveyances
and marriage ceremony performed for lawfully
aheofid partihe. Ofice at the Buoy Offic
St. Andreiwsj
Doctor of Medicine. Graduate of the University
of Bonn. Gtrmaty. Chronic Diseases and dis-
eases of Women and Children my Specialty.
Notary Public for State at Large. olicits official
business in this jurisdiction.
Office at Bank of St. Andrews.
Notary Public for State at Large. Office at Store.
corner of Loraine avenue and Cincinnati Street.
All Notarial work solicited and given prompt
tice of the Peace. Dist. No. Office at rei-
Sdence in West End, St. Andrews; but carries
his seal with him at his business and is prepared
to apply his jurat to instruments, wherever
found. Attends to official business in his juris-
diction. Collections a specialty.
t ton W. H. PARKER
Notary Public for the State of Florida at Large.

chemical, whaide o the north hal o the
aortll'agt quarter. oF section 10, town-
ship 4 south, range 14 west, running
from tbe school house to Watson bayou,
adJoinixtg Millylle on the south. Will be
sold In acre, diuarter, or al-acre lots.
The price asked will be according to
Ieatlomn. W. -.. UMMONP "@

The aboue is the name of a German
chemical, which is one of the many
valuable inrgredients f Foley's Kidney
Remedy. Hexamethylenetetramine is
recognized by medical text books and
authorities as a uric acid solvent and

antiseptic for the urine. Take Foley's
Kidney Remedy as soon as you notice
any irregularities and avaid a serious
Malady. Sold by all druggists.
A a r, (t.
Moat persons Ilileve Stevenson's
Teries fr, ihltdre' mway. without cor-
rection or aluetllent.l.l safely be placed
In the haunA of the Impressionable
youngster without corrupting either
his morals or him English. But there
are some who think otherwise, says an
Little AAl-e's mother, having taught
the child to say. "'Time to rise," In
which "the birdle with a yellow bill"
figureR, the ,hld announced that she
meant to re tte It to her teacher.
"Well. anm whlat did Miss Prim say
to 'the li"rdie with a yellow bill"
walked All('s mother when the little
girl returned from school.
"She says lt Is tulte a pretty thought
But this i. the way she makes me say
It now. mamma:
"A, bird1 with a yellow buU
Hopped upon the window sill.
Cocked bts shining eye and sa&d.
'Are you not ashamed, you sleepyhead? "
"But that was not the way the birdie
said It. Alice." the mother remon-
"No, mamma; I know. But' teacher
sys It isn't good English to say,
Ain't you 'ashamed.you sleephbeadr "
.i- -- .

$1.00 a 'ear in Advance.

Entered Sept. 3, 1902, at St. Andrews,
Fla., as second class matter, under
Act of Congrress of Earch J, 1879.


Display adv. rates, 50c. per inch
per month. Position and extra-
ordinary condition rates subject
to special agreement.
"Local Drift," 5c per line, first in-
sertion; 21c per line each subse-
quent. Display locals double
above rates.
-. U

If this paragraph is checked with a
blue pencil it is a reminder that your
subscription has expired and that two
or three extra numbers will be sent
you that no break may occur should
you choose to renew.

The mistletoe sprig is a poteut
mascot, and the hostess who, fol-
lowing a quaint old fancy, presents
her guests or callers with a sprig is
not only presenting them with good
luck and good fortune, but is doing
what, of old, the priestly Druids
did when they gave the worshipper
of the Supreme Being, typified in
the form of an oak, a portion of the
parasite plant to keep religiously as
long as it lasted. The mistletoe
sprig was supposed to give power
to perceive witches and evil doers
and insured prosperity; to those
whom the Druids disliked or wished
harm, they refused the mistletoe
sprig. No one could poison the
holder of a piece of mistletoe, for
the sprig would discover poison, no
matter how cunningly administered,
and save the owner from all harm.
To childless folk the mistletoe
brought offspring, to the sick health.
In fact; it was the symbol of health,
wealth, and prosperity; and the

I every bit of holly be removed from

house that sports a branch of*lightthefirenext

mistletoe at Christmas will never
be unlucky.
Itis from the Druids that the
custom of decorating our churches
and our homes with evergreen
comes, for they believed that all the
sylvan spirits flocked together on
these boughs, there to remain until
the warm weather. In the mid-
winter the Druids sent around
sprigs of ivy and mistletoe to re-
mind people to decorate their dwell-
ings with evergreens, in order to
propitiate the sylvan spirits and
secure protection from frosts and
wintry blasts.
Holly berries possess and give
wonderful power when worn in the
shape of a wreath, which must be
made in imitation of the sacred
crown of thorns and of berries as
red as blood, and the wearer must
go alone at midnight on Christmas
and sit in a church in the dark.
Second sight will then come to him,
and into the church will file all
those of his friends who will die
during the coming yea..
Worn on Christmas Eve, the holly
wreath will evoke visions of spirit
lorms coming in the air to sing
their noel songs, and ,all the beasts
will be seen to kneel down in wor-
ship. If preserved for a year, the
crown will give the owner safety
from violence. In some parts of
England it is believed that unless

Even the moon contributes its
share to the Christmas supersti
tions, for, as the legend runs, "if
Christmas comes during the waning
moon we shall have a very good
year and the nearer to the full
moon the better."
It is surprising how many of the
stories of the man in the moon are
connected with the Christmas-tide.
The Frisians say that the Christ-
mas Eve an old man thinking of
his next day's dinner, climbed the
fence and stole his neighbor's fine
cabbage. Just as he lifted the bur-
den on his back, however, the
Christ Child rode by on a white
horse, carrying gifts for good chil-
dren and spying the thief, said:
"Because tbou hast stolen on the
holy eve, thou shalt stand in the
moon and be seen by everyone for-
ever." So there he is, and on ev-
ery Chaistmas Eve he is permitted
to turn around once.
Russian folk-lore tells us that
this man in the moon was one who
was seeking the isle in which there
is no death. At last. after travel-
ing far he found the longed-for ha-
ven and took up his abode in the
moon. After one hundred years
had passed, Death called for him
one Christmae Eve and a fierce
struggle ensued with the moon,
who was victorious and so the man
stayed where he was,

the house by Twelfth Night some
ill-luck will come. Mince pies can
also bring luck; but only one must
be'offered and eaten in the house.
To take two would be decidedly
unlucky. Thc one accepted and
eaten will insure in the eater a por-
tion of good luck on a day to come
in the ensuing year. To eat two
would spoil the luck, and if three
be eaten on Christmas in one house
ill luck will follow. If the pie's
crust be in the shape of a manger
(the first mince pies ever made had
crusts of this shape) then the luck
is better; to represent the manger,
strip of pastry used to be -aid
crosswise over the pie,
The Yule cake has the same pow-
er as the bride cake on Christmas
night, for if a maiden place a piece
of it under her pillow on Christmas
night she will dream of her future
husband. Also a portion of the
cake should be kept for the next
year as it brings luck in the house.
The plum pudding must always
be kept for the next year, as it
brings luck to the house.
The plum pudding: must always
be kept and again partaken of New
Year's Day, if one would have a
commercial year.
The ancient Saxons burnt the
Yule log as a symbol of the turn-
ing of the sun towards spring.
They, by the way, considered the
mistletoe berries unlucky and a
symbol i of their hell-Niftheim
abode of the death goddess.
A brand from the Yule log
snatched from the fire used to be
carefully preserved, kept dry and
used to light the Christmas fite the
next year, because it preserved the
house from fire during the year and
subdued the spirit of the flames.
Its powers were displayed in the
days of the Druids, when the bel-
tane fires were lighted and the
brands secured from the fire to

Devonshire, England, noted for
its apples, boasts a curious custom.
On Christmas Eve the farmer and
his son stand beneath the oldest
and best apple tree, all bearing a
jug of cider and sing a certain folk
song. After passing the cider jug
around, they betake themselves
home to a good supper and much
The Jamaica negroes collect all
bits of odds and ends of finery with
which to array thpmselves on
Christmas Eve, and choosing a
king and queen follow these leaders
about, making as much noite as
possible, blowing horns. beiaUgt
drums and doing mischie~rally.
In Holland a pretty custom ex-
ists. On the night before Christmas,
in commemoration of the Star of
the East. The young men of the
town assemble and carry through
the dark streets a large bright star;
all the people go out to greet it
and give to the bearers of the "Star
of Bethlehem," as it is called, alms
for the poor.
The custom of giving gifts at
Christmes came not from the pres-
ents of gold and silver to the Christ
child, as many believe, but from an
old custom of priests putting on
board of alf outgoing ships a box
for alms. This box was opened at
Christmas-tide. and masses said for
the'givers of alms, and was called
a "Christmass' box; and from this
has come our custom of Christmas
boxes and gifts.-Mobile Register.
--. -----, -
6 0An

o Organized O
o o
o Epidemic o
o 0
o 0
0 Ir Cured. a, War Intended. O
o .Some Chronic Ca-res. o
0 0
0 LIAM&. /
Si'up'rlgh4. ISeU, by AvsoctseS.-lItt- O

Mlin'rvi's name was one of frte's
'ulltlit't Ironies. the gilrt wna so far-so
very far-from wine. Indeed. rab knew
uo more than to be sieet and biddable
to .rubtled tank nilstremne They were
the (;rlmley sisters wh bhad taken
tier. as they snai dnlly. out of charity
and to whom bt, served for hands.
,eet and eyes. Slie was rated sharply
If rihe talked mack. which was seldom.
4Ince he*' h:d rather a tuleot for al-
Incre tban for spReeh.
The sisters were not consicuslo y nn-
kind. It wa:s Jnut that they had fallen
Into the way of fretting anteverything.
IUfo Id defrauded them of the natu-
ral uitl.t1! hu, lbands and children.
"rhpr.'i r itiy made the most of such
smlitll wnrrt'.-H nI remnalined to maiden
get ltwv.;!.'.ql.
Mln'rva.. ame to them when she was
ten. I' r flt neixt eight yeurs her ap-
petite i! ;I( ul'Ir trick of breaking things.
et4pec.hlaly ItIse l'l. was handling with
utnonrtt ctirc, had served us vital griev-
;air she afe much lews and hardly ever let
fall anything. no nmulter how fragile
or Ire.'lous; hence the Miss (:t lnlep.v-
had lhad to Invent a new sinoi t :
They had chmren to fnd It In her pIx'-
,ible future husband. According to
their notion, she was always Itente
upon nantrlinny and scheming to en-
anare whatever masculine person
chance threw In her way.
The young circuit rider. for example;
Jim Mace. the constable, who rode by
the big gate every other day; the two
Leonards, who farmed thb tower place;
even the young fellow lerklng over
at the crossroads-hadn't he actually
tried to get board at thfrrluaiiey man-
ston? Dr. Bell. the one peesan who

W. H. Milton, President. I M. Dillon. Vice President. John Milton, Ill. Secy-Treas.

SVLton lX a nz d a n cd InXvestxni enr -t C o n.aa, n.y,


O AP.XTA.L, $S 2 0 00 -

Buy, sell and deal in real estate, notes stocks, Secure Court, official and other bonds.

Bonds, etc. Receive, hold and disburse money and act as

Fire, Accident, Burglary and Fidelity insurance. trustees and agents for others.

Lend and borrow money, both as principal and By special agreement will lend money for oth-

as agent. ers on approved security and guarantee its repayment.

DIRECTORS-John M. Dillon, John Milton, jr. W. H. Watson.John Milton; 111. H. H. Lewis.J. E. Gammon, J. B. Brooks. N. A. Baltsell and W.H. Miton,
r 1 ~Address: W. H. MILTON, President. Marianna, Florida.

44^^^^(^^^4^^%^441^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^%^^^^^k



dared speak utp to h i shltrAyt. ruriteu
them soundly for such suspicious. No
wonder, he said, poor Minerva, as shy
and modest as any white rose, was
awkward, almost rude, indeed, to all
the young fellows she encountered and
therefore likely to die an old tnmid.
Miss Jane and Miss Abby nodded
app oval there. Minerva was to have
everything when they were gone. It
would bi qtit@ eflongUi to keep her like
a lady. Husbands were but worries
most of the time. As for children.
they shook their bends and sighed.
Clearly, In their judgment; a' woman
was lucky to escape such tHfUgs. Look
at Minerva herself! Where would she
be now If the Grimleys had hot chosen
that better part?
Dr. Bell. who had a tongue as rough
and a heart as warm as his greatcoat.
growled at them. After awhile, being
a strategist, he did something else-
something whitb at first blus made,
him laugh a great shouting laugh.
When his wife asked the meaning of'
It hle sald enigmatically:
'Oh, I'm going to cure some chronic
cases by provoking an epidemic."
And that was all she could get out
of him, no matter how hard she tried.
She could not try very hard. since,
like the rest of the neighborhood. she
was giving all her mind to the coming
session of the synI1.
It was to Ie ;t great cnasion. Min-
isters, their wives, sons and daughters
were coming by the score. Their num-
her would not be too great, however.
for the countryside's hospitality.
With no provocation whatever from
the church Dr. Bell fixed It so the
Grimleys would have rather more than
a double share of the clerical Influx-
namely. Deacou Brown and his wife,
Dr. Hensh'aw. a pulpit Samson, just
bieginnng to klok about him over the
edges of weedf not yet rusty; Profess-
or Balderson. famed for persuading
mouney into college channels, and young
Lee, not yet come to full ordination.
flow the doctor managed all this is not
known. He Was Hltiost unscrupulous
when it came to carrying out a plan.,
At least two other households were
full of bitter jealousy over the pateel-
lig out of guests, but the guests did
not suspect It-least of all tbose fated
to sit at meat with the Grlmleys.
Miss Jane was a famous cook. Miss
Abby was past mistress at preserving,
Minerva made cake that was simply
bhevenly. nod black Susan was a mira-
ele of efficient strength in the kitchen.
So the visitors rejoiced that their lines
bud fallen as they had. Indeed, all
through synod week they could not say
i'uough In praise and gratitude to their
liostesHee. As a consequence Miss
June and Miss Abby forgot either to
scold or to suspect Carried away by
the tide of bospitable impulse, they
, gentk-womeo of the first rank.
As for Minerva. she fairly blossomed.
Even the most callous onlooker saw In
her a new creature. She was so ra-
diant. Indeed., that before three days
were out Professor Balderson. a N-
soned bachelor, made up his mind la
marry her If he could. He cbhao
his mind after good Sister Brown bad
let fall words of wisdom.
"It's providential." she said, nodding
toward Minerva and young Lee. "If
ever anybody was cut out for a pas-
tor's wife It's that sweet girl. and I'm
mighty glad to believe both of them
have found It out."
Slight observation brought the pro-
fessor himself to the same belief. For
half an hour he was right down crest-
fallen; then he lung up his head and
actually whistled. Possibly the sight
of MLss Jane had nothing to do with
It. Put certainly that afternoon and
all through the days following he kept
pretty close to her. Miss Jane was In a
state of mind. It was plain as a pike
staff that that man Heushaw was
making up to Sister Abby-Abby. who
bad never before tolerated anybody's
"He must have' bewitched her. That's
all the way I can account .or It," slb
confided, almost weeping, to the pro-
fessor upon Saturday afternoon.
"Something ought to be done about It.
It's ridiculous at her time of life. I
don't understand It a bit."
"No, but It may be the cooking. Dr.
Henshaw's a good man. but not wholly
above earth," the professor comforted
wtiely. "Besides, I can quite under-
stand: A man's loneliness is some-
thing dreadful. He has just about bad
time to find out how much he misses
his wife. In that he is worse off than
I, who have been lonely so many
"Well, It was fast because you chose
to be." Miss J.ne snapped, then could

hare bitten hertotnrue.
The professor posttvely beamed over
her lantmation. "1 wonder if you can
be in the right." he trtrUrtied.. "Ton-
estly, now. dear MIsI .Jfia If-lf I l
found tnys'lf Agrely attracted by a
most superior woman ofat stable age
do you tuink I should fmve any
"You'll have to find out for yourself.
One woman never knows about an.
other," Miss Jann tetotted, btbt with a
blush that would have done credit to
The professor took her band. "But
suppose It is not another?" he asked.
"Suppose I dare raise my eyes to
young "
If Miss Jane had felt what was com-
Ing the sudden certainty of it over-
whelmed her. For the first and last
time she fated outright, and most
gracefully notwithstanding ber 150 -
pounds, upon the proeessor's shoulder.
M" inertrs ear runintg to them. .e-.
-claiing ali~nxfolyl: "FPeteth O. 1 'It
And keep Auntt Aby away0.*
Aftertnoon service was jrst about to
begin. In the stir and confuslon of get-
ting the crowd Inside the church It
was easy to mask Mssn Jane's faint as
something else.
"Oh. I-l-turned m y ankle," she
herself said, sniffng the salts Sister
Brown held under her nostrils.
"Then we must take you straight
home," the professor said as one In
authority, looking into her eyes while
he nodded toward Minerva and per
Miss Jane began to say faintly.
"Abby-where is she?" But Slster
Brown checked her with a slgnflceant
smile. .
"DoL oa worry about Miss Abby',"
she "Just let them put you In
the i b che and no along. Dr. Hen-
shaw e to It your sister gets home
all r '
The Dr. Bell exploded. When be
could speak for laughing he said.
wriging t Ilas .vra's band heartily
and beaming ot,; tl jir esor:
"It has workE splendidly. Get home.
all o you. I'll tell Abby ererythin
and make her ffkewfae tell me.*
"What has worked?" Mtla aoe de-
manded. suddenly forgetting er turn-
ed ankle and stamping bet fet. The
doctor looked qtilleally from her to
Minerva. then on to the professor and
young Lee. whence his eye wandered
to Miss Abby and her prle, jutmsew
coming up to them.
"My organized epidemic," he saM,
with another great laugh, "of matri-
mony, to be sore. It hurt my feeltdig
to see three ine wives gong to wame."
For ouoe time Jane bad no vei
ready. The professor was Ilkewe
lent. But youa Lee apoke up .
"You were eanetl right, doetor, and
0no malr-'M hare done a bitter d6e -
"Bo I can say 'eese you, my cbil-
drenr all reedr" the doctor quered.
Youngsg s0 eyes twinkled. "En.
tbing." %h# aid. "You see, Dr. lBe'-
alIw bhgped me to dx things with
SSiaerva so Miss Abby would have no
excuse to make him wait."
"She didn't think of me. I suppose."
Miss Jane said. sighing. The others
smiled. Sister Brown spoke for all of
them. "No: she didn't forget you," she
said. '"But all of us have seen bow It
would be these last three days."

Sixteenth Century Meals.,
Judging from a passage in Harrd-
son's "Descriptiop of Britain," break-
fast eating In the siteenth century
was held to denote effeminacy. "Here-
tofore." he writes, "there hath been
more time spent In eating and drink-
ing than commonly Is in these days.
for, whereas of old we had breakfasts
In the forenoon, beverages or nuntlon
after dinner and thereto reare suppers
when it was time to go to rest. aow
these old repasts, thanked be Gods, aret
verle well left. and ecb one (except
here and there some young hungrie
stomach that cannot fast till dinner
time) contenteth himself with dinner
and sapper onlle. * The nobll-
Itle. gentrie and students ordlnarille go
to dinner at 11 before noon and to sup-
per at 5 or between 5 and 0 at after-
noon. The merchants dine and sup ael-
dom before 12 at noon and 8 at night,
especfhtte fn London. The husband-
men dine also at hbgb noon and sup at
7 or 8 but out of the fwentme in ourr
universities the scholars dine at 10."
Waerted a Wife,
"No. sir: my daughter can never be
"I don't want her to be my daugt -
ter." broke tn the young ardent. 1
want her to be my wife."

Not a Nature St .e u.
NBe was-not a nature stdtult, abtd
when she saw a ftftrow bon i' f U Pide'
walk, evidently too young to dy and
too badly frightened even to hop, she
did not know exactly what to do for It.
e did- not know how It bad got tbrre,
where fta parent weS ar what relief
measures would be advsable. All she
could do to her perplexity was to keep
the group of boys who bad gatbk d
around It from harming it and to e-
if any of them could eagest a coutue
of action, for she was well aware that
In theee days of nature study the v&
test school tofant know moee about
birds and theft like than mean an old
er person.
SPressrtly a bg boy pumab r Iragb
the group, looked at th bird Mkdly,
then stooped s ad took. It Bbes wa"
tech relieved. **Wlf yes tale cate om
It?' rb a k "Ss rid, be
qponded. srth tneuigmat i mpea.1. tB-
bear tof-e oM n db --rU ui ptgi -
ly, ."Bette gji It 0 fftif mm.
The bar tad Tet hre prmedi
then be yeled.; "Mfllt be uI *
"MUlk! Ha, milk" Then b attefake
up the street. carrying the bird ease ,
fully Inb hi band and derisMvely e4eo
rating, "Mlnk"
Her face uabhed as she went on hue
way, and bhe was beard to marmir to
herslf: "Now, I wonder why be laui*
ed. Very unmanerly, I'm rme?'-New
York Press.
Old Timt Quackery.
The elghteenth vt l t'ni.tt Winitll e gr1
Ko harvest titue If tili quiulk. aIgaltilst
wboul some vo th'. rrt.te! sBtftt of '
ogaurtb's satire wr re diretfte. ITbe
quunck loved to -urtu und U .Il fet with
no atulospbere of isiy( Pty, wifkh was
calenlated to nmpole upon the credull-
ty of ble vitli.'s. Ili rooinm wo be.
decked with Akunll nand skebleto A
brisk trade ii 'lu;'ykery ias earMied
on by women. J. (. Wrtiht In b ie
book. "The Good )ld rnimea.'" rmtis
the fact that lu the .v .-r IT '0 "A ri,
Joanna Btepphena wals swrlal L'I.io
by the Engllab gfrwncenfirt -SA, a.
proper dscowrey muailp by hr ft the
cuw at the stoop.' TiMs pf rwr'dtl -
cover,' adds Mr. Wrighb, tlMslrtd
of a powder, a 4e pcton nnd pnls. the
last pt med being frmed ftmn rrki Nd
mnalls, with carrtt mils. blps and
haws, the comtpoaud bef s btniw to
blaerckn and ttim mixed with soap
and bhoI."
The bet pill is DeWitt's Little Er-
ty BRlae-the safe, e.sy, pleasant mai
sure :lile liver pills. DeWitt's uar-
boHzeadWitch Havel Salve is the orig'
inal. Good for cuts, burns,or bruisesa
avd especially for piles. Sold by lli
dragglst4. ;
-,, -- r.,-- . ...--_. ...
WMird'on tlT 1.halaft'
Among the aatmutunto ,of ~et fl
Phillips were tmf PWP 0rwrttri ttlKy- i r
men. Panerai' I wn-p a aipush obrrd
ty which made blu at are years of
age a preacher.
eis congregation was coUBoPmd of
circles of chairs arnulged to bl hi .
their's parlor, while talIter bair, whlt
a Bible on it; seed htin for a Ulpt.,
He would harangue t Iafe woudnt amrl-
torn by tbe hour.
*"Wendell." said hle father to btnt
one day, "don't you get tiri of thbir'
*No, papa," wittily replied the boy
preacher. "I don't get tired. but tit
rather bard on tlhe chatreL
Obeyed Him.
"Whar's old Ftur r.ingered IPte"
asked Alkali Ike. "i ain't seen. hi
around 4inje I got bank." -..
-'Pete?" said the btrtrader. "Oh. be
went up to Hyena Tongue and got Jag-
ged. Went up to a hotel winder. srtar
his bead to and bollered 'Piu. an' bv- ./
erybody dld."--Everybodly's Mlagaxla.r,
Painful Cleanines.
From a Vienna I4per:
"Conmfortable Crf(k( for i trtf"lp
visitors: good hlcll li, with ,.,mlkinl ental
eatubles. or plaie ruselef with 1etrat~t
for same prices:; til< elleprlng r'ona
wtbh opest windows; peh infl el*i-i"-
ness: numeroas extrordf 3isy tefet'-
ences."- St. James' Gazette.
The Proof Later.
MyVt1l'-Pd('aP owkst?*oPr ynm tall-
1rri (P'w art ff., (Geirge. -,f,.rg' Whyr ,
that IK'Igr a mlonnut slflw I Ii < I c'lle iln thli
dcour. My.rtls-All right; Jtt wait ttll
vyou eluole itl--|Apphlveat'sr "
Pimall axes fell great Itree.-d terwaUm

UtVL &J1 JXA _W_ jIP.




0e* Tarpon arrived from the
south at 9:00 o'clock a. m. Friday
and Jom Mobile and Pensacola at
120:00 m., yesterday.
The Manteo arrived from New
SOrleanr via. Mobile and Pensacola
-at 1130 a. m. Tuesday.
The uchr. Hempstead, Capt, L.
M. Ware, came in Satusday morn-
lag with 8,000 pounds of mixed
fish, which were bought by the Bay
Fisheries Company.

Revised Upward.
:(tO rrelftig at tfatlly prayers the
he ad ot Oe bourse.rend that chapter
Swh r o idart lde with. "And the wife
see F. t lphe reverence her husband."
AI tr th l exer'tws had closed and the
c" ihren h bl gooe to bed, the New
Irik Il'Nt ~sys. he quoted It, looking
mianl rgy ot his wife.
"t.it a see what the Revised Ver-
iAfti yx -un Hluil tf trjctvt." said she.
"I wvill filh-w tle taew- tiwelaing. if
fi i fteaw, .."
Thr H-irerIP V.er'mkr was iodaced.
and her cha rinl may be huaglred as
fthe @ld inip,'r.savely retid. "And let.
tbe wife swe that she fear her hus-
*t band."

The following fable eeord-l the max
.Imuam, minimum ahd mean terpera-
S' tirem the ratnfali and direetton of the
wind fur the twenty-fonr hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m., as indicated by U. S
ru: ar eutst
i t.. j ;.. | | Rain. Wind
Dee.. 8 60 38 49 .0O n
S 9 53 55 44 1.0) nw
S 10 49 29 34 .00 n
t11 65 42 53 .00 e
." 12 IZ 568 62 1.85 w
13 8t4 49 56 .31 :w
14 61 31 48 00 ow
I 59!431 51 2.16 I

Alone In Sawmill at.Midnight
anmindful of dampness, drafts, storms
or sold, W. J. Atkins worked as night
watchman at Banner Springs, Tenn'
Such explsura gave him a severe cold
Shat settled on his lungs. At last he had
to give up work. He tried many rem-
adies buit all failed till he usad Dr.
King's New Discovery. "After using
sne battle," Le writes, "I went back to
work as well as eve." Severe colds,
stubborn cougha, inflamed ti.routs and
site lungs. hemorrhages, croup and
Whooping cough get quick relief and
o-.ppmLt-cure rom-thie BlePeis medi-
c.e. 5'3u.'ad 81 .00. Trial bottle frew.
gi9arauteed by A. H. IBrake and Gainer
O Mercantile Co:

The Blirnd Leading the Blind.
el~iher M.alel nor Willie has quite
ainrterrd the intrivnlcies of English
prmnunrlation. but each delights in
rorrecting the other's mistakes. Last
Sunday. while the family was at din-
ner, Mabel, aid:
"r'le'ae upass the drary."
Willie Faw his chance and quickly
"Well. Mabel! If I touldn't say


I'd say drease."- Woman's

Pretty Ancient.
"BlllRger ha Rsome very ancient airs
1 hir new comlc opera."
"Ancleut: 14a. 1'I bet he has gone
ba k for some of them to the time
wben the morning stars sang togeth-
er!"-Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This Is Worth Remembering.
Whenever you have a cough or cold,
just remember that Foley's Honey and
Tar.will cure it. Remember the name.
Foley's and Tar, and refuse substi-
utes. Sold bv all Draggirts
The Aurora orealis.
Whatever may be the cause of the
zuroara boreaill. its height does not ap-
pear to be limited by the atmosphere
The rays sometimes touch the earth in
lkmituarin. coining between the ob-
srrmw and tervated places, but Flogel
J eats ag OskMawl data. showihg that
* horge uurora seen lu northern Ger-
Smany must have had a height of sixty
miles avS that the rays often rise to
4GA0 utes., thwle peoatS glowing with
.na n.r" - .
ltter Contempt.
"I apeae you wouldn't marry me If
I were the only man on earth?"'
"' wouldn't even be engaged to yoW
WSponded: tB girl. "iT you were tbe
eoIy man at a rummer resort"-Kan.
ifw Cet Jouenau



J* U. DRUiJLIUD,9 Presideut.

,a~dge L. J. ITEEV

Your Patronage is Re

'r da so nhg b sd laa m t To Know Her I To Love Her HELTH, STRENGTH and Pensacol St Andrew & Gulf
SThursday morning for a meeting of S T E A M S H I P C M p
--Mrs. Capt, Hill of West End is citizens on that night to put in BEAUTY! A Renewal of Life, a Freedom From Pain, Care and H I C P A N Y
--est End now has,a sawmill est.b- nomination a town ticket in oppo- Wrinkles, are Perquisites to Her Devotees. She makes ARTISTS
ishrd. tosaw tove wood. sition to the one already named, a OF COAL HEAVERS; IDEALI'IS OF ARTISTI Hunting, Fishing,
-FOR RENT-A cottage and a room number of citizens gathered at I. Yachting. Rest for the Weary! Enjoyment for ALL! Summer and I A
Ei.quire at the Buoy offiee. Godad's place that night and the Winterl Regarding Board, Cottages and Everything,: Write H. N. 'T..- T R
-A cool wave hit us this morning, following proceedings were had: Welles, Select Club Man. _.. w ,
with a demand for heavier clothing. Mr. J. M. Wills called the meet- ------ W. ARROW. aster
-A younp man by the name of l in- t o a w a T SCHEDULE
ton Williams di ed at Millvile last Tues- ing to order and was afterwards The Woman Question.Aw
day, from typhoid foyer, having been made the chairman, Little Willie-Eay. paw. whatt Is the Hi Awfui M;stak. AVE GOING SO H. ARRIV .
sick for nly a wee Mr. E S. Day was chosen as -"woman question?" Pa--it's nnmer- Mr.-Nt~W'ic'h- 1 ntflerstatll'stie or- Tuesday, 8:30p it. Pensacola.
sick for enlya week, Mr. E, S. Day was chosen as sec- os, my son. For example: What shall chestra is to pliy otc of Ioi'rkltobhs wednesday, 4:00 p. St. AAdrew, Wedheda, 8:00 a.
-Last Throday the Nortu Bay mail retary. I wear? How does nmy hair look in compositions tni.ight. I rf. Odt01(r4'tc- Wednesday, 4:00 p. m. Panama[Cit, Wedaesday, :00 a. ra
boat broke down, at the mouth of West Nominations for Mayor being in the back? 1 my hat on straight? etc. I)orkn'ob l':lDrktfth? Ah. I suppos Wednesday, 2:30 p. m. Mil ille,, Wednesday 10:00 .
and was delayed about nn hour, when yg -Exchange. you nIed.t Handt:t-Chiic:ro .News. Thursday, 9:00 a. m. Apalachicola, Thursday, 600 a. m,
another launch came along and towed order, M, S. J, Gainer was namedMonda, 6:00 p. l. rrbile. Thurd .y, 2; o
it to town, but that gentleman, while express- Antiquity of fishitai. Mo. Monday, 6:06 a. m.
-Mr. L. McKinney a popular attor- ing thanks for the honor, respect- Probably no branch of industry car IWhere Nature Cdocks the Food. LEAVE. m OING ORUTl1. ARRIVE.
-4 r. L. McKin ney, a popular attor- ingthanks for the honor, respect- lay claim to greater ahtiqulty than In certain parts ot New Zealand both Thursday, 3:00 p. m, Cartabelle'.
ney of Vernon, died at his home, there full declined to be considered as a that of fishing. ts origin would see native and white omen use the natu- Friday, 11:30 a. m. StAndre.m Friday, 2 am
on Sunday, the 5th inst. He spent sev- ar ral hot springs to do their cooking. In Fridav, 11:00 a. m, Panama City, Frid 2
on Sunday, the 5th inst. He spent sev- candidate. to be coevar with the eaestiday, ef s1
eral days here recently, being then in candidate. to be coeal witnen t e the Rotorua region. it matters nor Friday, 10:00 a.. ilile, r 1 p. n,
feble health. Mr. J. M Wslls was then put in o human ngenuty, for the oldest her t cook wishes to roast a Pensacola. Fida ,3p.
monuments of antiquity show the fish- whether of e atook wishes to roast alu Friday 11,30 p. x*"-
-Blankir Warranty Deeds, new re- nomination and chosen us the can- erman in ful possession of the imple- pie.e of meat. l'b potats or steam lP.tASSEElaL.. 1 .A.-ESl
vied, improved short storm printed on didate by acclamation. ments of his calling, and even those pudding, all she ha to dos to n Pensacola to St. Andrew gnd.iille, $5.00.
good linen aper. 25c per dozen: also tribes of savages which hae learned ut Pensacola to Apalachicola and Carrabell $7.50.
blank receipt-100 receipts in a block. Mr. John W. Purcell was next neither to keep flocks nor to till the utensil in a steam hole. The cover Il St. Andrew and Millville to Alachfbola, $5.00.
blan receipts-100 reepts n a block. neither to kee ks nor to till the A ,
10aenach. at the Buov office chosen as candidate for town clerk, fields are skilled In the fabrication of then put on. Pnd a piece of coarse Pensaeola to Mobile, $2.50.
-Rev. W. J. Burdesbaw, pastor of For aldermen, Mr. W. M. Conely the hook, the, fih spear and the net. sack over the whole ompletest t h e above rates include meal's and berths. H. OEI
-. mThe easiest cViiization of the easter operation, In a hort time dher is V. WlALEI$, Gen'l Freiht and oPass Agt. PresideIIt.
the M. E. church, St Andrews, will was nominated to succeed Mr. J. T e anean was begiliz n of the eastern ready. At Whakarehtarewa the entire i l.
Mediterranean was begun with fishing,Path j'ust beneathth sf I s n
preach Sunpay morning and svenino T. Gwaltney. S don, wt't e means "fishery." was earh sth t s e is
at the usual hours. Everybody is cor- Mr. Bert Fuller was named to mass of bohlibg sprnln.gs. Millions of J
Sdially invited to attend the services gallos rof hot waper hsps anderising inhabits d d tr aste. R. H
S r succeed Mr. G. W. Surfer jr. and tenii t thea oleco e a sending vapors skyward in great white
-Handsome eser eads with St. tension malqy to the collection of alods. Strike the ground almost any-
Andrews Bay date line aa views of Mr. G. W Surber was selected to certain kind of mollusks, from which where wlth a stick and the hole t hus JO N I
either St. Andrews Bluff, or Buena succeed Mr. L. M. Waro. they prepared the famous tyrian pu- formed ills with hot water. Hot wa- u
Vista Ponlt, at 8 per dozen; also, map For marshal, Mr. T. J. Krebs pin. prized more highly for the rich ter for baths, the week's washing anda
Aof the dt.Andrews d aycountryon wa s prtitinf naantir ness and variety of its hues than anyputposesof t6 house-
of the St. Andrews Bay country on was put in nomination. other dye known to the ancients. for the ordinary u poses of the house-
back f letter sheet at Th per dozen, Messrs. I. Godard, E. B. Smith
at theBv office. A Hearty Appetite sands ae Kie
---The !Odd Fellows Thanksgiving and F. H. Gwaltney were made a is what most bab have, but it e
-service which was to have been hsld In committee to attend to getting benefit to them if tiey have worms. Be o Tro0ble and Never Suspect it.
the Baptist church list Sunay wastickens printed for election purposes. sure your baby is not troubled with nbe and Neder S out f Xe
not held because of the stormy weather U p e t Ae ouy ,Noteyow To Dind out.
and has been postponed to next Sun- Upon presenting the above tick- them. Sure symptoms-always hungry, ill a bottle orcommon glass with your I
day, when it is hoped the weatheer con- it to the Town council for approv- rings under the eyes, not gaining in water and let it stand twenty-four hours;
-y whN t iee d e aer n t ound o weight and yellow omploxion. A few a brck 6llowiomploxion. A few a brick dust sedi- I
ditions will uotinterfere. at, it was. found that they were a doses of White's .Cream Vermifuge ment,orsettling, S ESWW ,PETT0
-A Christmas tree will be oed day too late to have the nomina- will expel all worms. It is a positive stringy or milky U 1 11 U, I
he Bap st chu Christmas e; u t tions placed upon the official ballot cure and reliable. Price 25c, per bot- indices an oftn- ulL ine of
7:30 o6'clook the tree will bs heunalthycond
All are cordially invited to bring es- and it is still a question whether an te. Sold by Gainer Mercantile Co. healthy condi-
ents for their friends and ptace in officer ean be legally elected with' asy Money. neys; too Goods Except Meal, re-
upon the tree, for distribution. out his name appealing upon the How the street urchin spots an "easy quent desire to Postoffibe on the Bav.
-The ladiosof the Mthodist c ballo mark" and gets the coIn was shown pass it or painin
-The ladi the thoist h official ball. recently at Third and Chestuut streets.- the back are also symptoms that tell you
will serve a Chicken-Pie Supper in Mr. Wills says he did not ask for An excellently dressed young man the kidneys and bladder are out of order
Ware's Hal, l riday evening, the 17th ith a setter he y and need attention.
inst. A fine repast will be served and the nomination but that if he is with a sette dog whic the held by a What To Do. L. E. WARE. OTWAY WARE, H
i strap wAs stfaining on the corner. There is comfort in the knowledge so
Everybody is invited to come and as- e ected he will be mayor. One of the newsboys stood beside ofte ereisoo n th D Kilerdg 's
Oneofeoften expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's 1
slat in disposing of it. Remember the the dog and when, tt master was not Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
Time, Friday evening, Dec. 17. Dropped the Subject. looking reached Adown and gave its tall fulfills almost every wish in correcting
-Mr. H. N. Welles re eived a very t a oa sharp pull." With a yelp of pain the rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys,
flattering offer to take charge of the be exclaimed as he looked up from tormetor, but misse a d him by several pnds orts od p inb il ito hodI waAen
tormentor, but missed him by several passage. Corrects inability to hold water
Ocean Spray Club at Palm Beach; but his newspaper. "Do you believe any a nd scalding pain in passing it, or bad
he is so much in love with 'Beauful one ever paid any such price, Maria? ces.effects following use of liquor, wine or THOROULY REOR ANI
St. Andrews by the Sea,"a" d has suth "I'm sure I don't know, James, she The fact that the (log did not bite beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne-
.e Aurne I donts kno Jes se 1 him was no obstacle to the boy, who cessity of being compelled to go often IN I_ 0 TA NJN
confidence in its future tha he is not ret ead without stopping her le- grabbed his left arm, with his right through the day, and to get up m Iany I
inclined to tonsider fayrably aproposi-. r n t am hand and begun to scream furiously. times during the night. The mild and
ot paper say, that much asIt bit me; it bit me. Take me to a immediate effect of Swamp-Root is H E A D Q U ART E R S F R
ton to mke d uane. ,, "Yes. There's an artile on vluable hospital. "soon realized. It stands the highest be-
-Parker lodge No 1s42 F. A.. will dogs, and it spe aks of one that was T beacaue of its remarkable
Saturday at 2.r o'clock l. m. Visiting "It may be true, James." s he saitd a t t erties.I you need a N I T I
meet in regular copmopnication next ,-' nd ,0 I don t b ve. The owner ,of te dog bcanll.e alarmt- he alth restrin prop-
atureday ant e. 0o'clock ,im. Visiting 'lit may e true., ,ames," he sai*d he said. takee this five dollar billand medicine you should oe ,
Masons in good standing' are invited quietly, "Some of these well bred a tl- G Ee seEt the olld he icie you should
to participate. An order of. the Grand W nals bring fancy prices,. and there's no keep qoset. 4t'll be all right." and he have theobest. Sold by
hurried away. druggists iii fifty-cent
Lodge of Florida demands that visit lparticu Ir reason why,thepaper Shluld l hEasy motieyd said t e newsboy aw and one-d ar siess pt b tt ..
must be provlqed with a certificates of lie about it." t be joi a lpnrulon.-rlll You may ha sample bottle -set e
reeship from their br. lodge and I know that. MarIa. fut jun-b thlue pr l mk a by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.,BTBnug-
of it-just try to grasp the magnitud hamton, N. Y.Mention this paper and
aof that sruein your .weak feminine teimemberthename, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp--
na fully p eaid up rewt fos duestt sthe you .wep a feminine q e oedshed Averted. Root, and the address; Biilghatmton,
-Prof. Lash, who is conducting a miAd You don't seem to realize it. l woodshed Averted. Root, and the address, ; .ga ton,
singing class in the Baptist church, Five thousand dolarfora dog! y. Ople Rtead. the novelist. once told of N. Y., on every bottle.
singing class i the Baptist church, Five thousand dollar for a dog! Why. his experience s a journalist lin Ken- I.
wishes to inform all' the people that hang it, Maria, that's more than I'm hucky many yercs ago. A Curious trail. d1
the ries. will close net Tuesday wrt!' There wa good d of news." he All sorts of devices have been used
night, with a Musical Concert, con- "I know it. James, but some a(e said. "uh as otiugs ad nifings. to mark a line of narh. A unqe The Old PIONEER STORE Business,
slating of solos,':duetts, quartetts an worth more thatI others -." ths s e ws n't regarded as m-. method of "blazIng the trail" is still tr
class drills, for which an attractive wShe weut cahlyon withpUer sewing, portant, and little attention was paid be seen in Africa. aid a recent Ipultli-
hprolerm is being rrngedd sutterd for a o it. I remember once, when a local cation prints a picture of one of ths Founded in 1878, and built ti by e lte L.
pradmission will being charranged, one half ofents momeut and then dropped the subject, feud broke out afresh, when members memorials mfitle der si.t Arthul now Thoroughly. Reorganized under New angeneif
the proceeds to go to the church. Prof. part of it. of the oppingsides met at th oun- JSaeso mter inste .nb le tI h Solicits the Patronage of Old Paerons
Lash and the class extend a special in- bw was struc. nd eapos weee h win 1l&9. after a tflre b ttl! with the
vitation to everyone to be resenton Cosmic Dust. daw, when the sheriff interfered. Abyssinians, re e'rvihl pris~ed of the House, of the Trading Post, ald of new ones as
thatoccasion. A particle of dust one-hundred thou- drw, when the sheriff trferd. their foes as fr a, then ~ n rli'rl.i1 Well, and guarantees uniform fair and courteous treatmnieut
santh of an inch in diameter is held He loudly allf0oiuwed that he would The mhdi', ten h::d sm.iti ktawieal.r
--Mr. E J. Lynch and his t ree sis- its place in space by the force not tolerate any violence. ordered the to all.
ters, the Mrs. Hogeboems visited the ifrvta itlaoi but a parle hse omler parties to separate, and when his or- of gieolgraphy and Ilttle toggn lrtic l
af erntation, butht a prtparly sWmaallder e ot yd iht ieenic. on thbg Gnl F rrtFe isn
old homestead and bnrlal place of their 'man this is lsnhe(l ontward into space ders were not obeyed he begau shoot- orr rk 'he rute fr those we Pa th e Freight ,I a ll Gotis yet Flnr. Meal and
mother at Piney Point, on East Bay, hy the weight of the sun's light. be- in". I forget w whether he killed eight rn Iafter a nd ar lso to "uhl t he for,,, Feed t, any ] I- t oie ln h By.
last Saturday, and spentthe day there. ~us:e :as the particle becomes smaller or nine. but I l know that in des-ribiong w
aCapt. L. M. Ware generously furnish- itn surface, which Is subject to pres- the htcklent.t -.my paler i commend- sThIs urin the wi t .r itto lhirth..-.t
'd a launch and his servcleas for the en suie, b'omes greater in proportion to ead ther seifd aftd ed the par tin grh. "i a a Sprdinkhle Aln's n ot-ba in o e
tire day and ded'lina+d, with his prover- Its weiitht. t-,, ,,+ i ,,.,-,.,i ,,,,, ,htt, beo+.o ht ,,, e
bia liberality to nccet anyThe sun's corona,. the zodiacal light. Thrt Is dl bf he prompt ,',uthly tw -td ,,l itrd. nd ar se aen t oin Le othir a nou e hen
tion. Mr. Lynch asrepth Buy t the aurora borealis and the cornet's action of atle 'eriff there would have "i' ,'a ? rti(iad.s oft that upris- rubbers urovrsho bcome n c -esary, Ve
ton. Mr Lynch assures the Buoy that a r anll composed of these infinitely bec bloodshed t, of I ,r "'" and our hoes seem to pinch, Sold eov-
suoh kindness .is reatly appreciated, 'utalnut particles, in some cases white i-rywhre, 25c. Don.t accept n3" Ub
a be and his sisters will be only too 'ot anid i na other merely glad to reciprocate when opportunity I,. the suIn. which are being constantly Tbere is a Intent tuth In the prim '. ,se the cheek -- -.ue.
presents itself. driven away from the sun by the pres- tlv- Ma)ori belief that by eating the :, '' a "w a way hastily. .Servant (who has Ie' uen t to chas- RM
-In last wee' iue, the uire of its light. l)rais (,f his tne'mics a warrior ac- "I iaik. it' s a: indigtauntly. "you tise a stray 't ut for stalking c.hic.kensa
wek's issue, theBuoy fil- in the cse of the arora borealis qulred their skill ani d cunning. ,: b, .r ~i ar hr rst.'" -I--couldn't-catll 'iln- mmn--for the : U : n v
ed to give creQdit toCapt. A. Alexander there is a movement of the light both it wafs i (.tI.totll among, those seay- ...\\'. w' ,. t u mean?" asked nrnir 1-gnt tfo 'in-t-th e faf rther 'e t~f

for establishing the new channel at :way from and toward the sun. This ages. whose descendants I have seen ,e ','rpl.xd htvar. awy.-P ticb.
the Pass .preparatory to securing the i explained y the theory to sehaturing the and admired iu Hawaii and New Zea- "-i;'b-,." slir' tL,;tnd a she nursed si F R n
change in the range lights to conform weight of the sun's light presses the land. to hold a Lrninl feast after a snte- er (l ut-ik. "l a larber."- Success Mag- The Better Way, THE CHILDREN' FAVORITETONIC.
therewith. Others, it seems, haey particles outward into space for a cer- cessful battle. 'The conquering chief a :ie. First Boston Child-Do you believe Tu NUfA PREAaIA .OLY
h taie n distance and that then a certain always reserved for his owan portion First Boson Chiad-o you belive TIM 'N
taken unto themselves credit which n ihre a th then a crti ay matter ;f the posn leader. tn corporal puttnshment? Second Bos- Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
h nunew ber or themt cohere together until the gray matter of e oppos Ic ener. Looking One'c Best. tou Child-No; I can usually make my BT. Lorae, ano.
they .are not entitled to. for bringing hey hav e sufficient weight to be at- Observe how the pract e works outn Looking One. to Child-No; can usually mke my .
about the action of the Lighthouse tracted toward the sun once more by modern life. We do tnot actually eat It's a woman's delight to look her parents do what I wish by moral sua- Sold by Gainer Mercantile Co.
Board in this connection. As a matter the force of gravitation. our rivals' I aitls. but if we ,tre wise best, but pimples, skin eruptions. sores
of fact, however, nothing would have we will try. -t, absrb whatt those and boils rob luie of joy. Listen! Buck-
been done had not Captains Alexander Rarely Disturbed. brains centi:.f'l. man whiq wkes a len's Arnica.Salve cures them; maKes
and Spiva, of St. Andrews, as Pilot Two spiders who dwelt, l different big successes t1 man who makes the the skin soft and velvety. It glorifies
Commissioners, taken the matter up, paints ot a church chanced to meet to- besl use fiis ~ilie, sis t eli the face. Curas pimples, sore eyes.
verified be soundings made by Cher ithe aisle one day whe out hat thogt p are apt to coldsores, backed lips, chapped hands,
Bverifiend soundings made by Capt. for a constitutional. follow t howut here in the stre t t ry it. Infallible for piles. 25c at
Barrow end forwarded the recemmend- f'oa e you getting on said spi follow. 1)owu here in the street I J p l. s Fri 1
Nations tothe Board. Capt. Alexander Howaer yoI getting o" 2d guess we're more or le.s akin to the Gaier Mercantile Co.'s and A. H.
riehteouslv believes that the saying "Oh moderate wasthe reply. "I Maoris. anywiy.---New York Herald. Brake's. earl all women suffer at ti from fema
Dit Nodon't feelver comfortable on Sun- ailments. Some women suffer more acutely a
"Doi t l ows. ay.b live i the pulpit under the Finger Prints Never Fail. FO U N D, m re constantly than others. But whether you have
it belongs. euslo n and on that day the parson Although scars from wounds-anrd cl- ON or after November 25th, 99 more C Stantly than others. But hetheryouha
a comes arnd bauggs the book and sends 'ers frequently partly destroy the pat- ONE FOJ EEN FOOT SKIFF. 3 little pain or whether you suffer intensely yo
hL fisBts on tht side, and I have to teru folds, such disfignr'ements are fjot beam; painted white on outside Je jnOey 7an
be fists e o rn t ewside and mhavore fte t hl anctherise aids to aard green on inside, season cheek at should tae Wine of Cardui and get relief
i A N DR EW S e wterine oleated sovei on inside; one Cardui is a e c d natoveral medicine, for wo gn,
think he'll hit me. He bangs with entiation. When the system of rower's seat of old board. Owner may prepared scientifically from hIa less vegetable O WO
N W MR such a force that I know he'll squash thiger prints was tirst introduced at have same by paying for this adver- prepared scientifically from harle
me to a ell ." police headquarters in New York a tisement and proving property. In- gredients. It acts easily on the female organs and
"Oh, you come a live with me!" lieutenant in one of the administra- quire at Buoy office, of H. N. Welles. givs strength and tone 0 the ole Sster
said his c(QImpanion. "I'm never trou- tire departments tried to discredit it.
K, f. .1 815,000 blid. -'u, al)ivysJ comfortable and nev- Be had an experimental print made E
K, I- -I $15,000ditube from one years end to the of the tip of a finger and a short time L
,. other." -' *afterward asked to have the same Cures Colds; Prevents Pneumonia
"Indeed!" said the other spider. finger reprinted. He had meantime
O ( ier "And wheredo ou lve?" ground down the skin of this finger
"Oh. I live it) their poorbox!" was the on a grindstone until the blood almost
reply.-Pearson's Weekly. flowed. Nevertheless the pattern form R
was more accurately disclosed in the
TO RS T of dn trouble are second printing than In the first. Once ITo growth fn Jla
D.The m so e oue the record has been made nothing has est flowers and The W om an's To4
ES. unwary disorders, weak back and back-vegetabeemd1higasusciuts
ES. uolry discord weakyet been discovered to invalidate it- vegetables, plant the best
.ache, rheumatism and rheumatic pains Charles Brewer in Century. seeds era allac, of San Te tried CSerdds a best
aeobecaus theyneverfalltlnyleld Vra. Verna Wallace, of Sanger, Tex., tried arui. te
and twinges, pains in the groin, etc.. or quality. T'ae best garden- dt H
and twins in he gi, ec, oer andfarmers everywhere rden"Cardui.has done more for me than I can describe Last sprg
There is nothing as good for kidney After exposure, and when you feel a highest s a ofb the was taken iith female inflammation and consulted a doctor but to
and bladder trouble as DeWitt's Kid- cold coming ota take Foley's Honey yet attaied. For ale no avail, so I took Cardui, and inside of three days, I ws able to do
ney and -Bladder Pills, You may do- and Tar, .the great throat and'ung tuf rs i iSeed Annsal my housework. sSince then my trouble has never returned." ry t.
spend upen them to give entire saiis- remedy. It stops the cough and re- Freeon request
full faction. They are antiseptic act lives the congestion, and expels the A.ILEMlC,a .. AT ALL 'DRUG STORES
IspectfllIy Sollelfted, promptly and soothe pain. Sold by all cold from your system. Is mildly lax- I
druggists. native Sold by all Drugistgs.



--- L-. 3S<--t3;-.

Special Reptor to the Buoy.
It has been a good many nidonS
since we have seen a word in the
Buoy from Farndale; one uf the
oldest and most heauthful locations
on St. Andrews Bay.
Saturday was pay-day at the
S Still, which is a regular occurrence
Thursday. DeC. 16. 1909. every month.
W. F. Woodford has just built a
feed stable which will accommodate
S T. A NDRE WS several horses and mules.
PRICE S CU RRENT T Mrs. Lupton has moved back to
dRt.OCBRiES. the Range Light-she has been liv-
Sugar Per M Tea; perb .l
Granulated ...61-4 He No .... ss ing in Mr. Levitt's house for sev-
Goftee. Gunpowder .... 40
Gren .... .1 at2o Uncol'dJap..40-60 eral months, inorder to give her
Arbuckle..... lb 20 Cond milk per can
lnger naps... o Unsweet .... Id children the benefit of our splendid
Crackers, soda .... to Sveetene rt.....
Tobacco, plug ..3 toso Baking Powder school system.
iRndon layers .. 5 Gambel d...... x~ Sellers and Woodford have just
Valencia ....... 0to Canned f ruit
le.ni...... 6. to 8 Peaches ...... oa2o dehvered several hundred fruit trees
Apples Tomatoes .t s
Nvapiorated .... 0 Apples .... .... to the farmers and truckers here.
Dried Peaches .. to Pears .........5
Coal il pr gal .... 20 Plums........ to The shipment weighed 1,155
Gasoline ......... a2o ricot ..... t-26
Florida Syrup .... So strawberries to tot poUnfids.
Honey .......... xo Pineapple .... 0o-2o
Yinegar ......... 30 Canned meats The hotel is rurinirtg til full time,
Cheese pr bo......20 Roast BeefI....
Butter .......'35-40 CotnedBeef.. 's with the Oliver Brothers as man-
Oleomargerine ... 18 Chipped Beef... 5
Loard g ..... to 13 Lobster.... to& Is agers, and are prepared to furnish
Bens........... 6 8ltnimon..... ioatrs
anut pkg .... 0o Canned vegetables their guest with all all the fish and
glass.. roasl Baked Beans ,.stoio
iiefuice ::.3s Corn .......ioat oysters they cati get away with.
I pr do% ...... 2 S Peas ......... : ico
Puprmdok......in ..... o A few days ago, the stork visited

Flour ROVI N. Mr and Mrs. M. Davis and left a
Star ofS'th !I, 3.25 D.S. pr Tb ..... ix
Obelisk .'.. 3.40 BaconSides .. prize that they will have to care
Can ealD pr buI ...oo Fresh ....... 8axo
Oat Meal prlb .... o Br'kf'st Bac'n 6--2 for in future.
Corn pr bu ..... 100 Ham canv's'd .. 16
r Potatoes 0 Shoulders ...... xx The St. Joseph railroad is com-
Irish ;........ x.4o Beef I
Early R'seseed.. I8o Corned ........ 8 pleted to St. Joseph, and the nn-
Sltee .... 75 t .o res...... toS derstandlng is, it will be continued
~1 ,.r.sa.k ... .oo Driedl......... t5
Tale ...".. HADW lk prqt ........ to on up to Farmdale. With the East
Nailsprt.,i.... 4aS Ax, with handle ,,,oo Bay canal from the Abalachicola
Galv wire do .. 7to8 Hoes, each ... 35 50
Manilla rope 2totS Copper paint, can... 60 river right
ecook..8a2 Linseed oil, gal..55a6orier right to this place, Farmdale
Pipe pr joint ... Gs will be in the swim for aure.
Prit pr yd .... 6a7 Checks ........ 6to8 It looks as though East Bay has
Shectings .. 5a Flannel ....... isa40
Muslin ........ 9at Threadper spool.. s a monopoly of the oyster beds on
Jeeas ......... tsa45 Shoes, ladies...
..n.$' $2.s;$400 the Bay, for all the oyster bats
Men's ..4i,4o a4.oo
MISCELLANEOUS, coma up here, for oysters. Of course
Hay pr cwt ..i.26 Oats prbu .....e7 h
H prcwt .... .. OBrickprMu......o. wehave no objection to our beds
SopeSisal...... 7a9 Lime pr bbl .... .So being worded.
Oranges perdoz... 30 Pecans pr tb ..... s Now, the most important part of
Apples ..... ... o0 Walnuts ........ 20
Lemons .......O 3TE Almonds ........ x this repo t is in regard to the press
Inshellprx,ooo...2.oo Opened prqt..... o2 ent East Buy mail service. We are
Horses ..... oa Cos......$25 to $50 cut out from connection with the
Muorls ..... $soaS17S Hogs ..... $3to$6
oxeults r ke ...oa s sheep'.... .. s2t daily mail from the north and St.
cPensOeach U.oLTRY.se each...Andrews. If we desire to go to St.
Chickens each ..4aSo Geese each .....45a50
rturkeys ..... goa.so Ducks ....... a5aso Andrews by mail boat, we have to
F r salt lay over one night at Panama City;
1Mullet pr doz ... S5 Mullet pr. bbl 6. 0so
Trout........ as Trout.......6. so and to return must stay a night at
Pompano prtb.. to Pompano ....zo.oo
Sturgeon ...... xo Mackerel .... 8.oo St. Andrews and another night at

Heart per m... $14.oo Hea
aee ........ 12.00 Face
p .... 10.00o Sap
Drop Siding
i ert face pr m $I .oo i-x
ap" ... 10.0oo Fini
Buff lumber'...8 at t2 bt
#Cartli.ngles .. 2.5650 Lat
Dap ... i.So Boa
.- dt

rt, per m....44.00
e .. 12.00
... zo.60
in pr m.... $12.oo
shing lum-
er, d .... $i2a$1s
i, pr m ..... 0o
t lumber,
dressed .... $20

Beware 01 i Oiutlliell for Ca-
tarria that Cotttain Mlercury
as nieacury will surely destroy the sense
of snill ani completely derange the whole
systeni ~hen ent ring it through the nmu-
cous surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except upon prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as the dan.age
theydois tell fold tj the giod you can
possibly derive from them. Hall's Oa-
tarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
& Co., Toledo, 0., contains no mercury
and is taken internally, acting directly
up n the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure le sure you get the ge nuine. It is
taken internally and made in I'oledo.
F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimnoni-
Sold by Druggists, Price 75c. per bottle.
Take dall's Familv Pills, for conslipa

A Ono Vlume Manos
A One Volume Ma",
A curious exahttple of gCicl'otls ob-
stinary was a stout English eoulnry-
man who Inquired for nI !ce book to
tdc4-"one with i: sfoiy ijt." On sev-
eral weing placed before hum, he exam-
led them attentively and picked out
the middle volume of a "t1tree decker"
With the remark$ "Thus 'efe' uiy sort.
What's tIl price?" ,
"Oh." was the reply, "tillv tt enly the
second volume. The story 9t1,?s through
three. The set is hallf a drown."
"Hauve a crown! Well. 'FI gle ye
that for that one book. It's it pretty
0oae enough."
"But won't you artv. tht other two
af wPell? Yon'd better,"
"Now. I don't like th' Irpirinin' of
a story. I can't pet f'rrud t~i;ft. An'
I don't like th' ,erAdin. I a'f ktlow*
as 'Qir 'it' :oUwld t 4 ttit. ft ltl th'
tuiddle nn l'n iiltto th" tll b bf 1 t f ghtl
off: No. I'll tAk' th' ni(lddhl fIo t'll
tet me up fr :l lt<,tilth." tA i. rt'HIm.
tnlnz the Ibo,,k Into his p0o frOI, pit 1
down li hialf rr'-wn nlnd yd/dl ttpeared
Wi'th a "Good uight" before the other
Volumnes could he given to li4ii.-V(bil!tt
hers' JourTnl.

Parker, and we are having a worse
service than we had when the mail
was carried by sail boats. It seems
unjust that one port on the Bay
s:.ould be allowed to dictate the
mail service for the entire Bay. It
seems to us East Bay folks that.
Panama -City w' nts to run theo
whole Bay, and we naturally pro-
test. They cut u off from Millville,
and would throttle us if they dared
to do so.
SExcuse your reporter for getting
"hot"-they have almost killed
East'Bay, that we have all worked
so hard to build up.
The Correct Time
to stop a cough or cold is just as soon as
it starts-then there will be no danger
of ,pneumonia or consumption. Jast a
few doses of Ballard's Horehound Syr-
up taken at the btait will stop the
cough. If it has been runningon for
some time the treatment will be long-
er, but the cure is sure Sold by Gain-
er Mercantile Co,
A 8.b'stitute.
T)e vyoungn lIwyer. ha:vingi been noin
united for hll office of co ney. tholight to sulrpri'e aln et)ecentrii
r('tlllS' of lte iname of 1 who W;i-
wvorlkinr .s hired iAtin on oilthe .youtll
lawyer's fa their's far m,.
'"Well,. S. what do you think?;" thi
young ntan begaIn.
"Sometimes one thing, Lonny. an'
sometimes 'not her."
"But. Si. ihey have nominated me
for county attorney."
"They iilhbt 'a' done worse. Lonny.
Howsomever. don't holler till you're
'out of -the woods."
The young attorney wait duly elect-
eld ind on his next visit to the fiarm
announced twhe fctt tonlrttslyq0; to S ,
who was nat the wood pile, s. p iwn hand.
"W'elll. S1. I am elected by a liarg
majority. W\hat do you thi.uk of that'?"
"Well. Lotiony, down in tti' parts,
wh.er, I w.aI ratlrd. whon w wnlttled
a sto)ppr an' inadn't any ionrk We gen-l-
erally took a cormntob."-- E.lhaniu e.

ltopLtHEsough s h
*topstt ae~ough ank4 keerlslunt

l1I aill .l li I Iii, a



Manufacturers of and Dealers in




Enables O t1o ill Orders At OrC0e I

No Order Too Large; None Too Small!

SSatisfaction Guaranteed.

T. J. MC SWEEN, Manager,
__~~~tr *"- -- -

First of the 8wift.
Gustavus Franklin Swift, the first oi
This commercial dynasty, was a Cape
S Cod Ynon,. who bright a steer now
|1 and then and predlled the meat from
- e Lbak U i a ctriai gocurt wiaL
'..IF e '.*. .. ,- f; ,, ... ,. )V(,,
Sto Albn'I ntaid rtent dno'eper filto in c'fs
discardiug une a.tier another ,naruner
6 -who htd nc: the foresiLtit and daring
which he possessed. Hie located in
SChicago at the bep-rnning of those' day
uf gieat pIfssibilities n bringing Into
touch the new west an.d the older east.
It was he who Inventel the first re-
frigerator cars. This was the one rev-
olutlonfiry not which put hl1- sons and
a few other sons in very ftir control
uf half of I'Lhe a r':it of .Anlmi-ca. He
.s w th-! m.-r':.t i, r 'cI.. dl Lcef cx
S'tend('l aly n 'f'r t '" I-':. r I- :t of :rhts.
All irront revtniti .n3 :,reC fought
against. All the rest. .:I Eng 'luod. all
Europe, foz;,:i thi' idea cf dressed
heef nnd thben nu'cCptcl It. I doubt If
wVe cculd do without it now.-Cosmo-
Spolltanu Maga;zle.
Upgardson-Isn't a lawsuit over a
patent right about the dullest thing
you ever saw?
Atom-Not always. I attended a
trial of that kind once that was too
funny for anything. A tall lawyer
named Shortt was reading a 6.000 word
document he called a brief.-Chi-
cago Tribune.

The noxt time the children catch
cold, give it something that will freely
and promptly but gently move the bow-
els, In that way the cold will at once
be driVeb Oit of the system. Kennedy's
Laxative Gough Syrup moves the bow-
els )romptly and freely yat gently and
at the same time heals irritation and
stops the oourh. It is especially good
for Children. So:d by all druggists,
Visiting With Johiny.
"I think the mother of a six-year-old
boy should have a pension to make up
to her for the mental agony she suft
fers," said just such t rdiother. "I took
Johuny to his paternal grandfather'd
last week and believe he has cut uL
out of T-rTlndfnther's will. Of course
we send him to Sunday school, and we
both attend church, but we( d1o tot aslt
a blessing at the tbttle, nor t!Qo we hrtV(
family prayers. G rand f'a I hr ldows, and
It happened that the micruing after we
arrived Johnny wa ex used from the'
taole and went out in the yard to play.
Grandfather led the v-ay into the sit-
ting room, and we ill knelt down In
prayer. Imagine my horror to see
Johnny's little face peering curiously
through the blinds and hear him sing
out: 'Hey, in there! What kind of a
game is that you're playing? Ain't you
the rotten bunch not to let me in on
it?' I arose and softly whispered tc
him to run on and play, and he sang
out: 'You're It, mamma; you're It!
Make a home run.' Now. what cna
you do wlth a small buy. anyway? I
can never expll In n mtters to his ,grand
father."-Newt York Times.
The Physician.
Dr. Cathelil ce I'; 3s declares that
no person who docs not possess cer
tain "six moral senses" should ::ltirmlt.
to enter the medical profession-viz.
the Pense of duty, thle sense of r:.spipl -
sibillty, the sense of kindness, the
sense of manual skill (which he sub-
divides into the sense of boldness and
the sense of prudence), the sense of
beauty and the social role. "The sense
of duty toward the patient." so he i?
quoted by the BostoL Ulobe, 'Is the
very first requisite iIn a physician. It
can only rise from a positive and In-
hate altruism or love of one's fellow
creatures-a quality similar to that
which moves the hospital nurse to the
care of the strl(.ken. There can be no
personal sensitiveness nor lack of in-
terest in details, as agalust an absorb-
ing curiosity that complicated cases
arouse, and yet, with all this perse of
duty, which calls for extreme good
ness and sensitiveness of heart. he
must not show a trace of emotion
when his luty calls him to operate on
a McKinley. a Carnot or a Frederick

A Truthful Description.
In au Illustrated description of the
game of tennis Simpllcissimus says:
"Like all gocd things, lawn tennis Is
of English origin. Marie Stuart while
a prisoner was compelled to beat car-
pets which were hung over a rail.
Not contented with this humiliation,
Ikr sister, Queen Elizabeth, once

threw a dead mouse at the unfortu-
nate Marie while the latter was beat-
Ing carpets. The little defunct rodent
was caught on Marie's flail and sent
back over the rilil and was returned
to her by nmrahs of a flail In the hands
of Ellzbetth. and thus the game of
tennis oril-ii'ted." Furthlr ou in the
same description it is said. "Two sets
are furimnd. and while thelie flirt at
the ed'ce of the court others stand
near li" hnt tlnd mnak efforts to speak-
Travel In 17Q3.
In Ihse (lays tf irilpid transit a para-
;raiih f'romt a Yorkshire iipct'r of 1760
Sit:;l-,rstlig. It is aiu! rit'co'lit of a
lti- n iT:'lr-iihan"t's joilrGfey fromi Lona.
,on to D)uliln ;and I>ack. I.eavin' Ltoff-
Ion on M3onday evening, tiie traveler
I'.et licd Liverpool ou Wednesday
.:n(tulig. i;t tita x i' t' c'it ?h ti? pi,'c.ket
for Ilu14nil. will i t Ity he renc'hedl on
Thursday, During that day he trans-
acted his business in the capitalP aild
next morning sailed for Live'pooi. af-
riving there on Saturday:. Monday saw
him back in London. and his Journey
was complete, having taken only eigbt
-days! "And." concludes the writer ,
'there is every reason to believe that
It will be possible to beat even this
performance in the near future."-Lot'
don Family Journal.
Here is Rel e for Women.
If you hae' pains in the back, urina-
ry bladder or kidney trouble, and want
Sa certain, pleasant herb cure for wo-
man's ills, try Mother Grey's Austral-
ian Leaf It is a safe and never-failing
reguRlator. At Druggists or by mail 50
ets. Sample package FREE. Address,
The Mother Gray Co., LeRoy. N. Y.
Cleanses and beautifie# the lair.
Promote@ a luxuriant growth. I
Never Fails to Restore 'Oir
Hair to its Youthful Color.
Cures scalp diseases & hair falling.
_Uk. .. *I -foat Drlarist




A T.TE BORROS. Proprietor.

Bayview St One Door North of Gwaltney's SLop.

PERSONAL The Modern Way,
f Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Welle with One friend who ha't spent a long
Sn wI and useful life and looks good for an-
p a party of friends, visited the Gulf other half century expects hili rPward
Beach, Wednesday afternoon on a in heravel ",nd ,' a :rntfrn is a Ir, ilos-
shell hunting opher. He can tlrrc on an, oiJectL
shetl hunting expeditiou. The under the sun. fr6i' "tli rlhOwer of
party consisted of Mr. an1 l rs H. poesy" to "the precession of the equl-
N. Welles. Dr. and Mrs. Wilson. noxes" He apparently knows the
Dr. and M Crowei, Miss Ethe "Ild" and "(dyssey" by heart, so I
r. and Mrs. Croweli, Miss Ethel knew that when' he handed mee a bit
Brainard, E. Masker, Mr. I. C. 6f verse it must be good.
Pierce, Judge Crawford and Mr. D "Here is a hymn on the solar syes
Pierce, Jude tern or some other lofty theme,"
Reeves. Taking the Alice D., Capt; thought I. placIng the sheet in my let-
Dispennet. ter case. When I arrived home I read:
Mr. E. 1. yi spent The lizard climbed a wall. He climbed it
Mr. E. J. Lyiich, who spent a dnce,
few days on the Bay, renewing old He "limbed it twibe-then' crawled away.
friendships with his many com- The bee lipp6d 6t flt1er. He sipped it
panions of former days, ft for his lie sipped it twice-then flew away.
home in California, Monday, goirg 'The man kissed maaidd. Iti kissed het
by way of Tampa, from which city He k ised jd'r f*ice.-then walked away.
he will go by steamship to New The wall wasn't sunny: the flowfte had no
Orleans, and thence by rail across honey;:
the mountain. The maid had no money. Funny!
Sm Thte problem now is whether the Ai-
Mrs. C. Clapper who returned tribution is a Joke (or .a iae.-Natioual
Saturday from a lenghty trip to Magazine.
N. Y. state, where she spent the Pilkerton Won the Race.
summer, is quite sick, her brother At one orf the reg.attas or the Xn.
Mr. Ray came with her to makehis tiolm" Association or Awieri ;a Gar"s
home hern during the early Iletics .loaines
home here. rPilkertCon for .ini. years the cb in-
Mrs. Lena Dobb of rComanton, Ipio s'cuir of Anlricn1. wkas 11mat I e,
visited her cousin, P, E. Wilson to row double agiai nst not helr ti-a;i
He i ntld his mnate weret tle (ih;d:i ipios.
another friends on Suinday, and the get'il'al lt.Jlcf w't. that thei.
Mrs. Loolittle is here, to spend would winv withoiult ef'i rt. I;ut thi
night before the legal I pbliv il "Io l'
the winter with her sister, Mrs. E. sunttv and l slt'reitn blK' otllii(ni
snddenly and minyeariousi y cl;mItI
M. Kockstead in West End. Mr. Pilkcntu knew t hii was 1,0
Mr. Wilcox, a wealthy lawyer from Causte by any sw(w dcvelopmKnYt of
strenglh in his (!i tifi< t or ally loss 01o
Chicago, has been here looking at skil on hi.` 4i, .tt. tr l' lnotni,
land with the thought of buying, some quiet ivqti'H4 i ,' ii sc While here he got up a launch party there was i.lk ch af tr.witn i m"ae .hav
ing been it'ii.! ip) ti," tin'h other side'
consisting.of, Mr. F, Wineman sis- and of lt 'g't to ir'ow Ihe
and of Anl to-l noiv;tuot to throw it e
ter and niece, Mrs. Rockstead and race.
sister, Mrs. Doolittle; they went to He didn't say anything about his ts
picions, but when the Iwo niell Were
Millville, then to Land's End. seated il the shell and were well out
Capt. E. Hand took them on his into the deep water he leaned over t;
launch, his mate and said:
Mrs. F. M. Gideonnd daughter "Look here, you bloomilng cltthront!
You've got to swim. drown or win thl-
Mrs. Horn, arrived on the Tarpon race! You know me!" He won.
yesterday, Mrs. G. came from
Houston, Texas. Rich Men's Gifts Are Poor
Mrs. J. C. Brainard visited Mrs. beside this: "I want to go on record as
C. Dispennett of Waretown, o saying that I regard Electric Bitters
Wednesday. as one of the greatest gifts that God has
W e, sa. given to woman" writes Mrs. O Rneh-
Mr, Michell moved his family, to vaultof Vestal Center, N. Y, "I can
Millville, last Tuesday afternoon. never forget what it has done fhr me."
Mr. Walker of Peoria, has rented This glorious medicine gives a woman
Dr. Jansenius's house for three buoyant lpi'its, vigor of body and jubi-
months, and w l be here soon. lant health. It quickly cures ne'vous-
months, and will be here soon. ness, sleeplessness1 melaneholy, hd,
ness, sleeplessness, melancholy, heAd.,
Mr. W. C. Holly arrived from ache, fainting and dizy spells; soon
Apalachicola, this week and will re- builds up the wear, ailing and siclly.
main here for some time. Try them. 50c. at Gainer Mercan-
Mr. A. Greenhut.of Pensacola, tile Co. and A H. Brake's..
was in town this- weik, looking
after his interests in West End.. LEGAL NOTICES.
MIrs. F. McKinney is visiting a .NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.
brother at Round Lak, 'for a week Departtneui of theInterior.
or two. .. .-. S. Land Oflice c.aineaville, Fla..
Mr. J. H. Drummond* returned December 1, t19i n
oite rts thereby given that Juiinn O.
yesterday from Washington, D. C., B.ggett of Mnrlee, Florida, who, on Fb-
where he had been in. -attendance rmary 2.5. 190. made ,Bomnestead entry;
No. 32185, ,(Seial Number. 02013) for
upon the Rivers and Harbors eon- Lots 2, 3 4 and 5, section 17, township
gress during its recent session. He 2 south, rage 15west, Tallahassee Me-
dr on. e ridian, has -filed notice of intention fo
returned by way of Albany, to at- make final ;five-year proof, to establish
tend, by invitationclaim to the land above described, b
tend, by invitation, a banquet there, the clerk of the cieruit court at Vernon,
and took the occasion to put in a Florida. on the 19th day of January.
few good words for St. Adrews 1910.
ew good words for St. Andrews Claimant names as witnesses: Eugene
bay, in a talk he made before the Murfee, of Mnufee, Florida, Lindaav Bu-
distinguihed guests, about two chanan, of Wetba; Florida and John
distinguished guests, I Morrell and Willie ilMorrell of Ebro,
hundred in number. Pi rida. HENRY S. CHUBB, Register.
II. -

S Irormula with eooh botttK.O sa noe t a lntluA i 1t aaalttiv .a.
Sh ow It to yous
ji doctor An tpersoie Poese',si~.
Ask him abouatit A ft g'l'na ill f I t i *
I.. ioI It row of hOUSes, anitl i! oll1 e a ,' r l' tlll ,
The reason why Ayer's Hair Vigor stops lives a married son of lric wrno 1i not.ted
falling hair is because it flrst destroys the for his miserly habits:,
germs which cause this trouble. After This has got to sit-bh a rp'lcf i:itf tr
this is done, nature soon brings about q several years his I:llher k.a.i bwtin )it-
full recovery, restoring the hair and able to get a siin::1 lwl, of.?the ro'ht
scalp to a perfectly healthy condition, due to him.
-Ma e by the J. 0 Aer Co., Lowell, Ma-i dueh 0 to h
As We did not want to inke harsh
nu So measures he at hbEt wft: f' hfi Mprff
8niu# 8poons.
All the world is famnilr with snuff and said:
boxes. but snuff spoons ar'e p'rtty lit "Look Bre. TontI: i's l*i1inl1ny1 tlie
tie refinements of willb this genern trying to get any rteut i*ir y .ou'f
tlon has hardly henrd. V%'ry probabl. that hope of nlius'. M, Lv d 7rt'ilded t
they came into use about two year- give -it to you.'; -
after Sir George look's expedNllti,n t< "No, thank you.' luterpcsfd the w'rf:
Vigo bay In 1702. when he ncptured "I don't want It."
half a tou of tobac('CO ,l::d snll front "Why not. prayy" eEsrlnuitld- th gt
the Spanblh galleotns. nnd snuff ttInt h tonis.hd part, .
became a common artic.h In En !a~~n.I "cdafe .lse ftiett t lied bl U pllf--
One of the charnatc- !' Vome d' washed son. "Id have to lay tv !i rats
published at Oxford in 17t.. entitled and taxes. and g...iie:,-.a kn:,ws Ih.y
"An Act at Oxford." by Thotumas are heavy enough In Purlhm."-M-ar
Baker, says, "But I carry sweet srnut chester Guardian.,
for the ladles." to which Aralelin re
plies: "A spoon too. That's very gal-
lant. for to see soine people run thei. To all registered vo0tet f Ihe Town
St. Andrews, in Wol intoo, Couniy
fat fingers Into a box is as nauseou- Florida -
as eating without a fork." Notice is hereby given that the ah'
In the forties and flftIs of the last nual election for Municipal Officers in
century sniff spoons were still in use and for the T,, n of St. Andrews lit
on the Scottlsh border. They were of Washington County, Florida, will te
bone aird of a size to go iuto the tsnuff held at the Buoy offlie in s;ia To*(th 66"
box: People fed their noses, it waf December 281h, 1919, being tht fr6ifit'
said. tm naturally as they carried soup Tuesda in said monit to elect- a l;1
or Town Cerk and Town MIarslis Io' f
to their moths. As :lte as 1877 n e theerm of one year and until Iheir
farmer at Noribani-on-Tweed was seen successors In office are elected andt-
u;icg one.-lontdon Saturday Review qualified; also to lct three AldrtftiB
Mrs, r t, ., to serve for two yea'-s. "'Pols to tl'nh
Mrs, S. Joyce, Claremon, at 8 o'clock a. . and to cloe iat
writes: "About a year ago I bought two o'clock p. ,m.
bottles of Foley's Kidney Remedy. It Given under cur hands this 15th day'
cured me of a severe case of kidney of Novemb'r 1909. Gee. W. ni ber
F Bullock, '
trouble of several Veca's standing. It J. T Gr a'lns"f,
certainly is a grand, good medicine1 ,Town (,it,,aif.
and I heartily recommend it, Sold by Attest: Ji. Hi Drummond.
all druggists. J. R. Thompsonti Maor
Sown Clerk.

Insanity In London. h apint It. Wfox.
Costerionw,'-Irs and engiieers.o Lre apoint I, ILt.eox. N
notes. rival enef othergf if ieadingI. Thompn and Charles H. DnnJor
lnot-s., rhIa~I pr'lotlle," bff he)dit ate Inspectors of the nnuial 'l'own Elnclio
list of tllit.-4 provided by the coar- above mentioned, to be held at thl
mi-ssionrrs in lulacy. If yol (don't Buoy office in the town of St. Aftdrewb,
waiiit to be rmad. he a clergymau. You in WasiinLrton Count,, r'lo-ida, on thd
will have about a one to a thousand 28th day of Decemtber. A. D, 1909. The'
ehaicwe of not dying in a lunatic asy- polls tu open at 8 o'clock a. m., and to
hilm. It is a bit risky to he a literary be kept open urintl F. o'cionlk p.. n of
or sclenitiic p.on, i said day; and I o.1-o herely itppointl
yoS k Intopb et i d et EJohn Sturro-.k to be clerk for said
your sc.lpiee into ipractlce and beeiie Eleection.
ai engineer your pro.-',pet of li nnry Given tinder my had this 12th day of
j! i:ipls to the top. withi only custer- Novibher, A. D., (190.
m thN is is a mystery. It c'in'r I,o iiinl- Approved ihis T2th day of fovr)Yt. rd
lect or hffrry. ('oterrmoiuzers do not A. D., 1909, Ic. V. Sutbr,
hurry. and thy are" n'o nootlerably in, F. TBullock In
tellectual-Ilondon Chronilte. Attest: T. T. w Itnev.
J. R. hoflipsYr; i, v h Ceik.
... . mlml I I |"




Real Estate








m rii ~ ~LAIb

6kb* New Uo-to-Date Equipment!
I make a Specialty of Bread. Cakes, Rolls and Pies C SURVEYING A SPECIALTY.
f all Kinds. P
AUl Orders CiL'.2 Prompt &tteOStoUY A & a m


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Knowing drug val tes is of course, the most important
feature of our busitnesd b~t t has fnot taken all of out time to- lkiov
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know how to select a~d buy the very finest that are made.
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A. H. LraKe,



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Toilet Waters throughout our entire ,1 i
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Stops Hair


Ayer's Hair Vigor, ftw im-
proved formula, will certainly
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we believe it will always do this
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ance of the general health.
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may be necessary. Consult
your physician about this.
Does no change the color of the hair.
-AR I [

r t ~~~ ~~c`*~

A F el =h Cuction.
A reader of : th .Ncw L'."k Worli
writes o itha I:; p r r I n ak wieibrr It
is proper'- for na' ,i:;1' 1m.,I f) st end
caltdy t a it'fl whli,,ia LI'.b:iasi mnit bLt
once. WVhat a elistiu: \t'by. i pw.
young men begin luWinding n girl taffy
as soon a:s th.'y ,1it i ltirLc.dl to her.-'
Washinle, 't'. ".r.

Stung For Fiftf'-n 'l c< '-
by Indigse.-!iv-" nan.; r I i,-.. : V
doctors and $2(0.OrJ wi'ri otf m, d li._.,
in vain, B. F. Ayscin'. at fn;.-''-,e. N.
C., at last used Dr. King's Ne'w I.rI'
Pills, and vwriltu ttty iwholty cu td
him. They clurite c.ntip...ci ni,-llo ix
ness, sick headicilec, tem.wth, Ititr
kidney and bowel traubl,.. 2,'ia at A.


I I m



040 1 AM= oId dgi tsa by
absolutely d1up e1ta Nature's
normal proUs i percc d4iget-
Ing all f fd tobe t ti sto1m
aeh. .
Wh11e Keodl to d411 t&l th(e
stomach Is retlas-m4 becoming
trog ma healthy. A strog aud
J helthy stomach guarsatees a
onad rd active brain.
The man with a oudn stomach
-. tomaok that tI doing for the
dwf' ftut wht stM e attended
St to mdo- the f w di Iwa
prepared for say emerges. He
to "there with the good."
The man with a seit estemch, Is
a man steic anl over. When the
stomach tI irritated by ulndlIsted
food, the bood md heart are di-
reett affected. Tihe dullnt un.
natural leeplaeas, SIok.hdb
vertigo and latin umgil., g
evea. eri ke b tad oto dnro.
Kto4l wuit -nt teos
prm rinf the sltmak ad train


auirLM ofi o1r Ea 1tNwr aOl,
U. 8 LeadOfe 'at Gainesvil!e. Florida.
NMvember 26 1909.
1 Notice i hereby given Ihat John L
Bconfers, whose postoimce address ia Bay
head, Florida, did on the 23rd day o
August, 1909 file i this office sworn
statement and. Application, No. 06732.
to purchase the na of re* and eae of sw*
Section 1. Township 2 south, Ranga 14
west, Talleaasese Meridian, and the tim-
ber therein under the provisions of the
sot of Jane 3,1879. and act amendatorv,
knowa as the "Timber and Stene l.aw,"
at such value as might be field by ap-
praisement, and that purnsant to such
application, the land and timber thereon
have been appraised at Five Hundred
aod Forty Dollare, the timber estamafed
at 320.000 board feet at $1.60 per M. and
the laud $60.00; that said applicant will
offer faal proof in support of his applic-
tion and sworn statement on the 2nd day
of February, 1910, before the clerk of
the clirait oouTt at Vernon, Florida,
Any person is at liberty to protest this
Ourehase before eatry, or initiate a con-
test at any time Ihfore the ptteut issues,
by filing a corroborated afidavit in this
oloe, alleging facts which would defeat
the entry. Hinar 8. Canas, Register.

November 20, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that William
D. Turner. whose roetosce address is
Watusau, Florida, did on the 19th
dayof August. 1909. file in this office
sworn statement ind Application. No.
05131 to purchase the see of sui, and
of bf a) .of seetion 1, townphi 2 south,
ralge 14 west, Taliahassee Mericiian and
*the timber thereon, undar the provisions
of the act. of June 3, 1878, and acts
amendatory, known as the Timber and
Stone Law,"at euch value as inigbt ho
fized by appraiqement, suid that pursu-
ant ,to such apdli cation, the laa I and
timber thereon h.ive lbeein appraised at
Six .Hundred Dollirs. the timber esti-
mated at 36n,nc n hlitrrl cet a: $1.50 per
M, and ih'e land L$61 () ,h;zt said a(pli-
cant will offer fir:a proof, in sFpport of
his oplication and swOI n t .tement ont
the 2nd day of FIobunr,, 19l10 before
the eterk ot the circuit court ut Vermion,
Any person is at liberty to prote.,t this
purchase before entry, or initiate a con-
testt a any ti;ue before the patent issues,
by filing a corrobarated affidavit in this
office, alleging facts which wouud defeat
the eotry. H11iar S. Causs. Register.
Department of the Irterior.
U. S. Land Office at Gainesville, F a.,
November 20 1909.
Notice jq hereby given that Irsaell
Vinsoan formerly Isabell Smith, widow of
Bason'B. Smith, deceeaed, of WeI stiby,
Florida, who, on November 12th, 1903,
made Homestead Entry, No. 33132, Se-
rial, No. 02185, for the nes, section 3,
township 2 south, range 16 wept, T'alla-
bhasee Meridian, has iled notice of in-
teatea to Pake fial five-year proof to
alTumh Iim to the land above describ-
ed, -befoire the clerk of the circuit court,
at Vernon, Florida, on the 4th day oel
January, 1910.
Claifmant nmes as wiaesses: DI). J.
Vineon, W. W. Vioaon, James Adams
and Asberry Foxwor'lhb, all of WeUstbay,
Flor'da. HENRV S CwusB.Register.

PIL ES 9 A< A u~ru tdifto urS
LPIE' 1Suppos01i
SDso.... rM. kp'r
OrIidi Boele, 5IaiUW, C.. gri.: 'I r ay
Slts? daII l- blaim bre 5hm. Dr. 5. 3. Deqnn,
halM." B.I. D... a aInEs. Ti.,wr(t..;
"I. a prus.ntmre mf M Abu aumm remi
SbyviL*hd. IaW'SiYiHvD. U.Ica.vIt. pa

*AU. sue r*g 9urue


In Real Estate!
The Buoy Has For Sate
SThe S,,ui\1ietn Q',nrter ol the Stnth-
' west Quartser of Section 1, and tlhe
' R-.ith Hall of dic Solliheai Quar-
S o r of Sectiou 2. rowsatip 4 south,
-' Rannge 14 iisot.

4Lts Au 0 0thb .

" 'orwerly Known as the Mrs. Pet
..b .: tie Place,

portton at this land has ileen
i,' orblvatiohin time past; but ,i
and. 'Nip bcen lying ile for som

A Gilt Ie Blariain, if Ta.n
'At Once.
Appl;'i at ortAddrens
TK BUOY, St. Anirewa Fla.


The Valut


ismyosl flguv. 'iiua
it worth. CKoM beps d
it l -It-ina god ad*o"

a girl of a neighboring village, and
NOTICE FOR PUBLICATIOE. Emily. growing paler and gentler day
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. Dy day. gave all the love left In her
U. S. Land Office at Gainesville, Fla. heart to Rachel. which Miss Rachel
November, 1909. "I silently but deeply reciprocated, all
Notice is nerebyv |ivan that John Me the more tenderly that Miss Emily so
Leod of Soutlport,,Florida, who,dn Sep- often seemed iwardly shrinking be-
teNo, 3498214, eriadl Ho.02eti) to seio fore her, as if in shame at her fate.
No. 34948, (serial No. 02916) for se Y4 o
section 7 township 2 so'itlh, range 14 With true New England reticence,
west. Tallahasse Meridian, has filed no- mingled with Inborn delicacy, neither
tioe of intention to make final five-year ever spoke of the other's love and
proof, to establish claim to the laud loss, but when Stephen Lorting some
above described, before the clerk of the twenty years later had come to live
circuit court, at Vernon. Florida, on tlie beside them Miss Rachel's wrath rose
Claian s a wieses:er, 1. H. high against this destroyer of her gen-
Lucas Isimnon Atkinson, Dave Bryant and tle sisters happiness in life.
J. H. Lyon, all of outhp rt. Florida, "Rachelr'
HNarT S. Casue, Register. Miss Emily stood at the door peer-
Ing into the now dark room.
SI"Old Mrs. Cla ton Is dying, and
rnlI lrn III rculaaytt Is ding

AIIBRB S I8"tASvm In .m
e fpm a, ind ahn.1trim, S .b.ridfor
WUN "C =p Frd. Zysar &MSW w
ILU ~ u trt;1. b- 11Cy~a
wit MEDSICAL CO.. mex4., tawasuna. Pa.

SWi to $. Anirew's Svby Wr. W. 6. MIfcuiki

OEe' eUdrew e.ot, se Seplste



Foley's Honey and Tar is the best
and safest cough remedy for children.
At the fitst symptoms .of scold; give as
directed. and ward off drnger of croup.
bronchitis, sore throat, cold in the head
and stuffy *breathing. It brings com-
fort and ease to the little ones. Con-
tains no opiates or other oarmful drugs,
Keen always on hand and refuse sub-
stitutes Sold by all druggists.


Sor ooa I WAS nOT,
Btio. A Story of a Girl's Treachery to

know wati. to tomacli Her Sister.
r =&&a-. fat par Vaur-
I 1ute 0 in, by Assoctated Uterar7
to speel e t by "tte In the light the setting
"stimulant" doesn't ourantngthe rosy light of the setting un
or aeoomltish n good. Neither Miss Rachel, the elder of the two Bel-
does dieting. Indgestion and the 'den sisters, was gathering her sun-
serious ailments which it Indutes I flower seed. Miss E ily. the younger,
can be averted and corrected only sat on the porch watching her sister's
y oo sutppl means. trial Imovements, her sewing lying idle on
means. It performs the stomach's her lap. Presently she ventured to
work for it-Just as the stomach remonstrate.
should perform it-while the stom- "I'm quite sure, Rachel, that the
Ich takes a little rest, "for the seeds are not nearly ripe enough to
stomach's sake." gather and that you are only spoiling
OU Guarantee your next year's crop."
f estfo dramUetsied, feand 4 doel- "Very well. It that ease I'll buy
1er bot. Then fetr yon have Su the some new ones." answered Miss Ra-
Uf Of the 0tl I sa
aist Itr has not done syo an0 chel, "or perhaps we can afford to build
Clw It bo oe wd es a six foot fence on our side of this
Sion or ar.e wUlhe ay tbhe Da one and grow it over with vines. Any-
tlit for 1wol. bottle. Don' 13e1StatW as
n at otlowthaour rate lIto,. way, not one of these seeds is going to
Thy oi applies to the lale bottle onlr fanl on their side."
to oot IA times alins mulh a ff Miss Emlly rose and walked over to,
a oto .the fence, speaking very softly.
Kodol ls prepred at the labore' "I don't want them to hear us, Ra-
tortesotlC.D WttU Ao.,Chicago. ce. It's like trying to quarrel with
them, and they've always tried to be
friendly. I really can't see why you
hate them so. You used to like Steve
LEGAL NOTICES once, and his wife s a pleasant, sweet
spoken woman."
NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION, "Sweet spoken--yee I should say
DU~PAILNU OF INRIaiox that's bow she got him."
U.Lan Office at Gainesville, Mi Emily sighed wistfully.
U. S Land Oicet Gaerinestille, F "1 don't see why you hate them so,"
Noven her 20, 1909. rptd.
Notice is heretby given that LeRoy H. she repeWed.
Buchanan, whose postoffice sidiross is "You dtn't? lumph! Well, you
Chiplys, Florida, did on the 10th day of, just once try being nice and polite to
Jaly, '1909, file in this office Sworn State- them. and-you needn't be my sister
meant and Applicata .n. No. 05645, to pur- any longer!"
chase the nei of se. 1, township 2 south. At that moment a girl some twelve
range 16 west, Ttllahassee Meridian, years of age came out of the house-
and he timber thereon, under the pro- bold thus condemned by Misa Rachel.
visions ot the act of June 3, 1878. and t he
acts amendatory, known ,s the "Timber and both the sisters grew silent They
and Stone Law," at such yaluntion as had been speaking much too low for
might be fixed by appraisement, and thAt, their neighbors to hear what they
pursuant to such application the land and said. and in innocent ignorance the
timber'thereon have been appraised, at girl called over. though timidly, as If
Five Hundred and Sixty Dollars, the tim- half expecting one of the snubs she
Iher estimated at 320,000 board feet at copletely failed to understand.
$1.50 per MI, and the land $80.00; that so completely failed to understand.
said splicatt will offer final proof in sup- "Aren't you gathering your seeds
porf of his application and sworn state- awful early, Miss Belden? It's better
menit on the 2nd day of February. 1910. to let them get ripe. They're the
before | he clerk of the Aircuit court at finest sunflowers we've ever seen.
Vernon, Florida, We're sorry they've quit blooming."
Any person is at liberty to contest this To the girl Miss Rachel was silence
purchase before entry, or initiate a con- Itslf. To her sister she replied In
test at any time before patent issues, by tonen of unuttered indignation too low
filing a corr borated affidavit in this of-
flee, alleging facts which would defeat for the girl to bear.
the entry. HaxeR S. avens, Register. "It'll be a six foot fence next year if
I have to live on dry bread."
NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. "Oh. 'Rachel. how It would look"
r "We can cover our side with vines."
Departim nt of the interior. "But In winter the vines would be
i. S. LAND OrraSs Ar GAINEVrLLS, 2, LA. d ead. just the same as the flowers."
Notice is herley given that James A. 'Wltout reply Miss Rachel gathered
Adams whose postoffice address is West- up her apronful of great staring seed
hay, Florida, did on on the 23d doy of cups and ascended the stairs to her
August, 1909, file in tb!s offlee Sworn room. Here she went straight to an
8tateieniit and Application, No. 0(1597, old fashioned writing desk and, open-
to Duichbal the uit ofl nel nud sw.-, ol' Ing t. piAced the package of seeds it,
ne1. of section 4, towusshio south, one of Its many compartments.
range 16 wept, Tallahassee M HraMn. Once it was ot of her sight the hard
and the limbhe thereon, under the pro.- isne in her comely face relaxed, and
visions of the act of June 3, 1878. odnal .aq tiv...faded her natural
and acts amendatory, known u e the expression returned, revealing tears of
Timber attd Stone Law, at such value
as might be field by appraisement. and er ando genuine kindness as
that. pursuant to such application, the welL
land and timber thereon haye ieen ap- Por a long time she sat there ab-
praised, the timber estimated 16tI000 sorbed In her reverie, and as the eun-
board fect at $2.00 per M. and the land light died without new light touched
$80.00; or combined value of the land Mist Rachefs face from within, and.
nnd timber at $400.0"; that said appli- led by some touch of previous mem-
ctat wil offer final proof in support of ory, she opened a small locked drawer
his applications and sworn statement on and took out a quaint old box of faint-
the 51h day of Jannary 1910. before the t andatoo
cler- of circuit court at Vernon, Florida. lyfragrant sandalwood.
Any person is at lih .rty to protest fhis It had grown too dark to see its con-
purchase before entry, or initiate a con- tents plainly, but Miss Rachel did not
test at any time Ib fore patent issues by need to see them. She knew every
filing a corroborate affidavit in this ot- line of the faded letters that lay there,
fiee, alleging facts which would defeat the every detail of the girlish forgetme-
entry. fIla"ar S. CatBa, Register. not ring in its tiny box beside them,
every word of the newspaper notice
NOTICE FOR PUIILICATION. of death that lay beneath them, while
DEPAXTMENT OF TaE INTERIOR, every feature of the photograph that
U, S. Land Office at Gainesville, Fiorida. lay on top was graven deeper in her
November 6, 1909. heart.
gNotice is hereby given that solomon Tonight she went over It all once
A. Barrett. ot Westl.y, Florida. who, again-her joy, her passionate, silent
on March 21,1904, made Homestead En- grief, then her awnkening frm her
try No. 340, (Seial Number 0244) fo grief, then her awakening from her
sw.: ot se% section 28 Annd w of ney own bitter sorrow to find that her sis-
anmd sc of ,nel of section 33,township 1 ter was suffering also. Then she had
south, range 17 west, Tallahnassee Me- opened her eyes. so long blluded to all
ridian, has filed notice of intention to save her own bitter grief, and looked
make final five-year proof, to establish for the cause of her sister's to find
claim to the land above described. before that Emily's lover, Stephen Loring.
the clerk of the circuit court, at Vernon, came to see her sister no more.
Florida, on the 17th day of December, Questioned, Miss Emily had replied
1909. Claim.,nt names as witnesses: proudly. with swift flushng cheeks.
Lewis Anderson, Webster Brows, J. D.
Anderson of Ebro, Florida, and G. W. that she did not wish him to come,
L.ee of Point Washington, Florida. and MIas Rachel probed tio further.
Hutn M,. CUBBs. Register. Scarcely a year later Stephen married



duo ly Meoertato opinion free w*ett a
enlo patOntable. Commit\ '
lons strictly confident. Handbook on Pat '
Sent free. Oldest a4tney for securing patent
Patents taben through Munn & Co. recct
Ipec lnttee, without charge, in the
Scientific Jlerican.
A handsomely Lllustrated weekly. Largest et
culatlon of any scientitflc journal. Terms. $3 a
nreir: four months, Sold ball newsdea!ers
MUNN & Co.861Badw. ew Y rk
ren Offmes ica 626 sV t- Wastnhno. P-


Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.


for backache, rheumatism, kidney or bladder trouble, and urinary irregularities.
Poley's Kidney Pills purify the blood, restore lost vitality and vigor. Refuse substitutes.
Snlrt in .t. Andraswa h, lil nri..,~nr:,as

Miss Ttachel rose at ouce. ui -.e;ii
lcerng the lid on her little box of
At the door she paused, speaking
setoly: r.
"Y ing YYcuare too frail for such
.hln"s "
A (nd before Miss Rmlly could reply
;he was gone on this, one of her many
leeds of mercy.
Alone, Miss Emily entered the room
and went to the window, where she
could watch her sister's tall form
through the fast deepening darkness.
A lamplighter came by as she stood
there and lighted the lamp in there
street below, Just in front of the win-
dow. As she moved from the window
the audacious gleam of light pene-
trated past her, falling directly on the
opened box of keepsakes.
Dreamily, yet half startled, Miss
Emily moved toward them. She knew
well enough what they were-the
package of letters tied with a narrow
black ribbon were Andrew Arnold's
letters of love to Rachel; the little box
beside them held a well known tur-
quoise ring, but the picture that lay
on top, surely she might see that again
after all these many years.
Half guiltily she lifted it and held It
in the light, eagerly scanning the face.
Then, with a little sob, she sank on
her knees, the plature still clasped in
her hand, hbe jaifen face resting on
her atms.
Silently thus the minutes passed, yet
Miss Emily took no heed. And so
Miss Rachel, coming home to a dark-
ened, unlocked house, found her a lit-
tle later.
For a moment she stood in the door-
way, lost in wonder at her sister's still
form In the lamplight: then she ad-
vanced swiftly to her side.
"Emily," she said-"Emlly, dear, are
you ill?"
Miss Emily sprang to her feet as If
suddenly wnked from a dream. One
hand still held the photograph, but
after an instant she dropped it on the
desk. and. clasping her hands, she
cried in a low. passionate voice-a new
voice to Mils Rachel:
"Oh. Rachel, Rachel, forgive me!
He did not know: he never, never
dreamed It. You, you only, had his
life and all of It. and. oh. I could not
help it! Surely I have suffered enough,
and I never, never meant to wrong
Miss Rachel stood so still she might
have been carved of stone. too terribly
bewildered for the.simplest form of
thought But her sister went on with
her passionate pleading.
"Can't you forgive me, Rachel, when
he never, never knew and you had all
his love?"
biss Rachel's voice trembled.
"But Steve-Stephen Loring?"
"He caught my girlish fancy, Rachel.
But when I found out how 1 felt--
about-your Andrew--I sent Steve
away. And the next week Andrew
died so suddenly-his heart all yours
to the last. Oh, Rachel, sister, you
cannot forgiven me, I know I will go
away-alone!" '
"Hush. child." said Miss Rachel
sternly.: "1 haive nothing to forgive.
You are t-he. greater sufferer. as 'you
have ,always been. But go away for
Sawhule I want to be-ilone."
Next mornlls the sun had scarcely
dried the radiant dew when Miss
Rachel opened an unused gate and
went over to her neighbor's. In her
hand she held the tiny package of seed
she had placed last night on her desk.
Next year twvo rows of sunflowers
nodded across the fence-the same low
picket fence-not by any means six
feet high.
Oni is Enough.
"Before she married him, you know,
she used to say there wasn't another
man like him in the world."
"Yes; and new~, she says she'd hate
to think that there was."

The Worm.
The Henpecked Husband--is my
wife going out, Elsie?
"Yes. sir."
"Do you know If I am going with
her ?"--xchango.

T'. T'h 'ps::sim-il.s: -W'l pay for all this
:in' w,' her late,'r on. The Optimist--
;',cil. *;':,, ', r pI,'l!t f',or things. Isn't It?--

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30x50 inches, correctly platted and
showing all the more important
biildiniig-is of great value to any-
one contemllafing purchasihg prol,-
i;.ty in town. It covers about four
miles of coast line, extending east
ward from D)yer's Point to antld e
racing Olr St. Andrlrws, withl cor
rasp niiinig territorV ilniil c. Price
)ise Dollar. at the BUOY Office.
Showing all the lands disposed of by
the Cincinnati Company, also locates
Harrison, Parker, Cromanton and
adjacent country. The plat of the
lots is not shown, but by tihe aid of
this map the approximate location of
vny Iet is easily determined. Price
Fifty Cents, at the Buoy Office.
Eithermap will.be sent by mail to
m nv address ,i receipt of the price.

Our Clubbing List.
The BUOY has made very Ieral ciul
hins arrangements with a few of the ver.
nest publications in the country and for
the present can send for a whole year
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The Cosmopolitaan .............. 1 75
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For any or either of t l above pullici
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efes all orders to HE, BUOY.



The Surprise That Was In Store
For Two Designing Women.

(Copyrighted, 1909, by Associated Literary
Mrs. Platt sat on her front porch,
busy in braiding a mat. She was one
of those women one likes to have
about. There was a certain comfort-
ing presence in her large figure and
comely face. Although the face when
at rest was somewhat sad, yet it was
one of those beaming faces that seem
full of love for the whole world-that
Is, for all whom she admitted into her
world. For those outside of its bounds
she had no use. Just now her thoughts
,were busy with her neighbor, in whose
direction she sent her glances.
"Peter's getting his supper early,"
she mused. "It's pretty lonely for him,
but I hope he won't be Inveigled into
taking Serena Lamb for a housekeeper.
I never was one to promote gossip, but
all Clifton knows that her reputation
for dressing far outdoes her skill in
housekeeping. If 1 thought"- Just
then she turned her head and caught
sight of Mrs. Lamb walking up the
"Too bad to see that nice home going
to rack and ruin," Mrs. Lamb began
after settling herself In the rocker. "I
hear it's fairly swarming with mice.
Peter only uses two rooms. Isn't It a
wonder he ain't picked out a house-
keeper afore this?"
"I've an idea." said Mrs. Platt, en-
deavoring to speak unconcernedly,
"that he'll probably ask you"-
"Me!" interrupted Mrs. Lamb in an
astonished tone. "Mel And with such
a famous cook as you next door Trust
a man to get a cook when he's free to
I pick and choose. Sarah wasn't much
on the cooking, and 1 guess he'll want
a change."
"David and I spent twenty-five hap-
py years in this house," sighed Mrs.
Platt "It'd come hard for me to leave
"And I couldn't possibly leave my
dom of Providence, bereaved to hunt
out some widow, respected by the com-
munity, to undertake the duties of
housekeeper, and generally, after a de-
cent period of mourning, the twain be-
came one.
"If Serena makes up her mind to
have Peter he'll have to give In," phi-
losophized Mrs. Platt. "She's already
married two that didn't In the least
want her. She's comfortably off, too,
and don't need to leave her home. I
wouldn't be so set against It If I
didn't know 'twas her that interfered
between him and Floretta Young
more*n twenty years ago. Peter up
and married Sarah out of pure spite,
and Floretta took that good for noth-
lug Cy Blakey. If ever two people
were cut out for one another. Peter
and Floretta were. Well, as he's held
out again Serena for over a year he
may escape for good. I'll not worry
any moree"
But she did. The chance and appar-
ently careless remarks that Serena let
fal, as If an understanding existed be-
tween herself and Peter Judd, fretted
Emeline's spirit. In the depths of her
honest soul she believed that Peter
was a regular caller at the Lamb
home. She waited for the announce-
ment of Serena's engagement as for a
blow that was sure to fall.
Still, when it came she was not pre-
pared for it. One afternoon she had
just taken her accustomed seat on the
porch when the gate opened, and Mrs.
.Lamb swept up the path with an un-
usual air of importance.
"Land, ain't it hot!" she exclaimed
"Such a muss as I've got into." care-
fully arranging the folds of her new
organdie skirt before sitting down.
Her tone rang with triumph. Mrs.
Platt felt the change in the atmos-
phere. and all her world darkened.
"There's all that house of Peter's to
be gore over this hot weather. Not a
mite of cleaning since Sarah died. Such


Her Heart Was Broken "'Wellr she asked In a strained voice
because her complexion was bad and "I want that you should do a ,'
she could find nothing to clear it up. baking for me. Co'd y?"
"Do some baking for you"'
Ladies; a bad complexion is caused by gasped. "For the laud's sakes W
an inactive liver. An inPctiveolver Peter reached for another ?'""
will be put in perfect condition .by tak- cake. "For the next Tuesda-y ,i
ing Ballard's Herbine, The unequaled balance of the week. You'll 7;
liver regulator. Sold Iby Gainer Mer. what's needed."
cantile Co. The wedding was to take ; -" .
-.a day. then. Emellne's worlh va .a i':
:>lace," prt. .. ..... iauUb. "And porary blank. "Serena wuldt`l i+
he garden doing so nicely too. You'd It," she faltered.
,;ugbter pee my strawlwrries. Emellne "What if she don't?" expl
peterr says they are the finest he ever Judd. "She can't cook. Anl w:id
iaw. I'd bring you over n saucerful. something decent in the houtsp i:
'nat as Peter was going on so about I get back from Minooka."
our getting so tout I thought I "Back from Minookat' Ei"''
wouldn't encourage your appetite any. asked in a dased fashion. "Are yefa
'Vell." looking keenly at her friend to going awayr?
suree herself that the blow had struck "Why. of course Going to Minoe!;,
loue, "I must be getting on.'" to get married. Don't you know th1i
Serena fared forth slowly along the Floretta lives tberer'
-rasy lane. "Enillhne don't care "Florettal Are you-is she"-
hucks for Petcr Judd." sth shrewdly "Her man's dead, if that's whnt
onjectured. "'avid Plait's money is you're trying to get at. Drank himnsc
sore to her than any living man But to death. 1 reckon. I thought yoW
be'd tako the plwc'e for no other reason knew a!l along."
han to keep mse out of it. As if any Mrs. Platt poured more tea with a
eno would look at her twice when I'm shiaklng hand. A sudden burt of sun-
ronud." and she glowed with a fine shine illuminated her world. "71~.
atlifacti n as she compared herself Mis' Lamb know'?
o Mr. Plait. *'Not she." returned Peter, beginnin-
To be sure. Erueline was an umpire another attack on the cake. "'Tain't
To be sure. Erueline was an umpires e f u e yway'got
>n all the arts of housekeeping; her none of her buNiness, anyway. I go
ookery was town talk, while she bad her to clean up before Floretta comes-
,iever become proficient in the art. but That's al I wanted e of her. Will you
here were other ways of reaching a d
nu'ss heart. Serena knew. because and suchr"
he had proved t twice.e yes!" cried Mrs. Platt. Her
he had proved It twice. vt-e was joyful, her face aglow. Aff
in fact, neither lady had deceived the the gloom of the fae aglowks An-
the gloom of the past few weeks van-
>,ther. Each knew the other. from ished as y magic. "I'l do more'n
e toloed as if by magic. "I'll do sore's
widely different motives, stood ready that, Peter. I'm so tickled to have
it a moment's notice to respond to Floretta for a neighbor again that I'U
peter r Judd's call for a housekeeper. invite a lot of her old friends here fMr
Sacb knew that Clifton was wonder Tuesday. And I'll have the best din-
ing which of the two widows who s Bpread out that you ever sat 6own
'lved on either de of Pter would be
ailed eventually to fill the departed
Sarah's place. forthe custom prevailed Don't Be Hopeless
't Clifton when a man was. In the wls- about yourself when you're crippled
a looking place! And it must be all rid 'with rheumatism or stiff joints-of
up by the middle of September. 1 just course you've tried lots of things and
ran In to ask If your paint and white- they failed. Try Ballard's ,Snow LIti-
wash brushes were in good order.
Peter sald as how you mentioned hav- ment-it will drive away all ches,
ing a supply of 'em when you offered pains andstifnessand leaveyou as well
to keep house for him months ago. as you ever were. Sold by G3iner
My, how red your face is. Emellne!i Mercantile Co,
You hadn't ought to wear pink. Now, Queer ;aoes of J,.t.
if I do say it. I've a complexion that'll A well known noveli.s was orer .Pt.
stand any color" ed by a girl who took reception to the
"I didn't exactly offer"- stammered luad iuate punihbroenPt melted (out to
Mrs. Platt. tears of mortificatuin Hwart- one of hbi ficttitoun villaluu. She de-
lug her eyes. l armed that as he regarded rvi- witp
"Oh. well, It ls all past and done so i0ile:u t an eye be ms'w n lhu-I -,'Il be
with." Interrupted Sereui airily. "I at ht heart a reprobate and Lu'ii,'.'rh\ r f
just had to give in. lie wouldn't take true love and that she must fret-"t
a 'no.' Well, If yviu'll lend the brushes that their s tnequinnttan. ev''e,
I'll be goil'." An emnluet Inwyer In h ls you:;::,r
Armt-d with the bmrshes. SBrena de days met with a sinilzir rlsbhap -:.
ported, every nl -\euio.t of the organ- (adilv to whoei he was ei i" ined *4_ l.,-

die pro', I.hnlmin vi tory.
In the d(:ay thal; folowd Mrs. Platt
gave much ti:.e 1to ilti. o nthe front
puech watcthilln ther friutd's progress
in the hounsc(Ien: g 1'ue. Sr i'':i renotai l'
,eldomn now. ua''d the time p is cd slow-
"I just ran in to a'-k yw,)r op il' 1
of these's snnpl" s.'" l-' :i '-'rs ",'ii:
,lay in Si)pte .41ii-r "'V're' g t,
e'r: e ;"t*'w icpetss f r tht' 1 'i> ,h! p[ar
ifrs Don't v," r oir r tw I:r nt'
s',rvlisai wv' re n t^el n i w <.;( so.,"," | sh .i s-1 l pli-' eitly. s5u<.thi.n, d.hown its sllkern
"I supposee thp :irialr 'Il T-'e :fiT
.soon," vc(-nfl'd MrTs Pl itt antc.r the
n:clits of greens ad rol!s in ciar:'ets
h:ad been duly cravn.a*ed. lbut Serena
only sunlid coiss iously as she gath-
ered up the samples and departed.
"I supp,"oe It'll come ff after har-
vest." muwsd Mrs. l'itt despondently.
meaning Peter's wedding.
One afternoon as Mrs. Platt was set-
ting her table for tea she was sur-
prised by a call from Peter Judd.
"Coming to invite me to the wed-
ding." she surmised as be sauntered
up the path. "Well, if it's foreoO-
dained he should marry Serena I'l not
be spiteful about It. Sit down-and
have a cup of tea, Peter.' she urged.
cutting a great, fat, shaking, four
storied jelly cake into generous slices.
Peter Judd. a large man with a
pleasant, florid face, seated himself
and absorbed tea and cake with much

Ing to be-ir thnt hbe lh'd delcvi'At 'A
most skillifu thltu;gil fttfle sKpi-: 'a, i3
defense of nu altrrat roge, *--.
yting that Sh must ale lia" .. .v
one who could thns strih' to sp-i :tj
!y excuse crime. 1J return he ;. '
the exigren iet of the profet~'il bIut o
vatr The l'1dy was obidurat,' ri: ota
afterward. by the strange i;:r' c;t
fate. married a man Who w..s rut-
usately conviclted t'' gross fraudn, nal. r-
fr throu;1lh ill, for ber f'riner l',vor.
Ves chance .
"I wonder ;at y3unr n.,llwflafg flx to
niarry .Nour do'n::-tcr. I thought yew
wtr ielrl:i.) lt'llie dl' ."
"T''lh:t's li-1t lith reason. Now he
wi! hIr-ae s)'v wlfe fr law "--EIxcl nne.

She Got a New One.
"M!r r'-rnil ll-Do you knmi. dar-
nag. I co,'uhl pick 'on , if wfien Jist sbyt our sty!: Mrs.
Iornilidl-- I don't wonder. and me
aith this same oid drtss for tie last
'wo years!

Life is a little e Ilennm of time between
'wo tertI'les.- Carlylt?.
More Danville Proof.
Jacol Schrall. 332 Soutb st., DarwiTvf
Mll., writes: "For over eighteen mern4hs
I was a sufferer from kidney and blad-
der trouble. During the whole time
*was treated by several doctors and

"You always were a master band at tried several different kidney ptlle.
cake, Emellne." he commented affably. Seven weeks ag0o *I commenced taking
"1 never saw your beat. It's some- Foley's Kidney Pills, and I am feeling
thing in that line that I called to e better every day and will be glad to tell
you about."
Was it possible that he was going to any one interested just what Foley's
ask her to initiate Serenn in th", difB- Kidney Pills. did for r.e. At Gaimer
cult art? Mrs. Platt'sn .'e' <,.lcndl Mercantlle Co's.

A +llM A


Snow Liniment

Positively Curea

Back, Old Sore, Wo ds,
Sprains, Bruises, etc.
SGive it a Trial and be CoMvinbe
Three Sizes, Price 2S, 50c and $1.00
Au .JArPJES F. BAL W- D. Propri tor.
soldb -GId RecooT*..r ndcte- :-.


v yr---

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