Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: November 28, 1907
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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AST. ANDREW, FLA., NOV. 28, 190T.

NO. "-.

U. S. Senator-ist districtA. ft. -11-
lory, Pensacola; 2d District, .. P.
Tallafero, Jacksonville. 'K
IhpresentatiTe--lat Distril S. M.
Sparkman, Tampa; 2d pastrilc
Frank Clark, Lake City; SA Distrfet,
.W. B. Lamar. Tallahassee.
and Oflee-Begiater. W.- G. Robin-
son; Receiver, H. 8. Chubb, Gaines-
Srille. .
ktate--Governor, N. B. Broward; ie-
retary, H. C. Crawtord; Treasurer,
W. V. Knott; Attorney-Gneral, W.
H. Ellis; Comptroller, A. J. room;
Superintendent of Public Inatruo-
tUon. W. M. Holloway; Commisslon-
gr of Agriculture, B. B. McLin.
a. Benator, B. W. Clark, BIdth it-
,M town.
aahIngton County-Repreentatl e,
W. B. Laasiter, Vrnon, ountynJuAge,
J. R. Wells; Clerk of Court, thunty
Clerk Recorder of Deeds, W, C.
'--'l e l ShlbwA, C. 4 Aln. sTer-
non; Deputy, C. H. Danfbrd; Tax
collectorr, W. B. Gainer, Eounfina;
Treasurer. H. B. Tiller, Vernon;
Tax Assesaor, J. J. Williams, Chip-
i-v; County Superintendent, B.
~. Gainer, Wausau; Surveyor, Tho3.
Collins. Vernon; County Commis-
sionera. First District, Bee Brooks;
Second District. Levi Ya.tes;
Third District, S.L Davis; Foiith Dis-
triot P. N. Hutchbson; Fifth Districs,
W. t. Singletary-Justice of the
Peace, Jobl Sturrock; No sarles, W
4IAow mono. A. H. Bra e., -,
school Directors, G. W. tori3
Grills, A. H. Brake;, a-
ter, W. M. ConeTaylor
anama City-.ostmaster, Taylor
PUiilsiL--Postmaster, J. S. Melvin.
ju g ofothePeatce G. M B. Harries.
Constable, J. H. Dam Fl,
-arker-Postmaster M Bmutelle.
Nota'ry PubUeW. H. Pariemr. i
4i antonl POstoa aster, A dre Allan.-
lderaon-postmaster, 8. W. Andt-
son. Holley.I.
West B.y--Postinaster, W. b. Holley.
Gay-Postmistress Mrs. Gat,
reakilus._Postmaster. Emery Tomp-
beA--ostmaster, b. 6.'1'btittkns,
b-hpeoo tmnater, J. J. Fowler.
Wtato-Postmistresa. Mrs. Dyer.
Mur eepotma ter, James X. m-urfee.
as OnO Ba y r omarntli Pmitmas.
fromdaIt-Postmaster, w. F. F -

he, northern malls, via, Atinerson, t
(Gis, Bay Head and Chipley de brt.
ii'ery day except Sunday at d. a
b'elock a. m., arrives every day ex- 0
cept Sunday at 7:15 p. m.
it at Bay wall for Harrison, Milvil&.
Cromanton, Parker, Plttsbtiurg, Cook, t
tmjwdale and Wetappo leaves St f.
mdrews every morning except un
34 -9n o'clock, arrives, coming I
westat 7 o'clock p. n.
Iaptist-C4ureb WyomiPg ave. ftront-
tm Park St. Servic4- t 11a. m. and
7:& 1.; a. Sunday Bcliud every Sun S
Laf:a iu a. m.. Rev..C. L. Joyner
IPt"ajodst Episcopal-Church Whdk-
igton ave. and Chestnut Sunday r
*eool 9:30 a. m. every Shnday.
Rev. F. Wineman, castor.
.lesbyterlan-Church corner L6 Ifn* v
Ave. and Drake St. Sunday scti6bl i
at 9:80 a. m. every Sunday. John I
$turrock, Supt. n
bithtolle-Church corner Wyomung
A ve. and Foster St. 9
f-.!' tl







Parker Lodge No. 142

S Regular ( ommuni-
cattons on the fifst
4 and third Sitiirdgy
in each mouth.
Visiting Brothers
B. E. PAtiME W. M.
D. w NIXON. SeC'ietarv

public iF the State at Large; ihas
juridiction to administer oaths, take
1Adldavlt., leg1iuze acknowledg-
ett; $iantwher in
te#Iill attehoi glveif td ItMt w.


One Dollar a Year in Avaance.

Entered Sept i, i9, at St. Airew,
Fla., as second class matter, ,wier
Act of Congrasas of March 3. 1879

Display ad. rates, 50c. per inch per
month. Position and extraordinary
condition rates subject to special
"Local Drift," Sc per line, first inser-
tion; 24c each subsequent. Display
locals double above rates.

If this paragraph is checked with
blue pencil it is a remindei that your
subscription has expired thd that two
orthree extra numbers will be en
you that no break my ocqur should
you choose to renew.

The Chicago Tribune, just before
election made the interesting remark:
*In the event of the Hon. Tom Johr.-
son's re-election as mayor of Cleve-'
land, lie will bi formidable rival of
Mr. Bryan for the position of a Good
Western Man next year-and Mr,
Bryan will enjoy the exhilarating con.
scioueness of having helped to elect
him." As the democrats are nath-
ially looking for the most available
candidate, who can carry some doubt.
ful heretofore reptibllcan states, Tom
Joliunbu is certain to be considered.
Mr. Bryti ith loved by a contingent of
h'6 democratic party for -"the enemies
le hias tlade," but the good of the
country doeiandi that democratic pol-
icies supplant republican ientraliza-
tion atid financial and economic here.
sies which can only be accomplished
by winning the coniing natioiiil leco-
tiod: The whidle question of the
lofiiination rests on availabilitV to
carry enotighi states to wt It w buld
i crun"l to rlid Mr. bryfit wt thher-
aitty of defeat staring hini lii the
ace. It Certainly would not help
uim and would be another democratic
!lsaslh-r which l ate -national

Take the isilroads out of Wall
tt-eei. aiu die ti kers ouit of the ril.-
oad o~ices and the trouble between
he people and the railioada will be
astly dinlinished. It is the gambb-
hit of railroad omtiala thiat cause
iiot df the tracalitiei of railroad
ianagetiibin. The connection be-
weeii thl. Will street sibbulators, t
he railroads, the triisti ,nd the re- f
ublican politicians is the cause of
Hle pfaic tinit is crippling the indus-
ies of the country.

There i' a strong tendency along
he defio idatid eibspapers of the
o)utty io cdncetiiiate upon Govern.
r Johnson, of Minnesota, as the most
vrilabli defioiociat for the presiden-
al nonhfllationi in 1908. a
't'ie National Bank examiners are p
caminiig Into ithe official te6dii-&h ( i
veratl of ih0 Tewi tifmk I fbia i tita lh
it6d gie. i 1i i{ fwii' gsitie'"'""v" 1h
;U seiiiii dice,4"s nifyiling m'i i' t!
iral ih i r.ifirf i (it ifi diff (aiy a

H'1li d016 UW1LI i

>t;(, bfi g l
1 ild oW ~o ^ n'i' oosiel



P e- mlcm A.AA-.. W--- .

which, for ve iity seai, ins been
to the Unfoetunate, as the rescue cit-'

reit and protection. Shall we turn
them away? It rests with the good
people of this country to decide thiNs
question, and may God graciously
help you to decide it right. Johd b..
Earl, Financial Secretary, 62 Bible
House, New York City.

The Times-Union intimates that
prominent Chicago democrats who
have spoken for Grover Cleveland as
the candidate for president next year,
and Governor Johnson ot Minnesota
for second place, have reached ttli
limit of surprises. If there was but
one paper in this great country to
support that ticket, that paper would
he the St. Andrews Buoy.

The unfortunate defeat of the dem-
ocrats in Kentucky makes that state
a doubtful one in the coming presi-
dential election. ThiU will entail
upon the repreaentativeb of the patty
who select the candidate for presi-
dent the decision whether Mr. Bryan
can best unite the Bryan and auti-
Bryan factions there..

Armour has tightened the Beef
combine rope arobud the people's
neck a little more by adding the Na-
tional Packing company to his al-
tready controling'interest in the Pack-
e"i' trust.
Under the new two-cent passenger
rate of Georgia the Atlanta & West
Point railroad has earned 17.9 per
cent. increase iii passenger rates dur-
ing the month of Seutember. A pret-
ty good atgtifiIiit that ridueed rates
will not bankrupt the railroads.
Is this republican paniu caused by
the tariff, aniJ Is the bdaited prosper-
ity built on the sands ot protection.
which will not stand the first gu< f
adverse wind?

The 4enzied financiers of Wall
street have been feeding on inflation,
and aie now demanding of their re-
publican friends "asset currency"
which would produce another era of
mad speculation.

The Washington correspondent of t
he St, Louis Woman's Natiotial
Daily ,aysi "I was much nsrprised
o hear Postmaster General MNyvei
ny that the Mail drdor houses were
he strb6igeat op.iiorienit of the parcels
pest system, which hb proposed to
recommend to congress. We have
heard all along that the reason why a
here shoUld be no parcels post es. -b
blished, or rather that ihe present
system should not be enligaed, is "
hu1t the large mail order houses
would eat up the small country mer- w
Ihants. The postmaster general's 0
chedio pf8vides for the reduction of 5l
he present rate all over the county e
omi 16, to 12cents a pound and in- f
:ease the vight to i0 carried to 11
pounds; that being the number of
pounds allowed in foreign mails to a
rna from the United States. But the a
postmaster general proposes a reduc- t
f rates on rutill free delivei.r routes tl
which will ib' of advantage to those
ving on thosd tail lines. If 5 cents
pound is charged 6i ttirdl to ites an o
-pounid packag w'duhd '6 iI A

iV6 oil pila3 i.8 foif {hie Hainie pi'ivi-
ge: it is ilaidied tuit tlils will be W
disci'hiliitidai ri favor of the bdiun- ti
^'~ rT~ci's aa all othek-s w'o five"

I ti1 safu6 mei ti ii posti er gen- .i

'ei K td: fi ii i d

arrived here who was morbidly afraid
of being mistaken fora foreigner.
He wished to be just like a New York-
I. . .; .. , -'. N .1
er in all lie did; For avice oti how
'to act he sought a countrymid of his,
a wag, who had been a resident of
New York fdr years.
"You will have a Hard tinie,' qaid
the wag, "but it can be done. Buy a
hat just like the ones worn here and
an overcoat; then muffle yourself well
and ibfitire foWith. Wdlkt th way
the AnieriCans do-in a hurry. Per-
haps you will succeed in deceiving the
New Yorkeps. But they are sharp;
my friend. It is alihioit irdpo0Sible to
fool them. And, by' i6 wiy; dyd sibi
is they detect it ioeigi6k; (tim 6dil
out hidede;
.416ll 1ool thOAm R &'fi (iS ;iew

ti uti bOt fi if lisa iotiel in fault-
e'i iiieiropolitaii get-pi., h6iiTying
along ai if eeitfy street had beein fadi-
iliar to hiei sinlc ifiinc.ii; u Ni

,ob as be reached iti'' h'o e a

Uliee iNAw 0lo#i MI's cieveri

"Shine" shouted another boy on
the next corner.
"Main velos," reiarked tie Sio...o

Aid; iehl-nighi burying his features
in the tdrned-up collar of his coat, he
yentureld into Madison Square.
"Shine!" called out three boys
"I give up" he sighed; what extra-
irdinary people."
Aid he returned to the hotefto tell
the stomy to hit friends, wlib had
gathered there in suspicidusly large

COUNTtI TAX, 1907.
In accordance with lotion 584,
Genifal Laws of Flurtda, the follow-
ing amounts of taxes for the year
1907, have beeti bbiged iib against
Houn. W. B. Gainer, tax collector
for Washington county, to-wit:
Generalrevenue fund .....$ 5.595 55
Sohdol fund-.........;;;. 13,999 63
Polls........... ...... ;; 1;,06 00
Sub-school fund; :.,.... 1.871 40
Fine and forfeitufh fund... 2,799 98
Bridge and building fund. 66,399 78
Total 1907 tax .. ......34,079 59
Olk Ct. Court, Wash. Co., Fla.

The present streouaes efbrt to
bolster dp the flnances.4I tlie*touatry,
even tbi.the issuing of gvbernetihnt
bonds, forcibly recalls to mind the
time, not so many years ago, when
Grover Oletblond was so bitterly de-
nounced by every republican in the
land lot issuing botida. iitte the
credit of the nation foln the effects
of the miainanagement of a preced-
ing republican administration;

The women of the northern states
are not the only ones who are helping
better the condition of the children of
their less fortunate brothers and sis-
ters. Down at Rone, Ga., Miss Mar-
garet Berry has lbunded one of the
most important educational institu-
tions in the south, an itinustrial school
for bo)s. Although she is little
known north of Mason and Dixon's
line, nobody in the south was sur-
prised when Miss Berry used a goodly q
portion of the fortune left by her
father, in establishing such a wfthy i
charity. Country boys a'" adiuthlbd
to the institution who wvdlld otibf- I
wise be tthilbis to secdro tieh an edit-
catiui as the school affords. If a
few namoe heiresses would devote at
least a portion of their fortunes to
much purpuoes instead of using theaoi
to buy tnoeiga titles, economic and t
social conditions in the United States J
would be on a higher plaue.-Wo- t
I ll3aI Ntional i-iln

scholars of the world. It was only at
the beginning of the seventeeuth cen-
tury that the bust of the "woman from
England" was taken down.-Argonaut

They tetit io ait fhat.
They v.re hcldlug dowri the parlor
sofa together.
"Women," he remarked to the dear
girl by his side. "are ndt g6od listen-
'The,4eair girl pail nothing.
And the dear girl's mother, who was
dolug an eavesdropping stunt at the
keyhole, was npt Iu a position td con-
fradlet him.-41-t.hagi NeW4 .
S..; _.A .A -- _. _


lug -W-l\Lt 1.3 1i:.
Tro.i ere lv!nse iu
that S.-%that if N
shall not ON lat~'.

try a;

of i'thisf,
N,1 clr Ptlhei.
~ -MtI dQ

A J ;-
"Father," assLkd l:Ut? hollo. -'what ts
a jingo?"
"A jingo, my cn, is a man who Is
firmly couviunee;l ~.t somebodyy other
than himself ou .i to ro out and whip
uomebody."--W. .... -;;:*. i,

~i~da~ W.~.JE. I
w w -w -w w w ww ~ ~
pa q

S.Ghoo aind S.S'j E ilon are
iked to gethe

..fofitK itj 6f rich fk blood; shc is

Tlie reason s tOi ai a period when a girrs
igestio a S co uris Emanulon
MAi hdF With powerful nourishment in
iaaW digjoted form.

It a food that builds and keep up a

N .!fDRUOCiSTS SOC. AND $1.00. 3

W : Milion-i f6 4Wd1* 1. h. P n



J I; l'zzz vi ce rrtsiiet;

John Milton, 111. Secyv-lreas.



OALp iT, AL, $ 2`0 ; 0 OO.0 i

e n L house aad

uhic .c.r tiub4t 11u I'll give you i
"Not likely! 1 can get a nicet &any-
1t.ere fur not reltlng it," Willie re-

Looked Suspicious.
'"Somehow I'm leary of Tompkins."
"Wh3- so?"
4*He's so polite."
"What's that got to do with it?"
"I'm always afraid he's stringing
*T~" *"*' ^*.'.- -.'

Buiy, ell ttnd dtal in real estate notes stocks.,

b6nd, etc.

Fire, Accident, Burglary atid Fid eity. iiSditaif .:

Lend and borrow iAilei beli ad pfjiniptl afdfi |

s e-ohn iio, ohn Milton, r, W. .

biRECTORS---John M. Dillon, John Milton, jr., W. H.

curee CottUf Oficinal And other bonds.

leceivt I;hIld Itfd digNutse money and act as

Sfrioee inld agents for others.

By special agreement will lend money for others

on approved security and guarantee its repayment

Watson, John Milton; 111, H. H. Lewis and W. H. Milton

- I I 4 tt .fl. ~%~' 'p4 N.--

. .t

, .'-' ;'
' t,
t1" *
f '
i' S '
*(7 ; *

SAddress: W. H. MILTON, Prest.. Marianne;, 'ra.

- -.r . -- .



- -^

i$. ..:

- --~--------

Willed Awiky th Laundry. I
When a perfectly 5train,- -womn
came for the sol'J clothes the mis-
tress of the house cat:'e to the co0',u-
Mion that her own launJre., a .i bi ;jza
ply employed a new nicsvomI.---
made no comment on t1:c circuin-
stances. -
But when two weeks hard gone I.-
and still the old laundress, known ai.
Susan, no last name having been wen;
honed, did not appler the mistrem of
the house felt that the w-oald be ack,-
Ing in her duty If 'lsbe di4d not Miak
some Inquiry about Ler.
"Where A l usan?", she asked -'e
tall and bony structure who came for
the clothes.
"She has gdne to Pennsylvania to
lire, yessum" returned this person.
with composure, "'.hp went to. Penn-
syvanpla some time agp. nu' she lef*
vVL ( La '. Lilm lQri ,%iiR yul -
didn't seem tfili hod I uin't swy
"But why didn't shA come r ti te'
me and allow me to make some ar-I
rangements about my laundryT' nPked
Susan's ex-misti-es. -
"Well, she lef' ..' ciother tuh mebi
She made a will an' lef' dem clothes
tuli mehl. Wese allus been ;)3 1 frleu'R,
and so w'en she lef' she say I may
wash ye'- elotbej long ea I wiah tuih;.
an' dere-wbiz O use 'worryuin' .uii
'bout It, now vwas der" ...
To which inodern., ndi-onsible uenes'
tion the mistress of tie h.iase couli.
only remain speechls. Baltimore
Satisfied Her Curiosity,
A, certain, south rl.le lady has comn
to the boncluso4i tihit .'tirjit, cen'-.r,.
longer be Indulged ;n ,vith any ilde.u-
of safety. One ul.It abe entertalne<
a group qf friends, and at the moment,
of departure, when conversation alt
ways lags a trifil, her eye fell idly,on
a package carried by one of the mei .
"What is it you have there?' she.
asked, with hardly a thought of what
she was saying. .;
"Well," said another guest. cp-!nglng-
forward, with, m-,ck ..dligutlcn, "Is
he's going to be : 'nr;ed. I feel that.
ill of Uls should 4-e 3a.jected'3 *> tb
maine indignity." -
"Oh, I," commenced the hostess, her
face flushing-"I give you my word
"I can prove the owu.-oeAhp of thlg
watch," cried one man.
"This was my rvtbphr's rin-." ex-
plained another. id so It went down
the line until ti.- l.a -la carnie just
In time to rave tkjr !;fe of the hostess.
Hereafter one <,, ','-r gue3ts ca.i-
Walk off with the an I p)ianao and b(e
free from remurk.--lNotsa City In-
lependent -. .

The explanation, says a contedi6po-
rary of the steady diminution ot Ger-
man immigrautd to this country dur-
ing late years lies in the groat indus-
trial devedopement of Germany since
the s'ambo-Prussian war, and the ft-
sultiant deihand fotr labor, and increase
of wages. Tbii, however, is not all
that accounts for the fhllnug off by
any means. Another and very poten-
tial influence whilii opet'atbi to keep
Geiduns at hotie is lthe a ytem of
old goe insurance for the working
classebi, that tib* obtains in the em-
pire. The indusittiids German work-
ing man need no longer fear thit he
may end his days in an almhouse,
and consequently has not the same
incentive as he had before the inaugu-
ration of the system to take the chan-
ces of bettering his condition by emi-
grating and stvering all ties with his
native land. Thie tpiignance to
milatarisan to whibh iii tithes past,
was in great iteasure dde oour large
influx of Germans has beieit tiiot ma-
terially neutralized by the essdrance
offered the working man against pov-
erty aud suffering in his declining
years. The evatem is regarded as
going far to compensate for the bur-
lens of enforced military service.-
Ridiimond News Leader.

South Americans who live in New
York delight in showing off the great
city to their countrymen fresh from
he tropics, and in playing practical
okes on these innocents, according
,, the New York Timeis.
. Spa uish-American.

The Bowery Mission "Bread Line,"
t which 1,000 men who are out in
he streets for the night are giveli a
breakfast of hot coffee and roll every
morning at one o'elock, is one of the
lost pathetic sights in all the wide,
'ide world. Long before the hour of
opening. these poor, starving men
Land in a single line-that sometimes
xtenda for blocks in length, waiting
or the coffee and r611s; During the
ast aAuter; this breakfast was given
a total of 144,000 homeless men
nid boys, and up to date nearly half
million cf thie homeless have had
heir weaf ii'adip testullf iftlerirp.-
id by this unique minitratioti. The
first dt these BIbalkfa6t_ iUi gieid bhi
hankasgiing iofii'llig; diid hid Jii
,' tlib follow. I iJfl i Ii'ot .

S1; 8 vf 313,dd6 me`is and id,072
dtgiig to hoftelesai men and bd6ya.
Ih is for this gr"id; pliilianthiol
d1rk that w ie f' d 'ur kitid and p'ft-
bati co-iper fo:lio e tgm ftifk;
^dgSs6; Sisiieiii ll an a p'ti
1 iIIena anid b- of 1ifi boivif &'r".

)yB' w-b; liii j'frifii a erf; iv N

Hliei'i u;id moihe; &n perhaps wife.
hlei ii stiaidedl here, and 1i6 des-
ir 9pjii tio the Old Bowety Mision.

Caught on a Fishhook.
Who that has fished has escaped
letting a fishhook caught in a thumb
or finger? There Is nothing more
:aInful and more dI fcult td reltev,
hban this simple Ilttle incident The
irst impulse of the fisher man of
tvoau Is to try to rm-move te'-Zsn
he wny It got caught In the fish, an
'he mo:e It is pushed back to release
1he tip the more it cuts ,nhid hurts the
flesh. On account of the peculiar
ahape of a fishhook it is necessary to
push it all thie. way tprotgh. If the
hook is one of those without the loop
or eye at the upper end, or 1se it
must be pushed through until the
tip of the hook la cleared, and the,
a pair of tweezers will serve to snap
the metal and let the hook be taken
;ut of the flesh. Sometimes a good
dized knife will do the hook cutting
!f tweezers are not liindy. Th*
wound made by the hook should be
thoroughly cleansed with hot water
and perhaps some disinfectant, after
which it should be e6vered with d
soothing ointment and then carefully
bound with lint ot tI bandagO:-New
York Herald.

The "Woman From England."
One of the most curious myths of the
middle cges, s!ngu.ltily false and flagi-
tious in lii character, but so persistent
that it eventually attained general be-
lief, was the story of "Pope Joan." the
woman popa, who was supposed ti
have sat in St. Peter's chair about
midway of the hinth century. For
200 years If the grqit cathedral at
Siena, Italy, along itli the busts of
all the other popes, there stood a buas
)f this mythical female bearing-upon
It the inscription, "John VIII., a W6-
nan From England." This bust was
.ut In Its place by ecclesiastical au-
thorititles in the year 1400, without pro
test fror any source, and In pursu-
ance of the universal popular belief
that the eighth John had Indeed been,
a woman, and this in spite of the fact
that the personal history of the real
Tohn VIII., who was a man and a Ro-
,nan and the defSor of the Emperor
r' ltf-aca tfh l.%l & .

4 -- - --- --n-*--

- ,---- 1JI~ .-.~__~_ __






^I~-i"r~"~P~e"ksnr~ra I - I I ~` ~" ~~ ~""I '~ T~ ~ '"~W~L'ZL Li~LI.~






I - -* ....... %,%j a A a



- a

.iw;RI KT1M E.

'" *'r. Tarpon arrived from iho
i.ir :,'. 1:00 o'clock p. m., Friday.
A 1; .0 o'clock a. in. yesterday
S:.-"Od front Mobile' and Pen-
. ;I , .
i. ',iiich. Nancy lace started on
ir ,, ..* trip to Pensacola, last Sat-
;'i.',, ',;lt, having on ooald as clew
B'in .*: .'. the following gentlemen:
a -t. Li M. Ware; the builder, E.
Hari.1i, Rayniond Sheppard, E. M
'.,.ui. i, Walker Gwaltney. and
.'r ..r li x.
T;:c l. Iauner Lucy H. sailed for
'e.'" .A Sunday with naval stores
'.: north Bay camps On her return
..:. ing a load of railroad iron
i,,r iib,. 3,le-Davis rbad, which is be-
1 forward, as the Buoy nn-

... -, to make connection with
S.,- ;. & St. A roan.

------ --tr TTHX LAXTNCE
k(,^r- n .tn East Bay Mail blccen St
Aindreow. Wetappo 4and intermediate
.' Leaves St. Andrew diily (ex
inday' at 5:00 a, in.; arrive at
o ii Ij':31) p. m.; leave Wetappo
p. m ; aril'es at St. Andrew at
S ,I. litakeslAndingis regularly a
S.t .Cily, Cromni .ton, Iarker, Cal-
onl, Allanton and Farnidale.
I landed at any postoffice whar".
*enger and freight rates, see
.. ird in the several postollices.
F. A. WI~ruaILL, Mainager,

r,- rllowin table rceordi the max-
i::.. minimum ahd mean tempera-
S.he rainfal and direetton of the-
.'..u. ;.r the twenty-fimr hours ending
i 'iock p. m.,asindlcatedby U.S
if' .iiea ,

S ... I Rain. Wind
20 75 55 65- .00 e
S 21 71 52 61 00 se
4" 22 78 68 73 2,11 se
S 23 71 45 58 .00 nw
24 67 49 58 .85 n
2, 62 43 5 o .00 nw
S 26 68 46 57 .00 nw
!701 55 63 12.96


.! OTO G R A P H S

i de ari Delivered Within a

. ", ,' ... ; '.. .1. , i 4. .'
-,... 1 ;* ,, ,- l '- ,

.- . *' , t. .; i *:-" li t: 'l'.'i.

S.. ... .. th:.' whip the
Lten 'I. ,n ~ al.- they are good
teei) theLa ':-oLd being naughty.?-
Louis Republic.
Prtty Bad.
Vife Aren't you goiug to smoke
e cigars I gave you? Husband-
1; I'm keeping them till Tommy be-
is to w ant to smoke. They'll settle
-Illustrated Bits.

So you are going to leave your' stu-
Pave? No. Who told you so?"
"Yx6ur landlord." Philadelphia In-

Self conquest is the greatest victory.

In Time of Peace.
In tfb first months of the Russia-oapan
,ar we had a striking example of the ne-
essiy for preparation and the early ad-
intace of those who, so to speak, "have
singledd thlir roofs in dry weather." The
;:riue of priparltien has nmde history
*.d gjvan to as our greatest mean. The
..ividual asw well as-4he nation should
.renl ied for nny emergency. Are you
reported to combat the fi 'st, cold you
ki A h eod- can be cured much more
itklv when treated as soon as it has
t een contracted and le fore it has leconie
settled in the s8 stul. Cliamberlain's
-jough. Remedy it famous forits-cures of
enld& and it should he kept at hand ready
for inatsrntanee. .ovr sale by allm iedhine
,i ,, .


-bouvenlr kooc o01 St. Andrew, 50c
at Ware's, Godard's and Masker's.
-Colored and plain souvenir pcstal-
cards with St. Andrew scenes at the
Buoy office
-Blank Warranty Deeds, short form
priutea on good linen oaper. 25c per
dozen: also blank receipts-100 receipts
in a block, 0l each, at the Buov office
-WIZARD INK Tablets, Price, per
box 10 ote.*Put up eight Tablets in a
'box. One box makes ten ounces of the
best ink. Economical permanent. abso-
lutely indelible, convenient, non-ooro-
si ve
-Handsome letter head with St


u 1,ooo.


J, go IRUMMOND, irelideinr r

F. BULLOCK, Cas:i<'r.

Judge L. .'. REEVES.

. Your Pakonage is Respectfully Solicifed.

Andrew Hay date line and views of
either St. Andrews Bluff, or Buena
Vislta'oJnt, at 8c per dozen; alao, map
of the St. Andrews Bay country on
bivk of a letter sheet at 15c per dozen,
at the B-3ov Office.
--The Washington County Tax Col-
t sector and Tax Assessor will be in St.
Andrew, Friday and Saturday, January
17 and 18, for the 'purpose of collecting
taxes for 1907 and assessing same for
1908. The entire list of appointments
will appear'in the Buoy next week.
-The A. & St. A. R. R., having ef-
fected an arrangement by which it will
connect with the German American
JLu.tmber Company's road, already built
to near Spann's Still, it is confidently
expected that passenger trains will be
running to the Bay at Millville, by
New Years day.
-The Bnoy was misinformed when it
stated, last week, that the engine of
the Nancy Lee was capable of develop-
ing 30-horse power. It should have
Faid the engine is a thbe cylinder,
15-horse power Stellinger machine and
the boat easily made eight miles an
hour in its trial spins here on the bay
aa. will doubtless cover ten miles when
it gets well settled down to business.
-Rev. J. W. Walden, D. D., presi-
dent Palmer College, DeFuniak, is ex-
pected to preach in the Presbyterian
church on Sunday next, Dec. 1. On
Sunday: Dec. 8, Rey. J.D. Roundtree.
the new pastor of this and Avalachico
lA and Smyrna churches will commence
his labors here and will conduct servic-
es on that day and on the second Sun-
day of each month, hereafter. A cor-
dial invitation is extended to all to at-
tend these services.
-Thb ladi s of the Methodist church
will give a Thanksgiving Supper at the
home of Mrs. L. E. Ware in St. An-
drew, this (Thurspay), Thanksgiving
Day, from 6 o'clock to 8:30 p. m. Th re
will be music and singing to enliven the
occasion. A feature of the evening will
be a Prize Conundrum Coi.tost. Come,
enjoy a good supper and a pleasant
evening witt your neighbor. The pro.
ceeds of the supper are for the parson.
age building fnnd.
-Mr. E. R. Houlton,at present en gag.
ed in farming at Yankton, S. Dakota,
who owns extensive real estate hold.
ings here in St. Andrew, =jdirur a two
r)6ars elnewwafof subscription to the
Buoy, further writes: "We are having
fine weather; no snow, yet; roads dry
and duqy; fine fall too ick corn; had
about 500 acres to pick and have been
busy; am feeding two hundred hogs
and two hundred and fifty steers and
they eat lots of corn."
-IX has been published from tht
throne of the opposition that several
residents of St. Andrew "have ex
pressed an opinion of the injustice to
Panama City which would be broug ht
about if the territory claimed was tak-
eni nto the municipal corporation of St.
Andrew." This, like some other asser.
ti6ns from the same source, is nothing
if not misleading, and is uttered with
a view to creating the impression that
there' i a' feeling heme i opposition tc
the proposed plan. It-is nfattral that
there mr ht bW some few objectort
a those not thoroughly er-.
standng the question; b't the. Buoy
f safe fin asserting that- there ar
nor, a alf-do en Voters resident within
the proposed boundary lines that are
not in favor of so establishing them:
and not only that, but a deielded major'
ity from the start, favored extending
the east line to the proposed feerminus
of theA. & St. A.R.R. Even thet c
or three who voted against tlie propo
sition a ht preliminary meeting werE
so incensed at hearing their townsmen
called thieves and robbers that they
then and there changed their minds
and will support and vote to uphold the
measure as at first outlined.
A Patriot.
Biy; PTediln, wbat's'a patriots'
"Oh, It's one of those fellows, who
tries to make somethlug .out of his

Al( men a're equal till they ar
f l -i, T i l e ," ,*K .* r ,- ,. *' o


prove their worth at harvest
time. After over fifty years of
success, they are pronounced
the best and surest by careful
planters everywhere. Your
dealer sells them. 1901 Seed
Annual free on request. ,
D. M. FERRY & CO., Detrolt, Mleh.

prisod employer opened It and read:
. --z-r ,TI .-- _:.- .. a a= .:

-Ladles' HIome Journal.

The Speedier Term.
Englishman -In England we "stand"
for parliament, but in America you
"run" for congress. .American-That'Sl
because you are slower than we are-
New York Press.
'* ''
In Ptolemy's time any one W&O
killed a cat was put to death.
Poor Holland.
Little Ella-I'm never going to Hol.
land when I grow up.
Governess-Why not?
'Case our geography says t's a
v,-, l)i;lg coultl'y."-Liie.

He Fought at Gettysburg.
David Parker of Fayette, N. Y., who
lost a foot at Gettysburg.,writes: 'Elec-
tric Bitters have done me more go'd
than any medicine I ever took. For sev-
eral years I had stomach trouble, and
paid out much money for medicine to
little purpose, until I began taking
Electric Bitters. I would not take $500
for what they haves done for me."
Grand -tonic 'for the aged and female
weaknesses.: Greatalterative and body
builder; best of all for lame back and
weak kidneys. Guaranteed by A. 1
Brake. 5Qc.

Early Baseball Teams.
1BIseball teams existed as early a'
1845-, but the first league was formed
inr 1857, when the National Association
of Baseball Players was organized.
Th as tle title implies, was an or-
-an7..tiol of players-in fact, of ama-
tour players. They did not remain true
amaireurs f-'r long. however, and in
1871 basel)all was placed squarely on
a profe,:ional basis, when there came
inta ex!Untrce the Natfonal Association
of' PTIhfosiorl Baseball Players. It
will be xoteal that the players still
g)ve:'nd the sport, and they continued
to do so until 187G. If was in this
period t!r.t there grew up the great
abuses which menaced the very life of
baseball-namely. gambling and the
buying and selling of gaines. In 1876
the players were deposed from the
go.veruntent of professional baseball,
and they lhave never since controlled
tb- g:nme.-.menry Beach Needham in
Suieces.s Ma.gzine.

Almost Problistorlo.
IHer voice in the midsummer gloam-
ing had a plaintive sound.
"I haven't anything new to sing to
you tonight, Cyril," she faltered'.
"Then sing me one of the old songs,
love,",snid the man tenderly.
High, thin and a little Cracked, her
soprano rose in quaint, sweet melody
of "Over the Garden Wall." When
the soeg was ended her lover laughed
and sa id:
"That was indeed an old one, Clara."
Two harl, lin6s formed about the cor-
ne:U- of her mouth.
"Yes, Cyril," she said quietly-; "I
snng th:at sonug to you the night we be-
cam.e egged."-New Orleans Times-

'liwI'CiadV~lat .~nI i.~ \WI IL E AS, the comuDIInity 01, peros
%it. hmu tile PrvpuzLud cuipuimdial :1-1-
fiiool wi, titha revc.I' ti ci.'ta, [lieC 11.0 t- L' II I IAIter descri bed, dulsire to torni
agaiai.L Ifariv Si' dea '.il iwin LAn I111ipai ~picoeporatiuli under itte pro-
aau,JIS Ui Chapter one (1) of Title tenl
here imn St. Andalew, ;Iiti ~n-, mm~ey i\,) L-i tle Geiteza! Statutes of the tt
from ttle U. 6. Mails, while all em-. l~uzia
N ut,tC iL hereby given that all persons
p1i0nto ililie OPr isicril~i!(a tiontHi C AItutie aitgi,tered voiez'r re.sidniag it.tile
flaiiJ. ijyet 1--nlffie iw ii 1opiieed corporate limits are ire-
hat i' J.Saayt..I. I ulli-dtV tu m-'(:LIJIIieat the hour ot 9
cletk, who was viarebek-a evei al I LI cluck a. uII. oil tht 3011h day of' Deceni-
mouth s ago n Win lie chata ge dif obl- I :,t r, A. 1). 1(Ui ,9t \\WAre's 'Hjall within
m &!LIU IUI-Ub,ud 'vortiviaNelimits to ScieL

-Youth's Comnpanion,.
-8'he Was Dieting'.
"Miss K:tty,"- ': the new doctor.
S".--rr trouble is merely ind!stidli. We
can fix that. By the way, have you
been doing any dieting?" -
"I don't know," answered the little
girl. "The otherdoctor has been mak-
ing me eat all sorts of things that I
Just hate'
"Then you're dieting all right.'"-Chl-
cago Tribune.
"How many ribs have you, Johnny?'
asked the teacher..
"I don't know, nia'am," gigg'led-J.ohn-
ty, squirming around on one foot.
"I'm so awful ticklish I never could
count 'em."-Ladies' Home Journal.
To Those About to Marry.
We don't know how much money It
takes to support a wife. We have
studied the problem a whole year now
and find that it takes all you can get
-Detroit Free Press.

dote e Aul~d dhw nBusness. A "i'1
make rYou or permanent ,!I'r
Prize Cowll ectionbR-- akrieads ;ioat all.

l, t &",, g d-kinga"ndreceive asval e

8 / ,iocro ILL.

M Ak!

Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf


binig latter cunlainling 1ollei13, a up- l ice ai d o0.igatulize amt.nicipal .corpo-
peared before the cotit in thie aller- "llull w"l hii ii ,propoesd corporate
ilhii.', Ilhich ar- Iluuiadud as tollows:
noon and otiteicel a plea of guilty. bgltingii at tile nortnea t co'rer of
He was sentenced to set ve ore )'yea *il'ecloi lhirl. i (30,, i T'ownship three (3).
Suuth 1 l i.alune lourteen (14) West, and
in tle Encambia coitii j.il. SiyOder luntning southl aloi.g tho section line on
in the young inAn wiho. it was .-tateil the i boundary u i id Section thirty
,3-j ta id seetlon '1llir y-one (31) in
at lihe time. hail akpn mionel in or- aip (3} south of h range four-
der to send it to a young wi.n in i vteel ;14,, P et, and the east boundary
an eastern city. to hliom lie llil bo- l, aticlx ) in Township four
(4) -Outhtll", e Iourteen (14) west, to
come engaged, and whoi was to have Ire %teis or .01'. Andrews Bay. and
come to Pensacula for theu os ul e'C along siid line due soeth to the
I l- lvii,,li li %1 % a1h i ngton and Caihoun
marrying him. She never airiled L' jjiir1t iiti the liddleof St Andrews
h.re, so far as is k inown. 3,, h.i e l" in wa Wletlevly direction alofig
e .id C Ulluty liiLt .and tLe ,iaiddle of St.
The Sic;k Chin-ar.. Aiidres lay to the middle ot West Arm
Perhaps nowhere in th r.. i of St. Andrews Bay, and along the mid-
Perkps nowhere in th- A. I die of said Wvest Arm of St Andrews Bay
family affection stronger thtan ;ii ,to a point due wes ef the northwest cor-
the Chinese, yet their method of Cl- ner of Section twenty-five (25), in Town-
Ing with the sick is pitiab)e to t.i slii. three (3) south of Range fifteen (15)
more enlightened world. When t fha- west; thence due east to the said north-
vorite son falls ill his life depend'l west corner of fractional Section twenty-
largely upon a package of joss sticks. five (25) and east long the section line
The grieving father' ..eks a e,'s' 1. '. "< on tne north bolondary of said Section
procures a handficl of these sti, h1s aid. tweinty-five (~5o),ownshrp three (3) south
taking them home, lights them. Ih. Range fifteen (151 west and the section
hakes them gently. Soon one falls. ine on the north boundary of Section
,sh.c Stlihe gtly tthitry (30) in Township three (3> south of
Is It lighted? I Ent e-y the fanhex Range fourteen (14) west to the northeast
watches it. Will it bu-rn to thep nd coiner thereof, at the point of bIginning;
or go out? If it is entirely consumed including Sections thirty (30) and thifty-
the son will survive; If it goes out he one (31) in Township three (3) south' Qf
will die. It goes cut! Range fourteen (14) west; fractional See-
The Chinaman reasons thus: His son tion six (6) in Township four (4) south of|
was chased by a devil and when the Range fourteen (14) west; fractional Sec-
devil touched him he became inl. The tions twenty-five (25), twenty-six (26),
devil demonstrated by ine11i o of the thirty-four (34). thirty-five (35) and thir-
oss stick demonsthat his son must die. iad ty-six (36) in Township three (3) south of
oss sticks that his so must ie. Range fifteen (15) west, ,and fractional
the joss sticks burned to the end il Section one (1) in townslfip four (4)
would have signified the future recov- south of IRange fifteen (15) west and all to
ery of the patient. Joss men would' the west and south of said land to the
have been called in, a most fearful 'nmiddla of St. Andrews'Bay as decried;
-.1in would have followed, and the dev- i/which territory above described now
11 and all his lower imps would have reside less than three hundred (301) alnd
been driven away.-New York Herald. more -hajn twenty-five (25) registered
J H Drummond. H C Mun.on.
A Life Sentence. L E Danford. Edward Hand.
aid Mrr. Jo.icker. who was reading L M Ware, jr Wm A. Emmons.-
the paper, "Anolher poor wretch has Geo W Surber, jr. Samuel Surber.
been given a life sentence at hard A L Welch. C P Moates.
labor." LN Mapes. John Sturroc k.
Said Mrs. Joackler, who was embroid- C T Porter. Wm Hill, sr.
ering blue roses: "Probably he de- J T Thompson. B F Thompson.
serves it. What is he gnlity of?" B F Moates, J brown.
"Fraud and no visible means of sup- JR Thompson. C L Joyner
por. He obtained cIohes and a fine Geo W Su.aber, sr. J T Gwaltney,
urnout with no money and nothing W G Mitchell. Chas. Knowles.
iullectible. He ecems to be larger J A Moates, Francis H Sheppard
and stronger than most of that class E B Smith. Isaac Godard.
yet it Is plain that he has never done CharlesDoty. Webster Doty,
a taf of work, though he has managed John D Stephens. L E Vickery.
-to live well so far. But the po)r fel- ChasL Armstrong. F E Haight.
low takes his sentence hard and cries ChasG Armstrong. J C Brainard.
Piteously, protestingLhis innocence." J J Kester. E W Masker.
piteously proteting ocnce. J 11 Wills, CH Danford.
"The wretch! lIe must have dealt A H-Brake. H. W. Gwaltney.
with perfect fools!" O H I ester.
"No; his victim is our own friend.
0 Jack Smith." A Valuable Office Boy.
"That clever lawye,! Do read to me The emplo,'r was bending over n
all about it!' table looking at the directory. The
"Born to 'Mr. and rA. Jih> Smith, new ofce boy slipped up quietly and
a twelve i)ound boy."--ohemnian. n,'llk, n note into hisl hand. The sur-

The Three Fates.
The nann-': of the three fates wereI
'loth.-, l.ahesis and Atr,,pos. To x- I
ress the influence which they were
believed to exercise on human life
rom birhih to death they were repre-
ented is spinning a thread of gold,
liver or wool, now tightening, now
lacklieng and at last cutting it off.
Cloth, the youngest, put the wool
around the spindle, Lachesis spun it,
and the aged Atropos cut It off when
a man hadto die. -
The Hammerhead Shark.
Cue of the sraiingest sharks, ;,rsd, In-
leed. one of the oddest looking crea-
tures in the world; is the hamLaerkead.
-an excellent naein, for its her I is
cyllndfical. with a width two or tiree
ties as g:eat as the length. The
eyes are St at the outer anglesoof the
head afnd car thus look up and down
at will. There are three rows of tri-
angular whitt teeth In each jaw. This
voracious fish reaches a length o- fif-
teen feet, and,wThough there is little
danger of Its attacking a living swim-
mer, It will at least devour a det d
body. One, eleven fe'et long, which
was killed at Sag Hat or, had eaten
portion's of a man anid his clothing.
SmBall hammerheads have been caught
in New York bay, and several four foot-
specimens in Hell Gate.--New Yors
i)yspepsia and General Debility
ire cured by P. P.P., Lippman,sGreat
remedy,the superior of all sarsaparilla4:
P. P. P. is the greatest tonic for the
stomach that was ever known. Indiges-
tion,Qbad dreams, and biliousness give
way rapidly to the powerful tonic and
blood cleansing properties of P. P. P.
A prominent railroad superintendent
living in Savannah, Ga., (in which city
he'was borp), says he feels better than
he ever did. and he had the worst case
of dyspepsia on record. He had no ap-
petite, and the little he ate disagreed
with him, causing him to vomit often;
he had,pains iq the head, breast and
stomach; put after using three bottles
of P. P. P. he felt like a new man/ He
says he feels that he conld live forever
if he could always get P. P. P.
His nnme will be given on applica-
tion to us.
Sold by tll druggists.

wonder why the Earth moves, write to the auth-r fi,-

-ut in p:'o-oirb M "ny oM i An
1.o)ublful srsie. atid 3oje ;Ire f
vet there is a certain Slp:CC. 'iTe ui
ion of tprovctrbs h' lowell as ".
wings which cotilAine se.nS. h.i rte n
and saltt" is in 'ie main1' true. Thoug.
tr.i'u y a y l: ;'e ll .tli. a sent a e i.
barely pc e'; tiMe, y there '.u:st he 1
certain ".i.;,' which gives life adii
savor to) the siyh:ng.
It would lbo difcult to find saying.
more telling than some of the shortest
-such, for instance, as "Forewarned.
forearmed," "Extremes meet," or the
fn i,:jt "Inteir malllum et incudeim"
(between tlie bammer and the anvil)
M.In1y s:'y;i- v.. faith in l:n;41i-l ai r.
short were lbriel'er still in thLe r origtuai
classleal form.
That, thi? -oul of wl.t wa(s -,..*i.iu;!idide.1
nm -'t strii i. g'y :iI:u ug the i r,_'-'ks 1-
or'.!y w Lat ', ch,>* e:D;e,:t. It i: ,.111ri
':- l r>;! ;u'i; i r..' r f[ .i? t (. t" v.'',,,'11d "[',-, *
t. l 1 'f i : i , r : ; .. I 'T- r
Iby the people of one )art of Cr:e.e.
te" Laconians or '..S ts. ')
['hhlil1 of Macedou tit*'M -:;, ta:'. '"*I
I enter Lacoiida, I will l1-"'. ,- .)::!" '.:
to the dust," they n:adc he ifmou- re
ply, "If."

He T"reck a Rcst.
As it is i;.Ul,, >1, di'y tr'ie titt 6 (i-
man's meat i.).. La L.iotli''r I;a'.I r l -
son.' so hpe so it ciaiien smllu' th .
what seems like ,work to c:e per'soT,
.Js Ire-rtr'de 1 a recreation I;: al; :c"c.
"Had a gccd lec.ture on Altsky;
didn't we. Eb?" asked one cf M'..
Dodrl's neighbors, eeting him th'n C.,,
of the lecture. "To it t ,C,'o._ ,esef'.
;ia pie fcr two hours, heari.g1.i-i re 'e
off' the infoi-oation and i.'ei::g t:-c'ec
pictunras cant ct the .'ec.n:, wu;: ;:
grand rest for iim., lbeat ou.t with e:.::
toerryinl as I l;be."
"It vw'a a good oie('t.'h talk.:," n'''
ted Mr. DeCdd, i: a g.'u ": '... tone, Ii t
It didn'tt rest me any to ipeak of.- ,e-
tween having ,to set stock still ,th--
out a chliu:e to get iu a word for t[7,o
mortal hcurs ard crane my neck1 ook-
ing at those views, I was pretty well
wore when I got home. Evt tI took the,
lanterri drt into the v.wod rh5d, and by
the time I'd ip!it up a week's klin'dlungs
I felt kind o' rested an' calmed ddwn."


;',, :(nI a. m
y;iV, I";in.i .
. i'i.0""' m O.
', l-':l'-I (ooul.
li 'tl I- i. m..
rll a. m,
:.'0 p. i."
,:"*1 1li. in.

aesday. 8:30 p m. Pensacola.
'-. '-iJ .'tiy, 4:00 p. m St.. Aiddrcw, >''.,li o.,
Wednesday 2:30 p. in'. Miltville,, \\.in.-l
hbursday, 9:00 a. m. Aulachiitola, Thur-d-.v
'arrabolle. Th ursd -y
onday, 6:00 p. m. iMobile. Mondiv.
Lursday, 3:00 p. m. Carrabelle.
friday, 11:30.a. m. St. Andrew. Fridi~,; 2:
riday, 10:00 a. m. Millvil ., Fridatt. 1I
Pensacola. ',. iiy,; 11

Peonsacola to St. Andrew and.Millville. $5.00.
Pensacola to Apalachicola and Carrabelle, $7.:0.
St. Andrew and Millville to Arahtichicolu, t.o.ti.
Pensasola to Mobile, $2.50.
'h .e aFo.o rIil' ini-l, l' in l d"t m i.,..rths. I . l.
H. F. MORRISON, (o.n'l F'ii iit :.M! l'u--. i

c. L. J 0)Y N E'


K11raI M D i c i a l b




A Full Litrc of Furniture!

Freight Paid on Ali Goods Except .op .':".r rt'd Fceed to Any
Pi os10 I ."i i

AN i)




Whether Large "r Small. Write for Price.,



* -. *. ~ ~ ~ ~




S FOi0

?4 I

nil. I

u, It L usras .

Founded in 1878, and built uip by tLe .kte L. M. \N'afe'
now Thoroughly Reo r.ranized, un"dr Nt-w vangement
1 ai-s "< ...-.. r" "" ""

-n, 1 I
of the Mouse, of ttl e Tr,;ding Post. and of ItJ (,nes :iS

well, and guarantees uniforfli fMr an!d courteous treatment
Sto aH.

W e6 Pay the Frei ght l ii a God'ts eyceptI i, iir, .M.,i. anit
Feed t.i aInv' P. ,t otfic' nil the Ba y.
. -- -. . . . . . . .. . - -:7 . .








"I 'rote you for advice," writes LeHla Hagood,
of Sylvia, Tenn., "about my terrible backache and
monthly pains in my; abdomen and shoulders. I
had suffered this way nine years and five doctors
had failed to relieve me. On your advice I aook
Wine of Cardui, which at once relieved my pains
and now I am entirely cured. I am sure that
Cardui saved my life."

It is a safo and reliable "remedy for a!i

diseases, such as peri-
odical pains, irregulari-.
t- cr',-oing down sen-
sations, headache, dil-
0ines, backache, etc.

V.reus a letter Al
vonur s'.mptumns and we vi
Pro A .1 ce. in pia~n seale
.Ad.jrem.s: La~ieIs'Adt'loryI
Th oCi i-ii ta n og.i Med Ic Inel

i female

Lscribing all
ill send you
eJ envelope.
Co.. Chaita-

S ii- I

t Every Dr store in $1.00 bottles. Try it.

.... ,

WlS CStrong ipoint. IFamily Divi Sion.
M~ir~- ~ IL'tO0. Pin'1wvt Frt end-So Ot Lt u :, little, boy ~
fli' your ". :i a~ frth~e V)St (, He looks very lutellig~ent. Proud 3Iam-
n;,!lt'" .,-~ ma-- .ust as I wi at his nge. My
tV. t:' en' ~Y ~, t~ p fl'!,'vri. no-%, Is more lie her fa..
fok's C-iup.* iu lij .tL~ -'sI.~tl





r- -, far.. ..R A.1-MG










W. C, BARRMOW,- Mastr.

I)L Ils.

) Is iue ifIa OTP J
the bowels by employing dra-tic- purga-
tive:. To avoid d;aner. use only lr.
King's New Lfie Pill,, the safe, gentle
cleansers and in vigorators. Guaranteed
for headache, biliousness, -malaria and,
jaundice at A. H. Brake's store. 25c.

Womar's Wilei.
"What a hold Maud seems to hdve
n all her rejected suitors."
"Why shouldn't she, the artful thing!
She always tells a man when she re-
fuses him that she is afraid to marry
t a handsome man because she would
. be so jealous."-Cincinnati Enquirer.

-* thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect it.
Prevalency of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarm-
ing increase and remarkable prevalency
of kidney disease.
orders are the
most common
Diseases that pre-
almost the last
recognizedd by
Spatient and phy-
, *, sicians, w ho wn-
' .- .."" "- tent themselves
r with doctoring the effects, while the orig-
inual disease undermines the system.
What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
SSwamp-Root, the great kidney remniedy,
fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism,
pain in the back, kidneys, li'ver, bladder
and every part of the urinary passage..
It corrects inability to hold water
and scalding pain passing it, or bad
effects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne-
cessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up- many
times during the night.- The mild and
the extraordinary effect of Swamp=RoOt
is soon realized. It stands the highest
for its wonderful cures of the most dis-
tressinge cases., If you need a medicine
you should have the best. Sold by drug,
gists in fifty-cent and one-dollar sizes.
You may have a sample bottle and a
book that tells all
about it, both sent free
by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Bing- O f
hamton, N. Y. When Homeot Swamp-Root.
writing mention this paper and don't
make any mistake, but remember the
name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and,
the address, Binghamton, N. Y.
I)ofi't make nny a;I s tu but rememl-er
the,. name, Swamp-Roet, Dr. Kilmer's
SwamTi-Root, and the address. Binsham-.
Snm. N. Y., on every bottle.

J N (.). R. TH U N I I'S () N.



- 1 -.



*~ *-C. I- L - -;( . ' '

Thursday Novi 28i 1907.


.!4He No....... 55
c01~e& *..5,1 Guunio~der. 41)
Coiid muilk~, .
..reeml n 22 unweetai'a. 10I
A rhuck Is, 1b 2- 1 Sweetenied. ...10
tigergr Ijusps 311l,25lBakinig powvder
4;iicke~rt' soda.. 10 ItOYILr ........SI
.'ollmsco., pling :10700 ,caiupicllI....10
Ciumed fridil
P-eachses. ... IOL1
'hitenCI....*8 ouitiRt-t(.
...............6 Apples ........Ilii
-Pears ......... 1.
le j VI'hins ......... 10
I AO itishs Ap 1,icot.... 11-:20
~tllOi ~~.. 2'Sirawieervies..
R191 il Iie gal. ~a 20(: pll II-
1(fondall 91 p .... 10 Pinneapple ..
Ipquay.....7 75 Ito~ir'it itekj 1.12
;rile~gar ......... 30l Corned Beef.1'.
butter. . . 25-35 l.olister.., 1.
Olleoma,ilVgerile. Id Sal iussu. li)Cy@1
Illrd.... .....I7.I I 0L~tlted Ve elitislI-4
4eui............. 5 Bak~ed li~e'i11. 10
I 01o 111a1li~t liltg. Ill 001-11.......l10 f S-v1
fbily. glassd W11g' PsI.......
1A ine JuAtice .... 4.1 'inkt
tggtper-dth. . 120
do fti 'pork
ObelIisk....3.ufr l~acou `Sides.. 12
lhorit Meal pr 1,lp'7-rk F -esoilt. . ... In
sOaL M4eal pr l6b.. 5 lBr'kf'st Bacim-ts 16-22
jorli. vea r N1: .1 5'L-0( 1-I n valvs"'d~ 1.5.21,
batiaies Shoulders ....1
Mtilli.... ... 1 40 l~ecl
C~trly Weeesteed 1.60 Curned....
Sweel;... 01)(d75 Fresh .. ...... li,
1 .00 I~t d .......
.... ... M ilk pr i~t . Ii

lonv wire du.AtU4 Hoes~, em-hI .. 3. 151
*,.aillt rope. .. .9it[20oppei. pLit m, Cii IIIA)
4. iCai cook,. .$131125 Linseued -iit. gI5a
'ize,, p*l. jqiIItt 18
M1U., per yd. 5ab Ch~eeks. ..
Slveafl'gs ... 5a9) Fattitel...... 15., it
. tfusli it.......1 9alI Th'lread pet, :,pool. .5
ftetliltA. .. .. 11445. Sh OCS..la'I ieS .$hC i5.
~ ah ~JttI pa ~ .5 Mta~. .$1 100:l(K)

.Ity pr Cwt. .75al i'Si 'Jitos Pr hit......0I
Iran ... 1.25 Brick pi- M.. I~ '.1. i
Sia ..... 7@9i Litte pr idol. 7

tIlsges Pr d0%a. 4,'; Lecttiib ;sI lip~I
.,Ilea ...........5 WililltIC .. !

0 YS l'E ItS
t- l 'a l ~it 1.14141~ I.5ill Ogc~:Ivi' 1.,- .1 20
-1.1 vI 91'rOc K.r
$ 5 0 At 1 5 1 O m u'g .. .. . . $ 1 "
7* 't lr yoke $(3) .St '........... $2
*-eImiis e"~i40.LMI LcUUie eftCht. 4 gii51

.~ l-eiill
ali li (l~t dux~ .23C M-11 Ill c I M '.o111
I'l," I*j i........... 15 T t.. . :1
t tim p a e tio p r . 6 1 0Ii l P I . 0 0?~ J i
IIu M. i tE it.
VI wtli ts g H' el-it I
., ... 12.00 Fasee.. 12111tt
po 1 J0,11 S.k p 10 l(.I11l
lit up stdijitp., U I 11j,o.t rkl.-,
j elari Ii4ce W n1tr I 1.411,1' '. iO i it. 1,0 I .$1 -. till

dA I1 8It a 0 6 2.5 1 .at11 I -11.' . .

*110%V'S "'llI N
6,oe bffr Oike Ruid~eed _" I1:rir Rj~var1d
Or atty -case of Catarrhi that calmii I I.,-
aured bty Hall't; Oataini' Cure.
Fa J. 0CHEN~EY& CO., l'roys., TuI'oi,d.O
We the unadersignted, hauve kcnIownl F. J

ply with .tb lir wiz~h, but thi t lrnmecli.
ato1l upd~n the conuluslo3 of the seiv-
fee he woul.1 take pleatiii-e In lierfoIrin-
tni the ccrwvinony. The lovev:s. after
demnirring. sevd themuselves~ in the
reae of the c'iu~ch Whleni the tuaIisteo-
had antlsbei V'ia service he made the
fjptojl J n !n~nft ceuiert: IVThe parties
yii-,itte to iyd joined In mo.tilnio~ir will
prescut thowsefves ~iit i'he chancel 1w-
niecdniely ifter tho qlu;q,'1 of hymni
41,5, 'XlIktA-cn Souls Thalt Drearn of

one, July 17, 1789. it
ran l ollo%S:
I gi;'. and bequeath.
Wlien I i'..i I-,'I un-.lerreath.
To zO' UwO liv-ng stsweils. most de&r,
Tic v.t2.-lc of myv store.
UW-:e 1. twi.-c Pi ifLCli more.
Whilcli God's goodnes~s has gr-anted16

A -1 it-At :,one iwnay prevent
!-LE1 rf 1'w. racket.
-n a-'d seat
0L-n'-d deed t ~fjWil Jaclcet

7.aie to FTacO WtthiWorki.
&D P.r. ing. 'if. ou 'ref use me, 71dil
Cawwhat f rin to do."
Fla I dxi ut to blame for that; you
4-s:Xl be learned ata~.-ik

tO 'i.l ~t t 11u---5. (iC Au-liItI t,11

-: ~ -~.. 1I -' .I ,' -I :1
l..v : ilt- 1:j c.:-'ts i's)Ls Ir f'*- %:-T d.
U .-ht,.P I' t C-; es f i PI5I 'W;I A

'r It. I'y ~sLIntd-Ci ss

m' '(.J in llJ-'. crIIt 0h-!)'..'11b 113
--! b dll~r'lI'll the '"tI

F 'u' "'m --I,, b'.S -C'I-d .hi. ot

Oa--tIt 'C s': I S a in -,

"- .. I-N Li:.-
i i p -. .-"I a. I c I .it,
-- -.f. I ,a ,oI,. L, cI S
':1111 b(I illeV"' erl-.er"i'd ot.e .

How \'ii'l these "-orld Enc'?
i h- a'-' ; ,-i ee'n 3 Pistensely In-
'* .', i,.! (f 3:'".* u'" e -o s'-!en istt and.
"': e. '' after part of
' i *"* ';s '" ,,ei
P t I t'i i .'Id
a' url .-M
S ;it '.^ng, ,, .:ie I, an end. .Mnuny
: thtr It \ ill be through the gradu-
i .-ti,,: ,f thle sun. which will even-
I f:.i! to give out sufficient heat
S to ., -i :. s: ,.:.:- |,:.IA e'. Pi ; n-

i.ife ti.., :-;'. Iv::ill us i 'e:piained
.n a work by Mr. Ellard C.:'p: "Real
.;t, -uer. says he. "is always to be
S'.I f-omt tbb pre- ace of immecnse
dAii I.- 'i 'niovin'r. unseen in space,
vist (" '1 :i.n,. whose collishi.n with
-'r vn wV-lt. increase Its heat
en.-rnmusly and thi.s Instantly destroy
thlie :- th." We shoul-d not. however.
i e v, H'Ii.,t n wa!tjinug of our terrible
endil, '.-r fn e:i'e l ig n radlitis of, 15.0-00,-
'I,0,. (o miles fromni the -tin the advanc-
ingI,, la-dy wi'iu!l bcgln to shine with re-
,t:it>rd llghi., and fifteen ye.trs would
nlaps1 e .twetr. the -inie pf the dp-qtroy-
er'"s Ieing, 'sighted and Its collision
wit tr the rurn.

G'a:s Cuttincl.
The layinnll whi is tintroded to the
t.,ystarIe., of cutting. gilnss for the first
thlnm is auinzed'. :.t the amount of work
that thet' wor ina doe; entirely by his
oo. TI!,. riet 'tanreo of the bowl which'
is tI. I,,"- c-t Ii .k it ;.1 a perfectly pla:lf
con:ditlon. Lot a sccrn:rli Ii;nll it anid
only a half do.en or i.-re m. trks In red'
'*ie il!:. \ 'hirh li nnll n i! l.)ut.ly notljitg
to' the i nlpr ;,,*tih-,l ," liit to the
-\orrii tL' mL. i i, ni tine vlr Ilo p.it-
:n I'.-rl *,-' t'. di li (1141 1 lad I.i-)A-l..
T- m;! tir :rl.- in ..L:ilk 'ill riiiu from the
.g1-o, i'. i :- :. I.- ;ipIrt. diL-i-'n to tbo
fvrrn tr: of th 1.., -1 .,t Cile I,-.r1 :' llI
O ,e ill' I'j- li '. i--i.,. of tihe Io.v,[l ti.is
.: '-l i t n ; 1.0 1 n t. fti' :lier
in::ir '-u i ll ti : .p.? S '! ,pi of a.
liai : Ir 1. Thi'- ii Ii ..'::it ttlie pattel1'n
t> \\'!h h b t. I'-'.,\'- is t'1 e iu.it. and
.t tLi I,.: re.. -:trt.'d i e.c' of the tFi-e
li ,.:. .\ -il ., iirl'i ;t ,4 of 1he1
*,'-;,-:: tlio w'orl inta i h1 iPi hI s lit adl,
d l:y l c s'I i lt :11i, :lI.as in a wily?
!'hii .,./e?,..i .i ) it. .,1kli-. w ,ll ab.s, lute-
ly..iihi?\''h;is-1-.,.V k Yor.k Tilnes.
----- a***
A II1.1 Dthlit ito P'av.
'-f ,we a debt.of g-ratitude tliat can
n'.-v-r be paiid off," writes G. S. 'lark.
of W\ st lield, Io.va "for my rescue friom
(Icth, by Dr. Kl{in Noew Diseolery.
Both lu,3ns wer-3 so serioti-ly affictt-d
thut dca'.lh eeimed imminent, when I
.*ommIuced akiing New Dic.oe)-'y. The
ominous dry, hackt ig couth 4uit before-
the lirtrt. bottle was iued, and two more
,ilt;ei inade .t complete cure.' N )tli-
ing hits vv. r equaled New Discoverv for
e)uihs, colds and all throat and lung
,oninplaint-. Guarantt-ed.y .. H.llrake.
5'.-iiud $1. Trial bot tle fr-i'

..i '.. > -i z- "-';in,
-'i .. i-1i T.i-: '-in w ,-
e. *i ,.* .1 Il ; .- .i:.* -.p; i'r .
S l':' ',- .f ,- ir -h i: a t I 'ort-
..:* .. I it- I" --'.:3 .I. '' .'-. :.:, ( ia "
1 I: I " t v :;I. '1 t. wi' .-
to'. *'. 'i, '-.here II
"<. '" ; !p *'- f,: iF. :,'aiu l. "!,
"" p : ." I it .. :' t '-,: :!'I s i; r.
'1' :"'; s.-A, iD).:!;1', t' n as.si'.".Lqnt .sit.--
.,.... i.. "" "% ., ... li t i' 1 (.'
hi I. ': s-.:". 1 0 it or .? ) (t ) c. I:I1t ; tI l
.-*. ::s" \', ..r n '.)u. s;i.ys thle
,\: t._':. i '
j,' : to ort in
'' i: "'" r : :'t. . F :i-on.
". ,. : '-.'.i ,[, .;ici ," w.Si 1 *rII' S
',i' : ) .. 'l y" .It 1 : It '-'. r s.'e
'* p .t:.". 1l t'" .1' 'T t isu;',-,>ced fur-
r'. ui w ".-t l::i i.,.': t l.. t) t O W h ite
-. .,_ v.- '. -l -.t -it r
e \.'s r;-:..-ly nai ittL .! to) Liniolti's
i'*, ? J .--su.
"' .L- t i i T.'.::2 '" aie'.l the pr si-
'-Ut I t'1l :! .-.:'.,dry i. :-'e in.
I;.:n-. t!.1 -ut thlie Incident and
i.kod Lthe i:'e.*,ideit vwhut ought to be
"*V\l!." '.3 ;,lie qu'et rpply. ou1
:. .Tan.c ;c,': w:ll soon leave the coin-
SY.- ,' .f'r: I. w:'.l escape within a
'c\" L,-:,.. if i* i0 i: is lone to stop"

"* ;.'-1 :- u L"'.e :a \'hite : l.'-l;)thant on
". 3 .." .i:_..-i :.;.1 l., '- r'. in.," h, i levcl best
i.) :.- t a :'--:.', tIi;-.' n t leave himn aloue,
I >.. -.. ':"
A.1 J;'"Ice. s VI-r lIt alt->:e.
T':. "'i.E i-r. rc'- 1 R., '-;7- ."
O.i I'' "'. ;. 1';'.>-. I.'r.'i M i'tltone
(--11 1 t:..' ,.rt. "i' i cif the l;iei-e to a
*- ..- ':" .. i oJ !i-l y ( 'C -:.:in'.ll at a
ul l:-.ld :> .. r in 1. '-:' iu '.v.. 'hb bee


'1C'V 33l'~'-' iii fl~ T1:;Cd f'bdco.

,Cough Remedy!
The Children's Favorite ,
--o C LRES---
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
-This remedy Is famnon, for its corep over
ailafge pan rof the ciiv, i.-Jd woTr.l. It cau p
away tie dApended upon. It co-rlai, no,-)
optiani, r otner harniTul drug ru]d a b, Ioe ,
given fts c,.-nideatly :o iabai i. r .t- ri .ul
Price 25 cts; Large Size, 50 cs, .

e Moll w .M e o C'l ,eile aiii's <.'>.,hl
Reilenl. ''hain f .\l A Oili.,'
I'nt 'Toget IheCr.
M r. TIe i. ..rge, a nir.s-- nlt ''r M t.
Elgir,, O iil 'ir san -.: "I I, v .' I. .l ti h- It-
"ll niag ,iirt I r Ch:,ni. e ,l i|n'- C'")': h ite-n-
o' vly ver -inie it % :As ihiiti0- l i l 1(1
('iiand.. and1 I s l1 i;t nii'-lih ii -is I du
"I .'ll othei I ies I iat ,ih ir -i cl- es y'utl
t'getlher. 01 I lhe niinnl) dz'ni 'old.l under l
g u-tir nti n 1 linta e iot thait onse but.tl, re-
Ini ii l. I c.ii i,' ,t-r al rec i'nui',eud this
wv.ed!cine tlS' I tlirJ'i.re-.i 'rt --1ifj1S'delf nil
'ive'ne i-. I mIly cl,'i ,rulr ; ti :1 Al :4v.' \\w it,
Ibe ii.-t 'e.unltr FIr nle i.y all tiedi-
','ine dealers.
Patti and the Wasp.
One of C'h.hii. 1 11, Unt.ey'% i1.o-t armu
lug eXporiences .oc-urrl(-d it. Erl'eco:
,.,\' he .-ssste I\ :iao, Patti i: giving
a-co::cert 1in aid ,of th:a hoca'l ho:;pital
The p:'ima Con.A 'l api-ad with Mr
Santle,- in ;L d.et. T'he vGocal':';.;ts b
just recomni:oncle' sih:.'ing- when- th(
lrit'', lbur-t.q.uo:tl-g'I..ahing 0i1i I lef
tTe plilforn. HIlls companion alm9gsl
iimediately followed, al '1 ough she aIt-
temptoJ 10o contnllue. In response toQ
loud cheer Mn:e. Patti returned and.
said, "Th cause of all this merriment
is thlt" a .-asp has baen trying to get
ihto mn.y :'ouh, aod. we could not go
d'."-London Tit-Eit

SaveJ Him Trpuble.
Hle wa\vns b t to sta-.t oil a .-eek'
t.-out fIshihi,'; odso, reels, gaff, creel-
eve' ythii': was in re'lidi::es9. Put: hi
wife. smi''.'.: j"i 'o '-ly. Ji i"ri'dl into fl'
ooml, ext :, .n:.2 solet'.iilg toward 'thin
"For g-odnelors' sake," he e;c!:iin,,,
"wThat il one'i!i' ee you doing itl
0hove ohd fly l)ape:' ;'"
"I eaved tihnem for you from last
su1immer." .ho n.-esir d6 "You said
.you alwv-ys had to buy fiies when yoV
wecit a-fi-hi :g."-London Answers.

A Cool Convist.
A life convict in the Andamans had
served some long period when an or-
der recently came for hlis release. All
the tiPiie hie had been in the band andI
ai.d evidently so fi,,r forgotten that hr
was a prisoner that on his release bh
put in a claim for a pension on ac-"
count of his long and faithful service
as a government servant.-Madras


In-Real IEstaie
TheBuov Has For Sale
The Souitlhiest Qu carter o h- otI l i ul i-
W test Qularte oi t S ievr i 1, al. lh,
South Halt of (1t Sounti i 1 Q ; r.
ter of Section 2. 1owtnhiip 4 30s
Range 14 west.
Lies About One Mile No l
east of Miliville
Formerly Known as the Mrs. Pet-
tis Place
A pri nli o iii- la ins len- in
enliivatin in d ll |- p sti;, but i. .ir\\
aind b'a, li( elef INi'f- i1i]6 lor S nllu vit 'Oa '

A Gill EUg Barain,, if Taln
At Once!
A]ply at p s. Ail'ress
THEI BUOY. St. Andrew. Fla-

#., h. ,. ,.-.. ,-. r ,
,e . .,,r . ...-.
S=. '.. .r ,' .... o
... "! .i.'- i'. 3:". A"'*

ExP~rt"X P~A~I

A Clever Deserter.,
An army officer who was talking of
the escape a few days ago of a eoup!t
of prisoners from Castle William told
several stories of other- attempts, fre-
quently unsuc-'essfui, to get away from
Governors island.
"One of the most ingenious that I re-
member," he said, "took place a few
years ago and succeeded beauntIfly.
The man who escaped had been i; bar-
ber before he entered the army, anud hi-
job in Castle William was to shave and
cut the hair of the other prisoners. He
managed to save enough of the clip-
pings to make a false mustache. Then
In some way-it's hard t6 tell how
those things are contrived-he had a
suit of plain clothes smuggled in to
him. Still he wasn't in any rash hurry
to get away, but waited till a really
good opportunity occurred. This came
to him when a gang of plumbers were
In the old fort making repairs. One
evening he rigged himself tip in his
clothes and mustache, and picking up a
couple of pieces of lead pipe and a for-
gotten solder pipe he walked leisurely
out with the plumbers when they quit
work: Right past the guard he went
without ,belng recognized, and, so far
as I ever heard, he was not recaptured.
I always thought that was a really
clever escape-rather a theatrical one
too."-New York Times.

Not. .
"Your t~o'eman perspires freely,
doesn't he?"
"Yes, he .doesn't; his perspiration
costs me $5 a day."-Houston Post,


J. H. Druiiiiitnoird reintille' on the
Tai poii, yveterday Irom an iiuiipr a t
buit.Ilie erm aiid tou l',sacola.
A. vienlii lt ol A.I (jieliitint & .JG ,
".'eisc.uoitt, awnid iis little on., cailie
over on the Tarpon yes erd(iy, andi
miuade a-pleasant call on the Btuoy
M r. and MlHis J. N. F",,ris, of ICro-
ianton, returiined Friday 1ioian a visit
of several imoiiths iat their old( home
in tlhe state of New Yoik. Tliey
came via CottLundale amd tlike teel R.
I. to louutid Laive, and \\ere met
there by a hlck which broughli tlit.ui
to the Ptulaniiia ettlenent.
A Signilicant Piayver.
- "Alay the Lord help you to make
Bucklen's Arnica Salve known to all,
writes J. G.Jenkins, of Chapel Hill, N
0, "It quickly took the pain out of afel
on for ie and cuied it in a wonderfully
short time Best on earth for sores
burns and wounds 25c. at A. H.r Buke's,

t.. v-.' :. ;.-

I0 q i l r '-.
S. a . I o' . ; -i
o& r 'w .. ; .' tt :
S 1 "
,, ; .'" C '
:le hoy brouhitt the 'tci:o r a :-c-t
loaqu(et <' "ann:v' op','i'l-a To i., r. -.. I
'l:oy ver( muc-h .' *.. bn n-: e t' e
.s,3 it clild b. s( u en t i. .. On-e
1o-t a g-rat de;lI of money.. The ',:z-'-
.hled tcache-r n;- ,he took thornem said:
"Jimmy, -where do you get all these
tl-owers that y.in Jive me? You don't
teal them, I hope.'
'Oh, no, mi:'am,' the youngster an-
swered; 'father's an asl iAan.' "

.1 A r lIlIli med;cinme anid ieP tiWat sihoutll
-i - l. I eI)pt in theI huii-'e fro itliime'di
i ],- u .- is (hiiiiel lainri's C('-ii l I -ify-
II ',ill prove (-it fli-e nil nek if L i% -i i i 1
i.- ti- lchilih l,'com3es lh i'i"e, or ev'rn nf
'1-i the cri-iupy cough alpIsea.. Fur u:iL-e
Snil medicine d'Eale:-e.-





Use Only Libby, McNeil & Libby!


"'~ -




Blacksmitning, Woodworking,

and General Repair Shop,

Miliville, Fla., East o Heniderson's Store.
ALL WORK 1VARAAN'rTED. Come satl See Us.



-- (Priekly Ash, Poke, Root and Potassium.)

_______________U -

Physicians endorse P. P. P. as a splen-
lid combination, and prescribe it with
great satisfaction for the cures of all
forms and stages of Primary, Secondary
and Tertiary Syphilis, Syphilitic Rheu-
matism, Scrofulous Ulcers and Sores,
Glandular Swellings, Rheumatism, Kid-
ney Complaints, old Chronic Ulcers that


have resisted all treatment, Catarrh, Skin .
Diseases, Eczema, Chronic Female
Complaints, Mercurial Poiso, Tetter, 0
Scaldhead, etc., etc.
P. P. P. is a powerful tonio and an
excellent appitizer, building up the
system rapidly. If you are weak and
feeble, and feel badly try P. P. P., and

you will regain flesh and strength.
Waste of energy and all diseases resulting
from overtaxing the system are oured by
the use of P. P. P.
Ladieewhose sysitemsarepoisonedand
whosebloodis inan Impure conditiondue
to menstrual irregularities are peculiarly
benefited by the wonderful tonio and


blood cleansing properties of P. P. P..
'Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium.
Sold by all Druggists.
Proprietor .
Savannah, Ca.


__ I_ I__ ___ -----__; i .


B "." rtq A 7i E R, Y OM? W Y,
Loa D ;l (eIl(; 51L1-t2aO'. I TI ( ~ t~ ,

,1.1 ('iso))aII, lle. f

1" 1t,
,E ;IN. itW 101 OIERS-.
-0 Jin)l.cto line cariel. ia st c'k.-
Libo:-a'l terms. Writ fo'r C(atalooen-e.
't.a,, A,.g'illts for Ith.' O;,1l U...: an l
S(.kioline Enginiis.

.(" ; a t tsai~ii5 ci ;i t ',)
MA -A-0 i TIT -E I -Y

Weak Lunqgsi

------l I

RPK. E a-


Li Ii A. I

ES T A T1 -

l E A L E R-

Will Attend to Payment of Idxie

and Collection of Rent for Non-Residents


For over sixty years doctors
j have endorsed Ayer's Cherry
- Pectoral forti coughs, colds,
weak lungs, bronchitis, con-
sumption. You can trtist a
medicine the best doctors ap-
prove. Then trust this the next
I time you have a hard cough.
The best kind of a testimonial-
"Sold for over sixty years." -
Matdeb rJ.O.Aer Co., Lowell, aaBs.
lao manufatcrera of
qers PILLS.
We have no secrets We publish
the formulas of all our med&oinesx..
Ayer's Pills keep the bowels regular.
All vegetable and geently, laxative.
Chir*4e iVlnIsi.
The Chiop,(- t',ae eig .. inst'Inmed f.-
for making i **** r. talal u ic-thei ;,l
i[10 hit (O, clt dri j, ( LY 2 .,'aj;)ou; Stol e
thl ~if.e fl fi-.r* tLe. r, i, .l. : .i A 'i
.':. Ti-m 1.,- {h,?h a ;k, ..... 1 ..... t, h,
Ire u.',.,ti a-. ( iecoraio or e.i .:n d ..
...e nuC;:.;-cal c .i.).., .i_ . ... .I are o n,
;:o:'at;d a n; r Ous'e l, ie3ts m:a'll.s. i:
Thoe thSh o

*": ., ; -, I

Si" ar.d H-nt a Dozc-:i. ,
'"Pe:n north 6f cobbler's wax,
lee:o, sir," said the tiny 'boy a' lhe
si :-' "se his hand to a level with the

ell?" ,.skc the faeetiour shopmans.)
"D1.'t .now," replied the small boy,
"'>t I'll ask ps ." -

:'l. v.a ,-id h io i ll a re rt. sprint o
t".'e.)i ,,- ,-L l r pn telBi y u ws h..l i

T1"nt. anrl libe mde a record sprint for
he dcjr.-I.oudon Tit-Bits.
('r- I' ,. 1

Write or Prie ]List -,
--,,A *



- .0000




a. H re n"eDuak.-Nqtru0m'% *

PRES"RTQS AEf 4; iO~ -. -..*-



General Merchandise?


Cooking and IHeating .Stoves!

Sewing Machines and Needles"

Pumps, Furniture, Et&


Burial a loies, Suk e tcf


marine ipnd Stationary Enginesi

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n Call oi, L. ( Y.. U . .. T ';-
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To Patronizo Us I,
\VE hanple only the Purest Wlnos,; Whiskies and B-er .Lnd allot oie ..
st,riclly comply with the Pure Food Laws.
WE are the Best lKnown and L-irgost L1qaoc House in th 3L t o.
W.E refund your money if goods are not satislactory. .,
WE have no Iraveling meod or agents; you are Dot paying th 'ir exn4e1fe '.
WV E sell direct t) the consumer at lowea' prices. "'
WE ship goods in plain tvxes, with no nia'ksto indicate th&r ft' '-. .
WE do NOT bottle.a'ny whiskies; all our oase roodsarabblttlit t o


ThI bIast kauwa and Iirgst liquor hnous is thf S}fet

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.These p s in... ..press p.. 0Murylard .*-ou s. y-i i w ,
S" Gln .ilyr.......... .....3. to prepay, i fllo 3",'.

... .Extra Star Rye..X...).., G l. 1

JO ......... .. 2 75 Ostlannd Byu .... ..... 2 2

2 ..... ......... 9 00 Echo SpiIg.....- .... -
.14 Jum Uiickner Ryt........ 4 00 I. W. Harper ..-.... .- 3 :*4
2 .. ... 10 00 Solae............. .. 4 I O
'14 Wood ford Countv'..... 4,50 Silk Velt ..... ('
* A S"1 Mualt- Whiskey.......... *- M0
14 Rose VallIy. ..d.... .. 6 0, 't .'- 4 (I
11. Echo Sprin :-'.,.. 5A l lp 4 '
I. W. Harper.. ;..... 5 00 Teipees& orw..%......* , 1)
4 Live Oak .. ........ .. 5 0 N. 4. Corn..,........ 2 2
4 Lewis' 66........ ....... 5 00 tonrMountain.. .... 3 "
4 Hunter....... . ...... 5 00 Tom Gin ... .. I .
-4 Ca.es p iSe iillg- ottleld in 1 1 N, H 1and 1. s4 I :4'
d4 a aa e..... b..... ......... 5 00 3 -
-4 " d w'S.iuJ'-- b ttle, in i\ H and' Gin./:;. ;; I'.', *'l 1 *' -. "

4 J. E. Pepper-botd in Nw Enland Rum..... "i
4 Duf y'a Ma lt... .......... 4 r Cognac. Peach,., A'i l'. \ ,
4 Aneric in. Malt........... 5 00 Apricot, Blackb y i n
4 L urel Valle Cortn....... 3 50 Ban i ana B3 ndie ........ .
4 -tone A ou.1tin Corn..... 4 (LO p f 3 0 '
4 per G i ToI i ......., 4 (0 Po5 t,, Sherry, Ct.i. ... ' '.
4 Ghi P. s t..l.......... 5 00 upto '"' 2
I Nocharge .or juirs d Ltinlci -
hMSaiB "u Budweisor Pints, 10 do.pr cakx .;: :.8120
Anh.user-uUSGl less tha00k, per d..... '

B E S S hExport Blo Label 10 doz i.. cek..... ..-' 8 .

Agents forStachelberg'sT.i'npi La Firmna U ivers el Cigarss
1ampa Smokers and H5 nty Gebrge C'g:irs.

__ ~U _


P r Ir



- I







-M pi LML





0 f ANY

Of Wlinies anid Liqiuors!

And Send the Rest Back!

If They Are Not as Represented!


636, 637, 639 WEST BAY STREET,:


1viiinioll in Bulk*





)lorlia Secial Ryde:...........
oares$ ye...................
Orookdale ye.................
ul Jones Rye. ::i.*.........*
elle of tMaryland Bye..... : :
>au Jon,- sId.BAKER........
Livingston Rye.................
Old Gibson ye..............
Malt Whiskey:: ..............
" Old Geori'ia :;rnu. ........
Marion County N. 0. YO .. ;
Special N. C. YdlW* eorn.. .
-Old Pilot MOUNTAIN Corn...,
b 3old Band l00per cent. double
Domestic Holland Gin.........
Belle BrandGin................

Per Gallon.
tevstf#f etti'.. :::... :,....... 82.50.
Old Keutetdky Rye........... 3.00.
Old Monogfam Bye .... ..... 3.50.

.4 qts.
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Old Bailey......... :..:. 8.20
Cavalier ...... -....;. 4.00
Golden Wedding;;;.. .: 4'25

12 qts.
8 800:


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Monongahela Rye.......
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bofi. ;. ..... ......
Canadian Club..........
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Dewar's Special Scotch..
King Williard, ,9otci...:
-Duffy's Malt Wliskey...
Canada Malt............
Booth's Tom Gin........
Gorddn's Eliglish Dry
Gin ........... ..;;.
Geneva Holland Gin....
Plymouth Gin..........
Tennessee *** Cognac...
Superior Blaickberry....
Old Apple Brandy......
Old Peach Brandy......
Old St. Croix Rum......
London Dook Jamaica
Gin PhoeRh.ate........
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Beat Banana Brandy. ..-

4 qts.


12 qts.
$ 8.00.

i0. 0.


If you desire to prepay the Express Chatges on any of
our Goods, add the following amountil
1 gallon jug............... ..... .. ... .... ................... 60c
2 ." ............... .. .. .. .. * 75c
3 .. 90
4 .. .......... ...... ......... .........*......... $1.00
5 ... ........ ......................... . . ............ 1.00
4 quarts. ........ .. ..... .. ... ........................ 0
12 ." ................ ....... ........* ..... ................ 500
635, 637, 639 West Bay Street,

Williams' Mammoth

Vail Order House.,

Rzye -. Bay Street, P:-,0.B0 01 ;

OOD, EXPRESS PREPAID, -. Special Offer.
-r I [6 Ry .. Itdlebrook Whiske fri brums- Distill-
- 0 ,' 5r .err Sotlink-Exprees, Collect.
Ful' -.barts. ... .*... . 5 00 ta in drum....-'.. .8300
Full. ars." .;.s.....; .... I'2, 2*0 Hall Pints in drum ...... 3000
S iFu11 zat.'::. .' .....-12 15 Sold only in drumn-will not break
1 Fdl atia (freight prep'd) 1200 drum.
; kol firams No. 1:0 04e Old Houiiestetid N. C. Corn whifkey.
:.ll.u .....'. ....... $3 20 One gallon jug, Express paid $ 2 50
6 Full Quart.'..' ...-. 50 Corn Whiskey, Express Collect.
S-Full Quarts............... 00 Uocky Ford, per liottle.......$ 1 00
Old H alitax Bye. Atocky Ford, per dase......... 10 00
41 Pull Quarts ............... A 4 20 N.C. White and jug .......... 1 65
6 Full Quarts................ 6 00 N. C. White, Bitter........ ..2 00.
12 Full Buarts...... ......... 12 00 N. C. White, Fine............ 2 50
a tn'y 86"ith Bye. Laurel Valley Corn ........... 3 00
4 Full Qoir ......"... .. 75 ye Whtktl'y, Exp1tes. Collect.
6 Full Quarts.....:.....:: -.' op-e0 i lled I. Per gallon.
12 Full Quarts Copper disitilen a j0g ....... $1 65
.6 Full PintK. ............ 12 00 Queen Cit................... 00
Sinny South ................. 2.,50
Yellowstone BOtilffn. Rye Malt ............... ... 3 00
title ........ .. .....'. :. 1 50 Hurdle .Rye, Spe al.......... 4 00
-- Case ................. ...... 12 00' Overholt...... ......... .. 4 00
Otd 1Sooie9, press Colle; Rich Mill...............,. 4 00
Bottled in bond by U. W'. Governimeff.- Planter.. .... ........ 5 00
1 Full Quart.......... ....... Old Boone.... ...... .. ...... 5 00
12 Full Quarts ............ 12 00 Williams Private Seal ......... 6 00


Ou fCubbing List.

NE IJOLLAR FOR The BUOY has dnde very ileral lui,.l
IA MkP' F TjANDREW IT'Y hinig arrangements with 9 few oftthe very
OxSO'50.ticthei.:eotribtly platted and oest publications in the country and for
ih wing all th'm*i ore important the present can send for a whole year
- I-" he BUOYand
InAfi('g -iS of great valne to any Detroit Free Press (twice-i-week
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arty in town It cov ry .t fftit four i The tll a P. U. & Citizen, daily for $5 85
rieemeof s etg do ldif weekly,.fortl 55
"%, M of coa A,^i-,,-i. ientIfic American' .... 3 .5(
ward-.,fro. ,Dyer's POItAto. and Ci- Farier and Fruit Grower" ... 2 55
BraCing Old.St. Auidrews, with: cor- Floiida'Ariculturist ... 1 55
sqpondi g territory inland. Price do k."oldpof 5, each ... 2
eo BUOY 00Ue Farm Journal Philad'a, monthly I 10
e Dllr, at BUOY Offi. Cincinnati E_ r twice a week
Ato 8. 8 t~r.ge page each issue..... 1 75
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oWlit .ll the lat.ds disposed of by For any or either of the above publica-
( tions i, eidfinectibn with the BUOY ad-
"lm n ~rt f'i.)MV|tht*, glso locate" reass all orduar to I HE BUOY,
S .'"- 'ark',', Oromanton and St Andrew., Fla.
a pl-t or

l~~tbp ma will I. .- "oyuv mail
~anV 'il I.4'., t' Ci ei pt of the price.

4. 1


wIP Dr. King's8

New Discovery

FOR C 8t N $1.00, .
T ial Bottle Fr"

For Sale !
We offer for sale a strip from the
tsoth side pf the iorth half of the
northwestt quarter of section 10. town-
ship 4 south, range 14 west, running
from the schoolhouse fo Watson bayou,
adjoining Millville ofn the south. Will be
sold in acre, quarter, or half-acre lots.
The price asked will be according to
location. W. A, MMON1 -Q.

-. N N -. -- I-I -- -. -' *- -


N Nov. 2, 1907. ,)
Notice h i hlreby giVen that Benjamin
E. Collins of Poilt Washih'gton, Florida,
has filed notice of his intention to make
final fivro-year proof in support of his
claim, viz: Homestead Entry No; 33,512.
made Jan: 7, 1904, for the lot 3. of section
30, toiwnshin 2A, r. 17w. and that said
proof will he made before the clerk of
the circuit qourt at Vernon, ,Fla. on De-
,cenmber 16, 1907.
He narm1es ttie following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of the land, viz:
E. D. Miller and WV. D. Miller of Point
Washington Fin., J.' M irsaall and L:
L. Marshill bf West Bar, Fla.
BzHavr S. CausB, Register.
IiEditor's fee paid.
Laild Office at Gainesville, Fla.
NQv. 2, 190.
.Notfce is ,here6y given that Elisha D.
Miller of Point Washington, Fla., has
filed noticeof hi8 intention to make final
five-year proof'in support of his claim,
viz: Homestead Ent-y No. 34.196, maffe
April 22,1904, for the w. of nw 4 of soc
33 and lot 3 of sec. 32,township 2s, range
17w, nd that said proof will be maue be-
fore the clerk of the circuit court at Ver-
non, Fia..'oni December 16, 1907,,.,
He names the following witnesses tdi
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of the land, viz.:
B. E. Collins and W. D. Miller of Pt.
Washington, Fli., J. T. Marshall and L.
L. Marshall of West Bay, Fla.
HwNaY S. CHUBB, Register.
IgEditor's fee paid.

Out of the


Copyrighted, 19(07 by C. H. Sutiliffe.
A4.-*-**-e-....-e-.-e-a 8 *0 8O *

Merton Kester came sl.dwly down
the lighthouse.stairs. He liked the
wind and twfst bf them. A hazy
wish floatbd through his mind that
they might ever end. He would like
to go on forever, hearing the tap of
her little feet on the iron behind him,
feelingg her hand tduch b i silh fider er-
ery now and then when she grew a
bit dizzy with the curve.
The fact was Mr. Kesler's sense of
proportion had been rather unsettled
since the night before. Then Marion.
n that strange, illogical way girls
nave and in spite of her aunt's sklill-
ful, contrary maneuvers, had made the
obtuse Mr. Harvey understand that
she was not overwhelmed with delight
at his invitation to try his new electric
launch and within the same five rnin
utes had promised Kesler to visit the
light with him, "even if we have to go
In a dory."
It had been somewhat hard for Mr.
Kesler when he came dowii td tW
cape on his short vacation to find his
)ld playmate absorbed by the wealthy
Ir., Harvey. .It was true that Marion
Jd not appear very h.tppy. but hbi'

ill the world and made an eitremel.s
.illling chaperon On the many trirp4
which that gentleman was constantly
planning. This had been Kesler's first
After thanks and farewells to the
old captain, Itesler guided his company
ion down the steep path to the little.
pebbly beach, where their boat await-
ed them. It was not a dory, but a
gay little pleasiiure craft, bright with
many cushions. Kesler helped Marion
in, feeling a keen regret that he could
not put her into the handsomest launch
on the coast.
Therewas nd hint o regret in Marion's
face as she picked up the rudder ropes
and the boat swung off. The smi wni
warm, but the breeze, filled withii the
tang of the sea, blew the girl's bright
hair about h. r face and brought a
sparkle {o her brown eyes.
"And over the sea lies Spaii," sing
the girl happily.
"You'd like to vist[ the old world,
wouldn't ydu, Mdrion? You must go
same day," said Kesler, wondering
how he weuld feel ff lie sho'Uld know
that fafi;;y and Marion were jouif'y-
ing about Europe together.
"Some day," repeated the girl softly;
her dal't kye7s dreaming; then smiling
into h'IS. She was quite wilti!g td
mpus' everything but thi present mo-
rnent into thed fhdefinite future.
The man hesitated a moment, then
1.3ald, with a note of entreaty in Jf1l
voice: "?Mdy I rd* yoft over f' Tini-
bet's creek before we go back? It's
.uch a quaint, Duteby little place, with
its old wharfs and fishermen's housed,;
that I want to see It again. yoti 'ino'w
my vacation ends tomorrow."
Marion's face suddenly flushed till it
was the deep pink of flih wild roses
that grew along the shore.
"I'd love to go with you," she an-
swered, "only-well, you see, after all
aunt told Mr. Harvey he might take'
us out in his launch at 5, and she'll be&
much displeased If I am not at home."'
"Oh, I see," said Merton Kesler
rather blankly. "I'd better hurry,
His mouth suddenly became a
straightt line. He began to pull witli
long even strokes. "Harvey cin giv6
her everything In the world," he
thought, with remorse and some bit-
lerness, "and he Is a very decent fet-
!ow besides-aside from being a snob.
If ever a girl was born for riches she
u-as. What right have I to ask her to
:!.hare my mean little salary? 'Tis a
good thing my vacation is nearly over;
I might say something foolish and
make her uii-ppy. But, oh, may she
not smile at nme agfhi before w6 reachl
the farther side of the fitfIl bay."
"The tide is running out fast," said
Marion, looking' down through tffe clear
water to the yellokW dads. .
"We'll strike the channel soon," re-
turned Kealer. pulling himself to-
gether with an effort. "I can never
tell exactly where it is when the wind
roughs the whole bay. Great day for
sailing. Wish we hfd a yacht, Ma-
"Oh, I like this little boat fully as
.veI,." ',ocl-a-ed the g 'I conte',dil!y.
.houn suddenly cried "I'i', grove; in;l shal
low, vrri'r bo:-; look out!"
Kesier's oars stopped in the air.

That was the name sne nan cuiunu ,n,
when, as children, they had built
many dream ships together.
The oars made a savage swoop into
the water, the boat shot half its length
ahead, then stopped with a jerk, its
those buried in the sand.
"Great Scott, we've struck on the
flats! .Jrk up the rudder, Marion,
while I push her off. Then, after anr
unavnalling effort: "It's a mercy this
oar Is .etout. No, don't push, child;
sit still.".
"But the title is just racing out,"
objected Marion, while all of the
man's efforts simply caused the ob-
stinate littI crfaft to grind deeper into
the sand;
Wrath and mortif~tion struggled
6o Kesler's face. "It's bad enough to
have to take the. princess out in a
mean little rowboat," he broke out,
"but to shore her on a sand bank and
not be able to pull her off is absolute
From far up the bay came the sound
bf distant puffing, and yesldr, glancing
up, had the pleasure of seeing a new,
shining launch coming rapidly down
the channel toward the stranded boat.
Still tugging and pulling ineffectually,
he turned angrily to the astonished
"Your aunt will be pleased to find
you here, Marion. Good heavens, why
did you ever come off with me? Ywo.
ought to be in that launch this minute
Yo'f do' 'f beloq'g here"-his wn%'Ki.
poured out on hef---"you love luxury
you know you 'love ft like a (at. Har-
vey's not good enough for you; no
body is. I'm not. ItHe wants yvj.i. 0
course I want you many times mo;.c
but you're crazy to come off witl:
me. He'll be angry and 'twill serve
you rigrnt. P" gpf9fg to spinal wbei
he gets nearer and get yin over t
the channel if I have to carry yot
Ithope this will teach you a lesson!"
Back of the auger in the mnf's t'a,
the girl reasd,B)mneth'lng elie aud f.pra c
to her feet, cr yiug "Walt, MertoLm
dou't siguaI"' With" a swirl and
splash she lauded knee deep in th
water, one hand' gathr'i g up he
skirts, the other grasping the boAt liu
while thd bo1t. 1 'htrned l of her ."weigh:
floate; a bit. "I don't 1el-on -in tIh
launch. I'd rautber be here w-ith you.'
she said hfiadiitty.,
"Ma.ioai, whacftb :-oi o mwan, dear:
asked Uesler, sharing at-fhe iir tig
ure by his lte as if he w as just v.-a.
Incg out of a '',
The gTil suddenly beg:-.- to cry. "i
thought I'd better 1be I'ep.h.'_ .' '-
helping you pull this b9at," sho ruo')''?d
"than riding round In nu old laminc.
with a wan--I don't like. But if :.o
don't waut mie-I can take lh:u, I :u.
pore." Hit vo. 01ce d .n, ; 7 I
. truggl d vinindy to keep h.r ,vi'
':lov. n )''I out of her f::(. .
Lrom th, water and the tears f1r.l
blinding hb.r eyes.
.el ...4 l 2.T:":: '; :' 3; ,'" d.:'areo
EKeiler firc'ely, dropping the rop;: a;
catchin-; the girl in hi.s airm';. "I.i t,
comra'e, do; : u moan it? I do v.a:
you" b? p, l. ,to' gri. :nl I v .I m ,':
you happy. 'Ofi. don't hi:lr your f','o(
de.~! Yc'-' li !.;' is so lovely-- ut it''
dreladfnlly iti th! 'y'"
The ubiquito-s iMr. ILrvey. an, h
launch ca:n.i swiftly dow.;n the '(h :'i_
noted with antchisl'? i t tw.o p'er.
Slowly tlnr"'-.'i il'ie 1, n lovq I htrr. "
tho-ight at f t hait he re'oni.e-l 1l
girl's vi-hil"' weter n:Ad her, gr(e,
skirt, which she hc'.I gathered 'alo0
her kue's. rThe gulls circled over th'0i
heads and the sea wind. blew the gi-:'
bright hair all ~6bot h6r face. Th -
man wade:l very close to her side. Th,
pair seemed- in ho particular hurr.
Behind them bobbed a little v.hitt

FThe Greateri



I Copyri.ted, 3.07. by E.C. Faic is.

Miss Ryland turned from the window
where she stood picking the withered
blossoms from the -azale anid looked
at her patient.
"You seem reltiess. Would, ydio ilk6
me to read to you awhile?" she asked.
"I'd rather have you rub my head
with the bay rum," he said peevishly.
She took the bottle from the cabinet
and poured sore In the ifdan i a fi
firm white handle.
"That's more 11ke living." He gave
a sigh of relaxation as the soothing
effect stole over him. "Had a pretty
close call, didn't I, Miss Ryland?"
"Pneumonia Is always a tiresome
business," she answered unconscious
ly, trying to rub his hair into covering
the b.ld spot (cn his head, "but the
doctor says you may start for Palm
Beach tomorrow If you have no fever
"By Jove, I lon't know whether I
want to go or not-don't seem to have
energy enough; believe I' rather stay
here andt have yo* '4lo6tf tAfter me
awhile longer. It's pretty comfort-
She took a cloth and wiped off r
drop of bay rutr that was trickling.,
w-ard his ear aid turned his bead S'i
:-'he could rub t ie -other side.
"But Just tbl:ak how fortunate you
are to be able to leave the hospital
for such a lovely rest at Palm Beach,"
hoaa sa!d cheerfully. "I've always
longed to bo -rolled around in a chair
on the sands there,. *th beautlff
clotbeg and no l orry over the fact th'af
I was eating up a five dollar bill during
the day and sleeping away another five
at night."
"Money doesn't g!ve'no everything,"
he grumbled. "My owning a few mil-
lious*,idn't jcii' me from having this
beastly attack. How would you like
to g< to Palm Beach and look after
me?" he asked suddenly, looking in-
tently at the handsome face bending
,over him.
She gave him a startled glance, and
the, bay rum splashed down h1ls. ford
head and ran perilously near hts eyes.
"You will not be sick enough to re-
quitre a furse," ilhe said quietly.
"But I would like to have you look
-after re., You .fave a way about yor
that is r stful, and I think it ,Vould
be flue to have some one as capable
and as comforting always at ha&!.
SSuppose- you m trry min and go with'
She set the bottle on the table and
looked at him 12 astonishment. "I'm
afraid you still aave some fever," she
saij, reaching fiT the little thermome-
"I don't think it is (i sig of fever td
recognize a. ndood thing and waht it.
The piopos etif has its good points fi
both of us. I would have a wife that
I would be proud of, and you could
crtailn~y iroUI" a chair at 1'alm.Beach
and not worry about the hotel bills."
'But is that the greatest happiness
that can come to a man or a woman?
You have had mbre experience than I,
'ou are aboutit forty-five, I should
think, and I am twenty-eight. I have
always looked forward to-loving the
man I married." She leaned her el-
bow on the table, and her violet eyes
were large and serious as those of n
child thaU t considers a biroblem too deep

FMrst Patent In America. for it. I
The first patent in Amierlca wan "I've never given much thought to
granted to Joseph Jenlhs, a fomune- love as a romance," he said. pushing
and machinist who had emingrated the counterpane from his neck and
from Hammersmith, England, where leaving his arms free. "but I think &
he was born iu 1002. He was a very ni.e, comfortable friendship would be
ingenious man, and was induced b5 far more satisfactory."
Governor Winthrop, the younger, t: "I suppose it i,, as you say, comfort-
come to Lynu, Mass., about i'6!2, a. able to stay on the level plane, but
master mechanic to estaliish "the iroJL don't people who. make such marriages
aid steel works." fall to reach the heights that women
HIe s acknowv.le.ded head ef the- in their hearts always .lg for? I
Iron smelting and founding Imines- have always iniagined that en the
and the first builder of Luachineryv i, heights the aIr was more glorified."
this country and &rst patentee of to "My dear woman, I'm afraid you've
vention In America. ha lhg introd1.ed been reading novels. Take my word
thb ided (first granted biy act cf par- for it that a nice, comfortable exist-
liament in 1025) of protection for the ence is the only sane life and ttiat dnly
manufacture of improvements by pe- young and hysterical fools ever redch
titloia to 6lhe hi6o niment of Massac'iu- the heights that you are describing;
setts Bay. In 1646( be took patents for and then they don't stay there lodig.
mill improvements, and in 1655b he pt- They tumble back to earth qiick
ented the present form of the grass enough. I hope you'll get that out
scyti;e, toif wniic hg stidilld he held 6f your head and come with me to
in grateful remembrance. in Iti.2 he. morrow."
made dies for the first coinage of "I couldn't do that, anyway," she
money, the difiie tree shillings. In 1G54 said decidedly. "It's almost a part
he built the first tire engine. to the of the ethics of our profession that
order of the selectmen of Boston (the we don't accept offers of marriage
first ever built til this country); i 1657 from our convalescent patients."
he built a forge a~d entered upon the "Do you thihk because I've had
manufacture of his Improved scythe, pneumonia it has necessarily left my
nine years before his application w. mind weak?" he demanded.
granteL.-Journal of Amerlcau His-- "No, I don't think that, and I ac-
tory. knowledge that your offer has its
temptations. Lt me think It d-'dr
try on Smelts, while you are gone. I'm leaving in ~i
"Great Siott What do you call these, hour and am to take a week's rest
Helen?" asked ban Fdss. He was gas- myself. I mumt be saying goodbye
Ing at an elaborately garnished plat- now," looking h fsttly at her watch. "I
ter which held two tiny fish. hope you will seoJ be strong and well,
"You wanted smelts. I didn't know and I will think over your plan while
how big they were. I never hoard of you are gone."
smelts in the west. Ybu kudw I got Once in her room she went td her
two mackerel last week, and they wardrobe for herone gala dress, for
made a nice little meal, so I thought to celebrate tlie beginning. of her
two smelts would be enough. Our week's holiday slie had promised to go
fish man's been sarcastic since that :ft" Joli Martli' to the theater. Thero
day I phoned for a halibut and he ex- was a tap at the door, and one of th6
plained a halibut was too large for nurses looked in.
two people-It occasionally weighs 100 "Seems to me you are doing the ~od
pounds. Today he began to be funn3 clety act with a vengeance tonight.
about the two smelts. I got freezingly Here's a big b6 c df violets for you. I
dignified and huiiig iup the receiver. thought y6tf aii It was a mere news-
The boy bad gone before I looked at paper man you were going with?"
them. I knew right away, Dan, I had Mary Ryland opened' the box, a flusli
made a miserable blunder, only I pleasure on h(r face-..,
boiled eggs, you see, to make out a "Oh, but he's a dear! He always.
meal." thinks of the little things that please."
"All right, little woman." laughed When she pinned on her hat, she
Dan. "They're a nice appetizer. Only was tehlng cl lesson, shbwlng
,iext time order twenty anyway. Fif- Ws hing h lesson, showing
teen's aboutt my limit on smelts."-Sue- him his proper 'place, tempering his
teen's Magazine mit on unwarranted and unendurable air of
assumption. Hum! Let's see, this
Putting In the Sting. Was August-it was jAtht six oinths
Clra-1 understand that Mr. Feath since she hiad met him, and he seemed
erey paid' me a very pretty compli- to think so brief an acquaintance .e- -
ment today'? Ethel-Yes. What was titled him to the privileges 6f many
It? Clara-He said that among the years. To be sure, she had been to
most beautiful young l:Ldies at the par- nearly every one of the Country club
ty was Mls: Clara Smith.. Ethel (with dances with him-but he did dance so
a cough)--Yes. I noticed you among divinely-and had gone autoing with
them.-London Mail. him every Friday afternoon fdr a mat. |

.':.."\r.~~ L'1.'~ -1.. ..-= _


eight to St. Andrews Bay about ne dollar, making *he plow, delivered
$4.50. But the BTuOY proposes- to o better than this and-willsend the Bno)v
viie venr aiid fu'nfsh one of these, plvs complete ht the fa tory-for *4.f
putichuser to puy freight ,
The plow tray be seen in opeAtion at the editor's residence at anv tin,,
Order from the BUOY direi.f,
B a^* : L.__ __.

PIL E S A C.r guavranteed if you use
D. all. Tromp.o, upt
IOrp led fr'i. N. C. wrli,, :,: I can say
1,Y do all m-qclaim 'r m Dr. S. M. D..v.)re.
Rw-ula Peck 'W. ta., wri ti. -7n,,yov .It-'r'eals.Jj
teei.n 'i Pr. B. D. NIeGLll. Ciarlinburg, Tian., arif,:
tm a Ire.ue o 25ytaru J have fa,u ,d nou .e.jyIn
eqaalyo-ir'-e ;.261.. GQ 5MM56B.mp-CLZ FreelZai.

Sold in St. Andrew's Bay by Dr. W. G. 'Mitchg~l

ter of .,omw eig:K i.U r til t '1,''. J.ut
what of It? There were plenty of
others craving her favor, and just oe-
cause she happened to like Jack's
dancing and Jck's auto better thanr
anybody else's, was t-tfft any reason
wthy hd- h
Honk. linnk !
Thestaccato breaking of the silence
nearly caused Elinor to lo.-e ho r bal-
ance. blie gripped the top rail of the
fence hard and l-watch'e.A the wild thing
-Whiz by. Su.ldoeny it began to slo-v
down, thon It turned narond and sturt-
ed back.agafn. Jack's car! Her heart
gave a bound of ilhappy relief. '"ihel it
sa ikl siekeuhutIy- a: a. a ';";Li .-'." :)tce,(d
some oc'e be.'' !hjn-a woiau, hit
so heavily, veilk'ed It Eliuur coi:ld not
aee her face.
J.c(-k br,,nght tV .":',ch'ni e to a stand-
still be-sdl its "d,-;i';a] ( ini rr.y,
f1tifp'. d u't a.id i kel'd about 'fLor 1Ls
possible owner. He coidd sdi,'rce be-
lieve his se-.'es -lien b* sW:i E';nor
perched In solitary misery on: the fenoce
"Wh:-. EI!m(ir," lie <:r;cdJ ;i at nilsli
cmiont. "wha't I':;1u:o ,r)]rue ?';'
. "Noihli'! nugih, lh,;Lkyei, M1'. Wir-
Ilams," 9ans'.wenl- E1i aor ,,Cis-ta;t.
"Just a ?:i,:.Jt x'J lp', t. M '. .O'rr's
has gone acra -s i'f "I-I z. g-'t san;e
Fissistance. lie wv l ',N Li, ii" a min-
hte. PDon't,stcp. I V e:" of 5,!."
Btit Jack w rim ed'Jto baivin- hl-i owN
Iiy anld '.i-. zol'' nuai'onea'i N ';r-
nn"';*- r1pt ine l'aves:;.aUn 9 9 C'I

og ; n '. .' '- '-

O"a-'f (4 'o'i" mF ay "
rimn iup whr oadt- :thoir ',:,i -10

stood 1 '.1d, 1 i u nt' ,tl' t -;"'-- I '.'.'e \r i
su e:'aa'rppe t fa.'tve aof~ 'mr i bli

"That's Norris nowu" V # adl ; i
td ihe veiled l ~ay U

Et meet him_ It owiulo gehnimAJiolly
good surprise to be rex '-t/ ''i' i fO
machine. IIll stay" t: Mlis: Kenf
Thasse at a spciofdy a nsered wit
cherry "All ri ht, Jm'k." th- t ma> El

made for the f'n. --i-, -:th
jump directly in front of Ein-r an
stood looking lip th!Is. ",wtully.
"On which stide of the fence are o ur
going mee to jump. dear?"It w he e I otl
"On. the other," replied Elinor, witL
a little g and shift ih
uty from one car to ti r ac too e
Shis strong as the machine hed a esof r
otestations Jack ran with hea i r) to a mnd.a
chine, which he svt 1gojug at full speed
When Elinor had regain. ed heequi-
librium and her breath,' she assumed
in Injured expression whotly out of
keeOng with the tumult of joy in her
kee!ng with the tumult of joy in her

" ,T

Sold in St. Andrew's Bay by Dr. W; G. Wfc

Who is f&e other woliPuan?" hli ak6
ed frigidly, though what did' it mtat
ter now?
Jack laughed heartifly.
"My cousin Nora and yours to .be;
dear. I had to get some one to rideM
with me, you know."
Elinor looked .t at him shyly.
"Do you think they'll catch up witif
us?" -he asked, her eyes sparkling wiltm
happiness. '
"Probably won't try to, "chuckleAf
Jack. "You see, Nora's steering that
machine, and Vernon will have to fol
low her lead, She's bhad her cap set
for bftn ever since she came to town:.'
She wasn't having a bit of a good tl"n
with me. But suppose they should
overtake us, Elinor," continued Jack,
with mock Anxiety, "would you like td
change back again?" I
"'No, Jack," replied Elinor softly;
"I've made my jump, and I'm on youii
side of the fence forever."
Took tl Literally: -
It is told of the .late Chauncey Sha-
fer, who bears the same relation td
New York's "aneedotage" that Sydney
Amitii does td London's, that he (em-
ployed In his law oinced a -tunted youtti
of very tractdble temperament,
Orie day Mr. Sliafer returned froit
lInch in a lively mood aid, by tokeid
bf the madeira he had conitumed; sum':
moned Billy into his irivat office.
"Boy," h6 said drenese.ly; "gilowvei'r
they're dol. i tLife'r :"'

iii6a -tii eri& sii. i ;.:'.ction:4 b stib ;tad
ftvd law; her let the conrtrdii *wa#'
empty save fit'ito ittgai'i; fiWfI WfiH:
sel fand 4 1 d'4 f i1l ^. ii '

'clitdei;id w a th'is, fifL;f 8fdifd 'f
Bily i188td ETiii $115 fdt o 8{ $t
batinsad; {haie j.4ge otkti liiim im-'

meits of counsel and tu noid t Bhfliy;
"Well, my lhd;'; h 9 iR iid i;:
judicial Wdt irt ; ,'*It di E RS
'r m. frdni M-'. _.,hfer 's., oce;"' liif
replied; ."aid hb wantl t8 Ktrio wEhad
in tbu're uj U/over here.".i&ije&af
Mdagm ; i i,.
Study if Main;
Sthe only School for the study of
human nature is the wdrld. The only
text books are .the works *of men llk
Shakespeare, Hugo, Cervaiite; Sternd.
and other students who learned Id
that school. But the effectual study
of humari nature demand from thW
studentt a vast fund of fove ana syrn.t
pathy. Youi wil never get admitted-:
Into the heart of a fellow creature un-
less you go as a friend.-Robert Blatchp
ford in Clarion.

Odd Punishment.
Bigamists lu Hungary get odd pun-
ishment. The man silly enough to
marry, two wives lo legally forced to
live with both oY them In' the saalr
'* oaae. .

A 8Ls .Cmei,,y Rzum, for Srpm N soieW "T.-q
NEVER K NoWN TorFAL. Sf' iZe~5e. = 1 8;71 L
fado uaren,,.d or ioney Refunded. Seul pm=.1
for $1.00) per box. Will sendibem. on inslm wl f
wbenrtelleco~i. Samiplee; Free. 7f your dnigin doeetAo
hav, theu mend your orders 10tohLe i
UNITE D M MEDICAL GO.. sox 74, LtIA*ohaV. j.'




Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.
Offers His Professional Services to the Citiz s6 otf St: Andhiews ai'f
Surrounding Country:
May be fond at his residence on Bueiin, Vijta avenue at nitgt. -


Corner of Bayview and Wyoming Avenues on Bay Fronu
Glassware Tin8tare and Notioits!
.Wh'd( you ca''$ find 'at any other 8ote' clic to the R AC KK 1
S0 -. TO RE ad get.

Hot Meals at All HoUrs of the Da.
I0 lrllii1111111111111i..up of Coffee, 5 cts. T Ct,4- f T 5 T e.5u

Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialie#
[ G)DA R D, Propretor. .



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