Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: February 1, 1906
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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FEB. 1, 190(;.



U. S. Seuator--lst district. S. I. Mal-
lory, P'eusacola: 2d District, J. P.
Taliafero. Jacksonville.
Representatives-1st District, S. M.
Sparkman, Tampa; 2d District,
P'rank Clark, Lake City; 3d District,
W. B. Lamar, Tallahassee.
Land Office-Register, W. G. Robin-
son; Receiver, H. S. Chubb, Gaines-
State-Goverhor, N. B. Broward; Sec-
retary, H. C. Crawford; Treasurer,
W. V. Knott; Attorney-General, W.
H. Ellis; Comptroller, A. J. Croom;
Superintendent of Public Instruc-
tion, W. M. Holloway; Commission-
er of Agriculture, B. E. McULn.
ISLate Senator, S. W. Clark, Blounts-
Sa.shington County-Representative,
W. A. Bryan, Chipley; County Judge,
J. R. Wells; Clerk of Court, County
Clerk, Recorder of Deeds, W. C.
..". 'Lockey; Sherifft C. G. Allen, Ver-
non; Deputy, G. H. Danford; Tax
Collector, Jno. R. Thompson, St.
Andrew; Treasurer, Louis H. Howell,
Vernon; Tax Assessor, J. W. Bowen.
Duncan; County Superintendent, B.
F. Cainer. Wausau; Surveyor, Thos.
Co Iins, Vernon; County Commis-
o eins, B. F. Swindle, Vernon; A.
L. ia.rill, Chipley; J. M. Portel,
.c.~,fina; J. H. Wesley, Point Wash-
,i ton; Elton Singleton, Nixon.
S ,u.ttwe of the Peace,
-'. _' Notaries. W. A. Eni-
'o s, A. H Brake; Deputy Clerk,
,j.,, ". A. Emmons;
S ., oi-s G. W. Surber, Sr.,
-'.I. Grills, A. H. Brake; Postmis-
Sl, Zadie H. Ware.
*,, *,a,, Henry Bovis;
.. J H. Daffin,
.cnaster Dta try Publio
S..iotmster, M. N. Carlisle.
,- ,;Laster, R. Peters.
Anidrew Allan.
... S. . A der-

?o tmnaster, W. C. Holley.
S .a, iaoter, james M. Murfee.
,. .Mr. i. Gay.
S,,i;ser, Emery Tomp-
Ster, C. Tompkilns.
J. J. Fowler.
: 'es, Mrs. Dyer.
.,r. \V. F. Wood-

a mails, via, Anderson,
.,:. yyy Head and Chipley departs
v day except Sunday at 3:00
,,k A. m., arrives every day ex-
,, i-, day at 7:15 p. m.
; d ayi for Harrison, Millville,
r. .. .. -k i.i lr Cook,
,, .po leaves St.
A i it'a w '4 c",' r t i ii ,g un
day at 5:3 o' o ,,, arrives, c. .. -
west at 7 (c lock p. m .
eaptist--('uii i, W ..x','": ave. front-
ing Park St. Services at 11 a. m. and
p. us mni!'v School every Sun'
isay ,t li a. m. Rev. C. L. Joyaer,
l.tutodist Episcopal-(< 1:0 'Was-
S*,,, tonl ave. and Ch.estnut st tundwy
;.chool- i:SO a. m. every Sunday.
Iev. J. M. Conway, pa.tor.
.reslyterlan--Church corner Loralnel
Ave. and Drake St, Rev. 0. C. Dol-
phy, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30
a. m,. every Sunday, John Stur-
rock, Supt.
Catholic-Church corner Wyoming
A ve. and Foster St.

Parker Lodge No. 142

_/I. regular Communi-
*, -cations on the first
anld third Saturday
in eachli nilth.
'V Viimtitg BUrolters'
AlAI{'lKt. W M.
:: 'F "i t R i "



irainc ave-
N, larial
f(,,ipt at-

I'~-i' iores-
-' .',.'; 6ofSt.
- \' dole al

- hand


- >-tate of Flor-
:a :, ; ; i-e at L'a Iket. Fla.
t *F2 'V yan'itn: aind pay ineut of tasps
r 1- 'c --'e idelits. specialties.

'o PIlease' Him.
Mrs. Ascum--B.ut why do you buy
enih expensive things when you know


One Dollar a Year in Advance,

Entered Sept 3. 1912, at SI. Andren,
Fla., as seeonj clas- matter, under
Act lo Cougr.ss of' March 3, 1,-9.

P I'1 P RI ETO R .

Display ad. rates, 50c. per inch per
month. Position and extraordinary
condition rates subject to special
a,2reemen t,
"Local Drift."5c per line, flrst inser-
tion; 2ie each subsequent. Display
locals double above rates.

If this paragraph is checked with a
blueopencil it is a reminder that yourL
subscription ha,'expired and that tlo
or three extra numbers will be sent
you that. no break may occur should
you choose to renew.'

iwe Ielt b ltiIit#iai y; lu, t whenever aI,
incident occurll, that tiets lihe Ldispoti-
tiiun of he mtiasse, towadI theii lel-
lo\mtnen, i\eo ind that 1dipiosiltimn
It is sigiiilicanii. I i iilstance, Ihait
C conidet ablft a suI ki $a 7(;,01U)
should have been coni ibuted for our
ik onil one lHitol.ital S.tday anid
Siim l-.y, \\ !ithouiit ic''iaIl urging or
alk erltiseiient, ihe gills being ifroin
all classes, in tiis Irom one cent uip-
'var.I. It is still mole significant that
we have liospitals, for nut veiy longI
ago Llio.'e intstituit .ns were al.soluioly
unknown. Wt hen we comipaile the
piebent ex1'efAditure an,' ie effort to,
s I' l aInl-g e^'efdrttrj .. -" -
to, the siinf'eing with the exlpietiliillre
.Atnd effort to shed blood und increase
pain that stained the humai records
almost to our own time, we cannot
draw other than hopeful conclusions
tor the future,
Ohe by one ancient severities are
being eliminated, The Roun an arena
with its gladiatorial fights has be-
come almost a myth. Let us hope
the prize fight will shortly f( llow in
the wake of reform; the persecutions'
in France, Spain, Italy and Hollandi
where people were put to death by

thou.an ds for refusing to
liberty of thought a i


% whint, ocit .
Branch President-Mrs, W. A. Emmons.

President General-Mrs. Qynthia W.
Alden. Headquarters, 96 Fifth Ave-
nie. New York.
State President-Mrs. Mary L. Bradt,
111 w. Adams st. Jacksonville, Fla.

"Have you had a kindness shown?
Pass it on:
'Twas not given for you alone,
Pass it on;
Let it travel down the years,
Let it wipe another's tears,
Till in heaven the eed appears,
Pass it on."

Motto--G, od CI.. /
('olors--Yeiiow an]d White
Stale 'o ......I[)i, OrA ige.
Son<'-- % :att;erl Snsline "

.','-,NGS OF HOPE.
Sorrow an' sih'hin'-
There's plenty enough;
Night coin' on
An' the road mighty rough!
But keep up yer courage!
The night won't be long,
An' somewhere there's light,
An' the joy of a song
World is a wonder
For trouble an' strife.
But-look at It this way:
It's nuthin' but Life!

Folks have known trouble
Since Adam digged bait;
Trouble's a guest
Alwa3 s huntin' yer gate;
Jest keep up per courage,
With faith that is strong; I
Oh, som wi there there's light
An the joy of a song!


Li- ton to the siibgin'
01 tihe birds, the world along;
Sr ck'oil they've got sorrow
i .... tey drown it in a song!
TiO' storm tempests grieve 'em,
Tii,.y most, know Trouble's name,
Tl ..r little ones-they leave 'em,
13ut they'ree singin' Just the same
Learn' from them a lesson,
Wiien storms o' trouble beat;
Never was a sorrow
But' a song could make it sweet,

M.,I.t ol us tio not live long enough
Il at)ppteciale tlie advances ilhich hug.
mianiiii is flaking toward' the mlilen-
itti, sine we advance with if. Only
whoen we a'uiil on the shores of eter-
fitv, anat watch the forward' move-
ment, or fix onu gaze on the mile-
.nities of history, do we compreheihl
thlie fact that the race iir-mairchii.g to-
ward thd sun, and not into the night.
When we observe vthe c iruptions iu
civic administration, the greed and
injustice of commercialism, the tyr-
anmiies of trade societies, the follies of
the richli, the ,qualor of the poor, tIhe
proneness of thlie nations' towar,' the
continuance o(f crime, vice, vulgarity
atnd ignorance it often sems ar.' if

d their

find no apologists in the chinch to,
day; ii an ices of v t at coni-
prised killi se of prisoners
and looting of cities, are slowly dis-
appearing, and war itself will pass
i'to deserved oblivion; brutal sports,
except hunting, which is a cowardly
iakiug of life trom victims who can-
not defend themselves, are giving
place to games and exercises of a
manlier kind: we have societiLs to de-
feud the weak and the dumb, and
mankind is compacting its social or,
ganization. even too far for the ul-
timate development of the individual.
There is still an element of the sav-
age in us, but the veneer of civiliza-
t gin s..wm thicker, and the prompt-
ings to kindliness are more effective
and more general, as we grow farther
away from the rude beginnings of re.
ligion and government. We shall yet
have a world that even pessimists
will find it well to live in,

0~-.--- -'-a
0 *

VG1i I3m a1


Ey C. B.

Copyright, 19051 by K. A. Whitehead

There were only thirty days between
his graduating at West Point and his
arrival at Fort Concho, and he was
only a boy of twenty-one at that.
Things were at loose ends at the fort
The colonel was away on leave with
three or four other officers, there was
much sickness 'among the troops, and
the hundred infantrymen able to do
duty were almost in a state of nmitiny
owing to a general laxity of discipline
and the fact that they had not been
paid off for four months. The arrival
of the boy lieutenant under the dircum-
stances was hooted at.
Roy Blissfield had been assigned to
Company E, and he soon discovered
that his captain was paying more at-
tention to whisky and poker than to
discipline and that the worst men in
the fort seemed to be members or his
company. He was told to go in and
strai1ghten the men out, but his first
move -howel him th.it he hadb his hani.
full. They were sullen, uii,.0i'.I and dis-
obedient, and the u;:g officer found
himself almost helipl.. He should
have been loyally backed by the non-
commissioned officers; but, aside from
the orderly sergeant, none gave him
open support. Indeed, the ringleader
appeaare I to be the second sergeant,
and after a few days it was realized
that until h!s influence was removed no
improvement in the morale of the com-
pany need be looked for.
"I wouldn't fret over -it," replied the
easy going captain when complaint was
made to him. "We are at peace With
the Indians, the weather is Infernally
hot, and the men are short of rations
and pay. Let them take things easy
for awhile. They'll be feeling better by
and by."
That was the Fort Concho way that
summer, but it was not what the young
officer had been taught at West Point
The men knew that they had him at a
disadvantage, and they made things as
unpleasant as they could. They were
,sent to the guardhouse by thde half
Idoz.n, only to be released next morn-
ing on their plea to' the commander
that the officer had misunderstood
them. Things went along in a bad Way
forl a month.
"Thompson," said the officer one day
to the second sergeant, "I want you to
take'a walk with me down by the cor-
ral. I want to have a little talk with
s' t," t wa t:;c r'tp v;'i'U'out s

-lI tevor a "'sit.
N-V I.. -L1thet w fw
t'it, lPa rrat'-:' j waIL 1
'taint ha!t,-i rind

'ur-ii--r tioIr,-.-:the I@.-
'lte to 111d i-t tL Wl2

C~-11 it, t 1 1)LIC 6 '1 V

"Not at all. I pr
cn imp1tit -3 US-

LIH 6i i

of sight of
'erj the lieu.
, r:Auove his
Llt \ altchl ed
Ps and then

imy oc youlr
l'tn i told a
%Vlst Po'int
th0. l'i' -'
v why. You
d it has L-,e-
Ius is going

aon tch "'

Irk7; led ll nd
) .icker.'
'o niak rino
j-J,4Ajmd tile

"'I s-hl. l l..-.t y,.._n,
"'.'u, you I. lve got Ir' out at last.
have you? P'oillui. will -Uuliutine
to improve. If y3i 'i.,.st ine thcre will
be no c,,nilpliilt. A're yoil ready?'
The thirty or forty ineminera of Com-
pany E who saw that L,wrap from a dis-
tance will talk al,out it all their lives.
The sergeant wa- the taller and heav-
ier, and he was a telf' taught lboxor
who thought he ku'vw all the tricks.
Encouraged by the lieutenant, he did
his best, but at the endi of a quarter of
an hour hq was kunckod out and had
to be carrietl to hbi; liuarters. The first
thing his -)tumrade.i id was to swear
each other to srfc-ry. It had been a
square fight and the best man had won.
On his side the oiticer said nothing, and
no report was made to captain or com-
"Say," said the defeated champion
when he got on his feet again, "the
boy is game and shall have a square
deal. We want to quit making him
troublee and give him a show."
There was inin-d.liate lhiproveni: nt.in
ihe morale of Co.':ouy.v B, and things
moved more :-;ti -."'a-tt'ilvy for the next
fortnight. T!h-n tI1 wood choppers
vent out under guard to get a new
;nippi7 of fuel omiing the hills three
i 's away. Tine gu;Ar.l was composed
l' ton 'iol. i:,1I. the iboy from West
on;it wva'. in charge, with ,Sergeanut
'hon.pson as ,c'-( i.l. There was peace
'au he l.'od. and when the wagons had
;eace)-d the hills vt-roy man laid aside
hil, mnu 'Th," oifer had rc..-'."701 no instruc-
tions. lhe had not been told that a
tr'eiat or a true w;ti rth red man was
aonLy a fac a'nd i.ai" a 1.ian'. i of hos-
i'l':.4 niight _.*- : r ;' p.j," the o o'.lt lil
any :- . I: i 1.. a sxit fran.
w >c'h he 'C- ,' ...:": f th'.-' work, alid.
for an hon: '1 Irt i. TH! I there
was a 'i ri ..]'ir'. .\ lind of ttiirt;-
warrio;'s c're, t ui ;nw 1-o.-Pnid rire, and
a teamster :indu his four nmuli' wert
kllle.d by the \olh:.
Thie attack can. e so ;nd]lonnly that
the boy officer Int hLi he.il. 11e issued
commands i'ni ?ouittoFrn:Trinc r 1 them
and put his a ion in just th.:- wrong posi-
tion to makl' ic'',r,:. It was the ser-
geant who r ut Iu n h'n im anl tra ght-
ened things :'Ut, mn.l Ofier two men had
been wotniitl te ic tit:t coinumiia was
well in hanl i. ,I lightiuig for its life.
The Indians triLI a tiauk movement.
The boy ofyi:.,r i.uced coimmlhids, but
he was wroig ag:t!n. II :d tiihey been
obeyed not a iu.ir--:iu;hJ liave saved
his scalp. Tihv-y were : i. *.-*ded by
orders from th,- .'-:rganr.t an-. the fight
went on. Ot-' nr:au wai; kille'l and an-
other woundm.e. aud then the lmii renani
would have L:1-1 a retre.it on Ilie fort.
The sergeant f),te.'":u;.i.i'd t!i order,
and at the end of a iu:martor of an hour
the baffled Inli.in's withdlrw. When ii
was known t.hat th'Li. h', withdrawn
the West I'.nt'ln'r eeme'.l to come to
himself and reval:". t-at sull-'*-ss was
due to aintlc-r. ad ibe st'I-,1l,:d aside
and raised tub' revolver he had just re-
"Here-what's this't" exclaimed the
sergeant as he ia.-ught the weapon.
"I-I'm a di-grni-:d man!" was the
hoarse answei-r. "I got rattled. I is-
sued wrong c.ii-niaun.L. But for you
it would have L.en a wilap out."
"Put up that gNu, lii(tenanit, and
don't get crazy n.tints into ynur head.
It's one of the hottest days we've had
this summer. I was noticing you just
before wi g it tt alarm. The heat
was afi'>:'ii. Yo'u are not used
to this t li:i t P. come here!"
Wlhhet1 il Mouie forward he
eOntinf l, U
"Wasrii't 1'*."'- ph a case of sun-
t'trok< with the I Pnt?"
"Tt v-as" i! .\' answered in chorus.
"u;t di(in't ie order us down behind
nbc lo:;s at once?"
"ieo did."
"Wouldn't tie te all right if he had take.'n cover instead
of trying to get aa, ty with his mules?"
'Aye, hie v.',I.!'..
'.But when I 'r'.-i r-."l you to fall back
on the toT'f- n.uiin ii tue boys
"You neveir ordered it.'
"out 'v. Ion th;,' ldiiaus tried to flank

"They didn't try it; we kept them
too b's'."
"Men," b .ui.l tie officer' s he looked
them over in a puzzled way, "was I
rattled? For <;ud's sake, tell me the
trth i!"
"'.o, sir. "r',r a minutee you were a
bit dazed,. Ibutt that was the sun's
"And I gi' voui the right orders? I
didn't 1,,n r.'"
"Not a hit.ir r', sir. If you had been
au old veteran 5ou couldn't have done

elt ter." t
"I thought--! thought"-
"It was a great ti-ht. sir. They were
three to oLie, biLt ve killed four of
them and dro.-k- thi, rest like sheep.
Now, then, b'.- .. three cheers and a
i" : ., on t (-

.,-' ,.-

ull^ aia \:.'it. lii tli.r.:gl.t le h.id "If there's so much as a ripple on the A Cheerful iMar.
bluindered .i.l dli-g;'.rac. I I unielf t nn.t water I'm i re to be sick." he observed "SpeiLking of 1l's." sold the fru'l'.1
en.ied liih ,':ireer, but he hl.:. 1, u hmt. gloomily. "Thit makes It very cheer- man. "I ali :rus one the o:..-r .' -
t-.'.i llIt .l' l r. llful for thil re-t." who d served, tit h erize. th. .v'-.a.
Aud wh n liv hid gath,..rd up their "Yn :ilive an attac-k of pposlm.ism," tlon h:al Itirndd Oij, gnmblh'ig, and,. 'is
did l and vwolmu], ialud V..,re \.-i._ling ihe laughs] !tni she aroqe. "Salt water usuil, evry. ibad.'.,ad store ,of
thI,.:r v:miy iow:i:Ir'] ilte fIrt S.erIgerit 1i the best clre lin tho world for that wonderful Itck. Thin thtl irdier'i A
T'l..,AtmlsoI .... k,',kl l-r' u m:Al to n nlahdy." tilds .butted In. 'It was n Lt I I *
I;tii nl ,l!-.-r Il k in lhi, yes. but a The.v went down the veranda togeth- oupe yarn ag-4 .' he sid. 'I was yot...
look thnt :,.h ue tie untiotd ainl uod- r. At the ,lo)r they fond Mrs. Satin- ger i those days and t aabl d quite ,
ded his hli Il in riply. derz ta.lkii e excitedly to her guests. bit. If I went broke It wps all r;ght'
who reiv't gr'p.dl :'omt hb'r. but if I nont i wanted the whole ;;1v
~,^", ^' "t' d.e.d,il-r.l." h wa: -". i : "All str olled li tu a gan filing .lmt.
Sthe soiril rvants la..e lft. even 1 fihe tni t !ai'ght. walk,"l to the roulette thIl. .U -
W H IR ,ble bly. ani they're strictly quarat- pl.i,.,,i a ten, dollar bill on No. i .
By (ined. I'Pr .Mrs. Prowne is frightened pvering. of course, to lose. TI *
SDBARRY early de.ith.j" droptp.l in the No. 17 .lvilir.,n i,
ENDI COTTI "W-hat is Jrf" asked Miss Wilmot 0 let the monuy remal. tbn No. 17 v.'.
PRESTON th ey c:me entcL'rl e a seond tme, but
FITTED 'hy. the. younige t Downe child has refuse to pull my money d.wr,
-- phthtiria." uamne iuhird time. Then 1 i, i
C.);p't-ihI, il0..blE.S .. .Ucl e At thet door they fond Mrs. Sailln- et aid cashed lu.' 'Hlow r -' 2 '
sP0..0 U1e 'l l l ?l.' I askkt 'Oh. I '.,'1
S Edicott was stroking Iiis hair metnbr -exaty.' ea piL
-a a a b f *ta^ t.
hahdow of doubt allout that. IHe cotull "Those lie lieoiIP thaf ow' tiTt &fl # f '"ls* .ftaM,,
neither swim nor sail n ... he;it; v play-l plaie; back Iy tile pientis_"' he asked. tIguredii out that dur frien.I .
golf in a manner that set his caddy "Yes," sai .Mrs. Sauii..lers. **lread- $5,2-,.c1i. but it was not t...
offering suggestions; his dancing was ful, isn't i .* ihlr lust'band Is In the him ht, figures tbnt he h'.',- --
a cross between a prim walk and an west, and sh.'d- nearly frautic. There Orleans T'imes-Democrat
isn't a soul about here that they can in-
awkward skip; he sat on a horse with duce to go there." Rrt Ta lihklnc ir,'
as mh~W grace as he would have strad- When the party started for the pier As a rule tree building bi
died an elephant. Moreover, his lack Endicott stepped up to Miss Wilmot. adopt any particular protein
of conversational powers had given "I don't believe I'll go back tomor- ares for their nest, though a
lrhm a reputation for taciturnity that row," he whispered. "Perhaps I can them, by choosing a fork of a
was fat from flattering. lit, after all." close to the stem, seem to shun'
"Why on earth Irs. Saunders should" "Of course youi cai," she said and fatlon. Very remarkable, th wt.
ask him down for the month I can't thought no more of his words until the story of the chaffinch and r
see," one of the young women confided they had reached the end of the pier. in a red May bush. No spe.
to a bronzed young fellow as they sat I t s tathenu they found Endliott was was tlOeu while life bush v-:
to a bronzed young fellow as they sat missig. After much shouting and a leaf, hut to solon as it beg
together in a vine made nook of the hurried search about the immediate forth crimson blossoms the .
broad veranda one evening. vicinity they started out withdit him. builders added a piec4 df 1
"Oh, that i the easiest part of the It was nearly 11 when they returned. Berlin wool at the duly s.
equation," he returned. "What sticks Mrs. Saunders met them on the ve- thei nest could be seen ftr.
me is why the deuce he accepted the randp: ?nd thus effectually mask id
invitation." Whereat they both laugh- "V 'lere do you suppose Ted Eudicott but the most searehlug eye.
ed. has gone' she tried d tablished beyond question t;, .
"Hoe's the death's head at the feast," "Where?" chorused several vdices. red patch formed part of t:<
said she. "To the llownes'. Ile is going t sity design, whe: it woh!d nec c.,
"Oh, he's harmless enough," her comrn- there until they can get a trained hfurse attractedd notice among the
panlon said easily. "He doesn't at- from the cly." leaves, so that it is cvT'...
Endicott stayed even longer than itinct n'ar akin to rdaso
that. He stayed until little Bob Bowne clver protedtfi, devicei-Lo
died. Then when the quarantine of the "aph.
.. .,,d .- house was at an end he came back to
-ii^ the Saunders cottage to get his traps Some i2fature iHit`'
A, ip. before lie went back to town., here was a tender lighl
"'., KThe house party made a hero of him. face as she stood looki-j,
SThe men spied him coming up the path set. The young mail v
,1 iand carried him, protesting loudly, on posed to be enjoying the
\i i'* r' \ /( their shoulders into the hall, where all but who was insreality '
!i f, .'til he other guests assembled. They gave ous contemplation of her,:.,
im a round of cheers, and every one to breathe lest he shoul.-
S.ii .. wanted to ;grap him by his hand firkt. ecstasy of the moment
Vandeocken made a little speech and and by she sighed a de"
S, v' , told them what the doctor had told him ter contentment and turnc,
S| .' -all about what Endicott had done and "Thank you so much f
'' how he had hold little Bob Bowne In to this lovely place." sh.
, ..' "ii his arms the nizrht the child died. They now exactly what shad
S 1 t. ;' tried to get Endlicott to fay something f with crimson, and I Iv' .
S ', about it himself, but he merely red- a stunning afternd'ti"'
i I ,,'' ".'i' ",", ," dened up and shifted uneasily from one mind."
S' '" foot to the other and finally blurted ,- --"
S . out: "Oh, pshaw! It really wasn't any- A Batc of Bi
" "' I' '' "!'. thing!" here are several inte -
,- l' That evening he sat on the stepsW, th the following serious .at
S''-' t-- / Miss Wilmot. They were quite alone, the Westerni News of Gi
I "I knew you were Just like that," she "To rob a man of his pu:
Said. maltreat him fornot hav,' :
r', '"Like what?"' he asked. pass muster among p ti
"Oh, I knew you'd not be found Wait- crimes, but to kill and s4i
ing In a crisis," she- explained., "And I he olfiit o'f death and '.'
-'*'^'- knew, too, you'd be just as modest 1him for not dying quick ,,
about it as you were." point better In the. catl, .- ,
"IT'S DREADFTL', SITE WA3S.LYI;T(. "WHAT "Any fellow could do that. That mpan t1famy, ft Is en-' ;
13 IT?' AUED ) MIS6 TVILIOT., wasn't anything," he said uneasily. Ilhmen set their teeth and I
t t todo things unless some one sets "You're a dear, brave boy," she said ly in groups."
tempt to do thgs ne0s some one s heartily.
him u) to it. He'd never have gone in "If i were"-he began,
the wi(er this mioring If Van:locken t woereuld you do?" she asked. F o r T h i
hadn't kept at him for an hour to come Her eyes were tempting him.
along with us. li's game In a way, "If I were," he repeated, "I'd-I'd-
though. We didn't know he'd got be- ask you-oh, hangit! I'm not," he-end- ,
ycnl his depth until Ihe was half drown- ed in confusion.
kid. Thought he wats splashing about "Ted, dear," she said softly, "I'll 11 e s
eor the fuu of it. Not a yip did he spare you the asking-and-and say
make." 'yes' now."
"It makes you -awfully uncomforta- He sat for a moment in dazed silence. Fat i& Of f eat "CC'
ble to have such an incompetent per- He could not comprehend' It .all. Thent s
son about," said she. "I'm always im- his eyes lighted wonderfully, to a baby ; that is '
agluntng things when he's late at lunch- "Thanks," he stammered, "thanks b r f f
eon or dinner." very much." Which was eminently like abies' re .' if
Providence has a watchful eye for a Endicott. baby is' scrawny, S. "
certain class of individuals," said he, ...
and they both laughed once more. ,"Broght Up" In Colleare. E m lI'i o0 s wth O
Meanwhile, at the other end of the One of the most original characters
veranda, Endicott sat on the steps with of the Welsh pulpit was the Rev. Lewis wants. .Tfle healthy
Miss Wilmot. If Endicott had been a Powell, Cardiff. While oh a visit to, .. ,
different sort of chap he would doubt- Carmarthentown on one occasion,. he stores As at What it
less have made desperate love to the called at the college, and the students
lady. But Endicoft knew his limlta- were all for the first time toq py. hilm not need immediate
tons, and, therefore, instead of telling homage bone' and m tt-s c1 e:
her all that was in his heart, he sat be- "Can I have the help. of two.. of you -
side her on the top step, twirling his my boys, for a minute?" asked Mr. babies are ha y ; tbc
bat, watching covertly the changing ex- Powell.
pressions came and go on her pretty "Yes, dear Mr. P'o~'ell," answered not Cry ; they are
face, and wlahed most devoutly that he half a dozen of them at the same time.
were less of a duffer. "Well, I want two lusty boys, if you theii fat i' I a id u

He was a big, heavily built young please," he remarked, and two of the 111 e6 i'
fellow, with a frank, boyish face and a strongest students were chosen. "Now,'
laugh -that was very attractive in its my boys," said the old preacher, "let happy Deas, h'y
genuineness, If you ever managed to me lay a hand on the shoulder of each. .
get well enough-acquainted with him to of you, and yoti pint your arms around Comfortable: The fat"
hear It. Miss Wilmot had heard it me.".
many times when she was alone with This wts done. rounds th1ei little ii
him, and It told' her much of the real "Lift me, boys," said Mr. Powell, and
man that lay beneath the awkward the students lifted him until be was, and cushions themi.
reticent exterior. roubledead and shoulders above all present t.
Just now Endicott's troubled gaze, in the room. "Thank you, my boys,?' ate sYr t.
was fixed on some ragged bits of red he remarked. "Let me down now." .neres are hurt at
cloud, the aftermath of a gorgeous sun- This was done. T'Men ohe of the boys
set. asked: l ungentle touch.: "
"I think I shall leave In the morn- "What is the meaning of this, Mr. delight in Scott'S
Ing," he said uneasily. Powell?" delight, in Scotts .,
"But you haVen't been here a week The answer was: "Well, some people
yet," she said he, "bu t surprise. look down on the church in Cardiff be-s as sweet
"I know," said he, "but somehow I cause Mr. Powell, the mrtitfster, was not wholesometo tfheim"
don't seem to fit. If a fellow's going brought up in college. I can go back ,
to be a success at a house party he to Cardiff now and tell them that I .
should do many things well. Now, I was raised In Carmarthen college and. Send for free Bample.
.do everything badly. I simply slow that I stood higher than all the' other ,,
up everything I enter Into and spoil all students."-London Tit-Blts. O ; re thI p the fun for the rest." s t L oThatfosrmof.ala bea.l .Wonthi,
"Nonsense!" she declared. Trpper.of every bottle of
"It's so," he maintained. "I'm just a when the Stove Preached. teulvi e you buy.
duffer pure and simple, and there's an "pe preacher wuzn't feeling good last .
end of It. So long as I stay, of course, meeting' clay, an' he made de stove "',
out of courtesy to me, they'll drag me preach de sera,';n." Ch0imists
into all these things, even if it does ".Made do stove preachum top tor -
spoil their fun." "Yes; made It redhot tum top tar 409,4 Pr .
spoil their fun k ," e bottom a' dc-n rto', he sinnrs ter take V w .ork
'.'o e 5l's I!, w ', .'", : rshe al a ,.,I look atItan' go ter f Uir ki:__- ,5 S-
o m,"' i'" I" ' a q'o 'or' "i Atla ta FConstitution. ,, '... u.--g' ;


NO. 46.

-61". ANDR-EIV F4,

li' .11 ) I -.,

MAR 111 ME.

tisttr. Ttr1,on arrived from tho
e~iih~t :80A. ini., Saturday. anti
frd~ Wi. est: at, 10:45 a. Mn., yesteto

The utotor-iclir. Cleopatra artlivd
'froin Perjeacols early Monday morn-

rR1GI(;rNG 8C11oorjrn

C. 14*11 SIR
capfaeity Is toite-Iu nf~kPared to deliver
'.Lumbler st *by to)itt ob, St. -Andrew*
Pay, at One D~ollar and Fl.ty Cents pery
thovorad feftdt Patrtrnmge solieited. Ad-
dregs L', C, DAVIS, Allamtfoe # Fa.

16Usd In~ splead:d coaidiitlon to take ent-
evililowvortkors..'tgere to auy point in
the B~ay or Gulf. Gtood cabin protection
ia thove 5vcof tiebd weather, Terms to 6
Vtauble Als.o

capaavty 10,&:0O feet of Laowhew itill loinr
between Upgrtdaie and Allavatoft. on tast
13.7 sad ib111 deliver freight of every do-
serptiva. including live stock to anyF
Voiat uSt, Andrew.sDay. Fort psrticu-,
lard, address W. F, Woo-bov.a Farm-
4604, Fit.


nAllos regular tnicif between St. An-
* rewe Bay and Petgacola. Good peesen,
(Cr aeov~uidat~ai, ed special, atten-.
viou paid to banilliog andi eitrying freightb
at reassooable ratee., For particular. ad-
dress,. 1,. M. VARX. M&UaOr, '?
-t.Andraw, Ila,

tqulpe6 With T"o Gasoftne bglsu

Y'T'aC,.kdt. &4pdrews bay *very V M day
0IT gay Pesisecoig every 'lAursday
,weather permiftfing). Special attet,
tieoa will he given I f- recehiug and
forwardisi freig~rt far ingrf tee living ou.
C'ast and Vortb-14yies, 'arsengers for
poin~tsanseGit,: Arm Dof tbe Bay caii
depeand upon ec" rgPfoMpt tran.-
,octmtjnn af rcsmAeihabe rates. 1V..-
r#wngtr accrmm dation, good. Express
sad RLilroad.Ywotgbt specialties. For
1wsthet int.,ruistion ajpply to
OivAV ISAss. Gea. Matrager.

catyios t1e Emt, 'Blajtb141l l,-twoeu at.
'Anroe s v -Wettppo atri ititeranedi.
Ito peists. Loves .St. Andrew. daily
leacertC q41d~y att6.0% .int.;,arrive at
Weis PO at ;4;30 P. p. 104lear, wetappo
at I.Q;Ir Il.-a rrxvtaa ~t 4.- Audrewswet
1:30 p. 0ii. Mauel.iaadlimsge regularly at
alavjsn. Cromarviten, 5'ark ti. Pitte.
buNTS, %V4 Purzadals. lrrsigtt lavded at
4 0 0010fi~ce wb &uf. For pass* ngsr and
ligZ rtm. gorave toaaid'isathe mew.
V.A. WVIL.Malager.
A Weet1'5 'acatlwrr.
rhs tollW a4gtable g01064 the mazi.
BW4u. miiaivini nanld Meauntlipea
it~res. her a'fsiIsld dtret'tt11ofa til e
% ID o, far** et'w 0t4WOW hftrs ending
at T uc~to., all tlrftdkted by 1,. 8
(evenanoenit sell-re.gisteMRi ~therrnicnp

rar. ,sx:Mln. Mo u.H'.. W'd
40 30 35
49 3i 838 Is 06
25 S t3 N 42 .0a r
'. 1 33a 41 .00
j & 3 148 .001 w
0 29 4 33 48 .00
4W 34 49 .001 W
"5rw k 34-a1 1 .051

R ev. J. M. Conway will conduct dit
'vine service in the M. E. church nex-
a rd4y morning and evening.
A Uullan Sunda'. School will be con-
ducted every Sunday morning at 10
'clock in the M. E. church.
Prayer meiqug every Thurrdav eve-
niBg at 8 o'clock in. the M. E. church.
tewybody is cordiallv invited to all of
the tservicse.
The Ig eLv fr'evr Uern,
has recently been discovered. I% bear
a le so resemblance to the uorlaria
gera. To free the a. stem from aiease
germs, the a oet effeotivt remedy is Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Guaranteed to
crw all diatas.su due to malaria pois
and covatyjLiuo. 2Sc. at A. H. Brake's
Iwe4llah Rule I Aimereca.
New sweden 'es established in 163A
an the bank of the South river, the
Deltware, on erritor- new embraced
in the city oa Wllinnaton. Del. The
drst ?ettlenent was of some fifty plo-
seers from (othenburg in the ship Key
of (Calmar and the tender Grtfli, un-
ier the direction of Peter Minutt, a
discharged director of the New Nether-
rindp. For a orettie and some tramp-
ery they pnught atg the land on the
wtr bti4ftcr'b e river from Cape Hen-
Dipen to t *ttU* near Bantickan, now
Trentonr. rimnfng back "as much la-
wardts from It In brpdth as they might
*aat." The TAutci, wlop lalimed the
territory.tunolnuated tieats fro Fort

annMa, but prudently retrafned froem
ow' ,ew Sweden pro pered from
te start and soon controlled the trade
a the Delaware. This prosperity en.
4ured until 165M when Peter Stay-
es ant narested and reduced PortCbris
ioba, thre putting an end to weditsh
Wale ie Ameartea.

two- Relattve,
lWfesas-Carfpe. wil yoa telf me what
tiew tt ats i f e left my watch at my
aret's. tober!te-Awfully ornry. but I
e.5'to I've left mine at my uonewls.
Even beauty cannot palliate eccefr
cti- Bty, we -


-Blank Warranty Deeds, short torm
printed on good lien paper, 25c per
dozen; also blank reecipt tabs-100 re'
ceipts in a block, 10c each1 at the Buoy
-The many friends of Mr. and Mrs,
J. Vv. Brown of|Millville, sympathize
with them in the loss of |their ;little
child, whose death occurred on Friday
morning, lot.
-The success of the chicken pie sup.
per at the home of Rev. .J, M, Conway
last Wednesday night was entirely sat.
ibfactory; the neat net sum of twenty
dollars having been realized.
--You never have and may never again
have an opportunity to get so fine a
fountain pen for so little money as you
can now by complying with the condi.
IUona of the coupon to be found else.
where on this page,
--Wiaar4 Iank Tablets, Price, per
box 10 ate. Put up eight Tablets in a
box. One box makes ten ounces splen-
did ink. Economical permanent: abso-
lutely indelible, covenient, non-corro-
sive. At the Buoy office.

I-Whated: District Managers to post
signs, advertise and distribute samples.
Sala y $18.00 weekly, $3.00 per day for
expenses. State age and present em-
ployment. IDEAL SHEAR Co., 39 Ran-
dolph at,, Chicago, Ill.
-Handaome'.letter Ieadt with St.
Andrews Bav date line and view, of
either 3t,Andrews Bluff. utBuena Vista
Point, at 8t, per dozen- also map of the
St. Andrews Bay country on back of a
letter sheet at N1e. per dozen, at the
BUor oYmhen
-The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will lyse an oyster supper at
tbt home of Mrs. Frank Haight, On Fri-
day evening, Feb, 2. Suppet will be
served from & o'clock on; the proceeds
to be used toward purchasing a bell :or
their cauroh.
-The mercantile business of W. H.
Parker& Co., at Parker is offered for
sale. If reasons are wanted for the
change, Mr, Parker says he has too
maW y irons in the fire. For particulars,
call at the store or address W. H. Par-
ker, Parker, Pla,
-Parkerlodge No. 1 2 r, & A. M. will
,mlet in regular communication next
Saturday t 2.:0o'clock p, m. Visiting
Masons in go4 s landing are invited
to pat ticipate. An order of the Grand
Lodge of ridsa dtetands that visitor
must be provided with a certificate of
membership froM their home lodge and
a fully paid receipt foru es,
-The lady manager of the .chicken
pie pusper- Jlt Wedneseay night
thougbhulli rewmenbeted Mrs. W. A,
Ekfmovo by sending her a generous
portion of their etation, she still being
practically helpleirby reason efthe in,
juries received by being thrown from
her horse four weeks go, and of course
she waM uraMel to attend the supper in
-The prty pvt listrof Buoy patrons
who are depeMdg poo it to attend to
the payment of their taxes, a'e now in
the bads of the tax eotleetors of
Wasbington and Calhoun counties and
as ,OOu as their statements are received
each of the owners wiftl be notified of
the several amounts due from them for
the tax of 1N06, ad prompt attention to
the same will sure the earliest possi-
ble settlement.

A Mw w at L Sea' Paw.
A man 4i*ed a London theater in
the e*qry morning and found to his
brwor that tour lions, which were
JUae4 there, had broken from their
cage. One gave him a blow with its
paw, then took him in its mouth. The
blow from a lion's paw ti said to be,
after the stroke of a whale's tall and
the kick of a giraffe, the strongest
thing in nature so that the victim was
dead when the keeper went to the res-
Cue. Only one lion bad concerned It-
self with the man and was now sitting
ever him as a dog sits over a bone.
Two of the ions were playing on the
stage with a "property" garland, and
the fourth was heated In the royal box,
placidly surveying the gambols on the
stage and the terrible banquet In the
auditorium. The murdeere relinquished
Its prey immediately its master ap-
peared, and all four bolted for their
den like children detected In some mli-
conduct.-t. James' Gasette.

A tr evof AXal dre XDumai.
This story 1 told of Alexandre Du-
mas: It toIs wll known that he could
not refuw a requet-at least not of.
ten. 0 day be B-ve a man a letter
to one of his iStmate friends In Brua-
sets. The rttid, a wealthy merchant,
reetved hima though he had been
DumW Mow beether. Introduced him
to hib circle eo acquaintances, placed
hi stable at the man's disposal and
id cvorytbtng Lto power to make
Oft pleasant otr Dusass' friend. After
the lapse of fourteen days the man
suddenly dtGappeared and with him
the best hoe a to t Mechaunt's stable.
Six mopths later the merchant visited
Dumas and thanked him for the kind
of people be resonmeded to his con-
sideratkm. "Der fted" he added,
"your friend to a shark. He stole the
best horse la my stable." Astonished,
Dumas raised his hands toward heaven
and cried. "What, he stole from you
aeftV' Wewrfl Voeie.
ma*e. Patsa votee extended from
low A to D it attisslmo and was one
af the aut M abelt Illustrations
ve urnishabed of the value of musical
ttiture to, veem aF natural blem-
fMheb. Her roae we stubborn and un-
Manageable, but by dtt of study and
Indefatigable perseverane she brought
it to a state of perftecton that was the
admiration of her eontemporaries. Her
delight was the bravura style of or-na-
meat, nd where the composer bad not
been sufflelenaty Ilberal in bestowing
ornamzentation m her part abe Invented
etavatinas of her own and used them
with such effect that they were gener-
ally regarded as the best part of her
singing. She nad* her first appear-
ance on the stage in 1815, her last In

The Effect Inevitable.
**Borrowing money." remarked the
tnanl who comments on things, "Is niot
a good plan."
`"QlitP true." said Senator Badger.
"I've alv-'iysA noticed that the man who
lends money will sooner or later be-
come sensitive to the totch."-Milwau-
k~e Sentinel.
A Better Way.
Cytilc (savugelyi-They say the fash-
ionable mother of today reeognites her
baby only by looking at the nurse!
Fashionable Mother (unmoved)-How
extraordinarily clever when one
changes nurses so often I always tell
ours by the baby carriage.
WANTED-Men in each state to
travel, post signs, advertise and leave
samples of our goods. Salary $15 per
month. $31.00 por day for expenses.
KUHLMAN CO,, Dept. S. Atlas Blowc,
Length of Wall Paper Rolls.
'Moyt per.-ons have an Idea that all
pieces of wall paper are necessarily of
one length," remarked a wall paper
man. "Sometimes when I tec.i've or
ders from a distance I wonder just
what the patrol Is figuring on, Ile
may get enough to paper ,two rooms.
and be may get only balf enough. Sow(
figure overeconomulcally and some over
generously. Our domestic papers rui.
eight yards to the piece. Thoae from
France and Germany measure nln.
ynrde. while the English make thel:
rolis so lengthy that they lntain quit..
twelve yards. Then, of course, there',
the repeat. On soinme of the new paper'
with the smallest figures tbis hI ne'i
to nothing, and on Eome other. nDta.
bly a long tailed bird pattern, If a bi1
over the figure is requiy d for eaci,
length it means a loss or five feet on
every strip put on the wall."-Philadel-
phia Record.
Ancient Theatrical vgramme.
Theater programmes were known
even in ancient times, though they
were then of a very peculiar construc-
tion. In Greece and Bome they con-
sisted of small tablets, which were
handed out to the audience at the en-
trance. Those occupying the Lest seats
obtained programmes beautifully work-
ed in ivory, while those occupying the
cheaper seats were given tablets in
The bronze tablets were distinguish-
ed by a dove worked id the metal, and
the term "picclonerlo," used In Italy
today as designating the lower priced
Seats in the theaters, dates from this
] antique custom.

Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.

Kidney trouble preyg spon the mind, dis-
courages and lessCses ambition; b taty, vigor
and cheerfulness soor
disappear when the kid-
fi6y are out of ordeal
or diseased,
Kidney ifouble has
Sbetcome so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for cdkild to be born
ifnfttedwith weakkid-
Shtlys. If the child urin-
-- .. the ales f6o often, N the
urine scalds the fesh or ff when the chilc
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it it yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause o01
I the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
f step should be towards the trdatrmnt o
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition 6f the
kidneys and bladder adu not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis-
erable with kidney and bladder trouble
and both need the same~ great remedy
The mild and the immediate effect o
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty- -'"_
cent and one dollar ,lK,
;izes. You may have a H pL 8..! a
sample bottle by mall 5
free, also pamphlet tall- -Home of Swmp.Root.
ing all about it. Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. in writfig Dr. Kilmei
& Co., Binghamton. N. YT, be sure anc
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remem.
bor the name, Swamp-Boot, Dr. Ki-
mer's Swamp-Root, and the address,
Binghamton, N. Y., on every bottle
=A Ivory 9Iat.
Many people have never even heart
,f sucb a thing, and it is not to b.
wondered at, for these mats are ex
ceedingly rare, and it ia said by thos-
who know that only three of these'
beautiful curiosities exist in the whole

world. The one we now write about i.
the largest one made. It measures {
*.y 4 feet and, though made in a smalt
1ill state In the north of India, ha! ani
1>most Greek design for its border. I;
was only used on state occasions, whei
the rajah sat on it to sign important.
documents. The or'g'nIl coat of the mat
is fabulous, for 6.400 pounds of ivory
were used in Its manufacture. The fin-
est strips of Ivory must bave been tak-
en off the tusks, as the mat is as flex-
ible as a woven stuff and beautifully
fine.-London Graphic.

Afraid of Strong medicines.
Many people suffer for years from
rheumatic pains, and prefer to do so
rather than take the strong. medicines
usually given for rheumatismr not know-
ing that quick relief from pain may be
had simply by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm without taking any medicine
internally. For sale by all medicine deal-

For Sale, Cheap.
Apply at the Buoy Office.

.1-ke e 1.10d of
-hen vy f 4 Perts 1
y y e on 'he
,re a kd 0' 4" ""'r :nd
Wh y y0ar 'a her la 'ed
t y 'veta 4
Were t1h
Fe ITt' a
t.t ft
they bav been Improv-
alnee. We are experts in
flower and vegetabloweeds.
1006 Seed Annual, beantIftIly Mus.
trated, free to all applicanta.
D. M. FERRY A CO., Detroit, Mto.
1 0

We will be at the following iaces on
the dates named, for the purpose of
cofiectino the tax'-s of 19(i6 and as;s-
ing for those oi 1906. This is the last
round. Be sure to meet us.-
Vernon, Monday. Feb. 5.
Poplar \Head, Tuesday, Feb. 6.
Douglas, Wednesday, Feb. 7.
MillersFerry, Thursday, Feb. 9.
Theis'-Still, Thursday even'_r, Feb. 1
West Bay. Friday, Feb. 9.
Point Washington,Saturday, Feb. 10
Green Head, Monday. Feb. 12.
Wausau, Tuesday, Feb. 13.
Duncan, Wednesday, Feb. 14.
Caryville. Thursday, Feb. 15.
Bonifay; Friday, Feb. It;1.
Chipley. Saturday, Feb. 17.
Orange Hili, p. o.. Monday, Feb. 19.
Davis' Mill, Tuesday, Feb. 20.
Fountain, Wednesday, Feb. 21.
Econfina, Fhursday, leb. 22.
Nixon. Friday, Feb. 23.
Bayhead, Saturday, Feb. 24.
Grassy Point, Monday, Feb. 26.
St. Andrew, Tuesday. Feb. 27.
Millville, Wednesday, Feb. 38,
Parker,,Thursdav, March 1.
Wetap ', Friday, March 2.
Verui ondy, March 5,
tuesday, March 6.
Chip wednesday, March 7,
esday March 8.
^iO)qTa Hllector,
Tax Jessor.
tling, but L Tia ne.
FPople t world over acre horrified on
learning of tile lt.riiing of a Chijigo the
after in h:ch nearly six hundred peuole
lost their lives, yet more than five times
this number, or oyer 3,000 people -died
from pneuuwmia in Chicago during the
same year, with iearcely a passing no-
tice. Etery one of these cases of pneumo-
nia resulted from a cold and could have
been epietented by the timely use of
Chaml.-rlain's Cough Remedy, A great
many abo had every reason to fear pneu-
onuala have "arded it off by the prompt
use ot this renm-dv. The following is an
instance ol .Lis.ort: "'Too, ni,,eh cannot
be said in ft'oru of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, and especially for cold and in-
fluenz:L. I know that it curvd nt, d.iugh-
ter, Lauia, ul a severe cuid, .n l I I.elib-i,
saved bur life whem, [he wit. lire ll ilen.l ,
with pneumonia." W. D. W -L'-ox, L...ga,
New York. old'i by all inedicine de-lcis
Another Phbae.
No person ran say with nabsolutP au-
thority just where the line between de-
lsilon of character and uiudsirablle ob
stinney should be drawn, hut many
person-m attempt to dlo It.
"I like my wife's prompt ]r.-lslons
as to what she'd better do." sail the
husband of Mrs. Orlando Jones. "and
I admire the firmuess with wh;ch she
- settles all disputed matters ftr the
children, but the surprising obstinaoy
which sh- dtpinys concerning my af-
fairs is n 1 -3nutant surprise to me. It
t seems so out of ehirnacter."
M ,arMeres of Aonerij:..
T'.arde.l women have I ben rery nlu-
. ir-ro]s. =e Iost i.ost l o. f h'r, nun ."
bhor wrias th f.Ji:': t Mirga-.ni t *,f A1-S
tr!a. apipoiroed 'l v 'I Lurlen V. to lie
grvc-rn ;r .f' th. No*;'b'-rl.i lm S!.'* hallI
f a lrni. stiff" l',bt l 1 r-lr. am .i. n.* '-.v.
t Ing the Idlea th't it rddev.l t' tih' itr Je.l

sully's Courl.Islp.
While on a secret mi-slun to Paris
in 1583 Rosny had fallen in love w'ith
the daughter of the president, St. Mes-
rmin. The young lady was handsome
and kind, but while paying her his ad-
dresses he board Of a Ml:e. de Courte-
nay, who was reported to be beautiful,
well born and wealthy besides. Pru-
dence sugge-tid i-nit he should make
her the lar.',n-s de itosny, but he was
already Lalf c'omii tted to the other.
While he was p .Iblering the subject
he arrived one day at an ina in Nogent
and found, to hi d;smay, that by an
unlucky chance botui ladis were lodged
nl it. Mile. de St. Mesmiu in the left
wing anud Mlle. de Courtenay In the
right. Both wv.re reidy to marry him,
and he was ready to marry one of
them, buit could nt decide which. It
was a very awkw;ird position for the
waverlug lover, and at first he thought
of saving himself by nlstant flight.
While he hesitated Mile. de St. Mes-
mln's younger sister saw him and ex-
pressed her surprise that he had been
half an hour in the house without vis-
iting them. The decisive moment had
evidently come. "Turn to the right,"
whispered the friend who was with
him. He did so. and Anne de Courte-
nay became his wife.-H. C. Macdowell
In Macmillan's Magazine.

Luckiest Man in Arkansas.
"'1 ani the lucklest man in Arkansas,"
wite; H. L. Stanley. of Brunn, "sinre
the i'ectoration of my wife's health af
ter five v-ear's of continuous coughing
and bleeding from the-lungs, and I owe
iny .goo(d fortune to the world's greatest
medicine, Dr. Kine's New Discovery for
C'oSnumption, which I know from expe-
rienced will cure consumption if taken
in time My wife improved with first
bottle and twelve bottles completed the
nure." Cures the worst coughs sand
colds or money refunded. At A; H.
Brake's. 50e and $1; Trial bottle free.
'Writing a Letter.
A letter is written conversation and
should be simple, cordial and with a
flavor of personality, like a chat with
a friend.
When discouraged, sick or sad do not
write. A letter carries atmosphere.
Never write anything over your signa-
ture of which you might later be aeham-
ed. Write kindly of every one. Letters
are like debts-harder to pay when over-.
due. Read over your friend's letter Just
before begnlrmning yi.ur reply and then
answer It Out of the heart letters are
the most welcome.
Use plain, unruled stationery, fold-
ing once to fit th'e envelope-white,
cream white, gray or gray blue of good
quality. Men of taste use only whitd
Avoid eccenh'ric hapes and colts,
monograms or heraldlic devices of un-
nsual size and anything conspicuously
Ether and Matter.
The densest rnnit,.-r is rare or less
porous. iGoll \vwilli :tor'. mercury as a
limp of sugar will absorb water, show-
ing there u;'-:t lie interstices or Inter-
atnomir., pages In it. but the -ther shows
1,) su-ch! proicrty If a drop of water
could be nmagniled sufficiently one
would ultimately see the different
atoms of hydrogen aind oxygen that
constitute the molecules of water. If
a small volume of ether could be thus
magnified the Indlcntio'ns are that the
W ultimate part would look like the first,
I which is the same as saying that It Is
not made up of discrete particles, but

f ty ..f rjc.r ;ipewar,.i,, wa-s rer7 careful fills space completely. This is express-
t of it and so .-omihld :iid irnierd it iu ed by saying that the ether Is R con-
to r.alke it spem much g.:rater than t tnuous medium and is hence Incom-
.parable with, .mtter.

Ware Mercantile Co.,

Thoroughly Reorganized.
' Martin G. Post, Manager.





The O01d PIONEER STORE Business,
Founded n 1878, and built up by the late L. M. Ware,
now Thor hly Reorganized and under New Mana gement

So e Patronage of old Patrons
of the H of the Trading Post, and of new ones as
well, aud g arantees uniform fair and courteous tJeatment
to all.

We Pay the Freight on all Goods except Flour, Meal
and Feed to any Postoffice on the Bay.

We Never Disappoint Our Patients.
We Fulfill Every Promise and Never Held Out False lopes,
-WE CJ R i Str. t"** ewitkhot the knife or bougie and Varicocele thot
WEeRI pI a einor detention from business; Contaglotu Blood Polson
Sured never toretur Waithet mercury or mineral txtre Loss of Manl
v- Vior Dostio;vely ured; nosrtIaaotnt butopraite onBtr.
She Dr. King Medical Co. l an tistirutlon organlzdUtinder the
"SW laws of tihe state of Georgia for the treatment and Pure of tH
nervous and chrOnic diseases. Dr. K. E Kig, the founder of
this Institution, is the chief oansultiug specilalst, beln assslated
by a staff f eminent pbYslclans and surgeons.
Our suceess n the treatment of chronic dtifeass is unsitpas-
.f X Bsed; we naO both medical andeleCtrlcaI arenclea.
SOur offices are e ulppod with afl the galvanlc, faradlc batter-
tee, X-ray, violet ray, and Finsen ray: In fact, every electrical
Scontrl1anel known to the medical pr ,feeson. Our sanitarium Is
I modern In every respect, and we employ nono but the Best
trained and efficient attendants, regularly qaalifled graduates
and licensed physacians being ito charge.
We employ no misleading means to secure patients and
patrona g-no 0. 0. D.'s or unasked for literature are sent out
bytlst; tstutton; Our term* tor treatment average from 5.00
to $10,00 per month, (medicines ioluo~ed) and we give the assur-
ance of a cure within a speoldedt time,
Such as Kidney and Biadker troubles, Rheum
Rupture yarocele. Drains, Losses, etc., and all P=rivate
UNTIL CUlED. Diseases. rumors and malignant troubles, Catarrh of the
0Nose, Throat, Head and Lqngs. Diseases of lye and Er,
N. K. KING, M. D. Chronic Diseases of Women, such as Displacemet,
CiEr CONsuLiIN, P.VsioIW. Unnatural Discharges, and such weaknesses of women.
W AI.. us to-day regarding your condition If you are sick or afflicted. On request we
W IlI send you our literature, including symptom blanks for home treatment.
DR. KING MEDICAL 00,GO.. 1 sitaIt AtlHanta, Ga.
**"'"=r=1. na .

Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf





tuesday, 8:30 p m. Pensacola.
Wednesday, 4C00 p. m. St. Andrew, Wedne<
Wednesday, 2:30 p. m. Millville, Wedne-
hui'sday, 9:00 a. m. Apalachicola, Thursdd
Carrabelle. Thursd;
onday, 6:00 p. m. Mobile, Monday
hursday, 3:00 p. m. Carrmbelle.
riday, 11:30 a. im. bt. Andrew. Frii
riday, 10:00 a. m. Milivile; Frida
Pensatola. Frid,
Penacola to St Andrew and Millville, $5.00.
Pensacola to Apalachicola and Carrabelle, $7.50;
St. Andrew and Millville to Apalachicola, $5,.00
Pensasola to Mobile, $2.50.
The above rates include meals and berths. W: 0. R

sday, 8:00 a. d
sday,|10:00a. aw
Iy, 6:00 a. m
ay, 12:00 nooh.
,6:00 a. m.
ay; 2:00 a. W1
ay, 4:00 an,
uv, 11:3t, p.-:t.


A. tl BsRAK E

General Merchan dise


Cooking and Heating Stoves!

Sewing Machines and Needles!

Pumps, Furnifure, Et.,

Burial Gaskets, Robes, Suits, Etc.





Dry GoodS, Staple and Fancy Groceries

Notions, Provisions and Feed Stuffs.

Corrter Washington Avenue and Bayview St.

I pay Cash for Goods and must de
a strictly Cash or Ready Pay


This Is in biq Ilatron, 1nteres, a.s well iA my Owl).
convjme Pimir-Neirf th is T~rlnth.

tall and





Ship Chandlery Hardware

Notions, Paints and Oils, Nets and Twines, Salt,

Clothing, Gents' and Ladies' Furnishings,


Trunks and Valises,

Stoo & Wir, EXCEPT Mail Orders I
Made in Iron- Any Postoffice Gladly Sent
i on the Bal !
:p-m :R1 I -,T S n.... .-AfAwnflovtini I

W 1 ZBreech 0 adiUig e Are
Woolsey's 12-ao Tn S HOE ME

BostCoorhimIOn Iv l5.5 HOE MEN,


For Fine Job Work, THKE BIfOY OFFiCE


For five of these coupons and sixty cents seat or brought to the Buoy
office we wil luruish you a beautiful finished 14-kt. Sollt Gold F'osit.
ille end t losts atretail $1.50. The pen is complete with box and
fille- amnd is fully warranted 6y the munufaotuzrers and can be returned to
them if unsatisfactory in.An' partiCTilar.,


3M1 1xrills, .3l ,,

Manufacturers of
P oii S Sroes e BDg g sio


Dealers in General Merchandise,
Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions and Fpe.


skiiammomI ~


A R r ?W



S/ Speciat report to thi Butto. I
tli r eie ,ti ii law l a i [itsatii liii eI
, You r- i'afm' tre tt at,.h I' t' A tI, i tel't

-_ I.-ii .A x'i. a -,< t ..
tl%'Lit 'Lite r



Graut tilted ... 6O He No..... 55
Coffee,AX ..... 514 Gunpowder.. 40
Lt Abrodn...:. 5 Uncol'd Jap.40-60
'i.fff, eottd milk, "f can
O ,,.... 11@20 Unsweetn'o. lU
Artbuekle;l 12-15 Sweetened .... 10
luiger snap 3Tb25 1Baking powder
Jftickers,soda 10 Royal...... .. 50
r .t isinia Canned fruit
London layerisi865 Peaches.... 10Ia'20
Valteuci...'. 8 Tomatoes. .. Sa1l2
tier ... .. 6 Apples ......... 10
Spp1lee Pears......... 15
E%, aporated.. 121 Plums ......... 10
bried Peaches 8 Apr6i0ot..... 101-20
3oai Oil prgal. .2; t:'ar l, rilas... 20
asolne ......20 Pidteaple ...10-20
lourida Syrup... 50 Cauned Meats
loney......... 5 oast Beef.. 12!
iogar ........ 30 1 ir,,,. i'. c.:r 121.
Unelti pr 1* .... IS Ch1, pe-d lI-,eilt-,!
3 0t t t e r . -. l. 't-i .ht e r .. 1 ...
Oleoum,trgeriiie.. 18 Salmon. 10@15
bard .. .... 7-10 C n>ed Vegetidles
teinill ..........5 baked Beans... 10(
oe aiutp pkg...10 Cortn.....;.10@l.,
letyglass I0ai2t. Peas ......... 10
Iidiie Juice...... 45 Pumt pki .r ... .. 12]
Fggs per doz.... 20
V'!aur Pork
PtaidtS'tbl, 2.3K D.S. b.....11
Obelisk ...... 3.25 Bacon Sides.. 12
Corn Meal pr bu70-co Fresh ....... 81a01
Oat Meal pr lb. .. 5 Br'kf'stBi'i 16-22
Corn per bu ,'5ad0c Ham canVa'd 15-2t0
PttatutS Shoulders..... I I
Irish .... ... 1 40 Heef
atrily R'se seed 1.60 Corned.......- 8
Sweet.... 604,75 Fresh ........ -:10.
I lt,pr aSack... .00 Dried ......... 2"
'rable ........ 5 Milk pr qt ...... I0
Naiilsa er \1b4'a5 Ax,with handle. '75
Galv wire do.6a6 I Hoes, each....35a50O
Mnil.l.t rope. .9al200pper paint, can 50
Ioves cook,..$ a25 Linseed oil,gal155@6)0
Pipe, per joint 18
ti'i,,ts, per yd.. 5a6 Checks .......5a5/'
- iteetigs . .. 5a9 Flannel ..... ... 15 4)
Muslin ........ 9all Thread per spool. 5
ean ........ 15a45 Shoes, ladies.$1a2 75
extra a pants pat 225 Meni's... $1 4Ita300(
H,ty pr cwt. .75alr,5 Oats pr huli....... '60
Bran ......... 1.25 Brick pr M.. .. 130(,
tope Sitli .....7@9 Lime pr i6l ...... 7,
)ramngedpr doz.. 45 Pecais pr It).. 15
A pplei........ 15 Wailuits ......... 20
'amnins......... 20 Almond ti ........ 15)

uashellpr1,(000 1.50 Opened pr qt .. 20c
ILorses. ,. $5 0a151 Cows....... t5. $25
Matlee.... $:1tu 3;5 irogs ....... $3to
.' O U i''lt f

C ,. -,1 't -t
3nilb I v dr d ,o 'Cc l uilet p Il 5.. .1) t
i ro t- ... .. ...., 25 Pr. tI ........ 5. 5
Poinparno pr Ib. t6 Ponipano .... 10.00t
Stuttgeon...... 10 Mackerel.... 8.(1

Heart, J ,n...$14.00
Face ... 12.00
Sap ... 10,00
Drop siding,
Heart lace im 14.00(
Sao 10.00
Btl' lMinher.. S@12
learl tsh-tgler', 2.50
8 .t 1.50

V ar 5lra ..$l4.0f)
Face I12.
sap .--10.0(1

Firrislihig Wini-
be I, d. $ 12 (&1 5.00)
dl od,.-$20

There is more catarrh in tt0 section of
the cotlitry than all other diseases put
together, and until the last few years was
sunposed to be incurable. For a great
Many trs doctors pronounced it a local
diseas".. and prescribed local remedies
and by constantly failing to cure with
local treatment, pronottunced it incurable.
Pciende has proven catarrh to lie a con-
stitutioital disease, and therefore re-
q-iiresa constitutional treatment Hall's
Catarrh Ctire, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
donsttittional cure on the market, It is
take internally in doses front ten drops
to a teashlounful. It acts directly on the
blood aftd mucous surfaces f the system.
They offer oue hundred dollars for arny
case it fa'ls to cure. Send for circulars
And tstimonials. Address J. F; CHE-
NEY&Co. Toledo, Ohid.
Tike 'Hall's Finamilv Pills for tonstipa-
The Prnetleral Jokt-r.
See the practical Jol:cr. He Is not
inuch 6f a stght, but still he is worth
looking at as a curiosity, as a study in
uncommonn cussedness. The practical
joker is the offspring of asliniulty run
to seeo. Hle is what was left over after
thhe wofld was created.
'There was a slight u4'piudt a mere
efractidn, not euougi to make a com-
plete Anan, so the s'ci'ai' wel'r scraped
up, pressed together and molded into a
practical joker. The job was, hot pat-
eated:., Nobody thinks 6feough of the
Invention to patent it. You couldn't
Sell piactlcal jokers for 3 cents a bunch
ift you should stand out on tha corner
and sp'le till your vocal cords gt tLed
ftito double bowknota. 'Ihe public is
awat'F of the shell game when It sees
the l1yout. The practical Joker is an
escaped Idiot from- the Idiotville a.ay-
fum, fit he is by no- means a harmless
idlot: When recognized, he should be
roped forthwlth and hauled back to his
fiativr' and natural environment, the
padded cell.-Portiaud Oregonian.
$ad Result of Experiment.
Adut Ann-You think John no longer
tovea you? New Wife (sobbing)-I-I
know It, auntie! I p-put on an t. r '
.old hat this morning and he never rn,;
ticed the d ',- ,- .' -.. ,, '-aChid

Most people tlhin- :a t'hy r' -
a favor that it is mir.'; :H
that if the goods sult ..v :.
back for more.

'huitrsdavi M. FjI i19064

ST .A 14 l tE W

thlise nioniihs at Chipley.
.1 t -

Jl haiibetlaiii' s (ougli eteliedy the
Mothers' Favoriie.
The soothing iid healing properties of
this remedy, its peeasait taste and per-
manent cures laie made it a favorite
with people everywhere, It is especially
prized Iy mothers ot Small childreni for
colds; croup tid whooping cough, as it
always ftturoia quick ricief, and as it con-
tains, no__ opium or othlier hai a infull di ug
tt may be given as confidently $to a haby
ats to an adult. Forsale b)v all medicinee
dealer i
Not Worth His Salt.
"When we say a man is not worth
[his salt," said a philologist, "we use
an interesting and classic form of
speech. We go all the way back, In
fact, to the time of the ancient Ro-
"The Roman workers In the salt
minic' were paid in salt. The salt that
they got in return for their labor was
called their solarium (sal-salt) or salt
"T *.* word s-l rinum. trieanitng salt
money or ali-,' 'n.e for Falt, later on
was ', i ,F'1,1, to the fees or tips men got
for odd jobs. 'For patching my toga.'
the noble said, 'I will give that fellow
a slight ,rahi.ium-a tbit of money to
buy salt with.'
"Finally. 'salarltim' came to mean
waug.-e, salary, what it does today. A
salary Is essentially salt money, and
when we say a man is not worth his
salt we mean he is not worth paying
wages to."-St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Sorne Difference-s.
"The difference between a woman
and a glass," said the funny fellow,
"is that the glass reflects without
speaking, while a woman speaks with-
out tflecting."
"And the difference between you and
a glass," said the sharp girl, "Is that
*ti eJiass I1 polished."


UI you haven't a regulart, healthy 1-ovement of the
bowels every day, you're iIl orwill be. Keep your
bowels open, and be well. Force, In the shape of
violent physic or pill poison, is dangerous, Th6
smoothest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping
the bowels clear and clean is to take

Pleasant, IPalatable, Potent, Taste Good, Do
0ood, Never Siek ti Weaken or Gripe; 10, 25 and
s0 cents perboi, Wtrlt1 for ree sample, and book,
let on health. Address 433
Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New York.


Real Estata Agent,


Is prepared to list property
for sale and pay taxes or
collect rents for nion
Terms Reasonabie.

ad* is.A



Iisas o h Go,'trId.
ewedlns.,- ahmu e. a .,irapr In

n- 1:M .;itci. n, int Oids h p id ;-
't sing! Why, man, that ought tok u

a cause for rejoicing. You are to
cogratuatlteat. Newed--Yes; but
troibli is shly thiNko- she can

p la. i through my miind oi f l iit
gieat change itn ten yeurs. There
was on evory hand evidence of thrill
anid prosperity-e',eri the people who
have always lived oil the bay are
caiclhiig the spirit of progress and
mathliinery along witth he prugieoss-
ive processioti, the most striking im-
provement in Si; Andrew being C.
H. Case3y's factory, whiilih fills a l[,ng
felt want ajun I think lie is *torthy of
the contiaence and patronage of thel
people of St. Andrew and the sur-
roulndnlig bay count ry.
A delightful t-eroin was preached.
Sunday at our church by our new
pastor, the Rev. E. W. Roberts. He
will preach there again next Sunday
minorning at 11 o'clock,
We were well pleased to see Mir
and Mrs. J. W. Andereon at last
Sunday morning's service,
Curtis "W te, tlie sonii of Capt. and
Mis. F. H. Ware if Djayhead, left,
1.,l Ii ty, for Newton, Ala were he
intends going to school. We i-i et
his going, lor we shainl all very much
miss fhis s81un1y face and pleasing
Mrs., Roberts, wife of Rev. Roberts
is very sick; but. everyOne entertains
-he hp. that she will be restored to
healtii and her family again,
Win. and Mrs. Adams of this
phiae have returned alter spending

"Shootileg the Mooan."
It is curio-s to remark how- different
ly men of different raco(A compqrt t'he:.-
selves in the presence of f .ienth-al
L-21-.".,(,. n_ .,n. VWhen an IrIsimnan, fi'r
example, l-m'TH that hlie cann-t pay h1s
rent, he dlsi.tst or.en ra';! icn ha
lhometead all the pamic an'l .-ho!) ,
organized effort ie, nade to t-rn hi:.:;
out he climbs uji o to tlie roof of I-',
domicile an 1 throws .hives of- beei
at the invaders. Wheu al
fi '.1l li' If iu a x .. r ,

tol e ,-,< liv :;J .V '. 1" .'t "

s | il t!l . .' . -,
-1.0 - - 1 - *.' -
i r,.' .- I ' r ' -, ,
>.- :.. . 'r '.' , ,.., *
r. a .-'. r t l r.t .' *] i .
the l,..n t'.C ,t ,' 1 1 .1 A ,LI I
iTf o:P-['h-! l t, ,' ,.".t n jreearl .:
suLb -i..i.'..o--: - -.-. 7. a- ,de *.
Sick HIe-vidahi',.
"1 hii ,iisti --ine .-tlmene t re- ilte I tun
di ,oi lerud ..,ilndi ion ,. ii e itw ..u.- h Ii
ti -' iS i -.. .-.i i ,) t i' ll' t c' 1 i4 dj ., , 1 r1
t ,o ,:)l' ('tI l.. ;,i,. S t.,n ;alh a ndi
L i'vi-r Tabl, :t-. I n i'.i..: I : tit ick r a-' I,,b.-
w .a 'l.-I O.i I g l'r...tl li .....- ,.d i .-,. mit
I t. n a di o- ,r i l, .-. T ,1.i t4 -.:.a = -..o
[t Itf' lilt simti,-,nii- o|' .n i.t.t clk ap-
p tr-. F ir I .r ;i ll i o.i i .i ..'t.- l .



Headquarters for the

H.,1 \\ 'e 1E~i3:Ow

filb izbit Lu Le to L I .t IIa.II ju i 1dita
vIIU iletelcice iu the11 C 14 Ciud1LU I
Lhe 'azns Lu t. A i ut%, 1, V ad u~i U-
a~rebbed the Cit izel'li-i. IdIV4Ai


S;al.Ia 1.IT .. Ir. toho

v ~ ~ Lill' thaD
101 Ft 4 ofh;110 .and without ex-
.pt[. lii o n c I i and iturf;-
,,y I ('Ver we t, 11 nti t only
I' en ( npo ~ Iin ress, bi--
I-\ -a5 e ii.'vii ex-
er~j~' U'U I *blots 'Ind
iai :. .. K . ~created a

19.eba t p re" '.. ICh L :iiL' ntl that

LIz a. '!I -i,. i of

tL A bIn. I

V ~i K~,.* .ni h ?1 li.Ii
~oblit Ir'.t a
brave ffIl) IM ~o u-!1 ik 1it
fau't.s were exte,,ual. AlIh eto
111M wsrgI*~ l~e liright haVc
Dceen aR Ill Pl. 1i: 1. y'.-: rig fellow
and 3-et l ve hld L.:.Ilyet I','I.Iir-
He gaVe nDo Sign.f In.i~'.ldtO
eVer, WaIs always Ill the lowest part of
the form mid was reqarided. by mas-.
ters andT boYs as a n Incorri gi )le
TIWOof 1 :1nny Oifterelnr-M..
A wozman: Ir:u Ln-ois saiL.
antd a man Itik sall wbivri l. i.4 escared.

mian; you can ii r ;aIanut Of his

The Clerk Wa. l11glat.
4Xwell," Said IV' vnzrn'ut, -n be vainly
tried to get hito 11 ...12 chne with the
aid of four shoe i.-rtiv. -ti(, clerk that
sold mne these sh,:- wats right. I should
4ave worn the box.",

Trommy-Papa, Is It always damp
mliereil.Y rI 0Wushjr-,orn.-;? Papa-
Ye's, my sil, bl ~4Vlithat why they
Took like u~--l~l
Giving Flicurea to the Assessor.
Tax Assessor-('an you give we some
idea of. what -your bhbu-qhindIs Nworth ?
Lady-Albfdl~y, I don't know, but I
wouldn't take a millIon dcollarg for him.

1hk, .Mtjtlj. C. Wand 'inil.e hie

or rc'i i.' 3 tve Go I'.] .
[1 ha j k w's. it cutll1 'I i.. ffhi 1: 11'e

4; i'e, ttlf-t reme fudy f* ,akn -stn all

I~ uha ii U jIS 1,9d tE'e it o H 1 ifthi
n'-I Itor ( pi r Fh
i 1 .21A1 ALSA
11' Ina e a nn ii iar.'.t 5Of~
i r ral- to P-m t~ic- a (IE
a!i AI' 10 13'l ..bIiCc! r
`Il I1 1 ZO ,%-e I 1 i a i
Stoi~e.,iwie Fue

**-------- ---

0-~~~~ E3.OE ,

Contracting Builder anld wore in W0oo0.

Factory on Bay Front, near Washington Ave.,

Is Prepared to Build Houses, Launches, Boats. Etc.

Factory Equipped with Engine and M-, M 'l nery

Mouldings, Coffis, Stair-B i Iding, Etc.

Estimates Cheer ally Furnished.






and Sale of Country


When in Milville, Don't Fail to Come See Me
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Thereare mre MeCall Patternas old ntthleUnita
States than of any other make ofpatterns. This is *a
account of their style, accuracy and simplicity.
lMcCall's IMIagazrae(The Queen of Fashion) has
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PARRYM FC. In dian a poai .. H

For .Lung

I roubles

Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cer-
t.inly cures coughs$ colds,
bronchitis, consumption. AMid
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and we-.k lungs.
Thcre can be no mistake about
this. You know it is true. And
your own doctor wiil .sy so.
The best htid o(f a tstima-nial--
S-.',.,? av.-r ./-., yr &.r

We have no secrete! We publish
I the formulas of all our redicites.
keep the bowels regular with Ayer's
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Lemons as Medicine

Their Wonderful Effect
on the Liver, Stomach,
Bowels, Kidneys
and Blood.
Lemons are largely used by The
Mozley Lemon Flixir Company, in
compounding their Lemon Elixir,
a pleasant Lemon Laxative and
Tonic-a substitute for all Cathartic
and Liver Pills. Lemon Elixir posi-
tively cures all Biliousness, Consti-
pation, Indigestion or Dyspepsia,
Headache, Malaria, Kidney Disease,
Dizziness, Colds, Loss of Appetite,
Fevers, Chills, Blotches, Pimples,
all Impurities of the Blood, Pain in
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and kidneys, the first Great
Cause of all Fatal Diseases.
WOMEN, for all Female Irreg-
ularities, will find Lemon Elixir
a pleasant and thoroughly reliable
remedy, without the least danger of
possible harm to them in any condi-
tion peculiar to themselves. 5oc
and $1.oo per bottle at

"One 0 Dose Convinces."

Chas. W. Moore, a machsnist of Ford
City, Pa. had his hand frightfully
burned in an electrical furhace, He ap-
plied Bucklen's Arnica Salve with the
usual result, "a quick and permanent
cure." Greatest healer on earth for
burns, wounds. bore. eczema and pile.
`c5 at. A. H. Brake'" st,'ir,
--'V.~-----------. --
s CJ ,i-i A.-;,.;Lii.',N A,', r .

f t!} iK s atwi' nn b fnri, d.

i!t e t :-" e' rr'; C 1 in ts -'a;

.-; v,-l!i b ( : linp t il tilt' r),vi a
-eol a an Ibt t 'o ,.:' i.'rie.a a i pass ..t"< o.
E. n:r 0si'. il Iite. look ti sino itli tis
7 Otlen lt1 "te ;v :' l br:rci ips b''i, to
,lea of tleirt i i iH-i' cIn be foj':.c
vhcn it is remeumhered that the whole
)f this road to their treo, perhaps near-
!y hi1!f a mile wlng. is deonsel tironsgei
with a niultitni- going oiit empty annl
coming back with their umbrel!a-like
buricuns, whIie thousands' upon thou-
7ands swarm in the doomed tree.
That this vast army Is under the beott
discipline c'bn be proved by watcl'ing
them for only a few moments. The
driv-ers are (-onstantly running up and
down giving their orders to the worK-
ers, which they do by touching heads
for a moment. The individual sai
touched will stop, turn back, burry for-
ward or show in some such way that
he is following some cohbmand. Bvt
a better.proof of the discipline'is foun.l
in the fact that when the army mect
with an obstacle, such as a log or a
large stone, there Is a jam of ents on
both sides, and they run about, n di -
may nnd disorder. Instantly the driv-
ers hurry up. showing the greatest ex-



Ueale ii inao MerchandiseI

Diry G0bds, (rceH1it4, Provisionsj

Boat Stores, Hay, Grain and Feea Stuffs.
We carry at all times a Well Selected Stoit of Me'li-ndliNe ddaipted t4
the 6t. Andrt.ws Bay tralie.
We will Not Be Undorsold!

The AllaInton Lmber COmpaly,





Whether Large ",r Small. Write for Prices,



*r ^ t -;- M| -

.) '.. ,. '



No Doubt of Ill Honesty.
Deputy Sheriff and 'tilef of Pollct
Alf Church of Woonsocket was known
in his day as a man who wA straight-
for-wartl and blunt in all hi: deal;inj.
O'uI : \H g ,'-:'er w.1 t it ) Alr for in-
f'-irhtioti tkb.ut a 'e.i..in Juo3 VW hite,
I,,,'i hai vl li-il Cdo.r rL.{.t and a buoo
,' 1.1 -re, au j the following dia-
SSie ensued:
"*,.* i inorning, Mr. ChlirJ,."
"Do you know Joe Whitt?"
"Yos."' .
"Wi .1t kind of itfeller is ho?"
"Putty fair."
"I, be honestt"
"iiI. .I I should say so. Been ar-
rested tfice for stealin' and ai..quitted
both times."
Noah Not First.
George--Who was the first one that
came from the ark when it landed?
Jobn--Ni:h. George--You aro wrong.
Don't the good book toll us that Noah
came forth? So thara must have been
threo ahead of him.-New York Times.

The Singale Miafortune.
"Miefortutes never come singly, you
know, Miss Priscilla."
"Alas," said the poor maiden, shak-
I:rg liher head, "the single misfortune Is
the worst of all!"'-New Yorker.

Pnnishmenut to Fit the Crime.
Judge-It seems to me I've seen yoV
before. Prisoner-You have, my lord.
I used to give your daughter stlugffing
lessons. Judge --
The Best Physic.
When you want a physic that is mild
nd gentle, easyto to take and certain to
act, always suse' Chamberlain'S Stomach
and Liver Tablets. For sale by all medi-
ciue dealers.


Land Office at (.iilnsvill,, Plu. )
Jon. 2. 190d.
.'oti,. e is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler has filed notice of
his iiatention to make commutation
proof in supportjof his claim, and that
said proof will be made before the
Clerk of the Circuit Court at Vernon,
Fla., on Feb. 20, 1906, viz.,
CHARLIE E. EVANof Nixon, Fla,
Hd 33384, for the nwi of net and nei of
nwj of sec 15,*tp. Is, r. 12w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence :upon
and cultivation of said land; viz.:
H. C: Evan9, C. Mcfniiis, C. F. FButler
W. H. -bie. 1e, of Lao-
rence, Fla. W. 6(. RO#INSON, Register.
Jan. 2, 1906. .
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler has filed notice of
his -intention to make commntation
proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before clerk of
the circuit court at Vernon, Fla., on
Feb. 0O, 1906, viz:
I. WILBUR EVANS, of Nixon, Fla.,
Hd No. 31839, for the set of sec.9, jt1..
Is, r. 12w.
He names the follow ving witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz:
FT. C. Evans G. Mclnnis, C. F. Buthr
of Nixon, and W. H Steele of Laurence,
Fla. W, G. ROBINSON, Ragister.
Fright utly Bn

No. 2 2
11:05 p.m.
6:15 a.m.
11:59 '"
2:30 "
7:20 "
':20 p ,n

11:55 ,.m.
12:15 n't
12:23 "
12:39 '
2 5 0 '
2 .: H '
f:;i0 a ,,,
f :30 .m
3:00 "
4:t "
4:-4; C
5:00 (

6:00 '
6:"O '

8:15 r.

NoINoI No 3
12:3.51Y M. efViC Pcnwaola Arrive 4 t00 pi.m.5:00 a. cz.
t'. 'Jri' Arrite Montvomuejy Leave 11:15 &M. 9:35 p. rd.
il:12- I. Bl3rmininhani 8:3 ', 4:(65-
t4:5oai a InLouis'.'illr2- Vi:15 p.m. 2.45&.4
11:59 ". ('neinnati (: 00 '11:15V~an.
1: 30 p.m.n St. Louis 4:1c" 8:55
No. .1, f%'O. so. 2i
Daily. DailyNiuly.-
7.00 a In. Is F'eni;aculu. Av- lO:Gft'1) in. 6::10 t.4

:25i'i]u2 '' 5:45
-.Gucod RLida ..1. r

-. lDeer Liuld ~ S. 3:34 "
9:oM11sy hetid A:461 3:10
DeF'uniak 8prriu'. A:I6 0:43"
-f 4A rg; Ie 10.~1
P':7Ionce de L~eon ':92013

111:1 L'h lly 7:17 IE:55
Carianria -..12 12:149

II 2 'Grand Ridge U:~ 1:2
l!:12i'2nn Sneads 5:11*)l:54'
1 2:15 Ar !liverJurictioriL.ai-51:11 urn -10:216 a. 1

eltement, and run over. around and tin
der the impedimeut to find the best
way out of the ditriculty. When they
have decided they lead off thd line of h
march in the I-r.per direction. But
until they take this step the workerdf
make no attempt to pass the obstacle.
When a selection of a level piece of
;'.. 11.s l tams t'.- i uad Le a pedrpel'le uLiar
si,.ft' Mnie eight luctres'iU diameter
and six or seveu feet deep Is formed
This is for drm!nage and ventilation.
never for ingress or egress, If the
ground slopes the shaft is horizontal,;
the moith, of courPe, being at the bot-
tom of the' hill. e'rom the perpendcleu-
lar shaft, commencing at the bottom.
radiate galleries, like the spokes of a
wheel set at a slight angle. At the end
of each series of galleries' spokes a cir-
cular gallery is made, forming, as It
were. a set of wheels one above the
other. In. or, rather; above, these cir-
cular galleries the hiests or dwelling
places are constructed. These are' oval
in shaipe and about a foot long. The
narrow end of the oval Is downward
ond n'i,,onm Int t1ie roof of the gallery,
andi nql tile s.r'-.:p alw:ivy slope slightly
to. .iri the shnft no tropical rains., no
matter bow heavy, can enter the homes
and bree-ding places of the ants.
tight Man.
Sle--The man I marry must be "only
a little lower than the angels." He (sud-
denly flopping'--Here I am on my
knees, a little lower fhan one of fbem,.
,(Hof eat her.i--New York Weekly.
- --- -- - - 4 ---

RID&% *It .'al&.i
Tb.iro.reN n ;`.-.: -i -i Li rtnd
prIh.lut' gil !O.1310, atn.n:) 11 uric Ilnam u
L .:. ;I % t...I t i eresnioby.

,'xr !'i' -.,,i .I ''t, .j..; bi- 'u~ed. "nl..
La-i'. 'i.'4 -rkn x-rn .ile
7 i.. -M v-errtral c0IMi, f~'tt b~ i
t7~r. I lctr r.f' 1s ~m No iiO~lkCINIn.-
X%,3 4- T(! ~Un .2 f'uzLIA U( rIA1di'F.kVtuyar-
rlp.,ini4 ii xvhia.-h' a brumte ring has play-
ed. fle all lunp.Prt~ant 1itrt, and the'legal-
ot bthe i.4, 4r-enltnVyhas never beed,
I _lI Iue* ortie.res a! piece of
burr~lehl y fle 1 string Ihis' ataswered the
s;ame purrpose, 1W have'salso cirrefs cut
-jilt Of atiJ or pe-r. Tn not a tww
W e'ld Ini q.4wheipeo'- terinstlofl ban
relgiqed on the rills'overy fhat the' rtn
has been foirgotteu fa door key has bpez
used Instead &6r a. bal y severed hUh
of a silvt~r chain. ft is Qnrly requlrmi
that a ring be used, but of What iiatuyiO
it Is'-not stipulated.- Londou Au3sWa6-

DICkens and Thaekeisw.
"Ir once missed' wfct~ng Dlck'wsft
thatsworth. El. left thy day of my
alrrival." writes Leveao!CotknievIn bbii
memoirs. "'fbackeray ftacre tAt 1210
afternoon and wtts aniOnus to' beaf
itbout, icekensa' vist. He wondu'ed~
whetherlire had toudldf tWe dhe vinyl
mueb My 'Impression Is' LlQ-t!. thoujft
professing to tie friends. thfse two
great novelists did not eae mebtoi
one another.'"

A -The dose is one, just one pill
at bedtime. Suear*coaed,
A y rimild, cetal. y cure
Conastlpation. ....:

Waot your moustahe or beard RIIIkIN IM '5 fYI;

3D-MA.T -LE,-i I"T

Drill, ledicies, Fancy Tolet Arlicloe

I Handle no Quack Nostrums,

DR. J, K ESTER, M. D. Dtuaisti


In Effect April 14, 1901
No 4 No.'2 No. 8 No. 1
12:35 n'n 11:05 p rn, L eae Pensacola, Arr ve 5:00 a.m 4.00 p.tl
2:22 p.m 1:02 a ni. Floimaton, Leave 2:33 a in. 2:30 "
4:22 2:55 Mobile, 12:30 n'n 1:25 "
:' 15 :30 New Orlants. 8:00 p.m. 9:30 a m:

At W. W. TUCKER'S Old Stand, MIt
azrries a Full *ine

Goods, Groceries, Provisi

N 0 T 0 N S ,.


I - -- .- -- -1 -





1-1 --

I.L . .

Thue :"',t Q'it.
With the aid of the two cand!?,
which I l11it,-d 1 I discovered theb gr't
In the will near the head of the bled,
and on examinii.g it closely 1 per-.-eledi
that there was a fire in it. The grats
would have held lqute a double huand
ful of coal it carefully put on; the fire
which sottnvJ to be flickering so feildyl.
had yet had the energy to draw nil th,-
Warmth of thO chamber up the chit *
rtey, afid stood shivering in the temn
Peraturft ,f a subterranean duungetu
The place Inp1antly gave evidence ot
being haunted, and the testimony of myi
iterves on this point was torroboratEd
by the spectral plsy of the firelight ou
the ceilingg wh'ab I bliw out my candles.
In il"p inililo of the night I woke to
the sense (,f sofnmthing creeping with a
rustling noi.e ov"tr the floor. 1 r jectpd
tbY li. l i 1 .ol- i,!' nmy bed curtain fall-
hig into p,;i(., though I remembered
putting it back tha, I might ha% e light
to e-rd nmyuif Irw" Sy. I knew at once
that it was a ghe.st walking the- night
there, and walking hard. Suddenly It
eea-eld. an'd I knew why. It haIl been
frozen out. --W. I). Howells In HIaper's

#lxeesAive VWater Drinkitng.
Dr. K. Beerwnid of Berlin is opposed
to thf free drinking of water so often
advised.' He says: Excessive water
drinking not ouly produces temporary
t'ibtut'obr!nt-'; it also creates direct otf
gatie disorders. The heart and kid-
un ey are particularly affected by the
e,'-ess. and in hbP-e ..ises the vas-iular
v..yst.- is oumr .t'e.h d and th,. heali
wrntd klit-yy 0vt v.'Tr-tl Proof of Kiich
a -,iwitwt r i 7 ,'r :t'. [ly seen in causes
Af haght iiij'i.' A men who suffers
frei nounlIy Imrtl thili-t b.leeds easily,
tnd we may well consider that excess-
!ie thir.- i-4 n sign that the amount
f tluid u i' tl'e body is not kept within
boiids nid that this condition must
I.e ren'-lied by typposing the feeling
of ihir.;.t"
A Kind Voice.
There is no power of love so hard ti
,get and to keep, as a kind voice. A
kind lia'n, is 'i 'fonu dumb. It may
le rotgh in flesh l ninl blocld, yet do th'
work of a soft beart anti do It with a
Pofft ouch. But there is no otne thing
that Ibvc so much needs 1as a sweet
voice to tell what it metins and feels
and it is hard to get awl keep It In thl
- r t .. te'i;. One must start in youtL
" aAnd be-'on the witch night and day, a'
work. aud' at play* to got and keep a
voice that h illml penrk at n)l times thn
thoughts of a kind heart. It is often in
youth that one gets a voice or a ton<
that is sharp, and It stick to hin
through life iand stirs up* 1Mi' will au(
-grief and falls like a drop of gall or
the sweets of home. Watch it day by
day as a pearl of great price, for it Will
be wQrth' more to you in days to' cOmm
than'the best p-earl hi.] in the seas. A.
kind voice Is to ibr he-art what light Is
to the eye. It is a light that sings ai
Sell as shines.-Elihu Burritt.



WITDrHi n '
FO OUGHS and 60C &$1.00

Surest and Quickest Cure for all

A~oesn~ga~ET' nderptoms
~uteIy ~#'otaj-o1roi Ion Le wnd
~ ven~nispohaby ?atnt~be. (rnr S:
CoyI TSbokonPa .

Bet re. OIht fniY o S c rllEA tot

"ya; oune endigt I1iw $1. ano d escripio) n imdaley
t IrIs pobb Otc.O2 ly p aten ital.Cmn -it .0

-sen fre.Olidcesgecy orrsec uryingla~tmian
ll.#wintm akl ten thruhMITIe & Co.rtani
ierial (io(t.ive, w~ithout c rchaehin tioe
Scyien.tifiw tc AmerS bican'.i
A ba r'1 trout1)y flsrtedr p jkl v. Largest dei
r .aI.notls 1. 1;(N d byall Awaallee' th crs


,thupwing vall Ihi. more, Important'
&Ifiti ii'.on ofParkerl, ( imahle onaoll

ftit ow tmup athe a I'llrxie loa. il",pop.
at3ty iC ttvml.4aIt uletermin d. lriefil

I'i.dOfr Cfubb ing L~tkiigest.
'it~an' BUoiYihas nuadPokvery ioleri (lii
liiaragmeni- l ,Ats ilh rw ot',wthe Vor
res ipoihlie tio'vi I ithe',I %, v, d II.

A'N Irset 1,A'SIts u frA Y ('I Nyea1

whe Flat. Ui. & Ciheby, tile l of
Scjicu1114)tilic a pproxia te i1 3oI'
Fm,mje D lrya I -nt fGroer 2 5vOnve

'114-it U 0Y p jor al s hinitld a, ery ilily e 1-:1(11
I Sin larrlge pagelis with ;% fewe I ?l

N..4e Wogetit sdfr ca whole).....ear
The O~ti~plltIi.......17
nr a ti e"'I...................... 17
The Flla 'F.U. &CtIU itiz ten, aiy or t)il
usodsro Sei we-1tr BoYT
Scietifc A eri an" d 3 -


fan.laughter In ol niicommion, and
PnclySm ii) I,, | Iture.
,!a sl;lmigl't,''" I., 1,'y n l' il'n ;i in4 Ui'Oino -
ni.m i i 'i n i.l- t i' E .lim'llo ,ii u' In lia-
t\ I .-i. a '--or'dll n to 'rof ,s or Erl!k. n,
Iljt In' l ',I"1:1. 'I lV.a'd to t1 kii ,I ofr ven-
,letti lii[ wv-'ell ill rl'lativPe 'tf' tinh imur-
.-rlr :in]d tlav.-, u f the itm url,'r,. I' *r
o niti if f ',umng l m *i'i'i' iii ,i r 'ir
,ii, w ir ll' l'. ilh sr iv iu p.m e l. l.-,
ii" n, ]lit tl l...l il, -' .m la il ,.lih lr,.en
-li !, c .,r :.h ,' n ,,t I -, in a p on iti,,n
t.) ga',,am'lP,',' r i i i': i m i tr;i'rta ce. A.L'Z',
,.r',.,.u on the otih r il nd, are w ill-
hnzl , pormlm 'n l by 1 ih .ir rol:imtiv<-1.
Cli' ldrkiin tie in''. ,'r I., tln'i o r iuni lif,].
,,, i -iit-'r h'w I, idlyi thi'y bh:l a o. The
F.-'lldin s .\xlIln this c t-; tlm ly s yI
1114 Ithit the liildreni have nio power of
urd-,.riul'lliig i 'l tlm'er.w,' hw.ive no
d4'r. of r wrong inii lUii rlirennt.
Pol.y:tny is unusmmual, as thero Is a
scarcity f' Eklrmo women. Ill s'lite
of thi-., however, the professor mon't
several npn who hali two wiveq. The
exchange of wive. i e.-ry frequent.
WlveP wum t obey their husbands; oth.
erwise they are beaten. Husbands
maintain that their wives must be
beaten s oevperal tlmes annually to pre-
vent their desire for supremffcy in the
household from becoming too persist-

Not a Day's Work For A. V. C.
Major General Willie McBean, V. C.,
was In his day perhaps the best known
"ranker" that ever rose from being a
.private soldier to the command of a di-
vision. Willie got his "cross" for kill-
ing no fewer than eleven mutineers
one after the other at the storming of
Lucknow, and in connection with Its
bestowal a curious anecdote Is still cur-
rent in the regiment, says the Glasgow
*Evening News. Of course there was a
general parade ot "every man who
wore a button," and Sir R: Garrett,
who pinned the decoration on the he-
ro's breast, made the customary little
spee,-h, in the course of which he al-
luided to the episode as "a good day's
work." "Toots, toots, mon," replied
Willie, quite forgetting he was on pa-
rade and perhaps a little piqued at his
performance being spoken of as a day's
work-"toots, mon, it did not tak' me
twunty meenutes."-Pall Mall Gazette.
How often our most innocent
speeches "gang agley," leaving us with
no resource but that of making the
best of a bad matter!
A certain Sctoch minister is wont
to relate how, having been out all day
visiting, he called on an old dame
well known for her kindness and hos-
After some conversation she began
getting out her best china and what-
ever delicacies were at hand to honor
her unexpected guest. As he sat
watching the preparations his eye sud-
denly fell on four or five cats devour-
ing some cold porridge under the
"'Dear me, Miss Blaic," he observed,
"what a number of cats! Do they all
belong to you?"
"Na, ua, sir," "was the innocent re-
ply, "but mony a time I say that a'
the hungry brutes in the parish come
tae me, seeking a meal o' meat."
Then the good Woman bethought her,
and in her embarrassment nearly
dropped a teacup.


Land ofli.' at Gainesvill Fla.
Jan. 13, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make commutation
proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be :nade before the Clerk
of the Circuit Court atVernon, Fla., on
Feb. 20,.1906, viz:
JAMES H. WEEKS of Anderson, Fla.
Hd 31614, for the wi of sel of see 22,
tp 2s, r. 14 w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz.:
Jack Scurlock, Tom. Tiller, Wm. J.
Guraainous and Will Gurgainous, all
of Anderson, Fla.
*"W. G. ROBINSON. I register.
jfW" kddito'_s t',. paid.
Land Oftice at Gainesville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 190.
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler has tiled notice of
his intention to m.,ke fin di proof in sup-
port of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the clerk of the
circuit court at Ves non, Fla., on Feb.
20th, 1906, viz:
JAMES L. MASHBURN, of Bennett,
Hd 30327 for the ei of asw and wj of sec
of sec. 7, twp 1s. r. 12w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz:
A. E. -Reister, of Bayhead, W. A.
Pinckney, J. B Brown and C. T. Ben-
,itt of Bennbett, Fla.
\VG.. OBTNSON, Register.
Sl-Eilitor', fie; pi0..
:N i'rCE Fielt PUt.LTu.. aIoi, N.
I ti'RrIMinT Or 1T'1 INr inIOR.
Li.a.l Ulti,.' at U inesville, Fla.)
Jaii. 13, 1905. '
Notice is hereby given that the follow-
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
tof his claim, and thliat said proof will*')h
made before the clerk of the circuit court
at Vernon, 'la., on Felb.,20, 1906. viz.:
JOHN L. SCONIERS of Bayhead, Fil.
Rd 33953, forthe si of uei.antiid ei1of nw
of see. 1, tp 2s, r. 14w.
lie names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence u;on and
cultivation of said labd, viz.:
Marion D)ouglas, JoSeph Porter, Henry
.Ma.sli burn-and James Grant, all of Bay-
head, lqn. W. G. RoBINseN, Register.
1 '"Editor's fee paid.
Jan, 2, 1904, )
Notice is hereby given that the fol-
lowing named settler has filed notice ( f

his intention to make fital proof in sup-
nort of his claim, and that said proof
will .be made before the Clerk of the
Circuit Court at Vernon, Fla., on Feb.
21), 190h, viz:
ELAM C. FREE, of Nixon, Fla.,
rId 30484 for the-ej of nwi and nwi of
ne aof sec. 36. tp. Is, '. 12w.
He ,'n:tiia the follow ving- witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz:
S L. Loudermilk, Robert Nixon,
Richard Rowell and William L. toxv-
ell, all of Nixon, Fla.
W. G. ROBINSON, Register.




t or-r .ght, v.- t.1 it. B. A]f-'i/ r t i-

There was lunger in the hlou-e of' th,
When u uight lta'l cL.:.Ind. d,,wu tiier, had
come with It t'romn the crest of' the
niioi it:,uini, frolll tih, I l;i'k m .outi. o; t
tihe I1 a -..', 'rui!I tho_ depths of _Lht i11 -
ti.l -.; i i.ou, at .'m I that cut liLe al
k lf,.- nti l shr\.i -l< Ik lire .. pnIhI )oi
antl Ii, t a gin t had libroiu.ht Itiil to
stinl i l,. bir,' I bliot. Tho w,-if' tl, g ne
bii L I I I -s li-3 L t11 l gi>lmM up iTIP hul;t
for tie nmw hlt. Thi.-rt. v Oltl w fi ,P no ganl"
afoot i, l(. hiu In .-:ul i wealthi.r.
W\'li, im'orLnitg .;nmwe tei' wleatheir h:aid
qofteni.,l a bit, and there were .ctlUoiv-
tlakes 1l. Ili a it b ut-J l wl l I C.ntu ,ion.
The wolf i at upl) at the mouth of his
lar and 0 i]hed a;in-l comnplalne' ol. .As
li.- f,-'lt the paut: of hung-r he howl-d
dtsmrall.. No beast of prey can inbd
his game hllndfol.leil. Ba,.Il; In the cnve
was n mother .,)!f. with her two yoling,
softly gruwwliung to ihei-'self as she heard
the howlw Is of thi.' father.
By and by the wind ceased for a me
ni-ut., a if sminothiered by the falling
fi.dlte and thLv'n it came with ulsy
complaint up the narrow valley and
around the rocky liffts and bIg buwl-
iers. The wolf ce.isd howling. The
wind brought him a taint-a scent. He
stood on h;s hind leg- and pawed the
air and sniffed and showed his fangs.
A moment later he signaled for the
mother wolf to join him. She also
reared up and sniffed at the air.
It surely was the scent of game. It
was feeble and came from afar, but it
was worth investigation. With a half
angry growl at each other, born of hun-
ger and greed, the wolves bounded
away down the wind. The falling cur-
tain of snow limited their vision to
yards, but a wolf's nose guides him
after he becomes blind of old age.
"We will go out this morning," said
the leader of the park patrol to his
men. "We will go north, east, south
and west. The buffaloes will be lying
sip in the thickets in such a storm as
this, and the wolves will be hungry to
find them."
They went in pairs, the strong and
hardy men who brqve the seasons to
protect life in the great park set aside
for the nation away up where the wa-
ters of the muddy Missouri are as cold
as the Arctic ocean and,as clear as
glass. a
The buffaloes would .nave only one
enemy on such a day-the big timber
Wolf. The bear would wait for better
weather to search for his food. The
men turned their backs on each other,
leaned forward on their snowshoes and
in thirty seconds were hidden from
each other'f sight. They knew the
groves, ethe thickets, the spots which
the buffalo would seek for shelter, and
they skirted or passed through such
places with the stealthy tread of
"ghark! It Is the snarl of a wolfl"
The two men who had gone to the
north halted in- their tracks with hand
to ear and listened. As the wind had
brought the scent to the wolf at the
door of his lair so it also brought the
menacing snarls of a beast of pray to
the expectant patrollers.
"Wolves, for sure!"
"And after buffalo! Straight ahead!"
The wolves had followed the scent to
its source. A buffalo bull and three or
four cows,- scattered some distance
from the main herd, Were .lh.'lii'ed up
in a small grove on the bank of a creek.
The bull had come to his prime in the
w.d and rugged park. He was not a
stranger to the grunt of the bear, and
the snarl of the wolf. They had men-
aced him many times, and many times
he had defied them, though It had nev-
cr come to open attack. Both wolf and
h:ear appeared to have an intuition that
the buffalo was under man's protection
and that it would not do ogto go too far.
With the scent cooling stronger at
every jump, the wolves at length broke
through the dead vines and stlanted ce-
daars to find themselves upon their prey.
In front of the thicket was an open
glade. They paused here for a mo-
ment to plan the attack, and as they
planned they whined and snarled and
growled. They did not want to have
anything to do with the bull. The cows
were not fighters, and their flehli was
more tender. If they became fright-

oned at the growling they would make
a bolt for it and separate.
The bull had caught sIght of his ene-
mies as they broke cover. He never
had seen a timber wolf at such close
quarters. Something told him that they
were lung:-y aud desperate and that
they wolnd attack. He gave a shiver
of app'-ehension and almost started to
flee. Then the 11. ni of his Sirs ctleI
t.ar ingi thl u., h l liuj. Tb ha, li i'
fhe ol-e'., ofi tl'e p:".-ire the wolv .s of
S1 l.. t.r tn l *." i.T4.. ~To i..]!
'laiy lia.l ieten pulled down after a
long, hard battle, but not one had
ever turned tail and run away. With
a call to staiind the:r ground and witih
head and tall up and eyeso beginning to
buri), lie d;;shed ou:t of h1 c.)v"rt to
begin the battle. Ice hal b1dll:, and h'
amult have f'ecdom bf mo.-emont. Tt.'(
wolves, surprised by his sulflie' attack.
gave way,. but they did not go far.
"Now we siall see a fight worth talk
ing of," sai; one of theo atrohec's i
both took p):*it'oa.s of vant ,g-. "Thf,
wolvea a ning, but if the bull i, not the son o0
his father we wil1 kill him f)r a cow-
a.rd. Now' the batte beginss.'
The woivec sep-al(- ed t ) make the at-
tack. The;: were doue with snarii ana.
.growls. They needed all their brea.tt,
:'or sterner w>)rk. \Vhi!e oin da-'hl I at
the muzzle of the- bill! the o:he,' so')ui!
to gain lhis rear an-i hhansirmng him.
A long leap aund a si.vg.' b i- v -.m
ao Ihe trick. Tho bull b:nwe no sI-a,-; c
fo'ri r contiicts, but in-'tim.t to. : iu:
what to do. His wh-li:g.i we_>', s
swift that every sprii'i. o' the v)Ilf -va
dlsappoAnie.ln and tw'-- w tiia: tenil li;
t;te: a pa.ilr of clIven ha : ugh: ih
shaggy beast in lhe rib:; and roiiled !hil
. over and ove in the snow. Ti,( n the
pair gathered in front to maiv, an at-
tack on the throat. It was only a fli''i
intended to force the bull bac),<'k into tek
thicket, where his movements would bee
hampered. He had scarcely given

g .'.,liI'l d 'WhIII.l lie l ,1 I._,A U -L .ldlII
and. lt!ri'k.ii it.
id 'i I rv- ? i I .\,v ,:,,* ?" 'l-..,
e'i;n !S 'i- : l :r ,!l r
hL y ',r tlv n t-l h'l, ', lit< 1 ilt ,.i ',l liii.' -
tog *t!h r: "a'1 1 i' llw t II '-lk i.l ill thti. -
l.tlil, lit- O w -II I..., ,-,f" "1IN :t i "

h .~I-n ,.'i ,l' \ ..rI I r i liii r andu
l!h',.h.-,.i." r. li_-, l(t.e otht'r, w ifl d.ubl't
in h! ur t te 1 h.
"**W ,It it d yo1 will .,: ."
The w m t t,.-o ,,ug t h attack i ,n 1,- th
fli:ukb ;t onr.. T ? bt nll n,-.i.,l "i]-
11." here an i he li tt it forth. Thlir
,,\'a i a f,...ot if snlw on t ',,. op '-,, l'i;t
that wa,< In hi. t'tv,,r. For .; piiiirtr
of ;in hour the wdv-,- pn, r-n o I thi1,.-
pl-n:u anil two or thItr,, timi,.-< thel t i th
If one or the other lhii n,-i.id ',.ratch-,'
on tilhe -lean loin1J but thl .y ,',. niit
sorioue, anid th(.y :Ilrlhd tn1h nd Ipenpt-' in
v:i1. T'hen they lay IiaUtinLg In the
snow, their r-d' t..,iagit."; *o.-'ti lug Ili'f
it,' Iiih lb (of their bI)o lles. It w is
aii .tlho'r feint. It wnq to lIno l ti' t bull
to liellie that lie htd g:iinol the vie-
tory andl suiil him miuoving olT. He
would not have taken ten stops before
they would hav lipeen upon him. IHe
stood hi.4 ground ani uttered a low
billow. It was a comniand to the
cows to stand their ground also.
"But tihe lull has not made an at-
tack pi' to tlis time. Will he stand
on the d(efenslve aud let them wear
him out?"
'*Y viit. Youi ee hbow his tall Is
beg' i to twit.h-? See the new fire
In s? Witch his neck stiffen!
I re'ss a thunlh-rbolt in that
-.!re that were game."
i there was a bellow of
ani g euitinie, a ru.Sh on the part
of tin !1. and thro'i.m h the whirlinil.
b:i wii- n ,nI V tile piltrollewrs s;:>.w the
boiJy .of ,-,i of tl- v.eolves to.-'s>.l high
in air.. Th,.y moved'nearer, but the
ruhe'.- of the bull scattered the snow
as a whirlwin'li would and only at in-
terv-ils could they catch sight of as-
sailh:l nand assailants moving about.
"li.ave tl'hy downed him?" was
asked as the noises finally died away,
"LDet tbo snow settle. There-do you
see? Th.t wolf lying there ha:s ;
bt'rc.k-n. I,-lc: the other is limping away
on thr. 1. z See the bull draw him-
self 1:1' mi. 1 shake his head and lash
his ta:l. \' iby, man, if there had been
six of thi -iln .istel- of t'.-i> It I I -1
fought non.l nn. HIF e li-, the lI.t ..l of
his alCt'e-, and blIo I will a waxs tI(l."




< "ap3 right, l ". h b J. O. J.., 1 Ie ux
f. B

He kissi .d her agali. Then lie held
hi'r o;T anl looh A ,.l at the swr'-t f!a. -
wllii the pride of new v possession. ter
ey.- fA-ll lI:hij ath hIl' glaiin
"Alila. when ldid you L[gin to love
me?" She twvlted saucily from hiln.
"I think I wr.u't tell. That I do
'-h,-u!d satisfy yon."'
"'Yvj; it ihould-and It do-esn't. I
want to know all about It. Why in the
world should you love me? What
madei! y.'ou?"
"VWell, for one thing, you are very
nice-lu your way." Her tone was de-
mure. "And father as good as said I
mustn't. When you first came here he
and I were downtown and met you."
"And on sight my heart got down
foi you to walk on! I remember that
first time." He drew her to a seat be-
alde him on a log In the wood adjoin-
Ing the links where they were suppos-
ed to be plnylng golf. "What did your
father say?"
"I asked who you were and was In-
formed that you were the new lawyer,
good, but hopelessly young- and -
"Imppcuuious," Philip Hardy sup-
plied. "-'Tilty. your honor. What
could he expect of a new lawyer? And
I can't help being young."
"and he remarked on your good
"Naturally," said Philip modestly.
"He has good taste. I'm glad he likes
his future son-lu-law. But why else
did you like me?"
"Well, father was saving me for my
third cousin, Will Robertson, who is
coming so-In to practice with him. Of
course father thinks I don't know his
little scheme. And then-I saw you
and objected more than ever to being
saved up for a mere cousin, who prob-
ably wants me as little as t want

"Your father needn't worry. I knew
Robertson at college. I-He is engaged to
Eleanor Payne and wants to get into
the good graces of her father." Alida
"Well! And I almost hated Eleanor
because I thought you were in love
with her! other thinks so."
"It was u. I kept with her to
avoid th tnotion to tell you that I
loved' ad uo right to offerC
you-na nd here I aml I can
give yo') tie home-nothing like
your fath -and I think I can make
you hanp Will you come?" She
leaned her cheek to his.
"Yes," she answered simply, "I will
come." He expressed his satisfaction
with s-lent effectiveness. Then he
"When shall I tell your father?"
"Oh, Phil! He will never consent.
Don't ask him yet:"
"I said 'tell him.' not 'ask him,' dear.
Does he approve my supposed passion
for Elea.nor Payne? Yes? Then if he
loved his uelghbor as himself he'd be
quite as willing to have me for his
own son-lu-law as to sacrifice Judge
Payne. So I'm not to tell him?"
"Get bettor aLcquainted with him first.
You know be'. president of the Twen-
"Yes. and of the bank and the golf
TI) p,-.' geD te: iaIth, happiness and
prosperity i.f the Initiated and made a
lugubrio's ,opep,:h a.- to their duties
and respTni-llill!t!'-
etrtP,,,':' i." lie finished, addressing
Harnly and I: i.'rtso',n. "you alone of
thfs nmg,-it ],-ly .are single men-the
rest ore.limi!'ii men of family. It is
your saleni :--iily the married know
how '-*!rim.--luty to marry and have
homes fotr your own solace and the
entortimi'-i'nt (f this organization.
You 0h,.'!, 1 ,"t, -,' from W estervillp,
for her f h': ',t. uu t 1,ot fall in :)
alhen han !. Tl.is Il nIl Gentlemen.
your ", q b n-1 isp'l ie; and we sx--

- I

II -F'
* 'F'. ~
-, I ~ -

is t' -

- -


- '--.-I 5 I ~-- -
* \' I -- -
I .

- ii I '~ lii -
Li II I i~ II I.. .~---
I -. 5-
S --ii i -
- F i -- -

*1 I- -' -
I'-.- '' Ii -. :- F
-' I- 1-- -j -. **i I -

:. I-:
-l Ii '* I -.

F.........- I -I f-i-: .. ii

I I "
. ' i ,," -'

', . '
'i i t,'.' ;'

. I "

1 I"-

, I I I ;"
I hei J I,,,"

' 1 .. ,

- I -i

I -

r ., ]. L I d' : ,I .C
T, e I s--'- .
,'11 r ...!' '....i 1 ' ' i: r I 1
Iy TIr. Ma:'stoit. Alidla's fatcr. -:
from 1" l!':' us :da as president of "
p et you to fact n--c- ..

i.g thl t ;P i' .'tti Fo (i : ; '

rI. ,d- .- t- .-
l,i'!n atiJ !IP *w ;;,lC+ i ;;" f' ". .
i nt e urned ('tV nh:C ln ck ui h hs cit -.' u

"-s e s:: ." h sc--o':

Si-'o f>.. Iat a .,,a :' l ..-- ,-< -

a (es, o nium nV
W eO;l';as, ve D.l, tll' ,t ? ',"^,i : ':*
i 1- ( I is tI .'K ; '": '. .!

Hiei')"a I o n t w ;I "'i- : *' -
ruhesn (-'e:o t;.' a v ii '-"i : i '

.r. ti' e o .i ,, ,

e at a P .. ', .

Hat a ; n oer- a: i i:
oA t 'iv "a:lo I'om I r -". '

giest club ir ,: nL' I; .

eig'Il ha-e P-t- In
pi sslig ih;, C n ".'it of two fe: t. *
!; e :. .d s o n s o ( f : :r 'ie c-n t '. .
the tlio:g. :" e":. sha ,' ;:'-'..' ;- -
.laide tbe a- ."; iC'" M V.
hP tlo ahm;! (' i'y rn l !g!,; a.I'"'; ;aw

young folk rto:be gi',e i- -v .v
"Joi .'l thy < ,i :, .- ... t'
tor Rh o k :is li c. < l.L
'The .ugen and I t-mo o '
night lobster sK,';.!a ., V';- "'. : : "
We'll have Dunc -h.! v u.: ; i :' :
You ,eeng to be Caving a 1 t
Ie b.ean., on tc ie "'?'. I a '
these festivhtics u i'an an.yi .. in i -
a"Only o-un inf.r Ir,: .t'e''et in Fa
hunger, daddy," A';Ua ;',- .-'e,. "u\
have o,.n ct cq7(n. :"i lo"" l"
IIrhrdy leantm over Iii- i s t. Ig.
ertson Icn a le:w to' e. "o:. T-.' i- '
ever; they ',.M bot in ,'s. ,a;) 1t 1
mor." IBot'j rn a;> .'.0o+;0, :.''.; 1'' g ..
h I.-', '. I: a' ..y, i'. s.
hi r'g rihte el pec!.l W ( ,'- :'
iug thie contcnt of t-v.o t'f.;.'?. t. I.
'-en g' '"a : w if '-t'r .:'':' '." Ja u. o
Payne loli',-d p r, v)i nu ." ;tt ;i-t (A...
ter an'd IT-rdy, ,.. ii;( i':-, ;.t.)' :
gaided Alidna anrd Xf''.",-', ,-,
scarce cogncrlo Iha a :bsi:.a;u-u; il:: h
plan had gc 'rin l') W i: --;C:.:,.y. ;d:1 t :.
at on-ea Lef I'e i.i :t i -- 1 r' :.; ; -
eyes an iat lXi-i ,; i ^i.o g' i .' pi's;
ncrs soer -:ed to bI tlkrn;g p c::-u ia.:',
took- Al]i by +'o .,-. ,
put an arm -. ,' I :-. |
rental tribunal -- ., . i. u... l-; *
ing *(' in.. ",'-. I. ".-
should e:pUla !' I .'- '. .j l :...I-
son, M )., < . ', .'
"J u d g e," L "' i ,..1 ..r. ,.
as faithful f : .- s. :e' f .i .
ing nlustrucik ai ..-, . '
you, doctor, b ., .- t i .- i. *
our ovn Vit] '. .. ,i; > =.- i
each. Y ou, .1.: ,*.. ,.-.'! lb.: ,,,'
pledged us y..i. i.: : .. :, "... ...
I have also tiL. i- .. i -. I . .'. .1 i- ,.
ter, whom I .I-. .. i .
were in college i :. .*: i
her soon?" :",. .,. ,.. .. ;
could reply, II ." ... a, ,." . ..

"Doctor, re''-* . 'r -.n1i 't :e
tion with your I';1,._'.y" .u-,.at .1,,
attempt of mnine to maray a VWet.ir-
ville girl. I have been among you six
months-six minutes was enough to
make me want Alida-and you knew
my father." The two young couples
faced the old gentlemen, who tiually
found their tongues.
"But I thought"-
"I wanted Philip," Alida interrupt-
"And I wanted Will," added Eleanor.
The judge hInghed.
"And they wanted you-and you don't
want us just at present, I take It! Doe-
tor, where's the library and that Dutch
lunch? I think we had better adjourn
and adjust ourselves to the new order
of things. They would have It their
own way anyhow, you know! What do'
you say?" For answer the old doctor
suddenly kissed his daughter. Then
he pushed her toward her lover.
The two old men left the room to-
The Other Side.
Crawford-The doctors claim we die
before our time from eating too much.

Crabshaw-Still the people who never
get eiiough to eat don't seem to live
as long.-Tom Watson's Magazine.

Sernpu Ion..
Student-For thi-s insult I challenge
you toi J:i-to!s' ('omnmerrcial Traveler-
A.i right, but first you will have to
take out a shooting license, for my
una i.s Hare.--London Punch.

;I I-~--~-'-

freight 1o St. Andrews Bay about one t (I lir.
$4.50. But the B cue year and firu'nish one ol(these plows complete a ttie fect-,r. f,
purchiaser to pay freight
Thlie plow may be seen in operation at, the-dlit(i r' .e' idenc
Order froni the B1TOY diro (t,.
.......a --l *l" ii- '1*B I 111 ii l nllr l1111*11l1>| aI I 1 IIl r 1 11 1 as ^ iS~

A jP, CEKRTAI ui r If,)r .TF f.P*.,) -;-'TrI- kTTN.
I EV'R K.OWN lTG FAIL. '. -" ,.

Sold at St. Andrews Fay, la., aT


o_ e2:..---TW. 4+ , -

'13 ,. .. F ., .. .... . .

D. N
Sold at ools,t Andr' e, N. .,
10v lo all yo fi- r h, '."
l creu jjtork. V, Va., !, :' : ..... -, :
fi'! iov ." Dlr. I. ;' '1 1)
T, 1,! 0 2r -" P a ., i '
; y y ru D '.ii l: ,, ,

Sold at St. Andrews 13vy. FI'1:
At 'I'. ?';itchIB t' *ffiIg PI',, ?*s
. C ] l for t'r .- ;(i, ;* .

-'No YARU 't-
C..'' '-I- -
~ 'ad,


NoRTHCAROLINA PEOPLE !,'Ce ,Ane 1:1n'. .---

In the Beglnning.
"1 'ell you, Singietou, you don't
know the joys and felic'iies of a con-
tented married life, ll:e hap;F flight of
years, the Iong, restful ca-n of"-
"How long lva you Iecu man-rr;ed?"
"Just a onb."


Do so well today that you need not
long for tomorrow.
Somrne ime- oui. w.-ut your" coli
lence to give it ,.u o ther- .
If a itrau wer or i; o'n <'ne+;,:.. vwhb
-tor:es het coulta te.-ii o-4 i h;u o :
Don't ju'-g"' a man +:- ls ti ,It frtA
ships I:, a t:)'.vn; j',,;: l b, y L .
Don't give ;. ::r f'riin' i. l ,, .
by trin; j to >u):a'e 1eop "e .: 1 I.
o-vown thei:- thre:o't
Win -a we tii!k C't th-'e v, -
whiJIh we dc-teive o;.':'s wve shu,.
think (r he case wth iVhich other
may deceive us.
GoO.' n-ews travels; not so rapidly
as b.!d r.ows, of coanj.c, but it travels
Do ai.) gOI Lth.i, aild people will hear
of it in tnie.u
E-. -rrybhody unul' iis'ti'n;st lthat :ni olk.
oiller ihui;t i. treaLted w"bh c'r1.., buti
very few uude'rst.iud that an old stom-
ach is as dangerous as an o!d boiler.-
Atcbson '' j


- i t .' .

) , ( of .
aJ its r'e :-.
rds, Oi e:. ;

11ead of F : : ...
>here wo0.' 1 y";' !)refe" t ,
tagnt? Yorng TraveJ.'r--.',. -;.,,;
ih1le where tie nathes are ,-, :.- ra
-New Yorker.

i or Sale!
We offer for sale a strip from the-
south side of the north nalf ol the
northwest quarter of section 1C town-
snip 4 south, range 14 west, running
orom the school house to Watson bayou,
adjoining Millville on the south Will be
sold in acre a r or :lt-acre lots.
i-. -:'e a2n i.>d will' be according to
*.ji-'T 'u V- A !FTMONS &C',

a -. - *Q.A.6

T- % I



Leads in LoV Prices and Good

He invites the purchasing public to ddil,

Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

Pavs the Highest Price for ureen Salted ALIGATOR HIDES.




Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

Offers His Professional Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews ali'
Surrounding Country.
a b, ., ,] a ]1i, I",,-!,I,.,,,.... |;,,,, i l. 0,A ,. at nig h t ,


A Ni) (' I' Y ISTAUl I

Corner of Bayview and WyGmine Averntdc cnt lFr

Glassware. Tinware and NotiC1
W hat von can'. tinld at any thl r Store ,, I,. .

S T 0RE ,,i

Hot Meals at All Hours cf the rav
liiil. ."',:. C p of Coffee, 5 Cts. *- CuIp of T.r 5 s.

Fresh Bread, Pies. and Cakes, scrti

? 1. (<<>1) \ ill !', .


I. I .. I

I e p l i h o ,, t ,- n: f [ , .1
I I ow 'i '

X,' a .'I *i"' r
i ',t lh O'}' ,l, a

P,, : 1 'i o l '+

. I

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