Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: September 19, 1895
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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-rs iiatEWS BAY

First, Last, and all the



West Florida
Aghihst the World.

Al-4 "1r I 11) I;`


eiaat Ho.n. ani' Pa sco, Mont ieg:l
lion A~olkirisoii Call, h! lP0T k iilv. iI
leprt*eenLttI uj-Is st Dt r iDtr S. ltd. R .
lury'. Penia c'la --1 )istriet, C. Al
Cooper, Jacksmivi\.iie.
Landr AtiicLtL-l.Ite-tLi:J. .A. M. P:tr'. : Rv-
Revi-e-N ID VWi alright, Ga ieS i ill,
i0overntor-Hu ry L. MaL't."1l; AthiivY
Genieral Win. B. Laziu '-: Secretary :of
D). [1IoxI.tixi: Cdonimk~i-'uer of A,,i Acll-
01' l'UiIiC' Isr~i' .NS.ii-
T'ITaiUrer, C. BI. C Ihiin: Jurtie icf Su-
LI e4 SiTs AR.a.

One Dollar a Year il Advance.


Di.splty ail rates 50. c per inch per nioni, -,
I'>ositi,)[i and exti.nordinary c.iun litio,,
ialt, t suliv.er t" ) ii i.'eial agrl'erl elln .
WITrH the excp.-_ti'ln of oe1 or t.o'
llemoocratic hl'eets w.hicll aievote theljr
s1paco. and tium on articles intienilil
t 1 ii1,ral~ ze the p ogless of the .tate,
ly ilriving t'fro i its bounii'-ries., the
varini r h alldnal-; Senator (.1';l h-;s
moiil v t i n ,r lthe p,,uiiijst
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of' felet s~irv ifrlv r llll the -talirs.

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MEiticello. support of alny others, when le h:,s t. -' -. f.,-1_
ST'l~ATE SE Udiscovered tlin* the cat ic -RP .b'
Twenty-fifth District-Alonzo W. Weeks, discovered that te dlemocrtic par being shot N of a
Chipley. is io very conr u]t. i Sienatr ('all " Aand the sn'idl of a key b-e:u tum:dl in
VAsIuINGTON ('CUNTY. realizes that he is a ,di-card, yet he the lock.
Representative, J. Wells, Chipley, lThot k to e Te hall door was then op-aned v.ith
County .ludge, D. M-1elvin, V\ernon; (oes not le to et tle pel e" a swift movement, .nal a ally .I ,'
Clerk of tCourt, Conutt Clerk, Itecorder know, that he' himself hias lIt nc,- 'who wore a white ;al it-rr:fild c..unte-
of Deeds, W. B. L.tssitter, Vernoin; l i i nance confronted thil Iil;i.te:.t.
Sheriff, C. G. Allen, Chipley; Treasu r, ence .t I i, i gng to .--- "Myauntl Mrs. Davrn "sh aspcd.
R. C. Horue, Chipley; Tax Collector, A. I'trliNh the next. United .States s w ,
Q. Jones, Vernon; Tax Assessor, A. "What'swrong, mis.'
.. JGne, GV'ass Poin ; Superintendenl nator "She is dying-deadl. f-ar I am so
t' ,lic Ins-t ruion W. 1. Lo 'Ick; terrified I can scarcelv realize it. Will
Chiploy; irver, Thus. Collins, Chp March ot Science. Unle Sam-i to I 're' ad you run for the nearest doctor? Perhaps
iply. During ni, tine bncc the ciivi l- eIfvt a- something may be done.
S.:.. AN )rirE W s. Constable Metcalf stepped into the
.;i~f of the Peace, C. H. Crippen; zaton and e lncation l, ma kin< < TO STIR UP ENVY. hall and placed his haud on the arm of
1 ..Ory Public, Deputy Circuiit Court has science ma-le such lealis ;. in glacial period, accompanied by the r t Create a the terrified girl
-Ctirk. I. D. Hopkins: School SuperI- tle ;lat hall' century. rinea-ieineutl-, of I lie ileaposits att tie class Prejudic. Just a moment, miss," said he.
visor, R. F. rnkin; 'st l:lrr, (. "But we are losing time," cried the
1. 'ihnlpson Stlupen,llou leaps have been made varliou, iit el mllntths have pr.veii ThePhladelphia Manufacturer is op- yo ir rinin her hands Per-
i.oN, wic ad th koleilge all the l av which posed to dur preso.nt standard of value young gil, wringing her hands.
and is tryh t, secure the adoption of haps it is not too late, though she is
ostministress, Mrs. Ellison. Ihie ,ifhiret branches of science at a to, give it ago. what it all "himetallism," but what cold-cold. My dear aunt, wont to
PARKEr It it E r ii w bed quite well last night-she is dead,
P.RE... .nl -- rate alino.t suririing to the ,o bhoull1 sciLnce alvuce for t.r wouldin reality bea siuglesilver stand- cold I can scarcely realize it.
..its .lo.v pri es. iluiiiI. next ce-tn- .it . i- t.e It-, ard. Writing of thefall in prices, adhich oiaShe covered her feaice ,itt --
-...o died its slow .progres-di il,4 next centn.? as it has in the p.s is claimed by silverits to b duetothe She covered ter face -
is claimed by silveritcs to be due to the
uniiWer r ii ,i and there is no reason why it slhouht,11 use o gold a a measure of'values, The and seemed t a ft or something
.u...ner, .- -, won dr-,ls t ,il's not, the year 2.l00') .A. D., will greet Manufac rer says, "A dollar of suggested the police n.
"N". -" "iu. _I Ietfs
oCN1IY .. ;TW; ir labos in "e po lae a,,_llge that ,for nnpPW,,is ~th''the Now, you put on your hat, miss, and
ratl tlI ta t w r h~t tvu. ihe
U. Be'i > "nr1 w ' ,nl-- .cei~ e. :h dollar hin lertificialy high run roted for Dr. Percival on the Cres-
B. Bell; Psti rate ),a, poelraltey t th' othe few cent road. He's the nearest doctor, I
County. Cu~lo~ilai, . ~iati:'v te amibilih11S el t,:. 0pIrch ahitpwer tsolely that the few think. I must stop and see after things
Deputy Clerk of Court,. S. rT.' Waklkey . 1 ... migt en ichh themselves at the expense hero We may, as you say yourself,
%I ho hav'a "pllt i liv n Ic of the inml' hero .. We may, as. .... say yourse

Y.P. I.C. E.-Prer mrl'li>,Iy al i'. h beeir. ),i.- I t e i i^ Pi'ess U1ociattn .h a a few n producers at the expense of bed the girl "'I daren' t go near it. I
aP,.elYCerian churc tntat Nen Ia I, I *T thi n amore a pa private so terrified of death-and she is
rto :t 1- M W 'Il. le"e r I ionbi, l e l its in it- for a P'oulist or socialist one t ohan ars. avorne
tI, Cla 1l 1' 1 o 18 'Kiel
*ind Citftti~t i.i M J. 1.-- ^ ^' ^ r i be '1110l ha cel by , i joururl published for biti' e n ^ ^ "001"1 'non
irnc... 1 ,B .p)4 .rr- .1' t ,L" i a'll Sj ,, e t he burst insgto a paroxysm of weep-sta
yoin-g "rven",- .ai Cinin.a l. It r, I. I I nrotnd h a dTnt ltrincipt o. n the tg ands she u uttered the last words.
evcry first n Id M ". 'u.>l., wrfni> ui-e e.'ujd.e to" a I"'ey ihlr ea 1. they are designed to appet "Only just tell me where to find the
and c. "urch ueir. lai L, all.nt ral againPt a Iatrod of those who hn k Trnthaet Is that a hat of yours,

.t.urday lE.e first S .y t, t1 p. h,. h ete a.ia. l Unsin- ..- jia S i r in cli tl P their fa .lure is due to the expsucce ofss o.. h" t
cSuryv s .d Ui .'t i aen ct i i. At rlxcr? This is not the temper iP X. io ah, like it, mI shoul d g e ti.
., ', ch.ureia 1,. -chu 't .. rc .t- j- .i'c(ll"'lt t'e ,w 'would be morean..ro.riat e t..riir e is to an. tand, she ish

lt 3:3 o' it rcul~ ; V Ild ti ei Id]y worthy of contradiction. ThErC effort to control herself as with trem-
Ii,.. ti ; n r" L, I "l ..i i .i t n 0 r II i, t ei re.aent, t I i"j. a J '0 O adults in t1i. bling f i ng ers she put on her hat.
a>.tinii .<.>u. ie l..i ..Clirch c'ini., .niig v o n any gol n plsaiet in the *a.te !l-- al c< o ., try, of wlam ninety-nine one-huP "'Thank you; now be off. And if you
Sti" ?:i. J ,t gave o e i s oI- -f t Ihat ass.ci( ]iln cclill- 1dredths are producers. The million do chance to come across one of my
Il,,lnr in-iurc coner Loni evice Laplace gave to -- -c and women in mills, i mates-I mean a policeman, miss-you
l et. R science has lu ade it pnusible for tie 'n"a s. ar might oblige by sendigh im alo ghere.
T (e J ers-f tories .nd stores nUll Bu ra1 UBnul-nuuN( ,n'!e now; the air will set you up. "
.,,, c.i u>!rcit h iii di at 7:3> p. m. astronomer to sit in his olse: vat. ry 1 e asper iews i illl iousl steamboats are all producers. Are they end almost ushinr Miss Rodney dt
tlll;c-l-Cllu .IiIi eI. ner Wyoming' av'e- and( d(ltenuine tihe exact distance lal'j ilg in hopes to make an im- not benefited by receiving their wages of the house Constable Metcalf closed
ht ,b.o icly of goods, instead of the reverse? Will s bod.
'~-.-^...,."''' m ewasurintg the circular eqiuationu ofttie if p' saible to succelj it -ye a new The Manufacturer have the audacity to At thetop of the first landing, facing
e'il MAILs. GOl on' revolution on its axis, R is and irtii.t onl,. say that a cheap dollar which would the hall door, was a room, the door of
:.>t, and north mauil, in. Chiipley de labor also enables them to tell the Th. r jins in and heart buy less goods would be a greater bene- which was half open. The policeman
s t -t every day except Stda ,t 12: sprder entered the room, which was furnished
ou'clhl; arrives eerly day except Suns effect plaiet ary iotioas have upon ..uplrts aInyiYrt4L'eIent that can Then we have the great agricultural asakindofsitting room and sleeping
', .' rch v uy e't i.. be in W.d, rectilt ioAln :1t' i ach> llt aendl s' e iu ,"-ftho." Vi ,,.. .hil ,.tat

aI it ... Iu-i thS, ti leb l t -ea. by merely ntig be ,made lin a direction which tends interest, with its millions of workers chamber.
E at inail for HI I t producing grain, cotton, t. No one In the bd ly a wo h
'irker, Farmnidale and Wetappo, Ines the iltequlalities of Jupilex andto pm th will deny that they are producers. Yet hidden by the pillow. After a brief ex-
St. dare.. going: easy e-very tll vl ,--.... a" tb is niit the lFni iditons. dne .qlted Yt,
St Andirevw, oicng astt verty hng aurn a oiai t .cos. are they not benefited by receiving mon- amination Constable Metoalf'had no
I 7 olock and arrives, comng o y which has a high purchasing power? doubt whatever that Mrs. Davorn-the
every afternoon at Ei 'clock. t -1
verb ay aftnernoon ) at new planets are being dis- regulations the new order, in cas re a f er in Amerca who does lady in the bed-had ceasedto live. She
Andlre evcr sondy, Weesda and o, ne is organized; providing, that no nbt want, s far as he is personally con- 'had probably been dead some hours.
I'leVtI,, 1)h e 1r1 %VI' 0 s1.1 .t V L %Iw e I te %l.!ee fluv g0 she put on her bat..

Fridl. I h;e s to l Anderseli cvred yearly, and marvelous .. member, in the event of his inability corne the dollars wsthich will buy most He glancd y nxiuslyround th room,
ame da. at 1:31, p. m. formation is being obtained as to the to attend its various meetings, shall er ae things which he consumes? If but saw nothing which would indicate
siothere are any who prefer the other knd a struggle.

Ssituantion on those planet long be allowed to loan his membership to they could easily be accommodated with cooking at the face again, it seemed
discovered, but which have up to any friend and thus cause one who- Mexican "dollars," which will onlybuy to him as if the woman had been stran-
Park r Lodge N 42, recently b obscure though kno thing of newspaper lie, to cents' woh of goods in this country. gled, but he could find no marks on the
A A .. im. rpose u pon llie ahosspitalityr of his There is absolutely no basis for the neck. Then he ved to the door, and
Regular Sa the lack of itn enits powerfl brothers, who are restlaied, owing charge that he value of our present dol- grap the brass handle he noed
d oi or bel re each full ooni enough to reveal their surface con- to their annehas been artifcialiy increased. Gold that the key was not inside-indeed,
atitas money is worth just as much as in that there was no place for it inside.
o'sitlIt; aotberrie Fra;tertunall editions. doing otherwivethan extend to the Then an eohre It clu s n t t r
V.or Flinterloer, tie due courtesies vi ) bullion, and no more. Its value is not He drew back thedoor and found the
Invited. Eclipses are being f d months affected by law, and it is therefore whol- key in the lok outside. There was
W.H.PARKERW.. before te o e- and su wo l t ot tle eitor whom he ly untrue that it is designed to enrich small brass bolt at the bao k of the door,
M. BOITeLLE, Scret Pry bt. occu e an su, represents. thefew at the expense ofthe many. The bt it did not seem to have been tam-
Sir and n ie, ileclipeses appear at precisely tlie p money of this country is the same for pered with.

BUSINESS DIRECTOR Y momenllt predicted. What Nations Use Gold? rich and poor. It gives no favor to any "Anyhow nothing can be done for
Sister study of t y The following table from page 45, class, nor does it discriminate against the poor lady by doctor orany one else,"
D. J. J. KESTER,o a United States mint report, shows e the few or the many. It serves the in reflected the constable, moving out on
Homeopathic Prysician and Ac- -geology. hs ee developed amount of money per capital each na- terest of all alike, andonly demgo es te landing and wing the door after
cosuher Oftice Pioneer IDr Store in manner that is pleasing to the tion has: will pretend that it is maintained for him and locking it. "No wonder the
e a e an ichi lea class ofD preple. ungted staoe t the benefit of nonprodcers ora limited young lady was frightened. And now
co er e ~~ve fil e and i t ne ls o...... ...... ............ 2000 lass of rica h men. A standard of values for my young gentleman in the front
gan street, The surveys made in Nulorth rance................................ 86 00 which measures alike the workingman's bedroom!"
St. Andrews. - Florida ca ad re, w are sed r ............. ...... wages, the farmer's products and the The next landing was approached by
eica and Elpe, wicth ae use AUSte ............................... 9m00 manufacturers s Camot,withfair- e t,, It wasR a squarelanding,
DI r ch, to determine threv time tat has Netherl and rs an............. art......e, s be at ca i art ha s D nte

Dr MITHELL, B ee as el ium...........................i art ifiially reduce prices measuring about four feet each way.
Proprietor East Erun Drug Stoe, of sie the great ice sheet which cov- t........ ....... in the interest of any o lass.al Opening out on it were two doors, one
fers is professional services to the ered those two continents during the ortual.................... ...s whica 00 facing the staircase and the other sitat-
ussia ................... .............. 00 the tha ert is we sted te ed to the right hand side of the land-
i tiens St. AnRdewsR Bay and eglacirl period, have given roslt f.e ut t. diat hisse e o ha e inkai-

ciizens of St. Andews Bay and glacial period, have given rslth RoUmania.......................... 6 A The winglewa whortled its way through the ing. A small winding staircase, consist-
viciity. Office at Drug Store most altering. The measurement ...................... As te spadgerwic snooted a scent from ing of about a dozen steps, leading to
Residence on Unenna Vista avenue of the deposits at the mouths of the Japan (silver).............. ........ 400 The snicerloot skecked on the snoot of a two attic rooms overhead, turned off at
opposite old Florida Exce riehan ge. India (silver).........t .................. 8 3 shark the left hand side of the square landing.
svareiou large river, which are now China (siler)............... ........ 28 And the nklebot ined the glne of a gar. Constable Metalf proceeded to the
W H PARKER, leing utilized to Sscertain the time et stte('si how 8 The u er ab sorttled through thich and door of the room directly facing him,
H.Aeintutilized thoas caet oin gth e gt i Central Americ an staes (slver).......i 7 8 hin,

N.,,larv Pillli. and Survcodr eSpecial at- which those rivers have been deposi- South American states silverr andpaper). 17 00 In quest of the souttle, rlin llbeyent; and trying the brass handle-an old
toeopth iann al Aui -ess their wat rs into the sea hve mprance a n has the largest per capital and Th rio p heated the as ango its fashioned handle, similar in appearance
And -lte ipei a pu e at the scortlf oell to the one on Mrs. Davorn 's door -he

,e 1.L to ioh n. tra l .iofMta (IS. Chart i t it s, t eetc e the largest aggregate stock of gold. She bnt.the o o rs aon d he
e served as valuable data in estinat- has 825,000,000 in gold, while we have The nmblewot welkered a whin at the moon fond the door would not yield. The
,. ig the age of. the -respective grand $625,000,000. As wthe jinlebox joined in the chorus of key was n the keyhole outside, just as
SThe mint report for1894 says the While oodles lifted the la of the loon the key was in the keyhole of the door
,JWs.t ice of tLe 'c: cc. divisions. Bank of France, which holds the money And the jumblewhaoks gobbled the dank which was now closed upon the dead
Will M.en..I, n.irilr ct :a.ll I.-p d I The discovery of the existence of of France in its hands, has: after th. woman.
1I.i lII i h -ii i- the five primary periods and their Goldr ................. .............0oO Bn itefthis agent strn as it i Rather an unusual sort of way to
.UlSRiS. D(lT. M 'E., e eite 'a N p Silver................................... 25000000 nd in spite of the boomlet late brogh have locks x," mused the police-
acIssordoesa I civisionsm inta periods about
econay o showing $205,000,000 more gold than The symptoms an point to an argentic fl, man. "But there is no doubt our yfoaung
which extend over different ae, siler It apar that ree silver's about petered friend is right-that he is securely lock-
H o ic PryisriPi L-teu ch ysrdlt Cure. of money ove ta a es, sil er.
n ................d by th mi................. The Nomber statement th Unit- -NewYork un. ed in. Now, en,"s e as the
....... hintte

4M .. B. Saaatorinm, :c_ .. n eOd States treasury showed specie hold- ey and turned it slowly in the lock,
./I B. S aator am, calculations are noiv generally ac- a'ry e c. W th St t i. we'll see what he's got to say."
i.822 Plue SL c.pted, as proof of the eath'. e. After the key had been turned the po-
%82 Pie 8 cepeted, as proof of the earth's age. Silver .........................08,000ooo, In 1850 the total wealth of (his licman turned the brass handle and
C' St. Louis, Mo0 All know that the age of this lobe Gold........ ........ 128,000,000 try was $7,186,000,000, about $808 per found the door yielded easily. He atp-
all or rite cannot be exactly given, yet b owing $88,000,000 moreover than capit; in 1860 it ad raised to $16, pod int Albert Steinworth's bedroom.
-gold. -60,000,000, or about $014 per head; in
..t -q.-d The young man was standing at the
i., u.Sy so l and no iniury to henallh. calculating the rate at which it has So it appears that theBankof it was $80,069,000,000, or about window. He hurrie wastandin at the
[DOLC in !d hul w 7r78ried toward Constable
E cold since its discharge as a roll- held nearly $in gold to every do 708din 1880 it had risen to Metcalf as the latter entered the room,
.F.RE A:L A Pdecoy, novc.useteb :1ly p in silver, while the United States treas. $48,65 00,000, or 870 p head, and with a grae and a ous face h
,S BoL d vtt ao,<. ,,u. r cac in g ball of fire, and by the securing try held only $1 in gold to every $4 in in 1890 t4,$6,000,000,000, or $1,000 asked:
rIi, JT ,1,.$.S,. ptoofs of the retirement of the post silver. per head +'Wat on ea..th ithe att? What
*i R D 1 Z 1:1 F MO. P eimtte? What

was nar awrul Cry I heard some min-
Intos ago?"
"Itc was the young lady of the house
-Miss Rodney I think is the name."
S Miss Rodney I (Odd heaven--what
of hbr?"
i's.Wi 4t rigt' a. f l^ M"
"Mrs. rlworu dead. u her beh! aI ,
surely thia is some awful ruistakel
Dead? .
The yonng man's face was not ordi-
narily blk..sv.l with much color. ft. ws
now ghastly white, and his lips trem-
bl d violenntly
"De..d's the word, sir," said the po-
licema,. "No mistake abont that. Miss
SRodney has gone to fetch the doctor,

but he will not be of much use on the
first'landing. Didn'tyou see her scurry-
ing long the road from your window?"
"No," stammered Mr. Steinworth.
"After I heard the ball door opening I
stood at my owu locked door, with my
ear glued to it, trying if I could find
out what had gone wrong-what was
the matter-but I could only hear your
voice and the sobs of a woman. This
is terrible news, certainly. "
"Yes. It is rather startling, especial-
ly to those that belong to the house.
And now, young gentleman, will yon
give me your attention for a bit until the
doctor comes?"
"Certainly," said Steinworth, pull-
ing himself together. "I suppose Ihad-

sUhoMrI tAL_, _.d Co *lF
Metcalf. "Now, sir, first and foremost,
the looks of these bedrooms puzzle me.
They are different from other locks.
Can you explain about them?"
A dead body was hot much of a mys-
tery to the constable, but the young
man locked into his room was a matter
that wanted clearing up.
"Oh, yes," answered Steinworth
briskly. "I remember I used to kick up
a shine with Mrs. Davorn"-he gasped
as he mentioned the name-"in the be-
ginning, and the unfortunate lady got
brass bolts fixed on the inside of the
doors. That's mine, as you can see,"
pointing to a small brass bolt fixed on
the door. "She told me that when the
house was being renovated-just before
she came to it--whoever did it up
thought the old locks were too good to
throw away." He had now recovered
his complacent manner, and he spoke
with the volubility which had in the
beginning disconcerted the police con-
stable. "Much too good to throw away.
SWonderfully good locks, I understand.
They are all the same in the bedrooms
-at least, so I understand. A brass box
is all I have got for my money inside,
as you can see. No hole inside for the
key. No use in any one putting her eye
to the keyhole outside. I used to think
it very rummy myself in the start, but
I got accustomed to it in time. And it
has got its advantages. It is handy
enough if you want to leave the room
for a bit. Lock the door outside, put
the key in your pocket, and there you
are. You haven't to go fishing for a key
inside, and there's no occasion to lose
your temper trying to fit it into the hole
outside. Capital lock, I call it. And
then when I do want to shut myself up
for the night there's the brass bolt that
Mrs. Davorn got fixed for me- But
this is awful news about her!" The pal-
lor overspread his face again, and his
voice grew husky. "She seemed quite
in her ordinary health last night. I
wonder what did she die of?"
"We must leave that to the doctors,"
answered Constable Metcalf, gazing fix-
edly at the lock of Albert Steinworth's
door. "I suppose," said he after a mo-
mentary pause, "the other room on the
same landing is a bedroom?"
"Occupied, I presume?"
"Yes. A Mr. Vickery occupies it. A
rum sort of customer. Always closeted
in his room with something or other
which he says he is inventing-unless
when he is out on the prowl He's a
strange old codger-not that he is so
very old either except about the eyes.
They seem to eb 100 years of age."
"H ekops pretty soundly-that is,
if he has not beei awakened by Miss
Rodney's cry."
"SleepI He's a rare ne to sleep. I
don't think he's ever out of bed before
I1 .o'clock in the day."
"Let us see if he is up now."
"You may take my word for it he is
now snoring like a pig."
"Well, if the young lady's cry did not
wake him no ordinary sound will have
much effect upon him. He'll have to be
"Like a carpet," observed Mr. Stein-
worth, smiling and disclosing two long,
white teeth under his light mustache.
"Perhaps his loked }n too."

"iE-e enough. What dO yon maJe o
it? Wiudow below forced, my room lick'
ed from the outside, Mrs. Davorn de;uL'
lie shaddered as he used her nan,
"What on earth does it all mean I feel
quite shalnen."
"We must wait."
Constable Metcalf Inoied out of thq
room, his gaze still fascinated by tie
brass lock.
"You'll excuse me, air," ua he
suavely as he stood with Albert Ste:u-
worth on the landing, "but I'll just ,Lx k
your door for the present and keep thl
key until we have things cleareQ up a
An uneasy frown contracted Stein-
worth's brows. "Lock my door? Dui't
you think I have had enough of thit
kind of thing?" .
Constable Metoalf offered no ie'1 .
"My hat is inside. May Itake t'.
auked the myung man. "lOr will, d
,fosiStU'it nzme?" 'E"* *

Superior. 'rThis is b'ieD u .
The c .tle-' did not like -Mr. Stein-
Wiorh's-aecassional lapses into fippancy
naiy"m're than the young gentlema n's ,
voluble manner.
"I suppose you are qAlt8 ht
though I don't see the force of eiong di4
tainted here It is very hard on me."
"Now then" opening Steinworth'q
door. "Your hat, or whatever you
want, and please be quick. The doctor
will be here soon, no doubt "
Steinworth's hat lay on a chair near
the window. He took it up and placedt
it on his head, and then slowly pa~nl
back to tje landing, standing moodily,
alongside the poqUriceaa while the door
,pr,-. i ^"- o sied. '
"Our sleepy friend must be aroused, "
said the policeman, briskly, turning to
the door of Mr. Vickery's room and try-
ing the handle. "Hellol" said he, as he
turned the handle and pushed the door.
"Here is another gent locked into his
room. Something very odd about all
this. Has he a bolt inside, too?" turd*
ing to Steinworth.
"I think so." 1
"Anyhow the door is locked See,"
turning the key, "the door is now open;
But I don't particularly care to enter
uninvited." He tapped loudly at the
door with his finger tips. There was no
response. He rapped withj-s knuckles.
No response. Then he gave the panet
of the door a sounding smack with the
palm of his hand. "I hope we haven't
got another dead un here, "he observed.
turning to Steinworth.
"I sincerely hope not," said the yoowS
man. "I feel shaken to pieces at heal
ing of one dead person in the hocae."
Constable Metcalf now proceeded to .
kick at the door.

A gruff voice from Mr. Vickery's be
room startled both men.
"Who the devil is there?"'
"The police. Open your door."
"The police! Merciful heavenly"
Then the sound of a man tumbling
out of bed was heard by the two
on the landing, and in a few mpmeuai
the door was drawn back, and Bernard
Vickery, clothed in a long woolen night-
gown, his face white and drawn, his
eyes wild and bloodshot, stood in the
open doorway.

rTo BE 00N)GTNW5

. -i

Wag f a Japea,
We publish today a letter irm 'et.
Will P. Turner, a Methodist missionary
who was sent from Georgia to ;aq*
several years ago.
Mr. Turner keeps in tooh with af-
fairs in his native land and sees the ef-
fort that is being made to "Japan" odr
currency. His letter shows what we an
expect should that calamity befall 4is
A labor leader in Texas a few day
ago advised the workingmen to vote fo
the free and unlimited coinage of sfhlve
The rate of wages in the foremost free
silver nation of the world will hardly
commend this advice to sensible and ip-
telligent wage earners in this oouann .
Mr. Turner, whose facilities fat .i
formation are as good as poii ble and
whose reliability is beyond question,
tells us some interesting things about
wages in Japan. It must be remsem'
bered that his figures are in Japanese
money, which is equivalent to only 86
o entsion the dollar in our ourrenOc,
Here are some of his figures:
Teachers, in government schools, $19
to $85 per month.
Postolice and custom house olerk
similar gawrmwnCent xpoidituwa,
per month.
Teachers in high schools, $13 to $98
per month.
Brick masons, 50 to 60 cents a da&.
Carpenters, 45 to 55 cents a day,
Female operatives in ootton factories
8 cents a day.
Male operatives, 18 cents a day.
Mr. Turner tells of an expert Jap
nese workman who with the aid of his
wife made 8 cents a day!
The workingmen of this douaty ar
being informed about what a silver ba-
sis means in regard to wage a
There is not a nation on the faose4
the earth which has the fred.ooinage of
silver where the average' of wages ia
one-fourth as high as it is i this counn
try.--Atlanta Journal
F"oor malM' IMone .
They call silver "the poor mpanz
Inoney." Well, maybe it ii. It Is the
money of Mexido an India and China
and other unprogressve countries, where
the common people arB certainly about
as poor as they can be.-'Minneapolls
Journal -
Where Silver Is Well Theugmt 06
First Church Member-What are the
charges agin Deacon,Jones?
Second Church Member-Blanderia
the parson. Said heiwuas good asoldi
--Harper's Bazar.
To maintain an electric arc oine
nlch lung requires abont 118 vouli

V(c)L. '\'

NO. 25.

I~CI.., ~ -Yur I-s

_~__ ___ ___~_.

_~ _


-- - L

~pr~* ~ .M t.-w ,.. in mi n..III)- -rU

NOTE.- I( must lie rqvinilerd tlihat th.-
wind is not a wl'olly 'reliable motive pow-
er and it the tailors sometimes find it im-
-iossilile to make schedule time it must be
charged to the elements; they do the best
they can.

The Alabama & Florida

Stelamship Comany.
The Staunch Steamship

Capt. - B. Sharit,

Leaves Mtile for CarrabM11e
Making Landings each way at

Good Passenger Accoom odations.
Given Careful Attei\tion.

Parties desiring to reach St Andrews
viaaCarrabelle take C. T. &. (R. R. at
Tallahassee, connecting withkboat at
Carrabelle, Thursday noon arrivin. at
St. Andrews Friday.
.IgThis schedule subject to dety on
account of bad weather.
H. A.-DORR, Gen'l Ag'.


Leaves St. Andrews Bay every Tuesday
leaves Pensacola every Friday
(weather permitting). Special atten
Lion will be given to receiving anc
forwarding freight tor parties living ox
East and North Bay, passengers for
points on either arm of the Bay cai
depend upon securing prompt trans
portation at reasonable rates. Fo
furAer information apply to
L, M. WARE & Co,, Agis
Makes regular trips between Pittsburg o
East Bay and Pensacola; will make rcg
.alar anidings at Ornmnnton and Hat
risoin, Parker and at any other poiri
when requei'ed Ieforehalnd to do '.
Passengers and freight tran.~'o I'ed .
reasonable rates and satist.acti'' in i 1.1i
anteell. The Pe ood le' Stnre at 'Ill;
burg is headiquarter anid orjdei E.f
there will receive prompt and cardli
atte*-tion N.W . ITTrS, Pro, ; .-tor.

Pensacola enily Ioiinlay norniiI
with her usual amount of freight.
and after discliarging her :cargo lel
for llat po t again yyt st -Iay.
The steamer Gulf City passed
through St. Andrews Friday on her
wvay to Carrabelle, disclia:ging one
passeuger bore. She went to the
westward again yesterday.
The schooner Jessie P, came in
Thursday and left again Monday.

Uhat Hood's Sarsaparilla Does, thai
tells the story of its merit and success
Remember HOOD'S CURES.

A Week's Weather.
The following table shows what the
temperature at St. Andrews has beer
during the past week, from observation!
taken at the Bror office each morning
and noon:
Morn. Noon

Thursday,.... ...Sept 12 76 81
Friday.... ...... 13 78 90
Sit urday......... 14 82 90
Sunday........ 15 86 86
Monday.... ... 16 70 82
Tuesday........ 17 75 86
Wedneadv ..... 18 SO 88


For Florida Visitors to Atlanta
and to Florida Newspapers.
All Florida Visitors to Atlanta
are invited to make the West Flor-
ida department their headquarters.
iier will be kept in which all
Floridias visiting -tlianta wiT7 lxe
leqvested to register their names.
their home postoffice, their Atlanta
city address and the date of their
expected departure from Atlanta.
All letters or telegrams sent to the
care of the West Florida exhibit will
receive careful attention and Florid-
ians leaving homeo without a settled
address in Atlanta would do well to
have their friends address them to
the care of the West Florida exhibit,
Agricultural Building, Atlanta.
If the managers of Florida news-
pape-r will send copies of their pa-
I ers to me they will be kept on file
Sfi, the benefit ,f visitors. If com-
mittees, in any part of the state, de-
siro at any time to distribute their
local papers, or any pamphlets, all
S c',,ies of either, sent to me at At-
i? ita, will securo I'aitlifl' attehition.
No papers should be mailed until
. Rl-t*emi'be 18.
. ... (.,,,n,,,-sitnelI ib r Floridla,
Agriciiltural Building,
Atlanta, Ga.



-Nice bread, pies and cakes, fresh
every day at E. P. Maxon's store.
-Legal cap, commicial note
letter-bead papers and envelopes, either
printed or plain at the Buoy office.
-Cocoa shells, a delicious and
wholesome beverage, far superior when
properly prepared to either tea or coffee-
three pounds for 25c at the Pioneer Drug
Store. Try it.
-For Sale-Tx\o covered wagons,
and two or more horses, at a bargain.
Parties contemplating fish hauling will do
well to look at them. For particu-
lars apply at the Buoy office.
-Ont of twenty-three applicants
for certificates in the recent examination
of teachers at Vernon there were e:cven
failures; one firdt grade, one second
grade and nine for the third grade.
-The St. Andrews Bay Horticul-
tural and Improvement Association is
prepared to clear, improve and plant into
fruit any tract of land which may Ie giv-
en them. It will pay all persons to buy
a trac trom them and have it improved.
-Through the hot weather, cook-
ing over a broiling wood fire is almost in-
tolerable and all this discomfort can be
avoided by the use efa gasoli stove. T.
C. Danford has an 6xtr n-i\ stck of the
best ones made at prices within the reach
of everybody.
-If you are thinking of buying
property in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase until
vouiihave conferred with the proprietor of,

Untold Agonies

Every Limb Ached With Muscu.
lar Rheumatism

A Perfect Cure by Hood's Sarsa-
The cause of rheumatism is lactic
acid in the blood, which accumulates
in the joints, and gives the victim such
dreadful pains and aches. Hood's Sar-
saparilla neutralizes the acid, purifies
the blood and thus cures rheumatism.
"Five years ago I had my first attack
of lumbago or muscular rheumatism.
I was in bed two
weeks. I had a
good physician
but he did not do
me any good. A
S. friend recom-
S mended Hood's
Sarsaparilla and
I sent for a bot-
tle. At that time
I ached in every
limb, especially
in my back and
hip. I felt as
though I had a
fever and for a
Thomas S. Palmer hours at
Abbevile, S.C. night it was im-
possible to sleep. I suffered untold agonies.
Constipation was not the least of my
troubles. I commenced to take Hood's
Sarsaparilla and felt a decided change in
three days. I was able to get out of bed

Hood's 1 Cures
and sit at the fire in course of a week.
I can recommend it as the best remedy for
indigestion and dyspepsia I ever tried."
T. S. PALERB, Abbeville, S. 0.

Valtyrie 1 L. lDeicteed.
The ninthi' itim ttettioniual cup
contest has resulted in l manner most
pleasigi to all patriot ic xe icais.
From thie time the iAme
el ever thirin" ii the riit!Ih sxeas;
E glh ,i.i !-a.s '.. _i:.lst l rua >" ilab,.ir-
ing on il nl icis, i '.I'. ho ,, to u biu id
a yIacht that wonil coimo t(o A irica
and carry the cup ;oross the water
on ler return; but all her attempts
have hbe,'n as fruitless ias the firs.t.
England lhas uuidoubtedily improved
wonderfully in the construction of
yachts, but hs in every thing else
they must give the -Americans first
place. Amirica has tihe talent,
which can xrea dhlr fiind sufficient
means for its development.
Lord DunravenC i hi honuel to make
a better showix ngg thltn in I '1a:;
but to his dissap(oiiiitnlet lie made a
worse one. 'i I ,.'.!..1" seemed
only to play a:il ir n I featted her
adver'Sair iin a ri i 11 i 'ii i' ai -
ner. -

Of course some olbjctions were ani :u ('"1) fi u"itful latitude for a
found by theo : 1'_I i ini the sc('c,,nid : n i h:oe-nakers, and resources

race, owing to the forl ca"ued 1by the
Valkvri nupon tihe Defniter. In this
race the British vacht i:nished only
fort v-seven secoI;id in ti e lead,

o'n rich and vaire.l nature to ke'p1)
,iii.' i lo,('s of tihe fulitnro iin per.et al
uta I, th, i pick of the miner busy nI,
ti r'ige and the furnrce in c',ii sli a
.1 ,. a I t n ed b t \ n i n 1 1 1 n

The Cotton States E:AlN-.iti.:n.
St. Louis Age of St'el.
'Tie opening of the Cotton Siates
Exposition during the present inithli
will lie not only a national and
liistgwic event, but ain opening chap-
ter In thie newv industrial and conm-
iiK.rcial era of Southern progress.
'Though originally designed to speci
aly represent tile resources and cap-
,abilities of the Cotton States, it has
broadened in its designs, and includes
in its circle the interests not onley of
the states that cluster around tihe
Georgian gem, but of those beyond
the national borders that ftinge the
gulf and debouch on thie Pacific. It
is in this related and radiating sense
that toe significance of the event is
to be really rounded out anid nmeasur-
ed. Locally, if such a term can b
used in regard to the empire sister:
hood of thie Southern States, tihe
Atlanta exhibit of Souther n products
will i it ,nlyv be a a ,positive surprise to
":i ,v, but a very effective ne-ans of
in ilauting tihe incoming of i both m'len
a;, : ,1 .y. "n y ....-'e is room in th ese

... . . which is 1no victory whatever, w ien .- i I .. .... .. ... .. ac n
the Buoy. If you are short of money and Hood's Pills are the best after-dinner v -:1ge of these pos i Ilities to Atlanta 830 492
want to buy on your own time or actual pills, assist digestion, prevent constipation. taking into 1 ,ti tat bv r, C of t ih'attanooga9i,12 a.m
settlement you can be accommodated. the injuries the D)fdntr received ip,-n o,'r hSil tiI'lern gatewtays to the Cincinnati 7:20 p.m
-Tampa Times Sept. 12: Post- -By an oversight, the announce- from the Valkyrie's foIl, she 'wa, is- i!: !igiratin that in the \Vest and Day coach No. 38 through to Atlanta.
master Post received a letter from the de- meant of the marriage on the 6th inst. of abied ts an extent which prevented N rt h cihag,. the w ilerness into a HOLLY SnntiNGSOUTE. To St. Loue
t,, err.ta eed the sites ith 540 Yp.m LvJlNcksonvillTEo, ArSt. 10oI0a.m.
partmen T in Washington this morning no- Mr. R. W. Willcox and Miss Maggiie he frlm l iln any lof ty sails, and .e sit1des 0 p.m Lv Jacksonvile, r. 10 a. l i
tifying him that the carriers for the free k.lakson was o nted lThe in- driving and energetic :ce 0.
delivery service nominated by him have teresting event occurred at the residence L stated her slil ithe cou a empire of a 7:30 p.me 7:530 a.m. Dubuqueisr. 7:
been confirmed. The service will be put of T. C. Duaford, in the evening of the under much lighterP canvssl than her . Thugh lman sleepes St. Louis a:
i ll operation as soan as the street date named, and the united couple imrne- opponent. However e'ven in this i seeig c nies. In i geu ca.l e 'o or Sioun 'it and S J:,.-,.-1,i-l wit
,.'.-. c:,ii', satchels, which are diately established themselves in the race, the Defender e:nhil 1 hersupl -ei ad in tille nature of a cause KAS INE. Through
o e,. Springs to Kansas City (i,. ,.n.: : onrmly
now en roulf-, ....;,,]. Prate house on Wyoming avenue, where erxiirity by oi;,,,i alnoi ive mi- t" cn '--ijinco, tie c,,n::eria l issouri. Arkansas, in.,:an '.l'l't-lorny.
No place in Florida o it is presumed and hoped their life may lt strt l te c ionship of this country wi 4 40 p.mILv Jacksonville Ar 10 302 a.
presents more or greater attractions to a continuous one of happiness without ut on te last stretc th1 clorse. 8 15 Ar Eva ett Lv 742 n
pre more or greater attractions its shadow oer their cnseq ce of the Valkvrie's r i-e that struggle a l:ig ti;o i"e i12:00 n'n '" Birmingham8 2:55 p.i
the homeseeker than does the picturesque path as they j.... .'s d ,,,. ich sn d in th. A s nd are as vet but the SOUTH ANDV EST FLOR
villageof Parker, on East Bay. Every road The Buov a .,,,.-'t rlu ... ,, ).
*, ,i, tl 'h,. VN .I 'es (c:' e niiiiim g nations viii be o.., .. .1 ,:
dollar invested there is sure to multiply sight and promises not to be so thought- I I,' '' a na t tah i
many fold, and the investment can hardly less next time. IT-a
-,',ss text time. .,1; i. '" "'2 l': t; 'i mill 4,
be otherwise than a good one. W. H iheui-.,' t, r I'. 7 7 ,1.,.- r-
Parker will take pleasure in showing any- Tax Sale Pd n was victornlus xi1 ix t'' : ai is,' Sit(a im 150.m. Gai
one around, no matter whether they lbux X OS r Therein was te he s t el : 00P sonn' CedaI
or not. By order of Comptroller Bloxham, raven'l disstisfaction. i a s ial "p'.. lipm 126pm Iath
r ,.aven's dissaiti sfactiol). ,lo. i.. 1.6 pm 4 Cit.ra
-The persistent advertiser is tle and approval of G,,vernor Mitchell For fot years ELgh vachlts hlose tiat .v ..... 3 pm Silveor
one who, in the end carries offthe cream the sale of lands for de-linquent ave been crossing that a t, ex- irndstri., and eonmmrc iil ... u, *
of the trade, anid V. Hl. Shands, tIhe Par- is t[,)a, (! 4 2o am "; J7 , -
of the trade, and W. propo Shads the Palking tor- taxes is postponed until y, e of ate, i- Its scce o te of so- Its scess these linke. i, c j 4, .. ..
ker ct propose t o ; ep tin t Nov. 4; hence the publication of i:,; ,t sa il in and it but th. co pexr .-.
I he i,...le th roghi Ithe columns of til o i. 4dir'e A 6 ii 1 tg. .
bt., and if the are )iar tlhey will t.,k, l. t i._ ,d.flei :l t., lt. 1 n , : .. '

tti.at tlIe mo t r a o a i r' le .. I

bla.r o ,' t' I.- .rim art ii. p:rtn iot liis an<- i err lil' hnie: l "'litte i s. l, i..,t I .. ii .. -- i i 1 '' *' xl i ,
-.I"I-- I--i t h e " "

"tret Vo Vei10on, in thp hIln l Vall and I . Sefield, of Blake'ly. Jul. lu 7i i he e C -.r will take charge of it at once. the vr- n 1245am 3 37 pm
,o o, also F. L. Sheffield and C. F. angl- e x chnce 3r eithr tno Sai r. A .... v. Air Lok .:er. 4 32 n i
A somewhat remarkable catch -q2axn of Cedar Sp'inxgs sa nt a. i n",, sa_ ,-, o ' 5 i "'. .i-
a y l at'w e k *by n a n o f C e d a r S p r in ...t,;],, , i .,] ,' . i ,, :,i :, o 's. '. . ::,, . .. " ' '-' i- ^ I "
of mullet was made one day last week by i .tl, th "all 11 00 rn Penac
R. W. Willcox arid Van B. Bailey. Mak- arrived in St.l Andrews.l Friday night'. ceaing Bttles, ot .. ... ,, L. .athe, 'pF ;v ,g and 30 am .. Mo
ehar,*,= e h,- ri ,.' ,1 i:rtm ,t e } } ,1 .. ] c .- t. ',, .. . S t P at 1.7 3
ing a strike in Lake Huntington they where they intend to speid a week in .It is s ,.Cin cBtsa physician, how 1 pr.. at one's 1. -luck. Thiogh Pta'n s]cpers ato i
captured, together with otIher fish, five enjoying thie many pleasures the Bay many people persist in cleaning b.tl1 a pcr, oc'ns r. t to tIhi _t Daily oont Sunday. e Connuctio an
mullet, the aggregate weight of which was affords. with shot after-tho frequent cautions L t mien UV L :r'* we. .x C. "p' rx..'ii Riverad Key West and Havana stea
twenty-nine pounds, the largest one of that have been given. N'.:. tng cleans ix tho i.. :.-- 1, AirL n none but Conne.cts at Ta.aha,:ee for St. .ks
the five weighing within a fraction of Chester own o ew o sto, les so easily as a handful of shot, :- .1 light to .... their move- at River Junction for C! .. ... liv
eight ounds The remarkable feature ho xas been visiting St. Andrews which can be shaken into every corner rupm- rd onP- tL air that is pumped nosassa. All 1) ': ir u.i11i be ci
eight pounds Tmhe remarkable featc ure unl the glass fairly h with clean- L e. ill sti be sold at the Ty ket ,
of the catch is apparent when it is re- f some weeks past, left Tihrsday unt the glass fairly i with clean, it ticket o .
membered that the mullet seldom reach- for n exte nded tour through is great oven when the bottle is rinsed wold h.a. o .ily to work for ai shor" t N. S. P :N 0 (n 'x.:
ei a we eight to exceed two-aud-a-ha o Florida. He expects to return to out with clean water, and it is doubly to in a d r' nit, a cion cr an
ar pounds; o ut t~b(,s otofollows0" NV 1thsnl 4b ii:o r.i : ll-'num s]oopo ; acbsonvi;

three pounds; but those big fellows this place again in October. dangerous when there is no rinsing out air lck, ge tt:g tate of what it is -- ~ "
seem to have congregated in a bunch for at all, as is usually the case. Clean lileo and ho it f.c-, o bo cured f-srev-'
-Amot evie ryoenys, who has bethat have bthis given. the gues of E os twhich de mus\-ith none ba r dalned tlkut I> y ,'crk entp' f. t d,

the especial good fortune of Messrs. Bai- on olin and wife o Chiply sand is a convenient and thorough bot- Cr of grambuin-, nthtir lot and to thank
lev aid Wilcox. wer een visiting at. t. Andrews a few tle cleanser, especially as the particles thcir laicy an ia that it has been or- I c
of the catch is apparentys this week, the guests of Ed. of sand which adhere must beafterward daned thAt t-y k on top of the
S-A hl a mostwo ab ISit everybody who has be washed out to complete the process. er-th. Theo vo: of a oivenr, Lis sen a-
come interested in St. Anidrews wouldhi Smit at Mrs M.J. Corby's. he is When time is not an object, a bottle ti is whlo I:ao cy to a nier d hi experi-
like to possess a map of tie town an- conl- lut in a pleasant day at the Gulf can be well cleansed bythe, aid of potato ei- as hrav cton en, a -imotten about, COMME ,
tigous country. To all such we would say beach. parifigs, but as they must be corked in bt that for one dollar sent to us we call fur and left to ferment the plan is nos t ex air -r, .t:' : t. N, f h c not -i ..
,a. .peditious enough for qeneral use.- face 1 0 -a r LCo :g i;ps and
nish them an excellent large map of the HE PAST guarantees the future -- Pius eu fr m l, a' L Civ-r, stiis down ,
town with the lots angrd public places cor It is not what wesay, but what loiir, l; v.- i'.rl, 1 ls gratd au-
rectly located. we Hood's Sarsaparilla does, that tells the g cle rs si tech as te p- on of bilod and o
have also a sectional map embracing noe story. Remember HOOD'S CURES andwh Iherrmta bleTired aild tl- !:i( i' i C: tho chng of tR W IT
only the town proper, but all the land, t cs a t. -lf hisSn-
disposed of by the Cinci nuati Company A new Steaimer Wanted. "I Was No Good on Earth." a.1 T I r f Epti'-t Cnbrie Offers His Profeesio nai Services t
and while lots and blocks are not shown Mobile Register Sept. 11. --- is ar : l: d mostn SurrOndii
itis an easy matte to get their location- The steamer Gulf City arrived f rom Dr. Miles' Nervine strengthens a r l aidoftpoato :es .1ve c.t *1i. I- 1i i.l.2.-. ---in ai
tigous country. To all such e oud s bac parif, but as they mut bo Corked in bi tle:k : inc b:oII:ir Ioct -Io caissond-

by the use of this map. One dollar buys Apalachicola Saturday night twi th e weak, i builds ip To a :reporter h talk- b!od
either mau; or either will be givenas a 352 barrels of turpfitine v nch xee dow constitution, and permanently e f e of 1 nations, dage rs a air. i is rm n ar a man i apt to sur-
premiumfor five cish in advance subl tritxcures every kind of nervous disease. -'l. I.ru--!('cs. stid that, while a man f or fr.um stagnait. (.f thi rrl:,odl and
crsnler drsciarged at tie foot of Canal About one d ;,: e the surface of th earth paralysis, caused by the change of at-
isstreet. Tho Gulf City came up to with nervousness,ood Oni Eal.s :r.Nes ;, L i: an i .r cf :o~ric pressure of 15 Iosphere. Besides this a man may be
-The Loyal Tmxperance Legion the wharf at the foot of St. Francis Seings 8ti"ofmyh egs, -u to the inl"Ch. na in the locks attacked in the head or stomach with
-The Loyal Tbirxpemixce Legion t 8r gistr tin omzif mu k ,? I par ssa.ro of Iron- 15 to 50 pounds severe pains. Three out of five oases
meets evrey Sundayaftenoon at 2 o'clock street yesterday, where she is await- sato ne of cirfd air, acorn o the wer the hea an stoah are atta
-The St. Andrevws Bay Y. P. S. ing orders. Captain Sharit says the Weighted down with. care and de.'G T1') ravice- proC ulnI ever wcrk- ed result fatally.
C. E. had on the 15th, as they say in this charter of tle Gulf City will expire worry. Completely lost appetite ed urdi.r r v,' bone by five divers on Another severe maladyresultingfrom
part of eoutryaigt sniat meet- And felt my vitality wearing out, the Sw i coat-GO poandis. Four f the change is what called the bends.
Sthe cue of this map. One dolart u soon aid does not think it will be was weak, irritable an tired, then died five niuts after coming out. This is the air getting in betwn th
ing" and I was gratified to see so many in enewed. The trade has incr-eaed My weight was reduced tr t60ly b.,e Wilo as a inral thing the div r flesh and the rone. Itisn xtremtelypain-
attendance-it is encouraging. Two new In fact I was no good, on earth. stands not nearly that amount of pries- ful and so severe that a quart of whisky
members came forward to be added to the antil the vessel is too small to handle A friend brought sure and seldom stays down mor than administered in half an hour would not
ciNro ll, and more are knocking at the door, it. He is nol neg atng fr t w us, the men in the Hudson river intoxicate the e patient. The stagnation
to come in. Some say we are breaking i-charter of tihe steamer Frank Wood s, ling Facts," and & egtunnel st'od a pressure of from 45 to and paralysis are thl worst dangers
up and the Young People's Society of the xiic is o the St Lxre river finally deciddoe 46-, pounds and worked in four hour and do tho work quickly. Many mcn
Christian Endeavor will be dismembered. 'hich is on the, St. Lwece rver to try a bottle of s hbifts. Some men staid down 20 hours have been keeled over by these causes,
C--Thri LoEal n rperle d Legione buat fears ixe ill be too late to get D h. MILES' Re- o ru, at a stretch, but did not work all the and not a few die. Old timers at the
Don t believe it; coSundame and see or your- H tlere sh is a orative Nervine. time, and Superintendent Haskins once business sometimes get caught. Mr.
selves. It you don't want to talk, help us tvss sse e says te peop Before Ihad taken staid down 24 hours. The sensations whapier himself was twich attacked.
with the singing. We miss our leader in Apalachicola are building a hnew one bottle I could w\ experienced are peculiar. When a man The remedy for this paralysis is a quick
si. giE. hadg- Prof. Lipes with his strong river steamer on ithe Chittahoocll expie y Io leasa l ost p fiet rst steps in, there is a tingling in the return to the air lock. The effect of the
voice; lso Mr. Richard Post, both of river and he has been praised 1,000 appetite returned g ears and a pain in the head, and when pressure varies on animals, as is shown
g"whom left u ws gra few weeks ago to work in eneed. greatly increased. he talks it is apparently through the by the mules used in the Hudson river
other fields of labor. The former gentle- bauntiels ot rosin asel i tpeoo sti tor henhandlIad tae teA friend brought bottle nose. This is caused by the pressure, tunnel. Soe of those beasts are kept
roll, andmore are knocking at the door, it. He isinov negotiating hfor tee meoDw.fMilas'nbook,do

man will return in four or five months Mobile each trip. Besides hs, St. weiht increase to ., and the remedy i the nose, at work down blow for a year, and ation
to c in. ome say e are breaking chapter of t, sensationsimny legs was gone nd close the mouth and blowfagainst the being brought up are worth more than
the other we may notl see for a long time, Andrews bay is giviLg the hive a sy nerves d teaidd ied e letely; ears. This relieves the pain and stops when they woer taken down. Others
he being now at college. The topic dis- good freight and a turpenxine orchard My memory was fully restored, the sensation. Whouoie pressure is all that had only bhon in the works four
cussed was from Neh. 6: 1-12; "i ow w is contemlated there. He says re ra boe oe on, the worker means all right and expe- months bad to be killed.
mato yt at a stretch, but did not work ahl the and not a few dee. Old timers at the

may help the ItSunday school and get help iu s been forced to leave freight at. Dr. Mies estorative Nervine t riencesno uprinto. Then there is a The men as a gtim eral thing do not
from it." It was ably handled by a great A great medicine, I assure you." sort of ,9 ilaratio and a man does remain a great many years at the busi-
many and it showed we are getting w 11 Apalachicola on each trip and this, Augusta, Me. WALTER B. BURBANK. Imore W6rk in the lock an he could do ness, and a man should never work at
up in debate. Don't stay away ext Sun- of course, does the trade no gd. Dr. Nervn on a ihours.. Thesensat it after h is 40 years of age Cutting a
with the singing. e is ri i i Another peculiar thing ainut the ac- hole and uipalacicol ae building a w one bottle Icouldtunnel throughwa-

day, for we are going to have "Our Chris- The Gulf Cit may make one mr e l druggists ell it at S"6 : ";.a ,r :,'-; firth p er i a tinhing i nt the r t The effecl toif l thro1 g ai i
arm Errar pedge-its jo, it r- u u s a r it will be sent, prepaid, on rc.' r i.pri, tion of the pressure is that a an may ter is an extremely difficult thing and
10ytian Endeavor pledge-s joys, its re- p in the head, and when pressure varies on animals, as is shown

,,--b-------- .oh -a iu bythe[Dr.bMiesMedical Co., E~ t n have liquor enou gh aboard whe peout-. by many was thought to be impossible.

q ..re .... t ilke. hover. icboar weou forby an as th t-aht ttre e impossile

quiremnts" talked over. Eel- 5: 1-r. ,cured for the trae t r Mjles' Ne ine salo ide to just ak him feel jolly, t I Still itwas done in the case of the 1iid-
Miss Lora Fenton will lead. We begin at when he steps into the lock he is a son river tunnel, and the method, as
4 p m.. sharp, but come earlier if you and Florida steamship line will dis- Resto es Health drunk as a loon. The danger lies in Iold by Mr. Rapier, is very interesting.
clinaba-at 3:30. F. T. BRowN. continue business, Pain has no nhow with Tr. m T,, D,. i. im. coming out of the pressure into.the.Qpen T ha.work on the tunnel hald tirogresscdl

.ImI. 2:3U I i dv a il.
1145 p in 8 "
6 40 8:45 "
8 30 a.m 8 p.m.
Nos. 35 and 36 solid vestibule to and
s to. and from Jacksonville.
s, Chicago, Sioux City.
6 a m, 11::4, p.m. Leave Atlanta.
50 pm, 7:20 a.m. Holly Springs.
55 1:35 p.m. Chicago.
r,' a.m. 8:00 " Sioux City.
nd Jacksonville. Sleepers through Chi-
: but one change.
*r Jacksonville to holly Springs; Holly
i 10:00 p.m Ar Memphis Lv 5:20 #.m
9:15 a.mn iz? 1-61: A :0 --P
; nl^ i wKa-af:4AtX' 10:30 a.n
, ORLEANS. Daily, exceptas noted.
.i..L~ Ar 5 25 pm
.,,. ....,- --
.t am 212 pin

;vile 1202 pm 1152 am
Key 740 am
orne 245am 12 44pm
a "2 02 am 12 16 pm
: 1134am
"' mmF103am 1119a

" 105 am 11 19 am
7 G am
. 1140 pm 10 18nu
11 n.]i5 pm 9:, ..;i
* :* 1.. I li ] li.x:
- I 'mr 7 i:.' ;
-- ;,.

.iru n).) il xi -

* in iI~'f. ~ i~i ii LI 'x~~

"'' 'i 32
: 1* i i 3 I .. i
0 41 am ;i i -I r'cr
,- 2 15 am 8 15am
cy ] 17 aln
eon 1 35 am
C a 7 25 pmn
11' I am
1'h to New Orlears. m
at Tampa for St. P.-:':i. i:.:. cMarnati
mners. At Waldo. steamer for .r ".
Carrabelle and Apalachico'a, (_'.,r:ne.-t
er steamers. Connects at Ocala for Ho-
lhecked from Union Depot. Tickets
, 202 Hogan st., as well as at the Union
eet, enrner Hogan, Jacksonville, Fla.
ai. O. ).AJ Id>ONELL,Gen. PIa;. Ag.*

8-- -


. JM^' .

!'SMrwrt d Purity",


o the Citizens of St. Andrews and
ng Country.
ri*fir-. Vi;t. :veue at night.

until a body of vwa:iei was struck. Howv
to turn.-I tihrog;:h th:s b hlo of watur
was a puzzling question. It was done in
this way. A so c',lloa balloOrM wan con-
structed by mra.king a netting of wire
rope and covering this netiitng with can-
vas. The interior of the balloon wag
then filled with lnurj clay and : b::lt hay.
When fill:d, th b::.!cuon, 80 feet in
diameter, ...;i:,,h. .1 140 tons. The hole
of water was thnci located, and vi;h the
aid of a hui:n t, am-dce:rick the balloon
was dropped in to the ho!e. Thio several
scowlo.: so o' dirt wv vro dumped down
on to tie ballocn, and the whole thing
was left to bottle.
At the cnd of ten days the work of
cutting thror;gh toh balloon was begun.
This was a very difficult job. An idea
of what hard cutting it was may be
gained from the fact that it took two
months to dig through the 80 feet. The
plates and brick were going in as the
work progressd.--Boston Herald.
"We know no klug. no God. no master, wel"
What woni r when your pa:,iuns kjmw no
When morbid. moonstrnclk, measureless van-
The mock c.f nti.ons. whirl you fot-r
Toward thu stop duum of downfall and diaa-
SA ruin deeper than thr, unfathomed .ea?
Vainglorio-.i f '.,. your thr.:nic rage is valnl
Birth royal ri ii tlrr,.'a itt, as )irnawn ror lirain,
And natural right thrunca hhigh abovt, your
Of silly moutlh and uiaws, whoso h(inder
The froth r1f irndividlu.! Ipotience
Stirs t..o rirHiniul rg,-: thnt fain would rob
The sun of riaht to 'hine in Ln avren, 1f thence
Absinthe n, rv.s might thrill and pothous@
pnIls.-s thrub. .

arda Ca Q^iild PenIB nsular

l A._ I L 1 T O A. D_-

New Flori and Northorn Air Line and Florida
Time Taih! in Llrect, April 21, i 95.

For Northern Points.-Leave .Ti;.:l-i,,.vi:1.-8:45 a.m., (Slundaly only : 4:10 p,m.
(daily except -rlihl ); 9 30 a.m., 5 4,, pm. 7 00 am. Arrive l Icks' .nville 10:30 a.
in., 9 20 p.m., 8:45 a.m.,2 43 p.m., (daily except Sunda1y); :.:' p1.m., I Sundays only )
Leave Yuleo 9:55a.m., (.-a miai. (.,l.. ': -i:,,m., ., (daily except Sunday): 10:30
a.m., 6:36 p.m., 7:42 a.m. Arrive Yulee 9:40 a.m., 8 :0 p.m., 7:50 a. in. 1 -10 P m.
(daily except Sunday): 5 30 p m (Sunday only.)
Arrive Fernandina 10:10 a.m., (Sundays only); 5:25 p.m.. (daily except. Sun-
day); 11 15 a m, 7 p m (daily except Sunday). Leave I u5 a.m., 7 15 a..m 1 p m.,
S(daily except Sunday); 4:50 (Sundays only.)
Arrive Everett 8:15 p.m., 9:40 a.m., 7 42 a.m.. 6 40 p.m.
Arrive Savannah 10:06 p.m.,1 1:22 a.m.., Leave5:55 a.m. 4:44 phn. 10 14p in.
11 30 a m. Arrive 5 46 a m., 4 34 p m, 10 55 a m.
A arrive Fairfax, S. C., 6.15 p.m.,12 17 a.m., 1 24 p.m. Leave 3:50 am., 2:32
p.m., 8:25 a.m.
Arrive Augusta, Ga. 9:30 p.m. 6:30 a.m.Leave 8:40 p.m., 7:15 a.m.
Arrive Denmark, S. C., 7:30 p.m., 1:04 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Lave 3:5 a.m., 146
p.m., 7.10 a.m.
Arrive Columbia, S. C., 2 40 a.m. 3:45 p.m. Leave 1:30 a.m., 12 10 a.m.
Arrive Charlotte, N. C., 7 a.m., .'.:2c 11 p.m. Leave 11:0.5 p.m. 8 40 a.m.
-Arrive Salisbury, N. C., M7 a.m., 9:37 p.m. Leave 7:3:1, a.m.
Arrive Creoisboro, N. C., 10:15 a.m., 10 48 p.m. Leave 7 47 p in. 6:04 a.m.
Arrive 1)anvile, Va., 11:04 a.m., 12 p.m., Leave 6 10 p.m., 4.45 a.m.
Arrive Richmond, Va., 2 05 a.m. Leave .2:.;: a.m.
Arrive Lynchburg, Va., 1 45 p.m., 1 53 a.m. Leave 2:49 a m.
Arrive Charlottesville, 4 04 p.m., :<:'" :i.n.. Leave 2 27 p m, 1:03 a.m.
f Arrive Washington, 8:30 p.m., 6 42 a.m. Leave 11 15 a.m., 10:U5 p.m.
Arrive Baltimore, 11:25 p.m., 805 a.m. Leave .:4-2 a.m., 8:37 p.m.
Arrive Philadelphia, 2..-,, a.m.. 10 25 p.m. Leave 7:'l ai.m., 5:35 p.m.
Arrive New York, 6:20 a.m., 2-:: ,..:.. Leave 12~:r"a.m., 3:20 p.m.
Trains 35 and 36 solid Bet ween Jacksonville and Charlotte.
Pullman sleepers to Tampna. Jacksonville and New York on Nos. 37 and 38.
Eleg'aint Tnijrough .)Day Conuciles Jo:l-'. onville to *W:-slilngtuol, ou
No. 37 and 38.
Tiroll(ii Sleepers Between Jacksonville and New York.
CINCINCINNATI-JACKSONVILLE. Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Louid-
Svili, Nalshville, Indianapolis.
Leave Jacksonville 7 a.m., 5 40p.m. Arrive 10 30 a.m., 9 20 p.m.
Arrive Everett 815 p i. Leave 7:42 64(0 "
I I I.. -( 9. 11 i( 1 onV 1 -




II- -- -- - --.-.---- -----.- -

i',. "-

'Th'ursday, Sept. 19, 18I ..

ugTar, I dT lb Tin, V I
Granulated .... I,; He No....... j5
Coinef.A i Gunpuowder.. 8
Lt brown. ..... 5 UI cold J.i. *,
",)nnL'c. CIond milk, -'
Green. '12 1 it 5 Uinswe etii'a. lt l;.-' .i
Bron nndl .*2 :.:it 30 S % ekiened .I'l 1 *' 5
Jinii -r snai p .. 1) B.ikintg po"lder
3rn.. k>; , ..tI.i .i' Ru. *al ..... 5*
r~ol'acco, plug 0.11O(I U l -II l IL:!-.
taisina CiiiiiCed fruit
London lavers.. 15 l' e chie. .c i. l. !'-l.I
Valencia ... .. p 1 "' T omat o ... 5Il.
li c .. .... .... 7 A pples ........ 1i
apples l':Irs ......... I
Evaporated .1 *. i Pritlt, ...... 5
1 ried Peaches S A pricot........ '25
30al Oil pir al ... 15 Stra l'er ries... 20
n6olhiic .... Pil i.plde .... 20
lorida Syruip.. 5 50 CaniL-il Me .it
loney .... ..l.. 0 RI.tLt iBeef.. 1 5. .i ?.
iIegrcarI ....... 30 CO n1 d e.f 15f.-'
- -- :lucee pr tb....l.(i Chipped Beef.. I
Butter......... 30 Lobster ....... 20
Lnrd ........ .1 Salmon... .. 15
lieaii. .......... Canned Vegetables
LCocL-nu!t kg.., I" Baked Beans... 15
Fiuit Pnddiie 10 Corn.......... 15
Jelly, gl.ss . 15n! Peas.......... 15
Limer Jce...... 50 Pumpkin...... 15
Eggs pi'r duo.. 15

__~~ ~______~ _~ _~_ ~_~~__

theil 1. I'


July 27 1



95 To ; C Ol i.a; i... ..............................
d i. il'l. -tale fund................... ... .
d from W. U. Tel. Co ......................
do) from A. Q. Jones. .... ................
rant, No.
.8I5 By .arrant to J. A. Parish.............. 421
do Samuel Jones.............. 422
do R. S. Russ.............. 423
do E.N. Everitt............. 424
do G. B. Bush,.............. 425
do James L. Miller............ 42
do D. G. Nixon .......... ... 4-2
do W. C. Lockey............. 423
do do ............... 429
do W. N. Seats ............. 430
(10o F.M. Russ............... 431
do C. E. Day... .............. 4:32
do L. L. Charles............. 433
do do ............ 434
do do ............. 435
do C. C. Bock ................ 4,36
do Edw L. Schell............. 437
do J. A. Bui.............. 438
do Nellie C. Hasselborg......... 4:
do W. T. Horne............. 440
do L. L. Pratt............... 441
do Kittie Holmes............. 442
do J. B. Lockey, jr........... 413
do S. A. Gainer ............. 444
do T. J.'Roulhac.............. 445
do 0. B. Roche .............. 446
do E. B. Speight............... 447
do J. D. Parish.............. 448
do do .......... ....... 449
do H. Bush................... 450
do do ......... .. ..... 451
do J. C. Edwards.............. 452
do J. G. Parish.............. 453
do Wm. A. Emmons.......... 454
do T. C. Jojnes................ 455
do A. J. Dean.............. 456
do W. R. Miller ............. 457
do J. A. Hurt............... 458
do P. J. Godwin .............. 159

,i ,ill

20:1j 1
2.' III

. I

20 I., '
40 i '

" 0 .III
:a1,1 l

1, 00
2 00
20 I

25 00
25 00

11 50
70 08
9 50
12 00
13 30
11 70

Flour Prb'"'1 24 0o uu 25
Flou rI P o rk 24 a o C tU ............. 1- ,, .
S 0 N '. 2, 00 MesIc pr lb......8 24 do W. B. Lassitter ............ 461 1 25
Favorite .... 4.>51 Il',ll Sides.. 9 24 do D. D. Miller .............. 462 25 (0
oL'n Me.l pr bu 5 Fresl ...... 8a10 24 do do ...... .........463 25 0 )
a Meal pr 11. 5 Br'kl't Bacon..1 24 do G. B, Bush ........... 44 340
jr'llnlu.r u .....75 Ham c .aivassed 14 24 do James L. Miller.......... 465, 2 75
Potatoes Si uld ..... 10 24 do D. G. Nixon .............. 466 5 30
Ilrish .....1.;l Bvf 24 do W. C. Locey ............ 467 40 00
Earl% R'se qecd I. l _',l'lL1........ 8 24 do J. D. Parish ............... 468 3 50
Sw,.et....... .75 Fresh. 24 do T. J. .obley .............. 469 2 45
.ilt, l.r sack .. 1.00 Dried......... ..'5 To amt outstanding...... ......... .............. 278 59
'l, 1......... 5 Mfilk pr qt ..... 10 $9 2 $96
H ARDR \VA RE. $94 6 964 62
N:lils per t .4a4 Ax,with handle. 1.00 G. B. BU9SH6, Ch'n.
Manil ropel2a Hoes, each...3a0 W.C. LOCKEY, Sec'y and Co. Spt.
'tovsi cook,..,.Lt-'S Copper paint, can 50
Pipe, joint.18a2o Linseed oil, gal. 80
DRY GOODS, oARMDALE. Pon't Toacbco Spit, or Smlloke
Your Life Away.
Prints, per yd.. 5a8 Ginghams .... 8al0o Your Life Away.
PIt, per yd... 5 Flann .....orrosonence of the BuoY. The truthful, startling title of a hook
, uSlill... .. .. 9all Thread per spool. 5 Everything is quiet. about a o-t..-l. 1,' i 1I.' 1, I, li' .
Jeans.......25a200 Shoes; ladies.$1a2 75 A change ill the guaranteed t..l.i.c,,-lt'al7it A:u. Il ,,
Extrapants Iat 25 Men's. .. 1 40a300 .i l c .. ,-
MISC I.L.ANEOUS. it tn/ I nii ....,lin i
Hay pr cwt.... 1.31 Oats pr 1)u....... I;l m kI. .
Brlnl.......... 1.25 Brick pr M ......- i In h l
Rape Sisal ...10@ 12 Lime pr ;;l...... ;5 hIiii.l al(l. : Il t ue.'ki' \viit :llill'im -ILl-L i, I ', 'it
FRUIT and NUTS. ,: -,,
Ornnges pr doz. Peca s pr lb. 1 L aIt .;*' aol fi[,..n. lN. L-'. ..
Le ,ln. .......... lnu . . .- i, i i n-,d l; o .W ir oin. I,, .1. -0 D N
I YSTERS "I i-l ,- tih G l l g .
.In shell 1,01l 1.351 Opened pir qt ..-i. \ . \ ... t I hi- -
1 LlV Ev 1: OCK. IC L
1' ---t LIVE ,OK. that RECONCILED.
HoJr.-c:cs.. 11,0.if0 ,,ows.".... l. .15.43i ", ,,_.-i s. ....Ih;it .. ,,,t Il -h .., -------l: e
a1lu-ic l Ilogs. ... $3 ..- r L J. 1" cri. .1 the weeping rose.
il., pr )'" ', : ii" 1' .t "1 Il ll 1 H. .h. Me I ..luia from this dear bower!
'i 'li l r 's 11 he." ,1 HertF''. rc ,-I w. i in sunand shower;
C- ,a.kX-,li .-l I .i ( ..- .. - .T' i k, Hon ;v.ali h, |l lnere let ,-,, from b d to flower;
,.. ... 'C[ T ... ..1 i,, i," It tT aa s Woopn x ~nybloom repose."

N.) Uop. D.' nw ur at
S Jrl ,,_..- .1 .. -- "-*,,=v *- .-. ', ," *, ,,,.t' i. i. "- t hi~l' f "*l tj ,O r, il, i.-',,_ ,' .

SP.,,,, ,. ,,- " " ., MI .... .
.......................................... ..t.,.,..............er r
.l .i I LI .1 .. .i.. D .. r.,,,I, Ill U' l ITI'l-.i.La i
....n.!. I. : ...;' :.; -f her heart.
l< ,Uv. Ohi, ., r .. pj .part.!
C', o.0 Ctoiling. ~ol. Chipleyat Aial:tit:a. Hcro tli. 1 I'' 1' would I .-p:~ .
$'.6 lt, '' IIi .41 .00 H.eart, i ni ...1 (1i.0 T Allta Cule~tl l () -Ctcme t IC '.* New York L.-J It r
Ytee ... 14 Face .. 14.00 11 A ta C titti o u
ap 1.,00 Sop ... I.00 Iy si1: -t ----.-._
lhop.ilil,., Clapboards, D ,t c, ,, [5 tT
ei fal t n 1'.(00 e ix6 | !i .. o.O 1 ), i the M
S ** 1:2.00 Finishing lu!m- ,,i.' ffoo: $ ,; rivd ,,r ti,. SCOT.
Butt llni.erl.,' >I, 12 ber, d .. $1 .1100 fi'st time yestcr'r.t y irniinig, anl CAIIBBI GESTIVi-a
He. l ...liuie'- 2.50 Lalth,i na -... :.0 l)0 oigii tiup a vast assoirtmenit of top- "-
S,,p 1.50 Boat lun ber, ical .I '.-s. OiP R i
dr.-- 00 1:0 P
oloiel Chipley is ils. tl la, l-- ...
eo0 -S H aPk0r s jn- conmW Iissioi r ,of the gL-,,,'v-ill & Positi vel,, .I -:.-'-.. ., or.the ;,.,.-
eo stacker & O J Naslville rosa, and tlie display l, me.t o -- -
I P AT P n C l ,rinrg comelts frol eight counties of Nervous Exhaustion,
fH l .. P(V.' II e-t Fl,,, da. HI, has been assign- .. ..
151nni I il



Sash, Doors, Blinds

Building 1Material.
Window and Fancy Gilass a
Spet5' %ty.

Our Clubbing List.
TI'e B1.101 has nade very lilIPra clubi -
Ibin- arrangements wilth a 1.l '-, C the %.-r%'
1t6t. publications in tlie country a niid tir
tile priv.alllt can sical bur at wlh W .%itar
I he Florida Citizon, weekir, for.6. $1 I5
Farmer and Fruit G rower ... N 55
Flotida Agriculturist "i ...5
do clul'* ot 5, earh I', .. 2 25-7
Farm Joiii*1i11 Pihia'Va, wiolil I III
I ncitin III ; E w IlIIi I ---I- t 1, if-Iv it 1 --LI
III j CI l . I t I I -FllI ;.

a ll .)I k. to 1 -,


A J~

Nv? li

. Vl Is 11 411 'Wi1- 111* 1-:" Is'. I I

t il 1 ;:I, i f- 1: it % ill IsI_ ,

!4,rklolt. JAS- P. FO FILL. .Ilt

ed three hllniain. feet in the noith
end ir.f the agiiculturall building,
ladjael t to the li,'ptlay (o1r Arkatnsas.
T h l.a l ii.-.' i. la a.. t ..,,. -.,.l 1 ..". -1 -

miunpi iianu laggralvated forms of
Dyspepsia and Palpitation of the

Sli c l>nnelllllls IlLtlesenlltl are banlta ---o--
PRsa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Doos your food sour after eating? Are
Jack.si, Calhoun and Franklin. you easily confused and excited? Do you
S Oranges, bananas, lemons, pains get up in the morning tired and unre-
freshed, and with a bad taste i, the mouth?
and all other tropical growths have Is the-e a dull, cloudy sensation, at-
been brought up from the Laud of tended by disagreeable feelings in tbe
Flowers.. The display of Dade head and eyes?
county is made separate from West Are you irritable and restless?
Florida, but it is equally attracie Does your heart thump and eause you
oda, butt is equally attractiveto gasp for breath after climbing a flight
and interesting, of Ftairs0
Does it distress vou to lie on he left
Everywhere we go we find some one how side?
has been cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It Have you impaired memory, dimness ol
is the greatest curative agent. It is the vision, depression. of mind and gloomy
A ea at forhbodings?
one great pJraur and blood ionic. These symptoms mean that you are suf-
Hood's Plls for tlhe liver and bowels, fearing from Dyspepsia and Nervous Ex-
act promptly yel cli'ectively. haustion.
Theie is no other remedy extant that
A "I has done so much fcr this class of trou-
A ]:RdAP bles as

Of the Citv of St. Andrews, Scott's Carbo-
Gotten up with great care by the Dig stive Compound
publisher, who has spared no pains Digetve mp und
to prepare for the public a map of
St. Andrews as it really is. It shows If your case has resisted the usual
about methods of treatment we are particularly
OUR MILES OF T LNE anxious to have you give this Compound
Fxtending eastward from Dyer's We guarantee relief in every case and
Point, taking in the Old Town site of will cheerfully refund your money should
St. Andrews, and gives location of our reniedv fail to produce the most grat-
ifyinig results.
public business places, private resi- Please remember that the appellation
dences, docks, etc., also every lot in Patent Medicime does not apoly io
each block and the adjoining addi- Scott's Carb-Digestive Compound
tion t' the Cincinnati Company's It is a prescription put up by a leading
land, with a full description of the physician who has made stomach and
same. nervous troubles a specialty for years.
The Map will show owners of lots We court investigation and earnestly
in the city just where they are lo- urge all physicians to write us for the
cated, and is of value to those think- formula of Scott's Carbo-Digestive Com-
pound, which we will mail on application,
ing of buying property. that they may satisfy themselves of' its
Size of Map 30x50 Inches. harmless character ard excellent virtues.
'rhe BUOY will send this map to any Scott's Carbo-Digestive Compound
address on the receipt of
OadM s o t e Is the most remarkable remedy that sci-
0 N E D L A R ce --has produced. It has succeeded
Or gi cr. as a premium for 5 yearly where all other remedies have failed.
cash sul-scriptions. Sold by druggists (. tr) L 'u-..
$1."0 peir bottle. ...s
SAAN" e Sent to auy address in America on're-
MAALIGNIAI ceipt of price.
S Disases CURED without the ule of Don't forget that we cheerfully refund-
ine, Question'Blank and Book free. Call
or write DI H. B. BUTTS, your money if results are not satisfac
8V Pi' otne. St1 L5olS. 6O*. ory.
Order direct if your druggist does no
PARKER'S have it.
HAIR BALSAM Address all orders to
Cleanses and beautifies the hair.
Promotes a luxuriant growth. fThninl in
Never1 Fails to eRestore a
Hair to its outhful Color. l i
Cure scalp diseases hair falling.
*.,o,nd1.00at Drggis rT1O P:EK1A:E? AA.S

* Ir

-' 14 T `'2
I~ -r -

FTI -, --) GOf.-

r uI z U*.*.'ie, 'ay-
'l .~~ina : t;' r:. l t'a :aadi ', torO
15a.ryt, 'rl l I g n' onk tl to Mi..

HoRan in W h'. t he 1-'' t phlO I"pbpprt.and
,r .t:un.:i' r 1-F tll v vi-_ 5. l)'w l cdispen sa-
ti. ,,. 'IhI.1i; fn 'rml I its-priii-
j f und i til ii1 bears
t- ho ao of a -. r-.-,.. ..min, tho
7n- AM-. I.. ind. Ia n i '' c., tnioyed ill

hrom to Curi~e Y(siii5(. jI* V'f l1

uis drliy man I i :i. i, ', ::.,i splendid repu- U.i ft.
tatiln which now :r;, .n.o to i:i; had The -!r,':, ,... habit grow':s ou a man
only th-r :' r '* of nnmner :. ito.:, notvcas system i (only af-
ited pr.,: i .- . .:iedship of fected, impairing health, oomfio-t and
Supir en. i 177. i over 1,. ..-.-. To quit suddenly is too so-
Mh ,,n im a"-. .V was the yvre a shock to the system, as tobacco
c, ,. .. to an -,.. I user hect me. -, a stimu-
coi pi but i.'t : lant h't his system nintini.all ceics.
-ophi1ial and1 P.,l .7 of the Baco-Curo is a hi .,;.'. curc fo the to-
Estahllir.- ut3 and Commerce of the bacco habit, in al its forms, carefully
Eur.',pa n In the Two Indies!' is a mis- ,'.,, ...i1 1 after the fcrmulna of an
Mcol ll .I'I..i:'1. of extracts from -.. iin Physciian who had -nd
many sources and of short c':::.s by it in his private practice sicee lS;2,
Raynal's brilliart acr,-a-; ,tr-:.' u Ent- without a failure, purely .,'..,u a!d
persi.on, tyra.ny r guaranteed perfecti" nha-mles. You
Trn^ pnllpl t utsrli d \pl, .-i *,- l..Lt' h a Baco-Curo, ib will r,,.. fy you
plic print. tn u atoso. toipWeo ive aritten iar
works, .ino c.f which i nrractid att,:u- anted to permanently cur;e any case
tiou. Tle oanlazing .su'c.-,c of th'i one v th three boxes, or r1-funid lh' moiiey
wa- not re,: Iiarkal!.' if, :r.. th critics :th 10 peor cent. inter .t. tao-Cut'-:
now hi'.o', a*. -lvr a t':l, of'f ths. book is -not . '* but a scieO ltod cure.
wa. r r oti, .,-,t. Th.' u [; se-lf t iO t t- e i aid<:f P-

manners can be c -:., yd by wire? I
Ian tell by each one of the people who
tail Lrti.-' blt his disposition is,"
says the brunot "C iutr J, "and how
he treats his lea s and en:.1 e ,.-.s, or,
if he is an en,'ulji just what sort of
fellow he is. TLi a' ,J';LiL sharpens most
people's voices a litit I kuo,,,, but I'm
not m -aniy that. Tt,.is th. r way of
ta]Li g. I don't meanC/of course, that
the slow mtlan 1it t.i 'in thone' is slow in

tit- w-, sena,,, p tie atit fi-e C,(-i-u ; IN)
tio 1 5 tile y2 ou tU(2i :','tum':,-ot.
oar umucluead gutrpxalai;iDo .: ,C.i Y
box, three 0-tys it:
*i .o'rl~dx'u'& r. 2
ir .IC- t Jil) c , I i ,.~)
~~7%C s vi X.':U': T3
3 QGKL ND I ,. ,1L
C -, la 1 1,10"1 l' rac tu I. In
Y, i ', '--, 1110111 0l&.SS,
LCCrosso, Wiscon-An.

T 7,1- 11-11 1 1:_ L-)*-*_~* - C~

YVTiiw V1

frssiona!tuen wh.o have afirfe! i'frrv
to ec, itt'and wqnt tho.e /-/1cr to
S look wvell. Doctors and la-i'ycrs, Cs-
A. pecially, find itt 'er'y handy. Chlub
dreo easily and quinkly learn to
write on it.
IT ill do just as good worh aq
Z ffthe$i no.o0 ,nachiis. Of course~
it is not die as fast. IR is si sply
'~Constg neted, easily learned, e sl~y
,~opeo ted.
We'll send yo i allef'ter v.sen
on it -along zf;Jih, a spruial c~eeolar
-if you'll send us your address.


\, 7..7

10 C. '~ I
Iar 5

f, a t !
ulrjt, Mickh.

I WANT every man and woman in the United
Itati~s interested in the Opium and Whisky
>.abits to have one of my books on these dis-
aae3i. Address B. Al. oo f lVey, Atlanta, Ga,
Jbccsx 852, and one will be sent yo'um free.


N IIV1 ) and Wright
Streets One Bilock West of

st.yl:drl a.nther as a !::u ,t ]K it- i;:lnmo-
diately !.I:-.Ii;.I( a f-r Iri im t or.-, and such
was the vogue of the w.:'k I;. the au-
thorities fii;'!ly became ',. .1... A
dramatic climax to i:;:a. i' renown
was secured when in 1 the vol-
nmoe was condemned to be burned and
the writer fled for safety into exilo. The
storm had finally :::l1- i.1-, he had re-
turned to France, and communication
was opened between the .-' -.I raan and
his aspiring reader.
"Not yet 18," are t;il;:.-.rtlh ; ,:,:.rQ.-
in the letter written by Donaparte, "I
am a writer. It is the ago when we
must learn. 7;'ill y ] .DI:V subject
me to young raillery? No; I am sure. If
ilnuhl,"n-;:.'-" be a mnurk of true genius,
you should have nmach l:ui.:'.: .,'. I
inclose chapters 1 and 2 of a his-
tory of Corsica, with an outline of the
rest. If you appro e, I will go on; if
you advise me to -t.:p, I will go no fur-
ther." Th-.. c'-l:'pt;-rs as they came to
Raynal's ha-i' c. r.:,t in existence, so
far as is known, and posterity can never
judge how monumental their author's
ao~st'r.ii, Iw Vds. T1 .bbe's reply was
kindl- . a.'. the novice to
,' .a a4ie' Il5 r," ; and then to ro-
U-%r t '.araparto was not
1i." the counsels he
n- in July, he gave
two orders oa(-:. bookseller, one
for books ":.'n;" i.: Corsica, ij!:'-ih..r
for the men, ::i. -;I .' .l deWarons and
her servaut, Claude Anet, which are a
sort of supplement to Rousseau's "Con-
fessions. The V:-n~: historian's letter
teems with b;, -i" ;iii and bad(lgram-
mar, but it i :-;:.t..::0. vm t h the spirit
of his time.
Some of the lagging d.:.; were not
only spent in novel reading, as tlhe e4-
plr'r in after 'years confessed to : "
i1 n .:l:id:" '." .'' .;'- at novel
wri~iprte . i.
I U-pwlt rrl "7\Vc-rt hr' trhvr tin.'-
tl l 'T _l ] '' ,,*. . ., '- -; .. ''' h i,
l. i or ;, i o. ;:o th kind of
f;:i ti, ..,'1 1 .':I of love and of
gli'iv in w i i. :-!' 1 i -en-
tertain a shrewd su7-icion that amid
the gayeties of the winter he l. .f 1,
heart, or thought he did, and was re-
pulsed. At I ..:,t, in his "Dialogue on
Love, written five years later, he says,
"I, too, was once in love," and pro-
ceeds, after a few lines, to decry the
sentiment as Il:uuifi to mankind, a
something from wh ih God would do
well to emancipate it. There seems to
have been in the interval no opportuni-
ty for phlilau'l,'r;i:ng so good as the one
he had enjoyed iu t,.he drawini'_ rooms of
Mine. de C:olonhiier. It has at all events
been the goud ':fo:rtun:je of that excellent
'ahd :!;aruliig woman to secure, by this
supposition, a pl.'o in hii-t:tiy uInt mere-
ly as the influential patroness of Napo-
leon, but as tlt? lu-othl.r of his first love.
But these were his avocations. The
real occupation of his time was study.
Besides reaiilng ag:in the chief works
of Rousseau audl dlvouriug the Abbe
Raynal, his most beloved author, he
also read much in the worlds of Voltaire,
of Filangieri, of Necker and of Adam
Smith. With notebook and pencil he
extracted, annotated and criticised, his
mind alert and Hivery fa.uirty bent to the
clear apprehension of the subject in
hand. To the conception of the state as
a private corporation, which he had
imbibed from Rousseau, was now added
the conviction that the institutions of
France were no longer adapted to the
occupations, beliefs or morals of her
people, and that revolution was a neces-
sity. To judge from a memoir pre- nlte-
some years later to the Lyons Academy,
he must have absorbed the teachings of
the "Two Indies" almost entire.
The consuming zeal for studies on the
part of this inci-,murl hll:.s; i.,b youth is
probably uoparallele-il. HIav-iug read
Plutarch-in his ebildlhoo:d, he now de-
voured Herodotus, Strabo and Diodorus.
China, Arabia and the Indies dazzled
his imagination, and what ho could lay
hands upon concerning the east was
soon assimilated. Euglad, and Germany
next engaged his attention, and toward
the close of his studies he became ardent
in examining the minutest details of
French history. It was, moreover, the
science of history and not of literature
which occupied him dry details of
revenue, resources and institutitutions. The
Sorbonne, the bull Unigenitns and
church history in general, the character
of peoples, the origin of institutions, the
philosophy of legislation-all these he
studied, and if the character of his notes
is trustworthy with some thoroughness.
He also found time to read the master-
pieces of French literature and the
great critical judgments which had been
passed upon them.--Professor William
M. Sloane in Century.

Manners Over tile TelepnBou.
"You didn't know, did you, that


F -- ----

F or Thim Peo1le.
Are You Thin?
Flesh made w ith Thinacura Tallets by a
;'ieontific process. ThIe cretoe perfect
:.ssiinilation with ever form! of food, so-
ccii ..- tho vlaln iJ parts nid discardii n
the worthless. 'I hc nnmake thin a fices
i'lunp anid road out tle fiil'ure. They
,ire the
? 'i'"r 1L2illoeSs. ,cont;i'inig 110 'IrS lliC,
;; < ;l)s<)utelv Thariless.
1iic;, jicpl::id. 4]I per box, 6 for $5.
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'f St. AiaPr ws
andl the

Bay Country.

\Ve have made arrangements by
vhwich we can furnish this fine IAP
'overi.ng about eighteen miles square
of territory, including the (incinnati
Cominpay's Tract, also Harrison,
Iarker, Cromii:tiiitii, and adjacent
country, for
Or g iven for 5 cash yea su tscripl ions.
i5y the aid of this map the location of
innds purchased of the Cincinnati
('ompaiy can be easily ascertained,
or, parties mayv send us $1 and their
dc:'cription and we will locate their
lots and return the Map by mail.
Address THE licSY,
St. Andrews, Fla.
For 5 caiuh subscribers, we will give as
a premium, I Sectional ':, of the Bay
couliry, or M.ip of the Cily of St. An-
dtrews. Either rmap sold siIlyg-l1


h'4s busin ." s 1 tif'&cmn always tell It
ih is a cnt il h -io Oid

o .'- t I ti' s contn-
u a this c pit '^: i a ch:rk, '< he
knows the ,". '" *' her perso"nldiv.
"are ; .., '*,! ;. : They m e
talkgiig to an u nknlo']; c(ritr :, and
the way they ..p.. k to it, at the other
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KnIowing the wants of the colmu ninty,bnys itelligently and

[f you live near the Bay C me in a Boat; if back in the Country, Conle tit
Horseback; if you have no Horse, borrow your Neighbor' Ox And Cart.
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YO 0 T CA S -A -O ~M ON E -
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Fine Water-Front and Other Lands for Sale
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Prices o d Cerate
.ud every attention pau t l, ','L,.il i
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,: -


i Iwo

f l -t C.I;r .: .

fu.'",14"T TOP

70 nrsacia cl-


Horticitural a 1 Imm roveMt


The purpose of this Association is to Improve the Country adjacent to St
Andrews Bay and to
Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing Country.
To accomplish this the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two
andia-half and FiveAcres to such parties only as will improve them by the
Erection of Houses. Fences and such Permanent Improvements as will enhance the
Value of each tract so disposed of, and particularly to
Plant them out in Trees, Plants and Vines,
To the end that in the shortest practicable time every such tract shall be a
Source of Revenue to its Owner.
The first question which will naturally be asked will be: "Is this Asso
ciatiou reliable"? And the answer to it is: Any person employing the Associatior
to makeimprovements may deposit an approximate payment of the estimated cost o:
the same niti aiIny responsible business man or firm doing business on the Bay or in
Bank at, their.i., bionei to In,: paid ovrr only when the Association shall satisfacto-
Sprov:.-ment- ilavi: Ieenn made accordingto agreement.
B re Asoc~ .nii will nIit only improve and plant, but watch and care foi
_... property cntrue t.l t its keeping. g.arding against forest fires, dishonest pilferers
for daoi.ges from auy cause possible to be prevented.
From a careful estiniite nf tlhe probable expense, and income of a fruit
plantation in the St. Andr,:. .s i -ay e..n Itry a few figures are given:
Price ,' ;.in1A [it I ara, -.iy $25 t.) $:iil; cost of clearing, say $20; *ost of planting lst
year. say $31;:; e-st Of Cdltiv.itii i.u eah yiar thereafter, $20
It is not extravaaan: to, er.tin ate that a 1-acre vineyard will on the thirc
year, if properly cultiv.ita yield $2.il i worth of fruit, and of peaches nearly or quite
Hie sain., uh liol figs sli.ulh 4, .eve I-i ter than that. Then, though perhaps a little
longer. some of Ithem, in coirinr into 'irolitable bearing may be named pears, apricots
inectarines, plums, prunes. *clli.rrie,, olives, Japan persimmons almonds English
w.alnuls, .Japi clesat uts, P iei. .iI. ,iany other varieties of fruits and nuts. which
arr- alinn't certain to tiouri-;)ih i: wliile oranges and citrus fruitsthough not con-
Sid ?rcld ,c>i t ain i iel lpir i,-t r it.r ) it.ner than they miss.
T 'lie 'ocretary of tie .... liti,, will give particular attention to an-
swerinig lit of inquiry, and th6 Buor will in its answers to correspondents an-
M Ml II I A ld it.
=Tr r~i -94he Association Lands will be sold on Easy
Terui of Vayineint; Iut inipruvenients must be paid for as satisfactory proof is given
that th work has been performed. CORRE SPONDENCE SOLICITED.
Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec.
Harrison, Fla.

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The Old Reliable

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Agents to -c-l our uew )lbok Dictionary
tf UnitedGtatod History bv Prof. J.
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S press and puhlic. Agents selling fifty
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PLH Iur.A PuIuLiSLN o Co,, Boston, Mass.

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o mom ta Inlaruriant growth.
NIever Pila to Bestore Gray
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Cw rtS %Ir j ewP ,air foliD g.
5i0e, and#lU 16t nruggk

t answer and an honest opinion, write to
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CFE' sIway. relble.' LADIES K ask
=S.gs Ibr cfawestrs A l
Bmmtofrandin ln ed and Gometallioa\
S boxes, seald with blue ribbon. Take
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~ n tmani d Itoionds. At Druggimt, oren( 4e.
Sn stampst fr partlouiars, testimonials ad
\ f 'Rellef for Ladlem," in Litter, by return
nlll. 10,000 Tostinialhu. NaenwPaper.
llohestewrOtemleai Co.,MliaonBuss I

The Coinage of thie Greeks.
0. F. Hill, Mi. ., inll Knowledge.
The wild celery grows in such
large quantities near Salinus in Sic-
ily, as to give its name to the town,
and its leal figures on the coins, just
as does the fig leaf on the coins ol
Camirus, in Rhodes. The particular
article of commerce for which a city
was famous might be suggested by
itscoin type, thus we find trade in
wine represented by a wine jar tr
wine cup. Silphium (Ferula tingi-
t tana or, perhaps, Thapsia gumnii-
lera) was a plant much cultivated on
the Barca plateau, and was therefore
almost the constant type of the coins
e of this district of Northern Africa.
Some coins of Barca bear the silphi-
um plant with a gazelle crouched be-
f.ire it or browsing upon its shoots.
On another the silphiunn is seen from
above and in the field are a jerboa, a
chameleon, and an owl. Another
Little piece of local color is found at
Metapontum in South Italy, where
Son one coin is found the "praying
- mantis" (3Mantis religiosa) is seen
perched on a leaf beside the nain
s type an ear of corn. Much has been
written to prove that all types are in
their origin commercial; and that, for
t instance, the occurrence of a boar de-
notes a special line in hams. Neither
e this view, nor the view that all types
e have a religious significance, express-
es the whole truth. 'he fact is, that
Sa city famous for its. wine uould nat-
urally regard the 'v ine god as its
Chief deity, and therefore represent
him or something connected with
him, on its medium of exchange.
The proof of this is that as soon as
the Greeks became able to represent
the deity in question satisfactorily,
the article of commerce over the pro-
duction of wnich that deity presided
occupied, as a rule, a subordinate po-
sition on the coins. Athens was
famous for its olives which were un-
der the protection of Athena; and on
the later coins the head of Athena
occupies the obverse or more im-
portant ,iide, while tihe reverse bears
the owl (symbolic of Athena's wis
dom), the olive leaf and the jar oi
olive oil. A city situated on a iiver
of importance often a(dpted a;, a
type the representation of theuiv(r
god (conceived a bull-sigilieant
of the stream's tumult and foidc -or
a monster with the ui,,.lv o! a bull
and the head of a mlaln, 01 nagt
hom'ned man). Still, many alciil
type remains less than half explain-
ed. Why have we on thl coi.s o!
Lampsacus in Mysia a comlbitiition
of two heads, looking diffe-renit '~y-"-
on a single neck? Why a cock onl
the coins of Himera, iln Sicily? It
may be connected with Aselepios,
the physician god, for there we're
healing springs in the neighborhood:
or, though this is less probable, tile
"bird of day" may be a pinning
allusion to the city name, which only
liffers slightly from the Greek word
for day (hemera). The use of pun-
ning types was by no mians unconm-
mon. T eus on coins of Phocma, in
Asia Minor, we have the (phoke), on
coins of Rhodes, a rose (rhodon).
Other types, again, allude to some
event connected with the history of a
city; thus, on some coins of Thiebe ,
an infant Heracles, strangling the
snakes which attacked him in his
cradle, syml olizes the struggle with
thlie old established powei of Sparta,

in which Thebes (where HIeracles
was worshiped) was victorious. Or
the victory won at the Olympian
games by the ruler of some Sicilian
town would be coipmlemmorated by a
chariot drawn by horses, on the
heads of which,or on the head of the
charioteer who guides them, the god-
dess of Victory places a wreath.
One of the most remarkable of Greek
coins was struck just after, and may
allude, to the great victory of the
Greeks over the Carthaginians at
Himera in the same year in which
the Persians were defeated at Sala-
mis. On the reveese is a female
head (perhaps that of the goddess of
Victory herself) wreathed with
laurel, and surrounded by the name
of the people (the Syracusans).
Around swim four dolphins, express-
ing, with a symbolism characteristic
ot the time, the fact that the sea
surrounds the island of Ortygio,
which is the center of Syracuse, and
which the goddess represented has
under her protection.
But the discussion of the types of
Greek coins might be prolonged
indefinitely. For further information
on this and the other matters with
which we have dealt so slightly, but
it is hoped suggestively, the student
must be referred to books like Heawl's
"Histolia Numorum" and Gardner ,
"Types of Greek Coins," illustrated
works which cover in a scientific way

the vast field of Greek iinuiismttics.i
Thlie hsuij..t i ,,) :.' i. which the
student of tihe il ii tiy of the anciierts,
their politics, commlrcee, arit aiml
religion, should be thoroug'ily
grounded before lie can tpretI(ld to
understand the facts, often d's'o teui
by literary tradition, albut Ith li c
of a people from whom we have not a
little to learn, and who, at least, will
always remain interesting fur thei
own sake.

Attractions for the. Exposition.
The following is a list the amuse-
ment features of the Cotton States
and luteroatiolal Exposition, f r)
which concessions have been grant-
ed. Most of them are on the Mid-
way Heights, and a few locateil at
different points on the groundms. Tlhe
The..exceptionally high chalactor
of the attrac,ions will be recognized
at omice. T lie cb'ia.'.- ,,i.-:1.,i ::i i"i
to these atra'.. -' b" "" a .1
cases inle'rate:k T \ 'i ,,., -

lDdn't Make a Sale.
A Lewiston family, which traces its
ancestry back beyond the Revolution,
owns an old coat which is supposed to
have been worn by a major in the colo-
nial army, and which is stained by his
blood. This coat hangs in a showcase in
the hall, among other curiosities, and
the family have for 50 years pointed to
the yellow stain with pride. The other
day a peddler came to the door and was
left standing in the hall to await the
lady's pleasure in seeing him. Ho sold
some kind of infallible soap to remove
stains, and seeing the coat and its hon-
ored stain he thought to please the
owner by removing the discolor.
"You see, madam, that this soap is
sure to remove stains of all kinds," he
said when she appeared, and he pointed
to the coat.
He did not sell any soap there.-Lew
iston Journal.
Early Monetization.
"When was it," asked the inquisitive
boarder, "that cattle were used as mon-
ey ?"
"I think," said the cheerful idiot,
"that it was about the time when the
pope began issuing bulls. "-Indianapo.
lis Journal. -Id

Scenic Ra:il w;i
"Shooting tle .t'; l-"-II ;i
Jackson Co,
Electric Lanlches-T hl s1.:i Equalls ee
TransportalilnC (n" ti2 W.
(TOiin- li i & ,lik m I t i. ontee the fit
R ..cky 'I i i t I i i t! -s|we will re-

Allen. I"'...'moe

Bulfalo ihill' \\i .I 'V.-: ... --
-V1 C__^ ano. Na sl- S,1 .4,---s -
anill Ice ('.. oecL 1f m st ij

Gypsy Vil!:l-.'- N' l! i:.s.

Exposition Cosil any.
SChliinese Village-Ki'e Owy li .
Japanee Village-K. Fiklainw.
American liIdian Villag-i- P.
Cairo Street-Victor Ru'lici.
Old T'hlm Sontirihe Plantatio"n-
Smith, Frost & YVrk,
Ostrich Farm-- Mrs. SD. .L Din y.
'49 Mining Caimp--,. IC1. L,,vNP'
ElectriicSceic Theater -Sos im. a
& Landis.
Vaudeville Tlheater aril Living ,
Pictures-Vaudeville Club.
Beauty and Co.tu.ne Sho -
Joseph H. Johnson.
Palace of Illusions. Phiarnah's
Daughter-H. Rolta'r.
Eden Musee-C. F. Foster.
Mystic Maze-II. O'Brien.
Roof and Concert Garden-Hotel
Aragon Company.
Mechanical Wonder, Noah's Ark,
Little World .J. W. Vaimghlan
& Co.
Haunted Swing--McKenzie &
Deep Sea Diviug-S.ercho &A
Owe us.
Ice Grotto-N. R. K'eliin).

S stores for
ae this boot
fore we guar-
e ,l and wear,
tsl no satllsfied
Hod the money
perpalr. Opera
Oomlnon sense.
C, D E, & EE,
,I4 to 8 and half
8end your Rlse;
ea wll ft you.

Given Aw y

Every Mo th
I- to the person submitting the
most meritorious nventio I
during the precedi month.
FOR INVEN 1RS, and theo
object of t offer is to en-i
courage ons of an invent-
- --.J--tt-i~r f mind. At the
same time we wish to impress
the fact that :: : :
It's the Simiple,
Trivial Inventions
That Yield Fortunes
--such as De Long's Hook
and Eye "See that Hump,"
"Safety Pin," "Pigs In Clo-
ver," "Air Brake," etc.
Almost every one conceives
Sa bright idea at some time or
other. Why not put it in prac-
tical use? YOUR talents may
lie in this direction. May
make your fortune. Why not
try? :: :: :: .
IWrite for further Information and
mention this paper.
Philip W. Avirett, oeM Mar.,
618 F Street, Northwest,
W FThe responsibility of this company
may be judged by the act that its
stock is held by over one thousand
of the leading newspapers in the
United States.
ftexxs t It s sZ&xsIxI

Crystal Cave-J. GG. Keith. .. L D C- e .TiF o S
Stes apticonm Viev8s of Costa Rle- . -
T. H. Magel I 'F ORITg.
Camera O(1l.-c:ie-M- aynard & 1'1'VAYSimELI..T'L. Pandprerfccily AFE. Th' ea-e.
r:>sedn 1b. thou .anD(1. ofw ,mei a lover lhs United Stfec.
Jackson. ; OL DDOCP' I S private uaii practice, or 38 yaro,
l.. ',ot a ein ;lo iad result.
Exllibition of Modeling-Fred ',oy 're urrid if not n4 rcprescnted. Send 4 one.rt
(- 0p-) for sEalk' particulars.
Sehmobh I. L .C. 'ARt l $iTeU i 120 N. Sth St.. St. Louis, MO.
Kinetoscopes---Norman C. Raff & .
Company. $1800.00
Phonographs-Norman /. Raff & GIVEN AWAY TO INVENTORS.
Com pany. $zo.oo everymonth given away to any onewho ap.
Fortune Telling AMachilies--Ed- plies through us for the most meritorious patent during
Sthe month preceding.
ward de Knight. We secure the best patents for our clients,
Weighing Maclhinmes--T illiam J. and the object of this offer is to encourage inventors to
keep track of their bright ideas. At the same time we
Coil nor. wish to impress upon the public the fact that
Unsound Currency. THAT YIELD FORTUNES,
"How has Bluffton been doing?" suchas the "car-window" which can be easily slid up
and down without breaking the passenger's back,
asked the man who had been away from sauce-an," "collar-button," "nut-lock, "bottle-
his native community for some time stopper, and a thousand other little things that most
"Well, he has madea t d o any onecan find a way of improving; andthese simple
Well, he has made a great deal of inventions are the ones that bring largest returns to the
money"- author. Try to think of something to invent.
"Getting along well, is he?" IT IS NOT SO HARD AS IT SEEMS.
"Well, he seemed to get along first Patents taken out through us receive special noticein
rate till he tried to pass some of it. "- the" National Recorder, published at Wshington,
S .C., which is the best newspperjbuished in America

Washington ta0r
I'hi, flMesh Herring.
"Neither fish nor flesh nor good red
herring" occurs in Dryden's Epilogue
to his Duke of Guise (182). The.)Epi-
logue takes the form rf dialogue be-
tween the actress who spoke it and a
Trimmer, and ends ith this exclama-
D--d neuters, in eir middle way of steer-
They're neither fish nor flesh nor good red

in the interests of invn-Mrs. Wefurnish a year's sub-
scription to.tbijournal, free of cost, to all our clients.
Weai!s-idvertise, free of cost, the invention each month
which wins our $x5o prize, and hundreds of thousands
Copies of the "National Recorder," containing a
sketch of the winner, and a description of his invention,
will be scattered throughout the United States among
capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their
attention the merits of the invention.
All communications regarded strictly confidential.
Solcitors of American and Foreign Patents,
618 F Street, N. W.,
Box 385. Washington, D. C.
I- Referencew--etorofthis aper. Writ jaor r
o-jagre anhlet, FREE.

ind don't be ii'pod upon b\y biuy ig
Remedy that requires you to do so, as it is
nothing; more than a substitute. In the sud-
D O IX T 'den stoppage of tobacco you must have some
S p .i stimulant, and in most all cases, the effect of
the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
I I opiates, leaves a far worse habit contracted.
S\1 -^ l| A-rOwA 4,our d..tgi'ut about BACO-CURO. It
Sis purely vegetable. You do
n' A ot have to stop using tobacco
notify you when to stop and
i.AL C ,your desire for tobacco will
-cease. Your system will be as
free from nicotine as the day before you took your first chew or smoke. An
iron-clad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in all its forms.
or money refun:.ed. Price $1.00 per box or 3 boxes (30 days treatment and
guaranteed cure,) $2.50. For sale by all druggists or will be sent by mail up( h
Booklets and proofs free. I ur ka Chemical & M'f'g Co.; La Crosse, Wis.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 7, 1894.
Eureka Chemical and M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis
Dear Sirs-I have been a tobacco fiend for many years, and during the past
two years have smoked fifteen to twenty cigars regularly every day. My whole
nervous system became affected, until my physician told me I must give up the
use of tobacco for the time being, at least. I tried the so- called "Keeley
Cure," "No-To-Bac," and various other remedies, but without success, until I
accidently learned of your "Beco-Curo." Three weeks ago to-day I commenced
using your preparation, and to-day I consider myself completely cured; I am in
perfect health, and the horrible craving for tobacco, which every inveterate
smoker fully appreciates, has completely left me. I consider your "Baco-Curo"
simply wonderful, and can fully recommend it. Yours very truly,


. I'F 8 O
Secure one or More Good Residence or Bu Sines

Or a Five-Acre Friit Tract

XxIn Park eir, F la.
-0o-- f.. -"-.:. -(..-
Being a PRACTICAL i L '.! :)i, I am prepared to furnish

On the Shorte: Io i' !;,I Notice.

Assessment and Payment of Taxes,
Will be Given Prompt, Personal Attention.
W. H. Parker,
Real Estate Dealer.
Parker, Fla.












Ship Chadnlery, Salt Fish, Etc. Etc., Etc
A-0-0-0-GF O-

Baltimore TwiBe and N.BLW 1afy.

A "L A' L -



R ugh and Dressed Lumbar of All Grades.


-U e-- -W'-o-a -c unpert ar ." 5 wp -
Allegro. I li time. a4 time. I
^,? ^ ^ ^ di d JH J1J J -

J ,,- r -'". r -- r
L "QuAKE CTY BAKING POWDE" Is of al we've found the best
-\ Absolutelypurcand wholesome, (Omit.) naplaceabove the st'
2. With ten pennies get a mam-pe Of yor Grocer a.y day;
If it nosat s-ao-ton (Omit.) He yor pennies will re-pa.
L Hon- et tri-al's all suf- fl-clent, Failurethere will never beb
l or successwill everfol- low (Omilt .. Th. whoueQC. 3. P.
-6-o.-0. 0 0 .. 16O-I a 0 %

Ask your grocer for It.L ddrcm Quak City B.AP. Me BkOd 4.b

~L~~ __ -- 94----- a-- 9 9 3 3 3

,- .,. By purchasing one of the Richmond Desk Com-
-A pany'sbeanrifl] Roll-top Office Desks. They are-
S- being manufactured and sold at astonishingly $
low prices. You can buy them for a very lite $
'" .CAL .D o A ^ W. $
The Desks talk for hcsemclves. -aroN. RICiHMOND, IND., U. I A.
a 'a ae_~ B~ e aB a a a a a a a a

v i --p---'--- -- p e 9 d 9 9 9 W
IIW WIrite for priLos and catalogue.

Peter Linlenstrltll,


Irs. I. J. C orby.

BnMnna Vista Ave an Drake St.
St, Andrews, Fla.,
House and Accommodation First
Class in Every Respect.



1 am prepared to do all kinds of
Hauling at the lowest living rates
and give entire satisfaction.
cut and delivered atreasonable rates.
G. W. tM.RBFR.

owis House,
the Place for Passengers
Going to anti from St. Andren r JBay
Rooms CPmfortable!
Torms Reasonail!e.

Do You Wain,







-~~~sa~_~:~Wk~g~4i~tsi~S .,


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