Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: June 20, 1895
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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- -. ------- --- -.----.----.. -


rirst, Last, and all the


:,ndrw6 Qjjpy

.LI ~-- -------~ t

Washington Conuty

West tlorild
Against the World.

--VOL. V.


euatoi Hon. am'l Pasco, Monticello,
Hen Ailkinson Call, Jacksonviile.
Representatives-lat District, S. R. Mal-.
S lory, Pensacola; 2d District, O. M
Cooper, Jacksonvilie.
Land Office-Register, J. M. Barco: Re-
Receiver-N D Wainwright, Gainesville
S Governor--He ry L. Mitchell; Attorney
General Wm. B. Lamar; Secretary of
State; J. L. Jrawford; Comptroller, W.
D. Bloxham; Commissioner of Agricul-
ture, L. i. Wombwell; Stperiutendent
of PblUt Imestauetion, W,- N. Sheatsa
S Treasurer, 0. B. 0 llins; Justice of Su-
preme Court, R. F' Taylor, Tallahassee.
U 8. BaNAT*o.
Firi'-District-Wilkinson Call, Jackson-
ville; Second District, Samuel Pasco,
Twenty-fifth District-Alonzo W. Weeks,
Representative, J. R. Well, Chipley,
S Counl n Ju ,,.I!ea D Ml;in- Vrnn.-

vUiY J g, es v Y iv m |n, vernon; l
Clerk of Court, County Clerk, Recorder
of Deeds, W. B. Lassitter, Vernon;
Sheriff, C. G. Allen, Chipley; Treasurer,
R. C. Horne, Chipley; Tax Collector, A.
Q. Jones, Vernon; Tax Assessor. A.
J. Gay, Grassy Point; Superintendent
of Public Iustruction, W. L. Lockcy;
Chipley; Surveyor, Thos. Collins, Chip-
justice of the Peace, C. H. Crippen;
Notary Public, Deputy Circuit Court
Clefk, H. D. Hopkins: School Super-
visor, R. F. Brackin; Post Master, G.
B. Thompson

.?ostmistress, Mrs. Ellison.
?oatmistress, Annie R. Parker; Notary
Public, W. H. Parker.
?ostmaster, N. W. Pitta.
1.taries, E. Mosher, Frank Hoskin s, F
B. Bell; Postmaster, W. M. Croman;
SCunty Commissioner, H. M. Spicer
Deputy Clerk of Courts. S. T. Walkley

It 1' II IOUS.
T. P.S.C.E.-Prayer nnleting at the
I'resalyterian church eviriv ru lrd.% alter
.eoou at 3:30 o'clole. Ail nrie invited.
Baptiat Rev M. J. Well,. Pastoi,
Spree he in the llethudist Church. rornlir
i .ashingon vi qnue anu d C'lhistnut
et at lla. an. I.nd 6:4. p. m.. icry,
Friday e-venig at 7:I.. (lihnrel
erercte ,auda:v i-einre liret ~indav
at 3 p. m. At. larktr iv lui u .ri I hn-
day in eacrh IIuii :i t II a. xi. slid 7:30
S p. m.; at Crou::;antion every sec'nrr Sun-
day morning and evening.
Ser enth Day I.altirt-Metes every Sa:-
arday at II o'culck a. iI.. corner uf WViod-
)ine avenue and Bay View streell; prayer
meeting same place every Friday evening
at 7:30.
Preshyterian-Church corner Loraine
avenue and Drake street. Rlev. C. P.
I 91ade (Christian) preaches by p-rniis-
tsue every alternate Sunday at 7:30 p. m.
altholic-Church corner Wyoming ave-
xue and Foster street.

r---- s- - ---- --
East, west and north mail, via. Chipley de-
parts every day except Sunday A.t 2:30
clock; arrives every day except Sun2
aay at 12:00 p. m.
gBst Bay mail for Harrison, Crouianton,
Parker, Farmdale and Wetappo, leaves
St. Andrews going east every morning
at 9 o'clock and arrives, coming west
every afternoon at .3 o'clock.
North Bay (Anderson): Arrives at St.
Andrews every Monday, Wednesda and
-- Friday, a. m ; Returns to Andersen
same days at 1:30 p. m.

Parker Lodge No. 142,
A.- :F. & A.. M.
Regular communicationss on Satur-
day, on or before each fall moon.
Visiting Brothers Fraternally
W. H. PARKER. Secretary.

S ne Dolar a Year in Advance.


Display ad rates 50c per inch per month.
Position and extraordinary condition
rates subject to special agreement.

Tu ancestors of the socialist
governor of Illinois, surely must b
very much embarrassed, by th
action of their "prodigal son." Hi
name would indicate that he should
favor sound money. Yet instead
of being "all gold" he is inclined t
perfer to be "all silver."

IT is sad to hear that poor mean
choly wail of the populist organ ii
Ocala. It is so much displeased and
irritated because the democratic
party in Florida did not send t,
Tallahassee, for the past term a pop
ulist legislature to represent them
But it is to be hoped, that pape
along with the modest little sheet o
DeFuniak may yet learn tl:at the
democratic party of the south, wil
never be anxious to be stigmatize.
as populists.

Is it not amusing to see Senatoi
Stewart, declare in the convention
at Memphis, that he "wants silver"
and then see him in the west, mak
ing investments on the gold basis,
hoping that silver will never be re-
stored to free coinage, well knowing
the consequence of throwing us upon
a monetary standard each as exists
in China, Japan and Mexico?
Stewait, although he may own
silver .mines, allalong fondly
clierishes the hope that the present,
partial gold standard may continue,
:;s lie knows that the United States
laws will protect him in miikinug liin
investments o11110 a gold basis, and
stliputlating__ tlit they) must be p.aiil

Stewart is another exhibition of
that "knave and fol'" expression, lhe
being ot the knnave type, supposes the
l"'ople are fooli'K enunigh to believe
lain sincere. But, alas! 'inne know
of the safeguards he places around
his investments in time of the pos-
sible restoration of silver.

Who Jumped the Fence?
Tampa Times.
If you pick up a democratic gold-
bug paper these days you will find it
is full of denunciations of democrats,
and at the same time without a word
of censure for republicans. The rob-
ber tariff is allowed to take a long
and strengthening rest, and
tlhise dreadful pensions seem to be
either forgotten or forgiven. The
conclusion naturally follows that
the brethren are fixing a soft place
on the republican side of of the fence
upon which to alight when the
national demcoracy declares for the
free coinage of silver.
Has it not been manifested that
even the demeaortic party lacked the.
courage to enact a suitable tariff; so
why the use in longer reproaching
them for this failure? As protection
cannot be condemned, without leav-
ing a dishonorable reflection upon

' '" the democratic majority in the fiftv-
BUSINESS DIRECTORY third congress. So why not try to

Homeopathic Physician and Ac-
fCOtCher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shefl avenue and Michi-
gan street,
St. Andrews, Floridb.

Notary Public.
Deputy Circuit Ulerk and Cousellor at
All legal instruments carefully prepared.
01ce in the Robb b'ld'g Isabella st.. wesa
of Brackin's store.
'----- ---*--Mg) ----^T--------

Notary Public for the State at rL rge.
ir' .n f iqgrit'iice.
C*f*-XA -


N.4.i~rr Paul,- an~d '~a ~ ;,.cuia! -it -
Of',ti.,l ..IAvle II III all IIAIti.LI 4 l1ri.wss

atcllmid. file Prtnifi g"I k-Ijell'i II

Wtch4 amakervla,,r,,, nu 1a. I; if&
4e11', 'atm&i-. r-ti ne-ur ltot' a Viv%' a A
V\a'v 'lain g iaveiiuar.'
I. Anldrew ii,.al

Boarding -I0 i0:. S 0

la, mw







educate the community,: so they
may avert another commercial dis-
aster, by establishit g a sound finan-
cial system?
The Buoy is convinced more and
more of the Time's delusion; when it
hears that estimable journal say:
The gold-bug papers are fixing
a soft place on the republican side of
the fence. Who is it that is des-
erting the party, when democratic
papers adopt aud adhere to the 16
to 1 plank of the-popuiist platform?
And when one sees a democratic
paper paving the presidential road
of:W. J. Bryan, a man who openly
severed all connection with the
democratic party; who would, it in-
dicate had jumped the fence?

May Yet Vote with Altgeld.
Savanah News.
Gov. Altgeld missed one of his
friends, a twenty-five-year-term hur-
glar whom he pardoned a short while
ago, from the convention at Spring-
field recently. The yellow was
caught a few days ago in the act of
burglarizing a Fulton County, Illi
nnis, bank and put injail. However,
if the court gets through with him
soon enough, he may be out in time
to vote with the governor at the next

Fools Evidentily Scarce.
New York Mercur).
Coiuns Financial Fool has not
reached a second edition yet. but
-'Coin's Financial School" goes
through an average of one edition
a week. The retuilig and thilnkjng
pilblic ha's no ul1 4 for fiT'Ils.
Fools are evidently quite scarce in
the locality of the Mercury; as 'it is
forica y manifested by the fast
decline of the free silver sentiment
in the noith and east. But why the
use in issuing weekly editions: of
(Join's Financial Fool, when the
the first edition ran up into the mil-
The Tariff Act of 1894.
One of the questions growing out
of the enactment ot the tariff law
of 1894 involved the point as to
when the act became a law. It was
contended onuone side that the act
wont into effect on the day fixed in
the law itself as to the general pro-
visions of the act, and on the other
that its provisions did not be-
come operative until the act became
a law by limitation of time and was
promulgated by the secretary of
state. The supreme court took
the latter view, and held that mer-
chandise imported between August 1
and Agust 28, 1894, should be assess
ed for duty under the provisions of the
traff law of 1890. This seems a
wholly reasonable decision. Tihe
general leaning of the courts is, as it
should be, against giving legislation
where not of a distinctly remedial
nature a retroactive interpretation,

The Treasury GCold.
Brad streets.
Although no apprenhsion is felt
about the abilility of the United
States treasury, with the aid of the
Belmont-MXorgan bond syndicate, to
maintain its gold reserve at or near
the $100,000,000 mark, a good deal
of interest is nevertheless shown
in the position of the treasury and its
future relations to the syndicate. At
present the treasury gold stands at
over $99,000,000. and the syndicate
still has 8,000,000 to supply out of
the 65,000,000 which it contracted
to furnish under the contract of
February 8. 1895. That agreement
ran for six months, and it is under-
stooa that the syndicate has largely
anticipated the payment of the in-
stallments in which the gold was to
boe delivered. Its ability to comply
with all the terms ot the compact has
been fully proved, and the recent
transaction between the two leading
houses and the subordinate members
of the syndicate has put the former
in position, if need be, to supply a
very large additional amount of gold,1
there being a general belief that this
course would be taken, even should
there be no fur their issue of bond

Coin's Finaneial Fool,
The Booy is in receipt of an able
and illustrious production of Horace
White, the eminent political econo-
mist of New York city. entitled,
"Coin's Financial Fool." It is in
phamplet form, and the author clear-
ly shows the various false statements
and errors which Mr. Harvey made
in his pet book. White also eluci-
dates the question so as it may be
readily comprehended by those who
are least acquainted with the ques-
tion ofilver. He shows that Mr.
Harv oes not only plagiarize, but
quoteasmen with making statements
in certain public gatherings; who,
therein make, declarations to the
effect, that they never attended the
places in which Mr. Harvey accused
them of the statements he quoted.
This book is published by the
Sound Currency Committee. of New
York city, who, semi-monthly pub-
lish a phiamplet, "Sound Currency."
Every issue of this sheet contains
some valuable monetary information
in the most concise form and at-
tractive style.
Until further notice, any person
may receive for the paltry sum of
one dollar, the Buoo for one year,
the premium, Dream City, mentioned
in another column, and Sound Cur-
rency for six months. Any person
missing the opportunity to immedi-
ately avail themselves of this exceed-
ingly generous offer, and waiting until
it is too late, will show very indiscreet
judgment. Reemember that cash
must in all instances accompany
orders for this exceptional prize.

plete control over the situation, and
to make withdrawals of g Id from t
the treasury for the purpose of ship-
ping it abroad impossible. Under
the circumstances there seems no g
real cause for fear expressed in the
coluiuns of our foreign contempo- (
varies, but it is true, nevertheless,
that as matters now stand, the policy
of the Belmont-Morgan syndicate I
matter Auguss 8 is a controlling factor
in t e situation.

It Proved a Failure. c
Dr. Schweltzer, chemist of the Mis- b
ouri state experimental station, ha;
>een issuing packages of diseased i
hinch bugs to be distributed through- r
ut the crops of the state for the purpose s
f creating an epedmic amonr the
healthyy bugs, thus exterminating them
since that time the chinch bugs are t
nore numerous this year than ever f
before. The wheat crop is being w
iterally devoured.

after the expiration of -the formal
Agreement. I
A statement issued by the treasury
Is of interest in this centdetion. It
shows that since January 1, 1895,
the government lost some $55,000,-
000 of gold, or within $10,000.000
of the amount supplied by the Bel-
mont-Morgan oombinatio All of
this amount was paid out r redemp-
tion of United States an& treasury
notes, and most of it, W changed
at the New York Bub-trea ury. It
is noticeable, however, that between
February Q, when the syndicate com-
menced its operations, and-lJnne 1
about $6,000,000 in gold was lost
from the trearury, the withdrawals
during the month of May aggregat-.
ing only $1,000,000, or at the rate
of $33,000 a day.
This, in the opinion of the treas-
nary officials, is evidence that the
syndicate is fully keeping its com-
pact to protect the treasury reserve.
It is further estimated that if the
redemptions of legal tenrlers and
treasury notes do not assume any
large dimensions, the treasury, when
the syndicate contract expires and
the remaining $8,000,100 has been
paid to it, will hold about $106,000,-
000 gold in the redempti* reserve
fund. At the same time it is held
that the current transactions show
that more gold is being withdrawn
than can be accounted for by -rdi-
nary business seasons. *
Aside, however, from the gold re-
ceived from the syndicate during the
last four mmoths thl treasury has,
several other sources of supply. The
gold received fiom custom duties has
been light, not even ugg g rgating t,ie-
tenth of one per cent. From origi-
nal coinage the gold received ha.r
aggregate several million dIoll s.
which in exchange for silver crtifi-
cite (if Tllal 4n ,
ing the criop in the tsoauth ;In til t
conxidertablo gold has fon nil its .ay
into the treasury. Under the tr .
ury regulation authorizing ,tlie ex-
change of the W,'rldl's Fair aq.nvenair
half doll. r4 for gol.1 more thein $700,-
000 has been receive-l. The supply
of souvenir coin is fast being ex-
The amount of paper morey now
being present at the treasatrfor re-
demption will naturally be watched
with attention for nxt two months.
The officials of the treasury do not,
it is true, express any anxiety on
this score. and, it may be presumed,
are relying more or less upon the
ability and willingness of the syndi-
cate to extend further help should it I
become necessary. It was pointed
out in these columns last week that
the subject is being more less dis-
cussed in London, and that fears
have been openly expressed in the
London financial papers that as the i
time for the syndicate's agreement
to expire approaches the withdrawals
will assume ." large proportions
and create fresh embarrassment.
This view has evidently had a tan-
gible effect in checking speculative
interests in American securtie. in
the London market, and thereby cut-
ling off the supply of bills of- ex-
change against such purchases
wnich had recently caused a decided 1
drop in the ra:es of exchange. At
present the exchange market has re- I
turned to a level but little below the
gold-shipping point, though there e
is no reason to doubt that the syndi- I
cate will continue to exercise a com- t


I In ta e arst paoe, anaxioauso mc.
arge all her social oblTItions at on-ce,
Nelsnm had overlooked a long standing
ooolmne between the Loverings of the
Lovering-Baker ranch and the Camp-
bells of the 888 outfit, and the bringing
of these irate ladies,together must in it-
self hae cast a certain gloom over the
fancean.- Mrs. Lovering was supported
by her son, a stout, sunburned young
fellow, whom round, vacuous face sug-
gested nothfbg beyond a lifelong asso-
ciation with good beef, and a daughter,
a sallow, giggling girl of 16, while be-
hind the trio sat a widowed sister, erect
it a stony silence, grim and unbending
as a monument erected to the memory
of her loved and lost.
Mr. Campbell sat alone, her hus-
band, as it seemed from force of habit,
keeping as far from her as circum-
stances allowed, but she appeared alto-
gether equal to the emergency. When
Mrs. Ellery addressed this lady of the
888 ranch, the Lovorings, who at other
times never appeared movea-ay any-
thing to say, always drew together with
animated remark, as though repudiat-
ing any smallest suggestion that they
could be supposed to take part in that
particular conversation, while when
their hostess turned her attention upon
them Mrs. Campbell always pointedly
addressed Edith Ellery, who, in truth,
found something of wicked enjoyment
in the situation. Between these two
fires, as it were, Mr. and Mrs. Dennison
of the I X Bar ranch hovered uncertain-
ly, while Hugh, with the good humored
blindness peculiar to his sex, moved
about in herculean effort to infuse a
spirit of general sociability into the
Another element of disturbance had
been introduced by Mr. Campbell, who,
naturally of a cautious temperament,
was full of wild aniskty let the flying
, a,=J.-~ _l ..*, > I t, * ., f -., - i.ir -.
change in the wind, should endanger
the barns, until Ellery, who had, in fact,
buillod rather better thanhe knew was
wholly disquieted and unhappy. Afire
in earnest tonight was not a cheerful
possibility to contemplate, when of all
the men belonging on the place not one
was at hand save Paul Brown, all the
others having begged the day off to ae-
iset a a pionio and dance a dozen miles
Edith, who said she was sure that in
some previous state o eoistenoe she had
been a Parsee was hiding n exquisda
dn$it to tb6 wild S wetzryof flami
Ber breath cum quicker; ber nervo
naled wkib exte4w her erW.
oed tme writhing red arfswoM t
with almost diabobical presence, wese
wver rehing out higher asd higher to
wider and yet wider range unerringl
matobing at the furthermot twigs wit
derisive cries and hisses of mad triumph,
pawing tearing and beating down the
mighty mass, scattering a sparkling
ihowor of burnt out husks into the
gmling abyss each falling branch for
S nstant a glory of flame, as though
be subtle touch of life passed in guise
if new beauty from its erstwhile hold
on earth.
"We might imagine ourselves ship-
wreoked sailore" she remarked to Mrs.
Campbell, who way beside her, gingerly
holding up the ends of the garment she
called "a polonay" from contact with
possible dew, "the rest of the world
eesO so far away."
Twould be kinder sociable to se
something besides the light of the moon
an stars by night now, wouldn't it?
Not that there's much moon tonight i
Goodness knows, I hope it's goin to get
np in time to light us home," the good
woman returned, anxiously inspecting
the blackness of the sky, as, wholly ohb
livious to Hugh's feelings as the author
of the entertainment, she sat with her
bock squarely turned to the blaze. "ItL'
more'n 9l years since I lived where I
ouald see a neighbor's light by night.
Seems kinder lonesome sometimes, for
a fact, especially in time of sickness.
Bnt I don't feel to complain," she add-
ed, snapping a meaning glance at the
Loveringparty. "Land knows, I'd want



i '


-~r k

i~rl rrJL

I _ _ __ ~_


Passed by the i eeit Legistua

The Following List of Laws bf
Their Titles Will be Cdri
tinned front Week td
Week Untht all Ari
Following is a complete list of
acts that have been signed by the
Governor up to and including the
day of adjournment of the legisla
1. An act making appropriation
to the counties ot the state, to be ex.
peided of loLtad exa
pen- min p a 1oions.
'2. orial-to cong,- asking
the purchad ApiJmortox.
3. An t 'r'ep an et titled
an act to aWorize the a
of a state inspector of il~inn
oils and fluids, and to difine hit
duties, being chapter 4160 of the'
laws of Florida.
4. An act toetablishing a fineandl
forfeiture fund i, the several counties.
regulating the payment of criminal
costs, and providing for the feed of
prisioners and hire of convicts.
5. An act to postpone the col-.
lection of taxes for tha year 1894.
6. An act making an appropriP
ation for pensions for the first
quarter of 1895.
7. An act in relation to the prose-
cution by the sthte of violation of
the prohibition regulations.
8. An act to give the 'Tamnpa ubs
urban railway company the right to'
condemn property between the oity
of Tampa and Ballast Point, i.W
Hillaboro county.
9. An act for the relief of Owenw
K. Paxton.
10. act for the relief of Jas pr W.
Boswell, Jackson o N. Newberry,
- -, XT _; T ' WT-yI
John Pitts and Aattox.
11. An act to provide for and reg
late the disbarring of attorneya-at-

on B 8 'eAb The bap
wa aln f tI thismornin-I we
indde pekin o through the ourtali
while they waittn for my boys it
saddle up-an they was all slingin tall
at Jim, gein him because this fella
ad out him out. 'Well,' says he, look
In for all the world like a bulldo, e
you wait an see who comes out ahead
If the boys would jest leave him alone
bt they ain't natohely got any mos
sense. What can you expect? An Ae
talisa, she don'thelp matters noe, I'll
warrant There's jest enough ousted
nessin that girl. to find victuals an
drink in makid trouble."
Mr. benison nodded comprehend
lively. "I know. Jim was n an awful
tantrum the night of the dance. He got
added somehow, and over he went to
the barn, swearn like he was cray.
Brown come aIog andi wtoda litee---
be was just runnn down Brown for a
tool bronobo buster that set himself up
for a masher, and they said Brown just
up and laughed in his face, walking
round in front of him cool as a onoum-
ber. Everybody jumped, thinking Kit-
tery was goin to shoot sure, but Brown
kept just looking at him like he looks an
ugly horse in the eye, they said, and
next thing Kittery just kind of quieted
down and sneaked off like a lamb. But
my husband said looked to him like
Kittery was just layin low for another
chance when there wa'n't so may
around to see fair play."
"Yes, he's layin low, an the horse
trainer'd better keep one eye over his
shoulder while he's moseyin round, for
Kittery's jest the sort that likes to shoot
from behind," remarked the older
woman ominously, finding no little en-
tertainment in the grewsome prophecy.
The bonfire burned low at last, and
shortly after 9 o'clock the guests were
taking their departure, the Loveri
party volubly lamentth
ain view o every Indefinite charac-
ter of their road, was still not calculated
to cheer their weary host
"Thank heaven, t is over at lastP"
cried Nelsine fervently, examining her
wet shoes by the light of the parleo
lamp. "And when I have them heae
again"- she added in a tone eloquent
of fed determinnatls.
"It is oneof the ianeplioable ams-
tires the woe ew ooma will insist

to weed out my neighbors some before
I went to getting 'em any nearer."
"Oh, did you say your boys had gone
to the picnic?" Edith irrelevantly de-
nanded, half laughing as she caught
sight of Nelsine's despairing face..
"Yes. They just natchelly had to
o," she said, with a sniff expressive ol
unbounded contempt for such frivoli.
des. "Boys will be boys, an they never
outgrow all the man foolishness that's
born in 'em. All your men gone to, I
ee, 'cepting that horse trainer.. How'd
it happen Artalifsa didn't want to got
[ understand Jim Kittery arst her."
"I am sure I don't know," Edith re.
)lied, with disappointing brevity, het
glance straying back -to where the girl
was standing, somewhat apart from the
others. Paul Brown was now beside
ler, and his laugh rang out at some re-
nark which only his ear had heard.
"What a flirt that Artalissa isl" put
n Mrs. Dennison, hitching her chail
clearer and settling herself for the sim-
ple dish of gossip her soul loved. "I hea
he's all for that horse trainer now."
"An Jim Kittery is all for that horse
trainer, too," laughed Mrs. Campbell,
quite delighted with her own wit. "An
hat horse trainer'd better watch out
or himself if Jim comes home from the
lance drunk tonight, as he most likely
wilL He only.needs to get a little bit
lir. an there'll be some shooting done



She sOttped tate She hammock
on eating crow and then fall to kicking
about it afterward," her husband prens-
thetically observed addressing the ceil-
"Now, Hugh, you know perfectly
well that we had to have them," re-
monstrad Nelsine. "They had all in-
vited us until I simply was ashamed to
look them in the face."
"And now they will begin inviting
us all over again to spend the after-
noon and stay to tea," groaned Hugh
miserably. "But I tell yon plainly,
Nelsine, that when the evil days come
I shall have other egag ents. I pos-
itively will not he. klled with kindness,
whatever you may say."
"When I take up my desert clim,
I think I will look up a more deseted
section than this," observed Edith,
smiling wearily. ."I forgive you this
time, Nelsine, but I hope that. your so-
cial obligations are now all disposed of."
"Oh, Edith, how can you I When you
helped me out so-beautifully tool It
ought to be such a satisfaction to you."
"It is I cannot remember a time
when I have felt more perfectly virtu-
ous and happy," Edith declared, with a
sardonic little laugh. "I deserve to
sleep the sleep of the just, I am sure,
and so good night."
But she was not sleepy, she found,
when she was alone. Restlessly pacing
her room back and forth, she opened the
door leading out upon the piazza. The
moon, large and red as the flame from
the heart of the bonfire, was rising be-
hind the trees, the delicately clothed
branches showing in a black network
.against the glowing disk exquisite as
old lace. A shawl of Nelsine's was lying
across a chair. Wrapping it about her
shoulders, she slipped into the hammock
which faced the eastern sky, luxurious-
ly adjusting the pillows to her head.
There was a lively play of light like
the spangles on the gown of a dancing
girl glancing among the polished stems
of the vine leaves, while the dainty net.
work of shadow spread over the floor
deepened and grew clearer with the ad-
vancing light, like a photographic film
in the developing bath. Above the soft
whispers among the trees came the
soothing murmur of the creek, with its
[TO B cONTI.rI -E ] .l

12. An act to direct the coump
troller to prepare suitable forms for
auditing accounts in criminal eases
in the various counties.
13. Aa act to legalize the town of
Sneads in the county of Jacksoa,
and to declare the incorporation of
the town of naeads valid, and of fall
force and effect.
14. An act to aammeud sections
2846 and 2848 of the Revised-
Statutes of the state of Florida, se
lattng to executive officers of costt,
of Justices of Peace and county
15, An act relating to the ieasuing
and serving of summons ad respow.
dendum, subpoenas, and other pro.
cesses, in all civil causes.
16. An act to regulate the prae
tice on demurrers to evidence,
17. An act to repeal chapter 4222
laws of Florida, being an act td or-
ganize a county court in and for the
county of Suwannee, to provide for
the compensation of the judge of
said court, and to provide for the ap-
pointment of a pros'outing attorney
of said court, and to fix his compen-
sation. Approved June 1. 1893
18. An act to apply the existing-
lawseon the subject of reality to aunid
closed lands in certain cases, and to
prescribe the notices to be posted.
19. An act to repeal apte-
4 -,
2934 of the acts of 1889, approved
May 1, 1889, entitled &a t a6
establish a criminal coat of record
in the county of Lake.'
20, An act to provide for the
appointment of commissioners 'for';
the promotion of uniformity of legia-
tion in the Unite,. States.
21. An act authorizing the comp-
troller to pay upon presentation any
of the remaining $1,500 of botils is-
sued by the Constitutional Conven-
iton of 1868.
21 An act providing for giving
new .bonds under certain circum-
stances by state and county officers.
23. An act to prohibit the throw-
ing of dynamite or other explosives
in the waters of the state.
24. An act to ammennd section 4
of an act establishing a fine and for-
feiture found in several counties -
regulating the payment of criminal
costs-authorizing a special tax for
rail costs, anil providing for feed of
prisioners and hireof convicts. Ap-
proved April 20, 1895.

NO*~ i




-. I 1
NorT.-lt must ie r tiiernlicred that the
wind is not a wholly icliable motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possille to make schedule tin oit must het
cl arged to the elements; therdo the beat
they can.

Makes regular trips between Pittslmrg on
East Bay and Pensacola; will make reg-
*-lar landings at Cromanton and Har-
rison, Parker and at any other point
when requislel beforehand to doso.
Passengers and freight transported at
rtaor~iable rates and satisfaction guar-
anteed. The Peonle's Store at Pitts-
liurg is headquarters and orders left
there will receive prompt and careful
attention N. W. Prrrs, Proprietor.

The schooner HenriettaSharitt, o
Apalacnicola with a small pleasure
party. imaile a Hhort sojourn -in the
bay, last week. They were partially
waiting tbho steaner. .
The Clf'opatra -af1fe nrking anl
unsuacensful atleint to go Pensacola,
returnell Thiirsilay, and left again
Sat urlay. 'v.
Tho .Tesiei returned fromn PonHa-
Cfrla. Tnesday with her ciiustar.,
large cargo ol freight.
The Mary Mc returnell from a
shlrt fishing cruise Monday and left
imnmedialelv dleparteil for A\iilerson.
The Nettie camii into port yebter-
day afternoon w ith a fair catch of
roel hnha t.pers.
asePr au e ar isf.. ... .nlik-uHrsr ln.A
ALL DISEASES of the blood are
cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which
by its vitalizing, enriching, and alterative
effects makes only PURE BLOOD.

A Week's Weanther.
The fullo ing table shows what the
emperatiire at St. Andrews has Ibeen
during the pa.st week, frbin observations
tiken ;it t ie i'ov oJflic each morning
and Ilonil:
Morn.. Non01.
ThursJay,.......June 13 68 9
F'rida v........... .1- 74 83
Saturday ... .. 15 ;3 87
Sunday .. ..; i 93
S-- h, .. .. Is 72 77
,1 Tu. Sl ^y..........- ,.._ w;n
\V'dnc i ... .l 19 71 88


C liGa Excursiols.

1 Plant System
Announces Cheap Excursiops as
Follows: -
Sani An tonio, Tex., Travelers'
Protective Association, -Tickets on
sale May 3.)Rh, 1895, goud t6 return if-
teen days. from date of sale, -at onffare'
or the round trip.
Cledvelsnid, o ., 1Convention R pub-
ittan National League. 'Tickets on sale
June 17th., 1896, good to-return until
June 23d, 1895, at one fare for the round
trip ,
Boston, Mlass., Convention Y. P. S.
C. E., and National Young People's
Christian Union. Tickets on Sale July
e'th to 10th, good to return until August
i 1895. at: on'. farefor the round trip.
SaultinlIrc, M P,.ople' Union of America. Ticket
on sale July 16th and 17th, good to re-
; ,r'n until A ugu.": 5th, 1895, at one fare
f.r, 'qhe round trip.
JlBoston, Mass Triennial Conclare
K. of P., Tickets on sale Aiiusut 3d to
25th, 189", good to return until Sept.
1oth, 1895, at ONE FARE for the round
For further information apply to
H. G. Haycraft, -Trav. .Pass. Agt.,
Ocala:. Fla.
R. T. Patton, Trav. Pass. Agt.' Tampa,
B. W. Wrenn, Pass. Traffic Mgr., Sa-
vainnah, Ga .,.
F. M. Jolly, Die. Pass. Agt., Tumpa.

$ 1o.oo every month given away to any one who ap.
plies through us for the most meritorious patent during
the month preceding.
We secure the best patents for onlr llenet,
and the object of this offer is to encourage inventors to
keep track of their bright ideas. At the same time we

wish to impress upon the public the fact that
such as the "car-window which can be easily slid up
and down without breaking the passenger's back,
"'sauce-pan" "collar-button," "nut-lock," "botte-
stopper, and a thousand other little things that most
any one can find a way of improving; and these simple
inventions are he ones that bring largest returns to the
author. Try to think of something to invent.
Patents taken out through us receive special notice in
the" National Recorder," published at Washington,
D. C., which s the best newspaper published in America
in the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's sub-
scription to thisjournal, free of cost, to all our clients.
We also advertise, free of coit, the invention each month
which wins our $t0o prize, and hundreds of thousands
of copies of the "National Recorder," containing a
sketch of the winner, and a desc ipt ion of his invention,
will be scattered throughout the United States among
apitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their
attention the menis of the invention.
All communications regarded strictly confidential.
Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents,
68 F Street, N. W.,
Box 385. Washington, D. C.
[3 Ri i br*ti **i i Wrisrr et Wnr Arour
30-fay ^ampht. lFREE.

-Nice bread, pies and cakes, fresh
every day at Russell's store.
-rNew and desirable goods in ev.
cry department received each week by W
'H. ShinBs. and prices remarkably cheap.
Don't miss the store, at Parke.
-T'he Buoy understands that a
business house has changed hands within
the Iast day. .r two; hutthe facts have not
yet bceu made public.
--The proprietor of the Buoy lias
been confined to his bed by sickfies for
the past week; but under the treatment of
.)r. Mitchell, he Is improving.
-Lost, A nsall gold stick pin,
with imitation of book as ornament.
Finder will confer a great favor upon
the owner, by leaving same at this office.
-J. T..Wilcox has a generous
heart, and one of his first acts after land-
ing, was to treat the Bvoy to a fine red-:
snipper. May his prosperity be unlimited
-Cocoa shells, a delicious and
4hole#ome beverage, far superior when
properly prepared to eithertea or coffee-
three hounds for 25o at the Pioneer Drug'
Store. Try it.
-cOur correspondents will please
-4ie in' ihd that their favors must be
mail ear enough to reach as not later
than M say evening:, otherwise they
cainot appear It the current issue.
--The Calhoun News, under the
editorship of E. G. Mack, expresses the
opinion that the poor maa's dollar should
have just as much purchasing power as
tlie rich man's and will use its voice aud
influence in the advocacy of soLnd cur-
-The St. Andrews Bay Horticul-
tural and Improvement Association is
prepared to clear, improve and plant into
fruit any tract of land which may Ie giv-
en them. It will pay all persons to buy
a trade trom them and have itimproved.
-St. Andrews Bay people may be
distifmed of any fear as to the fate of Mr.
H. A, Dorr. Advices have been received
that he is not at the bottom of the Gulf,
although the steamer failed to reach here
on the 15th; but some unforeseen delay
keeps it away a !ew days longer.
--If you are thiining of buying
property in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase until
vou have conferred with the proprietor of
the Buoy. If yog are short of money and
want to buy on your own time For actual
settlement you can be accommodated
-Subscribe to the Tallahase,-,
TallahasseeeAn and seewre the neW laws,
passed at session 1895. $1 a year; 930
tor six months Publication will com-
.ience in next issue, the revenue law be-
Iug the first to appear.
Fis 2% 111a vur-1m81C k -
nlien one is surrounded by such kind-
hearted, thoughtful people as the Boor is
here in St. Andrews, and the proprietor
will remember gratefully the many neigh-
borly attentions he: has received during
his recent illness.
-Pensacola News: A gentleman
who made a trip over tle Pensacola & At-
lantic railroad says thlatimmense quanti-
ties of peaches are now being shipped
from DeFuniak and that the farmers
alongthe line of the road report their
corn'ciops to be very fiae.
-.Apalacheicoli Tinws: Capt. Shar-
ittleft Cantralelle ly rail 'to take charge
Sof the teanmer GulfCity, loadingat Mobile.

Supt. Dorr 'is there looking after mat-
te rand erelong she will sight Carra-
belle. T'he prpuer patrons of these pe-,
tlemen will vladlj welcome them.
--The Jacvby Broker-go Coniniis-
sion Co.. of 'Pensacola, will, on your ap-
phlication, ship you empty coops, eraes and
crates. Give them a trial consignment ot
chicken, eggs, strawbe-ries or fruits.
The returns will please you. Quick sales
and prompt cash settlements guaranteed.
--No place ini Florida or elsewhere
presents more or greater attractions to
the homeseeker than does the picturesque
village of Parker, on East Bay. Every
dollar invested there issue to multiply
many, fold, and the investment can hardly
bhe otherwise than a good dae. *W. H.
Parker will take pleasure fuinhowing any-
one around, no matter whether other buo
or not.

-St. Andress has been in ned iof
class work in volee culture for some time,
'and Prof. Lipea is how organizing a sing-.
ing school, which .begins work Friday at
the Presbyterian church. There will be
an afterneon and evening session and
inembers can attend either or both ses-
ions, at the low rate of one dollar per
term of ten lessons. Special attention
will be given to. voice culture, the rudi-
ments, and noteo-reading.
-The Buoy is always on the look-
out for some pleasant surprise for ItUs
patrons and the latest is a re-offer for a
short time of our splendid "Dream City"
premium to any new or old subscriber
who sends $1 advance suescription to the
Buoy; or if you have recently paid and
don't care to send a dollar again so soon
the premium will be sent to you on re-
ceipt of 235 to cover cost of postage, etc.
This offer is for a limited time only and
should he taken advantage of at once.
When you send in your subscription, lie
sure and say whether you want Dream.
City, or Sounid Currency, or both.
--Capt. L. M. Ware, chairman of
the exposition committee for that part of
Washington county lying south of the base
line f received a lot of wide-mouthed
ars for the preservation of fruits ai.d ar-
ticles of q perishable nature, and he is
authorized to distribute them to parties
who have something to exhibit, and
whenever the filled jars or other articles
jare delivered at the store in seasonable
lime fir the boat they will be taken to
Pensacola free of charge. It is time to be
on the lookout for the rare productions of
St. Andrews Bay, and it is earnestly hop-
ed that cvervone will se' the importance
of contributing something to swell the ex-
hibit, to say nothing of securing sonic of
he prizes offeredby the P. & A. raiload.

Untold Agonies

Every Limb"Achd With Muscou
IBr Rheumatismr
A Phfot O ut by NeeH Sd' e

The onae oa rheumatima is lactic
acid lC the blood, which acrmlulates
in the joints, W glves the Victim such
dreadful paha and che. Hood's Sar.
aparllla natrallsee the acid, pwrimle
6ta blood and thue ouresu rheunatls,.
"Yive yea ago I bad ny Oast attae
of lusbeio o r Meol* n wheou lem.
I W le I bed tw
weeks. I bade
1"4d phyteldan
Mut hI did not dG
4 m O good. A
f lend room.
mended Hood's
nreapallta and
I aent for a bot-
te. At thattine
I aobed In every
S tanm b, ,espeoiny
n amy btek and
Ip., I, felt a
though I had a
eveer and jor a
few hours as
A- **- night It was lm
po s ib3tolsp. Isfered untoldagonals.
Op~titalos wm ot tIleaut of my
bouabls. I ommonoed to take Hood's
aMespaWrl and Met a sdeidd change in
threedays Iwas ble to ge otof bed

Hood's 's Cures
d I tat the Afl In comne of a week.
Lo roeaoaameud it the bet remedy for
d toa and 9pels I eve tried."
8. PALsMa, A L., v L
Hood's PI9, an e boat utsridlw-m
plsasstot dlse Lon, prveot constlpatioa.

-Everything in the jewelry line
at Russell's.
-For Aligator teeth and shell
jewelry, call on I. J. Hughep.
-The Loyal Temperance Legion
meets every Sunday afternoon at2 o'clock
-Legal cap, commercial note
letter-heid papers and envelopes, either
printed or plain at the Buor office.
-The W. 0. T. U. meets regu-
larly every alternate Friday afternoon at
3 o'clock. All ladies interested in the
work are cordially, invited to attend.
-The Y. P. S. C. E. meets every
Sunday afternoon at 3:30, anid prayer
meeting every Thursday evening at the
Presbyterian church. --
-The Christian Endeavor Thurs
ray evening meetings rave been converted,
iotea Bible study class, unda~r the in-
struction and leadership of Prof. Lipes.
Everybody is invited to pakt-icipat:
-F. H. Sheppard has for the pant
week leen extending and otherwise irm-
1Iroring the sgiviveability and conveni-
-ti'*oT his ~afCi-"oatingpofteer "
-onper hal bren put around every piling,
ind exemption from the ravages of th,
tcre' o nivalia would seen to be provided

-Marston. & Finch, their' fnrnitnuIe
dealers of Petsacola will, on JiJty re-
move their immense stock of furniture,
etc., to the handsOme newstor: Nos. 101.
and 110 South Palafox. formerlv'occi:pied
I1y E. Harwell, and for the remainder of
June wil sell at greatly reduced prices.
tosave the trouble and expense of re-
moving stock.
-A party consisting of ievcrel
t-wu people, who enjoy outdoor' plefasaurp
made a trip last week to Crooaed Island
in search of turtles and eggs, and evi-
dently had a good time. They captured
.Ave turtles and quantities of eggs. It is
n t noticeable that any member of the
party is the worse for wear lfos the ef-
fects of the trip.

Peraonaj .
Mrs. De Witt Williams and son,
Getntry who for the past few months
have been residing in Mississippi
returned to St. Andre ws on the
JeSioe P.
A. I Williams. one of, the edi-
toi.ial force of the Dothan, Ala.,
Siftings, made the Buoy a pleasanit
call Monday. M[r Williams is tak-
i3g one of those recruiting vacation~i
which are so welcome to members of
the fore.

Joseph B. Sharitt, Chas. Nicmyre
and Joseph Lyne, three gentlemeu of
Apalahicola came in to St. Andrews
the past weik, on the Henrietta
Sharitta. Tney were taking a
pleasure outing.
A pleasure seeking party conisiing
of Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Williams; Mr.
and Mrs. S. E. Roland; Miss. I. R.
Keyton; Misses Nep McUlelan, Mag-
gie Grani)rry and Bettie.Haues and
editor Williams of Dothan, Ala. eeme
to St. Andrews Monday to enjoy the
:renowned pleasers that beauties of
the Bay can always afford to tourists.
Capt. J. E. Schellenger came oer
on the Nettle and is shaking hands
with his old friends.

Playfil Lighting.
During the severe thunder storm
Tuesday night ye editor awoke from
a sound'lnumber scrambling up from
the floor. I can't tell yet if we junmped
out of bed or was bounced out by the
shock from a stroke of lightning
whihel split a live oak itr front of our
residence and burnt our telephor.e
out. But we smelled sulphur. We
smelled it strong, and have been
seriously considering all this week
if the fairy tales we used to hear itl
our youth about that "burning lake'"
was true. We are going to consult
a scientist and a preacher and be
ready for the next storm.

- --.---. -


mi-I Iem -'r SBLKTlb

Biae of page, 11 byt lah Ilnhe
elaborate Cover In. od ad Color*
-iip i *Highly Enameled Papers
FR EE.il.VwoRi te .oo.00


$1.00 for one year's subscription to the Buoy
Can get a Copy of this handsome book FREE by asking for it.
Or 25 cent~w-ill buy it wi' hnlt the papeti. -
.PECIAL NOTE TO OLD i IftisIS YTo elantobtan this Handsome One DollarBoo
otad by reewsg noW tor one year. If our subscoption does not expie orseveral
rw or m Yoa 6 tiDfd Fa r tRowaI Mad tme on your paper wil se ft rward

THE contents of the art series ofviews
above referred to consists of a selea-
tlon of saIXT-YoOr photographlc
reproductions of the Col ban Ex-
position, and s Invaluable aswellas
artistically beautiful.
CMWHmISOEECE FRoIo Mm INITED. Outfit, consisting of sample ot-book aad
ample paper, at son c e ti 1o pa st o wrappingg" .lmalg sad prepayment
[, i I __Ill I "

IBasket Picnic at itsy Head ;
The imnial basket picnic ani ti i
try wil be held at l;;Iy.11.- '1 the
I -nrthday of July. In. addition to
thie itna 'locia'! teatt1.-', tltm ,lhlow-

Shrtslade La OIdery.

Shirts-'Made to Order.

cutuit ;-Violins, Etc., Repaired,
E'xerciem it) begi1 tis.iii l l.W D G R"E E-N E,

taleatiliut pOfTUt du i ir f .'y, F",
Ai1aftriieno:t;dI selct -m t: CHbARGES P EA CN ABLE-

mice.rln. .-cl -
Duclaw Iril

,Selct..n (v'.'.,) -1'" tli6 gt.
An Irew, q: ariette.
Oration-by Prof JI. ( '"li 'es.
Star Spangled la!nner'I-byy Nort h
Bay quartett. .
Selection--Inhltunin'ttl musi--c-
yv St. Anldews string ban'1.
8ong-W lhe eThiey All. .ume -tU k
Agni ..
'l.t'.iin --Tulitriutuental ftl :ia -
Ameri.a--ly thie c.,ui.a,. '
At.r dinner u i .tl grovev, the
sports of the day 'wil' couniiiifiicC,
and will consist of racts for sail
boat, seiie i6:Its, 'twmrt oals and
single pcull skiffs,, lig ;riding race,
sack race, foot race amd crickeir eat-
ing match. -
Prizes lor winners .in the various
events will be awarded. Three-
dollars to the first and t" IY'to.tl;he
second boat in the seine boat race.
Thie race not to bi called unless
there are at least three entrii,. As
it is desired, that, sinceL bi)at.' races
shall become a. leahditg feature of
future celebrations, -e; ~o-p tilhre
may be nunlmeous coiltteltants.
Those desiring to daiiee will be
afforded an opportun y p
Shelter from rain for.'fi' vho, may
Everybody cordially hiditl'e.
M. Q. Post.
oimunit itee.

Get Your Instructions.
Persods desiring to prepare ftuit
for the Atlanta Exposition can
paocure printed lists inst rltu ions and
prizes by applying to me. requesting
same. M. WARE
Chairman of Cmniinittee.

"rHK PAST guarantees the future.
It is not what we say, but what
Hood's Sarsaparilla does, that tells the
story. Remember HOOD'S CURES

An Early BBak aNoe.
The earliest bank'note in the posses.
sion of the Bank of England is one dat-
ed Dee. 1, 1699, for S6Sa. It is printed
from an engraved piate, but it. has
blanks for the amount, date, number
and signature. Across J are written
memoranda showing thaiit was repaid
nl three instalmenta. In appearance it
is not altogether wulike the modern
note. It is noticeable particularly that
is the words, "Far the Govr. and Coa-
pa.," the word "company" s- thus ab-
breviated and not intoI "comp.," which
wonld be more in accordance with the
usual practice. In the bank library is
another note for A6, which was not
presented for 111 years. Another curi-
osity, said to be unique, Is a note for no
less than 1,000,000. dated 1782. Only
or for scf h an amount have ever been
Issued.-Strand Magazine.

fti n A -10000 successfol- graduates, In1
Wa w clud ing 100 in Banks. 7
ward of ~I edl and Diploam m ats World's
Exposition for Book-keeping, etc.
SA Thorough, nfluental and r;on ored
College. Hundreds of students in atsenidace
the past year, from 20 states.
usnlemas Course consists Of Book-keeping.
Business Arithmetic, Penmansltip Commercial
Law. Merchandising, Banking, Joint Stock,
Manufacturing, Lectures. Business Practice,
Mercantile Correspondence., etc.
Cost of Full Bustnee Course, Including
STuitiont Stationery and Board In a nice family,
Saboutg 0 -*0
ho.rtlusta dTypewritg Tdelegraphy
are sqpee tleI have special teachers and
rooms, and can be taken alone or with the Busi-
ness Course.
Special department for ladles.
Slitaatlois.-The demand for our graduates In
different departments.of this College has ex-
deeded Its supply.
Kexmnlito, K~y.. the location of Prof. S tlth's
College, s noted for its healthfulness and fine
climate; has 25 churches and 11 banks. Aceea-
tble by Its' many railroads.
No rwreati. Enter now. Ortanatessunco-
B.l. For circulars address its President,
WILBUR R. SMITH, Lexingtm, Iy.


P acT I w:


-- c--- -r


-- We offer for this season's planting, a large and very select stock of the
S(3- A. :P E3 T 3 S
How to Ciur Y~: irs-l w ~ e Strawberry, Raspberry" and Blokberrry Plants.
SO" t ,Also the choicest varieties of open ground"ROSES, EVFERGEENS, etc.
UT tcinoo Itgr. I I Special attention is requested to the list (on page 20 of our Catalogue) of
un, Ti histrco L habits n mani PEACHES, adapted to the Lower Coast and Florida.
f,,.' i.!aii.( heat!M r. 4.ft. ani 1 .!Our stock is all Yonng, Well Grown, Vigorous, and adapted to the
happiness. To. 7 tii .-:.~(ien .y is too se- climate.
vera shook to 'hey-. as toLWccn, Catalogues uiailcd free. Addlreos, GAINE., COLES & CO.,
ato : i;. .,t, er cmes a sm,,- Penchwoud Nurseries. State LinP. Miss.
lant. ,ltitt ]lu sss;t.!ni oe-,.t.ilitP.1 y cra' es..
nki >-(C-"r1 irs I soetzinacG(Iyrflc fofr 01-), to-
bnvoo Ja't it. ii '.Jdl its fo"nr .are 'ptrlly l
comtpound6d after the formula of an
it in his private practice since 1872.
wil hout a failure tpur l'y i,-c :d l
guaranteed iwerwiet'vy harmless. Yont
Icar t n.se all the to a Cco you ;,v;nt. ,ilo w Having Leasid
taking BBaco-Cutro, it will notify you I
when to stop. We give a written guar- Th s r
with three boxes, or refund the money .
with 10 per cent. interest. Baco-Curo I am Prepared to till orders on the shortesnotic, for
is not a substitute, but a scientific cure,
that cures without the aid of will power
and with no inconvenience. It leaves
the system as pure and free from nico-
tine as the day you took your first chew FiA 1 t U. s L a oas1
or smoke. Sold by all druggists, with
our ironclad guarantee, at $1.00 per 'Eith er Rough or Dressed; at Reasonable Pices!
box, three boxes, (thirty days treat- Office at the Mill on East Bay; West ot Harrlson.
ment.) $2.50, or sent direct upon receipt OEE WIL ETT, PrEriotr
of price. SEND SIX TWO-CENT EE WILLETT, Propiietor.
Enreka Chemical & Manufacturing
Company, Manufacturing Chemests,
LaCrosse, Wisconsin.


I WATr every man and woman in the United
tates interested In the Opium and Whisky
kabits to have one of my books on these dis-
eases. Address B. M. Woolley, Atlanta, GQa
Box M8, and one will be sent you free.

The old, oriina Frenoh Fruit Cure.

~s B. Sanatorium,
1. 822 Pine St.,
C St. LouisMo.
c% f t tt.Jiro& lll Moe
,y^ Call or Write.
Ab il, sI and no Injury to health.


Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

Offers His Professional Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews and
Surrounding Country.
May be found at bis residence on Biucna Vista avenue at nigit.



..Wlov. -

_1__ ~ _

Florida Central and Peninsular
I, A. I IT, 0 A D .

New Florida and Northern Air Line and Florida
Time Table in Effect, April 21, 1895.

For northern Points.-Leave Jacksonville 8:45 a.m., ,Sunday only); 4:10 p.m.
(daily except Sunday); 9 30 a.m., 5 40 pm. 7 00 am. Arrive Jacksonville 10:30 a.
m.,19 20 p.m., 8:45 a.m.,2 43 p.m, (daily except Sunday); 0:36 p.m., (Sundays only)
Leave Yulee 9:55 a.m., (Sundays only); 4:55 p.m,, (daily except Sunday); 10:30
a.m., 6:36 p.m., 7:42 a.m. Arrive Yulee 9:40 a.m., 8 3Gp.m., 7:50a. m. 1 40 pm
(daily except Sunday); 5 30 p m (Sunday only.)
Arrive Fernandina 10:10 a.m., (Sundays only); 5:25 p.m., (daily except Sun.
day); 1115 a m, 7 p m (daily except Sunday). Leave 9-0 a.m., 715 a.m., 1 p m,
(daily except Sunday); 4:50 (Sundavs only.)
Arrive Everett 8:15 p.m., 9:40 a.m., 7 42 a.m..6 40 p.m.
Arrive Savannah 10:06 p.m.,1 1:22 a.m.., Leave5:55 a.m. 4:44 p.m. 10 14 p m.,
1130 am. Arrive 5 46 a m., 4 34 p m, 1055 a m.
Arrive Fairfax, S. C., 6.15 p.m.,12 17 a.m., 1 24 p.m. Leave 3:50 a m., 2:32
p.m., 8:25 a.m.
Arrive Augusta, Ga. 9:30 p.m. 6:30 a.m.Leave 8:40 p.m., 7:15 a.m.
Arrive Denmark, S. C., 7:30 p.m., 1.04 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Leave 3:05 a.m., 1 46
p.m., 7.10 a.m.
Arrive Columbia, S. C., 2 40 a.m. 3:45 p.m. Leave 1:30 a.m., 12 10 a.m.
Arrive Charlotte, N. C.,7 a.m., 8:2011 p.m. Leave 11-05 p.m. 8 40 a.m.
Arrive Salisbury, N. 0., 847 a.m.; 9:37 p.m. Leave 7:30 a.m.
Arrive Creensboiro, N. C., 10:15 a.m., 10 48 p.m. Leave 7 47 p m. 6:04 a.m.
Arrive Danville, Va.. 11:04 a,m., 12 p.m., Le.vo 6 10 p.m., 4.45 a.m..
Arrive Richmond, Va., 2 0 a.m. Leae 12:36.inm.
Arrive Lynchburg, Va., 1 45 p.m., 1 53 n.m. Leave 2:48 a m. :
Arrive Charlottesville, 4 04 p.m., 335 a.m. Leave 2 27 p m, 1:03 a.m.
Arrive Washington, 8:30 p.m., 6 42 aim. 'Leave 11 15 a.m.. 10:05 p.m.
Arrive Baltimore, 11:25 p.m., 8-05 a.m. Leave.9:42a.m., 8:37 p.m.
Arrive Philadelphia, 2:56 a.m., 10 25 p.m. Leave 7:20 a.m., 5:56 p.m.
Arrive New York, 6:20 a.m., 2:53 p.m. -Leave 12:15.a.m., 3:20 p.m.
Trains 35 and 30 solid Between Jacksonville and Charlotte.
Pullman sleepers to Tampa, Jacksonville and New York on Nos. 37-and 38.
Elegant Through Day Coacnles Jacksonville to Washington, on
No. 37 and 8.
Through Sleepers Between Jacksonville and New York.
CINCINNATI-JACKSONVILLE. Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Louis-
ville, Nashville, Indianapolis.
Leave Jacksonville 7 a.m., 540p.m. Arrive 1030 a.m., 920p.m.
Arrive Everett 815p m. Leave 7:42 640 "
Macon 450 1:27 a.m. 2:30 ,t 1130am.
Atlanta 830 492 1145pm,8 "L
Chattanooga912 a.m 640 8:45"
Cincinnati 7:20p.m 830a.m 8 p.m.
Day coach No. 38 through to Atlanta. Nos. 35 and 36 solid vestibule to and
from Cincinnati-Jacksonville. Sleepers to and from Jacksonville.
,HOLLY SPRINGS ROUTE. To St. Louis, Chicago,,Sioux City.
5 40 p.m Lv Jacksonville, Ar. 10 30 a.m. 6 a n, 11:45 p.m. Leave Atlanta.
1200 n'n, 2:55 p.m,.Lv Birmingham. 7:50 p.m, 7:20. a.m. Holly Springs.,
7:30 a.m, 7:30 " St. Louis. 1:55 1:35 p.m. Chicago.
7:30 p.m 7:30 a.m." Dubuque. 7:00 a.m. 8:00 Sioux City
Through Pullman sleepers St. Louis and Jacksonville. Sleepers tbhargh Chl*
cago or Sioux City and Jacksonville with but one change.
KANSAS CITY LINE. Through sleeper Jacksonville to Holly Spr!ngs; Holly
Springs to Kansas City (one change only.)
Missouri, Arkansas, Indian Territory.
4 40 p.m Lv Jacksonville Ar 10 302 a.m 10:00 p.m Ar Memphis Lv 5:20 a.m
8 15 1" Ar Everett Lv 7 42 9:15 a.m Springfield, Mo" 6:10 p.m
12:00 n'n Birmingham 2:55 p.m 5:00 p.m Kansas City "10:30 a.m
905 am Lv Fprnandina .Ar 5 25 pm
10 09. am Callahan 355pm
935 pm 950am Jacksonville 630am 4009pm
1040 pm 10 42am Ar Baldwin Lv> 530 am 315 pm
1203pm 1159am "' Starke 405am 202 pm
-1238pm 1230pm Waldo 329am 135pm
t7 00 am 156 pm Gainesvill 1202pm 1152 am
600 pm Cedar Key 740 am
194 pm 126 pm Hawthorne 2 45 am 12 44 pm
202am 156pm Citra 2 02 am 12 16pm
234 pm Silver Springs 11 34 am
g Every tourist should visit Silver Springs.
300 am 2 48 pm Ocala 05 am 11 19 am
Homosassa 7 00 am
425am 347 pm Wildwood '" 1140pm 10 18 am
6 25 am 4 20 pm Leesbu' g 10.15 pm 9 38 am
/ 720am 447pm Tavares 9 5pm 9 10am
10.50 am 6 15.pm ----- Qrlfna1o 40 pm 7;145 ...
5 30 pim Wintcr Park 8 30 am
5 48 am 4 49 pm Laoochee 948 pm 9 10.am
19 00 p:. Tarpon Springs "t7 00 am
to 16 pm Sutherlaid tf42 am
ti. 30 pi Duni n'din i ti 25 am
110 30 pm St. Puteri-burg t525 am
6 05 am 5 O pin Dade City !9 27 pm 8 49 am
7 28i m t 11 pm Plant City 12 pn 7 41 am
900 am 7 1U pm ITampa 700pm 700 am
SConnections for Alnhe1\ille by train No. at1, leaving 5:40p. m.
620pm 950am Lv Jacksonville Ar 800am 300pm
35 pm 11-55 am Ar Lake City Lv 5 55 am 12 4A pm
930p pm 1240pm Live Oak 5 09 am 11 45 pro
1037pm 134pmr Madison 410 am 10 32 am
1205am 252pm Monticello ." 240am 900am
12 45 am 337pm Tallahassee 215am 815am
432pm ," Quincy 117 am
5 15pm T River Jimction "42 35 am
11 00 pm ", Pensacola 7 25 pm
3 05 am Mobile 35 pm
i 735am New Orleans "1100 am
Through Pullman sleepers Jacksonville to New Orleans. :e' M- -
t Daily except Sunday. $Connections a- Tampa for St. Peterbiffr, Manatee
River and Key West and Havana steamers. AtWValdo. steamer -for Melrose.
Connects at Tallahassee for St. Marks, Carrabelle and A palachicola. Connects
at River Junction for Chattahooche River steamers. Connects at Ocala for Ho-
imosassa. All baggage will be checked from Union Depot. Tickets
xwill still be sold at the city -ticket office, 202 Hogan st., as well as at the Union
Depot ticket office. C. S. BEERBOWER.
Ticket Agent 202 West Bay street, corner Hogan, Jacksonville, Fla.
N. S. PENNINGTON, Traffic Mgr. A. O. MAC JDONELL, Gen. PasA. Ag*.

,. .- .


Thursday, June 20, 1895.

Augar, Tea, V
Granulated .... 62 He No....... 75
Coffele,A ... 6 Gunpowder.. 80
Lt brown..... 5 Uncol'd Jap.. 50
coffee Cond milk, V can
Green.. 221(45J Unsweetn'a. 10@15
Browned .'5@30 Sweetened ..10@15
niuger snaps. 10 Baking powder
Crackers, soda 8 ', Royal........ 50
Sobacco, plug 30aGI( Campbell. ..15a25
raisins Canined fruit
London layers. 1 Peaches .... 20a20
Valencia..... 1-21, Tomatoes.... .lIal
S iee.. ........ 7 Apples........ 10
pples Pears ......... 15
Evaporated .12l. Plums..........2.
Dried Peaches 8 Apricot........ 25
3oa Ol prgal....15 Strawberries... 20
oU" ia ne.... ...2..0 Pineapple.... 20
lorida Syrut... 50 Canned Meats
oney......... 1.00 Roast Reef.. 15a25
Jinegar ...... 30 Corned Beef 15a25
cheesee pr lt .... 16 Chipped Beef.. 25
butter ......... 30 Lobstier,+..:,. 20
Lard ........ iU Salmon ....... 15
Beans ....... 6 Canned Vegetables
Cocoanut pkg... 10 Baked Beaus... 15
Fiuit Pnddine. 10 Corn.......... 15
Jelly, glass .. 15a'-5 Peas......... 15
LimeJuice...... 50 Pumpkin...... 1
Eggs per doz... 15
Flour Pork
3 0 N t'.... 2,00 Mess pr b ..... I1
Favorite .... 4.50 Bacon Sides.... .lj-
Corn Meal pr bu 85 Fresh ...... 8a10
Oat Meal pr it... 5~ Br'kf'at Bacon.. 12
oornper hu........75 Ham canvassed 14
Potatoes Shoulders..... 10
Irish........ 1.60 Beef
Early R'se seed 1.60 Corned......... 8
Sweet........ 50 Fresh.. .....8a10
alt, pr sack... 1.00 Dried........, 25
Table ....... 5 Milk pr qt,..... 10
Ja l. ver 1 ...4a4 Az.with handle. 1.00
Stlaopel2rjal Hoes, each... 35a50
LStoves cook,. .$tia25 Copper paint, can 50
Pipe, joint.. a20 Linseed oil,gal.. 80
,rints, per yd.. 5a8 Ginghams ..... 8al0
-..beetings .... 5a9 Flannel. ......25a50
.Muslin ....... 9all Thread per spool. 5
learns. .....25a 00 Soes, ladies.$1a2 75
Extra pants pat 2 5 Men's... $1 40a300
we.A&. r cwt.... 1.30 Oats pr lu.,.... 60
t ...... .51.25 Brick pr M...... .00
Rope Siail ...10@12 Lime pr hld....... 75
Orauges pr dol.. 0 Prcans pr lt..... 15
Apples ......... V- W alnuts. ....... 20
Lemons ......... 5 Almnonds....... 0
strawberries, 'it 2.
Iu shell prlO)O L.:.0I Oened Ipr t .t. 15c"
la0._. : I, 10,( C o, ....... ,,5 i
I0a^ I .., og. I .. $J tt.$4
ak i~ l''1 ._........ .
rach l.o n G(;ees eN hl. '.i."
.s.... 4 .0.11l Du. k".. .... I.".t -
tA ME.
S'emisum Ir 1h ;..i l 'l'rke.ey ...... .5al.11
F I S U.
reash S.lt
SMullet pr doz *.:, Mnllec pr 1.1.1 5.0 t
Trout .......... Trout ........ 4.jl5
i'umpano pr II.. l' Sturgeon...... 10 Mackerl .... .l l
Flooring, Ceiliai'.
y n. ..16.fl00 t.eart, il na...ei.00
Face .. I1. Face ... 14.00
S 1,00 Sap.. 12.00
Drop siding. Claphoards,
S Heart face lm 15.00 s6 in. m- .$12..00
S' a 12.00 Finishing lum-
Bu Imber.. 8@12 Iher, d.. $12@15.00
Heartshingles, 2.50 Lath, m .... 2.0
Sap 1.50 Boat lumber,
dressed....2( a30
P, r -

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,






Doors, Blinds,

:/ A N D
1ifld4'e Material.
Window and Fancy Glass a

E. CURED. My Tubular Cushions
~lp when all else fzilr. as glasses help
"rq4. Whispers heard. No pain. Invis.
ittl. F. HISCOX. 853 B'way New Yo-k,
irFle depot. Send for hooks and proofs
f" ***.

Correspondence ol fithe li r.
As there is ti btI. c incertil
action to inlinel'r iilliil ,r. ioil tI
Florida during tlhe .\lAlaint Exposi-
tion and the people of this vicinity
are preparing and expecting to profit
by such action, would it not
be well for us as a community to not
only take measures to attract, but
also to retain a desirable class of resi-
dents? lu order to do this, we must
organize and labor to meet the popu-
lar reduirment of such a class.
While schools, churches and road.4.
with prol er means of comn uinicatioir
and faculties for the transaction ot
business are requisitiae, it must be
admitted that the protection of life
and property are of the utnmot im-
portance. It i6 time that the lovely
and desirable portion of an an itn,
comparable state, be reduced from
the domination of outlawry. The
citizens of Washington and Cal-
houn counties should demand of the
authorities an administration that
will insure security and should
co-operate with them in the feryting
ont, and the conviction of ciiminals.
EvE-ry odne should be anxious to aid
in exposing the guilty that suspicion
rest not on the innocent
East Bay has been the secene of
nmany larcenies which having pass-
ed unpunished, the prepetrators ha',e
become so emboldened as to render
property insecure and it is a question
how soon this deplorable condition
will apply to life. About a year
ago, while Mr. Bates was near the
point of death, his sail boat was
stolon. On the night of March 26,
the present year, Mrs. Bates had an-
other boat taken front tie wharf to-
gether with with a pair of eight foot
oars, nearly new. Recently, while
Mr. Power was north, his home was
burglarized, his trunk broken open
and many valuables taken. He re-
turned with a complete qipn.ent of
clothing, provisions, tcols and fatin
implimnents with money to meet ex-
penses. On the night of Tuesday
last, while absent, his house wan
again entered and completely strip-
ped of all of his belongings. The
truik was taken, with money, valui-
:allo palers and the choerikied me-
mentoes frmi.hiiioe and friends. These
tare eo l a few from a early con-
tius n. series ,if depreilitions. It is
nerello'.s to, say that young gentle.
11:in.I ir dishearteneli an iiscl dic, rai ged.
It is not so nmnclh the tsmlonint of tIlI
las,, which alggregatel about five
hlidn ,iil dollars, as tihe utnsafe com-
ditiion srroundling his chosen home.
While delighted with the climate
and country and expecting friends
to jin him here, lie feels that it
would be the wiser course to advise-
them not to come. While pleased
with the home selected, he thinks,
perhaps it would be better to leave
than run further risks in such a
dangerous community. Caln we at-
ford to permit such a state of affairs?
\Ve areproud of this end of the
bay and challenge comparison of
climate, soil and products with any
or every state in the union. We can
show fruiting pear trees three years
from the cuttings and plumn on trees
the second year from the setting, and
corn twelve feet in height. We
have a fine class of people with
steady accretions: Now we only ask
protection-not political, but prac-
tical, not that which robs, but which
puni hes the robber. a. b.B.

Aoioe Appette and refreshing sleep
at this season indicate a condition ot
bodily health. These are given by
Hood's Sarsaparill.. It makes pure
blood and good health follows.

ooa Pills for the liver and bowels, act
easily yet promptly and effectively.

Correspondence of the BuoY.
As it has been some time since
any correspondent has appeared in
the BuoY, from Baxter, I though I
would give you a few dots.
We are having a splendid season
now and crops are looking fine.
A party went from Baxter to tlhe
beach last Saturday night at tlhe
head ot the Sound and captured a
large turtle and found lots of eggs,
oh, blt don't tihe coons feast 'high
There was another burglar on
the bay last week. Some unknown
party entered Mr. Leggett Poer's
house near Wetappo on the Calhoun
side on Tu.sday night the 11th of
JunP. while hi, was over o the post-
i',fice, and took about $500 worth of
p1 ivi.ioiis and hounshold goods, this
i l ti e second house that has been
rolie I this year, and we are anxious
'to, inil olt thlie artials that are doing
tile mtisclhief.. BILL NIE.

CorresponciOice ir the Buoy
'With vo,u pnnihi sioint 1 will give

you a few itemi.- fronm Fiariiale.
Weat ier i just lovely.
'lichtuometer ranges from 70 to 85,
a nice cool breeze from the gulf every
Crops are looking fine.
Woodford is shipping ripe melons
to market.
C. S. Gudarian is expected home
every day from his trip to Anoka,
Min n.
We have concluded to have an-
other good old fashion 4th of July
celebration at Farmdale. again this
year. The-program will will be
about the same as last year, only
there will be a splendid platform
erected on the grounds for dancing;
there will be all kinds of boat aces;
swimming and tub races; and liberal
premiums will be given to winners
in the different contests.
Everybody is invited to come and
bring their baskets-we expect a
good crowd from the Lake country,
as they can come by the new route
which is onlv 4 hours drive to get
here. NO.PROassIVz.

Don't T tobacco Spit or Smoke
Your Life Away."
The truthful, startling title of a book
about No-to-bac, the only harmless,
guaranteed tobacco-habit cure. If you
want to quit and can't, use "No-to-bac."
Braces up nicotinzed nerves, elminates
nicotine poisons, makes weak -men gain
strength, weight and. vigor. Positive
cure or money refunded. Sold atPioneer
Drug Store.
Book at druggist, or mailed free Ad-
dress The Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago
office 45 Randolph St.; New York, 10
Spruce St

Attention, Readers.
The Buor wishes to call attention
to, the generous offer of the
F. C. & P, railroad, to all who wish
to attend the Epworth League con-
vention in Chattanooga, Tenn., on
the 27th inst. We print in this the
fares from the principal points in
Florida and Savannah, to the Ep-
worth League convention and return,
-which will be noted in the same as
the regular fare one way.
Fernandina, $-4.60; Waldo,
$16.30; Gainesville, $15.35; Archer,
*15.95; Bronsoa, $16.30; Cedar Key,
$17.65; Jacksoiville, $14.60; Live
Oak, $13.10; Monticello, $15.75,
Maslison, $14.20; 'ratll~ nasee.$15 75;
Quincy, $15.75; Citra, $15.85; Ocala.
$16.45; Wild wood,$17.50; Laconclhee,
$18.65; Dade City, $18.95; Plant
City, $19.95; Ybor City, $20.85;
Tampa, $20.85; Leesbnrg, $17.85
Tavares,$18.70; .Atopka, $18.70; Or.
laiido, $18.70; Winter Park, $18.70,
Savaninall, $12.45.
The sale of tick-te will begin' at
all coupon stations of the Florida
Central & Peninsular R R., June
25th and olose June 27th. Tickets
will be good for return for fifteen
,lays from date of salo.
An extension of hfteen days may
be had on these tickets by depositing
them with the ticket agent of. the
line at Chattanooga, on or before,.
June 30th, thus making a thirty-day
All who are interested in the v ork
of the Methodist church, and con-
template attending should try the
F. C. & P., prior to other roads.
The F. C. & P,, also resumes their
through sleeping car service, between
Jacksonville and Asheville on the
16th inet. These sleepers will leave
Jacksonville at 5:40 p. m., arriving
at Ashevillq at 10 a. m., and leave

Asheville at 7:30 p. m., arrive at
Jacksonville at 10:30a m,.
- The above named railroad can give
to its patrons a service, equal to all.
and surpassed by no other in the

Junt 1st, 1895.
Notie,~is hereby given, that the follow-
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made
'before the clerk of the circuit court, at
Veruon, Fla., on July20th, 1895, via:
ANDREW J. TAYLOR of Wausau, Fla..
Hd No. 21162 for the ne)4 of the sw4,
nw% of the sew, swY of the new, and
neY of the se4 of sec 22, tp 3n, r 14w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence uoon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Isiah Alsabrooks, N. Carter, Thomas
Jones and N. P. Taylor, all of Wausau,
Fla. J. M. BARco, Register
June 5th, 1894.
Notice ishereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his in-
tention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be
made before W. B. Lassitter, clerk of the
ci ciit:court at Vernon, Fla.. on July 20th,
1894, viz:
WILLIAM A. EMMONS, of St. Andrews,
lid No. 2"362 for lot 6 of sec 19, tp. 4s,
r 13w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Isaac Godard, Carrabelle, August Wil-
son, Pittsburg, T. C. Danford and I. J.
Hughes, St. Audrews Bay, all in Fla.
J, M. BARco, Register.
Editor's fee paid.

beaten have appealed to the courts.
They were knocked out in the first
round, and now they have issued g.n
address to the public :and propose
to precipitate a Pensacola war. into
the already bubbling and boiling
arena of state politics. On l~thalf.
of rampa we beg to be excused'
The Jacksonville war is enough
for us. If the independents, or what
whatever they are, of Pensacola are
so determinedly bent on the political
death of Col. Chipley they must kill
him at home. The state can hardly
afford to be turned into a shambles
for the extermination of one man,
especily as the worry is sure to be all
for nothing. Col. Chipley can't he
killed in a state ring. And the men
who are after his scalp will do well
to take notice and keep their war
path within the limits of Escambia

June 5th, 1895. -
Notice is hereby given that the follow-
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the clerk of the circuit court
tt Vernon, Fla, dn July 20th, 1895., via:
ISAAC OODARD, of Carrabelle, Fla.
Hd 20498 for the w)2 of the rw % or lot 4
of sec 19, tp 3s r 14w.
oHe names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of, said land: via:
W. A. Emnmins, H. Stevens, T. C. Dan-
ford, St. Andrews, August Wilson, Pitts-
burg, all oufla.J. M. BAific, Register
Editor's'fee g id.

The Banner's Folly.
That poor populists-s hlert in'1-Ot';,!;,
seeilm not to have a \ .in .exh\lii
idea of the judlginenti l theI eilliliai .
force of our brother, the News, % hse
ability seenim to be unquentivned.
That paper recently prints an
article of denuncation in theofullow.
ing words.
When men like Speaker Crisp,
and Congressman Bryan. and Sena-
tor Daiiel' and.Senator Morgan, amu
Proctor Knott, and Senator Harrio,
and Governor Atkinson. of (Georgia,
ilhd ex-Senator Reagan' of Texas,
and Senator Joe BIackburn, of Ken-
tucky, and Senator George and Judge
Campbell, of Mlississippi, and' bin-
dreds of other men of this tyip of in-
tellect favor free silver is it not a
little species of presumption for little
newspapers like the Pensacola News
to call them "crank."
The BuoY does not note in all tsat
list of names a single man who is.ail
adroit enough financier to command
a salayv of $10,000 a year a.i.-4,bea-
If the authority of mich able mEen
as Newton, Locke and .Mill can be
taken. one may readily '4 that: the
News or aay other paper, may "with
irupnnity call them "cranks."
Locke as early as 1695, when the
principles o(f finance 'were still. ob-
scure, said:
Two metals, gold and silver, can
not be the measure of commerce both
together in any country, because the
measure of comineice must be per-
petually the same, invariable, aind
keeping the same proportion of vatue
in all its parts. But so only oe 1
metal does or can do itself; so silver
is to silver, and gold. to gold.,. :An-
ounce 6f silver is always' of .equig
value to an ounce of silver, and an.
once of gold to an once of gold; and
two ounces of one or the other
of double the value to an once of the
same. But gold and sil er chn.-ige
their value one to anotherr, for -.t.p.
ping them to be in value as 16 to' 1
now, perhaps the next month tiey
may be' as 151 or 151 to, 1. .A 'd.
one may as well make a measure,
v. g, a yard, who part lengthen, -and
shrink, as measure af trade of matr'-
ial that have not always a settle,
iaivarlahlj alue to one another.
Mill in his doctrine 150 years
afterward., made ,the following' 'e-
mark: ''
The particular kind of variation't
which thle currency is rendered more
and more lia'n by havAig two le;'.
Ktanhlarrdt is a fall of value, or- what
is comainirly catl*d delpreciation,
xince, practically, t),at one of the two.
eitaln will always be staildard, of
whieh'the real .as fallen .blo.w the
rated value.
Sir Isaac Newton also in a .,tan-
ner which the Bannei -ntght to
weigh. showAs and explains the him-
practicablity of a double standard, in
a nation which has connection with
the world, of which the following is
an extract:
The plan of a double sta dardaird
occasionally brought forward by here
and there a writer or an orator as *a
imporvement in the currency. It is
prol)bale that with all its adherents,
its chief merit in its tendency tos a.
noit of depreciation. There being at
all times abundance of supporters for
aiy mode either open or covert, of
lowsriag the standard.
One easily knows what the Banner
will say regarding the ability of these

He Can't be Killed in a State
Tampa Times.
The horrible threat comes that the
Pensacola city election is to be made,
a state issue, The fellows "kwht got

Always the best. nown
WAimual for 1895 tells jiu
wat, how, and when to plant.
SentFree. Get It. Address
D. M. FERRY & CO.,
Detroit, Mich.

... W W P 3 V P V. V P.W' U..., V




1-LN K-;- *

Perpeolo's T awk l fensomi
ldvampapseeer sOf bel h tood k,
ml~d A. ata lfwr priie. Db-
sWw i t t55 in aw toy aiw.ugef
&" a MlMA, "S wag*A f 1.
fr~v, dmi kat'elf
eso s ,fi y mus.1edie ow he ish
pull. does wnt eorode h ten. Yea
PaAe fIt 1"u s. fmoub"f
0 wj don t li. 1 i. t std .1 c s
we'll relogunyour moy.
Fer Al)m et st wewin lSd
weul ab5#a Fo r Mki LfaOa/o
mw~imd tvrdwr l "wd' eapi.),mg
.Oor )"? Ows, aqt irdil *md
momfk Imoots to 9"e 4 ralbe
Awl kef "school" ink youo
liei*r6. Sibool ink uvx't copy.








~~H1e*~~brr eerIu~l




means so much more than
you imagine--serious and
fatal diseases result from
trifling ailments neglected.

Always in t lead!

Pittsburo - - FLA

Knowing the wants of the comiu ninty,bnys itelligently and,

sells C

If you live near the Bay Come in a Bo
Horseback; if you have no Horse, bo
COME ANY WAY and load in

A. HfAP And let me pro
r OU C0.A.U N S S.A
Of the Citv of t. Ailrei By either Buyi
Gotten up with great care by the AT THE PEC
publisher, who has spared no pains ine Water ront and
to prepareforthe public a map o Fine Water-Front and
St. Andrews as it really is. It shows title only one remove from the Unite
Extending eastward from Dyer's
Point, taking in the Old Town site of OTICE FOR PUBLICATION.
St. Andrews, and gives location of
public business places, private resi- LAs OFFICE AT GAINESVILLE, FLA.-
dences, docks, etc., also every lot in June 1, 189r~l
each block and the adjoining addi-" Notice is hereby given that the follow-
tion to the Cincinnati Company's ing-named settler has filed notice of her in-
tention to make final proof in support of.
land, with a full description of the her claim,and that said proof will be made
ame. before clerk of the circuit court at Vernop,
The Map will show owners of lots Fla., on July 20th, 1895, viz:
e city jst whAUGU -T WILSON of Pittsburg, Fla.
in the city just where they are lo- Hd No 18728 for the w2 cf the sw1Y or
cared, and is of value to those think- lot 3 of sec 20, tp 4s, r I3w.
ing of buying property. She names the following witnesses .to
Size of Map 30x50 Inches. prove his continuous residence upot and
The BUOY will send this map to any ulaac odard, Carrabelle, i A. Em-
address on the receipt of mons, St Andrews, Robert Brown and P.
O N E D OL L A R A. Kilberg, Parker, all in Fla.
S' J. iM.BARCO, Register
Or giver as a premium for 5 yearly Editor's fee paid.
oash ousecriptions. .

oat; if back in the Country, Come on
rrow your Neighbor'n Ox and Cart.
ve to you that
. V :3 0hd ON E0 Y
ing or Polling
Other Lands for Sale!
d States Government and of course

Our Clubbing List.
The BUOY has made very liberal club-
bing arrangements with a few of the very
best publications In the country and Wot
the present can send for a whole year
The BUOY and
'Ihe Florida Citizen, weekly, for., .$1 65
Farmer and Fruit Grower" ... 2 55
Florida Agriculturist .. 2 55
do clubs of 5, each ... 2 25
Farm Journal, Phllad'a, monthly 1 10
Cincinnati Enquirer twice a week
8 large pages each issue..... 1 65
For any or either of the above publics
tions in connection with the BOOY, ad-
dress all orders to THE JBUOY,
St Andrews, Fla.



Oarris a Full Lina of Drug s, Mlicinos,

Diamond Dyes, Trusess, Syringes;

SDRJ, J. JKESTER, Druggist.


Yoa- Canl't Afrd toJiss T is Chance!

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For here you are invited
Where all mistakes are righted,
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How happy yoi will he.
Leave your order,
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With no thought, but to please vou.
"Pay today, trust tomorrow,"
Isthe motto we shall follow.
We can get for you an alligator,
Or from his hide a lady's gaiter.
i Or handsome sea shells from the beach,
.,Sold at a price within your reach.
Commerce Street East of BuoY Office.


:H 0 L
J,. i T Bondurant, Propritter.
1 Vnly -Hotel, specially fitted up
S. a tiucli.ii towv .
GCllse to and in plain view of ihe Iay
' ri oe s M o de rat e
evoryattention pait to cumfoit
of guests.

Fir TT



F. -w, i rr 'rI .,Ore TT n 'k

~~ (5.



HoLliaiiia di aIpo


The object of this Association is to Improve the ,Country adjacent to S
Andrews Bay and to
S Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing Country.
To accomplish thi. the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two
and-a-half and FivcAcres to such parties only as will improve them by th
Erection of Houses. Fences and such Permanent Ioprovements'as will enhance th
value of each tract so disposed of, and particularly to
Plant them out in 'Trees, Plants and Vines,
To the end that itnthe shortest practicable, time every such tract shall be a
Source of Revenue to its Owner.
The first question wh;ch will naturally be asked will be: "Is this Asso
..-dtltion reliable'.'? And tho answer to it is: Any person employing the Associatio
to make improveinciirt may deposit an approximate payment of the estimated cost o
the same with any r -po,.iil.l. il i'iii. rnman "or firm doing business on the Bay or i
Bank at their own lhine to he paid over only when the Ansocfation shall satisfactc
rily show that the ii ,provements have hben made according to agreement.
The Associatiin will not only improve and plant, but watch and care fo
all property enut u.t.d to its klr,:,i-. guarling against forest fires, dishonest pilferer
for daomges from any cause possible to be prevented.
From a careful .'t;,!.tO of the probable expense and income of a frui
plantation in lhe St. Andrews Bay country a few figures are given:
Price of ;ana per acre, .na 5 to $50; cost of clearing, say $20; *ost of planting i
year, say $30; cost of cultivation each year thereafter, $20
It is not extravagant to ti inlt that a 1-acre vineyard will on the their
year, if properly cultivated, i i.lI,: $200 worth of fruit, and of peaches nearly or quit
the same, while I:,t shnull do c ven better than that. Then, though perhaps a little
longer, some of I hem, in coming into profitable bearing may be named pears, apricot
nectarines. Valum1, prunes, mulberriesi olives, Japan persimmons almonds Englis
walnuts, Japai. chcutnt s, pe [nns. and iany other varieties of fruits and nuts. which
are almost cc'rtlin to l.ir;i I n. l while oranges and citrus fruits, though not con
sidered certain iold lar.,e returns oftener th:tn theb iiriss.
The Secretary of t he Assrodiation wiil give particular attention to an
swearing letter of ihnliii y .i J the Buoy will in it ansfvers to correspondents an
S wer all (quetiotin :m .! ii.
R E 1M [- L ,E t Ie A -:c., t ii; on Lands will be sold on Eas
Terms of P-avni.ot. .ni: :,, .. n, it e ~ id I for as ssatisf:acorv nroof is give
that the work bas been pcrfornmJ'. 0 0 M POr D 5 0 0 ;c IT E;D.
Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec.
Harrison, Fla.

9 -.--' a -.-- ,. .. I- -
S l. r i a I '
It a T.. L.,JS7,U-. ad



f' -
*~ \ ,

AL" fr


C:..rri,... the Lar;e. t Stock of
Watches, 01c a ., Jewelry asd Spetcackl
EW. i L',r ,. -;, t t Ap. i. A ~he,:. Also
SILVERWATAIE. Shellr ind Aligator Teeth Jewelry a speeia
(;ic -it Geo. :ui .'l's StL...,. St. A d rows, Fia.

S. R E...
IT of ny lkiil. cill ont



40, 42. & 44 S. Paiafox st., Pensacola, Fla.




Genr A



A Full Lig of annaed Gooids

MaIat, Foo0 & 1Comt any's

Do0uIIF ol Farce Pump.
''~- Ip--


ALWAYS FklIA 0 L7 ali n per lv V ,'. The gTame
I Una jIN'jqslII.;U rv( ir Y SI- S ;t.L I Stat e
GIVt OUn TCJL KS Ckq. lamjoil n;actie, for y3r8lr
WoubY re ula I iA' vc- rf lrerru::W. Cind ji &,ntg
71" INSI 11TU FFE, K, BE] Sl. Sti 1 8. Loucls, M2.

'The OrV! dtTB

mal e~u r pj -'4,L'
k maided or ;lrc.

1f 'to V V&
I' made ge tie :O; .!i

rmt answer and an honest opinion, write to
fIU UN N &c CO. who have had nearly fty rears'
experience in the patent business. CommunaiWc
ions strictly confidential. A Haitlhoook of In.
formation concerning Pateuiil and how to ob-
ain them sent fr.e. Also a catalogue of mechan
l'-i m; elCientific books sent free. a
't *- .te'-n -through Munu & Co. recelvE
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MUNm & CO, NbW YonK, 381 BUO &DWAY.
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mnt(for wcakmeas and
.'; a doeay, nervou, debility
.i. .. rt jost vlrliHty sent free for 13 coati
s1Z 1 AMhIt s ITuTUTE, 12019thiST1.JUirSS3,IO.

'Ir 0?',. orilraI rFrenoth Fruit Oure.
/ B. Sanatorinm,
'? 32 Pine St

'w r W i ..ih..t5 -. r rs~ ,, g 5 ,t Lo uis, M o,
10' (.ii f2 "/ call or Write.
sistla I, 0 MO. i J no nlury to health.


He Fell Under the Influence of Abbe Bay-
nl, Who Advised Him to Read* More
Before Writing--e Was Partial to His-
tory, Poliltic and Geography.
Rousseau had ))een the prophet and
forerunner of the new social dispensa-
tion. The scheme for applying its prin-
ciples is found in a work Which bears
the name of a very mediocre man, the
Abbe Raynal, a man who enjoyed, in
his day an extended and. splendid repu-
tation which now appears to have had
it only the slender foundations of unmer-
ited persecution and the friendship of
superior men. In 1790 appeared over
his name a volume of which he was the
compiler, but not the author. "Philo-
Ssophical and Political History of the
e Establishments and Oommeroo of the
e Europeans In the Two Indies" is a mis-
coellany compounded aof extracts from
many sources and of short essays by
Raynal's brilliant acquaintances on su-
perstition, tyranny and similar themes.
The reputed author had written for the
public prints and had published several
works, none.of which attracted atten-
0- tion. The amazing success of this one
n was not remarkable if, as the critics
of now believe, at least a third of the book
n was by Diderot. Theposition of the self
0- styled author as a man of letters imme-
diately became a foremost one, and such
or was the vogue of the work that the au-
rs thorities finally became alarmed. A
dramatic climax to Raynal's renown
it was secured when in 1781 the vol-
ume was condemned to be burned and
st the writer fled forsafetyintoexile. The
storm had finally subsided, he had re-
d turned to France, and communication
e was opened between the great man and
e "his aspiring reader.
sh "Not yet 18," are the startling words
h in the letter written by Bonaparte, "I
_ am a writer. It is the age when we
must learn. Will my boldness subject
- me to your raillery? No; I am sure. If
. indulgence be a mark of true genius,
you should have much indulgence. I
y inclose chapters 1 and 2 of a his-
n tory of Corsica, with an outline of the
rest. If you approve, I will go on; if
you advise me to stop,'I will go no fur-
ther." These chapters as they came to
Raynal's hands are not in existence, so
far as is known, and posterity can never
judge how monumental their author's
assurance was. The abbe's reply was
kindly, but he advised the novice to
complete his researches and then to re-
write his pieces. Bonaparte was not
unwilling to profit by the counsels he
received. Soon after, in July, he gave
two orders to a Genevese bookseller, one
for books concerning Corsica, another
for the memoirs of Mme. de Warens and
her servant, Claude Anet, which are a
sort of supplement to Rousseau's "Con-
fessions." The young historian's letter
teems with bad spelling and bad gram-
mar, but it is saturated with the spirit
of his time.
Some of the lagging days were not
only spent in novel reading, as the em-
peror in after years confessed to Mme.
de Remusat but in attempts at novel
writing to relieve t be tedium of ,idle
hours. It is said that first and last Bo-
naparte read "Werther" five times
through. Enough remains among his
boyish scribblings to show the kind of
fantastic dreams both of love and of
glory in which he indulged. Many en-
tettain a shrewd suspicion that amid
the gayeties of the winter he lost his
heart, or thought he did, and was re-
pulsed. At least, in his "Dialogue on
Love," written five years later, he says,
"'I, too, was once in love," and pro-
ceeds, after a few lines, to decry the
sentiment as harmful to mankind, a
something from which God would do
well to emancipate it. There seems to
Shave been in the interval no opportuni-
ty for philandering so good as the one
h be had enjoyed in the drawing rooms of
.Mme. do Colombier. It has-at all events
been the good fortune of that excellent
and charming woman to secure, by this
supposition, a place in htaorwy nbt mere-
ly as the influential patroness of Napo-
leon, but as the mother of his first love.
But these were his avocations The
real occupation of his time was study.
Besides reading again the chief works
of Rousseau and devouring the Abbe
Raynal, his most beloved author, he
also read much in the works of Voltaire,
of Filangieri, of Necker and of Adam
Smith. With notebook and pencil he
extracted, annotated and criticised, his
mind alert and every faculty bent to the
clear apprehension .of the subject in
hand. To the conception of the state as
a private corporation, which he had

imbibed from Rousseau, was now added
the conviction that the institutions of
France were no longer adapted to the
0 occupations, beliefs or morals of her
people, and that revolution was a neces-
sity. To judge from a memoir presented
some years later to the Lyons Academy,
he must have absorbed the teachings of
the "Two Indies" almost entire.
The consuming zeal for studies on the
part of this incomprehensible youth is'
probably unparalleled. Having read
Plutarch in his childhood, he now de-
voured Herodotus, Strabo andDiodorus.
China, Arabia and the Indies dazzled
his imagination, and what he could lay
hands upon concerning the east was
soon assimilated. England and Germany
next engaged his attention, and toward
the close of his studies he became ardent
in examining the minutest details of
French history: It was, moreover, the
science of history and not of literature
which occupied him dry details of
revenue, resources and institutions. The
Sorbonne, the bull Unigenitus and
church history in general, the character
of peoples, the origin of institutions, the
philosophy of legislation-all these he
studied, and if the character of his notes
is trustworthy with some thoroughness.
He also found time to read the master-
pieces of French literature and the
great critical judgments which had beef
passed upon them.--Professor William
M. Sloane in Century.
Hadrian, one of the best Roman em-
perors, was married to Julia Sabina,
Trajan's niece, but neglected her to
such an extent that she went mad and
killed herself.
St. Louis was named from Louis IX
of France. The name was originally
given to his depot and trading station
by Pierre Laclede Liguest.
The Indians called the Des Moines
river the Inyanshoh-shahwopka, "River
of Red Stones. '


"We haow no ~kli nood, ao Iaster, wet"
What wonder when your passions knwM o
When morbid. monetroek, meosureles a-
The mock of nations, whirl yon tOase
Toward the steep doom of downfall and dis
A ruin deeper than tho unftthomed seO
Vainglorious fools, your chronic rage is vanl
Birth royal is nature's gift, as brawn or brain,
And natural right thrones high above yoar
Of silly mouths and mews, whose slender
The froth of individual impotence
Stirs to ridiculous rage that fain wouol rob
The sun of right to shine in heaven, if thenes
Absinthe nerves might thrill and pothouse
Oulses tlhrh

-0. J.B. in Academy. A College President writes: "For
"ease with which the eye finds the
POLICE AND THE POODLES. word sought, for accuracy of definl-
L"tion, for effective methods in indl-
Ladies Who Want Offloers Detlned to Pro- eating pronunciation, for terse yet
tect Their Pet Dogs. comprehensive statements of facts,
"Some folks have strange ideas as to "and for practical use as a working
the duties of the police force," said the dictionaryy' Webster's International'
desk sergeant excels any other single volume."
"When I was at the North Chicago The One Great Standard Authority,
avenue station, for instance, I remem- so write Hn. D.J.Brewer, Justice U. S.
Supreme Court.
ber a case. A lady rang me up one after-AM ., Pb s,
noon and said she wanted two police- 0. l SprngRel CO., Sblhers,
men sent to her residence at once. She .ngeldMa., U.-.A.
lived on Dearborn a enue, and when a" Rend to the publishers for free pamphlet.
lived on Dearborn avenue, and when a- Do not buy cheap reprints of ancient edion.
she told me her name I recognized it as
that of a well known business man. I ...
asked what the policemen were wantedA SECTIONAL MAY
"'They will be told when they get j .
here,' said she. l \ fl 1 P W
'But, madam,' said I, 'I couldn't dri U
send two policemen to your house with-
out knowing what they 'vere going for, and the
even if I wanted to. It's against the y untry.
rulos.' Bay Country.
"She thought it was a very strange
rule, she said, which compelled her to We have made arrangements by
state her private tb'sh-unes over a tele- which we can furnish this fine MAP
phone, but sh nally told me what the covering about eighteen miles square
trouble was. St`isld she had been ou* '
walking with het liitu tk.g, and that of territory, including the Cincinnati
two very suspici',1 looking men bad Comlnpanys Tract, also .Hairln,
bevn watching her rom the other sid4 Parkhir, CI'II.;,t on, and adj:imut
of thlo street. She tas snur they eeanut country, forI
to rtel thb do~ d she wanted them ONE DOLLAR.
locked up. VJi I explained to her Or given for cash yea. v su8)scriptions.
that we coulJ1O arrest aznybodyon such : By the aid of this map the location of
evidence, she gavn a few rmre opinions lands purchased of the Cincinnati
about the police and rang off. IConpany can he easily ascertained,
"I had a call something like this or parties may send us $1 and their
from a residence in Bellevue place. II desrtipon an nd swe w and their
This one came by phone, too, and was description and we will locate then
from a lady. She wanted the patrol lots and return the Map by mail.
wagon sent to her house right away Address THE buoy,
She declined to tell me at first what it St. Andrews, Fla.
was wanted for, but when I refused to For 5 nnah .~,bscribers, we will give as
do anything until r knew something preu, sectional Map of the Bay
further she said an ugly dog was hang- prenfiuu, o Sectional Map of the Bay
ing about her back steps, and that she country, or 1 Map of the Oity of St. An-
couldn't let her dogs out to play in the drew. Either map sold singly-$1l
yard, as this dog insisted on playing
with them and was not the kind of a' gr||)I||||I||||l t Ila-
dog she wanted -her dogs to associate
with. I told her that I couldn't send $100.00
the patrol wagon On aich an emur P9
but said I would have the dog taken to
the pound by the wagon on its, G Ven Awa .
there next day. Bhe said she didn' y MtIth
want the dog thom overnight, and I Every Month
suggested that perhaps he would go to the person submitting the
away of his own accord when he saw m aost meritorious liveatiloa
he was being subbed. She hung up her dun tCURE PATENT
phone with a bang, and as I learned FOR INVENTORS, and the
afterward reported me at headquarters." object of this offer isto en-
-Chicago Times. courage persons of an invent-I
Chiago Timesve turn of mind. At the
same time we wish to Impress o
Xoad apeOtirin. s the fact that a x m
Superstitions as to toads having been Its the Sim ple,"
early inculcated, it has been exceeding- t
ly difficult to get rid of them. One rem- t Trivial Inventions =
nant of this ancient credulity still ex- me hat Yel o e
ists. It is in regard to the absolute im-. That Yield FOrtUtn S
perishable character of the toad. There --ch as De Long's Hook
are well educated Americans who be- a .- ye "Se that Hum "
"Sfetr in," "Ai gs Br a
lieve that a toad hops out alive from a ver"s Air Brake" eto.
Almost every one conceives
slab of stone, though he has been im- a bright dea at some time or
prisoned there for several millions of other. Why not put it in prae-
years. We give in brief Dr. 3uckland's tial use? YOUB talents may
Its* i n this direction. May
experiments with toads in 1826. He make your fortune. Why not
took 12 toads and had the toads put in m try : ::
1 o ^^ ii --,* ,. ::^. ^ a -^- t .h s IVwrwite for further Information and
18 cells out in sandstone, and over these mention this papeormation an
a. mention this paper.
he put plates of glass They were bur- a
led in a garden for er a year. When : TtE PRESS GLA lM& 0.
exhumed, they were all dead. Then m Philip W. Avirett, Oea. Mgr., -
some were put in porous sandstone, and 6 618 F Street, Northwest,
at the end of a year a few were found WASHINGTON, D. Q. .
"greatly emaciated." When buried for The responsibility of this company
another year, they all died. Toads were e may be judged by the fact that its1
inclosed in wood, and they all died. tocs held by over one thousand a
S. of the leading newspapers in the
The conclusion is that, deprived of at- a United States. P
mosphere or without food, toads must nw.
die. If a toad as a tadpole could have -
entered a crevice in a rock, it might
have grown, but would have died in D EB SHOEB ., Ine'p. CApi, $1,00,00o
time for want air and food. This BESTj S 1.50 SHOE IN THE WORLD.
time for want of air and food. rThis A dollar saved is a dollar earned." ,
toad nonsense is so irradicable that it is Thisladies' solid French Dongola Kid But
supposable it never can be dissipated.- tonBoot delivered free anywhere In the U.S. on
supposable it never can be dissipated.-- receipt of Cash, Money Order,
New York Times. or Postal Note for ,1.50.
Equals every way the boots
Ssold in all retail stores for
Didn't Make a Sale. 5CIiS 2.50. W'e make this boot

A Lewiston family, which traces its
ancestry back beyond the Revolution,
owns an old coat which is supposed to
have been worn by a major in the colo-
nial army, and which is stained by his
blood. This coat hangs in a showcase in
the ball, among other curiosities, and
the family have for 50 years pointed to
the yellow stain with pride. The other
day a peddler came to the door and was
left standing in the hall to await the
lady's pleasure in seeing him. He sold
some kind of infallible soap to remove
stains, and seeing the -coat and its hon-
ored stain he thought to please the
owner by removing the discolor.
"You see, madam, that this soap is
sure to remove stains of all kinds," he
said when she appeared, and he pointed
to the coat.
He did not sell any soap there. -Lew-
iston Journal.

ourselves, therefore we gar-
antee the flt, style ana wear
and if any one fI not satiefled
we will refund the money
r send another pair. Opera
Toe or Common Sense,
*widths C, D E EE.,
sizes 1 to and hal
Iz S. Bend our sse;
we W.ill AtVO-

hChle.ter's English IaMaedYBrad.
srAc, always reliobl. LADIES ask
Druggt for Cichw.er'ia Eng sh Dia-
mond Brand tu Hod and Gold metalltli
boxes, ealcd with blue ribbon. Take W
1 wno other. Rfusn dangerous sustitt
S ti"s and ifmitations. At Drugglist, or send 4o.
Sin stamp for particulars, te.ttmoania and
W s "ReUef for LadIAN." in e(tor, by return
S Ms-. 10,000 Testimonials. Name Paper.
Ohtlehester.evaleal Co.,Madloon Squre,
&a bi aL Look Drusrlt. Phlllada., Pai

and don't be imposed upon by buying a
Remedy that requires you to do so, as it is
\.j I nothing more than a substitute. In the sud-
den stoppage of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and in most all cases, the effect of
the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
S T O P opiates, leaves a far worse habit contracted.
Ask your druggist about BACO-CURO. It
is purely vegetable. You dO
11' vA~ i W1 not have to stop using tobacco
OAI ( I" )with BACO-CURO. It will
\l Iy )JLJ / \ '.g f notify you when to stop and
J-B D A. v our desire for tobacco will
SI ,:ease. Your system twill be as
free fromnictotine as the day before you took your first chew or smoke. An
iron-clad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in all its forms
or money refund ed. Price $1.00 per box or 3 boxes (30 days treatment and
guaranteed cure,) $2.50. For sale by all druggists:or will be sent by mail upon
Booklets and proofs free. Eureka Chemical & M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 7, 1894.
Eureka Chemical and M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis
Dear Sirs-I have been a tobacco fiend for many years, and during the past
two years have smoked fifteen to twenty cigars regularly every day. My whole
nervous system became aflocted, until my physician told me I must give up the
use of tobacco for the time being, at least. I tried the so,- called "Keeley
Cure," "No-To-Bac," and various other remedies, but without success, until I
accidently learned of your "B3-co-Curo." Three weeks ago to-day I commenced
using your preparation, and to-day I consider myself completely cured; I am in
perfect health ih, and the horrible craving for tobacco, which every inveterate
smoker fully appreciates, has completely left me. I consider your "Baco-Curo"
simply wonderful, and can fully recommend it. Yours very truly
T' __ II I _ ,

Secure one or More Good Residence or Business

Or a Five-Acre FrMit Tract

Ir ParkBer, Ed a

Being a PRACTICAL 4 IMA'.T i, : am prepared to furnish

O n the Shorte.t I's lM'e Notice.

Assessment and Payment of Taxes,
Will be Given Prompt, Personal Attention.
W H. Parker,
SReal Estate Dealer.
Parker, Fla.



Pion eer S tore



*Ship Chandlery, Salt Fish, Etc.. Etc., Etc

Baltimore Twilne and Net Company.

hr. -t 1



Rough and Dressed Lumber of All Grades.



A el.e" C3kI- H so ,*g'." B a m*. I o.

.j r T I- 5 VWa- W .t
1. "QamARCTrf BDAno PoWDnBB" Is of all we've found the best:
S aolutelypndwAoesome .. .o Clai saplaceabove the -a
. WItten P es geta am-ple Of yourGroceran y day;
2I it no otal-I-so--on (0.) . BeIyorpenmat wmm-pL
*, on- et tri-l' all saf- a -dent, Faluretherewill never be;
Permzscewlr.erfol lowr (Omo.) . hoswhosOQ.. MR
%V 0 0 0 0 0 aU S 0 A -- -


LtgJR F. Iif S7. rlr iF F'EiF P"
Ask pV grw for Xv It. Queer Cm v Z. tB '.PV. Ina


0 T vv v9f9

By purchasing one of the Richmond Desk Com-
pany's beautiful Roll-top Offcoe Desks. They we
being manufactured and sold at astonishingly
low prices. You can buy them for a very f i

The Desks talk for A msl.. RICHMONDID., U.S.A.
The Desks talk for themselves. ,.,*o,,. RICHMOND, IND., U. S. A.


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $-$-s $ $ $ $$ $ t $ 6
gJ '"Write for prices and catalogue.

r S UR BER'8
Perwo 'Llidenstr li, EXPRESS
WT I am prepared to o all In
JEWELER anid OPTICIAN. Hauling at the lowest living rt`0
STELL JETWERT and give entire satis action.
-A. S:P:E IJL'.A XT cut and delivered at reasonable rates.
PENSACOLA, FLA. 44. W. sirR.

BOARDING. fe, 1S H O seP

llrs. J. orby, P PENSACOLA
Buena Vista ve an,. Drake St, "he Place for Pssenger
G going to and from St. Andrews Bay
St. Andrews, Fi, R CFmfortable!
House and Accommodations First-
Class in Every Respect, Tens lReasunahl

Do You Want


Sucessorof the
4 "Vnabridged.
Standard of the
SU. Gov't Print-
ing Office, the UJ.
SSutpremeCourt and
of nearly all the
Warmly com-
mended by every
State Superinten-
dent of School,
and other Ednta-
tors almost with-
out number.

~ aff~l~~-r-I M, old f sJ..mi t~---kf~~


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.Zk-3n I 3r-P- v~~9_

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