Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: June 13, 1895
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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I t


wirst, Last, and all the


Washington Couruty

West Floirida
Against the World.



JlTNE1:3. iU9A

NO. 11

- -wj a.C -- N .j


euatoi Hon. am'tftsco, Monticello,
Hon A'ilkinson Ca*, Jar cleonviile.
Representaties--Ist District, Sf. Mal-.
lory. Pensacilia; -d L)itri C" C. M
Cooper, Jacksouvilie.
Land Office-Regivteir, J. M. Barco; Re-
Receiver-N D Wrinwright, GaiinevilUe
Governor-He ry L. Mitrl'hll; Attorney
General Win. li. Lanu.ir; Secretary of
Staie; J. L. .'ra:wford; Comptroller, W.
D. Blolxham; Couniissiiner ol' Agricul-
ture, L. H. Wumlwoll; Superintendent
of Public Instructioi, W, N. Sheats;
Treasurer, C. B. C Alias; Justice of Su-
preme Court, R. F. Taylor, Tallahassee.
First District-Wilkinsoni Call, Jackson-
ville; Second District, Samuel Pasco.
Twenty-fifth District-Alotizo W. Weeks,
Clh pley.
Representative, J. R. Wells, Chipley,
County Judge, D. D. Melvin, Vernon;
Clerk of Court, County Clerk, Recorder
of Deeds, W. B. Lassitter, Vernon;
Sheriff, C. G. Allen, Chipley; Treasurer,
R. C. Horue, Chipley; TaxCollector, A.
Q. Jones, Vernon; Tax Assessor, A.
.J. Gay, iGrassi Point; Superintendent
wi Public Instruction, W. L. Lockey;
Clipluh ; Surveyor, Thos. Collins, Chip-
ruetice of the Peace, C. H. Crippen;
Notary Public, Deputy Circuit Court
Clerk. R. D. Hopkins; School Super-
visor, R. F. lralc.kin; Post Master, G.
B. Thompson
TH.\Hnrn s.o
,'u- tmist ress, Mrs. Ellison.
?sltmiiitr'ess, Annie R. Parker; Notary
Public, W. H. Parker.
'oMlinaaer, N. W. PiltLs.

uoliLrie E. Mosher, Frank Ho1skins, F
U. Bell; Postlnaster, W. M. Croman;
County Ci'nli.,ioutr- H. M. Spicer
Deputy Clerk of Courts, S. T. Walklcy

t EI, TG 1 0 U
Y. P. .C. C I..-P.l'i r meeting at the
PreilfI teriaii church ( r ..vr.ry 'Inll d y afler
-.s, 11 at 3:311.' ..'.- k. i. im i ld.
i ptiii R v MA. J. \ ilt., Pastor,
preiaclhe. in I ht Aiiethi'ii.'-t Church, corner
of W a las ing on .It'- :,I,,, CI.l-st: I.
st i-,-i at II a. ,in, t;. l.' ti:" 1 .. very
tir.- lt ld hini i.l p' *11 r1'e etin
evnry Fii .tia I-.. ., At 7 .:- i. ChI n h i
cou 'er ct= .'utn : :'.li Ie'f ,. '' .-t .' i d! '
at 3 p. in. A, I'l: ,.ry iu l 'ii -
Ilnv in each li n.: li .l t i ,... J i

Vii i llr'. u Iii f I r.'. L id l p
111%,! .1\ % 1tI iUt I, \ .. t ,, traye
:a ci e lilg ,ll I, .: e v-' er l ri'l.. v i I 1i,
P. 'le limrii I-- t'lirch cort enr Leorine
tVellllule ald Ill k" street. Rlcv: C. P.
"'lady it.~lri-.iarr I ir'aclhe Ir pcriis-
i .t .. i, i ri, S ada.Lv att.:30 p. III.
..a lhi ---i il t lr r l'p.lllill ive-
xuu and "llf."l'lf f'1' a t .

nel, e.st and nurth1 mail, ria. Chipley de-
parts eTery da) except Sunday at 12:30
o'clock; arrives every day except Sun2
aty at I!2:00 p. mi.
East Ban mail for Harrison, Cronaniton,
Parker, Farnadale and Wetappo, leaves
St. Andrews going east every morning
at F o'clock and arrives, comruingwest
every afternioont at 3 o'clock.
North Bay (Andrron)i: Arrives at St.
Andrews every Monday, Wednesda and
Friday, a. m ; Retunii to Anderson
sam.te days at 1 :30 p. In.

Parker Lodge No. 142,
dA. I. &; A.. 1V.
Regular Comthunications on Satur-
day, on or before each full moon.
Visiting Brothers Fraternally
W. H. PARKER,. Secretary.


Homeopathic Physician and Ac-
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-
gan street,
St. Andrews. Florida.


Notary Public.
Deputy Circuit Clerk and Counsellor at
All legal iinetruments carefully prepared.
Office in the Robb b'ld'g Isabella st.. west
o4 Brackin's store.

Notary Public for-he State at Large.
l .-.. .! v- ..i ,r ,. ',

I l.. .

it I *uo A' ..aa t -Is' \ ,ittk'
Pa a-' e r.

it'-lh. ~ -:'a, 'i o te of ay i a p i-In.~a

I v o ;- 11 e r F nIues.
81. Audi -


t -iw.l; c (>--. i~Ik'ck eS'~t of
Pensacola, .--Tl

PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Harvey's Free Silver Argument.
One Dollar a Year in Advance. W. H. Harvey'contributed to the
lForum Magazine of June, an article
WILLIAM A. EMMONS which one would naturally suppose
Proprietor, was mostly written by himself,
-- entitled; "The Free Silver Argu-
Display ad rates 50c per inch per month. meant "
Position and extraordinary condition He very cunningly and danger-
rates subject to special agreement. _, y iati
n ously composes a fabrication of mis-
Ti Chilean minister at Washing- leading statements, imbued with
ton has received a dispatch from his the sole object to create in the
government that, Chile, having tried minds a misconception. The article,
fiat money for senenteen years, finds through its fascinating appearance,
her sound curren'ey practically driven and adyantages it pretends free silver
out ot the country and her commer- would offer to the snoth and west,
cial interests at the mercy of the in:y sufficiently mislead some if ti,e
world, "ha i etlurneld with sati'fac- mIore impressive mir.ds into ac-
tion and confidence to the gold cepting it as a fact.
standard." He earlyin the article says:
The Late Legislature. "T1e founders of the government
The Florida legislature for 1895 chose silver, of the two metals, be-
is a thing of the past, and the usual cause it was the p)o0r people's money."
amount of fault-finding is being in- If the founders of the financial
dulged in--some complaining that one pelcy of te Sovernmet, favored
wrong has been perpetrated and some silver and discriminated against gold,
another, and a quite general corn- as Mr. Harvey stated. "because it
plaint that "nothing has been accom- was tle ioney. of the poor." why
polished ; while the prosumptioi is did Robert Morris, make a state-
that each member has excited hin- mont to the effect, that of the tvw-
self to his utmost to faithfully rep- metals,,gold was the safest fo r a basis
resent his constituency and vigilant- "PO" which to erect our monetary
ly guard the best interests of the system, because, it being the moro
state, scarce, would fluctuate the least, and
The Buoy feels that Washington that silver was only perfectly safe.
county has abundant cuse to feel so long as it was on an in-
proud of its representative-he is a trinsic parity with gold, according to
rising man and will make his mark the ratio between the two metals?
-well up among the brighter intellects And why did Thomas Jefferson,
of the state, as early as 1806, by an executive
There is no good cause to censure issue, direct the America-n mint to
the senator from the Twenty-fifth, discontinue the coinage of the silver
True Mr. Weeks stood almost alone dollar, for fear that the overpro-
in his chamber and when he found it duction might depreciate it in value,
impossible to get sach legislation as and thereby cause them to be ino
lie deemed advisable it is not greatly longer on a parity with gobl.
to be wondered at that li. should feel He also says: 'Thlat anv fluctua-
r slight ani.i;n in promote tion or disturbance in commerce, by
l.gi.-.latin of his political opponents. reason of change of ratio, was to be
.. ..R \ session of the legislature fur- bonl by the rich, n ver the poo3.,
niislhes additional proof that "!-r;,. Do not the people know. that any
b,.,lie. move slow" and that busince ,li.sturlance in the monetary system,
"'.'-.,L tIliCli inore I *',TriV w0o .d i ntllrlly be felt 'mucl i worse
SI ,.,,u i ,* a ,,t Vt to t .st, .,i- y l or than ll the lch',il? P n a
i.1-,-1. l ,T+, 1 1t,- 11. 1%.i ,-, r:..- r.I,,._. :,:,h, i't:,.. 1. :h:.: > It 'l ., y _, i

1 I..r is. largelX' incr easedl. thlt l.ni-i!....- of the Uin it,:l ;i'tCs is
T1'hat a goo. deal '1f 4g.cd has been .',', lI, ted uopon borrowed capital.
acc doubt; that some may have been left i'ts sec in the distance, a disturbance
undonei must rnot be looked upon too or c nrmiercial uncertainty corning,_
seriously w hiih he thinks will tend to de-
', precate in any manner the cal;ital
Coin's Financial Fool. w-hich he has invested, he will, in
The BuoY is in receipt of an able
S i compliance to the laws of nature, re-
and illustrious production of Horace call his ottadi securities
call his outstanding securities, and
WVhlite, the itninent political econo- m s a u
hoard t0hem safely away, until the
mist of New York city, entitled, storm has past. Just as a ship
"~Uiu's Financial Fool." It is in
Cin's ntincial Fool." t i seeks a sheltered place during an
pht..iplet form, and the author cl;ar- atmospheric disturbance. Of ,
ly shows the various false statements the mor the storms, time
the more severe tle storms, the
and errors which Mr. Harvey madee sroer sa ardswill be,
stronger the satfiguards Will be,
in his pet book. White also eluci- t t a, a
Which the capitalist places around
dates the question so as it may be ls own.
readily comprehended by those who I f r s : ,y
He further says: "Many pojr
are least acquainted with the qus- eldom ee a gold coin,
seldom see a gold coin."
tion of silver. He shows that Mr. t statement, i is suffi-
T1hat statement, in itself is sufmi-
Harvey does not only plagiarize, but ent to convince e of the utter
cicnt to convince one of the uttcr
quotes mep with making statements folly in attempting -to esablishl a
in certain public gatherings; who, d bl td All know that
double standardl. All know tlat
therein mnake declarations to thle
therein make declarations to te prior to the act of 1890, which was
effect, that they never attended thening of recen inan-
thle fol'rwarning of t e recent fin;an-
places in which Mr. Harvey accused i
places in which Mr. Harvey accuse cial disaster experienced by us, and
them of the statements he quoted. vhich threw uuon tie markets ar-
This book is published by tlie *,
i .e other unnecessary surplus ,,f silver,
Sound Currency Committee. of New \
ork it ho ei-ont one saw a great many gold
York city, who, ei-onthly ub-oins where he now sees but one.
lish a phamplet, Sound Currency.'' The cause is: That gold being the
Eveiy issue of this sheet contains ony reog ed standard abroad will
some valuable monetary information, o r 1 t nd r w
sine valuable monetary information, compel the bankers to prcseiive the
gold coin to pay their foreign securi-
tractive style, ties, as they know that gold will
Until further notice, any person bring no more than dollar for dollar
grni no more than dollar tor dollar-

mav receive tor thie paltry sum of .
i tif exchanged in domestic markets,
ote dollar, the Boky for one year, but should they make an attempt to
the premium, Dream City, mentionelt
tse. premium, rleaml Citymention pay a foreign obligation, with the
in another column, and Sound Cur- pay a oreig obligation, with the
silver dollar, for which in our mark-
rency for six months. Any person ets yave gold, it wl only be
n h op o d- ets tlioy gave gold, it would only be
missing the opportunity to im accepted at the intrinsic value it may
atelv avail themselves of this exceed- w ,
have, as compared with the standard,
ingly generous offer, and waiting antil gold. Consequently, the poor are
it is too late, will show very indiscreet by a
again injured by any attempt at a
judgment. Remember that cash double standard of value, which e
must in all instances accompany would virtually result in silver t
orders for this exceptional prize. monoetallism.
.=- monometallism. a
Weeks Speaks at' Jacksonville. Mr. Harvey says: ."That from
Senator Weeks recently delivered 1792 to 1840, there was coined at b
in Jacksonville, what the populists our mints, $38,312,435 in gold coin 1
woald call a forcible speech, in which and $55,104.917.40, in silver colns- t
he, to the best of his ability, at-
tempted to create in the minds nearly twice as much silver as gold." ,
oft pp, a f e If that be the case. why should he
of people, a favorable m- raise the cry that silver has- been
pression regarding the free coinage done an i justice, while e himself
of silver. Weeks has found that he shows that nearly twice as mch
has struck a vein in his mode of ges- silver has been sed as old? Did n
tures tnd grimmances, to which the that not plainly show that at the r
people will listen and just so long as relative rate of coinage for those a
the people will listen he will shout. years, silver could not long remain v

on a paiity witlh gold, for the reanR
that silver beint atoinied in suchd
quantities vwoull sleinl atiurally fall
below the legal ratio, wliichi would
bring dovwn ulpoin tIi financial disater.
as a result of the 4walit of irificient
gold to redeem thl silver when .such
should be I're'-anto by our n i.-ighrlbrs,
who dealt in the old coin, iln coru.
mercial interconm.o.
Our limited space will uot pcnilit
a discussion (of the entire c mI ieniiitn
of Mr. HIarvcy's :a'ssumllijtini. which
as all know i:ive very few \basic
facts, a:i l hicih ertnilly ae oui a
parity wi'1i1h hii , 'f irV.InI t thai.t .1.
Lawar-ence M.cLuLii.hlin maile cii:rl:ti:i
declaration i regarding silver, in a
a gathering a short timn sine., to
which the ;ttter geticlelian made a
positive denial.

Batgging' Gra!pes.
The practice of inclosing grapes in
paper bags to preserve them in good
cond ition, says Gardening, frlU be-
ing something of an e;xperiimentt or
for allitenlrs to practice, has now be-
como universal. The one who grows
for market knows now as 'vell as tlhe
amateur does that it pays to do it.
It was necessity to preserve the
bunches from the black, rot, which
first led to the use of paper bags.
Since their use so much better are
the bunches in every way, that f:uit
growers are now thankful that they
were driven to use bagh.
The black rot is caused by a. fungus
which floats in the air and finds in
the grape a suitable host. It settles
on the berries, develops andt causes
them to rot. It requires but the
slightest covering to keep out tihee
fungus spores, so that the thiinnest
kind of paper bag does. In fact sonll
are not partie'tllar that the g9rapl
bunch be wholly incisosu. 'T,-y b..-
hieve tha. as tlie spiores arc : ,. l:
descendling wNrll they reach thei g;: ..
a canopy, as it 'wer.', is on i4'I n.ot
the best gr., c e -i.', iten- aln \\ i-.el
too, tllt. it i t In t -r to Ci)L'r t li
., 1 if 1 .
ita !0 1 '1 I t. ', L '
', f r 1 ,.. .S 1 w as th .: ,i l of

bees were :a tei t Y torn t t, viite-
vards; vs sot i grapes coinitenced
to color, tle li'-v insects foul d themn
nut, andl soon t(Ih bunilces disappear-
ted, and then n,,a:rrows .pcckeI the
berries to pieces, causing great loss.
T'he bag remedies all tlese evils, and
besides this preserves the bloom.
And keep g off all dust and d it
makes the fruit far more presentable
than before
Those whio have seen hot-house
grapes, which are grown protected
from wind, rain, dust, etc., anid have
admired their clean, tempting ap-
pearance, will know how bagged
grapes look when exposed to view;
with every berry perfect they are a
delight to look on. It is no wonder
that those who grow them for mar-
ket say they get better prices for
such bunches than they get for oth-
ers. Have bags put on your bunchesi
at once.

The "Old Maids' Home."
York, England, has some provis-
ion madejfor a certain portion of the
community which is not usually
looked out for. It is the "Old Maids'
Home,'" a big, comfortable, brick
house, surrounded by lawns and gar-
dens and shut off from vulgar obser-
vation by a tall thick hedge. This
home was founded by Lady Wandes-
ford in the latter part of the sixteenth

century. It is designed for "decay-
spinsters of the higher class," and
:en of them is the number provided
for. Only women over sixty are re-

Fishing Gazette: An English ship-
owner suggests that all boys who
want to go to sea should have their
eyesight tested before being appren-
ticed. This is is an excellent idea
ind should be put into practice.
There have been many cases of color
blindness among young men who fol-
ow the sea, v hich unfits them for
lie vocation for which they have
be)n training.

A very well executed bogus twen-
y-dollar gold 'iece was passed at the
pera house ii St. Augustine a few
lights ago by an innocent party.
[he good modey taken in change was
t once refu red when his attention
was called to l.

-F" ---

k A Y.- ..

--(i .- C
^' ^ .. :,.-. .. '
. . .. ..'-'

],,, ,'----.-, ] "-- co
1. 1

testing "womIn's wo-!," I ".:1 rcoi to
consider thmselvu' --- u'
i But u)w in aAdnn,, i.. I.: '"L a L c tcI
his post, a l A.rta ti h.1 v' .
fairly doubled, while too proc:. I'. n
too discreet, to complain to .... : -. y,
knowing full woll thal, ,it out em-
barrassing explanation ~n :lr : it
could be only Jim who would d3p t- p cd
again to assist her.
"If Jim Kittery was ridin roujnd like
you are, he'd take hold an do theso
dishes himself," she tentatively romarki
ed one evening, the blunt hint rounded
off with a coquettish laugh.
"Was that the way ho used to d'?"
Paul Brown returned, with entire non-
chalance, settling himself yet more corn-

-I -"i-
.-; .'-. -
f I,'" --o :" -I --1
.. --
a;' ''..." -" --

.. '' ; " -i

; . . .

-- -. -,- ..... .

sa. _
"If J Kitaryas sttn rond like yb
are, he'd do these dishes himself."
Sfortably outhe d ori:p. Th.e I would
bc.tt.-r 13 w .rn-, Ly h, l! (x atlapill anid
i l.a'e sach v.'-rk al.- :, f-r y'ou dl a't
I tlhiik i.u-c.h of ."t, 7.a :.o-'.7, Artails-
I "IIow d- :,.n 1. ..-.v I !c 't?"' sh

, with hia cool nu." .J iit. 'h- v.- ill have
I madre him u .i -h tii. b. -, if .Ic might.,

haiim the l'-ac Il Ii 1-.l r t rJ k.

"Oil. 1 u o ,W .. t' '>i r.:, f.-T, 1
azn Y.r :. i t 1 pn.-t .: -,i
at guess ,. II ..:.
s 1ii ov r -L.i "Don't Ton
think y)iu c.,iLLr i -,.: i,.-:;. L'-.1)rai edl of
yourself to snub hbi ho c tricliy? Serious-
ly now, Artalissa?"
"I don't know what you mean," the
girl dec!arid, darting an oblique little
glance at him from her sloe black eyes,
her strong teeth gleaming in that smile
which always seemed to light her face
with a certain glow of evil. "Some-
times girls play off and treat the worst
the fellows they really like the best."
"Do they?" he asked, with dull in-
difference, as if his mind had already
wandered to other topics. Ho generally
left the burden of their conversation to
her, rarely tr;na'tiHmu himself to respond
beyond the demands of mere civility,
yet Artalissa, piqued and puzzled, with
strange perversity found herself far
more interested in this strange follower
than in any of the others who, with
mistaken assiduity, had paid her court.
Her swift glance of impatience softened
now as she looked at him, something I#
the unconscious arrogance of his strong
masculinity irresistibly swaying her sen-
suous, animal nature. In the unreason-
ing polity of a woman's heart the king
can do no wrong.
"I'll have one less to wash dishes for
next week, thank fortune!" she ex-
claimed after a little. "Miss Ellery is
going." '
Brown, occupied with cleaning the
ashes from his pipe, said nothing for a
moment. "And where is she going?" he
slowly asked at length, with a show of
desultory interest.
"I d' know's I know, and d' know's
I care," replied the girl, with a care-
loss laugh. "But I know what she is
going to do. I heard them jokin her
about it at dinner tonight. She's goin
to be nimari.-.d."
She was de,_ni-'dly disappointed that
this bit of news, to her woman's soul
of such vital interest, seemed to fall so
fiat. There was absolutely no response
from the motionless figure in the door-
way. But that was just his way, she
petulantly remarked to herself. One
might as well talk to a siuimp.
"She's goon to have a kitchen of her
own to try-iTe high toned ways of doing
in," she resumed after a moment, with
rather less animation, talking merely
for the comfort of expressing her
thoughts aloud. "She used to be coming
out here 'most every day, hennin round,
offering to make the dessert or something
or another sayin that she'd been to
oookin school and lettin on that she
knew how to do it all better than any-
body. But I jus' went to Mrs. Ellery
and says I, 'I ain't been to cookin school
so much as I've been to district school,'
says I, 'but if my oookin ain't good
enough for this ranch I can just go
where it is. I ain't above bein helped
with my work,' says I, 'in a place
where there's as much to do as there is
here, but I ain't askiii for cooking les-
sons from anybody.' I talked right up
to her, just like that. Mrs. Ellery
blushed and was dreadfully out up. She,
said I was quite mistaken, Miss Edith
-she's always oalHn her Miss Edith to
me, emphashln the words so's to hint'
that's what I'd ought to ocll her-as if
aever wouldl-- ma. that's an a duAPaio

erl7ly. Thought to be There7" *
"T,_.-'o f,:.nco cutters ought to be
struug up without quarter for all the
trouble they make," returned Ellery
slowly, his face frankly clouded as he
thoughtfully stroked his beard. "I was
hoping that you would be here a couple
of weeks longer at least."
"Why, if I could spare the time"-~.
Brown faltered, nervously sinking his
hands to the depths of his trousers
pockets. "But it is hardly necessary,
r. Ellery. All the bunch we planned
to handle this time is pretty well broken
in already, and that fellow Kittery can
finish them off. He's a consummate ass
about some things, but all the same he
can ride a horse better than most, and
if it wasn't for his temper and his fool
ways he'd do well enough."
EUery laughed amusedly. "He ought
to thnuk you for such a recommendation.
If he had been running for the legisla-
ture, you could hardly have given him
a worse sound off. But there happens to
be one job I hardly like to trust to Kit-
tory anyhow. How long have you been
hero? Three weeks Wednesday, was it
not? Well, this is Friday. Don't you
think you'd better stay till next Wednes-
day and make it even weeks?" he urged,
with offhand persuasiveness. "Tuesday
is the Fourth of July, you know, and a
few days one way or the other don't
count for much.
"The fact is, there is that Lothair colt
-the bay filly you were riding today,
It is simply wonderful the way that colt
has come to the front since she was
driven in from the field. I believe she is
going to make a perfect beauty, while
you can't point out another on the place
with equal promise for speed. Kittery,
with all his 'fool ways,' had the sense to
say, when you were riding across the
bridge today, that the colt ought to
fetch $500 anywhere. Now, it has oo-
curred to me, Brown, that I would par-
ticularly like to send that filly to my
sister by and by for a-er-a present."
A wedding present. He might as well
have said the word. Brown's alert im.
agination filled in the slight pause.
"Yes," he assented dully, his forefinger
straying to the collar of his flannel
shirt, which seemed somehow too tight
for him. "Yes, there is not a better
colt on the place."
"And I was going to ask you to take
her particularly in hand on that ao-
count. Since you have but a few days
left," Ellery went on, easily assuming
that his point was made'as to the time,
"you would better begin training her to
the sidesaddle as soon as you can. I
would like my sister to try her if possi-
ble before you go, and especiallyI would

like the animal hardened to noises of
every sort so far as you can manage it.
Beaven only knows how one of these
western horses can ever be educated up
to the rackets of an eastern city."
"I'll do the best I can," returned
Brown apathetically.
"And you'll stop until Wednesday?"
exclaimed the other in a tone of cordial
satisfaction, "though I'm afraid that
will hardly give you time enough."
"I'll stay until the filly is fit to offer
Miss Ellery," he said, with an odd
smile. A wedding present-and he vi~u
bidden to make it ready for herl Ah,
the irony of fatel
-- -*- --

words: "1rom -Dtibaunt, t ieni alt-7W
most to the ('aple, nmargined by Val
mo:,lt vertical si te, anu:l occupied
either l1y the sea, by salt stepps and
old lake basins, and ib a series of
over twenty lakes, of which only one
has an outlet to the sea. This is d
condition of things absolntelv un-
like anything on the sarlace of the
earth." The presence of such a rift,
for rift it appears to be, can only be
compared with the long lunar rifts
which have so long puzzledl astroni-
omers. To Professor Siuess, the
eminent geologist of Vienna, we owel
indeed, the first deimoinsation that
over large ereas of the earth's sur'
face the curst has been steadily
breaking through in the direction of
the earth's center, and that the crust
has been torn and rifted throughout
all time by the subsideiices of earth
blocks; and he truly, many years,
ago pointed out the probable exis-
tence of this vast Afru-Asiatid
trough, the evidence to which has
now been supplied by Dr. Gregoryj
This investigator was actually
able to trace a long paralle!-sided
and steeply-walled valley, of perhaps
twenty to twenty-five miles wide, ex-
tending southward from the Great
Nyanza to beyond the first parallel
of south latitude, or over a liner dis-
tance of some 150 inile or more.
Over much of this eztent the bounid-
ary *;alls are d-scribed as being "so
precipitions that even the most ex-
pert of crafismein could scale them;''
sheer Iprecipices are indticatedwith
elevations of 800 and 1,00) feet.
This renlarkadlo structure of most
unique development and extraordia
nary persistency must be regarded as
one of the most interesting featurrs
of the earth's surface.

The Beston Herald says: A Por-
land business man has hit on a now -
scheme for being awakened at the
proper time in the morning, which
he declares beats an) alarm clock
that ever was invented. He has his
telephone in his bedrconm, and ersh
night when about to retire he calls
up the central office and requests the
operator to call him up at a desigat-
ed hour, in order to find if the phone
works TrolpeIly. Promptly at the
hir'-r tIe bell rings londly, and hlie is
awakeLiied with neatness and dis-
patch, le c;ainis that the service
thus rendered is alone worth the an-
l.191 re.:taT of the telephone.


--- -LQ

- .. -... .... i '

" 'To nlonas the oblldren anaWBomwtniM
., celebrate the day Hugh Ellery'hi .
_4'jyL planned a bonfire for the night f the
S Fourth of July, and Nelsine, frugal
minded to got the utmost possible'ot
the entertainment, had seized upon
S occasion to invite a few of her neiv
bors to dine at an hour, which, to $e
majority, would have seemed more be.
*y 44' fitting thoughts of bed. But Mrs. Ellemy,
A-' '. E with characteristic unconsoiousnes o
/ V . Aany possibility of adverse criticism 0
VIX, 'g 'O the part of those she thought to hoiaml
had planned bar hospitality with oan
-51 thought for the falling of darkneep, thda
*Pv.1 94 erJ..uPppI.coTr C toW r. the bonfire bright promptly come after
dessert, having all due regard to this
powerful ally to relieve the burdenitof
woman ua vA guw as ner any ayi a hoptess in a company whose -ofin I 4 0"
Tl T.r,'s ciy reason I hate to have he soetoability was too'gi Arlly the doubb-
Sonnd. SIti its on too- Why!" break- ful gold of olamlike silence.
g oti n n.arp v,. r.t-u as she turned And now they were all gathered d
about t.) fiidl brelf alono and wrath- the steep hillside up near the barn,
fully strrrod. to thie doror to see whither rvorlooking the deep worn coulee, aa-
the truant had strayed. "Well, if thn I most filled to its brim with heaped brush
Saint polit!l That man makes me tired and debris, from which a mighty towet
from head to foot with his ways. HO of flaneo rose high against the blackness
just naturally does, but thn"- the ex- of the night. But although the dinner
Stenuating afterthought cut short with a had been irreproachable throughout its
sigh. many courses. with nothing to mar its
Hurrying aimlessly down toward the success, barring a certain despairing un.
bridge, Brown met Mr. Ellery climbing certainty observable now and then on
the path, a pair of small shoes and the part of the guests in respect to the
stockings in one hand, while with the multiplicity of forks and spoons allotted
other he led along his reluctant first- them, and although the bonfire was all
born, the urchin picking his steps with andmorethanitsarchitecthad planned
Whimpering carol which told how lit- both host and hostess were heavily oqp
tlo the small pink feet were hardened pressed with a growing conscion snee
to contact with mother earth. "What hat the occasion.was something of
do you think of a youngfellow who pre- [To Ts0 co- NTIU ]
fers going barefoot to wearing good
shoes and stockings?" he called out to Breaking of the Eearth's Crust.
Brown as they met, his eyes twinkling Prof. Angelo Heilprin, in Scientific
with appreciation of his practical joke American.
in the loie of discipline. He had too From the point of view of the gent.
imperfectly outgrown his own boyhood
for entire success in the roleof the stern eral geographer, who scope takes id
parent. "A boy Who never thinks of not only the superficial aspects of a
snakes hiding in the grass, all ready to
bite him, to say nothing of the danger country, by its physical contrnctiotn
of becoming welbfooted." as well, perhaps the most interesting
"I'mnot web footed yet," protested contribution to African knowledge
the .small sinner, wriggling his rosy toes i
fn anxious experiment. that has been made within late yea~r
"Butyouare takingchances-chances is the denionstratrati.,n by Dr. J. W.
of several sorts, young man. Ask Mr. Gregory, of the Pritish MIueum, that
Brown if you're not." Then, catching
sight of Brown's face, he added, "But there exsits in Eastern Aftica, oc-
you may run to your mamma now and copying a very considerable position
tell her what you've been doing," of 1ts extent, a narrow, and in places
laughing softly as he watched the un-
happy youngster gingerly picking his '-ery deep, through, in which the great
st,.ps over tie bristliug stems of rnwly :Ltes andl n-nmy of their tributaries
monu gras. '"But what is it, Brown?
Anything in particular?" are lcnted, and which, with a mord
"'I b-liuve I ought to be getting back or le~. open anu1 depressed lowlands
to my oiwn place, Mr. Ellery," the coImmunicates with th. basin of the
young man said, with a certain brusque
decisiveness. "I had a letter from my Red Sea, and yet further with the
partner yesterday. He tells me that Dead Sea and to the .Vally of Jor.
soucbnrily 4 ,been cutting the fenoes ae Dr. Gregorys
.1)1 1 IT- I rt,'lo lse Drq ( Ire~gory's CZ

~ ndrie~us


I -

_L _______~__ ____ __ __~__ _i




M A R II T 14 E


NorT.-lt niuvt he remirlpnerud that the
wind is nut a wholly r'elialle motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possill; to make schedule tme it nust be
et arged to the elements; they do the best
they can.

makes regular trips between Pittshnrg on
asI Bay anrd Pensacola; will make reg-
kar landliin; at Cromanton and Har-
ri-on, Park .r and at any other point
when mliiiesle.i beforehand to doso.
Par3on-serr and freight transported at
reasonal'l rate and satisfaction gaar-
an!eed. The Peoole's Store at. Pitts-
b urg is headquarters and orders left
there will receive prompt and careful
attention N. W. PtiTs, Proprietor.
T'he Nettie came in Satuiday with
near 400 red snappers and left for
the banks again Sun lay morning
The Uleopa.tra caine in Monday
and left for P'ehnacola again yester-
day before noon.
The Jessie P, started for Pensn-
cola Wednesday.
A Week's Weather.
The follorwing table shows what the
temperature at St. Andrews has been
during the past week, from observations
taken at the Booy office each morning

and noon:

Thai s iay,.......June
Friday.......... "
Saturday .... ...
Suind.y.'........ "
Monday......... "
Tuesday .........
Wednesday ..... .

Morn. Noon.

6 76 87
7 76 86
8 78 89
9 73 87
10 76 S6
11, 76 86
12 74 86

Cabinet Appoint ments.
Late on the afternoon of June 7
Presi-deii t Cleveland announced the
following cabinet appointments:
For Secretary of State, Richard J.
Olney of Massachusetts.
For Attorney General, Jndson
Harnon, of Ohio.

A Well Merited Compliment.
We-t ville Advocate.
Col. Chipleyis always on the watch.
It was a good move he made in having
the comrl:ttl, who were appointed to
investigated our tale officials, report
before our next campaign. It shows
that he ha.- the interests of the dem o
cratie party at heart and was look in : fa
atioad t') pri ,?-tb it, and was l,,.'ting no
ga-is down\ fi'or ,our enemy to howl over'.
No man hia, lrdone m :re for WestFlor'ida.
and we mihlht add the entire state, than
Col. Chip!ey, ani d e hope those day iF
not far distant wh,_lu our. people will
show thier appre:-i.:tion of his good
work and Irew.ald him al,- he deserves.
.- ----I------ 1

I. L n.-

.- .- I about
S" the cru by Hood's" Sarsaparilla Is
that they are permanent. They start from
the solid foundation -Pure Blood.

A S E RI E 8

Cheap Excursions.

The Plant System

Announces Cheap Excursions as
San Antonio, Tex., Travelers'
Protective Association, Tickets on
-Ilec May 30th, N15.:, good to return fif-
it. ri dais fr,.m date of sale, at one fare
or i ]e iuunil trip.
C't.-veland, O., Couve'ntion Repub-
icau National LeagiIe. Tickets on sale
June 17th., 1895, good to return until
June 23d, 18t at one fare for the round
Boston, Mass., Convention Y. P. S.
C. E.. and National Young People's
('hriscian Union. Tickets on Sale July
t-th Io Il th, good to return until August
5th, 1.IS5, at one faro for the ronind trip.
Ii;llCiilmere, Md., Baptist Young
People's Jrnion of America. Tickets
on sale July alith and 17th, good to re-
turn until Angus: .th, 1895, at one fare
for' the round trip.
Boston, Mass, Triennial Conclave
K. of P., Tickets on sale August 23d to
2'L.-h, 1R95, good to ret-urn until Sept.
10th, 1895, at ONE FARE for the round
tri .
aior further information apply to
H. G. Haycraft, Tray. Pass. Agt.,
Oea0la. Fla.
R. T. Patton, Trav. Pass. Agt.' Tampa,
B. W. Wrenn, Pass. Traffic Mgr., Sa-
%vannah, G;a.
F. MI. Jolly, Div. Pass. Agt Tampa,

e one's Lainidry.

M '-Sts Made to Order.

Sins, Etc., Repaired


C LAnaitows Bay, Fla.

a *:, ,, .LORAINE.

Clean, and m liha nhir.
Sv t r Fatils to Bestore Gry
A ;..-t' 'a r S- _gt, orouthmul Color.

Cmur wsaldp d s4; Qai r tuallig.

W p # r ' Wo Dra~~~v mid IdmS Aj &a ., N Y.
NImPERCO^M3. Th- oAiam'nrrum-stb .
SWpslfpami.faattL~rwltsb, 'ix lIS<,X & CU., N Y.


-N ice bread, pies and cake, fieshl
;ry i' di at Igld' ull' s Ior...
-F'or Aligatur teeti mid sliell

je tlry, call on I. J.J lugliu .
-Legal cap, conimmnti ial note
letter-he'd piaprs aind cnvclopes, either
printed or plain art the. Buoy office.
-New and desirable goods in ev-
ery department received each week ly .
H. ShBlnds. and prices remarkably cheap.
Don't miss the store, at Parke.
-Cocoa shells, a delicious and
wholesome beverage, far superior when
properly prepared to either tea or coffee-
three pounds for 25c at the Pioneer Drug
Store. Try it.
-The time for putting up and
preserving fruits is upon us and the item
of sugar is an important one. You can
save money by getting your supply at the
People's store, Pittsburg.
-Bulletir.s Nos. 27 and 28 of the
Florida Experiment Station at Lake City
have been issued and will be sent free to
any address in Florida upon application
to the director of the station.
-Our correspondents will please
bear in mind that their favors must be
mailed early enough to reach us not later
than Monday evening; otherwise they
cannot aop.ear in the current issus
-The St. Andrews Bay Horticul-
tural and Improvement Association is
prepared. to clear, improve and plant into
fruit any tract of land which may le giv-
en them. It will pay all persons to buy
a track from them and have it improved.
-If you are thinking of buying
property in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase until
you have conferred with the proprietor of
the Buoy. If you are short of money and
want to buy on your own time for actual
settlement you can be accommodated.
-The Children's day exercises at
the Presbyterian church last Sunday
evening were successfully performed and
reflected credit on those concerned. The
singing, especially was of a high order. A
good collection was realized for which the
church people are thankful to the large
-Thie Jacoby Broker;ge Conmis-
sion Co.. of Pensacola, will, on ycur ap-
plication, ship you empty oopss, rases and
crates. Give them a trial consignment of
chickens, eggs, strawbe-ries or fruits.
The returns will please you. Quick sales
and prompt cash settlements guaranteed
-No place in Florida or elsewhere
presents more or greater attractions to
the homeseeker than does the picturesque
village of Parker, on East Bay. Every
dollar invested there is sure to multiply
many fold, and the investment can hardly
be otherwise than a good one. W. H.
Parker will take pleasure in showing any-
one around, no matter whether they buy
or not
-Mr. Ed Smith has evidently
struck upon a new treatment for invalids.
Learningg that the editor of the Buoy was
on the sick list, he brought half a dozen
tempting green cucumbers. hiich if hlic
Supposed thei sick nman could resist he
a RM.I

t;Lkc-n of mitlh considerable caution no ill-
fletts w.vre ailpparent, and while the ed-
itor would not suggest that at all limes it
would he ad\isable tol eat them to cor-
rect lbowl lilsarrangemouts, he can safely
say that they "touched the ri'ht spot"
in this instance, and Mr. Smith is accord-
ed a vote of thanks for his uniqe treat-
-The ButrY is always on the lonk-
out for some pleasant surprise for its
patrons and the latest is a re-offer for a
short time of our splendid "Dream Citvr
premium to any new or old subscriber
who sends $1 advance suescription to the
Boor; or if you have recently paid and
don't care to send a dollar again so soon
the premium will- be sent to you on re-
ceipt of 25' to cover cost of postage, etc.
This offer is for a limited time only and
should be taken advantage of at once.
When you send in your subscription, be
sure and say whether you want Dream
City, or Sound Currency, or both.
-Wash. Co. Guide: "The Buoy
speaks of tea growing being made profita-
ble in North Florida the past season. We
have some very fine tea plants, but are at
a loss to know how to cure it. Can the
Buor or some one else give us the infor-
mation." The article in the Buoyv as
taken from an exchange and credited.
The BUOY also has some fine tea plants;
but to attempt has ever been made to
cure any of the -kaves for use. It be-
lieves, however, that treatise containing
the desired information has been issued
by the agricultural department at Wash-
ton, which can be had on application.
-A heavy hail storm visited St.
Andrews Tuesday afternoon; the stones,
some of them of great size, fell fast and
furious for half an hour or more, and the
fact was evident that there was an exten-
sive ice factory in the immediate vicinity
of the town. Young peaches, pears and
plums were pelted from the trees in great
numbers, and tender vines and gardens
were literally chopped in pieces. Reports
do not cone in of the storm being an ex-
tensive one; but right here in St. Andrews
the damage was considerable and gardens
have suffered a set-back from which it
will take them a good while to recover.
-Capt. L. M. Ware, chairman of
the exposition committee for that part of
Washington county lying south of thebase
line s received a lot of wide-mouthed
jars for the preservation of fruits and ar-
ticles of a perishable nature, and he is
authorized to distribute them to parties
who have something to exhibit, and
whenever the filled jars or other articles
re delivered at the store in seasonable
time for the boat they will be taken to
Pensacola free of charge. It is time to be
onl thI lookout for the rare productions of
St. Andrews Bay, and it is earnestly hop-
ed that everyone will seo the importance
of cntributii g something to swell the ex-
hiiiit, to syv nothing of securing some of
the pri-e- .ffri,:'lly the P. & A railroad,

own q i U I% I II
Is a necessity because the tonio of winter
air is gone, and milder weather, increased
moisture, accumulated impurities in the
blood and debilitated condition of the
body, open the way for that tired feeling,
nervous troubles, and. other Ills. The
skin, mucous membrane and the various
orgaqa strive in vain to relieve the im-
pune current of life. They all welooae

to assit Nature at this time when she
most needs help, to purity the blood, tone
and strengthen the laboring organs and
build up the nerves.
"I have taken four bottles of Hood's
araaparilla and I have found it the best
blood purifier that I have ever used. I
had small boils all over my face and neck,
but sinceI have taken Hood's my face and
neck are free from such eruptions. Hood's
Barsaparilla enables me to sleep soundly."
A. M. GRAHAM, Sugar Valley, Georgia.


The Blood,
"Last winter I suffered with a tired
feeling. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla and
found it to be just as recommended."
J. J. McLELLAN, Floala, Florida.
Hood's pills the after-dinner pill and
family cathartic. 25c.
-Everything in the jewelry line
at Russell's.
-H. M. Spicer of Cronaniton has
been reappointed county commissioner of
Calhoun county for a term of two years.
-A very elegantly printed p:o-
gram of the commencement exercises of
the Florida State Agricultural College
came to hand too lato to be of service;
hut the courteous intentions of President
Clute are appreciated all the same.
-A letter received in St. Androws
reports that Andrew Brand and wife, the
young married people living on a home-
stead at Laird's yill Bayou were made the
parents of a son, only to have it taken
from them by death a few moments after
its birth.
-- little Alfred Wilson, the three
year old son of August Wilson of Laugh-
ton Bayou had a very narrow escape front
fatal poisoning one day last week. While
the mother's attention was averted, the
child picked and ate some wild plant or
berries growing near the house, and when
discovered was in fearful agony from the
effects. The almost distracted mother
took the child in her arms to the Buoy
Farm, adjoining, where Mrs. Emnions, by
the prompt administration -of antidoitel
soon gave the child relief and saved hii
life; but it was a close call.
-Tlho 'Tailthassen ann; a ouinces itI
liur.!' .' to publish, as it hai ti..'r. r .l..r
done the L'.i I, laws passr.lI ,: 1 .- r.-I
c.,it Sessio ,, wiith ft c

v l 'J1 tli: eLfrtrgi ltn.'I of I lr i
list, which ist IenIui., as ti' legi.-l ilir
has adj'urnl-d without making arny pro-
vision for the ollicial publication of the
laws by authority. The people o the
state who desire to know whiat the legis-
lature has done should, and doubtless
will recognize the enterprise and public
spirit of the Tallahasseean by entering
their' names upon its subscription list.
Fifty cents will pay for the paper while
the laws are being published.
-DeFiiniak Herald: Up to the
time of going to press the case against
Capt.'Jesse Ward, Capt. Sykes, Douglas
and Cameron, charged with maliciously
blowing up the barges of Bryan Dunwody
with dynamite had not been disposed of.
Attorney D. O. Campbell for the defend-
ants has succeeded in getting an order
front Judge Barnes for a rehearing of the
matter on a habeas corpus. S. K. Gillis,
Esq., who was appointed by the court as
commissioner to hold the trial, had the
matter before him Saturday and all the
evidence:was heard. No arguments were
submitted by counsel, however, as the at-
torney-for the defendants asked a con-
tinuance until this week.
-Capt. J.- M. Wills evidently
owners and keeps a boat for service, and
makes the New South contribute tb his
wants and comfort to a greater degree,
perhaps than any other boat owner on
the bay can boast. Last week he sailed
up to the head of North Bay, taking all
the necessary paraphernalia required for
Sturgeon fishing and blackberry gathering
and spending several days, caught ten
large sturgoen and two aligators; besides
picking and canning forty quarts of black-
berries. Thes trugeon he dressed; cooked
and smoked nicely, and did noi forget to
remember the BuoY with a generous sup-
ply, and if any one doubts that smoked
sturgeon, as Capt. Wills prepares it is
good wholesome food, and a dish to want
more of it, it is because the captain has
not treated them to a taste of it, Yes-
terday the New South sailed for Apalach-
icola, to cruise in that vicinity for a week
or more.
-The Loyal Temperance Legion
meets every Sunday afternoon at2 o'clock
-The W. C. T. U. meets regu-
larly every alternate Friday afternoon at
3 o'clock. All ladies interested in the
work are cordially invited to attend.
-The Y. P. S. C. E. meets every
Sunday afternoon at 3:30, and a prayer
meeting every Thursday evening at the
Presbyterian church.

F. W. Hopkins, of Cromantoa re-
turnee recently from a session of
the commissioners of education of
Calhoun county, of wh ch he is a






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Florida Central and Pen!nsular
MM I -A A. : I- I R 0 A.- :D-

New Florida and Northern Air Line and Florida
Time Table in Effect, April 21, 1895.

For Northern Points.-Leave Jacksonville 8:45 :a.m., (Sunday only); 4:10 p.m.
I (daily except Sunday); 9 30 a.m., 5 40 pm. 7 00 am. Arrive Jacksonville 10:30 a.
min.,9 20 p.m., 8:45 a.m.,2 43 p.m., (daily except Sunday): 6:36 p.m., (Sundays only )
Leave Yulee 9:55 a.m., (Sundays only); 4:55 p.m., (daily except Sunday); 10:30
a.m., 6:36 p.m., 7:42 a.m. AArrive Yulee 9:40 a.m., 8 30p.m., 7:50a. m. 1 40 p m,
(daily except Sunday); 5 30 p m (Sunday only.)
Arrive Fernandina 10:10 a.m., (Sundays only); 5:25 p.m., (daily except Sun-
day); 11 15 a m, 7 p m (daily except Sunday). Leave 9'05 a.m., 7 15 a.m., 1 p m,
(dally except Sunday); 4:50 (Sundavs only.)
Arrive Everett 8:15 p.m., 9:40 a.m., 7 42 a.m,. 6 40 p.m.
Arrive Savannah 10:06 p.m.,11:22 a.m.., Leave 5:55 a.m. 4:44 p.m. 10 14 p m.,
11 30 a m. Arrive 546 am., 434 p m, 1055 am.
Arrive Fairfax, S. C., 6.15 p.m.,12 17 a.m., 1 24 p.m. Leave 3:50 a m., 2:32
p.m., 8:25 a.m.
Arrive Augusta, Ga. 9:30 p.m. 6:30 a.m.Leave 8:40 p.m., 7:15 a.m.
Arrive Denmark, S. C., 7:30 p.m.,1:04 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Leave 3:05 a.m., 146
p.m., 7.10 a.m.
Arrive Columbia, S. C., 2 40 a.m. 3:45 p.m. Leave 1:30 a.m., 12 10 a.m.
Arrive Charlotte, N. C., 7 a.m., 8:20 11 p.m. Leave 11:05 p.m. 8 40 a.m.
j Arrive Salisbury, N. C., 847 a.m., 9:37 p.m. Leave 7:30 a.m.
Arrive Creensboro, N. C., 10:15 a.m., 10 48 p.m. Leave 7 47 p m. 6:04 a.m.
SM Arrive Danville, Va.. 11:04 a.m., 12 p.m., Leave 6 10 p.m., 4.45 a.m.
Ar Arrive Richmond, Va., 2 05 a.m. Leave 12:35-a.m.
AO(QNI Arrive Lynchburg, Va., 1 45 p.m., 153 a.m. Leave 2:48 am.
Arrive Charlottesville, 4 04 p.m., 335 a.m. Leave 2 27 p m, 1:03 a.m.
VOLMtB Arrive Washington, 8:30 p.m., 6 42 a.m. Leave 11 15 a.m., 10:05 p.m.
OP Arrive Baltimore, 11:25 p.m., 8.05 a.m. Leave 9:42 a.m., 8:37 p.m.
Arrive Philadelphia, 2:56 a.m., 10 25 p.m. Leave 7:20 a.m., 5:55 p.m.
SELECTED Arrive New York, 6:20 a.m., 2:53p.m. Leave 12:15:a.m., 3:20 p.m.
I VIETS Trains 35 and 36 solid Between Jacksonville and Charlotte.
l VIEWS Pullman sleepers to Tampa, Jacksonville and New York on Nos. 37 and 38.
R PLAT Elegant Through Day Coaches Jacksonville to 'Washington, o.
R PLATES. No. 37 and 38.
by 1% inches. Through Sleepers Between Jacksonville and New York.
i Gold and C oNo*
eled Paper. CINCINNATI-JACKSONVILLE. Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, LouRi-
,00. ville, Nashville, Indianapolis.
.'"" '" __ Leave Jacksonville 7 a.m., 5 40p.m. Arrive 10 30 a.m., 9 20 p.m.
Arrive Everett 815p m. Leave 7:42 640 "
S" Macon 450 1:27 a.m. 2:30 1130am.
Atlanta 830 492 11 45 p m 8 "
Sth Chattanooga912 a.m 640 8:45"
n to te B y Cincinnati 7:20 p.m 8 30a.m 8 p.m.
E by asking for it. Day coach No. 38 through to Atlanta. Nos. 35 and 36 solid Ivestibule to and
Sy i i. from Cincinnati-Jacksonville. Sleepers to and from Jacksonville.
veer. HOLLY SPRINGS ROUTE. To St. Louis, Chicago, Sioux City.
Handsome One Dollar Book, 5 40 p.m Lv Jacksonville, Ar. 10 30 a.m. 6 a m, 11:45 p.m. Leave Atlanta.
n does not expire for several 12:00 n'n,2:55 p.m,.Lv Birmingham. 7:50 p.m, 7:20 a.m. Holly Springs.
r paper will be setforward 7:30a.m, 7:30 " St. Louis. 1:55 1:35 p.m. Chicago.
.ts of the art series of views 7:30 p.m 7:30 a.m." Dubuque. 7:00 a.m. 8:00 SiouxCity.
erred to consists of a sefec- Through Pullman sleepers St. Louis and Jacksonville. Sleepers through Chi-
SIXTY-FOUR photographic cago or Sioux City and Jacksopville with but one change.
tions of the Columblan x- KANSAS CITY LINE. Through sleeper Jacksonville to Holly Springs; Holly_
land luableaell Springs to Kansas City (one change only.)
Missouri, Arkansas, Indian Territory.
ERS IO-OBSiBBIS 4 40 p.m Lv Jacksonville Ar 10 302 a.m 10:00 p.m Ar Memphis Lv 5:20 a.m
8 15 Ar Everett Lv 7 42 9:15 a.m Springfield,Mo" 6:10 p.m
DTAKEUPTHISOFFER 12:00 n'n Birmingham 2:55 p.m 5:00 p.m Kansas City "10:30 a.m
S OC a o SOUTH AND WEST FLORIDA AND NEW ORLEANS. Daily, except as noted.
1ng an plrepaot. 905 am Lv Fernandina Ar 525 pm
10 09. am Callahan 3 55 pm
-- .- 935 pm 950 am Jacksonville 630 am 400,pm
'a- 1040 pm 1042 am Ar Baldwin Lv 530 am 315pm
S1203pm 1159am Starke 405am 202pm
^tDHAy 1238pm 1230pm Waldo 329am 135pm
t7 00 am 156 pm Gainesville 1202 pm 1152 am
6 00 pm Cedar Key 740 am
194 pm 126pm Hawthorne 2 45 am 1244 pm
202am 156pm Citra 2 02 am 1216 pm
S234 pm Silver Springs 1134 am
S""IO Every tourist should visit Silver Springs.
300am 248pm Ocala 105 am 1119 am
Homosassa 7 00 am
4 25 am 347pm Wildwood '" 1140 pm 1018 am
S625 am 4 20 pn Leesbnrg 10-15 pm 9 38 am
7 20 am 447pm Tav\ares 915pm 910am
10.50 am 615pm Orlando 450pm 745am
S 1DA 5 48 am 4 49 pm Lacoche 9 48 pm 9 10am
S OD tVV9 00 p:. Tarpon Springs 7 00 am
t9 16 pm Sutherland t642 am
ckagea a--u Wi.s t9 30 pm Dunedin t6 25 am
ts10 30 pr St. P. er -bs g t525 am
gedp 'rettatirUf rl. 6 05 am 5 08 pm ll0, City 9 27 pm 8 -9 ,m
arm i6 1i 11) 1:r i a 'ii i 12 pin" 7 45 am
rocr cernWtte.' an 7 im '' 1J. 'i;,. "' ipm 7111) am
-".rT A 9.~ tie 1 1 om. i- .,'a, n 'a.,t'w f-
F. T"pin 9 ; lI .:'k--onvillte Ar 1) am 3 00 pm
L.- ': !- ATIm-v ,.- Injy m V) 48 nm


'u'he i mail fo-r flficos oh ndu(;te .


((Ciipley to St. Andrei w.

Bay) enaves Chiilc at 1 p. ni, thirty
n iiiites Ibefore the arrival of tlie
south bonnd nlail train; t li.s f:.ilure to
connect, necessitates holding the

mail twenty-three and one-half hours,
or until 1 p. m., the following day.
Leaving Chipley at 1 p. in., the,
mail reaches Econfina at 9 p. ni
Leaving Econfina at 4 a. li., arrives
at St. Andrews at 12, noon; thus
being fortv-rix hours and thiity
minutes in transit from time of ar-
rival in Chipley until it reaches St.
Andrews Bay office. As carrier on
rount 23,128 (St. Andrews Bay
'te Wetappo) leaves St. Andrews
Bay office at 6 a. in., the mail for
East Bay offices lies in St. Andrews
office from 12 noon, until 6 a. mi., of
following day, 18 hours-which
added to time from Chipley to St..
Andrews makes sixty-four tours and
thirty minutes consumed before the
East Bay mail leaves St. Andrews

,^-10 000 successful graduates, In-
er nLFI c8 eluding 100 in tanks.
Award of iedal and Diploma at World'
Exposition for Book-keeping, etc.
A Thorols, Inflienstial and Honored
CoIleiro. Hundreds of students in attendance
the past year, from 20states.
Buaines Coarse cfnisists of Book-keeping
Business Arithmetic, Penmanship, Commercial
Law, Merchandising, Banking. Joint Stock,
Manufacturing Lectures, Business Practice,
Mercantile Correspondence, etc.
Cost of Full Bnsinesa Comur, including
Tuition. tationery and Board In a nice family,
about 90.
Shorthand, Typewriting and Telerra~hy
are epecialtie; have special teachers and
rooms, and can be taken alone or with the Busi
ness Course.
Special department for ladies. .
Bitaations.-The demand for our graduate In
different departments of this College has ex.
ceeded its supply.
lIexington, Ky.. the location of Prot. Smlth'
College, is noted for its healthfulness and fine
climate; has 25 churches and U banks. Access.
Bible by its many railroads.
No vacation. Enter now. Graduates suBOCce
tul. For circulars address Its President,
WILBUR R. SMITH, Lexington, Ky.

HOW to Cure Yourself Vile
How to (-ur

Und.rschedule which can be ar- L i't' It.
S T'ir F>ba:i"c:o hb:hit grows on a rian
ranged on the PROPOSED route, the until !:i: _ie,'os .ysli ism ,griou ly af-
mail could leave Chipley a 6. a. m,, fectc.:, impairing health. c, ,mfort and
hap', .-. To quit s"o.deiiiv is too se-
arriving at St. Andrews Bay at vere :-,.o to to ui. sic, L as toba.7o-
7. p. m., of the same day, thus saying to an invet'erat;L user become a stnu-
lant at }his systasu continually craves.
186hotirs for St. Andrews and inter- Baco-Curo is a scientific curs for the to-
mediate offices and 24 liours for al bacco habit, in all its forms, carefully
offices on East Bay. The .avirig of compounded after the formula of an
Eminent Berlin Physician who had used
time would be even grater -in case it in his private practice since 1872
of all north bound, or outt;;oiag mail. without a failure, purely vegetable and
guaranteed perfectly harmless. You
As the mail arriving at St. Andrews can use all the tobacco you want, while
frnm East Bay at 7 p. m., will reach taking Baco-Curo, it will nofify you
when to stop. We give a written guar-
Chipley in time to catch the 6:47 anted to permanently cure any case
north bound mail train the f, lwing with three boxes, or refund the money
with 10 per cent. interest. Baco-Curo
day, thus reaching railroad and is not a substitute, but a scientific cure,
that cures without the aid of will power
MAKIN CLOSE CONNECTION WITH MAL and with no inconvenience. It leaves
TRAIN within 24 hours after de very the system as pure and free from nico-
at St. Andrws insta o 42 tine as the day you took your first chew
at St. Andrews, istea o o or smoke. Sold by all druggists, with
as at present. The same conditions our ironclad guarantee, at $1.00 per
aply to our local mal,as it will g box, three boxes, (thirty days treat-
apply to ou local mail as it will go ment,) $2.50, or sent direct upon receipt
through in 13 hours instead of 24, of price. SEND SIX TWO-CENT
and by connecting with the 6:47 BOOKLET AND PROOFS FREE.
train will avoid a delay of over 6 Eureka Chemical & Manufacturing
s i Chipley office.Company, Manufauturing Chemests,
hours i Chipley office. LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

REAL MERIT is the character- NOTIC.
istic of Hood's Sarsaparilla. lI I WArT every man and woman in the United
States interested in the Opium and Whisky
cures even after other preparations .fl habits to have one of my books on these dis-
Get Hood's and ONlY HM D' eases. Address B. M.. Woolley, Atlanta, Ga,
.Get Hood'.s and ONLY HOOD Boxs 82, and one will be sent you free.

~ 3.l-pm 11 .5 )am A. Lakue City 1V ) "3,M. 1- 4-7 "JLI
S30 pm 12 40 pm Live Oak 5 09:.m 11 45 pm
10 37 pm 143 pm Madison 4 10 am 10 32 am
12 05 am 2 52pm Monticello 2 40 am 9 00am
12 45 am 3 37 pm Tallahassee 2 15 am 815 am
432 pm Quincy 1 17 am
515pm River Junctimn 12 35 am
11 00 pm Pensacola 7 25 pm
3 05am Mobile 35 pm
7 35 am New Orleans 11 00 am
Through Pullman sleepers Jacksonville to New Orleans.
tDaily except Sunday. JConnections at Tampa for St. Petersburg. Manatee
River and Key West and Havana steamers. At Waldo. steamer for Melrose.
Connects at Tallahassee for St. Marks, Carrabelle and Apalachicola. Connects
at River Junction for Chattahooche River steamers. Connects at Ocala for Ho-
mosassa. All bagg age will be checked from Union Depot. Tickets
; ill still be sold at the city .ticket office, 202 Hogan st., as well as at the Union
Depot ticket office. C. S. BEERBOWER.
Ticket Agent 202 West Bay street, corner Hogan, Jacksonville, Fla.
N. S. PENNINGTON, Traffic Mgr. a. 0. MAC DONELL, Gen. Pass. Ag*.

Peacinooc1 Nurseries,


We offer for this season's planting, a large and very select stock of the
r :R A. :P : "V I NW E S ,
Strawberry, Raspberry and Blaokberrry Plants.
Also the choicest varieties of open ground ROSES, EYERGtIEENS, etc.
Special attention is requested to the list (on page 20 of our Catalogue) of
PEACHES, adapted to the Lower Coast and Florida.
Our stock is all Young, Well Grown, Vigorous, and adapted to the
Catalogues mailed free. Address, GAINES, COLES & CO.,
Peachwood Nurseries, State Line, Miss.

Willett's Saw-Mill.
Having Leased

Tie Salisbry LUmier Company's I I,
I am Prepared to lill orders on the shlortesnotice for

First Class Limhber of all grades!

Either Rough or Dressed; at Reasonable Picesl
Office at the Mill on East Bay; West ot Harrison.
LEE WILLETT, Proprietor.

East End Drug Store!


Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

Offers His Professional Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews and
Surrounding Country.
May be found at his residence on Bueuna Vista avenuJ at night.

e. t

_ __I

I U --m






.1 FiguresIL1MY ~--~Y I-j-O L hI IU_
i':I n:i i~rc v o.t ~ os f


r noI.

Thursday, June 13, S195.

;ugar, ji lb Tea, P lb
Gra ul:aeld ... 6; He No ....... -75
L'o l'.c.,A .. 6 Gunpowder... 80
Lt hrown..... 5 Uncol'd Jap.. 50
.tffeP, -. Cond milk, V can
( rriin *'-n., i "-)5 Unsweetn'a. !ll@15
BUiowied .2 3I Sweetened. .10@15
s.*ger snaps. 10 Baking powder
racersr, ioda 81.a3 R'.o I ......... 50
tobacco, plug 30alj(lu C:n.l ,.-ll ..15a25
laisins Canned fruit
London layers. .15 Peaches.... 20a20
Valencia..... I-:1, Tomatoes....10al5
lice .......... 7 Apples........ 10
Apples Pears ......... 15
Evaporated.. 1 "3 l'luns........ 25
Dried Peaches ~ Apricot........ 25
Joal Oil prgal... ,15 Strawberries... 20
gasolinee ......2 Pineapple .... 20
lorida Syrup. .o50 Canned Meats
Joney......... 1.0 O Roast Beef.. 15a25
---T- egar........ 30 Cornied Beef 15a25
bee~ e.~ ..... 16 i hil, d Beef.. 25
butter......... 30 Lobster....... 20
Lard ......... 10 Salmon...... 15
Beans......... 6 Caiiii d Vi glitallcs
Cocoanut pk.g... 10 Baked Beans... 15
Fiuit Pnddit-... 10 Corn ......... 15
S Jelly. glat. 15a25 Peas. ........ 15
Lime Juiiie ...... 511 Pumpkin ...... 15
SEggs per do ... 15
1 1 1O VISION S,
"Flour Pork
S 0 N .... 2,00 Mess prlb..... 11
Favorite .... 4.50 Bacon Sides.....11
Corn Meal pr bu 85 Fresh....... 8al0
Oat Meal pr tl.,. 5j2 Br'kf'st Bacon. 12
,ornper ru.......75 Ham canvassed 14
Potatoes Shoulders..... 10
Irisah........ 1.60 Beef
Early R'se seed 1,60 Corned......... 8
Sweet..... 50 Fresh........ 8a0
.ialt, pr sack... 1.00 Dried ......... 25
Table ........ 5 Milk pr qt ...... 10
Nails, per l ...4a4 Ax,with handle. 1.00
Manilla ropel2l.'%al5 H'oes, each.... 35a50
rtove cook,. .$Sa25 Copper paint, can 50
Pipe, joint.18Sa20 Linseed oil, gal.. 80
Prints, per \d. 5a8 Ginghams ..... 8al0
Sheetings .... 5a9 Flannel. .....25a50
Muslin........ all Thread per spool. 5
Jeans...... a. 'laO Shoes, ladies. $1a2 75
Extra panth pat 225 Men's... $1 40a300
MI.(' E[(.I.AN E' lrS.
Hay pr c t ... 1.301 Oats pr bu....... 60
Bran. .. .... 1.-25 Brick pr M.....8.00
Rope Sihil ...l'int12 Lime pr hhl...... 75
FR UI I' and N UTS.
Oi- .eigs pr dox.. 20 Pecansl pr lb..... 15
Al ]lll ......... % \ :iinut, ....... 2(1
Lemons ......... 2 Almonds........ 2 "
l*rawt herriec. ,It "',
In shell P[rl. !
  • I1V 'l'.T l'K.
    if, ... S P. . .L l .-Y.,. e5
    I. (le t .I I C a -h t -l-
    r XL ,I 1., .,,!.. :. herp . . .... !
    Chi e 11 1 1 -:5 i eaic :l....'l.
    J'.irkrt K.. ... 'l ; ,. .> .... n. I .n,'
    ,i p ( i I s. .. 7.i,il i
    V e i i. l"t e'0"1
    Jtnilet pr doz 25c .iil, t pr lll 500
    Trout... . ., .2 Trout........ J 3.l
    P'O ull arlo pr iI.. ; I ,I :nl,a In. .. 10.110
    Suirge n ...... 10 M;,'er. .... i-i0
    LUM1 E.
    Flooring. Ceiling.
    rlea I. in. ...$I F.0 Heart, i m. ..$16.00
    Fairo ... i 1.o F.c: ... 14.00
    gap .. 1 ,00 -Sap ... l.
    Drop Aidlng, Claploard-,
    Heart 'ace pm 15.00 3x6 in. *~m .412.00.
    San 1.-.00 Finiiliing lum-
    Buf lumber.. 81 I 2 ber, d.. t12@ 15.00
    1Heart snbglmts, 2.50 Latlh, I) m.... 2.00
    Sap 1.50 Boat lumber,
    dressed ....20a30

    Geo. S. Hacker & Son,



    Sasl, foors, Blinds,

    Building Material.
    Window and Fancy Glass a

    GIVE N

    ep CURED. .My Tubular Cushions
    help when all else fails, as glasses help
    eyes. Whispers heard. No pain. Invis-
    ible. F. H!.<'OX, 853B'way New York,
    solid di-.,':. Send for books'and proofs
    f%-#. -


    family, and though by no means
    wealthy, a needy person never left
    her door in want. She had seen
    trouble in the loss of a beloved
    daughter in early wifehood, andl to
    this the Buoy attributes in a great
    measure the shattered condition of
    her mind. With the mind gone, of
    course the body is better off at rest,
    and her amiable qualities only will
    be remembered by her relatives and
    friends. It is beyond comprehension
    what good purpose in nature could
    have been promoted through the long
    years of suffering of herself and de-
    voted family.
    Death ofChauncey L. Crowell.
    Chauncey L. Crowell, aged 67
    years and 8 months, died June 1,
    at his home near Mossville, at 1:35
    a. in.
    PEORIA, ILL., June 3d 1895.
    In the spring of 1888, Dr. S. E.
    Adams and daughter, and C. L
    Crowell and daughter visited St.
    Andrews Bay, being the first Peorians
    to visit that point. They were making
    a general tour of northern Florida,
    and visited St. Andrews by my re-

    May Bell Bornduraint.
    On Sunday alterinoon lat Ia
    Bell, the little foniutcl f months ol
    daughter J. T. and Mrs. Bondurani
    of the Swan Crest Hotel, was take
    With violent convulsio us, and Di
    Mitchell was summoned in all hasth
    but before he could arrive the litt.
    child was beyond the reach of medics
    aid, and the spasms never abate,
    tntil relief was found in death at
    p. m. on Monday from congestion o
    the brain. She was a bright an(
    cheerful child, the idol of the family
    This death is a severe stroke to lie
    Parents and grandparents, who wil
    never cease to remember their little
    i darling that has preceded them t(
    the other shore. The funeral s;erviceE
    were held at the hotel on Tuesday
    morning, conducted by Elders Web1
    and Spivey, after which the remain
    were borne to the cemetery and laik
    away in its little grave. The sor
    rowing ones have the sympathy ol
    their many friends in St. Andrews
    where they hare so recently come tc
    Our child is gone and we are left
    Of earthly comforts we're bereft;
    But why should cares distract our
    The Lord has called her home to rest.
    The flower budded, hope was-strong,
    But hope could not its life prolong;
    For soon, too soon, we're made
    To see it blossom but to fade.
    The little eyes so bright and clear
    That little face, so sweet and fair,
    That little tongue so full of sound,
    Lies cold and lifeless under ground.
    That lovely face I shall ne'er behold
    Till wgnmeet again on the streets of gold:
    For God is good, his grace is free
    And he will take us home to thee.
    Yes. when the heart shall cease to beat,
    Our ,ransomed souls in Heaven will
    No more to die; no more to sever;
    But dwell with God and Christ forever.
    Then you shall teach us how to sing
    Sweet anthems to your heavenly King:
    And angels; too, will help us raise
    Our offering of immortal praise.
    M. J. W.
    Gone to Her Reward.
    Custer County (Neb.) Beacon.
    Mary A. Kellogg of Gates, died
    last Thursday. Mary A., daughter
    of l er',jain and Phoebe Oakley, was
    ,,orn Aug. 11, 1832, awd was married
    to Allen Kellu.,g, March 5, 1855. To
    then were born thioe children-two
    :ia.,-liers and on son-of whom one
    la.gh tter and the son remain witl
    tit, father to mournu her loss. She
    was~ lelovedl in her community and
    ii.,tiin nl.d by all who knew her. Fu-
    neril hervic.s were cullinletedi in the
    (jai:e.- -.1. v. church, Mqy 17h11, Cun-
    luetedu by liev. John F. Haney, and
    the remains were laid to rest in the
    Gi.tes cemetery. The Beacon extealz
    sym pathy to all the sorr,,wing ones
    in their hour of bei'eavement.
    Mary Augusta Kellogg was a sis-
    ter-in-law to Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
    Emnmons, of the Buoy, Mr. Kellogg
    and Mrs. Emmons being brother and
    sister. From 1857 to 1889 the two
    families lived neighbors-four years,
    near Albion, Mich., and the remain-
    der of the time near Burlington, Iowa.
    About the latter date, the proprietor
    of the BUOY came to St. Andrews
    Bay, and shortly afterward Mr. K.
    moved with his family to Custer
    county, Neb., where Mrs. K. was
    prostrated with a serious attack of
    typhoid pneumonia, from which she
    never entirely recoveerd, and from
    that time had been a victim of mild
    insanito up to the hour of her death.
    "Aunt 'Gusty," as she was known
    everywhere, was a model woman and!
    mother, devoted to her children and

    about 5 p. m., tired, but well pleased
    with the day's outing.
    L. L. PRATT.

    Everywhere we go we find some one how
    has been cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It
    is the greatest curative agent. It is the
    one great purifier and blood tonic.
    Hood's Pills for the liver and bowels,
    act promptly yet effectively.

    Attention, Readers.
    The Buor wishes to call attention
    to the generous offer of the
    F. C. & P, railroad, to all who wish
    to attend the Epworth League con-
    vention in Chattanooga, Tenn., on
    the 27th inst. We print in this the
    fares from the principal points in
    Florida and Savannah, to the Ep-
    worth League convention and return,
    which will be noted is the same as
    the regular fare one way.
    Fernandina, $14.60; Waldo,
    $16.30; Gainesville, $15.35; Archer,
    ,$15.95; Brouson, $16.30; Cedar Key,
    $17.65; Jacksonville, $14.60; Live
    Oak, $13.10; Monticello, $15.75,
    Madison, $14.20; Tallahassee, $15 75;
    Quincy, $15.75; Citra, $15.85; Ocala.

    quest to make a report as to tihn $16.45; Wild wood, $17.50; Lacoochee,
    facilities and advantages of th t $18.65; Dade City, $18.95; Plant
    point. They were much pleased wish City, $19.95; Ybor City, $20.85;
    the beauty of its location, its mag- Tampa, $20.85; Leesburg, $17.85
    nifieant sheet of water, its boating Tavares,$18.70; Apopka, $18.70; Or-
    and bathing facilities, and its fine lando, $18.70; Winter Park, $18.70,
    fish and oysters-Miss Adams was Savannah, $12.45.
    one of -the victims of the great The sale of tickets will begin at

    all coupon station of the I'l. i a
    Central & Peninsular R I Jun
    25th and close Juno 27th. 'i i'
    will be good for return for tiltL'u.a

    Chats north railroad, wreck and he:
    Y c;aushed foot was much relieved an,
    d benefited by a free use of the bathin,
    It waters of St. Andrews. and her geni
    n eral health greatly improved-Mr. C
    r. and Mr. Adams have both visit<
    0; St. A, several times since their firs
    e visit and aie well known to man)
    d of her citizens.
    d In Mr. C's 4eath, Illionois, loser
    2 good citizen, who has done his ful
    f share towards building up this great
    d commonwealth; and in his locality
    Slie will be much inisse by friends
    r and neighbors by who he was high
    1 13 esteemed. L. HARRISON.
    S"Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke
    Your Life Away."
    SThe truthful, startling title of a book
    y about No-to-bac,,. the only harmless
    guaranteed tobacco-habit cure. If you
    b want to quit and can't, use "No-to-bac.'
    I Braces up nicotinzed nerves, elminates
    nicotine poisons, makes weak men gain
    1 strength, weight and vigor. Positive
    . cure or money refunded. Sold at Pioneer
    Drug Store.
    f Book at druggist, or mailed free Ad-
    dress The Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago
    office 45 Randolph St.; New York, 10
    Spruce St.


    SPleasing Closinrgof a Success.
    ful Term of School.
    The regular term of the St. An-
    drews school closed on Tuesday,
    June 4th.
    There were fifty-four puplis eu-
    rolled, and the average attendance
    for the four months was forty.
    Those who were not absent a
    whole day are:
    John Sowles; John B. Moates;
    Ada Rotzien; Willie Stephens; Ot-
    way Ware; Walker Gwaltney; Ada
    .Gwaltney; Sylvester Singlele rry;
    Annie Moates.
    The following missed only one
    Zadie Bennett; Lida Post; May
    Scott; Nota Stephens, Lambert
    Ware jr.; Roy Ecker.
    No attempt was made to prepare
    anything like an elaborate program
    for the last day, but most of the
    young pupils had learned recitations
    and some of the older ones had pre-
    pared essays and in the afternoon.
    these exercises were carried out in
    the presence of a goodly number of
    Qn Wednesday, through the kinl-
    ness of Messrs. John Gwaltnev and
    David Witherill, the school was
    treated to an excursion to thie gulf
    beach. Mr Witherill took the pri.
    mary department in his boat, and
    Mr. Gwaltioy toolk care of the
    higher grade..
    The day wys all, that could be
    desired, cloudy, thereby making the
    ann-bonnets aitd wide rimmed hat.s
    an unnecessary precaution; just
    enough breeze and no rain.
    Both boats left town at 7:30 and
    arrived at Spanish Shanty cove at 9.
    The children were delighted to
    find the gulf quite rough, and w;ile
    some of them enj(,yed bathing in the
    surf, the others followed the beach
    in search of shells.
    Before noon all were ravenously
    hungry and returned to where we
    had left the boat, and in a few min-
    utes a bountiful repast was spread on
    the ground, and all partook with
    that wonderful zest, peculiar to pic-
    nickers. After dinner Mr. Witherill
    took his party to Hurricane Island,
    and Mr. G., at the request of those
    under his care, sailed to Land's End.
    Atter spending a part of the atter-
    noon roaming the beach, both boats
    returned to town, reaching the wharf

    Jun1. 1ist 1895. f
    Notice is hereby given that t fi.ellow-
    ing named settler has filed im ice or' his
    intention ti iimike fial proof iiil Ippi.' of
    his cl.iii. and t!:iat saidJ pIroil v. li Ie iiade.
    helore the clrk o hbe circus court, at
    V~ ru,n, Fhl..'.i r, .lunl *0ili, ie V.z:
    ANLUIEW J.'TAYLOR otr Wi qxa Fla..
    Hd No. 21162 for the nely oo the swY4,
    nw1Y of the selj1, swJ4 of the ne! l. and
    ne 4 of the se of sec 22, tp 3i, r 14w.
    He names the following witn:i .e* to
    prove his continuous residence' upon and
    cultivation of said land, viz:
    Isiah Alsabrooks, N. Carter, Thomas
    Jones and N. P. Taylor, all of Wausau,
    Fla. J. M. BACoo, Register
    June 5th, 1894.
    Notice is'hereby given that the following
    named settler has filed notice of his in-
    tention to make final proof in support of
    his claim, and that said proof will be
    made before W. B. Lassitter, clerk of the
    ci-cuit court at Vernon, Fla.. on July 20th,
    1894, viz:
    WILLIAM A. EMMONS, of St. Andrews,
    Hd No. 2n362 for lot 6 of sec 19, tp. 4a,
    r 13w.
    He names the following witnesses to
    prove his continuous residence upon and
    cultivation of said land, viz:
    Isaac Godard, Carrabelle, August Wil-
    son, Pittsburg, T. C. Danford and I. J.
    Hughes, St. Andrews Bay, all in Fla.
    J. M. BARco, Register.
    Editor's fee paid.
    June 5th, 1895.
    Notice is hereby given that tie follow-
    ing named settler has filed notice of his
    intention to make final proof in support of
    his claim, and that said proof will be
    made before the clerk of the circuit court
    it Vernon, Fla on July 20th, 1895., viz:
    ISAAC GODARD, of Carrabelle, Fla.
    Hd 20498 for the w)h of the swji or lot 4
    .of sec 19, tp 3s r 14w.
    OHe names the following witnesses to
    prove his continuous residence upon and
    cultivation of, said land: viz:
    W. A. Emmuns, H. 3tevens T. C. Dan-
    ford, St. Andrews, August Wilson, Pitts-
    burg, all of Fla.J. M. BAaCO,.,Register.
    Editor's fee paid.

    A MAP

    Of the Citv of St. A reows.
    Gotten up with great care by the
    publisher, who has spared no pains
    to prepare for the public a map of
    St. Andrews as it really is. It shows
    Extending eastward from Dyer's
    Point, taking in the Old Town site of
    St. Andrews, and gives location of
    public business places, private resi-
    dences, docks, etc., also every lot in
    each block and the adjoining addi-
    tion to the Cincinnati Company's
    land, with a full description of the
    The Map will show owners of lots
    in the city just where they are lo-
    cated, and is of value to those think-
    ing of buying propertyo-
    Size of Map 30x50 Inches.
    The BUOY will send thi: map to any
    address on th( receipt of
    ONE D. LLAR,
    Or giver as a niuinr :fe 5 year
    cash subscriptiosy.

    wm -.* ',, -

    Says from date of sale.
    d An extension of fifteen days may
    ; be had on these tickets by depo'oitiL
    Them with the ticket agent of the
    line at Chattanooga, on- or before
    June 30th, thus making a thirty-day
    l trip.
    All who are interested in the ~ cirk
    of the Methodist church, and ctin-
    template attending should try the
    F. C. & P., prior to other roads.
    The F.C. & P,, also resumes their
    though sleeping car service.J.etween
    Jacksonville and Asheville on the
    16th inst. These sleepers will leave
    Jacksonville at 5:40 p. m., arriving
    at Ashevill- at 10 a. m., and leave
    Asheville at 7:30 p. m., arrive at
    Jacksonville at 10:30 a in.
    Tlre above named railroad can give
    to its patrons a service, equal to all.
    and surpassed by no other iu the
    Special School Meeting.-
    At a calledimeeting of the pat il
    of the St. Andrews school, onr, June
    18, 1895. After the object of the
    meeting was stated, C. H. Crippen
    was elected chairman and John'nR.
    Thompson secretary. After di.-ou,-
    sing as to when the school should
    commence a motion was put to coat-
    mence Oct. 1st, and was lost, then
    the motion to commence with the
    scholastic year, (July l)was put
    and carried by quite a majority.

    A Good Appetite
    Always accompanies good health, and
    an absence of appetite is an indication
    of something wrong. The loss of a
    rational desire for food is soon followed
    by lack of strength, for when the sup-
    ply of fuel is cut off the fire burns low.
    The system gets into a low state, and is
    liable to severely attacks of d'siase.
    The universal- testimony given by
    those who have used Hood's Sarsapa-'
    rilla, as to its great merits in restoring
    and sharpening the appetite, in pro-
    moting healthy action of the dige:: tive-
    organs, and as a purifier of the blood,
    constitutes the strongest tecommend-
    ation that can be urged for any medi-
    cine. Those who have ever used
    Hood's Sarsaparilla should surely do
    so this'season.

    gs VYou",
    Can Cietou
    Ferry's Se-di at your dealers
    as fresh and fertile as though
    f oua got them direct from Ferry's
    r, eed Farms.

    ^ are known and planted every-
    where, and are always the
    b t. Ferr y'S eed Annual
    for 1895 tells all about
    them, Free.
    D. M. Ferry & Co.


    Is fusit l thingfor business and pro-
    fessional men who haw a few letters
    to write and want those letters to
    4r look well. Doctors and lawyers es-
    pecially, find it very handy. Chil-
    4 dren easily and quickly learn to
    . write ox it.
    S It will do just as good work as
    S the$ oo.oo machines. Of course
    S ii is not quite as. fast. It is simple.
    constructed, easily learned, eassiy
    i operated.
    S We'll send you a letter written
    S on it-along with a special circular
    -if you'll send us your address.









    * I -. ..^.- -- -..L .--r-- -

    .O A

    means so much more than
    you magine--serious and
    fatal diseases result from
    trifling ailments neglected.


    8T. AND EWS BAY, L .

    Carries a Fnll Line of uIgs, ledicine1...

    Diamond Dyes, Trusess, Syringes;

    DR. J. J. KESTER, Druggist.


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    W. H. SHAN:DS,


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    FOR Y U JR





    AlNays in the Leal!

    PittsburP - - FLA

    Knowing the wants of the comma ninty,bnys itelligently and

    SellSL 4

    If you live near the Bay Come in a B
    Horseback; if you have no Horse, bc
    COME ANY WAY and load ir

    $1800.00 And let me prt
    By either Buy
    $1x5.00 everymonth given away to any one who ap.
    plies through us for the most meritorious patent dui AT T E PE
    We secure the best ptents for our cents,
    andtheobject of this offeristoencourageinvento to Fine W ater- nt and
    keeptrack of their bright ideas. At the same time weW ater-
    wish to impress upon the public the factht title only one remove from the Unitt
    such as the "car-window" which can be easily slid up
    and down without breaking the passenger's back,
    "sauce-van," "collar-button," "nut-lock," "bottle-
    stopper,' andathousand other littlethings that most NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.
    any one can find a way of improving; andthese simple
    invention o are the ones that bringlargest returns to the LAND OFFICE AT GAINESVILLE, FLA .
    author. Try to thinkof somethingtoinvent. June 1, 1895.
    IT IS NOT SO HARD AS IT SEEMS. Notice is hereby given that the follow-
    Patents taken out through us receivespecialnotice In ing-named settler has filed notice of her in-
    the" National Recorder," published at Washington, t ntion to make final proof in support of
    D.C.,whichis the Destnewspaperpublished inAmericaim, thatsidproofil de
    in the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's sub- her laim, and that said proof wil bVemade
    scription to this journal, free of cost, to all our clients, before clerk of the circuit court at Vernon,
    We also advertise, freeof cost, the Invention each month Fla., on July 20th,1895, viz:
    which wins our $z5o pridz aid hundreds of thousands AUGU 1 T' WILSON of Pittsburg, Fla.
    o0 copies of the "National Recorder," containing fr h w thew or
    sketch of thewinner, and a description of his invention, Hd No 18728 for the w/ Cef the swY or
    will be scattered throughout the United States among lot 3 of see 20, tp 4s, r 13w,
    capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their She names the following witnesses to
    attention the merits of the invention.
    All communications regarded stricdy confidentiaL prove his continuous residence upon and
    Address cultivation of said land, viz:
    JOHN WEDDERBURN & CO., Isaac 3odard, Carrabelle, W. A. Em-
    Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents, mons, St. Andrews, Robert Brown and P.
    618 F Street, N. W., A. Kilberg, Parker, all in Fla.
    Box 385. Washington, D. C. J M.BAco, Register.
    y Referwce-editor Ofthis fer. Writ7krourH Editor's fee paid.
    .o-fago am ake, Faz.

    rh e ka p!

    3oat; if back in the Country, Come ow
    borrow your Neighbor's Ox and Cart.
    ove to you that
    e V El IVI 0 T r3
    ying or Solling "
    Other Lands for Sale I
    ed States Government and of course

    Our Clubbing List.
    The BUOY has made very liberal club-
    bing arrmnjge'inivi ts with a few of the very
    best publications in the country and for
    the present can send for a whole year
    The BUOY and
    Ihe Florida Citizen,weekly, for...$l 65
    Farmer and Fruit Grower" ... 2 5S
    Florida Agriculturist ... 2 55
    do clubsof 5, each ... 25
    Farm Journal, Philad's, monthly 1 10
    Cincinnati Enquirer twice a week
    8 large pages each issue..... 1 65
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    tons in-conneetion with the BOOY, ad,
    dress all orders to THE BUOY,
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    There's lots of snap and
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    Or friom his hide a lady's gaiter.
    Or handsome sea shells from the beach,
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    H. S. WELCH,
    Comancrce Street East of BUoo Office.


    11 U I c
    J. T. Bondurant, Proprieter.
    Phe only Hotel, especially fitted up
    as such in town.
    Close to and in plain view of the Bay
    Prices Mo derat e
    Lnd eveyy attention paia to comfort
    of guests.


    BorticMtural a Rid, Im rovn unt

    A Boolatlon.


    The object of this Association is to Improve the Country 'ljacent to St
    Andrews Bay and to
    Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing Country.
    To accomplish this the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two-
    and-a-Lalf alind FiveAcres to such parties only as will improve them by' the
    Erection of Houses. Fences and such Permanent Improvements as will enbance the
    value of each tract so disposed of, and particularly to
    Plant them out in Trees, Plants and Vines,
    To the end that in the shortest practicable time every such tract shall be a
    Source of Revenue to its Owner.
    The first qnestionpwhich will naturally be asked will be: "Is this Asso-
    elation reliable"? And the answer to it is: Any person employing the Association
    to make improvements may deposit an approximate payment of the estimated cost of
    the same with any responsible business man or firm doing business on the Bay or in
    Bank at their own home to be paid over only when the Association shall satisfacto-
    rily show that the improvements have been made according to agreement.
    The Association will not only improve and plant, but watch and care for
    all property entrusted to its keeping, guarding against forest fires, dishonest pilferers
    for danmages from any cause possible to be prevented.
    From a careful estimate of the probable expense and income of a fruit
    plantation in the St. Andrews Bay country a few figures are given:
    Price a if;an. per acre, say $25 to $50; cost of clearing, say $20; post of planting 1st
    year, say $30; cost of cultivation each year thereafter, $20
    It is not extravagant to estimate that a 1-acre vineyard will on the third
    year, if properly cultivated, yield $200 worth of fruit, and of peaches nearly or quite
    the same, while figs should do even better than that. Then, thongh perhaps a little
    longer, .inue of them, in coming into profitable bearing may be named pears, apricots,
    nectarines, )lums, prunes, mulberries, olives, Japan persimmons almonds, English
    walnuts, Japan chestnuts, pecans, and uany other varieties of fruits and nuts. which
    are almost certain to flourish here; while oranges and citrus fruits, though not con-
    sidered certain yieldlarge returns oftener than they miss.
    The Secretary of the Assodiation will give particular attention to an-
    swering letters of inquiry, and the Buoy will in its answers to correspondents an-
    swer all qu'.otioiii asked it.
    R E M E M B E R, the Association Lands will be sold on Easy
    Terms of Payment; but improvements must be paid for as satisfactory proof is given
    that the work has been performed. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.
    Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec.
    Harrison, Fla.


    Carries the Largest Stock of
    Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Speteacles
    Ever Brought to St. Andrews. Also
    SILYERWARE. Shell and Aligator Teeth Jewelry a specialty.
    Office at Geo. Russell's Store, St. Andrews, Fla.

    FUmR N I T E
    If you nieed FURNI l'URE of any kind, call on

    40, 42, & 44 S. Palafox st., Pensacola, Fia.

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    'E~Re OLD DOC'=O1R'S

    ALWAYS RELIADI-i an.] p Perfmll F A1S The eaa
    1unud by Lbuos.andol Ow Tj-?n a- 1rrtr ib CriN10 'rl ins
    to 2a6 OLID DOCT' 3S 1rimima il practice, fur Z6 yeusN
    Set 'nota sltfii lad eroult.
    Phluty ir urned I tnus aq rzepresenled. Bend 4 canto
    Botazn,)fornelesd pariicula rs.
    DI W1R INSTITUTE. 120 N. 9th SL, St. Louis. No.

    'The Old 1 ellable

    Mrs c j. :- lC Jr. C.Sss ( of xox'jeare
    Bat)r.; 'ir .' t Orr !.Cr .CprlCAsip. 5.L.
    1,4.-in ane, arjertmr;nts
    Gi?1J..liA6 ..-..-" t'c~tl2 Itiw. ~Px'~L~rhlfLnt5
    fu 'n' ~ 1.Wc bIL

    %Tv A N T iz D?~
    Agtnii .I4 j -)1i, r mi'v-w k ,l-o )ilcti~,rir7
    of United Staets Hidtory, Ii.
    ts.,nchor, pi ti~l al.Ij : ti..,l
    Ill'obd aLdtulldiC. 'iplt' .. IIg nlr
    ljl-),JkSer week .S if l
    )1! 11111-rAN IzeleLOra; i I t Jjig Vili
    n aI.

    )DIsauPO CURED w iho"t Iii um. of
    j eQuion UBlea and kailok ine. C"
    o wri t8a AL B. uTTS,
    8lurwae 5t St. ia. S A1O.

    p asromo wer and an hones opinion, write to
    1I I0NN : C(O., who have hadnearly fifty years'
    expencnce in tLe patent business. Communnica
    tiuiis strictly confidentlal. A Hnidbook of ln.
    formation eoof.n png I'atem's andl how to ob.
    tnin tlem sent i ee. Al\eoA Ciaolguoof mechan.
    1-:%i and scientific tbeIAt -nm tiee.
    Par nts t.cnJ tbr.uih i mlun & Co. receive
    'pecial u otceajite -cleil ti.' A meriran. and
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    out. cost to tieo inr-,ror. 'l'a us ipordidn paper,
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    Bui!dine Editlon.monthly, t".50a year. Sinpgi
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    hloses. with piani. enablintobuilders to show the
    latest lesiuns and secure contracts. Address
    'M ps5eicrae of our treat-
    / M I "n.e ttcf.r weaklWeasan.d
    S".4 y, ,TTvoua dL:lft..
    S I a J lcrt vffjl seat iree for 12 oenat
    4. W;ARU iNirlUT E. 1IS2.9tliBt.sTlO.iJiS, .

    Tha c:d, Ofi(qlii French fruit Oure,
    / -. 0 \ B. Sanatorium,
    % -o1 c- 2'2 Pine St.,
    t, ,. st. LoUis., Mo.
    Vo 0 / Call or Write.
    Abao.uliey saf1 e and no iniury to health,

    Corn Profitable In Florida.
    Florida Agriculturist.
    The acreage planted in corn in
    this section this year, says an Or- I
    ange county correspondent, is sur-
    prising to the old settlers as well as
    the newcomers. A ride through the
    country in any direction will take one
    past field after field of corn, standing
    well on the ground. looking vigorous,
    with daik, rich green color, and giv- f n
    S '. free from nicot
    ing promise of an abundant yield. It iron-clad writt
    has for years been claimed that corn or money refun
    S1guaranteed cur
    could not b-e profitably grown here. receipt of price
    It is true that the yield of sixty to Booklets and p
    eighty bushels to the acre, which is Oce of
    often secured on the western prairies,
    cannot be hoped for here; but there Eureka Ch
    Dear Sirs-
    it often happens that the grain, when two years have
    produced sells at 10 to 25 cevts per nervous system
    use of tobacco
    bushel, while here it as often com- Cure," "No-To
    mands 75 cents to $1 per boshel aidently lear
    using your pre]
    This season has demonstrated that it perfect health,
    is possible for every farmer to raise smoker fully a
    simply wonder
    his own corn, and fsr cheaper than to
    buy it from the west. There will he -
    little corn or hay shipped into Orange The Earl
    county this year, and it is probable Prof. Merrick W
    that each succeeding year hereafter It is the custr
    .r a new country,
    will sea such shipments falling off in atiely recent
    volume. this is truck wn
    What the Agriculturist says ol withotherport
    Orange county may be said with But to be neo
    equal truth of many other parts of be very old, as
    thousand years
    Florida: Promising fields of corn hvenin the his
    even in the his
    are numerous in Washington county, Florida. Thel
    and while it is not likely that any- la, fromOkeech
    thing like enough will be raised for appearance of
    home consumption, what is raised needed the lape
    Order to fit itfo
    will be of incalculable benefit to the te upper part
    the upper part
    producer. occupancy.
    It is 400 yeai
    Daniel Webster on the GreAt first landed upo
    West. was 600 years 1
    When we think of the teeming two enormous
    population which now fills many poi- shell-fish upon 1
    tions of our country west of the abandoned by I
    nutn ~savages'who ha
    Rocky mountains, and remember how tries.
    famous, all over the world, is their What were
    singular beauty, and their inconceiv- ceded us in thi,
    able value to the tourist, the health who werelivin
    seeker, the agriculturist and the bor- the Roman Em
    decline? We k
    ticuiturist, as well as the miner, it is what we know
    interesting to read what so intelli- fuse of their
    gent a statesman as Daniel Webster learn that they
    thought of them just fifty years ago, living things th
    and that in addi
    and to know that his views werean
    o'possum, hare
    shared by many other prominent did not scorn tl
    public men of the time. In a speech pike. Indeed,
    delivered in the United States senate things than th
    in 1844, with regard to the proposal of human boil
    that a mail service should bc estab- that are found
    beasts and fibh,
    listed between Missouri and the Pa- beir fellow m
    their fellow in
    cific coast. Webster said: "What variance with 1
    do we want with this vast, worthl-ss all aborginal m
    area-tins region of savages and will Of tools an'
    boasts, of deserts, of shifting sanis few; roil-l, ch
    for knives; rid
    and whirlwinds,of dust, of cactus iAf11.1 TO kni ero
    prairie dogs? To what use iul te shells ..i ;.:ti;
    ever IUqh to pnt these go'',it .I.derth, Rud'.- pi-,ter
    of these enl;ess mountain rantgieF, clay mixod wit
    and hand-fiishli
    iinpLneCtatble, and covered to their and hand-f.-lib
    and ormtlmlnl.t
    bases with perpetual InoW? What Thattheyipr.
    can we ever hope to rlo with the is no trace; an
    western coast, a coast of three that they posse
    thousand miles, rockbound, and un- of the dowit hav
    inviting, with not a harbor on it? nized. Even
    What use have we for such a cou- were not withe
    try? Mr. President, I wfif never Rabid D
    vote for one cent from the public Correspondence
    treasury to place the Pacific coast The other
    spotted dog of t
    one inch nearer Boston than it is to- ingto Lewis H
    d a v." Tallahassee str
    at the mouth am
    Fifty Thoustund People Expect- the center of tl
    ed at the Atlanta Exposition. known, his firsi
    E. U. Harmon, general passenger Wilcox' horse
    following and
    agent of the XVesteiu and Atlantic felt disposed to
    railroad, notified the exposition corn- shooting the str

    pany, today, that he had closed a Barmore's val
    contract for hauling 25,000 members grew intense
    of the Grand Army of the Republic when Marshal
    four times and
    Som Chattanooga to Atlanta on the withapole. H
    20th of September. This, in addition sides, the neck
    to the other crowds will make quite ders and went
    yards before
    a crush on that date. The Confede- that he has bi
    rate veterans will come from all points and there is re
    to meet the Grand Army men, and of the damage
    the public comfort committee of the A IReprese]
    exposition will have to arrange for New York Here
    the accommodation of not less than The educati
    fifty thousand visitors at that time. money convene
    The exposition management has tended as it
    asked the city council to appoint a the remotest c
    special committee of three to act state, will be
    jointly with the exposition committee truly represer
    in preparing to take caie of this and the spirit by
    other crowds. It is estimated that is illustritpel
    on the opening day, the 81th of Sep- in the special
    member, when President Cleveland or of one towi
    and his cabinet will be the-r', the quested to a
    crowd will be not less than one, hun- from that place
    dred thousand. to Memphis
    known to favy
    It is often supposed that boys in silver. As le
    growing keep ahead of the girls; but
    c-al correspoui
    recent measnIurementls disprove this. los hom
    lows whom wi
    The boys, itp to their eleventh year, so that then
    were found to run about a quarter to truthh"
    half an inch taller than the girls,
    They were then overtaken by the Mr. W. W. I
    office of Unite
    girls, who surpassed them in heigth office of Unite
    which he haw
    till their sixteenth year, whec the severalyears V
    boys again grew faster thar. the-gimls, --
    -mnd came to the front. It is clairme
    failure of the
    M. Pierre grand, who ihad been Jockey Club a
    minister of commerce in France for 13, had 13 se(
    several cabinets, is dead. porters.

    NT and don't be imposed upon by buying a
    remedy that requires you to do so, as it is
    nothing more than a substitute. In the sud-
    L den stoppage of tobacco you must have somt
    stimulant, and in most all cases, the effect of
    f the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
    opiates, leaves a far worse habit contracted.
    P Ask your druggist about BACO-CURO. It
    is purely vegetable. You do
    not have to stop using tobacco
    with BACO-CURO. It will
    notify you when to stop and
    your desire for tobacco will
    -- cease. Your system will be as
    ine as the day before you took your first chew or smoke. An
    en guarantee to absolutely cure the tobacco habit in all its forms,
    l.ed. Price $1.00 per box or 3 boxes (30 days treatment and
    e,) $2.50. For sale by all druggists'or will be sent by mail upon
    roofs free. Eureka Chemical & M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Vis.
    St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 7, 1894.
    emical and M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis
    -I have been a tobacco liend for many years, and during the past
    smoked fifteen to twenty cigars regularly every day. -y whole
    became affected, until my physician told me I must give up the
    for the time being, at lea't. I tried the so- called "1-1elay
    i-Bac," and various other romedies, but without succeas, until I
    ned of your "Baco-Curo." Three weeks aso to- a I ccmmunced
    paration, and to-day I consider myself completely cured; I am in
    and the horrible craving for tobacco, which every invetorate
    plreciates, has completely left me. I consider your "Baco-Curo"
    ful, and can fully recommend it. Yours very truly,
    C. W*. IIOLrNc.

    iest Floridlans.
    hitcombl in Flor. Monthly. WEBSTER'S
    om to regard Florida as INTERNATIONAL
    geologically, of compar- u, .DICTIONAR V
    formation: and no doubt A Grand Educator. Sucesooft
    en its age is compa. ed A Unabridged."
    ionsof th ;onti e ".* Standard of the
    v geologically is often to U. S. Gov't Print-
    w ing Office, theU.S.
    we reckon time, and a Supreme Court and
    is a drop in the bucket, of nearly all the
    is a drop in the bucket, choolbooks.
    tory of so new a land as Warmly com-
    ower part of the peninsu- L State Superinten-
    hobee down, has a certain dent of Schools,
    and other Educa-
    unripeness, as though it tors almost with.
    se of an son or two inout number.
    Ste use of man.; b A College President writes: "For
    r the use of man.; but ease with which the eye finds the
    has evidences of long word sought, for accuracy of defini-
    "tion, for effective methods in indi-
    rs since the Spaniards "eating pronunciation, for terse yet
    "c' comprehensive statements of facts,
    n the East Coast, but it "and for practical use as a working
    before that event that "dictionary,'Webster's International'
    mounds of fresh water excels any other single volume."
    the St. John's river were The One Great Standard Authority,
    the unknown tribes of So writes Hon D.J. Brewer, Justice U.S.
    ,d feasted there for cen- . ERRI .,
    G.,& C. MERRLAM CO., Publishers,
    Springfield, Mass., U. S. A.
    these people who pre- ~o-send to the publishers for free pamphlet
    s beautiful peninsula, and 03 Do not buy cheap reprints of ancient editions.
    g their rude lives when .
    p ire was verging to he
    now little of them, and A SECTIONAL MAI
    is derived from the re-
    feasts. From these we
    ate pretty much all the U SI. l U
    ley could lay hands upon; and tlhe
    ition to the deer, raccoon,
    turkey and turtle, they B a y 0 n t r y.
    he alligator and the gar-
    they ate more unusual ,We have made arrangements by
    ese for the fragments which we can furnish this fine MAP
    es broken while fresh, covering about eighteen miles square
    mixed with the bones of of* territory, including tile Cincinnati
    indicate that they ate Co i;uany's Tract, also Harrison,
    en, a conclusion not at Parker, Cromauton, and ladjcent
    the growing belioe that country, for
    en *iere cannibals. ONE DOLLAIR.
    t implements they had Or gi',en for5 cashl yea. ly su.)'crl,,itics.
    ipa and ..k.'cs of chert By the aidl of tlhis nimap the location cf
    ,arrowheads; awils and tand(s ipurchas~;l of' i,' .- ncivnnali
    t ,.. h,.):'n .. andrl'-, n'ii'tI : ( 'Onlpa y cini ) ,:I a.,-i1 4 ; ,':.tL i,,..
    S%..'o.. or, parties may send s $1:iil their
    ihy po)ssessed, made of Ldescription and we will locate their
    l vegetable fiber-, round lots: a;id return the Mlp ,y nmail.
    in -d. flaring at the top Adtdress 'i o',
    "d with incised line St. Andrews. Fla.
    *tcti..-:di agriculture there For 5,;!ni R5IIubsicrihIers. we will give as
    d it was long supposed ; j,;un:iri, 1 Sectional Maip of tile Bay
    id no domestic animals. c.;untrv, or I Map of the City of St. An-
    he past year the boue rews. Either ap sold singly-"
    e been definitely reciog- E ra sold
    these early Floridians-
    ut their deerhounds. ....IEtSSllltS{L| I tS S 1St

    og in Carrabelle.
    lay a yellow and white
    ;he average gize, belong-
    all, entered the foot of
    eet, green-eyed, foaming
    nd staggering. He kept
    he street, and so far as is
    t attempt was to bite Mr.
    s. On he went, particu
    avoiding him, No one
    ) go near and kill him or
    eets He then bit Gad
    unable dog. Excitement
    on Tallahassee 'street,
    S- Mattir shot the dog
    then battered his head
    .e wasshot through the
    ,the head and the shoul-
    staggering two hundred
    falling. It is believed
    tten several dogs here,
    ally no telling the extent
    he has done.

    native Gathle in g.
    onal effects of the sound
    tion at Memphis. at-
    was by delegates from
    corner of every southern
    trenienldons. It was a
    native gathering, andi
    whilib it wax l pervaded
    by a, single fact noted
    dispatches. The may-
    i in l i i -srit i was re-
    lt.iint five de egates-
    e, and named anid seit
    three men- who were
    or the free coinage of
    Srenmarked to our i.e-
    lent: "They are the fel-
    e want to have along,
    nav learn and hear the

    Potter has resigned the
    ed States Commissioner
    held iu Pensicola for
    d ai-r-a seasonn for thel
    passage of the Florida
    act, that 4t -was bili No.
    :tions anf',puly 13 sup-

    SGiven Away

    ..a -- during the preceding month.
    FOR INVENTORS, and the B0
    Subject of this offer Is to en-
    Scourageperons of an invent-
    S lye turn of mind. At theo
    same time we wish to impress
    the fact that m :: e
    It"s the Simple,
    Trivial Inventions
    SThat Yield Fortunes m
    -such as De Long's Hook *
    .y, and Eye "See that Hump,"
    S Ver." "Air Brake," etc.
    s Almost every one conceives e
    a bright idea at some time or
    S other. Why not putit in prae-
    tiloal use? YOUR talents may
    S lie In this direction. May
    p. make your fortune. Why not p
    i 'Write for further information an# m
    WI mention this paper. S
    STfiE PRESS GLfIlMS 60.
    m Philip W. Avlrett, etn. Mr.,
    m ~WASHINGTON, D. C.
    The re ponsibility of this company
    : may be judged by the ac that t
    s tock is held by over one thousand
    of the leading newspaper in the
    of .United States.
    ftl flttit gttt tSKtrtCS i n

    DETEB SHOE CO., Ino*p. Cjplil, $1,000,000C
    "A dollar saved is a dollar earned." .
    This Lades' Solid French Dongola Kid But
    ton Boot delivered free anywhere in the U.S. on
    S receipt of Cash, Money Order,
    or Postal Note for ,1.5o0.
    Equals every way the boots
    sold in all retail stores for
    $2.50. We make this boot
    ourselves, therefore e we guar-
    antee the t, style and wear,
    and if any one is not satisfied
    we will refund the money
    or send another pair. Opera
    Toe or Common Sense,
    widths C, D E, E& EE,
    sizes 1 to 8 and half
    SieSen your eLse;


    SOriginal nd Only Genuine.
    SAFE, always reliable. LADIES ask
    S Drug gst r oichster's english Da-
    anS Brand In Red and Oold metallloc'
    boxes, ealed with blue ribbon. Take
    no other. Refuse dangerous swsttu-.
    on and imitations. At Druggists, orsend 4.
    In stamps for particulars, testimonials and
    O *B"Relief for Ladles," in Utter, by return
    MalL 10,000 Testlmonlals. Name Paper.
    [cll hester OhemldooaoadMr.laon quar.e
    60144 Loblyru ota. PhadZ, rP

    Do You Want

    OR A

    Business Locatii


    IF 80
    Secure one or More Good Residence or Business

    T-a O'P j

    Or a Five-Acre Fruilt Tract

    -o -
    --O -- , }. .- :*. *.(, .-
    Being a PRACTICAL S 'J:'-' am prreparel to furnish

    On the Shorte'iI; U', I;hi Notlice.

    Assessment and Payment of Taxes,
    Will be Given Prompt, Personal Attention.


    L. M. WARE

    P101 or

    a a




    WARKE& CO.,


    #Ship .Chandlery, Salt Fish, Etc. Etc., Etc

    Baltimore Twine and Net company.


    A 2I

    IOZ! Hij i if & T h Bu rju 6. =** Ek- ka* &M*fi^r^Tib Ji J t Jif i Lffi l MPAE '

    C .-> 'q..
    mJ1 .r -)-- ~ b.5


    TUPKIMllS & OU.
    Ruugh and Dressed Lan.i!.h of All Grades.


    wL io M atoEperor." Saheno super .t. &Impt lU.
    Al .eo-. sttime. I 2d time.

    "QUAKER CITY BAKNG POWDEn" Is of all we've found the best:
    Absolutelyprcand holeoe, (Omit.) . Claims a place above the rest'
    I. With ten pennies get a sam-ple Of your Grocr a day;
    i If It a notsat-is-fac-tion (mit) . He your pennies will r-pay.
    SHon. eat tr-ale all suf-fl-cient, ailuretherewll never bei. .
    Sor success wU ev- er fol- low (Om . . IowhoueQ. B.
    -P- OW -06 -16 -p -04 -P

    Ask your grocer for it.

    ,--- $ $ $ $ $-$-

    SW I W -1
    .SddreuQuaker 04Y S. P. Co., RichmOnd. 1.4.

    --$--$--$----$--$--$ $ $ $ $ $


    ~ 7 "-9- By purchasing one of the Richmond Desk Com-
    1pany's beautiful Roll-top Office Desks. They are
    $ I being manufactured and sold at astonishingly $
    $ 1low prices. You can buy them for a very 1i
    S Sc

    $ The Desks talk for thzcselves. FTOv, M RICHIIOND, IND., U. S. A.
    $---S---$--g$- -$--$- -r -$-s -$--$- $ $ $ $ $ $-5-_----
    g\' WVrite for prk'ie and catalogue.
    .......... ... ..e s.l .. ....a m .,,.. .



    and OPTICIAN.

    No. 11" ~SiUTH PALAFOX St

    .iI I ii I
    il 1 1 .o iVY.

    BnDna Vista Ave an TaBe St.,
    St, Andrews, Fla.
    House and Accommodations First-
    Class in Every Respect.


    I am prepared to do all kinds of
    nauling at the lowest living rates
    .nd giv entire satisfaction.'
    cut and delivered atreadhinable' ataes.
    U.. W. SURBER.

    L ewis Ho nse,

    the Place for Passengers
    Going to and from St. Andrews Bay

    Rooms Comfortable!!
    Terms Rasonable"

    H. Parker,
    Real Etate Dealer.
    SParker, Fla.

    --,- .--w. w.....,-,


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