Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: May 18, 1893
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00129
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026996

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St. AinUews flay!

wirst, Last, and all the

Time !



Best AiBertising ldium



S ..l.

lvivLIc, Vo'uii t Y J. s. Taj-1 luir Gallii t In l
S i:~Tea i.~ iiJtorniii
J). .I A vrict'lllli-i ~ leI~ .I' cul-

(if I'll~llic III-m-tilI. ;'illl, N. sll-al-

p e'i Co urt Itne Cl1i'. Ta, %'lI' ll 1;11.1r, s .v
tJ. t..na ., to r :l5,4V W.iiit: Il ie lrkIs('7 1 l.*le t

C NutI it 3 II. s 'lu Ie I\\l. It. JonePills, t (liowit

Cirl erke In. I(-. ,It i plii' TrI S peru

0ior. Hn. K i Briipicki; l'wxt uM ii., a:
do IAASY Pin: il'I)N. I

Notar F'oiilulic. (ur 1t. T Colns P''st-

lu.,litere C.J. of itn- a e.ie t.
Nr I; fnitre-sRvPulc,I AItf l 'I Crut.or
% irsAjitIt'. F Br 'in kc -ut M stes

('oa I PliouN uI..V- B. )~ TmAonT ost

Ponlt ellr, C J De ni a nst.
1) A 1: K E 1.)~

Post mtllesllnd cliAnniiut 1ie. Parke.
~.CrLOU.iN pti'lor NTY'Rcnhi MA NII 0i. i

a11Iid :3i) p. niI.. cviLrV allte'rnate .~nIbIv:!.
,i:'d~i~ aIt Ii o'clock a. ni.. coinelrl of' W'c0m~l-
iIirle a\CIlIu c 1111(1 B;! \'iew -ir ei~ri: lila'n\ca
Nied jug o nae El.Mo heriI Frial.iy llosnin
HIokillasterXVCtlyc M. Cronr rloalin.
Pres 'veizii-ief-C a~rch c orn Ir I LIW .4 ti w,

31.O~i Con pa,lor. Preahingcet I ri. ;I. p
awnd eve- a: III.r.t e $ii ndav il : r 3 (e p. i.
Cat'111 );. hola-li i 'sh I -0t. j '.sim g ate-

avne midd Foster QtiAt.


votalry Public ur thc Sta te a LFrgae. Of-
Pr.i. JI .'1'. I'itily store,

tlary Public and Siurv'ror. Speciiff-
c'itifion given to nil Nuoarial I.usine-i s;
also to ihe Drawing of Maps. Charts, etc.
Parker. Fln.
Vatchnmaker, Jeweler and Optician.
Office a ind adlehroomii iln (Cc. R-.s-
sell's stereo, corner of Bay View anil
\yonming avenues.
Sr. Andrews, Florida.
Notary iPublic.
and Deputy Circuit Court Clerk.
Office anid lodgings in the Rodney
building 2d door north of postoflice.
Homeopathic Phy ician and Ac-
onchler. O(tice 'ioneer Drug tStore,
cornerof'Shell avenue and Miclii-
gna street,
St. Andrew. Florida.
Attorney at Law. Practices in State
tnd Federal Courts. Will attend the
Courts of St. Andrews mliwn wanted
Re Rsidence and office,
iplc Florida

uanreral Ne rspaper nird Period ca
A E: 1- 0 Y_ -
Fitl.'I .-li' E m .lIaI .

Subscriptions Solicited.

Easti. nd north mail, via. Chipley de-
~ay e".eeptL Sidav .it lI-
.. o- ; airrlives every daiv except Sun2
aav at 1:2:31 p. im.
East Bay mail for Harrison, Cromantnn,
Parker, F.arindale and Wetappo, leaves
St. Andr.'ws going cast every morning
at r o'clock and arrives, coming west
r- 0- every afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Late Register U. S. Late Chief Clerk U.
Land Office, F. Land Ofiice.
Gainesville, Florida.
Land Attorneys,
G inesville, Florida.
Seven years experience in the U. S.
Land Office.
All matters before the th t. Land Oltice
at Gaineszille. Fla., and General .anid Of-
lice at Washington, D. C., will receive
pronpt atlenlion.
Patents procured in all classes of land
entries, and particularly in eases of Span-
ish Land Grants. Parties notified of Can-
eellationi. Amendments and changes of
entries effected. Contests carefully coin-


I ani prepared to do all kinds ot
Hauling at the lowest living rates
and give entire satisfaction.
Cut ani. delivered at reasoNnable rates
G. W. Suut E.



One Dollar a Year in Aivance.

E M N i S & L 'Y I- C H
Publishers and Proprietors.
W m. A. E,.U ,,,l 1: J 1I, :, i

Slvrtiing l t,., M-lah. K nIn ,,1
.A i l. it | ti, .

An E, cc-'c4 of ('Ii-Auirit.j
111u .11-11 ii I)I111 ;I[ I,.: t lil.\t~ij
WIjil ( I I. I I I P-11 1 -I 1'.I Ii .1
A u d I io i ,1 t toI V %ii Cz: JL WIf0 1 h-I It

WIhile its ll ti-rmuit vornvp i-l rn
WCith tte phlaiitivo pi[ Pe ot.the piccolo

6 %"nd I le moinc a a nid men,- tice m .vl)ku n lIi

Ali, il hv w rcr- a sight to '-:.d
As file)- danevic~l mid duncvd,~l~l till ic-ody\ to
d iup.
FurI the sake oif swumet chaity-.
Anld a aic t I'ca ili deiuSllLe Cis ofj py
AIl),-,ilbed ijii'.jcibil~iiit inin-i:
Fur I b.;d not tlichmight in thlience Sli-l4

Such iguncrlJu foulk to find.
Iut nfM t I )?; t 1 t1% : t1 4 ,t, 11C6L1:1n r (tile C bih rjIir
Of nuI :l ii5jfhi.iif~dr
WVho had iLcln sl o gc-ncliu s thui d no~t lelt
E niioiingli -for thc-nselves ton a c- r.

Alluswers to C'orr'espozall4lelt'.
Tlie B h:uol i., Il ,-val estate agenricy.

upn01 lota.; it has aer tillers %%hpa,
attentfionti to telt nim:tttceirn wlblr'.s
t hem. A Iyq inIestioiin askvc'l%%illIlie
answreime'l cheerhit 'vand to, thlie very
best ojf' our ability alid al" T rin
in ret urn is that the ,eecr f,;i' ti'-
ulation hell, along the &M we Iivt
ilflldeIrtakt-rll-tlat of Imiling (illi
Aniure%%8 and the BAY ChuqjInL[ 11nd
a, ld'li n' val f(?to eery piV ~ee oOf PI-op
er't vow ne'l 1by'ou r il icic~sLiv at
.I)1ice lieccintirig and rerlialbnirg Rub-
Scri.l:'ers to tllv hJBIuo. Rellnenibel that
We attcndl pro'niptly- to the piaymcnt of

corning tax urg ntlo ac-
conipanictd n ithI a full and .:,mnplet'
descriptic, n i .l f tlie lanl- we cnn : i
no instain e liyint up c1i licter- to
lindl it; they are not pre.serv\ed-al..
with at leat six cts. jo.uOtagfle, l.Ir thlt
collector's office is tifty miles aw\na
and, to do anly business with him we
mnust write himn; sendl two cts for his
answer ani two cts tmore are required
to aNwwer the correspondent :
G. T., Roche.ter, N. Y.: You may
get some work at your business here,
but you will have to take your
chances with those already establish-
ad in the business; surely you can
find no pleasanter place on earth for
a home than almost anywhere on St.
Andrews Bay; the name of tle per-
son you allude to is not familiar to us;
if he Ias a house we don't know-
where it is.
W. A. J., Boston, Mass.: Delin-
quent taxes must be paid to the state
comptroller; current taxes to the
county collector; the Buoy can at-
tend to it if you choose to entrust the
matter with us.
Wm. McH. H., Ada, W. Va.: The
BuoY is just what you have been
looking after; only $1 a year.
Frank II. A., Gloucester, Mass.:
Th'e company is out of business; a
very large percentage of the lands it
disposed of were o. k.
J. B. N., Willacoochee, Ga.: It is
iiiipossible to put any general valua-
ation Iupon lots; prices range all the
way from $1 to $1100 per lot; pretty
wide margin, isn't it? St. Andrews
is a village of only a few hundred in-
1habitants: but the lands fronting on
the Bay for nearly 100 miles of front-.
age is quite thickly settled; no rail-
road nearer than 50 miles; but the
time to buy property is before we get
one, which is sure to come; oranges
grow, but are not counted a reliable
crop, although they hit oftener than
they miss; there are numerous other
fruits for which the bay countryis
well adapted.
H. V., Elmia, Iowa: Very few if
any of the lots disposed of by the
company are under water; possibly
there may be a few where a small
fraction of a section runs into the
water and was bought liy it for a full
tract; but if there are such the num-
ber is so small as to cut no figure; the
lanl is mainly high enough for a 1
purposes of cultivation: vnir lot is
8 or 9 miles northeast from the Bur,

(CO NTiT rn.
The launcord uaturally nisowetl some
surprise at seeing his late guest again,
but the latter, shaking him heartily by
S"Strang ftiat I sho behave forgotten
somethingg. With your pernis:Lion, I
would like to go to my room for a few
"Of course, of course," was the re-
spouse; 'jes' make yerself at home. I'll
be glad to have yoiu stay a week."
They we're neat and tildy at the hotel.
for. though the hour was quite eariy.
Mansou found that his bed and room
had been put in good order. The land-
lord had givou him a key \:.th which he
admitted himself, setting his valise on
the floor. Listening for some minutes
and cautiously surveying his surround-
ings, he was convinced that no one \was
in eight. He inserted the key in the ad-
joining door, where the peddlers had
spent the preceding night. He could not
help smiling wheu he found that the
lock responded as readily to the key as
did his own.
"I've no doubt it will fit every door
along the hall," was his conclusion as
he rLlocked his own door after setting
down his valise in the room he was
about to inspect.
In case any one should come upon
him wlile engaged in this apartment he
could make the reasonable plea of a
mistake quite natural under the circum-
The detective lost no time. The ap-
peaiance of the roou showed that tlhe
late occnpalnts expected to return, for a
consi;! r:i'il- .if their trumpery y lay abut
the floor, iad sLcinr .f t'L ire.stra clothing
was suspended fruo rLho !i )iks in the
Recalling where lie had heard tL.lp I "
culiar noise when listc:ning the night 1be
fore, Mauson began a careful examina.
tion of the surbase running aii.ug the
side of the room next to his own.
"They were at work somewhere n'-lr
of," he said, looking keenly at the
on near the corner of the apart
^% iia i Wi Mnl ir Vu41K

for a good while. They are cunning
worlkrr.s at that surt of thing and have
con ,:aled their work weil."
When sloime minuutie pasr-ed without!
any discovery, a if.-.ling .of doubt crelp
into is uind, nu-.l he asilked hilrsl
whether it was not souio trick. alter all
which they were playing upon him
"If it was, I can't suspect its nature
but I'll find ont."
There was so little light in the cornerl
despite the two windows, that he struck
a match, and stooping down passed ii
slowly along the wood, Using his vision
the best he could, he finally detected a
tiny bit of chipping on the cheap, in
grain carpet close to the wall. It re-
sembled a fragment from a match that
some one had dropped, but it was the
clew for which he was searching.
A rectangular ridge two or three inches
in length extended along the surbase so
faintly marked that only the closest
scrutiny could detect it.
Inserting the point of his knife, he ex-
erted a steady and increasing pressure.
Soon there was a slight yielding, and
then a shell of wri,ti rn-s mi lliring the thin
lid of a small box fell out on the floor,
revealing a cavity behind it a couple of
inches in depth.
Max Manson's heart gave a quick
throb when he perceived a fine tissue
paper resting within, but without any
nervousness of manner, though his ex-
citement was intense, he drew it out.
He unfolded it just enough to catch a
glimpse of a rod, round substance within
when he shoved it into his vest pocket.
Then with the same care he haid
shown from the first he replaced the
covering, ailjun.!inil it with such deft
ness that the appearance was precisely
the same as before, fie blew out the
third match which he had found it nee-
essary to employ, placing that, like its
companions, in his pocket so as not it
leave any trace of his work behind. -
Rising to his feet, he passed out of the
room, carefully relocked the door behind
him- and once more entered the apart-
ment where he had spent the previous
night. Then, wallkng to the window
where he had full light, he took out the
paper and unrolled it.
An exclamation of delighted astonish-
ment escapedhim. The object was the
size almost of a robin's egg, deep red in
* color, bright and seemingly with a light
almost as luminous as that of a diamond.
"Eurekal I have found it. That's the
rajah's ruby as sure as I live Did any
man ever have a better stroke of for
He turned it over in his hand and
feasted his eyes upon its beauty.
"I am not much of a judge of precious
stones, but I'll wager that that gem is
worth all that is claimed, which is $100,-
000. What a story it could tell if it but
possessed the power of speech"
Max Manson was certainly authorized
in felicitating himself, for his success
had been little short of marvelous.
"My theory was right. Dr. Maidoff
stole the gem from Miss Livermore and
was paid well for it by these two
wretches. The shock from which she
died was not caused by their visit, but
by the physician himself. There ought
to be some way of punishing him, but
I know of none, for these fellows will
never betray him. When they find how
they have been outwitted, they will quiet-
ly swallow their loss, for I don't intend
to give them a second chance to steal the
T rFri> h

DIE VS, FLA., MAY 8, l1,sl;.
I i )

S- 1oss1i)o, LII in T tIeI1r oner conversa-
tion thlev,- were kind enough to give you
Ja L the precise information you were seek-
Sing. Can yuu conceive it possible that
thiy suspected you were listening at the
..t d A disagreeablo light began breaking in
upon the mind of Malx Mlanson.
l "I understand you to "'ntimatethatthe
whole thing was gotten up for my bene-
: fit, or rather lily injuryy"
7*Tr "Don't you think it has tliht look?

fj ning. They uslIected you the moment
you entered the hotel where they were
Stopping. They were convinced that you
1'93 BY A ;ICAN; Pr;EC ASSN. r' were aftei the rajah's -ruby. Fearing
that you- .iight take extreme measures
There w'v io call for him to stay long- agalustwbhem and cause their detention,
er at the so he bale the landlord 'theyk sought only to gain time, so as to be
goodbye and hurrying to the sta able to slip away undetected. They
tion wa s- -i tinu to catch a through therefore adopted a course intended 'to
e sned his mke you believe jbu' Tadl actually re- -
i y oreentering the covered thb'gem, calculating that the in-
cars. but observed nothing of the East terval between that and the knowledge
lndias; but, all the same, the very onU of your error would give them the oppor-
that had followed him to the station that tunity they needed, and it looks asif they
morning saw him. were not much off in their calculations."
This fellow was the one known as "But that false ruby-that bit of col-
Wichman, and peering around the cor ored glass?"
nor of a building, carefully screening his "Aro you not aware that that artifice
body from observation meanwhile, heC is a very common one? All exceptionally
kept his black eyes fixed on the detective valuable gemis have their duplicates or
as long as he was in sight, imitations, mainly designed to baffle'
Max Manson did not forget lis oblige covetous thieves. The owner of a noted
tions to Folsom Simpson, whom he had jewel keeps it securely locked up in
left working on the case at Ellenville. some unsuspected place perhaps, while
A moment before entering the cars he the comparative-ly worthless imitation is
telegraphed him in cipher: left where the burglar is most likely to
"The cear is closed. I hav recovered look for it. Many a time the lady who 1
the ruby and am on my way to head appears at some grand entertainment
quarters. Wire me there." finds her jewels the envy and admira-
'Simpson is a good fellow and will tion of all eyes, when in truth the real
send me his congratulations. Whatever ones are at home locked in the safe or at
he says. too, he will mean, for there is no the bank, while the crowd are feasting
envy in his nature. I can see now plainer their vision on the clever imitations."
than ever how he manfeuvered from the "But whence came this counterfeit r
first to throw the glory of the whole rajah's ruby?" f
thing in my way."' Chief Varick shrugged his shoulders.
The day was drawing to a close when "I can only guess. They may have
his trail rnlbled into the Grand Clen- brought it with them from India for the I
trial station, and calling a cab he was purpose f putting it to the very use
soon whirled to headquarters. Chirf which served them so well while they
Varick wasvibsent, and he found no one made haste out of the country with the
present to whom he deemed it advisable genuhie gem, or it may have been that (h
to make his report. the late Miss Livermoro received the.
The following message, however, from counterfeit with the genuine from her
Simpson was awaiting him, and, as n:ay ancestors, andl those cunning Asiatica i
be supposed. Manson read it with Ipe were themselves tricked by a clever arti- o
culiar feelings: ice. Alwa3s'Treadinga visit from bur-
"I would like to congratulate you. old glars, andespecially so after receiving
fellow, but I don't think you have gi;! th warning letter which came into the ]
the rajah's ruby." -uands of rnmpson, it surely would have I
"What the mischief can he mean been natural for her to put it forward
Manson asked himself as he held. where the scamps would be likely to lay p
writing in his hand and read and r i-,,, i their hands on it with li tle trouble." t
it. "I told him plainly enough a ,i 1 "But why didn't she place the real one
had -ecovered the gem. It leo
as if Fol feels a little jealous
Yielding to a vague M
which he n1d
-' ar lu' i* i

the well known establirhmnc f TIT:Iru'
& Co.
"I will get them to write out c r":
cate for me and forward that tCFul
since he won't accept mine."
Max Mansorr expected to see the eyeg
of the clerk before whom he lai, the ,
stone protrude with amazement. So
they did, but when the gentleman took
the gem in hand a peculiar expression
came over his face, an expression which
deepene] the detective's uneasiness.
--You don't often see a gem like that,"
remarked the visitor.
"I don't know," replied the clerk, with
a smile. "It is true; they are not gener-
ally made so large."
"Not made so largely What do you
"I suppose, my friend, you know that
this gem, as you call it, is nothing but a
piece of colored glass, worth at the most
perhaps two or three dollars?"

7 '

"Max,, those. fellnw.s plan d it on you
inl htIy fine.
Detective Manson was dumfounded,
and sitting alone that evening with Chief
Varick he made known his perplexity,
giving the particulars of his strange ex-
perience after being put on the case of
the rajah's ruby. The chief listened
with his usitil impassiveness, but did
not allow a syllable of the stofy to es-
cape him. Once or twice he smiled at
lome portions of the narrative and occa-,
sionally asked an incisive question.
"Did it not strike you as singular," he
asked, "that those two men, natives of
India, as they doubtless were, should be-
gin talking i the English tongue after
reaching their room at the hotelin Wing-
"Yes, it did seem odd, but I did not
attach much weight to it. Since the
language was of great use to them in
this country, it would have been natural
to practice it when alone."
"Did they seem to be in need of much
practice? In other words, did,you find
any difficulty in understanding them?"
"None at all."
"Would it not have appeared more
natural for the u, when they found
themselves! alone, to use the tongue in
which they could express their thoughts
the more readily?"
h "Yes, except tor the reason I have
"And then it seems they were talking
about this wondr-rful gem, the very ob-'
ject of which you were seeking informna-
"That was the u ust natural thinr in
the world, sinc- !liey had traveled half
way around theo hlbre to teal it."

men whom I
pointed r, ir'.-se"o0 -e TI
"Well 1 confess that more th.n one
feature. of this confounded business per-
plexes me. Simpson strongly suspects
that Dr. Maidhoff is mixed up in it."
S"I suspect the same."

Education and Taxation.
.'oi r-.sp:ondIene ol the Bri uv.- *
1 I're.uine Lthat, the state should
ljr", ile the means by which each
citizen can road andl \viitc and know
the value of figures. And at. that
ltage -nl the courIs.e of education, the
duty of the state .stops and private
entrpllrise ,begin.j Pi,..sc- sing these
tliree key.'t to the dor rf knowledge.
tilt citizen can a lCtilire all he I nay re-
'lTire iI tinhe liil o idiilrin action. The
4r'eat iii:iojrilt of ma :ninnll ili liin.'t live
lay ni;iiual labor, the kniiwledlge of
which is nore necessary, than that
of conic sections.
The state provides-for free education
by taxes and appropriations to the
amount of over half a million dollars
a years for tlhe same; but it is all
'ree. Tlie county schools are free to
the children of the people who
live near them; Th colleges
and thin seminaries are not, anI
yet over fifty thousand dollars
were given to them in the year 1890.
What is beyond the reach of the
people is not free. There was, in
one year ten thousand dollars expern-
ed for education in Washington
county the state gave 1,336
anp the county contributed $8,
726. The state can and did give
ten thousand dollars to the Ag-
ricultural college and could
only spare thirteen-bundred to a
large county like ours. When the
state takes, by force. one dollar, from
a citizen and gives him no equiva-
lent lor it when it drives the fifty
cents of a laborer's wages, who is
idle half the year, from his children
'to the professional education of the
rich man's son, justice is as much
outraged, as if it was done by a pri-
vate citizen.
In our county there are about one
thousand pupils and they cost ten
dollars for four months schooling and
yet we give some of our paupers two
dollars per month to support them.
That is two less than a child'r edu-
cation wo,,ulld cost. There are 500
childirei of choil agd who can not
write, notwithstanding the expendli-

tiule 41f .$ 1(J,i-ii.I. '1 1,t: L i. in the
world no greater ili.pisitihin than that
prae iced on tlhe i dhiielriie n the poonir
in i',uru star te. i. "i-,, It.,ard will
'Plcclt some publi.-.l r a11i giveil lhini
a iili m Inopoly it' sin'.-ilvlingi tile siihool
bok.s, and he will clialu- two-hun-
dredl per cent over tIlh inirkita.ble
valinu I'h Iis boiok-, the w',rks n
Shiaksleare can lie l'-"iu'ghlt lori! lesss
tlan is celargiol f.,r a chil l'- i:riner.
'T'lie u ver shadowinii g e r-i Ill' .,liice is,
th t those-in ll p.'er aTil positili,
never loik into the real cn-luition
(it tie people and grt as if iey, had
nu kn,?wledlg. rf toL.grL.UoescarcLIty of
ifto'6-. is rei i t.,e I.s sh8 owAvd' t -
oping anld the pleolle are very ipor,
and every little .-traw 1lii Oiln i.s uilk-
ing the caiel'.s lack iclnd. (.hu;-
vote is taxed at a evaluation of about
$18I0--an ohl stove only fit to hide
away, ten ceits wolIth of liunl'er iu
the shape of a table, and a conibi-
nation of gunny sacks called a beld,
all nimust contribute tl swell the bill.
The gross amount of taxes would 10b
on.i.idleied small in a state where
miantinactories aboundi andl onevy is
plenty; liut here where an exchange
of goals (or a trade is cmmin a ail-
ver dollar is harl to get. The chiil's
education often costs the state as
utich hIard cash as hiis father will see
for six months. There should be a
ine of valuation hliousehold goods
below which the assessor should not
The state pays over half a million
Dollars a year for edlietion and yet
Our law makers are Inot. satisfied, the
House Bill 195 now b.'fore the house
If represeftat ives, will roiipel all
G-MEN ors and lu embers of boards of
nliTc instruction to read and" write.
t may be pre.sun ed, that at the
present time they cannot do so, and iii
he senate there is a bill for eternal

Slavery in Old England.
Slavery in England was of very
ancient statuling. Ceaser states that
it existed as an institution among
the Celts, and in iRoman England
the conquered natives were held in
a state of serfdom. In Saxon arnd
early Norman times the children of
the old English peasantry and cap-
tives taken in war were sold like
cattle in Bristol market anti many
were exported to Scotland and Ire-
land. "Doomsday book" states that
"the slaves numbered twenty-five
thousand. Soon after the conquest
the distinct slave class ceased to
exist and so slaves were merged with
the lower class of ceorls under 4ihe
designation of villeins. The villeimns
in ea:ly feudal times were annexed
to the land and were devisable as
goods and chattls. but ii process of
time the higher class of villeins gain-
ed a title to the land on which they
worked, and after the reign of Rich-
Ard n, we find little, reference to
villeinge.' Although the church had
early succeeded in putting an end
to English slave traffic by the canon
of the council, of 1102, sluvery was
never abolished by any positive enact-
enent; and according to the Brooklyn
Eagle, it was not till 1660 that the
last remnants of the feudal system
were finally swept away. Slavery
was abolished, but slavery did not
cease, for until thie timu, of George
Ii. colliers were bought and sold,
and if they left the estate to which
they belonged were brought back by
force. It was not till the year 1775
that an act was passed by which they
were declared free and were put on
the same foitiin as other servants.

Cortez obtained in Mexico live
emeralds of wonderful size arid
beauty. One was cut like a rose;
another in the sa!pe of a horn; a third
in that of a fish. with diamond -eyves;
a fourth like a bell. with a pearl foi
a clapper; the iithi wass a cnp, with
foot of gold aud four little chains,
each ending with a large pearl. He
had also two emerald vases, worth
,300,000 crowns each.

Black, pink and goidn yellow
pearl.n are more valuable than white.


a~~bbale, a'd a times-
ythey could he seen here'
making their way in a di-
the house. Arriving at
there apparent destination, they
immediately. ascended the sides of tlhe
building. some crawling six or eight
feet high and then without l ave or
license taking shelter beneath the"
jutting edges of the siding.
'lThose which were quite green andr
fresh-iooking on reaching the base of
the house ascended to a higher point
than those of a dull cqlor. Itap-
peared that some were more glutton-
ous than the others and did not dp,
part from the festive board until the"
"wee small hours of -th ri iubrning,"
and a consequenee of the folly either
suffering on their way and dying the
death of a wretched traveller on a:
long and perilous journey to safety,-
or reaching their destination and
gaining the friendly protection of the
weather-board jutting, to be shatter-
ed by the rain drops falling from the
eaves into a ieaton ditch below.
Perhaps it was the attack of fnngi
rather than gluttony that'i'mpeed
.heir jonruey. At any rate the cat-
terpiller crawled as long as there was
sufficient activity to maintain -loco-
motion; then fastening .itself by the'
tail, -with tail generally.hangtg--
downward. became quiescent and in
a short time dormant.
Thle next thing noticed was a
gradual change of color from green
to brown, a hardening of the integn-
ment. and a shortening of the body
with an increase in width, or enlarge-
nient near the head end.
From the standpoint of curiosity
it was very interesting to observe -
this destructive form of life literally
covering the house; and I was led ft
wonder how they knew that by
travelling the long journey to them
of five rods, they would findtexcellent
quarters for pupation.

'oo Mf uch.
Boston Uudget"
Fhe: Charley, why are you so veef
miIuch opposed to piano duets? -
ole: Froni principle. I think it's
cowardly foi two persNoun to attack
one piece of music.

"How is it," asked a laday, "that
Time is always represented as bald-
headed?" To which a gentleman
replied, "So rhany have taken Time
by the forelocki, theylprobably pulled.
all his hair out."

NO. 8.

lMeth.lods oif Puupatiohn
writtene n lor theli i; uv,
In quite a large ntrilber of inso'ts
tle larva spiins a cocoon aloullind iv
self wlhen about to pullpate. Thii4
Cloouiin varies very iiuch tii its c'un-
st -ruction,, and in thle Idaterial usci 'I
some weaviig silk around the lodyv;
sone fi-rminiug a cocoon froirt the hliuir'
0,lt the b.nly of the larva, \:.ile otlihi..
lii in :. kind of rude case from stick;,
or y cnrliiing a leaf, within'whb, l .
thl:y place themselves often iff*;
the cavity with silken thrad'a t., .
some cIn'es the c6bcolrs dense on
liwjli4Ulljltt ,ilr. .'mtL..wUy ..41-1;"., -
out idle.
IIn hymeiicoltera ihe pnlp has tl,.-
limnb free and i- genieridly cuntaiilt.t
in a thin silken cocoon.
In the diptcra the pupa is eli-,ri;
naked with the liirbs exposed, or thr-l
are coarctate. Tlhe active aqniti.:
ppap is provided with gill-like fid-
nmeiis permeated with tracheae.
In lepidoptera,' the moths- an.t
butterlles, there is considerable varf-
ability iithlie manner of pupation.
The larva of Ihyphantria textlr,-.
the fall web-wormn, pins a white
silken cocoon around itself, with the
hairs of its body as a framework.
\hen thie Ipipa skin is developed,
the old dried larva skin breaks opeir
andi slip off at either end.
Tlihe white turnip or' cabbage
bultterfli, Pieris rape, is a very di-
structive insect. They were very
utnerous in the year 1884, thd V
greenish caterpillars nearly dthtrly
ing the cabbage in the coantrv.
My neither -had i fine patch of
cabbage in theR garden about five
rods from the dwelling house at Mt.
Ayr, Iowa, and being at home at
that time, I had an exeUqle-nf
opportunity to study- tud nete


I ,. - _ _ _ p...


NOTr.-It mu st he re1mtmenlnred that thel
wind is not a wholly relialle motive pow-
er and if the sailors semnictimes lid it im-
jossilble to make schrdliie time it mit hele
charged to the le;:menl-; tihey dj Ithe Lbest
they can.


Leaves Mobile every Alonulay; arriv-
ing at PeiiIacola Tiesh'l:;y; St. An-
drews Wcednelav; Xlalaclhicola
Thursday, going h'uth.
Leaves Apal:chicola evei v F iilay; St.
Andrews Satur ay; Pen.iac.l a Sna-
day, goin:z north.
Aglt, St. Anldr v.s Bay,
Leaves St. Aridrew every Wednesday.
Arrive at l'enst:ola el'verr Tlursday.
Leave Pensa,.ti'-i (-. erv iFriiday.
Arrive at St. Andrcws v.-, I S.ituirdi.y.
Fare, with Ionard. .$t: nithuut hoard, $3.
Freight carefully handled.
Capt. F. H. Ware, Proprietor.
Makes regular triip'n beti.'ni P.uke run
East Bay and P'en~ci'ial.; ill make reg-
-ilar landing .it I'rl.ianton and Har-
rison an l at .i.y nth. .r point when re-
q....., I,..;'t., | .i t do so. P. -.t -
g i i' .' i..i:,t *ii-.. lrted at reason-
a i 1: n t I ilt-.. I I in gltiraniitec
O rd I. .s t i i l .I r. -:*1 .. (-to th "i |-
: ti n FI i -1. .'. s 1}i .- -* I l ei v e ; . I i

i' ci. iu,:'ity jewelry call it lnii-
sell's, .n I 1 Hiughts, the .iv- % hlir.
-C'onimeic al, legal, andI ilain or
pt iintd -tl i Iner'. It the Bt ,,v the..
-No per-siit interested illn West
Florida can ttford to be without the ii:ov.
-T-'here i. no11 eCLonlomy in buying
cheap spectacles; the best are the cheap-
-Insllle yourself against fire by
buying a H-.)vre force pump at T. C. Dan-
fu red's.
-'hli 1Buov andi the Flurida Ag-
r.iLltuti' .t o-'e V?;Ir, $2.51ll; cluIs of five,

-Paintt lrushe-e o tlie be.ab p al-
ily arid at lie .lowiu t pi ices.at the Pliunccr
Drug Store"
-Legal cap, commercial note
letter-headpapers and en\vrlopes, either
printed or plain at the Buoy office.
-If you wish to keep posted on
groceries, read the Parker price- current,
revised weekly by J. T. PITus.
-If \your \\atchl or clock is dead
or crazv, do not have it mionkeeld l ith,
but taike it to Huiighs, the relil-Ilt
je l.i- r.
-Iin tlhe Floi, sa slate, the iMar-
tini-We.k~s cointeSt case has lievii ricturnili
to the committee on privlc v-i aitld e-lec-
t'ons for furilivr consideration.
-If you are nut the possessor of a
c:s:ioline sti,,e vou should lose no time in
getting one, and you will fid the very
best pattern atT. C. Danford's.
-''hat was a glorious aani whiah
shed its moisture upon us neatly the whole
of Monday forenoon, and vegetation is re-
spiininig to it as if with the touch from a
magic wand.
-If your eyesight is defective, call
at the Bror office and he fitted with a
pair of the celebrated perfected crystal
lenses, mi..I ufi ctiir..d only by Kellam &
Moore Atlanta, Ga.
-The Southern States Magazine,
published by the Mnnnfacturers' Record
PubliU;hing Co., Baltimore Md., elegantly
illustrA.tcd and abounding in in .resting
soutiihcr literature, is reec*e d.

and c;i.. -I,,,I ., i,. -. it w.-Iou l'I have li'ein an easy
*'**n 'i' I r r 't *| h.i.ti.r.
matter to hate located t.i cI.lration at
-f \1.1' almnio t a., ;, t on the Bay; but a iI in I-
S" were pres-ntl to n-'g' tW claim of the dil-
(CArP -- .r i.. rnr points, :I i .or was selected.
--O(ur ,rco.-'i .W.:i!csts will plearsi
C carries tlih E.a : .1.,I : il: I, S.- .\ .. l : ; I. that ::. f. or lus t b e

et c ,, ,,, I.a I t. : \\ I .. .i' l., Ii10 . .t,": '*,.- I ,t:f,' it 1 th i,'. a:'-U. '. "
e w 3i Nil s s e i n l-- i l, s_ ;! .1 1,1 i iI, I L .:ni to 1ii it oli

V, C Iill. i':". i .II' it' ,ll, : ti l.l .t ll .- -
p'rtsi .t It -.i I;.in,tli! 'W 'iit- :t t i lhte lth. in\ it'-c .t $.l)I J
wS llAlh L' Ii i nald t lish idr! gou de- ;s to
sia t, J u1 I. TI'hvs, ia. w.' -,' I gs'llht

Th'e lMar Me1l saUilel for tile (,u,
for a fishing crAise Monddny.'
T11 ;- fi intg .iio..*nit Li. lv horr
of PetnsaLc,'- ctiie to) anchor in t L
bay itl, ft. A rewi s Moay, an
imrained until alter the rai at .Atorit l
Ili;;t ilav.
*Thle Mstiary- (M ild fior tcale Gu
firon Apflaoh ic-, -i Frida'y', ,,.o.k o
several pastel; -IH isinat noon startl
id for Pa fishing cr-- uise M oday.- i i
a; t St. A Anreis n thle llre ltin tri
rema.(,el ulil a ter the rain sto rni (

yesterday forcno-ii.
T Ie Nest;iar -ail for Penisacol
Tlitursdav iwith a loald of lumber froul
ileL' atnoon start
ed for Pl -.ai ,,.l:, anI 1,/1 il, .'arsl i is

The .J res P., came itn Ftrid
Thirsdy with a land of Inmber fror
W\illett .m a r ill

with goo,,,i for J. T. Pitts' toe and
leaves agnin today for Pensacola.
The (.le,,p.atra ts',iled nup to Paike
Tuesday to enlist the services o
MV. H. Parker, -unfe-' ,r, to survey a
tract of land on the East Pen asul
recently I[..urch,: -il by Capt. 'axion
Dr. Cliff and, son of Nashville
Tenn., were an.s.a.engers on the Gul:
City and will remain in town for a
few days.

-- 0O OTHER Sarsaparilla has the
merit to secure the confidence of
entire communities and hold it yearafter
year, like HOOD'S Sarsaparilla.

BtttN ot Mu.itic.
Chicang) Tnf- Oc.-. .
She'-Now, yv.ii've looked over my
music, what \\..n1l1 you like to have
m* e play?
He-Either, euchre or cribbage.

The coldest ,place in the United
State-, is ilter or'of Alaska, 89 de-
g9ees below zero.
Female Wea kness Positive Cure
To the Editr.r:---'l~l.i. imforni your
leaders lhat I hiave a p--si;ti .' reniedv for
rhe thonsi is and lnt.. il- thil' arises t-
- 'fro-fi derangedil -,nuilct o,'aiir I h :
be glad ts svi'nd tw,.I I1ottlI.' ri (. i
FREE to and lnsh it' tli.-* % i sinad ti.i
Expres- aind PI. 0. .add1,1 -.
Y, s re fri, p-etr' f'iill .
Dr. B. D. MAHAIS], L'rr N. SV

A WVeek's W~iathlir.
The 'fillon ilh g l: o 4 ,14 s ihait tlh,
teuiperature at St. AdiresK hits Ieeii
during lti- plast -!k, froih o merva.titi;s,
taken at thu I l , .' i .'i .'ia h morning
and nuon:
iuI)irn NuonI
Thursday Mayi II ....... i -
Firdla v. 1 - .......I i; e3
Saturday, I" ] ....... I il ,S4
Sunday, 14. . .. -l2
Molldav, .... - -
Tuednv. I; ....... 74 1 15
Wedrin-rd', 1? I 66
WlJtans Tuleji. cure ll nauiis


1 ...

suce ilc -5Iii l 110181 sl.


) """ ,., e w 11 ,,., t,

If Itll Ant Harriet Gainer, wie .,
Wilte;t U'. inner, on the East Peninsuial. ;t:
stri,:k.-n n wilh p:iril i.is on lilie .'t side ,,
L esI,] ,llIl ';ie,' on Suinll la\ I,-t. [Ir. Ku: -t
le wascalled XMund:ay and did lhat he CtI.!(
d for her rcli,- ; but tlie great .i'g of the I a
of tieHnt-7' or -0 years, makes her 'entire r,.
cover nract.ically impossible.
p -l'lie interesting event of th(
n past week has been the birth of a seven.
t- uuid girl-balby to Prof. and Mrs, Van B
Bailey. Dr. Kester who was inu atcii]dance
o at the memorble event says the young la-
Sdy is a born musician and he avers that
%veiy shortly after her 'arrival upon this
a nund.ane spb.hre she ascended the scale to
high C, with ease.
-A personal letter from Mrs. M.
F. Dyer, at Corinth, Me., to C. H. Dan-
ford, brings news of the death of Mrs. Ju-
ila Herrick on the 28th of April at Mil-
ford', Me., from the effects of eating can-
r ned peaches from which for three days
f prior to herdesth she suffered intense ag-
ony. The older residents of St. Andrews
will well remember the deceased who, dur-
a inr her residence here lost her husband
Sand son by death.
-The winter visitors have nearly
f all left St. Aixdrews Bay; but many of
Them will return next winter and bring
OithLI with them, and all who are think-
ing of cnuiiing and investing in St. An-
drews Iay property shliild open corres-
pondence at once with W. H. Parker, the
rnrl,s'r -,.aI' estate dealer. He Hill be
hard indeed to please who cannot be suit-
ed both as to location and price with some
of the many desirable lots and lands he
offers for sale.
-A decision has beeii rendered
in the great Watson heir land suits, ad-
verse to the heirs and favorable to the St.
Aidrews defendants. This removes a se-
rious obstacle to the growth and prosperi-
ty of St. Andrews, or rather a condition
which has been made use of to the detri-
ment of the place, and nothing remains
now but for the citizens to exercise that
energy born of confidence in a great future
to make the Bay country the most flour-
ishing on the whole West Florida coast.
-Almost everbodv who has be-
come interested in St. Andrews would
like to possess a map of the town an.. con-
tigons country. To all such we would say
that for one dollar sent to us we can fur-
nish them an excellent large map of the
town with the lots a-.d public places cor-
rectly located. Besides this oity. map, we
have also a sectional map embracing not
only the town proper, but all the land
disposed of by the Cincinnati Company,
and while lots and blocks are not shown
it is au easyn matter toget their location
ii the e s of this map See advertise-
inentl else.n here.
An elective course in swimming has
reitcitly been opened to the junio0is
at Vassar.
0.-sbiliai is a la ohaI-a.

*1 U-

5-1 - -

Mrs. 0. Maher
Of Baltimore.
J Sciatic Rheumatism
Severe Pain and Stiffness
4 Bottles of Hood's-Perfect Cure.
"I am not only willing, but anxious to recom-
mend Hood's Sarsaparilla. I was taken with
'severe pain and stiffness in my limbs; at times
being hardly able to walk. I consulted a phy-
sician, who pronounced my trouble sciatic
rheumatism. Notwithstanding I took medicine,
I became worse instead of better. I had reads

Hood's Cures
much of Hood's Sarsaparilla's wonderful
cures that I concluded to give it a fair trial.
When I was taking the first bottle I could feel
change for the better; my appetite Increasedaand
my limbs became less stiff. I have now taken
four bottles and am happy to say I can work as
well as ever I could before. I recommended
Hood's Sarsaparilla
to my cousin, who has received equally good
effects from it. I cannot speak too highly of
Hood's Sarsaparilla. Mus. CLAEA FISHER,'
N. E. cor. Caroline and MeElderry St.. Balti-
more, Md. e sure to get Hood's.
HOOD'S PILLS aru hand made. and perfect
Itproportiou andi appearance. 25c. per box


Address a letter or postal card to
JOHN WEDDERBURN, - Managing Attorney,
P.O. Box 463. WASHINGTON, D.C.
Also, for Soldiers and Sailors disabled in the line of
duty in the rellar Army or Navy since the war.
Survivors of the Indian wars of 1832 to 1842, and
their widows, now entitled. Old and rejected Claims
a specialty. Thousands entitled to higher rates.
Bend for newfWs. No charge for advice. No te
Until successful.



Will be Celebriated at Parker.

,', t,!eo ',. i'l,,t- ,,f l tt l fl y a--
' e l ll.cI in tih. I.ji.s t flic l.U il.liig at
PIarker ,,n, SatI',l:ly ; .l'l .. l.t Ii 1, la.st.
S.'r. \\-alkly as mi'e hairiri' ;ln,
and i n .tatil, g the Iljiclt- o0 the
les.tiii; said it \\ as lt decidl
wh-thier it wuild bI ad\ isalie to:
ceiebi ate lithe ciiing f.,irtlith .t July,
a i tl i 's,. at \\ la t ,[iiit,, air, ilii vl,lt
lia ner. For liim et'lf ihe felt it a
Ipatt i.tic duty for IS .4' who arti n.t alile
to go to hli,-ag', t. c,.-lel, ate thiis
('Ili i ian year I', s m.iinme sIlt ,i a
public demonstration; but it was for
the meeting to decide and he left the
matter in their hands believing they'
would deliberate wisely anil harmo-
niously in the premises.
J. A. Lyle n.ijve1d that the citizens
of Ea.-: Bay do celebrate and atfer the
quei ti.,oniii . l. efin fully di.-ets .e'ld it
%a-( deo 'lC : in tlie affir native .
T ile -.iiit i tl-,li t i t i call t I l nI r.eud
that tnl,;. .o lt.slati-..l h. li ,I at Park-
or :illI the iequi.'?t f',ro tl ..- i:'lailr that
other places be put in nomination
failed to bring a response, presumably
because not more than one represen-
tative from each of the other desir-
able locations on the Bay were in at-
tendence at the meeting; so the
question being put there were no op-
posing votes and Parker was select-
A motion was theu made which
carried, that a c)..iilist. e 9f three be
selected who should be a s,,,,iniiitlee
of general arrangements to report a
program and plan of celebration at a
subsequent meeting.
Messrs. Lyle, L. H. Pratt and W.
H. Parker were selected.
'The pr.'p..-'-iti n that the meeting
be known as the East Bay Celebra-
tion association was Siceived favor-
ably and it was so decided.
The meeting -then adjourned to
nel:.tl at .tlle same plane again on
Sal urll.y, Mi:y 27 at 1 o'clock to
hear the report of thd'-c! in,,iiittee aind
ta;ke such fur tlCer a:tis..i Ja miy be

lie clnimiittyec ill hold .. i meetingN
it'xt >Sitill'.lay, a ii. a:, 1' 'I.r- n I v' -
ing a sug ..! i,.n kst it, tk ivitul



Pittsburg, A.


I w ish to iinfo im the il citizen ,I \V la-hi .ir-t..rI aI ,l "iii .,1 .1 1 i:i that
I lhav-- openeli u a liir:4 .:, a' 1 t, .. '4

In the Stui t at P'ittsl ,iir :. t'i iirrl ... I,- ll iel l Iv N \V. ''ITT IS &, SU N,
which I |, I,,|os,.s t -ll: it the I. E\\ E I' L VIN(; '.l I\ .; IN OF PIIOFIT.
ec'Cgnizing/i tle truth ,,!' 1 '1. l rnr. m'sIi t ir. i ng that "Y,,u cai. I,olI
all of lit]u p r, lej., .uinie ,t, tie liLme. an Il l .i me 1 I :1-' i opl'-le all iul the tlitn ;
But You C'n't Fool All of the People All of the time,"
I propose to show y,,u that you need inot li. l.it.- '11 at all in purchasing
your Dry )I III.; (;rocerics, I'r ovisiini.s, or lhsat or; Farm S upp:l.lie.
: My exl' en.'"- ::r, very lig t: Iy lli l linIi s wL,-ie all I tiiilt with a view to(
,'o:\ nrlil', comfi rt aind the ecLout mil.ila Ihunllin ol aln ( e xtensi\ve

tonelraBt ksi ase il FISH BUSINESS,
-1 have i,, sirotit -coii-tling l, .It. t, p'ay, anl I pi[r|.isJ e t,, gi\e my, patrons
the full I.-lt ietit of all tihe' i.e a ritatre- over my I .-s f.' rt. fnifa e c:Impetit4ors.
Fine Water-Front and Other Lands for Sale !
Title only one remo,,ve from tl-he (iiiitled Stati (e.s (;\ei iiii it, ail -f" co ise
tittlburg', Fla., Parker p. o.
. ..- . .. . . . . .


Par ker Fla.





Fish, Fish Roe and Oysters!

At the Very L._west Living Prices.

5My'l S:tore is New and ha-i every concnvenit-nnci for cinillieting an
Exten-ive' Trade. My LARGE STOCK will be added to from time to
time as the Iman,.i i.)f In v etitstrnmers suolgge. t.

I am P:r.piietor nf tl e SCHOONER JESSIE P, and wil carry
freight 'for Ea.l Ev ay Parties at RI-ieas liable riat,.

(3Gol. Teamn and (Con\veyalce klpt in nre-alines, at all timee, to coie\ey par*
ties to \VWew;iitcihlka and other point.

Paker, Washington C('tuM'. Fla.

_______________________ .r r--...

L. Mi. WARE.

ge -

1%. S-s-i t ifie AMhc Ii in e toaI e siil :a SeientIi iI- v iP i i n e '
n % e ter cL-sL a dIo-,c t ii, mi- ts a -, e-r. mt i iiU ,I-
,.I~~s. A child ean upornfe it. Sti t 5 I. Aid
foi1r se.and sd~iomrit,

'~aisce reamin .3OSaco-nds.

14r L. Idl P L. Fay ,f Wetafppos, went
to Pen,-acla on the .C(iulf City to
ImiakR punrchelase- of fnnitlurc wtli
which to furnish the new hionu'. being
Built upl-n her East Bay liomest-ead.
Postmaster WVatinl of Mairianna
has been recuperating in the balmy
atmosphere if St..Androws for sev-
eral days, He was a passenger south
on the Culf City.
A. Williams of the Dothan Sift-
ings and a party of five or six other
gentlemen have been spending a few
days enjoying the recreation afforded
by.a sojourn at St. And-rews Bay.
Mrs. J. M. Wills departed on Fri-
-lay to visit her mother, Mrs. Lake,
for the better part of the summer at
Milwaukee, Wis', from where she
will maie frequent excursions to the
great Columbian exposition at Chi-
Miss Julia Chadwick was a passen-
ger out -n the Gulf. City for an ex-
tended visit among relatives and
t'i iens at the old home in Michigan;
meantime she will visit the World's
Fair at Chicago.
Mrs. G. M. West and family leave
today by Baker's express as far
asChipley, for the liome tt Escanaba,
Michigan, after sp-ndilng the winter
at their delightful hi.me in Old
Judge Hopkins has been attending
court at Vernon this week. A card
upon his office door announces that
he will be in attendance on Saturday
A. T. Brock is attending court at
John R. Thompson made a hurried
trip to Chiplp-y, returning to his post
of duty Monay.
C; D. Portis and Chas. T. Parker
of Parker were called to Vernon Sat-
urday to serve upon the grand jury
nowv is session.

I VIBll i UI ---ll
a few days, and you will be startled at the unex- A TT ET
pected success that will reward your efforts. We A. SK
positively have the best business to offer an agent
that can be found on the face of this earth.
l45.00 profit on 875.00 worth of business is
being easily and honorably made by and paid to
hundreds of men, women, boys, and girls in our W T H
employ. You can make money faster at work for
us than you have any idea of. The business is so w1 7' o M aker.
easy to learn, and instructions so simple and plain, gon K er.
that all -ucc-ed from the start. Those who take i
hold of th- buiuni-4 reap the advantage that Rar f P
arises ir-.uni the -.,und reputation of one of the l
oldest, most successful, and largest publishing An il 'il nf P min TiMilem onta
houses in America. Secure for yourself the profits An llK ilnd oflF arm 11a m liim nts
tilat the business so readily and handsomely yields.
All beginners succeed grandly, and more than Having estaili-hdi iilrself in ite old
realize their greatest expectations. Those whoi old
try it find exactly as we tell them. Thereisplenty slhop on Commerce stret Ire am pre-
of room for a few more workers, and we urge i i, i .i b st,
them to begin at once. If you are already em- p tld t O al ll)! o"f blacksmith,
ployed, but have a few spare moments, andwish wagon a*ili .1 r i i r.intlya
to use them to alrvanipe. then write us at once tnis is yr r i *, and re e ie It l a
(for this is your grnn full rn urticrIl rs5 I i' i'.lrn Iii'il. lAddress, l at i- i to r iT l
TRUE & CO., Box No. 400, Augusta, Me, .'loi 'ith fh w.rk t 'o .1 '.Rl KIkE' ,
"t(',',si,.----- ----t.. st A: i .: .

0 OTH ER Sirsaparilla hW. t'Ve
C car.I e per-,?,;'.l supcrvisioa ,i th 2
!' .* r i " ' ii" -
ration asi l-s ;. 2' -u .r ,p .


To the Patrons of the People's
Store, at Pittsburg on East
I have recently lengthened out the
wharf known as the John Pitts wharf,
east of Long Point to.a good, reason-
able depth of water; so that any
ordinary sail boat can land without

pose oft

bottom and any person
to visit my sto e for the pur-
trading is informed that I

have a good horse and wagon ready
at any time to deliver gor,,l-s to the
ens-t of L,,on Point wharf. Within
a few d lvs I will also have a ferry
boat ai-ranigi for the purpose of
crossing tle avyou north of the store,
so that parties wishing to cross can
ferry themselves withl:,ro the neces-
sity of waiting to call o..;,n one from
the store.
I shall be j1:iil to see my friends
and patrons take adii.:taige of-these
impii'.vements, and assure them a
hearty welcome an:il rourteous treat-
In i It. N. \V. PITTS.










Ship Chandlery, Salt Fish, Etc., Etc, Etc.



Baltimore Twine ndl Net Company,


tS & r SOONER f C iN E y



includes the great temperance cdink

It gives New Life to tih Old Folks L
Pleasure to the Parents,
Health to the Children. -"
Good for All--ood Al the Tie. f-.
A centt package males F% e tLj..0
gallon. Besuresandett IN,
Y-, --q-,-e"

%(-'I -r awyj LL.:-iseia ie s 't heir.
5rnr to i's Youthful Color.
Cur s -calp isames & halr Imtlliim.
h rs.rn ?11-.Iot DTUglAFII
The COr'SUm ptlve aa Ir Feeble Rod all vrho
puI~T-rfr'rssl FX1u16 uilUr. llr 'n'l .seLB? r's Ging~er
Tomsau. ILcUr. v se i ss'n-O Ion0I%. VElL; Ln.u D I lelIy .1y -
dyaitiolu. Female Wsiakis-esr R -uI iati, d iLaIss. .Oc. & L
VIND ERCORKNS. Th. only sure cure for Corns.
"-'so. hul aks. VF a .. : sxs..3. i.- J L4 Ii ,a rur..Lb.

Ripans Tabules: one gives relief.
Ripans.Ta-hales cure hives.
Ripans Taiblle.; e-tire clic
P i1 anic Tahuies cure jaundice.
Rhinw. -v~,T.-.,,ripr-cmn craaf

Do You Want,




Secure uie or More Good Residence or Business

Or a Five-Acre Fruit Tract


Being a PRACTICAL SURVEYOR, I anm pirear.,di to furnish

On the Shortest Possible Notice.

Will be iive n Prompt, lPersoial Attention.
W. H. PsRkea ae
Real atate Eeamr.
P:,rker, Fia.

- ii -- I ----~I-



<'a li tlhe (Ea r..--est St. rk of
Watches, C k, Cl Jewelry and Spectacles
EL er t-:',ciii lt ti A n A l.so "
SILVEWARE. Shell and Aliigtor Teetlh Jewelry a specialty.
Office at Geo. RIussell's Store. St. Andrews, FIn.

e aT n w int ,(. ii, every D E AA I S
AG E INTS town'to IhalnIdllh the L

;B3f ^^C3^SL ~"~T~~e1SS.C'^^



~f~ f


- Ca- s....fl '- rrrr-. *r..aen~Croaqafln. -rY-

C'hipley News. Volunteer Inprovement.
i-Cu rre poludeinc ot. the BL,.iv. .Stilo e weeks s a,; u a silb ;sri.tioil
'I'llursdiy., l 1, i.3. There is nothing so hard to do as paper wvs circulated to build a side-
t-,,to be master of our own feelingg, for walk oi the north ..ileef' Wyming
SS T. A N I I It V ,V il the ml:injority of ea.es they will avAnul fromn, (o lRu...ll's it.,,o t

sugar 'r I, ..i d .i
S G |'an ulatl d I;,1 li,.' N.-'. . ..
S Cofler(,A .. 6 Ii.iip d r. SII
L[t l.r.iiw ... 5 li l p.. 50
Buff,:e, --L',. il l iill : ) c-- a
B r'o ii..,i . ,.,11, .i, "~ -ii i ,,I m i .1 | l,, 1 5
;inger niiil,- s i l;l :ii .; w dt: r
'.--. racers, c,.da .- I ', i l. . . -50
-. 50
SobacCo, plug 31-lalj CL'.til ',I ll. .. L .,
.iaisins ii '12. i ,1 ,l fu it
VMle lciI; . .1 < T-l i.,_ i 1.1] i,1 5
Police l r .. .. . . .
lice ......... \-I..l,'........ 15
% pples P'a i ...... 15
Evaporated.. I -'1. I' 1. ..I. 20
Dried Pe-.t-l.'- A i, i t . .
3oal Oil prl .Ai \l~l '*l -tri. I.i. .. 211
gasolinee .. .*' l'ini ,l le ..
lorida Syrupll .. 5i1 C'.iiii- M.,-.tas,
loney ....... ... I R,11 :t. t i- :l.- ]. I ,m
,lilnegar. ..o. .-I u'triin.- l 1 -f -I 5.2
cheesee pr ... II t'ip -di B el .;)
3Butt-r. .. .. . . --
Lard .... .. .. a S i11111 .r .'0
-',Le- e ......... I Ca'nlled l egtc ul.sl:-
Cocoanut pkg... I I B:l:t:d ],e-.in u1.
Fiuit Pnddine. Ill C1'0rn .... . Hi
Jelly. glass.. 5a' l'e.i. ... ... 1
Li e Juice... i Pum pkin l 1
Eggs per doz. 1

S O N '... . 1 r tl, . 11
F av .i it e . 5.75 b, .ii .
Corn Mear l lir I-u F'rcL. i .... ;.. l0
Oat Meal pr t t I'i'k '-t. jH ,.,n- 1 .2
.,ornper Iu .......... H iam i. a .- d 14
otritoes SLhjiili: . I
IriilI .... .... 1 -'< I .- I'
Early R'se seed 1.61u L',irn d .......... 8
Sweet....... .011 Fric- .. ..... 8al0
Salt, pr sack .. l. LJ Drii .... .
T alIle.. ...... M ilk I r I .t ... Ill
H A R I-\v. A I E.
s.Der n l ... ln- I A \. % it l h nli 1ll $1 .1111
ropel2'.. ,: l- ,_,_, each. 35a50
k ...-a.'2.5 (""'. r paint, can 5)0

d 5:<-i Gin ti4h.iri .... 8 a 1
s ....- 1. . .... ".,aS ,
Muslin..... 9:ill 'l'Thiad ; 1.r s onol. 5
leans .25a l.: lt, S :.,1 Ili-.. $1 a.-' 7:
Extra paInts patii:t2 25 M Ir'.- .. 1 411a,1:31 i
MlSt 'l.I.AN -'F.0 L S.
Hay pr cI t.. 1.35 _. t t pr Iu. ,1-... t61
SBran ... ... 1.41 hli ick I.r M .... 8.( .
Rope Sisal I. lllt, 14 Line il' Ii . 7.
F It F "UIT 11,d N U IS.
ranges pr doz. 35 lP'.- ns pr II. 21.1
SApples. ..... ... W. n..it-. ... -.',
- - - ........ ., AIr.-i.,ds- .. ... 2-- -
~traWlheiries, i4t -15

-i n shell pril,00l $1.. ">( i.. i.- pr ilt I .
Horses... $ ln IU. Cows. ... .$ 5i-
M rules. .. lt),1.5I 1 H.,gs . . $i
en.. pr Yuke $5T Siahlc p. . . -
'i. ickensench 1r5a.2 Gei-,- t- ch 4. -.L5
'\trk (.% s .... 7.Sal .l [ucks ..... 1... ,'.-
nisl pr Ill. ;aI itI "T',i l silN ..... 7 al (Il

- . . ". -'

iFloorin,. Ccilin,.
rt, 1111 1 l l -..(1 H1". .'.1 11.
s c l.. 1l.li 'a:., 14
S" I. l'',1ll0 Sapii Ii'.ifl
Drop sidin g, I' : l l ,
Sap -' i. l Fil-'ini-, .ir.. Iin:-
Rufft linler '.- ItN1 Iir. 1-2". 1 I (OI
H eart shingles, !-, L r I.,t -.-i' 1 4 '.00
!ap .5 lI',:t lniiriler,
dr .sd. .2'3a 30

Parker Prices Current.
FLOL a (.'t l',.I4, :, it.,s 1 l.0
good; per lil, 4 45 Best io 4 ttl. 1 I,)
,I 1 l..I .i Q 35 Rie., i2, "i tMs. I (ill
best.D" .. 2 i Bi-a., 1hit,.,- 1 00
per bu. I. Lard, pelr tt. 11
per lju. i1) RS iii pur tt> I*'I
cr Imn.. 5 UHm.i i', .l 15
per Im.. I do -:5ii'iasd... 15
n,perewt. 1 30 Butr r, ibest.... 33
. meal I 30 .'ea, p-i It . 3
G(lua.No S..It. r.er sac'k. 1 fIl
400 th sack... 3 Oil H;a "-' ent' ... 1 -2
Milk;Ma.gnoli:t 1 R1Ki-in., >n tb 1
iubHn't'ld 1 .2 C heese .. 15
Lied to ts Ib 5 Ctirr.rils..... ... 10
er ..u ..........1 2lr
1 00 In bulk per' Il 5 Onf
Ifill Mar-'ke_-,:[ '' 8 0'"
11 P(I umpano 8 f
des II
CHrnisa'/ Bee. s.x per lb. q2)
Grown per doz 3 60 Hlrrs
Fries "2 -) Aceulrdii-' to class
SGophers doz 1 .)0 and] .ality.
Peusacola prices- paid Ifor all kinds tit

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,


M A N UC F \ (.'TI' R RS

SDoors, Blinds,

Buil ding Material.
Window and Faney Glass a

Express aind Drayage

Successor to John Lut will attend
promptly to hauling frciglt-- household
goods,or any and all aork riiruslcd to
him Baggage delivered to rnv part of
town at rneas!nal le l Ited. Ri-sidince on
Lornine avenue.
Ripans Tabulecs : a family rer-,rl.y.
riDnDnr Ta' Iul n iu-i', Ir E hlu .i,,'h

master ns. Had I the teaching of C nciInati street, and the fullowiug
the young I would be always impress- report from the committee having the
in g on their mind the great necessity matter in charge, shows the amounts
i.f L.racti-ing self-control; feeling that and character of the various dona-
the want of it leads to all trouble. tions toward forwarding the work:
This thought is occasioned by the Lumber contributed-Dr. J. J.
'-rll'intg of a t'r.iin from Tallaba.see Kester, 350 feet; C. H. Danford, 250
..n Fl,' iu'. Out of the first car came ft; Col. Chas. Duty, 400 ft; Webster
Senator Weeks and out of the lasi Doty, 200 ft; R. F. Brackin, 1325 ft;
came Senator Martin. 1 cannot say Lee Willett, 200 ft; Edwin Sowles
\ ether Weeks was drawing Martin gave some old wharf plank.
or M.i tin was dri-ing Weeks, and as Nails-R. '. Brackin 501bs; Geo.
far a-, mhlider., can see the committee Russeil, 221bs.
of tlhesenate is in the same fix. Ca-hi-Mrs. L. Harrison gave $5;
M1I. Fuller came here on Saturday Juo. Knott, $1; J. C. Birkit, 25,/; I.
and reports the successful passage of J. Hughes, 50,; F. H. Sheppard $3.
a charter for the 'St. Andrews railr..iad Labor-W . Wilcox gave J 'day;
thro.,glh the senate an i it is hoped W. J. Singleterry, j day; Fred Bab-
that the house of representatives will cock, 1I days; Elias Ayars, 11 days;
f,,llu tihe hsnate'. giood example, W. H. Reese, day; W. F. Rotzien,
which it prol.ibIly will do i fsomie en- dsiy; Chas. Kiiu, eI.s, 1 day; Frank
violls -l.iri lie.s not inrtelfcIC Bi,,w l t lay i; Ed w- HaI d, ~- dly;
H-%i,,in citizens. are asking where i F. M. W -lworth. -, ala.v
lillaii? andt tlier.'s ai, ainxiius t,, ''Team woik-G. \V. Sur-ber and J.
knuowI the whereabouts of Hw;landIl. B. Brown contributed the hauiliig of
The lirsit iue.-lti'in is easily answered; the lumber.
bui tlie second, no man know-it, The'committee wish by this means
where he is,. or where lie go-it. to thank all those who have so gen-
Thirteen crates of cucumbers were erously contributed toward this much
shipped to Cincinnati on Saturday, needed public improvement and are
and should this venture pay others glad to report that a good, substan-
will follow soon. tial sidewalk is nOw completed from
Tobacco, vines, fruits and crops in Russell's store to Cincinnati street.
gelietral are most promising. -
A gentleman very like Mr. J. R Parker Pencilings.
Correspondence of the Buoy.
Thompson of the firm of L. M. Ware The whe s hen almot to
t The weather has been almost too
& Co. of St. Andrews was here on diry to have good gardens, but fruit
S lay. of all kinds is looking fine.
She~tini Allen's horse go a trifle Frank Boutelle has been doing a
anxions abut his i,:riiI on Friday job of painting the last week for Col.
aai when three miles from Chipley, Walkley across the bay.
lie shl,,,k hoofs with dhe sheriff, kick- The schooner Mary Me was here
el at the buggy anid came tearing on Wednesday and brought fish for
through the .,treets like mad. -He j.T. Pitts.
as fuIlly lre. edl, the harness making Harry Sheppard was visiting at
mu.-ic and streaming behind. He this burg on Saturday and Sunday.
wat a noIble cliariger; somne men M F,.. F. B. Bell went n Saturday
thought to calch him; but he scorned to \VWe aIlitchka to visit for several
man's. coi ntrl and through his barn days with flil-lsl here; we wish her
Indee a hole. Tilhe'she! it caiie home a pleasant time.
110t pleasant tiateni
some tlime after and reou tled hn,, ll)ie. The trim little s1Ichoi,ier Daisy A,
breaken, but nerve.- much .sihakl. I .hs .1le Coin 31 ,la:y. Capt. Ayers
ind ,l hadl t- use tlie Alexar n rian I ,. i,, In l ,ule.,s at thie .,l,,e .,llp.
111i1 lur '-tIe day. Me-.sr. HaIrding, BoiutellL andI
IMr. (.;~Ii,, lniell w of Johl n Bar Perciv;il have IniL-rly conmpleted-l theI
--G1Tli olf \'a-. ii. has .srccessf lly Ha;itfax cittage since M.ndt;iy an.I
-:i.-sed aIM c1 a iiini tin Iel',re .Ini.ige 1.i M ;inni M r.-. HI:'lif:,x w% ill mI Ne i:nt a
larii.a ui (_'en a (uil an is no- it next week.
i-.,Iy 1.,i clieri.s, and will )r-',,.sec tre .-l:,. tk M attei-. is at prIe-riat
..r dclendi caise.- at. tile Florida bar. cL kinr f,,r J. T. 'iit -. This is a
ThI- c,,l.rtfrei.. \t,:te:i..in, aii to ,., pleasant gentleman-one that
ha e- a ire-ii- i | at C hi,1i hle.xt Sattl- bij.s fair to become |1 i i,,,pII1r with- ICiU
u,1:Ny, and nli grnatcr lp1iiltn can be people.
asked tfuror gieCin thai tile .-:une to A. T. Collom and mother from
.I,,w the ,,i11d1 that ieal freedom is Laird Mill Bayou were down on Fri-
the p1,areitt of magnanimity of spirit day. They report busy times in that
anIIl inhblei.ne-s of character. We vicinity.
chlllengte the world to show a paral- Every one is getting in their crop
lel case with ours. A great war was of sweet potatoes as fast as possible.
waged for four years. full of wonder- An interesting and harmonious
mul actions, n sea and laid; enough meeting was held on Saturday at the
to excite tlhe i oiider of the world. Its postoffice and the large attendance de.
nu tst feature was that it arrayed noted the interest every one feels
further against son and brother about cioeh!rating the 4th this years.
against brother, and yet it was this "'Uncle" Portis and Chas. Parker
very fact that caused the quick heal- started on Saturday for Vernon, and
ing of the wounds and the complete although they were "going a court-
leunititng of the parts into a more ing." they didi not look at all pleased
compact \\irol, over tlhe trip, U|ncle P., says Ihe
Let u look at theold world and wouhl like them to leave him out of
see how they act after a war, with the jury next time.
all their boasted antiquated civihza- The Martha E!izabeth, Capt Brownr
tion. The last shot fired in the field st,.pple, here one day last week, en
is only the prelude to a long series of route for South Florida; shlie had on
cohsl-1.,loi.l,,,l shooting, hanging and board Thomas Miurray and family andl
riibery in thie name ofjustice. When James Roach, all are going to remain

Lee and Grant .shook hands the
Amiericani nation was one again; tihe
blue and tihe gray had supper togeth-
er :and woe to him who would attempt
to PIut 01oe drop of gall in the cup of
brotherly love. M...u. v.
''Brace up"' is a tairtalizing ailmonition
Io thosi e who. I,.-el all tired out, without ap-
petile arsd discouraged; but the way in
which H.i)od' Sarsaparilla builds up the
tired firanim and-gives a good appetite is
a wonderful
The best family cathartic, Hood's Pills.

Watson Bayou.
Correspondence of the Buoo.
Mr. and Mrs. Vphadderton of the
Peninsula were the guests of H. A.
and Mi.s. Lusk recently and attended
the Literary and Sabbath school at
this I.la.ce.
-Mr. Chadderton thought the Lit-
erary a valuable institution and Mrs.
C. was amazed at the rapidity with
h which the farms and orchards are be-
ing devcleped_ ihee.
'There has been much grief in the
household of H. A. Lusk over the
had fate of J. W. Crump; they hav-
ing been neighbors and friends for
twepity-fiv\e years and hobling the de-
ceased in miich esteenm.
H. A. Lusk has dug his crop of
Irish potatoes and replanted the
gi alo d with sweet ones.

rilann T nll .'Ina nlt n ~S nt lavtiv

there some time.
Messrs. Ly3le ad Wo, oodlford of
Farmdale and the 1M.-.-rs. Pratt of
Cromianton, were all here on Satnr-
day to attendil the iineetiig. \Ve
were also pleased to notice dnr Brov-
editor among the numbIer.
What ails the Buor cr,'),.Sli1iinleiri
from other parts of the bay? surely
they haven't run short of news. Wake
up brother scribes and help us to keep
posted. "Ibab" of North bay qnit
writing just as we were getting
interested. Please make a new
start "Bab." Pao PATRIA.

Indigeston, and Stomach disorders, take
An dealers keep it, $1 per bottle. Genuine hat
trade-mark and crossed red lines on wrapper.

with the
To Advertise OUR COLLEGE
We will give a thorough course of inst ruc-,
tion in double and single entry Book-keep-
ing and Commereial Arithme*ic by mail
Free of Charge to a limited numrler of per-
sons. This course will be completed in
forty lessons. No charge for Diplomas.
Address Prof, F. J. Vanderberg,
302, 304 and 306 lelaware st., Pres.

Ripans Tabules cure biliousness.
R ipan i ; Tabults cure dizziness.
Ripars Tab rules banish pain.
Ripans Tabul:-s.
r.>.nn. r l. T' i-.I.,in- ..... 1 ,,. If^a

For information and free Handbook write to
MUNN & CO., .61 BIrAstI, .A. NtL Y(,tRK.
Oldest bureau for securi-an patents In iAucr ra.
Every patent taken owit tv u 3 i bri'.IIhnt l.s--:.ie
the public by notice given free uo charge m tae

CSMrientif CC1meiraU
Largest circulation of any scientific paper In the
world. ~plendidl Illustrated. ,1u Intelli-,ent
man should be without it. Weebkl, *'3.00 a
%ear; 1.Y.slx months. Addresa il'NN & CO..
PuBLJatis.a, 361 Broadway. New York City.

We take this opportunity of informing
our i,,.-. -il-.. I that the new Commis-
sioner of Pensions has been appointed.
He is ;:n old soldier, and we believe that
soldiers and the heirs will receive justice
at his hand. We do not anticipate that
tlere will le any radical changes in the
administration of pension affairs under the
new regine.
We would advise, however, that U. S,
soldiers, sailors, and their heirs, take
steps to make application at once, if they
have not already done so, in order to se-
cure the benefit of the early filing of their
claims in case there should be any future
pension legislation. Such l '.i.-1 -t i sn is
seldom retroactive. Therelfo: ft is of
great importance that a p li,. it.,:i-i~ ic fih i1
in the department at the earliest I.-'i-ible
If U. S. Soldiers, Sailo:s, or their Wid-
ows, Children, or Parents desire in i'.r-
mation in regard to pension matters, they
should write t,, Thl- P'ress ('lIii ini Com-
pany, at Washington, D. C., and (lire will
prepare anil ii.l ti ihi.,_ t'Ii-ar applir .:-
tion, if the. i -In.l tl a Ln illie und.i- '
the nun. -rouls I.t l vill.n, ted .fo their
benefit. Adtdreus.

Press Claim, CoU011o ^
John Weddeburin ?':.iagin Att y.I
Was'hilgton, D. (
P iA DI..s-. %o I

The Pottery Tree of Brazil.
The pottery tree, found in Brazil, is
curious and u.efnl. One wi.n ld. icar'el \
expect to find pots ami ja:r' aind pitchers
growing in if not ou a tree, but the ma,-
terial for them certainly grow in this
tree. It is founir in th!P f,.-n (Lf ,ili1,
chiefly in the. bark, l h.Lu.ugh the very
hard wood of the tree uhlo y:e!ds it. T)
make this Curious pl)ttiry the bark is
burned, and what remains is ground to
powder and mixed with clay.-Har-
per's Young People.

A New Rope.
The outside bearing sui face of ordi-
nary steel wire rope is often confined to
a single wire in each strand. causing ex-
cessive wear of the exts.I.s.-d wires. A
Birmingham firm has p.rorduced an im-
proved form of rope in which tiie strands
are flattened. This shape considerably
increases the wearing surface, makingg
it possible to use much smu.iller wire, and
giving greater flexibility to the rope with
diminished brittleness of the wires while
in use.-Ohio State Journal.

Making a Monkey Useful.
A cook on board -liip taught his mon-
key to hand the wc .l, ;anid in other ways
to assist him in doing the kitchen work.
African apes, when they go in a body to
plunder gardnlus and plantatiions, are
adroit enough to station isntinel in a
tree. who in:orms the lunde rs of the
pa i',,anch ,f any pei.'-,: 'ly -'%ttering1_ a
shri: k.-H:Trper's Y.,nng People.
An electric incubator, in which the
temperature of the egg drawer is auto-.
matically regulated t the fiftieth ofa
degree Fahrnhueit, has been exhibited
in Liverpool.

S $25,000 IN REWARDS.
Seventh Half-Yearly Literary Competition
of the Canadian Agriculturist.
In accordance with their usual custom
for some years past, the publishers of that
old and reliable publication, theCapadian
Agricuturist, now presents its 7th Great
Half-yearly Literary Competition to the
people of the United States and Canada.
This competition will close Ml.Iy v30, 1893,
(15 days there.,i'ti- being allowed for let-
ters to reach us from distant points.) The
following is tihe. prize list:
1st Grand Prize.. .-..51i) in Gold.
'd "' .... 1,000 in Gold.
3d1 .... 500 in Gold.
4th .... 250 in Gold.
5th .... 100 in Gold,
5,000 Elegant Sil er Tea Services, Pianos,
Organs, Gold Watches. &c.. xc.'., making a
total of over 10,000 prizes,
How TO SECURE A PRI..-T-'keC a few
sheets of :I:i,,.r and make all the words
you can out of letters contained iin thi
words "COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION," and send
them to us, *.iii.-.Iii olne dollar for i ,
months subscription to thl: A.ricuilui -u
orthe Lidies' Home !?d..i.inc-tri >.,i
the best home monthlies in the world.
Ri.-L-.-1. Foreign ,i ndii' not allowed.
2. Letters cannot be used olfet-er th.in
than they appear in the two wo .rds, "'Cl -
lumnbian Ex...-ilioni." 3. ini ms ine.
aud person- 'u -i':.
All lists .' ., t 'i. over 1(00 co r.
w ,,ril- w ill r, i- ,:A viu:li.1. -p,'i" l .-
S>..nJ p,.-t. l i t -iI ll -11 t iti p1: z.e w i .
in I.,riiu-i <..is!t,-rils ni. .kd irs- s,
''l L k A .. ULIL ii, l 'rii t.'0.
l',rei ior.iioiigh, L ian .:.

Gilt Edge bargains in Real Es.:..
a t.l : ,,. ,i, ,,.':. ] 'n, |,I ,, .,:tly ] ,,
Long P'..ii,t ...n E .- J:. : L .; mni :,
'-',"l i i .'e ; 1 l-. -l',,ii i: i le h i.u , I
'- ,,.in an e.x; out-'ii., .'-, -hir,.
,g .Il drive-well; 5 ,.-" :; . -, I'il n .. d \, I,1
. '..l ,;.-k'i f. .":, besides c(.%%, heni ; ii|
hog lots; about 109 fruit trees and vines
just reidy to bear, Price $1 :ii:, or Ill be
rented until sold.
Five or more acresgood fruit land on
East Peninsula to exchange fora tl, Il:.
73 acres or more on Watson Bayou,
splendid water fronts, numerous flowing
springs, fine location, story .,idla-half
louse 14 x 22, five acres fenced v ilii good
board fence. 18 bearing fruit trees; price
$1,000, partly on time i'f desired.
Five acres, all fenced, partly planted in
fruit; comfortable new house, etc., four
niles from St. Andrews on East Bay road;
price $400.
1 acre bay front west of Willett's mill;
165 feet bay frontage; partly grubbed'
price $150.
1,000 acres fine wild land on Laird's M.lill
3ayou; price a1.95 per aicri.
Titles to all this property perfect. For
pariculars address the Bior..

Scientific American
Agency for ,i


Circular Saws- Belting. Iron. St e, Brass and Iron Fittings.

C(!llery' Guns, Fishilng T::ckle, Almmunition, Iliailrond and Boat Spikes.
MVUN30 t & Co. Belting Co., Leather Beittng, Diamond Rubber, Lace'Leather.
Corner of PalaiX.. n i; i!itr:m;:na: trcets,



L6rwis Hiouse, F

iIle Place for Passongers
Goin g to and from St. AIltIc -, Bay.

.Rooms Cir.r-a-e! n s. 0
T s | ra n a| 1 fl V S

C.. ' ?

A w urc J i j. n- *i-r.-5 for
t. r .1P

C- ..v.. i .

-, l-Mcr.r11r7 ...iY
CNoehlpesti k-l fl v ow r '- w, s
iIs urs..au jalU '.ir h -. I .b F '- u i. S. r
ii-uul S I. I~. sj H,,. .-a~?eu
n~on. srun 1 :.y nw COa*~ I..., an~ .iilent
rn, tPua rL ry~ il~lu. *o 4 ..n r rn r rea i. eie

f. ,-i" OFrFICE rAm' GtmIeR:- LLE:, FLA.,
Apri 1 i2t, 189Is .
N--ii i, is hereb)y -.-: i l.f- oll -
ante ainam ;- I a-- Ht.-a- I. i,- Idit.' ,Otie I'I him'
hi, k. iiii kndPmid -.it zid ir--f naill I-c-
l-, i La-Ba. - Iia-k il tla

jI-:-r \ --~i I 1. Ii -N 4 1 -r:a.

11 4 1.1
a i S i I.-l n' lpui


WardCarriage Co.]'
Wholesale Manufactiiins.


SCarriages, [
Road Wagons, &c.
Only skilled workmen employed.
We use the finest materials.
Send for Catalogue and Price List.
Every Job Guaranteed.

The Ward Carriage Co.


1866. ~tLABELS.

We give special attention to cases rejected In other
hands, also to interference, appeals. reissues, trade-
marks, the preparation of opinion as to infrlngement,
scope and validity of patents, and the prosecution and
defense of suits for infringement. Ourbook ofinstru
thons, terms, references, etc., sent free.
EDSON BROTHERS, Equitable Building,
1003 F St., Washington, D. C.
Jg'aend three stamps for postage on handsome lllUn-
trated booklet, Inventive Progress," publisher's price
25 cents, and our quarto-centennial pamphlet for In
ventors, manufacturers and patentees.
(Mention this paper.)


Our No. 28 End Spring, with
Drop-Axle both front and rear,
is the best looking and most
serviceable buggy made for the
money. Ask your dealer to
MFG. CO.'S line of Buggies,
Wagons and C.rts, and buy
no other.
.................. "..*..

f ru ie FURNIT E of ay ki, cl a
If you heed FURNITURE of any kind, ca!l al

L-J6 3 IhI

44S Palafox st, Pensaiolsa. FIl.a

LfdL j
Ck ~ LDWE~Cn?



Crajn, Feed and Flour, Specialties
I -




*------- _--

C`'nltractor for all kids of

Manufacturer of tlie Latest Designs in 1 oIiiil;lnutL9 T'ombstones,
Agent for
Iron Fences, and Other O.~nam ntal ork.
Corresponlienic Sil.,! :i: .i :. De.-ins an rl I i .:, i '".ia r, ,


J 1"r. Z. i ia*rd,

Manufacturer of



IR -A. 8,
Carriages, Bigie, VTagols,.' t
No. 30 East Garden Street. e'cln.: ca, Fla.






Thtir Advantalo to Got Fricos oforo Ordering i Elvhere.
0:F'_A-F T HE1: E 1m II-T
T.'t.'P TT-T-t'mm n


Tull-et pr do. "25.,
Troutl ........ . -
utrpanio pr 11) .a

S01i t.l t r . ..'( S
1',. Iii i n 10.i('

Af Ir I r

L'NM ;ER.l


I a wsig

~ ___~ __~_~_ ~~~__~~~_ ~~

* It




Horti oltural a ind mlirovm t


The object of this A.ssociation is to Improve the Country .dljucent to St.
Anlrrews Bay and to
Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing COuntry.
To acconimlish this the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tracts of Two-
and-a-altf and FiveAcres to such parties only as will improve them by the
Erection of Houses. Fences and such Permanent TilprovicimvIts as will enhance the
value of each tract so disposed of, and particularly to
Plant them out in Trees, Plants and Vines,
To the end that in the shortest practicable time every such tract shall be a
-: -Source of Revenue to its Owner.
The first question wh;ch will naturally be asked will be: "Is this Asso-
ciation reliable"? And the answer to it is: Any person employing the Association
to make inmprovenieims may deposit an iapprtoxiii;t.l payment of the estimated cost of
the same with ainy responsible business man or firm Idiniiv business on the Bay or in
Bank at Iheir own honle to be paid over only when the Association shall saticfacti-
rilv show- that the improvements have been male according Ito agreement.
The Association will not only improve :in,1 plint,t bIt watch and care for
all property entrusted to it i-; k..- ing. gu airdiiilr ;i.I;i' tf'or, t firi'.-, (1i1oiine, .t pilfi..Lr r-
or damages froni anly cause : ,i,-.illc to I [r'. irt.ll.iJ. l"
From a careftnl e.tiniiiate (of the pirola;I.l exli.ose and income of a fruit
plantation in the St. And rv s u country i a f'w fi.'luri s arr ,r-iven:
Pri'g of innl pel arle, ~it:\ :$2 tn .5.iI; cist of clrI i:':. Sl .$2-1; *ost ofplanting 1st
year, say $31): (cist ofcultivation i ach year thereafter, f-20
It is not extravagan: to estimate that a 1-acre viner irlva will on the third
year, if properly cultivated, yield $200 worth of fruit, and of peaches nearly or quite
the same, while figs should do even better than that. Then, though perhaps little
lo, i-r some of them, in coming into profitable nearing may le named pears, apricots,
nectarines, plums, prunes, mulberries, olives, Japan persimmons almonds English
wvlnuiir, Japain chestnuts, pecans, and ,.any other varieties of fruits and nuts. which
are almost certain to flourish here; while oranges -and citrus fruits, though not con-
sidered certain vield large 'returns oftener than they^ miss.
The Secretary of the Assodiation will give particular attention to an-
swering letters of inquiry, and the Buoy will in its answers to correspondents an-
snor all questions ahked it.
R E M E M B E R, the Association Lands will be sold on Easy
Terms of Payml ent; but imipt iirnients must be paid for as satisfactory proof is given
thait the wirk hasbeen lcrtorrlwdi. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.
Address R. E. 1HOWAiR), Sec.
SHarrison. Fla..
..- f ..........-.----...- rw ---


Nothing to Wear Out or get Out of Order.
The oftener used the easier it works. Ask your dealer for it or write us for prices.
We can suit your pocket-book.

-- -- -,- a m- --

nuaiiv -r '-lfilli ),0 ...O i r .-,!. ., ..,, ;
$:30a0i,0 a (.i,t)).l ftor ha:t.
'Th' ere is in) cllle for :,luor li .!-

OfSt. An revs
S n, the
8a Country.

We have nmad arranmeiii-t- hby
which we can flurnisish ths tin j. P
covering built eighteen nmilc s iuiare
of territory, inctludini g the I'inrciiiilnti
Company's Tract, also I[;arri-oii,
Parker, Croinaiiton, nd adjacent
Coin t titry, for
By the aidl a., thi, in tiel locatinll of
landMs purcha'.e' of the Cincinnati
Company can Ie easily ascertained,
or, parties may send us. $1 and their
description andl we 4vill lcate their
lots and return the Map by mail.,
Address T'HE BuoY,
St.. Anidrews, Fla.

Of the City of St. AnIe s,
Gotten up with great care by the
publisher, who has spared no pains
to prepare for the public "a map of
St. Andrews as it really is. It shows
E xte dini .,:. 'v 'r.1 il..*m .a ,. '.
.loint, taking in the- 01.1 T'w!, i of.
St. Awilrewi' a lli gicL I. ':i tiui: r aI l
public bliiiniess places, private resi-
dences. doclks, etc., also every l"t in
eatch block ai'w, thi.. alfjining addi-
tioni to the Cinciinuli Cii';ir\'s
lanud, with a full description of the
The Map will show owners of lots
in the city just where -they are lo-
cated, and is of value to those think-
iag of liuying1 pr'l:i'rty.
Size of Map 30x50 Ieh--:.
Thie lIUOY.will send this i~nap to any
atld re's on ili ..*ipt of'

Caveats, Trade-marks, Design Palnts, Copyrighis,
And all Patent business conduct d for
Information and advice given to Inventors without
Charge. Addre.
Managiag Attorney,
7This Company is managed by a combination of
the largest and most influential newspapers in the
aTnlted tstes, for the express purpose of prolcct-
Lna their mbserlbers against unscrnpalzos
and incompetent Patent Agents, and earh paper i
rrtntinff If aV.'ertlismc t yvochet for the responai.

iii ,. J.d. IAnT_,

lit. E, T




Toilet Articles.

Prescription an Family .Receits

St.Andrews Fla.


Mattresses | Brushes!



Manufactured by

Examination of these Mattresses
and Brushes will prove their superi-
-.rity over any other material.
Call and Examine theso Brushes and Mat-
tresses or Write for Prices.
Residence one door north of Postoffice

Men who wear

Of all kinds and styles; you can
eAve 1cn0 1A-DE -ymileasure,
Lau.indried in the )est style,
and Warrantcd I1Q Sive sat sfa-ction.

When 'you 'Oi -E r member

V ?. R E.ENE E

is thle in iir tu lr rer.
For Catarrh, Con-ghs or Colds. Bronchitis
Asthma, li...-;.c'.a, Sprnins, Swell-
inga, Brui, ,Bris .N I.. 1.1:; I. Liver
Conw'.lallt. : I') .. 1, -:n,
Cramps, Colic, '; .***i. li,.tli-
erni, Sore 'Tiroat. 1-rice Fitty cents.


How to Get $2,500 for Nothing

The IW'in er hIIan a ('ler (;if't of' a Si lni
I iorlIlrtue and Ithe Lose-rs HirtCe a'tents
Thil May BrfinU TIhem l in Still Afore.
Woul-lyou like to make twenty
live hundred dollar? If you wounhil
read carefully what follows and vol
may see a way to dro it.
The Press C'ltiins Compan (y vot
miech atteIntion to ,patellth. It Iha
handled thousands of applications fo
inventions, but it would like tohandl
thousands more. There is plenty o
inventive talent in this country, need
ing but encouragement to produce
practical results. That encourage
Inent the Press Claims Company pro
poses to give.
Not so Hard as it Seems.
A patent strikes most people as ai
appallingly formidable thing. Th'
idea is that an inventor must be <
natural genius, like Edlison or Bell
that he must devote years to d.-:l ini:
'in complicated mechanical problem
and that he must spend a fortune oi
delicate experiments lbeI.~ e lie ecan .-c
a new device to a patentable,' lretie
of pelfectlico. This deluinion tih
company desires to dispel. It desire
to get into the lead of the pulilic at
clear comprehension of the fact thai
it is not the great, complex, and ex-
pensive inventions that bring the best
returns to their authors, but the little
simple cheap ones-the things thai
seem so absurdly trivial that tho av-
erage citizen would feel somowhat
ashamed of bringing them to.the at-
tention of the patent office.
Edison says that the profits he has
received from "the patents on all his
marvellous inventions have not been
sufficient to pay the cost of his ex-
perinients. But the main who con-
ceived the idea of fastening a bit ol
rubber cord to a child's ball, so that
it would come back to the hand when
thrown, made a fortune out of his
scheme. The niodern sewing ma-
0achine is a iliracle oft ingenuity-the
product or tlie toil of hundreds ol
busy brains tli..uflh a hundred and
lillt years, but the whole brilliant re-
sult rests upon the simple device of
putting the eye of the needle at the
point instead of at the other end.'
The Little Things the Most Valuable.
'Comparatively few people regard
themselves as inventors, but almost
every b....!y has been struck at oni-
i i!l:- or a ithber, with ideas that seem-
ed calculated "itr.roduce stimne of tli
little frictions of liin Usual i! v ,I'; i
ideas are dismissed -vwitiout fuI'rthio
."hough t.
\V ii't thle railr :,r l.' i.i .'
make its car wiil si lii t Ir
.i:i be lli up alild ,1 1. n I'..
-, .'-a k .ir 'la i o..a'49 2 i. ;k-'. :
. i n'-' i lt, 1i, I _]> i. i l l I .\ <1: I .
II i V. d 1 i' ii
.'I l ti ai % % .
"'VWhat' was the man tli ntal-ie,
(i i:. saucepanl thiuki ng -.a,' "' Iniu I .t
the cook. "He never lhal ito vok ni\:r
ai stove, or 1h would have/,nown how
it ought to hate lieen fixi'd.'"
"Hang such aa,-6ilar button!"
growls the mait Ivl\ti is late for break-
last. "I 1 were in the business i'd
mIake buttons that wonulti't slip out,
or break off, or gouge out the back
of my neck."
Andl then the various suffered's for-
get about their grievances and begin
to think about something else. If thcy
would sit down at the next conveni-
tent opportunity, put their ideas about
ear Windows, saucepans and collar
buttons into practical shape, and then
apply for patents, they might find
themselves as independently wealthy
is the man who invented the iron
uinbrella rilag or the one who patnet-
od thie fifteeni puzzle.
A Tempting Offer.
'o induce people to keep track of
.heir uri-ght ideas and see what there
s in them, the Press Claims Compa-
ly has resolved to offer a prize.
To the Person who Submits to it
lie Simplest and Most Promising In-
vention from a Commercial Point of











We "\ at.- .t:i. satisfaction 0r we give you n
nc' Vii.r iii,'., Callr at VOur Drfg
Sto:-,. ,.,,'.,,l. ,, W F. H ALL, P
For Wl Ii. r. Ff A T,L .
For sale I l..r l iur.O l. O
1..1.. J ES'!TE. |it
S 1A ni.0 -n T .I '

View, the Compaiy will Give Twen-
y-Five Hundred Dollars in Cash, in
addition to Refunding the Fees for
Securing the Patent.
It will also Advertise the Invention
Free of Clhargeo.
This offer is subject to the follow-
ing conditions: Every c.inlpeiitor
lUst obtain a patent for his invention
lirough this company. He must tii .
ipply for a preliminary scarchl, the
ost of which will be five dollars.
Should the searcii show his device to
e unpatentable, lie canl withdraw
iti!,hut further expense. Otherwise
e will be expl etd to complete his
application and take out a patent in
lih reoglar wvtay. 'Tle total expense,
ilctidinlg Gevernlept and 11Bureaua
ees, will be $70. For this, w\\lhifter
e secures the prize or, not, the in-
entiO wi!l hi:ave a patent tliat ought,
Sbe a \ aluaib'oc i'pop-'ri-y to hinm. iThe
,iZa ; .il beI Claw-irld v jil'ry C')i-
istig (fi th tihre r'p )i'ut.;n-.. i tp o t n t -
')rii'x aol1 ilC'ito:s .shol ,jil fill ott the follow-
nr i)!a > !k an!d ; lfo ;a rdc it with their

[,_ ____ i .:i3
"--- 1 $9'3.
I suii),lit the witliii des,-ri'ed iniveution
n aoiipcl;tiun for the Twhitv-fiv co nuin-
red Dollar IPrize .!,'. ., I. by the Press
:iims Couipanry.

-o '- i'3 This !3'.a1ietlioil.
'lis is a co"iipetitionl of rather aii ni-
sial riaturle. It is couiioun t(i toii
aiiz,- <> tfic 1,r s.- t story, or plici1 r',
r a:.-chiit:t al ;I:ai all r, **l .i ptet-
or.s riiski-i e the I-..- o, I li ii ...
h iI 1 i' if 'tfC : 1'1 n"0 r I."0 'l '

When to Lie Low.
Street & Smith's Good News.
Store Boy--"Oh! Oh! Th' stor's
on fire! fire!"
MAet cli; t-''For mercy's sake,
keep quiet and, bring me a bucket or
you'll have the w ole fire depart-
entet round here squirting all over
imy 'uck before we can put the fire
ITr.:.'s Conclusion.
Str-o & ''n.,lth's Good News.
Litti.a l)i.-ck-"Johnny Slumperisn't
goii' to scliool any more."
Papa-'-Why not?"
Little 1Dick-"I don't know for
sure, but I guess maybe his papa is a
real kin sort of a man."

4 ",, .. PaA. or / y <'-' .' .,. 4
" 1 -. . N ,, .' C
9 -, "'-,l ... ;_ ..* < tr _
FO rn Oe

?<--- i -`-D- iALLi.-
-I A Powerful Disinfectant and deodoriz-
Sin nrgcnt, the most valuable discovery
S k:tio'v to medical science. It destroys
Sany offensive odor completely in a few
seconds, as well as the cause oftheodor,
thereby preventing nud arresting the
Spreading of all cotn gious diseases:
Vouched for by the highest Sanitary
S54 nadlisol c., !1,:ilianpolls.III.
l3TIZZ -XExr, q, ,Zr-2; -X'-zTX 2
, *

Cottondale, or any convenient itati.ui
on the P. & A.; or, cmiinig from the
north to. Montgomerv, Ala., to Bain-
Ga., over the Alabama Midland rail-
road and thence to Wewahitchka by
steamboat or a cheaper route is to
come from Miitgliiiery to Enfala,
Ala., over the M. & E. railroad and
by sicamer to Wewahichka, where
a hack can be found to convey you
sixteen miles to Wetappo; here con-
nection may be made with the East
Bay mail sailboats, making daily
trips up and down the Bay; and
the passage fiom the head of the
Bay to St. Andrews w-ill be made
,in a few hours, aft'. -!;i a delightful
ride over one of the finest I..:.ln. of
water" in tlhe'world at small cost; tLi,
route may also be taken :ii '-:.I3 g'e i.
tb 'l:tin; the P. & A. to River .;nnc-
,-, i, i i :','.. t,, .;,.r.1.. ", \V ;,,,.iih ,! ,r ,
X I V,' 1, i r \\' '\ ,l,; i. n
.. i ,', I, i l... , dt a t -i \ iv,. i .
i .I',l . 1 !. 1h i. i ,,' i I', r ]- !. "
t I i ll ',ir l ,n-'--. :i-t 'vav tiviin '.

Needing a tonic, or children who watt build-
Ing up, should take
It is pleasant; cures Malaria, Indigestion,
Biiousness, Liver Complaints and Neuralgia,

] i'l I priine ,riiin ti tlia ili liii

I* i
culstl !lil ri r t!iu i l il r-r l iati.l,iu : Ci.
andi I '\i I I r l, ( .:i h iii tii h u

SMateri l ai ESeasouable
0 -A- G E S
So call on
You will Find him in the P. l-tHiie,-.
building at. Parker, ready at alli tliil,-
to rPi:>' Your S.o ji ,l hoes

]I f th -i i n .I. ..' l. i ; .. .. E -r. t ;; S t .- s. I II
thii P re-., i'hl l '., pa ,iy l" i- i I 1 I r i, \ I ,.'.i V, v 1 i I 1
s liilethling' ., iiet iy diled i lent. EL ich . l. , i' i _
pei.-on is. a.ked njueely to help hiisell'. u ,
1. a, ft r i !.
iand the one wi4m helps liiiimeill t ii '
be.Lt ad\va tage is to Lie rewa\rded \tl.i i' n I '. ; i t, 1 '
doing it. The prize iZ is r-ulv. : .ti ii l I le"i .: l... ', tI .-. ..i
huis to do ) lminetjhii g- hat would i vi. :. . ii I.- ..,. .... .1
well *.\\'i tl h !ing n u i tit.iT ,t ii. T .e ; .. a '. t th, ,
an chitet \ whose rui.jll.itive ;l:!i rli .
i t l, 1 ilu c ,l' a tt. i:tin t i ua: t! .i i .' i *t .. ':.: *, : i -i
a: CI1 lll l oIl ;1 a C>-.!; lll U 1 11: l :r I
not accepted li t. s pel t i. i la ,,r n1 1 ih: -. 1 l l *
i .*uiniet l lin of \'ei V il I' ,.i; {i,, 1 it .I l, t'r : i. i : ;; ,,. .1 1 : iu
iB u t-tlh e *iersl.Oil, pla tv i :,li: iI e Cits ,, : "' 0.,: :. ( '. ; .. '.. :'i ,-
aniid ntefu'tl device in the Press Claim bile or e .sacvla a nd: t. 1 u f, the
Company's competition need not f Ct a! A -'
lny v it lie C.il- ti, secure the prize. te
HIe Ij:is -q.ilst; lti: result to show er' Jessie P. m.ak. regular trips
f'i)r lii, w,\-,rk-one that will command trips, every possible attention is giv-
its value in the market at aytio ie. n the coin fort of,: absengers, and
The plain man who uses an article eith favorable winds the trip from
in his daily work ought to know bet- .
ter how to improve it than the me- Pensacola is mde in from.twelve t
chanical expert who studies it only eighteen hours; or, take the P. & A.
from the theoretical point of view. railroad at Pensaeola- or wherever else
GC t li iif the idea that an improve- you may strike it, for Chipley; the
nie:t r:an be too simple to be worth distance from here to St .\ h !l. ;
IatentiniL-. The simpler the better.
The pe.-nui iwho best succeeds i overland with a very good ,,., i
ci.[III;,uiigN sild:plicity and popularity fty-two hiil..,: a new 'liver firm in
Sill Mg-t l '1Pr.- Claims C('.lpany's CLij 1 ',- eha',. put in service a line of
t i.entyv-fic hundred dollars. comfortable, new hacks w\itli g,,,,d
Ile r,-..l,'i.niility i.t this company . ti I: a
nmay v I.e jai ,l ,li lin ti ct th.t1 it s i ma: ii on day,
I.l-ck ilel 4 .,vy t l.alit t1 r e vlun lied lnl th!e -i, ii: ' h l ;li .1I w ill I ... r'?as-
of -thie leridii ii n'wslpapters of the ,inl.' s *'v irciiin -t:iiow is -will w.irat-r
United `:ve-. 'ii
United S ~iiL 0or, \ it_ l ,.; :.',,! t. i,.t. i. ker
A.-ldie- .the Press Claims Compa- of St. Andrews, whose lv rti.
ny, John Weddeburn, t[aanaging At- ,
attorney, 618 F street, N. W., Wash- is to be Q. i in t, B uoy, pakng a
ington, D. C. d late for him to meet you at Maxianna,


F..c G k0 is r--

It fv sB St re,9f\I

:E5 1%T3D






The Edna Piano & Organ Co., Koraeili, OM, .UL
Hi t; Grade Instruments only. Piano cased organs
fS l _-** Ara specialty. The accompanying cout represents oar
S 0 r ----PRIHT GBAND PIASO -.fLN.---
This beautiful piano model is certainly the acme
perfection and stands pre-eminent above all ompeld-
tor without a known peer in the world.
Beautiful in design, unequaled in qukllty of toneand
finish, and unsurpassed n solidity of construction.
Full piano size and proportion, piano finish, pltno~m
i pedal, continuous hinge on lock-board, piano muIlo
S S rack, piano frets of the latest design of tracing, hand
Scared piano trusses, etc., and ul all other
cased organs on the market, hasthe most perfect p-
S action. The lock-board is made in two sections
first section folding back and laying in the
section, in which posidao the htrument presented
otm appearance. By a second motion the ee
section is slightly raised, and swinging back undwe
upe front brims the ae-tirl intoroi
high top styles that areunsurpaised by an man
j turer in the world. Correeionidecesoliiled. Ca
logues mailed on appllcton. Address all c
spondence direct to the manufacturers Sp
Inducements offered to all foreign trade. Sample
instruments sent on approval and guaranteed to.be
Ao THX T Al-D upto theeighststandard. Allnstrunmentswarranted
for six vears'


i AfQt

5^tr, ONS & LYNCH,
Publihsers and Stationers,
Have the exclusive sale of these eel-
ebrated Glasses in
St. Andrews, Fla.
Tie only Manufacturing Opticians in
the South.
l[rP eddlers are not supplied with these
famous Glasses.
New and Warrantedl in Every Respee
A Large Size Camara and Photog
rapher's Outfit
With full Instructions for us

I -- ti W0,

E~ C~~~1 --** ---L 5OIFr

Baker's fIack Linl
Having recently purchased

A 'N -01_*'icYafntt HPack,
1 a'.n prpared to Carry Passengers to and
from Ghiplcvy, Vernon, Marianna and oth-
er ponis with (' .i f,.ii't : and'expedition.

At Reasbona! Prios.

me< "l'v ,) ]1 t"'"'ex t i''t 'i'.;] ," 3I' :; ;; :-
na or othiir points. i" :
.: '.. BAKER Au;


TIE FOSTER RAZOR 00.,. ; i.. i
4 5iD aiunPrF 6F



A Full Linl of Canned Ro ods



Mast, oos & Company's


Buy a Good Gash Register.

Used and endorsed by nearly 10,000 progressive Merchants.
It has the latest improved combination
l, ck.
It is the anieikest r '-stPr to operate.
If records triaiIatlluiIs inl the order tmadl.
'. 'records nmlni-y paid our and r-eclved
-.l ron iccomil.
It shcowiv % buo (!'s the wo(rk.
I6 educates yOl- In cLurrit ni methods.
It preisnts disputes in case of errcr.
SIt will pay ts acont every month ina lvli
of tl e avd money..
SIt s practical, durale and reliable.
It: is fully guaranteed for two year.

230 Clinton St., Chicago.

~CA N. F 0 -R-B0

L 1: A 1. RI IN

M rchandise



F. A. A\FtE5 & GO.,
Wholesale Manufacturers of >
E. =; .

a O

o a

SF. A. Ai, ES & CO.,'

Factory and Salesrooms, OWENSBORO, KY.


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