Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: June 9, 1910
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00120
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026996

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A:~~ ~ ~ - 4.- J!k


jDlS~jtrf,,W. 0I. Milton, MAl
,t a~~erroj~acksoh:6.aUez4
bsrit S.?J pa*fa
Frank Clark. Lake-City.
-H.Mays, Monticello.
4~Shields Warrenl.-Rgeffliv
1; t W.QGlchrist. Secretary.
V. Kiiou.;Attor-
*sndepto ~P~ubic nstruc-
W. Cdcx issiot er of Agri-
m titChsjnist E. Rose.
i rd, estAmos
-n. R. Hudson
~-fluei Cok b. Clerk.
*~tP'Cunty Judge. 1. A.
4 ~ *. Sheni~TC

"" .p as" Mrs. Belle Boothe;
- D fe p l ,,/ S h e r i ff A i H o g eb o o m .
p em.as- .h '-'- a Constable. H.
Pel.". iY.B .-Harries; C
.Park6.ttt e, M. Boutelle; Notary
ark -, C iwt,., Kr.ner. Nartnae
Ot' asster.M. N. Carlsle.
A stoap p tmast err Andrew Allan.
--. .. Postm ster ................
st .stmaser. R. Barnett.
S" o. s tmistress. Mrs, R. Gay.
S -.. stmistress, Kin e Newman.
..~'~.'-.po oisteLs Mrs. Dyer.

'+, ,I 0V s.i Jer. '
:Mi e.PostOnater. James M o surfee.
ai cr- ounty., Cromantfon-stMter. Nora

E'Ch Wyoming ave. and Pearl st.
t.-l Hernia S oward. postorpreachn ev.-
r ,,no $und Smorning andaer ru
day School every Sun.y at 9 a. M. .;r
service every Thdrsday evening at 8 o'clcok.
Methodist Episcopal-Chnrch %cashin ton Ave
and Chestnut S. Sunday ScWho 9:3- a.
,,every Su da. Rev. F. lineman. a sor.
tria~n1_6hi eh corner Loraine Ave. ard
,, pra ice St. Sunday School at 9:3o a. m ever,
.. uEday. John Sturrock. Supt. J. R.u. d-
Ca olic---Church corner Wyoming Ave. and

...-ParKer,L.od e No. 142
8. A A .E
Regular Commu-
mnications on the first
and third Saturdays
in each month.
'" V t 'Linig Brotherm

"c. ROGE UO RSON w. M.
., i, -- ftM ,. ort arv V


I. ~ .

$1.00 a Year in Advance.

Entered Sdet. 3, 1902, at St. Androws,
Fla., as second class matter, under
Act of Consirces of Earch ., 1S79.


Display: ady, rates, 50c. per inch
per monthh. position and extra-
ordin.fry condition rates subject
i.. 1 g emen1-. -.:
^ -ar li m,- st in-.

S'''taf .irraph is checked with a
bluepencil it isa reminder that your
subscription has expired and that two
or three extra numbers will be sent
you that no breal may occur should
you choose to renow.

The National Rivers and Har-
bors bill, which through the able
efforts of Florida's Senators and

Representatives mteans so much to
the St. Andrews Bay country, hav-
ing been reported back from the
conference committee, with the
Senate amendments affecting St.
Andrews Bay appropriations re-
tained, was approved and passed
by the House and is before the
President for his approval. Up to
this writing, (Monday morning),
no) report has yet reacheil here that
he has affixed his signature to the


LOCAL INi aE.. i.,
The Iriends and patrons of the
Culf City Business College located
at St. Andrews. FJa.;.wvill be glad
to know, that the .system of Short-
hand taught by this school has,
this year, won- tlh Miner medal,'de-
S g all competitors, att .the
3, A'f rr.l S -i t

is no step in the dark: "For yeat
a systematic investigation of enqh-
lyptus is a wood for railroad ises,
has been made and of the possibil-
ities of growth in Southern'Califor-
nia when given systematic care.
The sanguine believe a vast timber
industry will be created in their
part of the state within a short,
time, and' that the growing sarcity
of -suitable railroad materials will
soon be relieved by tte constantly
increasing supply of nAiive-timber.

"" ..I . - -

*tae -Mark rTw

'e~r~~:sPe~.t :6W3nR9

.asrhile he .wa editor of. the
Bu,:a1o Express (1869-L870) that he
married Miss Olivia Langlon of
Elmira, N. Y.
On assuming tho editorship of
the Express on August 21, 1869,
the man was afterwards to become
one of the world's greatest humor-
ists, sakl editorially:

"I only wish to assure parties
having a friendly interest in the
prosperity of this journal and I am
not going to hurt the paper deliber-
ately and intentionally, at any
time. I am not going to introduce
any startling reform or in any way
attempt to make trouble. I am
simply going to do my plain, unpre-
tending duty-when I cannot get
out of it I shall work diligently
and honestly and faithfully at all
times and upon all occasions, when
privation and want .shall compel
me to do so. In writing I call al-
ways confine myself strictly to the
truth, except when it is attended
with inconvenience. I shall with-
eringly rebuke all forms of crime
and misconduct, except when coni-
mitted by the party inhabiting m
own vest. I shall' not 'ntake~arry
use of- slang or vulgarity"uponi any
occasion or in any circumstances,
and shallt never .uqe proain iftl O.-
ap n l II h *

-&.ione yactI
a favorbl 1);a
pleasure. Th e c
deck, and a ha
waaaft converpl
group w" a ha
romping boy of
her band. clambvb

The -ebther'e sbi
Lodngrfg sailor,: ,
'hzeded the altua
er tdd ahild .,0t
a boat A .-doo
who wa pow

they retiunmd-.
mother, w'iith
her arms arotfei


.A1 or,1

leo m

img oacir-my
n a broken'hb

jTheC n' chI

Sh I

Everybody -W Named .
? ~~ *"l- J

COpyrTlgbt, 110. by r. Press

While Mary Smit visIting her
rich couAtns, the Dre n the city she
met Ralph Meldon. asked permils-
aIOD to call upon bee tr hbme, East

Ralph Meldoo did
East Bay for deo
that. At last he eo
went down to his be
ten mpes distant ntr
The aext day '.a
rated him. over t1
Ited. h14 .befoAi
pleased' lalph to
ed vtt p*,tr ",
-ttufe tf w fcg
A brown a
where-an isig-
S triaing)us.
IM, E0. L"it* antlD

Vget 4own to
. Motba after
Ms moams and

"t. the.

hag *4 dtie c

Am pe.tr p. to fe Jim gpu" In:-*
~ "T.miad Ralph retfiwadly
Ao e 'tiked, up the. next ueat
~*u'eI~dpath Re.Iob Meldon was pai~n-
kilY1 aware t~3at'1Nmtnlh* was not a~n
vifotpoi no at&e tn Oast Day aud. that
%.31eo cuptahis were Ifs. thick In flie viU
"Vcgb. as the pro1ftrbial bees In a -barrel
,)bf sligar. A bmjlt hour before there-.
bad be&W ~ouC BWT Smith Iin the
iq~rid. 'Mfry Sgiplihs oaforouted'.
bhih -at e"tu~Prn at* 'rery dooif.
".Al lpt be *Wnd Sao Ille Maryi
'-blo Miry he -ba'd boldly deitermir*

in hit reif'ctio'n abe'raovi" hipln
and 1-sMe GuPon PI'AtalL'wbh sro t
It n m i she' 10 "'g b0 .ed
i the buPi*~~ t -"

r inoek oryd pee6d inqutidtL$,lny up al
e" his Tisitor. '
f 'Captain "Smith?" queried Meldon.
I "Here!" bellowed that old salt. set
tiltfg- a 'blue cap on his snowy hair.
S"ify name's Meldon. I 'had th
'.ptosure.of meeting your daughter at
Mrs. Drew's last winter, and I aaket
permission to call and se her." tajlp
felt himself growing warmer undei
the sparkling gaze of the old captain
"'ever hbird or 3o'." he bellowed
\forth,. and then. lifting his voice Into
lu angry roar. he called, "Mulaiel"
| There was a sound of hurrying foot-
stNps-beavy footfalls quite unlike the
trefid of. Mary Smith's fairy feet-and
the front door opened and ejected a
oyung woman, rosy cheeked, fat, qutv.
ering with fleoh and cnrtiolty.
"What Is It, pa?" she demanded.
Captain Smith drew a clhy plpe from
his breast pocket and lndkuited te
visitor with a gesture of his hand.
"One of your city beaus, Mlamle. Take
him away."
When the revorberatlons of his ter-
rible voice had died on the still air thb
girl's nervous giggle broke the strain.
ed silence.
"'I have made a mistake." explained
Meldon, for the third time that morn-
"Who are you looking tr?" asked
the girl good naturedly.
"Miss Mary Smith. She is the daugh-
ter d a Captain 8mlth. I do not know
SMta gtrea name" taJph .Melden pan&.
d at tle "toot of the eteps and re-
4 grdedA fst the little brown church
.4n4.then the large couch shell 6n the
orch near the 'captain's4wingtg feet.
A great light brokeO64ve Mits Mamle
B. ith's rosy face. "I guess you mean
6 captainn Lemib ~ oba Smith's d'augh-
term. f course you'd be Invited, being
Ids' tolko." She 'asedand n urioved

would be sW part to v&
The brid,4 and groom wae pur-
rounded by a siNtting group, but. over
there by the window, where the late
afternoon n fell athwart her goldft
hd* and piak flushed cheqks, was hte
Mary. Smith. Her gown of pink fuffy.
ieZft deaoted her altepdance In the
S t s.Processlon, but not as the prln-
'Q her bridesmada In" r.pink
ff~i'Moered near her. o a r.ed- .
.fI; oe group sulroilviftt
bi n. .could-e bw e -
.a with bIcdsotor
V~jS^'-' --t'^ *"* *X"

ours l'sidh a tnoensteit ,tha
*^tBdiTiank In the village. This 14
. my. uncle's house. My cousin, Mary
Smith, bha jnst-been married. Let me
Introduce you. YT; my unole Is CaWp-
tain Lemuel John Smith. and father Is
Captain John Lemuel Smith, and"-
Meldon followed her graceful form,
half understanding her rippling ex-
planations as to the relationship of
the Smiths, but fully realizing that
for him there never could be but one
Mary Smith Ip the wide world.

The fr
wa.-i the
1157.7 wh
atlei w1,
the wes
great vu
Amimn rul
drta. E
It was e
cratle re
by its
and rel
bank. w
It In all
of trade
rivM fr
a beneh
bus lnea
i .A
The In
were pa
than wl

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The First Great Bank.
first roueat bank In the world
-Iunkli of Venice, established In
hen the queen city of the Adrl-
, the hend of the commerce of
tern world. At that time the
rrepnt of the trade between Eu-
d Asia passed through the Per-
if and the Red sea to Alexan-
gypt. and was carried In ships
the Mediterranean sea and
the Adriatic to Venice, where
distributed to various parts of
Venice was a sort of auto&
'public, founded and supported
rnierhliauts, who were famed
out the world fpr their wealth
ability. They founded their
?hich was guaranteed by the
uent and was beld In high cred-
the great cities on the routes
. The werd "bank" was d.
em the Italfta uood "b c O"
Sor .aounter oxer which tiM
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Giant A'mong Dwarfs.
tellect and genius of Pranklf
perhaps never more manifest
hen. as the colonial agent of
vanta, he appeared before the
house 6OPcomamovs in order to
an inquisition into the taxa-
estions which were, brewing
ble which subsequently result-.,
nmericanr freedom. Not fewer
S-queestlem were prpounded
by some of tte adautet ealt
tical WItnds o the old ohfn-
e hc and every one olr .tm
d In a masterful manner. Ed-'
lurke Vn commenting oa the
said that Franklin reminded
"a man 1~ing examined by a.
f schoolboys," while Charles
'ox remarked that his inqulsi-
re "dwarfs In the hand of a

The Unknown World.
hatanding the rapid advance
ration in various parts of the
is estimated that' about 20,-
square miles of thie earth's
remain yet unexplored. The
unexplored area Is In Africa.
miles, but even North Amer-
sins 1,500,000 square miles of
rritory. Most persons will be
I to learn that there is three
much land awaiting the foot
oneer In North America as in
merica.- Chicago Tribune.

amascus, a Garden City.
cus is a garden city touched
great desert. Undet Its roses
the sands. Besilde ts trem-
ters one dreams of the trem-
rage. The cry of its muezzins
echo from its mosque towers
nost wonderful thing In nature
"God without man.". The
f the wastes passes among the
as that Bedouin ,boy passed
he merchants when he caine
he went. In Damascus one
e two voices. And wheu one
mwllhe sacred mouitazin upo'.
of'dream, cradled among the
ne sees fpr off the tawny be-
of that other magic which
t from the Bedouln's eyes.
ugh perhaps with the pilgrims
narland one loves to rest be-
fountains under the hedges
one If aware of the other
urcourse with which has made
is an earthly paradise for
I for you.-Robert.-lUohens. in

I settlers sat smoking In their
away in the backwoods. No
hand had ever desecrated
etum. and grime reigned su-
nd triumphant. The conver-
eted around from state polt-
oking. ,
said the elder of the two.
rawl. "I did st one o' them
kbooks wu bt. bot I could

rae thatt" loqu e the otBer.
as the hitclh"
was the answer, "every one
recelts begun in the same
Sthe same words. Every one
arted off with 'take a clean
I I never got no farther."
slowly replaced his old black
in his mouth and fell to
>g sadly on the narrow out- '
he world of human beings as
by authors of cookery books.


to r~I)'xela. ~(Wot.

aoII"Ad iwtab. of !wC~ep~tq
gsC a Imir t-ut or a bome'A*
bgtk yaid. Some Ipme Auxw'*a
"ptopd-in. the 96W4 WtO et '50'
liamet to ZIII3.jjk umkvffgQ
aswick' QRW,' W i
h '~ eu, ebi&u

th farmer, bb^ .et
had thet sweet a*efi' .tuff .4
she hadn't doine a der thbag-biAt
look at her rejection in t~Cr Rdi.
an' ilgh,"-Phfladelphia Teleqrp '
Origin of Klt. .. .. -
It will doubtless surprise .
Scotchmen to learn that the kilt
present worn is only a modern fai
costume and Is not of Scottish orIgi,:
at all. The honor of its Invention or '
due to two Englishmen--an army taltor
who accompanied General Wade's
forces to Scotland in 1719 and Thom-
as Rawlinson, overseer of ome irom .
works In Glengarry's country. For
more than a century previously, In-
deed, the tartan plaid had been the
common garb of the highlander, but
It was all in one piece, wound In folds.
around the body,' leaving the knees
bare. Prior to the adoption of the tar-
tan, which probably took place about
the close of the filteenth century, the
long, loose saffron colored skirt, the
real "garb of old Gaul," was the high-
land dres .-London Mail.

OIft to the Ugly Ma.
The practice of making Qaob
appears to have arlsen In Ameri ;-
Ia nearly obsolete. It toerers pe a,
to dewru $ tg. It goes k . .

-I-ot b.n1 ITO" J ."ha

JAokknt .e J TM .be a1d ,oti .

ItemlMm.<^ h .bns Is.u "*M. -. "
Du Aig natura oolle flt.
T-r l witeh *13bites hInWrtt7
3 ej-to-td I tof 4

may clase to 0188i
S tune o"a- a sI ehan 4e6.
-Notes and Queaed
4.. e 01set *me
W1 yu say clignt Seat
r eany enouh, ut aa. ,a-.

esethot d o rt eafterf, f'
ftew aslant't ath er 'oth t eer
the converBatoD drifted to a dtias.
eton of the youngster's inteoectual 'e'.
quirements, and the visitor asked:
"Do you know the alphabet, Marie
"Yes, ma'am."
"Will you say It for me?"
Marie began glibly enough, but aft
er she had given three or tour letters -
she stopped short, saying. "It you
please, ma'am, I don't think I better'
say any more." .
p'rad why not?" asked the calte,
"These are not all I know," explaita
ed the youngster; "but, you know,
mamma asaya I mustn't tell all Q
know" *

What a Summer Cold May Do.
A summer cold if neglected is just no
apt to develop into bronchitis or psen-
monia aseat any other season. Do not
nergleet it. Take Foley'sHoney andTr*
promptly. It loosens thbe oougb, soothe
and heals the inflamed passages, band
expels the cold from the system. Sold"
by all druggists.

Hugo and.tho Barber., .
When Vck-tor HtiC- fih-4idn.ta rtl ',ii P
the Place Iyuil. he ..--,d t," bte ab8eyt i4I',:.b
by a. barber lamed I'r.ne -,-?-. A fv~a4
of the Foet asked t'1O- tiw"-*r aislki 'l
if be was bus-. "1 Jfi/ '.t w) l -'-
*ay1to turn," l@g-Ar% .
hai'e to dt6as tbh tift.f A I
for sqirees iand bails.".- A1l .M. -a Bi .- ,;,
sier showed the li.t to hl. frielid. .'
few days after the frinld ar't*urn ad 'dl1
inquired about the thlrt,\ l:ikle. "Ah.
monsieur," ea.il the 1,l';r,-r trsal'y. '"I
was not able to ac-uil hlinir the nUIO-
ber, and I have lost Iany good cus-
tomers through M. \'k'tor Ilugo." It .
appears that the powt wheu about to
be. shaved-was suddenly tisnpired a'td-:i "'
seized the first piece of luiaper he could
find to write a poo.n. Iifiu hastily '.
left the shop with his unflnlhn
verses, on the back uf which were (bet,
names and addresses of the thirty
dies, many of whom waited In rtalo l ,'
for their culffeer.

Used the Wrong Oende'a
A FIenchman with an imperfet
knowledge of Inglish was once called
upon' for an after dinner speehA. be
struggled along nianfuH t ofo P
minutes, managing to:.tav' two ,-
good phrases. Finally he excused him-
self from further effort tIy saying, "I
rill no longer cockroach on your time."
AU Englishman sitting Uext to him
at the table remarked: "Your speech
was dooced clever, bob Jove! But you
used the wrong word at the close,
dou't you know. You should have said '-
'I will no longer encroach upon your
"I see," said the P,.khba.an. "I
uned the qron gender."-Exchange. '..

. .t,

.. I



1 f


: ..

$'"uo ,#".




S -I-<

?I*Tatpo'n same from Cqrabelle
fl':A$"taehicola; Fridayv,. And
arrived from Mobule.and Pensacobl
at 10:90 ,o'clock a. m., yesterday.
The Manteo arrived from New
Orleans via, Mobile and Pensacola
at 2:00 p. m. Tuesday.
A A fishing schooner, Alferetta,
from Mobile waf here; Sunday.
Tli'e A. A. Fletcher sailed on
Wednesday for the snapper banks
with a new captain and crew.
The Martha LifliaA arrived on
STuesday ith 7.000' Ibs of snaRpes.
The sqhrs. Two Boys and Bonita
both took stores and ice Wednes-
day, and sailed for the snapper

S4Cbica Tuesday, wit the A. A
' -Sfl-,,- a ...
-. ht Emin M., M 9apt. Moatet
4tr in 1200 'bs of snapper

;The Iolowing table record* the mal
bwam minimum ahd mean Lempera
9 t-ur the rainf3ai and directionn of the
w nd-for th6 twenty-founr hours ending
a7. o'qlook p. m., as ludicated by U. S

- .-I in. Wind
J'u e.. 1 86 70 73 .00 w
2 86 74 75 .00 Bw
' ', 3 88 78 83 .00 sw
' 4 89 .9 84 .00 s
S 75 81 .40 w
S77 72 74 1.97 B
79 74 76 68 e

84 174 1791i4 Ub. I

S,7 Araban & ee. '
fti Arbta coffee baker, Iatg pre
qeG4 Bis Sae of qarcoal and placed'
gear It a huge pot containing wa-
ier. take a few handfuls of green cof-
fle berrle fterefuly cullS out all Im-
0e4e berbres WAd foreign pubfrtances
4'tbe. place the be st tof thGo berries
I1..4 Irni lad le eld over the fire
- , rrin ape.t ntirh D i t met on'
4m Ge a .s O soa ift.
Wt ., ',t ..a thye.
*'* it6U .- CtUeSith. fwe(^l witb a-
*:I(tlr 3'bely SiAtting the 4.'p of :t.
r eq. 'tie t k'ibsu are nwI. frieyver,
u.e*4d to d ftot. Whihl stMfl pnvwat)3
WN'u." 'J ns iR-'tf 'll I*f I.1. %tM."n
~ lkamI WIxite('.#'l4 wnit*K't.na theb
#L. phxt'J% uier the til"
,e tater In the small pA hnu
. -.". bf a b 1 il w br,.t u v ",' txnrt .-?
^ thari'u .L:. aII:d the !.:1I,; I- ('er
ioitted-to go'in fur a short time, thi
-, (m lin t.iii ['- : 'Il. i .' '' jf )on
I' hou ft. rhb,-.- Ih"i of .i>illiNg over
'$ T , Is tb6u -.erved hl small cups
Si' tith, t r.nn.j u*r" sugar.
"j: ll- 'Ddvctlon.
;. |8)M-slt J Eret 1inot. I aaer bcuil biIm btanm
k ul wife for anything.-Boston Tran-

L)6WAL U a

-5 or 6 dosae of "666" will cure anv
case of chills and fever. Price 25c.
-PrivaLte BOARDING,-AplAy
to Mrs. F. W. iHoskins, Cromanton
P. '. larn m told the truth wbol
he saed, '.the peuole Waut.to o humb


rro Gained The

In Sk Andrews.
At the Primaiu Election in St.
Andrews, on 'JSday. forty-three
votes were cast, as follows:
. J. P.Talinferro received 34 votes.

?-bue ., t .. .*, t ..- ,., N. 1B. troward reee ved'9 vtqtes.
-Capt. 'E.'W. 'Masket' has'. his lacob.. At the -first Primar'iy, talinTerro
Sharpshooter id the watar again, with 19 votes and Brownard, 11
a new enine. "' -I
-TW-r$Ou&n.ao Ar-l aad'rbn- 31"ST-. ANDREWS
seeam to Andicate :that x-Govern.or-
Browrradhas captured the noinrnatjou GETS HIGH SCHOO6 L
for United States Senator. . It took ve.iy little persuasion on
-Package of Four Hanasqome High the part of the committee chosen'
Art Post Cards-No Two Alike-Only to go before the County Board of
Ten Cents. At Buoy ,Office. It order- School Commissioners to induce
ed by mail, add Ie. for postage. them to locate .c proposed 1igh
-The 'arpon with a heavy load of '
freight for St. Andrews arrriived about Shoo, for the sOuttle: 1 [,.art 1(I tfe
10:00a.'m. yesterday, and the customary county at St. Andrew-s, 1,r t!yev
crowd gathered dat' iie whiA'ves to wel- were practically a unit in realizing
come her. that this is the niatiiral and ilrali
-Owingto an error in the date as
heretofore published of the sale of
Slfnds for delinquent town taxes, the committee came home in tihe best
esilhpas necessarily been postponed uu- of spirits as a re.til:.
* til Monday, August L. Hereafter ni, ting ,hort, of a
-Li.lank Warra''t' D" ds,.. new e collegiate education will be obtain,
vised l4$g 192 A-1661 1UNih'
-=,al .o. ,hzuienper fhe re g"St. Attdrewo s,, 61
Sblank recelpts-100 recepts ib a blocir. t is so, arcessible thant scholars front
10esach. at the Buov office practically an' point on either ba;"
S -Rev. R. W, BurdeshRw will hold may eat breakfast at home, atteird
s services in the M. E. church on the school through the day and eat
frst and third Sunday in each month supper at home, and doubtless
A at the usual hours, morning and even- line of boat will be schedule
ing. All ar'e cordiallv Itnvited. lne of buats will be seleduled tc
-Mr. L. E. Webb ,as bold his lot that end.
x and unfinished house en Chesuinut t..
north of Lake Ware, to Mr. D.& ,o DECORATON DAY
the Bay Mercautile Company, who .:,.!i OBSERVED
at once complete the brild iu,.an I c. i oeght the Buoy fale
Scupy it w:th his family. to mcieoin 11I la- wP.el;s is.ue tia

-tHandsome IMoei' eliads with Si,
Audrews 13av Jate line anu views. of
either St. Andrews Bluif. or 13ci'ea
Vista Point, at 8c per dozen: alo, map
of' the St. Andrews Bay country oi
'bauk of a letter sheet.at 15o per dozen,
at the BHoV office ,
-Mr W. b. fHolley has sold his bouse
and lot on'-Miohigan street, West End
to Mr. and Mre. R. T. Hutchins of Pen-
sacola. Mrs. utchins will be remem-
bered as Miss Nellie Wsilon. danihter
of ir and Mrs Perley E Wilson and
the property sold as,that of Edwin
'Sqwles, many years ago, who buUttihe
house .while he wae still a resident
-Mr. Brashaw who Is conducting a
'pound netfisehinr .1adustry hero, re-
ptrt. that e bat a doiated 'wth him-
self Mr. C,. D Smith In" the Industry.
Mad together they iAr taking tdna of
sh every day-more than they oan sell ,'
fresh and they have .to salt the siupvia s,
Tifeir nets are set about three and'a-
ball miles -from Itown 'near Ith oGraud
Lagoon and are the onlv netao!f the
kind knewn to be inuose,e by Flo:-rda
-A notable wedding was celebrrtu-d
by St. A'ldrews colored people last
Thursday) night at,.8.30 at tlhe iioma of
Mc. and'Mrs Joseph Smnth, corner of
WyominlD avenue and Wilmot1 street,
when Rev. Ray ad Misgi Dela McEl-
roy were united in wedlock, Rev. B. W.
Burdeshaw of the M. E. church con-
dncting the interdettin oCererony that
united them, in the presence of quite
a m.ib r'of iuest.a of their race and a.

t a man look sabrp and attentively few invited white people. An immense
be.shall see fortune, for. though she Is floral horseshoe' had been prepared,
bHn she Is not Invisible.-Bacon, reaching almost from the ceiling to the
floor, behind which the piir stood to be
Marvelous Discoveries made one. After tha ceremony con-
mark the wonderful progress of the age. gratulations were freely tendered and
A*p. flights on heavy machines, telo- this feature was followed by the serv-
grasu without wires, terrible war iV- ing of refreshments.
vetins to kill men and that wonder
of Wraiders, Dr. King's New Discovery They Were Attentive.
-to save lifo when threatened by A clergyman preaching in a country
.oou r. coldes, lagrippe, asthma, croup, church for the first time was delighted
bronchItis hemorrhages, tay fever and to find the congregation verylattentive
Whooping cough;, or lung trouble. For and told the verger so after the serv-
all.bronhial affections it has no equal. The verger replied, "Lor' bless you.
It.-relieves Instantly Its the surest sir, we was all looking for you to dis-
cure. James M. Black of Asheville, appear"
N..0 B, R, No 4. writes it cured him "Why, wbat do you mean?" said the
'eff0n .uobtiaste cough after all other, clergyman.
reN46i tailed. 50., and 81.00.. A tri- "Well, sir, you see, the pulpit Is rot-
,, botti fr*e Guaranteed by A. Il ten and hasn't been preached in this
aM" GainerMercantile Co. ten year or more."-Pearson's Weekly.

C o ur Talk. Matrimonial Signs.
ipeom hd ust fluebed !hi '"tait couple over there can't be
SW .on Caf.m bI Ome trit- married." said she. "They're too
wfi th J 0& eepnin 'i "4 friendly. I've been watching them.
= '"' '"'-e"okige' trsed to and they've been talking all the time."

.-an' ed'o4ke ttlj at,.alks al
7.aoif l $G!I e. .h 4on't know" sai h. "I
a *t en 'a me, a tgbere ol:, friend-'
..., y .l i e, you aust talk facts, aWl ',*,"--Now York Press.
*;b. stbekacta pu ls sid b w
/. Y" 1 talk law.' ,Th. young man eat' A Crafty Approach.
il lt iaered.4ah11e. ani then asked, "That fellow played a mean trick on
tther, what must a fellow do when aie."
S te opponent hab both the law and the "Nlow?"
o et oan ial ide', The judge Ipok*d "Caine to me ostensibly for advice
fth aid replied, "Just talk around und wrund up by striking me for $2."
WE agand, my son."-B eceeu Maga- -New York Journal.


, .



58DUUa9A"< eadet. *

-V D I R E T 0 S
Judke6L. J. REVES.-







Andrews Provision Co. Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf


.' E h
e. ,


Staple and



St 'r

tS and Vegetables in Season.
Bay Front, Near Wyoming Avenue.-

His' soIn in Golf. ... OR ENT. '
A prominent business man not long E
since became ic] t'd ; i',% :0 i,1 R, ,VS[".
of "'.,liris"-t t Is. be Joindid Vli :r L EN -
mny of cranks the ;onie. wait, I.'. ,-,.., '
play a!l tbe ti til!- "f ,4 ,,not i c,.: Nl tt1-ar :
etc. As is thb ;;e with nil "duI I 'rl'tr-.'
he bh:d i ,s I'r bless at the .tu ', ;hd.; o r ... .F-i I
ohe way he ed questions at his l.ll JLu U t a Fa0'
friends 4'16i 8 onuthin. Hi,- l g.It' :i. nt. r -, '
qualihtances iy ommodnarily rill! L L
with ll ar ts reItendis unr ti ,ll pp ). IJOHNSON,
the bewivlt' red p'got his si.taocarn- P-aaa City
pher to jOt:t own. One frieud's
ad%'i-e ii I] ' "It- -drst -I.
ke*epin cq n n
Sccnd R RPENT; or-
thennc- (he ball i'lI i S AL E I
au easy ke "tlrd. lb e 9 of u tid o '
a rock heor o elop the stroke. 'J '
The Pf t tb't he frd ad a keen
secedee hanl did i t occur to the
tyro tII ater He 'IIn'dit- i .Farm"aI8f loto1 !
C da larlej ocking lIJsteW FO udtt I
bu esa Mr lieted hians-lf antrirle F WOODIVC1RD,
1b 'fery ,-la'rt4 sun. at r' FtrmddLo, Flo.
b t, which w secwurely frasiend ro
floor by b mgriong cord. He Ih '1-7 bied In Place ofa Youngqr Man."
r.ed. a thi or two since. 'The A charge was made at, a wall lineM
hobbyhorse is.i n more. and be has with French infantry. Sergeant Mc-
vowed to get Bis.re with "Mr. Juler'" Qnadeof an English regiment saw two
if It takes .a!,tousaud years.-Ntw Frenchmen level, their muskets on
York Tribune. rests against a gap in a bank awaiting
-' the -ant earance of an enemy. Sir

A writer in
of an eu'ouuLI
a Siberianu tra
nobleman. ..,
When the ,i
in Manchhu
had bullied i
alighted at t
warning them
tate any .otrf
During, his al
young -Russt
and, despIte 2
tlons of Its o
priated, tl4i eS
turned he -.e
vanced thirat

: *tO g .y L

then, pl. l
The ManNbi
imat at her
n ey.

Applicfha 'V l4
to material t
tio'la'n, dnto
too late, Hae14

and now cq
cared. This
Do', to negle9
Hemtedy Inrl
all D, 'ogs

illyy i
In a certain
England tibbri
the name 9'
well one ,
After ei ..
him if he .oc
Model lodgipy
give him sp
In,. to refuse.
the way there
sweeper lihq
aw eper wI)
said if he |
would give'
be went ,an!
.notS, and be

I| g a Bully.
4ihdlvost.L pInner t&:Is
? o oince Qitn..-S..J on
L\'een a lndy and a

i led up at 'sltikar..
SM'aIneby. noble who'

George Brown. then a lad of sixteen.
started to asceend 'at th& fatal point.
"You are tpo young, sir, to be killed,"
said McQuade, pulling him back and
stepping into his.place. He fell dead,
pierced with both btillets.
T' Tki;s -h non an im

S' flihow- passengers, '" a o'- ".",.
Sfi restaurant after dWhat was you akin' for the wid-
e would. decapl- der's bonnet, mum?" "
ho took his seat. "Well-er-I. thought ninepence."
h a ;n ly drea U "."E's Yery iII, mum. I think I'll
Srsmartlydressedon Tatler.
-1y .entered the car riak t."-tonion Tatler.
a armed expostula-
nt,: calmWy appro- Thousands Have Kidney
i lVJen the noble.re- .... '
.a pason and ad- Troble and Never Suspect it.
y with bhe curved HowTa- xt-. t
the. young wopban b To PluG Out.
/ WB i ktnln,'re-.- V tiybottle or common glass with your
,SK"r? "hnt a re" "water and let itstand twenty-foUr hours;
S ..- ... a brickdnst sedil-
aqk n ow- nentorsettling,
tied, 'and S tringy o6 mily
eet,- she remark'- appearaneeOften
ita/ hIs e ." indicates an uit-
-sdurrendered and h- healthy .condi.
l agt tt the jour- ,ion' of th.kid-
,.-. 'hejour- $,1M .\ neys;- too fre-
queatt desire to
passyit or.paJnin.
Sr the back are a.ieosytPptonps that tell you
r, R' ,iourc-. the ki'dnL-ys and bladder are out of order
W ......u...... and need attention.
t.phyi,.' ,t.' What 'Io Do.
,l. C. 3. *'.t ilo:, There is comfort in the knowledge'so
",b filw.'. d' r ,.i o,-1 often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
*fe !t' ;j~:> A *'. i Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
I~~l "" fils almost every wish corretin
'"I1 yIirc.- 'cvc,'.i. r., eiimatisin, pain in the ick, kidneys,
6i tiqLlise itr ',.',-. ;i rer, bladder and every part of theuarinary
otl I hae tae ,passage. Corrects idblity to hold water
and ealdingpalan t g ft.rat
l'e idy Ruoie_ 'effects flowiigsno6t iqr,, wlane or
I myself thurou gb Ltbeer, and ovetomas that unpleasant ne.
d be a uair.ning t,) ai ieessity of being compelled to go often
g-vo ,, KI*i.,,V through the day, and to get up many
S, ., times during thie night. The mild and
is too sat0.' '"" i i immediate effect of /Swamp-Root is
S soon realized. It stands the highest be-
/ia ,ca-se of its remarkable -
.Frm B Bolon health restoring prop-.
Prom Bolion. erties. If.you need a S-
oown In the north of medicine you'should ..S.2
a'a man known by have the best. Soldby Sa
'l Billy. Not feeling druggists in fifty-cent
o e astt for the doctor. and one-dollar sizes. oI baptoo.
on tbhe doctor a ed You may have a sample bottle sent free
d nke a' note to the. bymail. Address Dr. Kilmer&Co.,Bing-
',hou e a, h ouh, amton, N. Y. Mention this uaper and
ho.une and he wouln rememberthe name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
c@e: So. Billy, not lik Root,' and the address, Binghamton,
aid he would. uit on No Y., on every bottle.
;e nme ac-ros a trer An Unnatural Conctusion.
e knew. le to'd Eih .Now she was ensconced with her
She was goung. it h. sweetest and most cherished girl
Stake the b o t..e Ifriend in a corner of the piazza, and I
., threepence. So ol seated just inside the French window
z2v the landllori ih behind a massive rubber plant.
unq the following writ Rather significant vegetation under

a p"rvy constihng ol .'Mr.s. C. C iaI-
per, M-. W. Ray her lrothe:-, ifri,.
P. E. \Viiicn, Mrs. Chlis. Munson,
Mrs J. M. Wills and two sons ,GuLy
and Ralph,,Mrs. W. A. EmA mons;
besides there were baskets laden
with flower and tiny flags, went
to theCemnetary, with Mrs. W. A.
Emmons in her wagon, on Decora-
tion. Day' to pay respect to the
inhabitants of the Silent City. Not
one grave being 'overlooked; the
eighteen in Potters Field had the6
same attention-all had flowers
placed upon them,.but, the graves
of veterais"h'ad a flaf added to the
oq iet of towersc .,,
O$i Nqd Alik..
'A certain Lord Westmoreland fell ltl
love with the laughter of Child. ithe
ritch banker, who, however. Would nuo
hear of the'match. the lovers In spitr
of thl met secretly and kept their lov-'
allve, while Child complarently con
gratulated himself ths htl: d'ight.'r
lAd forgotten her whilom lover. (in,-
day, meeting Child in a (lA). Lord
'Weatmoreland said, -What would yts
do if, like my friend. you were In f to'
with a lady and her father refused ht-
coneut to allow them hem marry?"
S"Why, run away with her. o6
course," replied the unsuspect ing Child
Lord Westmoreland promptly follow.
ed the-advice*of the banker, wbo ta
came so Irate thit he mrfured to tw
gt'e the young couple awd. dying. 1be
queathed all of his vast wealth to thAir
child, Sarah.& In order to -ecure the
wealth Lord and Lady Wesr tmre!-id
named all of their six children Sarah.
boys included.--Cinchunati Commerclat

--5 or 6 doseso of -686 will Lure any
case of chills and fever. Pc-ve 2.5c,

A Dreadful Wound
from a knife, tLn, till can. Lu~-tV u '..
lirewerks, or of aniy Othelr 1cOnl e, dtie-
mandb prompt t.eatinont v.;ilth E.,ci-
ti.' Arnica al, o it preveCi ri.mud
7'0.-U ot ga'ng~i em. Ls. the quicRoeL,
I',t licA er for all auich wounds i:s also-
loi' ',; t L boi". Bore ,skiu eW il Jiou,
c:..CiIU, cbaoped hand-;, cot nI oor pile,.
2:7 at A. II. Braike's and Gainer Mev-
oaugile pCo.'os

African Snakes.
The African cobra Is regarded some-
what reverently by the natives of that
country, who once a year kill a cobra
de capello and hang its skin to their
branch of a tree. tall downward. Then
all the children born during the last
year are-brought, out apnd made to
touch the skin. ,This, the parex s think,
puts :thein..Anader the serpent's protec-
tlon. T'e cobra de capelld divides wiirb
the horned viper of Africa the ques-
tionable honor of-being the "worm of
the Nile." to whose venomous tooth
Cleopatrn's dcath was due. The Kaf-
era trse the venom of this snakek'
cousin, the puff adder, to poison their
arrows. and when they have any s)all
quautity loft they swallow It, having,a
theory that'it will protect them frdiim
the bad ef'fectsof future bites. .Tie
Snake tribe (of the Punjob' say that the
bite.; of snakes do not burt then. and
If they find a dead serpent they dress
ft 'in clothes and give it a supethb Cu-

Boards In England.
'It was. about 1856 tbati the beard
mtovement took hold of tnee $nlhsb
.p.ople. The Crimean war had much
'o do with it. The soldiers were per-.
emitted to t'oregO: the ue ot the razor,
, the hair eo t prteface prt thewt
*'roma, 1w hc
ht-. Atsut this period only oae cil-
Utn of j'isitl1u in England haiid the
*ardtho'* M wear a mustache. This
tuts Geree 'F. 3Muntz, member of par-
:IFtiut for l;irrain:hanm. The cullght-
cned oX-c tors, hiwevcr. did not take
kindiv. e t ii:" bUe:rded politlclan. Aa
"oi:cor c',ndid.;tc on one fcct'tionl re-
.rived un tumniatiou from the leader
)f lil party t.hat bls minsta-he mig.?ht
.'repjud.'i hi:u in tie eyes of the rural
*,pi'.aiini. The 'ihndmdate replied, that
W.a v. 'diertnhod t' .face It trUt."-
\e.>t;.inis ter Gazette. - r.

the circumstances, for, curious as to
maiden qonfidences,' candor compels
Sme to admit 1 listened.
The. bride in prospect cooed her bilSl
soulfully Into her neighbor's ear, but
through an openingg nla the leaves I
eould observe that the latter bit her
lip now and then' and did not aplpeur
enthuslasUtically joyus or ct'i?.ratula.
tory, aswarrauted by thne oc'caison.
But the innocent coolug nud amorous
gurgling did.'uiot casee'
"And to tb:n'l, to, think," -ur.tb she.
"that such heavenly bliss as fej t6 mry
lot might- have es.cupbd; me fotvmer!
Dear Bob: Did I ever tell youh be had
proposed to me twice?"
Then the unsympathetic 'auditor as-
sumed an air of lunnocedee.
"Didn't you hear him the first tluie'/"
she inquired with raised eyebrows,
She is not going to be the tiaid of
". -
Folev'c idnoy Remedy may be given.
toq ch.'dren with admirahleres t!s. It
d6es away with bed wetting, and is also
recommended for use after measles and
scarlet fever,. old by al dr'ut'a ihsts.

Cures Colde- Prevents Pneumonia

To grow the fin-
est flowers and
a S most lus*Ious
vegetables, plant the best
seeds. Ferry's Seeds are best
becausethey never falling yield
or quality. The best garden-
ers and farmnners everywhere
know Ferry's seeds to be the
highest standard of quality
yet attained. For Bale
FERRY'S1910 Seed Annual
FreL M on request
t -

Tuesday, 8:30 p. m.
Wednesday, 4:0& p. m.
Wednesday,I:00 p. n.
Wednesday, 2:30 p. m.
Thursday, 9:00 a. m.
Monday, 6:00 p. m.
Thursday, 3:00 p. m.
Friday, 11:30 a. in.
Friday, 11:00 a. in.
Friday, 10:00 a. m.



S'W. 0. BARRQW. Maq#.
GOING -OUTH. -r- Mrnfl '.,
Pensadola ,-4 '- .... * Q ,*" : .I'. '
St. Andrew,.. WeduOday, '.OO". n, '
PanamalCity, Wedneadhy, 0:00 "
MillviUe,, Wednesday l10h00- am
Apalachicola, Thursday, 6.00 a. m.'
S Carrabelle, Tbursd y,. 12.1$O.0no0.
Mobile. Monday, 6:0 a. mIn.

St. Andrew.
Panama City,
, Mitiville.'-

Friday, 2:00 a M,.
Friday, 12 m.
Fridayv"11:30 p. in.
Friday, 11,30 p. m,

Peisacola to St. Andrewa nd;Millville, *rf.. :* '
Pensacola to Apalachicola and Cai'rabuile, $7.50.
SL. Andrew and Millville tO ApalucLicola, '$5.00.
Pensaeola to a lubi e, $2.50.
h ) *.';'o 'atc- intCl.,]e rm :als aud b-rths. II. II. I
V. WV. WALTERS, C. n' l'reLLh and Pass Ast.


0HN 8. THOMSN..i

flry c oocei, -'" .


H AUlE, ii N, PAi'3, OILS. IRflERfIE

4 Full iLine ofl Furniture!

Freight Paid

on All Goods Except Meal, Flour and Fead to Any,
Po00office on the Ba.


Ware Mercantile Co.,



L "01- '< '"- "

,. 7

The Old PIONEER STORE Business

Fotinded in 1878, and. built up by tLe late L. M. Wa ;i
now Thoroughly Reorganized under New Aanage m;a'
SSolicits the Patronage of Old Patrong
of the House, of the Trading Post, and of new ones as U
wel!. and guairatntees uniform I)ir and courteous treatment U

W ee P y the Freig.,ht t ^ en tl -oda Fiur. Meal and
ei -'. .Ot iiI i' .'l it i pi e lo

A .ai l'on .
Sn. t L I. 'L L of A iL. '.
S. L ry I tL h t i -.'
.' '. ". .- e e s : ,o o i 1 i
L t e L .0, 1l .
-. .I '. r -'ei
I, i '1 i 1- ; L i
S..1 .^ at.li>t, Co "
A Frank Anssr.
"John Joies," s:.i.l the magistrate.
w'ith severit.' ".tyiou are charged with
habitual drunkeCness. What have
Iyou to offer in excuse for your of-
"Habitual thirst, your honor."

Splendid Scheme.
Mother tof her syni--lle has a benu
tIft'l voloe-. and we have had him
uinghr the flute s'i that he cau ac-
cruipn hi!r-'f. Ron Vivnnt.


Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female'
weaknesses they are the supreme,
remedy, as thousands have testified.'
it is the best medicine ever Sold'
over a druggist's counter.

, ,
'.s. '.





* r -
'-I '~
1, -



.Your Patronage *s Respectfully Solicited.


mm mWAN

~~1111~ --

- onr


"Give th-l4 i- a bath-and keep hIni
in till tomot0 morning, pad I will
call and sec' l"
So the felIli biornnug the don-toi
came and s shown into his roornm
LooIldng at. l an, he esclalmed:
"Thia Is ni e mshfi I sent!"
"'No, It's andc' I'll pound Sill:
B42ly hea uwyeun I see hlw!'" thl.
b1weep. e -.aldpn .Telegr4ph.

yb ; maftion 'of Mexico.
Me .co -a'a curious, physl'n:
for 9n1pu. g, rapidly by a sue
cession of Cc.s .from the lo%
sandy coas 't-'t east and west, it
culblnanta. -?litral, platenu run
ning in a ortbwiiterly and south
easterly- di[ tHQd lhatving Iai eleva
lon vary 4.000 To 8.Ct-o feel
above hei .IIlgh above ibis iat-
tean, tower. fl--ow c.!pt'4l c'eyts of
sevPral ] LWA "tuost *A whir-b re
extinct ofthem are o--or T-2.''
feet In e ftrau-ad thl'ee lok d'nvr
upon fertile' aleyb from n lth "n "f
17,782. I1" V'.a 1t" O' ft-z, The I'
are p iK'ae f For:..!'-' i1 I n:r i





Thur'aday, June 99 1910.
W'~ .W4', *.Men #%MI.
71 @w4w?*4buut4*1 a tAlbIy in 06W
Of "lW lftw (14MwIOWu hutrIS 41 btb
d00bd Iti.' fill.? bljibly
"I tI PWd:ria! bP ihr%.'kL- uA~a or at
k'wA1u R MWAUihj4.. UPk' M aL
AV tilY2iN Dt'- Adle wer si~~ .h'.4t

n-("ye b wtowiled :ibo'uf Lind g.litrIL4 Lit
-the l110Y.
"I hqtrvrt!- be sil:iitd louder ibau
1F* Uk, 1$0rt. NI :

()4 L d4). efi ?* Hit-re~ %ld. h
li1-hiw. Well. wfiy the LieJLe duio:

.81 4410~., M'.ihP ':irvliikr-Lt 1. lu 111to?fil
NU IIil't emola ie a trile )o( 1:%re-I!4
vx 1111-1 11I *UJ.011J. voj-IL

1,wt *'*A**~o .]. o I t l-e

it".irr iDfnhO tlt- tonyr..~ieJ

I~4I I ta~wl&Aze' KijVwttth ol

A 6'&achvi l ;Ii Wimifli)giiw keo4mil
wils em'leav-Priflg it) i.xm-ti., the termw

li'r. e W-.I., S 1uY11g. ''au AUY of
y oui' tell rlJP fipA tiaiw4 ut thet (Itice at
wbir'h ritilivn% P;*~I4tirP qwilde
I Ilt. Ub'.*iU lj *ti'e M n-mR l trim ''tw
1141 the Tenier.
AA_ ittim t Lnnlwet ,4 "sim fllt on a
emmifitl'Ny 45I 11%, 4?4 sit tivt rMiN %rbo
Wall .'l-141VIIN pai~ 11114 vvry little ttt

-10%f pJil t14ir tient. Sgilry'. be% ot-

1 rbauh.~ illse i.-I tit 'u-

4po~es~ anulqt be Uurert
a,(Inpplicaxtioiis'. ns ,tbf~y cannot
P.- I rioztkp.iht ear.

92 44*hen It is entirely chiuea
i~4sftnsa i.the result, aid unless the in-
kW2nI4h*ii."CaII hie'takoui out atnd t, ;&tube
q4~edtt''w'iir~alcondit ion, ktcariig
wlltbe dlistroyed forever; uia*O casesR out
4. of trn Aire cat.sed 6Y catarrh, which is
..o0bkiig but all iiiflfitied 'eotfditioai of the
inucoui surfaces.
We will gile Ofte U[41ui-*ld Flhllikis 1,4)

NiA Cannot lie~ CUItd I e ILiII' Udatizih
Ovae.. Send eoicirciihiti fre
F. J. -CH EN EV & CJO., Nluld.i. 0
(Cold by dr-uggists, 75e,
r.Nke dalI's FalWiI' Villea, fur raiiitijja

>.." U

special Raporlito the Buu".
A few notes Irorn Farmdale to let
the people ktow tlhat we are still-
-alive. '
We are having some fine showers
of rain, which will do our gardens-
lots of good.
The hotel is pretty well filled
with boarders.
Mr. and Mrs. Cherry are stopping
. at, the -hotel at present. -They will
go to house keening;- as sodh"'Ihi
their household goods arrive.
Mr. Schermer is building a good
sized store building, which he will
havecompleted soon.
Judd Leath is down irom Blounts-
town, on business.
Mi. Cherry is putting in a large
tLock of of general merchandise,
n the Woodford store building.
We need a larger hotel, and a
livery stable; for there seems to
be a great demand for rigs.
What Evei.v body Ought to Know.
'..-'a; i'sl)!.:; .' ::,,.'* P l ls cunta Lui
JUj.L t in lf':cantsi c ne,-o ea,'Ov to I V1 LlU
:trnibrhben 'an'd ;'.l 93aLte the action ot
the Liidneys and bladder., old by all
dlruigsist. .

The Humming Bird's Flight.
The flight of the little hummiulng bird.,
is mere remarkable than that of the
eagle. We can understand the flapping
of the eagle's iniuense wlng support-
tng a comparatively light body. But
our little bird has a plump body. His
wingsDare not while. but long, so he
must move them rapidly to sustain his
weight, and this he can do to perfec-
tln. The vibrations of his wings are
so rapid us to m.ikli theui alimoil In-;
visible, li can uso them to .,nitain
himself In midair. with his lnfdy ast
motlouless as If perched on a twig.
In this way be enan sip the nectar of
the dellcat., tine ,temnird towers
without aillghting for a iiomKent. He
never allghis while so euguia'd. Rv
moves from flower to flower with s
graceful andt rapid movenm'nt. sAneiw
lnipes chasing away n btw or hum
ming bird moth. of which he i~ very
jealous. Nor Is he tmth moinre favorya
bly Itnpresped with tiny small btrdp
that sec u In hi wavy. lIe knowws his
power ot tl-lit. andu b' e has no fear oi
any other bird. -St. MNlrholat.
The Nature Student's ory. .
un my boyhood 1 otep captured a
nest of three young thrii'tea I put
then toI a gsil cage by in open wta-'
dbw. and thber emetnar cnme sd rfed
thed rerty w 9i M wormtn ao ra-
The apmmker, a nuturoe student, sigb-
a- *
"The mother." ho renwmed. moott
bav:e expected her little ones to be;
soon tilbritued. She fed them, as I
pntd. reg.tuirly .for fliret t"J.. The rni ime roiuln,- at sunswt she
f 'd-wtth a-p-, ,.'"utli. ;iw thrust the green u In
"' .tim i..t t1h;- O l bars. 'T'hi Rlit-giig
a swv,4 Rvtl s'prg. she .lew away
Ain I >he. uevr .ame t .nkch. lHer off-
sl(iluaR tq i oext Uizrilg4 htoy d ld. side
by Pidt" t1 )h'itaI of itbt cange.
The q'rtb dth' hail t'rvitut then.
"wtr'4,et 4 ialy iiv *oi.tnmd. wads a
yrlg uMf .t.- .adj.i ly ISfor. "l*rvee
*loin ,tr d.'th: INtith of frecdomw'
That is whif mInfm I;i ItI.o' the bur-
rtc' *(' !,r '-] 'ttrn M l. ,'
Th. imrra:tir ,t'-tnc'l. wl' from his
I,.*'- -r,- h t It'i ."ie'I r ii r e, Np. n nur-
ncr i,,*19.r ,- ut -.yi t,'.ihy. perbans of

Her Cab.
M'ary .Ann ( L,,i\\<"crr 0;Ite. base
mctlrl. \' fntl ing ; wt'e''l :t t(l hiad
adri'lled ofek ait her little utilve vii-
IlLt' in :illi her oitirupolitiu paubt andl
It w 'lris n vc'r IIih nnrive vlll;ge.
and .M:nary.v Ain. af'tcr lihr uUmoty toutbts'
er\'ite In tuwn. dlbln't think sou verb
much of it. Even J:iiies, the station
lirter and hr old sw'etheirt, seemed
hopel es-'s'ly iini itiil tk-s iod instt'ad of
staggering him with thi Kiss that he
expected she looi:Ped him up and do,.vn.
cormppuriug him v.'lbt a certaiii gentle-
man whbse n'qu::intaiice she had re-
cently made r.d awho wore plush

breeches and itk stocking.
"'*'orter." bse :*nid grandly. "dlo you
know tf there is a cal, here to convoy
me nTd nmy lI;':gagt huin,?'
"WVell 1 dou't know uhont a cab."
responded tht- .-.iggered yolctl. "b'.if
there's ver ir)t'.-r ioutsde wl' a baz
yer! -Londou 8. raps.

Ii~ ,r' Nname

P -- *'**S. *W '.w w w n ,
ind address we would send you a copy of 'our 1910 Florida
' Almanac. Give us the number of acres and crops you cultivate.
W'i W ant you to have the almanac because it has in it the in-
formation that should bi in Pl good almanacs.
: That is n0t all. t give a lot pf Fertilizer facts and terse
information about the growing of crips that is interesting because
-" it is valuable when applied.
We are justified in asking you to send. us your name' and
address, it that we believe it would be mutually profitable for
you to have, a copy of it. There Is no0 COt.
Just send yeur name and address.
S. The one vital thing about any fertilizer is:
r "W/rat will it do for tiA crop ?"
S' 1When you buy fertilizer from us it is mixed for
Syour Iand laid lor the crop you intend to grow.

ering tell us the character of your land
dhe crop. When you buy seed, you
et what.you buy. When you buy
ou ought to get one that will serve
k with any order lor one or more tons.
or the 1910 Florida Almanac now.

cksonvlIle, Florida.

:, -. ~ In order
.m and aaris
.7' wp"t to ge
5 Fertilizer y
Sthe purpose
'A ree traei
Send f

-E TRwa EO.P
w'i-" I 1-ton u-e Ja,
ha' Furtwiaer.

Wanted to Know His Name.
"Ts this the automobile registration
delparlitment 'f the slate f blahoY' The
.',,, e ,.r- r i : phlineii wiis tltit ltke niml
"It i-." r.,'il41 V 0. --ll" mana
I'o .' :i o ** :ti of t: nuti-
etrs orl ull the ui.K'hlnes In OhiL'!"
v "Of all that arue registered. yes."
"Can you refer to any particular
number without a great deal of trou-
: "It take onsT a few Womenwe."
Minr'i yu11 tell n' whr.. own o'?Ks hln' n
*-J. Wunpe.uM thbimIusand su.IL
,twxeMr OeMy rst mUove the 'NUtu
Sitnntww of the avirhtw'. -
"Just hbild the phitu a t firnetw .'V
ih*bi oBvi oua returned In lesm than a
'Inute. "Tht i mnthlie Is owned b
Mr. Ht-find-so of Clevelnnd." he ind.
then h. aceneu to luduliu : **Is thtre
_.aty trtublu about It? An accident
werbt: .."
"Oh. nw." ahld t lM Wwtet vo.k. *TTlw
m'achliit' b;I been In trot., of MIsl-
-'s h!oui In EIast Broad, next do,-r.
every SuiAdiy evening for several
months. and I was just cluriouls to
know who was calling upon her. Ever
so murh obligedl." And the receiver
went up.-Ohto State Journal.
HIa Pun.
SShe (wateblnth u steerage passed
gerskt .'4t-e thl, 1e two (ermana girls:
Wi'hn t.iv'lv hnir t hey. have: Now
111 1 ii 41 all ri1Il -goidm -bhair.
TTi'- N,,i-c-n.'. 0'1t11t you n e it's
.alted'. Phl' a lt4,11batIa I'rev .

SRe-ourocful Women.
1 Ihli:h .-' ,a rfidish tashLioio tha
uiii.ta w', i tia h hlgle. that of'tell
t- hctt r it, .vmy.v" sri'd t1he wo-
,i a n lfli th ir,',trt:ltiir-lvr gry halir.
*I cvon 1114-1.3 .a.y ;.that I Unever prac.
'. a' r .-
"'o0 etli thi'r frtand. with anwmy
,i>'n1 n, tr:: I'1 /'hM Ii,: ',nsyllhtldte.
'lN( 11." -uiid t1e4 tfirstl s1iw k-', with a
'n{le she '>'!e 11 W'1i'm i a iM 7i a PsouS
'f h"n -wr 'ii ftc-t Is 1 don't h:vte to
1 havi ," w,-i v .if irfRkid ni myself out
oing;li ti:tii 1 uin) if I wishb to with-
Sfitt nf!it! tWi:, a it n1l."
"Rt.I"" li'11mirNd the pthbr .rirlow*-
y. "fit A hot wvn-yy"
"I pir tihe burdent of the fih a l upon
'h1w *uW-t ln4,r. 'You re. who'u one of
'1y defir wot4n fri'Pnd-- it ls nAlWays
women wov, are curious on ibhs lpotnt-
'shks meI how r ld I II i say: "Oh. I'm
i yvitr or wo ider than you. youo
tKow. mny dear-at leitt a year older.
t.. nt w M,*. now. bhow old are youth
.'nd then siw always hknoks more t,'
.1yv e b thain I should -".ore to do myself.*
,Burke as a Sore.
TItW utiti eouqiuent efsiay carefully
trete~rt tfcorceaxn wt*bo (c t d ered
I" Une wutaltig tie orator's ttt itanit
". a IC'eC'b t1w au utter failure. iBlurtle
s' |etinapls lwtno II4 wtrfht' e*een.-Ie
84 tf*b, U.t el Uy Sti Yiver,4 ft
troy. Alb It woll a and a owW9 H1
.*rh'd taW ;tord ICyrwft Wto the Ao -
leu na i tubaadal(r. Mr. Itllet whokita
at httmtout bywe's delivery.
-It was exsraitble* watd iUe. "I wars
In thv nth's ,,of commons whePn t
titdut his greater stpeeU on Anmerlean
,nunliltioni tle greatest tie.eter.aando.
,'f drove terwybhlmy uwa'. i wanted ,d
to gfo out' w'fth the rest. but vnas near
hitm tid straid to get up. So I1
squeezed myseit dow-i aud crawled n-U
dec tth betcthf like'sa dog uitll-4 got
to the door without his seeing mew n/-
ol'iagrlIn myeta wap& -Kext day'l1 went
to the tWle ot Wight. Wben tbe. po'b
tllowid Tme theur. I read It over and
over qgIinL, I 'couldhatrdly think of
anytltung o% I-. .arrip.4t with tne
ad ithbuhbevt ifrhntt it wpot. Uik wasd-
tIng for my gul. '-Wes ltthiste Un

Of Application for Tax Deed.
Notice is here!y given that J. II.
D mm ond, purchaser ot'Tfax certificates
Nos. 138, 141, 143, 146, 150, 151,153, 164
165, dated the 1st day of June, A. D.,
19U06, has filed slid cortificates in my of-
fice, and ihas made application or tax
dced to issue in accordance with law. Said
eertificitecs embrace ,the ioelowing de-
scribed property situated iu XVasiingtoai
county, t'lorida, to-wit:
No. 13S block 2, lois lota 30 to 15 )s>
seC,35, tp, 3s, ,'. .15w.
No. 141, let 13, block s1, of sec. 35,
t.p 3s, r. 15 w,
No. 142, lot lti, block 11, s' sec. 335, tp.
3s, r. 15w.
No. 145, lo. 7 nid 10, bik 20, sr see. 33,
tp 's, r. 1.w.
No 14';. lot 4, bhlk 26, s} sec. 35, tp. 3s:
r. 15w.

No. 150, 16ts 15 to 18 ioc. blk sw' jec
36, tp 3s, r,;15w.
No.151. lots 2,and 3, blk 16, swP4 see. 36,
tp. 3s, r 15w,
No. 153, lots 7, 8,'9 and 16, bik 18, sw34
sec. 3t, to, 3s, r. 15w. '
No. 161, lot 15, hlk 15. sw1j see, 36, tp.'
3s, r. 15w.
No. 1865, lot lPess 40 leet off south end.
block 3, swi sec. 1, to. 4s, r. 15w.'
The sitd land being assessed at the date
Ol the issiiutice of such certificates in the'
i:iLIiiu'a Unknown,. Uinknown, Enz,,bi)Uth
Rather C. L. Atmnstrong,i Unknown,
elcei 1M... Simpler, .1. tr, Ibrumuaiuud,
O iiitnt, UuktowalM, Uuknuini, icep[Lc:-
i'vely. UnIess'said eei-tiiletes st all IlL
redieentea accoadinii to law, tax deed
will issue thercou on the 14th day of July,
A.. 1), 1910. 1
Witness my ifficlal signature aned seal,
[L. S.l this the 6th day of Juno. A. 1,
1917. W. C. LOCK Y,
S Clerk Circuril Couret,
Washington lJounty. F1..

Of Application for Tax Deed
Under Section 8, of Chapter 4888,
SLaws oi Florida.
Notice :s hereby given that W. A. Em-
mon purchaser of Tax Certificates No.
143 did 101 dated the1 st day of June,
A. D.. 1908, his filed said certificates in my
office, and ha made application for tax
deud to issue lI accordance with law.
Said certificates embrace the following
described property situated iuA Was.
inigton county, Plorldi, to-wit:
No. 14tJ wi of lot 12. block 31, ei of sec.
35. tp. Vs, r. 15w.
No, 171, awi of net of se0. 9, tp. 2@, r.
The said land being assessed at the time
of the issuance of snch ccrtifitatos in tbh.
names of'M. C, Needham and, A. L, X z,
Kinne. Unless said ce.tificatea shall le
redeemed taccoreing to ,law, tax deed
will issue (hereon on the 14th day ol
July, A. D.. 1910.
,Vitncas my official signature and seal
[L. s ] this the 6th day of June, A. D.
1910. W. C. LOCKLY,
Clerk Circuit Court,
Washington County, Florida,

Mrs. Charlie
Manteo. Tuesday. -
son. in Pensat
'and sister in 'Mo
Mras. Eleua Dow-
left Sunday, for
will spend the s1A'
tives. Onb er way
few days in' Mem
triendas idtn go th k
be .wil attend tbim
kr ation- I Leaguen
-esenta'tti of (b .
branch of the Leaguej
friends hope she will
fall, with improved' ,
Mr. J. H. Drummo
been in Vernon,
matters, all last weOJ
Monday, well ple .
fact that St. Andre
the High School. _||
Mr. H. W. Lew*
wauthula, Fla.,
came back last
that that palt of
productive soil, 'anid-
in agricuturtil.p'eIiEt
Mr. Behymer
Marrianna, Suqndi ,
the week among is 0
Mr. E. P. ein
trip to Marrianna.
and was back Monda
Mr. J. A. Oliver'
with his family,,on
Mrs. Dolittle left
suburb of Chicago, e
remain for the sumnit
Mr. M. Henderso
in town today, visitir
Mr. C. M. Chandl
Andrews, Tue.diy,.
nent citizen of Pa
neH~~' C' Bu0 OS

l, who ha
dihig legal
returned on
aboutuj the

Dent Suqday'
ypming ave.
SDeoerland; a
ere she will

Millville is
relatives and

was iu St.
a'if a promi-

A Vib~eoy's-P tv I rid.
In- Mlain Juliet i-re !,u'1k ebniffaT
ber umncle. Sir ttotw'Ft - : te -r.:lid-
old man of ClInstia2 ))MUVty yearp
in charge of the 14111 mlipa,:,w srv-
ioe. to the follouwliff, .
"One. of f 6e tn. tiulal (of tulr
Robert's OQhInt'aef, 41-.1 liegrent@
HU4Hug ChamDg.2114U ittt iiae

mum* of 1dinner. Ntpwfinas

Vk"sly. nta.s .100
frugality to big 0 'N~no.
for the rewnlrv gweta
distorted fosan. .,i!-her
wm'int tlIm-te he-kaad -' rad Cow
emoiilnlbn') S
"'Vim echainr. tit anep to
'go kWliy tifai1rindrIt
tern fed tlll~p 8a'..lmo
"-Id the 'viv m' be end

14f yo~ur hiA'a~ItalII I jykqmft,
approetard.' Mr AG'
If you beliawe tbllf I
Guy 1410-h r,'umrtist' -;4tla
itta'rui th etylv

I a le'll"Is. *svit of
It ,a't':I. e!oV 4 the ney and
f"(.)-i(l.I*-!Jt Vill 1fq -Oi v. I 0once
Ili.. 0'-ul sheIN114r1 01, uIof her
141:1 .21: h i After
of c't "'.;I 'he Ir~s o~ipg her
*-~:t ~niti o"ut..f *~'I 'd didn't.
~~ ,IL -e~1I! Pr.t(I tin -. had Irecn
11,- 14.1ilit p r ex. O 'w York
Tire lisi
n I I '- m ...,] v. c j Itles. Air.
IJ 'um~ :iv-*'*-I do, ami. Heir'-
-~ I-I I. t I-'. my tV F I-Ord Pre-
SCu-'-u-o-. I'd MWkeYOU t nminue his
title bc'fcrtvv.';7(ti m I'd hate
cr. umt miuhg.- *.ltdgc'.

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He Knew Them.
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lUttle Yellow was sitting erfufallen on
a chair in an adjoining room when the
maid entered. Upon spying him shl
slld "'Oh,. Billie. I'd be ashamed to be
sent away from the table, as big a
boy as you are too." .
Billle; with bashing eye&, drew him-
self up. saying. **Well. you wouldn't
rg you'd known ibis family as loftg
as I have."-DeHlneuator.

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is often thought to be rusponsiblo fo'i a',
infaut's loss in woiiLht, or venecal poor.
health. The cause usuallv i- tiLat the
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hotel bill brought to him.-Fllegende

Don't Mentiqn It.
tappbeddt-You eaved me from tbe
Ing 411led Iwr that eURL I we my.
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A Woman's Great Idea
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.ner was In progress Lord Russell sug
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Sir Henry gently roplied. "I heard
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We Sell all FP, a2DICO2N2S in demanp
AA. JANSENIUS. St. Andrews, Fla.

K eft.on the
I visit her
her father

where she
with rein-
-will stop a

conventionn of
.As local rep-

S'fler many
|turn in the


W. ii. Milton. John Dillon, John Milton, IIl.
President Vice President. Sucy-Troas; .

Milton Land and Investment Co.
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John M Dillon, John Milton, j., W H Watson.
W. fl. Watson, John Milton. III. H. H. Lewis.
J. E. Gammon, J. B. Brooks. N. A. Baltaeli.
W. H. Milton *
Address: W. H. MILTON. President,
Marianna. Florida..


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F ort m e t n e W fcat m d b ) P
MnmIevsr to b Foitame tle-I @ty read th. it to
The t?'rst et-intnierer railroad brlfte L be wreck in 'our bom an U
Is tl'e 4,ie airnsti the lirth of Forth at WI be eaumo by a bjw4, Wh1ia.
Q qU F"--y g* v erinyd. it ld early PatroM-91. that abas rlrealc 4mPiig ,4
one Atnd a h~if ni.es In lenfrtb. Fifty. Our IaOiw p'reftb maId let' Hw..Ab-
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far pwmab Iro allow the buiertilm 4K ft 4%Yrt M vh, r tO Ja*-Aetm1 U..
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LI)~' 'O. 'I



Ii' m n

- ..'- <''--1

; I

T I ..

Ho Iceis hereby given that the followii.g described lands will be sold at pub-
/I lIeauetion on the 1st 0iay of Auigust, 1910, at tho East door of the Bank of
AndrewO, Fla., or so much th( reof us will be necessary to pay the amount of
t town ta si*' sad advertising. Town Taxes for the Town of St. Androws, Fla., for. 1909,

TO WHOM g g o Am't
A D. Costs.

Unkaown..,...... lot 40 block I net............ 30
Un .. ow... 1, south lots 6, 7. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, 14 and 15, bk I awl ...... 30
Vn wu....,.. lots 25 and 37 blk 21 nwi..... 30
Unknown........ lot 37 and 38 blk 29 nwi... '30
Unknown......... lots 29 and 39 bli 30 nw ...... 30
Unknown..: ...... lots 30 / and 31 blk 32 wi ..... 30
Unknon ........ blk 2, except"' n of lots 10 and
11 .. ............... 30
Unknown ......... n14 lots 10 and 11 blk 2 sw... 30
Usknown......... blk 6 except lot 30 swl........ 30
Unknown......... blk 9 excapt lot 9 swi ....... 30
Unknown.... bk 10 ......blk 10 w................. 30
Unknown........ blks 11 and 12 sw ............ 30
5aknown . .. blks 13 and 14 sw. ........... 30
Unknwn ........ ots 36 and 38 blk 22 swi...... 30
Unknown......... lots 1 and 2' blk 23 sw ........ 30
Unknown......... lots 1 and 2 bik 25 sraw......... 30
Unknown......... lot, 18, 20, 21 and 22 hlk 30 swl 30
Unknown......... ni of lots 10 and 12 blk 2 set... 30
Unknown ........ blk 6 exceut lot 30 set......... 30
Unknown......... blk 7 se4........... ........ 30
Unknown ........ lots 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 26, 28, 20,
and 32, fk 9 set............ 30
Unknown.... .... lot 18 blk 8laeei... ........... 30
Unknown ........ blk23 ............ ........ 30
Unknown......." blk 25 se ..................... 30
Unknown.......lots 4, 5, 6 and 7 blk 27 so .... 30
Unknown........ bik 30 less 1ota 28 and 29 sei. 30
. n...... lots 12,13, 15, 29, 30 and 31 bik
,. ,_ *<2 .--. .31 eel. .... . ........... '..'.'20
Unknown......... lots 12, and l3blk 13 net....... 31
l n... ..lots 11 and 12 bk 15 ne..... 31
Untknotn.l.. lots 1.1, 12, 13 inda 14 bik 16
nel ,......... ............... 31
Unknown ........ lots 5 and 6 blk 17 ne ......... 31
-Unknown......... .i of lots 13' 14, 15 and 16 bik
23 nei. ../ ..... : ..... 31
Unknown...,..... ni of lot 16 blk 30 une ...... 31
Unknown.. ...... lt 9. 10 *and 11 blk 32 net... 31
Unknown.... .... lots. I1, 6,7, 8,16 and 17 blk1 ,
n I wi.. . ...... . . .. ... .. . 31
Voknown........ lot 10 blk 5 nwi............... 31
Unknown........ ... an13 nw....... 31
Unknown. .......Ilot 8 blk 18 nwi ............... 31
Unknown......... lot 1 blk 23 nw.............. 31
Unknown......... blk 24 nw ................... 31
Unknown........ lot 13 blk 32 nw .... ...... .. 31
ROB ovington.... blk 17 awl...... ............. 31
Unknown......... blks 7, 8 and 10 swi........... 31
Unknown........ blks 19 and 20 sf of sw ........ 31
Will Johoeon..... lots 6, 7, 12 and 13 blk 22 si swl 31
CFP Steoart'..... lots 8, 9, 10 and ALblk 28 s9 swl 31
t Behnuett.... lots 3, 4, 15 and 16 blk 26 si sw 31
G06 .C~vingt3n.. blk 27 s4 of swk................ 31
SC. Covington.. blks 31 and 32seof swi......... 31
j nkhowa ........ blk 43 sw ...... ........... 6
nknown......... lot 14, blk 3 s ................ 35
nkkidwn......... lot 2 blk 10 si.. ............. 35
UnknQwn....... lot 15 blk11 si............... 35
Unknown......... wj of si of lot 6 blk 29 s4........ 35
Unknown ........ nwi of lot 6 and ni of lots 7 to
S1,1 bik 29 si .............. . 35
E Stoerof and 6...... all........ 36
C' K Poud........ lot 5 blk-l swi.......... ..... 36
Unknown......... lot 10 blk 30 oew.............. 36
Unknown......... lots 17 anl 18 blk 32 swi..... 36
Uannown......... lots 7. 8 and 9 blk 21 net...... 1
Unknown..... lots 7, 8,10 and 11 bk 24 ne.. 1
C Davis.......... lot j blk 29 not.............. 1
I.A Niebels...... lot 9 blk* 29 net............. I
known. ...... lots 8 ad 9 blk 1 nwi ........ 1
kzqwn .......... lot 10 blk 17 nwi.............

4 14
4 14
3 14
3 .14
. 3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 11
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 .14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 14
3 A14
4 14
3 15
3 15
3 15
3 15
3 15
3 15
3 15
3 15
8 15
4 15
4 16
4 15
4 15
4 15'
4 15

$2 00 49
2 00 7!]
2 00 79
2 00 49
2 00 49
2 00 49(
2 00 49

8 00
2 00
8 00
8 00
10 00
20 00
20 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
8 00
2 00
10 00
10 00
2 00
8 00,

20 0
2 00

S 49

S 57

2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
5 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
10 00
2 00
10 00
30 00
20 00
10 00
20 00
10 00
75 00
150 00
30 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
60 09
200 00
10 00
10 00
20 00
40 00
20 00
10 00
15 00
40 00
20 00

tion, they cried but, "Good pluck, stran-
gerr' "Steady nerve!" "He ain't no
tenderfoot!" and such like combli-
Presently a thiA shot shattered what
was left of the bowl of my pipe, and
only the stem remained In my mouth.
Whether my nerve made Barker half
ashamed of himself or that he was
headed off by the admlrafloh of the
others I don't know. but be desisted
troto further shooting., fancy, bow--
ever, he was satisfied with what hbe
bad doubtless Intended for a warning
that if I took Dalay Nolan away from
him I would have to face sure death.
The witnesses irged me to go In and
have something, but I declined, saying
that I was anxious for a smoke and
Should go upstairs for another' pipe.
The truth is I wanted a chance to go
where I could, unobserved, give way
to my feelings for a few moments,
they having been controlled only by
a most desperate effort.
When I was alone I staggered to the
bed, fell on it and for a few minutes
trembled like a leaf. But when I be-
gan jo recover I started to get mad ati
the same time. Men will tight more
desperately for a woman than for any
other cause, and It occurred to me
that, Daisy being the bone of conten-
tion, if she preferred me either Barker
or I must die. I spent some time con-
sidering what to do, then went to the
ranch, intending to offer myself to
Daisy. If she refused me 1 would
.teave the field e once to all euitors.
If she accepted me I would have it
out with Blarker.
I found Miss Daisy very much ex-.
tcted. She had heard of Barker's
shooting escapade and had turned bit-
terly against him. I told )er that I
wanted her and if she wanted me
I was willing to settle the matter be-
tween Barker and myself. Hier reply
was all I could have asked for, but
she positively forbade my coming Into
collision with my rival. I told her
frankly that I believed he would kilj
me If I n':.rried her and that the mat-
ter fiad better be settled before the
wedding. Being a woman, she wished
to get round the matter by subterfuge
and for the time being would consent
to nothing definite.
Daisy was very fond of an old ranch-
ir culled Jake Huchins. To her he
was "Uncle Jake." A day or two after
Barker's shooting as I was riding over
;he country on horseback Huchilns
aame up behind me and ambled.along-
side of me.
"I hear about the shooting' o' your
pipe onten yer mouth."\he said. "Lit-
tie Daisy was telling me about It"
"Oh, It was Miss, Nolan who. told
you, was It?"
"Yes. And, what's more, she asked
me to suggest some way o' settling' the
matter without blood spillin'."
"That's Impossible," said J.
"Bo I thort at fust, but carter awhile
I thort of a plan. Barker's mighty
proud o' his ehootlfil, and he's pretty
much made up his nmind that he's lost
Daisy. I reckon he'd agree to settle
the matter by a trial o' skill between
him and you. He'd consider it his
only chance." -,
*'I'm no shot Such a contest would
.gtye Miss Daisy to him, and she
doesn't want. him."
"Not so fast. You- don't need to be
much o' a shot. Could you hit a hen's
egg at twenty feet?" "
"I might In two or three shots."
"Well, I give Daisy my plan. and
she's decided to try It. Here's a note
for you, and here's a note tor Barker
Whichever hits 0 hen's egg with a
forty-two the most outen five shots,
she'll marry."
Hie handed" me a note to that effect
from Daisy and showed me another,
he was commissioned to deliver to
"Do you consent?" he added, draw-
ting rein.
"Yes," I said; "I consent to anything
Daisy desires."
Without waiting for more he turned
about and rode back in the direction
from whence he came.
The next day Uncle Jake Informed
me that Barker had gladly agreed to
the terms.
On the appointed day I made my
appearance at the barn, wondering
what was to be the upshot of this sin-
gular contest. I found an egg sus-
pended over a basket by a fine thread.
I won the toss and/with it the right to
fire five consecutive shots at the egg. '
I missed the first and the fourth, but
put a hole in the egg on the second. !
third aud the fifth. For my life 1 could I
not see why I had not lost It would ]
be nothing for Barker to hit the egg

1 59
2 70
1 65
1 05

C. LL ARMSTRONG, Town Tax Collector.



AI/lg ~o'Drtll* grffte. X,
Was duf* to Win.

owrkm iebtt y hmcan Pm" ~
AsevooitairL ''

1 T .rat time I aw' Daisy she was
4' "w whose lope was very like a
ImpW Cbatr. 9he -was riding strad-
4Wt divided skirts. No other wo-
am on the ranchee thereabout would
WUe la n)ay other costume. Barker was
OMlin beside her, and the two made a
v" t bandemie pair. The brim of his
"i breru was flattened against his
.rebead .by the wind, a lariat hung at
'wI saddle bow, and 1hi splendid figure
lows rvealed by his* costume--via,
"S mgae phirt and trousers, with boots
thie' Stee. '
SDaooy U4 gone out from the east
Vftb hr tthber, who became a hbeep
+ er., and ebe bad become fascinated
wit"' ruueb U Unfortunately she
S Chad coiceed 1h vomantle idea of the
sima cbwtjb, and. Barker being phys.
brtnr k perfect tyqpe, she had lersoud-
7 ; -i4 dm@ or. rather, he had periuQed.
MaWas be was just the an for :her.
I ow "aftortunately" because hi. was
t aq e 4cate man and In every way
beosatl her. There were other tea-
tres about him to render .him.,MAmde-
p~erbt which will appea~i pWOnUy.
..' ; uple passed pme all of. us an.
-O1 b they weire unimobw to
ut to .e t-
V --ole on an Ahe -bwc* -de,
l6i#' 1 bad bustmine with .John Notad
'wt-'raftreuce to a large purebase oft
*pA .While dickering w~b him (On
s wieranda up the 'oadway 6ame the
eype I bad Wet and alighted at the
.ie aot the stepa;.. Throwing their
Ualet las over 'a post; 6ty walked
to the veranda Thieh I learned-.
,gg qle was Nolaxa', d4 ghter.
AM the pair passed inlt the house I
Sned a cloud flit over the face of the
gll' fatllber. -'i knew by Barker's
a toward her that lie was In love
Oft her, and I ju~aed that his atten-
fwoe not rellsh6e Nolan. But
lw OWM methinug to me6 then, and we
arl..t .o with our dickering. When I
i OTO to go b* stid,. .
'- Wu eto pla? ab'ut hero in
See y will be comfortable except
berMeL BSend for you traps."
SPFIa the Invitation, especially
I. I w. pleased at beitn under tbo
-ame soI with Itl. Dlsy. I knew
B *f1. teQadt.. for .
belWulawot then 6y frkias to intend
Sto come between tbeitn. I merely liked
*a Me6 of being .near her duringr-itv

3. 10" A are guaranteed it you use-.
PlE lSm PIL osSto u
D. Mtlt. Thompson, Sup'f
4 M1 d a0 el SltIthlll, 4. 0,, wrMite: "I ea *y my
40 *U l aialm f,,them." Dr. S. I. Devore,
O VOL,"(4;'.1-c Theygive untersal as-b.
'be** S t. 5.MOml, X.0,,k-burg iTe s:., w 1tt S:
ow.. *a 1 r y grae j h found nO rael to
11. V.H M W ; .a. s bple. T eru., ord

. af Aadrew!' Bay bi 0rW. G. Mtchell

luit I a.sta ed a good whlh. an it wa h
'tot very Joag iiefolre she aind I eaca.
oade a discuvcry. I disvovertd that
wvant li her. anid she'dlso',ver d that
Ate didn't wiint Barker >e;iani\hlile I
"bnd out Sometlinug else-that he had
becomee frirlghtfuly iealous of me, and
f f took her away from him he would
probably kill me. At first he and I
-tpoke to each other when We met el-
-her on the rauch or elsewhere. Then
he oaty noticed we at the Nolan house.
I thought it best after twhillo to re-
nove to the (so called) hotel, a mile
from Nolanu'. If anything happened
between Barker and myself t preferred
that it should not happen under No-
la n's ro)f. fSo one day I removed my
lug unew quarters.
Oc.Oorulug I was sitting on the
porch of the hotel smoking a brier-
wvood pipe. Barker came out of the
barroom, where he had been drinking.
tud took a seat about thirty feet from
n.a I didn't know he was there till.
turning my head, I saw him out of the
corner of my eye sighting his revolver
at me.
Naturally I started.
"Hold on there," said Barker. "Your
pipe makes a fine target. We don't al-
low people to smoke such expensive
pipes out hereI"
The words were scarcely out of his
mouth when I felt a faint tick on the
bowl of the pipe, heard the crack of a
gun and knew that a bullet had passed
through the pipe.
"Walt up!" he growled a 1 was
about to rise. "Your pipe won't draw
with a hole in it. but it's still a mighty
good target"
I snatched a look at him. Ho was
evidently under the influence of liquor.
I felt sure that if I didn't let him shoot
at my pipe he would shoot at me and
nerved myself to stand another shot.
Indeed. this was all I could do, for'
wa"s nuarw'd. But at cold chill ran
3oWn my back a.id a cold seat stood
ot all over ier Ne. rt eles- 1t put
WP a pretty -good frout '"i1 ..it "N'ith
comparative composure, occasionally
letting a faint cloud of lt,'icco, smoke
escape from between my' lips. but not
daring to move a hairbreidtih for fear
'of Interfering with the iranr's aim.
-. Several sonss ftom insidathf hotel.
- having heard a shot, came out to dis-
cover who had been killed. They ar-
rived just in time to see the second
shot apd the top of the bowl of my-
pipe cut off. They at once took in the
situation,' and, seeing me coolly puff-
ln., not knowing my internal condi

more fair be trial. I asked
Uncle Jake pc, nad managed to
let me, a p nt, beat the best shot
in the teri .-Ifle would not toll
ine. Bark(i a I never seen there
again. "- )at Indiuced him to sign
a promt,4 !i I beat him he Would
:leave the fie ar for me.
I married y and took her east
with me. Sb' Id she had had enough
of the wild st ad bad no further
ase for coWi S not considering them
the romantic ,e. ures she bad thought
them we.n nf 1rst went to the coun--
try. She 1 ned the secret of the
shooting mati trom Uncle Jake the
day we wetrei aaried and told ft to me
on our wedding journey. T'he meat
hnd been taken frontn the egg Barker
shot at, and the featherweight shell
hadi been moved aside each time by
th.' wtl.1 of e. hall. To hit it was
hiuJ os. lhle. .
Uncleo Juk' had learned the trick
from a pireit gtator who had pa.-sd
through the I ajlity with a cir'-us.

yo no native.
"Won't yo to love me?" he
"I have t ed,-' she replied kindly.
'but firmly.
'My rich f1 bas just died," he
enut on.
'*In that ca ear, I will try again.'"

Glad ommei n Them.

alter t. Ltg F1i E Kiduey Pil, th,
sove'- t2daie Iet me, iny kidnr-y,
.c eL, str('onri i r, th ecctiorn ,atu'a"
e1n /'ly bliadodt.'er ro lonazer pained mu. I
glad to rS )mmend.Folov' Kidn, y
2li's." In a yellow packag~.. S,.ldi by
All dlru gists. .


I. S. Land u ld fat Grinesvillo, Fla.)
21ls, 1911.
N.-tiice is ho gicin that .Jain,'s A.
.iKs, of so onr, Florida, who. oi.
July 19th, 19 0 l du IIrmnestead Entry,
No. 34611. (8 No 05t50), tr tr ,
':f s }. e ecti 2. townii.hip 2 ito tthi.
range 14 ..:st., a abasee a : Meriliin, han
filed njot,? of tn 0tlin to mk. linal
ivu- r ir.o t i -ti all, I I I I -- ,tl,,
;danti.i oi, de S hIin 'r 'l, ciik ir,
1il.o 1 rc< .t ,u V, rnoi F!., i ,ii ol,
'tihL :'.h day 1.t"' 1 'l-..
ln.int r.,.A eps, a 'i; t >, : '. L.
CG s. .1. L. e 1 i ..r. .l.r-
oin oi --jutl "'r. i.:n, a d W \\. 31
.,Fau(,..' %F I Fl Piur. 0.
I ( OLrn 11. gi'.tur.
E R.',ilC, R -UiBLlO1ATIOF.
U S Land Ofi e Gaiuo0villo, Flat.
hM Y t l90,0.
Not-e ii' n.I iv'i. (11,h P.'hbort MA
Ba3 .er, inf.' !ou Florida, who, on
August'4th, D10, ade Horieiteud Entry
No, :o,:1 er i .o..02n98) bor ir' 0
ii 7 .Luw r 2 tl r ,'.'- It
VCn .c .u1a ,:. tm i,lian, ha is lil C, n-
i l, '- ijlrt ) tn ae li ri Yr. ar
r .o(, St L .s i -. ,a h to. -iu'i i, li d.
abNovie sherlf f '6 i c tilhs: ,l-Erk of At.v
C i r .ll "i', t I ri on, 'i. Fl 0r]-it, 611 titi
(toh day e I'J Li '
i'2 ti,ra g a ", ."witne.s aba: Joe-,ph
B, Gud. l a, MaL.L...J. Junior
WVhite t -n ry. nlt- tnilal of Soioulh-
p.rld Floridit.a '
l r S. s Ue'tBa kegitcr.

Dopart n bf the Intirior.
1U. S. Land l'e a Gainesville, Fla. i
-Notihe to her given that Marcia A.
Snow of WeB 'lridi, who. on D1),-
cpmber 17,1J90 e Hiniitead enilr,
elial Nu eulic for SIv .i-tf.- n, W '
am d nw-' ,of B; al| B-c'ion 4. t*-,w i'ii'
"2 outh, angel et, .Tallabhal.e Msy-
ridp:i,, !,au til ti,.e ul iutoi, i ,.n t,,
inake 1uinl ( Oo ito. pro1 1,t0o -.tll.-
lish ,laim to nd ,above dl.iscril,..l,
hltor the elit the cremit c,,ui ;I
lcilnuu, Florii i the 7lth di ..t'. .,
tB'ia i ,t nD i af vwitnesses': vul
u i W l Br non, ll o" ',sHI-
l,ay,Flotida. ;' B ,i. COUntq, Kogiater

every .time.
A new egg was attached to 'the
thread for him to shoot at, and, whip-
ping out his revolver. he fired with ap-
parent caf'elessness. 'He was surprised t
to see the egg oscillate violently, but
the shell was not broken. The next
tilne he fired he took careful aim, but
(Aith iLu letter success. He was thun- -


Sluice I had hit the egg

bhree ti;mis lie could now only tie me.
"Y-1u uiut bit it tin thle center," Ild
Uncle Jake. "If you don't you'll
glance." "
Barker aimed long and carefully 'at
the center and sent the egg bobbing.
but still the shell was unbroken.
Flinging his revolver on the barn
floor. he strode away.
I knew that Barker had been tricked.
but could not conceive how. It ap-
peared to me that nothing could be

Scared Into Sound Health.

S M'. B F. Kelley, Springfield, Ifs.
whites: "A year ago I began to be
for chlldrea eafes sure. So opiates troubled with my kidneys and bladder,
which grew worse until I began to be
alarmed at my condition. I suffered
FREICH FEMALE also with dull, heavy headaches and
B Y SPI L L S.) the-action of any bladder was annoy-
A 8"s ,Cu Unasiuip forurn'pasenmaD me10AT"to*N. ing and painful I read of Foley'sKid-
NEVER NOWN TO FAIL. 8sef Surem SpeedyI Sails. ,
fteatn urauteea or Money iefunded. Sent prepiid sey Pills, and after taking them a few
As PAOl)ye@ box. Willtsendi td ll ,tot. t >tl when re.*&t rspiee. n yourdruglatd nO, ae weeks the headache left me, the action
bhTve them sOD4 your orders to the aI '
UNITCDMEDICALCO.. ax 74, LANCASTit pA. of my bladder was again normal, aud I
was free of- ail distress. Sold by all
Sold in St. Andrew's Bay by Dr. W. G. Mitchell druggistss"



U' S Laiwd at Gain'-sville, F
Nfon i'e iq ILL iY grren Iht! at U
H. rmihil .who Fi-if~i9tep dicr:.- u
rilnu", fl'uri'd' uIilnu the 27th d~im'0
14r, 19 e in.1 t h i 13UIL,-t.-u S 'VI Ii
-SI~t it, 11001 Ud -'phi :.ti--r.. No. ft s t.
'iulcllfl-`I lbe 4riG n:oi sec. 2:.?, i'J~~IP
l s--'tL. n'aigq wtot, Tildiuha".:-' -lMe-
hIq lerh nett' Tur, Jun, 1,

lie:r ie id 4t apat is.nremu.i'l fli'iv,

timber t hero-M-oi. 'ay.,ltcn ip'i ,v
Onie 1iusdred mid .v~'Dollars. thha us-
1,r t.otfro'tqdetltel(uht 1 011) lee~t itt
l.5iper Nii nd mi-lanIil -ji0O.111; that
1i idtthjLIPU C4 It ill (1ti4. aM~al~prr ui'r' i r. up
"orfut' bc-r x. he t001iiU-u1111ty, riMata,-
ILL,:ILL f:i h 1 hu ot' .1i-ni. 141o. b
In (ire q11, k f ji rcrtit COUL!tat Vm-r-
I 1I. tihu~ 1 cn r' :r iju t

" t t ` y,- beu,'ro paltrit issiu r;, lph
iliugift 1 car aftcd afflojavit ini thts ot-
the irsui'. .CHU-L3, Ili'ei


A hn~r


ilgelt*leb & aDsessrtptlc
in our opinion free "het' --- at,
btab)y patentable. Conmmu *.
afiaential. Handbook on PatI
itagency or securing patent t,
i .tIrough Munn & Co. reoutl
Without charge, I t he
fle JinKrican,
ulmstrated weekly. Largest tr
liefftitlfo Jornal. Terms, $3 a
WW4'L Sold by all newsdc',iers.
6t1Broadway, New York
,i626xf St. Wasbinaton. C.'

fase substitutes.


The Green


Row a Man Surprised Another In
HiBa oiove and Thai Other's
C j
Copyright, 1910. by Ameroian Press

Norman Winters left the operq; a
11, went to his club; lounged there til
12 and started home. He had begged
his wife to go with him to the opera
but she had refused on the ground ol
having a headache.
Winters had noticed of late a dis
position on the part of his wife to
permit him to go where he liked, pro
vided he would permit her to remain
at home. She had never taken an in
terest in the gay world, preferring a
few chosen friends to people of fash-
Ion. He believed she was keeping a
secret from him. If given money to
spend for luxuries the luxuries were
not purchased. What did she do with
the money?
When he reached home he put his
latchkey Into the lock, pushed open
the front door, entered the hall, Which
was dimly lighted, and hung his hat
and light coat that had covered his
evening dress In a hall closet Then
he thought he would go into the dln-
Ing room for a glass of water. Sud-
denly a man confronted him. He was
in evening dress.
"Well, sir, what are you doing in my
The man put his fingers to his lips
"Speak low,'" he said. "Would you
compromise your wife-disgrace her-
before the world? If you would you
do not respect her as I do. Let us
settle this matter without her knowing
anything about it"
Winters was horror stricken. He
stood looking at the man with eyes
starting from his head, his face ashen
a shudder passiug over his body.
"You have heard of Cranston. I sup-
pose?" said the intruder.
Winters did not hear. His ,mind was
filled with the ,horror of his wife's
"But you have never seen him."
added the man.
Still there was no reply.
"I am Cranston."
Hubert Cranston was a young man
whom every lady knew at least by rep-
utation-a bachelor whose capital was
his entree Into fashionable society and
a suit of'evening clothes.
"This visit to your -Wife has. b'eon
with perfectly pure motives. I'came
to ask her for a loan."
:"I seel"' -gasped Winters. "You. are
the person who has been getting
amounts, that ,I have'given my wife
to spend for luxuries."
"She has ,been very kind to me.s"
"Doubtless she remainedat home to-
ntght on purpose to receive you?'
"'t confess,. that- she did,". .
Winiere' stood deliberating what to
do. Ho could not determine. All pow-
er of thought was crushed out of him.
"There is a way," said Cranston. "in
which this affair can be settled with-
otit publicity and you will be revenged
as well. Let us invent a cause for a
quarrel. Then you can wreak your
vengeance upon me in any way you
"What cause?" *"

Makes Kidnes.nd. Bladder Right
' Makes Kidneys and. Bladder Right


do somnimeth li terrln't 'l-le 'went out graceful khuiono tindd sofrtelre I ts In-
Vi'o I nhe s tair nid lio I t wilk he w t est.ern e nri1$,1 r c, ,:-t inuI. 1 1 u l li
'-*10ed ot MIil -wre. so ttint he tIIight re- who at ore tfinm, apn.irg in t fl pie-
luce '. f-Iver Iu his hniii. If what turesque v.,osrumi, ,ef It .ip:inese TIleO-
Voung I('rmuston had said respecting man and lrit 1ther- d o 1i silk bin! andli
his wife's inocence were true he a ''all '',, i i "'n- ut.h t t .uffe'e t 4 .
atnred ifo4ithig for her having givelr kaIleldJeii' tlhat it rper-t nTr' hla- the
lm ni ooney ',ut every nian., if he has sferiatlol of blnr' itw'rrn ill'v Ir- trs-'
,i spark of honor lit him, will assert erred, frolt r e" .. -I of h llu*tio .,
hlie irnltcene of "the woman With to another The "llutin r%-.rl.ed fa ,
,ihomn has hecoi e !involved. If Tn11li- hl'i I'lf. w'ho; It rin t l.ri t'r
np) in 'rTealiure to gl"e ltil mit ney crimuin.il. f Ih i' rth i l'"'- 't .v. D;i i li i titrd .
Utv w as -'e to fo? lrw 'W .,- l,",. .t P ti',' >- a t .,l r -T.- tt
I "'rle 'V kl d ,ii "h;,i4 r JtWf.,jr- he r oel ld dt uIn a I 1'.r 1-t. l\. i'" '
nak.e up his ,ihi to anything. then stripi. deo hN'd thit he muistl ii-ve a friend to : I ,. i i ,' <)res -
counsel with. Though kl was after wltb a, I,,% tr i n hls luIlton mile,"
So'clo-k. lihe we-ut to the rooTns of a a t.... -
iw.Iholr frieftd, MNIirtnaduke Brown. Tbe 8ixtecnth Century Car er. .
Brown had t.rt eoni tin from his club At th. fc'rmi l ihiinur'- If Hie l.r* R .
and was uindressing Winters told' eo- th, ent r the u n- ii w i h ,. nrvel
himn the whole story. Brown endeav- the n'ct %',-i h. ullt- r l' Wt the r"d tai '
ored to tnstill confidence in the wife's tln push, d w n, hhad rhIl r dI I '- -
reputati,)in, replji Brown. "is more ,
like Cranstuon than taking money from- her tha >''rt -i:n Is t i- er It" bl'res' r,
her. I'n ,istorulshed at the latter act." fr his lord rind ldy heW
Cranston is poor as a church mouse, to exercise great ddt.h'ienu in the. .
but I always considered him honor- to size c the pies e td.-L.rllon In the. for
able and very proud,, size of i thepleees he wast ronund. -tor
able and very proudlw s nce bo lades will 'be soon angry and tebf4r
"Such men are t alwft s nice about thoughts soonichauged.kand some lor'ds
the reputations of the women they are soon pleased and some not, es the
own left his friend pacing the be of complexion."' He was expected
Browo n eft his friend pacing the to have the rules both of the kitebti
floor and went off to find Cranston. and the peerage tL his knife'. efd.L
Winters speut half an hour alone, al! A pike, for .istanoe, must be db"
sorts of suppositions running through Up Whole for a tor and In L ie for
his brain. At times it would flash tw hmoIen folr. The ra n of is ""- +
upon him that It was all a gigantic er too determined whether pof h is dn-
mistake. Then the figure of the young 'was' to. bd erveed up whole, s4eed,
man of filshlon would come up as he plain or wbdth served upea or wheterd
had seen him in swallowtail coat and plain or eith bg9,eaf or whether
low cut white vest. onfessing his iden- new rd be eat or bread three :ai old
tity, and he would relapse into his for- should be eate
mer condition, always running to the .
horror of his wife having transferred His Awful Mistake.
her affections to a society'puppet who Mr. Newrh-b- f' understan-t fte or-
was not worth kicking across the chestra is to play onei of tIbhrikhob's
street Worse--had not Della declined compostltls tiMnight. Mrs. Oldstwk-
to go out that she might keep an ap- Doorknoh? lYo)rkni)>?' Al. tI aunpo
pointment with the fellow, and had you mean Hindel!--Chk'ag. New. .
not Wintrs R nniarbt .him speaking *


Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
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*0x50 inches, correctly platted and
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nilei of coat line, extending east
v iard from Dyer!s Point to and vnl-
)racing Old St. Anirt-ows, within cor-
imp,.ii;liiig territily 'i iaini'. Pr ice
)nEi Doltar, ot the- BUOY )ffice.
A .s ,-,:,
Showing all the lauds disposed of by
the (Ciilcinoati Cooiipany, also locates
I arrt1i'oi, Prq i'er, Crona anton and
ildjacfit country. The plat of the
I|ts i!' not shown. but by tie aid of
this mu'ap the approximate location of
ony lt. is easily determined. Price
Fiiftv ('onts, at the Buoy Office
Either map will be sent by mail to
111v address or. receipt of the price.

Our Clubbing List.
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For any or either of thI above publicai
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r,'ss ll ordor Ito H, BUOY.
d A ndriip s Fla.

S' *

" ,

for backache, rheumatism, kidney or bladder trouble, and uriL
Foley's Kidney Pills purify the blood, restore lost vitality and vigor

Sdid in St. Andrews b-y

11~ 71 -





- reeMar"""



Snow Liniment

Positively Cures
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lame
Back, Old Sores, Wounds,
S .? Sprains, Bruises, etc.
Give it a Trial and be Covince.
t Three Sizes, Pree 25, 50c and $1.00
-- ST. LtIS f.tSSOURf...


) Th B H d about his house in the middle of the
SThe Big Head night? .
is of two kinds-conceit and the big While he was thus engaged, b -i
head, that comes from a sick headache mind saturated with his trouble, the'
Does your head eye' feel like a gourd door was thrown open. and Brownj'J:
and your brain feel loose and sort? came In with a youdig man fashionably."
SYou can -ure it in no time by acting dressed and of a very aritt4rntkl
on youm fiver With Ballard's Herbine. mien. who ftood staring at WVlter
Ion ot Avr itht n rt he a Then the stratner said angrity:
I't tit worth trying for the absolute .'bht do .you lean by accusing mis
e and certain relief you'll get? Sold by of behig in your house at midnight" '
GainerMercanntile Co, I didn't Yonr not the man. ..- .
". 'm .ngh . .. *,. -.
See hereo." cld lite wti
SInnocence Into the unhappy man ex- slou, "If you're in collusion with thrit,r,
t cept so far as supplying a friend with whelp to get hiru out-of a scrape, l'lJT ,
Money. I + kill you nud lim rtoO." ''' -
3 "But she has kept even her ac-. ".ut. Nurman," interposed Browq,
qualntanee with taim from me," sald "this is Cranston. You said It weas
Winters. Cranston who was tn your house last
There was something so Iterimi- night."
eating in this that Brown was silenced. Winters stood looking from one 'to
"I tell you what you do, Norman," the other wondei-lrugly.
he said-"tumble into bed here, go to "IHe's not the hahti'" be repeated.
sleep, and tomorrow well see what "Who's been p.eroniting mer?" e-
we can do *o get at the bottom of the claimed tbh real Cranston "If 1 find
affair. I'm quite sure something will out I'll'give him the worst thrashing
turn up to prove your wife's inno- he ever got"
cence. I know Cranston, and if you At this moment there was a ring fft -
feel that you must punish him I will the telephone. Brown received thi
arrange matters for you." message. and the following dialogue
Winters was persuaded and after a took place: t :l-.
while went to bed, though not to Woman's Voice-Is that yo*, Mi,
sleep. He lay awake all night, va- Brownr .. .. r- pl
Srtous suppositions concerning his Brown-Yes. Who are ydt~', plea.?
wife's connection with Cranston. run- Woman's VoWea-Mrt. Winters:
ning through his mind, and in the Brown-Ah, yes! What can 1 do or
morning arose unrefreshed and as you? : u "!n'
feverish as when be had gone to bed. Mrs. WInters--My husband dtdll't
Brown took him out to breakfast cofrme h to eath about him, I' e
with him, and afterward both return- telephoned to deahis club a tI hey t
ed to Brown's rooms to concoct a plan telephoned to his clut'b; and 'thpy
t . h toc<,nic i b left there about 12 o'clock. Have
of action. They talked an hour, but h le _tten)reao 12 o'lo hi
could reach no conclusion. Brown of- you een or heard anything of him
Sa"No->-ye. H old the wire."
fered to go to Cranston and listen to Brown turned to Winters soad we-
what be bhd to tellof Della Wtinters' peated' the conversation. WIptew .
motives in supplying hhn with wneybrain was In snob confusion tbat be
and why he had found, it no.e- ury .could make no suggestion as to, wt
to meet her n her own house during to reply. .Prown put bl lip t
r her husband's absence. 'penklng tube again. ,
"I have no t'onfldoene t any ex- "Ielldl Is that you. Mrs.-Wintefril ..
planation," mild Winters. with a gr.an Mrs. Winters-Ye '
"Arrange with bhiu. as he mig-e od. Brown--o-tr. husanoi ls, Pere. JU0
for db6ue kind of. a i ,et ig rteo stayed, with. ue ~et night.; '-. ,
him and me that .will 'not t1ru-.y d.eMrs. Winters-IId he? Oh, b-ow .t~-
wife Into the thlfiir"' leviedd I am' T4ell him to .cot bo m 4-
"."His thorfghtfuitnx of Io,,ir wlf'" at (,ne. r.nst n(glit the 4u0 e '
"The name tli'at has sto real one in a number of suiIh 'asest the stvepr is t, rine .. -
Totonrrow night I will msiet ,iu at ,''rl,'t. Mr tj'i
,your clnb. Of what club are vyu

"The AtL -"inrin.'" 'roinied Winter and ri6 ndo .
"1 can easily pbtaiu un introilue- '"Noruind, you're. bp'.n ki
tion there. I undrstmnd titirttbrdge la burglar. The fellow mnist I. '... -
played there every ni-. WVe .wIll. eool ad havo great inr-n,,viivwe p --
* join a bridge pimrty. Y;Iu .11n uVeuse' it ythil lhlta over liint h. imd, ''.
m6 of c(heatin % I will ricttallt with you ytou.'llV se0 that t wus w '
an insult. 'lien you ( air kill me with was required to li tli yn I', hyio bl ',
ut a word tfirg spoketn tagmait you? ou' father than urntil ht:n ,vI er t.fb.
wife." police. While' be was r:ukinfT with
Wii)(,,nf xta rr--i'!i to a. thi it.d ,you his pmia were doiulrtl .s u,'?tinlD t i
; h:'t wai's i'i: s;d. e t hliu"- ,wag out thronih thi, i'.-'hl tdor."
Sa lodmirt hin his bra ii. lut ,winter- stood .)I','. ut ? his friendL
7Tit v.-;i's cli 1,W 'u- hihe spoeak!r hiid relief and shame strtiL''-"iig to hin for
Siiii,-i.( WVi;t(>is poli, to thledtor the mastery. Precnitl., be ,rild 'to
'nd <'a!d : .. Brown:
0 *'r "Tell ber not to mtrind th, Jewels or
Th t'dcr. int l'ei','e lh'i I rt- ;t i ; "Wthat -excuse shall I mniie for y iur
)(,r h' tuIr n' d :( id. i.lding lti ': L'P hf "Il stayvlilng here?" L '
ip ;i!( i;.kiL n twn d hI;nv.en: satfil: "An.thing Tell her 1 irot bl t..lig : .
"*! :-.'1i" lit vI.r -. ii' is. lain buf. nrunk hit th' clul anl youlhlad to bring "
t, _'nt '', mlij : e hom e t .. :
V'-if lt'rs 'i* -"'a iti tti. <- ra' i t s %'l li
h.-t< i-i. l i' r.!4 : dowi n. .i 11 i mlh h.s hewd ti a ii.:n' "d ; '4d +' Perhaps the most ait ~tlishliuz ''rese-. .
'ed tatlon of "l' aml't" et 'r 'r,->it .im any :'4
lut be d3! no' ton.u reithni In thi. stage WaS a .Jantneso'vrstoi ,'ivenmly y -
'5os1 hon. lie ian-it l}a; e mir: hbe n-lu-t nntl-ve~ctors nt Kobe. 'Thin' t(I)Pe [tir- :
lef himself' in l u .iod to th Ink; In atd descrlib s It as "a wonderful m t- "
iis exlttd .anet li.s v., fen. fe:lolg tlint lie ntlghtn te'qu'e.- With iiuO[-i-'i h Ia sounti 'ne,# 't '

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