Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: November 29, 1906
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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p~t-ZatR. BMp1. AT ST.- ANDREW, FLA.
trcjJ. P. One IJ30uLarigYa 1ur un Advanced .

P~aerd Spt 3?,I19!,at St. Andrew,.
Of Dl= A4I 0o Coagrrng of March 8. 1879.
shuw s

WEL L p.EU10$

ia~aA~ t"'~t ~-~.;per Inch per'

el~t mpirdl

irxt-.-.sub t toRoft

1OV. 29, 1906.
**'V *.. -

01raudfather Cole had kOt everything
isw~f. m ie- held on to It with a
4) of, Iron. All her five children had
-w ospbred erk~t iurkleR L~cinjiel. He
7 i.,: Iett wifg 1OWti dhullhter little except
IIi~~I lul lULLIt ha~d followed thew so
Z .jr~~gbl3 fie tbrpt.years s~nce his
f-w A-i iyhikdail last been forced to
VA tshv itwter Ur: idna bad gr~dg.i
'-' --'6Tbaeb sd'ihoiT! Yoaki knw I Wou&1
ra~tla~ ?t (mn--b aids ~lo Jos'.
~j..No, u~is..y. i' marr~y ynI.
~ 1i A yr. Tfie-aiyu r~n tathe your
~ ~otorJ~~w 'tld j1':.R~ewoulter
aigOia't be cto~sers.Yen
*'.I~egpr.You'll1 gpstLs~e'.
F tp, *6 'urs. ut .V,

.herself a pauper, duly committed. She
!had not thought of that before--of
course there were legal forms before.
they could claim l e last refuge of the
leAtitute, and would not .the authorl-
t146 get back at grandma? She had a
-ht Idea. that well to 41o folk had to
i.knwero for their near kin. '
No doubt'that was whab Jimmy was
4popkIdtg aboit-he was talking. low
in.4 eagerly to mamma. Yes, he was
t'ntug the horses toward the court-
otfiab' esuare. In a. wink they drew
p theie, and Jimmy, springing down,
field odt his arms to her.-'TYo know
ebeeare--a-rn ngements,-r-wii.youtrust
S.tn make them he asked very low.
les could ony' .o'wr her head;s
,. woas hgyondher. Jimmy lqooed
; ,as "-e. t der, 7. m I w,^

a, ~-
a a-
- 4a~ -

~L. .4.A;***

~ ,p~fzaiJHf WVey Pii&on Wash-
U*~0P~flto>' ZbW~etpnf, N ixon.
tTt.~u *"vJstrc* of,.b -t~ pea(e,

'1, ~ a~,aA1L ~*ce;-DeputY' lek
cir4%lt' cow, AY. A. Ei]t]aoUs;
~CIOOIflh'eeiWS0.W. Sairbeir,' S~r.
L..Gr~llhi, A. IIt. Brake; Pchstmhg-
C -* usaer Taylor

pola~~'iqintfste'r, Renry Boye..
'.er~rostona iter an~d.st~Y ib
UaWB-4' aster, M. N. Carlisle.
S~ipdeB~t nsl~r, 'R. Peters.
Al ~tot,-postinaster, Andrew Allan.
'q Ialpt s. v~ostuteS W. Auder-

klDI!4Ostaster, inr''op

~Zppesister, W.e C.' Holley-

i*~,~M~i-4'O~ifaS~tW. .F. wood-

ft I4.rlek 'evgy fty ex-
"-at 1'!20D. v .e

At 2 P. Ij -

ure.iaOIlagI avi.'fronlt-

R.Eev. C. L.'JuYllem-.

4:* a.m~every SWi4$.-

-' ~ ~ $C, v. 0. ~Dl
~t~itt utkday school -at 9:30
vii-4 lk'A. qim-ery ~tu1S John -'G
-n .uk Supt.
V., 404.IPd~t erSt.,


I, nations ow time first
And, third aray
In each mothal.
Vfihtulumt Bratlierf
PI.EARKMrt, w 11.

'Wli!%V NISiBMItE&TORt r.
u liviq Oi~reut Court.Cl .erk and Notary
~l~ic ot- the.'&ate at Lar;p; -bis
'Wt-1166 t& 54cidmiuster oathiA,46mli
lI1A1A 1ts, ligaiize ackowhledg-
a, qwe em., anywlaete In i Florida.
L. q~t~gn'tJoun. girpiu' to land coIp
tad4id iriap:eberemofly per-
.~- ..o ..fr law Lwully~qt~allfied parties.
..4k : R Apdrewu

^V^'l'^ af 5I^ imij oocttr -sould
-you chose torenew. ,
S .

Correspondence of the Bq1oy.
~Editor Buoy: I will leave Chioago
for St. Andre'v, Munday, Dec. 3. A
numberjf people will go from here
to Florida this' winter-sLme for the
tvintler and some to make their per-
mianent bhue there.
The time has come for the greatest
boom at, St. Andrew that was ever
leit on the Guff coast.
Mr. Hill l ithe Northern Pacifii
railroadd made a forceful speech in
Chicago last week, which was chour-
cd by a packed huase. with loud
Hurrtata! **That:s right; Go ahead !"
He weVnt oI to sthow that mergeded
wanted more railruadm,, and that it
should stop ighitiing whale we h.ave.
-We kuuw itis is true ol 't. Andrew.
He Iproceeded to show that what this.
ounitry, especially Chicago, needed
Wai the tearing down of the stone-
wall tajff between lis sand Canada,
-aud a trunk liue Iroui the far North.'
west through Uojicago to St. Andrew,
tIi.UeVt. dour tu all natio.us,
SN.No uvie will dispute thiI who hai-

c'lqk,. tmmu -uVc~f 'the gruund, &%I -havye for-r
you JRC26aud have bi-,
le:fu Wys j'ruat-simnis it. Nsuww, e am-e

going lu have it, anmd don'L you"Tfor-
go it!l ior Ihe 1tithern states begin
tu q. the necesity of this a eryk
laumg. Morae whenu 1 see yue.
tbniuaxo, Now. 0, 1996.


STime election news, miIoIO the tull

tMtiCL J1G

It #till f, ri. i ; idei
so muclh -Wrger and molrw e eovpuiemit ti
the publisher feels he has good right toI '
provement, and the I t. ,of it i-a thei q,.h 4. t
struction, nor a tvpe'.r feature of equiprteimA'vv
inpaiI f.,r, and lha hopes rndxpdet ake othl
i. .,ilm n r .
in the near futnire. .
T,.'f ^

greater revolt against. high trust
prmices-i.whiclh thasie corpotaI ieas are
prcitecled b~y thle lar~ifl ii extortiing.
All the democrats have to. do
inslure succerw is to get togetilir Q1
es~emtial 'policies .a mmd leave faayj-ir.
ferencea oGD minqir'matters tQ~be set-'
tied by congress and le~imJhttmrea as
'they arise, anti perfect their orgilifiza-
Ldollilla tile sqVeral states that %'Vill
see that deomocratic, voters. go to the
pohle anad .L41eir vote araeIhonestly

'Eve.-Vthing at -Paniffla IsI run oil
aii egcper~iv* end extravagant Ian.
''ime S3~i ngfl'dd -. Repu blica am aepfirts
thtat, ftlterA is an ePI4alric of 4"'
wnditn'ia r higher. %aget. 1111011g.the
Akilled white wtork-mnam. tile 1oc-anqq-
I ivb.pngittepr e,- ~*etinit wif It a rlematsni
For .2 I fmia'm lPi ia he '01481"
-! enva IgliinaerN utsiewi1$2.50a
aije. raihiuad ci'm~dmetI~rm $190, l4ieo

er14,illackwsn! ths and-miachinjixts85
cents a" hounr. 'No O'ne is obhmged'.to
Rmol k uore than6 eight hours- a d'4.y
butL many initchinibta, by workitig
-avertime, are already earning j2150s i
ii-ntwhilt mie Natilke rate 9!,$3000
pi vanr, Buit- twit is not enough.
IVlm g.'-'ormikemmt, tho, Reems to. be at
mila, ,m.mold)Of f'esi. mkilled enkplovoim1
ill N iaagfe :mmitFUBsr." J
h'.it -lilt1im t, mI~Lfly regtr-ileh-4 of Cotst,

retuimun live been reported,'showu ,Ir Pieaiderie iIo.-revelt would be ini a

great of all tihe tate officers in New York
o'hei than goverinr, by smill demo-
cratic majuiities an spite of all the
weight and influence of the admiiia..
trati -nu ndicates that the great beirt
oi 'ti eEmpire mtate still. beats in uuni-
son wvilh aem,,cracy and that with-

me-h.-,laal'ajlIi4 irministah amu mnucha.

If the- ad ininiatVatiom wouml do
..m*metiinmg to -1op thyII toniiff protected
-I,' uINs I'frmni c ntiftmily advancntg) pri-
, :,m t* -re wonmlil be goneram, rejoicing.
Tin'- plain asdjaileild f finiig a few of
i h tiunts, vi tally files tihe A meri-

popular candidates In 1908 the elect- aln pe..plI.or t'ltruists got even lby

oial voLe ol tile atame mi likely, to he
in thl. demn. ratic column.
BuL the imost wondellul change
fioum abjt.t sui eo:tei-r to the "ttuia
andl curporatioun to the reviving imn-
diietcesti o guod 'govem nment is iln
New Jeim.ey. A tabulation of the

it; ring ip the I, ice of heir products.
1i',, 1tiubli ail .I' lam of btandliiig pJ t
a;,l, tIhem.1. l.tdgl,. g tl~ eal trust utsale,
iuyv lhave aine alvaitagd 'jf making
thn trusts -\,~mm m ib f to capalnigti
I'llna. .-. I liives the ra.6i cle at\ ii,
ith. camitin'e'1. planddoing of the can'

-' '- -- l.a 1------

voits by coaltifieb slows a democraqtjC o mubtm Ilir-th geti ta si u h ighprices.

majority of 11,280 tn the state.
l'te, iepurblican plurality for
~.a ety tiqketm lait year


~kimals-ummma alm It disu Frerritory eat-
amely repuaalint.l4 the fedora t4I cil

.The N4~ $r

this Thirck~pig" J
'Was dtejA &ke .

Out 16 b a witito~

What will &be d4rl
Mai to do, whiiith"W
pie contrgl'ti1010t.0 a i

reliedrae a,? inloc



'i ,
d tie. gr-and.

Mrs Cole "aiay
inU?. Rut. nWt
'a.-rrfy her. Jlesy-
S.roposals last y
tone and lot uthe
"And who wer
: now?? Grandma
swelling vol sbl y'
al C..thilldren, or.!
grave, orcrahky
be even preach
you know even,
marry you nmlessa
I ever did hbo
making' out every
house or even r
of goin' there-
iShe paused in-
Mrs. Lem .Col
would have h I
6ove c9iltrotertl
to prove ber in,
everythi g.
.we l, but b goag
desperate one.. I
alt: "Welli 'Ih b
they twered t Wid4
'unt real good e
te ontr oaq '.
T'There -nasanl
diW't bell
rayin'," Gra A
- PFour pro-
Luteadlgo't h
Sor. t Yelar

`YOUnrvo SO -ro money to
(u-t btte leaar economy

4e.j teeAl for going awa thenu.
Wa iqtter's tlmoroua fears had
lrd e' tar. to .efly. Jessy was
ftffy. Her eyes were too
I. -s.- too severe- She, had
.h, .e An*.d lean cut,, and a
i iI 'It. Her hair was
Al.- .?t 'iey. 'a-:water blue.
-n I 4ad black eyes and hair
and "yj .lMA calr. Grandma thought
116 t Wema-tr) nature In the world.
'" tla 'Itueight Jessica .hardly
"paabl .,ribat.row was she faced her
gradehtaid 4b#e'aa* a Jeslca new and
atiwnge,' op whose cheeks, were dam-
p.k roWpeki
The change startled her. -She turned
half abt saying In a grumbling
vqoeie: '"Matia, you oughtn't to ipro-
Vdke. Me- Ut. to out In the garden.
I'a: comntn' pretty shortly, And you,
i es8, ttlt the toy to bribg round the
Puggy, . want you and Ann 'Lisa to
drive .Me' to the store tor me."
"ra gorry, but 1 .can't go," 2easy
sald, hfg tight to her mother's
hand. 'T-Sjhall be busy-1packing ul.
and findig out how "we ean host gef
"Oh.,aho t pP Stop your foolish talkl"
gandma hoipmaidod fretfutilly.
Ann Iita el&0e In from the garden,
Tooth 1"itm" haaI full of dewy roses.
."Hetr! Talte:these und fix the parlor
vases," le't4iDmanded Je.s.ca.
J.os a er head and turned
rov'eaf-d fe 'dr. Graundni Lad weak-
"et$ &QcqSib. she was ou the poitt cif
Wja-xi. an' l ology. trut a4

.and, land
:rry havesa
said to bhet
* 'a 4 4 '
little tremu-
f do ant to
', had four
y she'd 'a'

frd like to
,her throat
Wrwers with
r0oot in the
W ;hi, or may-
, how can
' wants 'to
Sd' says so?
way of
.went to' a
a no'ton

liamph. if
sI deeK, and
|was to risk
,w that very
a, Is. often a
S.she burst
La men-and
Pr preachers..
aked me to
o 74m. And

one.4' Miria
rord. you're
at futlou.ly.
y, Ann
I 4e whole
d her

-rould come- of rittiffl*,i~ttr-; on"
iorsebckr'" her auger flamed up hot-
ter -tha. erer. /. -
'Yo.n 6o 'as you're told," i he cried;
catching Jespsca by 'the shoulder ,and
trylng'n. fo shake her. "You say 'you
wpnt to work for an vin'; prove It by
waltin' on your betters"
Jessica set. her teeth hard, broke
from the quavery hold uad rushed
away. At the steps she stopped,
smiled bitterly and shook the. dust
from her feet. Ovr& her shoulder slhe
called clearly, "Mother, meet me at the
big -gat Im an hjur; by then I shall.
know exactly what we can do."
Ten minutes la:er she stood In the
Wakefield yard facing Jimmy, with
her heart beating so it haf! suffocated
ber. She had so dreaded 'tV tell what
mrUst be Qtold-4-to ,at;k ,te help thatli1t- w
imperative. It w s .:.ot I .:', '. oi-ly t3
carry her mujthb"'aqd 1:. r c:-iat .e--
longings -tpThe poo:'h'u- e. A-"v -sheltet
would, be bl;,e:- thau tl0e Co .- roof.
There was nob :,y el-oe she e,).'I.l i.k.
Jimnay was the only friend \w;tlin.
walking distncee-morejver, their single
person to *hom rhe co-id bring her-
self to make such appeal. "he was,-
In a way, bound to ma-ke-it. Shle had
promised, when she denied him that
dearer promise, to cnit on limi If she
foubd herself In need of tim. Now
she was blessing him silently that he
had not asked auythtt:ii; had listened
only to whbvt she ered to tell' and
said afterward, with a little soothing
touch on bea' iand: "You did right to
come to me, Jessy. Of course ,'jl take
you amywhereyou may want to go."
"Yod. you'must only seni us. Black
BilIy a, take -us In 'the wagon.
,.Gandma will be so angry if she knows
S ihel -i' escape," "Jess!qa had
l4laa$^Dt ~J&, mr. oeny

mas m- DOw- :-

Each mMai around the store bad told
"'As tale of the "hardest,railn he ever
zaw* fall but of the sky." Tom UrLn-
. ;:ns wns an easy winner with his of
ihe gr'at harvest rain of '93. _
"It l.-,;:i willt bl, drops kinder scat-
*erlL' like." be said. "then it got to i
.liowcr. ;'id I Jtwsl thought I'd crawl
midor ihe con."as on the reaper till It
was orer-!-nowed the team would
sta.nd-'.'ut. sir. when the lightnln'
too' to hitting' right at that binder I
concl.iled to get out from there. I had
a gallonu and a half bucket on my arm,
and I lit out for the mule shed. When
t was about halfway there the thing
begun to get heavy. I looked down,
and If the blamed thing wasn't full of
water I'm a"-
e launk Individual who had been&
leaning against a barrel broke In:
"Well, flow, I reckon that must 'a'
been the day i am thiqikin' about.
What made me know it wqs raining'
some was seen' a flock o' will ducks
go over. Gents,. them dUics bad fold-
ed their wings dtd was just naturally
For the space of fwo minutes not a
sound was heard save the purring of'
the cat asleep on the counter, ie si-
lently, with bowed heads, the crbwd
dispersed.&-- Woman's Home Compan-
"A Star Out of Jaco." /
In the time of the reign of Hadrian,
about A. D.'130, a Jew appeared among
the peopl- of Palestiue .cla.tiung to" 0.
a meslah--the "star out of lacob"-
wklcb Bi ,-predicted in his ltq-
-ii .X.,Kedieted In his '7Oro

Jewish mets s m1"n
Bar-Cocebo, which attet, aine
Hebrew latuage, mOs "siOt-4
star." ThIs Individual wbheo blatant-
ly proclaimed himself tobd of divinO
drigin took Jerusalem by storm (A. D.
182) and actUally commeceTd the re
building of the termiWe. lie took.the
government In band and Issued coins
and performed many other, public of-
ices. One obithese coins, now In the
Brntlsh museum. has'an ela'rged star
upon one side and upon the othef a
Hebrew legend meaning "The Deliver-
er of Jerusaleip.'" The Jews. it tIs said.
lost 600,000'n mn defendltg this a es-
siah at the time when the Boman gov-
ernmept attempted to put down the
popular delusion. In Roman history
Bar-Cocheba is known as "Cozlba of
Barchocheba." 'The enemies of the I
"son of a star" changed his name to'
"Bar-Cozeba," which in the Hebrew
means O"son of a lie." *

A nook For the Mar-ried.
When The civil ceremony of nfarrlage
tb performed in France the official who
.'onducts It passes to the newly wed-
ded pair a little book, which 'a the wed-
ding gift of the French government.
rhis book contains" an official record
of the wedding and a number of blank
'paces for future births, marriages and
deaths in the family. The most Intor-
tairt feature of the small volume, how-
Iver. Is contained In about six pages
'hat are devoted to the spelial Instrue-
doas which the Academy of ,Mediclne
'as prepared on the 6are of young chbi
4ren. These Instruction 'number thir-
ty-flve In all, and they refer to the
feeding and clothing of Infants and to
the further protection of the helpless
:hlld. This curious ffttle wedding gift
was ijqspired by the deep thought which
1' ._ --d,. __.. .. -... .

;an paper.: Yst' '-
I had not then reee 4t- e
tor. Imagine-tr wlit'* 4,
tlewI had bet tt
a ,veritable agony. t i' "'*
cover a .eason for yo r siene., .,t,
may guess howy fsuffe 'Bht atl '
yesterday evenin l* aaln.sa4 yowr
adorable handwting. hak tbank- tha
with the whole of iny soulo Thus, a.
any rate, we may ptri wi thbtaf)qlW."
.hearts. But when 1 think ,we shall
never see one another aganl my soul
fireees., Write to me often, for I bave.
need of your gentleenS -and .I have *
foreboding that I shall succumb to.-te
pestilential cfiumate of the" ooUntt '1
am going to. And I shall write every *
other day to you. To you all.my soul,
all my love, sweetest a dM /"
able creature." : '
A-Lesson In Japa (urtouori ; "t '.
I remember many years a o a pliet .
at the-palace-gI great ofllcal; dili- '
.where aiong time gu tor weo' e ,. "..
the old leaders. f 'rbellons,- .i ',. '.
holders of-the h11W t. W e. )at -
shogtaB h.iaself, ';r a
proudd: silent glin,-eatfoq it .
and 'I wOdetred ai ..
tild s-ho itsef t A
face. At tha ipozie

nent Th face ,
for one il umtnattag aSaissat wit ,
S wlof respaoslw I dI~ _

biv.1 ofuienaolav uevrw

Gato (fiqtelt oucWblyi.g#

apptmachdthe "IIn.1- thaets as

annd offered to ivwk rke'n2,5 p"= %iAk
legal c~ellvque2 la% lt4m.'t'ti

a I'

lh". iva*proMlt Iet-!

At* o &1' O I

if p4.-OO""LIoafl work. Offluee
gmJii Tonmusm 'asturcByf-a.
a. mnd W~ehingtbma ae., St. Alndr-e~Y

t~aI~E~lPV,9T f hWs lrefes-
blOmil~,W'l~ato toW citizenA Go St.
*Audrewti*a ledvicnty. Residence on
VaeiuLn Vloci a%'elbus

ef,., ioiaitelejat PhysiciAn and Aceti'
- d~e. 9tce IIoneir Drug Mtore,

~ .0 A ti. VRKHR,
Vlp~l PJ~Az~.gije for the State of FlOE-
I L4 artge. -Offce at Park~erFM.
sudayiest of lass.

'a- r~ Il~alp an-M3 praetce h4~
~p~blofa ~ -e-'.~ame to, thisf town.
~eee 31dI& .MJx-Ob.so you have

s- t first 'demoeratio najftrily '1
Lthe state siace 1893 and iadicaies.
that **Jersey justice" wi.l cleanse tIle
state of tihe ring of corruptionists and
grafters that. have j tfeeted her amd
with New York will agaiii be doubt-
ful states with the chances lavorieg
the democracy. .a
The other democratic gains are in
Rhode leland, Minnesota, North Dal
kota, Missouti and Oklahoma, which
states all gave large democratic ma-
jrities.'. Tmhe democratic candidate
lir governor.of. Kansas was only de.
treated by 2,000 votes, a gaiu ot 65.-
000 oter the- vote of 1904. The dem-
ocratic gain of over fifty, members of
congress shows the general treitd of
the country to swing towards demo-
cratic policies asd when the standpat
doctrine af the republican cog'ress
indicatess that real tariff reform is im-
p6uible eaa.bog as that party con-
troIs thle legislative branch 'of the
government, there will be a sill

drtegatio' to lhee ajl
United Ststea'setur 00 rdT fivPe rep*T
reseatatives. '" -

'll- .,re b ',) --k w Yqrk City.
doing bmisin-imss on the Jat l side of
that eiiv ty l. ju't paid a divi'lnid blf
$900 a share- en its $100,000 cip-
italip-ition. This bet-.s the record., of
a.1y. national b-tnk and without the
a-aidl tgoveaumnent depositin free of in-
terest chaiges either..

The New Jerey le."islakure has-
only three republican martj.irty tand
the' three are republican reformers,
who. may j).in wiuh the democrat,.
The corporatioink and trusts who
siheter in Jdrmey hima. bettor prepare for
trouble this winter.

The Standard Oil Trust does not
seem t mind e being prosecirted as it
lures its lawyera hr a termn of years
and Itocdfeller rather enjoys seeing
them earn their money.

bo' Iut .i
take hin, too, iss good 1ad
4-eady. Dop't re ta!k of hiTM
wanting' that s a Jhsy. Itf*I
thoughtt there w ny trout in wi'tM
you've said I'd 6n stmigaht out of
the house" .
"'hen we'll ..g I1tobut waiting to
be sent," Jessy, st out from the
doarw. Stbie-hk, )een.standing JustR
outside, feeling go how that her dear
patient imotheir ii need her help and
countenance. "I 't like to tell to
say such things," e went -n, "but
mammy tol thde th t, lothing but the
trMut. And she t sa.st re to be
insulted. Unless u ask her pardon
we' I go away."
"Where? To- county poqrhouse?
I don't know any chaeb tfor ye,"
Grandma sm, t tq faced, her eyes
She was adt Im iou old lady, nobly
partial to her na ks and favorite
grqndchfld, Atn a '"icks, partly
because A vas pretty and'tak-
ng and m p partly- also be-
catose sr hadl enough of her
own to b'asnirel n Anendent

w hwr ateingai to reappear. -all
in a. 'whtet, driving a spanking palr.
whichst drew a double' seated vehicle
4plck and span.
"I ,ti"lhk we'd better make the trip
%-a q(lck one." was all he said in an-
swer to Jessy's expostulation.
Almost before she knew 'It she was
itLlng beside him, bowlln- along the
urapike at th3. team's best pace. Ais"
Qilickly her mother wps gathered up,
anid, the hand lIggage properly be-
stowed, lmmy amazed Jessy by bid-
Ifug her sit behind, adding, "I want to
talk to mammny-and these horses don't
let me turn my head for any consrder-
able time,"
Jessy began to feel desperagtly lone-
ly-she could not even divert herself
by watching the dazzle "of the flying
spokes as the, wheels span'. round.
Jimmy Wap driving very fast, and
keeping to the turnpike. It must be he
meant to take them through town-
that, no doubt, accounted for his choice
of a rig. She knew be hated a shabby
outfit--especially upon Saturdays and
court days. It might be he had busi-
ness that could not walt-but some-
how she felt that he was unkind to
think of anything but her extremity."
Then she sank into a sort of dame, won-
derinsr dully how It would seem to find

in v!.w of the backward movement lU
poimlat'lon In France.-Boston GMIooe
lere's Spelling Lesson.
Students lii a London school were re-
cently asked to write this: "A. glut-.
tonous sibyl with ber glutinous band
complacently seized a sieve, a phthl-
sf-al Ichneumon, a noticeably sirperell-
Iou1 Irascible find cynical sergeant, an
embarrassed and harassed chrysalis, a
,shrieking sheik, a complaisant prese-
lyte and an anonymous chrysofite.
These all suddenly disappeared down
her receptive epophagu s. fhS simply
said: 'Pugbh! Not saccharin!' She
theq transferred a billion of bilious
mosquitoes, an unsalable bouquet of
fuchsias, lilies, s, liliesdas, yacinths and
phlox, a liquefied bdelllum, an Indeli-
ble defamatory inflammatory "synchro-
nism and a debi table syllogism to the
same capacious receptacle. Peaceably
surrendering her'daguerreotype' to tfie
ecstatic- aeronaut, she descended with
her paachute-a synonym for ba-
rouche-an'd 'grlevously terrified the
stolid, squalid yeomanry already tor-
relied by the heat. 101 Fahrenhelt."

Scribbles-Yon sit on every joke 1
submit tq you. Editor--Well, if they
had any noint to them I wouldn't

U uni anM d l iS the'trde-
mark ofScott'eEmtiWalon,
and is the Syo yimft fq
strength and purity. is sol4
in almost ,al tlte cIhiv touno
tries of the globe, '
I the co fSh 4ecam. extinct
it would be a w.orld-wid caaien-. .
iry, because the 6 d'that comes
from its fivor surpass -8lfOtber
fats in nourishing and.life-givi i
properties. Thirty years ago
the proprietors of'Scott'p Eintr -
eion found a _way' of preparing '
cod liver oil so that eeryoe neean
take it and get thie full, veh.o '
the oil without the objectionabt
taste. Scott's Emulsion fif the
beat thing in the world for weak, ,
backward children, thil, delicate
people, and all conditions" of -),v
wasting an4 lost strength. '.
,sead^ or t t ~ .." .
SCOTT & OWyEZ, fi .I;--;
SS-wSaMA ,,,a."w SW v.
51. a mt.. -

IL a-. ..*
A -~I~m~.a -I A-a. -~ P1

-. '$'-I~~~ *
'~ -'4-
'a- a.
a.- *.q-

-a. ,

..* "



Al6 e 1
W6-15 1


-- ~

;, 'Li 1, -1 1,
-~ .- a..,..- --"-.w.

N 0

Def or the- ~tirotfleikft* *

ui Tral- LAt 4W' w '

-- 0"a~

only 6n ~ :Ifaladu~ayaaTbaair cpadve'PIt
as rvmucb vottdoV .p ISYU1.kaLli4a in-
wouldrliV_7v. AuFgtaig f 'f.. tt-.-
four-6vbpeotgd .hlule to)@de~~f
trmuv.-Ied om, .*'ofw a-'.'.I
rnumuxiet and used a'ude 5jff"ipliiirw-er.
Women had iddeaUMetd,,p -tillu s6

thbem px~pOt in -fht)t- *iy. 1e 5a D

* tar mfturt A., Iut~u'
toe Ml ad#~~4-A





The str. Tarpon arrived from Car-
rabelle and Apalachicol'* at 1:30
o'clock p. m. last Friday. She ar-
tived from Mobile and Pensacola at
11.45 a. m., yesterday. o
The schr. Blanche arrived from
Pensacola at 10:30 a. in. yesterday
with a full cargo of St. Andrews Bay

Leaves St. Andrewq Ray, every Monday,
Leaves ensioaol i, Thursday, (we.itper
permitting). Spe. lal atteutlior will be
given to receiving and ferwarding
freight for parties living anywhere on
either arm of the Bay, and passengurs
for any point ou the ktay can depend
upon BseurFihg prompt transportation
at- reonable rates. Good Daesenge,
... ecoo nodatqen. Esprom and Railroad

4. ... .. L
A 1ritf tng. East flay Manr litceen St.
S. Adrpw, Wetappo an I interniediaeic
S p&Bints., Ieaves Vt. Andrew daily (ex
cept SnIldaty' t 5:00 a, m.; arrive at
SWe aapo at i:2:30 p. m ; leave Wetappo
at 1:00 p. n ; asiives at St. Andrew at
7:30 p, m. Makes landings regularly at
Papa,, aOCily, Cromi.lo'a. Parker.iCal-
lawav. CoiQ, Allonton .nd Farmdale.
Freight landed at i.ny postluffle whalr .
For ps.aeunger and freight rates, see
.rate'card In thaseveral posiollicecs.
F. A. \\ ITHEBaLL, Mastger.

The.following table record- tho max.
Imum, minimum ahd mean tempera-
tures. the rainuf idi and .direcLton of the
wind for the. twenty-fonr hours ending
at ; o'ulouk p. m., :a iudicated.by U S

S te ...... MI R i-I. Wind.
Nov.. .21 77 55 66 .11 w
... 2 75 60 67 .00 n
23' 76 &5 66 .-0 -n
4 77 52 64 .00 n
". 25 73 51 62 00 e
**. .26 76 51 63 .00 e
-. 27 78 52 1'6 .00 nw
7 -' i 76' 4 I5 .11
,, ; "" 'r '

i Oi-firsi aiuihs-of thetliha'tl-Jans
.r p e-hti,a st ri.i. esumplre of Ihe niur.
.-- -lliuty for pre iir.ation amui' t ie-'e r.y ud-
w :- '.,itage bf.those who 'o to \3a:k, "hlave
11fngled' t&h)eir ro'fa in dry weather.'
e v-i att o.f-'preptatlia.n aU il',s v.d Iql$-
tvy.td gW'ep .0o us Otr, gr'rate.t meni.
Anllth[-jli' ,t, aSi wail- a< ,, ti,1 tiWe

'he r'It 1i(l v r a ta' -' A r.rid #i i- be
S ented innoh riIol'e- quickly wlh.n Irisieled
a's od as its I .t a been contract d fn ad oe-
f'.e It f hs Ais Iu oie settled i'l th Te.vsem.
Chaahbler.all' s ough' 4teanely i nftianuue
or its (ur6ii f colds anid it sh.ild e
kepltat kranid r..,rdy-'fir hiahiitnt usc For
Sti e by ail uiti.it eal 41 L etM .

, -^ -.- ,
S.'he pap-rus usebl by the. aucient
1" E tyiltHim wits made from the stems
-.of i,.lIuUar water reed growing In all
.' arth of Egypt. The outside layer of
tle' pl"dut was removed, aud beneath
,tis there Were found a number of lay-
ers of a delicate, pithy membrane.
These. being separated, were placed In
layers. A, second layer was laid at -
right angles to and above the-flrst anVl
sometimes a third over the second.
I heary pressure w"s then applied, and
the layers were firmly cemented into a
fair article of paper. No gum other (
than what was contained in the plant t
Itself 'was used In the process. The I
iaI2'rj1.Was very much stronger than
.Xie average paper made by the mod-
rn machines. The sheets were conr-
inonly made from six to twelve inches
square ._. ,
TWrO Monster Beetles.
The, largest bug known to the old
worJil entomiologlsts. s the gigantic t
olUtk beetre; which Is found along
bile'Kongo, river Ilt.Afrlca. Gollath is
S awgrd. of aix Inches In length from
.te p- of. 6is pose Ut the nether end
of iAs IuTr'shelled bady "and has a t
.t'a'; a'-,.. lgos folded tip under 1
R' Ml a uL sether ao wkeltb 'I as large i


-Colored and plain souvenir postal
cards, with St. Andrew scenes at the
Buoy office.
-The weather is more like delight-
ful summer time than we would natur-
ally look for now, almost in the middle
of winter.
-Blank Warranty Deeds, short lorm
printed on good Itnen taper, 25c per
dozen: also blank receipts- 100 receipts
In a block, 10c each, at the Buovy .office
-WIZARD INK Tablets, Price, per
box 10 cts. Put up eight Tablets itl a
box. One.box makes ten ounces of the
best ink Econcmical permanent. abso-
lutely "'r elible, convenient, non-coro-
sive. At the Bnoy office.
-Handsome letter head-, with St.
Andrews Bay date line and views of
either St. Andrews Bluff, or Buena
Vista Point, at 8c. per dozen; alao map
of the St. Andrews Bay country on
back of a. letter sheet at 15c. per dozen,
at the B-iov Office
-Today is t'hanksgiving. Let none
forget that there are those everywhere
who have little to be thankful for, and
if you have plenty,,contribute a morsel
to dome poor family !ess fortunate than
yourself Remember, "it is more bless-
ed to give than to receive."

-www, a u s,v oUminLUg are Inyited
topaiticipate. An order of tje Grand
Lodge of Florida demands that visitors
must be provided with a certificate ol
membership faom their homo. lodge and
a fully paid recent for dues.
-A force of men under the leader.
ship of J. H. Drummond are building
good, substantial walks, well evlvatei
aboye any high-tide mark across the
salt-marsh between J. T. Gwaltnev's
shop and the high land to the iorlti,
with branch from Auburn avenue to
the postoffice and in a few days thee
much needed thiorouhtbares will be
completed and ready for public us'.
-The trials of a country newspaper'
publisher are sometimes almost beyond
endurance. For instance, the Buoy's
sapply of plate reading matter so neo-
essary in the make-up of the paper has
been exhausted for two or three Weeks,
in consequence of which it has been ab-
solutely necessary to republish much
more that has already appeared than
is agreeable or likely to be appreciated
and in the meantime an abundant sup-
ply has been lying in the freight house
at Pensacola for mord than a month,
congested with other freight, awaiting
a means of transportation to St. An-
drew, and all the buoy can do is to ak
its patrons to be as patient a3 possible.
keeping in mind the circumstances, al-
'together beyond its control.
l-t is a long time between whiles
when St. Andrew is treated to anything
claiming to-be a show or entertainment
and still longer, if eve' its citizens hayv
had the privilege of attending one wor-
thy of the name; but the record has
been broken' durinbg"the past week by
the Rogers*-Earle Comedy Company
. .. h .es
ur Ware' Hall for fly 'tonseoutive
nights and presenting n, most merltori-
ous eotert..inment on. each ocpsion
demonstrating that Prof Routrs 11
deserves tne title he I)as earned as the
"Man of Mysteries," for his lightning
slight-of-hand and -mysterious oexhibi-
tions ara not excelled by the most re,
aown,.d masters of the profession-his
great Indian Trunk Mystery being the
pasterpieoe, wherein in three -reconds
he escapes from the truck with hib
hands untied wherein I.e hiad been
planed -by two gentlemen fruim the audi-
ence with' his hands tied by them be-
hind him and by them lir-st placed in
a seemingly perfect sack and it also
securely tied and then the trunk look-
ed and bound with stout rope-& and the
key held by one ol the gentlemen, and
In an iucredibiy short thite the trunk is
unlocked and unbound annl Mis', Edith
Clifton taken fromn it and from the sack
tied- with the same knots tied by the
gentlemen and her hands tied behind
aer in the same manner as %ere Pi of.
Rogters'. Next in n mystery is the aerial
suspension, with Miss Clifton resting
upon one etNow on the end of a small
rod, her body reposing at right anelet,
Vith the rod and no other supports from
above or below, the principle of gravi-
tr seemingly set at naught. We all
ktaow thdt these tricks are asl simple If
we only knew them; but Prof. Rogers'
exeoutes ,them all so adroitly that de-
tecilon is impossible. Beasies Ute
legerdemain feature. the comoDany has
a splendid moving-pic'ure equipment
wlth all- of the latoeut ilms. that gieat-


pretty anid s-ina.ii ittlie i" v*V
left t:Is 'pJrt. S[te a.aierl on -:i'Jyj
d.rawhiag thirteen frit. nul thu I
Killed a bIlnck ,ent 1lir niphlt lferrv,' ft.
sa!lhd. This tni',t .p i.Ie Ieu it-rlt'ns.
fLudl they 9:t:i:d so. But the tuiit< rt; k ;'.
bandsp)i1 e to ih'im, r t. :1,1, wini.ig a nrt h t c;!
Off w;tiJ ll] t-he i nrt u!p 41,! ht'lri -,l e
and tl.e la:r,'lor fr Il oI 1t o:triti.Ir ie ,. t!tio.'
was nao (hITn .e t, ltit >. her. Thb,' uo-. ci
got a chauce t. r<:,-,: her. fpr j. .w-ern'
down in a nojrlhe:'.t,-r tw.o d:;I.y out..
and Il al .nuJs with ht-r.
"No'.',-, a iiman of se.ise anId # I. t 11
fear of Go l in riE. willl r'et. tjear-. o:
it g)oj d Il of h:d rt I ".c' :d:ea o::;-.
)U tui),or' -walor 1-',1-" r "iL i .' _.9-111...'2 D'
thse .-Swart .Ioliuuie.< The:'a v- N-:1
lle.:glar, who shipped iu ti4e li 'ri. aot ni-
Ij\'. n a ;[ry. (11 ,\'-.'. la)'da; It F) '; "'.
N.ed., l i r' !J Lr.,'e hI "i Ii .-I .mil'
he h11ti ; o'0,: fo;'.s whio wi-'h.t to ci"'r0'chl
re?'Ia' r aad k .-. so. 'ir'. Tie a ,y lie-
.'.o the ,l'- ... w-': .t(' ai Npl utited
i':i.l of dul:ipi,'. : a hl i'e ,3,i l n't t tl,
wvhy. 'Lout-toward~ irt-lit he shok the
feelhin ofT and st.utedJ' own oi(r ith>e
.a7ll froal the IHa-:nii('!en r-and to tiic ,
i'ivcr with his l thhi n i lhis backtt. It \wa.
'- still, onoofliglit night, nu the tile ti le
v.-u'dl swerve in au 'hdur froni the
tini Ned started for homne. lie i:td
got halrw;vy down the hill and could
bear the oug whistling for the vcslelrs
-to get out their hawusers-tbem that
was goiug Ila the tow.
"All at oue he felt a -soft touch od
his arm, and he turned round. There
in the moonlight stood his old mother.
as had been in her grave eight years,
and she looked as natural, Ned. said,
as she used to when she stood at the
door waving him' goodby, when, as a
young fellow, he went away on' his'
first trips. Rhe looked kind of sad and
opaxing at '9im and .gently ledAhitu,
back over t&e bill, "moving s softly.
at. a shadder,_and at the top' of the
hill she pointed to hdme. Then she
faded out of sight like a puff of smoke.
Ned stood there a- minute or two, not,
able to sttr out of bis.tracks. Then lie
picked up his Iiag from where he had
dropped' it and started howue. It- was
th:i middle of August, lbut he felt cold
.a.! .'livu;-y. The [rniubow sa led
\itlih t him a:ld bae w.a never bhea'rd
r'ah:..i ilai."-la'.r r (Me. Cor. Philn.-
'.llh:.1 lvecord.

As She Had Hneard It.
KLndergarteu Teactier-What animal.
ts called the king of beasts? Scholar-
Pa. wheri mn'st mid!

All notter knowledge hurtful to him
ih i liaua not huunwty and good nature.

'1'he uhiv'-ersil and absolute law Il
that natural justicee which egnnot-be
written down. but which appeals to" the
'ieairts-nf all Vc'ltor Co it.n .L

Jealousy is the gr-a ast of mitfor-
tunes and the least pitied by those wA6
cause it.-Rochefoucauld.
It Sou:-"time, Seem* So:
-Totnmn--l':'t\r. \'l:nt does the paper
mean by ipra.'tical 'Christlatilty? Paw-'
Plracti<;l C'lristl:,i'irt L the kind thkt
does nut liaterfear, with a-'man's 'busl-
rhe habit of a whole life Is a strong
'rer thing than all- the reason aIn th
world.--Pope. .
A 'Toothplik TOD"p'l.:
Only. Qiu, $ 1 -
itrn~i ..,l..,.n^e~~;a ^2

. CL

*eamevi (annFind !"Jn'nrSignm *ni
(),.ena. L Ii1.1Lvick.
Two z~iInrq r~itiththei~r iulywrire Io~ ba
*luvig ove'r Moair 11 11'i-cs fullovvd :a
t1,11,1 .V NWN ~ec' W- Ii11.1 i-K. igor pier
~a -d '.V 'p i~o 'In hoard '11l1ov 11oi
Iv'y %% al tILrg fn Iop 4ut r v-'ta ud ewri.

J 't e II r Ia p11:1 l, 'ao lal Ith t' i toi. (;I~n~'

Whardif. Ihe 1::." s."ID.i. gter
lenv a v e tiac .1111 s r;. 0 il~t' 1%I"'lhp
wil'rf. -topraxi io~la~t h IwiaLr

~'flzt t. w tl : t I'n T hdoW g t qiip

serte I *c:l,' .o .'r. '-.:ha -.alit !I( i v
sL'p'i: g an.iq~e6 i;i.~, haIme lc..-, It.. Ia

stori ..:' of s t.l* ~a.rh a .'_ f
all MJs )i i:1i c~ll~s.
"T e c." ,r.1I ', 01'1. ao:] n fl. 1l5 th.
c'nsp Of the hrg -, tatrli:1'ttht 0,u ItIh(-'
SCCOaa'1 alf.i J!V. 11W '-VCMuaI II S!?t(-. hC
tr::el Ihe uw'la i 'r'sfip ', :
thnt hV -.'I W h161.~LNC Ir III 11 (*3jtt.AII
wheii 1-.ecame 111I i o1yspta~ictno,,
day to tale riajuarrtiiag d Ik ia' t !c-
It. and e a'.-i laui to ;:Pt a a.X4!cvf-
Eyu.[e aild lha't be glae"%441It wYDT -17.
bie p1l 1priglafinthe.'.rig. ButIt 'X'
She satilod fromn1:a
OWl saon crraTIb

It Skill

No o0t6
quietly .aiS
are as ern
when It
meat. F
land allpi
Ing and 4
for all tb
deer. T,
a fair cha
bits in n
no time d
as when
of hound
SOlaua 1S
wrote a t
bus Sept
tells of
back of
could not
A curki
jump as'
tre qbw,
till the h<
similar -
fox whl{
rests on
Ore ,.. 4 t

u as, by 'a coi-
ti isdnsible op-
iha f.he air'we breathe
whole form and
11 Lccording to their
S" mnoialt, they supply
B Iallr destroy them.-

er io have one comfort-
bI r elte ckied with books to
I o i yve .nm. in the way oa
i Whch the highest art can
1. r t h'no 'greater blessing
t to a family than a'
0o J Jon Bright.
O"Yur Kidneys.
healthy dysMake Imaure Blood.
All the bl.d your body passes through
your kidneysane every threi minutes,
S The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fi'
Ij ter ot the waste or
impurities In the blood.
If they are sick or out
of Order, they fail to do
their work.
'Pains, achesand rheu-
nt/ lsm come from ex-
S"- cess of uric acid in the
-- blood, due to neglected
elny trouble.
kidney trotk causes quirk or unsteady
t beals.,spd makes one feel as though
iy ha heaia$ouble, because the he4rt is
o -working'4n pumping thick, kidney-
pc ned blocdthrodgh-veils and arteries. "
meCd to beI considered that only urinary
tro s were ts be traced to the kidneys,
buw 4ww modar' science proves that nearly
all c notitutio4i diseases have their begin-
ning i;hl%_ ,' roub ." -
. If yp aour can iake" nrlstake
.by dfrst 9 your' kidneys. The mild
and the ezt a nary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp.* the great kidney remedy is
soon realji t standby the highest for its
.>'ondorful f the most distressing cases
and ijsold ertts
ientandon ralx",
"3. You ve a
anpl-'bottli *mail tHome of Swamp-Root.
ree,..also pat t'telling you how to find
out ifypi e h4 idney or bladder trouble.
Mention this, r when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., sing N. Y.
lot'tL make In6 '-i4-nirlake, rut roninml er
th.,. n ne, .i "mp-.Roet, Dr. Kiline'r's.
Swh.h-p-Ro.0oP r tlhe addrte.. Bingabain-
I,)di '. Y., .ot ,, < er i hnille.
WANT'Bp jly Chioaigo wholesale nuud
trail rder hoi A'.SiiNt;mLtmanager (nini
or wrmin) To this eounty"hnd adj-dininig.
territory. Shlt $J20 and expenses paid
weekly; eipe anov aev adva'int'ed. 'Woik
pitiaseni: uosi on permanent. Noinaest-
nieB4 or expe' iion rt-quired. Soar ltilme
valuable. Wri I otice for full partiati-
l~ar and eitela peItf-addressed envelope.
Adetes GXE lt~ rMAliNAOER, 134 E.
Lake st.,CldlR. .-


Ro, E

Rumulnig For LIla
ithe B pounds.
4 hunter can travel so
zx. and mighty few men
i the four legged hunter
-to a matter of getting
i ye been seen In Eng-
bush to bush, crawl-
after a feeding bare,
-tdlike a man stalking a
X canDot catch a rabbit an
',"A its food is mostly rab-
otiftheir fleetness. But at
SIt dfplay Its skill so well
tning for life with a pack
I its trail.
ntis, archbishop of Upsala,
k called "Historia de Geutl-
rionalibas," of which an
islatlon exists. This book
That leaped from back to
fr1 goats. As the dogs
IMP tbe fox escaped.
Lk .i Engllqh foxes Is to
h'. possible, rasplng a
with thliW&eefh, hold on
a~4iav g o and then,
eLie ape. This Is
Be the American
umps' into a tree and
.abh, Wt American dogs
^ -& p^ English dogs.
tl6 tree and howl

: -N ,


* .. 5 low

Palmerston tlad Not Been Intro-
duced to Hugo or Dumana.
Alexandre Dumas, the elqer, tells
this story in his diary: "One day Victor
Hugo- and I were dining with the Due
Decazes, and among the guests were
Lord and Iady Palmerston. Lord aud
Lady Palmerston had, come late. There
had been no time for an Introduction
before dinner, and after dinner, while
we were taking tea, the formality had
"been forgotten. Young Due Decazes
came up to me. 'My dear M. Dumas.'
he said. 'Lord Palmerston has begged
me to ask you to leave an empty chair
between yourself and Victor Hugo.' I
did so.
"Lord' Palmerston got up, took his
wife by the hand and brought her over
t' us. .'Look at the clock, my lady,' he
said. 'What o'clock is it?' asked Lord
Palmerston., 'Thirty-five minutes past
10,' replied my lady.- 'Then remember.'
said .her husband, 'that this evening at
thirty-five minutes past 10 you were
seated .between Victor Hugo and Alex
andre Dumas and that such an honor
Is not likely to happen to you twice In
a lifetime.'
"He then took his wife by the hand
and took her back to her place at the
other side of the room without another
word. You see, he had not been Intro.
duced either to Victor Hugo or me."

S.~. a; Itht
FitzUall, the 'writerof the' words, and
S6ir -Ieury Bishop, the composer of the
mus:c. jointly received did not exceed
40. Fitzbhall. to be sure. declared
that It took hinm Just ten minutes to
write, and Bishop thought so little of
his owu setting tuat he had thrown the
* manuscript iuto the waste paper bas-
Let. from wiu.ch It was fished out by
.he manager of Vauxhall Gardens
But, even so, the composer was surely
.eutltl 1 to a prol ).ti imate reward with
the pub:i:sb:hr, and it is not console g to
recall the circumstance that Bishol.
'died almost a. pauper.-Chambers

Wedncday, 4:00 p. m.
Wednesday, 2:30 p. m.
Thursday, 9:00 a. m.
Monday, 6:00 p. m.
Thursday, 3:00 p. m.
Friday, ll:31i.a. m.
Fridryy. 10:00 a. in.

SL. A ndrow,
A palaclaicola,

St. Aatdv'ew.

Wednesday, 8:00 a. m.
"WecnesdHy, 1000 .v.m.
Thursday, 6 .0 a. V.
Thunrsd y, 1200 noom.
Monday, 6:0o a. m.

Friday, 2:00 a. in,
Friday. l1:30d. m.
F'ridI, Il,30 p. m,

Pensacola to St Andrew andlMiI, ville. $5.00.
Penqacobt to Apalacbicola and ta'rrabelle, 87.50.
St. Andrew and Millville to A.alachiicola, $5".00.
Peusacola to Mobile, $2.50.
fhe abovo rates include meals and berths. (J. R-. SAVi
E. R. COBB. GO-n'l Freis.ht and Pass. Agt




. . .. ,_.;. ....'__.+. ... ... ,_- +,:_, .-A 'yA i' ..f >- .: ', -. ++.- *



Cooking and Hesating.

Sewing Machines and Needle

Pumps, Fiurnituite, Etc.


burial Caskkets, obew, Suitep, Ztc




SPortraits, Vimew and fGroups. Or

Colored Souvenir k'ostals.

Famounas Sike Breakers.
The most famous strike b -eiakers'ir"
thte land are Dr. King's New Life Pills
Wheu liver and bowels go on strike,
I-thce q nckly settle the trouble, and the
purifying work goes right on. Bes" turc
for constipation. headache and dizzi-
ne.ss. 25c. at A. H. Braka's.
G Car of the .-Nos.tls.
According to a common sense physi-
elau much of the catarrh and so called
cold in the head from which those liv-
IDg in large towns suffer Is due direct-
ly to the dust which Inevitably lodges
In the nasal passages while on the city
streets and against which no precau-
tions are taken, The membraue which
lines the nostrils, hesays, is of a high-
ly sensitive nature. The dust and
grime irritate this tender surface.
They also tend to stop up the nasal
passages by accumulaflog there, and
this obstruction with many persons
passes as catarrh. In reality it is noth-
ing more or less than lack of cleanli
ness and sanitation. At least twice a
OLay the nostrils should he carefully.
cleansed with n soft r.g and warmn
"water. If this is done immediately
after coming in from the.street so mudcl
the better, as in tfrat way the dusi
pa'tic'!es will have less time to irritate
the delicate mcnLbrane.-Phijadelpi'lih
Lie a Dogar Watch.
M:Mdila had uot noticed the clock

___ strikin.g during all-of the afternoon.
and, thinking perai.!p)s it bad stopped,
she anskd little RIta to go Iuto the hall
M I il ~ and see lf It was rinming. After n
.i*pll~ .hasty survey of tho long pendulum
S. ,. swinging-back aizd forth, Rlta ran back
Sand announced: "Why., no, mamma, it
tIsnT 'runnlg.- It's standing still and
I JWhen wagging its tail."-HIrper's Weekly.

When we are childre'i we brag about
our parents. When we get to te young
-Flm T mn and young women we brag- about
. .'. ourselves. When we become oiler we
brag abt our children.
;. a= I -J + ;a


'r'1 1,



M 1 R 1 r a-I iO.

y GoodS, Staple and Fancy Grecri$.o
Corner of W\ashiingimil Avenue a nu ~ J w-eelw

Pay Vash for Coods and Must Doa Striettlye*j
Reidy. P 'y Busiess.. "-
is illn 1 Pat',ons' Inert ad V p l.is 4.i.L ( n.witf. a1i .
yo, ,Tsell of A. 'l' W h. ~ ~~'

- I -- 'V

e a i--
We are aMakin, a Spia

S' I 7' " -^ .-^, ,
C E -N--T U"-l Y J -','Y
.\-..l u' ar, .I.t'l 'ii, \\iiikey bt Ie eqn,.l t v $ 50 ket 1
-mmi kit. -, -

Prlice $.O p'r Gallon,4

AIll, .11 .,t...a a rt r ,l :uria utaetIl t, Staa(irtlv ',)am tly with tlle '''" .

Send for Price List. JOSEPH ZAPF & 00,,
Long Distac.e Phoone, 345. Dep't B, Jaoklsonifille. FT .

Th A1iatoii L ubmr'Compn0,




Whether Large ,r Small, Write for P.rces
.- -. .- .-. . ' _l`i,- ,r i -. .
L. E. WARE, (TWAY WARE. 1. H-C 1ft,"MMON-

Alf? n Urn"nnn i P: -i n



-, vre -, e ."
alihar l-a. I eland.'
Iniey, ytqu. ivisit A family lu leeiuif:
S. .anst'1988ss each member ficcordlu?.
to ?.ago or rautk. beghiuing witl' the
blikiest and descending to the lowest.
r not.ertt. exceptling the servunts. On
. .Ialg liavp.the oder Is reversdoL
You fls i.ss t.he oervants,. then the
children and lastly the master and
iRlstrs. Doth at meeting and, parting
an affectlonate kiss on the mouth with.
out distinction of rank, age or sex is
the qnly mode of salntation knowD lIn
Iceland. .

. A Good Aniwer..
A shopkeeper had for his vh'irts ol0
tatied the name. of "the Iftt'e rasoaL"
A stranger fsked him why the appel-
lotion bad beeu gtven to him;.'
drstfngufsb me from the- rest of
my trade." quothr he. '"who are all great
P hsca-ets"--London Mall,
SProved. .
$ter!a--Professor Lee says candy i a
unre for fatlghe. Bella--That a true.,
.- .A. man who brings me cbhoolate never
: ae" k ite- as ttred as a man who does
o ot.-- harper's Basart.

- N I 7,6-6a t 0'
old,-ht.o dli4fb.ta the' audieni'ces wtbh i famoUti for bothhlng bnf toqth"it -
'pretty stwngs a& each entertainment. "but it a kn-wn t tl ,"-fride .as-i'e
The company goes from here to Ana- place from which .cone thbe majority ,f*.
laohicola, and the Buoy bespeaks for .the toothp!e''is that aire used. ID 'd1e
.hem a cordial reception there. Prof. United States.
ReRoges save th!s is a rouse-mnaking tour wanted All ThI1 wV In I.
and he is so welf pleased with his recew- Father (whose wife ho s p.-cscnted
tione here and at Millville 'hat. he in- him ath titins; -'Tomman you way
tende t1'visit us aaain next season and stay home Crom school, today and td-
the Buoy tsburca b m and hisaUss that lheyv w.l find a host of old friends two nuw brothers. Tommy-Wouldn"t
to welcome e them It be better to say that I have only one
I new brother? Then I can stay home a
A Yetur ,ot i.l brI'l. day next. week. for the other one.-'-
The year 1903 %f lI long be romem- Fllemgend Blatter.
+bered in the tuopne of F. N. Tacketof .
Alliance, Ky.. as year of blood which
flowed so copiously from Mr Tayiret's
,kungs that, dcath 'seemed very near. rien s e but beae at0
He writea:, "Severe beedaing6 f'o t the r devepoaenL-tlia ia a ; n n
hof expert careI* . &M ethenu
lie and a frightful cough had br&ot os eperiotea tro& w ohs
me at r1d:ti.i's door, when I began tak- lower auid vIte M c d.
ing Dr. Kiig's New Discovery for Con- 1 06. FeeRY .Ou.,! t.
sumpton, with the astonishin"r result, D etroit,
thaj. after takInlt four bo ties .fas"' Mich
<-ompletely ipstored aAd as, t ideas
pa nvcen perin nent'y cured. G,.airantecd'
fojr sort ltut g, coughs and colds, at A.
H., Brake's store. Prieo 5')c and $1.
i l b l

.['Tra'L omtte: fre.

gn yowsel.t suffer pain. Women's
-:e. They .the sign S of dangerous
te fe nale organs, which should be
0ded to or dangerous results will follow..

; suffers from any of woman's biting and weakening pa n.
nmpels the pains to stop, but it follows up and drie uut.
the pains, which prevents them from coming back-
* you well Try It.
irywhere in $1.00 bottles.

Wyd in strictest monfld-
aU'yo-r symptoms and
will send free advice
Senvelop), how to
Ladles' Advisory
oogsMedicldae Co.,

writes Mary Shelton, of Poplar
Bluff, Mo., "'I c.n do mry housework,
although, before taking -CARDUI, two
doctors had done me no good. I can
truthfully say I was cured by Cardui
I vant every suffering lady to know of
this wonderful medicine."


ENERAMocereSCHANS''": I 'i

-X ea -'.ck 3*<' 4e

STORE Bus e, *

The Old PIONEER STORE Business,

Founded im 1878, and b"jilt up by tLa late L. M. Ware,
now Thoroughly Reorganized under New' Aanagement
Solicifs the Patronage of Old Patrons
of the House, of the Tniradg Post. and of new ones as '
well, and gularailtees Uillf1oiI flir and courteo6u.treatreut '
to aI.

We Pay. the Fr'eight 'nail GwoN yceptln. I Mhel a *-'
? < I t , a n > . -i ft, e . , ( I 4 l ,: ,v ,. "- ,r ,

Pensacola St. Andrew & Gut



W-' A t 0 J. AR1OW. Maitth.

Tuesday. 8:30 p m. Peunacola. .'

-- .3

11 1




d<__, r ^ -, t_






- 'I'

thursday, Nov.. 29. 1906.

4ujr I~b -Tea, -Ifi1,
Granulated W4. 11 He N 9.....6
Oofl'~se51 -~. '~ Guaipo'wder.. 411
Ltbtowir...... 5 U 11col'4 3Ja P.40. 60
Coffee, CInid milkb, c an
Green.... 12@20 U nsweetii'a.l10
Arbackle,lb'~' 121rp-weeleited,....10
4 iuke r suajiu 3Thb25 Baking powder
-jra.cker,.14)da.. 10 Roy.....1
rubiacco, pillg %101t6l I'&mhll .... 10
~ ~.~qtjls~aCaktned firmiu
I udof l3e vs. 8-5 P'eaches.... MOW'2
V Slociia.... ...8 TLomnatoes. .....st1
~~~~~6 X .... iAPples.....10
Its Pears .........15
2 Aprco ~ ........1I

14 i. Pije..* 'T Pie -. tt

fr'anii In ian'i icla ie', iin this place.
Si, Pratti',- n o,- -lu lp, recei Iy
I lAinchef, d,.igiieiI and built by Da -
iel Pit.ker, i. H ,rie.it toi the builder
and ,-ne of fie 'fa te.'t buaith of it- ijze
fii the coast.
'I'lihe i w m ill lpliiit l. l ,iin oroet" I byl
the ,Sa.lt-Da in (.'o., will be, v lhe
conipll-iid, oitn *.If the largest nail iit,-i
tiquipioed in the stlte tlle- ie iii ichinery
will iitcli3lo two band satvp, a gang,
lath and shingle iill, all of the most
modern type. J. :ay Arnoll is mill-
wright rn charge. The Conipany al-
so has several ini!es of staidlard
guage rails laid onil their log riad
which is heing extended an fast as cii-
cnniitaueoA wi.! allow.
The oytler fleet is kept busy trying-
tu supply the amiarket, and tliou-annls
are being hauled to the'ini erioir tOWzi
and country. The oysternlen conm-
pllaint that lie bival-vea ain, are not aw
pieuiiftl as fuorinelyv. Tlie reason it
"'1tviih'. f,,r. Ih "h bave m.. .rplahhl

M n n ota.
has been designated the
stato. or which two or

tt r a lA l' 'l la Vl.Ill-

Mr. Those. George, a nievehlntt at Mt.
El0in, Onitario, says: '*1 have had the lo-
c il agency for Chiambeilhli's Cough Rem-
edy eier since it was introduerpd into Usn
ada, and I sell 'as much of it as I do of
illolliher lihies I have oni. iny shblves at
together. Of the many do enis sold uni'dr
guaranlep, I hate not habd oiia boltle re-
turned. I etn pers itally recommend this
Medicine as I h',ve used It myself and.
giren iN to my children and nalwsa ,ilth
the best results. For 3ioft' ftfl/a^
d~laipH. 2^^.:*^L ~ &

III Si. rAndre

D. rillol Ecutnfina v-aBn
ev% t4krst, of cI e Week

three "xp i;, i *i.s hanve been given.
il 4; I 'ic<.. i it .')-graphica.l I'Jsi-
r'j:i. .iot ;: i ;1: .,. uorth s it r np.
1p ai .: i L t, iAt ,-.us It bid also
been called the 'Lake State from the
g.-eat uuu eiLcr of s:i..ir l..,is witbhi Its
limits and the Gopher State because
the early settlers found gophers there
in such abundance that they prove. a
serious nuisance. Even I carefiii rider
passing over a plain where gophers
abounded wns in danger of being
thrown lby his horse accidentally step-
ping in a goplher hole.
.SellM IMor 't, Chianliamheilami's Cftglih
Remedy than of All Otlihe- Pntl
T'riget her.

visited iis-da
family ati-
two, the nr.t

sevol tIal V

know. ''
Leslia Gary
wig a' il'64*0

a "..t

lie lieui* .enC l .y

C'n,,tyi,' C C ilii pa.-
fiul etigageimelit
*1 ull have ffi-
e'. ,''ariOio thi

Noting rela-

ceville, Fla.,
S l.olby aid
or a day 01.


~it 4'rh-

Sp~cidi Re~,ori io the Buuv. Mionrtb m.
A. 1, P,. ..,and ...;,. *... *;;,.,n orh r

nly Hl aetl aU

A ptlachicnola -ow.'
LI fit, 7

lives ini Aidham%,"

-.^ Wig Viie ....um. o ftB -", -- p'gg per.do ... 20
S~ii')r kork
S tao S't ,2.35 D. 8. pr ...... 11
Obelisk..... 3.25 .Bacon Sides.. .12-
Corn Meal.p TO-.7 Fresh ...... 8alh
Ot Mfal r 0i :.' 6- Br'kf'st lBaelit 16-22
Ooa o per I% .15sa00a Ham canv's'd 15.2(1
S Potatoes Shoulderes..... II
,". Irish...:... 1 40 Beef /
.. ea irlyv R'se seed 1.60 Corned ...... 8
Sweet.... 60@75 Freh ....... ..8:.1
Sltt, pr sack... .00 Dried......... 2
6- Table ........ 5 Silk pr qt ...... 10
'- ajl. wer e 4,taSt As,witb handle. 75
alv wir do.6afI Hoes, each ....35a60
S ianitls rope...9al2Copper paint, can 50
S toves eook,.. 8a25 Linseed oil,gail55g60
I.- ipe, peiorjoint 18 .
p ,rints, per yd.. 5a Checks .......5a.&L5,
usia........ 9M I Thread per spool. 5
A s. ...... 15&45 Shops, ladies.$la175
R r put.tp it Men s.. $1 40 1a300
_,-.-. 'MIaORLLANEOUa.
A pire., 75.al.... Oats. pr u ........ 0
.'-, ..-.- ... .5 Brick pr 1A 1300
-ai ....'.79 Lime pr ...... 75'
., .*' 1i\T and NUTlS.
4At~ rVPr' dr .. a ..l... 15
.. WIlauts ...... .l1

laJ*, V.i 8TOOK. ,
go.' i *- 10060t Co.ws.. ....$. $5.4,
.- P*.s .,-.'.. o '.... .:0 f

n r I p... ... 2
,B.. '" ," -, -T t .

P C p 10)..' 6 P l P.' "F "4"1.... i' >o,)(
....- 10 mackerel ...1
U I1M U lt. u
S. Ba .-0.00 -. nishing l-n.'
'-yitHS tr..8 Fac er, . 12@15.00
I-. lo00 sop ... 10.00

at rV: shillev, k.50 l.Athl, X.... 1,i00
,- p .50 nont unler,
1 .' d .med ....$20

e4a:" re 01 Oi ntments for '(a-
tar that Uontatn Mereniry
J-.' Ias speaeur will surely destroy the sense
of smell and-completely derange the whole'
system wheo enterlag it through the nu-
cous surfaces. Such articles sh ililt
i . ever lie uoed except npon prescription,.
om reputable physiclans; as the da.u.ig'e
S 'iitey 40i'p te fold t the good you c.t 1
.- 'pdeably derive from them. .Hall's Ca-
S tarrfh Olre, minnufacturetdby F. J. Cheney
AUo.,Toledo, O., contains no mercury
andi (iS ke internally, acting directly
~p. a'bbe -bl6od and mucous surfaces oi
th'" system. In buying Hall's Catarrb
C're lie suri- you get the ge nuine, It is
'-\. :.kea- internally 'and made in Voledo.
F.'J. Chooey & Co. Teatimr.oni-
A'' -ild b Ofuggfst, Price 75e. per balt'.e.
P .ake iitls Paamity-Pil,s .for constipa-
-, hi<.w. *.- . -, .

: '.. 1a.i te, rose colar.on tbi
id pr" whiteie on, the outside
- Tlid loba of the ear should be small and
well shaped and should- cilrve up to
.. rd .te "ceke. not bang down Iu an
". -'' iS tle st l-anier. A s-lnall ear is u in
ally a lirli of birth andl goo hrevdhli:.
S- but, like tgryt'!ng else there are vans
e.- ; options to this rule.-New York;


S, wae't iatreuis, healthy movement of the
S 1bowe evaervro'ti Ulorwllbe. Keep your
bowelsaopen. nbe wel. Force in the shape of
v lel apntph orpill poloa. dito eruso. The
suaeothset. Meat moat perfect way of keeping
the bolaw d OloehMn Is to take


-i, ent, FPlatable. Potent. Tste -ood, Do
: .Qood.levwr jqken Ven or ripe 10.6o, and
l .'-i' e pTb WArtftrfreeaample,and book.
J:, s t,. Atall.- d es" 433
p' l.- i 'hingla5 ix* Odlap6i. Chicago or New York.
s- war n -BrA- muM aft As Lms

Sair b geip ar o ii'tl fliarke.- T-6i-,
Sinmtter should ba investigated at once
.-by 'lie,pr-'ioPr autithrities, for St. Ain-
.drew Bay oysters, altholigh, petlapi-
iitt the ahigetl, tHe atiiinlhteJhily tile
finit flavored ol tlie whole Gfilf coast.
and it not ptutected are in danger ol
2 extermiiiationi.
Z T. [a l burn and wife are the
gigne &4 of T. P. Sale.
H. 'W. .Johnson made a "bnsiniess"
trip to F.utirntain, Stunlday.
Eigenie lMcMillan, who has been
visiting relatives in Holmes Valle.
has rett inedl.

SHuid a 4'oIae Call.
"A dangerous surgical operation, in-
volving the removal Of I malignant ul-
co', as lar.-e as my lhaind, froin my
dauglIte"'s hip. ws i 'r.'euted by Lhe
application of Bucklon's ArnicaSalve,"
says A. C. Stickel, of Mile'us, W. Va
Pell'isLent use of the salve completely
cure ii.' Cures Cuts, burns a'd injul
le. 2o. at, A. H. Brakes' store.

aiow a Fira of Aroelieera Got Iti*
IV. !*a-e on a Buinlldiug.
Close obseratlion ou the part pf r
uew -paper uI:in in Boston several
years ago revealed a striknig-dev;ct
emp)!-yeJ hy the QfrnL of McKim. Meat
& W.tio, he uote4 N"ew York arch,
rects, of which St:inord '"V'hiie, wht
SWa.. inurdered by Eharry. K. Thaw ii
1Neg1 York recently, was a imembpr
The devi-e, sa.y the Pittsburg Guazeto
Timi.:, was. an ncrostlc of uamnes fa
mou iu lWistary. literature and art bi
whi1:bh the firm's name wna to be eut
graired on the 'Boston Pulic library
As miny be observed, the arrangemuen
defJ "li'.eratire, h.bliary and phliloso
pl'y .u ;:;r:.'-Ar n.ment. nit)! this was tih
tbi iti.it attruc:~,l the n.wspupe
main's .lttontion. The naulies were col.
gliumerated from nil nations and age4
luto a Recmi-tg!y n.tr otrnnmentatloi
for the fine lhu.ilktis. BDeginning at 11r -
top of a space t3 I-e devoted to names
famous in th v."-orld ln -varioua lines
.rere the following: -
.o0-PS "
There naiue,. throrgh their Initials,
CoriedJ Ib first part of the acrostic.
4pe!llin plainlry "Mlel:im." A slight
spaute ;..liieared before the next list of
.amnes, which was:
Moz r t,
Eu.' .* "
The in!tills of those names brorght-
jut the second name of the firm.
lMead." Another slight space, and the
"')lawlng names appeared:
-IIere'was tie uiame '"White" also on-
.(ravel, the whole devices bringing out
ihe firm name of "McKiml, Mend &
"White" In connection with the world's
famed rmen. It was in 180O. Just before
the building was ominpleted. that the
dsod avry was m' mqd aed published.
his3Tt f;.' s @as dcit 'ed .

Sse' suddenly felt iompttling. seritch
her. hand. On examifning the spot
whence the scratch proceeded, she felt
the. poln't, of a needle sticking out of
* poor pussy's neck fur. The needle was
pulled etout by_ her husband, and an-
other surprise w.s experienced when it
was found that a length of thread was
attached to the needle, both having
passed down the iitten's throat and
out again from the fur.

Cholly-Peopie talk about a "b^'st
laugh." Horses never laugh while I'n
around. Miss PeJ4.rly Then they
can't laugh, that's all.-Chicago News.

To be happy Is not the purpose of our
being, but to deserte, happiness.-

A reliable/ imedticineo nd ''no li.tha
should al'wai lie kept in the Imiio for
immediate use is Chambeilain's Uounli
Remedy. It will prevent llte ,tr:ck, if
given n-sPeon as thu child becomes horse
or even alter ihe croupy cough appeal a..
For sale by all medicine dealers.

--- -. PARKER'S "
imlesec r.id I'euairie, the bilr.
i L Prtotejs a luiurunt owlh,.
n-ver Fails to Restore Gray
XEir to its Youthful Color.

ureene---es; c .K a^ .u- .. -.

ills Remark. the" t.
"I won't do any more w6rk for that a lifrade. Wit
man Hopkins.". qualified sizoeeaks
"Why ? d*ughtera- vo
"Well, he passed some remark I did d ug that at 'aEf
not llke." of dlamondt. ji.an
"Did he? -What was It?" E in the tricks orIbiyln
"He said. 'Brown, you won't be want- hile others iteex

Sror the .arkLt, But
the enl cutting of i!1
the patience/judgme
Chbelains of nerve which cons
stock Iu trade." .

The Marvmel o6
.ofteu as I have
the marvel of It nere
to Paris with n3 thou
busy alg out- many o
S then on my way
bridges across the rivl
it again on its 1slA

The children's Favorite-
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
This remedy Is famoeI ftr its curep over
Sa lnrge part of the clied world. It can
always be depended upon. It contains no
opaum or other harmful dring anid may be
given as confidently to a baby as to in adult
Price 25 cts; Large Size, 60 ctp."

Had Become Secon4 Nature.
When Uncle Dave Barker had round-
ed out his half Century- Iq the -elmloy
)f a great dry goods house he wasf
;ummoned to the private office of the
.alef proprietor. "Uucle- Dave," said
'he head of the house, "yobt have work
ed for this firm fifty years, haven't
you?" .
"Yes, sir," faltered the old man, won-
dering I1 he was going to be turned off
as having outgrown his usefulness.
"Wall, you needn't work any more,
)ut you can cone round every Satur.
day afternoon as long as you live and
draw your pay. The little envelope
will thaways be waiting-for you."
Tears stood in Uncle Dave's old eyes
as the head of the house, after shaking
him cordially by the hand and wish-
Ing him many more years of life, bow-
ed him out.
A few days afterward, however, be
came round again.
"Mr. Stevenson," he said, "I've-put In
three of. t6o hardest days' work of my
life-dolng nothing. If you don't- mind
I'll go back to my old place and kind
o' h&ng around as If I was one of the
men. Maybe I can heTp a little once
to awhile, and I'll promise not to get
in anybody's'way."
Uncle Dave was allowed to have his
way, and he went back to his old place,
supremely happy.
Took All the Reaponafbillty..
"I'm going to give up that'new spe-
cialist I've been trying."
"What's the reasuu't"
"Wy.r. he's alwany telling me that I
must try to help myivelf."
"VWhat did the other man tell you?" '
"r1e alw.;, s t.,i:l *ue be wvasi helpik
mp."-Cleverliil PT'rn Den.lce.
Au Eag.lish iu.. Or telis., this Joty
'A WI-'r -g. s?-.-;'. a neL-.. ft-l
*uppnrt., of ntf '-o< r!-ht:--p&SHoily

TI~e "'a I n!-' e Iac cI
ST!'vri-I-TNi11 mu eer fl'nd a mArs
'glider ts t? Le~ M g ffit-Te's; the
.011 wo~'.e ;ii y iu~~ i

lowers nigh auove th
houses and palaces, HE
so family..; strile.,!I
the wuoie. of '. i
The wonder o0iiy Am
turn. as I am naliiwiy
wanik down the quays

'he to.-er boe'ore me
step coming more aibd
ly together, by the P<
island anudi at last to 4
where Notre Dame t
superb calm.-Elizatb
aell in Century.v "'


Do you w la ,
just a. few
'no bad afte ,
If so, you
take, Dr. Mil ~
Pils. S
If subject .
have them t
ways. No a
from their usg
directed, as iAs
no opium,
phine, coca,0
form,- heroin
beta eucamiie, -
dica or chlor
their derivy
Ask your..l
them.. '- ,
"It gives ne
able to itfer to t
Pain Pills as the
ever had In our Im t
tien and cure of b b ia
who llas te.n a core
*years .with he above
me in reconmnendlng
Pain Pills, hopingth
the hands of all w
J. I. BUB:,.
Dr. Miles' Anti.
your druggist,
the first pacm"
falls, he will r-V
25 doses, 25
l. s, edi-c_.~ "
+ .- .%. Z.' "llm^^ski

rnkuig W e'-"t'la
"Oh," exclaimed
I have seeu a ha
let the doctor hen
man," Interjwted-
tic. There's-fouk
than fleelh' hordes.

We Never Disappoint Our
We Fulfill Every Promise and Iener Hld Outf
'WE OUR otr dete i veon fronitur.I t l
cared never to return. without merour or mbieral mttr
ThDr. Kng MedI o. t I-ij but lloo t
nlawp of the ,ste of Georfit lor tre tei
ner o. and chronic discea. Dr. N. K. Z
This lbstitution. is ti ohi f onsuiMla speola
by a staff ft eminent phylmonans and sarseons
w trsuooess in the trealmentof chronic diial
Sed; We uie botb medical nd eleotrloal agenda
SOur oficesa are equipped with alil Uhe galval
le. X-ray, violet ray, Tand inassa ray.; in f
S contrivaoa known to the medical prusi.lon.
modern in every respect, and we eqployr
trained maudeBlent ateudante, regularly-q
andi eoensed physatlans being in charge.
We employ no misleading means to set
i patronage--no 0. D.'s or nusked for liter
byrthlisinstatton; Oar terms for ires metns
to $10.00 per month. (medallnes ipoltded W I
s, ce of a care wiLhin a Spa o4 dae.
uch a a Kidney and Bll sl q troub
S UNTIL CORED uDiv es morsanM d mallttant tronubes.
*NiL U1. noee Throat, Head saln g. DiaseMed I
N. K. KING, M D. Chroole Dtisasea o omen, 'such,
ChE CONBU.LTUmQ PM.VYOA. Unnatural Diecharges, and sue .wemeased 4w
osE,. as.,oidy regarding yoar conditi Ir youa re elok or tfiote
SrilL seend you br literature.i including symptom blaniks for bolpei
BR ilMA A) l lPRIiAl A o.._..'irett St, arr i

a Norrl De,"nie.
wt nrlng

perhapI Irseed
Ste bethu l

t 0 v.e. ta
RrI '. dhness ,

m, ted .t xper

in orr Dco le.
tows-lew. 1 go
Lt!" timeq f.. It,
er th.ns, ,.
er oneu tof the
D.perhapi I see
i the beautiful
high roof of
the fiew. it-w

Reo;led l. te.a-
p the left bjuk,

t.ntM me jiu.lts
A Robins Pen-

1 6 -

mt~r and


70 "qual-.
kn conme
lok~n as
K' _mor-

tMe, or


re 41W be
tes 'And -
.we lbsve
Aly wfe4
rfereW' 'hr

b' that, myy
cofehb lua,-
'or far less


a of Mainla

isfouncgr of
IIs nuompw -a
irefe balte,-
wry oteotrisi
masul Sart is I
bui 'r bq
ad gradb
vso thme"banr-
at and nme
dA Prtrote


't~ ed 1li'e Xlmoet nOtableo o
Aijl4que .Dp!*reFettas beMug one of xht
*warlfestteaktpts to dissemii-nat kuoxw'
edge Adzom, the people. The collet-tiol-
was rdadc' accci?-ib~c. to fThe people li
AGO aWniL nuniu!.wrs iotnie201) '.uiu~n
The.~e;4ircty of 66%'s and the i':due o.
.teuil-nlec~tiou are-both Ii'i-lcated In the
-1,olre taketi for itheir prvservat ion, ann(
appettlalsy a.gniusf io-?q of Such treas
U" cS Ltht. By iueaiv-i6f U~ijajjz
-end -rods the boole; were securely fa-_
n.ened t-q the shielvevs. mid these ('hails
it Is ratdier sauiprising- to learn, Wert
aot'renoved inkti1 Sl 7 when the Ii
b-niry fittings wt.-re repaired. Aknoii
Lhe-intere~ting wurka .6f the eollectiwn
58 copy 8or-the firit edition of Sh
111:1.1tct'Itaieigii's- "iii4tory orftW.'
WVorkld." 1614. it Ihas suffered from IOr,
add trarliticit says"1l'.a Matthew Pri'o
-W.as rp fiile f(,& its eond~tioa. t'
'Stoi~i'being hiat be ['011 auskep wl.4.
readl'eir, It uucp upou a tinie, and ti
w' c~~en, btiiiued by is. tid Lanlk'. I
Las Iwaen neatly rce. red. 811.1 it's mi.
haip un" Adds to It,4 iiierast. nh? O.- ot
est '-qIum InICitile E iS iyis iJiQ'OIL

ruin." Tt ,ii awanuseriiPE anid bear
the da te 13:3

First Gl~uimmer of a Str
Alittle lrl, the i~ro-ach c;~tic Sic
.'Lilttr-l, Once ;e P.1;40en'J hei-10e at tU
PI'iii NY s'i 'Ot Ifp Ord(iQLto pa
thle e!:u.imiwtinn fc;:- air)1'-.4aon. .1
'-he knew %-.a F;tPie fa~fl or T~]~ r--
Flgeosis." but ithe had no s~ooer -cliz.
:110 c'peui4~lines1-08 wIen Afivs~
%er, t'ilh t ge,,ture.

The litfleaggrl. who v':'slte. aud tbL'i
imuit woe :;'i-Iv.:tL lst'l:
~ei~e.iil~LJati.d hntw.Ii pp ir
'Ton~ur ln rie i.L~i Savh ?' tie Fs~i..
*:e, sir." nw!tq the r,,y.

"'Y P s, sir, by' blrthi. but .1 hav.) bz!'

',Site bhns.beenl baptized." eaOd Aubre'
timiru1g to his co~iea-iuei. -;h-3 In,
mnid liar fable oC "lThe Tlwo r'k.%eoii
.bty Vwell. She mAutt l)%o tIU1'tte1]'
Thus Sarph Hernhiardtl. for !P- %,
lie. cut~rcd Lhe Coin~er-axuire
rox outh.
A~ma-i~ooiks back with regret, -but
wIftiout bitterness, to his lost youth; a
woman, however vehemently she m9
protest to tho conftary, seldom If eve
aittain.3 to this s:iiue calm serenitY.

SOUH-*,. cel

CO r .s-g
.. ,m

Twbptieth Century Bookkeeping,
Shorhaud and Business Penmanship
Write for Full Information.
The iHelt'ai au sh.- bt'houlroom.
Gertlo s!-ho.lniasters are said to
'have had wuehb to do with the victory
Cf the Gerinan3 in their late war witl
.l'r.t':ue;- .and-. fi this couaectiou Siri
. Inury; RosScoe tells -this bleldena of lIis
1utheIof WHioDpi essk&?Siinl school in

iI ,' O"B H :Tl lU l U i |iluo i i u t1 r r "
I. haat It' was )ticked up In the'
-4ti&telt's Of lRotin during the German
inRas-on. .Anu ho added that it was of
;,Treat. E'rv\ce to him, for when the
Rsholars did, not affend to their work
be used to bring this down and put it
ion his desk and, pointing to it. say:
sNow. If you do n-t make progress and
-learnm properly this will happen to you
again. The surect way to bring It
upon y ou Is to neglect your studies nnd
g:'nw tip in ignorance and to 'ec'ome in-
ferior in Intellectual training. The
display of that helmet,' expplained the
director, 'never falls to bring the blush
of shame t5 the' cheeks of my-students
and to rouse their patriotism and'their
zeal f6r their studies.' -
la e Happy for Life.
Greai happinesscaine into the home
of S. C. Blair. school superintendent. at
St. Albans. W. Va., when his little
daughter was restored from the dread-
fol ,omplaint'he names. He saup: "My
little daughter had St. Vltus'*-Dance
which yielded to 110o treatmenfl. binu
grew steadily worse nntil as a las'. re-
sort we tried Electric Bitter,. and "I re-
joice to say, three bottles effected a'
complete cure." Quick, sure ciire fer
nervoutS complaints, general debility
femalee weaknesses, impoverished blood
and malaria. Guarainteed by ,%. 11.

Factry quipped -W'ith ,-

Mouldings, -Coffini, Sta'ir-BaIfding, -Etc..

- ~

Estimates Cheerfully Furnihed.'

I. 6

* -


l dH

- i f11


" -. ".

. "..


..,N '. 4.
Drugs Meicinos, Fancy Toilsh c e
.... 'u C ,-.
I Handle no Quack Nosus

DR. J. J..KESTER,..M, D, DS,

,2 n. -"T.: p ..I' ,,n 2eb ./ '.. .,,. .
2:22 p m 1:02 a.m. F ma Leave 2 "* '4 '

.8:2 E7:ffect30 April 14, i io : 9 -

SNo. 2 N o.2 N o,' -
12:05 n'u 12 :05 p.m. Leave Penu coula, Ar.ve :o0 .m. .r 00 .
2:22 p..m. t 0 Arriv Floemaotd, JLeave 2 .:1. a.m. 9:35
4:22 2:55 L" Mou ile. 12:30 i'n : ;2 ."r
.8:25 7:30 p.m NewO-leane, 8;f0 pn .:a. .
No.2 No. 4 No.- 2 ' 22
11:il05 Dai12: n. Leave Pnsaoola Ai'rive D- 4.'00. p i. '..
6:15 a.m. t0.30 Arrive MonteomoDy Leave l:15 a.m. 9.35.p.v A-- ..,
11:59 9.. Birminrham 8:33 ". 4.-05' 1i .. -'-..
2:30 8:50 am Louisville b:I,5 p.m. ..* ,.ia .?^
7:20 1.. Cincinnati 6;00 1tr:i5- .'- "
7:20 p.m t'30 p.m St. Lotis 4:lQ 8155 t .- "
N o. 2 N N o. 2 1 ". 22 '
Daily. Daiiy. Daily w'ily. "";.

I 1.65 p.m.
12:15 ni't
1210o "
12:23 "
12:35 "
12:39 '"
12-50 "
12:58 *
I :30 a. m
1:55 *
2:.20 '
2:33 \
3:00 "
3:23 "
4:o'_, .
4-18 ",
4:4C "
5:00 "
-5 0 "8
5:33 "
6:00 '

7:40 '
7:50 '
7:-8 .-

"-l0 a m. Lv
7:18 *
7:25 "
7:28 "
7:39 "
3:15 **
8:30 "
8:38 '
et:56 "
9:10 ,,
9:35 *'
9:44 "
9:57 "
10:10 "
10:30 "
10:47 "
11:07 "
11:25 "
11:45 "
11.42 "
12:l2P'n -- .
-&.EI K 5 ..A '

Gait City
Good Rangre
SDeer Land
Mssy Head
DeFuniak Sprinirs
Ponce de Leon
GrAwd Ridge
Saeada .

Ar 10:50


S 5:38
.. fri.$




1:04 "1


I 1UILUuL 3U uuu.uM uIl-u V1UL A ,jID:a'ww N

W. F SEE Jacksonville Fa.



Cash Must Accompany Each. Order.,
Under the Rules of the Southern Express .Company, no
Goods can be shipped'c. o. D.

Special Attention Given to Jug Trade.uAK.

No Charge for Jugs.
Cr'am of Kentucky...... ..................... ... Per G4. ;4 Off
Green Hedge, Tenneassee Sour Mah .............. 3-,0)
Old Marvlan.l .......... ....... .... ... .., 2 0
Cariastion Rye.............. .. ........ ........ 2 50
Cahbi et Rye........ .......... .. .. ........ .. .2 00
Stump Haiibe North Carolina'Corn ................. 2 0
Hog Back Mountain, North Carol~.m Cmo'i ...... 2 00 .
CASE GOODS--*Expre;. Pre ;d. .
Cabinet Poite Rye, 4 ill qt $2.7i M r >. .,i M.\i'i i 't', 4 q., $3.2 .--'.:
*. .. 6 3.75 ** 4
1 6. ... g".7.00 2
.. 12 ," 7.00 *d' J- W .--.. #:Q *v.' .

4 q 00; 6EEBA 09 West Bay t :i .' -
W, F. SEEBA, f09 West Bay St, .... '

Weak Lungs


For over sixty years doctors
have endorsed Ayer's Cherry
PeCtoral for coughs, colds,
weak lungs, bronchitis, con-,
sumptlon. You can trust a
medicine the best doctors ap-
prove. Then trust this the next
time you.have a hard cough.
The beit kind of a testimonial-
"Sold for over sixty years."
A O.Ayre o.o 2nell.%M.m
I A AtIeo masuontueaer or
:a Iqerst- "I
he 1o meorta I We publih
fhe' lkadst of all our smieoiSe.
kyr's toil keip the bows mg.ultr,
kit vegtable and ently laxative.
\' ... --

I ,

'. K.-l PARKE


0 E A L E R ,

Will Attend to Payment of1'axes;

and Collection of Rent for, Non-Residents. :


Colnlractdl BMiiedr af i fatij

,Faft~tnnr An Ra: PyA*^^^i.1!ya


-i.t. ', . A

S" ""-' ^ a1s5 walking acres a field with
-. ..tAy at my side when a young rab-
S em:rge- from a wodd close by*
a a writer. "Stiddenly it fell to the
*.', "'ond and' vwas to all Intents dead.
A'. Tb.e dog sniffed. It, and I watched it
'. abbnt.ten ininutes. thinking It ab-
t.blutely dead. I walked away about
fity- yrd t, when I looked back and
saw tie rabbit rise and run rapphily
into the woXA whence it came. It ia
evident that it saw the dog andi drip
r.ed 4own out of fright."
I epends on MEe Mtaw
"What good is experience?" wafled
the man who was looking for a -job
S **You cefut ent-b It."
"Some people can." said hist friend.
*" .b IOnt some experience one that
.a.t re 3.00_."-T*troIt Fre" Press.
A' ga-' n ed bhf lm Lame. '
At -eumineut Scotch surgeon and pro
.tfetf. In the University of Edinburgh
war entirely devoted to his profession.
A quaint Ipenleut in bis pra g t row th I. The' poet' Tennysou had ani
Obi rtme cosnulted him abont some af.
section of the lunsa. Years afterward
he Autrhel on the" Mme errand. On
'. .~.- v..g anottuceld be ws nettled Tq oh-
Ser- e tatl Mr. B;'ne had neither an1
--<. Ie. etl c et El-ace nor, still-more
a:.. I hj. m uIztiuonef with, his name.


- The Diseovewr of Electro IllOlas. Row Table Olives Are Prepared.
'ihe experiments which led to the I Our consul at Seville reports that to
discovery of the method of electro gild- prepare olives lu the. most palatable
Ing were made in a cell at the citadel tdauner they must be gatheredluuripe
of l4agdeburg, In which place, on ae- after the first auturan showers. Prop-
count of his participation In a duel, erly assorted according to size and
young Slemens was at the time a pris- quality, they are first washed in fresh
owner, the chemfeals and apparatus em. water to remove particles of earth and
played being.. procured and smuggled leaves wb:chouiusuaily cling to the fruit.
Iato the fortrOes by a friendly chemist Later they aire allowed to saak In a
of the town. "N'"the second place, It solutiia of .oda and potash, concentrat-
was the sale ot, the patent rights nla, ed t6 between two degrees and six de-
this Invention in England which sup- grees of the Bome aerometer. If the
piled the brothers/Werner and William solution lue-very coneeutrated eight to
with the necessary funds to carry on ten hours of soaking sidflce; If diluted,
their experiments and so helped to lay the operation may continue "for three
the foundation of the Important firms or four days. Affer the solution has
of Blemens & Halake In Germany and penetrated very nearly to-the stone of
Siemens Bros. In eIlngland. 'he --fruit. fre.;h water Is "substituted
and renewed every two hours until ft
Bird P1flendbhlp. rerualus cleau-a sign that the fruit has
A curious case otiriendship between lo:st ltho auslIc flavor which the solu-
birds most strangely assorted Is report- .A.n had "iupar-ted to it. Next the fruit
ed from Rosenberg. In Prussia. A hen 's |I:cl krd .agardl:rg to processes vary-
had Just hatehe, a single chicken, when ing Inu caironui. to the custoln oT ea'h
en6 morning, nobody knows how, there lo(.,lAy. Swaj use brine, others admuix
appeared In the nest a young sparrow. Cenuel'nuld tUiye, v.-ie not imnrqueut-
Just beginning to wear Its first fluff of :y ;.lsa alt and v',uegatr are employed.
feathers. The cheki k'and the sparrow idl tils Wvy, whole olives are p-ckled.
became fast' friends at once, and the V1Lcnever It -Is desired, on tha. othef
parent hen, taking kindly to the change- ..auti that the fruit shotlld lmb!bo- a
UBg, gave equal care to both alike, the stronger savoor of the. piekle Into which
sparrow hopping about te nesty Mra .t is steeped Incisions penetrating .to
and the ben never going far away and Use stone aure madi.-"Unted StAte,
sheltering both her young at night, un oasnlar lteports.
l as th sparow's wings grew strong ..
tihtatb ut fldiialletL I:little filflta. -. __^^^^^a^ .

Grqat ni
this count
tnalt up oc
masses in
The scheui
-easy to a
know how
They thrit
fellows. 1
eular, a I
the hard d
tuIng people
their owfli



'"Why d
air auto sc
here to

ofneiu Methodp.
tiers of vast fortunes In
have been and are being
he very ignorance of the
pard to business, methods.
71 bank ont It that It is
idle people who do not
o protect their property.
m the Ignorance of their
r knqw that a shrewd ad-
i cunningly worded r-
notei appeal, wft bring
Rtigs of these unsuspect-
Ut of hiding places into
tiern-Success Magasine.


by C. H. Satcilfe

you fellers," wrote, Burt
rrounmg Weaver arid
Coltmbia college, "hire
aturday and- come dotv.
T? The old folks will
".atO ,Atmd Abter An-
ta~f^t~~ 'hc~dniz

he talking I'll break your neck!" re
plied Knowlton.
When the auto came up. the girl wa.s-
town on her feet nluspecting damages
t was easy to see that the machine
uust be got borne Iy some motliv.
tower beyond its own. There were tot
many stony spots on the highway t'
'-nu It- on the rim of the damage:'.
wheel. Mr. Knowlton nt onoe intro
inteYwl biumlf tand com; -inion and ten
."red tliV'lr q-rv-i.eq:
They fou'id the youpg lady even be:
,'r Inok!ng than tlh,'y ld give u ho
T'edit for. She waste uot at all embLmr
ras.sed over the meetl!g. Shle was
cantty and vivacious, and in fire minu-
tes' talk she made teotn realize tb:'
':e knew twice P.s qn uh about an nut-
tliey did. One thiug the bnys for
-t until after'.-ard. They g.-ve th&o
Simne.s to her, but she did not rect*;ir,
itf. It wss deedmd th.t the 'dar.
*ted mn."hlue must he drawn .to th
;de cf the rnn:i and sent for. late;' on
htfle tl.e nuto was to cona'ey theg:.:
S her home. a distance of fourteen o
;fteenn ih'ps. Wb'hy she hfad g)r;e o!
if her'way she didnt explaip. and th
-oyA didn t aqk..
"AN I am used to ut autos I shall nRt.
ne privilege of"nctug -as chanffeur.'
un'iminred the young lady-us she wat
"-.; Jy./fo Kvec' In. *
-This semined like a reflection on the
4en. ajn'j ;fie,
^la^&^^tta ow~sV: iftW'.U icakaA -. Miiar



Fresh and of Guaranteed ? ritri
Offers-ils Professional Services to the Citizens,of St. Andrews fho
- Surrounding Country. ---
May be rn11141 at li.i resiaeice on IJni, i -i V'ita avenue at night.


Corner of Bayview and Wyomin Avwnies on Bay FotoNea
Glassware. 'Tinware and :Notioais!
What you can't find at any olier Store, coitsi lte R A C K '
8 TOR.E ad. -ge.

Hot Meals at All Hours- of thv D i
*liiiIil il[F|lit'Cup of Coffee, 5 Cts. Cup of. Ta,S

Fresh Broad, Pies a

Ioi. T. know-fl ny .your
4 pp in~glie a gftater han-
'(r A pel t ban to be known.
l Iw. hunt hl,. lu9 r


pgr,eatest Scientist of the age. A labor
S $o agent cy for health has so many.

S ,'OXDONOR uistillp new|life int
; .'.f vitaliaei every drgan into the
lehi ch Nature inteined lthem. Its nus
ph iicwtltcitIfy that inaken life wort
."' YIR 1 ues been fully
I..k testll1 Fand "ppinmiN to uiffeei't from
,* e"lr.'fqistioc} Neuralgia, Catarih. H
,'. t. IA:istse,, Typhoid,, Malarial and
-: $if Nea o.fl hilrei.d *
fWri lawkk **Gratnful Reports"
0- yuiclnw'nv well-kfciowj- people
S fr FrauidurentAm.iti
R,1,, .tit -'.- ORG1flNATO)
T S Y Lstaiped in th
iS Fifth
489 Filt.
67 W Aba
tj. t
tzt~c-t0LaP j* I

Stew oyou etact eethwth ft IQ IYtI
, out paeln Dentlet-1mot always. 1 an the nmoit.,' QElUahl sfi
Sprained my wrist on one a couple ot rfedI y .rfaens. it ra|ie&fdaty dfi
days ag aand It hurAt #eL to mae the feoo' ant the waters t
ievered the earth were forty dnays.e
Yuhsiding. The nnelent period of:-em--
OXYDONOR Triumphs t)rtV ws '2 neve bad"
sIrty d^s to" -epeunt.' Jeeps Christ-
OUG M ERIT. sted forty days. IU ws een, forty
E iROUGH j J- L EX L A dJnys after his resurrection/ A juar-
Tuntine extendss forty days. The priv-
r it has Li lege of uctuary was for foty, days.
ll 1 1hst. ILn the tale of(,Ali Baba there are
Guard Of a Vast Number. forty thieves. Tlberfus said that a.
man Is either a fool or blues own pbll-
It is the embodiment of the highest clan at forty. When a man wants a
w known to. hupan science., In it Is short nap he takes,'forty wlqks. A
Incentrated the expgriende of the 'knight enjohinedforty days of Userv-
of love for humanity. Ice from his tenant. In old English
faithful friends-none other deserves la'w the limit for t we payment of a fine-
for ms'nslaughterl was forty- days.
Members of parliament were protected
o the system; regenerates, reinvigtoii from arrest forty days after- the proro-.
pioper dis.harge ol the functions for gatlou of tfe house of commons-nd
se brings vigorous health with all the another forty days before' the house
th living. was convened. We usually speak of a
tested in. all diseases, an.lhuta brought buxom widor as,fair, fat and forty.
Rhenmatisni, (Inflam.natury, Mu r A man is in his prime at fortQ, .etc.-
SRhe1 matini, (Ieiflamnitury, Mu Now York Press.
lay Fevdr, Asthma, Bowel *Trouble, '
I ri Fevers, Female Cono plaint and Pelted W th pitheltt.
*, Sir Wilfrid Lawson, the most fa-'
mous temperance advocate in England,'
containingg illustrations,.prices and was the target of the political wits.
During hlis lIst campaign for parlia-
OnS. the only genuine OXYDONOB ment Sir Wilfrid was greeted as
IE. and INVENTOR; peregrinatingng pump handle,"."an? od
ie hetal, cracked teapot," "a confiscatory molly-
street, Detroit, Mich. ) coddle," "a washed out water party,"
h ave.. New YorkO)ity. U. S. A. "a pop bottle pump orator," 1'the
Mi? ave,. Chicago, I . Apostle of slops," "a maudlin mounte-
qatherint street. Moilreal, Canada bank" -and "a buffona." $The last
I .epithet was so Ofte hurled at Sir
Wilf'rid that he remarked It reminded
________i_____. ____ 1him of "Selah" In the BPAIms. His
w L grant whlch has freftuently been re-
WUNO, pe 'ted. he cQuutry," be said,
1-- g-- "- "governed.by two heatlihe. deitits
DrWITH "Kin Bacchis add Mars, or, In other worst
A by the god of bottled and the god ofr
MI -r w battles." -.
New Discovery ttles.
d 0 (ONSUMPTION Price In, the Hoaneymoon--Let nme sit .by
OI UGHS and B0e & $1.00 you, darling, while yod pour the tea. I
SL -OLDS Free Trial. love to watch jour white bands toying
Mw l mt mAl QIhIlFraa ftl'. ua.11'mu wit rheo Ups.

ls\- t4. A L |THROAT And LUNG TROUB- Next Season-What does the maid
...... .;.ii nir* j LES, or,MONEY-BACK. enr.u by fot putting another leaf in the
S-.. a l weekly. o tal'le- We might as well be sitting In
.* -y e t' achlt othlr'p lap, ot.--Detrbit Free
6 M1 jB -,dewa York LEGAL NOTICES. Press.
St. Washubtnaton. D.Di Q No Excurdion Tlfet,.
. ..,.s._.--.- e, Beenaway-Let me -ee! About No
SAPS irst Judicial ircuit of Florida,y. odson--we I eft be waFs V.
,IA:_ Circuit Court of W asLington Counry " o
J. W. J..Sliver,\ coml~lainant, vs. "-Rl- frowV bad to worse, and- Staldhozft-
ON OLLAR FOR 4lie Shiver. defendant.1 It subsequently developed that he had
AV, lA OF V 1 T.- ANDRi EV C 11Y The defendant iu the above styled, 0o return coupon.-Puck. -
a.0o- 0 inlcelli, correllvy planted and cause is'hereby required to appear herein
ulwuing af0 tlhe nl mre imniportanu on the 22d day of Dedtmber, 1406'to the Fan.k require* mpch. neceselty Utat
ji --is of val tos sa i bill of CeolD laint filed against ler by the little.--German Proverb.
Builitl-la of great value to.a'y said complainant, or a decree pro con- ,
,oe ts ltt! m1latin'g p'1urchasilhg proP feeso will le entered against her n A latlwar 4"W ,
e .rty in ~Wlwn. It c.vors ,ahlut four course. Tbheeceat latimakton of an Iviseb'raIl
-of goast fine, extending east- It is also ordered that this order be way that there would,be 'no last trails
l- i ft Hm- Dyer's Pci,.t ta. and eam- pnuhilisheVd 6nee a week or four counseec- tb Cqrk" has apparently induced -the
I- t ive weeks in the St. A oaslrewa Buoy, a Oieat Eastern Railway company to
.,,bwalcg.OL.d St. Aknlruwms, with ou newspaper puldlished weekly in3tA. A- issue a placard statiAg thht ttrlns.t
nupontdla.i, tri-Iory inlHikl. I're draw. Washington Ctunty, Flords. Walthamstow will -run- "all throughh

ioe w a he :BUOY Offce.- Set ferk ofCitctCourt, Wshng. the night on week days."-St. ,Jmeitl
"l., '- 'v'- totOkountv, Florida. Gazette. -. .
rr ri OrnS's FOR L. cKiNvzE.Compainaan't Solicitor
yfl .' tC'llONAk.MA 1> O T IHI.' Sof' D. Be-oresad Afer. *:
SIONAL44 ONotice Anniinn r Tx "I think that every oungr- *omn
N E S BAY COUN i RY, Notice of Application for Tax ,h d think learn to y everr before
lhol.thela diposesofby ee IH s o mau'r.ried." b *-
'. : .'i ii.takti (npany,1io locate Utnder Sectio* 8 of Chapter488p, Laws of "*That's right. 'Aa4 oqet It a
i."ke, r nto an' Florida. w vurd."-Cleveland t ader. ,. .
Wh -"ha. p. "t- tf thes Noice is. hereby g ven Jthat L. E. in '' .
,- A. r iTrt' hv ... ,.l ,lid:. .-; V re, prerehaser of T:x Corica N nie crat o Utlt rea Z

goobd, adtAthe4bt,
Sas baidmsomne girl, as
t photograph, they had

re chance to get out of
a lot of other things be-
a certainA4atUrday orn-'
uneo an. auto might
speeding two, rather
men up the island
oagl agman had been par-,
rtcUlar they reaut to hirehe ma-
chine. 11I'b sed .to being timid'
%4bout .-qee -b t felt 'per(edtly- cont-
dent AU her, palnts, and after dls-
la,14g th inowlodge In i4 practical
way he. aced theui in charge.
The d tion ,was thirty miles
i'om Brook nbut-at a-eteady jog this
1igbt have eon covered by noon had
not'somethlt happened to prevent.
As the rere passing through 3a-
mafca; the $qutney only just begun, a
handsome ung lady emerged from a
house, step -linto a steam runabout*
ud, -aeW ...s her ow ., chauffeur,
startedoff4 a fast clip.
S"By G e. but did you ever. see
Anything t .ompakv with her?"*gasped
Young W aer, 'who was noted asa m-
:press lonabli'.
-.. .Hand: est girl I ever saw," was
the repljI. **.
"Did op,tnotjce that look she 4hrew
at me?" .
"t was meat for me;"
"You.go on! Say, I'd give all I ex-
peet to getfrom- iy grandmother's es-
tate tto klpw tIf;t girl. What eyes!
SWhat hakir As her eyes looked into
misne.for ainstaptI"- *, .
I 5itMasUoln inigIto, mlna6, and there
was a rogusl*, defiant look ItAtem as
if abe dare, -t t, follow' 'her."
*. "By Go hl b come to think of It,
'we ought loHow her anyhow. No
wpmani hasi business driving a ma-.
chine, Sup a tire comes off or
anything 4 s Bhe may meet a
tratm at,a crUlng, nrun into a ditch or
have 'Nometig else happen. If we
are 6 had.e eanasalst"--
W bore spOTiwas8 put on to decrease
the distaned the young lady looked
bAfk as s~ bard tj changing of the-
"She's sul ly flirting with me!" gur-
gled young Weaver as he clasped his
hands. .
~YoV dolt ..rgplied. young Knowlton.
"She deen know that you are on
earth., Un' u skimmingng along.pi'tty

"Seenms t
This tos fa
fore, btt wt
lote that gi(
SThe girl 1]
Ideas on tl
that the t:
we new I
that they
order to- fol
'shlp oUid
rattltd- ilo
mille a co
head to I"

wa, a 4a"

-me she's let 91t a link.
than to ever drove be-
lve got to take chances or

tloe rumalout had several
.u4jet ht handi. One was
. young meni behind her
the sport.. .Aother was%
loft the direct ro.fd iu
v her. it'e.tIhr-d wa1 thatt
r venged oi the ta his s peed for;'a
ee.withbat turning bhr
tht,'.the big manIhtne
'layi ai bqeln driven
hand. Op coming' tt'
scplrated t{9 .-ite-
u -t'alteltr Ona. brn"
Swty. rThl.ht-

-tO;.~bo~lHian they humbly euiumi
'tto' t.m rear st-t. and gla ed asr E ,A.
.cher afd i.-n ially throuten'ei rnua,-e
t theif'st uppurtunaty. They suolt di-
. ivered that the yotiig lady was ns-
.!rn boaster. Shf turiued the macUa,
.jout with a whiz and started o ff1
speeded that ALrd nlt coULIUU.,1 ftr L .
.;n:tei whie'l young Kuuwito.u fue
):. telrfld to le.un ;'>rwart -ind ,tty:
"This. ortait iy ;:1-'inrati:ig. bu
.0 ryou tilnk It altogether i sue?"
"Thb'. Is" :,'ve'' ii:" 2 4 hour."
*as flit rel-,- as he.' tlya: !:ne -tile.
ronnd a cur'.e on three wheels.
t Three minutes later Mr. Wanver.
'wh)ise fnee w.as1 going as wv-hit an
'.balk ind h'd 'i er. 'e'ekI.'g *' ;.thn,"
.Ioa'--' to m.ie !'te yoQ.'":g lady r
i6ortand 'that fle was troubled wilii
';a:pitatio.l of jtin* heart anttiuneq.
.PBst remedy for it lu the world."'
die- rr1i':e': as it'.- i.: u -,., .
Wud-an levcl and lihd an a fluor, qluu
Jie Increased Use spiutd. 4
STbt, yn'wir m,-n ipqt'nrtlw'er eina-a(1
zands and sild fAreweJI to eactu Oun i..
rhey di.tn't d re r ach po- r n:ii t'.
he wheel out .of the tirivir's haUc.-.
nd yet dthy 'rea*kLd tLat a calawi.ui
unslt. sou. Ila: ; n. A ,--ord fC :' L
ht, havre p:eve'-ted what f.:-,',..
..t s;.! \rns Inl-.nt oI thbe !'on .1 nil
S j snrIdr'k as ta"-y cq'! -ipr-'1 ',e Irn
:rfp of hb:tzel hi hsl ., lt,': ftoo '':I" '
'lmped for it anud landol anioug. til'
lu.tes witt a craL h. ,
'4te u;.io did uUt u {op.. If the girl
ui;ssed them she was not co "(-trjwd.
rhey picked themselves .up nifl'r -'
while and limpujd out to the road ir'
tiUme to make n'ituirios of sa iMsinn'r
te:ntu. Tha'y ~'alked two miles and1
then hired a farmer to drive thb-n six
aowe, alwys. -inquIntring fbr an anufo
drtv'n by a -glrl. At len'rth. is Ui.-y
.triw near a tnaaior bouse ew.uuo.oiuaeo
' ni grove, young Wea'avr er'l linutd:
" "Say, now, It'r dollars to ,cuts tbre
this Is the house we were bound for-
the Henderson plnre!"
."And If that isn't the yoft:gliady we
lave been chasing may I never', e.:
agaiA!" replied Knowilto as he nodded
at a girl oil the veranda.
lw front of th hbour' was an aIto
tied to the fence with a role. It was
their auto. Hn:ag., t a *conspicuous
place was .a sign reading. "*l'-r Sale
Cheap." The yQunLg men I'd not sfdp
to.a'sk any quest;6ns. if their friend
Burt was home they 4id not want to
see hin. If his. sister Aunictke- was
holme they did not want to see her.- AI.
they wanted was to et back to New
York by the shortest route.
a- naniuandl.
Ralltwell In his -"Dictionary of Ar
chalsmsn and rrovlnclalftens' deserlbe'
salmongundy to be a mlqxure of ap-
ples, onions. veal or chicken and iec
kled. herrings,, minced fine and eaten
.with oil and vinegar; hence a nicknoam
for a cook.
-Halilwell-Philllpps' "Dictionary of
Achalsmns and Provinciallism" has:
"Saumongundy-'apples, onions, veal or.
cblhehk and pickled herringn' minuct
fine and eaten wnjth oil nnd vlhegar.
hence a nickname4 for a cook." Cf. also
Grose's "Classical Dictionary of the
Vnlgia. Tongue." Bailey's "Dictionary"
las "salmnugondln." ,
Salmagundi, .of course: piade of-.p!c-
kled.herr, lg minced up raw with pep-
Iler, vln6gaar etc. AFrom' "'Sea Words
and Sea P fass Used Along the Suf:
Vt* Ooa.t b. Wwerd. Fitzgerald,
Cf *4 b L m W thi, Iaa4 An-

,-. .
SnThiu is the l atet and '
Hand -low for working# plats ins t g
sselt-ndtjuK1;tlule; the ,et '
which the blade Jis uttohed r e t
Ground, and the depth Of plowifgMrO'
-t by Jiftinug the handles,' A 'boy.. rF.4: 14
years can handle it *ith p.erfect eiasel II W.
24-inch steel wheoe; tho hei ht or1m -'wi A-Oi r
the l ow light of dr'ft. If-~as' ff.blad*s: I.
IL ur ning mold, 2 a slioeL;.3 e s' ee d
blade, 4 a' buell-ofue 654 r q1 pnn
wilh eachb'plow. .
H B. We have mad. Ar&a*VreenU s .'
S which e can fufalt4y4ptw '
f the aqtoru prr ,'%ice '4-!j,'


--- ,- ,,
-~ ,.in WIN*

right In St. Andrews.Btty abo-it one dollar, making -ei- ".-
$4.50. 'But the Bt'bY lt'oposes to do beobter thaWtthis abadw tipt
one-veir and fu"nish one' if these plpws-complete -atibe&ot .
purchaser to -pay freight .
STe plow may be seen'in operation at the editor eid eri
- Order. from the RnoY direct. -' i ,.-.:. : ..= "cA-

~l~bl --~iP~b~e I i.

Sold at St. Androvs Fl,, a

F-- b



*Sol6s^$t. A udfleis1-
At,Dr. ..t. ihf'
t IC 1 e-f er. viec y
s-I .t


e) moere ae tsa oal

p TIL'V made by honest



PARRY Mvc.@I'ndiana'po

A Wise Sn. -
"A dislike." said the gentle pllloso- A 'nUl*tty.I
pher. -'shotild ubt lead 8.t--aay aetlte- . i k .,tq &

3~ -/


^ X u"-,m4i veq V'eras
SWilAw Ciaefl t iS a ieo.a. avery
K C .. lc-atin.l.t .14 eon wmnd i,,r
e t sn, at si fov' ate year,
i and
'r '. 1 Uet Fr, as (twicea'.-week
*"."' ad YeT ok).............. I 7
et 'S: t & Citizen, daily for $ 85
S ... dO Semi weekly, for l 5.5
4 id Aevican .... 3 5
sads Ag tksulterist 5 5:
] r a p Fd r i t G r o w e r . 5.
4w. olutsof 5, ach *. 2 g:
ftr Journal,- Philad'a, monthly I "19
Olnoinusti EnqHirer twice a week
8 large-pges each isnie ..... I 73
:. 1ita.Q0& |iwi tion '" ... I 7.)
M.-Y.World(thrices woek).... lAl
The U0osmopiltanl ............ 1 7.,
The Crrh rii t ....... ............ I
For nay or eit-her of the nbuvo publica-
twia in connection sith the iUIOY', nd.
fAiwtl lor trs bo IrK BUOY.
S't" Andre'. Fla.
..For- Sae!

d r f"t mLe a strip from the
Sside .of ti 'north half of the
S Southwest quv#r a' section 10 town-
. 4p &l southt, t'nge 14' west,-,nipnog
r a i** i tee.ablol house to Watson bayou.
S dj4~pf g'Mhlillll on the south. Will be
S-::i In iacre, quarter, or t.ahf-aere' lots.
k.: .". 06tDrlce O ied WIl. be' &ccor4tng to

teafaft or.lda. taaWi BroSkstlo 2,
3 44It, t BI it, l Il, 1213,14,-16 16,
19, 29.21, 28, 23, 24, 15, t6, 27, 28.
"29, 3, 31 and 31, Qf the neD of, see. 35,
tp.3s, r. 15w. The maid' land being as-
nevsedt a the-date of the issuance of such
certificates in the name of Unknown. Un-
less said certificates shall be rvdeeated
according to laiw. tax deed 4ill iss-ue
bhieseeM on the 15th day or December,
A. D. Y0i6.I
Witness my official -ignalure and ana-
L [a, .j hiWe bhe 2d day of November,
A. P. 1906.
Clerk Citcuis Tourt.
-t:o Io"0. )
Notice ii hereby given that Claristin
A. Wood ol Noles, Florida has filed no-
tiae of her intention to- make fimll fivr
year. proof in 'support of her elara, rim:
Horn ateod .Entry No. 35103' made Oct.
14, 190 for the rwt ofi section 4. town-
hin Is, r. 14w. and that Sai'i Droof will
lie made before the co ty jpd'ge at Ver-
non, Fie. on Nov.- 20. 19"16.
-Sh manmes the folFowing witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon and
rultivHtion of said land, viz: |
M'W .Widener and I.. H. Fickier f
l;redmheid Fa., J 1) MsDonald and W H
Wood of Rolep, 'Ila.
W. G. Ron.sso., Regiater.
i WijEUtor's fee paid.

y ar's'naortality lint cuts. nb With us.
We must make our ot. eptrlmnt.,
while ,Dr. Experience screan)ms tImseltf-
hoftise from his bonfire en tiht: bapki
Ho has held ita-ny an,.Itnquest-on thA
darkling shore of the ri vw4a'k.r. and
lie will undoubtedly live'too.Faolrt many
, another, but thus fsr -we have.not blets
the subjects, and wjien it comes to the
mistakes of oth ers we are all delighted
to serve on the coronire Juty. It isn't
well for us to be saved from too Many
blunders. We need the. dislpfl*ae of
failure.' It Is better to fail than never
tootry, and the man who can contem-
plate the graveyard oft .is wn hopes
without bitterness wrin not always be
ignored by the godqiof' sucess..-Mere
'*41t NIeholson in Reader. '-
S" Dramatle Deaths.'
What Is a drmatfe death? Of course
the most dramatic death ever recouped
was that of Placut, who dropped deda
while paying a bll. Then there was
the death of Fabius, who was choked
by a hair in some milk; that of Louis
VI., who met his doom' because a pig
ran under his horse and caused him
to stumble; that of Saufelus, who was
poisoned by the albumen in a soft boil-
ed egg, and that of Zeuxis, who died
from laughter at sight ofa hag he had

- -~~-'
'in t -,

f5-.tj 4y e YQU ,o tt
Sgnl o way IL be* bJig
S.tt. a handsome girl
.m it.ff:ad to flirt With. me a

'nut t St 1j st in the buplng.
- (he-fr -~~ d:'oppdtl them on
.W th*i .' ,-shle made n- .e -
ort. K ebourhed Into the
a:t''.1 sight andJoggilrg
i.,-n-.1 -pctSe'.; s had led
Shen s'ht miles out of their
oad -'., ,eaflzed Tt.- Each was
-visl tn u- w d throw out a
:Ilnttboit' utaing the chase.when
zhe rntntp t..urned tot& a highway
That wau ,' anazeadamnized. It was
zcAvy with antd the auto groaned
.ndc ecompli -, ffr It made the steep

"If she wa t Wthe test looking girl I
-ver saw"t- *t Knowiton.
"If she -b it'" ared as to follow
'er"-- replfM Weaver.
Then their ws aipcream abead of
them, and a. as seen to leave one
of the wh of the runabout and the
machine to -' e to a standstill.
"Ye gods; 'hat luck for nmel"
whispered W
"Say, noW W Iu don't let me do all

S e.f'- whaih. at, tnousa anis.-of years
oldf'hef these, n.ear.'hbolula, isa in
.tbh form ofr a truncated pyrar.u d.
17Kboh side of the imse' of f(ila pyramid
Is 1,423 feet, which is twice 'the length
of the great 4iyramid of E,:ypt. The
height of this Meic'an wonder Is 1T7
,feet, and Its base, covers an area of
-forty-four acres.

Not There.
"Judge" said -Mrs. Starrem to the
Inogistrate who had receutly come to
board with her. "I'm particularly anx-
ious to lave you try this chicken soup."
'I1 have tried it." replied the ma:is-
trate. "and my decislo:. la that the
thicken has proved'an alibl."-Phila-
. delphia Press.
Gluttonous Eskilnos.
The eating powers of the Eskimos,
if the tales told In the books of north-
ern explorations are to be believed, are
most extra-rdinary. One writer tells
of a young man scarcely full grown
who ate four pounds and four ounces
of froenu sea horse flesh, four pounds
and faur ounces of sea horse flesh
broiled, one pound iind twelve ounces
of bread, one and one-fourth pounds
of r:ch gravy In twelve hours. Bealdes
eat:n; the above he also drank one
pint of grog, three glasses of raw spfr-
- Its ana nine pints of watet.

kinlds."-W.ashfu.tou Stnr.
A. Expert Statenment.
"Is there u'-iy snro way of kIow-
ing when a uwia is meaning to'pro-
p)oe''" ;skedJ tLe bud.
".You ne lun't woqy about that,"
salad the jIl.e. "The knowledge comes
'y ntqioe The most Important thing
is to kmnv when he Isn't going to."
As Good as*Marrled.
First Sailor-No. Bill. yer don't real,
ly know what life is till yer get splilpd.
Second Sallor-W'y. shiver me timbers,
messmate! I've nevet been married,
true, but I've had yellor &ver and
cholera, I've tPen frostbit, drowned,
burned ulive. t by a shark, blowed
up at sea and operated on fo? cancer.
Wot more do's n reasonable ehap
want?-London Answers.
Thie Harvard -Croas.
The Iron cross burnished with gold,
which is over one of the entrances to
the Harvard-college library (Gore ball)
was at the time of the 1745 siege ot
Louisburg takeu from a Catholic Chap-
el there and brought to Massachusetts
as one-of the spoils of victory. In 1877
Justn Winsor. tihe librarian of Har-
varfT college library, found it in the
cellar of the library and had it giJded !
and placed lu the position which it now
occupie:- :

iousae-thetu. ..To tA 00 b ,10 .
eas willing to ageetkifcgaFSI
-he was there, d tair,'s d ult
:o'si:C:red it too ePa'-A tlhi wtto
.o- he said. "Jd, gred. Th t.
rho n-'i friiid woceednd::o ..
I A'. S -.l..n. plale frb ths thi t 14
.ro'-,-ild Il upon. the floor. "Li.l. sKa,
'-ia a ;imln't- the wozgn of the bmlit 1 -
.s.o: the cme :ir'irg- aAmi t
-_.io -orf rti '- n e. The dou-bt 'j
-atb .:ed,--Fo~oston <(lobIi .-'i.- -

,* -. .. O r I...
Mir. t.- .. k'- y.1 C:T'gr, a g.'eaK.Ger. -?
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