Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: May 19, 1904
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00086
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,. ANDRE V" FA-,Y 1_-


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S*'iCl,,,L DI--- EOTOr. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY swa:i. A,);, Ii,.' aJid A'.;u, with horribletalut. susplclon. blucla Your and a econd s,,]IIIr w.,in,!ki, ",n'.l

7, U. S. Senator-lst district, S. R. Mal- AT ST. ANDREW.I FLA. L" S ti,,,' U;", t,'it I knewv at once whole world. And yet. (God y me, Sergeant D)avidqou ,iiaked u1 be
lory, Pensacola; 2d District, J, P. O ie Dollar a Vear in Advance. lla on, ":1 on tho tapis-"-here ote too. I cau understand how 3 r soul thought of the report he must make to
Taliiafero, Jlacksonville. ., be a 'nIti.v anr." as been soiled by this. I can vY, for- his colonel. There "as one 13' to x.
Representatives-lst District6 S. M. *VLi I...ve yoil ;.rt" I asked give and love you." ese his careh'ssue:., and u sI'ized
Sparkman, Tampa; 2d District, R. Entered Sept 3, 191 e, at St. Andrew, tr;. "Love me!" cried the gir.- "Why upon it
w. Das, PaIlKR, 3d District, W Fa. as con, cls matter, under "No ou, said Alica obstinately. weren't you honest? You hveJ a lie In due cour.- of tlime Prvate Uogn
9.wag court martlaedfo iwadl_
iAt ot ogras of Mrch 3, IS ;ut the Rbx- onmnt she btluhed rosial- with me!" H was court rti for wrdl'e
R.oa. a o .r v i. Chubb, aines- .as a un Lrwned young mani "Was my pose much"wo;80 than He had run awa.v fm t, LE[amy ad

"Jennings; z. A handkerchief knotted Robert Castleton, and my forum e, dear they had run also, laded by th sr-
|''.'P It 0 P R I E T 0 R ro,-'d hI.,, -rJictijnr ,hioat and a wide child, is double all you can cot gan and it wa
fj ,r t r t C craw ford ; 'Trea s- a m ge n ,nei a al otu tw t
w-- t telt ty -t'.t gae a pictur- We both cried out In areie nt returned at a critical stage and fuiht
Ge al.i- W ied; Tallahassee; Display ad. rates, 50c. per inch per .rn fnish t) m. I a bound to Loosing Allele. he drw out n well, but the srgeant plil ii u (
!W ST, well bu the ,s,,Atgone
S Comptroller A. J. Croom; SupeT month. Position and extraordinary dmit he looked airra:lve. Inner pocket a locket set rouid.with him at the trial nd mi ot bd
intendent o Public Instruction, W. condition rates subject to special o -rs." said Allc, "I want rubles and, pressing the ar, wed case against m. lie n t u h
i Sheats; ComiIssioner of Agri- agreement. o have y 'u irfet i.liy friend. Mr. Ham us an exquisite face, woflf.i cog- neck by putting the rup,' urui!. ID
V Shoats, o;s in r o g l agreement., ob doh rs n h e t
culture, B. McLIn; Adjutant- "Local Drift." 5c per line, first inser. ife coie out to nized at once. My
S-. C. R. Foster, Twe come out to zed atonce. "y ,h sai4 other's, and the senate ws tht 'ri-
Tl..ee. oard ier2 next week." simply. "And here are letts,'nd of vate logan be dlinised from the
te ena,r 5th I)istrlct, Gen Win.. tion; 2c each subsequent.. Display You are down to have a look at the course I can offet yod all [ proofs army for .)wardlce.
M. % miller pn t locals double above rates. yg o ofr O "':ntry" suggested Rob- you want by telegraph or' Two weeks later he wao s escn.-d to
tativ rts. holig out a strong tanned band "Bt how on earth"- I stoth gate of the fort one aftnn d
rt M. Ware, St. Andrews; If this paragraph 'is checked with a .n'j neairlr I.nmshing mine In it. "To be frank," said Rober ,eton told to go. As he left the gete the dis
,fidge J; R. Wells; Clerk, e pencil it is a reminder that your As he spoeeAicaitvanlshet. She re- coft \i dly "i was liek of unt- graced man turned toward Wolf ,rek
-' Deed" C ce; r, ..ad..., w a pan of a V da' tmr I r and walked awoy ,wi
g^ "JJ W C ." T.--A.- 'on LD. %A--Hkd..
MKeithen. Vernon; Deputy, C. H. orthree extra numbers will be sent .;rekn peatand, 6.ea g'fe-l2rr'on u ''-t" .,, < ..-'. : ,n'-" .,ioor *-
Danford; Tax Collector, Jno. R.. you that no break may occur should step, aegn shelling them as industrl- Cur themselves. If I hadn' --ica but he knew that he was l lo,-hd
Thompso St. Andre; Treasurer, you choose to renew ously as tblu;gh her future depended once at the opera she wo\d \Ive de-' and that he had be' L.rtid i,
homs H. HowelIl, Vernon; Trax Asue tron it. Roberts promptly joined her; celved me ns completely as Pd1 her." save the sergeanL To e tlhus di-:iii'
ssor, J. Williams, ChipleyV;l while I ,discontentedly dropped into His simple. straightforward manner. ed from the ;iriy uiaut tbn h, e Lii-i
'esoJ. W.Wliams, Ohipley. ran e u ftecln
County Superintendent, L. L. Pratt, In Memoranr. Alicia's hammock. Alicia was too ut- the casting ofr of every shre.d o the get out of the country. l: j
Vernon; Surveyor, P. L. Horn, Or- Let him not wake from dream, terly unlike her bored and ennuled rustic as be talked, convincerd ie whol- coward even the s]ii.jW ,.,f tip Lai
ange Hill; County Commissioners, For in his dream, child self. She laughed now In low ripples ly. I burst into a fit of ringing laugh- breeds would be lih,.'en-eto 10'iL ul,,,
and then lifted the shining eyes of a ter. Iim
J. W. Cravey, Chu., Miller's Ferry; With sweet angelic face, cand toe hofted the shining eyes of a ter. d him.
A. W. Weeks, Duncan; John Nelson, His elchild to Roberts' earnest and altogeth- "Lord, this Is good." I bokd-"you There ws bu o h e at r
Chipley; Jackson Clarkson; Dis ore r er too handsome face. It would never two flying*rom the fort' hunters TIng of Wolf crebuk, one t 1., the Wtw
flyingero hunter Thompon. olfice' ball .~ heWi
W. I. Singietary, Milille. Did more ethereal seem; do, I told myself to permit Alicia to and then making what Sprore the Thopso he iv th ,
Di more eh dop on Ii~ told myself andr the ni kInlhalp o h
St. Andrews-Justice of the Peace, With lovelier grace throw herself away on an uncongenial match of thp .zeasonI" her daughter Mary. now a girl tw.-
John Sturrok; Notaries, W. A. Em She looked on him and smiled rustic, I turned! awy,. laughing still. A turn ty, for three or four years past, fur-
John Sturrock, Notaries, W. A. Era- Ih critcise onn meal atd smile
mon A Brake; Deputy Clerk From heaven this morn. For the next two days I criticized of the r,.,nl showe.1 me on glancing nlshlng meals to the teamsters iin be-
Mons,. A.our r Emmons; r Roberts tierce:, to myself. I could not .idewlse .licia's pretty head reposing Ing the only postmaster for many ;iles
Circu it Court, W. A. mmons Sleep on, for sleep is kind; but adrihlt tl-rdhe was manly, that he on the fortune huter's breast. around Several suldlers at the fort
School Directors, G., W. Surber, Sr., Why should the dreamer wake, seemed capable of taking on polish were sweet" on Mr, but Sergeant
P. M. Grills, A. H. Brake; Post mis- Seeing his'flowcr dead, and that his grammar, while not of the Service Promptly Accepted. IJavlson was supposed to have the call
tres4, Zadie H. Ware. The nestling gone? best (he made breaks occasionally), Many are the absurd tasks that the over all of them. His term of service
Millville-Postmaster, Henry Bovis; And if he wake to find was reasonably good. He openly and candidates for 'initiation Into certain would be out in less than a year, and
justice oi the Peace, J. H. Dykes; i a k fd frankly adored Alicia, who proudly college fraternities are compelled to .An his own mind he arranged to marry
Constable, 3. II. Daffin drigfed
Ptst;e of hi harpi, Hhertmust break aired her poverty and exulted in her perform before they are entitled to full Mary and settle down on the ranch. It
parker--Postmaster. Martin G. Post; H is harp, his heart must break, captivation of a man who must indeed membership. Miss Nancy Shykes, an had been long since the Sioux raided
Notary Puiblic, W. 11. Parker. Let him dream on. love her for herself alone, elderly spinster whose home. was in a up Smoky valley, but there was no
Allanton-Postmaster, Andrew Allan. But I could not bear the thought of college town, was surprised one morn- telling when they might come again,
Anderson-Postmlaster, S. W. Aaer Where Paths Divide. it all. At last, for I saw matters were ing by a visit from a young man in aud a beacon had been prepared by
Pson. ItmitreSf when I leave you for another land approaching a climax, I determined to fantastic garb. the soldiers for the women to light in
> To ks---Postmastr, M Emery GTomp- Where hopes ari brighter, and appeal to Roberts' generosity. "Good morning, madam,' he said, case they needed help nig or day.
ToWins- Ostmasterhearts understood, I got him off on a day's fishing, and lifting- his Jaunty little straw hat-it When Hogan reached the postoflce
BayheadPostmaster, 0. 0. TompkIlns. Will you forget the bad and see the as we came homeward I prepared my was in the dead of winter. "This is he sat down on the doorsteps and let
CookD--Postma8ter, J. J. Fowler. appeal. I led the conversation up to Miss Shykles. Is it not?" his chin fall into his hands and did
(Vetapp Postwastres, J. rJ Fow er. good,'hs ci alit i a d n i
Wetappo Postmistressr, Mrs. Dyer. o have always marriage by beginning to talk of home. "Yes, sir. What do you want of some thinking. By and by the girl
West Uay-Postmaster, W.C. Holly. rhat you have always doubted?,Will Yes; his father and mother were liv ? came out and found e
tshesfahe ndmobandr le m?",came out and found him there. She
theoinantnn Postnas tht band a ngig he said. Yes; the old folks did "I amn sent here," he replied, with' had heard of his trial and sentence,
Calhoun County Cromanton-Postma- That bound usbreak, and let thesifting miss him, but he got an extra good the utmost solemnity. "by the Et Bit- and she pitied him.
ter Frank W. Hoskins. chance to get a job with Farmer Ket- ta Pie society to sweep your kitchen, "I suppose you despise me the same
1'ardl.,' in~~iW. F. Wood- sandpos o esiem tesm
varidale--Aostm aster, .In Time's 'wrecked hourglass cover Aterer, and he guessed they could stand paint your house, attui'l to your as the rest?" he said as he knew of
ford. all the rude it awhile longer. stove-s, milk your cow or do anything her presence, but without looking up.
THE MAILS. Reproaches of the past? Deep in the "I suppose," I sald bravely, "that sels you may want nve to o. 1 await "You have been drummed out?" she
The northern mails, via, Anderson, solitude some day you will be thinking of mar- your orders, madai." queried In turn.
GayT Bay head and Chipley departs Soide oriage, Just as they did Once." Miss Nancy, who was a WoMan of "Aye, drummed out and disgraced
eGary day except Sund Chipley depat 3:00 rts mine own heart, I see your statue He shot a peculiar glance at me. rarm self possession, reflected a mo- forever I'm more of an object of con-
o'clock a. in., arrives every day ex- stand, "And when you do marry, I pur- mn'rit. tempt than a squaw man. Why don't
cept Sunday at 7:15 p. m. As stony as Osirs by the Nile, sued, "of course you want everything "All thosto things have been attended you order me to go on?"
East Bay mail for Harrison, Millville, And something tells me that our fair and aboveboard. You want no to, ,o;iau.," she said, r t her "See here, Hogan, I'm sorry for you,"
CroE anton, Parker, Pittsburg Cook,
ardale and Wetappo leavetsbu r t paths diverCo chance for ill feeling or mischief miak- nose. "nut yoli niy pay off t i l,'3rt- she said as she laid a hand on his arm.
Fadrews every morning except Suu- Forever and forever. That the mile era to creep between you and your gage on nu house." You might have lost your head for a
So o rrive coing e wesp t Wii lengthen into leagues with eve- wife because there was any msappre- How ch is ?" tme, but that wasn't cowardice."
day a;>5 oclokli, arrivestcomig W hension at the beginning." ",.r hut."o.l l' .-,i r f"'' ^ "Thjanlk you fnr that mley," he iaht
at 7 o'.lok P.* M. rv surgo I bi t-fee nA, hes~.I eloiduwt
at 7 oalock billow. After rv surge He turned red under his tan. "li shall br ,lune. nn ., .." he sn'd. as be looked up, with tears in bIg eyes.
naAnd heave of Ocean's billow. After "Misapprehension? How could there without the slightest change in the ex- "You'll have to go, but don't be hu-
RELIGIOUS. front- awhile, be? What do you mean anyway?" pression of his face. "1 wibh yon good mliated. Some of the mea have hint-
eapt!st-Claurch Wyomuing ave. front-1 ThgulylprohifaegvmeMnn."iltd S eoft
Bg a rk St. Services at 1 a. m. and You fain would listen, when a soul The guilty lopk on his face gave me morning." -.. ed to me that you might have made a
7:30 p. m. Conferences at night. would urge. a sudden insight Into the matter. Alas, He liftd hi straw hat again, bowed stronger defense at the trial."
Prayermeetings every Wednesday at -Willis Wilfred Fowler, poor Alicial This innocent rustic lov- profouudiy ond was gone. "Yes, I could have said more," he
8 p. m. Sunday School every Sunday _____ -- er belonged to the very class of men It only rmainus to add ;that the mused as he nodded his head, "but a
t palChurch The New Idea Woma aa- she most abhorred. He knew who she young man. who was the only :,iin of scapegoat was wanted, and I was new
At 10 a. 11. Th"e daWotnt aa
lotnodist Eiscopal-Chur Wasrt- I was, and he had deliberately let her rich parents and could well afford the to the company and had no chums.
igtoon ave. and Chestnut st Sunday zine. play her poor little play before him. sum out of his allowance, wal as good Miss Mary, I'm a mind to- But let
hoo9:3a. m.vry Sunday. Rev.L. A number ol new features charac- -you know who Miss Alicia Gordo- i as his word. it go. I'm Citizen Hogan, the coward,
J. Braswell, p)atsor. and will be till I'm 500 miles away and
"rrerlxifu Uuicl corner Loa e th .June t isV'"Yes, I do," he answered doggedly. A Collar of Brawn. among men who'll never hear of this.
Ave. and Drake St, Rev. 0. C. D- vVo,,an's Magazine. Among thim "She is Alicia Van Anderson, the heir- According to lDtr. Johnson, brawn Is If they'd only have sent me to the
phy, pastor.-'Sunday school at 9:30
a. pa. svtry buniay, str- may be mentioned especially, "Per- ess and society woman." of uncertain etymology and Is a term guardhouse for six months and given
i0ok, Supt. dita's Dr)oblemir" the first of a series "And knowing this as you do," I -used for the "fleshy or musculous me another chance!"
,OtK a ld tono ter St. of piipers by Alice Ohittentden, tell- raid, 'bursting with natural indigna- parts" of a boar from two to five years "Don't fret over it," soothed the girl.
L! l'outer Stl tion, "you dare to let yourself make old. This semitransparent substance, "But to call me a coward-me, afl
-Ioev.Gilbert has mad x tho follow-' izig how a small family may live love to her, to let her believe you hon- called sometimes lantern from Its sir- Irishman--and to prove It against mel
ing aopoi,,cmeits: Will be at Miltville. ilarity to eorn, is a natural shield I can't abide It, missy. I can't do It.
Saturday latfore the first Sunday at h I hold myself honest," he returned which protects the sides of the boar If I only had another show I'd make
7:30 I. m. nd a he tirst Sunday ait "11 uiminmor (Comfort' is another inter- quietly. and its v;.tal parts from thlm tusks of 'em sing a different tune. I'm disarm-
a. m.; at PrkConnell's at 7:30 p m.; at Gay's, the being paper by Maud Murray Miller. "A man cannot be considered hon- an adversary, ed and disgraced and turned out but
second Sunday. at i-1 a. m.; at St. An- Glinipse of Capri," by Jean I. est," I said sternly, "who courts a wo- In brawn making this i| placed I'd go for' the Sioux with a club if the
drew at 3 p.i., at Nixon, the third man under false pretenses. You are roundtthe Inside of a mold awd filled An Lord would only send 'em this way."
Sunday at 11 a. m'; at Spann's at3 p.m.: Stearns is a charming tale of travel letting Miss Van Anderson think that with prepared meat. After boiling for "But that can't happen, and I'm tell-
at Tompkins the fourth Sunday at I< "A German Bride'' Oufit," by Ma- you love her for herself alone." many hours it is turned out as a "col- Ing you"-
a. : at Sulphur Springs at 3 p. ml. bA ptter, isboth instructive and "And you would argue that I love lar of brawn." She was interrupted by shouts and
a..:aSuphur Sprins a 3p bol Aet Potter, is both i ~tructine and her for her money!" he said in a tone In Chaucer's "Tales" the o"begging shots and the clatter of hoofs, and
.'~" o_- r entertaining. lu fiction, t'afchins, of bitter sarcasm. frere" says, "Give us of your brawn, if next moment the soldier mail rider ap-

Parker Lodge No. *t4; theatrical news, domestic science and "It looks that way," I retorted an- ye have any," and we read in old rec- peared around the bend of the road
F dco G A.. te .nme fair- grily. "I mean to let her know the ords of "brawne royall" for the king's forty rods below. He was lying down
Regular (jommuni- interior decorations, the number air- whole truth unless you have good table at corouation feasts. At the rev- and clinging to his horse's neck, and
i nations o0 the first ly teems with good things, and the sense and manhood enough to quietly els of the inns of courts it was a behind him were twenty hostiles on
tndthird Saturday^ illustrations fitly supplement the withdraw. You don't want that ugly breakfast dish at Christmas, and It their ponies.
a1d at ay illustrations ftly supplement e name 'fortune hunter' applied to you, still holds Its own as an accepted "Into the house, missy-in for God's
in each month, taxt. do you?" dainty. '\ake!" shouted ohe
v~siil~ Broher -.sake!" shouted Hogan as hesprang
SVisiting Brothers -# ------- "No, I don't want that applied to Dr. King,. the satirist, about 1T50 in- up and pushed her before him and
FRATERNALLY INVITED. -- =0 me," said Roberts, punching holes in troduces In his "Art of Co',kery" a cel- barred the door.
W. H. PARKER, W.M. the moss with his rod, for we had got ebrated cook named Brawn as if to im- A Winchester rifle hung on the wall
W. A.EMsONSSecretarv Trhe F o r t u fn so near the house that by mutual con- ply some connection between the man in the public room, and almost before
7 .. .__ _sent we had seated ourselves on a log and the meat --London home Notes. the girl and her mother could realize
MI t[NES DiREOTO~f.f 4.'- 49 torourdiscusslon,"especially as I have ".". .. : ., what was happening Hogan had fired
B-SINESS DIRETOR. 1H nter asked Alicia to marry me, and she said from a window and tumbled the lead-
B Clno ,,,gerf.Yl she would give me her answer to- ng Indian off his pony. At that same
,,KINTY hiso pol,,,,P I AT 0 A
S.McKINNE, By Clinton Dn rflld night" P PRIVATE H1 AN i Indstant the horse of the mall rider
Attorney at LiAw, -- She will give II to you now!" cried ell at the door, and his wounded own-
Cplt -.'e, by--T. CY...H gu -2te Alia'I own hannc -C- A "'r-was flung to the earth.
A.'M S ,-parted the bushes near us. "Oh, 1 'e halted the red devils or a m-
W. A. E:MMONS, k- .. know 4t's contemptible to listen, but 2 Rv C. 3 L /-N utee sald Hogan to de wor an-
, DeputY Circuit Court Clerk and Notary "Do idtligm, ad otmtbet itn u 25 C" -. -5 L I, ) te," said Hogan to the women. "and
DePublic for th e Staterk atn oary "Do you mind telling me," I said, when your whole happiness depends vS now to get the man in before they lift
jurisdiction to administer oaths, take looking in open wonder at Alicia's on it"- cur his calp. Take the rife and cover me
Publ o leSalze acknowledge. calico gown and rural hat, "what you A little sob choked her sentence. a .sCp, i by T^. as I make a dash."
J.ffitav its, legal~ y a ead s .
ments, etc. anywhere in Florida. are wearing that getup for?" We both sprang up and stood staring -, **'x@ A score of bullets were fired at him
Special attention given to land con- "Doesn't it seem suitable to a farm- at her-Roberts with a yearning in It was really the serge nt's fault by the circling Indians as he sprang
veyances and marriage ceremony per- house In the country?" she inquired, tentness of gaze, I hopefully. ea bn sent from the door and seized the wounded
formed for lawfully qualified parties, with obvious satisfaction In her cos- "I certainly trust," -he said slowly, from on -e tad't b e cet fo t h dore an ide, bud he wues-
Office at the Buoy Office, St. Audrews tume. taking off his hat and standing bare- out on the moun roa to protect a d e hll. The b e s
Bay. "I can't see why white lawny stuff, headed in the sunset rays, "that noth- the citizen laborers-who were cutting soldier from his own company and had
*. r with embroidery and things, the kind ing I have done, Miss"- telegraph poles, and he had gat himself been shot in the back as he rode.
A. H. BAKt you usually wear, wouldn't be quite "Miss Van Anderson henceforth," down with his back to a ro* and fall- When stretched on the floor inside and
Notarv Public for State at large. Of as unostentatious." I said discontent- he sald si-,nltfipntlv uind Sconfnulv. en alen e.r Th'ro %- nA'aadher from .rohmkv fnrhod hitween his totce hbe'

,,'* I ... i' ,; ,: < : :: '.::!l '. L <" '.(ts
h, rc- w M. l 'h,-'rile iir'. whli'hi made e
I -ve of th nil,',v2 1!lJ welmmlted alt
three' of the d-l'fu,-i,.i"r-. It was when
larkn-n'-;- v,.ns iJr.rwlng dwu that the
,-ownrirl sNid-
"W heli nl,.ljt 't.- iii th y'll ihuie us
for Ii Ir- r. I iiuj-r lhr t .- '' r,.izl trr,.
iiodl thb l..'i'r for in '. i.-.., dnd hft.
mohuthTr nri iil r\-" nil- iro'I the" On
,low. If I go ,,,wn. ih'u ',, take care.
*,f Vo-l."
No Lni) i,,',,il t'evr fig,'ure ,mt how It
':. 4 ,ln, '. ilh rth I r,'ilskljIS thht-'k
aboluit llh,' hi,, -,, ain.1 ,n the watch for
ju,-t .-ilili i ru'vte. but Rogiin llgd
pa.i.t I mh'n i rd iired i heI l"'-c'*ui nI r-
-iniit 'l th,- hoih-,. itir.uig'h s ri,'k by
two liull-t. :s i he ernierpfj IL. !t a hiba
--nil. lHe I,.,k,.fi lup. U ithi a sIimilI a
Mliry held his hiinil, i.Ld his lait wUirds
"I wanted a -hainc.. uu.mil the Lord
gave It to mle"
Th#- Indiin fl'-,. at ;the signal fire
__l%,_lJj: hailf n 'ioir lmit r or e I'.
gseUtit JL!avh.'".n tnd i i x tro-opers tvod.
up to firni the two woundedJ women
W"-pinig orer thi d.ad.
"This Is lli-'-rt* .. th>, mail ri'ier."
sliiL the- :.-rhri-:int l ie l ui.k ,l nr t ihe
ir.-4t 'orl.-r,. 'tut % \O i, iav thiN s In
:-itl',.n's iJr, ..s U lI w ith tlirc(- I-.r f.ur
"Thhat." -.iij Mary v: 4ehe l,..ktl ,up
through he'r tenir.-- "th.,t 1- I lo ifga hli
coward, a b.-ttrr hziurl than yon ever
will he.'"
'r'-nty A nui-i ,i-,'rc ,I.
Boats trmflini in l,- Mp-iway In for-
mier ye!rin rreji.iI,-v'l l itn ratlihr eurilit,
no:l ..i an.-1 :T f,,llw-lng was ouly
one of the inai;y'ani'ing incidents re-
suiting from.i this:
A l on;t n inedi Wat's That to You?
passing a dockyard at nighttime vwas
halje;d, us usunl, by the coast guards-
"Boat ahoy'.: Your captain's na inme?"
"Captain X."
"And what are' yov laden with?"
"Where bound ?for?"
"Ship's ninme?'"
"What's That to You?'
"I ask.'d .vil ithe name <(f the ship?"
"What's That to You?"
"You shnll be reported for your ino-
leave"' roared the coast guardsmen.
Again ihe puImt the question, and(, receiv-
ing the samre repiy, the boat was com-
mmiadl edo x-erailri where she was.
In thth n rni3ing two boabLcs were seen
keeping guard. The ofthicianis, as they
boarded lihe v(e;sel with full authority
to seize* tiLe offui'rs, observed for the
Rirst timw t lo anclw palntrd In large
ietLters. Amid ibe laugh er and jeers
of thie cr-w of t(he Whata' That to
You? they pollied ruodily *aw;ay. Lon-
don Telograpi,.

11Ol),-rf I o.t.Trj,,- 1i MJ m.ii"P atkiP M A by
an acquaintance' to fiurmish transporta-
tion to the dos;titute emothor of a sol-
dier who w,;, dying in western Penn-
"It would bUP a Christian act, Mr. In-
gersoll," sald the potitloner.
"But I'm not credited with anything
Christian," vwa the response.
A pass w is sent, howevw'r, and so
promptly that before sunset the wom-
an was on hL'r way west.
The next morning's maii carried to
Colonel Ingersoil au envelope closing
these lines:
The God v'hc knowv our deepertr neds
Cares little h(ow man counts his te da.
Por piety is enot t n creeAd
Or ole-nen faces,
B3ut rather lies in kindly deeds
And Christian graces.
The name of the woman who asked
the courtesy and she to whom it was
extended were signed.
The colonel tend the paper twice,
.folded it, placed It In the envelope,
closedjhis hand over It, then turned to
a friend.
"Such 'n experience draws the sting
from a thousand. criticisms," he said
Complim en ta r y.
A vicar appointed to the living Ini sn
old Ent-zllsh villiang went in for restor-

I.ng his church. On either side of the
porch, just under the roof, was a gro-
tesque, not to say hideous, face that
4uad become almost hidden. The 'vIcar
had these ancient visga-s worked np
until their features were more distinct.
Theln he took a very old lady of the
parish to see them and jokingly asked
;f she could tell him who they were.
Why, bless my heart sir." said she,
weering at the old ornaments, "It's you
und your missile"' *
Plenty of Itaw Mate'rlal.
"Grandpa," said the children, "*1-ll us
another story about the time wIhen
you were a young man and traveled
with the show."
"Well," said Grandfathlier Dutton,
"when I was with the circus forty or
fifty years ago one of my great acts
was to get a boy to put an apple on
top of his head, and their I would stand
ten paces away and shoot a rifle ball
through it."'
"But didn't you sometime's iss the
apple and shoot the boy?"
"Not often. But It happened once

They told this on a Pi"1ttburger WhO
Is diut3 rdow and therefore shall hO
riameles', but ts tMi is 9Stll told' 1
abnt V eshtr'gtoun when a crowd of
nw.soapD(r Tifen foregather ad talk
over old Uimeo and happenlngs. It waSi
,iirlitg the Hurrti.uog ar'f tlOri
aindl the Pittshurger was hot ou thoe
trii ef a ,xinsulshlp. gevera-l wer1
_u.,gc'to-d anid rejected by tie %r,'
LIAut, vwho didn't want a governaietit
sit at Dahtoniey or some other out of
Sth(e v ,,rd, place. but a first class charge,
FinalyI he picked uon Yokohama a#
the phi.rp wbhre be would Uke to rop-
rf-zont iU'ntJ Sam and secured an aulA
dienie wIth Pr"rWdent Harrlfon.
";it. do(, you understand the linmip-
tan(e of this position asked the preo
Id,-ut. "'Can you speak Japanes'?"
4,h. ym. the appiAant understood the
importance of tbe position; also hid
could speuk the language.
"Well." sa;d the prealdnt. "let me
Shoar you pp ka it-"
*All right AA!r me 9Mwttiltg id
Tbe,'e was a laigbh all rola,. but the
Pittsburg ruan .01 not get the peo-
don -i'Wttbnirg Distrtlh,
Pua "amsg.
I'in% .,ure. made by tne women of
the P'ilipplaos from pineiipple spikes
alirp. is as d'ehli'ate as chiffon and far
mwore d'lirabte Tbey usQ only the best
loaves. and these, tled inic' ..gdies, 1
plaetdi nrder heavy stones in lth. bed of
a runAirg stream. A*fte two or tbhee
days off tis tieatment Lbhy aret exptell
for a Uimne to (thp action of the sun aad
air. E'xchi piece is ekoepty ttlbpted t#
make sure that tWe pr"'_s 61 do position was tTo not the leaves a"r' subl frcted a ser4l
Uine to the operation. Th'e fibrous
threads are at last wholly separate
from Uth' e'liuloe ajd lignose particles
and cleaned from the sap ad gumjiy
substance. The whole Is thed beatert
with a wooden mallet grooved Onh tie
face liko a fluting machine. The thread*
are kept moist while this beating is in
progress, and the separate threads are
thus blended Into one mass. In coloe
the fibers vary from cream and ight
gray to pure white. After the "plne-
apvie cloth" is finished figure are
stamped on it with blocks and after-
ward worked or embroiderd by hand4,
-Chicago News.

Hi laRtet Req*.et.
There Is a cliever lad who will get
his living ln this world. For playing
truant maternal authority cut off hib
supper. Caatng one fond look at the
authoress of hiw existence, he pMused
at thef door to say:
"Mother, I am going' ttodie, and wtha
I am no more I wish the doctor to cut
me open and look at my sitmacb."
The maa.l1I heart wa Illied with
Vo~le a'siu^.^ 134 mntnB
-Ice asR ~f~.at be meant.
"I wish it to be knowni" he aBnwerd
"that I died of starvation."
This was enough, The smal boy wl
triumphant and retired to his ittit bod
gorged to replption.

The Art -.4 RakLiag Fla.
How *atd lvbeo me* Irit itrrwd to
make hay wi4t prwbly nevor be
known, for haymaking ls a' p&'"ofS,"
and the product in not simply sun' dri. eit
grass, but gr4.'s wticn'h h.s I'eeu partly
feraenxed, and i as much the wgu'k
of ineu's bands as lieur or clde.'r. Prob'-
ably its discovery was due to .c'iden)t,.
but pos~siuly man learired it tr,,n the
pil.'>,. theW ",lii!! hL i, of )tI slUpj,. ,,
which C( .itaid .^-('gt a.y for ihv w.;-
ter. "b'hnt idea "-e^.- R aij'f, ;
tlihey kueor tihat ,'fi ta-' As-a w/AS in"'
"horn. of the Aryan rce" if wI .'r
still allowed 10 to(i're it. aa>!2 hay-
making is certndit'y an nrt rimInly prairm"
Uth"d in cold coiuitirle for win'pc fto-:
a.- Londo

"I suinj'pB, you ,lueu.h, ,o'. v-r+ llei-
tng whiin yo'd csu'ih'T i;.r" u ,Tr-wile the
mar; who Is ali .*3'$ re. r ai)"-'.
"Well, I n- lIttle wife. "but now I knowy oult

havn Ippnn bo%,.z t rahe

they will I p a,,!o'~rr you. R-A

3 E


Soft and cr~ooed bonees mea"
oad feeding. ,Call the disease
rickets if you want to. The
growing child must eat the,
right food for growth. BRow
must h-ave food, blood
5nu-t have blood food and so
,, Ohrough- the list.
Sco)ff s iuson "S. the right
treatmecnt for soft bones mi
h id ren. l ittie doses every day



-- -.-~ r


MA h ITI' m iE. L 0) C AL D F.,' I F' T THE RESULT

\rn ti 'rI it-. k (-' fI' It'4LI Lt 'M is. oL Cue 1-0hu11111.11-yf~i i

%v. a I ~dr-ti-iii ltii~FvI Li oII' t ing %riissthe ulct
lIa are selling In t' Y~ oik IIIU'rkTC .iI ()It I ho i t v iiieli the ilmnfy ol-
fi C~" t$ i~,~a.l.h'1i., 1.11. as th It ay li- bet'!.I
J"U- Ing- j -d' i ''iij, saitV~d Allulatia -m i et iC, t ti t im
5kid ti- N. XW. 11[it.;at 1othi,~ on j)I fl
_____ East Bu and g *t th i- i Ii it f-stimt w i i-t in ft21L

.~?3-Irnm9tr lt'inI t'(idlb-XoOWante;~IWaer.hg.~ W.Cltaurk. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..344
wi~ nntawbolv zIre'hii1ldt- r1mtif,i h.%`iAnit: ,iwIiitht Itii 'fS
op sand if th al 'rFs omettimeru idi a t in d "'- i rut-)Liliii Pitll" hr Sso:laai H-ai'- iha. 1.Andrtt.............
1psisible tu ma~lte cbedtul- t rme i: rn t 1.v riini~ks 1311-0. o, (Jrctfer N~'t- Y( 'k. ''..\ ryan. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24
O~argedrutohe o~puintcnm tle : Iaet, fl, t he hst Fiat' itV uOil."reiiandal ahfll S. toiirtn.. .. .. .. ....
theyI cm l t) -f Teuaje ra nii 11",rIian d : s ti- z e ann o li-iif
1'Jt, clii'.C' leoa1--' thItketi'' foir t go-. to \ jW. If. Alen..........I~
~a ieal 'tI Ni zk'-,'& I4-, -1 tire. arkt-vi, Fla. T .11n....
Veizeaicola, Sundi~ay rftorning. HlMaiik Wwtiraiwt %Ytl.shNtN'ri. X. B. G'aliLne............. ........ Its
MIL .. .. .......3

A Do itr. L.pon aairivced Fhorn Cari
rabeile an,1 %ipalach icola tit 4:00Ijp. ni,
Friday, and 'artivalfo~i 'n Mobil.. an,1
roersacola. at 9:15 Ea. Tn. yes!Iav.Y

F A r K +'I' S 1" 11'oN t; T,
Makesareg'nar tin ,4 St. Ali-

sia! atuenr ;',r.'%ill ),ae give~is to re- i ing
&ad forvear-Iig 1freigh'it fur e1 ari I~ef i..p
Tuv ftilPher parti.'Ituttarai apI' tu


Leaves St. AndrIL 9lift% v"C I 1'~.~

V:,a will lhe givtl.,1? .iIj id
fetwsri~drolg reJig ltt f-Ir h t i It' I i .in g j a
bIjt aRI i INS411t h UH V ,'h49 1 fuvir
Pointe Ori either ftt rvip ti r te J: i l
DOt~t'nl U ~t 11 ti*'tl.p1, tI

N Ff'f Uwi
Carries i.t ist H-"% y Madil .'elveen Mt
Ite oiuf1a. Le %(.-~:i '. t' Aii. A taul qe 1,01 Iv
t 4ri 1jiidav t tOf1..Ill.; 'Lrrilv t-1a
WO&N-lp a t I]'!:310I p. in.; I ve~~''Iiip
St I:Q ; n.;:rri~es ;it Jl. AiidjuA-Aa~t
7:31) mmi,,rslt S Ia ll. t'g, atIi Iy i
F-Urt~. R16 i sol r a, ialfe. Fre~ightImt lt.i]i t
*GY Poetofi-D*e hti, t*. Feqr 11p ~ el--f,;111.1
frvigit NW.r-, ee111ff'ttu (trd I in 117L-

10 UMW- fJA;Zi Lk11ll fnj ldl.]illeitn t cli~ 'ra-
tqr'S. rAin-f1uj~l ii nd di root i~ iiof lt
010frf7r IT."4 -ftt i senlinlg
~ (in~l~f'~ :n. a ud ioattd Iby U. 1-.

srhf~reg-istt-'rj n~ t It'lIl IuEl-

\V 'ti.
B ii'
~ .1'
S it'
S it'
if W
'~ it.

lw n ni ria n t

84q '95 7

13 84 ;.8mo
14 8 1
22 -i' f1 )*')7' .1

--- -a -rF 6T4 -| /--' 4

Wfbnter's 'Ttrsomoie Habit.
buator Hoar in his "Remriniscences"
Sayr that Daniel Webster had a tire-
some habit in bis public spochbes of
~ftuapg after the r.ost aultuble wqrd
after th ile fashion: '"Why Is It, Mr.
Chairman. that fcre has gathered,
wgre'gateSd; thfT grt-nt numhnber of In-
habitants. dw-Oer. hfr(-,; that these
roadsi, avenuoS. rut-s'g Itf .rIv-I. high-
W'ajs., inverge. mecr. rfpi- together
bre?" Wbto'rn tho .pte-I,-i Lai? r'printed
a ll the synoriytia bnt the t+mt one
wi0614 be I,'ft out.

7%e Screetiq of Anssiter-dnaiu
AIaterdiam. lit, Ifoltaui.d a eity of ten
mile in ieircutafer-t'Ice. L4;,tir'qtly built
4a piles driveri Intro the s tltr~' dsofl,
but the fthr~wIig sor the HIliti and the
&etjris of' nthe l'ivvr liat-u-'made
ninjety island. anial the city hns nmore
canala then strz'eLq. The wathery ways
ame traversord by over 30"1 bridges, so
that Arnstprditm haR learned tbte desig-
mintlmn of' the Venlcv of the North.-
The VI,110a. 11f mU tpealk.
Mr. SIkrap--There's just this about It.
It Is Impossible for us to live' together
and not quarroI.
]Kr. Skrup--Tbere ia, no possibillity
ag car quarreling if neither or' us5 Speakikd
Mr. Skral---4:ifcourse; but. as I say,
1=I~'t possible for us to live together
sM ot quarrel.- Phlladelphla Press.,

ofthe greatesithleasirigs a mod.-'t
Main ema wjiAbfvr i-. ;t goitu. nh -I kle ?.,i
of ti.)we'CIf 1?Y v itis' not T1 e hn lino';rly is-
ISwbor ot imoah antu uttit you c.111 tue~ttIV
tuiprove ftimefci~enezty of Illise N-,,u h-tive
w .ythe jadiu-.'iti's use, of Chawhtetla mi'r
Ztomtth and Lijver TO'hlt'ts. Tite' are
PIDAOadI to tatk-0 and agrieeableiiin effet-
'rGoe **l. I" L. M. Waiv, Si. Amiudew and,
2;aIt eod1r4, anid a]A medicinee dvmalt6.

K(r. EraR Olttrritrt nit t,o:,n4-t 0
flOt Enw4e5t: slum tbth vf~u' -r irnr froirm
r'rlarid. and fils -nmtost "~t~ni.Qtt o
esecerned his ancestrry.
Ere waasaean si ventrig liar jlry a milol't
Um olufce- anti atbte rst opporI'inlfNy
be egs fd orthti pm'rnthe oldl tb(1.t'iV11 itoi
t"gCluaftulngyo4OJK lady guest.

[,rint,',i on .'".ta oneood, I i ;;ipei "', .i." lc|-r
iho',el_; allo) blank re-t'i.-ilt tub'- Hii 1 ',-
evilitS in a block, Hit. each, Lat liu LhBulo

--I ;odurtl, at I hi lie cr'ft-ail ia lo'h ,.
foot ,,f \Vvoniing a Vi i _,,tter than
s- .t'r I ;pi'C r,.idl to) firt'ni;il: th, h be.-.t (if
icL', cr al- tli h'i.tightiout tthe SLStoll. to) all
-Pavrkt-Tr lodg.- No. 1\2 F. & A. M. will
iiL.'t in rl'eguli.- olUlliiim .itatioli next
Saturiilay at 2 'ch,.k p. in. Visiting
Mtsoifs in g,.,od stali-ijIig ae iuvittuid tto
pal tieipalte.. .,iiMBS -j
-~\ ieT ".'i t,- ., ,. a u(I et call
idl bluy a inew slpi-in- lit. of liithiill ,
jiit rcoiveeil--a LieO.' linll. Yo1r's for)l
',i,.ll .clotthing amlh i low pfri,:.',.
.A n l.'.1 il-::.
T u ..M li\ ilh_.. f.-a.;i tilr .1. 1'. W il-
liams nade ,an e.xcui'oi[ to tie li}ilf
,linday aftrnrout. .\ lar'k e ininlbor
Wtel t tUiolLi'd at Millville ;and l., v' were
ju, ia ted hy b.'!'\er' l at St.. A. -t,!."e- .
S i'k itea lahel. ;'.-.il.f t'r., >i) a i isiar-
dert..l stonacli anid i.- quiickly r e.rd h1.vy
S.'lii Ii'iil -ailn's :St1,t -ii ,.11 ,ni L ivi. r T ab.
lt.'s Ft i' s I. ,y I.I.V M 'ar, St. .3 n-
dre% tw ind lI,>,.h-ad, and all nidicirie
Th.o ,.,tii i- inforinitd that wo it,'r-
having set fre to(?ho ('ariisi,:n.stoffir-.t
and sito-"e, au'.1 tly ivoere. to iave a pri_-1
liminarycxaiiiinatioi at Milvillc TTuIL-s-
dlay afte,'rnoon; but L i |)aiticuilam's Iiave
Ibeen learned.
Wi-Vizrlil Ink 'T;ailelts, }'rics p.
box (I,._..,. Jitt ti upeight Tablets in a
b)ox. I-iO e box Litn ks.s t,-r oiir ,_i.S o )le:i-
did in k. E'inonlt~i] pel'uni, nt; i~b..o-
(it iv in I eilible, coven niii -i-ll. tjui l- rO-
si Vi., A tLilt. BioyO oflp
-l-'or beldroomi suites.s iion bed-,.
IPr3ing liuattrse, chali s, kitrl, eil
safes cooking stves, sewin- niaeli ine.,,
tiluks, mnattinl, wii. dow shade.-, laRe:
CuI'taiiii, Ho0O' oilcloth, etc.
A. H-. BR.AKE.
--l iand,,omne letter head-, ithii St.
.'\14drewis B v dateI lint) :t ld vkiwi. of
either St. A nd t'e Os [l3 lT, 1or 1-duOaiat' t
Pflint, at 8e. per dozen; also map ofti i-
t. Atndruit'vs Livy :oniitrv on back of a
letter slif:eet itl 1 p)e' d,)ztl, it lh'
BLtOY police.
-Th'Ie little rain MoIndavy niI' t-.14
f^iitlan-*-'t 7. t tlee-ijti' tbut tbe
thirsty earth swallowed ,it ip) in sllortt
order when the hot sun called o,IL 'Tue-.-
day mnortniir., The add ition of seven
points which fell'Tueosd'ay milht, gat e
us that much uiore for t{hich to be
thankful. -
Mr. Stay-at-Horne.-JJLav 1 1'('(i'd
the latest popular song illn fornetikss?
Mr. BiL-Traveler.-O, Yes! Yes! Kohld
Water Jug- iz in everysbodyz moilth.
Ther iz life in drinking fiomiu it: .-ood
cheer in singing it; and I;ibg 1in lu'11 in
selinf it. Moral: Drink, ,,ing an sel
Kold Water Jug.
-Mrs. Whitehead, the tlltforti1nMre
young wife who was so badjy bi'uried
while outinDg at the tresh water lakes
five or six weeks ago, died frmu the ef-
fe-iis Of-hier burns on Wed rie.,d.tiy tirin-
ing-of last week. The pour \\o'if;Li hml8
-luffer'ed horribly during all thi. time
and death, it seens x-as dlie only rtcliif
to be expected.
--N. Maesalina, a colored farter liv-
ing on the Peninsula broii.it a Inain-
moth turnip to town the ,,tller day, of
the purple top flat variety, LliItL w'ig li-
ed eight-and-a-quarter pl iui,,ds. He
l)resented it to Mi's. E. P. Maxini, wh'o
cooked it and said it was teindiir and
erisp through and thi'ouirlm. and pro-
noulfiv'd it excellent.

Whooping Cough.
( In the spring of 1901 niv clhil~li'tt had
whoopidg cough," says Mrs. D. W. "iil',s
of' C''iip- i Ala. "I used Cha,ttil,.i ll:i'i's
Cuu }) ni .'rilc' ," wetith the most atti.ft'.i'tour\'
resuh-t.- I-think this i tlhe bt>i reiiedv

I have ever seen for whoJ'iing coughli."
'Fhis rt;nipei kilis't t in t o'igi lonne, Ias-
.t'ils The fieritfr anil frerienicy of tihe
C'ougiting f a ,1ll ni (',litiileracts any
tendency toward ptieu ,nii.-it n. Vor sale' liv
rL. M. l'are, St. Andrew ,nid Bahliead and
;. ai m 'liui:ie'dealers.

G'ar.ov SSo far as ia known, the highest ele-
vation at whicli towers are found grow-
ing Is 17,000 fooeet above sea levol. The
homely liltle plant which has the dis-
tinction of heing the loftiest grower in
the world is found on the upper slopes
of the Himalayan mountains, near the

11i. J.i. i lia ilur u ...... . ......... .
A E.,M cM illan .................. 9
.1. C .. S il clair. ................. .

Toi N J. \V'atts ..... . . . . .
lo'r ('lork oIf 'ir'ciIt C'ourt.
NV'illIat n I t . . . . .. .
.losialh .. \ illiAllns . . . ..
\\illiam M. \Vilton .....
F.., ' it x Ax i;


. 11

...... 276

J. W Bowen ..................... 1. )
C2. Iotorne...................145
W I. Silletitry. ................ .
JTo.hn \ \\il'iams ........... 227.
m -o Tax I tle..'t,!)-.

')fr .'louulty '.I l La. iii11 r.
Lewis H. Hiutv.eil .............. .
Fitr Counlitly Suit,.-rintndent.
l-ell F. G aiiie ................. 145
For C.' uuity J uldt-.

Joel It. W ells ................. ..452
Fur L'utity, Suit't-3 1or.
Tho(lmas 'Coillins ............... ... 40.S
For Mombetrs of Schouol Boad, .
John T. Car'teri....................3"ii
(,,;ei, B L. Bu. .h .................. J .5
S iijie-l J. G tluel .......... .....:. JlJ
It \iil be e 3ii 11iat lur l' hu C('ftiC'.S
tif r(.i,[ .selllaiiv,, -lieihif, c'.etk of -lie
circuit couit. anti asoi-,so, r, a f1'Coliti.
rii I UM-y bust ie liebi aidi it i ill oc-
0111'r ii Tuesday, Juei 7.
Next.L week 'the Buoy will have
soitetliintg to say within regard to Ilhe
littlle-s 0Il S ,11: ul liC cL'aUitiiitits f'oi-
tile ,'iIcc, the)' seek. It (xpets Iu
nliw, vvalidl ,easons why w noiti4 if the
asptiiiaints shijuldI bo elected, anil
equally as gilod rcasuni.s why oilers'
siouldlt1 1101 be elio eii.

'1.1iH C %1vhI -ibo 91.1 --i' iv tea sirled'
A, IN i lll Ir lil li s t l il
i ;lal i unt .-i ." ;th: m.S-1 d i n o g 'Atl.' ired
ti t:Iii r ;i' l '.I f i. v i-ii.',y rI' Of \vhf bichf
.' ; i -. -:il t-,ili imri s i l. pii u lit on e rv.

ii C. I :i S !'.ii .i..,i ,ini ; r lu n i;i o liIl-te
.i .1 .i", il t.a ei! n" ':'; i t'a;talll.JJ Ofd
', t' tVi,', e ,f" 1 is []) .1

W,11:1V3'1111;111tinC .,I~l i, bil-ine I heeB nha ed
.i'i :A h l a.'' Vt t i l ol iltar.

1- i sil Ii-rl' vIa vid imauc.' lrst l" at .I" he
"L ,' ;it,:i! v l i :;t c :: ; i !'., of.\ p ol,'i th1"

.i,';l: ,''-;' ii i' ti !rn i slohwi ri .r the
I l'n.,l i II I i r.. v,. ; 't'.;.ot r. "l['s thln .

inn It [an it l ; I.i isicw at col. n-
:"it li!s ':i-.r I :t !;i:'." t ! J l:lit whvent:. The

'ir. si' : r ,: i .- .. .ii i ., !: hiais f1itie: In
I S,!ig i i .' I ith r l, l a i)ift th e

'I.Titt l aii to Burhad arepl i .ii ed.th
;',l ll. W Y ':l io t ]iI ','l Sl(1,i< lerlli o slth -t

Li nt i eila ,s [u'ttiion t f.41 om't h a ofetiale
l'',t'. v wli.D. ilmt ll,' -i io.t 'llll elll.l'f -f '.n r
Sh".iei (-il, 'rt ..i it ;i ." ,)Ig H .' \t'h htced l stihem -i

.molnei tl I t n.tl. ,tiod ii th e. Is s tprayg n-

hnn:*x -*in li'irk'-s. it hm p<.rs;\nlto- of the
d"ii-' [ %uil iha wliT l is nGO thv nt. If v
ird of,.'.,ls ii.s;I r .ohis bl~l-ief' st ht nitisd

.iheP i"i't.- iigo1 f!'h t woet l diltrpl the as
'-i sil tl, til y ,hetzr li acchlo nt. If hp

hits ulq i ithe A eclpentofpro
Aip-s Iv!s w'ito.rls tlmiried slowly tliwy
tho Irl,'i.y 1 t~i: ,a n i'z c.;ro at all. ane

vi t'ry ollir ,w .;'r it .,itim e tolos has In
d,it \whctl."--\',s~i.iiit>-n Star.
"irh, !-l ;-<- i "cs Firati l!,'(manll."

Tho t'?itiu 'ig to i" CU'end i are pa.>['athlye
iele." c, I, an' df.t ,,r 1t ri Ol f pmodle r that
hnvp, ,|IT.:\ ir.-i'litio~n of,..hc oligln oif the

liiie ii rsa -.- Ih It the not ilhye' i;in orf -
linalf liili, i1ir Ir-iii.,. inl SOnje W i.iy (2 1"-

dd,,Ts l t\avl .li Tih i porta bt event. Tol
saidyi' i-" ,,n_.;i.--ti ,i,-s In, tIlls wi~ e: "aIn
lo li-trli;io or f tlee worhl, after the
.i1i11. iiio,,ii HliI l '. |lar iid aqpprtiired, thP

ri litpi t i t i.,Vi i i nt' ri lU r power o L of pro-a
dlo(esi\e ci.,- ns oriinht forth a frillhale

Ankiri-, wni-trh ofti i.hatled H revnQu.
nho ltoid lr(o ,es t .n hatched them uIn
c-ottoni \too!, ;inl t'rotm them sprlallg 1.00
htun!;,i !, ein,_s, th? pm.^pnltors of }lhe

wdil',rnt 'a-t'<." The1 least that iin bew
said it'f }his fulrious behlie.f Is that It Is a

knioiwu n of t hein'd e multiples e thooryls.
ihes nlaIlli.ad tw the origin of the huIan
"F~oal,, of the Anelen<.
AQI Invd1 ,4:4isol Idar w{iIk lvued durlug two
str.s in al tomil, at CGizh collected evi-
dJiron bo lboi'e that cnhe tools used in
w-orking stonv. 4.i".u(. years ago had Jew-
eled cultl-n edg-Ks like modern tools.
ae says hato thue Bulders of the pyra-
frdS aistd rsoli o and tolar(2.r tors,
straight ;iM d circularr !ws and many
other tools Psupposed to be odemn. In
some specimens ot granite a drill had
sunk one-tenlh of ani inch at each rev-
olution, hlt~h~at~hij,, I_!L_hat lie. .pl'cnIm
wart at k-t.s--two--tons. Nothing
known "of the initerlnl of the tools. iAs
"the dlam,,nd wast scarce -then, It. la
p roibable that corundum was used. -

"--Yoo-need-a Kold ater Ju~e. Go
at wuns to thu Buoy Otis and a'et Wun
for a kwarter oy a dolar (2do.) F~or-
ward! March' "

A mnn usked the clerk of a big iotej.
!n TJ^?<*4^ ,., ,..',,i-,m r if: , r\(ai..,,^/ -n \i li/,,i lls<'.

- I


N ot jee
u i Oe h- 11 E- 'hv b% L 11 tat. Ii.,; il
Board i~. in J-t' for till' 1lit ing(
w, go. acroc th11I:uI a i IkrL 1un f 110 im-
I -.k at Vertion, almA the Ia ui Id i ll ol
A~jCL~tO~oahic ie t il th, uflcc of tile
*-k of this Board
N 'kt: I WA. iR AVEY, C)h1n
iIN. C', LocKEY, Cl~erk.

f 'I he i :1 1 '9 i that111-A Iq

f' r !a'I: cllilI 111.er III(e'.I-
1) L' I It* il i;rj o ttlozjiJ 1th
4, W.II Ih' \V i i i i t .\P

~ '.'. t~i I :hO 111111-3 Ofrs

I'I II -Jr

~'\~ti~~ ii *''ii L~u ijV, T% bh'ich th

"I ~iiI~t I --;]I. rela led te bo. ?rI'ie~J

ho IN~-Tuwzi Topcn

A StartlisgrTeat.

ar. f. r I' (j. '2rz'ttofpZ

reNo M, opitVP. msulo a t~lirtf-iW
te t sloift L1 in:a tt'tan~d it(i bOIc~r.V. lie,
wraites, a paougtieb as hif deayed bywih a
hoI Lt D.OJIrrhageTopi~cs. i~Uee
Lion ('CaI a lr-tifl eI. -P .,,. m,-'rvitt C o rni
N 0- 1 FV-)i 1), 1 L c.'t,Pa. made at firarlitrr v -
testhr1s .It gino I"ci prcscH.'ibHd-the'
wr'he~q p atient waslef roi wh i it 1 ij

has P4t hadl an attac-k in fou rt'2'Cui

t-1011 L_011-;611-1,01011 id kli.'n t ruI b! e u;.
Tryv O)Im. ornly 5')c,.at A. H-. 1Ivrak&'.

TI ~ ~h- k r 40,I ,-v .4

n Itti-1 )I tt[ Ill.~i. ii A L

to faJiJ li L ii111 -:ft.III 1;.i I I4 t

LLsue, ut L -I uil)i oa~ .-ademyii

TLO 110t CIVelI;"t ; Lgfb' A:) dt-111, JLiill Ilii
W;S U:ItjI tiiL.. ya'Lr P]l_2, and tben u1113
theA,7i"k of Gori.e Bar:nr~i, \lio Imi.]
th vek buoef 'vt.i-ltdajrvL
ScVi 'or(' h t the ';it It re-
{jU: I -ei?~hfIU~ti i'~ii a


"&2 1-2 (C'aegro' alat.
PORTLAND, i IFE., Oct. 17, 1902.
I 4nisidvr Wint, ofk e.rJui superior
to A. doctor'li ni'icine f r eror iiled
and" kanow whereof I .rtak. I uf-
fereffoir n,,i wontlii with euppreseod
ntn*,-ua"tion which ,-nmpleetelv pros-
tra -io. Pains .muid aoot through
[av bi k and iujpj aud I wouidJ brtve
blind rnhaaia-'he,. Mv M lii., w-.i-ld
awel. up and I would /otI so weak I
0oul noL atand up. I naturally felt
di,'' i-raged for I s",pn5d to be be- .ad.
tbo elp ,:f phYs;-ifcn'. .ll. Wine of
C'ard i came .4 a (Ulot-tuii to me. I
felt o.hbange for the iettr wvrithin a
wee After pinecn days treatnieut
I rnokitruatotd without suffering the
agonli I u.iutllvdid and soon became
reguih and without paia. Wine of
Card M im sirpiy woudtrhlI and I wah
that il suffering women knew o its
good ialijie3.
,-Lis ., #(
Troaalmtr, Portland '-. onomio League

Periodijal he.l-achIPs tell of fe-
rrale-wwpakness. YVino of Cardui
cure's.pl-riianently nineteen out rof
evcry, twenty cases of irregular
inenits, Learinsz down pains or
lanry fiffsal, weaktiiss. ITf you are
discoiir.agi-d and doctors have
fsile',1.'tht is the l]it reason in
the wo'rid yju hsbolhl try Wine of
Carduui how. Iemteinber that.
healacheP utean female weakness.
Secure a $1.00 bottle ou Wine of
Cardui txtda.

"Did Y1
play'?' I
-Ye ;. ..


IProbleuiiatlc Tour.
S.etre appear In a problem

Vn .ered Mr. Stornilngton

l 0o', t i'er l'i,'vl'- T1 f 'ior-%'I. I

life. .. ItI:. ti"iy go u i, s t. t.l iv'y Tiak'y
t i i ii li ii ;h t, >.r) 1 he l th t:'l t i r i

Intend i nily for tlie t' ,i' t og : if fi writ..'
or sew t.ley tiIt :l-pwwn to it wilth n
rent-ea ; e ;Ind <'oiitt ra and wriiikle their firelieds. and ''grind
tlifer tfe IthLi.
If tlty have V .1 unusual tah5k to do
lley screw anil coutrnact and contort
evi';-y !i.i-sei' of t!he I)ody, lumaking
thetiisvlveq tc'n'-e anil rigid all over,
wbheu tihen vok leorlups re-iulres but
one set of mnuis-l.es or perhaps the mind
only. a; tilhe Case mnay nP.
\Vastti u-nrve energy; frittering It
aw .i V.
Little things, to Ihe sure. But little
tbhiui have a way of adding thnm-
telvcs tip Into big thing-i. Medical
T'Ialk. ____
The Pooet's nImproimplu.
Edward Young. the author of "NIghL
Thought," vwas a man of the world
and a shrewd aiud caustic wit as well
ns a popt andi the rector of St. Mary's
church Ht Welwyn. It was there, in
the Pnrdon of the rectory, that lie com-
S t,,"-,l souirof tf the Ie-t iuipromptu
, S l l i. i ,t " .

B-nil4ine, Material.

Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf


: --i ,, , *. .-"*. S.....L E ,
-- -- "-" -" .'wf.,, ^'P ', 'p "


1.EA VE GOJMG sou'rni. ARF
Tupsiiai', 8:301) Pin. Pna'li
W\ed ile-da.V, ~ Qip. i. dt''V X]NNd i esd ay
Wednesday. 2:3o p. m1. MWvllXe'dnesday
'I'll h ursd a%, 9.00 La.In f. ApaIf II I i Iu-,,d ay,
I. I di.'bel .11 L, Tursd&ay,I
Mody, 6:00 p. mn. Moi I (:, Aonduy. 60
T I Ii uitsda v,3:00 p. In. Ca 'I va1 -: 1Ie
Friday,. 11 :30 a. inl. St. A ndi'uw. Ft'ida%,'
PV;() da.II'; a. 111. Miii vii Ic. Fri day,,
Pensacola. F-dv
Pensacola to -, A udrv%% and Muikjille. V.0
aLO A Pfil ichiticola Linfl ('a 'rii ii'Is, 67- .A
-t.A ud 'Lw and Mu lvil1le to A-aaI cit 501
Pettsanoia to Moabile, *2.5u.

,10:00(to li
12:00 nui
00 a. m~.

2:00 a.
4::0 a.

"rie above rates include rnteals and bi rtli. W G. L\I.ROW.

A. H. B RA K E.,-.-.,

PJ jAt ,p *- 'A2^^'r~t rirn'i^^


Cooking and Heating Stoves!

Sewing Machines and Needles!

Pumps, Furniture, Etc.

Burial Caskets, Robes,-Suits, Etc.



he Trading Post

Successor to B. V. Brock.3


Headquarters for

Staple and Fancy Groceries,

Ready-Made Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Notions

and Hardware.,
We Pay the Freight on all Goods except Flour, Meal.
and Feed to any Postoffice on the Bay.

WE WANT YOUR, customM. (


IAI L to the houslIe. B3ut JIk SC(1TIn)-flTIIOIS
ve" igt(ecnbie, flniI he -was III no
tin~e t)Nleve ~thpmn. Turning as ho
V&L.,h&I jthle gator, he ti~ad:
Thins A,`larrl ic01.-ek when from the garden
And thiuq dvsput,-d, orders sent from
Lil~e him i go, and y'et to go am loath:
Likie him I ,o. fiax angd--s drove us both.
Haril %Aqs tile f ate ut mine still more un-
I ,'11i n 1 -I
I-lmE v wnt with him, but mine stays

Tol,aeco a'~I,.'~nd tihe Blood.
Two or 01i a'- niiiintIlifuls .of tobacco
in-in'tie frow ni la ri e~frtth'were shaken Iup
with -n h t-w 'i. ).Iii l1iii'd d(illlted i thi I

11.111 ~ o -i~a 2i i LI':1.111 ifXfl.. inh~l
lya few inol~ffl iliio f -f f i~0tromn
pipe and a t. ic ii i i-tiR-1. htlt1dthe Vre-
SUIt-3 N\l i t'o a tI) t [1 L._', f lt' -ik 'd. [In thia
exrwrl' lifilt We I 'L vt' (11 .'i 1tti t
In 1,11rticIIlIV tir %it' 1levil e1-focts Uf ,-
re'tt( 14rnciak Iizar. Cfor it k fh!.o:Iy ci '-:'y
S110iL.'thant k lllhoiwi a..11 nit ii1,4Ui~nee i

'I'Lls ( Off'e t It 44 iJ f) s0 IL''' ilP i l IOW
blood l oa'. [l hi ;ilitiof (fCfllsidlor-
flble sgltu~h .1!a ~n:t

C inrlsinsuLII1.N 'le" .e .'L

whin D.0;~iLii the ft'atl apple illi-
nlit (I iU tCly I V t l'10 11 '0 ar i Of t UI 10'SIuIV,

.dvd hio, 13",'f"I q, l-. w th -.11111 it in litS

_rI L 1 111 i I -d I.Jt's ".Ii t t-t (.' Cl iii : 1-t d I its 1 '

A v,4itry with r"._,iue arndi tfectIve testld

is aippliod to .111 the sWordls Made for
tilt? l~12.tJ ni'my before they arie a]-
lowed -LItO go intO Commission. A pow--
et'fiiI i~aa taluls ieach In turn, -swings it
a bove hIlk e i and stI'ik(-'4 it with all
his Liig'h ItlIa4 i a 1 ig. r' t! Id ston It
the sword Sliny !'.L nof weankLesa
It Is at (laice lsmdm.


(A %ourt I
Family, House, or Excursion

!All Wort Positiv~1h 11itu lltool.
Prices Moderate.

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,


I.) EA LI-:k'; IN
Dry Goods, Npiioins, Hats, oes. Harwar Faints, Oils, ,alt,

GROCERIES and Fisherman's Supplies.



Dry GoodS, Staple and Fancy Groceries


Sid Fced Stu.'IM.

C -Ii nrd I i~'.o;' .ez .a rx E;v i'e.- Stw
pay~ (1eatsh; 101' and1 ijuist cc

Glt E.


.. ?,l ^^i PROSPERITY
I)EA k,"% i, IN,
"I...I.. IN' Cannot

1) 1 (; ( ( 1) S STHR V

Ship Chandlery Hardware

Notions, Paints and Oils, Nets and Twines, Salt,

Clothing. Gents' and Ladies' Furnishings,


"Trunks and Valises.
r-V 0, TTf I'4 A f' i V) 0 tr7 T3 1-r F T i l Q-4 T' ", rIC I

Pla. r4~4.

- i

-- IIIIII~-~'-~~~I LI-C~


J, W A

A li d ,* r s o ii,






a L-Al

my Valron-,' Interest as 'Meli as my own. Call and
il.nvivow 1"'mrself, ol" ihi.-- Truth.




TH., is ill



Lt brown...

A r') ilclle, lb1'2-15
;itiger snaps 31b 251
irmckers, soa. 10
Sb1acco, Pl'~ '0a


Tea, lb
6 He No ....... 55
SGunpowder. 40
Unucol' Jap.40-00
Coid milk, v can
Uisvsweetn'a. 10
Sweetened ..... ..10
Baking powder
Royal ........ 50
Campbell ...... 10
iauined fruit

T1otn> a
P ea a,

ies ... I Oa'20
toes....... 10

. . ... 10!
S . o,


c Id.. 13

~~~,~iamgtri ie -15

Gmcqard, kg .10

Smelly) ls ~l

Egsper doz. - 20f

chipped l;et.''10-25
Lobster....... "1
Salmon ... . - 1 5
Catuiled Vegel allies
Baked Beanms... 10
Corti ....... 10@15
Peas .......... 10
'ntimpkii ... 12


tflour >Or'Kr
'Swa,, ...... D.3. pr I, ...... ,H
Majestic .... 2.75 Bacon Sides... 12
Corn Meal prb)tuO-)O Fresh ....... 8al0
Oat Meal pr b ,. 5 Br'kf'st lacon. 14
Cortin petr hu .75.'00 Haita canva-..H 7-
Potatoes Shoutlders ... . 14
liah... .... 1 40 Beef
arlv IR'se 0eed 1.60 Corned ...... 8
Sweet,... 60@75 Fresh ........ 10
alt, pr satck... .00 Dried......... 25
'lable ...... 5 Milk pr qt ...... 10
Nrils, per l,6),i A5 x, with minidle.. 75
i.liV wite do.6a6i loes, each ...3. 35a5O0
MauiIitl rope.. 9al2Coppcr patient, cain 50
iiovescooki,..$t'-t25 Linseed oil,gal55@60
"'ipe, perjoint 18

. i(8s, per yd.. 5a8 Olhe ks .......5a5.)
-heet .iIgs . .. 5a9 Flatel .......15a40
A tuslit .... ....91 Thread per tsptl. 5
fc. is .... ... 15145 Shoes, ladies.-1a2 75
t t r itpaitBspat 225 Men's... $1 10 )a30)
Hty pt cwt. a! .,5 Oiai ts pr t.i....... 60
Brti, .... ,... 1.25 Brick pr M ...13.00
A ipe Sisal .,... ., 9 Linie pr Ibl...... 75
)VItages pr doz. 25 Pecais pr li..... 15
A ppleas ........ 15 Walutats ......... 20
eIni ti n . . .N. I. 0 A itmond,........ 15

it 81hell prl ,OIJI 15 Op n d r i t I .)(

lase. $31)alO Co0)ws...
-il ilI eA .... $ 50'$100 lo----$to $4
I xelt PC Yoke $30 Sheep.........2

1111110 p. 4107. tl3c Mullet Vt bl, IN3~

I'tm~pamto pr lb,. ,G -Ptinpato, .1011

a ace ''W m, I 'A1AO
i#p ". . 10,00
IOt'mp ,-iditigr,
-tetrt, face pitt14.00i
inp 64 101001
BOFtl hunimbem. 8:tl
1ei41-1 0111mglos, '2.50
19 A p 4 4 1.5111

Heai I, I mi ..$14.U0I
Face ... 12.0(0
Sap .. 10.00
(JlG |ioi iai rds,
xli ti ,n. ]),,1 .$. l'2. (l
'int ishiu g Il lit-
berd.. $;'11@15.M0
Lath .In . i.1
Boat linil-ier,
dressed .... $20

Shorty I-o "There us I iN L ao ; ii" st )\ t' r tiv ,
She co('a 'r of' :I ;'''V '' i \\'1;',-:!
[19d ;i. w ',,:' I;p "i;; ." '* '* 1h iv.O.,, e *i
110(1 i xv-" 'I 'C -- '- Is a s
:' U : ii ;it l -.; il :in v it i
nuti hlation It" h ,i'' ys ahe;ui i-i' .";. ith
b)orfh',,d,. Slh rty 'I t mtg wN ;-ae -:: 0o Ith'
well kthow-t clhartcters of the town, anll
all round good fellow, who was always
out for fun. On one occasion he started
a hbrrah on Fifth avenue near Smith-
r'h q.r- "-n. r. wat q !T'rqned blv ythe no-
lics'. wIn g:v \'t !i i a hot ai;" d.. (owlN
INI ;iv-It' !> ;'ttiV lWpmrc i a a fairI vt;ay to
;avtlimt!'l in i w\vh i h' roundm'ti tlie cor-
noer anW sprang O:1 t!le box where the
Indinn wom s o hb' found during tlhe d:y.
There he took a po.aliton as nlh ltIike
that of thet' wcodon (chlif as possible,
'.nd :1(1 ho !it s''d with oatstre'(''lb' arm
hoe lu.t''t.,d gur;r(li.n of the 1l(ace
g;ll-.qp-( p.;):i- r;t5 .disappcoored down
I)am= nod al cy, wtvii: lhe 'cotuse of all
the trmible eft his pc'dlestai anud started
out fAr s Y(,mo freshl arlmusement."-
Iittsbul rg i s,-itch.

.., S-v.'- rtng Spoils Iiores.
Thu h.rs, dels nlot ike a nervous,
idgcty, fmssy or i'WHi'ilale man. Ie is
tooa u n1mnid Irrit;!'ei li;i.Sel,. i', says
Country 1J. fH-!n Aehoric,'.
"'Why is it" one toe,-intor was heard
to *-1-1 *".'! ', ,,['',t IT ', I,'c-F i. ',c, .n i

, as tihe reply, "but he's like a wasp
around a hor.(" .
A well kno-wn owner of r;ice horses,
not at all a sentitnental person, recent-
ly made an orde('r forbidding his em-
ployees to tall; in loud tones or to swear
In the st:l)le: "I have never yet seen
a good nl anlered iiorse,'I he says, "that
wa being sworn at all the time. It
hurts the feelings of a sensitive horse,
and I'll khp imy word good to dis-
charge nny man in mly employ if 1
catch him swearing within thle hearing
-of any horse in this stable."
lleVerxiiig the Afdate.
They found the bridle in tears.
"I cook pies and things that are
something tierce, but GOorge will not
eat thenn" she sobbed miserably.
"Ah, yon mnust first make him love
you. The way to a man's stomach IN
through his heart," they said, for they
Were worldly wise.-Puck.


If you haven't a regular, healthy movement of the
bowels every day, you're ill or will be. Keep your
bowels open, and be well. Force, in the shape of
violent physic or pill poison, is dangerous. The
Bmoothest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping
the bowels clear and clean is to take

Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good, Do
Good, Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe; 10, 25 and
50 cents per box. Write for free sample, and book-
let on health. addresss '433
Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New York.

l'U It Night.
';t'k, Do;'s your baby keep you uip
,migl' -"
If;lu.'--I s'oumld sniVy so. "Why. I havcn'i
:.\'.i hoini toef(rce lliidniglt for'a month.

vmi il'..
"^1*"l;^^^ our i(!"ei in luegii!nninsLz. \'i '
'0 111 (ia;i... yO'tl' (dinnttr l}(kwkial'd'?"
v ....C ('' I, I'. s t.'- CornIe l \Vi

: i n r' .: i'," is, ;' (';!,i, '! tl>;it I.;'
"i," -.ac;'v fo!{:ne decciwod nnot.--B "
* i .' i

3rAT'r OF OHIO, rY O i'toLE)O f A 0 eu Letter
ILUCAS COUNTY. A 0:eu Letter.
Frank J. Cheney nimakes 'oath that hlie F. r m the t-haint. S. t'C. News. Early in
ts tLhesenior partner of theic lirmn of F. J the spring myI wife and I were taken with
CUhieney & Co. doing husine.is 'in the Cityi diar-'itoe.a and so severe were tlieho pains
-of Toledo, county an d state at'oresaid, aid i ht we calld a physic1iin who pIrescriled
that Said firm will pay the 8sum of 0,-V- for uis, but his mledicines faill to give
fiUNI)IED DOLLAR, for each ;.nd every Il ny relief. A fri'id wlo i ad a hotile (of
aiL.- of 0 t4 rr'l that .' 'liOt O cured I y' Charnliei hlain's Colic, Clholera and Diar-
I. -. .S :;- 2.. -., ,.1. 'i,. rhoea ienmedyon hliand gave each of-uLs ai
S" m: ."- ':k d so aud we at once felt thle effects. 1
:. ..-* : ,..:' ;., ',,. -: ,* p oci ured a bot-tle and before using the
-:, -: ;*- .* -. .i. .; : : <.:i', m*ntire contents we were entirely cured.
-, : ., -.. .; : : ;,. ,.t. 1t is a wonderful remt(lv and sliould be
-.a' Lbiic. found in evertv lionsehl Id. IT. C. Bailey.
-. 'I I.I'-:: . m lnit erIIally Editor. This remedy is for sale ly by .y L
,i-a aots utlrucuty ott the blood and mu- M. Ware, St. Andr:ew and Bayhead iand.
cous sur.iacees of thie system. Send for all macdicibe dealer'I.
estinmonials. free. f il hane.
~o~d b drir~ists ,.e.Challe.,
Sold bvdr urggPists, 75c. "That boy never will be worth any-
iall' a Fanily Pills are the best. ting."
it th uing.,
'i'jue i'y vi its:.-tter, "I wouldn't be so sure of that. He
1is ni;,in''.ir ;mt e!nt'le i the studio. may marry well."-Chicago Post.
Well ?" said WIf-t let'. "Ldfly Some-
tadr'.rr." j';::di I. -. i' ,it (she \viwas Suspicions are weeds of the mind
tale of ilo.O ..,,att :',... .i ihe British which grow of themselves, and most
pPeragi.. "''lei;-., '"I.. In her rapidly when least want,.d.-Wallace.
earrings nat 0-, -l. i'. -, ," W histler
- tn ."k p' -fi c n-I -- n--.' --o .tt' r'.> '3cr\ itur ikfi-&x'a '; -- .-
Hit rr 01c, lle r:':,.i,-: ,f i0i- ljr,,i'r f J. A. G(ill'.d,'e of Veibona A.la., was
she-ets tn me, iantl iId i;..:i. 1 fiit.ii.i twice in the hospital from a severe Case
who was st-itndinig l,'-.I;id i;s master's of piles, causing 24 tunlors. After doc-
back and t ':;' in,., ,i;' his head tors and all remedies failed. Bucklen's
slowly up and down nnid. like I..,,,!elt Araica Salvo quickly arrested further
low's Arabs, "silently stole away. infla ation and cure him. lt Con
Thus the riadin,. went on for quite ten
mluuri.s longer, gnd the retider's sole quers aches and kills pain. 25c. at A.
adtor, detd mre rend more till, ra- 1 ae's.
auddtor- fid~eted mare. nnd more till, re- .......

alizing how deadly (cold it was on that
March day. I called out to lim, "I beg
your pardon, Mr. Whistler, but I think
I overheard your servant telling you
that a lady was waiting to see you."



A Clever Fish.
Th'10 salmnion seems to b)e ift(.d with
nlmucil ;111 'li-3 o rt', (.r '"herdii:ary fore-
|si?.ht."' : : ;- : ; i ,,"(.(.'*tsh i lly called,
I ,Jici'[ :'- ii< {'-l)'*? r)" i('ili;;!''y :;cu? (1 w hV]("

Thcyii .'il, ': V:c. '; '; \ il-
-!-!'! (S i :; !-' : ; i- u!l l ^ s-C i at.

gated In Lhe' ulppier pools, to become
frightened by poachrs aIpproaching
them with net or spear and to imme-
diately dash down stream- to a distance
of thirty miles in one night, not stop-
ping until they had reached pools so
deep that they could not be taken with
the appliances of the poacher. They
seemed to know that if they went high-
er up the stream their doom was sealed.
WVhen coinlig from the sea in schools
and oil entering the estuary they have
been seen with an old leader, at tlte
head of the school, the rest forming a
triangle about two and a half feet be-
low the surface of the water, and on
calmn days, guided by the old patriarch,
they would swim around tlhe fisher-
mien's nets, Jievcr approaching them
nearer than ten or twelve yards.

Standing nit Egg on End,
Any fresh egg can, without being
boiled, be balanced on either end by
any one l-" --.it; patience and a
Steady hand.
In order to save time the ,. .: should
bef l l- i'r1 1'd f i W l '11 Fl I H A ir..r. I il i, 10

-~~ ~ al 01 L i-..-* I I*1 111 9 1 1 11 1 P I ]- I 1.
p i ll:,,l ,n*j.: It .I-, tlc' l t- i jl'l e l
so as to-allow the yolk to settle; there
both fort-ai.* of the person irL wi,.
the experiment should b)e risi,,d on th(
edge of the table and the egg should be
taken between the three niL.r. and
thumbs of bolh hands and slowly turn-
ed around until the center of gravity is
found. Thllis experiment may at firsi
require a little time, but after a little
practice it will be found very easy tc
do. It would be well to try it first on
the tablecloth and then on the bottom
of a plate.
It Is conceded, of course, that the
present century is far nore advanced
than that of Columbus, so it is only to
be expected that (i-it-..:. ideas should
have been formed, even as to the bal-
ancing of eggs.

A Defense of Dancing.
It is not necessary in these days to
defend the claim of the (dance to a
place among the arts. As soon as we
have got rid of lth Puritan prejudice
on the point (and one may hope that
this no() lon.gtr exists for the Intelligent
part of the population) the clain is too
overwhelming to need a rp',-,hy, for If
we take art to mean the production o!
beauty then thle case only needs stating
to be ciii *. 1, while if we understand
it as self expression in some concrete
form we shall find that the dance,
which lIs a kind of fusion of music,
painting and sculpture, is pre-emlnent-
ly capable of giving expression beyond
the possibility of words to the basic,
amid therefore largely inarticulate, parts
of our nature-the hunger of the spirit
and the joy of life.-London Outlook.

Gienesi.s of Life Tinsurance.
Life insurance originated in 1706 in
London. In that year there was form-
ed the first life insurance company. It
was called the Amicable Society For a
Perpetual Assurance Office. It was a
mutual benefit concern.
Each member, without reference to
age, paid a flixed admission fee and a
fixed annumil charge per share on from
One to three sh;,rcs, aind at the end of
thile year a portion of the fund accumu-
lated was divided among the heirs of
those who had died, in accordance with
the number of shares each dead person
had held. Out of this company, with
Its crude and imperfect methods, life
insurance as it exists today has grown.

91wiLnging Round the Circle.
In the journey of life we often travel
in circles. Therefore do today the good
that is in you. Plant your blossomls.
You will come back to them by and by.
It is the beauty of the things that you
do today that has most to do with
making beautiful your tomorrow. One
of the blessings of the sunset is inl
leaping the memories of what was
planted in the morning.

The First Corset.
The first corset-not counting ancient
modifications of the Grecian zone and
girdle---was introduced into France by
Catherine de' Medici. It V-as a strange
affair and fashioiwd after the style of
a knight's cuirass. The framework was
entirely of iron, and the velvet, which
decorated the exterior only, served to
hide a frightful and cumbersome ar-
ticle of torture .

Good Sehenme.
Hicks-You keep duplicatos of all
your old love lett,.rm? \\"lh;it na idlet'.
Wicks--Yes; when 1 ha '.lt dune golme-
thing particularly t',.oliih I just read
over one of those I-tters. It is iiuite
encouraging to kn,,.\ thait I'm not near-
ly so munch of a f';oi a .i I u Boston Transcript.

'ri1e I1t'ir- l Truith.

Ing i-r' v.wiri tlI.;t 'I t v.'r M not ITn?
Del;-' ,1 i ln'i. I sciit .,y i word tlint
I w .Is ,. D. rI:11'i .1- \1 O!. ntIu w ,i'.t (E;!
you iIl,'in ly t!,aIt I ,l40- -E "':,-Ily
w hait I 1:1iil. I 111tt 'lilt If' clth.-C in'iin-
nati _',wll rc, ia l Trl'ri., ,.

tPo1.- Olal. ;'
(G .M.. e;t ti, ll( iicagh ,tilMade a
hultn ied vi-it i o hm. A ,;-'" tis i
Seek aitd (Idejmil . F' ida v al lio)n i iit la ; :i. t i f I lii i
Ilis t\wo) gi aitdchildl tel, I'.'i ip ai,.
Grace VWest. Mis L;ttlirp,,," It) ]h.
taken charge of the laniti!\ i ncc, tIn
death of MI's. Vest, alau f'ctIUjti
led him from here.
Mrs. Bates of Cromantotitook pas-
sage on the Tarpon, Fmida-',', t rit
to St. Louis, where she wi%'j''iin Mlr.
Miss Nina Ecker of Ci'IInitoln,
left on tlie Taripon last Ft aiy, htr

Pen s a cola.
Rev. 8. L Lotindowilk if Nixon
speut a day or two in St Aidrcw
this week visiting ft1i' ::s i e.
Jtio. T. (Gwaltitey r' ei from
liCensaCoia on thie Bw-jkeye Mlondav

Made Voting Again.
"Onioof Dr. King's N.-_. :i Pills
each night for tvo wveeqks hla ast meu in

1 -.t ~ ~ ~ li~i= LL' ii ~LC'R:Ji~ Ir1M--( q r l) L~ \ 1a't

, ui i'ernpseytown, t~l' lt'.-i.^ .-^I h j . . i
in the world for li .r, :runa.,ll inil l .,w-
Sels. Purely vegetable. iv*'r g|ri,..I
SOnly25cat A. H. Brakes.
*' i-



Sentence SIT*: pC-itdeC-.
voice wams "a,'d tl i b famous
master.' foud' guilty
It found guilty .- PcL-icction

S Getting it debt Is like lfli in' down a,
greased pole; getting out is like climb-
ing the same pole.-A.ugu.'ta (Ga.) Her-
Thousands Have Kidney Ti-oublc
and Don't Know it.
lHow To Find Out.
Pill a bottle or common glass w!th your
water and let it stand twenty-foi.r hours; a
sednmei'.t or set-
Stling ind.,-;:c3 an
q' unhealh' condi-
We -/ {/t' ion of the kid-
\' neys; if it stains
--Tj -','-j__j i your linen it is
-^\r '-'ence of kid-
--\\' b ney trouble; too
--" ,, ./'/ *'**; frequent desire to
_-.'- __- _'_ pass it or pain in
.-the back is also
convincing proof that the kidney..s and blad-
der are out of order.
What to Do,
There is comfort in the kAotwledg so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and e'.':r,' part
of the urinary passage. it corrects ir,-i',.iiiy
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine cr beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go pften
d..ring hlie day, and to get up many times
during the i -'-. The mild and -. extra-
ordi'a-ry effe-t of Swamp=Root is.'soon
rca;i;;ed. It stands the hi:h;-,- for its won-
de:rfu cures of the most a. ei,'n ca^e.
I1 you ne Jd a medicine y., hzi ulbl-"he
b.3. Sold by dru ,i11. 3 o._. ,d 4, 'i: .
You may have a sample bottle, of this
wc,-deful discovry,'--^
ani a book that "-'I' .. ,
m o.i abouc it, both : .. r,t ;, .-.:. ,-...--7 ....
ab:;ou'.oe/ free by tm'il. --.. --
addh-j s Dr. Kilmrer & home .o .ro. rr.r,.
Co., Eimighamton, IN. Y. When ,.'ritinr mtrn-
tion reading thi.9 generous offer in .!1i paper.
Don't nak t any mitstake,t ti romioni
bertihe name, Swamnp Root, ;Dr. Kit-
Iner's Swamp 1pRoot, and the ,' iil(re-,"
Binglhaunton, N. Y. on every Io'tle

Laud Office at Gainesville. I'a,
May 9, 1903.
Notice is hereby a'iven that the folP
lowing natiled settler has fil'.d nti(o of
his intention to make fin il p;-"e'f in s ip-
port (if his claim, and that -saii proof
will l)e made before the lei k of the
circuit court at Ve, non,Fla., tion June
iSthth, _19104, viz:
IROBIRTL GAINEt{. of lr'",;iiia, Fla.
Id1 32260 for the ei of swi; ,seof nwi of
section 3, and net of nwi of sctio 10.
twvl) Is. r. 13w.
He nainmes the followir-_,' \ itn --,s,:.; to
proi\ve his continuous re-i,1,.'- it>on
and cnultivation of said land, \ iz:
J. H. Purcell; J ,. \'. Br,.,n., W. Il.
Gainer. S. B. Ells, all of E.-ouiifii;a. Fla
WV. G. ROBINSON. IRe'ig-ter.
B."'PEditor's foe paid.

:,I. ,i *, I '.l h i. \
N,,ti,' i-, li,,r."'-.\ L'i ,'-n tia ii!f ,l' f,,l-
],-In^ i u'j liiilmlr'i .-'.'_'l l,.'r hl-^ li led ;i,,.*ir>. of
i h ,_'r i i ,',l ''it i,,i t,,i ina k,. fi lia l I~' ,,,,i f i tl
.-.i l ilh, 't .l' l i-, ,laili .a ilI l th :it 4 1.1] 1'l-',i f
\ ill n.,- ini;i],' i,,'f,,i' e],-rk o tlif cii'-

tam.I m

.T.\M.l.. \\-. M W \ N i
T~ ~~l, i -.. ,,. ,, ,ik,

I~~~~~~~~~ 'tji.',li Ol t t 'i ~

1"1t. XV. t. L. GiW ain N.
itt i :; .P ,- a

rnom' A I I It I i':m P[at!!I 8In.-alIbe

G1in--t I ,I -tjrtl" It 1 -\ 11. Ill.' S it 1)1'e% Ai l.'
Cate ''u'. I Ji,.':I '. -, '111'

I.t ,P j

~'. I:: ~-
.-t''-. to

W. B.
'ii Ii tii~1~.

: "

When the nerves are weak
everything goes wrong. You
are tired all the time, easily
discouraged, nervous, and
irritable, Your cheeks are


ale and your blood is thin.
our doctor says you are
threatened with a nervous
breakdown. He orders this
grand old family medicine.
"For more than ,50 years I have used Ayer's
SRarsaptril ta it my family. It Is a grand tonic
at all times, and a wonderful medicine for im-
pure blood."-D. C. HOLT, West Haven, (Conn.
S .00 a bottle. j.. c AYER co.,
All druig'ists. --- TLowell. Mi-''.

Weak Nerves

-- ~v- "MA,*4 --
Keep the bowels regular with Ayer's
Pills, Just one pill each night.
Plants Without Itoots.
The "flower of the air" is a curious
l:ittt fiind in China and Japan. It 1s

,t fi .dl Is l 't .r i' .,1 i' ; tit i ri'li. It
I.\ iii,> r i !l(.i ;i lr!y ir-.e ,-,." ,-,r l -r rovi;
Each shoot produces two or three flow-
ers like a lily-white, trna-spitrent and
,-horiferous. It is capable of being
transported 600 or 700 mile-,. and it
grows as it travels, sit-'- miJ]d on a
trt. i

"D)o all roses have thorn., pop?"
"Yes, liy son."
"I can't feel any on those roses o,'
ma's hat."
"You would if yol had to pay for
the hlat, my soin."-Yonkc-rs Statesmanm

Cured His Mother of Rheamatism.
"My mother hias been a sufife'rer for
many years with rheumatimi RYs \W.
1H. Iloward, of !tlusband, Pai. "At times
she was unible to move at all, while : t
all Aumes walking was pailful. I present-
ed IOr with a bottle of Cliamlberlain
I a i Balm and after a few apilicatioins
she decideH it was the. most '.vonderf'ul
pain reliever she bald ever ti ied, in tat,
she is nciem' without it-now and is at a:l
timeK able to walk. An oceasi nal appli
cation of the Pain Bairn keeps away the
pain that he was formerly troubled
wi h." For sale by L. Ml. Ware, tSt An
dreu and lB.yhliead and all inmediciie ,eal-


Notice of Application for Tax
Under Section 8 of Cha pter 4188, Laws of
No!ice is hereby given that John I.
Scotiers, purchaserof Tax Certificate No.
871 dated thle 1st day of June, A, '. 18.1 .
hIas filed said certificates in my office, and
has made application for taix deed to is-
sue in accordance with awv. Said ccrlili-
cait emLbraces the Ifollowing dlesciled
p,.,i, 1y situated in Waslhinugtol county,
li tj-wit: t;,e n,"- of tlr of seciiIin
1 tp 2s, r 14;v. l'he said l:ind bu-iig as-
sessed at the date of'th.' is uancee of sunlch
certificate in thle nane of UnLknown. Un-
less said certificate shall be redeemed ac-
codiintgio ltaw. tax deed will issue there-
onil otill the 23d day of June. A. A. l]" .
Witness my official signature and smal
[LQ s. this the st day of la.-,' A. 1.
W. ('. LOCKEV,
Clerk Circuit Jitirrt ,
of VWashitngton jountty, Florida.
Notice to Creditors.
in Court of the Countty Judge, State of
Floridai, In re Estate of It KB'!ickin.
Wasahington County.
To all Credit'ors, Lega ecs, Distrihutiees
ind all persons Wiaving" Claimis or I)e-
aniii'ds against said Estate:
You and each of you are h'prelhvi noti-
fied anld required to present any claims
and demands which vou or eithlier of you
may have against Htie estate of It.P.
13Brackin, deceased, ltie of \Washlington
C(o iinty, Flo-rida, t6 the undersigned, cx-
ecutiix and exeeut .' of said estate, wiltih-
in two ye',trs froni ;e date hecreof.
DIated -I "y 5 1,, A. P., 1901.
1^AcHctiL M. Bi<.ACKIN,
lxecCut rix.
F"Ne -'itor-
Notice ot Adiiiilistrattor.
(Of Annual S'-tt lenient.)
In Court of County J1 udge, State of Flo,-
ida. In re Estate of G. 'V. JenIks.
\Vasliiington County.
..'tice is herely irven, to all whomn it
Mnay ioltcerln, tiit, on the 5th day of No-
veniher, A. 11. 1904, 1 sha:il present fi:.al
reltirlis of my acC ocntit AS adiinistratrix
of tile estate of (., V Jenkl, deceased, to
thle Honorable J. A Well, Judge of said
CWIurt as Judge of Irolate, aid ask for
thvir approval, and my discl.arge fron'
said adniui t.ratorshii..
Dated May 5, A. ,. ,!0.

ii, Court of County ,v dge. fatte of Flotr-
ida, In re Estate of Willixtih II. Ho-
telen. Washington County.
Notice is thereby given, to all whlion it
may concern, that on:* the '4th day-of Sep-
temnbler, A. D. 19t04, I shiall anply to the
[Bonoralite J. R. Welis, Judge of said
Court, as Judge of Prohate, for miv final
discharge as Aduintistrator of the estate
of William II; Hotelein d'eeeased; and
tliat al, the samne time i wili rresent to
pain Cournt my final accounts as AdInmi, is-
trator of said estate, and ask for their ap-
p,' val.
Dated February 29t1h. A. I). 191>.

P' .

n 3'r!yE


S' < -.... FLA

P)0ai ls Ill tPClia e'';alIi iu

iB'y (ood Gro'eri s, Provi io, i,

Boat Stores, Hay Grain and Feeti Stuffs.
Wve ca'lr'y at aill times a W ell Selevtitd itock of, Mt;rcitai~dise a whilplt,, tf)
thio 7t. Andrws {ay tIrade.
We will Not Be Undersold !


Imvix lvill Ila.,

Manufacturers of
Iiijif TRvap 1, ,l 1nl ViimDnUinn

IJLIiu Ui UmnUtl imlill hIIUIIUIi

Yellow Pie Limbt"

Dealers in General Merchandise,

Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions and Feed,

Tle Allaitoll Lnimber Company,

A N I)



S0() U ( I L U M B E R ,

Whether Large ,tr Small,

Write for Prices,


o mw0=

'~'-r' -'
I-'-." ~)

-. -- '.';
I- ~
2 t; '%i''
at V
- -f



Irwn,f Me lieins, Falley Tolol Atrielps

I Han Ieno uackNostrunis.

DR J J KESTER, M, D, Dru4Swt,



In Effect April 14, 1901.

No) 4
12:35 ut't
2 22) p. hi.

No. 2
1 1 :0) p. n .
fi:l ) a.ui.
1 1 :5)9 "
2:30 "
2:20 p3,
Da 0I I.In

11 ;55 p.m.
12:15 Wt

1 :35'

1:30 a. m
i :55

3'00 '"
4-18 A
4:-4C "'
5:00 "
5:08 "
5:33 "
':0,?) '
6:%t ,,
7:00 *
:50 '
8:115 -..

No, 2

2:55 "
7:30 ",

No. I
12:35 p. mi. ,,' ,e .
('>.;l- Arrive
- 9:12 "
S:50 a.mn
11:59 '"
1:31) pitn.
No. 3,
7:00 a n. Lv
7: 13 '
7"1K; "
7:18 "
7:25 "'
7:28 S
*tl i

8:30 ">

9:1() '"'
9:35 '

0:1(0i "
1,,:15 l'
1(0:47 ^'
I :07 -
11 :25
11:45 "
11.42 "
12:15 t A'

- c sllnsiil )oa, A rri
Flon at onl, Lea
Molilde, "
N'w(v 0'baits. *

Bi in in,., Ii a)

Loll is vihI10
i o ci n t)at,,
St. Louis


ei 5 :t(t ;. a t.
c 2:33 a n).
12:30 i'in
8:00 p.n,.


I 't'f'l i. '5 l -.
Y litstr'f.
E.(5a ni hi a.
AI lat
Gait City,
Good Rantte
li j ,'s i -
(Trest vi."*'-*
Doer JLand
M,-ossy IJ DeFunial&k Spriings
S A rgyle
Po0co de IALeon
\Ve, tville
( Cary vlllc
('ot t(,d a't
(draid MCld:e
H-iverJu netioun Is,


4 :1(

No. 2
A! 10(,) P
1 ():,-, I
i)': It

(; :55


0 ~>iii
ii Ii Ill


P rig.






o'aLx-C ,)'I:I)1) yil .

1: 25

6:0 :)a.

2:4.5 -n



3i:34 ~n


tI - `S-i ll
- :4 "'1 -
11:212 ,'
0-20 a fl

Is'-- -.


- r .rjda --i; r~


'I'litridav AlayI'll) 1904



IN VWV9PWPrNW S-. % N IL7.#*IL 41 %.Pt 1. IL % J. I IL IL4A C-- tA N t





rep III 1~- -U-

___ _il~~






A Stat* Tbh< 9vAtei.
*V W a s9tet might be ciid to
bMfw, ttat h tat iso CaliforniLa. It ham '
*fthsiacaut hmng action, says rb" sun-
*t Magazine. Deep and lorng draw a are
the rMath of ocesn air tak-co by the
grmt valleys. And you can almost so i
this breathing If you will go to the top.
f atay of thb hills bordering the bay of
kn faacltaVC In general, air tuove
swat or wind s Initiated by different*
9t temoaerantur. Therefore on *rmmer
StKtueosa while, the broad tnUSitlly steeping at a tempnrature (of
Sdegte F. thMe Initiand valleys are
tbmaltkI n the sante Auulight, but the
ftr a few ffet atwi*e the ground is quiv.-
#tn$ at a teiperatuire of 100 degrees
P. fi otber words. their is a tempera-
fttr gradient of 1 degree per i)le, and
06 brings about a ruark,-d mruovement
t fke air. th We motion being from the
* t tothe warm lo'ai!ty.
wbia Rh1041~, 11cu.
amu'b iby~ni i A.n Emutl SRgt(,)'oy told b'y loot +a
'Mtbft bow a ceuriry nurseryuman
ad. o i<,arge tnum out of sales of a
r ie Ifttle flower which he sold in
4ft thfe amof the nted i sildms. This
e*cUming name proved quite an ut-
metioa to the ladies, and the tkower
bteace tb# rage of tbe *easou. It was

amof &A io a*o f tfSRO aisnzv-* f Wwbuic'
ttkere tos o arnuwtlnjX. At length. a
* bmuointo we o found that tbe plant was
puOt Auiso~owwLon weed requplePed to
Ldw whre tbhe moimrrymian got, the

viet from ti< elleitd the ftliowlug
1pijr: 'h fouAnd thti flower in the road
bodM W1 so ebristeed Itt the Rboduta I

All lX*4u Bleprobau.
Itt said that of)# of thle ost Invet-
f*#e writers ont of .pethpo was the
bte Lord l)erby. of whom tbhe story
Wnt that tbhe manuscript of one of hIs
Ma statesmanlike diacomure.a, betng
|k4Ld Up from the flor, where It bad
flMhi i3w4 Feitud not only to be freely
HtelkId wilh "Hear. hear!" "Laugh-
t*W,* add *Applause." but el6o to con-
ta a pumitge beginttng, "But 1 am
Sftwsin you too O$g fries of 'No,

Now m

0*O *O*@O*O @,900* SOCC


*) 9

* 0
0 -tCXryrtght, Wi0 by T, C. MeClwtir... 0
*a*eee o**4**ee OO*@* @@O *
Peace and harmony had descended
upon the Briarton district school Not
a single braid was sttrreptitiously
tweaked, nor did the usual feminine
titter greet each masculine failure at
the board. The reason was not far
to seek. It was the work of the little
blind god-aided by natumralf vanity and
the desire of excelHing. It was St.
Valentine'S day.
Many asin anxious eye was turned to-
ward the canvas mail bag hanging be-
tore the teacher's desk. As yet it
guarded its secrets jealously, but at
the close of the afterlaoon session it
would be opened and its contents dis-
tributed. The heads bent so studious-
ly over books were filled with f>incies
never garnered from their dull pages.
At recess the girls walked in twos
and threes, with mysterious whisper-
ings and shy glances. The boys gath-
ered in an awkward gro in the vain
effort to evince the usul4, interest in
skating and the respective merits of
each bistglnf (' d 'rn-ttf "a +A',..-A,^

above the'im all. The largest and old-
eat bot in school, he felt that It be-
hooved him to put aside childish
thing* and take up the dignity of man-
hood. In this spirit he had declared
that valentines were "plumb foolish-
ness" and that he, for one, should not
send any.
But the boys greeted his remarks
with derision. It was all very well for
him to talk, but every one in school
would send valentines, and ever7 one
would get them except perhaps Mely
Jack glanced over at the window.
Yes; there was the forlorn little figure
looking out wistfully. Mely never came

*p amdl rGo on!'I." out with the others, for she was practi-
cally friendless. It was not because
H oe*"I#" to attempt to reason a she was homely,- though the boys made
O~OUt of a thing he was never .- many a sly gibe at her red hair and
Ow t^- -twift. pale cheeks. But she was a stranger,
M -t wh1i 1 in, the first shock of orphandom
t.irnatuto i It Deaths. had come to live with her grandmother.
The msn would be conisifwpd Wy its In her grief and shyness she had with-
o*Ws a.dor itf It did not shine. Nature drawn from the first advances, and
kBws aotLiug of hoarding. The sun Briarton, unused to being snubbed, had
IfS away its ;;old without ostenta- thenceforth left her strictly alone.
tea. The ocean gives is vapors to the As the boll rang and they filed back
eitaI. tbto clouds return them to the i nto the classroom Jack again glanced
ai'bt. loe rivers to thi epa. There Is a at Mely. She was looking at the mall
to ar t Cs'thani.e borween lungs and bag, and there was unusual color in her
Wavv. Stagwitkin Is death. (ive to cheek. An unpleasant thought seized
fe: *.tt to give. him. Everybody thought that they
I would get a valentine. Did Mety think
llcn^.,^lhrd. 150?
Mr. iIW -'1 btrt' is soin-thiug I want Jack was tender hearted. Many a
; a you. v1sie- er bhat is. Mise battle had he fought to release sonic
I (i aY, tortured kitten or unhappy- 4?d. lie
tik Kuty---Cfill me B ease it you was afraid to see the misery in Mely's
Wb. face when she alone was uniremem-
Mr. ?:rr (rL,, rtmay l? bred. By the time the bell had ruug
1k Kt& k -'- <(f vosir"fi: all old geSe- for nooning his mind was made up.
Vt'P * ,---- teacher atood up and drew the first val-
^ entire fromi the bag. "Carol Roberts,
F o r -S lit Helen Wilkinson, Tom Brown," raipid-
W a .l .w or sale p. AtriI, from the ly he "_-p t>,.' ri *,.- irIl ., r.. c"pl-
o sid& of the l urtr.h balif of the enti, bli.Shi' ,- r r ej',sh. ,_..-9.ir1' up to
orthwwwt quarter of section 10, toxwn- claim their own. Jack Carson had
- a 4 soutt, range 14 west;.r4nming quite a pile, but h, still looked anxious-
W th cchlool house, to Watonu bayou, ly at the bag.
*A)oftmtg MIUvllt mx tUlp south bWill be At length teacher held in her hand a
** ui9 acr, quarter, or half-acre lots. box of generous size. "Miss Amelia
1- W i. sd Wked will be according to uAnderson," she read slowly.
U tu.-W. A. aVIMONS & 470.sh ea1sowy
A. WMONS & ,C. jMely rose mechanically and walked
...-- -- up to the desk. When she reached her
50 YEARS i seat aguin the fingers which opened the
EXPERIENCE precious package trembled violently.
1The lit ed Id disclosed the prize valen-
tine, which had reposed in admired
3 state in the drug store window for the
K last 4eek. There was a general mur-
-tur of surprise.
'iS TRADC MAnr,* Mely glanced about wildly. Her blue
SD6SIGN* eyes, shining with joyful tcars, encoun-
OPYRIGIHT &C. tered a pair of brown Lunes which
eni5a usretpb awldeoerrltton warP
maeertalanouropion trhee rwet--si t souglt to evade them. Jack blushed
~ilO^babl)pSteite. Si'Sioo a- up to his ears. There were unspoken
Be w nboot 6uPai '
er e w.ul t, y tor eeuring patent. que6tion and answer before Mely sank
tt oh Mun & Co. r.- back iu her seat with a little sigh of
Icaf Isatisfaction. She knew, but somehow
Jackc did not mind her kuowine.
atoaosoy rMltWat*4 wweklr. Larget e_ Yet he had a boy's ditatec of "sceneps"
*Mbtmof oy.ntUA. urnmal. Twma,$3
13r; 3fou;rl .; Iodt0rAll-; ne;rwid and so lingered behind the others with
MUNN & Cc Sele*oadway. New York the ostensible purpose of helping teach-
a, Tw iia i ^-ha lf' light of the entry a little figure
Swas waiting for him. Gratitude had
T ooveMrcoae $y's shyness. She stepped
Si forward resolutely. It wag Jack who
A AAFP 0() FFT. ANDREKW (T'l* Y faltered and backed away from the out-
Is5,O iviehl, folreetly patted an~istretched hands.
si,W)i iC all the more in,,rtani "I want to tank you," she said
lt mr i uto an breathlessly. "Utough the words don't
l,,tae-^ig 4 g )'rhat1 he ,,t.- 5y half tell what I feel. I know whiy you
o c<-Qtmpli~iwg prcha.ihgdid it You arp a kind, good boy, and
.ty in town. It covers abf-at founr I will never furget It."
Sof C oadt line, cxtenrino cast- Jack gazed down Into her .binUi-
fp, t'U)yr'e r*# riot to and ern. eyes. Why bad he never before noried
tl'~iuig t)(d St. Ani]rewvs, ith cr how blue ti.y. were? "I did it btec u.
,,viivia tepritory island. ric I wanted to, Mely." e said gently. "T
r.4,.l the wO -V t waa glad to d, It." An unuu4ual emo-
D1]44 r,. at-t0e6 ill, f tion held biLn spellbround d il trwicber'i
A ____T .-St. ....._ "pts on the starr filled hiw with tbt.
A *APOTIV AL MA'-o'+- 1F H. br. horror of dlswovery and Aent iI li) )ur-
ACTlEW. S BA' ('(,. Wl5VV. ...' rying out u. the fr ty a.r. -
ftO-l | &IL tho lands d'>soa.! *4" b, That was the last St. Valentine's day
"fo. rh e .t.(' ...pa..v, als locate' ifor Mely in the Briarton school. In the
~rrtfti.n Pa-rk*T,", rruhi*,*:iiton a spll rlg her grandmother died, and she
s^,ezut eontriy. -1- l a f,. O Iwent to live with an uncle "In the city,"
)atgjg- t shwnt. 't |v te t as folks vaguely said. And It was the
S t .h a, buta by e a.4.,lat for Jack too. He left -school and
thee lU*p tlle sf,'roxitnate leai,,n ot I bent aH his energies to the farm and
5.7 at i. ,aily dltetettine,. Price the happiness of his widowed mother.
4'. Jitr1.iT at the Buoy Office. He stamped Into the Briarton post
?s.il'-rmap wijt 1 'e weeit by tail to office one afternoon In expectation or
aw ariilrdeM. ,r, ruceipt of thrpr.re nothing more exciting than a pile of

case ,of his indifference to the Brfar-
ton girls. It ,'ris MI,.,y.
Mely! ic wouiid find her, and then-
Bvit he did n:t even know her ad
dres8- Thic package bore the postmark
of the nearest city. That was all. But
he could not fail. He must find her.
The next afternoon found Jack Car-
son hopelessly walkingthe city streets.
lie still scanned the faces of the pass-
ersby, but the first enthusiasm of his
search was gone. He had come in on
tbe earliest train and had made
straight for the nearest directory. In
vain; it did not hold the name of
Amelia Anderson. Inquiry in many
quarters had also failed.
And now he was undecided. Should
he go home and leave the matter in
the hands of some detective agency or
should he stay and keep up the search
in pHter',n ? ie vwas p;. irig ono of the
great (hIl)arNiliZt sto'es. One window
was c'ayv with vHhivtii.ia of everY sid
;t d sh.",e. lie sghed as he looked
M,!y ".-J-:ht h.tv i' liked one of thaee.
I, i ,ls gi icn-i evwin the though t of h'."l
bro;:-Li' "a iLL; .f of the cloUvaS. Ii'-
w ii, I l'1iry ', v t-,l''?tin .C"ptit sej_ I it ti
bei1-. ('-r, f" tI" g'o ''rali post ofib'i d'
;1Iv.. i'.v'. I'('.'h;i'b i s it U ;ix",! hr"^ ,<'-''.
I( t'.k .,ut a riiln;f1l a .I'n (A.
>'<>4i: r h4l w;-m; v.geLoriri': ; i rI t.
i', -;', I of p-tit*'(. 5l s tiv akia lar'1 wh.t
a soft voice aslt:d, '"Ctli I '..;it 0o

J;i'tk .r irtd ?r'p l lI';<' i ,: :,
a ; : ;> ,.f l r, i; v c.- It w ., Q l l

*in' v.'-'' 'a*; I'*l-'. i' fw' >i l'!-u1;: t';."'' ,a
[!di roii}'iii,'i O t. p" 'd a ,!i'at well rii!. t
dro'ss of bh .uck r..x,.*:i,.., :v'r t. .
)f. ;.v'n(on :'d beauty. l-i.r rid Lii'
was a : L,!r.v ph'"dl up on tho to6 *,,t, ;.
sua! l lii',:d. -A hbllh lurked in tiG
''or t (ni' 4 ' r red lips. ;uly hi' r .-
,'.. ; ;, '. a ." '( They m et hi', i'iil o'

In t.hP ,ir dr,'T.thl t1' found ,-,''i .'L ,
Ily.' it? cri'td ruipturously, 'I'lv'' I,. ,,;
hInmi!!!^g f'rf y ,ga %I d.ay till I w.:s ;'-
:iboot d]i-,-,o!'r};.-a-d. I Walnted," 1 *' t,-'-
tatled, "to ih:mnk you for The valentine.
Ti., grii'sc ch'-ka diarned. '--I wa
tr:i-sf(:-?'r"'1 to tthi cminter the other
d:'>, ind tl -re igbt of all these pretty
things r m:! imv rmcnicmber th'at 1idy i'
tI)a' Briiiur a'i s'-lolhotuse. Not thait I
h, 'av',r t'o,-',,tt'n it." she addivd iha-;
.ily, \.i't-' her' blush grew ch'ep-r "'bn
it iiadidI n(w vct-nt So seud you a vn1I|
tirn' juSt to show you I hadu't forgot-
teni. So i s''t it. and you got it." sh -
fiti!',Se1 ir;' r thb ksl i'.
lie h;d '5-ni;' foriott'n there. proo.l'W,
pr'.'n- o or l,-'r shoppers. For' u.i:t,'
[y i, V a- i t' .. -. t r .''- fay, iandl the ',;i'i)
tirc ("l*'r was dlesertcd.
"A n so f got it," he repeat td evnlhI'r
ly. "That'si why I came to--to ask yo'-
to o bcto ,oo a Brn1on "iv.ith meI I luo1
you. Mt,-y. I've be-Pn ivonug you t'v.:
siTce that d1y. 1 nly ['vne b<,n to)o st.i
pid to know it. (_'.a nt1 you tind It IN
yon'r h'lt'rt .tO love m" l a littl'? Thee hlCot,
iR all repdy. ;nd nro!1r is w;miiii':."
'Il, gir a;i'gpht l<'r breath shab'piN
"It's ,o l*''ug Sin('c< I've htad na mother o1
a horno." sle whtispred. And ais Jac,
loo)li'd dwn inlo lit r lhioey i's ,le kinnv,
that the battle wAs wn.

rj Cu1PIr AND Tlijl
Cu GLEti M "

F .By W. W. HiNES

-,~ 'tap ri. tlo 1, y 'IT MIf(('I Urkrt~

'the'a'a"e ianthe irra'lnt''s; I-o'i-l!
iis tliird clurks. t; I I.Itb'll cu i 1 UL WO
i- re u~na a IIas uil
linikyByno vtS.idclri

u, ltalo n'. aud ilie \Vt$ proud c-f he fact.
Now'. alite c'li 1.4 t'1r'kon a:I sissp
bro" hot t~i a dignitar'y of rns'a 11105im
in0i"ur~ikitc-eNN1v,11 iC the ,Cconc1 CIerk Is
.2. 1,i'5iNi ir)1"4a- \'e tIl 0 imi11i'~d 11tLL
'ILe !mwud c-rk Pr lire youanig-lor invia
.:odlovvs i lO P a'o-au'st cdeck band off 11w
2i~~idil~at every landling '11141 k'hees
~li' i"'htt. Who'1;e uin'jfips off the

op to his bi'k, ANAes nw Y lhe
nr'v''r' jee'iqv(,,- hiirightf'ul -;le (' t Ihird

cSrime' lmen mighbt not consider this
plea~sant wor'k, hut it suilted J11111"11.
Hie hi-'' oq, thAt tie wtay of a1mu
('l(-rl'. if prnpe;'rly Wiirectid. lastro a
chief 'k-I'krloip and ivi'ntiually to 8
post as ('apt-ali. NMeamnjim he was as
happy go i locky sort of lnd who w--s-
liked' Iby eve-ry tone from Ithe captain
down to the merodedi hands, morp
conaoM1 ly ),kImhaVu as ''rousie's." a
On thaIs pr:,rticular' ovfnhing le was ant
Peace Nxi th hmalb". wo .'rl ad .171 ''ar

thfe rbal.: 'yI, l~-. U'v n i r v .t i din,.'

1 vrati'rs to im 'I.Ia'I... lav'iing si.''a'r.
just 4 t'.'_*-.,;pL-i- Ih:-'i,2 l'x he

boat in'the reverse I.r.r-. n necessary to
counteract. the force of tihe vurreut lay
a tiny island, forni-sd by the cutting in
two of c long, narrow sa:d b'ir. A few
cottonwood trees nodded lazily on the
Willful bit of Iand. To his right the
old levee had crumbled away. aMnd a
new one hilad I)-Pu built behind it, form-
ing an artificial !'ae fringed with tall
cottonwood trees aid gularled stumps
of cypress. Across the stream the

full hiadiany before Jimmie bolted into
his tI ny aterom ini search of the only
other pair c'i trousers he possessed.
T li' t at the supper table, and
when ihe uipal .was over Jimmie thank-
ed his stars that, after all, he was only ,
the mrud clerk.
Botti the first tnd second clerk had
desk work before them," and Jimmie
had only a long, lazy evening on deck,
during which he could show Miss
Thomas the bteauties of his river ife.
There were moments when this pleas-
ure polled. however. That was when
the soft, thin stuff at Miss Thomas'
neck and wrists fluttered with a par-
ticularly elegant air or the pink roses
in her hat bemt with languid dignity,
in ih dfireotinn They seemed to re-,

miudI him that daughters of railroad
presidents with their purple and fine
linen. which in this instance appeared
In the form of forgetmenot blue and
rose pink. were not for mud clerk,
ev, n if the hitter had flattering pros-
pects. He had about decided to lead
ip to the topic of her family when the
Kate Adamis hove in sight4 and they
leaned agalwnt the rail while Jimmie
disecoursed upon the feats performed
by this the fastest boat on the river.
In truhI, Jimmie's ambition had once
lto'pped with the captaincy of the Kate
Ardtrns, but no.w he ..thought ,with a
sigh., "What is the Kate Adams after
all U?"
But he did aot linger on the thought.
Everything happened too quickly. Miss
Thomas in her ex-citement had climbed
up on the foot rail when the imperti-
nent evening breeze took a fancy to the
pink crown-d hat. Away it went
There was a slitill shriek, and some-
tliihg'bfu,' and fluttering bent a little
too far oer aiid then went after the
lihat. Anl f'rter both went Jimmie.
\j- '. a -*-_ *
1W L'6 ardinitted that under the
ilulthenre of a blanket, some hot grog
and thbe fulsome praise of one or two
of hi- coruiad's Jimmie indulged in
s,,' n,,ai,,nmtic day dreams. He had a
picture of a grateful railroad president,
i pitnk and blue vision with downcast
I..V at.il a tiruwn eyed young man be-
ing in.'y arnaanlmous, but neverthe-
.le-s axciepting a lifetime devotion in re-
turn fbr a cold plunge. Then the ef-
fects df tihe grog wore off, and Jimmie
shook hlini-st-lf vigorously.
The next morning he stood diffident-
ly in Miss Thomas' presence. Gone
were the blue frock with its lace frills
and the beautiful rose crowned hat. A
very soter, sad eyed young woman
clad in ai simple gingham dress mur-
mure-d her thanks.
Jimmie shifted from one foot to the
other tnd tried to hide his embarrass-
mruent, but when Miss Thomas burst
into tars be forgot differences of sta-
tion aind s;at down beside her.
"Oh. I reckon you won't be any the
worme Yfor the ducking," he said by
way of consolation, wishing he could
take th0' sobbing figure in his arms and
say oiethlng more comforting.
"It ijn't the wetting I mind, but-
but--- m-ob, my dress! I sewed three
weeks 'for Annt'Myra to pay for that
dress. find I--I was so proud of it. I
know I shall never have another one
as pretty as long as I live."
"Ye., you will," declared Jimmie,
with the WIr of a prophet who knew
his calling. "Just you wait," he added
mysteriously. "\Why, you'll have one
of 'vii ;e'. cry summer; see if you don't."
The ',irl dried ber eyes and looked at
him ifl irler.i', but he hardly noticed
her '.tipressiou. lie was thinking
ecstatic.jlly that you cannot always telH
a railrri l president's daughter by .her
i ,t tit,
AQ1 _._l j a.ar not__untILJirmnie -oeama-r
ih Zir'^ ( the Rlena Stanton and
Psetth,- i bride and her widowed
mothcj In a neat little cottage at Natch-
ez th# he discovered that very pret-
ty miia could be bought for 12Y
cents a yard, with pink roses at 50
cents spray. That was when he in-
sistedi uo)n choosing the bridal gown
and M .,1 severely aganer the loveliest
cotton "1r,",,e satin at 37 cents
per ya i -


iU' .Stood eiilbwrte y .'. ,'iyio- :.t l\
danjt,'c ViS.i o L'ipih Ur i ;,.' g-.t. .
pfavI. a ,' i ;
thni O' 1 in ;ir. H 'e ;, r ii :o l 'tl .im
souin ,Uih!n.': ihI.h ftli)tprp(l a;bui i 'i. ;'
c *oq ttishty \vw r i m,- ts,4e.'?;, -i' li" Il".!
or li ted hwr Aiku*ts, And tl.or ro:,( tl:,
hat tA-a w is QIthf-, .m ,.: ph.k-... <
pinf e'OSes. ,Iiiuihe had uof??" oLe I,'iet
gliam ,ut he reminembret i quite d1i
tinctI n that tise blue in iihr dt'c';s an.
iUn ht-. '"; matched perfectly, likewise,
the p iit" in her hat and her lips.
N of course any eutuhority on fasi
ion C u11dh have informed .Jilumio tha
the 1ion was most badly dressed fui
trav, ngl, but to Jimmie "good form"
waste 1l1 unknown quantity. lie de-
cide ld11tbat the visionL muut be ,. daugh
ter o0-a railroad president at )east, and
probW 4'y had a million or two in her
own ght, Having reached this deci-
sion ,jje finished the volley of language,
picke ii i u his pencil and resolutely
turniu his back on the vision.
BU' kioa:' such as Miss Lorena
Tho, s p possess a hauntiug quality.
ThI 1tdes' cubin, so called by courtesy.
lay nat he other end of the long. narrow,
oval ||xpanse, but Jimmie was thor-
oughl t convinced that Miss Thoias
coutnld4e his mud spattered garments
asj~ rp1shed through his report In
IFr( tb|e..clerk's dsk. So expedi-

R Btan ton hadn't got unuer

"^'.rS'i~UIltl. ori. a eter"?.. atjo~ie, ao.,
oet diameter, 330 feet high; St. Paul's,
ondon, 112 feet diamnter, 215 feet

twenty-four hours of dTseomrort, pos-
sibly Inviting a cold and creating an
'open dobr' for any m igrating microbes
that were floating about in my atmos-
phere looking for strained tissue or
fermenting food in which to build their
(; na bashed.
Irate Patiiet- I want you to get out
of here and never darken my door
again. If I had a sick cat I wouldn't
seeid for you!
Imerfetlrbahle Phbysiclao-Of course
not. Vou'd svnd for my brother, the
veterinary, who lives over on the street
next to the one 1 live on. Here's one
of his cards.- --Bltimore American.
Wlling to elp Hiram.
ClerkL-- aai to Le married shortly.
Couldn't you manage to increase my
salary a little?
Employer-Couldn't, really. But I'll
tell you what I'Hll do for you, my boy.
I'll shorten your hours during the first
three months, so that you can spend
your evenings at h-ome, and after that
I'll lengthen them again so that you
will have an excuse to get away.

The LnrgeCl Domes.
Somrne of the largest domes In the
world pre the Pantheon at Rome. 142
feet diameter. 143 high; baths of Cara-
Ctalia, Rolne. 112 feet diiameter, 116 feet
high; St. Sophla, Constantinople, 115
feet diameter. 201 feet high; ISt. Maria
delle Fure. Florence, 139 feet diameter.

Offers His Professional Services to the Citizenas of SltfAndi
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their natural condition because we remove the causes of disease. A home remedy
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Confidential correspondence, especially with physicians, solicited. Write today.
Manhattan Therapeutio Association
Dept. A 1135 Broadway, New York iRy

Dn rlgn 1n.
Wife (bome from a shopping tour)-
Well. I'm tirPd out. and I had such au
enrn(;yiri.g txrieri.nve today I feel posl-
tively Ol -,':ip.
tlulMnl--W,.'l!. ynu certainly look aa
tf youi shmild bei cheap.
Wife- Ilow do you mean?
Interested Generoulty.
"That Is very generous of old man
Gotrox. paying for the musical educa-
tion of the girl who lives next door to
"Yes, but he has stipulated that she
shall learn It all In Europe."-Cincin-
nati Times-Star.

Mi r T T"Ar' AV -*Ai1

Makes these organs

The Happier Man.
A north .Missouri paper aiks. "Who
Is the h:ripiet'r. Iow lim:n n' 'i no.s-.' r'-.s
$10f.0',)( for (i to t a a'iei v tlh s s',",'!i
d:1i1 Ii(,r;':'" T'o) v ;ii'h ;elh'mi her ex-
(h ,n:,'(. r,'',li..,u: ""' i i r !;1n w\ ir.; the
'vrp!l' ',o"is. rf ''our-f,. 'Th-'', wa with
the nie .n.' i. t nl sl ,a;tt'il :iIi \\'Int9
-'tm-ora. "1 ,'. yi -tn i tL,' Ji'. sva' n ,l:,ii;oi-
ters Ns ;i.'i,-nd. lie ias r. olmgh.--St.
Louis Post-i isu';, .

Mixed 0.11 *linlo.
Pnhson--B1,rdd,,r lasxti'r'q got snme
*gOod p'hits. Il 'tends chrfhI a"d
c'trlhntlles gf'n'ous to do & iipptohit oh de
gospel. 'ht ho's got sonic, .'ofifl bad
habits too. lie r))alys craps an' fills
hisself wif in1 ossi<:t;i'" .th nl.t1:1tLits.
De'iicon- Dnt's er f;'k. is go,;od i'm-
puisloris in TIr!on" offset by his bad

W PILL 8. corner of Bayview and Wyomine Avenues on Bay Front.

f ..ction a rMoStO naGlassware. Tinware and Notions!
UNITED M C .Iatorde, Fr#1te.y thlX t yo0 ca1'1 find at ally other Store, coIme to the R A C K FE'T
14TE MEDCA CO,8,74 AOSR A T 0 R E Andi get,
Sold at St. Andrews Bay, Fla., at
DR. MITCHELL'S DRUG STORE. Hot Meals at All oUrS of the Day.
In W l, ,, ii:fl, cup of Coffee, 6 cts. CUP of Tea5 6 ts. .,,
Ar .... It 7i Tou us*
jnBuoyR'8 Susl Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialties.
^ A XU Ut I>. Matt. Thomip.on, Stipt. I
d obC ,-writ" I *sgyGODARD, Pro')liefr.r
* rade4 t hovo> ls, > fotste m."1 1. C., wrltM : I ea 0 P '
the 1.d D a1. forA LotI e." D r, S .N .DevoeAE .
uaveu Book, W.T., wrkes: "They gitve universals*W-4
factor." Dr. H. D. .eGil, Clark burg. Tens.. wr$b: ETHE POPULAR
I In a praotioc of 28 year, I Ihave f.iBn no rernefy to T --U A R
equal yours." Pawcs, 50 t(nm.rs. Samples Fre. hoid
Sby Druggit'. MARTIN RUDY. LAANCASTER, PA. Jlne'iI I i 3
Dr- -o A af^^^Irt^^^fi1 8*^- RUf~ -0y..= low.X IWO eAS& .

1~ 'I



3wo "%o JTTS

Leads in Low Prices and Good

He invites the purchasing public to call,
Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

Pavs the Highest Price for Green Salted ALI8ATOR HIDES.



Stool. Kre v,,

Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.


-c~lp -



~-~- ~-~OF


11 -4 --L71*I~LEI~I---~- -a






__ _

YilL~LI ---~-'CI- --41~--1~~L~~







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