Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: July 30, 1903
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00085
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026996

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N/ roll' X1,11.

LY : l ;i.

is .i

N(.). 1~'.


Al i N i'.'.'.101' BOf Eotiiiof Ptihfit.Itistrucfi n d of Wate~hlngtou County,
(tile'~~~fo Ytioari E 'in .(lnIiia (.111 n olq- 0 I A J

JU'.J1 fi-O .IUt)

~m'umk Rt.,- iAlr Ii I 'iim m Illu-~i N I IAU A

I IC ii

B. *.tar Tt I'.~i *ii I a a,

i'' e I, '' t & iri- u a t *. I__ _ _ _ _ _ 'r ~ u l I t
if._______________ S'.it

-L.AMer -ak t .. 11. .....
Courtty iiiage1. J. RWolle;- Clerk vi
-- Ciiui't. C'-ItMt3 LI-iL. H-'rd-
Deeds. W'. C. I--k.3.iii f

Daniford ; Tim-' (',ii-io-ti. 'Ju-.'
Thoupis St H Atli, Nii i; IixA
oen' .r. J1. WVV %till aim 1. Ol11in ipi
Ctmunt3 Sllp..iiremi.Jndmt, I. I.- P'la~tt
Ve~rnon': Sun i -w.' P. L Hli. 0Or
angr.- I-ill. 11'-.uni3 Cnn,'l ir ..

A. w.tt ~%vL-kz;. Ertiant-ri Ioimn N-I -in
C'hipiep ; 3 1,' ]la, k' v- ii arl-o.ri
'Vim. I Sunn'l.rai% M ill -Ill,-.
Sr. ,*'-t- Al i-[-,' ..I [I I "~ I ..

.1-flil t."~ %% Ndi Ii m

Jilj iit- N%. th1 13111:'.- j i l.'

constnibl'. J It. I)ldril. N. I li it'[mh

I',tiU.r -
PI s.lrkiim P--imn-I .Ll-itI'ap

B~t~ay 1melm-1 -- Pi sttii Ft'.41. IT t 11 o I 3. n

WVi t'St1153 --V11i~t-ttiIi~'u. P. IN. IfuLt'liri

ti-n Frank l I-(shirrz.

The nj.'i ll I'll ml.t i mmi~i.ml

,'.-.t SinMidiy a [Ib p i. .
Eau lR i- il.i ,.I if :miii,,i. ,11v-lay

i ',i tiiiA- .n i'ia i- Pu ti linll oo t k,
-l.',,, u i.,i, .i,,'I \. rappo leaves St.
Andrimnl:-r F t-c-3 i i..-ruing etx' *'-Il Su
iii% ;i 5 I 1-. .iAriives, coming west
at 7 (i til. u p n.
--- 4 *
RBad ri,t- liim .i i Vi n.iiiii'. ave. frotit-
Iug l'nu k St, Services at 11 a. m. aund
7.10 p i m. Conferences at night.
J'ra.itr uie tinigs evexy W..i,'-'..1.\- ;it
8 p. m. Sunday School '.-v Sii,..i.
at 1) a. to. lev. S. 1. L 4. .., h i i'lk.

] 1. -0 '.- I .i i ,.* ,I ,d ( .* l l n b W a -

r '.- I tC, Church corner Lorain
inA on em',. Ilma 'Ii,-u t111 Wt Su93day

Avl.'. ;Ai.) Piake St, Rev. 0. C. Dot-
phy, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30
a. m. every Suumay, John Stor-
lurk, nuri. -
COrtj"ll. A hil' I cornier WVyouiig.
A '.. .ii' 1 u-n-t'r St.

SFoley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right.

1; S 1; .S D IRECTOR-Y.

I ..putv *. r.nlit Court Clerk and Notary
i'ull,,' f.r the State at Iarge; has
juri-,Ii'-"nO to administer oaths, take
aflTlat it. legalize acknowledg-
n teni t. etc., ;I. n ii. in l Florida.
Sie.-irl a-iter tmin cij cu to land con-
y'iu,,i'- :ii>i n'l iii.ii :" ceremony per-
furu, l f.,r I' nillt .*tsaliied p-'rtie'
- iti e a tait tie Biny (Itl'_,e. St. Aulirn' '
- Uay.
IWM. Ii B.Ai I E:LL.
Notary i'i1 1-1 .St. .,ti', lr . y I l
... . ... ,. i,- I l. L 1 :h

ios an now p np'eed to attonl.
toall husiues proniptilly lhait 'uay ie
quire the st tr '....'- .t't I Notary.

Phybicldu aud Druggi't, CoIutme,' St..
east of Bayview, offers hii pirofels-
sional services to the citizeln-, of St.
Andrews and viciuity. Residence on
Buena Vis ta avenue.
D [R. J. J. KESTERt,
Homoeopathic Physician and Accou-
cheur. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
blotary Public for the State of Flor-
Ida at Large. Office at Parker, lla.
Conveyancing and payment of taxes
for non-reaidents, specialties.



East Bay Half a Mile West of
Martin's Bridge.
At St. Audrew Every Saturday,
at Mrs. C. Welts'.

Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.

; i in m a i5.~ ] l I -i~t. uet .i'm II 'i .m,

1 mm e -It.1, -1 mint d I111 .1 111'.

ri \--al itm -'it mI..-% %im I t hol hm

4- ,7.4

I - -- Al


Ii' ni I liii
Ii. -

r,* ~b.l,'r'' .

.1 p
LIZ ii' A tiiilI I ~

A A~.

.,541 7
193 1~
lI ipl.

1.11 lift1

i'r '!7' 3 "f ", 3 -,,/I,-,- ''-, ..... -

| '-i .li.'iii .uII "i;-ih-. ,- of B oar .
i', Ir-n,'t -i'',.- co nm mission ...... .
,I F i (Ii'I ital office expense.... .... ..
., Icll r., includes sub district lu i...'.. .
,h, '' -", ':i examination. ...... ... .
1- ..iI, .i' ",.iiii-',t overpaid oiln tax 1901 . .
,h I', l ,h, -' r i'tli po ces ........... ..

T"',.il '.~a ra.iln i- .I ,i .during year........
I' i \ %.., ,al'; Il- 111. l 1,i lu y st ....... ..

' i i, ,i u, II' u,. ", i ,*i ,,- ti'. ear ...........

I' il ii M ill.. .m | l it .. ii, i. I -..t
, I . i l. .Iiil l ,i',i ,i 1 i e ia l\ hI tili .
*I..I- hi 3 l .,I ,IL. ] ll I.'L| IIhl I

iL I I I 10 I. lul l f l id t 1 .' I e l ,1 ,
I'l ,. l ,k l\,'\ .i n t ,.,h l hil Ii ,,.
Illi, i i I, ,1k Ir I ii lt | l lt ,l

.iI ill 1 m41t i .lIy \\' 3 -'.. Pi l' l '

., I tl- l I .1 i I h t I I, l |i ,.- t a

i" i tn It .V I 'l i l iie i Ian ,m .ho '1 1.I
il .t I I. I .i IhIS 'ilitl %lI i .eti l, ,
ai iltll. in .im 111 l ,F i u. Ini r.Cc it i
I .111 1 P I 1 .11 i l 11 1A IIl l A ll l I|o ).i .l
Itdl 1i1,v alll '1],-, .1 11.4 d| o,, |. n| e :I-
*k.e l,,-il ,l t y ii.it .il, I at l h Id Ip
ill. II Il i,\ io w o k, I...o r f.joI l i,|f
in -anrilt.i y v1 c .n1ild i.,iis at hormn, *'ii I ii,
lih f I l.ii T he m i'ls ale Ilull .I
I .a Oie- ,i 1- at 1i. d, it. w lis h l i'i.-h

l" I ,. l ,., r li I .,. I H . t i le. .i l li..

- l lll \ I .... I, .1. I |, ] I., i, t \ o,.,,| 1.

A i't ui.'' l %,' aF, tou tiUj l ,i to baLtl,
and riIh ,1" clothing, even if facilitiest
were at hiantl. Almost all ae poorly
clad, somie of the boys having holes
torn in their clothing, so that la:ge
portiorts of their bodies are nltdnly
exposed. Sol lic heals are matted
whih dirt, and seemed not to Ihave
sciraled auC(Iainitance witllh a comb foi
days. '. lie dwellings are poor and
suNrrouitilcd with weeds and garbage.
A I'w eais t go the mill declared
diviidendsi oft 93 per ceit, aind boastedl
of it. SiFi1in of thle citiizi'iis made

'I r i. l i i i i.au l m i g year,..........
., 1. 1, 1. h *i il . 1, 1 i l 1 t, . . .. . . . .

l. ,11 i il ,i,,, n I1,,1 1 -. 1903 .
.'1'* II .'l l l l . I . . . . .
h l i i ,11- -I.----l iil-l-,-i, |--i 3
s r u 1 1 3 _

',i Andrew. District No -2.
I I n, II 1 r '.i .1 I I ; I'i l

i..,. .t. ... ... ....
I ... II I i .J...l . ly I st, 9 ) .......

I', i al i i | il TI I ll 1, | i -1 l . .. .. . . . . . .
\ .tl' l . r, Ii , i ,. i l l . . . . . . . .
J. i;, +1 i m i- - - - - -- '

['. iii i'ashington, District N1.. 3.
',:: i i I .,iii l ,, Io -i,
-l1d ,,.. d.l\ i ..lll ** .
N **1 li .J ... .......... ..... .. . .


.l.'177 ''I

$*4,p7 'i i

a.-.l 7;
11 50

i'll Sn)



*li lit)

Ida 9 nd 'i iirisI:'k .s.Th .uI's
II' of it".* 'ni"'i Aid!..' Ea1mlu
tirintro,' Ij~s hwiv3 flt irot tu 'or ..It

oruir1lIrbIY. 1,11t 11l)Iu~i) r.'..iteft i

Try I '.t s.''.l,rif,., ii hrI

thmwapack wIhI UT':II.


The -dM t-nvtd vef'~'eit.*t u% ~ I
of N- .'r

~~'.er, m eae lanuamp r'.!' her' .7'1 lIiiI 'r IiC
I Ftml tei'(I ,nI lsqinS r ,' Au-It n! h

H~is. d.FILnOm p- ] f.- h' m. 11 !. s in h '.

'fhi'ri' ixi:-, uinn orriini'iim...'7
-- ni-i'd '. t~n." 'it -hlmre 'I b. Y it -.-a

tl,.y L-Justeriateach'ui, dr vi., I

brA LI ,''''ne II,,~ls t.'h, rI. I- I..

*.'ril. I"Afut cr ia' t, ~r~jao-i irl"'-in

TIto wirthi-K1'11-.4 ta r~ i "i
fur r I.- u,..rullTHI..mn ijp'
H( '.lb :- crd itatrb'v ,.w rl
ib-u InIJ Imth e Ah r4IV.11 114111t1
bWitherehr.,'rr~l. 'ah its-n

tho. l ild dropped fr',m thn ~indiwsill
A i ml~en; hi Ic-r it.badl r--arhl -.1''t !i

hbtrl:' )'Ut tire hiridi r':;h n lflrt'ji:C~r'v
b gi,. nih','e hs is 'u.q h'belutig it rfir out

1 ht r'j'. .itdi tlr 7iif i ing .' l. a rr~o-
nA(-nt., 3di.-fi-W tl~iy.r'. T.d all ti-it nO-.
Wait. .1](of the tragcmly wrAA a hoap~ of
shatticr'm class Lind chrna, LL bit of
to Irutd lgrnsF ani tour men. who stood
sltf~rt.ci: n ii triiizenirin tfi~t theplicee
whivr. tbc RKid bptd been.
Wd -11, Kidd'li'! here aro you?'"
i'~iIl n I. n i b'n' roice.
l ,rcbnil r-r mi!: was (he reply
frowtb 1e luun-r rvlr4svm'q of the cabin.
"I'm I.."kiiig fuir t i nile (L. pt.ik by.
V'in koir.tiattic eki-tm I'mant gmlng ito
11% 'rpk tit bher( .-ir iI.!if ihiI.' i'avu"J
'liii rd-! A1-.\i.J,Lt. by ib,- %way. nl:,
ii p L ir ih'r, i,ut bid '''n.

P [-. 471*d tl i. Tri T I t ryou sIiqiii-
S thillng \\ lilt. fltl. lthe K i Carn., .It
hn.l i_'! 11 lIlh tf.d halis alt,. >.. Lis
lieadl. It i-itsb,d ou th.' taurcs ,f tL.
grt'u[p. heir expressions were a study.
"I've got something else to say,"
went on the Kid. "I signed your
name, Hal, to the note I wrote to Es-
sic. She was furious when she found
out it was I instead of you, and she
rode straight back home and left me
to do tmy moonlight cantering alone. I
guess, if you go In, after I'm gone, you
can win If you don't show the white
"Kid," said Cutler, coming forward
with a big lihanul outstretched, "won't
you forgive anrd (hake hands and
stay? You're a gentlenian."
The Kid's face shone.
"V'e:l, nayl e I will if you'll all 'pol
Otize Ilke that."
And they did.

For a

Happ.vy Day


Copyri.;ght, 19i2, by theo
S. Mccluro Company J

Ouit iu the garden Phtlomena sang
so -weet and high it was like the
seelr, of the clove pinks. They stretch-
ed in a matted mass all up and down
te ..-Id fashioned borders. The garden
was big, and a wide. weathered gray
h ,i i- brooded beside it. Time was
whl.n the Tryon house bad been the
finest i::,] most hospitable in all the
cqimrj'Iy-i1.- In the day of broken for-
Unee It .LIIIl kept an aroma of cheery
good will.
"i uiitr"d Ie:if roses grew be-
hind tLhe borleri-hi r.inks. Philomena
was i;nip|.lTe tiheLiu rinil,alyv. cutting
them without .-t,.'s and dropping
themrn In hir Salpr.ii It bulged ridicu-
loiusly with th run:is -f bloom, but she
kept crowiling In clipped pinky white
petals. Iprternding to be conscious of
nothing but bt-r w'.irl;.
Someh'oly had i'1 mni up behind her,
a tall, .ounirg '-ll.w. supple and merry
eyed. He undid the apron strings deli-
cately, ruthei d the band in his hands,
stretching daring, arms about her
waist, and said: "Stop 'slaying your
thousands, Phil! One rose ought to
love her sisters too well for wholesale
Philomena slid from his clasp, dex-
terously leading the huddled apron
within his hands. "If I were a rose, I
had rather be clipped for potpourri
than be left to waste and wither," she
said with a delicious upward tilt of
the chin.
"Being Interpreted, that means you
bave not given up a stage career," Ar-
thur Wayne said, catching l->,'.-nd.
"Phil, Phil," he went on, "**y.- -:,t
give it ,up. I cannot bear to t'nm of
my rosm,. my rose of all the world,
witlhring, fading, in the glare of the
fooI llghtb."
"Stop! We have gone over all that!"
Philomena said Imperiously. "I tell
rou. I must go. It is past bearing, the

I I I'.
+ l ", .T rI

S :,, ",
'ii' '

I ]

I11 1111

$.V7 01

ii'57 ('I 'A

P a .In tl I' . .i. . .I. .

S I 'i i 1, 1 I i ,i ,
Warrant to lelny itBovi's unpaid
D i it ...... ............

- f'.2ti

Holmes Creek, District No. 5.
Received from collector, ....... .............. ... ...... $32 84
Paid out on warrants. ............... ............. .... ..
N et cash on hand............................................

Vernon, District No. 6.
Received from Collections. .... ............ .. ..... ...... $70 67
Paid out on warra nts..........................
Net cash on hand ....................... .... .


Wo hereby certify that thle fuoregoing statement, ar.- true ani,] ',-rrie'-
-best of oar knowledge and belief. L H. lliWVFL, I.'m. Treasure
Attest: L. L. PRATT, Co. Supt.

copiiiiarisonIs of tile dividends ai, -

ages, with comnlments unfavorable to
the mills, and bince then the amount
of dividends is not made public."

The Sociali.its 'f Iowa held a state
convention at Dos1Moines on the
Fourth ol',July ind nouituated a full
state ticket. The Register and Lead-
el, ol that place gave a three-columnin
report of the convention describing it
- ... ... I.. .. .... I . .h. : .



(-Olpyrjght, 11"02. b., the
S. S. McClure ('ornpftrrr

as a igniiteud ami etiui.i aslic gairt- Four men were seated round a moth
ring of relp esontative men of tke .,r i i-r' i.t. 1 .ir- '' i-,.'i tbr- Eid
sta te l il ": 1i. I . r i Il' t)
'h ll :u 1 ,*t,1 : i h .r. i-.:, .i .l l tl:. L.i- kluL
Settlers to be Evicted. hl- i *I- no-.i tli '-trlh:i wills of
ill.' '- bin It I .I. I -r s'rlout'U
It seems that thunder' sQno act ( of .i ,i ,t" lt I,.1,,i. ith-. rnot except
congress theo swanp lands in Oregon oc H i" -in., in i'' ti- i hi .L thirt-r hnii-
became the property of tlihe state. tuit him wctt .Ill -l-c' Iii o ft, wpett
Ithur bal li-.nu '.r ,--I hili r., i.' lki f,-r-
llhiiitv It i. i fa eri s settled on laids ,%trd t.,. ,til T,. I --.. t I.. i, int amniln
.i i -n1 d ile thiii homes upon them, ii tonis..- .tat i .1 ,'-;: ra thn pver!
nir, i tig lIhel m fl r I ears. A c'a:,l b.Thi w as whet tiwe- y w.mr," lilnuninhri
to i.--illrn -.. fut]r ltin e il,., ll. l tbh t lit
a ilBIMWil dii g tl,,-i land had tle rit- rnil.l, in the ini,d,.t ,oi" fi h l ibur.,,l
giFrv il. it di lre it svanmp. 1. ., a sntrily li rn-i.'. lInrii Tl-,y' w,-r<-
,nd thlcen thlmuy ult to the state ofi'- passing sentence upon Jack Parley, the
Kid of the party, and he knew that
'ial. a.rl b.nght the lands as swbtiP) the verdict would be "Guilty!"
laiiqI thoriili the lands were not Collin Cutler was the first to speak.
Like the others, he was a college bred
ds. e evidence sho man, who had gone west for pleasure
l.vii .l lqueiilioin that the lands are and stayed there for excitement. He
di., bit tler authorities, that always was a physical giant. There were
vague rumors that once, when he had
l ,r tilie iili,' declare the lands are caught a little Mexican cheating at
swamp and that 'the settlers must cards and the latter had drawn a shin-
lose all their improvements and la- ing machete, Cutler had held him in
Shis powerful arms and bent him back-
bor and must get ont that an English ward until he had broken his spinal
company may possess themselves of column. But these were only rumors.
,of the same. The Daily Oregonian At any rate, Cutler had never shown
St the white feather, and he was mercL-
says: "Public sympathy and coninion less to those who did.
justice are on the side of the settlers, The others of the group were Addle
whom the Warner Stock company Easton, who had been center rush and
"strong man" of his class at Harvard;
are trying to dispossess of lands long Keen Taylor, the marksman from
occupied as homesteads and improved South Carolina, where shooting is a
d s i fine art, and Hal Parley, the elder
and lived upon as such." This is a brother of the Kid, as brave,, as cool a
glorious country-for corporation; fellow as ever sought his fortune 14
but h6w about tihe common citizens? the west.
"I move," said Collin without glanc-
Laws are supposed to rest on jistin;e ing at the Kid, "that we send him back
-but it is often a supposition-a de- east tomorrow. He's shown the white
lusion-a fancy for thei delectation of feather. A man who will break his
guard Isn't worth the bacon he eats.
f ols. Money rules. And there you IHe goes tomorrow'
are.-Appeal to Reason. ail's eyes ifian enderly over the. figp

lirt, sittitin in i !n:w
"W,,t~it ? 'it," Inut ii.1 rJ
"You hai'. 'I, f,',i'rid 'it II-( fhfiri ,I
fase yet."
"The great fact is this: H" 11
here when I came back last nliLh
"v-ry inffrnal rustler in Bln:! .
might have carried off our K.'ix
hadn't stayed here."
"You're sore," said the Kid, i
his pipe out of his mouth for (th
time, "because you couldn't ret
to the dance. You're all sore bt
Essle Wayland didn't go to the
Y.i wrhnt to know wbere- the
sh,. wais with rne--thit's where!'
Fl"i-ur facis at the table wwe'
.~H Wle Wnyland not at ith? dan
withthhe bt Kid Four ment who
h.r. r.r thiight they did, becaut
was the only elgible girl In Rwim
ty. looLed at )0tie another shef.
At le-rinth the Kid's brother I
"The Kid always was a 'wilnue
the women," tic. remarked I- J
tnmpt to be facettlos.
-"Thank you, Elal," ipjld t

castlcally, removing hts pipe
"I'll tell you the whole bloolnxi
If you want to hear It. It was
temptible trick, and you know
put me on guard the nLght o
dance. You fixed the guard oigl
that you could all get off to the
time' and left me here with a
I've read eight times and half a
of bad tobacco to enjoy the pi1
"I guess itf you'd been In my
last night alone in this hole. witl
moon overhead and dead certaln
Essle Wayland would be at the
and longing to dance with you.
have done just as I did.. I wrote
note to meet me on the south rom
told her it was my night on guar
that I couldn't get to the dance,
suggested that we take our dan
In a moonlight ride.
"I was dead certaJn I'd get bad
fore you did, but Cutler had to (
sneaking back here to steal one oi
collars and a new tie I got In De
oh, yes,- you did-and be found
gone. You can believe It or not, its
like, but it was Essle Waylaud.
fear of 'rustlers,' that took me DU
"That doesn't do you any good
die," said Hal quietly.
"Because you're all making lmi.r,
Idiots of yourselves over Es*ie.
hir.,,iuAli."' .And the Kid i'outtil 11

, .'t I.py" da
you." ..

Ol1'l 'I.-NY~1

tIrmitigbt fol

-. .

~.JtA4.lA t.,.,.Jf~~- ur -- ',..-.'..L~: .~I;---4 1 .~~ 1 f I?-(lll~~

i I. I .. -.i ,r-", Itl.. n.i, a e.plr- t e. of Trur eiT l-ne,'
.r '.1 r i,..'r.i Z., i. tI., i hl eni of dried 'J'r rpentine, eithtir ni rr.-Inoua f 'rmn or
nr.,.- I, i. -',. I',I:, n ill, lI r-,f you," she In spirit, hws a hou:,-h-',il valun-. A
sail eagerly. "There's a peddler on the child suffering with the croup or any
piazza, an elderly man, and he looks so throat or lung difficulty will be quick-
tired, carrying that heavy pack. Such ly relieved by Inhaling the vapor and
having the chest rubbed until the skin
lovely things! Yes," deprecatingly to Is red and then being wrapped about
Philomena, "Martha and I let him i rd nd then bein wrapped about
show them, but Indeed it was after we with flannel moistened with fiery spi-
had told him we could not buyw I its. Afterward sweet oil will save the
had told him we could not buy. I skin from irritation. In the case of
thought, though, maybe, Arthur--only burns and scalds turpentine has no
his mother gets so much In the city.
But really there is the loveliest length equa. It is the best dressing for pat-
of brocade, almost exactly like my ent leather t w remove paint from
grandmoti.er's second day's silk"- artists clothes and workmen's gar-
As she spoke she had huddled th nents; It will drive away moths if a
As she spoke she had huddled the 'few drops are put into closets and
othe-r three in front of her toward the chests; It will persuade mice to find
house, much as she would have mar- chests; It wil persuade mic to find
shouled fowls trifle unruly e mar- other quarters if a little is poured into
At th piazza tep Phlomena at the mouse holes; one tablespoonful add-
At tLe piazza steps Philomena sat ed to the Watk-i' inlWhiilIneDs are
down, but the menu both fell to exam- boiled ill maik tihe good wonderfu-r
ining the peddler's wares. Graham, ly white; a few drops willprevent
inldi-d, itlmost instantly caught up the ly white; a few drops will prevent
I-igth oL'f brFocade, crying as he threw starch from sticking; mixed with bees-
it over FiPhonieia's shoulder, "Here's wax it makes the best floor polish, and
;t e r h t a t s ou l r, Ur s mixed with sweet oil it is unrivaled as
exactly what is wanted for your first a polish for fine furniture; the latter
op'ra costunne." mixture should be two parts of sweet
It spite of herself Phil gave a little oil to one part of turpentine. Soms
cligh .d cry, the silvery satin ground ,physicians recommend spirits of tur-
was so rich and lustrous, the apple pentine, applied externally, for lumba-
bloom .trewn over it so perfect in line go and rheumatism. It is also pre-
an'd coaor. She was sorry when the scribed for neuralgma of tho face.-Wo-
ipddhlr said respectfully: man's Home Companion.
"That, sir, is an ordered bit, so not
for sa'e." Dnners In the Old Davs.
"Oft another piece for your order; Dinner was a substantial affair in the
l in bound to have this one," said Gra- reign of the maiden queen, who was
liam good humoredly. by no means Indifferent to the pleas.
+ The peddler shook his head. "There ures of the table. The first course on
is not another piece like it," he said. great occasions, says a contemporary,
"This was specially woven for a happy would probably be wheaten flummery,
day gown." stewed broth, spinach broth, gruel or
"Who is to wear it?" Philomena ask- hotenpotch. The second Consisted of
ed softly, stifling a sigh. Somehow'she fish, among which we may note lam-
found herself trembling, all her colr, preys,' stockfish and sturgeon, with sIde
age oozing away. She wished as s'e dishes of porpoise. The third coirse
had never wished before that she U1d oi o,, ,,t ..-' i'it rs
somebody of l. -r "very own to lean
Her mother iadl died when she was and t- rrow ,lulli tin. u ve
born. Her father had gone away, dis- beef, capons, humble pie, mutton, mar-
appeared, leaving her only a clouded row pasties, Scotch collops, wild fowl
name for heritage. She had never and game. In the fifth course aill kinds
known until the trouble came; then of sweets, creams in all their varieties,
Uncle John had spoken harsh truth. custards, cheese, cakes, j. Iil-s. warden
It was that, as much as love for the pies, junkets, syllabubs, and so on, to
two dear old ladles, which kept her be followed perhaps by white cheese
steadfast to the thought of going into and tansy cake; for the drinks, ale and
the world and winning its applause. beer, wine, sack and numerous varle-
She had never been curious or en- ties of mead or ni, ti,--..lin. Some of
vious, but somehow there swelled in which were concocted out of as many
"her a sense of passionate injury against as five and twenty herbs and were red-
the unknown who was to wear this hap- olent of sweet country perfume.
py day gown, ordered no doubt by a
father's loving pride. She crushed the
rich fabric between her fingers and BSome people go abroad to complete
fixed a long look upon the peddler'r hlaie education and some to begin it,.-
face. hicago News.
"A girl is to wear It-that Is, If she- -
chooses," the peddler said, moving a
step nearer. We like best to call
Then she saw that he was more trav- SCOTTS EMULSiON
el worn and weary than aged. Dimly,
uncertainly, she saw, too, a likeness a food because it stands so em-
that drew her electrically to her feet. phatically for perfect nutrition.
Through the open hall door her father's And yet in the matter of restor-
portrait showed in the bloom and ing appetite, of giving new
strength of young manhood. She strength to'the tissues, especially
glanced from it to the peddler and back to the nerves, its action is that
agaln, then stood white as death, fac of a medicine
Ing him, too shaken to speak. His eyes Sm sap
-followed hers and grew misty as he SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists,
Cried: 409-415 Pearl Street, NewYor4..
cried: S oc.andsioo ; alldrnggists.
"Sisters! Daughter! So I have really

-. A '- ~1. ..cw.',. *~..Y *
.-.~. .*'-

Ii .



~ ..*~ ... b~C

..; L ~r.~~ h~,.. .: ~Y~h$S;

-------- ------ ~ ~_~ __~_~~_ ~_____ ~__~~____ i

*' Ill tlilh.- -lie lO"' h. I kr,,, Ih
.fll: Is w odi -l i.,| zcai <-. "] tV \] i
r.i..f o ,ur 1.1,i r I. i.- i-i. abd I'lU l.I .I- luti
I it I ,..'hut 'pcak of t illu. vt hat I
caIlln t i.,ir I-ime-.e ,. t I, 'e then,
"ih '* d, ia ;.i, |. I,*lh,,. lh (, h |tl,
'uinili,,r.- II.n. i, ,i, -., -;nm th lim age.
'"* .i iF th. -, ",. f, i ,, !, ,, ."
l' t i i . ,i- i .-- i .. ,' ,, ,J "..
til1 " I r I -lli J ,i
I \ M .1 r .it l. :!'ul I hloii ;..

',*int '*o' ".,:., r.. ,,l t l i,,,;, I lIl, 1 ,
'*** .. 7i f I ll- il ilI* t J *.I" l.

r. .l I..i I ,.1h 1 [in ;' i, r i .

r ., it F i' '.!. ,1 '' a s 'l i lh a ''
*0 i ..1.F I ii. Lii .. i i. t ,e i l ,,1I 1 ,i.i ,

Fi ..I -'i"il ) . .Irm,' be. s p, tlntI. s.-.t
"n .' '. ia I .. .It I I i"", fI., m
l 'i- im. ll i ,i.i ii . 'r. 't i''r . ", 11. 1.
'i1i r ,i" 1 ,i i? o, I .| ,.r th.. th ,e'- ,r

Ir I i ,.fi i 1 .I ?n h un .i t. i I I-Id'

is ....l I ". T ,1e t., r a ,fte.rtadiat .i'.r
i i ; ., I i 1.. .. amr**J 1 i, l 'l o ri I

*r' '..' iti o rh wh "is .i tle... nti tn b -
'a .. ; i I i l'. IJ .1"n iifo t.i m y
'1. lhn i l ,r i .i i. *i r anl e .e Iy
fI F'* 11 i i'.tr' i I I h l g.o [ . ,, .
r ':r li .' wi i.,

FiJ.. m I i i .iit ii ,
f 'l. 1. Itr i. t.. I IA... .i t .i ..
i'i** l i- ii" ul-, , 11 .: ..., ii f, "

tr, Y. o rn -. y .h I .. p tentl, ,. ",
i'.' i 1.1 L | i .I i > i. o 1d L. .-**t d w' I. I

n1 I.. .- 4 a *. i-ut a jpree. let!url's f ke f"
r-i *.. r 1-b lin t. l w.. urd Phi l 2
'i , I *, ,. '. : [ n u t ir .i ,..iI I hn ,',i

f1 1 i' i. I l r ,1t.. 1, I.,, i' i.1. 11 it .'. %i l :,
iir.-t '1iLI ,- it you w'd be oi d patently ,r
in". rt.I, s I,,t. .l-I to haunt p it U 'S f nr,

art- r.-illy.v r:no ore thanu ylplug curly
rA:o,'Il .a. They tag after and fawn up-
on ,<.d for rma reicrcirasping look or
% orl i-in to tbh- whistle and tumble
oi er lli halfI llit-Il. But ill for daongTer, my
Irl,'rid, t\i' ;inh ilnconselous look scares
ttIoI'irl Il rn-n has only to be ber-
s'lf In oi d,-r t It.' always and every-
wh. r-: p[I, rf,, ly t.nfe."
",N .. ihl]lr-".dlng I Fshall go," Ar,.
b.ur ,- idrl i.I.l-lnhlii l4v
i .i' ii r1, 4l' i t-si.. hi tho lelh r M ids


---^-"--I----'~ -'C

'rv '..i I. .,. I' -i, ni i'f .Me .
Xill in m" ,, ifr 'i-y anil
,r t:,,; -lh h i- ... i .... uii.tk -to
i *i. ..I < tI .i. ,' i ,,,,. 'lThe
.' k It,. t ill, 1 , ..,* h r
.'li r r '" .l ',. ., l r ,,'
tl' r | hl i1 .: .' '. ... ii ,-. ,, 1 lt. i"

i ll -tr. ril 'r it, 1i i I- i, . l 1 i- inll .ii)
tf.. I li, lLr, i. ir, i..','"- in,''l .i 'm tm lit.! i,i .
*,.il .s i'i, "-,. .'I '**"!r liri ml t I.rry

.-l, w ait I ,t, ir i r hi tm].*
.Ximjlt t F," I ciii W 1n :i.L' -i'i- aijr '

1I t- :s h 1 *: ll-lr!; I t. T h llR11
mh. r Jt,,k".
I i,' i,.,:r'h .-;l,-.,ii 'm ,-Itl ;r r i.ih fm u ltln9

r-mi..: tai..h tlin-in r r..m -rii Int r n.nuiilt
u rlal u ili r .rioit .is 'I hr *n l, sh .-.' dn -
rio_ ir i. 'iiry i i i f f T- i. i"- ti h
I I it -l- rh at I : i : i ,' r ':I.'l lil' lorw
al-ill ml ppSrt.3 -1|i ?' h'; ,l '' h*- i h],. lfil

couii.l r s.1 ti ,- l in .i.. rd.tin .o'pt h ti.r.ftnln-
il.. dil % m rt .IJ [I.r a mii n r: i ii wr 'T in rijio IIIi:

wuim-Ia I I tuII mI.it t i .; i.tr1In l lrio es&
IL -t h -*arth wi. ih .. l I i, lrh..- f iind.
near by. an" tirmolhi ti'i.'d ri, lirb'Irath

:niftrfltnbfl cit hAr--'tiiphl-ng ean O iC on.
tei' ,-nlui e' rlit i rt I." the r iv w lrh
r i,-' I I lihe ,]i ,l Arri t fln y i,.i inllg

I ll.-oh \lit ti .at il ..le inrio l Ti > ai s

Sin l o n' -r'I q i )ls ,l.. r. I 1 t- fl.I e tor
u:mI r e-' tlli iill i |nd I iie.. I hy r i. ,I oln. nerin
ous- .iIral wrI h lar iilli4 eiir." The in
Jrks i k h'i. Jth ct."
Ibltt thLe- urii nild leq w wouldl e. thrown
about appiron!.\ bhy a force beyond
contr<.,l of tf b. i.Ihlvldinl. I he disorder
By'A epIdemI; t& *,..,., ee ,a ltve
, Dn.,-r, a ni.,, or gr.eit w.:ilth an-d
prorultuonoe ioil Irr-.I.-hiou-i called bls
Plave- together io-tj Sninny morning,
when a camp m>-.ting wa% In progress
near by, and ariinou.-id hiR deliberate
Intpention of horsewhippIng any one of
their number who took the Jrks. "It
Is all Imuglnatlonu." ho said, "and I'll
whip any one of you that takes It with-
in an Inch of his life." loe went to
camp meeting, and while conversing
with a friend in the outskirts of the
ground was told that one of bis ne-
grope bad thte Jerks. Seizlng blts horse-
whip, he bastened toward the spot aud
when half why was himself seized by
the terkl.



___ ~_


I! V. -I ..-1


I "I


:,iIIvilleo n istr.; Nnr, 4

- n -- .r I -u- ol- tI dIv Id Is I

II I ir-

. -- -... at iA Up IT I

J14 IA 1 1j r. ,
T --he Cle .tr
-S.' ..... < -

I'-. q ',

NTE..- t Imust he remeniaered that the
Aind is not a wholly reliable motive pew-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possible to make schedule timeit must le
charged tothe elements; they do the best
t ey can.

'fThe schr. Oloopatra came in fronm
Pensaeola Tuesday opening.
The steamer Tarpon arrived from
Apalachicola and Carrabelle, Friday

afternoon, and !hom Mobile and Pen-
sacola yesterday at 11 a. mn.

Makes regular trips between St. An-"
drews Bay and Pensacola; business con-
fined strictly to freight and pa'sonrer
work and loial businesss solicited, Spe-
cial attention ':! ivcn to receiving
and r t all parties.
- P... i'r rii. r :. I r i ir,- ',l to
N. .'. P!,T -. .. silrg, Fla.

Leaves St. Andrews Hay every Tuesdlay
leaves Pensacola every Friday
,weahller per itting). SpeciI atlien
tiou will 1), giiren Io receiviIng and
forwarding freight for arties living on.
East and North !;iay, ,'assnclgers for
points Inoeiih r aln of the itsy can
depod epn,,n si.cuurm- prouipt tr'iliis-
port atfin 'I roIa(o!'aille rates. For
iA1tlheio lI illl ';r i'(io i apply to
L. Y. WARaF, Agr.


Carrics the East liay Mail between St.
Andrews Bay, Weta1ppo and intermedi-
ate points. Leaves St. Androews daily
exceptpt Sunday) at 6':00 a. In.; arrive at
Wetsappo at l]A:30 p. iu.; leave Wetappo
at I100p. i.; arrives at. St. Andrews at
7:30 p. m. Makes landings regularly at
Harrison, Cromantoln, I'arker, Pitts-
l ,.i I ir dale. Freight landed at
i. p r,:lf.... wharf. For passenger amid
Pre"liht rats, see rate card in, the sev.
'rail postolfices.
F. A. WITIIERILL. Manager.

A Week's Veatlier.
Phe following table gives the maxi-
dmum, minimi and mean tomnpera-
hures, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, for the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p mn., as indicated by U. S.
government self-registering thermom-
ters. Max:Min. Mean. R'n W'd
July... 22 97 70 84 .00 sw
23 97 77 87 .00 se
S 24- 9 9 72 86 .54 e
S 25 i 91 70 82 .00 saw
26 91 6) 89 .00 s

'- : '11 I rl; I'1" ] ->l-
F4r w% k. .. 94 72 1 83 .541

Parker Lodge No. 142
-t. & A. M.
,/ \ Regular (oinauni-
'/i e \ at ois ai time first
,in each ,,,lin,, atihti.

W.W. A. PAIRKIlIW, \, 2M.
W. A. EM!ie.(';s,Socrotlirv

Ch0ole'a I -fantum.
This hLia ionl l)'c,:n reg;airdcd asI oIe of
lthe niostdiancir us a d i a(1 l d Iisvcises to
which inlt'a ts rmi .i'o l ;.' It co.' m e cur-
ed, however r %i- en )pr-ip im tretelted. All
hat i.i lccu.Isa Iry is Lu gi'v, Cliiamllr''l.iii s
Colic, C1iole', Di li i ']out Ie.liiedy
aand- eastr oil, ;s dhi 'citxd with Ca.'l i)ot
Vtc, and a cuirc i. cev't, iin. For sale by L.
M. Ware, St.- Andrew iand Bayhlead and
all I kedicicine lalsr.
Not According to Shakespeaze.
A negro amateui:r dramatic society
was attempting to give"ia performance
of "Othello." In the scene where Othel-
l1 demands ii handkerchief from Des-
demona there was a startling interrup-
tion from one of the audience. When
the time came for the scene, the negre
who was playing the liart of Othello
bawled out, "Desdemonle, gib me dat
han'kerchif !"
SNo reply.
"- J' hliionrih', I say gib me dat han'-
Still silence.
"DesdcAionie, foh de third time, gilt
me dat han'kerchlfl"
But she wouldn't do it.
'fl -- I -. e r nv.
Fpt-catoi 4. Iii 'I' Thin iapp:irent plow-
ness, spole up anid said, "Ah, wipe yo'
nose on yo' cote sleeve, niggah, an' let
do show- go on!"--New York Tribune.

hvPuwn m-tna Allied to rJwhtnlax.
t.,ilv.r5' :.n n :,ni tt .rilhci'c have occasibn
ally been heard preparatory to an aerial
eruption. The sea has cast up volumes
' of water, as if volcanoes were explod-
ing below. The ground has burst openI
and floods of water have gushed forth
from the sides of hills or from flssur6s
.. ,. In ikh'% roJ.s. Taking another class of
effects, cures have beers perfbrmndg by
lightning--,outy men have been ena-
bled to walk'freely, epileptic person
S... have"6ern'tfealed, amaurosis has been
renovod and rheumatism dlspe'lf-.y a
flash. But one dare -sat look too closely
Into thg subject of medical electricity
Snor venture to recommend any one to
tempt lightning in the hope of expe-
riencing it curative effecta.-Ohain,
bers' Journal. -
;,-- Satisfied.
The angn!tirpna,1en er stuck her head
,dot through the ca:r window.
"Why," she asked the man on the
station platform, "did you speak Just
]ow of that singular looking machine
as 'she?"'
"Beaiuge, Za'ajm," j~~plied'-te man
on thqjplatform, "It's a mall natcher."
And she ,took Ahr head th again.-
Chicao Tribiune. __.


ry and .on, Frank; Ed'. Buford, Win.
Nelson, Sidney Lucas and Hugh Shwab
of Nashville, Tenn. They caught
twenty-five tarpon-the greatest catch
in one day, being eleven on Thursday,
the day before they took their depart-
tire, these being caught in North Bay.
Dr. D. B. Cliffe caught the first tarpon;
Mr. John ClifTo caught the largest num-
ber and alao the largest individual
lish; Mr. .Hugh Shwab landed five in
one day, breaking the record for an in-
dividual catch. Some idea of the mag-
nitudo of this campaign can be had
when it is known that these tarpon
weigh from 250 to 500 pounds each, and

b 0 n

e '


it is safe to say that the entire catch
did not weigh less 'than 8,000 pounds-
thiuk of it, four tons of fish captured by
eight men with small lines and com-
paratively small hooks and tackle in
less than ten days' actual fishing. The
party enjoyed-the outing thoroughly
and left for their homes on the steamer
Tarpon last Friday. The Buoy pre.
dicts that they will come again, and

Great DoR, oGret Chicken.
"Talking of dogs." said the colonel,
"a friend of mine has a Gordon setter.
She's the most sympathette dog I ever
heard of. She has the maternal In-
stinct so strong that she has brought
up a Utter not her own."
"I've known of guch cases," said a
"There wasa hen had a chicken. The
hen died, and the chicken was In sore
distress. -TMs 4og took pity on it and
broubt .up tthe bicken."
"Y w." said -agpther listener, "that's
etirions, but It Is not uncommon."
"And now," continued the colonel
solemnly, "that chicken barks."
-_ -iS *.

___ _~ _____~_

-Read IHoskin's adil. last column this p)
-If you want good bread, try that
Elite I lour at J.. Thompvon's
-The band of Gypsies who were
camped in the grove by the Buoy office
folded their tents and silently departed
for other parts last Friday.
-Blank Warranty Deeds, short teorm.
printed on good linen paper, 25c per
dozen; also blank receipt tabs-100 re-
ceipts in a block, 10c each, at the Buoy
-I. Godard's Ice Cream parlor is
the popular resort at -present and will
doubtless continue to be so throughout
the season. He has plenty of ice and
can serve any who call upon him.
-Wizard Ink Tablets, Price perch
box 10 cts. Put -up eight Tablets in a
box. One box makes ten ounces splon-
did ink. Economical permanent; abso-
lutely indellible, cove ,rnt, r,,,-.*., 1.-
sive. At the Buoy offi'o,
-Handsome letter he.nt. ith St.
Andrews Bay date lin,. .it,. ..: ol
either St.Anidrews Blul.i,.r llr,,-':i \ -t1.1
Point, at 8c. per dozen: :il-.: nip f tth,.
St. Andrews BAit co0m1i'", ,ir'n l..i..1: f .1
letter sheet at 15c. ',.,/ i. Irh.

T Ift you are thinkicing o'-i iV .,i. .1, '-i
erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
until you have conferred with the pro-
prietor of-the BUOY. If you areshort of
money and want to buyon longtime for
actual settlement you can be accommo-
-No man or woman in the state will
hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets after once
trying them. They always produce a
pleasant movement of the bowels, im-
proye the appetite and strengthen the
digestion. For sale by L. M. .iWare,
St. Andrew and Bayhead, and allmedi-
cine dealers.
-A. T. Brock, who is re-hanging his
fishing seine in the grove near the
Buoy- office, preparatory to his fall
fishing, campaign, had about eighty-
five yirds of new half-inch cotton line,
worth about 83, stolen on Monday night.
Next morning he took out a search-
warrant, and, accompanied by Deputy
Seeriff C. H. Danford, made a tour of
the campers about Old Town, but the
thieves had pulled out toward Bear
Creek and the expense of overhaulingn
them would have been more than the
value of thd line; but Mr. Brock knows
them ana if they come this way again
they will be pretty apt to hear from
-If any one doubts that St, Andrews
Bay is teeming with.rare sport for those
who take delight in capturing the finny
dwellers of the deep, they have only to
learn of the experience of the Dr.
Cliffe party during their recent two
weeks' sojourn here, to have those
,doubts removed. The party consisted
of Dr. D. B, Cliffe, Mr. John B. Cliffe,
vI Fran lkini. 'lr,-nn N a--NIE -,W i' v-

SYoU wouI. I n.. t
"Well. the r,,, f ,r i,,ruiug wic,%b 1
started on my fIrip h1,. thrv%% her armed'
around me anJd crld
"'Now, Johu. for heaven's sake what
ever you do don't get lnjuredl' "-De-
troit Free Preas.
Papa Wa. seem.
She-You will ask papa, will you ot?
Or murt I?
He-Oh. I have seen him. Fact is,
be made the suggestion that It was
about time for me to propose.
Dealers In and Agents for the
Sale of
Real Estate.
Taxes Paid and Rents Collected
for Non-Residents.
St. Andrew, Fla.

Notice ot Competitive Exauntu-
Notice in hereby given that a com-
petitivt examination will be held at
Vernon, Fla., August 7th and 8th, for
the purpose of awarding a ,,:hol,'ilr.hi ,
in the State Normal School at DeFuni-
ak Springs. The scholarship is open
to any young man or woman of Wash-
ington county, Fla., between the ages
of 18 and 25. of good moral character,
competent to pass an examination for
third grade teacher's certificate.
Examination will begin promptly at
8:30 o'clock a. m. on Friday, August 7,
1903. and examines must be prompt at
the beginning.
Dated this 14th day of July, 1903.
L. L. PRATT, Co. Supt.
Card of Thanks.
WVo desire it extend our most
heartfelt thanks to the many friends,
who so kindly assisted us in th0 ilh-
no, ., I .I ,. II .; *' bel ., ...I ,,,
H \V .l ..s. ,. -.
M k.- !:' I ., .^.. I;. ]' r'r 'n ,.
3\h ; . '... \ '. F' :, ,: ','

scel te- alir-lii; .
T', rhb ,, l',..* iu,.-t r, It .,r, al,]c [,rn lg.

low t i ic of Malaria L s
whichtwlt season uand the hi
Rmuth. 4ve prevailed all

The Stage of "illaOn.s
ir 'h rs ** Imk 0ild n mountains
,.,. i I.1 1 ,i.! I ot the forgot
I'm . .'ur,- -,.... ilpsimlttac. Po
i, .il '' '. ,hlit. ('liinrm m nti
i "i.'ii'*,'i* ,,i' thilnquafnsabaa n
I.m qit.l':m..h S hboodic. Ulmans
il.'.-a<'nis. W:.ssaItnquoit, Mata-
J J'ii. Lor-je-.l. Wa'llagosquego-
it( '1rO'iiihlaml'intil. Apmonjene-
. WetoeIumte,.ot, o. slmadobls.
;l .il.. ("osl o's5.-Om I, UmInbajook-
):,nfrrl14oHita. cirli and Pema-

Co-Oi er(It ing.
=i.;td ai;nd wile should try to
r.." said ih' wonM n wtlho give
.,i(. "aciihl should cnd vor
,,' whav t tuIy bte lacking in the
st wlht Chairly und I are
,'," iuswem-rd young Mrs.
S: I a s gh. "'Clrlevy is play-
1 a1t thp racos. annd I have
don't worry l :b."'-asiahlni

To Cure a Cold iii One Day
to start Take Lxative Brbmo Qauinine Tablets.
All druggsits refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signma-
ture on every box. 25c.

Greedy Animual.
U T It may be doubted whether those of
Sas wi.'< .'re b bl'. to obtain suffielent
p "* :- 1- rt. -,-t T'rBl an ipprr'tinr.-
ureto fol- ',''.1 I1,' ,lF ti lCet experienced
Swre tofo- .. ,.ir. :. til, otlh-r animals which
gh waters .' tei y it, force of circum
over fasthe .. r.r lo neriods. Gulls

will de Malarial and kindred fevers ,,. uutil they cannot fly and when
Generavelope to an alarming extent, th.I t.mnl plibchards on board a boat
every health conditions will be bad; wil unttlntmes their feast until they can
creationn should be taken, only lie down and gasp. A superfluity
The Sj of food comes at such long intervals
tleed Stem MustII Espei lli BeS Ff that when It does come the avian intel-
Ae Realst Malarial Attacks. lmwt reeis at the prospect, and what
A tn,. s'eims a horn of plenty brlugs dire dis-
edI (hIof fifty years has demonstrat- or. Seein that gulls and gannets
ter s Ir for thu emergency, Dr. lIar- know no better, we are not. surprised
I he ttlgn Tonic has no equal. *Iron is to hear of a Jolhn Dory, stuffed to the
the kimdng element in the blood, and very mouth, floating helplessly on the
t-r's I'rp of iron supplied by Dr. Har- surface of the water, unable to escape
systelon Tonic is just the kind the front a flock ,o sea birds which have
malarirequiresto successfully combat deprived It of lts eyesight and will
ou ar~ conditions.' Don't wait until quickly takaway l slie.
you and A snake. which thrusts Its heaO
tify yo"attacked. Take it now and for- through the polling to seize a .
and, a self; it is an absolute safeguard fthrog and fthed itil unable to druwar.
tonic theame t is the best back again with the frog iin Its throes
tern. #d invigorant for the entire sya- has wit enoutigh- to dtisgorge tlie ani
turbas thebother hand, quinine dis. phibian and to; deftly dninw it thr.-mIRl
poisone system and its-cumulative by the leg sd as to trwallktw It on th--
than t to greater physical troubles safe side of the palng-s:. But prolahi:
Wheose It is employed to remedy. a snake which hnpp,'ned toI be on tb
already a bad caseof chronic Malaria w g side.In' company th afr
FEVE exists, take DR. HARTER'S would onsu render isef capale wregle
guarasn and AGUE SPECIFIC, It ia through thebnra.--lougafan'i.
BUT eed to cure. Price 50 cents.
rae No PI y Shown
DRn* IARTERPS For years fate was after me continu-
ously," writes F. A. Gulledge, Verbena,
yV .W IRON TONIC Ala. "I had a terrible case of piles
O ,f1t ave Malatia. Prte *1. causing 24 tumors. When all failed
All o
sJealers handle,-or send to D. Bucken's Arnica Salve eured me.'
BMEDICvlU CO.,iDayton, Ohio. Equally good for burns and all aches
nTax. ,Ar. and pains. Only 25c at A. H-I. Brake's.
-,I have used Dr. HIarter's
f IronTbonoe.myself la n my 'The Lion of St. Mark.
mily for over Iwenty-fieO seaw and The symbol of tho Venetian republic

t a l re -- --h-.---l reo'me da '. ar-
a deX. dan I d E. 3I oD A ie i. in"'t "l people that Its eyes are
m lbiaI'Mseid~m b l-t.|l ,ibininoiu. ['hey are really white, ag-
dtes, facet'd]. Its miane is most elabo-
Motet Jmz,..kones. ratoly wr,,ugl-t, and Its retracted, gap-
In thdglrla anl sotne boys have played ing mouth and its fierce mustaches give
knriicktr Irune the game of dibs or It an oriental aspect.
them bones or jackstones, but few of' The creature as it now stands belongs
slrcte Iow that he game has existed to many different (pochs, varying from
rr',bi.,Ft third century B. C. and Is scme date previous to our era down te
ILI ui,, |V1 still older. How It was played this century. It is conjectured that It
,Miiil.e mt e.ays mnm' one can tell, but the mny have originally forned a part of
el, Pl 'tit hb'res of th, sheep, ox, deer the decoirtion of some Asst;yi-ian palace.
-: *nil-. i wPre' istI. ard the game was St. xfark's lion it ce-riinly v,'s .
SI,,. tr-,tiliri I.'' r'uin rhme-Ltatin word originally, ltorI it was made to stand
1.1,, ,it' aIlke ,-,Iit. nu Scotland peb- level u poni (he girund and had to be
SC.iu" .' ofterr, employ('d. whence the raised up in fro't to allow the evangel
.,-.'. : 'hi.klie.s." tI: en precious stones to be slipped nidcr its fore paws.-
'',, I 1inl lr'i,/<.' "'.tones" have --- ------
-. i.,,nes "i andfl it some countries the 0 D. KNOW LES'
..i(, rev nmimrrked wIth numbers and
t, o i prnnt h m ue Barber and Hair Dress-

I : ., Brually Tortured. ini Parlor,

''J','-r' .>ir i '.i rT liule r MV. -rmP r re-
built up of the solier's' lances and cork.
Ing kettles. Seven or eight lances are
placed under the handles of a number
of kettles and fastened by means *f
ropes to formn a raft A sufficient nnm-
her of thrse rafts, each of which Vill
bear the weight of half a ton, are ias-
tened together, and in thIe space of la if
nn hour a brhIdge Is formed on wUch
an army may cross in confidence And
MmC-'afy't Sar-aatic Wit.
On Cily A peanl1 had juet started to run,
John Mn sanctum and called to Suni Davis In an
excitedl tone of voice: "Sam. stop the
press! Stop the press!" "What's the
nmatter, .hihnr" l)invi asked In alarni.
"Wily. old minn Crooks" Nfamous for
hi stingiicss--" just prvqsnied a peck of apples to the
orphiatr,' honep. and he'll be l-riokeRn
hearted if yon don't hive a column und
ia half alout It In the paper this after-
nt One.
"Just one." said tho lover as he stood
,upon the stoop with his girl; "Just

"Just I." said the mother. putting her
hend out of the t 'wloornm indow above.
Well. I guess it nin't so late as thin.
lbut It's pretty near 12. and you'd lttr
he going or her father will be dowt."
And the lover took hist leave withi e
and pain at his heart.

Nost Heady.
An edItr. rpllylin toi certain runlors
us to hi ts iniMii'it dconfltion. sayis:
"Tihe statement ttmt we are about to
fall !i. awitlinh t foiid.:tfl',i We hiuvIe n't
moin-' ri'hnA.uli f,,r thhl-not ) tf.-
Atlanta t_'unsti'.utlon.

Burn'lf'oB. tr n
Once gire ybiur' ind"i'to sTnprcTlh' WF i
there will be sure to -be food enough
for It In the tlll'st night the air Is
fllhd with sounds for the waketul ear
that isa retpovt to listen.
In the Depths.
"He'a trying to get a reputation as
the worst pessimist in towia."
"He is the worst alrezazly."
"Oh, no; he's only trying to be.!'
"But hlie deelnrvs he knows It will
just be hIs luck not to succeed."-
Catholic Standard and Tinm's.
For a lazy liver try Chamberlain's Som-ni
ach and Liver Tablets' They invig .r-
ate the liver, aid the digestion, regulate
the bowels and prevent bilious attack,.
For sale by L M. Ware, St. Andrew
and Bayhead and all medicine dealers.
"I've been thinking of it ever since
I started on my present trip," said the
drummer thoughtfully, "and I'm hang-
ed if I can nmIke up my mind just what
she wNs alim ric rt. Y',,m ..] .-. s'n m.
time ago I realiz'-l ihat. rn, .-Ilon *rtitii
the country ea I 'i, I inv tikiin.r a
good many chr.in.'-,.s, no I ','.,.h..d ;n
take out an e ilu.ln.t irsirninri [m.i-n i
"'My dear,' 'Pi0.1 I nr, my wire tT'i-r
I had acled ul'u thI, iTh'iight, 'I Ivirv
done something t',l.i. iti.it I sh,,-all
have done when I rst started on tlI.
road. I have tak-in out an accident
Insurance policy on my life. If I am
killed, the company pays $5.000. If I
am Injured, them I get $25 a week.'
"'For hpw lntr?' shoe asked.
'As long as I nm lai1d ip.'
"'But It might I..- oul. a week.'

"'And you wi' ; oin tibe entitled I,.

That is all
"'And if you g.l- kill.-1 you got $3.
I- Ivil mld

ernporn I
lbe. use
eomsta nt
twoon tt
causes I
lake at
rapid tk
great I
the cliff
flood of
face of
Ing, and
bone hal
mounts ali
rarmtly s
of this

inn .'i 1
. I. h .n ,i,'|

Character and good reputation in each that i
state (oife in this county required) to
representtandii advertise old established flrh'.,b
wealthy business house of solid fluancial olr ni
standing. Salary $21.00 weekly with ex- tI., of [1
penases frldditioral, all pavaMle in cash lyv >kAro'd
each Wednemsday direct from head offices. It's bh
Horse and carriage furnished when nee- ,,im.- i-,
essary. References.- Enclose self d- ail ii. ,',
dressed envelope. ,.l..,. il Co., 331 .. I V{
Dearborun t., Chicvig;. i .

4 -

l* tif i i. i, i i, t ilhat for persist-
l".ll',' ,i[. tm,.rii. a I pe't rhaps
.. ,i,,.t i .. .I....- t,.i ,,i~ bick of
,A f bt',.- of i" m pletearsIy
(ii,,-,,i ,'ai'l, |p.,iih froin rheum-
j. ,,.,rbii, r.-l' "!;.-,-J Lite though
,"'ervthin ki1n'.n. i came
l,.,'tric Bitticri an. it's the
(ni.:-di A few bttile- of it -.,):nfpletely
mid Lur.dnime." .IJus ans ood for
kidney trouble aind general
Oly Idv.4. Satisfaction
td btyA. H. Bruk,:.
ad Sea Evuporalloui.
:" ,hsfrvtjrloii Ju.qtlfl-N the es-
it I I.ly oii,f- t'm- 5t' : .'00.000
.'r Cs ro.:i'lv.in ,[ mitf. r- Dead
t e .i-ir,'d'-, il ,ii d i. r sources
tye r.. I. l 'urIti i t' r ill sea-
tm mih. ini:cao It:,,r'd Herald.
Very mt,,.-h r"-.jtrr; dur-
It s avrnir, will be
year after y't-ar. 'Ilhere tois
d'md the eI'vl iskepCli dlonn by
71 only, hLlch Is very rapid
rhe thLte,,s4 hc aL the dry at-
and the dry winds which are
blowing down the gorges be-
mountalns. This evaporation
aze or mist to bang over the
ntmes, and when it is more
Susual heavy clouds form
-rstorms sometimes rage with
ence t in the pocket between
even fn the dry season. A
tin often falls upon the our-
a sea when the sun is shin-
he atmosp)het'e is as dry as a
a mile from the shore. The
around the Dead sea are
n with distinctness because

Light *as Her Terror.
Id cough nearly all nigh
itos Mrs. Chas. Applegate, of
a, [nd "and could hardly got
*I .tad cotnumnption so bad
[(koil a block I would cough
and rpit blridi, n>ut when al,
icinei failed, hroe $1.00 hot-
Kiri.'s. N,-w Die'nvery whol-
,3 and I gained :i pounds."
lately gu.rant...-.d to cure
Ida, la grippi,. hrnchitis and
,and imng troihlil.. Price 50
TriL! D 1I1l' t (n A H .

Commerce Ave. East of Buoy
gdWEverythini new, neat and
clean and patrons given the most
conlrteous and careful attention.

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,



Sash, Iloors, Blids,

Building Material.
i1 idow and Fancy Glass a

the most honang sol ve in the world.

Pensacola St. Andrew & Gulf




Everyy Ipihtiiic 'l:ool n.Q Its ownV pt-
'!iir c(t.hioii. *t ,i si;';' i l'bit im Ii
Socius ti) b'o [,! rti ';i!; rli \ o ll s ; i' ''
In this respect. At H irrow it is' r l
to be the htitght of cheek for it buy to
turn up his trousers till he had boon
three years I14 the school. At Eton it is
just the other way, and It Is part of the
school etiquette for a boy to turn up
his trousers, to keep the bottom of his
waistcoat unbuttoned and If be has
need to use an umbrella never to roll It
Some of the so called Eton slang is
common to other schools, but most of it
is only to be understood of Etontans.
"Sock" as a noun means food of all
kinds; as a verb it Is equivalent to "to
give." "Scu is primarily a boy who
has no colors, but it la more particular-
ly applied as a general term of abuse.
"A cool" at football is a hard kick by
one of the forwards. A "tug" is of
course a coUeger, and a "tosh pan" Is
a sort of footbath.

St. Andrew,
A palace icola,
St. Andrmew.

Wednesday, 8:00 a. rm.
WVednesday, J1:o(t a. m,
Tlimir-dlay, t:00- i. in.
Thu' raday, 12:0o LiOOtl.

A lI ll VfE.
Friday, 2:00 a. I.
.Fridav, 4:00 t a. -u.
FrMd"v. 1130:Sl,1 nl "i

Pensacola to St Andrew ani d Milvillevi. f.00- omid Trip, $10.00.
Pensacola to Apalachicola and Carrabellef, $8.50-Hound Trip, $15.(;.
St. Andrew and Millville to Apalhachicola, $6.00-Round Trip, ,I f,ii
CArTAIN W. G. 1;.l'.,;uV ,


S~.~1~1i~a- Ea`%W

Manufacturers of

RHOWli, Dressed dul Ma8 nsionB

Yel P Pne 1 LUMber.

Dealers in General Merchandise,
Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions and Feed.

North Caroli--a Corni Wit




AT $1,50, $1,75, $2.00 AND $3.00 PER GALLON.

All express changes paid by me on packages of two gallon? ri nimoe
to limits of the Southern Express Company. Terms: Cash
with order. Write for lescripti-v. circulars of Wines and
SBnandies with your first order.
$AVr"Reference-Cnmmercina agemi.ies or any merclimnt here. #'

J. H. WOOLLEY, Cherryville, N. C.

D E A 1, E R I N

A Full Line of Gro ce 'andiol Ntiol Alwys ol H1im.
Full 8Sock of Ralston Foods.
ALSO A D (O0D ASSORTMENT ,II.' :` :\VI ; M.\|'II.; -_ __
', w .,i T', -,--i ,~. 'Ifr l any i,-,| .ii, in .--.. r. I t.. ... i, 1 ,,.h ;, s
anid can furnisli sany style
Immediate AtLention Given to All Correu1podence By Mail.
Ask Me About Eggs, China Ware, Shoes


Dry GoodS, Staple and Fancy Groceries

Notions, Provisions and Feed Stuffs.

Corner Washington Avenue and Bayview St.
I pay Cash for Goods and must do

a strictly Cash or Ready Pay

This is in my Patrons' Interest as ,well as 'my own. Call anid
Convince Yourself of this Truth.



C, 'sl',*11! *'1"


Ship Chandlery Hardware

Notions, Paints and Oils, Nets and Twines, Salt,

Clothing, Gents' and Ladies' Furnishings.


Trunks and Valises.



Stei & Wir Go, salt Gra in Fil rd
Made in Iron. Any Postoffice Gladly Sent

l_ m Breech-Loadingj We Are
Woo Sleys 12-GRuj ol! HOE EN!

BuSt ClUP i Pi Only $5.50 !,.


Tuesday, 8:30 p. inm.
Wednesday, 4.00 p. in.
Wednesday, 2:30 p. m.i
Thursday; 9:0O0 a. m.
Monday, 6:00 p. m.
Thursday, 3:00 p. m.
Friday, 1J :31 a. m.
Friday, 10:00 a. m.

Il- .,1 I CiU t l''in

POK 0d

II .It

r It I r

licr' ati

HC i i ti.'.

I I m I


7 I'LL` 'LIU _ _~_ I~



tillI ll In' dt ls'tiC.- Iim



Th. ".; IvNa, 30.y 19$03.


A N 1) E1 W


I*w* r,

IA itn~Vli
I i'C' il .
A I j~i,. Ic,
I, ..'*t ~

\. ~I' h
I ~ -
ill I*'

lb ', .ra, r"'l l,
S 7 He No....... 55
( i.. (,nupowder.. 40)
6 Un lie('d J ap.40- i
Cond miitk, ') can
1"'" 2 ') Un sw etin'I. 10
i l2-it S weetened .... 10
b :I, .l lB king .powder
iI 10 Itoyal .. .... .
. *in i.!,, Ua npi1ell .t. .. . 10
Cntuned fruit.
I'. -ib l'eachcs.... lOa 2
i. T matoes ..... il
I',i rs......... .
1. Plum s ......... 10
S Apricot ......i 0- '20
";. i ', ,, a]. iii.pl .. l -2a


If ., . -

l t l ll . . *i ..

.,, ,.. . . t
Salmnon ....... 15
CInl,'diid Vcgutulhles
la --d B eans.. 10
.Corn. ....... 10@l
Peas. ......... 10
1'uinpkin ...... 12

I' tYo)V IS] (IN ti

MILLVILLE. obi tuary.
Special report to the Br Iy Dict at Millville, July 24, 1903, Mrs.
SH. W. Johnson, nee Jessie M. Palmer,
J.he re'r eshinitg iai w as we' by all, as th.e Iry u, ther in!,de :'a The doccased was born in White-
go.l 1on0.4 vi-i hallal, Mich. and came to Florida,
Mrs. A. 1B. Ricirni'son and hit IwtUin quite a child. Two weeks ago
brotlier, F. B. Ke ene left 1on th-e she was seized with remittent fever,
steamer Tai(pon, Friday. July 24th, during tlb' progress of which a very
for the former's home in Minneapo- dangerous and painful surgical oper-
Its. Minn. action became necessary, and she
A large crowd from here roattrend 'i c,'lit not sir'viv the, terrible shock
thle dliace at. St. Acivrcw ,',tudn\ l(io 10h e licteves, E;vlvhinig that lve
night, and al l rloirt a nice tim,'. in,,l ,kill c ull do to ave her life was
M1s. I. WV. ,liJohiilsoin \\ has dioIn, but If no avail. Dr. Chile, a
been serio'isly ill for soleo tinl,', dieI ia gradialte in mnedicinle and surgery
at niighlt, Thiursday iuly '23. at 12:21- a)teondlel her, and no blante can pus-
o'clock. lIfr-hlusband lias not Vy! silly attach to him, as he did Anl that
recovered f'(rom a relaIpsei of fever. \was possible to humnian skill.
W. J. Sthenis, jr, accomaiiatiiil The diceas'd united with tle M.
by J. V. Florny left tFridy tfor E (Chiulch South at the age of 16
fallahassom. It is lihoped that coniH- years, anid iher ntIwn still reiainis (on
try will agree witlih inm better thi;>i' the class roll. Just a lcw 'minutes

A joilly crowd enjoyed- a nIoit de-
lightful trip to North B:ty (MI tii'
D4I-V i', S ,i ,l. y, July th. .
Mr. liye i '. ta ily, o f Pi ,..j .

StiiOlihn-,., illleaVe on the Tar1p w11
Fri day, All oimj')yed their visit an.t
wish they could hiave rmni .in.l 1
Miss Gertrude Dayton has resigne'l
her position as pistmihtress at this
place and began her school at
Par'ker lMondavy .Julv '2 She Ihas

bJforc her death, while heor mother
was sitti, d. .ii t. .! i 4 e, ishe
raised hei I, , 111! ;ar :.n i id o'Vc t,,-

ltha t runt I l vv'. ,,',,e', r<
kltir l tl'lt :t h* ;l l l il 'i r i ll e jll .
spi it away.
She leaveA. a husband, a baby boy,
her parents aind an only brother to
tmourn their loss.
Her remains were placed in Oak
Grove Cemetery at Parker.
Rest in peace, sweet oneo.

K'l r a/ I, O. pr t .. .11 Working Night and Day.
S1 nawaa nd.4iere and is \woio. . p ..
... 5 litcoll Sides...2 lal friends here aid is velc nt' The busiest and mightiest little thing
S '. r,, ,i, ,,r 0-?O Fresh....... 8all back a, any time. that ever was made is Ur. Kine''s New
Oat Meal pr : I' kl'a'it sacoti.ss ( K. [E. Hss of Marianna is visiting Li;e Pills. These pill] change weak.
Cortt peru ..- : holders ..... 14 Iriends and relatives on the Bay. ness into strength, listkissnes into en.
pot ... ... a 1 Miss Ilshic Shflihl and Mr. tr- c'rg-, brain fag into mental power.
v Reseeid 1 tLornd ...... 8 ie o nd Tr. Thcy'r wonderful in building up the
ee .. .. ( esh ........8 t K w joi h.'th Only 25c t,er box. Sold by A.
3iltpre l... .I 0 lried...,..... .. liholy bonds of wedlock, hunita, 11. IBrakc.
5 Milk prm tt ...... I0_ __'_.
'Tile........ 5 -MM I ------
I HAt.VWAlE. R uoely 26.ei. lei.
i Ax,wit --- -- Poe's neck was r'althl'r long and slen-
.',. .ii': do..'.t Hoes, ech.. .350 DO YOU G T UP dr nid made him appear, when' sit-
NManilla rope.. .ft011'.l- p'init, rn 0 ting, rather taller than lie really was.
pptves cook,.- .o-t Linseed oil,jga5S@60 WITH A LAME BACK ? IIe alll appeared when sitting to have
Pipre, pCi o a gentle and rnthe'r grnceful taper of
DRY GOODS, the bust and should(,rs upward. This
t'1,ts, per yd.. aS Check....... Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserabl. was very peilbir. lls eyes were of a
S Ftlel... .. Almot everybody who lee thutiral violet tint, rather inclining to
Muslin....... 9AI I TIhrtad pea' o 5 Almost everybody who iead.s th,, ntws
.an ...5a45 Slo (), 0ladie;..$1ta' 75 papers is sure to know of the wondeifu< hazel, and sholl not with a dazzling
Sl'ii,'pa tile pa t '225 .Men's.. $1 40a300 (__^ cures made by Ir, )r brilliant sparkle, bnt rather with a
MISC]I,], , "U.TS Kilmer'sSwamp-Root, mildly subdued serenity of Ittellectual
MSt I .l.5 ats Pr l .......- the great kidney, liver splendor--p i'i'aps on account of the
It ,y p. cwt. .7.. al mo. .2 picpr ....... 5.00 and bladder remedy. dark shadow enst upon them by the
Bran ... l.... "..' Lime pr i,)..... .75 ( Its the great media overhanging and rather impressive
apeSial UIi T iid N '71'S. 5 cal triumph of the rn-i cloud of his moonlike brow-givilug
ores d.. 3 'r teent century; des- them tht soft. celestial glow of soul
Apples ...... 15.. Walnuts. ....... .2[ scientific research by which ebarncterizes the lofttest enthu
,'.... 20 Alnomnds........ 1. Dr. Kilmer, thP emi- siasm. Their lashes were long, dark
i i. -- ."nent kidney and blad- and silken, hanging over them like wll-
I fill p 1rl,','! -,5o o S l,.',icd tIr it ..c 1 ---e der specialist, and. is lows napping [?I by the moon-lake-
LI VE STOCK. wonderfully successful Il promptly a< .r.r,_ or cumuli of chaos over the God suf-
H $3,00 Cows...... .$15425 lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trcu- fused waters of the eternal wells.
.. 00 Ho.,.. $..to25 bles andBright's Disease, which is the worst When the even of his brow was free
,,.. .. ? i, lI ''s.;! '..~. *....' .$to$.form of kidney trouble. from chtFei h Reive oi ahislarowd always
OIx . pr yoke $ -." Sl.''.* .....**-.. $ Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not rec- from cloue 1 -n hh.h ltihpe6srlwt always
l'(Ui Ll i;'i.' -. ominendedfor ve-rr'vh ,dil.j i'fyouhavakid- to be the cl,'. wht' hi-, soul wtla not
c e'.' i. I .i5 :. i>each. L" '" i cy, liver or bladder tr.,'Ub it 'v.i1l l. f,.n.i ranked cith. r bly the, though s of his
.. . ^ a .~~ ,' . . a--. 'i'Tte C ln-.ifTe, F '. I -. t j .* T.-fr or ih' r.-n.ni 'lir ': e' of the' I
S, is. n o many ways, in hospital work, in private manifold Insults he had received from
F, alt practice, among the helpless too poor to pur- anonymous correspondents, who pes-
",.IS. pr ,IdU *:M' ui ti r I1, ..0 o hase relief and has proved so successful in tered him from envy of his genius and
t.- .. 2. Trout.i 4.)0 .every cas!S that a special arrangements ha is hlI ,uina.,ul.lu- hostility to the
i," j; Poit pano t.o000 been made by which all readers of this paper basest gnora- the Intellectual pla-
S._.. .. p., 0 Macoerel. 8.0(0 who have not already tried it, may have a basest. Ignorance-the Intellectual pla-
... M. .tl l t... 1 1 .sample' bottle scit free by mail, also a book cidity of hits mildly becoming eyes was
lU11 Ceili.g.. telling more about Swamp-Root and how to beautiful.-Poe-Chllver Papers In Cen-
1~I .."1', rt m..$ findout ifyouhavekidney orbladdertrouble. tury.
tit, .. .$.41) ie't, '' 2.0I. When writing mention reading this generous
f : '" Cl, 1 o .,. 1.0 snd your address to T~ ," A-- It would bh d1llHcult, if not impossi-
'Drp 'sdig, loard1 .r.Kil.rn &Co.,BingT - ble, to esihmite the relative frequency
lietI i.ee 1.00i i. N1. Y. Th ., f trn prui' tr tthe Noruman conquest,
,: 0 ur fifty cet. and Io ,n of an p .-,ot which er(dc ve d something like a revo-
- .... . *., Luli ,. ii z.es od by al rood druggists. Itition. ofV.I:..," eoursl;, got a
a 1.50 oat lum ler, I on 't na.k anm y nlst, a.bt)t rem nu- o(l tart, is sho,vn in "Doomsday
dressedd ...$2 ] )er thc nfa e, w im loot, i). hi' t is -
M Binghi;nton N v. one- ote. wap,,, ., ,.
BinghI I;t on. N Y. on() e, vo' bol a I10. 1 1 2N1 ulters and '10 Johns. Il

We, One 1 i idrd Dollars Reward
fr alyv cae. of ':tarri that chia nb.t I)be
cured by Hallli's Catar-Ih Cure.
F. J. OHliEN EY & CO., l'rops., Toledo,O.
We'N the u uersignied, have known F. J.
' :,. y forihe last 15 years, and belicva
illhn pirfeetly Iholoriable in all business
triaii actiois andl fntufially abie to carry
out any oligationiis made by h their firm.
S\V, T. & Traux, \\ .. ale .i ) : .'i-(.-,'
Toledo, 0.
Welding, K{i'na" & Marvin,
Wholesale Drmui.'tI-, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter nally
.1 .ini: directly ni.o'i the blood aiAd mu
cous surfaces of the system. Price, 75c
per.liottle. Sold by all druggists, Testi-
mon il.i .., free.
Hall's Familv Pills are the best. .

t Imatry Making Trifle. '
It '\' bait a trIlit tlategave Spain
ft,5 slo many g,'n('rath>lo the lordship of
i Ir i .- r ,i ., .. l ill. ',.i hIT liy the
\. 1, v,' ,... .. ' d fromin thit
c ,.. ', i ,, .r'.. i,, *' O l"

s I .X 7F*il .

"^ 1 .j ,
'.. -- r^'^'-l'. \ I i.,', '... .*_L .t aU ma ny
S i l ' I i '., r I '.nrtol. -
HlI. t id ; fr.w flonr -rVII. of
'. ;,'* ?'.'t o'- th" way tli'',inis ,',n
j r f ty th.. tie he reiiched London was so
defltitute that he had to try to earo
tb.' ,to''nly to clothe himself In proper
S t:.'-). before he could be presented at
court. But by that tinme ft was too
late. Even tl1t' fi't that Ferdinand andt
Is:,l'elln tfunished te, funds to equip
the exp.-dLititi, was Thainly due to the
accident thit Juan Perez de Marchena,
the queen's crnf.ssotr, happened to be
passing when the ,weary marines was
knocklv, at the door of La R ablda
monastery to beg a little bread and wa-
ter for his boy Dileo, and was Im-
pressed with the noble face of the dusty
traveler. Had Bartolomeo reached
London in time, had Columbup been a
little later or earlier at the monastery
door. the fate of i'rolpe ,lmht have
been changed and the destiny of the
Anglo-Suxon race altered.
Both Wer-e Can did.
Doctor-Your wife is in a very crit-
ieal state, and' I should recommend you,
to fall In some specialist to consult on
the ease.
IIushand-TThere, you see, doctor, I
was right agaln. I told my wife long
ago she ougat to get proper medical ad-
vie, but she always though* yo migtit
be offended. -.-.. _- 1

After the Dnnee.
"I hope you haiv enjoyel the even-
ing,. Misf. Oliver."
"Not 'xcessively, Mr. l olind. rThe
mnpn lire sI'ii wrtcl'held 1d::w 'i<'. I
halve h 1ad only one really good part-
"Miy own experience prnci'.-ly.",
"Y's, Mr, ':ln 'l T\i>.s r is the h-lst
dani) Icr I oe i sI;Aw. Ilr e heli oos nov
with 'UrW'' T'urner. It is 1 plj';i-surC to
w (> "Y's: dot's vh',y D'-'ly-vwith da
partner !ii u youe r ~li'ruvid (;Ire. She
;s. th ( oei' to whooni I w's ret'rl'riit
.inst n ow.*
"So I suppliosed."-New York Herald.

tIi".l 'TThemn Soft.
Mrs:' Nt- v,ywed--Tl''''oe c"-' are still
a rd. Iow lonl did yni I)oil thepi t
N'owfWV ''(<. -- liv't lnninu1!t(s. |im'ialin.
Mrp'. Ne'vlywed-~VeIIt, u'xt time give
it'lii teln iiitn o's.--New York 'Press.
if y'ou i.*". s;ti(>ernii from physical
'. -! ,;,'.i, 1 it is not your own
i i.- '! i i.."r** l ey one person in
"114, s not overeat or l

t! i 1 \'v] iWini rSt. ,john ain Sir Wvii-
"iamc P'itz-1T!inion entertaiiued a dinner
,'riy ,itt thw court of IHeity II. The
i)vitf;titas wvcre liinitt'd to knights of
ltheo 1:nr i of William, tind the company
,Tmben)ored 120.
Put 'iho dSay of "John" was not long
to tn'ry, ;nd in 1347 the common coun-
Ail of London contained 35 Johns, 17
Wiji.nnis, 15 Thiomonses, 10 Riebards, 8
oha'rt;s, ti Id in 1;'>5 out of 376 names.
-.rollrd itn tal' Norwirh bthre wre 12 Johns, 47 Wil
,iams, 41 Tiomases. From that day to
his ,TJohn and William have held their
,'round as tb coemmonest baptismal
-aumes iu England.

Altorl;et "flow nimny are there in your farm
"Seven altogether, btit we're seat-
tered all over the United States."-Bal.
timore American.


For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va.
Opens Sept 21, 1903. One of the
,.tuli.n '-clioolsfor Young Ladies in the
I.t1. New i-,iblin -, piar.os and

- -- .- ..- '"'~-"--. ~

...... "-nwt.in scenery in Valley of Virg-iniA.
L. M. Ware Will Buy It Back. 'fni.-l, for health. European and Amei-
VYul a.Sllumei no rik w..it,,, ou buy lean teachers. Full course. Conservato-
Chambcrlai''s Colic, Cholera anud Diiar- rV advantages in Art, Musicand Eloi'ut
l'hoea med,..l Co M. \, Co r aad r t ion. Certificates Wellesley. Students
rhoea Remedy. L. M. Ware, St. Anedrew from i:0 States. F'or Catalogue address
r.nd Bayhead and all medicine dealers I ATTIE P. Harris, President.
will refund your money is you are not sat-. Roanoke, Va.
'tfied after usii g it. It is evcywhere ad- PARKER'S
nitteld to be the most successful remedy HA1I BALSAM t
._C iK seo and bIalutirfies the haor.
in use for bowel complaints :miil th-e 0111Y oee*' H e BAiSthest hair.M
one that n icr fails. It is pleasant, safe IfHair to its Youthful color.
and rel'alile. o~er.jee clp di'aseme hair falling.
a W iaeEand$1.0OatDrui .


Andti rsoii,

F la.


Dry Goods, NinS, Hats, S H arl' Piarl, Oiilts O alt,

GROCERIES and Fisherman's Supplies.



Miss Ethe: Lathrop of Bi
ham, Ala., friend of M'rs
W(est ai8d iaiihily atI ived on-ilI
po0l oil the 22d. amid is visiting

Mr.E. D. M. Witherill oi a1
daughter of Mr. and Mra. C.'
rop arrived on the Tarpon oi
neaday of last week ani i
with her parents and 1 t!ici
ho'sti of other friends'oi the I
Miss L. B lliugll.e- ot 1',',,
matter a oj0lurl r of several
here, left on ite Turphe ou L..
Ilor her Northeici home, int.- i
return to St. Andrew next v.ii
lion. Walle Kehoo of M.I
prosecuting attorney for this.
circuit is citingn g on thc Bt} .
Dr. D. B. Chi.lte anid paIl .
pull tilhIers, of Franklin a.
ville, Tens., after a tmlore tI
..i il) MiLccM:flcl can '..p.tigIi
life ..ler king leit to;: cii
,il tle TIar 11i, l, l Iit, 1 .id .i

('hoiiy Mush ier (:o iI1. P
l-li'- ..'(',e ind show th" i,',) i
glass, and don't fo'rg.t to :ive.tJ
She correct pose.
Photographer --Certaunly nnt ,
hold steady. All right! Its doin
Gholly-Done, is it? Are. yvn
sure you have taken the best
mny head?
I'hotographer--Quite sure, sir.
the outside.

Twin Mitteam.
Hiewltt-I proposed to twin
and both gave Ie the mitten.
Jewett Well, tbere's one jonsjt
Your mittens ought to li. m
Brooklyn Life.
-Gents' and ladies' Oxford '1T
J. M. Thompson's.
Very Remarkable Cure of Diarrl
"About six years ago for the ii,
in my life, I had a sudden ai],, s'-,
tack of diarrhoeii," sayi8 Mrs..\li
ler, of Morgan. Texas. "I got tlr.,
ry relief, but it came back agail
again, and for six long years I Ih.
feared more misery and agony than
tell. It was worse than death. )1;
had spent hundreds of dollars fn
cians' prescriptions and treatment
out avail. Finally we moved to 1H
county, our present home, andi onn
happened to see an advertiseme.
Cohambeilain'a Colic Cholera and
rhoea Remedy with the testinionia
man who had been cured by it.
case was so similar to my own thai
termined to try the remedy. The
was wonderful. I could hardly r
-that I was well again, or believe it
lI, oe after having suffered su lon
h.at ene Iottle. f men dicin co.stin
n i. .i .' i .-nf .,,i r ,t r-

M. Ware, et. Andrew and B.,1'lI
all medicine d,_alers.




EI ad

W1 R 1-1' IrT ir [A lr L .1 .e yrA r i % ., fc.,. |
I h'.l Ti,. prodlu'tlon -s a iticutS, and at
,.\... th fall of the curiut n tlure Wvle cliitli
<-ion bruus calls for the author, to which Mr.
.'-;a\ was at )length inducti to respond.


t oo



A Tin Shon
[Ini in connection with the Store, af-
ford ample opportunity fo.& tho
Repairing of All Kinds of Tinware
Here are manufactured tihe
Sheet Iron Box Heatiner Stoves I
Which arc so deservedly popular.
A call at B. T Brock's Store will
*'I Pvince all persons of thoe goenuino-
ness of his goods and lowness ot his
ai ices.

SCome and Be Convincetl

PaFoley's Honey and Tar
for children,safe,sure. No opiates.

The First wore Show.
In the month Shebat, In the second
year of King Darius, a man riding a
red horse stood among the myrtle trees,
and behind him were hboraee red, sorrel
and white. Wasn't that -the earliest
horse show of which any authentic
record still abides?

A perfect understanding of self Is a
pti rt',t understanding of all things, for
m.1 iI Is the condensed whole. From
such a man no power is withheld. All
l"-.c. *:.re obedient to hiu.---.Fr-'A'trjn.





Irt at-


3ay I
t of
lai r-
of a
~I de-



Land Office at Gainesville, 1'P
July 27, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that t
lowing named settler has filed no0
his intention to m.ike fin.l proof
port of his claim, and that Uaidl
will be made before the i l:rk il
circuit court ate V, non, Fl-., on I
5tth, 191 ., v -,'
]'. ~NIL .1 VINSON. of W'r-, P.
J.II :-'4 .- ftur the n. of tc( i s.I
a [id thli> '%* of e 't f S.c ; ', it 2 i'
II'> !i1lIe' 5 Th': followin-'. \\itnesj
,i.,ve hi' Lutirlino s r!isid'ii '.e
aid 1'i.ltivatitn of said land, viz
lL-i tI L. IE'ratl ad WVilliam A
rf,.Vernln. Fia., and Perry N. Hut
,on ani A. I.. MKiuney ol \'. t
F-la. \ G. OBINSON. i ;L 'ii-
Notice of App'licltion ll t
Under Section 8 of Chapter
Notice is hereby given that
bhr C'omnpaiv, purchaser of
cates Nos.2lS, "'i., 21.. ._22, '
dated the 1st day of July, A, 1).
filed said certificates in my office,
made application*for tax deed to i
accordance :with law. Said certi
embrace the following described pr
situated in Washington county, F
tj-wit: Lot 3 of section 2ti; swl o0
tion 33; ten acres of the McLea
chase; two half-acre lots of nel
ocre in ne1/; one acre lot known
Kinssevlo a one-acre lot in n',il,
section 3E, tp 2s, r 19 w. The sgl'
all being assessed at the date of th
ance of such certificate in the
Unknown. Unless said certificaee
he r.deenimd according 'o lawi
will issue thereon on the 26tih -

[r. s. this ih 21Ih d-.y of Jgj1

Clerk ii i 'i
of WashIingtin tiounti FI,'
July 20., I0.1.
Notice is hereby given that th. ti
ing-named settler Ihs filed notice:
intention to make tinal prf.mf in a;I
of his claim, and that rhi tout.itu.,U
he taken before tlhe clerk of th.- .
courtat St. Andrew, Fla. on August
1903, viz:
EDWARD RAY of St. Andrew,
Hd 28829 for the lot 2 of spctionu "
3s, range 15w. I
He namt.e ,thq following witness
prove his continuous residence upon
cultivation of said land, whose test
will be taken before the,cler lof
circuit court at Vernon. Fla., on
31, 1903, .-
G. W. Surber, or., John Sturroc
E. Doxtader, J. R.,Thompson, all
Andrew, Fla.
W. G. RoBiNaso, gis
A WEditor's fee paid.

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has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One and a Half Mio
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you? No Cure, No Pay. 50c
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e ill

il in
la nd

he of

~ LI-- ~ll-II~~aRR~~Wb~P(~~w

What are your friends saying
about you? That your gray
hair makes you look old ?
And yet, you are not forty I
Postpone this looking old.

Hair Vigor

Use Ayer's Hair Vigor and
restore to your graythair all;
the deep, dark, rich color of
early life. Then be satisfied.
"Ayer's Hair YTWIr restored the natural
cor t,, my gray hair, and I am greatly
lea tl I s all you ,lt.m for it."
.R. E. J VAZ)CABR, Mechanicsvllle, N.Y.
Al q.l .d p .A r aBo

Dark .air
-- - ^ "ly- ----
.\ ^ -t 41'- I t l I Ir- t- l I O'f, I ril:l .l ", li- ; .' "

Kpq 4th Rv &,. -N ^jtt, V% 'i %zA t I,

ChKi, ian eating Stoves I

sewing Machines and Needles!

Pumps, Furniture, Ft.

A Full Line of Undertaker's Sup-

plies and Burial Caskets!






The Wid-i, ',*, was still cheering., but
there was one dissentient in the goa
lery. who was "boolng" with the full
f power of a pair of very strong lings.
Mr.'bShaw looked up at this "glorious
minority of one" and said very serious-
ly, "Yea, sir, I quite agree with you, but
what can we two do against a whole

Tou Know ilVhat You Arc Tak-
Wher you take Icrove's Tastelecs C(hil-
Tooic because the tortmuila is plain
printed on every bottle showing that it is
t imply iron iandi Q nineii i ii a tastoles;
form, No Cure-, -No Pav. Price 5lc.
A^Vef(ion ct? senIa.
Natural affi'ctlion orf e"j!: i in their wil]o
state is well shown in the following tin
0cdoe: A gentl'cinn living in Oregon.
on the ocean shore, one day caught In a
very simple manner a young ,seal. It
bad been stranded on the plank wharf
by a receding tide and left high and
uncomfortably dry as well. It had not
strength to waddle Into the water and
no one to teach It the tricks of Its tribe.
The gentleman kept the little glossy
creature for several days and then In
pity turned it into its native element.
It came to the wharf every night and
whimpered so that he was obliged to
take it out again and keep It in a small
tank, the seal giving every demonstra-
tion of affection, after the manner of a
young dog.

The Best Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a botti e of G;IOVE
TASTELESS CHILL TONIC. It is simply iron
and qiiiiup in a tasteless forin. No cure,
ito' t. Price 50c.
----tow- silte- ----e wmi~ ~.
Frerieh ships are usually named after
French provinces or towns, victories.
Ideas or sentiments, but no French
names, excepting those of great men io
their history, are made use of. German
ships bear the names of German rivers,
ports, poets, states and characters In
German literature. Spanish ships are
almost invariably nurumed after their
cities or great commanders.
If yon have offensive pimples or
eruptions, ulcers on any part of 'he
body, aching bones or joints, falling
hair, mucousa patches, s-vollen glands,
skin ithhes and burns, sore lips or
gon sr, 1.1tiii-, lr, -fcV sores, 'sanarp,
gnawing pains, then, you suffer from
serious blood poison or the beginning
of deadly cancer. You may be per-
in:ancklly cured by taking Botanic
Blood Balm. (B. B. B.) made cspecinl-
ly to cure the worst blood and skin
diFeases. Heals every sore or ulcer,
even deadly cancer, stops all aches
-and pains and reduces all swellings.
Botanic. Blood Balm cures all mali-
gnan't blood (troubles, such as ec(em a,
scabs and icalc's, pimples, running
sores, carhuneles, scrofula. Drug-gists,
$1. To prove it cores, sample of Blood
Iliin, sent free and prepaid by writing
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe
trouble and free medical advice sent in
scaled letter.

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No. 2
11:05 p.m.
(1:I1> a.m.
11:59 "
2:30 "
7:20 "
7:20 p.m

No. 2:
11:55 p.m.
12:15 u't
12:20 "
12:23 '
12:.'i "

12:58 *'
1:30 a. m
1:55 "
2:20 '
3:00 "
3:23 "
4:0 "
4:18 "
4:40 ",
5:00 "
508 "
5:33 "
6:00 '
6:%f1 ,
7:40 '
7:50 '
8:15 it.

No. 4
12:35 p. m. Leave
6:30 Arrive
9:12 "i
H:50 a.m "
11:59 "'
1:30 p.m.

No. 3.
7:00 a m. Lv
7:13 "
7:16 "
7:18 '
7:25 "

A .. J "
7:39 '
3:15 "
8:30 "
8:56 "
9:10 "
9:35 "
9:44 "
9:57 "
10:10 "
i:15 "
r10:30 "
10:47 "'
11:07 "
11:25 "
11:42 "
12:15 Ar

Mon tg-ome.iy
St. Louis


Fl Piie'i -

t l t .

Good Ran'ge
-10 1 t
Crestvi cw
Door Land
Mossy Head
DeFuniak Sprinifs
Ponce do Leon
Bon ifay
Grand Ridge
RiverJunction Le

la Vd.
She-Have you beard the news? Mo.
Solomon Is to marry again, the fourth
time, I believe.
He-Yes, I've beard about it Beats
all bow the rage for collecting will take
bold of a .man.- Sometimes it's old
books or playbills and sometimes it's
postage stamps. In McSolomon's came
It appears to be wives.-Boston Tran-
Warm Adv<.
Author-Oh, well, if you don't choose
to publish my story I have other irons
In the fire.
Publipher-Ob, you have? If I were
you, I'd put this story in with 'es.


No. 1
4:00 p.m.
11:15 a.m.
8:33 "
!,:1; p.m.
6:00 '

No. 2
A r 10:50
10: 2

Bave 51:o 1

A t9 I )".
(' 6)P m
2':45 a In).
IA15 RInt.
8:55 '

No. 2-3

52:3 0 '

1:55 1
1:27 "
1:04 "
2:43 "n

12:31 *
2113 i
1I 49 "

10:;0 "
10:20 a. m,

Dizzy? Headache? Pain
back o your eyes? It's your
liver Use Ayer's Pills.
Gently laxative; all vegetable.
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MARTIN G. P.081,.T
~P~rKE Rq '-LA.
Here are.Some-of -the Best of Refisons why You'shoul hi ie Inft,
Very Libeara $l 81vire of Yotfir Cusatom; 4
I lauloa V ~l~SEE~'E)STO( C K OF ST1AI 1, ( (41 )~
at( y'ou need ever (lily, and pay the freight oi ll0 goowk, bill
feed to tstiy potoffh~ir im the E:.4 lksy Mail Routi'.
I bty iudil-10i1bly, paying ca.sh tor ily goo 'k ,atiht' ui~qiff n ieil wm-

I sell ,tr Ca'linn- p rice to all, and fhnt's tbe in" c''.jt', ie, I .vsdetavot
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M'Iaity have already discovered thles~e facts t) Our ivinni i ''
11ole arie joining the 'k every day. Yollrs fo t ra d 4


k._-L-- -

i -dmkr



_ ~_____ __




P 1 e I q




-, % '\r .] t ,,



. ,




1 -- -- -- -- J_~~ __





Drugs, Medicines, Fancy v T0 Ariicles

I Handle no Quack NostrumsL

DR. J. J, KESTER. M, D. Drueg ist.


Dealers in Real Estats,



And Payment of Taxes for Non-Residents


In Effect April 14, 1901.
No 4 No. 2 No. No. 1
12:35 n'n 11:05 p.m. Leave Pensacola, Arrive 5:00 a.mi.1 (;' p.m
2:22 1p. m. 1:02 a.m. Flomaton, Leave 2:'8 n. "3::t "
4:22 2:55 Mobile, J2:;o n'n I-", "
S:25 7:30 New Orleans, ~8;:I00 p.m. S:;;' r.

,d d


,r Da tiU.'i ., It fA .h in, redi, r'n, Tihu- .'r m,.
, "7 1*-1 L ',, ', d l ', ..r ,, I.I.. l,r, i. . ,- .[- of the
illoLibr I~lu i 'IL,.'. \..r1 'iI '-'r 1 ih,,,i!..] v. ,, [KI ^ '. I.l ,,h ,.. +h- eftrli-
pI' t il t lore, ,il,'l f...-u ( ,r,. I ,r r.,," , ', r,. r~f tim e,
..'-,.. %1s I d-:1 r 1 ,t It ,, L i ,,, .i ., .. l e d
of ii--i ,1,,i -r ni il.l over i ,^ i,,. i .. ., with
ll I,. !, c ll ,.ll i !ll 1|nd ,,., _-L , , I r of a
u r b. alnythlug b.u d.- ,,n I..[I LL-. .. r .. adlow
th. t .. r u, id tb n, ,irher." .. ,
ed 1 .. .... dr.1,t1 11 m. .1 thh
[ nv w l"h m d tho.....

To Sufferers From

Kidney and Bladder Diseases

No matter how long you have suffered, FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CURE will help you. This we will GUARANTEE.
It has cured many cases of Bright's Disease and Diabetes that
had been thought incurable, however we do not claim that it will
cure these diseases in advanced stages as no medicine can make
new kidneys for you, but


will positively cure every case of kidney and bladder trouble if taken

in time, and even in the worst
cases of Bright's Disease and
Diabetes it always gives com-
fort and relief.

Remember when the kid-
neys are affected the work of
destruction never ceases, so
commence taking FOLEYOS
KIDNEY CURE at once and
avoid a fatal malady.

is made from a prescription of
a specialist in kidney diseases
and was used for yearsin pri-
-r. te practice before it was
, i, on'the market.

He Could Not Straighten Up
Thomas Maple, Birbeck, Ill., writes: "1I had a very bad
case of kidney trouble and my back pained me so I could
not straighten up. The doctor's treatment did me no good.
Saw FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE advertised and took one
bottle which cured me and I have not been affected since.
I gladly recommend this remedy."
Three Physicians Treated Him Without Success
W. L. Yancy, of Paducah, Ky., writes: "I had a severe
case of kidney disease and three of the best physicians in
southern Kentucky treated me without success. I then took
FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. The first bottle gave imme-
diate relief and three bottles cured me permanently. I
gladly recommend this wonderful remedy."
Suffered Twenty-Five Years
Seymour Webb, of Moira, N. Y., writes: "I had been
troubled with my kidneys for twenty-five years and had
tried several physicians but received no relief until I bought
a bottle of FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. After using two
bottles I was absolutely cured. I earnestly recommend

TWO SIZES 50c and $1.00

(Zn A~n~R~.FL A.

LL> V = i-, rk,=+iU V 1 0 -1 IN X^L.)11 % C, V., .. ... I-,

n.+-1- iU 140.. *." '. +: -- -, -- ..


F-- d *h * f f-llYright 1902,by th SS. M /lre nwvliy <
Fresh and of Guaranteed Purityv. ^ -- .tn *

Dion(Otc Hardy hadt no more t..41 ig
DR. W. ~. MITCHELL, PROPRIETOR, of keeping Iaipet prrobt t n of ins
h1!g a pig in th li r rior, but he wasi:
ffer-" His Professional Services to the Ciizenis of St, Antirews and proo, 4,. inst 'irt.innstance. iT, sist
Surrounding Country. cut in obio "wveuit and got on her '1
'tIv th e fi- ,u it hris reosirtl'4e ,o" n lwin'iniii Vi;.ta a, vetilue +t night. ig b 1d," atI he explainedd it, and i
i .v sent for to bid her a last farew('
Ihl ier was oily one thing oil her 1in
AV It (M KL / F l Y'. _1). 't 1 -il slhe proceeded to state it. She hi
Iwneid t1)arot for m ny y'ars, ai
A N, 1) ( I A" IY U, I` S T It A N ' 1 +" ,. at to e ,ssred of i ftrtu
\ 1 a l 1 1 ) 1 1 1 \ 1 U A I ~ 1 before tilt' rlo)s,.d her eyes. The 0,t
Go0;ief f Bayview and Wyomina Avenues on Bay Front. ,,ii c 01wouid a ysol, e slefthind, coI,
get along some way, nor did slip car
Glassware. Tinware and Notions! ,what become of her quilt frames tn
lihtirons, but that parrot must fiidI
W l.Vit Jlotiu can'.I linid at ally other StIore, c(tiiCe to tlhe R A C K E T 1 ioue with C41 hristlan family.
S T 0 R E 1- ;-,'t. l br ta'otlher che,,rfully oferd 1:
.... ani promised to bring Polly 4.
Hot MeaJs at All Houtso of tIhe aPv. y'. wslhy o sh ou!d o. When '"
,, i,+ f: ul" was over, hI started for i,
IIIIIll'i;l ,ilt;|ci. tup Of Coff'ee, ( T,. ( *-4 (l 1 p ol" tc-.; ,I (C1. 0, 'iilllA h4,e t14 thie eaat with the bift tin (' "

Fresh Bread, Pies and aes, i-pe altes.' .. .. ..'....."' "
[. 4- A. r. A ,, :., .
r .. . . . .1 1[1-1'1'1 1 t 1n.'nt 1 1 ] 11

I' i,,E,,IIE 11' 4 It --d' ',.1', .
rilE i ~ E,~I,,~ t..! ''4. ., .4 bl.i
.. ... 4 i i. . . r n',i i r

Ii ti"


4 I nI



to ilo

t .'.
fn its111

Li L



s A


nW 0

de m

[n. I.

i'S II

I ri.

Of St. Andrews Bay, Florida.

i IIAV\ V.

The Most Stylish,

And Attractive

p I t:



I L1.

Iuinl! AILril'ii! W.'4 rILK(L
-4t4 1-, I'd 1.r9-ZI e IIt u P.

iL & ,I oit u td*. i' i' i i' r

?I,,.i iio'v ittt, on 1p ii sLr.-"I'il.
A le' rU., Ded IP"
'v4 j 1" 1 t rI her p-rt1e
IL-1,L (-I III- .44i ii 'i Ilde m

t ni.lit r'." a- ln.1 ILL. d,=t.-I-

S. ,, ',, .i." g.' r ii.
P bl*'l I, ut h" I ain I

i -r TI i' l ,' ii 1," i i '
S, . r I 'l i 1', 0

S o
', 1 .1,, I, t 1 . . I
*l ; .. .I .1 . I .

'i .,.b' of parrots, but I ain't
t ., r.iigious parrot ain't all
,1.,.-. -I that she. had had a
Si;.. ad for the next threat
ehnqttered of' nothing wuI'rr
I i II" 1.' l.,li'dwtlS anld Dan
SII.,r,- -. r, She was es tal
S r;'.7 1 ,.t' on a found;atM o:
SIb.. L iIe' Al'saleonm Flin
ung i.i i. i,' a )pig' He Wia,
119%n.1l 'Iy Aunt Bully Warnei
iJiulwt-..r iof her church. Just
,Deaveon Hardy's gate the pig
tolt,. .rid It took the united
Abialoru. the minister and
l.vy t' l..rv.er-nt It. The three
and tle pig squealed, and
lilard.v and his wife got out
e toI heni I'olly lead off with:
ii bl:tlki is ihLie matter now?"
jpman 1'l0'l and a hog held
I' in out! TTe's a blank loif
} p.ajr.t, arn, t the ii\ hu
,iLI'i dI '1.*"r i..:il-r



and I
4. 4.4
"il'i' .



can ill



She I



d err


PI'iTS13UJRG ON~1 EASTL BAY.~4 .40 i I 444.lPi.i.. .t.I f~~i''

Elt J "N V "' J"I 'J'SL* I." 'I.-lr.' t.
I i I I I'' I' st i r. n fullyv r s4
L a s 'kL ow P i e id t oo I i i ''.4 .. .- --

He invites the purchasing public to call,
Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

hvys the Highest Price for Green Salted ALIGATOR HIDES.




One Month, postage paid..................... $ .
Thr e Months, postage paid... ... ..... ..... 5
Six Months, postage paid.......... .. ...... 3.00
One Year, postage paid........... ... 6..00


Semi-Weekly Edition....... ..Six Montihf $ .I O
Semi-Weekly Edition ............ On Y'ur 1 .0<)
All communications and remittances shoifd hi ddidree.s i-d to,
The Florida Times Union and Citizen,

Su absor'ibe.
,, t

.- .-


,,' \ ? ,' IA:rr M 4 -.
"'You are a lit Ule doaf in your right tli a re r
eIr, ou know," hle i0,..., replied, "and ar .Wold.
must have got thi.L -l mixed p. I ,.Ile-i 1 it
know that my dear sister Ellen never io I. :'.r
taught that bir.l rntr,0-o but words and ,,hter
out of the good ..-ok. Let us go in and !a.lisiio are,
see." tbNher t'.rf t
They Wterod the kitchen, where Pol- ket the ur,
ly was rt'. ; on the back of a chair, that lil thl
As they stood before her she cocked
ter heald and saluted them with:
"Now I lay me down to sleep." Mrs. Nt,
*lDidn't I tell you so?" said the den- r
to'l ais his troubled look was replaced r' /',i:rlv 1
by a mnii' ofr rfT ef. d., r-.. i,'
"I thought it wR-s swearing, but I rs. (.i1
um!:t have 'm1,n inTisitaken," reluictazitly toi i] -
ailmitted Aunt Mnry. "Well, I'm glad
don't. It would be,jest awful to have she
ai swearing paLrrot r ,'und." if,,' I-
Three d(ays ihtcr, 's Polly sat on a our .,i'j .ii
Ip m(tle long on he r w.ay to tfle store \\--Vi
and stopped to look at hlr. She had ,-c ,j,,,.a
st-arccly come to a halt when she was ennip,
saluted with:
"Who in blank are you?" A:NTE
It was a 8stunt;iitg blow, and Mrs. '" L 1. 4,
Siwipkiis felt her head swimming*
roi!nti! and rofut. l Ifore she could re- 1'
-ro\ ti.' bird yeld out: l ,, .
"i< t's huve uiother Icer" ? : ,' ,.
Then Mrs. Siupkiins scrteamed, and a ii,., l
I_'4uoIu ti'rdy amld i.ii wife rushed out *. I' .
to the t.:at to (r- v'iiat as the mat t', ,
ter \ ; n 'lh t te ii I -y's lua "
i lI


I j l I 0.4 1h- ti ,- ''are'.
r'ni, I lt r ,< ii~ l -i't ;, ,1 t l .ll .
).l-' t, I i r

. "1 1" ents a quart to "
.ij,. wb" say that there is goe
Ij fIr tiiwehtingales, robins bett
,alheil, pets. Only the tier
e.d tor i tils purpose, and city
ir. ibh.y are sent to mar- alo;
7.t pnolisi are taken to see his
Sg.- live been removed. vert
Than Jvstice. "
It- N.iw, here's my lat- ing
oils. uind 1 must say I'm Join
.tied1 with it. I'm sure it his
.-v. Don't you think so? hea
ge-Yes, indeed; justice had
l mercy!-Brooklyn Life. Smi
ia n Poor aGenaser. "
yii'ui man who calls on 'I ha
bus me guesslir. Smi
toCr's that? whe
j't kiow whether he is
Ihs a grudgie against the staid
-Glilcago N-vas. ed,'

( f. I l. t i'.. l i. r I... ... T ele

- 'l "l i, ,i l ( l.,. i .

I ; i l .'il: ir n < ,i,| ,

, ,ny ii man who goes through life
-..' .iI4; the fact that lihe Is misun

Ltteir From u Wutarli ('lmate.
Speaking of luipit jokes," a church-
r ren.arked. "I have yet to hear a
ter one than that on a reverend gen-
ninl of a small corilgr'egatioln iin tlih
. lUe is a fine preacher, a mail
ng In years, loved and revered by
flock. Ils pulpit utterances never
ge npou levity of any sort. e abl>-
s a resort to bumor In church.
One Sunday evening he was speak-
to his congregation about Mrs.
es, one of the prominent women of
church, who had gone south for her
lth. In his previous remarks he
, with feeling. referred to Mrs.
th, who had recently left this world
a better one.
le startled his nearers by Btying:
ave just received a letter from Mrs.
th. She says it is very warm
re she is now.'
Shocked at the andible titter in the
d congregation, the good man 1paus-
lookedi hb:iuk nod then gasped, 'I
'it froIn Mrs. .Fo1es,' aId hastitly
:;r:'cel thie lvl.ln." New York
0114.;r .

111fiI4led H ts 1*ltc. bl.l~ght 4(ifIcepIew l.t itt1,...~p' t. t~t41i~
V%'lotleItie l44115le ill A rc a! IIlL;' c 1 I o1 C al)4211, c~l iteanlule 10
fstick 111411get 1'lly p4rices, lii'lotc Ir ''l t141 t tlt-cl

At Mtt.C,. Wells" (Od ti tand14, 0O mterflil(r' 41, 'S. AndrewtOil, l'ia.

THE Ptoru L A'.-,

Is the Piace for Passeng-ers Coing to and from
Rooms Comfibrtable! Terms Reasonable!


I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11 -w ..'~,1 ~'h it

44.V I i '.. ii Iio_,or

4. 44 1.' 4 ,. id 't.I i. fin ( r

II~~~ were4,I4 44 ~r41'~~(V'
4' 1

l'h,' -,

: r.'e '

'. 4.' : -
= ,. P ,. ,.
- + --" __^ +-* ,KE|>

C'.,. i~)


C' ~ ~<- /l\

freight ,o St. Andr'ews Flay ';bol, o(te ,iollar'. mlaria 'lhe plow, deliver't1
$. I . l5. lit 1,11 ((' Y p'ropo>.-is t4o (1 Il.1I1 t.iIH t.nO i h, atdt will send the B uoy
4In1 v01'ir aIni fu'-nish one of these lo'. Iow, t(iimlte at their factory for $4 50
pirch.aserr t< pa, freight
TheoII plow may he soen in operation at tlI o BOY Farm at any time
Order from thel IUOY (lidie't,-

Opium, Laudanum, Cocaine and all Drug Habits
permanently cured, without pain or detention from business, leaving no craving
for drugs or other stimulants.. We restore the nervous and physical systems to
their natural condition because e remove the causes of disease. A home remedy
prepared by an eminent physician.
Confidential correspondence, especially with physicians, solicited. Write today.
Manhattan Therapeutic Association
Dept. A i 23S Broadway, New York ily

t i I .'- "* ', i .. "sil '* l , 14.14' u

A, " 8' ,1 l ., l'1 I
xl -! .3 .1 '4 IN h..I. r..L
S .. I \ t.. -,. l. .. -. I'd *of
T 'j i ''.t ' i .' I /n .l r 4 4 4 1't i T'
. .. !' i :' 1. r i .' i.' I. i .i', 1 iw a
.,, -r .s: ,,, .* Il th ." I ,|:;j l| -li..i. ,I ', I ,' v.' ,,Id o f
, t I I' v h' -i h..-' r-i. ':r d the
,t , f- t' a wa .-f-ro 'm "t e ro ia rward
Set. ,. .i ri i. r ..[r lin- world.
l',. 1I ', t a- l- y '** ] ra ile iIll of p.'.ssion

1r -it Ti-r ii d.li-1 ILU d! ; gea i l-
r'h,l .J-lr u l' 1 -r o i th"e t l.fleI- al f the
*i hi ,.uI, .i h ., .i-fi'-r.' .cr. Davls.
i.l,:. ..lh ,f, .-,>-d lu ==,ih,' ,- tid w aited
t,,r ru sbn-.d' s: n'a-eI- at ariVge Hr wiis

rNdtl. rieo v alma hstoLmg to the
stI small voice that echoed in the dis-
necnt denunciation. The majesty of
wie law constantly appealed to his fine
judicial sense.-Leslie's Weekly.
Assuminsix tile1 nusl>ii-s Nenit...
The practice of the wife assuming
the husband's name at marriage origi-
nated from a RIoman custom and be-
came the couimnon custom after the Ro-
man occupation. Thus, Julia and Oc-
tavia, married to Pomp.y and Cicero,
were called by the Itonmns Julia of
Pompey and Octavia of Cicoro, and in
later times married women in most
European countries signed their names
in the sarae manner, but omitted the
Against this view it may be mention-
ed that during the sixteenth and even
at the beginning of the seventeenth
century the usage seems doubtful,
since we !i.1 (atijerine Farr so sign-
!ng h.r.'-ylf ifter Fi hd b ,ie1 rn twire
L .I1':' *', ai:d .il-' i3 hli .r i,' Ln!dy
, ,I '. t" 4. ,t .ii, r.'-L t' :,[ ,.- [ l

i(' l]

liii .411.

**-.t .* .I - rl. l. y-. "Is dli
I,| a 'lI .- r'i.,r t :'l-',," r,! f !.'jni li n11:l

.l. t" \li .- i l I ." .

hl '- 4.I I ... I I l ,r II ,. h ,

For alc!
We offer for sale a trip from the
south side of the north half of the
northwest quarter of section 10, t,.;)-
ship 4 south, range I t. wst, ruling
from the school houseI. t'( 41atson bayou,
adjoining Millville on the 5soauth Will be
Sold in acre' quarter, or 1alt-acre lots.
The price asked will be according to
location. W. A. EAMMONS & CO.

Nothing has ever equalled it
Nothing can ever surpass it.

Dr. King's

New Discovery
F OI4411t1441 Ui osAd. I.
A Perfect I ,,r .Al 'TI,,,at and
Cure : Lung Troubles.
Money back if it fails. Trial Bottles free.

or.- 'I I P.W ghp i GNI
IV I aiGhTShnn

c ietficfm r a.

~NN& ~~r'~raaaiNew York

Two 1Aaj--- Eacli$1
,\ M it ,: "-,I'.ANiICILWC1~1 y
~.itihi)i iliu, tirt ly plat ted i and
-hlow i ll I;'1 lite 1were itinprianta
bu4dng4. o' great vale to any'-
eti1 I il h4.4 i. It t.0'vors about ft,1,
ut 4.4.. of Cei;6t Irtitl, txteliding eaSt-
II ht I itllt P'' ('ti t o 8a1d1 *ti'fl
l4.~i4iil (141St.A uli W i t 11 Cear-
letipoil''ll" Ie'rl tL4ry inland. Price
)lle 1)44.llI"l at tilie BIUOY Office.
A Is.)
-,('1EWV 13 AY t'OINI'RY,
Shlowin g all the Ia tolsti'sposet! of by
ill(, C4intcinnati f'a. rAlso locateff
I 1l.4f4. 11,mt, Parker, q424tuaIrto ln nil
.I4.j tu'"4tt 4'.4.4.4. IitiY, 'lTbe, 1)1;t of tile
I t'l,; is llit st I i. Ililt by t le aid (of

)Il )ut I I 1 I f' f1
he llat..WIi Iti4j Il e ['01' 1by mi ltoST

Our Clubbing List.,
MAAM :A $GINH FEMALE '11e'13jl has Ii lde Vel5'~ry libteral C111l).
I P FRitLg a8r r aiit a I e litils with ;a fll, of the very
P I LLS. Iest 111 hIn .Lti0llt iii tile Country and fo r
ASA",, (7~.01 lei lc, it c tii seid for it hole yeali
NVEIRE KNOWN TO FAIL. ii i I. x iiid
WAL! G- -ted 1 4"." L I.L 6 ,"-aiI
tI,-, w 1 c ~...' 4..l~.'4L .70

o 1,]d ttS t. Auuit Ii I, R: LY 1 50ll l~ L

nh,, 1) f '),4 1-;1, 11 2 %!51

H111 3 Suppositoryl Citicim,. i-l'.ar 44 4t4 I 'ii a t veek
P.ILESf..44 ~..4,.'.I', hrge pagis each issue .. ., .
errfllet, r. C, rl,, 4i'4
4..4 fr4.4..,,d.r.1. t.11,'r A tmilti~t i t'uie tit itit~i, '' . I1 7 f
It...H-k W V., rlt- TI,',. i--H--lN Y. ,Wo i'd (tItiHrie a wevk)... .. . 1 75
f~tou; D.J1 .M, 6l. Clak Touo, T i, 'llt
Ia 4ricof 23 Y-, I ~I-- ity 14.d Th C04.4.lian ..4..4..4..5.44. 4..07
ftual 50 C.- 711 t-*, lri 4. ri olF ...i . ... ...........
53 ~-Ki4,'cgl.a.MARTIN RUDY, LANCASTER, PA. 'I(I414,. . .15
l', Fr a,i yr 0" ~t etof the above jul licit.
Sold at St. A ndrc-s IBay, F1a lot. ill4111.4..11.41 aill4 the BUOY, od.
At Dr. Mitchell's Drug Stt~re. isll ittio IIBO,
tw Call for 14 l.Otl.IA itd w,l 's 13ati',F.al

To Cure a Cold in One Day .

Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tabets on every
Seven Million boxes sold in pat 12 months. ThiS signature,'. A;r't- box. 25U,


A ; rA
High Grade.

i. if:y Good"'-.


I.l lit,. Ii 4
4444 '41,' ~ 1.1.. 54' u i' l sl' :1 I 1
It 4.14. I l plo w, I :4~ 4 4[ i i. 4 ta
We tbIaI~iintinudeiL rake. '.e s'ih',
k.. Mo it w'tam1 1044.' a'Lttgitiow "ti
Hwtfil t I i 44. PLHlf4'ilci hsM,114

'1 -




T vR oc











t~Mor~-r-rrrrrsrnrrmaru~ Icr rr*r~~n*_ur --,~-r~-~~nrrru~x-rr. -

... .. 1 I .... ... 1

31 1~ ~- I~r c

=-- J._.l


A t'A i. c nrl A -

~------~ .--- ~~- ---~~- -----~ -~-~~.~~. ~. ~ ~-~~~ ~


---1 1 --L II





'l's,' '



f I' .. .:.' 1 i ... i Ti L; r'i. o.),rr
c U,'ilu' ot ua!" g T.).in.ld A ',.',.1 .!-, ,' I Ir 4i.- d. I .i .1 Iii th

us so, it EVO'-ci o). tbut h ,rw ,f .. l,. 2i ,I 2 ,, ,,r 'IL bt, m'4r
replillvd [ 's nnoI Hardy. 1, r' , ..i !..' 1 ,. 7 A I _1 .i
-.od slrtrer had the br li kt :u I, r :. I ; . ... I' .. n
,lr1 and"- '.. or tr. -..u is i, .i -d in
1) hlir.n. lore one an.Oilh-r!'" ILU Ih b .Ct'.uI'it.v.
SPolly. --
i O hi'r ll-lr't TLat Isn't1 '1Whot Baddhl m llim-d to D[o.
Sister Ellfu couldn't hlii The I;r,.l.. .- r.- ip i.i <.I u:, l
hearing parrot arouild hrr p,. i' ii tl -...--il.i n F) i' -." I_., a iI
,sd with this bird day n ai nd ( ir\ itr rlii : i.- p! i iil .1, I ;, rui','. did.
"- I,,it [1 ";' .i, a- s ..I'.".-','-" ,r ,l -
go to ri nk '' salid POil.y. ,!., i L- t ;s -,"tr.', 1. 1 ..l o .,r,,. h.x
sister anid Aunt Sually wnalk'd iI _,I i- i- r Illi -..-' I 4, ,li u '. T, i' _,
-thb r Fh, l.ltn-,;I t eir bh ,;iis I i;, ':t-. I -...... .. y .**,I '*ii
im we..I at'tr hlis pig it 1.t: ,, ryh.l-_ r . .i .***',i i ,r Ir. 1.
bourt Ien sA i.n Hlirdy i a ud *ii rt.'rri d ,',, r ,Ii. 'r ii-.' 4-I ,,,l ,j i, lull,.
d it 'nach ottirr l'or a loun : .,iiil ii.i-al,' ii .' r.r4- ,. l.uil.ira.,
thrn ll' S! lid !i l. ... '.Il.1 liu tl,.I t .'i.hii il w '.ru,
b.- I .r,f I !li-' 'I i .' I 1 . 1' i ,i- a t.iar,
m u.t l..- .ift li hi'- i bo U l r ir l.. -.,k !I .-i,,r l - I 0 il I! -.I
Si. It.- .f lu I A1.1 I.- r- ii. lI ... i. d :
t.. .ng his necla nnti elpes. Most of then perhaps cling to
S ., k garden. I'oor the Brahamic survivals in Buddhism,
4. :'.4,, YS*.he i-ist hare the gods, the fairy tiles, more closely
of' ..... i it( prot!" than to the doctrine of renunciation.
II.. -- It is a hospitable religion and has
n,, many nmansions. But it did 1lim at do-
e.*,", 4 iJ:1.'1"lle a curious Ing away with the sacredness of caste,
S1,, ..,'t m,.-, it proving all men to be equally hu-
I ,,.. .., 4 i i -, .. 1 .,." -.in .i-lly capable, as fIir as social
S'"4 ' ' ..' .' II'.., I a o, of moral excellence. In
., ..' 'w. .*, :.1,, i. w., I.- 'hl '* 1 1., -. where BuddhismD most di-

S1, r 1.-'. I T h-e a snecoss. The east sys-
I iiI its Indiani mitniteness hias
D "itt, 4 e11 Buddhist do,.trine. "B14l-
S!.1,', .I l -0h 1"r, dI .N .' il :-, f,r the soul and the gods for the
,, '.'I. a old Cinigaleso saying, slill
-',.. t .-'. ,,l- nf l,,- U .- Ni" ., that popular supe'rstltJon. H u-
Id lt, I.' LhrII h:trutre cannot be boxed up in ia
.1 r st.-i --London News.

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