Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: February 15, 1900
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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First Last, and all the


Washington Couniy
N. A1)

NV c,, t Lo r id a
fj ai m, tt ht ~I d,



FEB. 15. 1900.

NO. 47.

- '~~S ~ -


Siii.ato6- Ron. Sam'l Pasco, Monticello,
lion S. R. Mallory, Pensacola.
- es-entacives-IstDistrict, S.M.Spark-
-inSa, Tampa; 2d District, R. W.
).a vita-, Palatka.
Land Ofidee-Rlgister, W. G. Robinson;
Receiver-H. 8. Chubb, Gainesville.
;inernor-W. D. Bloxham; Secretaty of
State. J. L. Jt'awford; treasurerr J. B.
Wt .'ifhild; Attorney General Win. B. La-
ianr; Compi'atrOller,W H. Reynolds; SL.-
erintt de t dit I 1'uhlic InstructionI, W .
N. Sheats; Comiutis-i.-ir't r of Agricul-
ture, L. 1. Womblwell; Ad'utant Ge -
eral, Patrick H'lunton. Ta llian .r,
F i al i !i;trict- S. R. .M.0l1.-ry. Pen-kacol:
.econl Disis r t,n*amin P.i sco M.,nti,:ll..
. vrArE ,:,N AT.'R.
. .- ...., r>' ., 6 1 I4 L'.' rL Wrk-

p-, If I. I U A /
vali itchka.
Bepresenlative. W. ColunLn. Vernon;
County Judge, D. D. Melvin, Vernon;
Clerk ..I Court, County Clerk, Recorder
of Deeds, W. B. Lassitter, Vernon;
Sheriff. O. G. Allen, Chipley; Treasurer,
G. J. Parish, Vernon; Tax Collector, A.
Q. Jones, Vernon; Tax Assessor, J.
W Williams Chipley; Superintendent
of Public. Instruction, W. L Lockey,
Chipley; Surveyor, P. L.HornOrange
Justice of fthe Peace. W. L Singleterry;
Notary Publics, W. A. Emmons, C. H.
Crippen; .Deputy Circuit Court Clerk.
W. A. Emmons: School Directors, i.
F. Brackin, W. I. Singletary, L, M.
Ware; Post Mster, L. M. Ware
Postmistress, Mrs. M. B. Jenks.
Postmaster; Henry Bovis.
?ostmaster and Notary Public, W. H.
?ostmistress, Mrs. Hasselborg.

Postmaster, S. W. Anderson
postmaster, Mrs. R.Gay.
Postmaster, O. C. Tompkins.
Postmaster, WV. F. Woodford
Postmistress, Mrs. Dyer.
Postmaster, P. N. Hutchinsou.
rostoffice on Laird's Mill Bayou.

Sotary Public, Frank Hoskins; Postmas-
ter,lthos. J. B. Mauger; County Com-
missioner, Hiram M. Spicer; Deputy
Clerk of Courts. S. T. Walkloy.
.Methodist Episcopal-.Church Wmliti g-
(on a IL Vi -i -d -i TFr r ,- -P *iu .- v-
erv ai and3d Suuday at I1 .i. in. it nd T
p. i'. Sunday school at,3 p. n. mRev. U.
Tasker, pastor.
Baptibt-Church, cor. Wyoming ave.
and.Cincinnati at. Services by pastor on
Wednesday evening before 2d Sinday,
and Saturday at 7 p. .n., before, and 4tt
Sunday, 11 a. in. and 7 p. in. Pcayer
meeting Wednesdav night otter 1st and
3d Sunday xch zonth. Sunday school
every Sunday, 10 a.m. Rev. S.L. Loud-
vermilk, pastor
Presbyterian-Church corner Lora ine
avenue and Drake street; Rev. R. J.
icIlwain pastor; preaening on second
Sunday of each month at 11 o'clock a. m.
And rt 7 p. m. Sunday School at 9:30
a. min. every Sunday, John Sturtock, Supt.
3atholic-Church corner Wyoaning ave-
*nue and Foster street.
The northern mail, via Anderson, Gay,
Bayhead and Chipley departs every day
except Sunday at 3:00 o'clock; a. m.;
arrives every day except Sunaay at
7:40 p.m.
Cast Bay mail for Harrison, Cromanton,
Parker, Farnedale and Wetappo, leaves
St. Andrews going east every morning
at 6 o'clock and leaving Wetappo at
1 o'clock, arrives, coming west every
evening at 7 o'clock.
SCHEDULE OF RATES:-For each five
aninutes, or fraction thereof, use of
Between St.Antrews Bay &Gay.... 15c
,, Bayhead 20c
,, ,, Chipley. 35c
Chipley & Bayhead........ 25c
4 44 Gay ............ 30e
Bayhead &Gay........... 10c
For transmission by telegraph 10c.
extra, not including telegraphic service.
W. A. EMMONS. Gen'l Mgr.

- TT_4. t'MMJYt _

Deputy Circuit Court Clerk and No-
tary Public for the State at Large; has
jurisdiction to administer oaths, take
affidavits, legalize acknowledgments,
etc., anywhere in Florida. Special at-
tention give to landconveyances and
to marriage services, and license issued
to lawfully qualified parties. Office at
the BUOY Office, St. Andrews Bay.

Homeopathic .Physician and Ac-
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-
gan street,
St.,Andrews -. Floridas

Physician and Druggist, Commerce at.,
east of Bayview, Offers his professional
services to the citizens of St. An-
drews and vicinity. Residence on Buena
Vista avenue.
Notary Public.
Willattend promptly to all business de-
mmudinghis attention. Office on Bay-
view street, one block northeast of T.
0C Danford's 'store

Attorney at Law,

igWiLahd Titles and Collections I
make a Specialty,

One collar a Year in Advance.

Editor and Proprietor.
Display ad rates 50c per inch per mouth
Position and extraordinary condition
rates subject to special agreement.
"Local Drift," 5c per line, first insertion
2)1c each subsequent. Display local
double above rates.

A Recipe for Success.
How is it I have prospered so? Hew is
it I have struck -
TIrOucLl"ihat the hull-of my ka-reer jest
one Ilong -,trcaIk of luck.
Inti.-lijuni'.', yotinf man: that's all. I
i- n r, .H.:f ,_,'--
'Tis jeLL iIIt.'llijitU c: an' bra' in- aan
strai;1it-ouit intellec'.

.W'en I git up I'm allus sure to dress my
right foot first,
Or put my drawers on wrong side out,
or:hev my vest reversed,
For them are signs you'll hev good
luck; an eddicated man
Knows all them signs an' shapes his
life on a consistent plan.

I've strewed ol' hoss shoes down the
road for something' like a mile,
An' I go out and hunt 'em uo a-every
little while;


Casualties ot the Great SItalrim

---III Effects ol Protecvi ion.
alan. 20. P-11.1'i.

Dear Bua.): The town is .,1:11 .lIi.,,
with verve little change. g . a il.- li.-
erally correct, for if we ihl I.l,',%, ..I,
"change" it would be all rih,i; h I
times are hard and likely : inii iii
so until another crop is raised.
The steamers from the st.e-, It ,I,.
brought very few passengers util 1.-
day. The steanihhip Arca.lin ,i..i a
i fn IuNr i :I ".. aith ti c I ...-. -
f t' ',.; Lu t th ,l l', .l .e .ll ll\ -e t,,,. ,'

maily laJios and .:hiil.lr iu- all ,\ lit,.2
Such a lot of "lily-whiteo" looked
well; "although we are half white
The following important items are
gleaned from the census of this island
just taken: Population, 956,779
Drowned by flood in the Augnus
storni, 1,294; wounded, 195; killed
by same storia, 890; wounded, 2,569
And the following damages: Coffee
crop, 18,332,510 pesos-Spanish dol(




But if you fin' a hoss shoe. wyoure

sure to prosper then,
A fao' that is familiar to eddicated men.

A cat's tail p'intin' to'ds the fire, it is
an awful sigi;
But I heyv counteracted it with every
cat of mine;
If my cat's tail should p'int that way, it
wouldn't give me scares;
I'd go in my back entry then an' simply
fall up stairs.

It's a good sign to fall up stairs' an'
counteract the cat;
An' that's the way I shape my life, I
balance this with that.
I see four crows-bad sign. I know-
might scare a man that's bolder;
But I ",st wait and see the moon rise
over my right shoulder.

The moon it couatei acts the crows; and
balances the other,
For one is jest wlped out, you see, an'
canceled off by t'other;
I hear a dog howl in the night; it don't
give me no dread,

han' idu ti; b.,. 'l.

An' so I've prospered all my life by jest
a little brains,
Intellijunce, young man, that's all, an'
intellect' an' brains.
'Tis ignorance' makes men fail. An'
wisdom-nothin' less-
In hghtunmunt and knowledge, sir, can
brineam a man success.

-Saiun Walter Foss.

Our Home Commander.
With laudations elate you may prate of
tne great
Of mankindcthat were born to com-
Sing your lustiest chant to Napoleon
and Grant,
To Lee and our Washington grand,
But your loudest acclaim will be tame
when the same.

destroyed, 7,345.702 pesos; to live
stock of all kinds, 4,510,074; cane
crop, 3,245.045; provisions destroyed,
896,929; fruits, 475,589; tobacco,
859,973; industries. 299,903; other
effects, 191,929; making a grand to-
tal of 35,889,013 pesos. So between
the storm and Uncle Sam's foolish-
Less, we are about wilted.
The most important improvement
under way here is the building of a
dock or whart-maelle, as it is call-
ed in the' Spanish tongue-the old
bluff wall dock not being sufficient to
accommodate one-third of the ships.
This dock is, of course; Yankee en-
terprise and the work is being done
by experienced American workmen,
as the natives did not have the nec-
essary skill to do it. When com-
pleted, it will be a great accommoda-
tioon to the sh',ll i..l , LIutl it ill .I.--

Two shiploads of spruce piling,
boiled in coal tar and saturated to
the heart are piled up on the shore
and the natives are watching the
huge pile driver send them home-a
sight never before seen in these parts;
but it puts me in mind of San Fran-
In my last I told of a three-cor-
nered fight on Christmas morning,
between the natives, soldiers and po-
lice. Well, as I hinted, all were not
satisfied with the outcome, so the na-
tives in the upper and hardest part
of the town gathered stones, bricks,
etc., upou the tall house-tops, to

to I *.,~. ~ a; I, -. ~ A I I a. 2.Li~ h a
taluuzt t~. t~ itj j~*. .It..k ta~. 1 L,. tIi V, T' -

,; \'li'*ini liI f 'i

a Ia lit, .I t a i% 1 1
o' i n i i'nl eit .CtelitA
m illt i t]i a o.i itnea.i ,l
a l. t lh 'o :i i e i i I
. ... ,

(:t c--tat I.

"ta .l r,- l, I 10.11'1.I1 J' 1l t i :'1u l ,'.

iv' Ia t I-I,,,-,t-O,1 I., % d A- I

Lt'll :, l~calcj CtZ, .Int ,,tlaIt e., ari'
plentiful ,g.ini,. and i .- l at about
one cint each in AI .-it 4a nmoney
while bananas are few iioi trifling,
but thev are growing All right again.
Large cargoes of relief provisions
have been distributed in the ilau-d
iincea the storm. This may honey
up the natives some; but will not
have so much tendency to turn
American capital and enterprise loose
here as would free trale to the states,
and the United States has not only
lost all this time, but it will take
years to restore that lost confidence;
for that "Army of 'Liberation" has
disappeared and its leader, Miles, hu-
miliated, and the Army of Subjuga-
tion has taken its place and we 'uns
are all "subjugated victims."
This seems to be a gala day and
there are many large Spanish flags
floating. I asked why, and was told
that it was the king's birthday. We
can't blame them, for Uncle Sam is
not using them fairly.
Yours very truly, I. J. HUOHES.

"English BankerS' Rule."
Mr. Bryan says he holds to the
silver issue as paramount because he
will not rest white' a-'few English
bankers "rule sev nty million Amer-
icans." If he believed, this-he is
ab.-ut ten years beh itrd the day-we
ers, and Nev 1 a,]:k
er, and New Yrk ill soon be the
financial capital of Cht.istendom in-
stead of London. oe now sell more
than we buy from Europe, and she is
sending our mortrages and bonds
home to pay for thebread and bacon
-soon she will be offering us mort-
gages on her railwa i, and asking us
to discount her ivernment 3-per
cents. Mr. Bryanhould look into
these matters while ,he is lecturing in
the enemy's country Massachusetts
and all republicaud )m now ask for
"open ports," which is but the cant
phrase for free tradj and converts for
democracy should b gained rapidly

throw down on the Americans, and in the tee east 4us beginning to
fe e ea { t beinigt

Is compared with the name on the there was a rumor afloat that one see the star o hter salvation shining

Of history's page that presents to the
Our little commander-in-chief.

American was hurt.
In the meantime the military sent
a squad to patrol the streets at night;
so they tried it on the soldiers. A

He's a'mideet of men that has ne'er native threw a rock that missed the

wielded a pen
Or a sword in fierce battle's array,
And though martial affairs are no Dart
of hisicares
Yet a conquest is his every day.
For no foe to his whim braves a contest
with him
1-). 4. L- A 1, ; -

soldier, and was about to throw an-
other when he was stopped short by
a ball which the soldier sent crashing
through his body, and he tumbled
like u squirrel from a tall tr'be, onto
the hard pavement below. The fall

But the struggle's decisive and brief,
Fr t s nn in th n th would have killed him if he had not
For .there's none In the list can the wu

overhead in the ser
our statesmen hav
the eyes kept dov

ne blue to which
so long.directed
n on the mire of

earth's foul ways. Truth is mighty
and is hi...'ailig- he ,,ll a.de ocratic

truth.-' TiInes-Uni i
A Phild
A Northerli hutl'
dently a 1, h' 'ph,
business card and
of it prints the -loll
Tennyson or L..

n and Citizen.

lnakelr who is evi-
r has g.tlt-n out a
a the reverse side
i\\ iIg" remarks:
,-'oll,w. could takel

power resist been shot- and he was buried so qui- a -ortless s.t . p
Of our little commauder-in-chief otly it was nearly a week before I
i,,,ii otl it aid ni m e it t], a ,t $ ;5,
You may call him a tyrant and try to heard of it. Now I could not swe.ar tlhi T'iat's getti h0
- .a _t _ to all this, but I h ave it frnm : 1 e
heard of it1., N ow I coull n.,,te a few word.t

Our, sub, mission to rulu such as hi-,, source tha t Ia ttaio.-.g-cT. "': .
-i a ll ijet ," al-er :,t,,l falh ft
But there's that in his eyes that resist- able or a t- ,a t-er T '
ance defies, t' these i worth $5t.)11ii..0,000. TI'hat's eaiital.
B e it crafties, or whateveBut these violent acts were so The United States can take
Be it craft, or whatever it is, .- 1.. .. The United States' can take 1

And e'en when in sleep he ,seems deep
and we creep
From his thraldom for needed relief,

heartily disapproved by all the better
class of Spaniaids and natives, and
so vehemently frowned down that

If he move but his thumb we do hum- that there will be little danger of any

bly succumb
To our little commander-in-chief.

Ah! would that the might -of all rulers
were quite
Of the sort I have pictured aboye,
Where the victor were he that was
destined to be
So crowned throughh concession of
And would to each home might the in
fluence come-
We muse of all others with grief-
That would cause to espouse Lthe pure
motive that bows
To a little commander-in-chief.
-Boston C,,urier.

F. B. Thirkhead, Health lns ieeior of
Chicago, says, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure can-
not be recommended too highl). It cured
me of severe dyspepsia." It digests what
you eat and cures indigestion, heartburn
and all forms of dyspepsia. R. F. Brack-
in & Son '

more rock throwing.
There has not been so much rain
of late and the weather is quite pleas-
ant; but the sun does not forget to
warm things up in the middle ot the
xxr.. ll. ;., , . ,,t o .,,. .

ounces of gold, stImp an eagle bird
on it and make it ~ithl $20. That's
A mechanic Ian take material
worth $5 make it ii.to watch springs
worth $1,000. T lat', skill.
A merchant cai take an article
worth 75e and .sil' it for $1. That's
business. -
A lady can luy a hat tfor 75c, lbut

oIC etl Lin thaLii sa- iaE lni$ j.

so much so that the hospital would
be quite idle if it were not for the
cripples, and they seem to haye niore
of these here than anywhere else.
They have what they call a house of
succors (casa de socorres) where they
take people hurt or wounded, acci-
dentally or otherwise, to have their
wounds dressed, before passing then
on to the hospital. This casa de so-
corros is a free institution and sorms
to-be well patronized and fills a want,
as I believe, felt throughout the

A ditcher waoil
and handles sever*
$1.25. That's lal

"I am indelt,.rt I,
Cure for my h.:--ltl-1
of lung t-oubl)Ie I',:,
hands owe their la., -
of this never 1 11.i
cough.t cold- rnie
I ia, .'.: .. a 'il tlit,,
Its early usn pr'-,. '
is the only i.11 nit.
i rl;.ll trtc n 'r i In

s teu hour a day
hi tons of earth for

Orn, Miruto Cough
i.d lilt. It cared m5
i ng 'gripp.," Thous-
t,.: the prompt action
i remedy. It cures
SlroInclitia,. peumno-
Ji and iunca troubles,
;Ia consumption. It
remedy that gives
"' EracLiu & Smuu

And as they marched down the aisle
she showed him that the supposed
prayer book wasn't a prayer book at
all. It was a camera.
"It's my own idea, George," she
whispered. "Clever, isn't it?"--Cleve-
land Plain Dealer.
A Famous Eagle.
The eagle which originally decorated
the stern of the famous schooner yacht
America which first won what is now


known as the America's cup, is now the To make paper fireproof nothing
sign of the Royal Eagle hotel at Ryde, more is uneessar.y than to saturate the
Isle of Wight, overlooking the scene of paper in a strong solution of alum wa-
the vessel's triumph over her English i ter, anmd whu thoroughly dry it will
competitors in 1851. rcist the ationu of flamc.

,t_ :, o i 11 L o [) t ;i I' ll T 1- -, V.'.
.\ i. i' t 11 \.! ,-i', .-, Cr,-. 111
ha il ra i ,! I ': ,-': : i ra I ,r i t, !
b'. 1 l I ;. Ax I > j, a, it 'a it -tt.l
I, t ':-, .. :: i- f'-I a. u l a t' I.'! a t o
I :.. ..I L .\ .i. .-: : v. l,.- -l.-.l
L i. i. I In 1 .' i O r. I l, \t' l .'L '. -
t.ra p iiu [; t.lr. pi '. n It ]'-. ii.'-an r, ;liid
i.,.-'i', V .."? n",[ a Imii.,iu. it [ou lu w,.
(.ilt'e Il[f I,..i. l" ih' n J .thllui inj "rul
:f'. uL ,..I b! ,ou t r"l .i l. [, .ii 0 *1i ,; !, ) re-

h,: r'..:, i '.T.*. tle- p l-l :- dt.r v.'bl.d t*Lr, d' *+
started the train was close behind, a d-1:
he had just time to swing himself ',-.*r
the side of the bridge as the -o:,mmritve.
thundered by. The ends of the ties
were slippery with grease from drip-
ping axle boxes, and his foot slipped
wide as he left the track. His right
hand, stretched blindly out before him,
touched a round iron bar, bracing two
parts of the bridge, and, with a grip
like that of a drowning man, his fin-
gers clasped around it. For a moment
he swung in empty air. In another his
left hand had found a place beside his
right, and his feet touched the wel-
come edge of a brace below. With
bleeding fingers clutching the slender
iron bar that vibrated widely from side
to side, moments seemed hours.
At last the train passed, and the
young man was able to climb slowly to
the track above. Unnerved by the try-
ing experience, he lay for a moment
stretched across the rails and, then
rising to his feet, with blanched face
and unsteady limbs, made bis way to
firm ground.--Cleveland Leader.

Economical Way of Doing Business
on a Connecticut Farm.
Joe McCormick of the International
Pulp company tells a delicious story of
paper making in Connecticut, which
shows that operating a mill is not such
a serious matter as these big proprie-
tors would have us believe. Strolling
along the countryside in haymaking
time, Mr. McCormick happened on a
little paper mill which buzzed merrily
in a shady dell, with everythl "n- clean
and sweet around it. A look in the
ouilce showed no one there, and the vis-
itor then wandered over the mill, hop-
ina to find some one to wViom heo could
talk business. Thie nnachine wa buhum-
that there should be no one in attend-
ance. But even shouting failed to bring
forth signs of life. and Mr. McCormick
was about to leave when he spied
some men in a hayfield some distance
"I say." he called out to the nearest
one when he got within hearing, "who
run;- this mill?"
"I do," -wats the reply.
"Well. who's the owner?"
"Why. I am, to be sure."
"Do yoru mean to say thit the mill
runs itself ?"
"Cert. We start her up at 6 in the
no;ain., a :d she runs till 6 In the
'venii '. This mill's been wveaned.
';ta-;a:;'e:': ~sie don't need a nurse.
S'm titg in hay she puts half
a ton of paper ou the roll. Gee up.
es:s.--'t i)' r Tradc Journal.

lRath'r curiously Iloxane in "Cyrano
de ner:r' ne" l)acn;r.s to the modern
type x)iV. ;a'e f"'rom them days of
theb, i tel.(: Io ;'ambuilh'i t auil has al-
wvys :mamd its votaries in Frauce. To
those D-recieotses mere conversation
wa.1s oaie b,-6se. They liked declama-
tions: <:isc.ss:ou, iot on the right of
WOmi!a!i to ih' he hllot. but w-hether she
shown 'l lhe h;,lil -t little hi,' her thnn the
angiieis cr (ciiisent ito e beloved. This
phaule of ,'tci(oslty led up to the
French l s 'n. v-loere that hothouse
fir.-: m:;,;) t)f o ''ii -'ir;,.: aia i;at>'x ili<'-tl i;l bi'il
Sof .'i: t'. .isi .fo;n;d its tlo.-.t ac-
le-p.al lli, pi 'a e.
i:n'. (:; n..:i x:i, w.ovhoe advice may be
;iai'] to a I.,' f'orn'i'i a whole genera-
tion o0f il;. a iiir xo-u.:i used to pre-
scritie the sao j (:Act of;' lCin for dinner
i.' 1 "' ./, '. ,' h .' i . f i V .'-

I' I" .t'it T . rr '-. ,

p)hilo'ofr;v: v-wih four., sentinent, ro-
naniati" arlventiiri.'; with two. talk of
youriseif; egoism belongs to- the tete-a-
tote." Ellen Oluey Kirk in Lippiu-
Tie isIung Passion.
The cler:gyman had finished, and tlhe
organ was p, ai':m. forth the sonorous
rapture of the Mendelssohn march.
"One n:oment, George," saMi the ra-
diant bride, and facing t e audience
she raised her 'exquisitely bound.
though somewhat bulky, prayer book
in her daintily gloved hands and point-
ed it directly at the brilliant audience.
There was a sharp click.
"All right, George," said the bride;
"come along."

(t is About tie Most Trrrible Insect
i iet i tle World.
"Nothln- that han ever been written
LouIt tihe arctic tinoiqlnito ,-;ns to
come tup o the real thliina," said a guest
n the t. ('Charles co:Tior the ,,ti'i.r
.*v,i; )n. "I weut i:up the Ynk:m river
i n thl,. suntle'r n f IS18i, representing
t.L z ii; o d ; tDominion Tr.ading
< mpir '-i, ml Io \V- ;e t 'lCk i sIasq t.lit. s al6
11n ag ,.utwe i; to t Ltils. Th;y a.re
tvice I;s !: ; s o lut failiar l,ayoiu
s 'ecies;. a;d theirlr slt ng is like the p)i'od
of a hot tw(-l'e. They sweep ai"ong- the
v. Il .. ini dense clo tlIs. and if they
catch a ni;ii Udinpl'ipared thly. are liable
to blind im: befoQl'(,e 'Ca enu es;,ca~ I
hl ri stotiois ,;' -i; l i',:. -i n i to
1 'i :.-..i .u, ra adily n t live thetu.
"'. e* W wvillinshore we Nvore
healy .. n us. a Idt l k th t ut lost

- **,+*.* (. .i .... ....' r i' ,.

,' : 7., .' ,' ". I "','-: .1. ' .I, "
least *** 1i an tm l his fe t
xwere so terribly intl'anwd that the shoes
had to be cut off.
"Another man, a fireiuman in the boat
crew, got dr-a.ik (Io Al;i ,in \Viky one
afternoon iiand hly down tlo i;k *u n;1 )
.a a 0corn'Ir o0' thi e Lgi i':- rtootn. I uo-
ticed him n a little iaiter i nd was narri-
fled at the solid brown mass of nlos.
quitoes that hbid settled on a snaill ex-
posed section of his cheek nndl throat.
In an hour his face was swollen out of
all rese'i.'i'IIn p to alnyti in ,lli an- l lie
wans Iniai to t'. wallov' ;iud wav" s hliuri-.
it,;g wvth f':"f,er. It \vs a woeer hi'foare
he :.-; ;! to be alo)iit. I saw a !n'
ber cf ;it, i'e near Fi;:'ot II lalilton that
had t.en ade sione blind by stings
n1-nr, the eve.
"Thi ar(-cT foothill mios'qnito Is with.
out doubt the Inost terrible insect pest
in the world."-New Orleans "'m,..-,

He Tried to Assert lls Independence,
but Fcile.d 2Iisc.rably.
The writer remembers a good many
years ago when the late lizekiel Clarke
was a 'imnvmber of the state senate from
Johnson county. It Is well know that
the senator or member from .Johnsou
county is always expected to get a
large appropriation for the state uni-
versity. To fail would be political
death. Senator Clarke was anxious
to succeed and (luring the early part
of the session voted for everything.
If another senator had a bill. all he
had to do was to go and whisper In
Ezekiel's car. and he would vote "aye."
One day., however, Ezekiel came into
the sem nta with hair cut and a clean
'e.. '. l t.i t '. : .I iL a 1 13 seat and
t. *.n -P, -siaulghier ;t.t and. l.f t.
State Senator George F. Wr'ilbt look-
ed across to where the senator from
Johnson was sitting and inquired what
change had come over the senator
from Johnson county. The other sen-
ator replied that the appropriation bill
for the state university had now pass-
ed both houses, and the senator from
.Johnson was going to make up for
lost time.
Clarke kept on punching heads until
the senator from Jefferson, Moses A.
McCo:d. rose and solemnly introduced
a bili for an act entitled "An act
rep)'a!inli the appropriation for the
state university." A broad smile pass-
ed around the room. and everybody
except the senator from Johnson saw
the joke. But the spirit of levity pass-
ed away from Senator Clarke. Lie at
once assumed his humble attitude, and
the other boys voted him as usual dur-
ing the renmalnder of the session.-Des
Moines Capital.

The Architect.
One must wonder why It really is
that so little is, said or thought about
architecture, the grandest, the mother,
of all arts, a great. a most useful, scI-
ence, one in which a greater revolution
has lately taken place and in which
more progress has been made, with
more stupendous results, than In any
other, remarks a writer in The Inter-
national Magazine.
Was it not Richelieu who, paraphras-
ing an ancient writer, said: "If it is
versatility you seek, go find an archi-
tect. He must be an artist, or his
buildings will offend the eye; an engi-
neer. Qr they will crumble into trouble;
a lawyer, or he will get his patrons in-
to trouble: a doctor, or his buildings
will be hygienically unfit to live In,
and. last. but not least, he must be a
k- a-'--.;*. or we Will have nothing to
do with him."

Time to Give Up.
An Iowa judge recently related an
amusing incident that had occurred In
his court when a colored man was
brought up for some petty offense. The
charge was read. and as the statement
"The state of Iowa against John

L1~LUrr- rrr-

The Trick by Which Ile bOte Got d
Wo mani s Ilrsxe.
Jack Piggott. the noted 1.ick-lirlat;
used to tell a funny story a.',ult thd
dilliculty he had in picking the pocket
of a fashionably dressed woman whd
vwas k;oking. in at the window of
Shreve's .' .,l r. store. It illustrated
the. hardships that the li;'hli in,,.'c,,
gentry are forced to enduirein the pur-
suit of their profession and when first
rclated, .was considered amusing not
only by I ...,it. but by the ltany to
whom be coilitded his experience.
It was a cold winter evening, and the
lady ou whose purse Pigmg )t had designs
stood looking at the holiday liflery -o'
I1 pr.T :::. ,I '.. I. Piggott said
that lie ti.' .i all the arts known to his
craft 0for the extiction of thle ,. ilri.t
but all in \.l i. ... il. as a last resort;
. a, I . I* u. In' .u l. i i l .i I h la lrt.i.l.\ .
Sat'.* nT f~t , .i_.---..' _,_a____- ____a
1 *.-- I a ma ny I i i i1.1ng
V,. L ll.h .r it 1-. I.. ', 1,. : il ,." dnillg
let ,'' of her pocket hook that she was
ca Ir* ;1 i in the pocket of her coat.
It was only an instant, but it was
long enough for the expert plh.iiii kit
to get In his work, and when she put
her hand back her money was gone;
and in the crowd around her she could
not identify the pale faced, fashiona-
bly dressed young man at her side ai
the person who I 0d robbed her, and
If she had accused him there would
have been no proof against him, as
the swag was at once passed to a pat
who stood ready to receive it and run.
Piggott was Inot e('venI ;are''t-'id fir that
crime, and the lady's ludii:'rous oiulcrie'
furnish d material for uil!rth- long aft;
er.-Sau Francisco Bulletin.

Something hat Pracetlenlly Any Mavn
Can Do Througlh Self Dental.
"There are some men' of genulus,'i
said Mr. Nitiiiit.L y, "who accumulate'
great fortunes by great strokes, but
by far the greater number of fortunes,
including those of moderate dimen-
sions, and these form the great mu-
jority of all, are made by the very simn'
pie process of living within one's in-
come and Investing the surplus with
more or less wisdom, but always where
It will be safe.
"The older I grow the more amazed
I am that more people don't lay up a
competence for themselves, as most
anybody can do, by beginning early in
life to live within their income and
sticking to that course faithfully. Did
I do this myself? No. Am I, how-
ever, having learned the wisdom of
this course, now making a beginning?
I am obliged to say 'No.' I am still
s[peudlug all I. get and laying by noth-

"There are some lessons that we allt
easily acquire, but never turn to out
own advantage. One of these Is of the
benefits that arise from the exercise'
of self denial. W'e get from this at
once the direct benefit of what wd
save, and self denial nourishes,
strengthens and broadens thie will and
enables a man constantly td do and tao
earn more and more.
"There's simply nothing like self de-
nial. It is the key to every one of
life's treasures, aud everybody bas
one of those golden keys In his posses-
sion, eager to help him and v, :iitinri

Jones" was read in a loud voice the
colored man's eyes bulged nearly out
of their sockets and he seemed over-
come with terror and astonishment.
When he was asked if he had anything
to say or pleaded guilty or not guilty,
he gasped out:
"Well. yo' honah. -ef de whole state
o' Iowa is ag'in dis one pore niggah I'ze
gwine to give up right now!"

Showing Hm How.
"You young scoundrel!" said the fa-
ther, seizing his disobedient son by the
hair. "I'll show you how to treat your
And he at once proceeded to show
young hopeful the way by banging him
across ilie ears two or three times and
then slihaking im until his hair began
to fall out.

-iilh- -2k _~

~~---Mn-----l~lrr~r, 9.--

Dodge Thiem

Did you ever try to dodge the
rain-drops ? Did not succeed
as useless to try to escape from
the germs of consumption. You
can't do it. They are about us
on every hand and we are con-
stantly taking them into our
lungs. I
Then why don't we all have
this disease? Simply because
these germs cannot gain a foot-
hold in a strong throat and
lungs. It's when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body must be well supplied
with fat. The danger comes
when the blood is poor and the
body is thin. If your cough does
not yield, and your throat and
lungs feel raw and sore, you
should not delay another day.



6f Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos-
phites at once. It will heal the
Inflamed membranes and greatly
strengthen them as well. The
digestion becomes stronger, the
appetite better and the weight
increases. The whole body be-
comes well fortified and the
germs of consumption cannot
gain a foothold.
It's this nourishing, sustain
ing and strengthening power
has made it of such value in
all wasting and exhausting
Soc. and $z.oo, all druggists.
SCOTT & DOWNE, Chemists, New Yorks. .


wrlug a Luau

only for birn

to bring it In use."-.Nelw

I) I IU I ULt ~LJAL L I -I' I. -- 1



NOTE.-It must be remembered that the
wind is not a wholly reliable motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possible to make schedule time it. mus t be
charged tothe elements; they do the best
tt ey ean.

The bteamner Alpha arrived Mon-
day morning from Apalachicola on
her way to Mobile, and on account of
heavy seas running on the Gulf, re-
mained over til Tuesday morning
when she steamed out for Mobile,
taking on several passengers at this
The schooner Arial sailed for Pen-
acola Tues-tty afternoun,j heavily
laden with naval stores.


Leaves St. Andrews Bay every Tuesday,
leaves Pensacola every Friday,
(weather permitting). Special atten-
tion will be given to receiving and
forwarding freight for parties living oni
East and North Bay, passengers for
points onl either arm of the Bay can
depend upon securing prompt trans-
portation at reasonable rates. For
further information apply to
L. M. WAKE & Co., Agts


Carries the East Bay Mail between St.
Andrews Bay, Wetappo and intermedi-
ate points. Leaves St. Andrews daily
(except Sunday) at 6:00 a. in.; arrive at
Wetappo at 12:30 p. m.; leave Wetappo
at 1:00 p. mi.; arrives at St. Andrews at
7:30 p. m. Makes landings regularly at
Harrison, Cromanton, P'arkcr, Pitts-
burg, and Farmdale. Freight landed at
any postoffice wharf. For passenger and
freight rates, see rate card in the sev-
eral postoffices.

-To the Deat.---A rich lady, cured
of her Deafness and Noises in the Head
by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums,
gave $10,000 to his Institute, so that
deaf people unable to procure the Ear
Drums ma' have them free. Address No.
12JI The Institute, 780 Eighth avenue,
New York.

A Week's Weather,
The following table gives the maxi-
mum, minimum and mean tempera-
tures, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, fdr the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m., as indicated by U. S.
government self-registering thermom-
eters. Max:Min. Mean. R'n W'd
Feb. 7 68 58 63 .06 se
8 70 61 65 .00 se
9 64 54 59 .33 ne
10 71 55 63 .50 w
11 69 61 65 1.40 se
12 71 65 68 .26 se
13 68 58 63 .85 nw
Forweek...-69 I 59 I 64 I 3.40 I

Parker Lo dge No. 142
F*. &_ A.- IM:.
Regular Coinmuni-
cations on the first
and third Saturday
S in each month.
SVtsiting Brothers
E. PALiER, W. M.
W. A&..EEitose. Secretary

lItade Hi. Bed.
On retueining from the barn early
one morning the old man found his
wife in tea.rs.
"Wha'cher exyin about. Mellssy?"
he inquired.
"'Nother-one--uv our darters-was
stole las' night," she sobbed.
"The redheaded un?" he asked la-
"Yes-pore Mag-she was the best
"Bob Scuttles?"
"Uv course. Hasn't been no other
feller waltin on her. Ain't you goln to
pursue after 'em an arrest 'im?"
"Uv course not," he replied sternly.
"I'm not under obligations to help Bob
Scuttles out uv no difficulty. Let him
go ahead and work out his sentence,
same's I've been a-doin fur the las' 40

year."-New York Truth.
_. .. .. A "Knook-turn."
When J. A. MacNeill Whistler lived
it Chelsea, his peculiarities soon made
him a familiar figure even among the
bargemen, who got to know him as the
artist of their beloved Thames. One
afternoon, while sauntering along the
embankment, Whistler was confronted
by a man who had one eye most ef-
fectively blackened. The artist stop-
ped, and. inquired, "What's the matter,
my good fellow?" The man touched
his hat. "Oh, nothing, sir-merely a
knock-turn In blue and green!"-San
Francisco Wave.
A LonR Way Afterthought.
"That was a pleasing afterthought
off yours." remarked the old preacher
Wlio, had' listened to a sermon' tby one
of' lis .youngest. brethren: "when you
drew upon slw, analogies of nature to
prove the immortality of the- souk"
"An afterthought?" said* the younger
elergynnin in some perplexity.
"Yes. Yon thonwght of it about 2,400
years after Socrates."-Chicago Trib-
In' iPat'wi enc-an Family on' Eaister
Sunday b "ings to the ehurchn-ward flre
al walinni b .h. which; after being
l artlally burned. "is cal'ried( homit to
liep laid on the hIatlh i di'ffng tenipwsts
as a protection against lightning."

Eewis Dennis. SaTem, InT., says, "Kod-
ol Dvspensia Cure did me more good
Mian a.ythiug I ever took." Tt digests,
what You eat and cannot help but cur"
dsapopsia and stomach troubles. R. F.
ack'ihl &4 Sbn..


-Look at Mauger's Advertisement.
-Those Waldo and Florida Gem
peach trees have not yet arrived; but
are expected any day. Place your or-
der at once.
-A good big Tablet for 8 ets and a
good thick school tablet with 175 leaves
for 10ts; all with handsome covers and
good, fuled paper, at the BUOY office.
-The Kalamazoo Celery INerve and
Blood Tonic is the best. A guarantee
certificate goes with every bottle. For
sale at the Pioneer Drug Store, St. An-
drews Bay,
-Our correspondents will please bear
in mind that their favors must be mailed
early enough to reach us not later than
Monday evening; otherwise they cannot
apnear in the current issue.
-Bring your ordinary school ink bot-
tle to the Buoy office and for 5c get it
filled with Arnold's celebrated Chem-
ical Writing Fluid-the very best ink
made. Must have your own cork.
-Just received the finest stock of
perfumes, candies, genuine maple su-
gar, figs, dates, prunes, English car-
rants, apple butter, quince butter mince
meat in bulk at the Pioneer Drug Store.
-Mrs. Brumagen, a widow lady re-
"m y ..-^, ,.>lr t s p, a-b .,- ,t L' .a -- dj V '.
on Sunday last, after a lingering il
ness and was buried at Parker on Mot
day, Rev. McIlwain conducting the ft
neral services.
-A. T. Brock has built a good wove
wire fence around his premises o
r Drake street, and laid a plank sidewal
in front, extending'to Washington avt
enue, which adds much to the appeal
ance and convenience of that locality,
-It you are thinking of buying prop
erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
until you have conferred With the pre
prietor of the BUOY. If you ate short (
money and want to buy on longtime fc
actual settlement you can be accommc
-L. T. Travis, agent Southern R. R,
Selina, Ga., writes, "I cannot say to
much in praise of One Minute Coug
Cure. In my case it worked like
charm," The only harmless remed
that gives immediate results. Cure
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, an
all throat and lung troubles. R. FI
Brackin & Son.
-Capt. Clark of the Alpha informed
the Buoy that he would run -an excur
sion to the Mardi Gras carnival on hi
next trip to Mobile, leaving here o:
Saturday, the 24th inst., and making,
the fare for the round trip $5; but thi
will not include board or state room
The steamer will probably serve meals
however, at a reasonable price,
-The Buoy has a limited quantity c
California sorghum, or sugar cane see&
for sale at 5c. per ounce; 40c. )ner pound
This cane grew ten feet high and tw
inches through at the base on the Buo,
Farm the past season, and is very ried
ini saccharine matter. If ordered bh
mail, add ic per ounce for postage
Also a few Nonesuch strawberry plant
for sale at 50c. per hundred.
-Taxes for 1S99 became due Nov. 1
and all those who are depending upo
the Buoy to attend to the payment c
theirs will, of course, remember that
they have a sufficient tax account cred
it to cover the amount, the payment
will certainly be attended to; but i
they have not such a credit and satisfac
tory arrangement to that end have nc
been made, they just as surely will no
be paid by the Buoy.
-At about 3 o'clockon Monday morse
ing last Mr. Thomas G. Collier, a well
known and highly respected citizen
Gay, on North Bay died quite sudden
of Pneumonia. He was attended b.
Drs.Mitchellof S. Andrews and Fai
rior of Chipley, but all their efforts t
save him were of no avail. Mr. Collie
was bi other-in-law of Mrs. 'A. J. Gay
and no man stood higher than he in th
estimation of all who knew him. H
was 47 years of age and removed to S<
Andrews Bay ten or twelve years ag
from Damascus, Ga. He leaves a wife
herself in delicate health, and tw
small children to mourn his less and i
will be deeply lelt by all who enjoy
his acquaintance.
-On Sunday last at J. N. Brown
Co.'s turpentine camp on North Bay,
negro named Wm. Williams was ex

tracting the loads from a, 44-calibre re
volver and supposed he had them al
removed, when his wife playfully at
tempted to *take the weapon from him
and while thus struggling snapped th,
hammer and to the surprise of boti
husband and wife found that one chami
ber still held a load and the ball fount
its way into and though the negro'.
hand and on into and well nigh through
the fleshy part of his thigh, where Dr
Mitchell, who was called, located an(
extracted it. It4s an ugly looking mis
sile, but the Dr. says the wounds art
not necessarily dangerous. William,,
will doubtless remember that the
"didn't know it was loaded" weapons
are dangerous to fool with.
-There is no better medicine for ba-
bies than Chamberlain's Cough Rem-
edy,. Its pleasant taste end prompt
and effectual cures make it a favorite
with mothers and small children. It
quickly cures their coughs and colds,
preventing pneumonia or other serious
consequences. It also cures croup and
has been used in tens of thousands of
cases without a single failure so far
as we have been able to learn. It
:not only cures croun, but when given
as soon as the' croupy cough appears,
will prevent the attack. In cases of
whooping cough it liquefies the tough
mueu&r making it easier to expectorate,
and' lessen tShe severity and frequency
of theparoxysms oe coughing, thus de-
priving that disease of all dangerous
consequences. For sale by L. IM.
Ware, St. Andrews and Bayliead and
all medicine dealers..

-For Furniture, Springs, Mattress-
es, etc., go to T. C. Danford's.
-The L. B. Q will cure a cold in one
day For sale at the Pioneer Drug
-Handsome letter heads with St.
Andrews Bay date line and views of
either St.Andrews Bluff, or Buena Vista
Point, at 8c. per dozen; also map of the
St. Andrews Bay country on back of a
letter sheet at 12c. per dozan, at the
BUOY office
-The cold waves predicted during
the last week failed to materialize; but
in their stead came a warm wave with
a freshet of rain which is swelling the
fruit buds and opened out a profusion
of wild flowers, and every day's dura-
tion of this high temperature increases


sides the cattlemen, and six meals
were served each day. From the T tfl
dishes that came out to be washed, I
think that each passenger must have 1
used at least six plates at a meal."- At the U OY FARMTvI adjoining
Detroit C Free lress. PtL.r, on East Bay. An honest,

To Cure LaGrippe in Two Days industJou [ man with small family
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets will be iv' in a good lay-single man
All druggists refund the money if it preferred, C(all or ad-tres the Buoy,
fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signaturere at once.4
on every box. 25c. St. Andre 'at once.

Essential acts. W AN TED!
"I called in," said the puffy little Rliable man for Manager of
man, "to say that your story about the h oen in thi
fire next door to me yesterday was all Branch OCt ce 1 wish to open fn thir
wrong." viciniitv. oopil oening for an ener-
"Alf wrong?" asked the editor. gic ian. Kindly mention
"Yes, sir! Why. hang It. sir. I spellge .
my name with two s's, and I make. t 1i papP1 hen" writing.
soap. not shoe blaelking."-Philadelphia A. T. lorris, U(Jicilnnati, 0.
North A nwricaa, Ilutate ,l 'att .logue 4 cts. opstage.

Beacons for Andrews Pass.
At last the ltuch needed and long
prayed for lights at St. Andrews
.ass have been granted by the light-
house board, as the following letter
from tliatirict Lighthouse Engin-
eer will .estify:
-M' mLi-:, ALA., Jan. 26, 1900.
St- Andrews Bay, Fla,
Sir: Inclosed I vend you four sets
of specifications covering lumber aind
l:iiarwav for St. Andrews Bay and
Terra Oeia Bay beacons, Fla. ,Please



Hats : and : Caps

Got the correct t i'se.
J.nke Fot-,er was for lilany years one
of the characters of Oregou. Mo EIt'
drove the hack between Oregon and
Forest City and was known to every
man. woman and child inu lolt county
Oregon is three miles from thle railroad
and for many years was not couLle'td
with any other town by either tele
graph or telephone. One morning IRob
ert Montgomery hailed Foster as the
hack started for Forest City and said:
"Jake. I wisl you would get the cor-
rect time at Forest. My watch stopped
last night."
"All right. Bob." said Jake.
When Jake returned from Forest. he
put up his team and walked around to
the bank where Montgomery presided.
Stalking into the bank, Jake stepped
up to the window and laid down a
soiled bit of paper bearing the figures
"What is that?" asked Montgomery
In astonishment.
"That," replied Jake, "is the correct
time at Forest."-Omaha World-Her-




R 11X T


;he danger to be apprehended from an distribute them to dealers in your lo-
untimely frost, which is almost certain cality ai'd advise them to mail theil
tb come. yet. bids to yiach this office by Februaiy
-The largest watermelon ever
zrown, weighing 1491 pounds, was:pro- 2, 1900 before that date.
duced from W. M. Girardeau's "Tri- 1 iy respectfully,
umph" seed the past season. The Buoy A. M. DAMERELL,
has a few packages of the seed of these Lie t. Col. & L. H. Engineer.
wonderful melons, and will give, while
they last, as a premium to every sub- Na conklin g and Curtis.
scriber of thr. Buoy, w ho asks for them It is be suspected that some of
and pays $1 for a year's subscription, Tom N 'Y wittiest work with his
a ps $1 fn e, marvelo i pencil was "printed, not
(either new or renewal), seeds enough .lr "o nil intended simply to
of these great me.oi t:t, plant t.vL'uty- ^ratify 1 sricuils-and never met the
lie hjll,. Order at oenc''. and .av ao' phU sV-I., .o5
want Triumph watvrniclon (e:.:ds. The ago, Jiir'oo ing over the album of a
Buoy has also a few packages of Giant. lady wio for years was a social leader
Beggar Weed seed, which will be given at w'shbington, I came across a con-
to subscribers on the same conditions. .ribrtion of Nast's which was as ef-
State whether you wish melon or beg- fecrive in its way as any of the car-
State whether you wishtpons which have made his name fa-
gar weed seed, for only one of the pre- monus
miums will be sent with one year's He wanted to impress upon the lady
subscription. Take your choice and be that Washington life had been too
sure you name your wish, or neither much for him and did did so by drawing
will be sent. a capital full length picture of himself
--. as he appeared walking along the ave-
Great Rejoicing! nue. What gave the picture point and
No More Medicine! rendered It Irresistible was the fact
that the back -of his head was where
The Dr. King Chill Pad cures Chills. It' his face ought to be-in other words,
it fails we refund your money. $100,000 Washington had turned his head.
to back our guarantee. It is a sure pre- i sul.',,e the politicians still recall
tentative. If your druggist does not Roscoe Conkling's -famous allusion to
keep tuem we will mail you one on re- octe
ceiptof price-$1.00. THE DR. KING the g'rat cartoonist in his Rochester
CHILL PAD CO,s,Memphis, Tenn. speech "dedicated" to George William
Curtis. Mr. Curtis at the time was the
1Lungs and Long Life. editor of Harper's Weekly, a position
One of the most remarkable cases of which he had held for many years. In
longevity on record was that of an the course of his philippic Mr. Conkling
Englishman, born in 1483, whose deli- took occasion to refer to The Weekly,
cate appearance made all the doctors and, although Mr. Curtis sat listening
give him up when he was in the era- to him, he described it simply as "the
dle. His chest was so narrow, says paper made famous by the pencil of
the report, that he seemed to have Nast."-New York Mail and Express.
difficulty In breathing. Well, this
young moribund, condemned by the Tragedies of the Grand Canyon.
doctors to die in short order, died in Tragic stories are told of men who
1651 at the age of 169. He saw the have lost their lives in the search for
reign of ten kings. precious metals which may lie hidden
Secundi Hango, consul of Venice at )r uncovered, says Harriet Monroe in
Smyrna, measured only 57 centimeters fhe Atlantic. The great primeval
around the chest, and one of his lungs flood cut its broad V through all the
was diseased. Nevertheless he lived strata of rock, with all their veins of
to the age of 115 years. He was mar- metallic ore, down to the earliest
ried five times and had 49 children. shapeless mass, leaving in its wake the
When he was 100 years old, he got his terraced temples and towers which
wisdom teeth. When he was 110, his seem to h ve been planned by some
hair turned black again. At 112 his architect o divlnest genius to guard
eyebrows and his beard turned black. their inaccessible treasures till the end
of time. A d the river, rising far to
Proved I-s Theory. the nortb; miong -mountains rich In
The late Hall clAlliIst-r some years mineral. ~ [been washing for ages
ago. entertained na -L': -at -si s -f . .
the Union club, before Its amialgama- gold and silver and lead in the still
tion with the Pacific. and during the crevices wthe inaccessible chasm.
evening, a particularly foggy one. Here thi. earth laughs at her human
made some whimsical remark convey master aidl 1lids him find her wealth
ing tthe idea that fog was an excellent if he darefan, Lbtwar it away if he can.
conductor of sound. A young ahlifornlan who accepted the
The lscienrist took exception to this challenge nd set forth upon the turgid
novel theory and asked Mr. McAllister water to ?ift its sands for gold never
in what it was based. emerged fIth his hapless men to tell
"On plienoiena whilh we have all the story \f his search. Only near the
observed." returned the ready Jurist, brink of Ihe cleft are a few miners
"On n evening like this we hear the burrowingifor copper and sending their
I'og lior1 quite distinctly, but when ore up to ihe rim on the backs of hardy
there Is no fog we cannot hear it at burros, asiwho should prick the moun-
,ll."-San Francisco Argonaut. tain with pin or measure the ocean
with a cu. -
G. H. Appleton, justice of the peace, A
Clarksburg, N. J.. says, "DeWitt's Little "1A Big Snowfall
Early Risers are the best pills made for The hen lieet fall of snow that ever
constipation. We use no others." took placineA England occurred in 1615.
Quickly enres all liver and bowel troub- The snow commenced falling on the
lea. R.F. Brackin & Son. 1lth of Jinuary, 1615, and continued
every day until the 12th of March fol-
HE WASHED DISHES. lowing. I1 covered the earth to such
a depth tiat passengers, both horse
The Hard Job One Boy Had All the and foot, ph"el over gates, hedges and
WVay to Europe. walls, which had been obliterated by
The girls who have complained in the white oheet. On the 12th of March
various keys because they had dishes it began tb decrease and so by little
to wash may be glad to hear of a and little consumed and wasted away
young man who can look at the mat- till the 2h of May for then all the
ter through their eyes, perhaps more heaps aind drifts had disappeared ex-
so. He had shipped as "boy" on a cat- cept one u on Kinder scout, which lay
tie steamer for Europe because he until \Viltlln week.
wanted to save as much as possible on A heavy fall occurred in Scotland in
his transportation, and-but the rest of 1620, the snow falling 13 days and
the story sounds better In his own nights witli little or no intermission.
words: One ,f tile heaviest falls on a single
"About 4:30 in the morning I was day occurr'l, on the 21st of February,
awakened and told to go to work. 1 1762, the know in some places being
hastily dressed, for the first and last from 10 toi12 feet deep.
time on board, for during the rest of
toe voyage I took care not to undresS. An Edi or's Litf Saved by
It seemed scarcely worth while. I ar- Chab>er ,in's Cough Kemedy.
rived on deck and found the steward m Ir part of October, 1896,
waiting for me. Hie showed me into Duri"_,t i' eirly part of October, l896
the panry. lntrolu<. e']d ne to 'Pants,' I cintIacte, a bad cold which settled on
:.l nbc p[ 1 rte F l uI f .',is c( l d, ld ind l . t ... .. t C_ t us..L J 5 1.r-
nme that my chief duty during the voy- ed that t.,rn slipti,-, had appeared in an
age would blie to wash dishes, incipient stl c. I was constantly cough-
"There was already a large pile of ing and tryii g to expel something which
dirty dishes waiting to be washed, and I could ,ot, I became alarmed and after
I rolled up my sleeves, fixed the hot v cal doctor a trial bought a
water and began to work. I had these g i t 1 imberlaid's Gough Remedy
almost done when another and larger, bottle of it was immediate improve-
lot was brought in from the dining and the r.;.-
room. This proved to be the daily pro- meant, and a ler I hald used three bottles
gramme. 1 no sooner had one pile my lungs w *retorLd to their healthy
washed than others were brought in, stateB. EDWARDS, publisher of The
and I was never done. I don't think Review, W lnt,Ill. For sale by L. M.
I ever saw so many dishes before in Ware, St. udrews and Bayhead and all
my life, and 1 hope 1 never shall again. e St r
There were 60 passengers aboard be- medicine dealers

U 1.1 ~ ~
* ~ifl.iLil SOLO V U

(4 p l.lLU \Mq% It ,I, 1 In '01
And sought an onion led.
"That's pie or meu." observed the squash,
And all the beets turned red.
"Go away," the onion, weeping, cried;
"Your love I cannot be;
The pumpkin be your lawful bride,
You cantaloupe with me."
But onward still the tuber came
And laid down at her feet;
"You cauliflower by any name
And it will smell as wheat; :.
And I, too, am an early rose,
And you I've come to see, n .
So don't turn up your lovely nose,
But spinachat with mel"
"I do not carrot all to wed,
So go, sir, if you please,"
The modest onion meekly said,
"And lettuce, pray, have peasl
Go think that you have never seen
Myself or smelled my sigh,
Too long a maiden I have been
For favors in your eye!"
"Ah. spare a cusst" the tuber prayed,
"My cherryshed bride you'll be;
You are the only weeping maid
That's (currant now with ilel"
And as the wi!y tul;r spoke
lie caught her by surprise
And. s'ivin. her an artichoke,
Levoureud her uith lM I.eyes.
-St. Louis Republic.

L. M. Ware guarantees every bottle of
Cnamberlain's Cough Remedy and will
refund the money to any one who is not
satisfied after using two-thirds of the
contents. This is the best remedy in the
world for lagrippe, coughs, colds, croup
and whooping cough and is pleasant and
safe to take. It prevents any tendency ot
a cold to result in pneumonia. Sold by
L. M. Ware, St. Andrews-and Bayheadand
all medicine dealers. *



We wish to announce that we are pre-
pared to do a FIRST CLASS MAIL ORDER BUSINESS, and will fill all
orders the same day they are receive:!. If we haven't the article called tor
we will promptly notify by return mail. We m :ke that a particular point.
A Mistake Was Made in Our Creen' Coffee
Item last week. We are selling it at |Oc per lb., instead of 12c, is
printed. We tire retailing

Fine Granulated Suar at 16 lbs for $1, or 8 lbs fpr 50c.

We have a Good Galvanized 10 qt Pail at 20c.
You have seen the advertisemnert of the famous
"Clover" Brand Harmonicas,
Haven't you, advertised at 25c? Well, we have them, and only 20c.. too.

m~~~k~~E.~~mu uUn ~ "U----,N~~k


Hligh-Grade Trees,
Low Prices,

Descriptive and IHntrated Catalogue
What to Plant and How to Grow and Mar-
ket the Great
..Money Making Pruits of the So th..
Peaches, Pears Plums, Persimmons,
Nut Trees, Grapes, Figs, Satsuma and other
Oranges on Citrus Trifoliata Stock, Orna-
ieutal Trees, Roses and everything for the
grove, orchard or garden. Aadress

...CTfKiUIi FREE... The firfftin iBros. Co.,
SNurseriesand Test Grounds at---. POMONA NURSERIES,
PMacclenny, rifl. Jacksonville, Fla.








Th e coming of Baby
brings joy or pain. It's for the
mother to decide. With good health
and a strong womanly organism,
motherhood but adds to a woman's

Wi neorf Cardul

takesaway all terrors by strengthening
the vital organs. It fits a mother for
baby's coming. By revitalizing the
nerve centres it has brought chubby,
crowing youngsters to thousands of
weak women who feared they were
'barren. It purifies, heals, regulates
fand strengthens, and is goo for all
women at all times. No druggist
-would be without it. $i oo
Foradvice in cases requiring special
directions, address, giving symptoms,
The Ladies' Advisory Department,
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat-
i tanooga, Tenn.
I MRS.LOUISA ItALE,of JeffersonGa..
says:-"When I first took Wine of Cardui
we h:d been married three years, but could
not have any children. Nine months later
Shad a finegirlbaby."

London's Great Clock.
Whatever complaints may be made
against tile tone of Big Ben, the fa-
mous London clock-and musicians say
it is a terribly bad "E," at any rate-
every one will acknowledge that the
clock in the house of commons tower,
Is a wonderful timekeeper, not vary-
Ig n sicnT'Tin thIe al the ycai
through. The mechanism for setting
In motion the massive hammer which
brings out the tone of Big Ben's 16
ton bell is very Interesting. The strike
ing machinery Is driven by weights of
about a ton and a half, which hang on
a shaft 174 feet deep, and it Is so ar.
ranged that after the chimes are over
the hammer falls on the big bel) with-
in one second of Greenwich mean

5 LIG. I

affections of the womb or ovaries often
a develop serious diseases. Prevent suffering
Sby a timely use of
SG. F.P.
r (Gerstle's Female Panacea) i
A few weeks before our second child was born, U
three years ago, my wife had local dropsy very bad.
, We had two good doctors with her but she was not
Relieved. Her mind became affected and we sent s
her to the asylum at Bolivar, Tenn., and at the end 1
of four months we brought her home sound and
well. But last summer just before our third child
was born, the dropsy again appeared and we were 4
Very uneasy about her. We gave her G. F. P. and I ,
Sam glad to say the dropsy disappeared and she is
Sound and well, and has a fine healthy boy baby. ,
SJones, Teun. D. E. MeNEILL.
Try G. F. P. at once. It will make you
Strong, vivacious, regular and cure you of 3
any form of female weakness.
Write to our LADIES HEALTH CLUB in charge of
ladies exclusively. Explain all about your case and
they will advise you fully on how to regain your
1 health, Adress, "IAIS HEALTH CLUB" eare
of L"Gerstle A Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
If your druggist does not handle G. F. P. ask
him to send for it. otherwise send us your order e
and $1.00 and we will supply you direct.
L. GERSTLE & CO.. Chattanooga, Tenn.
LOVE ON i',-i. FARM.

Z00 i o1Ins uroen. russenur uwpiaily ou

Mobile toSt Andrews Bay an 5 00 St Andrews Bay to Apalachlcola.. 2 50
Mobile to ..Cromanton...... it
,, Apalachicola... .. 7 00 Carrabelle..... 3 0
Carrabelle ............ 8 00 Apalachicola to Carrabelle....... 7E

5th, 15th and 25th at7 p.m.. ......... Moile.......... .12th, 22d and 2d t. m.
7th. 17thand27th p.m...... Cromaton. ,.-11th, 21stand lt a.m.
8th, 18th and 28th a.m......... Apalachicola....... .11th, 21st and 1st p. mn
9th, 19th and 29th a.m...........Carrabelle.... 10th, 20th and 30th noon
Connects at Apalachicola with steamers up Chattahoochee River. i At
Carrabelle with C'. T. & G. Railroad for Tallahassee.
For further information, freight rates and special rates for large patties
Address, CAPT. oAS. CLARK, Mobile, Alabama.


Cor. Buena Vista Avenue and
Drake Street,
Is Prepared to Enteutain

Ropilar and Trsicnt Guests
With Plesant Rooms
and Good Board at

Onenuies and beautifles the hdl
H Rait to its YouthfuOla C 1
S oal1.00ost Druoot

m To PATENT Good Ides
may be ecred by
our aid. Address,
Baitlumdre, Md.
Subscriptions to The Patent Record $1al.,perannum.

The inhabitants of Cochin Cfiln*
much prefer rotten eggs to fresh ones.
The secret of success In life Is for a
man to be ready for his opportunity
whea It comes.

- - --~I -"- -- b~ ` ' "' '" "'" ' '"




I ,,,I A , f" ,, I ONI



Corner of Bayview and Wyomine: Avenues on Bay Front.
Glassware. Tinware and Notions!
What you can't find at any other Store, conic to the R A C K E T
S TORE and get.

Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialties.
I. GODAIRD,. Proprietor.


PESACOLA, Fla. Opposite Waiting o com of Union Depot,
Isthe Piace for Passengers Coing to and from

Rooms Comfortable! Terms Reasonable!


Captain, JAs. E.CLARK.


sWYI~L~CYW~~~E~~WW~U1YMIIMl~~lli~l~l i



B u tte r ..... . 3 L e r ... ... 1 1. 1
' ard ........-10 Slrnn.... ... 115 ee nmiO, huw )()I take cal-t ul II. lain n'llm s scs B ,u...
Beans .......... 4 Canned Ve,:taile Ain't you ashamed of yourselves? water look bent.
Coconut pkg... 10 Baked Beans... 10 l
Fiuit ritPdine 10 Corn .......10@15 You 'nis were such ecotoniical After a woman has reached the age
Jelly, glass, 10Aa12t Peas .......... 10 souls, when Washington county is a of 30 she wonders how many year
Line Juice...... 45 l'uinpkin...... 12ai will have passed before she is 81,-
Eggs per doz,.. 15 hundred miles in extent, you erected Chicago News.
PROVISIONS. that fine building in the middle of a
Flour Pork
Am'nSwan %. .2.15 D. S. pr lb...... 7 street, adorned on one bide with uu- Over-Work Weakens
Majestic.... 2.76 Bacon Sides.....84 sightly stumps, and on the other Your Kidneys.
Corn Meal prbu60-70 Fresh....... 8i10 ______ Y
Oat Meal pr lb... 5 Br'kf'st Bacon. 11 with a duck pond and pig wallow. Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
Corn perbu h.... 55-69 Ham canvassedl2 (Conld unt Washington county afford Unhealthy Kidneys Make Ipure Blood.
Potatoes Shoulders ..... 10
Irish .... 1 20 Beef I an acre of group nd to erect its court All the blood in your body passes through
E s g 1.20 ored s un...... at your kidneys once every three minutes.
early R'se seed 1.20 Corned......... 8 house upon, and have room to plant you The kidneys are your
alt,prsack... 85 Dried....... 25 live-oaks and other magnificent p tbodpurifiers, the fil-
Table ........ 5 Milk pr qt ...... 10 shade trees? impurities in the blood.
HSARDlWARE. s If theyaresick or out
Nails, Der lb3yea4f Ax,with handle. 75 The poorhouse is pleasantly locat- of order, they fail to do
Galv wire do.6a64 Hoes, each....35a50 ed and has two good cottages, for ./1w their work.
blanilhla rope. .9al20opper paint, can 45 Pans a andrh
stoves cook,. .$8a25 Linseed oil, g155@60 both races, of sufficient size for the mPatn come from ex-
Pipe,matism come from ex-
Pipe, per joist 15 present hie"ds of the county. A for. cess of uric acid in the
Prints, per yd.. 5a8 Checks ....... 5a5 ty-acre farm is too small for this kidney trouble.ue to neglected
Sheetings .... 5a9 Flannel .......15a40 large county; more should bit pur. Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
Muslin....... 9all Thread per spool. 5 heart beats, and makes one feel as though
Jeans ...... 15a45 Shoes,I adies.$1a2 75 chased while it can be had cheaply, hey ad heart trouble, becausethe heart is
Extra pants pat 225 Men's... $1 40a3 00 so pasture could be had for cows and over-working in pumping thick, kidney-
MISCELLANEOUS. poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
Hay pr cwt. .75al.-5 Oats pr bu....... 55 other animals. Or another farm, in t used to be considered that only urrinary
Bran .......... 1.25 Brick pr M.....13.00 a healthy, accessible place. Why troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
ope Sisal 7@9 Lime pr hbl...... 75e hr f t. Andrews but now modern science proves that nearly
FRUIT aind N UTS. not on tWre sore of bt Andrews Bay, all constitutional diseases have their begin-
Oranges pr doz.. Pecans pr I)..... 15 which has a shore line of two hun- aing in kidney trouble.
Apples ........ 12 Walnuts ........ 20 If you are sick you can make no mistake
,Lemons ......... 25 Almonds ........ 15 dred niles? A sick man was lately by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
OYSTERS hauled in an, ox wagon from the ind the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
t n shell prl,000 1.50 Opened pr qt .. 15c. wamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
LIVE STOCK. shore of the Bay to the poor house, a .oon realized. It stands4the highest for its
Horses... $30al00 Cows.. $I5u$25 distance of more than tidiry miles, wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
Mues.... 50$100 Hogs....... $3to and died i a few- days. Was this d is sold on its merits u
xen.. pr yoke $30 Sheep.......... $2 >y all druggists in fifty-
1 POULTRY hunane? .ant and one-dollar siz- I151
4 'tickenseach 15a25 Geese each. 45a50 ;. You may have a t ee
I'drkeys.... 75al.00 Ducks....... 15a201 The poorhouse farm has a ltrge ple bottl by mail Homeotwmoot.
FISH. garden, well fenced; bnt there is .ee, also pamphlet telling you how to find
Presh Salt ut if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
MtlleL or ._do' 25c Mullet pr 1i114 4.50 nothing but collards growing in it. mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
Traot ..... 5 Tr0 oiT .... 4..1 -fy are trere not other winter veg- (' ihamton, N. Y.
Pompano pr 11). 6 Pompano.... 10.00
Sturgeon ...... 10 Mackeral .... 8.00 tables, such as are grown in this
Flooring, UMBER. Ci climate? Perhaps the superintend- B V R K'
.Hjart, in.,..$14.00 Heart, V m...$14.00 elit spends all his time on the orchard.
Face ... 12.00 Face ... 12.00 of two peach treesoe growing earC
S ip ... 10,00 Sap 10.00 u rees-one growing near Is the Place to Buy
Drop siding, Clapboards, tile home for whites, aind another by l and
Heart face pmn 14.00 yx6 in. iPm...$12.00 the colored home. Clothing and Gent ,
Sap P 10.00 Fiiisiiihg iue- Furnishing osA
Buff lunlber.. 8@12 ber, d.. $12@15.00 MRS. L. HARRISON. Furnishing Goods
Heart shingles, '2.50 Lath, ^ m... 2.00 -.---------At Rock Bottom Prices!
Sap 1.50 Boat lumber, Spare the Pretty Birds. At his Store may also be found Con-
dressed .... $20 Written for the Buo. stantly on Hand, a Full Line of

Catarrh Cannot be Cured 'he South is justly celebrated for Ceneral Merchandise
With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they the sweet songs and beautiful plum- AND
cannot reach the seat of the disease. age of its birds; vet if the present Hardware!
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional Hardware!
disease, and in order to cure it you system of extermination goes on, this A Tin ShoD
must take internal remedies. Hall's will shortly come to be a thing of the n h o
Catarrh Cure in taken internally, and past. Certainly, through a spirit of Ru i connection wit the Store, af-
acts directly on the blood and mucous Past. Certainly, through a spirit of ford ample opportunity for the
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a gain, thoughtlessness and wanton Repairing of All Kinds of Tinwar.
quack medicine. It was prescribed bring of All Kinds of Tinware
one of the best physicians in this coun- cruelty, a persistent warfare is waged Here are manufactured the
try for .ears, and is a regular prescrip- and the "cry of the innocents" rings He ar aStoves i
tion. It is composed of the best tonics Sheet Iron Box tg
known, combined with the best blood iI our ears. Which are so deservedly popular.
ourifiers, acting directly on the mu- In paits of Florida avaricious hunt- at B V v So wll
-cous membranes. Theperfect combi- A call at B. V. Brock's Store will
nation of the two ingredients is what ers slay by hundreds, the parent convince all persons of the genuine.
produces such wonderful results in cur- birds during nesting time (as it is ness of his goods and lowness of his
ing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, ( a i is o i g adlw.ofb
free. claimed that then the coveted plum. prices.
J. F. CHENEY & Go., Props.. Toledo, age is ric ,er and more valuable) and I I1 B f CfnVilnCB!
0. Sold by druggists, price 75c. .
Hall's Family Pills are the best. the unfortunate nestlings deprived of
NO "P PERTY- ESCAPES. their parents, rend the air with their A FREE PATTERN
NO POPER plai:s as they slowly starve to A F P E R
plaits as they slowly starve tn her own selection) to eiery subscriber. Beautiful eo
Some Queer ThIngs to Be Seen In a death ored lithographed plates and llhittiatio n. Original,
Chinese Theater. Klatoeet, artisLtic, exquisite and strictly up-to-date dedgns.
Over the audience rests a settled, Then, too often, the small boy e
immovable stillness. unbroken even by with his gun appears upon the scene In
a sigh. No expression referable to and the song birds which would
sorrow. sympathy, joy or tears lightens n o hr w hich
the blank, dead wall of the faces gladly enliven our homes with cheer- g A, I N
The Chiinm:in is lnmpregn:ille. Only ful music, fall victim, or are fright. Dres~mrnk .g ceonomiesfncy work. bouseholdhlnlts,
S once do his eyes change. nd that is ened off to the woods. Probably the oYc.yearty. Ladyageuwantsd. sendfort
and hfe Is teprvert off it. A :u -
and he Is never off it. boy dos not mneau to be cruel, but in
The Chinese property man sees his thoughtless love of sport takes the
duty to the management and puts it lv y
into practical effect. No "property" life he cannot give. Look! a lovely \
shall escape him. He gathers all things red bird is warbling on a tree neat
by the way. When the Chinese Romeo by; any one who has read "A Ken-
slays Tybalt, the property man steps
on to the stage, gathers up Tybalt's tacky Cardinal" must fooed a deep in- a B1
sword, cap and cloak and things and terest in this bird of fame. How he aradImIsse.gtSand tl cehidre. That-
walks off with them. He would enter exults in the baimy air, and the life other patterns naveno equal torstyleand perfect 8t
Macbeth's banquet hall while that i t ai W
weak kn ed monarch was exercising God has given it. Alas! the report 9 I
Banquo's ghost, gather up the goblets of a gun rings out and the sweet R Aa [
and plates in one arm and Macbeth's o srBS5? le d
chair with the other and carry them so lies dead at my teet, We
away. Hie would pluck the roses from can only exclaim with Shakespeare,
Elaine'8 breast; he would take the "Oh, the pity of it, lago; oh, the pity siy put to ethe' Only 10 and events each-none
dagger trom Jullet's dead hand; he hig iher Sol in nearly every cityandtown orbyiril
would interrupt Hamlet's soliloquy In of it!" or THE McCA LL COMPANY,t )i
the .churchyard with a request for In many communities the law for- is.,uc wt u L treet .. New York caMt Y .
Yorick's skull, and he would interpose bids this altogether.
in tite murder of Desdemona to remove FR Y
the pillows from her bed.-Saqui Smith The Humane Society, Mercy Banird,
hti Leslie's Weekly. and kindred organizations are effect-
The Head Hunters. -" ing much good in this and other lines. 3 E EDS C
Ie Tupuselel, In New Gulnea, the It is the bounden duty as well as
leuses are built on piles In the open privilege of parents, to teach their
ocean a good distance from the shore. Thousands ofgarden-
The object of this is to protect the in- little ones the Divine law of love and etsdependonFerry'sSeeds
habitants against sudden attacks of kindness toward all of God's crea- disappointment. Cheap subti-

the kindly head hunters, who always tures. ay each one of us adopt for ttes bring loss, not paying orops.
are on the lookout for victims, whose F *a'sas P a perpaper
a Ems. Five cents per paper
beads they need In their business, our motto: "Blessed are the merciful." everywhere, and always worth it.
Other villages In this happy land are AiM.bE C. TASKER. A. M. FERRY & CO., DETROi, MIfH.
perched up In all but inaccessible trees St. A. irews Bay, Feb, Ili 19R.r
or the same weighty reason. St. Adrws Bay, Feb. 11', 19Q


--1 ,. ,; v-'" l.d.--NeW Yortk BU.
One can fancy him saying, as he puts
his terrible right into his friend's ribs,
"Dear old JlmI"-Kansas City Star. Tomr Corwin's Mouth.
Tom Corwin had an enormous
The Billing and Cooing. mouth. He once said he had been in-
Uncle George-You do not appear to suited by Deacon Smith. The good
think it necessary to ppend so much brother asked for further explana-
time at home as you did when you tion.
were first married. I oppose the bill- "Well," said Corwin. "when I stood
Ing and cooing are all Aver now. up in the lecture room to relate my
Harry-There does t seem to be experience and 1 opened my mouth.
much of a let up in he billing, and, Deacon Smith rose up in front and
as for the cooing, I* am dreadfully said, 'Will some brother please close
afraid of it. It is sure to mean a new that window and keep it closed?' "-
hat or a new gown or a new some- Ban Francisco Argonaut.
thing.-Boston Transcrpt.
A Specimen of Cockney Humor.
Size doesn't indicate quality. Beware It consists merely In ignQring the hor-
of counterfeits and worthless salve offer- rible or tragic side of a funny situa-
ed for DeWitt's Witch nd Iazel Salve, De- tion. Everybody knows the old story
Witt's is the only original. An in fallible of the cockney laughing after a fire.
cure for piles and all sk adis-ases.--R. F. 'Jump, yer silly fool!' I says. 'Me an
Brackin & Son. my mite's got a blanket!' An 'e did
jump, an there warn't no blanket, an
Too Smaill. 'e broke 'is blooming neck! Laugh? 1
Uncle 'Zek'el Watsov was accustom- *ven't laughed so much!" Black-
ed to seeing good size squares of cup e-,
cake, electionn cake or gingerbread on
the supper table, and when he had uKod
his tirst plate of ice cream In a city
restaurant he looked with some dis-
favor upon the macaroons and small
sponge drops which accompanied it. B
"How do you like It'?" asked his
niece, who was doin the honors of f A l I
the city for her ucle UyspeVpsia Cure
"The ice cream is first rate," said ,
Uncle 'Zek'ol. "I c It extry good. Digests what you eat.
But when you come o these things."
But when you come of thesepthinges It artificially digests the food and aids
he added, lifting on of .e sponge Nature in strengthening and recon-
"lady fingers" and s veying it doubt- structing the exhausted digestive or-
fully. "I presume to say they're all gans. t isthe latestdiscovereddigest-
right enough, what there is of 'emi. ant and tonic. No other preparation
but there isn't eumi lii of 'em: Just can approach it in efficiency. It in-
nothing but galt' and swallow!:" Bstantly relieves and permanently cures
Youth's Companion. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
--- -- aT ------ all other results of imperfectdilgestion.
"Whai Is a fl'.Is t ha'r' Prepared by E. C. DeWitt A Co., Cblcago.
"A p'it of anything, sor." ind sold by R. F. Brackin & Son. it, An-
"Giri lan example." drews. Fla,
"The sivhnteenth -of Jufie."-- Ml-
bone Times. Geo. S. Hacker & Son,

W HONEST person to represent us as
Managers In this and close lv counties.
Salary $900 a year and expenses. Straight,
bona-fide, no more, no less salary. Posi-
lion permanent. Our i fr.rences, any bank -
in any town. Itis mriilY office work con- MANUFACTURERS
ducted athome. Rcf'er miee. Enclose self-
addresAed stamped e velope. THE Do-
MINIOlf COMPANy, Dept.ji, Ohicago. i

Think of Sucl a Monster!
We can all have tielr' iU we plant Gtr-
ardeau's Extra Fancy Selected
"Triuniphl" Seed!
From no other Seed, will such melons
grow; Thousands ot'fIelons grown from
these Seeds in ]Si9 weighed t10to 135
pounds each--one wei bed 148Y4, and ani-
other 1496Y4 pounds. "
$210.00 In ash Prizes
For the 9 largest *T iumph" Watermel- A N
ons grown in 1900 Ifro i lGirnrdeau's Seed. B Ull M atrial.
Giant Beggar W ed it Specialty. ,, .ditw and Fanficy Glass a
gWSend for C.a dligne giving full Specialty
inlOrmatin toSpecialt
tM ticelle,,F a. GIVE N


Thursday, Feb; 15i 1900.

u,,gar, I lb Tea, P l
Granulated...... 6 He No....:.. 55
Coffee,. ..... 5% Gunpowdri... 40
'Lt brown...... 5 Uncol'd Jap.40-60
;uffee, Cond milk, dV can
Green.... 12@20 Unswcetn'a.10
Arbuckle,l) 12-15 Sweetened..... 8
singer snaps 31625 Baking powder
crackers, soda 10 Royal......... 50
"ouhaco, plug 20a Canpbell .... 10
"'Iatisini Cautned fruit
London layers.W'15 Peaches .... 10a20
Valencia.... ... 8 Tomatoes..... Sail
tic' ....... Apples........ 10
apples Pears ........ 15
E .itporated. .. 12' Plums......... 10
Driel Peaches 8 Apricot ......111-20
Coal Oil prgal. ..%1d5 Strawberries... 20
s line ......,40 Pinen-- ,pl .. .10-20
?lorida. Syrap. .. 40 Canned Me.is
Ioiey ......... l.11 Roast Beef .. 15
Iinr gaL'....... :3 Corned Beef... 15
', y ..: . ... .. .' 1 5 C hln p r iJ r. eie l lO -i.-.)

Mrs. Harrison'slnmpreSSions of The Center of Population.
the County's Capital. "Census experts estimate," says the
the CountyChicago Post, "that the center of popu-
Correspondence of the Buoy. latlon will be found next year to be in
I w.sh you 'uns would let we 'uns Indiana, close to the Illinois line, at a
point not far removed from the town
vote and hold office. If we had a of Vincennes. The last census showed
woman in the courthouse at Vernon, the population center to be between
Columbus. Ind.. and Cincinnati. The
she would answer a latter even ii she increase in the population of Georgia,
had half a dozen youngsters clinging Texas, the Indian Territory, Oklahoma,
New Mexico and Arizona during the
to her skirts, she would give the last ten years has been sufficient, It Is
baby a cookie, or put little Johnnie thought, to offset any increase in the
int the Iobt of tlh cradle to rock it northwest and to possibly pull the cen-
ter somewhat to the south of the 1890
anil answer an iniportant litter. I've parallel. The wealth center is thought
laiely had to inakb a tire.uome jot- to be In the neighborhood of San-
dusky, 0."
iley to Vi'ion-plart of the way in a
liib mail cart: cotllldn't get r. o bthert Antial Criminals.
A writer in F'orest and Stream says
eohveyatibb, jouit because the mian that the criminal tendency is manifest-
yinut eti have chuoseun Wouldlit an- ed to a greater or less extent by all
s a ltter, the lower animals, and he has com-
wdr piled a list of S crimes which are
And such hiodsektcepers hs they commonly committed by birds, beasts
are! Outside doors df the courthouse or reptiles. The Indictment Includes
door open night atid day. Mues,; murder, pirrfclde, fratricide, suicide.
door oen niht and ay. theft kidnapping, highway robbery,
pigN and goats can go in if they want polygamy and drunkenness.
to; a Billy goat could mount thi
to; a Bily goat could mount the Age is not to be feared. The older a
judge's seat if he wanted to. Bali, good tnd healthy person grows the
Bali, Bali. When an office is left, greater becomes his capacity to enjoy
the shutters are not closed, nor the the deeper, sweeter and more noble
kinds of happiness which the world
wind-'A's, and during hard storifs affords.
the rain pours in. iYo u ns taxed w, Oursentiments. our thoughts. our
,'u -,0 tw Uniil, thi- gint hu-e, andl words lose r-ctitude on entering cer-

Harity Ielly another o o e ll "
ria visitors, left on tLie Al ia, Tues-
day morning for his-lllinoi ^ home.

An Amanted Woma
A woman who haI an nAt ga
cup of the fourteenth cent M n gld
not know Its value took it y and did
ish museum. After due co dthe it-
the expert, to ier surpri-o' slderatlon
though the museum ll,- 1 .T Fald that. If it was only health, we
might be worth $2.i,t. I want It. It m:i:'t let it cing.
shuddered. because she I:a.t, woman ut it i3 a cou1h. ('ne cold
shuddered o wdedu she l o-i. u car. no scr.er passes o- btcfore
ryingIn a IrowdL a another comes. But it's the
bit of glass worth so liii. Ih same old cough all the '.cme.
it had miraculously *-- i .. And it's the came o!d stor',
Finally. wanting :Loim .n-y" i itv too. There is llrst t:-2 cola,
Arabian glass, she r .u II -' then the coug:, then pncu.
an auctioneer's. Fancy her o t to n cconss, und MtCnl .t: tre.
wien. startingatz(,nt 1n. izr ad 1.2e tree:b-
wen. starting at 2.5,)0. I Arabeg in t c baiar.cc.
cup went by leaps and I',.iis ani d w
finally knocked d. wn f.Ir t' e nice sul
of $65t. 500. OUi
Actually the Arabic cup I ,l
very mut'h less. but It W, worth 6 "'
that there Were two rivals h opened
tion. who bid ngathst ( i ) other.-
China, Glass and Lamps.

Ag-xrqnninr the (
"Yo' u l '.r' ':I1c..,Y 0,111 en .
magl-trato 1.-I.. i .t i t h.'l. ,i." i ON
scarlin ,th' iuipan i 1 .t
l y o u t i t I ., .e s :. ,-
tia ti'n I v uI;., a tl',"; a fo r fe r. a . i t
ub 'r:n ., ou f .- i'i.-. am ll,, l '' l r |
,. hJ q'j, ..ia tl x ..',rance loosens the grasp of yourcough.
Is (, 1 1 7r. The ton e-tiioi of the throat
"I v l'r wa.. l~o.r,;o ex- y and lungs Il. ',-T-a z -hT
e flammation i ucubducd; the
claimed. tle youth who anlpeiar,,i to be parts are put perfectly at rt
the spodksman-"we were og t for a and the cough drops away. It
little lark. and we catigiht a ja'.h' has no diseased tiasues on
"The tind will be $ and costs each." which to hang.
said his honor, his face hardetinug.-
Chicago Tibune. Dr. Ayer'S

Some Read* Made, Law. Cherry Pectoral
Bourke Cockran studied law undey
Judge Theodore L. Dwight. One day Plaster
the professor asked a question which draws out nflamma the
seemed easy. but was really difficult draws out Iamation of the
With his magnificent voice Cockran ant- .tngs.
swered the best he could, adding as a Advleb F#ro a
saving clause, "Such,. I take it. Is the Reme mberIfwe o aVS tave any complaint a-
common law." ever and esire the best medical advice
Ayon can possibly obtain, write the
The good old doctor gleamed be- doctoral free. You will receive a th
nignantly through his spectacles. "That prompt reidltlhoDuR.Cc. AYER,
would be all right, sir, if you bad made Lowell, Mass.
It uncommon law."-Philadelphia Sat-
%rday Evening Post.

"I think I would go Crazy with pain Steel Combs.
were it not for Chamberlain'sPain Balm," A man who saw in a sidewalk show
w it nHerminie case some steel combs and who won-
writes Mr. W. H. Stapeton,Herminiedered what steel combs could be used
Pa. "I have been afflicted with rheuma- for found upon inquiry that they were
tism for several years and have tried rem- used by furriers nl combing furs.
edies without number, but Pain Balm is There was one of these combs that
the best medicine I hjve got hold of,'" looked much like a comb of the or
One application reliever the nain. For dinary kind. coarse toothed for half
sale by L. M. Ware, Si Andrews and its length and finer toothed the other
Bayhead and all 'edicinu dealers, half. And then there was one conmli
that had teeth for half its length, the
His "Dear 04 Jima." solid end serving as a handle.
"Corbett Is my frie*1 and benefac- There are other steel combs that are
tor," says Mr. Jeffries "I was once used for a similar purpose, as steel
his sparring partner, and he treated combs made to comb) dogs with. The
me as a gentleman. j Hence I have dog comb looks soumewbal like the
gladly agreed to fight'blm as a return fine toothed comb In its general shape.
for favors. I am bould by all the ties but it is larger, toothed on one side
of friendship and g-atitude to give only and coarser toothed than the so
him a chance to fighl'me." Was there called tine comb. The untoothed side
ever such a.touchilng stance of devo- combs of this sort are used on various
tion? Mr.. Jeffries wll reward his old kinds of dogs. including, for instance.
patron and benefactorby beating him k i of logs ling fr int
patron .and biefar )y, bea ht ig h ia long haired dogs like the French poo
IIIIA"0hltany a-A ~s~he vdhA-Ne Yo'offu

East Ba -Casl Store,

P A IR K E R, F L A.

Our Stock is Complete, Our Prices the Lewe t
j'lIhlie Trading Pl'uilic is assureml that ve will ht lie n1nirsolit.m,
The Highest Market Price Paid for Country Produce!


"Star" tin tags (showing small stars printed on under side A,
of tag), Horse Shoe," J. T.," Good Luck," "Cross Bow,"
and "Drummond" Natural Leaf Tin Tags are of equal value in
securing presents mentioned below, and may be assorted.
Every man, woman and child can find something on the list .
that they would like to have, and can have

1 Match Box.............................. 25 2 Clock, 8-day, Calendar, Thermom- .
2 Knife, one blade, good steel ....... ter, Barometer ...................
8 Scissors, 43 lnches.................. 25-24 Gun case;i leather, no better made. i 500
4 Child's Set, Knife, Fork and Spoon 25 25 Revolve'; automatic, double action,
5 Salt and Pepper Set, one each, quad- 32 or 8 clier..................... 600
ruple plate on white metal........ 69 26 Tool Set, diot playthings, but real
S 6 French Briar Wood Pipe........ .... 25 tools. .:...6...6................. 6
Razor, hollow ground, fine English 27 Toilet Set 4eco"tei tib rceltin; .
steel..............0....... ...... 0 very Pandsoume......'.;........ 800
8 Butter Knife, triple plate, best 28 Remington Rifle No. 4, 22 or 32 cal. 800
quality........: ....................... 60 29 Watch, sterling sxver,full jeweled I0io0
9 Sugar Shell, triple plale, besi. qual.. 60 30 Dress Smi t Cas leatheri handsdule i
10 Stamp Box, sterling silver.... ...... 70 and difable...... .... :.............1000
11 Knife,"Keen Kutter,"two blads.. 76 31 Sowing Machine, first class, with .
S12 Butcher Knife, "Keen Kutter," 8-in all attachments ............ ..500
blade............................... 75 32 Revolver, Colt's, St-caliberc, bued
13 Shears, "Keen Kutter." 8-Inch ...... 76 steel....... ...................1500
14 Nut Set, Cracker and 6 Picks, silver 33 Rifl, Colt's, 1-shot, 22-caliber..... 1500
plated................................. 0 34 Guitar (Washburn), rosewood, in-
15 Base Ball, "Association," best qual. 10 laid .................................2000
'L. 16 Alarm Clock, iii kel e..... ..........s, 35 Mandolin, very handsome .......... 2000
17 Six Genuine Rogers' Teaspoons, best 36 Winchester Repeating Shot Gun,
s plated goods ................ ........ 1 Winchester repeating Shot G ,
8 Watch, nickel, stem wind and set.. 200 13 gauge.............................2000
19 Carvers, good steel, buckhorn 37 Remington, double-barrel, ham-
handles..............................200 mer Shot Gun, 10 or 12 gauge ......2000
20 Six Genuine Rogers' Table Spoons, 3Bicycle, standard make ladies or A
best plated goods.................... 250 gents................................2500
y SForks, buck-
horn handles ......... ...... 250 s9 Shot Gun, Remington, double bar-
23 Six each, Genuine Rogers' Knives rel, hammerless.....................8000
and Forks, best plated goods .......500 40 Regina Muso Box, 15JX inch Diac. .0
n*ial noi e Plain "Star" Trin Tags (that is, Star tin ,tags with no small
special Noti i satara printed on under side of tag), are Niot ood for presents,
but will be paidfor in CASH on he baelis Mtwentyoenagper
hUndred,if received by us on or before March 1st. 19011.
g* WBEAR IN MIND that a dime's worth of I
Swill IsWt longer and afford more pleasure than a dlme'a worth of tany
otherbrand. MAKE THE TEr ST "I
Send tags to CONTINENTAL TOBACCO CO., St. Louis, M.


BILLS OVER A CENTURY ..LD This and fwo otlhr letters (one to tIle
pope crna the other to the king of
They Show Tea to lnve -.'en n Cui-n- France were written iby the unfoirtu-
bru;l.t-e stt'uat's t :iv-r.,c i ran.:., nate (tULenU ;f S,'-ots on the uniorning of
TheL'(, Is na .ll f:"'- 'e;.es. ,te'.. f:-r- her execution. The letter to the French
nished for nal un.idergraillte a :!t Cam- king was destroyed during the days of
bridge it lihe yT.'.r 1 'iSS. Tihe bI)li ou, the terror, while lihat to the pope is8
tain.s one or two i.,tus of fulriture still preserved at the Vatican.
Apparently tie iun.lrgirKdu0mte took The well known books ll.'r Bernard
over rooiiis ;!.e;ad(y furnished at a val- Quaritch gave 1f.0(0) for an autograph
ilation, and '. rrlau i' ti.a :i I t; to be of Columbus. which was exhibited at
bought new, such as Ia hearth l)brtshi. a the World's fair at' Chicago. A Chi-
pail. a mop and a "Iolloanid gote'h." cago autogral)h dealer is said to have
One knows not what this lmanus, .bu offered to give $10J,000, or over 20.-
it cost 2 shillings ) pence (43 cents). 000, for a gemiine autograph of
The undergraduate would seen at Shakespeare if brought to him within
first sight to have consumedd tea in a a year of making his offer. It was a
most reckless manner. On Oct. 24 he safe bluff, for since the tragil fate of
is charged 2 shillings for Ilyson and ) Chatterton no forger fias cared to
shilling 6 pence for Congo. On Nov. tackle the luait t'crawl of the' Bard of
1 he Is charged 2 shillings for tea and Avon.-Coilier's Weekly.
on the same day, which looks odd. 'G
shillings 6 pence for tea. On the 9th nDetroylni tihe ioint.
of the month he buys a new teapot, the Every one knows the man who is
old one, one supposes, worn out with fotorlons for so telling a story as to
hard service. However, this tea lasts destroy its point. An English noble-
him till the end of the term, so that man. Lord P.. was noted for his sue.
his tea costs him for the two months cess in thuIs ruining tie .I'in--|,rity of
no more than Al shillings, or $2.75, and ita story. Tllne author of "*C,*l.'-tiouO
as the price of tea at this time varied and ItheollcVtio-nt" eoi'biri a .pecimeu
from 8 shillings to 'about 25 shillings of his lordship's ee(uliIr art.
we may conclude that he got tlirough Thirty-y'anrs ago -w o i blmi, 4Wm-re*
no more than a pound during the term. were built at Afbert Gate. I.,nd.m1. Ithe
In other words, this young ntan took size and cost of whic.ltefi i.'t- lilfly II
for breakfast a slight repast of weak prohibit tenants front hiring them. A
tea and bread and butter. Dinner was wag ctn'istened them "'thta afind Gib.
then served at 12. so that breakfast raltar because they Can nev6r be
was only what the Indians call a taken."
"chota hazri." On sugar he spent 4 Lord P. thought this an excellent

lings a Week. He burned wax candles, those houses at Albert Gate? They
mold candles and "wax twist." Salt call them Malta and Gibraltar because
was a shilling a packet. On two occa- they can never let them. Isn't it aw
sons he bought sand. Was. then. the fully good?"
Floor of his room' sanded? It would Some one told Lord P. the old rtd.
seem Bd.-St. Louis Rep)ublic. dIe, "Why was the elephant the lasi
... - animal to get into the arke?" to which
the answer is, "Because he had to pack
Rare Autographs For Which im- Lord P. asked the riddle of the nex1
Aiense Priec lave Veen Paid. friend he met and gave as the answer
The most prized autographs In the "Because he had to pack his portma,
world are those of Shakespeare. On- teau."
ly seven are claimed to exist, three ...
signatures to his will (each with p When old tachelors kiss babies, tht
different spelling), two to conveyances ^bites don't like it any better than d
of property, one in the folio edition of the old bachelors.-Chteago ftecord.
his plays (doubtful) and one in a Tudor
translation of Montaigne. This last Is iNot i"
In the British museum iand cost dcver Is herehv given t, alnl anties tol din
,000 ulneas. ciins angaist tlie tsial6 of ft. E. How
One thousand guineas was the price d,late of Wnshington cont. deceased
Onetn u eyr to tr'"sent hAmrn to ihe lii' ,h'.'irtgned ad
given by the late Mr. Alfred Morrrn- ministratrix within lwelve nurtlihs here

son of Carlton House terrace for an or the sam wil I. l.,o lhe statut
autograph letter written by Marie of limitations. LoriACHADWIcK;
,Stnart to the archbishoD of Guise. Dated )uc,. 2.), It9. Aiiiinir.itirfx;




AMM6& -ASy



i'; i ""'"_%"t~:~i~li~~vcI;' )$ "~''''- r


flrllgsb, fediolles, Falloy % Tole Ariicc,

I Handle no Quack Nostrums.

DR, J. J, K ESTER, M, D. Druarpist.

j *' *

1w wo

I "~' L~~h'~:Pfc~ ~*

= !---"lnW~ l






McMillan Bros. Co.

Manufacturers of



a Ala.





Ruugn and Dressed Lumbar of All Grades.


A 1Terms, cash or eudorsed notes.



Leads in Low Prices and Good
He invites the purchasing public to call,
Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

Pays the Highest Price for Green Salted ALIGATOR HIDES.

If you need FURNITURE of any kind, call on



40, 42, & 44 S. Palafox st., Pensacola, Fla.



DrP MitceIll's r Store,


Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

Offers His Professional Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews and
Surrounding Country.
May be c'md at his residence on Bneinni Vista avenue at night.

Pioue er





Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,


Ship [Chandlery, Salt Fish, Etc. Etc., Etc

Baltimor Thie and Net CMm aiy.

Sehrs. Nettle, Cleopatra and Wm. Crawford.



Thi5 is the latest and most eoiomplete
Haiid 11 -u fil nwol'kin' ilianti s inr th.1 arden. It
6 s-elt-; lj-. IIsia lc; Ih,. 1.Ci;hlt t. Iit I 'lock to
which thie ,blad ; i- ;tt .a l,,,',l d t,., -- it in the
-IIunO, anud th: l,.'-'ih f if l'>-vin-.. I- regulated
Lby lirtin. l, ha:i hll, A l,,y or '.irl of ten
y.e.i'. c'an handle it w- itli lperfi.c't, -ear ,. It has a
4-inchI -t,', I wheel, ith higlht of w hi i makes
the p1' v light of draft. It ha, tiivu blades; I is
a lurnin_ njilr.l, 2. a shoi 'l, 3 :a \.i_,.'po(r weeding
S bla1,, 4 t a buill--lajue, .5a rake. Wrench
w h eac'h ,'l' iV.
t W-'' 111'u. 01 l:i0'11c' ,_''1ti'n,"in.ents by
t, :m h v1% rit fune-l'.i- C t 5i, i tlow at
".^ LI thtacltory price, $". 7, with

PC- 1 --

freight to St. Andrews Bay about 75 cents, making the plow, delivered
$4.50. But the BuOY proposes to do-better than this andwill send the Puov
one. v ear and furnish one of these plows complete at the factory for $4.50
purchaser to pay freight.
The plow may be seen in operation at the BUOY Farm at any' time,.
Order from the BUOY, dit-cut


Our Grand


Ornithological Contest,
Something entirely now and interest-
ing. Read what you are to do. You
may get 200 cash. Our contest is to see
who can make the largest list of names
(or kinds) of birds from the following'
letters; W D OOOCCKQUL A
We will recognize as a bird anything
belonging to the feathered tribe, whe-
thor it be a Hen, Crow, Singer or any
other kind, You can use any letter as
many times to make a name as it ap-
pears in the list of letters above; for in-
stance Woodcock, Plover. Snow Bird,
&c. To any person who can make a list
of 25 or more different names of birds,
we will give absolutely FREE a beauti-
ful Prize value 200 or less.
Big Prizes Awarded Daily.
When you have made out your list fill
out the line on the bottom of this adv.
and send to us with a Stamped Ad-
dressed envelope, then if you are
awarded a prize you can if you desire
get the prize by becoming a subscriber
to the Woman's World at the rate of Id
a week. We shall award a prize to ev-
ery person who sends the name of 2'.
Birds, and our gifts will be as follows:
For the best list received each day, a
Gold Watch; for the second best solu-
tion each day, a beautiful Imported Tea
s. ,I; 'i' t li' 1..',-.i i ,:X t b.) -t .1 i-i,] t'-G.I
,.::' I ", a KIorratl.:_,iih Diariun aii
i lT. ;in; -: [, t ,c i.:t. b t ,, i. ,t.ii
-I C .- I.i t'i,-, ,.-: a id F l" t ll rI,:, i. r o i,,r-,c t


t ilH



fall in
Ne :,. -i
-n .., h.
It was t,
As .I

less chil
-turer to
had all

pair '':
which ,
-alled 2
,,1 iii i'



l', i:.. _- f ill ti -... i ..I l-t d a i l. 1. ;'ii ill
fnu hav tuo vail, a long tliu in uincer-
tainty before you know the result.
There is no element of lottery in our
plan, it mak(s noi difference whether
we get your solution late or early in the
day. All you need i- to post this adv.
to us, and on the dy it reaches us, if
vour list is the best, you shall have
the Gold Watch or if second best
the beautiful Tea Set, and so on. We
guarantee that we, will award you a
prize. There is absolutely no opportu-
nity for deception oh our port-we can-
not afford it. We want to get 1.000.000
well satisfied subscribers, and for that
reason we don't want you to send any
money until you know exactly what
prize.you have gained by answering the
puzzles. As soon after 4 p.' m. each day
as possible, the e;iiain.-i'4 will judge
the lists to the best of their ability, and
will designate the prizes. We will
wl'ite you at once notifying you what
prize has been awarded you, then if you
are fully satisfied you can send your
subscription to The Woman's World
and your prize will go by return of post
carefully packed. To a person of nar-
row ideas it seems impossible that we
should be able to make such a gigantic
offer, but we have the money, brains
and reputation, we know exactly what
we are doing, and if we can legitimate-
ly gain a million subscribers by this
grand idea, we know that this million
of well-pleased subscribers can be in-
duced to recommend The Woman's
World to all friends thereby building
up oar circulation still further. We are
willing to spend 5,000 in this contest
in building up a big subscription list,
and when this money is spent we re-
serve the right to publish a notification
that the contest has been discontinued.'
Don't delay until it is too late. The
contest will continue until March.
We give a Bonus Prize of $50 inde-
pendent of all others to the person who
sends in the list gotten up in the best
and handsomest manner. Our Com-
mittee will decide and award prizes


JL'uiy, out ime special ou prize win oF
awarded in March. Any bird's name
founa in dictionaries accepted.
The Woman s World -is a thoroughly
reliable concern, we are known to do
exactly as we advertise. As to our re-
liability we refer to any Advertising
Agent or business man in London.


Street......... ....... ......... .....

Town................Country ..........
Address- The Woman's World, 9, High
Street, London, W., England.

A blushing rose in a garden grew
And with its fragrance filled the air,
But the sweet, red rose, ah, it never knew
Of the joy it gave to a maiden fairl
The rose knew not, as it drank the dew,
Of the charm it spread in growing there.
A radiant maiden smiled one day,
And hope crept into a doubter's breast;
Hie turned, transformed, and went his way
With new resolves to do his best-
A man had sprung from a lump of clay,
And the maiden, al,' shi never guessed!
-S. E. Riser in Chicago News.

! 1 L T oM mN ..

How a Lover Brought a Dallying
Girl to the Point.

The suggestion that brought it all
nbout came from me, I believe.

,Croim me rather than Margery. for I
:nave in my veins the adventurous blood
4f etanch New Ea:ian.1 ancestry, who
hnd burned witches and fought Indians
mnd later pursued a relentless traffic in
wooden nutnegs with the same high
Sourage and fine disregard of conse-
quences, while Margery is of Dutch de-
acent and inclined to be cautious, if not
a bit pig headed, as I often told her.
But no one could help loving her, in
spite of her little touch of Dutch ob-
stinacy, least of all myself, for of all
the provoking little women that were
ever created for the express purpose of
charming and tormenting their fellow
men Margery was the most deliciously'
dear, and I loved her so well Icould
forgive her anything-that is, anything
but the way she treated Jack Beasley.
The dance she led that poor fellow
was something to move even a bearded
Turk to pity. For a whole year she had
kept him dangling after her as abjectly
as a dancing doll at the end of a string,
and yet, as far as we could see, he had
made no progress whatever in her way-
ward affections.
We had been talking things over,
.Jack, Ned and I, in Margery's absence
(I never dared mention Jack to Mar-
-ery for fear of still further (xLitil;I
th;It f,'rnouis ,e, tinlIcy of hers). and

The modern and most i:v..:'- cure for
constipation and all liver froubles-the
famous little pills kuown as De Witt's Lit-
t!c Early Risers. 1F', rackia & Sun.


S11 I 1 ' .. \'I 7 L 1 I m I. I 1..7 I T
.,,-.:.:iy ucs to Miiyiy all day,
though I must own she didn't seem to
mid munch.
It was an awful day, raining cats
and dogs, and in the afternoon I got
tired of being cross all by myself and
i.' that we should shampoo our
hair and dry it on the parlor radiator,
the only one in the flat large enough for
the purpose Of course Margery object-
ed V:.ii...t _i might come, she said, and
then who would let them in-? I ecouted
the idea of visitors on such a day un-
less, I observed with sarcasm, she was
expecting the tenor again.
She di,,n't notice this stab, so I pro-
ceeded to say that as the radiator was
in the corner we could pull our big Jap-
anese Ecreen p in front of it and, se-
cure in out hiding place, let our entire
visiting acquaintance, including mes-
-,. ,r boys and duns. knock at the
door till they got tired and then de-
part. blissfully unaware of our proxim-
ity I
Acc-r,nlin]- it wasn't long before we
were .,.:1'y. ', ensconced on a pile of sofa
pillows ..n Ihe parlor floor, wrapped in
oir I .,T'jr,. and with our wet locks
-?ir.iin,, out behind us across the ra-
,i:itr. ov'-r which we had stretched a
,teamer rug We were armed with a
novel apiece but soon got to talking
girl fashion and were deep in a discus-
sion of Amiu Judd when there came a
loud knock at the door.
"Great Pcottl" I exclaimed in a
stage whis er, the rosy advantages of
my plan sd denly fading in the cold
light of re ty.
"There, 'told you sol"' cried Mar-
gery unge onusly, sitting up abruptly
so that hef .air fell all about her in a
great shi nig, coppery shower.
"Sh-Aspt upl" I whispered, reach-
ing ontw ,a agitated stockinged toe

34icre I

kicked of&
Again i
more imp
"W hl.t,
do?" gatpl
"Keep I
Then tk
heard Ned
body homi
them." 1
"All ri
bass tun's.
thing., Lut.
And wre hi'
itors ijtel,
It wa- tI
to laugn if
and in spit
discovelv i
stuffed all
go into m;
sides ached
It was tl
face that r"

TOrmf zripper 1 naa carelessly
a moment before.
be knock came, this time
in heaven's name, shall we
.d Margery.
till," I said sotto voce.
door handle turned, and we
as voice saying: "There's no-
Let's come in and wait for

lt," was the reply In Jack's
"Mavy ie it's not the proper
we might as well risk it."
ard the door close as our vis-
ed and took possession of our

:i ridiculous. I'd have had
:.nr lives had been at staxe,
of the imminent danger of
t this mortifying plight I
f a sofa pillow that would
South and shook till my

e expression on Margery's
Called me to myself at last.
I 1, ,o, 88 a Rt

Chancing s glance up irom obehna a
corner of he cushion I was trying to
swallow, I caught her listening with
strained attention to something that
was being )aid on the other side of the
screen, with every bit of color gone out
of her faeJ and a look in her eyes I'd
never seen there before.
"Yes," 4Ja,:k was saying, "if they
don't hur', I'll have to go without
saying gooY" .My train leaves at 7,
and I've lo s to do.
Ned light ed his pipe before he re-
plied. Dea Ned, I believe he would
smoke in heaven if Peter didn't take
the preca u on to search him before he
he rr.Flber I at last. "Especially when
there "',g tI ,'i're never coming back."
itiiuC'ttr e, Margery violently at this,
S(t~iai 't.'',k gt m0--titl' miux-
andl tuLIt icW'Wat en dolefully:
S'Olh, they won't care very much,
I'm afraid 1"
"Of course they will," protested Ned,
puffing away. "And I will anyway.
Must you go, old boy?"
"Well, it's this way, Ned: As long
as I hoped fhat Margery might care for
me I w.:oulhin't .give in to my uncle's
propio,:tiiun that I should marry his
ward, Miei Wilson, and become his
heir, but n )w that I'm satisfied I have
no chance i-ith the girl I love, I might
as well marry the other one and please
the old man, I suppose. I'll be miser-
able anyway." And Jack heaved such
a sigh that the big paper screen waved
about till it threatened to come down
upon our h .;,dt.
I gave a hi rifi'd look at Margery,
but her hini' had fallen over her face,
i.l1 I c,',n .C l ty er,. one little hand
hlin. h-Il i ii 'ly a- if she had a pain
'Cii-iev'l.,r I r-",icl,,'l dumblyover and
ai,- I ti tl tip little hand, but she
hook mC c.i I f.11 to listening again.
", ,I. i 's uit ~o bad as it might
be," N.,1 .. ,.Tini encouragingly.
'I hear ;.ijt \Vi jn isla beauty."
"'"1<, it "l .n, .Tcklr with enthusiasm.
W I ,t'I' i ,l. to represent us as
S t.. hi andi close by counties.
Salary Ni.,i 1 in r und expenses. Straight,
.- i .. la luin t .i no less salary, Posi-
tion i., ,l t. Our references, any
bank in al town. It is imnainly office
work conduit ed at,bomle. Reference. En-
-close -,. i.l..-,- -i l I '1 envelop-"
TiHE Dbu ., l -. -- .", D,)'. 3, Chicago.

(i. III ui, .- oi mortals,
t dt ;'it ,J:ck' s nces l ,ok d,
:d, L it known, \wias thec during
'o ld.id- t: a to g ide my
.-. f'n .rpri.Ce l'd other vir-
n iw,," rours to mention) through

. .ac-k were part-ners in a law
.. i .:.;' the fC .t on the top
.n. the in1n)-'d in certain
., i :'-s t y calicd light house-
S...'! :L :rgr'y and I taught
d Delsnrte nd Ipracticed the
:u. j of hosjpitality in the flat

-,:. rhcrcfore, could have been
- .itIhble and otherwise to be
i *. to have -'..,. .. ry and Jack
,... with each other, even -as
1,I ad done. Jack was willing
Si- oy, but Margery balked.
$10 1C,' ,-,1.i ir '
-, before, we three had been
t over the day before while
.i absent teaching the luck-
tren of a rich soap nmanufac-
i'hs Wagner on the piano and
,'reed that the situation looked

ad been in the depths of de-
I.,-- the tenor of tht choir for
:.i :. played the organ had
t~ree times that week, and,
Il 1r.'t believe she cared a pin
.IA,. I h-d nwvmr' k..own noth-b
" t :IC t,: t .. C .. l Ilty r e -
A .i ., I, ; .' -. l il

~ii .Y 1:'^ Al i'('fL; i 2 .


Chances to Cut Throats That Are Not
Often Taken Advantage Or--Narrow
Es'npcs S ls'om Serlous Mishaps-A
Fnther's Dream.
"Did it ever strike you," asked the
little barber, "how easy It would be
for the manii that shaves you to kill
The man in the chair sat up quickly
an'l looked carefully at the barber.
who w.ns feeling the edge of.the razor
with one linger. The barber smiled
to ro ssure his customer and said:
"It seems a queer question. I know.
but it is a wvouder to me that there
.are not a number of people killed in
that way every year. *lt would be
the easiest thing In the world for the
;' C ,'i ui s lie wieiled ils ad'or to,111ake
one sweep with it 'nId sever the jugu-
lar vein, nil you would be dead al:nost
on the instant. Suppose. for Instance.
that the barber should go insane.
There would be nothing to prevent
his doing such a thing, and you would
have no warning nor any opportunity
to save yourself.
"There is always a chance of a seri-
3us accident happening to the man In
the chair. I have seen a number of
such accidents and have a horror of
even nickirUg tlhe nuai I am shaving.
In fact, such an occurrence makes me
feel out of sorts for the rest of the
day. It was only a few days ago that
I almost had an accident that gave
me a g:-edt fright and completely un
nerved me. I was shaving a young
man, a.,l,'i passing fromm one side of
the clhir to the other a button of my
waistcoat ('aturlit in s hii 17 1i'.L~iUL L

a trifle, a'id he moved this head sud-
dcmly just as I went to put the blade
to his face. I enme within an ace of
slashing him, and only a quick jump
back saved him. The poerslpiration
stood out on me, and I had to call one
of the other men to tinisil shaving my
"But the worst accident I ever saw
In an barber shop occurred while I was
Vwor'king In a small town in the west.
One of the patrons of the place was
a business man whose a-year-old
darghter was lying at the point of
death. Her father put in most of his
time at her bedside. One afternoon
while she was uisileepi he canie in here
to get shaved. lie was so exhausted
through inck olf sleep that he fell
asleep imhnmediitely after he had taken
his seat In the chair next -to the one
beh Ind which 1 wuas at work.
"HIe dreatned( that some one had
conie into tihe place to tell him that
his child had died. With a cry or
alarm he si-Vrted up just aa'tlhe barber
laid the razor against his neck. Into
the flesh Ii sank. He was not yet
thoroughly awake. and as he iTmagined
that some one was holding him bac'
from his child he threw out his hand
to free himself, and his fingers closed
over the blade of the razor. So dazed
was he that h:e could not realize what
had happened, but sat there In the
chair., with the blood str-eamin, from
his throat and fingers.
"The man who had done the cutting
was the first to act, although half
crazed. He hurried for a doctor while
we stanched the flow of blood the best
we knew how. Even as the doctor
was at work sewing up the wounds
a messenger came to say that the little
girl had died suddenly in the greatest
ag.,ny, calling f..r her father just be-
ft.re she I die-i. lIe was under the in-

not know, but afterward, when he
heard of the circumstances attending
her death, he insisted that he had
heard her call as he lay there asleep
in the chair and that it was her cry
that had caused him to make his sud-
den movement.
"For years after the accident he con-
tinued to shave in the same shop
where it had occurred, and it was
never mentioned. He carried a re-
minder of it for the remainder of his
life. In addition to the scar on his
throat, the fingers of his right hand
were all drawn up and useless.
"Sudden movements while in the bar.
ber's chair are always apt to be attend-
ed with serious results, and I could re-
call dozens of instances where it has
been only the merest chance that has
prevented serious if not fatal mishaps.
Nine times out of ten where the person
getting shaved receives a nick and lays
the blame on the barber he should
thank the wielder of the razor that It
was no worse. The probabilities are
that it was quick action by the barber
that prevented a bad cut. A slight
niclk often would have been a case for
the (dlator r coroerl. were it not for
the w:itellfuluness of the barber. Here
yesterday I happened to draw blood
from a youu u fellow's face near his
ear, atd he aliade a great fuss about it,
until I showed him that it was only
the sudden withdrawal of the razor
which resulted in the slight nick that
prevented him losing a good part of his
ear. Thelii he was grateful and thank-

"A'd then think of tho money, my
boy! Most any fellow wonld envy you.'
"I suppose so," said Jack drearily.
"But I must go. Time's up. Will you
say goodby to the girls for me, Ned?
Tell Margery"-
Here Jack choked, and I was so busy
catching a large, warm tear that was
chasing toward the end of my nose that
I forgot to look at Margery, when, to
my amazement, a little figure in a gray
bathrobe, with a cloud of coppery hair
flying after it, bounded right over me,
and, as the screen toppled over with a
crash, I beard Margery's voice cry:
"Oh, no, Jack, you mustn't go! I-I
-love you, Jackl"
I had a confused vision of Jack seiz-
ing the little figure in his arms, and
then I started to run. I don't look so
pretty with my hair wet as Margery
does. But somehow when I got to the
door I met Ned, and as I looked up
wrathfully something I saw in his eye
made me stop short.
"Ned Tucker," I exclaimed, "you
knew we were there all the time"
"Well," he said, not a whit ashamed,
"if you will leave the ventilating shaft
"You wretch I cried, and then
something else struck me. "And the
uncle," I gasped, "and the beautiful
Miss Wilson"--
"Aro nbL.nt an real," aidl Manterp
: -1. "a a r ,-"'.' -EEci.ar T II
FiJ, iu -ii>\ :,_ ral.

a.. -

.%> h an..i Jnst How lor.g hi.', ("',oi!i i7.re
I I l..l Lor thL.it thle old la'ly coul'l n.t
possibly last more than a fortuizht.
She begged me not to let anybody
know how serious the case was. She
didn't want her young daughters dis-
tressed, she said.
"Of course I told nobody, and just a
week after that I read in the papers
that Mrs. Dash, the daughter of my dy-
zng patient, had sent out invitations
for a large dancing party, to Lo given
on an evening a fortnight away. My
patient did not live as long as I had
expected. The day after she died I
read In the papers that 'owing to the
sudden death of her mother Mrs. Dash
had been compelled to recall her Invi-
"She had never intended to give a
ball. She could not have afforded it,
and she 'bluffed.' I have cold shivers
every time I see her."-Cleveland Plain
Why the Chicago GIrl's Brown Fair
Turned Golden nlued.
"Gosh, Marier, but that wuz a close
shave!" exclaimed Uncle Eben as he
dragged his worthy spouse out of the
way of a street car that was yet 20 feet
away. "This yer Chicago life is enoughh
to make a man's h'ar turn gray."
"Turn gray!" snarled his wife.
"'Twouldn't be so bad ef thet wuz all
it done. It's decent and respectable to
have gray ha'r, but when it comes to
making a poor young gal's ha'r turn
yaller jist on account of the excitement
uv all these cars an railroads on stilts
an howlin people then's when I say it's
a sin to hev sich big cities. I'm a-goin
right out to 'Liza Jane's house, ef I kin
ever tind It. an stay right in it till we
leave Chicago."
"iiw do you know It makes people's

"I ain't never earn tell of enuything
of that kind."
"Well, I see it with my own eyes-
leastwise I see it turn brown agin after
the poor dears wuz rested all summer
In the country. You know them four
gals whai stald all summer over at
Cousin Ellen's? When they fust come,
they'd big brown eyes an fa'r complex,
Ions an right yaller ba'r. Purty soon
every one of 'em's ba'r beg!n to get
streaked in spots, an before the sum-
mer wuz gone they all had rich brown
ha'r. Then 1 ast one of 'emn what made
their ha'r turn brown, an she said it
wuz alla's brown, but that the exciting
life she'd been livin in Chicago, whar
she had to act in a theater every night.
made It turn yaller. Poor thing! She
looked so much better at the end of the
summer that I hate to think of her
coming back to this great, wicked city."
-Chicago Journal.

A Race With the Sun.
The London Daily Mail says if an
aerial machine were capable of travel-
ing at any rate up to 1,000 miles an
hour a traveler In it, starting westward
from London at a speed of 660 miles
an hour, would arrest the progress of
time. If he started at 10 a. m., it
would always be to him 10 a. m.
Should he find his unending day mo-
notonbous, he could reverse his direc-
tion and get a quick succession of
short days and nights of some six
hours' duration, but he could regulate
the length by the speed of his ma-
chine. Suppose be traveled from Lon-
don one night at 10 o'clock westward
at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour. He
would soon experience the sensation
of seeing the sun rising in the west
where It had set a short time before.

rn,willihg to take mni oath that I was cur-
ed of pneumonia entirely by the use of
One. Minute Cough Cure, after doctors
failed. It- also cured my children of
whooping cough." Quickly relieves and
cures coughs, colds, croup, grippe, and
throat atid lung troubles. Children all
like it. Mothers endorse it.-1-. F.
Brackin & Son.

;Cci 'liP. NI'es ii's oilin SI..:4 o iou- mUlure
f'l'ii 1 il ; f u l' ,e.
*'i '1 ;: :' ;'e oilher wv;;'.s tie barber
n::13 ^" ,'i' ;,:;" f ',on," ( uii mi:eI)d tae lit-
e .Iuv ; i' s i t l I'. : 0. ;;; ail of
SI -- Di- l r'l s 'e "T ere is no t ued
i -i !t if ii !:. Lie (' Sj i( *- 1; '. l ; i. > v o ; ;iii d

\i.:ii s; L 'i.: l e.'" V. Itt lt balber
tm aiul by ltii.s tl 'e irltr his victims
did not aisk.-N.w Y(o:k Sun.

One WVoman's St." WV.ay in w1lhlch to
P'ay SeetsIl "I don't ;now iu.li of tihe ways of
fashionable peoplee" said a young phy-'
sician not long ago, "for I am not in
society, but if many society women are
like one I know here in town I think
I'm safer to be out of it. It was not
this s-,ason, but It wasn't so long ago
but that plenty of people can relnem-
ber the circumstances. I had among
my patients an elderly woman who
lived with the daughter's family. The
daughter lived, if not beyond her
means, at least up to the very edge,
went out a great deal and was enter-
tained a great deal.
"The mother, fell sick with a com-
plaint which I knew would prove fatal.
1 did ul irift'riLu the l'fiiily lill one
day the daughter aslkdJ me to t.Ill her
frankly wh ti her ni..thler's c,-uliti':on

,,r. .;'ti- may "-enrl ud s $1 and ilheir
,l_.iilpti:on andi we will locate their
lot ;ind return the MaNp by mail.
A1.1 press ritE iBUOY,
St. Andrews. Fla.
For 5 cash subscribers, we will give as
a premium, I Sectional 1Map of the Bay
country, or 1 Map of the Citr of StAn-
drews. Either-man sold sinlyv-$1

Our Clubbing List.
The:BUO'Y hias made very liberal club
bing arrangements with a few ofthe very
best publications in the country and fo
the present can send for a whole year
The BUOY and
Leslie's Illustrafed Weekly for.. .$3.0f'
Demiorest's Magazine.............1.7
Detroit Free Press (twice-a-week
and Year Book)............. 1.7)
The Fla T. U. & Citizen, daily for $9 05y
do weekly,for$rl 85
Scientific American' t' .... 3 50
Farmer audFruit Grower" ... 2 55
Florida Agriculturist ... 2 55
do clubsof 5, each ... 2 25
Farm Journal, Philad'a, monthly I 10
Cincinnati Enquirer twice a week
8 large pages each issue..... 1 75
Atlanta Constitution ... I 75
N. Y. World (thrice a wi-k)....... 1 65
For any or either of tht above public
tions in connection with the BUOY, ad-
4-9s all orders to THE BUOY.
St. Andrews, Fla

Is prepared to cut
and deliver them at reasonable rats.
It v ou need labor with team, call upon


Of tlig fitV Of S'l. AlltFl'WS

Gotten up with ig'?at care by the
publisher, ilho has ipaiedi no pain
to prepare for the pr.blic a map of
St. Andrews as it really is. It shows
Extending eastward obom Dyer'a
Point, taking in the Old 'jown site of
St. Andrews, and gives location of
public business places, p 'Ivate resi-
dences, docks, etc., alsc e, ery lot in
each block and the adjoining addi-
tion to the Cincinnati Company's
land with a full description of the
The Map will she w owners bf lots
in the city just where they are lo-
cated, and is of value to those think-
ing of buying property.
Size of Map 30x50 Inches. -
The BUOY will send this map to any
address on th-3 receipt of


given as a premium for 5 yearl



Anl'oneR sndIng a kot.I .tand desertptlou may
quicl, KIV a,(Jrtauil our opfiiein free w hett- an
lk RO Rorrimurlo. CRW--1a'

,ii..lrcly.-'rrljerillal. ~Uandbookon PaL a
bent froe. Oldest agency for securing patent..
Patei' i jcn Lhrougb Maun & Co. receein
spfil n.dthc, wlha-ul charge, In the
Scientific lmcrican.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Larest ehr
culatton of any scientific journal Terms, 3 a
year; four months, 1. Sold by all newsdealer
MUNN & CO.361roadway, New York
Branch Office. 625 F St.. Washington. D. C.






A Full lin of Canled flGoods


Mast. Foos & Comany',

Double Acting Force Pump.

RD uos QnME naitn
PPILE uppUitory
is garante-Id cure PILE5,
an4 CON TIPATION (kleediiiy id-.ihn. proalrdlag,
S i. whethr of recent or long S ilg. 61 ir money
It gives iis'tant relief, ar,1 fe. L% a radiL&l
an I pcnanent c ure. No surgical L. t-radin u required.
T ', ir .. ir . .r *, nl.. .l .,r c f m.se. .
r L fr- . 1 ','y a I.x. For ialc
y oret by mail o receipt of price. .
MIRTINlR U,)Y, EzhPliamaclst, LancasftPa,
If RTI r
Sold at St. Andrews.-Bay, Fla.
At Dr..Mitchell's Drug Store.
EIWCall for free samlre.


OfSt. AB'lrows
and the

Bay Country.

We have made arrangements by
which we can furnish this fine MIAP
covering about eighteen miles square
of territory, including the Cincinnati
Company's Tract, also Hlarriaon,
Parker, Cromanton, and adjacent
country, for
Or Li. TI- for 5 cash yearly sunicriptioig
['Yv the ; I of tlhii mapl tlie location o
la ,I,. lirLila-eI'l ,,i the (.'inciiinat
I . . 111







K64A*d*T'4---UL- VU )F W.-- --


~I -- -I





; -'-~---UI----;M~R*l~IzrrccL~C~~






I -


' ^



'- --* ef ny cot munlly-came



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