Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: November 30, 1899
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00061
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lccn - sn 95026996

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First Last, and all the


Washington Counify

West Florida

Against the Worldi


:ST. A N1)I AV S BA'

NO. 366


(.NilraEl* -'i*A-liq'.

Ifo S--. R a 'o

'I' C W I It -
tie At R


dne dollar a Year I.n Advance.

Editor and Proprietor.
D)i.phlev nd rite- 5.Ic per rnch per monaii
I'.,siticin and extraordninstr conditition
rites 'Iul.li.--t to s~Pecial IafIe-eement.
" at D, it.,''" 5e rer line. ri,-t in erlion
.r c.. ctch i*ileqiuent. Drisplr local
eijiult.l ,' i. 1oi rate I

"Yoi l)lst."
r .,n, T, 1 aid' r back a'"ain
.~~... ._.*^ ,, ie.O.E ....O tlllkT*aL

ST'X1 W -~ -~

eL'' ce-I Toie f -tirthe .3 oneold j.k'cl-e:
r T '-Ic '. .ti ) --un L dviy ,t

I t 1 c1i

Willat k:It kic-a
\\rtalisil'CNr I- I- i n

Sc 1('le '. t' cc

iec~.i. -re'.c 'W.t1 Wrll IV;i

Hc it. E. Mrer'5

P tinhi ide e'rl.N.e. B. Siir kl-t~ic .

Nircitec'.ls.le H V.

BA'.- lic'iv.
Poo~eitiiiteF. MrerltePuCAt .
Fojtnstilui'st~, Sim Dveril.

Postmas~ter, .N .uiliS'
potfieoilLa'.rd's mill Beewou.

CAujmTIDNCuU NTY-(C Io"t '. iree..
'I, ~~. ectam Put.1 i, IFrn'ek Hetstineas ~fI'u nec.-
te, 1ho:1. j. I. letareger;t-toiliit%(Com-.

L~i fc~ouriS. '.'Well.

htL L.1G 0U '
iMlethodist-~ChuTCh con 'Vrethiiegtol l cre
iiiud Cheot nut at-li1ev. L. 1.Umi i
iprietor. Precic'hiing At 1I t.a1. Mi.aed 7:31
p. o. every Oltre I.toip SuedAY.
1'.' 11. S.C. E.-PaNe~r nueelti ng a~t thle
0re-slvi'.emiai clturebi e'. y nuciidnAlultier
'ce-at 3:30 o'clock All ulC ii'.ited.

at4p. m. Sit1.ailecec. tiel-very Seida t

Siiii1day13 illei tel I neuelh. lie'.. L. L -ed-
[I ,~erinillk, Iccitcrirt
Ih .~ Qtremlicctr~recncnhdilre.Ie aiieeiLoviemee
!1 1 1 i' ,iee 411ced lraikle-stiedt; Rtf 1. I. .1.
.4! NI etil wain pastor; pr'eeme' i iemee)P-c(''td
Sutniday eti each mecth aet 1II o cIe-c1,e1. Ill.
~' ILnd Lb "7 P. M. Stinda% Sc e, l ..P it 9.3i1
Am. ev.eery Seiiidii Je.hn St ilr I e-I-k. .Pl

IilE ail- F.ltu-

V.p"-VT i I L 1. 1c i ii I, mc
li re reC-G 3er '. ci-re cel w o :,I
arr.e ,i ie,.rr io
F'4 -t I e' icII% t, r 11 1 dci Ii
4d~~ ~ rkei -FLOi edic Ad W,-'i -~
C, wir
:er. eA I)'cteI. g.. log Ic-c'o rc'sli p '

'Ckl A N DU F.i L S BF 1 i c Li- t- E' di "1 I

.-i -1.

C-h IipI-cy & Iay 11C.01 ~

Po ILQUbt ta sciittio hn te..-rlchiI '0o.
X XMVII t A U k1 t I ~N.Ih. 0' Ic'V
V A_ -'..S cielWZ ecq5 I


utvPubic for th. 41 o..i-' t L., i r h.
cciitr ad w',;a tja'tou a' II ; 11 t I "A t 1i '.3 AtS~:
el e.. egit u w It..nre it F I-.'K j.t :4, c- i.4 l
ti I "zc rtI fv.1 'e i i ld F .. 3dii 1"*..

Hi) Ieopathic Plhvsi,'i ti 1eI., A,'-
c )uclier. O r.. P ij'i,-i, I e h .e kIt "-.r,'.

Iou % Lie-U y"ou wnre a kid,
But somehow alwavq tells you of
'r foolish things you did.
Your heart beats lighter, as it did
In l-.ng-ft,..r eilten aa.l n,
.' ieL' .lt, S.u- Wu-ll-rememhered spot,
i n.iler L.iely :cu gaze..
Bul it E.---- queer tIb t aill your good
And iAiul. d' eds acre hid
And pt.-ople ouly call to miid
The foolish things you did.

They ttlk of others who've gone out
Into ,ue orelgi l.i.id;
They tell of things these other folks
Have uone-iand ihoy suem grand.
But v lien it comes to talk of \ou,
Their inids cannot be rid
Ofr the belief ljou'd liko to beat-
The foolish things you did.
Yuu know you've done a thing or two
Which show you've got sontie sense,
But eve-y time they t:.lk of you
They're certain to commence
With tales of "What a fool you were
When you lived here-a kid."'
They bare forgotten all, except
The foolish things you did.
-Baltimore Ameaican.

Your Love Beside Me.
I care not. for the weary way,
Whatever ills betide me,
If that' I know from day tee dBy
Your love beside ome!

I do not ask one rainbow ray
In storms whose thunders chide ome,
If I but. fcel from day to oay
You' love beside me l
Unanswered all the prayers I pray-
A worldd dear, o deride re,
Thankful I walk the thinu-'ieLt, iway-
Your love beside me'
-F. L. Staitoun.

The Landlimg ot tlie I'ilgraii
The breaking -\ C- da-licd high
On tlie steru and riekbound .oaiat,
Aind the. -%.',%l-d a ain ti a -trrit v .-ky
"t1eir 1'ikinl brauihes tlsaeld;

Aiid lihe lheavy niIght hung dark,
The tiill- and water, ut'ur, O
When a baud uo exile, mooreJ their
O' i .' l; .. I' .i ij l lO *'. .

l.gct n t* c l e ; '. e e cf t Ia.| .c I r *.a::'.

A., d thll." I 'a. I. -tef tl cl I] t'.

'.'lsd ltl.-_ !i ,'ia h 1... J rl. ,
IN :, l I ;.nI Ii P-'.i.,

A eiied-o th-ea -.n't;, thiir -i'-r
A d TAI._.'e -a'.vt-. h 1.'i' a. .J . .

i i ,Ju :I a. i-t by t" -: .
'Ail t.he L tDr.ch i't i ." tI_' th"- ..C ft

Ai ud flit -Oe IliLfinp I' .n or rtl'l f.'c-it
T ti: < e a-. 'tL i, '.'. :le. t'),l.' II a'. '
~uiwwww7'-Mwr --

f, ruwtd L!'i[ il)

fll t'e 'v~A e!h1c~uIot- .

".Lidm 'kiJL CgL 1Ve. h s L

fiee. ~ltb L -1, AI vc te pils (of %lai*i-
rl: .fat N .: I'i ur,-s. j-!LitU.

va I i Ares., I, _i~i 'ji IN h~t I-- f 't he. j

oflt or savripand Prcia.4i. t'iirn,ie-iee1.1, 11
-e'rviveee to thue cflz.'- .z ,I *;S1 6h, ~'''~*-.'Ii' '~
;if-.' I Viii'1 i'icii .l.V N T'JVrILe 01'IP e,1,.:r
Vjeeti aventie. lii h' u'!ij I tl '1' ~l,,.'
-V. tv. r,.. thv bit--ful heeme-n .t lente
C. l. CH. IPPEN, WIVthint the litr,/on's farthest bound.
Notiury Plublic. Wheire cuastig WL'Urdligudoubt ~aw"ay.
Wijllattenid oromptlv to tall leusilieeprdele Pea~ce. reSt, and Joy n-eay comne to..rta. ?
meiiding hik eilteet ion. Office onnRav'---.--
view street. o.ne belock. roriheast of T $650 to $ 1200 a X ea r.
I. ).nfoerd'4 qi ore We %itnt re-liable sied eliergetie 'inei
BUTLER & FLOYD, ind women in earli Sattai- i..rd'et aiid ap-
l.)-) it t gent FillciLV%$65(.) to)$1211'() a ear
A t tnrtue3' lt Lawv, and ex Iei~ie. g uar: wieed and Paid w,,tk-
CHrirx \'.riNO'rON COUNTY, FLA 1%.; Lid expeli~ilLit required, %e instrucet
voti. Local PRcureitentiiiie~i Siited nlio.
send etanip loi full particulars. Addressr,
.wLqn-i rities and teeloctions WO The Bell ICompany. Depaitmerit A.,
nrieke a Specialty. Philadclphia, pa.

Pei-imnonui tj pi iN i .A\kansas. It
is hIlghlin aw ay ia. tha. t I: oi ti.,n i the
stale whiee lihe imnpulenIt little
OzaikA ksni-ldenil seem toi almpoligize
to their Ii.mniiiekce and huinoly ditep
oiut of sight, ior blnd gradually wit i
the rolling prairies a which hinge the
ignite inabile ;lait oel lithe Red iv-l .
er bittonim. lei e nature tiles ao-
pi.-nie. 'The sol. whichL l pridure'o so
Inxulianlyh nntlieial aln. niintenied
.c:t've b% the itima l hia l in, lan- naini,




guess was hazalded,, wbut die tranQie- 'Peart kinl' like lIgnt ter pnt
mitokedI aromatic tiba;c,., in hin b hnli ti
You never know what orn of blood
briar pipe and |Iesber edi a -j.i inxlik- pi on ll 'ollow con1 nr io. Kee
silence. Bill lluinilay, who hadI the liver clear, 1,y us: De Witt's
brought him over from .Merton, was Little Early isers and will avoid
interrogated, but the inquiry w,, troulile. They are famou 1'rle pills for
Sr e ipon tion and liver and iel troubles'
about as satisfactory as i otre l01 R F. Brackin & Son .

I !~'~."
* h., -

imm e (6all,, d ,,i ,i,! i s. i n li e uip ,andl
:'eIei\ i thlie ini--ive anHII .I sli-h ack
to hiis ?-eat, 4bnsur L I unI eonell
by an. .
i"'h'ei the Illir~ngr c tneo the
pIr-sflice the haliiine- el ilheit r'esoit
thiianght lhe di jit s as nic. l lJeicle el
snc'-ialillity. H ii, tacirnin lii am iipi'a
aHin icv i -e've '.....n I li-.1e-lle .i thati
thteiry. lie wuhl litoen i inteinly ;i
the rnmlic Ni-ly dionedI Iftl the
Ilall re in cl lti)poliS ,l1i lMiiCnMe, asil go
home to ietniii next lday.

quick, nervous tread. ThA linel
knots blazed upon the hearth iithi a

'-n [.'i It.i eliey w l Hlif lint the
1i lldv 'liow in.pu lel a glsi,,stl I pallor
trI the .(-tial,UP91i'q while, i teri-artl
coilnittilalnce. He loO.ked at his
u it hli andil piled niiit e fueling 11 tihe
ftielHlate. The flames le|alel higher
:. they licked the tiider-dry bark,
;1il Ithe 0.h al..\lns ,atceod groilesquely
il ilehe wall-.
lie glaIl:cee t i lhis watch agaid.
Tlie lilies grew still tigliter ab ii.niitli. I'be Mtrident series of the
i-i iln hi-'. g.-se ,u side give wav,Mlitoi ._ .d
-it 9Stu1e noctul'rnl .lprow Ier. liind un- -
aiily lie thliugliht of the time when'
thlie iiar.-e-v-uie ld tfwl lia-. savedil a
.'nipiie. He hesitated a moment.
TI'he lie ground his tbelii together
A .I1 t.11%k hii. pip,- and lit it wihli a
cral a hlie sat down b (lie window.
Their loading fire cast a itllnlay ra-
liaince about the room, ann the wierd
.Jhalmows flung their armfi with 9
iti!der fienzy.
Tlhe pipe went nit. The ittrangli
lit it again and leaned- back in the
cane-bottoinel rocking chair. The
-rliar report nif a rifle anide the geese
tiv nilh rai.lig, di-cordantu cries oi
telnl r.
ii a *



I i

OV 41


j u4g

i 1' e m Sl I Is had 1) 'it oi n ,l i a ,i a u in.I I n iv lii.-. o,. t QI,,I,
leainI. L diay, lI y'-r know thi :ii'[ ite eit
**\\' l, I tinlinileo nii hi i i'ni it." healtiiy pila e inr a I-lleir ,'\ei L'-li
,1nitli Bill as ; ,e luetre'4 a Irgty, eihie kit co'lin isntlii(iio.?'
oI homespunun." "'~ taken a balen' l" No. I'n'l hitr"
cotton down ie the ppic) whenn the "Navw. Too inLnle ager ang chill,
passenger crnie in.' He slel an;' aq'lfever."'
axes ile whi.' I wu a din'. I tul' "I don't think thi,'1ee m ai licas., Hi
hiimi a' lie ax me if e i own growed ..angelos. in the iiiit-r time. lBe-
much lately. I tIl tita 'twaiit no lie ides, I am well pirl videed ill i ,Lui-
tloIn, uln'y a badly plhi t the road, nine."
aI.' lie ay lie guiesN J ilt-, :-i1' he "A ticket f,,r Te' x-'kiii v i. a
calnie." .1 lainned slight better. NIw, lo.,Ikv

*He never say.. is. like lie Reed, and I don't keer whln in hell
diein't ax no' quemtiuiin q Al i' an- \-.k i i xe e di l qie.-ied ii
0.er none, neither." ill h a.lted, a d ve liSin't ains er 'cin. New. P'l
hisi quid uneasily. rl tell ye- H liril -..iiie lhinii' 'r v'r .. n
Thlie communinity ,eci<-og little in- good. We'ie kin' u' peitickler whu
onrmation from this tP?, vi, a few o0 we 'aociate with, an' e4'o want a man
the faithful deputiiize tia Reel ti. ter mind his own bigness, an' keep)
iake tLe ti langer's feSioii, and. his moniuthi lie, an' not go nosin'
ii. the abseilce ol COOl ,'Ie hsttifac- ronnl' into other people's affairs,"
tin, to hint iole )ir'jss pointedly "It strikes mne," said the stranger,
that Persimmon Ga(Ip toui mluall a rising, "thlat you are setting a very
tield for his abiliie., Mor l' os-11081 poor example before uie. Here you
tion as the suppose, ader of the have been trying to find out a whole
"eildcats," nilade it et ently hitting ',,t of things, that do not in the least
an.d ipruper that he shlit be the in- ec.ucern yon. It is none of your bus-
quiiitor-general. iness who I am, what I am. or where
Tile stranger was icg on the I .,nie I.ni.in. You will do well to
chopping-block uf Yelle'h. wAuodjlile attend to your own affairs as strictly
smnkinig hirs pif.e and'nsing chips as I do mine. Now, Mr. Reed, as I
at a couple of pups thati'ere wl'rest- am H.I-. ratili'r choice about the com.-
ling with one anothetB Hic fierce pavy I keep, I shall ask you to leave,
pale face had an express of dreamy ,ir I shall use force to compel yoai to
nleditation. His clear 'e' .'yee had do so."
an iniioslpective lo.,k, aIvhilo they MlotI ga-ped in amazement. He
weic focused ou the ftqL caltiules, ran his fingers through his streaked
they teemed to be ok. ed with beard and looked at his horse un-
sumething entirely diflielei easily.
The newly filled pipe 1',,rih its "'Wbal, I don't keer for no fuss,
clouds in intermittent" f's. At Ilastways not jes' now, an' I mount ez'
times tile smoke cnrle' Iv4 up- well be nmovin'." He looked at the
ward, expacliug in lls' "ih' stranger wistfully. "Don't kerry no
whliile prachutes. twist' ,g I)t a.tl tei hacker, I reckon?"
fantastic shapes, atd fi 11 "1 "No, I donii't use it."
away as its firt':i-rn b 5loitt mounted his horse and rode'
.ned from tile bowl.T. .iff. while tlie stringer filled his pipe
ger's brtiw would cou i'ail-hed him diliinppear in the
jaw w,',uld tighten i ~ tl% n That lined the rond.l.
ainlier iiutillpiece, af lit*jeJ -... couldn't make ntLli i' utitin
lifl. wuulIi minse itn q accear e0. boys," said/ Mort & en lie re-
E.I ii oll iiil gs wli hi( 1 l ve,. ,ve p rtte-d to hi. fraternity. **I kain't
ti-ie,-ly thl they ho,, ,,ek Ih Ihe'p it, fur he's ez close-mouthed ez
velv'es to. 1i-gcs. Ti 'i'nger .'-'/' Red river mnussel shell. "'hey ain't

Idiiti =7 d TTT -7- 7 77 777, 7Pr

O te d h o
sinsa-a- "

anled Iindhes il it-' yielil in a year o
ee1 il a If ulitlh 1 a lale' oil cott olin
hve liil-.lie'e... ... n t, l e acie. Thlie
ilie laniild teeits to thle original huld
er aid is tqunickly seedeIe iU pleersim
union, sweet gum and stunltedl pine.
Evei hiieltnnit h bow. to this ,,i
uipoteilt Io.irce. Take tlhe inhabit
ants, put them to clearing "ne'.
groiint d,1" or thiuninig Cutlton and thei-
droop anti flint. Let them hunn
'pohsomil, or invite !hem to a log roll
ing, andi thle ste'p is elastic, the voice,
lia. a tiuniupet ling, and the e.re
gleams \ithI brightlned that wouh
hliame a diaionid. Touiismts i wilily
passing through that aiiall iectioni o
the coutiimy which the lion Monimilui
railway bisects, dub ihiernm n'itivle.
ats coli,.nil.ltinerly as itl ithe w.'-r
speaking el the iindigenouts fanna ,0
i,,ra if the lucwllitv. 'The tlia'v lie
gro who has the uiardihluodl to peine
iat thfile 'illei iness thli s I'r call
thiem ui(ter his beat "'Po" white
Living ar\ay from thie gieat ceni
ters ol tiade, away Iron the btisy life
to thle north, ea-t sonthi ittnd we'st
these people ar-a not, neve'rthelesos
Fiinlpie Areadi-ins, trniting, guilelesst
hospitable. The wayfarer receive
icant welcom-ie among them. 11ii
coming is viewed with sa picion an
his depaliuru ulten hastened by a
Flr the explanation of this cendnei
ask it' the incense arising Ir'in si-ie
secildled nook; the bariel.s coiiigiiei
ai **"inl:,sse ." th'Ough i canlie i:
r'.ii-edl; ,i ti he ll i ii. iei.Oleiit i till
the odlor ol .epiiis Iruineitil I ais\
ask tiiien, hl r I will iino t anhil r. .ei
ny a ie\eniie ..fficer with mi le eiiiO
,N il t l lin i l- .' ti, ia-- aile-l t,
lepoit to U.ciile. i,' the li .o A-iu i licie
ot. o.S nietinies it w t. ltrca.i'e lIe
cliiI not. tlay leng eiio lgh; .i, niel iniie.
Ibeadiise he .-tave-'l t.." iur-..': bt
inii iiily it i.- L'b c.,U oe lie :,.'nil, i ,Il
,11 b i_..- i, 1 iiiil,:t( n the. llie u l in
ihn ..I.le ,le.i''ii r i,. thi.' hi.n it hc i cr'
,l.j ) i 1 % i e '.; ,.L hi l l , ii..- e-
top j ) bl iie thi ive ; t!, ". r liit, i l-ei,'!
;I ieb.att.ly .' ,'.-ge.-ci e i. e f le-\ ini. il

Shitetilt Jik; ; c i l ,-ri t ilIin N.tic eti
!LC J.I adklif r." !lC .L' t olli;ite i .el
w.,ech, aide-i' 1j L i.L .c,i .utls al iwe'
,.:.id, .cq ceiCC y ie.,- .1 iniil-' 1 .ble
r.i;lh their -li.a-'. ,.' of a ilJc ,
AO .I" rl- i. i'- rt ,.. iL.I a luii .clr -c.... t,

e. LAI
.t1 E-b. ii -.c. it'. .Yi .'iily l-..!I ,I t i,
hn l! .,.J .', b ['.,.' ,"- I,[ ,"\ i..' t t.
: IL.i or 1 e v v a 'n ,e ,ln ,,r an.l k,:

F' .,.. t i",*; .*,. i.,,' ii r.'-. urn l ri.) ut .. ."
kel, tu bii : ilt t ...t.c -e ,f*r i!lli n ,.id i-
itllini g, ian e.' l I t1. ii lu ciii'
ki iS t..' -e i,' eein tI '- t'ca.'i a o(jtud-gi'

o n) e dii.. i i i;, ".,: :vy a.t'e !..HI! i;
N.cvel br a steig.:cci ail m'.--i' at Ie:i
oi-tin: .r; 'i p ahed e' Ce_.; ei ...u i i. i
j'. ralc. Y':.! le .!.'. _' ., ee, I k me,..
u ..iLe.: Ie c..,ei ee -l.t ti alt. dthe .r ';
i aii l ai h i d,..p -..l ,li., ": 'ie "ilertl d
water t.,n, : t w. ie u iITiI. t, t h e 5I.1i .
Hle an ; .v 'l,.'il.y el"l.n thee nirih;
Ilie.t L e taic, hi. acoi.'riil l iiaited lhim;;
ecoii, heci.au.e hIe ate .j ai i;L'1, ',I
the ;ii lk, heal -vy Li -,:uu;. ..i i co, n -
hre.ri. :iui Jd naik iiliee glsi'-.ep. i.t
ni;lI. r nth e:..,:-e tieal. l ii '. It
hanlil !- hi, il.mll. w li.:il .,i.ni d i ... .d ,

.' ra '., 1 e .I'. ..i.i .n c .-i o h ,t i it.i -
'rici .li .L'. el1' -h .i h 't th.,t C eI -:
, "i e :i;.t. l I. ; ati c t h , I ..- h
i -, l Ii u .1..., i i e'c i l "l h

V icl clcr I. l i in te l el i I ti
ii ite ai ab' le .I t ii.''i ,e. .lani ..

mi doubt in my mind but he's a guy'-
nidii. spy, on'y we got ter be a leetle
keeilul." Having delivered himself
,,i this opinion, Mort spat upon the
ground and closedd the incident."
Tlie community was shortly after-
wards thrown into a state of excite-
nietiit by the announcement o! Bil!
flt,,iiday that he had mailed a letter
t'.. the stranger at Merton. A meet-
nii,; "f the faithful was instantly call-
ei aund Bill wa,- brought before it
w.-ith a shambhing gait and a down-
ea.t look.
"Ifeern ve poste.l a letter fer that
.-l'l.'r at Ol' man Yelldell'a?"
*Vas" (with a poor show of indif-
IrI 'hen e.)
*\Vha' d'ye mail it; Merton?"
SVWho wuz it fur?"
i dutni.o, I kain't read very peart.
Fo; some woman, I reckon, kaze it
..1id 'missus' int front, I seen' that."'
**Why didn't he mail it bhier?"
Kai l .-,'. H-e ax me ter mail it
.,ne thi tra.te ...I' el gin lte a Iilvel
d..,ll.,r livve 13 11 e t':,;-te fio 1
T Je[1iaC uaf a ae.ipaciCiiu p'l.cket. a
.s inii'ig cei- n of tAihe cUrotIU iiLeealth
anti field it upto view, ag'if to settle
all dlubth of his veracity.
A short consultafion followed; and
thieu the questioner innocently atiked:
--When did he say he'd want ye
trr mail another fur him'?"
--IHe ever say. He kin' o' mniu'
ble like, an' say 'et that thar don't
lie'p matters the jig's up-' Acted'
like he never seen me an' kin' o;
,) anel, like. Then he A'll brustled
hye an' tol' me ter hurry.er I'd miss
the train.";
Within a fewy days after this epi-
i,.,le the stranger began to come to
tlhe postoffice at Persimmon Gap.
L'le opening arid distribution of the
uiail was a ceremony which was ex-
Ceeled in its obsequiou' solemnity
o',ly by the cutting of the first water-
melon of the sasoin. TlIfse present
sat around on unil kegs Anid tobacco
butts, and talked i'n hoarse whispers,
or chewed their thumbs for want of
other provenders. The postmaster,
looking over his glasses, would read
off the names as if lie were announc-
ing thi result of a prize contest. He
who wa's lucky enough to hear Mis

# " .

little package oif letters and was
i iru ldIli.,g off the ad eiie-seie when he
c iile to a -quaiie, m ico rtedl envelope.
lie liegan i lpell ine 1i he iilnile writ-
ten in boild perpendicular characlei"
The loafers present picked np theii
ears at the unaccusttiPtiid cIuibiiia-
tion, and then followed thlie inevitablh.
expectoration that markI the rnwak-
ening of Arkansasfacutines. WViti a
quick Mnovenient the stranger rene
and took the letter liefore thee a.tsin
ishled official could fil:y dleciphlii the
"It is for me, he said quietly, and
he walked oht of' tli door.
That evening at diei.k a mnii wi;li
a heavy brown beatd c'-led at ahil
Mort's front gate,
Yin are Mort Reed, are you t11.1?l
lie atk'el, ias that wolithly caie uit iii
response to his hallo-.
"Yasc4it. That's wliat my ilia call-
ed m". oz the feller z "
"sn'tl there a atrtiiger i-tr.plpinl
in this neighborhood, I think at o',l
man Yelldell's?"
S0cmnits terl e thev[i'. \ i,?"
, "Well' hole's one of' the in.Ist dlan-
gerous revetine ( ffitcr'i in the sei vice.
I come i'roin .lordnii, tw\enty-five mile-
up the road, and we have juist heard
that he \i s ,i do liein 'her."
"Wal, I niistin-.teil ez ninth all
along The li'ys wV ti ol Ic I- a lit-
tle hiashi, but I tol' 'mil ter go slow,
fur weo had a' right aina-rt i' trouble
over Link (.'.,le killinmi that dei'tyv."
But till, niealn bUi.ini s-', aind if IeI
stays arntid her ilti're won't be-
much Inounitain d.w lelt to wet out0
whistles with,"
"W!hat ye going' ter i!,- 'he nt ii'?"
"We must get rlid o him,"
"'Sposin' be won't leave. He's a
perky feller an' don't bluff worth a
The man with the brown beard
eyed Moit keenly. Mort looked, can-
tiously aroutld.
"Take him off by firelight, I reck-
on," lie said in a low voice.
The mtan with the brown beard
"Yont know he nas the southwest
room anld there are no curtains."
Moit bowed assent.
"Now. don't fail to kill. for it's all
up with us if you don't make a sure
thing of it."
"Oh. I ain't so old but what I kin
knock the eye outen 'a squirrel in the
biggest tree 'rouit'., hiyer with ol'
Molly!" .
"All riihl! Try lto make it at 8:31..1
sharlm fi1 I w.Ion't rte. Cesi'1' y until 1C.c
That iniglit the atraniger wrote a
letter in his room. That it c...est lini
a" tremeuldos effort could be aceni
Iron tihe tightly compressed lips and.
the sl-)w heavy traci:ig of the pen
over the paper. Tihl anguish in his
face was transferred to every hard-
wrung word. It was brief, (hou'ggh it.
told a story of suffering.
"Mariou-Yo-ir letter isir.yived
my last hope of forgiveness. My in-
surance policies inclosed herewith,
are payable to you, and will give you
the competence which 1 failed to ob-
tain. It is to your interest not to
inquire too closely into the circum-
stances of my death, as it might vi.-
tiate the policies, Suffice it to say I
do not die by my own hand. My
broker.,; mirspent life euds here in the
wilderness. H."
He pitt certain' documents with the
letter and sealed' I hem up in a large
envelope. After addressing it he
gave it to Yelldel' with in.structioi.i
to mail it that night a'nd paid him
liber ally foi his trouble.
Then he packed his few efl'ects in-
to tho small valise he had brought to
Perstmmon Gap a few weeks before,
and walked about the loomn with a



-.' -1U- r


Ol M sllt Ia u hly appliirell ol the
lneI W nlext II l.II iii11g, aid lire ent
lot0in toi Yelllell's an a alnatter of
fi in. Thlie il ranger still sat in the
chuir bi i lin e \\ biIlw. bit thiii lime
he a .iteIl l'r tie eiro er. A cliHr-
red p.ipe with an amber stem lay in'
ilite chl, gray a'.ilies of ihe hearth.
(In lhe lowl. bed was a false beard;
Ilio-vi in color. Mort pi(tked it tip'
aniii hilkedl at th3e figinre iii the chair.
His eye,, glitter.iiel andl a holler Ih-ok
Came intt lii Iai we:ither-beateit
"IVelI, dern in' time! Pille feller.
never had no gun ter do it with;
nielibe. D'ye know what I think.o'
yge, Miteir--wluit's yer naiit.'t" '"
But tihe silanger with the peaceful
coUliireiian"e and the little red clot
ablve the temple neither knew nor
ca i d.

-"I %ouldn" be aitlhiii DeW'itt' i' ch'
FHazel Salve fur any cuniiieratiqn,"
w.itei Thos. B. Rhodes, Centerfield, 0:
Infallible for oiles, cuts., iurns nnd skin'
dis-.ass. lieware of counterfeits. R.F.:
Brackin & Son.

The rallier Knew.
Mrs. Wonrli-J.Tohu. I tiink this gold
peu would'l be the mnst appropriate ar-
ti-le we could send Harvey for a birth-
day present.
Sir. Worth-No, no: If we sent himl
that. ilhe first use he'd make of it
would toe to write home for money, so.
we'll send bhimn cash and make an end
of it.-.lewelers' Weekly.

Iand have a vague notion

that it is cod-liver oil with ,
its bad taste and smell and
all its other repulsive heard

tures. It is cod-liver oil, the
purest and the best in the
world, but made so palata-
ble that almost everybody
can take it. Nearly all
4 children like it and ask for
P more.

looks like' cream;" it noUrt.
ishes the wasted body of
4 the baby, child or adult
better than cream .or any
other food in existence. It
bears about the same rela-
tion to other emulsions that
cream does to milk. If yo
have had any experience
with other so-cafled just ias
good" preparation, you
will find that this is a fact.
The hypophosphites that are
Scmbined with the cod-liver oil
give additional value to it because
they tone up the nervous system i
and impart strentlh to the while
body. 0
S'.-TT& dBOWNE, Chcmts. New York.
*.a& uaasme

VI '- -i l-ia I. e IV 118 Idel liltlenon'.

;1 1, t t-I ~1 ti ''lt%% I-), i anh ir %% rutI

bceardle hciltkee l Iaishioad, ecw l a Cit -

t'ci-v Ai'. di il c i ,c beic,"an ,LL teihdownc

irie t~reg't'Ielded .

*CAI I p.11 leII.t tile. Die11100 z 1 C'c
W Ir'I' I i Ic eL'l -)I ut e e) ll1111 C-'
1 :. 1 jeit '
'Y.A t 0 cdeLve"- Ic a w!tl
v -i-~ r lie,,,hulni.' t t the ItI I --, ij R

Att I-ll )

Ih i ~ -\l- c -r,-- h- ,iII .h',
C- l V i-ten tJ 11

Lit t..! Lt ,:t e J.k

\Xah,.' Ciz'Ye fIu-0 -K t nkie ''

r e dCi "l ne'' cye-e'.ci

lecu atlen a tce~le mil'.ye it-clip

Ili lhl, Vlca'i'e t Oi tl ec..

'-'1,11t. it i '.


--I-g------ .-- ..~~~- ~~~....._.. _.__ .-


-A nice suit of clothes at Maxon &
'2 1 Brock's for $4.
.rock,. -If you want to buy good goods
,^', * ^ cheap for cash, go to Maxon & Brock's.
'- -The L. B. Q will cure a cold in one
S.day For sale at the Pioneer Drug
ii, -_-e Store.
S --'" -A -oood big Tablet for 8 ets and a
--- good thick school tablet with 175 leaves
- for 10 cts; all with handsome covers and
NoTr.-It must be remembered that the ood, ruled paper, at the BUOY office.
wind is not a wholly reliable motive pow- "
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im- -Cold weather ather at the north is send-
0ossible to make schedule time it mus thbe ing people southward, and St. Andrews'
charged to the elements; they do the best Bay already recognizes several familiar
d vcn.f-1- vloiq n.d manv stran-

Te. mall side-wvheel steatner Law-
rence of ''Tampa, which has cantiied
.the mail from Tampa to Manatee,
on ..er way to Galveston. ''exas,
came into the Bay Tuesday ito'rning
and made a landing in the West End.
She goes to Galveston to tike up a
tun between Galveston and Corpus
P L., i-. ___ _.- ..
T h, s h.... r.r N t, ,- :I \ i v,,1 Ir..io
Peiiseucola 'tuesday fe...,n witli
fifteen or sixteen passengers on
boat d.
The selho mnet Lucv H. arrived
from Pensacola MIt'iday night and
lay at Brackin's wharl unt'l 10 a in ,
Tuesday, when she proceeded np
East Bay to Watson BayVo.
The schooner Ariel came in from
Peonsacola Tuesday afteinot, alnd, un-
loaded freiglit at Brackin's wharf uie-
forp proceeding up East Bay.
'The schooler Hempstead of Pensa-
cola came in from the GUilf Tuesday
noon and passed directly ap East


Leaves St. Andrews Bay every Tuesday,
leaves Pensacola every Friday,
(weather permitting). Special atten-
tion will be given to receiving and
forwarding freight for parties living on
East and North Bay, passengers for
points on either armn of the Bay can
depend upow securtiig prompt trans-
portation at reasonable rates: Fo,
further information apply to
L. AM. WaRE & Co., Agts

C APTr. D. M. WirInBiLL.
Carries the East Bay Mail between St.
indi, .i l. \W,:t ppo and intermiedi-
"I> ,,ill 1 -. L. St. :.ii cis daily
(t.', t.1 .- ,u .0 n i it t:00 a. In.; arrive at
\', -r.,, ,.i l ]-;:3'1 p. in.; li .- Vt. I ,.,).
nt 1 ;00 p. In.: arti, at .t. A id .- ,-
~: l [i- M..kes landliii- iil4u .i r i it
Iia riAont,.i rjt, o i ~loi, 'a likLi. 'i~ll, -
btuirc, tind Farindilu. Fie;,ht latnit.1 :,'I
i11'y piEstuiffji.' hvhrf. For passenger andd
liie t! r.at_'..It:. rale card in the sev-
eral it, i.rtillices.
Divi) M. WITHERILL, Contractor.

A Week's Weather.
The following table gives the maxi-
mum, minimum and mean tempera-
tures, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, for the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m.. as indicated by U. S.
government self-registering thermom-
eters. Max:Min. Mean. R'n W'd
Nov. 22 75 64 69 .00 sw
23 77 68 73 .00 w
24 '2 63 67 .00 se
25 73 63 66 .00 e
26 "4 6i2 68 .75 se
27 70 53 61 .00 se
28 61 51 56 .00 so
Forweek...-72 I 60 1 60 1 .75 1

Parker Lodge No. 142

Regular C(Jonimuni-
cations on the first
L : and third Saturday
in each month.
Visitinig Brotliers,
W. A. EgmroNs, Secretary.

OOK OUT for the first signs of
impure blood-Hood's Sarsaparilla
is your safeguard. It will purify,
enrich and vitalize your BLOOD.

Why She Enjoyed It.
On Suiuda.. as a *.etaiu 'cottish min-
l te ws[s returmlog hnewrds, lhe wasi
...... accostod by an old woman, v.wh(o 1s, :
"Oh, sir, well do I like the da.iy when
S you pt r-wi."
The minister was aware that he'was
not very popular anlt answered:
"My good woman, I am glad to hear
it. There are too few like you. And
why do you like it when I preach?"
"Oh, sir," she replied, "when you
preach I always get a good seat!"-
Scottish Nights.

Dr. H H. Haden, Summit, Ala., says,
"I think Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a
splendid medicine. I prsscribe it, and
my confidence in it grows with continued
use" It digests what you eat and quick-
ly cures dyspepsia and indigestion. R. F.
Brackin & Son.
Would Be Novel.
"I would like to say something that
strikes the public as thoroughly origi-
nal," remarked the politician.
"Well," answered the friend, "you
might admit that a visit of yours to
any city under any circumstances had
some political significance."-Washing-

ton Star.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart, of Groton, S. D. "Was taken
with a bad cold which settled on my
ungs: cough set in and finally termin-
ated in consumption. Four doctors
gave me up, saying I could live but a
short time. I gave myself up to my
Savior, determined that if I could not
stay with my friends on earth, I would
meet myabsent ones above. My hus-
band was advised to get Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption, coughs
and colds, I gave it a trial, took in all
eight bottles. It has cured me, and
think Ct-d T ar -;aied and now a heal-
i. .o.ian." '1'ri Lit h.-ttle free at any
d r -tr1- it 'niar -!'' itkc .: -J $1

. i -

laces antUU welcomes aa .goo manyl-
&--Parker lodge No. 1-2 F. &A. M. will
meet in regular communication next
Saturday at 1 o'clock v. m. Visiting
Masons in good standing are invited to
pat ticipate.
-The Kalamazoo Celery Nerve and
Blood Tonic is the best. A guarantee
certificate goes with every bottle. For
sale at the Pibneer Drug Store, St. An-
drews Bay.
O-0uUr corrUipmtiT-i r *
ib 1,l iuni that th.-ir fv.':r i -,.ist I.e ui.ild
early enough to eI'-Ai.lh i. noL ia t-.'i r tlhan
N.'iind,iy e' eniil :ot h,-t'rv.i,'-- th-.%y c:anuot
a-nnear in the 'ourtrent i.il -'.
'.'. r.il of rhe [.i i--.:!1'0.1', it i, a -
rived on the Nt.tif on 'Tiid.\ lasi't.
have come to make St.. Andrewa their
permanent home if they can possibly
find conditions such as to warrant them
in doing so.
-Dr. W. Wixon, Italy Hill, N. Y.,
says: "I' heartily recomrcend One Min-
ute Cough Cure. It gave my wife im-
mediate relief in suffocating asthma."
Pleasant to take. Never failes to quick-
Iv cure all coughs, colds, throat and
lung troubles. R. F. Brackin & Son.
-Handsome letter heads with St.
Andrews Bay date line and views of
either St.Andrews Bluff, orBuena Vista
Point, at 8c. per dozen; also map of the
St. Andrews Bay country on back of a
letter sheet at 12c. per dozen, at the
Buoy office-
-It you are tintking of buying prop-
erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
until you have conferred with the pro-
prietor of the BuoY. If you are short of
money and want to buy on longtime for
actual settlement you can be accommo-
-The Buoy has a limited quantity of
California sorghum, or sugar cane seed
for sale at 5c. per ounce; 40c. ner pound.
This cane grow ten feet high and two
inches through at the base on the Buoy
Farm the past season, and is very rich
in saccharine matter. If ordered by
mail, add Ic per ounce for postage,
A l so a few Nonesuch itrawbhetrr plants
for sale at 50c. per hundred.
--By an Eii-ighrt. on.the part tf ftli
part ,f the editor, the same story wa,
'tintitied on the Fiv-t and Fourth pages
of last \-e,.-.:k' Buoy. It was uninten-
tentional and was not discovered until
the papers were ready for mailing and
too late for possibility of correction.
The different headings were accounta-
ble for the duplicating, it frequently
happening that stories are unread by
the editor for want of time,
-Taxes for 1P99 became due Nov. 1,
and all those who are depending upon
the Buoy to attend to the payment ol
theirs will, of course, remember that if
they have a sufficient tax account cred-
it to cover the amount, the payment
will certainly be attended to; but if
they have not s-ch credit and satisfac-
tory arrangomentf to that end have not
been made, they just as surely will not
be paid by the Buoy.
-It will not surprise any who are at
all familiar with the good qualities of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, to know
that people everywhere take pleasure
in relating their experience in the use
of that splendid medicine and in telling
of the benefit they have received from
it, of bad colds it has cured, of threat-
ened attacks of pneumonia it has avert-
ed and of the children it has sared
from attacks at whooping cough. It is
a grand, good medicine. For sale by L.
M. Ware, St. Andrews and Baybead
and all medicine dealers.
--St. Andrews may not, and probably
will not, as many of the southern cities
do, celebrate the holiday season with a
Mardi-GCia carnival; But the Buoy un-
derstand! ;that the young ireople pro-
pose to do tile n,;-.':t, best tbi' z, and ti ill
on the night of the 26th of December
give a grand masquerade ball. From
past experience, everyone knows that a
mask-ball in St. Andrews means some-
thing more than an ordinary affair. On
former occasions they have almost in-
variably proved a grand success, and
there is no room left for doubt that the
approaching Christmas will be marked
by festivities fully in keeping with all
former occasions.

Great Rejoicing!
No More Medicine!
The Dr.. King Chill Pad cures Chills. Ift
it fails we refund your money. $1()0,000
to back our guarantee. It is a sure pre-
ventative. If your druggist does not
keep tnem we will mail you one on re-
ceipt of irice-$.l.f)0. THE DR. KING
CHILL PAD CO., .Memphis, Tenn.
"FUlramnly" In the Cenuns.
There are some queer features about
the census use cf the word "family."

It means practically those who eat at
the same table. A hotel is a family.
The Memorial IHall Dinin association
at Canubri-l.ze is a family; so Is the
Danvers Lunatic asylum. A stray man
who keeps bachelor's hall is a family.
The necessity for this use of the term
came with the question of enumerat-
ing domestic servants. It was found
absolutely impossible to attach them
to their own families, scattered as they
are. They had to go wthb the family
they were living with. This led to a
continuation of the principle, with the
result rcentioued. As it vorks out, the
cenwr family differs from the actual
family in size only by a small fraction
of one i'erso.-N'ew York Port.

Death ot Vice President Hobart
Although the death of Vice Presi- Of St.
dent Hobart occurred on Tuesday, w
the 21st inst., the news did not Numbe

reach St. Andiews until alter last
week's Buoy was printed, hence the
lateness of this announcement. Mr.
Hotbart had been seriously and dan-
gerously sick for several weeks; but
a few days before his death le seem-
ed to rally and every one hoped he

Ane o%

er ,: rni ll d . ..............

Average tilti'v
Number ,f al-
Number of Taii
Number of pi!a


S3ay School for the
SN,.,v, 24, 1899.

iiU,- -., ..... ... 8
.-h m,.i u .......... 1

timber ot x A. trs.--- ..... ....... 1
O. i A.J-t.v, Teacher.

a O'l c I-.
I will be at, the t'.,ll, \ ;l places on

wonld recover; but his death came the dates fgie', for the purpose ol

suddenly on the day above noted.
He Was "Swiped."
He sat in the reading room of a Chi-
cago hotel with a notebook and pencil
in his hand, and after wetting the pen-
cil on his tongue a dozen times with-
out writing anything he turned to the
man on his left and said:
"I want to get at an expression, but
can't think of it. I want something
synonymous with avalanche."
"Would landslide do?"
"I've got that."
"In what sense are you going to use

collecting the si. te and county taxes
for the year 1399.
G.iteu H-adi, Monday., De. 4.
E.',-,iitu Ti esLin De 5.'
Nir I'xintWlne-da y, Dec. 6.
Gas-_y ['uItht,,Vt-tilt. -,.dv, Dec. 6.'
St. Andret-., Bay. Th'ir--day, Dec. 7.
Pi kev., Fvriii-I Itet 'o .
Wa.'uvI M,.idaI D.'.-. 11.
D .f.is Mill. Tue--,d:ay. Dr.c. 12. "
*l -ple.v, \ eine--lda;,. D,": 13.
IPltpiar [it,. ai Thui,'-day. Dec. 14.
L'n Ole l-'A d. i)ec. 1).

_A i l ti le <:..rit e <,f 1.11-

touned .'


0ow Sir

I Col !. i

the rsor.
C.Iord.' a
e\,'-ry ,Iuti
will liv,-
su-li a t.

Tin r'e
who do
lf iv i t
.* 'r ,i 'r .
and hns
later foih
"One d

11 i wr

I1, --e ,

.[ ,, i-:.-
". t'4*

i.n I a

'1 '-,
'* '*"*,-

a sp e-iil ele'.-tO.t u i: my r ..*.. Oiud I
v.,Li t.,_ irakei a nur'mu:ail'inttI at now
It r '.iltred."'
"'l I :k7-P! Y'uU c-n.l .;J,' .,ii 1et're
seij rvti untli.r.'
** b but t li;t ha Ilty T rons
"Buried out of sight."
"That's better, lint lacks 'rngih."
"How badly were you b. ,n.-n?"
"By over 300, where I ought to have
had 450 majority."
"Then I should put it that you were
literally swiped off the face of the
"That's good-that's the idea. That's
strong and euphonious and has rhythm
in it. Yes; I was on the ticket and sure
of election. I had $500 up that I had
a walkover. I was swiped, and there
are not enough of my mangled remains
left to fill a thimble. Thank you, sir-
literally swiped off the face of the
earth and be hanged to me!"-Wasn-
ington, Post.

T'o the Deat.---A rich lady, cutred
of her Deafne s and Noises in the Hendi
by Dr. Ni-lhols,'n's Artificial Ear Drnms,
gave $10,0OO to his Institute, so th,,t
deaf people unable to procure the Ear
Drums may have them free. Address No.
1221 The Institue, 780 Eighth avenue,
New York.

'.-; Drt- : r. Lo d. t'her. f'w wuou"l-
: t. d t a:; to it'i ;inig; an ninal.
S u r;::.Ui. it is i feshly o kir g sc-
'ta'*-ct cove:.'rl with a tirmu ski and
f eit it :esonts somewiiat the ap-
>e.-an;-c of raw meat. Its cavities are
ill d Nvith a gelatinous substance call-
'd "mirilk." AIneri .!i s.. e.- :aid
those *f all otl.'r i' (r'< ofr' \l,O W,-tit l.
are inferior t, t-, t .' -l --.-U _,' lO e.1;'t
-ii' .t.'-i.-. of It,? M .dit.'rr n .
C o. r ,,T P ir 1 pong-p s- i t ij- et ft-trf!
let 1'.-, which i'u T
American sponge ni:'st n-enrly aIp-.
proaching it in tquahty is the X\\ i.'t In-
dian glove sponge.-Youtb's Compan-
Dewey Had No Grievtnee.
"Where do you tal:e :oumnand of the
fleet?" a lady friend na'skel Dewey Jest
before he left for Malnuiln.
"At Hongkong," h-. ri.Ilie-d.
After a silence the lady said:
"Aren't you aggri'tv.l. int view of ur
possible trouble witl, Spaii. over being
ordered to the remote A.siiatl statiou.
which can hardly be in tile picture in
case of war?"
"Sailor's luck!" replied Dewey.
"Moreover, I haven't entertained grie v-
ances for years."
And then he added, evidently as an
after thought, "Besides. you know.
Spain owns the Philippines."-Ladies'
Home Journal.

Giving Hint a Flint.
"John," she said s,'"ftl.. "have .-you
been saying anything about me to
mother lately?"
"No," replied John. "\Vlhy do youj
"Because she said this morning that
she believed you wn're ou tlie eve of
proposing to me. N-w-. I do not wihli
you to speak to mother when you ihanv,.
anything of that kind to, ay. Speak tto
me. and I'll manage the bu-uinet-s with
And John said he would.
Lagrippe with its altr etl'eLts. aunniial1
destroys thousands fl pe.ti-lh. It ntiv 1.i
quickly cured by One 1ii.nute I'rum.h -u ,.
the only remedy that ..Itnjr'e init.tii. tt'
results in 'onghs-, colds. i r..ou.I.,roun.-: iii
pneumonia and throat auid lung ii..,ii)th-,.
It will prevent (ct.u.u '.,i.rioi. k. F. Ilr-i k-
il & Sol.

Got the Watch.
A Camden lawyer put up a bluff suc-
cessfully not lonr. ago. A client.came
to him and explained that a young
man had bought a watch from him on
the installment plan. He made one pay-
ment, gave the watch to a young lady
and skipped out. The client wanted to
know If he could recover the watch
from the young lady. The lawyer said
that he could not without spending
more money than the watch was
worth, except the young woman could
be bluffed. The client said a bluff
would be paid for if successful, and
the lawyer posted the following letter:
"Dear Madam-The watch recently
presented to you by Mr. Blank was ob-
tained surreptitiously from the estab-
lishment of my client, and unless it is
returned by next Tuesday morning I
will be obligbtd to, very reluctantly, dis-
patch a judicial functionary to your'
residence with process."
The watch was delivered the follow-
ing morning and the lawyer received i
fine gold chain for writing the letter.-
Pittsburg Dispatch.

-I _--

, _' t= i tr--liv L' 'In. t -, or.
. lep.ia. IS CURED.

-c '-ZY CHOFD."
A ialr nU!l-nn r- me to
e 'i Fna.oua .llood.v.
k, -rt 7. i.ee Ve' r:l :!':'. a
-l ai:i.]J inusican, tells tht'
in '...- in -:ory:
t-v e vit.1ti the house of ar
in rn~!anil that I first heard
- 0 trhp t'irth of 'The Lost
I h n lb:is been sung ill
a ofl' tbi -lobe and which
or. It ever there was
S ai inspiration, that song

very few Englishmen
0 orn-lt or Fred Sullivan.
: s:i r and brother of Sir
.it. He played in all the
ti-i;t and Sullivan operas
v'rt been equaled. He was
ed by George Grossmith.
Sir Arthur Sullivan was
t his brother Fred was very
!.. every ,-tort to reach the
Shi;s hr, : ier was lying at
d at i,. iit arrived too late
ihiive. The two brothers
E'd to 1 .1: i hther. and the
t bitt-r r.n'e for Sir Arthur.
i ,:-..i wvit, the body of his
,r two l.a:ir<. at the expira
rv.i.-h rin.e he came down
d \t-n t-hie piano. Throw-
.-irtni-nt upeon. be began to
a r I"y lair. 'The Lost Chord'
.I. The -..imposer sadly put
.:l;l]usiti.:u on paper and

the v-:il of a throbbing
'.' t dre" ,d-ie-,lItiin. All
l.'-:'.ri'Tlful hl ritnLuy' can he
'rji; .rf :,i r-i. S,. profound
.11 ii i d asvt-hirntin of
.- x 2 '-t ,. ij r-.r..lier
f;i!Ir 1 1!:! l! is .1:.ii,1 1l>
fa l *tI.'.A : i a\ -'Els ri
1B.' ri.)r'.i-'il."-H al tiuire'-'

S(.'old in One Dayv
'oBromo QiuiinWie Ta.lbl.'.
s',r:fund the lu-'n,-y if it
hi\ x 1. \V. G(;I;O L' .-.i2na-
--r\i lox. 2.",.

Gn e HP:- a -c:.' P.,rd.
.lIM P. ,i ,l,.-tl, *t i:-. 1li ('00
train .L .i -i,." :. ,! I.. 1. .. !,,-l. ;-r. n tE ilt
1 r1e'!enIA' I I tI I-' H I I;' ,, ." | e.iiouIey.
n '.. i'l. .'it i' : 1 Ir ill :t t r, I if

i. !. ; ,': r.1' .]. :, .ll V l i l .. l.:n'

* l : \'. i c: i1l0 : .. ... .' I.-i' i n -- TO ti'n
in u.... , "a .; 0I.i, 1 h .-,,r -*,,,.-n I I,, I
it i| ,. r ij .- ,,I> ,.i 1 ','.,* '>- ; ,I n l l In l
i i ur 'I .:-- I I. h p o lr I y
l.\, t i r ,L.. p-';i cry ,;'t. ti i r \tt l. I r nl
.fo i l r te' a I. 1 :n1
n r_ a .rr.; : i '.* i :in ai- rii nnd
frI- I'.. r of ,'.u . o. o n i. ; sL I, s
i ires tI p ; Itl 1, r r .:. i_ .' l t.o-w l out
Ii le of' b r ui.. f.r u i- io pat lu t ir
C t.--L;l: ry ,'oIT. ll -.' i'f."
In India ?etiy p rei ,ir ,li.y h p.r.on
c.arrit',< a Ibria. -. v...,] ,,r r IT.y ibe_ .rine
bol' i to -whii.-tl tht i:, iut put s nr-i
soh;I ivupi o;" nit'-i-3. MI'L-.. Sterlin:;
a!'(,d oiout .pon th: ve-railn of her
liunltg.-jlow ou' nh.m'enii', andl there, to..
her iitmazeEniitnt. f uund two begging
l,..,wls-oc>. a I;ttle on e. willh a few an.
nas In It. I it Ih d 'or tlr t pr.ri, lin a nd
oue, i. u eI 'niO 'I .uE >: i .rlf ii. ,i...,'t:iinipiE a
h:and~...lUe sui o f aO Luf s ana d r-;0>.'fupe, for
her-',l l
h.v ,:,uly e.planatic-n she eould evfr
e tl-,, ['',', l (!i orie u> .at s. tliai
".i., ,i, bov 1. little m on: .v tf r thie l:ttl,,
pundh 1 ith l;t;ze V u', c:.: big b',,w-. l1 -Z
m n r y 1f t g nt .a hli wv i;t h bi g

A FrIghtlul Blunder
Will ,ftetr. cau-- at horrible burn, scald
cut (ir bIuise. Bitl.kl: i l Arnica.Salve,
the t.'et in tbhe- world, will kill the pain
and pr itupr.ly I,-at it. Cures old sores,
feer ore, uli'..- i b.ils -,lons, corns,
all in ..rLptio. I. B:-.. pile cure on
earth. Only 25 ct a box. Cure guar-
anteed. sold bI atll drIu..gists.

"Why. Clara." said a mother to her
little daughter. who was crying, "what
are you crying al.out?"
'C-cause." sol.bbed the little miss, "I
s-started to m-make dolly a b-bonnet,
and it c-conied out b-bloomers."-
Trained Motherhood.

It is pr o.ably true that love laughs at
iocl;sinliti. but any careful reader of
the prL,-dijings of the divorce courts
cannot fdil to observe that the lock-
smiths iT a Ina1 thing inning later on.--
Philadelphia Inquirer.

Chailiibqrlairin's Pain Balmn Cures
Uhtl1 _- W7- w^ -NtTnA- 17-.-.9

Jt)l ITrs, Wiy N*o Yu ? .l
Not Entirely One My ib.- been using Chamberlain's
Not Entirely One. 1 h go fo a
"And so they were made one." t, 1I11i ,ith good results, for a lane
"Oh, I don't know. I believe she -hU..,uhir i.,t has pained ner continue dly
Still has a mind of her own."--Chicago for nine ytars. We have tried all kinds
Record. of tut.lii'.i .itd doctors without receive.
_. -ing .,t'v l,: nr't from any of them. One
$0 a Week to Start. y ,' .... adyertisement of this
We waut intelligent ladies, or gentle- .lai,;,,i. taught of trying it, which
ncii to accept permanent position in own f
town salary to start $6 a week, guaran- we didwi the best of satisfaction. She
teed, and commission. Many make from has used .i one bottle and her shoulder
$l2 to $24 Ma week. You can devote all or us almost w li.-A-Aotru L. MILLETr,
your spare time. Setd staItp for ftui,\l r N .- i N. 1 For ,a ,1', L. l M
"partictlars. Addris. The Bell i, Ir,; .. Ware, St. tdrews and ~aybead and all
lept.C., Fhiladclphi,' PIa oiedici t di .hr.

hi /^* .'1..^

Look in Your MIirror
Do y'u see sparkling eyes. a healthy,
tinr. I '. -t. e p c: 'i t .:.i IT- i' T hC.,e t [r.r.:t 1ons ar. the result
of' g' : c.j Iht ti If they are at-sent, there
i r: I' .- . .e disorder of the dii.
tinctl I'.. il ir-'.' r Ci rr t. lealt h
iri- r- r n &' s r.- r .,ae n h eil th and btauLy
ev 1t1', AtLL-re.

.I asr e,0,i

makes notmnn beautiful and healthy.
Ii strike; at the root of all their
trnti-lht.. There is no menstrual dis-
orr:er, ache ,or pitin which it xill not
cur,. It i, for the budding girl, the
busv wife ar.1 tL.c matron approa.:hing
th- ,mire of life. At every trying
cr -i ic .v a : inan'=. i'ie it brings
health. Itr.:.:rL aLnd happiness. IL.
c i..-ta .'-" r-,cine ealers. cial
Fori" ai' ice i, cji a ,_ req tl rit1 special
i re'cth1,t ais dr.. s, a'i ,'ir., vjnii

..1. .t --

'" i o J.b arlie v ._ l.-., : partmellt,'"
The Cli.-,t.in-. .;a Medicine Co., Chat-
tanooga, '1 un.
3ERS. ROZENA LEWIS el Oenaville,
Texas, Saya:-"I was troubled at monthly
irte-r, i with terrible pains in my head and
lbit, rm: have been entirely relievedby Wine
of Cardui."

If it should be asked what possession
I most valued, I would say some bean-
tiful memory. Memory Is possession.
It is the only thing on earth that Is ab-
solutely ours, which no one can take
from us. We can produce and enjoy it
in a crowd of uncongenial people as
easily, as if we were alone. No noise
can drown Its voice; no distance can
dim its clearness. Strength, hope,
beauty, everything else, may pass.
Memory will stay.

The Future Unfolded.
She-Suppose I didn't dress as well,
as I do now, would you .love me as
much ?
He-Certainly, dear. Why, that is as
much as to say that I won't care for
you after we are married.-Detroit
Free Press.
To avoid a task and to fear it Is to
make It our master. To set about it
cheerfully at once Is to become its mas-
L. M. Ware guarantees every bottle o
C'ambferla:n's Cough Remedy and will
refund the inonev to any one who is not
-'atisfied after using two-thirds of the
content s. This is thlie belt remedy in the
world for Ingrippe. coughs. colds. croup
and whooping cough iand is pleasant and
safe to lake. It prevents any tendency ot
a cold to result in -pneurnonia. Sold by
I,. ',. Ware, St. Anidrews auid Bavhead and
all medicine dealers.



"Actions of the fust

Smell Sweet."

The fragrance of life I
vigor and strength, neithL
which can be found in
son whose blood is in. .,
and whose every breath
speaks of internal tifou. .
Hood's Sarsaparillapurifie:,
vitalizes and enriches ti
blood, gives a good app e
and makes the 'keak strow.
Run Down--"f. husbar.d:.c.r rcr
down in health and tired oa. '.SC
excellent medicines, HFod's Pils andl -
parila, built him up a~gin." Krs. I. L.
Mowry, To'wa.nda, bg.,

( -'.: i- i4 fi an 0 ia ni'ttd ,,f a smi ll
s rib f.-.un_ i ['e' m ans d i iv T ,.
o0' ia i:time( ,ft ho, dirug as u .ile in rM, d
_t't tt'O e Ieitl- S |;i[,'at,..'.t a salt derived
f i 1 i l h tr'ato-d witb sllLtlUrC
acid. "(.ueaine i; coiiipot'eed of enarbon,
hydrogen and nitrosyl reduced to a sul-
phate. Each element of the compound
has a direct influence on the nervous
system, blood and lymphatics. It pos,
sesses the singular property of killing
all sensation of pain in the parts where
It is locally applied while elevating the
mind of the patient to a pitch of ex-
altation absolutely without parallel.--
Chicago Chronicle.

Twice a year the Caspian overflows
and strands millions of fish-sufficient
to feed the whole of central Asia if ad
vanllage -ould tie tr:ken of thos,- n

SThat Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you used
Dr. King''s New Life Pills. Thousands
of suffrrers have proved their matchless
merit for sick and nervous headaches.
They make pure blood and strong
nerves and build up your health. Easy
to take. Try them. Only 25 cts. Mon-
ey back if not cured. Sold by all drug-

Hts Was the Better.
"One day," says a writer in the Bos-
ton Transcript, "the mother of a 10-
year-old boy gave him two slices of
buttered bread, telling him to give one
of them to his little sister. He carried
out the order. That night when he
went to bed he was evidently disturb-
ed in his mind and remorseful about
something, and his mother questioned
him in a way to bring out the truth.
"'I-I wasn't nice to Pegg.y about
that in tad and liutttr. li e owned.
v -'. ,h:,_- 1a s Ii ri o,[l.tr. I)ii.ld youLI
take t11? l- ':g-gcr piece"''
N''-.' h "itri ereil. 'Hers was- a
litt''le 1.1-L r tL:iu my pit-ie..f was, Lbu
mlIe -, ; o, deai buttertr!' "

S Ir W,;" _-- ,. 1 i, r .- "
r.1^ S V,
^ %L-; Mt



Corner of Bayview and Wyomint Avenues on Bay Front.

Glassware. Tinware and Notions!
i,.t ,yu c.i'. tid t ;i ,y .,IIlt; .S.I-." c,,nit,' in the R A C K E T '

STO R E :,11.11.

Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialties.
1. G (.,D .\ I;D, l''r.,. ire .r.


PESA OLA, Fla. .... ,, .. ,,,,,,n ,,i,,, D .o,

Is the Piace for Passengers Coing to and from


Rooms Comfortable! Terms Reasonable!

Ouu.lf teamsbL.ip

Captain, JAs. E.CLARK.


255 Tons Burdeni. .. -assenger Capacity 50

Mobile to ,.St A ondre t',.Ba, and 5 l)0 St Andrews Bay to Apalachicola.. 2 ff6
S .\lilachit. t ....... 7 (. .Carrabelle..... 3 0
('arra't i.ill. ............ 0t Apalachicola to Carrabelle....... 7

5th, 1.th and 2.',th at 7 p.m............Mobile-.......... .12th, 22d and 2d a.m.
7th. 17th and 2th pm... St AdresBa*...- ..11th. 21stand 1st a.nm.
'th, lI'tl. andl 2lth a.m...........A alachi-ola ........ 11th, 21st and Ist p. m.
A I:iVL-,. I.EAVE.
9th. Iith and 2',thi a mi ....Carrabelle .. 10th, 20th and 30th noot.

Conne:t.ts at A.tlalachivola with sipamers up Chattahoochee River. AS
Carrubelle with .-". T ,' & G. Iiilioad ifur Tallahassee.
F'or further infi naiti.n. rfrei;i-hl rat-s and special rates for large parties
Addre C-s. (A P'lT. CLARK, MIobile, Alabama.

S A Qanaint l.npr.-ih ert',xuon-r.
O n thle la t ,l.',) ..r' :ili, ('t r.in"ir the
e'liy solic ror *f Loi.o .v.v ih :!n a -
si.rtnnt. altt .1i im .i'i I r"o I re'l n 'tl
brano:r. c w!h n. .y._-]i i:fLst..tn. th
teogant and o'"''ple--" of a pivee of
waste grind -.all-.'l the moors, in the
county of Salhp. a" e conr:inailed to
conee f',*'th aiuid 'lo sTur sei'rve upon
pain anil peril t',at hall fall thereon."'
The solicitor chp' In halves two fag-
ot..t. one with n hia:,.h.t and thel other
with a bill io'. .%fterwnaril comes the
sitntIon to thl tenants. etc.. of "a cer-
tnin toinen.'nt with n for.:e" In the
Strand and the payment of six horse-
shot-e with til .s'lihn arn l', liy the so-
li<-it,-r. i.- h "'re~ hc. IonI c( n.''- f l to
bo'. nad Iln' : i -', '-~ ;):01, nt '.l; are
us'- I y, .I' '. trt," y' :'t '. I I' -'S being
ia I, ast t, o I 'n- l .,- 1.
? __"

A 'I .,-,;-i nrl i In-bnnirl.
"You isk-dl iii t ". .. 111 "-''u pin
m oney this i ... S*; :" 1t .-Ili -tin
husl 'nnd.
"VES." she rephit. l. '-Ith n:1 i 11 t .t -
- "WlVil." said he ",-,,'" t 1 ini.iht
as welJ save you ii ",i It In' -n. so
I bro.ug't you< pan;, ,f ,.11. n-i .id."
-Clicago News.

imong strangers, fadnirwirray In health an th"
ignsofconsumption o': a i :.rir:ow ra[::d!yIncasos
Af profuse menstruation or flooding. Try
G. F. P

Dr.R.M.KlttreUl, Grentnn.Ml-T -. 'v.--The
G..P. has curedtwo or l.ieea r- ~ ui livtit late
uterine disease that fr .3;%rs li:tit ri Isle I aill
>thertreatment. Inthlr,--e,'r-r' I --d l. atltr-at-
mentalongwith thecou.iiirutI I.n I., i'. altr,'aC-
mentltlone could not hir.' e'ie r-,I .,-h Ir-in rk-
able cures. Rt. M1. Kil 'f tlI.L, M.D.
Try G.F.P. at once. I will mnnle yon
strong, vivacious. rpeular il t curt.
you of any form of T'u.leale neakneibm.
Write to our LADIFA Il t't LT CI.t'1 i n charge
>t ladies exclusively. EXt i'k aii a n i U' a ,r ia e muid
:hey will advise you Ilit ,--, i. I .:t'i '*"r
health. Address -LAIE.A 1E '-AI.Ti' (LLA"t.sreoG
L Geratla & Co., ChattAi.'o.ia. ':' e U.
If your druggist does n...t- h l,- I. I'. ask .him
;o send for it, otherwise 'r- d us 3 .jr ,rte r aid tl 1N
mLd we will supply you dir.,tt.
L. GERSTLE & CO.. C;-a;ti:3noaa, 'Tas

A Banker'. Generotly.
In a chapter of reminiscences of Von
Bunsen and his friends, in The Cen-
tury, the Hon. John Bigelow tells thla
anecdote of Humboldt:
One day be was dining with Men-
delssohn. the banker, and, an unusual
thing for him, wag very silent. His
host. remarking It, observed to Hum-
boldt that he was sure he must be Iil.
"No," said Humboldt, "but I am In
great trouble. Only ten mlbutes before
leaving my apartment to come here I
received from my landlord a note in-
forming me that he had sold the house
in which I reside and that I must
move. The very thought drives me to
despair. I really cannot bear tp move
Mendelssohn gradually led Humboldt.
Into conversation, during which he
found time to write a note and receive
*L Hz thft*F Ulm




bold aside, and said: "By this note [
learn that I am now the owner of the
house in which you reside. The condi-
tion. however, upon which I have be-
come ITe possessor Is that you continue
to occupy your apartment In It as long
as you live."

The Chinese are very fond of foreign
song birds. Forty years ago, when
canaries were first inn-roduced to that
country, n pair cost $12l: now they have
niultiplit.d to such an extent that a pair
can be bought for 75 cenis.

It Is estimated that there are 240,000(
women domestic servants In London,.
and that 10.000 of these are always)
out of situations or changing their

Cleim and beantill the .hu.
,Pronta lmaluis grow rt0
30vu 7riul to Restore Grw
Hair to its onthtrl C-lotr.



Bueni Vista Avenue and
Drao Streeit
.I p'i e.Ia L 0l1 tE, itei tain

;E uIDar and Transiont Goosts
With Plesant Rooms
and Good Board at

a t





Take Lai
All dru
fails to
I t41i,2 ,n C



s meawer ts e t i






__ I_ I


i ,. "
m-- .


-...- A WOMAN. Spain's Greatest Need. THE CAPTAIN'S TORY.
God^^ d--d tMr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain, j-- -r 1 r.
out did a aot make h er mouth;ry e, pends his winters in Aiken, S. C. Ie Slonsa vnri Alont Wonderful
lD put her agrat sr i n n r moi Weak nerves had caused severe pains RC.oo ..> .t o 9
And soi'fm for mC, i's a. :iA .'r,,lb, in the back of eis head. On using Elec- A i%. groi t b :., u .. un
And on her e, i see, tric Bitters, America's greatest Blood s i ui.a ol it Wan ior P I
reThe seal of u. tradcy. and Nerve Remedy, all pain soon left .. ...... broze a.
him. He says this grand mindicine is bro
odBut white and B -. an... tr. ., ad what his country needs. Ali America j.j L joined th
A subuwhite fragrant i.. h ,t e and eir, knows that it cures liver and kidney party. betveial of the grou recognized
A slender swiftness in her feet, trouble, purifies the blood, tones up the im as the captain of one of the big
SAn: in lier ians a siow ar. stomach, strengthens the nerves, pu tranup s eaners which Ipl, between O l0RIEl
Thursday, Nov. 30, 1i99, God made these for my gteadfastnest vim, vigor and new life into every l'i.-rt(lp!ia and foreign p*.rrt and a
muscle, nerve and organ of the body. ;.,k I~ -., rci- i-&... L made
S T. A N13RE W God did not give to her a heourt, a ed ned ct. -/r e
But i t hrcIf weak, ti ci or ailing, o nued it. Do
/S T. AN RE S To make men long to nse apart very bottle guaranteed, only 50 cents ". t,' k .tim -.l!.i- sto- moment th' consu ipton will
R jRESC E T Until they goodneoi find ani ...ace, Sold by all druggists. rigs.'" sonme ,t e(xpinined "Buppose eve t-'ikte you a sudden blow.
RI O SCURREN T. And think to read and worship ihere yeti t .ei l y,or Cr.le*innrili "iS" S ts does not come that way. ow
GROCERIES. All good, iet she is fcarly fair. Y1 t eS tl 1ur con ibut ment a 4 It CaresC rt S c ht 0v a, .
,,ugar, i Te, lb -A. B. Mial iu New ok Tribune. ei T caai thought a moment andFirst, 'u thin'. it ia lt
Granulated ......6 He No....... 55 The following have been guests at thIcE siiled. | cold; nothing but a little hack-
loffee,A .... H5 Gunpowder.. 40 LONGFELLOW'S ADVICE the Stone House within tie past e *h was thil:ing of som thing that ing couh; then ba tte e, in
It ,1,, m n 5 Ucol .la p. 40-60 -- my I ...- e al wiir; then a hrdr c
,i. Col mil Is cA.i Kindness w ns the Ke note of the i' 'p liavr l o l .; I- .. 1 . . ;i < I.;' ..-. t. :; .d .
;l n .... 12 u UnFeetn'o ll. Poe''s 'har cter '. ] -i p. ('i utliher <.i St. L..o i-, i,
Artu.-tU.,t, 12-l5 S .leeteneld .... M ie. de Navacco gives s,,ae ch r..m ..- 1 1. D. .J dge, Blak,.. a.. R ; -cn
Sr t. r,-,5,h, I 1ml, O yk g po d .r In a pitu',-s of Lon .le-l,..v in "-A F. ).. ; , :,' + .. . .. ,
"r lir [l,, lt : ,. :oidl., ])otrl,. n, A la., [D. ...;. [c., ,, ,: ,.n'1 L.. 1.+ n.... .*L. l,,.t.ty iA iD. tcreeS _.
C,nned Iruit er,,tin na tlh hi l,,:l to I .-,J :.,.,,I Le.n.nt Du ,,-, Ala.. and A rthul ,1 .1. h -.1 ,- ,.t,, ti he i You can Go I ~ .
l. ,,l.,i. l erA.'--; eai-h . '10.r(it re int. 1-:, firet a i;ice to her iv.-: II. [rik.,, 'tile anil t i, c i .il,i: I ", *: I e l!, r L a t,.11. and
S . .. 1 ,,at,,. .- "SLe some c,ood p[,iture- in nattue if ;,,ur ,et il t ...l ., i b :.r : nivh h v. ,
1 ,.. -'car1 .... : ", ., er ,n _. ,ivas--ear a pagf of .,,-. A l u I, an, l, w hh has t .:, 1 ," ,. r t h; -Th. I
'A' .. 1 # Plum ....... I" the _,e .lt nu- c .,r r'a, a g'1 t pe,, 1 ,, .. .. .ir ._.. ,, ." ir p:- f,-ot A
7I pt,l',t4',:1.1'de .-. A 'rin...t- .. li--'2. daily. You v,;'i alw. ay, fin rd a tfre I aihf been -!e]hjlinlg the -.u.iii r YIoui th, l pt -~ I-,,,- t,,.*: i i, t i" n,..rd a--
S.,,ll il .r ll .. .l. ti:wIl.rr;-e 11' hour for on' or the ori.,-r. nL, at bt e ( l\,i..,, in tlit aLjie l' N'e Yual, :ri- %a ....1 1 k it. i-I re
n .,.i' i . 4 ir.' p le' I. --, end f the year yv,:,ur ti w ill u ,.-i.e t riie Iii o ti ll \i j 11 .l icr e. .I r .
_l' .l -itcp .. li Pnl..E"t- , i)kF.- t a,,l .Ty ,.; rl., -jj.. : -..: .,I It. Ih', ..imt; tIh
S.),,e3 .. r oi ie t Bu .. 15 as to ustonisakh exi ln vurself." 1 e..i>l, ...t. ,, ,.. l l iq ,,e
l' p,'r, lt .-, C p ed l, -ill.- Tb.:- p et wv fron.i of a g,-..l. an s. A itliur H Bra kc akle d ,-ti i two 1- ;' ., : :.- 0 ia . .r the
S utt r . 2.'*-i)l Lobslt r ..... U g st,.ry a 1 I hat:l inu y tI tt.:1 ,,t o !ttle b .- u ,i a, villh, i.1i,, ai- ,- itiei' itm t-
Sard ..... -.0 S.iln. n 1 his own exI-riene--. He r: path.iu- "This was more than *.. craz- '
6 1 S a I n I I I who. t i "O .i '' -'
au .. ... 4 -i ,,,-,l \'e, i'l e ll-- larl.y deli al.itd_ n it the i ini.oi;rt, of ana iivd ,in lhi Nettie?, i'nie.,l-y urn- ed vdwith pain, could sitau1, ,.d L h t burl-.
S,',". ,it pkg... Il i k ,I .I I enterpii-iug vender of p t,,nt l,, ilv- n i:e ing aln-I have taken uvie a, t M r.. *.d the cleaver at t'ie ,i n -i, nlin
Finii P d.1ine C. .I .i ... w o. iti ** mareln- off,- proved true. and his ,-ur l .i-- Out You firtt notice that you'
J ell l.n.l. a .t t," I ', uei ........ Ii of his drug n,, ,ult in the L,,i.e r in- ; 'l l ',i ,la e-,, M lr. i e ,of existe ce then a:. I .\ r cough l iss. The pressure o
spiLir-nl . t. 4.t> n i aspirin. the pot,. iI\Vit l hll to write e .ial )e;ti i. i i., to l,i, nl juncture the ship's doctor lme up to cest is lited. Thtfee
E.ggs per d. I I) tit. of suffocation is removed.
-Egg r d .OVII. a vr.-e for thoe lalel promisum- 1i i a k ... i re..idehit hie auI Lind out what all the ro l. creishasened byplacngoneof
1nur I LO lM v. peu',eptimc ,'n Pi,.-b buttle an a feWhen he learned the trutiIt fJ ll' -1-4' I i 6
,*'l n w .2 ) II ", use of the h n,.di-eie- for Li lst-lf and h'I t ,, -i l" lll, y f iix that P ....i'. f t*.t l 1 |
m t c .. .,,[ ,,,I f amiy .,, i >,,.. i,, ,ike i t i.i .i,,.- ide. to the coozt, .L : i y D r. A y ers Cherry
(,,11i e r lt I -ii F'-i .. i, On one of h;' irt!l.lnys h. wa- as- ,lJa e. L,ui, ,I. L n- ,I,l inent case.' a P Pl
Ot MWeall pIr lt 5 r'kI't ,it.!,l. II ton;zhoPd at pin, a wu-,,n contning "Within five mi:'-. S 1 l l Pectoral Plaster
LCor>i I.,'1r hll ...'iS. 1 t4 lm I -,na1iii --.li1 a pinu.:. drive up to his house. frollow. d ll e.- li a .i r. post mortenm on t ..I. '.- 1.' re er lhle CheSt
pv1a -ea sn.n.g.... In li a -tra 'rge v.'un,- tl, in a c.-rrrn.ze. la d, C iitle, \,Vi aia i .i, onv tie the lost toe. WetLin- t r -pAe h t
Iih .. 1 , I The .,-,ui l,11. i n,.,rl thr-- l t.uh_- Neulic, T ulie.nd, J i te'udi,,i ti niak.l tics, be s -fu.i,1.. s ..I 1 in
..,rl ; it'~..---' I ' * I ll- *li-r t:utt Iike i ;-!.-d tl.e i,'.no t be i e'ce again. an.-1 3. h-. d-!, k ,ci A ok- F '1c.
...-1t, ..',.i i- --l, pn l a rom .- re it wv.-tild ",,,ind .'1. Ai. Jiei tl eir ltillie hi.iiii to his quarters I.i i 'rit wtht It is on the Diseases of the
'. .ill, l., i- y [ ";' well." Ps .sh, L i [*. '-. 4l m1 -' <' .1. ;'. br.i tli r l, nil iii a n i th ,:e as many toes : hi' I- e l htd. Throat and Ljngs.
'T ani h i 1 m ,. in 't .'n,, ,,.i ..-. l,:.t....i y .laur ,.t-, 1 1 TI, ,t i, M d T'hat's aboat the o v:dy s tI ri W' l
Sil Il, ill.11- .. -- d 1d i AUI tIl pll. it to il on r ., n t now, g iftleme it t y,,u have any complaint whateverver
Sll-. -* L Stri l ill- .,I Elie Notile, lulilti- is Irjili of being true, how,--'r. It .Oil and desire the best mr dical anvieo ou
i.,ll, l l." .I.. Il -. .h I., ,i IL rl l. l n can lossibiv receive. write F tie o r tor
S' l l'i r .,,t...,, 4. L.,o' :ft II. tv w-a a rnt irver of mn- ill St. An.I. ... don't believe it come c "- ip freely. Yoip will receive u prompt ep
'i 1 -. slc. nud Vn-in r i. h in, any time and I'l sbow yol: vI -r. wvhimt cost. Adlress.
ii p I.. ..-ii, .. t :L l 1-,-- -il., d i 1i or ,-i t an i*t:14iiiII, To The cook has quit the s-a.;t I don't I
.... LlY iDS, getlier ia F..--rnn ni't.-r n a n -:.--'rn. t Ii,,iin 1.-ule Rc.k, Ail A i liied u,,, know his present ua dress. b ladel-
rilni, per ~.1. ', :- . ... 5'-, therm [1i .- -nrili arri'-d I.:'-e U.S. t. e Nettie, iiitei li.ig to luc ,te i le. phia Inquirer.
h -et,,,'h i -1 ... 1 IFl a1nu l I .. I arln- elJ w ith ri.l'- -r-' and fill of s.i ilir.,r.-
,, *nMu.,In ... 17 'h -,, , 1 ." n.....I 5 r . lh ack in to,,k p .,a- g e ,( i n th' .
iea I... 1:,4., slive-I.-i.' 611.o '; fU Iah.ipat Ho IL n:1 one ,.tl.- -,,-,a- "Ih dd1ebd psiaeD ia ty---,-v r- l A CROSS ON HIS BACK.
M I: I,,, fl..tt ..'il ,.ui u s' im "ne mS ta r.,, i .*- t I.- ,, .tei r La. iehce I'.r l....le, n.li e ,everfound p' rni n, ,''.,te e ',p A C RO SS OmaN H IS BACn
,Ill MI'Ei. li ANt l U'.'. ;"411t t., oiur ,i.-.. .1 4 Ll,.t .[ nI thle <.o- Ile will la i a giet .ock l ,n- Kodol D, oq.mki Car-, IF. ic ll I Wag Made With Chalk, but Wa.
s II,Ni .r It 7a-.I ,, '.ii -, i h i-, nor. I did n take it tiup. I-e insisted nd feel lk-. 1 n u.in. Wi-.s I. Too Hen1. to c u t Wa
table ,ot- , HI 'ULl 11i ur' I i-Too Heavy to Cwarry.
Sin'i ....... .) ri. k M. ... 13: ,; on my li.,,n a .l gol- ain, ,lnbtle-Mura. t It i. I et a There is a story of an envious tailor
R;l, eSi.sl ; i !1 .iite ol.-.1,1.... ', **Pult d Ii n i.r .:m.' o ." he raid. the A.\l|l,: ith thlie il next wt.ek gestant knu n. C(.i're-s ll ,, inth the French snt .
I II ai NL N LT's'.. "an.l 1e p tl ,hy ,ian eve1-1: .,,r'_.. nut'rent with the French I)-easaint yv. lie
1 tw l E .. .. n, lii l.. il-, i whoi, (ul I Ve'- -eribe it. Ri. 1'.Bra f I-a e '-.r .l ,-al. . l ..... .1. It will trant,lv t io i",'v. who i. no r 1. 1 ed a pension for the glos of an -rm ia-
AIli-les-,,, .. t .... I d-,i ht in th L,,. '*ly itr to ni:-- eral .Ill,,tlh.I b.h Iel i.-iti Lg rehl- Curred a pension for ithe l s of ai coa tre i,-
a nl, el..' l l,n I.) iIreii.d i~f ,tt .. Ii..' tKr d itT'.. -' yui Ld], -,i,.r e t,]t+-ftol1r. hi .h aete.
LeC .'I E It S ive, Ill I inlea IIk ,oiL. afterward as wa1 better off than himself. Both mre:n
Ii 1iell pllilVl I.511 11.0el d pr 'it : Ki.ieess was t! t- .-ite of' hi L at jit. it, ili I'll i, c.ine le Lord Eliin. was limprin he went to pay their rent on the same'
SL l. t i,,ol.. :, .. i1-." .. -: t" t on la a t llI o High st iel of Edib ll)r -day. .
II. isi to r- .. n h-. i *-,t -: -when he ahyt-ad a younal lad "That's a lucky man," said thi t'tlor
i Mule.' . *; lI 0i) Hogs. .... .... I $4 ,'' v.- too ;tr., i u' : "-" .. it ure It c..ia.l by lier many I'reniil-i. her co-,.i rn, -rn. *'That is ',' o t he landlord. "He gets well paid for
'.PI 130 l .. any oue wa,:1 ti..- e! l i ik,,
Ila Uo I- Tt.h[ Mis. L. .1. \W ell- ,i her gran tl J. C r -.u .' 1ti. 1.' be v ptt
S",, ,.I,,...,,l, 1.12.., i tse t a I 4-1.".1dll The Q i.'. the Psa1l and the Other. ,l.i gl iler M isS ,Jes ie \ eIs l' 1 DlI < ii t 'ai n t la v, "I' n Who wotld "*.n ,r 1, ''.. ie F i ,rt
-. ... ...-..... la .i..l,:).. -!' .l ,"rii. ., n tr -i5- ,. I .k- .. Ial .. .. i ,a ,- .... r .l i.cu in tia illv es. I 1-.va, w ho have spent i -.ev. 1'., "-Ica a pat, m ell. [I1', ,
l it a -. eral -inteil he ', an (ve.l lin i l N,-t. r.. l., I -ivroi I 'o u ld, l. l-,n' t- i.e lor.
Nltll4t pI d .!.c Mulki pr 1.l. 4 51) N, Lw-d .In1r-. en'v i I I, Y. .u!-" eried the lantdll-d. "w hy,
;'t-- M --p P T" uh r 1.1, 451. .., i how w '. Lilhir in have you. tie, a ,I will ,,el ), time Fl .eni "
n ',,innp,, iij I t, .Il pnl,,,..ln . 'it In ;..- h,,'-i Iwo d nd wan itu e loni the lillit lir the winner. sI'.. for. v.-.n t.il, tl other anyrtiin;: of the sort. no matter hoow
I~~it) ,I lil(oi .. . (l a n o d w a n ,,.-i-, "1 ",1, l[lie 1) -l End g o f t el
S" I M, l..I' .... "' 11 B I i i-, .. "--1.11i,.hli' e. ji ,- "w, il ,I l ? O11 to u :b y.u were paid for it. "
...Tou "ant, ;, n, sed y B ish So.i.e.s .. Al- Thousands ave dney Troble i .i ir. .i t I .'i. lie l s.e one wul try m e.
1t ,',ri al Trouble. i T., a n rpr, "N ,.,.\'. ;ep here.," said the landlord.
li. It, 2 .. 11(.1 Hei rie. 1i ..1 4ci and Don't Know it. pl.l "*'H:1t lI-?,.'lit iTh e' 'iise wl.o had studied human nature. l'Ill
Ho wIm F Find Ou .. I ria we 1'lle
.'a . i,li :s, I i CUi CApr C. en iion i n ell kil o n n l How To Find Out. id. ,1. I i.ah wl e hadl a' ie u,'." Itell you what, if you'll wear even so
'op K linhg, 1'1 P I i,,ih,,.; 1,,,l 'i '' Fill a bottlile or common glass with your J Muh as eahalk mark on your bacly
..tt e I,, In i.. jn 12 011* over Atic. as co.mm,,ni.J,_r f Ih- Iores andle water and let it stand twenty-tour hours, a A NTED- E ER \L RIlT 1VND I'll reit your rent as long as you
(I.00 i -; l.i;miing ltna- th i 'ia ie..I lie tainioiiti rr-iel G. .iih_. 1= _-, sediment or set- I H NONESr persons to.rAprient u4 's wear it on your oat so It catn be seen.,
i,,iflf luiiri .r ri-ii- hI-r, d .$12I tl...I .4I Un e.hr ,l.ile -,f Nov. 4, 15i7, froin Vri- tling indicates an Maiaes In h lis and cl,e Ilucountie, the condiion being that you tell no one
i Hl.,l shl,,,iigl "*2.10 I..ill, ..l l,,, r Beth.iirnnll,,i, lt are.: **Bilore Ill unhealthy condi- Sala y t90l) a ,aral. d expense itil,t. why it i th re."
IS1a",:O Bw' I4.. Iow -tde n'c -oi ,.A re-d," said the r.or eagerly.
1.50 Boat l Ier. ri- oi [ Ai ion of ehe kid- lo(,a-lide, no ndole. ni ]es sall'. 0O whd it t-h th,.,re.ry
SI a i ,l C aIlnl.1 ., l.liin'.- lie, Chol.ra you i is n a n a "That's aii easy way to pay rent!"
S- --- .il Dil.Arine lit,-in,-ily, Ah;ch I iied niy- evidence of kid- ducted atholie. Ili ferenlie. EDw se sell- So the chalk mark in the form of a
$ 100 Reward. $100. tsi' wvhi-. troiltled wili l. i.-omnplaint, ney trouble: too address stamipud eliveliOpe. THE llO. cross was made on the track of his
The reatderi of this paper %i Ill Ie p-leu ad halld z, F i to t i n i .i, ani.d in everyv 1, frequent desire to MINION COMPAXt. Dept. "3.Cbiec coat. and the delighted tailor sallied
d t lr that ihere is at lea-i .one ;Is it proud mn..-l lmn lit:in.." For eale pass it or pain in __.___ fort upon the street.
cl1, i1 .i Mat. %%' It -I. -;. Auilr,-,A and Eay- the back is also Strinng-rs and acquaintances hailed
dreaded disease :hat science ha I ed ha1 all , n,''| ,J,,:;|. ,-alr, convincing proof that the kidneys and blad- TO O 1u Re6a irSa him to tell him of the mark on hia
a;l,le to eire in all its .61ites. and that is . .... ._ _. der are out of order. 7 back. Jokns were made at his expense,
Sttrar.. Hall's CarrCure is the ol LE L NOTICES. here is comfort h know dg so WE HAVE TO OFFE children laughed and pointed at him,
,po.itie cure k.ioan to the medical I1.- often expre-.ed. that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- HFFE YOU! nd his wi'ife annoyed him with ques-
irernis. L'atarrh heil.g a c.ii--titiuioiina.l .lieritl's Sile. Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills ever THE BUOY and tlons nn, with conjugal familiarity
d,.ease. requires a coai.stituti.,n.il Ireit- t L, Dt-,u\.] ,eisn in curing rheumatism, pain in the THE TWIOE-A-WEEc tll him he was a fool The usually
ndt. Hrlir CattrbI rt, ;i ( tk-I in . back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part HE TVVIO A -E :iibl'e mian grew surly and morose;
,neit. Halits Catarrhi Ctrtl t iknh ill- ('.lit' .tudg.'s Court ihington Co, of the urinary passage. It corrects inability DETROIT FE] RESS hbe luinn,-di men. women and children
tericalu, acting ofreclv 1p.,i lineIhb,. '-.v. t, '.ti t. o hold i-aler and scalding pain in passing Both Pipes OIre Y and! fi eniented back streets. Before
t;. ;and mucutl surfaces of tle sl .l..hi, theic- J.D Hubbell, pl.utitl is Juo. D. Ste- It, or bad effects following use of liquor, t e e P y k t Wc-i'hi tas up the tailor found him-
.v destr ving the fouidationof th ,-di,. pli ,, defiml:lt. wine beer, and overcomes that unpleasant An thFree Prs ok t ,.,. \n n a thea o hi
B'and gn" b t -teth b' Br irtl.d of ai execution issued by the ne.z...ii', cf being compelled to go often lli 1 yelopledia io L90 self PI- ,lniI ,ld in a quarrel with his
ea and giving tbe pa.icnt strength b t jud, tourt of" Wa.hinlon drun. i;. day, and to get up many times mP 'I V I-i-,, it.n his wlfe had threatened to
building up thiecunstitutiun and assisting C-uiitr. Floridi, I lhave levied upoe the dui-nu the night. The mild and the extra- FOR ONi LY $1 5. ,, hi- hiomuse and hlie considered him-
hiature in doing ilt amrk. The pioprie- following properly hieloi-iCg to the alive .rcldnrary enict of Swamp-Root is soon T: f m--EK FRI T-.r ,' a n'rable and ill used.
to's hase so much failli in its ctiUrnative "naed daletidail, John D. Steo heni, aul raslt:?d. l eztands the highest for its won- TE T E -E R R i 's l2."11. one night he took ot his
tha t a e 8ofm r OiiH r illll l ibe samei to the hcghie.t bidder -l,,ul cur..' c-f the most distressing cases, IS ,tOh.iCdtid Iy all to be MYih lt' .ud- c,-,l :'.I rLttio~ed ont the chalk mark
,ower*i hat they offe-r One Hulred Dol- ort acah, af the front door of nv resi- If you n.--d a medicine you should have the ing ,,e-sp;,per. ad .aid ..There! I would not wear
litlor any case that it fails to cure. dentee in St. Andrews, Fla between the be:t. S-.ld by driggits in 0c. and 1 size., ltenemhe, that icy.mtaking d g tag . f nif s d m b ouk not weer
A ddre ss C H E N E Y & C o. Tul hours of I II o',-l e nlta. i ahd "2 o'eock p. Y. u i m ay have a sam ple bottle of this thi o.unbia dli ,,ll uou g -t -2e sa ol ie I' .1 e s ,tol d b ric a another w eek,
SSold by druggisie. 75e. be 1st day o Jatutairy, A. D., 1900. to- it: mnd t .:,,:,h Ifl-at llsefif .. PRES- aid the FREE PK YEAl tl.e:e : Liu Paris!"--outh's Compan-
S. 'Hall's Faiiiily Pills are tho bel t. One two-b.-tr Studehuak r wiron; On ~n r asr.boul it, both sent| l cl f BOUK fir 19110 a-r only $ '.n. .
f" ishinig asuine about 50 1):d., long, and abclutel.,- frce by mail, The Free Press Year k and Ce
m.'&l- Coa,' .'.i'-. all ot tile nllowilig describel) lands in a:dr^- Cr. Kilmer & Homeof Swamp-BooL. Encyclopaedia for Ili, minel,... --t+e. w
'tModirn 'I -di.-ine .n:.. that gnt's excess of hofnmu.te id exemptions: Ot ?'c., .ntamton, N. Y. When writingmen- TheS.r, t.net -i L'e.wewi
...-.-.....--.-.-- ....---- acle of lot 1, souibth Baiiy. in the ni- f ;cn readnL ihisgenerous offering this paper. Over 500 i.cg's. ( ,J ivm. i,,, ~ve up til;4 t. get that mon-
- e .. :- l. '. ilt i ljuit less tI. Oii t .)ny -l l' Sle '' -i'L.- a i ,tn^ .fi',n ;- ail,, ." ..-

, ::.,. :,.. ,, n s. alltu!p 3s. r. I'-, c, it e., n-- a Iarer .nt of sli 133 aeres int the el 01 hec. Ip r G- 's.. Hacker & Son, Cmree R|ut be -l Is ,ice is
Iit ,,.htaer a larn ,- i It of solid J4w, the land to be sold amounun-g to 33 of his place, you know
tial ler thi.u,, i lu:,l:. It is indeed a-cres, to satisfy rudg enteiit sof d th ,.
m. of $81.60 ai i a i at, I, I-il ,tico ofr hla, ce; yt out o,
Oil. fu, l of all milk. costsand accruing costing favor of the I*. a. ,,,k of reheiie it }tio equal. th,, -.. '.. where the man fell
i; iuiiill lkaS a peculiar arid un.tpleas- said plaintiff, J.D. Howell. Puachaser to There will nut ;,e a' uelels rA , in it A t in- aiwuin you remember."
I p .; i..-, :1-. du' tol h ito osL L t th.anuI;h, S y PaI'o url t rell'm out. aof
atc id. pay for deed. and t Eduator a i til Haul .,ok of ..y
or luircine. It contains .i! excess of fat And it is ordered that this notice be ----- E:icyvl..edc Iforniul u .ict"
tnl is heiu'efoe i lt(geh0t r too rich f o published for four suc1essivs weeks prior MANUFACTU RERS Stistical, O-heitl. Histo crical ali lea c i r t
,z diet to said day of sale in the St. Andrews ar.d Agriultural: li'eiti a I, ,1t of Rees- I. t., th;z awning."-Cincinnath. En-
Bnoy, a newspaper published in Wash- ligious Ft-*i, a0l general I'rBiL Dirc- 1".
ington County, Fla. D.D. MELVIN, ties o.n every-d a v Rafl'i n rird
The F inal To iieh. County Judge. "1 C lit toi n eok will '--!tt t. ill tTIo
Rendy for all that lglight befall. thu C. G. ALLEN, Sheriff gl i tal, i,. al, t i- i ,-, "P:. fell over l y express wago
+. 1.11h. tL, said Willie. "'Mly, It w as
fomnale detective prepared to v'ntlur By C. H. DANFORD, Deputy, will I.e putli'i dilthout Dec. iit, i i ," said Wille. My, it was
forth on th t tr t(c(.f -.v d(pernat Dated, Nov. 28,1893. being impossi.. to gEt i; .ut'(.rleron fu I linghe( till I cried."
ci-rinuirto.fl. A. the, li::-.r hol ihed Til"c."
criniin. At t t:*p' luei paN acoustic oe gelint Fe.te r tr I "1 ';I er'?" said Tommy.
,;,1 ct o0' or< look bc. NOtice in Foreciosnre. 189 ni events. Th,- Iboo i ,,Il i. mtiled as **"'Y-<." replied Willie. "Papa caught
*Is n' diy'. it:e on shl!nI'clit?" esi First Judicial Circuit of Florida--Cir- :foun nItFir aili.e ilai., ni.-itl, fue latiling."-Philadelphia Record.
a l. ',. '*- *.,'r '..,,- ..,- cuit Court of W ashington County, I l not delia.', uil t.ik'-i. It iiii e of _
E, 0.O Williams complainant., vs. R. E. this liberal otil, r. a hi ai- ke for
Sla n derin g th e H atl ch et, B ondurant, M S B ondura xtt and R obert -i n,'ttd tli m e: ioly I ., ;cl a r,ti lg o-
"They continue to find fresh defects J. Lowry., defendants. d-e l t i teilhl rh l', t R" O vint--l,
in Washington's character." It is ordered that the defendants, R, we ..-nd I,, thi p.ir rs .t i-ill r.Lt and li
"Anything particularly new?" E. Bondurant, M. S. Bonduraut and Rob- bon.k lot nll .75. A.r..
"Yes. They say his manner of illus- ert J. Lowry appear, plead, answer or de- .. ,T. AN DRE.i BUO
treating the truth was a little lax."- mur to the bill filed against them herein Sts. Aniar. F. l 1C.,re, 1.
Cleveland Plain Dealer. on the following dates, the said R. E. and -P- Dys pepsia ure.
= M. S. Bonduranit on the 16th day of Dc- A N 0 .-
"Deeds are Fruits, words are but cember, A. D. 1899, and the said Roert Dgests what you at.
es." The manF wonderful cures e J. Lowry on the 18th day of November, Build a erial. IgeStS What yOU at.
td by Hood's Sarsaparfuilla cu are e A.e D 1Th loiLdow and Fancy Glass a ,i.8 Itartlflciallydigeststhe foodandaids
,.ded by Hood's Sarsaparilla are the Thi order to be published in the At Nature In strengthening and recon-
I'rits by which it should be judged. Andrews Buoy, a newspaper published in Specialty. E Etructinthe exhausted digestive or-
TTiue c,, it to lo- the grea-l ien..d for said county ot Washington, for the period ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY gains. Itisthelatestdiscovereddigest-
*"""": "of eight consecutive weeks prior to said GIVE N werel amueyr.--.. a nt and tonic. No other preparation
,I I. 1, P1 aill i, r i N sixteenth day of December, A. D. 1899, GIVE Nw v yr-a i,- can approachit i iien It
the~ ~~~ bet.-!1-
r,"tc., eighteenth day of November, A. D. ]899 Notice. -Frr .. Dyspepstat nd erman en ybur
-I o Witness amy h nd and official seal Ail persons are hereby warned that I r,1at.r a.iI,, a F.latulence, Sour Stomach, atue,
riu *va | PATENT GO1011 ASS)th i the 6th day of October, A. D. will not, bI responsible for any debt con- ". SickHeadache, Gastralgia, Cramps, and
may be secured by r[. 8.1 1899. W. B. LASSITTER, tracted by my wife, "Betty," from and pa r d abl llotherresultsofimperfect digestion.
our aid. Address, Clerk of the Circuit Court aforesaid. after this date, as I will not pay any debt '..,I r t Prepared by E. C. DeWItt& ACo.; ccalc.
THE PATENT RECORD. Bura & FLOYD, she may make. H. S. WELCH. sol F Brkin&So. u
SriBaltimore. Md. Complainant's Solicitors. Aug. 3, 1899. rend, Fl a,
iutlaripi ioni to The Ntent record A.-t 3per an1um.



.... ^ ,, ^ f. ^. |"r ill t i.'.i' l'' l A i..

i- A" t





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i.. 1h ,i i r i i. I

"t It
.\'t J I, ' u '- Ii ., 'i t 1. r ,: l .
li, h h i :,' lit enll' I i ., li u. ll r' l llt

"* i t, .-,, :, r \;''h i t i ci r: r i -

t it

l I-.. in l u iiinh
--'\ I i I i- c, .%l-r ,n.,-th i tnem
I i i I: "-- t J I | I a, r t l' li l. ti l 'u "h l i c -
- lit. ""[b ri '.': l ct. '
V'il- i l'.,'-lit in lite was uftk.it-u tly
ni l ],.
H.- I 1.1 ti I.i;.ttill-Si in lhe p.,orly
Ilh .i.- --L.-ntvt -.'f a LirL: 1,e l Ii. 1'. Ilh- t 'i'l v o c. H I r. ,'.' ty-V
']*, I, n i cV i;t the al r -.d .cin th e ic.
hi i | lit' it. U- or o'iI re t' I : "t.: l,'ilt -c

;- h,' r"t i,-- it [i ti he ,.i..e hi n t -
.j_ Whtia e t We.ith-r la. it acuu-il dny
iil r !i ,..., -.I,_, -r l -Qi-i -LlM tn.
F.I,, V'illi ,im v .i- a tl i t. helr fwri
'.,.-.. i i-k itue at. the t, llr eS an the
,.i,, ',' |;t. f i]]. ,f l1 lhf h1 ut" hi ,.- I'li
.,,ii.~nt h .. rnl:. b:lire at...dl si) ttl
-it [ i i i- -i t e i and i
d i- Tr i'. ic'- .' "" -xi-r.-nLe int (i'.-
S...t]l I hv..-,u :ro.otly iv;l,,r,-,1
,, ,-. l r ,- t\ h t n -i. thih fl tlht r ;f rI
:il.- ,,n a;it -i'i v l.,i le I a(- li An to

r-1 ti- ,i i i. n e r t ii t ;h l ,'
irirnl i. ir tiLe t.iir tr~ iv,.icr ,-iH
ri,.lil C t,.. tt;u or to reduc hb,.r v ai--t
I_- I. I.. r
FI., 1,1 v ich it 111y -1v seen thiat Mr
F r-:tA i w:.h v'-l \- UIlUL) %.f 8 ,*lil ,,lher.
E u t. ;, .i rv- n l. il,-..:,,p t, r a r,- n ,.t
".*-! 1.1,Mt tl,,n the Vi i Oi,.L S ,f tl}, 1 i 1,1,r
*-,i .-'..n. ,Ili it :lIan i ,tci v,1 day. tih t
Cin p id.. f ,o r ,'vrrit s ,,f ,?tijtn.-- 'l "t t "r to
S.j... ... e _.,LL L L t. Lieu l,,-.- i'nt "f'
i,, t i, !i,.itr ifI t ,'

t in k- a t 1-, l I v I h

It h:ii.n ed tihit way-
A V.iIt~ wouIaiin i.euine to fill a varan-
-v i'i thlie ,.rtuitcware departin rt. n:-t
'ii \V1]|i. u i own, and1 he, s. lon i:r in-
Ii .r e-ct ,it-r.l even callous tO- the chsrriu'
._.1 w.1. u. iL, ,_.Dnc-r saw the new e-'kr
.i-iy av.r h,-r ti-:nc-pans and teb:etti-4
t-i.ir. li i wa- uniitten with a de-ire to
po . z. t,,r i.r hli -..wn.W .
Mis Thomnl:.in was not beautiful, to
lie ;air'e. nor .is she at all ilup.,iing .ti
alii-.irmut that she shonid thus c-ipit
v,,t m- ti- e hail ,,f this *c,'tre critic at
i.-t .-i-t'ht Ari -I-e Ir't-tli ii hibont with
a l..,it-l iillrtj.t-i-i- cf lii. tu.m eei t quiti.t in
o-_i(laliI--.i with gLiaco .tind elegance uJ

Unil se sa itcd William right down
to tlie .,'r -.i ji.
T.iu n -:,.f i-ith, she bad soft eyvrs. of
eo p.itici_ l ,'I i hI r i.t-rhap bnt s,-,rit-
Luiw wi'bin ithi'r g'Ze rested on Will.au
he f-Ilt that h-te. it last. was one wh'
Ci.'old ri.'Ci'i t- his true v:ilue alm.i
a, keeeily ;ii hi'did himself. Her -brow
bair. of ia ve-ry ordinary suade., wa
part-'il very ta-tly over hlor sEuootl
brow in a f'liii:,n extremely plain arid
anu-mbitio.us coinparrdl with the imnipi-
injg ri:Liripad.,t=r wout by the magnitice-i
Yi.-un. ladui:i w-ho sold ribbons an-i neck
tie-i at the counters upstairs and whb..
airs arid grricesi made William so an
conIfortablo that hli frequently w,-nt t,
a rivcel t-tal..Ishbt-nt to purebaise thi
i-lniret -**w.dA t up" cravat which cow
pltlij li-is imhnlle toilet.
M.iv-,tv.r. Miss Thompson's simpi
black alpaca gun c. with its trimly belt
ed wait and rl,-,tle.ts ends and cuilar
t..trayi:d none cf-' the wicl:edly estrjavn
gant, idens William had lh.ngconsidereu
the pievalhent weakness ,-f the sex.
It wi'nt't v-zy Irn-g b_-fc,,re thb. tw
~-cnjtrx.- -. L uci-ac c ".a..,io-ac-.-in I.

Stewvpanrat aiJ tmakettles theiri-i more
in demand than bathtiubs, Williamu
was frq-netlyv called upon to assi-it
Miss Thouimpson in her department, and
this association with her afford'.dI the
yonng man moments of exquisite j,'-y.
At other times he wonld watch her.
bney over her cooking utensils, .,n.1
imagine how she would lik in a little
kitchen of her own manipulation, siut-
ilar implVnients in the preparation of
hi.s own supper.
The tho,.ght was intoxicating. Hrre
at last he had found a girl who would
he willing t). sharte his humble lot, he
told himself. A plain little thing like
her would prhbahly regard a tiny thr-ee
room flat such as he had in mind as a
very palace of luxury. He himself
would seem to her a sort of special
Providence through whose benevolent
intervention she would realize all those
dreams of home and husband most girls
indulge in.
This thought he found even more
agreeable than the other, and he found
himself assuming a protecting and even
patronizing air with her tat times.
The enamored young man wevt so
far as to hint to the object of his affec-
tion his hopes of having a modest home
of his own one day, and while he could
not recall afterward that she had be-
trayed any great interest in his plans
hpI 1 'ok (-m'.rnfir in tb-inlc-inu- tbnt girna
and th t probably it had not occurred
-r he that rhe lM nn+ticr. 1 + ,I.t..1

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wife had piles forty years. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve cured her. It is the
lipst salve in America." It heals everv-
fling and cures all skin diseases. R. '.
Bia.-.in & Son.

1,1 D RC ii1L LINES Dl{L u-(Y,




Tus 1,.~i

1Li V 1.

i r

ti n.

'-C, ir I .i ni-
ri irU ly

rr~lii~ i
ton ;IncI
mitll It


biircinllv:cr1 itl

it .-
At aest l ti dr -,v n, i-r. Th.
ti.,ver 'c,)l t i i n- c iii, (i i
- r I. onr wittl t ,,ii ;, .- itn-hii' .,.t ,i.,-r,-
,tily ; i "1 Jr.T ~.:l : ,rFi ,l.,_ .r ,.f 4 ,- LI
aUd' lij, ter V. ;,: [, .%. ; ; ,'i-, .1 ..TH t b w m
rtairwaT to- a tj iei[ ..Df v.e,-rl'
tli tI tt,1 ', a ,,d ti e t. e :l- h i,,
tht-ir hb.c- i-i
An-i thi t i,ne i;ay Williamn hinl ,i
iho ,k. rt ...T.-f .-,i -:irl : rA h ir ::.
cry d, P r l nt t.,li him ti ,:t I .- i-C
T"li.om p.-.,un o .,-,, i l, -t la_ t%'
-i,: c:,nl L, t:li..v it. Huilt inqiniryv
at he, ,l S eu dr p.,rtin L t i-vo. jl--.1
the fact t he rntn.r hhi. -ic'.:,il til-
cia t .et.i, 1 lit.-i b. -n ic..ihi in-d lIv
thile youit ,J,y h:r ,.lf. Wilhluim wa
.iAc.in dd-. l h ,,i nt ii. ie uii ij-i ru.til.
to lrave ",,., hti tI llnrg hiul \VIiWat
ii.1 it IUn : h w,-,O i,. r',ei.
Th,-b n bhad ain ila'ii. Perhap-i Phe
b ila r. to ienrc'e l ,irch fi..r lini ti h:i t
e..iniL" hi: evTly d.iy wis painful He
had rri-fi,.. s -ilt iinh :._.s iU lu c'r v-ls He
re- .l',i [I t-Iil hr that v-ry day i:.f lthe
plan hi l a., { niie t.,r her nai ai-k lier
tc. l-cr .-n''Ifrs. Williaum French.
It i'ni-., however, Uef'ore his op-
poi tn i 'a '..nue.
it Ja-i :a| to hinm th.itevery fat worn-
an in ii cty i ajdr d cid:. to l.iv in a
nWi.1y grdalt-ware that particnir
At lj e encountered iMiss Thorqnp-
,o)n aL hu ei. pile ,.Of cuffee-pott
"I -_ahar you're g.Ilng away." hel
."'' iprQ'd to fiud himself feeling
deu. id -ervous.
uhO said pleasantly. as she
u tisLy in her little cashbook.
Pl tomorrow.
btZ^ I didn't know-that is, I
tope. I mean, that I've not
to do with y 'nr going,'"

S['rernch-howcould yon-
.retand, I'm afraid," she
re.' ident bewilderment.
"'ObN ase-I thought maybe
you'd b 1 pecting, yon know-that
is, you have known that I was
going t :- you to marry me. you
know. uave asked you before-
1."- r '





:*Pra don'tt apologize," she ex-
claimned -ckly '"It's much better
that yonui 't. Aman with your ideas
would b i making a great mistake to
marry. knd, besides, I'm going to be
married i'xt week to Mr. Morgan, up
at the s4 counter. He commenced as
a cashbcp and now he's head of the
departml t. But, then, he was ambi-
Wiilli has seen her but once since
then. -.
They vere having a big bargain sale
of remunnts up stairs, and at the noon
hour he nsstrnggling to make his way
through he vast crowd of ladies which
surged .but the counter, when a little
woman i a rustling silk gown turned
sudldenl and faced him.
It wa1hIel
He pAecl heiar with only a formal and
burrie h'. but ha had time to ob-
serve, i pain. that she wnre her hair
in a po ,radinr.--E-L'ar Temple Field
in Chlii, 'Ticls-Hterald.

l "'L i(' .i )I, ti re-trer uc-t. tid ri d
Mintug s ire thi t and- clo.e li, counties.
ilary J year and tel)Ine.s' Straiht .
l,)na-tie,ri touorc-e l et) l-c-- al.nyv. Po- i-
lion prlritrent. Our references. aunv
1inik i t ." v I town. It ia mn inrly otiuce
work c l1iitecdat honse. Rifterence. En-
,Iloie -Idj l'dre6.ed stamped envelop-.-
THE. viL Ot CqMp cy. Dep:.'l. I. Chicago.

;_-lotlte`aWnim Genealm.
A weil known divinity professor, a
grave and learned man, had flve daugh-
ters, whom his studeuti lirre'Cverently
named -Genesis," '"Exodus." "Num-
bers." "Levittcus" and "-Deuteronomy."
Bt-glnnnng his lecture one day, the
professor said, "Geutlemen. I wish to
E1peak to you about the age of Gene-
1roars of laughter came from the
st Il -Drts.
"*'tvresis Is not so old as you sup-
p,','.l" cont lho ed the prol'fess,,r.
"I[re rar)'.-- long continued, In-
di cd. th.ithai e wr'orthy ii n Ihad time to
think l,.f,, e he ni.rnle thoe iic t remark.
HI. :-'ic rial.l!y--niil be managed to
1it rl.. n:Irik this tiuce:
"I il. i..-,t be thinking of the same
-'"' '" i; y.,l are!"

WVaairngton and the Indlias.
M1otre tlhn once NVashington enter-
tained I.(1a:!ius. Trumbull, artist lion
of the bhlt., hiad painted a full length
portrait c.,f the president. Curious to
see the jif'ect. Washington led a party
of full flooded Indians suddenly into
view of i. One of them advanced and
touched ijhe painted figure. "Ugh!" he
grunted,' with suspicion. He looked
behind tt see if it were really flat; dis-
covered with disgust that It was. Not
one wo 'Id, permit Trumbull to sketch

him. l ie president took an amiable
walk dolii Broadway with the Indians
in their savage dress, paint and feath-
ers, utat inuess of civilization and sav-
age stat lines contrasted. The dignity
of the Yj .regenerate Indian was real,
and yet f'e was tickled like a child with
this clkr.otunity for display.-Leila
Herbert~ n Harper's Magaz!ne.
.... .. .. ... -. ..-..


Loaned It to Him Friend, mind Now It
Is Buried In the Gru,&e.
"N .I (tia not goi'lz out in tie I fl
lnr,4 jit.t niov To nri:'tbng lbut ri r'0
illfr-mac~l arv..' eil.".l-c'i a ft.ii, i
t~ciepal h1 -
p'.ij 'I ci .

no~~~~~~~~-- a iiIc~- fIi ~~ i ..
ani *i I

toli ,

.c c-n r.a tt
fri,--in 111, W r ld i ii.) tI* l.'it Ii tL I-FIf r,
~ nin'. ii 'i. I ha'] lto Ci 1.1v *u 11ull c
sanl vv-s lircrs tyna 1. ibut I cl-dl't -.
Go' thir:".3. ll'i trli i t'-cl1: r''-n 1,LV it L
Fitll] to A 'ior-1. iThen 1 I o.r. 1-je 1tt(v.. -.c 'it
nuol h,.ii~ r tic r'ii: ric an I I .A.1 tifk i
li- i nr'tlc. u l-eop Iy Aoti-iI.f~~.
"1 :11 111f iiiI-V 111"'i7 1:i10`1' 21
raq~ 1.,the- 1. 11 :s I ni io. 1-ili '11 i
lii' di,. i. ltta-:u I a-,LvI ir iil *, v f
V.I il'. She ga-c'e- a gas;p or[:Ii..
mr-nt aqrjJ oxlaiuw'l. Wluy. didn't yout
liD' iV.he wsdend an:] buried?,'
l"-tami' tuai-ito [be I:rci rout

eii hat I [ hinl 'il li.ai'i the news ndJ
had inerely called to take back LJ.V
.J.-'. s suit. It v.oul'I doiubUles be f,iand,
a..- it t ci,' fri',n.d- effects. I explaind.I.
hi-p ii.ndla-l.y turned piuk. wuite
an.i tL,.-u pink asain. 'Why.' she ga-r-
edJ. Lb.ht iuust have been the suit. we
l.ur'e I b[L1 i1. It was the only go-,d
,., f \\r fin.Id among his wardr,.eI_.'
"S.' y,.,u see tile reason w-iy I say
no to I.. S. V. P. quotes Just now."-
r'hladelphia luauirher.

Do You Want to Make $300?
W\', w'int Ia lo-,al manager, lady or gen-
tieni.n, in l o n t Iih in or conirtv: no eianll
,i-i sin ri-'.1i6red. Yo-u ran deote full or
,,,tir., lini ;, .>r e-ve inng nl in L corinf -e.
tion "ith vour regular vocation. 201i)l to
$ll:j) e.'cI lie Imai- lbiefore Christmas and
it will require very little time. It i r,,.,t
nl:te-.aivy to have ii.] experience. Seil t
fitainriD l-ir full parti,'ulArs. Ad.]irei. ,
The Brll Compi:iy, De.partniet B.
Phiiladitlilliia, Pia.
A Serious Co.'in pllcalon.
Il rthe inotlilai i .,.r ea-st Tennjessee
fit L anllvt-. o- rilliher lthe lower circle
. ,i .i '-. r: ;t- many Illerties with
S.| ,i, ,'- F'.:.-ililh .\ physician who
', ,i, ,' Int i!it rec j.i.-in rells of an incl.-
,i.nt IIlln ria.lie of thii. tie had a pa-
ti-i' ;,aI w':l litiug nursed by a
fl'-,.li. I'lt-,' .-Jay tihe doct,:r called and
*:t; i I b,. I-fitI 'c"
S"\V 11. .t it. h.)w is Bill?"
1 i'l alr ui;iity.\ ht.d today. Doc."
1iii rlik- ,>.u l-i.l. "His whole nervous
;.-'-:u -.-c-iu i bt- i i a p'i-rfecet strat-
,g.- ."--M1e ilchis S.-itcit:-'r.

Th:y %Vould Lnugh.
i':1 i,:, L ..L i lli l w **:r li a [.an taloo. ns
36' l.i I. ;i( i Lkioeiter hel appeared (on
thEl -r. .,'-t b.- w elli ibe ul.ligead to reach
;l-ji nld I'ehi.Jd :nll.j irab hold of the
hi--. ",t arid i id t, li' lu up, wouldn't

n.1 rif i :--LuwvITl .i ".I

J. D. Rrile-'., editor -Democrat," Lan-
eaister. N'. H.,. sa,,. "One bMinute C(ruhb
('Cur,:- is he hber remedy for croup I veer
iised." lirnm ediitely relieves and cures
ouii ihA. i-colds, croup, asiinia, pneunionia.
hronchitis. hla grippe, aMd all throat aid
lulit z troiul.le-. JIt .reveiils consumption.
2. F. Bruckin A Son.

A Complicated Flag.
The lSpaui.ah i.,i sc.. .u j.-ir.I icd mosi
comnllicriteid. Th,- red end yellow ot
theb- Spanlisn flag is sail to hi ,deriv'-,
fro m this oiult Ir,,tur P: In i.17.i l'| -y-
the B.I,1 ilipped his 1ngrq- in thl- lnodJ
of Go-oftrey, Coutut uif Bar'-cloit:. and
dr'etw then down the count's goljlh
shield In toke-n of his appreelation or
the latter's bravery. The shield. so
marked, bec-ame the arms oif Barce-
lona. which became part of Aragon.
and its arms %were take by that king-

Now to the royal standard: In the
first quarter or iip[per leit hand part of
the flag aie the armsu of Leon and Ca(.-
tile. the lion and the castle; the second
quarter is taken up. one-lialf 1.y their
arins of Aragon. one-half by the nrmni
of Sicily. The upper third of the quar-
ter directly under the first shows the
Auistrian colors. the lower two-thirds
Is divided between the flag of Bur-
gundy and the blan-il: lion of F'laneders;
the upp.-r third of the fourth quarter
shows the checkers. another Burgun-
dian devic-e, while the lower two-thirds
is shared by the rod eagle of Antwerp
and the golden lion of Brabant. and on
the top of all this are two shlelIs. oneu
showing the Portuguese arms. the oth-
er the French fleur-de-Lis. Considerable
of a flag that!

Ons l

a; jUS elupu"Ixbi,.e111

~ '.c- tt~~iIi~c.from e4 pillc
ih 'i i i d i -It-r "l,6,) I6, re- 5("r~
'arl~.- i di-- an l khhcctunkvi. t- c ,tic' h
Idv. tr awli1110"' :VI[.f-t-i I '' I -rv ujdn-
ti-c-~~ -o-l-.i lilt eiii-deailer .$

. Afrews Ponltry Yards,
G. W. SURBER, SR., Prop.,
-Breeder of Pure-

PILES 1, P 4ILEI lai .veH .3
III- ral. tllrn f IT ent L1 a efl
I yiI3 ndI J 1 .'? b -! -a 1... &Icily fc. i ti c a n lm

Suta at. St. ALr te.%c- 13a. Fiu.
At Dr. Mitchell's Drug Store.
GVSCall froi*fru e razurl.



rSt. AndIrews
and the

Bay Country.

We have ma,l'c arrangements Iby
which we can turili.-h thii, line MAP
coi, ring about eighteen miles square
uf territory, i lhidcling tlhe (.inrinnati
.Cotupany'* Trat, al- i) Harrison.
Parker, Cromanton, and adjacent
country, for
Oul' gi;c il I-or 5 c 'h yverilv !'iii ;ii ili'tii ni

.r i --'

E ) ul ....... -. 1-... ...
lands puirc-haced of the t'inicinUt.
Company can be ea- ly aseertainedl
6,r. :tIrties nmay send us $1 andi their
,le-e ilntion ut nid e will icate their
lota .inI rotulrn thie Map Iv nmail.
A ,'lles THE. Eli1or,y
St. Andrew.,. Fla.
For 5 ,'eslh suleIcril.ei we will give as
a primiium. I Sectioi,.il Miap oft the P1ay
ecuitrv. .r I Map of ith. Citv of St. An-
dre-ws. Either mnan sold iuniIr--$1

Our Clubbing List.
The BLI.0\ hati: mde i%,r) Ilterc,I liii
li "ig arrangements w ith a le oil'tho ,,!r%
hest pulblicationii in the countli aind f' r
the present can ;end l' it a "hole, .ear
The BUOY .ind
Lelite's lilluta;rnted W eekly for. .... $3.
Demoiest'; N M ii 'ztii.- ............ 1 .7;
Detroit Free I r'e r i.s---.t-n -, ek
and Yeai BRi'i ............. .. 701
The Fi e T U.LT. :i_:,en. daily 11r ,9t 05
d1 weklv, for $1 r5
Scientific Animerican .. 3 51t
Farmer and F,,ill G ',r.wer 5i
IFlo ida Agrii' ltul rit5 ... "J 55
dc club, ol 5. each 9 .'
Farm Journnl. Philnd'a.m n ',)hlv I 1 t
Cin1-iinnri Einquiier Iiict-a weeka
h liir ep [,ig~ es'h ,' .'.. I tt,
A ll r,.ilt c',,r.e itiilhit, .. I .3
N.Y W ,)rd lthrice 'ic ', .... .. I 7
For any or either it, the- aloce pulhlIc.a-
tionF in connection tith ilie ti (lT i'Y. dl-
"'"s all orders vo TH.E I.U-n.
`'t A ,.iiIr- Flai

le prepared 1- rrill
--A. c -Lt .asc tinjluS.te rqtzF,

--d b it i JA v -
It \ ou ,aerd labor with team. c:tll upon
Ij. \V. NritBF.R.


Of tio Citv of St. Aldrows,
Giotteu np wiili g ati care by the
publisher, who bas praed no painli
to piepaie I'ur th.-p l'ic : i) mapI of
St. Andiirews as it really in. It slih i
Fxtendin'., ea .iw:i i 1:,1111:lU Dver's
point taking in the 0ll ,in siltc o1
3t. An.drewtr, and give oeation ol
public hulline.rs police p %at,- re.i-
dences, docks, etc., alac e'civy lt in
each block and thle s .piniun addi-
tion to lie Cincirnati (',:.npm any's
land with a I'nlll le.' ri.'.i,-n ,' tlhe
Tle Map will h,. w own,?rs lof lots
in the city jH.t \, Li0- their y ale l, -
cated. and is.of val:l to thlio:he thlink-
ing of' I1,1vini ri 'p ', rty. .
Size or Map 30x50 lclichs.
The BUO)Y will send this irliap to any
address nii th.3 ieceipt of
O(r give, as a premium fer 5 yearl
ea lih sul-criitions

Anyone sending as 8et..h and desariptlon ma I
quctdly aceirtain our)plion free whi-t ,an
ivention is probably p.ientable. Crnmm, i -a-
itone strictlycon ideDntal. Handbook on Pat a
sent free. Oldesat.aiency for securing patenD
Patents taken to)Ughb Munn & Co. recei -c0
iwl notice, wiLhoat charge, in the
Scientific jimerican.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. I.arBest cir-
culation of any sclentllce Journal. erms. *3 m
year: fc.ur momhbs, L Bold by all newidealeri.
MUNN & Co.361Broad8 y New York
Branch Offle. 65 F Bt.. Washlngton. D. C.

T. Ca



-7 ,n,:i" l' ni"lt' 1i r T' FFVi-"-l 11, Uj .T
d i 'iit l. I1 .. :-. :i. i '.1 l.ir, I dIL'
lia.r'., l l I .-. i il'r,in:l to go." anuil
Yul l\.\l ui id -' r u Ii t nk' nly' ior -
troill.le a .' ,,*t )or. I'm Iv[ ilt-e Po off
qu rit ;, 1l .iji.-I last luong ir-. Crail;
could do I.ttl, i. iOlc I lilu ilr.ss i then
haniii of I li ol. fricrnd and ti'n sit 1by
thi' firt-'.l,- hir t ih .ith il.y flirllshlled
Irrrm 'citil vailug for- the enJ. Mrs.
\ .i. *I -c.Aili til ii tlhe foot of thb
S.... i .I in si l. i V i i f.
H i',.) it lit i,',iug' man. afterr
I -... : :l ih- w lo-.,-- t 'r )il lult l.
.. ,-ii "( l r .i \ .-' u.uid r-
1., I ,' !|1 1 I I, I lrd i e-
S .' .' .'1i Ir d "- i'.. i' i' w i l not Liu
"r i :m ii. ii l Il -r- .i.v ir at',-."
...-1 i o Iorl:, I w a-t i
SI. I -n1 wih. I, n- w -i< i,1,ill lih t lie
I i,"rU l" I I- T.I i w re'. 'Ti, w ell.'
I I ,i,', : 'I, 1war 1'd liis brelathil-.
i-. ". - ..- : l. ir'e -,d c iili ti l :; bh -
e\, n I ii i I!:,' n i. n l, l t. o 1fotI his ow n
pill-',. Itilt hi a .-Couii 1 1:1111i e rltiii rd. Ill:
Ibaud- fell. anId tI- dhie l witl..)l i t ltr'i._-
gle or a sigh. 35l.ajor l.aur olioitelt
thlt thle end had e'oie. 'Tis well.' ahti
the widow in n composed voice. 't
shall soon follow him.' "
Cased Tigerm.
VtIhen Vyo.-. st-e tcie animals in the
i.ill tIuJi. .':e pr-:ing lnMuk and forth
,i -'tl'..,ly ii ti.cir <':L.ge.4. do not take It
f,,r gi'ant-d that tlithe eri-ealilre are un-
li.'tipy or even disi ontentel. It may
I-- t.at the- lion or the tiger or tlhe po-
ia. le:u-r ttint muovi,, about with appar-
nril., t,-a.sele'ss activity is only taking'
i:. !lily ext 'r,-yi. without which hli
vi. hIl piLIP :'. ie' son. sn bWhen the
.,-'ihl 'crue .', 3. in heir inatire J u-
-h! th.'y are ki' it pretty husy litintln-
o.'r,.1 Thlu.-. each liiy litey walk manya
;uiies pr-rlcips. In their narrow age-
in tll-. [lrlI~ I tHPV are pleutifully sup-
" .jX. Ir L

ic. still rtle:.:iil R i great amount of-ex
rr-f: e. MUih after- nille Is paceq.ofC
d i'lly Iy tiNh unea.ly creatures. '
r'- iallv they more with a Ioag.
-w;nl.':'n st~ido. hbut when mnialtime
OI'(ii R, al'iid tlhin theli step quicLkeln
intil. wh-lnr the keeper appears witFi-
his ba..-kets of meat. the tigt'rs anh?
lionq uind other animals leap a-1ainst
thue l-.:-'s ar, 2"-rowl nnd whin and lahb
I ii tnil. hI. in fa t. thtl y Bet li.:ke gr':i t.
I.inr'--v liii.-- u- i after a I.ng: d-ay'
r I C T' : ih l i r I- late.-

Iu- tli:, > -n i I l i I-.fi' '-'

I,.? .I i, I: ,. f .. c iI t s l a I.
I . .
I'. l .' :" . ,' I'"- 2 s- a l

Il.l!'- l ra i .-.'-. ; lii t-.. .l,. I ; i l I i. ,. ,
n1" I- 'i- i i j ,,i'' inu ti-A: ,lc il' ,.',' i

tice it. R u l ,i t l a ic t r.nel it.l..i:- c .i.
"Fo. cr'L,]ini 1 1low the h,"rn"' E\ '
si'n e then, v]i h n: -r l.g ; .i .. l..
ble. Poll nf-i r i..is t,-o i\t ,,lizi-tj

Mlzrarxtng Birda.
The di! %a4,.e u e-r wi,,h Ib iI,. nm i.
grate vary bit .\.een w;i.le l. Ji iti i ani-,
are often -turplniiiigihy creat. TI"- I)-.l.
ollnks, whih-h ri-ar th.-ir yvI uI. ,-n il-..
shores of Lak-e, Winnipe-gan.l ,D -4, ;,..
Cuba and Porto lic- to .spend ith- win,
ter, twice traverse a distance et.r-ed,-
Ing 2.800 mile,. or more than a liftli or
the circumference of our earth, ea.hb
year. The kineblrd lva i'B.r..-'-. _

10[ A r. -U- -.-LIO O tt

rU mLU as lel ll ly-seveatu aege or ia -
itude and is found in the wiuter Ia
South America. The biennial pilgrim-
ages of the little redetart except, 3 1t'ir
miles and the tiny humming bird *.,'0.i.

The Helght or Oratory.
"And Is Rockford so much of an ora.
' tor?"
"Man, he could describe a boarding
house dried beef supper In such lan-
guage that your mouth would water
-with desire."-Rochester Herald.





A Full Line of Calnned goods


last. Foos & Com- any's

Double Acting Force Pump.

a , .

; ; *.- A..rA~a ^ i I p



i-h I i*i liii

it I tii.itilci.

ffse lit a iv rridn pagt 1,,r prime.
Yet affe ti'"leftL i-. 9111 s flairul
ASA nfen. wirr. Tiaes in tict hair,
Slit knew life as oldte iin.mertm~ ie.
Her nrik r..e mmswvet fjitfallen tears,
He~r heart grown kinder since it learned
Tile grief. that mnarredi, the lism that bwured,
The dilappointent ef th. Ie years.
Call her not old whose lli~' canspa
24,tendercly to j ~.,- t- 'cd.
C.all tier li)t old wittin %hoih breast
The loveless fij,d Eno oibte tiy Souk.
For row. w~ith hol spurpvae 7die,
She aCAtiera lacceunu. Lbalmn ,ul myrrh.
Until I know thr6 o.? r-3I., I.r
The bie~t St. Marlin l.., I
-La1ha Mitche~ll In..

"6 'Tin Well:" Were the Lamil Wortini .,
the Father of Hi. tountiL).
"As the day advanced tie ..-
Wasb~Iington tiegan to realizt-c
trente gra vity of 1JIS tC(,LIiilltL! 'i
IWililau i Pe.rrinr' cti *f e I t

istvoyed. x". .:I ..I.?!ie i.. %*utU'oq

and a idded. Ri`telQt'Vi L 5-d ~I~'34
to hIS nVcrtjlutatuq4itu (j -ITS UM4Lj~tI..


-- ii i l



i P


ii -




-'- d-~



ww w emi-"--.: i

-- -----srr



IMN-,W7_j,4 __ -W

-7-- ,,

W""W-ll im 0, ~uyr.-- N--b 0im







FA . E&

I-AT14A",',PA0" 'U flit' rql4E


. = .. ... 11 =

Lwi-Bn B. -- c WJ j 4- r..a... ..... 511



-~-c-~~~C--sbF~;;sn: ~-- ~-~- ~i-~---; ii~CT; T~-r~TP~~CII~~m~r`;j~.C~T~~ --~lmr--- ~ ~ I~(

~srrus~-rrrrrm I-










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