Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: November 23, 1899
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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First Last. and all the



^^ ^ iL *^*HP^^U

Washington County

West Florida

AvainstA.the WorldM .



NO. 354

1l~ 7'l~
ii ., -
'I -
'1. *7 '
7 9 I I.

7 '

I, I ..

I -*t ~1~~*~.''-'-' -

f2LI 1i E EVIECY TH~URSD.AY I..scm~I.f itrmr lutc -uti'.e in hize ; wh"ile s
jj~ rila~ aYear o ~vanc. 10%!I iii "SULt 1StIC IMtire Ir.I. ot .uientirl a1
~ ~ ~ 1%- .lr].' ,ERtlfh'o (kr O .9 tr.io.,togh
1. i'.. ~ i,. r fin'3 T'lhere ,eemq to lbe lit- Ilhave.' ime in sii omiie
L~al~r nolPropietr ,. '; o.~I' r.,o I esll; Lill they bniiig


from i.. .-Id Spanim

I-%, r 11 t UiIi~it I il iilI l'd 10
blis..v'.-* l A

.1 u'Pti "Ililtore I,-iii o ldI bo a hitch

ill liltrog nj1 hii' e"'It ill,. :11, o *'.j'i
[hurlti]ii .''ti. 5, 1iejq d hit AI I'lll-? 4 -.1
tile 1,t]I-,Itliltleh li,
hf uste. N Larl, I % .Ii't l L 'It 'l lO Id 'l- Ilp.I" l lc
of it h I It lI Oi' .eI

y i c- *iar~s! 14I r ipin i elr Ia .. l. I... I~

Ap'ed lovei t[-dl..no tii ltt

%--1 %31 .ni.lIl7tio h S.llAked Mk's Far-

'IS'. 111P e .' tttlTi0, Indl'lO ~Iho 111

.41 l leie h Irl .tl I .l VI 1h.11tig 1 id.1 y

Olndatone. Peculiar ~1e..

Gnadatone"m Peoulinr lyeo.
There I. nt uin'-cdote In Blackwood's
if Gla.1.-toue a iid Professor Blackle
Wilhic c,.Dntjrns tlie story of the states-
ii .1' -*2Itil;il.I e-y At. UA a dinner the
tv ri-n .i"-re ol'l..i te. nud when
GI'allkru-l g.iv- in a forcible %ay bis
t .1 rl.ii[ -:.m r :iias ii-np i .ns -r rei elld
iLit I I ri' |ir f,..t.r crie.l out.,
* I .'.l..11- I *r 1 I Ui- i' i... .i :; k ri'' r nmat-
zp : :1 l11 i ..u '*m ii[ ;i;d -. i,. p it no
fri,;*i.l r I n.- I 1 i in- 1 i.t.l.,.ne'.s gaze
S 1vr 1 -i i lir- n. 1 , [ .* r I w ri 1113-.i i,)
I '.. I I' I .I s. i l I, ;. 1,I. I' I i.;ic I Lis
, l.i] i! r- L.r I l11 II i li lt : ik I c]L ni ri`
I I] II' iir lu L .Il'11-i1ill TiIt- writ]-I- con-

'i t Mn f~. Al Tnl'.. wJT-

17 r it : i i 7 i
:.. 1
'.'.' . i;.; ..;.. a P .)! u *i i
,'~ ~~ ~ ~~ < .,.. > t'.( '.: y n *

S. ,iUnty Clerk, Recorder
-, W.' B. Lasatitter. Vernon:
.' G.Alien, Cliipley; Treasurer,
G J. Parish. Vernoe; Tax Coliector, A.
Jones, Vernon; 'rax Assessor, J.
SX' eliuams Chiiuley; Superintendcni
of Public Instruction, "IV: L Loeey,
Qispley; Surveyor, : L. Horn, Orange
Sr. AmntEws.
)til of t.le Peac, W 1. S igleterr ;
Notary Pliblice., 'W. A. Eaamuiouas, C. 11.
Orip)pei: Deputy Circuit Court Cierk,
A Emine I School Dlirecto's, .
I'. iurackin, I. Singlets, L. I.
Ware; Post Mastir, .L. M. IWare.

ostmnistress, rs. M. B. Jeaks.
',,;>taster and Notlo.y P li", ,. I
a 'arker. I
'tMrs. Hassoil)rg.
sSwis reAs, Ar ON Haruo-
'onl3Iaslter, S. W. Anderson
I 'nrasSer, Mrs. P.G.Gy.
.BaT Hc.ie.
i'l HiOnaster, MIIttii 1ost.
stmal'astelli. Jobuson.
WVTraro .
Ss, Mrm.Dlver.
P 1 faster, l' N. HOtchisioi .
S...i Laird's Mill flayou.

.I',,l i;. i. r ..0 :. I.rk *

's-I.,',' 11.. I ;. '_ _
1.: S 1. 1.11 loll' 1'1
I T 0

1 Li L
I-. .. I 11 ** '"" ** "


p~ r
..~~ ~ ~ .. in ,. i..n .i *-11* <

. i ii r. .. r r 1 '. i. 1-
,I .A . n 1 I. r I i
.ir, [.. f .1 1 'l lO:ll.lr II "" H- I .*
'. 1 ',t o i r rlt, r, ll .0*t * O *I .7 1I .

Sunday of each month at 11 0 clock '. 1.
und at 7 p. m. Sundatv School at (9:3(
a. every Sund.y, John Stnlock. S unit.
J'ithlio.lic-Chulcth couIer V*yomiig I1ve-
.1e aind Foster street
Thie northern mail, via Anderson, Gay,
Bayhead and Chiplry departs every day
except Suntday at 3:00 o'clock; a. nm.;
arrives every dav except Stinuay at
7:41 p. iQ
E Eat Bay mniln for Harriso, Comaintoin,
Parker, Furnndale ru>d Wetapipo, leaves
St. Andrews going east, every niOruin I
at 6 o'clock and leaving Welappo at
I o'clock, arrives, corning west every
evening at 7 o'clock.
n,'.trl t or fraction thereof, use of
-,,15'vn 0t.AndrewsBay &Gay.... 15c,
1 II I) Chiploy. 35c
a i *pii-.- & Bayhead........ 25
4 Gay............. 30e
Bav head A- Ga..... l. le
Por tran'r..i;S-i..n by teleg--raph Pli.
.__n..o !'n :.' *luo jin.tr.l .S- ( ice -vi' .
I:. 4 \1

W. A. LMMt'N;,
repr.ty Circuit Court Clerk mid No-
,-- 0-1,; P it_. tA n'. fl Lft* e hT.M~ a s m

I 'ii *r 0172.

K 11 ..... n % .) .
r i -'. ..n .' ; *. ) a i .. . ,
Opened its portals
And beckoned us on.

We entered its "ndf(0.>i,
Delighted to stay,
And henceforth, forever,
It is "we two for aye."

This be thine assurance-
Whate'er may betide,
No time-cest cian part us,
No rti'i i10s divide;

Though trouble assails us;
dark clouds hang o'er,
The love that I bear you
Is made to endure.

The SoAthwaird Flight.
The wind blows cold; red leaf and
From the bare trees are fluttering
Far up I see an empty nost
That late was merry with lCe best.
Wee fledglings crowded there, and
To dare the great, the world of things'
Of buds and flowers and songs and
1 --. spread today for southward
'. elks the birds which way to go.
.-i-litthe tlfeathery hosts of snow?
i.'. I ids them seek a softer air
I d. ,-i lustered fair'
%Vu fti 11 .. .i ..* u-~ -.o- f bloom ?
Si ,t arns them of the wiintry -loom?
t.,ir angel with a gracious, look
Ii ri-down in his gold-shining book
'11-' o-nprations of birds?
b-I.. rirds, with silver notes for words,
l.'o1 iat clear siign on vale anid height
i- ed their strenuous southward
Il ht?
\V.- ... a but answer that we know
I'l l. sve which holds all life below
in I .'u..h with love enthroned ahovc,
A:- is tie tiniest lives that love,
.'i l r1 om sone0 region noar or far,
i''l.')s from some white, gloaming
Sends hither chart and line to show
The wandering troops which way to go.
1 catch tIp gleam of heaven's own light
As here I mark the southward light
Of birds wi ich w'iag their course away
To find a lost anad lovelier May.

A message canie Iron lihe tiowers one
d ay;
Brought by the vinds from far, far
And this is what to each flower it said:
"Autumn is coming to put you to bed, i

On it went to the leaves on the trees;
"Put your best dresses on, if you please,
Autumn sends word, 'Be ready to go,
As soon as the North Wind begins to

then to the birds in their nests it went,
"Autunia to you a message has sent,
'Be ready to pass when I pass by,
For down to the South is a long way to
fly.'" 5
.Autuuin came s..'. i: 0....:. .to
Singing a lullaby soft and sweet.
The flowers covered their weary heads,
And fell fast asleep in their cosy beds.

tary rottic or the ISateCat i ;
1iurisdictiott to administer oaths, take Then to the gayly dressed leaves she
a&fidavits, legalize acknowledgments,
etc.,anywhere in Florida. Special at- said:
ttotion given to land convevances anid "You look very nice in robes of red;
to marriage services, and license issued Now out in the wide world you must
to lawfully qualified parties. Office at go. i
the BUOY Office, St. Andrews Bay. And then Mr. North Wind began to

DR. J. J. KESTER, blow.
omeopatic Physician ad Ac- Trhe leaves all sprang f 'rom the trees
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store, away;
corner of Shell avenue and Michi- A splendid frolic they had that day.
_an streetkdh
ganta street, Thori y sank to rest in a tired heap,
*St. Anidreis Floid. Ready at last for their ung' winter

DR. W. G. MITCHELL, sleep-
hlivNician and Druggist, Comnimerce st., Autumn's work was noe nearly done;
ept h'of Bavview, Offers his professional aves and flersept and the birds
IIrvices to the citizens of St. An- Leaves and hou erslept aid the birds
drew and vicinity. Residence onIuena had gone;
\ .1,e ni'e i For blankets of soft white snow she
C. H. CRIPPIEN, And tucked them in nicely before she
Notary Putblic* went, -Maud L. Betts.
'ill attend promptly to all Iusineas de- -
mriudinghis attention. Office ob Bav-
view street one block rortheast of $650 tot $1200 a Year.
(1 )Tanford's store 'We want reliable and eneraelti' miei
a-nd women in eao'h State tI travel and ap-
BUTLERt & FLOYD, point agents; salary $6.50 to $ 120 O year
Attorney at Law, lahd expenses, guaranteed and paid week-
SWNCO TF Iv lno experience required, we instruct
S ASHNGTON CouTY, FLA Local esenttives wanted also.
-- I Send stamp tor full particutilars. Address'
Mir Land Titles anrd Collettinis we The Bell Curtany, Depattlept A.,
make a Spccialty I Philadelphia, Pa;

't'"l I'-' V' F' ?
1i I ,' I, d *11 sill l.|]o o ,n Kep I
vblo --i. !..,. to be treated lightly; the liver lerant by us. e pie Witt's 8
for the latest statistcs fix.s the nium. Little Earl iseras aindo 'il av ind l
trouble. hey ai elameou r pill- lr.
ber of killed at about 2,600. 'IThis conatipationi anid liver ard lelir'ulesi nl
,, r R F. Bi'ackrn & Sun '1,*'
seetns strange to us at an tJuanlRi, / Brackin St
where no one was killed, owinglo A B.isaifulLUH L
thie superior strengthi of our iouit.es, Littlewo'l Phill'nip been in
collplew -with the fact that thle storrn love with ildred Fa t in for two
w as not so severe on all the north year,; ever since lIe > eiL her at
side of thie island, whilo in the neigh- the Hallowels' card He had I
borhood of Ponce it wts tlIe wvrst- no oo reason to ai that his 1
JOun .. Di..S iing a77o It comniplet(iy love wat returned, yeth t arlul was a
wiped out.. he that hie had miirea5 leeflinga,
aome statistics bave ' into o' go much did ie odreat refusal of I
bands which elnabies to" to s h.tii s his tIit that he hal n, 1d tted that 1
More definitely as to te ca'-tes ot thIe s t as ore to him ny of the h
population of thii Iln 1-3 girls lie had met at th ch socia- e
there ere 600,000 In17ins anl it isoless and card parties 'nr- %ingtol. I
stated that amio-t these there 0-a e IturImeaablechances fI't claration ti
f a ei ,to
found great may "indigna" o love ha offered the?" es, for he
O1 course. Who ever taw an In- wans a regular caller aat Fatrring- i
tdian that was inot indigeniit. So lie t'iC i mansion, but this nt h was as
Spaiiard, 'iiundier this pui text. work- 4tlvoiI oil spunk as a 'il atind was c
ed them in tho mines. ThIe hIru 1 11,1l nearer tihe goal of" esires to-
wou ld not stand the opt iet, ji ;mii da rth I lioe had bees it Cupid
fled to the i'ighboriang isaindl, ;'.i tit t1 inned ihis dart at )o
tis is thle r' I E.
tie lndiano 'tock on '1ie i' I. 11 iam bs hu: lt seighiirl its wake
154S Saii Jua ) ad a )popu1lii) ii 1o1 vi texV t Newiligton, anie ittlewood
130; ii 1645 iL had grw ii to 500. nc nie cmonserous oI th li It that he
in 1705 the hi t c''nsK Ai til law adtulaily ask'id Mits aIriniglton w
islai.d was tik-ii and shi owe" ; poii- itoI take a lidle with li I" Of cirirte
lation of 44,833. In 1800) it iau ill Must -erl.ill. i. I l. t1I a I
giriw to Ui 1 25"425, :t0 ( iti .w t I- 1iIi 0 h ,l.. l' .' I a
sus-tha! ( 1-'.", to 894,302. O1t uolge iarrtM I -f .Inrg
these 570,187 w'-'- w ite; 239,808.:, intentions .t -i t 1 I-
creozaistot (mtuilattoes) alud 75,824 raing tlo Slavie 4 .. i .'qe lo i
were nregroes. There was aiso an ieiore lie could. i I .' i;'l .
arrrnv of 7,014; 362 maitrines and 1,- lor an an..wer c i >u : ..1 t
101 panados (prisoi!ers in the peni- lie iiiubt piucl ,d a ..; o 1
tentiary). ask her to be :.,e '
In tile year 1873 tite slaves were callnng upoln rI. it .'.t 1l it
emancipated, andI numbered 29,229. was hideous .. t hii"
Of these 15,244 .v're males (viirones) heart.
and 13,985 females (hemibres). IJ TThe evening r d I.'i. A
the island there were found 16,522 crescent moon Ll.. ...' .1 I
Spaniards, 1,604 Canary Islanders, tle stars were c k: .1 1 ndi' '11i.
1,439 Milnorquenes, 1,233 French, He walked to 'lie Ht-.i!-'.le.il
796 Cubans, 939 Dane-, 520 Eng- asked for the cntt"-, -',A lI.ji (Iuni- c
]ish, 282 Italians, 286 Venezuelans, utes later he w3o l t'vii' I.nt.' 'Il'
292 Africans, 251 Dorinicians, 123 clh'stnut to t'. htsu'ii! a l.eri ,'- e
Americains. 108 Turks, 91 Holand- thoughts spent ni -it ..Aithe tt'..
ers,. 77 Arabs, 64 Genrans, 56 Chi- Miss Farrington kept it' .ttto; %
nese, 45 Philippinos, 33 Portuguepe, good.half hour lit'L Ir: rdi'- t"'l i t
23 Mexicans, 18 Swiss, 13 Colonibi- it was the pri. i'.'. of ir Al'.i* ,i
aos, 6 Hatians, 5 Belgians, 5 hirazil- sex anid it oni;, '.:uiin 'ti 1'.- b
ians, 2 Argentinians. 2 Bolivians, thle more. If aSte !I-i o r -leI-L al
and 1 each of Austrian, Ectiuadore- placed her dai.n f. l'.-tnji IA 11 "1 ..k
an, Egyptian, Greek, Guatemalan, he'would have o.>'0 on etl .. '.ii
Honduran, Russian Uruguean, and rapture. In fat .I bas1oken.t i '' I
869,681 Puerto Ricans. which had alhbs bve.jr. iJ ,- a I or
We have been having considerable twenty-four oniloti., r it""" *'
rain of late and it is still keeping it not many renmiove' f -ia 'call
up; though they are looking for dry- It was cold 'waniiang. .-' t ont
er weather ihortry. As to the tern- and hitched hb li-a 1 iv l ;o t i pi d
perature, there is but little difference, front of her house. h qilrau'lul .0it1i-
Oie can perceive that it is not so nel until death-fl ii e.3 b' N.,;t
.--1 uii. d -!Lntg th t 1 4 n "h i.. tht there m. 3i ,y r v Jo johi- 'k
:e 'ri :ieati\ iit e :irio-l.- l .n il ii l .' ii ice ooutit C itv.inl7 l't it i
cooler when it rains, pleased hI- slio.l to hongite hinn-
Vegetables are not -o p'lentiful and self dying r '. r luty l* irl; of
are somewhat higher in price. Co- whom hia tongue stood in such awe
coanuts are plentiful and some fruits ilthat it could bearce loose itself in
have made their appearance. A good her presence.
many guavas come to market, but At last sie appears. The restive
breadfruit, mangoes and some other horse slants his ears at hber and pawsa
fruits are set back a whole year by tlhe grounul in admiration of her
the storm. beauty. For M'.ioel was as pretty
Tiriei aire hard here and money is as regular features, a fair skin and
scarce; but still steamers land large melting eyes could make her.
cargoes. lleivy shipments come Littlewood handed her into the
front New York, bit the most comes sleigh, stepped in himself, tucked the
froi- spain. I was really s':-.rprised robes and chirruped to .the horse
at the amount of rice that comes That iiiS'.1eii.*. Animat did not move.
from the latter country.. Why can- A flush of mortification overspread
not the United States furnish that the features of the would-be-amorous
staple? Louisiana is as much inter- swain. A balky hosse; and at the
stodi in rice as in sugai, or she start! What. chance w uld he haie
should be, and a grent quantity is to deliver his precious tiexnags that
consumeI herei was to make two hearts Fall1ov* lie
Lumber still comes from Canada kicked again at the hor but ..gair'
atid vegetables from the Bermudas thie horse continued to 8t nd still,
1nd the Canaries, and little from the "You might ii.hiireh him.u Mr.
aUnited States. And so it will be so Phillips. That w ui ,ielp," said
long as Uncle Sam continues to tax Mildred, in her sweet ... .
,. , **"Oh, yes-t-to be f1 i. I most
himseil. .a ,,. 1 T r
Ovsters are scarce, and when com- ha-e tied him. l mean per-I did
pared to those of Florida are'diminu- -1 ttink-did hitch r "

lit! towniV il]ilin I -i'Ir 1' id. lli l.
'"I rit.1i la e I'l1 ndell 1, 0 l'.:
irobably niale a bia.ik .I' .40-10. .".
aid Littlewaod to .hiimselt. '"How
info lon i I must tell her to-
night. It is now or never. This at-
ention in too marked to pass as a
nere courtesy of the wintry season.
She knows I never took anybody but
ny mother sleigh-ridtig before."
Then began a process of nerving
himself to the avowal. He ground
is knees together until the bones
ached. His breathing was feverish.
"Mum-Mildewed-I mean Mil.
ir'ed." And then he stopped. He
tad never called her Mildred before.
He had never called he:-' Mildewed,
either, but that was accidental, and
he hoped that sne had niot noticed
he slip.
"I have something of thie greatest
importance to say to you."
Did he imagine it, or did she nestle
closer to him? He must have been
miistaken, and to show that hio was
quite sure, he edged away from her
is much as the somewhat narrow
confines sf the sleigh would allow.
"What do you wish to say, Mr.
"Mister" Phillips. Ah, then, she
vas offended. To be sure, she had
always called him that, but after his
ast remark it minust have an added
''I-er-do yon like sleigh rid-
"Why, of course, or else I wouldn't
have comee."
Did she mean that as a slap at
nit? Was it only for thIe ride aind
lot for his company that she had
om"e? Oir, he cold never make an
ivowal of love after that. He knew
his place. This beautiful girl was
not for a faint-hearted ra itn ike
'Nun-un-uo. to be sure not. I
-er-thought that was why you
Mildred turned her gazelle-like
eyea upon him. "I'm afraid I don't
understand vou."
Thit settled it. If she didn't un-
derstand him when be talked of noth-
ng in particular, he must be very
blind in his utterance, and hio could
nievor trust his tongue to carry snch
a heavy freight as a declaration of
ove. No. there was nothing to do
but postpone it. After all, her house
was the best place for it.
The horse sped on, past mantled
meadows and through pine woods full
of filtered moonlight, and Mildred
drank in the beauty of the scenes
and wished that it were decorous for
women to propose.
'r;, i. ji a S ravishing, the
,.i-I i- .rtill intgled harmoniously, the
li'i'su ..vejt .rii with steady, rhythmr-
i rotide, and under the influence of
the sweet sirioundings Mildred at
last said pointedly: "Is it1 so that
mniore people get engaged in winter
than in summer?" She blustted a"
,ne spoke, but he was such a dear
gump. Now he would declare him-
self. But she did not kno'v the ca-
pabilities for self-repression of her
two-year admirer.
Ile said to lumseif: "What a slip.
what a delightful slip! If I were un-
principled I would take advantage of
it and propose, but I wodld bitterly
repioach myself ilIorever, whatever her
answer was, so hlie said in as matter-
of-fact a tone as he eontid master
whee hrs heart was beating Iris ribs
like a frightened cagelrngi "I really
can't answer offhand, but I'll look it
up for' you,"
'Do. Write a letter to the Newv
York SIur."
Her tones weraras musical as ever,
but Littlewoed thought he deitcted a
sarcastic ring in thom, antl he thank-
ed Iris stars that Ire had not yielded
to his natural desire to propose, at

His haa l -*t. 1|-.]. i f h i-iig a nd -i)y
*I Inolrii thliiig ill Ill, hlieai t. l(:id
i .. 11, 1. 11. i..' .. l -I .' \ 8 ,i l l a d
he said? Uir, why hadt he cone out
with this lovely being, the mere sight
of whomn was enough to make anyone
cast all restraint to tire winds and
:!eclare in thunderous tones that helie
loved her?
i*I think we'd better go back," lie
said, and turned so quickly that lie
nearly upset the sleigh. "Your
mother will be anxious?"
"Yes, when one is accountable to
one's mother, onr has to remember
time. I 'oppose it is different when
Otne is aceumiltable to a- "
Father?" said Littlewood as-
sinIe v.
No, tl.at wasn't thire word I
' anted."
Could Mildred love hiin if he gave
miny yiore such proofs of being anr
abject idiot?"
"'No, husband is what I want."
Littlewood's brain swain. Ho had
been teilmpted once too often. This
naive girl had ilnnocently played into
Iris hands, and :now thie Rubicon nitist
be crossed, even if its angri waters
engulfed Ill
"Pai oin metric, Miss-er-Mildred,"

(He did not say Mildewedl this time.)
,if I twist your words into another
meaning, but if you-er-dill-er-
want a husbalnd-do you think I
would do?"
A ]lead nestled on his shoulder, a
little hliandil was in his, and when lie
passed the Fartinglon maasiol nei-
ther lie nor she knew it.-Boyce'r

"I would" be without DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve for any consideration,"
writes T''lios. B. Rhodes, Centerfield, 0
Infallible for piles, cuts, burns and skin
diseases. Beware of counterfeits. R. F.
Brackin & Son.

Hence These Tears.
"Mamma," said the happy young
wife. "do you think it was just the
thing to sit there and weep as you did
at our wedding? If I had been going
to my funeral, you could nodt have
acted more heart broken."
"Oh," replied the distressed lady, ap-
plying her handkerchief to her eyes, "I
am sorry I made such a spectacle of
myself. but I couldn't help it. I have
always thought so much of George
and he has been so kind to me."
"Why, mamma," exclaimed Alicia
Saint Clalre. "what do you mean? Am
I to understand that you are sorry for
George because he married me? The
idea! Do you mean to insinuate that
I am not"-
"There, there, my child," the mother
interrupted, "do not misjudge me. You
know how George has always been
in the habit of taking me with you
and him to the theaters and upon ex-
cursions and how considerate he has
been of me in every way. If George
had been my own son, he could not
have been more anxious to Iromote
my happnuss."
"Well, was that any reason why you
should sit there and blubber all
through the ceremony?"
"My darling, don't you understand?
I was becoming his mother-in-law."-
Chicago Times-Herald.

Senator Elkinsa' Great Scheme.
During the presidential campaign of
1892 Senator Quay and Senator Elkins,
who were managing the Republican
Interests, and ex-Senator Brice and
Henry Watterson, who were In charge
of the Democratic headquarters, used
to Ulive at the same hotel and frequent-
ly dined together. One evening, as
they were sitting at the same table,
Mr. Brice looked over to Senator Quay
and asked:
"How are you folks off for money?"
"We are very hard up," replied the
Republican chairman. "How ard you
getting along?"
"Well," said Brice, "whenever we
want money I go down into my own
pocket for it. I have not been able to
get much anywhere else."
"You are lucky to have a pocket to
go into," said Senator Quay. "If I had
money of my own, I would not
"But," said Brice, "I have to borrow

"Gentlemen," said Senator Elkins,
"I have a suggestion to make. Suppose
we four go down town tomorrow and
borrow $1,000,000 upon our joint In-
dorsement and divide it between the
two parties and then let whichever
one wins pay the notes?"-Ohcagn

un tli.* %1 1 -. 1*, %.' *ir II I til ? jinA co
I.J lI I I *. i; '; il i| ,l1 .';1- : IUA L
I i 1 I ** i r lilirl' I.n iheir
( 11 ii 'lld. i-m. nte :1 him
with lusult, and you will see the outer
lids expand as Mr. Gladstoti's did.
Poke at him with your umbrella.- The
flimy vertical lids through whic 1hd
looks at the sun and opens to paralkAd
his prey will part. natl then you will
see what Mlackle saw and understand
his feelings."

Not tlie Advice Expeciift.
After spending more than A quarfiFr
of a century in active business life Id
the city a certain merchant purchased
a ranch which lie considers to he ad-
mirably a Having nhd no practical training id
agricultua-:) .irsoii ts he is >hp ntlent
for Ills kl)wi'c<;e of the art npodi
thoze books which purport to Ill thle ur-
ban bred howto ido he trick. liedesires'
to learn all hlie can concerning dairylug
and for advice betook himiselft to hife
friend and pastor. Ilev. Dr. Stebblhins,
in whose oinniscience and wide read-
ing hlie has absolute conlfideho.
"Do you know anything good ord
milk. doctor?" lie asked tfe venerable
man of God.
The jovial pulpiteer, whd knows'
more of the "sincere milk of fl*K word"
than of any other lacteal fluid, an-
swered solemnly:
"Yes. ty dear sir. I believe 1 am'
familiar with the best thing on milk
that can be found anywhere."
"What Is it, doctorr" eagerty and
unsuspectingly asked the bti'odding
"Cream," ejaculated the preadber as
he hurried round the coruer.-San
Francisco QNews Letter.

Where tlie Tal Went;
Do you remember theatory c Hoarry'W
and George's rabbits-h'ow Harry's rab-
bit got out of its hutch and disap-
peared for a week and at last crept
home without its tail to die and how,
when Harry cried bitterly over his dead
tailless rabbit. George tried to comfort
"Don't cry. Harry, dear; don't cry.
It's only the body yon Feet The tail
has gone to heaven "-"Memories and
Faucies.' by Lady Gordon
Hindoo Carpentern.
ItI India the carpenters have an al'
most universal objection to sharpeiinjn
their tools. They never set their saws,
nal ihen they get a grindstone they
cut it into pieces and use tlhe 'rag-
Iuents for anything except to put an
ige on chisel or ax
Asiroiinomical Iistruments of glass
were used by thle Chinese as early ad
2283 H., C.



Babies and children need
proper food, rarely ever medi-
Scine. If they do not thrive
on their food something is
wrong. They need a little
help to get their digestive
machinery working properly. =


will generally correct this a
if you will put from one-
fourth to half a teaspoonful=
Sin baby's bottle three or four -
times a day you wilf soon see
a marked improvement. For
Larger children, from half to'
a teaspoonful, according to 3
age, dissolved in their milk,
if you so desire, will very
soon show its great nourish*
ing power. If the mother's ^

milk does not nourish the a
baby, she needs the emul-
sion. It will show an effect
at once both upon mother
and child.

50c. and $.00, all draggists.
S SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York



. a . s ar as ve .

I- .

______ ____



-a!~ 8

- - 4

ii AR 1 i i EI T LOC AL DR IF T -A nice suit of clothes at Maxon & ce
-Brock's for $4. Of St. Andrews

-If you want to buy good goods -Bids for new contracts for carrying week ending
cheap for cash, go to Maxon & Brock's. the mails fcr the attnext four nowyears are Number enrolled
-. -The L. B. Q will cure a cold in one occupying th attention nowadays of Average daily ,
day For sale at the Pioneer Drug parties interested in such matters. Number of abhenj,
.9 -2*- Store, --At the school election on Tuesday Number of Tardi
S-A -ood big Tablet for 8 cts and a last, there were 28 votes cast. for the Number of punis
Good thick school tablet withl75 leaves three trustees, to se-ve for the ensuing Number of visit
'--2 ---:-+ _for 10 cts: all with handsome covers and two years; E. P. Maxon received 2 .
good, ruled paper, at the Buoy office. votes; G. W. Surber, sr., 26 votes; L. -
-The Kalamazoo Celery Nerve and D. Davis, 19 votes; A. Wells, 9 votes, URg r'he
NOTE.-It must he remembered that the Blood Toni i l.- It. A u`iraut.-c and G. W. Surber. jr.. I vote. For a Hood'sSari
wind is not a wholly reliable motive pow- B ;,,,i. ii |, ,1
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im- certifi'-ae i.:- with y \ ottle. For ,-mill scial d1. le- there eI I r "'2 tralizing the i
iossibleto make scheduletimeitmustbe sale at the FP,',n,- [ c '-ture, St. Ai,- ',ei, and for'a 2-nill lev the e rere uety relieves
charged tothe elements; they do the best drews Bay. 6 vote9.M
they can. .-- i-i irre 'li, -nittwill ,ltea': it.ear -Mr-' Jn,. H. Th..:rip-on iuforrni the lad" n
inm ii.1 that thli ,_-i fav_ .-'L. i]t Ihe ual_ d Blov that, duir ,; h,..-r r_.-,.-nt visit to n/
Thlie schliooner Ariel passed out of early 3nAllat t1 i e.: -i i..- .t latu-i thJri Econftha he dipu,,i of l i er :-xtensive t.t -r -
the bay l ast Saturdtay morning, Monday e .eiiiii.thI.-rwi. ti ;, .-annot eaul iiit-'.t- tlre. her l. cith r, in. tv : ..r '
bound for Peisacola. anneal in t!, i 'tiretit 1l I-- V. 1. B. (_;air':-- r be,-,'ri 'n the pturI'ihaier. -. S .- .i 1. tTh.- i'l
The schooner Nettie sailed for -Dr. \V. Wixii, Italy Hill, N. Y., Iii conipI.ny itih Mr. Alex. Regist.-r. i,-l tiii i".
Pensacola last Friday morning. says: 'O h_.:trilt v roemr,.n'l )ne Min- tle Hill iniml,-.,liitely invt ti- pIlti.- ar .
The schooner Jessie Mitchell came ute Coud. li'e. Iii ,.ate ayif I i.f ilrsal l -lie-.-,- an ;tile I lw ;. .
in ft i the fishi tg groto tid after the medi.itlC elik-f il -rirlfu in from the fishing ground after tie Pleasant.u tll.s. Ntv.r failed t, lquick- of e .l'l th,.i.an, l hl ad of tlie i ,,. ll. t ,.
lii went to press last W ediiesday. lv bure ali .,-u,.-l cold-, throat atnd i r hi.' -Lin l:,r3' -, 'in le,, Bio.ir ri'i:ek and T ...... 1 i
lanwu9 trouble:. H. '. B ackin & Son) l.'.i.o tina C.untr3. j o n-.lmirably ada)t- f,,, ,-. i .-.
aACKETl SCHOUi)NER --Iandomc l,-ttir leads with St. ":I to shitD bn!llndry. -.s .Itb, '.ti
-.l t l a of l .- -A , V 1 .

[.-i.s,.e St. A licte P.ay euee TR.. ,i]',
I ,il l:'- Pe lliA .,, .:,,h ,-' V I'i ii. I ,
Al-, itht -r p .' i i ti s ,i 1-. cin tl *t i, ii-
ini -' .ill ie I i I, rin ._i-'g- i a n d

',,.i a in'd N ,i l t .. ',- .-|:.. I,' ,,r
points on either trim of the Bay can
depend upon securing prompt trais-
portation t reasonable rates. For
further information apply to
L. M. WARE &Co., Agcs


Carries the East. Bay Mail between St.
Andrewv Bay, Wetappo and intermedi-
ate points. Leaves St. Andrews daily
(except Sunday) at 6:00 a. in.; arrive at
Wetappo at 1:2:30 p. mn.; leave Wetappo
,at 1:00 p. in.: arrives at St. Andrews at
7:30 p. im. Makes landings regularlyvat
Harrison, Cromnanton, Parkeir. Pitls-
burg, and Farindale. Freight landed at
any postoflice wharf. For passenger and
freight rates, see rate card in the sev-
eral postoflices.
DAviD M. WITHERIIL, Contractor. *

A Week's Weatlier.
The following table gives the maxi-
mum, minimum and mean tempera-
tures, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, for the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m., as indicated by U. S.
government self-registering thermom-
eters. Max:Min. Mean. R'na W'd
Nov. 15 76 58 67 .00 sw
4 16 76 54 65 .00 w
.17 73 49 61 .00 se
18 74 53 63 .00 e
19 76 58 67 .00 se
20 77 62 69 .00 se
21 72 64 68 1.28 se
F,, r veek ..-7-,, | 1 | 1.1 I '" I

Parker Lodge No. 142
-F. &'A-. IE.
Regular Communi-
- .' cations oh tile first
and a third Saturday
i,, eacit montai,.
<. '* \ Visitiing Brothers
W. A. EMMONS. Secretary.

TAK E ONLY the best when you
need a medicine. Hood's Sarsapa-
rilla is the best blood purifier, nerve
and stomach tonic. Get HOOD'S.

A Mistake.
An old gentleman of 80 having taken
to the altar a young damsel of 15, the
clergyman said to him:
"The font is at the other end of the
S'hat do I want with the font?"
said the old gentleman.
"Oh, I beg your pardon," said the
clerical wit. "I thought you had
brought this child to be christened."-
London Tit-Bits.

Getting Even Witlh Her.
She wished to break it to him gently.
"I have decided," she said, "to return
your ring."
He, however, was a resourceful man,
who did not believe in letting a woman
get the better of him.
"You needn't bother," he replied. "I
buy them by the dozen."-Clhicago

either St.Ain res BwtBFu f. orBueii'Stta
Pi>int, at : per dozen: also mnap i.'f tl
Li ..\iir.eev.- .tBay country on batik of a
let-tei' sheet at 12e. per dozin,. at Lhl'j
BU'oy mofice
-It yO:LIu e ti'inking of Iuti .ng prop-
erLy in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
until you have conferred with the pro-
prietor of the BUOY. If you are short of
money and want to buy on longtime for
actual settlement you can be accommo-
-The Buoy has a limited quantity of
California sorghum, or sugar cane seed
for sale at 5c. per ounce; 40e. ner pound.
This cane grew ten feet high and two
inches through at the base on the Buoy
Farm the past season, and is very rich
in saccharine matter. If ordered by
mail, add Ic per ounce for postage.
Also a few Nonesuch strawberry plants
for sale at 50c. per hundred.
-While attending a stave-butting-saw
at Johnson,Hart & Co's mill,last Thurs-
day, Mr. William M. Iart, one of the
propriet.,rs, met with a serious and
painful accident,by which he lost a por-
tion of his first and nearly all of the
middle finger of his right hand. The
remaining two fingers were badly lac-
erated, but Dr. Kester, who attended
him, says they will be saved to him.
-Taxes for 1S99 became due Nov. 1,
and all those who are depending upon
the Buoy to attend to the payment of
theirs will, of course, remember that if
they have a sufficient tax account cred-
it to coyer the amount, the payment
will certainly be attended to; but if
they have not such credit and satisfac-
tory arrangementf to that end have not
been made, they just as surely will not
be paid by the Buoy.
--It will not surprise any who are at
all familiar with the good qualities of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, to know
that people everywhere take pleasure
in relating their experience in the use
of that splendid medicine and in telling
of the benefit they have received from
it, of bad colds it has cured, of threat-
ened attacks of pneumonia it has avert-
ed and of the children it has saved
from attacks of whooping cough. It is
a grand, good medicine. For sale by L.
M. Ware, St. Andrews and Bayhead
and all medicine dealers.
-A few days since a man going qver
the road between Chipley and Parker
came upon a woman lying by the sidd
of the road, and upon going up to it,
found it to be the body of Mrs. Cynthia
Ann Craney, cold in death. Not far
from her was her ox and cart, the cart
caught fast to a tree, where the ox had
pulled it. As far as the Buoy can learn,
tfiere were no marks of violence or oth-
er sign to indicate the cause of death,
but it is supposed that through heart
failure she fell dead from her cart.
Mrs. Craney was relict of John Craney
who died a year or so ago, and he with
his wife were for many years citizens
of the Bay and well known, especially
in the East Bay country. No further
particulars of the incident could be
learned; not even the name of the per-

Dr. H H. Haden, Summit, Ala., says, son who discovered the corpse.
"I think Iodol Dyspepsia Cure is a
splendid medicine. I prescribe it, and -A serious shooting affair occurred
my confidence in it, grows with'contiiued at Sanders' turlpentine camp on Laird's
use It digests what you car, and quick- Mill Bayou last Friday. An overseer
rT cures dvspepsia and indigestion. R. F. named Smith sett to on of the negro
Pirackin &Son. ---in... '- -ho. in -ea- :I hae t
*- b i-A .. ? ill n N _h i Ul l h
A Ballet In His Brain. employed at the camp, and, upon iu-
A hospital physician pointed out an quiring for him, was toldby some of
ord-,ily to a gentleman who was visit- the other negroes that, the one he was
ing the Inustitution recently and' said: in search of, had just gone. As he
"That man has for five years carried turned to look, hoping to get sight of
a:-ound a bullet in his brain. Five
ears ago lie became despondent be- him, he was lired upon with a shotgun
elnsie of poverty, put a 32 caliber pis- loaded with buckshot in the hands of
lol behLnd his left ear, pulled the trig- the negro he was in search of, from a
gfer and fell apparently dead. The window of the house. Only one shot
ball made a small, round hole and re- took effect, but that one struck him in
mined lodged somewhere in his head. the side of the bowels and coursed its
A few hours after he was brought here way downward ,through .the intestines
1e regained consciousness, and, great-
to onr surprise, he wade a rapid re- cutting each one in its passage. and
avery. The wound was never probed, finally lodged just above the hip joint
Sad no effort has been made to locate at a point opposite and below that of its
the bullet. After he was able to walk entrance. Dr. Kester was summoned
about we noticed that he was a trifle as sooi. as postPi)le from St. Andrews,
irrational-not 1mad you know-but and he found thiat, although the man
-veakminded. A considerable portion was still living, the wound was neces-
,' his brain must without doubt be en- a i i nh
rely detroyed'. The human animal sarily a fatal one. On Monday night
certainlyy the hardest thing on earth he was still living, but sinking rapidly,
kill."-New York News. with no likelihood of his living out the
..-- -.-- night. The negro who did the shoot-
Remarkable Rescue. ing immediately took flight, and at last
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, accounts was still at large. One hun-
ll., makes the statement that she dred dollars reward was immediately
caught cold, which settled on her lungs;
sh was treated for .a month by her- offered for his capture, and this will
family physician, but grew worse. He probably be increased by the governor.
told her she was a hopeless victim of He is described as tall and dark, with
consumption and that no medicine
could cure her Her druggist suggest- an unusually long moustache for a ne-
ed Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- gro, and a wen or formation upon his
sumutlon; she bought a bottle and to forehead, as large as a good-sized
her delight found herself benefited hickory-nut. The Buoy did not learn
from the first dose. She continued its
use and after taking six bottles, found the negroe's name, but hu ought to be
herself sound and well; now does her easily identified by the means of the
own housework, and is as well as she wen upon his forehead, and it [is to
ever wa Free trial bottles of this be hoped his apprehensionwil soon be
Great Discovery at any drug store.
Lirge bottles 50 cents and $1. cflced.

ciT lT-r I' Th- p-; tiad Nti i- ; Tt
I, Dr. N ilI..l i', A ltlnf i I '.,r lD r _,i-_,
,-'Ive ?I^ 10,0< 0 to).i i -. ln-ttui. II It
j,'r,,f Il' le 1" lii. l el I r ,r It i i Itl-- F.]a r
Dlriiiin- i1 iv hit,,\ ? tnl 1n lies. Aldr.A16 .s N'.,
I'b-l 1I be In.I tutIe., iI Eightl. .ii% uue,
'Nw Y'.u k.

Yawning In a Tiheater.
UInve you ever os+L.-r i i r:1 11,'l
or concert that the Ip," '. l \is u ,11'
!1ost deeply interested :i ; air i, -t,- ii
'I,- aet.; to be que it" w I".r; ,.r .. '
:n.Lr-: .w ll' h'tlint :ti I. i 1 ..i .1-

;yi- lioo:eita I.n -. i'When our ntten-
tideon is mulih absorbed in anything! ex-
oiting or toucllin':, you brenthle in a
very shlillow manner and take into
your lung-s only half enough air. Con-
sequently, when your attention is re-
laxed, you have to make up the de-
ficiency. This you do by yawning,
which, after all, is only breathing a
very deep breath.
If you -watch a man at a play and
observe that he is greatly moved by
some incident, you may feel sure that
when the scene ends he will sigh, and.
a moment or two later yawn repeated-
ly. Of course the yawning, so far
from being' a sign of weariness, Is a
proof of the liveliest appreciation.

Lagrippc with its after effects, annually
destroys thousands of people. It may be
quickly cured by One Minute Couch Cure,
the only rerm .-I;, ,1 .t pre..J,, iii:,i .Jdiate-
re ults in 'o tr. -t I. tu l.le. I-i iiii..
pneumonia ail 'ri,- t iii1 luti; lr't ,ull. ..
It will prevent I :..ii.Lttnpii ..n. ;. F[. Br... k-
in& Sot.

A Meatn Interruplion.
It happened iat abLout b tI''ll; in the
evening, just uIUl'r tije Betz I'l.ilding.
It has often It crowd is the lo,,Qt pilha- in the wi-irl in
which to mal:,' I, ,-'. nhI tlie .inuntr'i Ir
had ample I'i, .irpio.h t,, s'.-iityv 1i,
remark at the plt:it(e an.d tiiin i wtn-
IHe was a tnll. fair young nman. with
somewhat s alty h [ir 'i'f a .Il,'k; 11l-
buirn shade, an-t a .1i.llv. -..ol huni'.r..
face iitl' "rj,-,i ..i- I. il.t'il tlint wvo.io .
attract ;.iy *irl. S Ihe v,:t- at I'rI t- lit-
tle dark tlint- v.ith a i- .r :f i :' lu iu-s
m anni r. I Lilh"'illl |I i'''' **. ii.-. S ihe
w as 'lr,.:- ,?I i) ,i) .- .,ft't itffl ...f" d irk
blue \vitli t .ite .i.,t- all ..-er it. auil.
they :;iil-ar' !l to I,' ay.i. t -.,-iilv.
So t.'.iii!.t.'I.,7 I ..,i" ] \\.-re thi y in
each ..' ielr th!;i thi-- w -r.- -it ,.-ly i I .
liviou- ti-. tl.,- fa,.t th.t ti.y u u r, I.I- Eg
w atc'l-il. lInd -tl ill..l 1 1io .f' the l iiill-
sand- .f ri i "t *,. \ hli i,--., .l li, 'it
failed t,.. Iu, i .iih suillit'. Ihct.cy u.1-l a
striking 11,. rio
He '-,i i; j.'.t Oin the pint. I'fr rt
tw enil 't.1 t mi r,' i'.-1 -, 'i Iht-r lih l
w her o-..tL,-r th[li i.:.it -' u : l ia. -:i.l
hoe iI, ; -., in 1 i '. I, .- .ill . ..
w hat tih, i ... -- I, i hi .i ., i-. tr r ,1.i
lo w 'I-'!' iI.. i t i, I Ii 1 l1 *- *'II
!ooke, .v .- ., t .,. i h 'a:-- :....
to k ie- ," ,. I. .th I,,.\- \ ,, l!.i i, '.,' ,.,1"
V'het L. I I i.., I I Ii .: v I
t '- 0 I, ._ I,. I l i i I . 1 l ,
n *A l .. 1 ., '* !. \'. 1 ,i i i l'- ,, '.'"

A u;l [,, . h. l l.. '. t Ul .,J.--
I '. r .

Great Rejoicing!
No More Medicine!
Th.e fir Ki ( lIll P'.J] iii. r-. C',il. I1'
it, fail- ,, r -lirld v.i.r liii..nl ey. ].* n ,li.i, ii
to ba.- l ..ur gua r;n ti.t :. It i- a sll is .ie-
ventali.v. 11 .i..-il inag''i t l..-~ it
keep lhi-lui -, ill n'.i ,i in,.I e i n it.-
ceipl ..f t i ,--1.iliiiJ. THE DR. KIN.;
CHILL 'AD CO., M.-uil-his. Tenn.
-a iv .. -a n **

"\'!..-"1 I go U ov-eli tin, I .i c nIClt-'y I
am going to get a l..ot if c:!tl,- i1.:,
bring back \viti iua.-." s;inl a w-el,!
known Wind.-.rit,-. \ bo v%'1nt. al.i't.aii
"Oh," said hIs 1,I arer. "-1' th:-t i tt'.
case, I have a l.r..th. r r I: a :n i;l,.
in London, aii II ill Li\ ..',- ii ai ti r i
of introduct'..n n i w .'i.L imn t' l1 -;
him to use 3 .' r., hi[."
In course .ift t:.u.._ ili ti vt!o r .-top-.
ped into the tailor shop in London and
presented his letter of introduction.
IIe got a warm handshake from the
tailor, who said he had received a let-
ter from his brother telling of the
traveler's expected arrival, but could
not understand part of the letter. The
letter, when produced, read:
"Dear Brother-The bearer, Mr.-- ,
is from our place and wishes to get a
lot of clothes in London. He has all
sorts of money. Soak him. Yours af-
The part of the letter that could not
be understood was the concluding
phrase. The traveler of course under-
stood the Americanism, but managed
to keep his face straight while he gave
it a favorable construction. He saved
the larugli until he could have it on his
American friend. Chicago Inter
*** ----
$6 a Week to Start.
We waut intelligent ladies, or gentle-
men to accept permanent position in o'wn
town: salary to start $( a week, guaran-
teed, aind comoni.ission. Many make from
.fl to $24 a week. You can devote all or
your spare time. Send sta np for full
narticiilar'. Address. The Bell Company,
Dept. C., Philadelphia, Pa.

iy School for
ov, 18, 1899.

dJ .. u. ....... .

-^nts .......... *

the "Stre For Yo'iUr


'............. 3
[DLEY, Teacher.

;-ni by taking
eilla,which by nea-
Stle blood peruita-
i"es aud PAINS.

st Mistake.
S nitl u station it I9
I t is given in gno".l
-cn.-,,n ,.'.. vi'.e ,'lil'
ci,.taitu Vil'na e In
a stianer who
t ,ii. tLl2.'.l _,nl.? Of t the
.-...2 c'it' heolne-. and
wife. Tihe glod
'.' tile rter,'ryi nia to
i tUrF. ti-ter a little

l iud ciT to ,*-ral' i-

l l ) e d;,t at.
i fL.

r71,' 'I "' :

''.. : fo, i frtr briin'4;lg hungry
lr.. l to ilun r every time
.\ ', ;'.'r on'-.,tlte, One could
S ,," if I y .- be loke,:h
t. : . 'ter t -l-inhi. the m nt-
r" I .. i a 'l ht i' t dll la y h .!11
,.- k ;'. i lt ttc ti ;llerev
r": r', ii .n olitn n. o.n re-
i,_' ior it rev-i r

erend f:,ie.i l!
To Cire L
Take Luxati
All drugrst
fails to, cure.
on every btox

F'o'e yta.
i.rai atd. .
lotife in .1
LoiOon, I .-
sort of ; .:'.
shoulders- .
in his pli..-.
confine 1. *-
His c.'r ..-
to watch t'
u b' i I: -
il!'. i.l.i I t i;
[i i "i -- l., I,.

')pe in Two Day
rorno Quinine Tablets.
fund the money if it
W. GROVE'S signature

. .. i.,d .. .a enr
o) au li aisltive me1ld-
,t :.'. ;nt Ig the guil-
-.- .s exhiibitioin in
-: .I1 Pead that the
i i :. down on the
I .,,; al to hold him
Si i be sullicient to
v .. struggled.
.a that point led him
Ie place was empty.
I ..t 1 if a c let-
iii.'. Fe ai I l oind,
_.' V .,'~ '1" .. Ui; .; ie to

I.f't it. .t::1 t on ,'-, tl.. I Iu i'.i l ;
uiii, l ti i r i JInt l : -I l, i_ l _.1 v-, r
h I -.., ; u-i :P ,t I, tii ;' l '- I -' Ii
v o l-ll f, ll. ; la : o 1. ,-1- a tr .,. h.
lh- \-.i-. a I I t Sl' l st ri-A.- I i th,-

i:"-- \-.,:'Pe u ie. -.. Iit3y st ea lilyv l ol:-

I1r 1* e i I t
Voh Ir rtio in ts

,i ,i-a ,r hit .'. ra i ifS t'ru'i a r I, i.U'
of ...i B, le rnij . Salvei< i 'n v:i.
I t :. t' ill I i

I h .ii: aatol. c'.-u I a, l-.

>.'-', 1oils, ftI pnItorns, ua t cu'ts,
; 'chilblain [ L ,I ql Iue tinI t' I'.ti,
Dr' i pai an. ahe. nl .'t
:olo ru-tions

a bof\. Cure raenieed. Sold l.' all

it'tisii?- its.
I 'li t -uIIip.i a c.l i v,.r O l --
6 tchapped rId-.

c ilbl' aina i. t I at e lre ii 'l. So '.
t out p.iu an eRto I' IN. ,,o

lii t .- < i. il pal alifi cu-h .-. "- nr \'. a, ,l

(tnicu hut'__
!\t. I teian 4'' be r.'pli'u I t'i"
fi Ity. aci iB y clta.-, tNow. '
'f hiI L:. i-c .', n.vrin .El ti tle minir -

ti.;' cit-1'i]vLi r].' lit x'? t y bu e ,.,ing
enii ctl. Vi'Uli ait'il o'hng I a i
Itl'l,, I'l- v v ~a'.-'i o ii f a ts. d .'t

It17,1 birne,4 :.,16 A .7 ttth a, a 06 l n.TUW .

11hi. t l.ri h ,:t'l i' 1 ,l! v s. sI id

SIt. -.-ard it l I t-. fi e.l
I! na nt T in'2 t t 0. tr--g
b L, rle,\ ph, y cq O'V .

f t i i y 1 iS e 1t i l tu bt, ( X -
Lu it_ l t 1. I n:'t."
l1,, 101n n ,i, .OdTJLued tHIe p ,r o-

Il :N', Ve nth1'.101-1f ."I l vI e Ii .-,u i'o' n
tl.e n,.,ul v ,1. b h _;y bviug
rti'ful. Whoii was young I made

,".Ah. th. at l O- l d0 .d snld
_ L".. . . I'1 -r '2t1

- -.'w*' ^~, v ~^- r-,,,o,, -.,- -
nt i I.!I the It- ll lie li'a u.':l :tinl tijf
pre ,:. L t-. .sl r'-. i .,l' h. i ii. .-.-: i. n. .LIu
woui 1 t .ilm yoel c 'Iwl b.b t -.re -.:xp.uni
tiih. t lie hi r ih-4Iaihdt. huowevet'r ia'e-
ful y.oa were."
TLe iiantl.ji.it:r, niqrly f.aintiod. rind the
young nain bad to --Ie4; eitherr epl:oy-
ment.-London Staudard.
Getting. [lope Seune.
A peculiatity about rop.ng horses or
steers with a lisso is that after getting
a hard fall a 'ew times they quickly
get "rope sue e." I have often seen
them, in a :t rral, stand stock still
when the rop -falls across their backs
-even when. s a matter of fact, they
are not caught If any reader has ever
encountered a .clotheline while run-
ning at full q) ed in the dark. the line
stretched at t:bout the level of the
throat, he wi notice that he doesn't
run across tl t lawn any more after
nightfall. H. ,s got "rope sense," In
faeL.-Wile \\ :.rl] Magazine.

ChaImlberla'i 's 'ain Balm Cures
Others, WViy Not You?
M% 1vile h. ,...ein ui rig ,Chamberlain's
Pain P..tim u;t good results, for a lame
shoulder that paiii--d tier continue llly
for nine years We have tried all kinds
of medieini.:s i 1.-.ctrs without receiv-
ing any tlii, tr ru any of them. One
day we -:iw i., adierti.-eii-ni of this
medicine .ind hi,,uI.ht of trying it, which
we did with tt best of satisfaction. She
has used oi, in: t1,ottle and her shoulder
is almost II,--AOLPu L. IILLETT,
Manchester. H. For sale by L. M.
Ware. St. .\, i.-s- and Baybead and all
medicine d Aii ra.


Patriotism is aw. .
mendable, but in ever, cxst
there should be not cHJ, z1e
desire to be a good ciLi,
but to be strong, able boiedd
and wel fittd for tO e battle
'of ife. To do this, pure
bloc-d is absolutely nwces-
sary, a.:: Hood's Sarsapa-
rl is the one specific vhich
cleanses the blood thorotugn-
ly. ft acis equally well for
both s:xes and all ages.
H umor- When I need a blood puri-
fiefr I I.:e Hrd's Sarsapardi3,. It cured
r" -,.er, ,an,. is excellent as a ne-ve
t:.-:." j':ic E on, Stafford Springs, C.

K']' 13 "". '} I' ri ; 'r"I ii'. *i,.1-, ,
,.r C.l e'W ho inri' Their'' e __th
Icpi'.e 1mho Shnrpen Their Teeth.

uat,'. livi; ig in the Anan..Ilai 1 i l-
,.f -oluthe n Ii.Ili:i. bhow that they
-:, :t n-n -i -ltia' l co.st.:a not el- -
ii .'_ Iit. v u, itn lud i:1-- v i- tb.' s, :1 -
.'!in-. l .l f the lic.l-or teet. This they
,I ..;,.,,. i.''II ,1 y chiipin,"z the tee(th to) a
l,,jilit. J 1 .,' tlk ti r>.rm the .. .1e ,

Thle rl'st Atl.tralill nii,-wtl'.1l r. tie'
S.yv: v .i'...'te,. w\s:i publislid.'il March
5. ll8. 7, year-' after the rie ,'_f tl?0
t(ulimy. T' L, dil y wa e thr.,' b. [+-i n'_ n o iti ttl'iS nU ,'. ti th,'- '-
victs, who represented every profes-
sion, including the legal.

Their art (, ef- early am ongt some of the wilder tribes
of tl'e Caueasus, who instruct their
ehildrev as soon as they can walk in
the use of the dagger.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid health.*
Indomitable will aud trem ndous ener-
gy are not found where the stomach,
liver, kidney and bowels are out of or-
der. If you want these qualities and
the success they bring, use Dr. King's
New Life Pills. They develop every
power of brain and body. Only 25c at
all drug stores.


Ie Arrived Homne Too Soon and DId
Not IfiLe 11 Gtood I nipresion.

h.'> i a t ]l" et,,l i i ,, v ..*i: i 'i 1 t .i l ,,t
t Lhr r., a' In- iiit'io l.-,] \\ I [ i ,. r.i 'r .1
o:u I l i t'. ,l :- [ri- Ht I- l h. l ]iI '1,, l- .
iLu il- handu, i a djl t i _.; t ,ir .. .r...ll ', i;I
a vium.
',i ty yIll ,i [,-! l ]" I h ;' :.I:I > iil.
,11," n l.[ir.t l r\ .e Hit f.i,.* r,' In im

s -n.e i-'r 1 i *i i : ';l, ] a 1";' ,r .>-; 7 '.'i

d l.i II :], i :..' ,.1 i ll :i \.';.;> !i ti -.* ,. ,
ed l, ,i i t iii l ... ..' if i i it.
"' 1i[ '. tia t i ,'.'::" ~i...,ull i JI .. i
ov." n1-,r.
i; 11. o ,\ '1''i't t I l'. I i.i r ,otli !i f'
pi l h 11 r .. i t. I ;-' ,, ',', .
*. J 1,: :i l '.. t l i l-. ,I l '
f 1`r i I,, ,a Ilih',. ,. sr .\',1 th ,m, ,' "
I i ',- L _. i- t ;i >i [;l > U ";,'u lil-

O L'* Ii l,- i n at :.] "... Il'. th!e i-|r.''pi-'o-

T llr t r l a likI Iy j .' rry. -:'.-lh 1 It.,. in.
ole t'riup Cs .I.ot are MakeV y.,,r! --l,l
s:-iri'l, now l Iur ha Iith lh, -a. h:lJ a _l,

IIe was ten timn, tandl.l,-r. bece.allme
he is 17. y ':'rs > l..-r ti11 .1 lhis pr,..tty
\, ;r',:., nu, .i j |n,,-,l up sa d \."r;i.t l.i hlile hi- -lh t ,.l. w nv\ -l his
\al:e? and vuwedl:I l1 kinls of i.-lage-

..f.t'.:. li, e wva ilacid: en in clh to see
s..trl.li It Lh,- ii; : v,'n l Ill iu hlu w ith
a Illit n. ii. niI t'ir-i'_n- was i.ithing for
himin I t iUi-ii ini.U'ii. Ilii;ht. Hi' wias
iu.it vill inudir wiay when his uife ap-
[I,,, e?.l fn'.ni ljw n r:t X li n anI. :( ll'UJ 11
Ialir. IOf i--iulse- h s.i il iuto li,.-r for
lia iu' 4 1t'li : Lill. c' e the luail file
IIli:lUlt.- hoti,'. \\ 'lit l t hrl i.r- l thlie
'i .t;" hke a tr. An f d, 1 41i .- T1.0 ...l.'I,.-t nm ili' uliew i lIe s naw
.1.' nuw s('..tm soil,.llig throu lgh the
.;, 1i:l; a..t .- [h-(r...it l.'re,? Pre.s.

rho eenomineni.ltlion lo the Gov-
ernncull isigiei by Noted Ien.
It Is intt'r,-- it ;g in i!e light of th?
al'hi:". '"l.:ii uf i.,ur nau.'y in rI'eoent
'-'inr'-i. e-|It',:ia;ly thuse iif the sNilh-n- i
rj-:htllti. 1 inth' hi.:os '' [ oio elplt-l ait tilhe rtate
of 21.' ui ilets at, hli r,. to re-rl the fllow-
lu rt'eioitr nile tiringg the w-ar or" I12
'Ii i pi''I~tr~i .,M-1nuC' ,11IT-11IiTrl en11

ti.n to t1,iil :1 a-J1.iiu 'vI'-fl fi'r tUhe pi'.'-
t.':titu of our larl-ors anD seabu iard cit- I
-n I..'. p..-' Jin .3. Il I
We. 1he tunlo rir.-i. e tI ili dii ." I.'mr 1
the r. ,J I arndi ...,- vI .s ,'i.std of "U r. utnittt .d
b ., i O i -i. .r, r 21 g '- p in 'l rand .:2
np.'.ur.r. In,,l I li r-.11,'t smor. to hV pr.pi'llid bj
F t,..I.I a in,. II Id ..f f...i t0. fi h e m l,- p'r hlior.
s ttli.-.i h the i. i i.nl or r, .:. T l pr. r t. p ii.
of wi-.h '.c- r.- T' i L ir,.--t t inai s iw s.iili,
She Ii rr... v .l .Jl...]]i|t -.c '.Ji : t it h.:r ni I
ehinery being guarded she cannot be crippled,
that her sides are sb thick as to be impenetrable
to every kind of shot, and in a calm or light
breeze she can take choice of position or distance
from an enemy. Considering the speed which the
application of steam has already given heavy
floating bodies, we have full confidence that,
should such a vessel move only four miles per
hour, she could, under favorable circumstances
which may always be gained over enemies' ves-
sels in our ports, harbors, bays and sounds, be
rendered more formidable to any enemy than any
kind of engine hitherto invented. And in such
case she would be equal to the destruction of one
or more seventy-fours or of compelling her or
them to depart from our waters. We, therefore,
give our decided opinion that it is among the
best interests of the United States to carry this
plan into immediate execution.
On this report is the concurrence of
S. Evans, 0. 11. Perry, L. Warrington
and J. Lewis.-Washington Star.

L. 51. WAie guaranteed s every bottle.of
Cnahmberla n's Coug1 Remedy and will
refund Ilie money to any one who is not
satisfied after using two-thirds of tihe
contents. This ?s lihe l)bpt remedy in Ihe
world for nlagrippe. couglhsi, colds, cro.aip
and whooping couh iand is pleasant and
safe to take. It eventss any tendency of
ita cold to result in pneui onia. Sold 1)v
L MI. Ware, St. Andrews and Bayhead and
all uieditine dealers. *



Hats: and



...- HOUSES -j



Corner of Bayview and Wyominea Avenues on Bay Front.

Glassware. Tinware and Notions!
What yon tcan' find at any other Store, come to the R A C K E T
S T 0 R E and get.

Bread, Pies and Cakes, Specialties.
1. GODARD, Proprietor.


PESAiO LA, Fia. Opposite Waiting 'oom of Union Depot,
Isthe Piace .for Passengers Coing to and from


Rooms Comfbrtable! Terms Reasonable!

ulf S, a Bait

255 Tons 3urden. Passger' Capacily 50


il to t 1ii'? 1' i an 5 ... iii.St Arin,: Bay k, Arpalachicola.. 2 5O
S .. I ,'ii . .. c . 7 i. C- ari ai.,elle .... 3 0
... . ... . ... .1.1 Ilac-hi<. l; to CI arra lle. ... .
.,th, 1.th and 2.tli :it 7 im .. ... M -....i .. ... ...12th, 22l and 2 id a.m.
Ath. 17th and th 1. t 1 . %l..'i* tL .11th. 2.t and lst a. ii.

4th, li.,l andl] 'i ia.1... ...... \ laalili'ol,, .. ...... llth. 2s1t iand It p. m .
.\P.:iNvi L-.:Al Vr.
,ith, 1'tlii and "it.li h n ........Cairrabelio. .. 16th, 20th andI :itli nt'or

C('nn-, t(s frt .\ .i l-\:I -,rh ol wi wntli iqii er-i up ( ha:tahoochee River. All
C arril'r ll,, .- it tl T ,v i.; I -il,-r,;,i fI ,r 1. v l iih:iI --co.
For furlti-r i l'. i ,. in. ,i.1 f,', i-'h' r l.- :il, I ,-,peci!l rate!- for larl e parft p
Addi..--.. ( '.l"'T. .a.,. ( I.. lth, JAllFilAe, Alnlinma.
A Z'nrntlntiAnswr.-

A ,% onr;nclinn Aouwer.
Tl'I- re ;;'" ,,. i' us li. dio not
o n I..1'. ." ,: i 1 ..... ti,. ". ' ,..-l l"
ac l i. t i ;i I r I .: I .l'' I'.V
a -"T ii : n*i.1 ",. I l t, F ,i if t .,-eo
pi ,",,ll-. i.,,ry *' i [ i lli'-t. 'a:: lhow \':l ll-
alhe; i i1i..- i .c: ". -to what a library
slhi ii,.l Iie. "'h..' -,b,,ht" .-as _i,nie tetl
nwi'i in iu titij l ., ,It I'-:t. rnIn -' w which
htad bl-ei, glriet'. I'101I lt by a Illteral
ni-n ,of the n..i? l.lii',-iiii.d. but lthe liber-
Eal a h t.i iAS noit i6.-'li orf fa s.ynilpathizer
v. ir: .i I ,. i-.i of in-r.'n -liui the library.
\I'] .-i :ii| .'i.> l'd to in iLt.. ina'.tpr. he re-
p1li ti :
,,Ii .I,-,i!: ? [i "r ii,'-. it eonems to
uI r: ',, ..,; II1 i- I i I1 il I i ICreal
ni m t H .i' ,- .,,', .' ,i i :, .ll u L I,, o al

"':. ,." 1 1.1' T.-' t'* ." to,;".r rin> I (
n,. c ,'-',, i i . : lli--- :.:1.."
i : ,, ,,. .. i ,. .- 1 ,, : i ic" .'-''."
".i. tr i ., : *l "" '. ..ii.i t' .:i" -,' h"'a r,

I ..
i '

1sets:t o

, : ,r \ I' '. ".
S.' libra-
-.. : .. . .. i;,i th e
, ., I .- . v. i ti

S -' I - i

' -z_ l fr K' -- ^BB'- ^

affections of the womb or ovaries often
Develop serious diseases. Prevent suffering
by a timely use of
V1. Fi Po.
(Gerstle's Female PanaceaO)
SA few weeks before our second child was born,
i three yearsago,Nmy wife had local dropqy very bad.
SWe hadtwogood doctors with her but Ashe was not
Relieved. Her mind became affected and we sent
her to the asylum at Bolivar, Tenn., and at the end
of four months weo brought her home sound and
well. But lat ummer stsum t before our third child
was born, the dropsy again appeared and wwyere
Very uneasy about her. We gave her4. F. P. and I
f am glad to say the dropsy disappeared and she Is
. sound and well, and has a fine healthy boy baby,
SJone, Tenn. '-
STry G. F. P. at once. It will make you
strong, vivacious. regular and cure you of
any form of female weakness.
[ PRICE $1.00 A BOTTLE.,
Writeato our LADIES HEALTH CLUB in charge of
I ,, i ;.rl, uExplain all aboutyonrcaseand
Sdvl se .r io1. oa fNll v on how to regain your
p of by atimelyu o.,sCeattanoegofTenn.
hf your drueist does not handle G. F. P. asi
Shim to send for It. otherwise send us your order
i and.and wewill supply yon direct. en
S GEr STLE & CO.. umChattanooda, Tenn. d,

To Estrnelt a Si'illnter.
The easiest .ly to e;trIL't a splinter
dee[p In1 lie tllesi of the hand'or 1'ootl i
I. lie-Iun.s "ol st-amn. .\ rather wide
uitwilied bottle is tilled two-thilrds full
of t,,ilaig water, alidi the Injured spot
is bhtld close over the opening. The
'uctioa draws toe flesh down, and a
.little additional pressure Is used to as-
sist the exit of the Intruder. In a
few moments the steam extracts the
splinter, and the Inflammation rapidly
Glove Sil er.
Glove silver was the strange name
give to a custom which prevailed In
England during the middle ages-
namely, the granting of a certain suna
of money to servants to buy gloves
with on Lanimas day, or, as It Is call-
ed now, Bank holiday.

Peel's Advice to Younig Men,
i. .. Li' i

faculties of the mind, the quickening
of your apprehension, the strengthen-
lng of your memory, the forming of a
sound, rapid and discriminating Judg-
ment. are of even more Importance
than the store of learning. Establish
control over your own minds, practice
the economy of time, exercise an unre-
mitting vigilance over the acquirement
of hnbit. These are the arts, this Is
the patient and laborious process, by,
which, in all times and In all profes-
sions, the foundations of excellence
and of fame have been laid.-Extract
From Sir Robert Peel's Address to the
Students of the University of Glas-
gow; From Charles Stuart barker's
"Life of Sir Robert Peel." '

Cleiises and beautifee the hak.
ai tots d YouthfulCoC l
c alp diues &a t har s.
InCu,an1ud9tost Drunlibs


Cor. Buena Vista Avenue and
Drake Strest,
Is Priepar'ed tI' liiteilain

Rolular d Tra-siont G tOSIS

With Plesant Rooms
and Good Board at






wol-i-- .-dlo ao mGL S :- -, - - - o -o-.-

. . o w_ .





BEME-i .-

. I






. K

Him Plea ']or Water. Story of a Slave. Directory lMends. iP l E hR
"If there'ls anything I dLlike," re- To be bound hand and foot for years A man with a grip e:.r. r,.-In down A I N S
marked Colonel Stilwell, wiping his by the chains of disease is the worst tov.r. ,rug tore and P. k,,1 |d{ilsl.,n EU H U
mustache with impressive deliberation, form of slavery. George D. Williams o l.-.: at the city directory. lHe was 1 K l' k j
"it is a bigoted person. Some of the of Manchester, Mich., tells hdw such a a long: about uis search i:1 one of
n re 5 people at i home in KieLucky came slave was made free. He 4ays: "My he ce: got to watching im, and -. C .
very near t: ing ieri-an..-t o0',se at wife has been so helpless for five years not Xtu results. The ma- .a ap-
me, but I :1 out on flinnlly con- that she could not turn over in bed u.-- sines
vinced then ." alone. After using two bottles of Elee- .. -
"What was the discussion about?" trio Bitter. she is wonderfully improv-h .n : ti bak of the ani ,.. a .
LS "It was the d co s y. a ome- ed and able to do her own work." This whenever he came to a p ge b eTanr,.-- .l ,' In, "st'n wh en. !'
I was the old controversy. Some- supreme remedy for female diseases he cut It out with a deft morempnt, l IIn constant pain when on '
illursday, Nov. 23, 1S99. body mentioned water, and Judge Mor- quickly cures nervousness, sleepless- !a:ly detectable. The cl.r. -.i led the ; your fe; ?,
-- -gan stated h's opinion that it was ness, melancholy, headache, backache, ;wp-i tcr. and between tl . T 'at .' n'.. .
ST A N 1) RE W S something ti:at ought to be abolished., fainting and digzv spells. 'his miracle (t u. ) less than fr..., 1 C*,. ; '__ Kfi
The major aigued for its use in moder- working medicine is a godsend to weak, 7t," book. ti3 l night -'"
R R: I C E S C U R. RK E N T action, but th._e judge wouldn't ohive it. sickly, run down people. Every bottle "I.n the propr-etor beckop to a i,' r', t h edin -
GROOERIES. I was sorry to disagree with thie judge, guaranteed. Only 50 cents. Sold by policeman just outside thl ita ,w and "'I t t- e ye n
;igar, tb Tea, a lb but I stated my arguments an'd clincih- alldruggists. ..ut up to is customer. : th i h tiU u L U E N
Granulated...... 6 He No........ 55 ed tlh-n so that he had to give in. 1 ers a. "ot through with the b ?" he apy te cr ht to
Colfee,A . : 5,, Gunpowder.. 40 called iis il.lttntiou to the greatnelhiove- O .Iia a l e t ...g wt th h cl!h e ?
Lt brown..... 5 Uncol'd Jap.40-60 meils which all the woro t i is now en- Mrs. M.ite," wasHade and little son, ,.I. ican do it ST. A DREWS AY, FL
Coffee, 9 Cond milk, i"O caiL gaged ;n nain)hiuinu. I recalled to his of Chipley arrived Saturday evening; olYi ;e,1. I s tlohrl anD. "'.' h-' D -c- T -E IIt I T
Green.... 12@20iUnsweetll'a.10 mi iiathe oie sof our naval heroes, hct e gith an 1 T
Arbuckle,T 12-15 Sweetened...t..8 un who are so proud ofalhe Mrs. H. having completed her work "Yes; the usual ., .I .L. -~, T" s
snaer s. 0 sa. 210 Royalg......o.. 0 iounltry, the ine: of hom their coun- thie school near that place. 0-
lohacco,plug20a6Q, Campbell..... 10 try is so poud. Then I pointed my Hon. Reil Karl of Wetappo spent Te an looked at I .-..
ionilayer -1Canned fruit..100 tiger at t::e judge and asked him how several days in town last week, a toek in the policeman ,i .t a ,, L a l Ic 1 o
Londolayers.8-15 Peaces.... I10aO those .n.l heroes could have done s wo; produced his wad JLi .: 1. ,i o 1 H 1 nu ck
ValenciA.... .. 8 Totuatoes.....Sal2 these glc.'i.:s deeds if there hadn't guest at the Stone House. WcT, 'i pod h f-a *..i..
ie ....... 6 Apples ....... 10 been plety of water for them to sail Mrs. John R. Thompson and ,,ei have i;utilatod my hil.:*.,- '.,1Y M P
i:,.r. ,.1 ,t t Plums. 10 family of little children returned to the drun gist in r.I.r. .. ti,' i,:t.E i Y
t 11...': t.........,- 100"but it's tie lhrt vandal I ca t at it. D, J, J, KESTER, IV[, D,
r. ,,.B.,,_, 5 Apricote.... .. 120 Traus, worry. Disease aand Death, their St. Andrews home last Satur- Instad of copying th lfew aes heit
..ine; ..20 Pineapple ...10-20 Late t:ainar.e toueof annoyance day night, after having visited for a wants he pirferred to cut v r,..!e
:.., .40 Cineda'te 0toeverl Thiti Medical lears. W-Ile paid for u" ..
oey. ..1. oat ... 15 Journal d upon the very seri month with her parents and other C ul l. ain Dealer.
vinegar ....... 30 Corned Beef... if result pr . ., . . i .- . . -,,V ... ,N I., ,. r "
Beanus........... 4 Canned Vegetables on drafty piatiorums or in stuffy wait-
Cocoanut pkg... 10 Baked Beans... 10 ing roo:ns; the dilatory journey-all
FiuitPnddine... 10 Corn ......3.0@1.5 these. vwe are told, add seriously to the Women as Well as Mten .... , I"' ." a i
ime Juie. Panpkina .... 12 times, but when the- weather is cold Are Made Miserable by ,.'' r -*', k iri i. "' .
p .ROVISIONS and dam p they are till more injurious .oI va A... v ..ri..rn', e. olhn" -li
Flour Pork and in that they are largely responsible Kidney Trouble. .-. ...... .. ,- .:r ne. It., ici r .- PK E -
Am'nSwan 1.<..2.25 D. S. pr lb.. o. h for thoe "colds," as they are called. ____, -. ..', .r ,~,,cLi, pntt ...r.' 11,'', -
Majestic . .. 2.75 Bacon Sides... .8 those conditions of depressed vitality &r. .- I .., in'o t i.fm: I
Corn Meal pr bu60-70 Fresh .. 80 which are the starting points of most Kidney trouble preys upon th in (., .r -- r r k ur Pricesi .

Potatoes .... 120 Beef rs.... the feeble die. n a ys are out of order give res)ectiveIy a rough t .Id a No plaster ever acted so quildy The Trkadin.t ublie. i asOred ttnt ,r will ,
Early R'se seed 1.20 Corned......... 8 Ior diseased. mellowed appearace. Wa three and thoroughly. No plaster ever The Highest Market Pr ie Paid for Countr
Sweet 60@75 Fresh. .Sil() Genuine Courtesy. t- Kiddney trouble has gla f ts of this col un.o. a three an h lad such complete control over allr ce Pai for u tr
ailt, pr sack 85 Dried ......... 5 Surface manners are like cut flowers become so prevalent g.es of recognized r knds o pain.
Table .... 5 Milk pr qt...... 10 stuck in a shallow glass with just thatitisnotuncommon entcd to the judges tota" Pac knds o ver te hst it i
HARDWAIE. enough wat"r to keep them fresh an /ofor a child to be born th.ir .r.ict i ..i., 1a ower i o A re cs it t .. ,..-
rails, oer lt,3) a4 Ax,with handle. 75 hour or so; but the courtesy that has n afflicted withweakkid- was ich, they L. a po erfuctoral relievinto A '
Galv wire do.6a6 o Hoes, each....35a50 its growth in the heart is like the rose- neys. If the child urin- nouncedc in favored of Is toral; se1iev Y . eii;
-B f acres too often, if the n oune d i a vo r ance d 'ofV iI'a t r g oandtdrwin gdoutC
Manilla rope...al2Copper paint, can 45 bush in the garden that no inclement urine scales the fresh or ifwhen the child eparaton and ected cohesion and drawing out . .
Stoves cook,..$8a25 Linseed oil,gal55@60 season can kill and no dark day force reaches an age when it should be able to port. What they would ht iihe T all inflammation. ',' "
Pipe, per joit lO to forego the unfolding of a bud. control the passage, it is yet afflicted with next morning if they had h ed a on ,- o v ,'I,,,, ,-. -. ,,, .t-: "",
GOODS, bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of bottle of this preparatione. ins a 'i'p'X; 1' t'-_- T '.^i-linasf i" ... ..' .. '. .'" h '"
Print, per yd.. 5a8 Checks.......5a5 Wondrfl Development the difficulty is kidney trouble, andcthe first matter of conectre.Lon ron- ',,, -
Muslin g.... l Thread per spool 5 a4 -Te development f the sense step should be towards the treatment of ele. to --.
eans 15a45 Shoes,ladies.1a27 of touch in the hlind is something al- these important organs. This unpleasant to Conquerors Conquered. '7 i .
Extra pantpat 225 Men's... $140a300 ways a wonder to me. troubles dueto a diseasedcondition of thie hd dy spepsian r ri a m'. s and It is a rearkale a 'd instructive: '
SMISCELLANEOUS. Gotro- have it pretty well dev de ys and bladder and not to a habit as never found permanent relia used fact that the career of four of the . : ,. ,
hlaypr cwt..75a1.,5 Oats pr bu... 55 oped myself. I have got so I can tell Women as well as men are made mis- and feel like a new n,'t l most renowned w haiacters that ever . : : '
Birau......... 1.25 Brick pr M.....13.00 a borrower two blocks away.-Indian- erable with kidney and bladder trouble, iemin, Murray, e It ii s lived closed with a violent or mournful -' .. "
Rope Sisal ....7@9 Lime prdhbl...... 75 apolis Journal and both need the same great remedy. gestant known. Cures ll i di- death.
FRUIT and NUTS. The mild and the immediate effect of g-stion. Physicians et..' ,.re Alexander, after looking down from '"
Oranges pr do.. Pecans pr lb..... 15 Nomennelatnre. Swamp=Root is soon realized. It is sold scribe it. B. F.Brackin & a the dizzy heights of his ambition upon
Apples........ 12 Walnuts........ 20 "Have you studied any language be- by druggists, in fifty- 'F p as a co"q".uered world and wepi.g tt -
L5ons....... 5 Almonds........ 15 sde English." cent and one dollar o Cnrf te Ci.iots .. a conquered world and yweping to .

n Isp,000 ned pr .. l sice golf, baseballadyll yachting."- sample bottle by mail a favorite amusement a tiin o e a titcio iy pi on I u. ........
Lr I VE T1Co K. $gS u free, also pamphlet tell- Home ot swamepootp set of idle youths," said c, ppos, by poison .,,.
....les. .$8a2 H ogs4 ing all about it, including many of th yesterday. "''Any letters .
S. o $ ........ $2 thousands of testimonial letters received so' they will ask, giving a, Hannibal, whose name carried ter -HE delights of an evening spent aro d a
en. pr yoke $0 Sheep.......... 2 he man who reaches the railroad from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer nae, their object bei ror to te heart of ome itself, te ing table are not half understood A il
I'OU LTIY station two iniutes after time and & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be. sure and gratify idle curiosity by .,, o thge r t th of th tr i with its wealth of illustrations its stories
tehdckenasebeho 5a25 Geese each.. 45a50 sees tire train steaming out of the oth- mention this paper.,i.
trin,peys.... 75al.00 Ducks........ 15a20 er end derives no satisfaction from the superscriptions and readiran ost- the worli, was driven from his con love, its descriptions of travel which cary y
F SH. proverb. "Be-tter late than never."- I tr and diedatlastofpoisonadminis ends of the earth and its instructive articles for yo
,si... Salt e.f earth, a its instructive articles for yt
Mullet pr doz i'.5c Mullet pr bhl 4.50 eri(d. lrlz-----Ane adcee tn-. Berli (Md.) Ht 'rat l-- t,,, .1, by his own hland'. is il a fore-Eig are He first fr your v i hi and
rout........, 25 Trout.....4.50 T i ti li A new and verdat postmaster in a house. I.- n.. i.,,t tasicnted an unt ept, are the first requisites for your o n ell and
Popano prl.. 6 Pompano .. 10.00 ies A- small rural ton ad received instruc- giving i r .1 i.esar the conqueor of 800 cities and proper education of your children.
Sturgeon...... 10 Mackeral .... 8.00 rlc. tons to advertise all letters uncalled he af[..rn:,.,l u,:t,-.Jh I..|ir. lt anl his temples bound with clakii;e To secure for you the best and most intei-esting
IUMhBElR. Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known all for at the end of a certain length of of on ti -,ir .,.- th.a. n :1: a r. ,liphd in the blood of a million of th
Flooring, Ceiling. over Africa as commander of the forces time. He obeyed orders by inserting mark.lDy- .,i.ui .N ,l0.U- W" ei .ii, I .f,. was miserably assassinated Ir treated magazines at the lowest possible price has b
HIart, nm...$14.(0 Heart, l nm...$14.00 that cuptured the famous rebel Gaoishe. the following advertisement in the vil- detect t.-- .'r ,.it,,* .t- ..TI I. -! th,...- he considered his nearest friends editor of this journal. That we have succeeded Wet
re .. 12.00 Face 12.00 aorlage weekly paper at the end of the at the e. nd t.aparte, whose mandate kings a to judre. A special contract recently entered into
pSip L 10,00 Sp 10. 0 Under date of Nov'. 4, 1897, from Vry- fne w eeky aer at the end of th ate n t k nwn.-.u he' ill f r'aI at
p "' 0, Sap first week of his term of o ffice: that .oR a utiI c'onP yi i Lut, ju,
l)rop siding, Claphoards, burg, Bechananland, e writes: Before "There are ten letters n the post by t ,....... ror after his lin thi- politan, which seeks to become better known in this
Heart face s 14.00 12Wainn. ...$12.00 starting eon the last campaign I bought a offie that nobody has called for. If "Wlo.,ut a '.-..;'h.' .' ..1. I,:r te<- y te rorlf annis enu U'lo bar enabled us to offer you a year's subscription to the g
o l0. 00 l Finrishrin.g h lm- quantity ofCht,,mberlain'sColic, Cholera them they belong to don't take notice essay tL,-y t,,..i: tlhe '.. "i mn [,. 'tr ont
ilrh ,ier-. @12 er, d.. $@5.,0 trat maga e t ck in th midst o the Atantwith a year's subscript
ltearli shingles, 2.50 Lath, mn.... 2.0 and Diarrhoea Remedy, which I used mny- and call by the end oh rif t,,-he ,oure rOnth, the by tom ores : rri in ..- tgeathl
ap 1I.50 loat luniber, self when troubled with lowel complain t, letters will be sent to the dead letter lice he:-r.l,t..in ,.r. II.- \n aIi-hu;-. Sich the four men who may be con :. l
dressed....$20 and had given to my me:., :and in every office. Anybody expecting letters they ed thit Ihe -.a unasll.- I 1L. a .' si,s-red representatives of all whom P
case itproved moCtlbenefiaa." For sale aint got can come and see if any of herent .rply.inal,,r, anld pL" e I.nt- tle worl calls gl eat, and such te1ir 8 L S" aI
$.100 reward. $100. e St. Anrews ad Bay- these letters belong to them. All take ed a ph,.tnrey ,t.f giil. li o a. .i b ald- cnd--intosication, or poison, suicide.
Thereaders of ti miis paper will o n pleas- lt- Co. Brm n a N -YI )it ha int rox ti o pson s puic
The readers of this paper will he pleas- n eine ders notice" quartfr-n' tihi he lnid a- .1 r l-tt.-rs murdered by friends, lonely exile! In this way you sctmrc your own home paper
ded dto ear that there is at least one LEGAL N OTICE t-- aso ify i l e h Abr magazine at a price that is only about a fourth of
dreaded disease hat science has been TO Our Readers. until telegraihc iulu ..u I When was in Aix-les-Bains last illustrated magazines sI for. For three years The
able to cure in all its stages, and that Is Notice iI Foreclosure. made. Of course It trn I Qt at he summer, I saw a stout derman woman undisputedly claimed that it reached the largest die
Catrarbl. Hall's Catarhi Cure is the only First Judicial Circuit of Florida- Cir- Here is a Great Bargain was not the ,hbricagor. .r, it he got sitting at another table eating from an any periodical, daily, wteA'y or monthly, in the w
positive cure known to thIe medical fra- cuit Court of Washiintton County. WE HAVE TO OFFER YOU! the scare of hir life. and yt.A eay rest enormous pile of plates. I thought at Cosmopolitan which Sent Julian Hawthorne to Ind
ternity. Catarrh being a constitutional E. 0. Williams omplaiinani, vs. R. E. THE BUOY and assured that lie has (lroppIedIat if.,rm first she was canrving or doing some- know the rel horrors'of onrinl- and plague. It w',
disease, requires a constitutional treat- Bonduraut, S. Blondurnit and Robert -A of amusement from his infldu.?eS"."-- thing of that kind. but as the meal itan which established at is o.',n cost a oTeat Fn
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in- It iLo r defendants, RTHE TWtoa Nelw York NeTws. progressed and the pile Iecame no less University which now hPas ivr 20,COO students 1on
terally, acting directly upon the blood E. ondurant, M. S. Bondrant ad Rob DETROIT REE PRE I made i ir and ound out that she The Cosmopolitan wich Cl te prize of $3.000
and mucous surfaces of the system, there- ert J. Lowry appear, plead, answer or de- Both Papers One Year Feeaing Their ,De was exre ly nearsighted, and the ca e and s for pubic baths
ease, and giving the patient strength hb M. S. Bondurant on the 16th day of De- their dead. Ttte mith,,:., vln .so 'il..y. point where it would come within her which Set the l'hresile:n.s oTf at.wte schools and utin
buildinguptheconstitution and assisting cembler, A. D. 1899, and the said Roert FOR ONLY $1. 75 that once th:.-r rr, ,nls ae, ,.l.utrT.:- range of vision. She wnas no less a discussing' the d-ef c;s o, .xi'.!n educational sys
nature in doing its work. The proprie- J. Lowry on the 18th day of November, w leave this ne,,rt.l t.h. I l Thi-v'a ongirt to person,1ue than the IDuchess of Sles- Cosmopolidan whose eintric.-.e ib al va' s in the lea
tors have so much faith in its curative A. D. 1899. ThE TWICE-A-WEEK FREE PRESS stay away fromi thli-, .uori. arl m. pre. wick-[liilstein. world's civilization.
owr that the offer On H d is order to be published in the St. is conceded by all to be Michigan's lead- vent their retn t.y fltful tri In Itly they do not use glss in the
flowers that they caoffer One Hat ndred Do- Andrews Buoy, a newspaper published ing newspaper, rait to them nil the ro,-- nr-s,., f lit,. windows on nseeount of the expense We have also succeeded in arranging for two
l r s for ny cse tht it fils to cure. sid c ounty oWashingto, for the period Re, ember tat bytaking advantage of t hs been d .,...l y ori l w and replace it with wood or other ma connection with this journal and The Cosmopolita
F. J. CHENEY & Go. Toledo, 0. sixteenth day of December, A. D. 1899, BU combinatd 104 et 5 ofth Et don that th V t itt erv trial. order to relieve the monott- After placingon yourbook-table thebest of theil

Witness my hand and and official seal r oiburn tlem. Flnit fy. lnie ethiils must illk lspi :s. In one Win'oow you will neepi f c a ts h onlyl -f, eerrhoroh olkt m
d r $ He0 c Teeth. this the 6th ,lay of October, A. D. The Free Press Year Book and be carried to th,-o ,'-. see an Ohld ehap reading his paper and keeping Of account.T 0,n thorougte
One of t e d las t s o le like to S.] 1899. 'I. B. LASSITTER, Encyclopadia for 1900. Tlhe Chinesn. :,. n,,t -rm .,. ,-i ,, wng in ano.ilnr n young miss doing up her n Bookkeeping is the "Ellis. It IS not only a C
d fthat th ins pe eliketo Cl'.,k of the Circuit yourt aforesaid. Over 500 pges; Goodd Paper on loads of ronst-d i. .. i,*. pis, haiir. 'I hitr- re isclso other l enes of but with it, neatly put up in a box, go sales-book,
B &FOd, ducks, various ,I fruits evn more inimate family chrcter, ledger, bill-heads, statements, bank-book, bills pa
admit uwsucally Is thatnt their teeth are BUTcB & FO,
pLaiN.WarSt drews Will -e e .n.a. g o al l t are tak en to the : t. i food which I will eave to your n ugination. ceivable, checks, remitting book and every cone
.,, ,,, .'. ,, .., i,, ,,, ,,, i- ,i, NNtie. \ c flete h-],rt ... tl' E.e t '. '5'l''mr t.. .. ,, ,,,s, ^-o o i ch,, y re 'm -' -innini!!' and carrying. n on the business o.f the l
obi oare. The nueI of it rn,:. 1.h AIlpersons are hereby warned thatI ce 1 I t 'lm-. mt h e. n -'r--T ther e her, w ycost 5 lte. Ior It leder- ufatry or the tore. More people f1l i bt
cTused by a'n r ti, n or for a good will not ba responsible for any debt con- A. l, o i .1' it li ti .- 1, r- tr-i tbr cdst m i rli uic;;i rn-asoits. bnt b wuen it comes to traced byy my wife, "Betty," from and A' a '...o1 ol r,.f, re.,,- it 't It,)(.nI ,, ,.. l" u,: ,'tul_] i _.m'ii 1...'ll i,.: ed n 10 d hm note i p.^ment, an Farmers and mechanics, husbands and o py n, s
iedt..1 'nsus. l Dit..S tube the subject after this date, asI will not pay any debt There will not t)e a useless page in it. A to rise up and enjoy t!,,.-I:. Chi- in order to make csnge the storekeep- Farmers and mec han ics, husbh and and ,ll needt
S ir s .e ne she may make. H. S.WELCH. Practical Educator and Hand Book of nese wines are then -1. ,pL.I I.erally er tore it neatly in two and returned signal men, young and old, rich and poor, all
o hei ,s wuman in the street ANg. 31,1899. Encyclopedia Information on subjects over the graves, while <.u ,.,.,s re- one-Ihaf to me. Convenient. wasn't it? accounting. By the "Ells System th e
a, ih otha r 'a:v wa us aparC reAtly n d u Statitical, Official, Historical, Political celve boxes of cigars and. packages of -New York Tribunee home study. th
rgniod nact, and genera Prcia i-f re cmgarentenc The cheapest price at which this' is sold at ret
:u.o o H ..r..n at "e o 0 backer rL Son, to o ae nnnda Irs.acuc-lDrec- But you must not sunppse that the Not U o Fench. from Michigan unpaid), but The Cosmopolitan h
loi:teid .li ikon! thnon of pAessenersby ITA i ,TTo hi n Tn nmI A copy of this book will b e sent to all eatables are left on the graves. Oh. rent es ou thousands of sets so that it may offer them it t
he sr.iles rl:at she lvns;.i.d upaon them A I W taking advantage of this offer. The book no! That would be thi,,. ,mL. too much donner quelque chose pour manger, Cosmopolitan
iscrimitel. Ee smile brought e published about Dec. 22, 1899, it temptation in the ,, heathen mame? with this paper and The Cosmopolitan
tie new cim eth into view more broughtm- V being impossible to get i out earlier on tramps. In about two ours it is be- American Lady You mpdent
ihenew teethuiesto voitew i more pron- AmericanfTsnth U Lady hit-Y
inently and the evidence that they account of getting complete records of lieved that the ghosts got the essence scoundrel, how dare you call me names
were flse nnd the people begani t- MANUFACTURERS 1899 events. The book will be mailed as of the eatables conveyed to them, and like that? Why, I could have you ar-
ri...... fae s the se moon after above date as possible, Thr eeT U.. .rsrforIihtiState Journal.

.sIile quietly themselves. LBut even o not delay, but take advantage of lu e te evoaes cgatheyr up the o fer-
then the woman was not sure that her l this liberal offer, which we make for a ings to One other opportunity we offer you. You w
new treasures were properly observed, OSas limited time only, by special arrange- feed to their own material bodies But with etroolitan through the medium of
and, drawing In her lower lip, she ) ments with the publishers- Remember, the cignrs and cigarettes are burned W porld of New York is the e i o
brought her upper teeth down upon it we send both papers a full year and the on the graves. Thrice-a-Week WorldofNewYork is the equi
and tapped them carelessly with her book for only $1.75. Address is a marvellous fund of knowledge concerning tli
finger, looking off into vacancy mean- ST. ANDREWS BUOY, A Mone or da. Each issue contains six to eightpages ei
while with a conscious air of uncon- S. Andrews Bay, Fla. When you flip a <:. a he other day Each issues contains si of t eight pa ttges of ei
fellowandywin,dpnsIt u over eight thousand columns of readuig matter
with te other felh: i wheadsther by itself. Now you can have it, if you wish, illn c
"A leart as sturdy as sar oak." If the edte sime othea "r ",hl mu,. aw.hetd swatb s
strong to est a ndvnthenrsbg idfos idarec.is a"S, r t oeg Digests What yOU eat. home paper and The Cosmopolitan Magaa ine
strong, the blood must he rich and pure., pr Abigndiet th to lose. Then start 'lu ,ic.-rilleut. Itartifciallydigeststhefoodandaids
Hood's Sarsanarills makes heartssturd profit and satisfaction Th money savin .i t ipat aur- Isrengtshening andi reT
case it makes good blood. t gies gans. It isthelatestdiscovred digest-
strength and courage.. ---..'- - --ND ...rK.S e wT'ANTED--.E 'IH Ml. ,l I;HT AND ant and tonic. No other preparation ,-'- .
Hool's Pills are non-irritating, milui, AND a HONEST per,... I, -. c.i--. .1i ,i. a- can approach it in efficiency. It in- --.-
effectiv e. I Managers in this .a .. .. 1 .....,,,.t-. stantly relieves and permanently cures Must Have Been Born Lucky. It I
*K uDffeie 3nl i a: Iaterial j Do not accept y a y subst- Salary $90 %ayearand,...'.... a -t.,i,:.-t. Dyspepsia, Indigestion,. Heartburn, "How did you make out with that A minister ha
T E G the' F99SieedAnnual-free. w I eon permanent. Ourtref-r. ..n -ir.nk S;ckHeadache,Gastralgia,Cramps,and "Fine! After it was all settled up hours after asked
may be secured by Specialty. D.M.FERRY&CO.,Detroit,Mich. in anry town. It is mnanly .rtI .... r- c,n- allotherresults ofimperfect digestion. thelawyers had the estate I didn't did onion of I
o ATHE PATENT RECORD, ESTIEMATES 1 C] ItiEEItFd LtmLYductedathoe. -.n- nI elf- Prepared by E. C. DeWitt & Co., Ctcago o-C -- tt
S Baltimore, Md. G ESMAT E U addressed stamped invh.. [Do- nd sold by It. F. Braekin & Sin. St, An- owe them a cent."-Chiao i is- l,:., at
'a T et e Baltimore. Md, (rV l N -eMINION CO rANY, w. F, Fal. ',d a gos
" 6iu,..ui[. a t 'Th.NPtent Record l.e0pcranum. i j(^ MINION moApNr, nnl!,t. ', C,,n ,-' drens,rFla,



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a.- 1. rks h. 11l, L ;lL the

I' '. I it: i,,rL-.1f h~i ne--ifor a
I I.1 i-Il (I.. e lj:l X~-red thlew.n
Li- Lv a rtt..nI r t-ol.-r az the
Ii r I j tj: L i *N. tit I h i" 51 t
- -' -CI 1 01 1 i -4 ( n1 1 11
it! 1. j Ld ,I11 11, n Cu11) d fl irst
it-r l I It it It 1 11
ri LuIni-ti, ,I II hen a v'noiwlali

lI-, rcf t:-e f.it-t tilit, heall11

-II -i- I'io r Fai r Vis i ,- i'i-; rto )a5v

O I ,.trFI 'qe vrET7T lT` f'af l-"
1' .,l ti IT- ',il, !i ; % ill'- 0o lIrU SUCh
,. U...,, I '.Iij l.,.t.-ro he could] i-r fi.:r i
: fo..riii t'ur :In a[sixCr No: bey on
1 It b:'- uu, -:t pl:i-:k up (.'e ough cun
n-k b-:r 1 Ii hi wif. or thIL
I'' r.i l. i n Ii,-r. an alternate
,i; l l.idhoa-4l enuiagh to chill h
The evening was soon at hand.
recentet mioon shone in the east an.] tL
tars weroe cold and scintillating. H
waiill.:d to the livery stable and anl:e
*or the cutter, and a few minute. lat.
S ie was driving a handsome chesinit t
1he house where his thought s, 16n 6 ta'-
,f the time. Miss Farrington 4 ,il[ hiL
waiting a geod half hour, tnt hlie
-iected that it was the-privilege (it li;
:oriiis sex, and it only made him Iov
9 er the more. If she had come out iin
,.lcccd her dainty foot upon his neck I
vonid have been overcome with ri|
-jre In fact, in his present slta
'iiich hbnd also been his state f-,r "2
months. Littlewood was not many r(
ooves from a calf.
It was cold waiting, so he got on
ind hitched his horse and paced in front
)f her ho(:-e, her faithful sentinel unt
ieath-if need be. Not that theie wa
;,ry reason to think that his servki
,voidh be required, but it pleasw.d h
,-iF love to imagine himself dyinrig ft
bis lively being; of whom his tougu
ic-d iii ,:,ihn awe that it could a-uarc
nou- it-.el: in hir presence.
At lat ,.he appears. The restive horse
-lants his ears at her and paws th
-;ronnd in admiration of her b-act-
'or Mildred was as pretty as r-egul
fatuires, a fair skin and melting eye
OUilI'I ako her.
Li tti:wood handed her into thl- sleigh
(ep, d in himself, tucked in the rolie
and chirrnped to the horse. That inte
igent aninimal did no Jt move. A flush o
io-itifica' .1 ,,a..r:.i-,; il thoe fuce of th
vorlld be i,:, .in,, Bi o. A I b ,a-e
tud at t .- t-i:t V bat chinc( weonI
im bave to deliver his precious uir,-'a.
Shat was to make two hearts happy
le c!h:ked again to the horse, but ua;aii
ihe h'.-i(e continued to stand still.
"Yon might rnhitch him. Mr. Phil
lips. That would help," said M;di.:-
in her sweet voice.
"Oh. yes-t-to be sure! I must hebv
'ied him I mean I-er-I di-I thiu
I did hitch-er"-
"There seems to have been a hitcl
somewhere," she answered.
He stepped out of the-sleigh ani
looked over his shoulder at her in ,
startled way. Could, she mean anys
thing? Was this encouragement? (.-i
nol It was too soon. (Too soon, and b
had been in lovetwo years!) He tun
hitched the horse and once more pl:icei
himself beside his loved one.
The frosty night seemed to have set
a seal upon her lips, for as they -,'--d
over the crunching snow and left nue
town behind them she was silent.
"I must have offended her. I've prob-
ably made a break of some kind, -.s:,i
Littlewood to himself. "How unfortnu-
natel But I must tell her tonight. It is
now or never. This attention is to-
marked to pass as a mere courtesy ol
the winter season. She knows I never
took anybody but my mother sleigh rid-
ing before."
Then began a process of nerving him-
self to the avowal. He ground his kne,.s
together until the bones ached. Eis
breathing was feverish.
"Mum- Mildewed -I mean Mil-
di'ed." And then be stopped. He had
never called her Mildred bef,:.re. He had
never called her Mildewed. either, bat
that was accidental, and be hoped that
she had not noticed the slip.











I; ~:r:a flgj

f dILL-,.& "r'Wig-ht. inil M11., v-ri
dnin~rk itth1b 1-al yof the HtiJ9 ad
wished that Wv-I'e dt-ctons f; tr ma-
en t,) prl ,
The u Iij A.
H4whllt f:,nv
and wi tI' -It$
ropnu-1I w- 1 I

he wirjuld, r

I(t kindTcIT arabliie ord litte;re-

WFl1iICah&I I IP IIre e. w ae e r, 1-1
L Uv'1 h take fin vmllttrIll
pi I ncipl -d. iu r.()

tal t tttih A )l d rinn r t. %vu'ho his
h~at, va- 19h;P ribs like a.3 tit
-al-li Cagv- I r* alY au
ci~and It louk it t~ip f.1 IF 501.'
,a letter Ito the'Bew_;ps)-
Her Lon -u OP u -14ca] as ever.
buIr Ltutl1.t Ilotlu-ht lhe detECtedA
ho:t LittiAi. r t-h1W. and he thanl;ll-I
aIchis-mticr Ihbad ncot Vic-11ed t,.1 hj
hisstas ti oproposie at ati-Ii an-
Bat' Urdl de

you wa t y'" asked Miss Far
rintotn veril minutes IOf S-
lence.S e hboofs and the run-
ners oan IT-
"Oh. n1n cf any importance I I
mean it elp-I-er-I was think-
ing of ink else.'"
"I tJ" ha ve gone far enough,"
said sh",' centlyv looking over her
shonldel"' dire(tionof home. May-
be te ld loosen his obdurate

His bear'opped beating and lay, a
lendiu i in his breast. Had he,
then. gin far? What bad be said'?
Oh. why t e comena nt with this
lo-ly bei e mere sight of whom
was eono. make aVny one cast all re-
:straint t e winds and declare in
thande-run lwls tlt I6 loved her?
"'I thin at we'dl better go back."
he -id. a nrd o ime-dsoquickly that he
n.tr! ,., br, leigh. "Yonr other
will bti an Is.
iV- b'. i one is accountable to
one' .U,-itf.o < has to reincLwier time
i .p-pe p different when one is ac-
L'1ii r1 ale, i" --
"F*, tiihri.t a~d Lit tlewood, asininely.

No. LtL
ed." I
"A :-at
Co Id.- M
nians uI i
ject i.iit 'f
been teiiiit
]irl hiii
hiand-?. an
cr,,.,.,'1. eiv
4ultteil hiu:
"Paiti lj
hie did -,ot-
[ tl:lt yc
in. h'-it C

W.v' hU1It

"'ii tilt)Fa
u r t;L i c
W13I u lb h
Sbe. Too
d A E a I

a dainty.
Wat u iallel
'ed to cht- s

Learned an:
large tEl:
til.-tance' I
a L'trillud co

WES-nD[o go
her "gnt.l.t


all I h L:

I't JIl-:1LI. -.41
-Ni t al
and irea leu

WCTijeatb. "I
IOthe wtlh

-" I have b soethinU of the greatest ton Post.-
importance to say to you." --- .
Did he imagine it or did she nestle ANTF1
HfafUa NotI U ipa y.. closer to him;' He muit have been mis- WV HONU :
A L I 0 FOR 0 taken, and t,) show that he was quite Manazeri i.
sure he edged away from her as iainch Salary $ a90
e as Tne somewhat narrow connines of the bona-fide., no
Sehrs. Nettie, C opatra and W Crwford. sleigh would allow.io rma
"What do you wish to say, Mr. Phil- bank in any
llps v-" work conduct
THE COLUMBIA GARDEN PLO "MisterPhillips. Ah, then she was
offended. To be sure she had always HE hOI
h called hiia that, but after his last re- Priaola
This is the latest anid most complete mark it must have an added signifi- Lord Bral
Hand -ljow for working plants in the garden. It cancer. presiding o
isselt-adjtstablse; the weight the block to -er-do you like sleigh riding?" plaintiff wa
which the blade is attached keeps it in the "Why, of course, or else I wouldn't man who ha
ground, and the depth of plowing is regulated have come." from hWe sbo
by lifting the handles. A boy or girl often Did she mean that as a slal athim? "lHow M
years can handle it with perfect ease. It has a Was it only for the ride and not forhis queried H an
4-inch steel wheel, the height of which makes t y for the rde and ot queried
the plow light of draft. It hap five blades: 1 is company that she had come? Oh. he "'v'ell" re
a turning mold, 2 a shovel, 3 a sweep or weeding could never make an avowal of love perils who
blade, 4 a bull-tontue, 5a rake. Wrench after that He knew his place. This thew to one
with each plow. beautiful girl was not for a faint heart- other for
SWe have made arrangements by ed caitiff like himself, for' .2 nd t.
whh we canfurnish his plow t, "Nun-nn-no, tobe surenot. I "Sir ri
the factory price, $3.75, with er-thought that was why you came." want you LI:

Mildred turned her gazellelike eyes trousera al-e
u, u Tpon him. "I'm afraid I don't under- "Wel," r
stand yon." we say 22 ij
That settled it. If she didn't under- "LookLihre
S" r stand him when he talked of nothing you do uot it
S. :in particular, he must be very blind in trousers are
yl-his utterance, and he could never trust for 14 day v
his tongue to, carry such a heavy freight "Weil, wi
as a declarationof love. No, there was plaintiff con
t .. nothing to do but postpone it. After them for a
---~ ,ii. li- house was the best place for it. away: still y,
i-iD1t1-. ilPil
i,..,v-t to St: Andrews Bay about 75 cents, making the plow, delivered Gco..Noland, Rocklaad. O.,savs:E "M'- ven th,
,-. l nt.the BToY proposes to do better than this andwill send tohe Buoy wife had piles forty years. l)e'itit' [lawkrin c'r
and fur nsh one of these plows complete at the factory for $4.5 Witch Hazel Salve cured her. It i- th. laught,..r n 1
Tpue.haepr to pay freight oeist salve in i Amerfia." It heals everv- the really: a
Tbd flow maty be seen in operation at the BUoY Farm at any time thing antid cures all skin diseases. I. F. after a ,:i.
Orderrom t Bo dBrackin & Son.

. . .

wasn'tt the word I want.

Hired love hi.m if hb ave
tch lprOufs of Leing iu ab

,:nd is what I want."
Ls biraju swan. He h-ad
oLonc too often. This na,r C
3]iicently played into hi-
uw the RuQicon must be-
y if its angry waters en-

,_e. Misg-pr--Mildred"--
v Mildewed this time-"if
words into another mean-
ti- f -

.ni ei8ho, ider, a flit-
isf. aind when be p..as-
Ir j manein neither be
r -Charles Battell Loo-

aI a LargV Family.

uti ut lu E.:kington the
f give-n bly the hostess
i"' lest I'r.lu thL e w set."
l .ous. bi!at-lI v-yed \\o-
}-n cronersl:rtllon switch-
S ,,, largeI aij I. ilit-s. It
t ost of tI e lunclers
i r ramiliesa. Ea h all
"il o give bel' family's
11 1,fr a conldeiCrable
a tc Id note noticed tihe
i'ULt ace olf he hbostess as
S. ''hlc Listesa madre
It-1, o io t-, to signal the
.,1 5I su5itIsilI; like -is- e.
Seuleavl'r-IJ 10to side
lar mIulay teLu1ie. But It
0. -S it %%. 5as :lly up t,
fC'I e I Is. t" tu -tt fo l tLi
idl u:\ln rtioli s t lir otnu
ui s l -t nk i.?'-k W h nliD

C l itL LU-I.. to. w. s;'ho c,an
tLe iputI ill Ir dLI c fAy. wi
tI' ... t, till n i k.
il.' .pl e!.i tL SL l. "'il

in .~I L .Li' City."
Ill ,t'-.lilieLId t.he othur

boI.t l., experienced no dif-
l t'T ti l e t'th l'rt-ILi of talk
LtLA cbannul.- WasiuIng-

SN p |'._ ti ro rlesult nt Is
i ll, i rid cl,-e Il, rIunuiih-
a yei nd expenses. Straight.
mboC no less salary. 'Posi-
ni.r0t Our references, any
tv n It is mainly office
te( at home. Reference. En-
dirlisved stamped envelope.
lN., 'PANT, Dept. 3, Chicago.
I 4 Pair of Trousers.
rpton was on one occasion
re, a case In which the
a viring evidence against a
addo tolen a pair of trousers
uc were the trousers?"

pled the plaintiff, "it de-
wsgnts to buy them. I sell
Win for 30 shillinugs, to an-
i, aut you can have them

d Hawkins angrily, "I
o ell me how much those
.pieud the plaintiff, "shall
iii ings to you'!"
-e. ithunderell Hawkins, "If
Ui"autly tell me what those
-.irth. I'll send you to jail
ert counteupt of court."
I'" replied the frightened
,.jatingly. "you may have
linea. I'm giving them
t$u may have them at that

trert aspect of Judge
lJ uiot stop the roar of
irh broke out on hearing
-,ar in which Hawkins,
U Uaes, jolu.d bh.Is.elf.

COW P~rnern Iv Quarrie-d.
Emcr ane-a :rI~tS -loij I Lit-1 land 'or
Nax.oe.z. in til~t- .iaL4;tIrn NI-l if--itran1-oi'

are I ti.- tI A

to A I j I, I r I i -I

'I LwIv- ore titliliilt :

to, U W L.-Ide. 13,1 it- f.; I-I
tIT ,- -I hvi-I l I I
It fI t n~- I I' II

I r' 'l t.I i- II* Ii' 1 Eln a
tim-tn is ''til~lj t i-i Lltl te'ti.lL

It' I D tIq Oll- I I ~'It'0(-d 1:11 1IJIi-e atoh I t- L i-a ;-

N:I- orI's. ;i .1 l .- ''~rt'J~ 'a' '

P1111 '%%;as :1u5tt~~. i Il 4-1' lt the
tIn l~let-s substan, ',,i lown.- I t'ltlul(m

elti. _______
P11inIn-Arie Y011going to Lake part
in thait gue-"ing C, unteit'f- I-

-A -C

as a riifotefsi'jnal
P i I -in --PrttoesinnalI?
SDil-srt-Yei. you know I am con-
nected with the weather bureaa.--Co-
Iniulins (.) State Jourual
Do You Want to Make $300?
W>e IAnt a local manager, la dy ur gen-
tlemaln. in 1,wni town or comity; nlo ean-
vas-ing required. You can ldesote lull or
s Iric- limne; or ve-nings uoly, in .-nnec.
lit. iilh vour regular location. .200 to
$30I i.li 1e:, l.e made liefore (Christmas andi
it will require very ittlle time. It i4 not0
ntie-i.,ary to have had experience. Seuid
ftanio I) i full particulars. Address,
The Bell Compain,, Department B.
Philadelohia, Pa.
Wenry'a -F'riend.
Weary Willie and his trinend Frowsy
strolling along tbe sea-hvire, t,-.p beture
a eign reading "Noticel Batwing 1-
DaTuii-rouns tani0 i l-:iiuls. '
Wvrry WilliL-Dtre. Frowsy. d&re's
true pri lii" spirit forr y L) ;nt Wrin s a
true public e.le'. t...r I diti lI kPi.w
wlIo dat fi-lIEr Qi.il I'4:iii l- in hnt h&e'.:
gC,t 1*? rL-hbt ,.ia ii t i Iu,'.- Li.! i 1
afrn-it] t.j, .-; ,' -j. anI if ij' '.'ll Ien-' I' i
I..-' t. T il.e Lat to It iiL -- Lc-li ':'

Holding 1Mu Job.

-It-I- b II I;: OI ti-t11.121 11 1 %%.1l;iq
Slaom' I, 11-1' 1-t Ile I it UIi-iS t--m LI
fi at I L L?'C I UIlI-)ie L 1I a Ii L) 1 3.!1 rl ~
Wnysttil it. s .,I) 4111'k t-
''IFai-lirIid w~-aLtirlr Giniut StILt'
He '4 11v ie prjit-I,.rFot tIher~lI-t

A Not.- F'ron, t),,hiin.

cai~ter. N EH..L~u "I II-h.- Mirutv C.-1ugh
I 'al I II 1.1 ~j l,li1w I cer

.Br~ackmn S on.

Not So Vc r 3 0 1.1A ft e r A11.
113 a 11tIe %*.1.: -"- c)IbilI OVE1atd

latowb,-tllue till] vv Ii-Ili -is a-ci ibed the
age (-I* a d-~'111ili:Adt'Li l.v wbu''ho do-,
p-:i ItI-d] ihi 1 .I': III rhO Vtar 17,11. Heir

wq'n 7,.,S4. 1.ovi llI-rtilr it'Coutluest
and dyIngut- iIdsr 4.,'twen Ailt'. Again
ar (-La'e I Il l%. \'cIt-ntIIl the
aivkf a blIf Ill.It tieL~r"lbowUll-ilarly

tloIr.u4~ IZLI rV :IttL,"-e lI.)t oftbD e

tV-ifl or tilt' ..ISS cy s nr!:if Dot
l;uovzwtl. aill Ifi 11dI-a of wwrititng 76 o0r
3D~ w'a, ill. w:1:1- ;l j Qr 31)ir-t and S oi-
9 n~tr~s ii-I:wI:.nlilg 7o1.!lu-; 8 or .00
r.1tL8 ',I. t'tC.. LJ,' Hw1' L. ..t' ,,IJI., h .

II I I II I I'! 1-2C

Headache, Biliousness,

Indigestion, Dizziness,
Indicate that your liver
la oat of order. 'th
best imdlcine to roas)
4h lw

these ills. ii found in

Hood's Pills
25 cents. Sold by all medicine dealers.

St. Anrs Poltry Yards,
G. \V. SURBER. SR., Prop.,
--Breeder of Pure-


7 '

S2P 1 : PB A-I
Eggs for Setting, $1 for fifteen

Is prepared to cut
and deliver them at reasonable rats.
If v ou need labor with team. call upon

o, .-6 LJ
At Dr. Mitchell's Drug Store.
W-CtalI fr fi-ee marnt-1 Ic


and the

Bay Country.

W"e iR e IfliL ean ,lizeCt1lleittM I '
whi ch we can tI i ni h th ii tile j \1m
ceve ri ii aboutei eIgh teen mil e, I I
of' territot 1'v, ncti ding tile ( ICifhimiati

r'ai-kei*, t..romantimf, 411dA -Id ij RCer1-tI
Country, for
Or gi~vel ror 5 cashb vF:t:lIv Wsc~~ripl~ibi~

lands purcha t "d h 6-'i .ilil naIt
Company can be ea-ily a-enleaileIJ
or, parties rnay endl us $1 and their
desetiption and we will locate their
lotq and return the Map by mail.
Address THE BUOY,
St. Andiews. Fla.
For 5 c,shb l)bscriliers. we will give as
a premium. I Sectionsi Map of the Bay
Country. or 1 Map o' the Cit of St. An-
drews. Either maD sold sinlv--$1

Our Clubbing List.
The BUOY has mide very liberal clull
Iing arrangements witIl a lew of tlie %erv
best publications in the county and for
the present ean send fur a hole )etr
The BLT(IY and
Leslie's Illus:rfled W -ekly for.... $3.fir
Demoresil'm s li .azii'........... 1.;.
Detroit Free 'rl's-t ice-fla-t'teck
and lYena FiR '- l ............. 1 76
The Fla T. U. & Ci:i.',.n, d ily Ior .9 0(5
do '%eelIl, fo, $1 $ 5
Scienlific Anierica.n' . . :1 .SO
Farmic r anli F ui ilrcower ... 55
F ,lotidt Agrit il. t I t '" .t. 1 1 55
dic clul,. of :-. eai -
Farm Journnl, Pliilad'i, mn)lthlV I in
Cincinnati Enquirei tI i e a ic e k
8 lar;e pagest-- ach i ite. . 70
Atl:nlat Contit tiou '" . I 7")
N. Y. World ithrie>-a i k ........ I 75
For any or either iof til.- RIoUVE pul lica-
lions in conneelion itilb the BUOY, !id-
.rees all orders to THE ,l0\1 .
S t. Andiewsa. Fli

xor Sale Cheav.
Gra/inc Timbered Lnnds, iilcludiil Iipit.
rian Rights; in all 1,300 acre; ailjoins
St. Andrews B.Y. Fl .. fur ti' :tnld i int--
halfmiles. Em )naee f.S rliell Point. Prtrp-
_... TT -J -- 4. I -1 --

pl [ o [ i. J. r f LI. OieS. /IlJf f. l i, "
HIt-LS, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Of thc Citv of St. Anlrws,
Gotten uill with .i Nt care by tlhe
publisher, who hia. .I areId ,.ll pains
to 1prepait: for thei p* ilie :l map f 1
St. Andrews as it i-ally i.-. It th,.i\s

Fxtenldin-, eat "aia I i >ill Dy r'"-
Otoint, taking in the i 1.1 own .ite olt
St. A ndresP,. ai, gi\. .iel 'itiin o'
public l bu ine.- [,l|ic-s. p vate- i' i
dein >S, I.',k% etc.. a lhr pu" I v ".t ;i
each block aid ithe i jil',,in o i.ldi-
tiou to) the Cin'irnat C I',..,panv't
land with a 'full *'." i ti 'i.n rI the
Na nie.
T he M-ap w ill 'hi w i ii r-t i.. ll i
in the cityI j .-t Ih.-te ihy a la.I -
eated, and is oft alii lto thl'.i e tilinl.-
ing of buying ptop-rty.
Size of Map 30x.50 Inches.
The BUOY will send thib map to aiiy
address on tha receipt of
Or giver, as a premium er 5 year
cash ,u hscriiitioiis.


Anyone sendlag a sket h and desacription mat
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MUNN & Co.36,B'ay. New York
Branch Office. o F St. Washington. D. C.


PILES. PILE illoior
"R1% g1'l,mtd L3 uja IL S
.a~ni coNvTlPAF HUN I .,..IF.'I"A tr.1.lF.R.

I)drg~l r ,r Sec, -yn, I-i~C~Icf ne.

N"TA HFNRUY eg. Pahunacisf, Laiicaster~pa,

One ofbt editik-au t
tlc-al mit-lImlbtiina iSLI) ijj,C U st',gia

edge~~~L"' 1 --lurdteir Iti' il i

aatt-onoaii(al mn.itcunhIIt it!.-kL't. A ,.
cu.stoiner aslzed Me. ;.rrasii,..r w\,,t'
would be the prie of "* i wrfect
straight edge of gla ':.i it.,-: loaq,."
"It cai'L be .uae I .i -,-. I ; l. pt.r--
feet." said Mr. P.BrasLear. t,;t q' .,.l -J
pipbably be made wIti a limnito. ,r' -.'.it
anlotunting to only a fraitlion fII a itiv
length or light."
"IIow much would tluit cost
"About $40.U'00!"
It turned outl Itlnt the i..i,,i,,ier
wanttel ti he straight eilde fI'or a '-r-iper
and tIta n l I u-'. one .ie :,' i ..l',irtl
of an Inc'h noti l bnhave bePe ihi1 I i-Ibl,-"
for hIs pm'rpSlA.-Youth's C(oupiicnaou.
Bard Heads.
A duel atiIuj Dntdive Australlanw
aft','' ai droll stud; oIt physical endur-
-.' 'e i a u ail ,'.':t;- .y. 'IT e auaire'
l'l.oInt ill' t c1 LI ,l-td ou orthodox
lin-s S>-.i,,u..i :.,. vic .lian and the
VI l.1. ) I' ,V 1. 'lt- u .i ..i, 1. lnth u party

btli.l., i.;-i .:liy i;', ..i Lit at it rtSa l-.
tilii t!h' I.' .i-1,n nill U 'iOLfI 01 Ihis U F
le...li"l .. ..
Thb- duel thl-,n llrol' i 'll S4r. 'IL'W\vh!:t
cu It'. le ':. Lo' U.;r.'. I o0 *,
I..eL l I'fj`'\. ;ti 1..1.1.I.s n :n'. t's. anil
I Vites ;i a ol-i .r',- it t o I "- rTil, u ntllid-
h,'':-l. I',...; L u i 1 ,. m I ,h lt i tll.ld lh

Ii ':-.'l,.". Ul hl !a !,, i I, i.lt ,il fi i l thu '
I.e :, l(t t- 'Ii i Ii 1ii- .ithl"I 'I 1by
It i i 1' ri '.I 'I iu-.'i h i-. rs i'sli a.
lr il4 I.-.r iii .l' tILl Luit. .i. -i ..I-ir il 'u. -
iI IJ 'll .;J. lI .I- l I" I'l'l:l,! I n I: l' .t ilw -
IlIe V. it., ''ihl e iLl I'u:lk.i I \\'tlih an' imi-
1o0'.,a tLl :'.-.i. %%!.;,r i i t "1 'ti'r- ill?'" In
I,.I .'s-, a ]i:rle luc-il \w'.ii'5 ibb is geuer-
:tttl t i.t nI ,. tril" >-iflr fellow's
_'_i. ..l '." t ;;iitI- lLD''ve.La 4tslLtfore.
-a!-.hi "lUe.- tt
liii: i lI-i L.tler enb(l.atait leaves
tib" i.rl. '.lIh it It n ,tin on his char-
liC.i r nIn.t i-ti-ug the .aut;L;I;i1-.' lnit'or shoIuiil hlls opponents
ilu.b lie 'IEol.trr ovL'r hils head.

An CyrF o I ..
lit tl.' [ t,.; i,: : i . .1 i I I
IL1 li ll g t"lpl ti1 I l l ., I t .'
I' lli LII e, l p I 'i i. i i '
l',.l. ti ll I I II- l il t l,' r' .L I i, i 1
h i' I |irl I I::l,'- I.. :. , i -
| l'J ,/.-: ,'.l'.l ["l'..l'. L. i -'; I, .h, ,I.- .
l,.,y liii.l ll t' h". ,L..1 i- .. i ,I .

hi li-'. i ll. l t I iL '. '. ,,l I i.-

.unw r- Ile '.i .., .
Ann f::1-r''. .iej i'. i:>.' a .

1i l ta lilelt lltl -,I I I i i H I,
0 1 V .'; i -" a IJ ll Ii, i ,, -,,, i
J i I, 11 I l I [
dl ,l t\ l :;-1 S I I I 'i I ,' *' 5 I

clin rti oal anull dt i. 1i .-[|i I T. I,1.,l;
line two inches lun- lp ri i.e' t, iL,4 -
the line should tIe n.i-yrilj iaiidJ sth.i.
After this Is dit:e l..i nu, ij til [j.l ,r110
a stc1;, so th t It will h,- ex1 ;'l--'y [ilr:..I-
lel with the ebar-cual liie.. \!iy .;tii i-
ary object In the IOui. wIll .Uiiir ;iS
well, provlde-a I is 1i .uraih! wi;i Ithe
line. If the bowl iI left un(ii.t.rlrbtd
for several hours, it M .11 l ll- !: 0.it
the black mark ihas tUiiroti o111-iii ttis
parallel object and bas mnovcd IU;LI
east to west. In a direcLion OPIo: ilie to
the movement of the earth on It- ax-.-4.
This proves that the elrtb in revolv-
lIg has carried the water with iL tU:t:
the powder on 4the istfae has been

liLk I Ll, a ufeLlU a .A] .-.,..
A Hen lRunt.
An English paper says that the ht
of a certain shortsighted master at
Eton blew off one day. and as he start-
ed in pursuit a black hen dashed out
of the gateway. The schoolmaster saw -
the hen and thought It was his hat,
and all Eton was electrified by the
spectacle of a hatless and breathless
reverend man bunting a black hen
from one end of the street to the other.





A Full Line hlfCanle 00d Gos

Burial Caskets,

Mla. tFoos & Comn a. any's :

Double Acting Force Pump.


and Graiu Dalers,

"I'll never say another word about
the advantages of a European educa-
tion for girls,:' said the woman fromr-
the west "I'll never l I: ain ui ti'
charm of the convent bred ynvg wAn-
man. I've lost mn la.st Ii,,li t,,.. ,[1D,
one of the. pr :tt,.)E t o,tlin:r l" *. I :
W ashln,..tno .(-tild .1a -t.[ r, r
m y benefit. b !. i !:.,,If t 7 .. : .
She has a look of beirin, s-'i., ii ., .1. i
she Is somebody. She be'.;:., a n 3
diplomatic corps.
"I saw he:'e st au bi ri.-'.,.i ''i o
or three weeks ago. and I w.. ,. i ,.. c
with delight. I tbL u.,i.i i ; ... :. r-
ous and unrt-fined 1.I .1 2 ,, ". i girl-
seemed behSdeI hLr. I Ih. -i ,iJ, LhsIlSfl-d
to think how Ii.-,ir .;:.i ; .*.'- r hoc,'.
her. So gentle. s' lu ui . .. I :. ;nl i..
I kept as near iter aiL I ,.i.i. fcr I
wanted to Lie.-; 'er ril, .: . t .1 t
P stood u next er i thin i- -: ,'.4 r,.,ui.
Bomnel.ody.v uantedu lh1I ,i'. ,:.:, hi:.
She d idn'ti Waui to "..>. .id..i 'jl,;. 4j
Syou think li..lt (1.\l,,..-ni ,, i:.,h .t
E Turop-.-aJ It :.,.r.lne itfltlU .- tLd'
"'Nu. A L l I1 I i i ::at tO g ',
bhot e. I L l 'i 1. I(:1112r Iti ,r ..h t
feed.' "-\\- u :.L .L < "'. t.

Str e








m A -AFIIL111P1 ~ I -l1 I_.- U-l

I._>iu ........b-- -c w_..PHi B Jt-_i 'l ;ii '



. I. S, U

_ 5----1-11_~-L--


-I- arild A-rl.I i -


- V b At MwAwWmd&PM-




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