Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: January 26, 1899
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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First Last, and all the




Senators-Hon. Sam'l Pas,.o, Monticello,
Hon S. R. Mallory. Pensacola.
epresentatives- Ist District,S.M.Stirkl-
saan# Tampa; 2d District, R. W.
Davis, P.lalka.
L:nd Office-Register, W. G. Rotinson;
Iteceiver-H. S. Chubli, Gainesville.
d.overnor-W. D. Bloxliam; Secretary of
State, J. L. Jrawford: treasurer, J. B.
"hjtield; Attorney General Win. B. LU-
niar; Coin ptroller, W. H. Reynolds; Si.-
erintendent if Puhli,; Insttucti"in. W.
N'N. Sheathi Commissioner of Agricul-
Sii.L, L Womlwell; Adjutant Ge -
13.r i43. InENATOf.
id Di.lriet,Saminel Pasco Monticello.
' rwenty-fifth District--J. B. Clarke, We-
.-prcseutative, W. G. ClcrLinn,.Vernon;
County Judge, D. D. Melvin, \einon;
Clerk of Court, Courify Clerk, Itecordler
of Deeds, W. B. La.Qitter, Vernon;
Sheriff, C. G. Allen, Clipiey;Treasurtl r,
G. J. Parish, Verion; Tax Colleclor. A.
Q. Jones, Vernon; Ta": Assessor, J.
W Williams Chipley; Superintendent
of Pihblie Instruction, W. L Lockey,
Chipli ; Surveyor, P. L. Horn, Orange
d.siiice of the Peace. W. I. Siigleterry;
Notary Publics, W. A. Emmbtis, C. H.
Crippen: Deputy Circuit Court Clerk.
W. A. Emmons: School Directors, R.
* F.Br are;Post MastMer, L. M. Ware
.. ., HARriSON.
Postmistress, Mrs. M. B. Jenks.
'oatmaster and Notary Public, W. H.

?ost mistress, Mrs. Hasselborg.
postmaster, S. W. Anderson
PoGtmasler, Mrs. R. Gay.
I'ostmasteri Martin Post.
Postmastee, I. J. Johnson,
'Po.tnmistrepas,Mrs. Dyer.
Postmanste, P. N. Hutchimnson.
ustofttice on Laird's Mill Bayou.

4io'iaries, E. Molher, Frank loskiis,
I'i ,,tm- ter, W. M. Croman; iCoun
ty Cmii -uii lol rn,. H. ,Ii. Spicer
trip ( Cl.irk I t',C i. S. T. W' alkl' y
it, E I 1 G 1-0 U 0 .
bletthu.,dist-Clur>hl cor. Wnshington ave
.knd, ChrFt nut st-Rev. L. G. Gunn,
S paslor. Pre.aching at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. ni. every alterntoe Sunday.
Y.P.S.'C.- E.-Prayer meeting at the
Prslayleria c irchre every Sunday after
f 'n at 3:30 o'clock. All are invited.
fi'Aptist-ChImIIht, corner of Wyoming
; .%- tin' st d Cii,.'iim ati street. Church
| 'oierpr turday before first Sunday
1 - p. in. Sunday selchool every Sunday at
Q:3(l s. m. Preaching second and fourth
Sundays in each month. Rev. J. P. Smith,
"PrellyvterianD -0lhtrch corner Lorainem
ivenlnte "tind Dr.ike street; Rev. R. J.
ellwait pastor; preaelnig on s ico nd
Sunday of each month at 11 o'clock a. m
6ud at 7 p. in. Sunday Schtool at 9:30
a. m. every Sunday, John Sturiock, Supt.
atlholi9- hiicch corner Wyomtig ave.
time ammd foster street
'he northern rIail, via Andersbn, Gay,
Bayhead and Chiplev departs eerey day
except Sunday at 3:00 o'clock; a. m.;
Arrives every day, except Sunaay at
7:40 p. inm. .
litt Bay mail for Harrison, Cronmanton,
Parker, Farmtdale and Wetappo, leaves
St.-Andrews going east every morning
at 6 o'clock'aind leaving Wetappo it
I o'clock, arsires, coming west every
evening at 7 o'clock.
SCHEDULE OFP RM F.:--'-or etich five
minutes, or fraction thereof, u-.e of
Between St.Andrews Bay & Gay.... 10mc
A .. Bayhead 15e
S '. Chipley.. 25e
i ChIpley & Bayhond ....... 15ce
S & I Gauy............ 2 c
6t Bayhead & Gay .....-....-- 5-
For transmission liy telegraph l0c.
extrla, not including telegraphic service.
SW. A. EMMONS. Gen'I Mgr.

W-\. A. EMMI()NS.
tPnt % 'ire it Coi, r t'l,-rk and No-L
l.irYv 'lilic for ht- Stite t Lar : lihas
am, ria dii.'t i i.,' i m a ii ,l i -iiii l > .,lh t ,. e
A llid .tvil l tr liA .,. ,,-1iIi,, led-i. l t[inlf8,
eta .. a itvw ia'r, it l i. I m, ..>.I-i.i :,l-
t r 'l,,I h i e, f l ,l .,< ,l V II i I < t ,l aI d
LO to ,'ria- ge -k rvni .,t.' ,.' ,- iss'ed
r, l,to [ lllv i l ,'i i, I : I-il'li< >., 1 tt
Sthe UOY 0 < ..: Ah.. B,3I.

Hormieopatli ic Phsi .'thiamin nd Ae-
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-
gan street,
St. Andrews Floridut

Physician and. Dirugist, Commerce st.,
east of Bavview,'Offers his professional
services to the citizens of St. An-
drews and vicinity. Residence on Buena
Visnta avenue.

Notary Public;
Will attend promptly to all business de-
nI-uidinz his attention. Office on Bay.-
view street.,one block r.ortheast of T
C DIanford's store
Justice of the Peace.,
Will give prompt atten'ion to all matters
coming within hia jurisdition.. Ac-'
knowledgments taken; oaths adminis-

dne DJollar a Year in Advance.

Editor and Proprietor.
Display nad rates 50c per inch permonth
Position ;nd extraordinary condition
iates suliert to special aerenement.
"Local Diill," 5ec per line. first insertion
2'..c each subsequent. Display locals
double sl'ove rati9s.

Where tne Sandman GeLs


The Sandman, 0, the Sandman,
. When he rides into the town,
Then all the little children
Drop their little eyelids down.
They know when ho.s-'oming
And his power can not withstand,
But still they always wo 'er
Where the Sandman gets his sand!
He gallo's through the country
And he gallops through the street,
But the busy'little child en
Never hear his horse's feet.
They never see him scatter
What he holds within his hand,
And that is why th .y wonder
Where the Sandman keeps his sqnd!
He rides o'er beds of poppies,
And he rides o'er fields of hay;
And sure he gathers something
As he gallops on his way,
To lay upon the eyelids
Of the children in the land,
Who rub their eyes and wonder
How the Sandman gets his sandi
But early in the morning,
When they wake as fresh and new
As pretty little rosebuds
With their faces washed with dew-
Oh, then they are so thankful,
All the merry little band,
That in the wide world, somehow,
The good Sandman finds his sand!
A Little Lad's Answer.
Christian Advocate.
Our little lad came in one day,
With dusty shoes and tired feet;
His playtime had been hard and long,
Out in the summer's noontide heat,
"I'm glad I'm home," he cried, and
His tor strTt'ax.v lr. up in tho, hall,
While in the corner by by the door,
He put away his bat and ball.

"I wonder why," his auntie said,
"This little lad always comes here,
When there are many other homes
As nice as this and quite as near?"
He stood a moment deep in thought,'
Then, with a lovelight in his eye,
He pointed where his mother sat,
And said: "She lives here, that is
With beaming face the another heard;
Her mothem-heart was very giad;
A true, sweet answer he nad given;
That thoughtful, loving little lad,
And well I know that hosts of lads
Are just as loving, true and dear:
That they woald answer as he did;
"'Tis home, for mother's living
The Carol of the Wires.
Would you listen to music entrancing,
And played by invisible hands?
To a strain that sets snow-birds a-danc-
As round it they circle in bands?
Linger here by the wayside forsaken,
When day in red sunset expires;
When the keen winds of winter awaken,
And list to the song of thfe wires.4,
'Tis the telegraph harp stretched to
On posts that the tall forests gave;
And these answer, when wild winds are
Their brothers whose branches still
But of nature the treetops arc 'inging,
The secret of forest .,Lf..,___
While the wires their swift messages
Chant the will and good wishes of
men .

About Your Name and Address
inm a Letter.
"Correct Usage in Letter Writing," )y
Viola Roseboro in Demorest's Maga-
zine for January.
Make a practice of signing your
name in full; it is the dignified way.
Ar.d if von have not given your ad-
dress in the beginning, be sure you
do at the close ot your letters. To
date letters is a good habit, but in
most correspondence it is not so im-
portant as to give your address.
Don't assume that people remember
it; you may occupy less space in
their mind than you think, and don't
make them take the trouble of look-
ing you up in an. address book.
Finally and emphatically, never
use 'a title in signing your own
name. If you want a stranger to
know whether you are Miss or Mrs.
put tihe proper term in parentheses
before your naiiie; but nothing could


Tariff' and Revenute.
C:ncinnali Emiquirer.
"'"lmeie is no excuse for thi tariff
rt1 printing paper use'. !"r news and
book painting," says thie Philadel-
phia Recolid; "we arc exporters amii
not importers of thi, equality of paper.
Tho tariff, therefore brings in no rev-
enue, and only serves ats an induce-
ment to combinations for plinderingt
the coin.umer.')
WhAt %ill you do about it? It.
mai be that the shoemakeri" on
t-i 'n i' rnm IILI ti n- 'aM uI rii i u1..1 Ini- & ii&

Had t nott been for a itmmitg;.,, i,
a M is, ttonr'i l h..m,i.tea.l tIhe w i, .1I
would never lia ,e r.c:i .\sit e I L ) Ml
Cooper's ionIltelil lpili l',mi ,-ii '" Iil
by." There tnim ht hI ve ii, -en
painting of that iulhject b3 the same
artist, but it could never have been
the masterpiece the present painting
is. It was that mortgage that gave
Mr; Cooper his beautiful model.
Some years ago this young woman
was living the happy life of a coun-
try girl on her 'wealthy father's farm
in western Missouri. She grewv up
wild and free, unrestrained in spirits
and form. living very close to nature.
No corsets ever encircled her waist,
and no tight shoes distorted her
feet. She grow to womanhood atn
unfettered child of nature, beautiful
in face and form. Then came mis-
fortune for hemr father. The grass-
hoppers devastated his fields, and ihe
was compelled to mortgage tihe
homestead. The father sickened
and died. leaving his wife aind
daughter without resources and within

cured e'i&loment as n casi.ic
depart meant tor'e, and the dat
is cloak model i:i the same(
lislhiment. Their e.'immn .n Il
was to save niimIIney enough t10
the mortgage on the lhoin-tead
tl11 y caume' atnI woelt to tlIeit
they began to attract attvnti4
all eyes weie ulon thetii..
youg twomnan aoon bec:me i
as the 'O-Liinug Venna," m adut
was known Lu many -,lc,
Jniw jinthig of lie' I i .,
Jin .,a .. e -

S. ian.as City, "r,.i
Cool-r ilinatl e had seen thI
of g-idle.-s.like foim, w i
wouli smv-ye for a model f,.ra p
"Trilby," know ing that C ole
searching for such a io i-jel.
artist went post haste K
City. He manager to secure a
production to thie beautiful girl,
with all possible tact smgge.-lt
purpose. Sire indignantly re
his offer, but Cooper wa.s s'
pressed With her beauty tih:
would not be content with a re
He argued with the mother,tpei-t
her, and promised a price thtL
raise the mortgage, and enmlea
to show the daughter that there
be no sacrifice ot her maidlenly
esty. He told her that her m
could go with her and be with It
the time she was posing. F
she yielded. At Cooper's o ea
home in San Jose, Cal., duriti
following four months she wo
sole model, and furnished tl i
ration for this goat picture.
,the picture was comnplete.l,
mother and daughter return
Kansas City, where the dain
was soon married.

Trials of an Iuventorm.
Deniorest's M.agaz;ne for J.niaary.
In an interview in D-1m-1
Magazine, M.-, H. Brm iigr'-
1i0veil yll ( .-: No '"J m I.,
deratand tlhe word *'di- WT
until be sets himself to i
something in elect:i.'ity. 1
prepare a machine and atten
rosedly to every iCetail. My
would rise with every step to
its completion. Then all wca
ready, only to find unlon thl '
lion of heat t*hat all was wa ,t
work of months and the value m
and 'money all dli-ij.ated int
tuintites. At the coll:i;ise oft
machine which preceded the t
fill one, one of my as-i.stauts,l
wlho had worked with me [tor
broke down and cried. I rein
lie turned tearfully to ime aanl
"why don't you cry?" '-That'i,,
yon aro hired for," I aitswaered
quit then. unable to begin agai
two weeks later I hal, thie il

would agree %iith you, ibati they will
not undertake to correct any ot the
inequalities and uistakes'of the pies-
eut taiiff. They are afraid to open
the question. They have blundered
ever since they took up President
-McKinley's proposition that an equal-
ization ot government receipts and
expenditures was a prime prere-
quisite to prosperity in the country.
rhe enactment at the extraordinary
session of congress failed miserably
to raise the revenue necessary to sus-
tr.in tihe government. Later the im-
position of a war tax was all that
saved the country from a con-
dition which Mr. McKinley seemed
to regard as dreadful when he took
hold of the government. It was all
that kept the treasury from contin-
nous running behind. Aad now.
there is thIe complacent announce-
mnent that therb will be no change
in taxation for a long time to come.
and the pi-esident of the United
States himself extends the poor com-
fort that the people will know that
taxation will not be fluctuating.
It is a reminder of what the amiable
ladv said about her husband. She
"allowed" that he was the most
even tempered man she had eyer'
known-always angry. Taxes are
always high. They are to be kept
high so that people will get used to
them. T'he people, though to use
the +wod c(_-llce ',vely and in tlie ,in
gular number-is not so much of a
fool as it sometimes seems to be to a
mati making a speech from the rear
platform of a sleeping car.

How the Treaty of Peace Was
A London paper tells this story of
the final signing of the peace treaty:
"Eveiy.diplomatic instrument hears
a seal from whizlh depends a ribbon,
and when thIe seal is about to be
affixed to the treaty the commission-
ers, both of Spain and America, ox-
pie.sed a desire, in graceful acknowl-
edgement of the courtesy shown by
Fiance, that the dependent ribbon
should be tiicolored. Search was
forthwith made high and low in the
Quai d'Orsay, with the result that
in the foreign office of the French
republic not a bit of ribbon of Phe
French colors could be found. At
this critical june.ure a brilliant in-
spiration flashed across one of the
heads of the department. 'Go,' he
said to a messenger, 'to M. X-, the
confectioner, in the Rue St. Monrote,
for a pound of chocolate cakes, aind
be sure yon askI him to tie them up
with a tricolor ribbon.' With that
bit of confectioner's ribbon the treaty
of peace between, Spain anil thn-
United Stales a as sealed.i"

The Story of a Monel.
Wamhin1gton Poit.

0 ac:mto it, mmml i-tic bec'i1T1'~'9~

,i (tli 0 it, alnid .lhe bec'alin
I1' nl I" I ,o lle mm I i[ inlg t
It1-iie l *miI a-i 'll' inth .U1lice. 1
I,,.' i t,'. ly, an1 1 ,d I e-rv t !

.t ill L. .r h ier m ai ,len n nie,
from choice or necessity 1
undertake to say. But I kh
the others, who were ctre -la
attractive in their auipearar.tc
more or less h1Vippily .iimrried.
tion this, not ad an ad I';Im r j
mten, ot to ia 1prei s tilln ci
as to tihe value I iiir'li ti.'
perhaps unconsciously m.,,iti
on this quality in woman's \
know that I am corcrct i
chat a mamn will form an mif
first impression of a i'n '
quickly from dowdiness or
neos in dress than front any
figure, face or intellect.
Pretty Girls. These
"The Houtzdale(Penn.) Jour
"The W ,S of the Houtz
are slender and delicately tint
i i i are like ***, and they are
- in this or any other . Timii
are like ttt. and their 123450,

-$ '---


I,,, - --~ -- ~ _

-wd1iul b ge w ig t hedid my test to follow bis advice, L.UTi
,n,, itol brge watching the mun t that mia. ralJe spector wa,, at my elbow
S w, k. \VlieL t lie ati 1 on tUtratn day aud night and embittered my whole
it.,,, ,,:,,-, i tot cant malui,,g, the btilge existence. Idon't believe I am a cow- (
t he..... " ard, but the thought preyedoun me un-
Setih, as tittcably weak, a"nd e weight til I beoan to fear for my sanity.
ill not of the train jarred it so seriously "At last, after, all these years of in-
l. that tliat all -toe wooden piling under it finite precaution, I wont to a first class t
h that all the wooay. specialist to find out how much longer I
neat, w arrived away. I'd last and was assured that I hadn't
a meal II When Troy saw the piling had one single symptom of the malady. Talk
beeaall carried away ad tat the about moving a mountain from a
men- be carried away and that t man I That assurance knocked off an en-
S b idge had settled, he hurried up to tire range. It changed the color of the
t-it" ion ilg the traiti from hIarttord, which universe in a twinkling, and I was so
lit i would arrih e at th'i point about 5' happy I wanted to just throw up my
wolhpe. hat and yell.
S o'clock. "That was a couple of years ago, and
-s. It had grown quite dark by this I have enjoyed myself tiptop ever since
-. tie amd Toy had io lamttr, hut up to one day last week, when I hap-
limen opened to be chatting with the specialist
S as tie train camne along he took and remarked that I'd like to murder
,, athes fronm his pocket and lighted that sawbonesin Texas. E don't blame
mi..d, them for a.atnger signal. H t was you,' he said. 'That man had no right
Sn sthu te i ; tle trg ignalt. as to tell you that you had heart disease.
ft itjnst in time;' tie train stopped as tHie If I had found you right at death'sdoor,
t gim me ywas about to go oi the bridge. I certainly would never have let you
orkmen cate to eair know it.' Now, by Jove, I don't know
When t workmen came to repair who or what to believe and am drifting
s thet bridge they tried to induce Troy back to the old state of uncertainty. I
e girls to go to two'k with then, but hie re- wish I e livedardinoa c orannibal island andr
tt teiewashad nev3rbheard of d doctors. -NeW Or-
,their fsed, declaring that the bridge was leans Times-Democrat.
ithont likely to fall at any minute. His V ittle furniture is usea i tue
r wa cam too lat Befre the bedroom le furniture is house. ine
,-i t, itt warm mg ca n e too l nate. Be f'o re time bedroom s of T u rk ish houses. R arely i1

Washington Counit

West Florida.
Ai ainst the World.=

NO. 44.

uliambeth Ctrinwei, ,
Oroinwell legends are so abiqitdtoud
n England that it is a real relief to la
one's hand 'ipon a bit of solid fact re.
ting either to the protector or his
family. Elizabeth, 4he second and fai
)rite daughter of Cromwell, married
ohn (Ilaypole of Northborougb, and
ppeara to have spent a considerable
)rtion of her 12 years of wedded "lf
his substantial fourteenth century
house. Carlyle asserts Elizabeth Clay-,
le to have teau "a graceful, brave .
nd amiable woman," aid of her home //
at it is "now ruined-patched into .
The second statement is not oharao-^
riaed-.qy hi...

.. JAN. 26, 1899.

e ML The Poetol Childhood. Eyes of Famous Men.
. telr 11cllur,..'. Temple Ba'r.
b- Unce wl.ile traveling by rail Eu- Accoi.eing to Tielawny no man i
tbv ille Field was ,-ccoigitze.l by a work- had blighter eyes than Byron; they oa
i off ingian wh o mhad heard him lecture were gray and fHinged with long ifa
*K, tjie night hel'oe. The man as ac- lak la ac- sblak lashes. Lxlv B!essington, v(
,1 enmpanied by his iiate l, ,l b;'lv. w it ing rf him a few tn,,ii ths before J
nil Picking up the child, lie biroilight it his deplartimo to Greece, adds that a pc
lie over to MIr. Field, amnd .riesnltig it. ur e\ \ns vi.0ibly larger than tho inh
[ n ai.l uit i nl air ofI ill ct rcsi'l-eI: ,thoer. hC
'T "Nw. little ote, 1 uautn( yo t,, lo,.k Charles Laman isde..cribed as lhav. an
o at- this ger.ilenanii. He i.s Mr. IField, ing glittliing eyes, stiamugely disim, tb
-and when vo r up y 'll I. l d ilar i l' colubr, .nm ibeig lizel, til.- a
0 tE t h ,t -' ha v r-I -t, bJ. cks t:g tv i .the .e

S "Insis.ad of inmerely t'..i t in,' tle stu so
conventional kindl w,, dl c.. 'li.- EI ves, e kno w, ate a lt t, : irv th
n 1 m iet. t theo umfatl e 's t ple.I .l a.t n- ,,n.iil '.'.1.lv in .l,.a ,l,.s of co,,ln in thoe fe:
4 i,-.-,ment, Mr. Fiel.d hldI nm his, a m-, aie inlividlal f,',,u time tO time- a go
S k tee ba I i.t that elxplais why \Vord.orth'.. yo
e t,,,k the balb tIrI, it-, b .,r r anlit
ans la el with it atnl tal: eI t,, it in Ih s familiar ,l.,.i i| ;o lt 'Clteril-'e as a t
a b i- m,.st ch!m ning nan ,or I, a h nr notice l.,h ina, wit 1ar'. r:'y cy .
i or more, evi-dently enj .yig the n. w ,v ei- iot quite i *gi (eye 's aere l
l e ac.i,1ua tut:a> ceshil, th.n,,,1u lly Limt-elf. i gt 'r-ei that a i e W*e e I deo
u t, wi tiUg the cooing confidence ot thie light hlmel, no this ag.i it, th e1t wi
,' baby, and, of course, delighting the writer who found them ght gra, pa
t ih- r nd parents t~obe o uttermot, gt -pronment, aid of liquid brilliancy, t
at e lul more character ic is an an- as though the orb itself retreated to en
S edoStillte of Mr. Fieldaractr's wedding dan- the innermost recesses of the brain." hi
u1 .l ecdote of Mr. Field's wedding (JmHatem ton's brilliant grayreyes V
wYld Never was a man more devoted tolis (j hay b eyes rer
jo.el wife; nevertheless, on the (lay that were ins most remarkable feature. Ci
need made her h;s he was guilty of keep- UIllr sting excitement on, ap-

ing her waiting for a time in church. 'ear1 Sigter and, as i tl case Tn
The brdal party had assembled and of 1 rmn, lager than the other. Cal- bu

1, a; wee rapidly becoming uneasy. At c(tt my' "it was like the ee or aat
e all haw-i and that one could lce his an
inally length, after an anxious delay some awil- aold th at o. e co uld s"e lis an
rftu Sone went out in search of the miss- Iou through it." Barrett "nevor
t. ig bride groom. He was fund on saw such eye,, fire tolling at the He

as tlh the street a snort distance away, bottom of them aurpd osely difesses
in, i- down on his knees in the mud. ab- that lie Ctten purposely difere i
Wh i llhed in settling a dispute between opinion from Chatterton to see how di
etl t wo small street arabs that had aris- W"ond'fully his eye would strike fire, gq

mI t over a game of marbles Listen- kindle amd blaze u. sin
htet ing with eager interest to the testi- Anudulo, as became a nituralist, ti
Soiferated at either ea by te had '-"hawk-like eyes that flashed like fig
I Ill0 nnV vot*iferated at either ear by tae
a hcarch-lig-lt and were ever on the c
leliigerent parties and their friends, were eer o in
Sand trying to evolve a peaceful corn- alert for e.ch ntovement of ail- w
lie out of a vey lively quarrel, mated nature." 'The duke of WVel- ly
promise out of a very lively quarrel,inton also had. it is sai'lWue d,
lsti h was abruptly reminded that just .gon also had, it ws said, blue d
ithe thi he had something more import- liawk's eyes gleaming with military to
genius. t
_..- aipt to. .t.tand to, and hateneC'l peni- The- tmostriki;g f :attre ofBurIs n,
t"." tenily away to make his anxious I s darkIt T
-ver bride M-s. Field. was hs large dark eye. It was, we co
, d are told by one writer, "full of mind st
A Convenient Table. and literally glowed when lie spoke fl:
sup- The 'Household," in Demorcst's Maga- with emotion or interest." Sir \V. dg
hope zine for January. ott, o knw te poethe
ward., When the housewife has no scales lived ico, wh knew te oet, says wh neve th
IId be lie tillowing table will be fouid very lived int E liinrgl, says, "I never
lica. convenient: saw such another eye in a human ay
g, the One fluid ounce contains two table- had, an I I have seen te most i-
,gtmo lo,,ful. tinguished meinn of my time." Vp
I time .' loodul.. p|
a low Oine drain, or sixty drops, makes a A Famous Woman Portrait dM
o las-t te.spooonful. Painter. b
ccess- One rounded tablespoonful of gran.- "America's Women Painters," in Demo- R
man ialated sugar, or two of flour or pw- rest's Magazlone for Jnnry. Eliz-
"Women alone considered, Eliz'm-
yearlered sugar, weigh one ounce, beth Gardner, long the pupil of B,u- E
embem One liquid gill equals four fluidfe is p o
-guereat and now his wife, is, pnr'hals oi
l baid, On .tim le greatest figure painter America o
Il,at One fluid ounce (j of a gill) equals e figure painter America o
what One fluid ounce of a gill)equalshas thuti fai brought forth. Born in
SHe eight drams. New Haiipshire, "he went in 1873 to
m, ltt A piece of butter as large as a Pari., where some years ag' her t
ialitc suitil egg weighs twoounces.
Nine large or twelve small eggs paiuti og. "Iunoeence,.' wot lot her Y'
;eigh one pound, wit thl se the gold medal of the Salon, Hr H
othe style follows closely that of her hus- n
th ,..f u, + band and master. Shie composes
t Iule OtOne level teacuplul of butter or
tanle O le witit skill, models with delicacy, andt
r'-Jiu g anul.,tud sugar weighs half colors with an even, a eable, b

uth 1"" not brilliant palette. Her young mgt
.der- Flagged WVith Matclhes. children arc always lovely >..nul appeal w
Sel,, The Jamestown (N. Y.) Stand- str:, ight to every mnoth.r's heart. b

fIrd- a: prints a remarkable story of the Tj
ed he"ti manner in wlich a railroad employee How Doctor. Drer. i
edi hemmein a rair d ntie "For ten solid years, said a New i
ile of n.lv-d a p 5a1enger t1ain ,1 tlle Orleans broker, "I li-ed in perpetual
,It a live' of tlIo.se on blaril. 'I'ltO .tcr apprebdlnion of sudden death. A doc- d
ii a is given a.t fllowv.: tor in Tesastold me-confound his pio-
aytan- i t ture-that I had valvular heart disease, -
,. i ait. Troy, of Ha'tl'od, 't a and if I wanted to btay on earth I must
i1 0i~~t i :~i~~d~>xy~i- f 'i~hn


that -re not very robust need as
warming, building and fat-forming
ood-something to be used fortw
or three Tmonths in the fall-that
they may not suffer from cold.



of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos&
phites of Lime and Soda supplies
exactly what they want They
will thrive, grow strong and b
wegl all winter on this splendid foo*
tonic. Nearly all of them become
very fond of it. For adults who
are' not very strong, a
Af course of treatment with
the Emulsion for a couple
of months in the fall will
put them through, the
winter in first-class on-:
dition. Ask your doctor
About tiA s.
Be sure you get SCOTT'S Emulsion. Seet thatthO
On and fish ar- cn the wraDOer.

me turning of her bead over her fa-
er's elevation, anud at a wedding
ast is reported to have exclaimed
ben asked whyJe wives of the major
nerals were absent, "I'll warrant
ou, washing their dishes at home, as
ey used to do." Not a particularly
amiable" sentouco that. ;
Cromwell scems to have had some
sight of her little weakness. "Tell
er," he wrote once, "to take heed of a
parting heart and of being cozened
ith worldly vanities and worldly oom*
fny, which, I doubt, she is too subject
." It is agreed by most authorities
at John Claypole himself was little
ough of a Puritan, but let it stand tcl
s credit that, after Oliver died, h4
ovided a haven for his widow for the
st of her life in this manor house.-
ncinciunati Commercial Tribune. /

Yv Prmsos in thi state to nianage ourr
asiness in their own and nearby coun-*
!. It is simply office work conducted
home. Salary straight $900 a year
expenses --definite, bofiafide,no more*,
less salary. Monthly $75 Refeiences.
close self-addressed stamped envelope.,
erbert E. Hess Prest. Dept. M. Chicago.

How Far Can Quail Flyt
A number of sportsmen have been
soussing the question of how far &
rail can fly. There are a good many
ntingencies to be considered in arriv-
g at a definite conclusion of the ques-
on, the which outs no inconsiderable
jure in the distance one of these birds
n fly. If there is a stiff wind blow-
,g and the bird's 'course is with th0
ind, a full grown quail could certain-
y go more than a mile with ease and
doubtless a much greater distance. ,
Those who have noticed quail trying
o fly across the Missouri river, where
be distance isa about a mile, recall that
ot all the birds make the trip safely,
Phey usually pick a spot where they
an make a halt on a sand bar in mid-,
tream, and thus cross the river in tWOi
rights. But sometimes they make the,
distance at a single flight, and this
)ems to be their full limit under not-
al conditions, for when they alight
hey are completely exhausted.
.It is generally believed that on an,
average a mile is about the limit of the
eight of a quail where it is neither fa-
ored nor retarded by the wind. It hap-.
ens very often that in crossing the:
[issouri river at a single flight quail
rop exhausted into the water. Proba-,
ly these are young birds.-St. Louis
republio. __
Golden Silence. ,
A man who once met Ralph Walto.
umerson at the house of a friend tells
f the characteristic way in which thoa
oncord philosopher blunted the edge
f a compliment.
"Oh, Mr. Emerson," said a young
roman of the party, "it must be so de-
ghtful to know that people all over,
ie country are grateful for the things
ou have said!"
"Thank you," said Emerson slowly,,
but it is for some of the things I have
ot said that I feel most grateful."
A Story of George IV.
In Lady Gregory's newly published,
reminiscences she says of George IV'a
rip to Ireland in 1821: "The king ar-
ived after a good .passage, during:
vhioh much goose pie and whisky ha4
een consumed. Word had just come of
he death of Napoleon at St. Helena.
'he story goes that 'Sire, your enemy
s dead,' were the words he was greeted
ii,t'. 'When did she die?' was his re-,
ponse. Bat tho qdeen was indeed also




The Unattractlveuess of
Slasculine iWoman.
"Lay Sermons for Womn.ii" lvy I't
Carr in Demorest's Magazineri
uarv .
WVhen I was a college o
kiew a girl who \iellh'd ti a.ii-t
standable desire' toi be ;, go,
among good follows, ana for
hl raniei. -f4 this alilitimnu cro1-
Ilaii ,cl,,, ', iUt I> ckcC-t ill t mic
mIm -l ir it-, aii ,iit,..' ,ea:\y b ,'
. -," i--r. Shle rir>ses ic real I
line.-s, but h r alp n'ra ce i.



LII-~Wl~wYPU-- ----



____ _


F' I


NoTE.-It must be remembered that the
Swindis not a wholly reliable motive pow-
Ser and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possible to make schedule time it must be
I argued to the elements; they do the best
they canll.

Win. Crawford.
Makes regular trips between St. Andrews
b ay and Pensacola. Passengers and
freight transported at reasonable rates,
S and with every attention to the safety
I and comfort of the former, and safe
delivery of the latter. For particulars
address, R.C. GWALTNEY, Lssee,
S'. Andr rs s Bay, Flai.


eavf eSt. Andriw; BIv every Tuesda,
leaves Penisacola e\'eiy Fridai.
(weather periiiitting). Special atteli-
tion will be given to receiving and
forwarding freight lor ni:rties livini.. on
East and North li.ay, .'.as.engers for
points on either amn of the Bay can
depend upon securing prompt trans-
portation at reasonable rates. For
further information apply to
L. M. WARE & Co., Agis

Carries the East Bay Mail between St.
Andrews Bay, Welappo and intermedi-
ate points. Leaves St. Andrews daily
(except Sunday) at 6:00 a. m.; arrive at
Wetappo at 12:30 p. m.; leave Wetappo
at 1:00 p. m.; arrives at St. Andrews a(
7:30 p. m. Makes landings regularly at
i Harrison, Cromanton, Parker, Pitts-
burg and Farmdalc. For passenger and
freight rates, see rate card in the scv-
eral postoffices.
DAviD M. WITHERILL. 0Contractor.

A Week's WVeatelr.
The following table gives the maxi-
mum, minimum and mean tempera-
tures, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, for the twenty-four hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. m., as indicated by U. S.
government self-registering thermom-
eters. Max:Min. Mean. R'n W'd
Jan 18 62 45 53 .00 n
19 48 37 42 .00 nw
20 58 34 46 .00 sw
21 60 38 49 .00 sw
S 22 62 42 52 .00 s
'" 23 67 52 59 .14 se
24 63 50 56 .11 w
For week... 60 I 45 | 521 .251

BETTER than care Is prevention.
By taking Hood's Sarsaparilla you
may keep well, with pure blood, strong
nerves and a good APPETITE.

Parker Lodge No. 142
S-. .A. 1
Regular Communi-
it, cations on the first
iand third Saturday
Iiin each monthly.
Visiting Brothers
W. A. EMMONS, Secretary

To Cure a Cold lin One Day,
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. 25c. The genuine has L. B. Q. on
each tablet.
-The Runlng Passion.
A celebrated musical critic was re-
cently married in church, and after the
ceremony, as the wedding procession
marched down the aisle, the organist
played the wedding march from "Lo-
engrin." When near the door, the
bridegroom stopped in the march and
addressed the wondering assembly thus:
"I know I am committing a breach
of etiquette as well as propriety in do-
ing this, but I am not to blame. It is
my mental organization which has be-
come ineffably sensitive 'by reason of
the critical nature of my duties."
Then he drew from the pocket of his
dresw coat a well thumbed copy of the
soore of "Lohengrin." Opening it at
the march, he went over to the organist
and said:
*What offended my ear was the fact
that in the seventeenth bar of the da
capo passage you flatted very badly,
and in the andante movement you
slurred the appoggiatura. Now," put-
ting his finger upon the passage, "let
us try that again."
Ounce, more the organ pealed forth,
and this time the player, conscious that
the great critic was listening to him,
accomplished his duty with credit to
himself and to the great satisfaction of
be critic.--Pick Me Up.

A Postal Joke.
A weat aider recently approached a
certain postoffice official. His face was
frtaen; so was his voice.
"Say," he said, "I don't think it's
right for you to make your letter par-
riers do double duty."
What do you mean?" exclaimed the
"Why, we've got a carrier over onr
way who is at it day and night."
"At what?"
"Why, he carries mails all day, and
fhen has an extra male to carry at
The official looked puzzled.
i ." l- at's queer," he said. "I'll inquire
ftiitt." Then his face brightened up.
"*oldon," ho cried. "What does
tha4 night mail weih'i?'
*"About nine pounds," said the citi-
elen with a hoarse chuckle.
The official grinned.
"Guesa he'll have to stand it," he
pl& '"It's just a short route, you
now. "-Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Ler#t tesay "No" when a dealer offers
y 0W something "just as g od" in place of
Hand'. Smarsaparilla. There can be no

-Razors and pocket knives at the Pi-
oneer Drug Store."7
-Taxes for 1898 are now due and will
become delinquent April 1, 1899.
-Fresh Florida grown garden seeds
and onion sets at the Pioneer Drug
--You can get file prunes, figs, dates,
raisins and& candies at the Pioneer
Drug Store.
-Triumph watermelon, seeds-Mel-
ons weigh as high as 100 pounds-at Pi-
oneer Drug Store.
-Wannamaker & Brown's samples
for Tailor Made Suits at L. M. Ware &
Co's. Call and get prices.
-Allens Tasteless Chill Tonic, Sar-
saparilla and Yellow Dock are the
best. For additional evidence call on
Dr. J. J. Kester.
-"Lewis'" men's and women's Ox-
ford ties, from $1 to $2, and a nice lot of
patent tip low cuts at $1 a pair at at L.
M. Ware & Co'_.
-The young people enjoyed a most
pleasant dance at the home of Mrs. i..
Stone. corner of Buena V,ista avenue
and Drake street, la.-it Monday night.
-A\ ood b1.i Tablet, for rt a: a larger

tamet with 1 lavsfor l0ts: a1- with
handsome covers and good, ruled paper,
at the BuoCY office.
-A protracted meeting was begun
in the Presbyterian church last night
and will continue through next Sunday
and perhaps longer if the interest man-
ifested will warrant it.
-Bring your ordinary school ink bot-
tle to the Buoy office and for 5c get it
filled with Arnold's celebrated Chem-
ical Writing Fluid-tle very best ink
made. Must have your own cork.
-Rev. M J. Webb occupied the pul-
pit in the Baptist chui ch last Sunday,
morning and evening. Rev. Webb will
conduct services in the Bautist church
every fourth Sunday in each month un-
til further notice.
-The St. Andrews Horticultural
and Improvement Company is prepar-
ed to clear. improve and plant into fruit
any tract of land which may be given
them. It will pay all persons to buy a
tract from them and have it improved.
-Handsome letter heads with St.
Andrews Bay date line and views of
either St.Andrews Bluff, orBuena Vista
Point, at 8c. per dozen; also map of the
St. Andrews Bay country on back of a
letter sheet at 12c. per dozen, at the
BuoY office
-Quite a number of the friends of
Rev. and Mrs. L, G. Gunn arranged a
Pound Party for their benefit and as-
sembled at their residence last Friday
night for the purpose of bestowing
their favors. The event was a success
both socially and financially.
-It you are thinking of buying prop-
erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
until you have conferred with the pro-
prietor of the BUOY. If you arc short of
money and want to buy on long time for
actual settlement you can be accommo-
-A movement is being made and a
a petition circulated to have the post-
office at Vernon made a money order
office. This is a much-needed conveni-
ence that should have been established
long ago, and it is to be hoped that the
petition will be generally signed and
the prayer granted without delay.
-The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the St. Andrews Horti-
cultural and Improvement Company
will be held at the usual place on Wat-
son Bayou, on Friday, Jan. 27, at 12 m.,
for the election of officers and such oth-
er business as may come before 'the
meeting. A representative attendance
is desirable.
-The Buoy is commissioned to bring
seller and buyer together for a most de-
sirable bargain in real estate about two
and-a-half miles frem the Buoy office
on the Parker road. Five acres of
ground, fenced, with good two-story
cottage and furniture for small family
will be given away for less than half
what the improvements cost, if taken
very soon. Title perfect; location de-
sirable. Call at or address the Buoy
for full particulars.

The Young Peoples Baptist Union
meets at the Baptist church ever%
Sunday at 3 a. m. All invited.
The Y. P. S. C. E. meets every Sun-
day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the
Presbyterian church. All interested
in Christian Endeavor work are
earnestlyv invited to attend.
E. Al. Whiif',r I, aman extinive

an orchiar,! oa 13,000 pear trees be-
sides 'r.lpit lionately large groves of
other fruits is visiting with his friend,
E. ., Max.iin and family'.

Milk and Mathemateis.
When Thomas drove up to deliver
the usual quart of white mixture, the
gentleman of the house kindly inquired.
"Thomas, how many quarts of milk do
you deliver daily to your customers?"
"Ninety-one, sir."
"And how many cows have you?"
"Nine, sir."
The gentleman made some remarks
about an early winter and the state of
the roads, and then asked, "Thomas,
how much milk per day do your cows
"Seven quarts, sir."
"Ah, um iI" said the gentleman, as
he moved off:
Thcmas looked after him, scratched
his head, and all at once grew pale as
be pulled out a short pencil and began
to figure on the wagon cover: "Nine
oows is nine, and I set down seven
quarts under the cows and multiply.
That's 63 quarts of milk. I told him I
sold 91 quarts per day. Sixty-three
from 91 leaves 28 and none to carry.
Now, where do I get the rest of the
milk? I'll be hanged if I haven't given
myself away to one of my best custom-


Recent Happenings in Florida, I
rCollected from Exchanges.
There are twice as many guests at
the big hotels at Palm Beach a
there .'ere at this time last year., beg.
Good lettuce is said to be selling chee
reaaily in the northern maikel at Pi
$4 per basket, with but.'ittle going side
forward at present. ciaD
The Masonic Grand Lodge of the
Florida has just clogd a most inter- ing
eating mnid instructive session at greI
Jacksonville. Representative MAl- Hoo
soUs from all parts of the state were Barea
in attendance. was t
Hundreds of otter skims are a-iip- but 1
ped from Florida, ev'en as far south serofl
n .. b i Hood
as Firtt M)yers, there ha. iii, ben grate
shipped from tlhti place .aind holl, and B
last week 139 otter hides .ii tl, v.- Icine.
h .1- ton,,
L'II,,c;; of !b l3 per hide. ,-----


When I was a boy, a little boyt I
I'd like to sleep where I used to sleep
When I was a boy, a little boyl
For in at the lattice the moon would peep, I
Bringing her tide of dreams to sweep C
The crosses and griefs of the years away
From the heart that is weary and faint today.
And those dreams should give me back again s
L peace I have never known since then- a
When I was a boy, a little boyl
-Eugene Field.
---- -.- ___ '
persons in this state to manage our busi- l
aess in their own and nearby counties. It t
s mainly office work conducted at home t
salary straight $900 a year and expenses
-definite, bonafliee, no more, no less sal- I



Ieful Mother Writes this Letter-
Is all about H-r Troubles when
y Broke out with Scrofula Sores.
the age of two months, my baby
o have sores break out on his right
We used all the external ap-
mus that we could think or hear of,
, oil. The sores spread all over one
his face. "We consulted a physi-
d tried his medicine, and in week
uwas gone. But to my surprise in
ika more another scrofulous look-
o appeared on baby'scrm. It
orse and worse, and when he was
months old, I began giving him
Sarsaparilla. I also took Hood's
rilla, and before the first bottle
shed. the sores were welland have
turned. iHe is now fouryears old,
has never had any sign of those
us sores since he was cured by
.arsaparilla, for which I feel very
. My boy owes his good health
oth, fair skin to this great nied-
MES. 8. S. WROTEN, Farming-
ware. (let only Hood's.
S are prompt, efficient and
S PllS ea.3y in effect. iii [,,.

r:Tbhh n ptr-to acclimati;.e t
C, f 'th "tropics must be recognized
tq a ~bldn(er of the first magnitude
A.e .erI C-ents baped upon the idea arn
mer Whe sL empty enterprises fore-
doodr to iluro. C-cepting only the
deportetiou ff the African races under
the. i uatio ot slavery, probably no
other idea whlch has held the mind of
our' c'ilizatjon during the last 300
years ltas led to so much physical and
moral suffering and degradaticu or has
srre.yn the world with the wrecks of so
many gigautic enterprises Inu the tropics
a white man livs-2 and works only as a
divei lives and works underwater.
Aliki in a moral, in an ethic and in
a pdivical sense, the atmosphere he
breathes must, be that of another region,
that wliob produced him, and to which
he belongs. Neither physically, morally,
nor politically can he be acclimatized
in the topicjs.-Benjamin S. Kidd.

Blue Stockings.
Accoding to an English magazine the
appell- Iion "Il ue stockings" originated
in the dreso of a Beujamin Stillingfleet,
graudson of the bihimp, as he used to
apl. nr at teo parties of Mrs. Montague,
in .Porwman square. He used to general-
ly xwar blue worsted stockings, and-he
wai a very amiable and entertaining
mas. *Ith.tevc.r ho w ,a absent from
Mis. AlMntague's eveuin,; parties, as his
coiverstion wc.s very inutvrosting, the
covpe.uy uscd to say. We can do noth-
injpwit iout the blue stockings." Byde-
grees rt asemnhlies v-nre called "blue
st,-nki --clubs' and learned people
"blue sO(k g."

S wi l)- I 't lithee !" in g tilacs oi

Iinic pl-inter has ai acie ai .i a hall
in celer) u ol n l i.s ti i -ti

inline, contailii 43,000 plants. TIhe
Clop is a nl'mlotl earlier than last
y.,r a d il uniinjie1 as yet hv Ii th .
Itllnies Creek, belaw VYrm,,n get.
an appropriatitit of $2,000 fiaom tlhe
government. The "iippo|'rid tii'x'i :. a
a w:se one; but the que)y inalturall\
arises, why are the uigeiit needss 'l
St. Andrews Bay so ,prii~.-lenly ig-
The present state of affairs in \VW
kulla county is a fairovidence of lI-.
fact that the old wail of "hard times"
is merely a habit. Merchants are car-
rying larger stocks than ever before
and there is less accumulation of old
goods on the shelves, says the Craw-
fordville Breeze.
Two new beacon have been bull
near Timber Iland to light the wa3
up the channel to the wharf at Car-
rabelle. Meanwhile the eyes of mar-
iners and all others are strained iti
vain to discover the range lights
prayed for at the St. Andrews BAN
Pass and vessels reaching there aftoi
dark must cast anchor or take the
chances of being wrecked, as of yore.
J. A. Jennings, of near Brookm-
ville got, for his share of rice grown
onl two acres ot land, seventy-fi\t
bushels ot rice and between 2,000 and
3,000 pounds of straw. This crop
was made with almost no eniltivain:i
after the breaking and lanting. R;ce
is one of the surest and mot pi ofi.-'l .
ble crops that can be grown in l'l.,r-
ida, and there-is always a nitrket
fur it.

The Sea Gnll and the Flabermnu,
In the fishing village of Auohmitbie
(the Musselcraig of Scott's "Anti-
quary") you may frequently witunes
sea gulls flying into the houses of the
fishermen and partaking of food from
their hands. One of these sea birds was
in the habit. of staying in a fisherman's
house all the year round except at the
breeding season, when it left. Quite re-
cently, while the gull was away, the
fisherman removed his home from
Auchmithie to Arbroath (the Fairport
of Scott's "Antiquary"), distant some
8,% miles from the former place, taking
up his residence in South street of Ar-
broath. The fisherman never expected
to see his old friend the gull again. It
was therefore much to his astonishment
that he beheld a fortnight later the sea
bird come walking into his new resi--
dence with stately steps to resume his
old familiarities and household ways
with his housekeeper.--London Lady.

LaGrippe Successfully Treated.
"I have.just recovered for a second
attack of la grippe this year," says Mr.
Jas. A. Jones, publisher of the Leader,
Mexiaii, Texas. "In the latter case I used
Chamberlitin's Cough Remedy, and I
ibink a ith considuerablc enccess, oilvy 1e-
ing in l.-d a little over Iwo d ivs n ainsit
en d g. iy ir the ft'rn.m r attack. Tic -o'c-
0u1d -ittiek I am satisfied would h-ia e Lieen
..iui lly a 1ib.V l as the first liut for the ure
ul'tfii3 remedy, a, I hb d to go to i)..i n
about Sisx hoiirs after beinr 's :tIcI,' % i i
it, vhile in the fir st cale I tas alle lu it-
teidi "o lusitm.ess about tw,) daivs Iel'rm,
getting down." For sale by L. M.W.ir &
c'.; aS-. An-dr7ew- and~ Bayhbad amdmaill
medicine dealers.

WHEN 1 WAS A BOY. "'""
Up in the aftie where I slept
When I was a boy, a little boy, (
rp through the lattice the moonlight erep j
Bringing a tide of dreams that swept
Over a low, red trandle bed,
Bathing the tangled uonrly head,
While the moonbeams played at hide and st j
With the dimples on the sun browned cheek-
When I was a boy, a little boy
And, oh, the dreams-the dreams I dreamed ]
When I was a bey, a little boyl
For the grace that through the latte Streamed
Over my folded eyelids seemed 9 C
ro have the gift of prophecy E
And to bring the glimpses of time tobo b
When manhood's clarion seemed to call-
bAh, that was the sweetest dream of all *

WIIm pitttlm-e of

hI 1 't.to l 1' iii C. i ,tV taxi-'

n ..]'.'

Fr. i., ti, t i.'- .i1r

i -c : ;le burn, scald,
L ll,: .l '- .'mica Salve,
I, w1ri 1!. ,.ill kill the pain
'.! i'. i''.are. old sore,',
1i..,.*-, l,' .i fe'ou corn-,
i'i... '.. 4 1 -t pi! r cur on
v"c s-. a 'v. '(uro g-uar-
] Ii\ :| di ;' i .
annr Du(!, In a Duel.
ird-.i, iu tLe presence of a
numIber of spectators, an
noir wvas itiled between a
Scduck. The birds had had
hbpr, so to speak, and the
mimcd that the next best
;ing the duck eat his words
hie duck. So, after a little
arry ou the watpr, he made
er bird and snapped it into

tie royal began inside the
e p-lirnu. The duck strug-
quacked and occasionally
e.t a leg ora wing outside,
3t,'r threw his beak high in
dipped it into the waer,
there, as if trying t odf-
own its enemy. From the
igitated pionr.h it seemed as
i as Ly lo means one sided,
pelicau was having rather a

duck got his head and one
di theu, with a magnificent
gel to get entirely free.
i the water, the duck de-
.r c,;nm.:ut and fled, while
nmained, or..:ing asif honor
hly sat istled.-Londun Tel-

SCnp Pro[,rlt'ien.
sprn. any iWo i nniL

TE 1. 1.--The loving cup
S'matter of precaution in
kvben npa)rfUt rfrieids had
nmethrid of killing a friend
a\al w'ilo he was drinking.
is heavy cup was made with
. Tho method of using it
tn-esed at banquets at the
e in London.
receiving it stands and
neighl-or, v0ho- also rises
cover with both bands.
rn then raises the heavy-
ps with both hands, and,
of the coJutents, holds it
d at hiis side replaces
s the cup, repeating e
in turn with his next
's, both hands being occu-
o possibility of one friend
the custom has degener-
cover, as a rule, disap-
rtheless if bothb hands were
would d not prevent tongues
later, and words are
Irper than swords.-Phil-


The Cow Death.
E. P. Evans, iu Popular Science Monthly.
Loweistimmn mentions a curious
superstititon of pagan origin still
practiced in portions of uss-ia and
is known as. "korovya smertj" (cow
death) and "opachivanive" (plowing
roundabout). If pestilence or nmur-
rain prevails in a village, an old
woman .of repute as seeress or fortune
teller enters the confines of the vil-
Iage at midnight and beats a pain.
U hercupon all the women of the
place assemble in haste, armed with
divers domestic utensils-frying pans.
pokers, tongs, shovels, scythes and
cudgels. After shutting the cattle
in their stalls and warning th men
not to leave their houses a procession
is formed. 'bhe saeress takes off her
.lie. ald, piroI,n1 ii nce-i el-nr'e unpom
,li, li. Sli1 is t len hitelhed to a
[.ii't l th r winh a bevy of viigi,-
:i11d a m '111 ..bl,.'iell w omi ai if iic i at

hIot vm ill, e tlhe e ti ce.
\ he t le |I, .(o- i,.- ht. itp. tile

rr'- i .:I, lhat of rSt. fil.l, for ex-
: | i'. i ( e C,.I e i nl i 'r ii ri in, I."
i,..s in iu.mt ir" it T'hi 1 i. f.llovweil
i% ,I C. ',i -,. cla* l Minly in a -hilt,
ml, .lii.iiv elI l l"mmr an Il idii g 'iin a
bii.a,,iistii. -lc. ,l'hter her come \wn,,mi
ain'lI mailiens dia\vwing Ih.e idlow\, and
h,.hl 1, ll,'ll il the i .',t l he il t'e r lo 'l,
-l.mieking and making a fearful dii.
'Ti'ey kill every animal they meet,
amid if a man is so utifor:unate as to
fi i'n with then lie is mercile.ssy
Ieateni and iisualyv put to death. In
tli, eyes of these raging women lie is
m'cta a human being, but death himsodll

;i tihe form o'f a w~ee-wolf, who seeks
'o cross their path and thtus break
:hlie charm and destr, the healing
virtu' of t'h furrowT\. The cereniot y
varis in ,liffeient places andl gene al-
ly enlis ly burying alive a cat, cock

He Obeyed Orders.
"Years ago, when Clemencean was the
mayor of Martre and it the same time
ai deputy, he opened a dispensary in the
quarter, where advice was given free,
for Clemenceau is a specialist in skin
diseases. One day he noticed that he
had just one hour in which to get his
luncheon and go down to the chamber,
where he had to interpellate the gov-
erumont. He called his assistant and
said, '"How many more patients are
there waiting?"
." r lid the n'az. ',
On(- after the other had his case diag-
n,:;ed, and Clemencean, after another
glance at his watch, said, "Tell the
other two to undress at once, as I have
only two more minutes to wait." One
entered, and Clemenceau wrote out a
prescription in the twinkling of an eye.
Thq last man came in as naked as the
day when he was born. Clemencean
eyed him for a minute and then said:
"You are suffering from no skin dis-
ease. What have you come here to
worry me for?"
The man looked at him aghast for a
minute and replied: "Skin disease? I
never said I had a skin disease. Your
man came in and told me to undress,
M. le'Depute, and I did so. AAIlI want-
ed to ask you was to use your influence
to get my sister a place in the post-
offices in Algeria."
Olemenceau smiled, took his name
and did use his influence.-Today.

Snain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona. Spain,
sp)erCia his winters in Aiken, S. C.
Weak nerves haid caused severe ains
in the +-ack of els head. On usii.g E:ec-
tric Bitters. America5s grealc.t B.ood
and Norve Remedy, all pain moon left
li:I. lie su-s this grand medicine is
what his country needs. All America
knows that it cures liver and kidney
trouble, purifies the blood, tones up the
stomach, strengthens the nerves, puts
vim, vigor and new life into every
muscle, nerve and organ of the body.
If weak, ti'ei or ailing, you need it.
Every bottle guaranteed. only 50 cents.
Sold by all drim'jz-.isls.
Theo P.:isalant Oath.
In Austrij- a Christi,:ni witness iN
sworn Lefnr: a cruci."x between two
lighbtd canorlld.', amrd, holding up his
rih;t lihandi, .-'vs.. "I s 'vear bly God, the
-l-nBiuLty ani Ail Wise, that I will
sr':t, tae pzure an-l full trurh, and noth-
ui-n but thb iru'i, i"- answer to anything

i N I .Tr T.y ljc court.
Jbev ln \V itu.-a..s, while u-ing the
same words, :a;d to their solemuity by
placiuug their haudi on the page of a
Eiie on which is printed the third
A Belgian witness swears to be vera-
cious in these words, "I will speak the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth; so help me God and all the
The Spanish oath is more elaborate.
The witness, kneeling on hig right knee,
places his hand on the sacred book, and,
being asked by the judge, "Will you
swear to God and by those holy gospels
to speak the truth to all you may be
asked?" answers, "Yes, I swear."
Thereupon the judge says, "Then, if
thus you do God will reward you, and
if not will require of you." In some
parts of the country the ceremony is
different. The witness forms a cross by
placing the middle of his thumb on the
middle of his forefinger, and, kissing
his thumb-a practice which would
probably be -very familiar td some Eng-
lish witnesses-exclaiiws, "By this cross
I swear!"--Law Notos.

lad Its Uses.
i-Don't you find your To the
awful annoyance? We are authorized
-Oh, I get used to it more bottle of Chamubrl
besides I always get the 1, f ,'l
9 of the steak when my and if not smtisf
"-Indianapolis JournaL money to the pure
he ter medicine ma
'D Hood's Sarsaparilla wfipopiug cough.l.

d to '!uarrantee ever
aiil's Cough Remedy
factory to refund the
chaser. There is no
de for la grippe, colds,
Price. 25 and 50c per






- Florida.

.. % I .a.,

Parties en route for St. Andrews Bay or other points
can arrange for conveyance at reasonable rates by ad;

dressing, A. J. GAY, Chioley, Florida.



Hats : and

: Caps.











Corner of Bayview and Wyomin: Avenues on Bay Front.
Glassware. Tinware anRd Notions!
What you can'- find t at iy either So're, cn.'Zi ,i thile R A C K E T
S TO R E aI t.

Bread, Pies md Cakes Specialties
1. ( ( I).\ r ). I'r.piii.-tior.


PES\OH OLA, Fa] ,,,,n, cai.r D, ,
IsthO Piace for Pasengers Coing to and from

Rooms Comf,,tab! Terms Reasonable!




M Pitcell's D I f Storep


Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

Offers His Prorassional Services to the Citi2zes Of Gi, Andrews and
Surroundiq Country. .,
e-V u4 .-t- bi -6i n, (1 0 I id i i ; r e n m he.

Captain,- JAs. E.LARK

255 Tons Burden. Passenger Capacity 60


mobile to St A,,dre w s Ba and 00 iSt Andrews Bay to Apalachicola.. 2 50
obile to .C mant ..... 7" i" Carr'abelle..... 3 00
S Caal I ..... ...... 8 00 Apialachicola to Carrabelle.......

5th, 1.th and 2'thli at7 p.m....... .Mobile............ ..12l, 22d and 2d a.m.
7th, 1-tliand 2th pn,. St Andrews Buy ... . ]lth. 2,.t ard tl, a. tm.
7th, 7th nd th p n:.. ... ('romaniln......
8th, 18th and 2.tlh n.m.. ..... A'palachl+Io'a ........ 11th. 21st ard Ist. p. m.
9th, 19th and 2.th am... ...Canrrab..lre th. 201 h and 30th noon

Connect, at A palachiolta with spOamors up lChattahoochee PIvpr. At
Carrabelle with T". T. & G. Railrn:nd for TallahasFec.
I I.. ,_ . I .. ..... :. t ,n, fr..r .. n i 0... u g, -,n i l ra1 tes fn i kt '"p raprl i

Sl ..'- i t1
t. -


I t I 'n

con i dra
affair of 0-
pelican a
words te [
peli' an di l
thiug to t
was to ea tl
thrust Dr.an
fcr Ibe s:-.1
his puach
Then a t
poach cf f
gled, kich .
managed t
whil-i his I
the air, rb
and kept
focat r cr
loo!: of th
if the coti
but i t.
rough ti2w
At lat hit
wing o ut,
effort, ima
Once again
oliued fur
the pelican
wetra thoro
I.a .e .

olden time
an unpl]ea
who was a
So an imme
a heavy coi
can still be
Muusion H.
The pers
turns to hi
and takes t
The first. pe
cup to Lis
having sippi
vhile the ft
cover and t;a
Fanie p2ie!
neighbor. T
pied, therm i
stabbing amu
Iu our tin
ited, and t
feared. NXev
occupied tha
from waggi
OmiitiIUl-3 Ej
idelphia 'iir

Mrs. Wat
neuralgia an
Mrs. Pott
or lJss, andl
tendewest pi,
eeth arelai


-- L I -Now*




:1 !



PON ""--A~z. ~~

. SlT.udayN, A.I


41gar, Ifb Tea, lb
Granulated ...... 6 HeNo......6 e55
Coffee,A ...... 5% Gunpowder.. 40
I.t brown..... 5 Uncol'd Jap.40-60
'Iiffe. Condi milk, call
Green.... 122@20 Unsweetn'a. 10
Arlhuckle,lb 12-15 Sweetened ..... 8
singer snaps 31b 25 Bakinig powder
3rackers,aosda 10 Royal...... ... 50
ihlbacco, plug 20-t60 Campbell. .. 10
>.asiina Canned fruit

London In'cer-.8-15
An' i I cites 1.. .. .. 8

i'C iccS.. .IOa'II

How to Prevent Pneumonia. egardless of Age. A Day at the Mg0oo1i.
You are perhaps aware thatl !pieunouia The kidneys are responsible for more Corresponde:nce ofT lli. i i.
always result from a cult o- from an ai- Isickness, suffering and doathb than a.y It was .i,.\ "d.ic
tack of la grippe. Durihilg !. .. idec i; oiler organs of Lthe bo L !litat ,ii \'ir'; r's iC i. .,\ \ d y
of la gr-ippe a l ya r., :4,. h,.n s. A majoi-ty (,f he ilk s ifflicina-g p- ople !, t \ e-k ,n t,,r, t, ,, iv '
many cases ri-en .;. ; r .i .lia, i I todav is t:- a.b1le to i ,. t ; i t i t
was observe foil:wied, hb i'it la ti-r- .. ..se i h n (ii, un,:,i.:- n ates,regardless o' ago sex or conl-i- i"v i i'ary .Ii.-E i ,I .'Ir. E.
hln's Cough Re,iicldy was ,si.'d. It coin- tion. t'. MIaxon, Mrs. All,,i el ls, Mise.-
teractsi nv tendency of a cold or la grippe. The symptoms of kidney trouble are A'ietll e-I, tenilett, M:l. i ani \Vilso,
Every bottle warranted. For sale lby L. unmistakable, such as rheumatism, neu- a id- Mssra. :-, i,4,,er, ,I'!:, Gwat .
M. Ware & Co., St. Andrews and Bay- ralgia, sleeplessness, pain or dull ache a
head and all medicinee dealers. i bks seyesses in orn a c y an Rev. J.N \\'ei',. \\ e i
in the back, a desire to urinate often i
Benevolence In Animals. day or night, profuse or scanty supply.. reached our lailing .n e abuit 10
We have seen a small- pig stuck in a Uric acid, or brick-dust, deposit in 'clock and piroceedled (lie Ligoon -
paling through which it had tried to urine are signs of clogged kidneys, with fishing tackle, After ta-
squeeze assisted by an elder one inside, causing poisoned and germ-filled blood. ande'ring around thr' 1 [lie wn ds
Attracted by its cries, It tooklthe small Sometimes the heart acts badly, and
pig's head in its mouth and tried to Sometimes the heartacts badly, and gatliiingL pretty ferns. iiin,ises WiIe What does it do?
pull it through, in doing which it al- tube casts (wasting of the kidneys) are It causes the oil glands
most pulled the sufferer's head off. In found in the urine, which if neglected c(U(es andl other n..nt iteagus,,.e,, teo ganm
another case a oat deliberately fetched willresult in Bright's Disease, the most a i nlig it an out al the path to active, makin thehaire msor
its owner to assist another cat which dangerous form of kidney trouble. avoid their water, we r< clih tlie fish- and glossy, precisely as
was lying helpless in a fit. Moreover, All thse- symptoms and conditions inh .,,. he in m,, ,e an precisely
domesticated animals are to some ex- are promptly romtoved uuder the influ- n. '. ature intended.
tent "progressive," and have realized ene of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Ro.t. It cile 1., atler a few ec"'s. tl' l Tfforts Itcleansesthescalpfrom
the notion of common good among other .o ca.. . . ,, i, iliric tih linilv ibe Iat. t i, l. .

tien ....... 61 Apples........ 10 creatures than their own stock.
,pples ears......... 1. There are a good deal of service and
Dried aches- 8 Apit cot .... .-.-. benevolence among very different do-
oal Oil pr acl ... .- Stra l.err;e. I 2i mesticated animals, especially in the
a] oli -pi' ... VS.. .., . .S tra%%l"errcs" _4 N)ui.V .,^S1t a n3
V ridir Syrup. .. 40 Ca':nnld Meant- forbearance. Specialized instances in
S ouev......... 1.01 RnI:iSl Beef... 15 which dogs or c-.ts havo taken food to
hinezgar ........ 30 Corned Deef... 15 others couJd doubtless beauthenticated,
lee-se pr lb.... 15 Chipped lleelO0-25 though the writer has not witnessed a
gsulter ...... 25-30 l.obster....... .. case. But there is the strongest of all
Ltrd .... .... 8-10 S, uti.,o..... 15 evidence that they -have a tendency to
lBeans. ........ 4 C tu Baked Vege ta1es perform these and other services to other
Fiuil Pn ddit 10) Corn...... .10@15 animals, because the domesticated crea-
Jelly, glass' l10i2h. Peas........... 10 tures voluntarily offer these services of
time Juice...... 45 I'Pumpkin...... 12 benevolence to man. How can any one
Eggs per doz... 15 doubt that animals (in domestication)
PROVISIONS. are willing to feed each other, when
Flour Pork there are cats all over England and
Am'nSwan %..2.25 D. S. pIr ll...... 7 Scotland which delight in bringing food
Majealic.... 2.75 Bacon Sides.... .81 as presents to their owners? We need
Vyrn Meal prbu60.-70 Fresh ...... 8A10 not go back to the historic cat which
)at. Meal pr lb.. 5 13r'kf'st Bacon. II
rp per .. 55-60 Ham caVsed2 caught a pigeon every day and brought
atoe Shoulders ..... 10 it to its master when a prisoner in the
Irish....... 1 20 Beef Tower.-Spectator.
lSrly'se seed 1.20 C ortd ........ 8 Not Heredity.
Swel t pr .... 60 5 Fresh.......... 80 "The children have been unruly to-
Talnc.......... 5 Milk pr q........ 10 day," said Mr. Meekton's wife. "They
HARDWARE. have refused to mind me several
Nails, Der lb3/aa Ax,with handle. 75 times."
(Glv wire do.6a(ii Hoes, each .... 3.)a50 "Goodness gracious exclaimed he
IMailla rope.. .9al2Copper pint, can 45 abseutmiudedly. "Well, there's one
itoves cook,. .$8a25 Linseed oil, ga155@60 thing certain. They don't take after
Pipe, per joint 15 me. "-Washington Star.
Prints, per yd.. G5a8 Checks ...... .5t5' The Way of the World.
Sheeting .... 5a9 Flannel. ...... 15a40 Wallace-I wonder what the French
tesin.. ..... 9a ll Thre ad per spool. 5 -
.e.l .. n.. ..... 15a45 Shoes, ad ies.p$a 75 will do if Dreyfus should be proved in-
Extra paiispitt 225 Men's. $1 40a300 nocent.
Ml SELLANEOUS. Ferry-Probably cut his head off for
Hay pr cwt.. .75al .i5 Oats pr bu....... 55 having made such a fool of them.-Oin-
Bran......... 1.25 Brick pr M.....13.00 cinnati Enquirer.
Rope Sisal .....7@9 Lime pr i)l...... 75
FRUIT asund NUTS. The English language contains 41 dif-
Oraisge pr Appit ........ 12 Walnuts. ....... 20 .g--
l.nui......... 30 Almonds ........ I5 CTIVESOLICITORS WANTED EV-
i0hell pr ,0 O e T AERYWHERE for "The Story of the
ll rrl,) 5 Opened pr qt .. 15e Phil.iipnes" ,, Murat Halsiead, comrn-
S.V, Hi .-S rTOCK. inissioned by -bhe Government, as Official
'S .* ows-- --- $1'1$l historian to the War DIpecrtnient. The
]Mtule... ..- l~1tinlo Ilogs.......$3 to$4 book was written in army camps at San
isenl.. pr yoke $- .1s 3.I ........ *$ Francisco, on the Pacific with General
S) ', U LI' 'I t ._ M -crritt. in hl' tii hospials ;f Hoilolnin,
k ..., (.'e e h. 4 ., ill Hos Ko,,. in te Anericain trenchih;s
S-, '* ,,,. "0 nu<'.. -. ....... t15a .>. Mautila, in the insurgent camps with
Ve.,A ,r, la ke ..Sal. Aguinaldo, on the d ck of the Olvmpia
V-..,is', pr l'p, 7n190 Turkeyf, 75 a.00 with Dewey, and ii the roar ot lialtle at
I the fall of Manila. bonanza for agents.
l ire p do S 25 t Buet iiniul of original pictures taken by
Mutil. pr d.z .5e MTullel pu r 1t,1 4.- government photographers on thle spot.
nro .il .....pr 2ll.. rout .... 14. Large book. Low prices. Big profits.
..np .nn pr ll.. 16 Y'oi eai .-... I Freig.t paid. Credit given. Drop all
Surgeon ...... 10 Mackeral ... 1. trashy u:oficial war books. Outfit free
LUMBIER. Address, 4v. T. Birlher, e ec'v. Star In.-
Florlig, .g.0 e i.l stirian e 1Bhi., Chica ,o.
F.,e r .. in. i?.4l.1 Heart, ni. ... 14.001 -- ---
S '.. 10,00 Slip 1. t p .00 ,o, TO T IC E !.
I)rop -iding, Ca limolardi., l
tiart r ce .m J4. 10 0 xisi in, im. .. P2.00 Is hereby given to Executors, Admin-
SaO IS 10.00 P finishing 1lu1i-
IltIf lner.. @l er, d.. '(@1_ 5.(0 litiators and Guardians of estates to ad-
Heart Slhlnghls. 2.50 Lath, 1~iJn> .... 2.t00 vertiso andcomo forward and make set-
Rap 1.50 Boat luiilier, tlemevnt with the Probate Court of the
d rested .... $ Countv of Washington, Statc of Florida,
Hlow's Tilis ? before the 1st day of J.une, A. D., 1899,
We offer One fluindied Do!!Ars Reward according to law, or you will not be a!.-
for any case of Citarrh that cannot he lowed any compensation for the same.
euared-v Hall's Catarrh Cure. D D. MELVIN. (_'ou ty Judge.
F. J. CHENEY&CO., Proys., Toledo,O. This the 12th dz.y of January A. D.,
We the undersigned, have known F[. J. 9.
Cheney for ihe last 15 Vears, and hlideve e NT
him perfectly honora!>le hin all b)usiners RW X NT!
transactions anil fini.ancialily able to carry 'IIT'E SANITAURIUM at 011
out any obligations made liy their firm. -'-- 'Town is offered for rent at a reas-
West AT'raux, Wholesale D uggists, o..' .,nalile price. ihe rent for Ia time
Toludo, 0. nivaC' go towardtl reaiuiing tlihe house.and
Walding, Ki-unan & Mnrin, fixing up thie f,.nces.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. i cottages on Lornine avenue
east of r)- e street.
Hall's Caltirrh Cure is ti ken inierla lly For ftirther particulars, apply at ihe
ctJing dircct'y uip,,: th(e blood ai.d minu Buoy office.
comei surfaces of their system. Price, 75c -
. per bottle. Sold by all druggists, 1'esti-
,,oials. froe. M R a
lIali' FnPlmily Pills are the best. U

The Tramnformed Pythmaorea.. T !i'elia:r:i L)i PUt
Some undergraduates once wished to W'HOOD) iANi FENCE POSTS
play a practical joke upon a man who
was a disciple of Pythbagoras, scone day and del ver thea at roasonable rates.
when he was a little sleepy by reason If you ne-ed labor with team, call ilion
of the amount of braudy and soda that ,;,
o behad int ibed his friends smeared him Ssr

lide of a feather bed. When the disciple
of Pythagoras got up in the morning,
he looked in the looking glass at him-
qelf and said slowly, with a whistle,
"Bird, by Jovel"-London Figaro.

Skin Diseases.
Foithe speedy and permanent cure of
better, tilt rheum and eczema, Cham-
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
without an equal. It relieves the itch-
ing and smarting almost instantly and
its Continued use effects a permanent
cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald head, sore nipples, itching piles,
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
granulated lids.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
and vetmifuge. Price, 25 cents. Soldby
Gilt E Barainp fir nmf ol !
Ond hundred and sixty acres of choice
Firming Land in the south half of section
7, township 4s. of range 13'i. Good
Dwelling House, I*rive Well, convenient
outhouses. Fine Fruit Orchard of Pears,
l'eachep, Pluhms. etc., and nearly 1,0(00
Grape Vines, all in bearing. If taken
soon will he sold for
And the unproveieniils alone cost a good
deal niuor money. Would prefer eutsh
flown. ti t mighl give tiire on olin-half the
piirch.ist mionePy. For full lparticulatrs ad-
A -a .a I... it. *-Z A .1 i ..V

A trictir high-grade Family Sewind'
ach no, possessing all modem

lu0i0nleef EL0 Uti IE lI Bst.
Prices very reasonable. Obtain them
fiom your local dealer ansd
make comparisons.

Eled MUnW 0lnrn CO.

has a worldhwide reputationflitts won-"I"..-u, tanu us removes
derful cures of the most distressing ti,, h ight they iinut lte a boat; 3, one of the great causes o
cases, theCtuh.1,,detem inil hicdivalrn baldness.
No one ne,.d be lo t,. without it as It is e. n It m makes a better circu-
_? -vr No al -tU' .,v r 'Ieir c P.'. 1 .I m ke"a b ttr .

Scents or one dollar. You can have a aetu- tothe vj up
S sample bottle of this wonderful discov- r,,w-bn.': t uiion h 0, I. is a nil
ery, Swamp-Root and a book telling all lautll.'hedl it sfely Vito li'-.lat.-il lit-
1 about it, both sent t.yiu absolutekl.fre tlell;, e t1 ere oly
bymail. Send your addrress to s e Kil- S It i' ch to
Smer & Co., Binghampton, N. Y., and *.ai iling ,si suIILe listig att % iiCli t"
kindly mention that you read this lib- bite. Me,r- Lck anil \\d e, iil
- eral offer in the St. Andrews Buoy. bck an 1 i. l
f --- Mli ,es Antclilt anl W il-.i, rniii., 1:Le
0 Inopportune Deaths. -,, the fli ihi ing risl.Uns a n.i we ,i tl he
Julius Ca3sar was assassinated when hor i ,
he had almost completed the task of 'es jlu ..l h li- neic.s
consolidating the administration and the delighted screamsf1 (:' tie young
dominion of the Roman empire, and his ladies. The pai lv h.ft on sure
Death opened the way to that despotism
and corruption which ultimately undid amulhel them.sel ea by ila' irg ga,,es'
his work. Henry of Navarre was killed etc. T'he young men tl n put up a
When he had almost healed the differ- targ .t to see who as lithe best shot
ences between Catholic and Protestant, .
which subsequently rent not only with the rill, atd tfit11i what we
France, but Europe, and William the leaned, the young lai ,'ie came as
Silent also fell when he was on the ear a 1,he gentle nn. Ai.er an
point of uniting tne Netherland prov- w
inces into a compact barrier against the hour or so0, ve concludtl weweie be-
encroachments of Spain. coming faint and liimsgy, liaylng de-
In English history Lord Clive died at poured a bag of akl--; .0 t 'o Isal-
the moment when he was the one man
who could have saved the American looked to the fishers ti' cuinic ashore,
colonies and kept the Anglo-Saxon race which they did, wit lt a nlimtbel of
united, but there is the case of Mira- b t b fl ri th
beau. He was literally the one man inm
France who could have averted the her- boat. We then retiiheil to the Bay
rors of the revolution, saved and re- ,hore, built a fire' on te beach, dress-
formed the monarchy and so spared Eu-
rope the murderous career of Napoleon the fih a,,i gat ooking.
and all the devastation it brought. If "MVany hail.- make J'ght w, k," so
he had lived ten or even five years while the .,lih ele b g lg'it.,I, uutle
longer, the history not only of France, ly rdinn
but of Europe and the world, would ,f the pals.t bCrt. sj'irliig ,linnr
have been different. It is in fact suffi- ui'i),) the ,l.-Lk ofjljI lI,,unil, ad11 to i
cient to say that he would have made s'rt'e([ ap"tit-,s ke" u the ,
both Robespierre and Napoleon impos- IittIiil i te
sible.-Strand Magazine. plates of aniI .icit: I'Ie-, eake .
Ipick l. el,:. Ii,,'>' ., ; i t.l i l ,' ,,,l i i .
W holfl til e c i ngl H' tHlli'hled alld 8
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Would quickly leave you, if you used "-lie ihle., ..lli.1 flieI fi-h> wor e
Dr. King's NewLire Pills. Tl.o.-sandils ii.i-l,, .v. i i i l) i-.d-liii aid
of sutfferL'rs have proved their mateh- itl I I
less merit for slok and nervous head- ad-l.t ... ,.1 j .-,i..i
aches. They make pure blood and pAst, the %til.. iN ., 'i.1 \%I N al"
strong nerves and build u your he Ith. ,,
Easy to take. Trythem. Only 25 cts. Dioner i ieatl. .M\r. R..gi-.-r
Money back if not cured. Sold by all brought up frim the within the steam.-
druggists. lo coffee. We ape the 1 1 Er glid '
ing coffee. i hi
,ll P style by remaining at the festive a
St b(oarId alt hour and, a half. When i
IT'OUR K EADERS ,lithe disihes If Yon airc .Lonki tig for a Bar- Co lalid Va4 giv't|-, 'ril;" ai-
gailn, Here It. Is. ur," amt-lithe li.,int'-alI r-. t Iir. Wits
The BUOY hgIn. Dot :,1.,.- I, .-i,, wa I at
Sst ls ii. ut ill I k! tiW '.liiiir wa a tnd
The Twice-a-Week V stai.i ii. \\e 'ekii 0,ck and
DETOIT FREE PRESS f",IIh uln ,lle ',", i.'-lrol,. 1
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Botli Palp rs one year t
ForOnly $1.00, '.a]t ,, wi weq :i .at D '."
And you get a copy of the Free Press 1 ,it. .
Year Book and Encyclopaedia vhlm'o I .aI't aIi-i,l tiLe beautiful
: ] E S nt- sH <,i St. A'iil s B'V? Our
The Twice-a-week Detroit Free P rsps p a ty was einrItI'l re[i by the scene, -
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world-wide reputitaion. In short, it is Bilt "thie eahiu i ".,lillndi.. M 'sl h -. h
one of lihe cleain family p:npers pu lisiicd. No, oains or *.J"hl stil Robert a 'Mit,,Vy hivia g
expense wililhe spared in keeping uu its sigtlilIp us, ste-nliii. olit iii t theii
lreseniit high standard. It is coliceded to launch a io kin.il iin ,rl us in.
he one of the leaning tnamilv newspaIpers e reaciel lhr it ..ti i 11'l
of America. If vou,.are looking tor So ie*
thing real good t.ke advantage of llhis fired, bat ,ati-fi..l- that we had hiadn
comlliiiatioln offer, alln eij.vyablt' tille f'it 1 i'ii.ing to io hive i
Remember, that b1y taking" advantage of jst. i'!h anitit..er ,lrclt.;Wii trip "''(1 T '
this conbinal ion, you get .52 copies of the s',wet ,i V
St. Andrews Bnoy and 104 copies of the ,
Free Pre.ss, 156 papers, for only $1.70. V - -i'--l- -
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THE FREE I'RESS YEAR BOOI K n,.- i i.-ir e,, ni,,,J r.... c,t,, i. i. I C
.\iM N ,n -ii',ii 'ofhie work e,'(d Inc, -'id at home.
I'C. ( I.(i'.\ .i )I ] rn 1.9 -, i y r -t Vai i hi t :id, n ai r inS)J c i dS.-,
S lii i it ILtiO::rJ,,, no i)i+nuru no less sal-
'r 'i I Ih \i,' I' I l i" " I r f r. i- i * J T R i
{,11!. t *il IIV "t" t,'d sl ",:'lu -l
< , ...B. ,, C , .lla...
An -..- rL c .ir, r i. i R f. __A .- --- - -
i rfiiir~ \\_ "Ii"'" 1^ ^ ^ ~ ^T

ini t. .. ..A I' 0., .z r, ,,, 11
u' ,ii e ut' iii ei :.I. '- i i- i i .l ,it l, i
I' .jl ili' l Ilid ,1 lii l :li:,1 111, k ,- n
L iL,,ik iI H >-iih iun i-; i rr .' I' l I 'i'-
tical Directions Oin event dav atiairs of ()f-
fice, Home and Far-ii. A complete reeold
of the War with Spain, late elections.
sporting and all oliher happenings of 18!)8.
A copy ot'this hook will be sent to till
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book will be published about December
25, 1898, it being impossible to get it out
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In fact, it is full of valuable inform,
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A big field of both
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ll wU result if you plant

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I ?Pi

4 -,.--,- '

0tl^i3l 0
f^/mal ,

s, odicnes, Falcy ToletArt, a

Handle no Quack Nostrunms.

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S q

the hair from coming out.

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Lowenll, Masst 4

A Timely Event.
The bell at the parsonage went ting-
a-ling, and, as the dominie was in his
study and his wife getting the baby to
sleep, Master Harold, aged 7, went to
the door. On' opening it he found a
couple, evidently from the country,
both young and bashful; but, after
looking at the boy a moment, the young
man queried, "Is the parson to home?"
"Yes," said Harold. "Do you want
to get married'?" .
"That's just what we're here for," COPYoIG T ISt a 1 e
said the prospective bridegroom as he o. I
looked fondly at the blushing girl by HE delights of an eveiflng spent arc d a well-lighted read"
hie con e ri in, then" W al d ing table are not half understood. An illustrated magazine
thoe boy, usheriug them intoteie parlor, with its wealth of illustrations, its stories of adventure and
and when they lad seated themselves love, itsdescriptions of travel which carry you to the remotest
on the cdgJ-, of two chairs side by side ends of the earth, and its instructive articles for young and old-these
he started off, ray".g: "I'll call pa, and
ma too. She'll bo awful glad, for she are the first requisites for your own enjoyment and the entertainment
has all the marrying money, and I heard and proper education of your children.
her tell pa this mcrnin that she wished To secure for you the best and most interesting of the great illus,
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her new hat. "-Chicago News. editor of this journal. That we have succeeded we leave our readers
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few great musicians have died young- enabled us to offer you a year's subscription to the greatest of the illusi
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Weber when he was but 40-a large
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Those who died between 60 and 70
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itan which established at ,its own colt a great Free Correspondepce
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At the meeting of the Fifeshire asso- The Cosmopolitan which offered a prize of $3,000 for the best horse-.
ciation held in London Dr. Wallace told less carriage and prizes for best plans for public baths, and best arrange.
a stoi of a pensioner who.used to stand ment of sewer and pipe systems for cities. It was The Cosmopolitan
with a placard on his breast enumerat- which set the presidents of great schools and universities seriodsli,
ig his claims tothe coppers he begged.
The list ran thus: "Battles, 4; wounds, discussing the defects of existing educational systems. It is The.
5; children, 6; total, 15." This is al- Cosmopolitan whose enterprise is always in the lead in advancing the
most as good as Sir M. Grant-Duff's world's civilization. s,- .<. "
story of tbo Iriih beggar who prayed,
'For the rlv Of God, sir, give me a We have also succeeded in arranging for two additional offers in
crust, for I am so thirsty that I don't connection with this journal and Th Cosn' 0boita'l. .
know where I shall sleep tonight I"- After placngon yourbook-table the best of the ilustr.dte magazi: -.
London Globe. in connection with your home paper, probably the nmqst imyo;tan-
T"he lalop's Ad%;ee. thing in a household-for every household, in fact-is the proper
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Bishop 13c'ield of ondu that.hi. in Bookkeeping is the "Ellis." It is not only a complete instrctor,
parishioners %ere indifferent to his but with it, neatly put up in a box, go sales-book, cash-book, jiumrn:al,
each ings ledger, bill-heads, statements, bank-book, bills payablNe and bills re-
" ._ ceivable." ... .. "' '.j 'for.

1., iiAll~f.. lO;il;,r',":,'--4 w i 5irEi(p Va- O1M 1a cuiuey r ,. ,is .u '.T-?( g an n carrying on inei Tt .ri-i. L 1 'M W" a
ri n :i;if-' in nil i, acnr: i ,nijeis "Do you," ask.d the bishop, "preach manufactory or the store. More people fail i'n ['uftro2 'r t ....ol.
:. i,-. il.vy. FI ,r 5nal, 'in--.- your own sermou-. ,, do not keep their accounts straight than iio'oi aiv c.1hli' cau-e.
I,,li' n.;'.--. Embaaces ill P oilnt. Prop- "Always, my lord, always." eD3 I: at^ e.
Il,. 0.-. Ei ,1 Addre I I. rop-Then, my good friend, suppose you Farmers an mechanics, husbands and wv.rs, stuii)e-,ts m:i rofes-
H ..i,.si. Ki.gs-t,,n. J., A're try some oneelse's," retorted the bishop. sional men, youngandold,rich and puor,ail nLedl somen kiof\\w -.ke of
i-t._ J. '. not- accounting By the "Ellis System" this is easily acquired through
Sr e& Son ecoee Drinin,... home study.
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.%A- NIIFA.\ 1.1 VR by the time they get to be 50 they be-
S fl fi | nlind come 'Wind. One is forcibly impressed hl T re together for On
by th imber of blind men seen about
,uid~i, JULJ ,f i J the streets of the city of Fei, the capital One other opportunity we offer you. You wish to keep in touth
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7 A Narrow Escape. day. Each issue contains six to eight pages of eight columns each or
SThakful written Ada over eight thousand columns of reading matter a year. In former
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ated in consumption. Four doctors
C-7 gave me up, saying I could live but a
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Savior, determined that if I would not
Stay with my friends on earth, I would log th r On Y ar for Onl
\ n eet myabsent ones above. My hus- '
?BMuSIdinV ateT'ial*-S band was advised to get Dr. Kings.
UILd Mate l. yew Discovery for consumption eoighs it os said that so difficult Is the art- '. No Esaeeip -
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t e *eight bottles. T It has cured. me, and cipal cutters are known to the trade by "My name is Adam, Mis W931-
,'pe(eias thank God I am. saved and now a-heal- name and by fame. aalong."
ESriA E t thy woman." Tri al bottles free atny A. "And my firPe name is Evel, a
STcE dtrt E.stoPe. Regular .size .Oc aRnd $1, In only thi.e case. out of ;t_- the n-a Whiat a--whtn. a wramslrnah otiAn.
fi''V T'' --I*n-I.-Whtawaareakbeo -



V-A Y. F LA.

:~a1 `~;II 9.


PE WWobiN-ml %n run

_ ~ __ ~ -Ilwzp M fl

~ryli~l)YPZt~QQg~ --I I--III

~~_ _~~~~__ ~


-h^ T

___~______~ _~_~_~~~~_~~~__ _~ ___~


m-....._.... ..







And Dealers in

Northern and Western Produce, Liquors, Cigars,
Sole Agents for the Wm. J. Lemp Brewing Co. and Dupont's Gunpowder
15-17 Commerce St., and 14-16 Front St., MOBILE, ALA,
,.-. .. .

J. LYONS. Pre,.t.

J P. DR.wo, P r.


H-og Cholera, (r~'idArt i- Wa Ionga
cIII~k.%. 'AlthoughI I
t~ II)~ ~ IhI1)Ii j'ev~icu ~i;*~I onslC ac in .-i

j4- .. .- 1 .. .. F 1 1 .. A
11 C01isttil.l 3 high 1o ic., for

Cj l( Iii h lit..'I 1- ltid C al

tlim hoIs ~ ~ ~or late, nnu.mgteCillil-
\ at.o iiibers o)f thlie icIgiiiiois jt

lltILi1i', ltheesil I am' ri-hike a

13C-110dil 1:i in Lii, ot Pij.1i C '' I I I ,t ii
:II 'C~III'!, P li I P,01P'tV [ICU OIItL'm

a~ IIL~t Iti~ l I I thl Tii.
a `V !54% -; d L. -I-,

c d --- -- -I-



Ruugh and Dressed Lumber of All Grades,


*90'Terms oash or endorsed notes.

po gll,:t gr' IW lI ..In o,), bt1' u loi, ,.I
tame attiehi'lke tubes 1t. all tl e I .,g
C ldln el rt.'tmIII liea ,liti 'ralle'." L i.0.g
experience has taught the writer
that there is a vast difference in tho
cost of growing the v rious sorts of
hog blood. I have concluded thiat
tame artichoke tubers (Jerusalem)
not wild artichokes which produce
very few and small tubers and are
very hard to exterminate, are by far
the cheapest, healthiest, handiest
hog food yet discovered. My 'op
of 1897 cost me less than 10 cents
per bushel to produce.
Artichoke.' are also a much surer
orop than any other root crop of the
writer's ae iirintainee. Bri'.i m great

droutlh resisters, they grow green and
THE PEOPLE'S STOR E! thrifty throughout a hot, dry sum-


Still holds the Fort at the recog-

nized emporium for Good Goods

and Low Prices,

Wheie he invites all old friends and the p-

chasing public to call and
Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

Pays the Highest Price for Green Salted ALIGATOS HIDES.


Horticultural a u d Ifproveffmleit

C; o _Xp x ]pE 3 a -S r


Thie purpose of this Company is to improve the Country adjacent toS t.
Andrews Bay and to
Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing Country.
i. accomplish this the Company proposes to Sell Lands in tracts,,f Two
and-a-half and FivoAcres to such patties only as will improve them by the
Erection of Houses. Fences and such Permanent Improvements as will enhance tlie
value of each tract so disposed of, and particularly to
Plant them out in Trees, Plants and Vines.
To the end that in the shortest. practicable rimte every such tract shall be a
Source of Revenue to its Owner.



The first question wh;ch will naturally be asked will be: "Is tlhi C1n0
paiy, reliable"? And the answer to it is: Any person employing the Cumi,,
to make improvements may deposit approximate payment of the estimate, t
the same with any responsible business man or firm doing business on the Biayr i
B,Lank at their own home to be paid over only when the Company shall s.tisfacito-
I il sh.. I the "imiir.i.i. .:i 1, e n 11 .JcI- f.'i..iing to a. le c nent.
her! t I .'ii.ta y ,ill n t .,n l\ iii[,r i, .V 1l, 1 pla t, 1)11ut watch and care for

for. 1 I.h e 1-1 11t')inc e of a truu
it 'I. !' .1d I hil 1 .i.' ill i t , r .l-, ., tI, l .. ta n lL p ,1 l,. fett e ,..I 1

F I e' i ft''I r r t 2
ir It.' n:^ t, *.-stin th t L 1-ai' C i ai.l a will on the third
--r, |,rop, , i t,. I;,.1,1 $i Oi ,,,r h ,i I fruit :in. of ro,_, lits nearly or quite
I he saut i,, l ; ,h i .it Ii. 1 , 1. i t th.1- t IhIth Th i., 1, t h.,- bh perhaps a l title
longer, some i t I II, ie i, i .""1im' rIl.t r ,.,.ring ,n.. c- named pears, apricots,
nectarines, i.lunm, prunes, mulberries, olives, Japan persimmons almonds Ehl, izh
walliats, .Japat. chestnuts, pecans, and ,,any other varieties of fruits and nuts. which
are almost certain to flourish here; while oranges and citrus fruits, though not con-
sidered certain yield large returns oftener than they miss
The Secretary of the Company will give particular attention to an-
awerng letters of inquiry, and the Buoy will in its answers to correspondents an-
tower all questions asked it.
TR E M E M B E R the Company Lands will be sold on Easy
Terms of Payment; but improvements must be paid for as satisfactory proof ia given
that the work has oben performed. C 0 RRE SPOND EN C E SO LIC ITE D.
Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec. WV A. EMMONS, President.
St. Andrev B y, Pla. "

If yo need FURNITUR of any kind, call
If yon need. FURNITURKE of any kind, call on


40, 42, & 44 S. Palafox st., Pensacola, Fla.


i nwgET BPRe^C

mier, and usually do not begin to form
their tubers until after the usual.
equinoctial rains. Whereas, the
growth of most other root crops will
have ended with, and been almost
ruined by the dry, hot weather ofi
late summer. About the time when
our grass and clover season has
-ii;llv enlod, and farmers have .),
gun thie process of stuffing their hogs
with corn, and, bj the way, this is
about the time of year when "cho!-
cra" ('?) rages, the artichoke, if you
hayc any, will be ready for your
hogs. Usually about Oct. 1st to the
15th, in the latitude of Chicago. Ill.
And a zood artichoke (not wild ar-
tichokes) patch may truly be term-ed
a hogs happy rooting ground.
About Dec. 1st to 15th il the cot-
tonil state', is nuch time better time of
year in which to plant artichoke tu-
bers, Like a parsnip, freezing does
not injure them while in the soil.
They will yield one-third to one-half
more per acre if planted in the late
autumn, for the reason that they guet
so mnchi earlier start the following
spring. Whereas, it you wait until
spring to order your seed tubers (as
many do) oftentimes provoking de-
lays occur'in the filling and transit
of your order, with resultant late
planting and greatly decreased yield.
H(Av much time writer is interested
if. sellingg th(lie nartichilie tinl.e s ie d
tn.t know, but t lhe a tich.l';e -lIti l
be at Ica.t tested in a mm:till w.y I,. \
S.'\ y ir!aler wio gi.swA- pim k ,, I e'.l,
and :;tlicl,,i,.,s choloied ine may bieo
imale a part of liiala.i ce'l r:,tiii l r11
.Itllty iil tlno ,-xim enio Suthl l'hl 'r
gre..ii lu.,l i, diffictlt to gut iat. cetr-
tain ac.tsoris.

aL .111v I-IL-VI'f3QN 111110 ail,


B~IY~ rs~ C I

by the pifut, T ,! : "''ort to
.I .. I
the c e lb1 d3 4 r 1C, ,,. 1 y- ..- ,,t
not sc, th be it all It n '.I .d
itself in thistr aw '--( ca,., 'Tii..une
The G aw,.th 1": lt11 t l .n
Ono day p wi Iby luu hlu;Vifo
came out ,i'or. h 'e ookinE' and, stnind
ing on tOhe ledge r,)(k 't h br door,
emptied a pan of i ili:g v.c.ter into theo
rank berbuge gro'yiug -luiv. It fell,
splash, on the La1k of a El..epin~ leFo-
pard, who jumped jerpendicul.irly into
the air as high i asthe ro,- r-f the hut.
What might. have appenF:, nczt? Who
can say? But th,4 altod iLtd woman
dropped the paaivith a clang upon the
rock, and the lepard to:k cure leap
down hill. The p u foll-,wed, and the
leopard's downwa d leaps became lon-
ger and siwitter as be pan bounded aft-
er it from rock to r ck.
When last seen he lEopord bad jast
achieved a leap of ',:ut 850 feet to the
very bottom of the a\'iue, thousands of
feet b':.!.w.', and t.e n.l bad whirledd
about 600) fo'et oreit on to the opposite
side. Tb.j h:.,paord o.'!,i l.i e:.t -n the
old -oum):n wi' h b.s .:', but a pan
which fir-At si:o! h:aif the hidooff
him :ind t:cna bL:,ui .d c'l, i nitag in his
akLo mtrom te otup f t Ho Ilii'tiayas to

the plains L.,!ow v-
he could noit taeS.-
1i1 1our N
A contributor ha
self by trying, to a
series of qu-stiioun
history of the wvor
with A-i-d l tt,.-r
t_-rof the alphabet
greatest influence t
conduct of mUaikiui
Of course there.a
are not very proli
grena men, but w-
re:a.l rs 'wi'l be ;;'
n !:y ,- '? t[v- 1.11
hi:t- r ame i;iclud'
In come cases, t:'i
have selt,, d .a.nim
a viv'.' to c.', ftiO
men of p:tri.u1
name ggiJG ;%.' vis-
man of hi-. titLu .
Aristot le, F.:0co,
Erra, Fra:i';liu, GO
Justinian, K;:t:, L
Newton, (;.i;.n,
Rousseau, S,: k-ep(
Virgil Wn.-L:.-,n t
Zoroaster. -- Lon 'I
Dr.'..:-,"."-3 0
It is E;.nrpri!:,rg
highest m.idic:.l at
that laau:htr uia7
Laughter in it e
Medical Journal, r:
but it may do L.:;i
and boys with ki
tions are often gil
laughter, which te.
ous exhaustion.
Dr. Felicheuelded
tivo cace in which i
from vcry definiteo
aftbr iimuuodL-rare la
was li years o-mld a
been t'ree t'fOLUi an1
easo. After laugh
nEarly oan hour wit
she esudd,.;ly felt st;
chestr ani, as sw :izE
ing, folio'.wed Ly ,'ea

soa s:',- thiug which
-, :.fd W ordi-.
4rce :ero t
l:itn .mniusinii hiw-
ver r- Cino stion or
Wunat niain in the
v, b '-, i-. ama bnan
v:it ve>y i-ther lo.
ordcr-exot ted the
a the t bouglhit rnd

some -ltters which
in thb notes of
thiuk mo:.t of our

un how leI I .re

-a)it, t r LI. -o hV
it, ..s .Oil h wiLlt

ij ,.'1J i, -Darwin,
,.-.i n'^'r, lsi.saih,
thr,. Mibalaimnjd,
lJti. ,mi'.utinlian,
,3, T.m-so, lUhlaud,
Xa',ior, Young,

a l:,rn from the
h:,riy in Englaud
Ji[uj .;r ious.
n; ya tio Briti-h
no: v;-,ry well kil l,
EItiurkical girls


Hired nervous at
tn to immode
s to iLuorcase c

etit.: an insti:
little girl sufit
car'i ao svmpt
bigtr. The pat
t l.ad previous
si;u of heart
ig on and off
s umis compa
-biIg pains iu
with fitsof coat
iac fdyspuuoa,

Landor's Retort at School. well marikedt. -il c nuteld believes 1
Ono day in full school Master Lan- the cardiac u ii m-.al diitctly resu
dor had an apple of singular siza and from iummoc.iii -att 1- ghing.
beauty. He had his Livy in one band "
and this apple in tha other and read Defenliug It iProtC-sTiIon.
and read and munched and munched "Now," said the torney tor the
till the sound struck the doctor. 1, fi I- let us take the bill press
espied the delinquent and ordered him el L--' the plainmiffT this oase for
to bring that apple to him. He put t lged service ,s rcnd d tiy client
on his desk, coram populo, and theu, s:iy allege d, Sric ume n o
bnlf relenting, said: There, sir. Now, j ury, becauehe s she ey
go an -' ownanaud make me a sior t -voIa I t n'IA -to say 1I
line on the occasion." 'Oh, I can do yered?" asked an nt phyeit
that and stand here," says Master Lan- who was s,-rving a Taf- tho jurors
dor. "Do it then." The boy thought a Chicago Tribune. B
moment, and soon obliged him with a SCotnd' S e Bids
pentameter, "Esuriens doctor dulcoia ,, scothnd age Bi .
pdma rapit rFrom the small and of St. Ki
"Hum "says Dr. Jame. "Andray, off t cutlani., 21u,00 oung gannets
"Hum i saysDr. James. -"Andpray, an i ene r eggs ar n
sir, what do you mean by e-s.-riens an imeuo number eggs are annu
d otor?" "The gormandizing doctor." lycollected, and alt ugh this bird l
docTor "Teonly (nu1LF per -,3 antp is
"Take it, sir. You are too hard forme, onl nr and is
you are to hard for me," said th years in obtaining io maturity itenu
doctor, delighted with his pupil. .ers o n' liwint mi Obviously i
"Rouse's History of Rugby School." birds must roach reat age, or t
would long ago havdy e extermina
Chinese Back Scratcher. The deserts of bia are
No Chinese home is without a b'"k remarkable for th pillarsef sa
scratcher, while many there be in other- which are raiedt whir plawi ls
wise happy American households who have a very close r balance in t
do not know its joys. Therefore are appearance to water uts.
they compelled to hitch around on
chairs to dislodge the itch.
The oriental does better. He shoves A TCT J r I(" 1 I \ "A NT'ED)
down his back an instrument which has g A iF h i t: y'. .. ': .'s
a carved bone or ivory hand with sharp Pl'i:- .- ,'it I .. ..
claws. This is mounted on a flexible i-i t" ,'.m -'t" W. .,,'., i i ,
handle of cane or bone, and with a few b- .' '' ,in in1 **, *,, m .'Ct
pushes the annoyance ceases.-Hong- F;i,,..i,,, t1,, t, i ,, '/i .;
kong Correspondence. Mr, itti. in ,hr. h,.- i- .- Ht -,
iin 1"o L11' l I (, I, i il th t i':0 i t 'i-.
Fkr Bed and Board, at MiNl.mii. min I. inl.-,it ji.il-.
It is saicdhat when John JacobAstor Ai;i.,1; ., .,h, ii. ,, .i- ,\
was once congratulated for his wealth wilh [)c ,n,. t'. i t r.-1n .. it!
he replied by pointing to the bonds and b: 1ilt ] .,.." lor f- "
maps of property, at the same time in-, i -.'i i .i ii i
quiring, "Would you like to manage i r t 1 .1: Ii. ..ri
these matters for your bed and board?" Fr"i'i- i..i n I ';mn. l 'r-
The man demurred. m. I h mm,, i.1ii u.sr '-I nOutn it
1OAQ. Ji S.. il..a 5L 1 .! . i V I

itl :;oinlg p Se>cratitian%.
P r l- i [i-rt. UubtIard, sIlealing of
ri .r in The Philistine, says that
; :- r r the- painters' mu-th-
cr p" reini:.us aud' her spirit
1.. i :; a rtmch(it f uperstitioun-which
i-: tL. c*.:e with all. really excellent

I !ni'b-rtd is right A child can-
not be L',.td!:.c-apprd more severely than
by a. mathematically precise, "clear
beaded," well informed, unimaginative
n,,:L:'.r Theie are wretched households
in which fairy stories are tabooed as
":,Lr',", in which the ''Arabian
S;3,+" nis pooh poobed, in which prim-
ers of science are forced upon little
bands in which there is no Santa Olaus,
no stork, no werewolf, no goblin.
A superstitious mother sees signs and
omer:) for her children. To find her
throwing spilled salt over her shoulder
or looking anxiously for the favoring
position of the new moon is a more
agreeable sight than to discover her in
t.I-e at of teaching idispuitable facts.
X a entertain a profound pity for men
who sneer at old vives' fatles. The tes-
timcay, the dOece.: f3t !-.: of the cen-
tunries, is a.auiusi the- sccffr3p and with
them re d: not care to clink glasses or
do bt-iness. -Boston Journal.
In J.:mrzi rrost of tha horscs are shod
i t1 estraw Lint the ciunsiest of cart
horses wear straw shoes, which, in
their cases, are tied around the ankle
with straw rope and are made of the
ordinary rice straw, braided so as to
form a sole for the foot about half an
inch thick. These soles cost about a
halfpenny a pair In Iceland horses are
3 witt sheep's horn. In discussing
t : : :.. : vriter in T'e Ho jrse-
,:.L. ...:_- ays: In the valley of
; . t.; -i antlers of the
.. e .. ; for the same
! '. . s ; '. ; K' ..- ,:i .. ,; i:.;' L:wm.&, t. ch
' ':; ., i :5 [i j i L .. J t !,., te.1 -ci 1'r
... -' :: ,camel's skin.
S.'- L r-. are made of
'-.'.":,,- A German not long ago in-
L.:.i .i a horseshoe of paper, prepared
b y .:a;:::m with oil, turpentine and
other ingredients. Thin layers of such
papcr are :m-a to the hoof till the re-
quimit', thickness is attained, and the
shoes thus made are durable and im-
penetrable by moisture.
The uaimanllug iLaelllus.
Successful sports know that in the
highways and byways are countless
idiots who skimp their families, borrow,
beg and even steal in order to bet on
horse races at odds of 4 to 1 against
them in the long run, on stocks at 20 to
1, on slugging matches at everything
to nothing. The gambling bacillus in-
fests every legitimate sport and soon
rota it.-Criterion.

rnv- ia

e s plts.t,.cni. '.mr st',,'aIcIL. lm:.i- si n a re pr onj tsicn ly
Liout I cured by lk(o~s Pills. Tficmy do fiti-ir wilik
iud- y
1 j ';:'An.-
the1 t9
uo.easily an-l 1 V 19~Ay.~~tf
V- I' Best alter d-auer ritli..
th t 20cents-. AUl-:r:mi :istz F 1 1 1
Itd Ipr-epared ')""C."I. Hcisl& Co' i I M5s

150 YEARS'


a an

tim -
u oh



I Ii

Anyorto srcnrUriga sisko,'t a-1dsin dsrtiAni may?
qiifflo..Liv reiIrailnt.r .epiLimi' fteie a ihr an
t;' t pp,,iis ,r.b1~1- rC,11trriuuila.4
r-i free. 0-esI.~t fl.-flrcv forsoo~urtnlg pft~enL.
k-V_'1.1 L~k-I tij.nrh-.'uitb Nuitua & Cu. receive
'ci Air~.~ithmut churize, in the
W.1efilif ic )merican.
A Luir.il:inidy IIl~ustrnptl' weekly. Largest eir.
CIP I 1.0% f of SrI,'pIyn~in ~Journial. Terms, $3 a
~rfjr ni I~i L Solo byrall newsealer
& o 6ltodwy.New York
B~ranchoffice. OZ F St- Washington, D. C.

G. W. SURFER, SR., Prop.,
--Breeder of Pulre-


S .2

thst I f'Dolked mIn
a voj~lomtarir., who
weiu!l bay ~a win
havu it tn.ilir,porl
ha inl the o us~

but I in mmoe

gol nhIt-d ol tlatt
'it] (I il-.. TI1

fla turdik a -o:bl,
painttel for uaLac
laud, N%,tj bth1,3
Eailors C-it013 shq
"Thri picture,
811d 1 Cimn~ilmI. 11E
Nva; hmnnq ot p.mr

IO Jnl the'i mi
w~;Af 'TLbr.if
k~ It 3LL it the
nL""V.- 2- L -'

dil;%r i -a !,81i 6d'r-
Rl '.d tha

utied to kn1.?.W if .I
l,nse. I vor."Ap L.ac,-k to
adit. vaf, t-

bc'I !t ~'O' 1.iher

c Ilanf kjjt' -

e. - eye ct 'uv rauge.
ramcinof vuv.-i-3and
na'l a ntroricad i-i-
mwfos'5 chev~iz~g. up

but ru~b ~j-iiadrii
t Tlhe U3101, U]CLit it

The doo~rs -wf-ro

r a rU'W d p.,
ug&';'. ,I :F:. !dtW
-,vntfed it
[=pF-; 13It NwarE. the


F, '- ,-

How Japanese W,.o.
Jap.an is a long vay oi, and this
chartoing story of hlcv c;ort-hLipn are
carried on among tho -lite of their so-
cicty comes to us trcm this faraway
land. In certain ditr cnts, in houses
wherairi reside-s a dlauhter of marriage-
ailo ago, an empty tior-erpot ii enoir-
cled by a string and suspiendiled from a
windo-. or the veranda lustead of sero-
uares by moiulight .aw1l other delicate
ways (:f Inmai:iug an ir.r-'ession, it is
etiquette for the J.apaneeo lover to ap-
proe.uh the dwelling of his sweetheart
bcaring some choice plant in his hand,
which he reverently proceeds to plant
iO the empty vase. This takes place
whef- he is fully aware that mother and
daughter are at home.
Thi" act of placing a plant in tho
flowerpot is equivalent to a formal
prc,;i2sal to the ladry ot his choice The
lover, having settled the plant to his
mind, retires, and the lady is free to
act as she pla::es. If he is tbo right
ian, she taLhes every caru of his gift,
watris it and tends it carefully with
her ov.n hands, thae all may sce that
th-e dlunc.V is accepted as a saiior. But
it he i.3 iot the favorite, or if the stern
'par- o!.. -''t, .ih poor plaut is torn
from tbo \u-e auil the neat morning lies
limp and wlthbred on the veranda or in
*vilumeJVi Ih Jifc.1.-.nt, |J< 1 _

t-rai u-,- * rrt 1 *r -

Our Clubbing List.
1._' Il[') 1 has made riV .y liberal clul,-
Iiia; arrangeennts with a toew 6fthverv
best pulIicattiuiis in t he coI untry ianmd ,'6
the present can send for n whole 0e1i
The BUOY ;iid
Leslie's Illustrated W.eekly for'...$3.
Demorest's Alrgat ine............ 1.7
Detroit Free Press (t ice-an-aek
and Year Book)..............
The P 1,' T. U. & Citizen, daily for "9 0.',
do. weekly,for$1
Scientific Amevienn' ... 3 50
Farmer and Fruit.Grower" .. "- ;.5.
F loida Agricultrist .. 2 55
do clubl)of 5, each .2 .a,
Farm Journal,,Philad'a, monthly 1 10
Cincinnati Eniquirer twice week
8 large pages each iane.' -... 3 "to
Atlanta Constitution ... 1 7I
N. Y. World (thrice a wpek). ,...; I 75'
For any or either of the above public"
tions in connection with the BUOY, ad-
J-"ss all orders to THE BUOY.
St. Andrews. $Ia .

JSto r HBt

1 t \ CO N

'"t 4-at ,..-


2~ E-:2~~

F ~ s h1 Etc. Etc.. Etd


)14 7 to m5 U ~


N-I A t-E' F

4: SO f nilioni

S I'U" ,ii



A Full Lille of Canod GoiaI s

O a e tfOg Forcepanyump .

oyle Acting0 Force Pump,



'.Pi hi8s t ela test audc tf icp' e
Hand low for working plants in the gard-,m. It
S.' eI t-' jits l1ab e; the weight 1le bl) k to
a ,hi,'lm the blide is atta 2O'un:d: and tl:e de.it h of plowi ngi! regulated
.y ifting the handles. A bey (,r fi turn
.c-ars ,"an handle it with perfect ease. It hra a
,-in-ih steel wheel, the height of which makes'
tlie plow light of draft. It has five blades: I is
a turning mold, 2 a shovel, 3 a sweeper weeding
\ blade, 4 a bull-tongue, 5 a rake. Wrpncb
Swith each plow. .
1We have made arrangements b.
which we can furnish this plow at'
z. The factory price, $3.75, wih

-- *- .;.... : ^ -..^: --.. : >(.
2! ,1 1- -- t .'"' -. /

freight to St. Ahdrews Bay about 75 cents n'.:!ing the plow. deliver-'d
S!.,,. But the BUOY proposes to do better than this and will send the Thi',y
one ycar and furnish one of these plows complete at the factory for $4.50
p-urehase7 to pay freight. .
Thenlw may he a on in onvration at, thn Buo'v Farm at. nn' ;.I,

owM R



_P arg lin liiTh dEstate. Of 1li City Of St. Andrevw,
-.1 'i.li.:nit. e i l ip %tli g. _18tL care by the
I~ ~ ~~~. i. .4' II-li-e 1ialll,l; %ht, "h'~las ipated no pain""
'il, P .;.if f I) ptep:Ie istf r tie p: *Jlie it map ot
,: V. **i .. ~. i A S t. idri-w,, As it really is. It show
a ~i i t
:it 'llaalit 'II.' -.i;:i'. ', 1' l-j $31.10uFOUR MILESOFCOjLN XUJ~~.IAEi
jrtitIV (in tiuje if l-pii.. ['I t i 1! Fx trndliig e ts twia Y d 1:oflt yer'i
~. 13. iv.ilriit, t k itig inl tile Old own site of
~s t. Andrews, and gives location oi
u hi ic litsiriess places, p.-ivate resi-
PILEdeIIceJBSI docks, etc., alse( i cry lot ill
PIL S PLt- E .lench bloc-k anti the aujoitning &ddi-
it giccs ini-m ,1ttf allI t. tilie. C ittlensi ra I Conl ~ipa Y'N
.1 1,i.rr...net t.r 111,11i~;Ir i,: ad, with a fulil Iles( ription of tb;

M yT1 'ppl, Pe ~ htit m,1cL;ttjclcr,Pa The MS jJ will shE iv owners of lots
il E D, Hin the ('ity juit wl.?re they are lo'
Sii~t .~ .\iii Er., II..catu-l. and 1,i~Ef' "alii-2 e~toithosethink-
At Dr. MitChelI'S Drug StOre. 11'r h, ingpulpet V.
SCall, for fl.,. mi e of'IiHap 30xM,50, j Inebemci
.- T A M1~ -11,m-BUIt t' Iill Send thi-s map to ally
A 'S'CTIOAL T A'1t-~u i Li? leClit Uf

01 I. u hO11~ j1 ONE DOLLAR.

. 'c

--.- -Mr ^ owwmwmc 7K--qr-7_- q-Ak W

~r 1 _





__ ~_~__~_


Bay Country.

~e1 h1:1Ve in:t'.e unrili,-:-,!.)nt ,s by
which we can furnish this fine 3.\AP
covering about eighteen miles square
of territory, including the Cincinnati
Company's Tract, also Harrison,
Parker, Cromanton, and adjacent
country, for
Or given for 5 cash yearly su),scriptions
By the aid of this mnap the location ,,
lands purchased of the < inii ,ii
Company can be ea.ilv
or, parties may.send us $1 and the-ir
desotiption and we will locate their
lot! :tand return the Map by nail].
Address TH J13Ut oy,
St. Andrews, Fla.
For 5 cash subscribers, we will give, :s
a premium, I Scotion'l Map of the Bay
country, or 1 Map of the City of t. AI;-
drews. Either man sold sinilv--l


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