Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: January 5, 1899
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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Volume ID: VID00048
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026996

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First Last, and all th6



:, ~

- i' I



tac.ut ilcrilda

Avainstthe Worlds



Sei.tLtors..-Ulo . Sa.; 'L 1':.i.i, lc.Mo t i'it ello,
Hon S. R. Mallorv. P isi.acrila.
lepresentatives- l D;tfsti it, S.M. Spark-
Sin. Tranipa; *2d District, I. W,
bavis', Palatka.
.itd tJllice- ItUegister, W. G. Rolinsiiun;
Rucevaer-H.' S. Chhiih, Gaiinei% ille.
;iovernor--W. D. Bhllosiam; Secrelary of
Slate, J. L. rnwford: "rc'asurer, J.1. B
Widifield; Altorney General Win. B. La-
mar; Comptroller, W. H Reynold.-; St.-
erintcndent )fil Puhllic Inistructionii, \V.
N. Shents; Commissioner out Agricul-
ture, L. 1. Womljb ell; A.ljulaiit Ge -
eral, Patrick Hou.ton. :tail;l.Ias.sei-.
U S. ES.:..\rTO,.
. irpt Distriet- S. R. M.tihory. ['Penis-iola:
'Second [Li.l rit,Siiniel l'as,:) Mot l iiicell..
I'weatv-fifth Distiitl-J. B, Clarke, We-
'4eycerieeulative, Sj. MN. Roh~iiiv(n,Ghitplcv,
County Jndge, D. D Melvin, \ cro'n;
Clerk ot Court, County Clerk, lteeordci
of Deeds, W. 13. Lassitter, \ ti no n;
Sherifl', C. G. Allen, Chipley:'l easeiie ,
R. C. Horue, Chipley; Tax Collector. A.
Q. Jones, \'ernon; Tax Assessir. W-..
B. Gainer, Ecointina; Superintendent
of Public Instruction, W. L,,T.ocky;
Chipley ; Sture or, 'I hios. Cullin Chip-
Justice of the Peace. W. T. Singleterry;
Notary Publics, W. A. Emmons, C. H.
Crippen: Deputy Circuit Court Clerk,
W. A. Eimons.: School Directors, R.
F. lBraciin, W. I. Singletarv, L. M.
Ware; I'ost Master. L. M. Ware
Postmistress, Mrs. M. B. Jenks.
N Parker.
>ostmistress, Mrs. Hasselliorg.
Posttmastet, S. W. Anderson
Postmaster, Mrs. R. G.ty.
Postmaster. Martin Post.
F I:iA L F.
IPstimaste, IH. J. Johnson.
Wv- i'4Prto.
Postmislres, Mrs. DyAer D e ,
Poaliniister, P. N. Hutchinsom .. .,
P s tofficc on Laird's Mill Bayou.

iolaries, E. Mosher, Frannk Ho.-kins,
PI n.l a-lter, W. IM. Crt-iani; C.'iou
t Coimniii otoner, H Al. (1i,:
(teliut' Clerk fC' Cm tiis. Ti . iilklet

V, E 1, 1 GI 1 U L ,
.ellthidist-L iuith'I cor. W sliii;nii n tave
*rid Chlct.ut st-R-ev. L. 6. Ulill.
p, tur. 're.ie. i>g t II a. ni. n 'i:'
Y I' S C. E.--l'tayvur iI :tiniIg at the
'rcs iMterian lcui r.:i l te < ';,v ,l ilI,. afler
,'i> at 3:3(1 0 o'cloctLI All ,,| ,iiit'd.
i pitist- Clhuirch,- corner of ,i',1i|
c I nd L'itiei llti. i atre';t. Chu.c:h
.0on'erer iurday I..i,.hie u ii- Sunday
at I p.m. Stll.la% school every -: n1.i.v at t
9":10 i.ni. Preni hilig second and fourth l
Suindayh in each ,ii)zli Re:v.,J. P. Smith
lPresl-v iri-eiL-C.hureb corner Loraine
.nIeite id Dr.ake street; Rev. R. J.
Mcllwai'i pastur: pro,teaing on secou d
Sunday olat cci meitth 1t II o'clock a. m
mid at 7 p. m. Siundt- School at 9..3 0
a. mn. every Sund John Stnrt,,ckL, Supt.
Jatlio ic-Cirurrner W' oling are-
iile and Foiter street
The northern mail, via Anderson, Gay,
Bayhead and Chipley depirts every day
except Sunday at 3.0U) o'clock; a.m.;
arrives every dayv except Sunday at
7:40 p. in.
'.atst Bay mail for Harrison, Cromanton,
Parker, Farnidale au> Wetappo, leaves
St. Andrewl going east every niorlingl
Sat 6 o'clock and leaving Wetatppo at
1 o'clock, arriv a', t'iiniii west every
evening at 7 c clock.
SCHEDULE OF HATES:-Fur each five
minutes, or fraction thereof, use of
Phone: 0
Between St. AudrewsBay &Gay.... lc
." B:c.yhead 15e
chipley. 25c
t Chipley & Bayhead ........ 15Te
*, *' Gay..........*** 20C
Bayhead & Gay........... 5c
For transmission by telegraph 10c.
extra, not including telegraphic service.
W. A. EMMONS. Gen'l Mar.

ne.puty Circuit Court Clerk and No-
tary Public fur the St.cte at Large; has
jurisdiction to administer onth-, take
aftldavi:s, legalize alcknowledgnieints,
etc., anywhere in Florida. Special at-

tention given to land cunveyvnnces and
to marriage ser ice -. and license issued
I) lawfully qualified partiu-. Oeffice at
the FUOY Ofice,St. Andrews Bay.

Homeopathic Physician and Ac-
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-
gan street,
St. Andrews Florida

Phliiinni and Dru"gist, Commerce at.,
east oft Ba' view, OrfIrs his professional
Service' to the eitizes of St. An-
drews ;andt icinity, Residence on Buena
Vista avenue.

Notary l'ublic.
Will allend aroiupillv to all busiicess de-
nt tndilirc his attention. Office on Bay-
view street, "ntie block northeast of T
C Panttnrl'c Qtnre
W. 1 SIN(;LET.I':i'\ Y,
.1i tnlice of' tie Peace,
Will gic prompt natten'inoi to all matters
cinlli'z withlin hik jirisdiiction. Ae-
kinnlhdgmnietlt taken: oath- 3adminis-

One dollar a Year in Advance. ',vit .: Naioil F agizi:ine f r.N--
^'y z b ,: N -t 'oi:i] rag azin e r N -
WILLIAM A. EMMONS 'Fi..t nilit lia .1jiust a l a yl
Editor and Proprietor. IL tl1he h!- "1a a gigantic mtnnutill %.s
--D ~ -lo\l. riing n.vtn thie tangled, cag-
Display ad rates 50c per inch permontn o I T
Positbini and extraordinary condition -'.V" lil, tais lay been thie twI,
rates subiecttto 80ecial agreement. lt-. T'1lihe eartl, still linhot with tilie
"Local Drift," 5c per line, first insertion likice iays o a mercilessR .tn; t c .-ul-
21 ,c each subsequent. Display locals ,en dead, lull of the breeze, the grtwl
double above rates. Iips and roar of tle n

.itiitnalinim. the beauty of the fi ris-

The Tirea Toiler's ComniHpint.
Burriin Hamiltot, it' **i lroit Free Press.
What'a ti,- row with me an' am?
Dodkt git rich, but jist. stay pure,
Luck's agin us nowfor -hore,
W 'e ji-t stain' still.
Sot someaigs-thesy iotuldn't hatch;
Built a cor: crib -ain't no cuXiri
Wish to land I wasn't born
To ji -t -tu,,' stinl.

Traded ho.ses-c- ot a nag,
Ring-l'oned, spavined, hair like wool;
Blasted critter wiul d t 't pull,
But jist stan' still.
Hung a rabbit's foot on mainm;
Nailed a hoss shoe to the door;
But we ain't no luck no more--
We jist stan' still.

Mam she says, says she: "Ole man,
G't yer fortin tole," says she-
Laws! we ain't none 'pears to me-
We jist stan' still.

Pigs et up our tater crop,
Waggin's busted, harrer's lent;-
Wish my notes at six per cent
Would jist stan' still

Built a hay barn-it burnt up;
Built a pig pen--hit blowed dowil;
It's the safest, I have found'
To jist stan' still.

Ain't no use to try to work,
Ain't no hope an' ain't no care;
Kinder take things as they air
An' jist stan' still.

Don't go up'ards, don't go down;
Don't go forwards, don't go back;
Jist keep loafin' roun' this shack,
An' jist stan' still.

The Little Maid and trle Blrook.
There was a little, brook so fair, a
And a little maid withgolden hair;
The little maid said to the brook:
"I'll read to you front try fair'- hook."
And the brook it answered and it said-
"You'd better run right on ahead;
Fur if you don't when you read to me,
I'm afraid that I shall be in the sea."

Then the little maid to the brook did
did say:
"Good day! 0 brook! good day! good
I shall not run right on ahead,
Fur I'm going now to my pansy bed.

And they will nod their heads and say:
'Oh' read to us the whole long day.'
And when I read to them awhile
They'll give to me a hamppl smile."

Whatjis the Baby Made ot?
Mat Moore.
What is the baby made of ?
Sweeter than any one knows;
Two blue eyes and a mouth,.
And on each foot five little toes.

What is the baby made of?
Some candy, cake and fruit,
A dear little nose, some fingers,
And abit of the charm called "cute"

A Builder's Lesson.
John Boyle O'Reilly.
"How shall I a habit break?"
As you did that hab.t make.
As you gathered you must lose,
As you yielded now refuse.
Thread by thread the strands we twist,
Till they bind us neck and wrist;:
Thtead by threadl the patient hand
Must. untwine ere free we stand.
As \we builded, -atoni :-. ly .t'._,e.
We must toil. unhelped, alone,
Till the "all is overthrow-n.
But remember, as we try,
Lighter every test. goes by;
Wading in the stream gi r\vs deep
Toward the center's downward sweep;
Backward turn, each step ashore
Shallower is than that before.
Ah, the precious years we waste
Leveling what we raised in haste;
Doing what must be undone
Ere content or lovelwewon!
First across the gulf we cast
Kite borne th reads, till lines are fast
And habit bnildb the bridge at.last.

uauglt In a Bot.
"Why is it," he asked, "that beauti-
fal women are always the most stupid?"
"Sir," she replied, "'am I to under-
stand that you desire to cast reflections

upon my mental capacity?"
"Oh, nol" he hurriedly returned. "I.
have always said that you were one of
the brightest girls I ever"-
But he didn't finish. Before he could
do so he realized that he had said the
wrong thing and could never make it
right.-London Fun.
No Way Out of It.
"We are worried about Julia. She
got out of a sickbed to go to the mati-
nee. "

IIPi a sini.it.r velv&
anaites fimn the vagiit
cli'je'ts in lhe nr tc
it were a liing .-oun .
to bo gr)%\ ling ariiI
liglming thle alpect o
iig it, tztotesque
, 1iib. is e;'eryvw Ile e.
At the ino vialli -
eatasti.liphe, Bavadjee
into that kind ol hylI
wlhichi is the Suiice

IltIl tovei hangjInIg a portion ot the brmaeivy of1
w..|. yet iinimaatereld of mttn after tli-,t gentle
it;ille ium oiA l o ci\iliz:atioi, this savage, loie which
impilacas ble fecuu litiy, va.-t as the tinies iecui
, liter, in"\itnuibld as thie (eean-, over- naturally cr
powveied Dei'iit M.cCarthiy, .pounced aimott .ne
' Icr hi, t ea ,tee? c itt 1, ini.u 'Uvi
gani-tll unaidly .1 stranger to suich the iwcill, tht
, ti11101. il. w ith thie ple'ntiitulde ot were pligagc
griiileiir amid poetry, the OUIRe.
Behind him followed a lininlle telrnileI tnii.
child of the country, B.valj'ee, ;lie cticduct dout
Runner, lank and puny, with high. believed in -
timid-looking shoulders, carved out e lneida
of a minimum of matter, biat willit l- i.-in. 'rl
cid eyes and brows, and lips gentle qniickcer, it t
and iitil-ligent. In front oft hiint aptiire ol ti
stalked Diuua, thle guide tlie \ illage enuce iof pei
of Nardonares had ilaitcn at his dis- springs Iruom
posal, who would point out the lair leave nio altl
of the tigress, the Mau-eater that lial' Asl he W
carried off a rayahlt inly a few hours ihinigs, alter
before., As they advanced, :he nii.-e. manner of
ot the night grew louder and minee Djnna start
terrible, the rumble and roar of t lie him::
beasts more proluige1l, iiIing and "We are
calling in a lengthened gamut acro,a cleaning bellhi
.the plain; huge bats swam in the or- 'I hey h1liht
ange light. the rifles iwh
Bavadjee alpjuoached McC.-rthy. vadtj.e ti caq
His terror had its ciiim penation in hli armi at,
the keen heart-felt pIido lie took in bible at the l
serving this burly Irishman with the tit another
bellicose eyes, the liard-fsatnred kind- along at a sd
ly face, at .,nes tender and irascible. blocks anti k
"Are nen?" a-.ke.l Deiin,'t. of buihliwout
"Yes -aib and buffice-i
Alter thiealing their way in inigle while, by thri
file li >n-.en the i..ckLs, Djuina hialt .l, it was .,.-.-[i
i .iiilinii st. echoing outt hil, haut thu .ch.t 11ing,
,. i ghi h I, i, ., Iia -e a hJ.,r 's: "'b ,li, '. ',1 wihi lI l,
ttt !" -'--
The vast, tottuons surface of the Ilii,1 an :l1',
plain unif'ol-.led efi.ue thi ei, e e- oe ne I irge laill,.
ot those iigini corners of the tuni- I-i- lie:'I al'v
verse where the iniaj,'Iv of ntiraun- e.l forwai' un
ineled forces, the stun.gi' of instincts the brushw,,
and vegetation cicates pil,-lnilr anil His soul w
1,ntretaction. Unl-i- t.-- i n ,.,' with a nllAnii
touch of tihe t.Ii,o iglitl the wild .d I' and tl
trees, the dull mass of f..li:t e, even abott t,'cA lve
tle dismal, rotten trunks of the prim- stood jut' o
eval giants, became a h.trinuoh-4 tex- formed ,f i
ture of embroidered tapestry. Every- thle otl.er, c
where wes a confusion of births and the il,, ..l ole
deaths, voluptnousness and ag,,tyn, N 'e was -n't
occult productiveness and olcculi mur- between her
der, sinister shadows and the blos- ray ali Chan
coming of argent flowers, unsaory -lead, le did
odors from testering swamps and the e.l even, at I
delicate perfumes of aromatic heibs piercing glai
During the intervals of silence could see that his
be heard low murmurs, or rather at rather Ion
sighs, from some mysterious source, breast pal pit
apparently subterranean, and the far sparrow' canu
away wailing of the jackals. grets peereul
"Theni she is yonder?" asked ML- faishion froia
Carthy. "Do you know the exact pretty much
spot?" noit es a ino
"One day last winter," answered catte a mom
Djuna in a low voice, "when I was prey, whern s
searching for a stray heifer-I saw to the back
the Man-eater just outside her den." tude of negli
He added in tones that were almost nes and slee
indistinct, quive ling in every limb: The Inih
*'She had just devoured a young w.- sho uldhr, ti.l
man.!-Ohandrauhaur, he who was vl.i,,,tt ot
carried off this evening, saw a simijai alihok his I,
sight soon afterward, on the same tnstemil;'.
spot-" urept tn; tht
"That will do," inle runpted MIc- raliihair stir
Oarthy. "Then you are quite snr1e arm'-, r,,,e on
you can bring me there without any liriughit lit1
faltering? teatuie- dist,
"I amn," replied tlelHinh loo softly ifinite terr-,
and resignedly, tighltenedl an
"Well, let us be moving at once." the pupils of
Turning a thicket the) luniil a widened i haif
natural path, dug tont by thie pass-age IHe tiurii'
of the winter torrents. The niniai, tigri',s. Shi
hial-way up toward the zeiuithi, sent in anoilithit

vivid glimmers of light iilnm-ngh the ,ifftT-iii' to t
branches; the three ijof :,;'u on, bii-lkly half inii i.iui
though pai, fully, while their eve a .- C'hai.iiilha
deavored to piei,(. the -h'iil.iw:, ina- l, \\l >l,' .i
ed in front on each Aile o t h-lrin. snieceele.I iIn
The ustlinig naile i by their cloLthes aboni hseveno:
grazing the ptlilst, Iy their feet di lividl face of 1
tubing thehre;ir,hhisn, was hlino.t l,-it er to him anm
in the stir and whirr of insect. atl at the be-ct.
ninlht-birds flin.ig i -i.archi 0 loht l, mnit nlof Chi.i

,o many (
y obltinaa.
th(lie Oo
il e I -
nla, ,.

.L4 JAN. 5, 1899.

, :. "" .ad- I
a.ht's i Y' Ih.a1' o'1111 -t l 1I l'i- n1111. lti;iin.l i t ne nti iqteltor, h:i1l in the ex-
.lr..i-iuiiiYrtf(. i Hi.wever. e-iiii -n C ..I .v i r, I cehsi i- j.iy ,f hi. .iieltvelan'-e i 1t tli ,,
1k As il -i(eint iiilittHfie ce ,f l 'm i -tii.ti l so of hI- Oi ncII le.-. HIe hl:,cn.cl laga.in.
iga .'vti neil thle eay;h alttrinl.'.l t,, c :\i I lI.teir. a lilock i shtonir, in a rtaie (lit n,.
I, tans- A liaiiwi\rn glnam ,. hI i.,lt ili,., s.>iiju|n t.l by Djunia. Ml, .\ t liy t....o k
Il ', stIt m |,- shlione in hi P.- ..r ;a it,,,raI, l, t li.i .,1.c,,n I IltH 1l'i., the 11 1 ,4 i d o
np l riating .,i ly to dice -[ it'ilin .,lir.n l h BMv,',-,viljte athl m aila e three .stnp ti,-
.: of thi e Least m?,, i,. -itI.l. ,]\' hlie way 1i the bcast.
rach of the i..ile a mighty bunil. hlie i a- -iAi t he C attilled tI ri-c r a t Ile t i
D 1)jiia tell ldro!-i,'ad fat ilit I the gru nl, in a etrn\wl tuwittI thle i -n, iiin'itn; hi, ad.-

e C.iiiliti,,n aentaleptic state; e 1 c i again beo-
Se'i"assjiv' ti enc i lie giant cl ws, lace to iaco.:
I, an l 'ith e aule I '',g., th, big, ticible

t e: -,Si' 'i wi- th 1 1n, -
,..tii-- tll',ed Djtiu a,; \who hiaI cIme uI cI j,Ae
E o,- -tr t I s-r .
said the l tller. g.

0 n11 e. amon
,, ii i-e,..

But ,Iheil rt iill.-t

tle titmnes I hi" arfmi .

,, the pr4i, In ol hi.-

inlgled wil t vig' on -
he brave miu ls tihe pre.--
il, the electric joy th ll
a strug vle" whlich will
ertaste of 4ggit.
-'as i, ,,inl4tifg (11 these
the Numiieicratt unanialytic
i nin of as) n, hie ..a w
suddenly a-0d1,rni twanl

at t1 c plae.l.ok-y.in
nl tlie bloe sUtsiy toNii-"
edl. Derin't if ik one o ti
hic lie had g in to Bi-
rrv, Mo tilat lii jtigiht have
uplile alnl ht i(.v a'. I.,-
s>prCiUe uim Bt. \\ i.lh-
word, .-ll tlrf b stealing,
Ilowir pa e, reached thlie
knelt dow. A thia belt
d was iii front of :iem
(o rent lerlt.hem i0 i. ble,
ru.xting th heal fuiwiard,
hle to s5q'i c',Vk-v d-t'lail ..I'
\\ hlll>'h W r'j' '.lv C,'-l -
Sss s

. e the b
nt il lhi.i
-'.li i ll :1

,e ii it ill
n thel b.
cks iIlace,
a-ti Uitth
t't, llie e

tmin-aie.Il b'y a
SSlofily lai-el
tller anid leai-
ciea;l reaceli.uI'

ainteoiusly liile l

it thlie ch'an in.z.
in w hiric ie he
iter ol ilue ile,
Onle ion til ol
- the I'fol l ol
lossi. al igi s..-.

'~3~,~P~~`~-~~i ~ _~"5. '4mlalvr

b r ite "!'.' "
SDai knesl x settled dl i l nl Iiii- i.,nl
lie saw the beast w-lling in a .il i
oi lug;;ubimio s ap., Ihe(..,i,, ti :,n .ag-.
gorated mAn.gniItu.l 1, t luit lhie. tld
hi'a"it which even i,,n . cr v n,tilI ex-
eici.-es a lor all'ip over ahn ielnt tlnlt u-
-lan,'-and whiii, cn.-t cOintenit \\ Ill
d, -Vn lin iI.nrin, dlii.a' t, ,'iIt \\ itl i
ilim as with |.-u e l-.iny at niin l.
In the cons erntntion ofl'th n;(.'in't.
il, had a d iim vin ion l, t, c\c -,i i irIt
luotc s snbtlely iiive ted wr u li-~i,!; .l,
w ithl some little inire craft j.,i.inl to
he telirily\ing s\ iitn|e-s ante iiIn ui-n-
[l ity ol tlgeor- iit a li killing iii -
.,iinn of the spl n t Ia-socia.ni'. I,
u.iplremnlacy ,t tie tifelin'e might h:
bheci po,-.l, le. A t IheIt '.i.l tinllt:
thelee 1.-me ithlin hi n m i i lh a ii1N ,,
vli-,geatice a violent alnil t- eii tlI o.isi'
to strike dowl-n the .l aii-:iler ccithiiut
killing liher, to toiI zIint. i .-IIIL hli'l.
1.nl it compuln.e hI r o 1 umlii it I. tlhli
int i'i.-'itatcy ul lthe being bhle lhi l lin.'-, i
itnia ing hier prey fu r .iMx S cital:--l_'im- -
II", A.l. uI Hell -cvot.i rul.
uadinally aitil liy an ,'ff.. l .i- c'n-
. ,t-aiit li ht. -an t o that i t belt- I.:.'.
[1liick, anild his angei o u, that it cea','.il
,, clouI l his eye-,all -. Hl w ecr ithi.
l i~n-'s, with p1llt1ilt g tim intllli a : ld
ci ilh light an niitii le ,iic'Vinoniti
,,l': l lll lli -r II nhth, li r ,.\'r 111.

T vtlti".f .I.T 1 'liI
I.li .ls l -e' .-ation ol p,,\ r' an.[ ,in,, i-
SII-ti in. T he p,-,i, shi el-n1-i i -I nii, k-

... remi-atui e l.,..k-. l Ile I ,n,, g ,',..
:I |, li ime he bi kve.:!, u.i ,n', Iii h.
i ilI e te.le anl fIel'fer. -'.- uni hl.ir the
itiee'in t.f thle j''igle and il t e fore-. s.
...lie. ai' i clyvel ai-I s.iei ith he li
pl,' tiime, .u)I ret iet d s-.lwly, v. tu iver-
ing v; ili vol p i, 'tm, i e?. tio.'iiin, lh 'i
%i hole gait antid c:tige lid aU l itg the
nlIlpr'e.-s of the a;rIog.Ia t dh'fit-. .
wlhilch tne sti lig liul at the weak, a
hard, ipple, elegant symbol of the
sti iggl' of h[ile.

hut.i.n-Vtru Ciiaws Iwa the Whou she was two years away,
dratnhaur.I .It e was n1u he t',o,1 t ti.tnl e-.-, anl hall closed
not appey to be woumd- le, amllr .'ye... l'crything in her
east not seriously. ThIe witnessed to the Ipe i' fet cenrtaitnty, the
nee of the rishman could ,..,ien.uan lii-t huntll s wcith which she
eyelids oped and clrsel ,mti cipateld UILe living re-p.at ash
g intervals and that lii. .,i,il ,,i.,n d .ci.le t ii.aj,,y.
ated like khIt breast of a lll the v:ni1lniihied -hlil not re-
ght in a nare. The ti- uounco alt hl-pe T l i'h i n.-tiit of life
at him Ln an indolent ,n,,lI be seen b,,tttlinvg incvinibly inl
n her h: f-closed ey'e., the ,ijttll, of hii. ey,,.-, and dominat-
in the wy a cat recont- intig the c.,,,icltiii, that every effort
use, anl, -e a cat, there would be t.e'l.-cs. After a moment's
ent when he let go he L i .,.,iatiuni, anMi ab. uItely jist in the
he retire. s it were in.- ,,11,, in,.illniei as i.efluie, lho ag in hall
round, as ming an atti- i.,,-e a,,|il lutiletm l his crawling flight,
genice ,1fe nied careless- : c:tl ,t ory f :atlguiihl, terror and hutii.
pY g' ness. ble e,,- .
1a ,vwit i ril.- atlhi's. '.,' tutime McCuilthy liia.l i'gaine I
n it daai. fire. A re- :i|1 ii' :,,ii,...it. 1 waited niitil
a eg-:r ,-'rt iche ( hl, ,ini :,lI.u ut iI tle l ang ,
nil aind i .i e.e his aSin I i.t, ti.i:il, le,l a t.-ci,.old b teen the
'1' o t h i l4le ,tini tu:e- I, IIl-ILce l hat ti l I.l hliti to aim diic lt-
'n l ow iy. (I''hauln t ;ii i n. etl.i t ,, t iti beast and his
-ie.1, -t lie' I tout hi ,til ugti inm g to punish hler.
i his ellb The i o,,n A.t lilgti li he tfiel. Through the
his feat Ae dihitinctl) :, ,, 1i ul .-,niike lI.- had an indistinct
-itel by I an *I a I ,..I. i t .'hi iir. l,|tit r getting oil his
r; the t, ,t il, INth haI I,..t, a.1h tI l t ie t c--. who having
il atiff-n iii lip'. lill l I, iate tI lt -r cl].i ., shattered, with
I hi. eye Is li 'ti, anil I,,. ilti rii 1 an. in her e ,
n irmi lcncl -itettv. ler h -u iii' n ;i ii.l I e neii
I hi-' l I I ow i 1 t i it ,, .:fa l l I,.-]i- lv,
10 ,em,. n be l.... ki,,.; "* ,rn,,, g,- y,11h.1l I1,, 1 -0i a,,.
liriee tiin, .)-,-.ii.i ttt l iin I .- I, ,,t l .-,, i lIpi ,.,e I o ver the(
lie tple .- her pi t ,. i- ,.,.
,d to -[ bei. I 'l t, ";,; ,,,.ii :- nIur ,I tn ,i Io' w ;.l,1 .
.II ',v tti)al >':.w l. 0 ,'\ i I ;.- ,-i,-- -w it l, I,, iil ne, v
il,;m a ri ht *l e, att li ,,. ,|y a; ,[ <'| ittii ,g 1,.\,', u hnln
gainiiia li.-'itnce ol u,,,.,. 1-, ,',uichedI .,i 1hi, a- if o. a
feet. M i tithy .-aw thein ni i,. lia 1,' .,. .lth 'I ni.i ,, t t tn.,,
t h e .re5t ck .r w i n g 11 1- c .,, ,.l, i t i, .r : I, i ,, D ..t Nt '
1d agai n ,- Iel. i i a ni i I r.,ke :- ei I i 1, l t i .t1n i ii. ,,
UTill r .u1,-ly a mive- : ,, l,", -t,., -il Iu,. ,,,i, ,|
tndrattil a ha .o, i im '' i i ,,r li ,, i nit i lu 1 ,.. -i :ni, I ,.,

NO. 41.

A 0<.. -.rus-i lt .
"Hl;c, 1 ....:t" -.;d bis frie-Jd
"*'W hat are .. '*'*t :, Lt..t-r'
"Cih. 'inii T.u *n surance business."
Fir i oir i .'"
'N iZthur.."' s-'I F.anks calmly, and
is he did i : ... i!. -S It' to prove it,
nor nihkiin j 1 'n at the other manu's
bultt,.cle, his ti' d's curiosity was
ir u lrl.
* r-u! V>'L'" t Li.i. 1. : sr' :-ci : ave
y'u .ilrd t,. I ti g..u.:i" he iuiuircd
hun T.


.t ill go frit town to town, anl see I oil, emulsified to an exquisite
III go ro tow" to town, and see | fineness, enters the blood direct
fl. in th,. barred chariot the jungles enters the blosd dict
A,, and feeds its every corpuscle,m
a.i. foe'stls whose delights thou shaltl restoring the naturalcolor and
in..r ,,'.ii: feel-Thy life will e giving vitality to the whqlc
,.- liti-,..i.lrthi a I unii'iaiion, be- b system. The hypophosphifes 5
ai.. t..ii h-i.t profaned the nclilitv reach the brain and nerve
,, centres and add theirstrength-
,. ,i l thi.l.- ain .ldsportcl with their ending and beneficial efect.
a;,ii 's.I" If the roses have left your
'T'lie Ii..ias gioanale, w1rake,' ly checks, if you are growing
snr.Niiig, a,,l the H:lus buoleyd a thin and exhausted from over-
work, or if aje is beginning
il,:,t, oiitmewhere 1i, the h.,ciii sub- f. t9 tel use SCOTT'S Emu.-
A tnei', in her narrow an-1 ferocious sion. -


- ie~'F



W7 .





V "a i he r ll "tIVots.tl,' I': t ILtI:!.iI-, ';it t h e gray-
vare, l r ,olit o.us 1he, 1, h.r ,.- ity A 'a m :. h. -. ; ja t given his last
vouring jaw that had gi.rguil 1d11 ; qi;ntr t' ; :i.::jtlr-p t, "it isu't
muhli human riAt..,li, that had cn:hii'iel tthe briph[ Flit "', .K old thing turned
S. ov r. It, i. L ,a. i IigI di-.;iutly new.
so) many hl mn.in ih1 ie.lt. She l 'e:l ba.k A gr,. thi;,: l'. It thxsn't even
oxhaunst'd, aitl Derin t cii. te. il[!ate.l need to L pa' .:: a; N. !"
her within v\'ngefnl ainl i in l .-'ti.f c- W\i .'s;:i. h. ::-A :l, "Y-oa don't
Iapp-n to lba' .. a ". o otirt s t it in your
ti,,; it seem d to lin in.w a,' ii .[, N paI k.i- "
'., [r-lienlel (I'rt I ,n ,.\ ul Lial,';i.' '." raNi.ip- l r 'ad nI "But I'll tell
tlig, h :fl.. w ,n.e i ,i ,s1 you.. it. 1 Z " .' L:nt ro lively in-
It tt lr''n-' n1e0 Ei.ti z- .,
ihe \tilag.. or a It I.a-.t It i Ii -I,,I w\ j w nti. to' 'Torr ,;v a- or vulbrella for
iun t kill he w.u l kili.l int i fi ve lus wt : a;iai.'uiL'.it c caudid friend
Swho tLilA yo.u Pw much wor.c e you
e l'lue klly, ,,s ,kill ..il. ]o(,0lotk th ian vou t-l ic inc there oman
e mv. %1 -1want. a c..;;. oa yourtime
W'Sah1i ,, Hn k i i hij -, -a Iitt 0 1t p i i ; t .r it iu iust the
,yon nI g ing to kill hIe. "' painst, thi i.' -r iin-hw, nud other
**N., ~I aj t I,,make her a .i-0 little aun .n i' ,-. ,- f h,:it; aainsi. the
M,. au whi kI.-. -:- I :! ; i.-t"-
',!- ,t. l, ni.lt. 'phanlc:" "Fl.old ,. I re.:. in hisfriend
--"N S.libi. ntily- a little w ;kl." wildly. i,' 'l :' 1 .e me ,ut a
IN, 2:i i i k elt L beo' tho Eu- po licy o '. '..' DJ-tCoiL Fred
1,. can ,,, an.I k ,,i..lt i el', i1 tb ,, l b.- Pre ."
il.i.e!i .,,,. I kii e,.t I iihi, n- i nii ,, lit. .--- -..--.--. -
I,.i,,,,. .L'r. atitu:le i .l ii l \ \N I .i . ' ;. 'ro r, ,1-
S'i 'l I '.'. I', i, t I. ', r u i n r

"'.\I,,,,l- .il,!, 'uel,.-; Il a If r ,.,,lt' t . It .. ', L .. t ..l sdi
Sit! h t ''I l'l t i... "'T hene I i v.' -
L,. :laibi ,1 -t av h ler e \" i tt tIme Ilt. i p- u -
S' l u .. I'. .'. ,. l ,,, ,liv rn t .I ,
ica :,ij..c .,,- l [ju li, a e t e., ii 1ch r Il H 0r :,I E. .... ,..- _I M. I'l.ph r..
n,, i,,. "an i\ ia l;t n a L, a i Il'. i l i I p n . .y t .. ... h.v
-,nq -n", a ne ..r, no so n
".A S .h il l, I f'. e l a l r b i le i i ..ish r ,- v L :. T R u iah e d
*Al h, nll Ic-' >attkm.- 'wh ll Ai L : V."tL L.-i u era.ltshied
thi il I we LAli:al : tli ilJ a very c.ri ,, .. T .o ic.ack sea,
,f lir -,ze!" h- h i ..... i-, ts h IS a dtith of
th mere !,;. ,,. ma.c th r :, ij p,:,..-.Uued by
J Ih I thatl i -. ]h ig aTj, i \, a>u H t ulph,.r.en i nt h ;-.' :i- ... vtbt r.Bl sVEr the
:t- nti- YO.I| !;1., ii in wo. ,l W O', .i?-. water i- r ':::. 1,';' feet This
;,.,dl!- A .\ av with1 y,,1u the t,,!" aco tt fer t isar t s fact that there
is n.o Iuilp-cie Etc. c Ink i' twhit dopta, ex-
'1 i .hig htl, rui ,i'n a t-ky Iso pur c pti u' I.e':. ',t br. teria of very
-w '. 1, j.., e' J cirtfy1ther.
,e l.'- |e L ,.' l. fi'n..nx h t dlr.,,L hHw (M-.,I i. i,. :.-iL ,:r .t" v:ith .n1l9 r.
1a 1The cat..-'s i,,r ;h.-' ...mi -cu are eo -
n]. l., l[i-.i, a t.i th,. il, iii l ;i, plaiIued ,b th: ,fi n th itt n.,.v of the
L, iacit,. e:In I..i Ii th,.W stlh fresh wi-ti:' rb ,:.n -'0= tLe Bcesp iro s,
a v:t ,lh .l , ,.iiid i3; tth al. i ..- while Tit A er l ru tte ed-
Sitrr"ijes,..._ d ragha eptrh cur-
ilk \e 1 111, ,. lig h tly .i ,li \ I tl rent into tMhI' :.:-i i t tl o e h ark gea.
earit.t exini ii ihu gti n ul the trL'es, ':s The wa- t.a u tiit tofu.e0 are, there-
.l,.,.,,.;l ,.. ,' "., l; ,...., ,, , t for o, c tr t bhy r horizontal
[-ilre i.- r-; "1,1 ,Itn *.Zn., I.'l .e "I tical rreL- ".'.. i .:i, e' ry the
Sia.s ,f i xe'- ilin| i, lune- w'.,e ; nnf..;iou, "- ..: hu!- i,-tto:n to the
S il i e" -in' iesurface an-FldFi nc-lr:n from the sur-
.w ,;ming a*r ,s >!h ir,,l,,in,,l u h' face to rheo tto n hardly everno-
ac-.Ld th- e iln.,iiti.i ei.b l. akis l' le tieeabla. The v.' i- r nt. great depths is
Milky \W ay\.. MicA '.lthyv l.ai s.i now so saitnceil n ,'d ith suLlphnric gas by
the. dti uth"iL:ta.ri'h of oi t.. o ic matter
.,a.v' .n the tigr, ath,, rn.,t of siudiug t.o tlh t i'tou i by reason of itA
trIe, mnl ir c in mpliaan thllie t w,-igbt that e.. r od tjer living be-
w..mil .,i h tigress ALt ,meit.l., ie ing which n-e sc. ru' iOr its organic
eha ttd ome cd h at is fel t a a it t a sa1c1 systemi u c n exist c uaol f etatcd depth.
i u lg.e l b y ht *n Lt uonn d:n la o-t.h'I 'r ,i l .i
siv Tl-e ..1), lit ut" t'.i; Ss lc.
luld hit i ; L -1. % her, he be ast wa aI l.e Th e od e' .ul of? I old ae.
alttill him; Lbut \\}ci. hof ltu, J l Unche had not b.:.:n c.a.u idt;red seTi-
..\ wannems of his face after his awniful o before the ed, wVitRaes C.rlyle'aS
Nephew, John C. Aitltu, il Thl Allan-
.aitlvei,.re, saw himi tremble at every tio. The vi alp,r o litj,, o,,ard the
snarl of the tigrehs, the wrath o(f last days kept tii,'L.2.r-irg iE a way so ex-
Derniot grew more unplayable, like traordiariuy that t! o dc -- u declared be
S redt fa s had noLver met such t uaciry of lie and
the hatred Wht ies fEt against a sac- vita-ityin thewhA, .te .rof his varied
rilege. London and' othbr r :;!i''nce. Dear
Four I ourn, later, the beat was a uiclk, the good, t:-.i :ol a. :1 old man
thnt he was, reall i S. ,:id little in the
captive. T' hick ropes were twintedl y a;n f.'r .. e- bi tOre i hi
aroilud' r e bnldy and s,.curtly light- death, whie', v ',- -.;i !; tiiu more tabin
ended and fastened. A network (,f a galtao t' ti r'- Liug in a
scarcely htte.c i i.t .t n .! .[ sounfId.
b:nibuos fornied a-sort of cage about While lying ia :o r.... c,'-e ,r i7on-
hir, that kept her as hellessly in- scio s ttE hi i ;..;, :: .-- r t ;o .,oder
SLback to r-i.1 Au.JA..1.1.;.. '*' A bi ll
S l,,in. l.1 as it t, hal .been iron barn O n c..al ., 1 ur. t. .t hi
TIu men of Nardoinales canme in hia ti.,tl',r h1, .c.' l ui,.ei f-t,
,c,,, U.,,.1 P,.r -<. d alonuid lher. T sI n .,,";id ,. a l ;-u; t thNg W uin Gf once
familiar fae, U,',: wry grj.:!y l.- s dear
thVm: e nito.. l s.:u. [..IJ, .I d f' v:i y r.-rs .wlth all
with swheir g olr" the g.r.n lh< r Il at hi a, ry E,- % w.: 1 i's 'r.wk 1Wl
s ,v e i d e i t y a > i t- V l i k u t l n, n .' 'i .. S? :1 .' v..I l : 't '* r.,r t .,' .
( eilro u s fo rc e s th e u ni c a |int y i ri e l ,. f e ._-J t ; 1.' ,_urv .
disease m t ,li;ill to \hii..l iili., h .. s .... . .. .... .... .. ... ...... .

Tl'hie g z d ,n lIr, tg.n .,t ,ii\,- & hi- h t B "
out ,ine i .iinkin, an.i :eat; liii A
the pre-,'i.>'e o | he n | o p.'i,-- r ,,i, sur- -8
ed them!-,,u,.m.'hat, and at the too- 'ew' the blood loses its ,
mett whIen the pot-r.s were making intense red--grows thin and g
italey t'> bear away the mou.ter, ai watery, as in anemia, there is t
il man aclvvasced and 8 Stjion, a lackof energy-vitality
"L,, thltu art n, ow,,.1 ,i *,,i t,, Ielp- and the spirits depressed.
lhsiuness, ) Mn.u &hst-i, thou art i. w U'
-t,t, ,i 'ti .,o-.i ,hi.--- m, t-it ,,hwi Scott's LEmuilsIon
vanqtiihlea thee! Tihii wilt ktnow -h., -r
va,,u ,t tfhrre itu it n,-I ,,. of Cod-liver Oil with Hypo-
i'p" enh y of 'ac angd h ,wl itec phosphites of Lime and Soda w
liiid he b r of a cago, a lttlol t ,.e is peculiarly adapted to correct
c tit.i will laugh at thy fury! T[Ihen this condition, fhe cod-liver

ing on hel i uunci e.s, a ld

Ael own


NOTE.-It must he remembered that the
wind is not a w'-olly reliable motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possible to make schedule timeit must be
etarged to the elements; they do the best
they can.

The fi lshing mirtcl Johnu W.
Siuart of Milbile castle in Moniay
night and anchoied in front of the
Buioy office, anid ycstel tay1 inl,,l il tg
left for Northll Bay on a trout fihiiing
Tlie large sheamsliili,Cape Charles,
nln her way froiin 'T'anipa to 3io.-
bile, par.tly iandiled with a cargo ofl
tropical fiirit, ran sli.rt of fuel ar.l
cianme into the aB:y Sitilday ami laand-
ed att the Salisbury mill wharf, while
phi lay until W\Vlne-lda ., taking o,i
siupI.4uJLil .+t .\Siil. t h-e,- -'ti".
(?hlarl' 's i., l lj It -e f l i.-n t a;, i _1 t.,--I
wile, anit is tile l-1:4c.n t hun:it thllt
has ever beim tn Srt. A.airlre\W.1 Bay t,
the kilMwleJdg of ally oe ilow living
hero. She departed fr Mobl, e \WVcil-
nesday nonll.
The schionIer Cleopatra arrived
Sunday fI'rut l'etfin-iclla, and went tip
North Bay, MnIiay.v
The schooner Win Cawfoitl came
in from Pliisacola Snillay, went tip
Kast ITay Motulay afternooit aihl re-
Iutriniig, ldepartedi or PensEtcola last

Win. Crawford.
Makcs reguhlr trips lIa'tween St. Andrews
Baty and Peiisicuil.i. Pi;.sillger, and
freighlt trani'iportied.it reasonable rates,
anid iith every attention to the safety
and comfort of the former, and safe
de-livery of the latter. For particulars
address, R.. G WA LTNEY, Lessee,
S. Andrews Bay, Fla.

.1i is. HOLMESt.; M \ lR.
].eavesSt. AndIre a ii y ev.'ery Tues i.r,v
leaves Peinani olt every Frida'i-,
(weather p rinitltiilt ). Sp-hil a.ttein-
tion will lie giv t ien to -.'tre iinig ilnd
forwarding friiglit ti r iun-ties living oi
BRit and North Bayl, 'ionsetgi'ers for
points on either armi ( hf ltie liay cian
depend iponii semill ing pru!impt tli..itn -
portation al ia r ,iM nJled ic-aIE. ..

L. N1. W.%ifB& Co..A g-g-

CArl'. FRANK \\ 1 HEII.I.
Carries the Eat'l Bay .IM il II(teen Sl t.
Anidrewp Ba:v, WVotippo ii and initeiri n di-
ate points. Leaves St. Ar.diers ,1-'ilr
(except Sunday ) at 6:00 a. Ill.; rivee atl
Weltappo at _I':3(0 p. ni.; leaae Wetn-:,pp
at 1:00 p. ui.: arrives al St. Andi-':r i at
7:30 p. tit. Iake.s latndlaiig, ryiiltll .1it
Hirr oi,o rmmanritoii, I'l.'rk i. t'illt -
hurg m !id F riirdlil. Flor p.li ei ..i' r ;iiinl
frcigih 4-"atos, see rate card in the ser-
ern l ist, t<'ce..-
-DAVID M. WAITBrsllLL. CL'antl ictr.

A %Veek's Ventlier.
The following table gives tlie maxi-
Smum, ininimnum and mean tempera-
fires, the rainfall and direction of the
wind, for tlhe' itwenty-fouir hours ending
at 7 o'clock p. mn.. as indicated by U. S.
government self-rer-irterin- theriom-n
eters. .Max:Min. Mean. R'n WWit
Deec 28 36 .001 w
S4 -45 ".( l se
3% .55 .INJ e
"' 31 ;U 6.10 s\v
Jan 1 2'3 .o I A e
2 ;36 .On1 lie
3 ___ 46i .:01)l ,
For week .. I I| | .10
The maximum thi rinometer in use atl
1his station has again had the nibflor-
furne tto get broken; hence the nitixi-
Mum and mean temperature: cannot be
recorded until a n'w instrument, is re-
Peived from the w'uather bureau.

Parker Lodge No. 142

a Idegula i ri tln nll i.
andit.i onltm ,lp nul
i eri ch lciih m l.tn i
Vlusitinug Irotilher%
W. A. EN MNKs.Secretarv

To lCitre a ColId in Oine 1);.y,
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. 2tc. The genuine has L. B Q. on
each tablet.
The "Gray Mlltter."
The writer has examined many brains
of persons morally or intellectually be-
Jbw the average-such as murderers,
aegroes and others sunk in ignorance.
He has invariably found the layer of
vesicular, or gray matter, to be thicker
than that of Daniel Webster's brain.
IElophauts, porpoises, whales, dolphins
and the grunipus all have this layer
thick-r thau the nio-t iute!llectual imen
Another gnrati objo-ti.n to lociitlng
mind in the g;7 latter of the brain is
that thip utbstauce is found In the iu-
torior part of the spinal cord and in all
the nerve centers throughout the body
So that, if miu, is situated in it, it is
act confined to the brain, but dwells in
the Fpine also, and is distributed all
through the human frame.
Still another objection lies in the fact
*kilt wherever bhe gray matter exists
plear the su.face of the brain it consists
ct three distinct layers, separated by a

-Razor.-i and pocket knives at the P
oneer Drug Store.
-Taxes for li'i, are now due and wi
become delinquent April 1f IS,.
--You can get fine prunes, tig, date
raisins and candles at the- l'ione:
Drug Store.
-A grand danee at the St.. Andrew
Hotel is being arranged for, and wi
be announced in the near future.
-Wannamaker & Brown's sample
for Tailor Made Suitu at L. M. Ware c
Co's. Call ard get prices,
-Allen,- Tasteless Chill Tonic, Sai
saparilla and Yellow Dock are th
best. For additional evidence call o
Dr. J. J. Kester.
-"Lewis'" men's aund women's Ox
ford ties, from $1 to $1, and a nice lot co
patent tip low cuts at $1 a pair at at L
M. Warc & Oo s,
-A tood big Tablet for b cts; a large
one for 8 cts and a good thick scihou
tablet with 175 leaves for 10 cts: all wit-
handsome covers aud good, ruled paper
at the Buoy oltife.
-Brini your ordinary school ink bot
tie to the Buoy office and for ci, get. i
filled with Arnold's celebrateil C(hem
ical Writing Fluid-the vory bet. inl
made. Must have ',our own eark'.
-TIte St. Andrl<-V', 1 Hot1icnltura
an,] 1 iT-provi---nitL Colmpanv i- I- par
d lo ulear., improve and plant into frui
any tract of land which ay be Lgi\'e
them. It will pay all persons to buy 1
tract front them and have it itiproveCl
-Rev. R. J. lMellwain will conduct
divine service in the Pre-abyteriar
church next Sunday, morning and
evOeniing-. The evening service will be
p)recced by a s.ong service, which wil
boe undei, the, direction of Prof. J. C
-Handsomc letter keads with St
Andrews Bay date line and views o
either St.Audrews Bluff, orBuenaVistu
Point, at 8c. pun- dozen; also map of the
St. Andvews Bay country on back of a
letter sheet at 12c. per dozen, at the
BuoY office.
-It you are thinking of buying prop-
erty in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
cinity, you cannot afford to purchase
until you have conferred with the pro
prietor of the BUOY. If you are short of
money and want to buy on your owr
time for actual settlement you can be
-The Bitoy is corn nis-ioned to brina
seller and-buyer toget ler for a most de-
siirable -barg-ain in real estate about two
and-a-half miles freim the Buoy itlie'
on the Parker road. Five acres ,t
ground, fenced, with good two)-atort
cottas'e and furniture for small f.imily
will be giv-n away for lJes than hall
wbat the improvoinents cost, if taken
verv soon. Title perfect: location de-
sirable. Call at or address the Buo3
for full parliiul:ir-s.
-All re-ad.ois of the Buoy will I;e in-

ontiru ly free tionu to the Columnbian, lhubli l d iut
Boston, arnd an elegant souvenir spoon
of Sigsbee, of the battleship Maine
We have also made arrangements by
which we can goiv a Dewey. Sampson,
Schley, Lee, Miles or Hobson spoon inI
place of the Sigzabee pattern. Every
reader should take advantage of this
-Prof. Lipes has just cleared out
and put in pood wheeling condition a
b'eycele tack from Mrs. I'o'.ts residence
south to the Bay at, G. M West's resi-
dence and intersecting the shell walk
at that point. This. provides a com-
plete track from the Bno.) office north
to Wyoming aitenue; thence eart to
Mrs. Post's: thence south to thu Ban:
thence westerly to the Buoy oliee,
making a cdmlplete circuit of threu'e or
more miles.
-Notwith.standing the deciidedilv di-
couiraging weatherof Sat ur.iday law- andl
the prdleti,-ns of a few vAlio were not,
in he-arty sympathy with thae movement.
tne eatetiainiimeut given hy the i.oval
Rel-.ubli:--an Cluib nfS. A ndrewv i New
Year's Eveo proved to lie a great suc-
-ess-even more -0o than the mnost smn-
guian rnenemt.bu of the club had look d
for. Some pma tics v. ho counted the nt-
tendants as they passed out of thle I'haiL,
dlcaIred that there was.- above- 3l1, little
and big. It is certain that if the \v'?e th-
er had permitted, a delegation f-roii
Ea-t Bay would vier'- nearly have
double-d -the number that did atlen'].
Mr. I. -Godard was tinpaster of (-overio-
uie. anld most tl'ly tilled .-liat ftunctioun.
Thl-- wele?,ning addr',,-s wv,is delivere-d
by E. A. F.mmn-uin, aud tther- w,-r, holiOrt
talks by iMrs. L. Hairrin-on. R.-v L. G.
GuItn, and J. M. Wills. Prof. W. R.
Willcox and Miss Myrta Maxou gave
ihol'e selecticour on the violin and or-
gan. The committee were disappoint-
ed in not secclring the expected servie-
es of a vocal qua.rtett: but while it.
would have added nicely to the cxer-
cises, they pass,.d of01 very ple-asanutly as
it was, and no on-e could c.implain that
'he arrango-uent c-_niinittee h:ad s\ yliht-
ed any feature. The large eodart tree
fairly g-roaned beneath. its weight of
presents for" the little oute. and many
an older heart was made glad by some
tiken oif i rle friendship coming through
the r ostotlico-. The event will leave
nothing but- pleasant rt'ecfollections with
all whoattended.
-Among all the seed catalogues that
cone to this office, and they c'mprii..:-0
thi-ci of all thf in' st ext .i'. -i d
ir in- the l nlic.l St-1 ': -., t' e: :.-
oiu ci for l:..)< of -' [. B 1.M i-. .11- .. I
i -Ti Y .,'a l ii. i Is p e-- i i'InOu -, i he
heasi.I of thi '.a.a:-: It d .f-'t'ib ns.1-'y
new anud str'ik;inig n u,', li..1.- 1 iir .i t .*
by M r. M ilsl in thi l e .t-s ..i :.:, i ', rci.
worli'd, and ru'r nit a fte'. l 1 .-- i,1 j
wc'ondc-i'r I-i oilers a ic_'ii',rin oi t ii
earh for a nuimi.. But i 'i.p l ti-ol
most nuniquen de lpalt ire in thi pr.:.:-niiin
llne is the older 'of -.2. fior iv- e **-u -u ..i I
list of twenty-four e.-l. the I .-t..: f
. .. .. i. .. .t, ..- 0 :. ... . i;


,,rt :i i .i .... a I hl i 0 ;1'-' It, I, ,I i
ablioti i ix k liours afit' I lu. inE 't : iCk' v. ii
it, wvl elc i n the tic- t at-ace I ;rr .ilIe t)o ) it-
toad o lhusii.ess nli..n il toi.i d. 1 lit ilI '
' Ltiing do wn." For salh I,, L, l. 8'i rI,. I
Co., Sti. A.\,idrewis ;a nd i I.ed i arid alli
Incdt ined.l il .lrs.

The Alcoi, Councord lone.
"The Alcotts had bought a small
piece of land aud a farmhouse, once
good, but fallen into decay, on the
Great road to Boston, a mile east of
Concord," writes Edward W Emerson
in The Ladies' Home Journal "They
made some repairs aul a small addition,
greatly improving its appearance, and
moved into it the following summer
The situation was extremely pictur-
esque. It was backed by a range of bill
clothed in the rich green of pinus re .
lived by a tracery of gray hirch. A
superb elhn served as a great parasol in
summer, and tieird,'4s wt-re applee trees,
pink and white in May nud red andr
yellow in Septembor. which conimeuded
the place to the frrit loving father, who
called it Or(J ril [J.iuse. In rout, be
twean tho house and the wooded hills
about Waldoe, stretched a broad mea-i.
ow, said to have been an ancient bed of
Concord river A charming wood pith
.led up a little pass among the hills .,8a
hind the house. sweet with the bait
breath of pine Mr Alhott's hanils, un-
aided but by tasco and skill, greatly
beautfined tboplace by a little terracing
of th, sunny elope here and there, the
planting oif wo ltinue ol the porch, and
the building. out of sti ks cut on the
place, of a rustil t-'ouce noil gates and a
seat around the spurs of tits elm by the
door. "
A Literary Coincidence.
Plagiarism is a literary crime the
charge of which should int be tnade too
freely, especially hero a very eminent
person is concerned Retentive memo-
ries seem to be respons-ble for much
that in an outburst of indignant emno-
tion we would lay to pln.F-iarism This.
however, can hardly explain the follow-
ing, which oan merely be called a re
markable coincidence We have never
heard that the genial autocrat, Oliver
Wendell Holmes, was ever accused of
stealing froin Whittier, nor do we ever
remember tit any one has said that the
Quaker pcet borrowed from the phy-
tsiriau Nor do the cirreunmtauces of the
present ca-e raise either tlsub
We picked up the other clay at a sco
ond hand bookstore a copy of The At
lantio Monthly of .i:.tona ry. 1i7?0 In is
we f-,undl that the tlo eminent poets
above mentioned while writing on total
ly different theu;mes gave tw\o lines that
are irrikinply alike Mr Whittier's iR
'Nevesr t-y lover my lii l.e kissed,' '
and Dr H-linas wrote, "Lips that lover
has never kie-ed It is rather an ex
traordinary colucidence, am we hNave sail
Htuw curiously and -teuntihfially nud
myitically the dr:ictor must havdesxplain
ed it all if't his atteution wera evor call
eid to it l--New York Times.

\ .\ NTE F- I ,--, .tAV it. u-r i .t'.sr. irl'm I

i lm ti h i. .u it lu ; I t n t ii ' i
. ';i li l.1 -1I. f l' I l i i l l '' i" ,I '- -
,- i ,n i. ,n :i i lio ion r ir, I ..- - It
i- i~ i, ,I ;' v.,k ,',h ~ i l.! 11 h ,T.1

arid .l tchai:e. it- lo ver, .l'ltii. i l i.a ic l-
I V.1 '1i -,ort.. t 'u.. o'u .o.-f:' T he'
i. 'imnp ruls.' > i.-rntinf tr h. n.-it'I t neit
S too i Lt0iy lr hliis itiemt iU tL aLit I,v .'j
l fully ill the- catalugu-., which Uaiy re
iud ll ad .l*-.,iu.g a a ,lut i. In -.a-a
-s, ci- piat. thli, editor f this paper lia
- 'be: n a pt urcAla.-r t M r. M ill-' -H,..,.,
aud l,:,s a!l:.u.a.s fuunil t.lh,-m i re li andi
rs t 'ic' itly ', ri-s epii iE:..eiitidi, iand at pri.''.. us
I lu-,v a thjuo of aniv r--olabihI4 'ttm:n.
MrA Mills also .,rTer-s 2 i. fo ie al -t
L- III.iiri ,ir' of his i._ipty seed packet.
&- iik'ii 1 v b,: I'2 et.icTl 'eit 1o) lim l.,y A i i-
g t:- I, li'.i'j, t, be d iv ided betweeu tlhe
r. ietl' -n latr' .st V iulberis iS eive% d:. t1he
e enderr of the largest Liinlumer to ii'ut
n fliti: their i -.i alle'-t of the lari-,i nuim-
bt'rs Itoj 2 (-t' each. If you have Dno L.:
- fir the- l1 wVorth of seeds you may enter
f tlie Le-.-.oi n ii Sefed-. contest by s.-nding
. t this trT'icl L.1.i06 for a ye;r'. sibscrilI-
tion to_ hu 1B,.o'y. alwy:iV- nc-in'iouil'
thiat, yVio wish to enter t.beo contest..
Thie iin by a i-p,.-;al a i'rang', m.i-nl wilth
Mr. Mill-. .\,lhre s all othJel orl'ter-,
for catalog.,uo or 1 se.--' ty F. B. Mill.,
.Se7- i-ediwin, Rose sHill. N. Y.

t.- ThI Younr: Pe'opiles 1Baptist Union
meets at thlie r-atiipt church oevey.
k -Sunday at 3 ... m. All invited".
Tlhe Y. P. .S. I. E. e --e'y Sun-
Ida\ pft. rIoon at
- t'rt' I.. yto.ri'in chur'-h. All intere';ted
t in Chlri.t ian Enidceavor work are
i -earrllstiv lu'vited ito .tte-ind.
. E, li in K ill1l jr., ani, I;i vini.
n I clhui tw it o 'oili g.(OIIl], 'i,'ll .1,
d C liiLe, o, 'l ielil.ds .,1 J. D .,ll' 1i-,n.
e a i .,l ,ii l,;>V I i .'}}h. a i and ale ur -''
of Mr. C,.'tirlantii t ithe St. AiniuseI -
S G. i. We-t ailn] I'aimiilvy of E-.-
f naba, Mici. arii*nr on Su.iti.la'
a last atid aie e.lalilil iedl in lthei,
e ido.-l la %t % i1l0r l11ll1ilo t (il I ',I T ow
e where tli.v n ili, inimain ur iii-
- Miss Aniria ':it.- ii of Dani .li,
- ia., inia.1 ron e nf the \\' i- 1,i'-t.1
W- lo I i ivei t ,_dt:irlay j tig|iht. SiA..
f will rulii:iin t ur t lie wii' er, lthe giei"
of Mr. aiiI. Mri-. \Vest.
e Caplt. G. L. .Ball, the "tftble i,.1rsei
olf tlhe glerit .-timiller, Cape (':.mal-,
- w i a 3 I-la;"i t caller at lthe l ,i'.1
Sotlic\ Ti l, ml.y.,
- t
t IaaGrippc Succe.ssful. Treated.
"I bariv' jiu t r.'t ovir-i: f.o nio n .-,' ,ii'J
atta:ck o,' 1.I gil-pc this yeiPr," :i\ Mr.
f JI A. .one', pilhlishi.-r of the L ..i'l-r,
M '.i. Texit. In tlhe laitt-i '- .: I i-it
- (ha.nili-erliin's Coug;' iu n-it. d Iv, ,il 1
think ia1th const i ir:ilile sticces, r iinl i.e-
ing in ie a liitle urcr t wo d i.vs a.aintI
- le -l :ti I r lii tlic foi n.,*r ilit.i.:. The s' ee-
.. .. .- .. 1 r- T -

.-...... .... -- ..I l I . v"-L- 1is 1rkpi- st ll i p, ,"Iites the It W aim Too Unch.
marile an 1a, fnul gni p b cover r place. Pnh t(ack the j.I- i.u is and le "Your honor, said Boston Pete, al.
it, o thep shhwultdn't gaetcratched. in the light upo, the in\au te.giauings most tearfully, "it'sthenewspaper puh
Yesterday uUt another c-r o it ls -a .. -t y Here i the licity that I hate about this thing. The)
lin a to g, er tl e plush to prevent edn chair, h -rl I u:I faled, but a will 'aver' that 1 'opiue' I will be 'ap
tlat from tig -:iled. Nxt. wel.k rolki, and so ,... .isa I l Ts 'lls is the prehended, then incarceratedd,' perbap
sutps s, i r;lr a* calio cove r to bed on- v,!id ho wa:. L.-run-lh.a.dlyv big- even in durancee vile Bat. your bon
Sprot h o, i l Ic Le] you, wow- gr th. a (-" A. i.. e is uai o'- or, for a man who has never demeanor
S ve t big frt ile ,ls. ci e have due himself by work this expression, 'caught
Sbvo it bhfertioeiu .seri hcu.-.- d, ;..:- ontts (vyarly iv e I in the toils,' is too much." And th,
S--- d---. difli.'lt t, L-...i.e. vbI.h a little old wretch hid his face. -Kansas City Star
i I cii ,il.~d at i,:.; C ,. i 'F c ,-times, pluck-
t.'b c- i at c About 4,000,000 false teeth are mann
.. _PI) ,'!' (,-iis o thu ne pcI.r u-'..u iu alil the world factured annually in the United States
W-iAJ PIS iU t)t1-o V 'SUtlAU6r O4

It has.
for thi
at wor-
C(nin g
the u(
I"w hiii
It stop

Lrin.- _d
h];i ri-ir

in ll

per b.ut
For advi
Vie "" La
The 'Chai
Rev. 1.1
"My r i.
for tfalh

VIcarnt-r'l ten th-'i pand
i sL irst l t,';i,'

iies an d'-rr-pet'en-r.
ome the ladirui re:nn.-y
ola of trir, uble Ir cL ,-r.r13
rx ,nily Ct-if '.'i, i't..': p h-
SJ,',Cirhl :.' r ii i i r -r,:s
trual or;,4n5. It c r?9
' and falnii hr.'te w,-iub.
oodirig fid r--her-.. up-

t S

L, -" t r i n.t P st
I til ii- I t 1- b IAc *
r q -iiA n '..Y *.'] ..I-p to
J It' 13 %..:- 1, M U -

id ... ' 'I- n. i -n
,o I- i i, I'st

-4 -I' ; K Wady 'A I., -I
[dire int L, n r.-- ,r.;a
a t i "." : -iimu-

?tn relie i. h; re '..h?
a'a.rd'ii oCnly c.i-t It..;
Syur drug st -r.
!,(ar edO:'! r.,'in , 7 q ,';-r-iit
address, rlit'i'ri ,.5sO ,"'".:"I.a,
al' .4di'i.ri" Ln'c ".ii i"'."
d oofU Mfc,, .- 1 .... ('.'', -
iot Ad Dcice C.-., C-
.MqT ,Cam duc S.C.. ra.i:
if t oi in 0 :, 1,n..-cly

( i ot' tvL:m li ie i6 .xa aidi iwto her faico.
Ti hI'- q I-+re- r .i-nt 'vIithi iTl"yebi:uw
Snotcs, r-'bil:h it, played perhaps wlble
those I;:tl., kiung aid queens to be
dane .i to Litr ir:uLic, and thrl ouie born
gr;-,at (IL.ai tit,-rt ouly h-ive greatness'
i thb.;t a rn tr,; !hemIi) stoud apart unchild-
S hi!:,e iurl -iit.L vt, v. 'ihE Cry chairs and
S ti'.,-,i-s :ri, th, t ,ime. ThL.re is the nar--
row 'trip of t.Lhdr.om wibich was his.
"I nh- al have bveen the bappitst mana
in ther'- .orli."he I ays to Moutoloun,
ISs) ad *fiItyv viars later, "with an iu-
co ;e. uf $.'", .':a-I i year, living as the fa-
ther of a fanlily, with my wife and
6on, in oni old home at Ajaccio. "
Pall Mall l zette.
Coiifuied by an Axionm.
"Now, children, I want you all to re
member that James Watt discovered the
. wonderful steam engine by simply
b- watching the kettle boil."
"Please, ma'am, I dun't just see how
V' that could be."
"Why not?"
'Cause watch pots niver boils."-
f Brooklyn Life

The Seoul luiepeudent says that a
r receiit cu.us.ns of Korea shows a popula-
tionu rf 5. l9,24S, of whom 2,869,767
are males aud 2,:'2..481 females.
-, 'T the Public.
I W .': lre :ntiih ,rizi to n.irraunltec ever
[,. I lio i,., I liih.imn-lain'.-i C-'ii lh t Rtenedv
inld id nut s.it ni. fory to refund tlih
I. l,. *'v t Il11te p r liii-c n r. Titere is miO
10- tcr ui dei ci.ii'1 iii.it1.u ficr l a grippe, cnll,.
I' }lji ping coiuii Ii. l'i ', *.', :inld c per
I_ lsit e T' ,v it_ F i. .l, lI,- I. AM W ,-

whleuu o uu o ao goul anu turee ousui o
silver and platinum, to the value G
$100,000, are ured in tilling teeth.


' A .rictly high-grade Family Sewing
machine, possessing all modern

l0 llel E9qUll t0 Ie Best.
Prices very reasonable. Obtain them
from your local dealer and
make comparisons.

1l flrP. l. M iOillIlill 0 P10

C.'oods In .Winter. "f Hi chtln.g NanIe.
The QQ f the Little S.&'gen&y An army udicer hEre in town tells a
is as rou 'any part of the R-,cky s' tory which throws a side light on the
mtounuts -iji the custom to dress ways ot recruiting officers. lu his com-
lightlvU fo pling, ntv,,it.Lhs-tanding maunil during the Cuban campaign waa s
the 20de bl,_ w zero, and even a private who came evory day to ask
then ione ris veriv freely, making for letters .Joseph Murphy was his J,
it impofltist rt,p ,-,ug f,:,r a r,:st, ou name on the roll, but the tang of his U
ne.c-rrint of -chill (A the open stores. tc'nugne did not suggest even remotely 1 a UU
I&e forms- eycibrow, hair and mn:- th3 Emerald Isle Day after day and no
.- tanhe, whi s,i-t..Iat trzes in scales letter came Murphy's tace grew lon- 1x pD
i "n the L.a onc' u,n:ck. The snouw ger anud his query more pathetic every
falls f'rm res on the vovyigelr, and, time he appeared. CHIPL EY S QT ANDRE
mielting s va trout the he-at of the 'No letter." said the officer ono I 0
body., t'fir aks of ice. 'hades of morning "No letter for you There's
Nausen a i 11 the arctic men I I do only one addressed to-let me see-to Chipley, -
nolt1nde vi why they are not all Giovanni Paladini Oastellazzia-or
pillars of- unless it be that there are something like that; none for you."
no trees t. p suow on them. Murphy's face beamed with delight. J. Q--AY". PROPRIETOR. i
The si and hemlock of these I*'That-a one for me," he said. "My
parts all t upward as straight as name lika that I go to the recruiting
one could l anuc, to re-ist th con- office. I atmanting to go fight. Officer Partie en route for St.
stant fall 0ow.f If cnu learned ever say, 'What your name?' I say, 'Gibvan- c arns e for tc n
o0 litlu .of th p rpendicular, it niDi Palariuii Castellazzia,' and he say: Ca an arrange forS COiveance
could not sivi? the tremendous aver- 'Oh, helladamn, that no name for you.
age of.50. of enlowfall each winter. You not fight with name. You fight dressing, A.
Their brain too, do not. grow loug, with gun. All that name trip you up.
else they d snap under the weight. You be Joseph Murphy I be Joseph --- --- -
Every reef on the evergreens has its Murphy now, and that is my letter." R.F. BR\('lIN. I CA. T s
little but if white. anrl without in- Washington Post.
termiision snow comes siftiug down R e
fronm the through the nhush of the The .Lelter Gae." R F AC
winter.- The leader of psalmody, or precentor, R. F a BRA H
When topped and the creak of in the church of Scotland used to read D)EA LE
,the snow --.was .till, we could al- from his desk in front of the pulpit the
mn st hlieau ,hear beat. We could suc:ecsive lines for congregational sing-
S.-' ackin f1 tho to- inr He r-.:is the letter gae"'-i e., he
soothin.lh t seductive, influence, his d -Ik was calle-dle "letteron" (lec- ,. is : a1
thaktmnnfie ow. So solemn is it, so trinonm) Pitching his voice to the first '
little~yo fcarself, that it is a con- uot, <-.f .nch line, he proceeded to chant -
scionlohuebe -' u brings unco scioaus- it: --ords in a slow, drawling mono-
ness. a 'rth 1,m white forest is al- tone. prolonging the lIast syllable for a f 0 VA
most d ei its beauty. The win- little ai)d then breaking at the head of I *osiI
ter fore nlt' lleathi-Frederic Rem- the congregation into the music sot to 0 .
ington i _a 's. tha words thuns delivered The effect of .
S'. thui would no doubt be frequently more rn
Fani tV .is r.f inking. ', curious and entertaining than edifying C '..J
Faith s,'a .ll, the liais of batik- and solemn, and strange developments
ing, and l .'th be no faith there can mu.rt occasionally have occurred. The .
be no b, kiug For that r:as-on it is position tested not only the musical -- ,
possible 4 t-$'. who aro skilled in qualirieatious, but also the literary at- C C
hookkee 0 g, btltwho are dishonest, to tniunfi-its of the leader, and there are C/)
carry o s3ftjmimes for a series of pan;sa~'ges i the metrical version of the ""
months o venyears, dishonest.methods Psaluis as used in Scotland which must
by I;hich y'n the most expert acconnt- have pit rural precentors on their met- i
ants are aived -and can be deceived tie.-Notes and Iueries.
as long as his dishonest man can have /i I
access to t-books. :,,' .B t.," i .-l i f "i HOU
The r d of embarras-mentsor fail- T ,, Be,..-,. s.i .,., i l th, t li for ,i- .,*' / T
urc has, almost very instance, made T.ii'n ,, lt '-. tI in .,, fl-blin '.
clear, up i exs miuation, that dishon- ,,,.,._it i ur. .[l -1Ir'd hii' ni ,s.and plii -lai '
est meth i oA- this kind were carried 0, ,i..i. i ,.I,. I .1 1u -re-. '
on by th h. habad daily access to tho e ,,,.i nt-rit.:'.i ,ii \e perle;.- /" PAINTS
books, it n u cfse for a period covering f.,.tIn 'i on r:\ i..filtied. lPrtie "' a
at least years. In t'ant case the dis- |p i,. ., 1-i ale bhi all dru'iat.. / QUEENSW ARE
honest el ployee, knowing that his safe- rt rnc __ -___- -- --
ty depend d u0n his ability to rcach A Gr-at French C-clier.
the book reited to take a vacation. Oharle- Meryou-bcrn in 181--was
If the ok. rers"d toh tt0e abvacto brong-ht up to the navy, going tirt in A ru-i
If the o er.3 the bLnk are unable to to the Naval hcl atrest.Aa I A C K E T
detect di ouna ;y of this kind-eveun ift o. H
they idr te4 the most approved and Fouth h e sail ed roed.l Cthe world f aed
scientific mehod ef bookkeeping-it is tou:hrcd at Ath;n-; toj,.hed at. the then bCorner of iive6W cnd VW 01
boyondfteaso to expet that a national eavage coast, of Nev Zalad; made
bak tin r can do it.-Hoa Thom as kotches, a f,,w if which, in days when Glassware. Tinw
L. Jonles, Pr ident of Lincoln National hi prat-erwork waam,,st of it dnne, h Vh-it n'u c:a', nld at any ,,lhr ,
Bank, Now 'ork, in North American u--d. mat ia-il for soi. of bihs eth-
Rview ni':.-'. Art ':,.n t ne-t -citr.-it hit-um, a. d i T 0 R
e..i o.lT i OtEr -i';I as :i xL g.::t to lie in
I The eOsing Gn enahn. it b, r.'e-:a to hb-~ve h:l i unti ,u tliat it rad es au d
A'-rsdouan alluasion tothe colnorof the ra.-: 1, ]s id;uilli d thb.n tl's profin;ou of
nero a -lit- a reto'it calling in ques- tha u;ivy, ,l- attaftr awhile b '- h u.,re de-.
tiou the u ,'tp:duct of tho pazadlor's libcr,._ ly t:c ks dguiid-becius it -- ---
.md. a -v ,oud tln-e-s, lthelr ., .'' .- t ti !' .:.:, i r e l. :-li: . -'Ai- ,,J in I'I .1 li -. s
as to prot. their vitals and tbeir inu,; :. rv, d c -it:.!y aul b.:co e a .
kni7es quiv- ig like s al:.-es. tctdi in li tl rc- t. be .-.- :.i,.:d his comiuii.le.ion.
the mnirdl1. tho room. Tb. .conmplny A Liu!ter he co.ild LI ba. The gods, SAU oit -Lli.it a'
wil'thdrew t a-lve into the sr-ntlt who hai:,,l ;-i-:U him u in his youth a is the P iace for Pa" ien
spaco, 6toodri the tops of casks, andl at pc,--i. .i, anl1 a dfrnjness of hand,
the ctd--.or th'i Es of tie wome-n locked 1h] ,-.dw!ilhi u-imb ti t nhe i:.i:hbt of color-, T . f ."J t.
in -light, ile the pnlp'ero, with a anil I r.- enui.er e.ing hanging up in
pistil and title in his bands, closed the :;.al of M. Pnrty, \\ ho hucw him, P.'ijm 'lfi ll;? "tt.
dowu his ting nud was ready for a lin i- iu:I.:es.-ive pa.-tcl of a ship cleav-*--
whatevern i tt befall. "N':gro," iAbi- lug hrr '.way t'atongh wide, ldoop waters, "'=- ". ..---. --
jruL," "N'AI t.i," "carajo," and the ai the .'., .: w.- r,-l aidd the sunset sky
k'it, ll.sh d, senu out 5inks as the i,, i-'..; ; f-,r M.yr.u was c.:.r bliud LARCESTANDMOSTCOMPLETEBUGG
returns ce d an' to'c jar tle fighters' He -,id ; La .i t., iln [ :.-n :.ravcr. ie
aimus up to b shoalch-r joints. Iu a e ',.- ,r1 i b w.-irktriml f o:ni, M. Blery,
muituent a ll ouer, aid litima the piaza:- to, wbh j in naft-r tiu!ts. us his wont \
d'jr's right i'_ tIh .iod dc',p. in a was, hco t :., "vel ,01.ou vr.t.r-s of his
ati'-.ain t c- n o ii I r ..,i, aw .d all thie wriii-,e---' -. -ci.i .e v:, i rs--s. mb . iUCCI

A ''.'ll :.t ",...v g.... c--tin, and t-irr 3. e ."hi of ,- in:an, the I
the tc.-a a -: ni' s t: .ir r..:- ldship D-rt'.ch" ga' l.i- t!:,red,.l--Ir to etch.
ovr a un itc g:;.- ,a- tuida' y Re- F, r ,. cu.,,it ,, h tre d. 12i a;ld intere.str
view s.v.rCl tr -t,"3's ,,.:( lztm,! plates OUR GOODS ARE THE BEST--
.,,,,*,m v,, n.. an l a,;dt-. in w'. .i', r-5. an n,- i OUR PRICE THE LOWES1
'"Sp aki V,.,ecu'.- it avit ri.-di- o0;r little ,.- l I ,r on.- to R M Gln an o
positiu s' 11i !1toth. '',"ay wire's in Ehiy--'-t .L a- ,i. ,ictro des iate- a 111tplARP
a c-l-uis all ( hi ,selt.. l s. ''-Pall _rll (:azitto.
"Hlow a quer.'ied' his fricndl Hojaxs. a Dr
'Il -ui I t I-, nr,_rt r -r r. r, -,,,>er n lo ni In -' : l 'f- s aia-l- e n ea' i e Cormit.


minie. Avenues on Bay Front.
are and Notions!
ii.i. C.lir- ti ,the R A C K E T
E antil r. g

makes, Specialti s.
I .E7..Ty, ........ ( .. D ..... .D

\ '; il iIr i i f iii i l.lpnt,
igers Coing to and from

Terms PReasonable!
>- -------- -wwO,. ... %


iS d.

-7 T i Ton iini-k oll'erel fr ri t al rrii--
1. '_l |] ",'-t T'lie rinil )for a t i ini
ria; g)i it .id- r pni.ing lic: li-iutst' ilind
;'irll-r ,1 i 1 I I ''ii'i-le '.
f.\ ii'. i ii i t ge-i i u ri L -viii i -in ie
vii t ," i)riake 1i '-et.
l f'l'o r li r i -n. 'i lar ;p l t tlith


[I prepared to cut
and deliver them a t reasonable rates.
If I you need latb r with team, call upon
I \ \ a'. I r.

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,



Sasli, Uoors, Blinds,

.- .-- --. .

A N F)
Building: Material.
Window and FancyV lass a
Spec I i .lty.
PkTTAi, ATEI S C I-H. .R I.' i V I I V



W. v'. C-A-_'Y, MANAGER

Andrews Bay or'other points
at reasonable rates by ad-

J. GAY, Chinley, Florida.


(IN & SON,

- --'- I ~~'3anraLLEc~r~i,,~P~nr\)r .~kr-- -- ~- ~--- Irs

o _

aL..i. lu. ,tLrCjI -- i i .. . i. lq llrilIiI. . ,] --

I _

TI'hursday, Jan. 5, lsi19.



tuigar, "y 1
;ratinulhed ......
Coffee,A ... -5
L.t brown ... ..5
;reen... d2i24)
Arliclkle.tb 12-15
l- aiger sraps 311, 25
'ractker-, soda 10
?..iihaceo, pl, ug ill.r6 taiiins
l.on'ido ut er' .S-1i
Valencia. . .

Ten, a tbV
(; He No ......- : 55
1 Gu i powder.. 40
Uncol'd Jap.40-60
Cond milk, caII
Unwcetma'u. 10
Sweetened ..... 8
Baking powder
lv.val-...... .. ..
Ca[iphiell 10
L'an ned fruit
5 l'eanilhe 1Ifa'O)
loi natue- . ?-Si I

tic ....... 6 1 A pples ........ 11
Spples .e P ,s ........... I,
F.v1 poraled... I. Il hn is. .. .....
Dried Penches A pr' t ...-.. I-'0
Jual Oil prgal ... .15 Sha.wiberries. 21i
'asoline ..... J Pine..i apple . l --'li
Florida Syrnip. .. 4"1 Caunned Meats
oney.........1.0 It'oa t Beef. .... 15
mineganr....... 30 Corned Beef,.. 15
Cheese pr lb.... 15 Chipped Beeill-25
Butter. . . 25)-30 I.',lt.te-or. ...... .-
Lard .... .... -10 .' Salnon .. . 1
ticans........... 4 C.anned Vegelailles
vocoanut pkg.. 10 Baked Bean.i.. In
Fiunt Pnddine. 10 *Corn ....... l 1
Jelly, glass. lOa;'-t2. Pens ..... .... .I
Lim e Juice . 4-. im -pki ......
Eggs per doz.... 15
Flour I'ork
Am'ni' wan .. .-25.1 D. pr r It ..... .7
Majestic .... 2.-75 laconi Sides.....
lorn Mel tpri h 60-ill Fresh . . 8;(10
fat Meal pr b. 5 I"kf'st i tn-n I I
jorin per .im . 55-i0 i lam Caeiini iseul112
potatoess Shouildes. .. iI
Irish . 1 20 Reef



arlv It'se seed 1.20 t'o nted......... -.
Sweet -..... i60 o(is Fresh ......... w IJ
ilt, pr siek . . 85) DI)ied . . 25
Ta.lle ....... 5 M ilk pr fit ...... 10
H AIt1I I'WAltE.
N ails. Per l1.3.,-a4I A t,with bla dle. 75
t;-tl' wire do.6a, o Hue?,, echli. .... 35iti50
Mam illi'roper ...9;alI2Cuipper pqint, ciii 45
loves cook,. .airC25 Linseed oil, gia1r55601
Pipe, per joint 1.
prints per yd.. a Ch ('let'ks- ... .51ii.'.,
lheeltirgs ... ... 5i Flanneiii l ...... 1 a4i
luslinn....... 9all Threand per spool. 5
Jeans .... 15a45 Shoes, ladies.$1 a 5.'
Kxtrapaants p 2ut 2-25 Men't'.. $1 401a: Ili-.
11l SCLL.A N EOU3.
Hay pr cwt. .75al.-.u Oats pr Ihu...... 55
Bran ........ 1.25 Brick pr MN.. .. 13.00
Rope Siait .... 7 9 Iinte pr till...... 75
Oranges pr do,.. PI'ecaii pr i..... 15
A pples ....... 12 W aV tnls. ...... 2
Leicio s-.......... .30 .\iit rii, -- .. ..-
In AiMll pl1,101l 1..50 OpenedI lpr I 15,-
llurms ... $811i !I t 'o s.A . .- 1 .ni,'$ 5
.tules. .. :l l Illo !lgltgs .. ... s,3 I, I
x.-n.. pi\ \ l'rtU L.THlT
tO 'i:l.niri- en' h .,-?'. i. s -.iP e.u-l 45> i.i1
ian k o. . ;:n I.it. I I nt LI .- ... .- .'I .1
.NA NM E:.
V, .ti r-n pr ,II' ti 'l'hr! ,<.ii . I u I

It Ile-It r ido. -5c MNI ihl preI
l utnt . . . . . 1 Trot . .
'o iiipanill pr ih (i I',rm) '.1t
't u rgeomi. ..... MmIlII 'kial
I.,U1MI ltERt.

Florii ig,
I<, 'r ni. $l4.00
Frre ... 12.101
Sp . 10,I00
Drop sidiig,
Henril f'ie }'nt I 4.00
Suin iU.I )

e.i 1l sltir i ls '1, v ..54I
. p 1.511

1.11 Stilt
.111 liii
- -- itrari

ileirl. s ni... .14 i0l
-'ac .. 12 0(1
,ap ... IU.O
.,xGl ilk. 1'm .$1- !. Ili
'iimiltiiiig Iuiin-
l d -l l -,, Ir I

dre. -rd $2

H-ov's This?1
We offer One flu.d .ed Dollars Reward
for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be
cured liy Hall'Q Catlarih Cure.
F. J. CH EN EY & CO., l're-.. Tolpdo,O.
We ihe utaderisined, have known F. J.
Cheney for thl lait 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in l all business
transatrlions and fin.nci'-liv able to carry
tint any obligalions made liy their firm.
Westa & Trrnu, Wliolesaile D ugg'ist.s,
Toled., O.
Wnililing, Ki-irtan & Mni vin,
Wholesale D ug| i ,Is, T'l,;d', O.
Hall's Cattairl Cure is it kL-n int-rnally
acting directly upiv, the lIlood ni d mu-
cous snrrfacs.' oft ihe stcn Pri'-e, 7c .
per bottle. Suhul by ill di uggists. Testi-
monials. tree.
Hall's Fninilv Pills are thie best.
mautually aUnpleasnnt.

To Members and Visitors of the Loyd-
Republican Club:--
Notice is hereb3 given to nmeiuibers
and such visitors .ss desire toatnenul.
that the next imettiug of the Loyal l1.:-
Oublican Club on this (Thursday) even-
ing at 7:30 p. in., will be held in the re-
ception room of the St. Andrews Hotel,
corner of Cincinnati street an-' Ohio
avenue. E. A. EMMONS, Pres't.

Economy in iBuying Seeds.
EcuLoinmy is not Ipaying !ess n, ntey
for a thing tl.an ytu t xpecte'l to pay
Tile einconiomy is good I anai1tgenpIi,
andI ahout the w\\orst mianagemint a


ply of lurine with -trong od)or, firequentt
dl..irte tOflpa'rs ii, with sealdint nor burn-
ing seisatiou, setdimenit in it after stand-
irnr in bottle or cominon glass for twer-

fartmer can be guilLv of is to i]M t.-Iour hour's are signs of kidnev adml

cheap seeds arni tl-t cunt the vial'e
(it' his crop.s in, hali--or wo'-e. \
sticamn calrinit flw I.ig.1iher than -11
--,,tu ,., s t ,li a e I- ,Il- n ,.t l In .,,
thanK it. prel Re-il .-I tel ecL'iiinm .
lu iug ,ee'l u lih t boarm tIe t t'iliip
a lhu.se that is kniwn tli be ri-liablh,
then then tlie ater is absolutely .anil'
that lie gcs what he wants arnd
that he pIrp for. I n t ery pait i1
tie ciiUnltry ealeiRs hell the abmiuwlti1-
lv telialle see' ol'" 1). ill Furry &
Co.. ou Dviroit, Mich which hiave
given iiiut l'tii g'i il r imltlts f' til'i
lart 4'2 years. Ferry's ililtnrat aul
Set-d A 1lll l I',ll 1,'0 '.t, CottAilillng.,' in-
luor imltil n that ii. l-iinieri' r gati'lneli
can .-ff.'dl to lie without, % ill Ie sent

to tlie fiir'i.

A Wartime lliding Place.
J. H. Gore writes an article for St.
Nicholas describing some peculiar Hid-
ing Places In Wartimes." Those he
tells about were all in one house in Vir-
ginia, near a town which changed
hands, under fire, 89 times during the
war. Mr. Gore says:
With fall came the "fattening time"
for the hogs. They were then brought
in from the distant fiold, where they
bad passed tho sumirer, and put in a
pen by the side of the road. And, al-
though within ten feet of the soldiers
as they marched by, they were never
seen, for the pen was completely cover-
ed by the winter's wood pile, except at
the back, where there was a board
fence through Whose cracks the corn
wa' thrown in. Whenever the passing
advance guard told us that an army
was approaching the hogs were hur-
riedly fad, so that the army might go
by while they were taking their after
dinner nap and thus not reveal their
presence by an escaped grunt or squeal
FPrtunately the house was situated in
a narrow valley, where the opportuni
-ties for bushbwbacking were eo great
that thea soldiers did not tarry long
enough to search suspected wood piles.
On one occasion we thought the hogs
doomed. A wagou broke down near the
house, and the soldiier went to the
wood pie ofnrm pole to be usod in mened-
ing the break Lickily be found a stick
to his liking without tearing the pile
to pieces This suggested that some nice,
straight pieces be .always left conven-
iently near for sunh an emergency, in
case it should occur again.

How to Prevent Plleutmoniz.l
You are perhaps aw;tre that pmcuntonia
always results from a cold o'- from an at-
tack of la gripp,. DUring the epid.;ni;'
of la gp.1ppe a few years ago when so
many cases reunited in pneumonia, it
was observed that the attack was never
followed, hy that disease when Chamber-
lan's Cough Rem.edy was used, It coun-
teracts iutv tendency of a cold or Ia grippe.
Eveiy bot-le wtrranited. For sale by L.
M. Ware & Co., ST. Andr(ws and Bav-
head titd all ..--'-ai .- dealers.

Conan Doyle on Golf.
"My dear sir," writes Conan Doyle
to an EngliFh friend, "pray present my
compliments to the Ormeau Golf club
and wish them from me a very happy
evening. I am myself an intermittent
golfer, getting very violent attacks at
regular intervals. It usually takes me
about two months to convince myself
that I shall never be any good, and then
I give it up until a fresh burst of en-
ergy sets me trying once more. I played
in Egypt until they told me that exca-
vators had to pay a special tax. I in-
augurated a private course in Vermont
also, and the Yankee farmers asked us
what we were boring for. If ever the
Ormeau club should wish any part of
their links returned, I could undertake
in a few onmes tn clear awav any tsod

Many are the trials encountered by now existing."
the unfortunate man who, in time of
domestic turmoil, is forced to visit an Took Her In.
intelligence office.
"My dear," said Mr. Roberts, his "Yes," said the business man, "I
youthful tace flushed with beat and have given up trying to collect that lit.
symptoms of irritation in bis voice, "I tle bill from Bilkins. You see, he is a
eallyhould prefer todo the cooking pretty big, husky fellow, and he used
myself rather than go to that intelli- to throw my collectors out."
gence offce again."Then why didn't you employ a
"Have I secured a cook?" he went woman collector? He couldn't do that
on. "No, I have not, Mrs. Roberts. I w .woman .. o
escaped from one dreadful creature, "That's what I thought. So I got
who even asked me whether oar house one and sent her around, but she never
was 'owned free or mortgaged.' And as ae back."
I turned from her I saw a respectable "Whmarried her.y not"hicagoPost
looking woman who had just entered He marrieder. "-Chicago Post.
the room. She looked comparatively
pleasant. So I stopped up to her and AConmollng Thought.
asked meekly: The bishop of Wakefield was once
'Can you fill the position of cook consoling an east end costermonger for
in a family of four?' the loss of his little son. The poor fel'
"She looked tt me as if she'd like to low was rocking to and fro in his dis-
wither me with one blighting glance tress. He suddenly looked atthe bishop,
and said haughtily: 'I am trying to fill and, with tears running down his
that of coachinun in a family of two. I cheeks, said. "D'ye think I could get
think you would do if you have proper the young baggar stuffed?" '-.
recommendations.' "-Yontb's Com-
AE E %RY I HEitE for "The Sluti of the
t Philippines" hy Murat Halstead, coin-
in sea es missioned by -he Government as ,ri..-.al
J a Historian to the War D)pcrtne,.-t. The
book wats written in armv eamps at San
For the speedy and permanent cure of Franc-isco, on the Pacific wilh General
better. salt rheum and eczema, Chain- Merritt.in .he hospiltals 4t Hol',ll1i,
berlin's Eye and Skiu Ointtient is in Han-, Kong, in the American trenches
without an equal. It relicvs the itch- at, Ma;iili, in the insurgent criirnis %iih
Ing and smarting almost instantly and Aguin.ildo, on the d-ck of the OIlvM,,in
its continued use effects a permanent "with Dewey, and in the roarof !i;tlh-. at
cure. It also cures itch. barber'c ichll, the fall of NJ.11nla. Bonanza for agents.
icnld head, sure nipples, itching piles%. Brimnul of original pictures taken lby
chapped hands. chronic sore eyes and goveitnteiat phl.'atnlo.'aesa on the spot.
granni ated l.ids. L'rge Iol.-. L,, ice'- Big ptr-.fi .
.,- .L .... I - -..... | .. -..... IT.... Al

ril.adder trouble.
The above -yniptoms are often attrib-
uted by the patient herself o0b.v h.-r
iphl \'iciai to female weakncs, .or womb
trouble. Hliu', e o many fail to ohtainr
re'ief., Ibe,-an'> tine'y are' treating,. n"'t
th'i dise.as' itself, but a refleil ion of tit,:
orinarv cause, v.-hiich fa kidney trouble.
In fact, women a3 well as men are
made miserable with kidney and l.Iad-
dhl' trouble and both need the same
Dr. Kilnme's Swamp-Rout is 1he
great discovery of the eminint kidney
and hiadd,..r specialist, and i-i 'easy to
get at anv driin store for tifty cenut cor
on i oltar .-
To prove its wonderfiil merits \ou
may have a sample bottle and bho k
telling all about, it, both sent ah-olut,-lv
free.by mail. Kindly mention titi St.
Audrews Buoy and send vortr a'ldre!-s
to Dr. Kilmer & C'o., Binghamptlon,
N. Y.
Getting Along Vell Together.
"Can you oblige me with a sheet of
"And an envelope?"
"And a postage stamp?" *
"No, but here's 2 cents."
"Thank you; that will do just as
"Don't you-want me to bring you a
letter box?"
"I'm afraid it will be too much trou-
"Not at all. If you'll wait around
here half a minute, I'll call up the
postal department at Washington.'"
"May I ask what for?"
"I'm going to request them to pat
the postoffice on wheels and have it fol-
low you around."
"How kind I am afraid this package
is a little heavy for one stamp. Haven't
you 2 cents more?" -- *'.... '
rree Pills.
Send your addr'ess to H. E. BRuklen
& C(o., (hicago, and get. a free sam,)le
itox of Ur. King', New Life Pill.- '
trial will counvini'- \Viii of their meritt..
These pillt are 'nuy in aqt ionand pa-
tic.-larrly etffe-tive in tile cur-: of .on-
tipat ion anil ,i':-k iheanl:ach'. For mla-
laria ;n.. li :.'?r I roubleh th,.v have b.ren
I rV .'x.'t im !)tliala e. Thelic. are -.ntaara -
letd to be rir'foetly' I'r-O from ever\
i,? 'ti' ^ ilki su.- tanitLh ie atLtl to lih u rpul
"''"c-tabl-. T'".'. (hlo not We tarct:] )by
th'.ir iavti'n. liit -iy .'ivinrlr tone, to the
-toi..iLaCh aIt in.[ wreL.. greatly in;vi-'rrateO
the sx;tem.- Re'R,.-ular size 25 cents peri
bh \x. Sold by all .l ,n it.i-.


If Yon are Lotkini.- for a; Bar-
gain, Here It I'.E
Both Pap rs I,.I:' ir
ForOnly $1.00,
And you get a copy .f the Frt- I',i-
Year Book and Encyclopaedia
I -:F RI = 3_ E1I -
The Twice-a-week lc-trait Fiit: Pr,-sz
needs no intruduc liujn. Its many special
articles by notes writers havr given it n
world-wide reputation. In short, it is
one of the cleaneLt, lirightest and teost
family papers published. N.. ains or
expense will be spared in keeping un its
present high standard. It is conceded tlo
be one of the leading family newspapers
of America. If youare lookingfor some-
thing real good take advantage of this
combination offer.
Remember, that by taking advantage rof
this combination, you get 5-2 copies of the
yt. Andrews Buoy and 104 copie onf th i
Free Press, 156 papers, for onl.' $1.'0.
A Valuable 150-Page Book Free
Co The IS9OXedition was the suc-
cet'es l the year Over 35,-
000 copies were sold at .25,u.
An accurate and superior Book f P"Ref-
erence that tPlls you; all you want to
know I here w ill i,'-t lie a uiselv i pI'age
init. A Prtii-,l E,lctitor rhid Haid-
liotk of E ic'vclopa'nie iiil'orni.itiun on
suljece. $t:i-.ti.'.ti l. i Offiuiil, iH i ,t rical,
l'olitic.il nnd A;riicuiluril; like -,t. -
Book 'f' Religious Fact. inii a iri, ral Pr.t.-
tical Directions on every. aitl ins II, ot-
flee, Home and Farm. A complih.to rriidl
of the War with Spain, Iit.- electi, .-'.
sporting and all other hittp,.' iiings lt I tl.
A copy ofthis hook "i' il Ite ?set t',,lil
sul)xscribing I iinit|ldiately. ThL'
look %ill Ie pui lisihed abliut Dei-rmc er'
25, 1S!H, it being impossible it got ;t itIt
earlier on account of gttiig .1 pl"tt ri -
cords of 1898 events. 1ie lWk Kill h I
sent to all taking ad' nt It i..1 t Att.t:,
as soon after above d-i'e ;I,< pi .'.-' .l.
In fact, it is full ,it v i't:ilil' int ,intw a-
D o 114At ,jo--l v. l. 1 .kt ., .i i ,ty,'-r',
1iis lil I I1 1 4 r, o% r It | a L, i, ,r :i
iimitit d timne ,tIi I .'t-,-i:Il rH r t 1 ,2' n.'Trit
s itl ithe p lisil'-ri' H1-in, mile:'., we .iil
1,4 lb p p,.rr- ,,i t n' liiiI.l I. .r i, l', $1.70.
A t.ij- 1w. I' l_'iiY. "t. A,\n ie s, Fla.

rofit and YS tisfaction
wil result if you plaut

iM te ire nlway the bent.
I- ,, t1' t ," P t 1 ttta-li-
a t L B -rL'y fer-e L 'irFun- ''-.
y n 41,a r .fr
.. ..", i An .r,,.A --free.

The lifeboat service isone
noblest of philanthropic i
and many civilized nations
attention to these means fo
of perishing mariners. Eni
boat service is a voluntary
Royal National Lifeboat
which controls the bulk of
boats, was founded in 18324.
over 3(00 lifeboats on the s8
kingdom, and has been inse
saving nearly 30,000 lives.
lifeboat service was establi4
and has ,RS stations, %Ahile
the mnu-as of saving ove
and 7-.fO lives. "
The French kt.S.ia
vantage over ours. It is'thn
board of works always b
hltcboat Lou.se at each sta
establibhe., consequtntly r
-ervice,) ot a great outlay.
servi,.o was establitshed ii
has 104 lifeboat stationus.
States has 238 lifeboat st
cot c-f the Unitud Stutue
about 3'20,000 a year.--t

aof the very
insti tutions,
pay special
nr the rescue
atnd's life-
Sone. The
t atitution.
gritish life-
.It now has
ores of the
mental in
Che French
e a in 1865,
at las been
Q(0 vessela
r' -

fa public
da'ho first
)n as it is
living the
he German
1865, and
he United
ions. The
service id
andon Tit-

Two of a KLin
Husband (at the breakfdtt table)-
Oh, for some of the biscuit y mother
used to make I
Wife (swectly)-l'm sorr' you have
not got their, dear. They would be just
about stale enough by this'time to go
well with that remark.-)Jew York
Getting Matters Adjusted.
"That woman next door went and got
a hat exactly like mine."
"Did you make a fuss about it?"
"No; I gave mine to t.he cook."-
Chicago Record.

persons in this state to manage ourbusi-
neess in their ojwn and nearby counties. II
i mainnily office work conduct d at home.
S-il y .-t si .mig t .$90 a year a ,expensel-
dleirtile. Iorahfi-e, no niore,to less sal-
ary. M.-.Dihly $75. Rf'ereunes Ene'lo-u
i-lt'-aosidress.id starmpe] enti-io e. Herbert
E. Hess, Prest., Dept M., Chid$go.

For Sale Ch'
Grazing Timlier'd L.and.- inclh
rian Ibiglht; in all ],3Orti
Sl. Andru.s Pry. 71., -'to
lhalfi'miles. Enibaaes 3Sh4Ill
't.i of I. .J. H h-es.G
C(' tu


Gilt EMae Barain for
Oit,] ltn dred aind' sixtv :ite
i" n in tig l,-iirn in ihie siith hn
7, lotn i l-' 4i c rii mi -'e
wIV liHini_' IIl- I -, u l iv- W e. ll,
'onItip'uscs. Fine Fruit Orchia
Pl.-:achn-.-. l'luui ., t, .. ., hnl
Gr.i pe Viniis. .nalli1 i i be.jA n

u 0 '1 ill l i iii ..

A Idl, r. 1 a ,[
I ii. lh' I i i .I-V ti'i ,,i I

di iti.- l i_;Ll St. And, i '. -


livioreu Not i
Fit .-t ndici tl i rl i '- i ..it Filo

JH lU l E '. 'll \ l ,.,t i C .,. Li L il ll
V' l.I litr d.. le tIl.tir- l'.ill
It i t ir.l i-il lit :he li lrti
lia V T li I, t !a ..ir. | i il,,
litn to th! lh il lii1.1--illn Ihi
4I 1 l f. i i in t Ir v, A. D .
'I is i -r .r tul n.: ri lishi.
ot iiv c..t].-'ce itive weeks ii
dr ,s liiny. ,
D)',I ;tne l in itf. r.-d l his t
Pt.., ,tIIl-r, A. I -' ", mu ub -
II10n, W i,:.hIm1 t Co1 ,.'., Fl.|.

ing Ripa-
; adjoiita
iand one-

A 4o
e? .


[of choir
I1 se'tio' u
?\\. -iOml~1
i1 I' .i'-.
(i li I ,(l.,
" l s .t h.i i

ht ,t g.-,.
F.- lit illt cil .
k "" :- : l
i.\, ll.l



Wom.nu Should K0ow It. The Fly-ng
31..y ,,n rn ,'ir ... .tol id u or.V .tl The flyir:g fox is a very-
S1-rh, , t ,t hi ,i. hab bitant of the forr-t !ei ,r IM,
-r n., T- 1-' in east Aua tralia It li--as in3
ea- is n..i .n,'e..-tv nlev .' ]. The.v y ,.,,^ g^n r '13 t ...rd lha dt
h i t-t-lc-Pors general, t; t ..l.i th 1d
h.n.e, bl-,;.i l, to i -li,:.,v=- i1. t vwomtb ene'.irrn awl the n.,-" prodlci
trO hk ur ..in,;ialo' w e.Itkn-ss f ,>''oe sortt heavy flanpping of the so called
s rest-onsible lor the many ills that be- very singular. The flocks "
et.womaljakind. places, where there are largo a.
Neuralgia, nerrvolsness, lhe.da.L:, pine trees, with an underwood
puffty or dark cirles under the eyes., and repers. The foxes hai
numbers from horizontal Li
rhe-rumatism, a draggoingi- ,pati or dull the pine trees.
ache in the back, weakue-s or bearing When there is a clear pa
down sensation, profuse or scanty sup- the trees, an enormous nulru


animals may be seen, and th llise
can be heard, for directly the ity-
thing unusual they utter a sh b .bfk,
something like the sound mad ng
reoks-. Often every branch is Wd.d,
and the young foxes are seen el4 t ap-
ping their wings and holding ith
their hind febt aud with thb iads
downward or snarling and fig fiffbr
Suddenly the whole take joght
and flap their furry, winglike And
wheel around like heavy bird auy
fly with their young holding oi
The creature is not a true d
thero is a fold of skiu whiet"
from the fore to the hind leg 14- is
called the wing, and it ensa e
pteropug, as. the animal is g
float and turn in the air.-Pbil
Press. -
Klrghliz Music. -
One of the Kirgh' came
tent, an111.6w}.ytimg .
the kaumuss, a threq strr J nstt
ment played with the fin The
music was mounotouous and ielau.
choly cadence, bat'it hitr ii d well
with tie surroundingss anl t moods
they inspired. In a word, it- t'ypic-
ally Asiatic. I saC aud liste to it
with pleasure, giving my iw Linationi
captive to the mousir, the soft onuing
of the night wind, the gentle ekle of
the fire. How ruauy and man a nighlt
did I not spend thus during be long
years that .followed listening to the
dreamy sounds of that primitive Kir-
ghiz instrument I
How many -a dark, solitary winter
afternoon did I not while away in thia.
foolish fashion! In conrse of time 1
grew accustomed to the kaumnuss and
derived as niuch pleasure from4 it as tbh
Kirghiz did themselves. In iort, I grew
fond of it. Its Eoothiug'inumio carried
my mind away into the tair'realms of
day dreams. My thoughts fle far away,
tomy nbomnb amid the dark pine wood
of Sweden.-Sven Hedin in4'Througb
Asia." 1
Lifebonat of the WoAd.

The curttis of it e 'rtagIt glove housed
at Drussels nlul liu l'rt.,'i. ranru even
bhither wages thau thu cutltes of the
most fa.;luuable tail6rs in London aud
New York.
,o dillicult is this art of cutting
gloves that most of rthe principal cutters
art known to the trada by taie ani by
fame, and the peeultiar knives which
they use in the business are sn highly
prized that they are handed down from
generation to generation as heirlooms.
-New York Telegram.
Beards are taxed 10 yen a year in a
Japanese village in Awa county, Chiba

TD E! -A- LE :=? I %T

Dr gs M8diciis8, Failcy Tol0 t Articles

I Handle no Quack Nostrums.

DR, J. J, KESTER, M, D. Drux pist.
A-L __

Captain, JAs. E.CLAK.

255 Tons Burden. Passenger Cap.city O


>lil to t Andrew, B.t an ? (0! St Andrews Bay to Alalachicola.. 2 56
.\ lachimantla.......... (, .. H) C rabelle ..... 3 00
( '.trral. EAST i )"BON'D. WEST BOUND.
Srih. l:! h and -th at 7 p.m.. ........ %I ile.......... 1th, 22l d t 2d m.'
7t, 17th and 27th p St AndV sB'. .. 1 1th. 21st and 1st a. m.
ih, I-. T n a d271th 1 11 i.. ..... ('romuanton......
SISl, i tl i.d 2:-th a.in.........A .alach eola ........ Ith. 21st and slt p. m.
',ith, 19th and 21'th a.m..... .... .Carratelle.... tih, 20h and 30th noon

C'iuncts at Analachieola .with s-ateamer4 up Chattahoochee- River. At
';arrtah lll with [ -'. T. A G. Raiito(d for Tallahars-ee.
For further informatiton, frigit rate aitd s.-p'ceial ratc for large parties


Ssi yCash Stor 3i
[U.-l By ,Cash Store.

- A K

F 1. A,

backing couRn.
There" is no dout, chout
the cure now. Douttcomis
from neglect.
S For over half a century
* Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has
been curing colds and coughs
and preventing consumption.
It cures Consumption also
if taken in time.

Ilep one of DP. Ager's caur
PecMoMl Prias!'s ovt.er Boe
loigs 11 yOU cOug l.
Shall we send you a
book on this subject, free?
OGm Meodical CapSrt o it
If yn h.lve anT C-1i.,-i, nt r, .it- |.
rever tiiL ddtere Ir i r :.-t it ;e 'i t| (.l
,i- h',tor fif,- v. YOU "il rceivC E1V
a Pronmpt tel.,!>. wi-,,',it cost u
die-.',D13 J. C. AYER,

Life's ('Canges.
Whila in the drawing rnom coach on
his way home from Philadelphia unot
lung ago a New Yorker found hinistilf
face to face with a woman whom he had
not seen for some time.
"Why, Mrs. Blank," cried the New
Yorker, "how"-
At the womau's reproachful glance
he :topped. "Not Mrs. Blank," she cor-
rected. "I got my divorce from Mr
Blank some time ago. I'm now Mrs.
Dash. Let me present my husband, Mr.
Dash," whereupon a man got up and
"You-you don't mean it!" gasped
the New Yorker. "I hadn't heard. You
and Mr. Dash havtu't been married
very long, have ynoau?"
'Oh , ideerd," said the woman,
_'.iahut 45 ulnta", I think," consult-
ing her watch. "We're on our wedding
trip nuo'."
The New Yorker gasped again. Then,
"Bless you, my childitiu," he cried and
fled to the smoking car.-lNew York
An Offset.
"This i Mr. Pueer, is it not?"
"Yes, sir.
"You have rented n house fronting on
Mulberry square, I beli-veo:"
"I have."
"WEll, my name is Ferguson. I have
rented the house nest to yours, and by
a queer mistake the man I sent to clean
it up so I oould move into it woun to
the wrong place anid cleaned up yours,
WSi bill, vhiLh I sottl d, is quite mod-
erate-only $1.50-aud I thought that
if the work proved satisfactory on in-
spection perhaps you would not object
to assuming tbo payment of that
"Not at all, sir, but I shall charge
you $1.50 for one day's occupancy of
my house. That, I think, makes us even,
sir."-Chicaigo Tribune.

WVhen the Time *ne.
Maud-Oh, Ethel, and what did you
sny to him. when he proposed to youl
Did you say what you said you were go-
ing to thu other dny? That was a noble
speech, just suit.:d to crush the boldest
man. And:l did he slink away like a
whippt I dog?
Ethel-Well, not esxactJy You see,
I didn't say just that. I-I-well-er
-er-well, you see, I said "yes."-
London Fun.
Striine Mitlke.
North Side Mother-I told you a lit-
tle while ago, Jerry, who our first par-
sa t- were.-_r-ctn me see- if you remem-
ber. Who was the fir:.- ,man?
Precocious Boy-Ar.lani.
North Sidoe LMtit r--Tha's right.
Who was the firet w'o.tunL?
Prncccious Bovy -- E\ i l. Chicago
(,ion e 4 ltters.


Mitchll s Dr111U Sto rle



to o,.l?- ., .'tn.

Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.


Offers fis Professional Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews and
Surrounding Country.
'\l[ y be 'uuid at hi rie.-'i'etn.e 1 n lt 1 t nfi i- \'Vita l I '-iiicn att itigh't.


is ,Ute tant t ,,te s,,uventr orthewrecked Battle-
THIS SPOON weks ,t ,, ui ,.0 r ittt i ba
embonse. aid heavily eii'er-ip!t' -I, t'ie .e.'t si.e ritf i. It in manuou. turett
by the la ar s t sI'tr.'r f t ,, ii '', h- e "r t 'y att ii ...ht. eve.r ody w h ,.
tsecures sIMue. It is Pa.reta.l v..i>ie ut lI [.l a*Lcis t 6 crti aad HiLuruameut
any tv&bie or cuIectIlon.
tel l l rh skputo 'iito 1900 f1-ec, nall dltion tothie
Sv1, l.l.,"t~ed nd'very haudiomeir
THE COLUMBIANpre t .it.rt at
Itvsis y-'. a generous supply Iof it-resttngai'1 i,,trw'ttive rtadlng matter an&t
w beai ,cote %isitor toyour liiiTerver r' outih. The Columbian ledjte4
y IE. I'RANOIS JIrGON*-LK'K] iRq the moat f nuaS of tamale poets aDU
authors, aud ba, a long
List of Con rihutors
Of National Fame and rlputatios, Including Such Warmn it

Heze kla B _utteuwrhi, ,1 er1,. Mine. Francis Higgins-ltenfbe
llterateur.the world famd nauir'o$ "ITri Female Dante," called by ]Enro-
Zl Zat Potres.,and for 24 yearaa" L in aitliotity., the greatest lUvIl"
ed tor of Youth's Companion. Fa.male ipoet.
Bishop Hale Leighton. Langdon Ferri, Jtr."
Ralph Brghlton, M. D. Prof. T. A. laartIeson, tGermnf0)
Bishop McGregor(nScotlatid) Theodore Mansfield. B.A.
The Dtchess D'Arno, BonaldE. McLeod.
M. Gonchon, (France) -
Capt. Henrr A. MeVlc;erV. "Olirer optic," W itIau T. Adamsi'
Edw. Burn Seaton, > n.,LL- P. aDuversaliytreognizedasil' grstes
.' '- st Lard-. "" auhibiir of books for boys the worm
Sylvester or) nLard. Ias ever known., was also a vtlue4
M. Perre Caltlt, iFrance) contributor until bis death recently.
The Culinmian, ha, a., a c.ircl,-itton of over 2 0o.OOcopite per month.
1 . - l h

Ii i K iwhicla show ittatin eijus's u t.) buaitrB Al p -i r avor. The rmusa Url aras iP
itn prico .11l iiiWa yaaa-.
s 5eatis the Kll r inre. B.o,,r ..-r : yon got eivrr R yea.ir'ts saberlition to The
R"E "E M bi ,,, *f; u, I r l.oti, ^ v i, y '. free o sa mpechtl Anda l .
'. A nli ., v l.I,, l,, .t r n n' i n -. n eLsot 1,' .'oto , co .1t rrG rea t o r pr e liow.
e, n,-i t .t rps ias e ar e
i l ,ti [l.:," F, ;,_.; I -.,r,,'.,i i ;,,,i ciaty ,, ..e -U u t f ToOr l .; l. rot,:..t ,ahfer.
Tl, Aili-i- '.-c, 3 |t'iiii i. ',l ,:iii p;.iii], a,'i ."ttt ,"ili i. T f u,.i[-r 'r.,, f r-'' 'I: .W,'i in'lhrin t ij trtt0lle 0 A ia5 1 w1
ti.l' t i ;'' O' l t' l: ,-t' i. -' It l .'v 1t i. 1-, 1i : ot''l" -atit "I'"' :n-r1 bti'tiltirt 'e .R ll t o u gr
,,.,-m i.;.,t .- t .*i if l f.-1 1 'a'' .N i I ia -0 i-- it i .iO t in i ,iic of ,The C e i tr lsap .

i. t. \rI- p ,a r i'I,. th I 'rt I '-, ', t.'-. : .... i i r. .'. t h .nc ib r l alse to clJo r, Ul :,-' ... i ; n ;,i.; r i l.t !1 i.t 1,-ill '. t
[i-- i,- is ".h t L if l ,,-l ; li, 1. .' J I1..,-,.., '. T ,. fI.I,'u n ke th is n Tx'e-r: \ '-,' w ill a ,-I Lt I t'rq- ia,1 r it t1 Far tOS e AS I DE
P it, v ii 'Il',-. d\ ,ly. N .,.Aii- '.i'i-' !.,' ,r aotvenir Stoon, :. (..sc' -ih,.1 aRo e, :r I I Lft '-' r. dE to t bti'- G U I.IA toH -. ,
Sl'' ti* vt t 1 e '1 l th i- tt.,'t ,, : ', ii',, '. et.. |' ii..r-' 'n a| Iin'- us .I' I1tO 1 t it.' -nbt.i ;:',I :( .. i ,:! C|i llth l-I Y .A.-r.d'
: it', ','i 1',; 11-. 'i-in,.'.. . '.' t .. ..,"' .v t '--. t, (cM.' ,'-t uf ailili ...dl ,tl 'u.:-. .h,' t, i t _: i ... 1i'l no'm u' e. :u r ,

) ,,,-

C ==
(=t "i.%


1. vp-

Our Stock is Completc. Our Prices the Lowest
f l'ii hei aliu lge P bli' i :,t.-wrel that .-e \\ill ,I, Ieo niiiors hlrt .i
The Highest Farket FPrice Paid for Country Produce!

iree to ativ ono Inaking alyli-mLI-111


CLAIIH, Illobille, Alabomm.





And Dealers in

Northern and Western Produce, Liquors, Cigars,
ETC., ETU. *,
SWle Agents for the Wm. J. Lemp Brewing Co. and Dupont's Gunpowder
15-17 Commerce St., and 14-16 Front St., MOBILE, ALA,

,J. LYONS, Pres,t.

J. F. DRAGO, M'r.



and rain Dealers,

154 to 164 N. Commerce St., MpBILE. Ala.




Ruugh and Dressed Lumbar of All Grades.

'AW'Terms cash or endorsed notes.



Still holds the Fort at the recog-

nized emporium for Good Goods

and Low Prices,

Whole he invites all old friends and the pur-

Schasing public to call and
Examine his stock and GET PRICES.

Pays the Highest Price for Creen Salted ALiGATOS HI[DES


Horticultural a ii m Ifp vOent

IC "OPORATED C0I'.13, 1897.

The purpose of this Company is to Improve the Country adjacent toS t.
Andrews Bay and to
Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing Country.
T6 accomplish this the Company proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two-
and-a-half and FivoAcres to such parties only as will improve them by the
reactionn of Houses. Fences and such Permanent lIiprovements as will enhance the
fidue of each tract so disposed of, and particularly to
Plant them out in Trees, Plants and Vines.
to the end that in the shortest practicable rime every such tract shall be a
Source of Revenue to its Owner.



The first question wh;ch will naturally be asked will be: "Is this CoUM
pany reliable"? And the answer to it is: Any person employing the Comonan3
to inake improvements may deposit an pproximrn.te ,;iy itient ot the estimated cost o
the sanie with any responsible business ,O.n or )li n it ing business on the Bay or in
S1ink .it thi;r ut i, lih u, t.) be p.till ul-r *.iltv when the Coim paiiny shall satisfacto
rily shliu tlhat th imprti icv nt.- have I, -elieii ite ie .vciiding to aiigrtement.
I'hie (J'oi:iiaii will niit '.in!\ iiniltlo' -c and plant, but watcli and care 'f.oi
fll pruopert ly eintru td'J to it r k-,; -. 'ii ; nii.' ,t,n -IIiti forest fires, lishoriest pilfcrer:.
For f. iii ,.' 'rul iI -* 1% y '.:'.lU-- .'' I. --ilh- t \ I .1 i,iv n ted .
Fi' I-1r. a car>i l',e l -.,tinuiilte th"i p1 liable expienze rn--i-n'Tr,.' .: a fr'nii
pliint1ioii in the St. Andrews Bay country a few t 4lnn' arc given:
Price ol a nn per.acre, say $23 to .,~.1; cost of clearing, say $20; 'ost of planting ls
ywar,say $31.1; cost it' c:i lti ii.i each i cl.r there:ifter, -:11
It is not extravagant to i-.tiin.tie that a 1-acre vineyard will on the third
year, if properly cultivated, yield $200 ,-,rtb of fruit aild iof peaches nearly or quit<
t.hle same, While figs should do even better than that. Then, though perhaps a little
longer, some of them, in coming into i .,ti.iilit li.iiriiig may be named pears, apricots
nectarines, ,lums, prunes, mulberries, olives, Japan persimmons almonds English
walnuts, Jaaai. chestnuts, pecans, and s,,any other varieties of fruits and nuts. whici
are almost certain to flourish here; while oranges and citrus fruits, though not con
sidered certain yield large returns oftener than they miss
The Secretary of the Cotmpany will give particular attention to an
swering letters of inquiry, and the BUoy will in its answers to correspondents an
woer all questions asked it,
f IR E M E lm B E R the ,',a,,aiiy Lands will be sold on Eas,
rermin of payment ; but imnprove iients must lie paid for as satisfactory proof is give
that the work hq a ton performed. C 0 RRESPONDENCE SOLICITE D.
Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec. \'. A. EMMONS, President.
St. Andre\.s B y, Fla.

If yon need FURNITURE of any kind., call oni




40, 42, & 44 S". Palafox st., Pensacola, Fla.


A iird''s iNc.'t Utilt in the TI
Halr etweni the Hoilis
n bl11lita io
F.i.es-t a d Str .rn.
It wa a gu-t ilmai. 'P;ii'
tha.t ,IdI H glh Mu.loa, \h,
t Hai 1cveni .tiy e y.o rs haI tlaI
tlile j, ii'i s ,'t the li n,.il .a t.,
me that once he hal lound .a 1
itst inu til thick lhair b.ei %e n
h ',i .s o a tbuLffil, ull that lie
killed. Hle haid tivo In11ians
|him , dl had killh, thlte iung
n1 1,ili io. lilanrs ntee l ibegii
ti, .-kin aiia r i u'. aull whiile
w -rie doiniig l -1i.l IIh lucked s- i,
i e l i llair '.ruin the Il .-li .hc a
u t iin willing uit his gull. A!
r-e li ch '>.- n lli g ra-'le., the
a iIlelinvi--a littl- gray lbiIti
out lr,..n ldel hi haltid, and a
Parting t'i hair .to e w ni.-rc it
tc o iI t' i, iI- I1.0 1l.t 1 i nl. ni.-. uj ., I
c Illilt aiilifg iinr little i- ligr
He coidid eilL ilII %Ih kind (,of)'
IlIvy wele.
Si,.- time alter, % hen I %w:",
111 in lthe il -. e with mny I
lth ,.i. a u a eldtol.i i, li 1I, I I
-1CL tI I l B lickl I ': 10i
el, hi l., ,t tle [lck 'e t I sI

v'. II. ll., Ial. all li w ,:lb I, .4
I m c.1 Iea ld o 'jllst l11,e 3 h illi .
On-esta-pill n, thie \Vltir:- i'.All
known of ie1 ca' of il.i I;inil
the bird was a lhelbil i, bitt t
lhal io t sel hinim i ..l.
Once, l ,'M.vr, lie lid s.1' tlhe
of a sln.l,, ,iiIl, co aiiainliag f n"ur
between il the ino) is (I 'i L uH.
quiry, followed by a caruilnl ,111
tailed desciii iii-', sliow.e thal
bird i\l 4i the Blackfeet '. ill
bird was the prairie lmii laiWk.
After we ha t.lk. ., ai l.It i
soime time E.l>ki in, tii- l.uiv
said t-o me "Y'y fri ad, i\ ill
tell you s1iuething. D you
that, &eo-po-niuki coun t- i i, ii
if wir.ter on his l[.it -ii ', "
"N.,N I said, '1 k i.t, No
itulki, but j do not knI%,w II
mean by cliliiin the iiin.,t
winter on is .it. ,i,.',
i iss iit," sai. Lown HI.rn.
spiin-1 if you kill one aid ij'"1'
not ahli and lilt , his C. i .
will find under the tioige .iv'.
t,. ,' ,ne', .,iil1i lite f" i .ach
of tii wilt i. il, thle lull hL',
nlot L i1 Nf lie-! extra ltill ii.'
.[I i t kiiw w v lie ,h. titW
,li:t it means."
Nue-po-m uki is the c'i:P
and, he is slJ ca'li,.l ,ft.n i i,' 'i
lie sa.; always "Sutnim c is c,
S niii c -i is .''i.li ' -

Uliilucky Days and ll 1141
Boston Globe.
Only a tpain i -tkin pll, .i.lii
i man inve tigatir wonill >o i,
i(litu le of t 'ying to linid '.l*ut
tistics on \wihait day of tle week
accil. n's occur, and also at
'v.i. ,f the .'.tiv. 1l! i- i hli
,.en rilne by Dr. W'uid f S>tro
He bases his c.riclu- i.ii, uoi
eases (, acid t'h l. itnl.,'.i tlhe t
Classes. It thiis h ipicals thtil
day is iut li'-s unlucky tlaii'
when it comes to :coi,'ll.'n. .
this fact lie accounts byv ihe
meat that thl.': drinking hi1
most frequented by wit kmen i
miany oin hlie day pre'vi.'us, iz
urdays,.. '*IIiul:1 a Tid 'l'hniIl:n
Feiwer ;,ic>i.ilefit.< ,:lupjiu oin
day than on any oilier day
W'ek, because on no day are ir
houses so ciemlpty as on Muitiday

He has |l.| di:i,,vored thle ii
Sable fact that the hour. aslltlI
fast, dinner and the afte'rnt
ire sigl.ali:tX,''l 1,v the inI' ..tt ac
lie ai tribuilt"' thi o the laI
Caused by the iw Ik f' iligeati.
ii) t0h l0 m.-e lidJO IVl men ul

He also esiai.,lislies the fdctt
tI actories whlepi' lt1, in'Ja hlii
greatly cnitaileIl ilih e in an ex
t'cidlc ilts lVer the .-iwi.r iies \ Il
Mieln ae' lil C rallyy treated



rI tie

is~ lie


1, -t%-

il 11;-

L **k :


.Vo lrch2 ni-iit~norh liih
.1 1 111- .-1 but M-IuiliiijL InPse

Al ~ i: .'. sundfir br,NW-.
;Ild I ni-at but M"'aintain Rome

f ,.n thA -)P'lnr ire.r-
ntue n III.-- i ath. r.
Pos.'et'.d -h. I; yatme

Tb a H it "wit iot:,tjw.- fI~

n Fote go -rtrd nd U ~ e
ftr- i t ic ti t.111nn-.

BI d ('l-I III(:h i-o~t h 'S.'inrl j1,Io-mL

ki L-1'--rk on ica ntt.).rrnd ro.)

-Pli M utt Mitt Clte.



other would not be pacified.
u," _she said; "not you. 'The
,of hid mother, and she was a
-reIember .that.. W\r i, n iit

"I') : in *: ruin : t '-'.i, flruinm,
drmi ; !" C ,'f D l .t- ,,ii .til I h, r'.trr yot.
'Drirnu--d: i .j --i-,i *i. ti.i., ii i.a j, fi'tiL& I1
'" .I.,t!:er !" ;ei, [icd tli"., y,_.-,. ? m an.
T)i. u 1. 'r:' i r. i l' .'t,,:d iu the
rni I.1 _. t.:f r, n : : t "',3.t. A
ti ,f cti- :, -r v.. i" l,..i. -ut,.k ulid m ade
hbi It i,t:; 0i ,rii;tu.i: ',oiit g. .i.iu held out
tir swi ri.
"Your covrlry," she-said, "and your
Gorid !"
"TI' :.rAl of pnIo!" the young girl
whi-p. 'iil.
'"ihe Uod of honorable war!" cried
the old g ti,oiumi,her. The young man
turnnel to the giril.
'MY s--n!" Hi i,-tither spoke. Her
eyes v 'ri kindled. "'I, too, cp nurse
the wounded" "
"And I cau lt least piuk liut'" the
girl sn:id.
TLie old grandmother turned her
sightless, eyes toward them. "Theri
muit Le no oowards in my family," she
said. '"ove knows no cowardice; affeo-
tion has its pride in bravery. Remem-
ber \alley Forge! Remmihbr 181212
Refienibier your lather! Listen I"
"Diulli drum der-um, drum,
drum!" The itcruitq were marching
thioughl the village street.
"i,.tber" cried the young man.
"AIyv love!"
"(n!" .said his mother.
S"t-o!" sobbed the girl he loved.
HeR bt ut over and missed the girl,
then Lis trottLe and turned to theold
iL I.. .L. ,t: rA.,

,e o c,, oun calls,." argued the .--1-ss the sword," she
-'d*r iu'a myself at !iL' l 'r 1 :t-unid 1u your duty.'
9--1m i"-r .ldr-UM dinai, i
4 -e0,.tu bo6 wa 1 be his wie T df a'i'r iog; cro-ds were fol-
I. al"'Y r fl" she said. Is it only l.'".', the rtcLuits Ito the dust and
.h-a' yourse A s wi.1 ruj:d the youth. His hat was
wh .oet '' o, t he auswefed. "I fight on ; the uu i riw its b.uamson his curl-
I. I *f r th o ve~ W u I fight tor my iu. f lir hair TILey in the doorway
co tr .. saw I L.a tl.'it..
1"W1 tt O- you L-now of thbo hel aul H, l- ol:-d back at his mother, with
We-t r horror f 'r?"'' dweandd his mother. her arm about the girl hi loved waving
.-. -War ade yonr father an invalid fr -h t h, ugh he
lift. lanpot that enough for me to give | uw her eyes were streanig. And
1I y.cont'? There are others who back of all be saw the old dim sword
. le. should go-richimu'ssous bred inlux- held up I., the blind grandu-o:ther.
S r, who should meet hardhi r ne "Drun drum der-um, drum,
t II,,nry, who should meet hardehipforocure drumT_' A ,n:,,xIvIrd he went to do bat-
in their lives-but ynu, with your mca- dtru !' a h fltod.obat-
**".. ge y, which l.arely provides for usl" le o..is. rntry ad isflg.-Rob-
"My work is more than that," he et C. V. M,1 ,s in Eveiy Month.
, f,., frowned.
S, Ye"' 8 .elai.1, "you should tnlke The HIoney Cost of War.
Sit morei-there will be your wife to pro-' A calclatioa as careful as is possible
now vida fori" il'irc. thp total cost of war during the
"kIf ipalove mie"-- Letau the girl, last '.: years at tho appallig sum of
.I when se broke down, burying her fare 1 ''", ,' I If it were possible to
,,,,in her hoi is. pay this enormous till in ,;ld, we
.If ild only understand," h i .. ', 85 tons cf sover-
;plea,.d,% t'You kuow how it is-our eitus and n ar&Ty of over 600,000
' 0 couuntirhl murderi.d, the flag insult- bhores to '.: it.
I v.,I ed, inue i ing to thebo front. Must I J i-t .:d 1 .. possible for all the
stay here .inding oht. a daily existentco i miUts now :.i throughout the
in work t gives me mere food and \\_riIl to I, i, ii.i!n: s.'t -igus at
shelter w e flios, brave fellows staka thiir p, es-ent ato i tbo year of Christ's
**Ii their live--or mi i i rib, they ., stilhave oto continue
n "Andlt.at will Lecome of you," for M; .,r before their task
Cried lii uiother, "if you should return would .... ; .1.
\ ,, after th fighting is over? The position t:. -: 1 i:- could be reared
,,tlt you hav isu m an, but it is somitheig. :', onie 1.:. i.:.:*. ci.nri.i asame-
W ill it held for you till the war is .. t y ;I .t.
".i'1" teuded? havo scene war, aunr I know t.. .., r-: .. .i u a base of
I, what c ids aftiw ii,!-- truggle, iov- :-. . '. ,. *..,ll..l rc. -. into the
I erty, in o lity to .:;n u d.tly brlr:d.'' . .. .;t r.'"; r than
"I I& you," ai.l tbegirl, "t.,t how " ::.. : 1' T u v" N T u -,.1
il i canu y n ;-I that I may un,.t f,'rgn t you \ .:' "'.-3- nA -..a-i :3
for sael .ee lki-, whenL iou can so j . .-. .i 'P .". Ct;L l
,... & '.etirn-d he.. "that ...,cl 'i
I l y n, .u ,,i.l. t.o ,. A: ... ii p...: w'.- i ".:i h
,111,-! , 1 a.," the iLtc-rup-tl-d. "But a men b a L ii :.. bi .'-1 fjr
w i.ouan ves- trust, l, t r ti. 'r .; bel can- the iiri .!... t.; L i'i *..,- other.-
not v.h v obliterato Le:', If wh-'! she L :.: -i
findsli L is 1.1 liu.l iwinhy. For
'* am I Iu L.'ld unworthy wveu you can -" JoB U;t iernory.
leave :aiunt my w\-A *..'" [:' i i. '.-i t ih.tt many clergy-
g r;,. His Ithi.i caught up the word. "A :.:u .;: : t : t tUz. !:;'-s to repeat
all t, worth ia dous not f.rg, t-his mother t(!. :.* i.t .,iliar b1z.i-..i-s or the litungy
iu her our of need. You are alil I fr:,:n memory, au,:. be tells how Arch-
by :-ta have." !d.3c.; Sinclair was much put out be-
t1,l.t He I -d about him. Hi Naw lthe c:;u-. L: i', :n I';.-aoti) cat directly be-
: t.-.ic^ :nrat, the luu shiuiug in at h iu'l i .' a .rbIic ,m'etin,. The dean
"\tthe wi .w, tbo peace oL tidle otd field w;. pulzledl, but uudcrs'oud all when
S and r ndnd wood; hr&. laheard the dis- the arc.-J : cd removed his hat and
tnut I o ,f cattle, the ro:-n:g:-ful 'onb of kL.-t. to I.;:t. In the crown of his hat
mated rls. "Then,'" hE fi-hd, "'you w t. printed in large type, "Prevent us,
]"4f5i would ithcr I should L,'j a coward?'" 0 LJrd," etc.
..l i, i 'r, iinan saidL th' i rl dry-

L MOlr!iI

ii Gor-

n, n

ing he:
the wv(
up at
less a
She pl
ing hii


her h
of bLi

iIat in 'TI
tIIt. are She
c-e.i-, e l I wall
e'e tit, -, tTI

+1.t A

An Easy Promise. ;
In her heart love and duty strove for fighi
mastery, and duty won.
"No man shall wed me," she ex- fron
claimed, with sunffused eyes and quiver- and
ing lips, "who does not promise me
that f he is ever president of the Unit- 1 ut
ed Si tes he will use his influence to
have battleships christened with wa- hel
ter I"
Such was the ardor of his passion dru
that Algernon hesitated not a moment.
"I promise!" he cried, and fell upon gra
his knees.--Dbtroit Journal. %vas
A Fine Phrasing. ketM
There are some classes of people, says il
The Cornhill Magazine, who seem to a *
think that when they speak to a person h
they must use certain peculiar phrases,she
wholly strange to them under ordinary shae
circumstances, as, for instance, the ta- ber
mouse reply of the laborer to the minis- couC
ter's words of praise concerning a fine hur
fat pig which Ihoeaw in hissaty, grunting thae
with satisfaction and repletion, "Oh, 'ki'
sir, if only we was all as fit to die as kiss
my old sow be I" G
And %Won, her
"Didn't the bride get a fine lot of As
presents?" vwrrt
.il' ;..J ,,.^ >A 1, -I.. ---.1 l _- .i..-l-

Cyes, "is he who, .tnuds hehiud 4 C I,. .-., '.ICITOlIS WANTED EV-
an ho love-~him." h 'h ismitkd EiTY Wl E .T for '' ;. Story of the
tai "Stay irth us. Y-..u are no i',i; i I.y Murat Halstead, cem-
dier i bigonurcom ndcr." ... 1 by he governmentt as ( l
d herarmisnabeuthim,(Ia -I f-'I.,,-i., 1 tthe War Dportment. 'The
.d her arms ab-,ut him, drAw- writit en in army camps at San
t1 hetr. i i, ,.jisco, on til e Placific with Gelneral
mother cams auid tto,. -d beside ,ritt. iii 1he hospitals it Hionoliulu,
Stpy with us, she echoed. iu I,lng K it in the Americman trenches
tu 1,ii ,aii in the lic in fnrgcnt caimisi with
a Dnew voice that Epoke. The ._ uinltldo, on the d'ck of the Olvmpia
iQie from a small. cramperd with v -".'y, atid iti the, roar ot battle at
un'hitg L.enido tho stove ih tha i., i ^i of Mnila. BouanuznI for agents.
It. was the old grandmother. I;lI lit of original pictures taken by
,la fi)rsor0 years had bowed !"over-nieint photog,'rapherson the spot.
1 t h Iarge book. Low 'I .. Big profits.
d. They had t thought that ;1: pai. Credit given. Drop all
derstood. Her bind y..v were t,,ash]y uiofile war books. Outfit free
There w:as a sLitile upin her Add'ics. s, T. aie', "ec'y., Star In-
,d lip.Ind l one shaking hand was -,i,.a.Lnce 'l1di.. Chiingc.
bl)ov her hLad. s .- -
tenu" EAR
atar off camou a sound that wa EXPERIENCE
an that of lowing kine and soug EXPERIENCE
S drum der-um, drum,
F-Pi Z l... .. .. ...

old grauimother rose to hor fot.
da li;tl6 aud caught at the
| ge groied about the room to a
i? drawers. From it she took
Darrow package.
[ son," she said, with feeble
"'was shot iu war and died from
eects oft his wound years after. It
Shonoritble d.ath. While he was
lg I picked lint. I toro up all my
to mniek it; then I wont to the
mud narsed the wounded. My hus-
L'as a ruid.biipaiat.e in 1812. A
Severed the sinews of his arm.
a girl wh-'un 1 met him, and his
ss arm made me love him. Lis-
amu drum der-um, drum,
The sound was a little nearer.
y grandfather," j4uavered the old
mother. "vwas at Vallety Forge. He
,adl' iprisoL'i-r. It vwa. wiiator. His
r went to a. e him, c.auryiug a bas-
food. ii a joulrnt y was many
Somtl'tili'iuS a : Ir'Ui-' l-t h-:r ride
i his ac.rt. Th-', r,.t of the way
Liked th.'.:jcgh t ,Lc i-uw. When
ched the p-i.-: -u, ti ct.a'!s took
a-sket f.,..-a L. r a.nrl Ldivilisd the
its. Tilivy woull not let hI..r sEee
She- it;i p:ii tL.- s lipr;'l up to
jIson (-.r. <'L.;.' rt. ralled,
hbe keylii.!c(,u ,t.ir s- iif:! I will
i) on-Inliloe. .-ir up! l. lirauvel
'e s yuo! \YiIur tiL, .nhr pr i7- fur

i and lu,.t a i: r in .i )..- t:y%..
e _--spi ke tCh,, oiO i .,:: i t.-,ro i ;-,3
Ings fr,-,mi t .,, ,.. .i. .-!:- t -1
10,33d ailn 1'1 ,T

Anyonle sefldtl2l a qkel_'L and d-v;p'lriafn nmay
rji'V!3(lerIfiin ou~r .pimoirfl ree whether an
I i.Iu ri ,rii!edd trm.niL .... k --n 'tents
P31oaq i~tari ,lttir..uwh blMumn& :(. receive

A ban,rn,?oiY Irne r1 w.'.lar. Largest dr.
ye r! u r 1tlrab, H. SrldIt 1 all nr-wsdf-ai,'r'.
MgUiI 2FI 6Broadyv~ay.New York
uauel' J-13 F StiF LWashington. 1D. C.

G. W. .;URlBER, SR., Prop.,
--Breeder of Pare-



- R

Another B&rin alill 1o-61Estate.

of Parkeri cofl10 -1 I, '11
tinabered land, b ill l i
the Southwest qiiaii, r. 11.
4s, r aLme IP.:.;4 a h
picket' f.:iie a*nd in c ivaItijtji.Ii. ith
several ftirj j ,trees, grap'i Vinl~,(tif,
and A l1abital1L b lit2 iL .PtilC C *J
:tr .3a il 1reqs th e B3LiN,

r,;,I,,d to rr.,v! PLL.U,
i c,7 I P N CTI)N I r -- I
W I J 11,, 7 r t T C 11 T i I13 13- I Ia I
N., :,at*perav -. ar.n
it t,- *s,r si d ri *' I ,rI A C -l.

Sold at t. AnI'(1-,-'%s ]kv, Fla.
AtDr. Mitchell's Drug Store..
fur froo. ,4mnhe.


Bay Cou ntry.-

wlich we can flli.-h thi lino1 MAP
,i, ering_ bnilt ei,"tvc WiO, iile. .sq ial-e
of territijly, inyii- lini.; tl, 'incin- nati
,,ni'"anuV'I '[wan-wt, oa.lo Hirri'iin,
Parker, ( rlit -tit.onii, and I aiijacent
0o 1ntit f'. f',"
O r i .'en I', 6 6 .i, lh v, '.t. Iv .Iu '<. ;iptiuh -
By the aid ,f this ap[ thie lcatioi,
laiUlK purchased of the i ..' ii.iiiiant
Ci.,ny.iiv can i be -o-ilvy a.,etri,;.d
or, pl irtic- ilriy .c,.nd a .$1 aaild thel i
deso'iption and we i will li.'-iate theii
lot ,-ilil, I'_ili-rii tit e M ap byv mii l.
Aldtre's lTHE uL',iU,.
St. Andllews. Fla.
Fu'r V* '.- ul-' ;4l%- llt i-. w 1 w ill gi a.,
a J-1.r ni uiln I S>. ii in l .d:i ..4 tie l',. ,
cunintr .o' I M.ip l th. Citv r if St. A.n-
dre ,s. E;hiii r r.!in sold W iil, .tl

M. 1. WARE

Pi -i ier

'M. a

1) V -: 1. VItI is I N

2YGO Fl. S, EF E


r~r.. ii
ji j~i~j I *i '~ ~'- r~ -.
~''~- a,
1 d~2iiJ

"' '


J~i:~ I1!flPO 0 ?'TiI~ 1~1a~oy

c" Th~z~

.7r ~

I''I *-~
rJ "1
.a.. ~t


-'.. -
-...a ~

'> *7~ ,-,

I. -.

I U.- .1 \


!i i tJ9
j s ;ir r. r .-1

y ugrtli b v i



Line of Cained Ga s

A-kN D )A C M L ''V ~ u C NO F '
UN[)EId iA%'r EWP "S- S 1311P 111S.
Xast. Foos & Comoany'919

Dou.51 Actingr Force Pump,


I-Y -1C' 0 f k I %A(rk it c,7 ii n Mle g niden. It
~'"~~ ~t~he weight the block to
Li C I 0. ~l d I1; C(h f 1-4-j l~ .ir;n is reg uliat ed
1 ; 1 i t hi .. i e 1 ,; 1 r 6 1 - -. 'A l t y o r i r l (ii f t C n
:L4-inch Nsttel whreel, the height or whieb wakes
1i the plow light of draft. It has five blades: I Is
Z O-A a L riling inold, 2 .it.thovel, 3 a sweepor weeding
'~ ~ hlad." 4ahii-tongtio, 5 a rake. Wrench
with eachl plow.
Wo have j~'nade arrangenemenz b3
wbich we'eahtfurnish this pie% ut
the famlWry price, 013-75. with


~ i. ~-, \ nr'14~ ~ ~ IAshou dC nut i ikt111ih ~pivjw. riq0llvf,-i.i.
si 5i Lutth D~ i'pio~oahtodolit e jt'i r thnlbis tand "will end the VPorn
UflIv.*ii wl u nrshonle Lf hese. plowzs criniplete at i1the facti' ory. 4~
Tl*1-0ow may b- c nopiti tlthe Fito'yFarmiat any tim~e,


Of thli itv of St. Andrews,
Iiotteni up with g;.-al care by the
piubllisher, who has pared n io pains
to prepare for the p, olie t map of
bt. Andrews as it really it. It shows

Fxtending eastwaid l:om Dyer's
I'oint, taking in the Old 'i own site of
St. Andrews, and gives location of
public business places, private resi-
,lences, docks, etc., alar ,o ery lot in
eac'li l.,ck and the a :joining addi-
tion lia tie Cincirnati Comnipany'*
land, with a full 'les ription of the
The Map will .she w owners of lots
in the city just wLere. they are lo-
cated, and is of vale tIL those think-
ing of buyi'ingi prnpetty.
Size of Mifp 30x50 Inches.
'I'lhe Imt' will send this map to any
aIddiess on thii receipt of
Or ;ivrf, iis a premium fpo 5 yearly
C ish -ul Se'iLionis

Our. Clubbing List.
The- B.l01 has ninlde very liberal olub-
. ing iirra:lnge eirinls ,with a few of the very"
best puiblicaLtions in the country. a1iil d'r
. the pre-seit can s6tid for a whole year
'TI'e BUOYY ii,d
Leslie'sillusia'leLd lWeklIyfor.... $3.0f
]Demor r~t',i M .1 ry n'l 1 ............ 1.7.
Deir,.it Free Pr -ss3 (twi'ce-a-week
;I'd Yei [ B .l.) .. 1 TO0
The Flat T. U. & Ci;izen, daily for $9 05i
do -weeklv, for$l 1S5
Sci.'ntifii- Auia rican' l .f. 3 50
Farnier-aiiuri Fruir Grot er"' . -2 55
uloi ida Agri-niturisl '2 . 2 55
dc u'lubl.ol 5. each 2 25
F;rni m.lomniil, PPhilad'a, mithly 1 10
l'ininiati Enquirer twice a week
8 large pages each issue..... 1 70
Athintiitn iIstitution a' . 1 70
N. Y. World (thricea woek)....... I 75
F,,r ;lani r either olf the above publien
ti':,i in connection will, Ihe BUOY, Rd-
I,'-s ill orders to THE IUOY.
St. Aindre s, Fla

JfO. P. io mr~cN




Salt Fish, Etc Etc., Etc

A Fnll

__I__~_ _I_

--"PllCI ._ Ei

-" ll




We liave ni-i-lo airm.-r.ewent..,

r", --



4'r "
ta IL 4e


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