Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: August 15, 1895
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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ill the

ST. ANDREWS 13AY, FLAr., AUG 15. 1895.

______ _____ ___ ______ __IUl__I


_t- -Hon. am't Pasco, Monticello'
On. 1tkinson Call, Jacksonviille.
lfreaentatives-Ist District, S. R. Mal-.
lory, Pensa ca; 2d District, C. M
., Cooper, Jacks vilie.
LanlW)ffice-Register, J. M. Barco; Re-
Receiver-N D Wainwright, Gainesville
Governor-He ry L. Mitchell; Attorney
General Wm. B. Lamar; Secretary of
State; J. L. 3rawford; Comptroller, W.
D. Bloxham; Commissioner of Agricul-
ture, L. B. Wombwell; Superintendent
of Public Instructiou, W. N. Sheats;
Treasurer, C. B. O llins; Justice of Su-
'lreme Court, R. F. Taylor, Tallahassee.
'' .-,_ U S. SENATOR.
dFfrst District-Wilkinson Call, Jackson-
ville; "lipond District, S.tmuel Pasco,

representative, J. R. Wells, Chipley.
County Judge, D. D. Melvin, Verion;
Clerk of Court, County Clerk, recorder
of Deeds, W. B. Lassitter, Vernon;
Sheriff, C. G. Allen, Chipley; Trensurer,
it. C. Horne, Chipley; Tax Collector, A.
Q. Jones, Vernon; Tax Assessor, A.
SJ.Gay, Grassy Point; Superintendent
of Public Instruction, W. L. Luckey;
Chipley; Surveyor, Thos. Collins, Chip-
istice of the Peace, C. H. Crippen;
Notary Public, Deputy Circuit Court
Clerk, R. D. Hopkins; School Super-
visor, R. F. Brackin; Post Master, G.
S B. Thomupsun

I I AnIt IO4t).
~iatress, Mrs. Ellison.
_____PAR K FEl
~sf'Urnie R. Pauker;
thtic, W. H. Parker.
master, N. WV. Pitts.


E. Mosher, Frnnk Husklins, F
'ostniaster, W. M. Croman;t
Iommiisioner, H. M. Spicer
rk oflCourts S. T. Walkley

EL I G 1 OUS .
1'P.S. C. E.-P me,.ting at the
I)yterian church 'rvr --un. .alicr
i at 3:3U o'clock. All ar iiLvitcd.
aptist 1eAv J. Wel>l>. l'nstor,
reaches.d the Baptist Church, corner ot
yoniing aetine anid Ciiicinia i -treel
u Jrst and lliird "- nd %'., i.i iii1,
evening. Chlai h coIIIn ret
Iday l-eieeu lirst Sunday at 4 p. ni.
scboul every Sun dai t I) aL. m.
er .v iry fouitli un.ui i' i.i e. l
it1 i i r. an d 7:311 .; a t
n n c.vr\ second uSitdiy imnorjl-

So'-l kk ~. a I., corner 't \ :...i -
andlan i V, w Vi' lre si -it. ; I r.I, er
-^are place cr y v ; -'d.y L\e:iing
hytiverian-Church corner Lor.ine.
ue and Dral, ~.I ttrvt. I U.- 1'.
de (Chriptian) prireches liy p-rinis-
on every alteiii-tIe Snnd aiy ;at 7:30i p. iII.
atlholic-Clhurcih corner Wy Voili lig !tl%--
and Fort Ir stroI.

rl.TH' E vlLs.
-- ,7ftan d nuI i I L-Uil. ,ia. CL' illf.vIy lI.
I a every day except SuiidLiy .itl 12:30
'clock, arrives every d;iv except Su112
yDA 12:00 p. In.
ant, Bay mail for Harrison, Cromiantou,
Parker, Farmdale and Wetuippo,'leaves
St. Andrews going east. every morning
at 7 o'clock and arrives, coming west
every afternoon at F o'clock.
0orth Bay (Anderson): Airiaes at St.
Andrews every Monday, Wednesda and
Friday, a. m ; Returns to Anderson
same days at 1:30 p. m.

Parkerq jge No. 142,
A..L _.& A.. 1E.
Regular communicationss nit Satur-
day, on or before each full moon.
VIsiting Brothers Fraternallyv
v. BouT ELLE, Secretary.

Homenpathic Physician and Ac-
coucher. Office Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue and Michi-
gait street,
Pt.. Andr.ew, Florida.
i De .w MITCHET,

Proprietor East End IDrug Store, of-
fers his professional service's to the
citizens of St. Andrews Bay and
vicinity. Office at Drug Store.
Residence on Buenna Vista av,.nue
opposite old Florida Exchange.

Nolarv Public and Surv-\',r. Sp.ei.il nit-
e ltiiir .iver l lt o l = 1 Io l i ,i I Il- i '-'
al..l, to I he lln- i iip' 1 M is.~, 'hlii i -. t Is
?fr ker. -. li

('. i. ('ill'i'E N ,.
Jut.tLict o t he Peace.
W ill ita n1 d *1,t,, '.r 1 : ill I ,in -- i,--6
i d iliii li.lj il.T-' i l-_ h iti ,;- it --
t.clion. i .th'i Ii i -n : ...*I ". '
ol'lt-eTnl-rt)ip .i ,il' T <.' ):111,,Id1 .' -I it
the old, origr.3 Fi r'noh Fruit Care.
B. Sanatorium,
S t 822 Pine st.,

Call or WrLe;
Wad no Iriury to hrlth.

dwiAYD ner-ous dabitty
K taliyW4t1 zIrn, afo :1C 'Zt
1-- A Ri R, 111-111 t lU M

One Dollar a Year in Advance.


Sohiaparelli lhas asserted that
ihe rotation of Venus in very slow
and that probably it turns lbu:
once on its axis while making a
revolution around the sun. It is

Display ad rates 50c per inch per month .
o.. .. easy to see that, if such id the case,
Position andi etaordninia~r condii inn

rates subject to special agreement.

THE recent assault upon negroes int
Illionis cat not be lai-l to any section-
al hatred. It is merely a outbreak
of the lawless Italians of that dit-
trict, and should be immediately
punished by the legal authorities;
even if it should be necessary for
that socialist who attempts to gov-

erin the state to order out the state

ne r noUwn
to exist in the south; the whites of
the south were never known to



blacks, for naughli but a desire to
Were s, ch an action to occur in
south, the noted ,social reformers ofl
the east, would never cea.se to

throw slurs upon

our e(ilTile.

Nothiing mean and vile enough

Venus possesses no alteration of day
and night, such as we enjoy on the
earth, but that, on the contrary, it
is always day one one side of the
I lanet and always night on the other
side. And the orbit of doe arts so
slightly from a circle; and her axis
id apparently so nearly perpendicu-
lar to the plano of the orbit, that,
there can be veiy little liberation, in
either latitude or longitude, to .
affect tl.o presentation of th!i
tI'indt'i s hriace toward the snu. 4
Now it must be confessed that,
without drawing freely upon the inm-
agination, it it ib not easy to recon-
cile such a state of things as that
just decblibed with the coliditions
which would seem to be necessary iin
order to render a planet habitable
by beings resembling ourselves. 01
course, perpetual sunshine might not
prove destructive to highly organized

wit which to assail then coulIl .b living forms, or thell conld in vari...uu

fi m imine.r

\wayh, be hliielded Irom thlie effects u
such a superabunace of ra-
diant energy, and, on the other hand,

in Florida 4tf late, is attracting con- life might exist where the only ra-

silderable attention of the state pie s.
Florida can never expect t-j be free
fromin such dastardly deeds, so long
as it continues to tiy men for murder,
in the di.-tilict wiieie theie exists
SO Ilanlly syimpathises with the muri-

diation received came from the stars.
But, as I have remarked in a pre-
ceeding article, Venus is so much
like the earth in several other re-
spects, that one would prefer not to
believe she is so much unlike it
in this, unless the evidence of the

There are in Ftorida certain dis- peculiarity ascribed to her by the
truict in which there can not be a Italian astronomer can be shown to
jury emnpaieled, unless there are on be irrefragable. It is very much to

it a majority licnlly to the murderer,
Dili, that junr' go a to the court room
with the intentioli of clearing the
guilty one.
.AX long as- there exists in any coim-
Iniinitiy a ganig, whose purpose it is
to ini'irdr, well knowing they will be
clrareld l.-y ti, jury that can li se.
cnre'l in ho u icilnity in which the
Criin -' wca-i coitntaittteo, IFlorida can
in.-vtr hloIuj to reduce the numibeOr of
licr on tlrage's.
A law .ihv'util be enacted, wilichi
all.w., tlihe iinpiort-iitioii of a jury froii
anu ihler lueality, or tlhe removal oi
thie case to..s(lii,' .il hr tribunal when0
it i. kiinwn that there is such a vast
ilmiimber ol .Piipiatihizers with the

be desired, therefore, that the present
opportunity shall be fully utilized to
add as greatly as possible to our
knowledge of the inarkinis and the
motions of Venus.
At the beginning of the month
Venus is in the southern portion of
Leo, and before the end she will have
passed into Virgo. Everbody, of
c-,uirsc, knows wher,- tn look (,i hIer--
in the west after sumdown; and no-
body will have to lok twice to find
her, but anybody who can see her
oncet and not look again is titter to
be despised than tliat inl.:giii:-iry
creature of Shakespeare, "who hath
io muisc ill himself."
Next to Venus, Saturn is the most

Ininlorerel in t.ie cli.trict where the conspicuous planet now on view, and

Uclini is culm)iiitted.

The iHeaveins in August.
Garrett P. SLrviss in Scientific American.
The chief teletial event for
August is the attainment hby Venus of
her greatest brilliance on the night at
the 13th, or mord strictly speaking,
the morning of the 14th; yet this can
hardly be called an event, either,
since it is apart of the continued
phe:onioenon, Venus having gained
gradually in light ever since she be-
came an evening star early in the
year. Andt although from the 14th
lheo will begin to lose light, yet the
loss will nut become conspicuous un-
til near the end of the mouth. No v
is t!ie time for possessors of good

telescoipet antl g.id eyes to study

I repeat my advice to everybody who
can get the opportunity to take a
good look at its marvelous rings.
One might travel to the confines of
the universe without finding any-
where an exact duplicate of them.
To see them with an adequate tele-
scope is to become on the instant an
astronomer, in spirit if not in prac-
Saturn remains some ten degrees
east of Spica, the bright star of
Virgo. By the end of the month it
.vill set too early to be advantageous-
ly studied with a telescope.
Mercury, Mars and Neptune are.
teo near the sun for observation.
Jupiter begins to emerge from the
sunlight as a morning star early in

V\eni.s; fori the possibily exists of the month, but will not be seen well

making an important di covery con-
ceruning that planet. Some weeks
ago the cable brought from Europe
the news that a curious notch had
been detected at the Vienna observa-
tory iearThe sonthi horn of Vinums
and obervers in this country were
advised to look for the phenomenon,
and note its peculiarities. The
meaning of this is that Venus, which
now appears in the form of a crescent
moon, has on the inner, or concave,
edge of the cresent, near the southern
end, a narrow scollop as if a bit of
the face of the planet had been cut
nut there. The phenomenon is not
a new one. It has been seen many
times before, and, reasoning on the
basis of what plainly appears on the
nimon in similar circumstance, it
would seem that this notch in Venus
nmay be caused by the shadow of a
gigantic mountain mass in the Ant-
artic region of t(lie planet. The im-
portance of a careful study of this.
andi other faint markings on Venus
depends not inmrely u pon the in for-
forniation it may give concern--
ing the features of that interest-
timg globe, but also upon the
leading it mnay have on the question

LtL'& PIt Y.OL-JI':'IEL .? thIc st;'r, period of V efUs.

before the autumr. months. Uranus
remains in Libra a few degrees east
of the star Alpha.
The moon fulled on the morningof
August 5 in the constellation Capri-
cornur, and reaches last quarter near
noon on the 13th in Aries. Begin-
ing its circuit again as new moon
on the morning of the 20th in Leo,
it attaii.s first quarter on the 27th,
about a quarter before 1 A. M in
Scorpio. It is in perigee on the
20th and in apogee on the 6th. A
partial eclipse of the sun occurs on
the morning of the 20th, but will not
be visible in this country.
It will be observed that the moon is
in perigee, or nearest the earth on the
day of the eclipse, when, of course it
will be juot in line from the earth to
the sun. Under such circumstances
not only is the moon's tidal attiac-
tion greatest, but its attraction is at
the same time united with that of
the sun. 'the consequence must be
higher tides than usual; while those
wcho believe that the varying strain of'
the sun'P and moon's tidal pull is
an element in the production of earth-
quakes shoulld expect unusual phe-
nomena of that kind about the time
oi' the eclilse.
The moon will be seen neai Venu.s
on the evening of the 22d, near'
Sattirn on the evening of the 24thi
and near Uranus o:lthe evening of
the I'th.

It is only a year or two ago )si
country was thrown into exitetu
the announcement that a man
Frank Melbourne had discov
method of bringing rain out 6
skies. To the farmers of the '
prairies the news was esp-c.ially Ij
ing, as they had so often sutil-ro
drought that a means of supply
ficial moisture was of the grati
portance. In spite of the warr
men of science that the man waR
pastor many villages and tow.
considerable sums of u.'nuoy v
bonruo audu his imitat4 r., expr:p-
be favored with rnfrehing shl'jw
is true tht in stjom-e ca-.ses it d
after the rainmuakor ht sent
loc,., with dlnyrifilt an d i -tJ -r --"

Ing to An editor Throws Off His Free Silver
Mfask and Tells the Truth.
co the The seeds of sound currency and like-
A.ut by wise of sound sense are taking root even
baame-d when scwn in stony places. Ths.Duran-
*ol a go Democrat of Colorado, which has
, cl.ar tuen whCoping it up" for free silver
i-stern aul the mine owners, took a turn which
,t.ify. must havo.surprised its readers and have
from t.niifoiuned the gold contract silver
liiu1,, owinMrs. Its leading editorial was
nrti- hea-d "A Confession Wrung From Con-
st in-f'i,,-u.." In this editorial the writer
Igs throws off the silver cloak disguise and
n in- 'asserts his manhood. The following is
ad a part of this interesting editorial:
1Mel- Keutucky has spoken. Her honest
u1.to stroke in support of t1i g- ld standard
.sIt -,1'unr' the klu-ll of the silver humbug
in wit.hii her borders and sets a good ex-
bal- ample for othcr S ttes.
-r s '* .It iis rm.,, f.r th,- sauo of C-O. l-rndo'

a-,.' ,.ut .tf a r.:hi,--bu, wlicll t1-o rri-l reputation for h.ucnytv, if not for com-
artuid in a wal,. but i thie t tm:-.mt u sUnse, that some one in authl.:itv
j-,rity .f c;:e no rain foll, and Jo pr,)- h,-,ull disabuse the minds of eastern
ple lcst their mon,_.y Evu wb(it dil ad fiordig investors of the notion that
rain L c.-_:,iib!, :unu bel ovcd itt it. this whole state has run silver mad. It
had bn i,Xboa uht by the bomlbadment is true that The Democrat has joined
of the air, aod now Melbourn cife s wit h other newspapers in Colorado, for
that he cannot and never eouln make reasons which need not be specified here,
rain, saying in a rocnt. intview: in 'booming' silver, while everybody
"There is no such thing as imki g rain. knew that it was steadily and irresist-
The American people like to a hum-libly on its way down hill. But the
bugged. The bigger the huml g themit has been reached. Conscience re-
easier they are duped." volts, as decency long ago revolted,
Another set of charlatans a now against carrying on this fraud any
traveling through the south a.d w(tt longer. The political ends to be gained
engaged in trying to fool thb1 p ple by it sink into insignificance when con-
into believing that, wealth will h rained trusted with the damage which is bound
down upon them if they will opy elect t result from it in the long run."
a free coinage congress and p.sident. The rest of the article is a clear com-
Peffer, Bland, Stewart and "Ciun"are mon sense exposition of the certain
preaching doctrines that are ju as silly operation of free coinage as a "debt
and as much opposed to naturalaws as scaling" scheme, and of the effect upon
were those of the rainmakers. t is nut Colorado of continuing to advocate that
strange that people who could delud- scheme. It shows how hopelessly any
ed into thinking that a quack could make business man would be discredited who
rain should believe that debating the should adopt any such principle and de-
measure of values would mae more cares that communities, whether states
wealth. But fortunately they i o in the or nations, must suffer in the same way,
minority, and the intelligent bnajnrity aud it adds:
will never consent to be mad the vi- "But since for once The Democrat is
times of such foolish schemmcs. heo nelv- Jpermitting itself the luxury of telling
rainmakers are making lot. of )ise and the truth on the silver question let us
sending up plenty free coinag gas, but make still a further admission. Wocan-
they are only laughed at by tl men of not, by any hocus pocus or tomfoolery,
sound coni'n s (use. Let the acks golby any false estimates of our own
on, but don't wasteany money in them. strength, by any brag or bluster or
Fre Colnage and L lupty swagger, prevent the old world
FrConae and a From colle ',ing every dollar, every
It is unquestionably true th no part'dime,.every cent's worth of debt due
of our people is so vitally in tested in from us, with full interest to date of
the preservation of a sound d stable p.,yent.
currency as the men nn hd t 'The re-sult must be that, if free silver
work for wages, and in the t m wages wt're successful, only Americans would
I include salaries and comp: station in b, c-heated. The process by which Colo-
every form paid for per--)i services racl, has been kept in "the front rank
in all the occupations of lif,. hre evils in th,, past as a silver state" is described
of a depreciated and ftuct.mtii currency ,ut in bitterness, but in sorrow," for
must always fall m b< heavi 'pon the "'Th. Democrat is ashamed of itself for
poor, who do. not produce r them-' hiug lent its influence so long to the
selves but for others, and wh re there- pirpctuation of the humbug. But the
fore comp lled t~o pr.rchase it.h their end is coming. The articlecloses as fol-
wages everything they eat., ink and lows:"Butth,-reisnotanintelligentand
wear. Their wages will remi istation- educated reader within reach of these
ayy, or at best they will rise owly and lin. who does not know that every
at long intervals, while th prices of word we have penned is downright,
the necessarits of life are li H1 to rise s,,ld, unassailable truth. Bankers, mer-
suddenly from day to day a .he value ch.nts, mechanics, farmers-we do not
of the currency changes, and lilequent- rule out any of these classes. In their
ly what way appear to be a ir rate ,f inucrmost. hearts they know that we are
compensation at the time a Nber con- upholding national honor against dis-
tract is made may prove t 0e grossly honor, national credit against contempt,
inadequate long before the l' r is per- national prosperity against failure."
formed. The laborer cannot p )tect him-
self against. *uctuations in ti prices of How Will Tihey Get It?
commodities, for he cannot irhase at Silverites reply to the proof that there
wholesale when prices are lo and keep is far more money now in this country
out of the markets when price are high. than at any previous period in our his-
He must buy day by day. a he must tory by saying.: "The money is all
pay out of his earnings, wh her their locked up in the banks. We want free
purchasing power be great, or small. silver so the people will have the mon-
The employer cannot afford promise ey. But they never..explain how free
high r wages in advance, bI nuse with coinage, under whigh the silver mine
a depreciating and fluctuati? currency owners' would take their bullion to the
"he cannot possibly foretelt what the mint and get back coined dollars, would-
prices of his products will ie at any put those dollars in the pockets of the
time in the future. Thus tht laborer is people, or how it would keep them out
the victim of two influences, either of of the banks if their owners chose to de-
which can he successfully m ist. Be posit them. The fact that we have near-
must accept whatever wages ru off red ly five times as much money per capital
by employers or go without '. rk, .:and as Mexico, a free silver country, should
he must pay wh..tr-v,' p::- i.,e df- ie., the believers in freo c-._i.:.,,: 0o
Sisdd ii: th i..... o 1. 1tbink a li le about lhe pr'bAbl3 resIlts

for that bauble thing, her reputation -avo liked t support of
How could he dream that she could ask have liked the support of that at:m:.-Ii
How could h dream that sh could ak friend in the unknown trials whic-h 1 -..
it, could permit it? "0 God! 0 God l before her, but Barbara must be spardl.
Have pity! To be here, tongue tied and It was for her, Edith Ellery, to tAn thi
helpless, when a word might save him!' errand alone, and should sh. woakly
The soft frou frou of silk in the hall shrink and falter where be, for lovo of
above called a poor, strained mask of her, had faced all so bravely?
composure to her face, and though her "I don't know what you i'l rn:rv.-
fingers fumbled clumsily over the task Barbara," obe began appealinglI wh--
they were yet quick to roll that fatal shB lowly returned to tho currriaAl'
paper into thesmalest compass, thrust- from h erraud "but do you not have'
ing it under the pile of cushions at one i 11,h,' o iif whi"h y.n side. She could not talk to Barbara h cd. uplu bimpelhing y'nt o .wanri
about this awful thing. ot; w.ich to ;.noth'-r
"Have I worn -.'~- patiene ,.. *. -; .-*

L.~'-i it.





'Against ti~t c o~

I imsom


S [ClXNTTINEDNT'w] I w e lrne MIai-a1. "-1. ;.ul'i; f
-.. makes you look so qn-i" i'* r'!" -1
bo far she reaa unconiprenenalngly, from the stained gli-., s .--.: ..'l
dully going over the lines a second time ill?" coming to her full ,4 r~4.1; ;
before the full meaning of the words lety.
seemed clear to her, but then, with a "Oh, it must be thI* .-. 2 .' N
smothered cry, she caught the sheet The pale lips brav,:ly r.. .. v.-* 1
closer to her blanched face, hurriedly de- which after all ain,',m:... .-
vouring the finer print which.ollowed oreth a.imi, "' ..
Ca nwsrmN July 8, 18-.
Forsome timepastthecattlemen f thisseo- "The drive will dov- y .'i ** ,.
tion hbve suffered .evurr-ly from the depreda- Hallet returned, with 1ca tr .. - ,g i a
r tons of rustlers, who esemed to be working her tone quite reasnrv.,l. he
In a regularly organized band, scattered In that sho ha t d
different parts of the state, passing the stock that had fathomd t.h dikffilcut B
from hand to hand, altering brands and cler- a glance. The girl's sympathies v *-** -
erly hiding their tracks until detection seemed doubtless wrought nri to the hiiA,..-
wellnigh impossible. All attempts atunearth- tension at the thought oif he pnin iFjo
now, when the man who has undoubtedly been as about to inflict. npon tkload.
the ringleader in the nefarious work is safely Doubtless she trembled in in lb'bt"
lodged in the custody of the sheriff at Chey- girlish vanity with the fancy thiu iS
enne. It happened on the night of July 4 that might be about to wreck his life
two valuable horses were stolen from the K 0 might be about to wreck his lifo at tr
ranch on Big Cow creek, one of them, evident- fell swoop, and Mrs. Hallet, who IhI#
ly as a clever ruse to ward off suspicionn,' fine lived to see many' a lif dri'f' t wr
animal bel,,nging to Paul Brown himself, the but never one for love nn.A -.'4l,
man under arr.,:t, who was employed on the .
place as a horse breaker. A trusted agentol in her soul in good humor' ,.
theWy,.mingStocki clatuonatonuc repaired "And shall we drive dir,-'ly 1 t L.'o.i ,"
to th pit upon learning the circunetanew egraph office?" she asked whe.ia ttim?
and with his accustomed "il quickly s ooeed- were in the carriage, aLaiin f l.&
ed in unearthing one of the most braaen were in the carriage, a glnm af n;.
schemes of rascality which this region has ever chief in her smile. "D. y-ix rtill wB.
developed. It appears that on the night in to send that fatal mess5,,r"
question there was a dance at Cotthnwood, a i .Yes, the telegraph otffiT a.ud woril'f
onaill hamlet a dozen miles on the other side
of K 6 ranch, to which all the boys belongin you ask him to drive fast, lpi .(-" Hui
on thoplace, with the exception of Brown, ad breath came hurriedly, w!i i f-v<
gone. It was remarked at the time. as rather spot of red of a sudden ti-:, l tita*chr
singular that he so determinedly resisted all white cheek. A telegram Ali, why lai
importunities to make one of the party, but
business before pleasure was evidently the rul- she not thought of that liefore? It
ing principle with this young man. might not be too late to save him yhti
A young lady residing at the place now t 'If 'Iwere done, 'tweni- wll *'two,,
tiles that she was awakened about midnight
by mysterious sounds, and, going to the win- done quickly," she murniur.-1, with a
dow of her room, which faces the barns and strained, excited laugh in aniswur to thi
corral-, distinctly saw in the moonlight this other's curious glance.
fellow Brown making for the stables. Curious "I believe you are repentilir arlo
as to what had taken him forth at such an
hour, shesat waiting at the window tosee him Edith," hazarded Mrs. Halhk tw-ingi-
return and thinks she must have fallen asleep, ly. "Your expression is quit- *' f .
as the clock was striking 8 when she found her- f)on't let yourself make ai .
self rousing up, while at the same time she saw a
Brown loitering under the trees, having evi- dear.
dently just returned from his strange errand. "No, I shall not make a 1:m in :
Tracks leading through the corral indicate the girl exclaimed, with awtbih r hM04?
that the horses were taken off that way, while outburst of that strained
all the signs point toward a course in the di- outburst of that strained, l.-te.-,
reaction of the Lost river country, where Brown laughter. Her companion looked at ih r
has a range of his own. The girl'. e evidence, with a baffled sense of being -mi,'aIw
though given with reluctance, is piltive and outside the situation, but, wi'.:i t4s Oox-
direct, while Brown admits the truth of her
statement as to'the time of his going toward quisite tact which always dis iti u-11 i
the barns, although he stoutly denies his her, cleverly changed the sulij,--e Wt
guilt, offering the remarkable explanation was ouriously interested iiu .i' girf
that, though he started for that point, he, for strange mood, which she mcot touk
some caprice yet unexplainrl, turned aside to strange mood, which she mcont mlw.
ga.; ar the, molon t.hruuti the long hours other- be explained to her,. but -it w-q;it
wi nu-',.iui.t-df.'r. Therase-ems littleques- her theories that successflin
tion but that thit p-e7ulihr sentlinentalslt was no Is r
a/.iing at the moon on this particular occasion au ,
from the back of his own horse, which was of infinite patience. She idly dPtoted&
taken merely as a blind, while he rode out to on of indifferent topics, oc, .ft.Mv.,l
hand over to a confederate one of the moat calling attention to some bui- g u
valuable little filliesinthat section of Wyo- p callg ttfietW to ohi e builu n g 6
ming. Great excitement prevails over the r- PCialy o while d
rest in .Cheyenne, where the young man hua ally responsive, in an undec im-r ,t X
hitherto borne a good reputation, and star- thought was eagerly framing t j..
tling developments are expect-d. The sheriff and telegram she had to s *. ,
announces his determination to protect the on ee ad to s
prisoner at all hazards, but the stookmnen are time with no niggardly ocmifitsi t
tousd over their losses, and it Is rumored word. Fortunately the drive w .,
pon the teet that a ecttie social is among long, and there had boen time t 'ir,
the possibilities. girl to grow quite oomposed i..,,.. 14,,
Edith seemed fairly paralyzed with carriage drew up before teid W,.. 4.
the growing sense of amazemnt and Union office. "Don't come, i... ^
horror as she read. It was a morning It is not worth while," she bat-.-i
paper, and that communication from tested as she eagerly sprang ', t2i.
Cheyenne was dated the day before, ground, and Mrs. Hallet, althbou id t
dully turning the paper over to look. might have been a little piqued irs t fd
"Perhaps even now-O God O0 Godt" evident desire to be spared her m.'t;-
she gasped and choked with the whis- lance, was yet sufficiently gr-lc<-i Iti
pered cry. All the air seemed suddenly smile as she settled acquiesoenrfy l..-r
exhausted in the room. She had an odd against the cushions.
difficulty in breathing, and everything "And now the deed is dime, I pn"
showed blurred in a dull monochrome. pose," she observed laughingly vtr.t4j
She knew too well the temper of the after a very short absence, the girl i
cattlemen as to their losses to doubt turned. "The die is cast."
that there might be short shrift for one "Ah, never say die!" A not*- ?
proved guilty as a rustler, whoever he strange triumph was in that wild. ,ira
might be. She could even believe that terical laugh. What would D:.i -
their indignation, turned toward Pail Ballet say could she know that at *olt
Brown, might burn the more fiercely moment a message was flashing norviri
from the feeling that they had so long the wires to.Tom Tregent of Cbeyeutifl
been hoodwinked by a clever rogue. saying: "Paul Brown is inoxlt ,.I
And he---ah, he-had sworn to her-she charges against him. I will be In L. --
had demanded the vow-that he would enne by night train prepared to pr
never. betray the silly secret of that it," and signed with her name? .i,,
night, come what would, and she knew now the next thing to do, "Wou 14 yv
"mind telling the man to drire tolb "
that he would go down to his death, if tnion station?" she asked, tryhil i.
need were, keeping his word. speak with matter of fact carelessm-N
Against the dark background of con- but faltering somewhat, her eye fal-
fused thought his face was clear before .ng. "I want'--moistening r i t9
her-that strong, resolute face betray- lips nervously-"I want to ask about 4
ing in every line the firmness of charao- train."
ter which, nursed as a virtue, had de- "The trains from Boston? To find ,,
veloped toward an unyielding obstinacy if your message will reach him ,f'"n"
bordering on a vice. Once a resolution he leaves, you sharp little pnus? ('ari'f
had assumird shapo in that man's mind, you leave it all to Providence? But. rc.#
were it but the outgrowth of a whim, course, if you wish," amiably giving
his impulse would be to hold to it at the order. "How the poor tickd inmrt
any cost. And now it was she who had will swear in his heart when you phfi
bound him to silence; sho whoso light- him down to his book of time tabhl-r
est wish, she well knew, would be to with such an unconscionable demandd.
him a law; she, to preserve whoso fan- But I dare say he deserves it for hhi
oied honor his lips would be sealed as Bina"
to that night's doings, even though shej "I will try not to be too hard or?
had never asked it. Ah, the pity of it, i, wrtn i sioenea. iears, r-.,.
the madness of it! Her honor against fered that there might be the publicist
his! To sacrifice his own good name, to of a courtroom to face, reporters anii
let the world point at him as a horse the horrors of newspaper notoriety.
thief, perchance to lay down life itself, There might even be-wsph, that "opoit
that nobody might guess that she, Edith dnc" was dated yestrlur.
Ellery, had been with him alone at au e could over forget that. Even nor'
hour to which, from the vileness of t might bo too late. S e shut her pal;
their own minds, men were so ready to igte t a ob shu fiercpnal '
impute evil. To pay such a price as this kep from orinr out. Dearly wolr'. '.. -f

2` *

1 Ti M E

NOTE.-It must le i5emnibered that the
wind is not a wholly reliable motive pow-
er and if the sailors sometimes find it im-
possible to umakLe scheddnl time it mus I be
etarge-l to the elermetIs; they do the best
they cni.

The Alabama & Florida

Steaffmship Comp any.

The Staunch Steamship

Capt., B . Sarit,

Laves 1Motilae for Carrabelle
S-- R atnal cg=inding each W '


Gooa Passenger Accommodations.
( ivcen Careful Attention.

PatLies desiring to reach St.. Andrews
via Cari-abelle take C. T. &. G. R. R. at
Tallata-sRce, connecting with boat at
Carrabelle, Thursday .noon arriving at,
St.. Andiews Friday.
QI^Thisichedule subject to delay on
account of bad weather.
H. A. DORR, Gen'l Ag't.

Lc.tir'> St. Auidi.ws Bay every Tuesdayv
IU -L.3 Pens i-ola every Friday,
tueatihIr peiitirilting). Special atten-
tion iill )) paiven to receiving and
itornwid'n lsoighlt for parties living on
E.a:-t nii' N.,rtl' HBay: .iaisseligers for
poinitp on eitlhr arm of the Bay can
dioend upon FCCIIuiing prompt trans-
pj[!r tiun Pit. reasonable rates. For
further information apply to
L. M. WABr & Co., Agrs
M.t-:'s regular trips between Pillsburg on
Ea-: P.iv and Pensacola; will make reg-
tl ari Jdinigs at CroAnnton and Hitr-
ri;oinu, P'.ikcr and at tiIy other point
"lirii rwiipn-sletl lcrorehatnd to do so.
Pad 3si1ger' an3ld freight transported at.
reasonaihle rates and satisfaction guar-
Uhtied. Tbh P-'eoole's Store at. Pilts-
buq; il hliAdquiarters and orders left
tt-.rc .i ill receive prompt, andcareful
SN. W. tITTS, Proprietor.,
... m3hip Gulf City arrived
from Mobile, Tuesday fo)renoon, dis-
charged her St. Andrews freight and
passengers and proceeded to Carrabelle.
The schooner Nettie arrived from
Pensacela Monday, went to Cromanton,
*" Tuesday and left for Pensacola again
yesterday afternoon.
The ..essie P. sailed for Pensacola,
S uda.v, vwith Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Brald on board.
REAL MERIT is the character-
isti't -of Hood's Sarsaparilla. IN
cures even after other preparations fail.
Get,Hood's and ONLY HOOD'S.

Lightwei gtt nypnsl.Ua .

^ ' ',. /

You may be bold and bad, "Coin."
but little boys can't hypnotize this
young iadv. .

A Week's Weather.
The following tall shows what the
te-miperature at St. Andrews h.. belenc
during the past w.. taken at the Buot office each morning
and noon:



Thursday,........ Aug 7.1 b1 i
Friday ... ...... 9 S2 89
S- ruindi ........ . 0 .86 P '1
Sunday .... .. I P11 91
Moindnay ... ... V 12 80 ?
Tucsilav ...... 13 ?7 92
W eiiic., .... . 14 '-2 85

CheapE excursions.
T Plant System

Announces Cheap E;ursions as
Boston, MIa:,. Trionnial Conclave
K. of P., Tiklta on aaii. Ai u-4t. 23d to
25th. A18'5, gooil to return until Sept.
l1th. 1815, at ONE FARE for the round
For further information apply to
H. .(L Ela;'craft,, Tray. Paws. Agt.,
Oca!a. Fla.
R. T. Patton, Trav. Pass. Agt.' Tampa,
Fl a.
B.\W. Wr.nn, Pa-s. Traffic M,-r., Sa-
varlI ih, G;t
F. M. Jolly, Div. Pass. Apt., T.iampa.

Soaring House.
SN W Cor. Palafox and Wright
SSreets, One Block West. or


-Commercial, legal, and plain or
printed stationery at the Buoy office.
-In his list of appointments, U.
S. Senator Call leaves St. Andrews Bay
out in the cold. The slight is almost un-
-Cocoa shells, a delicious and
wholesome beverage, far superior when
properly prepared to either tea or coffee-
three pounds for 26c at the Pioneer Drug
Store. Try it.
-Thirty or forty young people as-
sembled in Ware's Hall, Tuesday evening
and enjoyed themselves dancing to mu-
sic furnished by Profs. Hand and Willcox,
eonsnming ice cream, ertc.
-Dr. 0. M. Wisehart. extracts
teeth for 50f per tooth; full upper plates,
$10; lower plates, $10; partial plates, $6
and upwards; fillings 509 and upwards.
In Ware building Commerce street.
-The delinquent tax list for all
that portion of Washington county lying
south of tp 1 s, wnich is six miles south
of the base line will appear in the Buoy
of Sept 12, and successively for four
-The St. Andrews Bay Horticul-
tural and Improvement Association is
prepared to clear, improve and plant into
fruit any tract of land which may lie giv-
en them. It will pay all persons to buy
a tract from them and have it improved.
-Dr. Sneed will be in St. Andrews
next Wednesday or Thursday. All who
want dentistry work will call on him. He
comes highly recommended by parties
who have been familiar with work per-
formed twelve years ago by him, which is
still in perfect condition.
-Hiram Washburn presented the
Buoo with a basket of grapes on Monday,
last, which were fine nd of excellent fla-
vor. They were of the Goethe or Rogers
No.-1 variety, and'coming as they do af-
ter the earlier sorts are out of fruit, they
are a valuable variety for the vineyard.
-If you are thinking of buying
property in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
ciuity, you cannot afford to purchase untilU
you have conferred with the proprietor of
the Buoo. If you are short of money and
want to buy on your own time 'or actual
settlement you can be accommodated.
-For Rent-A Smith Grubder or
Stump Puller. This is said to be the beia
machine ever invented for clearing land
of grubs and stumps. The Buor has one
of these machines direct from the manu-
factory and will rent it to responsible
parties for a reasonable compensation.
-A party went to the Gulf beach
Monday afternoon, returning Tuesday,
and Mrs. S. E Mashburn who was of the
party stepped iuto the Buor offiecon her
return to announce that they had the
grandest time imaginable, and the Boor
ventures the assertion that where Mrs.
Mashburn is present there is sure tobe
a good time.
No place in Florida or elsewhere
presents more or greater attractions to
the homeseeker than does the picturesque
village of Parker, on East Bay. Every
dollar invested there is sure to multiply
many fold, and tlheinrestment can hardly
le otherwise than a good one. W. H.
Parker will take pleasure in showing any-
one around, no matter whether they buy
or not
-Pensacola Times: Tarpon are
now being seen in our bay very frequent-
ly, but we are without any tarpon:fisher-
men and none have ever been caught.
They are quite numerous at St. Andrews
Bay. Dr.NCliffe, of Franklin, Tenn., caught
one five feet seven inches long last week,
which Capt, L. MA. Ware of St. Andrews is
having mounted, to be exhibited at At-
lanta in the West Florida exhibit.
-The persistent advertiser is the
one who, in the end carries off the cream
of the trade, and W. H. Shands, the Par-
ker merchant proposes to keep talking to
the people through the columns of the
Boye, and if they are wise they will take
advantage of his invitations and visit his
store, where the goods are always first
class atnd are sold at one price to all, and
that the most reasonable one.
-Chipley Banner: "St. Andrews
has a 500 pound tarpon fish intended foi
the Atlanta exhilit. Why go to South

Florid. to catch those game fish wheni
such fishing here has ceased to be sport.'
Someone has evidently been banking up.
on Bro. Jones' credulity. A trifle ovei
200 pounds is the largest tarpon yet re
ported captured; but it is a fact beyond
dispute that there are more Itarpon in St
Audrews Bay than in any other waters o0
i-Our late towUSnnali, I J
Hughes is the author of a book which ii
now ready for the publisher, portraying
his early life and adventures in south.
western Oregon. It contains about 45-
000 words, divided into thirty-two short
chapters, each presenting a thrilling sto.
ry of dventutre among the Indians, or
with the panther or bear forty and fifty
years ago. Prof. J. C. Lipes lias complet-
ed copying the volume, arranging it in
good grammatical and rhetorical form.
and states that 'dr. Hughes possesses
very strong and elegant descriptive
-In ti alnence of wifo and house-
keeper the hig-hiarited neighbors of the
editor of the Buoy are building up a debt
agtiinsl him which it is doubtful if he can
ever repay. Among them Mrs. M. J. Cor-
by comes in for a large percentage of the
Ibill. She has supplied the poorly appoint-
ed table with bread, boiled ham, baked
pears and other delicacies, and these just
at a time when a visit to the pantry re-
vealed the condition in which Old Mother
Hubbard found her cupboard when she
went for the hone for her poor dog. Mrs.
R. L. Merritt will also be gratefully re-
membered for contributions of bread, etc.
As long as thanks will count for pay these
good people shall be abundantly reward-
ed; but for a more material consideration
'they must wait until the conditions are

The Only


and thoroughly re
building-up medicine,
tolic, vitalizer and


Before the people today, and
which stands preeminently
above all other medicines, is



It has won its hold upon the
hearts of the people by its
own absolute intrinsic merit.
It is not what we say, but
what Hood's Sarsaparilla
does that tells the story:-

Hood's Cures
Even when all other prepar-
ations and prescriptions fail.
"1 have been afflicted fo ovr twenty
years with a very sore imnb cause
bad blood. I '---an taking Hood's
Sanaparilla aaD have been getting
better ever since and can truly say
that it is the beat medicine that I have
ever seen." A.RBENA KITOHINO,
White Pond, South Carolipa.

Hood's PillS tasteless, mid effee-
Hood' ls tive. All druggist. N5o.

-Nice bread, pies and cakes, fresli
every day at E. P. Maxon'i store.
-Legal cap, conmniecial note
letter-head papers and envelopes, eith, r
printed or plain at the Buor office.
-Chipley Banner: We return
thanks to Mr. C. P. Lynch for a gallon of
the finest pear cider we have ever seen.
Mr. Lynch is,about to solve the problem
of saving the waste pears. He is making
cider and vinegar from them whiih is of
very fine quality.
-A very pleasant social Dvent oc-
curred at Mrs. Post's, on Friday evening,
the 2d inst., (a report of which was acci-
dentally overlooked last week,) by the
gathering of friends to celebrate Mr Rich-
ard's home-coming and departure again
soon, for another three years study at
Marysville college. It was one of Flori-
da's perfect moonlight aevenings.and the
entertainment consisted of music, lemon-
ade and cake, with speeches, the bbt. of,
which was Mr. Richard's laying before us
the- plan of his life work, to carry the gos-
pel forth; the greatest of all callings, in
the footsteps of his father.
-A special grand excur.'ion ovel
the P. & A. railroad to the We-I Floiid-i
exhibit at Pensacola on the 29th int.
swill leavalRiver Junction on th, 14: .-i-
of August 28tlh and morning no thr. ~thh.
The nominal rate of $1 from lBiv(r alinni-
tion and Caryville and intoernedi.tle sMta
lions, for the round trip has been made.
Westrille to DeFuniak inclusive, 75:';
Mossy Head to Milton, inclusive, 5':';
Galt City to Bohemia, inclusive,. '5;.
Flomaton to Cantonment, inclusive, 50e;
Gor.zalez to Olive, inclusive, :'.">
Myers' Third Batalion B nd will give a
concert upon arrival of trains at Pensa-
cola and another on the Plaza. The e.-
hibit will be made on the 29th, and it will
be a very attractive one and every citi-
zen of Florida should witness it. Mean-
time no one should relax an effort to
make not only this but the Atlanta ex-
hibit a success, and, continue to send in
fine specimen of everything produced in
Florida, which, if too late for the Pe.san-
cola exhibit will still find a place in the
Exposition at Atlanta.

-The Loyal Temperance Legion
ineeta every Sunday afternoon at2 o'clock
-The Christian Endeavor Thurs-
ray evening meetings rave been converted
into a Bible study class. The topic for
next Sunday at 3:30 p. m. is "Christ's
work for the world; John 1: 1-14.
Christ's work embodies: revealing God
John 14; 7-13; saving sinners, Mait. 9:
1-13: serving men, John 13; 3-17; in-
spiring work, Luke 19; 11-27; bringing
peace, Johnm 19; 28-33; judging guilty.
Luke 3; 7-17. A topical, song service
will be a special feature of the i-eeting.

A Few Smugestions.
Correspondence of the Buoy.
I was disappoilned in finding no
article relating to thle "library ques-
tion," in last week's Buoy.
We hope the shade of Voltaire in-
voked by I'ruthseekcr has not fright-
ened others from taking an intere-t
in this matter.
There are always leaders in every
community. Cannot a few of these
prominent persons here in St. An-
drews get together, and form a
Library Association, then appoint a
committee to ascertain who will sub-
scribe money, and how much for the
books, and if this sumn proves in-
hsfficient, would not the ladies of St.
Andrews take pleasure in getting up
a series of entertainments that would
help swell the libi ary funiid?
After the books are procured, there
ought to b at least, one hundred
persons in the town and along the
Bay who would be willing to p-iy
twenty-five cents a quarter or oine
dollar per year for the privilege of
drawing books form a eirculatiiing
library, this would make the library
sulf-sustaining and buy ueu II. ,1.
each year or quarter. T.

Latest Notice to Exhibitors.
Exhibitors are urged to send in all
exhibits as rapidly as shey can be
gotten ready.
N. B.-This, however, is not in-
tendel to convey the idea that no
furtiter exhibits will be accepted after
the 29t.h, at which time the Pensacola
e\lhilit w:ll be l.e'd. It is well
uiinil. r.od that manly things will
not be r .ady on the 29th ,of Aiugu.t,
anmi all parties are urged to continue
their contributions during Sep-
liuboer, and in some instances it will
be the first pairt of Octoker before
' he best articles can be secured. For
example, we will carry sweet pota-
tocs, Japan persimmons, Keifer
pears., i.umpkins and sugar cane
to Atlanta in September, but we

expect ti
other ar

Ex it
name n

acc ,




1 replace them and many
ticles witi much better
s in October.
ors will please mark their
i\ postoffice on peace piiekage'
It:iilioal agent. will not
.ahiiiimet.'s until this is

Ir. ri ::;JColi. EXHIBIT.
lidlo in i'eni.acila Anign.-st
ctel ,tf Septenibenr 11th, as
nnieetd. Thiu ar, idles then
%%ill ieu started t14 Atlanita
30thi. Nominal passenger
1 bi given to tliose ileiriiig
Peniiaca ilii t the 29th in.st.
rain-; will be run, and avery-
W'Ver tm loridla will be
in Pensacola on Atugust
furtherr details later.
to sOeiO, in what you have
rapidly as possible; othier-
will be over-crowded in tihe
li. W. D. (CmHIPLEY.
Floridta papers pleas'oi reminove
notices, ant! c jipy above.

ect the Giame and Fish.
or fish only in tihec prop er
;.1. escape thle game warden
ving the laws. Many ,states
v gi me and hih laws this
d it yon don't know then,
2c stamps for a copy of the
aw issue of TH'iE AMIUCAN
15 State st., Chicago.-

o thie Kniihm Templars.
Ilin ciit ~ til' llie ot cult orga-
,d.mniinatd, Knightl. Temp-ij
1.e grna ioii lv, piei'initleIl toi
Ic aiitit-.t tie c ,i.-,ical sumr
of .lhe it o ildol n Atien',,
tile' hn .i-..ilIhi as Boston,
i h, 27th, 28th, 29th andh
lhe al' l roacliutg iintiitlh of
Sl.0r,1' to co iniiiiilgle ialid 'ol-
i i tlihir Tweity-sixth Ali-
'laive, to iniiditgi in lphila-
inte. course and to excite
lritinei t a lne! approl' tti-o Io
lace bly their iiiancnverings
'ih dlispilay.
niltieitlically informed tha*
iiiten of the public carrier,
I tlec PLANT SYSTE3 to coin-
e whi, dt.sire to pa ticip: t
momentous gathering, at the
'pecuiliary stipowl of One
the Round Trip. Mr. B.
tn1, an esttilnable coimpanio0n,
at Savanui:n. G-a., will take
in inditing instrtictive re-
) missives rcqucscng tiore
ts on sale truni all station s
lalit Syst..-n. August 23.1,
I 25tli. Got d to returni nit
ucluding Septe-nber 10th.
-- .-^----
wish they did. but lno minar
Ve .

M ill
fir t A
On li
A u Mg

to '
Spe ~
bod ,.
ex pec

] Iuw

fin I


'ly i1
y a v





it k
k ii-,i

in I

ntl ia

re. i,
1 '
iet i

on tI

til a





Poor Tampa.
Tampa in her turn has been
caught up in that great whirl of
religious intolerance which is spread-
ing over the United States at such
a'd alarming rate.
The recent municipal order of that
city, stopping street car service and
closing of barber-shops on Sunday,
is on a par with that order whicli
was made public in Richmond, Va.,
All those who seek that beautiful
city to enjoy its many pleasures anil
fascinations, must leave all hopes be
hind, since the honorable council
hIive gained that instantaneous in-
telligence that it is a sin to enjoy
one's self on Sunday.
Tampa is a city with great po-.si-
bilities in the future and bids fair to,
be the queen of Florida. Her many
parks, which have secured notoriety
as pleasure resorts, can no longer
hope to receive and entertain the
visitors who formerly congregated
there on Sunday to breath the sali.-
1 ,.; .1 A imino, I llire of th ir hoaltli-
Ili siirTr,'nI liiug -.
Th, -toI;Ip:ige of street-car service,
,o'l Sriitidvay mieains the death of tlh .e
alce s of resort, which arte ol01
reached by that mnieans.
e\V l.h one determines to live ill
Ss'cluiiiill; aunId give up l hiis citing.
lifot t:, .'eitiio uippoised celestial being,
of which hlie know- nothing definiito,
lot hiil fil it alone, and not e on-
pel tli'e who enjoy happiness to
r'tiire ,.1 per petual solittiudl h -
C tise he believes suchI a cuiir.s.
ii.Ct'M-:ti'ry to reacIh Sine imaginary
citi, isl. whielt no oline has ever eenl
aii rtlrned tilerfrioni; s. as they
o ilI describe tihe state of supreme
lihtplpiIies wIlIich they claim.
T'ampa is a city whose chief at-
tractiin, is that en.joynment and rec-
rsat ion which it altfr ls to tourists,
awl can it atlord to conmmiit a busine.,s
saii-lde by such action as it has oe-
ccntly been stained with?
'lThe creator has given ITaamnpa
natural advantag.ss equaled by few,
and smtrpassed by no city in Florida.
WVho are are biased enough to enter-
tain for one moment, the idea, that
that cre ator wished to bridle
and paral) ze the development
of those natural advantages, by pro-
hibiting its citizens from taking ad'
vanitag-. of them on one particular
dny of tile week.
'T'aipi' I prgre'ss wai rapid and
her development inevitable, but shli
runiist give up all hope, for present,
aittract:ons are now shrowded with a
dense cloud, plerhltip no larger than
a ltiai'.it Sanil, but which will grow
lit such an larmigiiii rate as to en-
velop thie entire city in an inipetice
table darkness more initease than
lie bhlacest night, i dlarkine8.s wliic:
can only be raised by the light
which is obtained by no other means
than a revolution, a revolution
aga;init the dominate sway of reli-
gouls fanatics.
Let a mani's freedom be tukent
fro'n liin, let hMia he robbed of hiti
riglhits, ho loses hItis patriot ism, and
d s.'en!ls into a siatc ,,f liatr.i l to-
wards tihe gov'criiiritit ofl hii.s ('tilntrti ,
such as was $0o itmiply illustr;-iled in
Clhi'la ihnriing lier rcceilt war with i
Tampa, it is hlope 1 may riai.e.,
may shake ,fflhe gown of religious
ollhoiiuy, r,".-cit t In w:oig in flicte
on her by ill ,.t ieiivcr'-s, who think
tyranny wil co.vincvr people. Tyra -

ny nov rT convinced asin ;le man. u
oellen c.nipels ,htim to withhold tle
exhibition o f his belief, anil in the
nantiiiie hnlulbles hiin with a hat'reil
toward thi .,'- of mankind wh.o exer-
ci(ed the tyr'ninl'..
Tampa's hlit uiri isa to'i gre:it t..
nul,miit for-aiy l-nigth of time, to i such
an oIrlder as tlie oine lately anniou'iei'd.
'Tlie B',ov hpe .!ieshe may let live t4,
sele hert %ell foiiided hopes realized.

The. New Stcaniier.
TheI (.'arrahbelle Times report
wihat Capt. Sliar'itt said to a Mobile
nitws reporter, ais f'tli.ws:
"While the Alabama and Flor-
ida Stea:iislip Co. is a compara-
tvely young steamship line, it has
met with great success. Freight
between Mobile and the Florida ports
have increased enormously in the
past month and the prospects for the
future are bright."
"lThe Gulf City was chartered
for threo months which ends Sep-
tember 1. And as I said, business
increased to 'suth anr extent that the
company decided to put on a larger
boat. This boat will take the place
of the Gulf City at the expiration of
her charter. The steamship Planter
is the name of the boat and is now
running between New York and
Charleston, S. C. She is a side-
,wheeler. 200 feet long, 40 feet beam

Florida Central and

:R A. I L : EL O A.

New Florida and Northern Air L

Time Tah!e iu Elfect, April 21,

For Northern Points.--Leave, .]"uksonvillc 8:15 a.m., (Sunday on y :10
(daily except Sunda.Nj; ;i301 in.in.. 5 4u pm. 7 U0 un. Arrive .Jack.onvillc 10:3
m., 920 p.m., 8:45 a.mui.,2 43 p.m., (daily except Sunday); l3:;i p.m., (Sundays onl.
Leave Yuleo 9:55 a.m., (Sundays onl I; 4:55 p.m., (daily except Sunday); 10:
a.m., 6:36 p.m., 7:42 a.m. Arrive Yulee 9:40 a.tm., 8 30 p.m., 7:50a. m. 1 40
(daily except, Sunday); 5 30 p m (Sunday only.)
Arrive Fcrnaudina 10:10 a.in.. (Sundays- olly); 5:25 p.m., (daily except S
day); 1 15 am, 7 p rn (daily except Sunday). Leave 9-05 a.m., 7 15 a.m.,)
Daily except Sunday): 4:50 (Sundavys only.I
' Arrive Everutt 8:15 p.m.. 9:40 u.'m., 7 -42 n.m..6 40 p.m.
Arrive Savannah 10:M0i p.m.,l 1:22 a.n.., Leavc5:55 a.m. 4:44 p. 10 14 p m.,
)11 3 a m. Arrive 5 46 a in.. 34 4 p in 10 5, a in.
Arrive Fairfax, S. C., 6.15 p.m.,12 17 a.m., 1 24 p.m. Leave 3:50 am., aw
p.m., 8:2. a..m.
Arrive Augusta& Ga. 9:30 p.m. i:30 :a.m.Leave K:40 p.m., 7:15 a.m.
Arrive Denmark, S. C., 7:30 p.m., 1:0-1 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Lave 3:5 a.m., 1 46 4
p.m., 7.10a.m.
Arrive Columbia, S. C., 2 40 a.m. 3:4, p.mn. Leave 1:30 a.m., 12 10 a.m.
Arrive Charlotte, N. C.,7 a.m., 8:21 11 p.m. Leave 11:1.lI p.m. 8 40 a.m.
Arrive Salisbury, N. C., 847 a.m.. 1:37 lp.m. Leave 7:30 a.m.
Arrive Creensboro, N. C., 10:15 a.m.. 11 .-1 p.m. Leave 7 47 p m. 6:04 a.m.
Arrive Danville, Va.. 11:04 a.m., 12 p. n., L~tave 6 10 p.m., 4.45 a.m.
Arrive Riclhuond, Va., 2 05 a.m. Leavec 12:35 a.m.
Arrive Lynchburg, Va., 1 45 p.m.. 1, 3 u.m. Leave 2:48 a m.
Arrive Charlottesville. 4 04 p. mn.. 335 a.m. Leave 2 27 p m, 1:03a.m.
Arrive Wamhingtou, 8:3U pi.m., 6 12a.r:-. I.ai .: 11 15 a.m., 10:05 p.m.
Arrive Baltimore, 11:5 p. m.. ).t5 a.m. Leave U:42 a.m., 8:37 p.m.
Arrive Philadelphia, 2:56 a. ni.. li 25 p.mi. Leave 7:20 a.m., 5:55 p.m.
Arrive New York, '.:20 a.m., 2:",3 p.m. Le.tv, e12:15a.m., 3:20 p.m. .
Trains 3-n :diMiackso iv Ile and Chat
Pullman 'tvepers to Ta pa, .Ta Monvlef i new- ar
Elegant Through Day Coaciles Jacksonville to Washing
No. 37and 38.
Through Sleepers Between Jacksonville and New York.
CINCINNATI-JACKSONVILLE. Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Louiu.'
ville, Nashville, Indianapolis. I _
Leave Jacksonville 7 a.m., 5 40p.m. Arrive 10 30 a.m., 9 20 p.m.
Arrive Everett 815 p m. Leave 7:42 6 40 1
SMacon 450 1:27a.m. 2:30" 1130am.
Atlanta 830 4 92 11 45 pm 8 "
Chattanooga912 a.m 6 40 8:45 "
Cincinnati 7:20 p.m 8 30 a.m 8 p.m.
Day coach No. 38 through to Atlanta. Nos. 35 and 36 solid vestibule to and
from Cincinnati-Jacksonville. Sleepers to and from Jacksonville. o
HOLLY SPRINGS ROUTE. To St. Louis, Chicago, Sioux City.
540 p.m Lv Jacksonville, Ar. 1030 a.m. 6am, 11:45 p.m. Leave Atlanta.
1-1:00 n'n,2:55 p.m,.Lv Birmingham. 7:50 p.m, 7:20 a.m. Holly Springs.
7:30 a.m, 7:30 " St. Louis. 1:55 1:35 p.m. Chicago.
7:30 p.m 7:30 ..m. Dubuque. 7:00 a.m. 8:00 Sioux City.
Through Pullman sleepers St. Louis and Jacksonville. Sleepers through Chi-,.
cago or Sioux City and Jacksonville with but one change.
KANSAS CITY LINE. Through sleeper Jacksonville to Holly Spr'n -
Springs to Kansas City (one change only.)
Missouri, Arkansab, Indian Territory.
4 40 p.m Lv Jaeksonville ALr 10 302 u.m 10:00) p.m Ar Memphis Lv 5:0
8 15 Ar Everett Lv 742 9:15 a.in Spring fi-ld,Mo" 6-10
12:00 n'n Birmingham 2:55 p.m 5:00 p.m Kansas City "10:30
905 am Lv Furnandinlt Ar 5 25 p
10I)09' am Callahan 3is
935 pm 950am Ja-krivillc 630 am i
1040 pm 10 42 am Ar Baldwv.in Lv 5311 am
1203 pm 11 59' am Starl: 4 05 am
1238 pm 1230 pin Waldo 329 am
7 00 am 1 6 m Gainesville 1202 pm I
600 pm Cedar Kuy 7
194 pm 126 pm Hawthorne 2 45am 1.2
202am 15i pIm Cit.ra am 12 4pmn
2 34apni Silver Springs m 11 34 an
gK, Every tourist should visit silver Springs. ..'
300 am 248 pm Ocala 105 am 11 19 ami
Hnunos3a.a 7 00 am"
425amn 347 pm \Vildwo.jL 1140 pm 10 18 "
6 25 amt 4 20 pm i Lecsbur;" '" 10-15 pm 9 :i38
7 20am 4 47 pm Tiav.;e- 9 15 pm l 910
10-50 am ti 15 pm i Orilando 4 50 pm 7 45
5 30 lt Winter P';rk 8 30
548 am 4 49m pi L.acoochee ,," 48 pm
tin 01 i) Tarpon Sr'ing-t '7 60t
t9 1 m '" Sthi-'lanid "
t! 30 pm Dn,.din
fl0 30 prn *r P r--.l.J -
6 i05 am 5 0t pnm Dade City" P
7 28am 6 11 il. 1 Pl.nt n ';y 812pm 7
900 am 7 10 pin .,'ipi " 7 00 pm K .

Connection.-i f li, \ i.... ,; 1....n ;'.:': ', ,.in 5:1.i p. m '
6 20 p in 0 ni _1) i .Jck. I..\iilk Ar 8 00" im 3 N}Y
'3) pin 11 5am Ar i','.l ct" v Lv 555 am 12 48
9 30 pin 12 40t pm Li,.- -ak 5 09 aiu 11 45 pin
1037 pm i 1 34 1im Madiin "1 4 10 am 1] 32 -m
1205 am 2 52 pm Mo.ui:t "i ."" 2.10 am I)I am .'
12 41 am 3 37 pm 1Tai,;.h:- 2 1-5 am 8 1 i at
432 pIm u1i1n. I- lYam
5 15 pm I .irn 5.ioi 5 am
1100 I i,,.a .'a 25 pmin
3 05 amn Mn.t,..-7 .35 pnur
7 35 am Nerw Orl,.aii 00 am
Through Pailman a--'p -:rs .T i-k:oni'l. '.o Nc-vw (rlcar arn
t faily except Su-:da.v. (.'onecrionr at Tampa for St. Peter.burg., r,
River and Key Werst and Havt'a st.,ta,.'ss. At. Waldo. steamer for Me
Connects at Tallahliasce- for St. ,Marks, C.oi rabcllu and Apalachicola. ('o
at River Junction for Chathilioo e River -t:inmers. Connects at Ocala for
mosassa. All bagga..A will be c h i o1 icm Union Depot. Ticket
u ill still be sold at the city tlikeot offio, 2.12 IIouiin st., as well at at. the Uni
Depot ticket office. C. S. BEERBOWER. -
Ticket, Aeont 202 West Bay street, corner Hogan, Jacksonville, Pla..
N. S. PENNINGTON, TrAffic Nigi. A. O. MAC DONELL,Gen. Pass.

East End Drug r. T


gtcoc lx. 7ag a q 51gam-mv

Fresh and of Guaranteed Purity.

Offers His Professional Services to the Citizens of St. Andrews a
Surrounding Country. '
May be ",aund at his residence on Buenna Vista avenue at night. .

speed of fourteen knots an hour"
Captain Sharitt Maaed that t-i c
new boat had carric-l 1000 bales of
cotton to sea and ii ,:.n loaded drl'a ws
oven feet of water. The company
has been promised 500 bales of canton
a trip from Chattahoochee river
landings to Mobile and they expect
Mnid dosbeiv big business from thie
Florila ports during the cotton

ALL DISEASES of the blood are
cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which
by its vitalizing, enriching, and alterative
effects makes only PURE BLOOD.

Correspondence of rite Buo,.
We are having plenty of rnin.
Pears are selling at 30c per bushel.
Fodder-pulling is about over,
Scuppernongs are getting ripe and
we will have to make wine of them as
cans to put them up are not to be had
on the bay; there will also be a good
many pears wasted by reason of the
scarcity of cans to supply the demand.
H. M. Spicer passed through here on
his way to Blountbtfown to attend com-
missioners court
W. F. Woodford madlo a flying trip to
the county beat. on buBinesn.
The county (ommLstiont'rs at 1heir

Ind a 5)00 ton register, and has a last-. eating gianted us a county road

from Ringjaw Bluff on the Wetappo-"
distance of eleven mi a toI
tcrsect tIh- old goveR
also made Farmdale a voting pree
The school board has promised to a-
sist in building a school house here,'
which is badly needed.
Next week I think I can give youV
some interesting news about our teoe-'-7
phone line. I am satisfied that by the j
middle of next month we will be able
to commence putting up the wire.
The Marie of Parker made two trips
to the saw mill last week for lumber.
Mr. Parker's launch, the Tran
went up to Ringjaw on Wetappo Croe
Thursday, making Farmdale a shor
call on her way up.
A party of young folks_ wen oit t
Wewahitchka Thursday, conmistin
Ed. and Paul and Miss Phoebe Qud
ran. Frank and Miss Hattie Witht
Jos. and Miss Florence Dyer to at,
a party; the amusement sup
Fred. Guderian iso
during Frank Wit
Miss Maggim W
a visit Friday, ret.
boat Saturday.
The Tramp ru't
Farm dale anoti

do Iw

.. _._- L ---- -


many other ailments when they
have taken hold of the system,
gets better of its own accord, but
ntIV grwcaV worse There are
nds who know they have a defective
but will not admit the fact. They
want their friends to worry, and
know what to take for It, a
ave been told time and again that
_.ase was incurable. Such was the
SMr. Silas Farley of Dyesville, Ohio
ltes June 19, 184, as follows:
heart disease for 8 years,
art hurting me almost continually.
rst15 years I doctored all thetime.
several physicians and remedies.
y last doctor told me it was only a
question of time as
I could not be cured.
I gradually grew
worse, very weak,
and completely dis-
couraged, until I
lived, propped half
up in bed, because I
t cotld4't le down
nor sit up. Think-
ing my time had
come I told my fam-
ily what I wanted
done when I was
SBut on the first day of March on
mmendation of Mrs. Fannie Jones,
nderson, Ind., I commenced taking
Mile"' New Cure for the Heart
wonderful to tell, in ten days I was
ing at light work and on March 19 com-
ed framing a barn, which is heavy
and I hav'nt lost a day since. I am 56
old, 6 ft. 4% inches and weigh 2501bs.
liew I aI m f Uh cured, and
now only anxious that everyone shall
of your wonderful remedies."
sville. Ohio. SILAS FARLT.
Miles Heart Cure is sold on a n pitive
antee that the first bottle will Ibnefit.
Iruggistsseti itatL 6 bottles for W or
11 !iesent, pepaid, on receipt of pries
ieDr. Miles Meucal CoElkhat In&

A. Miles' Heart Cure
Restores Health
t s.,am, Bacnk can be cured witA

'a -.- --~ 1:4-es, ~

Personal .. n. Persons desiring to stop over
R. J. Vanhorn of Chiiley-. whlo ca.n eturn home next day on excui-
has been for a week or a .-i.. tickets: Eatwa v l nt 7:30 a. in.


Thursday, Aug. 15, 1895.

T. A N 1) R WS
-- ,ugar, H 1l Tea, .U,
Granulated ... 6 He No...... 75
Coffee,A ..... 6 Gunpowder.. 80
Lt brown..... 5 Uncol'd Jap.. 5U
loflee, Cond milk, y can
Green.. 22.6@'5s Uniweetn'a. l@1 n5
Browned ..25 a30 Sweetened ..1015
linger snaps.. 10 Bakiug powder
crackers, soda St" Royal...... .. 50
tobaccoo plug 30a6Il Campbell. .. .i5aa25
.Iaisins Cauned fruit
London layers. .15 Peaches.... 2... a0
Valencia ... J. 2. Tomatoes. .. l]5
lieu .......... 7 Apples ........ 10
apples Pears ......... 15
Evaporated.. 12. Plums ......... 25
Dried Peaches 8 Apricot ........ 25
Joel Oil prgal.... 15 Strawberries... 241
gasolinee ... 0 Pineapple.... 20
lorida Syrup. 5U Canecd Meats
loncy......... 1.00 Roast Beef.. 15a25
Jinegar........ 30 Corned Beef 15a25
beese pr lb .... 16 Chipped Beef.. 925
'I Loib ter....... 20
... U Salmon.... 15
S Beans.......... 6 Canned Vegetables
Cocoanut pkg .. 10 Baked Beans... 15
FiuitPuddine. 10 Corn.......... 15
Jelly, glass .. 15a2 Peas, .......... 15
Lime Juice ...... 54 Pumpkin...... 15
Eggsper doz.... 15
Flour Pork
S 0 N 1.... 2,00 Mess pr b..... 8
Favorite .... 4.50 Bacon Sides..... 9
lorn Mealpr bit 85 Fresh....... 8aIO
,at Meal pr lb... 5L.',' Br'kf'stBacon.. 12
.ornper iu ........ 7 Ham canvassed 14
Potatoes Shoulders..... 10
Irish ........1.60 Beef
Early R'se seed 1.60 Corned......... 8
Sweet........ 75 Fresh.. ...... 8al0
salt, pr sack... 1.04) Dried ......... 25
Tahle ........ 5 Milk pr qt ...... 10
Nails. per lb 4a- Ax,withhandle. 1.00
Ka, illa ropIle 21.,. 3 H! e?, .aicli . 35:;50
itovei cok,..$ ~ Cupper paint, can 50
Pipe, joint.18a20 Linsced oil, gal.. 0
Prints, per yd. 5a8 Ginghams ..... 8al0
Sheetiugs .... 5a) Flannel .......25a50
Muslin....... 9all Thread per spool. 5
Jeans. ...... 25a00 Shoes, Indies. $1a2 75
Extrapants pat 225 AMel-'s. $1 40(l300
lay pr cwt .. 1.31 Oats pr lu ....... 60
Bran.......... 1.25 Brick pr .. . .8.00
Rope Sisal ...111@12 Lime pr il ..... 75
__ FRUIT and NUTS.
Oranges pr doz Pecans pr lh..... 15
Apples......... W alnuts. ........ 20
Lemons ........ :3 Almonds ...... 20
Inlihett pr1,000 1.5(0 Opened pr qt .. J5C
R4orses... $.80,yial Cows....... $1 5a$25
Mules...-. $100a$155 Hogs... $3 to$4
Oxen.. pr yoke $40 Slh.-.vp... .. $. .
ickeis eniach I 5.1-2 Gces each. 45a.tlo
j rkeys .... 75al.00 Ducks....... 15a20
hii6r GAME.
pr ih 7tlII 'urkoys......75l.10.

1i1let pr d67 %-)c
,out .......
Pgfnrpairo protl, ..

Buff p l saidi ngi .
1-aloatnlanel" J
.. o ap 15'

'front ... 1M. *1 5
Macktr'a'nl.... tS-00~

Ch ,' i Ii

t h inn-V mor.fI2 tn
Wat in-Iinag a'c

dressed .2000l

Geo. S. Hacker & Son,



Sash, Doors, Blinds,

Building Material.
Window and Fancy Glass a

For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke Va.
Opens Sept. 12. 1895. One of the leading
Schools for Young Ladies in tha South.
magnificent building., all modern improve-
ments. Campus ten acres. Grand moun-
tain scenery in Valley of Va., famed for
health. European and American -each-
ers. Full course. Superior advantages
in Art and Music. Students from twenty
States. For catalogues address the Pres-
ident, W. A. HARRIS, Roanoke, Va.

Our Clubbing List.
The BUOY has mvid'- v:rv liecr.al tlub-
l)in, ;Irri.,llatnle1-,e, % itlih a1 ri'w ofttic \-ryv
lie-.t w ll, l c'r i ,i :.' in the eurnt'r u:I,]i tor
thi pr,. .dllfl ra n' ., I *IA .t 11 1,111.r -. >r
Th.e 1; 'flY .nd
I In. Fl,'I 1 'i l , .. !1,, f,,o I t
."in1 ( i.ll I ll r i2''i i1i 5 55
I'l i e.i .i \ :r l llt l irt e + . .
do cil', ., 5.. i .. '25
iF.iin Journal, I'l;;. 'i'.. i a..' l,' .1 10
(;i, ihia1 ; E; iint(.'t (wi e a w ek
l.r'. h i. Iissue.. 1 (5
Atlan ta Col.n-tit t .,n *" I .
N .. 1Y Vo II \i, n w ek.. . '
VF ,r on i r t1' .-i r f lie rt II 1, i;, I
tioni.' in coii:nw;I td;in ii h .I ', ,il-.
dress all onider, t, TIL i '.
St A. t -.- I a .

,--at fifty-cents for round trip,
turning to the city by 6 o'clock.
4:30 p. m., the crew of the Life-
ing station, under command of
pt. R. Broadbent, will give an ex-.
ition drill, showing thie imaneer of
:uing mariners from wreck d ves-
8: Steamers Stella, Echo, Keyser,
illie C. Helen, Menefee, Simpson,
Drida, Monarch.
rhe launch Pauline and numerous
I boats may also be procured on
rter for small parties.
Excursion trains will also run on
Terminal R. R. to the Navy
rd and Fort Barrancas, leaving
ry hour after 1 o'clock p. m., at
enty-five cents for the round trip,
AT 6:00 p. ,M.
licyle road race from the custom,
se to Sunset lake on the Brent -
Ad road, and return, for hands me.

AT 6:15 P. M.
)ress parade of Third Batt0alion,
rida State Troops, leailudt by
yer's band, under coilmmannl of
or W. F. Williams; to be fol-
ed by a concept c by the hand on

' 1 WANT every man and woman t the n'teil ---
States ntere:-ted i :o'. OFnOpu i r
Iabits no have ore o*-. ,,o. un. '---r ,'. Trains leave: Eastward at
tao t .tO 'a ot i.O .;!r ,v "n'., .','. p m ; n w ar a
box ,s^., a.i-- id .. '.: all,.d.r,.tt 8:30 p m.,; northward at

11: 23.

nestoa l on \al-. I- In liy ::
.'Ined to Chilplex\ tr n.I :I '.
knilrew Bran'1 a l., 1d .' 1 :,
iestead near 1'iinev Podiit, oni
t Bay, has become convince.i thrit
is not built for farming, and with
wife took pais:a .. on the Jessie
en loute for his old home. Cleve-
1, Ohio.
)eWitt Williams, the printer
ae back Tiesil-,iy. via Apalachi-
Safter an absence of several
,V. Gonzales of Pengacola was a
singer on the Gulf City, joining
. G at the home of her parents,
and Mrs. F. H. Sheppard,
'l hipley Banner; "Mrs. Pond
I daughter, C.-L Wilson and
', Mr. Ford and wife Mrs. L.
selogel, and youngest daughter
sie, Miss Poston and J. S.
haw left Wednesday for a week's'
ing at St. Andrews Bay. We
1h thrmn a pleasant trip." The
ty is locate ian one of the Wail-
bth houses on Cincinnati Hill
I are making the best use of their
e in taking advantage ot the
ortunity for enjoyment at the
larranna Times Courier: Mr.
D. Smith, returned Tuesday night
t a summer's outing at St. An-
we Bay enjoying its balmy
ezes. He stopped at Bear Creek
I in a half day caught 75 fine brim
. tront. That's listing. A party
listing of Messrs. B. Wynns,
i Ed Barnes, Mrs. Perry, HollanlI
I the Misses Barnes and Wynns
I little "Chrits" leave next week
St. Androws, old Town. Maj.
H. Mbilton accompanied by his
fighter Mrs. E. J. Blackshear,
i her children left Friday a. it. for
Andrews where they will spend
summer. Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Isoni, andl little "Sheep" left last
iday for St. Andrews whore they
1 spend some time, on the coast.
W. Hentz, wife and child left
ndav for St. Andrews Bay. Mr'.
will return Friday. While Mrs.
and the baby may remain several
s longer.

hUnk of This. Hood's Sarsaparilla is
ouly Iruc blood purifier prominently
h 'ariblic eye today. It cures dis-
c whei all others fail, because it makes
_ blood.
good's Pills cure iiundice, billiousniess.
liead:iche,coin lt ip; ion sid all liver ills
tertaianenient 'rotratnmie
or Pensacola's Vistors,
August 20.
l'he c1,nLiuittee on entertainment
ihe Y',ltiug Men's Bin-.ii 'h League
1'etisiciIula, in conjuhlction with
Imainagemenit o tlhe L & N. R. IR.
liave adopted,, and the league
appiroed, the following pro-
miine of entertainnlcits of Pelln-
ula's 7isito'rs on the occasion of
grand excursion to witness the
at Florida exhibit August 29th:
SATr 9:15 and 11:10 a. A.
Vyer's Third battalion band will
et the visitors with a c',mncort on
val of train at Pensacola. Visi-
will spend thie remainder ot the
,ning inspecting the exhibit and
uenriug luncheon, which will be
red in a both adjoining the ex-
it by the ladies of the 'First Bap-
chuarch, at reasonable prices.
AT 3:00 p. x. .
'he following named steamers, or
h of them as may be required,
l leave Palafox street what for
ursions Oh the bay-to the U. S.
e-saving station, the Navy Yard,

\\'cot anl 31M ul.; l" l 'ii. .apci-
lileasp ,',),v.



Positively the only remedy for the treat-
ment of
Nervous Exhaustion,
Simple and aggravated forms of
Dyspepsia and Palpitation of the
Does your food sour after eating? Are
you easily confused and excited? Do you
get up in the morning tired and unre-
freshed, and with a bad taste in the mouth?-
Is there a dull, cloudy sensation, at-
tended by disagreeable feelings in the
head and eyes?
Are you irritable and restless?
Does your heart thump and eause you
to gasp for breath after climbing a flight
of stairs?
Doesit distress you to lie on the left
Have you impaired memory, dimness ol
vision, depression. of mind and gloomy
These sy ptoms mean that you are suf-
fering fro Wnyspepaia and Niervous Ex-
There is no other remedy extant that
has done so much fcr this class of trou-
bles as

Scott's Carbo-

Digestive Compound,
If your case has resisted the usual'
methods of treatment we are particularly.
anxious to have you give this Compound
a trial.
We guarantee relief in every case and
will cheerfully refund your money should
our remedy fail to produce the most grat-
ifying results.
Please remember that the appellation
Patent Medicimo does nofapoly to
Scott's Carbo-Digestive Compound
It is a preser ption put up by a leading
physician who has made stomach and
nervous troubles a specialty for years.
We court investigation and earnestly
urge all physicians to write us for the
formula of Scott's Carbo-Digestivo Com-r
pound, which we will mail on application,
that they may satisfy themselves of its
harmless character and excellent virtues.
Scott's Carbo-Digestive Compound
Is the most remarkable remedy that sci-
ence has produced. It has succeeded
where all other remedies have failed.
Sold by druggists everywhere.
$1.40 per bottle.
Sent to auy address in America on re-
ceipt of price.
Don't forget that we cheerfully refund
your money if results are not satisfac-
Order direct if your druggist does not,
have it.
Address all orders to

Concord ChmicalII'fI o.,

Hints from Mrs. Harrison.
Correspondence of the Buor.
We thirst for news from "Lovely
St. Andrews' by. the Sea." One
week the Buoy failed, to appear and
tire calmuitios followed in conse-
quence; the horse got loose in the
barn, ate a peck o0 so of oats a.d bit
,,ff the top of the Kaffir corn in the
garden, the hens danced a cotillon in
the pansy bed, and a bee stung your
humble servant on the end of the
We love to hear- from East Bay,
West Bay, North Bay, Hurricane
Island and Land's End, yet the
sweetest morsel that we roll under
our tongue, is news from Old Town,
Ware Town, Cincinnati Town and
West End.
We like to know. who had the
finest strawberries, the largest pears,
peaches and plums and biggest
watermelon. People cannot live en-
tirely upon climate, and if the Bay
country can produce fine fruit and
vegetables, let it be published far



the finest salt water bathing in the
w 0l l. Historic Capeo'.May has noth-
ing l Ike it. "Blow the hnor i in (il,
hie- h.lia.,'a'nd the trumpet t I ii .'i ,'
an .l let tihe worli n, l i *li' uly i I, i
tn, -ist- klIo W ,,I Vo llr I ,\l'H H .'. I
The"noew wllritl" ''inai ', *i least
flounders in thai w ,,tet, shr. rows a
boat, and is fund of sailing; give her
a chance to develop pliy.siune, and
the next geenirationi wil be .stronger
and healthier on:e.
I see by the Buor "that theo corn
crop is made, and lullinig tihe blales
for fodder will be in order." Don't
.do it; follow the the example ot
the late Mr. Day of ;East Peninsula;
take a reaper .icklce*r a corn knife,
and cut the cotn ioff' nar tihe gi ouiil.
thon put it up in lir shocks in the
field and it willcurfe ifely, and stock
will eat the wholeut Rod K:itli
corn (a non-sacharii sorglnum) is
proving a great bocn Kansas; han.
any one raised any al he Bay?
We have had go rain recently,
and everything is lo Iy.

Don't Toaebco or Anoke
Your Life Away.
The truthful, startling title of a look
about. No-lo-bac, their 'only Iarmless,
guaranteed tobauco-ba7lit cure. It' you
want to quit and cani't.use "MNO-lo-ane."
Braces up nicotinzed .nerves, elniin:inec
nicotine poisons, makes weak ruen gaiin
strength, vigbt anad vigor. aositii,
cure or nuoneyv refuadidd. Suld at Piouieer
Drug Store.
Book at druggist, or nailed free Ad-
dress'The Sterling ltened.y Co., (h-.'lpo
office 45 Randolph St.; New York 10,
Spruce St.

Uulon C. E. Notes.
Correspondence of the Er'or.
"Christ the Great Physician" was
discussed with marked vigor at last
Sunday's C. E. meeting. Rev. Richard
Post was the leader and gave some
telling figures showing the dire need of
the great physician in heathen lands.
Mr. Post is one of eleven students at
Marysville college, Tennessee, who
have pledged and consecrated their
lives to the foreign missionary cause af-
ter having complI.-ted their course of
Rev. Croman gave an interesting
talk, emphatically reiterating there-
ligio-philosophical principles that were
advanced by Prof. Lipes: That Christ
works healing miracles today by the
action of divine faith--or mental tele-
pathy-over the physical organism and
its functions. "As atnan thinketh so
is he." *

Work Nearin igConpletion.
The wvoik at ;he grounds ol' the
Cotton States anA Intet n: tional
Exposition is being' rapidly pushdli
'.n Ctmi.rtiani. N .rly.-all ouf the
company'sI binllig1 an i e cl .ini leted,
and those still iuntui.die'l will be
ready for tlhe iastilli lion of exhibits
in a short time. It )s rnow less than
two months before the gates will be
thrown open, amndl wok is being
rapidly p':sh *d. Tihe force of la-
borers has been increraseil, and there
is no longer any donbt that, by the
18th of Septeinber, the Exposition
will be ready for the rush of visitors
on the opening day. Exhibits are
beginning to come in, and the work
of installation will be pushed from
nw on to the opening day. Ar-
rangements have been made with the
telegraph companies, by which a wire
will be run to Gray Gables, anal
'President Clovelaud will touch the
button at his summer home on
Buzzard's Bay, which will start the
great fair in motion.


Silver C'raze Wanifs.
That the people are returning to their
senses, and that, therefore, the silver
erw r- is waring is evident from the hu-
w.a.jrus we"- un which the Indiana edi-
t,':r 'lisp... -d uf th- suhject a few days
ng., at t.lh.r-tc state as .-.ciarion. They
I i, pitol thi foli..%IvingI r. .-.olutions:
Whorre;-. Thr.re nappirs to be a larme and
varied a.-s-.rtiruIt of opinions on the money
question among the member of the assooia-
tion, ad each one see~ns to think that all that
s nee d to bring his others into agreement
with him is further study of the question on
the lart of the latter, and as each and all
doubtle(ts coacur in this, therefore,
Biaolvd, That n.th.iu w should be done on
any day .thr riuoa not havbeto bdoe on that
day and that otn better be done tomorrow.
That if one doea not really have to crow a
swollen stream at oc If th brie b stepa dtnn
is shaky and In need o repair aoid is Ing ru
paitd., and if besides thestroi li tAnlltnganq
ivs proiateiO Of |being in such ujdititii m that
it may be forded or crossed dry Tmhlt befori-
one noeds to be on the other aide, It Is the
part of wisdom t9 oamp unmir the (tive
branches In the shady grove on the side of the
All new flowerpots require to bW
soaked in water and allowed to dry
thoroughly before being used. The soil
does not hang well to the sides of gar-
den pots unless so treated. Dirty pots
are open to the same objection. Let any
one try to put a 'plant with fresh soil
into a pot which has been used before
and left unwashed, and boe will find in a
few days, when the soil begins to dry,
that it leaves a space and does n6t ad.
hero as it should to the sides of it. No
plant can possibly flourish under such
oiroamstancec. The roots of a plant
draw to the sides of a pot naturally in
search of moisture, and growth. eof
course, is checked if a current of afr is
allowed to pass between them and the
sides. Some plants exhibit this teriden-
cy in such a remarkable degree that few
roots are to be seen, except a network
on the outside of the soil next the pot.

STO li



Carries a Fill Line of nll'rs, sdigirne

Diamond Dyes, Trusses, Syringes;

DR. J,J, KES sTE i, tigst.

Yo01 Ca't IAford to iss This CDancidu

Having Purchased the Stock of Goods in the Siezn at

1 am Making ConstantAddintiones Thereto and Pro...~ e to



At the Lowest Living Margin of :Prtffitb

Aid Treat Every Cistoer Mile a9 Cfi rteiioolf.
Call and See fMy Coods and Cet My Pibest







l. WD1UUII i

w TCT" GE l CIC"*

E3%T 12






Alwys i thp L e!I


Pittsburr - FLA.

lknow6-ing the wants of the commu ninty,bnys itelligently and

~~i1m Ok .,-S=i

If you live near ihe Bay Come in a Boat, it back in iie Conniry' Comi ..e
Horseback; if you have n'o Horse, t'orrow your Neighbor'. O and t"'art.
And le m ne' prove to you that
-y- ( A SAV E m 0 y
By either BuIfinrg of Sel'liifg

FinewWater-Front and Other Lands for Sale I
title only one remove from the United StateA Government anft of Miiair.

Grone's Larnry.

Shirts Made to Order.

Violins, Etc., Repaired,


St. u

" !. r ; .'


J. T. Bondurant, Proprietr.,
The only Hotel, especially t ,li ,io -i'
as such in town.
C I, .g ; '.'* i ; I ii, v ..,: ," ( ..t
'a- C < ^ 5 & 8 FO i* 0
I -




c --~-~-- -- ------- ---------~----------~------ --


-" '


) Our line of School Furniture and 4
4 Supplies is the most nearly comn-
plets ever offered by a single firm.
We Vscan furnish and equip a school
} throughout better and more cheap-
ly than anyone else. ,
Write for particulars.
We want an experienced agent In every
County. Good opening for a good man
Write for terms and mention this medium.
S65 Fifth Avenue


Of the Cit of St. An sm .
Gotten up with great care by the
publisher, who has spared no pains
to lprelareTor t. the i11.i-i, a t Iit) of
St. Andrews as it really is. It shows
FExtending eastward from Dyer's
Point, taking in the Old Town site of
St. Andrews, and gives location of
public business places,' private resi-
dences, docks, etc., also every lot in
each block and the adjoining addi-
tion to the Cincinnati Company's
land, with a full description of the
The Map will show owners of lots
in the city just where they are lo-
cated, and is of value to those think-
ing of buying property.
Size of Map 30x50 Inches.
The BUOY will send this map to any
address on the receipt of
Or giver, as .a premium for 5 yearly
cash suhacriptions.

To H. S. Welch's Store
He invites you all and more
Don't stay away, another day;
Is what I now desire to say:
For here you are invited
Where all mistakes are righted,
Please come and see.
How happy you. will be.
Leave your order,
If it is for a wheel-barrow,
We will fill all,
Both great and small.
This business starts not to deceive you
With no thought, but to please you.
"Pay today, trust tomorrow,"
Is the motto we shall follow.
We can get for you an aligator, .
Or from his hide a lady's gaiter.
Or handsomre sea shells from the beach,
Sold at a price within your reach.
Coritmerce Street East of Buoy Office.

$x 5o.oo every.month given away to any one who ap-
plies through us for the most meritorious patent during
the month preceding.
We secure the best patents for our clients,
and the objet of this offer is to encourage inventors to
keep track of their bright ideas. At the same time we
wish atb press upon the public the fact that
such as e "a- window which can be easily slid up
and down without breaking the passenger's back,
"sauce-pan," "coffar-bution," nut-lock," "bottle.
stopper,' and a thousand Other little things that most
any one can find a way of improving; and these simple
inventions are the ones that bringlargest returnsto the
author. Try to think of something to invent.
Patents taken out through us eceivespectal notice in
the" National Recorder," published at Washington,
D. C.,which is the best newspaper published in America
in the interests of inventors. We furnish a yearsaSu,-
scription to this journal, free of cost, to all our clients,
We also advertise, free of cost, the invention each month
which wins our $15o prize, and hundreds of thousands
of copies of the "National Recorder," containing a
sketch of thewinner, and a description of his invention,
will be scattered throughout the United States among
capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their
attention the merits of the invention.
All communications regarded strictly confidential.
Soilcitrs of American and Foreign Patents,
618 F Street, N.W.,
Box 385. Washington, D. C.
Wy Reference--tedgtaof this faer. Write forour
So-fage famfklt, FREE.

)iseases CURED without the use of
w:.\,./:.-^.. ^,.,^L-1'-' .

How to Cure Yourself While
Using It.
The tobacco habit grows on a man
until his nervous system is seriously af-
fected, impairing health, comfort and
happiness. To quit suddenly is too se-
vere a shock to the system, as tobacco,
to an inveterate user becomes a stimu-
lant that his systemizontinually craves.
Baco-Quro is a scientific cure for the to-
bacco habit, in-all itf forms, carefully
compounded after e formula of an
eminent Berlin Ph ian who had used
it in his priva e ctice since 1872,
without a fail ctvegetable and
guaranteed perfe% y harmless. You
can use all the toeco you want, while
taking Baco-Curo it will nofify you
when to stop. W1 ive a written guar-
anted to permam tly cure any case
with three boxes, refund the money
A it h 10 per cent. i erest. Baco-Curo
is not a substitute, :uit a scientific cure,
that cures without he aid of will power
and with no incon enience. It leaves
the system as pureaand free from nico-
tine as tht day yovtook your first chew
or smoke. Sold b; all druggists, with
our ironclad guarantee, at $1.00 per
box, three boxes (thirty days treat-
ment,) $2.50.or set direct, upon receipt
Enreka Chemical, & Manufacturing
Company, Manufacturing Chemnests,
LaCrosse. WViscoCin.

Ferry's Seeat your dealers
as fresh andertile as though
you ot them arect from Ferry's
if SeedFarms .

are known and planted every-
where, and are always the
best. Ferrt'a Seed Annual
for 1895 tell all about
Kere them, Free.
D. M. Ferry & Co.

and near.
We are sorry that some of the old
residents have turned their backs up-
on St. Andrews; the genial Mrs.
Russell, who always gave us a cheer-
ful welcome, while on our weary
lOluial. h auliuiLiig for church or side-
walk; always promising a cake, and
not only promising, but baking and
sending ih. How musical was the
laugh of the tall Texan to my ears,
when my spectacles were broken;
O! oh! ho! ho! The Judge, with his
cane, one of the old land-marks of St.
Andrews, has: gone to Carrabelle,
where he will raise his chin, saying
"I don't know anything about it."
We heave a sigh over the departure,
but are consoled on remember-
ing that the Lovely St. Andrews Bay
yet remains.
Peoria tourists speak well of St.
Andrews, usually closing with an
"if" If it was not so so difficult of
access; but yet they uniformly speak
well of the officers ot the schooners,
who brought them safely across the
Gulf. Sometime in tlihe future St.
A will ha,'e a railroad; perhaps an
electric one, and tourists, and busi-
ness enterprises will come; and the
town will take a new life; think of the
Gulf beach of the Wrest Peninsula,
fifteen miles of beautiful white beacon,
hard and firm: with little unIdertow,

11,Pm4 4wppM

& titir



Th e -WS BAY

Im rovm
aiu aMIC a 1 d1 IEtprovet


he Object of this A.isociation is to Improve tho Country aIljaccint to St
Andrews Bay and to
Develop its Resources as a Fruit-Growing (Country.
To accomplish this the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two-
and-a-half and FivuAcres to such parties only as will improve them by the
Ereutiion uf H.,use_. Fences and such Permanent linproueiuenta s s will enhance the
valuu of each t.ict so disposed of, and particularly to
Pla'int tihemn out in Trees, Plants and Vines,
To the en, that in the shortest practicable time evory suh-b tract shall be a
Source of Revenue to its Owner.



The first -upie.tin whi;,h w-ill natnially be asked will be: "Is this Asso-
ciatior1 r'eli1tl,]'". An.l tl, uansnwer to. it is: Any person employing the Association
to iu ak i it .rp vment mt .y i deposit an .,pproxiiimate p.iment of the estimated cost of
theI sai. with aiiy ri-vpeia ;lili:e ,isiniss nan or tirmi doing business on the Bay or in
uk at t ii ..~ ,, lhone II h- 1.it; p.id '..r only w-hen the Association shall satisfacto-
,ily show that tt-e imiprPlve n:iits haitVi.. Ice, inade .AccurIding to i iarueijent.
lie Aisoiecatiun will not oiily improve arn pltat, but watch aid caure for
I- ,11 jr-;p(-rty % intrlit ,l 0 il_ kverii [I-'. i ';tl n, a I iit forcee firur;, di. ihon, ;-t pill't.rer,
for diul.u-a -e l1 n i h13y ,.'su11 illa bt. e preverited.
Froi a earerl estimated ," thil probable expen.o and income of a fruit
plant. ti'.ln in lthe St. Aiidrev.'is P:ay cire,,ntr at flirl g ue re giteri:
Priceoof- aoio prf acrp. ,.ty $-.' to $50". cost of clearing, say $20; -ost of planting Ist
ye r, i. ,v .''+.1; t.-t uL t' lli.i ti..i- each year ther.-:nfter, $2
It i.s 01iit UxtiIa\.: gan: t)o estimate that a 1-acre vineyard will on the third
Sy'ear, if liruperly i:ultiv:ated., yvliul -2i n northh of frtait, and of peaches nearly ur quite
Ithe same, whil-e fiL., ,should io 1 ev-n I-tler than that. Then, thonugh perhaps a little
Slugger, some of theUn, in coring iito profitable bearing may Lbe named pears, apricots.
nectarines, plums, prunes, niull'.-rris,. olives. Japan pere-immons almonds. English
walnute, JapaI chiestnuts, pecan;, and ..any other 'LFrielies of fruits and nuts. which
are alni'm st eertain to tiourish lithere: liile orang.-s an.l iitrus fruits, though not con-
idi cd rtaiii mn li lad 'te it.-:turris noftencr than they mnism.
The Secertar:ily of the Assoidliation will give partienlar attention to an-
sweriug I ttoer- of iniquirv, ij the B voT will in it. aiisw,.-r, to correspondents an-

R E MI E M 13 E R, the A.ssociation Lands will be i5,ld on Easy
Terns . t.- l. I,1 ii ,'j n ..: ll must i. paid for ,-as s.it; f't,. i -v ro, tf is given
lhr.t thI; t '.; i. .,:.' ,,' rhi.,l. 0 RRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.
Adtr ... IE. EHuWVA-D, S.c.
Han ison, Fla.

F U R E.
If you need FURNITLUiE of any kind, call onl

A40, 42, & 44 S. Palafox st., Pensacola, Fla.






"' Fill Line0 of Cannea Goods

Ifast, Foos &Company's

Double Acing' Force Pump,

im du Hber Co


Postoff.ce, Farmdale, Fla.
Can "urnish Rough Lumber
Should you not find wvhat you waut on the yard, leave your
oreler, which -shall have
R. V. DI...DIi..II'K, .Managr.

The Old)Reliable

ruarrevd or Wa.1t2, Jha casioi of expoeuro
furnishic' i-ijl~'lLd nO'jeatiou .blauk

ot Unitel Statod HIstory 1-y Plrof. J.
lFRA % 1, LIS .1 .t o.y -'. N tl. ~
1cnvh~r. lpupill ;,-id f.miiill ile e-10 '3.I .-'v
pr'e'rs anil,] l-~. *~. v r F;-
1h-ok'. pir erIv t:. t HLI


% pa I.h .. . ss .,


t answer and an honet opinion, write to
M NN A CO., who have bad nearly fifty years'
expornce in tI.e patent business. Communica.
tions atricty wonildent'. A Handbook of In.
fornmatlon co)ncerniing PnteiilM and bow to ob-
tain them sent free. Also a catalogue o mehdianum
Pal and scientific books snt tree.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receiver
p ecial noticein tho Scientific American, and
tuas are bruuqht widely before the public with.
out cost to the inventor. This splendid paper,
issued weekl. elegantIyrilllntrasted, has by lar the
far-eat clrounlatln o( any socent:tic work In the
world. 13 a year. -!niple coi.--s. sent free.
Bulldlna E',ition monthly ..tisU a yar. Single
-.pics.e.3 cent. Evory number contains beau.
rti l plates. in colors. and photographs of new
h use. an. wit l enblin builders to show h
ulast designs and secure contraeot. Address


ALWAYS RELTa IILMand perfectly S APE. The saamn
L 1) ~ a jlramrci r II& ,c,ce, Z.r, ~years,
a ;nzlJmomet.
Z-' ..y rv a,,.-1 it n'39 as roprsa-,ntu.1. flea 4 cenits
Dr,. .ABD INS F' UTE, 120 N. 9th St.. St. OUIS. M@.


r cent nv whisky and fill her up with
25 per cent uv water, and so on down.
Ef silver goes up, I shell add whisky
eggsactly in proporshan. In short, my
whisky is jist a-goin to foller currency
and nothing shorter. You fellers w'ich
work for wagis may swet, but I won't."
"But you'll increase the size uv your
glasses?" sed L
"Not any. But you may drink twice
ez many times to git the same amount
uv drunk ez before by paying for eechl
And Bascom stalked hawtily back and
took his posishen behind his bar.
Thber wuz consternashun in the Cor-
ners sich ez I hev never seen. Ther wuz
a hurried consultashen at the Deekin's
house, and I sejested that we emanci-
pate ourselves from the domiuyun uv
this tyrant by starting a grocery uv our
own on the joint stock principle, w'ich
wuz agreed to, each man agreeing to con-
tribbit $10 to the capitle stock, w'ich
wood be enuff to buy a bar'l or two for
a beginning.
We wuz enthoosiastio till we come to
ballotin for the man to keep the place,
when it wuz found instid uv my bein
chosen yoonanimusly, ez I eggspected to
be, that every man hed votid for hisself.
Ez not a soul uv 'em would recede, the
skeem wuz blocked rite there and finally
hoed to be abandoned, and we went back
to Bascom's and submitted. That tyrant
hez us.
Uv course we can't stand likker di-
lootid in that manner. We are willing
wuff to diloot the currency with w'ich
we pay for likker, but we want our lik-
ker full strength. Wo ceodent help it,
but that nite we signed and sent to our
representative a remonstrance agin the
silver bill The Corners is now for a
honest currency- Wood. O wood tJhat we
hod some or it!
.F". ~.



Cheap Mnloney Wouldn't Buy Mlure Whis-
ky-Bow Itancoin Would Equalize Mat.
Wtrm.-The CoruerA Cmuld Stand Diluted
Currerny, but Not We-als Ljqnor.
1.I'p .l rt,.\ X P R),o~ s )
(Wh iih I iin the Nt.tat (if Knutitucky).
Jan 2"l', 1 71
I ain't so certain that I want the sil-
ver bill to paus oz I wuz. The fk't Is,
the thiing don't work ez I .'Tp"',ed it
wood, and I ain't clear on to it. There
is suttle principles in these finiasheli
questions w'ich requires a gr.iat di(dl un
thought., and there is wudiriyiu prin-
uiples w'ioh a man has got to understand
afore ho is compeh!(Lt to set himself up
oZ authority.
One thing I am certain uv-Bascom
ain't om flnauseer, nor never will be.
and I told him so.
"W'at is a finanseer?" asked ho.
"A finaseer," sOd I, assoomin the
look of Dan'1 Webster, "is a man w'ich
kin pay his debts with nothin-a man
w'ich kin git suthin with notbhin."
"The Corners, then, is full of fioan-
aoers," he remarkt bitterly, eastin a
casual glance at his slate w'itch wuz jist
full enuff to turn over and btgi n on l.be
t'other side.
But he hozn't any nv the science V
it. I wuz argooin with him the other
day in favor uv my noshun uv a leather
currency, though I told him silver wuz
much the same thing, and, for example,
I would assoom that. silver wuz to bo
the currency uv the fuchor.
"Now, don't you see, Basoom, that of
I hod twict ez inunh-.moniey, I oood
drink twiot ez muoh whisky and pay
for it?"
"How much is twice nothing wuz
the unfeelin anser uv the tyrant who
holds the destinies uv the Corners in his
hands. "That's w'at your capital, hez bin
ever sence I knowd you."
"Parson," sed he, "I don't see w'at
earthly difference it's goin to make
whether silver is currency or anything
else How are you a-goin to git silver ef
it is made legal tender? Ef silver wnz
ez plenty ez bricks, w'at hov you got to
git any uv it with?"
"Troo, G. W.," wuz my anser,
"but cau't yoo see that to hev silver
wood relcevo the d(ttor class? Even
now, afore it is legal tender, it's only
wuth 92 cents on the dollar, and when
the country is flooded with it it vill go
still lower. Then we, or rather sich uv
us oz hev property to raito money on,
kin pay off."
S'Eggactly Mso," retorts Bascom;
"youi kin pay me for the good, honist
likker uv mine w'ich you hev con-
so(xmod in coin w'ich is less than the
dollar you promised. All rite. But look
hore-corne in here all uv you. I want
you silver men to know exactly w'at you
are rushing into."
And this feend led us Anto the back
room-that back room w'ich contanes
the subsistence av the Corners. There,
in long rows, wuz Bascom's stock.
There, in barrils, piled one on top uv
another, wuz the delishun whisky uv
Looisville, uv different ages, ranging
from that uv two weeks old to that
w'ich bed jist left the still and wuz
scarcely cold yit. There it lay, and ( z
my eye ranged affk.okshunq ely over it I
felt ef I cood hey the drluli:n nn aU.l
that likker I wood be content to lay
down and die when the lust. drop wnz.
Bascom p'inted to an immense tank
w'ich he hod erected within a few days,
with a pipe runuin in from the roof.
"I shan't raise the price uv likker in
oonsekence u- bein paid for it in a de-
proshiatid currency I" sed he.
I fell on Bascom's neck in an extacy
uv delite, while the others shoutid.
"Rah for Bascom !"
"G. W," I remark, while teers suf-
foosed my eyes, "I never placed you
much below the angels, but this gener-
ous act has histid you a hundred per
ent in my estimashun. Bless you, G.
W. bless o t"'
"But I'll tell you w'at I shell da Do
yom see that tank?' Bed he.
"May I ask w'at that is for?" I sed.
"That tank will fill with rune water,"
seod he. "'The moment you git to pain
me in silver I shell take out uv eech uv
them barrils jist eggsactly three and
one-fifth goflons uv likker and fill it
with water."
"Merciful beings F we all exclaimed,
"and your likker so weak now t"
"And when silver gits down to 75
cents on the dollar I shell take out 25

Borax as a It t Preservative.
Mr. FIranik .M. ,nith t lie **b.rx
king" of the Uni d States has l.n,.n
lately expeiilneUn II with buor:ix as a
preservative of a linits, ;at h'i
home in Uaklaail '. hiI flrehI Irt.i i
is me-rely pl;tic in lthe pm\ldeed
borax, just a.- e, are pI-lceei in salt
for preserving, ,Jil the results iare
quite surpiining.' He inlirmi us
that clhenrius hale been kept many
days by this process, and behe\s
other fruitm, maybe~ kept equally well
Lately Mr. Siiithi packed sonie fresh,
ripe cherries in a. Iarel with borax
and sent them ti,,Chicago by regular
freight train. He was aivioed that
on arrival in that market they were
in excellent condition anil s,,l d at
good prices. All the vi.si'le effect
of borax un lthe fruit is the absorp-
tion of ioiture which ib Il toe ved
in the borax on removal of th.e numt.
No odor or taste is acpIitired l y the
fruit from the borax, and thing
comes froni thilo friit to inake the
borax' nn:t for uns iln tihe ,ordnnarv

A Gra Edmater.
Successor of the,
A" Unabridged."
r ^Standard of the
SU. 8. Ov't Prfint-
t JngOflWtheU.S.
Supreme Court and
x of nearly all the
Warmly com-
L mended by every
State Buperinten-
dent of Schools,
Sand other Educa-
tore almost with-
out number.
A College President writes: "Per
"ease with which the eye finds the
"word sought, for accuracy of definl-
"tlon, for effective methods in indi-
"eating pronunciation, for terse yet
"comprehensive statements of facts,
"and for practical use as a working
"dictionary, 'Webster's International'
"excels any other single volume."
The One Great Standard Authority,
So writes Hon. D. J. Brewer, Justice U. S.
Supreme Court.
0. & C. MERRIAM CO., Publishera,
S Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.
am Send to the publishers for free pamphlet.
A- Do not buy cheap reprintA of ancient editions.

n 1 L I i 1

wa'. Further eperi:ients, of courseA i W
will be needed to tix the value of u
borax as an aid the better trans- and the
portation of frel 'ruit.- to distant B ay C o u n tr y.
market,, but its efficacy at a pre-
servative agetit for f-ruit a4 well as
meats in the household, is already 'wh have man e arrangements by
established. which we can furnish this fine MAP
J covering about eighteen miles square
$1,000 IN GOiD GIVEN AWAY of territory, including the Cincinnati
Company's Tract, also Harrison,
As- -o BsParker, Crormanton, and adjacent
As Prizes for the Best Pictures country for
'[ akeu. | ONE DOLLAR.
On Novmint'- i lith, 19I.5, we sh:all Or givitn for i s5ash xe-Ilv su..:T,'-it ins.
.i-.e a .t'l., _,NW, fio'.-'.\:) ,J,_-,"ARS r liy the ;ail ,of this map the. 1.,eattit n ,'
l f ib ., ture. t.. ty the l0 ,,, ii ,lP1, :t .1 of the Cincinnati
L "-I','. s c.' ('.LiiJ i.r .
T'l'e p i.j'- .ii ewat al... il a fGllowS: U- 'L'i,'ii c.ini bc easily a c-.-rtain,.l.
.2.ii i ,..Li -lii jl., .iv.mii :u i ilh.e best or, parties may scnd us 1 ]i lhiir
S Iak, b th.. Cam..: f : for description and we will locate their
3the fe..-'u [i>.-e,_t:!.sl foo t l, 1.5 bt; lots and return the Map by mail.
$2.3 f, ," the f th be.-t: ,1.3 for th j A dd ss l)[ uo y,
lift i ) b'.t: ,'J _o thl ixtl b,.t. and fll A ddr's b oy,
the n xt 40 b-- .,., t-ci1i wi!l 1,c V,-,; St. AFndrews, Fla.
fur ;hi<- i(.xt O 4-u. .'2;, ,1-t.ii ', il.l I.,i For 5 ,cosli sulisb criiers, we will give as
riven anl filr th!,i ,--t i2!I .)..l lt. tUL t a premium, I Secltional Map of the Bay
la.-eii by' th,_ L:t( ,.',. -I.:' ( L a .I ', a 1 Iach :
v.'ill .K-giv.n, making in a li- l(t. .iviia country, or 1 Map of the City of St. An-
a\W'.. i drews. Either map sold singly--1
We shahl ido this for two r,-\..our- v\.: 1
The- first to inrodii.:e the LaCi .-' ..
-'ouuta for tho L.o ,-i-ind fo, A glggz IrhIl ISSI"
th-., amat:.eur: inll photography. This so
'olit, A.t 'lo-e.s Nov'erntr l-t, 1.'I). *10000
Thi-, earnra), cIau be used b1)any ,n' n __

and is- .-old under a oxmiri' ,, writtcu
.ruarantce to (ldo the work ti mon--. ri-
funded. Sent b. expr-.,' with uRil in-
structionb nd rules governing this eou-
test upon receipt of exp)r.-ss money or-
der for *1 .75.
Remember, A Written Guarian-
tee Goes with ever-v (.;tm-r;t.
Addtroi- L \CR-.)S." S3PE.-AL.r CO.,
LaCrosse, W is.

Of Intter We offer no uiiltok.gy in placing before
it is absolutely reliable, easily" adjusted.
(lot-' not bo.-io n. rni: ila.;'t ai nd t ih .'a
p'r.>tecUioin. CCaiin h' 'rn % \\ h.'ln do-,ir>:i
withoutt cO -er.ariih or kn-owl-d fe ,f
an(othi-r and prevt'i.is (lingrc-,alhle ;.--
noyanee under certain ctcditions. If
you uhiu it on-e you will nc~ er lie witl-
out it. It i a faithful, iaf' -nid relialie
fried, id whl-enever n.-:t.d.' iiy sl l:cal cir-
ueLun.tanceise requiring it- u-s. It i& nan
article every woman .should keep) ready
for immnidiale use. It. is sinimple to lln',
and ii.sl,.ires coIilidenIe to the wi'OnltLi
u-iing t It isreliableand scitntihcally
made, in-ur.-s, pi-otection without injrir.
to health. :.s agfg,,ood phy'ican woui.k
3tsay. Weare~o the opinion that no'
article has e_- adp which will
give as much sa a action to thlit- otian
Of to-day as "TH LADIES' SAFE Pi,()-
TECTR." The immense sales of this
article is a sub .ntial indorsement of
our claim. D, 1 therefore experiment
with any of th ninmeirous. unr-eliahle
articles, as i both dangerous to
health and exl) sive to do .o. Such
exleriilnept ing n only result in loss of
time disappoint lent and dismal fail-
ure. Ladies sh uld relnthr t hi before
ordering' other goods and not. wa-,te
their t i ni' and oney on iinfrtier rnti-
ce.-i. ThE bhet s always ti1e clicap,,.-!.
under apo.sitivjip uaranteu; for use for
oue year, % ith 'full dirc'toiins and is
ec'-t callede d in pPiniu wralpper upon re-
e-ipt. fof express mone\ order for $1.00)
hrre or $5,00. ,D)o not. wait put order
at once. Adre THE LA C'ROIS SPIC-
ALITY Co., La t'osse, Wis.
The Prinalple In Thought.
During normal sleep cerebral force is
restored which-during the day was con-
sumed. We cannot during wakefulness
maintain an leotrio supply as fast as
we disperse it, aas not only all thought,
but simple consciousness itself, must
consume something. Those are marvel-
ous microscopic twinkles of electric
light that attend the disruption of the
microscopic cells when we think. Won-
derful is that carnal enginery whose go-
ing, wrought by cerebral action, marks
the genesis, and whose stopping indi-
rates the exodus of our lives.-New
York Adverrisar.

Given Away

Every Month *
to the person submittng the
M ost mteritorlous ive tlou0
f during therecedin month,
object of this offer is to en- a
courage persons of an invent- a
Sve turn of mind. At the a
:. same time we wish to Impress e
the fact that :: :; ::
It's the Simple,
Trivial Inventions
That Yield Fortunes:
S-. uoch as Do Long's Hook
,. and Eye "Bee that Hump,
"t "Safety Pin," "Pigs In Clo--
ver," "Air Brake," etc. 9
Almost every one conceives
a bright idea at some time or
other. Why not put it in prac-
tical use? YOUR talents may
'. lie In this direction. May
r make your fortune. Why not
try? :: : :: :: ::
Wr-Write for further information and I
mention this paper.
Philip W. Avirett, Oet. Mar., I
618 F Street, Northwest,
JW'The responsibility of this company
may be judged by the fact that its
stock is heldby over one thousand
of the leading newspapers in the
United States.

DE BTER SHOE CO. Inc'p. tjptAi, $1,000,000*
"A dollar saved is a dollar earned." t
This Ladies' Solid French Dongola Kid But-
ton Boot delivered free anywhere in the U.S., on
Receipt of Cash, Money Order,
or Postal Note for 1.506.
Equals every way the boots
sold in all retail stores for
$2.60. We make this boot
ourselves, therefore we guatr
antee the f.t, style and wear
and if any one is not satiafled
we will refund the money
or send another pair. Opera
Toe or Common Sense$
widths C, D, B&R E
sizes 1ito 8 and0 al
izes.Bend yoursie;

otecial term to Dealers,

Ohklehester' English Diamond Brand.
SAFc, always reliable. LADIES Mk
Druggist for Chichterst s Aupi n5 iia
'mtnd Brand in ed and '/la m,,-asiloX
S ,boxes, sealed with blue ribh.-,] Take
a ]no other. Refuse dangerous aubtitu-
S ftions and imitations. At Druggists, or send 4o.
in stamps for particulars, testimonials and
S relieff for Ladleas" in letter, by return
.... Mail. 10,000 Testlmonials. Naim .Paper.
Chlointe-rCtiemical Co.,Masdlon 8quara.

T and don't be imposed upon by buying a
Sremedly that requires you to do so, as it is
j N ( nothing motre than a ul.%'titute. In the sud-
e(.In .-,wplja,,:e Uf t(obiCCo you must. have some
stimulant, and in mo-t all eass., the eff<-ct of
S JI ll nth intr tr,b, i t i, it um, morp hine.. or othuhr-
_\ tA x' 1vli tirir -gibt about II'AC'-CURO. It
is purely Vegetable. You do
liot hlve to stop using tobacco
IJIIt ll A Th tith BACO-LTRO. It will
notify.V you when to stop and
'our desire for tobacco will
I IU,, ,!,:aSOe. Your system will be as
free from nic.jtite a.- the day btiloit- you took your first chew or smoke. An
iron-clad written guarantee to absolutely c. i.; the tobacco habit in all its forms,
or oneyricv refrun;aedl. Price 1 I.Ij p1 box u' ;J boxes (30 days treatment and
guaranteed cure,) i2.50. F Pur sale b1 all ldrnueiststor will be sent by mail upon
Book let-s and proots free. Eureka CheinicaLl & M'f 'g Co., La Crosse, Wis.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 7, 1894.
Eureka Chemical and M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis
Dear Sirs-I have been a tobacco fiend for many years, and during the past
two years have smoked fifteen to twenty cigars regularly every day. My whole
nervous system become affected, until my physician told me I must give up the
use of tobacco fo0Kthe time being, at least. I tried the so- called "Keeley
Cure," "No-To-B; '." and various other remedies, but without success, until I
accidently learned f your "l.co-Curo." Three weeks ago to-day I commenced
using your prepare. ion, and to-day I consider myself completely cured; I am in
perfect health. a the horrible craving for tobacco, which every inveterate
smoker fully app ciates, has completely left me. I consider your "Baco-Curo"
simply wonderful nd can fully recommend it. Yours very truly,


Secure one or More Good Residence or Business

Or a Five-Acre Fruit Tract

Xai 3Prkl.er, 3La.
-- O - .. f ..... ..--
Being a PRACTICAL '.\i!;'. ).. am prepared to furnish

On the Shorte.I; P< ihbll Notice.

Assessment and Payment of Taxes,
Will be Given Prompt, Personal Attention.
W. H. Parker,
-Rea4l- Estate a Fe .
Parker, Fla.



Piou er torS

L. M. WARE & CO.,



Ship Chadnlery, Salt Fish, Etc Etc., Etc
-0-0- (0-0-
-a-O--O- ,-o--o-

Baltimore Twile and Nt Coially.
A L S I) F0 It

O5 ms W t "",.

Ass i,, '
IN. Pr .~ -DuL ^lf


Rtjugh and Dressed Lumbra of All Grades. -


.'6,Pw o ," holeowe"66,assno =""pertor.- ,' plM e if.

S Allegro. ,

* I sttime.

I d time.

I i -* r V '
L f "QuAn Crrv BAxKNo POWDRR" Is of all we've found the best:
S Absolutely pure and hoieme, Oi) .. Clalm aplce above thl rst.'
LfWith ten penniea get a am-ple Of your Groceran-y day
I If notat-l-fao- on (Om.) . . Heyro pennmlswllre-pr.
- l on. est tri-al's all sut- fl-clent, Failure therewill never be-
1 Forsuccees willev-er follow (Omit.) . thewhomeQ.O. B. P.
_. a 1 -*-- 1160 ,. f& _. i P _.

Ask your grocery fr It

, I ,' ,p 9 9 9 9 9 9 I)

$ By purchasing one of the Richmond Desk Corn-
S- pany's beautiful Roll-topOffice Desks. They're
- being mraniufactured iind sold at astonal 4JI
'. low prices. You. can buy them for a very lifl
$ .=r A.,FL3l O.A. ,-. *
$ The Desks talk for IhemCne!ves. r.cTo.v, RECIMOND, IND., U. S.A. $
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $-.?--.--_- $ $ $ $ $ $ S $ S g
W W\\i ilt, I,,r p'rites and *atalgiogn.

Address Quaker Oily B. P. Lb.. A*Aosdr

PeTir MLildntri ,

-A. S:P 3=E IA.Li'."Y-.


IrsI. J. Corby.,

BunnaA Vista ve al Draie St.
St. Andrews, Fla.
Houso ant1 .\cc,-iii!n<,i-li iion Fitr
Fir't. Cfla, in F,%erv oPie t,



I aim prepared to .io all kinds of
Hauling at the lowest living rates
and give entire satisfaction.
cut and delivered at reasonable rates.
(U. W. SnKmrt.

the Place for Passengers
(foing to and from- ht. Andrit l jiny I

Rooms p(otale! -
Tnm~m Ie, nl.l!,

Do You Want


Ah 2 -; i-R 'S m T m m N I


.2 t I- P 9


A -1 2 2 t





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