Title: St. Andrews buoy
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Title: St. Andrews buoy
Uniform Title: St. Andrews buoy
Alternate Title: Saint Andrews buoy
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Emmons & Lynch
Place of Publication: St. Andrews Fla
Publication Date: August 1, 1895
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Saint Andrews (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Washington County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Washington -- Saint Andrews
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 27 (Sept. 28, 1893).
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rst, Last, and all the

F Time!


WashiNgton County

LA., AUG-. 1, 18I.


on. aim'l Pasco, Monticello,
'ilkinson Call, Jacksonville.
resentativca-lst District, S. R. Mal-.
Pensacota: 2d District, 0. M
r, Jacksonville.
'4t. --egister, J. M. Barco; Re-
cevrer-I-- W a inwright, Gainesrille
overnor-He ry L. Mitchell: Attorney
General Wm. B. Lamar; Secretary of
State; J. L. Jrawt'ord; Comuptroller, W.
D. Bloxham; Commissioner of Agricul-
ture, L. ts. Wombwell; Superintendent
of Public Instruction, IV. N. Sheats;
Treasurer, C. B. C ilins; Justice of Su-
preme Court, R. F. Taylor, Tallahassei.
- U S.--NfTo. .-
First District-Wilkinson Call, Jackson-
ville; Second District, Samuel Pasco,
Twenti-fiftli District-Alonzo W. Weeks,
Representative, J. R. Wells, Chipley,
Cou J Judge, D. D). Melvin, Vernon;
Court, County Clerk, Recorder
W. B. Lassitter, Vernon;
Allen, Chipley; Treasurer,
ne, Chipley; Tax Collector, A.
Vernon; Tax Assessor, A.
Grassy Point; Superintendent
tInstructioi, WV. L. Lockey;
Surveyor, Thos. Collins, Chip-

S'r. AND Es.
.the P C. H. Crippen;
11 ,:y Circuit Court
U;: School Super-
ackin; lost blaster, G.

|e R. Parker; Notary

"Ty-( gl 1ANT oN.
Postn!aster, M. M. Crotans;
nt t Coimui.isson'u'r, H. M. Spicer
bDeuiiy Clerk of Courts. S. T. Walkle.v

Y. 1i. S. C. E.-Prnyer meeting a:t tllie
Preshyterian church every Smindt, alter
.soon at 3:30 o'clock. All arc invited.
Baptilst I-v M. J. Webli, .Paitor,
praclthes f thep Baplist Churcli, corner ,ert
W omining avenue and CiLcinnait i. treet
every first aiid thi d -nnday, morning
a.nd enpiiin Ch',urch confeieret
lda ieloie first Sunday at 4 p. mn.
-** k - i* -

W Parker Lodge No. 142,
SA. & A. ME.
Regular Communications on Satur-
day, on or before each full moon.
SVsiting Brothers Fraternally
F. BOUTELLE, Secretary.

Homeopathic Physician and Ac-
coucher. Office.Pioneer Drug Store,
corner of Shell avenue andT Michi-
gan street,
St. Andrews. Florida

Proprietor East End Drug Store, of-
fers his professional services to the
citizens of 'St. Andrews Bay and
vicinity. Office at Drug Store.
Residence on Buenna Vista avenue
opposite old Florida Exchange.

One Dollar a Year in Advance.


Display ad rates 50c per inch per month
Position and extraordinary condition
rates subject to special agreement.

A Penniless Old Widow.
The following lines were write by
a widow lady, formerly a resident of
St. Andrews, who hadil dr
cup of adversity and felt as sL.
and weao-J-"i to he t irien
M. J. Corb'y:
What a jewel I'd be,
In the highest degree,
With the people wherever I'd go;
How nice all would be,
If it only pleased me,
If I had but a million or so.

What beauty and grace
In this old, faded face,
With a soul that's as pure as the
None would ever suppose
That I hid a big nose
If I had but a million or so.
What a feature I'd be
At a party or tea;
That's a "fact for all women to
And men, too, you so3
Would find virtues in me
If I had but a million or so.,
A. H.

IT is quite amuning to hear Ipool
Abramis come out, as..ail and con-
demn the Florida supiiene oourt.
(of-Firse his Sluperiur judgment
anI knowle-lge of jiuical matters
i.s such as to fully sustain him in
so doing.

A.nvicES from La Sp.izza, Italy,
chrmicle anithcr tor title steam-
ship collision in that renowned Med-
itt-rranean, the most terrible one
which lhas happened in that sea
since the one in which the Camiper-
down was disabled. The total loss
on uoth vessels being t14..

'TiHE Tampa rTijies puts a mon-
strius strain upIon its ina.iginnt ive
powers, in a recent issue, 1ly attribute.
ing a late robbery in the city of
Chicago, which resulted in the
robber's death, to the growing senti-
ment in favor of sound money.
What kind of arguments will that
journal advance next in the vain
hope to convince somebody.

WHAT a nice little newspaper de-
bate is going on between F. E.
Harris of the Ocala Banner and the
Florida Citizen. Perhaps the Ban
nor may receive some much needed
information on political economy and
financial legislation.
Some must be taught by the dear
school of Experience. Some never

TmB TampaTribune in
of the democratic party

of 1896,

'The platform will be a plain de-
mand for the free aud unlimited
cu.inage of silver at he ratio of
16 to 1, and in t-rms bevnd the
possibly of minsconstruction."
And perhaps poll five electoral
votes in the electoral college. All
people are not bliinled by the effects
of a narrow and biased mind.

Tna Horr-Harvey debate in the
Illinois Club Room, gnd 6-11rm-irilly.
Horr seems at times to touch Harvey
in such tender spots as to make the
latter gentleman loose his temper
occasionally. Harvey linl it quite
difficult to defend a fabrication of
misstatements founded on nothing
whatever. He shoulil remember:
that truth and justice never need
defense or apology, but iniquity and

w I T. .\ l\ R K E! "
t '.\ v A inveracity are ever in search of one.
I.,r\ ,I' li,.* l ,, n] c, ..r r]',' 1 .ri, I -
1i ... i, i 1 :-. ..? .. i.a l I 'l- .n f '
a o :,, lH.- tr,>,i,,,. i M.n..-. .a.>'-. c Are Not Able to Stand It.
'W i ( i.. -- -., .
k t Tamoa Times.
t <. H. ('HI I'l'i.N, "Sventy-two counties in Missis-
Jutstict' ot (lhe I'e si. -.i pi, out of seventy-live, have de-
'tni! -, *'n;.tl t., i," .--- i- u- related uiieiuiv 'c;lly for the free
.indi,, hiil ,:ii ..-iil. wi, hin 'li, :ri"-- coii.age of silver at the ratio of 16
L iti'.. i. -;_;.i o.. *. i ;, o. .' I,, 1, Senat,-r George made a

hl otid. or.'-t, t't-wrf i"':-it Cure. which he took the ground that the
S.'. E. orimUniteI Stafeso wia. able to stand all
SOS 1 : M> i ,:.-.usequencos of free coinage at that
0 -0 2 !;',,, SL, hatio. No other conclusion is open
S ^ SIL LoutS, Ao, toi men who are not blinded by their
",' \ / Ca;l ?r 1iite, ,own interests or controlled by those
so' .it'.. ca. no In.iury t1 health. who hold a contrary opinivit."
-- The United States may be able to
/A CER t- stand a ten-fold repetition of the
Dt- ... dC -'RFE wdh,-..t th u se of t *1 -id I
Q^ueutinn .B1 and. n., I.. can privations whicli existed during tie
it DU. 1,1. 1B. H y iTTS,
t'KMte8. St. e 'ti. o. ) paiic of 1893, which saw whole for-
tunes vanish like inmoke in the air,.

and comfortable families turned to FReEE
misery in a fornight.
But its citizens are not prepared
to experience another business stag- e

nation and coinnmeecial crisis, before
the tracks of the last one are obliter-
ated by the hand of prosperity. Nor
will the American people permit the
election of a congress which intends
to promulgate any such. a state of
affairs. "A burned child drsads the
yv received a lash from
I HBopriismni ai'T itf
nicic injtI'f l -which required
months to heal, they are not going
jeopardize themselves to the amsults
of populisfn turned loose to run wild.
The Buoy hae the utmost faith in
the intelligence of the American
people. when they take ..nal action
uplin a matter which they fully'
uilderbtand aud have considered the
c .I tlequiences-.
No matter if thirty states in the
Union should declare unauaniously
fr free .ilver, it oenid be no cri-
terion as to their action after the
e'lucati.-n which, they will acquiike
before the ti r the 1096 elietioUns

No, they know, if the lie ,ple of
Mi.stsi1,ip' i ,.l:i,_ n t, that a nihl dose
of free silver-the Sliermnani act--has
inifcte.l upon the country enough
injury, and they do not care for a
larger done of the Stewar t- Tller
alited lt e.



Aoing lower the T
Relative Value---
ent In Maintaln
and Silver.

Secretary of the Tre
his Covington speech (
plainly and concisely t
of Bryan-BlnMd-Harvw
He said.:


y of .the Go -
a Parity of

SCarlisle, I
ay 20, stated
tact meaning
free coinage.

M-* ,

Free and unlimittel -amor ul ,
gal tender dolrato of
10 to 1 mean 11 be so
7 ilo n u I y Vo n t t o *a i _.* h a v -
it coined, at the pn expense, into
dollars einh contain 12a grainsW
standard silver, the d when coined
to be delivered to the o er of the bul-
lion, and all the people of the United
States to be compelled ty law to receive
them as dollars in the payment of debts,
although not intrinsioq ly worth more
than 50 cents each. Th 25 8-10 grains
of standard gold contained in a gold dol-
lar is worth 100 centa, qr the equivalent
of 100 cents, all over the world, in sil-
ver st-ridard countries 4 wwell as in gold
standard countries, and t is worth just
as much before it is co d as afterward,
but the 412k grains dard silver
contained in a silver, dollar are not
worth anywhere in the orli more than
about 50cents. Or, to t tIe statement
in a different, form, 10 ids of silver
cannot be exchanged ft 1 prund of gold
anywhere in the world t it requires
r hr.nt 82 und.,,s rf asi rt i. ti wcur, 1I

pound of gold every
one may say that this
meant, because it me
silver by gold. The
jection is that the stat'
tempt to measure the
the metals, but simple]
one with the other, a
pose of making the cor
of gold is determined
power in tho markets
the value of silver is:
same way. Sixteen
lion will purchase o
the quantity of comr
that one pound of go
chase, and this purch
true test of their
In the United Stat
ver, coined into dol

chase as much as a I
) but this would not.
system of free and u
individual account.

ere But. some
noti fair state-
res ;he value of
bwe to this ob-
nen does not at-
ilueof either of
o conp.re them,
tha for the pur-
parion the value
)y it purchasing
f th world, and
eterined in the
nds c silver bul-
y abat one-half
iditi anywhere
bullin will pur-
ling iwer is the
ual ad relative

16 pmndsof all-
s, wi' now pur-
mnd 9old coins,
thpf:o under a
col age on
l Cof sil-
A.., In..,

ive iss be Ur. TLed by
the govel on i own account and
paid out for public rposes as dollars
Uncle Sam-How can I use both? of full value, and oo uently the gov-
ernment is bound by ery consideration
Sweden's "More Money" Experiment. of good faith, to say thing of the posi-
The theory that a decree of the gov- tive declarations trained in the
eminent can give intrinsic value to statutes, to keep the as good as gold,
money metals has been exploded in the or, in other words, to maintain the par-
past more than once. A signal illustra- ity of the two met and this it has
tion is afforded in the history of Sweden done and will contain to do as long as
under the reign of Charles XII, known as the present system e But if the
the "mad king." Baron Gortz was the present system is to abolished and a
leading spirit, or rather the power be- new one established, that private in-
hind the throne and minister of finance. dividuals and corporate s can have their
War had impoverished Sweden, and the own bullion coined at e public expense
baron devised the brilliant scheme of and have the coins de ered to them for
making more money by attempting to their private use, the enment would
,give copper the same value as silver, so be under' no obligati whatever, legal
that a piece of copper money whose or equitable, to keep. m as good as
intrinsic value was only one-half penny gold, and, in fact, it d be impossi-
should, when stamped with the king's ble for it to do so, be'rae tbe coinage
mark, pass for 40 pence. Some of this would be unlimited, a d the volume of
coin was stamped with the figures of silver in circulation uld become so
heathen gods, and later on the people in great in proportion to je gold the gov-
derision called the pieces the "gods of ernment could procure that the attempt
Baron Gortz." would necessarily faiL. The most ex-
At first this money was issued with treme advocates of freeioinage have not
discretion and reserve, but, as might yet ventured to suggoofthat the govern-
have been foreseen, it was hard to draw ment would be under y obligation to
the line and fix the quantity, and it soon guarantee or maintain e value of sil-
got beyond the baron's control. All ver dollars coined witut charge for
kinds of goods and provisions rose to in- private parties, and wi out such guar-
ordinate prices, and the baron was foro- antee it is clear the Jollar would be
ed to increase the value of his money to worth no more than the commercial val-
meet the demand and volume of trade, ne of the bullion oontaited in it, just as
but the more it was increased the less the Mexican dollar is naW. I admit that
was its value and purchasing power, i f the United States could coin without
and the-people finally rose in their in- charge to the owners bll the silver in
dignation and destroyed the financial the world available for oAinage purposes,
plan of this early Napoleon of finance j 412X4 grains of standaz4 silver, in bul-
Oharles and others lost their heads, as lion, would be worth much in this
a good many seem to be doing now on country as a silver do but the real
the money question.-T. L. Mathews In question is, What would the silver dol-
Fremont (Neb.) Tribune. lar itself be worth? Th it will not be
equal to our present and standard
chabsne All One Way. of value is not only ad ted, but open-
--Congressman George W. Cooper of ly urged as one of ti- arguments
Indiana, a sound money Democrat, said in favor of its free oohiii
in a Washington interview the other Everywhere the peop are being told
day: "In Indiana I know hundreds of that under free coin it will require
men who have been free silver men, but twice as many dollars procure any
who have declared themselves for given quantity of comm cities as are re-
sound money. On the other hand, I quired now, and this s, of course,
cannot recall one instance in which a that the money will be ly one-half as
man has favored sound money and has valuable as it is now. en the public
then gone over to the free coinage of asl- judgment is finally upon this
ver at a ratio of 16 to 1 without any subject, I think it wi be found that
restrictions as to an international agree- the people of the Unit Stat+s are de-
ment." termined not to have a preciated dol-
lar, whether it be gol Iver or paper.
The Trolley Blders In Boeton. They are undoubtedly itled to have
A story, bogus on the face of it, has for use in their busi just as good
been going the newspaper rounds tell- money as any other e in the world
ing how a woman boarded a Cambridge have, and no politic party that at-
oar and asked the conductor on his re- tempts to deprive the f it will ever
turn trip to "please step into Mr. Gaf- enjoy their confidence receive their
fey's drug store and tell him to go next suffrages.
door and ask the woman there to go H a
over to my house and see if I put out Metal uas No ,
my oil stove." This is poppycock, but The "rights of silver "we demand
a similar incident of which I am sure 'the right' to have our r coined into
occurred in a Brookline car recently. legal tender dollars," samples of the
The speaker was a young man, and he way in which silverit d the white
was asking the conductor to "go into metal as a being with' ts. But they
the car stable when you get back and are mistaken. A m can have no
telephone up to my roommate to look "rights," and it is me playing with
in my other clothes and find 5 cents to words tW talk of enfore) them. Wheth-
pay you for nhy fare this trip, as I'm er we shall have fre inagp and the
broke. "-Boston Budget. silver standard or lim coinage on a
.os rennanenr. parity with gold is ni to be decided
"Timmins says he is wedded to his according as the best terests of the
art."h whole people may det iue. Nothing
"Youdon'tsay! It is wonder tome is to be gained by p )nlug that In
that he doesn't sue for divorce on the mait:dning a stable ,rrecy we areo
ground of nnonuppurt. "-Cincinnati ,dpi iving s,,m-thing ( ome peop of

.iw 04. &a. 4'-0sPWSoC@ tceasHm
onc ".u z O rae oaner, A

"Tomorrow! What do ,you I".
aried Nelsine, with a startled stare, for
the moment convinced that the girl had
t aen leave of her senses.
'*I ti3d Mr. Bjytbe til. it woutu o
back with him. He will be tnkhig the
doctor back to Hereford City tomorrow,
you know."
"But for you to thin of going with
himl Why, Edith, my dear, dear girl,
what can you mean? Surely you aro
"Oh, don't you sere?" peevishly inter-
rupting the storm of expostulation ready
to issue from the other's parted lips.
"I was going iW a few days anyway,
and this will save you the long drive to
Hereford City. With all the trouble
about the horses, I am sure Hugh will
regard the opportunity as fairly provi-
dential A day or two loun er here vould
hardly count for much against such a
saving of time and trouble, and-you
will but waste breath to oppose the
scheme, Nelsine, for I am perfectly de-
termined upon going." There was that
in her tone which showed she meant all
she said.
"Well, perhaps you are right," ad-
mitted Mrs. El lery reluctantly, as though
yielding to the inevitable with what
grace she might. "But with so much
happening at ouce-oh, dear, what will
come next?"
"Oh, don't make it a serial story, to
be continued in our next," cried Edith,
laughing rather crazily as she gathered
up her hat and gloves, moving toward
her room. "It will be like the core of
the little boy's apple, Nelsine. There
won't be any next. "

Mrs. Hallet, widow of the late Rich-
ard Hallet, lawyer and politician, poe-
sessed one of the most beautiful homes
in that most beautiful of residence quar-
ters, the Capitol hill of Denver, but it
had come to be remarked by her friends,
withigood humorod-imies that e was
seldom to be found there savu when her
journeyings elsewhere had so clogged
her foorateps with accumulations of
bric-a-brac that she was fairly driven
back to this delightful dumping ground
to disembarrass herself. Certain it was
that since the death of her husband, fol-
lowing soon after the birth of their only
child, some three years before, the wood-
bine climbing the walls had had the
handsome graystone structure very
much to itself, the fair mistress of the
mansion, as often as she returned, seem-
ing ever seized with a new restlessness
impelling her toward another departure.
There were those to remark that Bar-
bara Hallet's evident lack of love for
her home might be due to the fact that
for her perhaps the place was peopled
with a company of ghosts she would
fain escape. It was generally under-
stood that her married life had been
unhappy, her husband having been no-
toriously untrue to her, but for what-
ever sins of omission or commission
Dick Hallet might have been guilty of
toward his wife he had made what
atonement he might by opportunely dy-
ing, and now it appeared that the lady
must be unreasonable indeed if she im-
agined any just cause for complaint in
a lot so fair. She was young, charming
in person and manner, and, as might
have been expected, greatly admired
and sought after, with wealth sufficient
to gratify every reasonable desire, while
she had her beautiful boy to give breadth
and purpose to her life.
"But we were perishing with ennui,
- baby and I," she gayly declared when
she was making Edith Ellery welcome
in the prettiest guest chamber, one
whose windows looked across a vexed
sea of roofs ruffled with waves of sway-
ing tree tops, across the vast sea of
plains beyond, bare and brown as a
beach at low tide, on to the royal moun-
tati range lost in the blue mists of the
horizon line at north and south, that
ruffled line of shadowy pinks and grays
and purples flecked with eternal snows
-to Mrs. Hallet, as to most Denverites,
one of the grandest views which earth
might offer. "If there is any place
duller than Denver in July, it must be
Denver in August. So far as appear-
anoes go, the city has its best foot for-
ward in summer, but socially we are
simply dead."
"Ah, the luxury of being dead for a
little while!" returned her guest, with
something in her laugh which called a
keen light of inquiry into the soft blue
eyes which had a certain trick of seeing
most where they assumed to notice
least. "You could promise me nothing
Although they had known each other
but a short time, a warm affection had
grown up between these two. It had
happened a few months before this time

that Barbara Ballet, returningwith her
boy from a winter in Egypt, had loiter-
ed in New York for a few weeks, when
Edith, opportunely visiting in that city,
had received a peremptory demand from
the Wyoming ranch that she go forth-
with to call upon Nelsine'sdearest friend
from Denver. From a matter of duty
this call had developed into a delight.
Edith had fallen in love with the
charming widow at first sight, and find-
ing her plan lug a visit to her old home
in a Massachusetts village had urged
that the journ.-y be extended to include
a visit with her in Boston. This, duly
i occurring. had aff n.d opportunity to
Advclo tinimu.uhliv v aloc.ticiii each had

have oome e
place to recover from the severe-
as well as physical strain to which she
had been subjected. Barbara Ballet
was that rare type of woman who can
entertain without overentertaining her
guests. Pull of gracious thoughtfulness
for the stranger within her gates, she
was yet too unselfishly equipped with
' tact and womanly intuition to make
her attentions intrusive or burdensome.
To follow a guest about all day long
with pestering sociability, as fusy, taot-
less women are ever doing, was a night-
mare of duty which could not enter her
mind. And Edith Ellery found herself
in a gracious calm for which she was
duly grateful So fast events had trip-
ped on one another's heels that now, in
surpassing weariness of body as well as
mind, the memory of ,the days just
passed was as but the blurred outlines
of a dream. It was as though she had
awakened in another world, to woo for-
getfulness in a languorous repose In'
which no note of discord c6uld ever
sound. With all the love which had
grown up between them there had not
been time in their brief acquaintance
for anything like a real intimacy. Their
lives had but touched on the surface.
But Barbara Hallet had missed little
that came within the range of her bright
eyes during her two and thirty years of
looking upon life, and she had been
quick to perceive the change which this
short month had wrought in her friend.
"I am afraid Wyoming did not agree
with you," she observed tentatively one
day while Edith was lying on a couch
near by in that inert listlessness which
now seemed habitual. "I don't wonder.
The dullness of that ranch life must be
nearly insupportable. I am surprised
that Nelsipe can endure it as she does."
"She has Hugh, you know, and he is
so perfectly devoted to her," Edith sug-
g ted perfunctorily, as if finding an ef-
t in speaking at alL "They are very
happy together."
"I know," a light of smiling enthu-
siasm on her face. "It ti beautiful-
their devotion-as beattdnl as It Is Un-
usuaL Their happiness t mbh other
should be a lesson for you."
"For mel And why for met" looking
up surprisedly, a faint fisah sowing on
her cheeks.
"Because some day you wit marry
"And you think I should".-
"Marry some good fellow whom you
eanlove just as Nelsine does Hugh.
"Obt" the girl exclaimed la a ouri-
ous tone, turning away her tfae. But
after a moment she added, not looking
upV "But what if it la not one's nature
to feel or to simulate great pson Nel-
sine says she iit t not in *e to
make a go0s of my that way."
"Then you wo6ld better not preeame
to get married," Mrs. Hallet declared,
with a dry laugh, "for a married old
maid is a hopeless case."
"But do you not think that there can
be such a thing as rational friends?
between a man and wife, giving happ=-
ness, even though sentiment is left out
of the bargain?' asked the girl eager-
ly after a short silence.
"No, I don't," returned the othet I
very decidedly, her blue eyes quietly
studying the flushed face that seemed
trying to hide itself behind she sofa pil-
lows. "No woman's heart could ever be
satisfied for more than a moment with
such a paltry makeshift, while, what-
ever the quality of a man's love, he
never fails to demand full measure of
passion in his wife and to feel defraud-
ed of his right it it is denied him. If
you are ever tempted to try such an ex-
periment as that, dear, my advice to
you is-don't." She laughed playfully,
but there was a certain something in
the depths of her eyes which reminded
Edith of all Neloue had toldhoLathBR

Mrs. Ballet's own married life.a
"Why, thank you. I will at least
remember your good counsel," but the
answering playfulness was rather forced.
There was a silence of many moments
between the two women. Little Paul
had brought his plump pug to play on
the bearskin at his mother's feet, filling
the pause with a merry monologue.
"Cough, Tommy, cough he would
gayly command as his plump fiste pat-
ted the wrinkled little back, and the
small bit of solemnity, grown so fat it
could source do more than kick in the
fullness of exceeding content, would
obediently give vent to a lazy growling
which seemed curiously to delight the
child's sense of humor. "Oh, mamma,
isn't Tommy a joke?" he cried in a
gurgle of childish laughter, throwing
himself upon the floor. Both women
laughed in sympathy with his abandon.
"What a darling he isl" Edith ex-
claimed, watching him with tender
"Is he not?" murmured the. mother
in a glow of happy pride. "And he is
so much like my brother Paul, for whom
he is named, when he laughs like that
-as Paul was at his age. I have a pic-
tore of us both taken together when we
were little tots, and the resemblance is
very striking. I must show it to you
some time."
"I did not know that you had a broth-
er," Edith observed, sinking back upon
the cushions once more. "A brother
Paul It is a pretty name," the last


Doubling the .Ila
Really Add but a
lating Medlnm A,
Per Oent-.-acte
This whole
silver sla mad
and -
and som
eat e

certain evils from
escape, and it h
them that by som
ernment dealing wi
they could escape
they complain.
Now, the chief edvl of this t
is low prices. Now, nobody ever rea
complains of low prices when he wan
to boy anything, and nobody who had
anything to sell ever complains of h
But we find that communities
whole combine all their energies
make prices as a whole low. Indvid
members of every community p hor-
ing to make prices of particuke
they want to sell high, but when o&b
munities act together they are trying to
make price low.
But if this be true; if the general effort
of communities is to make prices low t
if that is the reason that we havegrant-
ed railroad charters in order to bring
the products of the distant parts of the
country to our doors at low prices; it
that is the reason we built the Erie
canal; if that is the reason that we havd
made transportation on the Erie canal
absolutely free, taxing the people of the
state in order that it may be free; if that
is the reason that we have built onu
highways and made them free; if that i
the reason that we are doing a thousand
and one other things--then why in the
name of reason should government be -o
appealed to to do something about one
thing in order to make prices high?
Why, in regard to this one thing.
should there be a grand exception to al
the other things that a government does
in and about our affairs and our produotO
and the things that we buy and sell?
I do not concede that it would be to
our advantage as a whole that goverf
ment could double the price of our bread ,.
tomorrow. And yet this is the propoi-
tion that sla made. I doubt If in thiw
oity you could find a domen vote outside
of the bakers' shops in favor of doubling
the price of bread tomorrow. And
that is the great thing that =d
this argument Why, I see that SenateV
Stewart said the other day that young
men were not marrying so much now as
they used to because we did not have
tree silver.
Free silver-what will it do, aooor6
ing to Senator Stewart? Why, it will
make that young man if he contemplated
matrimony expect to have all the ex-
penses of his household, from his brides*
outfit and the new coat he bought fa
the ceremony and so on through all bIU
domestic a W.ngenenta e av to the
baby's cradle, made more depr. Do yoe
think that would be an inducement to
Matrano ? Then tha say thaw the
a stone gulats prices.
it Wivi any great effect upon prices
Is goodIoney?'
All the time we hear, and I
that it is uncontradicted, that
per cent of all the transactions of
people of this country are made in
ey. All the rest of the mtransacti
made with the other AAdi
notes and all kinds of things.
true,suppose wecould double the
of money in an instant, what would
have done? We would have double
per cent of the whole. What would
have added? We would have addi 5
cent to the whole. In $1,000 what w,
we have added? We would have
$50. But suppose in adding tha
you have disturbed the minds of m
that the other 95 per cent was d
ed, as has been done from
during the last few yewa
apply your percentage
cut that in two, owing
ty you have created in t
as to the quality of the
---O IllV_ ... ... iUU2 f ........

cent-what is the result'* un
diminished that by $95',|
come to add the $50 that G o
ited by doubling your mo<
your $95 you will find tha.,,
worse off than when you stitOa i
are 4 1-5 per cent worse off so fai'W
circulating medium that really trans*
your affairs is concerned. That is onr W 'F
the great reasons why we find these
great disturbances in business when men
tamper with the currency.
I have given this illustration in an-
swer to the assertion that the amount of
money regulated prices because some
money is necessary in our transactions.
True some money is necessary still, be-
cause we have not yet reduced our meth-
ods of business to such a complete sys-
tem that we settle everything by aa-
Yes, so is some grease on the axle of
a wagon necessary in order to move it
any great distance at any speed, because
man has not yet succeeded in making an
axle on which the wheel will revolve
entirely without friction. I say, we can
say with equal truth as to my wagou
that because some grease h necessary
on the axle, therefore the amount of
grasefixes the cost of moving~aiOn of
freight. You say that it is an absurdtf-._
it is not true.
The more I have thought upon third
question the more profoundly impressed
I am that more people are concerned in
the quality of the money, of actual
muney, than iu its quantity.--Ex-SboW-"
tary Charles 8. Fair:hild.



~v I- -

_ -- .-%

S L,.-ves St. Andrews Bay every Tuesday,
.; leaves Pensacola .every Friday,
-(weather priniitiig). Special atten-
tio)n %ill 'Ie given to receiving and
for(a rding freight for narties living on
Ea-it iuild Noith Bay, passengers for
points on either arm of the Bay can
depend upon securing prompt trans-
portation at reasonable rates. For
further information apply to
L. M. WARE & Co., Agts
Makes regular Irips Ibetween Pittsburg on
East Bay anid l'ns:icola; will make reg-
lalarlandings ai t C romianton and Har-
rison, 'arker anil at any other point
when rieiiuest.l beforehand to doso.
Pastc-ngrs and frreght iiansported at
reasiio.al!e rat'. arinl sati-lsfaction gnar-
aiteed. Thu l'onle's Store ;it Pitts-
burg ;s l.iadquarriers and orders left
there Mill receive rproumpt -and careful
attention N. W. PITT., Prorietor.

The tiTr(' City -came from Mlobilp
Wednesday aliernoon last, anti re-
mained in port, until Thursday moro-
ing, took freight and passengers for
Caralbelle and iet urnie' from that
place 'Tuoday afternoon on her way
to Mobile.
The schr. Crawrord came in Sun-
day and sailed for the ro' snadper
banks Monday.'
ThJe Nettie left Thursday last
for Pensacoula.

PECUL1*Ri in combination, pro-
portion 'SiE preparation of ingredi-
ents, Hood's' Sai~eparilla possesses great
value.' You should TRY It.

A Week's Weather.
following tatle i-j h ws Vhat the
*ratnue at St. Alidi't men has hecel
ig the past week, froil olseurvalianti 4.
n[ at the. iO Ofi.ec -e c inorning

Bo" sMorn. Noon
.... ... Til l%, ".25 ; 84
,..ii io "-6 o ; li
t l .... ......
day .......... t h A
ndny ......... L) S4 :1
P sdiit .......... 30. i 4 i4 I
dnesadv . 1l -


Ieap Excursions as
Boston, Ma.s., ( oienvution Y. P. S.
C. E., and Nationlr. Yotlnlg lPeople'b
Christian Uniaon. Tickets non Salo July
8th to lIth, ge-il to return uitil Augipt..
5th, 1895, at one fare for it h round trip.
Baltinmere, Mil., [a.it, Young
People's Union of Aunt-ViI-a. Tic'keult
on sale July 16th und 17th, :.IooJ to re-
turn until Augus: 5th, 18i ti, at onei face.,
for the round trip.
Boston, .Ia,~s Triennial ('onelavo.-
K. of P., Tiukets c ale Ajide t i 'd to
25th, 1895, goold to returiL unt 1 Sept..
10th, 1895, atLONEI FAIIE fulor the round
For further ii formation ap-p;y to
H G. 1 1,3ii.iaft, Trav, P-.^. .\- t.,
Ocala, Fla.
iR. T. Pat ton, Trav. Pass. Agt.' Tampa,
B. W. Wr,'nn, Pass. Traffic M:r., Sa-
vannah, Ga.
-. M. Jolly, Div. Pass. Agt., Tampa,

Boarding Hon o,
N W Cor. Palafox n11(1 W righit
Streets OR llork Wes! of'
Peftsacola--F a.

rDPI TRIAL p*e g^ o e 056
W * ag and lost deeallty aect ?n for 1 d '-a .i
ARD INlTjTE, lSZO9tbt 8S.lOIS.


-Nice bread, pies anrd cakes, fresh
.-vr, day at E. P. Maxon's store.
-Cotuiniercial, legal, and plain or
'niVlItiid stati-,ner"v nt the Bt.ov office.
lorre-.vondenc ul of tIi' I teov.
Legal cap, commsi.-cial note
r-heid papers aid envelopes, either
ited or plain at the Bt,.; ullice.
-Dr. Cliffe is deionsutrating his
ill in capturing the wily tarpon He
landed a fine specimen last Monday.
-The Buoym was promi-ed a cor-
respondence from Harrison this week; but
up to the hour of going to press it had
not put in al. appearanco.
-Cocoa shells, a delicious and
wholesome beverage, far. superior when
properly prepared to either tea or coffee-
three pounds for 25c at the Pioneer Drug
Store. Try it.
-Mr. E. P. Maxon has been con-
fined to his house with a bilious attack for
several days; hut latest reports were that.
he wa-~ innding, whic'- his many friends
arc gl.lad to lt;arn.
-There is a murmur in the air
..w iT.pular St. Andrews voung peo-
tlitiy unit-d ih. marriage a lew
m.-_ .A

"iti ogT" h
i lr correspondents will please
1.ai, in mind that their favors must be
mailed e:irly enough to roach us not later
thiau Monday evening: otherwise they
cannot appear In the current issue.
-Mr. .1. R. Hamilton, an expert
telegrapher has been instructing a class
of eight pupils in telegraphy at Econfina-
The term elosed last Friday and he re-
ports that his class was away above the
average in proficiency.
-The St. Andrews Bay IHorticul-
tural and Improvement Associalion is
prepared to clear, improve and plant into
fruit any tract of land which may he giv-
en them. It will pay all persons to buy
a tract from them and have it improved.
-If you are thinking of buying
property, in St. Andrews or immediate vi-
ciuity, you cannot afford to purchase until
you have conferred with the proprietor of
the BuoY. If you are short of money and
want to buy on your own time 'or actual
settlement you can be accommodated.
-For Rent-A Smith Grubder or
Stump Puller. This is said to be the best
machine ever invented for clearing land
of grubs and stumps. The Buoy has one
of these n:a.hines direct from the manu-
factory and will rent it to responsible
parties for a reasonable compensation.
-The St. A.B. Hort. & Imp. Ass'ti
will hold a special meeting at its head-
quarters, Watson Bayou at 12 o'clock m.,
on Friday, Aug. 9, for the purpose of con-
sidering and deciding the future policy of
the association. No other birsiness will
be considered. Every member should li,
present without fail
-No place in Florida'or elsewvheri
presents more or greater attractions to
the homeseeker than does the picturesque
village of Parker, on East Bay. Eyery
dollar invested there is sure to multiply
many fold, and the investment can hardly
be otherwise than a good one. W. H.
Parker will take pleasure in showing any-
one around, no matter whether they bus
o.r not.
-The persistent advertiser is the
one who, in the end carries qff the cream
of the trade, and W, H. Shands, the Par-
kcr merchant proposes to keep talking to
the people through the columns-'of the
BIrv, and if they are wise thel will take
ad. aitage ot his invitations and visit his
-tore. where the goods afo always first
class ,and are' sold at ono price to al!, and
that the most reasonable one.
-The services o a steamship are
most opoortine just at this time. -yv
TueSdaiL'a boat, more than 200 bushels of
..re itshpped to northern markets
via Mobile, and this is really the first
fruit shipment of any moment ever sent
fri.,i t. Anditws Bay; but give us trans-
porlalioi facilities and the world will
m.ori be s ov. r t(lit we can hold our own
with the Lest portions of the land.
-The Broyv Iast ..'eoek had occa-
sion to te.t tho miu ,-hriinicil auli;liy of Mr.
C .:,0.G. Arinturung upon its printing
pres?.. A bolt i ,a ruined which, under
urilinary iirLumitances must have been
replaced ly a new one efiduo the manf':ic
tor; Ibut Mr. A. was ,nqual to the einor-
ge-i i and drilled out the old broken holt
and tilted a nlit oiie, ho pc riectrl that no
per'soIn could tell there had ever been a
mishap, and lihu .-avud the paper an in-
evitabl aduspounion o; iuLlicat n tor two
or tthree- iAsues.
-Tax .\ssessor A. G. Gay, \ heo
lives at Grassy Point on North -ai.
brought to town on Monday, a dozen o,
more oeaclihes which will lie sent to the
Exposition if thiy possibly can be before
they perish. A brief description of this

Death Was Preferable
To Prostration After the Grip
Hood's Sarsaparilla Built Up and
Gave Perfect Health.

W. R. Wtilliam
This is a well-known merchant at Key
Wet, Florida. His account of his condi-
tion after the grip, and how it was cured,
should be read by all:
"I had the grip twice, which came near
ending my exiatenoa on the earth, and left
me in a condition t dw'hich
Death was Preferable
About five months back I sorted to take
inte]pa W nd by the time I had
hta il bottles I was 50 per cent. a
be ter man physically than before. I am
now lull of ambition and feel that had I

Hood's Cures
net taken Hood's Sarsaparilla I should
now be dead and buried. I am thankful
to Hood's Sarsaparilla, which has been
instrumental of so much good to me as
to thousands oltthers of our fellow men."
W. H. WILLIAMS, B., Key West, Florida.

Hood's Pills become the favorite cathartic
willth everyone who uses them. 25c. per box.

-The Loyal Temperance Legion
meets every Sunday afternoon at2 o'clock
-The Baptists will worship in
their new house for the first time next
Sunday, holding their usual morning and
evening services.
-Rev. V. M. Cromnan occupie'i
the pulpit in the M. F. church last Sunday
His pr-esenrice there wasi a reminder of Ihe
man\ tlinnes in the past th.t hI li;ad ourth-
ily filled the position.
-The 'lihristian Endeavor Tliuri,
ray evening in t iiigs rave bteln "Ilciiert ll '.I
inte a Bille study class, under thu ihn
structiion and leader shio of l'ruf. Lip-..
The topic for hneXt Sunday at 3:31 1'. 1.
hat not been reported.

The Virginia College, Roanoke
'iThe Virginia College for Young
Ladies under the piresidlency of Dr.
W. A. Harris, located in the beauti-
ful city of Roanoke, Virginia, i., one
of the foremost school-, in the Soutiti.
Its magnificent new buildings with
all model n improvements, on a
campus often aces, amid gorgeous
niiouLain sceuery in the Valley of
Vi irgTia, fam-nirT i 'TiMMii Tfh.sI'1In o1
cour.,e ot' stndy, Eiirop)i;an and AmUt ii-
t.ian tuealiei n, liiake ihlie Virginiia
College for ',inng.Ladie.. ione of the
most attractive and beautiful college
homes in the Union. It is atttun..*d
by one hundred and iinety-8ix.
representing tiventy States. PFr
descriptive catalogue address.
W. A. HARmus, D. D. Roanake, Va.

I have received from State Coinp-
trol:er Bloxhan advice that all land.
on which taxes are delinquent must
be sold on the first Monday in Oc
tober This will necessitate their be
ing advertised three week.t thronglh
the month of Sepitember and the iiit
week in October the list, will have,
to be in the hands of the printer
three of four weeks before the first
date of issue; hence it is iinuportan:
that all taxes both personal and real
be paid before Augus 1. Tax-
payers who are still delinquent will
please give this matter prompt
attention and otherwise govern them-
selves accordingly. A. Q. JoNas,
Tax Col'ector Washington Co.

what Hood's Sarsaparilla Does, that
tells the story of its merit and success
Remember HOOD'S CURES.

Talks to the Knighs Templars.
The adlliereints of the occult orga-
nization, dominated Knights Ternp-
.ar. %ill Lie graciously perniitted to
.,ongregate amidst tihe classical sur-
rounliPg of ie modnuern Athens,
known to the h,,i-polloi as Boston,
on the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and
30th of the approaching month of
August, there to cenniningli.and col-

iAif'.will prove interesting reading to elaborate :i their "wenty-sixth An-
t o'se-crakers who take delight in berat- nual Conclave, to indulge in phila-
i~g St. A ndets Bay and its possibilities. delphian into. course and to excite
(iie pi.atl, perhaps a trifle the largest the wonderment and approbation of
sp..-iuen, weighed fully eleven, ounces; the populace by their manceinverings
and garish display.
t m th11ir, crswdi-.g each other, on theI and garish display.
,,I,; t~aig. w.;.gh eighteen ounces; still 1 am authentically informed that
hi re ,,ih, rs i,, a twig not more than four it is the inten of the public carrier,
inches in length, the centre peach being known as the PLANT SYSTEM to con-
crowded out of lie, weigh nys vey those whlo desire to participate
crowded out of line, weigh twenty-seven in this momentous atherin at the
ounces, and none of these are remarkable in this momentous gathering, at the
for b ing af greater size than the smallest meagre pecuniary stipend of One
one of the lot, and Mr. Gay asserts that, Fare for the Round ''Trip. Mr. B.
of a bushel or more on a single small tree, W. Wrenn, an estimable companion,
these are no better and perhaps not as 'esiding at Savannah. Ga., will take
large as some still remaining upon it. If pleasure in inditing instrnetive re-
l,,,uses to missives requesting more
there proves to be no possible way to get detailed information.
these to the Exposition Mr. Gay will let Tickets on sale from all a
the others on the tree remain until a board Lickets om sale fro all stati
goes to Pensacola and make another effort on the Plant Systh m. Aagust 23d,
to have a display ftF them at Pensacola 24th and 25th. Good to return unt
and Alianta. Ti druit is of the Chinese til and including September 10th.
Chin% varIito, l,, graft was taken ation
rron ta Iroetoi. gf ste The climtio limit to the oultivation
fru tree p u in of wheat pi not so much the cold of
prove has Irequenitly produced fruit not mature in a climate where the sum-
measuriug eleven inches in circumference. mer temperature is below 60.

W. H1. Milt
daughteiL, 3
visit S't. .
C'al hou
War-e, uit St
day, looking
aid ti i ;i I i
u '', .-rit, m t,
Di. .. I
triip It tie .
all kinds of
0. C..-MN
of the "Ma
spending a
and appears
the fl'l!crt ex
Mrs. Geon.
passenger fr
Gulf City.
that sihe will
thlie next boal
linery husine

- ca-Courier: Mn1j.
.coiipaniued by hi.-
ackshear, expect to
vs Bay next week.
. Capt. L. L. M.
II",V, was i 1i M i n-

A u'ltblic Library.
Corrcspouindceuce of the BLOY.
The cur'Iesjipildelice o f J. C. Lipes,
in last weeks issue of the Buoy,
probably attracted considerable at-
tention as it treated on a matter,
;c *w v -> i A

hi intec-et cic which if ever elected could result
y lcc,, i in nai ght uit universal goud.
I .,, .\All must agree that a library,
dli :I lciti.-it, of thrlinig which the gei elation which

r win o:1 a biiilie.-M
i.d is prepaue'l tu ido
Al work.
the editorial staff
i.na Tiinc-Conuiier i.:
pek or two at the Bay
Lie enjoying himself to
ishell was a rotnrning
i Carrabelle on the
ie Btov understands
turn to Carrabelle on
.d engage in the nmil-

The People I"' East Bay Meet
and Org: Ve a releplhono
A nmiiniher the stl.su cribers to the
st ick of the t. Aillrows Buy and
Wewahitchka Telephone company,
met at Farindl

for the putrpse- o
nization of thlie
F. V ,,L".'. rdl, t
enter ri-Ce, -
shares siul.iri
to be .ectred|
constructim eC
The folowii
elected as iflici
the pr-e ii yea
CS.S. (hlarh -
11. roinl
IN. F. Voo,
A b.iarl, of
clihoseiu while ii
h realier .
It was dilciilo
ance uf tlh( tin
sooni as ps..ib
comlntructin of
As ino as tli
from Weahitchl
i ill le cotiniluei
C-'ronianii. P.i
this puriiSe is a]
At wIvahitc
cntiitect th a t
Siill Iut 11fn tel
Cation .V'it11e w1
I leug! it 01
Ir It4i t

Notice t
All l]yr.sonu
irizes. ,ofluredl i
tentlel for lnti
anI iexhilbite,'l
29 iiisteal of S,
list aiinoiince,
o. i.L'ore Augu.
lie sent lir, 'rvan>
parcdl. TlIe Ce
liremliiumn.; at P(
ly altered fro,
Angiuit 29:hm
grown to snch
would d not trail
September 12t
expoitiol. -
trip rate will
all of West
Penisa-;ola to
it starts for A
-WVest Flori
copy antd keep
three weeks, a
exhibit al1nd o

Mrs. Laura C.
and knowing t
has done me, m
comes my dis!
letter may give
The intsaates
and I was one o
too soon, with
did not regain
I became o
from sleeplesan
my vitality, tha
go on. A dear
Dr. riles,
I took 2 bottles
In better health n
Its ocM toHusa
as my work is
dressed to Milw
June 6,184M.
Dr. Miles' Ner
Sarantee that t
S1 druggists sell
It will be sent, p:
by the Dr. Mil s

Dr. Mile

.- ... -. ..- .

f effecting the o ga-
couui iany'. Mr. \V.
hl" projector of the
ported twenty-one
1. leaving nine shares
before the work of
hit commence.
g, name persons wet'o
a for the balance of

InI, jimes isi'lemit

now is upon us to educate, could ob-
tain books in higher classics in liter-
atire an.I science, would without
doubt have a strong teudancy to
elevate to a higher plane, the minds
and reasoning powers of those who
are to eventually conduct the affairs
ef our country.
One must admit, no matter how
unconcerned he may be in the matter,
that the mind is as easy to be cor-
rupted and berome dissipated by
the nature of literature, by which
it is attracted during aIe hours
as it is ior the physical

selinoriught to -
halit u:il practice o m orne of Me iti eas
uf sports and enjoyment which are
,iu peculiar to mankind.
Tite first to tn-aidar is the fasihuil-
ity of a library in a small towns.
Without a municipal incorpora -
tion it could not be sustaiiinl by
means of property taxation; aitI noi
one could flatter thumselvos, by f r
oule moment entertaining the
thought, that the people at largo
would contribute enough funds and
books even to start one, much less
sustain it after it is started.
Some objections v ill probably arise
to Mr. Lipe's intention of mnlaking
an attemptil to organize a public
liirarv il c.,neiietoitl with ainy

Ah i ch id1>,Illm i II;ttlioul or Chti slI It- in 4
II, secte itrl V.
r I t i e a -. i- l t 'e ln'i t i i n
Setos win o i Jt tlhe tii..t lace such action
heCs will be ),ul li.sheesl ,. i create ,li.. l ,ntioi l i regard to
t i nature aind kind ol books it
to, raie the hal- holdd contain, ,vhich would be a
y at oie, a n.l as most disasterous blow to mtart with.
pri)coeI with tie All know that it i- absolutely .ssen-
he line. ta.l to have a library contain books
line is completed "on all sides of political, scient ilc,
a to Farnmllsh it religious and literary and social
down the Bay to subjects. The works of Voltaire
I of the Imoiiey for and Spencer should be allowed t.)
ei.l-I pledlgedl. be distributed with as little restric-
ika the line wil tion as those of Lee Wallace andi
Ilegraph line ilia th ioh Bunvan.
'in l lihic coniinu i .
tole ero uintry. It. i It iS fat from the intention of the
wilj prove a ietat writer to in a ny manner throw glooin

Exlihi litor.s.
cIIInp.-tiLing f|r the
1n the aii ticlc. in-
Atlant!a exposition
Pensacoli August
teumber ll11th as at
must notify nie on
3 I. A titles should
as rally a" pre-
libit anI| awair1 of
sacola is necossari-
September 1lth to
as the exhibit ha,
imensions that we
r to Atlanta between
.and opening of the
nere nominal r-undm
put in effect, so that
loridla can come to
the exhibit before
papers will please
standing for two or
d thereby assist the

WV. D. CIinr.Ev.

Saffereth Long."

// 1

ooenix, fUlwakee, Wis.
a Befteless SRmes
good Dr. Miles' Nervine
wlh to help others, over-
e for the publicity, this
e. In Nov. and ec., 1893,
ad the "LaGrippe,"
e first. Resuming duty
Scare of so many sick.
health, and in a month
litated and ervous
and the drafts made on
as a question I could
lend advised me to try
ve Nervsnee.
am happy to say. I am
a ever. I still continue
se, as a uerve food,
y trying. A letter ad-
ee, Wis., will reach me."
LAURA 0. PnouwXx.
e is sold on a positive
first bottle will benefit.
at 1, 6 bottles for $5, or
id, on reeipt of price

stores Health
....p.-.. to ; allr ndru lts .

Florida Central and Pen!nsul
A I I 0 A &D- E

New Florida and Northern Air Line and Flori'
Time Table in Effect, April 21, 1895.

For Northern Points.-Leave Jacksonville 8:45 a.m., (Sunday- only); 4:10 p.m
(daily except Sulnday: 930 a.1m., 5 40 pm. 7 00 anm. Arrive Jacksonville 10:30
in., 9 20 p.m., 8:45 a.m.,2 43 p.m., (daily except Sunday): 6:36 p.m., (Sunda 's onl
Leave Yulue 9:55 a.m., (Sunday., only); 4:55 p.m., daily except Sun
a.m., (i:3ri p.m., 7:42 a.m. Arrive Yutlke 9:40 a.m., 8 30 p.m., 7:501.a-n. 1 40 p
Daily except Sunday): 5 30 p m (Sunday-:>nly.) --
Arrive Fernandina 10:10 a.m., (Sundays on-i*) 5:2 p.m., (daily except Su
day): 11 15 a m, 7 p m (daily except Sunday). Leave 0-05 a.m., 7 15 a.m., 1 p
(daily except Sunday); 4:50 (Sundays only.)
Arrive Everett 8:15 p.m., 9:40 a.m., 7 42 a.m..6 40 p.m.
Arrive Savannah 10:06 p.m.,1 1:22 a.m.., Leave5:55 a.m. 4:44 p.m. 10 14 p m.
1130am Arrive 546 am., 4 34 pm, 1055 a m.
Arrive Fairfax, S. C., 6.15 p.m.,12 17 a.m., 1 24 p.m. Leave 3:5
p.m., 8:25 a.m.
Arrive Augmst.a, Ga. 9:30 p.m. 6:30 a.m.Leave 8:40 p.m., 7:15 a.m.
Arrive Denmark, S. C., 7:30 p.m., 1:04 a.m., 2:10 p.m. Lave 3: f
p.m.. 7.10 a.mo.
Arrive Columbia, S. C., 2 40 a.m. 3:45 p.m. Leave 1:30a.m., 12
Arrive Charlotte, N. C., 7 a.m., 8:20 11 p.m. Leave 11:05 p. 40 a.m.
Arrive Salisbury. N. C., 847 a.m., 9:37 p.m. Leave 7:30 a.m.
Arrive (_'reensboro, N. C., 10:15 a.m., lu 48 p.m. Leave 7 47 p m. 6:04 a.m.
Arrive Danville, Va.. 11:04 a.m., 12 p.m.. Leave 6 10 p.m., 4.45 a.m.
Ar-iive Richmond, Va., 2 0.5 am. Leave 12:35 a.m.
Arrive Lvnchburg, Va., 1 4.5 p.m., 1 53 a.m. Leave 2:48 a m.
-1 Charlottesville. 4 04l p.m., 335 a.m. Leave 2 27 p m, 1:03a.m.
Vaihington. 8:30p.m., 642 a.m. Leave 1115a.m., 10.05 p.m.
MV Baltimor 11:.25 p.m., 805 a.m. Leave 9:42 a.m., 8:37 p.m.
S "rir.- i0 25 p.m. Leave 7:20 a.m., 5:55 p.m.
rve New Yo ,Now a m., 2:53 p.m. Leave 32:i,'han., 8:20 p.m. --
Trains 35 and 36 solid Between Jacksonville and Charlotte.
Pullman sleepers to Tampa, Jacksonville and New York on Nos. 37 and 38.
Elegant Through Day Coaclies Jnacksonville to Washington, on
No. 37 and 38.
Through Sleepers Between Jacksonville and New York.
CINCINNATI-JACKSONVILLE. Chicago, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Louls-
ville, Nashville. Indianapolis.
Leave Jacksonville 7 a.m., 5 40p.m. Arrive 10 30 a.m., 9 20 p.m.
Arrive Evorett 815 p in. Leave 7:42 6 40 "
Macon 450 1:27 a.m. 2:30 "' 1130 a
Atlanta 830 492 11 451pm 8 "
6i Chattanooga912 a.m t 40 t" 8:4
Cincinnati 7:20 p.m 8 30a.m 8 p
Day coach No. 38 through to Atlanta. Nos. .35 and 36 solid vestibu
from Cincinnati-Jacksonville. Sleepers to and from Jacksonville.
HOLLY SPHINGS ROUTE. To St. Louis, Chicago, Sioux City.
540 p.m LvJacksonville, Ar. 10 30 a. m. 6 a n, 11:45 p.m. Leave Atl
12:00 n'n,2:55 p.m,.Lv Birmingham. 7:50 p.m, 7:20 a.m. Holl
7:30 a.m, 7:30 " St. Louis. 1:55 1:35 p-s. Chic
7:30 p.m 7:30 :..m." DuLbuque. 7:00 a.m. 8:00 S Sioux
Through Pullman sleepers St. Louis and Jackson ville. S ra t
cago or Sioux C'it.v and Jacksonville with but one change.
KANSAS CITY LINE. Through sleeper Jacksonville to
Spi-ingt- to Kansas L City (one change only.)
Mi.- outi,. A k n,:-I. I ndian Torr-i-itory.
4 40 p.m Lv Ja.k--kinville Atr 10 302 a.m 10:00 p.m Ar Me
S13.5 **- A Everett Lv 7 42 0:15 a.m Spring
12:li0 n'n '- iru inigham "* 2:55 p.inm 5:10 p.m Kansas
!tt1. amn Lv Fernandiua Ar
10 l lam C'a.llahan 63
0i :71 puni :1ii aim Jac-ks"onville 63.
lit li pi t1-1-2 an Ar Baldlwin Lv 5 30 anm
12I I : -it l in.l : *' Starke 4 o" at
123 pimn 12.301 lpniai "Wada-a
"7 u0 am 1 1 iGm ainesville .-'
9'-I L %I i n L

0)n) pm "
1-4 pm 1 2l pm l
2 2 aui 1 .5 pm "
2 34 im
If.' SEvery tourist hlioul
3 (A am 2 48 pm "

4 2.'3 am 347 p)r
6 25) amn 4 20) pm
7 20i an 447 pin
0-50 am ti I) pnm
5 3t lpil
5 4S am 4 49 1,>r
t.i O11 p
p- l mi n

t 1.u ,j .TC, A% it IL VWtPUI e U0 oL O (1 11
most practicable of any conriiho that 0 !. 5 n I 1(i. ,
7 2.'ant I" 11 l ,li
could be pursued to prepare thie in- 9i iu .ini 7 Lt [,im
habitaints of onr vicinity to be more Conitetio'ls I'un, .
6 20' pmu t ;',, 1i
comipetentl to keep pace with ov't- 8 .35 n 11 55 Uin
side advancement and progress. '9 37 pm 1 34 pm
Let some more practical mind sug- 12 1)5 am 252 pm
gest to us theorists a feasible way 12 45 am 3 37 pm
4 32 pm
of sustaining it and then establish 5 15pmn
the library immediately. 11 00 pmi
3 05A am
rlRUTHSEEKER. 7 .;- am
Tlroue-h Puinlma
St)aily except 'U
The West Florida Exhibit. River and Key W12
Ve are ready'to receive preserves, Connects at Tallah;
at River Junction I
ratsup. wine and other articles for mosassa. AI
,ill still be sold at
exhibition as rapidly as they are pruc. Depot tike, t office.
paredi. D)eiver thlioe to the station N TicketN Ag
agent, and be careful to have your
aumte upon every package. Wlien
they reach Pensacola they will be
numbered, so thitt the judges will-
not know to w.int thiv belong.
Corn stalks should liebo pulled up bM
the roots, a-id buanileti together, ard tOMM
if possible coverel Iwith saicki:g. S
They- sotil lie pulled notp aiunt thi
time the corn is harilihn ing, aid ii Fr esh
should all coni- together., corin stall.s
and fodder. w. D.LcmUimv. DR. V
West. ilorila papers ill pils' Offers His Profes
*opyV two or i th;i'; ties.
May be ri'iund at
Such A" tin. Arab O-tri lBeforeO En-
ter be IHunr-m. IOU
Arab girls eforrn they enter thetrem
annd take thi' veil are a carrions eigh"t-ta -
lbhold. TLe!ir buldis audl fwes are (lyd
a lri:;.ht yellow within turmicrio. On this
ground they pamit black litnL--witb .I.n
tin'uiy over their eyes. Tho fashion-
ble color for ithe no.;oi.t red. Cr-Cn iN 1
pots adorn tilo cheksN, and thl e rl 2
aspect i.i grot. quo beyond dewaipti,, .
My wife tells r me that the bolk's in
the sultan's harem are also paiut d in
this fashion, and that they also paint C a F
gloves ou theirhands and shoes ontheir FOR BUILDI NG
feet, anlid thus bedizened hope to secure
the affections of their lords. At Shief Should vyou no
the men would not allow my wife to ap-
proach or hold any intercourse with the
Arab women, using opprobrious epithets P F
when she tried to make friendly over-
tures, with the quaint result that when-
ever Mrs. Bent advanced toward a group Pio .
of gazing females they fled precipitate- "I an gning ho!
ly, like a flock of sheep before a collie the young wife, "a
dog. These women wear their dresses am not coming b
high in front, showing their yellow havo eaten that
legs above the knee, and long behind, trouble and pains t
They are of deep blue cotton, decorated "1 am glad to her
with fine embroidery and patches of young husband. "th
yellow and red sewed on in pattern. of me to attend m
It is the universal female dress in &polls Journal.
Hadramut and looks as if the fashion
had not changed sienoe the days when Thoi Old Wom
Hazarmaveth, the patriarch, settled in "Why, Helen. wv
this valley and gave it its name (Gene- Mr. 8app P to tie u
sis x, 28). The tall, tapering straw hat you? You can do i
worn by these women when in the fields ter."
contributes, withthe mask, to make the "I know I can, bn
Hadrami females asexternallyrepulsive let him know it. I
as the most Jealous of husbands could was anything he di
desire -Nineteenth Century. ter than I, I'd lose
legs bove he kne, an longbehin rub.qleUI an- an


uCedar K(ey
Silver Springs "
vi.,it Silver Spring.

Ocal a
W 1l dlw ood
Leesbu m-g-
WVinter- 1 uak
Tarpun Sprn -inri
Sut i %r lar, (

2 45 am 12 14 pm
2 02 am 12 16 pm
11 34 am

105am 11 19am
7 00) am
11I 40 pm 10 18 am
10.'15 pim 038 am
9 13 pm 9 10 am
4 50pm 7 145am
8 :3 am
9 48 pm 9 !t am
17 00 am
ti 12 am
1ii 25 am

___L ~ ~ ot flwi .r .i. __~_ ~ _

S' Dad.-City i27 nm 8 4
S"" Iiumtt CiLty ,8 12 ,pm 7
Tinpa 7 (O.jim 7
.\rii.- iilcl by t ai!n N,', ": ': i. .:40i p. Li.
i Lv 4J!i.k i 11-,vilA i .\' 8 (.00
Ar L.ak, (_:t.y Lv .5
i I .v -: "' I k. . 7
S1<> i; 1 4
a TI l!nii.ha, tas1ee
it Q tilli -'
'Rivr Juic'tuOi on
1 t Pensacoa
N 5 "~r;j,..an. l L .)
tn n-leepcrs .JT ek-!io ili- ti Now (-,Orle', i.ir.-
iiday. CCo>nnectii i.n- rt "Thnitn -or tit.. 1'ct aers
.t and Ha-lanu .tah.tin'.'r. A1 A VWaldo. stlaoiUI'ji
ae. foe ot St. M arks, ( 'ari abelle and Apatlachicola.
for C'hatt.ahooche River .,toamers. Connects at Ocal
11 baggage will be checked from Union Depot.
the city -ticket office, 202 Hogan st., as wlL as at. the
nnt 202 West Bay street. corner Hogan, Jacksonville, Fla.
;TON, Trffic Mgr. 0. MAC DONELL,GGe. Vae

End DrugStaOr


nd of Guaranteed Purinty.

isional Services to the Citizens of St. And res an
Surrounding Country.
his residence on Buenna Vistwavenne at night. --

1 L bLKlbfer Coc


'ostoffice, Farmdale, Fla.

urnish Rough Lumber
t find what you want on the yard, leave 1our1
order, which shall have
BI. V. DI\DRICI' K, Manager.

)ne to mother," said
,nd, what is more, I
rbck till I hear you
pie I took so much
o make for you."
tr," meekly said the
at you think enough
y funeraL"-Indian*

sn Still Popular.
'hat made you ask
p that package for
t a great deal bet-

ut I don't intend to
f he thought there
don't understand bet-
him, sure."-N. Y.

norInoLrI.BC Now.
"What we want of you," said
editor to the poet, "is something
"But what do you call new?';0>--
"Something worked over and' smashed .
till you can't recognie- it"-Atlanta.
Time for Resfletion
Kitty-Jack says he will stop drink-
ing if I will marry him.
Janet-Well, be careful, my dear.
It's easier for him to begin again than
it is for you to get unmarnred.-Detrot
Free Proes.
EndingK a Vlloulsim & .,-
Mr. Grumppa (hotly)-You must be
Mrs. Grumpps (iclly)-Just what
everybody said when I married you,-'-
. Y. Weekly...

- _I


-APL i











eWIor Uer.



SHofricultural a 11 i IMprovemelit

S- 'cAiati, .
>~~~~~ o ooatox

JANUARY. 9, 1892.

Association is to Improve the Country adjacent to St
Andrews jBay and to
op its Resources as a Fruit-Growing Country.
iplish this the Association proposes to Sell Lands in tractsof Two-
-half and FiveAcres to such parties only as will improve them by the
ion of Hbuses. Fences iand such Permanent Improvements as will enhance the
of each tracet so disposed of, an, particularly to
Plant them out in Trees, Plants and Vines,
that in the shortest practicable time every such tract shall be a
Source of Revenue to its Owner.
which will naturally be asked will be: "Is this Asso-
the answer to it is: Any' person employing the Association
y deposit an approximate payment of the estimated cost of
ibie business man or firm doing business on the Bay or in
O enly when the Associatiur shall satisfacto-
o nit heacording tm Prnmi tp aict
.lt watch aWd care for
ling against forest fires, dishondes,;p grers
e to be prevented.
oif the probable expense a.nd ineonie of a fruit
ws3 Bay country a few figures are given:
y $2. to $50; cost of clearing, say $20; 'ost of planting let
ivat ion each year thereafter, $2(0
StI estimate that a 1-acre vineyard will on the third
ted, yield $211i worth of fruit, and of peaches nearly or quite
uld dor even heter than that. Then, though perhaps a little
n coming into profitable hearing may be named pears, apricots,
.umn, prunt n mhlerries, olives. Japan persimmons almonds English
is, Japan chestnuts, pecans, and ..,any other varieties of fruits and nuts. which
almost certain to flourish her-: while oranges and citrus fruits, though not con-
dered certain yield large returns oftener than they miss.
The Secretary of the Assodiation will give particular attention to an-
swering letters of inquiry,' and the ,LO will in its answers to correspondents an-
swer all questions ask;d it.
R E M E M B E R, the A.\aociation Lands willbe sold on Easy
Terms of Pa5ment, hut improvements must bie paid f,,r aq satisfactory proof is given'
that the work has been performed. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED.
Address R. E. HOWARD, Sec.
Harrison, Fla.

Wilets Saw-Mill.

Having Leased

Te Salisury LLmier Company's Mill,
I am Prepared to fill orders on the shortesnotice for

'First class LuNmbr of all Graoflsil

Either Rough or Dressed;at Reasonable Picesl
Office at the Mill on East Bay; West ot Harrison.
LEE WILLETT, Proprietor.

If you need FURNITURE of any kind, call on



40, 42, & 44 S. Palafox st., Pensacola, Fla.





Double Actirt Force Pump.

*^*^ ,f'-<,<,, F- ^tcAVEATS nTRAO IMARKSj
C ,d Perfectly 54rJE. Ti", oamATM
...i' Ipraeutoe, t r 5 Si are, OP RIGHTS.
I not as represented. Send 4 oent CAN I OBTAIN A PATENT ? For a
.jaled a :ticula. Pop a and an honest opinion, write to
SlT& 4 IVNZCwho have bhasd na I P eas
dTiSIiT 1E.120 N .i.8thSt.. SLLouiMs. 108 eereaen buness oi
CUons strictly confidential. AsHand4ook ofIIC.
formation concernin Patents and how to ob-
tin them sent free. Iso a catalogue of Mechan.
teal and scientific books sent free.
Patents taken through hnan & Co. receive
Trti! Ol. M iafe S01*1nottoetuthe Scientific Amnerican, anS
rhe Old Reliable Ure b i before the Publwt
E. out cost to the inventor. This splendidpaper.
issued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, has by arthe
largest circulation of any scientific work in the
B~te .dWorld. 03 a year. Sanug.oiec s te
Notabli shed 9Ytlesrrra t~ eor ama Bnuidiny Edtlo mng ily l'sa er.nglit
married or singe In casos of exposure copies, 2 cents. ery number contains beau.
abuscis, Cixcar cr tanprprelees SKLL eilpate. in colors, and hotographs of now
une@ s to plans, enabling I a fw
f~l2UO5A SEr Coard as wifapartments houses with plans, ablin lder showthe
furnished w w Ia iredr ,uostion tl atstK andecure coutracs. address
and "iono 're. Cain or Wvritt. omuA Iw o 3l BOADWA.

Agents to sell our niv lm.,k Dictiorar' fan eN aLd hNaun.rs the hair.
Pv*-niuzf Sa lusur.onc grow-ih.
of United Stated HIstory .i ntiv. FiI. 0t nBoro Ge
FRAM.r'. jJ.u.sov4. -Ni-rdi 1 lv., 5Ia'-i -.r to i" Yo'aftl Color.
Si._ r *upi a d fn ., . d iC|*i'flfr.V'=-v -- "I Cur.. ulpdi i-" .& hnir laying.
ten fh r c., pupil and family; indi,. .I rni I .-nta unigiu
press .aid piiuliv-. Apemts v.'lhii fifty, -
lor.Ls ) s.ir v k. i :. L-.Il I|I a 1 wi fll
1i ni ado, riLra Ia in' ii I ti li * r I-,. Pa.r teir 'in0-ger Tonif. It cares the worst Coughi,
Snl iral ill. Big .. ,ak Ling. Drl'v, Ind.gction,PainTakeintime .60e
tar..1 lLElLSVrn;, .I.... rL...I. ,\M,-. 1 R0ERCORNS. The only surecurefor Cona.
ips paiia. 1c. t 'rugists, or ISCOX 9 CO., N. Y.


Passed by the Recent Legisture
Th Following List of Laws by
Their Titles Will be Con-
tinued from Week to
Week Until all are
146. Ani act to incorporate the
Atlantic and Gulf Railway, and
grant certain aid in the construction
147 .A joint resolution proposing anl
amendment to Section 22 of Article
5 of the constitution of the state
of Florida, relating to justice of the
148. An act providing for the
speedy disposition of causes in county
courts and criminal courts ol record
in thrs State.
149. An act to authorize the
governor of the state of Florida. in
his official character, to convey lot 1,
of section 24, of township 46 south,
range 23 cast, in the county of Lee,
state of Florida, to the United Stateir

of America.

B /f Y iV V PT l and don't be imposed upon by buying a
S1 remedy that requires you to do so, as it is
I nothing more than a substitute. In the mud-
S A s. den stoppage of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and in most all cases, the effect of
the stimulant, be it opium, morphine, or other
opiates, leaves a far worse habit contracted.
T Oi 1J. Jsk your druggist about BACO-CUIRO. It
is purely vegetable. You do
B r l A /f'M A 7 < [not have tostop using tobacco
B:i0 (I llI/.l A i [ I I with BACO-CURO. It will
will\l]Pl v.' "Jnotify you when to stop and
your desire for tobacco will
... ease. Yout-system will be as
f Wromin icjtine as the day b1)fort y.jt took your first chew or smoke. An
I -clad written guarantee to aib.-olutely cure the tobacco habit in all its forms
uney refun.ed. Price $1.00 per box or 3 boxes (30 days treatment and
ranteed cure,) $2.50. For sale by all dri ggrstsUor will be sent by mail upon
B klets and proofs free. Eureka Chemical & M'f 'g Co., La Crosse, Wis.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 7, 1894.
Eureka Chemical and M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis
Dear Sirs-I have been a tobacco fiend for many years, and during the past
t years have smoked fifteen to twenty cigars regularly every day. My whole
,vousa system became affected, until my physician told me I must give up the
Uof tobacco for the time being, at least. I tried the so called "Keeley
Ce ," "No-To-Bac," and various other remedies, but without success, until I
a dently learned of your "Baco-Curo." Three weeks ago to-day I commenced
u g your preparation, and to-day I consider myself completely cured; I am in.
P ect health, and the horrible craving for tobacco, which every inveterate
. ker fully appreciates, has completely left me. I consider your "Baco-Curo"
s ly wonderful, and can fully recommend it. Yours very truly,

'-=- -, l U

150. An a t in,; -
and criminal proceedings andi
151. An act to regulate
classification of sawn pitch
timber, and to punish the



classification tohreof.
152. An act to amend sections 1,
6 and 9 of chapter 4098 laws of
Florida, approved May 7, 1891, in
reference to an act to prohibit fishing
in the lakes of this state, with seines
or nets or set devise, for a term of
160. An act to amend section 3
of article 8 and section 3 of article 9
of chapter 4312 of the laws of Flor-
ida. relating to assessment of city

property, entitled an act to abolish
the present municipal government of
the city of Sanford, Orange county,
Florida, and organize a city govern-
ment for the same, and prescribe its
jurisdiction and powers.

161. An act to encorporate the
Mutual Bank of Florida.
162. An act to increase the effi-
ciency of the state board of health
163. An act to amend sections
272, 273 and 274 of the revised
statues of the Statc- of Florida, relat-
ing to the powers and duties of boards
of managers of the state blind, deaf
and minute Institute.
16,4. An act amend section 2197
of the revised statutes of Flonra.
relating to the limitation of deposits
in savings banks by one individual.
165. An act to require the county.
board of public instruction of Monrn e
county to have the English language
taught in San Carlos public school.
166. An act to amend an act en-
titled an act to incorporate the Pen-
insula and Oriental express company.
167. An act to provide for the
approval of certain criminal bonds
by the sheriffs of this state

Of Interest to Ladies.
We offer no apology in placing before
it is absolutely reliable, easily adjusted,
does not become misplaced and insures
protection. Can be worn when desired
without observation or knowledge of
another and prevents disagreeable an-
noyance under certain conditions. If
you use it once you will never be with-
out it. It is a faithful, safe and reliable
friend whenever needed by special cir-
cumstances requiring it3 use. It is an
article every woman should keep ready
for immediate use. It is simple to use,
and inspires confidence to the woman
using it. It is reliable and scientifically
made, insures protection without inj ury
to health, as any good physician would
say. We are of the opinion that no
article has ever been made which will
give as much satisfaction to the woman
of to-day as "THE LADIES' SAFE PRO-
TECTOR." The immense sales of this
article is a substantial endorsement of
our claim. Do not therefore experiment
with any of the numerous unreliable
articles, as it is both dangerous to
health and expensive to do so. Such
experimenting can only result in loss of
time disappointment and dismal fail-
ure. Ladies should member this before
_J'rderinU other goods and not waata.
their time and money on inferior arti-
cles. The best is always tne :cheapest.
under a positive guarantee for use for-
one year, with full dir-ectoins and is
sent sealed in plain wrapper upon re-
ceipt fof express money order for $1.00
three or $5,00. Do not wait put order
at once. Address THE LA CRORS SPEC-
IALITY Co., LaCrosse, Wis.
Japanese LXove For Thillrea.
Next to their frugality and exquisite
neatness a remarkable thing about the
Japanese is their great love for the lit-
tle folks. They have an extraordinary
talent for making their doll babies hap-
py. They are forever inventing oomioal
toys and designing fantastic little play-
things to amuse them. With us the.,
grandfathers and grandmammas are the '
children's playfellows and best friends.
Over in the sunny little empire all the
world has nothing more important to
do than provoke the pleasure of his own
child or the Mr. Little Boy or Mies Lit-
tle Girl of his neighbor, as they are al-
ways called. At the bazaar, on fete
days, at festivals and concerts, the in-
describable little creatures are seen pick-
aback, with their sweet, round yellow
arms tightened lovingly about some big
sister's or big brother's neck. They have
peppered jamr iced beans and pickled
sweetmeats to their hearts' content, de-
licious tarts jellied to laurel or lemon
leaf, and as many dolls, kites and col-
ored lanterns as they can possibly carry
away from the booths.-- Tokyo Letter.

copper Carbonate Solution. ___-
irections for the preparation of am- ] I
ical s9oliution of copperer carlbonate
^L~~~~ ~~~~ '^ 1 f j *>. *

I .S_
taan ordinary water pail mix 5
o cesof copper carbonate with enough
w er to make a thick paste. Diesolve
th paste in 3 pints of strong aqua am-
m ia; then dilute to 50 gallons. If 3
pi s of ammonia are not sufficient to
dis lve all the pasta, add enough to
bri g about this result. Copper car-
bo te ocr urs in the market Iform of a
fin greenish powder. The retail
pri e is usually 60 cents per pound
Aq a ammonia having a strength of
26 retails at 8 cents per pound. Upon
th ia basis one gallon of the ammoniacal
solu ,ion will cost one cent.
May-e a Hint or Two In This For Othei

Cheap Money Philosophers.
Ak object lesson in currency is dis-
playld in a Beekman street restaurant
win w. It consists of two imitation
backs pasted so that both ob-
ve and reverse sides are shown. The
gree ks are beautifully engraved and
Weressunod in 1880 for use in the anti-
gree ok campaign. With them in the
wind is this placard, devised by the
prop etor of the place:
W13 ot compromise on this? It would sat-
isfy a tihe worst vrep4 -allt prtite, might
wma- s rvet.'-ryft" the treasury and inci-
denta make thhe bet known as it is the
bstt I room in the city.
Th imitation greenback isof the $1,-
000 d nomination. On the obverse side
in th center Is this inscription:
No.' 2isfuSfl6W8200. Series Se480281-
A moe age on all property in the United
Swi vllle avenue, Washington City, July
AbLc. money fV r lhe sum of l,0O0 dolls.
l.'dt'Om )e nowhere in nothing and by no-
body- e law directs that thi monvy shall
air Whcn ts- note-ba -o-een-
spent,. t, may bie had upon application- 'i
the Un i tat'm tr-asury.
Ete' nationin to any man who refuSeis
to tak ii bill at par for all dubts.
Ate left is a picture of Unole Sam
turh n the crank of a machine which
grinds out thousand dollar bills, the
devil sing on the bills with a pitch-
fork fast. as they are turned out. In
the ground is seen the capitol with
the st e of America toppling from its
dome. skeleton holds up the warning
but d regarded signal "Stop i" and a
track a broken trestle, on which the
whol to, point "To the devil.'"
Thet ottoes decorate the illustration:
"Ful under for debts, public and pri-
vate, d "Death to any man who re-
fused give us more credit." At the
right de appears Uncle Sam holding
out leted pockets, while a scrawny
eagle hungrily at a serpent coiling
out l the fold of a foat bilL A shat-
tered empty barrel represents the
i. .verse of the greenback is mostly
prinm mottoes. In the center is a big
"$1, ," hemmed in by these four
senti nts: "Burn the bonds," "Shoot
tibe dbolders," "Down with cap-
ital,' "Vive la commune." Around the
side printed statements of a satirical
natu ,These are some of them.
The wr man's money. The more a man has
the per ho is.
No i ro work. No more interest to any-
body. v4dn all property equally.
Goe a coward.-H. B. Wright. This mon-
ey is t afraid of anybody.
(Ci1 ritiou demands mnvnoy reliWeenttng no
arlifi 1 vaine.-F. W. HBhhes. This is just
the tI -repromentd no value whatever.
Wh thbe government has completed Its work
of is g one of these not-es to each individual
in t tton, very person will be worth $1,.
Ml y people crowded about the win-
dow e other day and scanned the
bil Some of them asked the proprietor
for ies of them, but he had no more
and d he believed them to be quite
Sv-workuiohbip, though not li-
desi bey are a fairly good, imitation
of a back.-Now York Sun,.



give a
g-old f<
$200 i
the se
$25 fo
the ne
for the
given 4
will bi
We s
The fir
tlhe ILl
and i..
f unded.,
str uct i
test up(
der fil'
tee (Gl
T.-i" .,-


izes for the Best Pictures .
ovember 15th, 1895, we shall
the best pictures taken by the
e Camera.
rizes will be awarded as follows:
old will be given lor ihe best
aken by thle Camera; $100 for
ud best; $5. for the third best;
the fourth best: $15 for the
t: $110 for the sixth best, and for
40 best $5 each will be given;
ext 80 best $2.50 each wiil be
d for the next 200 best pictures
the LaCrosse Camera $1 each
ven, making in all $1000 given
Sll do this for two reasons, viz:
to introduce the LaCrosse
or l495; the second to educate
ours in photography. This
sos November 1st, 1895.
mcra cau be used by any one
Id under a positive written I
to do the work or money re-
'ent by express with full in- i
and rules governing this con-
receipt of express money or-
re. A Written Guaran-
with every Cainera.
nw; .

A GreUd Edsusato.
8Succesorqlf the
A nTabridged."
Standard of the
U. S. Gov't Print-
Supreme court and
Sof nearly all the
Warmly corn-
mended by every
state Superinten-
dent of School,
and other Educa-
torn almost with-
out number.
A College President writes: "Foer
"ease with which the eye finds the
"word sought, for accuracy of deflnt-
"tion, for effective methods in Indi-
"eating pronunciation, for terse yet
comprehensivee statements of fats,
Sand for practical use as a working
"dictionary, Webster's International'
"excels any other single volume."
The One Great Standard Authority,
So writes Hon. D. J. rewer, Justice U. S.
Supreme Court.
G. 1 C. 1MRIAM CO., Publishers,
Springfeld, Mass., U. S. A.
Oa-Send to the publishers for free pamphlet.
M- Do not buy cheap reprints of ancient editions.


Of St. Anldrews
and the
Bay Country.

We have made arrangements by
which we can furnish this fine MAP
covering about eighteen miles square
of territory, including the Cincinnati
Company's Tract, also Harrison,
Parker, Cromanton, and adjacent
country, for
- -gr g- 'e-itcior5c- li vea.lA U1.sicrip(Ions.
By the aid of this map the location of
lands purchased of the Cincinnati
Company can be easily ascertained,
or, parties may send us $1 and their
description andi we will locate their
lots and return the Map by mail.
Address THE buoY,
St. Andrews, Fla.
For 5 cashl subscribers, we- will give as
a premium, I Sectional Map of the Bay
country, or 1 Map of the City of St. An-
Sdrews. Either map sold singly-$1

$100.00 .
Given Away
Every Month
to the person submitting tfte
most morTtorlosn l evsts.io
'" W1 82 UR BPATENT8,
a FOR INVENTORS, and thed
Subject of this offer is to en-
courage persons of an invent-
-, le turn of mind. At the
S same time we wish impess
the fact that : .: ::
It's the Simple, o
Trivial Inventions
That Yield Portunes
-such as De Longje Hook
and Eye "See that Hum,"
(-,r "Safety. rin," "Pigs in Clo-
ver." "Air Brake," etc.
Almost every one conceives
O a bright idea at some time or
other. Why not put it in prae-
-.., tical use? YOUR talents may
lie in this direction. May
make your fortune. Why not
try? .; .. .
a Wrlte for further Information and
mention this paper.
Philip W. kvlrett, Oea. Mgr.,_;
01a z e tre5r northwest ,
SIWThe responlibillty of this oompany
S may be Judged by the fact that ita
took Is held by over one thousand
of the leading newspapers in the
i United States.
l I Ii llllllXXXgllllllli

hteheatet's English Bm..a'e.'Ls
Original and Only emauine. A
A E, always reabl. ma& o a
= Druggist for Oathesot Einal&h Dia-S
j mond Brand In Bed anl Gold metellio\WV
l lb oxes, sealed wih blue ribbon. Take
f Ino other. ReAua' dawgeroua autetf V
l- t -- o,,u ei iat(tBao,,. AtDr lggeilta, urmSa .
S Inampl fbr patuiu imnia, ttnw oll ad
WR lef fbinLdiers"ule. I,* .Ua by mwi
JMaIL 10,000 T0eetimoanlale. Nanw flPr.
,.,.. _'--., F, Ol..rhM 0,,-longA


Secure one or More Good Ri



OP4 Five-Acre EMit

J-o- -.'- ---i-: -
Beinga PRACTICAL b '. .I "' .:,2 .


On the Shorter. P'o

Ibhi Notice.

Assessment and Payment of T
SWill be Given Prompt, Personal Attention.

^AU-. -l,. -
W. H. Parker,
Real Estate



L M.


Parker, Ela.





Ship Chandlery, SaltJ

EtSUPc. t

Etc. Etc,


Baltimore Twine anL Net Compan.


Ruugh and Dressed



An ft110UnI Una*.

L { "Q U~ jxal c x'hisowp .vW' Is of all we've found the 'e
U Wsrun~leO orreitn y dy; upuf
&I{ on. eat tn-al'all aH m- fl-dent, Failuretherwllineerbe~
For Bu~ccesWilev-XOral low -(Omit.) bcs U NzuQ.O. IL Pt
IF" 01 p .p0op.06 A _- P op0.0. O6 o. -P6 1;. -06 m-P,0 .-P I -

As your grocer for t.

S4l $ $ $ $ $ t $-$--- S 8 S 5 $ S 3

am on e or o96 o mond Desk Com-
B ^ _: pany'sboeautifulnRol opOffloeDesks. Theyare
I being manufactured and sold at astonishingly $
S low prices. You can buy them for a very iA

The Deska talk rorthemselves. "otav. RICHMI D I[ND.
- $ $ i t $, p r i t-- t l $ (u it_$.
I &S V itt for |rctiLO aij ol catalogue. 1 IN

Peter Lidgenstrilm ,


Mrs. I. J. Corly,

BuinaA Vista ve anl Drale St
St. And ews, Fla.
House and Accommodation Fitat
First Class in Every Respect.


I am prepare
Hauling l;th;i
and give entire
cut and delivered a


Ls HouI
i s
the Place for Passengers
Going to and from St. Andrews lay-
Rooms Cimfortable!

Tori Roasciabl!e


-r-toI w- q
Ad&km QmuakerCft AEP.-(00--RMc~sAd.,l

Do You Want



-- "

vIci alla~'-


Resolution of Lt .ice INCIDENTS OF ARMY LIFE.. Don't Toacbco Spit, or S1 ee
Passed by th 6t. bayYour Life Away.
lP asrtedr ba th t" l "''l' "'r ui" iy unpleasant Social Experiences Sometime. The truthful, siartlinng title of a ok
reticultuIral and Impruvclimet. A,- Experienced In Posts and Garrisons. about No-to-bac, tih. Ouiy hari ,,
S ucWlatuio upon the deilth uf Wi. Notwithstanding the fact that the offi- guaranteed tobacco-habit cure. I I o n
Scers of the American army are the very dant to quit and can't, use "No-to-b.
G, (lover, who wa! onte uf the ougauiz- pink of courtesy, they sometimes in Braces up nicotinzed nerves, elmil, e
c1ra of the assuciat.uu. post and garrison lifehavevery unpleas- icutint poisons, makes weak men II I
Resolved that: This as- ant social experiences. An officer in a cureu tor -io t' aud vig4' PI b e r O f)
so1 I i q no accord cure or money refunded. Sold at P lue r P o o r I
sociatioi learns with uorrow garrison s assignedquarters not accord- Di ug Store.
Sul the death of WmI. Glo.'er, aUd we ing to the necessities of his family, but Book at druggist, or mailed free
g. l, 95.l tn et hs l ,. In accordance with his rank. dress The Sterling Remedy Co., Chi
1 exted to his surviving family our It therefore comes out quite frequent- office -5 Raudolph 3t.; Iew York 0,
a interestt sympathy in their affliction. ly when a new officer is sent to a post Spruce StH al
SIntelligeut, sinceree, he con:ipro- that there are many changes of quar-
E N T. hlendd' the problems of life mnre ters, so eas to make room for him. When means so much more than
tI' tll than many, and was a10no,, a new major arrives, for instance, he PAINTINGS OF CHRIST. you imperious and
5' .Th the lirit to reeogniize the imp1,oitam-e selects the quarters that suit him best, TheP'acea Depicted by Some of the re Ifatal diseases ke .lt from
NoT... of <). >r o'[ra)izatio aI-g'vu to the mitatters not who occupies them, pro- Modern Art-iste. alit
l N '" l' "..r u alot ad Uffort I an a t vided the occupant is below him in Among the more modern paintia trifling ailments neglected.
pUt-ou h JpC .. 5a lut..rit ,i od effort anistot rank. He can turn out a major lower representing the Saviour is that by r- Don' play with Nature's
U)loi'd Jilk .. a1 iticl period of ;1 hi. tt, C on the list or any captain or lieutenant, regglo, painted in the sixteenth greatest
d nik,'a.1 i :a r thi lost neear conlitos t. and each of these when dispossessedcan tury. It represents hris with s greaes git- health.
Seated ..0(l e o 11itio a slco.~., ali* choose for himself what quarters suit curly beard, with long waving hair, youarefreein
k-ng powder m ake t ls ythe part he played him best if occupied by an inferior in mounted by a crown of thorus. T e fd general ts we
Roya ........ 51) as tui speeds iuing, will glw rank. One move, therefore, may make is a look of mute anguish on his haed, nervous,
Campbell. ..15a5 in our tumble rtance be e a dozen others. The women of the ar- that is heartrending, but neverth a eI n't worke
ted fu1t .20a- brighter aid i. ,it Ae sets all things my, it is said, are greater sticklers for the face is rather weak. begin at oncetak.
.. .10 rl ealied. 'Ti lie has lai, their rights than the men. But the men The most tristrengbl likened is thening a-
S A sle.. 10 right if we only wat; e i. ill thomsselves, while preserving all the painted at about the same time as at medicine which Is
Pears ......... 15 d1,von his bu rle anl 1i forms of highest courtesy, sometimes of Correggioby Albert Darer. It p- Bters. A few bot
d..1 l'lunms......... *5 draw the load wit hitruggle push their authority to thefullest limit. resents a powerful face, with a Gre n ties cure-beneft
SOlpac.hes S Apricotr....... .21 ith a deeper f i btse of ls For instance, at a two company post cast of countenance, with eyes disto d tomC frosm the
o.l 0il pral ....15 Strawherries...0 .. EtrI ONS in the west some years ago a captain of by pain and anguish, and even a e I B i lt r ai.. 3'
isolide ......o i'iieapple .... U example. N4 Prs. infantry was in command, as his com- of anger is apparent. ,, eaet -and t's
.ijda Syrup... 5(' Canned Meats Attest: i'Lon was of older date than that of The Christ of Ba kL. on
ln,.gar......... Ci- ,'ti' t li i .. .... n ..." .. .. 'the captain of oavaify also ther.Tlie rary of both the above, is an ~ a --
'heese pr lb .... 1t Chipped Beef.. 25 two captains were mutually antipathic. Italian work, the face being Ital
utter ......... 30 Lobeter ....... 2 Anderson---Pratt. In their official intercourse all the forms although the model for tho forehead d DyspepsIa, Kidney and Liver
ard ........ 1..... ..1 ...5I OUn Saturday night .Jly 28, at were observed, but still it was plain to upper face was evidently a wo Neuralgia, Troubles
Ieans........... 6 Canned Vegetuhles Neuralgia, Troubles,
ocuanut pkg... 10 Baked Beans... 1 Comanton, Mr. John Anderson, all that they cordially disliked each TheRembrandtChristof theseven th Constipation, Bad Blood
10 Corn 15 ^ other. One day the senior captain or- century wears an unpleasant expre on Maaria,
ui Pnddie... .......... 15 and Miss Lillian Pratt, were united dered the junior to take a file of men to about the mouth and has too long a W Malaria, Nervous ailmentsI
uice ...... 5 Pumpkin...... 15 in the bonds of matrimony. W. M. the forest and cut the firewood needed to be perfect, yet it is one of the gat Get Women's complaints crossed red
rdo7z .. 15 Croman, officiating minister. Miss for the winter. This duty ordinarily artist's last efforts. tGtoon hte g nine thassrsed s
to illian received a umber of S.e would have been-given to a sergeant or Perhaps the most fantastic pictu of statutes. On recent of two2c.tamps we
Pork Lillian received a number of s.ie corporal The cavalry captain had no Christ is that painted in the flft ith wil sew nd set of n Beatiful Worldsee
-..... 2,00 Mess pr ... 11 presents, and the hearty wishes of recourse and was obliged to obey. Just century by Leonardo da Vinoi It p. BROWNCHEMICAL CO. BALTIMOR MD.
.e. 4.50 Ba ies ... l u -erous friends for her happiness. as he got outside the post the mail, resents the Saviour looking over I .hisAL
e rut r W ...... B. 'k8f't B aIcon. 12 which came only now and then at in- shoulder, a cynical smile on his .
r ,u ......75 Ham canvassed 14 tervals of a week or so, arrived, and A hand maybe seen In hi hair, vi- BROWN's IRON T BITTERS
Shoulders ..... 10 BAXTER. the cavalryman stopped for letters. One dently drawing the head to one s It S
S 1. .....60 Beef Correspondence of the Buo. of these brought him his commission cannot compare in beauty, howev to FOR SALE AT
e.....d 1.60 Corni... .... 11 as major. He at once issued an order the same artist's face of Christ i the Pioneer Dr g Store.
........ 41 Fieh.. .. ...i ---'1 0e' ." rn eh, up and we taking command of the post and then famous "Lord's Supper."
ek-... L)rid. % arc having .some bie-autftil weather, another order assigning the wood chop- The noblest and the grandest is at
I..n' 10 'The corn crop isb.ut all made ad ping duty to the late commandant.- by Titian, painted in the sixteent en-gr T;ir
Chicago Times, tury. It is a face of resignati Of
rW th handle. 1.00 fodder pulling is the o,,lr of the day. firmness-strong, yet. mild; ild 'yet IU
ropek,. ,a5 Hepear .50a By the way, L. C. Davis has some strong. Titian was 90 years old hen
.. 1'..5 Copper pit.can 0
e, jQint.18a20 Lin :ed oil, gal.. 80 as fite tobacco as has ever ben COTT he panted hi, and it is consid das Shirts Mad t 0rder.
uits, per yd. 5a Ginghams..... 8alOgrown on the bay; the lears are thrie o O the abscluty modern p 'ngs 0 .
'ltings ... 5a9 Flannel. .......25a50 feet long and eighteen inches broad. UUiU J ilGlJIY I 'E of Christ those of Munkaozy, Ar hef. ViOlinS, Etc., Repaired
uslinI ..... 9alIl Thread per spool. 5 Fred ser a ast Thrs fer and abriel Marx rank highs Still BY
_V5. ,-I Frda, $u,,,.;5 Ue rolo'Last Thins lay UI. St .ll
S ..... e 'I a $1 5 U every one of these is an imagine pro V D G R E E N E
patp1 .$4 40a30II oposite J. B. Sabetes' on his return ductiou, and the Saviour will sti con- N E,
MISCE LLAN E"lit home froin Laxter; that is the only Positively the only remedy for the treat- tinue to be the "Man of Myst. Ad
an.ir cwt ..... I rick pa tipvr si Mies. Ma1.io Woott- pr'i ot Edgar Mels in Home and Count ,
eSiL-.. ,II Linw1). p ford capeizud in.st stininier. Nervous Exhaust A treak of Luck. CHARGES REASON A BLE,
Oranges pr doz.. 211 Pe.a M. an agg avated forms of Mrs.
A,.. Wlli e t. t r* you have broken that m fin ice Japa- SW A N T
.o,. ......... ...... .l .ha. beln no mor'e steeling oIL this b3y Dyspepsia and Palpitation of the nACvEasol
LeinoIs. ........ 23 A5Nhuwnds........ ... .af.% vase-
itraitl'erric.', it i15 IlIs son told all about wetucir r.bbing., Heart. Bridget-Sure, muum, isn't lucky
YS'TERSran's hous i te sin. -- o-- that there was nothing in it-Tam-
In shell pri,000 1.510 Opened pr qit .. 15: y.V. t g ouei, Ds your food sour after eating? Are tant TimmhTe.s nDEiBY-OLO
L IVE STOCK. Mr. rangee gut sme few of hi, uilyour food sour afendextei? Are youST. ANDREWS BAY, FLORIDA
SHorses...- $ 1tl1 'us .. ..... b nat o .asily confused and excited? Do you -
Mules... t ui s ....... .$ to things back andl also Mrs. Date. got et up.in the morning tired and unre- DON'T STOP TOBAC 0. J-. T. Bondurant, Proprieter.
xen.'. ir ~uke .$51) S,.eep.......... .$ her b at. Sehaw's sun showed Mr,. ,'re-lsed, ard with a bad taste in the mouth? he only Hotel, especially fitted up
P IUUI .TR Y Is t',.ere a dull, cloudy sensation, at- Hr a i in town.
S.' a sites w'ier they had .swaued. the t.dd by disagreeable fieoliugs in the HOW to Cure Yourself ille a. such in town.
eken ae ks.L. ..L.el I.- boat in het>[, creek. Ho g aiv, l and eyes? Using it UENTRALL ILOCATED
s . IMk. Dates theuart and wh-,t..t H.a.t'. h Are you irritable andretiess? The tobacco habit ows o man e to and i plain viw of the Bay
s..... 75al., j Mrs. D-ttcs theo oars and whIt ut h.r D,,es .to,,r h eart tump arnd c, use yu nnt aeitrhiuocvout, s tt' e s-e M o de r at e.
things belon-g to the boat, which to p tr bath after climbing a tight r inpai g health em rt and
of -tairs? r t s- nd every attention pam to comfort
they had not usedl, te sails were Does it distress you to lie on the left hapin sck To quit sdilly i too -comfort
lIt pr JIM 5.00) side? vere a shock to the s -tmin. n ohaceo, of guests.
ut......4.0 made up i ot Sha' Have you impaired memory, dimnesso to an inet.zt' use" b:com stimu-
S10.00 children. Shaw was sen las Sinli- vision, depression. of i mind andgSo lant t-at hois system conitiIal' cra-es.
00snd and go Baco-Curo is a scientitlI cre! fop t Re to-
day, July 21 by Mr. Campbell. lie forelodings? bacco abt. in all iis foras. refullyV
These symptoms mean that you are suf-
g;.0 was enquiring after his family. Some fearing from Dyspepsia and Nervous Ex- compounded after Phh1'i na! of an
16.00 eminent Berlin Physician wh.o bid used Doubtful Seeds alone. The best
00 think that he will kill his son, t he remedy extant ha it in his private pra.-tice sinri- 1872. are easy to get, and cost no
Theieeis no otber remedy extant that more. Ask your dealer for
SBill when ho cones up 'with lhim. has done so much for this class of trou- without a failure, purely v.g. t )le and y earfo
BILL NIEi blues as guaranteed perfectly ha ul. ou F E R R
can use all the tobacco ''otr war. 1 while
SC irk taking Baco-Curo, it will noy y a
Reunion Postponed. s tt' S V "- when to stop. We gi-. a writt i ar-
S]e[adtuarters,, First Brigade Desv '. mpu an td to permanently, cure cae Always the beat. Known
ViFFlorida Div. United Confederate geeStive Oompouneb o fud th n Anua. i for 1895 tells you
PENSACOLA, FLA., July 4, 1895. your case has resisted the usual that cures without the aid of wi power D. M. FERRY & CO.,
[.mthodsof treatment We are particularly and with no inconvenience. It leaves Detroit. Mich.
fI trial.o Major Genr, atrial.
Sdirection of Major General a guarantee relief i every case and tine as the day you took your fiu't chew
Dickiurson, commanding, the annual will cheerfully refund your money should or smoke. Sold by all druggis, with r
Reutnion of the Florida Division, fixed our remedy fail to produce the most grat- box, tree boxes, ,thirty day treat-
FACTURERS tor the 17th inst, is a postponed until Pleas. remember that the appellation ment, $2.50, or sentdiect upon ceipt
] 0n Bihn d Octobar 15th, 16th and 17th, next. Patent Medicinie does not apply to STAMPS FOR SAMPLE 'BOX.
U~ UIUU( oveamps of the First Brigade will Scott's Carbo-Digestive Compound BOOKLET AND PROOFS CREEi .
I Vig C overn themselves accordingly. It is a prescription put up by a leading Company, Manufacturing ChDmests,
Every camp is urged to pat itself physician who has made stomach and LaCrosse, Wisconsin. "
in good standing, by a remittance of We court investigation and earnestly LEGAL N 0 TI S
dues, order that every camp may utge all physicians to write us f'or the
be rept.i ented at Ocalo in October. formu of SOott'S Carbo-Digestivo Corn- sNotice of Election 4
By Order. that they'may satisfy themselves of its To be held at St. Andrews Bay. Our line ofSchool Furniture and

W. D. CHIPLEY, harmless character a::d excellent virtues. On a petition of the regular an qual- Supplies is the most nearly corn- "
Brig. Gen'l Commanding. S t arb intiv Compoun ified voters of the St. AndreO -Bay plete r ver offered by a single firm.
Official,Br Ge Commanding. Scott'sCarbo-Digestive Compound School District No. 2, it appearing that, ca furniH snd ip a bo
SW. L. W"-ric, Adj. General. Is the most remarkable remedy that sci- said petition contains more fh n one- l tbrougbot btr andmworecheap.
SGence has produced. It has succeeded fourth the qualified voters of said school ly tha a# o s.
D'OOD,8 Sarsaparilla w~isj its way -where all other remedies havoc failed. District No. 2 and voting preci .t No. '
SOOD'S Saaparilla wins Its way Sold by druggists everywhere. 5. It is therefore ordered that, nelec- I4rite for particulars.
A into the confidence of the people $1.00 per bottle. tion be held atsaid districton T 'sday, 4
Buildilem M material, by the good it is doing. Fair trials Sent to auy address in America on re- the 6th day of August, for the pose We want an xpeened agent In every
Window ald Fancy Glass a guarantee permanent O lCURE .i ceipt of price, of ascertaining whether or n said WrIt torms rr, nd thrnlomdium.
Vinldow anid Fancy Glassi a guarantee permanent C UREK cp- Don't forget that we cheerfully refund school district shall be declared a spe-
Specialty. your money if results are not satisfac- cial sub district, with the fo wing ANDREWS'
SESTIMATE, O idaf or dot Flowers tory. boundaries, to-wit; Comemen lg at SCHOOL
...-.-,-'_, a N O Dyer's Point, runuiuo eastwag, along CHOOL

G (IVE xno many beausuiu uuwers urup their
petals soon after cutting that they are
VIRGINIA COLLEGE out of favor with purhasers. The of-
forts of florists are generally in the di-
'OUNG LADIES, Roanoke Va. reaction of introducing such flowers as
t: 12. 1895, One of the leading will hold their own for some time after
Young Ladiego in the South. cutting. It is possibly oneo of the lead-
iuilding modern improte- ing advantages of the carnation that it
us t acres. Grand moun- lasts so long on the parlor table, and
alley of Via., famed for this is found to be true with many spe-
and American each- cies of orobids which are coming into
Superior advantages favor for cutting purposes, quite as
Students from twotly
-ie .,Itt.-. -" the Pre;- much on account of this persistence as
; \: ,1, V. on account of their rarity and sweetness.
-- - In this closely related family the cypri-
L pedium is found particularly valuable.
S There are not only persistence, sweetness
Lu I 1-...1 C.l Il .b- and curious features in the forms and
1r o % f.,rv colors of the flowers, but they also have
Mi .,, atd to the long stems which enable the Ameri-
Ur a Iji. .,'-a"r can, florists to use them without the
necessity of lavishly stemming them.-
tz/citn, neeli, I',t .i\ 65 Meehan's Monthly.
er ni "l t I o-,er ... 4 o% c"
.ida Agriculturist o. 5 The Word "Boss."
d l cult ,* The word "boss," so commonly ap-
d* Oi Ofni 5 h '" .5 plied by an inferior to one of higher
,airlli .loi11rli1 i hil td'1. il tI ,!l\ I I .. ... 10 '
t h l I grade in the United States, is not, aF
Cin.iinat. Ejuirer t..,. n e..k generally supposed, American in its or-
ie i-.- each iii. -igin. It comes from the Low German
A.IltatatCi.ui'-lit tthion (15 and is hoard frequently in continental
N. Y. World it icea weol- .. I 75 Europe. In Germany one often sees the
F,,r An v or Villh, i .,i Ili ,0. .- ..... ;.'. sign "Schlaf-Baas," which, translated,
-nia in coin" i it ii. 1- 1, ad- means the boss of a lodging house.-
die', -" .\ i ,I '-. r :..
NOTICE. The Mystery of It.
I WA&r every man -nd womaa i'r hie tUnited Mrs. Sniffwell-Why, Bridget, you
States intereateLd in Lbe [irt it ja,, ,Vhitky have been easing onions!
habilt to have one of moy bora.. c ave been eaing onions!t
eases. Address I M. Wonuv .. ..,'s, Ga. Bridget-Shuro, mum, you're amoind

have it. the s ore a"
Address all orders to r 14w: thence north to northhw co(r-
n or of section 29, tp 3s, 14w;o, enQe
"i P in}iP f ff west to bhore of North, Bay: ence
SC mUIUc1a l a f o., south along shores to point of egin-
SThe foregoing is hereby ord d by
authority vested in us by 1 see 3 of
chapter 4197 Revised St.atut s Flor-
S$180000 On motion it is also ordered at the
GIVEN AWAY TO INVENTORS. following per-ions be and are Iha y ap-
-pointed inspectors of election LO-".it:
S$to.o every month given away to any one who ap. A T. Broi-ek, R. F. B catki i.G T ur-
plies through us for the most meritorious patent during bIer: .1o. E Thomp:,son 1 le. .
the month preceding.
"We secure thebestpatents orourcHents, Tfiis the 25th day of A2pril. A. 8 1.
and the object of this offer is to encourage inventors to (;. 3. BUS. Choi Ail .
keep track- oftheirbright ideas. Atthesamctime we 1 ,M.\ q [. .... '".
wis to impresstpou the public the fact that l). 1.. \XII..N
such as the "car-window" which can be easily slid up
and down without breaking the passenger's back, TO H.S. W elc h's ore
"sauce-pan," "collar.button," "nut-lock," '"bottle-
stopper," anda thousand other little things that most He in''ites \ O all and mori
any onecan findawayofimproving; and thesesilmple Do n't r -t.vy atItv, :another d.a ,
inventions are the ones that bringlargestretuns to the Is what I iiio\ desire I to sy:
author. Try to think of something to invent. For here you are intie
IT IS NOT SO HARD AS IT SEEMS. Where all mis'rakes re right -
Patentstaken out through usreceivespecalnoticein Please come and see.
the" National Recorder," published at Washington, How happyo will be.
D.C.,whichis theoestnewspaperpublished in America happy you ill le.
in the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's sub- Leave your o d er,
scription to thisjournal, free of cost, to all our clients. If it is for a wbh.el-hario
We also advertise, free of cost, the invention each month We will fill all.
which wins our $5o prize, and hundreds of thousands .
of copies of the "National Recorder," containing a Both great and smali,
sketch of the winner, anda desciptionofhisinvention, This business starts not to dJ. e you
will be scattered throughout the United States among With no thbiughi, h I p i- ll Otil.
capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to their "Pay today, trust t lopnw," -
attention the merits of the invention. "Pay today, trust tion ow,",
All communications regarded strictly confidential. Is the motto we -hliall foliilow.
Address We can get for ini an li;-'.at
JOHN WEDDERBURN & CO., Or from his hide a l ,.' g-ii
Solicitors of American and Foreign Patents, Or handsome sea shelAld Ir e beach,
618 F Street, N. W., Sold at a price within yor r! h.
Box 385. Washington, D. C. w Va I.t A
n V-_ -rJ.. _- _- H S. WELCH


65 Pifth Avenue
A, Wh6 JA A4 A6 4AA 46 .J A -0 -


Of tha Cityv of St. Antlrws,
('.:.tten up with great care by the
I ublij.her, who has t pared no paiiis
to prepare for the public a map o
St. Andrew-A as it really is. It show
Fxtending cast ward tfro:mi Dver'K
Poii.t, taking in the Ol I '1 .\ n i;te ol
St. Aindrews, and give.- location of
litiblic lim iness places, Turibate resi-
dences, docks, etc., also every lot in
each block and the adjoining addi-
tion to the Cincinnati Company's
land, with a full description of the
The Map will show owners of lots
in the city just where they are lo
cated, and is of value to those think-
itig of buying property.
Size of Map 30x50 Inches.
The BUOY will send this map to any
address on the receipt of

S 'i i Vnyt. Ia


int nremium frr 5 yearlv

I am l~ianiiIg uonstaanit tiluluua LU(i Wteret a u i r up e I


a mr1

- the Lowest Living margin of Profit,'
&t the LoweSt Living Margin of Profit:

And Treat Every Customer Alie and Courteously.
Call and See My Coods and Cet My Prices.



R. F. Brackin's Stori,

wLrC E' 51 3~

M~~1i IIT







Always ti Leao!


~I uI1


Knowing oewants uf the corimun uinty,buym itelligeutly and

If you live near the Bay Cone in a Boat; if back in the Country, Come on
Horseback; if von have no Horne, borrow your Neighbor'n Ox and Cart,

And let mue prove to you that ....
YO 0-T C A.- SA-"~, r V' O1 0 IE Ym3
By either Buying or F Iling __ _
Fine Water-Front and Other Lands for

title only one remove from the United States Government and of eoursa

Everywhere ne go we tind some one how
has been cure-d by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It
is the grieate.t cutative agent. It is the
one great puritfir and blood lonie.
Hood's Pills for the liver and bowels,
act promptly yet effectively.
"This shape doesn't seem to be as be-
coming as a small hat; do you thi
Milliner-Oh,. my, yes. You oan'#
see how much of your face it covers up.
-Chicago Inter Ocean.
The Indian name of Hackensnckc, N.
J., was Haucquansauk, or hook mouth,
from the winding of the river ere it
.x- .i ^r ..f .. NAWmlr h

A Nltew Use For the Telephome.
It has remained for t elatter part of
the nineteenth century to.evolve anoth-
er and wholly different 'method from
that usually employed for the transmis-,
sion of osculatory favors. This il tO
have the matter accomplished by tele-
phone. The If&entioti is not, however.,
patented, and may upon occasion be.
adopted in other cdties than Washing-
$n.-Washington Times.
Lyinffg Low.
Sohoomhate-Why do you never touoh
your piano? A
1 Mi-, T ratmjer-We're buying it on
"V, biat di.fodrunce does that maker".-,
"I'm afraid if paw should hear o md
3lay he'd stop paying. ".--Good lewa.




_ __

~- --


L" re Ir UCU T Tr- -1 m



, "wJ


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