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New York times and commercial intelligencer
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N.T. Eldredge ( New York N.Y )
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T .- ID . . . . . . . ..nm T A .. ..r. i.. f I I. *S. A


The resolution filing t
.taorrament of the Legi
Mr. Skinner, and after a
a VOLe of
The Senate resumed lth
report of the commiltLee, o
the extension of the Che
sylvania line which was
adorned IN ASS

Mr. King, reported a bil
relation to eomulmo scho
ported on the peuuiiuora f
tionof the income of
among the children ofe
public works. Ten tim
copies of the report an
ofcopies of the bi
Mr. Bogart reported ina
the Senate to incorpora
To cede to the U. S. j
land. at B
To repeal the laws a
judges with the board of
ointment of county Ir
ents of thire p
Mr. Bogart called for t
rgsolutiom offered yeste
Ient of the morning sess
diDpens with the
On motion of Mr. Brow
Thursday in each week t
ciasideration af
Mr. Doer offered a res
a Monday, Wednesday aF
will hold an afiernoori
Ihalt pa
On motion of Mr G. A
ef one from each Senate
bills and rssolnltonos on
special orders, and unf
port therefrom, for the a
The bill relative to t
buildings was madethe s
The following bills were
mintteea to re
To aid in the coInsLruc
Ta amend the charter
company in the c
*The Senate bill relate
Erie Ra
Mr. Brower gave ,tlion
move a reconsideration of
NZqew York and Erie lRailro
$Mr. Morgan gave notic
the inspection of dour
Mr. King, pursuant tlu n
relatiVe tb DoI the courts
Queens county. Order
Mr. L S. Chatfield off
amble and
Whereas,1 the most itmp,
pweple are deeply concern
now before thief House to
3tate to railr
And whereas, itisof the
the representatives ol t
in reference to aertling t
ving suah momientlous c
in settling rie principal
Thireflire, resolved, T
ciple and unjust Lo the pe
aentaLive of an opporun
committee of the whole
The resolution was de
Chatfield, Tuwnsend, B
later gentleman gave w
&dj.,,loiro d to 9 O'Cl
.... .J d o
SMrrtnj a volume jifbttaheblh 1
General i
Are you peraonally acqn
Begar, sare, I have de
have de plaisare, sare,to
tiong, share, to de brave
you inirodueLiong, -are,
viii tell you de grand sto
and de would leg soldiar.
Withgreat pleasure, .ir,
very respectable louki
who I alterwardt utnler
It was in the y.ear 120,f
that I was travelling in
purchasing a tract of land
in with a gentleman
whom I luund a very in
companion. A thunder .
neat lg cabil, a little
side, for shelter, where
children, a sick ani v.
woman lying un a humble
and a young, prelty tin
husband and father, wi
deep soar across hi brow
bed'anAi piesilng lhe ha
tween botiofhiis. His ey
an a } young trt ininl, app L
The whole grouilp hal be
and I saw one'rtealing ir
eyes o1f Lhe young dam.el
paremily to some tale
told. Their Lear5 wer
as we approached, and w
You seem to bd in distr
ry com
have laced the enemies
the hast, as ha swung hi
close the door, and I hoe
privationsof a military li
thing compared with what
Stranger. Pardon me if
will relieve you if
Host. My wile ns afflt
disease which renders itl
Syel, for adebl which I
the man who is agent fuor
Ido not pay it belors tc:e
be will seize what little I
OauL u Ihe mercy of the
raise the sam by that li
form poor wile tad ch
to gratify Jhe malice o
The whole family ince
eluded and even the ald
faced the cannon's mnuuil
Stranger. You have fou
country 1 Nry I be i
Host. Oh' ye-i, l toug
ri.son at fhe'Thanes, andi,
ol him WtilL pride, Icr
glittering in lhe thi
Stranger. Would you
Host. (gazing in hi'.
him very much. Were h
wings, he wotild inalantl
him do several
Stranger. Where did
Host. It was shattered b
battle of
Stranger. Well, my br
mind easy; ahairol your
jered. You niw see y
anodas you have hlught
I will now protect you an
of mv
A sudden blaze ofjovse
to heart; the soldier cl
srmi, while hie children
a af

We shdll be saved Irom
The General found the
laud on which the soldie
tiall he made tihe poor
alsa discharged the debt,
ever beheld.

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W*li d *1 to et J oaf niihie tn
N.. a ed toe m ale c-hbea
mrOet, .N. V. 3NOH 0
eve for tle In ots to suit
we hose, 17) Fultonit oa

INDIA RltISER-4000i n 0b
23 J.U.-. H OWl A.NII,
flAZOR SBTRAP--3 [cares Ea
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,til .,n. KEEI.E
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D is Wc l I in .l ,.: ri .' .r iol'
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by irhepacit age.
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INERA.L WATEKr-In.Juarilrn
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nl.i EDrVSAKD K Ci. &
r1'tTLE SHLI.L--I to.x,jurte
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.2i3 SETH C h
I.D t'iiP'FPL -A-t.'tl3 -1
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The Ceaim S
POOL, now un
rns\ll-r OcnvS al
:2 f again IPave tLnepl-ni
M AW the 1th Mae7
.". r", tov inisri-Eb a
MrIATE. .rr ir,,
I^then, will om
soon iafer thie. afR'r-linen a bt
beiweafn New Y,',ri ai d L verp
maui', l
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nili 117
nil1 I4i 'N]>.lNlli 4th0
1 haAlcarci c.RRT~~
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Wtl4;17N. "FG l T, j^linpr.
f.....'"r L
1 ,i -".:] Rm.i.ire

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f,,lt.w llld l t
Faos NEW Vo.
litL April T
let Jno, '
me A<'I I|.I,
l )i )toil eLr. ,
Th,. ,at. r p,, t 'l.4e In a'ficr
an.] II si,:,re, .in l i" ) re ne r
.' ,.:.[p i r i .ar j .i| iil.whir I
filli i..r .ci rarg.. well be take
passag',apply U.
4 Jnnis Lanep. r.ifr ,
Nno ,',i will 'Le recetve.Jon
Lh al'i
.\ntw 1,eIllny PI4ar rl

LrEsMrIJr:1 .'LEN NEF% Ri N1 KL A
The Are .a,,.
\ W.?Al ERN1Ja eswn
I tN. ro,4'naeo. E
1 U3 l-re,- .. a
i-.I I., ll lir y t a s

2 frl. F l,0r,1ory
I- *th April
Sjrih .Jlu
.niil .t'ily
l'.'I 6. i'. , r I
LuN.,iciouv.r .D o
r i i.-piina t ntlhi in Ila
piac I rn I .i. al 1 tr',ilcl
i hf aLe ; r,, ;e In ai p
in 5LI0--,iaeaii','ro ie' & a-me
I -.r freigll, *,r pIsaIuse, r
pi onrlly -.
LAl I A iF,.%IA A N L NC E-W :t

FOR IIAR rFORJD.lit a.-l-
TreeI a..l..aar il ElI tillt),
riFI"'. er'iry M1 i 'T. alaedman
5 '.:;
Tni. isnmLoir (-.LEOPATr ..
iv'ery lera.l' *J rn-rimay aii.ya
FU.R NLW lIfVF.N-Fr..,nio.
Tle er, el ,olr.i, NES_ HA^E'
oil.rnoielI lea m-ry ne-n.rin ,
o Ir:e',c R R 'it lc..,. cars Ir [
r.r, li,.: arri a0 r
Fre' glir rrpcei-' ,l un'!l W .il .n
For rilli'r oi.r r'
.L A S& I .C.1itl.l
P B Al.LE.N,
N II.-AtI prr.i arem 1irl.ii
*.)rth al-. :t r .,rtaS *"r .weue

Via Nt war, N w Hrciinaweli.,P
Leaie NEWS YObRK, i1 tIi
F,9,. o.lo A
4i inn
Fare ihr.,uh. i
Fare I, Treli.t n I P' F
Pia en.cra a ]ll.rI : nr. i:iintr 1 i
Iv street, wrer' ,.i c 1nrr.o l-.,.u
nu haiag-aenrT
iily, wirn, il 1 *:injIa
Rr i hn' "
At iA I 1
Ea. 1, rmon Is Ir 'r, ,I' ird F iL
'.par'ilto.'" .etui' tiru:* ing cru
P 0 lacn i r .iLIFMORE I. .AI
P "M .1,1 I1L.. -, rj., I eicj. U S -I C -- 111
l.rflic ric am *: nnc wtlIJr:Iri r
i l,-n N- I -.- "W ..,
-E-iSJ-ER eLY t 1% 5

N.e i',.I e, Ney rk. r .I'i *l-e
NIrr' MRl'rI.
'b's 'ec-i ho f clf L.fU'
t1AVEN 01.1, r I
A It ',!.1 1,
Al A 1 Ini
I AnI .a
On '1ytra hli- ? A i
F'.re Icre'- I','' c n
Nal 0%1I' .. Crl R-
NE "ARgiK e I '.M1'1
F'r.,em 1r,..r,,.'! f C ., C 1'.'c t
Al I, A yJ A it
lB s NIB ".'i' *Crids
Al 9 ."'.1l K A S.
A Il ,1 .' RA I I t Si M
A4 p.',''., K P a M
Ar 4 ,'I.'Ji,., P M
Al t, ..,'' I.A. P mk
A l t ,-r.'l P,M
('IN'IlIN I A\"r.|.a--ni"rlrifn .
H rLIr e.ek Itrao nI erI r. .,, -, I,,
,'iJ.... k 1 M n..ii j ",' l.,. I
N~sruitit r.i41 KP .i't -6 ,7-0'
N-,rk ai i .I.-',-K I' n
Far.' l.:n'w'?rn .I.., 'y i',
-asrpn ],.?rs ci. ,..'"'i.,i n
r'ee-i'r- a ferry iieeet 1- '
ar.1 I. 1i a 1 c r. 'r
Tirk i.I er" r...:- t..i.' b. lit e -
ahwn I uir e- l
F.-.r [t' 1 ac.-. ir,, fi...Iaii.ti .
I.,ty .nlI N': se i i.. .'1...
:'.r o11,." i..I 6l >.1 lh.ic
T l're srII.. '-* I I.. .l- ,llil.
.11.pi ai i .. iii. c, f.I I : t. ,, .
t F r'.rii.i l lr qnana. ,,
'GAjllL N AN LiAMl-ii
P ll L I. A EP
Diiy4.Si.n i:m ,rt-pFi., . i.."eelz, iret'- c*. I i .fr.: .
eo ill'r.Il-e'i'mr 'ie cilN I tl
Pliilair-mtia, %n.l ar *rime 4Pe
o'cl,. .
Farr I.. Pt.laslelphs' ...
Forwar.l 4Ac ,tii.jF. f le.
T..,Tr-n -n ........... ...
F.'.rwar-ir .1,i'cl,. rrn.'rr .
TI P- lti anl s.ii R i re L '
T,.. Free Ii a',1 s'id1M .,ic.Iu
I..'in" fare .. .... ..... ..
Brpahi',lr ann] Le.rcc
Bireaklotais n ..............
Ate h--..,ii5 _i Ire

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No lit ie oeI' rF
Nc'.r m .,rk, EhPlt' r.n.ih.iI. r
c...i.- ln I'laiin" Plamni'-Il I
snal ahf'r i"n I.l
l.ea's N.-w \.'.rk l' tie1 N0,
FPrry .,,mr, yri. l ,c'm h a ,i
riaer N.'. I.N.R ).-i.
Atl Ijo'c
** d.c
The Cars leave EI.Saopnrl
At 4 ;'cj
51 do
Leave Plaroe fi
At (."'.'I
Ai L- t,a[
Aiafl "1v^i iijri, 12 w
Stage I~avA Fe ,,-ev,~l'e,- u, v
lve tarefmTr aw \ -rk at Piu.r,
iern."Jn Aonlal., I'm'' Piain
*nrii[ervilie',n Ie.o irrev>.,i Ii.
The tlair,.al '1."*,r[,rary} are

On oOaiercivti dy u

On ands caller the Ils d,-ay -" .i
am bol the 'Cy illl, Waaikrr i
o'clo,'k. A, M ivrnry Mn.-
Fior <"c1T lahll nJ Fnrlein.rn
r')im 7o'cl.e.ckit, A
From Cy IHall and i\Walker r,
.. . a"
15,n C 1 Harlem lu Il. Hall,
Itil t a tr-',
S 42J c
*' o.rkv lle.6
On LundjrS, fr-,rnc City hall L
aiep'ae!. ' rnis
alepIa f
.1A6 .1 S W
NOTICE--PRI it k o.
steetwbOdtS CINDERE L ~ A E
WSr1tH will c.rn .t fierMarc.
Pier No 1. Ncrth Rivnr, as
tL lj in'k]'c-,ik. A M and n
nave Ehliobetih Port atr an d 1
On Sni.lavs.t lea.c N ew't'
SM ad. -.,eiacln P.1M V i
j'cl.'acK.A M ,and
N.ctCe- PasBaegi.,rr n lmri P
will leave N:w %rjrSane a A o c-
'-l.--ek, P.M. Peandagorn
-rI e will Irave New orik At 1
lIa, -, It.u.davyan. "a.ratjr.
i-1ij, Passngeragoinoa ieo lr
li 'ii o'clock, A M.1%..anlt
'.'-I,,'7 cneecl.
F EATHtL tItEI>t. MSIl I L.-
naeni .1' F-ainEr Betls, r hair r
Malrcea ese, lor ealse, a'n
I170 Fultrn mel r"tii .a i Pa
R lld& REDl LIE 'AI HR-Jupe
Pla Lcat.ter.a rbml nayir-
good rolor. For nlaov in t
Li mI tWf


The Propritara ofs the secant LEinena P.`eketsahlwean
ealineIron eacli pnrionU the tli,71h, IJtJi, as25 o 13thI15111O

hakepcsrn.......... Crnell....... July 7...N..Ncw. 7.
"'ar l nu lr.. ........ T .inplon..... 13m...... "
Orphe us....... .... aIl ,........ ......
Racl.a(ni... ........ rollin.......... ...... .
C'aiuhri-igi........... Bura lay.... ... A inn. l......l.rt
Inlep ndrencai ...... Nye ........... ...... 7 ...
Virginian ........... Harnr ......... 13...... 1
llrfnr.]............... Railhhone. .... 1......
AiI.l.lsni ..............I RllttL ........ 26 ...... 2.
N.]rth m rice....... I ale .......... eftl. .-....IJ, .
i'. .........'.. .... elan,........ 7......
en_-il.J............. Alien.......... 13......
Eupa............. r........ I..... "
StcFr. an.............Pvrr......... ...... ..
t.eoinbae............ L'npel r ...... Oil. I...,...F...
I, -rie '. smnciit.n.. iIltlJrrge...... 7 7...... "
rnitlredMale..s.... I I.,llr'1ge...... I" 1.'1......
1aOUiI America....... Darow ... 19....
Qarick .............. Palmlrr........ . 5...... a
Inglan.............. W l... w e ....... No I...... Mar
T'Iein anipa r, aellofihe qrlt ce468a. ti. aijly'o r anla&onei,
price ']m,8nte fi i, New tI'mi i. l ertiirpo i, lif aitmle telii
Inm wines., tnresan- beddine Nailher 1h5. Cspienal nr.r In.
piackat a inla regular Bill sa
Agenrf)rrinipsi)OforOl.Noram &meircs, urnpe, 'to ,cl.ilu
G.i)ill IiE & 41., u
C. H. MA.J!LIt
Ageoell cr ship s i.AS.lrerw, Vilgi
T. A I SANDA & I (.
AenI ablpePenneyIvanli,Ilndepnre
<1'LNNtLl, PitNII.Rs As
WILIEd, pFILAEri,-1,
AgLoti tor ehlps Roclue nowl, Pi
112M K I INA. lI'S -
VII\Ma & lia nRI l I


ro maJil i'r.. New \ irk .'n lI I
tIacto tit.bth and I,
emiclii A r P,
.tun,:- 'I: Snip IOWA. W'
Or, ,
March, 1tH
Judy Sleep UIId PtILI JiAL
0,1v 'iA\ t i, I E A ra

I[,r;n J hR. I r.II
Mace-l, ,4

NJul," 1|. u iApaBIIR l. iN
April ',
Alug 'l Si,[. FORt, .I A

De r.. 6')
N'c i 4in ini %1-
A,*i -'4 Stln AN OItI.i.iIIES

Dec. IG W
A'.'g -4, .'shipFPHANCI;IS

MSy 1I6)
,Se-tl 'wllt- EMERALD., W(
Dir: 10
L"-,:F '2
a' cI MpSO I G ez. l
SetI. e'/ SiV'

"err.. St -hip POLIA' IS, C
i.te I' "

-,". tai,.r'ALIlANO,J
TI 'ec a '. .pel are snl flr'*
eI r'lie.lein1i acr.iim.-ixlac
a ll dl tri inh be renr .Irire- fere
cludJna wines anr r a'il re s ..r
i'.m I; icr nfeIc, soubn ri per'1 a r
hvirs iry- Lac .A free .f all clar
C B'OIl.TON, rl'x a Lr
WM 't1WItIITLO K. JrI il

I&^ I& i
'[ .." 'i". 'c I l101h..iIm, n
Nc. :,, lI RA.NK[II'OR.
St:np AliltURN. N P urfeii
Si ul-r MAtIVF. HItLb
Ncv ,.(f. F,kll(FI 1,.L)
N., *h i,,1i. t 'I A,\,R Dr. e
I .,,'ki rpl erL[tl ir tN, I i

ihr1.y c-i t..,xpre i t. Fr.'.r a .e f'
fur r,'' tn4. .ta sis r,', -.
mn'. .rc mir-n~iumar..ic.s i.v a, ,'

Lt,.W Ir1ME ,., I.I\

I sail froI n Nv w ,,re Cc1 tihe
I li ict l ar
.1lii.F ;ARRI K, A[-I A !
-"unp RO.r n1 e |'lit,,. I ,i
ri'.j1. ilI le INr,t. ipi N 11
S l. ellIIiAN, tIi. a .I F. 1
F'r IL1 Ll %
ln., r. SIR RI l.
v.qip R'llsel N
c. 1,i,',IE.RIDON. I
Tic''* ;!.,,4ar ill cl r,c F,
,'mnl In cire inY .4'i N. a \S --
.''-niline greal In.-. i a 1 in, oul
F -ia ry o r, hIas ,n''rl Iij l. in i
cr.nninoy lai .-ins. Ili l, .n.,: .11
h .,i- rat .. iIi I ..,i'- .
a r te' ,l ]i Pri r 's,' ,I iI .n.,
N ?ii[ r lina em n .r e -n *i'et
ceolrin l, ''', i,:,r tin i. lor. pli,
',inl- regilar t I ci iEJI n c ,i
mir pi'..c'rf
E:R I'e)*LII'O'i< Is.( 1,r
\IM & !i.1 BI{f \','I
l. hts ih*- paf I-,. I. r. ciep ]fSeo i~i
i' ei.rr C. 1 IS' la tr |..T ia.tlI
gi': luce4, :eon ir ,'

Thp un l.Ine .,f P,. fo- s i n'or
itepa elme.- Ii i in r,, to ei
s111ine ejiy milr i ad tnWn jri, mi
e .|lnr-

pfl "-z .
Thle iNEW V ORK ,
I ,,r tr .
St'iu, C. R

Ir I n,,r
TheNORTH \ ilAr
Cl I) _1,s U
ire' l. l -rI
SS E .It,
The El RIPE.
t1 I.-n a.
E -;. M~r,
ThoeO XF Ilt>It.
601) 1 .10. :IJ n

.M .ri .
'I 1 Ci ..ppn,

Il It Ha-,,
Tihi F IUTHI At- .
t.[ ,, m c'cc

11LL. \U,..L.

I"' '
r' -Ci'
I flb
I" rn
I ),. L
1 F',: L.
SI IJur,
1 'N 7
I -'ll ir
19 J-1Y
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I NOiv
I Joiny
N, D

-.1 |iri
I' 'One I

w Irr 'irtc NoI .- \rr -IF.K. it wn4 L (Ip. 6 l i t I s.r. Fr'.af
I'llnooc s 1"; q Ti,- mhru so '6.qA~ -I-et1
OlmIc t ii I i i rcA mm. I t.c c -a.j up mT.I '- I.., [I'd .1's- -m 1
lIv iur., In-h Ir r t e r le |itl.jmn el ritny i1 nsonral, i
it| sucoi. si wccIeumoo. ..Im ret cm', f'losoh' ceaamgCr LoU'a I
. ti Fl-, r ii -e l l.| 611:11;r.1 ti- Ml r- % i Af.l llnoin A il ,,i-.' i.
S l. r .-.4"r' ",l"pr .....]l e 1. 11...l'l '" "I ".ini I. of'11.
u-ir.I^.i J..l mr i cI I N. & .ec l.!eI .,, iF l ra .
111, i-.r,!H ) i rff lct.i..rl,.-.' i'r,: -.!li ir
.,, N LN. if W ill ,fF't
ii ,- r,,r,,PL1BtI R L.AIILLAW. Nen OtriNram
........ . . ... .. - ..... ;s'.,el a epii e
m IJ',V rm l l '-1 l r ,, r,, I
-l . .r e t Mer ,lae, 6 "
fia 'e l. cc s' "I '. .r....l.... ..I. ...f,,rrFn e
wui iHRA, LCoci'jiITir, ferin I N'y w Ina. nI-I ey j
.Inrin 'lno fln.illc or ,n.'t (.il E
ti Ie K ,fitr t4G' .Jl u i, r, tonk .n .il'.r. In sail I i t "
,,I .1.r.1iN S" !ar', I" ." II a* r.? _-
1oNTIIE.. It A 1 A Il, '' "' i hAL I .
a. a IKAN, A "4, FP. 4 Der ,
NA ii'fi1I.E.A. A A ,:..'Dd &
A I.ABAMA C r' H' v,
Ti .. are 1all c.ric isfi. lo l iling inao'eIs ca prc
,. .i, .r r,e'. rn ,d. l ] fpri-e' l..l l.,sr i .e 1 i,, Lr 1 11,,
.'ra hlr 'r.fwavr 'eeOaTrmuIniutndby meni')fqrem reperclere.
anIly d sir- eo.- h-'-"u b tWl U nt n'rnh qll
'hy e r ac.'.. elm,. ..Ihs-.nIe f t. iKamm eg.'rm are encen-,'. am-I
Isn,ri..inflp minre.Fh-1. Tth.'clarizo as pi 4n1. e., f
r,eiciedrcl,-,;,c ne rit iriaeonoi.ll 1c.p.-ovid-de
F' er l'r r bt,'r p'asahnmera. plp rto l1r
..lIIl 11fW ILLIAM NFIWIN -6 n..te. F r r T r- I c

MetlILI PACKLIFS, ]iv' .ci.i l'.a
1-1,3;in' istI.oi~r iimrrne,
le J,. i ll ,L ',) willbe e 1 In L.L n I
- r, "ARLTH i',. n R ,, o r. fr idI. l,
iN. T.I, I rl ,N PLANIER. it 0 ).n.m. ]Ih.SIlt. ,6Cc.r lW
Ni E ".Im.' EIn}wl) A, r V.e.i nirI. rc l l -_ w'inri. D It P.. ii.n-lat1i. p ,i
St,. L.,[Itt A .- hi I n..:l.N.r, H
fiI. ri 8heI A. F % S,. .-r.' ema. enld r
',er. ALA aMIAN w t H L.rI.,e na.,meNr
fi ren BA hill,', \ NRINCI N Sl l u ar r
IF 1-:::ILL[,3 IA DLNIS-, -N. (I'Al- t.z,, .1 .r i'iL a 11NF l V KETS 111I ,INIIL
ir, l, J:'T IN 0 H lt.'. .,.'l.. i. I,, lIr

rr.oc ,I.h. I." e.-'. tl.IIycr t, -I=
di Le! ,.-t iicr roe.. i~p~~ n-u 'e. ft Iai let.t A T --iifel
-..r ,ii.i ,..,! r r[iTl' l. .'.'.rpr cTja chtrri .r. v ,- rriii tc t,
lter,.n e, r ,il nIf iml,',ir Te tre',0inr. ,. i ir, r.d,,, lr aerC .
lmctiennc ,-rye 1 mIn ;,lcs[n]5nSii.e,,.i>r. .I," .,p cn|'a| '-v
t.e i !mii.7 ..ll..wd r. w a f .rl-rica'o f -s w r..... Ii
.J.,,." All r...n '! (.'; i r.c la.Il0 to lic b iteaRu., .ll CI rer.eia..
frte lr'c' r oi.imsl.i.
E.:.D. HD URnI.BIL i & Cn R .'dul. tlrer r. It,,. i

Ii LI n ,In' ,i. o i c 1..l1 1
xl,'mciC ar mn' ihtt,''cc..c a -wat iX-,,' IC[ in.I r.lhiTR'icji
PIT .l103?' V, % N111, IRK 1.1 1 4.
First rare w .etlA .m..l experorelK.1 ioin r Well i,f en P 1II
W.-'ve-i in fill; Lin-, irl.I fin io rsiafp i.:h?' rr-i f -rp r
a:,. >jrl 11;0 1 iin-I 14- li'ii^.ir.hiiii.ininiorali n s pi rii g
1.i r.,r'irc. Fit*ir qjipri.-oni.*l r. JIffi
.M SIS 1.LV.%S PRitol',Fl..ri.l Par ki rtifl .
.:.rn 0rT O1.- ille, ni .lpa "r -m ila oir'.-c N V. Tin l
rlllIrt E-.DFMARE.'rT &( 0. Si J.I.. '..II p. ca
A it\ I ATRDIfc (EKG RARII,("'oe.n,.ni.l.t .,, i nr
AvI-----_n n,.r R % N I-- -.-I- -I r
ii tWi t-I'L OAS rr,
'TI o I_ I. -- wt
T It;,rg l r- -., .. ~ a l .,i s i ae i.... IIl r I,, II 1r I f1ri
tne !.. .l inecf, d i. ..
lliccT PVElT .'hom K ilerlbe-,n mous in. ml "
S Nl.'(r, LI Br,.wnt m n e i. ,r,
I ..N. 1 r TE k ..l .. rii 1f,,,ie.. r .1r.

ar *l*, I t1lJ" Ir1.1 ,F TIn rjo .r<*
a n A, % ENk '1 ,J. F Ma, h i e ,,,F h n,,,,. ,

ni. h yca no'.." .- I i..,lth e er iue, i l.'-c:r. r.,n .
Lh, ;in., i.), K~l; ill l] aster

iOV' h-. I, ll1 1-tlin -r I-.:1th c.nirm.l or
sum mrcr. ,.o r..r-m kr.jin ete,aen cann r I..,''. .iai'c,[i..n.
al-'.-' 0-,n4,.m ci e.Wo winn';.iil r iar I litieT rae R

nl H ,, .], .. r.,.:.|r B y ll~ .,t,

A l ..II .,, I .t. .... .Ih H .:. a IIItr i p I I 1l
I a,', [ h l "w. f i ir 2i l-' l ]i liio-tI . j If a r . | ..e, -1..V
r r, in.r,l lrinai ; .jr a xl, m nb I iVlit lr .iail E.1

Btilhn hl.n ,olm. o OEO BwuLraLEV,.ren .
nI I7 : K.iuil. sirret. H
.... .s. .e.u.uAR^TIII.ey
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l.o ,l u si'dr i4i'r .I I tle ,Jiif "rhe ,L,,i, r
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nuw c ,eed n.1 u.rc OldnL,[I v r 'un.ey to u. ogrsrsIIcxeIn1.1hi, lrD
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Dr[fic alc ,.]tm ndfc r i tly smot lr, il ,s furc e ,It l e n elm c N
Brk ,.. Ir ml dA, al ga.ion. I mnk of Ireland, Naotonal Bans N
, l Q.:.l,.t t '.-pnr liI a'. -llle v tiofin bra'Ic lne ; lM.r, '3
T enai at1.i e.Arp -pl. y Appif y ectoee.p-sc a. ma

----- ., .,-. K A E f A UF K
fi -n~enlS for IIle monihi Mac,
bI, If lbot nTATEN ISI..ANDER. raplain A
BraiAlLId.IWiltOnCn aflTr R A D LLA d rnn ioah 2 k h
Pasaig O c,22 cnic. .f'rnm
Dnajw r st.] tiefut. teO ldf .e n ty a to'u Immigfraernenh a-mi tn -rI'- t, -F cQ
Drint II~I)'ii- land, N'srroia rioS ofe-Ice.1 isod the 11.oa 71a1vISNow

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boa STTE i~ANDRCstlaiBAThe Lena ~n rl
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Ar,'.r.'cl.,ek,A H I Al .r'c l..rk, A M
A I In) o'cick. ,\. I As io'clr.rk, o.
,Ai b ,'rl'nek, P M I Al 3 o'clne k.P.M
,lo -',Ie K;. P.M I Atlo c e.'c ... I
All t, r'.d ,ootlbt pa .r iulatl maik od rfnd tlli.ppd atf tlhe In
_rl '__l__ (i'_bn'_[_e__"____"_,________ __-*,.r(mily
FOR SING SING AN DCROTtIN-T-r. mOdarl'oua foe
A l*Stea>m Boal TELEGRAPII.Caplam J. 5 r'.perilnn
OJeI.T wli leans Nes, Vork From the fosa Oti ll e
,flhbac rln er shunt, enemy sllieouon. B ..nday eec, pt..
si [o'.clnrk Reinrnne. will lIava r.'roon miery m rng
.,clt t 'erio.;i, anuil .ni Stg at S .ca'cl ,h. ul0 .inb i ai S
liean tapt ,"i.g, a Dubba' F'rry nd sar'n Teewn.e1
All fritgl .in' n d ag yaeeet tIhe risk fr Ih owner FAr
,nIrctlrmnforna ir e eninlh al mn Thmu K l o 1
'mee scec,, c rnor of Waritrern, onr ,,f tre Cap S.
bb titTT.NeLN D to teAI.Cp- t in A In
-p-A TE-'5TT ---sLnd-t-noIISE-t r & e 'a Patent inoen C OLO
B icrirp.i, lacoriet nunherMa warrur. ared F, e lal r oa'.S her. I
rl eted.inol, t'nsat elo in lois In u pui rh r
re,) o'cl c l McCORQU1,DAI.E.IW Pinee, m26tr

N \S At. % I E',l ES-i m 'le I ci
l.%i nd a r-n.mpleic s- .irlinoe 1
Mi, t. i I. Ba l'l iF,'c i,-, 'r,
Se -.rtc r i lur ale miui riO i
F'E Il LRe-- 8 rleiea..t us-
C'IJF FEE-Jin bId mir
f'l oJiii&r6OOOUIIE
"L G( k--it-1h>lds Porit
mi m'- ROWLAND & ARF
%,U -AR- ua bags Seloa
ne i w DAVia. a
, .IIII 1.L'- cap. n u is.. te
1,,4wODIl & L'o. 4
Ri I.,l L311IEETING--40 tim
'rl .A" A NIL ,t fK1i4 An ilrma i
sL re,- Ii rsr. ,rLi e s nre
fc'i1e'-d pr ship Neavieim.
mn' h. McKENZIE
laigiar, for sale by &
mill 34P it iet
O il. ('Ali-A-E 6seae Oil l
for .Il- hy r r)OIiIrlL
LA t".t P |ltlMGa-J-4.ain
IT. 'rIll- a I,.
O TE, I ,-Yl'S EX iH( I'.HA l ..-
I.PrP'p..o.l, poyc le i
mini "PiILIP & N

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su srtr takesit^' vlilh -1
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in h ,. hlin arallli I n r
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fi''4n t iel q .ual i .ie rea rcl,

icicne eta 14 .l- .'
4f itli cpanriernag, I I-IO

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i,,'ciel l'ae.i ainiii.. ,
0Lit do dun :10 do 0,do.
2Hro nor e 12 n. onl. ,'vi o ivd A

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t 1ry, inr oa '. e I shi I'tcer ar
ferr l e.y
1. I I '.J17 e A
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l'"6. Iano I-- J,,Fbl'
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.lliltl cal., Gj d, I II JI ,, i

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M n uli re.], ..i L,.,lll I'.e
siu m roe moan le osn,, I in t y

I.r [l &aL. i t'lJu Ihl1, 'ur[ Ea l
Y,[1r WiB 111hi- l lp n e lo mviIl, i-llb r
...,[M 67 W ~~rtrofWtrPrr
fJl~tr [i- I.zl. J EIlllS ILIlllr 1N we 1 -.

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It, ire1 -R aino '
J r Mirei namlidc y'teco
l5I PeI',d nd rowsn
Amp,.) .,,eol, 11tr.U L LE1&G O
For 6"11lier~y t

7if. Emalk rmi ) p
? .b RJ^CS ahdj \' hLP
7.- Lul, ip r
RellI i -'-Nec selya- In.'e
PAIDINGs-3 t Ind1 H
HIttiFI-Veranh n.lia Ro,
Ft iia-fiodI-'.'e ns oh In
CIA 'il~tl" Sr.; meFomcnt v
P linfelid
1 'Lt'e1 it "I i % '. I F.Io n sp- l 'aI I .
PFr nI etc. 1 -~f
11 el IN 1-6-,4 Tape an
11 1le" I.iINE't-At Sylr'M
,it tl : ll.e I I
woV'-",TEl FAM% -Ki'-q- o'"rrll
I r i'h b Of.-i l
F 'r ai!C- L.y
1'at I'lHOLS'IEII PR; A -tlrnril'rem ii.
pica'r.g 7 7Jiff..rfe 'olis will', b*
.-,M.'..r a ABl a general Omi
oii rFancy ir'i1\
Rice, Allki la -ir -LIr. tI1
FlignJrcd ilr.s,i
F "l'r'ct [et fu-n a
J. (1', ,l
d1.,'"anl 'bhangeaedl
Parin ol iu1k., vr
ar, '. ain brill a, f<<
R i nHr.gurvil oi' ,i. .4 nn ,
I nn-rinr pj ,o..i-._, up ierinr
H; irt' new s L
asVm.,it, blr.
C,|o.I- wnear, r a
.1* aupcruri
u tlni f.0r ei ,
tn J-mni- 'lri' ch fa
O '.., ,S.f io' b
C'anbric H,-dkia. cainl
I.:. .to pino et
,' aI.. m gelin n
R.c,i finy H-Jaf'
R hii. fa
Rilk.-r.on an.] GarnlI'n
tHor naikm, p'l
lis tNI .'eirte, bla
67s mg Sjriilk@, LlacIan libak
cil |tfIlRM &rM & iEDr
&Ac -rAKEV'ELL & LOLE. 1', r
s4al. iII I-in Ilo a, le
t) I II if c 1 ci,I. I ra y a
100 ir i..

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Z- in 1'leo. 4It
Z 1.,:, I,, 1 n. .1:lkTih
Il.l ,J 1 cl.,-rrti..m & laam t
I,, 1 1. |,.. PI .[r Sie..
i'.. il., yi. ]. & l n
),jinl rl. vi'li,' Imr pera
,IN., ,I., nirnr.'w b ti ed.Nn'.
linil Jo Fr id
Imell I, half
dii 1i 1 ynfe I-a Iay R ena Ir
.0 Ci- d,.' ,do
I'iii i rel R dRiv-c
."N'i 1 lial].iti n a R a- r
I'.,'I I I1 DLrCK-- ps J a y.li1.
AMER[-'IAN DIt'CK--A .-,Iuiioi
S*',i-.i.n Ducko
5( ieft
4;rat" i p-lra brown v
4(N1 ,in brown anold breacti,-
70?piet.:R'e ermeLtor bleac
11ie ,1. brown
lIm rli do di
Wir, ,o.i' si cl.t'B(. rR
it) .1. Bale L.
lr ipc"'. .:m"e nrr4.e-n R',l.,
4iua., 'jiO G'rhan ia trlApa n
.ng, uclt',l, iu .s'Iua i
gingine a
I"'4",rit, r.rjr c
*irjic.iu~iOiirr' 2lnsi
Ili-- %I unll.n .. C .,n yB g
,'ilieo...r.,n,| n
..irr'l r,.1 Ir A
\X I i--''..e- l, I ,i' pr 'In.
a%% 1 '1 N '' u .nta siit.'.. t Im1.
t..l -. *.1. 1. %N'l-' impin gr m .1fi Ira h 4,
hl"[ tem, dc --iU o inOl .Lc n(Ji
l7 cer,.rmi
haa Hit ir Fc'ror'fr'xprt
.Cn hsac l R.,lno .Sa

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Se atsi RoaB lirin
rFir 11,l1 by ,),`1[)I lt hIE
S H e ItMOI,' AAIN t IIA. --' li
thl,iq P.-arh' M i.nlinin t'-'.al.i t
in ,.. i. k ,.oitf s ,.prh':,r Lnihiy
i Gl M I I.mlu,.c, r.,r i.LA PrCG anlJ nin
cera 5iLhc wicrket prlce
:n.r I .crrm.y 1ir
ni''sn cr a. ..dsr a
A[,.., r- t, sale. s iam lPe. o q i
'Mllh(.'l I.
11 .-.ise 'e le O ,rni, N1s
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o f-. ci t r',cl, a I- n.'
r i, ,ry ) alane
F,,r aiF b, b.
inM"1i i
ll1A I 1.5N';--tl."o rlls C
O'i nc.ll. 4 I In C ,i d
lIee .In -14 nr.,Jcl
n,, .1'. 1'
0 .1.' 4 ,
rl JI .- ,) ntew c4
,,I PIlI P& E
L'ti.i AI, i .NN

|I" ,r c 1 r ci re
i~n ,nc ,Is. c-IZ
I .I .1 M ,l r
F.,r l.y PflIi IP &
f lll lAST rRE.N' II, sAIt'
'It tIi i'Jip,,,il'r.iin--. a sup
^iS -"r .xi.-. iaveiiimr a-!sb a
Ti.'cth. s l n.i r Ta i
,, ;. *
VT.l;''I'H-mi;' I.p
;e." bierri lute .rc Ste
I1 .1h, Fiirr,[
i'' d'i .. Fermii [i vlne ,J
dImpl J'.nl..rl l'lie v -.rc,rf s. !.St

'iii taHit., B.iAC K IiTiI'
t,''r. scanrt e for 'iJe maona.
i|.l .1, i w 'ili (','nn l'knn'r'm
Ft.'," p,' lIllnr y ailnapt lc
,in. .,l 0nc taclotr ., rlenr.!rrs
n,I S it'
C"HAMPAIPNE-ine elit.ucrib
i.,unda lIrge supply oi r e 'e
'it:k & Leo Chaanpatne, in 'luare|
,irts. LN LL
n.rl? S
C i-T ,I Rk-lt i-ayourp
bed,. in tlrres or bbl3 Fur
ihimerat. by r
hi e



Ocinocraic Republc

Reibrin Ca

For Prer
OF o
For Vcre r

'" general Hmarriomnh
country, l wilh leas eomea a
anyay srin li-ingi.'>

The C'noce o l'the D
meal Re
Mr. Van Buren and hisr
di,iress l" Ihe country i
Himn, uminarily dispose o
iLtllr alirtbuting thie
creiti ysiemr, while they
as a safe and soereeign
facL, lidi if Al undue i
wa; the original cause of
in power applied the Si
c.-atilrl.ed, let us inqunr
,: ai lrevi.ltion under whie
rI jusllycliargeable ihn Ih
r.euniry. T"he people ha
Ihe ererotl lcratnlion ifih
Ioour commerce and curr
Benln.'i's speoeches, the et
dcl namalory verbiage of t
lenliouto, irrelevant abiL
dreamer of the EveningP
wInaly dlqulisiots, wh
their underoitanding%, and
is abroad, fatal to the a.c
by whom so many ihousan
been hoodwinke
A country cannot have
with n)i the fluctuailions
and tver will be ILts natur
tle city of New York lIfe
and you will have few f
inhabitanis but so long
,hi.pinc port of Americ
ihc.,t i to the fliicruati
Itilarious aid extended trl
mutations that the cou
the hnsility of its own
Vital interests. The en
people, fotiered and susi
natitlnal policy, and as
which such policy inspirs
them 10 triumph over an
rtelsion. Such is not th
vuluion under which we
WAS nol political in its o
doiub ed, it has at least
longed for plcuical pur
hi, party saw in he mitafo
fine opportunity for the
er, and- ilhey made \tar u
which the people had be
imeire ulIdilffielhy and dis
-the great cummereial
nnd rduvirlry, under the i
slLUUiIns, had raised th
prttiperiiy unparalleled i
and which pr,.perly app
it 10 it former p ,sinlo
nMust be broken down, th
stepping stone to exe
liar' went Iorth. Th
were directed to inflame
against the banks; to
a.radii, and destroy all
-" Ina.. '-la fah., .rLc
corporate and individual
mer.:e of the country ws
which fell first upon
extended fo every profess
In the meantime a pre
sure was urged upon the p
thut the Sub-Treaaury w
all heir woes. That m
tlImea condemned by ihe
nnw defined 1o be infli
will be us tp rattoa eve
'ion of is framers] They
preceate the value of pr
labor one half. This is
administration argume
ure. One of.itLs conseque
nation of bank paper, and
lal destruction of credit
the Sub-Treasury it will
of the creditor portion o
Ihe wealthy few, to dema
which forms the great m
prompt fulfilmeniit of th
.senliemeat of all debls
very moment when the
them have been suddenly
half. And who will acqt
sacrificed at frurced sal
aires, the Asiori and the
The nr.h will thus be mu
poorer. The few will lak
and industry of the BmIny
law will give ite sanctie
ilmoney thus collected in
venr ioeo Ihe channel of
try, for trade aad commer
Iate, bul it will be inveile
And ithat will be ihe po
True, thi ruined agrilu
sell him what a1 iwenty
how i. hets e'srn the tw
lu alee him emplos'mtn
s.horld, br irs dilti'eto
reward induistry will be
king, and ihe labiru

Latlst feon the ient
V;rt.r,,L Van Buren' a
cointplishing wonders. By
ta,_hmeni frosni 1he ulai
iniltn anti his squaw from
in killing and. catr/'inw
carried in triumph a0 Jao
there on '7th inst. The g
uss eminewhat."arnishe.b
r:apt i.e of a train of fy

he slores, aurnmunition, &
"rhe goard fled alier the
Tedeem the nation from t
military fame, we supp
will lake thie field in par
lart :4f War succeeds in
orf jOf.1,00l. The military
will, dejubllevs, volunte
Fiom the
FPLsr n.-ODs.-Some o
pes are making a great
udd, wh.j they aver fals
ihe ballot box of Ithe Sec
W3ard. Ve know nuLthing
attending Bud-'srightt
inerctial of last evening
of trmuth,
He war ao-newnat inloxicatel
havitiIi ben brjuglit up asitu
pushed forward by one of ih
Hs toalon we muc ih hatM Mr
inr. ,s'lectnj Lo sad iL erintoU
i-trnatitfd by lth Tamiuany p
l,1 p eri0lo i ,Ih. anid iree.'i n
a resrfld rcsponilb h
Weare autborised to p
r.i the assertionseontai
basely and unqualifiedly
the inspectors administ
severely questioned by al
der talk, and answered t
'InLency which forbidsth
We are nct aaltirized,
lions of the New Era, to
fiedly false," butll do so r
of Mr John Murtland, of
who deposed on Wednesd
that Budd was inloxicaled
his vote on that ground a
overruled by the
Shoep have beaen sold fot
the town of Bristol, On
wheat for three shillings
Richmond, t

New Weork Chat
The following are the ma
in each WarJ of the city,
of each
Warti. Il'eg
I . .... .... .. 5 .
'2 ... .... .. 51-i ..
3 .I.- .... .81.-
I ... .. .. .. ..
5 .. ... .... 191) .
6 ... .... .... ..... ........
7 .. ... .. .
8 ... ... .... .... ..........
9 ... .. ... ..... .. ...
10 .... .... .... ... . .
I I .. ... ...... .
12 .... .. .................
13 .... ..... ... ........ ...
i t ... .. ... ... .. ..... .
15 .. 8.3. ......... ..&36

17 .. .... . ...... ......

Locofcm.o m
Th.? a-greg-te Abig a o
ihari la.i fall When we
we -,hall nake onr cum
S lice the elICttnhn In
nae..d d.sastrousl i

Burnr,, Ihe leading locfolo
allsor..ff wys .to acou.

Snally a3-; rt that i hey
theaille. Wei have selected
showing 'h opinion % o r
lure ihoe
F'r ,*m I[hr Hliirl .rJ Tu
(7&ourope, 1/.irui,, COUs
neatly dJu tOne unigcd
Iort motan d all will be
le redeemed fiam the tc
federal whiggeiV, the
lemptible facullou ai in
cOUDLr), ; wi ;i nci pr leieo
it is struggling fit:,r pus r
The Gjvernment in ihIscoo
moral pier and t intll
The;e areortheideof d
been call d Inlo action,
w tines.ed on Wr h.e sfi lt
hd) ihe corptra eriLn ogen
,inteignaith n n1 lie Pteo
the work i- iJ, jiie ", ni 'e
dear friends, once mo
hear, in anii. ipal ion, i
thel mental i.mni .lt ihea
f Peopl
;a llern, & iih ll iti ..i r ti
n(ver It, uua r

cou trrk w'it1" Nl-iitYore
Good New fromtnciu
The Gjurmwi.nli Aurora
satisfied that the State i.
our frinds are deterini
righspiri is abroad int
Iheres ,aan he no reason
have both Houses of the
theGovernur. Thie gain
whie lhe Fdertallihtio h
affair lor them. Fdon,
hear fri nmerous chone
mocrac}, anid i pftain
other way. The lies tha
liold abo'iu changes in oh
opened the e es ,:m hdii
;ay thl n Iause which inu
ing and bragging cannot
The (ilobe-inlerrpor
Thie Glube has luSaben b
rious for ie s aeteri an
opposition irguments adn
instaeo we have notice
in the Cincinnai GzeILte

committeeio whom Gen. H
the task of opening ind 3
which he is every week h
individuals, &c., at on by
ral Guvernmien, are The a
que.ion, and sae iheren
new iues between Geala

parly in power," &c. &.-
In relcieene I0 Io ira
mouinpiece o( el I
Huw very fr,.n" and
skulo behind a ic IIu ,tul
selvea tha isay hithe hcy
sue between Genieral HAs
This is 3bout an average

racy of the Globe's *]ii fd
The incarnation of mea
preiidee over the col
the daily offspring, ofdg

credited by th'eofficial s
never heisates t o interp

poliiicil ex;geucies
General Harrisonir lie
T"he folliwing cltact oh
Harrison to Mr. Madiso
proTes atl one the alleg
rali t.
[ have no other molhIe
shan to assure you tha
producT d by any daimilntio
alays ftakrn in thet SnY
meOt TO YORo Pia xf. Th
place when I former the R
whik I tai e hfen d'srnof
shall cease to regard t
actuat every honat man,
vors that it is nt ois
Rhode iehlui
The oilae leis lion et l
oTr Wednesd,.v. aWdi h

votes, but rumor eay th
increase. Lont year ahe
no was eleeied

performed ihe dullea &1 t
be surprised bo learn dini

reeds one
a lar. Te luin the
The Blrtalu Conmmercia
anA acuunti of a Lng C'
wanda, aw which hongtre
rysof Elie tnd Nirgara

duct Ihe fullowin anecd',
benevuleeryt propensn
Speak rme of Mr. V'an
remember thai, in iriojg
advent aiTunawandn, a
hisarm bluwn off. How
EMr Van Burs oide ihe r
pense foraa ralailnty so w
alllihe generous, feclhng
d oWleds-dlay We,n hal
charge; lor hrm seraiys
we wern assured was a
wibt a prisceld private
TWENfyfiIvE.TuOrAND n*c
Ihe unhappy Lan in reri
wandh wallt wicl hcanre
renderade p ,ro napdeleo
asirnplnracchienlf berul

atone of Iheenihi-ijela e
the Naiion's. Gne.t wa
Lafayette nosooner ht-a
raclerlstic ,enerosity, It
himsell, he sent the man e
Nothing could show ue
these two aca the noble
the or, and the eardid c
Loco TACTl...s-One -I h
Bellevue Hospital apple
lerday for rnm-dical advice
of the laculy how he a i
he, werwee all I. outI Vt
arq' for u;, LOLOi, n
"Well, but were here
inquired the DOctIr.
in a suppressed lone, "h
lik/etherce d ,atybe(or and

There waiallargeoncro
citizens attending the fu
and JtAMES GLS.aoW, Tea
perilous duties of there
which these duties are
mand, at all limes, the 'y
the inhabitants of raur
casion every countenance
of sorrow for the untime
men, and deep sympathy t
lives and friends We iur
lell a wife and four ynou
pecuniary ast.:ance, -we
icceive it. We did nrnt
had a family.
Bolston and Prove
The price of freight oe
dence Railroad, has bee
per Ion. The charge
previously reduced
We learn also thai the f
Springfield to Bos

The Timei of this mo
county in which Harrsn
voters, and that of lhie
peearJoe Clubs. The Ti
name nf the county, pro
';lent reaqoi that I
Now, Mr Elitur,Geitelr
[lamilton ctun'y. whht'
sand voters. and at the li
gae a major inVy o one a'
cItIzen, [he PETTICO
GLibernalorial eleciion 1
fer the Aduminiastraioan
as inaoy tfor Van
We thought the lileral
caiion of our correspond
an e rato was unnecess
General HARtSON resides,
mean, and we challenge
ils Irnbe Io ddipru.e. lhe
The error is hardly )i
gives it an opportunity
otis lype une of ithe:,e b
UoIlter of Ohio. ahirhc
on the heada of h b't f..oli

flow itJl
The Raymond I M.i-pii '
bythe last mail iilevh ery
four pge', and Ihe add.i
ment, entirely allied Ail
sales nof estates

NMr.i Cmns one of the re
gress fru.rn Louiirtaia,
ihe slaie of his henilih, L
Mr. LEIti has called
Central Committee of V
leply to the charge that
litionist issued In an
party or Virgi
Sram the l MaoliB
The General App
The discussion of lhe
Bill i i"etnoilt e o
jemerulay wtith rmamrk
reir. Mr. WisE went i
tion o1 the different heads
contrasted them, item by ite
acmir, .ltratieur of Mr.
facts ascertained and inc
stantialed his .:harige.; a
nistration ofetiravaa
The chairmnion l a'he C.
Mean, -o:ld not allow&
pass i Ih,-ut repl an
geniously to apologise
lure c.-i cle last threat y
river, cuculd not cover th
the expensesof the G 'vernr
by the men in powor IrI.
peop le willi look to this
lavlIhil ithe public tniun
toajiist aecuuniabilily
occurred between Mr \VWi
Mr Jone, rnn ihe-e poi
rrman of the C.mnomileeo W
ler cause todefend All
was Ie ul the 1 .e1,dle'. ir
snd corrupt adminieiri o
more complete and st
Mr. STANLY alsospoke y
ability and force, He
some ofi the chaxees % hi
bers, in their customary
against Sen. HiHRIONt f
inghimin the Soulh.
fence of the veteran
crnes out from every di.
and opinions and servi w
the parliisans I ihe Excl
higher cl.iinis i. the conf
men in very u3arler ot
venture to say, trill ala
we know him to be a
man-one who ihan eoree
out a stain and vihlhout
adventurers go on to
know him, tru,, him, an
highest honors

days ago,-att honest olid
porter ot the. admitre
thrashing wheat. Towa
weary, and, as he leaned
of labor, upon hia fail, it
vc idl',' through hi in t
found utterance in wo
claimed he, delvingg 1
and what shill I get fo
Ihrashed it Thirty-se
bushel! Ay-thirty-sev
busilel, all told God
ibinrg' r no longer, ind I i
I l'!' vo/l forir e!r!

FinE.-About 5 o'clock e
firebrokeout in the loi of
No. 59 Water st. It was
under, doing but little
confined to the filth slory
value. The building w
Thomas A. Dvies ar
ANTHru.,-A fire broke o
o'ti.oclc, in the 1 i .-of i
l1-taer part iso.:cupied
letlionary tore. The c
cated to the roof of 177,
cupied on the ground fl
bury, watchmaker and
were promptly on the gron
was done before the fir
building s are both fram
the fire
FPoii lie Hic
below a letter front N .
one of the most singular
our r.eiunrats have ihrt
Noasii Ba- cent-.ta
VJWhipple Borhiletl, a ir
commIlted suicide last T'
lielluwing ctrcuoare es
owed him elbtui tweniy-rv-
runable to pay, .,nd as la
diepc.-ili.I, 11 it as a Oce,
him, and ha had inlimale.d
net pay him, he ihorinl gR
ecileer wal. NMr Aahler R
or lout dollars, whiclc Berl
called of him. Under Ih
came to theco~nrlu.:son
their litea anil then
carry uit tihis plne, he
brought a 1.ead ol dry iou
or laying the same in a
Hlelhueh ecllerleeJ all hi
-packed ile clotlets ih a
trurnk I,.i a1 lclttlie ne
left the wood, and told Ih
for it On Thur'day, or o,
On Thursday ahlelnoo.
waRgun. and slahutd f
On Ihe way I.e mnel lIn t
wanted to sell him his
which he ied, and inoii
f,'r Iletli on ihe spot, 9a
cenr thi th.a't

He was next beard of
he called and asked Ri
what hie owed him. Rice
"' That 1 very slrnpe,"
you would pay me by thi
upon that he drew R pistoa
at Rice, which he dicrin
the door. He then ent
and arrived about H
at the door, and Mr. So,
hirm 0o alk in He agai
fired nt Snow, and hil tih
f'inteof theh ball
a metal buLto
He ihen drove to the I
his trunk, lootli t andidro
had lelL the load of w
his trunkand oihir effecLs
Jnto the road-look hise h
an hitched him to the fenl
him, and returned t hisu
himself ia such a poti
he should fall on the w
tusly sel on fire, an-I
his properly. He iher b
a pistol, but when ha te
wood, as he intended, but
It. In this siluslion he
one hand burnt ofiT and o
It appears lhat his inlen
self and all his property
And as his axe and spea
them for money In the
found about 14 tZ. of m
pockets 70 or 80 dollars
watches Three pitola l
ed, one for Rice, one fo
Snow wias not much hur
able tole aiend Iheb funeral
Bartlett was a very s
object that ho was known
he has spid uhat he w uln
From a child he wa a re
wasscarcely eve

Rlieortd feorthN
PnULcT.-Elizabeth Ogd
at 150 Hesier treeI,compl
had been enLered by opeo
Here wa 'stolen ilirerrftr
Cariuiarticlesiol jt lra
dollar bill, a ;Ilrtr delu
thevalie r.I Lilly ceoas
in Ile a,. Lof Filatingt h
dow, cnid was arre-eda
Cliucli treei by O
narie n t Willia.n Tr.,m
waJexaniined,and said
Ogden'% house, and g otI
purp.,'e Inf gelling etilri
Inrea iI he coull nira,
succeed in getting any th
GEN rra SESSIONs.- Thu
was Pel upon, :ha
It sealing a wat'.heflhe
io Susan Clark, anti was
ny o
Daniel Giblin was tri
forgery in ihe Ihlrd degree
handwriting of Miorni sO
promi!wrv nole I
Cd~ar Ciunber was t
Jiaril Ilarceny, in iele
itriuui '-al, worth f' i
Nathalinri S. Harlil, inp
ber and Gergu S.:.le- ids
ior grriand larceliy, inl
Leatic K Br.ig., al
Edgar Cumb.r an.i Georg
upon I trial ani, acini
The same prisoners we
trial, on an indictment
I,: aling t he properLy -
M. l.i and'rn'ii a
George Soles was then
indictment for grand larc
perty ofLuther Ghapi
There were two other tr
ers. for similar offences
were found
The court ordered nolle
ed in six oiher indicinrrifn
E-lwaid Moran wa.s tr
stealing icow, weorlh 3
Williams, A
Bewir THSEarnE.-Mr.
wilh good effect, Beam.-in
Rthile a Wile arid Havea
and well
place of amusement, i Mr
out avery cleverly exec
called AsinIu.a. in Ne
are st.ine rapill hitsl al
other small bodies The
Barpnoueh, in exceeding
whole piece has Lbeen gou

1tr13-ENENEREio i l.- IMM
lHeit. VOI'I;Ni MI.N--Anad'jj,
nerd Cerrn vw.-llWii .'f D .iocr
lhitd at Nimnal ilal, in Canal si
Aprill7tn, .., hr .
Byordor, EDI'lVAItD M
H. W. HIaven
M.O. Roberta, ( -e .
__ _ p i _ii lui l ..] .
A4 .lretrIuit iaa Inill
Ine rt ti eIn> ai I.I. Ji.setri a lr.
inll,, ..i ittLrit t aer r.,it .ei. i
I-,:.e It I! .tI,1 Fi P Jit ) e0 E
I .i-F.I. N Itthi. NEPIINE
New York,Apr
ir '- AT a 8 -icunt, f1
.i1, ,IREII.sill P TAAi'PAN
i( ..n', : I i P.r Ih .ii' e i 1i Oi ih
Ticl-,1. i MLiver
alf. -'t ai.t CHA
W'illriiambnrSFh Fies
I Vitilt insbeiirg , 1
03- The Board of Directors
rI i a Di. t.rn.i uf5perct.rnl.
i:. .hi rri l ..ii r
Tl r-. er 1. .il l, h o L. l th
'Lee My .c'frt I--ohrwell ban tes
ta 1 I t i-.n elJnl iN -a t.ciill;ul Iel-c
Kit.r 'in .I I:.amirp will tlacK
S iic 'I Altel. i i.e rl N... la L
.',[..rc t, II., ..-'e l.,Pre P M.e
nl.J "i Fnlrl, c-- i1.b Brs.l-
Li:)- H r c A N L,-1-. .itI I
Pr\\, NI -I- c11ve 16 ner. t-v girrl ri I
y |t. .eiT lr ail 1'rariif;Lr i k 5
i-. r Rl lU I w. rl i e t ,rtjal di
i -r t ,nrc r. ri ,I rn ic, f-19, Ia '
.: ,,ill r ir,'e I- In I..,'mr.a
ic td Maw t ..e
Uv Oi.-ir Il I
1 E I" L It I F:.1)E 1 P F I" it N1
iaCO-~'i .tlenet Fliu'.^tatip
111-0e ..feinj-it.crepeIat etrac e f- i ,11-r t i .
,.Jli-,,, ll tr.,- s.,irs InW"I ., %-'ea
*'f'I li|j Ih* L.Ic i .-.r I\ -.' r r
II ot.n. 1"IE
liase r movcd from No
No. 188 Fulton street, eppo
Paul's Chu
Residence-Astor Hou
[LATE a i
No, 142 Broadway
N. .I t 't,-.k 1. [p a t ..,natln
tenelin en .- rric ,i t I ll I
Vteii.n., al-lt'n lIt Eoil.i fe
tEFN i',. -ni iI 1ih f..-rnrir-

CaslTI T iloi'igEs
ie- e-nia in.-I vlrdFargir ar
a.itts,i r Fltnt c-f goiLodi iin rit
[ fI'll 1. CL-11i.,n-ir .. .,l I li., h,. I m u r j V .t l
eI,, I. h '.ianrimh i i.1 a tacll.
every Vsrltai' Ii0,11-wco 'tIlJ .I
nr ir -a t 4 gar cal i r.clm.ciie .n
A IJrgei- i rim,-nit--i i e lit I ,.
.'... 1, m i Iroa 6.i l' 1. it, I,
P.rr ain.] s ra Q % ite .r,-T..
liteI, s ie l
'nrteile i er.i. [lte r C. t. .hi-rir
ltlre t r'..iete '.,cer.ct at -h-
It. 1rite ans 5,. i.j.ln.a i Is
nsnr I rtqlscie ,, reInFrp Ie. cr1P hiruselfcan beo P
ilr rri-LL 1t l iicet i.le- rnr j-'j
o -ill'.T .,r 1. I.lctert.p ,, .l,
Slrinpi.- Ii-i.J.rin 6 .u-nliflll Pirna
titt. l eet~ll t'lt1 e.,e.otlil. c ~
i'r .- ]ira t l e-'r .- tr, i lt u,
ecnrfr.ian 'n*ni.i a-ft' teic tee
rst- i.f n,u. .1 ir. t.
NUiTr -- aL ,r1iltr lr.'parat
myl narii^, rl.,.[ arccoulipanlcij
ar1.* iliiaIjIil~iijil-i'-ii~la Bpurl
l i -i l' br aurio i r. .r as r
uciiy p. ran elisie t.,l a my nat
Balte-inc ft
Petr.-na ien i. I cent cite iini
,.lc Im iii rt "* ii .ID a l-s i
pi rr *'ll-. ~ ^ 1 i ip s Ih 'ln.l *...
.la ,. fr i .. 1ter eta -i L. .rk il
Iaf reir atth i;
ci- te n l..e".. Ise.' rel nio'.l.'i
li.-n tr..l.,.ti.: .' i,i ts I i rl a
tE- iera.Ie.ttrn
"i'r-e ,.rlilti i cleaeleel, r s ale
i.. ', ieje hti il--ri .ils i* n ,''
lii i. r,,i .Ii l ..1'i irlli n- im r .'r
,i) Uhlli '.r i.. i
liE'' T.tV-e
oi <'. i,,-i!.'r sir,
Wtv J jtdrrtle A5 i N.. 1-'
rr".'rlB.lns r en W \91 let' l
I.A etlilAt Ha --ehipperc par IE
tO.', i1 c..wisar e 'd[i1,:.iLJ ioute,
Ir. Ike .,i-'ica ,, i.i,' hn
it3 ,' P I lIV\N.\U'ilI
tart.'s lIi,',, recre.lve1 er ,ri
at I i.laafr caii in
.i. lw I"llilSPU
NO II'E -lerdl.i .:,'..ra
it I'.il ?ii In. la m niie, wv ll r

33-" Till Ia.'tci irie-L, A [ t
.ej.. -vicr.t .r' ir t11 .t' Rilrtli
1 len I. II,' rr re l .I tl I
Pis-:--i,( t i(-t 1 uiIP vili
rPinia ."e, ,i| rltraie- c~hI r
IttBnc whonrl. I...'l r.ef leil Ir
it i le a, ntae tenetuic.

In 1t ris tid n Wealejn ei.
M')fllO. H'-%l a t Cr, a tOlilc.t
yeor Mfi
rne frian-tl r the iaMmill arep
lilc Breame ,A'ar it e4 '-i'-1k
E eeneit met. el,
Ar G-al:i. t'otan. etn a C
L'tfn. Mi r itnll r I s .n l
VAi an il al. c l.p tr M .'ie'.rl
wss nI iA" Ha waI 1nu"i 1r e 1
a elta ,d headed I a eleer h IF1-l~l% I
1l. f #l, A 11 at IlIr, o ie ale- O fM e iT
F,.ti i r.LL fes ler'-i. rtti icl '
'em l. 1i l tlil[ inl t IIr Ln d
6 u".'p il-[ I .11'f .i H I I i ,s ,e I.
,i 'prtie i nn lor-e, l ie q ,- -l -* i i
i teii, iin-'vi an i rou r re l
i, *I tj ll Jun ^ i'
nr a.lcis: 1M i ae bnr 'als mI
rto if i r
i.r. C l Ct R LL'i FILL' If, ifE.i'
Atrtil...11..-it i -
S H Dn itI q U .lartlbia
Pensacla h on
1\ L MH & H-F
SUUt R -1I.U, Ne w Line
In 4 a 191d 8 Iii) bl t bil
R \a18IN.-10;56bosaomDunh1 I
liil .Io :'jia 75:
MOL A-SES --01ll. I Cuba1I
1- rFFI E.-0IS b ,Ais tit,.si tl
IIIDES- l-2iUj) ai|a.liPereiao
T'A -17 h If chaVst
I >ILT -l k..3ae
ORANFilS AI )l,.MLINli. ca
loin ,. ilenit SCiiy 4. L im O 7
B1 v
TOnArcO --hhIdoi KnlireyeI
I, j 3 &. I eon 13 liariels
ea h
'" r, C
OR \GT7F4 AND UMi)N- -_
l.,ii..n ic rarg- of Lrig Orce
it.. F-
I RlINCJ 9isl cies rcon ai
IHL>N-I -Fil i arwEngli
TAR let(70 1- II l' FaT--bc :,-1
ItOI- I P']" --icl.l-
VlNF. AAR.-.0cek
161,%[i11.1 R4 --,Ju cblN%- r l-,4m s
PORT --2'0'liask Pr
Pa DDING.-O0pieces P


TnThrDAT.,P M April 36. It
T ci- cil. a aiir3e :;.-kA r -n
uery a rge, )i!tpr--a g nraIra
hawk Tili Rr ad alvaiiCFI;d
ar Pr ,il.ceen.,e, anoJ aNw J
war danl lld....n ao-l Harle
on yenr. miy'a prB.'-a M, h
.i lie..1i I Airtpr.ran Fe h
Bink hari lI..njs lla .iI Ra
LI mlre r SsJ Boar-i there
Pr'.n'eegr.,. Hail P alrs U i
w-resill a0i 71. seller. i '.1d
Co'r1.p.,r, 'tre,aed at I. l,
on liat iAtei
StarlingI JIll i n a niodriale
prenmirin Exu.bante on Pili
Rirchmodnd. iwe
Tb DMilk ,i" New I-rk and
d ,c arr'] ,Iilerie id oc i"o
II. tili arninl repor of the
st there %v-re i oer-e 1 dur'.ra i l h ct. 92r" ? D
iv lr-'cililtlr.aiw n t e -"I 'aI
i'lr.iJed l iL in Tilill
jli r ,i i .lIel .*if t ,.i ti
m)i Oai hio, Dicni)air i en0 st
IV W~. . .. . . . .. . .6
2i LI'.ee alit e I teLnlIA -nl

Jl kU .*'lill-J-WF ckw -r n Un104( i

it ee ,I ri.piei b .. . .
5t ,h I i l i-iF L O h, d b .r, 4. .ri,1
ti 4 .. b i ank anr i F .irninr
I6 1. ."Ir. t I'e % *- bIl n
1 i, l i i i rl ,, .... .. .

Thio bank has b. :r,,' i,
during which i i- I la
counts, and f,.,. I l e
pOstitors.. .9..-.....
To f ih.ctli .*,iJ ii-Ee.l

And during thed aanie
art. aunis ar J fa,9.J..ut. ..
Leav;ng 26 457 accounts
ance.................. ...
Which average about, one hu
to each acouit.
APIsMell.-A, .irocn hi qi P., f
rferie -,i ILI ac,i i.I i.e r e> i
S ti..ka. t.ur Lficria't Fren.
it [aair, Dilrae.ri.& C., at.]
i'rilr-,J i,-i lie, t,'0LEieLtv rar s
don. The uode propoee- la i.
;teb.a ao.%.!%tiitii vrlwi., ~
. .c -,.r.i e 0,, i,-a. 1 r. 1 lhe ,
Pur~f 4r lir: .,Ii.-'r 1 [),4 ,\l,
i..1I 1 .ri. -r i i I I.,' r e
Lt, i -,r &iLt (. and, n rl f -I.r c i' i
1.\ % -r Kr.: ni .a .. K *,i tlle 0 -IO
.lA ee. i in.v .: nJ r ,. i.- rr .
\ .',i .l .I..- i t .."ks r tiu ea,-.I
to beis&us..J i. i Fea 1,' r. i .
LIVE'RPO'OL S, !'. i"tria, A
At J Cu&riili li .reC-Afi j I iIi A irf
co-S dt ', a IiR. Ru& fitiar,--d
H'.,iij .t a ruai-.--3ckr J Le
1.. ij c I ii .[ e1 Tci.cras -
crates "Le 1 i .'
LE [lnloilrir& Bait ael rie l.t
el l- .di grele43 liarta Di. ili-l
1e, I itetec-eirrr.-y Ir, h JII
& II H ll.hl- e 1 t.0- lPir.,i- 1
t et e 1.1. i r t.S ,1 i i] PtIia -
H\ i u j a 1i-i ti S.'ccei4eil A
H J HrItj-ea.1i'.t ri I l. li.e
D ::.lo.ri.'!. B...,-heiI :-- ,'. 1
;,t..v A J H.rrelieiu -e3 .i ic-ek lL
*iihltli--ti: .-t1, raic el
As ci IAl ciil Pt'e- lBS9 t t
bals rlJa Yuin
APALACliCtILA Belt Cateiire E
P-rl.,r a icieters & W itI. i I
iOte-te t.) A el.A lirni-
[in a-hi. ll, -i .* i.-i. el -ini i
iie al, -.0itern .ll'eee ecr ,-
te ll nihe-c iia 1 .sil* it M--
il t cnt-i tt4 t& ,1i .br I i ea
P il: Bi f" arr *I,, ,-- br I" T l,
f J l a~f~l.ri,-i Kf'A

ruR 'r oNE IW-YURK
Sw tlil. Aiiearica I I lkil A
&c. bic, Jjri 1. \ Gr i ,ti.iNce
chrIv CI tier.Nt. Pri. iln.cHiK
H til 1e.--, It i rn. Ba nai'n n
i. A1i. Lli- h. ieslun. t iin.l.A -
lo. Rona.tIr Ln.nll. ,I ri&atnr
at,,b1,. tFr-, e..B "l jzr c -r -
ql.i I, illri t. Ann. S fiieM. i i'
m I'- 1 I "
Snit, .Atjarih.. CR, h .Ju iirj iifa
hi, li n i
aSr ..eti. le.g i nIrriz. lti
ae.d ai H-fcine.o rf I sTa-t., aim a
Jlrk L I.I t B, it.-, I in s .r. B -:L.M d I i
tat,,rr -i, L Bit... a aihrl L
cioir' E .i -li i .ea.. ,riii Bis.a
Pr' ra..,it Nit ela ete -i.. re .ta
in. ,,E e hip ial.tiie n iiI iF i
With2 gIu si I
,-i. c-, l.,-t i,.ih Aa l 7Iia la.
OG n.-,. B-.ii I SO a InrI, S. l, e
n jif .l t.i ** uiJ I" ier.tIe r &
n et i. *.l tilie WasA M.tiic.
51q ill-,S 1111 a....
BrlMi te.aeetr4a L t et1c. ntl. e 14
I... Fa it a P |te It|.1- :- .,r
il I et ar tiir'f ia, .1 la
&.I I Cr 11 _il", l N i [ti, Nh"' I-
rerlet i tt i tili ce.C D
t rl L.,ilsaean. .vLdlceB., i jD
a r Ir %, nil'.il diiff W II,i> ? i
a.,i r i H t ..
CClil" C tie, telc? a[t.ailt.** O
E L,
-crtr rlcOt-:t, Rnyjw i.eiddti
Schr llen KRLiman, Shephlrd
with oil to te
Pi'ketl sLir. Inslel crLcertee.
r rolkR .,--.3.Wi t Weina
AiN at fc % ftrifuraJ Ilii .1i1 *i
an. n Ic. wl ir.,lOe
.tcee i e1-l .eeir.l e.ia latrt
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te-r-t -Irnlie.trid in Ih.r t tic
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le-0 L- i,. T ,i, .1,., I _ac 7 ,let -:
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in .aII ian.1r.-', I ilepi lar
a n l- BS .J![l's I ril.')wi w lir
cIrae lrjukliiet fies'. I v nI K v it
wliSi.C r l I Iti tt I .crrbilll i
1 11^.1 11, b(-i *, l t_.1 ,'*k >,.,r D
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ir- Irt I v t rill 1 l.r 1 i t
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e hl. an I rrr .c .r l ie r riii ij i
b re i ,11 I pa rti i n i S! ata-ii
b dllit d>, I iFpl ri ag al nshLlht
.1.1 iril',l'anII aFri., I elegnil
12 hall r.-i.Chli rie.r. ,arn
li Vri h elaliir; I eFetlninair
I eprii. eleal rost ii a ti al
i eul .ln s e.. ,ie. liit ll.l- ,,i ;
ally ei ,t re .tit I t.i].cs ,.
ba'k crseir, I Rlegin, j.Ir.I t
rcliu, tiarl.lie en,,i I uli
%i ..e I piare .i ,.I la e cil be
.prit ?'pa' c r llir r
IA L N '.i B, oIl' han. di
L L ,I iar-.'.,s ha~nd, teel

iore ':teeI let aererap"R-
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'3.4 ,,Ae e.1 Pcrtte
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li1 Dtl. a I It I i
Id4 'n.l 13 1 ,
I- 4 ie 134 6n1U.-r
Al 4 J 4rerin Cr r',. pWn4
ii I 1.. I I-4 til
1 4 It 1 r e'l.,r- ,
T.,riIer sit ha f aeil Tilrsi'l
r...If wiliha. T it'l) I in, n. T
Si Ritirt l('r..lA&. 1& for voe l
M lIrlaeden lante
,'.Jd aci I. .il I Inec, prl
cl i, &n lu n llier Lire. -
,.I A R& e

IITI.I. Til $14E LI.- c i. c-i
S-onli n-tc neatly 2E1 Ib

S partnershlp heretoforeeL
Maeeka nd ittbert l atewarln,
STEWART. Is thie day dlmibl
debts dJe the firm will be Pel
and all alaitns aicunt said i
April lill '134(.
N B -The buqsint i ill lie
itewan, c,.nrni lBraslawear eai
May. eaf t .ta.rlC II il
llfoajway, flsluo,.er t el w i
IN (JHANL'ERI --Il'are
Sie N,,rlti An', .r il e%. r'
sac re., ileaFnd i N
In puriasance onia ineroil rI
rr rimd ie it s e ibuie entIled f o sl Piies rli I picrlt, will
icnier ihe .1I recall oi1't ihe s i
of ie caid i. .urtl, si Ihe sal
No 13 ra;.ad le it le t r
day uof Mv, A L) Ii4t. ati w
Al l fhal rartamlnol, pir.e or pa
ing Ih ,illreen acc 19. ed iili al
lt ard ..-i ii lcily of New Vur t
lun.dreei a'itali(cy aeaccn Chla
ut-ulh alaes r y stile st -rpel
nine ice-, lnt c icueisoulht wee
an olijnia iria ai hnuaie irl IiU
LbancA t unrorDj -t.lid i weatey
one teLI hti nrsies ioo or he
tieyd t' Oet rgl fll the n e
a..nglI.e lasth# titeitl,-.ll n ir b l
leIas, i itlie di'ina-an wh[oaen
map ins uI le' Citleiris Lteam, P.s
sectilli aten scFn l .i1 i lin-acn
Fa-.elt jtl.ner.a Ir, il- ri entio
irile,' iL Ilt ninuler ne liel
ucap. ano1 liiteri :e nurilt e-irde
1e1 trn i l rll dr.d le l i l...-re iPI
t.einrg i tir r alit prr ntl-a wl0it
lai.em il siy,.- o, FLi ie :rdt
cure L'- % '-"I I Je i P-el ai-nIJL e l
I gteilc cm lhtr aiIli l eel an,!
iat n li( 5ai1, ppurit 1 ,i'nrrA i
wets ol-pe
t)sc. INe.. lY rt. %rriln ..
S'iNl :- AND Hl K i iOAD
I, n I 'n .c. a -i II ilrI e I
l'ip I l a li st *- I i %ll Coaha tIO
b.' rw:-oetaitailrod rv iri Mlltai
roi,,'r -emitt1 'reel cit neitranli
mil .iri.1r.tirs r .*'.e. nieris te

II n rn'I heQ ai-i ) r Iahl ri bjiii%`Ihlg ll e of
Ineil'i and I'Ttim ainnn.e n rlc iae ,o b I.I***nO
Ilfl.iA il elIvatili..n, a )le41 fe ,- u spriehi-r A c l Irji e iw
I. ii., ra miller rn.1 eb.el rrt
.aoi -o Kl l A R.neS. I. juet i .
If Ir bnd .trll hiaeri Utlu ni
..i'ir tc .t sal .c r 'i ,nla] ralI
aut.Bscilct.rr "
la'lt n r and c i B-lln t
ea I w 19 M.S l .rrtsi.a' ir-nalr
ali'ris b dlr .e1F CIIo"iliAP
bi e nI h i *,i i h Tr i t e rLe lI t L e e1a t,
Lai broa lqv Americ .-, HI-I' A n ha*.rf.
inlmria '1 i .'.idIa in ei-i ricr ri,
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i it lnrmsandt alrin iiges
ah. eall 4n I i.arri iirlllln feal
p.rclis-1i2 les- hhr'i et'
LR> HAN'il/L le ANTED.-A
tr-01f M, r irran 1 iir rtal
a! 'iy brick I nie, i inI .alale IneI I
i.-n. ba IIIXON
H ID1ti'S \Nil DFn-. Nle."
ilidea lu>1 -ir toine. imxi
brig Oronl.,'a, I ni An-
AI MAR&r 0l 31
Alan-JSL cerr-,na lrlne C
t i FFiI-LUltr-i .- a, ia dTcr
S I.'er cole. iclt h IAE .)lel ie 'c
m! ,.11 illr l.r U I ll BIln Init. o
meni r,r U .1gA nr. l llnr-.i Ion
iinerr aild Bcc iiSKa B
i Crji'>letEI.I., iai,
oIS If l- ...,
i'aPF d-- 1 mrt'ieil, err..*
Imoib. -ate at ac
a17 GROeIItEtIi & S
E SlrniIi.UIES-
uriran, a- also I Irds
at? lBir a l -D-,.,,4 I I. M QF, 2l(.9| .iA
carrv, a cuperiorc ii
al7 CySIA
S irlc.t iP- -1 7 3 1 d im e c c i . h l-
I 01teais19 '-as.J ~e~l .:..necenma.r-1TrirA
t llllal ', I. ri >:nn rI Yanil[
ieincerE' iiali. 21l-P ,tir
117 FT
COMPANES.-One raa C.-npa
l te. ,r sale I., O
al7 ilI" ____ ___
a,? I 4et 1r, F e
VIT_)LIN t-TI:lNeN-Fnuvr -:.
V irliirt i., -,rilt ithin il

al7 11 Gi- lSIFIM
I iitlINO t;IA'-iroPL.tTL-6csjLcingGu,

eN'ti CrAnl eitIt~N A lic-n-
(iECr Inllrll L]NLNo' --H.
cac 'e s itl I'm-cili Liri
ihi.'knec i r.I criJ arv inLla n ,
nln nia k-',i Tirlv iar p clro hs
fins lIe,, c .*6 *l vnip.'.rin -,.n
1Lneda. and irre flfrete-I'l f-br
quanlieiqoy nr tirVeO piect Gerue
aurh ,r-l., s are se,.i)nrlm pul
l.on'l'nmr rirarhei url rctaferr I
ili~trea.'!tt sci prieta r
Alan--Ale leerigi T a, "Tail. il
elloitnoi h4 & A LANE
E illi ItellET I 12 PA P^-lt
hen-I aLr.rcc fIiJt' ace..,rerlt
jeapered. et' riiic ngt .'. an.'u ilTr
rio nl c, L..r rn lnir.,I ,I nfla.ra re .
ndnipd,e-rrninil, 1. ii Ar-i-iI. ]aF at;11e WO lh "
rli, iten icol hrar Pd \le(rors
s I-l.P i t.cI be n16'l wlil'aEiai a
f,.-in coal.. ai l R .n.'rtarv' r
Clat air-sel.-, aiMprois e
DfltAF rcUlRK &: CI.THLO
n.,ie k ,in J .. i -Il- I-icesl tabl
oi 3 .n,4.'v 1.,. I ; i .; n 6
n tI a'..j 1" 1 I>|..t'-'1- in I dpB
Ltne m :.4.'. l.t- nU I irI I
all. en.] Bltrr. ly i[.-1i
calhlri lna-I drec&.a" i',r l.
Plnltceytiap~re. &.,let el~la iowa rcln' ~a I
N3- 1 ian 1 I l
N. B -R..;.t e i 1ieieclt. Mare
pA st I .' 1. -iil. ha taoI
La I.R.-l'"- i e airrrsi nit
I feie I', Lirr,: o uperin
ind -m'm,'h.lJ.t t.ianr. Netiet.
Mitec lan.d Itiny wet-i'.1 ini, is
al W H 10.4Pek'
pP rR AIIANINLS-li5 cai.ces
ldr selt by
I6 L2*.1 m msl
CATNTON COTiilS-O'0aa., Inh
I case heltis ndrl rr
I decj tlla
a.,' Beask a
*iicgii- Plr u i
CarinpT.'r We Trua
ti- -% % hire and .ro n r
For alte t.y

f-Nm sile 1
C J J" I'IItN--l^ I*o'nlrr'b .,J
for sale i.,
alt 3i
p icr, i.1a tiltl, t e >r, l'tl>h
lean-la, Itreoing nit
all SE NI 12 J PeK E
QUf.AR'-JJi.h'find cir'
Sh.L, -Se tter.: t' .
oli ______ .l..l Ul
C A N N O N -t i ia'.. m1n P .... ....t
tee wll I i.\! NEI.ti
CAN IIIiU- t.C'TiiGet| n,'l..ll
C Iettie a. 4,5 ft l4 6"1. el
a16 I''lIL lP .
I LA I SeL-eN I, r.-tI/lTT-ii
4rcritrnecfit ric-rei s1iJ ,f [e
.ly ant Icr cadl-r.v
ill 7i
rlTIL 1\1\(S--A I'-^W ('n?, li
rJ Ii y, l ii. l ,irrlaw rI' ed
.rcJ f,.r E I h,
all ,le
CL ALI-- 11 c1 t..a
liu d,, Gru
F,,r -al liy G
116 tr_________
an.ilrf by
Rl^ tE7 i. 1-tc.a
Sl"( llOMir<,O i '-,r'FF.--IH
Sr ,.'-de, sre f
elh URliShllLI & AC
F L~',li It-!IIuil[ a>ipc, hti
rtn.p1` rta ortisr. l
al, lele H R AC h
TE1N AVe Flurnee':, tnrat
Tir isal Oy

,|11 all. CL INN I HitiLNltp
Lt I.:Iar.. rrecu. I. rnit I.,l,-g
ht-ins, etrpeil gt e
nit .Ii-lIlEIM A SUf
dlir. PI... i'lit Fl.Bk z t
"l'. lt F ?~rl

UUIUO-1-tJ cr-etensII
I SIte 0I1._7Pn Pri Stt.

HJARP'-I HOI'-A eptlaenii
tIhr, echnrd, ennaie for bin o
latTilt i u-ct -iit &
al16 if OR0-11IEIM & .
rt iPENTIISE-167 bs I, r f
G ERM.N 1lllAr,' KL.'TTIE
at" I F HL ". PHI.E
0ia I'LIU-ht Ing k rili t
& I F I.- I ,11m U E .-,
gIt n-1 l double brn t ig I ;,- nt
rie Mianila Hatloa. for nal,
siti 3 St
\1 kj>! tHN L \% A.I t -III. t, 1 r1
a Alt.i F t-t" I del I G 1
Ni eestIr AL1 _F r ^;
pa cle r by1
alliN 3F _____
SQTRPI U JEANS-5I .a)es .1
k newpaitterna, warrarnied ind
ieceive itrie day and for
ali~ ___ fit 26Pn trs
ufe ereaLavneneyo fnros.tb
ulauperior rallu rrJs, b'lthi in
vaiL,-us azeMsi. lTep i 'oneani
II. I') G 'A ELL, diaione
19 M PerrhAnLa
al I Iw
MakNra Fiing.F
LOVER itEtD-raiatern,
prim' new see
all 3' r rI
RIGHT VARIOH'l I g'll hise I
D DM1 CnOIDrl-A Iwel aorlo
he eichansail for g c0 I bk
IIB bnx Nn i2'0 Park P,.ai
0 gar 40hhd- printi, r' eaill
Srn,n I reom Potnce. 'wi lani..
anidJros alt by
all 34 91 !".II____
C aill ETH L W Co

Int .dvawee eof t

A FAiLuah.-By this m
ceived nothing south of
lluently, have no1 laicr
inglon Lhan was published
day. __
VrRUI IA.-The Frede
Tuesday say The news
Slale received la Richmon
degree au-spielious o th
ranis the confident belie
majority on joint vo

HailL- The York (Pa
bad an abundance of this
noon last. Some of the
hickory nuts, and did c
window glass. Tbestor
heavy thunder

Col. Cr
Ilt is said that the son
her of from Ten
furmaliun inducing him t
in relation Le, his father
of Mezte, is correct. t
taken ITo ascellain Il itr
ration. Can thi be pse
From ir re Pred
idhing defalcation in t
Ihe elopement ot the fi
Dabney, continue to be
ctInversauion The amou
certaincd, on Salurdav,
with Ihere were foun
abocti S285,000O O Ibe
drawn by Benjamin W.
ihe residue by mercantile
name ul which have noD
ot CoUrse, were tot ent
dueling ihe amount of ch
woult appear thai Dabn
in nole.s, abu
Hie lelt Riclmmond on
ins,, for Tay lorsville, s
by II I'erlock next day.
led, even before that ho
gation commenced and ta
days, Ihe deficub beins d
cessive rumor, until la
seali-officlallY announce
liready named. l is a
passed through Frederick
ravinrg Lalcen the cars
iriste. As a packet soiled
inpre i, LoWs much reason
New York in time 0o lak

hALE OF tOCKA a Pir l
ahare. tlnil-,l nii ... ..
'c ri. .1,-. It..
5f) do d.) ,,.
t' "- *! .1 ...
35 d. Pthila.lelplc Exc
1 do n 1r ri .3 ..
I .i Frft..'. i' ard Mce
7 -]o Giraid laick...... .

L'C.,rre[ pondnce ol t he i
MecNrsc DtO.
Mr 3J Ctfl.' [Dear Bsir--I i
Aier nr.n eCasIF Irlld hearbib
s i.I 'f ll.i,,n,e arrTe d hs l l
PiIIla, i d tIneiar nrrr.i d.alt. tb r
i V.n.i ,,n it) i lil Ireia-oh
lamne ? on ,ale Irr-in M whi
arn l rirs-in a, , a i.. ili
tie-lir .iit ie antri c. an
i. veat.Ininr te iji am.1 h 1 ehl aie ruin grt In teA
iC i ii l .err. ad ir l.. ic
u-rtnr'.v Ayrt a ...'.rrtrtrro norIiot
dermirirarloertrune Thelre
rin vessels in rt ic harb..r, .
Ab ,irie l'I r-eirta nl o r.f ie
Ir etil irhr Br4z I ThF sii li
loag ihr ir k, eand wm
Vounir., JO
N. 11 -TI.e t.nltlih ltark L
an He ihah Elink 19 inot-l-iha
.l'iti ,"i will t e ,s e, but

Pnr.ce. PR.Rcki. Tihllni, Hic
Alartilr CcUnILy
Be-.w- ri.[ rlue, Nt r an
i.iB. oIrig W lthnirgln rhamin.
felk. Millt'uwa. ;l Jara el'
ip.riMri, Ci c.tni. nacran. ar,
PIS. Malar Pallie.
r'P 1 NCR RAI'FRNi. PItlt
iJ. r na.' engaie.' in o]ic
.jrjr,', i. I ,r 1 re.., e i' iht Oeql eJu in te ir ci
Jtle .it.illy and poliblL'. L
PrlDITrf 'r e inct. tiere a( e a
I'neriihst ci.n i1>e ni'ol st
Ilail.'.5l) Pier! ctrr i, *nd r
Mer.'l.i r 'Exrhanth by
liud( ieli'libs *nij <.'n1" r r'
,u- n c' Lirean rlit.elirc e
dinto'i~it uLerrit Altt'ectrra 1
iil'.,tt[ iretec, ace 5 4t.'. i'
S fci- S.' 41.1 l 4 Ruai s, i f r
qitenel ant use., somi on
mr.eie 'b.lP. and wall calc a
iijs. t u th li riit lli widh li f
o. <-i..,le al- at Ni,.a l and
(L.\.'-v ARL--4rU B 6Ci a

: 'i, lo d I' i
t1 di riraighl ai
i- ,J.- i nir.i vi tae
J dt., I cqure
1 i1.j Casirdt, wis
2 'en cli.a. i
9 .m plto nlc,
5 .1) plain riJc
I I Jlwervas.ed unml mi
I.'hina.eal e
r.F r al I.. ,
aI4 It

V EItILLI,'-- bC~-e Peleb
01.1 [l(i't--,L-idcr@la, a..
R al --- _l, h I.flhrn.
________ GU ilO) EI
SEfAlli- i>)Mlow '--' rired
qnjai ier oosesd. i pulled I i l
.uii|urat:l.a' ers,byy

I \uRNh II.I. sLfaiN
i,, a r isdu r e ie 1 44Plhib
i'I51 11A'Cl tn rcit

I'tILLL cU 44
l .und a ct'nertl *actirte(,it
..anirf LtunlunJ i'"neit, taur
a6 ft UlfA'. I
I 'i.t tltl \VINL --1 ue
Su rir.r arLncir, renf lideJ
,.'tti 5 corsclrin.eDi. et

T t y F. AF. llC.lI.F
FlID~t&m -B~ni l~mc~Iaainrc
| laI \ i -c-.i n ['-I. ii l
1 al *.in i i R c nF litiii
I t CIN le--.I.t ten's: e ,,p'
.~p thins a eronaf.h'ta ant
,\l.t ,il7 boa cing sca]
all C K Ct
[Al C-- HOay. Itl..eI.C c
LI t'.tlt'(tlRi'T tl S
nit It 3
'! Ull I.l i l.-- I___ '___
IfVMit0AL- 11,1ra.esB esc

l3 u lealcatSP Tic-iR

CAlIZ ~/,l.i-I;.tl." 'iin h
ill J ItH Il, 'LC N I Is
Jt llN HL, IluWLAiC to, tiN L
.J ir cite, ItLK lhlela Virsiri
,lInll; fat ionit LIna wend;

DWI lcltiiN.-Arnlesstte d
SIOIBala rJil l
J It liOWlett

ica 7 ia.' lid ji.taci l en artlh
*is Icur

alPl A-I.rl ...
NNIfLLIJ-Fru sate etA. f5
ill ______
L yEril LOet
I.i.'laJTictNEl Ai
.3 v ETt LO
B.eN K BHOili) 'la- le.i ,h
D..9 AitIO
Leu i 110\t ',N D&

C inA N1i4r.ABLail.- -Icb itdi
i lr Jia lAnn, atI Pier ju
al3 Al\
SGOWOOD --;5I'na Lanapro
P hO.H'LANIi ticti Fla
U Lel,- i Oars dlaw ancedi
AVK&NtriUAILU eKiNc-s f
av .9 iF,_ r___ 6CFILCPIN
lVArULi- A us L-.-n .&b

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Principals, by Mail. w
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[.meRai al NEW IVORK,C
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a- I Lan, 1 [iKr I or b.lJk e( ,.iO
ipplli nlOn Is made pj
aJ l _______
INr, I I li[ Th,. Fl-g- l
A D ipl N It Pia fr, r, ]lil
F.- r n ]. .,r f-, fid;>, i.ariin I
for Ifld-nri. rAnd cLlif.-ri [ or"

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T1. rk-, .I l .R IIFU-RI AN
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ani .., In n ti
Will 1pa'ck' -.i I -1[kTtE
I ;' A(t [i I. irn-iM r. l e l4 t1
-nl n', ".I r 1 w.i I ;P, la l c

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IB. r PIILI1E (W..i I n..l IT
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ii,.Ic i.-pntr I rir EM.-- W iI.

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Ird i ti n l i For f. iiin,-,.C.
or .I I reve or Iire, Elr.

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p ly ,n ii...[ r I ,,1 -i .r

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Fill(___ M IIHI *n- L I___
r T ilrf, F r o cMl IT ^. ,. g
- t--I- I ic-e-- 1.c -1: i ,. e
it r l 1 pi .l ai. n[ r I--. f
'A *'-i c-.".r t.. j1 1. 1il .,,

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' I I n'I; Ill'l. Ir.-TiM
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an. r I,:, 1 1 r. eo l -. I Fr
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L .h-irg Far IrF[ i i -n
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rf ,,c I'r l.FlA;I.h -
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B l l.i0. I.11'.9.V r." s

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q ln .I.,h-hin I
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'31 d.o. n., I. R
1"'1 .1 E A 1.6h1". *I i I
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P Il'E L W AR EI I n -K .-3 1 P e -
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with r, atnp Bs andin d 8 spal t
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Sales Room. Ifi1. 30 Briad-s

('t v..ty Sale-Un.irr Ihe C I A n
j, .rer in
Brn-ls" y--AII thati cri Rii
Crl I.fl, ana Iet ofrr ir-oi.I, I ir,
tne gal-li ..I y. ai I i r i el Iji
IBroadwl in.In (he s .ili.i mlly, roiirf
.By.ay ireaftli,a, norltIpr", 1t
sst9rflY > hi New siu clci hi,. n I t1 1
Jomes, %hich laid p|i eserr IJ I r
e L- 011 e aer bcarl-. -Pl I).e I o 0
I|I e arnoflour Lol, Iti I it.1n1
Ibroe, otioe rh r wil. all nri kS 11 .
rights. mefmhers, prilJegCa, aftv
Iin lrr qind Sppurt, isanres I inli
*is lP sppir~nti
Ileasadwevii1&eimeritli~ihi~i T AlOi
L'lC.-lon S rest --S3Into Car hI2 bj
C'hiflh.-' jlree[, iet ern Mi,'|,',
RTS *Hn i of olfa n flr> l l1r .1fj
Ill idifiitts hej,| UrnTI, u I rrro] ni
renT8 Iune~pI'rl .l onl | fifi~ I~
rril with one 1Irn, ..Iini p; .e'liI
pa Id
&J[. |j'.:ltrkfl. i1 ihtr31 Snle>
Pooitiver lanr.mynrrIfir Ir r- e A
iilv t tlhrqe ?[f.r3, rIr fK |,* r e I
P, , 9 u yeci E.. tri e..- I rin 'r e :i1 bi .
hI3~ uallaUal iri).erigl,rm ;.i .1 Lp.1
IbllIc'M Unla H-i 11 1r c rr .I
Gllo o Stid ic H rbr pin (l-i Ili I11 m rie 'V i 1
beast l lneI I t.11 11, m. h l |l-IllJ I' f5. f.,.1 nI I
.,l(.ora. i,ldL gl3iX .'aIe.l .11ii
IIIlereeC lia m l it .',lr n
o lr.I l 'wa. rL .a l il |UE[ I ..n'n L

At 1 nO'cloJ k. A .t L
L ige aRle f -il rrr &. --( I
cl,.. er fr tp1 sl~ nd f ll r. 14 r' ri'-m nS ietl ii .j ,.ii
reerif i a ft .rc r i ,t're at in
lh flrr II ritiriew v, i. ,a of
wrir, mn l t. tP n ev t .r.c[i. 1 ..4 1
|o'j "I1MOInIJm W ITnsnlhdlr. i.-f 5r1 .r .
:rt 11111101 rIF J Ie U 1% h 1Or, i
"l1eimLst L e f I-l k fl rl,
T1er mtPs t 5 i1 po mi. 1.1 r. r im 1, I 1I
In Me I l t Lnkf 1 I-i 1 1.1111, mh Si
taaie C I A t.o o.
A t In Wal'k. ami Nile ~i r l-s Similar rylileFr
Hom cn~n.1Bl ,.n~.t &irci.
l OUsitonaml.1 aievB r l~
llin;% 'r-nioD~c~ ~ F i te-iri-lv. Fw i .1.
some r.jke i'n, n J 'irlllre Irn the
Prinlllblln lf rirrbl..,rlan'e 'r, i'
i I ln li ll I Iii i l hl z L i r .i .'t m t%
I rot-t hlinnh. will.L. f-Ji% 0r ,5 t I
f*I .r. i l tiii andhr. l rauJlI m, j o
FlowI ,.ii r e h .l Lr) rtu .I r Iipi I ,
n'ler tl i nd l iren -itf lrr iri f r
m.ii l l1"(, i1 u i n f .
i ni W .l' .tf J l'-l -i i Ll 111
' hit l ar...a fni'. i.. CJi-Frj rr oir, or fi 1
Rle l. fa r,, r lj i,rl ,i.1. o,..i
>i, r l ir I .in, I,,r nlrid r f f.-le t
nroal WIlla rmtpf.T ii~p~r'al i,.,
. ,r r l. b iii i .l r W 1 N 1 ;..
"&.*** .l,. ft IIi1[I. ''ql~lj "1 1 ,
sre itIe h t o
Alsot-Hrin~air? ellcir r.,
Ilhia g s arr., git Car>- lr.l rt.r.]E d (.r IeI
Le-1 1rtiC.k 1.Ige pv tla PI/" [.ilt 'nI
Ion.lair rnwhal~o.i [.idn--,i.% I .,
Cal, .ij-g-iea fn.1 ^irripimsB vrfincirr"m -fI
lummill). A rlV
At 10 ., nl..tfk, v' Mr.. .-u 'j," i .r .. k.,.r .P
Hi:reri lreelfe. -L eeoi.L ruleI ? I
"ar.e 'h lj. I.IC&J I.iil, Ie.' llh.4
i iii n "1,c h iflm.rnfir- noie vi W.
*,l. r5 a Sol i ,lll l,, I "irk a.o 1 I".
g.1 nll 1t.l l r .i 1 L i -'I* .K Fill N
In ..I. ,hir l t A I l .l ar.J l- lp gii r
jril ireti n Chir, i n I t lo lli in.
ALTi, C..n If-is. rugs. .i l. nil ictn,
hi,:ll pu. Iju.Ji lb .l n Irer i lnI i I
*e. & ,'. "r-.iil"l nI, ~ i,, 1 '.1
r ltiir'a r LJ1 + i n rJ
([ i, **ii'lECn wuii rjfl f'+.I,
Ai '] in du cv. l .*h. 1u ,r-n.i b
A 111 .. AL .11% ''.-o r i oi-' &l lu o .-i .
ILt+.t-- I r,1, A,
All ll.4i r tl i.n i lec or p..- i .f i .
MIT~I o C-f Ihe rilly .[ .r r li il:.
DJ, t.'r.gIF. r.P B nliefrrpai r SL.
ra. Jur [eel 4 f11-0 4 i llC -- -, 11 -- ,.
1,l IP lln .. e- i .1a 1. .1.1r,el
Al"' iF|. ,r in r in.. fil r, rL A 1 nl pI
i11iI flrr In Iprl. mI IVh i\jt,J -.
A-'r,1- 1 I) in1 I I ll.qn w: Ul Ipr
e.iLr.13 A%: e r, e A r : ) n r) I I
ltl,, *- ill.. tl, l l fr, IJL %li st l h M
-r A i Fil 4r-rr d (t ,1 iJ C d r i.inr.'r I
Ch li a Hl niF Hall ls iil .. C T. s-
Ffim, I. t l Jrnl6 D.I"C, l .P r-'.-..i.
Irtln & tI, e I n l : T, I.,..11,r,
t.; f (eni Ti '"i r..r.
I eOr .ns--T'e I, ie cen ofthe p I.tLN ,
the d .* ,I f rl i. |ir m nI ijAi
U.I r. e. n i.`W. fr. I.r
AL% I I 'l c'n ir i i' T R
1',} l i r a ti -C h i f ( [ ar
SiJl~il." I..mhhL 1i- lfl i. i.i
f+ neo.Ji.l'.lt-e *JI.IBIji f'
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r lfiroinF' saI -- rhe iri irFlaAr
,f Ing In.( will lr.I es arrifie t uf, tI i a pj.)wst VlO e r i Itn t
will n M
1 aie pr ln l e",p N i. R' I.. ... .
,l'.?rnlcrl./ NSal,',raljHAI-, Sllui
.?,.i +.' k e^Cn Fi no ih J Ca,"qr "*
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tr.i ',ir i llr,*i ici tlir am n le ,
Fr' In li.e 1T rt I i i I ,eWis )ai . .
Turon I'h,.l i s [ i inlir F i.,-. H ill
I- fA, rninre inrcha is 1.1 1i,. Ai 11
SIF a l.c Dn rja i' lrl Ir.',.ni ,
un [r.i? ri. rir, s1i '' ofl.b ?ilf~ei
Br''. w I a ..i is itui] n- ItestI..nitl,.
.nI.1 t er.h nr.i Iif p e n t e.,o
a 14 I c".[ Ily."iis in Elh I, eirL iv m a r fy I..
Fr. .,a i s i .i'l Lim i '> &r . Jf1 r
m~f .. r. ,l F 81PJ beC F Bii.ue, a
621 b5J, ,-- ?..V? 1S 1. Iy in
r-Mlnf- .ihI -%lt.^i ar 1 arnd Nir
IS?.I, m., I in r I S. C aiPeh filrh a nd
TIehr I Il .Jl f a Brl- fl r1.
TI.-I I'Lie I; in-Jisionijr-le. TI- a ig w l
1I f.e feaf .l L 11m l i.I .ltCiiia
IhS I iir r r, In), ,he
F'r nirri CIL~. 44>ai Wi> LI L.O I N - I
Irl cr L'J <:-jo0l.,F Ir 4L 'W1
b31.[rnl. l,i'{ F l" Iiln A I-al k eUti
Ar.J ". H. .., -1.' T1 -~ < i
ST.-r r f s rI r...l l...J .
Li. rI If If iI. .i s l ',il1r.gI .r, i i*!

Ste. ,No. 35 1"lifl sco
Sifli nAV\l.3

mr -!.f [ fAnEhSa~ re-|nG ir ,,. I-'-,, ID IQ A ;-1
't I e a -..,r.. j.he 1 r hh. I,

iet l f .i I'l0 i llcri, jl rire a 1 n
, r ilet ell. i.o ll r, l-rfll i' t .
iH l. lllrr l i.,llI sti r .)i r

Irni': m k I tLIPi EL. |.rinlr Strai r
l~l.T k ni e [,+len lt -e'hir,.; j u rc I
lIl ri'iil]4.;,'ne 1ic .k': f.i t. a n
%as[ i-iiltilli h itlb rn [ 2. A-1. i
*h lr nI .f 1. b ania hrn l ..:. It. nl r<
A a.-I.'r, a 11 F II 4 fr l
S i.-11 ahmn.! uri n W a, in c rn..
-2F ..f
M. r,. At.
AI IoL (.C ,k e.-k lt Lr' I t-,
Witm rf iS)" a. 1f'k' gs phill. i
In ff f lpFe nn. l h iI 1. L
SqfljI'iQ- OJLJ iijlllJ
AT PRI \ .
.la1 i,.[0 f I il.r... n mr. gehr. .I f i'
iiis -, ". n e. -n A ir -. til

hlUQ. ff-ll .i -P-1 F. -* n-116.1 I
h ttlla. l l.%l rlb, 1 11L I. l i t) .
0-> W. lW" ZIAn.' F4:A,"''
Q r" VW M.Hl r N
:air~s Rpom No. B rend .t
WMII H J(IlNK?~lil~.',]1 M~t ~r i
Flitilli'iie irr r, ffilrc1j. ,.*f r-"
RaplPi 'FM ie. r, +r l ll le.?:'ili.h IOi E n f
tn m111 i.iIJnciiill n r- ll iB'T

Line. II 1,|.darer nn.te in c,irh,
rr arid', e. c'rr

Genl"Bl f ,irnirltc-Thit +r.lirs I'
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Llr..Im *, ,ll.- r, tr. e[**i aI', 1j
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ETj'is'lneri.|.i~n..i inI L t-jse -(0.'

A I N .,* ?*, i iil, i .. a[.3
II ,n.,s, rn^ F .lrnrul.-: -h [ nI't/r
nleirl ri^ tV. rcrai.-iri,.'.'.*f |ii l j [i
I,.,1 sr, el' ili .,ll*i uiiiir." p~n, ti i
"ellIC, ti'Ti"*il ,ri'1. ru'n ..(iiir
Innkltir, .if;] rn.'.,h, ^llll

.\lt, n ai+-.rinl ErIL 1 1 ki,''
pfla i i11l l lll J I~ fR
A IS1 ** i '-. v-. 'I i' rilf i i~i iq -.Ii *
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pnrlni *e'rl.-. I. irr
Alq.- t I Ii .1 i 1" I1'".I-. I allE~l
AI .-ii I,,i ihrin Irij 1.1:.I W
an1ii111 ii M-,rl; M.j'r-i'j'.i* 1 'e

A]IL%"' i a
11 u.00" .APlI -P lt P.:.. il1
A "l- ,-'G t-.l "
C j'I niJiV. (',r.-i,( .' rl. ,ir.
LU n.I., e L'ul1 1) A)
N.I.lI-I. \l 1,e-: ur'l' 11 ,
P ,L i.rIp-1''J
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T.-p riff, wlr C-5i .ir r
B 1 Al. KN. r t % -U

Slfre No. X9Wl
I 1II -, 4 l fell i rmtl h m,
A'M] r ]e I, 'cl1-. i n11 i. (.
i r Ii i eI" l I l f i l. a-I'.-
AL In o -'1- .
rRE4S l n Lt 11,1 I *,,. i].
I. ii h l. Ub r:,.or,, C o t t, *l Hlli
in me lsi~ual I 11[Et3Iof par %F,. Iel j r l
r. r. e.,' an't l ",w mi
ce -M I I ononr., uI.. i,.rt.i ,
uIll 11 ORBe Cal I I l e Wl Ie r .ac,. 1. nl .j efr 11e w ill t.e I" 1 a F v pa ]
frr aiinmiln[ilion n ,ne .
1: M INT UR14 Ci> .w ll I-l i)" [
alM n rForllh]re ,,"iIit 111ie lt
Steve 96 Ore
Coffl6, &P._75 1.0 go Ilio C,.n~eq, lqrsj 6 4 18 "t
nee M0r.o t, o z.s prfie iflow s,li
i.lne. O f the Verp. ng -r[ia Rom, anc ii nV .
Lr,,sntemb b ir, .omca~I tUg. Ko.Br


P JLLjikjRtiAkLp COlAL -11eP~r
fL f y onfo r m tl ,e i r r l r n d s o n ,d I tlh t p
New l ork ar..I U ttlr klyn lhl llh r- 0
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FOLII 1ii'i i..n rfif'ld 'I d| [hi
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C r, v roI D. M 'l
itf, GLO.
S[e. R om 13 .SoTunA mI

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L. .-1 I *.j i. f I, F i r ji J I~
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h l. n r.i ir k tl erp, r j I.IK r ,i
Ilk-'i- -i rc~f h 13 -I C IA P 11 ie r .I- ,.

r, i I r t!.. w i h l iA i l l r L n i .1
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rRF.MCH '"^ER,111. Al EIF1N l )o q
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ri.p*> i've of 1 new arid1,eo ir .3- [
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r-lir )nif r,,t.q rr.lni I ii.1o1
SI:.,r t i1,s I rs #,i 1,IF. I. -Ik\ m. a .rn ld il t
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chines to; Mn. 1-.1 fr.nimen'^ .
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*I.t r-B nv *P-i '* rllnc'l
'O.I. ..n ,.. i~ 7 ,i ,,n I j n .-II, &
.-." ..... ",r I'
~ e* .tM K rr a
BY D1. C.
';;, re No. _47 1 al tet

A, ji Tr I fi pf

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ro ,M[O
pF.ilrniq Sp.-- l0 rI,.la ,
P ..-,;r -i-r.r al 0l.'c. fd *r. i.,r
'"t""l' rior r h4.r. M.f00
A l,[h f. n-l,,.' t
F"i; rlr, Mi l.Imh l. t [ I -r [ .* *.r
",lip ipnlj riiu, I nr o ii1,1 in
ilr~l nl~~l llll Irif !! 1,1 i Ire
I.1 ,z17 |'lii 1r RI,,I F.vll I1n... Bi
IL II 11, 1. 111. 1- re,1In "
A 10 C7, lr.[k *t ,L
rFIPr.r'hV F. F, ,.lia-Tr.l r.1..
Fj.livi lur i nl i a
J ,l i ie.l- I .*1FI.. I Ir.1* I l grh
i16 1 .1. n I -r, I.. ,w h n.. I r o l .I1.. I iI.IIlc
nnI .i..i. Ii 1.ilii w ith Tn I-. r,, d. l
I I.. I r ,-le. l l.i r ll ,arx ,'nt
L l.Ie roi, e, i Il I I"I )!lal..'
1 .l. i.c I.0 i M ri all I .il .'u Io

.liq ,if .I m,0,hli11 l'Lr- I I`L
-Il tn r. ii -,i W ll eArl I l rii ,
,.; ~ ~ ~ ~ isa. .r,. ,1. fI 11.0n~tl t
ri *ri ri Fd f r-' i Iti I ,a.I n r ,aiI o- uc lpA
nTIA.II i.)1i.1.'c ,f ll.' I,+:1 r

i h ll lixpens A AIII.1i |.ir pi
Also-- cqdd lahlIe, 1
C i.hirs- Inz ir.,a.u; irmy chb k
Sitr.I na.r
A I|0 *.'.1lu.'K. .:. s
Tr- flirplllit . -nI n'Ipti i thn i
e or ilIIII L I E 1' ln.r1r I re.F .*im
in, i .. 1,f, 1111 p-, e -nl l le-1n
.* ali | t? i lui 11 1"11i r.'l L,
a''. l.i-..t-.*P. 4".' HfnliIl .+ l
CBrfff .'.l nrtiin.ia se. 1
ir'" rl,,.'K All.O. al '.re-".
1 ,Je/Seil.y
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I ar'rnr-Liory rAle--dr atr'f-in
Hiur l,. .lln.-: n"|.4 ( L jit
*l *ir t ['-", i, r111 ikr, i dl-
A, i,.. l, 'k i n
*I,. o ,J ii -r [1 I~ve ,]lT, i.t
lImB1 I in",. f-,I p-lnn- ,Jrr 'h
Cj[luI ,2ua! I i. I
AI 10 ,'.'|.'.rK r*).1
Trie fultiiiurc r..rii nni1(. Ir. i
.rpell .rl. Iii.-. f'if. >iiiinl t
.Jlli jar- .. ci1.++.+. &."
t.atliogun' ar'I" imply & rl
AI d I+G'l,'eK. dt
E ~zIt." Pi~rn... r.-.+pm-;.',le -an
/r, l'. rr s rn I I/-hi i r, ll P -r ;, r' I
I.'..'.,r,lcr. ..f lihc l.:fl niolflr, d
r .,lf(*.P 'lx r *.* ful I.r~e I
K|[ r. i .iL l(iiii1 +.\I i:le mi rn rf*
11-1 le I F r., 11, irnli fi i iiT
ir.f frill. 1r.4' ii0 t

A ti ,11..I'r .-,- ". ri (r,.
tll.r ', I i r,
Al l r.'TloIK .r h,, .j
IThe f-irnl'.iir.W, frIhr't'iI ih

UhIi&ali ji. I Iho1 1~ e a i ri n, I
I nll i .lFli a* pF, t .r'd Jl i
n liiefT-,.ie "1.11 liiter 1oIf i.i
e1rc ni ll ,feil I do kU.', r r'r..
,i,.,f.,r li d n Folks. a'udit i
E --l. 1 1'- I I onnrl rLi1. ; d W
AI 10 O'ClorK, .1 l
nI TtC. E "'G.ii-- Inrie ja
rdtflruJlnFc rlii
M&Ilei.eo l-- ."? r aea ..t J ni-i 7o *i.
I 121i)l IM i D sln fIaes rh rt
C*"E 120 -30SL ucts
pyi og App rarlUs --Just recei
M ui..i..i l L i C. r[][-it 1]
[ina ,J t. okF .f FTilr 1".in
an extrailfzr I ,r l ari': I' l -r
li"" I"nh Ilek m ullArJ a f..r t
AID nal et r i orue n an n Irjjv lLrl
.t l 6 ,-fgreail co ,ve i 'ipn iW
il ws nera n Ll" opy a In" er b"
Hiil on~vence :h&,;6 1i r- -rk B6CIrly vro
r alt t he ai TP Y o.ptIe aso yq)LI
yo Ir hlrftv r en.d cot y atthe l t
recl -'upllac r or a e ler, .no
tirl in 'ii gh and -L rrnd ,ma
.Am :lrunk or wrliliff de sk
priced.s. R &
n l btI + W ablll m a
T ABi E E AI "- u ra- 1 i ni>

O il!O FL0 itlif --ne.1W n-,I.1, .
aria8 1, l r, I'lnit., brim~cn i l n .re .Iin l n
rt .-hi~e by % IIIc O

O f F.E j15 0 ha r rr ,Pnni r
0 ,1-. ell3 @;a \I. \nnei xIIl r o Jf .


VT r lB O i\ R lI-p - iiptimi
lI h v] iroredo e[ .i'-lp .,
l|1i.Afe'l"^--Vll Ij.lrl -.1. "t

W T11.1 OW \'ARKET'.J 1.1%..'
f' : Ht rli II

e al3 IIO ,LAND & A

At:fore cormer of If tllhm ..

Al InJ'r.-. 1 ttir elr a-- -hn
'ne- AI", 4 I. 1 4..'15ii.| &
A l; .'-E i .l1.11t 4 I 1 -1 1.Ff4 r o .1
-renurtof [h-.inir rer fAle st f..
I lu.61 k And b lis I. l et.& ru n

CAi iogunA nndj sa plshem rnnr. ml
rlhur-,iv A ilSM
PACKAnr ALF--ii If- ,'l. t .
r,-khigeI .eriIrl.l,, II|T
pi . l .1 A,.I% iIlqF qpnqorlven|T
en [71Sf..i 1 ,1.'l ,'j t6r
ql .n_ r.guop stei m lt
w _. i-hAGG6rRTy.
Store cor, arr ofP

rIFENCIH 0i.'tDS- .Ip, TlPatsat
10on 10n.1 --- 1 DO .e& r ml,r ,1 tl .Irp%,rmeao 1 i
nd ilan-y trener.,DI, Ol.J---E ru
I Al'. nt.n SllkIF-S-nCaSI I h I
i.i i), t. r, i r iir i ^i.a& yl, per,,lC
,',,irq.,iar ll~a,l H
All'j-IBI i ieI fomrl(en ,+r1
P41KA.Ar1R iALL--in UcI.',t 1
j f0. 1PIia *p.i., I l .i p .1nl al ah
Sr.AIcn I tuhin 1 AFFr .e in. CI Ir. f'
&*.nyiFneri I1'
LEGHORN. FIA [IA lre--Ai ,o1 ..,.'J j
rin'lllk-i!m-Le~i,..., R,i- <-ii iI
IJII.'-p ,,fBe^si~i ir,.i,,-,:.? i,
fIi 50ak. I. .oT..lIPrlr cin. I,
%hii I In. 'rFir 1in51 Tln Ie ii,..
eglr n er-v. pB [..2* MIBl -i r
hr.'.j" L'n~jlli LIijr.+lafclt arnJ
L 1,n'o~le ,- ejnljiie, ll u ii hla
Ci ,I-'IN IMAT TING -75a 5.i] 7
Arn.I ran-y f I
h]'P-. r 'n Ir IR "
Iq 500 TO I',F iUii.a r. "
A10 I. 1-
In ^ i`-|lieF. l. r. an1I ie 51j I. .I Ir h .4 1fh

Store No. 57 leaer.,onerA
TO P,[..
cA 'Al[O.'-llT Sf -_LE--0,r.i..-lo
'd.in1 ".r0.,P l dt-l a t ar.oiiI1,
-..TI I
A ire.-I I":01light row I n o %lr lp ,
inr'ona s-AltO. F r, Tlan .l.i o a
I hh I ,.-. I 1r.r c i .T ,s ..:r,-i ep 51
C a al-;-je. f.i ir Ip.iB oe g f a-
C LaI,;.JC rll ,t 'lB
FRENCH T QOO[J<,T)-Al 10.i Ij,..
lppr:", t I ii .h p,'[e l. .Lv F -
"*I r ia l ^rla n t1..i
.Finn Varl-~ irii.-'IS6FS l 0
lIt ler- .,.-c.-- io. I r .o rdeaar
as'l.IMIF I I rf .t 1A fP i[,ml.+i.i ,b
itl I Jr. hb .a hi.l l
jr.Hriv RilnpFptr
,Store No. 163

CLnTHIF CA- IftlKRE, & .. -
'lI.l', r.m lrI .1.'-1 I I. I|
L-'~ )i ,i- frase. -* i1~ i
vl Iii .-i llt .[1- 1 ...... ) r^-n i-ii1 1 i'l
,,.-1.i.ll ,-J..1 r| ..o I; EPr Pl., I
0-I I, i' rl II i l-.. '. c m Ie r ,
ri 'h1 "I IF'i L 104\,L1. 1
,1 -1 a;n ii, %,I ,4 M rli rI.rI.,-,
or.. far,- rroim -**'ii*r .0 IF .e re i
in 1n,1 q, 4. 1,11P ( I .
llp --r.11ih 1. 1 l.; 1 i 1 1B.ll. ,|
r, ,i i,1 f E
mre.1 r,tJ I ,..,G e.
,l,,efl *.I r.,is li mi drjirl.,.t|l
" 1 1 1 6 ". U '11 I "* ,'." r i |,
i .ilr ., I .l m1 1 ro tii ji.'

1,. ~- ::Iif D,. '1 -8. r.rl rI
"' [ir:- u I"h i" Fm, e*,.B .
JITIJ f I ll I|h 1 r 0,.:1n ,6 ro

S1 line
CLLnTHS. CAS .* ih, r ,- r %.-.r s,.r.r f r.1 e 1, 1,-.r
asfsorinfrl~t .'.f ['nlr,l
B A T AnDr AL'F iee

&avore No. 37 t

F 1II'LF ALT.--t W'.'-;,. .1. 1r
a ,.li EIFInAl| ".'-4 Ic F Ir-r.1
Al..-| .iIIar,tli .,f L~I.r ",.n ri
A Ml. l flr. i .'f *I mr,..r,If., .ll.
illler eirql nri Ar. 1 [m,11[.1,1/e ii
ar.,. Tl.h i ,1 T i" *,fl ri f in a
CI Ias ^ I Imt | r.i ,N ror ricr, pi
': *;'rB s'l.l'S I,',,)1) ir..I. '. b,1
,'* ,l ..i^ i.rrr ? in. .,,,:x'tn *
T dto .t..n, ', ulr T|,- [ i -
[ .f /.'r .h- i. rr l r ,4n1. N *..
wd -rlbl mi l .bt i e rl, iijf A-i.,in heivs
s. uit DI ,i r. 1.1 p i Pl-h rs. [.. le l
+r'l ,' r r 11,r.,'i i.-l r. I. 'h
e*. .r _9, I .~s 01.1 I~r~ 1I-r,-.
:,.I.I ..i r, n i r.-'i i-. ; *** Il h - n r ,'
nr r. I ,lr,n I- -, .,n 61. 1+ 1P. .1 -4fej l ."
,'..ll..,?l rii rTH.lP "rl, 6ilf".(

Fir- 1 i. "net r..jkfp. cha.e -
a ni 6.3c .h i.. kram ie.T...r..r.j .i.
I rrl2 '"nin.r ,J .l ,.-. l n.I I r
ar.l ,'Til' nn> 1l.ri Fi...rl. r
[':-""3Hr r li I.].. ..r l'in ii.
rlrplr.-r '...T1. v.,I- ahl n[,r. r i
Ar l -It.r rri '.I, if i nn i i -
~u-l?{[ iq < h. 1k" *'1f' Ill, .
S:.lJ- -r h l. ii l 1 n- ,le~r,1 F." < *' i .r iqle. .r, P >ri
*' I tli.r -i iin I ..' r'ni l f 4
diaroass napkinm; colored worsted
newstyles, irum c1othx;dalmas
A ." c.-,4.rr jii i n .i. d1
A~iil--itlh I.i^\tri 4 t Il(]r.
I l -i AE Iv.I- bo n aln s;Ir
f A,.n 1.,,p ,,n;l/e *.F*.'r rm r4
ir qc 4 I i I I r 1r,'. 4 r. -t. I 6l
.... i I ir., I..I"- i m i.- s.lI. I 1
,-it ir'n. f~rh 1..t i *.'i rrj sl ; ri
v. In,@I". r.l Fk rr. i ,-.- i.xi i r A I
" l'.rln : 1r.,. r. iI *r t.,,+.'r t.*Ti l
.irJ, .i.rp 1 i ,1-0,( %q..'i -r
.i _r i.r h~i ,v i '; '

,r, -I .,t o r.j, ram-e c l- ~slr ,[I SIOqn
I'F r. %. i r. ...T .ie -,f hi. I
Alc.- a i,1er. '.c1 1 i'Lrp,, [, .1 L i
rIS *.t nrlx., rnlr .iu'- e*Antr'a "
'i^ rit Rr. 1 jiJtl>

partkiees cr r-r :I.-tIi.n I AweI
general sOL "'Irtr f n r.' new rill .
approved flilgrt'lf ru
Apron and furniture cheks, blu 2 1
PI-1 Il.F, t11 f ir.,1r.Jrrit i
bA> l "[, .'M-.. *.jr fli'H; -hl| '
InT[.-- 11N- ;.1 i- I -, iic a
Sil~l Hr.IpF, I
BY L. M. [IO
Store corner ef WaI
a T
Tr |-- 1 .i,"1'."j-l..1-k 0A F
P'.r, I Ir.f.--l F ..1 -L 1 j.-r,1 .,'
I :a .--- in.) m 1 --!rf," I.F .
m rl .r'L-..u lr '" Fkt
In 5 I e lala i a ," li a. P u-1.0 -,
barley-L09 ja
Hhu C. tT,, -- ..' L'aJ

HI r :nlril--i l r-n -l.. i. i:.
MolA'se-f-ISB i,i.lK t .'1 nl.-
5..J .Bia* [ molai
R'irn--11 ili. )

csgarB--I[1nlIO.^'t' 10rf al a'r
5 8Bi iril~lll' S0 hi-i'hl ers Jr
lfri'rliif tln--iG|
Wn"i I-t-4 i.l. i jai i I< 1' 1
SepniB--lo ecit~n r,& ), r [ 1i j

Ofi iI i, rl'ilu 1 n 11i .

,r 1 + 1...r rl .- c ,'r^ .. 'lp l... .l. ,

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Tne (I.1,LII6i r i-e rJ'.r n
wrlfn rIthO r 4'sli-;i
lB4i Al ,.**il""'k

.[1F. I tfn pii; MA) rr.jin
A. i |i 4 io.:k--2u a'el. ,.lAHTli;.:

A I tIB"'. rl..,'K. "11 thq rl,,I.- .jf -S1
I,,r ,, I.ir5 .r; 1t' Ihr'i n l' i'c 1
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will cd.

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41II by B D iE I I)I t ) Errai .II II.
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,fords" beef 9- J l B Firi, B k 1i.'PiI. B ck I' icth e r.c.r-.r.. by ll.,a
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PORTO RICO Ml.A --E* hii ,..n a12 mls 81, hi
i l par uorqually,j-l> In l. 'arl Inr aile by IIr-
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H e9EE E- 6--- a0 s ks p rli e .iai ry ,n J .ln i pp ii : r i>Be. t, re, 1-,
1- for lBlAA by JOHIN JOIINe ,NSt a E.Oi n', nte.Bl
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an-finer-H t:.ns;--ra.n xier s.,e ..I' List
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Blue Priziinewarnldl.hoice pjIIerno .-.,urI'J I..- art
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,for by C L._A A .Fr.. P...n'-, aI.,j,
B forsale by E CH A 'E Irirr I.. ff). i nl a 1, ,1 .i, J, ...P.. .,, .I,,I
"I" N~ KERd &A .Porf .|l,-.s.P... 11,B4,#a. \\i,-it .
D &c of In, Weal ini...i^l, ure %n l a n ,i.:fld]8, fr alp tp.r
together wltn i n a xn ena v Ba i.I'tnl.+ir,I 1.1
Account Buokrsnn i aia,'r...;.,,l.) E It ILI A% I.'N, "
1 5 -6 1 1 it, f il l h Fla il ij W \a ll v r e e h i ,.
TOB R IM lN G --l.hp'It.. O. I6.l.iin Gio Etch.-ng hRtK, 3t.;
J Drahl. rer~lcii.aea.)Itl(,irkDr~il.d t Perl.inr ,ert'1nl .I.,
M JLital rcli rp Li~ll l .u(l s, Bill llsl Silt;
or La d rl.Kfi h.iw Bi nlsta n-l .ve yd e-icrirnpr inofL e"NlerP r s
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n Be s p a C l. i n b r c ,i l. r in a n .J l i n c r u l J r 1, 4 I ,n [ r le .
m ost rea.i .na ble IP rn I TA. I T B?.
D ,. V ID i'e .I. T & CO nIt ,iLn r'H l, 'in r
2 4 5 P e arl, a n A 1OrS - 1 W. [ V I, iAL, . I 1 A B l I iI
co----i-, hII ,h'A. [,--Jn...J ,.. 7,,-An-''----1o10, 1 .110
DOR BANK -4. PU 'l.1l" OFFIC r-., INttin % Nc I r.i M-i .1 4.. II 4
P .\N IESA h & --PA IEN T B' I.A .K A('(-.I)U r B. ,K s.S ,ni l I r .
AT RICH & LOlC TREL'8. lI k Wallan t l "1hnrn ,
Ri n k Li hi|j rm, G e ne ra l d ,, lo .'ii I,, J nu ,nf
F-'ot'rcii RBffialorts. l'llirl on ,l:,-.Caslh t.),,k..
A calem e rni ll )IsnsK l T-li In n l ,in .-. n *. h .
D epnp l IIt ,lim N ..1- .1.,. rn ,- K *. .l. H ns alm ii i., r
T ra os fer B *..k I ML r. I 1....M i .: i,.'n .* e *I.t ."i l
bi.'.l. l alon i,.-,Ka Tulilur n t r -, j 1-.j uruD..ol1r) R...rJ,-
D'ividernd Cll,Ill, Ll8|i1i..AL 1 l r, fi. hk:*, Raise- ,a Ail -. It ..A L I T.II I -InI;
r.e plip&r. R ,- r
F i). l M .R r l f A NT'Io.ENT < ,,N P Hn II'l I.. si f r l l i n
Ledgers. I ,urnall! Iaiy i-... d ..lnitlce .]1o,0 p Y' d .
1.'tLer B ,- e w it" a.1n1,1... '21 a. .!..
Ialliha 11.| (l.I yFJOt^Ih P!hlAI I 1tolt-.;1. 0n Ll.' lt
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1 n % n l li ,a rr. i P ti lry ,- h UB ,i -, L I
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BilllB,.;ok8,t rrl,.iJ apiiru~..;. Olfo mnl, ifL;i'ldw ihoIJl Ihey
]J like, i I]annI ,, h y a Fr l Bul% pirda -W se ros

p ,cki ni-iii grs, P Jass .. 1 rk i pl rin d.- Ind iAl en t
Copy Bonk S.'crap.1.,. I n.nlln ,a C i..
Q S rd Bd ,rfk f i p a ,. i, rn pi, i a t 1 O l e rY. d l
WOnlllJ.~,. .olnhn7i r.nulc
P r o m l i o r y N j e B B n k i | (.( lli y e n1[a 're .i, l tl .o pr
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BiIsof Lolling. ,
I'lieck U.,uqof Nli v, i Y. o. rk DBank .
D e6k Portolios or % r.r g I+'Fl a. l. c, i.o, r B .nok P
III I.-.Re:- pl BOt c ,k prim ed. s a ltsuUs f n, .1ii*.lI
em' lem b lr'n n a r r, r D .1 i Mim B ',I ? t 13 I
eetlurne cr' i Receipt Books hltrleity .-1 %tl bb nlI % rFl
pAu,_e T. Fer a I Cl, sl, h,
*cco.ino I Ri s.. Inglenar i ,. |.1,1.:F e@IS,m ad oaI F.jor,ler,
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Il' eer s ,. Il th e h r l, -tl n o l . ei l i l r n e ( > -1 1
o fiy lel--6iiJ ..tellumi, 1u isia..irci All...i.l b~mnae.alheep
roan.lke which frursrngar ea htdi, urihly, are equl. tl h
not superior, to any book@is In the 1ni n r
0 RIC[I1 & LOUTR EL. For stalealso At te ,I f: Boky.a11-B0 i

Staltonersned Blank B .ok Mannf iuipi w
61W1lll3m .I ne do ir teelow Cedarr T
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Psresch.BEnglshBand AMSTriinn8 il~isary scrie WDI repcflynomth r[lad adLF
PerneonIln ar ypart n( the Union, by rranlmitlslrg ther pu
order@ may rely wih eonfi I-nrce.p hrhvin ihem *ncuLe-j 1,,b
with orompmiud o and fi.Jenry M___ a olan_10 i.ftf ,, n e a
OLL R I TONE --33 ]dd1,8 tiercesandbod 41 bl ,1 o Cmo nt
R superior qeall, now lDri Bi1- Ihc war
Al siscan s erudi .Jlph epir, I ilr Bale Is fly Mo
,Offro t e eattuini 'all And P it, h vt l fe -X
*t6' _____ DAVI'.BnKuulR aL& -, 1 Rroa^ n froril
( L UBI -R S lTd--s'J bbLa. OjaG bar S.Ils, IF fOOd Of C ll,
der, end for sale by S. W Lg- IdI, have Alan on o
at '35 Ceeneli e lip. r i of ijves,
andrhril 'alryr i rlv.]ew r
ENT CASKISB~--0 Nest lask. in noid orad r, n4df,.. rel
lale by TAKKSW, LEWi. sons al
M| 26 '.1'nintles sli O NX D M S& ON UC d-O

mn DUE PAPER--'ro.'ed, as c-l . ard wh ,.:
Seciae whi,lealN by ABRUT &ELLY, R
&2 71 Fulton tmeuei cb
LARRT W INE-1-10 d. x e onlallgo0 8'e1s(iaENu Lalsnl.
C 01) Chateau Ln ilor-.,',h ]in nincs faI,.)fr8a'Blhn
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lRIT. B1CO fitl l %K-160 l. ria|iipirim-. by i!si brig Ja'. ; ai
Mn C olib m o d s ,h r M o nsi o ,n hi 4 n .i IalA til t in r sa le o y
s i B D6 KF n F a I r j & I v 161 < o jt tt3 r i ll
aURNli URE Pall .;-- ery ei-Fit I i.-n hah^n h li i
J ra- o Fi I irex. *-ip ChI iz BOiddd ZmS Csilt l d ,. lU<[ rl P
carved an dfor sle b1 Ctis.CHT CARVILLE, f
a6 Iw 46 Pins I1iOfst



Also-Agency Office
rnsurance agalnii loss or da
hb.iae, storesa'nd othirbull.rh
funoluiore andl oihtr person
1r-n'i AmL any olherrtmmila
Tinnoihy Whitn more
Jnbn B. Sattelet,
Abraham Van NetlI,
5elorge Suckler,
Jeames N WeJL,,
Wn L Morris,
Jacob Brush,
E,]-vsrd H. Stoker.,
Win F hlaemeyer,
J4imes Wallace,
Jislloe ToILR
I' N B -For rhu convenlelnce
ny In ihe lower part ef the cl
,AIt.liibihedat No. 63t WALL
Wramer atLeets, where all appllU
pr:mprilyauended to bty
l 'iTaes bbldlnga'in general
miinire aille an-I ri.a iutfri' e
"trh'atfljce. wlie fmllumngi
Win. W, Elworlih
Ilenry Hulsori
'narles II. Northam
Ehqnr Flier
Ale. H Prinmeruy
Pruip Riplpyv
Wm KRlLigc
E hF.ton.lG H[owe
Tholmnasi Belknasp
lIILeti~al Kin. ,
Sinforl 1U. Crust
Henry IA'atrmin
J1lretiali Brwow
14-47 M Re
4ppiltca ione f.-r I ans ia oae
ent all buines connectei.ld w'
in' Bobacruber, duly spp int
\I irk, with I'nll pont>r tit r
cils 'n lteriis s aforablea
m7 ?t.'lice

i- -Periuns may effrt ii
on eiriirr IwliTs 'or ina livc
wiholn .jiraimno of liri, or
mnps of premium iny be al
Fremriumeon one hundred
Age tyI r A a I year A
1 72 *;8 111
hth 077 27 112 3
7IS '- U4 1 I2 )
17 dit ,i- 1 28 I
IS II U 9 an 431
19 09a. 31 13
21 091 32 1.3
21 OJ2 1'L 1 34
2 091 11 135
23 i1'97 3n 161
24 .',) 36 13J
5 I n'tlI 37
Money will )a received. in d
h-Id in Itntai, ,lpon which in
Ulpon any asium over g100',lrre

lU,,in say eam over $141,1
lIp,., anty asim overlhl0tti
2 par
Tie Now V.Yrk Life Inq.Jranc
alo ianve lellers o IC re-Ill on
'Ion 6 l 111r -deiJsiL of loau
terms aonl inanlijer ol kepi
known -inapplhc
W,1iarn Bird,
Thimas W. LuJdlow,
Win B Lawrence,
(fardiner (% Howland, Johrmmno,
Petel Harmunn,
R.bhrtl Rasy,
.'JlinO l .oiLer,
T rios. ui "ern.
Sam Thiinason,
Ban) L Swan,
itehen Wtrr.r
W.a P %'&a Ia.niselaer,
W.n B Atilor,
t A N li.,o r
Dud.'ey Atkins, Pijairela
I'lth Jat
321- Il in El-c ki-'n lel. an
ng gl.hrcrmn wart unar-rinim l
a.inpiny f.,r
Jisilal L IlIhl,
WiVLter R Jones
l-orga ilrmwni.olJ.
.'noiirnn iuodhun,
Pe.erl 'rare,
Thr.mau tilclton.
-Uld IJ I 'IT.,
ilanry PiriFh.
i'.hh B'erLJW,
Henry C.ij,
'iings Ilissey.
Elier. Ringas,
( seorge 1 E.lii.l.
%VWiIlial W De Ftor
John C
F% i a ilelseqljent meeting if o
laman t-re aiininOijusly e
FTALE. Preeldent, an.j] %
,i. ,i r
i-kmim d4C'fll R.
VORi ATffic'V N 47 Waill uS
tliml:e ty Fire. Dwelling Io
in en'rsil. Mrechan.tlse, hip
HFnleh.'ld Forniure and aTe
l r.ip-ry .ni. a. fauraiblie lmi
in i
I harleiTnwn
Fredrtck P-.nta.
I.Hhn Allan,
Wm A F Pentz,
Ksaiall Amelhins
L M Ili.jilinan
"-hn W,jr.
7i% L M rali
R. Pegc T
'l...i lPni,.'ty
Air.n I lark
I E llpisvsro

P.L Finilke, Ro
IENR \I' LOTT, Secrear
Oeprt:aocTSE fl
NEw YOau, D.
r'- Aton alcrijln he'd itb
Eunli'cnn wa'rs luly eloctel
%tur nce C.-imuany. f
R.nsaelaer Ieni
Naihli Taylor
Cornellius W. Lawrei
.I Phillip % P6 s nr'-r s
.Toierli B Vsrnrin
Ila, iL Lei,
I iieb O Hallee.J
VilVhi2 %%tW 1..l.

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l sireetl New C'.,pitai th
ltnwa. n iolike iniranc-3 aqa
n.] Lhe hizardso l'
Beniselasea IHavens, Pr
Naih T.iyl'.r.
I'.'ernelinmi W L'wren
J.1. Phlipt. Phonia,
J.tun Morrison.|'n B Varnuim,
Itliad Lee,
fleb, 0 R0laierli
W'illiam W Td4,
FT~inin'1 iiiy
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NIiLiNFi lb) LEtNV.---]t i
Lit)an Mone*a on all lesc
sai alip;.i'anA.l fat ol.1 o ll
eIre, niearlyopip.-
?Irl 'in 1.0i .1 1 4N I h T
C iNTINI .'- P I -. .",..
: lii iiif i i i I ,
!i.. h I P,. n -r i1 n i i
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l ,i |,i' r irji Lne.,ti,,'r ii
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mm.'- I'rf- i br, In '..rm 'aiar ur,
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nt'iailvn, lv. L-ia V'eenaru,
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pI-': -Li his piuPnts

I1.,' .ain rip the unfrinaim'
ry Tri "i in-la are annually m
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rij-.'iin e' illiaically .la r
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Il' n .rn.t I. P'.. y 'r'il P,' f
R i I ,l- ,l', ir.i 11' 1-Pll PopP I n,
vsi, ir ipfJiln:Iaj Dr. I..--.
I.,ril, ,'io1. ainbjicill Ocr. uriti
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JmlLiliry &l'lre. hl'c renrtl
1e here there is rne rcspinilal
knsnnm by Sitcn meanethroem.
ile, thinly hon'e to Save,)an
'Persefln wli. my hiuve nn L
I alent po1' are mniirleil to
Il N.J 204 Fn1iLon street,
ni-a.i.way ) A residence o
,ia? radically esltablished Dr.
hmoor,an.-I based on real reep
uff'rs to his patrol
Office for snparate conaul
rmme hu
Alitnedanre until half
N.lelters taken rn unless p-,
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1" Urltarcwe acisote pfe
f .lirce's
P 5 --Asi honr an lir IIORN
lic, mi II proper he rnstmun h
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in speaking fioraelenfadell
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Bli'5?--'i-EB-Hturh Manurn
*i-7 Psrl streer. belwee
JiJilN Mc5I.iRRAI, hba
anaommanit ofBlreimalss bt le
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Appii sIlina r insurance,
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W A M\'ER,
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Newark. MLar''i himllin

RAMi %:.,i BO.STlN
LION OF Dll I Aid--All par
invufs t'i Tir I. orilpary .'o
damast by r ie nLn buildings a
New Vork Apple stions (or
sfpalrlpr i. Ieii .al hc ,'oi
,i WIIltir. cariner ofriPe e
Boeton.DT)e r 139.
1,tltt lN 'iinAN 'E. BY
SRANi FfO D(,'TON--4
snd scenir IT nuivestd, continue
iarigeby rf ire on buildings
of Ne
Applrc4i1,n-s 'or heicmi, sl
atllhte muiuii ir.,om fi(f A
cornerif Pine in.,
B on tri ,. Ie. 21. -21
COIPA.Nl'-Office N., 5BWall
asmlO insure algllliostisa and
vratleBas In)-one" Fire lnaur
The follow.[i, glentlemen C
Robert Adnalle,
Ilitalinen Stairm,
t'eurriandli Palmer,
Samuiel F. Doir,
James'Boef. Jr.
l. s 1 lenok.
1' Iivrinc Hnridy,
Willmi ..i Fearing.
Jmnhn P Neenili
William w'.i-.wr'ghl
--Tai oldeaIr /fllituls n fr
tise Chrl-tu-lia r A'o Hi all
or Damiamig by Firr, Icwrnin
bIngsl is general, MtercnlBdIem
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Tre company le incorpoiait
Insrm sllamuns i Insaes by Fir
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Tit, cspitatl sock Is se.'u
rsl estate ani publio stoe
trrersfor lapoi.e 1ie ful JIW .
the capitaliu. sol ti any l
wih oromptluiil
George Ireland,
Wiliam Wilon,
John Ontiout,
Boartn Benss-D,
John Campbell,
Jvhbua Brush,
Rllobert L. d Luart,
a .B. MoDoiu.P. ocreta
['A.R1NE. II.lANli NA' if
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paich, Dan pr
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Gi'lan C. Verplatck.
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Henrr W. II. k,
Sairmul F. U-rr.
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No 34 Wallilee.t, rre]3is rrlio
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own, Itll [tie mive of, i tl'" UI,
blk.,or for a limited lrlol
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Rares ii fnirance i.f 'f1P Hln
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V't I ml ;I 211
2l II 1 '3 1 7 ?

at' I l 'ti I r'm 22 r
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1.1 7
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Thina .'nlipiny svas in-l'ul r
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re.e on ODwellihn Ilouti, erfr
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Any Ioisses wiehi this
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here.accordit.g to rh' usages-a
beaLmy Ot New lork. ann'1 pail
cUr'reom e1t lhe
This Coimpaly has n-n-ur i.i,
nitV Butilin aar tulIire t'-sl l
lose or .linuage,ihe I'.iire.lae u
Ihe BoiaJr.-fi)r-rcltI r1.i enl.h
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Thoems K lireace.
Henr) L. Ellea..I',
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Daniel iiriessc,
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HlmoneiL Abhol e
Freder'S It. Hrulle
John I,mmi.eion,
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PAN ", Osffice. N',. 57 Will
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h%'er t1.,mlt'). ani i''lier bmijl
porl. not iheir areon.s, houa
dels.: ntpein ,f f,
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rainy ,ani) ute
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llenr. Uirsevor, Ir
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T .< l1T% i OF NE' I Vl-i!K.b
. T ih t.s ,u ai n f. ) (an-,n11,1g
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ariitun 1-1 Ii imiu ia.t.-n Xi
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ol iniiakp piUblir
Of riLe original 'aptpiltl ol the
remoimo hriinwihgstandt_ ine i 1
Isy of ihe pui year, I ta'r'-, t
palreJ.exclusiveofr all claisoa
Be.&Ieragie, return prenilumt
Ihis amontlis inVoisrel in N
Stocirsa. LoasitnUbond anJ-I
t inth tcity, pnneipaly in iher
,mliowlngJlsanks i.fIl. L'y-C I
Bank if New V ork.Greenwiclh
River Bank.'ity Banr.qeceha
anI in undul'mUb
A Btatrin nl of ilieaf'aiirs f
me-le up every m'nih, an-i ltoi
Uy wirlohavoe an interest aI stI
mlpnalt Ihe noi e ..( ri
Siince Le ti 'noupany haibe'
thui fives uies t1 h ,i
ases, in ad'it'in # tI eac htun
aimein dividendlI-.itsai,-ckh
Anent it hab n o iineilald clairnS
not ersced$ 3,i'. and ot tIa s
not moreltihn 64DLI',i 1
The Company therTe f'-re in E
toderaieesbare of the Marino
cty offesr for sucn paitrouace
mate Inducement ei all, esp
the driy of Agents, iime ev

an'Osrterawo haesoissat Manu
meOUL and ire node of ecurilu
fourtee years ena
CnHALBsJ JO.iaaotsSecr

"ofly O New Vr',
E An a-rnul alenweon Ir h
will be held a their .'-ffire,
DAY. 71h April ii nr, betwen
snd-2,.'clock P M Thrioeri
from 31st mtl unlil sef l
m24 7 sl A.
very edlilesive, and burning
but lmile.aondlh IseasC s eal a
very bri-lhanl rnLor. Aims, F,
qi tiliie@an ]cul.ra f.i
122ii 1' mnul_6Tir~u
Shan s an ex reiteni aaenrt
Fire B.Icks.eofevery vai'rly a
usle inlnttn sui purcheReres
ore .43W.-iers ri4aM
O AP.-5I b ires roulb

STOVESB.-The publL-generally and Stlvo Deale
LP rtinlcular, are ItVsed to raiJ ndleamtit Ihe
as they are plmnounccd hy alleosuptlenudg
btlorfouliumarypurpnoea sreveer liirLidirwhis enunlry. O
TbaenuowandaplenIdCil' Ca .moklrgijsea nave 1eo Fr,-
gotu, aLgr al elpipee'- and sren.-w fr1,iplasced before
;,ubI,:wiLha fBuil,8JrissLacestlu4 Iha.y willtake prec. nc
nml ll-lilrl aton
The cosl i lrni in art ir iithtylnndelprh- whh iitltl tPa
p. raLnrean ie raise- aipleasure I- any 'lore.: rer
tIne tlrini Lhe .uer a nmpirlete cotuniadn- .f ire fire l
Thea:erineea&rPs .>nmiru rcde.'3 tin it prrnti'i1 1.1 I-L i ie i
veruble fluea,s l(wlicmi sha 'i-ar. air.-il o'r ail ttL-.i 6 in whr.
I[ ey arei ned l-I I'lc- tle'r Ie.i rnrej -rae -,.r a i- il ir .i I,| i
oea psl ing ln ran rlire lCr in Ihe refuge *ifall Ithp r .ue il-c i
itfuuro oniuber)u Liueancdscti-.P] i in a im forir
ihe rear ovuin place, andl a plate pabrilel with it, .-Sil.
twiCs iind.r tie oven-creaiing ain c4insihty rf rne by
Wicih the bt.kinig procism is renlraiel parcl-I I oi
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Thri-se wiahJngtu purcha ba are inVilP c I cali&nil ee rhtt I l
n'w sandoIlai ihrumns no o invsenilnrne um Fariic rob
sleandretaulby A Ii Aui.TJN',icnL(r the manrifc
rers. 2311, l 'mserslre ll
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Ori E T. TMiU nlll' AN II lItiu) iiI'Hil.lte Ai',l &csr
DrAW ULAcat, c.lint ,mi.' ilaselEari. v dni sourltLlinei i,r t.
ite wincl,'ve in mi' cal-ino s -f "l. rtp.rrl, firn ,esri aJs
winduWain ,.i'a ,pjl'l,.p i dn rinir,-i riie'lcami, n-ln, Ul nis.i c i
vy i s l an-i tillio.'riilei c lIirml-il In i. I ..m iia ry s, t la I c
in Eur1'ope, lay t. t i. i-I l t llt .i lnlm r lic .-l:n l'r finm i
Iall srcar. r[S l VrIi. Ala 31 ni i' l i a
lrLtn.l -i- mith LhP imL tih i i I orrerine s an-Iartn. p iItiI' ll ,
fit ill- runitli 01 -h-Cli theim 'roi. r >-a-, rwe t.n' term .-' cm -
the mui t r-n'a .' l'i l i ,l'r-1 aC i In rif IN 'rsa d r el i-i i p
ro.ub ir.s city. elm. .a ,r in was,. -u-.i aLr.i e iil'r 'r, nn.
shipping w Ir[i m riits.. a i-a till lAi s pll Il
I1 i. r .,r .- i nrl#a ItFitm... ', m[ i] .F I% alA l
ri- nic-" l yal t Fin cl t, iil t aih'- had ue intJ, mA Cer-
inipile re,.si-n rii l, 1 0 r l lt 'r i if ti .. i .t s ioir a i
aBro- ni ihilld-. \'. i ai, Jl uillmn a r.-ai li in i-'. n
oliadT Ihoriti in-r-~ru0c Sai us sad c impli
m-iar lin-lwar-i.J ,isltm'sl sin-] lu ln i it.cae inisl, I-,auv ,,
It -jaJi tentiingi imh c rt Alci-stl it no- e13 iJ]
t ALL. -lr ALit M-- a. iA 1i C ra s t, an P.,,t rI.
5L u.l L. , M l:,.1 ..% ".L>J .I ..".'rsh 1-1.. i 8. i .l ,.
10 & 411C n" , % ll .. i I ," l I rlr, l% ,.inn hir .
i I n iv, f a ns J .1 nr a i jtAr ed i t-sr, tIIn d.:.i i La i d.i 1ai, in, .1.
.- .i' n-i-I a i r icl s i I n w in u ie. .T'rrI mry ll nn r
asnil n-el ai c-i 3,'v; eni> prii -t.r .: v -s. lse c, .1
less n .n in B, n -Ia' oi .f.!tnr llit. am-f .i ,. c..l.. tail
r lo '.f .iLi ra i -ir .ir ..1, .ia s E .. ir.i ..
beai',i civ] pk t'a B l ami-sI -'ieil n-a
er ite is rittil~tnc~li[
carned N tB-.notle3
Luniam auT :rsIAs wawne? uta fiiuvnia, E%4(. V1 anItan -Iita
,I'aif d. .i l i4.c -t,,,, ,Jeo1t.. a. In cl
d d.) -1 jrall IfWlI.C.a.
.. .1i' I ?'.i _n t, \ T
p in,,To ,1.'. ,iTo. d-T .
I ,I in l .rl 1,e yf ir d l ,1 e iy f' ver
', ,' 1 ..' j J. 0i ii 1, e is li iin rn .
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MlTs tai-cjT.inC-l
IITO I.Ja-i rwleel-j frl- irii L
peallnig 61..i mn ine..-. suer ,
'ldenilvl- rec- lmin rlir..hv a.'.l
'ilsitm rieir. a ,\ii i hlep ir, -
r'e.arains le.i1slftinici iit oy
ah,-i --i' prri'r ,[ so, y a
.til I. ir O .fumi.B r ritlls i
stais, an.i Pr-Het. ( fruin p.c
lr-n -laps, ohs c-ry siperh-r. ,
all.i l isi.lh ta.lfef.,1 at gfre
e.r.' IS15 Br.amt_
Fi..Mlkr, No.t I M irrlI- inn
li'ica r.n.-s'vr.| B trr t',a kai..r
e-'. warrinili p, rf'e..iIIL-ie k
Ilr e i a .li,',i rnl.- red- in i an
nir.hani, (fem I n .-i.'n, w i. i
k.-.rklTih ALt -hiple aniri.l i clhF
is-i '15 .',Arid t.ia i?[ r'i i n
pairing A ll, rm e ia l 'ii e r i?
Iih- ira.l" f-, ir t.1il a \ i -" i
oilier .'iirhihie ri
J w. IIl-ry ai. I % a'
L'LAN Sfl"-tlHIIl.\M h
STER--iv thuslrrly crmL iri
c e i car Le ti-tin iii or0 Oi
er. duir fa-niimy, tran a single
an-I mnr. T- i., rorTercaniLie.
r-art .i the cot nnillnu i.U 11.. i
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laritncrv siuirm i lhlo i.-r
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co.i.l a A. rLicri ir f ti er l
Pesatlier I f I. hair. irlmms.
Fri n. sr. aI..I '',iilu lrmTi |illtv.
an- oi3ii1ra]tsi d ai0 a va rl
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iIn e,ar-: rTpefe ti'tiilv eitil. i
wvcer,-. IA A BirK
miii ____
tlie ai.' f rtta crimi '.a rCi di,.
'eetsin r, coni iint' i l in Irm al
lIjl.i,l wi-.i,:hli Ull %n ni ri .u
uliarm,n cotri us nil ls firi
c.rosicn.'itii r- 'rM ilo A nt, a
i.'l.,in. i"P iite -.n: ilae i
f' ma,s C nI' tyflin".. l52 .6ii'hi
31 %et s I'ront .i1. i. et
f.un l'n icfin flre ll.ina iipatl
Oe'Ia.lp. a. Ia v-l .. 1 .w nil

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Mle i? p ivabi. .,n G-'.1>*",^
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erir diy ,v Jsl'arsr, I!,. ioplu
1llJ, iri.:lusis-. IH c f.ifu.i.i.
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manr saI. Iliur- If
f -l'.lirl F.f1%% i'lli elrn i
m In IN( ItitK--Th.-.i wi.,-,
W .I .,.-,J lln'iilll Iit.ffre rm
ir-al .- I F lT'i C I& .- W %trilr, F*I
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,ati. lir. 1i1ii ; riR f -..I I'
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p oii.e At Pril's ( thn( .
hi I-as ..-rn t I ai ureal' i .r
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ait :.ict'er ti I' rtoi, ? r pit'i.. as
cllty lie ami&rtetirL- i al-pri*',
,a-1.le.I y iie AnrireAM i lnt l i
FIiaF, hi' 1 st Nnnt a f r.len.sid
raeel fo'rc Ilie e"i BatlJlnD t-
lion. Thie pt.ihlc r. rrqpacil
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anilrt .. lan pui a new rn, iisr.,
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p' ,ir rio, e 1i1I1'in ,r a ns a li
anodar-titer ilian. ansl Ijii i of
rmdat flilm ei ant .,IIP La-u-t *i
li-rit ,J nl ,J filti.] a1 rlie f l
iinmirn e g-ii..el si i. Ii hearry
m : Ind iIr.n __
SFPC<'i RtI i'1 (or fFFAP
AInc r,.te l. .ro I l -e Lr-' .irt q
Ctim 'tlhS in-. w~hi ..,a" nu m.-ni r
i e 'i iii H ioh lllu S, .ire m t
inT. ri[ :i l i..nIh C'd i ic i ua#ff ,
riutc. *:.-i.Ianr. in tic ab -i
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e r.B e 3s1i '['l ni I I Fi, :y It
2ucpcrivlern, Stiae. rr'.s i
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s l n .'r l 1`7 'i'f-me' n .. .f lii,
tied Iij-tr -tf v trmis-ie *.a %
in" in-"r T im tfills 1 i h
f., i one. m.a. ...'l 'n a it r
I *r' irlinalin i iti mI'iTirin ]I
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d-)/I tf -
d2'i (lO'-F. rnki
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wjiJlt finate h#ttenri. lm -P f r -ri
w ih t, ar bmrl El..rulirlne in 11-
siiijh lab.I >]aniask n'J *1.'l., r
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and hmloriAiJn. i ili hblankeir
.i nrli. fI-lA.Ir asi I w l tW
N I -i 'rsiTiyniarnJgreen
Be aL;.
NE%% 5" YO'lK 1HORS
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lf t nl' snlr, l -
thi.'in_.. riic'nml
c l,l nlrl n a I.Ill i I
civec tihe pai roneec 5onI lp
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ra/inciraiP .-n er Thi
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rinfs. Ilarnend. -a2idlcF, Ber
an.].J41 po 1f f l fI,
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rua.cas, itieudiinp.,., in .nti
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Tim" t'euae hai' a*] ari',ae't
ihpireariPIaFi- ,inLrer,ntrriT l
wuri perunctihlhit an-t''pJ sIi
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And all [he dismn
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Hubbard's Great W
Blue anid Yellow Wove Pa
Bupem Blue Ve
Fine, -uper sant E
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For sale wnoleaale or remala,a
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S itons
BoIl Rope-260 coi
Brcileei-30 asek& OkaLkaf
Oakuim--3)0 blsa
Sail ClItlh-Plotlonkff, Ier
Ravens Duck-200 salea Uig
Sheeielgal- 100 bale
Diaper-B 5
Peaihers-.'iO bales lar
Qinllie-3S bales
HUln-38 bale
IsinglasSa. Mat, Giue. G
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Dlart March, Lii, i. 10.

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TREL, twhnleatr Beitaltunere
rre,, iMp. 61 Wihans esre,
now lu band lull and eluin
and AmeriecanSt Batinliery, col
inr arm il
Fouliscap and lerer Papers, v
ni l col]'ra d glit. I ena i plap n
p. r i Lfaoa-giein eiler i; lnir
;,cwlar an.d -O.,t,. b1-eir.a it
laige an-.J smell turk". V'elae
lorsn; Quils, yellow 'larln
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coileb a't, l u.aniorfa.:litre .
PVow n'ert, P.-cket ,,os, an, a
by SI.E
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nads i ire lest linpn paplerf
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mille-I atiml H'. lh, 11. atll Ih
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icur c in ir[i ll irp I nrtil Rtl
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all ,ric cc iln a t, ,i r .pl- d,
i..-m eapr.n riance rtInn all. rp
f th-y t -'m k .i, evahi''I,
Ihtir mrr--wl-. an.t ihe public,
ihrvin w ri t li.h i ir ti rit, .il
i..hillir ann ri erJ w n rluer
1.J l i. t..-;,ll iantf ei la
chliasinar.'n, I s t aie aI' ,irri
n.a.rahlL ii'ic all etany ii[(
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haimi [ir in C-p,rh--n'[i 'l
S .[.AI IN'. l'AX -E.ii. r
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filns ,I., 'O.lXfa cUi.-nlIi'i 1a t
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niad .-,a f i i-in
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1.'r-rre, m oi.frt r.:. hia.r ..
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INK ItOWilElt --BIack i
I tK Hlek It .i .1 writing
A-eib, l,.i- p. frinatrii nl io
i,. ,.I -T., no a, lcs -
terlrnm mimk I in', / li nt Jd p
*:., .vlr.r,.'..*jr..l.h., iIllll
glesi t ..]it'r l ].o. i rii,., pi
ai X r.carfillyi .'-ik
ImirI Inll F IN S.A.: I
u-11.* -, n til 11 i siu l
i r. ,i- 1. i ns I tii, r
i, miti' ..,sill llh I. '.ti' i n.
ii" m n le i ., in k i ,I, i -ii tio fl
sfIc *inc t autl m11 I- at's oiH
019 r< ..I. I' unei i 1 1 . it
C'iLIL lI'in i ei-n i
4-11 lie s' li rz
n B.- Ii 1v .iK i ein ..
PI A I NI ; i Ail D[I -rl I.
Arn-lin l.'irlia
EN Nil I Li LARBI)-N.-
12 1 L1 .
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r,\T i'N IiitFi 1 C..ARIl1I
PI. %N II.AC H C A li0- --
L ipi fll'hi 1 i.iu "I. -N' .
4q(- 'llt' F hlirIil i-c ] Fn i
Tant I n. i m I I-rn i ni sl m
,i prn. tI I. .I. iI i -le i-n, n I1
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.,ii t l i naflail.r,m.u',llinr ja

rune dri iotum-. se- to ,rii
in t I o ti rlnr l i I c i f -in
.i M i Ig U IMA -,. i.i
J i I. l t. am..I
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inn .1. ii
inn -1. 1.ii 5*e
,1 h ,i : .. iI girl
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nil ,.. a i 1 shi m t vi 1
I1 dIt,-, a t.i l ari a
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m'i'l ,., t' ni? i I l-c e ,-
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F l V i 1'ii .ld ii tne. i f
Fancy jI-tas, Imu Cnn-abim
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.I i l 'itmI., -r rena''Ir iorc..
in, Pai'.' t i,.r- o r s im,,I
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in ...,_an smi.-u ic i. h 1. al
s. u1fil il i .i- a a rf it ec lb
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1.A lr P, t All li., l~ i *I .. ..

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Hi BBI- ANitt.-'.ie-hi.s
I H. -i'. Ir-i Ili-iiloeh in
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