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For the Country.

published every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, & SATURDAY, at FIVE DOLLARS a year,] MAY 27 IS41. CBy MIFFLIN & PARRY, No. 99 South Second St., above Walnut, Philadelphia
I II I-I.--

Summer Irrrangemeint.

IFTV POUNDS of Baggage will be allowed
each passenger in this Line, and passengers a
expressly.lprhibited from taking any thing a* Bs
gage but their wearing apparel, which willbe at t
risk o(f its owner
'The above Line leaves Walnut street Ferry dai
(Siundays excepted) by steamboat to Camden, byce
'to South Aniboy. and by steamboat Independence
New York; touching at Burlingaton, Bordenton
Sai dhills, Heightiawn, Spotswood and Amboy.
Reltirming, this Line will receive passengers
Bordentown. about 101, and Burlington at 11,
clock, A. M.
To New York. $3 00
Forward Deck Passage, 2 25
Amboy, 2 75
Spottswood, 2 00
Freehold, 2 00
Heightitown, 1 50
Satndhills, 110
Bordentown, 37
Burlinaton, 25
Dinner 50 cents.
For Burlington, Bordentown, end Trenton.
At'3 o'clock. P.M.
ShS "n L.eaes Walnut street ferr
iH das'l'. tSundaysexcepted.) Ht
;". SS Lae iirr. ,is leaves Trenton, at
Bordenown at 8. and Burlington at 81 o'clock, ne
Fare to Trenton, 54) cents.
Bordentown, 37j"
S Burlington, 25
Freights taken at the lowest rates.
Baggage at the risk of its owner.
For Burlington, Bristol, and Bordentown.
.qt 2 o'c.ock, P. M.
S s) I Leaves the wharf south aid
of Chestnut street, daily. (Sut
... .day's excepted.)
To Burlington or Bristol. 61 cents.
To Bordentown, 25 do
**,Freight taken at the lowest rates.
WM. H. GATZMER, Agent.
ap 20--dtf
B AT 3 1-2 O'CLOCK.
Via New Caulle and Frenc/ton Rad Road.
00"_ -ft smfil~in

T HE Steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Captain .
M. Douglass, leaves Dock street wharf daily
(except Sundays.) at 3j o'clock, for New Castli
where passengers take the Cars to Frenchtown, from
thence, by s'eamboats Constitution or Washingtor
arriving min Baltimore about 11 o'clock, in the ever
Freights for Baltimore, Richmond, Norfolk and
Petersburgh;-also, Wheeling, Cincinnati, and an:
part 0ol the South or West, received and despatche
Passengers destined for Cincinnati and the West
ern cities generally, will experience great advanta
ga-s in taking this line, via Baltimore and.Wheeling
particularly for economy and expedition, as the,
are seldom detained at WheeliOng, in consequence a
the low stage ol %%-iter whish is often the case a
Plttburgti during iiae summer months.
*J. B PECK,Agenrt.
nay 13-dtf No 1 Dock at. wharf.
i'our Daily v tag'e IilIes,
Fare reduced, to compete with all other Line
running to Pittsburgh and Wheeling. 1
'The above lines are not rut
one hundred miles round by
*the way ofBaltimoreand Wash
ington, Pennsylvania, making in all four hunlrec
miles to Pittsburgh, and in 15 hours less time thae
certain lines propose to do, from this city We anr
not disposed to humbug passengers in this way. Al
our lines run on the only direct route to Pittsburgi
and Wheeling. anid, are run In 12 hours less than by
any other route.
The Good Intent Line, carrying the U. S. Mail
will leave ihe'Depot, No. 274 Market street, ever)
night, at 12 o'clock, by Rail Road, 156 miles t
S Chambhersburg-150 miles by stage to Pittsburgh,
making 300 miles. This line is run through in 48
hours !
The United States Stage Line, leaves the asbov
Depot. No. 274 Market street, every morning, at '71
o'clock, by Rail Road to Chambersburg, 156 miles
This line is rUn through to Pittsburgh, in 50 hour
The Mail Pilot Stage Route, leaves the above
Depot, every morningat 71 o'clock, by Rail Road to
Chambershurg; 156 miles. This Line, is run through
to Pittsburgh in 50 hoors.
The Pioneer Stage Line. leaves the above Depot
every nigh, at 12 o'clock, and arrives at Wheeling
in 50 hours. This line is run by Rail Road direct
to Hagerstown, 177 miles. The balance of the road
is run in Troy built coaches, over the National
Road to Wheeling.
0S3 For seats apply st the Depot.
feb 1-dtf .j. )DUCK. Agent.
Ih ,'" volt and alter Sunday, No.
member 1, 1840, the Passenger
gBHZ-E 'ZKTrains will start at the follow.
ing hours : ,
From Philadelphia, at 7 A. M. D ni.
From Reading, at l P.M. ( Daily
Depot in Philadqlphia, corner of Broad and Cherry
Fare-lst class Cars, $2 50
2d class Cars. 200
Excursion Tickets, going to Reading and return-
ing the same day, $3 00 each.
Both trains will atop for way peaengers at the
usual points.
Days of Starting of Freight Trains. ,
Frpm Philadelphia on Wednesdays atnd Saturdays,
at 5i A. M.
From Reading onjTuesdays and Fridays, at 5j
A.M. oct'23-4dtf
West Chester Rail-road Liae.
u i.; *I The Rail-road Cars will leave
Li W the Westchester Hotel, in Broad
f near Race street, at 74 o'clock
in the morning. The Cars will leave Westchester
at 1 P. M. W. P. SIIARPLESS,
IFor tmnyrgna, Del.
^ T The steamboat KENT, Capt. Rich-
a gard Ross, will resume her regular trips
~ on Monday,tthe 1st of March next. and
will continue to leave Arch street wharf, every Mon.
day, Wednesday, and Friday, at 7j o'clock, A.M.
for Smyrna, Del., stopping at all the intermediate
Returning, will leave the landing on Duck Creek,
every Tuesday, 'Phursday, and Saturday morning at
7j o'clo k, A. M.
Stagesiwill leave tne landing, for Dover, Milford,
and Georgetown, immediately on the arrival of the
A Stage will leave Port Penn immediately on the
arrival ai the Boat, for Middletown, Del. via Trap
and Cantwella Bridge,
Breakfast and Dinner provided on board.
feb aB-dtf ,
IjfetfC & Co.'S
.. Via Pa. Canal and Rail Roads.
This line being for the
accommodation of Eni.
grants travelling to the
Wesijs now in full op
jHBMCBM~ieration. The boats andl
ca., are in superior order,
anl emitriinrt will find the accommodations by this

line of the best kind. 1
Passengers leave every morning at.9 o'clock in Ihe
beat eight-wheeled cars for Co'umbia,where they ar-
rive in the afterno in, aind take the canal boat imme-
diately for Pittsburgh.
By ihis line, passengers can take all their b')g-
gage with them, and can nook' on board the boats,
stoves being provided for that purpose.
Apply at the Pas-enrer Depot. Not 13 and 15 south
3d street, between Chesnut and Market sts.
ap 7-dtf HARRIS & LINFORD.
Recorder of Deeds,
Ofjce, No 4 itate House Row, Dwellinz, No75 George
street, between 10t end 11th ste., Philadelphiia.
T IHE subscriber having been authorized by an
ac.-rith.e Le.i-lalure. to take acknowledgments
ofDeeds. aid uther Writings, will attend at his office
from 9 A M untI 3 P M and at his dwelling, or
at any pl ice desire I by the parties at arty hourof the
day or evening, for the purpose of takttig such ac-
knowledamopnt. t e 18-dtf
I1VE lots of ground in aq excellent situation, for
. sate, lfur wtich a thousand to fifteen hundred
dollars will be taken in caSh. dry goods or groceries,
the bialince may remain secure on the ground.
Inquireat No 402 Mirket -ireet, between llth
and 12th. of ,MNlllr.L D. PRENTZEL.
A SMALL Invoice of Cranberries in water, in
private order, landing and for sale by
0 OlWMEN'S granLted. MON-Y received on
deposit andl TRUSTS of all de.riptions executed
LiVas ara GaSNtINO ArNUITiEs. at iNo. 66 Walnult
treat. HVMAN GRATZ. President.
69AlR C. WAL&UB, Aettlr).

In the Cou of Common Pleas for the County of
,f i,. Whereas, John McLaughlin, Assignee
SSV of the estateof James Barber.did on the
lB 5&'t |4th asv of May,one thousand eight hun.
i drd ,andt forty one, file in the office of
I.the Prothonotary of the Court Of
''*In"/ Common Pleas for the county of Phila-
delphia, his account as assignee of
the said estate.
Notice ia hereby given to the creditors of the said
Jamesa Barber, and all others interested in
the said estate, that the Honorable tha Judges
of the Court of Common Pleas aforesaid, havelap-.
pointed Monday, the 7th day of June. one thou-
sand eight hundred and forty-one, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, ftbr the hearing ef the same, and for
shewing cause why the said account ought not to
be allowed, and in default thereof the same will be
Witness the Honorable Edward King, President
of our said Coart at Philadelphia, the 7th day
ot May, 1841.
SAMUEL HART, Prethonotary.
mav 8 12 15 19 22 26 29june 2 5

In the Court of Common Pleas for the County
of Philadelphia.'
,, ,. Whereas, Zaccheus Bannister.Assignee
,j of the estate ofSamuel Wykes,didon the
S26th day of April. one IhousanJ eighi
w l hundred and forty-one.file i: the office of
S the Ptothopotary ot the Court of Corn-
I orn' mon-Pleas for the county of Philadel-
phia his account as assignee of the said
Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the said
Samuel Wyke,, and all others interested in the
said estate, that the Honorable the Judges of the
Court of Common Pleas aforesaid, have appointed
Saturday, ihe 29th day of May, one thousand
eight hundred and forty one, at 10 o'clock in the fore-
noon, for the hearingof the same, and for shewing
cause why the said account ought not to be
allowed, and in default thereof the same will be con-
Witness the Honorable Edward King, President of
our said Court at Philadelphia, the 28th day of
April, 1841.
SAMUELIHART, Prothonotary.
ap 29 may 58 12 15 19 22 26 28

In the Court of Common Pleas for the County
of Philadelphia.
Whereas, Samuel Sslater, assignee o
the estate of William H. Howard, did ot
the 24th day of April, one thousaru
eight-hundred and forty-one, file in the
office of the Prothonotary of the Cout
of Common Pleas for the county o
Phi:adelphia, his account as asaigner
Sof the said estae.
S Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the salt
, William H. Howard, and all others -interested in the
Said estate, that the Honorable the Judges of thi
a Court ofCommon Pleas aforesaid, have appointee
, Saturday, the 29th day of May, one thousand eighl
- hundred and lorty -one, at 10 o'clhck in the forenoon
for the hearing of the same, and for showing cause
I why the said account ought not to be allowed, and
in default thereof the same will be confirmed.
Witness the Hanorable Edward King, Presideni
of our said Court at Philadelphia, the 28th
day of April, 1841.
-AMUEL HART, Prothonotary.
ap 29 may 5 8 12 15 19 22 26 28
SIn the Court of Common Pleas for the County of
I Philadelphia.
Whereas, William Crean,Asignee ol
John C. Lehman, did on the 26th day ol
Aprtl. one thousand eight hundred and
forty-one, file in the office of the Pro.
thonotary of the Court of Common
Pleas for the county of Philadelphia,
hit account. as assigtees of the said
Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of the said
John C. Linhman, and all others interested in the said
estate, that the Honorable the Judges of the Court el
Common Pleas aforesaid, have appointed Saturday,
the 29th day of May, one thotnusand eight hundred and
forty-one, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the hear.
ing of the same, and for chewing cause why the said
account ought not to be allowed, and in default there-
of the same will be confirmed.
Witness the Honorable Edward King, Presi-
dent of our said Court at Philadelphia, the
28th day of April 1841.
SAMUEL HART, Prothonotary.
ap 29 may 5 8 12 15 19 22 628
It .the Court of Common Pleas fot the County
of Philadelphia.
S Whereas, Thomas C. Rea, assignee
of Stephen W. Negus, did on the
126th day of April. one thousand
eight hundred and forty one, ilo in
the office of the Prothonotary of the
Court of Common Pleas for the county
of Philadelphia, his first account as
assignee of the said estate.
Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of the said
Stephen W. Negus, and all othen interested in the
said estate, that the Honorable the Judges of the
Court of Common Pleas aforesaid, have appoint-
ed Saturday, the 29th day of May, one thou.
sand eight hundred and forty-oae,at ten o'clock in the
forenoon, for the hearing ot the same, and for shew-
ing cause why the said account ought not to be
allowed, and in default thereof the same will be
Witness the Honorable Edward King, President
of our said Court at Philadelphia, the 28th day
of April, 1841.
SAMUEL HART, Prothonotary.
ap 29 may 5 8 12 15 19 22' ,9A28
In the Court of Common Pleas tor the County of
Whereas, Samuel Weaver, Assignee
of George L. iteeld and Wife, did
on the '27th dty of April, one thousand
eight hundred and lorty one, file in the
office o1 the Prothonotary of the Court
oh Common Pleas for the county of
Philadelphia, his account as Assignee
of the said estate,
Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of the said
George L. Neeld and Wife, and all others in-
terested in the said estate, that the Honorable
the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas aforesaid,
have appointed Saturday, the 29th day of May, one
thousand eight hundred and forty-one, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, for the hearing ot the same, atid for
showing cause why the said account ought not to
be allowed, and in default thereof the same %il'
be confirmed.
Witness the Honorable Edward King, President
of our said Court at Philadelphia,the 28lh day
of April, 1841.
SAMUEL HART, Prothonotary.
ap29may 5 8 12 15 19 t 26 28
In the Court of Common Pleas for the City
and County of Philadelphia.
0 Whereas, Henry Roland and Thomas
RIacistone, Trustees of the said estates,
...... did on the 13th day of May, one
Thousand eight hundred and forty one,
file in the office of the Prothonotary ol
the court of Common Pleas for the coun-
ty of Philadelphia their accounts as
Trustees of the said estates.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested in
the said estates, that the Honorable the Judges of the
Court of Common Pleas aforesaid, have appointed
Monday the 141h day of June one thousand
eight hundred and pbrty one, at ten o'clock in the
forenoon, for the hearing of the same, and for she wing
cause why the said accounts ought not to be allowed,
and in default therefore the same will be cenfirm-
Witness the Honorable Edward King, President
of our said Court at Philadelphia, the 13th day
of May, 1841.
SAMUEL HART, Prothonotary.
may 14 19 22 26 29je 2 5 9 12

In the Court of Common Pleas for the County of
Whereas, H. J. Hartwell, assignee of
the esta-eof George Sterr. did on the
2lth day of May, one thousand eight
hundred and fortyone, file in the office
of the Prthonotary of the Court of Com-
mon Pleas for the county of Phi ladel-
phia, his account as assignee of the
said estate
Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of the said
George Sterr. aid all others interested in the said
estate, that the Honorable the Judges of the Court of
commonn Pleas aforesaid, have appointed Satur.
day, the 1'ilth day I June, one thouand eight hun.
(I ed und forty-one, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, fior
Ihe hearing of the same, and for shewing cause why
the said account ought not to be allowed, and in de-
fault Ihereof the same will bs confirmed.
Witness the Honorable Edwaid King. President
of our said Court at Philadelphia, the 12th dauy
of May, 1841.
SAMUEL HART, Pirothonotary.
may 13 19 2226 29je 2 5 911
fHE following gentleman composethe Medlical
Dr. William Gtibsoan, Dr. Sail. Jacks 'n,
Dr. William E. Horner, Dr C. W. Pennock.
Dr. Joseph Panicoast, Dr. W. W. Gerhard,
Dr. Edw'd Peace, Dr. Robley Danglison,.
Physicians to the Lying-in Departrent-DDrs
Rubhrt M Huston, and Jaiues McClitock.
Wo l--ddf

The estate late of William Kennedy, deceased, brick
and frame dwelling houses, situate oi the south-
wardly side of Shippen lane, south of Shippen
On Wednesday evening, June 2d, 1841, at 8 o'clock,
at the Philadelphia Exchapge, corner of 3d and
Walnut streets will he suld pursuant to art order
from the Orphans' Court for the city arid county of
SAll that certain three storied bick mes-
U suange or tenement arid three frame mes-
suages or tenements and lot or piece of ground
thereunto b,'l.'niiig situate on the south westward.
li side of Shippen lane, at the distance of 120 feet
south of Shippen street, in the townshipof Moya-
mensing, in the county of Pailadelphia, containing
in tront or breadth on Shippen lane thirty-two feet,
and in length or depth westwardly 100 feet; bound-
ed westward by ground now orlate ofJohn H. Brin-
ton, and norlwevard by a twenty leet wide alley hid
out by the said John H Brinton, parallel with arid
100 feat south of said Shippen street, and leading
eastward into ihe said Shippen lane.
Fiee and clear of all incumbrance. Sale positive.
By order of administrator.
N W. c rner Second and Tamany streets.
may 12-dis

The Estate of David Grieve, deceased.
Pursuant to an order of the Orphans' i'nurt for the
city and county of Philodelphia. will he sold,a ou
Wednesday evening, May 26th, 1841, at 8o'-
clock, at the Philadelphia Exchange, the follow-
ing described Real Estate:
A All that certain lot or rf-ece of ground, with
.]the appurtenances thereof, situate at thd north
west corner of New Fourth and Master streets, in
the district of Kinsingion, (ate Northern Liberties,)
in the county of Philadelphia, containing tn breadth
on the said New Fourth street 100 leets'nd in length'
or deplh on the said Master street 100 feet; bounded
northward by ground now or late ot Mary lenn,
%elwsard hy E round late of John H. Brintont, south-
ardi hy Maii-r street aforesaid, and eastward by
New Fourth street aloresaio, on which said lot of
ground there issaid to be erected a two story brick
dwelling house end kitchen, and a small two story
frame hoise-(it being the same premises which
John Douglass, Esq High Sheriff of the city
and county of Philadelphia, by deed poll dated the
2lst day of February, A. D. 1824. recorded in the
office of the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of
the Eastern District of PennsylIvania in Deed Dock
et E, page 14, granted arid conveyed to Marhon
Jones.) By the Court.
R F. CHRISTY, Clerk 0. C.
T. W. L. FREEMAN,' Auctioneer,
may 14-dts 50 N.6th st. near Arch.
'ire Proof Chests and Iron
M ANUFACTURED and sold only by the subscri-
ber, at the old stand, No. 83 Dock street.
NEw ORLEANS, Feb. 24, 1840.
(From the New Orleans Picayune, Jan. 30, 1840.)
"Curiosity induced us to witness the ordeal
through which- one of these Chests was put last
evening; and the result, we must say, has been highly
satisfactory and confirmatory of the invulnerable
fire-prool qualities of the Asbestos Safes. The one
on which the experiment was made was placed in,
the centre of a large pitch pine fire, where it was
allowed to remain for an hour. It was then taken
out, and when partially cool, opened, and all the
books and papers which were then inside found in a
perfect state of preservation. Among the other pa-
pers was a 100 dollar bank note, which came out as
good as new. As this practical proof of the superi.
otity of these Chests over all others is better than
whole columns written in commendation of them,we
have only to add that W. A. Violett, ol 69 Magazine
street, is the Agent for this city, ani that he has a
variety of the Asbestos Safes on hand."

(From the N. O. Bulletin, Jan. 31,1840.)
"We, the undersigned, witnessed the tunrnisn ,I
one of Mr John Scott's ASBEsTO4 IRON( H l 'FS.
yesterday afternoon, and we consider it a most sa-
tislaciory evidence that they are what they are re-
presented to be, Fire P'roof.
We consider it fairly and thoroughly tested.
being exposed to an intense heat for an hour; nit was
covered with one cord of pitch pine, and burned
until it4vaa red hot allover, which must have con-
sumed every thing in it, had not the Asbestos been
between the iron and the wood work of the Cheat.
It contained hooks, papers and money. The papers
were a IuIIt statirt by the steam arising trom the
water thrown over it, and the binding of the books
drawn by the heat and steam, but there was ino
appearance of fire inside of the chest or its con-
"New Orleans, January 30, 1840."
Warehouse of the Manufacturer, No. 83 Dock at.,
opposite the Philadelphia Exchange.
U. W. CROSS. Proprietor.
NB.-All work made at this establishment war.
ranted Fire and Robber Proof, and made in the ine -
esat manner. ap 30-d'f
Phi/dfelphia. Oct. 8h, 1840.
1'1O prevent the impositions attempted on the pub-
I lie, by persons offering other coal as Peach
Mountain, it is deemed proper to state that the De-
aware Coal Compa.y," are the sole owners of the
only tract of land in Sehuylkill county, known by the
name of "-Peach Mountain." The mines on it are
worked, and thwcoal brought to market and sold or
shipped, by the Company only. All the Peach Moun-
tain Coal retailed in Philadelphia, is landed on tihe
Company's wharf, 2d below Market street Bridge, on
the Schuylkill, on which the company have erected
extensive sheds for the coal, and from which it will
be delivered in the best order, within the paved lim-
its of the city and districts, at the following prices for
cash, when ordered, viz
Per ton of 2,240 lbs.
In clean lumps, unbroken. $6,00
Broken and Screened 6,50
Egg Coal, 6,50
Nut Coal, 15,50
Also, selected superior quality Broad Mountain
and White Ash, Coal,
In clean lumps, unbroken, $5,50
Broken and Screened 6,00
Egg Coal, 6,00
Nut Coal, 5,50
Orders received at the wharf, and by
Frederick Brown, corner of 5th and Chestnut stes.
Robert Donnell, corner 8th and Walnut sts.
Dilwyn Parrish, corner 8th and Arch stas
And at the office of the Company, No. 117 south 3d
r The Company also offer for sale a quantity o
Screened Ind Unacreened Small Coal, suitable fori
Steam Enzines and Limebnrners oct. 12-dtf

wAi. f. M A 0iot AU
Jfnd general Furnishing fTndf-taker
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the
public generally, that his establishment is at
No. 181 Arch, above 6th street,
where their orders will be thankfully received, and,
as heretofore, punctuallyattended to.
He has attached to his business a beautiful black
Hearse, with gentle horses and careful driver.
W. H. M. feels himself ever grateful for the pa
ronage received, and is now better prepared to give
general satisfaction than heretofore.

A constant supply of tea sets, pitchers, cups,
spoons, forks, ladles, &c., of every pattern, kept al-
ways on hatd.
ap 2-dtf S. W. coretir 5th and Cherry sts.
GEO. W. METZ, at No. 317 Market street, con-
tinues to make Smiths', Jewellers', Braziers'
and Chymiats' BELLOWS. Has always oa hand a
general assortment, which he will warrant to be
excelled by none. mv 30-dtf
lFor ate.
A SPLENDID assortment of Rodgers' Cutlery
G;llett's, Cohen's, Windle's, and other Stee
Pens; Butler's, Donaldson's, Ames and Brandywine
Letter and Writing Paper;Enamelled, Ivory Surface,
Plain and Playing Cards, of superior quality; Back-
gammon and Chess Boaris; Waters, Sealin Wax,
Tape, Blank Books, Memorandum do., Red, Blue and
Black Inks, &c. d c.-conatatly for sale by
No. 35 south 3d street, abovelChesnut, eastside.
N. B.-Printing, Ruling and Binding executed to
order. dee 20-ltf
IGEST of County Laws, containing the Acts o
Assembly relating to Counties and Townships
throughout the State, and Local law relating to the
county of Philadelphia-published by the authority
ofthe County Commissioners. Copies for sale at the
office of the County Treasurer. my 11-dtf
flooim, Plaper and Slationi;ry
IKHE subscriber having removed his store from
. No. 126 south Front street, to No. 208 north Se-
cond street, intends keeping a general assortment of
superior Blank Books, School Books, Letter and Writ-
ng Papers oufvariousqualities, tlsijiiry, Pens, Ink,
Quille.Veaers, Sealing Wax, Inkstands, ink Powders,
Slates,6late Pencils. Lead Pencils, Sand Boxes, &c
to alluof which the attention of city and country deal
ers is respedtfully solicited.

INKSTANDS, a new article by Perry, coian-
bitting the advantages of the Filter Inkstands with
greater simnphlicity of construction; just received per
steamer Pre.idet;,
Also, Perryianu'. Gillotta'.Windles', Pardows, and
Heeley' Steel Pens. toKdgers & Sons, pocket cut
lery. For sale to the Trade by
No 102 Market st.,ehbove 3&, up stairs
mu I6Qd

Health OfIce.
ALLwbom it may concern tll Lsake nuorire
the following sectionsa of ink, Au.flt Law ul
City and Port of Philadelphia. inlkeoffect and
be rigidly enforced fui four month 1rum and a
the first day of June next.
1. All vessels whatever, arriving at the Por
Philadelphia between the first cay of June and
first day of October, having or, b,,trii tae. hani,
foreign growth or manufacture, or per-u.,. bagg
or clothihg from any foreign p ri iJr |Is, e. ,or i1
any place to the Northward 'or l.1ui'tar.J ,', Sai
Hook, or Westward of Cape Cbrnsle, still ini.P
the Lazaretto lorexamination in ier [he rules., re
altions, and penalties by law prosied.
2 Any ship or vessel coming from any port
place within the United States, at which port
place thesaid ship or vessel had oTIly called in
touched upon her arrival from a reignn port
place, shall be liable and subject 'Fall the rules,
ignlations and restriction and shaUlbe examined
treated as well the vessel itself as the cargo, cre
Io'. ,ier., snd baggage on boat d in lhb aine m
nrr a.. isi-uch shipor vessel had d.rerti arrived
the Lazartitto from any loieign part ir place wit
the United States.
3 Every ship or vessel coming from any port
place in the United States, bound to the Port
Philadelphia, and from which ship or vessel slh
have been, within thirty days then nmti .rectc-.di
unladen the whole or a part of the i are.. ir Itasei
brought in the said ship or vesel al stIn b lthiie i
subject to all the rule. re'ilati.ird arid restriction
and hall be examntof.l arnd iris]. as well
vessel itself as the cargo, crew, pa .- .rq a
baggage on board, in the same manner .. si
ship or vessel pad brought the same .'o, crei
passengers or baggageodirectly from sn c foie
port or place, and had the same then o L. *"rd att
Lazaretto ..
4- Any person or persons, rnd asil giud. raerchi
dise, bedding and i 1,ihin arii 4i t i .vy port
place within the United -alsr lrm un jirei
port or.'place at which any M.ianinnr ,nir ti .tJlldel
disease prevailed at the time -ij their departure .',r
any vessel in which any rin:i , eiPil ttrin
they were un board th. -aai.te. are herel, pr.l,.bit
from ent ring the ott) -it ,iunvy ul Phoiiadlpiia.
the county Vf Delaware, (except the township
Tinicum.) at any time between the first day of Ju
and the fist day of October in any year, either
laod or water, without permission of the Board
Health first had and obtained, under the penalty
FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and eve
offence, and the forfeiture of all such goods, mi
chandise, beddingor clothing, to be recovered a
appropriated as is hereafter directed; and that
goods, wares, bedding, clothing, merchandtse.seam
or passengers landed from on board any ship
vessel belonging to the Port of Philadelphia, at an
other port of the United States, sha'l be subject
perform twnlety (lays quarantine, previously to enter
ing the city or county of Philadelphia, under t
same penalty as in the fifth section, without pet
mission first obtained from the Board of Health-
5. No person or persons, goods, wares, mi
chandise. bedding ot clothing, from 'any port
place, at which any Malignalit or contagious disea
prevailed at the time ot the departure, or from t
board any vessel in which any such disease existed
while they were on board, shall eater or be broug
into the city or county of Philadelphia, at any lit
between the first day of June and the first day
October in any year, by land or water, without th
permission of the Board of Ile,llit Fir.I h',d and o
tsined, under the penalty of an) -am inot exceeding
Five Hundred Dollars for each and every such o
fence, and the forfeiture of all such goods, wares
merchandise, bedding and clothing, to be recovery
ind appropriated as directed by the twenty-nint
section of this act.
6 Every person kaepring a Board-ne or Lisigii
House in the city o I[hila iu-itpt,.a., the D-ri. I
Southwark, or the T.,si,'irpi dl ihe NrLth-nr., Lbte
ties, Moyamen'sing, or Penin, between the first day
June and the first day of October in any year, shall
within twelve hours after any seafaring man or s
ourner shall become sick in such boarding and lod
ng house, report in writing the name of such disem
ud person to the Health Officer; and no master of
vessel or other person whatsoever, shall remove an
sick person from any vessel lying in the river lYel
ware, before the cily of Philadelphia, the District
Southwark, or the Township of the Northern Lib
ties, before such sick person has been visited by tI
Port Physician, and a written permit granted by hi
for the purpose of such removal. And any perst
neglecting or refusing to comply with the provision
if ihis section, shalt, on legal conviction thereof, I
subject to a fine not exceeding Fifty Dollars, or toiu
prisonrment for any term not exceeding three months
and no person shall hereafter be punished by impi
onment by virtue of this act without a previo
conviction in due course of law: Provided, that n
hing herein contained shall be construed to prove
the Board of Health from temporarily confining an within the Lazaretto bounds, for such timi
is the said Board may deem necessary for the safe
if Ihe public.
7. Every shipor vessel coming from any port i
Lace southward of Cape Fear, bound to Philade
ihia, shall be subject to the aeaiination directed I
he 4th section of the act to which this is a sluppl
nemt; and every ship or vessel coming from any fo
eign port or place, and the master, commander,
pilot of every such ship or vessel, coming from an
port or place southward of Cape Fear, shall be siu
ect to the same restrictions, and liable to the sai
indictment, pro ecution and penalties, as by the sa
fourth section of the said act is prescribed for it
master, commander or pilot of any ship or vessel c
ning from any foreign port or place.
8. No ship or vessel, which shall be laden wit
or have on hoard, any VEGETABLES, FISHa
HIDES, shall be unladen atthe portrof Philadalphi
intil a permit shall be applied for and obtained Iro
he Board of Health, under the penalty in the sai
act declared.
9 No person or persons shall, under the peo'al
of FIFTY DOLLARS, to be recovered and appr
priated as is directed by the act to which this is
supplement, be permitted to store or keep in any on
house, store, cellar or other inclosure. a greats
VEGETABLEls, which are in themselves of a p
shable nature, without a permit from the Board s
Health, which permit shall be granted for a limited
ime therein expressed, and may be renewed fro
time to time by the Board of Health.
By order of ihe Board of Health,
PETER RAMBO5 Health Officer.
Philada., May 14,1841. my 19-diOl

For Sate,
she now lies at the first wharfabove the Nav
Yard, Philadelphia, with all her tackle, apj arel an
furniture on bord. The Pennsylvania was but
during the summer and fall .of 1835, by Meser
John Vaughan a$. Son, of the beet materials and i
the most substantial manner, coppered and copper
fastened, by the following dimensions: 150 feet c
deck, 9 feet 8-10 depth of hole. and 21 feet beamt-
her engine was built by Messrs. Rush & Muhlen
burg, two horiz >ntal high pressure engines 20 inch
s diameter, 6 feet 4 inch stroke, to work separate o
connected at pleasure. She has three tabular boi
era constructed for burning Anthracite coal, and hi
a small engine to supply the boilers vii w'ateir; he
wheels are 20 feet diameter, 10 feet fact, io row
of paddles shod with boiler iron. The 1' .ni
was in serviceduring the years '37 an-) ,ri.i i
believed to be in a good aind sound coit ion, he
boiler will require considerable repair, or re plIa
;edwilh newones. The boat and inventory wil
be shown by application to Mr Rutherford, engineer
in board; algso, by application (and price which wil
be very low,) made known by either ofthe subscri
No 177J High St.
No 49 south wharves.
ap 24-dif No 70 south wharves.

BRUSH MAKER. No. 317 Market street, above
8th street, opposite the Western Hotel, Phila
N. B. Smith's Bellows made asld repaired.

LiMitf burner's Coat.
F OR Sale, small Coal, either screened or unsuacreen
ed, suitable for burning Lime, or for steam en
gines, to be delivered by the boat load at any point
on t&,, River Schnylkirl, or from the Company'
wharves, in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to
Wharf below Market street, Schuylkill-or
Set. Dal .Coal Co. 117 snouth .Md t.

Phibdelphia, Wilmntington, and Baltimore Rail Read
.-HE pleasure Cars for Gray's Ferry will leave
Sthe corner of 8th and Market 0ts, dailv (except
Sunday) at half-past 2,3, and at 4 o'clock, P. M.
Fare 12I cents.
mayl-d WM. L. ASHMEAD, Agent.

Selling Oflir-elling Off!
'ITHE subscriber would call the attention of all
Those in want of goods in his line to the exami-
nation of his stock, as he is resolved to close it out at
the most red iced pries, intending to invest the pro-
ceeds in the Fancy Manufacturing business. All that
remains will be disposed of at Auction it the month
of May next.
Fine Ingrain Carpetings, assorted colors, from 56 to
62J cents a yard.
Extra Fine do. from 69 to 81 cents a yard.
Superfine do. from 87 to $1,12jUa yard.
Good Grass Carpetngs. assorted colors, 26 cents a
yard; assorted widths, same rate.
Brussels Carpetiugs, various patterns. I.D0 a yd.
Wilton do do %,Iju
Imperial, from $1,25 to $1,50 7er yd.
Hearth Rugs, from 75 cents to 7 and $10 each.
Venetian Carpetings, Worsted Chains, from 37J to
621 cents a yard
Venetian Carpetings, imported, from 75 cents to $1
a yard.
LOOKING GLASSES, Whips, Combs, Baskets,
Cedar Ware, and Venetian and Patent Blinds, wil(
atl be sold at the 1,i r/y lowet A w tion' prices.
mar t-dtf No. 18 north 24 t,

Peremptory Sale of Ver5 Valuable T HIE
th,, Under the authority of the Orphans' Court.- 'ILIIEL iE--a Tale.
*,.- The Eslate late of John Douglass, Esq., TiEtuf th Stonsi T te.
% ,11 dee' A Translatedfor the St Louis Bulletin.
their S'.'de.f.. .i, The first rays of a September sun shone upon
Ot i of 'ipdnes,. yIuneha2d, 1841, at 8 o'clock in the te obeliks of red granite, surmounted by gilt e a-
ot of eane i1 ishe Philadelohia Exchange, will be gles, which were elevated at the entrance of the
the I, 1., pursuant to an order from the Orphu' ges were evate at e entrance o the
.01 C" il-iy and county ofat Philadelphia, the palace ofSchoenbrum, and reflected upon the pol-
age following described valuable Real Estate, of the ished arms of the troops, drawn up in order of bat-
rom late John Douglass, Esq., deceased, viz: tie in the vast court-drums were beating in the
Ftdy No, 1. field-the Emperor directing the review which
All that certain lot or piece of ground, with took place each day as if he had been at the Tuil-
gu etmesuages thereon erred, situate oil the series; for he had come to regard himself as at home
~SotVegtwatllily Side of the greet rites, leading in each 47oYal residence in Europe. Arriving he-
t or from Gray's Ferry to Chester, in the township of f each royn o residence in Europe. Arriving be-
t or Kingsessming, and county of Philadelphia, beginning ore one of the regiments of the confederation, he
a or at a post or corner of another lot granted by George turned, smilingly, to one of his aids-de-camp.
t or Gray to John Douglass; thence by the said road "Let us see, Mona. Salm," said he, "these ought to
re- north 49 degrees 10 minutes, east 100 feet, to a posi, know you-command a charge en doueo tempo,"
and granted or intended to be. granted tp William Hays; T.he young Prince blushed as he bowed, but""
tew, hence by the same north 61 degrees and a quarter, obeyed without hesitation; and, drawing his sword t
wn. west 300 feet, to a post; thence by other land lately e Without station; an, rawg ts sworn
d at granted by the said George Gray to the said John with ease and grace, he directed the movement,
bthin Douglass and James Corntish, south 49 degrees and which was executed with great precision. The
10 minutes, west 100 feet, to a post, another corner Emperor, satisfied, placed himself before the palace,
or of the saidelot, lately granted to the said John Doug. where the troops defiled before him; and when the
of lass; thence by the same south 61 degrees and a last ranks had passe] the grate, having dismissed
tall quarter, east 300 feet, to the beginning, being the lat ran had passed thegrate, having dismissed
nE same premises which Gee. Gray, by indenture, dat. all whose duty did not retain near him-"Allons,
ris, aed the 17th day of July, A. D. 1779, (recorded in Messieurs," said he to the others; "it is still early
ti,d deed book G. W. R. No. 32, page 336, &o,.) granted -the weather is fine for a ride;'-let him who loves
ins, and conveyed to John Douglass, in fee. Clear of til .ne follow me." And, setting off at a gallop, took
the incumbrances Theiabdve issituate about 3 miles 'at first the high road, but, soon making a detour, he
n from the city. The improvemetste above c n g though de and d le War had every
ich sist of a two story frame dwelling and kitchen, and a P through dell and dingle. W had every
iw, frame stable, pump of excellent water, and a number where left his fatal marks: one saw villages half
ign of valuable truit trees, &c. burned or destroyed by artillery; fields trampled by
the No 2. the feet of horses, or furrowed by the wheels of the
S Union Street Property, No. 72. wagons and carriages; woods fallen under the axes
an-" All the interest of the said John D.i-il.,I,. s (hi,'li of the sappers; evils of war so quickly accomplished
or is two-fifths) in all that certain i,,ree ir. i, t,,,i,. and so slowly repaired. Napoleon had by degrees
r- meage r iat-t'meiea e id lot or piece of ground, permitted his horse to slacken his pace, and, giving
-in .iue'iits'trip tiw, idewon inion street, in the city himself op to his meditations, abandoned himself
t Ie I Pli~alalelphma. beisv",nuDclaware 2d armd 3d its.,
.lie ihri in lr,.nin .,r ilrexditon the said Union ,mt. carelessly tobe borne oi by animal instinct.
e A' i ,,ieIt orA.iatir.g ti e length or depth southward The intelligent animal, as if he had divined the
or 72 feet, mnore or less-bountded on the west by wishes of his master, conducted him towards a
Of ground now or formerly of John Graidom, on the small valley, which the obscurity of its situation
ne south by a lot of ground of which this was formerly hld preserved from the ravages of war. As the
by a pst, on the east hby ground now or formerly of Le- marks of human passions disappeared to let nature
of tLirockdeo, andd onthetnorth byUnionst. afore r fppern s tr itina beauty, the sombre
of said. rapa nispiiiebattesmr
Dry No. 3. thoughts which darkened the brow of the Emipe-t
d Third Street Property, between South and otr, and imposed silence on all who surrounded
all JonttreetoPre etwsee N ouho2nd him, seemed to dissiplate themselves, and give
all Shippen streets, No. 223. t her t wa asseled agn w
en All Shippen place to more agreeble ideas. His anxious
o l that certainltuor piece of ground, situate onc
or the east side of Third street contained, between countenance brightenred as he regarded with
"y South and Shippen streets, in the district of South- on the country which surrounded him
to wark, containing in breadth on 3d at. 29 feet 4 inch- -A narrow gorge, bounded by wooded hills, at
art es, and at the east end ihereof 34 feot 10 inches std the foot of which a dozen neat and smiling cot-
he a half, narrowing wholly on the north side thereof, tages were grouped about a mill, the small bab-
et and in length or depth 100 fee, or halt the distance bling stream where some old willows spread their
between Third and George streets;-bounided west. 1 re re on The t ror he ctedhimpl to-
e* ward by Third at., northward by ground formerly of g fiage. The mpeor directed himself to-
or the proprietmrar hut lately of Samuel Rhoads and warso the hamlet and traversed it slowly. At the

pf roundinotors.btlatelyof Sa m ueemlen hoasndWilamn itd
e1 Luke Morris, deceased; eastward partly by ground d noise of the horses the inhabitants showed them-
on lately granted by the heirs of John Robertson, de- selves at the doors and windows, following the
d, ceased, to John Douglass, and pat fly by ground of cavaliers with their eyes, with an inquiet curiosity.
SJonathan Yorik, and sorhwiard by griousnd formerly Before a house, larger and more elegant than the a
as of Richard Wagstaff, now of Mr Lardner, together others, was assembled a group of children, w hich
of with the appurtenances o r f grou o he e wh
he No.g 4. some females endeavoured to persuade into the
b Brick Dwelling Housese, on the north aide of house, that they might not be trailed under thea
owell aret, No. 1. feet of the horses. ;
0& Powell se No. 17" *Wilhelmine! Wilhelmine!' cried one of the lit-
is. All that certain lot orpiece of ground, with the tle amazed ones; 'come quick to see the French,'
sed two three storied brick dwellings thereon erected, A hsapa on ilu bu ite er
th situate on the north side of Powell street, in the city At this appeal a young girl of about sixteen years
of Philadelphia, being in front on said Powell at. 15 appeared on the threshold. She was simply clad,
g feet 9 finches, and in depth northward 119 feet. nto but did not wear, like hrf companions, the short P
Sa 20 feet wide street called Buckley stian eet;-bound. petticoat and velvet bonnet of the Viennaise.- t
hr- ed on the south by Powell street, on the east by Her costume, although simple, was that f the t l
of ground now or late of Satmuel Etnlen and William h h ht nd sthat of the
II, Buckley, on the north by said Buckley street, on city. 5
o- the west by ground now or late of Benj. Thornton. Scarcely had she perceived, in the middle of theic
g- Subject to a yearly ground rent of $30, lawful mo gilded troop of cavaliers, the little hat and grey I
is- ney. Hydrant water in ya;d, c. overcpat of Napoleon, when "It is he!" she cried
a No. 5. and sprang forward to have a better view of the
s Three storied brick Dwellintg House and Lot, Emperor. At this exclamation Napoleon turned n
of on the west side of George street, No. 36. his head to see her who had uttered it. It was not
tr- All that certain lot or piece of ground, anti the difficult for him to divine her, as he met two beau-
me three storied brick dwelling and two sored brick tiful blue eyes fixed upon him full of innocent en-
im kitchen thereon erected, situate s n the west side of thusiasm. Immoveable, with her ingenuous beau- t
on George street, in the district of Southwark, in the ty, her tall form, her long white robe, her straw
us county of Philadelphia, containing in front on said ht whi, havin f b in t movement 111
tbe George street 14 feet 7 inches. The southernmost hat whch havn fallen bak th ment
end thereof beginning atthe distance of 57 feet 7 which she had made, formed a kind of halo to the
is; inches from the south west corner of Cedar and fervent attitude of a young saint in raptures. The t
ri. George streets, thence westward 100 feet 10 inches, Emperor, charmed with this ravishing apparition, v
uis thence northward parallel wit l said George street 8 canied his hand to his hat, and, smiling, saluted
.0- feet 7 inches, thence eastward 57 feet 4 inches, the young girl, who immediately fled, blushing t
nt thence north 43 degrees and 45 minutes, east 5 fee tiame e ho imedaty fee rsi
my 6 inches, thence east 40 feet 6 inches, to George antI confused, behind the group of children which
be aforesaid, thence along said Geore ast. south 14 feet had followed her. This incident enlivened the
ty 7 inches, to the place of beginning;-bounded on the ride of the Emperor, who turned more than once w
east by said George st, south by ground now or late to see his beautiful admirer again, and did not
or of--- Barton and Mary Martin, on the west by cease speaking of her until his return to the Cas-
nI other ground late of John Douglass, on the north te. One of those men whom, unhappily, sove. d
Sby other ground late of John Dougl ass, and a 2;feet i, e
e- wide alley, of which it has the privilege. Clear of reigns always *umber in their trai, hazrded the "
ir- all incumbrances. observation, that doubtless the beautiful enthusiast h
or No. 6. was not sorry that she caused herself to be noticed
"y Valuable Business Stand-three storied brick by the Emperor, and that assuredly she would ask w
me Dwelling House and Lot, at the S. W. cor- thing better than to see him nearer, if she could h,
id ner of South and George sts.e be certain that his Majesty desired it. His Ma- a
te Ahell thatnceprtain elowt opiec ofgoun d. an thee jesty answered only by a smile, which was inter- t
'0 storied brick dwelling, and two story brick kitchen ptt as an a rova of the remarks, sod the ofli- "
thereon erected, situate on the south west corner of cial made such use of time, that, in a few hours,
SSouths and George st.,irt the district of Southwark, the Emperor was informed thatthe girl, enchanted
or county of Philaoelphia, beginning at he thesaid corner at the idea of approaching hi Majesty, had con- a
I. thence along said George street on the west side saented without difficulty to, permit herself to be a
m thereof forty feet, including therein ato the rear end conducted to the castle in the evening. l
i thereof an alley 2 eet 5 inches wide, to which tine Whatever may ave been said of him r Napoleon A
adjoining ownersare entitled to the privilegethence
West parallel with 'said South st. 40 feet 6 inches. cared little for the sex. Love held, in his life,a
e thence aouth 43 degrees 45 minutes, west 5 feet C neither the pompous place which it occupied in P.
a inches, thence parallel with said South at. .57 feet 7 that of Louis 14th, nor the shameful one which it ti
se iches, thence north 7 feet 9 inches, thence east held in that of Louis 15th As Emperor, he pro- d
parallel with South i.t.30 feet 7 Inches. tbsi~cesouth fitted by the occasions which cupidity, ambition, or
IF 3 feet 3 inches, thence east 'M feet 10 inches.thence vain exltatio th r in his way, wedinion or
r north 3 foet 3 inches thence east along the rear en vain exaltation threw in his way, when drinking
Th of the lots fronting oil South si. 27 feet 9 inche or the wine of Chambertin, which his servants held to
ed thereabouts, thence north 37 feet 6 inches, no South his mouth at the danger of their lives, under the "
) sateet,thence along the said South st 14 leet 8 inch- cannon of Moscow, and which he would have pas- t
es, to the place of beginning. Clear of all incum. sed a hundred times if it had cost him the trouble th
brances. of asking for it. Napoleon was not a vicious man, cI
No. 7. but he had the sentiment of order developed much St
Three story brick Dwelling House and Lot, stronger than that of morality; still he would have
on the south side of South at., No. 86. been far from laying snares for the ruin of inno- at
as All that certain lot or piece of ground, and three cence. He executed his whims willingly enough al
vy story brick dwelling house, and three story brick and, provided he took the trouble to conceal them tc
Itd kitchen thereon erected, situate on the south side of is i h o u th T
t South street, itn the district of Southwark, county ol f his wife, and to shun anda e thought
SPhiladelphia, beginning at the distance of 14 feet 8 himself perfectly irreproachable. Women knew gn
Inches from the south weit corner of George and how to conduct themselves toward him. He did gi
er South ts., thence south 37 feet 5 inches, thence west not permit the least deception. His conduct said,
on 16 feet 4J inches, thence north 37 feet 4 inches, to "Are you a virtuous woman Continue so to your
South street aforesaid, thence east along the said husband and household aTd I will esteem you as
; South street, includingg a 2 feet 4 inches wide alley s Are at d .and passo ewman to
o thereto exclusively belonging) 16 feet 4 tunches, to ... .. w n
ia. plus. of begitning;-bounded on I..e north yh Content yourself with loving me in secret without ia
the satd South street, on the south iy a 2 feet 5 inch pretending to go beyond. Are you a covetous wo- at
es wide alley, on the east by other ground la a of man? I will pay you for your favors. Are you h
er John Douglass, and on the west by ground late ol ambitious' Do not attempt to play with ma ,or hf
John Thontpson. Clear of all incumbrancea, Hydrant you have nothing to offer me which equals in value yt
Tesr bri' o., 8 tim my eyes, the least part of my power. th

erDwelling House and ,t, Theevenig came, and Napoleon busy dictating hi
-I onrte sothnsdb e o South tou sNo some despatches, no longer remembered the audi- "
i on the south slde or p south st., iNo. 90. ence which ha had granted, when his messenger,
I All that certalingt or puece of grounded and three proud of the success which he had obtained, opened
l-storied brick dwelling house, and three storied brick the doorfth abinet. T'; e stn 1. ........ or mrecle
k kitchen thereon erected, aituane on the south side of the door of the Cabnet. he sight of him recalled n
South street, in the di-trict of Southwark, couey of to his Majesty that anaflhir more agreeable awaited J
Philadelph a. begninuig at the distance of 45 feet him. th
west from the south west corner of South and George This, however, did not interrupt his dictation; n
streets, thence south 41 feet 3 inches, west 24 teet but he thought that he could profit by the time em-
lOj inches, parallel with South street, thence north ployed in sealing the packages, and he hastened to Iy'
3 leet :t inches, thence east 10 feet 2 inches, thence
north 37 feet 10 inches, to South st. aloresaid, thenc. a cabinet where the young girlhad been conducted, co
along said South st. 14 feet 9. inches, to the place She wore a robe of organdie, opened behind like
of beginning:-bounded on the east by ground now en apron as was then the fashion, and tied with pht
or late of Philip Winnemore, on the south by ground red riband; a branch of laurel adorned her girdle, co
late of Alexander Alexander, deceased, on the west her chesnut hair descended in luxuriant curlsdown lai
by ground of Luke Morris, and on the north by her cheeks anda neck. t
IteuIh at. aforesaid. Free and clear of all suicom- Tlie Emperor, charmed with her appearance, at',
a- Terms at sale. stopped a moment to consider her, while she made su
t JOHN DOUGLASS, Administrator. him a profound reverernce, ed
s By the Court, ROBERT F. CH RISTY, What is your name? said he at first, gin
Clerk, .C. Wilbelmione, sire, was answered him in a low he1ol
P ARBinCKLE, Auctioneer. and trembling voice. "Wilhelmine! it is thename f
Persona inclined to purchase, amo particularly re- f
quested to view the above described premises, as the of the Queen of Prussia; it seems that in Germany ah
sale will be positive, may 19-dis all the pretty women have adopted it." sir
____________________________ As he paid this cavalier compliment he took the fat

u o e hand of his beautiful conquest to conduct her torno
IMlouut Holly oSeminary. sofa, and touching her dress he asked her with lta
'HE Summer Session 01 this Institution will corn-. some emotion if it was not lawn, a stuff which ovet
ular informati onmay be obtained by pplicaton to was without doubt connected with some pleasant the
SDoctors Cuyler and McDowell, Rev Messrs. Board- remembrance. "Wilhelmine, surprised at this Su
man and Jones, James Gowen, Matihew Newkirk, question answered "no," with an astonished air.- trie
Erskine Hazard, James Onne, Jacob Painter, Joseph The Emperor made her seat herself on the sofa not
Kerr, James Hunt, Thomas Bradlord, Alexander Ful. and placing himself near her, he took her two little the
lerton. Nathan Dunn," and Joseph R Chandler, Esq's. hands in one of his own and passed the other arm -
PhNadewerk-Hon Theodore Frelinghuysen, ev about her waist. Frightened by this familiar jes-
Dr McElroykand Medad Platt, Esq ture the poor girl recoiled hastily and burst into Cbj
Baltimore-Rev R J Breckenridge, and Alexander tears. This movement in which, after the affair of
Bog's, Esq. the morning, Napoleon saw only a useless shyness, y)
S ashington. D C-Rev Courtland Van Rensselaer, gave 'him some humor. Who are you?" asked he JA
iand James Eak v, W Gilbert, and J Wales, Esqbluntly. "Who is your father!" Le Baronz- Et
Es g i, n Captain in the service of the Emperor of Austria." dooi
Turlington-Rev Wm Chester, and Hon Garrett D The Emperor frowned. The daughter of a noble- reed
Wall. man! of a soldier! said he, recoiling in his turn, ,,r
Trentn-Rev Mr Yeomnans, Governor Vroom,and "and it isayou Miss who come to seek a man in the 1i
Samuel Hamilton, Esq. night." HE
Prinetou-ahe Faculty ofCollegeand'le "Ah, sire !" cried the frightened young girl, "I att1
Nlew Baunswick-Rev Dr Cannonof Rutger's Cel- did not think that you were a man." This innocent and
lege. exclamation touched the most delicate fit're of imn- n
Newark, N J-Hnn Joseph C Hornblower, R penial pride; the brow of Napoleon brightened; the 6
Stoutenbergh, and J Kinney, Est.qs. smile of his days of triumph illumined his visage.
Or to either ol the Principals atl Mount HollyNew He had not suspected this gure and innocent ent- u
Jersey. CONLY PLOT r SWN, thusiasm of which he was the object, but he now iA
Principals, understood it and Was more flattered hvy it than by
P. S. Th-re are two sessions in the year of twen- gll the gross praise which was daily lavished upon
ty two weeks each, one comnoencing the 1st of May him. Delghtfully moved, he arose and slowly 1
and the ether theist of November. Pupils from a die- made two or three turns about the chamber, with
tance may remain at the Sem iary dritg vacation his hands behind his back, at last stopping before Coa
by paying two and a half dolrs per week lor the poor girl who had remained in her lace im-
Mount Holly, April 12th 1841. moveable and trembling, ",It was then the Em-
A Prospectus may be seen at this office. peror-Napoleon that you wished to see," said he I
my 6-eodtf smiling gently.
"Yes, sire," answered she, raising her face nd u -
smiling through her tears, I,

"Well, my childl" replied he, with paternal ':''
kindness, "he is before you--regard him well." *'
Wilhelmine profited by the permission. and in
this attitude of silent admiration, remained some
minutes in contemplation before the great man,
who lent himself to it with complaisance.
A light blow on the cheek, drew her from her
ecastacy; she trembled in blushing, and the Emperor
laughing., re-seated himself beside her, and amused
him-elf in making her relate how, still a child, the
exploits of the first consul struck her young imagi-
nation; how she had heard of his victories in E-
gypt and Italy; how shehad been told that in Fiance
he had re-established religion and punished the
wicked; how he had finally become Emperor and
had been crowned by thel Pope. She knew the-
terror which his name inspired to Germany, where
each time that he appeared, he forced all the kings
to ask for peace; and always in her dreams, she
dreamed of tie Emperor Napoleon, and she was
sure that she should one day see him, because she
had so often prayed to God to obtain this favor. At
last, in the morning she had recognized him from
his portraits; anrid, nevertheless, added she. "it seems
to me at present, that you do not resemble him at
all" The Emperor listened to this simple relation,
caressing one of the little hands of The young girl,
which he held in his own; pleased to contemplate
in this ingenuous mind, as in a pure mirror, the
reflection of his glory and image, magnified by the
admiration of an adoring people.
Suddenly a cloud passed anew over his brow.
He fixed upon the young German that eagle eyed
which seemed to penetrate to the bottom of all
hearts, and in his brief and imperious manner, said
"Did your mother permit you to come alone
"My mother," said she mournfully shaking her
head, "alas I have none."
The look of the Emperor grew milder.
"An orphan," replied he; and who then are these
women that I saw this morning with you,"
"My nurse and foster sister. When the city of
Vienna was threatened with a bombardment by the
French, all the pupils of the school, where I was,
were sent to their relations; and I, whose father
was in the army, and who had no connections in
Vienna, asked to be conducted to my nurse; hoping
that I should be more in safety in this lonely spot
than in the city. My poor nurse! she was so
pleased when the gentleman came, to offer to con-
duct me to your Majesty! She said to me, 'go my
child-go see the Emperor of the French-it will
bting you good fortune.'
The Emperor smiled anew with satisfaction,-
but soon resuming that kind of bluntness, under
which he commonly concealed an emotion to which
he did not like to give way, *
"iDo you know," said he, changing the subject,
"that you speak, French admirably; one would nev-
er take you for an Austrian."
"I am not an Austrian, sire," replied she with
animation; "my mother was an Alsacian and my
ather is from Prague."
"Indeed! in this case you are half my subject,
and consequently under my protection. For this
eason," added he seriously, "you ought to remain
here no longer."
He rang the bell and sent for his first valet-de-
"Constant," said he, "get a carriage ready and
prepare yourself to accompany Mile. Z., with
he respect due to a noble and virtuous lady, the
laughter of a brave officer." The valet answered
by a respectful inclination, and withdrew to exe-
cute the orders which he had received. The Em-
peror then approached Wilhelmine, who had arisen
at the same time as he, and taking her hand, re-
garded her a moment, shaking his head. "You
ire an enthusiast," said he, "a dangerous malady
among women, especially when they are young
.nd pretty and have neither mother nor husband
o protect them. Therefore, tell your father to
aarry you immediately." At this unexpected
counsel, the poor Wilhelmine blushed and burst
into tears. "Well, well, what is there in this to
tighten you! With such a face and a pretty for.
oune, suitors will not be wanting, and nothing pre-
ents your choosing one to your taste."
"My father is without fortune, sire," said she,
trying to overcome her confusion.
"What matter! Am not I here? Have you
forgotten that your visit to the Emperor Napeleon
ras to bring you good fortune? She joined hter
hands in a movement of gratitude, but a gesture of
Napoleon checked the thanks upon her lips. The
oor opened and Constant announced that all was
sady. The Emperor then made a sign wit his
and to the young girl, and ditmissed her with
these simple words-",Good night my child, sleep
well." Leaning against the wainscotting, he saw
er depart, her heart palpitating and her eyes moist
rith tears.
This interview had awakened in him recollec-
ons a long time dormant, the pure and sweet emo-
ons of his first love, when a simple lieutenant of
artillery he obtained of a beautiful girl of his own
ge, a secret meeting at the break of day, the plea-
ures of which consisted in eating together upon
he same bench some cherries freshly gathered.
ilas! a long time since, devouring thoughts and
'ithering cares had driven away these simple
measures. A tong time since the smiling vegeta-
on which adorned the side of the mountain, had
disappeared under the beds of lava successively
ooled; but for a moment the fugitive breeze came
o bring him the distant emanations of the flowers
which heretofore embalmed it. This was, how-
rer, the work of some minutes. "Come," said he
o himself, passing his hand over his forehead,
this is tnot the time to give myself up to such
hildishness;" and returning to his cabinet, he re-
uimed the thread of his despatches.
On the morrow, early in *he morning, a courier
arrived in a'gallop at the little village of -
lighted before the house of Wilhelmine, and gave
Usher a package, sealed with the Imperial arms.
rhe package contained 300,000 francs, in bank
otes, and a letter addressed, not to the young
irl, but to her father.
M. the Baron de Z- .
"His Majesty, the Emperor, having had occa-
on to see M. Wilhelmine de Z- directs me
say to you, that the interest with which she has
ispired him as the daughter of a Frenchwoman
id of a brave soldier has caused him to grant her
ie sum of 300.000 francs, designed to facilitate
er establishment-of which his majesty requests
ou to think as soon as possible-isolation being
,e more dangerous for a young girl, the more she
is of innocence, beauty and candour."
Upon this M, de Baron, etc. H. ,.
Philadelphia, May 12, l8*l. t
P1HE following section of the act of Assembly, en-
L titled "An Act to restram people from labor on
e first day of the week," is published for the Infor.
a ion of the citizens generally, but more especial-
for the owners of cabs and omnibusses, that th ay have n~o ground ofcomplaint, should the penal-
of tme law be visited upon them, for any breach
mmitteo :
"If any person shall do or perform any worldly em-
oymett or business whatsoever 1-n the Lord's cay,
Minonty called Sunday, works of necessity and cha.
y only excepted, or shall use or practice any un.
awful game, hunting, shooting, sport or diversion
whatsoever on the same day, and be convicted there.
every such person so offending shall, for every
eh offence, forfeit and pay lour dollars, to be levi-
ty dis reua. or in case he or she shall refuse or no-
ict to pay the said sum, tr goods and chattels can-
t be found, whereof to levy the same by distress,
or she shall suffer six days imprisonment in the
'use of Correction of the proper county: Provided
vays that nothing herein contained shall be con.
tied to prohibit the dressing ot victuals in private
allies, bake houses, lodging houses, inns and other
uses ofentertainment, for the use of sojourners.
vellerli or strangers, or to hinder watermen from

ending their passengers, or lerrymen Irom carrying
er the water travellers or persons removing witr
eir families on the Lord's day, commonly nday. nor to the delivery of milk 0o the uetesxa-
s of life, on or before nine of the cloi k iil ta VlUre
on, nor atter five of the clock in the alsaii,,on OL
same day." JOHN SW IF r.
my 14-dim Mayor.
fin Maker, and General ,srdahing I'ndsr.

SESPEC PFULLY ikbrrma his friends and the,
. public in general, tkat le cotinues at hbis Old
.anlishment, No 2 N. Fourth sat., went side, 5th
or above Cherty at., Philadelphia, thlianklfully 1t
eive, and attend to all orders in his profession.
h puinctualityind at The shortest notie'. He is
.i-Al so Iturnish at all times in addition to his
A RSE, with gentle horses, and carriages,and to
end to all the necessary appendages *l funerals.
I interments, in the city, it suburbs, or at a dis.
oe. my l0-df6m
I e DOLLARS-Wanted to purchase an o1a
.-P mortgageae or ground rent. for the above
may I--dtf No. 3 N. 6th street.
OR sale by the subscribers-Prince's Digest of
the Laws of Georgia.
'udley's Roports of Decisions in the Superior
iris of Georgia.
Law Bolikselleas,
iay toi-d i rNo 5 Minor al

IONVEYANCER., No. 101 Souh lat b stre'I
Above tue Jan 1n3-d6m










- ....._ -.......__1 tftl.I0rolib Volt TItk '~ii p ,,:'LeANt AN.1 I T66 following OPINIONS have beed i -iven set apart by distinct and positive appropriations for] h olwn etatdfo speech 6f the bodi`CO recently presentW III$ ImPefrfil MaJesty's An adjourned meeioof. lb tibeodo
i 51DAILY NEWvS. upnouse nsnrto TeHolowngastxtacedfrm aatoOuMniterwihewotoconatre0roueor
F.~a r n L~ v S u sJ.t o u s ee.e r a p e r s o n s s tIL Y N EpS t h e c "s t u t io n a li t y o f t h e l a w I e t h e s e c u r i t y o tit s o p e r a t i o n s i n w h i c h t h e S t a t e H o n H e n r y C l a y o f K e n t u c k y i n t h e S e n a t e o f h ni w or bit h opm. S u n P Manc h e l l
FEARFULLY F Suspcous.-Several persons Stan. pase by the w not acting or intering. handiwok at one or interfe rin. Germfn a.nda5y arest,,,s
ding ystorday,einthe vicinhy of Market andFront atesession of the Legislature called the "Relief "The notes were the notes of a corporation. the United States, February 14h, 1835t, on the JOIJN I. N",""-
1.1 ,-rR -M I --iT! streets, board three shrieks, apparently proceeding Law." The name of the State Isntenontm them, bill to repeall the Act to fix the number and coin. BIOGRAPHY oF COMMODORE STEWARtT,-The JAV'OB W ON, eeeata
& 91 % PHILADELPHIA, May 17, 1841. The corporation only hinds itself for their plymemn:pensation of certain officer.." Weekly Pennsylvanian will be 'published on may 7--d---t
S_ from the river and supposed to be the voice of a De, rSirs--in pursuanceof an order of the Com- the funds of the corporation only we anwera Mr Clay sid that h hdintended to maka Friday morning, at 10 o'clock. It will contain (^ r^oA^^,"^"^ U^, !,^^ -
.............- -- =-i' ...remale. They immediately repaired to the wharf mittee appointed at a Town Meeting held on Moo- ble for the redemption of this pledge. How then few remarks; but as it was late in the day, and oi a Biography of Commodore Stewart, acco mp- gall, convene on TUESDAY, 251h sant, at 10 o'-
TIE n PEN N I YLV ANIA b but could not make any discoveroIer,. It is feared day evening, May 10, 1841, we submit to you the can it be said theiy were issued by the State, and this was Saturday evening, he would postpone panied by a representation of the Battle be- eock, ,.Mat the U.S. Hotel, Chenut treet, nd
................... ..... .. B that so-ne female has met an untimely end, as the following queries, viz: thatthey were bills of credit of the State! Nothing what hebdesired to say to another time. He begged itlymy 8--ifit-je 4-8
BIH Blast scream was more faintly erd than the peace- I Are the Bills authorized by the Act of Assam. appears in their language, nothing in the emission leave, however, to throw out, rather for the infor. teen the Constitntio Frigate, and Britsh r
byIP.N & PARRY ding one s o bnyrhof May 4th, 184l, Commonly called the "He- ol them, to sanction such an operation. marionaofthe Senate and the Committee, than to ships Cyane and Levant. Copies will be sold t'Ir C A011 4T O MPANY
NO.H SECOND E il pl, h n f i din ones.hdThe definition(ot a biH of credit) which, if fo(ofa billnfcrendtntwhich, f-ca a discussion, an amendment which he propo- at $2 per 100. Fifty copies $1 50. Twenty PHILA ELe o r.roha.
THIRD DOOR eneOV WALNUT. by the Constitution of the United States' any can be-given, seems to approach nearer to the sed as a substitute for the second section, which copies $1. Single copies 5 cents, put up in A-L lphia Loan Corn, any, will be held at No. 75
-----pA-- R fght--.7-rnn-. ConotiR's INcOUzsTs.-The Coroner on Mon- 2. In what manunr can the constitutionality of meaning of the Constitution than any other wiich amendment was entirely in effect what he had wrappers. Arcade, 2d stor3, in the city of Philadelphia, -
HRE PTIMPE- A WEK--tDollars per unnum. day evening held an inquest near the Girard 001- that law be tested, and it unconstitutional what pro- tias been offered, is that it is a bill resting on cred submitted last Sessioi, in the form of resolutions. _, Minday, the seventh dayofJune, 1841, heweenthe
Payable half yea lorly, in adomince, naego, upon the body ors lad, named ThomasM eu.eThiee s u t endtease- WALNUT STREET THEATR E. hours of I11 A. M. andl1 P.hM. ma. =
8n a y elar17yo0 11a d Mo as. l upon the rceivedbataonatir of a wadoned whoeath- r Vy respectfully, yours, forms of bills of credit have varied: but the faith cond section as it now stood; but that section in- That indefatigable land enterprising Managr For ,,,
the some rat on# 16 yearAndrew Miseer,"f Jamdo ewibd-s>Line. of the State was always pledged for their redomp- evolved the principle of the amendment. He hoped Dinnefd tomthe publare muchidebted Jaa
the isne aate. ,n a pond in (he vicinity. He was employed by Henry Horn, Htion or payment." the Senator in his eye would come out on this for the many novelties which he has produced at This Day
ADVERTISEMENTS inserted on .he most ,ea Dr. Bache in making astronomical observations at John Wilbenk, Committee. McCleun. J. -The weight of the argument is question, and let it be seen if there was any one this Theatre this season takes a benefit to night; The clipper bi hr. COMMERCE.
-aoiable termN: Wthe college at ni o and is represented as being a wm. Young, Iadmitted that a State cann, by any devicethat on this floor who would ise and asert tht he such a bill lor novelty and talent has sedom been Captain Sw iS now loading, and will il
pit PKIIT hearty eanuledl at >his office, *otheoflgre at nrhtm andis representedas eiuga Fred'k ltdrwer, J !ay be adopted, emit bills ofcredit. But the ques- Prdt hd the power, withoutany ground, presented to the public. In addition to Dinneford asabove, or smoner l( loaded.
youth of great promise. Verdict accidental drown. Wm. L. Hirer, Esq. tieo arises, what is a i.,l of credit wihin the of Lonetitutional implication, to remove from of- himself.Richings, Scott, Thayer, Hadaway Placide, For balance of freight apply on board at Fawii
Democratic Nomination ing. C. J. Ingersoll, Esq. meaning of the Conistitlitionk, On the answer ot fice; that the Stream could exist without, the 'm Fisber and Mw Flynn will appear for th-s wbarf, below Walnu street, or to
FOR GOVERNOR, Gen. M. Dallas, Esq. this must depend the 4onstitutionality or uncon- Spring. If the President had such power, then n: only The bill consists of the Adopted JAME A, '
D AVID I7 U IP O tER. AWoT-zR.-On Tuesday evening atDr. Si -- stitutionality of the act in question. the Constitution was not worth a sons. The IChild. the laughablefarce ofa Roland foi. an Oliver may 27--d 5 oh whsrvs.
_- lfeK.. bathing establsdayeng athe bd Solomon ANSWER OF MR. DA-LAS. -A State can act only through its agents:e and it friends of the administration seemed to be rattler the drama of tha Hunter of the Alps, and the FOR BALTIMORK-VIA CANAL.
..... ..... .. .. bathing establishment, on the body ot Solomon PHILADELPHIA, May 22. 1841. would be absurd to say that any act was not done shy about the Constitution, except one, who said Dumb Belle. James Hand Line.
PHIlliEl.PHIA. Rossenstein, living 185 Shippen street, who came To Andrew Miller, Heny Horn, John Wdbank, by a State which was done by its authorized agents, that fe would not touch it. Was it because the | P
Thursday, May 32 16441. to that establishment tn the afternoon and after Wm. J. Young and Fred'k Sicver, Committee "To constitute a bill of credit witihin the Con- subject was above his power? Not so. That gen- HILADELPHIA MARKET. cf The fine (at sailing sloop SPLENDI,
'bathing proceeded into the yardwhere a short time Gentlemen-I received, on the evening of the stitution it must be issued by a State, on t(le tleman has already given evidence that he poe. WednesdayE May 26, 184R1. XCaptain Jarmon, is now loading aod will
Tan REvaxN BILL.-It is said that severs afterwards the persons employed there were at- 19th instant, your letter asking me the following faith of the State. and be designed to circulate us ses-ed the ability. Could he find no Constitu- .i s firm at $5 per bbl Wdr Pennsylvania, at sa14 as paove.
oftheBankswil R to l.accep ht t e .provi s afterwads by h rsons and lound thivery he y questions: money. It must be a paper which circulates on lional foundation for the erection of this power! hnch ratesSolfm o atimiled ent havFor i reght apply onboard or to
of the Banks will refuse to accept the provisions treated by his groans and found him very ill. They "1. Areithe Bills authorizediby the Act of As- the credit of a State, ond is so received and used I object, said Mr C., to give the President a band made. Rye Flour ia steady t e3 p ar bhl. BFndy- f JAMES HAN
of' this bill, It i io be hoped that this statement immediately exerted themselves to relieve himand sembly, of the 4th of May, 1841, commonly called in the ordinary purposes of hie. of one hundred thousand pensioned officers, more wine Corn Meal at $14 per hhd.and $3 per bhil my -7-d _8 south wharves.
will prove true. The law is considered by emi- while so engaged he expired. The deceased has the"tHelief Act," the kind of"Bills of Credit, pro- "Were the notes of the Commonwealth Bank efficient as a guard than the Praetorian bands of i GRAIN--Sales, have been made of Pennsrlvania
noet juri*ah ss a violation of the national conoti- for some time been afflicted with an affection of hibield by the Constitution of the United Staatesl of Kentucky issued on the faith of the Statel The Rome. If there be this power of removal expressly R W t at 105c., and do. White at 109chper bwh- r o io d- H d' Lie.
lution. Independent of this consideration the pub- the chest, was 32 years ofage and has left a wife "2. In what manner can the constitutionality of notes contain no pledge oftihe aih of the State given in the Constitution. and I have sought Ie- el--the ltter firm to-dey at Indc.; Southern Wheat ames andr lare .
'o t e a95 98c,; Southern Rye 50 a59c ; Pennsylvania do. W 0 V a Ch-p ae.rd D l we e C n l
on ne ns e e that law be tested; and if unconstitutional what in any form. They purport to have been issued on duously to find it; ift be an Inherent power, let Considerab'e sales of southern yellow Corn at 7 n Saturday.
h oamn the stockholders ofthe Banks are ailie be- and two children. Verdict, Visitation of God. proceedings must be had to prevent it going into the credit of the funds of the bank, arid must have the gentleman show us the fact, that it may be 58c, and white 55c.. and in demand Afairdemand The fine fast sailingsehr INDIAN, Capd
coming setisfisd that the various acta of A..einbly operation!" been so received in the community. opened to the human vision. When the subject also exists for Southern Oats at 37Ja38c. afloat. 'THare gton0 s now loading, and having lhe
whieh have been pissed-for the relief of both class- AoTB.-- Yesterday morning, in Fra"- The clause of the Federal Constitution referred "When a State emits bills of credit, the amount shall be resumed on MondayI shall come here in WHISK1Y-oin hhs Dn ea tre, tch er lreat e l n h lroe
e, 'have in fact resulted teothe injury of both, ley', Court, East Kensington, upon the body of a to runs thus: "No State shall enter into any trea- to be issued is fixed by law, as also the fund out of the hope that some of the leaders of the Adminis. a22c., and in hhds. on Broad Stree a pe greater porton of
and that a straight forward policy yis the Lest female infant not more than 48 hours old, ffunddin ty, alliance, or confederation; grant letters of which they ale to be paid, if any fund be pledged ration party will come out with book in hand and PSFo l Pancco--haf been rather quiet these a rs swhaftbow Wan r o to
mealue d I a rl in torningwra i a ba reprisal; coin money; emit bills of for their redemption: and they are issued on ihe show the text for this tremendous power. He few days The principal sales are of Sugars; 400 JAMES HAND
course hohr all. vthe allen early in the morning wrapped in a bag. credit; make any thing but gold and silver a tender credit of the Stste, which in some form appears up- would for the present content himself with laying boxel Havana browns at a price not made public; 100 mav 27-d I
rhise who have been most pressing 'ur the so From an in payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, ex- on the face of the notes, or by the signature of the the following amendment on the table: do. Trinidad do.att7ec;550 boxes white 9ial0e; mw--d-8-sou-h wh-rves.
called relefmeasures are neither the stockholders evident the child was choked to death. Verdict In. post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of person who issues them. Be it further enacted. That in all instances of and a few small sales Brazilsat Sc holders are firm, FOR RICHMOND-fDIRET.
"Or the substantial debtors of the Banks, buI those fnticide, contracts; or grant any tithi ofnobhlily." "The notes of this bank were not only payable in appointment to office by the Presidentby and with and ask an advance on l ate quotations Jai
who.having become insolvent by rash speculations, A careful analysis of the Act of Assembly will gold and silver (in demand, but there was a fund, the advice and consent of the Senate, the power ofl asvge. Via. Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
Wish to keep up the appearance of solvency, and enable us to ascertain the peculiar features of the and in all probability a sufficient fund, to redeem removal shall be exorcised only in concurrence H IDES-2000 of a late import from Montevideo, at of A fast sailing packet sohr. is now loadinAg,
endeavor to retrieve their fortunes at the risk of ANOTHER--Yesterday morning, on the body of notes it authorizes, and a reference to certain de- them. This fund was in possession of the bank, with the Senate: and when the Senate is not in 15c. per lb. which is an advance.-U. S. Gaz lm and will as above.
nks fom t o m they horrowe d Bridget C0wk, a litle girt 1 years of age, who fell visions of the Supreme Court of the United States and under the control of the President and Direc- Session, the President way suspend any such offi- For freiglht, whoch will be taken low, apply
tIe books from whom they have borrowed, into a well dug in a lot near Locust and Schuylkill will ,afest determme whether, with those peculiar torm. Bet whether tire fund was adequate or iot is cer, communicating his reasons for the suspension [kiPORTED FORTHE PENNSVLVANIAN.1 (OT_7- 58 h h
We invite the special attention of ,our readers 4th streets. The unfortunate little creature was on features, they fall within the constitutional prohi- immaterial to the present inquiry. It is. enough during the first month of the succeeding Session; PHILADELPHIA & COLUMBIA RAILWTAY. m y--B
to the opinion of Mr. Dallas on the con.-tiution- her way to school. Verdict-acuidentally drowned, bition, as "Bills of Credit." that the fund existed, independent of the State,aud and if the Senate concur with hlim the officer COLLECTORS' OFFICE, May 320, 1841 FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER.
ality of the law, onlained in our paper of this day. I See. 1 Authorizes the Governor to negotiate a was sufficient to give aome' degree of credit to the shall be removed; but if it do not concur with The:foilowing shows the collections at this office ,& Several good VESSELS, from 1000 to
I. -- ANoTHna,.-On the body of Maria Gibson. colored loan, on the faith of the Commonwealth, tor $3,- bank. him, the officer shall be restored to office.-[Gales ,.Railway. M. Power. Tot.l. 2500 bbl.
HARD Timts.---It Ilas been said that the mis- 30 years ot age, who died suddenly in Nugent's court: IUO,000; bearing, an interest of five per cent., arid "But there is another qolity which distinguish- & ,eaton's Register of Debates, Congress, vel. 1, I Am t as per JAE hAND,
'*II last report, $49.391 15 50,644 63 100,035 78 m ay 27 -- d 5 s u h w a v s
eries which the United States suffer, are a in Shippen near 7th. Verdict-visitation of God. redeemable at the end of five years. ed these notes from bills of sedit. Every holder of part first, page 454. Arm. week end-
punishment for our national sins. The inhabi- ,u Sec. 2. Authorizes the Banks to subscribe to them could not only look Io tbe funds of the bank -- gin May 22, AR 4l~t'[ CA' lC.
tentsoentther cournationa seemtothns. that w U .--O te oy ofMr t A r this loan; and ,upon their paying into te State for payment, but he had in Bhis power the means of The following touching description, which for 1841, 3,34646 1,8080w8 5.15454 HOMAS V WALTER has removed to No.
tants of other countries seem to think that we A NTHER.--On the body of Margaret Are) bruster, .^^ ^ ^ adpto shrl ---- -- 1 10"" h.reblwCent
aeotsgreosypnseasFletsreabv fhwhdidodel.Segraphic power, simplicity arid pathos, is hardly Whole amt. sincema 7.dw
areno s gieoulypuisedassome Itnag' a 50 years ofee agoe. miCl whoaded astheny for er notes to be by them respectively issued, of one It is right for me to observe that ,one of title h oesmpiiyadptos shrl hl amsr mnn a y 2"y7-d8"w*_________
ine.-Themnumber of emigrants (his season to a yearifvage" Verdict same as the former, w a e dollars, signedby an officeror clerk soundest judicial minds by which our country isequalled in the English language, is an extract Oet.31, 1840, 5,2,737f61B52 452N71.105,190 32
from Europe, it is supposed will be greater ~of the bauk, they shall receive, a proportionate now adoined and entightenedin his separately pub- from'" he Old Curiosity Shop," by Dickens, and A. R. CUMMINGS. Collector. GREN OBLE WALNUT.
from rope, it is supposed will be greater UPSET AND REscuE.-A gentleman and two ladies credit on the books of the Auditor General ; and fished opinion on this case of Briscoe vs. the Corn- describes the interment of a young and beautiful SA F S40 BALr ig andLEor salelby
than in any former year. They have averaged in a boat, were upset in the Delaw, are on Tuesday these notes are redeemable when presented at the monwealhh Bank of Kentucky, states his "Settled child, whose sweet.ess of disposition and purity of PHILLIPS & BUSSIKR,
it is said 200 a day for the past fortnight at the afternoon, arnd were all fortunately saved by the cap- banks whence they issued, provided they are pre- conviction" to be that the notes of that bank were character are calculated to interest deeply the May 26, may 18-d6tREPORTED su THv B
port of Now York alone. It would therefore tain of a schooner lying near the plte off" Cooper's aeneed in amounts nut less than $l d, with orders eot bellt of credit emitted by tbe Slate of Kentucky eart f eery re dral it.Am. C RPT B TANrB RRIB S.
appear, that the people of other nations sup- Point. for State Stock, as follows : "inasmuch as the State has pledged neither its latth r4200 draft on New York, 104 100
pose times to be than any where -I Sec. 3. When tie holder presents notes to the or credit fur their poyment; and the notes not be-i "Along the crowded path they bore her now; 11 osheU 8 Bank cash 2o50 BLS fresh rae ,eaq t
else. CAB OwNaE--Judgment was given in favor of amount of $100, or more, he is entitled to demand ing payable kt a future day, or issued on any credit pure as the newly-fallen $now that covered it; 40 do Girard bk 209 -received
three cab owners yesterday by the Mayor and Re. and receive, not gold or silver, but ao order ou the as to time, either on their face or by the law under whose day oh earth had been as fleeting. Under 50ohs Reading RR, 0 ma 7-d6t9 south wharv.
NEw YORK LEG-SLATURE.-A number of corder, who were charged with a violation of the Auditor General for a certificate of this stock; the which they were issued, but directed to be paid on that porch, whereslie had sat when Heaven in its My NCH RAISINS AND FIGS.
whig members of this body'having gone home, law and ordinances, which prohibit the hirng and han *s the" to cancel aId mark ths hees thus demand ,1 go1d or er, tey were not emitted to mec brought her tn t 15 s ,h U S Bk 224 100 500 BOXES Bunch Raisins;
eitheron busio~ssor to avoid voting onesome rmmingo ocar, 0., un Sundays. The evidence in redeemed, and send them to the Auditor General, obtin a loan to the State or to meet its expendi- ed again, and the old church received her in its 2 do Mechanics Bk 2il 35 500 300 ha
theme cases shewed Out these Cobs ware let out in by whom (hey are to be destroyed, tures, and cannot be deemed its bills of credit." quiet shade. They carried her to one old nook, 2 do Wilmington RR cash 8 50 200 qr. do do
ticklish questions, the democrats were found Choresotf necessity, Warrants have een issued Sec. 4. After issining the notes, and until they The same eminent judge and lawyer, it is true, where she had many a time sat musing, and laid 7 she Schuylkill Nav. 3 days flat 614 50 b5O drums fresh"Purkey Fio. for Mli By
in the majority in the House of Representatives agaiit a number of other breaches of the law on are redeemed in State Stocks, the banks are to be added: "I cannot abandon my first impression that their burden softly on the pavement. The light 25 do Vicksburg bk .25 do B flat PH1LL1PS & BUSsiER,
They proposed to instptate inquiries i t agnst aund er o(id an interest of one per cent. per annum on the one requisite of a bill of credit is, that it be made a steamed oi it through the colored window-a STo.ND-BOARe may 27-d6t 29 suuth whsrv.
misconduct of the managers of the New York amount of their subscriptions to the loan. tender in payment of debts"--and even this sup- window where the boughs of trees were ever rust- SUTOND BOARD. - IC.
Sec- 5. Upon the substitution of the certificates posed ingredient, it has already been remarked, ac- ling in the summer, and where the birds sang 3 she Farm, &Mech bk 45
and Erie Rail Road. Some of the whigs came Fou.-O. Thursday last, the body of the of stock for the notes, the banks are respectvely to companies, though to a limited extent, the notes sweetly all day long. With every breath of air 100 Wilmington RR B 60 fiat 38 2 JOSEPH R.EVA N,
back post haste. Their number however was unfortunate mai drowned i R the River Schuylkill, assume the payment of the interest, at 5 per cent; under inquiry. Butchn this point it is believed that stirred among those branches in the sunshine, rmay 27-d6t 31 south wharvr, |
insufficient, and three good men were chosen at this place, on the 14th inst., was recovered. It and for such payment they ate to be proportiona- that the Court did not, at any time, agree with the some trembling, changing light, would fall upon S9,LESAT NEW YORK-Msy25. -THE HKVlSED STATUTESOF -THt
a committee for the above named purpose, the was found at the place where the accident occurr- bly relieved from the tax on dividends now paya- eminent gentleman to whom I have adverted; and, her grave. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to 950o shs U S Bank 20i ,0? STATE OF NU01M CAROLINA.
whig members generally declining to vote. ed. An inquest was held by the Coroner of ,he lie to the State. indeed, it would seem alobst impossible to resis td y on h and dt0 doD Hudson canarst 99ASSED by IN
Sec. 6. It the banks do not pay the interest on the argument which carried conviction home to wreath, many a stifled sob was heard. Some- 2.00 do Vicksburg Bk 5o f- b 1 |en, erl viei ih e se sonC
THE PKESIDENT STEAM SHIP.It is thought ac the. certificates ol stock, that interest is to be paid Chief Justice Marshall, in the case of Craig vs. lhe and they were not a few-knelt down. All were 5dohoiedTn 71 11 of I e3 7 u M, the Peton o Chrter
t Hat Pth S DeNTss TEAMay ha P.g It is thought cordanh e wtth the fact. menioned in our last. by the State Tieasurer. State of Missouri, and which-he thus expressed:- sincere and truthful in their sorrow.1454doPatterson RR 54 ruhsa-tte Grtah Dee.t ufGrant fromrthe Lord. pro-
that this vessel may have gone to Fayal,as the See. 7. The amounts which the bauks are allow- I he constitution considers the emission of bills The service done, the mourners stood apart, 175 do Mohawk RR '0 ."/ 72 P-itr--thfe Bill e, iebgDelara tion of the
dates from that place are only to April 6th, Faiz.-The alarm of fire yesterday morning ed to subscribe to the loan, are arbitrarily fixed of credit and th. enactment of tender laws as dis- and the villagers closed around to look into the 400 do N J RR 4'Trals Go 82i 82 totA h.t
and if the ship were disabled in the gale of about 9 o'clock, was caused by some trifling dam- with reference to their capitals. Unct operations, independent.of each other, which grave before the pavement stone should be re- 72 do Long Island RR 53 .1 epe, ail sh ed napursuancer of an &c,
March 13th, and made for that port, it is high- age done to a Cap Factory situated on Bush Hill. Sec. 8. The notes are made redeemable for may be separably performed. Both are forbidden. placed. One called to mind how he had seen her 40 sheUniaend ShenectadyRR 13 13 the General Ammerblsheddr thesuperei'in and
ly probable that she would not have been able debts due the State, may be re-issued by the State To sustain the one because it is not also the other 32sitti n that ery spot, nd how her book had "19 sh tn nRRR283t 8 direction of Janeb'rededlnandtWilliampH. Batle.n
to reach it before the 10th or 12th of April, HEAVC WoRK.-Yesterday one of the large Treasurer, and from the banks whence they origi- -to say that bills of credit may be emitted if they fallen oe her lap, and she was gazing with a pen- -_ - .!I In 2 vote. octavo.
nally came; and these banks shall receive them in be not made a tender in payment of debts, is in ef- sive face upon the sky. Another told, how he A .&JW.ONON
,No-- T boilersofthe Frigate Missiassppi, were removed p of debts due them, and on deposit payable feet to expunge that distinct independent prohibi- had wondered much that one so delicate as she, u[mI KDlfL. Bookselers
B, aRNs RuvoE.-Messrs. Lea & Blanch- frorm the foundry on limber wheels drawn by thir- in like currency; and the banks generally may re- lion, and to read the clause as if it had been entire- should be so bold; how 6he had never feared to en- On the -Oh nn t. by the Rev T.Harris, Mr HENRYi my 86--d6t1No. 5 Minor trrest_
ard have just issued No 6 of their illustrated ty Six horses. ceive and issue any of them. ly omittoll. We ate not at liberty to do this.' let the church alone at night, but had loved to MoORE of Bks countyt Mis REBECCA WPhd h, ayorN alies,
edition of this popular tale by Dickins, bring- Sec. 11. The banks are authorized to deposit On the whole, gentlemen, without wearying you linger there when all was quiet; and even to climb0On the 23d inst. by the Rev G Laey, Mr CHARLE-S y At .841.
ing the work up as far as received in this conn. RonBEiy.-The itore No. 40 south Fourth with the Auditor General their certificates of any more than I deem necessary, I am constrained to he tower stair, with no more light than that of RULONG, to MISS SARAH MOOD, all of East Kenring- ^KOTICE iofherb n at on ond erirh
try street was e entered on Tuesday night and a coat funded State debtor stocks, as security lor the think that ,the bills authorised by the Act of As- the moon rays stealing through the loophole in the ton. [a.are dco-a y o fJad
treed. e redemptionof the notes authorized in next section sembly of the 4th of May, 1841, commonly called thick old wall. A whisper went about among the On the 27,h March, in Springfield, Delaware co. lyputeont yon e p
BOTANIC MEDCAL-REFoR-mc.-This peri- 0 Sec. l2.The banks are authorized to issue five 'the Relief Act,'are the kind of bills of credit pro. oldest there, that she had seen and talked with an- by Sketcilley Morton, Esq. ISAAC C PRICE,. of this c b ue encaood tr e wholenti of wir
OAdollar notes to an Amountequal to the funded debt hibited by the Constitution of the United States." gets; und when they called to mind how she had city, to A P. daughter of Benj. Newlin, F q. o bk z ecll hevet mouth o
odical will in future be published by C B Bar- Aorit.-The dwelling of Mr. Leidy corner or stock pledged as above, redeemable with orders To your second question as o the proceedings looked, and spoken, and her early death, some the borough of Worchesler.napning, so i ll be taken up kiled d buried aord
rett, 33 Carter's Alley. Dr T Cooke will con- of 5th and Noble streets was yesterday entered by for State stock, as in section 3, and these notes, which should be had to prevent the act from going thought it might be so, indeed. Thus, coming to A" Iing to law. Particular attnttou is directed to the
tinue as editor, assisted by contributions from some person and a valuable coat stolen, like ihe others, are receivable in payment of pub- into operation, I must beg you to excuse my mak. the grave in little knots, and glancing down. and DIED. foow -gsection o
givig plae to ohersand falingtffeinehispe.tyllntree2thrinsant,'natheo8thoyar o awthe enaltyfordi
Drs. Sweet, Sammis, and Brooks, and other lie dues and of the debts of the banks ing a reply, at least for the present. No doubt O .in the h year of her age, li enforced:w
friends. rC,EPOrTED FOR TUC PENNSYLVANIAN.] Sec. 14. The notes thus obtained from.the banks can be entertained that the public officers, either ,rg groups of three or four, the church was cleared Mrs MARYt Coo a. Any person.who shallobstruct the Officere, Core
are specifically appropriated in discharge of exist. of the State or of the United States, specially as- in time of all but the sexton and the mourning On the 24th instant, in the'25th year of his age, .slables or other persons appointed for the pnrpo
The new volume will be enlarged to twenty GENRAL ASSEMBLY OP THE PRESBY. ng claims upon the State Treasury, to the amount signed towatch over the efficiency and harmony of friend. They sw the vut scored ad the stoeMrsevere Gsll. n. of tceaorygio e t whe p on o tis Ora-
four pages u. each ,umber, the typographical TERIAN CHURCH. ea$2971,032,50; and the residue, to wit, $128,- our complex system of laws and to preserve, for fixed down. On the 24th mt. a lteran-hl
h~~~~~~~nies which she bore with Christian tbrtitude, Mrs molest the persons mlydi h ezr rtet
execution will be improved, and increased at- MAY t6, 1841. 967,58, is applied touthe'fund for the payment of the sake of the people, the ascendancy and inviola- -"Then, when the dusk of evening had come MARIA DunMA, consort of the Rev Jeremiah DUr. portation of"thed bt
tention is to be bestowed upon both editorial After prayer by the Moderator, and reading of the interest on the public debt. bility of the federal constitution, may in various on, and -ow a sound disturbed tme sacred stillness ham, m the 451h year of her age. burial of their carcass, or lhall wlfully or mall-
and selected matters. The rice will continue Sec. 16. The Governor is directed to prescribe ways invoke the judicial power to effect the purpose ci the place-When the bright moon poured in her in cously destroy or injure any public or private pro-
as hlere atte, $1 Ter annumc minutes of previews meeting, the committed on the form of the notes to be issued by the banks, you suggest. Private efforts, we all know, are no)tight.on the tomb and monument, on pillar, wall, -- 11, Traa7ll perty Connected vw;h the execulio of thin Ordi-
as heretofore, 81 per annum. Psalmody made a rep,irt which was referred to From these provisions, and they are all that bear such occasions subject to impediments, responsibi- and arch, and most of all (it seemed to them) up- Pthlll~del Ihla ootrd 0 Hl'ra ri* oance; every such persnshqll be liable toWelt *t
Aw Exc ,S .Mr.scott, a membeJ Messrs. Steel, Burt, Smith, Wilson and Kellogg. upon the points to be determined, I deduce the lilies and expenses of a dissuasive character; and o:l her quiet :ngrave-in that calm time, when all Mr tl Committee for May.thesum ofonehnd re lov
AN tEXELN A ssem ly, who h a otertoor membeenenid-An auonimous letter accompanying an infidel work following descriptive features of the notes author- I do not wisheentsemoecurgth outward things and inward thought teem with as. FRANCIS N. BUCK, JOHN M. KENNEDY, % :toffne, be Fsled fradrcvrdwt ot e
of the Assembly, who has heretofore been consid- Dirt^ eve to^ seem^ to^ S^ encorag themS.Kp un- 8hY aoRe dro
ore s be on in to th w ig ary ,in the sto rm y entitled "T he B ible its ow n refiliatio n, request- ized by this A ct of A ssem obly : til their nec essity is flagrant and felt. surance of im m ortality, and w orldly hopes and 'T O W N SE N D SH A R PL ESS, Jr. fore the M ayor, Re or e or a y A d r n of t ,
1red as belonging to the Whig party, 1 They are rot redeemable in gold and silver. Respectfully, gentlemen, fears are humbled in the dust before them-then, -- city, &e.JAMES yoUNG,
debate on the Erie Railroad bill, which took place Ing that the same might Tbe replied to, was laid 2 There is no fund whatever provided lor their Your fellow-citizen and friend, with tranquil and submissive hearts they turned Post Office. miy 27-d High Constaole.
an Monday, dissolved his connection forever with before the assembly by the moderator. The I ev payment. G.M. DALLAS. away. and left the child with God. Oh! it is hard ARRIVAI. AND DEPARTURE a oNAILS. TURNER'S COMIC ALMANAC FOR-
that party, The following remarks we find in the, Mr. Slacees stated that it was published in the 3 When presented in smaller amounts than to take to the heart the lessons that such deaths ARRIVES. CLOORe 1843
er fthe egisti proeeding ihed ySouth West and that a clergyman in that section $100, even the banks that issued them nried not FROM FLORIDA. will teach; but let no man reject it, for it is one Eastern at 2 a Eastern a It 4rp
,eprtothe Argpoe g we n at the pre t time prepring sn snawer tt. receive them unless when tendered in payment of Attentive correspondents have furnished the thatallmust learn, and is a mighty, universal N. York 4 &o "514&p8il 1 1842.hi w Almanc Turn es by lar
Stth e ,o the pering debts die to these banks, or on deposit payabletin Edito. of the Savannah Georgian wih the follow- tu- a kes down the innocent Western 5t AM& PMS Weutern 5M &2i.M its predesorsendutiin no eapense ho an
"M r. Scott followed in support of lhe re solution V he c'o mmittee on the *erm 'isho reported, liec reny n intelligence transmitted by the U. S. Steamer and young;8 for every fragile form fro mn which he L -_______L e rof rdto te p b c N ex n ha ee
and against striking out-.aying, in the course otl 'id on *he table for the present* 4 They arobisydeindobeud saNwrGp.McutfmPltk;esthpntnsiitreaudredbiul virtues. rise be ................... as .......... Newbirn ofpt or~ginyl dresigns;lt~~eV", style of engraving nr" "^-- -- -- p^loedl. ..,G
his remarks, that he had a declaration to male The Rev. Peyton Harrison from lhe Committee general currency. FLOKIDA, May 17, 1841. in shapes of mercy, charity and love, to walk the Letter BaMss, lS^
which he desired the house to hear. He had been on the Rev. D. Miller's letter on the subject of ira- 5 They are issued as money, primarily by the DEAR 8rn--I am happy to announce a second worId, and bless it. Ot every tear that sorrowing ./1 ths Phtilde/phtu. Rxc/ange. The Astronomical Calculations are correct for
elicitedd by gentlemen of the whig party, he said, proving the Christian education of youth, reported Treasurer of the Stale 10 effectuate a loan to the shipment of'Indians, which took place at Tampa, bortal soed gente nsucgree graves. Inome detoy-i Laktsi usubn iver pool, Jun e r S0taaale and Bte nis h e TerorinoresTe.
to go with them as a parly man on this question, several recommendations upon the subject, which State and to meet the expenditures, of the State. on the 7th inst. Two hundred embarked for New r'. steps gethere srngturigh cres.tions the t destfy-Si Renown,., Wston, Hambrg,"sanon Ben nwreda dy/or deivery'""CM, bokelr wilfr
Henetodesiredb wethehihOUSeentOthUndtrslandpt nowhatn thlhe eon-.s werer adopt~e~d.O 6P0 8l~ct mt Their payment cannot be enforced : as the Orleans', under charge of Capt. McKavett, 8lh Ih,. hsIoer,8 andP hee dP k "pat'ht bcomeatos lat defy of hp St oui. Markos, Ne Olansr sooni war thei ,(ordesa .erley a po kss eller--a ll who ak
l- ci a b t e n h m a d e p ry n w i h s e e a O l d ., , State cannot be sued, and the banks are trot requi- fa ,,try. A lluck tus-te-nuggee has so ur in 18 w ar- P d h, d4 k P 1 b c n e a of H am burg hp G odeflroy, Behn, H avana, soon v100 ,hae r the pri'vil ge of hav ng their advertise
pendant was at an end from this lime forward. Several nominalion-i were made for members of ,ed to pay thm at any time. riors to consult with the General. I have laid by liht to heaven." Barque Lydia Ann. Swale. Rio de Janeiro, soon cn and imprint"" dOtl>
lie did not choose to stand in a doubtful position the Board of Foreign Missions. 7. The Act of Assembly pledges the faith of the three "white stones" for the General, the "great ---a trque Louisa, Re inmgton, Havana, soon rTURNER & FISHER/
-n0or to haB gentlemen comir-g to him and The third Annual Report of the Board of Edu- Slaie for the payment of the loan, and certficates negotiator." Elymelogy f the .N'ames of Countries.-The Barque Sarah/:laud, (new) Herrick, may 27--d6t 15 norlh Sizth st.
claiming his votes aesa political friend. He had cation was read and adopted, Upon the subject of of that loan for the redemption of the notes. I am sorry toinform you thai many of the troops following countries were named by lhe Phasnieisns g~e rl niW Nc e w Orleens. soon-------r ------"
been n~urtured in the school of democracy- hli ve- .he reot Mesas Slass Winchester, Blythe, 8. They are, in respect to form, what the\Gee- in the Territory ;t n,n., suffering severely 'from the greatest commercial people in the ancient Bremnbig AtLopie, W(new; ke, Brmn H a nbrg'oni /-'"^^
ry nature "was imbued wrih tbe democratic prinei- Bri., .* y uhoi (fnew) i helLunglyh Heearmvebtuordrg, saooi terbnncanlagags rg bpoaLne S hoa, oo "^ _
ple,- anil he could no longer remain under the Dodd, andAndrews, addressed theassembly, urg. era, no d notfh the btt a ns v made them ; Ceda Kuhrt fi eys The 1t it, ealth. 250 ofe rhenmbved 'to wo ".-Teu me in charceristicia othplangces Brig Emiply, Layneg, St Thoa s, seCb~oon Hi 7 l~ili^8*
disagreeable necessity of acting with men who in ing the prosecution of the labors oftlhe Board, to and, in fact, tbsy bear on their face a reference to are now sick with fever. 100 of the 7th at Miean. which they designate. Europe signifies a country L AII Lettersintended tobe torwardad by the ll- S~ C ^v^ V ^
hi* conscience he believed had not a particle of iadoctrinate the people, by means reaching the the Act of Assembly~maiking that act a part of each opy are also sick wthh(ever. 70 ofthe 2d are sick of white complexion, so named because the in- rerpool Packers, atd other venseisadvertised intle*M ^B t* P_'. U
democracy in Iheir composition. Mr. S. went on heart through action upon the understanding. note and thereby not claiming to exis sand circu- in, Hospital at Foit King, also with fever, habitants there were ofta lighter complexion than abovetiat, mus( be left at the Foreign Letter OffiftcefllH g^^ ~>J
to slate the rounds on which he had determined The remainder of the session was taken up in late on the ciedit of the banks whose names they Forts Russell and Holmes contiue very healthy, those of either Asia or Afrtca. Asia signifies be- up stain, Phiadelphia gxehange, andnotdropped in E ^ ^ ^Mv~a.
10 eat loose fr.m the party with which he hsd disctssin th e report of the Judicial Committee on bear. b'ut on the credit and faith of the state.- Inhaste. .1 tween, or in the middle, from the fact that the ge- ha Offie_________beB6S~~o!m.g~~
heretofore auted, a l som e length."- MN' Y. E wen- ']'" le o 1 m u ii o m te n *he paper is, in fine, the paper of the State: ographers placed it between E urope and A frica. ^' rSMr ~ m ^
in Pose. a complaint made against the Presbytery of Rari- prepared for the Stale by its designated agents, the ] Correspondence of tihe Savannah Georgian. Africa signifies the land of corn or ears; it was [P I^'E W S P OS TP O N M E NT.
_____tan, in relation to a decision of the Synod of New banks; in a form appointed by the Executive of the PILAT'KA, May 19, 1841. celebrated for its abundance of corn and all sorts, of ----- Tl'euton lt-aees.--ThurtldaV
FATHEgR MATHEw -A. V. Blake, of New Jeraey, Stale; first issued as a circulating medium by the Dear Sir--The report has reached here that grain. Siberia signifies thirsty or dry--very char- PORT OF' PHILADELPHIA, -MAY g7, 1841. [ay 27.
l t n h i o aIi n fr t n 'p n m r-----T treasurer of the S late; never to be paid by lhe the Indioan are breaking for higfh tim ber, and ac leris ic of the country, Spain, a con ntry of rub. ]---------------'N consequence of lhe heavy rain~the Races w which
Xork,nhaspublisheud aL~iiBeiofifirst of reorer, [COMMUNItCATION.] Stale or the Banks, but to be redeemed condition- again are operating on the Georgia line. On the bits or conies. This country was once so infested ARRIVED. 1- were lo hiive come off yesterday, will take place
con fthe v ryiRev had progress ofthe Tenper- We woui. request the attlention of our City au- ally with orders for State stock certificates:- with- 14th inrst, a party of fifteen Indians killed two cir. with these animals, that they sued Augustus for Brig Aldrich, Cope. 12 days from Mobile, with Thei wes dy Tufiy 2the yfu inrse. athalpat ar toelnck
coun of he ise nd rogrss o th Temer-thoiitiss to the filthy condition of many of our out any compulsory power to enforce its payment; izens on Brandy branch, a fork of the St. Marys an army to destroy them. Italy, a country of pilch, coinou, 4-c. 10 C: K Barclay. Teonr ftemiyCeossta r ocn
ance cause in Ireland. The work is prepared streets which, if not speedily removed, will, with- and in one instance, ms-de a legal tender to the river, about 12 miles Hoem Fort Maniac; the re- from its yielding great quantities of black pitch; "Brig Huntress, King, 17 days Irom Mobile, with td. having consented' tof~e the a ovearagmndt,
bb theeR R Jv mes irminghamongBam isofaneout a dobtuteat douseouresiltess. serstoeet anksneashoughethythaee eceiked ... .. ......... .. hareitnothing ortoreatednhereina BorkCreea.hAotherrre iaaBraackso.efek.the socmeraitn.nGauld. modern i| t dnva tam Cdne he.acesblict ,,ta,maybe assuedof seingt,.o

and the present edition is edited by Dr. P. H. in particular, called Morris street,where the filth is but a credit on the books of the Auditor General, port, via Traders Hills, says, a party of lndianson France, signifies yellow-haired, as yellow hatr i ....... The following are the entries, (this day)--Pure
Morris of New York, Who has added a physi-' in such great quantities that lhe stench which is and although its amount, form, disposition and ul- the South prong of the St. Marys, killed, on the characterized its first inhabitants, The English of H w CLEARED. 500-three mile heals.
oia explanio nof v e ts o createdd is quite intolerable. CITIZEN. timate destruction are all specially prescribed by same date, (14 inst.) a man (citizen) and hischild. Caledonia is a high hill. This ias a rugged 1. S Laird, Man
ologieal explanation of the evil effects of spirit he Act of Aasembly,and do not result from an ex- Notwithstanding all this, there are folks about mountainous province inScotland. Hibernia is t- Steamboat John Jay, Schelhlnger, with six tide J Hel s, Ty b y
os !,quors. The work may be had i this [For lhePennsylvanian.] ecrcise of the ordinary powers of their respective these parts, persist in saying the war is over. most or last habitation; for beyond this, westward, trboutoht byiwayeofoH edeGrM 3. E a' Mater, Hornblower brh6yearold-
cityndofoMehers.stayy&wBrothersrehesnutact. 1. cise.
,city, of Messrs. Kay & Brothters, Chesnut at. BUCKLEY'S RIDING SCHOOLS. charters, Yours truly, the Phrenicans never extended their voyages. Bri- Tide water boats Ruby, Grundy, and Great West- 40 6 Kendall, Hector Bell, 4 years old-Drona.
below 41h street. This superior establishment, which is really i There are, here and there in the act, a few pro .. .- tain, the country of tin-as there were great quan- ern, Gallagher, Havre de Grace, Koons, Williams & 5. J K Van Mater,Daueh4yearold-Trustee.
credit to our city, is now open and merits public visions which seem to give this currency some of N4.VAL.The B andywine has not yetireceived tities of lead anid tin found on the adjacent Islands. Co.
The nett proceeds of the Fair'recently held patronage. Mr Buckley has fitted up every portion the characteristics of common bank notes;-such ling orders, but probably scon will, and will The Greeks called it Albion, which signifies, in Fide water boat Francis & Margaretta, Ryan, Ha- Same Day-Pure
i Baltimore. for the benefit of the Catholic of it with an eye to taste and convenience. The as its issuing in the names of the banks, and with proceed to sea as soon as her necessary stores, &c., th Phenician tongue, either white or high moun. are de Grace, JosLewisBe& o. eI J H Van Matwo le hea.
Ladies parlo is handsome finised, ad ever theJiignVanesMofeank cerkstooofficrs.6Thseaare 0o1d.
Bathedre, for seben the d atholic pariotiSCyfinisheda nd every the s a ofobankclerkStorbofficers.pthedraeMnass e. canbe prepared and furnished. tains, from the whiteness of its shores, or the high MEMAORANDA. Eclipse Lightfoot.
Catedralwasnealapndage ol the toilet carefully arranged in an too unimportant to control the broad scope and das- surg.fSam Mosley has beeoeahed from the iock on the western coast. Corsica signifies a Ship Swatara, Dockusdowa towed to sea from 2. CI Mte. m
.apartment exclusively appropriated for their accom, tinct purposes of the law:-are rather to be regard- sloop of war Fairfield. and ordered to the Brandy- wooden place. Sardinia, signifies the footsteps of hNewO rlandtsrde vleared at h arnt. J K Van Mate 4
Auc 'toN NoTIC E.- -his morning at 10 o d. nation. The necessary habiliments for riding ed as expedients to make the paper, by itself, im- wine in the place of Surg. F ,,;. inst. lor Havre.ip 4. S La-rd, Clarion, c h 6 years old- -Mo mouth
clock at the auction store, No 84 south Second are always ready, and houses well trained alone are port something different from what it is declared to The U. S. brig Dolphin arstied yesterday from Ship Plato, Ho'mes. from Mobile for Hamburg-wasEclipse.
street will be snid large assortmet of french used in the school, so that the most timid might be in the act; and as the Governor,'in obedience to the coast of Africa. via the W~st Indies, all well. [From the Norristown RSgishei.J spoke h 19 rih ft. l ot 27 50, l ong 79 43. 5. J B Kendall, Lady Canton, g m S years old-
china dinner and tea seLrs, plated ware, eut venture to pertake of ant exercise not more beautiful the 16th section, has stamped upon the face of the The following is a list of ortcens. VISIT OF THE GOVERNOR, Ship Chesltr, Vandyke, was towed to sea from Tranby.
glas, brittania ware, cutl ery, lamps, candela, than it is useful. These inducements, combined notes on express and comprehensive reference to Cbas. H. Bell, Esq., commander; James H. On Wednesday afternoon last, the 19th instant, Nu;Ieans prevtou to 17th inst. 0 Extra Line ofIar8 leaves WalnutRtreat at
bras,&e. Sale positive, part by order of as-with thi seattention of MradMrs Buckley, the whole of the Act of Assembl therebyadvert Ward, ltlieut; Timothy A. Aunt 2nd do; John David H. Porter, Governor of the Commonwealth, Ship Cordova, Lowell, was at Havana 9th inst. for o'lock, A. M.
must secale 'or pa b or a full share of public patron. ing to the faith and credit of the State as the bais- D. Gibson, Purser, R. W. Leteack, passed assist- arrivi at the Hotel of Jacob Spang, Esq., in this fhp Active. or something iimilar.of Philadelphia, A. M. Each Lineiland
sigeees, age. A ISCHOLAR, on which they rest, their real nature cannot be un- ant Surgeon; Maxwell.Woodhul, acting master; Borough, where he was waited upon by a nume- 21 days from NOrleans lor Liverpool, (do reported,) it time for the Races ray27--,
- -derstood to be other than exactly what the Legis James Julian Barry, midshipman; Augustus Me.-rous company of citizens and strangers, until, late was spoken 71h mat. tby the 'ieasurer, at Boston.- --
REAL ESTATE.-C J Wolbert & Co., iHvite Fanny Elssler arrived as nCicinnati on the lature (not the bantiks or their officers) has made it. Laughlin, do; Peter Wager, Jr., do; Thomas N. in the evening, when he retired, with William Tne Bor ou papers h yee corrected the report by sub- In the Court of Cerumen Pleas for th
attention to their sale of Real Estate, this eve 31st inst., in the steambdait Queen of, th,e West If this view, which I have endeavored, to make Meekes, captain's clerk; Adam Young, master's Hamill, Esq. to his residence in the vicinity. On si:u ingp[ hes ashp e 'wouttaboutSmithlwdayhichfos o Piladelph~a.
aine at 7 1-2 o'clock, at the Philadelphia Ex- front New Orleans: precise, be comrect, the notes authorized by "The mate; Jno. B. Tuckingson, purser's steward, the morning of Thursday he visited the place of p ,bbycret a IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE Oo
ain at7 1.h wlocl, r at th ree Phi deshiral E -" II Nw Orans:elief Law" are, in my opinion, such as in the de- By aletter from an officer on board the Ohio, his nativity, the Farm upon which, in his early Barque Baptist Mh e ick, Garvinhence at NOrlean. JO
village properties.,'rom th.e New York Sun. pisionsof the Supreme Court of the U. States have received at Boston, and dated the 23d of April, it years, he followed the plough, and where, under l4thinst. .., Whereas Robert B. Arev, assignee
lrger# aoeftoesAero t ryher son.-An inquest been consideieg] prohibited by the Constitution un- appears that the Ohio and the Preble, on their arri. the tuition of his patriotic sire, he imbibed those Barque Jacob S Wain, Matthews, t Beaten oa[ ,oixI of 34hnSarvay, didon lhe14th day of
e d G e-- w d rd the he ofAner odTriptoherdi. eoaazetriads:hWeunder-nwishelhyesnngitytrhaenqofnGnenSanfodddeethecttPofnehils of Credit." I espe valat Malaga, received such intelligence as ind- principles. which ripening into mature, have Sunday from Golenburg 15ih u. May, on e t h
tand that Biso Meade, for the benefit of his 1 he8 L .sterdtr #a the hite o bnf Mrs. Hannah |oilly If.r to the C oeeseo f The Commonwealth ted Commodore Hull to change his purpose of re- brought forth bountifully and raised him to the B.rque Annday eold, Duane, hence at Bohtonon fortyf h o e
teaith, which pas beeu infirm for some time i Careeton, whoh nowp eo Wudatb t under ibe follow-B N gy Bank f esrn e dr.o gsnailed o Boot on saturPleasoo
ing most melachay bren It appears 3.S); Craig R al Iv. TheS^.e of~ istouri,(4 fore, proceeded to the port of Tonlon, were after a Havingreturned tahisroom attheNorristown dWaforphilad hisaccount as asignee ot the sed
past, will be absent from bis charge for the that deceased, who wait 63 ae, s of ago, rad total- Peters, 410, A. D. ;830.) in whici the decision few flays, she would go lo Mahon and take in stores Hotel, the several Schools, with their respective Brig Sulla, Matthews, ia up0 a( Bioan for Polto estate.
next three or four monhs, he intending to e-y blind, ad two sons fadAtdugi, 4tht was pronounced by Chief Justice Marshall against and provisions, leaying for home on or about the Teachers, under the supervision of the School Di- iMoe, to sail yesterday. Noiice is hereby given to the Cr,ditrfth id
bark in the next Steam paik et flo at u BostQ u one of the sons named Wdligm was Insane, Abo~gi h .4`e c currency then in controversy.; and Brisc ooe v s. loth of May. -N. Y. Sun, rectors of the District, together with the R everend Brig Daniel Kilby, 4 obusonvat Egastport 14th insit. John S urv ey, and alloh r neetd i h s~
fo i e p o .h sc nd c a e e e n s voe t o ,ita r a Comm onwealth .4snk of Lentucky, ( t [Peters tpte petor of O akland Boarding 8chooldMr. Aaron, tiroa St John.N, N B estate, that the Ho n abeth Jd a of he C ul
fo2 Liverpoo h. 1837,t)hd neeriB w ch the di -- t wos piptandrhe ..upBitinder his charge,dpassedg ,nheeview at Boston n Morndiydo gCe, onenceas tBotndnhoneayCntmonPltar-
dinaty as to idqduce his friends to piece ohi~a,,mtex "Brig "Wi"n13ThatncwhehteHdillonwwagpao-l--StnCroeixu h17ndeayi# dargetpheed26nthiwd.. ....
favorite o l b. In restrain. About8 o'clock on yesterday r Dr. James Browne, of Ediburg, died on the befoe heGovernor, opsingn number abo Brigherhiltas D.JmeBowndydinuriedonth befeGvenocmpisngdneum.incethe only American. dried ad fort
A favorittsopera will be given jil3 erv at nyrestraiut. Ayouteo'al o kontohi yother's rorom- the 'Cort ,u j aii hit epapl that was impeached; 8th of April. He was well known for the extent 350 children and youths affording spectacle of TmitSni' oN SHOW-A large ship wa eeeB for hearing oihe lame. andrg hswinp ause why
ate ottiheestngChaaceroant"eSrtreyeshoe nhueatrteh.18h Tonea Aliggo Ref.tx6sadVe onoru hentaringalowdthedinde
at the Chesntmt Street Theatre. To t i Wis youg cm ti mohtn wn b po riciiples,,.efnitions, distinctions and ot his learning and research, and the rhetorical and the most interesting character, and extremelyy ashore on or about the 18th ii neorAlligatorReef. the said account ut
*n _____ .T ""w ^ sen, ^Ca~t ryosoo~ueiaNew York rom ao|Iv.oSveral1reoker
positi ely th last ut tw of th tduM rab.e t M rsSaa and and kaked thelo on f liarhusban 'sband ums ntaralikents, helik ei fra id the char umchittnde e ergybith whchhhearought hisag atifyi g"etoyhewE xe utive ofhthe State.andtwhisorgratibyying P st, ohtheEs ipcEli abethfenthefaultte, andthew,
operatic performance at this house. razor, whic4 w~z given tobhem. lie then returned if applied to tests itn the note npk, under scrutiny, acquirements to bear on the many subjects which, have no doubt its recollection will be long cherish- sonnessowtherk rom Moble.Edwaead wrecers Wrtnssdthe,
] ~~~~ ~~~~to h is m o th er', s au4 IRe~ o g o ve r h e r as d e-icfib led" by w o u ld a ssu red ly c on d em n thp rn et he. e xern p h- d u rin g a l ife o f a lm o st cea se less litera ry e x e rtio n ed b y a ll w h o p a rticip a ted in it. T h e n ea t ap p ea r. w e re ap tlo n g ,id e r s y f a p P u e t t Nw Yr ,t t o f tou r aysa id 8 Co u t a h ldlha h 1 a
NOT Guin.Tr-The trial of Mr, Fiagg, says theMh. ars l f s h rc hr hedrew fy this list remark by i few citationsk, he discussed. He was for several years editor of ance and orderly demeanor of the scholars,,even to that he saw a ship Phore on the at ernowo of SuMfday SAyMUEi8HARTPrthonolary.
Viekshurg Whig, came off"on Wednesday. ii the the razor across t terrible gash, Mr. Hardin, maintaining that the Rotes of tU th e Mercury; but was more widely, and will be the child of 4 years, commanded the admiration of week, the 16ih inst on Alligator Reel. winks.he was 8y27je8591i612385 _
Vickahurg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Comnwat W gcaeotnWdnd..nblher r cr hrthanwd.trbegsc ^ nBank of Kentucky, of which bh or w emnnl konfrhe ayvlube those who witnessed it. 8 miles P ona her. The ship h.d pained ports. thinks. sa 27t A R 2AM 5OR 1AT2
Circuit Court of this county. He was indicted which was nfo owed .,lmo t !n t W dottl)y by the rom monweal t h Bnnk of K y wth e a bor perm anently known for the many valuable thins h i ss ed at 8 mwe a e n o n he r 4 s h.d ainr nt port thinSsA
upon two counts, first for duelling, and aecond for 4,ett of tie iUl.atted old lady.' State was the sole stockholder, were not I' bilia of if 'cle communicated te the Encyclopedia During his sojourn at this place he was con she had been on N or 4 days, had i strong list to port DELAWARE FARMS, FOR SALE.
shooting with ipent to kill. In both cases thete t in the senseofthe Constitution, said- Bltn ptrars r head to northward It was very thick weather at *WO large and luable R M i n
g 'P ,young "asgood aghast atfor tweommmvieffinti4A W ** pi"i th es fte osiuin ai Bial p rt!tj y on 1;4, abstruse branches stantiy engaged receiving the salutations of the -h ep bu M.oewekraog I Te l ormlsfo h i o tmatn nte
jury after retiring for a few m om enhts ietunra a[ ww 'uial dead, ostilexclaimed, ,'I shall ne ger 00 e er .1'f er is no pledge of the faith of w e State, for of early him tory gr41nmill. slid 0 1 l -pilo[,, the art p ce pplo, to whose attentions of kind regard he ex. tpe erdtoim e. boutayV- M.h r i wr t p a~ n teker ao g ied wl, Sapfor moilelas re, ithgc m rm na n
v erd ic t o f n o t g u illHy o fa r a d w e lea rn t h e v e r. I p o s te d to hebw tese s w e r er e s p e r d r to p l r rd s ta eo w r @ T n kS t at eoer oesh e c il
gain,"'Severa raspatable witness were esute.w-,, by this institution. The capital of war, and, d ltoirphy. Hiv, squiveroseria ati n proesedlmnch thankfulness. At two o'clock, P4. apnrd0o Otrs.lwrlrs.r hik mle n nsi
diet in each case has given universal satisfaction I)*-e an W pb $ s and coul dbio he atc h the ship left 14, ur It-ove igwih toh R. tuated. V. B PALMER.
I i n e d ,.asa s a lseo A b e b r is t b owr oo r teh e dlc ul d i n e s i edo rt hf 0 0 4p 7 0 L i s t r) e *h iein v e shti g a t o r o f tEg y p thi a r f h h ii lu rd elri .g, olp hy i a g w t t
N o o n e prete nds to d o u b t its ju stice T h e trial of jur ft er hels e ihgin tilt ete edw y re retu rn ed a verd ict h e # Ja d/s`a ra s.urei 1H u. -a ofR edo ei E st te Ofpe h.4 souph T hird D C. a O, JR l E
our neighbor .. ...of the Sentinel, upon a similar indnct. ]acrin ot"'etco asane. heree Fag ...Ist uni'veal .reftre 4pa 81) b thoefndaeSi oelbeni. dl how. hMJMhIwUAN" EDUCATIONr dPSIOlohiw&IEr, TeTetW.7s may] f27d--d I wp .-'-IllCA EUATONSC'ET. a 9--l
m ent, w lear 'n ^ w ill come off f'on M on d ay G en. o -- credit s e d ^ Jte for n Itoi. n a~lof,,ivot etoe cause of hum anity and liberal opin W e are plo a sed to ad in onp |u rioo, tbh t A on A nniversc sv exercises in be half of 'this S society T .
Footand P. W. Tompkinstie toappearW c ,. T e .the Constitutio.nt i.m. Tbtfhfa~hOfbe'i.t or.I tlh ;,,,-_ofirn ih more regard to Ais feelings as a thing of a partizan character appeared on the oca- will be held this evening, May 27h, t the Virst HE Auditor rappeared by theOrphan. Court
Fot tooad Pre.oa Trhursday last, I r opposite pplpat j s .ngw overnm ent wich'issued i^em, ~ys aiway 04- ,ublic m., thon to -i-s interests gs .an individual, .Sion. but that gentlemen 9p,f both parties waited up, Presbyterian Church, Washington Square, at ad aTfeathe estonnPeaks. John V. Keb-
,ra,.-James Owen shot Wm. Doltonlan d hurtred aoe tr's edge. ,rw f their redemption. This w* ever the fect,',. on the Governor, and exhiited a dae respect to the quotrer before 8 o0/leek. Speakers, Rev. Dr. NrRed aidj ft the eonny f Phiaelpiate. ohn urtat
A.. .. .. he army, few days heLsuisviside ,"ei "W em u st C, ^ f 'aq.l ahe y n t e s m ai s id Whu t very fashiona C hief E executive of the Com monwea lth. ret, oCEi few York, gev.14 r. K irk endr. linger and ChxHS r i.uie r o
fDtoshortuly mte r shotafe dyoungo-man nowu asthe joger,w, erc TIpa ,fidcge fd boken ltO ...ecan.d.scosthathee isues O rho lthettineilace mae ben gratly mprovd do-CO;.,he Offcesgd, wihll meetaant Jq ov. ,,H DOER...
ven t ro gh th l ng upp si g hepe so t b b ak'oe nd w h isen dos oft atthe $ ie, ues of nt, le ea e n aGehoereeneratlsipro edet
out thro en eo at uricsne thick,sand made much progressss to the ^d" rer. SeveralAne steamboats."areTOI THEFLORIDA EL.ECrION 0of the lergy, will be furnished witl seats t ,nGgtreet dy ofiJuno
bing prepared to run between this city and that It was reported at iacksonville, when the Mew 'rsge. where lperon. intrse re reql-wl to *wn,
t wOvilea T^ 'ho parties are under arrest sad GivenWLas to r'ane b ebtoetf,6 1 ,w.'00 ,d1 topd-p tt thye-whole of the operationsofthe Bankraw sae where llen
19~ aut 10 tames, r A Of- -p ('Pto ,ho.?e 'Gof a 0atiou,1 0Pqialn under the low lae uf m te cb81i ',bath~ing i ea,bi, ..bern left, that Leoy, was elected byl 200 majority 13 2.--j% ,P# ELIP8a W. S, itaay27-;. tJeoI

br M4tAle, J11baaUtd.
Jame3 Hand's Line.
j& A urnt class Schooner or Brig will be de.
patched for the above port in a few days,
uld sufficient freight offer.
For freight, apply to JAMES HAND,
may 21--d 584 south wharves.
James Hand's Line.
A mood VESSEL will be despatched*.to
l the above ports ifaufficient freight offers.
Apply to JAMES HAND.
may l1-d 581 souubi wharves.
,& The f14i smiling brig General GLOVER,
6r's plain Greer., stows 2200 bbls, has been
nedly (oup,-red. aid is in order for any voyage.
Fur term. apply It. JAMES HAND,
may 21-d 58i seuth wharves
For Liverpool.
I= Wiiliam F. Glidden, master, to sail in all this
week ha.r.,.m for the bulk of 2000 barrels and ex-
cellent accommodations for a few cabin and steer-
For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on
board, at Wright's wharf, or to
my il-d S W corner Front & Walnut a8s.
&A PERSONS wishing to engage passage for
19 their friends, via Liverpool, in first rate
ships to sail from Liverpool for Philadelphia the Ist
and middle of each month,' can do, so by applying
Jan 19-dtf 8. W. corner Front and Walnut at.
Passge @rom ol ondonioderry.
AM Persona wishing to engage passage for their
A friends in hrat rate ships, to sail from London-
derry for Philadelphia, viz:-
One 20th Mav, One lst June.
One 15th June, One lot July,
1 One 15th July, One let August,
May now do so by applying to
up 2-dtf No 297 Market at. below 8th.
Passage tonom Liverpool.
Persons wishing to engage passage for their
j-i frie.iis. in first rate ships,-to sail trom Liver-
pool for Philadelphia. on the lat and 15th of every
month, may now do so, by applying to
mar 30-dtf No. 297 Market st. below 8th
W Persons wishing to engage passage tfor
il,,r frier.l- ii flnit rite ships, to sail from
Li,er|,,,m ,'11 Pltildf Ipitns ihe 1st and middle of each
month, can do so by applying to
S. W. corner Front and Walnut sts.
dec 28.-dtf
f Persons. wishing to engage passage for
,& their friends in at first rate ship, to sail from
Cork fir New York, on the 20ih March next, may
now do so, by applying to
nov 2 --dtf No. 297 Market st. below 8th.
SINGLE Gentlemen, or Gentlemen w'th their
Wives. can be accommodated with pleasant
rooms, furnished or unfurnished, at 65 south 2d street.
may 25-dlw -
TWO'second COUNTERS finished in a handsome
manner, with double drawers.will be sold very
low, if applied for this day. Inquire at 189 Chesnut
street. may 25-It
E IGHTY barrels Mess Beef. Philaoelphia inspec-
tion, e1st quality-for sale by
may T6-dtf S. W. cor Front & Walnut sts.
~0 0 LBS Old Copper, on hand and for sale
S W. corner Front and Walnut streets.
may ,9g-d if

1 f HALF pipes fine old Cognac Brandy, of
15 Aten different brands and qualities.
5S pipes, 50 half pipes, old Armagnac Brandy.
50 pipes, 50 half pipes, Bordeaux Brandy, of J. J.
Dupuy and Castillion brand.
50 half pipes Rochelle Brandy, of A Seignette and
Pellero-in brand.
All under Custom House lock ;-for sale in lots to
suit purchasers, by JOSEPH R. EVANS,
may 26-d8t No. 31 south wharves.
40 CASES London Sheathing Copper, 16 a
32 oz.
50 pigs Bncae Tin;
30 tons Speltor;
Composition Sheathing Nails and old Copper-all
in lots to suit purchasers-for sale by
may 26-d8t No 31 South Wharves.

T URNER & FISHER, 15 north 6th street, pub-
lish and keep always on hand a full supply of
popularJuvenile Works, consisting ef plain and co-
lored post toys; quarto colored and plain do; the Ju-
venile Forget-Me-Not; Juvenile Gift; the Child's
Fireside Book; MotherGoose's Quarto; the American
Juvenile Primer; the National Primer; the Infant's
Primer, together with an extensive assortment of
Children' Books, which they offer wholesale and re-
tail, at the lowest cash rices.
may 20-i-d6t 15 north Sixth street.

A TO LET-A new double two story HOUSE.
with a Flower and Vegetable Garden, Or-
4ar ot Apple and other fruit trees, situate in the
borough of Bristol, Bucks county, Pa. For a family
intending to spend the ensuing season in the conn.
try, the above, for its healthy and beautiful location,
and the numerous daily communications with the ci-
ties of New York and Philadelphia, will be a most
desirable situation. If required, a few acres of land
can be had with the above.
Real Estate and Coal Office, 104 S 3d at.
may 24-d6t

J1 Wew system,
OR Teaching and Learning the French Pro
F enunciation in SEVEN LESSONS, illustrated by
numerous examples, selected from fifty of the best
French Poets, together with a few observations on
teaching and learning French in general; and also
important remark's on the language, in which a num-
ber of errors introduced by Mr. Bolmar and others,
are corrected-by C. Ladreyt.
Published this day by J. CRISSY,
may 24-d6t No. 4 Minor street.

&klect Medical Library and Bulletin of Medical
Edited by John Bell, M. D., Lecturer on Materia
Medical and Therapeutics.
TrHE attention of the Medical Faculty is respect.
Lully invited to this periodical, The fifth year
is now in course of successful publication; since the
commencement of this work,26 large octavo volumes,
closely and handsomely printed, have been issued.-
The works in the four first years, or first series, from
November 1836 to October 1840, were published
monthly, under the title of" Select Medical Library
and Eclectic Journal of Medicine," at 10 per an-
num; or uniformly bound in annual sets of of 6 vois.
each, for $13, a few sets of which are yet at the pub
lishers' disposal. The present or fifth year, being
the second series, is published quarterly, chalmnging
the name of the" Journal" to Bnlletin of Medical
Science." at $5 per annum, payable in advance.
The Library department is continued on the same
plan as heretofore, with these exceptions : each nt..-
bar consists, complete, of one or more approved
works on some branch of Medicine, including, of
course, Surgery and Obstetrics. The size of the num-
bers will necessarily vary; but in a year, subscribers
will receive by mail, fourteen hundred pages of
closely printed matter, done up in strong ceverswith
labelled muslin backs; thus obviating the immediate
necessity of full binding.
To each number of the LIBRARY will be append-
a record of the discoveries and positive improve-
aents in Medicine and Surgery, and their kindred
departments. It will also contain notices of new
works in Medicine, at home and abroad. Published
may 25-d3t 2%3 Market street.
Water Fountain and Fit-
ter ers,
"lJqOR Stores and Dwellings, capable of holding
U. three gallons, warranted not to get out of or-
der. They are manufactured on a new plan, and
are so simple in their construction, as to require no
instruction as to the proper way to use them. The
price is $2 50 each.
Reftrigerators, of an improved construction,nothing
on the same plan having yet appeared in the market.
Those who had seen them, if in want of the article,
have evidenced their good opinion by making pur-
chase And the public are respectfully invited to
call and examine previous to purchasing elsewhere.
Patent store door locks, platform and counter
scales, which will be sold low, and warranted.
Patent Asbeato.swrought flue iron book sates,
which have been tested by fire and robbers in most
of the large cities in the Union, and havelnever yet
failed to preserve their contents from the ravages of
I fire, or the depredation of the robber. Patent
wrought iron doors for banks, secured with improved
detector lock-finished in the most approved style.
Troy manufactured butter jars, a very excellent ar.
ticle, and worthy the attention ol families.
For sale by G. W. %ROSS,
Patent Asbestos Iron Safes, No. 83 Dock at.,
may 26-dif one door below 3d.
A four story house on Arch below Second
1=11 street .
A thrse story house near the Church, below Sixth
meet, on Buttonwood.
A three story house oa north 13th street. No. I-
reat $350.
A three story house on north Fifth street below
A three story house ou Broas street near Arch.
A three story house on Locust street, west 01
ificuylk11 3d-rent $130.
An office in a central situation, suitable for an At
torney, and a large room for tie occasional meeting
ot an Asociatio). at a moderate rent, may be hears
*ffby inquiring at 79 Arch sireet.
may tl-eodtf D. FULLER.
to ft I N IN1-N.6 =
Of awry Deseription, Neatly Sxecuted
Offce (t the Pennsylvatnian
$s. $9 Soutb Seuai


Chlesuut Street Theatre.
P RIGLHiNGS-Actintg Manager.
Boxes 75 cts-Pit 37% cti-Doors open at 7 o'clock.
Performance to c'mnmenr-ea'l '' o'clock.
THIS EvhNhNUG, may 27.1841
Will he produced the Opera of
Or, the Fairy and ithe Little Glass Slipper.
Prince of Salerno, Mr MANlVERS
SBaron.Pompolito, MrGIUBELEI
Dardini, Mr ,-EGUIN
Cinderella, Mrs SEGUIN
To conclude with
Arch Sreet Theatre

Boxes 50 cents-Pit 25-Curtain rises at 71 o'clock.
2d appearance of Mr E S CONNER and Mrs

THIS EVENING, May 27.1841.
Doors open at 7 1-4-Curtain rises at a 1-4 before 8
Boxes, 1st tier, 50 cts.-2d and 3d do. 25-Pit, 121
Last Night of the Season.
THIS EVENING, May 27.1841.
Will be acted the Drama of the
Michael, Ml J R SCOTT
Lucy................................Mrs Laforest
After which the Drama of the
To be followed by the Farce called the
Vivian................... .......... MrTHAYER
Elixa............................Miss A FISHER
To conclude with the Farce of
Alfred Highflyer, Mr RICHINGS
Fixture, Mr T PLACIDE
Maria, Mrs FLYNN
Chesnut Street Theatre.
For the BENEFIT of
Saturday, May 29th, 1841.|
The public is respectfully informed that the fol-
lowing powerful cast of
Has been effected for this night only.
Fra Diavolo, Mr MANVERS
Giaeomo, Mr SEGUIN
Zerlina, Mrs SEGUIN
Lady Allcash, Miss POOLE
Who has kiedlyi consented, in compliance with
many requests, to perform the part lor this nightonly
Being the Last Nigft of the VOCALISTS. FRA
DIAVOLO for the last time
In which Madame PROCHE GIUBELEI, Miss
WELLS and Mr WELLS will appear.
And a new Farce, called
Principal characters by Messrs Richings and Thay-
er-Miss Alexina Fisher, Miss Kneass. and Mrs
Kr The Box Book now open. may 27-d2t

Panoramas of Jerusalem
aind Thebes.
T'HEE PANORAMAS are now open for exhi-
bition at the new COLISEUM, corner of Ninth
and George streets.
did painting of the largest class, covering a surface
of ten thousand square feet, painted from drawings
taken by MrCatherwood in 1834.
painted likewise from Mr Catherwood's drawings, is
superior, as a work of art, to any Panorama before ex.
The Panoramas are brilliantly illuminated every
evening by upwards of 200 gas lights; and explana-
tions of the pictures given in the forenoon,aftcrnoon,
and at 8 in the evening.
Open from 9 in the morning till 9. in the even-
Admittance 25 cents to each Panorama. Books of
description may be obtained at thu door, at 121 cents
sen 26-dtf

ILinr. SixtinAmnouat xhiiti ou tie Un'asni..s o
A' the ARTIST'S FUND SOCIETY, twill be
open to the Public in the New Hall, on Chesnut
above Tenth street, from 9 A. M. until 10 P. M.
Admittance, 25 cents.
Season Tickets, 50 cents.
Catalogues, 121 cents. I
my Ill--tu&ftf JOHN LEE, Keeper.
Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth,
HARaaIsauaRO, May 11, 1841.
N OTICE is hereby given that in pursuance of
L1 the act of the General Assembly of the Com-
monwealth entitled "an act authorizing a loan" pass-
ed the 6th ofl May, 1841, Proposals will be received
at he office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
until 4 o'clock, P. M. of Saturday, the 29th instant,
for loaning to the commonwealth, for the payment
of a stock loan contracted in pursuance of the act of
the 2d of April, 1821, the sum of nine hundred and
thirty thousand dollars, at ; rate of interest not ex-
ceeding six per cent. per annum, payable half year-
ly at the State Treasury, or at the Bank of Pennsyl-
vania. The principal to be reimbursed within five
years; certificates of stock for the said loan will be
issued in the usual form, bearing interest, and reim-
bursable as aforesaid.
It is required that the proposals state explicitly the
amount offered and the rate of interest, not exceed-
ing six per cent., and the premium proposed to be
given. The state reserves 'he right to accept the
whole or any part of the sum offered, unless the pro-
posals stipulatte to the contrary. No conditional or
hypothetical proposal will be considered. Upon the
acceptance of the proposals the money is to be paid
either into the State Treasury, or some convenient
Bank to be designated by the Governor.
The proposals to be directed under seal to this of
fice, endorsed Proposals for Loan." They will not
be opened or disclosed until the period has elapsed
for receiving them, after which no alteration in the
terms will be admitted.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
may 17-dt29
WANTED. a second-hand Steam Engine, with
boilers complete. High Pressure-thirty-five
or forty horse power. Address box 263, Philad'a
Post Odice. may 22-d-lw
Real Estate.

C. J. WOLBERT &t CO. invite attention to their
public sale of Real Estate, to be held on Thurs-
day evening next, the 27th inst. commencing at 8
o'clock precisely, at the Philadelphia Exchange:
No. 1.
Mantua Village Building Lot.
The valuable lot of ground at the south east corner
of Haverford and 8th|streets, in the village of Man-
tua, West Philadelphia. 55 feet on Haverlbrd street.
158 feet 5 inches on 8th street, 55 feet on Garden st.
Plan at the auction mart.
No. 2.
Village of Holmesburg-Desirable Resi-
The superior stone mansion house, occupied by
J F Aylmer. Esq.. with all desirable conveniences,
stable and coach house, beautiful garden, &c. at the
corneeof the main road or street running through
Holmesburg and a road leading to Bustlelon-the
lot of ground is about 90 leet by 230 feet. Plan at the
auction mart.
No. 3.
Village of Richmond.
Three frame tenements and lot of ground, at the
corner of Bath and Sorrel streets, in the village of
Richmond, a short distance above Kensington, apd
convenient to the Reading Rail-road Depot -108 feet
on Bath ereet, by 100 feet on Sorrel street. Plan at
the auction mart. Terims, &c. at sale.
C J. WOLBERT & CO., Auctioneers,
may 25-ifdts

Philadelphia, May 12, 1841. $
T HE following section of the act of Assembly, en-
titled "An Act to restrain people from labor on
the first day of the week," is published for the intfor.
mation of the citizens generally, but more especial-
ly for the owners of cabs and omnibusses. that they
may have no ground ofcomplaint, should the penal-
ty of the law be visited upon them, for any breach
-If any person shall do or perform any worldly em-
ployment or business whatsoever on the Lord's day,
commonly called Sunday, works of necessity and cha-
rity only excepted, or shall qsa or practice any un-
lawful game, hunting, shooting, sport or diversion
whatsoever on the same day, and beconvicted there.
of'. every such person so offending shall, lor every
such offence, forfeit and pay tour dollars, to be levi
ed by distress, or in case he or she shall refuse or tie-
pleat to pay the said sum, or goods and chattels can-
not he found. wherepl to levy the same by distress.
he or she shall suffer six days imprisonment in the
House of Correction of the proper county: Provided
always that nothing herein contained shall be con-
strued to prohibit.the dressing ot victualts in private
families, bake houses, lodging houses, ions and other
houses ofentertainiment, for the use of 'ojouimners.
travellers or strangers, or to hinder watermen from
landing their passengers or terrymen romn carrying
over the water travellers or periuons removing with
their families on the Lord's day. commonly called
Sunday, nor to the deli very of milk oi the ne-essa-
ries of life, on or before nine of the clock in the fore-
noon, nor alter five of the cluck in the aftLernoon of
the same day." JOHN SWIF'T.
my 14-dim Mayor.
A constant supply of tea sets, pitchers, cups.
spoons, forks, ladles, &c., of every pattern, kept al-
ways on hand.
ap 2-dtlf S. W. corner 5th and Cherry eta.

Audilor's Not ice.
In the District Court for the City and County
of Philadelphia.
Samuiel Abbott, who survived
George G. Heberton &Co. Sur aliasVend Exp.
vs. f to March T 1841.
Nathan Nathans. J No. 433.
]NTOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested,
1 that the Auditor appointed to repoittdistribution
of the fund in Court, in the above case, arising from
the sale :'-
All the following tract or piece of land, together
with the measuage and tenements erected thereon,
situate in Penn `1 township, in the county of Philadel-
phia, beginning at a stake in the side of the road
leading to the Falls of Schuylkill, at the corner of
land late of Ann Forbes, thence along the said land
the throe following courses and distances, viz: south
59 degrees, 39 minutes, west 41 perches and six-
ilerlh,. north 86 degrees, west 30 perches, and south
54 degrees 47 minutes, west 4 perches andI two-tenths
to the middle of Broad streetcontinued, ithence along
the middle of the same south 11 degrees 20 minutes,
west 41 perches and eight.tenths; thence by other
land north 61 and a hall degrees, east ll perches to
a stake; thence north 27 degrees, west 10 and a half
perches to a stake, at the corner of the Falls' Road,
and thence along the same north '70 degrees, west 9
and a half perches to the place of begininuig; contain-
isg 11 acres and 103 perches, more or less-
Wil attend for that purpose at his office, No. 100
south 4th street, in the city of Philadelphia, on Fri-
day, the 4th day of June, 1841, at 4 o'clock, P. M.,
when and where all persons having claims are re-
quired to make theta, or be forever debarred from co-
ming in on said fund. P. McCALL,
my 24-dIOt Auditor
N 4FT I C E.
T HE Auditor appointed by the Court of Common
Pleas of the county of Philadelphia, to audit,
settle and adjust the account of CHARLES BOR.
HEK, Assignee of ELWARD BORHEK, will meet
to execute tne duties of his appointment, at Evans'
Hotel, in George street near Sixth, on Monday, the
7th day of June next, at 4 o'clock, P.M. All persons
interested in said account can attend if they think
proper. may 25-dtJe7
s 0 TI CE.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia
T HE Auditor appointed to audit, settle and ad-
just the account of Joseoh A. Clay. Es uire
Trustee of the Divittal Savings Institution, and to
report distribution of the moneys in the hands of the
trustee, will attend for the purposes of his appoint-
ment, at his office, No. 62 south Sixth street, on
Tuesday afternoon. June 1st, at 4 o'clock. All cre.
editors, shareholders and others having claims on the
fund, or against the said Institution, are hereby no-
tified to attend, prepared to prove the same accord-
ing to law. may 20-dtJel
Limited Partnership.
HE subscribers give notice that they have form-
ed a Co-partnership, under the Act of Assem-
bly,entltled"An Act relative to limited partnerships"
for the trandtuiation ofa GENERAL COMMISSION
AND PRODUCE BUSINESS, in the city of Phila-
delphia, the name or firm under which the partner-
ship is to be conducted, to be HENRY W. AN-
DREWS, the said Henry W Andrews tobe a general
partner, and JOSEPH C HARRIS to be a special
partner. The partnership to commence from April,
16, 1841, and to continue foir.three years from said
day, and from and after the expiration of said term
of three years, to continue for another like period of
three years, unless the said parties shall have sig-
nified the one to the other in writing, three
months before the expiration of the said term of three
years, his dissent thereto; and in order to the transac-
tion of said Partnership business, the said Joseph C.
Harris hath contributed to the capital stock of the
firm, in actual cash payments, ten thousand dollars.
ap 22-d6w
A GENERAL meeting of the Stockholders of the
A Commnercial Bank of I'ennsylvania, will be held
at their Banking House, on Mofluay, the 7th day of
June next, at 11 o'clock, A M. for the 'purpose of
considering the recent Act of the Legislature of this
Commonwealth, entitled "An Act to provide reve-
nue to meet the demands on the Treasruy, and for
other purposes," so faras the same affects the inter
easi of this Institution, and taking such action there-
upon as may be deemed proper.
By order of the Board of Directors,
BENJ. P. SMITH, Cashier,
of the Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania,
my 8-dt7je
it 0 T 1 C E.
rJ7HE undersigned having commenced the Con-
vevancing, Real Estate, Renting of Property,
and Collecting Business under the firm of SAMUEL
PRYOR& CO., at the south-west corner of Third
and Walnut streets, and respectfully solicits public
patronage. JOSEPH AKEN,
Philada. Feb. 1. 1841. feb 2-dtf
OTICE is hereby given, that the auditor ap
% pointed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,
to audit and re-settle the accounts of Dr. Samuel
Hiester and David Beaver, Executors of thel will of
General John Hiester, late ot the Borough of Potts-
town, in the County of Montgomery, deceased; and
to report upon the distribution of the balance remain-
ing in the hands of the execetors, will attend for that
purpose at his office. No 150 Walnut street, in the
city of Philadelphia, on Tuesday the first day of
June next, at four o'clock in the afternoon of that
day; when and where all persona interested in the
said estate may attend, my 6-1 a 4w
.i50 TICE.
E, TTIERSof Administration on the estate of
L of ROBERT MoGETHEN, of the city of Phila-
delphia, deceased, having been granted to the un-
dersigned, all persons indebted to said decedent are
requested to make payment, and all persons having
claims or demands against the said decadent are re.
quested to make known the same without delay, to
CHARLES McKARAHER, Administrator.
Residence, No 27 north Second street.
my 7-law6w
OTICE is hereby given, that JAMES ELLIS.
ot the townshipof New Hanover, in the county
of Burlington, and State of New Jersey, hath this
day made an assignment to the subscribers of all his
estate, real and personal, for the equal benefit of his
creditors, and that the said creditors must exhibit
their respective claims under oath or affirmation,
within six months.
May 14th. 1841. may 18-law5w
To the Heirs and Legal Representatives of the Es-
tate of JOHN aTAUFFER, of the county of
Chester, deceased.
VU^AKE NOVICE.Thatan inquest will be held
.U and taken on Saturday, the 19th of June, at 10
o'clock. A. M., on the premises, in the townshios of
West Vincent and West Pikeland, county of Ches-
ter, and State of Pennsylvania, bounded by lands
of George Ralston, Frederick Rodewalt, Christian
TudeyGeorge Deery and others, and containing two
hundred and thirty-four acres, more or less, with
the appurtenances, for the purpose of making parti-
tion of the real estate of the said deceased, to and
among the heirs and legal representatives, if the
same can be done without prejudice to or spoiling
the whole.otherwise to value snd appraise the same
according to law, at which time and place you are
requested to attend, if you should think proper.
Sheriff's Office, West Chester,
May 18, 1841. 5
may 20-law4w

'% 0 T I CE.
VVker, of the city of Philacetphia, did on the
23d day of April, 1841, make and execute an assign-
ment of all his estate to the subscriber in trust,
among other things for the benefit of such of his
creditors as shall on or before the first das of June
next, execute a release to him of their respective
claims. Notice is hereby given, that a copy of the
assignment and release may be seen by calling at
the Wareroom, No 112, south Third st.
my 7-eod lw&2aw3w Assignee
J OTICE.-A general meeting ol the Stockholders
of the Southwark Bank, in the county of Phila-
delphia, will be held at their Banking House, on
Wednesday, 9th of June next, at 10 o'clock, A. M,
for the purpose of considering the late act of the Le-
islature of this Commonwealth, "entitled an act to
provide revenue to meet the demands of the Treasu-
ry, and for other purposes;" and also to take inio con-
sideration all other matters appertaining to said Bank.
By order of the Board of Direciors,
J. S SMITH, Jr.,
ty ll-2awtJe9 Cashier.
Insurance Against F'ire.
AMERICA, having obtained a perpetual char-
ter, are prepared to insure buildings AGAINST
LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE, either permanent-
ly or for a limited period, on application at the office,
on the south west corner of Walnut and Dock
Alexander Henry, Thomas P. Cope,
Samuel W Jones, ChaLles Taylor,
Edward Smith, Amrose White,
Matthew L. Bevan, Samnuel F. Smith,
John A. Brown, Jacob M. Thomas,
John White, John R. Neff,
Samuel Brooks, Richard D Wood.
JOHN C. SMITH, President.
ARTHUR G. CoPFiN, Secretary.
may 22--if2aw3m
Notice to Owners of Lots in the Borough oj
West Philadelphia.
rOICE is hereby given to the owners of Lots
N on the north side of Washington street, in sail
bWrough, that they are required to grade, curb, gut
tir and pave the footway in front of their respect
tiue Dts, in accordance with the Acts of Assembly
and Borough Ordinances.
Super't of Highway Improvement.
may 17-3tawlm
M An excellent Farm of 140 acres-a stone
JUt erch-nt and grist mill, with 4 run of Frendc
ur-a 4 story stong factory building-a two story
double rope walk of stone, 420 feet long-nine tw
story tenant houses, and 18 feet of water power,
The above property is situate partly in the borongl
of New Hope, in Bucks county, Penn., on Ingham'
Spring Creek,convenient to the markets of Phil&
delphia aid New York. by canal. 'T'he Mansio
House and improvements on the Farm are first rats
and the whole property will be sold very low, an
on accommodating terms.
Apply to V. B. PALMER,
Real Estate and Coal office, 104 S Third at.
mpay 20-eod2w

On Monday morning,
At 10 o'clock at No U72 Market street, south side
above Eighth street, the manufactnry of Mr Fearing
who is about removing to Camden N. J.
These instruments are of superior finish and quali-
ty, and possess ell the modern improvements as
metalic plate, compensating tube, &c. rhe cases
are richy finished in various styles and made of
selected materials. ,
Can be examined three days previous to sale.
Mr Feuring is well known throughout the country
as a manufacturer of superior Piato Fortes, ths
fulest confidence can be placed in the stability and
other requisite qualities of his instruments.
By Davies Stevenson & Co

S On Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock, from the shelves, a general assort-
ment of spring and summer goods.
150 ps. fine and superfine West of England and
American cloths; indigo blue, olive, invisible, claret
Cadiz, Oxford and steel mixed, wool and piece blacks
drab, brovn, rife, green, &c.
100 ps. single milled blue, drab and brown mixed
wool black; fancy single checks; diagonal, rib, heavy
black and brown mix'd doeskins cassimeres.
Indigo blue, black, grey,drab and silver mixed sat
tinetts, indigo blue Kentuckyjeans.
Red and mix'd padding, fancy cashmarelts, Mar
seillesquiltings and welting, cashmere and challis
heavy check'd do; London checked drilling; liner
canvass do; extra fine wool arundel; mtx'd and psir
Sfancy do; tailors' canvass, silicias, black cravats
gum braces, &c.
Canton Sewing Silk.
3 cases black, blue and white sawing silk.
Linen Cambric Hdkfs.
I1 case large size mens' linno Pnri. ,Lamibri hdkra.
5 cases 7-4 milled rifle green claths.

JUST made up a choice lot of these much ap-
proved articles of gentlemen's undress. They
ai made in the true Parisian style, and will be sold
low, at the Frandin Clothing Store, No. 30 Market
street, corner of Letitia Court.
may 24-dtf JOHN ASHTON. Jr,
RU EFRIGERATORS.-A newly invented article,
% possessing many advantages-over those which
have heretofore been offered to the public-and at a
much lower price.
Persons who desire to purchase, will do well to
call and examine for themselves, at the Asbestos
Fire Proof Warehouse, opposite the Exchange.
my 5-dtf No 83 tneik rt,

At the same time will be sold, an invoice of glass-
ware, comprising, viz. 20 doz tumblers, 20 doz wines,
48 pair decanters, 6 doz lemonade glasses, 300 quart
and pintjar., etc.

By Poulterer & Jones.
Successors to S. Poulterer.
No. 445iMarket street, JVNorth side, aboee I2t

Sales of Horses, Vehicles, Harness, &c.
The subscribers respectfully give notice to their
friends and the public that they will in future hold
their sale of horses, vehicles, &c, at the livery and
sale stables of John P. Jenkins, in Market street;
between 13th and Juniper, north side.
Sales will be held every Wednesday and Saturday
afternoon, at 2 o'clock.
N B-The yard at, chad to these premises are
large and commodious, and well calculated for show-
ing horses.
ljJ Entries can be msde at the Auction Store, or
with Mr Jenkins at the Golden Horse Hotel, on the
Furniture Sales at Private Dwellings.
W P. & J. will attend to sales of furniture at
private dwellings personally, and on moderate
To Cabinet Makers, Upholsters, &c.
Cash advances will be made on consignments of
furniture, for public or private sales.
On Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the auction store, will be sold a
variety of household furniture.
Comprising mahogany spring seat sofas, Bureaus
dining and card tables, mahogany Fronch bedstead
high post, field and trundle do; cherry breakfast
tables, ladies wardrobe, plain enclosed washstands
tsiA ,cane auid rurh seat chairs windsore chairs, cane
ilesi unit bm.k chairs, office tables, wash
isutnd. mah,'iany chlsirs venetain blinds, secretary
bookcase, ingrain venetamin carpets, domestic and
brussels rugs, feather beds and hair mattrasses, settee
and chair ct(shions, ottoman stools, mahogany and
gilt frame looking glasses, hotel glasses, rocking
chairs, ntmahogany and cherry cradles, knives ani
forks, shovel and tongs.
On Saturday afternoon,
At 2 o'clock, at the Stables of John P. Jenkins
will be sold,
A gray mare 9 years old warranted perfect
sound and kind to single or double harness tree fror
tgick or vice of any kind.
A sorrell horse 8 years old perfectly sound and
good draught horse.
A bay mare 9 years old, warranted sound and kin
to all harness, has been used in a furniture car.
A bay horse 9 years old, works in all harness fre
from trick or vice of any kind.











Also, a full set of lath heads. '
On Saturday morning,,
At 9j o'clock, in front of the auction mart, on Ta-
many street, will be sold, a number of vehicles, etc.
comprising one superior light built and well finished
square body carryall wagon, iron aixles,brass mount-
ed, lamp at the side and side door.
Also, a family carriage, extension top, brass mount-
ed drab lined.
Also, a superior second-hand carryall wagon, on
eliptic springs, leather curtains, iron aixles, brass
mounted, built by Cole.
Also, a handsome York style wagon, with shifting
top. brass monnted, a first rate article, built at Cam-
Also, a superior 9d hand buggy wagon for two
persons, extension top, brass mounted, iron aixles.
Also, two very superior light built trotting sul-
Also, a second hand phaeton wagon, in good er

HARNESS. Situate on the east siae o fDelaware Eighth
Also, a large assortment of harness, plain and brass street, the second house and lot south of
mountings. Noble street
Also, a good substantial market wagon. N se .
Alsagoosb stantilmarOn Wednesday evening, June 2d, 1841, at eight o'-
,lsippuncoli, V orke & Co, clock, at the Philadelphia Exchange corner of
Nos 70 and 72 south Front at, Third and Walnut streets, will be sold-
All that certain two storied frame dwelling,
N-- J kitchen and large lot or piece ofground there.
This morning, unto belonging, situate on the east side of Delaware
At II o'clocg at the auction, will be sold, 50 half &th street, the second house and lot sonth of Noble
chests Young Hvyon Tea. street, in the district of Spring Garden, county of
VENISON HAMS. Philadelphia, containing in breadth on 81h st. north
8 hhds Venison Hams. and south 30 feet, and in length or depth east andl
Tisi morning, west on the north line about 134 feet, and on the
Aation sor, south line 133 feet, bounded northward by ground
At 11 o'clock, at the uction store, will be sold formerly of Francis Wright, eastward by ground
12.) casks prime Cincinnati cured bacon; late uf Thomas Coats, southward by ground now or,
Hams, Sides. Shoulders, Joule, &c. &'. l-ie of Henry Weisenback and westward by 8th at.
100 barrels prime New Orleanul Molasses, of the aforesaid. Free and clear of all incumbrances.
new crop, of superior quality. Sa~e positive.
200 foxes Neva Scotia Herring. SAML ARBUCKLE. Autio r.
KENTUCKY & CUBA TOBACCO. N. W. corner ofSecond,and Te satimonat
On Monday afternoon, may 25-dta
At 4 o'clock, at the suction store, will be sold, 53 nthe ad W "eirev 5sritsa.
hhds superior quality Kentucky leaf tobaeao 3 bales JAMS1 FIFEther and r
wrapper leaf St. Jago. JAMES FIFE & SWa ,
53 bales South Amerian mixed hair of superior -
24 casks Claret. M111 llllllll llllllll Ilillll
100 cases do
200 bbls Prime Pork- QOUTH aide of t84 Stephen's Charek, below Mar
----- _______-_ "_ "-'-- :ket, in elt,11 tret,q ary ol the above line in al
Looking Glasses. its brasi.9, and lav'e on hand a large and genera
i OOK in at the Central Looking Glass Ware assoItensiol I KEDS or SLAYS, well assorted for
Rooms, corner of Market and Seventh streets, this counqxg tuade in general, at the lowest manufec-
and examine for yeuraelves, before purchasing else. tna4g, prices, warranted of the best materials and
where. Our stock is extensive; and manufacture# of workmanship. A liberal discount allowed to deal-
the beat materials, we do not pretend to sell bgloW ara.
cost; or twenty five percent. below tkhmayketprjce. Reeds of every description made to order. City'
but we will sell fora very small preat we aige aMn- Reeds always on hand. .
ufacturere, and determined to mell Iow. N. B.-A few thousand W Orleans Cane f' a
mar 26-rd WANlD"LL._& MIDUiLTON. Wale-apply qbam., f1b 11-1iw34


Sales by Auction

,. J. W olb-rt & tco.
Carpenter's Court, Chesnut street, between
3d and 4th.

C, J. W. & Co, beg leave to inform their friends
that they will hold public sales of real estates, at
the exchange, as follows, and that they are prepared
to receive all orders.
Thursday evening, May 27th.
Thursday evening, June 3d.
Thursday evening June 10th.
Thursday evening, June 17th.
Thursday eveniog,Jun. 24.n.
Handbills may at all ;inmes be had at the action
Real Esialate PFbr May 27.
CARD.-We will h...] I a aali real estate, on
Thursday evening, Mjy 17. Tih,. sale will in.
The superior stone house,,with all desirable con-
veniences.'stable and coach house, superior garden,
&c., in the village of Holmesburg, at the corner of
the main street and a road leading to Bustletown,
about nine miles from the city, and now occupied
by J. F. Aylmer, E&q.
Plan at the auction mart.
The frame dwelling houses and lot of ground on
Bath and sorrel streets, in the village of Richmond,
convenient to the Reading Rail Road Depot, 108
feet nn Bath street, by 100 feet on Sorrel street.
The valuable lot of ground at the southeast corner
of Eighth and Haverford streets in* the village of
Mantua, Blockly township, county of Philadelphia,
55 feet on Haverford street, 158 feet inches on
Eighth street by 55 feet on Garden street.-Sale
This evening,
At 7J o'clock at the Exchange previous to sale of
Real Estate.
1 share Philadelphia Ice Co. par $50
I share Mercantile Library.
Germantown Property-For Sate or Rent.
A desirable store house, at the corner of Main
street and Duev's lane a short distance below the
Buttonwood Hotel, at Germantown, for sale or rent,
Key next door to the premises. Apply at the auction
Handbills at the Auction Mart.
Our sale on Thursday evening, June 3d, will in-
A valuable tract of land called Oatland, 413 acres
situate on the river Lehighaad Trout creek, about
two miles, above Stoddartsville,in Monroe [formerly
Northampton] county, State ,i I'enr,.-Iliarn
A valuable tiact of land alliedd Wneatiiell, 438
acres adjoining the above.
The desirsbie three story brick dwelling house,
with brick back back building, bath house and lot of
ground, No. 11, on the north side of Sansome street,
between Delaware Seventh and Eighin streets, 21
feet 6 inches Iront, by 01 feet in depth, to a 20 feet
wide alley or street,
The three story brick house now occupied as the
"Upper Delaware House," with brick back buildings
and lot of ground, No 70., on the south side of Vine
street between Delaware Second and Third streets,
18 feet front by 75 feet in depth.-Subject to an
annual ground rent of $12.
The two story brie dwelling heuse and lot of
ground, 'o. 13, en the west side of Magnolia streets
between Delaware Fifth and Sixth streets and Willow
and Noble streets, 15 feet front including the half
part ofthe alley, by 14 feet I11 inches in depth.
The two story brick dwelling house,No 256 on the
south aide of Green street between Eighth and
Ninth streets, Spring Garden, 17 feet front,inclim ing
ene half of an alley, by 60 feet in depth.
The two story brick dwelling house and lot of
ground. No 258, on the south aide of Green street,
next adjoining the above, on the west. 17 feet front,
including one half of an alley, by 60 feet in depth.
The two story brick dwelling house and lot of
ground, No 260, on the south side of Green street,
adjoining the above; same dimensiens.
.he neat and well finished twostory brick dwel-
ling hoeae with back, buildings, bake oven and let of
ground,at the north east corner of Logan and Green
streets 18 feet front, 17 feet 4j inches rear, by 89
feet 10 5-8 inches in width.
The neat and well finished two story brick dwelling
house and lot of ground on the noRth side of Green
street, next adjoining the above ok the east.
NB.-These are all well iuIlut I houses and are
worthy of attention.
The neat and well finished two ttory brick dwel.
ling hhuse and lot ofground on the west side of
Franklin street 54 feet 2J inches north of Green
The neat and well bvilt two story brick dwelling
house and lot of ground adjoining the above, on the
Two continuous lots of ground, on the east side of
Margaret street, 106 feet south of washington street,
(now called Market street,) in the village of Hamil-
ton, West Philadelphia, each 18 feet front by 100
feet in depth.
The valuable lot of ground at the north west
corner of Green and Franklin streets, Spring Gar-
den, in front on Green street, 35 feet 1 inch, rear 40
feet, in depth on the west line, 57 feet,and on Frank-
lin street 54 feet 21 inches.
Positive Sale.
On Thursday evening,
June 3d, at 7J o'clock, at the Exchange previous
to real estate sale, Pew No 8 south aisle, in St.
Andrews Church.,
Pew in St. Stephans Church.
Also, one half of Pew No 3 in thesouth block of
St. Stephens Church.
Mrs. Lening's Estate-By order of Executors.
This morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the northwest corner of Filbert
and Juniper street.
Comprising two superior piano fortes one by
Sch'rr, the oilier by Swift, two superior mauograny
wardrobes, ladies' pier table, dressing buroaus with
swing mirrors, mahogany dining tables on oandards
plain do, mahogany enclosed washstands, poiai do,
bureaus, breakfast tables, fancy rush and ec're seat
chairs mahogany high post and French bedsteads,
low post and trndle do, curled hair mattrasses,feather
beds and being, ingrain carpeting, venitian and
stair carpeting, stair roas, superior entry oil cloth,
green baize, astral lamps, candlestics, china, cut
glassware, knives and forks, hat stand, together with
the usual assortment of kitchen furniture sad uten-
sils, one ofKisterbocks stoves, with apparatus; also,
one of Olmesteads Siamese stoves, a lot of Thelogi-
cal books, &c.
May he examined early oa the morning of sale.
On Friday morrang',
At 10 o'clock, at the auction store, a general assort-
ment of new and second hand household furniture,
Mahogany wardrobes, French brdstesds. dipeing
bureaus with marble tops, French 1.uiierih mrnr,,uany
chairs, elegant pedestal'pier table with mirror and
marble top. superior scroll sofa with figured hair cloth
and spring seat, plain do, bureaus of various styles,
card and end dining tables on pillars with scroll
feet, open and enclosed washstands, neat French oat-
tern rocking chair, ladies' workstands, Williard time-
piece, high post bedsteads, feather beds. mftttrasses,
straw palliases, bookcases with desks attached, side-
board, etc.
Piano Fortes.
Also, one second hand piano forte. 6 octaves, in
handsome mahogany case. and one of Chickering's
rose wood pianos, of superior tone and finishmetallic
plete, etc.
Also, 1 counting house double desk.
Horses, &c.
On Saturday morning,
At II o'clock, in front o0 the auction mart-
A sorrel horse yeors old, warrnted sound, kind
to single or double harness an excellent family horse
travels well free from tricks.
A handsome gray horse 9 years old, full six hands
high warranted sound and kiue in alljaarness, a fhat
traveller of good bottom, an excellent family harse.
was rai-ed by his present owner, and to be sold only
for want of usa.
A gray horse 6 years old, warronted sound, save
one eye, kind to single or double harness and a very
superior saddle horse for a lady or gentleman.
Farther particulars te-morrow

Sales by Auction

Bv T. W. L. l reeiran,
No. 50 North Sixth Street, near Arch.

Of Omnibusses, Sleighs, Horses, Harness, House-
hold Furniture, Siahles, StLeds, &e. at the a able
of John D Hester, near the Kensington Bank.
On Friday morning,
May 28th, at 10 o'clock, will positively be sold, to
the highest bidder, the entire stock of the above es-
tablishment, consisting of
14 horses, some of which are very valuable.
8 omrnibusses, five ot which are of a very superior
kind, and finished in the most elegant manner.
1 carryall and fincy dearborn.
1 York wagon.
Also, a large assortment of double and single har-
Large Sheds and Stables.
Also a large and superior stable, With shingle roof,
with an extensive shed.
Also, several articles of household furniture.
*lPurchasers are invited to examine the property
before the sale, and are assured that every article
will positively be sold.
On Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the auction store. No 50 north
Sixth street, below Arch, an assortment of handsome
household furniture.
Comprising mahogany sideboards, sofas,mahogany
washstanns; do hair seat chairs; do cane seat do: new
and second hand windsor do; mahogany bedsteads;
maple high field and low post do; superior leather
beds; a number of splendid hair mattresses; bedding
mahogany spring seat rocking chairs; brass spittons;
mahogany pillar and claw dining breakfast card and
other tables; mahogany lull and half column bureaus
mahogany counting house desks, mahogany and gilt
frame mantel, pier and other glasses, French plate
marble top washstanss, with other articles of furni-
Chamber Furniture.
Likewise, chamber furniture of every description,
comprising mahogany dressing bureaus and tables,
with marble tops and swinging mirrors; mahogany
French bedstead, maple high, held ond law post do;
several new and superior feather beds, bolsters and
pillows;hair mattresses, bedding, &c; handsome
rush and cane seat chairs, Boston rocking do, wind-
sore settees, marble top enclosed washstands, pi neI
mahogany do windsore do, chamber ware, ingrain
carpeting, andirons, shovel and tongs, handsome
mahogany wardrobes, do de bureaus, large size; p!ne
wardrobes, lowell stands, mahogany cradles.
Kitchen Furniture.
Alas, a large quantity of kitchen utensils, stoves,
knsver sndforks crockery and stone ware, pine tables
tcuboads, &c.
On Saturday morning,
At 12 o'clock, in front of the auction store, a num-
ber of handsome vehicles, viz-2 York wagons, 2
sulkeys, 3 gigs, 1 square body wagon, brass mounted
1 d o, plated mounted together with a quantity of
harness, &c.
On Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock, will be sold, at the auction store, a
number of new door and window frames.
Also, a very neat shower bath,suitable for a chanm-
Superior Fall Press, and Fire Proof Chest.
On Saturday morning.
At 10 o'clock, will be sold at the store previous to
the sale of furniture, a large and very superior Fall
Press; also, 4 fire proof chests of different dimen-
sions, and finished in a superior manner.
Algo, three very superior pianos, having all the
recent improvements, metallic plates, exita addition-
al keys, and first rate instruments. Can be examined
at any time previous.

By T. Birch, Jr.
No. 84 South Second Street.

This morning,
Af 10 o'clock, in the saloon of the Coffee House
Auction Store, will be sold by catalogue, a large and
elegant assortment, of superior French china.
Comprising t rich cream and gold border dinner
service, 1 barbeau and gold Land do do, 1 plain
barbean do do, several sets first quality plain white
French china do, of both oval ond octagnn form, also
richly gilt and painted tea and coffee services, plaint
gold band do do, plain white do do, rich gilt fruit
tiaskets, pitchers, covered dishesvery rich tete.a.tete
services, for two persons, rich porcelain iukstands,do
candlesticks, 1 very rich real iron stone china toilet
16 pieces, &c.
Elegant French Flower Vases.
Also, 12 pair very rich French porcelain vases
with flowers and shades, all different patterns, to be
sold without any reservation, by order ol the im-
Mantel and Asrral Lamps and Candelabras.
Also, salts and pairs of mantel lamps and canade.
labras, richly mounied,of a great variety of patterns
astral lamss with rich cut and plain shades, of every
descriptions, reading lamps, &c. The above will be
sold by order of tqe manufacturer, and every article
fully guaranteed.
Rich Cut Glass.
Also, setts of rich cut decantes, new patterns,
trait bowls, pitchers, claret flagons, celery glasses,
water bottles, preserve dishes, salts, champagnes,
clarets, hock lemonade, jelly and wine glasses, of the
most elegant patterns, very rich cut glass cake stand
24 doz tumblers, of the richest description, &c.
Plated Britannia Ware.
Also 15 setts of superior Britannia ware, ass'd
patterns, and of the first quality; Brittannia tea and
coffee.erns, silver mounted cake baskets, coffee urns
plated tea and coffee services, heavy silver mounted
revolving castors, butter tubs richly mounted,snuffers
and trays, 1 very rich heavy silver mounted 3 inch
tray, of the finest quality Sheffield plate with silver
shield; with an assortment of both oqlong and round
plated waiters, from 12 to 18 inch, played corkscrews
chamber and tablo candlesticks, branches, &c.
Japanned Ware, Table Cutlery, &c.
Also, 10 setts of flne English tea trays, a large
assortment of waiters in pairs and single, of of every
size and quality; japanned bread trays, fine ivory
balance handle knives in setts with and without
forks, buter knives silver handle and plated blade
fruit knives, fine French selves or strainers, oil cloth
lamp stands, new style French bronze candlesticks,
Scagliola Table Tops.
Pair elegant satgliola centre tables, 1 pair beauti-
ful medicin vases, dark alabaster several very rich
and elegant mantel clocks, &c.
The public is respect fully informed that every
article on the catalogue will be sold positively, and
will be sold in lots to suit purchasers.
The goods will be open for examination on Wed.
On Friday morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the auction store, will be sold, a
large assortment of superior cabinet furniture, com-
prising, viz:
1 large mahogany sideboard, 4 large and elegant
mahogany wardrobes. 6 superior spring seat s5 fas,
6 lsrgedressing bureaus,with marble to s; mahogany
spring seat rocking chairs, pier and centre table,
with marble tops; sofa or occasional table, with do;
enclosed and plain washstands, ladies' work tables,
bureaus, dining and card tables, mahogany and lan-
cy chairs, Boston rocking chairs, superior ingrain
carpets, mahogany high post and French bedsteads,
maple do, superior feather beds, hair maltrasees, &c.
Second hand Furniture.
Also, a quantity of 2d hand furniture, comprising
2 sofas; 1 secretary bookcase; pairdming tables; cen-
tre table; bedlitads; beds; mahogany chairs; Venetian
blinds, etc.

Sales by Auction

By ci iarsis & Blsphamns
No. 34 Smuth Front Street.

0lr We shall sell this afternoon at 4olock, at the
auction store, 23 bhhds Kentucky leaf tobacco, to
which we request theaittention of purchasers.
This afternoon,
At 4 o'clock, at the auction store, will be sold, 23
hhds very prime Kentucky tobacco, in olss to suit
On Friday morning.
At 11 o'clock at the auction store, will be sold a
general assortment of Groceries, consisting of
50 bags rio coffee, .
20 hhds Western Hams.
15 hhds Trinidad molasses.
20 do N Orleans do.
10 hhds N Orheans sugar.
200 boxes bunch raisins.
305 boxes cluster do.
25 boxes Tobacco.
20 qr casks Teneriffe wine,
50 do Sweet Malaga.
50 boxes sperm candles.
100 boxes Boston soap.
10 casks Black wine.
200 Bushels dried apples.
50S Bags African groundnuts.
10 caskalRice.
25 chests Y H tea.
20 half chests young hyson tea.
20 chests souchong do. .
40 bags Filberts.
100 boxes white canton sugar.
50 frails dates.
On Friday morning,
At 11 o'clock, at the auction store, will be, sold,
50 hhds prime western bacon, consisting of 'hams
sides and shoulders.
Also, 50 tons of chalk in lots to suit purchasers.
Also, 30 bbis and 20 hhds sugar house and West
I ndia molasses.
Stock of Wines.
Also, at the same time, will be sold a stock of
wines, of a wholesale grocery store, consisting of
port, maderma, series, teneriffe, sicily maderia, &c.
They are now arranged for examination.
Underwrwriters Sale of Tobacao.
On Friday morning,
At 10 o'clock precisely, at the tobacco warehouse
in Dock street, will be sold, for account of whom
it may concern, damaged on theivoysge Of importa-
tion 46 hhds Kentucky tobacco in lots to suit
Postponed on account of the weather.
On Monday morning,
At 11 o'clock at the auction store will be sold a
general assortmentof drugs, dyes, &c. consisting of
gum sheliac, Turkey opium, Alepeo nutgals, Prus-
sian blue, Chrome yellow, chamomile flowers.chrima
tragacatunlth, black and green paint,vial corks, pumice
stone, liquorice paste, sweet oil, English mustard,
flake manna, lavender water, oil anniseed. Casts,
brown soap, pimento, apothecaries glassware, &c.
At 11 o'clock, a't the auction store, will be sold, 50
cases Cassia 66 2-3 lbs.
Also, 20 cases en, .iu jars and tinctures.
A lso, Caraceas Indigo.
Also, 50 boxes and kegs chrome green, imported
frqm Loudan.
Aleo, 50 kegs Gaeen Paint in oil, 50 kegs black in
At 11 o'clock at the auction store will be sold 3
cases mace.
25 bales mixed horse hair. _
-- By amuelArbuikle,
N. W. corner of Tamany and Second Street.
This sale will comprise twelve different pioper-
ties and will commence at 8 o'clock precisely
punctual attendance is particularly requested.
To persons inclined to purchase at the sale of the
Real Estate of the late Jno Douglass, dec'd.
That portion of said estate which is situated on
the road leading from Grays Ferry to Chester, con-
tain 2 acres, j and 15 perches, with all the improve-
ments, and is a beautiful situation, but 3 miles from
Included in sale of Real Estate, to be held June
2d 1841, will be the estate ol John Douglass, Esq.,
The estate late of Mr Dillion deceased.
The estate late of William Kennedy deceased.
The estate late of Robert A. Patton, deceased.
Handbills ready in a few days.
Delaware 8th street property south of Noble street.
Mv sale of real estate foj June 2d, will embrace
among other desirable properties a neat and con-
venient frame dwelling and lotion the east side 6f
8th street south of Noble street containing in front
30 feet and in depth 134 feet clear of all incumbran-
To Families who are about to Decline House-
Samuel Arbuckle respectfully informs families
who are about to decline housekeeping, and others,
and who may wish their furniture disposed of, that
he in every instance will pay strict personal attend.
tion to their sales, on re isonable terms.
Sales of horses vehicles, harness, etc. will be
held regularly for the residue of the season, in front
of the auction mart, on Tamany street evdry Wed-
nesday and Saturday mornings, commencingat 10
Sale of
This morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the southeast corner of Franklin
and Wallace street, between Green and Coates
streets, and 7th arid 8th streets, will be sold the neat
fixtures of a retail grocery store, consisting of cases,
drawers, fancy tea caddies, molasses and vinegar
-ltsud,. Ir.t'" and small oil cans, coffee and sugar
ri,,n,, -'il stoves ansi pipes, 3 setta of brass beams
scales and weights, flower scales, chess corner
glss front, tin buckets, 2 pumps, 1 cellar rope 1
awning, measures and funnsls, oil strainers, a lot of
brooms, brushes and earthenware, 1 wheelbarrow,
NB-The sore and dwelling to let, possession
given immediately.
Received from Private Families.
Dn Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock, at 10 o'clock, at the auction store,
will be sold, a large assortment of household furni-
tsrereceived from private families, comprising su-
perior mahogany sideboards, with marble tops; splen-
did sofas covered with figur'd lhair seating; do rock-
ung chairs; gilt frame mantel and pier glasses; maho-
gany frame do; fancy cane and rush-seat chairs; in-
grain parlor carpets, Venitian stair and entry do;Ve-
nitian blinds; superior mahogany dining, card and
breakfast tables; French pattern mahogany chairs;
astral lamps, pier glasses, settees, windsor chairs,
domestic carpeting, glass ware, erockery, dining ta-
bhis, end tables centre tables, marble tops; pier ta-
bles, chamber chairs, brass stair rods, washstands,
candle stands, dressing bureaus, with swing mirror,
marble lop; plain mahogany chamber bureaus, high
post, field and low post bedsteads; superior feather
beds, an assnrtment of bedding, curl'd hair mattass-
es. basons, etc. etc. with the usual kitchen furniture,
stoves, etc.
On Saturday morning,
At 10 o'clock, at the auction stnre, will be sold, a
superior turning lathe, with frame, in complete

blinds, looking glosses, plate warmer, china, Liver-
pool and crockery ware; mantel lamps, hanging do,
with numerous other articles of furniture, including
a quantity of kitchen furniture.
Tin Plate and other Stoves.
Also, several excellent stoves.
Also, a number of school desks and benches.
Also, 6 superior chairs. French pattern.
Mocking Bird and Cage.
Also, a male mocking bird and cage. said to be an.
excellent singer.
Splendid Roses, Grape Vines in pots&c.
By order of J. L. Dolittle, Auctioneer.,
On Friday morning,
At 10 o'clock at the auction store, No. 47 south
8th street will be sold a large collection of plants,
comprising roses, grape vines in pois, verbenas,
geraniums, annagillus, myrtle., with a large variety
of others.
Black and white Hamburg Grape Vines.
Also several block and white Hamburg grape
vines, also several large lemon trees.

Sale by Auctiot

if nt. 'lrownfai asnal odf,
No. 106 Chestnut Street.
Sale on the Premiree, Real Estate and Furniture.
The superior private Oresidence No 148 south
Second street with large garden. &e., to be sold to
day at 12 o'clock, on theipremiaees may be examined
from 9 to 12 o'clock.
Kr The furniture will be sold at 11 o'clock.
Sale of Horses &c., Fostponed.
The sale of horses and carriages. at woods & Cos.
stables was postponed till to day, it will take place
this morning, at 11 o'clock precisely they may be e.x-
amined from eight o'clock to that hour.
Thursday, Furniture antd real estate, at No 148
south Second street.
Sale on the Premises
This morning,
At 11 o'clock, at No. 148 south second street, be.
tween Walnut and Spruce streets, will be sold part
of the furniture of a gentleman removed.
Comprising a superior sideboard with marble slab
and mirror, set of parlour window curtains with
ornaments, pair of bronze hand liars, dining and
card tables, pair of gilt bracelets, mahogany hair seat
rocking chairs, fire serene, brussels carpet, large
plated coffee urn. pier table marble slab, alabaster
ornaments,mahogany high post bedsteads and feather
bed, dining room oil cloth, a spanish chair, a chinese
chair, 2 entry lamps, a tin plate stove with pipe and
drum, kitchen stove, andirons, shovels and tongs
fenidors, &v.
Also, a lot of empty bottles, wine casks, 4c.
Sale of the House.
The real estate will be sold precisely at 12 o'clock
It is a very superior built house with large garden,
Full particulars will be given in handbil Is.
(By Postponement.)
This morning,
At 11 o'clock, at Woods & Co. stables, No 621
north Third street, a pair of superior bay carriage
horses, about 19 hands high, warranted sound and
kind in harness, 7 yen old, good travellers-the pro-
perty of a private gentleman.
May be examined an day previous to sale.
Also, a pair of young grey horses, warranted sound
and kind in harness.
Also, a pair of fine black horses, about 151 hands
high, 6 yeajs old, warranted sound, and kind in har-
A pair of high bred fine sorrel horses, full brothers
by Duroc. 4 and 6 years old, warranted sound and
kind in harness; one of them is a very superior horsr,-
and can trot a mile under four minutes with ease.
A very elegant gray horse of superior action, 7
years old, warranted sound and kind in harness, un-
commonly well broke, andan excellent family horsne,
sire the celebrated full blooded Fagdown
A dark bay horse of good action, 6 years old, a
good saddle horse, warranted sound and kind in har-
A gray horse, very gentle and of great power, 6
years old, warranted sound and kind in harness, an
excellent draught hotse.
The above horses have just arrived in the city,and
now first offered for sal.--will be warranted as rep-
Carriages, Harness, &c.
Also, a very handsome light, square bodied wagon,
Philadelphia make, finished in a superior manner,
with glasses in the doors, etc. and a handsome set of
brass mounted double harness for the same, made by
Also, a York wagon, fitted with shafts and pole for
one or two homrses.
Also, a plain two horse carriage, suitable for a
A very neat Phaeton, in complete order for one or
two horses.
On Tuesday morning,
June e1st. at .10 o'clock, at the northwest corner of
Spruce and Schuylkill 7th street, the superior and
well kept furniture.
Particnlars to-morrow.
CARD.-We shall hold a sale ot Real Estate on
Tuesday, June 9th.
Sale in Girard Row, Chesnut Street.
Large Mirrors, Chandeliers, Silver Plate. &a. &e.
We shall sell shortly at No 329 Chesnut street, the
superior furniture of a gentleman removing from the
city, comprising fine French mantel and pier mirrors,
chandeliers, silver plate, &c.
Particulars in a few days.
A large amount of valuable city and country
CARD.-Persons wishing to dispose of their furni
lure without holding sales at their dwellings, can do
so by sending it to the auction rooms.
CASH ADVANCE O-Liberal advances will be made
on consignments of new and second-hand furniture
when desired.
&c. &c.
M Thomas & Son have made an arrangement with
Messrs Woods & Co. (the sons and successors of tke
late Daniel Woods,) for holding regular sales every
WEDNESDAY. at their well known Stables, No
261 North Third street, back of Nos 135 and 137
Market street. There are ample accommodatipna
for horses, vehicles, harness, &., and a large yard
for showing them in at the time of sale.
By E. T. Will,
No. 47 south Eighth street, a few dr. bet.w
Chesnut street.

Attention is invited to thesale of household furni-
ture, Piano &c, this morning at 10 o'clock, at the
auction store 47 south 8th street.
Families relinquishing housekeeping, and not
wishing to hold public sales at their dwellings, can
have their furniture casefully removed to the auction
store, and sold on the regular sale days to the best
advantage. The proceeds can be obtained on the
afternoon of the day of sale, or if de ired, cash to
nearly the value of ihe pWperty may be had in
anticipation of the sale.
To Private Families.
Families wishing to dispose ef surplus articles of
household furniture can have them kept st private
sale for any length of lime. Good oare will be taken
of every article sent to the store whether for private
or public sale.
N B--Constantly on hand an assortment of new
and second hand furniture at private sale.
Furniture Sales at the Auction Store.
Public sales of Household Furniture at the auctian
store every Tuesday and Thursday morning. In-
cluded in these sales will be found a large assort-
nent of second hand furniture received from private
To House-keepers and Others.
y3~ All families breaking up heusbkeeping and
wishing to dispose of their goods, will be punctually
attended to by sending their addresses to the auction
Furniture Sale at Dwelling Houses.
CARD.-Fujniture sales attended to at the private
dwellings of the owners on moderate terms.
To Executors, Administrators, &c.,
CARD.-Public sales effected on Real Estate and
Ilousehold Furniture of every description, for Ex-
ecutors. Administrators, Assignees. or others.
This morning,
At 10 o'clock at the auction store, will be sold, an
assortment of handsome new and second hand house-
hold furniture, consisting of-Handsome mahogany
spring seat sofa, pair dofig'd seating; new style ladies
dressing bureau, handsome centre table with Egyp-
tian marble top, pair of mahogany card tables, mahog
washsiands, painted do, hgh post beadsteads, a num-
ber of low post bedsteads with sackings complete,
mahogany rocking chairs, rush and scroll seat do,
cane seat do, different patterns, double venetain

Piano Forte.
Also, one 2d hand piano forte, etc.
Ingrain Carpets, Matting, &n.
Also, several rolls new ingrain carpets,
-air ec



'.-. --- -- -- -a on rg ouig ou ar iSa vaictg*, uscauigis,
was destroyed by fire on the 11th instant, to-
E'fther w ith the books and apparatus, both che-
naical and philosophical. It is believed to have
beun the work ofan incendiary.

_.___._..... .. ..... ....__. .. .. TENNEssEE.-Thoa. J. Campbell,(whig)has
THrie PENNS TLVANIAN been elected in the fourth Congressional dis-
, .................. __......... ..... trict of the state, instead of J. W Black-
PUBTLISHEID BY wells, kdcni.) as stated in the list of mein-
MI I PPLIN & PARLRT, cers published in our paper of yesterday.
uAILY PAPER-KEight Dollars perannum. DAILY NEWS.
lIRHEE TIMES A WEEK--5 dollars per annum; COUNTY BOARD.
Payable Aalf Cearby, in adeonce.,
nsc'rto aleo'I'half ya M rin ta received at The County Board met yesterday morning at
SUBSaCRIPTION TW THBIR MONTH111 received at .. ,
the same rate. the County Commissioners' Office, for the purpose
of fixing the county rates, levies, &c.
ADVERTISEMIENTS inserted oa the most re.a BENJAMIN CRISPIN, Esq., was appointed
soitable terms.
,< Y-s f't 1 ING neatly executed at this nffire. Chairman.
Present-Messrs. Bonsall, Brown, Crabb, Cris-
Demoeratic Nomlnatlon pin, Crousillat, Felton, Gratz, Hinchman, Law,
FOR GOVERNOR, Myer, McCully, Painter, Penniman, Rush, Scott,
D AI V I D it. t Ou IT E mith, Sayder, and Spackman.
==-* --=- ... ..... The statement of the County Commissionetrs'
PHIL iJELPHIA was presented, exhibiting the several items of lia-
Wednestlay, MaY 26, 1841. abilities for the year 1841, being for courts, prisons
= _=-=7.....- offices and officers, elections, &c, &c., $534,300
CORRESPONDENCE WITH COMMODOREa STEW- tOn account of damages for opening roads, streets
ART.-We publish in another column the cor- &e. $58,530 31-making altogether the sum of
respondence Letween the "Old Ironsides i $592,920,31. The amount ofrates on which the
Club" of Philadelphia, and Commodore Stew- per centum is to be levied is $52,000,000, which
art, in reference to his nomination as a candi- was referred to tree special committees, with the
date for the Presidency. It will be seen that view of ascertaining whether a educationn in the
the Commodore gives a frank exposition of his amount of expenditures cannot be effected, and to
political principles, and avows himself a dem- report upon it at next meeting.
ocrat of the Jefferson school. We commend Messrs, Spackman, Penniman, Scott. Gratz and
the correspondence to our readers, without ex- Snyder, were appointed a committee in reference
pressing any opinion on the question, mnooted to a free bridge over the Schuylkill at Callowhill
by some of our editorial brethren, of the pro- street.
priety or impropriety of the nomination, or any Messrs. McCully, Crousillat, and Myer, were
nomination of a candidate for the Prersidency appointed a committee to confer with the directors
at this time. Wears willing thatany candidate of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore
shall be started-the more the better-and Rail toad Company, upon the subject of making
when the time comes and a selection is made of the bridge over the river Schuylkill at Gray's PFer-
one of them by the democratic party. We and ryrce.
all others, we trust, will give him an hearty ry, fe. g ^ e
all others, we trust, will give him an hearty 'he Board then resolved to meet again on Wed-
snpport. But until that election shall be neaday, June 2, at to o'clock. Adjourned-
made, it is the right fall to be heard-and

we trust that all will so feel and act.

THE RIGHT OF SUFFRAAie.-Werecently en:
deavored to show the injustice and unreasona-
bleness of the doctrine of the "Native Ameri-
nan Associations," and of those of kindred
feelings, who woulil cause a man to forfeit his
political rights, altogether, or for a long peri-
od, by removing from the country or district of
his birth. The observations before made had
reference principally to the individuals them-
selves, who might be so disfranchised. We
propose now to add some remarks on the gen-
eral tende'.icy of the system, -and the motives
which induce some to advocate it.
As those who enjoy hereditary wealth are
under no necessity, and generally do not find
sufficient inducement, to cause them to mi-
grate from the neighborhood of their nativity,
while the poor and the industrious are obliged
to migrate, either because of over population,
or the varying circumstances which make em-
ployment at one time more abundant and at
another more scarce than usual, in each partic-
ular place,-it follows, as we all know, that
the poor and industrious change their plee of
residence more frequently than the wealthy and
the idle. Consequently the introduction of re-
strictions, such as twe have referred to, tends
to increase the political power of the idle and
wealthy class, and diminish that of the mass.
Therefore, those who are under the mista-
ken notion that it is dangerous to give to every
portion of the community equal rights, and
equal participation in government, leaving to
wealth and learning only all the immense nat-
ural influence which they possess, without the
superadded weight of artificial distingtions-
those who think this is dangerous, are always
disposed to place emigrants under constitution-
al disabilities. It is natural for aristocracy to
do this. What should be the course of an en-
lightened democracy?
It should be a steady adherence to the max-
im whose truth is proved by all experience,
that the only security for the protection and de-
fence of the rights and interest of all classes
alike, the only guarantee that the wealth of
the rich and the liberty and equal rights of the
poor will be alike cherished by the laws, is to
be found in giving to all, whether emigrants or
natives, an equal voice in the government:-
that to destroy this, is to destroy the balance
which nature has established, and to comn-
mence a system of prerogative, which, when
it has taken root, will be likely to extend itself
till it reduces the mass to the miserable condi-
tion of substantial if not nominal slavery.

THE TARIFF -The question of the revision
of the Tariff it seems is to be agitated at the
approaching session of Congress. One of the
reasons for this course is that the government
will be short of money to meet its elpenses.-
This is highly probable, but it would not be so
if tie administration were to adopt that system
of rigid retrenchments which the whigs profes-
sed to advocate before the presidential election
We presume, however, that no one now sus-
pects them of an intention of carrying intoeffect
thies intimations which they then gave out.
Another motive for the revision of the tariff,
is the adherence of many to the doctrine of se-
curing the prosperity of the people by restric-
tions on trade. This doctrine has been gradu-
ally losing ground, for some years past
throughout the civilized world. It is therefore
not very likely to be re-established in the Uni-
ted States. Indeed the advocates of a high
tariff generally admit that free trade is the true
policy of the whole world, and they only pro-
pose restrictions .to counteract the restrictions
of other nations. If this be the object, such re-
strictions should not be enacted as permanent,
but only to endure in reference to each nation
until such nation shall relax its system in ref-
erence to the admission of our products.
In case any change shall be made, we pre.
sime that the one which would best satisfy all
classes and men of all views, would be to pro-
vide by law that the duties upon all the pro-
ducts of any nation should be as high as the
highest which that nation should impose on
atny of our products, and should be reduced as
those were reduced; the carrying out of the
system being left to the Secretary of the Trea-
sury, or to a board selected for the purpose.-
Thus the United States would offer an exam-
ple of a disposition to reciprocity in freedom of
trade, which would be likely not only greatly
to benefit ourselves, but to lead the way to a
more liberal course amoug nations in general.

The gentlemen recently appointed by the
Court of Quarter Sessions as appraisers of the
abutneute and property adjoining, for the site
of a free bridge over the Schuylkill near Fair-
mount, have I aided twenty-one thousand
dollars for the whole ol'saiid property including
the abutments, the whole of which property to
be used solely for the bridge atnd the conveni-
ence and safety of the public.

WORKS or LORD BoLtIeoiBOKE.-Messrs.
Carey & Hart have just issued a most valua-
ble contribution to our literture,in a complete
edition of the works of that distinguished au-
thor and statesman, Henry St. John, 4lord
Viscount Bolingbroke. The work is prefaced
by a life of the author, containing much infor-
mation relative to his personal and public
character, with extracts from his correpbnd.-
ence, and prepared expressly for the American
edition, the groundwork being Goldsmith's
sketch, and filled up with materials drawn from
'various authentic sources.
The work is in four octavo volumes, beauti-
fully printed on fine paper, and embellished
with an engraving from Kneller's .portrait of
the author; and the binding, by J. G. Russell,
is in admirable style--riet and yet chaste in
the extreme. The whole book is highly credi-
table to the liberal publishers, and will form a
valuable addition to the library, both from the
quality of its contents and the beautiful form
in which they are presented.

"The Bank and Revenue Bill," passed at
the late session of our Legiaslatire, may be
had in a neat ,pamphlet form, at the office of
the American Sentinel, 36 Walnut street.

On Monday at noon, the thermometer at M'.
Alliater'as, Cheanut street, was at 86 degrees.
Tuis4y *it te ane3 )ena| 87 de

PEsNsSLVANiA BIBLE SoctiTr.-On Monday
evening a very interesting meeting was held at
the Rev. M. Barnes's church, on the occasion of
the 334 Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Bible So-
ciety. Addresses were several Reverend
gentlemen. From the reports made it appears that
within the last thirty-seven years, twenty one
millions of bibles have been distributed. That the
British and Foreign Bible Society, the first in the
world, was organized in 1804. The Pennsylvania
Bible Society, the first in America was organized
in 1808. Forty thousand destitute families in
Pennsylvania werd supplied with bibles in 18?7
and 1830. Twenty.lhree thousand bibles and tes-
taments have been circulated during the last year.
and that two hundred and eighty seven thousand
volumes have been distributed since the organiza-
tion of the Pennsylvania Bible Society. The whole
of the proceedings were of a very interesting char-

Tas AMiSTar AvarCAis.-'These individuals
were yesterday afternoon at the Nazareth Metho-
dist Church, in l3lih *treet near Race, and the
ceremonies were interesting and impressive.

AmEIatcAN S nDAY ScaHQOL UsNior.-The 17th
anniversary of the Union, was held yesterday af-
ternoon, ar the Rev Mr Barnes' Church. Several
clergymen delivered addresses which were listened
to by a large congregation.

GENERAL AssMs.rLY.--The general assembly of
the Presbyterian Church is still in session at the
Church in Ranatead Place, South Fourth street.
Yesterday the accounts and reports of the Board
of foreign missions were presented and adopted.-
Several excellent addresses were made on the oc-
casion by the Rev. Drs. Herron, Dewitt, Mr.
Smith and Harrison.

CoURT OF GENERAL SzsSItoNs.-Yesterday, in this
Court, but little was done.
The trial ol Brooks alias Quadrille, charged with
swindling, was ordered fur Moiday nazt.
In the case of Thomas F Treagel, colored, indict-
ed for murder, a jury was empunnelled,and the trial
put off until Wednesday, June 2d.
Dr lldridge's case is still on.

CASK OF STABBaIN --Charles McCalvey, a young
man, was stabbed seriously in the back on Monday
by another named Stull. in Callowhill street near
2d. McCalvey is considered dangerously wounded.

ANOTHER -Yesterday morning a colored woman
named Mary Gibbs, was committed by the Mayor
for stabbing a woman, in a fight the night before, in
St. Mary street. The wounded woman was taken to
the Hospital, with slight hopes of her recovery.

Boy DROWNED -Qn Monday afternoon a small lad
was drowned in the Schuylkill near Fairmouni-
name not learned.

THE AMtiTran AraicAx MEETISN.-The Ami-
stad Africans arrived from New York on Monday
afternoon, and excited no little attention. Some
of them are very finely built, and possess great
physical strength. Cinque, however, is evidently
the master-spirit. The history of this African is
quite extraordinary, and aie is said to be regarded
by the others with much interest and affection.-
These negroes have all been at Farmington, Con-
necticut, acquiring as rapidly as possible, a know
ledge of the English tongue, also the rbdiments
of an English education. Some of them are quite
proficient, and can hold a tolerable conversation in
the language of this country. The meeting was
one of considerable interest. Cinque is describ-
ed to have a wife and three children in Africa.-
,He was a planter of rice, and lived in a large
town in the Meadi country. He was eized by
four men, carried down to the coast, and sold to a
Spaniard. Several of the blacks are able to read
passages in the bible, and bavy manifested the
greatest interest in the progress of being educat-
ed. They express themselves as deeply grateful
for the kindness that has been shown them, and
give animated and interesting accounts of the
scenes on board the Amistad. The exercises of
the evncuing were appropriate. and well calculated
to excite a lively interest in the fate of the liberat-
ed captives.
Among the most remarkable, we may mention
singing, both in Engli.h andi Mendi. Kinna de-
livered an address in English, and contrived to
make himself understood; and Cinque addressed
the mneeling in his native tongue. [Inq.

The Rev. Dr Bethmne and lady left this city
on Monday, in the brig Oriole, for the Mediter-
Mrs. B. has long been anr invalid; and Dr. B.
has suffered severely and continually ever since
the funeral ceremonies in honor of President Har-
rison. Thousands of hearts will echo the expres-
sion of our hearty wishes, that the voyage may
prove beneficial to both the invalids. [U.'S. Gaz.

A letter from Capt Beall in the St Augustine
Herald of the 14th, gives the particulars of his pur.
suit of, and killing one of the party of Indians who
murdered the expresajrider between Fort Brooke
and Fort Clinch, on th 28th ult.
"I found the body of the rider about 27 miles
from Fort Brooke, with the head and arms severed
therefrom, and burnt; the mail entirely destroyed,
wtnh the exception of two private letters; several
copies of the new regulation for the Army, with
the leaves cot out and scattered about; the woods
for about a mile burnt in order to conceal tOe trail
-whichl I am happy to state they did noteffect.-
254 Indians and negroes will be shipped for A rkan-
sas to-morrow. The General is in good spirits. Up-
wards of two hundred men are sick of Col. Daven-
port's cliomaiod atlhSarasoita. The General has or-
deredl to post to be broken up, and the regiment
will go to thekKey near Cedar IXeys."
By a letter from Newmansville we learn that
about 100 head o( cattle, belonging to Mr Dell0tlad
been driven off the Big Prairie by the Indians re-
A letter from Micanopy states that two express
riders had been killed, Thus it seems that the
"little" war has commenced again with -vigor."

Distressing Accident and DeatA.-Mr. Nathan
N. Beers, a carpenter, while engaged in repairing
the roof of a house in the upper part of the city,
this morning, lost his foothold, and was precipita.
ted to the earth from a three story height, fractu-
ring his skull and breaking both his arms in the
fall. so at to kill him on the spot. He was an in-
dustrious citizen, atid has left a family to lament
t his unfortunate faste.-[N.Haven Herald, May 19.

I MsIatcCoLY.--A daughter of B. Newton esq..
at Palmyra, Wayne county, aged nine years, was
burned to dealh on the 8th inst. While leaning
her head upon a table on which was a lighted can-
die, she fell asleep and her sleeve took fire from
the blaze. Before she could be believed from her
barnig *$tbe$ wb ?at *tWW" ,

= + i Illllll l II I II

long life devoted to the national defence
and glory of your country, have placed
your name before the nation as a candidate for
the noblest position within the reach of human
ambition-that of the Chief Magistracy of a
great and a free people.
It is not the province of the undersigned here
to discuss your civil qualifications for the im-
portant post for which you have thus been no-
minated under every duty that it enjoins, or
your claim to the title of the first naval states-
man and heri of the age; in proof of the former
we refer with confidence to the pages of our
nation's history, and of the latter to our coun-
try's enemies. Ours, sir, is the duty of inform-
ing you of the movement thus made by your
political and personal friends in the county of
your nativity, and to enquire of you whether
you will allow them, in conjunction with your
democratic fellow-citizens throughout the
Union, to present your name on behalf of the
people you have periled your life in defending,
to a democratic national convention for its ad-
The undersigned have also been instructed
to obtain an expression of yaur opinion of tohse
democratic principles which have distinguish-
.ed the party of the people since the days of the
great apostle of democracy, in order that the
people of the Union may be satisfied that you
are, as you ever have been, the firm, devoted,
and consistent friend of equal rights, equal
legislation, religious, civil and political lib-
In conclusion, the undersigned beg leave to
offer you the assurance of friendship and re-
spect, and are your fellow-citizens-
Phila. Mayl7, 1841.

PHILADELPHIA, May 22d 1841,
GENTLEMN-I have had the honor to receive
your communication aA a Committee of the
"Old Ironsides Club of the City and County
of Philadelphia," accompanied by their reso-
lutions passed at their stated meeting held on
the 15tth inst.
In your communication you remark that "the
Association being composed of a large number
of the Democratic citizens of the city and
county of Philadelphia, entertaining the fullest
confidence in my patriotism and mental endow-
ments,as well as my honest and consistent at-
tachment to the,pure fundamental principles
fo the democratic faith, as promulgated by
that great disciple of liberty,Thomas Jefferson,
and perpetuated by Andrew Jackson, have
placed my name before the nation as a candi-
date for the Chief Magistracy of a free and a
great people," and you ask whether I will "al-
low them in conjunction wtth my de nocratic
fellow-citizens throughout the Union, to pre-
sent my name to the people for their adoption
through a Democratic National Convention;"
and further, that "you are instructed to obtain
my views of the great democratic principles
which have distinguished the party of the
people since the days of 'the great Apostle of
Democracy,' in order that the people of the
Union may be satisfied that I am as I ever
have been, the firm, consistent and devoted
friend of equal laws, equal rights, political,
civil and religious liberty."
For this distinguished preference of my fel-
low,citizens of the city and county of my nati-
vity, I beg leave o return, throug'i you, their
committee, my sincere and grateful thanks,and
to express to them a hope that before the period
shall arrive for the assembling of a Democratic
National Convention, our fellow-citizens may
be enabled to present a name more worthy of
this high distinction, which may so readily be
found in the great and patriotic democratic
family of our Union.
That the resolutions of the club which you
represent may be fully 'tomnplied with, I have
'no hesitation frankly to state that should our
fellow-citizens deem it proper to present, my
name in the manner they propose, though I nei-
ther seek nor desire it, I have no right to with-
hold it. For although I am filled with the
jst profound owl 9( wy own tfimis

lish upon a sure and solid foundation the nrp-it.
est republic among the nations of the earth.
"To cherish a liberal commercial intercourse
with other nations, without involving ourselves
in entangling alliances with any," to dojustice
to others and rigidly exact it in turn, are also
among the prominent obligations of the federal
govern entl.
It is a fixed principle in our Government
which cannot be too faithfully adhered to in
practice, nor too often repeated, that it was in-
stituted to promote the welfare of the people;
that those who make, and those who carry into
effect the laws, are but their agents; and that
to generate any distinct interests between the
people and their government is incompatible
with this principle, and was never contemplated
by the framers of the Constitution.
A perfect tolerance of political opinion, and
freedom in the exercise of the elective fran-
chise, are indispensable; for a government
based on public opinion becomes impaired
when intolerance and a lawless control of the
right of suffrage withdraw from it that support!
and we should bear in mind, that while under
the imperative democratic principle, the will
of the -najority is to prevail in all cases, yet,
that "the minority possess rights, to violate
which would be oppression."
Opposition to political measures should ra-
ther be invited than deprecated; for, in laudable
opposition there may be found security from
error; nor should it be forgotten, that "every
difference of opinion is not a difference of prin-
ciple," and that, as citizens of the same Repub-
lic, we are all equally interested in the honor,
welfare and happiness of our common coun-
It may be affirmed as an incontestible truth,
that the tendency of corporate bodies and asso-
ciated wealth is inimical to the liberty, as it is
destructive of the equality of the people; and
the authority to create them was wisely with-
held from the General Government by the
States. Should this view be considered as too
forcibly stated, my answer is plain and direct:
the doctrine has been proved sound by expe-
rience, and has received the assent of the De-
mocratic party. If it be erroneous, the respon-
sibility of its maintenance is shared by a Jef-
ferson and a Madison, with a Snyder and a
Since the adoption of our present form of Go-
vernment, questions of importance have arisen,
upon which different portions of our fellow-ci-
tizens have taken issue. Some of these ques-
tions will probably never be revived. Should oc-
casion arisewhen important ones maybe presen-
ed, which would turn on a doubtful construc-
tion of the constitution, you may rest assured
that my convictions of right would be based
upon the only true and safe foundation-that of
the Jeffersonian school.
If the views .here set forth of the principles
of Democracy, under our constitution, and
which embrace perhaps the largest portion
of our national policy, prove satisfactory to
you, I cannot but feel proud that they have un-
dergone in meno change or diminution ; but.
on the contrary, they have been confirmed and
strengthened by tbe many opportunities I have
had of observing foreign rule, utinder different
forms of government, as well as the happy po-
sition of our country under the doctrines of our
Declaration of Independence, which have V
fully proved to us that man is not incapable of
For the flattering manner in which you have
been pleased to express yourselves, in relation
,to any of mny public services, I pray you toac-
cept my thanks. In giving assurance that
whatever I may have done for my country, by
fighting her battles or otherwise, has not been
un.obserred.y u convey to me, the most grateful
reward I could receive-the approbation of my
Accept, gentlemen, for yourselves and the as-
sociation you represent, the assurances of the
respectful esteem with which I have the honor
to be your obliged servant and fellow citizen,
Messrs. Stephen B. Kingston, Daniel Smith,
George F. Lshmari, Richard Vaux, John W.
Ryan-Oommittee on the part of the 6Old
Ironsides Club of the city and county of Phi-

Malkgi.' ri, a n gi.0fgs'e Uf $18,976,54
At a meeting or ithi President and Directors of
the Bank, they have authorized a rewavittf Ten
Thousand Dollars. That is to aay, $5000 dil
lars will be paid for the recovery of the mon-
ey, or in proportion for whatever part of the
whole sum may be recovered, and 10,000 for the
recovery of the money and the apprehension of
the robber.

zette of Wednesday furnishes some further particu-
lars of the late awful calamity in that city, of
which we gave an account yesterday. It has
proved more disastrous than it was represented to
be at the time. The following list of persons
known to have been in the houses at the time of
tlhe calamity, it is feared is yet incomplete:
Williams' House.-Mrs. Williams and two
children, dead; Jane Crawford and Ellen Reid,
dead; Miss Williams and sister, uninjured.
Power's House.-Mr and Mrs Power, and two
children, uninjured; Mrs Hayes, do; Patrick
Hayes, child, dead.
Consedine's House.-John Consedine, dead;
Joseph Cunsedine, not found; Peter, Mary and
Michael Consedine, children, injuredi Mary Ry-
all, injured.
Connors' House.-Mrs Connors and daughter,
dead; Mrs Gallagher, dead; Dominickt Gualey,
dead; Patrick Doherty, dead; Robert McKibbon,
Policeman, dead; John Fisher, dead; Eli Mc-
Guire, not found; Mrs Connors' niece, not found.
Gaulin's House.-Mr. Gaulin, dead; Mrs. Gau-
lin, injured; Miss Gaulin, dead; Mr. Gaulin's child,
dead; Geoige Jones, do; Mrs. Jones and child, do;
Lucie Labadie, do; Leon Leonnias, do; D. Fitz-
patrick, do; Henri Cote, do; Julie St Laurent, not
Young's honse.-Mrs. Young, dead.
O'Sulliven.s bouse.-Ann Sullivan, injured;
Mrs. McCluskie,not found; Mis. McCluskie's in-
fant, uninjured.
Roy'l house -All the family, five in number
not injured. Angele Guilmet, injured.
Dead 26, saved 22, not found 6.
A funeral procession of 17 bodies proceeded
finom the lower town church to the Roman Cath-
olic cathedral this morning, proceeded by a nu-
merous body of the clergy, and followed by a great
concourse of people. A solemn funeral service
was performed for these lamented victims of the
late accident.

At a meeting of the democratic citizens of the 4th
ward. Kensington, held'at the house of Frederick
Maul, on Monlay. the 24th inst. for the purpose of
iuominating a suitable condiddate for Commissioner,
to be supported at the ensuing election, Thomas H
Britton was unanimously placed on nomination.
On motion, Resolved, That each individual pledge
himself to use all honorable means to secure theelec-
tion of the person so nominated.
On motion, the proceedings be published.
PETER DEAL, President.
Peter Rambo, Secretaries.
Wm Faunce,

To-night the performances at this theatre will com-
mence with the opera of Love Liughs at Lock-
smiths; after which, the vaudeville of Avarice-the
ltughable farce of the Bunch of Greens, or the
Smoker Miser. There will also rA a variety of sing-
ing and dancir.g-the entertainments of the evening
are for the benefit of that drollest of all actors, Had-

May 25$.
6 she Farm & Mech bk
14 do Mechanics Bk cash
48 do Girard bk
50do Wilmingtlon RR

After First Board.
230 she U S Bk
2duo do
25 do dq cash
6 do Philadelphie Bk
67 doGirard Bk
40 do do cash
50 she Wilmington RR
1$3000 City Gas 663
$300 Lehigh 645
25 ashs U S Bank

OK Rs.

21 100
76J 100
29 50
317 50


1900 shs U S bk 18 18
220 do Del & Hudson canal 971 98
100 do Vicksburg Bk 5 S
100 do N J tR f Tramls Co 8 82
10 do Syracuse and Utica RR 134
460 do Mohawtk RR 70 80
2,50 do Patterson RR 53 53
215 do Harlem RR 28 281
2 d do Lung Ilaud RR 3i

mI. M TT;Sm ChR .ol ^ -t T T I.. .nrn A p ^vrlrt.i.

OLD IRONSIDES CLIUB. for the exalted station which has been adorned GINERAL Ass xarn.T oF THR PRsxavrTIt.w
Pursuant to public notice a special meeting by names so illustrious, I also conceive that CHURcH OF TUE UNITEDn STATES.
of the Club, was held on the 24th instant, itis not the~part of patriotism to shun any du- AMonday May 24,1841.
at the Head Quarters,corner of Sixth and Car- ty which nay be required by my fellow-citi- The Assembly met and opened with prayer as
t corner uual. The Committee on Bills and Overtures re-
penter streets. The meeting was large, spirit- i'es. u o a naval n ported in reference to papers referred to it upon
ed arid enthusiastic ; the spacious room i Theo circumscribod position of a naval com- the subject of Slavery, with a recommendation to
ed atid enthusiastic ; the spacious reurohmootos hopesne rtniuh
which it was held, was filled to overflowing. lander affords but few occasions for the de- return them to those who presented then. The
which commit w as held, was fillnted to ad overflowing velopement of his political principles or senti- Kev. Mr. Steel called for the reading of them,
he commodoittee appointed to addrering hinss a letter to ments. Born in the city of Philadelphia during which was objected to by thc Rev. Mr. Shauss,
tCommodore and ojStewart, informing hi of the Club, an asking an -. the height of the arduous struggle for Indepen- whereupon the Moderator stated that as the whole
ure and object ofth Club, and asking an ex- dence, contemporaneously with somany glori- subject had been indefinitely postponed by a vote
pression of his political sentiments, submitted
the annexed correspondence. The clear, able o events, I could not but,with the firstdawn-of the Assembly, it was out of order toh call form-
The cearablethe reediug, and th i recommendation of the corn-1
and dignified letter of the gallant Commodore ing of life, inhale those principles of republi- mitree to return the papers was adopted.
was received with reiterated bursts ofaapplausn. canism, which are so well calculated to confer 'he Committee to which was referred the elec-
'rhofollowin h resuione ti ufan-. the largest share of happiness on the greatest tion of Delegates to corresponding bodies, made a
The following resolutions were then unam- number of those who live under their auspices. report recommending the election of delegates to
mously adopted and ordered to be published I early imbibed an ardent attachment to the the General Associations of Connecticut and
in all the Democratic papers. doctrines taught by the Sage of Monticello, Maine. The Committee further reported that the
Resolved, That this association has received .. + b i eo General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, at
with the highest satisfaction and pride, the which liabeen coifirm b th er their meeting in June last, appointed delegates to
with1 the h t s o a p te each succeeding year: and, from ,ty first ex- attend this Assembly, and recommend that two
able and patriotic letter of Commodore Stew- ercise of the elective franchise, down to the delegates be elected to attend the next General
art, and thamt we find to all its sentiments atid 1 sb lce oatn h next General
art, andi that we fusind in asll its is dee ted present hour, I have unwavertingly contributed Synod of that Church. The report was adopted,
principles, the fullest assurance of his devotedmy humble aid to promote and maintain the as- and the Delegates from Maine and Connecticut
attachment to the principles, party and candid- cendancy of the Democratic party, its princi- e invited to take part in the deliberations of
ates of the people the body. The devotional exercises were then
Iotpo ,ea and candtidates, othUieSaswlentered into as follows: Invocation and reading
Resolved, That ten thousand copies ofe In the Constitution of the United Stateswillthe Scriptures by the ModeratorPsalmody by
correspondence be published in pamphlet form be found every essential rule for the guidance Rev. Mr. Stevenson of Va. Address by Dr. Barnes
by this Club, and offered to the people of the of those who may be designated by the people of Ohio-Prayer by Rev. Mr Cummings of
Union, as containing the sound principles of to carry out its principles, for their protection General Conference of Maine-Psalmody by Rev.
thle Democratic party since the days of Jeffer- and welfare.' A careful, nay, even a strict con- Mr. Steel of Ohio-Address by Rav. Mr. Calhouu
son. sti of that instrument is indispensable from the General Association of Connecticut-
Rastrucion of that instrument is indispensable to Prayer-by Dr. Herron of Pa.-Doxology and
Resolved, That the President appoint a our well-being. Such a construction as would Benedicion by Dr. Blythe of Indian. Rev. Mr.
committee of sixty, to be composed of twenty effectually exclude every other, not palpably Bingham was then introduced, who addressed the
members from each Congressional District, to necessary and proper, to effect the execution of assembly upon the subject of the Mission to the
make arrangements for a suitable celebration its various articles. If this fundamental prin- Sandwich Islands. Messrs. McDowell, MePhail
of the approaching anniversary of the National ciple be deviated from, each part of the consti- and llarnes, were appointed a committee to pre.
Independence. tlotion may be successively invaded, until the pare solutions in regard l the death of the late
President of the U. States, and the recommends-
Resolvedeto Saturday eveneting next adjourn to intent of its framers will gradually disappear, tion of the late national fast day by his successor,
meet on Saturday evening next, at 8 o'clock, and every original landmark be forever obscO- The following nomination of Delegates to foreign
at the same place, where all Democratic citi- red in the dark and bewilderingimazes ofa lat- bodies was then made. To the General Confer-
zens of the City and County, favorable to the itudinous construction, ence of Maine. the Rev. Dr. McFarland of Phila.
object of the Club, are respectfully invited to 'he people, in confiding to the General Go- delphia-to the General Synod of the Reformed
attend. vernmenut thepurse and the sword, believed Dutch Church, the Rev. Dr. Cuyler of Philadel-
GEORGE SMITH President phia, the Rev. Mr. Krebbs and Ananias Plait-to
GEORGE SMIH, President. that they were placing them in the most safe the General Association of Connecticut, the Rev.
ROERT K. SCOTT', I Secretaries. and efficient hands. 1 his surrender of the Mr. Neil of Philadelphia, N. 8. Prime and Jacob
ROBERiT P. DEsiLVER,, whole means of public defence, makes the su- Green.' The election was made the order for to-
S perintendence of it, in all its branches, a pri- morrow afternoon.
COMMNODORE CHARLES STEWART: mary duty in the national functionaries. Al- Adjourned until 4 o'clock.
Sir,-T'he undersigned have been appoint- though the immediate control over this subject .Iqfiernson Seaison.-Assembly met pursuant
ed a committee on behalf of the Old Ironsides has been wisely lodged in Legislative hands, to adjournment; prayer. The Rev. Dr. Thomas
Club of the City and County of Philadelphia, yet, the influence of the Executive in recom- Dewitt appeared upon the floor, and was received
i as a member of this body. It being the special'or.
to enclose to you the following preamble and mending defensive measures, in the first in- a eber offor this afternoon for Committees othe speiaor-
resolutions unanimously adopted at a stated stance, and his control over them, under the cords of Synods to report they werejcalled up:
uieeting held on the 15th instant: sanction of laws, afterwards, render him high- Record of the Synod of Albany, approved; Comn-
Whereas, The Old Ironsides Club of the ly responsible for maintaining the rights, inter- mittee on the record of the Synod of New York
City and County of Philadelphia, having fair- ests and honor ef the country. Under this res- not prepared to report; record of the Synod of
ly placed the name of Commtnodore Charles ponsibility, it well becomes a Chief Magis. Philadelphia, approved; of Pittsburg, approved;
Stewart of Pennsylvania, before the people for rate, to keep in view the efficiency of the Na- Ohio, approved; Indiana, no record.; Illinois, not
prepared; Missouri. approved; Kentucky, no record
the highest office in their gift; and, tional defences, for we are admonished by high Virginia, approved; North Carolina, transcript
Whereas, The Old Ironsides Club having authority, that, ,to be unprepared to punish in- from the record approved; South Carolina and
the most full and entire confidence in his patri- suit, is to court it," and that, "in defensive Georgia, not prepared; Alabama, no record; Mis.
otism and devotion'to those Democratic prin- preparations are to be found the best means of sissippi approved; New Jersey, report and excep-
cip'es, which were first promulgated by Jeffer- preserving peace." tions approved.
son, and which have since been recognized as In a government of checks and balances, the The Assembly repealed the law of 1798, in re-
gard to the Synod of Tennessee, tieing obliged to
sound in doctrine and practice to their fullest ex- accumulation of power in the hands of any one produce its record, and not a transcript.
tent by Madison, Monroe, Jackson and Van man, or set of men, should be narrowly watch- Overture from the Presbytery of the District of
Buren; and, ed,as dangerous to liberty. In the influence Columbia to be detached from the Synod of Vir-
Whereas, The Old Ironsides Club deeming of Executive patronage may be found a fruitful ginia, and attached to the Synod of Philadelphia.
it proper that Commodore Stewart should be source of alarm, and its dispensation cannot Adjourned. Closed with prayer.
officially informed of+he organization, and the be guarded with too jealous an eye, lest merit n i n
end and purpose of the Club, therefore, be it and capacity be proscribed, the bitterness of this island during the winter havebeen variousde
Resolved, That the President be requested party spirit encouraged, and successful efforts th, bathing house have been located on the west
to appoint a committee of five to address Corn- be made, to control the freedom of opinion, or side of the island, instead of as was formerly the
modore Stewart on behalf of this Association, of the press, or to corrupt the people, that case, on the east side. The wharves have beeart
informing him of its organization, and of the place may be retained or power augmented, rebuilt, and several other improvements have also
end and purpose of its formation. Economy forms one of the prominent virtues been effected.
Resolved, That the said con nittee be in- and duties of a Republican Government. It The Pennylvania Catholic Total Abstinence
structed to address such a letter to Commodore does not consist, however, in withholding from Society have already commenced preparations for
Stewart, enclosing this Preamble and Resolu- faithful public services a just compensation: the celebration of the approaching anniversary of
tiona, as they shall think adapted to the occa- neither does it consist in according with parsi- National Independence. They have determined
sion, in order, that in answer thereto, this Club monious hands the means of promoting the to have a public procession, and an oration in the
and the people of the Union shall receive from public defence. But it consists in closing saloon of the Philadelbhia Museum, by the Rev.
Dr. Moriarty. The proceeds arising from the ad-
him in reply, an expression of his political every unnecessary drain on the public treasu- mission to the oration are to be appropriate to
opinions. ry; and also for the same purpose, there is the St. John's and St. Joseph's orphan Asylums.
From these proceedings you will perceive, strenuously required a judicious application of Ledger,
that the Association, we have the honor to the appropriations to their objects and a vigor- Ld
represent, composed as it is of a large number ous execution of the laws regarding them. BANK ROBBERY.
of the Democratic citizens of the City and Agriculture, commerce, manufactures, and The Frederick County Bank (Md.) was entered
County of Philadelphia, entertaining the ful- the mechanic arts are the great sources of our by false keys, between last Saturday evening and
Monday morning, and robbed of the following
lest confidence in your patriotism and high National prosperity. Thesa, when sustained funds, as nearly as can now be are rtaied, to wit:
mental endowments, your honest and consist- by a well regulated system, which system I In Gold, 111,049,38
ent attachment to those pure fundamental should hold, for the most part, to be best,when In notes and bills of ether Banks,
principles of the Democratic faith which were least shackled, constitute the greatest portion and checks. 8,738,16
first promulgated by Jefferson and perpetuated of the wealth and power of the country. In In notes of the Frederick County
Bank, 134,967,00
by Jackson-and remembering your brilliant cherishing them, we cherish what enabled our State percent Bonds, 6,967.00
and brave achievements on the ocean in de- fathers to rise superior to colonial dependence, State 6 per cent Certificates, 14,00
fence of the rights, honor, interests and liber- and disregarding the numberless difficulties 5per cent styling bonds, 1l,U2
ties of the people of this Union, during a and dangers which surrounded them, to estab-
long mitedeoeetOte- atoal-__: --I e-re--uce....- .

may 26-d8t No 31 South Wharves.

Trenton Raees.-S-pring Meet
A ih 1841.
L AST DAY-Wednesday, May 26-Purse 6500-
three mile heats.
1. S Laird, Mariner, br h 5 years old-Shark.
2. J Hellings, Tyler, b c 4 years old-Trustee
3 J H Van Mater, Hornblower. br h 6 years old-
M. Eclipse.
4. 0 B Kendall, Hector Bell, 4 years old-Drone.
5. J K Van Mater, Dan, e h 4 years old-Trustee.

Same Day-Purse 8200 -two mile heats.
1 J H Van Mater, Trenton, c h 6 years old-
Eclipse Li htfoot. ,
2. C Irvine. Ann. c m 6 years old-Eclipse.
3. J K Van Mater, Smike, c h 4 years old-Trus-
4. S. Laird, Clarion, c h G years old-Monmouth
E.:lipse. .
5. J B Kendall, Lady Canton, gm 5 years old-
W Extra Line of ears leaves Walnut street at 10
o'clock. A. M.
crThe Morning Line leaves the same place at 7
A. M. Each Line will land passengers at the Course
in ti me for the Races may 26-It*
IGHTY barrels Mess Beef. Philauelphia inspec-
tion, lat quality-fur sale by
m ay 26-dtf S. W. cor Front & Walnut ats.
0 'rir k LBS Old Copper. on hand and for sale
8. W. corner Front and Walnut streeSts.
400Y Z9-

At Harmony Hall, Lancaster county on the 20th
inst. b, ih|-lev Joseph Barr, Ni. W. SAMPLK, Jr., M.
D., to SARAH, H, eldest daughter of Capain Juht,
On theeveninfrot the 23d inst. hy the Rev Geo
Chaindler, Mr AN rTONY Ls Box, to Miss ELtZABIEtti
On thoe Oth inst. by 'he Rev Stephen A. Mealy,
Mr JOHN GORDON, to Mitss .LIZABSTi, daughter ot
George Turrer, all ot'Ihis city.
On the 16th inst at St. Augustine's Church, by the
Rev Mr Kile, ROoE BROWN to SARAH ANN, second
daughter of Mugiiuu Crosby. all of this city.

On the 24th inst. CATHARINE CROMLEY, daughter
of Daniel and Catharine Cromley.
On the 24th inst. Mr SAMUEL SHOEMAKER, in the
25th year of his age.
On the 24th inst. MARY ELIZABETH, daugh-
ter of James anid Mary Haggerty.
On Sunday evening, 23 inlst. Mrs JANE PATTER-
sON. in the 46th year of her asee.
On the 24th. WiLLIAM NOTSON, son of John L.
Ross, in Ihe 7th year ul his age
Funeral from the residence of his father, Mead
street above Front, %hia afternoon, at 4 o'clock.
On Monday,24th inst JAMES HENRY, yonngestson
ofLieut John Marston, U.S. Navy, aged 3 years
Funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his ia-
ther's residlence. No. 9 City Row. North 11 th st.
On board ship Edward, May 6th, lat 10 30 N. long
50 W., Col. D. B. R. DICKINSON, ol' Tioga, Pennsyl-

To record the demise of a friend whom you have
highly esteemed is indeed a painful duty; yet, in this
instance, how much more painful the task to record
the de .th of a kind friend, an amiable and interest-
ing sister, who, just springing into womanhood, is
suddenly though expectedly cut off. The subject of
this notice, Miss CATHARINE HORN, had been labor-
ing for several years with a fatal disease yet her suf-
ferings were comparatively light when compared
with the severe sufferings she experienced within a
day or two before her death. She was well aware
that her disease was firmly seated in her constitution,
and became perfectly resigned to her fate. Those
who knew her can best appreciate her vittues-ever
kind, generous and amiable, she had won the affec.
tions of all with whom she had been acquainted; her
loss is, therefore, deeply and sensibly felt: and whilst
we mourn the loss ot a kind friend and affectionate
si tar, we should a so bear in mind that it was only
the will of ani all-wise Providence, whose ways are
always just, and in taking her away from this world,
he has provided for her a better and happier home,
where troubles are at an end. and where Angels
awaited her spirit coming in the faith and glory of
her blessed Redeemer.
Angel of innocence, thy stiff'rings here are at an end
To God in He-tven above thy spirit we commend.
May 22d. 1841. W.



Barque Hercules, Ames, 15 days from Trinid >d de
Cuba, with sugar and mo.asses to Clement & New-
Brig O C Raymond, Pool, 18 days from New Or-
leans, with bacon and pork to John Dalzell 4- Co
Schr Oneko, Tobey, 4 days from Charleston, with
cotton and rice to C B Barclay.
Schr Convert, Gardner,14 days from New Orleans.
with provisions to captain.
Schr .ohn Jay, Nickerson, 5 days from Providence,
with maze to Moore & Harper.
Schr Lodemia & Eliza, Price, 3 days from NYork,
in ballast to A B Cooley. Matilda, Spats, 11 days from Eastport, with
plioIer to A C Barclay &Co.
eSchr Henry Camerden, Tubman, 2 days from
Washington, NC. with shingles to Jas Patton.
Schr Mary & Sarah, Daily, 2 days from Virginia,
with wood to captain.
Schr Indiana, Harrington, 2 days from Baltimore,
with mdze to Jas Hand.
Sloop Johnison, Norton, 2 days from Baltimore,
with mdze to Jos Hand.
Sloop Griffin, ThompkinsWikins, 2 days from Bal-
timore, with mdze to Jas Hand.
Steam towboat John Jay, Schellinger, 5 hours
from Delaware City, with the following canal boats
in tow:--
Tide water boat Charles Marley, Marley, 18 hours
from Havre de Grace.with wheat to Starr & Mortoa.
Tide water boat Friendship, Hays, 18 hours from
Havre de Grace, with flour to W B Polls & Co.
Brig Randolph Goldsmith, Bordeaux, T S Serrill.
Brit Rowena, DIl, Lagusyra, Dalletti, Brothers.
Schr Niagara, Young, Troy, Wm A McKee.
Sehr Syrian, Dilling, Boston, Jas Hand.
Schr Escort, ryant, Boston, Walters & Sander.
Schr Harriet Porter, BOrden, Boston, Samuel To.
eSchr Mary, Baker, New Bedford, Newlin & Alli-
Sloop Statira, Cot tingham, Baltimore, Jos Hand.
Barge Dolphin, Yapp, New York, R F Loper.
Ship Commerce. Julius, cleared at New Orleans,
15th inst for Philad.
Brig Independence, Davis. was loading at Frank-
lin, La. 21 days since, reported& for NYork.
Brig Paul T Jones, Ireland, nence at Charleston on
Friday, and was up to return, to sail about the 26th
Schr David Baker, Baker, sailed from New Haven
Si inust for Philtad.
Schr Harriet, Hand, hence at Richmopd on Fri-
Schr Pioneer, Corson, at NYork on Sunday from
Sc'-r To Brothers, May, hence at New Haven
,.UJ1 W4.
A .THy i r V AsuABoRE.-Captain Hinsdale, at
Balimore Iron, l.-ikin Lm a rep.irtia.-l14ih int off sa, a large simp ashore itr sails vtere
all bent. and appesreI tI have I'dit r hsi' 9siioalion
but a short time-there were six wre, elb siorticirdt,
90th, lat 34, long 76, fell in with brig Franklin ".4
Portland, from Guayama, PR bound ta New York
with loss of head of mainmast, spars, and all of her
sails-had made a jib and trysail-wanrited no assist-
ance except some sails, which we could not supply
Captain Flanders, of the Silas Richards, at NYork
from Liverpool, reports:- On the 20th of April, lat 39
32, long 70, saw the wreck of a large vessel, with jib-
boom and bowsprit standing.
Captain Ferris, of the Westchester, at New York,
r,'ports:-that on the 15th inst. when in lat 41, long
61. passed the wreck of a vessel, from 500 to 600
tons, full of water-all her thasts gone-had a poop
deck. It being dark at the time did not board her.

The following vessels have been reported as sail-
ing for Philadelphia, at the dates given, and we be-
liesphave not yet arrived:-
The Royal Saxon, Tamar, from Gravesend 2d of
The Sarah. Smith, from Royan, 12th of March.
Ship Wmin Brown, Harris, from Liverpool, 13th of
Barque Antelope, Laing, from the Texel, 28th of
f "4 I E.
s At n Orphans' Court for the City and
[L. J County of Philadelphia, held at Philadelphia.
on the twenty-fifth day of May, Anne Domini, 1841.
In the Matter of (he i etate of JOSEPH JEFFER.
SON, dec'd.
A D now, May 25, 1841, the Court. upon motion
of Edward D. Ingraham, Esq., for A A Rich-
ardson and wife, direct notice to be given to the fol-
lowing named parties, and to all others interested,
viz:-Joseph Jefferson, Hester Jefferson, now wife of
Alexander McKenzie; Mary Ann Jefferson, now the
widow of D. S. Ingersoll, deceased, and Elizabeth
Jefferson, now the wife of A. A. Richardson, and
the two grand children, the children of Euphemie
Jefferson, deceased, who married William Ander-
son, viz: -Elizabeth Anderson,now the wife of Jacob
W. Thirman, and Jane Anderson, now the wife of
- Germon, to shew cause why the real estate
which they, the said heirs, have neglected or refused
to take at the valuation, should not be sold, to ap
pear on Saturday, the 5th day of June, A. D. 1841,
in Court, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, agreea-
bly to law and the rules of said Court, and hereof
fail not-
Witness-EDWARD KING, Esquire, at Philadel.
phia, this twenty-filth day of May, A. D. one
thousand eight hundred and forty-one.
Clerk of the Orphans' Court.
may 26-codtJeBf
*g f CASES London Sheathing Copper, 16 a
~U 32 ez.
50 pigs Bancs Tin;
30 tnrs Spelter;
Composition Sheathing Nails and old Copper-all
in lots to suit purchaiers-lor sale by

Patent Asbestos weight fua iron book SaWes,
which have been tested by fire and rubbers in most
of the large cities-in the Union, and haveinever yet
failed to preserve their contents Irom the ravages of
fire, or the depredation of the robber Patent
wroughkiron doors for banks, secured with improved
detector luck-finished in the most approved style.
Troy manufactured butter jars, a very excellent ar-
ticle, and worthy the attention ot families.
For sale by G. W. CROSS,
Patent Asbestos Iron Safes, No. 83 Dock at.,
may 26-dif one door below 3d.
150 HALF pipes fine old Cognac Brandy, of
15 ten different brands anid qualities.
50 pipes, 50 half pipes, old Armagnac Brandy.
50 pipes. 50 half pipes, Bordeaux BraNdjy, of' J. J.
Dnpuy and Castillion brand.
50 half pipes Rochelle Brandy, of A Seignette and.
Pelleioi in brand.
All under Custom House lock;-for sale in lot to.
suit, by JOSEPH R. EVANS,
mry ,-o-t No. 81 south wharves.

Fresh Bermuda Arrow Root.
A FEW hundred 'pounds of remarkably fine Ar-
row Root, made this spring, in the island of
Bermuda, hasjust been received by the subscriber.
For sale in canisters of five pounds each, or in
smaller quantities.
The subscriber has also lately received, one case
of genuine Henry's Calcined Magnesia, direct Irotm,
the agent.
One do. Sir James Marry's Fluid Magnesia.
One do. Laroque's Florida Water.
A variety of superior French and English Tooth
Choice Extracts for theahandkerehief-Patchouly
(very fine Mosselline, Verveinie, Victoria, and a
variety of others
N. E. corner of Broad and Chestnut sireets.
ap 28-w~w*
B EING extensively used for Scroiula, Rheuma-
tism, Eruptions of the Skin. and all diseases
arising from Impurity of the Blood; the subscribe'
call the attention of physicians and the public to
that prepared b him. The greatest care being ta-
ken both in I.e selection of the root and the prepa-
ration of the syrup. This article may be relied on
when others bearing a similar name hava failed to
give relief
Fou sale by the dozen or single hostile by
N. E corner of Broad and Chestnut sireets.
A lso, superior Lemon Sy rup. for making lemonade;
Medicine Chests, of variousn patterns and prices, fog
alu above b I8,wb6*

composed of Surgeons Mower, Fulev and McDon.
gall, conVyene on rUMESDAYV. f511 ,natant. at 10 o'-
clock, A.. I at the U. S Hoilel, Cheanul sLreet. nod
daily lheresiper !a,.yv 2-.-ifil4t

lec ion Notice.
A N Election fir Thirteen Directors of T1he Phila-
dlelphia Loan Comaany. will be held at No.75
,rcade, 2d story, in the city of Philadelphia, ot
M nday, the seventh day ofJune, 1841, between th.
hours of 1 A. M. and 1 P.M. may 2-dtE
Commfsft WoshrstV Election.
NOTICE is hereby given to thelElectors of the
t Kensington Didiuiri of the Northern Liberties,
that an election %ill be held in the respective
W ards of the said District, for Commissioners and
Town Clerk, on MONDAYMay 31, 1841, agreeably
to the Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of
.P runsylvania, passed the l1t day of April, A D.
The Electors of the First Ward will elect one
qualified citizen to serve as Commissioner for three
years. The election in the first ward will be held
at the house ol Wmin. Brookfield, cornrier of Frankford
road and Mandersun street.
The Electors ol the Second Ward will elect one
qualified citizen to serve as Comnini sioner 'or three
years. The election of the second ward will be held
at the house of John Migarge, at the forks of 2d st.
and Germantown road.
The Electors of the third ward will elect one
qualified citizenn to serve as Commissioner for three
years. The election of the third ward will be held
at the house of Patrick Clark, at :he corner of 4th
and Mastersts.
The Electors of the fourth ward will elect one
qualified citizen tin serve as Commissioner for three
years. The election or the 4th ward will be held at
the house of Frederick Maul, at the corner of Martl-
boro' and Bedford sts.
The Electors of the fifth w.-d will elect one qua-
lified citizen to serve as Commissioner for three
years. The election of the filth ward will be held
at the house of Philip Miller, sign of the White
Horse, corner of Hanover street and Franklord
9,- The Polls will be opened in each of thb wards
between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning, and closed
at 8 in the evening.
By order of the Board of Commissioners of the
Kensington District of the Northern Liberties.
mgy 17-3tawt31
For .'orloli.& & retierms urg.
James Hand's Line.
Via Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
This Day.
The fine fast sailing schr. FAITH. Capt
Johnson, is now loading, and having the
greater portion of her cargo engaged and going on
board, will sail as above.
For balance of freight or passage, apply on board
at Fassit's wharf, below Walnut -treet or to
may126-d 584 south whrvcs.
James Hand's Line.
Via. Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
This Day.
A A fast sailing packet schr. is now loading,
and will sail as above.
For freight, which will be taken low, apply to
may 26-d 581 south wharves.
For savannalk, Ua.
James Hand's Line.
This Day.
The clipper built sehr. COMMERCE,
&]Captain Swan, is now loading, and will sail
as above or sooner if loaded.
For balance if freightil. a9tl on board at Fassit's
wharf, below Walnut street, or to
may 26-d 58j south wharves.
0 O Laitli ssa-c-.Via l Aitna .
James Hand Line.
This Day.
f The fine fast sailing sloop SPLENDIU.,
Ceptain Jarmon, is now loading and will
sail as above.
For freight apply onboard or to
my 26-d 58j south wharves.
Great Siutihern United Slates
Mail Line,
Boar in mind that Passengers
Twho go by the Chesapeake Bay
A 'a and Portsmouth and Roanoke
Rail-road, have 40 milos of Rail-ruad travelling thro'
the Dismal Swampat midnight,overone of the worst
Rail-roads in America, and then olten compelled to
lay over 17 hours at Weldon, one of the must un-
healthy places in the whole Southern country.
Travellers for the South are informed, that by
taking the Cars at Baltimore. for Washington,
at 9 A: M.. they proceed without on oment's
delay, via Washington, Fredericksburg, Richmond,
Peierabu g, Weldon and Wilmingloni. to Charleston,
S. C., reaching Charleston the second morning alter
leaving Ballimore, arnd often one day in advance of
tne Bay Lire-the Companies on the route being
bound by the Postmaster General to make the fol-
lowing quick Schedule:
Leave Philadelphia, 1 P. M.-reach Baltimore, 8
P. M.
Leave Baltimore, 9 A M.-reach Washington, 11
Leave Washington, II A.M.-reach Fredericks-
burg, 6 P. M.
Leare Fredericksburg, 61 P. M,-reach Rich-
mond II P. M.
Leave Richmond, 11 P. M--reach Petersburg, 1
tA ,M.
Leae, Iletemihbrg. 1I A. M.-reach Weldon,64
P.'ave Wldon,7 AA. 1.-reach Charlesteon th
next morning.
0 Passengers by this Line not only reach
Charleston one day sooner than by the Bay Boats,
but they avoid being compelled to remain all night
at Weldon, on the Roanuoe-one of the most un-
healthy places in the whole Southern country;-
where, by the Bay Line, they are often delayed 17
V Passengers for Richmond and Petersburg will
find this Line far the moseat expeditious,-arrivlng at
t(ichmond to lodge, (as will be seen from the above
Schedule,) on the evening of the day on which they
leave Baltimore, being from 16 to 18 hours in ad-
vance of those taking tue Bay Steamboats.
This is also much the nearest, quickest and cheap-
est route, and the only certain route to the interior of
Virginia, North and South Carolina; at Petersburg,
Va., commences the route by way of Raleigh, N. C.,
145 miles of Rail-road from Petersburg to that city.
Stage Lines branch off from the Raleigh Rail road to
the Old Piedmont Line, to Milton, Danville, &c. and
to Knoxville, (Tenn.)
Passengers for the Raleigh and Gaston Rail-road
pay through to Petersburg, Va.
Q" Fare lower tat any orher Line !
Sr For further information and Through Tickets,
apply at the office of STOCKTON, FR LLS & CO.,
adjoining the Philadelphia Rail-road Office, Pratt
street, Baltimore.
9K Further information respecting the route can
be obtained at Congress Hall,Cheenut street near 3d,
Philadelphia, of WARD C. BUTLER,
may 26-dtf Agent.
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