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MAY 6, 1841

',. [:By MIFFLIN & PARRY, No. 99 South Second St., abobe Walmu, Philadelphia.

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I -,%:- -- -_ -_ --- -..... ------
I Sualifteir,,, fr^/itgemnat- \\INTER ARRANGEMENT. In the Court or Common Pleas for the County In the Court or Common Pian for thecountyof Sporting Manual. THE Ernest I
"* .04nIittlll i s Unilte ll ailets, of Philadelphia. Phlladelfia. J ST Putiishfd. and lr a.e at Ihe FISH"I NG Him friend,
I -- ITB tI 11,11. li,,,,l,,iD-b,.n.discharged or the fih day JOHN C. LEHMAN. MAN~k'AhrOR Y_`Bri. 26 SoutA Third r The following was intended by the friends the laughge.dLjyl
A,B c w D .. IM O A | R A .D I L N T O T] H E S IO U T H -n ~ )I 1 8 4" ~ t l e ~ t h t hed C-ou.a l t e p i c l a o k e l r n t i a C R I d ~
CAMDEN ,k AMnOY RAIL ROAD LINE oily. IB^u l filed ,r. the &aid CnKrhe c,, Whereas. \Vittlan, CmeanAagnfe Of NERS"OTNANLIAL, 01rhe partleto have been published last fall' delive'ede
I riif, NPW YORK 7`4 vi,!y L cr i 1hr Grt Mjil. .il in iiii; ul iria.n nl h. iediiors. I or- JuhiiC. Lehman.t d ARnWthe 26th day of Ini.,se upon Fishing. ?:holding, RIC Hunting Rd F i- but by -rrrn, *d warsre m l till naotwr Ihtta o. a
.* A. r "[cL A.M Thmi is fhe only Daily Line. dec ,, he made tha th t Tn e ffesf1April.otnehousand eight handre. minutes pt
AT 'PEN O"CLUC A. SMI. I,% hrm, ,Pr.-.ltirihibr iheby SU ihare whhe h; tfht r i*e-lier sh.aire. .hall be eemyp- fileIII furli one, n fle li> the nice p the Pro. frhuctonh lu r Ih ar mea c-f telv on
IF A R E T l 14 R F ;; E D 0 L L A R -S 1 1 p ro, lin I h iod are "to . . s ervt o E o f T FPO hXE L E^y o o-in;
,hESrchsr il% b [he ,*^ri^ir^uetp efor-Paid. jr.,ma execution Ior tiny debt [phi GOVERNORPORTER.
] f" ll~kp' POLI, '4l [)"t 16"Ib R:lw' eI I ,S, [* b" s', oweio an oi ote mate Plea.e o rdiu egt
ea-.- IS paso ge i.r n -.n- .pi-tMoren.c' r It P hi.rr Ihr\~ .lt rurtlricir-doreauwe"oi aeuorn exi irne r revlUS to hr. ac o n N a ~ le X O h d t en vc ,o efc h l i ilsrtd %,l o S I L H L DEP I O N Y eh sRI
J1lI/ Fora.sng rnt t $-~lr.]l rhlie frt iktg any p.- a, bdg I t.n Lit I P NJ. t.?. ,, pro- d v h, .o "e"o' o,-I J& .Iga dtei]Ch ie .R y o d SLL.n m ru n~ vn s
pisa ,i% I rthheir edrn apafFtn l b it~ .jibjq, Lt, \\asirhne'h-r,, FF, derirk~bura. Hiot-,mn h3% ,rg ,,r, phed or art, order -it the Ald ('unri beeor. Notcatron ivnt h rdtoso h ad Aso ksd cdp~ci hlsl r eal ag epe brI~h 94. i, b inal
'B~ lt s ofne P era, re.\%V, Chn n \Inn h ,e hrl"si dl,,Pls.,.,, ..h ,%ltl be madeo. of upon a hiarimg n J hr. C I.Linhm n and allohrine stdIIfesad rdcmp te aoi etu ,hng f% ig. nd DERISatdge
h SM ,, e I Ls o leaves,'W uiu MrC.. FSIrry da,ly. .it', hirg I'*,,trlZin the c,'uid mr n Filler ha 'nhlla rnit' ,nm, h r nn omb er and valueho.norel-le ie Judges of SheCourt of re cousin who hae eu t
Th S i t b.- e Liep d leve olueid~- t, ,lr e n. norr ,-l.r leavir~ig Itsilim-.c. Or d ,..tier, oripte si nda nd ce of ,1,O cred,,ris of" ih-. =,ld, harleg F Raxymond. requld ~~ C.,mmon Plead] afiead haeapitd Stra, n oos i.B eusrfkn finsQ ennsadO
t S,,uih rAa hey. lcd) by stea.,u,,t ide. n Is Loc Bav L ,- lhe .mp on the rul bi e '!'raed heile bele oh^r t ed 'ale, ,r having[ a un,3t n lier- She 29th day of Mn^ .ne l'ihon ad S1.era s.f o( h e r fis hi ng .t, ee d v ar e di a w,, a of'riot ao y or i n c y I the l d mia
sIWeur ,n .!h B.Yrk img l~ln~, bya~ehl~n st- Pld |,hll~urm vnee endas grB"h dn' nAnio, I bwognd' ndtbYt~~lie ItPhi s|tAtt'l* 2ie She -leP"h r" GeneralM-ra 14) m~ikeB, efl nI eea.fy oibm owal n iokre ld hv rii Ipeiint orE Ie ,frte ti ih
Sa d.Ia.faiiti-oi. pili an runo. Lcn% 'lll .h i,.l ,2,- A NI.-reach B~l,,more,2 C ,,/e ,190. paidg^., ,n ,,l d^''~~~ ^1 egrd~e; hhr~d B" ;u &l~ n~ ^;trK ^orJ os. 6"08B" "?- cbd y of" h .iln -;Ihm.-, ~h.ebg
Iord~n~ n'Bb I P d Bu ii^^i. ei lli '. r-P M n,.l.4 t in h,,in r- Courlt ave apri.iniel hlur.I,, tie Bil d.ay he olh will bI e confirmed. great tiumbet of the people or all Parties heree gar he ham arre
Bordo Mown L ve l),il. 4 t'. -reach \\shmgl. 6 Ms,. -. ). l. at 10 o',q .ek. A. M ai Bue 119 ohl ab "' K g P, I. rp .ol s oAl the brel, fc Ihera 6 ann a powder S t&ad a
clock, A NA. -A A ) m in-I 2 m- Gre n ry Cc..I lo. r,,er -it Srl tn.] CherUl d.m of our id Court Phadelphia. lh Se n;;m.le o^dgtwr^ leave respEciully to Pubmit why I think good go- overpowere h, ftll an the grourd-ut i
ToNew Vnrk E -300 brs lik a 5 A NI -reich Fredeno^'s- rseta. jr. itIh ell% LI Ph^t.lw phia. to hear the rre. r0 h d 4 ,April, J ts ikinby
$7r,,r De0P1)ag, bure, I12 P. NI 70 miles. li, 66 h..,rs, ofi Gl~lL~ltanionof elhe -ahd Ch-irles F. Rat mond. S.AMU H R .P& ;lievok.ay rcef rimr cud dpn erntn rqies out, oton ndetrehse he n ai
FArtard DeCL Ppl9ge" -Froder,fk> ',nrI.r i,,urs. 12 M --reach Richmond. .,Iy.? Wi,"-tB" r hel .-ni"'blesLdwhrJ Kir ,, np`29 mays 1c e5a19c t heucere
AlhIIm, 2 75 5P NJ.Ff lMIPSII ,41ih.)ur. ,, ^ Pr, d, n 1 .? s, d Court at Phila: _P__a _ d59~ ~ m -- i~rk knives8 *. r "**or. stol c ; s,,perior %iilin ro,,n, mhich thley have been lorn by a Figor beyond his son rc a n-udtem r g r.
Spottewood, '2 00 Lot.u Ri(hr,mi, 55 P. M -reach Pelersburg, 7 %" .. In the Cour Of Common Plane lot the County dierirnh. Rules. fiesaCLordcio violins. &c ;cinem. the law. Iperous one,
-o'frhu I2 il P .. Q.-,' mledl m I h,,urs. 'S "tf| jhouan-l eigrlt hunJret Srid ferLy-one. of Philadelphia. f ie i -3th. and9shrig ruhe. ,.I fu .
He~ghtaiow-n. I (it) LelVe Pf~ers rL,,, 7 P. III-reach %Veldt, n. I A. - SAMlITE. lolofiAR[hc'.ult ob p nsed loedh
Snl. IL HARP. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF 'r and Numeru other a w' iollous to are fe
Border, o n. 3-i ,\1. ,ie.60 ...l.-A.ton. 4i hourp iM-- e tctilm &ion. I P. v Prolhonotsry STEPiEN W. NE0U me ntio n Fouro3-darcud,, iuyt a la e a c b Ihe inteIoL
Borhlal.2,,n. I op 2 a Il. 9may 1 4 6 8 for L a 9ieam rn ages by railways through populous exismce- ff, c meiap
N f- toles o II; uw ofSuhere W. T N '"oddmeesChr
SDlner5uCeil. I '. It. N.-rearb Charlesilon. 5 I n Stephen W ,didon hi'd TO SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MER. Pireels. howver bad, should not be forcibly Isist.e
-fit0nArD eYLeac. \,Lmunqt.i. IINE. EN h In ili Court l-u Commoe Pleas ol t6omrnon Pleas for h I o | 'S. E with ,mpunily; and I would never reconm nd To.m d
I RAIL RO D W A Y LIN E,. riest dy, 1';U.I.t,s] eih hunre find 1 o fie n
t, E e'Io.N, .. IN TH K NIAT'rI".R OF THE ESTATE OF rse oto tleBt,,8t- eePn fthcoi
S13 IOLA .M IOO Cour ol Coinmun Fid for Lhe coui~ly D 'A sre, i-sife ia Exchae lw .icn it is his functions to we executed. reore e un o har lhe ooumtly
=.l La? H loul streri om.I Ap illr Linp ,rril'ihb Greni lM il.,i hl ,annul HO Tio (* TF.s. or Phillaelphis. hi i account as "LOR i'eprn s Plrip Alrpaiet, Fire PrAil lrn But there are circumstances accompanying the alr..... IN h.T (p.e to meet manetpii
JBJMiMS al 1,111n1. Isursiase frpd.1I lie. It'ld l ;1h linitiar R. Miller aind, asmoigne orbe s estate. 1F Cheat. r'r.,uih Icon Duoor on Ln unij ini.d inaanor. undMubt iy p.ierraund by some ain en al
ll ee T. er.,,,.,, ai 7. % ill be p r: v'il nl i.nre ih l ilh,- "rliveller.unies iil . e .. I" \\ ,lon B,. Ila. es enpeei o[ the NuPIl heresy g.e LtnlonIlot
2 1 1 1~~~~, r, sai e.,Il m, rl,-, G a-cb. di'd ,o,, th-, 301h SItephen, W\. Negus. and all .ithers interested inathe article in title ine offti t h ulcenr u bytik olbri yp rost one S
Isrd o wlC,t 9 1 A' slid Bur ifl g)l Lt.' 05 lo'clrlck t, A-no, -\ to re i ,'~ rw o iI eIIC%.IbtoIO 1C~ re
l rrnm lh n tIIt,.,.i h. .Ni w- .' i t il n r it that Fee. '" day of M arch. onto ihcm dand eighl han- Siid eo tate. that Ih[ H honorable Ihe .todges of the Parent f eiy Locks l or And dw glling piouer e l LopSml
FaeIT e ln bilt lt Ito li. 1,h tVe,,ilher a,,.i N.ii~gnip, nmiFI t, iltfi ortani,..n tl-. i dre a.)T~n who I..'iu-l~ye Whic is1 dou tfu ou h offic at St, 11ti -
Fare .. Trenion. tieliili l.i~t1 \-.lrol-~~ ,.i- A ,lt ,Wfa,, "'. d% r d m. d |..i-ii-,,,, filea in tile office of Couirt ,)I-C.rranion Pleas alliresid. have appoini- Dor.M. 11.1 proved Box of V" drda Luck@ lot Bank aria '"" h~ ullw il o bfl trh e co-"ffee-h.f U-.f, ^
Burdentwn, 32 '- I. I" r.-,. P, tiure "hr l ,..l hr..l 1 r.],I le y 11)= ,- p0 be ol l o kee ll pris on, hle, ando w Il wi
Bullr ,. i B',. .h. Tra Ier e,,.,,1 stece .) -. morn Pleas lur rhe ily f Phladel. andeightundreiland lorly B.allnO'clockinlhe Morrion's Patent Platform Sale weighing fr
FreightA Laker, at ihe lowetB rarei.. Ilke. -",Fil ir,,-urrin, in'nni e.-,rie.,ry r IHk H,,, l ih ., uri a -1 r.A thesaid e-laie. lorenre.s. for the h ,aringt of ehe Statute. n foe srd thear for e"taie. one too three tnd prembles-dia
Bahgage -rIghe ri ,,flil ,,winr h i.rl I l- i i..i, rI ilhii -pev-d. 1O compete J.,:e 'iJigr~hi 1jan ihe Creelyesrs .l" Ihe said ino toue why me r i
W\M. H I; VTZM iF.I. A e1,l. I Mll [ rie RIT dlr(,l1iFl I,16nid || I EC K i..-j II.,ra.t. Clales. n'.d All ,JIheri! Inlertsted in the said allij.ed. and it default thereof the some will be asked. for an inferior articl. Tiff, enlru enitrt of law on this occasion was kin- Titirn t
_T__MBOAT B- RL_ NG t-N, Thr o -.,, Liiie ,It he iI'Lun -, .ijny the no-i trew.-it[ ilhe H.,n-,,ablel he Jiudgges,-i'the Court .1 confirmed, Patent CounltrSaled ad le to the espec-al use ,,,or unl.iWlul than Lie rernalanec to it I am an. advantage.
r, i N -l DI.JRLINGTO N, I" So il,,, , rprp,.i,i,.,, v iji, nbt,;l n i., lls BiI.r,1 as t r.,,t Plead,aid. have arp-lred Satur. W itnes the Honorable Edward President of iggiioand L.,ers, warranted a<:crrs eerand f,, r .,ri
For Burlingion. Bristol. and Bordeintown. p' . ih.-tr.,,, heh iI hle % -ea ,Jl'i,, err men,. ahd lit IKMle d dh t-a the J de Mrl. Con rd d la' or Ee. I
1,',6.1 llin V'ri,=,tli h) dl ilfI,.h', ni.d through I re,.tJr ,' e I .w 11rvo e rt#oocot ntefrr, n of April, 1841. -v h rf' fi esl m iytep ile p lcto
.211tu\ .uc, P. '1. .. Iun V ,,- ,.~lh,.. l,~ lT. j o , ,,I,,, rit en r, clocK in tIe foreo..jon, (,,r ofA n,14.All peBonq hn may desire an article ii tile ob.v m'fc-rade o thcer~ ~empeiof tirepLt.Stae s areaplao I ger hao d v~ e belw d nancra
%I. o veshr vh.trl R,,(h -id r. trin,.r o et,* leriug, rile largest an l I P heamig ol the saine. and lot 6h ivirdi t im Hhy SAM EL HART, Plhnl. Jiie, will do well to avail thesmselveseofhe prned wu hdr tlou ie o
Leaves thmhr --il ,,dI ]--l ili,, ein it ihmg i, t -n-; % ,rilauq .a .Atola
0 1 1 In (I o C hesini ul i dai I 1 I he i" i a. roi i gh t ii-11 be allo wid.a rid in de. hp 29 may 5 8 12 15 19 2 9 26 28 opportunity to obtain an article w which w ith ou t r r for stair s and am m tuition. Fir o arm s w ere used n al and m a
-' ii'--k zr yl '" t %CC [-Led.) I~ It- r'-1 :, -,-e h,- IVt.. fl,, Mri. andJ r a n h r, ase I' u I 'hereo ila orre %I]b. oni me e- __ __sanlou wl health ose.mru tad i bvi, U3tlepconfirmedwscuel ude y
: T -T. .^ -. it,@ li; r o i, W i^ n-\ ir,.eler, A-tri. no * % i i,e rl r.n ,ri irl d- dva,.J King. Prersdenl n the Court Of Common Pless for the County ol underwriter in I;e.r.:tr g his ik paper an cs ihin Su, moreovernpu. in- -racts.- .uh | ab ereefrndd ., b
F'A R E / r, or, ur 'u,.,.t,,It, W, Air, lu.g,_ g,. I do. 4d1wr tP~ia(Ihah 1tdt Philadelphia. from th a geofi ,an edprut n.ofil alacs ir QLrry ol w, ndm eijrosteapoii
T., Burhng..nTi.>..l. PI.l+. ,. our S; t)Phdad-l 31Bl or ,w 6J C I T I aHF niiiATF iF S er"t .,-III Pee* and cb I.- or Nle h. 1 "*q -'rr lT OF an mobs indurio um t" a t Lt
T,, Bird.Jo ,,tw 1:5 do e.i e .tItP, 511d Ile .rh feFl,, I.,4r-11 W trip ineriorf SAM U.EL IARr. Prothonoary. GEORGE L NEFLDAN W1FE O hnd, a few common Iron Ches. whi F will
.*.Freigt taken lihe l.)eira rciroa.i, Norih nnJ S-ULl, Crii... f ... np I 7 10 14 DF'21 14 28 0erealsSamuel W ver. Asgne be &Bd very low. G. W. CtROSS culed by iII. proper oicer at' justice, ought, I a;ishin thech inb-'tI ,at e-rr, aly"14] 1ci2
WM. H GA rZIEH, Agent ,,l K,.ld>;n N C, mar 8-11 ubaul, rt be eignlr dcountenanced by your beautiful ad w Sd
op80-ir ____-- 145T,,l.1 nji nrBd ir-in Poietsourrir atciiv- li. It, tne Il ol Common Pleas Ibr the County onIe[hdayofAAilone husn --- ASSIG SALE. esti.lrIcy, in 6ier) way, even to the liberation by ise r,,nal or her -arhr Ircpn her lipr. Hi, lovrr
FoiIr l.lil' tag, Ui4l1 $S, Si. ,-e Lit~ i,t hr.i,, ..if Ir,.,, tie ]R'le.gii R.Ri- toad 1, Phll pelF, tQe vIcli ol uch ihuses. Every call Iaht her- ee
[ DIRECT FOR PITT.BULRGH AND i ld,O' de,,,,LJ,,le,, aMEho^ir the Court ole has file ferttea powers to call ou0 alof, Ther pro"
I t, Kn,.TIlll St,,n .\I.LA CR G wil bemo Pleas &) Lthe Philaelphi Exhneeyo. h cre
WHEELING. liillH.,ly.,n e o WILLIAM CRAIG. *o ommon Pleas tor the couiAV 01 derofanAsie. in which every muale from Lnneen oearP old and Jhe c "l'heimue Asge
P~~~~~r ~ IrfI I'l l r l, r bu rgI W1,erea, J.eph L TIh;n3aao. nee ig Philadelphia, film account as Assignee LL the right,ttl and i nteieat. late of A rnol upwards ,ncat ete if summoned. Every justice garden gate., ~ iue a s~dhrhp.
Fare TrduccJ, to eumptle with nil other Lir ,r K In "" Ir %% l liano Craig. didOL tild3d day o f of hemai d Lae Aeas or murrg.
-Poss imnaerE fi'r the FRqlcigli and Goeloo Hred -road. t-v A ", Tlhis Cri.ddc r a3 nyo"o h si sae
running to Pil/:hlur.h and II'7 r./en_. ih,,,"^h ,Peir.bure, \. .I Apf.i one thuumand eilhl hundred and Notice thereby givn tothe Credindyth of the D date May a H steps i nt o i
B l -^ b e lne.Bre n rnni -" Fo -lu ,rn,riy one. rilein i, fle ch oiceolihe Pro George L. Neeld a o te aidHa Sn e r i, i *"llaneous Book, F. No 1. pnde 113- obvioui what c.,,lusion must ensue ifthe elemento
~ ~ ~ ~ Fl r.ollt . .. -ln b y Iapply a i,h. ,.ri ve .f s'FO 'K]r(.)'N F- 4 L[L",; & C 0, 41 P1" ,n l,. ,f |e C a t ,1Co m n tre'd tn t e s i sae
*WSMFh1! iewayt Balt..n....rd d.. fee I "i. l l sP ' bRs aasur, ignee of uhe said have appot-led Saturday, the 29 l day W May. one uan" B arid armrt rudeorled lo whenever a judge or jultece Young Jrudtg wf the ou ed t ea g
ingLun, Poinnorylvaiiia. Making IF, all lour hu..dlil ,- pniir ih ~~ a r~ 'lh-imal .J eight hundred and folly-one. 14 Len o'clock dyl~oiarii whit IS il,> sallily the United State.' dr~i l'"no*' Sorrl Supo. Bauet]or 11rc caI out bein intecut fIdin.5ae 0ne the hopeof bt nn, wihu red orc .
meio en sla i. ak n r mles to Ptittburgh, Fnd, ,if 15 t,,lols Isold 1111P thar. D:'x:r F,,riher inriormnlir on respecting the rRuLe Can estate' Ihruetn Iih hundredt Su p c u a foc ale uta d I
mil~~~~~~il~~~~ib Pm brhndi S .w elm h lrl. ,L of Con,^r n sllrlH tieSilii] [F.eet near 3d Noticeip herebt, givrcn I, tire crechilo-aolthe said in the ibreorincn. fur he hearing ol the same. and for |R ll'5 a udhd c.iee deed poll "'tried Vt compel payment of every bank note not nexion, notiebli ei. N odrta ei
eerld]ir, [lilte Lip ,1,1 h, Wh=c y e a re b o l i, -d elfol = laI. e.ut, stee ne r I railei .1eb 1815r, wai sole Fridnd~ el"nv ye thbadynte b
ni disposed ,huniJ I ,94i,>, erli.), l rho& tc ay All I'eh.k .Irh'la. .Yf \V.AiI" C. BUTLLR. William Crile aird all ohe" iereafptl i n she h nid account ought nol lo from mheeculler-ofihe 10th coilec on heiurcl lat w going
o,>r 1ien 01.1 offhumbuI pre in I... A I d, Agent. the 1,id e,.nli, atst ibe HJnuraule the Judges ra allowed. and i do u I thereof be hamelwiP re Sle. 1 Benjamin Wfll, ol Weimore]arid, i1. consequences AI[ buch tunou, departures from pinwed ad ,n
L o1 the Court I C'ommror, Plead aiuresatd, have.p,1 be confirmed fite mouth e November. 1.2Uvih" ii sae t h a execution oflaw are dreadl. T ey ar abandon Lb
And Mr, 11119. arid lire toll in 1.2 t,o)uts leas Ihsa- r y 1 pointed WednesAdo,. Ihe 'br'hday of M oto. thou- Wilnessthe Honorable Edward KingPeiet rnee lesm oJsp hl ) e h ednyo~ e[aeqiea uhb o. die fL
any ,.,tl,er r.oue 'and e l.d ht hundred an-d l.ry.uJ,e. al 10 o'clock ,n o ortr said Court al Pladelphin~lhe 28hday York bydeed Fi lend stitol i he a as by con the ol they
Tue G,,dO Inient Line, carrying the U. S Mail. M d. the lor,:i,,,,i 1-r Ihe hearing .1 the same. aod Ic-r ol Apr. 1811. loaephF %'itle. by d e edriir'OL w t 2 l aw k rhetilf,,""dgeb idivimuch more tey w
will leave ,he D-p,.t. No. 271 ,Maret sreei, every f EMOVAL AND CIIANGE IN HOURS shewing Ceuse ny ihe as.- aetouunt ought not lo SAM[ELH\RT, Prointry. to Arnold BuSA-im ilia heirs and ain I :y 'vb
mill ,t I.' o'clrit. kby kail R-,ad.e. l;,r' r:i6 `v` -ue -nSl^R I be allowed. ondl in dclfaull tihere-if the mamne will be ap'29 may 5 8 \It 15 19 *it Z16 28 __ foB -Irm dab~lo mlan by indimdunio. Your excellency's terruptis thnIllet l I nete on
'h-iaborasnurg-150 mile,& t- b urlge SO6 P-11hurghm'es i, OF S' ARTI N Gconfirmed. Inlowed, Ih* ou ol" orn Pleal for same wall be hpea9emao n br a M g a w rc1a 8'i l y i h d r d i
m a iing 3W n es "lT h,s line is run thri,,g h in 4L I "' ) I E M F t [ W itne.i the HI..n. mrnble Ed% ard K ing, President n .ourL of om m on P leas for the C ounty N. B O n e of t hepbov e th e C ourt o1"l ooomon dilo at d be as con eye hoca.
hounef 0 ['V I-- I hd PlhI ,.v.l(,h,.t arid I'rmnt.n Rail of our ,a,,J ,-',uri ti Philadelphia, the 3d da-oofAmed l u rveme d ine mher irofi s tor ol th is ca lle ap o m to Tile T cure s
D~por.'^?^^^ ^^^^^I I^ ^*^ ^ K of Philadelphia. of a warrant grantedHE toMH er eD F od no -- her trct am ar~senal whic was calle uon; and 1 rn in- cEl me ns aif tr;h eoe'nmue
Thi~nle fwp1Sini I StgeLirne, lr,~ e th b) Nad(-Fil ii oI nldlri~el I) a h t pi 1II T E~ T E F T E E T T F lf4 es ate ins\, tuwoili RorJ(l~ [,l) Wit'-nglon deerun. iolay' osc the ae occaionad I .t can inTHEn en
]Derin. No '274 MarketL street. eior i-rna i i ,,,gri I' ,,Ia, m m.rrenn SIR1 R ,P-tooir.W L I M H.H W R.nye nprunc .faw ren rng allie for youg that no,,, long, -.,i,,e another ,sherif hrrad heis s AHA TP.ehooar. I
o'cLa hk, Rai RoaA I,, ,;humhersurg. 1.56 F, ,.. r L. r until further r,.i,;e. front ap 5 10 14 1 21 24 2 tay 1 4 Ilo S Sle asg e of Brail Jd a~n, als r ih r P 1 F i N nh uriheo line froI Fact of 388 }
Th IiitrqinIil.,,igh to P,i^..rLVh, IF 51) n,.ur :, h, l i. -in Nlul. r-y the difOmb-al. r i-e-l---votih e a o nlHad d i o ,unsdnicoa .trge1 s e 1 Philadelphia, prepared to longer in ti rnd iend iO to tie en ,e
The M .I PjhlI SlBone R.,ue, iea.- ilhe ab-v6 r qa Plld.ic lio, I,[.%. li,? i.'n ,,lwt airt.. doearl In th Court of Commo for a the price
Depo, eery nrmr,_e al ',i o"'Ihek, r t et, e~ r,..,r, i, o'!orhuor Blrdenlivn, lheiMhe
-hm esori 15 i.l N H &T F H ST T F eihta huedtred and lorry-one, file in rho Terms ah ndl~ r fde h il rpr ub rae maSo.1uhsokn evrin tl ue
Chsmbershurre. 15- oe ihs I.l,., is run Ihrough iv rai r. i k.. Pro ,.,,,i. Pr,.i.ei ..I. New Brun. 1N THE M TTER OF THE ESTATE OF -. office el the Prooaour
The Pioneer Stage Line leave.p the af vpD,op. D .lt N "r', In,.' V^r1,o, im Pm' to the York. W ILLIAM Ob your excullency, I lee confident, as most Cun. riches. To
evryngh 1 2u' ai arveiatW ileitc Fai,. $1 -, Not% \ o,'1. I tW!p ,'h41.era,_ D-vid Stuart, Assmgnee of Phi edelphin, his aetourt as a~mlgoee T.W .F E M N utoer cntttoaulwu n nu a rnm ota i
in 50 h.u fihti i ne is l run bi r n lb.14k l R rp. i d r ,. i it n i.. ii.... le l-..%,. k. Nel ark, Jer. ,a : e ofWl, u.n-lda n orh PaiRd e. ap---- I .rn nu advucaw for mob.; but since the Boston ed in his TrIng, mos. ,l h.ow fro ..i
C l'llgerr,..n. Plle bnlar,..e e the ,,,ad .Wy '-,,, I, N., V,,k. wvl les ie Vain,, street hl hdre ). ,' n 'i i WH w ard i her eedin
n run in T.,y built couchea. over is.@ ILu..^l ,-h,,f ,:ipry -,1 t;%e t clock. tileP o terr,,ile Couri of C ,aid 6elale that She Hocirable [he Juilef of ilie Ntr.3U Mark J ldL*W e l _. -. ,o ,,t
dIl' Feror 10 ML" V..ili. 4 dollars. ^ min P.egI*r this cuumy or Philadel. Coun S ICominvii Mean e-resi. boys Appointed -E, 'l ah it not tie juati diou ol"g'weinint misrule? As- what I hawe e relain ocur whr i 1 wps Tbr ,
F-,,r Rat pply * Depao d '-"'**"* 7.irei. phia, his account as assignee of the SaD'ilrd,-.. he sr9ihdayollay, one [houian eight T p rib r unpris M ol e h i arlong lr sok crtais e uf 01 depouwle arr sf ich I j ried
eo --,I. I i "l_' K. A e~ ,I., B ,r~te.t,...l,..'n, 5s d., said estate. hunJreI and iont, -one, &.1 10 o', 14 P.rinaIhei dw e l f w i hi
PH1J L A U lP I ,A & t R A U l U *i., Bi~rthgl,,J,,n, do Notce i, h,,rchy giver, 1.. the Creditors ofthe said iur i nz oflie fi.S. andyn r, eenenn ov'whe
R .1 L it 0S S I D di) II'1., do F Vll25mH or.,,l. .nHla llthFind all L-the r e interestedin the id y he I acco.,ni ought Il to be allo. ao bronze, Iirile. .CldFei, ad iriidtl grren dre.e
.*---o',-- 16-dtf C. HINKLE, Agent. ta. e ,,,, ai t, e Hunoranle ihe Judges o[ the Court in delnauli ihervoi ineserns %ill be hrdirB'd. frock, ald riding Lhne-price ir-jm ill I 10l6 g as tc in that OUirage. 11. rfoya to -
WINTER ARRANGEMENT. fc-B.c,,a.'- And Dinner provided onboard of ,i;,, 'mm,,n Pies P .,rnalorpid, have appoiniei, "'inetheH nrr Elartblue twn lavend. ake. brown D'Ortnest unwarantal and arned heecu- ,nAKD.
mfmU stl i l R1181 d ..d i r ..rI,. N.. Hall. Sa nrti -, rhe -'lid day of Mr.%, one 110iho-.a.d right 01 our onard Culm, ?t Philadelphia, tolfe 98Lh\ :&y 1Bffyi ft. *lr e er *, 1..heI N. B-P....nivr .',r t..oo.Nawhope and 1ew. the &uadredl nd.rd)" Nhefori. oned f dn y o oai 10 u'cJock in file furen,,on. day of ApriluIUMebn
,ill,- rt n l .start at the i.llu ', l for hearing ol the some. ald forae ng caui SAMUEL H\RT. Prothonotary. Blue. black, drab, brown and m iiire di ren misconduct wad a reprehensible as the rotrs in splendid so ae ,,e h1e,
ing h,urs 'T\ IAtL\ P"K.' 1..1-% FUit why the eai.l acciunt ought Ari 10 be allotiied, and 2had i p ilona-pre from 2 Z So $4i hr contest. They were equally guiany ofroL feared before, BI least 5
From P'hiladelphia,.at 71A N I M Da, Iy. Pliladciphia to Pilill-1tHr~h. h~ldeluih.itereoiftr, esameilI beconfirmed. C13ofbakndl cyir nd limbakad sidu aw lase byWthoceobektelw, hrg.T
From Read mi,R at Ili PM. T II'ho L'xpreus Pacet. Witness the I honoratile Ed word Kong. President In the Court of Coromon Pleas for the County t'arc V1, 06 AIFI ul.cotrn pan rifrt fn Lem m nthejd estteb lin M in sfty nbr
e0pot in Phliadolpho, corner of Broad Fnr. Cherry I O o our ,d I. i it Philadelphi, The 211 day
11 ir OI.. e' / Ri l Ri "/ NY OT M a y OEP11. IN T H E O P O F T H E E ST O t C o m bi l T e n o ugh io n is h 1 .l t l f i e n nit to p riso n. w ith -
F' mre -- lst c L all C anrs. $ "2 5, a o e l .... b A N LrF L H A R T P ro tbho n e ts ry B ig p of e r5 % i ry
9diF5Cas S 2it''4 ake tet v AMUE1 It'KES, fo
2d oderCrs, 2,oIniPMge stret haf. ,p 22 28 nmy 1 5 81"21519 21 -Socs rvtsaadta l uha ~i o lepro fhs hm ih
-jn t on Jli w rLrn N L1L r roigshaf,\V..12r heross. Z ,eheus B inniater, Aimngnee D n
inEf urs]'r'ieo.sawd,.l' P KI..e tgim ee.g R ,,t w Ieun ina.]7 o'clock, and or- 11the Cohnofar mano1'les f. theCountn PlFeas11fhe ea the Saudenty lirt ." ont'e OHN A HTON,.r.Ot J theedooee, dieuncdf.admdepatced -
ing[too orm n ,i L lp d or)$ i t) y e a sseher t oe % PeI I-. PiI l,,hre h I r. 'I d to, a[ Phl epha 0 .. ,16th dell, of' ,Aprlue ilual ih I H N O N N xcto.Irq ety u xelny t x mn o B
Bohsu ial .l lplrB prsnpa% h P o, .senrg, I. to,., ituliy ihl,i,rmed that the above' fP iaep i.' ii~r n ot n~ie h ,-le f Js eevdafwpiso"Ngtad M rig I con f%-iti geiul icle h o G e
Usualpoll13 L -v ,,I 1'., kmli -r rill.I o, ita 1p oroI H ,M T ERO HE E T T F 5ts1r (flr or r u .csireperiorstyloi fo r IN E i-.1E OFal TlJetigi aridT OFtnd it tt ii~ r,,ay~he Ledrtger news
Days of Siatting "f Frei,.hl'T'rain.,. iheP ,,.im'nI,5,. rh L.- Trjidtloif.. El,;,, comfort FLErcHER & BENNETof. !!SP 11mi1-PlIhi for [he CuuRly of Philadel. INSOLVENT COURT-CO IION paper at the-29l.1 July ; a publication with every Mattrs Cloth
Fr,,m Phil.delphis e Wea\ e &,hedays ard SSituydmy&. %,,I bo re,,d.'r,-.J 0, Ihe t 'ier ii,,. to make the trip .pti Whereaas. Daniel C. Wharton, assignee phia his account as assigiee Ofl11 said PLEAS-JUNETERM, L841. uppeurance oi- a uliity, and you will see dho
*Ibi 54 N11. M. l I pl, iI ...0. I lit- Lodi&.'In.- has every ihn A o ee rlh e ,I FIvlcr, er & Bennett, dVoli't lo ftb it e t h l litcl 1
FFrumb leading on'T ueaJayo ard F. ay ,lo o 5, v.,, ,e,,.I: l.,r ihoir com f m, and every attention w ill In'.u a n Fr the luFh day .,I A april, ne houar iI b.,ri"e 'o t e e rea ofDlhBlle,'on l the saideie r N otwice to. j udre rade Itn ]Un. dby ,t Apri0 to attemat l
A.M. ____ url 3" rll g.-,L.n..,rp,,lersatisfaction to all Iraelling "iri Z ht hur,nded Iid f.rty-one, fie ir,,he ",;mufl 16% and all
'IF I [hr- Pnoh~notary of the ourt ,.I "he C Lour[ of L'.,mmnon Pleas, arid all other ducts Ideiu ua',try hainget o h rn uy owih D
-- -h---l R k~- t' t il Illt. ,,, Li-,FI .. ]I,.e i he0 P1, of-eCor aid estile, ih, ith Hooalth ude fte m
Fie ;Helll" 1ND i iHT ,t.KU'LTNE. 11 011M-"111 1 ,r.'..Ple .riecunty. I t % f Phil- 'Court o 1 ,,mmon Pleas al',aresid, hare ap" ttaed
111 aa11 TheRml.r,,ad Caro %%,I lhate Tils I ,nt, vn -11 l-ivme R-1, Hl d Doi.1 i.N-.i74 -" ,ipha, hisuccln aeaesgris assignee of the day. 29.h ol Mayt 011 ih-iumand counthe 9,hw ole proceeding was precipiy Buckski ea5
the%% .,, heater ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hoe f rm aktrr ,,i it.. 2ocu~,adAiegihundred and] fortyLi, o. at J o'ok lheIJr-Charged rby 1he Hurnorate Judges of t.d or.iaeoaeads Mn~ta h du hc iwi i
111111e We11, heaer I el ,1 Br#.,ad Marki --(-r n, r r. n 1 o'-lu Ik, and .rive ,1 ate. 10 o'rli. i11 the lore. J g es i t i ci lalc,peon a
_A- . rar Race We 1. a1, 4 .,'],,', 1- ,,-r it, Pil ijrfh in IA, d ,o% Notice io hereby given to the Creditors of the said ,o-in. I*ur Ihe hearing, of he same. drawn fr eby ing 1 I t
in lhem,,,,. g i'e <-ar will ltahe. e',. -h a ,r..-ihl,.g. i,, re reo, ectlully infor I reaction fromr. Fletcher t h Bc,,,,rt. Plal ano fig 10
et 1 P.M. W P S I., '.L .SS. rnrdLh.,Ih,ile, ..I l.c ,[ l, rv ,y[;, n.e,,ie..' t ,aid b.i,,e. , Ihe oll ,f > of [e -h reof e bon..rii~lr. ,euefb t u oe ih.b
_ufermendln. .,d onl,,l .r .l,(SculnionainneS, r, ch'Jh. b.SL-_ ,., conrr 3,d irooDed. th
i:, ,,.- h~te tr, ;tilkon, iweii loiltei up in a sup- the l~bih day ol N1 . ,,ne ih,,luo.r rid eigh, hunredains h ooa l d idK n .Poie t f prm n e.Wl.d elL rpu la flhi~~.11 Ldbcp ofte drawn In aVie. nh qooa l td~ r Kn;Pes
milvalona, e maner wIi do. we. r, .m lu I Iu,. Ite bifi (oor said drawn hldlp .tie2 dyo dsrl
For -.m lh ..l ,, ,r % J. r.,d r. ,rx ,-, -e tha,,en ip -Jd 16maike torty-one, at 10o'cloc 1 ,n tte imiruo-,n, for RIO hear r4 id I,.urt It o t,- L ad e I
T aie : ,nb1 ai K F : T ,(-I a pi R ch if I, 8 r h ,,, F ir l ,> or hc e oloh,e Fij Log o ,f't e sam e tord f..-r e w n cau & % y Iie s lid A p il. 1841 ,I -i c t w atch too tle prin icple is g una w h ich adm on"sh ed II-u'h'P m anyi R"eh inr,1^ l hh
b ,ei t,, c,l, P l.,, accountought rn, o e all.w .land in defa hey.a gu hould be su er to escape rather than one ^ _,_,pj 1,_,e Fir i 01 ,,r,.h iieli~ ral] Ps.rze eerin lit Ill-,L. t ].ini. r c,re by c.,,:hl of the some will be confirmed. so 19m 58 12 15 19 22 26 Silos j, se durri eilin a ',me vin ehi hits t Ie l e cino erme .
will coi,nui tleatia A t, h .Lrel wharf, e.ry .,,, "toe l rnii I., I ( i,. w r ri,rir. Ire R Instance ,of,,t disr,,rg ne every Witness ther suffer. It"r K ge President forci'bly. oti
,dsxy. t\edhiesiav and Friday, at "I ,uhl \ it A N I,, ,. Ir, [rr .-rFV~l ii.,,r iltk'teP kl vr W testeH nrbeE wr ig rsdn 0"lW F 11;V A% R M L U o ie ,re. wTl irt.S -ul'e Um rap.itl endowed~ omoo sai Courtinailri Theiaelh he1 dy
JI S m y rn a D e l e .p p ,,,g 'i a :l t o in i .r mn e d, ale th e P, -i n 'z. -,ri. n L :. t l i l .,, u rg nr o f A p rit, 1 8 4 1 'P*pOh ila d e lph ia .OeA 1r e8 4n0 m a r m e N o 3 n o r lh 15 1h 6 1 m i g h o f a n d l a tio n n
landmgdr. . PC. oi, a 1. '. % -t ale D,,..,1 a..d at h fib e ( r- :, of AprilE ] R, Prohootry 11 pre% on ih ipedru n s ate peontepl. o eadta aroigteepo enmg tjnto iI
Returnring. will leave the landing ,in I Irek o l '. -.r(sllal ifrcei. urui.r Sl % ralFr F' c Lp HART P t .1 A ay 1L ET Reain Rat
ev ry tuoday. Thured,:y, a.d Saturday worrinig tit ap 7--d 1 J 11UI, K Agrri ," 'ounuioin." it to deentdpoe osaeIa b AD-1"l" enn prto'croae spe ayw ihi
---^^ .ru ^----^^ -- ^--- ^V^fl^-- -^ ..eo~w^ ^ ^ ^^Sf h:^
'7blo',clo k. A I I ____- !A llt"i wrlr--maellilkg O W wr .R ln~n ete oeo nr fr y ~l. TIA4 otis4
SLage,,]wI leave Ins landing, for D,, er M ,ilfrd H It N 1) & t N Fee soy toudeN h seetbelw Vine- 1 nu F legio ntrols our end bad root...
arid Georgetwn, ,edtely tn the arrl otl the El'petiq,,r;Zi L !/. r, and General ft^eri- LARGE STOCK OF GOODS SELLING Gameof "Peach Mouam n" The riye, a ry honest
boat ... workP i iiad~a01' hped, byd the comarlyrongly Al mret Pach sod Aotr e storyhuei ra tarke. 109 uo grer atil~l o alth pe le falpristgteruti
A Sterge wll leave Port Penn [rnme.l,ately ..n11 lire -,_. . #'fice, OFF AT AUCTION PRICE;S, shipped, No. t9e up y o Ai
arrival of'he t -.rMiu t n D1 via Tr I o .1-2 -. THIRD ST., PHIDADA. FOR CASH OR CITY ACOBWANCE8,4WTH INTRLB6T ta Co al reiled li Phidelphia. Sol [ended and Cld*fif *" the orderly and meritorious dIislorcL sure rro.ndmi blR ,. Oe'AePed
1nd .'n~el Badt th At. three ,,tory ho.]I in s At., W. COf Sc uylil "o Kensington anrd [lie Northern Liberties. I will t e ac
, and Can>fell.Bridge .S~ .^- A I ^ RS. D A RNDEN & CO, ADDED. l- Comrpany's w harl, 2d below Markel, street Bridge, un .d, ^1S3 ">at* * B reak l'ami arid D in ner prov id ed on b oard . f ilz k e~ri t li 5d .r ihtl elle00 1111nd.' s .
feb eai-- an DirIed the o b.,,t1he lh2t h n I I|M E subscriber would call the attention of all h Sehuylkoll or, which the company onve recd SeS
_b i ._____* ___ those.l i i a in wetofp dsi islnet teeamn whc 1 il o t 1 "thosein want of gooda in his line to the exam iS- sheds fur theen onl-orid irr i c A w ll re story on cauee, a. 1 Gbln l, I d e- and it
L-- t f ll k t .'s -rrai,g nenii,,,Ill, ie I_ ,,den and Amboy L ne to niti..i, of his as.,k.. h is oled l o e it out at deh ered m Ihe be t d W $3b. care pa r s ol d be reri I de tya ndhl it,
f,, S. on an I,.x.r :, P.,k .a. .'.or between Philadelphia the m,,-l rW n,...d pr,re.] r, nddg I0 inest the pro- ,ie o fhr L'etV Frn and at Iho Vo and P
E M IG RAN'[M LIN E TO PIT I'SBURU H d. ,n ,a D ,)y, i- connection wtth e.,e t ,,, ie Fa ,,r > p ar,i ufs ..ur,-n g t, u inves.t All that ,.ci0t', n d rep or e on by th and V e n tr eet s e r itude. an i rum main
... X.. V0 .^ "^ ^,I-._ to ,,it^ ^ ^ Ifirilu in mo niito w ih - l 1 .f_...- -.... air*C* .h., ,l sell %h e ordered.^ vizO :0 ---- :-, -o ~ a n -o - le c~ -^ H* .-- ___ -> ..n
:. 't ^ aCne n o Iaods." Ihe"^r;^, -;;,t .'. p,,,',r. th .y ^ are' ,,uW^ preir8"6rtd 6- remn,_______,,s~^ wJl be^ LL d'A^,u~ *.0 altU ASHit .LLemoth PrBone '.
g r.1r1 l sa rae*^ i h ng. IO th L ",; nr. AIo ,, r,,, I;.,,,e, N e B df~rd 61 x tl F in ed o f 'rom 69 to gl ce rg sa y a rd N ut (:oal ,. ., J 0 W K E M I ,---_a t M m a r o o o
^-^ -nng-A t\'"1, *3~u, ,elu**" *" r 1 i.i, ..... .,,Pll t.,Ln I' rlimonth, Po, llnn,.l, il-, lu Superfine do. from 87 toe$1,1.2 yard. Alsoteece sepro ult ra oo~& R C r t r O e l IE AlN T S n3 dfN 1 1P i
l B ~ a H lera. ,'.. T he hoaii r.h.1 Livfrl-, .ol. L u~don. Manhes~ter anil Uiri~n ghinFa Good Grass Carpeonr~gs. assorted colors, !i6 cent a and "1 Whit0;,,,. Ofce oi lt ouef M'D xl e (. AFR MJST.OhN .Alo1 Ll Tvo<'oatr lee wllne u
".)i,.rreili,, h arcniun t,..i, *l, u e,,, xeeec rdrtoletordeyrs;u I r, co,, vrou ptersl15eaydctoe and payne BrJ ,- CrplOs varHous puttternr hav50ayg bBn uhkena b a ade~^ul^ mr ^^reened^ -M-nR ? ,-
P~serlgere leave everv momrn'n r9* o"1"l, he in ii-*ieass that may be entrusted t ,ler c ag I prilfom I25 o 15 ry J 1 1 1 s D eian olerW lnB l lad BI thei charge Irnp,"" r1;l" 101 11 l.,hto A M f 0umre.25m.e251mPo ad1
be.t igh.vhisalled carsf,, ..r~',unnlli. hTx ,ereiht, e ar. ipr..,npl, pl],earth H'is>. lr,,m .5 cents to 7 aod $10 each. Orders received al ietar n yIo .M ini .M .Ed a i wlig i Heranw ehrIe ged hydds oB / .pi~ nieDyet w unie ral n
rive in Ihe al'tern, .t. and lake [lha t'i[.'iL biait art, te- "1 t~o Ure--will leave P},ilade t1 .M. \elrv|plg; oae halt rm37 o .tof'rc ro n onrolShadUisalss. a n ice eio y h aie at~r~ 10ro A.M. s'econd.l f-',orpclously Wose Che irom 37a toe reverrie, ,inB ca suly bid
d By lbshilr, e pja.]encerq an tike ail ihe r big- 5 P. M. Diy P .drr, =h.nC rel ^ m orefoa7 et t 1 .'" 1'1 c..rner h ar" rh' n wee ei.l 8 dl ,~ rmifudta a tl y w cii h "" **dalrosn an anf os.& .
g*age ,ih ihtm eritc~n cuol ,jrib.rd ih~b.jiis N\.B .,A,1l'a.mages mnst be [eft at the office No a yard. And at the office of ih mpn, o11so h3d---------------B .' ir n, nm h r A lo. eiakbyfeS r ihue nd icn i
stoves he'Pg prve,? for ih-i purrp,.... t.2uih 1 ,rd sv. one hour previous to" the .above LOOKiING GLASSES Whip Combs, Basket=, street. CHARLES S.WLAa Y TI C reu J T P1 "n* hhy.
Apply athe Pas~enBer Depot i,,s 13aend I5...uvh tmels. CaJut \\'are and V, e,, ti n UitBidwl arir.M ~ l tN E ~ E V rrolnt eun1 omrwisca ole. 1 adhsawy Ie ia rmuy lains fo
'gd street, beiv~eerChesnut aind Mtaik~t t LE'TTFE BAG 'or CUTNARD'S Royal Mail elnbe sold at the vper9 too^' Aziir.,a prices. Kr The Company also oilerfo iB unto rE nudmeirgieLTHt D RSn sl" 1a.lltt1 cu a lolyiem .i loaono sanin ry fmfeses emi
ap'i--dLI HARKIlS ,. LI' FOHD. "ii~ae,, +. ,jl 3 lr iI'. Ne \'.,rk teaine-re B.d ail. *-' J SJD|L t-\t' JONES, S,'reenedai ncendSil ol ual u h uu etC mii.wl eh-d ilh lsp~ :h ht1h ide mymded away ofsle neh nde dcreeerare 101 ci
les Patters tIl b itep.I .,I it,,i Office. nar2.*-dtf lNo 18 north 2d st. S',eam .ri-hines end I.imehitrnelr one.ri2-dif TesrriOieN l4N4hselblo ll e miuc w olha ng enalll wre fh iv "dih blnein iypr ely lat rdue
*--- AFTERNOON LINE -12,s' InrJ L h h11 iatl SL' I'HIr-H RN IN RANt'CE AN DI) R[_JT K elritfe r.or !lan l cr r on odv y .111 e enif hur f? ap 0-i Th ic mlnebogh on .'* "" oruih lorMain inquir Filil-er onM aabs .14.b
T\ B A\\I A, er.I, COMPANY OF PH[LAI)ELPHIA, Cr^ON IN^ ^. tobemar ufcee elhod ss and:u'cloe PM^ m ^ fo
.I" 3 I.-J 0CLOi'K. l2 w.I stee N Y*\.rk. O ^rcE, *>. \ C. R ER SraLCE AND *2 TE2 Ji.,,].p vlefml ..lie c rmielog M ng l evTurIeR;.;. er, ,t, ., a asd ih ohrd.o O lI' e a^^m R 'e ^ ,\ e n = Castle anl A o 1- ^ y '" p ne~eh d n,~ ~ g h h,; .a d ,hef n of. ^L UC ^ m 1hd Frrrughu na p ne s Raher miserd B~~'a" \Vu nl ''.> r \\fa0,'.. ^rer J"//.r/o'.'P1ny ,,n a e p ren ehzd i na~ gt
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H . C.II E er p hner s r illa ih r ,,I. , 8 t',,r s*ee B,,,r ur.,,e miu .r,sio .,b .e p^lra es earctv e o.l wae c:elya e q ofzm e, hm w n ? a| en is L d P nc^ S~ d o e nd sth o ndri tlhe ch shrparheveend T O S A M n A M M ~ T-
lo~rr~chuw', ru m o~Z llOn y1&ii~l(ond i,u |p, N.B L--!K, N jo r P C, a l.n.,e reeve a -ithm Llor e Toney ,, re ah~ rpredn' rm aeabcept-u~r o-ruion he 1 llo ruhsht.inio 1ciyan on adel olleeu lac l x E meRSA D AD 1 18F A

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o oTne Ril road arid F an a of thi L,no. gre ii.,,.,r call e a Ihi. l' To ia e C rL.len aodH N i LSA .-1 resi'. elJOHN LI:.) President t. eeletiraied L"acon hel lid tlrn a y to conHer lier
sul-erjor order. and ma ell prepared TO gvo iThat corn laIT11. Clashir. IV I y,-dif yeara m., r oul and impure %%? ir after passing I',,kin' i ho t~~~~~ hrutgh .ihera earmo ie n clearness and Write be our. i O Ki l teC aral Lonjh, in In~i W a ite wiesebnsoc oeoe h
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Freigh f.r BaCiOmFre. Norfolk. IHclmor, d arid ire. ap5 a-dti ,emOFFIN MAKER, redfur yetil bellre purchaing el. denote that il is miutes past eight. .erbr. or
Peler~burih,Orsnyparolihe Souh ur Ve.i, re .ind general Furnisrhing Undertaker rriterlorslwayson[hand; C5from$14lowhere Oureock is oi e; and manufa. ured ol Jack Eay, as le hears the hour eirie, says, mar8-law7
reaved ana d ^pB irhad do a lyy i'l or [Jti LA 0 I lE S PEC T F I. LL Y inform s his friends qnd the 0 K i T. i7 n ports o r n o co al; or Jo fiv r c n d 10 te ll p e .
$'nollpncknea ol eveoesriplioco.edand CAMUE.\A.\ RAIL pubhc geD E N ADiBbRIROD ulcmnerally, Thai ts entabhshe atl %cre and d b 1ws f a Pen.. belowe are man
ep ~ h d d i y i n Br r bou n d A -es l 0 C O M P A N N N o 1 8 1 A r c hz ab o v, e 5 t A !r e e i, b e IIIA I R enie r. Qn d
d..patch~ddaly.,n~ror~u^,^c^ ^ COMPNY. Ho. ,81.^.^ ^ W ^lllRefrigr~ rn an Fller repaired, will beZaanLamTriini'66118 Bd uttersihese word&,"Gid-,t is immensely <3TEP1UaENSCMETRK1. h ..
epo14-dlf Nol Dtka S l al"sJ t_ e it, I,,,,r ,,/ .t~rng t,, 1l ,, clock M. "herc iheir orders wHill be thankfully re. eved, and, warranted. OLIVER EVA n
I~~rlfnL'~H fl 0 A lt O I Ey John bltehe
P S.-Pisengirdidetiinrd fur Ohoh. d. na &,', _. ,. a .t"~ U~i a.,u ofier M~n~ayine 1901 as heretulore, punictuq1ellty l ded to. Treltisenrn tLl
will(zperience wre-1r a.lvah ning inil.].... a. d AeOrhli ri e has rriu rted TO his b1 M a beautiful blak mar 31-e aujll GEORGEd L. A.-nHM AD, it is eight o'clock dl bn a youth, whose uncl e
v.iaBailLimor and ~heeltnzrn el y re l,l,,.m.Jde. [" " ,' aa3 ll tued Lirne. Iur lew I rK. Hease. lh ger1le he dras and Hearse. w T.areful driver.

.. . .. . .. .d a, W__heeli.... i o-n r vererye (-fi__- .... .. v %%rere, ill %,il' t' ie, l-rry_. dad).i *S ioda)l'ele ,, 2. recei v e. and is h n owbel' eo r pr epare d tor gi e FO R S A L E tD t rw and 01- abo n ElinOeN s p oun of fi ve. n
Pie O Uio. vlhiel I. often the u ie at Pj d- . s I I Mo
ring itie sumnio~r mon,l,4. FIre TOIn -%. V,-rk. $ 3 at0 eneT-l satisfaction than herewufurs. 1 RT A E Onpoet in hecy adad P I D L H A S U L, B CK mnu sh sreb -4 l g s m. F w otnt!F R
,lu% 'u ar I dkP NV Inn J~l~i.o tt l t Ari C;'FZ ER, Jim 4111flplled, ,.vz. 1 l0;JIMf 1000; 2o/$1,5U0;*1800; L Y i -a
5EO IT R Npb- ,. innl %, ow r -lvr upio lt- e ee --k100.O 0.2i X0i O 9W f801. V C olwn eaa e o poeTeAoia tte rate vey ,J-lopa', about, resehvunlrLe0;,pounds a AboutK
,ePO IT R a I g. k,. A e, uj), abip Shenar,.Ja h. argres~t StiL,0, and.1110.(000 Bord 1`111.Ilrrta otnt ieNiue e ano h
FOR THE WORK OF THE P OR, T00p elefic. iol iihe B., I.TI MORE Brte1) o0 sIier moultd rA, cake baskeis c..l Gro nd reni of the following principal sum s. via SIRG KON8 Pl VS CIlA NS Two IrcindsIwko have kno wn each other from rA three st ry
'4' TLOTHIING ol almom every e-er,pi,.n --n" 'h ,\' l IRT. ri 1.IE wll L,e fee urns. ale. Cindle.nek., thambord. snuffers $350; $0. l ard 3 o I each. Liberal dig. Dr.WilliamGhon, Dr. Semi Jacks -P, boyhood, l this evening, al eight o'clock, to Sib nd o
I Lemer,' h ldJea', e;'A. 1, rLli..- f and currier of &r. is %ill be made on laitour Them, l.d ide a foolish quarrel h
,srani's, also, bedelolhinij--llM m'1le up v 11' M ol.,. e h re l rod d ,,ilery. %%lh or >t- hOul fork&. A large go V. B PALMER. Dr.Joseph Paeno.r, Dr. W W. Gerhard, word, ounts thuh or intentione of of mony wi ll be A
a nd f. n v^re, 1 T L ,k =F-,,eot%..lp 1i. o ,i lmer, t of e!ej .lL jzp.-i lea vaileirs, and many Real Estale Office. 10,sonihThn# sl Dr. Edw'd Peace, Dr Robley Dungl0ion, woh h1r n. rrey ll y-El pr elimn of ooney l
)Ow~ Rfr sl Lr. -*0ubll Mrfe atA 2 u~h A,,n min-i~i~in. April 1.4 ~ p r h'useiecep~ing aai~cle- 11,u noiner.,u lu) menijon. ------,f ,.-------Ph niin to ch L intnheirtsn -Ds enLying-arienuntull -le reimnaie T ootme oB oo he h
*ra -reet h' : -- SILVER nAHE. ICE 1 OVA L- Robert M. Huston, and James McCintock. are selLed-ihey fire loget; one remains u er nearSh acre@
J1~~~ue hhe otherlor 1:ll mmtall woon rnril h07 7JRPIKPcnzAr@
fieol'ihe Un..,n He~tioiall Asoocialrn "l'lte Me Mn. OrN- mlit.. A ronsiarnt supply of tee sets, pitchers, cups. DOBERT TAVLOR hisremoved fromhlV-5 Do. oci21-41' jured-the other Alls, mortally wound. 1 Brohour
sgermo ol'bal been In ueIel 0 ppr,:,.r SPI.ENDiri asLirmeri ul R.,dgeren' Cutler) ;p,,one. I.,rk, ladles. &c., ,.f eveery pattern. Ioept Ll- RWl ,.siu vireeo to No 297 M 't murals uponahim
rarks, .r t| trhevi GROCERIES opouto run tor hi-vreln reai eprhs n
pri api of theirOffice Ili -, l.;i,', Co .-'. \V,ile', an .ier Siee ae)sun hind. Eighth street. north ede. ap f cshe4-hecar I Is tolook u b t I
mnmiiuned. coaisderi n, the g vn-i. I 1111,10 o11,1 pe., %rnea or,.l 13ai0I,%,in9 R W 1 O- A GENERA Bown ofr" "oud hey',h give y p I D F L ER
UisbeatsmeihdoireleviDg a lrse po- io o irf ie Le, crni \\'i Wr 11111 li,- Lofti,lie.;..I'.r) burls.c. ap2-dil S. W cornerr 5ihandCbesry ai. ou.rHERN FUNUS-WALTTE ties, for *id t the lowest market prices. by fr om I llfu re lhe give inuyex.
Sr pialilan I P14,%,ilaCar,i. ,,I ,uali'y, Bh,. BALTIMORE and Virginia Funds wanted b ANDREW MILLER, ,r 4 WEST I
. uccessofthis experi.nent will.or cumreded- amr-. ardChris Wl.,rd,. VlVin. heal,oR BELW MAKING. B JAMh\, MUSQAAVZ 4 SUN, "person of T hisls" The a noili aly by1 Colo V
o he le rh ,rn n T rilh l public are R B u IlIdwa i R R .ni a h s n tan Sr .@P o 1 d fJ r d a m
,onhe.]s gor the c Creaspe. Blank Goks, Memorandum 0o, RVd, Blue and, con- MAKING. B,,ir a;.. f G Mo___-o foakm-ndi
kill.eo7. mVted W.hl10taleapsrtofihe*rJBOa'^k'T K &,I.TratnNo. 317y-re him ANBERRIES. hy '"aEO. W .T.t.1 k3'
d,^?,onm Inveood olt s Store lvy n 4deoripon, l C .t' BELLOWS Han. .nwy, JH handalUBLlSIIBEI ->P.terf
I] ttr mar j?-di'' v nre i'^ *. I de r/nn--Ttf welledl^jH~ bx none myl0--df de pt " ".

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,: A
. .'. : : -
* ** .. *" : '* *

For the Country.

,.g edfavery TU tSDAY, THURSDAY, & SATURDAY, at FIVE DOLLARS a year,]


. . ..: r I



DAIL PAPgg--ilh n
PayiMe half yma

9 PfNt NTl O aw

"f HE<; *'.' iimeianre Heo eial .'
J. Brnaftl. v'LP.u. iior h
M ee tii ,,at t'he A6 aitca| -
0,1 aJJ I SP, i Y N
,ei PIN IiTlNtJ.UD
Adjreis, and anB ffiq Ci h
,ir Mr L P h "
"P,0ap r el d W I**
'['he lj.p'.ir. % il open-O l
Cotn .i.. h,.e a t quar
*' 1' .LI .- I ;i r ,le .-- tu 1,
cubr eI ul Cr.jad sii.J Lh
.,r i. .'evrjnil. b.-,in; ke
F',il tri II lrcee ; .ta ulrm vi .
Race; |, tri,.ird.r.e Ik.ilI
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1l (,'iia ni iii tri.n a I-ldli
iti. llr i 'ir i[18,
,tlouIl IWO
T'l~llfc ["- liitlnCr Se-niue u,
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uatr lriJL-rlnahiifii ioai %L
l-itclir: I U) let endA i ..Lid Junes, JameS G
i"rikithr lluzjrd, Jbn.e Onl
Kuilr. Jlnea II ,t l, "I hum
IC iiljn M allion U tiin, ij Ju m
Pillll[i'Jl l'hIq
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[)l MI tir.r y.and
B ill llti It--te-'I lt J Bie-
\1a h. .il, n. 1)t'--8%eC
ad Jarn, e.
%%Wrl~f,gtiua--Iuor P_\'
lrlinglvui-IKtv i'rn I'l
a eM~r Ye.mi
Sanitiel l~ri
nne In h t i 71
l'r.[i, tLOll- I'lnr l",,,.uhi
of hile..kt, ,
Aev% B-uiriet --Itev DrLi
JNewaik. N J-1-.,n 201Jos.
Orr lo Cillilr u| PIhe Pir
Jersey. tN
\ M II
P. S. Th-re- are I'\o ae.]
ty two Wc-1,3t-a- h)|. uri r. ..
mrd the ,irmiir lltheis t I N.
tance tav rtmairL alh II|
by paying [ di\, aiiJ a hil
Mount Holy, Ap
A Propeciuh imay b. eur
n.y "--

J A I-
A CERV I'AI N. -re alnd caie
ikr). i-Di rahli i. ,,r L..r.
S ilinlllfr L Jim la-s-lli. "I .lI
,,ch ph u.,l Pk .,o,.s lh-,,
rlr Mrl. Pi h. OW :%I K-I ul r
Sphiiingi uip I' l"-,n, niLr I
n. in arid l'.i\ e, 11% II\ i.!,,
ahih ,inil l ',rnvlt ,I
.,I lh.],[wa aaiaf lit ll boy.e
Ti.i. is ,:,no of tlij m1110 6
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el. -i, d hir ,.ly arLiLle %
f...r cnr-ho L liulLrra Inia in
ofi- m ll6 1ll th abovede di
All pf- rill8arererpuestld
( lJllUll, II i -rig Wjl ie h a
( lilld I ,\t-r ) 61 Jla'j l n e ld
ofeerlificates have been '
1.'l0.4) lnirr., bnd Jrjnlilt@I
.i>.-ilq inhi irient i-ahl
m,.ri.if lu pulp[ h

.I.\'r1NE-!, IO, NI
TIII,-,S \ t.UMIFIlGE in
It effectually destroys W
or sourneos of Stomalch. III,
acld ai a gai er, 1 ah,]J perria
t.,re ewc'-,Jirgly hchri tLi,
11111leni F'.-vi r, .i-Iijeditj
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luml ciilO Iur rl^''l,. jr,
nir ,ro i Ii L-r',.jhC6.
It ortL Only d-Ilr,,yp' V ,
%1- hOle -1tll], hiit It ,:lgbu
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nest,, inwh'ch vuormii 1pr',d
reoranringr iL-il |Bi inpoaa
Lti.- r'f.dy
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tihuih i,> iho pFlwierlii o
Ev<:n h11i ill. %\.line ard
cr-riii, lar ea ol Uit u eiu
W r,.1h Iele prupo.ior d n
Jw:ah Th,,rnrpri. nar
thlii 1'trui hiia i" 1 ai hild
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on( rhadrId aIad ItS.
Mr J",?eph A Lehiz lt iih
11. rl,. Inslll-Jh li I 1)114 Lt.
iJrntrl. nr.,J dl)ay- Lhnl rill
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A' r I '-rJirind Wo.r,:.1,ur
k ermnt, ie hl.r LV.SPbKII.
I ,o cekh rJiach'irgr-d upi
TA'I VORM. uv.dd wllf
An,-.her ioein[,lihinbn rohl ili
In h.A l wle. 1-iij'h i'er bh,
*IIL' ilrij a Iuhber 1i dl
cjnimp,.,d e,.Lirely nrll/,t,
con *iie an nwaiy Ivn er
dle,-. LiAi I i iT l% rti'y o y.b
,,rn In o l ,1 bill a inrgn as
eilirel Oi len
Si, Kb HE ADAC1lh MnIR
tlive lonriitlhdM eern lin
lur >iiik **
PI11.F -l ii.m6r.midr
I. C Il clireiJ hy ite Bu o
I whIanal. m 1l [he ibii, an
1, ,ne nl hid kind.. hlt'h i
,preputei hy a r lpulo Ihvalr
IhpnIl.anrlt an be dAJ ul l *r
THll1 D SIreet. PhiladvLphi.
SLI'l hio I" pprlo liil tir
Price .U 0, S


Thursday, M

by our legislative repo
Revenue and Bank Bill
the Governor, bas bec
passed by a constitute
houses--the whole of t
reliTes from the count

AneSTtSa."--'he e
writer's articles on i
States will ap

ceri appointed to the v
ed with the revenue d.
area number who are de
charges connected with
the 3d Congressional
York City. They will
officers to guard against
Among them are th
1. Bel a Badger, who
electing the Whig Ass
Delnoeratie ticket was
wrote a letter under lI
W. Rhawn, promising t
notorious GlentworLh,
York Elaction, and who
duction in the pocket
this assumed signature,
clerk w m'd open the l
et and
2. Edward D. Corfield
Jy of the Northern Libe
an enormous number of
than could ever be obt
.all the excess being
3 & 4. Peter Allbrigh
election officers of F
brrties, when the Whig
than both parties give
when ,ha Whig majority
their whole vote a
5. Robert Miller, late
furnished.Mr. Stevnsons
besenton to help the
6. John Strine, one of
nested with the New Y
one of the men whose
by James Young to g
7.98 & 9. Thomas Wal
man and Daniel Bunti
furnished by James '1
would go on to aid
York el
It is probable there
list of appointments im
of election (rauda. "T
which have been asc
Were tlheas men appoint
would make dangerous d
warded for p

MR. Lippiecor'r's LET
taiuad in the report of
Stockholders of the L
of an attentive perusal
it places Mr. Biddle'@
unfavorable light th

ral of the City new
Poulson, recently appoin
in no way related to
Daniel Biddle. asLher l
lated to Nicholas Bidd
well to tdke no

Thir North American
if permitted to go un
moralizing effect sea
ed. The various inst
culation which have
and gone unpunished, a
seeds sown in the bo
sooner or later will '
young man who has had
ing money between an i
and the Camden Bank,
ered Io have appropria
own use. If gross ins
lation and robbery are s
of justice," why should
wrong be- visited wi
upon the head o'the

the custody of the Mar
having been filed again
Attorney of the 1. S.
gressions on the high
the ground of foreign
stand that she is claim
bla house of Peter H
New York, and that J.
bean retained a- their
...lake place during h
:' of the District
to lay a report of i

Mr. Lillell'e admirabl
ira osual vTiety of se
English periodicals, inc
Boa's tale of Barnaby
Year, Charlea O'Mulley
crhioial and instruetiv
uva from the Editors
elotiptionii lo this wo

[*IPoa'rED Iroa TH
Ltacfnr.--A blaek
mornig committled by the
largo wuih tub aud su

ABOTaa.--A blua beaver
of-uLver ipuoae, were stol
Mr Kalfmnn. in

CUoaoE,,'a ImiutBa.-
hlid *a inquest la LiLlel
ed child *bout a year ol
ad in tho eentre, forming
live apertures nllo lhe t


ssaiWeWWr deliverd the ch
111 iJqll ry, aciIa# for
A's em e&Shuster wwa c
Outad s@W Doirn. Mr.
ma iel lhe prist,

Yammmisavir.-A lei
eq Wipf: *3s .N~itr-bf ,'E

vitMiwo 6.Mlin Ike

PICfeeaosTir.-A DPINWt
P&-k'M.|4k of theN
** : +." hiramm .s.N

v; "
*mtoh "'likk bvh

March "re
Ciiy ('14, of which
(',ounty 1701, do
J u n e T e r n I s t o.
-iCy '1) d
Coany 1- do2
( 'iy 65 do
u.,ty 106 d
December T
,City83 do
Counn 97 do
>-howirg the whole num
lo b, 7)j7, of which there
irng the actuAl number of
ste.,d uS 904 as was er
papEIt a fv-
Very s I[,EeL
Clerk of Court of
Ph la,]liphia,

:111'0011 %%,I mmejii HR. ,
$11 ]00 Si,Ile 3 1P4It,-
2' elis LI S Bk, cash
7(1 d.. o
5v 'I' do
3 1l.- Mechanics bk,
"t) Il P'hniadelphlia b
A is (,,nrd bk eash
V u d,
I-,th FrinktinnFireIn

57. 6lha U S Bark-
3';') do [rel an.,.. F ii1-
1,18 ..1,[. nmA_'o I
(;.'J .I..., ll, KI{I

AA at It
Onu Tne, lyIV ,%,,w@Ae.Mif
I Meal). Mr Ll,..hiiI,
%V-ui,, ditup>ielr oi l M
On die e .L h iL. 1) lito
'\'U 'MiL,.l.uBI 111 ,>>lil
,' z'' ....l i

On iho ni-.,irhi,' of il.4
Jo hl tIhI d L ll tJ.l.-i]e
I I" lral lIr,'in Lhe rri-eA
l' el. r ir 1 ol ._', I 1S.i- k 11
I /,I 1cIK- 1-Ij ertl l,-. I*r
O)n ihP lW. ,Nnl ra f. iz
-it III~ jnd )i

nalK vA C & N| i, i1"s
AsiaiV.a i.
lI"- ieTh 2 A.mI M

rd 10 draF

,rd W' 1-iV.
,he Lie n
U.Tion, .
ih- ( lub
,i lor rn
or iiL a

hull ha
C.ZlTFn of

mkcti ,n
o'clock, 0
r iAlon
and COUFi
are rerpt

On nti-u
i :i,
R. K. *
D. F. D

/te the C
i ll, A"
---lr nm \

* Hi

*,' a" y

. .

,D M EOET NG 01D M E B-T lXV;Q O P I STtOC a esItt Ill gh sa ock bqler, as eW and obtained Lib l
OI.D I. L OF THE UNITE ID INT T E S )ari r lon to mddre aa the etilngDa
1 A I K. -" that part o ll"IUverbal creptlat ot Lhe President.'h Bank wa
A l an ndjoa lrn ed n edtIl ,.l thI S "> holder o t rla d 10 he a rii i' l eo t in pon son of a nnded. r nn ln n
,h e U n i te d S t at es B r n k h e ld a t t h e B a lu k i n g l lo u e 8e u [ n r; B Ih p ro t uie p e l in I UO Wn
on T uerhd-,-. M ay 4. 1B11- 1 i ia Bant ionol [heo iu n of t he !.idn-
SANM I E L BR EC K -e q look Ihe chair 8t l0 anu des uin h ol 1hi e lh er Berika n
u'loci., A. M.. and called the inceelInt o Older. i 3%y ai ,tire ot hdl . b,, e, lle
"ht right of file. Bank IV ir, ie e sll ha l aiIt, Linder 1-i n. ..ii .. ,In[ I.
M r. ln .zi l iad Ihcj.: o fn t h-ul u l',e prcr Ot s nie l t f he 'il e Ul,,i ue ihli [icAprol Lhc 7lh i O Apr niI1
Ing I.A \ eO [iruct b lge.,,d ^ Ih. i llin. R. I I N ,t "'AI r,,J M [, off. .rld ihle fo~luw mg 1
Bavard, that llhe ',i0 nliil lt.rr-d IW be tnlld TL_ ld i,,,,,,n
ioi,, 1 nt le i iiriq L-rbr ari te lui]n *' I...'"1 ""lll I-)1" "" nl,
I h e r o m l lh t e e a p p ln lt t d o n h e 5 lth l l A p r il IA ] ," I t 1 J ,h d e tl. -.o d b y a l V .. t n 1 e i. -
Wialeid r-f the C0( ilin niL.L e o hl'f Iii 9 IgaL oii, w a e ear Pr i,,le ,i he iB ank oil e L i
adopted a fi,, ,in ol f ik e at- l of-. lhe Bank of the L nL 1 % 1 1'
M r. E N I L lA ll i ,n o v e d t h a t nl l, t tlc n u t O1 M I'fM R S zl Ir aq be c ria8;.a nt. d tn o l as L . 1" -e r .
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P rice a e e .pp riged WhW h ih II on. afier S, HIP ex OU I ,hEXh| o. a i B ak,. I. ihe O lsfe Barik- ol llncol c ity ill
planation troIn MAlr J. Price Wethedll. Mi. Bayard. ai.J eoiili' <' PhnladeLidln n. u1tder 8 Celaln cI i.)lu, B.
and Coluel Dravton. was lasot hnol)I theS' t, Skholdcel-; the -e l
Tire jour nal w as t hen, aa am ren ded. a pprote d. ,| 81. d ]- rd k '' l i an S- rH l rn t l a i l dtheg a nho ld ir h
The lollowimg cIomm n.. .n Irani il, Prt id.r ,i -,| [he a ,ih,.rii, ,i) S ."..khuldeF. and I. ihereloi t ,
l ,lile Ba,,k.Iwa ,.n 11i:1 d a.J i ,,d1 ,1L- iIh [abl' r.l -A 't", rd y It.e
BA NK FF tnie Iy rb n ri r .I troy P Wi ll. I .. r Ili ,j l dIn ] ifm Ill I.' h M r .I .11 ir ir
3 d .I-. l-l'| \ i;aid.!I. Mi I In,n l..I) [ I.-f.-I... M. J ,%, J i;,Jii., ,,
nMa). ,t I, li .itl.Iniii ll.
1 .) i m n e l RM ee k r . C l l. I i-'h 'tInU,. l t h e ( .j .n h ll lc e | .u~ j M F l, a M I 'u li M r B a ya rd ,
ul Sl. n'khod .? , NJ
Sitnr i iIt e n-i Iiial111I,-. Lr [lie board 10 in- ii"'"n. ""h th'en I M I I"". O| 'W I -et',
[,iris 1%., il,.l |1 > ,relerned Ills. r ,.I, t,l,,n ul ih," - rr,'l r, l~er ^ .'f l~ll i.-t. lu...k plen. vere inrJ]
Sloeknold re% }8r..a d ,..i ,1he. _,h ,,lln,,,,J ,nn r lt.., H i M ,r L. I'L,m ,I r. ll,.,ll l.'. k ,, ^,ld. t~P e ld r 't
an *I+++ lea h'.nl~ i I' l,.-' ol1r. i'.' ,l ih. lJ J.b. I h. 1 10(111*"*-"- .2 r.0ret "i 'el'I n" 'hL. pulbhe IIi^-s ,u.
sujt:. aud Lll lh~tfay,' n$1+uPJ ha ,l.n',:nnl' Oi 0'| NiM'nu b^ddl< W^'- l.; --'"^l"1
hav el ly/' liie lt Ia I[iii~a~lt'/r (Ilc

lie I.j lak{: -nilei m~asurti .i adili-i ma^ iJ -enl .r i|'L r. ilhe .t-rpnlrle6 t lii r0J r
Ulndrr ihre 8d~lce ol LOnnr,_ ]. 1,0 nh,,.rr In," legal I,,,- |.h,1I| JH .NIHLI, [", ) .i, Ihunr unl'] ld lIhP Iol[,uv.
blhlI a el ni l. i.ti le, ..) ,ri t.,l ih s Ba,,k. .-I h m ;,
Siour ,sbl-d'., ta- iiRi oh'd T] l -I3-,e Htoird i1" Dnrj I,,ra be diocr.d + ,Ii1t i
"\R ^ ^ -.r..[.-.i "..ul,-d,,,ru,.,,lr',oih= c,.c,.,.,,on ^ ;l:
Pre.-.ide, ii Iaaik |i_ s. ol, aiJ detpo-i, 11 1 he- Banik [,.,il i linaeeII
The I.ulloiing letter vas then read arnd laid oil the- Mr. PCslr nl, ,.?d 89 i n 8meldill~nl, I~leloll,,..r,g a
itnle. edJll,...,.. idalld 8JI .,, .1 BI
Samuel Becck, '1. C hL. ntr i,a Ac L' c.,llaiirnl uciy "* IF,
DI ar S r- -AWIhtf dj,,rlip d ha eel ng ,u l t hf Sint i-MVh. lA e lf li l,,dJa l W. i ,,nd,.r d,scu ion, lt'd
M~o~ de,., ul Llhc. i,,k 01 ,he I i~ l 1,ileS l1[ d ,.. f i r 1 I w .leri. ,,, d a trod 1-, -
"lthu e da i, ihe Ul 1 l A-0 r1 l Ier. ini .hrlne a-. I. > i
porl,=dw. nin onhert. aB tia Ug tevrrd aita LIern td.. fsrl.,Oi(nci of HI" I' 3...1Iion and ar rnif i l o. nne r+. Io
ul tht, Bank. lhe p.,ipu ,.l c.unl.iter g hi plof l. [e ,I, o fn -Al
I ain, bit. very l'-J~l.I' 11'e .-.111"I.Il' ILIr..l lV~

Ileool n due 10 m i el t.. -,n ..har 81 uhe (cin ,.In ,. m.n ilced ki.theii-. i a lu r be mehrng, i e[r
l,. Dire'lur.+ Ul J, u'rl.{ a~ n, roy1 Ine" h" "" '''. Jl ":*:, r i, ,, n a simlnlar reso~ul,:,ii int lle. alnr- al~iiilitr
WI Ihe printed 1 .Ik.r. 'w lrlmtlot m if i ,/irii, iilld .tiP
barlg riollhed hiia I [ a el, LI ed a DleLl..r, d=. U I .d ihet n... do I .or df l,.:c l.. n
arthpelrnI alnd L v.-ietterwas the irreadar I h ,c i .,,ir 'e Ais m. .IT 1 i.m ,a, da s ill.- d am l rg ie fl W- dr B
,,, a[ an)' h~r,-, a L'liici,,r ul ue ba,,k anc. n cr e~ ,9 he I,.,1.131 n Mn ,,,al Yn* I ;,
[ab r. ler ty 1hed a I ul the Bard,
T ilel.e F L t"-M I ,. s d W D. ri-lall ,,u l. 88 iasi, a lic, c-nleldmi, r ., I '.,r ,-l hi. I dr, .
P i l,,r l ,, .u Jr .i.n f ,S,,ck i ........ 1 n.,, I B..
Phlde tlphea M .ay d.d, Io.. M,' per1. th
Mhe i i,, l c iii,. -. c ,i t+,A ir,,. New .. ih. or l i ,,t
ed atm leeiher Ilee41rlt. ffajr Lliie IOllu~l 4 riiii [C il O, 1 e1. .'I r It nala 1 W~l,,ili 'is ,'jrr.til
which ot.hf r.LCuiipbil d by n avU Inp> i l l ,rii .i ,] J, ,a li RaiiJu]l i,.i .^ricr d llt I ,nla lnd r,_ r- l
h.l'l.:hVf t.1 J H i,.% l i - 11 l, ti f.r

ofe enlBd lu k heh Lpelaiur.4. hai, wlc',!i ti. rr "ULd ]IJ m ITlgiie ullp p Ili -- ulf I, 0
,, .....,tebi.,., I",,-,

rJ'he i toit onr mll -.-,..] .|I [. y If ,i u. ]i li, I ,he .I..r' al fl.Ju e 01-1i kll
11 8 d j' ui [ -d nli, ~ ii ; 1 [d u li tar .ni la u l .Fpr ll l, ol |;r 1, ,1|.. d *'tri Ln [ B as ed b e d i u. *l m aim, rhi e t .Vip u l a f
and hricli wvm, lll.iilUiicJ a re..-irollJig il Ii+i h,- In,.h.e,; jr. l .-' .li lo llie l'.ir
un i t ii i hi l l uth [lie d a ril. ul A p r il fu el, lu re-. i j a .,1l,, [,.,,i-to ,n,. ,i a h ,a nl a ,- n ,J i t .I ;.iibl lnif c I .i c n h0 It prt ."l..J o lah Le. .Jr i.L. l&,. |a, l lure, L., ail.r ih l r. , l .u.
Idlurt, aiuiini, lu+ be.. itlnr dIrJ llhe ijirllniiLi ul ,,h- ( q n i r ...I lh k Is.I h r.h ^ *1 .h
'1 1h15,"It .. d 11. 1K r -I.', S lg.i l Slih. ,It % -11a 1 l L,--

I ha e4L 1 d u e u l I h I- h %. ,1u0, I1u i1 1 0 l i u t) J d il J, ia r, e tl f.
hwSk. lurhib r inle, a, Ihe Lt,n he Batl, k.,hh ,rid l i ll he 1
firutm1 A nI- - ,h ..I I Ire -4 W I,,n -l l,,n, rI t.,l'

l i" pu .11 h r a p r ol h. l .. soldaai" alnI, r ulia Wv .ll iL,. J lonrr dlvi . l.ei r ...] .,
A-eir Lppiinlc 111.1 l.jr iraow II& lunim-ir, 3fc.- ijt ilull t waiici' d

[Correspondence of
A large amount of bu
in buLh branches of t
hut sO mIxnd up, 1t iSaI
signate the vniluus bills
they cane up in ench h
givea briel summary o
portance, all ol" which
it niunnbr uf a"idenilme
stock brokers, the bill
the bill regulating th
for election of notarie
one nuthorizing suits
Daniel SLurgnnn, lale S
money pid tu O0. F. Juh
for defending the Commo
against Judges Darlhr,
tor the ereetnon of a St
phia. All of the abo
house 'T'le most imp
day, however, J- anot
the vote in ive huuse,
bill. wiid it was [passed


VES--Mes-ra Andrews,
Bnal, Brunner, Chrlmon,
,'nrrighr, Cos. Cuuiim'n..
Ism, Dun'.E, E re, I au
Gamble, Gillis. Uraiz, l
Holeman, Huoron, Jqbnd-
Kerr, Kieffer, Law, Leth
Mby, McClure, McCurdy
MonigJmery, Muser, M
Pumroy, Ruah, kiilner, t
Snvd,.r. Spoilt. e,+l,
ver. Wright. Cra
NAY.I Mcars Anderio
Bonsall, Brodhead, ol
EbauRh. Felion, Filnner
gel, Garre,son, Hialh, H
Kurz, L-idy, Mcl'ully,
ter. Penniman. Pollock
The bill has thus beco
the Conl1t.t1ilOUSil ni
the vetool' the C-over
rence ol a large numb
Senaite bills, buth hou
half-past seven o'clock,
past eight. In Ltie
entered upon lhe journal
and his asociates for
revenue bill. A large
tranigacird in Tlhe evt-
o'clock buth branches o
journed i

I-lIE,NUT Srniir THr
ebrated Opera of Dun G
Tuesday evening, with
principal characters, ch
ry, dresses, &c., -hAch
Inuqleal talte of our pu
liberni paronage. L;uh
tho other singpirs appear
T'he duet between the f
(t*'i,)vahnl and Zerlin
delicius pieces of vc
listened, arid %as Tapt
nanciatLry chorus at the
waq really grand; Munve
to lisplay hi- vuoer, a
olher solos a[nd cunote
.or the Iligheil praise.
pealed L
MisV Weilla is a you
power, arid ii niglit
The following is fIo
ponderd of tdij
The Cbeinnl SlieeL Ihea.
I'pr lhe plirl-rie uf leaii
tjhiliip lne ia public, To au
No r speneSe has beenn 8pired
r qu.lLe hlr hML purpuo
made I1 [he palri.]Bltpe of and eti,c-urige Il!,J
unly 1-t.ealetly I,'uciec,,
ri %\%il 1ii a Inrtl limn be
pd'niaienT eIlt0 blibhrineil
a-rn of i.,Lhe1 irrm, are eXil
r dIl, thelliner v e llll b
geaiH'r aiml intibml; orIN-
lelinirig iingd hrial eL'Iul
Tihe ',.n t.,, |.1 h i
f'hP.rnil % rir-el Tinalire,
noild J l; hit i l o liy al
are cerLE...y IV.di-6 u1.- h
S-r, 0 Ihn .I r h. I ed ll O
ni It is Irue. ELILh a *e i>g
nr is she sitrlh an lMree
,Ip'nh n tiPi all an il ll, ,,
rnnk;liher %I) Ce I S lu1l ari
.. ... .. -.. -. nn....



, p
Nor, in pi..,surncee :.I"
Illo., a nif rlorloa I rW9- uprleI
8g(lil 1, lldifbiruin I'j I,
Asetnbly, t.. ogttler wohi
ceulii fl, eitiia i. i ig i i
LO[Ite illih ddtiv Il. mimckl .
it-a tCgrt.|i ,na. ih IhaL I
II dr lu tlhe LigIaiia e, h
ral bDill % am a t lie i i.e iiv
r(.I A.ieiurly, %M0h.l e
v-irb[t lo Ihe" Bank. uihd %
rau.d i.,iier Fru iliuiia Ijr
in tlie tventt lhat ite fitatck
lo abiid.jCiIn thtlr tbh lI,
tJuwivtr, iIlei kilo' i.h [e- e
aid lhe cuninirtti e are 10l1
fare. [Ic lhe ,ipec rlaiia l a
hSve lavo eh pikr e arcecrin ll
hulders, thin ei>n il lee b
lowing rEA
IWbolked. "Tnrai tlh1 c
lake Into roniidevbllon l
proiprrci ul lIe Bank. h,.
lawn H1ime may lifaie bEes'
I andfel. nr / tSp.Jrl uch nll
, ,- tble. [o Ilie .,ekhol
nic-lUng lu t<- held on 'l'u
left o'c
By Older Irl
Bank Unitld l a
To lMe lhnorl-l, ite St.
turtued of thie .tMac ofp/
I hl |ie llo i "-,|' the Bl,
|inited Stitej r i-dil'ull)y
d irPd a vAr[ alitl lnl 01' [,#1of
Ai1 III ii Samr n i iein i % i En %
Irj.vcrnrn., iii, ilh r fi-anems
rr i\\felti in Iwoi grfi
uiiw illng to Ivnriilrw inn roi
aicc ~iniildiiie woninm ilp -nr-jrb
o ,r-thlin rcrl w.: -i', l iuhl-.r
SIUeril, anrid nht ihnl' t )nll r
linUing fries| t.'ai
rhe eiiiiiI1 w hh'l. I hul t_
e^Cet,,Ingly r, urd n!,r iii- Lb l
Illlef f riiljlO rIep ive Ibe elrnA
liltit irldpnll... A, i[ .'hl Ihe i
nR iiiil .ihi% 1 Bna t'uilIr lc
1n..dlld bi rlllnv-i- Lto tp*k
IUiiiinr',' lillh liliy c .rlI~i
ll ue tl lurrr r 1101 I'
TliC LharL r %I-* nb-Iail nE and i'ronl Illl tim mi
IlLIIIOIn an 11 R nIBink rI' V
|lL @ini levE iiililll-d im,1b

L" I II,: I '.IIIllHUII1r l'' I II-
< + llr[' .r h.-r. l i l ", l 11
ir-i'l l..r ,1ili InhP II rll- t ,
-1 iJt'-r0l ihjIk N-.eI- ,, i
t t lrniry uitI, "1, th, it l -
r.,rl rI r In Ir. I. l ll r. I l
rrii ll ll-i rr.,.-r. 11..I. iI I
Ih *l 1.. ,'h in.rit nin-.t linidii hr
. -lle l 1 1 l ri .l 1 r. .
I l if t .. I ld11 l rnll 31'
rin.- a,# ,ll -A,| L 'it -1
I .I j 1, i r 1 11 i 1 1 1 11
il[ H. lil olh. [ i

J i- l~i r- . llh. lll Iil'll

rd I II I r I ll JILn e II Ii.I
r'hi ii 11tr lil] -ie L. ,| I 1 -
II 11r. tihfl..l t ' illdd arJ,.r
i0 H. ti l

At a lrgei and ici|,eci
oerlic l% ilizeni- O ih.,
IlrlrI h. held al I1 I l,
li:ckur (':lu,. corn, r ol
>,n Alonda) ertrsr..., L
Ihe li.:< nI nl..I C Lo
Prei -lr.lin :,.IhF llol rL
ij..uajy utd...,pld rnd ol
.,lland rl arjd juLi.hiLhd
snd R K. *ciil and H. P..
ed fI Cr
W h\' ,i 'I, "I he ,prt-enll
t'y .I ihe ChaiL ol the
Union, anrd lhe pIrrceni di
rhe temporary y.erih.row
Al' y P,)w I[ II [i s i I I[s
prinlnt i.', rfIuirr nh'il f
inad 10i, fl]l% up J. lli hl
phlii al I 1t 1i, ,in1, nfij l' l
hirm t..- Itih unitLd eutl'rd_
ic lamilLy u,
'I R-eiel'.ie, Ttblied, i
[ileetllng, the Fl.$nn ol 1
SIl 1I n o w irlo; r e I h[ pb
carndlulte f,.r I-..-. il,
e,,-d| 6s a 1al.:iin iill ul
m ..i rdLlIC p iiLil|.-4 al
whuse ,i, Ile- u, L, 1,i-
coma ofthlit tiIt~riaht, I
leonlvwl Th.,,fi ll mti
the lurer III'l'ith coniIld
,ruc-td Io ['uiI a n si .,c
Jtc- Ittc r..,nilnn fLiuii uf
art., 1 Ptl rtiif l'a,,'a,

ieol -J Tit llhe name .o
li "e I hI l Ild id 1 i,-1tU
OUhl ,I .,hI
l .-.Aved, 'lhat its ofi
1'. I .. : .- .. V

H. riom d "1''lQl ai onin~
I I It cu it n Iha, i.- ase i
I nII %% ll 11 I ,-llitll u . I ai 8 t '
n alml I.) lih ciTy oul 'hIaJ
d-i llare,. i nd rep ,irl o i ri h
h.ll.cit a.1 [dIe hC .'n.cnai --
goaT end l a8y.,Y a. d
Uo~j,,r al Virc,71ii limec
A ri iht e hi.j
Ali' Mani.r] -)te lh+-n n
[n.lilng rxclpaiory ,)i li
Mai -Ey, Ir,,nl charics hrni
N miJili, Ih hi-
(.I11 Illijirjh, Ihie iiic.,llei-
*ilck. P JM I0 ineel e l lI
day. Ihe idih wit .lll
S \M[if[.L BHI.I
.S 01EITI. :31-1I.

H~itiE (LIPI l
P,., it I pp{

The Ii allowing i iz |he .3|

'r.u lite SloCkholders
MA i NiLhola_ BidiL 18 -
1111a % rilL,:n ai d tauor .. i
l ..r -, ,1. Ihu b.l'ivl ,Jt li
(.'ofrinmlri n. U h, t
bidie l,'[,:ner iNdliiii't.
iiakhi, 4 .c .rgit iralha i i
view [1'1 ditJbL ol di^riihi
[lie IEa[l c ,- r-i tlal hat ,ve
pticdeiil uIiln
I 6 d L it erinlld iiu t lo .
r~niark3 re^pieirng im1 r(ll.
ed Ih'-f 'LlL I addre.-4
that1 C,.,I/iin itee, and ,n:.,
cij;aIory nimalleilr ril l Iri n
lh.: re .I... [ lie Ihe rL I,
utnIl I I IIIL I IL due 1. n r1 y
I11-" r L:A:.] L him 1i 8..eni
c i; rl iui nnll aI l l llh I1' .m .1., i:. Ihe liuad-ngr |.ol
l|t-rc..n fllv, a..d u.i lm min
i/ll_.,1:+ +itul| TClt I/ lldl
in lh. ht iif lil~e I wil hl
my lle ree lu linn, Mrli lih e;
led 111 1110 < .jtntilIe4 t
rnl~i N*Jl

Aenmilve aridliste~ i- r -nlij lll brilliltUl i J11 o | l |l~ J,
.FI..IVP ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 8-- 1",u b~,>^ ... ~i,., 1i jnl ., ,,L ,.. B.I" ~ amI 1, 1, n bc
dJrry It MFr \\'o.-d il,,a ile. rlt lhe lilgleiL ord, r, [ol r ied 1'h,-,u i .). I pf r....)r.
r.'fry o,ln' i I lU l hla e FiT lkn..wltlgrd. [lat the err.iii iecuin is bi l% ar t1ll t1he Ii r
and irie" lpp.rpritprnl under % hich she lab.,red. nild lt.. e rose n delpri.*-i tire ttan GI t
mr.e on eBl'irlnl hareh bt6- -I he U L||||0ll paiucul rl, in [llfin %, nwiie. art bliili -n&'lr
the upper roni>,. Aore a great draAback upon Irhe. ",sly 10 mt e puo i li ili,-ri~iiJi. ]
.IF -irn %'ricii> wouul.llld h It l .ie been r,. ehrir ,l ..l '1"' ahe S.'hl-i iii inn *.'I Ir[t Be a k
Bill ,11 r. rll. I\\ n, i e.. ar l h r lil llllerl pr.i le pD,.,.lilh, ,I
b~t1 il ii]M r.l P l. l c .r r ininnii.- .&iIt~ ilh-rrih nll, .i i ., l,, quan ier,.d a pr ir i i
i l1e`i'.i 3L,,n iDb l- A M I. l l P e. ldi> d.H ,| .lfR 1 a 6o.0 E a |. .IL of1 11 l -*Ilh If .' .
oF ,i r [,' pJr,)' >rl,1 rse bl ,ty. t a % uo n her IP an vailblV lIJ ,r nor li. ] .,
p ll I t.0l irT [ ile Cuniry F 1.0-.1 % rner(ver asie g'e, $1hi-e 'I li l ,,alf. ir ln lm11 +b,' i
Li te i \ r e a ni d I e r pi I' w l t e icn be li l ertll in en w c I n nln r I I t ril rl tj tit- ',t ,C F
S r i- g i iri F r e r l k h %l, \ efJ t' e bd l r a l l t o b e nh aii ar f I i n~ r r.r la y lc l. d O ti e I l [ ,
rf. .nrdr-r F' Lulent. ht i- rl tUlli i-rPitly dissim ildar in pe',' l ll ii 1lIly ul I.,, l lot
t ' 4t " 1 in ,V.. iCra Tha,di ihr1 ". &-Ill der- 4md I
-hte htir'l, h I -i lthe l1, l I 1 iu prevent i l,,. ,Irjhr,i, -V .Fil m I A It ,l.t l'
I'h.,-e wT.) h,..d lhe ple- e oil lileoinl I.. ir e .r n 01' ll. L iti.lil iriilhnl
b fied tlu heed T l. L11.1 l,,I}rn.J end, hires in fl Thle lJ ptlobi Ili'[ l.'ll -i-lyil
is *I 1 I of (*U::; La, i a lll aek iiouIPdge lhe j',p- l n- b liiMiddle iit. r
,. c o r i r i I i I c l m SM l l .arN e aI s p 0 8 p ese \ e r v eB, h>l1 1 i l l li n i h r j l h ,i ,n h1
a ill alJtl le,.lli n i.ii ill lr -.uou \let. d f iferling rt tip lille Lhi-ni|'re e titlieli
hror ,cier irli eiehi r her W ,d' I ior \l ,iluii'S lle is I ti e trl .>inecum- ii,, i. i., i
.1i ll LU e1111 11 -1 'rl,, ll. s '1'ill II,'.1 4-O nl2l11- r1
cerab ioov our.. rlor ij Ii. lo rln r. G r.J in marty rem. ill1 h,,ine.and Sairir el,,,
petts, i. m,e loller. Bsei i-tnji.,,bi ul rilre V a ld seir picial ion 11] ii am r.,n.[ ,i
Iin Ll Suirn iil-u .a wh eh IrlCludeel-.i, il ILlost." "Sle [ bour aidJ mr(,,l t ; n ll. inir-,r l i
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C., m p e l en l ju 'l re p rm i l ii lC Gu ip e- rii r l>> l h b l o l "O f arty i i, ,Sn a r i tia e n ni
lIt..n t.1.'r who hap, 'el appeared BAiing u. in ih. e t uier l &1.rl v all ll-'- a Ul l^
-I r6 all 1"J l" ~ C t n e r n 1 I'll[I-c' a i 1. -l11'. I 3 n t
('l mll, I I" rthe >.pcr. ul Gii7.a I adti Was WT' e r. In ul-r of"I"'8 'l 6 " .'*'" '
'. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ot C. "^'P' ""7 "'" 1 " -1pi Lhafiecifr. nii .111 -, ,ll,
lu di i.i, tile t. -aa ilid pl a, I ..< eS Fl.le l li e r Id PIr a ely % \-.J, pt oiil,'., rP r.
h ri, ih Ii ..n uplj lur-iiy lIP at~i l% h t Po~IA IT; andl iiiaan~niimai. i'u^ i r
hu[l iT. pfc loirnijlte Ili Du l .6iriinral lully r' bitl l.ia llnn eLn Li I I& dl uf
iLe btm i ,e O pi h ,ornn i u e srl orf .ila ra Il' l Cip" 1 7 1in l e 1 rn t
T i j 11 ,ri,. slqe irir a g ingerr. am ply c pnif". i no"Fit ll "t-ur .. . --FT
rl Fi o10 rM e pifl.,rm ance (f ),Oera 'l lle liheis l I hI.- T mi- a nEd .- i' Wi l
I lil il- U i,, on ld a e b -11' 1 1-, ,e," d l ,1 ,, I-- t-e
I hu-,r a el by an Ui r resird ael e~ l Irom alrinig p..I,-l 1 ,,I1 ..e .,m r id [a he
lhe t.r'rl n'J irld rs iii t lshe city bd rari ,x i)i il S-ich lf.e Ill.- eu ipilE %hich the Ch'linult aid irt, .Gx.cuiionoll %i' iciI lI ,rIf
Street T heaire hnr er aiiih re ul-e led. T"rhre irutli-iei nS l tnl within ).l iltr h,, er, li l
hi hisiarr. a nts it no.w re ain f oIhr Ih.) t-,'iS ti tr T Iheilr peininn ; Ir in. ri[y .
wnd t irle bi~h]l Ido tenirs Lol theprlea ill ps1P il"U-11 'I b relieved Tleint Ihe' Peyillb[l *
n~~Ud 1rum Ins OIKl'll) liuuriii III ikephiringn In|[in h' ihi~ni r
lar du Sip duly, an.J lho public %%o .re cou n [hde %.ih. \ ll to n l.airo l ine lh, an i.) n i I il
n~n nilhhlll.I iLe pIlrhBge I lne manaRem rTte re. 11, hen t.o i p-etllon ul p.i" v
ceived a severe hlN w 'rum its effris Lp I i rrodutl lire 0ble ,Lm tha1 IB. I1hil tnhe c.'.rnd
iper oil 1 or in I. hid tllie grtlilude W) Ihode who de= fidtlII nf ihn c nialO i.4 11 ^LJ'
fi e ld i i m .n .h p i e d s i r e It ,i lhn t h ma p e r f o r I nr ce 8 O h i i ,1 1 p I u .
lead lEcm li> be 1.ber.,1 I. l l re prFcin l r es I ) "iey further pray trillI -n i
The ,-pei .)l D..ri i.jv iarani. n.r w J p rfirm~in I il chlnlies M nay Ile a.i t ln d ."In, .
I-se I Ih e favorite ul tiie inuqil e l s i o ld fi r 111e in FI Te nin e ih i, I .
fl'nt vt,, ra. and is .i.,r llrr l inl Ie ileI. g e ar estl nork in,:,d o.. lin.. ei|a .:narter nad
ol'lhr f ir. d thm w e er cuniplted l itIwluld el i.i-d il ih- irenlullir.6 wllirh we,,
inilrdl'Me. % ere lhe I let nui indi-priahlil. 11.0 a 8 rn'ial i-e+lwi --I,' r ine Sz
ceel L.,r,t ,l .v r F lu te Iit le pPrd l % A 'Al-lien a rd prav i filr be can .i td ani
rum pin .ed by M 7.l l.Z -l .n lir lfillr. 'I r i Ino e l b% U, i1. I ,i% 0NM B*\ Il, l
iir,rlred.mie'+. ptu, ui ed L,*/;(,.. df .m.,re lia i',Ii
wo rn o lf ne ul'th e m oa t ,Ji8 iing ,J- hed liv in g C ,.I .... B atik. i
Bv r '. I lu ll r lzrii II I aI. Z im a .a n i in g ri l l rI i 't r ) illpvI ,r o l L rup .,I .hrlid orrC 10 F 6U h a d d o n e .io'd
c mpaiillon by Ilelh1, ,a yourg mainl. %h, tdie.. like ,J' lhe lat
Bellin in the v erv ,ey -a urinii o ri hill iro j uiti n d
o e are luld that re l -,c- o e I '., 'ptr..b ,bIlA$'l Normai The purport 01 tile repo0t,
bellissigaii re .l_,rtu( d [LE very Ihlnfd. h ,ev r, lhe in i i, wn Ihal In rele 10l
penile upon Iie patrunage ul it te lh, Btil, weul-uIl lLe SlPek oludere%:l l -
iheyy iill riod % lhhuid I t \%herein i. so r -chly det.rll April. she Die-. or had Lhu--
ad P
5th Rpjulatllon rhal l a Fran O l Ih aehl., r
h' i.Bbe jilaced in lite h1'alt ,bf Ir.l]le.A. .
h rFr'tLORI in >aser l tlire ull aie rIl l n..I'lnp l... %l
Firom / the St. ewr'tonld .iw. ?3dm<. n ,role,. I
Tl'<-~ra.1ere Indiahit ll'ur will, -nne city andjwna C*"8"'-j1o"** n1"1"",kA
Tihe Indian ,,aurh1 .nd.--rh e foIIowiFg t reei<> o I.. l diin dw.h nu
emlact ul a letter 1an aulhelntic aiurce, rill- FuL anT arn ir i ritileih l, uulJnd ll l
mail 9 that there 1o as yl l. no prospect of'A ler lM lt- t" B Iurl) li trie l re, ni (irtular
n ilh}# of ouir IA iuon ieiffii'iiliie:A tr e nrd been appo~bLe,] Lr, clrv
T A NI, P A B A ( E F.) A april 1 l IB -1 Lih n& r e~ Ul I nun, a nld 1 h.'d 1 a pui et de SO
'C.,-A-'ru.tieiugse haasju.i stalled outoilier 'He. Ihe pL,-i notes
i h .I Ji l r ,. ha erln ,m I
le'k-.Tuslanuggee. Hle sys it ha cannot br..g lhim .... nf ,glll.e .CLIU.,, lo BI I
In, lhe game ]a ,p. IThe lA ol t hisa monthli ill Ill irual w ain...ui ills t:.rill oi.
lest it C,,. coa -chee t al.u tu report progress thr)hal r.anl yel til.ceeJ c.d leInnomp
abut.t llhe 8me ,lime. h' he backl out, a new op. o( lh ,.ckhuldew, rlr
out. a stairs, Ollolltherl[toI"hi'I n Willi rl[
erlldin will coru.mTinfleo. So itaudd the affair; and d-plilLB.
no person cenljudge unltl lhe L,me ai es. I only 61.n Regoiutlon. Thaiit is elpedl
b ,eliev e t lh in gs w he' l I Fee th em ope ratl,. o+shou ld lie c. n L IUel,8
-Tearmr 1.1Mteld I Idagrillt'i Sshould fio lungpr rorDeiwalinale
From the South.--The Bl mer \Vm. Galon 1la^n ltoneeedslfrv h n 'te winter ,,
CUti. Urlin, arri.d hero, on Wednesday la a l -ro "l^^"^^"n^:"; dA
S.iuthern Poasla, bringing Company "K,' 3d arllle. -pndo Bpon i- Li qhGl iturim-.l
tieUth e l~lro1,1ale r I u.J url.U Inglo 1-.,e In. -helfldiCS a
r. urnd r co n mm nd oi l.leult. B u d, a nd sh ortly ,o-f o pn a ct, l le, s
fer proceeded up the Norlh h iver. They ass in. Lh Ol .
headed I-Ir shot ~llf hi r~b.g ol a Post. about I igh. 'IR i na
enl ld a-o TO p, i t n ol s [e lt e;an OU T IT p Fi t r
Ler,-erl~ I.-iallin iok
Wel iil~ NrthLi tis it. IIa "nai lell dbe irln I'lS
riuur negroue. captured aorne time since bi Ms- trial1 no loar-t1iL be mad Chnldq. were brought up in Ihi bWIlal. Llie regular dli.CoUIilday T i r
iL'Ill-I 'l dl i I i~dtu Ir
We liarn. by this arrival thar numerous Indian R-olutlon 'll,l10"
fired Arie discovered along the coast. fi l b.-: re-au'd tu d iStIU"iI and LI
Major M'C1nlinok, .lUis. Fields, and Rankin, h liall b nledu in t salari" r
3d A lilI., alao came pas sengers in lhe G ua.: n. lT ile Uir ior r d
We ientret to say that lhe health of'Lieul. Hank- S60v;and the Caimf' in e 3.SOi,
in, who sO nobly dialinguished himself in the lie lte orfrstdlllon[,ner illerethi
i [:li ib~ ~l~lo iipn: r i 'elo ciiille i ui
expediLion of 1he Everglades,ias very feeble.- /b ibd. ne n an r
-le,werer dl-itharai d, a t h T I l e Il[r e.1r A r
[rls If arid [Ih) tr .:l
"r /Ja.m.p-re.-Tha population Now il l"ninlB led.. 'll i-h fan w r.
Hampshnire1lls someahat abort I IIUO.UOUUnhabo- edibecrTe n
itanis: and a m(re persevelnlg. Ihrliy, inlelleclual Lively upoit n, until t shal
and moroi cllmauniny-a more brave, hardy. in- i ,n,
it,+liinrdnupon bef,'ire the actionneftithe Legitslature 1 S
duatrious people, remrlarkhle for their fidelity, nd i ^ t u hn' T^ non
their zealous ouachmrnt to lhe liborlla of Lheir| lLil
counlry.,ia not to be found in the world. There d I c omntalee be ref'erred ,the. -
certain whether any legal repo pibui h
primitive Pimplieloy of manners, an open and suared by L o oit c a li hlj this ;a
unalrected frankness, and an invincible spirit of cause ihol 4.ei+,oniibililitp to I
freedom, which I hawe never found in any other [li"teIelard has performed thue d
Lilleor esolut [ hne rde y n hl resolutionr ald Ceuiouurl
State in tire Union. Ilt l remarkable. IlIaL ha chirniunof int
countries lhe least fertile are the Most bola-ad by I1 th B" icillon, ]a 'at
their i rha bitl nti. A n hIalian o r a a p 1i ard w ay be Lr ally tCuc l tn 1
conlenled in eille. but s ISwil peeanio, or a L.alw unmnuonmutaion Wll ll, iea
Hamp-hire farmer, never; and allho' tba: )ounj I nv.esigatitonJ .
,m n often lsta e the Slate after they arryie ,' tteir 1 p t hi
majority, .erwhen thy hey *Required a co-ps- ,* inriDiectarreftlr8
tonse, neirtbher l, lti." othWel tiol ins Ii *I' _
tiob pwtInute ofr Welo ao.'t an wl toes e w usr erme
ai fr .a th iubli li ubpIodReC m'qn- jr.tle ll-Irnow t lIit
ll^-JL~cklceH fkwr, 'irit. -*. .... tf.rir, no~e t sol Ing I

1 .i c e l r id r tn t w o C .o r i ,i N V .,r k ' t \
I~e oIJll e learN. Y-,Jrrl.".,,NI %i"M -i rkitIS nl IlP,
KeCL'Iding leclic FIa CS. siir.n ;, 11 .1i r 111e of ridii
a cuminmlt.,e ilinree be appuintl. W\el.r lot .5J A r d ,I IuM We- r
is ,luil,.iraand By Ila6 I'or thire ... ..... ..... ... .. '_
C:lub, 10 u IOtep...rc./ to ine next li 1 I" J^ fj Ie
..... . .. r,- -ar-enesm. Pain and
flCIeLSt oIBreathing. an
a c.,.m ir..i re or five be app lin l. POe t F O C tH IL A ID F L rlll \ M ,
id>l,lrr, o brl tl ll ,)1 Ihe t.luU lo \Ri IVii..
ph11y i Pehriinihl ial i and lJ he Br ig.ut arlrie. %11.1 Ipsl r, r d
ih nhe prlliclpiks and object ol dej,_ .h^ i , ,+ear bnd UI
e,'hion wllh lhe end und aim 01 Brg e,,1.i,,rl, F-rLnl.l. F ra,
ba rT |.r-i. ed lo a fu tu re m eetling m +i ndze W N C Hireli
N , rit e ri uili. l ,lifi r, l,,. 2 d als fr '.ni G 'rca l [ E
t he I -la c e I m e e nng o fl 'lh e l u b l. -'r. ih o -i, w N a i
ni'~~~~~~~~~~~ piinna up el" igc ihiiu .t ,,B,|,,i .. rr*
qualet.oulhm,,ldHckory Club. h.eraFormal, Labe 3 ,1s vrfromN-w' YO
nd Caipe i tr. .reuti,. Si hr Mary Ann Tull 2da&) 6 rom, H1 re
i iili m lreiing n ow adjourn I0 .) lh d.,Ir 1., Lrci, B.,hck r .
evening g Fl m l, at holl perm s mven Srhr Ili iJ bun. WV, a I.. d. a In
.,:e de-ignated in lhe ,reced rng wilt, lumber 10 W l l S,,uder.
all e inU,.,C allc ,ii IZenz of [he city Sctir N o e'iilk P oct, ii.2l.-l
able iu tile. .hj,ci. f ir.the Club, wi th Iah an hoJ,-
Tid1t,10 t% r F .,at Tar-fl 20 hilnrii Irrm 1, re to e
-i.itld lo ilLehd, r nd ignrhe con. race. % 'I.Ih ho.1 1, \V,t) a Slnhh
ll llEotnla ri among JLa inm o beia. *'if Weta rtilboai Ma ry & S-. an. 8.11. *
juu .ed. vre de6 r (e. Ailh ,henl 1.e K.,.imrls.7
(;fl)an S r f' pl i[. eelyTi r
c .l U < Secr.-tares. Barii, Pil,,i. Bog,.l. bi ll& 0 J 1'b lnT
l, Sr g Dc u raIe. Hjrlnor. Kingw In tn lCI(E,' Br. btIlog. Lckleil, Went [rd
y ,M 1, 1841- G)'Brig Ainhon. WIde Balitru
i\I~~~ mildlM nmei ,,m rec, ,
IG d r,! ,pfhir,,. ,V-uilwark, .\lornf,- ,.hr, .,mpetr. Lin- .n, Iln hi,
.if.;,.jirg nPn n ', otr n I'o & i -t i ... ,
Do'. %hr .rmelinhn ..>cirb. Nei Budlor
. v. inl'"nae ,, .
A ,. i A-Tol- i Ihe .I ol Mf Slop Friern,lsh,p Ila d. BH lh,ll,.,

- Se.,[Iran lir.g L-,,.). Pellan.''.2.J-
.r ". A r rr i1 N k .,n rLt Na,,lp ,. "11uh.rbay rier e
i eld ,l a A d. i WU b,,ei,[ I,) Pr,,lad.
- -- Br ,n M e i ,iii n t' ,,i ri' rid w V J aIV r
3 t L r,..,61 r tf r 3E 3'N ,fi,,h. ice t'.l Bo. ,n.ti.n r S d >
I u M ,,,. U H ,E Paill ,n N it lc. J l...n ta ui,)n 6
II I t- l,- 1 l i,., liil. I
Old .Age 2 u Br.g Wf-Ilinrlgtun .Larkin. h l,.e Bt
Lll~ Ii' tP I rl~~('r% I tor Bl l U,6 ~tUrA+. e-A ii
I 5 I l .l. IP u2 5 B g.i P ,n e r. P e ,
1 i 5.. liion-v U B i ia I, n ..llht ,r p !il I

-f ,,|s~l t.o rr, U : -,in.II.. f
1Ii n ful. ie-enlericl, U I Brg S ikler B
li | l ikn,.l i u zr l
it 2 "2 c cr .ar, Q .,.e,, .l. Blan]
I I 1r|" .-I: 0J Z 46 li I-(,: ,hlh.lun, lu l'ladl
II I Tde"dly. v
1,. I u t) l h nt.,e Ihilre v,.,- .sthrl.: i,zil.pih J ne.D
U I U fr.,h r I :r1. "2.1 D t pre.%hl- t J, i InAI.
I u F ru. I It ," S I ?i hr Ala Snita. b aman, a Cala is 2
2 I it 13 Jono. NB
1 \I\ i mo u 10 b ,'nr I'pc,,trl, Bryunt, sailed hr ml
] t' | I11 tI If I or Phiiind
J I 1;, Ir, 2U t -
| 2U lu 30 In /lkri-r..n J` hlto /iI,'ltl U %oiCrl-;
3 31, lu 4lu IU ing >.'l. li e
I t 4U lu, 50 8 May at *.'elck, I'. M1
I 5u l., 61) 4 E----U
*1 u eU tol0 3 ToAIHE- PUBLIC.
I I | u *'I U 0f1 -W\VM. Bl
1 0 8' I10 t it 4 the otfice of Cuunty Commi~ioner att
k' ,0 I,,luu _t general election, wlnch will be
T,,ial, I d.. day of 0 boher ne1 r._1
litere wert 5 fr.,,m ,,e Almilhouse. 1)R. J.':abE W. GR
:,] %jr \Ill. 1 ,are incll uded I IrB lutJI
It afford sis pleasure, to
,Iha Boar.l,.,flealhh. gernLlemen, late memberoe
SMULL'.L P. MARKS. Clerk. g stature, i sto deliver the Sir h
-- "Popular leclure" in the Julianna stre
F "HILE THERMOMETER. beLween Fifrh and Sixlh, 8bo6 Vine l'.
L,','(o,.A 12 ,'clock. 3o'ci'Oc- (Ibuteday) evening, Miry ihedih
51 F.0 98 out-jeci, -"r'ho origin ol Man ard
55 58 h4 bid K nowledge." ken bui___
raLvIno f Lime so)rup. Thi
5) 47 46
5 5l S'2 The annual meeting ofthe Easte
5_ d -- 51 5 nia. A nti.S lav ery society w ill
NVT .` T R mI-T 'I l lLA f7 n r. i eona Ib is a fter n oo n at 21 o'clo
5; John R. 8cOLt lIa been engaged Relf.,rmed Preabyterian_ Churchi
"'lor B sa t tominiN, and will make hia above 101h. and continue is
on Satuldny nezi in apiece ex- day al noon. irtdsy
for him, called .The Mon o(Sici. lu until I o'clock, will
tical drama ol "The Old Comao-- explanatory of the principle. and
Rookwond, or, lhe Gipsy Qleal," abolitionista from dialinguished fi
d to-aitbi. This lsthe hot. time from abroad. The names of the
wood can be performed in cocoa. hnnonebed in lhe morning

preparaton nommory for approach. The public is rupectfu.lly lld at
S Wy 15th 1841-1t


f l
I '.III\

D bea.,
o" \ c r, It
Inaiwi ali
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-I .l0"h

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arid 10 p
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firs1 ap
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will Ib
but on
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a-e I A& ' I kr s e -
'If "s<;]i. ". +. '"r ,o+l ,

b i u-" '- 5 f .-; I.

'.anP1*g1'?11tg?-j111' ""6'S1o1U- 1Be111ilful S
tales of Philatlsle ll .Ja4 saintsti

C__pal..,f. pUilVpl,,ii.
hiartit"ran] Ctmpiera nY kI*,f Ptns? tlueae pue. tjle
..Iia Patil ......saa d p1'aaIareLbaboha er et
eIinn].- ..rimisiisie c tibetai dipu i '. . fhetnl l so[
In Itlxltt linpoty -fl' jkadeipi~kllr[its.
I.Le, tie, irussciredd h1is ihitaci _... .. n JI
lr...r. Lun (Ll. Itra ,I-rL.t rb Lhkst.Pla lt e' Ph. i.,, ISaF,.
air d .tli, i.aL andifo,a upcU L-16r'awIi-,n trj'b
pI. t-ar setae1,5 l ]1ne a r)).bl stasi s fsl I, _rtlIy laiiten. e e
e"al r I .a .1 a sii b I eea] r. 11, a aV .s L sl" .. iL.e Prs .,-,,1. ti.
Il l rrer--rin ; il H B,,L.Inatk IS a -e i %Pk l iL' y l.

titi b i-st a1 s' re*mal- lsuith i
Ir..T. .au., lctlnei iL uIf-l& l I.lly1,, 1 IN L. IUl.II ing i'a Idlir..r AIY b l 6 -g .L(& .Ibt .l .l~ w 7
vu ,bia J 7, 1 -v1,i, ld L,3 C,,LLW LJO tnarl 1the -$- rNo
maid '.n tr 'i, iel t .nsinl hI-, as.l 106 'isnvF. istio
alancihsi ue alr hU- Utur b--u a J ,u in a nii i a1
,pr.8JTrr',tc ur lniapr ,l.r-yl t.l iluAaluet it.v .ti.d s

ii ranrF benih airiu. f,-iiii:n t.isamil, r.- r ini s-n ai e.
iA.e -si l.Ii pni t It 111L |i .ra. ,.iii ..l ii i.,t tt'1, 4iii -' I
I mclii,.. L ii,' I t aani .jl L iLeii tUra.lIisminiih A 'a'Ald 1Ni it
mp,, i r I, I...- l i aJ ,it,,ij iLn l r iF1ru A, l U ri,, ,,i r .n
rIiit I id~t.. u i edty-i t .i.i ,,tc hut ,'tseiS n ri~1i'.L ulris,.,te ,
ea. ota .tI, mr:e f.a n-t.ii r.)Imn n T t' piu y s n 111e.u: -v

-]III l.injriulli r iiiad d li ;,fun Inc c Nil? A- uui-rd i h
Ih fitt]nL call. n-ac nnnl ri,4id ,,,c.1 Ituosnlh ,,,uul,
'ttS r f .Lert,..rn,pL-r IrNLtS ..IIIa IS 011.1 r a e4 L l
eli praeneir ut,i all ir.-i. .amIENd n -.r. ca-tiLt'nr ltti
l.y pir,sur~w~.[h ,r~llm f cudrV.:Lny, 1G [hc ,;I,-11 'J7 or e-. Trt ,!-lev hi. lBIhi
or ar '" p-trt t hre--il1 Inm 1 i1.- i n?1 .il
ena1 .N mci:orkntrt. l ., r'I pn.; i u uiti irll Lia .
tLUm. wl-fdfLItti, rmlmistd .tli e d- t u b, A. 5sd td., b E
fc'ri m,Jr, m lh1.m liI i r1 rinaepcrte L. e. mi.rL, SIiii tt 'o. ut... r .i'
C atnIe I ar 1 agt11 he iLO p er i IJsI- d -I iI' u .,sin sia .wtb E
"( Wis e r -it uh n h1-. Ic or'.en ,,i d .s i -in itty
us oet.l c. U/t ,.it.ic iiumt,.m,-inrim h .s F J
t rnt1 it. i-riaw entrrlttire Iirsuralict ,t sin.l 1 eA. lrd n
-1,r S|L,B aI LhI73 -ri) d Tad i n lIi'{ ( l ltIl ~l r?
r' UltAm.i~i slr I e tIt.weai a t l t-,iI . i dII...h h- Fi..1a

.m r.',/ ia i,- [+ .L .f'(r .>/ ,i "l,, ... ,i/, ...f,. u
r l' l 4 u t I o t r t , ;;.t ,,, ;.,, H l .
r ,iiiiiia ri Iil 111-1 titI 0 -1,i, .lrnl..i r p,,. .it in) tnc

tl1re1, I f i.T" u t ,l ,. alT .tiii i L, rr l) .,. '..i. ,. Lh..n l

Iou rEin .l ll io t l,," ii ..i,- ;. r .liiii seuo ..r
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W n 'e P eotlt t ort I -11 i .A- iL o i a i iR = --E e t'.-O

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ti-s til !ii Nyo.laisi.n 1.1ir i

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i e.canr i .T, pi hi. aL niL- .nit l,cii.i. t i lr .. n t dat I'[.i. et f
tn 5a' Seun I [ ., ,r., i L ti
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Lh I I| iit l ieu' .,'IL'Iy l'- bI L i pl ui. c t **rl..,n I' rri- dl rii ',r 1I

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It is e ,lmi;ll s l arid ..l t1 .! ll ur[ a ll 'el' ?,im -

t I t n .tm il t m cI c l, .n --all hi ll]t l I 1I l. ,. I. .r .
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t n us i r-ir e an ure-us In Litat-sol [L.. .:I,.

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mL ,mpr i ) p a hr,, ,- ; ,. af
Ld l'Inall urnl..s ii.r p pi.. M f..,it-+ I, h tr& j e t,n P ...1..r 1.0I t NI I L1 L & I'. .
g -'. lthorm r il,- lll. -rl... u,r U J ur, t, +I -ii rr- ...INI tE..L P d
01,t 11f -I-r-s. .r ,l riJ-rL; ,,-Is IT Ir I, G -/'.1II N N
Il1 l'.d &-t.ld L.lILei L L ,lel. 0 i lhv 1.0~d 1fr, tlle h11,A v ,l
Jlllwithl AM wherl.,,l'. Th,-3 lki urirc '.n i II I) W C o e
6-l-Pet C IN IiI..,n, l1 Cowl'es Baltimoh.
-r,,Pill, .I,,lptk-lI. ; I In._eI v Adi, &rCo
Put. re., W ata ti ilrtLt t i A V

r laan i r, fjr n-iniri pre i
'SllniLUIl 1-I pr.ip^ ..N-il tNI-, i
' "'[lii Liue-Jdjilfiictnur'iu i I i
tI, .irilisi i vie lJt. i. i i.n 1 ,' i
u on th., _r te.ri-Sy. ..n Alii .n ai4
For tiuri-ik & t't
James Llartt' O
OIn Sai
'Via 'heapcoake sa.
I Tre regular pare-Ht
Ni 'holis. i: remeria
alisal, b l,,t W\',lnuit at. arin
Ireight l hitl lat h ill be lu
inr 6-1i
li.uur-t,.ief m h l Ices t.y
1e1 'h t1

On I UES )DA 1'.t
iftil. at II u'cl j. It
JFarut. b..u'l si a
r.i.m the tuty,a
,huilt lraii irah n
I r i-ninre n iI,,: nrf C J.
abrl F IIY IY La' .l OF
tha rem due o I.. B I
N B-t'i'h.salh, aill st pi
be pus p-neil oi a' cou il ,Ii
in tamA!-16"
irt iatt~..g. ess
:- 11 tines'Ornmu.tnii--i-s
vernt 2d aioe tHate street at
iieorMinCii fthe I hlli,. tr% i
,thi form Ci Ihp rOLt
my 6
AreLi 4l I MFl-'a.eiii'a lesal
side of -o'iiii ur .'tlsr sinc
teem 1Ca.Ia rard Iruins tl li, f ;
Ot '''edie.snia c-vttliig. May
at Ihe Phlidi r l.idet t ir'h.ueh
W'a' liul, st reete .ill be sa
Pt,, d ,dn
irn, tit.- Orpiun, tys' Cuiiu
Phl l .d
Al All Itl] fro
gi -lu i.J l iiiui-.ln l iti -
aL nm disiinre ut 41' I' L e, r r
il ire i-Ms richl1ii ol fthyssy
Phlisdel[.hita. tnntm ,inin-,
fact aniid G intlrea rr tLi,-re
lending m iIhevu.[ir 'i 1l E
called S'-,'aifl iret I. wilt ih t
eastward by a tet-entiin aiii1l
Robert Adam., ,)uuihw-ir I bh
wi aivim rJ h) I iJ-, l litIe t i o
nurlhwelrd by 'ti-dar r
Free sit lear l. niln
sale. I L. F it4
N W corner ul 'Id'
N. B-The Adinunslrainrir
ing detciameil, Iure t.'ouirl th
P.Rhert i. I Wtiitly. 'Clik utb
mll m aid esil "Ie .ifJ e\eei I
lOthe puirclamer. By ithp
~I- G tgN tHOUEP A -
*.' i ,
0O N TUESDAY. llth *%ay.l
Public sale .,I mihe entire
and Hoi House Panirs i ile
the niursrnri lrsi i
The cill-tii..o i rione ffi
I..lnrt. andmnI ul be di,.,i
chasers. al,t sitll be Afijrd
tg if nec nry.
It L impraiL ticible Ij site
erlvers'em,-nit, a list evein
tclae in, ithe clluti'ijn, wh
ilinaes of all a .zets, stme u h
dvarable vaiiesrea. tmijnng
vraliy a.l-itled to be hiu n
Caialogies will be reedy
be ubliiudl j the suco auliur
D Lar.alreh & C'u 65 Che

Phrlaaelph.a. B,
T'I IL D re curs hi ,%e ti.d
ul"l'll.tLEE ptr Ltni p)b
era or their lagal repretoLli
J. M.HO r
my 6-dll.myr
OI'-CI( ltsieiPy 'given
s puirlLa.i by th1-Siiprcme i I
to auldit ii.rl rnLat- LOe iftu i
Iltea1 er 1ii.4 J isvi, i'J i.,veri
(Ceie al Juhn lhulrir, lire Li
town. in it.. County i l Monih
to reporIL upon athe dtrubijul
ing in tlha han,.ls eul" ie ee
purpose a t.s otf'i..e. No I
city of PhillJelplija. 'sin
June next, at. fug'E o'cl- irk
day; wheiia srahd ieeai- all p
saidelastale may atteatd.
9 4i i U Bfi.keis LutCe verl
lthe Fre tch OIl in b
bultlea.,jur[ mrecelied e Ir'ni
IfflIlL.s. BO]IL .
mayr 5-d2w N.- ';
lfI ASS. Bangil Indigo. t
Ii ur a ufted to manufaciueur
Uia puichaser
pay S td8[ o

Kaent, eKeudtalii Aate .
it II .A l ,1.
I .ii,,i J,,.
l tni ~-W Dibbrel,
ludge J T Lomaxs,
Thomas B Barton, E
Hon John Ty or, V. Pret.
Hon RM T Hunter, Esq,
mar ll-di
$.iOOO Ier
A SWINDLER calling h
a. iti nhe 3i.1 March la
ic,-,. L'usii, lie, a for
,uriris n:n i to hbe ot t
i.)ierits, ti, ,r 13,000 Me
:.a m, no r l.rA..)r, in In
ii Biatii n ;s. On the
.1 i1 1 :- ( .rmiu r, :'i fi
aertificate ofthe trueoe I
xe, ri iewi in tie
,ien' iiiiiiaii n ot 1, 2,
A reward of $5000 will
-f ithe 'll.i eP sunr ....r i
lherebft. r na r,r i...rd jil 'Iiii
preheni,,,tl ul'lte Shtl itttil-r,
toe'stice. EtiI
Cashier Biak -
ap27-dl12t Cashier Co
100 BBLS Berll Su.,o
10 25 boxes Hi. ,, g
25 do do
Just received
ap 27-d6t
Fl li i. of ground in
S ,sI hur wmich a thou
itdull ir? lIl le taken in ca
the balance ti,,,' remain
Inquireat N., 402 Mrk s
and 12th, of 'II
Ot Sitle, three Ground
,II11$'24 and two of $6
the money is wanted, wil
Apply to
ap 27-eod2w
lo a de li 'n i gi
No. 124 South Tenth St
Locust, w
rI: P1R N1'S his sincere t
p .orll,-- ;'.iuer,. andthe pu
port he hai r. I cil ,r -n
form therm tlht iii'.ilhiii l
to merit iti-i, I',t ir. itt
NB -lctia rung don
i I..F tIG 4iR \ I', '. -A
f, p -.F l. iF R I' [rt-it'y a
uiuc I-i ti ,1 tAtruj1i i adi -m
ii. u hire.n.' i..r.,u i..-eni ..iu
rimi h I p
--i'mlisi Alu-a dficitO 10 y
i ,ll wn-.h mi.n. I-c.r
I1 re r.Jii \\' ti ,ut
.. W.
rial -ditllo_3_Dok_

V OR sale ti, ih
f 'inl ti-ilc '
f'.ile .' I'[I.ra. L
SIid- li's DI: *,I e .
L-Alet's I lg at ol Li L
.ri-rhi'.u ir., L a a, .ie,)i L
L,.i.,.iair, Re).iri. u
Ih, vird'. M'a '.' tep
Il AuI[d & (-o ',. Me'
T & J. WJ
Lln B,",k
ap 16-I-1

Of FI'lCIE f-lIr r %eitlticn
N.j 13'; n.,rih 4iir ,
Im !3-
te'n t t c s

Pc-imir Sctic-l R.i/ Rae
rIT'..? FN(;lN'L-,% L1
.* r .;-s, .,r,,,. if, p .pii,
if1. ii.;a nd r 1% -
hLitN I ASTI Nr IS, UL, ,'WI
macFn, Sin aid I R.M, RU
Piit-,.i4, S.w 11LLOa,I,;t
chiller)', t'se-Lalt-l pr m|inii
Pilnr .unid A rrrtiil'.-m r. I
the a !.,.. i.: .i mi.itunte eh
wiliimn, Ici"rge. mrhee
nun surs1

-I 4)O j
n~ fif ISrOI ~B

. . .. . . -- r

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23 ak Citira
05 csek-Ciirji
9sot hvl

Amw Nat.0"a h eagre. '
CHbNur bTa.1.tRh NINTH~'Ca.. pt
| N order to giuia, eie greatest etf-cl lis he NEW t
I ,'E, "r. \' LE, l, nd to tlod a large number rt
rch icraiste rni e .,rInt mo the sal.le l perletionn in
whthif Ire ,Montgor ir determined rto-iodure Ibis
L.-genu il, Splendlor. he It reisoied nt POSTPONLG
Is app(arante ti uifir oo
W'henr ihio e..rcelu Dium will piivl
dii Erl with FUR'TY i enh.i y new B'-eiers
y file r im tls-liraed .-A\nenrtin .'lts Ahf, Masers
Smith end Ihe ,, 'hree Iu deCou
M1,,infiieni Dre.ieai. Sitly noi l and g rgeou
nr, rs antnd Triplies
Trits Special It e wil he produreel nnder the imme-
diale direrntiim andcare of MIR JOSEPH FOSTER -I
srtl i n whirh sefs-ral new Acuin.r of acknowledge
talenti. lIt rippear. that the Audito
FhSaI LEJ aiLdacEta nN o just. ife stda
FIRST LE N MUSIC, sailen, d Lohed
On TnhuTsdiy Eae-ruine n-et.. lit of Ma).al t o'clock,
at F tiIN INeNTIrici HIquareLL heLSqofPh
Mt R E R. IlIIfI-N.L rNa.uii.i, luhis e prlesaiison a
a Teacei a u 'a% t. C.tI alid li-sirumnertial Musle in n
lls citly. reap .u llI t, ir rri hi. in ient and
li', hart h till dra'iver several pR Acric L
'lit Nllmail if lutr Irr I lt i lie iv r a
aled. the Orphan'Cout
ilr Profiesura. mami.urs and friends oed
are pauri n l,ci ii.illied e o
, ; ,''' h l pe f ?
At"' Am j rnu sod ath Iaclrure he will perfiurm
n .- -. ;j''s'at ctlepamiedby hi. ytur'g daugh' i ie slie l o h l.Lacu t O
o irnt-l i si te, am" nimiOApHnted hmy hi-S Trng i
icr an,.nu prrl L.
A F i, ut it,i ,.lninling n s person $1. a s
le r 'P u. em 5a ric s h-.n et, i c mi, mi.c ure, I.- ea hai l
None, l I B aSke. f Mlelgnen a & C.- F-.OLut'i
Lii'l Nuns' inod )Obiuurn'so. ua mr IrL he dor aned
irsua'm e, enuig betLite n and 8 u'cl.e. ck
nil 4-a3I op[,oe WaihingwnSqua
CA'rHEHRWOt iD'.m phi.e
Panoranma. of Jernl.ale u
anned Tll'iees. II'UIHE c
ri Sl/irSE ,'.I A")Ia.' .4 te i,,t) open i-r aetnlg
t. u n .iin 11 ile Flie L'OLISEl LINM. rm iier ol Ninth ar
Fnd "l;ert.. uree, P OR & CO. a
'Ihe P.iN'U A I .I i l/'.IF' R .S'ALF4 I ns a spleni n
inill t diiuli'ni ,m Ithe lir ai u.',.a. jitris lg
I le t hmii-,undt ,uqare level, aimedtd lroin
La i-1t 1in Ir C ,,il1crsa ..., ,J [ i,'J1
It, l/A.4 l.%'amI i/.t 1 1 '1 lI.' -.. IN EGYPTm F l. .
P I ,ItI ItiJ titus Irt.- ic- Mn4'ar r_ sittIer i.,..
itpcrl.r. a atrk i i 0 i. rma -ire a
t11i,.L,'.gvl 01O~., lle h vefu m
tiei- Pit, ni n re IillijritL illuminaie f-t ery
,'*iri.Ji.e l.y h l|..,i~r.]r ,. '".+l i'ti ', ]l, "Slji *, ,, I gi
-I" lo wt le- rns ,e.c ea.. t i ie -
h, r-iIm '.'- mIvI, nu.lci jrd i-u hl.rl~.-.r ittimm-oia
lii",r r ,.,oI. m .l I.n i, n n ci
Miiio li' -a ifi lrlh r, Jd PI'
T .. I ,11 itip #-% Iin ND P ILIfF B S N S .I.teCt hl

On1 .rnp, ii n I 1 tnu t t im rii o ilU
/.l'l. i l' 1111(1.
'de ll, r . i1niii \nhu. l .i", .,innam t ih, ir P'in, li

u i.h t [iS I"u FL iN l a t0 'lt..'l'V'. r- nols
". r 1.1 lh. Pu ii. s r h'I-rm, Nrm Hll. rma (_rsh'Si
ab;..i ." I'ti ,h i re, l. I lru ,"i, I. .iill tu Pu tn of I
Mutt, 'aiH dI m l's U m l- *l el e.'I thr
' .hrill- ilu than Pi erllI.,ust thif- Neat lt it. tort f'
"altit,- inte sr- 'N Fi(cit.. yeareio% ,t arie hal av &
l-tit. urin i'.ch.:-is. :.i rinat run -l .
l *inlr, un l? tanic? r-np t hl" i h
S l'l'i A II N \\A NiED. firm, inact
ItENula ''.

.tfl "Itt iet ..-utsi.6-1- if thielfi-uha rwh & fa~a a 2 d
a 'mii i .' ii tiS i tama .le ii. lea.-tri-
e ih.:r in lthe i ) ,r ,:...ulrsc. ft.:,.,.i
i.e r i. (. linem 'nI h tn ,Die.J i. D i B utliB.e al
P..nnte iscsin ie, wil i t entIt, JlJet imu.
mn t i 'r VI

fir'lahmleil 4;
i 'lit u
h-hr1 u i f' H, '.rtic'uhtJ
"Cr i lI :'ri ul10ii Plsn
souh F,)rllh sire i
.;S '9.-_ TllL., 1alrtt.ei
Tit.L(nr nrI -,\mrdsrsi -
INo~" % eqi~n ble uad-o ici ildS e.j1r
?.(f t.. ',,- I [ i. ) 1ki 1
4= 1S 11111 culli\ jit-ii. rin~d au lh le a e -m
ii-ientor iiih Hi
lmllh. U~ll\ al con rhdt-r
In aJdlitio i thli e tib.,.v c
ber ol Ii-a ud itivi sEi ei
hle c'ts',J ri.r1i .ei'iri f
i-ann r. u ii.,ti,. c airba esc t
i 'lritie s, ur rn d n-allt,.
n,,r.F. o1f spleiiJ,.i e'trl'f
rliu.hlib kjeRaets. .s cheil&
ill fl"> whichh rrc ijpiertiu
ijch aa a cdai sxeI.rildhrhl
ti.u i -'if
F L.0'It R SE i l ni l the s
iatn. atitI Htie aolut i.ri ru1
eie' 1, rm be' .itlairied ati
UteFns DoustO [DaILiR.f
A iri. s ir rui I t, of i;ai.
a.> liirle, elsewhere Bi Il
li6 hie : il tkituds. agrincullu
,nd gurd.enirg i l,,uh. tle,&i
Iuw l rallm ld lrr] ihtbii'i,..i
ai :rpce graprc vreinefi itl
,hoicet ong. Bird tiage b
uliitne gratis n n appl1 aiRi
IIF.NRIi R. R Iat Ihe Ii
fuid P M 11111"Il', -
m-,r .'-
IN 0,T1
_amilduii & Amhoy i ail d
thouL C
A T a meeting of the Sto
& Amboy Rail Road, &
pany, held (pursuantto. p
of John Kester. in Borde
28th ult., ihe frlnoiaFiigl
elected IlilroiLoria ,i eau
ohbert L Stevens,
Abraham Brown,
John W 31ickl-.
Thomas bijddle BEN
Bordentown,May 1s1, Il
N 4t) E
T HE Girard Life Insur
T C(%i.'u.ri- .I1 Ib'hilade
on the 3r'd uiiniant, the
elected Managers fo
B. W. Richards,
Timothy Abbott,
David Williamson,
Armon Davis,
Peter Hertzog,
John J Smith, Jr.
Thomas Ridgway,
At a meeting of (he Man
ing of the samIe day, B. cl1
.Ituil udvlitna
iiltfi- 1iiltar
TllHE Convention of Of
.L 9ih of January last,
resolution unanimously,
be held in the same place
June next, to be composed o
to be chosen at the Sprin
limited to any specified nu
uniform while in session-a
red and expected. Theobje
ed at the I ,t mepcirn;.
about a Utoi,.rTri ITiAlti A
ery class of able bodi
pect and obedience; to b
ted, to do honor to the n
perpetuate o
By order of the C
a 29-d6t
[Prom the Y
Come all that's bald
Come listen
I wish to tell,
What brought m

It is to clothe
With Nature's p
Renew the soil htm
Nor under wig

My name and fame a
Beyond the d
Both France and Eng
Have all got

A Bald Head here wo
Throughout thi
If we would only
With this gran

You're offered now,
Although yourr c
A jl -,.,'. ',ire
In u J \ \'N
Prepared and sold at N
Price $1 per bottle,
S ETTFIZ" i rcv iirm ilaryIt
W Sl'-t:lNl.A\U-E'l. lai
lei-'.hm1 o. nrli -.ii rin, idecie t
to the subscribers, all per
arn reqieic. I- -u nVrikeh'
t liimn agminasi mail eAli.,r
or EDLa'KD
ELxecutlurs, .j.
ap It-11
Great Redueli
:38 .0,.,,ds urtH St., p
'eHE eubicrielihr ca\ itg g
.s >denl, ol doing buim
a-enrs and baving i [rniet id
seller, ind purbhiiter. Ha
orlpr Iu, his niimeroup Ir
..iblir cenr-rallv. a Iu r
i F OR r'ASH ONLY., un al
,.r ordered.
jan 8-d6im
Go.) waxI leather call h4
rla'/ ili./i//,',t, "'/,Rlrug
l'lHt pliieasuie Cat-r li
I the cirnei rel 8ih and
Sunday ,I hall.pi2i "2, 3
r re I' eIs.
re'l1- d ____ W\lM

( fl MATS rs
hi I ,i \s h tl
-ii'' hl'ja ,Al'f
Itits mt-j
lh'u ihi
Landing and tor sale y
als. by
ap OJ-441

j ,
'50 BQLS N. E.
,'j )BERT
my 3-d
* ,.

So1 T'il R-" ptrr-nerit. ul lI.e la it iLi
ei, khi .hlir.s -ir iher leg
ter ite 'l -1h in.-
nm) 5 -dillinmy _
'iv,-' ',c-'ic a -Thia I h
tilhe 6-Judgefn Ut Lthe.
Delay, ware c') in[ly lur Ihe
lawso ithe Communiealth
that I hey rate apponiled
day t1 Mli's nextlat 10 u'l
Couri Iliibe. at Cheiert
ti.r-. Israel Armn..
'T/ke ,\'i.S.-'Thal I hi
Ole. tie Judges of the
Delaare cuur.LVt, t ei ihe
laws of iho crninmurAealil
ihey hbte tpptiledfli M to
riea, alt 10 u chi'ck in the
houme am Cr.eiler, to hea
Charles ellers.
April 9. .
7'ae 'oNorce.-Taih I hv
ble. the Judgehs f the t.
Delasare county. lfor Ihe
laws o ithe i.omm.Inse f
hl that ey bite appointed
Maly ieaIl,elt 10 o'clock in
house, at Chester. to hea
Ge,. Eerol Sellers,.
Ap ill I
r-.HE PuLliahers ol ihe
A ti he c.Iuntry an expos
prompie 1 the ailenrtpt by'
,rae ith ir la ithdirneri
.ul the-r contracl rs Prn
sht.ieerl Ihat there i-rre
papere--lu which ii seve'
pUbldliedi an Wa'ahiungL-t
ir,.oion of federal prince
Federal m'rnLurea Arid I
oslltery if I-ederIl preise
tell ViLh Itre more rnlTl t
(hararier of Iho Glebe beast
.nimpoer;shed. ar.d its l.i,
btU a smteopira denuncaltio
thfe icler-,il leaders in
-lend weight of an expendi
ti.n im, do the Congreasion
nublihherd. ithe printers
ted ) urid by havintowg thil
and ruin accomplished by
nate of the Union to give it
est tribunal kno n to ou
done by a (aucus-parclied m
the Editors oJ' the Globe a
tablishmen by ihe pairo
political friends for th
will not ask or receive thei
tions by which the banLks an
tain their presses. W'e t
of the Globe, if it cearnn,
subscription price ol ithe
mocratic friends wlobo.e cir
a subsacriptioi to the da
will patronize the cheaper
-the Extra Globe-he Cmi
the Appendix-we shall be
heretofore, our corps of
the cost of $3,000 per ann
some of the ablest pens r
under these circumstan-,e
greatest interests ofthe r ,'
ny, are put at stake upon
first year ot the present
that no individual who h
at heart, will hesitate to
the same time he will feel
tax for his own advantage,
Washington the long-tried
for six months, commencing o
May, and ending on th
maktig twenty-sim numbers
contain an index Earct nun
royal quarto pages., i il
litical matter. 'The politl
the measures bel-ire ongr
siones will be fully deiOt el.ip
ings are considered ol :rnu
they will be g
DIX will begin with the
ri, ommnence on Mimdat',
vol be rontn.,ed-ii drirn
resarsiusldI Gut u C u I ie at
,.r.-ceP dirgi i. rti t oh l;alu.
ienJit till cu lim n ail Ith,
important subjects, at full
revised, by the member
printed as fast as the huns
nishes matter for a number
will publish maure nmirrber
weeks in the session. Th
same form as the Extra G
m each. Noshing but the p
i)fC..'rire(s, will t.e admit
Uiohn or Appe
These works being printed
binding, with copious inde
indeed, a necessary, append
statesman and politician,
e irt-mely midertil price,
; iic lt arid Iegis nu t
Sui. ripiint,,ois inr ie x
by the ''.thi MNiat.and ft-r
Appendix b h% itc- h June
For 1 copy of the Extra
6 copies do
12 do do
25 do do
And so on in proportion
For 1 copy of the Conr
6 copIasul either
12 do do
25 do do
And so on in prjpornio
Patn mens may be irani
paid, at our ruk B) thie
tinee Department. pioamasie
letters cniaidinig money u
The noles of ant bank,
country here au ubscriber
by us
?"No attention will be
tile motey acc
Waahinglon Ciiy, Apr
J J. D1iPUY, Caslillon,
et Burdeausj, in pipes,h
Biltuon and Guesltier'a sup
,Iraui. Abluor brand, in p
and t,
A Segnetlle 4th pr.of R
Alexander Selgnet
Olaid. Dupny 4' Co.'s
For sale I~v B,
ap 24-3lawlm
OUSES and Loij, Iuild
situate near thb'Bastn
nal, lha Depol of the Ph
Rail [toad and the Chesa
let on gro
The increasing prosperity
in cotsequeuce olhitSL'om
dupinuor inducements to m
A plan of the town,.oi i
iatprovements general
~ -
my u Rlsce. tate
K eal rotate o

Sales by

By T. hi
Ne. A4 Suth S

This m
At half pailt 10 o'cLoCk. L
be sald, an asoTliment ol
Dinner and Des-ert service
very rich cream colored a
desert service nf 177 ba
plain har
Also, 12 sets of plain
Tea and Bre
Also, richly painted and
white French china, lea ar
sioes. Purchasere can h
at auction prices The C
Wednesday. (orrect hints
will be lound it
Lamps and
At the same time witLlh
will be sold, an unumu.ll a l
meant of manlel and astral
order ot the
By order of the manufaciu
elegant mantle lamps, ic
lerent pilerns; 8 pair min
new paiterrn, I. 2 3, andl 4
with rich and heavy lutre
aatral lamp., fith plain
trig lamps. &c. The atbo l
Rich Cu
Decnlters. cldret flag
bowls, preserve dishes,
wines, champagnes, &-,.
pattern aul
Plated andt B
V: Cake baakels, plain i
chamber and fable caidie
plated tea servicee, lea a
rnund waiters, buiter tubs.
Al, AeLas of superior Brti
arnd coffee
Chinecse Lacqu
Viz 4 sets at splendidl
(ChinFee lea pFi., d.) do
Richt Cu
Just r ceved en a.oirtluinp i
prlring ri, h eiieraved lumbli
tumblers, iAne,. hanipienec
,.de, decsnotet, I .rtl. ti
pitLhers. -.,ter t.,..lts t
The alfh.r. gix.d i.rbei
ous to I
On Thursday
May 6, atl 8 i.'tli i.rL theta
Will he ..31ld, Ihe [ oli
A lot ul'r lound. iluadlei l
lion rireer., curmilnieitaie
1th at. fr.riling un C. tri K o
Iri in dep-itt ta.< teel ha ni
sl. and toundled .n the r,
ailed M
A IIo nf ground ,ithi.i -
ltian stlreel belwe.'n 9in
III Irono on hri 6tlhail it an
4 inthcs, having a front nnt
S40 o ,l vui.le reel alled
mest on 20 lootl de
r A Ion 1 ihep pr.,perIn
lion Eltre. No
On Friday
At 10 'cloik.dl IIe ttN..
Il iroulti second aiel l -t. il
a large and elegai ass.'irm
chamber tarrnlure
Parluor Fr
12 suppri,)r spring sefa o f
n,),t fadhirinableB paliern.
iitOmanata, Ior wlhd.A llnridpr :
gany r.,cInug chairs. pair
chairsa covered atiln uror-
pattern pier tables, titiih I
ble tops; s.iuare and round
hogany top c centre din. lade
card do. malhigany Frenih
sitoted chai,n, rush ant
du. secreLtiea arid
Chamber F
Mahogany high post anend
ladies' dreseina bureaus
muble tiup; dresaming Libl
robesa. enclosed and open
ny tops: plain maple and m
gany bureaus, of iariua pa
arnd French post bediteie.
wahatanrdi and rablea, m
breakfast and dining iahl
dasitral lampp. (andelebrai.
sea., paliaiers,
Mantel and Astrial L
Also. sets elegantita mn
I,2, and 3 lighl candetlithra.
patterns, richly mounted
lightly English chandeliers,
astral lamps. uf a
On I-'rday
At Ihe aiiolnn elsire,
26 dozen hall'
19 "
1 0 "
10 "
Also, one high flni-hed a
piano forte ma
Stock o0
On .lamnda r
May 10thi, at 10 o'clock
Roots of H. P. Kennedy.
At Priva
Cabinet Furniture.-Also
rior cahinen
igy Poullere
Srccessort to
5e. 445Market street,V

Bales of Horses, Ve
The subscribers respect
friends and the public tha
their sale of horses, vehi
sale stables of John P. J
between 13th and J
Sales will be held ever
afternoon, a
N B-The yard uttched
large and commodious, and
ing h
lr" Entries can be made
with Mr Jenkins at the G
Furniture Sales at
Dr" P. v ].'will attend
private dwellings person
To Cabinet Makers
Cash advances will be
furniture, for publ
On Thursday mor
At 10 o'clock, at the Wes
445 Market street, will be
assortment of superior
A handsome full blooded s
16 hands high, warranted
to harness, can trot a mile
ordinary tittom, travels
saddle hiire, is very gentl
very i,,rtisid, is sold fo

l JCYSix ltre proof c!:si o
sold low at
Just received a fresh i
Spanish matting,
A superior large sise tu


gaining about 6000 volu
apartments of Literature-wi
interest published np to w
entire Library will be sold
per volume. Apply at the
nian. No 99 S. Second
yM vore conferred by his
generally, would respectfu
tRatthe has received, and
pily f the moMt fashion
market ItieB fall Being
tie has eleLte-d Sut I a gOi,
lasle of the mAt fstldi h
N B. Always oun hand. a
Panlsand \a esta wh h he w
N OrICE is hereby given
SNine Direcl,,r will
C Schenck in Princeton.
I0Oh day of May next, bew
SApril 20lh 1841.
A Ca
Walnut stircets, has
Sheathing Copper, lit qu
Sheet Iron
Scotch Pig do. s
English iMustard in.
Old Madeira Win
INKSTANDS. aneri ar
binding the advailages ol tht
greater siinplircity of cons
steamer P
Also, Perryarin'. Gilloti
feeleyd' Sieel Peais. Ro
lery. For sale
E C.
No 102 Market stl.,
JUST Received a supply of
Newball's Sketches of
a description of ithe country
ernal improvemenal
189 CheSauL street, op
may 53
50 BOXES Sicily Prunes
by : LPHiPI
my 5-d6lt .


Sales byv
By Biclard&
No. 34 S.muSA

This m
At 10 o'clock, at the s c
and Arch street, will bi s
grocery store, cuill.stlng
The ti
Caigo of th
At 10 o'clutk preciseely
Ar.h sireet. will be sold
Jiust arrived from Sicly.
lemons int whole an.I ha
On Friday
At 11 o'clock at the auci
general aS,.jtoment 0o
lIU htds Trin
18 do N O
16 hhdJ sa,a
25 chests
1'7 hill chests young
2ti chests suu
15 bblr
25 hoses sp
38 hoesa B
17 catl
50 trai
IWOi baJe. b
I00) hall b
3UII buze m cl
150 kegs
5U do nu
5'U qr casks T
W.000o Span
At II o'clock, at the sucti
ilhds prime weelPrn I
5 bUbties a
On Friday
At I I o ,-lbik. at the au
cask. Masdder iSi
On Friday
Am I I -'clock. at the aucti
hitli prime
.fiiblirei Nos I arnn 3
Feuillor, ardr l eln ii l
On Friday
.t II o'clock. at Ihe auc,
bi.kels c champagne. C'lept
bI. xa hock winira sippruvrd
\Li. imme-ltaiely precee-d
will lie x.'.ld IU :hesvti
10) hall che lt d.., d. 1,
N. 0.
May 7. sl II u'e ltorwt. al
Itt hhdi 4rh prool Newi
ILirt) b ld do
201.1ii ic el Rot
By _,IiainuelA f-ak
.[I I'. curntr oJf' Tai

Nnmijel Arbitkle reuete
puri hsts, tr ou hi Ig 1ge b
ti6le [,Flir0 1 vrdelilclres o
h held ,n iSuiurday im.-ru
troit of Ihe awtlion mnir
lime a ill tie .,l.J si erai
Soarniel -riutkihe rep6c
ant ihe public thal t he a il
sltle ral estrite ,n aVedne
and is prepared tlo take a
in a fe
To Families who are a
Samuel Arbuckle respect
whio) are about t.uilotclie
aid wvho ma' wish their
ne in Pevery n-Lance will
tijn lu their sales, ,
-ale i .L horses vehicle
held regularly lur ithe resie
or the atci.n oartnman, o
neadav and Saturday mi.
Thl'ism sal(. will embrace th
GeoJrge F. Bauer's esta
ds.illing house and IntI
easti side ol'Schuylkill T
.i 12t U feet nurla ol'.'ed
3'1 leel lu IlcDuffe sire
John 'lIOonr's teale-a
meTnuagP the'tconoi. iluae
frast fsiE-r, al a iliara i e
.I [levetiiih sirt d iichi
to a court 1
A valuable lot of ground
street. between the Public
Ia leel front by
The esi te or Archibal
fame nisnate and lair ngo
side of South or Cedar store
street, 22 feet 6 inches
Nmall street.
Furlther orders for this
etrnlclrly atiiended to.
DENCCE-21 miles
Included in sale Of real e
May, will be a large lot o
ated on the eaetwardlie s
Road. a Ahort diironce abh
Th li t is tin U let frroal
Sourirry residen,.e ihis
At Priva
The large and valuable
meseuage the-eon, situate
br~ry Street, between Four
U. S Bank, 37 feet in fro
property will be sold a b
ting terms, if applied for

500 dBnho
Sdo Blo
100 do Cl
100 matu t
Just received
ap S3-d6t
Small Holi!
A TWO story houce in ('a
nut s
A two story house in Ca
and 4t
A tato altory house In C'hr
A tfre. mlury nose in G
A thie, story house in U
A tji, aIory Irurtre house
site Vcr
A three stli) burck
A tat' ctui, brick h
The n.L..,te pr..., erleua i
nd upon atc~iunt
A Fern of atres on I
near the Iu rTilie. s
Ala... a nitmnherOl 0IaraJ
vania and ln r .lan'.
F,.ur Llr itn C'.,loatmall
12th oir rtci. wtiih foor t

Three loli adji
A lol i11 griuid r...r r e
siti arid \'ina t l at 2 feel
A lot ol ir,,und i.n Dola
r;eorge aid Cllveprt
One hall of Ihe Island i.
-jig It a, res lirt 3 a
Groindl rsni9 .S..41U $.
a pant iii it
$571' i$1000dlOu .odu. an
WANr[ED '10
An ]hlu Niutigoga$e lor 4.
ate ap..licall
ap 3U dtl S W. n
lAop o
J IIST inrolaed. a (comple
Datinmnd TigireBd Ba
made by the best workmen
ion. Gfiinlemen wishing Lo
Clothueig. will awas, find
best material o
No. 95 Chesn
ilper 2-2-dif do v a
.Agentl, Con vey
Oire, 60J IFalnut b
ian I
100 BAGS P.lerm-. Sum
1 permor article, in s
ap 28-d6t
For .11e
G OOD)S received as us
above Line to New Yor
of Chearnut s
dec 18-nlf .
M'AGNLYIM Bonum. Damaic
Albert, Victoria, &r,,
may30-dt 120Ma



By Oflete
"_o i .svK

my ni. 'Tkon
JV. 1051h Che

At Priva
The two stores No. 26 and
faerd at private sale, seps
price which will nell the p
year clear
CARD-M. Thomas& Son hav
.joining rooms, second story,
Furniture sales-room in lie ci
Cavs ADVANCE-Liberal adva
on consignments ol new and s
when d
CARD.-Persons wishing to
lure without holding sales
so by sending iit to
On Friday
At 10 o'clock at No 22 Ja
and 13th Street. above Rac
lure, of a lady deceased
Comprising pair single m
hair seal sofa. handsome m
marble slabb mahogany
able, ladies hundmome w
chairs, mahogany hair msea
candle land. amstras, and m
china cut glass. fine imper
eltieaitn entry and stai
Mahogany dressing bureau
mahogany bureaus, high p
do, line feaslhr hedi; hai
and bedding, mahogany w
rush seat. and windsor cha
tian window blinds, shove
Kitchen F
The usual quantity
Wearing Apparel
A fine gold atchs anrd go
other jewelry together
wearing apparel, f
They may be examined on
8 u'c
On Thursday
13ih lot sti 10 o'c'ock.aN
belou Arch, weal side, the
gentlelmain le
Comprising French ma
marble slab, French mahu
crimson velvet rolar, 6
match. 2 esltra large arm c
CUnhLoni; itAh extra cushi
mantel clock, excellent l
fine ioned piano forte mel
Brumsels parlor carpet. din
ware, plated ware pare ta
glaee, liquirir tarid with
carpel, entry lamp.large
2 single i o, auper or hair
stram palaces, bedding, &
do, washmtanda. Bureaus. in
screen. sit fold., tables.,
Also, m few valua
Also, the u.ual quantity
utensils, and about
CARD-We hall hold a
[articular a
By E. T.
jVo. 47 southA Eighth st

This m
Al t10 o'clock atl the aucit
assoriment of handsome ne
hold furniture. conmistali
spring seal sofa, pair do fig'
dressing bureau, handsom
tian marble top, pair of m
wahisands. painted do, h
her of low poat bedstead
mahogany rocking chairs,
cane seat do, different p
bitndo, looking glssews, p
pool anid crockery ware; m
wlth numerous other article
a quantity of k
Also, a number of sch
This m
A large painting of Maj
ion, in handsome gi
At Priv
Handsome Glass Drop Lu
inch. 4J 3J do,
A lso. a lot of glass
2 superior fir
I2 ladies' uperior burea
swing m
2 superior sofas with p
Pair handsome m
2 marble zop enclosed a
A piano forle b5J octave,
reau. 6 superior mahogany chan
secondhand sofa. 18 m
Hi 'T.V W. L
A'o. 50 North Sixt

Real Esl
Executors. admnistraLor
formed that T. W. L. Free
sale of Real Estalte, on W
May Contributlions are r
Included in this sale wi
properties, by order ofan
ler ofEe
Positive Sale of Carriage
On Friday
At 12 o'clock. will be so
*itre, belonging to the e
I secondhand
AlIo, asqurebod do
Alao. s strong built w.go
ol ha
At the same lime will b
square body close carriage WIl
4'c calculated lor either
plete order with a goo
Libewise, a square wag
Alao, a superior leather
Also, 1 pheaton, 3 hand
uther ca
Likewise, an aaMortmentof
and mingl
The carriages will be ari
ing of sale, and will posit
emt b
The Estate of a G
On Friday
At 12 o'clock, will be so
store. A superior built
Carriage made io order,
calculated lar winter or
of view, a first rate arti
shart time, likewise a do
First Rale F
A pair of family horses
sound, a brown black colo
docile, yet very fine active
a private family a finer p

They can be seen and
morning ofsale, or any ti
ilthe auc
On Friday
At 10 o'clock. will bode old
store, a lighl wagon., with
iron axles n
A handsome barouch. low w
Both the above cartisgesa
ran be examined trihe after
Ihe morsine sale, likewise
10U Packages of Flint
On Friday morning.
At 10 o'clock, will bo so
the atietion store. No 50
about 100 packages of flint
a general assmirment of ti
pipes, nuralng bottles,
pitchers. ice ( reams and telly glse. &
Catalogues will be read
and the goodsarranged f
may rest assured the sal
School Fixtur
At private sale, the fixt
For private sale the entire
a private family, am well a
ed a central and desirable
hrt apply a
ahnve Prune,
ST7'T Suethem aend W r
RE EDW f' t A

SOUTH aide of St. Stephkej
ke, lhstreel, cary t.thlebo
its branchnl 0tnd'maveo ui I=8d
asortmIent oTAEl DS or LAfB,
the country Linde in gespan at hl
during prices, warranted o
worieasihip. A libesal
Reeds oftvery lp iot
Reeds aLwayos e' ad
N.B.-A- r.,lwt.L d Oi

So .. .. .1 .
"' ., .' ": ..' :

ii -- ---ci 57

* ?;




a. .t

"i. the western part Of the city. 'he cbhicens were
lr*IULYr.. PAF1-E-ihli lLara penr annum.
0"WA T IM W L&K-- Dol]lr par arnoum, alldead, the villain had just wruug their necks,
-. Pmays lf vearly, in o iseaatS. and in ihat condiLion cared them off. They were
a.. isctrierew voaTiaaia MoN-ise received at both committEd by the Kecorder.
lthe same ratS.
A~'I,----- -nrdO h te DirTIaasio AcciuLNT.-On Monday, a little
APkVE~riSEMENTSinierled on the i fuast rem
ortnaila terms girl, named lines, living near tha corner of Fiont
KrPil N PING neatly execute-l at this and Duke siteeta, while playing with a tlair
lod,f, II upon t and ian it through her arm near the
Demioeraic IomlnislatIOln shoulder. As might be expected, the title creature
FOR GOVERNOR, ufters much-from the iujuty received.
*.. ...1 .. Ra-AProinrXD.-On Monday Dr. Jesse R. Bur.
PII IIHADEILPIIIA den wa re-.apponted IiSpector of the Moyamen-
Wednesday, Mlay 9, 1811S ing Pit.ion, by the Judges of lthe District LUuunt.

Citmnlarnd,nn a 0 fice. U. S-Navy Y.ri. t ADJuuiRNEO MEETlNuo.-The adjourned meet-
I'Phlultp roi 4,h tay. 1841. ing of the Stockholders oh the Bank ulf the
NOTICE OF THE LAUNCH OF THE United Stales was held yesterday. The corm-
STEAMER MISSISSIPPI. mitLee appointed at a previous meeting re-
0Oto qun auth he fired in.-m the118Navy Yard '1t I5
m.Ouates o dlbthe ver,,elms ready torgodMt theported that they viere not able to make a lull
watsr--,o ae ti give all buua in ihiu riv.r iiU1 n1 report ai this time, as Ihey wete waiting Iur
get uuLt ul the way oldinger-nnd t'isy are hereby 'tihe action of the Legislaturen. They however
rt q le.te I to be reg-istle I art ortlingly.
rq .e Ilo be regae I aiorinlytated that thy had secured the city banks for

LtUNctu OF THE MtSSISSIPPI.-The lunch the amount ol claims held by them. 8otiie oh
ni hi steam ship takes place thii day at half the6 speakers strongly ensured this course of
past one o'clock. It will be seen by advert se-' thet cominitte, which was partial in securing
ments in another column that the steaitloat certain inslitutions.
Trention will leave Chesnult street wvharlfa&.altj MeWsrs. Lippir.nllott anti Evro each preuenuttl
past twelve, and the Ohio and Robeirt lWMi'rrI reports in aiswer to Mr. Middle, which were
sill leave Dock street wharflat-aquarter before read. but no order taken on them.

one o', and take favorable positions for "' e National azette says:-"lhe only
vtewin, the occurrence. rartous oth r boals matter of great public interest wai the passage
%ill leave dtifferenit wharves for the same pur- of a resolution instructing the Directors to se-
pose. cure the circulation arid deposiltes by the imne-
pe dialte assignment of special security! This
MNR. BIDDLE'S FniiENtD.-We published on olght to have been dole long ago. 'hen meet-
Monday, a letter from a friend of Mr. Riddle, ing adjourned over for two weeks."
oceupiying nearly four column The only -. t p
i ,,.. OZ N M raXM.- **Left the penitentiary re.
irit3s n in t, that we deem it necessary to no- laint ils rogues in osce"-- Scour.oa back
ihriti claims lits rag-ilc in office't-'Sicounuae back
tire, are theb: h

I. It i said Mr. IBiddle has been tried and these bandiLtI to their caverns." 'T'heiuse are in
c m-lemnn.d without a hearing. This is inaccu- ribstatces Some of thu choice expressions con,-
Tate. tA condemnatliomn implies'a subjection ito ained in Mr. Bitdli's Princeelon Oration, de.
a penalty;i Mr. BiJdle has been subject to livered some years since. How would it suit
none. h report he committee, i co- him to have his advice now acted upon in re-
none. The report of the committee, tf ecom- feiencen to hank ",,fliceru," and to smbandittit" of
p1red to a jitdicial proceeding, is, at most, a nc o ank -i an t bd," of
hill of indictment, before the tribunal of public every species, including those who plunder by
opinion ; and before that tribunal lie has had Fraud as well as by l'ur'el
Mtd has availed himselfof-a fall opport unity 7tiirA.a M.^NatGUN.-We have heretofore
6f defence. If Aristides is acquainted with omitted to notice N.j. 9 of this valuable peri-
judicial proceedings, he knows that it is not odical, published by Huddyand Dual, No 7
customary or a grand jury to hear witnesses ley. It is embellished ith a puriri.
or argument on behalf thdefene but they General GanesiFull uniform and itiou.t-
are produced alter the bll is fund. More- ed, and a representation of the Repulsion ofihe
over, Ihe coninittes reported on the manage- Briti.h at Fort Erie. The pages of the tum-
ment otf the Baikgenerally, aid notion that of h are occupied by a cople description of
Mr. Middle alone ; and as it took all its *Late- he sge othe Fort and td gallant defence.
merisa Ifrorna the books of the Bank, it was not t s
necessary, and indeed it might be deemed in- MusIc-We invite attention to the adeer-
sialtag, to call upon Mr. Middle and the oth- ti emeretimn another column of a course of lec-
er off.i:er, tin defend themselves against the tures on Music, to comtinence t3-mrcrnow even-
charge-of having kept true minutes of their n at the Franklin InStitlatt Hall. by the Ia-
pruceedings. If the oommilttee had accused vorebly known professor, Mr. E. R. Hansen.
thoui of keeping false minutes, then it might _
have been well to have called on them to show MARItNE IaSt'IeANCE.-ln oar advertisiLngcul-
that they were true. uiens will be found the uniform policy lately
2. 'b['he 'otnni tee found theminutes in some adopted by the marine insurance companies of
caed iinpti, fect, and in those eases they very this city.
properly called upon Mr. Biddle, Mr. Dunlap. --
Mr. Ciwperthwaite and Mr. Lardaer, for an CuEaNt,rS'rnEETTHEATRE,.-Nl-M.zart's mai-
explanation, bet from neither did they get such terlpiece, Don Giovannii, is to be given for the
an explanation as they desired. Fwm neither, second time to-night, supported by tite whole
so lar as Mr. Biddle has shown, did they get strength of the corps of vocalists; with new
an explanation, as to whom the missing money scenery, dresses, decorations, dances, &c.
was paid, nor for what ruses it was paid.
3. Arlttdeaintimates that if the committee [bur the Pennmyleianian.]
called upon Mr. Middle for explanation of one Mr. Editor,
mater, -they ought to have asked him to ex- As there is a report gaining among our fellow
plain every thing. We think otherwise.- ,litzend, which, if correct, would tend very much
erthemiutes were clear and eph CI, i.,wards unchiatiani7.,ng all thie Priidenlis., firon
er themes were clear and plici eshington dowi,, who have occupied the "b hile
lthelIPy needed no explanaliin,and it would have ilouepretioua totile laleoUe. (Har,.on,) natriely.
heea absurd to have asked one. Bat where that there was not a Butible to be had or found in the
they wera not clear, it was right to ask one Erxecuii.e Mansion, if the ease i son, please Ill-
f'rum those who had taken the money ; and frorm me what kind -.f book was used in admirni.
they did ask it and they asked in vain. From einng the oath I the Pieidenias; whether it was
Mr. Bidule Ikey got no answer, and from the ol'Id Diiectorv or Alnanac-aurh as was used
oters they got only vague answers, which by the Federa Wi in he recent elections hield
ol hey got only vagu answers, which nt, the 3d district of Pennaylvanmi.
amounted L. nothing in reference to the point May 1. 1840. EZEKIEL FOUSE.
in question, viz : to what uses was the money The above irnquiries are well worthy atien-
applied i on, and the public are entitled to correct in-
4. Our correrpondent'intimates that Mr. formation from that partly, who lay claim to all
Biddle left the Bank in an excellent condlLiun, the religion and morality of the land. We
and his evidence in support of this position have always understood that President Wash-
is, that the stock was above par; and that a Ingon aL least was a praying man, if not
committee ufstockholders ordtreclors wrote Mlir President Jackson. but il seemins that they have
Diddle a eomplimientary letter. As to lie first all been found wanting ti the true faith.
point, we believe the sltck of many Banks,
stinrh .a the Schuylkill, the Vickshurg, &c. FIRE.-A destructive fire broke out in Alle
&.'., has been above par, while they were ac- ghanytown, near PiLttaburg. on Monday even
tually insolvent; and so, many a merchant's ing about eight o'clock. It began in the tavern
credit has been good, when he was unable to of Mr. Goehring. or, Federal street, and before
pay his debts. And as to the complimentary it was subdued, destroyed that and six or sev-
letter, we would ask whether that letter was ,.n other buildings. We learn from the Pittls-
not submitted to Mr. Middle himself, before it burg Gazettela that a very heavy shower fell
was signed or published, and whether he did dunitng the lire, % which, without doubt, prevent-
not alter it himself to esil hiu own views .d it forn crossing the SItreel, as the heat was
5. He aoys that the Bank, in Mr. Biddle's mnustl intense. Thlie principal StilTlrers are as
timn. hal the best security in the country 1,llouws:
for its loans. This is it f:eac fur they have Mr. Goehring, tavern keeper; A. Marlin.,
turned out to be not worth ilty cents aun the grocer; nVm. Miller, saddler; B. Esterly, jew-
dollar, while the sectirilies taken by other tller; B. Craig. grocer; Mr. Brown, grocer;Mr
banks have proved good. Instead of being the Stew'art,grouer; Rubert Mlornris.drug aind liquor
best securities in the country, they were the store, aond Mr. Sterit, grocer.
w'rnt. A rpart of the goods and household I'urniture
6. Artatidesa.hni'as that for the management nf was saved, but in a very damaged condition.
the Bank whilee Mr. Riddle -as President, lhe owing to the cor fusion and rain. Mr A. MNar-
should be held responsible. Well, what tas shall also suffered considerably by the removal
that mianagenrent! It was to exhautlst the capl- of hit gods.
lal, seoas to be obliged to go over to Europe The oly insurance on any of the property
beggi.i .'fr loans; it was to pay an agent for destroyed was 1001) dollars on that of Mr. NMor-
obtaining these loans twice as much as the ris.
whole expenses lof the Bank ought to have
anioutmed li; it was tolend enornuous amounts HERE is TnLITR.-The Louisville Gazette
to individuals, notoriously doubtful or insol- says, that a man eininenily gifted for the pur-
vent. including men whose onl1' trade was pol- suiu of' any other prufessioni, should never turn
ities, and to |o~n tlhem twenty imres as much editor. In such I pursuit, It him take bhait
each, noL to say a thousand timi-s, as they course he will, he frittera away both soul and
could have obtained of any prudent Bank in body, for which losres he does not get wealth,
tl, Llnited States on the same Aeinurity. The and ofcourse does not secure health or content
fact that alhast all the losses of the Bank of mnind. We therel'ore caution every gifted
have been upon loins tinade during Mr. Bid- youih from drugging htimself with the fatil
dill's administration, or upon property purcha- contents of that cup, which is held out to him
sed during that time, shows, on Aristides' own by bthe Circe, who stands at the portal of the
principle, that to him is mainly attributable the editorial profession. Be sure, he'll rie it.
ruin of the institution.

Liersai, Dura'TIuN.-Mr. Richard Ronald-
son, brollier of the late Mr. James Ronald-
son,:'Lhe benevolent founder of the Philalel-
phia Cemetery, it will be seen from the
proceedings int another column, has very gen-
eHoaly given eighty-eight burial olot, sa. y
e' tlU property of his deceased brother, to the use
of the company, These lots are supposed to
be worth about $S 10,000.

9ost'MOi)ROt STEWART.-WVe received, too
I4 for iftlinion, yesterday afternoon, the pro-
ceddings of a Demoeratic meeting in favor of
(pmmodore Charles Stewart for the next
iprsidpney. We will publish them to-morrow.
Alclub we learn has been, formed, called the
"OLD aIRONSIDES CLUB for the (City and Coun-
ty of.Philadelphia," and among its nermbers
aro.fiiny of our most substantial and true*

WIDOWS' ASVLIrM.-We regret to learn that
Sa.portion of the fiiuds of this noble chariLy
ar*4hyited in the United Stles Bank-that
great 1P. as will be sustained by its failure 10to
this ittaLtion; and it is feared that many of
its oldl and respectable; nmatea may be obliged
19 go to tie Almlihbuae! Thiink of this, ye
bank borrowers!

A Temperance Anniversary will, take place
oAMhtrsday evening. April 6th, at (hea Musi.
eal Fdnd Hall., Dr. Tyng will address the
uteefing, end t,. Uincoln will lead the choir.

From a.statement publisheI.i+ the Globe, it
-, appears. a mnajorey'bof the p6iasois holding
office at 'W1singtmt under Ibe_ Natioip.-
vernment-during tli. yiile of Janceo's ad
aVan.: Braet'S ad ilat n i y4et
Tliere will be few deawtwlu rftii| ilA
-n u i ", V *
.ttl' 4

NE:w CENstIs.-The Madisonuan gives lhe
naw census of 1810, compiled from lihe records
at Washington. The population of New York
is *2,4C8.9"21; Peinnsylvanta. 1,7'24,012"2; Ohio,
1,519,4117; Virginia, 1,230,797. No othersla.te
exceeds a million. The total population of the
United States now exceeds 17,100,57-2! A few
counties are slill wanting in some states to
make the grand loalr complete, but in the four
states above named, ihs population named is
soirect. We now number seventeen mi/l/irns of

7 ENCOURAMINO.-A great politician and finan-
cier down east has hit upon a plan to cure the
evils ofa bad currency, a bad government, and
every other national evil.' He proposes thai
congress shall pass a law comp'elling the restur-
aoion of contfidenee. We recollect something
abIIout that being done by ths election of Gen.
Harrison. Can it be possible that there was a
nmistake about it?

The $10,000 which Yuctan promised Texas
for the assistance rendered by the Texian navy
in her late revolt against the govi rnmert of
Mexico, hias safely arrivcd a;t Galveston.

A PLEASANT'r (0outNTa'.-The Arkansas State
Gazette states that a g-.ntleman in Poinsett
county recently killed forly rattle snakes in one
day; the length of tie largest wae five feetl,'and
of the smamillest eighlee.ifiehes.
,- ",
:rLetteri'-dln Havre de Grace mention thai
the break ipwhe Tide-water Canal is repaired,
prnd that e.verstaboats have arrived at that

Or '. '..".,t ;" r

.w -

5': .



F t'.i. Hleinry s'yl.1r. Natiail Luft,'ouigh,
ua Pelirce, Lisa Carhiery J h1 ox anl Ilut-ri
Ie. ij tr.e meitibera, i l It h Levy C.Lii I. r Ihi
lily i W'airihlui.nt. in lie Drairi i ol C.I--inbia
ihn B. i.I V.rgirila tI ie [ Vi.rden ui theIe
Ilentiary in ttie Oi-lrit l .j (tjlioltm .ls
homoiua. Sewrll and Tihma. Donr, hi. hl" Wait.
r, ai., Bernird Ioe .i ilet i iidi. I.t i*e In
,tL ul .tth(e Penitorillry n ithe Dainicrli ui Culirm.
ir the yeair cimment in in ihe 41h Instlant, vlhen
pret IOus's cIo.iiiS 0 d 5 ipipre.
me i (' W.olturn. at MAiv. tIll-. Kentucky.
,ilarid Tyite,, at Macin, Gcorgia.
ie publication oifa paragraph that General Jir,.k-
had herume really embarrasiedl in hi. pecuria
,ricerei has eli. tied the fulliwing cm it rodlicliii,
Ihir, dopted a. n The Nashville Banner, ii
fishing i eadrls- h'We lake orccsiun to a. d our
oriuiy in rN halfol fMaior Duiotelaoo's iaipmelr:-
d.s, here duniuia lor a m'.rnerint its ruth and a1'u.

NeiHVlLi.E, April 22d. 18MI.
A-I %v'i, nol titvrn' uniil your paper reaLhed ma
m lriing. I lI iher.' awera itaiemuenais itn ire ttlit.
rint, repreesning thatl Gerielal J icKii-n h9d be-
e mbrbnased Un arcirunlt il lil lidhrtihlhies Ior
Vo-j ae rfurrect it, the noicee you iate LaLoen
*BO ltalerneiea G,-neral Jich,,,n ha never piid,
been C lled iuin L -i p.y. a ilebIl Ol mne. lhal I
v.iur of; aihr, hlie has ni, habdiltrs on niy hccoint
could under rno cuiiTiigency give hin ithe
lPSI Iu, to-Verrtence He is inlf art endrier lior
n any Basrk litie. or onelwhere. anrd lhe is re
a, ljtor nri c inliaci nl mine itt niy inape .jr
. tir the discharge ul which I hoae uot aburidatii
no oh iy 'Jii% ti.
mIy)' rut be iraproper for me In add here, thal
inrr,,r to inrduitiri.iialy propn t il. rerrreate lint
ril JickiJrii'a e slse as nrsuolule i entnlirel, ui,
Idi Frjin r parodral I.niAletdge W hibs petci
niftii" i mat, uea V it h conlideniLe, 1 he were
d up)it lo-morrow to ci.le all h.. liabiillties. ljil,
i1le. wunrh iBl latlst 00,0ti0, wou d anol be di
a-ia fraclic.n. "'
iquesbthaLt thea edifrior newspapers who bar,
i circulaIun L toithe sia emennir in iluesi oi %ll
e the junatice t publhh what I have here said
time irieln.
I am very resi-eclully,
Your ,ibedvent servant.
Ir J. G. IIaRRIa.
Editur ol the !laihville Union.

Ihe St. Augustine Herald says lite Hon. E.
Gould, George Center, anmid, George le
alst BeBqr'. are appoint4.CormisialoiersA
iceive 4 sj u and take tl qtimony con-
nsi" IndF- depjasdalon" -al the Gaiern
ILd 01 I tdo. 01

-Toitrili PtORt TH9 IaftI(syIASIAN.1 *
CunoNEu'S IqoLXi'T -Yesterday afternoon
the Coroner held an inquest in Water slreel,
above Vine, on the body of a female named Mary
Neal, 30e yeas of age, who was found dead in
htr bed in ihe morning. Verdict-death fiorn ha
bitual intempeianct,

STa.,LtIO UHicKzva.-Two colored fellows were I
yesterday morning arteAted .ear Walnut andJuni- f
per tireatsi, with a bag containing eight chickens
and one duck, which they had no doubt alolen ir. r


PemmiMjtan a t6HbIiUEre.
[Corresponadence ofiha Pet.Itvanian.I
H AlRsBUIolay 3, 1841.
In Ihe Senate today a large amount of bueine
has been traneactfid iiuch il"' it of A lhcal naltu
Mr Fleming, from the minority of the judicial
ornmitleo, made a report on the suthje..L oir fie
paid to 0. F. Johnson and J. W. Porler for d
ending -ho Commonweahlth in the suits again
ludger Darlington and Collins. As the major
eport was intended forpolitical capital and th
report materially interfered with this object, it wi
eflued a place on Ihe Journal of the Stensat
Among the public bills and tlie only ones of muc
imponrance were the following. The Count
Ireaaurrr bill legislating ihe proseuL treasurer
out city and county into office until eflier ti
eat election. lThe b.ll for a loan to pay the luas
ue on the llt of June. The bill regulating th
tinting-the hill authorizing suits toi ba brougl
gainalt thle late printers of lIe Hou-e of Rcpr
itituves, and the lilt r, gulat'gd he public ptio
irg. .About 9 o'clock tn theli evening the ienial
'The Serinate cncriued in the resolution of th
uuse, fixing on to-mnorrow as the day uf adjourn

In thae House, tha veto of the Governor on th
Rienue Bill occupied the entire inortring. Aboj
all pa- two tbLLe vole was taken, and the bill lil
-yeas 48 -nays 43--a lollow4i:
YE \S-Me.ira ArJrewa, Bank, Bjird. Bo'
rutia-r, C .' i.nai, r Lh.iO,.i, (. .irk C.,' re, .1-
un'niFriL, Darie. D, Dltrit, Llu.idup. L i)i. Faubi
,ientiJr. Funk, I-uilheyp lrt J. Ilan-i.r II_,iir,.
ii.chiiiai. i ..,ni. ih. i, Arrleim ir ,I tiel F|JV. henr
eliu-r. LaJw. Leilieriirin, L it-igh on. Al ( li re
Cur.ij, olddi sbw.irih Miil S, hl.uiiou iicr)
u.n-r. Myer. larI es ir Pel-,ei-lr Pi. rii.i.). u.ti
4iriner, u!iilri. niri\B'r. N., iv..l$, Sliru[i, ?lcerl
i i Nt-ida. LC'rlihI Slpoaker.-19
N I \.- Mhsas' Ai.d,-son, Apple. Burr Brn,
,I i B Binli. Br-.rdlitd hi N.rLiaurimptr.,u i -r'r-r, i
rcit, lil'i. DoueLas.. L.Eb ug Felitri, Fen.iri Fit ai,
V. 'len.,il'a en. F irK Fl- ..gel. G.,ririloii iiim ili
lIra HI ,-.. l ,tii1. H ill. liiteut,ii Hrltit. .,lisi,_ir,
i'6alt rnd.i Kur.. Leidy Luck. l. itM a ily., 1.1 t 1h
0, y. re. P. m ir. "'Iit' sit, pull-A -1. -1. .zSo
r. rlLu %aiiiuri. hea' er, ,ilkiti.u 1ri, / rgli,
nit e rn iarr.--.'.
The House then adjourned.

In ihe aflielioon a scano occurred., upiiaralleled
ihe an -alsol legirlaltion. According to previcou
sngemeni, aa it afterward@ appeared. ihe Whige,
tllhistanding the late hour of adjoJurnment in
r morting,all appeared iI their seal-I at a quarter
ist u'cluckt, hall pait 3 being the hour of mineat.
T. The cluck, insda of the hill was advanced a
irtler of an hour. Mr the whig member
m Bucks. wh, had voted against the rei'enue
in the morning, seconded by ,Itr 'eaver, a
tie-aed democrat f(om Sclhuylkill, moved u iecuran.
ration -) the vote on lhat bill. LUL few demo-
Its being pr,,senl. Mr Penniman rose to speak
the sul.jeci, but Mr Cot inuiediately called the
vious question. I In this t e y)ais and nays
re demanded by Mesers Penniman arid B.)naall,
Sthe calling -if these furnished a littIle more
e. Tl'e call waas sustained, yeas49-nays 19.
ri the main question being put, the yeas aind
'a were again demanded, and the reconsid'ta.
n wa- carried, yeas 49-nays 29'., ten mire dem-
its having arllved in coit.eqoence of the mime
ned by the call of the yeas and nays. on the
rtsL il Mr Panier and others ii going alter
thbersand gattling uhemrn in. The wliga, seeing
1 t y were f.old, moedj a pjtip.'nemrt nt nlil
aorro, arid carried it by the following Tt.',;
et.-- lesars r io.,drerw. Binks, B .rd Prl. Chi..-
i, t hiirch, (.rrp), Ci.,i C,,imnns. Earseu, Uun
.Eyre. FIush Fireuiar.. -Funkl. rFuLlt ey GFz
1114 IIggiris. Hi Lhhelimsan. Htiiiii.J..ui naeii (Arr'gi
r. Ki rtf,.r. Law. Leiher man. Liviiigt.n, M'Cluie
irrly. Miiddr setaril.Mllea.M, nlenrnouii ry.
r-i.Peorsi.h. Prniell. Rush, bkirne Sniri.. 'nine.
Npiull, teele. 'Tiis. V.. n Neida. \%%eaer. Cr~bb.
.tor- 49
lay--M'ailsrs Airlerenn. Ap;.le. Barr. Bean. Boal.
val. Brrdiread l,'athampltn.i Brurner, t.'iou.
dii. Lliiwor.h, ELiueh I.elritt. Flirnier,. Fienn.
.Fliick F-gerl. .;arnr.le G rre auion Ha,. ilrhn.
l H ilemin. n..l irtr, rWsol.,-relnrJ i Ker ainar.l
t, Leid Llik.M NIv M'C'ully, IM'Kiiiirie. NIM-re.
inier l', in.min in P llnk Seull, Son iilei, \WV ll-r
.\%'rghi. Zimnerrnaii -39
ir Law then called up a bill making @sme al-
tlion in thie Diartict Cuut of Philadelphia. and
l.uik eoflred an aniendinent to iotte out all
r ihbenaciing claue,and inserting the revenue
Srnojdilied hlighly-this wnas further amended
as tn make it eihetnibitially the bill as etoedl,
IV thiat th U. S. Bank was excepted, and the
dendment was agreed to by the full.,wing vrie :
r \s---MEsrs atirlta tird. Uil] ir nra.
i. I'ltir li. i 'Inh k C.,jrr i. (C'ritminri Diraie,
.viarl iLi. > il,. .yre. 1 aus. Furc,.iirr, Fl l,.
hiey. <.irn A Hnia Hieg., ihirhrlinrriii Hohi,e.
J ,hr,- ,i i ,iii~'~ K.-rr, Kirt.r La l.ll, r.
'. L ititiion Mm,., M'LNtrr- M'C-,,ldi, Mirlillet.
irt, Miles MnLgmery. Muasser. M ,er I'eiir.i.
nenll iuinir.iy, Huhli. Skinner. Siio .er, ."r, el,
ele "F.tu h'..n N. Jida \heai-r--4
Sh'S-Mene's, A.. Barr. Beain. B '.t.B.,.
Brntiead. Nilii'n.I Croiil idlt. DO.jug iai.l-.tbiiih.
ion, Fla,,rrl). Firiiiih eii. lFit h log, -l. I la.iln rF,
rep'uoi. hlB,.., II,,h 1 H-i l t rlo iui.. J..h--r,r., .
e l'd i ihrnr,'l Ki z. Lc.idj. L uiik. ,il't'inlr ,
Mi Pi , lu rI i'ai-ii r.t'enriiria.ln P.Ih.]! I !.r-o
Lh Snl)der. Spr, r i i'J it,,rn % \% ilkin'on W arghl
nisrisari, Crulit, Spo aker- It
'linse is no, tieo bank little before lte House
l hotic aflerwards pea-ed Ihe Elecriorl [lalricl
-the Couaty Treasurer's bill, arid te bill hi-
trng Brokers. Mr Smyser, horn Ihe So
Coirirnittee, rcpirned a lilt fr sroltring ih-
lit wo neid, to m,,et at 8 o'tlock tomorrow fiornt',g.


'honrms J. Hemrphill, tiol he Ihe Asse-st-ot nI
e \Vard, in the C'ty of Philadelplita, fur the
thn Rutherlord, Senr., to be Ih- Aes'es-or
,'cuil \'arJ, in ihe City oh' Philadel|hia,
hie ensulirg year.
ara.l i'ouniZ, to bp the Aseasnir of Doli
ril, in the City of Philadelphia, I;r the en-
nS year.
le'rlilniin Wiloy, isheb the Aqsaesnr 0f Sct.uth
Ibs-try Waurd, in the City of Philadellihia,
the eiiaul3g yeiar.
[urry J. Fuigeray, to be the As- Psipcr of
ter Draware \\'.rdl, in the Clty of PhIl,-
hlia, lor the 6niiuiiig year.


We learn that the past', asaignment recently
made by the U., S Bauk. is hew on file in the fie-
corder's ohffic. 'I he rtrutlees named on lh- part o
the Phillidel.hia banks. asu at already rated In
,,ur a.lumnas, Nhtis. Januie. Du, Jas. Midrcai D
LewIT, i8mel W. Jonca, HoRiVrt t.; Pitfield end
lIrberl Io=l911 The property assigned is thus
B.n,rui. i.ouitgages, at Ptiflidelphin, 0168,924 35
Rlal e-tales du 1,24L.661 61
teal estalte, MNotile, l,23S.U6i 99
Property and eflects, Buffalo, 414 9 12 7 I
-lo;cks and loans. Philadelphia, 1.7iJ5,2d3 37
Properly in District of '-'olumbia, 441 7U7 i38
Property and elciia tn .'incnona.i., 1,099,279 91
Bills arid nutea,.,tfice nt New Btigh.
Ion, 372,72L 33
Bills, notes, and real estelale, rofice al
Pitisburg, 655.60,2 65
Bills andti notes, office Erie, 337 138 97

$ 7.7; V 25'J 33
The noles helJ by tIe various banks are
de.,.nated in amounitss tiu:
Bank of Pennaly'eania 11.31K'-45 31
PhiladelphA l,U69.454 bu
IFarmer- arti. Mechanics, 78:3 846 1I
Commercial 350 iiOj flu
N-jrih America, 42i.4S 6UU
Mechranica 5 1.855 61
Manufacturers & M1echanics 160.369 3,j
Keniington 21,35u 5U
Nuothemi Liberties, 214,4;7 21
Penn Township, lb0,857 9u

5,078,444 94
W'e learn that the other ariangemetnia with re-
gard to the circulation and del|ointIw la now ii, [F-r-
grees, and will be perfected as speedily as ,posiblh.

Ffi' r/te ln,'led 'fiaei t,.ostle.
We hate ihad on our trll'a -i.r sar ie diye, the
Twerntyl-uiiuh Annual Reprli o n the stale ,l the
A-ylum tI r the re-tefl of pernons detrriv. d rI ra-.,ni.
.'ii6isr]stitulion is situated near Frerikford, and sla
cardueted ly a bua d ofl man-rgei-. The Ati.n-
ding Phymicitn is LDr. .hari LiE,,an, o, thil cit,.
and IDr Pliny E.i,' las the Reaidenl Physicias. We
have been sao occupied ,f I-le, a- I.) have gluitn
too little art. irtnO to i.hi Il,'O R ioi, rcplte as we
firrd It will Inlcrsing smtatments touchilng the
ei irt it duiUe-,e 4f oi kind. undl their cute .r me'-
liiotunr. One hundred ran.I ten p1lienits have .een
dnniiril douingitbe year. Of these. siuay-two were
asri, I e, iiy iI v is ere manired, t' ri widowers,
.,nil five witd.iwe. Of ihooie %%ho died, it is said,
ihat ithll deaih yias early ailr.r admnssion, and
wa-, ptrt.albly. produced by cauEs thljat brougult on
ttiL, ,,srnlty.
l i.i,lnt--, cjn-tant ttllenlion, tr lth., plea-ant em-
pli% ri enI, arid frqlilenlit, aPetlt I, co'n-
-,iuie ,n p.L ol Ithe course, and the inclst happy re-
*ulli hale followed their applith'ion. The willing.-
ine i:f ihe Milesn and wonril ito attririJ to uaelulI
Iburj,, le highly tredliaLle t.i Ihe sy&stlern pursued.
Somie ialientl hlive turrtcd ih(Ir' atil-IliOn t o lien-
tifie usoljecis, nd have made go-lJd progresea. A
courie Oh chlemilul 01Clot.s a1W delhimred last win-
er, and ih3 | ahUJrla 61Lt them moUt wllt marked at-
ijrn and prrufit
We hall leer o10 this intltilOin, and its ieanea
if ti efuriees. again. Meantime, ae copy ith, f.ii-
ontirng patagriph:
h'lie iouIcia for tlie amuniement and rational
ntcIErlarinneilt of three nmralei i the rV im ate
xterii. e, ariid wL- believe, nre UA ,licielliy brought
irno reqi-ilrl.ion. A number ilrihe women pa-i ithe
forenoon, and a number ol ren rithe aflitrnoor of
uach tiar, at the I.ibiary. Besides the collec-
u.n ol b,.ok- and picintres ou ht-llh, nitnerald and
tier ap clioinns in natural hictlory, he.etitfu re pla.
rd n this pleasant relteat, a number of orFangu
nd lemon tiee,. ui bloom and hearing, and i v.-
ie1t oi'eren toue i wehiars h,ae t-nleried lthe
iuhee -tilt lure agreea hle during Ili the iler now
rawming ta a clse. Ttihe ctIcuJlnr tail road tihl con-
intouei i afford amusement nad wholesaomr eier-
lee. The carriage devoted t i Iha ue of nhe Pai-
ients ges out wheuevei the i-alNier will permit:
i winter twice, and itn the oiher sebana three
ine, ei cery day in the week. iaxep'.irig the lirsi,
carrying Ijur at each time. ilkiiirg lfur pleasure
nd exercise c.)ntirnuid u be proJu,.iiv. of tetileft.

Stae number of volumes rn ihe Library is about
are hundred.

We hare seen the Rrcbhinor iJ hi, (FeJ ) da-
ed lo-diy,, ahich claims a Whiig (Federal) mna-
nily o' two in tieach L-rannch ol ihe Legl-tILure.--
I% e hnae no return lihat woull'. auith-.rze us I."
ainsay it. Indeed we btlieve nit tL be so.
In ihe Irnngiesioinal D .311tclt repre _i-nted by
rc lion. A. Ierrine (Dein.i) in he 5ih airid 26th
.'ngrese-., the Duinocriuhc pari), lomi some
iluse unkrnowrnl to us, dirt ril btita ouI a con'l-
lte lor Conrgies.s atl the late eledli)nn, and o fiar
s we hlste e ,en relubrin f.r the I.eF-aitlatuie from
mat diAirci, sid we heta se rn etIun-.we behliove
om all the icnl-ties except Loizuin-ihe derrircrai,
lie not elided a single rr,.mtrr to thl Legil1i
lie in it. Wr.' h.%e better lu'k iihen we have
an,lid ties,ot *t least so noe rhtice I.r it.--GLilobe.

mite Girard lu'e ansniirane. 'iuityu and Trust
,ompianv of Philadlphia report tbt 13 persons
ate been inisurtd at their orlice, |C'9 Cneanut
ireetl, eirc la-o reliorl, viz:
6 Mell tiarit i
3 C('ika.
I Fhlacian.
I Farmer,
J Olfoth. r puiaurte.

01 these there are insured for 45wiJu armnd over 4
i' it astlid under, 3
i i li iuo 0 C

DiSAPPnOBArioN M Ie'Trim..-Tlhe following
call afpprara in thul Iqutrer for a meeting tuo
expreasi ite rdisappruob.itl.n of the whig party
in relation to i.i late e'trairdinaly appotint-
ments in the Cist-,um House:
A meeting rl the Dem,'crai. V Witi I'iizene of
Sjuthwaik amnil Myimen-iiig, will be held at the
Coimmniieoner' l1.ll on Vie.lie sday Lveiiiiug,
May bib, at ?7 u'cl ck, io expresa iheir d.appro.
uitin atl l the apphuiitneit moide in the ilustom
House, by J-unmildn R,.,berts ai.d isd CommMiLee-
Jo.i h Ii ,indallI l-il J. Hall already.
W'tug Umihieni-il you vluoa your righise-if
you wiLsh to see ih ,riinLri.le, which you have
-o long cuoLendad, ior ener predominant, laul not
to aLIlend.
Filendi oa Hatriaon and Tyler, to your polists
tCFLet anemlei are wiLhinl the i Ialel d

Janme. GrCgjy
i'.. '. Clawges,
Pelei Bilerman,
J. Whitn, r,
s>amuel P. Ruberts,
I'nt-u "ositr-, Se,,.
(George P. Lauor,
Ileitjartnin Jhahrso,
\len Napier,
John Hlle,
lienty Dick.,
loseph Faviah,
-amnuel %". h\ illiauis,
Jamed Dick,
Chatlies Katin,

John Barclay,
ilenry Geyer,
IUjhias Dick,
henry -impson,
LWin. Dubus1,
Johi. A. "'eadlan,
W m. B. Zare,
John Liml,
CI. mrn-ni L. Hughes,
John, I. Friell-eirt,
jlmc Kntr,
Jani. L'Campbeill,
A ). haortls
%I illr i l Iick,
Peicivall .1ockdale.

.Agreeably To thle act ol inr.crpor.tint Ilia Pro-
prneior ol loas uI tHie Pauila.Jelphia Cemetery, met
at their H.ll. on monday, May 3. lIll1, I- t6h',
uurpria. ohl reciling ihe Olieputt of ihe iMauagers
,rr ihe past vedi, al sl1 o ele,.t le Managers to
.eltv for Lhe year.
On moIion Ofl lciiard l,,n.ldmon, Benjamin
tlilmiuu we aps.ou.ictd Chain m.n, ,L,,d \\'ilhim I .
I ore ,rt ciKeary.
'The Annual d.eport uf thef Miangers was read,
aicd udopti d.
On mtoii.n, Retrlt od, Thiat this meeting do
tow proceed to the c irctfun ul ieiv Managera, Lto
-erve TI)r the ellutllg year.
%I% lliain 'i\ eal and Andrew Flick, were appoint-
id iellei', who r p-icd that time lullowving por.ona
Aare duly ilu,.ui Millanagpra
J. B. Baiter, J.lhu SiroiherM,
James Peals, hliter Bro.ksa,
Roberl Built,
The followtig r .-.ldholn wva then adopted :-
Ih -solved, uatai isni meeting cidIaliy approve
of the vote o IliSUki s l Iohb. Bjird of Miinagert
to Mr. Rich d RjuanI sin, i..r the very liberal dlo-
nation ol ai lotala tl. l6 coittporlt, tla proceeds or
income o wvhinl i, to be devoted solely to ti;e
ue ul Ihe company *
(In ml.mon, Koe,.,ived. 'ThatL the pioeeadings ol
'hi m-etL, mg be putulirlic I.
Oi mi-onI a-tduiired.
Li Jr.Aim iSMIFFLiN, Chairman,
V'i|]iaT U. ML.jie, ?cCrilary.
May 3., 1841.
*NO1'E -Eitirat from the minutes of the
Biard ol Maniagtra, dated .Aprll 6, lIll:
Richard Rrinalduri, Eq bruihtI of the late
PresJenL. wTas pers)nsally present at the
meeting this ecuiiiig, ar-i nioil generously and
WitlhuUti soliilii.on, ma.Je a 1Ion ion tI the Com-
pany 01 3:5 hIi i,, the Cerntei.i, latete ihe utopily
)fhi br.ithler, J.-tns Ri,-uil ltn, the pioceaod, o;
iIctime aiiairnc I'toin wnich lis to hnl deavoled solely
lu tlie USe Wi hlie _'oimpan).
Mr. Rumnald+,in alatud to itll-' Bjoard. that in ma-
Rtln. Lhis d-inanli-rt ,, mid but fulfilled v-hat ho be-
isevd sai nl biiher's Iltleniman had he acted in
he premieso.
Whereupon. it wni rsolvdd, Thai the Se3retary
d-lress a letter to thu d.)uir exl,,eilve of the
haitik of the Board -tn itis uiloolted-ior generoa-

FANVt ELOsLIR -Tie nditur ol' the Ntw Or
cana Picayune hasre. .:eiveJ about ten th.musand
pities addressed to Fanny Elseer. The lollouing
a a fair sanpla uf lhel balrh -
Blie mtrie
F.nnv, I iell you I am lninrig. raging,
Arid it auu'ra eot engaged yo.'te so e n0ugrist
That I mu>t hae you-n.l tWlo ways about It-
You've got to marry inc-you needn't flOUt it-
So lit's hear what you've glt lu ay,
And just appoint a day .
My name is Peier WViggins.
And I bie in these hera digging.
Be mine,
-Divirne "

since in ihe neighborhood ofOxlo.rJ. Cheter tour- Tea B.HPTItar TrerNsi.L IC'ONVEaTION.i com-
ly. He a an ergaged in trading nBh, and was pur. pricing delegates Irom all parts ol the Ihuuied Statts,
suing the object of hi jtourrtiev with a load, when commenced is Teruth 'nerintal Ses-ion, ihis
il is 9upl..Ft, he hell lut ,f h I, wagon, and h ev morning. in ihe Firt Raptit Church. Ii is prob-
ing bitt one leg he was unable to (eX- iciee hiraseif, ably ite largest a ,nembly ef mintiteu i-eer held in
sid the ivheel passed imrin,adiately ier his neck. thin city. The meeting wa, called to order by the
He was found neLxt training quite dead, hits horse President. IRev S. H 1Cone, of New York city.
sanding near him, having remained theie all Digbht. The first buittea being to elect a President, Sec-
-[Elklon Gazette. relarv. arid Arsitaa,-t Secretary. Mi. Cone eapreis
---- ed a desire to retire, hatring occupied the chair for
"Is there any chance fr me to get an office!" nine years a Piertdent. W. B Johnson, D. D.,
asked a Deniocrat going tin. of a Wling coming. of S,ulh Utar,,hina. wao elected President, Rluafus
uL ff IOhe custom-bhouse with a large flca in his iubeach, cf Phltiladelphin.t re elected Secretary, and
ear. J. B. Taylor, of Richmond, Asiiitant Secretary.
"Dor.'t think thare Is at present," replied Rob- The object ,f thie onae.,iorm Is for Missionary
rrt, "but suppose Ithere will be four yeati hence, as purpiases, &c 'lT'be R.,v. Richard Fuller. of South
bings appear now." -[Uosion Poet. Carolina, t ill preach the Tri-nnial Sermon, this
evening, in the above Church, at 7J o'clock. The
"1 love nto/quar." a the loper said who was in Church ia free, and open to all during all tha meet-
he habit ofl thrashing hia wife. ings.-Ballt. Pauriat.
%h hat lord did Adam adJres i to Eve when she
ruilbed the plipinl Anawe,-In-sirn u ole.
--- Presper MI. Wetmuore, Paymasler General,
NAVAL.-The ship if the lint-e hio, Com. Hull, and Campbell P. White, QuartermastLer Gene-
rid.thb figate Brandywine, were at Mahon in the Milia f the Stae of New York,
'atily part owMarch, "ll. The hii. t de- ral, of he Mliia of theStatof New ork
aecteid, "oun* sail for ti tbd State i Jue or were removed by the Governor nd enate on
July.- [Bdst.-Tranecript. Saturday.

The steamship Colu4tabia, Captain Judkins, wALNUtir STREET TeKATRE.
says the Boston Transcript, 'paddled off' on Two new pieces will be presented at thia house
eturday alternoon, at 4 o'clock, for Hlfllax to-night.. One of them ts a nautical sketch in
and Livetpool. She hlif 51 passengers lor which a graphic iepresenLatton of the aIusPch of
Liverpool, aid II fbt Halifax. All-the other the new Beam frigate Miisimippi at lt1,Nay"
berths -in the ship are gagled, and reserved'lard to-day, will be iatrodtlued. There wiig be
berthpasn the hi r. eagedrnd rea r.r isoao variety-off ingingr aid dancing. the whrIs
for passengers w6, pill embark at HahIax. to conclude iitlh i he musical operetta of Kate
Uer malibags coetatibi" out six thousand let- Keartiy, being (albeanefil of that ttlentid ir.
era, lud Aive large bags fuill of newspapers, tlte, Mr*. FJ I '"-

Letter stBags,
.Jit the Phiadctlph, E.xt l a'iee.
Ship Alleghany, Michaels, LiuerpouI May 8
Ship St.'inen B.ilildi,. Glidden, Liverpool soon
Brig trr.ui, .lNeitard, Laguayra, soon
ling MoPy. Spear.
Kritsiun. Ja. and St JAgo de Cuba. sion
Brig Albano, Buxton, Noew Orleansa Soon
l.rAII Lettere intended to be .forardedG y hii II-
verpool Ptii ,a. -Ii ,ih.,r vasielsa ailerirsed in iI e
,wnveist, musq be leftat the lureignI [.eiler OIth.(
up slair. ii.-oflelplia lEsrharoe, and not dropped in
i]i i ilit P hir.l.,,

S. IP ___w. .


Schr James Barbour, Baker, 6 days from Provi
done, with mdze to Moore & Harper.
Ship Algonquin, Turley, Liverpool. H i A Cope.
Brig Langdon Liacvea, Powers, %alparaiso, Ci
Brig Cianges. Leach, Gibraltar, V A Sartori.
Brig Maria. Stetson, Went Indres. Tho Watlsoti
& -son.
Sclir Win Spear, Scull, WestIndies, Samn Church
m a n '
Schr Purveyor, Trewogy, St. Johns, NB. Waltenr
& Sduder
Scehr Peru, White, Fall River. Ji Hanl J Ruuling, Weatcoit, Fall River, Moore d
Iirper. I, "
N'l.J Pre,ident. Ha, d, Bitmore, Joe Hand.
Bng,- lhiis.ltlJptii.,JMrthil~iis. New York, RFLo
p r.
Barge Grampus, Smith, New York, C King & Co.
Ship John N (.; ..ler, Christopher, was at Rio do
Jant iJ. 18thN Mari h. boundto Vnlparaieo.
Ship i'jrd,,vj hence at Havana, 16th nit,
Brig Cucberl.nd, Smack, uiiccriain, wasat Riod<
laneirc, lath Mer, ih
Brig itobert Adams. was al Optirto, 32 days since
I.r i'hildel.plia is rn 10 days-by mie Fly, at N w
Brig Pacific, Latour, was at Ponce. PR. 21 tdayi
since, for Pi'ltrI iIleiplia in 2 dasi.
Brig 0 C Raymond, Pool, waa up at N Orleans,
14 hl nit for Philadelphia.
Schr L.exingtliii,. cleared al Washitugirn, N
C. 23d nilt. i.,jr hr.ladelt.liia
Schr l!lir,'is. Deri, kaori. sailed toirn Hartford on
Friday, foi Philielelia
Sehi' Molaika. Colley. cleared at N Orlean 23d
uil for l'rila-lelphi %a 'iTh '2iuJ ihd, mrdlam's.
Schrs P.I10o (it,. Pai '-tr, aild 'arm Buren. l.'e-
nril, witre up at Iel Orlejn.4rn till t" r-ih.lhdel
Schr Ninetta, Baymore, at New York. unr Motddy,
ir, 6.ja6s ir. fm Darien.
Schr Notlolk Parkel, S,.-'t, cleared at Baltimore,
,)n Saiurdsy, lor Pritl-.`, ipnia
Schr Harriet Fjrter, Cruse, hence at Port au
Prie. 16i, ilt
Baro' CI uga, cleared at Noew York. on Saturday,
** 'Pt, lsdeli~hn -
Barges S ui, liro...k. anl Schulkilkil. hence at New
Vork. o.l Melenday
"-trTperin. e Meting -Dr. Bergeii. Dr N11hellan.
a. d .lurni W *\l,iiiiead., C, are eape, i'd in deliver
I einprrce \'ldir iese, 1liii ever nig, at the Third
I'rem"h)ler6ari Cioirrh ur,,er ol Fourth and Pine asis
I[h"v e11i diuiscui the tAubject. projfedisionally 1 I
re invitled io atetnd. it
.tgrah,,atl ier,- -A stated -meeiine or the
l'hil]dJ lhlq S ,cietliy or Pronoimring A ri.uliure.will
ue reid ind ItiT Phoueeophucal Hall.5th beloi t'heseut
al. this m morning. 5th itia ., nl I o'clock . .
my 5-It P. R. FREAS, Asa't See'y.

THE 1' eii.eiarnre dteneficial Association, Tyne
Bran.-l iNu 10I. %ill hold an Anniversary
Mee@ino. at the fusiral Fund P-al, Locutst reet,
'n THlURSD[ V E\ %\ING.6th inst.
ReI s lEPII.EN II TV', vill delhveran
AdJdree., arid an rtfi.-ir-ii Choir, under Ihe direcu',n
of Mir L P Lin.,'uiii, vtill perform several popular
Temperance Odes.
The doors will open at 7 o'clock, and services
eommenee at a quarter hef.lre Bo'c'ork.
Tickets l2j cenlt,. to be at Thomp-on B ask'-,
'riieor oli Br.jaJ aeI Ch.lie nu Trotl [je,e;iairv, I.<
N.,r\h Seventh street; Mvlhod.iit Borkrliore. 3t8 N
F ourlnh sireel. An'lre Den,.iori's, cit'ier Tetih &
Ra.:; r nmperiai.'e HI ll. Ni:ri third rleel. J & W
Kre'',., Tt,.lt-t'rih near Arch. J..,hn B Sirvker's.
31 Criesrrl nireeri, and at the door on ihee enirig ol
htie rateiing.ra ml ,-2I
OUSES and Lots,. Iiiding b)ia. Whare'., &c,
situate near the Bat,n il tie Tide WVarer Ca-
ral. the Depui urithe Ihil.delphia and Balimniure
RIl Hu.,.l .iid irte Chuatpeake Hir, fot sale ur to
lei' on ground Rent.
The iri,-,rjing pro,^erity and growth ofthia town
it LonQeqn.uce ul't isuommiercial advartiigaes, .ti.r
uipeiur itducmeiid to wieu ul bturirea d Lnd ta1.i-
A plan of ite o"n, oil the l_'anal Bain, and lihe
*mprnriventerdi Sgeierilly, may be ex mined at
my odie. V B. PALLMNEI.
ReEal Etlale office Nfn 10( S I'nird at.
my 5-b It
THE Se iuns. y i\ Jamues ThomeeJri; miniature ed,-
iun E t Ihtihe.1 wir'n ,,i entravirig. eii va-
ruua at lei ol bitidirig. For sole bN
14S Cheoriti si. oppose Ihe Arcade.
ms' 5-.,l:tl
fk BOXES Si,.l' Prunes lanImrng and for sale
my 5-dft 29 eulhb wharves.
lfl CASFS Bengal Indigo. ol the quality beast
L0 suited Io m.inufatL turers purposee, in lots to
tuit purtbhaner,. For sale by
my 5-dlt Nto. 31 Suuih Wh.rves.
JUST Rereived a supply ol a new work eLntitled
N wrhall's SketchliEs o lowa, wilh map i giving
a descripniun ol the country generally. lands and in.
ernal inmpruvemenlt,&e. For sale hri
189 Chesnit stireel, ...ppoeile Ihe Siate-Huuae
may b- 3t

400 Baikets Lucca Sweet Otl. (far superior no
tLhe French Oil.) in baskets oni one dozen
bollttles, jut received from Leghrorn, and lor iale by
may 5-d2w No b9 Souih Fourth street
.1 0 OTICE .
S (C ommercial Halnk of Pen'a.n
May 41h. 1841.
T lHE durecrora have this day declared a dividend
ni THRl:-E percent .'fur the last six months,
testiu lie 01 the state ta.J )whch will be paid to the
s]uIkh lulers or their legal representative on or al-
ter tAie libth inat. BiNJ. P. SMITH,
my 5-dilt5my Ca- hir.'

'R OBERT K. SCOTT, Atuotni am Law, has re-
I moved b office to No. 61 soalt Sixth street.
my -dil.l

.. -^
y! w teh-.New York nltermId of Teadaf, SAtNS ...'TO ak "
r Arivali or McLeod frenj Lockport. M.4.
Alexander MIlcod aimived it the steamboat eIORTED an T RkARD 0 BROEiES.
A Swallow. trolls Alitany, Lthisml M~ ,i~eca ~ Peg v ri lV 1 l~ll
Id Swallow. Ironi' Albany. tht i,, it-he c ll- 100oo Draft on New Yorh i sight. LS1 100
i,)dyoi T. Stoneh4.ibilffu l'Niagara County. Mr. s ltBUD Wilrnminton RR. Six-s. 1841., cash 93t ]0
J L. VWuU. I, Dliiliicl Aitorney for Lhbe County of I share North American Bank 316J 4.D
I Niagaa, aiLl:ps1iii1d Ithe i.ilry, andL tbihey are all rhill ah Giraid bk 21 b0
at il .vidu's HOLI. WillIa Hall, the Attrney "J d dn 60 duye S 28
General, and Medisrs. ience-r ind BeiaJley. Me 2. shares \ ickshurg bk. 5 IU\
SLeud's CounaLsel, are alo i1 lutwn. MNcLe,ud conea Afr Fir Board.
I lere by hebas- corpus. hlit Counsel are to apply U a, Ba 100
to ihe iupreme Court to-morrow lui his discharge, 50' s U LS Bat k, 161 100
I on thlie giund that, a3 the desirucLi.n of the Caro- 2.,d BOAiRD.
Sline was ordered by the Briltich and ha 3J00 Stntea 5 53 81
3 beei avowed hy the tLiuvernmenl, he lA not liable
I topurnivbment o trial by the Judiciary of the 1.P8I.E AT NEW Y4IRK-May I.
Slale. The tiooion wfill be huaid next week, and 485 hs LiU S Bank- 163 !II
SIhe argumnLSd well cover the whole of the couLtru. 31' do De] anrt Hudsoni canal 9J3 9
very. h0 i Vickahbur. bk. h
I t theCourt iShall derny the application for the 6u d) MN-ha-, i Rl 65
"71) ,t V tarleohn RR 53 511:
Sdischarge of McLeod, btid counsel will apply for a 50 ,io HarlemrHi R,3 91
change ol the venue. This mill nodoubt be grant-_____________
3 ed, and he will g to tIrial atd such ti e asid place 'l -
I an his cunrcel hall de-rrn adviael.le. An early day To A Cljfiv.
i waished I,.r by the prisoner, aud is detraluie on On the 2d rn.l.. by ll.e Rev. .I...3,.. lsAAc Tue
every account. 'PIN, 1 SaSuKt I IaLLMAN. b.,bi. of lil i
I Mcl.eud is otenesilv in the custody oLte She he- Un Se ond day eve ,ny, the 31 iItl by Jhn
till. but n.,ji re.iainrt i.Iimp6.ed1 utunt hid motiits, 'Ilt, Nttri. tiih F,' ceremony,. Li'DLE
Saud if hu bad any di.poeitiorn to e.ade a ttial arid MAl-eR.v I NL Nt. oel Oltin1 0' 1 SRoH.a d.ughrtr
of 'atituel I lenrerritCecil cr)unintv. Miryisnr
Sgo back to Ca.>ida, it would seem that every faci. .
lily is to be inered him. He ia a stout, and Father
bpuwrrful man, and has bien wandering about the Dil U
clny Io-day, loking al the lions, with nobody to On Tu"i.Jay morning, 4,h imat after a pruliaI led
pievent hi, cscape but the herult" o r Niagara illlne- a whi.h he rle.i Arih a cheetlul aLbmia.
Ic-uniy, a mn much interior in pu.liit of physical to Ltt Li virnage .Vl, F- R ClaV' Bt le
a r, ngth. 'ery I, kely there maybe somedesign Hi frinIan,'nd. throeofthoefamilya.rerspectful.
irrlll Lhin. MNieLeud, it le undJeelood, has no de. ], invited to alltnd his Funeral, in,w his late res-
sire to get out of the way. He interid4 To brave it dence, No 321 Siulh Setond street. on Thursday,
out, unleai h ii dsctlmarge-d by authority o( law. alitrhtjon, tin 'ist, lat 3 'cliilk. withoutl lurher nlu
But he may be made a lugittve without his owl, hre -
coiBent. Un Ti .li, tln 411, imat.. allfter a prulractea ilrineid
d is a l s 4 y Dr.t;koaTiRE hh'it [hLa., in tilh 4th year ol his age
McLeod is apparently some 45 years old. about H,. male Irent, ure particularly invited to diLend
l e ismiddle highrt. comtpactly built-broad, lull his fiurneral frnrn luia lae resiJeitie iNo 141 INai-Ih
lace, sid y hlir and ahitkeia. a small scar ot his Inirlh rucet. ,ii, Siilirdiv alterhioc.n. the ih itiar al
noae, with a determined and somnewhaL sullen ex- 2 o (nlock, vlthriuI lnurlier nolie, to proceed to Laural
preaion ol c-juntanance. He is very well dressed. Hill Cemetery.
Otn Narurdey 1.61. at his lather's residence near
of ies'ectabl, appearance. and might easily be to. u HAer urd. fll. JuiN T. SAUL, l pelimenary on.
ken ior a sub,tartti uhes (.i. un bt Hrnier Mr. Jin T.AUL, pulmonary con-
ken For a uba ,l uch .jColunty farmer. utr|iion. in the 26it, year of his age.
On the auibriny ol priuale adirei Ionm i 'ash- Ot Saturday afternoon. tire li insat. CHtRLES A.
i ,glun, tho N. 1. .Cartinmcilil AdverLiser thus DeRoZ, in the 55h yea o,' il age. a r nr ive il tSiLz
speaks erian.l-a reidi-hL .L' Phli.adeltlhii For 36 )(ars.
If .ve ar, ighilv inf..imedl it ha been agreed be- Ith, irneiih an thr',o.e if tTia emil%. are respective-
the tMr.ired lyIVnw i e,1 ai-n, lir i'nnmrnril mlom ria lale teitlern, e
tinet iMr. Fru ,lni tiie Luverninmnt othe ned No.118 Walnut, near Fitl', lsreet, uIl minling ilt
lmaiea, t1r nou f.rih-r up[.position -lall tIbe made by inst. ) at 9 o'clock, witlhoul furirer tnO1tee
tin. lorm,.r io tIhe irial1 NIchlerd. 'lht tri al is I On tIhe mrirning iof Ih, hId inl .RAiI MIAGSiErT,
g.j on. uWder Lh-jurindicilon ni New York, without wile otl Sintl,,I T. JoreLe. and dlughler ul Phi p
iriteuferelice either by the Brilish Mmin.i-r or the Tnomat. E laq 0 New IV.irk
National vGueinmert. II aqOiltd, as is moiat S, A, ounliy sounit tie Rev. W.tiV .ea, Iged EING
pr.bahle, lMcLet d will be di.-cirged, ti, ,u,se,. years and 6 innirha
and the matter thus be diJs.o.eJ of. If convicid, Onr the ,J inlst., eoas ,ANN BROiN. daughter of
the Nahornil iGLiVernnent will ten lake tIhe neces. Ji6hn A.. BrAi.iit, i tIhen Ilh year ol her ogC-.
sdiy st pA t., altLrd hinm that r-asure of jutice __
and lrurectiirn which all the circumstances ol the isiiutlii-ilthla kleoirell of 1 illije.
casa may rquile. .Uhirilhty n -',fefnioH/r [fr .jpril.
Asd I the b.undJirv. we leAtn that a convention W tM IVARILF.Y JR. ABUI J LEWIS, RICH
bias been signedl On the bptl otl LUreat Bitlain and ARD D hWOOD
the Unttd Si nes. vhrich pi,,t-ide tloit he appoirnt. -,
melit ultt ix coimismAioner, three 'or each parly ti IloiNI Ollice.
thie dispute. ARRIVAL Alen D]rARTURE OF t MAIL.
Thtse Sn, if they can agree, are to give a final AtRRIVES. ILOos8
decision on the ,lui'iion. II they cannot agrie, Eisiern at 2A _I Eastern at 4 pui
they are to apprint three others. and a decision by I`.\'.rk 4 &12r a N York "5 a4& ateM
Lhe maj.riliy ol the nine is to be conclusive. southern 5 & I a i Southern l I10Pa P
WVeaterni "5 Aimt&biaPM IWestern 5 a A dli PtA

For 1 copy of the Extra Glube t1
S icopius duo 5
12 do d-) 10
25 do do o0
And so on in proporlaon for a greater number
For 1 epy nf the Coringresstinal Globe, or .
A ppi-dix1 50 cents.
6 copuicsof either 62 150
12 do do 5 00
25 tin do lu 00
And so on in prpOtion for a greatLr number.
Pvnnenis mu) h.- tiranrinmled by mill. ,oMoage'
puid, at our riuk By the regulaatiuiat ol the Po-t Of-
lics DepanILmmnt. pstramiiaiet, art, athorized to Irank
letters containing morley fJr aubsl riplonS to [
rhe n'les of any bank, cnrrent l ihenale.'s-iOn Of
country where a sunecrrber resrdas, will be received
by ui al par
r-No alietlldi.n will be paid io any order unless
the ntoney accumpaulies it BAIR& Rli
Wahnr.ntlon city. April 20. 1811
Heal Eiviale-
Beautiful SmIe fur a rouniry reenidene, astualte on the
east side ml the York I'urrnpihe Rojad. abju t 3[
mileo Iunm the ily. and a lstort diltance above
hb" Reina Sui Village. I
On hLiud., eeuing. Miy 12Ih, 1841, at 8 o'-
cl .ik atl Ithe Philadelphii Eichine cnrnirr mIf 3d
aril \lalnutl streets, will be Bold-all thuae tlo
c -niigunus Isrgre Io a or piees o ll gro-und, be.ulI-
iilly iluitedl i on ihe east aide "f the iurk Turn-
pike Hiad. a aionr dilance lr.)m above thie Rising
nSun Village, described as lulluis, miz.
No. 1.
gONTAINS In tront on Lthe sail Turnpike R.lad
-/40 feet, and exiend, inr, depth that win1.e, t011 he1
north line 460 feet, atid To the south l line 47u eL.
No. 2.
Adioin;ngi tlie above, contains i n front or breadlth,
on ba d road, 40 test, and eaiends that width in
oeplh. or, thle nirLh line 170 feet, arid on ihe couth
line IMu feel.
Fiee and clear ol all incunibrancea
Terms at S-ile. SAbL. ARBUCKLE.
ny 5 8 lu 12 Auctiorneer.
ThtI rLove lute will be asild together, making a
iruni 80 leest or ahoani 4700 feet In depth, t the Phil-
airlphia &t Keading Hail Koad. which patsses the
prupe ly Titu for a corlntry residence, would be a
Ieaolourl sutiultion, hPing but ubout 31 miles Iromr
il rily, g.,ud ruads at all times convenient to stores.
achols, arid plates of woiahip, which are located at
Ihe VIllige Personra in ined to purchase, m-I w'sh
to vie lihe prenimes, -,ill Know it b. ;eeihigld print.
ed tund nil posioed there-ri,
Otli;'iAj "'*il"RV'S-CLL.
Batle Huue. DuielieUring. oc., thie E-tale lale of renite
F B,,mrr. dee'd. iiua.ste in Ithe east side ol Schyl-
till Third street, nurth ol Cedar street, and at the
corner uli Mc Dutdi, atres.
0.1 hWene.doy-, iris l2lUi uf May. 1841, a' 8 o'clock
in the eernirg., al the Pthiladelphia Ex change ,
cornerol Third and WValnuit streets. will oe sold
pirr.uant ito an order firn Ilhe Orohan Court for
Ire civ arid county ol Philailel,Iia,
H A i thatiieat and well bulmtl three scored
Atb-Ik dt elling hoimuse, and tw) atiored brick
biku t, nouse. and large i0t or piece of ground there-
UiMu bel,.iiging. uuie between SchuyitlUll Thrtd
and Fluulih asu.. on Ihe eait sideo of S.nuylkill Third
Street, in tIhe Cily ol Philadelphia, beginning al tIhe
iiiLtain e l 120 teat nronrhwatid ram lhe north aide of
C-dar street, aid hence exienidmg tiorlnviard, aud
i'oniairuiig in fint 30h leeLtlo MeDuifee street. anlI in ealwardlI, 7u leel, along Ilhe south side of
MeDutlae sireil.
Subjct to a yearly ground rent charge of 75 dol-
hLrI payable halt yearly
Free and clear I a tll .thar incuinbrancas. Tfrma
atsale. IA rHAIINE BAYER, AdminlstratrIx.
H LFURISrV, Clerk of ihei O.C.
Sale pi attine
SAMNIL ARBU(KI.E. Auctioneer,
N t'V corner ol 2d anl TdMinny sireela
lhe above i. a muts capialli elan-, ior the bikioI"
buiinnea. The Sel.uylkill waier is introduced into
Ih-' yard. my 5 8 10 l\
Utrtt AN CUURI' s-tLL.
1 h" hsaLte Isle o: Johu Wilson.deceased.
On h ednenlay, he ]'Mh o May, 1811, kat 8 o'clock
in the evening. aFiL the Philauelprua Exchange, cor-
ne of I'hird ainl hiWIntiit Bli., will be sald puru-
ant to en, order Irim Ithe Urpniau' Court, for the
city and country ol Pht.iadelpina,
No. 1.
Handsuime Resi.Jeinte-i-o 371 Race 'reet.
M All that aenain three storied brick dwvell- .
ing hojae, piaxZa. silthen, and lot oh ground
tLfe IIUntiu belohgtigii siltnele N. 371. on Itbe nurlh
side ot uNIsalraa Flr. in the city oul I'mladelphis, al
lihe dfiance ol 181 feer 4 inthes east of L.eventh
- ii, ir rilrlnng in IruriL or brescdtt on said d iasaral
l 16 freel inches. and elaending in length or
depih norihaird, 93 teil. to a IU leat wide court.
called Wiley'a court Free and clear ot all inmura-
tesnrable Pri'ale Dwelhulit iocua irt.d Lot .1
Grund.on the west side of B-oad street.
iha Ihird house aInorth l oCheariut t.
All that certain It or i-tore of ground. siluite
Sthre Atslt;de of Broad at. between the Public
iS lU re asid Lhesriu tl at thel distance El 5t2 et
norhitaid Ir-nm lhe noilli aide of the maud C(he- direelt. in the Ily-uf Philadelphia. contain-
ing it, rreadin c-n the said Broad It.. 18 reelt.
nt J in higlt or depth 100 feet The improvements
are a Buld three story brick dwellnitg houee. wilh
ba'l- buitfdmng. etenling ithe depth uof the l[t. The
ire (iuei now tent fur 2.%u dollars pei annum. .
Clerk, 0. C.
Auclioneer, North-we L corner uo 2nd and Taum-
any streets
N. B--The Courl order and dirder that sale of
lie above real estate be made. there being no exec.
i oi'e ur adrmniatl' auriv within Ite Commonweolh of
Ptihnsi Ivania.and It lba LIbert F. ( hCily. Ea. 0. C.
be autlliuried tu maike sale thereu, and execirtLe a
d lo the pun lhaser or purchasers ol ihe above de-
rilbed premises my 58 10 12

EFRIGER ATORS -A newly invented article.
psseehing many ad vantages-over those which
hava been .flared to the punliche-and at &
much lower price.
Pereone w6huteaire to purchase, will do wall to
c(ll and e umirue ofur thenelves. at the Asbesion
Fure Pionl o iarehtnue, opp-iLle tLte EIxrhange
my b-dif No ifDork Bi.

FOR sale by the aubscrbers.
Civil Code of Louisiana
Coie 'r Pracikes of Louisiana.
Slidell'a Digest of Loitiitial R'pla, 1840.
Lislet's Digest of Louisiana Laws, 2 vold.
Afarin's Louisiaa Leaws condensed, 4 vola.
Louaimana Repurts. by Thos.Curry, b15 vole.
Howard'8N Mi'I Heporrt. 3 vole.
HoV A< CO.'a Miaa'i Laws. I vol.
Law Bioksellere.
ap 16-d No Minor 61.

OFFICE for regulating Weights and Measures
No 136 north 8lh Streest shove Race.
..JOtiPH YgEAGEIR, aReguitr j
jaa13-4l ,,

it-i -
a pe ,~l&-

* 4-

* 'a

Ol'f these there are insured for 1 year, and over
S- wo 7 years "
whole life,

Total, 13
April 30th. 1841.

Mr. Srnuwden presented the public with a rare
numniher of his everearhein' r tamnrgZe hi,- month--
Beildri a a i ccolleitimn 0t original.. cniritutore,
(.mniong whom we see ihe names cff oie r-f tlie beal
writer, in -he ciunir,) arid the Lsual quadniLty of
music. ihei- is an engraving olf"T'hn Young Clief'1
Frusl [ile." tormng th fprnctipal rit.beliahinentis
if thie rniber, and of itef llorirlh nhe price of nhe
b-ok The irtnorenit el of the bo, well monun-
ed .n the hills e hagw pyo ie,,ind Inte -atrefll sol
rilude of the old artenJoani, atv) walks hbv thl
-ide f.l hs dealing, locgtiher with bthei canine at-
tendaiiis,. mike up a gruup wltich i aalIrjide genu-
ine pleasure oa Irjok at.
The num ber n ey i re ,beA mitiiel ,'I Mr. tlrrin R -
get. Seecoiid tneel.-LU. S Gazelie.
The OhiJo Slatesman us pubtie-ing tk--' report on
the -pipe layirng" Irauilds o '.', vh;ga in Hamiltorn
criuni.' .'".: -uumn, whele Dr Duuican was defcat-
d tri the C-ncitrnart iliti, t. The re-port aind e iv-
dnrce. ahich is 'ery volnaimnuia, i, aroe lrnm a
conie-dtai.ton, by ohn Ct. Right, il the seat .-f
Mr. Hulman., tre democratic Stialor trim Cincin-
iatii. i shai. lth t the Bela Badger arid G int-
worlth system of "pipe laying" was iexlnsily
pracinced-itiat Kentucky and lIrIdtan1. reapoihded
to the whig demand for help, bt iJrnirshing "pipe"
at a 8lnprilmLed price pe lioot-thlial i, for s6- much
a hbad per day lot very Iv irardilent voter. The
evidL rue or these flaudl us lbill, black and damningp,
Inard ought to te cnriCui.V with Conre-sa in favor
,f Duncani'e claim to a seat in thit bidg. Or, at
all events. nt ought in vaeale PPndlet.n'e seat, and
eiud th- matter dgain befoe the people, because
ihlere can he no criminal doubt but that lhe gros-
sent frauds waeie practiced by the whigs in favor of
Pendlutolon.-.A Era.

samjel McCi-ery, a reqpcciable cinzen of hibd
county, met with a ehockirng dcarh a liw nights

. J

P ~ ..
j;, -- ."+a,',6',
ji -j

r E Pfbllohe > ibhe Globe have reay g irt
r. to the country an esxpoaimioar la.jitdpies which
prompied the ajlempt by the Taderaf parry to proes.
irae their e labllhbrnei.t., by ithe- lawless abroation
of their contract as Primlntesi to Ihe Senate. They
shrvted that there wese already sEI Federal news-
papers-ti which a sevenihb is about to beadded-
iubtisied at Waahingion-all devweqd to the 4jielg-
itiitt n ol Federal princip a. antil lhe efed o air
.ederalIlPaurea, Aid io make this onvetm
batliery o 'V. dersl preAse at tie seat of Giver i lE
tell with the more tfleci tihriithout the Urii,.n. nth'
hararer Of ihGluobe weas to be tarnished. till ainea
impoverished, ad it 1,ultllical influence destroyed,
b a sweeping deminriatio o ifiiNmy on thlle part ol
the Federal leaders in tie Senate-by throwing Ihe
dead eiaenhtlorln elpeuditure of $40 u00 in prepara-
iun tu do the ('ongreaioiiil uirk.un tlie hands ul ints
pubblher. title printlers wltlontricLt nati viola-
led ) and byi having thibs whole work ioI delamation
and raW /l lomplithed by the ludgment ot the ie-
nale of the aitooln t give It the sancimin of the high-
eat Iribural kno &n to our Courntrv. The woik was
done by a tauciis.-packed majority of Fideraliss. and
Iihe editors ol' ihe Gihbe ara lelt lo BiJiLain h.eir es.
tahliAlinmeil by the paiunage they may receive from
pr;.ihicl Irriell1 lInr the papers they publish We
i\ill n-t ask or receive ihe a-ri of lumping coniriibu-.
lionire b whih the bahikis aitil Fedeal pOhlii lsitl pus-
iairn ihe'r rrers. We %%ill olandon the publication
il Ihe Ginie. ilit carinit tie supported by Ihe regular
qrb'brprti.,-n price ol ithe pper. If such ot our lle-
mocralic Irinert is wh',e 'p irre iTriaijcee fii lui jIiasiiy
a siubicripliuon it the daily Tr semi weekly paper,
will pairoiile Ihe iheuper publiaalions ,nbled by us
-tIhe Erra Glohe-the Cungstiiiia.ial G ubhe. and
the lppannixa--e shall be enabled in maintain, as
heretofore, our corps of Ctirig,'e.-itral Reptrters at
the CllMI nl $3.000 per annum, arid In draw ti lour aid
sorie of the ashiest pens in our country % We Irul,.
under these circumanisan and .1 a lime vhen thie
greatest interei' a If the ciuniry, and iLts lfulture dealI.
n., are puL at slakhe upon The event with whirh tli
ilst iV ar ol t'e present Adminiltairtion il pregnant,
that io n individual who has Ihe Causl oli Deimocracy
at heart, will hesila e tW meet this app-eal, titheri, at
lthie ame time lie will feel a saried l hat hits triillng
ilt fr his lwn advantage. will suslsin in triumph at
Wha.hinglon the long-iried an, lailhlul press cl his
rHa EXTRA GLOBE will be published weekly
for six moit., commencirit onr, Wodreaddiy. the i9ih
May. and ending on the I'Jth November nrcxt.
making Iwenmy-six number, ihe lao i ,l which will
contain en index Each number will conains ailseen
royal quarlto pages It .ill criirlatn principally po-
Ihiitai mattor. The polirlical aepecl and bearing L.f
the iiiesliirs bel fren ('origree. during ithe Apet ial sea- will be fully develi.e.i arid nwre-nTha proceed.
inrga are criiaidered ol "nfui4",nterGeS lo the puLlie,
thev wil be lier, bt leaugtl..
DIXX %ill be i, itlh Ih elira Bie.uiton of Crirgress.
10 ommeir ei on MJn-lay, the 31li ol May next. ind
will be irui.nnued dr;,g the Peswsat. The Con-
liesaivial Globe will give an impartial anialorI oftlhe
pr-_c-edinga of ItoLh Hotueaui C 'nigres; and tLhe Ap-
pendic will criiitain a I the apper ties non both idela of
imporarin suhjecils, at lull lrngirh, as w- ILen r,u. or
revised, by the members lhecnelves They will be
printed as laii as the bitinas of the twoi Hjues lur-
nishce slsiter f.jr a rnumlber ii is certain thult we
will publih more number uf each than there will be
wenks in the ielniun. They will be issued in the form as the Extia GL-jube, aFind a cLpibu index
i, each No hing but the pr.iceedrnga and speeches
ol fCoigrr' atill bne admitted into the uongreesi ,nal
Gluie or Appendix
These woiks being prirlied in a suiltable lorm fur
hinrding. wlih cupiuu. indexes, will 1 .iri a valuablle.
indeed, a n. ces.arr, apipendlage tI the library of the
lt,.tesrrian and [.llltician, giving as they d-. at nn
extremely moderate price, a c..mpieta eptorne of rnhe
golrical ald legis'alie hiislory ol Ihe period
Suscriplions lor Ihe Extria Globe should be here
by ihe i6ih May, and fur ihe Congressional Globe and
Appendix by the 6th June neatil, t insaure all the









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