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The Pennsylvanian
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Mifflin & Parry ( Philadelphia Pa )
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[By MIFFLIN & PAnsy, No. 99 South Second St., abobe Wdaig, Padelphia'.

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__ __ _ L___ -.1 -i -^ - - -* *- - -- __- - -- '-. ---- ___ ___.__ __. __- . _- __ -_. ._- - _ j r l ij L J l.~ aU J~~'.il j'!.' ." -1" J'1 "L LiiJ t ~ ~~iU--_1M L __ __ -* _____ _ _. -- . ffi_-n _-_ 01 .. ..
1, -- I WINTER ARRANGEMENT. en' Ail bL tOii ,Fire Proof TO THE COMMUNITY AT i & 10 the Court of Common Fiels .r the County Of TO A16L CRKDtTORS,1LWGATZ8 AN !IPo I -TO ,1 -OMMUNT T I e
lr INI&reV.atleaU1il.Mae aetfWSH tot Inform the inflicted, through it* MSGWh P~lilfiddhie. &P4011 KETD
JB~ l.0, aiB lll. ^^.Ml'e b.ee8( ty r ls. I' V''^ ^ ^ ^lt~i Arrmt'O HE.EBTATE OFueTD I flat iS 53 ^ ari.
a~lCSS~t ,_.,,,,,,.. Mail Lifir, waiiiuouli, No. 83 DOCK z[RET. of the" Public Preys, or The wanderfal 616PIC 611 III THn A.HT H_8~lSU-HHB EN ha th olwIVE cursittlwog ffT7'3;"J
FOR ~~ NE I YvK 1`6rere;1,1% ir imh otetir rDr. # V./R- IIARLICH'S COM POU ND ISTRm 'rEN- N b an aoeadeh mell'4fhiau srdcnis b%9Cfe
I A T E.I E A O'8Y, R A.ROA M. "7te THo e SOUTyHinaly Greate.r1,2f L" .o o, ra,entmerchants'e.s ntrust. '""rl AND A NT GEReA FIttArtteal ibr and Cl Ev- J .1 0 p tieoeaspd, and Ga insis an GaiSW el
, ~ pF i AI 3 Rl E .. ,-H R EE D O L L A R b e a i l wi' I 'i .- r e l r t r l .4 o h r e l r P f w ar e s .' w h ic h w il l b e s o l d l o w a nd O ~ e v' o nu e Si t dm y o fz y M a c h oro e it oun e i g h t r e l i e f~i~ d I no i n s O f fi c o fr e t heo H ego 'e fea r s "h e P d oouf rdr e
. l"lr.rJ ,,bi -119 ,u he ar C..,lu dlg It-ring viz: . .. ..rmtes eouc Fr YanIhnredanic. o" b s dta
.o F e.hl pap.snbnoer Ill this Lne, and p.&sae:~,0'1'..,re A .-!.f. ; r,' .... ,hit.,ry I,,r n \ ther Nr, .. Juu.J ,Ozi], plICh f]up end is,.akre double chests,6 wisaublent in that peace eloigdealfDy imteP thnsr ft C ut fCr. adatoeufbt
.^E^^ ,;.; S Ss ~ s ^ .-=: ast h a gais wia-,sea top f Sh9ES
elprals y vrohibtwI"nl l Ki ug n to a, lC S IP IO of lhe Bo alb. lhe Put of Pailudel. To for the CI r A inly of" Phil adepi _
-*T bL I",|Pele", ea p r wh n P.. N, tr,1 -r P w. I ,,-, seci n,ured wvtro pilehit ',.P% .11 e-,,.hS loc.k-. and built of PFP.S]L andl its WnnN lb '"
I la ( I%@kn haove Line leaves \Walnut&r ea Fr rydiy -i-i.%6ei- roWiitit hreston Irr fire. u ... Ai I i'nh ..... li Sideie ,,nd Stomach *inv inzlew, e., Red reosaJ.Lvn,, ande allt n~htl, ,'urnesithdd theh mid inc onhe TH R RD Y I P I daltg o
(Sundays e pied, by eambot 1 am o, yr. r., hl,.g .lrfe n ,- r .h .,n,l i>r,irg hPr i hu'aiV dr awers and book se, su lor bBnks, h eCor t tn o cl i t t County Aw H.,.au
(Bond voa ptAm oy and byy steamboat tLdeo ,dee, by u ( ,_ iar.n aalt,,n.. _!,. ,] ,,It,',, one ,n edvae gonera ,. ......nd hlp l me I ea n r10 oLein 4 There l te. that Cene-e aH o le h Jfd, the Court m-cn House i said't city. thmlu., oheredwe
Sc~~~~~uVA~~~~~ntroy.~~~~~n an yB~an~ltld~neteIialta1) queadua o toih.MLAgts i. help for me I had little faith in "Publahed Re.- 1 C m o la frsi, hv pone 81 n i ddt
N ow Y ork ; tin m h ang at H b orl tog run B o ,rde nri tr trpbe 'av L v ,e- ih n t_'um pan e s ion ilia r. u r beon Sa u d y ahe' 10thr And A pril tonp thousand should itea p-..,
17hds Heibooopnswd) frod Arnon raesuud111 All hands d..eeds,~ withra medc@ until Ih called onne some ofe lrsemb who honde hundred andh fotrna 0o ki h oeon
Spisviml aridean Aterry o-~a Iu )lf I'OC ,ine htorenon b ry 6 Dnel aran a bll orny ad in
R e t u r n in g h i s L i n e w i l l r e c e i v e p a iis g t r a t l ,^ hd i -ca i l i ie slel,' a nne m n a ru r ,I t r l l r ew,,r J l i v e r p are i e' Jd ^ ^ b ee l r l? y l h e b oe m e d i c i n e wn d fo r l h e h e ar i n g R O E l h b e al lo we d a u d oe t h e CN
Bor,, P uL M a l l P. AL. ^ ^ ^ ^ -'lr BHnre2 ^me 9111 * t a tril 'pr,".d ihn medicine tad whv the a,d acrual oughtsot th be allowed,.dnin,alrz. &c., to the Le Door .
Borenlokvn P. out M and Bugto, ,. ge ntl f-et I', used Ilot>hree, eeks,,when m health was entire- in default the reof,,, name dwiellald bee confirm the t",e a uh
-'lcP l FARE- Leae ]rnrv e 4 P.resreent estahtell; of'nl~e ED A DWL Edcud
$,k3 0 A ], 40 milet. ,1i 2 ho.,r Palen, Defector Store Door Licks. supci.or to any IV refiored. It is now about three marltr sice I lirm C our at i a ia J da R hcA R LA N D. sueerleor an ny y rstred [tmo
ToNow York. %% ng,, n. 5 A M -rech Frederiks. rcle hOW i, uLe in this market, I quit using t. and no return of ,hiediaresse I% sa-ma c 01 'ol "ari 841.Be
F o r w a rd D e c k. P as sa g e 2" 2' Lu g e a J 1 7 0 1 e h f h ,,, a I P z t t ., b 'o W r u t h u D o m o f ay M .16, o re s Ed I a a
:'u pI glr. S~do Wtlei IfUL Dor.I17 owel dylFLao ao a
A o ,"2 0U Leave" Frederic livirwr l-oh Rcm n.Iodo olnrdf-'la oillM S U H R Sdca d
Freehold. P 10 5 P hl. 61 nil I Era *:n I" h- ur. I 7 ard drug isa;r ticle prmseme nahl'a ILd. cept my bel %tibes. ard belie mg ever or .&e. 11 the Court al Common PlaU for lhe COnly of scuton, ".!ofMARY DAVIS, decea. HUDSO o mB RNo.3-a ahr
Free H g o1 10, I 5 L ila in 'h f .5 r e : Peleaburp, 7 ., A "a -,%, ,rtr e.lranov in therm,erkpir. an o, Can be WIo CLAKKE, Pihlrbue ey. Phsleehy, Ad.. M
. h I 00p d P M-,.el 2,L'milehn;,nl.. ,i, 16 b,,urs 6 I --reach 23. "t r Kli e. and May A n S h
Ba de o 3 -j1 Less* Petersh iqr e P NI-- reach WVeld,, I A 1 .0 de %5per cent. low er, and w arrs r,, ed not o ge t out J n
Burln LJ._5 A 60 miles. fiI 41 hioure Acto ". '. -'.l
1uh1nr. Pr,.priet...r and only Mlarf oitt r of Patent F iren :-FIEA DG N R LD PO .N.1 G E E R '
r Diner 50 cents. Breakfadt provided at the Wal- I.ea~e \Veldon .i t, 1--reieh WVdm~nolion. I P. i Pro .aei h rldStts 8- t North EIGHTH Street. wee[emmrs atbe
Tieu, Street Hnuge.- I ,M ^.Wil ,n .,.M-r, r .ahBlclon. 5 1 ----- Wl EF,&e. relerences 10 persns for be given. in fvo of thi.1Vgafc al Agnew A Perry. did on phet24ih day of GeOHG E T1TLOW. dewd. th; o
RAIL ROAD WAY LINE. nex do). I7mile. ,, 1.5 urv valuable medicine. feb-dlf I -_ of February, o it u.Bnd eight ban- March 1. JamesMcC administrator, O.. .PA. R ETURN ' lte e
For ni u j ard ifn 6B1 Aie if. btj HourB nrH LEAL, AN RETAIL, B,,,-. Aired arid forty-one, file in the ofice of rHtlCK< ,CARY, dacud customs AN D RT-
F ^ A ;"itj'e T'( 6BU iloli_ or, No 30 Walnut Street. Ilarlich's Pills. 4 iahe Po lsolar..ofhhe Court Of Coc. 2. [mane Brown Parker,-gl eeectnr.cif orthis h s I
1 .'tm Leavr-f- Wairnui sreet ferry. As lhi- Line enrriu.s hf Great Mail owlvichrihn,) ~ ll-de~erxI B J~AC mOB ~ n e N i s DER c Jr T Hisexcellent mediaetltBIIfrsl ttemnIl a h onyo hldl O NBO Nd.a omtan
. Idaily. (SunJa| XI1 'seh [le" I e- beidalri, le.) and ,hilrob, el,,irclya R.]d-iria.I Line. It i % arious late im,rpr~hl,, L'I Wi* nev. is. cinvite. Dau ieuor.a .O LIA0 H R V
lza urrnin Ir.9 ,e. Trenwih, ntf.. ilql l[Ue r-OLIe d 'I ,! hs0- rieltulai llerilhORnott, With the on0l1.llcion of his cure~ aO evidence off duhror ohovk.d on huie
Bord~~ina ldB rigo t6 'lcFC% m ~npiiir ilgl17.1 ueo ,r-ilc tl vdences~ atf &heir abilmity to Noic u'cuyk rosr~y given 4or ,r|,,r ,h Credit=l~ of thef safi, NOllne d-
m r .; ,(i4 .,. ,ee o t L it/n by ihe delr.ry e u .r, der@ rh,c have MeE our GX WO Sir
,h,11-1TIl s as so rt .b r n d s a id ,ro^, th in k V e T hy o ra b ]V o t b w' T b ey b a r e e t e e th .t is C ol F N Rie--
Fare to Trenlun. 51 .nar Rnurh \e.i>hr ,-1 r Sti nrim. m ur 0 A. h at ur e o f til towel. a."hrnd a. a r id. 110 m muh!inka oa volar rin T ha ea t t hat the fl nrgbl e tille ngr of E li@ a ,cir 9. M h ffM B - ': ..
Bordeniown, 3i "' J n . .....,.... r,,,h ld bv aI irp. .r Log a d fh 621 AL 110W prepl ........ H dyofn lp.rog aodeaa ex have len direptly ,. o'*he a
-25~RLlU 'he Bb.%. ,he Tri ,eilc.r b-nrp [.o sl IlSn -T e r id nTerI d A ~l ia e 'coki h lrl01.IF A U L O RIhce.- S N
.. ht ,ku e ng t'Ih -o5 ir I jr,re rrihi ritnrpamar, r.. from "i,. 1 "T,-^ rA ItAHreh erred wLs Stsa I :A n OI ,BTo
Fr~eightstaken ALila l ie t rat j r T 4,l -.i he r s of mans, W ,noz.. R, f been the u .age inglY effective. and gently Bimprove.e hisiou l violeady Ith cmIs mnie. and forr vhovi ng Cause why 1. P.eS Rowlanld, executor, and. al JOHNt keepmnsr,, J l dr, h
BWgg geflihem,.ko i. ^.Br ;,p ,.,e k l ie lr.ile.i Arring him stock are the fullelrm g. J urblin lhe animal econoiky.-{.pi. of the Ai dld I ,cc, o .ughe not Lo be allowedeand Inde. ROWLAND. dehsd tury article in he hc,
\\M.H~~~~~~~ I~ZM R Igrl S11P?'php* 6l~*l^.SHr RlEt-Paleand Br,.vnr. on draugirl -11vu- Tome,,> 1* fault t.hereof lhe same vvill his confirmed. 12 John Briggs. one of the executors, dr. of Coveadial,wM ^ ^ ^ ~.
TheM abv I.,IZM R Agenl Lt.Ir ,,. i,:l- i
STrEAMIBOAT' BURLINGTON. orriuffl. ,,' ..' 1 h nr in, ',,.?,ar^ r bottle-Atilladn. East India. 02PRINCIPAL OFFICE. No 19 North EIGHTH pr"c'h ]n Edwnla Eang nd J
For Burhlngton, Bristol, and Bordenlown. ., ,hr,,,. th it o .,er mew. ar ,d ,i, ant; - .. *Na Extra Old i Tints di r a phw e testim nilm be e oftour t ed ('ur[ a l the i a 15. Anne Hu.,ur, and John Cadawalader.- kinds of TOr d w T t d
4 AlMoL16 r".'.. ti lil"10.1,jid im-uh Fe-fe '[tai S~nree,..'T & ll'i de 2 phifof ebhere.1841.n.c of a.FfeM RYuary.NA He1as41.
3t 'c.ock. P. M. *%IAD r: .lI?.% Oi t .helprr. Numbon. Gorciido ___ _Ed HART. Prothonotary. C I r IbSNd1 F S as
Lesvos the whvirl ITu~ ALd i,-ks'1n A,, Ri, twhiiii ,,ril P lersh.nrg, [ihe ilurgest slid rob-a,. 25:,t mar 3u 6t.vud 10re 13 "17. 202 6mr17wand.PI eitr. Srth o
Bfflf Chstnu stree.'^^d ,'a ^!^. Co7*^saa. hm .,.,,. &,,C.j'-11.,wfid. Marr, ,& Cu.',nd U6r. Vari^ dOO~hiri.yrNp. fe 25urar' 61013 170 2o '".M. PEIRSL. Regitef. Sco%* I.I. id u9l,.ySm-dadPln Rpp
o-a hesL n^ sisd,- I*uo- al 4.l,-...l,, ,,,,> r. o I,. anrm,r,,,v.,. n .. c p I1- [OI
",pa'' -"e s" excepted.) I ,. It, -lele -id Ivol voy',gr, West lit [OIMe'ATINp In Ather Court of~ey~r Commonh Pla olh ony r- U i e siy o 'Ii g l .Tgte
F.'AR E. h , ,e. .ai h no f. I \eor E I iidia l cerly.,hat I have used in my Amily of Philadelphia. HE % mr,,el will proceed at their Neong. On, Iady al rf hd io o g V.
ptr- ,- r 1ci~r,,tt v fit, r,h,Ir/q, h: din! m A1311-10q :!up Dry NI.Itvi 'Pure'% ,nilagis lem2. iHl st
To Burlinglon or Bril. .... T ; t ,e. ,, |. etand hep.B ''a' re .j. ,u i na i,' 118. Elra Dry P, T The III l July nel, 10 appoitProfesal, in lhe
To Bordeit, own, do o ,ri~.,rj,, jiletadIhqp '%evIjlnj CuICh la. 88 E~aD u ai'SUhn yuadhvn osvlc N T E M T E FT EET T FH as
Tso r,,uw, s5,,o I r, e ItAP Ulterio Ni. I. and ad ofIts gloat Ulity in alleviatig the Pfinrings of REED & FORDEr. Ji-. 01 i, Lr nf ad A re. Clat A,1." t.' ,.
.*.Frezght I.*.reiht-ake a he lowen, rn'ra. ."I ir^e *"l rerlain ri-1 Law. S.,Lh. directed t Do*t. ??0e Her.
ma -df W M. H GATrzMV_.R. Agen,_ i rl r,6. Vmeree'rhihrinje 'b,' q.Im t. ihi,IIDr RIltsty %f-,a hidrnC ln troth.rrg' I do cosieioul WhereasDr Ro1blin,,'l~ bH.eSl Smth rmi r him nO isF clyajh.U ieri
br~ trq rm Ptrrr ,. Ina e dr\,, ra ifP botles sn-"- a-E lrrnipy -. RAd ifrt med as art effieae,,aus and invalubeheiie -Iti iiat fRe ud .ddFn
14'. TALI!, 1 11111 r-R K fruit Peire I.;! ," t'lr, city. I iage L615. Ei" ra buk. Ull 'A',110 Pori '\ ti: A a.aseol re r alu ,ede ealla forth this bytehmo al, as r-23d day of FebD uro fhL INary The annual Icom e ol i ,.lProf or o u ach or oRNER
R A- L K d O AD _L I N F T' 0 -,-o Ll,.,, ha,,,r ,.ff't..rn li,. ltaleiglb Triead I'Oegthnrdadfryoe iaftT fw..e l lir ' bl nr BrrcL~ rvae,-c. %elO eie orae eea evc yi oteeshol i o r~e faslr f etosn
l E M' V 4[11[K itf, e. Per-.,I LUne.,.jMilt.on, [Ir, ni'i &e. and a I ,' Ida`i ru "BJm se [ti ,,r. ar 01ok tehea Prohontar ofene [ ieemayn tan iet- eT n odae
._ I.- e L oe t,_r. l i. ,,- O,.-irio direct 01,1 ICc,] Chrn, st e,' and U.d Up blic slaLtem nit. D. sue t a edi hill Juvenile We
Ilffissnt1la Lpavedth L' 'oKtmilv "*;D"e,,.palL,,.o,,n ,n. %%r'K^l~l- NLucallde.^an~~n PJ %%'a-- are^ welacuite ih the writer of she or Philadelpibdacut sasgeshool^^^ ^^ He nlriho.mroer. with a co an% T/ efni
R nstagt-m, d-va~l 9jt o'clo,.it. Th~sis Id h[e L1,11y dOIy Lin,; to II, hirifonI and Pe- F{.N" I \ ,, 'uel .t of, ttr~ugbl. ande mile-andanedw l te w te f h r h a
Z2SnP 2mSESO A. Al and 5j o'clock. P. fil. lerI-i"we I*a 1q F i*rCI N 61R WApd-hmpg J above article. end) wiold not hesitate a m-)mpnt to coflhe said estate In nvelling house,. having a garden attached. f-ree colored; rimr. e an
pUssing trlmuah Br,,,l. Tre,,.mn, t nce,, NrV"ee. flr i h-r Rqleril h ;nd w < tn Rail1road.; \aughnu' r.. :u Red ar,ed While Hermitage; (o nnar- on Syrce- hereby giv o the Salary sn l ceid by thi Pro, Fairy Taled. rineet.-n. ~ ~ ~ ~ NFL h n](Ifl AW Sauwerhe. ,di'v'arous a-,:,r,,; Spiruitng White edormse his opinion of rPr'Sohn yrp-&diih ad alrn.T eSlr n
;runnawneii, Hlana'. E Town Newark I el)Jo 9 nrrlg c rtrS s e od .a~d olw eeItrm lsos O 119 chos epciey ,u n r OOB e
Brn-ic..~h a;.E To n Ne ar UJp.i.^*^*,''^.; (7 '4Arptg* Burguwl%, ,l. Prnh Jo; 1-%lr. Rikerlised an~d Froritig. Editor Daiy Chro k. estae, that the Honorable th Judges Of" "" the'l*""<*y *r" h oo nK mron but ifrn id
C-'ly, eirosaelrg the Ferry in I& I~rge steamnboat to New 6 O I',r -rurthler irnfiorm .i,-)n qnI "[hr-molh T qt. Br ,Jl ,]oa fourk yearo;~~n E111firad at~see 01.00 brontlg- atto Da4l per oo
York, 5i t.jur through. a l yl ,,,, ,' , FA ,]o h n r MCK"'e F4nd Rt, an V ,ne e ,.ued the S, D-to COH,. Pleada of Marchhaoe .hou. releo o fl o d, Lageg, 1"1 -
~~WAY L[NF. atiepnrw'.e the- Ptil.i.Jelphiax Rail-r.,.it Orfeo. Prit, kie Alu~btioh. uei~er, h irm ,]arL,)b Lu. R,,desaffic and I i m ttd y5r .Stt yCore. dStudy lltaledy ofda hyn to-TblPofao o~ uersL ng ae. okfi rn
To Bri>l)I.TullvTa rh rlwn,B LOI.Cornwei's.H|,l .re- i. Blnni,. saair p f S, Kr OFFICE AND GENERAL DEPOrNo. 19 tnd eight hundred and lo.ri ,al Len o'clock in hhe 82,800 per annum. rPLeVn haro Il
bog rdauV ii rnlr.lae ay Td J Fc~r, er ,ntormab,,in re~pecw.g, ilia r-lits can Mill[ an-[ 1_park~hnc; Greunnhacisei, Btauneberg, ele. for"enoon. fANh ern tTesme n o hv- ..
obring.Bridefburg rhi Fank-id. avee~fdaily EL19 Alf;^ .o.* Oldtoiiarta hry Bad)a Hri'. NORTH EIGHTHr. OLrcu^ ^rOOnrL mar I-AIe :; ::herisatien. 3,9 roorimel of^ '^ I
o'clock A flt, antd 5t o'cock P.MA. he ob l a le u ",17-m rues li,,lI,( "t F.i 1 ;[al reel near 3d. Ii, cause why ,tr, moda Chore), orunht noi torn' NOeT ..G .iT street 330 .-. Ourreditions
Fare to Trenton from Depot m Keousrgon,75 (cent.. Phll*,i.l ha...f" WARD C. BUTLER,LK N rshnu, ra u l stock ,n ao ed nd Li delal. thereof the .tme will be the wlth ,ao Ji, o o
to Tul lyn-,viT.n 5u B. ut, ,',-,I,f I Apent. diauaht erw, inb-esa'Bf~de i,%'Adifi l e r ot .cniie.I nrqie htteesalb ogti
.. S' I 11 Jamsc.e1 ipiriia. Peach Brandy, Ake. ]FATHERS AND MOTHEKS-Who have little WIune98 ,he Honorable Edward King PoidOt School or Modern Languages lia French, Italian. PBINTS-A
IU Brstl Spaish (lriok an nl-a agae.frsl yL
to Bistol I I 2s 6i-lllarl 160rl f>ill- p..- ilgi~.bH.all, With a vrfel a,,or,,,.>n, al Wines and L,^ura. children suffering from Llae painful elbeCI of fo^r"ami ur lPiaephia.^^^^ the^ ^na^ ^ 24o day l o~*10"10*"a S
to CnrnwAelIl'd. '2 -, Zid(' t' %%[int' reapi" to any _pplIkT for she li
0lmebr g, ]5 /tAI in t..tluf- and on droughl. including go.Jd LOW Pai- TEETH1NG. should immediately promr DR prices.
to Hulmeabturg 1.5 11A I LYt.i... i ~rri~.r .pU DC axp it V ID L of February*.. 184 Cr hair of that School, lhe8 V.61161`1 will eilpectirlo be Fortune Trlio r . r->r >
.~ b,.r, ., f.or cul am wry u~e. P A R IS SO O TPH IN G S Y R U P FO R C I 'L b RE N elA U E H A R Trv 184 1. o ar
to Bridabburg -,rid Frinkford. 15 'Pil public are re- "Divered SF1arT. Whether Uh. 1b CUTTe 10 Leach all these Cards, Drente
Fare lImim Brial~ol to "rho,5) l6E.Pre dstoo, .sSa O t ..& .C IT IGT L H hs nilcn ie afl o 5ma 1 01 7 02 6 4- lnuaes njntW iho hmhecntah ,0
'eh- "_--dil C. HINKLE. Agent. _thal tha l [re rp.r PC .- m i ) partr ,, iiae ciyi and truucy I recommend to be an EFICACIOUS REMEDY forin the Court of Common Pleas ror the Couny of W. 11 WOODLEY, Lai. Pull
I F ad^ |,i M Lines JA(-OB SNIDE.R.Jr. all ming the suflerngdorhose hLttle helpless ofl- Philadelphia. doe 18-ffJil PrOCL.r Of rhe 1l. o. Va. Whaleman; Ir. alle; euo
Fou 0.illi ng .llm, nercomneie iair. e,- 3diiW e Lor. -i.dal|I t. sping I avtore.enil nticd ubictios f NT E'M.TE OF THrE TA ESIhF Gr atRed elio f rqrbepoed
I DIRE" 'r FOR PITT SBMURGH AND nAlr .,,r,,,g ilt ....... ,U reo P i,-d,-.npt, ia. and __ tu vl b md i ,u w nt d c & JAC ATTER ALT E TAY OR tn
WHEELING. PtI"li~hujro t. ow, and ',Ile' the -1.,1 h tll11%lll. Loconaiiolive And.i~ll laIOilar. A HZT.4F.w
I 11 ~~~~~~~~The I %k ores, P.,:ke, LI'E, will 1.n ,11 Ae riep,,. N... ieiatra rma rhe ith GopltoKn DE E ,A DT Y O EW Y& C) W SHN ON B r M NU C OR ,bbugLn
F a r e r e d u e d t o c o.n op e ie i lh a t/ uth e r L i a s I, 1 M ar k e 5,,iB l. e ry m o rn in g 1 6 0 L L K T h r ' s t ea n s E n g i n e F * g r sin g io n sp o k e o l i e g re a t e ffc a c y w h ic h 0 9 c o u re Wh e re na J o h n M u l fo rd J rd. a n d 3 8,S o u thl/ 6 1 $ 1 Op po si te th e C ^ ^^ C H s l T O -- S 6 o ulJ T h e e e n-Vr
running lo Piltsbur/ and tlieiing. ,o Pl...l in .j.,1 .% .I RcaJing, Berks (ounlty, Pa. gve me confidence in the mediins. I atone pro- Solomon Aler, Anignoea of Jacob EHi having g th creditnorder
-- :- .... The Pi, L,,,e %lI Ien e lhe ahboe Depot eve. ;i l ,bt,. rier. are f ire prepared al be ish, cured it. nnd used eacritg 1 A i, Affarrd & Di and T ftl HE l olr
Tl "netai.i.elinesare rn-jt run ry nrhl. ., 1-' t cl..rk. 'laruug, Io Pi ur i l 1. msni, eb ve lace. tU eaecu orders for curedeit. and used Io B d w Ta ylor. Dey & Co.. did On the 2nh yalem al do in b in a rial of s T for
B B~f ttrtlli "**. --'- ,rjirug." La,*"* '***m -- f0- 0/,-i 0'./V S -eey, ad e by I ,ime happy lo announce to my friends, the won SS w fPbur.n yhUad e ars. a|^ ndnu havigpoed itt eno a likeruiou IsLLB R IN T N ft anWE
I o~ne hundred rniles ruurnd fly do,,. L LOCO.1h|'I'IVE E *-;INES., every aarsand d- by Iem happ toannounce an thousandd eihtbew adprhsr.H o ersrae~~lyI: H
.bthe way ol Ballnorsaid Wash. [te Boais of ihe aic Linea have b-et rtfied n if ripnlii, and cinfideitlH rt lhe public to those derful effect it practced on myBtoffrrehg ialania 0 l. hundred and forty one. file Ir the Linee offer to hr e numerous friends cum-Lomee Al the r293r Ahe po sr e s
in ton, Pennylvania. making in all lIour huonjred ,upeior r,) Ie, arid e~ery a,.tummi.livii,,i will tie rTn- hereiil., re hnnslru-r. h a DOW in u on Would fOMli6 more generally, where jhere are of lhe Prothonotary ol ohp WoorLoluCod- public generally a REDUCTION or ton oer cat An e ClIc
m elosto Pittsbburghfnd in la hours leam Lhor, dared I., pasenge'i. J bU'.'K. Agefi. the t'hilidelptuB and C olumbii Riilied. and lhe y.ung children I have a brittle of this mecies by man Pleam for lhe county ofPhiladelphia their firs'l )R (ASH ONL on all ork either purchased p on Hl
certain lines proposeto do, lines shoo C-Ly We r ,ar25-dil I I Por igo Railv. Svue l .Vdnsyltnia. un the t difireft,ug migt would be lained ino account aswmignealof the said estate&. ,or ordered '.W,. H. ELSEaOOD, Clul'Rrbuir on Bn the thdwmnydn;
nol disposed iohumbug piaengers iro %rit, ill -1 - --- -('hriei.,n and Ilambbrgh Rail-road.iiuihCif'ia, Notire A hereby Alltlo the creditors nr lhe said inn _rnriOr Cooper's Lrsee on st r
our line ran- on Ll,e o,,y direct crw,,ie b, P.,it-urgh Fre t 104 ard al other pifac quiet rest and sweet repose. Jdcib Alter. After. Tdyl.,r AL De ey and Taylar G d el,|eaiher call skin bottle. rromLo d on Ar
and Wneeling and are ruun in 12 hours Iess Lhan [.y PITTSBUR ;H \VH REELING, C1NC1N- Torre Lhifred turrnhed by Them will he on the REV. R McNAMEE, Deiroy e Co ard all others inlareslfr the said 1O Bandaging.
I I ihy r roio. "A' .fai iprm. and quated 10 Eiiol ihufe Li any Of the Methodml Society. Manayunk. estates. 11.l lhe Honorable the Judges of the CHEAP WRITING, PRINTING, ANN1, Freckle&. ,ai hology,
Ta e Good Inlerit Line, eirrying lia l. S. Mail. NAM, 11 I -.her e~woliAhmnil in point al' n..h, performance nccemhor 22d. 1840 Court of Comon Plois aforesaid, have a.ppinied WRAPPING PAPER. Go,,al Mrdwnfhr m
will leave the Dep,,, No. 271 iarket Eireet. evorl I';a Ri''-r..i Lint I. Baltilrre,"dcily. Marctl onees,, DRUGGISTS. i,,'A,,_ othi,-r.,o wish Medncda thei 31st derdaydOon. HornT Pnd
eight.,at 192 o'cl.,ie, by kaoi Rod. 1I6 oI,, I Wr.ii\ru an.-I S.uihrn Mpr. Havirg a ritht to Lhp ise of the P.ent, Right Of ocl I R AT 27 b 4 P P el e dicTl
Chambraharg--150 miles' bv stage to Pittsburgh:. 4 % l~ ,t ar e 310pec 26lby 9l~rr do d".
nib.aur -llOm'e. b aag l Pllbugh ^ ^ W oe ~p.-luly. H enrnj my K. Caniph.ll. EL] .,hev can exe i^rdruorlh U nuerdll plre olerorec Iuhlee Genanlnuhhlrnaf. wean loahwl please order do *'h M di rrnen.llmlredehkl lu|r^
making 300 miles .*Ish ine M run l I Bght. willhe receivedand ila hiai dr~n Eight wheel Lneinea. on.] %hich PRINCIPA"OFFIC NOW 1 NORTH EIGHTH' cause why rlevu accounts ought not 10 be allowed, 490 A 24 by 7 d dw eng; Houtz on and B d h PIC A Gn-
hoard rjr.,rdoed tV List Pfilld.Jrlphia. W.'lhhi 60tJ.'O Ai [rr. Ihey ill LA l. lr the ie (if d or anthracite street Philadelphia. and An default ierelore the same will be confirm- t a Woundood on lre Phd. le e ra
The UnLed States Stage Line. le-lves the abub ., | H,,lloo.,re il. I .ad ('um,..i,,). ,%i. .,IL.i le., I., c-,l. or miy be req,,red AGN~-T.-Mr. Laycuck. Fancy and Toy Store, 59 ad. 0 -2
Depot. Nu 274 MarKet >lrBi. evaryt-a ne. aI* Priei-uri. lvir in; Ciocirinati. a,.-J If~ Interr ol If .1 ale.) ri r. jere. Improper To alate That [he _vr ar ,,c tr,. Wnneas tire Honorable Edward hrt. Preidonl 6Lr, do, 22 by 3 d.o do. eple l ofroper ao e, Ih
o'clock. by Rail Road to C RhaMru.a urg. 156 aliles. ,)I,1,,. -.,u h-A,-tFeri, p 'rr .,' ,i i-,,l- .tIo. outside Lornecik,ri" no.W in appru,,ed uTe. eas 1%rs
I-, r-Lpartof enf~i. vure~me. Vig~ n.Ate ntrdocd Il, C arls riso.w..11110 do Medu Wrpig o'L oc s
Tnol line i. ran Lirough to Pittsburgh, in 5u hour. i, r. pnrtl k nuck. T.r,.-,,ee. n.. &.? intronu.d Su .hrln DJosrer.eph Pryor, Second and Poplar Lane; E Hig- .OfFebrar 141. 975 do .p CPryr, d co
The Aall Pilot Stage Riouie. leav(s lhe ah .ei( M .,ih i.'iin? ei. in!>" |L nnc A)ir. arraz~gp- iar.'lirm. and IKI sin<.e ben Arorlirue. with ditlio- BIna. Sulh and Callowhhll treat; Samuel flimeh NA UEL HART, Prothonotary. 35,0013 lna. s R Box Bad vrriora "rh .ne Itald hun fnne Dnd roatir, ol
W Depot. every moiningat 7 o'clock. by Ratil RoaLtu mitna ,i, Balhimorr, lit,rard a. ) nuii..l el Mar- 11u0sh11' LuccMR, by 'Iaion & Dotleier,' ol that place, ]ywelnth and Chelahe Siallaary so of mar 1 6 10 13 1720 24 27 h.
Chamber. 16rg, 1.1 mile This Line. tr run through ,v H U-ueier Cai, of Reaing, PennsylvaniaJ Davn. 349 Market Street, Samuel Swar,,. Frank., Together whl 9 general assortment of "LfLr a, Ucasu.
to Pittsburgh in ,50 hoard. pltu ev 1%ar, h.,,A %,. b.. ,,idi t o fk. ve 1herir g.-. lI and,t,y ,,Lher builders generallIv ao "
The Pioneer Stage Lue. leaves the a,ovs Dep.p, ,_for Johnl ; Ritehs, .p.i the a. I l:, pxfe, ,1t the-r, Coue Io Co m nPens for tie C,,nyrueinn and Wmprovement o rrb John Renhu ope ,tou;
every night aIt m o'Cl.M k, sid arrived al WV eeliag fi.: &,,r,e ,.r ,a ,,rlit jse6 obtained in ,.enmdg their ,,f L.,-.j eg, i.i wivhi. etery'pj.ieible attention r Lung. |oral' evrr. pn
In.5 hom. This line in run by Ril Roo dire f ri fit, L-. t..ja ber 4nlJwill bf pai. they are prepared t led Sttes. Price 50 cent. mar Wit IN THENAT ER OF THE ESTATE OF ja < r2n List near R dree. hl ol he ., e ol l
to Hageralown. 171 ujiles. The bilance of [he road Finer.t f.,r Uilt,rn -re. W\\.islegi-,.... &'c. reI"I'ml. .,ST.eIiARI STB m ENulmg 4l afly deserip _ EDWARD MILES. lanri ,',|ennce .
1s run in Toy built coached, o ier Lhe Natiuoal nluioard~ d d.Bvz u-J.I I n. I n. nt earcuie orrlcri lor, ill frdFartory TO lheAffl iClid. Whereas. ,alhard T. Sought aud Ieal Ein.ate uer Nale. Plmrb, an hiwd or
Road Jr. loheelim<. F0R It\\ I01 IM N GTO N. e f!r,,. Ca r w ret-i, and all I %ork coronedied wit i a HOSE who are .ufler~itg from vaious disefeba6 Georgi Arugne'e. of the estate ol |f t w o rv ITc HOUSE n,,h Wiel of larkiy-..,
42 r s ,si apply lit the Depot. F~ 'iINt'L| gerier.1 ffrsatire esiabhastomert Chisia .,,a, elo %e'Aute u
Fora apl ^h Aeo ,two^,, 9ue ry-"" b^"O e 'e CO T. l -ent tohe human family. would do well E^ wad bllea. edid -in he I a-y al 'fc^ a Le bill e,,2d and 3d^^ atret.7.iT .0"1"'00BUa n
fob I--di. I 11171"K. kwen, F'r ,ghi ior %%,t-nnar[.ii. N w.,rli...Iklnv,. Suiijue- D if DOT IERER & CO0a
_. d e r C. received and t')rward D. H D.,lerero cre DR HARLICH'. COMPOUND SPrKENQT&EN '," Aarch. oneIhou da nde d a .. nlyofthepurchad money required to be ooll Tl theo P c f,
&/P R I L A D E b P H I A & R E -_ A _77 U-I.H a f do k,,1r a .. 1.H Ditr &CowyudOoCalheienir-beif'sT
^PHILADELPHIA ~ ~ j Ih NlM I. G,|I 1-f pr Ppritflurs ,l Furr.,,eS. hold ol ltho,e about enter. INU AND GCR1tiN APERIINIIT PILL.S. which area %-fryo .heime do oiio iei heofce of the Pro. paid,. o- o 0 lrr .., ~rn "'*"s."d Iav *dlinlLcie b
r. o crio:7",mpy'& Wax,.|,,,,-P. N. W. corner Broad ,,fcihr or ,trher Cour Fur.,1s CO M1 he tr oue o1 no qaeGog l'ae
1 SlEL -K 0 .1 1 f--."" r, y \ u 1,.,, .. s. R Co e t a r, l,, the "" ,Antll.,i te Iruh bu. to,5d." 10 "" DOT- prB.emir,fniLly recommended for Dyspeppwa, Liver W INTER ARRANGEMEN'I. ,; J.B. Pl 1CK. Agent. i PTiNt BL I tDi,," v ,,'h stony I.'.nplaiuts. Pains in the S,de. Back and Breast. ,eaa-,th said0 b.The 1y uoN 49 &^ 13 i rest, 3d Wi lle ns a
OilMU.^"^ Undnd after S-i',dav. NO. v" .1 l I Ic __ ni, I o.-on the Iti'.it ndl the R.ler1uus Aleftdioas. IHead.Ache. and all lthe diseases N one a h er gi -j lhe Credit-ire us ,he aiid house above Walnut street, a very desirable rest. Cheat Will i n
"I' arid Bowelr Pamphlets ma eolNd adMlsaiul-hr neeae ntefed dne
a i fIlt-er 1. I i lhe idereng-r o.Ithirfso i li fa)lt d-ttrs., *l'e ('iilci o -BI.OWii IP.BRTtIS" bemg of )h omah and BowelTO SOUT
p ft rra,,,.w I.ll starlert ,LIhltulh, w _TEAI' ENG;IN[ & MAUH[NG tdilO great frmen fnd a ined gralia, Whtch conan full and explici dre.e 68111W., [1rtieHLorormlet heJudge. of ohe Cour t lrad uild-C N
l he aur : elpra,7 Mral ipran,e L, the be.t and shoat feond for usng. The reader i. .referred t ,.,al Cm o"P.Lf 1 fhT ^ e C ristian Art.
renr iw i1 p Daily. I.y,^ .r,.,,,.,, 'ippiuted lCylh-.erp ah,-,uld be brrugh, into uSe they ,(ry interesting certlficales of cured in another 00l- D c street,
I F-rom Radn," A Prime lce Faif.1~,t betr ee~ts .re;I and JC~ LO Ja o:r TePaieLffolwn ryoet10 'ccknth msn- orhe er Spue@et
Depotm in Philadelphia. courier of Broad f i jerry TEAM ENIRES. L, o HiAh Pr e fbt "eirt ^'*-dlt a. unil o this paper, which may be relied upon as they ing ofthe name Find i.-or r win ca,. h O maid Two orv hs..ue slid lot With back buildings. No ]FORImPr P n
Etreeua. lk a[.'IBI 1owir itr. r~ (tA.74-ir,, and -wt. are takeftn frouinlhe iginal. For sale it ~ara an [rom),ught noe. Fo bele at No. north account oughLnoh lo be llo ed.nd ,delIault i irl C e V
Farella, cLassi Cars. 02 50 $i/r.vs. .,r P,' 41.'"g .1ac,10i rJ.rln Fres Sp,'9.182 E]GHTtl STREET, ehilaerba fh sa evil eco imd.T ee try oue ndorn 5 uyki8bsre.cntuto.
,]nx CIt-riI, ULO't NIV LI. n s for Fuji- D. H. Deiierer, St. -- th piesa^re we hand you mar I --- '1 W me The H l Edwa King Pirelli- 10
Efum-uon Ticliets going to Reading and return- 8, dent oonr said Court a Philadp
ing Ill ,fame day. $13 lit eac-h. 1ABIfs~H'II..K L~lc ILC Trw ii lili ii LIL61 %Ilrgr w ie ptn .e llg fo -m ~ i g o f ,1t a o ac,14.el.D.r, po
L lolh ruins wtiL stop lo wrh,,y passengers al the Pa.r Mlo'BurM LS O te M -tlll ',t eDoors.yy uft p~ Cleu e]S M E A~iPotooar. 18 araf
rt rery etor, ,y p enle nnd ,.n la t r , ;b^e 1,r r , ["urge. ",,e I eR E S T O CKV 0 06O O D S S E L L IN G iI A .7 H0 P ro thono ary. 1 7 i o a in Lrmn C a .
u s u al po im s. h it MlL t tlI '.K & l T, J V% \ 1r, da n m .sri ,n ]u r ln n w h i ,c h tim e vt ,n L he eS te p- L A R G S T m a r I 1 2 1 1 7,----A-v a---be b ai l di ng l h e inrond e n, M or ris o n's
D ays of Starting of F reiaht T rain#. Pl ann and Arrarngrm eri for all "%lurk E(iruled "h 1 .1 .[- I, I e t ,( u.t d. i l]e'. M r penle e l..r r ,e-pr r.. .-o ar has O F F AT A U C T IO N P R IC ES, New le vr al ne ar the Railr o ra unks to th ree It
From Philadelphia o V Wedrnesdays slid Saturday, the .t,....e rfoLihb m ,l. il I e D etde vr Ille u,|it e r,,,, dmeuhLt d I .) oar d.,ile rhwIa r f hs l uJorge has two fires FOR CITV ACCEPTANCES, W1TB 1STULEST a sked for an
atiA.M. A .Iilh rge. OrdermaybeBeatto No T' 114 ,nd itic ..ihcer iree. a< harv% fire BiMChed L& tiun ADDED. IAN TH E NI ,TT R OtF TH EESTATE' OF Aldo. LmO set,8,ar v3?nied.on Br ,operty in.Fro., earOL COUoree al foplre tr lhe tous
From Readng on. Tuesday and Findays. al 5j q,1 Rr,.r -1 i-_.,, i.roe. I'r,e relirn lri fires ,ll Ttan v,,ioked air,.onI1 csdl
A.'M. eli3-dll Oct-, m~dBurng are la year 60l.,nt ", I JOHNrBRENOND. Apply to eAMUEL PR1O., & CO,ynot lia@ to I- ol o
111111 (I..I El- o s r C%.. THENt'ilt. l \L \ 1,. "'I.NT[O. 0r,,r, "1,s 6.0r we -ififi l ,o make lr,. l, 1 here,., Daniel ,uberm ai n, Brokers. All person aa
W eipf ChellifFter R ail-road VI.A F 1I S fo fill A I i d WLT and hrior b lur...if the old bla.1 she most tial Oild be a I al in & JnhI Bremond. did on lhe 2Lh day of 'eb 24.dlf S. W. corner ul,3d and Wnr.i,_ line. will do blell t m,,1 thao it eth r e
B aa ti The Rail rad Cars Will ieavr 0 the STATE TRADE, is respectfully invited, it, m Je %..I I,'onm 4,0 IL .l.aI for.,, \e lMel 8al-fied one most reduced porkers, Intending O invest 111 pro-Plo 2ppJnhnua Ill
=l 4 M he Westchester Ha fit ,l.ul rnd .r,e tiluw,ng a,,-,,hx,eat of GOODS-t-which the .p,-i it., re -a"' i.ier t, I ,ce nr anM oh,r,gn ol le kind es. t eed1 r, thll be Fn r ileinIhenffi I the Pro- Ivdm or duuhl will
j 0 c nearI'ce street a "' ao'l.. e s iber ,ll ,1 ..q.,se,.l-at suck prices as will amp:) squda Lo ihem a6s aForge, ad regards blatl remas ,l bee 0 ha v it s t an oder r male : underwrier
-I .h. M o_ ..... WPh CHA R I L ES'r repay y hn . .-n. u, c -ln -nd e- ,-nr, in =, : -,c an.] oa&% w t e W, ecr 01 n a y ne h eo n..vrsnr of riladCou t ,o hm as 200 keg .n hRaisi ns;
aSu[,ertnleu.tertl. I',, \,11 |,,ir, I~a..-ri, al 1h. i ,r- recent l~im eltiiurdr- \Ve ,ten. any -uner e.,mmeni u, .neres-ry, a 6 r. a. _n - roster.
________________u**^*n i tdrv** irlV.r,, l na. it w, l l b.11Ie. o~ cred -- Ihe;,' reed bu. t bn ,,,ed tu establsh Ihe Uil~lly oil 6 .- 1^r o erb gien h C d n, ,,e. id o do;. l'v lw 1! "1 o O1 11
.1 O Tr i C K .2tu t,,ect.v r,((' ,.J r' a[.ih, Milline Ihbel. ol^ Si,erfine do. i'rom 87it lu llli ~d o nBe o~ .a da iealleeidm le 8i)1 ae ac rn;-m r~ ^G .C O S
^ j ,* ,y W R~~~~l~l,n^ 5U,... 1.1e. es f'nr, ,), ,1 M t,lm.,.r~oled, 44..M-, aid Very respetlfu apeig.a~old oo,.2 i l a ~ allaile uurbeyJ youorsC un r kKu e,;m -&' ._________.__
.Philadelphia, n~rimington W" Baltimore ,i4, Vh,,e ..hfcbt-I anll, H r.-*red. DA I G. Myc; .olC wdh.,B erl.Co mnpeaaAMa ANT, ulJ~ r~ale 2500H aSgir A R A K' A E T C IP -
Railrouad C., 111,^ IHri,rh Rungs, a beaotrful ass*tment of Wd.- DA\ID: GARRElN T, 'ad; Lass rted ~dhg, nu alrit. .. li'ao~ n n lo~n ih ude n U.ssHriC.Ces;f H .m.n C L S
_-- ,, .l The 3 nc~lrc.' P M Train ton, Brunets, Ilul .:,l. Turkey a*nd Hemp R.B- \OP a, KING,' Brsslsu L'~el~Sdo r oie onoe a ~ oki h frnim irm ea.'0h.e ie Oe d psainio fpnn nacifbiieab
m g|l| lk arQ BTh~r~e ,II be dc *rr I8 *~e \, ..ll,, Worted Cotn F m- In- el. oBe,|lordlForge. I|mperial,\'lu |rrmd. l 3.5 Io ] Sd yer d iUU "1 ltrn .adlr e igc~ h h >d^ breiBa lSr *keg' ~ an r<" " h~ cl
afca BL i-nhoed ahier Stlerda),. lhe 19th grain, Venetian and Block C~arpetings. An elega'" -- Hearih Rue&i Inr, lm '5 cents lo 7 s~nd 10eh. acul elno10balwd adndluiier 10 ag do ew opwhhlrBcreydaiiy.n cneie e11
n atant. ~ dan .ar.-It/,.li\it,.,t. Brusaels, Scolch and Euglsb, Ve- Furnace. Oct. 9. 18'2'.. VeneinCreigW rtdC a alo 3it ftem ilh ~ihmd "ae UPIneta ('^"rpetg<,
.Ma w"! l~ "^^^ ^ .;be~ *">d n en,n oy- > omr~m n,,t,.e s.rc~e uu put ,piuur pa~er, t t'l~nder. a, ,hia '"{'e~etuan C'arperm-,, imported, from 75 ce.1. lo .1 r,l our se,d Court at Ph,ladelpha,a.ihc 1.2lhday ^ ^ B uCr~l1 ncm l> ?;*1' "rr"*c
ern Nailllw leave hoeipL t. 36 akat ew rtalvaniyofFur, Seal, Notri, Muskrat and Lo" I~lrnee. ourt e must acthrovleU5e lhat they Bras alrd f ih.1450B e B fru Imn erKorpao aind uo RilR d.
T h e A m n o AncK Wlrne s i l v t i t l e r y a d C l t o o m a ^ m e e ,. c ,,n ocda e n wnsO O I G G A S E W ip C m le, M L HR. '[ 'r ao a r y li r W il ma ^o wvIa .lo;. li a r ef a l S e adet ew nhd C t o h'ap s ohr m s t ,~lnlr e e xl eOte u U S .
l ea v e d a l. ( e x ce p S ,n da y i n a n d a 'Le r .M u ,n d y l u d .L v l" l l r i Mt. .s o e z J. i a c . i~ i a l l~ e a d c u i r l e r a a e & d e e ~ n a d P l n l nail l M a t s a s o r e s1 7s r2 0,, a c ..d b2 7 ~ 3 1 e I 3ne R 7h 1 0w e___ a(i t h e s h e l l e d u\a r ^ ^O ; i c n e n n u
Ihe,- ^ ^^,,^ ^ lst inst at 3 o'clock. P"n ^r~^ M. 101u 6,, lhrBt do- ^ ^Sdo. ,hCu ora~ Corom Plee id th.e0 uouout ou-htl \t' cot,- p y rwR., Lpo
r yr. .3u bales Frec Bsskets;eomBprhiitgeverydesen*^iup- side ,-e pInep l ,.n wmdt te hare mae" to* sLORB fr 8 TE^o' SAEOF ;.G J on 0l
T h e a m~tmb l K E 'r a R c P r e i n ir , 0t Bt ,fg a de ae. u ~ h d p ~ ~ e e; n ~ n s a s e t~ i n e a\ eare. reery r llyy r ,F O S A E R R h .J N T H N L E P .50 d T b l M n h i ei odo 8 o
rw-oot^o'tlevrctrewrteer M&^M" ar*d*^o.CboS .^ md -- *-* M ^ ^^Mr! ^^ ^ ^ ^ A DovisH Doterer M^hgnci ontw or
ay, ensdy a^ndm rday. atnove Ir,.no~k. A.l M'.89 llynat.bao~tces IIored embossed., o iyprpry* l leofp l h rlooa~ fle, ? ie^ hy r~r nne nalleRilRa.mi
lor Smyrna. Del, -toppmug al all ihe ,nermedtule Le^,er, Szraw an Oi,,^ C, oth. _,^ lnBr7,-nea SerII. lr,,.w Vor k w s. Juhcy we 8uil. Ahc. afr(IlIi( .oi0 Br nllb^ r~i u om o i 6lrle oru o e ~ ani.cuty ndh v ~n p/ha d b h oen

./ I k B 3 U'Bd,,n n 'hui p is..r t . iiia ,, rir m m .ian~uuei er. dl.: le .l -. c I't e iv jd, not t ake. nienl fa,, r m i n uln li u N e y ( i o r l:nm nPe aaue~ l r ea .( E E 1.4^W N E----'
A ... . llea"1'=,=1nnim I he/yi~h |fmli,(;fhze Paiuled Paiils Wilson' brand. lor s.e e ,,le!(it ieo dd'dr1 Ieeo h rwl b rlne o pitdM l a fM rhoe io. i nBllIl-lV n h i t rF r AH iB -.B' D
>r l.elotheBoat (or b1d tsw e v~a "'rap iln-J naris ,. ai-. Tii 'J~ J u,,^ al:, arr.Y. : ^^ ^= ^^-- s S^ ^^ ?S ^^

.. ..F ahe'r.!B .le r, eL,-kmla Glaided. Nia-I 14 c.1 A a frsl
Th ahiB., ,rvsr ; ie ram. h, e's eg nddmrl, his i. ,,) certify that tvt have Mr D H Dotterer's RGTu .XQ ''"---- -N;1wrtthnmeoiapctosfrtisCrhtaa
-- h F a s h io n -^ h c al h e r ari Gill FrarnerAer-,er w e dem eri t D. FU LL ER W t' e the H onorable Edw ard K ing Prusid oW I* uork. uPPut in was ihd should be issued
lHE subscriber respectfully returns his .ckn w ,i n. a'e; iil ,,lneed lrpM,teZ, ae,]L ,eleL I -soddvw 79 Aich stre... saidCouaPhil i.the 26th day
T d ig m e tl te fo r p a s t ili v u ri a n d 6i~ l ~ iis th e .-i t p -re ss ly lfo r th e S ,, h r S\\ ',:W c e rn o u a ,t S m r a In o p ,r p ,ise ,.I s oe l ,n g I i ,,p pe r r e ," n in d fo r mo 'm e ti m e o f r u a y 18 1e ly I th p e s n 1 10 3 1. h e p b i e s s e c u .
J SYLINEV JONES Rit hls t-eend[te, y.)'horee prwerands ieby -HOUSES AND FARMS FOR iALE at Fehrnotry. L4 anouncnthegeatlbo fob 3"odl
tention of his patrons and public generally. to the JAI EL A T Pra aN \ JOr in. prprn iet efrne Thv ppreen. and the consequen
N E W FA S H I N H AT w % ic h h e %ill h iv e lh e I .o llh -. 1 & B n a in Th ey o p ora lo w e ll, a ud lu lly a n T bro e "o ry b ric k H O U S E an d L )l w i th Bid e hm 1: 17 '2 A 4 27 l o r n e p epva rn ,h e pr a ac c u ra cyd l e l
pleasure of introducing to teir^^ fevourae ni o MC'I` Our hthew etpe tatlona A J yard. No. 284 iorth 7lIh street. oaths back of Ulf
Siaturday. the S7TLh nBL nat t Eat iFD1n3 or FaLhihn 0.,rmE OF THHE U;l. %, Ah \ :1< 1 % 1. LU. AL.l..1e C IMMAU. Director. the lot are 3 three story brck Itnuea. 3iale 5 r I In the Uourl of Common Pleas for tis Comity of delay lhe first number until the later partOf'he OR Sale, aD o
"' '* S. H.-H\%KR I 1`41a.1frhlnh U-4l {fli lulll Ja~prl 4. 1836. bLL)ck at par. will be received in payment. Philadelphia. month. It ill.1 contain, corn let IF ad. sd uilable o u~n ie rfrMaf
Nu. 161 Cneaant street, bl.w FIh l orevn, lhe im ..Bttpted mthe puFf- I a. Arnu EaLml ron Worki. June 4., 829. rour three story brick houses in Eainsatree. IN THE MATTER OF THE DIVITIAL AP alDiionryfala Medc;clu. gie. to bed
fohb 2-3t nr t fnb O6-d31 c h,. nv p1re'nb upraid W aoerseph A Clay. mule Trustee
.111'unwm."~~~~~~~~~~~o .he iass onl~ prpriBtl tLte-D-(erandn's Dicalonary 1[ .lakens ad-wavs nl
pUpat piece. In my opinio,, 115 ThreeIwo story brick houtea on the Ridgte Read ie P ractical I by -oh IBell. M D.&c. J. C hp t p_
'ailtion CirCUlnr. anar, are he,,e \1L;nrs of Fie O,.,e bn,bih,A -it blowing ElLher a furnai. a beltee B-ii o anipinBtet ofi Divitial Shirniil nstituton, di d The LIBRARY AND BUL1'tTl'I., I be published Wb",l bro the ,ero ee. ulp
WpTO DRI!Jt(;I5T8S AND CtOUNTrRY MENt- itiv trc k ,rdu _b kl '~rl.Ir,,j%%n h File[ un e on ntheu tt day bofna Marrchr on Iunt beueaB
WTO DRU^-liTS AD COUNTKY ne.K ""'" rj 'Ih. n'-" ....-"tl; e""^l. .n t are or a lurge. that I li~ve tier gale, or heard ol,&c. Three aw.ry house mouth Fide of Filbot streal, east YSS iaLmd f n B10 ^ irterly in January, April. July and October, alt.8 ILAS
CHANTS --Th..e valuable arliule. OLDltlr ES imner l "-Pd i s r M..,r,hn." to nmark et un street. eight hundred and "*"r' one, file n the Fve Doi
B L M O FF C U L U M B I A Ifu r lh e H a i r a hd 7 1 S B"o. E argeJ a n d Il l s r ,6a. 1 8 2 9 1 Po ffi e o f h e Plm a eo n o r tur l h e a nur IA SaE L i n a d v a n c e b y 6 ,
LIN LM ENNT for -he Pile s. tec. have b e o,,lo, 1y counterfeited T heise w anling! tlhose preparlti ,n .nl a .n l e pica,ur i an I as ln of [he h, V m aireel Ph iladelphia, big accoun t an T riu tee ,. l i h e N entire It w a t n o ene
wil~~~ew~lw"."^i,her.prop A,~ern %o n -.m,- .1 irl".2 tiel vuv hifrKlie &ire~rr4r>.Jge. on gnr .ling pr aua ii lae nddarniTeoltona 5(elio o rh ne d18theaidn iulo W U *. ***. eeve r *i onnlll.cniug o
w ill p le a sea siw m v m W rite w h e n. ,,rd e rir~g h mn tin y I m 'a y [i'e I P :r161. b iw.]i s p i-aa.u i a t tiMl c ana rf r n L o l g o n b e t f o toeA ct a i n t t t o
ot er house. forC on stock' sar t&fir T ne true ar i t~ i e Sc huyli ,,ll. on % h,ch the ono panr hiv e ,e ciid Irtem w urr ,n h,, run ty and 1n8 y ok .n:o IheJ Uf5.9l'oLundceiv
l s have that n.m e or hi onatura alu ays ou the fledi tlve hf &I Ole ,- f .Bnd r. n "rn w h.,,h 1 v. rll ar W ,, n Lhlll h e b t tar i n m yrr,. e f e L a tor o he a s id P EN SY O N LIA C A N Y G RA IN G Lr u. Te an d
fie111c h et1 ihraFrlI8O g.t~reiretiedi in thve aats [nanlstgiliuion. ithdat thebi oHohnoramble SANNUT ES, ONv LIESmNoRATNvnl;Bre
wrspper.and ven will do well 10 rOnleneri. 1,18 heai b.rdler. %nhen i.pavedJ FULL I hat ever ipen, LakiFg inlo curiideraliuvi the reLit lhe NS W cornerof Schuylkifiit and Ie d h l H ATN NUITIES, have rdoued their Office to No. 61 Bradche; Cha'ier do; Cbhrh Ire Dh. e,,
whenurdering.R asB1d imit1i..n=-. oresu repd in. ':.of lhe -..yend li.,trln L aLhalloin. pr, I I area lur ,,V.htage1,, bti d ty ng ol waler and con. A larm ol54 acres in BuiLingion clv N. J lhe Judges of lhe Coun ol Common Pleas aforesaid. Walitul street. above Bil Where they Con un I Covers. Wad 8 rm
Bearlyallhene.paper. -hruugN.ui ?h.Bcounirvl.,,t .ri3ic; of iiait I ihink it Aould be an acn ol iu rnv ed Saturday, the 17lh day of April. o grant ANNUITIES and ENLOWMNT, make and Forks, plar o e
shla they could n.,,i e sold. houid they, e me ur I.r- Per i,,n il 2'.' ITi, Ith l I h,. ,1 I o tr ni % I RJBuld from yOU a knuvledge 3 milpa of Mh av e hu nred and forty-one. a no INSURANCES on LI VES by sa and on land-au ren'e Cups.. 4c
tunauLe anto gettl. I,, 1.111 lump- unhIoken. !fi00 I hitLAU i 111 uch I buid is principle Of thec. forwhch U% Bakekock BIRO irshare n lhe forenoon. lurthe hearing ol the mame, and fur n general. make all th. or Cotlerarn in whtch the duced proce. *I l n
Oar friends d mhroughuul the Union l et arehlraquectedn l" Brohn a[l ireened :.[. blu .mp, still A. BERIVYHILL. and 1lshowingncausenwla o d e -fhacS c rt
give am immediate noLce. by telir hl.nol Nut (-,L 1J *0, |p _.,,, Also s.eveal farms n thestat oflia v'It. ,. be allowed, and in dMfault thereof he game %if- cute TRUSTS, act as GUARDIAN8, AS&IGNEES, ry street.
AbeCouaiertim appear in their resBerolve p1aI es Nut C ;ol. be-cedfinoelo
R m e t ul CO M ST OC K & Co. A lan. s ,le -'ird Salve rnor quality Mr ,Jad !\loun tIll provedly /ti andt u i p o e .f. P sd nt & F r rh rp r e la m n ieas b v .A s .a f r a
Respectllfy. O6T O.|.p .rr ra u xrha hlkW Cosl. Alan. an ino of china andl glaetreHwill be Wiine..lhe Honorable Edward ging P de *sMA, 3RAZ, Proesident pern,,oftI
W hole-astiDruggi..l,.a2Flet r M.rbi>.N Y 3ind Whop A., ILL". afrOD Prl n Muumnitn. Orehar-1 and Raut' evhriiaged for good propertyIniBlve cltifrcounty. oflour8.sid CourtlalPhiladelphainhiml17LIhday SEARS C WALKER. Actuary. _______all cheap._____.&W.ILM
10ow be evilaemher to Wlhulesale At'ReI vant the -211e I-, c,i.c, lu/nri., uphroken. *5 R 0 Dhlsl* 184e1.~ t. d\hl .., ,u,.
.holeae and ill h, lFit aw] rev tied I... net 1 0 -L. olfWhIle. Red and Grey Ash-jLis Personahing to purchaseinia 10 call and oS MI]LI ART Prohnotary. 11 CHILDREN'S GAMES, nerA el'Wf--e, R
,of the genuione preparowron in P;.d Inl r eied nlllel byp trhe na o singl 00. a'ne. e..,.ne ou eitr
, r t p e5 the G.,al O111'e. No 4U2 Mari el street, between Ihh SAMUEL PRy(R,& CO. mar I8 24 27 31 ap 3 1Chesnut AVE I
fob.d~ m 9.B ^^i 'TorlOrers eved iharfardby t an. SAtVLtL DGnNTZK. S. W. corner ofThird and ULStreet. 'Ith hrTO MECHANICS.- -----a rpe rf ormed with MLm and Talr iNTE.. an
Ut* b) LB I'pn tt P *.P B R I A' O L -t S FrMn,: n ^ r co r tk [i ti B rR1.* l S I~ c a ) "------------ H ro t u d ,an e h n c. w o k~ m n h c .ire,-, n .fb 'n~ lhet~ u lulrms _. 1 ,16 Ml q | | I I; ark e 10 --t
J~t`U-L.JJJ LE rT _EH PA. RE R AT ON L V i I rl3HE Artists' Guilde, and Mlechanics' Ow ok mn lihaetefloig
LS1TEH Al i I> K ,e'inr,eil. c~irn.r i'tand WainoFig. /-hN LAND rand-in SEA, AN ITINS and EN LOUISIANA REPORTS, VOL. I& embracing the portion orchemistry-apliei Zoological GaArdei, Birds and Bea. TI'IE ndrdOUIIANA
PER REAM. Il.yn Parr-h r..r,.ifj A .ri'e 30 DuWcY I rsanied. MONEY received on EPORTa of Casea arguMed and retried in to the rechrih Arts wih a variety of. rlul, Re- Asiatic Ostirc, Kepha and Castle. Initial u lM 'rne O
nULED l0eUter Paper of good qmalily, suitable And al L-, ufic* FllF V- .,pany. N., I\ IIT7aulh3d Fitpol, and TitU 11S .if all desarnptions exeuted cue he Supreme Court oflth Mateif Louiina.- colpt. extending to every Prolsuion. and Oecaaa- Dolphih, Wonder ofAn, The Tonrial 1k i
for CIoulg Hans, purpiw, making rILL. 660ou CHARLES S. prll.!lAM,, 1 it,@h P&SLV*IAI COMPANY Form INDUANUBAON By Thomas Curry. Counellop at Lai Volume 15. than ofLife. pHAticularly to dyeing milk, woollen, Tour through Europe. do. do. FSinUe. IO Bf TAT8h ,urry, Cou
at only .16#Wamro. F.For .lesta ..i... .lL'1,ery. Liv ts.ND GaNiiNoANxuiria. at No. 66 Walnut utipblished and far alb I notion. ndleather. ByJamesPilkingLon. Justire. do do Sjo lahdodo Englind mad Wale. rnd at
HEINRkY F ANNER.RS 9r Tile CTihpany sir i utter tfer alr aile qun, t,,y o H YMAN GKATZ. PTZ. president. T. Z sed and fo Sal Vofge-aild the World. N atual Phtimpby. Mat inthe e .
t41 Civinist at., opposite Ilk* Arcade. S-erenlnand Un reened KifIL Coal suitable flr !IJ:AHS C. WAALER, Actuary. W e we"Willl
,Mar isl StamI Enginitn and lamalkisarl t Ion-dl" P de 14-dd" mW 1--drf Mo, guiet war46n Marke swt,

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Por the C intry.

MARCH 25, 141.

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W PRINNTING neatly eec'rteo ar this fire.
iDemoerallc uniliauihlou

Thursday, March Q25, 541.
-As. there might perhaps be a disposition ru
charge political journals with exaggeraiion
under the peculiar circumstances of the oced-
sion, we copy from the N tw York Sun, a neu-
iral paper, en accunt olf Mr. Van Buren's re-
eeptiu in that city on Tuesday laSl. which
must havu been a scene of the ruiost striking
and impressive character. The ex-Presideuit.
it will be observed, arrived in the midst of a
violent tebmpiest, b utL this, inriead of checking
the ardor of his friends seems rather to have
added to their enthusiasni. Such a reception
muMt indeed hbve been chbeering. The au,
We bave seen so many public receptions in
fair weather in this city, thait they jitse become
rather tame aflfirs. But we yeaerday' beheld iour
the first time a ruceptioi in a strrni--nd such a
storm I Having acrunpsriierd ihe .;uiminitee by
InlialtlOn ad a specutator, we ran spak irom par-
sonal observation. ''here wasm aublinity as well as
tavrlty in the scene. The sleamboat superior.
which bad been charteredJ fr tho occasion, left
Jersey Clty at abouL hilt-patr ihtee. with the Ex-
President nd alout three or fuur hundred otheL
persona on board. It wae ebb Ide, and the wind
bowing a gale from the sooth. We have seldom
ean a heavier sea in the bay. The fout tolled ant
pitched so that it was difficult for any one t- atalad,
and the rain poured down in torrents. As we ap-
preached the shore, we wereaastonished to find such
an Immense throng crowding Castle Gardrn, lthe
Battery, and theu piers. and braving the very ele-
ments. As the shouts of Ihe multitude and thbe
Uraiic of the bends mingled WiLh the peal of tie
artillery, iose abuse the roar of the tempest, the
scene was truly one of grandeur. From ihe Bat-
lery, where Ihe processoion was I.rinrmed, to the
Park, every window and every favorable poailtoir
waR Oecupied by spectators. The procession, whi.h
was very Jarge, proaesded throeghi Broid ,ay,
Bleacker atteet, down Lhe Bowery, and ttilough
L'ilatham blastreelt. to Tammany Hall. where Mr Van
Bur in was addressed by iha Hon. Robeit H. Mai-
ti., and made a feeling arid appropriate reply. He
was evidently much aiTecneJ by the warinlth with
which he was received, despite ths inclemency ol
the weather. We doubt whether any receptions
which could have been ias given to Mr Van Buren, on
a fair day, would have been more graiilyinif tu liii
feelings than this. It wan truly an as.uranrie, on
the part ol hi friends, that they were willing to
stand by. thim in slrm as well as suiahine.
And if the people of Near l ork will Aland fire ab
well as they do water, Great Blitain may cumnie
on With haer troops as soon as she plesaea."
The Standard has the following:
"At about wit o'clock, the En-President, accom-
panied by Mr. Forsyth--the Vice Presidaiilt ol the
Coonsulion, ( Wrirght Hawkes, Esq.)-And Mijir
Davezac, proceeded nto the Carlton House, whare
ahe two late functionaries have taken lodgings, hI
is particularly gratlfying to our citizens that the
eloquent stateasman who has enjoyed the uninter-
rupted confidence of tbhe Ex-Preaidenl. and is one
ol the lirmest and ablest supporters ot the Demo-
cratic cause, has accompanied hit. Van Buren; and
Uie cordial reoepuon of the talented Geouigian, both
at the Battery and at old Tdmniany. cannot but
have been grateful to him. In the evening., Mr.
Van Bureu aLLttended the performances tL the boas-
sry Theatre.
'Tho New Era supposes that, noltwithstand.
ing the violence of th lempest, there were
at least thirty thousand democrats froin the
city aud the adjonting counties assirmbled on
the Battery to wLtnsss the reception, who rent
the air with their shouts as the Ex-Prebident
stepped on shore and entered the barouche
which had been prepared for him. The same
paper in speaking of Lh. visit to the Bowery
Amphitheatre in the evening, adds :
'hea imimenee house, capahlr of containing three
or four thousand persons, was literally crowded
from the pit to the dome. wiib one of the moar
reipetatI'l and enthusiastic assembliage of cn-.
asis that ever camen tsithin its walls. The cheer.-
Inog was tremenJdous upon the arrival of ikhe Piei-t-
dent. Which" w repedtsd at intervals thbrouglhout
the uvoaing.

We subjoin the address ofwelcome and the
rly delivered 41 Taminany Hall:
bal Van bhual-
Delegaled br this purpuie by the Ieinocracy ol
this lout y. in heir name I bid yuu wehlioine lo our
i ell
oU, sir,. have. t LIhe call of the Demnorracy. uec-
caseively ocenprid the monl inaI..itarl and elesued
nations int utr State Goscernmnie. Upota their dr-
taacid. slat, you his c flled ihe tinint pruitaiiriellt ti.d
respotasti-.e posiiOlus under ihe ltovertmtrni of ih.'
United Soatea. and have now retired iron ati office,
the most exalted ul tiusanL ,-realtuir,.
'Puse fluaocracy ul New York have. sir. aburdrlt
reason for lhe ti'y wtih which lhey this day gruel
gu. You are thei list ol her -osua hiii has tilled lh6
presidential -iirte: you lauibluily rsturv-ihlpeI
then and their prtirinple.; all which ta grarityinig
alike ta their eelit.onsiderntlu.i ard irlult prrdJ,.-
There is. sir. taowecer. B pleasure iU Ihe a.-.ttiaurniti
fablr day. e.ttapireil ivlita whit hall ositnri siuk ii-
to We reius.'e 'n you a' ohe. shir in
cbs dliaihelgs uf every innp..riantl trus cimniiite I to
ham, has bilt actuated by and eahititled the Dem.,-
eranrc principle, which luika -I the right. oi men sa
msen. Wt hout reference to his arietaI po.ilion; aind
wleiat ability in enforcinrg this principle ha' been
comueniurate with ifs dlt'tcullie h.h he he has
been ,lstiiln.ial t, eniiuiuter-a5 one i'lhu, in aucceea.
did te torteet ba profesaiUns when a candinale. and
Ir wissu alah prospect ol deteaL hatI no :error when
the alnartlathHB presetllcd iva+ asad ,.i-meiit of pnrn-
l'he dehlify t Ithe Demoratlic cause which has
marked yiur i hole polt'iald course. ciuses uis net
onlt lu .alult l ts te pa-t. hut ta cr.Tlrhie nltIlin I u-
ime, Itr )uur oondont iltl star') pre-eminent us an
*5mpta to all asrvants ut lhe Ueniucracv.
It is. taerlfore, With lttilgietl etauticJi if pride
aind pleiasre, thaL we weluinue )ou hnisie tu ;our
native tulla.

Mybeat aaknowlrdiaiteil> arp dua lo iso e aterling
Domua-racv ol thiscuunly fur the It.andlv reelinga
with which ihey hase been nplessed tLa distinguish
my return to my native S as,. end ro you. sr. l,.r th
eblging teria in which their aittime nvoi hVe b,-eui'
cuioamuiniceted to re. I leel thm I am entitled to
iats maril .a having earnestly endeavnret to s.o up
to m amid ito adhere s ll tunlas io tin
pihl of aucy. regardless. o lhe miliihes lie h ,r bheh
st haa been ot.ruced. The opinon that I h-,t.e
ahinillly dusefarged ihese the m-it imperaiiveOi the
oblglaiimie which allach Lhemnelves I,) all public.
tatimns., am the approe'1 ou my otficnril sais sn. ul
the principles by which it has ueaen legulaled ,ouch
you Bave epre*sed in behalf olaso large a purl on Uh
my immendiate lellw cilitean..hall be held in -,v--
stint and grateful remongiAeiO I would be niosi
unjust "as "eal la most unthankful, i I 1 9tled so to
cherish theo.
Believe me. gr, thal the eashbilifofa uofnlqsbaken
eonfldence alil pecm.uilt regard on the pan uf Ihose
by whomu i bae been letaled in sueeeasion ao Ite
higasnI places in the tmptbtlm. which I hare wit
ieaseid t every tlep in Mjonlray. iArani ihae eal ul
bhs Geeral G.vertnmeit in hus Ithe i&omercial en.m-
purtm ii the Un.osi. alid which havb ben thii tlha
repeated, affJrd me more real sadisfaciion t[han the
pusess oat of office can btte-lw Added t lhe num-
soa ".l id great favors whIne I have already received
o Uthe handlS of my countryaen, ey le. y e with-
ont a pliatcal desire for lhe iiiure, save only thie
Providence may enable me alwlya eo demean iael|
wrthibl y wusit Ihe gret cause"0 Itow ww I ye
bee n Mil ..aidlevoendly attached. sad towards th
virtaiutd and utldustrota yatmasrysby wh omI have
been eIntepidly sustained m the hour f dridutriy

THra 'atailL or Ro1stmsoi.-The te:tlimonyln1
the ease of Peter Robinsaon. on trial at New
Brsas io ck, N. J., for the murder of Abraham
tNa.a'Lir President of the Parmer's aod Mble.
chasses lsank at New Brunawtck, eloged oa
Tusedar Crmwoon. In the afternoon Mr Van.
odlk, a 4 f the counels for the Stae,. cooin-
ausneeWd thMe 8lpenl. which will no doubt
Aeanpy we d iy e 'th aLt l e rieslt may be
onoeoMa donisg r -to..50t1 5 Saturday.

A Tvo a .elAfil rccaqra B Pl f fip eceni-
49 at MairpratBsay, (L. C. Men jiiajNS Wife
-of Themes Holland E- a. that place. and thaw,
give tfaldr%, w NsrafortEltlilSlI y drowaileA: tiL
aita s wets ing mtemnlveas mie ice iei, froem
n ts bam e wbonlt gase hwy Mr iiMullan1d
avai (helm enimas, estlmi toIba taesisuane., end
ed i--.Me. d W to the assistance o
Sam d 411-411111 IFr@1 16.wit i*cty a.
9 a 9 W ia bAs..46adhid pAif-


pennuyiavUS _Ksls~WShf-
[Correapon. ence 6ifhe Pcmentylvanmari.]
HARtiist'Bno, 23, 1841.
In the House. ihla muranir. i rti linchinao, fr.m
the commiaSeeu n banks, reported with antcidniean'
rh.- i.atoile Bank aill. The amendments" anre %cry
eaiLeisnve t-likAi.g out every utrilon ol lie bill as am
passed the Senate, and inserting the bane bill ahibh
wae tagaliied inm the House. excepting tLhe nil1 iec-
no o The bill was made the order of the day fur to-
A number oflocal billli wser passed iliruough their
several rejdings, arid senl lo I he bellate lor eConeur-
A ull for the seillemen a o ihe accuutol o esrilan
aaoniralraor iir bhe Geltysburg al.k-uad. whlnch tau
brunglhl WIetre tie.Hooae under ithe imiposnrl title
the Western DivinIarn outhe Penrnuyliania Ruiil-Read.
its own eame being mml rlier bad odor. pased coin-
mainee oful inhe wh -le.
Tao bhh tU incorporile the Americin Sundy
Scbhoouul TUnion was negaitved, afler a lonig debaio-
yeaset 3, nays 29
The uHoua then adj.urnaed.

ArTriNOONu a1kuSIlN.
In the aiaernuiiun. itpiai l.ual oil a ali'Ieling coal
cnriipnnuiea. tuIrnpike road, d&. were passed. Dout no
hiisiiea ult interest ito yuur reqdere ianarcleied.

In the Senie .the onorhniig iwa" very usifully ,occu-
pied. Air Sulitan. Ite gliealenian vu whunm aw are
indebL.d for ihe settlement of the deriloauiti of ihe
wold -rouiinpoly.' at the irflaig cot fll $Juo. read in
his place asbill with Ihe folluwirug provi-.,ns :
That mn case Ithe letgilatluis ahall ceullilds in see-
aion longer khan the first of April the paiy)' uofe ienem-
ber snulil li oe aidullAr per day-thal no pay shdll
be allowed iturhnIg i recti-and thael ilmmbers shall
b.- docked lur iemir aohaencb.
MrGilbrohis moved to aimond i by snarling a provi.
aoa., IIthatil riO nme sad uider n i turcumiLinces.
shuult LIhe pay esbeed one d.llir per day. s aid Ihl.t
Ihe Laailalturu holuuldj mineet aI 9 A. Ni.. and a.Jluurn
at I r M aid neetL again at 2' anid aJjuurnl aen I's.
Mir Brooke offered sIiuhther au nlridimul--inal tin
metobrj should speak Fnor, a thsi i lie ijinuink am a.
time, and us proviliUn th Ithe reductionU ,I pay
shuuld apply to say pior taernr &nlid lbLhatiiL.
wh-i may hase a wile aidid jur thildran to '11.ppurl
Quite a tiery dehale tLook i'uei upon Lhie bill. Mr
Rerd muved tj puoiponi the bill and Siluc.ndlnaiia il.
delniitely Ha un presoned nlheuhj.-cl of thul
ieenlemiemi 'hui had bruilight forward the bill. hLdd
nuo'' gol his u.jnci allt si red, lie h id got his nulme
upon the J )urlldla i cusoilieciton % niih lite i-ibjncl,
an,l tie emo.i 'iimrF.ra tin%. ,-,I hl. mrih,% iial Itie heIWO

bee.. and l.oc e.rnle.t a rehluner they h Id s tull to I Fom a a tucrs/stho te *0>.
re.nnt theten hoare The publicI bf mne, iei sul. W We have just heard it stated upon unqueationa-
rr.kL Uani dtheyuandbattergoon ul-d hle authority, that serious disturbances have taken
terint ur aat.. amid they had better go on aud pce a the i. l aurie eletia; o much so that
tedt ,t. It was found necessary to send to Sorel for Troops
Sir dullivan rose in a niuos letrnble paioi, ; he end to Rawdon fua Lieut. Col. Griffith's militia.
fairly tore nui hair and slaiaped istib rage ; he said a order to ell the d that an express has
thdlt the remarks ijl ir R-ad were uniLr. ungelule- luit arrived with the pireuculara of the affair. All
mutily arid uncalled lur. le was anizluu tlu getL a we hay beeu ablei to ascertain is that the people
vote upon the bill, for rbe wi in eirnet u1oi. ih e of i. Maurice. not being willing to aubmiLt to be
subject. Ile sand tiohnever and tlha remark. ihiugh i treated in the same manner as were the electors of
animgular I haoe il 't-.ubt wast irue.ihat he wuuld Bauhehnooui, Rourille. &c., had foamed thematel.
glwdlt submii lu the wIll ol ihe ajtueaiy, if the bill Veo into a body I50 strong. and carried every
we. voted down. thing before them. How the eallir haa terming-
Tre debaL wiet rirutiniied uniul aii- I 3'0ulock, ted we have not been able to find out.
and cost abojiL Siu dollars. when Ithe whole ibjetli From rthe .'llntreel Timer I7/th intl.
wvis. p.p.ipneJ. ]'Ia bill extendung the charter uo The truth ought riot to be concealed. The elec-
Ihe Northaimpon Bais canml up on a Ithird reading lions for the Counties of Beauharnos, 'Vaudreuil,
and wLas passed. and aouville were carriedil by violence. Of the
MIr Stiruobhm ufered a reaioluion calling for inlur- numerical astrenglh of bhe respective candidates, in
miutin as io the amonun iti moIuney In the halid. ol the two lirst of these Countier, we know noilhing;
cr'rnm ullierin the public .-ira. bitt it is notorious Ihat a decided majority of the
T'ie numinalion u of' Rlenr Bud, ar asaoclsl electors, in the Cotuty ol Rouville. wese in the in.
jiUdge of1 Fayette cunrLy, was unroniaualy cuIoilu- tereastOfthe unsuccessful candidate, lMr. Fran-
ed and here; and his failure can only be ascribed to one
b he Senais then aij]urned. or both of the following causee-the location of
the Poll at the Southein extremity ofthe CIuntl,
IRt;INi IA. in the midst of a population inimical to the Cana-
VI I [A. dians, and impoaing upon the suppoilers of Mr
The resolution expressing the disapproba- Franchere the neceity ofl iravelling distances of
tion of the Legislature at the refusal of Gover. ithirty.-ive.Iorty and fifty miles in order to record
nor Gilmer to surrender the- fuogituve demand- their votes-and the intimidation and violence re-
ed by the Governor of New York, was lortedto.
on Saturday by a large majority in the House AIreadv blood has been abshed. One unfortunate
t i i being loot hi-life in an affiay. and several wero
and unanimously m he Snal opan Severely wounded. The cenes enacted must have
however by expressions oft high respect for hls been revolting to an enlarged and generous nature.
motives and of admiration for his patrioltism. The minds of numbers of these unhappy people
In the debate which took place on the subject, who had repaired lo Henryville, from a great die-
it is added that great unanimity prevailed, and tance, in order torecord their vuies for the indivi-
that while the highest respect was evinced for dual of their choice, were so impressed with alarm
GCo. Gtlmer, and a full appreciation at'hs and terror, thai nothing, could induce them to ap.
d a f proach the poll-anil they hastened to regain their
patriotic motives, it was corncrded on all hands dwellings, under feeling of apprehenasion and ex.
to be due to lie very principles contuided for excitement which i t will require years to subdue.
by Virginia in her controversy with New
York. that the fugitive now eldimed by the THIE CONTEST-ORGU \NIZ TION
latter State e-hould be surrendered. We see in the movemeri- of Ethe denworraitc pt
ty.thatitis prepanie int nelrlv everv c-,untv in the
The Governor's resignation was sent to the state tomeet i. fedleral enemy in ihe Oct,,ber ir.n.
Houses on the same day. test, fully panoplied asid nih conficpr.-re in the
E l w 1 M y reneli of its cause and randd.,t Thus tasrs it
veral attempt were made on Monday to should be ani need ut be persevered in toproduLce
proceed to the election of a (Governor. but fail- a nurcerful iviue
ed, and both Houses adjourned sine die, on TBe prtL. as i a peculiar position Adverse cir
cminllasnced in ,tfnie respectl, hul much mire on rver
Monday night. confidence in its p..rer. nnd a cornsequent relase-
The Enquirer says:-The duties olf the Go- I.,r. ofviilance sild exertion, with si-me waul 0o
vrnor will row devolve upon Jno MN Pattorn. unanimi'y ns in malte sin national meatitre. impair
ed ite a licienrv at tho last I'll's elerono ands gave
Esq...uutil the 31st March-and from tha the airendncy to the oppoiin. Of ihemsetvev
line upon the .uuc'eeding senior Councillor, here ihinga were r-nmugh It) proutie pefeais.arsdldid
Col John Rutherford, until the next Legisla- prod.,e a it as we believe, the dlefe lirene.-s ol mhl
ig i arluzaii't io svir ch we hbve fr.-qneniilv referred
lure shall pass the necessary law, and elect a Ihr the puipI-rae o keeintn alen-iO 1r0 i1 ntalive, else
Governoit a del irise crhAnriipr 1o the iriuninb oh the federal-
I't-. rfolh i, the loi al rid national ele. ti,.n.
Pes s," b YO W.e ha' ep fre.uPntly AI aln Vthl if we are aebk
.,rul ed wlal ihRuld tirt er e chars bI the .t th P f i ,erruit,
author fof-'l'lThe Linwoodi,' 'Poor Rich Man,' cratic part in view o 1 Ihe approaching battle. and
'Love Token, Liveand Let Live &c. Harper & i ',rI niquenIeei.r fI.col or evil hereafter, and lo.
B h a lone tI;ne in all r.r -hih;liiyv, our answer mult he
Brothers. l.~ok li, the ORG 4NIZ \TIOV. inripert i with ericll.
Mis Sedgwick is one of the most pleasing inv. repair in dilurentlh and with zealous pains, and
and must rational writers of the day. All her r 'ever pa2e sil until ihe rniarty is atin Roact in her.
mont,.us enner'.r eiger and anthbusiastic for thecom-
productions bear the deep imprint of sterling bit, and confident of succera Thus Wise roneid'r It
good sense and are the manifestations of a the highest importance; and. ,h-retore. although w
healthful well balanced mind. She is particu. hve repeated i often n, we '"enerate it eten at the
Sthe young, and rk of rendering the sobjeci senri-irrie it our
larly happy in oddressig te young, an he frunda. Thy must bear with IsLtatll events, un.
Journal of Co(mmrret justly remarks : She il we man have thie atisianotion ofannounicine 1n
seems thoroughly to have studied the youthful themi,'ha tilS e..ninlmwork is progresinrg toward.
the svtihc'5for emonS~nommtiOn.
heart; she sympalhises with it. knows its prc- Th. par'i, ha niot ihe ordiaRrv tiak before il it
penii1ies and enters intoall iu I'eelings. This meielnr elriiing its place in the majirr r. with
I. strukit g-y exemplfied in these little s .tcries. I;.rce in Petle l it', the re'peciige ballot bone
eheiie ar rflu-hed ith vuirory in the list rLiralof
writirn for the arnusemrnent and instruclloUn tl sirerngih. and ihpreflure sineg.ine of I'nrins il int the
the young; though they may he read by all r ot nei. hi minlt fiehl ti way back. R eainit at, army of
only with pleasure but prfit truth and tIhe mercenary occupania f .erlr.inaeD under ihe
oy with pleasure u profi for tlirid eterL eniernment. nnd allitarrv enhorts under
nature are interesting to every age. GiSpring the stelate leelaliire I need an enr'ire
in the (ity" is the title ofone of the prettiest sinalinerst ofl pure. and a ur.i.n of sentiment as
the hok, and we are aurahat t l to principles anil mesiiurs. and sv'iem for conduel
storietin he b and we are ure that will ng the campaign., i which there is nni the seent-
be read with patticular interest at the present hianre of dineprer en r dmsse-.innt and to aerure
time, as Lthe sean at describes is at hand. ih s there mu,t be (oncms,,n whee difference nnw
S.r1 m elst, and innoi probably a riqlinn orn a- oin ts
These -SLorie" may be had of Mr Perkta, pontsof controvesy. rf ihe riceirand obhtinacy wlh
Chesnut street. which they are minntained. There im no ne, reiiy
__ for a compromise il prilriplea in obthiin cu(h a
tP' P- ironi or nantimen: ansd oriial co,,pealii.'n In
[a-rTwro FOR THE' PENNsYIIVANIAN.] regard to all tho erentii-, pruriciples 'if demim-rercy
CITY OCCURRENC ES.l a ihv affect the righs of n nqr, and the xnvernmsni
w which Jefler-on c.,in-n.r feora a g nrentee ol'fthe
S iarE AcnlnDn-sr --e,teralny murninlg ear largest lherit nndrer Lhe drmin on of jiu lats there
Fairiuoinltwhile a parni ult ni P were bld-'tng rock, u no ,dilinreemonr. IVWhaiever of thar n.iiire di-
one ul ithe workmen, Sir Edward Boyd, was titin viss dademorrat I-m .n democrat und mars Ihe harm.-
up by ithe prenaitale 'exlooin at a blast which he nv of al. us iconined to pn hllnt t v mv well be
waved for the sake .,f higher nhlerLe; nd we are
wae preparing. I seems he was juis t ihe act nf piut- free in ay thee onghl to hbe merged in Ihe all ab-
tLing the powder into the Shole. it, which amomeit sorhin" desire fir.t lin re.inslate Ihe paruv in power
bef.,re a blatl hsd been made. and in con.equenm'e iwdo oond to the alali and nation. anil ihen an do it
ofs ..sill being healed iI exploded 1fi lace anrid with a perfect nign.ty., is anien rusm.
neak were burned ash eckingly. Ile was tliken to the [Haribug Rp.
Hospnital. whare the I haioniaris are of the opinion, --
lhat he will Ioe ou e of has eyes. THE RKIHT FEELING.
Many o ailet amtered tmemaeliee %ith
IPiar.-On Sunday abhut 12o'clock.a frame house, the eapaett0on Lhal a portion of Ihe democrolr par-
n, at Cr. zier' NMills, about a mile and a hlt a sov e ;y who trelarred a anew tma. would. it GUy. or-
r oN 't tHail Rs.mlet wea re-homnulaled by fthe 4th of Slarin Cunvren-
rl.ciorn. N, J lucallionihth hne oi l r ha s alo l Ra..ili. nm cmnu usLheir opluiiiion to eirm, and tnuBia idi-
wiS ernitirely destroyed bh fire. The house belonged reeI) asit the ledersisld This hope w. knew t o be
Ito a Mir Duke. arid tenanted by a family named lll. iouisb: isejudged ihe "snew man" men by our
Ri.chr.daon Thu sfmly was rinul at home a the uown feeling. nid rensaioning Irom Such -aiialugy.' we
ime-aptioi furniture wa aed. tine that whoever thI eCoraventun might e nominate
tlme--a pruo l Ie urnilurewoni hs re. eie iubeir si.[.url. We are gratified I.
-- -- Isee Willih whIt pIOinpnies. si l le deilrriTraiie juur-
[REPORTED FOR THr PE N5I'LVAli aN.] nal ifi Ihe tsate yield to Ihe decision ot Ihe major.
COURT OF GENERAL 8ESSItl)N8. iy. Sod pledge Itemasluos Iu support the onuina-
'h.-rnae ol tih Commiiiwealt a sR.iwell Se ltin.
gnnegal,'ch.rgeil anih murder, wa3 ,eslerday enni i We ore pa.ticulris' pi earto ind that ou a neilend
InUed on aLcoun i of thR nUgagineniEt of Judge Doran o has wui a ma lione t
IL one branch oh Ins Cmiri. nd the inability u Jtudge dsin e Te i. pig remark are itaen I s o th.
B rion tou bit-caises oi i h de ,-rlpit,1n rqillriug Iw tw m a '
iudge i, be upon 'he bench Mr Brolike. on the lust paper. - -. ..
parn .f Ithe Coaulinton ealuib. an lear. D P.r u--Math Cuae rncenunved t he proceedings of thave Fourthem
and fC J. Jack. for the defending, minlteriesl their of N lch Co nentiobrtoo late r have then mu-
reatitune r to prom-cad saientd in Lindt paper. Gotertor Porter has dbecm one-
araudlier ls e u ofI~ numnaaly .lhoaea tho democrutlc candidale fur re.
Ac leader e Mi rlalT cve lccupied seea h ilcoicied o tai'. W pIherentore place al our ma.t head Ithe
rouierleiltng. The cavu.e uctupuie several hours, a i R. PORTE. On whom we trust the
end w.s ,o.uducied with much gil by ,Air Brooka It"e oav. o wo we tut t
0 bau oh olthe prosecutiuon, aid Ale srs Padarlshad whole pariy wilt ,mi".
h'i o the peun. ..We svrenuoudlV opposed ihe of Cov
e or Plre pruner. P er. but a RmajoDityl o Ihe iemn' rlitc party
...- through Iheir Repre.ernol'ves. have rhuseu him a.
ALmSai vs. U. B. BtK -As many erreeous our staindarJ bearer, we asheerlully submiu; and hupe
Qpninous prevail tiu the effect of ihe d6ICasi, u of thal all in nor differencesohl utuuinhc wile be lorgtuten
Judge hung n retereni's Io the tlnmied Stateu Bank. Len tmie l tlUols harmomhy prevail, aid imu Oclober
we deem it proper ui state trust the qteUinoa us nul heir, let U, guvn s lOaug pull, a strung pull, arid a pull
uitly setlted. The Cu.nn deuisled te unrtenilu, all.tgeiher, and a ilornuua trmuniph will UnterItabll
ltho io/i-,iij'nhe Rel m.niiiun Law. oln ihe griunird hat cronw i uur efurfo.
t ouuld ric hrff'Ar wnthum eosidnc',e an .cre1,iani p Wthg tlhrse whodletred a- -new mat. so promptly
af Lhatl a by time Batk. lI remaona nu be .ae.n wh.. IrI'gniy iheir wiltamgness 1n yield to aBc decruo of
theevt c ee rtginseen an acceptance cn tie oiJmru.r weleel erta-n that lhe old sprit wil
orcannotyetue prsnrud Bt :he old ssem of annpats the eeJ pon athpresent enneac., i,
marked notes, the Bank becomes liable for 12 per so, we vaIll geae bnr gnes. the ,tuaak randluane. a
ceaal mnJret mrum the tim of pr.otesi. and ,n ninmey Ilaierluu deleat imal eltbaer.-rlP.a..uug mannlac.
days al the Itoin reinsmn anpaia. in. chdrner may be lujer.
|m,|ned. (N. Atuenran.
--*.--- From the Savannah Georgian March 20th.
M R h Pi n o HeM.a*ctHoc.r AcctnraT.-Liepl'. Ht., U, S. A.
MDJUR nD t, II|CIBB.--IThe Pk'ayun8 of ] with 7g recruits Ior seevace m 'turide, arrived last
5tl, relates thin pltuJtai of a horrid murder evening, in the brig AtII, from Ballmmore.
and aeioide committal o the preceding day in Two soldiera and ens woman. as well as we
New Orleans. The perptraofe of both crimes could Leain, had permision to come ashore, On
uise a French rearaurhnt named aa on, He returning after night on a casno with two negroesr
iabt a mulatto girl, his slave and ndstr-mea suit the bosl ufMt & the woman was drowned. so she-
JialBlaot girelf. ''his slav wan e~i nlelrB, had ean Wen disovored. The fur men were
then shot hmnsll'. TJ'he girl was enienfey pickadup by enterprising seamen firoe ve-sele in
bit. Ha was going to Frasce, ana seems to the vicinily. One of the men reached the bottom
have shot Itera, *d littself becamsehe could net j of the boat and wee fioaaiumg down with the cur-
heu to part wid bhr iI r at.h

had fallen winh ihe other viciicii nanrd lor the or.
igin.ul da); in the multitude of sufferers no one
cuuld ctilously inquire for an individual, fir the
days that followed there were enough of victims
without him: and so he remained in prison till the
fall of Robespierre, when with so many others lie
rrc-veied his liberty. He owed this maraculoua es-
Scape, not the least strange in the strange history
of the resolution. partly to the kindness of the goa-
ler, partly and mainly for his good temper. He
was a uuversal favorite in the goal."-Foreign

.Mew Praocess f Copying Sieatuter.-An inge-
niodsa instrument, ascribe u to M. Collas. has been
invented in Fiance. which professes t.) copy, with
out the aslstance of'an artist, and with extreme
coirecines,, any medal. bia relief, or statue, wheth-
er of wan. plerter. wood, marble, or metal, to re-
duce or enlarge its dimensions without impairing
the harmony of its proportion., anid to copy it on
wood, stone, ivory. or- narble. with n arccutacy
such that the artist himuelfcould not dulslrngigaihed
Ihe original from the copy. All this tlie Cories
process us stated to accomplish easily, and at an in.
considerable coat. "We have already admired,"
says a Paris jouinail. 'the bas-reliefs of the Parthe-
ion, the oiiginals of which are in Lotnidon; the
Ve.aius of Milo.'still so beautiful, despite of her mu-
tilation; arid several other preciojj models, reduced
In proportions of to-il'vhis or a hall', with a truth
scarcely conceivable. The Partlhenon metropes,
hose venerable m rnumenis of art at its origin, are
moulded in plaster, wilh their parts worn by time
and their mulianed projectures. We have have al-
so remarked .everal lhnge bas-reliefs reduced upon
lealite to bthe proportions of a cameo. Nothing ias
wanting in themn. The most fugitive details of the
model are seen with a lens in those charnaing co-
pies "

UMBRasLLA. IN FRsANCE.--rance, blier all. ma U
fie im rket C..r untriella makers, their piys de cor-
9, is. above all, Bllttany and N..ijr.arl)t Hate
yo u been atl Rouesl I us a nemil'itiul tiiy. whose
walls are rotered iih luxiur.tous verdure sihen n.i
e,.vcre-I wih a, ale. uf salai rom tLup to buttei '-a
wet. swamnped end hilly a ity,.where rail falls 365
hisve in the year. wiltrr'iut r-.koranig the nights.-
Whiol[e moiilratn 1i l umbrellas are ,,oinumed at
RlJuen; the vuuni Ouvrier, who in he miriing.
siari noin the tnse Lti go to Inh printed uollon ma.
(iuilaciorne., boysem r-eeli the iolavin %%scih -hel.-
leis her Irom tha trieratual deluge; and iI is cur.
'in.- ti see or, Shturday nigrtia ihu roads cots ered uith
lite %leniders come to eSIt'L IrI iU tliem on their war
haonme the Irinlte el live su, ded',me'I slowly to (an-
eel so sacred a debt We cannot conclude more
usifolly this letuned, but ver incoomplele, history
olihe umt-rellae, than by recording here two obser.
5ali5.tid which epenrti.ce ha miuied to tlhe rank of
undenlahie eionms, howesr they may differ fuorn
lh.) law-. whuith generally regular e properly:
'in parapldie prete ne is rend |>ss.
IUn parapluie n'r|iapartienIt a peisuie "

THn STOraV PIetCaeLM.-Anm-ing ithe peierei
irbe may be cli'aed ine C.'pe pigeon, whirh derives
11i iianOv Ir,,tn is lait.ied re-emul,'nLe toihe naues
oul our dJuecols it is abiut inhe sues ol the latter, the
piumiage prettlily marked aliernalely wilh black and
white. It is re aled ui these birds ihat male and fe-
male alwava go in couples, and become BO tuiinliv


CANADA ELEtCTIONS.-It appears that tlie YT ArnTANU .-Ani ., for the rele ofthe
union party in ICanada, which includes the Amislad negroes hbavies n recqivptid'by.tbhet. .
stories en pnar inC will have a considerable Marshal, weunderstiandl t they were yesterday
oriea en mtsse, will ham e a conadiaderable me duschaiged, and thi. moilig pioceededto Fairn.
lorby in the Parliament of Canada, under the Ington. wheru they are to be sctocled on the man.
new organization which merges both provinces ,al labor plan.- I lie gudrdianrhip ul the it.ree ki.
into one. The following extracts shew that male children. war clsi iud by Mr. Amos. Town.
many of the election grounds were disgraced send, Jr. on an order rom the court uf piero.eir-
by tumults of the worst cli.aracter, in one in- with which Col. Pendleion ielumed to comply : the
ltamnce, at lRuuvlle, resulting in the loses ofth ild perferrtog to stay pith him. On Tuesday,
I l at lbe opening of the County GouIL. Mr. Baldwin.
three lives. T'he violence seems to have onr- in ehalli of Mr. T'owi.send. made applicaion to
ginated with the Lory party, intimidation being Judge Hicheack, for as wait ol habeas corpus, Ior
a favorite weapon with Lie minions of royalty their cUSlodLly, alleging tbat they wre unlawfully
in the provinces. The Journal oh Commerce, imprisoned arid detaped by lthe Col. Thie daflen
in alluding to these, remarks as tfol- dant. by hi. aLtorn ,iteasrs. R. I. & U. A. In.
Iowa :gersoll. requested tita tv answer to the connplatir.
owe o: upon facit which they believed" p I e tiue--hat
We should like to hear what the Montreal he d-(endntieriaised qo control onei the girls-
Herald and roronto Patriot haee to say to thbe.e that they remained with him fiorn choice, crying
things Thehy are exceedingly fond of 'making at the thouglth eflenihg'--thai they were living at
the most' of any distrdnes which occur on tis 1his house by his pelmisiorn only, and their onn
snde of the line,-atrributing themn, of course, to free will. A motion was made on WVdneiday
the demorhlizinr' irt.luerunre ul republican intitu.- morn,ing by MI. Baldwin. loi an order ,f Courl toL
itina. Probably Ihey will c.insidei the Canada the effect thai the .baluhion Iruend of'ithe gitl.
rioas a further pr..of ol Ihe aaine doctline; Ior night be permitted L. 1ee and adi-e with them
pl.inrly if the'e were no popular tleciionr, here without sny obsitruciton. Aecoidingly the CU.urt
would be n riodnl guawinil r ut t tthe-n. ordered thlt they be brought tulo Courl in ihe al'-
The late Presidential election in the United tenoon, which was done, and the case argued un.-
Statea enliried the wamfnstl zr-al at a l.tge portion fit B8o'clock in the evening, when the Curlo ad.
oil our people,-Ltho parties being yearly balsonced. joumne, decision not yetl Jlaeeiu
and trie struggle s-ser. Yet In polling 2.4UU.000 uC unt .Varcli tuih.
voLes. 1hioughoutl Ite ntie cotntory, eotrlngiturag
corseqtertly the worst as well as the beaL of ibthe he following anecote of Schlaberndorf, who
population. not a life was lust, and we do not re- Te niln o who
member the occurrence of a'sinale tiol worthy of ed ielifve ewby losing boo, is curios,
the name., We would not insitlute such a com. b n o
pariron, if it were uotl forced upon us ti self deo hlii morntnj the deat-cart came for itsa usalle
fence. number of daily victito$: and Schlabenderi's name
nce, was called out. I-e immediately with the greatest
From r4i .Yaorreal 7I mes. 16th inst. cooinesas and good hutnor prepared fir departure;
At the Vaudreuil election, had rnol Mr. Jobin presence of mind in some shape, a grand sloiciam
loiounsiely found means to fly unperceived from the or mere indiuffeence, weae iummuon in hose tern
cerue ofrict and confusion, hie life would have ble times. And 'chlabsheridoirf was not the man to
bren sacrificed to the lury of the Tory mob. make an ungraceful departure, when the unasoid-
The Rouaille affair han turned out Ihe most se- aile must of late stood sleinly before him. He was
ilnuilv.-slteady are three indivduasia known tn sngon dreaned, only his booted were miss-ng; he
h v. died of the injurines inflicted on them by the saught, and ought. and the goaler sought with
ruffian supporters nt the Tory caute. 'Wl'e are hap- him i ttthis corner and in that; but they were not
py to lean that Mr. Franchero. the liberal candi- to be found. -Wl1l,' said iehlaberndmrf sharply.
date, had ihe good lurtuns to make his escape thiu is too bad : to be guillotined without my boolis
from the barbattiiane. munie ei.ough to ase his life. w.ll never do. ark ye, my g od inend' conotin-
as there is not the least doubt Lhat had hie remain- ued he with simple gool humot to the goaler,
victims to Ith eause ul IbLertyv and RIefom. it i the man they 6sat, nq c 'ouesdya or Wednes.
SThlie the hiverrs election was carried' on upon day.' The gosaler agreed. The wagiros. full
the same bymanem of tyranny and oppressaion by enough without that one-head, went offl to its des-
which the other election were characterized, bul m1natimn Schlahernd.rf remained in prison. Next
fortunately no lives were lost; the Liberal candl- mo at11uig. at the usual h.ur, the vehicle returned;
dale Mr. A. 'IT. Hart. seeing the means which were anrid the victim who had 0so sltrangely escaped on
employed to secure iMr. Ogden's return, at all haz- the previous day was ready, Lboots and dat, wati.
arda, judgrd it lWrlt prudent to relire and protest ing ihe w.,rd of command. But behold his name
against the illegauliV of the proceeding.; had lie not was not heard that day; nor the third day, nor
done so, it is impossible to say what the result the fourth; and not al all. There was no mystery
might have been. in the matter. It was naturally supposed thal he


The Republic. a newspaper published in ito,
fumiahes an inltereating accounit of a military a-
chieomeient during the Ametican Resolution. It
is said to be well authenticated, and ought to be
preserved. ias lUutrauing the baroimn a lic-quenily
exhittled in thoae time :
-Durinng the .cigor aSavannah, Capt Fi.en I,
ofl De's Ilrt battalion. itli oue huumied
rmen (British regulare) "'as posted on the igee.
thee river, about Itneril) live toileds afom basvanah.
Theie lat tbe aEuri plaetar le aroifl v, sel..
the laigeal of which mounung fourteen guns aud
having ou hbad altogether lILy-one men. Colonel
%hatire, ('*plain uliltnU. lhiee aeldiels, and the
Colonel's uon servanrtl-a al l six-appiu.meinime
this post or, the evening f ibhe 301h epLtember,
I 9t, and kindling a lage nunt'be' ou" hrea, nuit-
nioned French to sunrender. Whine and his com-
rades, at bthe some time weme hiding about in vaii-
ous diiecltona and giving oldeln in a loud sanid pe-
rempLolyr voice as ar performing tie duLties of s tff
to a laige army. French giving full credit to tie
opinion of ihe realiv uof wisat he saw, and being
very ollcil'mu to part heberlurblitanL reliusin o'
blood, which mnut inevitably be Ihe ccnie.auence
of an eegagemenit with al hicao 80 up-rior in num
ber, surrounided the whole delachment, together
with ihe crewa 1 the fiveveessemld-amulntLing in all
t) otue hundred anrid lorly-one men, aid one hun-
deed and thirty stand oul amas.
Col. \Ibllts had yet the moit intlcale parL of
ibis delusive gmnie tO play; his whole loirce being
stratagem, it was necectiury to keep up the dlu-
sion olCaptain French unild the prisoners were
secured. 1To tie accomplishmernt o I ti inipoltanit
and, Colonel White represenited to French the an-
imoay tof'his troops, aa being so ungoternable
that a little stratagem would bepecesaary inorder
to preserve the punsunera from massacre, by the
injured, and revengeful Americans; and, therefuoe
suggested the plan of placing uihea under the con.
duet of three guides, whlo should condaci them to
a place of safety. Wilhb many thanks for the Cul's.
humanity, French accepted the proposition, and
marched offal a quick pace under the direction of
three guides. fearfl at every step, that the insati-
able rage of %b'ibe's troops wiuld overwhelmingly
burst upot1 them, like the voluminous mountains
oh lasa. which buoisting from the heaving volcano,
moves with inconceivable velocity, dealing sudden
demolition tu the surrounding villages, in defiance
of Whiteu'a humane tatlmt.t to 'eairian them.-
While. as so. as neI.) were out of aughi, employ-
ed hiansel in collcenng the amlitsa ol the neighbor-
hood, with whom he overt...ok his pisonersa, and
conveyed lltrn tiweniy-fie miles, in great safety,
to an American fol. I'hus ended the greateet
stlanagen ever recorded in hlrluoty.
i' the Roti.lutionaret U % r had not been replete
with unptecede'nted achievements t.1 -kill and bia.
very, we would, at this time, in my humble opin-
ion, hav e been crouching to the crown of Great
Britain, BHt we thank that all peuvading Being,
who led uur patiiutic lathers to glorious war, and
brought the medium of human agency, by which
to regulate their actions, which have been trans-
mitted to on their posterity, and which salutary
laws we have animated hliopes of being able to
tr4nansmt to our posierit)."

Theo recent decease of Commodore Stevena has
led ud.)u0a t.riaOn the linstothe.ldeal arnd living
cumrmader sih .)shed so much lustre uporm our na-
tiuliul dlug in tlie laiL warl. War wse declared in
Juiie. lig. 'e un, wan signed at Gnuti.j Dec 24,
181b. anud proclhimed by the Presndai,. Feb 18,
There were fileen naval actions between British
and Americas ie reli 'war tolu elesen taiAles
toluughi by si'.;le 'hip-, thie Amertins coiiqi,,ered; in
Iuur sril the tirliii tnitiuplied--[o ul m itch acre
bf a irFle J .iipl, st.e%.mptake, ni i7 gums. taken
Iy llie 5.2tnlui 5h -', and ihe Arou.. 16 guii. iaken
ry ite Pc[llau'i, 2u. 'ihe other tmuj Brit.h cat.lures
were I-.ILu ..toic ad I ur tl, one a gBiuiln us.
During i ht tsri.. iliirre er taplured iron lthe
BHrtlh. uii Ithe a -i.'.. Inre Irlgamoi. anrd tiliesn
l-or.-ul att. sand Bamnitierhipsd, aUd on (bs LiLke.
thirteen aeierals uflth-llm Igale aud sloop.- The
w hl'e niumner ciptireso by lUb ArAmeriLcia a.eVr.
Ih.rLy use. 'T'i.e BiiiAn uuh I'fromn us. sod Iledirot d
an nrv. yarda. hjuti aneily ihree armed vei,1plt i.t
ihrte Irigales. iCreesipedke PresUdei,. anl utEasex.i
twelve ltips arid gun hrige. and eighl r'hooliier-.
Ul uhe c.j unnander i IUUgniL Ie ti naval butiiles.
Ilhere heve died-
Pe-hiur. wlto io-Ak the Macedonuia. Oet. "25. 1812
huinbidu.e, who Look thin J. Dee L9, IR112
Lawrene u h luuIl., lthe h'eaLunk. Fer i,. IIS
Buruwrwesd. %nu tUook ihe Buorer. S ept 5., tl
Blakely who look lithe {eside, r. June 28. t8i4
Alo,. ho Astuii. Septl 7, 1814.
Pery, of the Lawtrence; Almy, oftife Someri, 'uilk
I iIn..' i i- e 1 igieSsa c nll,. of the Porecupine, end
SHoldup Stevens, oul the 'l'rippe. at C."tminwntore
Perry's squadron that captured the Brutih .quao-
ron ol six ships on Lake Krie, ei uto, tll3.
Murloniough. .i Ithr aaiiulsgat ai HerilIy. I trlhe L-
ile. ul LO-t .u ind..,- l.a'..lUuu.ii' squadron tliat
ruptured ihte luritish e ui-Jrun l fourvessels on ha.iipla-rn. 'leit 11, 1614
Alie,. uo the Argu. taken J) ihe Pelica.,
Aug. 14, 1813.
The surviving naval commanders in the last war,
who achieved victories, are-
laac Hull, who nook ihe Guerriere; Aug. 20. 1812.
[)au.d t'orinr. who uok Ih Alertri, Aug. 13. o112
anrd luughl the riihub Pibuabe ai.d Chernb al % i1
parae..., a 'March 24, 1814.
J. n J,,o r,.j look the Fielic, Oct. 1S, 181.I
Lewia Wariirigion. who took the Epervier,
April 29,1814.-
Charles Stewart, who took the two sloops Levant
asid Cyur.e Aih ihe Cu1i.iiluiuit;on, Feb.20, 1815.
Jea.e L Ullh'nit, lto ituirU iiin Ji the Niagara, in
Perry's victory.
Daniel Turner, ho coutmanded the Calenonia.
S1ephen han,,pln., wh.uc iutuanuled theScorpion.
mn.tieun (.a.h, uil ithe 'J'icolnerigs, in Macdon
oug5'a victory., 1
On the surviving commanders, all are post Cap-
tains except Commander Champlin and Captain
Thlie arerihany survivors still on the list four
pallal. naivil officer* who were distinguished by
hirrat-ry arndJ eundu I. ii lite wabr, under the cow
mand ofasuperiors; oul the ua,)ve are all the srtvi.
vores otl those that had immediate commands. I'h5
catalogue presents thirteen deceased and nine lv-
it.g.-- (Bos.or Port.

March 24
jir4ui State Fuses. 1634.
134L -,o .i. 1-0.
5 ai. Mlet haums Lk
JU do d i.
5 du N,,rtlieri bk Ky.
hlu K-Huisi.Iy bI..
.a hamcii CI ilu.iigto.i Hlt

After First Board.
lIH01f1.i U 1N S r 3 day)s % lit
Sl do do
O Uu d it aksUrg Bk

64 RhslUSBnnk- t'. intu
$9W.J Stle 5'- lt. + la IUo
OO5 .Io do Ib51
$I tu Cam and Amboy Bo-da ab5 ItO

95 tnr. Li 375 do Del &PHod CanaIl, 87 SI
liti do Viactaiiru hl-. 5
f it .tiJ. ,'hlh.i.k [r 55 54J
15U dI. ..tiingit.n HR 28 '4
4 '.'. Hitrlci, I f" SI 261
S10 no Patterson R 4H
160 do Long Island HR 52 ,'-R
asr Ultica Hit t1l6
lu d& Ketiid.k bhk. 60
2u do New Jtr1eI R Il69
42 .nrs Bosetoln na L'rulvidence RR 93

At the Mount Vernon House, Jan. 3. by the Rev R
Gerry. Mr JOHN HaLu;HErt. ol P.lid 6,iphu county,
to Miss MeAr ANr S;OaRLeIt r, 1 Morlnigomnerv

On Saturday evening. March 13, at his residence
near'Wilkeesbarre, Asaxa MIsoR, aged about 3
On the 23d instant, in the 47th year of his age,
Mr JOHN CouvTZx.
Funeral from hia late residence, 353 north Front
street, ihis afternoon., at 4 o'eloek.'
On WV..l nI.,, rioraiig 'he A44th inst. Mrs LEaH
MuRFiN,i, i' ie 't-5h year of herage.
Her triends and acquuiatan'-ea are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, is uO'jL' ttliher notii'c.
from 161 isri Itli. as reei. ithi s aiiernoon.
On the 4il. Mar ii. 1841. tkoasn Paires,. young-
est son of Aaron and Theresa UOsbor, in the 3d year
"d his age.

aiai uva-I ph~itba sb55k~F5 o *I a''r
UF.itk.mliej ('umirill,- fir Marcem.
\'illN RIUtVN.

Eosmt 'aNOtce. 1
Eastern at 2 nAtI Eastern at 4 ra
N.York A &2er .N .York "SbA4&4nP
Southern" 12 A Southern I ra
Wesern 54 0 AM &51pAr j Western 5A M S &21 ri

Lt'ter l u4",,
it tre Phi.,a'd,'e/iiu Eic4anirr.
Ship Adel.idje. [DubL. Loi-lon. so,.n
Sti.p lleieny I'rIil. nia) Rogers. Canli. -Lopa
Sbip Cordova, Lowell, Brmene, March 17
Barque (iasi.db. Ilall,
i. ,bia. r, f Tuate arnd Leghorn, March 20
Barque Cora, Warner,
8t Thomas and Marataibo, soon
Bsarque IVaerl. Mnirnuroe.
l,1jtievildeo and Buenos Ayres, soon
Barque Johni \' Caletr. Oa is,
%i Thuimas and Si (Croit. OiiJ
Btn rjue Luis.a. ;new iHei anigiot,. Havana, soon
Bii4U. J,.[iiiiOe. Johnion. New Orleans, stnon
brig W'i<-'h].-i,,i. WVilkins, P;rit ad Pr.i.rc .uon
Brig Orion, Steward, Lagunyrt. u...n
Brig Doretia, Henderson, New Uileila., mnon
Brig Hotltrens, King, I Mobile, soon
Schr WinTompkins, Oliver, tLaguayra. March 18
jr, All Len era intended to be forwarded by the I 1
verpoi),l Ps kea,. 'ntl other" adierrtised in t1 e
abovelwit. tMru left al the foreignn Letter 0. 1,a
up atu. Philadelphia E clihange. .ild nentropped i)>
h,, uidFi t- th ,,m.

""ti,' tel rihdala.-- iarbh S,$

Scbhr Henrietta, T.,dda, 4 days from Richmond, with
coal and tobacco to James
Sloop Staffor-I Siriri.uir lr..m Havre da Grace,
with mdae to ('asiuer, .'hrn.iian 4- Curran.
Barque J W Cater, Davii, St Thomas, John C Da
Brig Starkilerf. Bealt, Matanzs, John Welsh.
I rig Alaria. Season. Halilax, NS. Thus Watnon &
S. hr Byron. Robbins, St John, NB. AC Bart I) &
S.:hr Aiabella,(;r-en. Nes Vi-.rk. R F Loper.
Sthr Lagreiane. rotelh. It hn.on.i. .Jo HrHi
Nloop r;1 il1bir. Rlooi. Bitumure. Jar land.
Bige ht, Aik. Ali.. New %or%. C KRing & Co.
r- The report -if ri e ship Thomas P. Cope being
lie-ul, eI- 'ailiioie>'ed ,a our last, was erroi'.euuu-i
.r..s Ir.'m-in ib J.hi, Cumrniings having been inslvr
len Il.' her
nip !uJs-jiiehar nin, Mierrken bence ufr Liverp.ol.
isa.' spokel hi Ire pilOt boat Jnmes Aver). uof New
1ore T'he S khidly tu..ppled Ihe J A ilth wood,
Packet chip A.bibm i..Trrived at NOrlens 5it.h ini
in 3Jlday. ,roin NI\ rk
llnarji- MNIinrinna. I'lue, sailed Irorn Malaga 15itli
ult. for Montevideo
Barque tiercules, Ames. hence for Trinidad de
Cuba, was spoken 0th inmat. lat 36 14, long 73, all
well-by Capt Plummer ofslchr Globe.
B rque Alna Reynolds, Doane, is up at B,.-toui for
Philad. to sail on Smurday.
Barque Levant, Hall, was at Matanza ]ibh inat
Barqje Delaware. Fisher, sailed from Boston on
Surii.lty for Philad.
Britg Susan, Johns, cleared at Port Royal, Jam. 23d
ult for Trinidad de Cuba.
Big F tglr. Eliirdge. lur Philad. sailed from Boston
Bre Nc- lH.nosver.Carty, hence, was below Sa-
iahnih l'XL inlst.
Brie' R.iwea. D1II sailed from Portp Cabelo 71h

au'armvua. i'.' urn ... ci.', ,=,,.i .,.- ,,,i .~,,.ii o I :,.ei. Iorm 'hnld. rin Co. with the Pedrzati, at ern
, I, t-.r days a rounirid the di,,,,ng bud,. man,- AMacVt,.--Thc following definition and Y rk. g every sign ot grieh at the Io l s ..I oIts male
[Spunitg Magazine. illustration of adverbs is 'taken from the Comic Brig Junius, Brown, hence at Leghorn 21sat lt. lvia
Port on. Prim.e.
English Grammar published in Londor Br.rg Oak. at ,. hen. e at Bo.iin ..n Monday.
LotIIIANa PtfsiUAt.s -Jefft rson gave eleven rill. ."a adverb is a part of speech, which, joined Brg W\m Pin. BaKer. is up 1t bo.ou for Phailad.
Ionst o uolr fr Lusaa. and the government to a verb an adjective, or an.thr adverb, serves Saturday
have received. -auee bhs purchase, t14.5ot9,vel ticr Brjg Pihzrim. H,]le w St RiO Jenverooil Sa.urd-
the ales uf public lad,-ree an a ha,i million to express some quality or circumstance concerns. Brig P.. HIe atiJaeiro23dJan. e-
netter Thantile puI 'lhae money, besides having on lng it: as, S- She ilorrs dreadful.y; iltii nc-ur. t .porle uir na- n L e 2.h she wanmpot
hand ai 01 acres y. L 10o ell within the rigibly lazy; and she is almot c'lrueuall y in r t, rir rre 1i Port Royal, Ja. l.let ult.
boundriehr tilI .hAcem e. Snr..rpe. at Port Royal. Ja. 2stlatnt.'
nourndareas ul the ut nf. liquor.' Iruam N(IrlIais
'me salre of pubicends in Leuta"ana from Sanri. "An adverb is generally characterized bv an. Schr Jubilee, SiarTLrd. hence at Norfolk on Satur-
ay1 I. 1t9.s1. to JIauulrf r 1.10. fau, ,]8 5 he",low: ring to the ,4u,.tilii, how? hw much? th, nK day.,
Naucrtuot he- laud cffio.n esceelutiein l oled, ,he other or where? as in the verse, Merrily danced the Schr Antelope.Uttl/urd, sailed from Norfolk on Sa-
lour omliCes. Opeloi us, New Orleanu., lusthlta and Quaker's wife,' the.answer to the question, How lurtIy to' NI Jalns. NF.
Grteniabrg. ,in the- 8.e 'did she dancet is, merrily. Schr aren. tHrner. sailed from Norfolk on Satur
The ensuing nrn. rmuntri,. from J,,nuary 1, 1840. SeenrJ adverbs have been coined in America day for PhLMCawl ey. fr. Pee rg for .hilad..
to Ocoiuer I.I ut ie aisme year. Lhe ale- at ilie 0l'a- of late; and some of them are very remarkable put into Norolk on. Sunday to finh lorihin llg.
chils otti.e eaceedd aim y uIther in te State. Thr Ibr a'patrlicular' elegance : as I reckon you're Schr Emreline, Peterson, hence at N Yurk on Mon-.
lutal IL all the ourticr+ h...r the Tine monthawnas-..cre CaldWmanif i chawed up.' (av,
ai laud. 14901u l21 IOU. eamouuting to 1*ls9ti815 iwmp 0/4.aedup'cly
01 hnd, 14U 71 "l la.uhhn o19 U. "In the ttmmp, just givenithere is tobe found, SckrCyrus, Howard, hence an Kiigeton. Jsm 23d
[i kug Fe besides the new adverb, a word which, if not also ult
b.LI Oe BowCsr.-Te Log Cab new tO the English student, is rendered so both SBhrrifn, Hough,at New Haven 20h inst. irt
,thus city ties oBen said at u on, with L o i. by its orthography and pronunciation ; namely Br dgLorme. e Paron, Colecleared aNYork on
ill h~dCit Fla te. sad aiou i,.)n wih a, oji.DY C cr, Emehr, e Peason, Cole. cleared at NYork on
tlon lhalt it should ie musoed within ten dae,. I, chetrw'd. This term is no other than 'chewed,' Monday for Phiolad.
w d parchsaed by ir S D. Longiiee. who.keeps onudified (as words, :ike Ihitgthings, would seem Sch- George lite, Suilni at Richmond on $on.
dairy near the tii)'; ,nl. itherefore, we infer that it to be) by transportation to a foreign country, day ironi, lgg ilarbor.
wiAIl saIl be abpprornuied to the samse uies that ,t 'IChawed upi is a very strong expression, and is a-hr J.,h,. Still. eal, sailed from Richmonemd on
has been here.lure Mir Langlree should hbe rare ,eemplord to signir'y the a ost complete state of SSunia ii.r Philad
f.1i. or his calves ill caien hl "- swelled ben diacrnlomhitur. aisd delean, when a man ias much ce Harset, Weeks, hence at Buona ou Su.
The duseasa wan very prevalent sInonR three v rus- h b t mc nuis;sptlc lay.
au.-ted tle c ii hie It a dsupp,ad tuobe brought .acrushed,mehed,andcommituted,idorallyspea.k. red atBoan o
un by total abaline..t from water. LGlobe. Ig. as if le had hliterallty and corporeally undre- Sotu.dlyi tuhilad
I 1 0 gone Ihe process uof ilJaticaiion. Catawampous. Slojp latntie Derusey. at Buaton on S-ilrday fr.-m
Rater Sevre. A young bock of the soap. lv,'tis a canceltraiitl. of 'hopTle'sl,'"tremeitdous- Cal.-rn NJ
lock order who were an unhaven f ce ihecaue sa lv,' th.,rouglily.' and -irreocrably;' so that eata. Steamnhoat Telegraph. Defining, hence at N Vorkl,
he said, at looted riegan" lately accosted aY a- npously chawed up,'n means, brought as nearly on
he aid. 1l looked s asegn, llelyos: et1o a stateof utter aunihil.ton s n t thing coy-
lkee a o e of our hiefs a vdfollows: aiamently with the laws of nature can possibly be. L,,1 o'- l84, of "Dci. 1 i '1dLsL' -Ber"ioe R,-Islr'
"I-avlellow. done individuals think I am a Ftr the metaplhoical use of the word chawed,' Sptecer I%'diy- fr..m B.- 9 9 ays Ir.-ni te
Frenchnman and oiom takeme for anIallahn. now made b' the .nmrteane., three several reasonsC L eape a.rrivedINew It w ,,riet nmlay -. nn'ilelucet
what do you think lainl" have been given' i 1. Faminliarinly with the manner % cyss r.n, sv ah.rk o,, he -nr aad ta -,nlid
"1 ihaln yon are adatned fool" replied Jone- i which the aligstor dpospats his victims. 2. iu haul S.rI in: I.l,. ell i., ith t ,he hri
that. The carnmihjbil.-i ol Ihe Ahorginesa. 3. The deli-. Wino C\alice. DL.I. rv tin o li'hdelpih'a ni, Ni .uhr
Scate practice of chewing tobacco. Each of these I nBeril lul ut l v1O ater-iuLk uf.fltie ,.apiaiu. ulti
'ruI ones.-The edUtor of the Maine Cuhliva- is auppiorted by ii hunirous arguments, on the con- cers aid r.i"
lor has received a psifl' irarge hem.u" from Rus- sideratuon of whi. l it aould he quite out of the L'autt. e brtg t/uota.yi -Ith i tLuled th.1 tih
vma-.aid to be prolifitlayers anrd escellent poul- quesllon to eater li this place." big a-i&n%.,r-,irid ot Cucirirt, was boo"
to rustJonn,,rc, amid hi ,t 4L),,' ho, *.,mu h cain am. hoar, --
try. Chanticleer '"sa Buatnd by the side ol a flour Sluie jsaa itery ih. and thd ,,iade lta- i uBader A
barrel, and eat corn, with ease, fom the top." RECDrnIN. or 'FTir SEA -The Phare de Rochelle jrn'lenanr hs Fea, hced Nierlilk tio was a pa-.e. -
sn.led inalt the asea i receding so rapidly Irom the .er in the isnacl-he s.a-s thia The brig I "the Men
STATE oNsaTIc ASrLUM.--W'ehate just re- bay of Boura Neu', thatilbs remainsiofan Euglish ",,guv, liar'.o,a oid kt-r Btunhnire lrL,m I'urki In.1
ceived a copy of 'he Eighth Atnnal Report of the H,-ofar, isunting ul guns. whii h wasI o .l on a i. lihe ire lelL ihe ve.sel ashe wa ilea ly a To-
Stae at of werF.l witl th o yslier-bank, called dies (euvre-. whit.l i. ii w rest The MI. saled hente 19th Jan via Ki. g.-
state Hospital at \\ rcesier, togher with thal purui ulo a Frircih ship, in .52i. is orrw Lo be fuund Lo Js
uf the Treasurer, and tie elaborate and interesting in ihe nidtal oh a culisvareld plainr. I in alt-ularin, .'; lparrk-T'hhes shr Philip Depe)sler, P.rker. 2
report of ihe Supeinioendent of that Institution. ithe depth lf tihewater where Ihis vsrel struck. di oum New VurkV., in bll-. baoln], osto Nurluir.
Each auccesarve reportifrtliu inistituton affordsa uith itu priientri leel, it will be afluful1 Ini. ihe depih swass niesa, ashore abo-ut 6 milea suul ot l Cape Hen
addultonal evidence ofil extensive utehulness, and ol the elaas h tm lnnriahed al lea-a rineer, i eem. e,, oi tIedresoy urn.,nig Inast. a' 6 '.ms.I ,t k in ihet.
the east service which Irhtheskillgn' 1eind en,. Lstorm Her mu1l0ascle %.ass sepr Irom
he erce which enders..through h Coeesi uL ,r reria --rhlscnoner Margaret Ann. ear. and S e ahlurted a ["iii. brle id lying well tpilhe
and humane and mlan ismduoua labors of ts con- Galesamaier, ihe 23d oull. h,uno I 't Johnaprufnig bearh lull ol riler. It s presnumed sh will he gon-
duciors., a leak. an,'l ruen or Parrsbiro'. When within two ten onf.
There have been in tie Hospital in the course iml- Ihee niiles.i thie sateore, ear ',pe d shr l]e be A snip inh b a btar in her lforat-. pai. standing
of the last year, 391 patents, of whom 162 were cante welerliogged. and lell oer ,..I. her beaimn ends. NNiWV. wa. sern in la 37i-u, I.,ng73-nu daise-by
admitted since the coamenciment of the year. Two men jumpesI mmii the b,8at nand pulled of,. leav.- lhe tPu,ce on No Inri.
[here were I5 pti.nithechargjn the course tin( f,,ur iJe. enr.d s female behind, at.l slithough en- A. .nall sloop arrived at Key We.t previous io 4th
Sphere were 15. patle h dscharger en Ieh2 cure TreateJ t,oreturn lto he ea.el. they persisted ,I, pull- lnst trom N.e-ti sum .nl,,n.oaion That a barnuo's
o he year. fwm wIre recovered. w ng for Tie h-,,re, which ihpey reabne4 in auch n carit" had ben Ihrouehi in there.
improved, 29 discharged tor want of room, being endusied aisle, hat one ofl them died abnul hall arn Pil,t huast Jo-epi N L.,rnl. which arrived al New
harmless, and 15 died -,Bane hur al'er, the oth.r, Nelsan Dodge. reLoseied Il \'eont oui Ml'lndny night. reijrts llie ship Mlemphas *n
- u suipponaspd that ihoss that renmiainpd uon ,oald Ithe ih asci e1ua,.Lirno a raenined before, barque ashore
SFaoNT SPaET RAIL IoJli[-On Mondlay even- veasel mu.t have perished, l- tHailiXl Rto.:dec. on Squam Bea t i, mealy men at work; a sloop ann
ing. the District ol fensington wae again daisgraced. [Reported for the Petniltvaniar.] srir ahore at thel Tavern H,,'iude, men at wtok gel-
by the lawless proceedings of a mob, of shootI 2(001) PHILADELPHIA AND COLUMiBIA HAi L ROAn tnrg them off.
pernns. who assembled together and tlr up sen- Coin.LCrus' OrFFICE. March 2* 1841 The FIrilda. of Charleatloun. wih Ira n of master.
rel hundred leer ol otiht rid beltween Ihes S Tone The hollowing shews the colleciuna at this orfitie ak and Ge ofh the cla w was spoken 30mh Feboub-
Bredre and the nirthi pat of Kehustogtmui The road Rai sway. Si Power 'founl. ny.
was brokn up in Tdiffunt pl ace. so a to render 1mon a per Pite Eban Pruble. from New York for lMilla.wea
the whole useless i S-Gag. ILst report. .21.726 61 30251 5t1.96, 93 alnikeni Oct I. at 3 4. iu.g t, 3,ri
Ami. woeei end- Barlm Florida. frime- lew ork [o Batava. was
DatisitNI Rpn M tR .L T'as Rix o 'r THas.-- i Sg March '0, at A,,jer 31sat Oct.
A laboring man, who wIl in tbhabit of indulg. 1841. 1.879 1i 1 348 0" ,[7 -- L% cra -tI- ARLE.-C. BURLEIGH. wil1
ng occealoueally tor 'fr.r in te usue pf strong Lraire un Thsurdy eveirei, Man LL 2.ah. at 7a
drink, applied not losg4. t one of our towns, c mt. 1H 84 31.610 06 o k L r
men orremployment, Tb latter agreed to atm. A B C:JUMIINGS, Collector. Reatrg Rom, corner of ubt.lEnA esutnt streets,
ploy hon for several moial siop on)vlllion that he eirance from tThe aesoureof thiars r and Lodge sreeso. Da
would abstain Irom drinking entirely, during Ihe -ibmcrcy. oureharacerndaisO3-.d3
time-but eabould be ial4 to temptation. he was waLNUT STRaET THEATRE. __ .. _.......... _-
to forfeit hie wages, 'rheapborer profesed hiswil. The great epectancle of Hookwood with its une- IIIARNDEN & CO.'S FOREIGN LETlTER
lingnees to accept the prl4posal., an the condition quelailed dresews, scenery, decorations, e. eta. tor .i OFFICe
sealed, when hie employ* expresed asome fears night for the eleventh time, .Let no Oae who hasa OIC
N' a 42 &ut*Tkird argel,
thlt he woald insn vili at forget his resolution. failed to see this piece miss seeing 1t io-night: those ETTER BAGS. by The KoHi al Mtul liea r
'1'ho laborer replied thIt taie confident that he who bave seen at, and their number is legion-anl j CALEDONIA. o tr ktaifie ad Lirpool. will
Pui1d keep his raseg M. -tlor. said he, 'dnink- atiesl at eltigordinay beauty, interest and effect, Icoie at this ucer, o11 Monday. March 29,,, at 3
ing rin is It. Bqlt il Three re W regrtrel -It ia uodeubwailly he mmof s splendid thing of the o'rleck. P. M. J. W.LAWJE.NCE,
more, uqd tei ire5m9l4 W, ktpd pioduced for many ,or. | n -d Agenti.

SIn the Court of Common Pleas for the County
Sof Pbiladelphia.
,- t:io. Wherlias. Wniliam P. Oruick. Aaingrne
v^KL Of Aslair, Knomles. did on tne 28th
k day of'.ln.iry us thousan leigh. hun-
Or, d a'n irl ftiv -rue. hie in the "hce of
tl i tla" Pii.,n.iary ofu ihe <'oert n1t Cor-
'ti'jT nin.Plea I.r IhB c.uunity ol Phi adel-
phis his occuuni as asaignee of the nid
,u,,ice ua hereby give, o ihe eredilors of the said
Au InO KnonlFi. ani4 ill oLhers intleraied im the
-.tild ciiie, ih-t Ihe Ho orahle ihe Judgee of Ithe
Court ol L'Jniu.o Pleas aforesaid. have appointed
aindav. ihe 24th day of Apr], one IoMulnd
eahti tmnilre.1 and lu rly re. atl 0 u'clok in ihe (ore-
nouij, h..r the hearing uf the samne. aid fur ashewing
caups uwhy i he as account ought not Io be
allowed, and in default i t.hereoalt htoame will baecon-
WIi'nnes the Honorable Edward KLDg, President of
our said firt.u at Phtladelph a. tie 24lh day of
MSarlch, 111.
SAMUITEL HART, Prothonotary.
roar 2531 npr. 3 lu 14 14 7 21 23

So 0 uiuuur-y iUert'hanlml
1 Th eub"rrhber-Agant of LYON &
HARRIS. lin Manuincujirprs for the cl-
ties o New VYorlk.Philadelphia, Baltimore.
and .,ih-r larae .lcr.ea. whnse HATS are highly
comnenderd eIr ',.i'd 'oli'r and durabiily-has on
.aifd a tfire! rile 5iai'rmtnti "I Hale and Cap., anta-
ble i.r Spring Snle'. which +i ill be wild vira LOW
f.r r-'n, or apprj.' credit, ait the Old Lheap Store,
No 40 north T"hirJd tirei. r.pposae the CAity H-tel.
mT 26i-ildfil AsenL
N. B -Orders fur Hats in the mrough. promptly at-
tended to. _______
Sol BAGS Cream Nuts a auprior article, now
1J landing and for sale by
mar *"95-u-.I 2j Chednut lat.
At a of the* different Transportation
Line.r i, P'rlitirgh. held on We ineaday allernoon.
Marca 24lh. it ii,
Heylvef. I lilt receipts vill begiven, at 15 dya.,
for the delhser) ii gouid. a l Pittp.rrgh. mar 2-3i
M 0 1 T AGA; E.
A N oldi Mlurigage u.'$louu, well aerired on pro-
iriperity tae fr.rm all otherr inoiimbrance,
vKill be at a diiruItil Apply li)
mar "5-e.jiIw 79 Arrh sireel.

T HI. DrIm tILc ol .hakapeare, complete In
slix rltnllmc *4 II8no. beautlilI minialjre edliuoD,
iith a line .jreri ii In v.r..u asylei of binding
F.,r hale by IE N RV I- ANNERS.
148 Chedrinul I OppiiuL the Arcade.
mar 25-d3t _____
UST published h"r lASWELL BARRING-
ION & H4iSWEI.L. ?93Market street, Lee's
OnservatoIiirn he PrincipaIl Iliatitulion
and Prot,'ne "l Franue. I.,ly Iad Germany. &co
Attnh an ,\pp"',di ,i) Ar.imal Magneuiam and tlo-
..pitiainy. by E.lAiJ, Lie. M. D. Member oul ithbe
Rny.l C.,llr'e "I -Surge n,'. & c, c
mr 25-131i
P HFIILLIPS & 6115JI'ILR. No 29 nuira wharve
fl%%e in mturpe aiid tor foar sale
IOut) boxz. Bunch Raipins,
5u0 hall boaes de ,
'.'ii quaier do d-i; :
2uu kep. Maliiga Sin Raisina;
iu small auks( iurrant1 ;
5 ca-eb Genoa Citron;
P20 bixes Jujubee Paste;
60 d., Muaet tViripe,
50 m.Ll Ivirae Almiida;
50 d, Alicanit. d.);
l0 o.,ne. i SelJed tlt.;
5010 bags African Ground Nuts.
10U do fresh Walnuts;
lia doFilberts;
liut do Cream Nute;
1uO barrels Brazil Suigia,
1-10 bae. do d.i,
5i. buars Havana M'lle Sugar;
50 caska Sicilyi Madeira Wine,
10) ha.-LielChaimpaigne.
100 buie. Btrdeaux lordiaIl,
25,000 la%, niu egari;
100 kegsj Muliag- Grapes,
50 cases Lir'JriLf.c;
i.O d i 1',blb ilt.
101 sak Itrlitrkimer Ci Cheese;
50 boxes Pine Apr. e d,. 3
60 do ('.lgie \,Water,
50 do Rose, do;
:i lii T.,tk Ciandy:
I rak i r me Nauimpeg;
50i I orarei Crriberh6rri,.
.-,u b.jtes Pickela; Csliips, Sauces; ic.;
mar 'eS--tfl
S1 -M-LL Farm .,f a e Iw Castle -Hundre.l. in the Stile uf Dela.
ware 'in the D'.la era river, wanted. Elihor with
or islih'jul iriip'ovemen ii a light sandy loam, of
irai quality, i.r -uireptible ol being milde good.
1. B. PA LtMER,
Rnl Etiatiie Ofie. lt1t S Third street.
mroar 25i-d3i a
A IKS I' rate H'jrve wint a Dray, tor sale, at No
-'; Mirket ar-iel mar B5-2t
tl nIsrl 1o Iv.1.
r7IIATI-re anril cm inente WIHARFPon the ri-
tnr -Sthu )lhk ll. a[ S.)u'h vrt eet. Ion) feet froni,
ay aloiii a'u ltoe i, dIepih. with double dock, brick
counting ht-ui.i, sisip hobric .3t' and esery ounve-
iien P tur a lere bibsaneas
9r'P.,sAr-.sior. will be gien immediately.
Apply ai M5ItIN I' V ERNON HOUSE.;, Nurth Se-
rirnd -'rel' near Ar.h mar 5M-d3l

tIOCA ,L A SS'L OF SI'AMMit--REIS& ant Students it
i.'. L utAion under Dr CimsLock. Mill give a va-
rilety ul re-'taiiii. atl the oital Gymnasium, (en-.
trance O) Kanteiluad (.''urn. Fuurih slreel. aboreChes
nut,l on Tue-.Jey evening, March 3t. 1841. Tick-
ets 25 renit eai'h-arid may be ibnained at Oaborn'a
Miin. inrP., iAu do'.r;e hil )w the Cuuri. Each ticket
will admit i gentlemen arid tlio ladies.
The esrei-es %%ill i ummence at o'clock. Intiulitin i. open Crom the first of Sep.
tembertill the, la-1 ., 'June--during July and Augusat
there i-. ,i-tr%~n All deairuuaofinstruclion.eltrer
for the cure ol SrtAMMEtitN,.,LISPING. or improvement
in ELOCuTION, Met' learn the roditonlufa o
No IOu Arih treei. Philadelphia.
Dr Comsroch'e Rrraaais uosTraMulaaiN.and
the nunieris, recoinmeidaii.on. wh'ch lie hasu oblain.
ad ofhis SYati ., r % OC'si.L GiMaBrTr[itBareappend-
ad to his Cir.ular. w hihb shall be sent to any one who
Cayv %'il. t,-. k)riov more upon the itbieci w1 hisia Jai.
tat on. Saiala. i ry relerentea will be given in sli
the |,nri.tipIl hies throughout ihB Union.
rmar 25-drtf
IF IV tint L.-I ground in an encellentsi luation, for
a" tai lur watch a thousand to fifteen hundred
du'hr d will he take n n casli.dry goods orgrocearie,
Mei ralannLe imay remain secure on Ihe ground
lIriqureat No 40;2 Mlirket ireet. between Illh
asr. Il'in 'r SAMNIirEL D. PREN I ZI.L
ULIST pubished. a neat ediijv ioeing the fifth, of
Bitleraleih'a Tret,t-pe ,n The Lrd'a Sapper.
ada".wl I) te 6e.rtvii eari ile Pruieaiasnt Ep.citpal
Cniurch in the united Siats.. wilh an In rodiiction,
NoIe.. and stl Ai-pendiz on Wmi.jrldly Amuse-
menia." y lthe dte U '1'. Bed.ell D.D., RVctor ufS0
Andrersa Church. Phniledn
The hiluwin_ ia selected from numerous recoin.
rneridaiory noticee:-
"The Tre-aise 0t Bi(kerereth on tbe LoId's Sup-
per, ia ne, i oma.,n w,.rk. I liok upon it as by tar
the be,.t'fluie kiid o h,'h ha' qipe'ired for a num-
ber ofae'ra Iresm thu Press "-Dr Bedeo..
Pintlituil hy
mtr 24--,J3l i 9 3 MNIaier aM.
I rlim liialukey,
O F a 8tl[,erior quality. ntil li.njd from lhe pack-
at Shcnian-'UaB, and tar sale b'
mar V-l)--dSr 47 n,,rth Third at
J i.'T receiveil and Ior ele hy I1 TANNER, Jr.
n[ai tI B 't', p ", Ni.i IS.J L'he.n~it street. The
Lre, ge-t'. tu.dp to lhe Public ouillings, places of
'a,nojMtiTuei'l. nrd all uohier ulijiltla ol inoltelt in the
'It si.t c-ntriris or Philadflphahn Al,. the Amer-
in. ',Trarclier.itr (oulde itirougni lhr United S:ates.
l.lIH -< riiiuer mar 34-d3t.

w*pn'gumg Millinery.
r'enived by the lalearrivals.
a o Laree erasirimenl afF KaNshb
-^wi th several caaes of F-mra
Straw Bo,,neis, also a varie.
ty ol ErinLISH STRAW Bad
P i,,rNCa BRAina oNrirsr
1 hrv Lave likewise recei'pd for their Ribbon
Sior, an airorimieri ol Rlicin Ribens. Flowe-ra, Ac.
all ol atch ihey will open on THURSDAY.
Msr h 25 h, as thncir at Millnery EtablisbhmenL.
No 06tt t'Chepnult .Irestl mar 23---i3l'
farraal.'d Odiardeu heedi.
('HOP 1840
lHirts' Horticuliural Warehouse, No. 27
south Foui street, Philadelphia.
[24 r TfIE have for sale aleul col-
leCLiu.n itl Warranterd Fresh an. Genuine
\% egelrble Garden and Field Seeds of'lhe
purest qlmaltty. of all ihe finest knda to
culivion. nd such, as they can recom-
imend with 1he hulleaL confidence
In addition to ihe hibove, we have for sale a num-
her of new asd highly superior vanetiee f Vegeta-
bile Seeds. conrn.tieg of giant celery, early snap
heania. brei',l, cabbages. cat idsT, caoutrbera. crn,
leinu-es ,r bead sanad, melons pes. (Of which a
etasibe .f rsplendid early and pra 'fic srts.) radishes.
ih,.ba b spinages. squashae, nunianras, lunips A& ,
all ot which are aupsriur and celebrated kuInd, and
uch as we i-an confidaenLly recamio iend L the alean.
tl.on f Rrowen.
SLot at SeineS. all the sorts heretofore in cultiva-
lito, wath the addniua of several hundred new vara-
eliCa. to be obtained ai no outler erlablshmient a
SUPBom DDuBLEL DaLIutas, of all the finest priwe
a-ria FLane rols of n.any new tila forsale. nout of
be obtained elainhere. BIurouio rooIt it eaeORof
the beat knmus, agiucultnxal Inplementsu. and farming
and gundennue tinla, Laulasa fine garden tools. a coul-
utr hand 'florlpnblieionla,&e. Fruil and urnimteti-
Ltl rees, grape vinem ol all the praise khiids. lisa of than
choice sting. Biard cages, fresh bird seeds. &a- Ca-
alonue ge a" a appjicalion, if from a distance opl
HENRI B. (of the late firm a 9"' ri and Draer)
and I M. HIRST, Seedisa ad Fbd luo.
m Ir4-d

5.u. -

IL 81


SConsignees per ship ROBe ROY. Mareah.
nmaster..lrom J.L.terpnol, will please sead
their permits en board, at 3d ,harf below Walinu'Lil
llreeL. or Lo the Qoultici hiuse .u- Ltha undersignied,
ae all goods nlot pcrminttteditinjn ive days, w ill bc
Mn Io Lu e public atoeI.
S W. corher ul Front aind
mar 24-dSt
sa otmiugnelas pership IOHN CtLMMlIINGiS.
Tnaver, sausltr. trmn Liversjul. wilt please
sen eir peoimi:son biusd at Sd vvhiil below
Spruce iter., or hie couitiltng ho.e ou the under-
signee, ad all gods not pcnmlisd within live days
Wil be ie N lu the pubtlici -,rp
S V. corriero i Froumi aod VWlnu bin.
mar 24-d5l
Fur Auriolih k, a ftretcr l"g. 6 d.
F/.4 C. VAf..
Poettively on Saiurday.
Jamesil Hand's only Regulir Line.
SI The line last sailing achr. HENRII'rTA,
i (capt.'Todd, is htn loinuding and having halt
01 her caigo engagiled and goitg on board, ,il sail
a. above. I-or fieghtail the iosetl rleat, apply tO
mar 25-dLf 58A outh wVhlireav s
Shippers will find iI lu ihoir advantage to hiiu, be
Ihe canal, a. Lte inourjncais la e. anid goods taker.
at sea misu ^ _____
For Boslon, May a.
Jarmesi Hand & Co's Line.
rf N4 The ataunchpchr. SUSA N Capt Griswold.
Ila noi loading, and anals ihe bulk dl 36u
bbls to complete caugo Amply to
ma. "*2-d 5CI auuth vharves.
r' sea imiasSis aIV.
James Hand & ('o.'s Line.
This Day.
f The salop, sTAt' FORD. Capt. Springer,
is1 niW loading, and will sail an abioe For
freight apply to JAMiES HAND & c 0.
mar 25--d 51 sutiih whirtves
*or Ricauhnongd--Direcit.
James Hand's Line.
On aLur.uaV, or sooner if loaded.
S The siut,'h lais sailing sc-h. ANN SI 1TIL.
LE, ( tpl \\ Ille-. l sti- li,,adiig. and] will
ptiailively aul eab,,ve Fur Ireight which will be
taken very low apply tuJAES
Jumas 2?-d 581 south whartes.
Janies Hand's Line.
Oi Suiurday, ur uoriner it loaded
J e The pearketi chr IrALY', BuiR. will l110
J asabote. lo Fur ireighi. h,'ch will be tikeei
very low. alply o JAttlEb HAND. &a LO.
mer 22-d b aiajltit charges.
I F.RS)NS w.,shnig to enaige pa-sage four
,l& their frnien.l, vip LiVer-n,.ol I i 1i111 ra0e
shipi to suil irom Liverpool lio'r Philadelphia Ihe lil
and middle of each moth ran i,, so b1 applying
Ian 19-dif S W. ctorncr Frinnit asd tiloui Rt.a
SJ i Persona wishing I' engage pascae for
i Ltheir trends in n firat rlae ship, to suil from
Cork i.,r New York. ol the tuih Mardh fext, may
now do so. by applying to
sOv S6-4tf No. 5 Decatar street
S ''The satnt;n cuioppered and copper laa sten-
ad brig SPERLINU. bronthet, abuti 1800
barrels. itnd icw ra5jy i.r 1I-,ading. Fo'or IreghLt p.
ply. to PIIILLIPS A BhUSaiI.R,
lab i-1611i 2.e.ouin aharve-.
Passage srom Londonderry.
S Pesoisa LWishing to engage passage kir Itheir
Aa friends in irsl rate hips. Lo sail from Lyndon-
derry ,ir Philadelphia iiext Spring. vci:-
One 151h March, One s25th March,
One lUini pril. One 2Uth April.
i One l1t MNa, Otte O U1h lMay.
blay now do su by applying itu
Nu. 5 Ducatiur tirel.
N. B -The ERIN. Captain 'lark., and the PRO-
V!NCIALII'. Captitli S Neilagt. are exi cled to
be thia A.firalst Bhip leavrig Dcrry nel% e.soi.
ocl 5--dil

rasaxage Ilroii Liverpool.
SPersons wishing to engage passage Ior Iheir
]&friends, in first rate chips. to sadil Irum Liver-
pool for Pnilndelptis. on ine hlt end 15ih ol every
month, may nowdo so. by applying I-.
mar 30-dIl No. 5 Decatur lat.
S A good Brig, birLherl g0il1) rons, %%ill be
isl ready to litd ab,)Jiu ihe 1-ii Febriary w.wiuli
take a Ireight to Mlareilles. Genoa. or Giuhilr ar and
advanced be make it required. Apply io
jan i7-dlf 29 tFuuth wv harvest.
*CC Peiurins wishing uto enseae plungo lor
their frmenda ni lirsi rate shi i-s. uto il Ir-n
Lerpool lot Phtiladelphia.lhe IsL and nuddle -Ji each
month,. can do so by apple, rtl BI

dec 2&--IIS W. cun.raer Fruil nod Valnul siui.
dec 2R.--d u" __ _____ _
ST',)i goo I \ ESSi.LS I.) I-ad f )r differoot
n3rls. inuie.liate deapaich will bi givei
Apply t JALMES l,.\ND CO.
teb 9 d bS S,4,ih w.'tive
Attorney and Counsmellor al Law.
PRACTIC'ES in all iheCourrt of theClIvt ol Rich.
moni annd the Counmi ,I' and in ihe
Superior Court ul Hatocer County.
Morni. & Saml. Levai.. 135 S Front Si.
Nicholas Lenning. & Co :,6 Ptilad.
Judah DuL,.on. liut Chesntil at.
John Vaughan. Amheneum J
Gee Walier Junes. WashingLn City.
Henry W NCooke, Balcmuine.
Earnest d4 Cowlea cS
Samujel F Adlie .a Co. 1
Major Jfessie Nnead 1
Keii. Kendall & Atwater, -Richmond, Va.
R H Jenkins,
Captainr Jas. t' Dbbiel. J
Judge JT Loma. Frederickaburg. V.
Thomas B Barton Raq.
Hlon John I') r. V Premt. I1. S W.tliamburg. Va
lion R M T Hunier. Esq Loyd., Esse% Coucly. Va
matr ll-d6m'

Jand tu k'cIera oJ" /,i/, und 7LL, r i, i/,i clzeil
und cuoiily uj /Phiadt,/pi's,.
A P P E A L S.
f Iu..L'.'. > .-M le..lL.r :t.' C miL't.
ii ....JI. itt. "aU IN,.I l
O1W. -l. t il lie 1t,1 V .,. l ul ict Jll. ,iuiu su,',.,r
-v.illhii iro ie ,cut s]| s-irius tjttd i,.'t
. .Artl u,.l.J ii i l'A.\.au.,o hur ll -,jl..j 1A-
ci ana...i, ii tine c si t *..iit i li i.1 l'iiiiddet iUii, ior
Slie )tal It1. tuo itl.' oa lial ,|ajide, s aid
l ilp a c 0I t Il) .uni, at il'tr catfw-e,
e Jile lio uo llt ll Lu I- i.etL i l the tluurs llI t.i I
.ard I P SI
p.pii Di-care, N\..,rif Slottrrt. *sid Li.te
slaul': i ald. uli f iuluJoasy, jiti wn April 1n 11.
,1 uil iiJUIII tit) itan i ,I-vc t rid i llioin W% ardc oti
tl ud,,,ll. tu l'itll dJ ot Apll. h0,1
Crieslui, O!ddii ait 0li aOIIU tIt aid., ol Wedoes.
m ., lt iii ,1 s- Il icitl.
.Nmih Di.,.k .tid L..,uLit WardA, onr Thursday. the
tnh ol) .,I April itesbxl.
PA its %ei Marlet .and I. edar Wards, in idJay
UIe gth il iy ul April tl1,t[
FIri. SU.iul i-ni '[Tuid Wardu, INorthern Lotr.
1 e.8-h1, b ltUilAi$ th ii ltui du ul April uis-ii.
irnurth Fitti and Otati W aids. iijrLiritlii Liber-
iit-. oi l lon ., tise l 'ite djy cil Atr int i t,.
r-yer ritiii Vi'dL. N LiteitL-s. ard Froi aiud ucutui
WInrds. IKiiusing utn. -ini Foutda iJie 13Lth dti, ul
April rinetl
I'liird. I,.urlth rind] FiliLh ard,, aeniingtion, on
WVednesda} .te i 1ih day'l .April onetL.
S irslat. SecornJ -,sld "'i,'l r tiVards..Nprijig Garde,. on
Thursda,. Ihn eaIri day pf April next.
Fourii IWard priig a-.aidern, Lliincorporsied .
L, berhc as ri i Periut I ,jwrittp, ud it-Jay. the Ia6ta
dal .1 pi tll n,-i.
Oioro.u, Li.tter Dublin, Byberry and Moreland
T,,vrihipa iuiu a'. rJii1. ili i 1tih Lily Ilf April
Germanrift- A.n. Roiir,.iu and Bni-Lul Torioshpis,
onl M.uiidn) the I'Jii d,,i ,i ,AprI i.
VeILt Ph ladr.iphlt,. Bl,'t kley antil Ingisnitig
Tu't,,hips. or I l'ut sd:tI, he ti dA. Li Aprnii it-it.
First, .vcunr j alid 'hlird l inrii, Iu.,uinr, th. on
Weittiesdiy. Irib 21-iE d y 01l Apill ilt.
Furu in a '.i-iF Lili u,,r.Jr. S ,i iiht ark. s rnil Pa0 luntl
To ariahip, ,it 'Ih,,rds,, thri 2,J d ) ul Ap-il
I ,rrt. "cindl. Tr.,ir and Fourth Wards, Moya-
nueitiiu.'. Uii I rnilas. [it., 23d day of 'Apil icetL
T'irhe s.-. *,, 01 iLhi. several Wards eand Town-
itlip-. it Iilie ci.y and county ot Philadelphia, are
hI;er- i.-jiaie-.i to attend at the time arid place fixed
i-it Lhus AI.pp.l firtheir Ward w; Township uaspec-
I'sl5ll I)AItI\AN,
CO'uJII) I.' nninuis.ioners.
mar 3-mw L1&il p

RO.l''iM ObV :' n.-I'l'NHIIv.
M A R( Or ,It.-'L u1,it. ,viletlBe attention of
1al il w.h a,, iii-tr'red in the AiLT oF 000D
, nr%,, h.,- t Io, tIrLr i Lt :J '*) ofri lOf Fl
tlamed ...iI tli liric .i'.i, 1e lo Ihe public br .1i-s,'ph
'.it airr. uI' L .nil.r, h.iving by diil it itrnig eienll
enrc Ind a iJdlJ iu. d 1 sto ee t e.1 iii a-Slapitig n oi
i pi., e-il .i sintd prunjrit i,,l 6)rieni. to ilie ad.
miltuite l"ieh,-LTl, c PItiNCIFLIt 0 that nisater
MIr RHt h.t a ,r.1 ...lli ,iii ifda.i,..nerout fiin- enrie l r.-a-niteJ by pu fph, ii Ir 1in iii l... )4 years
li ago wlhis- .1 i e -iJl irilhni ha. icn furued entire-
ly up in thi- su .ttri, I ih i ny-, Ir a, i-J.i ianl _ctii-
eral e i cileJih e ul t hich, he ltarle.-lI) trialleige
These specimens, together with a variety of inter-
esting pirc-- L Uoii,,mcrIdl t,.r,tnBir.hip. and the
original y-Itm- "r i'ar.aiir-, piiit'luscj meWeert ile -
vejrt 1813 orh, 1837, may be eent ati Mr K.'s r.lrti,
%4 lifie he till be happy to receive all who may (a-
tir him with a call, at ar, tirne diirrgu cl.a tours,
whheo Ihey riust alin-si I" 'eter i._as u lf por-ti. tiid
rJeiei'e htuiiy u injtrm.'lt,..i '. ,unr inirg lh stltin tin-
pi.jed. aii, u 1iinit a card tl icrnr-, hours. e l|ilaia-
llno, Ae'.
N. B. Writing Rooms, S W corner A-reh nd
Eighlhb lreeta. 0ien Imrom .1, A. M 1. 9 i-,'r] ,ok,
evtin.rug mnar I--it I n'
\* H RN DEN & 4't'S,
rhiladeiuj hia New i'orkand
Itosion Eiprr-,,..
HA ..LiktN Ai l 0 rs-p.u.I,
m.! Si skin full, inlorm it,e,r irieroda r.d
4d 21m" the lputic ihiit theliy hive m.iade
ainringcnietu A JiI the Philadelphia and New York
Line -., rtin ihitr cars through daily, to and from
Ne I.,rl-. asit l'r laiirltt i.i
These ire %i I run 1,I c titnecrion with the New
V-,i nnil Bii,,nn Linu-
Packi.,e r- simple. bank 'notes, &c. left
at our ortie N-. 41. auih "Ih.ird su.,hali anhour before
itie caur leaves, iit rrriv-, in New York on the same
and itr. B,,i0ono tlie usri dtiAv.
H. &, o.'O il a .i,-ari t i, 'New York arid Boston
aruy and all kirt-i, i, iii.i rie a Ir.mpil} )
N B.--lrniden A6 C& aie ulwo e resp.,risible
Ihe lose or injur) Il any articles or prL-perly C,,m.
milfed i their chare. nor is any risk assumed by
ir Ltin hel watched to the Camnden and Amboy
Railroad ur leioni oit Company, oil whose road or
itl wAhi-de boa i t iheir i aed arc -Itd maF be Inirspjr-
Led, in 1., li- ,iii ,or ll-iti r Lu.1lc0 a at rbit)
oy-rrc, aen-," arrangement will commence on
Tliuradam, April l 1st. 1841.
412 --lt. I n.d I P'rans-u a.
Whn WYMAN, Agent.
2 Wall street. New York.
.mar 1 -ntf 8 Court street, Boston.

t t'e-uii 0 do rill 1hlgru1ii.
D LECH & CO will receipt tfor the delivery of
g* .--d' iAn P.Usl-uiil] IV the iin'tl, In eighteen
datA. a, tIe t rutio ii, nmes per 100 Ibs:
Dry i;-.l,.Ar $2 14
IHlardware and qeeittiSAre in Crates 1 87
Gr-,reries, .& 1 62
C.,riee. 1 50
Nos. 13 arid 15 south Third street.
imar 10-dtf
3 To Soiuthern and Weaiern JMerchants ,0
EREE .lI*K ER 8,,

SjOl'T-H side ofSt. Sipphei,'. Chur.:h. below Mtar
k6i, in 10th street., irrnn otn athe s ut ,i-e tr al
its branches, and have on hind a large and genera
assortment of REEDS or SLAYS, well assorted for
the country trade in general, at the lowest manufac-
turing prices, warranted of the best materials and
workmanship. A liberal discount allowed to deal'





Linaited Partiacrohip. are. g
Limited yieartnrhiW IIA. Reeds of every description made to order. City
OT1CE ui hereby iven Lhal WILLIAM II W Reed always on hand.
1 D-ARLEVYolThe ciml ul Phila.el'ia.'a uspeciil N. B.-A few thousand New Orleans Canefor
parlnet the Limniied I'arineraship eBtalihblth-d ton c,-,i,,pil i ,,,.e ffh 13-triw3m
The first day of November 183B, under the firm ul
THOMASC LOUiD has with ile assenu of l ns Co- O-ra1lllllIl (,OIIkllg iO'r.
parners lII writing firt had antd ubiained, this day ,\'u j ,jl.rii, frrf'd ,rn ....I Loilitia Court.
aid anid a siged hitb interest and Aruit In the said "Economy is Weal:th."
parinernihip. to Joihn 1; Dirley, uf ihe eill (iTV, un- rHE subscriber offers for sale at astonishly low
der the 1,rovisnnsol the Laos ,ftha I'omm)nwreahih B. prices, for cisk only, his extensive stock of
of P nuinsvlv .nms. relative, to Limtedl Parrin rehijlp. rteudV .iuldeI '.I.jihit, t Iui .nart ct.iUi-itig tal blue, black,
the maid William H WV tiarlsy reining from hie said rasze. ni nrle. cl .'-I arud i,,ic.iite green dress
firm. and ihe said Jihn C Oarley taking his place a trucka,,d ruduidilnai s r ira--re ir..m l11 ito )$16.
special partner as aforesaid l3rlk. titje. laJa r tifdtui. saiake. L, brown, D'Or-
THOMNAS LOUD. .]y, innrcsiiul, an1t c-ray L ioth; casasinere and doe.-,
CHARLES G BOKRIIEK. .iut, intal.jhor,.--ir.- .m $4 50 to $8
JOHN L FRk:ERIt'K, Blue tle-k. ,r. 4e,',i, and mixture (different
JUHN C DARLEY. shad i aIt n,,,I r u,,,i,,.,.---.r.c. frem $2 25 to $4.
WI LLIAM H W DaRLE'., \ % i. rl Ia. h .. rid Ic, MIT cut itd satin, black and
Philadtilhs. Feb 19, 1841. mar b doi fancy velvets, casihmaretts, conterino, plain anrd fan-
-- cy marseilles, valenian, merino, &c. &.--prices va-
N 0 T I C E- riuble, but low (i.u-ugh I.,- i-tonish all who will call
T E andensigned having comrnenrcurd he Con- Bateg, ol,.eten) vrnucy
veyauc.rng, Real Estate- en ing of Prjperil. fN Jio. K,, ravatls, suspendersd.. 41c.
and Colecung ulusinea uder IThe firm oiISAMUL'.L JOIN ASII fON., Jr.
PRYOR& C.a the s.,ih-uhwesl cogptr ol ThIrd NI.H r AND M)IHNINi";
and Walnul stress and reperl'iully olicits pul0u. recec.fd a Ictw prIt sL.f Nigh, 6nl Morning
PUaege. JOjt.PH A.L.N. casnimtere pant.lun- mnar 17-d
HENRY J MIFFLIN. tt iioabl- -ta -
SAMUEL PRYOK. aslthOBelllif e hlilllf t, A
Phbilda. Feh. I. 1841. lab 2-i.if Latest Style and best Workmanship.
tine- ruhii. -- ~ X IR'KA su:-erliie black Dreas Coats,
TouihetPublic. E ir.,m $15 to 20
JOHN WANDELL, Iorinerly a it he oiuri.irof' Mar Et:, il.,-errine 1.itck Fri.,ka. tr.-n 15 to 20
kel and Filhn aieei.h baa oialied hunisell ,.I At,:lat d. 11i. i l .a '. 15 to 20
John MidJleton. nil tf e COetlal L" line i.,lifs t;ul0i-e ulie. di (a..taS .IS to5 'c-
Manulaciortv., oorrner of Sevenlli anu Mo I Irkt satiety. lril. iu do Coats, 15 to 80
under ibh eirm u WANDELL & MIDULLrOi, n.. ij. do Coats, 15 to 20
where they iniucl carrying -in a general u.ik'iig hut ,ule er-er. do Copts, 15 to 20
gleaB humireiw. tin boih imanuiaciory sntd rujr..oIuLfile dronze ,,rc-c, do Coats, 15 to 20
branches.) anid intend keepiiug conalisitly uit, hand at PAN I'..
asorrmeant suitied tolu southern. weAiel an, itly New style Prantilii,-. f--rn $5 to 9
Irade. V ES I'S.
N. B The underaugned being hoih practical A frt rase ess,.uim il uf Vests, irm S-' t..
nanulaciure-ra ol the ab-,e articles iloter ihem th .r.s .. r li..I .s, )
selves Thai they can ealerule all order. ehirUSted i,. Isrn o oniie rica lu lu.a i .readtoilisI
their charge witlh more ecpnumy aitd desta[ith InI, LO FtiNt tli. ca ie aov irtd in Piia.ieIh,..
hat heretut: ,e Ieen inLthuscil) .. .. i h uil.b11 bi e at the above .rttihe -i, male I
The atiuoe firmrommenced operations o)n ihe 1ist -icr -i i a e, Persons.who .buy.plea
day ul Fdbruary, 1841 Ic. e. it-ePhlgRD'S.
feb lO-duf JOHN SIIDDL L'rJN. lanchiit ltndst.
feb 10-dl JON MIDLTN____No.. t45 Ce.nuiil 6. :Il door abves Thud
SFor %ale, feb 5-itfdi
fl A .ldesrahle modern built private DWEL- ,, CA JiI.
LING in Clinion ilreel. on ilhe ounth NM V I L KIN SON respectfully infbrms
61eehouse opboe Ninth st[reetB i t l tl rot. r ith At itic p,,ini i- general, that he has a most
lals6l ltea deep, and 8 lnt side ylrd. ihrce srt-ry ita K sl tlndI astutrii-r..ul ,i ready made tItli. ever of-
buildings, miarnle mantle in all i tr.u chambers. bailO 2reu i.-lre,. a i t -.'le) pet cent. belo'w ihe uOua
heater end tornace in the cellar. PemusatOsi giten iI (.laF,,s Fc miie Iilzu.r iur Frrv.iller -aIcui le n
April. For lermi,a,aply on the premii.oad. slet Ii hle id IC.I i iniruLe...illEr r uis arrival
oar tLapJ ;,.It.- I I I al ---
mar r lttup.Limd-Tr, Brojwnri Frrok and Dress Coats,
Lons or solet, 13 to $ 8
ETWEEN the 23d of Deceinuer last., and the lti ) Sout do do 14 1V
B O' February. aslleen BunOs, of 'he Delaware D, MilJe do do _4 19
& KarUinan Cans@,and L'aiden & Ambov Rail I Do BIni K do do 1is I1
and rrans,atriio 'nT panies; sucih for SUU dltars, ureen do do IS
and numbered rom 715 L.i 730. As Lbese Boiida (n Inn.r,l, d, -ho do 14 19
be ul ii'o uii tio ny personas -',epi le ui tiers Sit I ,\onre h',Jl.ti .I do 12 16
one intw whose haiui they nmiy have uliliEn will ,o Bancp do 15 25.
coainler a by delivenng theai tn WM 1i i A I' h,]o',,lot hi do do 16 "r
MER Kat the RIII It.aul O.fie, No S Walsnut ainreer, D Frok o 14 1,
Phila lelphia. or lto IRA BLISS. RaiL Ruaot Ote. B De..r i'lh ,o iJ 14, 8
New York; orioJOHN R THOMISON. Prn ,n tt, n inup do 16 4
New Jersey.- ma'r 16-I.'ra PlaIn uisuariolr .To dIo .4 18
l- op Coalt- uti .k,, it'. irnc--re J'snt.l.,,,,a 5 6 8 50
J UST flushedd, acomplem e ituiuenit of Phl,n and ri l.i t ,..j b 1,
T F L P l i n ,.. ria d ,'-o h .,re j d ., V b
a Lnisinuiud.lTgured Beaver Curei OP .OA 'S. i, td ,ul di : 5 4
made by the best workmen and sater ihe I tLel lash 1C. ie d c 4 f5.
t1o. Genitlman wishing to furish Lhaemseltve- ,fk Patis aud h ri. :, ; iU 3 50
Clohiong. *ll sIalwyslit"l general asaorLIIce-t il he ent d.Clo. hs',kit V,..1 ,',,h5r d ui 5500
beat mnearial snd finLh. i i et C v"o ti 5 0U
t. T. S tati ilERD'S. Merchant TTailor, L.dl, stdiim do 0. 1 Sc tl
No. Ci et reet. th-eart r',rner uf Sitttu Lan-t Sitter streeLs. ti
de lltlf d ukstr obu se '% .. xle.ret. ili the reir ,-if.rhih,VsI It.ill Batnk.

10 J0W do Monongahela Whiskev. alsolI t IMI' Itt, i'" [lil.AlELl'll kI,
5 Paa'neona, Irsh Whiskey., i Cusot I Maki Insurance -m Lives and receive Monies I
M StoreSs. Far sale by I [Deposit, on Interest, at
O r 12-d6l No 5 Decatur suatrel.

Door open aRi I-Cirit iI riean a 1 1 2 '/clock.
Buoxt. .1 tier. SbU.i -2.1 and 3.1 di Y65-Pit. 12i.
THIS LVlI[7 ,l5r.-r 25 1641.
Will be [preseniio, I lih linie'i iri. I LM a grand
S bpi.c18cie ul powierf'ul irleresi, and peculiarly ni
vel hiraCler, Iirtunjed on Dr Ainsworth' WoVrk of
S thb same name. with net Scenery, Dresies. &C.,
r called
Or, the (hipey Qupt-n. and Richard Tnrpin
the Highwayman..
Di k iTirpin, Mir Lat-,rci; Tom King, Mir Ru-ell;
TiLu TVtounnel. Mr Charles; Peter Bradley, Mr
Addimi; Luke Bradley, Mr Frede-ricksl. Jerry Ju-
tiper. Mr Hndaway. Svai. Mrs Flynn; Barbara.
Mrs Charles, Hanaaah, Mrs Laloreai; Lady Rook-
wiui.J. lIMrs Plumer.
New' Nalinolal llieaire.
B,tes,list tier, "b cit--d tier,50-3d do. 75-Pit 37j
--.',Irned I.alher%. 25 eil.
Diir i open al 7 o'i Ihk-- unumence at 74
THIS EVENINl. March 25
Will be produced the L'oumeIv called
'Tie New rreiidenl;
Or the Sehoolmaster Abroad.
Bambino, Mr Burion.:.
T coirfrlude winh ihe Play of
Or, ihe Oulcast and the Heir.
Philip Reaulorl. Mr Wood; Robert Beaufort. Mir Pur.
teri Philip Beaulori, Slis Cushman, Dashing Jerry
Mr Thiriia;: Wm Gawlree Mr Burton; Caiharine,
Miss Porcer.
To morrow evennir, Mr Q uyle'a Benefit,
liagiterre'r bioralnia.
ROM PARIS, broiJghl to he Unlted States of
IN cinsequeonee it the very inclement weather
duir'nurithe lait week. these original and mBgni-
'.ie, 'l athlI-auXi will cUntiftUe to be ebhi tbiLel tine
iVeel I -nriger S I
The Pr-j.riel.,r anviuus to graliifV theirpatrons
bi every means ili their pi e-.reriib. il'lly announce
tLtI in irees, to ihc rium'orn.iu rLqils ih6 M ) daily
-re,'e,- ir Ithe,. -f idh? lugicai and
.iti/t.ue' \A .e *ii t I trce t- ,'. CarnivaZ at
ight itwuill be ehlitiie. ; to. r i, the adm .
itaird t'hi.t SF t r,tie ,/,IA M.',l ,.i tiencelebra.
i,,n oul rie ,ilt.u ig/ih .aeo,! arid in a,,,.ition to the
two superb h lteauxs,r oet magnificent View of the
lti ', i-'i?(_l tioiit ,j.I. kelln Irim Ili, etriin e of
the (G..iii H/or. al- fl r.,iii tlie cnncil oi.i Mr Do-
Open every day from 11 until 2 o'clock, P. M. arid
from 5 until .4 i i he evening.
1'.i-es uf Adriti.ton-rii Sealsi. 50 ris -Second
S,at.bc i,. childrenn under i1 years ol ege, hal-f.
prick. -mr 211-d
Panoraina, of Jer'ualein
and Thebes.
T HESS P.iu'.tI'.,.'%, are ntow open for exhi-
bition at the neit COLIIiELTMI, corner of Ninth
cuJt George ircti-I
Tie P.AO/ltA.M.. O JERUSALEM .I isa splen-
did Iartrin ui ie iargLst cLai". covering a surlace
ol lel. thouiIUnd .,4dure leest, painted fror-a rawinga
iilken ti, Mr Criilrrwcoud in J834
Te I.. PA NVOUA ,\T (f" 7'/Bf .S, IN EUY'PT.
pitit-it l li kewim, lr..e Moit Cottierto.d a'6 ii4raw riga. is
-iJrert.jr, ss a work of art, toan) Panoriurma bef.ireei-
The Panoramas are brilliantly illumlnaled every
evening by upjiaridiil 'i as lighia, stid eaplana-
i,i u'i the pictures ireni inr the forenoon,afternuon,
utdi l at in riie e% enitig.
Open from 9 in the morning till 9. in the even-
ing. -
Admittance 25 cents to each Panorama. Books of
de'cripliton may he ubtaitried at ibu d.jor. at 12 cents'
sep 2--dll
rhailiarulouice society's
TIItrf ,\CIDEMNIV or imisuirtion in thorough
kBass, Vocal Musie, and the use ofinstrumenis
reu;red in an r theiLra,; opeIn at iea Socieiy'a room,
ri. the Assembly Building S. W. corner l Cl eanui.
a ai i(11il reeie
_ianises are taught in the evening as well as
loring the day, ai.1 will be under the care ol tlI.e
t.,lt,-iiig g iItt ncn .
(C'ouncirpitint anj Composition, Mr. LD. MIEIG-
Vocal Music, Mr. MEIGNEN, and Mr. B. C.
Violins, Mr. CHARLES HALMA., and other strioged instruments, Mr. B. C
Fluie, Mir. MANIiEL
BHra. Inmlrumenri. Mr ADOLPI-H SCHMITZ.
The lernia .'ftiiuiOn ndJ l he boor allolted to each
(lasi, ill be made kimown .il application at the
Mit, Sure ..1 Li. lLeiFnrii, No "211; (Chenui atl.
dec "2-- lwtf l L. MEILsNEN. Printtnal

LOTHING of almost every deccription-gen-
llenmeil a, lalues'. n.hl.tre o',. lijijurer' and
sic sutn'; alR.j, bedcl,..hifurg--ll niude up hy the
POOR, for sale a" iea.iuiable prutes, sL No. 24 south
Eigiet starife.
I tie lDep.smiiory is under the same roofwith the Of
lie.1-l the ioUnu -i-nevoleit Association The Man-
agers ofihai Sms-lt. iiie beea iuiucedJ o appro-
unat- a part -iI uciur (til, e to the purpose atove
npriaiiltrl, ron-iderhin. the giving of employment,
rte bealtt nietlhuid cr n-.elisi- a large portion of the
The success of this experiment will, of course de-
pond on theesale of the garments. The public are
therefore invited to give this Store a part of their
Donations in goods of any and every description,
as well as money, will be thankfully received at the
Depository. mar 12-dlm&2aw2m
itAS received by the Shenandoah. and other late
K importations, a splendid assortment of fresh
%pruU Gouils. unhpriiaing,:in part, wool dyed and
aerll dyed btii. k cloths, polish and rifle greens, and
citrulisir Habi cloit ol webbunri wou-il yed. Hab-
it cloIhLI- ul greens ir-ins, and .r.cwvna. Single mil-
led eassimeres, of plain Imixed dueskins, and the
newest styles of fancies now worn in London. Plain
black, and rich figured London satins in geal vae re
ty. ingliih silk florentinus very new styfls. Royal
twilled and plain English series, crape and plain
summer cloths. Black cashmareots 6-4 and 3 4 wide.
While, salmon, buff, and orange, do. London dril-
Hlings of plain white. London drillings uf faUicy tiew
styles Ribbed and plain gambroons, c.he,'ked drill.
Uings, new style. Black Italian cravats Fancy En.
gJlish silk handkerchiefs Beet twist and swings,
threaus, buttons, new styles, silk'velvets, coat cords,
gum braces, bWiack and brown Hollands, silesias in
great variety, canvas, puddings, &c. &e.
All of which will be sold at the lowest rates for
cash or approved credit, mar 15-eod6tif
Rail Road Flat Bar Iron, 2 1-4 by 5-8.
,-d TlONS.-PurasuaIt to ise direction ol the
'rJ Bo ard of Canal Commissioners will be
N,,il at Pcblic Sale, on Thursday, 15th of April,
I I I. at the head of the Schul:,;ll hit lined Plane, at
10 A cl,,k A M, about 2;0 tous 0l Rail Way [ron,
in I-ar ul 12 "trl 15 feet in lernril. ijr FI ot O bUi tons
.lih hugtluer m itOn true re raiiiniitg aud.he, and june-
tilm plaIli- Ttll- rn-n im g.iod h.Jr it.ecnstiruction of
RIail oujle to mnink, nnd for i.Jeingm and turn-outs
-ifr irarpoltei- usa It has been used on the North
I'mtact,,'.,i-litbl Rail Rload, and is inan excellent
state of preservation.
Terms-Cash on delivery.
First Division, Colnmbia and Phila-
mar 15-2awtapl5 delohia Rail Road
OFi1CE, S. W. cOaNk9R SPRUCE AND 24 STrtExTs.
Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania.
A RE now prepared to effect permanent and limi-
t ltd Inlauramee i against lose or damage by Fire.
upon,, Buildir.p GduiSr. Wara. a.itI Merchandice ee-
nerally. cci hin thc riy and counl) of Ptlsadelphua. at
the ust liberal isle,
They tre sh d prepared tin aceptTrusts as author-
intd by ihtir chliarer. Irom inrdividials, corporate bo-
.Jcs., r Cuuilts uIl Ju-Lt'r. and ececule them 'igreec.
iy via the -Jsre ofhI p riteti arid :reteive depunloea
otmineyv ou ilual arnil on interest.
A[.pl.c:,iiinm ct) rnemade either in person or by
letter ot the rIeii, a ul the Company.
JOHN LINDSAY. President.
W.W SMITFr. Cashier. iv 17-dtf
KX 'L E i 'I'OR t AND ADM INIS 1 1 RA-
rlliE staying ol Adinmitrators' and Executorsi
i. AI-i.nnut, drawihu lI Drecs. Bonds. Moriga-
ges. Wills, Contraicr, Ager.ies in the reroning of
Iliusce. dnd eulleciil i-the enii., will be t'areul-
ly amd p.romiptly attended hi, at tIe "tfice of the sub-
.crnber D. FILILLF.R.
mar 2S--law2min 'J Arch sireel.
SliT received a few cases of
a ilitfi.iM Leghiin Ha E, superior quality.
Lidieas du dJ d'. do.
.Jd do) do medium do.
,.,, co du low priced.
B.-va whiie double brim Leghirn Hats.
MSiu.s o 'Jil )ud dralb duj do ,iu
B.J)'s do do ciigle di du.
NMe i VailieaiaLed double do, dd).
For sale by G.W.&L B T ,VLOR.
No 161 S E corner 5ith and Slarkeltas.
mar I0-d,%
a l iii. Be.I) i o N-1, .) ChiesdnuL iseeili n il gesture
t tid ul]frlf',r sale-
lt,('m boieflBnch Raisins.
5'i) d.) Bloom do.
liu do hluiccelt .
\O') an CiulieMr
50G calis ZaUnLe t.urrans.
510 hi .l. Lsb-n Pa-per 'hell'd Almonds.
..0U n Suo rdeu do
2.j in is Mli s .i do.
25 huigs i PF;.uris
I cea Gei-iut (Clrons.
21 liuecs Bttiler Almunda
ou c'ae. tucrleilant ard right Msccaroni.
]10 I,'ut-e fresh I apers
5i) t-lldVOs Ctalabria P I' Wine
100 mi.,ei Me.un.) LemanJ iiin prime order.
40 i ig ,S-citly Sumac.
Irti haleq A Ilia.Lie Mats.
?ijUO bushlble Dried Peaches.
lut) nta_ Afuican Ground Nuts.
Wi kegs Rt41at1s
It0 h.aa Hemp Seed. ma r23-dar
L)IBLISIIERS anid Imporiters f MUSIC arid
INl"RUMEN'lTS. No. 217 ('Chenut street, Phi

ETTERS Te;ien]lntary to the esile or PHIL.
IPH' f r.IMAN. late uf the city of Philadel.
phia., deceased. having been gianied wo thtsubtcri.
her by the Regiaier ol Wills of the County of Phila-
.ielphia. Notice is hereby given to all per" have-
ing claims ordemands agaihal the said Etate, to
make hn-,jwn I the sarme lhoui delay, to
mar f-I-law6 A* No 11 Raceat.
.1 OTItC -
T E sub-cribor having obtained lei ersalsainen.
Lary to Lhe estate ol LIZABE-TH CROWER,
deceased, requestA all persona indebted o Make pay-
ment, and those having claims against said estate. to
make known the same without delay. .,
HUGH CLARK, Fecautor.
feb 27 laifiw Fourth and MteAg. Lt.
HEREAS. Leiters of AdminivlttaoitDe Bo.
ma nun, to the estate ol WILLIAM KlN-
N EDV. deceased, have been granted to the subscri-
ber; all persons indebted to said estate, are requbLest-
eil it make immediate payment. and these having
(anlas against the said esiaine., will present them to
RuBERT F CHKISTVY. Administrator.
No I I Slate Houes Row, Chesnut mt.
mar 16-laf6w
H F. Capt. and crew of the schr. RESOLUTION.
fell in with a sunken vesel about ith sal of
Da,. mber, 1840, off Tangeres in Cheaapeake Bay,
and aitripL her of part of her sails and rigging, anch-
ors and cables; .ose articles are in charge of Get.
Gilbert. The ownerofsaid articles can obtain all
information, by applying to Geo. Gilbetl. o. 175
souli Fr.,ni streei. Pniladelrhia. leb2- ulli
ETPERS te-stameirary under the Will ofGA-
BRI El. J U DIS, aIse of Philadelphia, deceased,
having been granted to Ihe und-reigried. he requests
all per.iun indebted ito the said decedent to make
payment. and Ihbose having claims to make them
known io him without delay.
ExecuULor uf said Will,
leb 2-law6w 340 S. Seruad al.
Audilors' Notice.
In the District Court for the City and County
of Philadelphia.
Matthew L.Zevan and May "
lIumphreys, laelv trading
insider lie firm of 'Bevan & Septmhebl Term.
Humphrey., Assignee o 1840. No. 123.
May Humpbreya.
;. (Lev Fa-epIjT.
William K -r. with notice to Ib40-. No. b49:.)
terre tenlats. J
NHE Audiiotr appointed by the Court o distribute
Sthe fund ariming Irom the sale by the Sheriff of
lhai erlai poi. v or IracI otf lard aiLLuItLe on the
north.nesnerly tide 01 the Poiiit.o-j-kunt Road. in
lte iitii-hip oitie Northern Liberied.iri the county
ul Pnilidelptiha. arid SLaie o1 Pentuylvanis; begin-
n ri Iu li lu e oi laad rua d at a Ecoriner ol land sold
o lasauc \\ Norrmi. iheinLe by amid afnd. north 31 de-
grees wes. 36 j.erhea, thence by the laid 01
ior.h 59 degr(esea CL 20 perches and 8S huridrelhs ol
a perch. thence by remaining land of Joseph J Ball,
and alsit the middle ol a aireel or road to be open-
ed 6 lteel wide. soullh 31t deireea. east 96 perches
tothe said Pomi-ino Point Road. and thence along
the line of ihe said roan sou h 69 degrees. aIest ZU
perchesand 85 hundreiha of a perch to the place of
beginning, comaining 12 acres, be the same more or
less, turi which lauid there are, ur were at the Lime ol
.aidl .ale. Iwo Ioi.6 building., a frame rope walk 2b
by 360 leet. ctnnerected withL another Irame rope
walk *2u by t40 leelt, and two Irame dwellings and a
siable.j taken in execution as Iho property ol Wil-
liam Ker-till attend at hi. ufict No l8 south
Eighth Lreet, on Vtednsdeay the ,31t day ol March
insLanti., at 4'it luck, P, M wi.en and w here all per
tons interested ore required to present their claims
or be debarred irum uming in on sid lund.
niar 20-d lOt Auditor.
Audtlor's Notice.
In the District Courl for the City and
County o'f Philadelphia.
Sarah'Byrnes, Sepiember Term.1840.
John Cromwell. No. 5).
S'I ICEa i hereby given to all pearmorns interested
1 in iohe lund in all thaLcorlian two slory brik- mesauage or tene-
meni and lol or piece of ground, ainuaie on the weal ol the Old urok Road. beitssen CoL'uae' street
alid Poplar Lane. in the Township 31" Lhe Norbthern, the Counly of Philadelphia. beginning
at Ine dialtnce ol about one hundred and fourt-euen
lee elghL inches aututLhoi Poplar Lane, conltaimng in
Iruit or breadth on Old Y,.rk load.a.tLeen feet eight
inches, and in length or depth wenLtard. one hun.
.ired and tily three feel to a thirty feet street; boun-
ded northward by ground granted to John ,Tail,s on
ground rent. uwetward b) said thirty leelt street;
.uniihward by ground granted to John Saink. oil
ground rent. and eastward by the Old Voi k. Road
aloreBaid, being the same lot of ground nlich Lev-
i, P12amure annd Naomri nbid wile, by indenture daied
the iwenty-asecond dat ol Augusl, Anno Domiiaine
thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven. granted
and conveyed int ihe said John Cromwell. itn lee.
reserving thereout a yearly reni charge of thirty-
three dollars and one third of a dollar, in halt yearly
pat mania, clear of t&aire-
Thai the Auditor appointed to report distribution
f itue -sid iund. tll attIIed Ior tihat purprne al hid
IF' e, \o 6"- 2ouih Sslh street. on Wednesday at-
ernoun. March 31st, at four o'clock, when and
where all perwn iinleresed, are hereby notified ao
present Ilheir claims, or be forever debared from
coming in on said lurid. mar 19-seodtmar3
In the Court of Common Pleas for the City
and County of Philadelphia.
-seiond account ol'Ansigneen.
JOTILE is hereby given, to all persona interest
L ed in the settlement ol the ecund accounts of
J.ihnbston McLanahan and C P Bayard, assignees of
Cornog, Armstlrong anid Penroe, Ithat the Auditor
appointed o Ithe Hunonrable Courl. to audit. senie.
arid adlust the aaid accountI. and to reporn dibtribu-
tion, &c ill attend to the duties o l"hi appointment
.it Friday. the 26th diy ol March, 1841, at 4 o'clock.
P NI at his officeNo 147 Wailnuitrei. ilront office
in the i li of Philadelphia mar Ii-eodbt
Auditor'. Notice.
Estale Ul RUBERi BD ;LE deceased.
"rHE Auditor appointed by the honorable ihe Or.
a. phai.u' Court ol Lhe ciounly of Philadelphia, to
audn. seitle and adjut Ithe second account ot James
Juhnsni and Frances Bojgle. executors, wilt attend
Itr the pur ps. e 0o his appointment, at hik office, No
53 soulh Sixth aireel. oc Monday aftertioun, March
29th, al iour o'cloik, mar T-,eod5l
.ro ricE-
iA V ol the city of Philadelphia, did ly as-
signment daied the ]f6th dayf uf Fenruary laat.aeaignto
the subscriber all his eel ,Ie aid eflfcta in trust for
ihe bertieL ul his creditorm 1ii tne manner and upon
s.he condiltins therein .et torch, all persons tudoted
to the said Wm II Freeman will please saoio pay.
metl to the suipcriber. at No 'it ouch Srtun asrtel,
where the aeasirimeti, and release.with a satLement
el the estate may be seen.
mar I5.duapl7 CHAS. S1'OKES
Estle al HlUiH W MURRAY, dec'd.
fTHE Auditor appointed by the Orphans' Court ol
the city and County of Philadelphia, to audil,
elde and adjuitt the Bt| ount of B A Murray, ad:
niinisiralria ut IIJGII \V MU RRAV, den'd. will at
tend fir that puriore at Esius 1Tavern. to George
streetabule alth. on Friday the Iweniy-sitah misl.,
at touro'rlick P M mar 1l2-eodtmar26

NO I' C .
fOSEPII BARR. of ihe city uf Philadelphia.
('abi,el Ma ker, by indlenlure, dated %7th Febru-
'iy, l1,41, eFc.iltd a genrsil as.ignmenit of all his
, esldte, debts.and credits, exceptl such por-
iun as it by law texempta from esecuion, in tru-tL.
iller carain a prcdleimres., ior Ihe benefit of Buc ol
.i. creliturt a. sbell win |t 30 tiuircy days Irom
March t., l 4IM1atecutLe, seal, and deer tolu him.
thesaid Jois-ph Barry, a release in lull ul all de-
mands wriaisater. The arsiganenit lis left for re-
cord at *he proper office, and a cupy of II may be
seen at he snore o t Jno George & Co N. E. corner
of Dock aind WahLiuL sireeas. where the release is left
for execution.
All persona indebted to said Joseph Barry. will
please .ake payment to the
Signed, JOHN GEORGE Assignee.
mar 6-eadilsatap
W1THEREAS. letLter. torlamenaryi to the esatle
,f fEES WAKD, deceased. have been gran-
Led tolu the subictribers, all persons indebted tolu said
estate. are requeed to make immediate payment,
a8iJ Lhose having claims against the sidd estate will
present itew lo WSWM. L. LONG.
feb 22 8wGw, No. 335 Race sreet.
.10 TI cEX
S hereby given io all whom it may concern, that
mr ionsequence of tihe following Coriiticates oh
Stuck an the name W.f JOHN HASSALL. having
been stolen. application us intended to be made ior
iiew Ceri-ticaies in lien thereof, viz.
No. lu5 Perinsylvaeit Loan. of 18Lh Dec. 1828, re.
deemanle Jan I, I1851, for 300.
Dec. 28 Ib40. tiaa ll--aw3m
sporling Manual.
JUST Pubtiuhed. and iur sale an the FISHING
MIANUhFACTORY. No. 26 South Tlhird street, sand
all the principal Btkselleri in ths citys SCHKEI-
NERS'SPORTING SlANUAL. beinga complete
Ireatise upn Fi haing. Shooting. od Hunturing, as ap-
phlabicql to the ams f /this Country. witn ull in-
struction I lor the inunagnernent u/ fthe dg, selecit-n of
ihe gun. and oitur impliemenis. ammunition. equip-
ments, end ail other matter calculated to instruct
the novice, or perl'ect the amateur, illustrated witb
numerous engravings.
Also. al rednced prices, wholesale or real, a large
and complete absortmenL of fishing. fowling, and
lancy good, liz.
Sea and other fishing lines. in every variety;
gaceral, fly. hazle, bamboo, walking suck. reed'and
other rods; hotks., nets, snoods, reels, artificial baits.
tackle cases. &c ; trout baskets, walking cane chairs.e,
sdilk worm gutL, &c, guns., piaolnrldes ra owder-sks,
snd horns, ponder shot. caps.e&c.: blank aid ball
cartridge. pistol balls, dog collars, couple 4imoud
punches, nipple wrenches,buillet moulds, gjqbh rts,
&c.; fire works, sky rockets. roman candles, pin
wheels, flower puts, &dc; superior pen, pocket, and
dark knives, razors, strops., &c; superior viola
aLrings, flutes, fles. actrdionsa, violins, &e- canes,
segars, tobacco, snuff, and sagar boes., spusk. &c.;
cloth, hair. hat. looEh, and saving brubhe, perfu-
mery, and numerous other arniclea me nrdtsM Ito
nientlon mar 3-d
1t OO BARRELS Mess Beef. a very -superio
| UtUFiarLicle. Philadelphiam Inspeanlon. For sale
S. W. corner Front and Walnut itea11I.

Sales by Auction.

Bly T. Birch, Jr.
e, 84 Souath Second Streei.

[By Catalogue.1
On Friday morning,
At 10 o'clock. at the Coffee Houie auction. No
84 souLt Second street, will bhe sold, an extensive
EasUortmenIt of superior household furniture, com-.
prising, viz:
12 superior sprng seeat sofas, wiih damask hair
seating; 4 do plain, I pier sideboard, with EypLian
marbie top; 2 dodo while fialtan marble iop; I
pair elegant spring sear lounges, damask, I pair do
sns; mahogany French and half French chairs
ogany French bedsteads, highpoei bedsteads,
I elegant pier sideboard with marble slabs, spring
6*t lounges, 3 wardrobes.dreasing bureaus, eo a va
ety of patterns, mahogany French and high post
bedsteada, pier and centre tabled with marble iap,
Jpier sideboards, do do. rocking chairs of va.Jous pat-
terns, extension and column dining tables, ottomans,
lea poes. tire screens. music racks, siave lop card un-
tWes elegant work tables, enclosed washsiand, ithl
marble tops. elegant drsaeing bureau and wardrobe
combined, sola tables, piiot stools. 'ecretaried wilih
beokcaises. butter Irays, candle siaida, pier pedan.
lasI. glassware. Brussuel carpet, chamber ingrai do,
French plate mantel and pier glasses, ladies' work
stands, hat racks, toileat tables. plain mahogany atid
maple wasiitarids, superior Leather beda and hair
mailtrasaes, rush and cane seat chair., thin and
lasmaware, mantel clocks mahogany spring seal rock.
inr chair, 16 day clduck, mahogany tea pOys, office
desks, c.
Superior Furniture.
At the same time will be sold. a number of arti.
cles of superior furniture, part hy order of asingnee.
The splensidt dranip of Rookweod ia repeated to-
night with its beaulntul scenery, dresses, decorations.
etc, etc Don forget Bonny Black Bees.
3 Piano Fortes,&,c.
On Mimday morning.
29th inst. at 10) o'clock. atl No. 29 souih 10th at
near Chestnut. will be sold. the furriutre of a anni-
ly removing.
Comprising: mahogany chair. pier and centre ta-
bies, sojan, ingrain. veniltan and domestic carpeis,
high post and trench bedlsteads, bedi and maitrea.
sea, bureaus.- dining and card tables, wahaitands,
venitian blinds, pine wardrobes, rush and windsor
chairs, looking glasses. 8 day clock, china and glass-
Piano Fortle.
Also, 2 superior p-ano fortes.
Also, I secondhand Englnsh do.
Kitchen Furniture.
Also. a quantity of kichen I'urniiure
Dinner alid Tea Setta China, Plated and Brittania
Ware, Candelebras, Lamps, &c.
On Wednesday morning next,
At 104 o'clock, at ihe Coffee House suction store,
84 South Second astreei. will be Mild, s large assort-
mentof elegant goods, jusit received on consignment
fr.m N Xork. of fine quality French chuia dinner
and desert and tea and coffee sernsices of the follow-
tug paiternia,-
J splendid biff and good dinner and desert ser-
vice ol 42b pieces, with tea tserv.e to maleS 2 -elts
ich Biurbon said gilt s180 piece per sell, I plain
Bourbon sprig do 180 pieces; 6 complete seltd ol
plain while, both oval and octogan patterns, varying
from 150 to 200 pieces per ,ill.
Purchasers can have any additions made to the
above sets they may desire, at the very lowest
Alao, very sploidid tea and coffee services, richly
painlied and giltl, wiih and without lea pots, as may
bedeaired; plain gild band and plain white do of
vartons aizes and of ine inualily
Fine Brittania Ware.
Also, 12. saelts superior Britannia ware. 6 pieces in
each sell.
Also, 13 fine tea and toffee urns. of various sizes
and patierit, 2 extra large size do do, suitable for
At the same lime, the usual rich assortment ofcut
glass. fine plated wiae. superior English lea irays,
munaiiel and astral lamps, candelabra, mintel clocks,
Mechanic Lamps.
SIn addition to th sale ul Thuiaday morning, will
Ip soli one pair of' superior niechanic lamps, en-
tirely new, ilh brackets and globe shape shades -
they were but recently tNought from Pars@, by a
gentleman for his own use. and coat 400 Iranc. in
O- The china will be open on Wednesday for
ezlauxffition; every selt lill be so:d according to a
written list accompanying it. I
(10Couniry blerchanisa nd Housekeepers are in-
formed that the above goods can be carefully pack-
ed by an eiperienced packer to g.i any diatalice
Mlanufact-tred by J C, Barry.
On Thursday Morning,
April 1, at 10 o'clock, at No 9 5 Walnut tr. by
order of aasignee, the entire stock on baud of ole-
gant and superior cabinet furniture.
[Full particulars to-morrow.]
At Private Sale.
Cabinet Furniture-Also, an assortment ol supe-
rnor cabminen furniture.
iy' Poullerer &s Jones.
Succusors tor S. Pouiterer. -
Ai. 445.Markct street. earth h aide, above I lS

Catalugue Sale.
Thia morning,
At 10 o'clock. at the Weatern Auction Swore. No
445 Market street, will be sold. by raialogue. a large
asi.rrment of superior household lurnilure.S&c.
C'omprnsing large and elegant palastier c column ogee
frunt and French cornice wardrobes, Parisa atyle,
ogee ottlotnos, superior spring neati sofas, lounges,
rocking chair, uf first quality workmanship and ele.
gant patterns, covered with plain and damask hair
eating and plush. French and half French stuffed
seat mahogany, elegant scroll pattern pier ta-
bles, with marble tops; square and round centre ia-
bleas, do do; ladies' work tables. enclosed and open
wahatandes. with marble tops; dressing bureaus of
fine wvorkmanship, with marble lops; mahogany
wardtobes, secretaries wiih book cases, mahogany
hat stands, dining and card whles fool stoois.mahog-
any Frencn and high post bed.leads; maple tedaleade
cherry breakfast and dining tables, plain mahogany
bureaus, feather beds v.ith bolstera and pills.
curled hair nialtrases, rush, cane seat and windsor
chairs; Boason rocking chaira.chsomer sofa. ingrain.
Scotch and senillin carpeting, mantel and astral
lamps, candelebras, &c.
Piano Forte.
At 12 o'clock precisely, an account of whom it
may concern, a very superior grand action piano
forte, wiih metalic plate, of superior fine toqe and
Llegant French Secretary-Cost $175.
Also. a splendid French secretary, has been used
about a months, with spring lhll desk, spring draw-
e',ol beautiful woo4, and brat rate workmanship
Birds Eye Maple Rurnilure.
Also. a pair of birais eye maple dressing bureaus,
bedsteads and washstands. .
Carpets and Beds.
3 superior ingrain carpets and 3 large size box

Cut Glass.
S complete seis of cut glass. Consisting of pint
and quart decanters, wines, champagnes and turnm:
.NB. Catalogues ready on Toesday. T'he furni-
ture can now be seen, the lot comprises an assort-
mentof well manufactured and handsome cabinet
furniture and Ihe workmanship of any of the new
cabinet furnlure will be guaranteed by the auction-
Harness--Several bells of superior double and
single harness, with bresa and bitck mountings, will
be sold rheap. Can be seen at ihe auction itare

JM A three story HOlISE in Bread street near
A tIur story house on Broad below Rice slraet.-
Rent W,00.
A four story house N. Eighth street. No 318-
Rent 9250.
A three story house in Locust slt., west of Schbiyl-
kill Third street.
A three awry house on Schuylkill Ilh near Pine
street--Rent 9150
A three suory house un Marshal above Grecen sl.,
-Icenm t37S.
A :hree story house on Marshal sreelt. No. 120,
has d.iuble bak bjldingas and a side yard.-Rent
A throe story house in Vine above IhIh it.
A three stLory house on N 12lh street,below Vine,
No 149,-Reanr l400. Apply to .

mar 19-eodtf

9. rLc.LE RtK,
".9 Arch .trcal.

Freight. to rPiltsburh,
Q LEECH & CO. inform Lhe public thal they
o ave made arrangements to forward goods
to Pittsburgh during thIne winter season, in ihe usual
way. by Rail-road and Wagon. All goods scnl to
the depot. Nos. 13and 15 south 3d street, will be im
mediately deapatched at Ihe lowest rates ol Ireught
nov 17-dit HARRIS & LINFORD
OitI0ce to liisolellts.
T HOSE persons who intend making application
a the ensuLiug March Term, 1841, will do well
to call upon the subscriber, at the Old Ksatauliahed
Stand, No. 3 north 6ih'lsireet, which has been in suc-
centlul operation for the lest eighteen years, during
which time ihe propn.rons have obtained the dis-
charge of thousands wiuhoul failing in a single in.
stance. The subscriber has had ten years practical
experience in the bualesas. during the last eighteen
months of which time he has hJd ihe sole manage.
meat of the entire business of the late firm ofCC M.
Page & T'. Weatcoit. arid he presumes be is compe-
enta to continue iL in future.
No 5 north 6ith at.
TEN bags Hemp seed, now landing and for sale
mar 12-dfilt 2J Chesnut at.
A Card.
TEPHEN BALDWIN, S. W. coiner of Front and
Walnut streets. has os hand and for sale-
Sheathing Copper. Ist quality, from 16 to 32 oma.
Compspinon Nails
Sheet Iron, assorted.
Scotch Pig do. supenor quality.
English MsMtard in jam, of and 5l Ibs.
Old Mbladeita Wine. 4 ar. easb.'
P WOhundred drums Samyna Figs, ofrauperiol
qityn. Lit soine and for saleIto

mai 12-d6| IJ Chesnut atl.

Sales by Auction.
By Richards & Buspham,
XAe. J4 Soauh Front Street.

W" Catalogues of the aluable a sor'ment of new
Glass. frum the New England Glass Co and Boston
and an ndwiah Glass Co. to be mold on Monday af.
ternoon. ies 29th inst are now ready for delivery.
'rbhe glass i arranged at the wereholise of the Com-
pany's agent. ir Wim M. lMuzey, No. 19 Com-
merce AL. and us now open for examinaiun.
On Friday morning,
At II o'clock ait the auciiun store, will be sold a
general aassu:unent ol Groceries, consisling ol
~5 bags eHavanacoffee,
15j bags Rio coffee.
10 hbcs P R sugar.
0n hhda Trinidad molassea.
5 hnd. Duich madder.
50 tibla monongahela whiakey.
3i osak. sweet malaga wine.
10 lierces prime rice.
SO boves Boston chnocolole.
10ti reams wrapping paper.
50 boxes ctavend sh tobacco.
5 nags p5imsnti.
2u0 5 gallon demijohns.
100t) *2 gllin demijohnos.
20u 1 gallon demajohns
2U,000 Spanish aegarn,
50o hampers OtLtles.
bOO mats cassia,
On Friday morning,
At II o'clock, at the aurluoU store, will be sold.
200 begs Riuwcotfie.
Boston Glass Ware.
On Monday afternsoon,
29th tint. al 3 o'clock at Ihe New England Co's
Warehouse. No. 19 Ccmmerce street, will be sold
without resdere, on liberal credit.
200 packages ot superior flint glass. comprising a
general aBsornient ul' new goods tor spring trade
among which will be found fluted tumblers, cup
plateau. Log Cabin and amber decanters, wines, cele-
ries, goblets. cstlur boItles, salts, bird boxes, lamps,
dimhe,, nappies, &c.
Catalogues will be ready and the ware open for
examinati-n on the morning of sl'ale, at the agency of
Ihe New England Glass Company, No 19 Coummerce
Peremptory Sale of Drugglsts' Glassware.
On Wednesday morning,
31st inst. at 11 io'clock al the auctiun store, will
be sold, on a liberal rredio, lu0 ito 200u packages
druggiitn' snd other glassware, consrling of a full
asartment ol vials from joz 10 8z
Prescription tal J do do
Baieman'A ials large arid small size, prescription
wide anid small mouth. es.-ence o peppermint. du-
rable tiks Tnrlington balemni. Giodlrey's cordials,
bears' oils, ink. murdini'. Harlem uil. cayenne.,
mustards. maeasar oils. 2 and I oz pannels I 10 8
oz nks, qt p. and hal' pt asllaers, gallon, half gal.
qL and p speacie jars, drachm vials,. CoLongne bottles,
WD Cataloguea will be ready, sand samples ar.
rnsgaed ior examination one day previous to the day
ol sale.
Brown Sugar.
On Thursday morning,
April 1, Iat II o'clock. at the sugar refinery, in
Ntcniulon at. running fram Race sA. below 7th at.
will be bold, by order of these assignee, fur-raccount of
the turmer purchasers, a quantiy oi brown iugar
and other arucles.
At PJrivate Sale.
2000 lbs Verdigris in sacks.
350 casks dry and seet malapa wine.
IlA) tasks brown, gold and pale sherries.
1uu baies U,ssian f'eatheia.J
010 biae 10oz racks.
It, NO Spanish sugars.
lb I ons boiler iroun.
By E. T. W illi,
jVo. 47 south Eighth street, a few doersR belew
'Cheanul street,

Neat Household and Kitchen Furnitnre,
Received from a family leaving the city.
SThis Morning.,
At 10 o'clock at the auctionn store,
No. 47 south Eighth aireei, at 10 o'clock, will
tie sold. a large ,]aimeity of household furniture,
condigLin.g Il-
An oleganrt and superior secondhand sofa, wiih
sprig and figured seating, pair elegant dining ia
bues. pair alas, do marble lop waseiiandd, mahogany
do, handsome maho-gany -pnung seat sofas, pair supe-
rior mahogany French bedleeada, centre table. with
"Eg prian marble no mahogany do. maple rush seat
chairs, cane do, painted do. scroll seal rucking do.
handsome mahogany bureau pair fansry do. new style
high po"i bedaLeda, Inot posi do shaking., eettee.
drtaaitg tables, waashB ans. kitchen tables, do round
tables suitable for an office, pair oil paintings, maps,
basina aniJ ewers, deomecin cadrpers, &c.. &c.
Kitchen Furnilture.
Also, a qsentiil of kitchen furniture, stoves, &e.
Eight-day Clock.
Also, a very escelteni eight-day clack, warranted
in goad running order.
Alsa, a very eaellent piano forte.
Secretary and Bookcase.
Also, a small mahogany secretary and book-
Aloe, d large doubled c'muntng house desk.
Mantel Lamps.
Also, a pair of elegant mantel lampe, with cut
Lady's dresBing bureau, sett mahogany chairs
nearly new.
Also, pair dining tables, In use but a very short
Two secretary 6uuk.Lasesa2 single plate mirrors;
ladies' desiog bureau; a etl l nt mahogany chairs.
Ala-. Boslou and scroll seat rocking chairs.
Pair fancy bureaus., new style washatands, paint-
ed table chamber table, 40c.
Hy1'.- r. L. Freeman,
AVo. bO North Suith Street, near Arch.

(By Postponement.)
The Estate of M. Ballard.
This morning,
At 10 o'clock, will be sold at No 47 Wal-
nuL treel, thirty pa kages splendid plain, fancy and
colored glsaa. lately rereiced from Paris,all of which
may be examined any time previous to ahe hour ul
On Natuiday morning,
At 10 o'clock at the auction store,
A fine toned piano lorte, with all the recent in.
provements. 1 do calculated for beginners, pair of
elegait dressing bureaus with mirrors sad marble
lop large waudrooe, pier tnt-e with mirrors and
marble Lop. veiy superior sola, large sideboard, ele-
gant Frenc.n bedstead, bureaus. maliraesse, ,chairs.
beds, wash-tands. bo-king glass. with many other
aii It let ."' elegant cabinet lurnilurs.
Ar toe same Liurs will he sold al the auctiun store
a targe ciucnoer covered i th green baize.
Oia Saturday morning,
At 10 o'cluch. at the auction store, will be sold.
a secondhand piano force, calculated lo a begin-
ner. a
Mahogany Chairs.
Also, I dozen cery mupsrmor mahogany chairs
Also, 3 etegnt, figured spring meat rocking chairs
1 sofa to maich
Also, a pair large French plate mirrors.
Also, at 11 o'clock, a gig, suitable for a plyst-
Carriages and Harness.
Lnkewiie. B handaome York wagon, with harness.
u well as several oLher cmrrtages.
REAL ESTATE-At Private Sale.
I. Fiesarti and e vre dc-mutable onuv ate residenc-e

on Spruce st between Broad and Schuylkill 8h.
built in a superior manner, with three story brick
building, bath hunuses Lot 20 By 83 leer.
2 Three handsome private residences, situare on
the east aide uf Schuylkill 5th satreeL beloa Spruce
three ruioma deep, marble trohtLa and itde yards-
Loas 25 lest hy 60
J. Handsome private residence in Arch street,
sear Schuylkill 6Lh, lour cari8es high, basement ito-
ry, ,ic.
4. Neat private residence north 9th street. be-
tween Wood and Callowhill, back buildings, balth
house. 4-c
5. Building lou.CoatLe si. beLween 10th and IlLth
6 'Buildingt l-l. 10Lh street, opposite Ronald.
BOti's burial grasund.
7 A farm ol 350 acres. i0 mile from the city of
Balimore. half mile Irom ihe Falls turnpike, and
limile Irom Limeslone. naturally fine land uocepn-
uible ofl' very great improvement Will be exchang-
ed I;r city property.
8 A small property in Kunkinglon.
Hiandaonie Pnrivale Residence, Coach Housue,&oc.
The derahsle .private residence, situaled on the
north side ol Filbert street, a few do-ors above
Schuylkill 7i0. finished in a superior manner., with
stable in the rear. i.-t 19 feel fIront by 106 deep. is
offered a n privale sale If nt disposed ol in a few
days in will positively be a ,Id al the public sale to
be held about In t.railuof March nexot at the auction
Valuable Lots in Havre de Grace.
At private sale. a number of file lots in the fl.-ur-
ishing town of Havre de Grace, ailuated on the Sus
quebanna nver

Italian Strings, Piletro-
Homes, 4'e.
J UST received, 1500 bundles Italian Stringiof the
very best quality, for various instruments.
Also. Maelzel'a lelronomes.wilh a repealer forthe
first beat of every bar.
A lso, splendid patent Steel Bows, with immovable
Nuts-Awholesale and retail.
217 ('hePnil slrelt.
Great Reduelton lor Caskh,
38 South 6th S.1, opposite the Court House.
rTINHE subscriber having given the credit and order
system of doing busiuess, a irial oh severie
yoacr, and having pr)vod it to be alike ruinous is liq.
seller, and purchmrer He now hegs respeciltty IQ
offer to1 tb numerous friends. cuolomfrnc, and. Ite
public generally. a REDUCTION n ot La per eqnt.,
(IOR CASH ONLY.) on all woT,. 'her p'chaapd
or ordered W-.E1"-',SQOdD,
jan 8-dm" Propriaetor.
Good was leaglhe 1 alk hoot?. from 14 60 0o
% rI VL t) I=
% fi' for regulasling Weights mad Meafture
n N, 136 noth -- thre l huee RU,
jan 13-dBm

I I Mm i ~ I M E' -. ilm-RMNRa

& BBL8 Monongahela Whiskey, very tine.
5 100 bblh Ratified do.
Tavein keepers will find it lto their advantage to
call and purchase.
Extra and Superfine Flour, comsiantly on haind.
mar 18-dif 272 Markel sireel.
CHUYLKILLCoal of the beai quality and of the
S diffirentsizes, delivered puncually tig40ibai at
currentt prices. GEO. W; FOERING.
mar 15.31awlm 13 Arcade. on Chesnut 5l.
A MORTGAGE of about 83,500 wasted for Lc-
high Loans. Inquire at Na. 79 Arch streeL
mar S-eodqw D.FULLER.
0. W. METZ.
DRUSH MAKER. No 317 Market street, above
..8th street, opposite the Wsetern Hotel. Phila
del [,is.
. Smith's Bellows made and repaired.

10 1Primiers.
eOR Sale. a Medium and a half iron Primting
Press. nearly n.w, and in good order for work;
also, one pair of Medium sad a half chaise, rolling
apparatus. &c. complete. The above arucles will be
sold a bargain. Apply to
35 south Third mrelst
Machinist, Dock mt. below Se-cond.
feb 23--dsIm
THREE Lotsl in tbe above (emeLery desirably
localed, for sale by D. FULL1R,
mar 17-e.d3t 79 Area h sl
The Spring Garden Fire Insurance Company of
the County ef Philadelphia. '
NSURANCES, both temporary and perpetual.
against los or damage by Fire, un Buildings of
all kinds. and on Furniture, Merchandise, Veusels an
port, and every description of Property, on uhe moat
reasonable terms
Application to be made either personally or by
litter. at the ofniceof the Company, north west cor-
ner of Sixth and Wood streets, to
ap 16-dtLfSeretoary.
fNE valuable Farm adjoining the city of Wil-
mngton,rontainirng 76 area.
Two iat rate farms, four miles fromn dte cily of
Wilmington, one of which contain 100 and the oth-
er 250 acres
A valuable harm orf 29o acres., 11 miles north west
of Downingtow, in Cheater county.
IBcedes sixy other farmu of vnous sizss and pri-
ces, in thins and the adjoining states.
Real Estate Office. 104 mu th Third street.
mar 23-d4i
xW ILL be published early in April. the sewml
Number, new aeries ol the Select Medical
Lihrary andi Bulletin ol Medical Science.
.ErnLoovG, and SEigIOLOOr: oonistain; rsfArefi-
us on the Causes and Signs of Acale jmms;. trut
Schill's Outlinea ol Pathelesical emsaolegy. treias-
aued by D. Spillan. M. D &c.
Subacriptions o the Library andi fBllesin, live dok
are per annum, received by thq pUbk mer.
mar f3-d6t 393 Marke ma.
CANN F&, tedLS.
0 TONS Caunit Cqels, en hbold Ihe ahi S.
2 Cloud. fhi, Larpuool. at Wrigkht s whef.
for male in Inft tws it Drohaer, s
i. V e4ruer of Flat and Walaut to

B ALTIMORE and Vigiia iiFabB wanted hp
JAM"t MISQuAVK ut* Go.
uma 2--dtf 8.. E. nrorer Chmtemrt arid M s
S I AN0.a res asidef P N"I sI. coan.
lunDitt'e, avanfleeas the .tile Jbisaflds with
pnieaaqr-eitulia:ilty efilttIMaiiuMl Mmieisid per

I, es. 4r2 1F'; Pm' auad
leot. FPateulehLTnaZ by a2 I
1 w. o totKaMoteini.., .qp**#A"*.
i-u Us4 '

. --W It- i u o. -:-. - --. --w.i.. S 0t .

Sgal, s by l tl IoeU..

") alnfe Mvtf***S
NO.4 Ca/3 l talt.
M.4 Clu tHAW S

SOn Saturday morning nmtt, .;
At 10 o'clock. at the uclionB rowm, general S.
sortment of cloths, casiameres. ic. eonittimg o
London, American, Yorkshire and French clotha
and easimeres, fancy and staple good-3 caei weal
of England superior piece black, invisible green.
wool lacKA. ind;go blue, calmaret, wool black, indigo
blue 2 cases London brown. olive, Polish green.
indigo blue. claret, wool black. Rumsia cadet ox-
lord. steel a, d bareback mixed rldhb; I ease 7.4 ex.
ira inie indigo blue and olive. green I ca.e alerts
heavy double milled fancy Tweed and wool black
cassimeres; I case cable and win cord;u 1 "asP
fanry single milled fancy doeskins, mixed casat
Stunietl, &c.
6 rase heavy huckslkil squirrel grey, silver miiitt
fbncy printed, sagMe, alive. bruwn, cadet, steel mizat
Also, Paris and London satin and silk figured veslt-
ings. London quilulngs and welting, ingle milleI
woollen velvets silt buttons, red padding, silk
serge, ailecias. London print, mouslain de lanes.
Domestic Goods--at 19 o'clock.
Assorted colored cambrics. Manchstear ginghsam.
blocO carpeningi, lumadder color shawls. matder
hdki., 3-4 and 4-4 indigo blue plaids. siripelaheet.
ings., Trenton ickings, indigo blue Kentucky jeans.
London Drillings and Gambrooos.
10 cases, extra fine new styles linen drills. gotlha
ribbed and waved arundel and mattermich checks
end imperial gaimbroons. and to which we invite the
atenLion of ailors and the trade generally.
I cae super challes of new styles and fine finish.
Asy ill. Th iam aand M fto
No. 105i Chestnut Streetl.

Furniture, Sib street;-The aleu of furniture ibis
morning in 8lth street near Walnult will commence
punctually at 10 o'clock. There mIs a cry large
quantity of furniture to be sold.
The sale of furniture in Schuylklll 7th it. is post.
poned to Tuesday neat.L h may be examined on
Monday wiih catalogues.
CARD.-We hall hbold a ale of real estate on
the 30th of March.
Assignees Sale-Maryland Land.
This ale i30th) includes 971 acres of land with
two dwellings and stable, Cecil county. Maryland. oa
the post road, aIlf way between Phlladelphija arid
Peremptory Sale-S6th of April.
Estate of Joseph B. Barryi deceased.
CARD.-Our Sale ol Real Kitiaia6th oh April. will
include the property of the iltae Joseph B. Barry, de-
ceaused, to be sold without reserve, by order of Eze-
'rParticulau in future advertessimtnu end hand.
This morning,
25lth instant, at 10 o'clock, at No 92 South Eighth
street a few doors below Walnut street, the house-
hold furniture.
Comprising mahogany hair seat sofa. mahogany
receM sideboard, mahogany pier table. range ol ma-
hogany dining tables, bresilita tables, pier mahoga-
ny card table, French china dinner service, break-
last and tea china, cut glass decaunters, tumblers.,
wines. champagnes., Britannia tea Bet, knives and
forks, mantle and astral lamps, ingrain, parlor and
chamber carpets. vanitian entry and stair do, oil
cloth. giae entry lamp. siair rods. rush eat and
windsor chairs, mahogany dressing bureau, plain ma-
hogany bureaus. washstands, chamber setu, double
and single windlass bedsteads. high post do. a num-
ber -i fine feather beds, matireses, window curtiina.
venisian window blinds, .andiron., shovels and tong.,
mahogany tiny and stand, Wldliard time piece, coal
grite. &dc. dc.
Also. a quantity of kitchen furniture and utensils
CO'man be examined from 8 to 10 o'clock on the
morning of Imale.
On 'Tueaday merini,
At 10 o'clock, in Schuylkill 7th street., one door
above Spruce. weit aide, thr entire household furni-
tuie of a gentleman declining housekeeping.
Comprising superior and fine toned piano folie,
made by Feuring; pair splendid single French plan
mantel mirrors, ornamental gilt frames, ,8 by 32 in.
handsome Brussels carpets for two parlors, hatnl-
some mahogany sofa, colored hair cloth; pair piaho-
gany lounges to match. 3 pair mahogany otoman lto
match, handsome mahogany chairs mto match, supen
or occasional table Egyptian marble slab, mahoga-
ny munM stand, mahogany sideboard, handsome
while china dinner sett, elegant green and gold
paiDLed tea selt, rich cut glass decanters, lumb.ars,
wines. champagnes, lemonades, finger bowls, do.
ivory handle knives and forks, venitian entry and
stir carpets, handsome daing table, oil cloth, maho-
gany hat stand, entry lamp. clock, mahogany ward.
robes, mahogany dressing bureau with mirror and
marble lop. mahogany wuablatands marble lops.
handsome walnut chairs cane seats, ingrain chamber
carpets, handsome mahogany bedsteads, superior
curled hair matrasee, fine feather beds and bed.
ding, fancy cane sealt and windsor chairs, Ac.
Also, ibe kitchen furniture and utensils. rotary
love, dro
W The above furniture was made to order and
has been in use but about six months. Can be ex-
amined on Monday.
On Thursday morning.
April lt
At 10 o'clock, at the auction s'ore. without re-
serve. several hundred ounces of stelrling Silver.
comprising forks. spoons, ladles. knives, c. King'a
pattern, made in London to order, and finest quail-
At the same time an assotment of eleglant furntr.
Full particulars in catalegues.
Agent, Conveyancer. Broker.
0.fice, 10j Walnut below Third street.
jan lI-d3m

I -

N.,' a - ro'-- *.-- v--i-.,--. v.-~-'~ r&'q'r.


publJhtens ttlie Inawoflhe gUl'ted plates
AU. 92 0U'JPTII BmC1 NlO i ST MErlT,
fHrain DonM a sQV WalI R-'
iA ll.Y PAPER-Eight Deuiars .. iiiiii.
I'ltRl .E TIMES A W i'LI,- --6 I rllqrs per annum.
PUa14le wilt yeariVv, in advance.
Iu8RCH]PTrLOET aortTmsIn MONcrHS received at
the same rate.
a tllt t: i n IL. Ii-N l' ilia-rud u tlle Ui a I e in-
Moiitlbhe irmn
it PitlINT'lIN noaily P ,i- n lied at 'hA S1'1ir,
Demoieratc AuaiitauUUS

Wednesday. Nilarch 124, ;S41.
'T'HE BLOODnHIrUo.-L[ will he rcrneiubered
that next t, the Oler falsehoods about the
e0eeatlVp manioo aniid Mr. Van Buren's al-
leged liuxurious nlod of living, there were
few thin,2s more harped upon as a reason for
a change of adininiatl.ration, than the terrible
din of having intplNrted bloodhounds front
C.uba i to destroy the, Seuinoltes. For a time,
the newapipers and the siurup resounded with
iiotliini but bloodhoundi-the importation of
tlime,, dJ Ig Wad repries.-ritnd to the people as a
crimne which should 'rush the autlhora of the
Llt forever. It will also be reniambered that
a sudden check was givt-n to thiis outcry by a
declarationn made at a larMe netirniig In tLie
Ftrt Cotigressionial lDiilrtt, by Richard K.
Call, then spouting about the country as an
advocate, of Harriiouinim, that he was the in-
dividual who iroiiht over the dogs and that
lthe admiiairatrion had nothing to do with it
whatever. After that, a perfect silence was
observed in rt gird to the blo.dhuiinda ; but as
we presume the smin Is not altogether changed
into a virtue in the eyes of Harrisonismn, be-
oduse perpetrated by one from its own number. 0
consistlency at least dentartila that our oppo.-
inats should be a Little shocked on discLoverinrg t
that the new PreiIlent has actually appointed 1
thin same General Call, who imported the
bluodhounds, to the Governorship ofl Florida,
from which he had been previously dismissed.
Cannot the federal j.)urnaiilats republish on the v
occasion, some of their pathetic anti-dog ari- 1
tiesd which no laerated the public mind during
thi recent campaign 1 Where are now their
philanthropic eti'ustons oin the cruelty of Ma- c
rooning" the poor iidin a
T'his bloodhound atdir coupled with Ogle'a
monstrous stories about the White House,
forms a striking commentary upon the vile 'I
mode of elecLioneering resorited to against Mr. 3 Buren. The conLest being past, every d
day explodes a new humbug, until the people a
will suon see that the Inaugural Address is n
at leant correct in one pjint-that the defeat F
of the democratic party was indeed the result n
of a delusion," but of one which capnot last 1
much longer. o
THe CiCtiRCLA.-The solemn circular put 'I
forth by Mr. Webater and published in another tl
column, is well enough as a matter of profres- a
etion, but it cannot fIail to strike the public as i
somiewhat of a mockery, coming as it docs It
Irom the heads of a party whih owed the a
greater part of its stlcceias to thfl lavish and a|
unprecedented use of nainey, and which, at
this mnomnent, is busily ensagged in filling offli-
Ce, with its most busy and inveterate else- ti

Ruem PO)RTHE SPoi.i.-T-'he New York Sun. B
a neutral paper, gives the snbjoined accouut of
a -ruih for the spoils,' which took place at the N
Custom House of th.atcLiiy, tii Monday last-
rather a curious proceeding for Lie no-spoils uf
party, aud certainly a novel incident altogether
in our political history, whatever it might of
be in "' Scytlrhia and Scandinavia." .i
SS"eveial uf the papes yesnerdsy morning an-
nounced that Mr. Curtisa, the newLy sppointled Col-
leoro of this po)rt, wiiuld enter upon the duties ul
his utice during the day-hby which it appears to
have bee very eatensiv-ly undefrstoluod, that he
would mike a grand sweep among the thousand L
and one deputies, eub-deputie.. tile-maisersa, etc.
eic. which live upon the cusinms department in I
this city. The consequence wa., that bel'fore busi-
ness hours hod fairly arrived, applicants fur silua-
tions in the department began to thock to the cu.t- J(
tom house 10to welcome their new chtelt ad hold
out their hands for ihe exparecie? cumbs for which
their mouths wt-re t..tiriing.-Early in ile fore.
Anoon they bad arrived in auch numbers as not only' V(
to throng the hoLuuae., hout Iairly encomps- i with )
urth a crowd that it vas ad holly impractiraesble toL th
irasiact the bdasinevss oi the department:; and hen ad
she crow.I of hungry expectanis ,.ii-'..I, and staod,
and to-Id. as immovable as did the old lady's vial- '
tar who ", and slot. andi sit" for hours Sime in
of lie lesa patient, however. in course of lime L
liegin to get tired ofi their iinprugiesitre ceize of IU
the puoils. aid an inquiry was met on foot to diJa- M
rover the whereal.o'i of' the iiii-fortlhcoming die a ti the expected fa-ore; when, to. it esult.
ed in the dllscoveiy that le was only nowhere t. Iri
he found, hIut had ott even returned to ihe city w
i'he poor t.Alow. driippsil their hungry netheT jaws ro
and then dispersed to get raorf substantial tare at Pd
their resie-t[.le dinner tehiea-lhat IS, nioch as weie rl
p.roitded with that 'irel pleasing to mothers' and th
i.athers too, and chilhitin." el

EFiEsT r" or COAL (G.AS.-lt is erele, in the r
Boaston 'roinscript that on Friday evening, at in
half past eight o'clock, oreofthe officers of f
she jail in New Bedford ilscotered that the ev
>ipe o0" onis of the stoves had got separated end L
t(e gas produced by tih comntiu.ion of'the coal m
was escaping Into the several apartments. He the bell, and Col Baylies. the keeper, im-
itiediately came, and it was ascertained lhat ol
sime twenty five or thirty or the prisoners had
iscoime insensible from inhaling the poisonous it
gas which filled the apartments, h,
Assistance was sailed, and Col. Baylies H
with great dtfflt'ulty and hazard, succeeded in at
getting them into the yard. where they were 1i
tolled upon ihe ground, and medical aid being in
t. tiled, they were resucitated alt tr a considers- yr
hie time. Some of theii, however, were still t
'ifl'ein,., bitty is thought they will all eventu- m
ally recover, ith

It is stated in the London papers that Capt.
Hleaviside had brought a suit in the Constas.
tory Court fIr a divorce from his wife, and the 8t
divorce had libeen granted. This will be in- tr
teresting information to Dr. Lardnet. er
-- in
The Firemen of New Orleans had a grand F
procession on the 4th of M.arch, being the an- di
,iversary of th ir exemption from jury and fr
iolitia duty. The parade was much admired, oh
and company No. 14 attracted great attention git
by having tus engine drawn by a livingg ele- ti
phant. fr
-. .... r,,- 7

Peansylvan'a Legshalafure.
[Corre-apornence of the Prnasylvaiarn.i
HABasucIURo, March 22, 1841.
In the -louse this morning, after the presen-
tation of petitions.
Mr Darsim offered a resolution which was
adopted,calling upon the Canal Commissioners
for informaLtion of all the circumstances silenc-
ing the drawing of $60,000 from the Berks
County Bank lor the purchase of locomotive
Mr Cox in pursuance of notice given, asked
leave to bring in his bank bill, aid Messrs
Cox, Brodhead of Pike, and Johnson of Armnn.
strong, appointed the committee. MIr Penni-
man also asked leave to bring in his bill, and
Masears Pentitmnan, Snyder, and Clark appoint-
ed the committee.
iMr Middleswarth called up the adjournment
resolution, which was discussed for about three
hours, or rather upon which a discussion ol'Lhe
state finance@ for that length of tines took place.
Messrs Flenniken, Cox, Law, Fuller, \\ rigit,
Lust and others panrlicipated in ihe debate.
The resolution was amended by striking out
the 24th of March anl inserting the Sth ol'
April, and then wrtthout taking any vote upon
the resolution tt was postponed until Saturday
next, 3 laige majority of the members believing
that it would bhi impossible to adjourn by that
A hill for the incorporation of the Equitable
Insurance, Life Insurance and Trust Company
of Philadelphis passed three readings.
The bill for the equalization of taxes was
called up on second reading. The first section
underwent considerable amendment, but not
affecting the principles of the bill. Mr Johnson
off-red a suhastitule for the hill. The substitute
mnd bill oeres both re-committed to the contnalt-
lee on Ways andI Means. It muerely;changes
verbal, the bill. and contains a provision by
which the amunit of the taxes to be received
may be known. .
The House ihen adjourned.

In the Senate, alter the presentation of peti-
lions, and reports from standing comntl--
Le ..
Mr Miller offered a resolution expressing the
opinion of the legislature in favor ofihe issuing
olf Treasury notes to be paid to the states as8
heir propor ion of the proceeds of the public
anda and an increased tarifTon luxuries, which
was laid on the table.,
Mr 1-hiddleson offered a resolution instructing
the judiciary committee to report a bill to pre-
reiithe Governor from transferring a Judget
rom onejudicial district to another, before their
temn of office had expired.
After the passage of several old soldier asd I
clain bills, tilia bill extending the charier ofli the
'loriharniptoi Bank was taken up on second
leading. Mr Pearson offered an amendment a
hat the bank should pay a bonus uf$*2000. A s
otLion was made to strike out 2000 and insert
000, and upon this niction a very interesting
iscuasion took place between Messrs Sullivan S
nd Williams as to the derivation of the !word
monopoly. The Greek, Hebrew, Sanwich and
'rench languages were resorted toand, I could
ot hear exactly how it was settled, but think
Ir Williams, in a clear and logical argument
fan hour's length, proved conclusively that it
cas derived from the Greek word, ri/y poly.
'his may now be considered as settled, and
ie Senators deserve the thanks of their con-
tituensta for settling to impotLont a question inr, i
brief debate of about two hours. The cost -
o the State is only about $300, cheap enough, tl
11 must admit. The amendment was not
greed to arnd ilia bill passed second reading. nI
The Senate then adjourned, w
The afternoon was devoted to the considers- r
on of private bills. tl

3y tle Praiidint, y and uni t the c iand coieast ci
of h. Seiut. ir
Ge-)rgs Loyall, to be Navy Agent for the purt of J
orfolk, Va.-re-appoinied. w
John P. Henry, to be Navy Agent for tho port e
f Savnimmah, Grogtd-re-appolmed. it
Thoemas Hayes, to be Navy Agno for the port
f Philtdelphia, in place of Michatel lV. Ash, re-i.
gned. fa
Commander W. A. Spencer, to be a Captain in m 4i
ie Navy Irnm the 22d January, 1841.
Lieutenant A. Bigelow. to be a Commender in a8
Ie Navy Irem the U22d Janu ty. 14 1. j',
Pes-.ed Midshipmen William L. Mloury. to be a m
leutelnant in the Navy floum the 26ih February, or
841. st
Robert C. Wemmore, to be Navy Agent for ihe 'n
>ri of New Yoik, in place of Julon R. Livingston, f
r. rmnijved.

"TexAS AND iir- TcAr4is."--'l'he first bi
alumni of a new work has jult beenpublished Ut
y Msrs 'T'hotuind.a, Cowperthwait & Co.,of to
is r-ity, entitled ."-Texas and the Texans, or 1l
dvdnce of the Angilo-Axnerimans in Lhe ,imLuih-
e, inuludiing a history of theA leading events r"
Mexico from the conquest of Fernando '1
ones to IhP termination of the Texan Revo- in
tion-by-Henry Stuart Foote, of Raymond,
ist." This is a work well calculated at a
tract the aetlrntln of those who feel mttersam ry
the movements to which it refers, and who
would learn somr-thiug of the daring and
mantuc expeditions sntoTexas which preced- its
I the rnvolutior, which was completed by lhe t
lumph at San Jaconmo. This volume brings ,
e history of'['exa' down to 1535, and the con-
ussion of the work will of course give a full ta
*count of the exciting arnggle which resulted
independence. Thie author has the advarti'e .I
being in possession of the materials cole w,
d fir a lisltory of Tezas by Gen. MirabeaunL
auear, who has acted so conspicuous a part
i the stirring events of that country.

Samuel Marriott, only 2-2 years of age, was
unteiced last week, in the Municipal Court mo
B oesion, to 17 years conr inement in the Pen- 'p
siiiary, on the following offeuces :
For arson in a. tting 5ire to an old uninhabited F
,uae out Washingtonr street, kItucwn as the Autoty
ounec, len yeere In e'tale Prison ; for receiving tO
oleua g.oods-two years ; for biesking and enter- ni
g .totc of J. Ni. B[ebe--bree yeqrs for slenl- ni

g from tha store ol Parmrelee, when on fire-one
*ar .or stealing froum Cispp & Sieale, one year; pM
a sll, eventeen years I t the Siate Prison, togethiet h
ith fifeen days slitary cormfinement. But he
ight have Leon senenced to aeireny years : so at
ai., on ibe whole miaicy hai bean meted out (o
m tin fair proportion to justice.

FANYV ELLSrEi.-Bell'a life in London
ays :--.The action by the director of the Op- 8
ra against Fanny Ellsler, for breach of her ha
igagenment, which was first called on the 12ih bei
stanl, but postponed, came to a hearing on ly
riday week. The fair fugitive remaining itn min
fault, and not having given a sufficient pow-
r 1,) her counsel, the court, upon the motion Le
f the advocate for the ipera, declared the an- t
igenent to be vacated, but reserved the ques- G
on of damages, which were laid at 60,000 c
aancs. tir

The N. Y. Sun lias the lollowing : Among ALTLIaEa Norca.-We wetie yesterday shown
the vessels driven ashore at Long Branch a one dollarnuto ot the Fanrmer's Bank nf Dote-
during the severe stoun o[ Tuesday night laiist, wdre, shaliered to Five Uollsais. A figure 5 bad been
were two schooners, onue the Henrietta, Capt. psitd owner the figure 1 at the top of
Mason, the other name not kInoAn-have egone the note. arid the word sivy over the .goi on the
to piecesT. 'e latter was from PhiLadelphia right end of the note. In thIbe body ofl the note the
lopeds R Sword ORs before DOLLA h.I been erased. and
leaded with rshal. She had six hands on board, nothing nubstituled. Wilh a lintl: care the altera.
who, after severe and protracted sefferlnng. sue- Uion can easily be detecled.-Sentinel'.
eceedad In getltiug'a line to thilia shure by means -
of a water cask, and hVy the. linm all reached Mc[,eon.--\* regret t10 perceive by a letter of
land, saVe one, who was drowned. The hands the District Attoriney of Niagjara County, publish-
on board both schoonera nearly perialied, and ed in the Rochester Demnciat. that in e.nsequenee
are severely frost bitten. of'an r or ot the Nuegas County Clerk iu drawing
tha jury. the court will gn over, and that McLeod
mill not be tried, as had been counted upon.
'ir- ALnBeNY Aotis-.-This deservedly in- Tlis is to be regretted, boib as a matter of jus-
fluential anid popular journal comes to us great- tlicsto the prisoner, who, if innocent, as his friends
ly improved in appearalwe, ,an iadieiatiot no contend, ought not to be held in confinement; and
doubt if its steadily inaereaasig prosperity, a to the public interests and feeling, which cannot
reward to which tise Argue Its wll entitled be paruculatly benefited by tbe deley. It is not
by the soundness of its prnciples and the t- to be disguised that bthe subject is one of imitation
diaLrysaind abiulitymansiferstedit r between the two governments; and there are few
dusry atd all inoifesled i su calun. wo, b o not desire ip see it disposed of a early as
"- 5 poa.iblei.
E LLsLeEa.-The 'Ne' Orleans Bflee of the' We are told that the Chief Juastice has iSntiWa-
it.inet.. ,Starte that the boxedp and parqutLe ted tbal hue cannot hold special ofr aind termi-
sauts of the St. Cirlro, T'rthe 'first iighto of er until s lietr he May term of -heA Supreos
Fa n n y E -Ln a iq' e l 5 .r' ta-t h W j n d i i L o a n f i t w e h op e a a q u e s t i o n s o u r g e n t
F y F>a.p^ ox. .sh tvf dis- Codart.1not viaYhope tha
posed of at auctioni a.y, bro.g a.I Ii.",::tis, may he brought to a decision at the esrli-
pt uroag l iaS o ,t pio, clieblA day.- any, ,Argui.
ly very-high rte JRh oY sr.t- wS-.
rented for ikhe l tai @ithe tiandsr I
averaged upr l i Pea L., [The para'ette Tb. "slty ofjasf'eIea gr pradeds in Naw
Iav hirt two. p tb 6 & e6. a R j HpS-to m a s, as 1164070 l.ig.

The sacrifice of this worthy man, shows tR
regard of General Harrision lor the service
which he )owes bhis own position. Col. Gaidn
was an etrelleu officer in tlie regular saIvi:e di
Ing the late war, Alter retiring to civil life,L
was appointed to sN iiop.-rtant trust to the Ps
Utiicr Depairtment, which be bhas beld under eve
succeosive Adtuiimrstialuin. He was always a I1r
Republican hut never proscriptive towards B
oppuned to him in politics. Irn his own bure
there are upwarids of fifty clerks, and a major
u. them are Fediralitsl. He neIer c turned a m
out. During the late conflict, his conduct w
sich as nto deprive tho.e by wh'jm he is ejected,
the sligbiteal pretence to oust him tor inteiferec
in the election; and yet he is sent a.trift V,with
large family dependent upon him, without foriut
and at a time ol life when it ns touo late to learn
thard prolesiion, having addicted himself to art
in his youll, Sand a particularly arduous and l
iombing Fervice in the P1-s UfTice Depanlmif
during hlitr midIldte age.
It u iripolidiile that fur the removal of such
man, the proacribers can sel up the apology it
he has improperly inierfeted in thIe eSleciin, a
especially ax the ncilce is given to the busiesta eli
tluneer in, allU lhe north ul Ohio. Elisha Whiittle
who played his part in lie' double Aharacier
Arlinmson and Abtoliunist. Colonel Giardne
nsninm has been some years on the bond of0 BIt
and RuivC as Piunners; poislbly he hies lost I
office by this act of neighborly kindness.-Glob

ANOTHEI Psooc OF CoaoisTEscr'.-Descui
ting on ihe monarchical tendency of our Uoier
menlat. th Inaugural say..
'"There was wanting no other addition to thil
powers oa our Chif sagltlrale, t O stlainp a ino
archical character on our Gjovernment, bt lth
conitul of lbe public finances. And to me it al
pesatstenge, indeed, that any one should dou
that the entire control which the President pisese
sae over the olficers who habdve the custody ol'hit
public; money, by the pouer ofl removal, with
without caused aefor all niasehievous purpose
at, % virtually subject the treasure also to h
ditpoasl. The firat Roman Emperor, in his al
tempt to seize the sacred lieasuile, amilencud ithe op
po.Iliton of the officer t.i whue charge IL had bee
cummitied, by a signbfirant allusion to hima sword
By s selec in of political instrument for the car
of the public monny, a reference to their commit
alone by the President. would be quite a etrfectua
an saigumant as that of Ulddarto the Romae
I'TLPeirs ALLEN, the Receiver Gencral nat Net
York, wias one of -'lhe officers who have l te cda
tlody of the public monmey"-tibe rflsteverappointei
to the irust-a man who- has so entirely the cont
lenca of iall parlies.hat even Guv. Seward appint
:d him, ahnough a political opponent, to act a
coinri.tssione, to execute a most delicales duty mu
the city of New York. And yet ibls upright
ateruly incoriuptiblo Receiver General, is turneui
iut us if at were simply to make an exempificanusti
of theuiler hyjpoctisy of the sentiments so osten
tmiousty piraid'd in lhe Inaugurl against the
monarchical tendency of the Execuive power
when excited in the removal otoficrs who have
he custody o0 the public muney. We have ihe
cac of L.s.n and the Roman Knight exeinplified
n the first month ol the new Frederal dynia.ty.-

OFF WITH ire is HsAe!'-T'he following is a copy
if the nutse from the Now ecretaryv uf the 'Treads
try, t, Mr Shaw, late keeper of the Light House
a LazareLtIo Puint:
Treasury Department,
13ti, March, 1841.
Your services are no longer needed by Ithe ove.
rrmment in Kteping thba Light House at Lazarerto
Point. I am respectfully
Your obi, aervant,
Secretary uf tlhei Treasury,
iMr. tWILLt.M Susw,
Light louse
Lsovsrt to Point,
This us quite laconic--much to the Pain:, and
o doult, as Mr. Eang thinks, "ahort and swel.e' how far it comport. with the declardLtions l
the Whig party aboul -'no pioscription" tlhe reader
'ill see, winen he is informed that Mr. Shaw has
le. en children '-was born and raised in the Neck,
al fccr Ircm the Light H ou.e--hi father and bhis
mhole family were good Patriots and showed it du-
ng the last war; and beeidtes thee, he has the
igiesti lestimoniasls ol the most recent date, and
that, ltoo, hom JJ'lg gentlemen, who had the beat
pporlunitnes to know hbam. His salary as Light
louse Keeper, was 1350! This is a sample of the
olure which is to be pursued by the "no partly"
no proscription" adminrsiratlion, by tbe party
ahch has blustered so loudly and largely against
ri'uvails Ic rplinions sake Consistency thou art
ideed a jewel.- Bour. Repub.
IlaRDu CinKa.-WhA does noi remember the beau
lul asid strriigsiteiiei aslPadunt upon hard-cmer
iidnairOfi preei td te ail late election. Whtuh e pal.
'I |c Utlijd doe' ihuI 4iutiLkerl-wniA.e ehart does nili
illip witli raplure-tuinuse voire im miOI atrlneiL 1to
gc.abin ineludy, at tlhe impirin recollecLiio' ll'sa
in.h g.lriJis spectacie ever wtlno-'ed nuitil Gen-
al H-.ri.nai. became s great man in lihae year IsIu!
tIa figure mo yunr miid it you can a Ing-cahin ol
5e naclidnIoiit d cunl" cofortab e hen-coop, mounted
a hiel. taiio,1 tog th,.ugt tie atreeis-wIit .ia-
krin aun, up urnir the e'esa, s barrel oul hard cider
She utour-a gourd su.pendtld ray aaitig hard by.
Ii half a dzeii city dailinmles in birro'ed home-
epu ctLther,, ingiiiug.
,*We'll ike n drink ol hard cider,
Ain d vte onrOai 'uIppe. anee "
Then gu a.way amid teep. tar auLh rueaslihuIl elh-
mimi u" polfiiriii iittL Brnl reliiled leta de re i'stl. never
return, rhe LegislnLuruiljiihuo hive made war
apn vile nery floulitIn u. il Wig iispirotoi. Tthe
lOuv. nllg aiiCh, e aslind 1i lhs SLe-lman paulumy
evvstipes plan to uoenturlbu, aIhe VWhg psrty aL Lhe
sit e iete oiim -( lle .dverhIa er.
"Tae lll l u tlub aws ir.jieto 'mimls. iitons and hb-j-
autI|. tie sli orum .y to gIast iieiLcas Ior the sale ul
icriuntuc by retail. ws' acatn lacen up.
The que.tLoii being .i1 hnr ['sylur's amendments tO
i.ert ror cider" sll.'r the aurd "'liquor. "
Mr GUnodotJ elprt.e-aed a hupe that Ite ameno]mean
numl) preyvil 'here nad beeni a grtesa denal oa m
ag anItl drunkerils-as 'it baud-u iIler, and It was ye-
proper to du",rmaage sinth onJndlici
abhe smuenllmeni asan then rejected-yeas II, nays
Mr Carpenter ihen, on leave, changed his vo s to
ueganmie muktng yeis lI. nmya lIb.
Mr Ta\Ior 'I'hvn l sheenls that s reajority if the
tat- Ore uu ppi'r.d to toe's getting drunk oun ay
tntg except tvmitS cimrr
MI T. ines spousI ia oppsmlon iO the bhll, be
OsU at woold atIna ini I 'iir cLi with the publ." wilt
id uiOUd milfeint nac io allmhaml.,ml. o i.lue saw
Mr I'>rrn then moved an sluu'mdmsnt io striKs out
iqioisr aks-I Inent ",rlnmns "' tarried.
MN ['aiyor Is 11 the s'enir's opiaion tlhat thai
urd till macluha herJ ciJer.
.r Faran. Cesrauuly."
aCorrnnpoadence on the tiavaioah lte-ubhican.)
"P|LaTaa, March 14.
"Capt. Ker, 2 Drsgoons, a day or two since
ok twenty one Indians wilh their chief, Koxa
usuenlug gee.
T'oent, old Indians came in s lew days age at
ill Fanning. and gave thnnselves up.
Wild Cat bas been in at lampa and gone oul
bitng in uns people, and letnems mo nigbt say that
netv omen wete sent out on the Ihlh to escort
newly odd warriors on their way in
About four hundred Indiana are already at Tam-

a wallting to be -hipped--t fact every one writes
iat the war is oer."
By the steamer Gen. Taylor, Capt. Peck, the
above intelligence am.confirined.

(Correspondencet ol the Savannah Georgian )
FLOeIDa, March 10 ,1841.
The different parties under Captlainso Bainunm,
naulh andi Car, in pursuit of Alluck-lub-le-nuggse.e,
ave not yet been heard raom. Il is more than
robable that they will overiLake him-afler, having
een whipped thrice in a few hours, he will hard-
lIe1 in the humrOr or ordtiLon Oor uthe trouncing
Store for him.
From Tampa the news is favorable-Cost-ltus-
-nuggee, who was permitted to go out, has re-
ri.ed, bringing with him 12 Warinors. The
eiaeral through ibthe agncey of Col Worth, has
iccetded in opening a communication wilh i'ltfid
air the mndomniltable thero of the St. John's coun-
y. Wild Cat has expressed a wish to see two of
.e delegation, and they are about to be sent to
m. to talk over the beauties of the Arkanisas bun-
ng grounds.
Hus-pie-ts-kee,a Souihern Chief, of some consid-
ratie infutluence and celebrity. sent in two warriors
L Uul. Davenport, at arrasaots. All this is good;
ind if we can thrash that rascal, Alluek-tus-te-nug-
lea, naked through the pine barren, until he flies
That city ofrretuge, Tampa-will be better. The
enesial us not to be sneezed at in the v.y of ne-
uciletionr, sand after having gone successfully over
e same grounds that echoed five year ago, to the
g gounes of t ihe "Great Pacificator,"-who knows
Ut what we, of Florida, may nominate him for
e White House. Youcs LItruly.

A HoprperUL Scos.n-A late English papersays:
-'-Among Lhu individuals proclaimed outlaws, on
onday week, in open court, by Hemp, officer to
e Sherintf of Middlesex, was the Honorable C.
anners Suiton, son of Viseount Canterbury, ax-
peaksr of the House of Commons."

In this country," says an English editor, It
considered the height of folly for a mar to get
ruik and lie aCioss a railroad with the idea uf
aininirg repoase." The same opinion obtains to a
ousidarable exment in America.

Mnnoimania if said to be produced by connnually
selling upon oie thought.L We have heard ao a
hymirian. who, having attained some distinction by
n essy ngairut the ude 6f bliatets, became o do-
ired to his theory that he altuwiad nt to mix even
iin his theological spetiulatlion, till be mainttained
am future paishmsbint aonsited of an endlesM e-
s of blisteming., and that Belasholb's true figu te
a that of *a IU laparah ty.

From the .A4s1mmeryReperkur. [CIRCULAR.] NORTH WARD.
he KA-LE' LETTERTO MR. ADAMS. Atda turned meeting of th democratic citin-
to ha ens s r ished us -- O zens.f North Ward, held pursuant to a revolumion
o Th teacher of the PAfuicans as furnhed us DEPARTMENT STATE, pased at a previous meeting at the White Bear Ti.
aer with a copy of a laler thatlt K-le, rhe African boy, Manta 20, 18411. vern l at the Polyeifhmic Hail.corner'ol Market and
ur- a.ddre sed to the Hon *J. Q. Adams, afier his via' TtfheaHon. Tno s Ewivu, Oi.treeL i he meeting was crrannsed by William
tie it to the Afticanson a.his8 way 1S Washingyon, and S bert. Erq .chairman oi the previrua meeting.
at in view ofhieas nhis way in Washington, .r dt'rrclarp rft/se "r'rcostiry wh,,,clirned arming and ruonmnrateCohCHARLt.:S
Oat in viewofhiharing bean engaged as one of their i Te ii teT s o orii t t iaK rlied qanuianiuy app r
Lry counsel:- Sin : The P ,L aDL T is Of ofI11 UU that it is a K llI'RVO-S whi wal ute rnnoust) approved of
Jrm New IlAvar, Jan. 4, 1841. great aoe to bring ihe patronage of ihe General amid Wil'ulaun SHeyitr o *a, ,ite i Secret.ry.
ny Dear Fiend Mr. Adams,- Uovernment into conflict with the freedom oi eles- Th hmrtat nn ect of the anai'iw rn be
nu [ want to write letter to you because you love tn,on; and that this abuse ought to be corrected r,,felen.cracl ui abl zen peI., h.the earld.LiU
ny 'lendi people and you talk to the grand court. wherever it may have been penrumited to exlt, On miit.n ol Mr S-vr-ert, a tommiliree if Iree
Sn We want to tell you one thing-Jose Ruiz say we and to be prevented for I be future, were ppointei t wart up..n a trnring tiring held
ia born m Havana, he elO lie. We stay n i-assus He ithere-loredirects that information be given inder an unruil.nrzed call at lhe White BearT'l'n%.v
ol 10 dayssnd tIUnigibst,we stay no more. We all to alloficeri and agents Ir vour Dlepairment 01" emrn. andnvi,.iheaiern.ancerofour democratic fel-
ice born in Mendi-we no understand the Spanish the public servUiL that partisan inuterference I oIU1-. tclp here present at hi_ meeting.
Th~ehetr appointed Mesirs Seyheit., Hemphdl,
a language. Menuiipeoplehbeemn in America 17imoons. pnpulr eluctIuns, whether of State officers or S er worTcu h retired, sad after a s ,,tt absence
ne, We talk America language little, not very good officers of this Government. arid for whbnmaoeer returned uiended by it., e w[hi.) had beei present
a we write evawry dayv w write plenty leters. we or against whurn.ovaer it may be exercised, or the a, a. e While Bear. and ilepiftel tha l Ihee vas no
me read rnst ill time; we read all Malltthew. and Mark, payment of any contribution or assessment on iurtbhr dinsininon account of the Monl sunable Iota.-
ib- and Luke, and lohn, and plenty oflitLle books Salaries or official compensation for party ora elec. n lonr the plae's n l meeting
ant We love Vatks eryMuch. %e want yeu to ask tion purposes, will be regarded by him as cause of The meeting then 'wernt int., an election bylballot
vemlary er, cbhicp I a proper plies ;ina which to meet.
ibe cuart oafwe aved.-inme wrong. 'WbhaL fur remoal. hirh ibhang il"sed. tho sellers reported that Itre
ha Aupericins keep as o prison. fInme people iBV It i not intlnilel that any officer shall be re 1 Polvyilerhn Hall, corner of Oak and Market St., hd
iat Meidi'people crazy; Metidi people dlT, because we steaied i the iree ant proper expression ind been cioaen bya large majority.
a tlk n ene 'a leruca p a noJ maintenance oi wla .prni.,r... rerpectioi public men I The Se.rrnary was directed to i Rr pabli'" ritire
nad talk no Amenca lniiguager. Mellc people talk no of ir t E tis r" h nite ir the columns a-t" the Perryis.-v
c- Menti language; Mric people dl' The ell or public meesures, or in the xerclae, to the full- a ta hnae ii tal.
y. bad things about Mendi people, and we no under. e g .reeatteutic ig On moton, asii, the proi'ige, were ordered to
?Y| "uS "On motionsalto, the pro., golde I n gnm4 were ordered to
uf sltnd. Some men shy Niendi people very happy 7 persons emplyed uyider I 'heL .rnment, arid be published ari length in i ,dm-m t.eper.
r tec they laugh and have plny o eat. paid f their esvicesout of lhea Public ielsury, (.H KLS K. -:RVOSSlhihrman.
lratrecsuae they laugh and have plenty to eat. ri"."CH I '" E"'
r P ,eneton come and Mend people all ok oy e not expected to take an active or officious parl t W S'ra Iley.ham. Secrevarv
Bir Pendleton some Sld enui p eopleaBin, oa sorry .1. 0
"i beecus they think about Menrdi Laud friend in attempts to influence lhe minds or votes of -- "
e. Wt noseenmw. Mr. Pendiletn ay Mendi people othera:such conduct being deemed incoBnsistnt SALES I)1" .S lO' k..
....... y ,.,IPwith the spirit .-i the C'ornsiatuiaon and the dutiesI ao
angry; white men afraid of Mendi people. Then h h p i he onamiin and he te. March 23.
n. Mendi people no look iry again-that why 1 ?l public sgens soing ucrder it. and t he President REPlTRD BY THE BOARD O BOttOXERS.
laugh. But Mendi people feel sorry; 0, we can' its resolved, amltar as depends upon him, that while 401ri uiie Fives, 1864, 72 100
leU how orry. omee people say Mend, people not he exercise if theeluclivefranchiselby the People lot -a s LI S bar, 18 l uu
is got soot-.. Why we feel had we no got souls!' shahil be free fiom undue tnfluences of initcial ant&. SS 1- do- 3 dayesa flat 18
We want to be'hit very much lion and authority. oino Shll lso be fresmng 10 do Sto ing. onR11 29
he Dear friend Mr. A ar s. you haeL children, you the officers and agenda at the Governmew. 10 do Agricultural It, Miss., 4 d. flat 20 100
15 'al- 'n.. .." ". Tb'he Pireaident wishes it further 1o besannouncede
S have friend, you love t hem. you feel very sorry if e inly understood, that from all coltng AfterFirstoard.
li Mendi peoplecome and carry them all to Africa. and db od, that frem all collecting e 5'187u, frOmM arch71 00
We II bedbad fur our friends, and our friends a d disbursing offers prompiude in rendering ,lS0doSae 5' 1e8" ti. Mal 71
ee fl bad lor us. Americaus no take us in ship.i ai'ot. and entire punctuality in pang balan U rat on New York at sight, 103. 100
We on sore and recan ell us lae h ces, w wil be vigorously exacted. In hi, opinion it -
or W e on shini e and Am nericans tell us Steve ship" g P--
o cich us. They say we make you fitee. If they is time to eurn. in this respect. to the early prac- s 8N1.E8 AT NW YORK-March22.
~~~tice ot the Goternment, gold to hold ny degree of b h / a
is make us free they tell true. if they ino make us free ce he e mei, hold any degree f 750hr L Sia bit, 18 17i
they tell lie. ,America people eive l free we delinquency on Ltle part of Ihbose entrusted with 5- ao Del & Hud Canal, 87 81
g lad if they n gie us free we sorry-we sorry for hbe public muney just cause of immediate remra,. 35 d,, ihsurnrg tks h
p Me di peple lile, e ry for Ame al. He deems the severe otbservonce ol thi, rule 0 do PaLlfrainiRRl 4
I n el ~d penpleeRIdd. we sore for America tSOPl' o u l2Li
.. t ou be e ssen tia l to the pu bhl c e l ice as eve ry d ol- 103 'd".' on 52 K I. 5%
S great deal, because God punish liars. W$e want l e essential o the publi. ert ice.. eety dot. 160"d Lung Issd BHR
Syou nto tell court that Mendi people no want to sgo ar I s t to the Tre1ury2hy unlalhflulreas it OliI-e 6
S back to Havana, we no want I.s be illted. Dear create a necessity il a new charge upon the 64qM, do Harle, RR 27 27
-a friend. we want you to know how we leel. lend i 'People. 10 do Kenluek) bk, 60
people AOnk. think. rhink. Nobody know what, I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient ser. 35 she Mohawk RR 53 b31
he think, teacher he know, we tell him some. Nen- DANIEL WEBS rER. 20 do New Jersey RR 69
t2 M1inc Billon onh Providence RR9 Sv
w di people hsve got entai. We Ithink weknoew U.d .Similsr letters have been addressed to other vese -r ,u- P __ R a
punish us if we tell lie. 1AWeneer tell lie; wn heads of LDepaimens.l M I.& I ilE .a
A we epei'k truth. What for Mendi people afusid I r--- m hh R
Because they got aoula. Cook say he kill, be eat A SensUile Hue' -We'do Iiia think therecords of On Sunday morning, the Ultt ins. by the Rev.
M Mandi people-we afraid-we kill cook. Then iiuinci ev.erc..niuti a m,,redirv.rdrainarnIWe wm. Shadraeh Nr. Lo, w PL.r. so lMIes MA&
erd ope r oo. Then ts wn Ikt w aholwi in. relle, anJ for ihe rFaoS s L&ARL.. both ui ine ra. iUbertieI
t captain kill one man with knife, and cut Menui thaneIra were,,mashyrote,.cene, aed.e FL A Lr. Glney, Mr' GEo'"
n piaple pllly. WVenever kill captain; he no kill therr,.t-le r Siameyni -.-siia-e. Mr J Lane.e ooh 'al. DYEt,ttoI Mt s-crSNNAU S CK. y
us It court ask who brought Mendi people to comb Gli.)-,.. tii. .- hi reun bm- orn..une.l OOn the llth inst by Rev. iliusm A. Brooks, Mr.
S America Wie bring ourselves. Coci hold the ht-tintrset ir te, r-i 1i t.uh i. l h,.lh been acsU-l.-in AL.T Nessiaui, l Brisgeiun. N J.. to Miss
-i agNAH BR-, Okv ,J, uqhter v l Lit dLeJ, ann fict,,)., J
rudder. All we want is make us free, ed io eraze A lia dtiv. b.nre IS. it idn had been H*the NLiberti uuhe r i le Joh B 'ok.,
Your friend. KA.LE. shotalt llura hut unlurlily arid -ennod eiin the o t N Liber.
[Mr. Booth, who is a member of the senior ciass shoe""sing eore foot. linshmrirnoneiM Lane missed On the f1thlost., by the Right Rev. Bishop ben-.
lee Iiabrset is ant aor acute search tobe m den rick Mr. B. D. a o, of Fraceto lu MisA.i-
in Yale College. a&ssures the commitlllee tha tbe a- h he Vcicii w, het ,Le llli'-t-i ilnFgeulr mircum. TA Fr. E -eNTZ, daughter of the jlate U. Ebrent
Sbose letter ves wh/uiy composed by Ka Is, aslia. sance itrnpired The animal. s ma- be ailppised, Eq., of Havana, Island of (Cuba.
ted bjN semeieJ'Ie ether .1tiJecans. They under- feelning lame. made his 'ay oii tlhe field, by Ir- I. n the 41b m t., by thoe te.oider, \ ILLiaMM IV.
sand maria' wurds not in comiion use, owing to hrem-no, the gale milh hil- rronuthi. and went straight S'ita.. to ila&im SHJr.eAKeR
their being instructed so faithfully in the deini- t lltTs emai-fanrrieri's Ahop.1r,, listOe feamile andah
lion of words.] hbi. Tee farrier hilaI r, -ouipr -pened his shed D I'lp
than the horae. v hich had elrlesvie been Lanlir-,
T'he seine paper gives the following statement, Ihere some lime. a.ivhnl ed el he blrie, handheld p On Second day. the2d inAtl al Io'cliot P. M
tram an eye-witnes:he m i. eI'h a m dtBeNeDuicr DouemvrintheOlin tear,,I hisasee-..
lhom an eye-wie.: ihe|ahir.g to,ut The farier ir,-ntrnIly began to ax- Hims relatives and riends are invited to attend his
Ilntellien.e wal ected from Washingitrn oi. simeno Ihe hr.,,1. di r.over.d the injiuy. took ,fIT the fnera,ithr iy farther iviLtii. frto lad lte
SThursday, the 1lih. Te .-lri anis bad beatn u- sh.e. 0.a.I replaced Ji c lorriemnil that the decision lat the ou t mighl be aex. hores immedaiel wi n iri d aho tl. a ,d %oe ofefae a mer- next, the9 1 1 1 "t., A I .ck.-to proceed to Q ey
pe.led. For dais prevuu. Inhey had sibuwa nmutI ry pare lor hi. ell knon ptire. WTi'ile Mr NetheSih oclock-to proceed to e-
anixiety. and Ihaduy t heir Iel g were greaIlyk Lane's ,ervaro C w., re or, l sear, h. they chn ei On the inn-ig of e 22d inst., HAN L,
itle., so thai they called to iersn. who were pas.- o pss hy the 1:,re ari 1i.n mefinin tn her 5iir O uppwo. On( otheR, a.Sg Dat 22d insthl., HAeAH ro .,
ni by the pruisni to make inquiries, The Marsnal sed loss, Lhe iHrrier replist. 0 he has been here arnd w t th Rv B. Da i he uher
and the Jailer, un receiving ine New York news- shnd. and g,,ne home s9af." t.hith, u.r, their return. age. tl .. u, ar 1l
papers, rude over m A'est, mlie. iwao miles tou ciimmu- jng. ihey io.uld to be iL ase At ewCae DeL.on Sunda, March s. L
u neaTe the inelligence il whe Africaus. They were CinyDA ie it John Moudy, .Esq., alter a short but
all asrembled in one room. and on a s gnal Iraitn Mlvrriou DATu -H Yetr an ot u on, shodepainfulll.t s "nt
Cinque~i more sl with ih d,|pneinlOUS Dih - e-ipd- a nierrbou, abna O i the 22d iTIl, MIr. JOHV t TRATTON, late tavern
Cue were searte-d. wund the deepest aty de- duk, a carman standing in Chatham Sqlire, se per in the 8 t,. year ,of itsage.
p teud on ikel-u 'eouaLenarceei Pay NMarshal nheni erig.g,.d to entry c trll arinu[ Iwol et OJ rven0 Funeral fromahis lherNo. 155 South
seid. The Ilg Cocrc has come o a deetrsi.n-ney rmm the coffin ware.aus, l. -pt b ce ton-er=. utneah trot. this morin. ai o9o'e.l ck souh
-ay ihat tom-one sand al-are tree. aed no latvea.. iwtle, on the corner i tE.ast Bro-,Jwa and Calhs. His Masonic Breitroiei tLodge No. 50, are invi ed
Cinque inmaedialely adid. "- Me glad-mie thank ine street. He was dirFc..1 n., Itave- in al It Oliver to attend.
Amernican men-s r giled lIe then speie 10 his street, house occupied n a aMrs Bird a preienrled On the 2d inmt., Mr. Wi. BAWoN ,in the 2 d
crunirymen in Lheirnainve language. The$ laughed [nocrev Wthen hn.e hall loulhiuid hi. pin or hin alr a hfi' age.
n.- begau eo ltalk Ih he'Mend lunlue rhe Mrlar- aremrrn he was re-riested. lip i'owperthweite Ito uneral iu, the residence of h isbroihrer-in-lst,
shall siddre.sed Cmnqie arind inquired You wi.ant wan Odn'lsades be ,i-iredI the ln to be carried, Jouhrn 'hite, 97 north Fronts ireen this afiern.on, at
io g, hume rto Airca,-" Clitie si,, ". I don'o back t, hisstore t' t bWhastheb.1n bring r9nuang. 3 o'clock.
knuw-I think one sir two days-tihleu say-.' all tid nn ihenarri a gieniitm ,aina by ,h had ith On the ist onst., Mrs. C1tvnn]tnx MALONEY, il
talk-itrs o-'-then me say" 'T,e Mar.hal then peu day rued him with a enclosre over the 63 year of her age.
slows- them a ,eispapiaer; and said, "*heeilsi is Ihte ntis similar o i the',-x on the cart, struck with Ou thEv d inst., ANN E. Swezmaos, after sahort
Sthid paper-read it." Cii.que beckoned to sKil0 I e o ,in mlarmy, ol he carrtmaon the ,niure f i'nes, ill the W year oh her age.
read i1 slunui. out Ibked duuhimingly. aid aid -- pa- s contents The car miln, who susperted that al On t he 22d inst. Mr. Jams JoHNSoN, after a
per lie somil.nies." Knua said-- mae do as Ciiique was ril right hbegged him to ask n.o quetn., but short and painful ,ilnees, which e oare W ith Chris-
sny-we all do as litle-Cnque bg- IolowthevehuIr. Os urrivinesat the ,coffin ware tinf frtitude.
Clnue tic know-I don't koow-Cioqe1 he real houue the ti-i nlsa d ,p-i ,i. nid information imme Funeral from his late residence, No. 157 Lombard
man-he get us aLl liree-he President a" s -, leiv s uven Iu officer McG.rath ho informed ulu stret t hit s ftirnon. at 3 o'lc .
said Grabai "he Preasident of the prior." tIs pParker and (,oirr r Archer of nhe myslriu, -a"l "
Rev. H G. Ludlow and iMr. Tow,,send noA ar urruseance Th-ne migluni and efficient officers, - --
rived IMr. L. ad he wanted to speak a them B accirnpansed bv itikcer S'.,kely. proc-dtd immemdi.- Pll'del"|lbla ie;arst 0 1f s-Imad-
few momenti "C-inque." sand he. -" I want you auely Io Ilhe e4iahli.h.ue.ul mIl owperthivsIle. 'ls ,I/ntur,,/u f<'i,,,,illef fr fir Marck.
and allofryou.l oknowihlChristlhaswatlched0over hN wa. oipe,,el. d ite b,,tdi ol a heiniul ran N nB THOMPON, JA (OB NI. THOMAS, DA-
inou-raised up f.iendi fur you-and inclined itse rm1rnale. pparentlv nol m,.re then ievenleer, vears h-to J BROWN i.
(. iu 1.1 dcrie lasi iblV. A&c." hety said, "1 we ,onfeo. t',as iounl en,lie.d. The olfiers trPr, pro- u BRW
very glad-luve Gudl-uve Jesus Lnri.l-lHe over sCeede 3o the h.use Irin wIePtce the t,.idi h,i] bs-eui
all-we tinar, lim. 'They tlien ri lh li the taken by tho rarinin. vere inrtrmed that the Iu-nit Of1ict.
plaUi. sr.ends p'sseni. knelt, while Mr. Lu.tlo, ol. irl tl. died in hilidtl I in ilhe dif previous ThI, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTER0I O XIIAg,
rated pray.i :,.d hhank,,. ,ng to God AtI le close her name was ,lMrv IL Shi h;vnng pareni- A1IV'sCLOSES
Lnthey all gave a hearty A..e. Amen ,ng sornme.see in 2 auienrrl. rThe trorpn ml. ta Ensiar at 2 M i Es-le rn at 4 rs
Italt to the dead hou-e. here, |I,1 m,rem-s- umu. A i ai "
.'eu Forkr andi li.gnia.-The aInspection Bill nation wil l be n..ll til- dat r I t oIl,,.k. There Southern' l-,1 2 % i Soudierr ton
which recently passed tbd Virginia Legitlaturt. a mystery hanging other irn,- affair from the unusual WVesitern 'l .M haiS Westh n irn n" 5 t M A 2 cPm
provides that any ve.eal whatever, owned in whole -.rnmnisance if ia t inet burnl in the manner ei -
ornpanrcommnded byasigned e othe undertaker, which calls for a th|.- -
.rlU Ipart. or commended by any CnLZeOn or real ruhmoua~n Nwr.LlqrBIg,
rough investigation. [New Ern. Itd '. of'.iu E.ceur
dent of the tiSate of New York. or any veassil .t r1,en ill anlrt h,.. E'claire.
bound Ito any port in New York fiom Virginia, ALL HOLLOW'. Ship Adeiide. Dabs, London. soonr
shall be subject to inapecttLIon-foreign and nation- From the Ntional fniLelligerncer of the 10th ol :Ship Henr3 PAln, unwj Rogers. Canton. soon
al vessels excepted. Marnh, lui, s,i days alier the lInauguration oh Shrip rorduva. Loell. Bremen, March ,l
The design ol the inspection thus ordered is "1o I'resident Harriudn. Burqua Ceiude. Hell,
fee hast no slave on person hld to se vice in Vir bruinr. rriesie and Leighoirn. bMrch 2u
ginma, or person charged with this cot,ilsnion of oHL.LOWV HOLLOW! Barque Cor Wr er. il lcaio, son
'Isoo enah olo te-St 1"ho:mas and Maracailbo, seen 1
any cnime, shall be concealed on board said se- 1 stood beneath a hollow tree- wBarque averly. Mluirre.
ael.' The bIstI it hollw blew- b l1-inct,.lePo and Buenos Ayres, soorn
T'he captain or owner of any such ve.eel de- I thought upon th holl.,w world 8arjiue.Juhn W CCier. Dasvis.
patting wibout ispection is subject o pensly. Anrid all its hotlw cr-w ; .i 'hrTh..mna ansd St Croix, sonr
or benefit or any prison who willue ortheame. Ambitionandis hollow cemeBarue Loisa, (new) Remingtono Havana,oon
Earqeq Josephinc. Jitneovo, 'Now, Orleans i'.oiu
Every vr el al. above deseritd ub t enter. with. ''he hollow hope' we liiloA, trirg W,.ah,,.tin. WH'iMns, Port su Prince, ison
1iI the mits ol VIigiuia is to be taken possession Imainations a hollow dre nits : Bril (rOnu, ii-wvard. Laguayrla, tOIr
ol by the inspector, and to be held by him unlil a All hollow, hollow,htollow trigi rc.elivia, H.lends-rioa., New Orleans, soou
boand with two Psecuitlllea Is given by thiae captain or A c i rag hlnnirth. a lt, King. bioile, emuI
owner to secure the payment al any judgmeonl Acrown i hiea holtwahni;, Scr Wn Tompkirns Oliver, Laguayra. March I18
Judgment edsel wer t;',\ti Letters untiiieD-'t too be irorv.rerdel I. 'hue ti
rendered on siulatlon of ihe act. I c a the captain or The hollow nied1 ofi wa r K In e lo Pa'e'e iine s-law ae sr-ni-de11 in the
owner canrhet procure such a bond, then his prom- Wha hollow heart o tt r i sver lst,. m ,, ,i l a ther t.ege Lettem Olite
tee, c.der oath, not to utolaue any ,olthe conditions Na usPllow talcw, oPhi beyitid tlt Ei y m,, 13.rle.flpl,,a Ihe,,nr,,, nc,-duppedt it
of the Act, shall be sufficient. Every vessel is ha- bilhlow wile, or honeyed smiles, itEm, Pfht -,,
bhI for ite expenses ol her inpection. Of ladles fair, I billow : HU _e __l,.,,
T he ,Acl i not to go into force unul M ay, 18142. Fur beauty sweet stilt hide sdeceit, ___ ... . . "_-- -_
The bovernorns also authorized to saspendits op. 'TiB hollow, hollow, hollow! Psir1 or | rItmelIa.--vamrclh 24:.
eraeton it the Governor uf Nesw York shall c,-inply The hollow Tory but betrays -- __.... ---
with ihe tequisitios 'of IVginis for the suirend. 'The hliow dupes who heed him; ARrIVED.
ei at three prrsous demanded as a Ilgnltvse from The- hollow critic vends his traite Ship Rob Roy. March, 53 days from Li;erpoai
justice, and ,i the New Y'ark law entiled "an act To hollow fools who fred him: with rr,, to Sephen Baldwirn,
toextend the nghil of tril by jury,"- shall be re- The hollow friend who tatkes your h~nd ut.i ht., hu rn',mmrun Tnser. 43daya from Liv-
pealed. Is but a summer swallow: erpool. wiubh m.izc in atephmn Balsa n
Thirty-eight members of the Hoaes voted What'er Isae is like this troie. Barque FiiheMa t_'ut., 2u diva trom Mobile, with
egsUnat the bill, believing that it unolved an in- All hollow, hollow, hbllow cotton, to Win H Rtnl,dieisti: C...
retclton e1 thhe ConsueuLion. co I certainly lo be LEnglish Paper. Br brig (.narloune Ann, h'ruum 12 daysfrom St.
regretted lth .tsom e e anse coqld nol be ouud fo o rs ------ 8n ps e ,, Le .[ and^^ Jam es .
Scug Henri retta Farrell, 1ii dasy fnom Potir Cabel-
settling the ditficulty through the judicial tribu- rfePOaTEn FOR "rHS PCNNSVLtV mNiN.] Io. rvih coffee, btiJes, t'c to John it'. aC.,,sta.
nalsofthe country. SIXTH WARDCNORTHERN LIBERTIES. Brbrig Wetlltnguin. Larkn,. 1 days frout Turck
Mr. Rubeitaion, of the Hones of Delegates, Al the ect h oa tet it Island. wilh silt to hsliers A' Sondar.
spuoke of the bill, during the debate. in these terms: FAo toe ats h e ahnd An ple dIenh invt o t Brig lows. <'arney, 2.2 days fnum New Orleans.
"beteve it to hei conflict with the Coni. For wor he-Johr Appled ) 3 oe wh sugar to Captair
thi'm S~nroemrn whir) 124 Brig Lucy An. Sns,.v 2U da-a, rorne.ew Orleans.
iton ofthe United itsa es-contrary to sound poll- Nathan Loutnt. ilnut. dem.)139 s`tb, uniar lo Rorueri Snutter, Jr.
cy-doing violence to the Imrendly-nay, Irsternal Mad RegoltrrnnnunateI candidate, Brig I'oun Pairne. Rnoonnsr,. IS 'laait from New Or-
lestings which should prevail, which I am tully oter boiT opponrtii, 100 leans, wsen sugar and nilnies-se, tl S. Moris Wain
convinced do at iuse mamtient prevail, between lhe h'or Auseasur-Dt d Hateley. ils-m.] 450 *- C.i
great body of the people ol New York and Virginia JasDontetly, wnmg.i 116 Brig Milrt, Cunninshsm. 10 days fr,.rp New
-and as, ending to Ioosen, and ii may he, tial- -- Benieord, with oil, ,i.. tM 'Pobev Hataha rs -
lI' to 'under the bonds of our glarnona nud now Dem. cias. 334 Barque Plui. Ryder. 8 days Irc, 'm Bston. with
happy Union. I repeat, sir, and wish to slate it as Fur Judge-tWhn L Liln, (dem.) 442 imze modJ Peimur cn Cod
my firm consuclion, that the sironugest feelngs ul UGob lckey,, liI]ng 113 Sc" le -ime,r B'rden, Rhidee' 7 days friom Pratt

regard towards one sue her, sa well a,* ol etoch- Dee. nj 329 Schr Indepen-ienre Slnsr]. d ay. from New York. w
cegt to- d wtiebUumo-ervadsheelt i-sstof the Dem.per- n l m 3in-lze ti Hacker, Lea it Co
ment. tombs Untani, pervades the great 1main0, of the For Innpectur-q'iann Fleahanorr-m I 383 S'vhr Illiouts. D-rrickon," 2 days from Noew York
people of these two Slstes. I look with confidence 'Wis B-ters. iwh,,g 1 106 %o'h .nuze to R F Luper
tu that feeling to afford ua thaLt redress which is Leonardo Keassler. (Ind. dernm.i W I'chr \'.ieor. Niclermon, 5 days frum New Haven.
due alike to our rtltds sand to our safety. That with nmdze to captain
feeling will doubtless be wounded, bruised, by the Dea ral. ser leith opponents, 197 Scr 1Nlry Jrus Perry. 14 days from St. Johns, N
passage of this bill, but I confide in the strength of For Town tIril-(.eu hull. idelm i 457 B with grunitunes. to Thumns Mloore.
it to overcome the tendencies of this measure, that JohnS V ance. i A hig 12. B, ug Hantlev. Kelly. 25 das nifron KingstUin. Jam
are advee m. a s -vamicableadjustmentandtorn- Di,,h pirerino find lOirwod, ni Roenr tSiunier. JIr.
are aden a n amicable adjustment, and lo rin- Dem. Brig El.abetLh.,e Kem.rgicr It da). from Havana.
der us-ju.tice in spite of ila impediments it cal- For no Inciraie lur Alderman. 368 with mdie t June F OhS
calculated to inLterpose." For Incr.rease one, 17 PiasseiigFre-Ni-Me-sr LG Bell, H Dahs..eq. .lohn
-- ieasell. Jdrn' P. Shimnr'.nr JIO'utithrh CulPi.s. CesIua
VImrINIlA INDU Naw Y'ona.-Fom publics- Msj lur no Incree, 351 CrLnie and Augustine Mareuri.
lions in the PRieblaid papers we learn that the Brig Ada lizl. Price.,. ',- tram W',lmrintmigt-n. N
Governor of the Statle of New York, lately made C isilh nstal stores end iunber to Ashcrafi a d
a demand upon the Governor of the State of eVir- A M JSE1 EiE. T I. Edward Livingston,Cojran. 8 daysrom New
ginia, for the autender of a man who had coam.- -- Y'rk, wi;h mdrte in, Win A McKee.
intlte, tbrgery in Tompkins county, in N. w Yoik, autroN's NATIONAL rTHEATRE. Globe, Plummer, 10 dara from Addioo. ble
and fled from justice to Virgintia, where he was Burterm's Rneflit-r e eriipriiig aond uninria tvih lumber. tou Waieri a: Souter
arieted. The Governor of Virginia, by a formal manager ol the Natumon.l lhIisre. ,tike hi, t.nefilt Si hr Ruasna, Baker, 10 days rom Yarmoulh. N S I
declaration in Council, refused to deliver up this -utght ane appears fur the first tmne in several in btlar. io c. miptan
man until the Govsrnar of New Voik should give jsare, in hs sadirarehle chrarcern oh Mr..Sufdren. In .4, hr C M Thompson. Lymmurs, 3 days from New
man until he Governor of New York should give ecotld T ,ougm."-a ,ar, aer in whieh ha was Yrrk, w.lh mnize in R FK Loper.
up the three individuals (accused of kidnapping 'onL to keep mae audience ,i Oud Drury ina ruodr .ymr Wanler Millise, I day irom Leves, Doi with
lasteie III Virginha) respecting whom there has A laughable larce nrt a net drama uiltable to ihe grain to Capta in
been J'ur some iinm past a controversy between season. are also nin the oill and tino many Irieds ol Schr Qpy. Sumers. 23 di fma N Orleani, with beealt
the Executies of those two States. In' lhe L- the henmeticaire will no doubI fili the noube for uni p.,rI i) Armer Patton
Sgiaslaoue ol Virginue, a copy of the Executive m Sltop Exchange, Sultn, 2days from Baltimore,
Urder in the piemlses having been called for and n de t mer Pation
obtained, it was made lthe subject of debate and WALNUT SrrFEgT THEATRE. BELU.W. .
proposiltions in the House of Delegates on Friday IMr Fredericks' ernormiratce of Luke Brad'ley de- Shp Thomas P. Cope. Miercken, from Liverpool,
last -the Hone ulj ni. i, how r the day, serves especial notiU'e The sealing of this mienled Feb. 8
wai-the Houtm jouringtoa showevernu on iht dOy, a genlisean n alhnay, mnarkel by a cns slc tina.tenesi
without coming o0 aoy decision upon It.On. at. of61 sftle that deoteso the scholrulr as well as a aiLn- CLEARED.
urdn.y, we learn through private charinela, Gaver- ful adherence lu tIhe te'sL Popolar ciap-lrap and Suhip Montelzumn, Chnrstionon. Chsrlesion, A Pat-
nor GOLm iaa reargned lthe flice oeJ Erteroar, in tait, be i aid tI hsi creidn, he avoids. nmosti na n
a letter addressed to lthe House of Delegates, of the gouid p.itSii u hip manner are found in nia dell. Bark Cora, Warner, St Thomas and Maracaibo, F.
which a copy appears in the Whig of yesterday neidton of Luke BradLes--he ciincending emoti,.ons TTieh
g rcev he la night nd s. frthe of love asid ambinon--the eDw4erlul burstd o pemun Barkh Waverty, bMiinroe, Montevideo and Buenosa,
morning, received here last night. And so or the and reveage-lhe ]oy ol the illegitimate at the bar Ayres captain
present, the matter otauds, the Sate of Virginia being removed Irom rums nem-ae small I- tern eHie,- Brig Patul T Jones, Ireland, Charleston, Joseph F
being left without a Governor.-.Wtl. int. Lively delineasited bn Mr iederieks. The piece in Hand
whilh he plays as repeated to rniht. Schr Schuylkill, Ddzey. Wilmington. N C, Jams.
[Correspondeneoa the Journal of Commerce.!- Patlon & SBn
[Correpodece o h Joural eO.l Commerce.] c I RC Schr Sarah Ann. Ireland, New York, R. F. Loper.
Jai., 181e. l To-nighi isthe last for nth. present performances Schr BSt Helena. Poole, Boston, Waltiers and Sou.
akio..a'. at thrs popular sand well conduct eselablishment, dter.
The U. S. sleeps oa WarYorktown. Capt. John which have been attended by so large a portion of Sloop Useon, Pinmmer, Balimore, Juis Hand.
H Aulich. ard Dile. Capt. barles GaunlLt. srrsed ite mot respectable of our citzena MEMNIORANDA.
here the 25it inL in 15 daym Irom Noriuolk,on thmir
Way to the.lasb BOrqlpa Ship Glurm, Lowry. tas mo leave New Orleans on
way ib in athOrw ., resented the23d a HALHa,. Ea. we are desired i sy. the 9ih ,ast. for New York.
An mterestShg F &l' wee preaeee ane theea",3
mit.. in hoar i1" 'annels appearing in eight at has kmndhv .'nsealed to dt ,iter the third ol the new ShiptChamplain, Bruwn. cared at New Orleans
once. un Iheol n nibis lamrbLn;-ihb Yorktown .pruigh course of populAr lectures- It-morrow 5th uist. ltu L,verprnu.n. .*
s:nd Dale. 42 deyC fram Nerfolk, the Frigate Cot lThursaysi evning.e e h5Lh instr at the JulianSoet i ria Ship Commeeru.-Jnius. was at Rio Janeito, 28th
tatslamuon, Cepiaithitorer. [ism Boston,. and the store street Church. Ostweeun Fifth sonl Sixh.ab, hve %Vtine. Jan
ship hf, Lit. Ce, J T. Niceholasn from New iuble--"h Insuuo, and Literature uf the Ship Arno. Dixey. cleared at New Orleans, 5tb
Vork, uhe two Ifrter halvingincidentally reached Moors." The emitiee hsve it in contemplation mast for Boston .
bore an the tamewo Ia hem different g :is. to devote the proceed of these lectures to thef orms- Ship Burltngtnn.Thing.sailedIfre 8NS Paw,
dnon nbfa Buntlay School, and the establishment al 3 ipn urst. hmunca With the liddlesa, at IHusWton. 0
.* "--- ~ Juveoile Library, which shall beopen and free ior hp CaledontaBrander, Malany. ailed irom
A grest manty maudates are related of personalall applicants. The memuters olfthe '" Wauhusgto Esavre.Q25th uIL. fnr-N Orlesaus.
brave. We a itayld like as-ee that oa pwhowould Library Assembly" are reaecLfuhlly invited ton atend bhip Hopewell, Johnson, hence Mauritus, let No-
doliberavbely, aeliovgd aike sectch him .akwo eu to-morrow eveniUg The patronage of a a505MroW
nsidda aLt4411 "o a pubeli a oss bely slicited.

The Hamburg barque Eidem. aBhaltimom, from
Valp raitmo. Ihib Dec. makes no mention of the fher
Osage, Mickla. and P'ilip Hoe.s yet tile presumed
they were ist port al ithe lime she left-so sys the
Bantimure Exchange Books.
The Royal Sason, sailed from Gravesend. id jast.
Ior I fillad
Barque India, Janiver, went lose from Charleston
on I'huisdsay morriing last. fr MIerseilles.
Brig lMary Bernard McMebhaels, at Valparaiso,
15ilt Dec frunONew York.
Brie Etulumhi. Hardy, wts up at New Orleans,
5tri ni Phila.l.
Brig Grecian La Mattoe. was elat Valparaio, l.5h
Brig eierne. Spille hence at Bremen,i5tih ull.
Brig New Hanover Cariy, hence, was going up to
a8.tinnsh 16-h inst.
Brig James Drummond. Yalte. hence at Halifax,
16Lh inst.
Brig Gove Ribbins. Keen, at Kimporl, 15th tnat.
from StL John.
Loeture on 'rhuradsy eseing, March Stih. at 71
r'clocki. at the Le i urre Room of ihe Democratio
Reading Hnm. rconer oft 8tih and CkenmuTr streets,
entrance from Ihe c"'ner cil'tli and lodge streets.
Subject-The source, chararte and aim ol De-
nimoerat y ai et3-d3t
LtN M"-('RAl'llt.L N ON ANA6OCIAT'iON.
A snateil mr-entr..if r h) [iemicrilic lUnion Associ.
stwn will be tie-Ilt 'hi' revenite. at the Detanoratic
Hie, I Quariers, iHHollahar,'si L'hcsnu] attest. at 7A
o'cluck Wiln,,mni GImore,
Gibbons Marsh, Sec'ry
mar 16-wtf ,

SConaigrnees per ship ROB ROY, Marsh,
Z master. Irom Liverpool. will please Mend
their permit on bisnard., am 3d wharf below Walnut
street, or 1 iha counting h..ue ul the nndersignefd.
as ill gouda ni permiitted within lire dsy, w ill be
sent tO the puhili slires.
S. W corner of Front aid '%aluutplta.
mar 24-d- '
_g Ifl Thaver. master, from Liverpool. will please
iedT-heir pePImiLs ,n board at 2d whirl below
Spruce sirceL.or ihe countitg boufrs oihe undear-
,gned, as all-pnds not permuiued within rite days
will be sent to the public stores
S. W. corero Frunit anrid Walnut am.
mar 21-d5t
FIVE lot. of ground in an eireallent iluation, for
Ssaleb fir a thriis'nd to fifteen hundred
dollars ill be taken in cadh.dry orgrocerisa,
the balance may remain secure on ihe ground
Inquire at No 402 NM,rket street, between Ilth
and Irtht of SqNlh[l:L D PREN PRIL
JTUST pubinshp.. a i,ueat edilhni inning the ti hi of
Bie. B-kersteth s Treati6a un the Lird's Supper.
,idipd It' Ithe Sr1rvirpeoln ihe Prulelanr ;Episopalj
Church in the tUnited tlairs. with an In roducuon.
INole.. and an Alpendl.x orn W.irldly Amuse-
men.i" ts. y ie lte U. T Bedell. D. D.. RectorolfSt
AndreHs Churrh V',l\ade.
The ihllo in is selected from numerous rc.
t0ill at31]'y notice.,.-
'The Treaisp ol Bickersteth on thie Lord's Sup-
per, isn ro rommi,,n work. I look upoln I la by tar
ihe hp.i l'the kind wbhi h has Rapenred fur a nue
ber ufvmrs from the Press "-Dr Bedell.
P'blt.hld hy
m,.r 24--,d3i -293 Marifket at.
& LOANr wnled ul f 'oU: it oe aeanured on aniln-
ac cuitbered city c-roperli. of between LtO and
three times the bmnount. Apply to
mar'24d-evd2w 9 Arrh street.
LUST received and form aleby H TANNER, Jr.
Sat the %tlp Stcre. Noi tiO Chesnut street. The
ranger's Gnide to ihe Putlic Buildings, places of
Anmusemeurtl, and all other objertI of interest in the
cit fand envirins of Philadelphia Also, the Amer-
icar. Traveller.or Guide inru,,ugn the Unitmred S'atems.
bytH S.Tainner mar 34-d3L.
Spring R11illinery.
-retceived by the latearrivals.
a large pIs V irlIieIIt f F RreCh,
FA.NCY Mil. INiRt. tispether
wiih several cdaes of French
,Siroiu Beorer. Bal,,n a vale.
ty of ENOLi.IH STRAW and
They have likewise re-'eivedl for their Rbbrn
Store, an arrorimeneniit Rien Rilihnorns Floers Ac.
all r.f tl" ic ihey ,ill open u THJURSriAY,
Mar .hI25h. atl their at Millinery Establishment,
No -?06 C(hesnilt uireeli mr 23--d3t*
Warranled IGarden ecds.
CHOP 1810.
Hirstal' Horticultural Warehouse, No. 27
south Fourth street, Philadelphia.
A' lg. THE. ublsi-rribras have for sat aliull col-
",^^ lecniun l toWarrenird Fresh and Genuine
Ve- t'eeet.ble Garden and Firld Seeds ofthe
purestqmialty.-ifall ne kinds in
a---Bi ecultivailon anrid such, as Ihey can re.'om-
mer.d tlith the fullestl rinidernie
In addition to the above, we have for sale a num-
ber if re. aud hignaly superior vareliens uf Vegeia-
his SeeJla. i'T.nhine of giant celery. early msnap
bears. hroccil. cabsairges. carrots. Ccati5i0ber5. crn,
ieutlr'es nr head naiad. melons. psns. lf which at
Snumt.'r ,f splendid r erti, and proafri' s rls.i radishes
h-,,batib .plnsgees. lam es.a, lurnips &c .
all ol'which sre siprtior andil elehrated kinds. and
such as% we i an confidenlly re.MoMMIend l ll e aliten-
Lion if groutera.
h" LOtt F .erns fil Ithe arta heretofore in cultiva-
in.ii, with lhe addition -A several hnrindred new vatl
eles. ii1) be obtained at no oiiter esitnliabmant in
SUPras DOUBLE DIAnLIrt. of all the finer prize
,rLts Fine io ta of r.any neA kliilds lorsale, nifouf
o, obnstned eia where. Bujltouu roots in seson of
lie' h'sat kinds, agrit ulLural irulemerlt, sad firming
mnd gunieninr nioli. lasties Fine garden toot,' agricui-
lira lind florl pibhlicaiions, r&c Frutl and oramen-
Lal :rees grape Vines. jall Ihe prize kainds. Birdsof lha
ho. eesi ing. Bird tagees, fresh bird seeds &c. Cal-
ilocue gralia on s,'plicaiimn., if rom a dislance post
HENRV B. 'of the inse firm rl Hirt and Deer)
arid P M N HIRST. riesdrefen and lorriats.
mar 2.'-d
e*ttu. Bu,\ilN. ,ii t h.sut sirt, thna iin store
s Bad os far sale--
1000 boxes Bunco Raisins. ;
6(0 do Bloom do. *
100 do Muscatels. "
100 do Clusters.
50 casks Zante Currants.
50 bales Lisbon Paper Shell'd AImonds.
1,U do Bordeaus do
25 ro ut Malaga do.
1;2' begs Filherm.
I ,'ase Genia (ilrona,
25 hetes Bitter Almonds. "
50 cses curled and straight Macearonr.,
10u boaet frfeh papers.
50 octavoes Calabria Port Wine.
]00 :'nuxe Me 40,i hage Sitnly Sumc.
IOn) hale, A itarnic Mats.
20 buashels Dried Pac hem
10U baits Alitcan Grounud New.
hu kegs Raisans
lI, Itoe Heemp Seed. mar 23-d~t
Uua hmifegalnl fercris riuals,
2 On MONDAY morninn, 29th mat.. at 10
c o'clock, will conmmenne then public sale ad'
tlhe entire asiok ol hardy tressand shrubs
oi the hic U &. D Londreth at the nurse-
rueson Federal sireest "he essortmenutis
l',rye,. and winry ihe sllenlon of'all whomay be
laclined to eupplJitLemaelveh ass ih such productions.
fhe a.le- will r.e in lotr i. silt purchasers, and am-
is rnims eliw.,e no remote Ihe ariklies.
Early in Mat tlie entire ereen house colletrlun
"ill be dis, oer ot by ,he name mode. of which fur-

iner notice %till be given. Inl the mean rime urder
will b. exectILed as usual. an] may be left at the
a-fed \%are Hi,.. of D LANDRETH & Co.
mar Y0-d3l' 6S Chesnut stireei.
rlEl suiibscribter will shorily publish-
r iE.. EccLiriaannicsL RepATs-VOL 6. Co-
ming diwn hn Nh3r,. I'n
% iinr,.i')' I.EruPTs VOL.R.. to May T 1I41. I'n.
AsnMEnD a REpTitiSa \OL.2 to a lane date.
HlaRRsnN's DiGtesr. VOL 4, to 1839, 1 n.
Liosly, new ei.iionsi o-
HA.',LlL UN CleiES 2 Vols.
erjIt'isji LII1'llIAaL EViDIENCE
'rTie latirter Itir.Jm a new Lordon edition, greatly
'ituargeJ mir J improved; and both have relirenese Io
all the Amernasn dersions to Ihe preaear lime.
Law Booksellers.
mier 20-dal Nob 5 Miaortree.
Irish ILbhiskeY.,
FF i tiperior quality. ]uit landed 'frua Ihe park-
el Shenan-sian, anid Ir sale hby
mar 20-dhi' 97 northIThird at.
,A TORNLY A t' LA AW., No. 4 Library arrest.
rT la1-tn )9 ,im
C ODNV%''ANC('LR. No. 1U1 South bib5l tie-,
tn,.tve Prune. jan I3--dm
R T. S11EPIiEIID, being itankful for pastlisi
e voradmonlarred by hb friends and the publio
'eneraily. wEld respecifully announce to the sama,
hat he has received, and now maIL.e up, a largeastep-
ply of te most lashmionable Goods exhibited in the
iarkeli thit sall. Being always desirous to please,
he has selected sui h goida &s cannotlail to suit the
1ase of Ithe mI .la Ilidjous o l the conmmuolty.
N B. Always i,u hanI, a large assortmento Coalts
Pants and Vaiui. wrinh he wilt Lmil low for rah
IS K it I 'T 1 i 6
of Every Deacriptisn, Neaotly Exec auted
Office of the Penainsylvaniea,
Not, 44 aitoh Starer i Stri-at
ULBLISlIERS arid Importerm of MUSIC and
TI'tiT UMENTS. No. l7 Chehnutt street, Phi

TO Lir'.
A three story HOUS oan N Ilh street. Il
K has marble mantles and folding eose. Foem-
ieoncan be hbdsanoul tlie lt of April nflst.b
present.occupaanintending to mtve from the soty.
offe' the furniLtureenture which haM beMeenu a inr
only a short time, to parchaers' ai a vert moderate
price. 'Al, a three story hosae, my coammoditois-
and ell finumslted, in Vine street, abova llth. Apple#
at 70 Arch atieelt. C 8 WRIGUT,- er
mw 9--od1w FUVLLStA