F. CROSWELL, Printer to te st-,te.
TI-OS. M. BURT, ;o+
Ojlce No, 370 ,S south Arhet street. l Connt'iag
room in the second story.

DAILY ALBANY ARGUS-Eight dollars per annum,
.payable half yearly.
per annum, payable in advance.
ALBANY ARGUS, wEEKtY--Two dollars per annum,
payable in advance, without which no paper will be sent.
o subscription received for less than six months.
No paper will be discontinued (unless at the discretion
of the proprietors) until all arrearages are paid.
0T Advertisements conspicuously inserted on the cus-
tomary terms.
j LT Insolvent notices inserted six weeks for 91 67; ten
weeks for $2. Other legal notices are charged at the rate
of 50 cents per folio (of 100 words) for the first insertion,
and 20 cents per folio for each subsequent insertion, in
all cases payment is required in advance.
All letters and communications must be post paid.


1V DUMB SOVES--Rendered complete by the
addition of Eli C. Robinson's Patent Imhproved FIRE-
PLACE, and warranted superior to those of any other
construction now in use; combining economy in fuel,
comfort in cold weather, and perfect simplicity in regula-
tin'Tr to suit the changes of the weather.
These Stoves can be connected with stoves for the use
of either coal or wood. and are made so as to be taken
apart and cleansed without difficulty. They are designed
for parlors, upper halls, or bed-ruomnis, imparting an agree-
able and healthy warmth to the apartment in which they
are used; the air being pure and more fit for respiration
than where stoves in which the flame comes in immediate
contact with iron plates, are used.
A great variety of elegant patterns now finishing and
for sale by A. HI. AUSTIN, 17 State street,
se2s" corner of Dean.

TOVfES.-The subscribers would invite the atta
tion of their customers and the public generally to the
hove named article. They have recently made many i
portant improvements in these Stoves, suggested by t
experience of the pist year, and can now confidently
commend them as unrivalled in utility, convenience a
The various processes ofboiling with three boilers,rQ
ting and baking, are'effectually performed at the sa
time, and the oven so improved in construction as to ma
tain at all times a perfect equality of heat in every part
S: Certificates with the following names attached, sho
ing the high estimation in which the Union Cook Stov
are held among those who have thoroughly tested the
can he'seen at the subscribers' store 47 State-st. Alban
Albany-Peter Bullions, S. Ilawes, IL. Chapin, E.
Hnnutly, F. S. Pease, George WV. Peckham H.IDibble,
Sparhawk, D.'Banfeld, Ira C. Baldwin, Calvin Pepp
Jared L. Rathbone, John WVorcester.
Troy-Thoma.s Turner.
Watervfiet--Samuel Miller.
Butternutts, Otsego county-Chauncey Todd Obadi
Seedy Mordecai Wing. Salmon Starr, George Simnmo
John iI. Bissell, Sylvester Nearing.
Schodack, Rensselaer county-John Link.
Schoharie county-WVilliam Craig, Carlisle; D. Loucl
Homer, Cortland county-Rev. Dennis Platt, J. P
Velermerhorn, Horace VWhite, Daniel Glover, T.
(Ctoilar, Orrin Bowen, Mansion House, Edson Signe
It bert Nesbit, John S. Foulder, N. H. Tanner, Hlomin
Coto'n Manufacturing Company.
Cortlandville, Cortland county-Mason Salisbury,
P. Brainard, Levi Taggart.
Tully Onondaga county-D. B. Bourtell, Salem Bake
Wm. M. 0. Farrell.
Cortland county-A. H. Brogden, Preble; Horace Biis
Tompkins county-William Brabrook, Groton.
Chenango county-Elijah Itathbone, Alvah Hum
Connecticut-David M. Jewet, WNorth Lyme; WV. V
Reed, Andover.
Having made arrangements for our castings for the e
moing season, to be made in this city, under our own s
pervision and care, and of the best quality of Scotch ai
American iron, we shall be enabled to furnish smooth am
perfect casting, far superior to any we have before be"
able to procure. This arrangement will enable us also
mount 'and fit our stoves more perfectly than it is possib
.to Ao with castings made at the blast furnaces-.
STOVE-The subscriber would call the attentir
of stove dealers and the public to his new Patent Cookin
Stove which has been invented and, got up the last wtl
Aer. It is not deemed necessary to say more, than th
ireat pains have been taken to render this stove as pe
fet as possible, and to construct it in such a manner
to combine economy and convenience. It will be see
that three boilers are placed directly over the fire, so th,
a vefy smallquantity of fuel is only required to do tl
cooking, boiling, &c. The construction of the front
pach, as to admit a large tin reflecting oven for roastir
or baking, and which answers a most excellent purpose
for those uses, as will be seen by the recommendation
below. A tin oven may also be placed under the stove i
the same manner as those under the rotary, which, toga
ther with an oven in the stove, makes it more complex
than any heretofore offered for sale in this city or coun
try. Boiling, roasting and baking are all done at the sam
time and in the best manner. This stove, thus briefly de
mcrihed,-is now offered to a candid and discriminating pul
lie, and will be sold wholesale and retail by the subscri
betr, at No. 24 State street, Albany.
N. B. -All persons are cautioned against making, vend
Ing or using this stove contrary to law.
Dear sir-We can cheerfully add our testimony to tha
of others, to the good qualities of your new Patent Stove
We have three of your No. 1 on board of our line cana
boats. All of them are fitted out with front and under ov
ens, both of which bake or roast well; these ovens, toge
their with the oven in the stove, and the boilers on top
render it a complete article, and capable of cooking for '2
or 30 persons. They are peculiarly fitted for canal boats
on account of their taking so small a quantity of wood
and the contact manner in which the stove is construct
P41. : Treat & Hughes,
Proprietors of Traders' Line Canal Boats.
We have Mr. French's new Conical Stoves in use ir
some of our boats, and fully concur in whatMessrs. Trea
Hughes say of them.
James K. Conkling Seneca Fall LineBoats.
Albany, 26th May, 1835--Ve the undersigned, having
asked and examined M.-French's new Conical Stove, car
cheerfully add our testimony to that of others in recom-
memnding it to the public as embracing economy and utili-
ty. We consider it a great improvement upon any stove
heretofore in use.
O. Wilson, E. Wilson,
WVm.'C. Halse, J. Miller,
JBlarhard & Robertson, Stove Pattern Makers.
Many more testimonials might be offered, but the sub-
scriber deems the above sufficient. A generalassortment
of Coal and Parlor Stoves of every description, together
with Copper, Tin, Sheet Iron, &c. &c., for sale.
sel 24 State street, Albany.
Mr. M. French-Dear sir: ,The new Conical Stove I
purchased of you is now in successful operation; and I
mast cheerfully say, that it answers a most excellent pur-
pose. The peculiar construction of the front is well cal-
culated to admit the reflecting oven, and performs roast-
ing better than'in any stove I have ever used or seen be-
fore. The oven attached to this, bakes remarkably well.
We can bake, roast and boil all at the same time, and
much less fuel is required than in any other we have ever
had in use. Altogether, it gives us good satisfaction, and
we would cordially recommend it to those, who wish to
economize either in fuel or labor.
Thos. Lawrence, No. 2 Orchard st.
I hav used in my family one of Mr. French's new Pa-
tent-Cook Stoves for the last two or three months, and it
-has given entire satisfaction for convenience and econo-
my in fuel. We consider it a great improvement, and as
match recommend it to the public. John Meads.
Mr. French-I have used ona of your No. 4 new Coni-
cal Stoves for the last three months in my family, and am
free "o say, it in every way answers fully :your descrip-
(ion. I think my expense for fumel is lessened full fifty per
cent lby it, and we can cook with ease for from 30 to 40
persons. Roasting, baking and boiling are done at the
ame time and in the best manner. I am considerably ac-
quainted with stoves, and am willing to give yours the
preference over any i have ever seen.
S, O. G. Degroff,
Proprietor of Tetmperance Furnace.
STOVES-The subscriber would respectfully inform
- those dealers and others, who were disappointed in get-
ting these stoves last fall, that he has made such arrange-
taents for the coming season, as will not fail to secure him
ample supply. Having made a few alterations from
tire experience of the past season, he can now confidently
reaOimmead them, as being unequalled by any stove in
this o'f any other market, either as it regards finish of cast-
ings, ch.Spness or capacity for cooking.
Country dealers iare invited to examine these stoves he-
fore making t.heir purchases; their superiority is obvious

upon a mere inspectiou.
Certificates from those who have used them in differ-
ent sections of the country have been sent in, and can be
Peen at the store. Below are annexed a few from those
Who have used them i a this city.
I have had one of E. N- Pratt's improved four boiler

e a-










VOi'. XII.


N 4490.


Certificates and Recommendations:
A great number of gentlemen who have used the stove
during one, and in some cases, during two seasons, have
obligingly favored the proprietors with their opinion o
its merits, in the form of certificates, with leave to present
them to the public. A few of these are annexed in the or-
der of their dates. The proprietors can confidently refer
to hundreds of citizens of New Haven, for similar testi-
From Francis Markoe, esq. of the house of Masters &
Markoe, New York, dated Jan. 8, 1836 (addressed to
Sthe patentee):
We are more and more satisfied with your stove every
day. Thereis no difficulty in managing it. The temper-
ature we vary according to the weather, whether high or
low. It is equally distributed through the room. It keeps
up the fire through the night, and there is no difficulty in
the morning in additg to it. I think I may venture to say,
that one peck of nut coal keeps us as comfortable as we
could wish for 24 hourss* It is the most comfortable, eco-
nominical, easily managed, and clean fire place I ever
knew, and Ithank you for the invention.
From Charles Taylor, esq., Newark, New Jersey, dated
May 19, 1836:
I have for several years past, observed the various pat-
terns of stoves invented by scientific men, and made trial
of the improvements more or less each year; but have ne-
ver found any apparatus for warming rooms to compare
with one of Olinsted's stoves, constructed by Messrs.
Smith & Shermau, which I procured last November, aid
have had in constant use through the winter. In point of
economy it surpasses any other stove I have ever seen;
it is perfectly neat and free from d ist; fires are made with
less trouble, and the atmosphere is rendered more pure
and-agreeable throughout the apartment in which it stands
than trom any thing of the kind I have ever seen offered
to the public.
The above named stoves are for sale by
oc5 FRANCIS & EMERSON, No. 53 State st.
*Mr. 3IMarkoe's stove was a ten inch chamnlier stove.

INUG SPOVES-WVhen a new stove is offered to the
public, it is customary to inform them of the merits of the
new candidate. The boilers of this stove are brought
nearer to the fire than in any other cooking stove, and a
larger surface is acted on at a time by the heat and flame;
as the front of this stove does not project beyond the fire-
chamber, the roaster canbe placed-nearer the fire than in
those stoves having projecting fronts, and consequently
the operation of roasting is greatly facilitated; a larger
surface is operated upon by the heat at atime, and the la-
bor of turning the spit greatly diminished, The front of
the oven is protected from the intense heat of the fire by a
continuous guard plate or shield covering the whole front
oven plate and extending out to a degree never before at-
tempted; it will be found that this is a great help to the
ovei, as by means of it anda cold air flue formed between
it and the front oven plate-the heat of the oven is ren-
dered equal in every part, so that baking can be done with-
out turning, as well in every respect as in a brick oven,
something never before attained in any stove within the
knowledge of the advertiser. These constitute the chief
excellencies of the stove, rendering it all that can be de-
sired in a cooking stove-boiling quicker at every point
than any other stove, and baking as well as a brick oven;
and when in addition to all these, the castings are of utin-
rivalled beauty, and sufficiently strong to insure their sta-
bility, what more can be desired. It is not pretended that
there is any new principle in the construction of this stove;
its merits rest in harmoniously blending in one machine
all that is excellent in many, a union of all good qualities
-hence the name, nothing is sacrificed to the love of' No-
velty,' no wonder working miracles are performed, nor
'Prophotic' visions raised to lure the purchaser-but in
chaste simplicity and appealing only to our reasoning fa-
culties it takes its stand by its competitors.
sellc No. 17 State st. corner of Dean st.

The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and
the public, that lie has now on hand a well selected assort-
ment of COOK STOVES, embracing all the new pat-
terns of 3 and 4 boiler Cooking Stoves now in use. Stan-
ley's Rotary Top Cooking Stove, Dr. Nott's new pattern
Cook Stove for wood, Nott's Coal Stove for halls, &c.
Also, Dr. Spoon and Shaw's Coal Stove, all sizes,
Oven six plate, and Box Stoves, and a variety of small
Coal Burners. Persons wishing stoves are Invited to call
and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
Likewise DUMB STOVES upon an improved plan,
having a cast iron box for the fire. Russia and common
Stove Pipe, Boilers, Pans, &c.
se30-3m D. S. KITTLE.

R OTARY STOVES-The subscriber has on ha
a good assortment of the Improved Rotary Sto'
for burning wood or coal; also'Conical Stoves of all size
and a variety of small coal cooking stoves; for sale low
ocll WM. II. CHENEY, 21 State st.


H il The site selected for this institution is "College
Hill," which is situated about half a mile northeast of
B the beautiful and flourishing village of Poughkeepsie; its
- location is unrivalled in beauty and salubrity, and cannot
Sfail to attract the attention and excite the admiration of
Every lover of rural scenery.
The school will be conducted on philosophical princi-
ples. Reference will invariably be had to the nature of
the juvenile mind, and constant efforts will be employed
to develop its powers in their natural order, and to pre-
serve them in their relative strength. The domestic ar-
rangements and modes of instruction will be adapted to
youth of every age, and they will be instructed in such
-branches as may be requsite, either to qualify them for a
collegiate course, and the attainment of a liberal educa-
tion, according to tlie wishes of their parents or guar-
dians. :
Those who may be designed for commercial life, will
generally be taught orthography, reading, writing, eng-
fish grammar, geography, rhetoric, logic, mathematics,
history, (in particular the history of our own country,)
natural philosophy, political economy, civil polity, tihe
French and Spanish languages.
Those who may be designed for a collegiate course, in
addition to most of the above studies, will apply thenm-
selves to the study of the Latin and Greek languages.
The. government of the school will be supervisory and
parental: whilst the strictest order will be enjoined, such
discipline only will be employed at may most effectually
tend to call into action the moral sense of the scholar.
Persuaded that the instructions contained inthe Scrip-
tures are eminently conducive to the formation of moral
character, select portions of them will bedaily read, their
fundamental truths inculcated, and such familiar lectures
occasionally delivered as may best serve to illustrate their
moral andreligious design and tendency, without having
a direct hearing upon the peculiarities of any christian
denomination. Sabbath- mornings and evenings will be
devoted to the study of the scriptures. Scholars will at-
tend churchat such places as their parents or guardians
may direct. No pupil will be allowed to absent himself
or leave the premises without permission.
Rewards and punishments will be of an intellectual and
moral nature, addressed to the understanding and the
heart. Rewards for good deportment and diligence in
study will be, the confidence and good will of instructors;
approbation and love of friends and relations; self-go-
vernment; rapid improvement in learning; advancement
to a higher class and an approving conscience.
Punishment for negligence and irregularity of conduct
will be chiefly-disapprobaticn of instructors; private
and publiccensure; studying during the hours of diver-
sion; removal to a lower class; and finally, if incorrigible,
dismissal from the school.
Strict attention will be paid to the health of the pupils,
and they will he attended by a skilful and experienced
physician, when necessary.
To prevent confusion and loss, every article of clothing
should be distinctly marked with the full name.
Buying or selling, or bartering-also the use of tobac-
co, will be strictly prohibited.
There will be two terms in the year, 23 weeks each.-
The 1st term will commence on the first Wednesday in
November. The 2nd term, the 1st Vednesday in May.
Able and experienced instructors will be provided in
the several departments, who together with the Princi-
pal and his family, will constantly and familiarly asso-
ciate with the youth committed to their care.
Annual expense per scholar, will be $230, payable quar-
terly in advance. This sum will include all charges for
instruction, board, book, stationary, bed and bedding,
washing, mending, room, fuel, lights, &c.
Clothing for scholars will, by order of parents or guar-
dians, be procured on reasonable terms by the principal
se26- (Ltf Trustees.

merly Corninig, Norton & Co.), manufactures to order
TORIES of every description. Also, MALT MILLS,
ROAD CASTINGS oif every description. Thie collec-
tion of PATTERNS of MACHINERY is not equalletl in
the United States.

h next term of the Academy commences on Mon- Fr OF PACKES, FOR% -Saiingr n eac
day, the 21st inst. PACKETS, FO 18no-Sach fon a.
The trustees would inform the patrons of this institu- port ItI, 10th, and 20thof each month.
tion, that they can conmmnend it with increased confidence. Schooner BRACE, Captain W. Ransom.
It shall be their aim to secure the two great ends of edu- do MARY JANE, do A. Wilcox.
cation-the cultivation of the intellect, and the formation do MARIETTA, do G. Whitmore.
of character under the influence ofthe Christian religion; do ELLEN, do Penfield.
to make the course of instruction conduciveeto a prepara- Tr by e ri
tion for the present and for a better state of existence. The ove vessels are new and commanded by exper-
They have engaged the services of an efficient corps of enced captains, and so far as practicable will sail on their
teachers. -Mr. E. B. Janes is the Principal, and Mr. regular days.
Brown, a graduate of Union College, is appointed on good right wvll be taken at reasonable rates.
recommendation, Classical Instructor. The agents at Hartford will take charge of and forward
Boys will lie instructed in every department of know- by the first opportunity, all goods and freight left with
ledge needed to prepare them for the active duties of life, them for that purpose, and attend to the sale of fio*1
for professional study or for college, other articles of produce. consigned to them.
The terms will be made known by Mr. Janes, at the The agent at Albany will attend to the forwarding o.
Academy. Albany, November 9. 1836. goods by the western and northern canals, and the sale
SB.AJANESn Principal and disposition of any property entrusted to his care.
E. N. KRK, For further information apply to
E. P. PRENICE TfOS. K. BRACE & CO., Hartford, Ct.
F. HUMPHREY, my5 CHARLES A. KEELER, 120 Pier, Albany.
.RAVHARRNSS E Il. P 'h e following first rate vessels,
JOHN WILLARD, -. commanded by experienced masters, will run
B, R. WOOD, regularly the present season as a line of pack-
'1'. VERvin E, eta from this city and Troy to Boston, viz:
T. E. VERMf Schooner VISSCHER, D. Atwood, master.
A M cNY0 R E, do BENJ. BIGELOW, F. Wells, master.
J, 0.CONLE, do GRECIAN A Mason, Master.
JGlB AS MARCH, Trua do VICTOR, I. Cammett, master.
nol A. MARK I, Trusteea. io 10FdREORAH, D. Allen ,nmater.

TTROY PACKETTS-The subscribers in-
s tend running ;the following vessels the ensuing
season, from the above Ports :
Schoone I.SA.AC M IERIT, Captain Curtis,
do CHAS.. A. KEsLER, Gager,
do JA,4tEs EXOTT,- Bell,
do JOHN RANDOLPH,- Thomas,
The above are mostly new and First Class Schooners,
commanded by experienced masters. It is intended to dis-
patch one a week from each of the above places during
the season of navigation. Patronage is respectfully soli-
(at Merritt & Loveland's,) Troy,
120 Pier, Albany,.Proprietors.
Wim.iA. McKee, Agent, North Wharves, below Race
street, Philadelphia, who will receive consignments o
property. Refer to the proprietors above named, mr9
F RESH GROCERIES.-The subscriber keeps
constantly on hand the following articles, which he
will at all times sell as low as can be purchased in the ci-
ty, viz:
Old Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin TEA, in chests,
half chests and catty boxes.
St. Croix, Porto Rico New-Orleans SUGAR, in hhds
and bbls; Loaf and Lump do.
Java, St. Domingo and Cuba COFFEE.
N. Orleans, Sugar House and WV. India MOLASSES.
Allspice, pepper, cinnamoni, cloves, nutmegs, salaratus
in kegs and bbls, starch in boxes and half boxes, raisins
in boxes, half boxes and kegs, snuff, tobacco, segars, wri-
ting and wrapping paper, together with codfish, mackerel
No. 1, 2, 3, in brls and ha fdo, sperm candles, sperm, win-
ter, fall and refined whale oil of the first quality.
oc7 EDWVARD ARTCHER, 68on the dock.


J. & D.)H. CARY,
No. 41 Quay street.

COFFEE AND SPICES-The subscriber offers, at
No. 9 Exchangestreet, the following articles, as low, and
warrants'them to be of as good quality, as any that can be
bought in the state.
Roasted do., do. ALLSPICE,
Ground do., do. CLOVES,

NY of the city and county of Albany-Office No.
353 South Market street. This company was chartered
May 3d, 1836, and is nowi n successful operation. The
benefits arising from the principle of mutual insurance,
when understood, cannot fail to enlist every disinterest-
e person in its behalf.
Every man who insures in this company becomes a
member, and is directly interested in its prosperity. At
the time of his application hi. is required to give his note
with approved security to the company, the amount of
which is governed by the amount insured, and the hazard
of the risk; upon which note he pays five per cent., and
is then insured for five years, as follows: To insure a
good risk, fire proof, to the amount of $500, hlie gives his
note (not on interest) for $20, live per cent of which is
paid at the time, $1; and until a loss is sustained by the
company, he is not required to pay any further premium
until the expiration of five years. Thlie practical opera-
tion of this system of insurance in Boston and other
eastern cities, has been a saving to the insured of an ave-
rage of three quarters of the amount usually required to
insure in stock companies.
The company invite the public to come forward early
and receive, as well as contribute to thegreat advantages
derived from mutual insurance.
Parent P. Staats, Daniel Conkling,
Rufus Brown, Eli Perry,
Christopher llepinstall, Matthew Brown,
Agur Wells, John Hermans,
Eli Gould, Gaylor Sheldon,
JanmesL'Amoreux, John Van Volkenburgh,
Levi Phillips,
ERASTUS V. JOICE, Sec'y. aul7

Member of the College of Physicians, London.
Fellow of the College of Ripley, Ohio.
Founder of the Lock Hospital, Albany, N. Y.
Fellow of the Royal Vaccine Institution, London.
Prof. in the Sylvanian Med. College at Erie, Penn.
E NCOURAGED by the uniform success attending
his peculiar method of treatment, for the prevention
and cure ofvenereal complaints, and confirmed by the ex-
perience of manylyears in a widely extended practice; sen-
sible also of the happy effects resulting to the comnmuni-
ty, from having confined himself entirely to the study and
cure of a class of diseases which there is every reason to
deplore is too prevalent-
Dr. COOKE continues to direct hTs sole attention to the
treatment of every disorder that occurs from imprudence,
whilst under the influence of intemperance or any other
baneful excitement, and to the cure of those dreadful mal-
adies which too often arise therefrom. These sometimes

DIVISION STREET-The Rev. John MI Gar.lield,
A. M. Principal; Miss Ann Milford, Governess and Pro-
fessor of the French Language: Mr. IVm. 1,. Heston, late
Organist of Kirk Eaton C'liurch, Yor-kshire, England,
Professor of Piano Forte, Singing and Hlarmony; Mrs
WVilcox, Teacher of Drawing and Painting.
The trustees, aware how imperfectly the French lan-
guage-is acquired unless' familiarly spoken, are happy in
being able to announce to the friends of the Seminary, the
appointment of a lady eminently qualified to take the charge
of this department of education-Miss Ann Milford, late a
teacher of the French Academy in Montreal, who has in-
troduced the French language as a mdi um of general com-
munication in this institution.
The annual session commences on the 1st ot September.
This institution is advantageously situated in a cemnt-al
part of the city. Its edifice is new, elegant and admirably
adapted to its design. It is furnished with mnaps, charts,
globes, models, a splendid philosophical !apparatus, and a
new, extensive and choice library, suited to the wants of
the students in the several departments in the Semiaary
All thIe branches of academical studies pursued in our
high schools and colleges, wi'l be taught by'teachers ofthe
first distinction. The system of instruction is dividedinmo
two classes, denominated the Useful and the Ornamental,
embracing all the branches necessary to complete the tle
male education.
The faculty have adopted, as far as practicable, the sys-
tem of recitation lectures, which are highly practical and
tend happily to the cultivatiohof the moral and intellectu-
al powers.
The Seminary is subject to the regular and stated visita
tions of the trustees, and i6 open to the polite and liberal
generally to inspect its organization, government and ax-
Young ladies from abroad are provided with board in
the family of the Principal, in which such a uniform sys-
tem is followed, ai is usually observed in well regulated
families; and those particular attentions are paid to the
morals, the manners and the studies of the young ladies
comTmitted to hiscare,as are requisite at this momentous
period of their lives. The expense incurred by a young
lady for board in his family does not exceed $180 per an-
nun. Satisfactory arrangements have likewise been made
with private families, where boardmaybe had on the most
reasonable terms.
The price of tuition is fixed at$3"in the first department;
$4 in the second; $5 in the third; $6 in the fourth; $7 in
the fifth, and 8S in the sixth.
The Trustees of the institution, to reduce the expense of
education by avoiding the charges attending the collection
of bills, have resolved to reduce the above rates one dollar
in each of the several departments, when the quarter hills
shall have been paid on entrance, quarterly.
Application for admission to the Seminary, or for further
information, may be made to the Principal or any of thl
Trustees. By order of the Board.
The Trustees are-
His Excellency %V3M. L. MARCY.

quarter will commence on Thursday, the first of Sep
This institution (founded in the year 1814, andoccupyinl-
a spacious and elegant edifice, erected especially for its ac
coinmmiodation) comprises, exclusive ofthe classes compl)ose..
tof those pupils from the higher departments, pursuing the
study of the French and Latin languages, Natural Histo-
ry, Chemistry and Botany, six departments, three ol
which are subdivided, and the whole under the charge o t
fifteen professors and teachers, and subject to monthly vis-
tations by committees of the board of trustees.
The course of instruction is designed to be useful and
practical, and to embrace all the various branches of a
conimpleteferiale education.
The institution is furnished with maps, charts, globes,
models, a superior chemical and philosophical apparatus,
and an extensive library; in addition to which, in eacil of
the three lower departments, is a smaller library, carefully
selected, with reference to the capacities and attainments
if the younger pupils instructed in tlhem.
Ample arrangements have been made, under such reglu-
ations as the trustees feel confident will prove satisfaclo
ry to parents;.L, n the establishment, connected with tht
unmilies respectively of the Principal and Professor of

ALBANY ACADEMY-The Academy will open
for instruction on the first day of September.
The students are arranged in departments correspond-
ing to the wishes of parents, for the instruction of their
In the 4th or junior department, children are taken at
the age of 6 or 7 years, and instructed in reading and
spelling, the elements of Geography and Arithmetic, and
writing. In the more advanced classes these studies a.re
pursued to the extent of a thorough English eAiucation.-
Mr. McDowell and Mr. Edwards are the teachers in this
SThe remaining departments, viz. the Classical, under
the Rev. Mr. Bullions; the Mathematical, under Dr. Ten
Eyck; and the English, under Mr. Clapp, offer all the ad-
vantages of an extended course of instruction.
The French language is taught by Gen. Du Coudray
Mr. Bell continues as instructor in Penmanship.
Students have for many years been instructed In all
branches required by the Civil Engineer; and many of
the pupils of the institution are now in actual service on
the canals and railways of this and other states. A cla-s
in these branches of study will be commenced immediate-
ly after the holidays.
The elements of drawing are taught in connection with
the above, and other branches of study.
Classes in book keeping are also now in progress.
Thie Principal will attend to the general superinten-
dence of the Institution and instruct in various branch'
of Natural and Moral Science.
Prices of 'Tuition-In the junior department and ele.
mentary studies, $3 75 per quarter for the summer quar-
ters; $4 25 for the winter quarters. Total, $16 per an-
SIn the highest studies of the 4th department, $4 75 and
$5 25. Total, $20 per annum.
English and Mathematical, $5 75 and 86 25. Total.
S24 per annum.
Classical, including also any of the above, $7 75 and
$8 25. Total, $32 per annum.
For instruction in French, the price is o3 per quarter to
parents, to which the trustees add $S2 for each scholar.
Boarding-The trustees have obtained references to se-
veral boarding houses, where students can, if it be desir-
ed, be under the care of one or other of the teachers, who
will board with them. Price for board, fuel, lights, &c.
from $2 50 to $3 per week.
C'asses commencing Latin are formed on the first of
September and the first of March in each year.
T. ROMEYN BECKPrincinal. -
sel-tf RICHARD YATES, Trnatees.

Dr. WV. Evans' medical office, is at No. 7 Division street,
eatr Chatham Square, N. York, where application for
Agencies are requested to be made by a merchant in each
village, &c.
UZI Ask for Dr. EVANS' PILLS-Bewivare of Counter-
its-Go to his appointed Agents. jy7-dac

WORM-Gibney's 'letter and mingworm Destroy-
er-Tie success which has attended the use of this reme-
dy has induced the proprietor to spare no expense that it
mnay be more generally known, that those afflicted with
Tetter, Ringworms .and Salt Rheum, may receive a spee-
dy and permanent cure at a trifling expense.
In no instance has the medicine failed in curing Tetter
and Ringworms, r.or will it fail if used according to di-
It is,a certain test of the superiority of this remedy, that
persons who have been using other medicines and have
considered a dure effected, have experienced merely a
temporary suspension of the disease, which has returned
with greater violence and more obstinacy than at its first
appearance, and the effect of the Tetter and Ringworm
Destroyer is speedy and certain, for no sooner Is it ap-
plied, and should even the smallest particle of the disease
remain, than it will manifest its effects by producing a
redness and itching; and so long as any vestige remains
so long will this remedy act, and as soon as the cure is per-
formed its aaplication will cause no further uneasiness.-
It is a pleasfiAt and safe wash, and may be applied to tlhe
most delicate infant; it requires no restrictions as to diet
and exposure.
A large supply of the above valuable medicine con-
stantly kept on hand at the proprietor's price, wholesale
atnd retail, by JOHN ONTHANK, General Agent,
145 Broadway, 6 doors above the City Hotel.
And at II. RAWLS & CO.,
noll-ly Albany, New York.





000 cases being annually cured by its emnployment-
e the following, viz:
Mr. Rowand-Sir : I feel it a duty which I owe to you
the community at large, to state that I have been se-
riv1* nfflitei w~i thl t he F;* ~ 1d A'^ C .*. .--. -. ^ -l ^-A


' j




y I

ing machinea will be. furnished ly,the subscribers on
t notice (with or without locomotive powers) for any
of the U. States or theCanadas, capable of raising
a twenty to three hundred toms-of earth: per hour, and
vatingfroom four to twenty square rods without rais-
he anchors, leaving the bott&l smooth and level, to
depthr under fifty feet, and depositing the earth -on the
k at a distance of from six to twenty fect, drawing fromf
to three feet of water,,_ ith or Without improved ma-








E h HE DIFFERENCE-It cannot be denied th
Swhilst'many medicines which are recommended
the public have not even the negative merit ofharmles
ness, there are others which it would be great injusti
indeed and suicidal prejudice to involve, untried, in
common condemnation. And when a medicine comes en
dorsed with all the great names that have adorned the a]
nals of the medical profession, and Warranted by the sev
- and signature oflong and uniform success, its propriety
r makes no unreasonable demand upon public confidence
when lie claims for it a superior consideration. -
I Undeniably entitled tothisenviable distinction; for while
the medical authority in existence condemns it, every nie
dical work which alludes to it, and every medical bracti
tioner that is acquainted with it, freely acknowledges it
pre-eminent virtues; and that the latter should. be so i
opposition to their personal interests, must be, attribute
either to their candor or love of truth, or to tfielr unwil
lingnest to fly in the face of all observation, and the test
money of thousands. .
Dr. V. EVANS does not pretend that hip ;Camomil
Tonic Pills will cure all diseases. He franklyand consci
enitiously admits that they wilrnot. He lays po claim t(
the discovery of the "Philosopher's Stone," -and wish
nobody to believe that he sells the "Elixir of Life;", bu
he DOES SAY, and he DOES BELIEVE, and hie CAN
PROVE, that in debility anld iapPaired constitutions; in
of the digestive organs; in incipient consumption, w-heth.
er of the lungs or of the liver; in the dreadful debility oc
casioned by the use of purgatives, in palsy, rheumatism
(more especially) in the sicknesses incident to mother!
and to females ofrelaxed nerves; in every case of deliri
urn tremens, or that disease which is brought on by in
temperance, in the wretched horrors of mind and body
which accrue from occasional inebriety; in loss of appe.
title, languor, melancholy, pains in the head, limbs or side
in corrupt, sallow and uncomely complexions, which arise
from the bad state of the fluids;-in all these cases, and ii
some others mentioned in the billp.ofdirvctions given 'wit.
his medicines, HE DOES S /V,'thafThe CA)MIOILF
TONIC PILLS interchanged occasionally wi4.his A.
PERIENT FAMILY PILLS, (the best lkown) whielc
are sold with them, will effect intme4iate rjief; and il
used but for a fair period of trial, a perfect eire. This
much is placed beyond doubt by daily testimorfleo which
would be given on oath; and for this much, Dr. WV. EV
ANS can conscientiously request confidence. He-there
fore need only a4d that his CAMOMILE TONIC PILLS
together with his excellent FAMILY APERIENTi
PILLS can be obtained, wholesale or retail, at No. 7 Di-
vision street, near Chatham Square, New York, and of
his authorized agents in town and country.
to the many.references already given to the public, andoth-
ers in possession, DR. WV. EVAiN\ will now refer to Mr.
John Gibson of North street, Williamisburgh, who has
been troubled with the rheumatism forthree years, and for
nine months had to use crutches, he has been so far restor-
ed to health, by using a few bottle of Dr. Evans' Camo-
mile or Tonic Pills; and a few boxes ofAperient Pills, that
he feels able to go to work again.
Mrs. Watts, 903 Water street, by using two bottles of
Dr. WV. Evans' Tonic Pills has been greatly benefitted;
the feels better than she has in a year previous. Her dis-
ease, dispepsia and palpitation of tlhe heart.
Mr. Willard Snow has been cured of dyspepsia bytaking
two bottles of Tonic and two boxes of Dr. W. Evans
Aperient Pills. His residence is 351 Waterstreet.
Stephen Ames, 127 Amity street for a length of time past
has been troubled with a load and distress at the stomach,
indigestion, and dizziness in the head. By using Dr. WV.
Evans' Tonic and Aperient Pills,the complaints have been
.Mrs. Rapelye, Middleton, Long Island, has been cured
by using Dr. WV. Evans' Pills. Her complaint was dys-
Mrs. Blackwell, 151 Madison street, has received great
benefit by using the Tonic and Aperient Pills.
SCapt J. Stewart, of ship William, has-been so far re-
stored to health, as to be enabled to attend to his business,
having been unable to do so forf a long -time. His com-
plaints were nervous irritability, with spasms, often lan-
guid, indigestion and palpitation of the heart. He has used
four bottles of Dr. V. Evans' Tonic, and three boxes of
Aperient Pills. :
Mr. Israel S. Smith had a complication of diseases, such
as indigestion, loss of appetite, lassitude and loathing; felt
as if he did not want to see any one. By using three bot-
ties of Dr. WV. Evans' Tonic, and two boxes of A percent
Pills, considers himselfcured; hlie is cheerful and lively-
says he has not felt so well for ten years.
Mrs. Nolan, corner of Springand Mercer streets, disease
in the head, was obliged sometimes to walk the floor all
night, the distress was so great; greatly relieved by using
the Tonic and Aperient Pills.
TO THE LADIES.-Amongst thousands of ladies ben-
efitted by Dr. W. Evans' Camomile or Tonic Pills, Mrs.
M. Beaumont (corner of Canal and Washington streets)
has kindly allowed it to be made known for the benefit of
others, that she was brought (by mental affliction) to a
very weak and bad s-tate of health, and pains in the sidt
and head, was recommendedto take Dr. W. Evans' Tonic
Pills, which she has done to her comfort of mind and re-
storation of health. Mrs, M. Beaumont.
TO TIHE AFFLICTED.-For the benefit of the public
and in gratitude to Dr WV. Evans, I consider it a duty I
owe to make known the great good I have derived from
Evans' Tonic Pills. Having been five years afflicted with
lyspepsia of the worst kind, I made application to numer-
ous sources without benefit, by the use of Evans' Tonic
Pills, and three boxes of Evans' Aperient Pills, I have
found signal relief fully to my satisfaction, and am morr
healthy than I have been for years. The symptoms (which
were pains in the chest, weakness in the whole frame,
heart-burn, flatulency, acidity and head-ache) are all re
noved. I deliver this testimony over to Dr. WV. Evans.
or his and the public benefit, for it to be made known. I
hereby sign ny name and address.
Edward Rhodes, 95 Crosby street, N. V.
The following persons have been benefitted and cured o
different complaints; as dyspepsia, consumption, bilious
amnd liver complaints, headache, weakness, female com-
plaints, nervous diseases, spasms, and others of all those
complaints for which those pills are so efficacious.
Mr. Samuel McCully, 431 Pearl street.
Mr. J. Vardycke, 62 Forsyth street.
Mr. J. Gillis, Milton, Ulster county, N. Y,
Mr. A. Hayet, 217 Broome street.
Mr. Clark, 4829 Water street.
Mrs. M., Thompson street.
Capt. John Clark, ofslaip Jefferson.
Dr. WV. Evans-Sir: That "/ae public may be satisfied
vith the virtues of yoar Tonic and Aperient Pills, 1 will
tate that, for a long time I have been suffering with a dis-
ress in my stomach, pai.ns in my head and side, and often
troubled with langtiiness, sometimes with pimples and
lotches on my skin. By using a few of your Palls I am
really bencfltte..1, and have not the least doubt thoy will
ifect a cure. Respectfully yours,
U. G. Clark, 93 Oliver street.
Albany Agent-Mr. STEPHEN VAN SCHAACK, ,312
o'Jth Market street ... .
Troy-Mr. Z. CLARK, bookseller, 216 River street.
West Troy-Mr. B. BROWN.
Hudson-Mr. S Westcott, postmaster.
Poughkeepsie--Messrs. Potter & IVilson.
Ithaca Mr. David Ilanmer.
IVaterford--J. J. & C. Scott.
Saratoga Springs-Mr. Phineas Fletcher,
Ballston Spa-Mr. Jas. Comstock.

T HE VARIETY STORE, 39'2 South Market
street-The subscriber hereby expresses his gruti-
tude to his friends who have so liberally patronized -his
establishment, and intends to deserve the continuance of
their custom. He now has on hand (and intends to have
constantly) an extensive collection of House Keeping ar-
ticles, Fancy Goods, Perfumery,,Toys, &c. at wholesale
andretail. The following is a paot ofthe multitude of
things in his store, viz:
Willow travelling baskets Indelible ink
do knife do Backgammon boards
do cradles Chessmen and graces
do wagons & chairs Jack straws
Cedar and oak churns Chinese puzzle
do pails and tubs Battledoors and shuttl-
do and maple keelers cocks
Patent painted pails Dominoes
Shaker brooms andmops Cups and balls
do sieves and dippers Dissected pictures and maps
do herbs and brushes Clothes and hat brushes
Knife boxes Hair and flesh do
Bellows and shuttles Tooth and nail do
Trays and bowls Comb and curl do
Paste and wash boards Crumb and hearth do
Boxes in nests Portrait painters do
Towel rollers Varnish- do
Rolling and clothes pins Camels' hair d(Io
Wooden ladles Ever pointed pencil case
Boxwood spoons and forks Lead points for do .
Horn do do Dinner and tea bells
Bootjacks Sugar nippers
Foot stoves and benches Carpet hammers
Paper files Paste jiggers .
Yard sticks Fine razors in cases
Grain scoops do pen knives & scissors
Tea cup mops and mats Carbonic dentrifice
Table mats Chlorine do :
Hemp, grass and husk door do tooth wash
mats Preston salts
German wax tapers The otto of roses
Magic and lucifer matches Persian do of rose soap
do lanterns do do do lip sale
Whalebone and steel busks Naples and almond soap
lair pins Castilian and musk do ,
Fine pocket books Camphor and oxygen soap
do card cases Extract of tonquin bean,
vory fine tooth combs do bergamot
do dressing do do roses
do pocket do Macassar oil
Cut beads of various colors Bears oil





_ =



to A. JOHN S. SMAITH, No. 3,A South Market-street,;
s- Albany, has recently made ,great addition-to, his stock o
ce DYE STUFFS AND PAINTSi among which are the
a following ".
n- White Lead "Paint Brushs -
n- Red:Lead sash Tools
al Vehetian Red MAring Brushes
or Spantish, Brown Annatto
e, pamsh White Cochineal "
Paris White Press Papers
is Spruce Yellow Tenter Hooks
st Yellow Ochre N:ut Ga
e- Chromic Yellow GSandPaper "
i- Patent Yellow SRa n P 'a
Is Ivory Black- 'Pine
in Prussian Blue C*r .
d Rose Pink Sal Nitre
L- Dutch Pink -9)uberand Epsom Saka
i- ,nmalts le "
Verdigris ti LapBack,
Ie Ground do rol4 Leaf
i- White and Re4 Chalk SilverLeaf I
o Spirits Turpentine Paint Oil
s Terra de Sienna Winter Strained Sperm
it Gum Shellac Summer do do
N GunLCopal Oliye Oil "
n Gum Sendric Blue Vitriol '
s Gum Arabic Oil Vitrioi
I- Stone VYellow WhiteVitril
Litharge Alum -
11 Umber Cap, s
s Vermtihlin Qp~peT4S -
s l Verillion ,,Flotant Ihdigo ,
*' Fuler'sSoap ". Bengal Indigo
- Also-Orleans Indigo, Log Wood, Nicaragua, Fustie,
y Red VWood, Cam Wood, Turmeric, Cream Tartar, led
- do.,.Sal Ammonia, Flour Sulphur, hoUl Brimestone, Bo-
tx, Madder, Teazles, Clothiers' Screws, .Jaick Cards,
e Wool Cf-rds.. Whitewash Brushes, r lothier's do., Demi-'
n johns, Diamonds, Copr and other Varnishes, Spanish
Segas, Aqua Fortis, f;rained T W, Vriting Paper, Stonu
SIVa-e Stone ,rtxv'Pipes, :pasir s.nig. "' -.' -.
SGROUN YE ODS, ftbeir own antufacture,
t such as wil. be warranted of the first quality. American
f G lasqfrom.6 by s8 to 164by 12; I9n lish Crownf lro0m 7 ly r
S. 9to -0 by ,4i do:.in crates. Ground Paints f al1 colors,
h wholesale and retail. Birushes ofgevery variety. -
Alsol, large lndggneral assortnent of-ANMEtCAN
SHIRTINGS, and -SHEETINGS, at the miiannfacturer's
prices. "' mrf2
S D 'S.TUFSe, &c.-The subscierib offer a.
wholesale, at the lowest prices for cash or approVedcredit,
i an extensive assortment of genuine DRUGS, MEDi-
SCIN S, DYYE SrTUFFS, &c.; among which aire the foli-
S Opium, Logwood,
r Aloes, Nicaragua,
Camphor, Fustic,
SMagnesia, Camwood,
S Castor Oil, Copperas, '
SBrimstone, Blue Vitriol,
Sulphur Oil do
Epsom Salts, White do
Glauber Salts, Madder,
Borax Crude, Indigo,
do Refined, Nutgalls-
Calomel, Chrome Yellow,
Jalap, -Cochineal,
Red Precipitate Annatto, ,
Liquorice Ball, Prussian Blue,t
do Root, Drpp Lake,
Salt Petre, Aqua Fortis,
Pink Root, Red and White Lead,
Cream Tartar, Rotten Stone,
Sulphate do Gum Copal,
Senna, do Mastic, i
Rhubarb do Arabic, t
Spirit Turpentine, do -Myrrh -
Lamp Black, Russia Isinglass, -
Silver Black Lead, American do
Also, a quantity of India amniLEnglish Seine Twine.
Druggists, Merchants and others will find it for their in-
terest to call before they purchase-elsewhere. :
SJ. & J. W. BAY,
my3" Cor. of State and South Market-ts..
Just opened at 319 North Market street, opposiethe J
post office, a complete assortment of fashioniable fancy
and staple dry goods. Consisting in part of c
Black and blue black figuredBroadcloths ,
silks Casmimeres c
Light and dark cold do Satinetts c
Rich black and blue black Merino cassimeres
plain do Erminetta
Light and dark coi'd do do Crape camblets
French printed mulls and India nankeens .1
muslins Linen drilling L
WVhite and black ribb'd silk Dark jeans 0
hose -Boys summer goods f
Open work silk do Rouen cassimeres s
Plain English do Blue nankeen i
French printed cambrics Irish linen
Embr'd thibet shawls Linen sheeting P
Raw silk shawls Cotton do
French camels hair do Marseilles quilts
Challe do Counterpanes
Embr'd crape d.) Fine summer spreads
Hernani do Superfine counterpanes I
French calicoes Cradle quilts t-
French ginghams Toilet covers t]
White merino shawls Cradle blankets y
Black do do Rose blankets -ri
Scarlet do (do Birds eye diaper -
Black bombazine Russia do
Blk and blue black challe Damask linen table cloths
Mourning muslins Colored table covers
Black and blue blk crape Colored counterpanes
White, pink, salmon do Table oil cloth
Black and blue black crape Moreens t
leisse Furniture dimity
Linen cambric hdkfs Silk and gingham umbrellas t'
Rem stitch do Parasols a:
Fancy shawls Cambric dimity p
Mourning shawls Corded cambric ai
Blue bl'k ribb'd cotton hose Swiss muslin hr
White open work cotton Scotch lawn !
hose Medium muslin
Col'd rib'd cotton hose Bishops lawn
Children's do Nansook muslin B
Black and white cashmere Imitation linen cambric
shawls Linen lawn
Black India satin Linen cambric H
Black silk camblh'i Thibet shawls h3
Mixed do do Light and dark calicoes E
White satin Merino cloths o,
Black nankin crape Threadlaces am
Black crape vei s Worked edging and insert- A
Blue black do inig '.
Green gauze do
Corded skirts, India rubber -aprons and table cloths, ja -
conett and sarsnett cambrics', black lace veils and shaWls,
bead bags, Italian sewing silks, &c. &c., all of which will
be sold at the lowest current price, by L




C HOICE GROCE IES--particularly selected
for private families. Thesubscriber has just receiv-
ed and now offers for sale, at the old stand lately occupied
by Mr. Jacob Mancius, No. 61 State street, a fresh- supply
of TEAS, SUGARS, WVINES, &c. which, together with
his former stock of Old Wines and Liquors, comprise a
very general assortment of goods in his line. Among
which are
Superior old Madeira, )
d ob do pale and brown sherry,
do port, (pure juice)
do Sicily and Marseilles, > WVINES.
Lisbon, Malaga and Muscat,
St. Julian and other claret, i
Champaign and Burgundy, J
Imperial, gunpowder, hyson, young hyson, TEAq
hyson skin, poumhong and souchong ITAS.
Loaf, lump, white Havana and other SUGARS.
Old otard, highly flavored peach, rasp- BRANDY.
berry and strawberryRAN
Old Holland and whortleberry GIN.
Old Jamaica and St. Croix RUM.
Jamaica Shrub, French Cordials.
Hibbert's Brown Stout and London Porter, lemon syr-
up, lime juice, ginger, preserves, green and dry race gin-
ger, mace, cloves, nutmegs, cayenne pepper, paper and
soft shell almonds, raisins, currants, citron, prepared co-
coa, rice, flour, pearl barley, pelucir starch, vermacelli,
macaroni, currie-powder, olives,cama: s, anchoviesjsallad
oil, fish sauces, mushroon and to:uiato catsup, pepper
sauce, rose water, &c. &c. &e.
Also, Sperm Candles by the box or in smaller quanti-
ties. aul E.R. SATTERLEE.
GROCERIES-The subscribers have connected
witth their former Provision, Flour and Produce bu-
siness, a complete assortment of Dry Groceries.
Teas in chests, half chests and catty boxes
Sugar in hdds and brls
Loaf and lump sugar
Coffee, pepper, pimento
Ginger, cloves, nutmiega
Cassia, &c.
Rice in tierces and barrels
Raisins in boxes and kegs
Tobacco in kegs .
Molasses in lmhd, for sale by

N .. B. J. S. S. being also agent fbo the ENAMELLED
OLLOW WARE FACTORY, in this city, established
y Professor Lewis C. Beck, offers a fll assoortnent of
namelled Hollow Ware at wholesale.- All orders for,
r communications respectihg the above wIare, must be
dressed to the subscriber at 394 South Market-street,
"ibany mr7-tf
scriber offers to buid,,on the most reasonable terms, at
& J. Townsepd's Furnace, Albany, his newly invented
team Dredge. Having built a number of Machines for
yons & Howard,-for the United S$tates Hudson River
nprovenent, and Canada, adatelso one for the United
states at Chicago, and one for a Troy company, he flatters
mselfthat his Dredge is superior to any now in use.
Persons wishing to build or contract for Steam Dredges
fany size or form, either in part or the whole, iron and
ood work complete, will do well to call on the subscri-
tr before they contract.
All persons are eautionhd not to infringe on the rights
the subscriber, either by using or vending the same,
nider the penalty of the law. .
jall-lawtf ME!LLEN BATTEL.
SOpened this io0 lning at 319 North Market street, rich
yrtle green satin and poult de sole, black and blue blk
tin, blue blk and colp'd silks, plain and fig'd for cloaks
ad pelisse dresses, fig'd satinfor hbts, super kid gloves,
ond scarfs and shawls, together with imnany other scarce
4d desirable goods. de5 EDWIN A. HARRIS.
fl Dozen Buckskin Mocedsins, for sale by
40 de3l -' DAVIS & JONES, 66 State sat.
l Troy, N. Y ., have now on hind a good assortment of
Tin Plates Russia Sheet Iron
Wire English-Sheet Iron.and
Sheathing Copper BlhockTin '
Besides f full stock of IRON and STEEL of every de-
ription, Which they pledge themselves to sell, at all
ies, on the inos. acconmodating terms. Troy, Janua-
5, 1837. ja5-2aw3w
1kEW GOODS- The stbscriber has just received
Sa very fine assortment of gods, among which are
Ild watches, mosaic pins, silver card casesj- one very el-
ant card basket, silVerplates (a new article). fruit krum,
ps, knife, fork and spoon, whistles, gold pencil cases,
ectacles, thimbles, rings and p ins, a large and splendid
sortment o? diamond pins and rings, plated goods of all
ads, butter tuba, japanned ttays, brittahnia urns, c.
Also a very large and-splendid music box.
de3O 4. RAYMOND, 4rgus Building.










For freight or passage apply IVto the masters on board,
or at Boston to ISAIAIH JANGS, 15 Long Wharf.
At Albany to
GAY & V WILLARD, 101 Pier, foot of State-st.
At Troy to
je25 GAY & WILLARD. 189 River sTrdet.

reeeived and for sale at the .Arieu tt ral Depositnry,
orner o efMArkeA-street ani MAUdeR elane.-, e subscr-
bo olicitsaa share of public patrotiage, Viz:
e.. 16St1a'u1er Cuj i^ra' Cttets,.orn
ISheJwrs doubleand sinls .
Wiley'and Conklin's, olofigs, ?ssoftl6:iz... Viz. 76,
56, 8j, 5; also side kill Ploughs, Raid Scrda+rs4 Bicky
Ploughs, Plough Shlares.
KBobbinW' Crn Pfanter hnd:Dtill B-rrow.
B BImen's Drill Barrow.
Craig's .eolth farrow ahnT it hb ',
fBement's Epandi.ng (Cull i ialor. .
Rotary Pumps for wells or cisterle4. "
Potatoe Hoes or Hooks, very useful for digiqlig pota-
oes, WeH worth the attention of farmers. "
*The public tire respectfiily invii raca1ll and exatnine
or themselves. <* IHOWR N,
no2 No. 3 7Nt"th Market st.

C HIEAP DRY G ODS-Just received: at 371
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______________________________________________________________________________ ~ 9r'- m~-~- --'5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~<-,. *~ -~ -

YOUNG and MAISON, in the .enate, Mond
January 30. '
[Reported for the Daily Albany Argus. .
Mr. YOUNG called for the considerationr of
following resolution, laid on .the tcble by 1
some days since:
Resolved, That, in tie judgment of this. senate,
highly improper for a member of I he legislature to i
for the passage of a law, creating a bank or moneyed 6
portion, and afterwards to solicit or receive stock in s
corporation on the distribution of the stock thereof.
Mr. YOUNG said it was not his intention
go into a fill discussion of this subject at
present time. He called bfor the consideration
the resolution in consequence of the situation
which he was' placed by the Senator from ihe
(Mr. Maison.) It would be recollected that
ring the discussion on the amendment offered
the Senator from the 8th1 ,(Mr. Tracy) to tI
first section of the bill for thie repeal, in parl,
the restraining law, he (Mr. Y.) had spoken
it as one of the evils of the present banki
systemP.. that members of the legislature coi
here wkfi bank charters in their pockets, prn
them through the different stages-of legislation
make the necessary arrangements fur securing
vote of two thirds of each house in their favor, a
after these successthil efforts in creating the bar
go home and fill their pockets with its stock.
To these general remarks, ksaid.Mr. Y.) the Se
ator from the 2d (Mr. Maison) responded by
serting that I meant him;. and he gave acognov
in that he had subscribed for and received stock
the Dutchess County Banli, after having be
active, in his official capacity, in procuring
charter; and he undertook to justify himself
to compare this transaction to that of my takin
stock, after resigning ity sea-tin the Senate,-in
corporation against which I hfiad, voted while
Senator. The Senator, on that aind. on other c
cassions, has called in question the transactio
of my private life, and imputedto me a derelicti
of duty as a citizen; and I should be justified
retaliating on him in thesamem-anner But, S
I spare him-I spare the- Senate-,from liitetin
to what it is in my power to say on that subje
The Senator has also affected to keepback sort
thiing concerning my resignation ofl my seat
this body, saying that there was a tale whi
might be told; probably with a- view of' creating
the impression that he was in possession of son
thing to my discredit. But whether the comm
nity will believe that he knows any thing whi
would cast odium on me, and has wi'theld:
may perhaps be doubted by some. It-woutild
remembered, also, (Mr. Y. continued,) that wh
he resigned his seat, last spring, the Senal
rudely ordered him to quit the r'oon.m -
Mr. MAISON interrupted, denying havingdo
so, and appealing to the President, whether t
statement was true? !..- -
Mr. YOUNG said the report of the. proceediu
of that day Would show; he could uot be misti
ken in tlie I't, although he might hot- hve' quot
the precise language. He alluded to these insta
ces to shoW-that the bearing of the senator V
wards him haidnot been of the most liberal
courteouscharacter-that he had frequently soug
to wound his fbelings, and to arraign his motive
But; Mr. Y. said he had promised, in comp
ance with the reeas't of the senator, to put i
finger on some of his acts as a legislator, thie tei
dency of which was to corrupt the public moral
lie would now proceed to perform that promise-
not in a spirit of vengeance against that Senato
but with a hope of benefitting the whole people
He held it to be immoral in a legislator-, who r
ceives, under the constitution, a specific compel
station, to vote for bills creating moneyed, ipst
tutions, and then to speculate in the stock o
those institutions, thus indirectly increasing h
compensation, and holding out inducements f(
that kind of .bargaining and intrigue for which
Gov. Tompkins once prorogued the legislature
which was developed in the investigation into tt:
obtaining of the charter of the Chemical Banl
and which on another occasion drove a Senator (
resign his seat to avoid expulsion. Are we no
aPthorized to believe, that when members bring
-billslhere, urge their passage, and then take larg
shares of the stock, which, by its advance from
- par value, is a source of immediate pecuniar
Profit to them-are we not authorized to lx
lieve, that if they will yield to that temptation
they will yield to the temptation of making th
arrangements which may be necessary tto. en sur
the passage of their bills? The committee whicl
reported on the official conduct of two member
at the last session, had gone into this subject
and had advanced the position that legislators
ought to be as pure, and as far removed fron
temptation or suspicion, as judg s' had. ::Thiei
functions were more important, and the results o
their acts had a greater influence on the welfare<
of the whole community, than that-of those wh<
interpret these laws.' it was this which li' had im
view when he spoke' of the connexion oi the, $e
nator.withthe chartering of the bank in whie h(
But he could go farther than this-and h(
would go :'farhef'. In 1834, he wa informed
the Senator lid charge of auither bank- bill; hE
did not "remember the name- -
Mr. MAISON- I will give you the name, Sir
the Farmers & Manufacturers Bank: .
Mr. YOUNG: Inthat bill, I am informed th
Senator effected a change of two of the comnmis.
sioners for distributing the stock; which, change,
although the cause of much dissatisfaction to th(

publicseem, to ,ave been very advantageous tc
the Senator himsel;i, for not only,,wa .:he fawdred
with stock, which hM sold at a profit, but Ihii
partner, 'his partners sister., arid'other of his con-
nexions and- friends, ; received their portions;. -Mr.
Y. said hederived -these -facts from documents,
which he cpuld "hereafter pi6oduce if necessary.
Mr. MAISON: I had much rather see them
Ir. YOUNG said he should take his own time.
But he would soon come to something of a more
serious nature, which it became those who voted
for the Senator's bank last winter to investigate-
he should nbt call for an. investigation, leaving
voted against it in all its phases. What 1e now
had to state would accuse the Senator of practi-
sing a fraud upon both branches of the legislature
at the last session, in the progress of the bill to
increase the capital of the Dutchess County Bank.
Mr. Y. said he had inquired of the chairman of
the bank committee, and had learned that the
draftoftthe bill was presented to him by tVme Se-
nator; and he now charged that the original copy
bad been abstracted from the Secretary's office by
the Senator. He- had enquired for it at that
office, this morning, and. had been informined by a
youngman, a clerk in the office, that during the
summer, the Senator had called and asked to see
the.originfal copy, and had-examined it for some
time, and that since that time, it had not been
seen in the office.. From this train of facts, the
conclusion was warranted, that the Senator had
taken the bill. What was the history ofthe bill
alluded to? "'The Dauchess County. Bank adver-
tisers that they would apply bfor, an increase of
their capital stock to $500,000, and to be placed
-under-the safety fund laW. [Mr. Y. read the no-
tice of application from the Argus.] Petitions
were presented and 'n due time a bill was reported.
When. the bill was first taken up in committee of'
the Whole, it will be recollected by those Senators
who'were observant of the circumstances, that
tome Senator remarked that a hank of halfa mil-
lion wai top large for the village of Poughkeepsie;
upon which the Senator from the d2d (Mr.Maison)
Expressed a williingness to altei- it. SuBsequenritly,
the amount was apparently reduced $50,000; and
therilll passed. Mr. Y. then called attention to

a manner as to place a majority of it in hands that
public opinion declared to be improper for holding
it, and he refused to remain connected with an in-
stitution where corruption was the order of the
day. He wished the senator from the 4th had
acted on the same principle; not, after declaring
this body too corrupt for him to remain in it, have
come back here, where are so many of thu.se living
monuments of corruption.
Mr YOUNG: I do not doubt that the senator
regrets that I have come back.
Mr. MAISON: For my own part, knowing
that senator as I do know him, had this not been
my last year, when he drew for tlie term of four
years, so help me Heaven, I would have resigned.
" Mr. YOUNG : Your constituents will save you
that trouble.
Mr. MASON: I ask no mediator between my
constituents arid myself. However gratified by
their partiality, should they solicit a continuance
of my services in this body, no consideration
should tempt me to remain a member of it as long
as that man holds a place here. My mind was
long since made up, not to continue in this blanch
of the public service, for the beggarly pittance
which is allowed the members of the Legislature ;
but, I repeat, no consideration should induce me
to associate three years longer with that Senator.
But to return to the bank stock. It was charged
against him that he had sold his stock in the Far-
miners and Manufacturers Bank for 5 per cent ad-,
vance. He was but a speculator in a small way-
had he have been so fortunate-as to have realized
54 per cent, perhaps he should have been exoner-
ated in the eyes of the hon. senator from the 4th.
But he would grant that he did sell the stock. It
was his own stock-he would not screen himself
under his wife's mantle-and he was glad to flee
the charnel-house of corruption, even with 5 per
cent. [By a lapsus-lingue, probably, Mr. M. said
Mr. YOUNG: Does the Senator always flee
the carnal-house ?
Mr. MAISON: That is a question which
might with equal propriety be put to the Senator
himself. .w
Mr. M. said he nerfectlv agreed with the Sen-

'S. in that of a persecuted inn. All that he hads
;ay, which touched the sea.lorfioin the 4th, hadbe
said to repel charges o'fcbrepption against the l
legislature, uttered here day after day, pnd whkic
S if not repelled, would go forth as adthitted to
the true. When these charges were connected wi
Iim the passage of bills for which thefsenator w
knew that he (Mr. M.) in common-with a lar
it i,, portion of the senators now present voted,
ote cbutild not expect him or any one else, to be so c
or- tuse of intellect, as not to know that hlie intend
said these general charges to be specific charges agair
to every senator Who voted for the bills in questie
the And he put it to eyery unbiassed mind, wheth
S(f the course of the senator has not been unparli
in mentary, ungentlemanly, and unmanly, in chal
2d ing men acting under the same responsibility
du- and oath with himself, with interested and co
y rupt motives, on no other ground than that th
fie gav their votes for such measures as they co
'of scientiously believed the public convenience, ai
of the advancement of the public interest, deman
ing ed. Apply the'same rule of imputation to him
n and hle might be charged with unworthy motiv
me in voting against the same bills. It might be sa
es that he sought to raise a tempest of popular opi
Sa ion, in which he was to be chief director, am
nd which was to elevate him to the gubernatori
k, chair ofthis-state. He would doubtless say that su<
imputations were gratuitous and unkind. Ought
n- not he to extend. the same charity in ascribir
S motives to others which he asks for himself?
it But the Senator complained that hlie had a
in tacked his private character, and called in que
in tionlhis dealings as a citizen. Now he would submr
en it to all who heard what he said the other da
its whether this charge had any foundation in truth
What did he say? He would say it again. M
ng M. then recounted the circumstances of his su
a scribing for stock in the Dutchess Co. Bank, aft
)c taking the advice of two gentlemen of Poug.
keepsie, who, for purity of morals and nice sen
-of propriety, would lose nothing by comparison
in with the senator from the 4th himself; and sa
That if there had been a lingering doubt on h
minftd, of'the propriety of- his course, it must ha'
ng 'b4en dissipated when he saw the name of Sat
at. uel Young among those who received stock in-tl
Eke- lYonanow
in Watervliet Bank. Ile had said, that he had f(
ch secure, that under the broad mantle of the senate
ng from the 4th, he should be protected from th
shqft. of slander, and persecution. Was this
in- private attack 7? Had he not a right to cite his e
,h ample, even if it should not accord with what b
it now preaches ?'
be For the purpose of creating additional symp
en thy, the senator asserts that after his resignati
or last spring, I ordered him to leave the room,.
Now, is it reasonable to ascribe to me such ignc
e ance of the rules, as not to know, that although
)he lie had resigned his office of Senator,. he was st
entitled to admission within the bar ?.
Mr. YOUNG; 'Your words were, that I had
Ig business here. They were so reported, and are
ta- recollected by others besides myself:
ed Mr. MAISON; I presume that much of wh
in- has been said, has been for the edification of th
to- lobby ; and as they were not here at the time, f
r their benefit I will state what did occur. The s
,t nator, on the morning alluded to, formally resig
li- ed his seat, by reading his resignation in his pla
S and handing it up to the president, by which ti
Sact of resigning was fidully consummated. lie d
Is. more than that-lie threw behind him a loul ir
s putation on the whole body which he left. I
said, in effect, to them, Ye are too corrupt fi
S me, and I therefore go out from among you."-
e The senator from the 5th, (Mr. Wager,) made
e statement intended to ward off the poisoned a
Srows of the ex-senator. That ex-senator rose 1
of reply; and then it was that I interposed, and sai
is that he was no longer a senator, and had no rigl
r to that seat, and to take part in debate. So muc
h for the story of my ordering him out of the room-
a vagary of his own creation-which never ha
e existence but in his own imagination.
Mr. M. said he was pleased to hear that the st
t nator desired to' effect a reform in legislation-t
t improve it,'and make it more pure. In what mar
ner so desirable a work was to be commenced, hi
g has not yet informed us-whether it is to b
re brought about by directing personal attacks an
n sarcastic allusions to aH who chance to differ wit
y him in opinion, or whether the practice is to b
changed in that respect. The grand difficulty wit
l' the senator from the 4th, is this: that he invaria
e bly supposes that every senator who opposes hi
e favorite measures, or combats his arguments, make
a personal assault upon him; and so far does h
carry his delusion, that he imagines a combine
t tion is formed to put him down. -How preposter
otus! Why should any one desire to put him down
or why should he continually construe opposing
arguments into personal attacks? Let the sama
^ course be taken by all-for all have an equal righ
e to make a .personal application of what is saidii
o reply to them-and how vastly improved would bh
n ur:legislation! Instead of a dignihed body, be
coming the highest tribunal of this great state
e this would 'be converted into a bear-garden--in
stead of thie grave debating of important ques
e tions, it would be a scene for gladiatorial display;
where every effort would be made to harrow th(
feelings and excite the malignant passions of thi
human heart. Beautiful improvement in legisla
tion, indeed!
But Mr. M. said, he had been charged with spe-
culating in bank stock. He did subscribe for stock
in thIe Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bank, and
when 'the distribution was announced, he indig-
nantly sold the stock which was allotted to him.
The commissioners distributed that stock in such

aid Mr. V-AN DYCK rose again to say, that I
'en explanation had but just been furnished to hi
ast and not in time to communicate it to the Sena
ah, from the 4th before he mniade the charge.
be Mr. YOUNG said he was glad the explanati
ith had been given, and sincerely wished the Senai
ell could as readily and satisfactorily explain the ol
'ge er charges.
he Mr. MIIAISON continued: He was charged wi
h)b committing fraud upon the legislature, in pr
ed curing a larger increase of the capital of t
ist Dutchess County Bank than was asked for.
)n. He could hardly believe that the charge was
tr riously made. He could hardly believe that
ia- creature could be found even in the infernal
rg- gions, who would accuse him of practising a fra
ies on each individual of the two houses of the leg
r- lature. Practice a fraud on thle lynx-eyed vig
ey lance of the senator from the 4th! Who wol
n- believe that possible? But he would explain t
nd circumstances connected with the amendment
d- the bill in question. It was reported from t
n, bank committee, in compliance with the prayer
es the petitioners, giving am increase of $350,000,
id shares of $25 each, which would be 14,000 shart
n- and would make the total capital $500,000.
nd senator from the 5th (Mr. Sterling) objected to
al large an amount; and, desirous to secure
ch much strength as possible for the bill, not kno'
lit ing how far the influence of thle senator from t
ig 4th (Mr. Young) might extend against it,i
moved to rise and report. Common prudent
it- would have dictated this course. The next da
s- the senator from the 5th having consented to vo
ait for the bill with a reduction of $50,000, he mo
Y, ed to amend the first section accordingly, which
i. prevailed. He made the erasure and substitute
r. 450 fbr 500. This of course rendered necessa
b- another amendment, in thie number of shares
er be subscribed for; and in the hurry of the m
h- ment, he divided 456,000, the figures then befo
se him in the section, by 25; forgetting to deduct t
)n $150,000 of original capital. The quotient ga
id 18,000 shares, which was inserted in the bill, a:
iS in that shape it passed through all the stages
ve legislation in both houses, was signed by the Go
n- ernor and became a law. So entirely ignore:
he was he of the mistake which had been committee
elt that when lie was askedby his partner, on his
or turn to Poughkeepsie, what was the capital of t
he Dutchess County Bank? he replied at once, $45(
a 000, -No, was the answer to that; itis$600,0(
x- And it was not until a copy of the act was plac
he before him, that he could believe that it had pm
sed in that shape. To show, moreover, that tho
a- most interested in the bank were ignorant as hii
)n self, he would state that Judge Emott, the press
dent, made out the advertisements for subscri
)r- tions to the stock' to the amount only of $300,OC
!h and the same explanation had to be made to him
ill The Governor was written to on the subject, an
tile Bank Commissioners also: and they all co
no10 curred in the opinion that time whole number
so shares named in the bill must be filled up. Th
were so; and, as he had already admitted, he h
at received 100 shares, which he had subscribed I
he in his own name, and which he still held and i
or tended to hold, as a trust for those who shou
3e- come after him. As to the subscriptions of u
n- dcles, aunts, nephews and nieces, cousins and pai
ce ners, and partner's sisters, hlie had just as mu
he connection with them as the senator from the 4t
id and no more. He would now say that lie did n
.- speak one word to the commissioners concerning
Ie the distribution of the stock-he had no dummi
or subscribing for him; but what he did receive w
awarded to him unsolicited, except by the act
a subscribing for it, and in his own name.
r- Mr. M. said he had now answered all the cha
to ges bi ought against him by the Senator from th
id 4th; and it remained to be seen whether he wou
it havelthe magnaninity to admit that they were an
h were. It rested entirely with himself to do
or not; nor was it to him (Mr. M.) a matter
id much consequence which course he should pu
sue. Hie feared not to place his declaration i
e- juxta-position with that of the Senator from thi
o 4th, before his constituents, or beftbre any commit
I- nity where they were both known. His court,
e was known to his constituents. He would no
e be egotistical ;-- but hlie could not but remark
d that during his term of- service, he had been ex
h tremely fortunate in'that his constituents had ha
)e extended to them all the favors which they aske
h of the legislature. For this lie felt himself und(
'- a load of obligation which hlie could never repay
s And would-it become him, after his constituent
S had been gratified in all their desires, to wra
e himself coolly in his mantle, and say to other
parts of the state, ye shall not participate in th
f- favor of the legislature-ye of the Waterford ban
? shall have no increase-ye of the Watervliet shal
g have no charter-the wild and uncultivated rc
e gions of the state, wlmere was heard naught bu
t the hissing of the serpent,or the music of the forest
i bird, shall not be turned to a garden, and become
e the abode of civilized man-the southern tier c
countries, whose claims were for so many year
disregarded, shall still remain unheard, and reclud
ed Such were not his views of the duty of'
legislator : and'for his-course on these and othe
questions 4e was willing to answer to his constit
e uents.
e Mr. YOUNG replied: It might be a good rea
son for selling out bank stock, that the institution
was corrupt, and he knew not but the Farmers
and Manufacturers' Bank was so; he had onl'
t been informed that the senator realized $250 b;
I the stock in his own name, and that it was sur
m-ised that he realized much more. But his ob
servalions had been directed principally to the bil

ch --
ry en, contrary to our custom, a free rein to our
to reporter, in relation to the last exhibition of
)re personalities in the senate chamber. Contra-
he ry to our custom, we say, for we have prefer-
ve red to leave the publication of scenes which
of we deem to be highly derogatory to the char-
)v- acter of the state and destructive 'of all res-
nt pect for its highest legislative and judicial bo-
'd, dy, to other sources. We give this last scene

he as it occurred, not as a matter of interest to
0,- our readers, or because we care to minister to
)0. the taste of such as desire to see such things
ed in print ; but with a view to induce such dis-
se gust among the members of the senate as re-
i. gard these personalities with shame and re-
si- gret, to take a stand against them, so decided
'P' and peremptory, as shall prevent their recur-
M.' rence for the future.
nd P. S. We regret to say, since the above was
n- penned, that we are compelled to correct the
of remark that the sketch of the debate of Mon-
ad day alluded to the last of these exhibitions.-
ror They were repeated yesterday, in terms not
In- less offensive ; which we feel bound to exclude
ild from our columns.
ch YORK.-A very numerous delegated conven-
ot tion was held in the city of Rochester, on the
ig 18th iult., to adopt measures to promote the
es more speedy enlargement of the Erie Canal
of than is contemplated and authorised by the law
of 1835. We have been prevented by caus-
r- es beyond our control from giving the pro-
he ceedings at length ; and we are now restricted
Sto a very brief account of them.
so Two hundred and eleven delegates were
of present, representing the counties of Erie,
r- Monroe, Niagara, Wayne, Livingston, Yates,
o0 Orleans, Genesee, Ontario, Seneca and Cayu-
i- ga. James Seymour, esq., of Rochester, was
Appointed president pro tern. and Washington
)t Hunt esq. of Niagara, and John L. Kimberly,
X- of Erie, secretaries pro tern. ; until the fol-
.d lowing officers, reported by a committee, were
'd appointed by the Convention, viz. Hon. N.
er Dayton, of Niagara, President; Josiah Trow-
ts bridge of Erie, James Seymour of Monroe, Al-
p len Ayrault of Livingston, and Jesse Hawley
r of Niagara, Vice Presidents ; and Jas. L. Bar-
lk ton, Theron R. Strong, Alexander McKinstry
I and Samuel G. Andrews, secretaries.
A committee having been appointed to pre-
It sent business for the consideration of the con-
A vention, Mr. Turner of Niagara, and Mr. 0'
,f Reilly of Rochester, reported a preamble and
s resolutions, setting forth the inadequacy of the
i- canal to the present wants of the trade and
a business of the west, urging its enlargement
more rapidly than is contemplated by the law
for that purpose, recommending a loan of mo-
ney for the purpose of expediting .such en-
Slargement, and pledging the canal revenue for
y its payment, disavowing any wish to induce
y sectional or local legislation, but expressing the
Belief that the legislature would be fully up-
j held by the public sentiment in so modifying the
1 law that the canal commissioners should be di-
s reacted to place under immediate contract the
a most difficult sections (such as Little Falls and
t' After a debate of considerable length and
much interest, the preamble and resolutions
d were adopted.
y On the second day, a memorial addressed to
3 the legislature, drafted by Mr. Whittlesey, was
e adopted. When some discussion, less harmo-
nious than that of the preceding day, arose on
a resolution offered by Mr. Hart, recommend-
ing that the Genesee Valley canal be construe-
t ted of the enlarged dimensions of the Erie
canal. It was opposed by several delegates,
as inconsistent with the single object for which
s the convention was called, and inexpedient in
I itself, and was laid on the table.
: A central committee, consisting of Henry
O'Rielly, J. Seymour, Jona. Child, E. Darwin
Smith, S. G. Andrews, Thos. H. Rochester,
H. Gay, F. Whittlesey, 0. Hastings, E. Peck,
A. M. Se-hermerhorn, Thos. Kempshall and
Joseph Field, were appointed an executive
committee, under a resolution offered by Mr. 0'
Rielly, to aid in arousing public attention to the

subject ; and county committees were also ap-
pointed. The thanks of the convention hav-
ing been presented to the presiding officers, the
convention adjourned without day.

F UTJ' We are obliged to defer until to-morrow, a
communication from Mr. C. Roosevelt, of the As.
sembly, explanatory of his course on the resolu-
tion submitted by Mr. Tamblin, of the investiga-
ting committee, on Friday.
CONGRESS-On Saturlay, as o0on as the jour-
Snal was read, Mr. VAN BURgN rose and took 'leave

- ff l-' %mm~ ,

the duct would be regarded, he would Tay his hamni
m, upon his mouth. Let him institute the invest
ttor gation, and I promise to cover him and his charge
with confusion.
on 'Mr. MAISON said he had expressly stated ii
tor moving the resolution, that he desired not to bi
th- placed on the committee; and more particularly
since personal motives htd been attributed to him
ith (certainly without foundation) did he wish to de
ro- cline. When the committee was announced fron
the the chair, he understood it to consist of Messrs
SLacy, Tracy and Edwards. And, if the present
se- subject was considered disposed ofhe would mov,
a to be excused from serving on that committee.
re- The CHAIR said the motion would not be it
ud order until the resolution now under discussion
is- should be disposed of.
gi- Mr. YOUNG hoped that whenever that motion
ild should be made, it would be denied by the senate
he Let the senator who made the charge assume th(
of responsibility of inVestigating it. As for the re
he peated disclaimers made by the senator of persona
of -otives, they will pass for what they are worth
in They will be judged of by God and man.
es, Mr. LOOMIS moved to lay the resolution or
A the table. Lost.
S0 The farther discussion was principally on th(
as subject of the propriety of passing such a resolu-
w- tion, nr a law, on the subject; and as to which
he committee ought to be charged with framing a bill,

rail-road from Schenectady to Coxsackie. By Mr
PETTIT, to annex part of Spafford to Skneateles
and Marcellus. By Messrs. TAYLOR and J. L. Bi
GELOW, several, against another charter for a rail
road along the ine of the canal', from Syracuse tc
Rochester. By Mr. BRADISH, of inhabitants o
Lawrence, Potsdam and Madrid, St. Lawrence co
for the Franklin County Bank at Malone. By Mr
POPPINO, for a rail-road from Painted Post to Ge.
neva; two to reduce the upper level of the Crook.
ed Lake canal, for the Crooked Lake Bank al
Hammondsport; to divide the town of Homers-
ville. By Mr. COTTON, of Catharine Gridley, fbi
canal damages. By Mr. GEER, for the survey of
a canal, or the improvement of the river naviga-
tion in the counties of Warren, Saratoga, Mont-
gomery and Essex. By Mr. RUGGLES, for a mu-
tual insurance company at Martinsburmgh.
Bills reported:-
By Mr. KING, to provide for the erection of a
niew court house, jail and clerk's and surrogate's
office in Richmond county. [Ordered to a third
reading on motion of Mr. K.] Mr. K. also re-
ported against the petitions to annex part of
Greece to Gates. Report agreed to, and the peti-
tions denied.
By Mr. J. ALLEN, to extend the time for the
collection of taxes in the town of Salina. [Or-
dered to a third reading, on motion of Mr. PETTIT.]
By Mr. VAN TUYL, to incorporate the Oswego
steam-boat company: Authorizing tlhe Harmony
manufacturing company of Cohoes to increase
their capital.
By Mr. H. ROGERS, to amend the act bfor the re-
lief of the contractors on the Chenango canal.
[Ordered to be printed.]
By Mr. PLUMB, for thle relief of Keyes P. and
Heman J. Cool.
Mr. PORTER reported against the petition of the
supervisors of Madison county, relative to the au-
diting of certain accounts. The report was a-
greed to and the petition denied.
Mr. SIBLEY reported in favor of the bill to fur-
nish each member of the legislature with a copy
of the Revised Statutes, now in course of publi-
cation by the Messrs. Gould; and it was ordered
to a third reading on motion of'Mr. RUGOLES.,
A communication was received from the Canal
Commissioners, relative to the use of the surplus

S Legislature of New-York,
e [Reported for the Daily Albany Argus.]
n Tuesday, January 31.
, Petitions presented and referred: By Mr. Er
, WARDS, proceedings of a public meeting at Sene(
- Fall, for an increase of banking facilities eithE
i through corporations or by a general law
of inhabitants of Pompey, Onondaga county, fi
t a repeal of the restraining law, and for a gener
e banking law. By Mr. LooMIs, memorial of tru
tees o'f Geneva College for aid. By Mr. DicKil
a SON, remonstrance of inhabitants of Smyrna, ;
I geinst the repeal of the law for laying out a roa
fri-om Smyrna to Earlville; also, the report of th
Commissioners appointed under said act. By M
SWAGER, for an appropriation for the survey an
e improvement of the Oneida and Seneca rivers, i
pursuance of a law of 1826.
1 The senate concurred with the resolution of th
assembly, fixing on the 7th day of February ne:
for the choice of a U. S, senator, in place of S
Slas Wright, whose term of service will expire o
the 4th day of March next.
e Mr. MAISON, on leave, introduced a bill in add
- tion to the Revised Statutes, in relation to tt
Time of commencing actions.
Mr. EDWARDS called for the consideration ofti
resolution under discussion when the senate ad
journed yesterday.
The discussion which ensued was much of
personal and irregular.
The resolution finally passed, as proposed to b
amended by Mr. MACK yesterday, referring it t
the bank committee to inquire into the expediency
Sof prohibiting bylaw any member of the legislh
i ture from becoming interested in the stock of an'
bank created by the legislature of which he is
member; with an addition, suggested by M:
YOUNG, of the words "on its distribution."
Mr. LIVINGSTON rose to call attention to th
rule, which provides that whenever a member sha
be called to order, he shall take his seat, and th
obnoxious words shall be reduced to writing, an
submitted to the senate. He said it was an estal
e listed parliamentary rule that any allusion to th
motives of members, was out of order-the result
Sof their action might be spoken of, but their mo
ties were not withiin the pale of discussion. W
had become familiarized with the scenes which
grow out of a neglect of this rule; but they are dc
grading in the extreme. And lie now pledge
himself to be vigilant in arresting any course c
remark which may by possibility lead to their re
d newal.
Mr. PAIGE gave notice of his intention to mov
so to amend the rules and orders as to provide fc
taking the previous question in the senate.
S Bills read a third time and passed:
S In relation to the office of surrogate.
To amend an act entitled an act to incorporate
the society for the relief of orphan and destitul
children in the city of Albany.
S To amend the act authorising the appointmer
of a supreme court commissioner in the town (
Painted Post in the county of Steuben.
To divide the llth ward of the city of New
York into two wards.
The bill authorising the appointment of a st
preme court commissioner to reside in thIe village
Sof Amsterdam in the county of Montgomery, wv
Spread the third time and lost, 12 to 9, after a dii
Discussion in which Messrs. TALLMADGE, TRACI
DIcKINSON and MCLEAN opposed the farther in
crease of these officers, and Messrs. EDWARDS, I
SBEARDSLEY and SPRAKER advocated this applica
tion, although coinciding with the general view
of those who opposed it.
On motion of Mr. TALLMADGE, the general 01
ders were laid on the table, and the committee
the whole, Mr. BECKWITH in the chair, took u
the bill authorising the Governor to appoint a com
oner for the city of New-York, to supply a vacant
cy in that office.
Mr. TALLMtADGE suggested a constitutional dil
faculty; and after some remarks by him and Messrs
the bill was slightly amended and passed.
The senate then went into the consideration o
executive business. Adjourned.

Tuesday, January 31
Petitions presented and reibferred:-By Mr. FITCH
for the Genesee Valley Canal Bank at Portage
By Mr. GILBERT, two ior a bank at Ellicottville
By Mr. C. E. SHEPARD, for the Bank of Aurora
By Mr. PLUMSB, to extend the Erie canal to Vai
Buren Harbor. By Mr. WESTLAKE, against th
removal of the Chemung county buildings. B,
Mr. HILL, for the erection of a court house at Ox
ford. By Mr. HINE, of the trustees of the Prebl
high school, for a distribution of the income of th
literature fund to the incorporated academies, bi
scholar, and for an appropriation of a part of th,
surplus moneys of the U. S. to that purpose. Bi
Mr. CASE, for a law giving mechanics erectin1
buildings, a lien on the same, until paid; toament
the charter of the city of Buffalo. By Mr. Br
VINS, against the proposed amendment at the char
ter of Buffalo city. By Mr. BENHAM, three, for
bank at Attica; for a rail-road from Sheldon -t(
the New-York and Erie rail-road. By Mr. C. 0
SHEPARD, for the same; for a bank atLe Roy. Bj
Mr. TRYON, three, for the survey of a canal rout
from Catskill to the Erie canal. By Mr. POND
for a McAdam road 'from Attica to Sheldon; obr

obtain, leads me to the belief, that the body of the
nation are south and southeast. The troops in
the interior are actively engaged, and I shall join
them immediately. Commodore Dallas has sent
sixty sailors to garrison Fort Foster, twenty-five
miles east of this place. He despatched a garri.
son yesterday to Fort Clinch, and has promised a
garrison for this place. This will increase the
active force for the field. There is so much sick-
ness, however, among the volnuteers and regu.
lar troops that I shall not have more than nine
hundred or a thousand of them altogether for act-
ive service, and at least a hundred of them will
be required for convoys. The Indians are entirely
broken down; most of them are sick, and I expect
no further service from them. -They will go home
the last of this month. Such of them as are fit
for service, I will prevail upon, if possible, to ac-
company ime on an expedition against the princi-
aal chief of the Seminoles, Micanopy. He is
said to be within four days' march of me.
I have the honor to be, &c.
THOMAS H. JESUP, Mlajor Gereral.
Brigadier Gen. R. JoNEs, ddj't General.

LAWS OF NEW-YORK.-[By authorityy.]
[Every law, unless a different time shall be prescribed
herein, shall commence and take effect throughout the
itate on and not before the twentieth day after the day
if its final passage, as certified by the Secretary of State
-Vol. 1. R. S. page 157, 12.] .

An act to authorize the Utiea and SchenectadyRail Road
Company to convey the mails of the United States.
Passed January 27, 1837.
Thepeople of the stlte of New-York represented in senate
and assembly do enact as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Utica and Schenectady Rai
Road- Company, and it shall be the duty of the said corn.
pany when applied to by the Postmaster General, to con
vey the mails of the United States on the said road, amn
in case they shall not agree with him as to the rate o:
compensation therefore and as to the time, manner and
condition of carrying the same, it shall be lawful for the
Governor of this state to appoint three commissioner
who or a majority of them after fifteen days notice in
writing to said company shall determine and fix the prices
terms and conditions aforesaid.
State of New-York. This bill having been approved
Secretary's Office. and signed by the Governor ofthi-'
state on the 27th day of January, 1837, I do hereby certify
that the same became a law on that day.
JOHN A. DIX. Secret arv of State.





ed by them on account of the lateral canals, and
what action has been had under the acts of the last
session of the legislature authorising the construc-
tion oftthe Genessee Valley and Black River ca-
On motion of Mr. PATTERSON, it was so amend-
ed as to include the estimated expense of enlarg-
ing the Erie canal, and adopted.
Mr. P. TUCKER offered the following:
"Resolved, (if the senate concur,) That this
legislature tender an expression of their thanks to
the senate of the U. States, and their congratula-
tions to the country bfor the recent act of the for-
mer in EXPUNGING from its journal the resolu-
tion adopted March 28th, 1834, unjustly impeach-
ing the executive proceedings of President JACK-
SON, in relation to the public revenue."
After several ineffectual attempts by Messes.
ANDREW WILLIS and TAYLOR, to lay the Iresolu-
tion on the table, and to amend.
The question was taken by ayns and noes, and
the roll called, when the absenties were directed
to be called, and were called by the Clerk. Mr.
Roosevelt not answering to his name, and several
gentleman having stated that he was within the
bar when the question was stated from the chair,
Mr. ANDREW moved that Mr. Roosevelt be ex-
cused; but the house refused, and on motion of
Mr. C. ROGERS, the Sergeant at Arms was sent
in pursuit of the absent member. Mr. R. soon
appeared and voted with the majority. The name
of Mr. WILLIS being also called, that gentleman
said he was in his seat but did not vote; and re-
quested to be excused. Being asked by Mr.
BRADISH to state some reason, Mr. W. said it was
because he conceived all this business to be in-
expressibly despicable," when( lie was called to
order and compelled to vote. Mr. W. voted in
the negative.
The result was then announced, ayes 74 noes
24. So the resolution was adopted.
Mr. ANDREW offered a resolution directing
members in possession of any facts criminating
the banks to divulge them forthwith, &c. &c. and
all absent members to inquire into and report to
the Speaker any thing of tlht character which
might come to their knowledge-which was op-
posed as a direct imputation upon the house, as
reflecting upon the competency of the select com-
mittee of investigation, and rejected.
Bills introduced on notice:-
By Mr. T. W. TUCKER, to amend the act fbor
the more convenient adjustment of the affairs of
certain insurance companies: To amend the char-
ter oi the Hamilton fire insurance company, New-
By Mr. TALMAGE, to amend the act relative to
the inspection of flour and meal in New-York.
By Mr. TAYLOR, to amend the act regulating
suits on bills of exchange and promissory notes.
[Ordered to be printed.]
By Mr. MCELWAIN, to loan money to the coun-
ty of Genesee.
By Mr. SMEAD, to incorporate the Steuben coun-
ty mutual insurance company.
On motion of Mr. HERTTELL, the select corn
inittee on so much of the Governor's message as
relates to Pilots, was excused from attending the
regular sessions of the house, until [they had com-
pleted their labors.
Mr. H. ROGERS gave notice of his intention to
introduce a bill to authorize the agents employed
by the State upon the canal to pass free of toll
on the towing path on the Fort Miller Bridge.
On motion of' Mr. H. ROGERS, the Canal
Commissioners were directed to furnish the canal
committee with a statement of the difference of
the expenses of the present and the former ter-
mination of the Chenango canal.
On motion of Mr. BRADISH, the papers on file
relative to the claim of Win. Crossett and others,
were recommitted.
The house, in committee of the whole, Mr. T.
W. TUCKER in the chair, took up the bill from the
senate, to repeal in part the R. S. relative to un-
authorized banking &c.
After a verbal amendment of the first section it
was adopted without debate.
Mr. TAYLOR moved to strike out the second
motion,land addressed~the committee in support of
his nation; but gave way to Mr. KING who moved
that the committee rise.
The committee rose, and the house adjourned
to 11 o'clock to-morrow morning.
We have been furnished with a copy of a com-
munication just received at the War Office from
Major General JESUP, at Tampa Bay, dated Jan-
uary 1st. In addition to the force then with him
and serving in other parts of Florida, two com-
panies of Artillery, and six of the Second Regi-
ment of Dragoons, amounting to about five hun-
dred, besides one hundred recruits, all from the
sea board, must have reached the seat of war be-
fore this date.-Globe.
Head-Quarters, Army of the South,
Tampa Bay, January 1st, 1837.
EXTRACT.-"' The principal Indian chief of'the
regiment of Indian warriors in the service of the
United Stetes, came in yesterday, and brought me
reports from Brigadier General Armistead, com-
manding on the Withlacoochie, and Major Mor-
ris commanding the Indian force. Occupied as
every one about me is in active preparation for
the field, I cannot send copies of the reports ; but
no Indians were found in that part of the country
and all the information which I have been able to

Arial Eldridge
Martha Ellison
Francis Evering-
James Emright

F S Fairchild Martha W Fiske Alonzo Fosdick
Thos Ferguson George Field E M Fox
Daniel Featherson Ann R Fitch A P Fonda
Michael Finn J Flemin& WIm H Foster
Dennis Flinn Michael Fox Capt. E Ford
Mrs Flitcher Cynthia I Frisby George F Fox
Frederick Fitch Matilda Frederick Justis B Foot
Chas Fisk Benjamin Ford J Fuller
Raddon Gifford J H Gillespie Susan Grimwood
Margaret Gillespie Patrick Gaynor James Green
Ann Eliz'h GardunG N Garton Aaron Goodrich
John Gilan Emily Gardner Mrs J C Greene
Susanah Geer Dr G S Gail Ira Glen
Hiramn Gardner A Gibbs William Green
Thomas Gardner William Gibson Nancy Goodrich
Wm Galliher Charles C Gager N H. Griffin
William Gilbert Jacob Griffin2 William Graves
Patrick Galvin Mary Jane Gray Daniel Ganme
John Garretson Elijah Gove A P Grant
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William Gannon.

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Leonard&Johnson S B Jewett 0 R Jewett
Harriet Kirk 0 A Kingsley Herman Kach
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William Keigan Onslow G Keth Phillip Kenedy
Elizabeth Keese Asa Kimball Julius Keyes

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Abram Laraway Prudence Loomis
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Levi Lewis Joshua Lobdeli
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Henry A Lambert Messrs P Liddy &
Jane Lettore Co
Pruty McCarthy John McCropen
John McElroy 3 Alex MeCaimeron
James McCormick John McGrath
Joseph McCleden Jas McGrady
John MeKan Wich'l IMcGowm"
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Miss R J Mills JohnCMorris'
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James Miller Richard Murray
Louis Sirmen Men-J More
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Richard Mitchell Hugh Mosher -
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James Morrough Orelia B Mosley
Abram Munell Alex H Morris 2.
E A Morell JuliaMoyer
Col S L Meech. Israel !orris
r, IMink S White

Maria Nas l 2 Chas Nelson WilliamI Noyes
MaryNogron William Norrib Thos Newman
Thomas Newman John Nottingham
Mathew Ctrander Capt William Ostrander 2
G W Paul Daniel Peck Edward Perkins
Thos J Paul Norris A Phelps 4 Miss Louisa Peck-
Samuel Parke Barnabas Perkiins ham,
Miss Amy Parks Peter Peck A A Pierson
1ev Nath Paul 2 Mrs Ann S Pease Horace Pierce
Llizabeth Parker Hugh I) Perry J. D. R. Putman,
D A Parsons Prudence Philleo Titus WV Powers
F Parke Blackman Peck Mrs B Pulver
Mrs Lydia Parker John Peekham Gilbert Purdy 2
Elisha Peck Warren PerrintonVictor Post
T V "-- I ..' q

N in 4uill ;
Mary Raynard Patrick Riley Edwd Rorke
Henry Raseau C F Rice Thosobinson
Louis Reid Bridget Ring JosiahlG Root
Dani Reed Catharine Russell Thomas Rooker
A Raymond Jubal T Russell Miss Olive Round%
Major S Reed AVm Rourke Elizabeth Roberts
Charles F Rice John Ross HarveyJ Robinson
Those Richardson Morse Howell Geo Rosevelt.
Rev David Scott B F Smith 2 Erasmus Stone
Geo DSandford Giles J Sloeum 2 ZachariahStandish
Elizabeth Sanford3Geo Smith Jas K Storey -
Ransom Scott Fortan Simpson Samnel B Stone -
Florentz Snyder' Abhm Siekels Geo Strong
Jas B Sargent Conner Slater Richd Stoker
Wm Scott Edwd Small Jas & John Sutton
J M SchermerhornMargaret Simpson Stanford & Wilson
Harriet Santee .John Smith Betsey C Spafford
Mrs Margt SherrittMary Jane Small Swartz & Librich
Saml M Shepard Ann Maria Smith Miss Julia Somers
WnVm Sheridan Joseph C Sibley Joseph Strange
Adam Sheals Rev Chas Smith Wm Simun
rohn Sergeant James Smith Horace Sprague
Silas Sherburne Walter Smith H J Stowe 2
lohn F Shaw Ichabod Smith Wmn Striekland
Robt S hortley Chas Smith S Stiles.
Patrick Sheriden Mrs Fanny SmithAlanson Sumner
Henry Shoemaker Geo Smith John Stevens
Heenryrv Simpson Elisha Smith James Sparks
Fohn T Smith John Stott
Richard Smith Ge'n N L Stewart
Edward Thomas S D Tillman -Robt Townsend
John Thomson. Jac Trumpbour 2 John Turner
Sarali Tholbrock Mr Turner Mons Pierre Tru-
saae WThompsonAdelia Townsley deau
Hetty Tappan Helen Titus C M ToWnsehd 2

, ..

- a

1IST OF LETTERS remaining in the Albany
]Post fthce, February 1, 1837.
[ Persons calling for the following letters, will pleas
to mention that they are advertised.
Jas Anderson John Adriance Samuel Alvord
A Tl WIV Revd VWm Amer Joseph Adams
Eli Albey Elizabeth Aldrich S Allen
Geon C Abbot Louisa Abell 2
Luzerne Bartholo-Frederick Belden Geo W Burdick
mew Jacob Beaudall Thos Bog
Pat Bartley JBelcher Orange Brace
) C Bat( Betsey Burtley Hugh Bowden
Parish Barn,, E H Baker Win Brooker
Wim Baker Horace Belden Jas Braidwood
I Barker Daniel Betts D Bradford
S G Barnumn Jas L Beebe P Booth
Nathl Blarnes Louis A Burnett Miss Mary Brown 2
Jolin Barbour Thos Benham Tristram Brown
Ward lBailey JW Bland Robert Brooks
Robt Ballough Mr Bishoff
Win Bancks 2 .ras M Beattie Patrick Brien
Geo Bates Abner Beard Mrs T Brinkerhoof
Dennis Bacon Rhoda WBurtley GeoMBostwick
S S Barnes D)r Geo W Boyd George C Bradley
Geo V Baldry Jas Braidwood Michael Byrne
Martha AnnBaxterO F Bostwick 2 Chester Burbank
Rebeckah Baker Capt L Brainard Chandler Burr
ElizaBarnard Malinda Bradish Joseph Bullinger
Lory Bacon Halsted Brewster Willliam Buell 2
0 Rallard I)aniel Bromley 2 James Burke
Polly Beebe Mary Brown Mary Burroughs
David Berney F Brinkerhoof Joseph Burnham
Eleanor L Blanch-WIm Bridford Simon Burdett
ard Jas Boyd & Co Mary Burrows
Peter Becker Clarissa Pratt JosephBingingliam
Edward Bissell Alvin Bruce
James Cauterell Jonathan Child Able F Concord
James Campbell Daniel Clark A R Cobb
Stephen Case Samuel II Clark P WV Cole
Daniel Cady 2Elizabeth ChurchillRos'll G Comstock
Ephraim Caly James Clapp Benj L Collin
Thomas Cadmus John Christy David M Cooper
David Callender William Chesnut Gatherine Coder
William Campbell Martin G Clark George Cogswell
Patrick Cassidy Samuel Clark Edward C Cole
George Catlin Mir Clutterbuck Patrick Collins
It M Case John Chaffe Elijah Comnstock
James Cambet Wmni C Cheney Ephraim Caly
Nathil Carpenter James L Clough Dr E WI Critten-
Robert C Case Ambrose Charles don 2
Charles Calvory Roxana R Cooke John Culter jr
.John Carl Richard Colgen Ebenezer Cross
James Cahili Villiam Cof'way Rodman Cosgrove
Daniel Cahill Jeduthem Cook Saralh Cumminigs
Nehemiah Case John S. Conklins Mary Crawford
Stephen Clark Edward Cole Jaeics Crawford
Louisa Crosby JohnCuyler Dan! Cobb
William Doyle Phlilip J Deforest Sarah Duncius
Win Dale 0 & B Dickinson Nathan Douglass
Win Dane Benj G Dennison John Dulilige
Patrick Davis J oliohn H Dennison2 Margaret Donegan
Emily Davis Gen John DeMott2Michael Donnelly
Thomas DavenportDaniel Devoe Robt Dollar
W Davidson Maria Decker M'y AnnDowning3
DanlDarcy Waity Dennison Mr Duncan
MI Day MartinyDemning2Ormus Doolittle jr
Henry S I)exter Lyman T )oty 2 A M Dowling
Chas V Denison Thos Newman

Which passed last winter, to increase the capital
t of the Dutchess Co. Bank. The senator allege
that a member of the legislature has as good i
right as any other citizen to take stock in mo
neyed corporations for which he has voted. Look
at the consequences of sach a practice. The mos
injurious and oppressive monopolies might be ere
ated and perpetuated by the men most interested
in them. No such doctrine would he sustained by
the people of this state. As to what he had said
of the mutual aid afforded each other by tihe banks
and internal improvement bills last winter, he
thought there was sufficient evidence, in the fac
that those projects had utterly failed the previous
year when they were presented on their own mer
its. He should continue to speak of such legisla
lion in the terms which, in his conscience, he be-
lieved it deserved; and when senators feel them-
selves hit, and rise in their places to reply to whai
they characterize as personal attacks, they them-
selves make the application. No man who was
conscious of a freedom from such practices, would
feel aggrieved by aught he had said or should say.
Are we just now aware of the mischiefs produced
by this system of lo-grolling? Has it not been the
curse of legislation during nearly our whole his-
tory? When was it ever charged, and investiga-
tion had, but it was fully proved? And although
he might not now be able to point to the exact
terms of the bargain, its time and place-though
he might not have been present at s consumma-
tion-yet was there not sufficient in the circumstan-
ces he had alluded to, to produce a I oral conviction
that such bargain did exist? He had refrained,
and he would refrain from personal attacks. They
are productive of no edification-no amelioration
of our laws-no progress in our moral feelings.
But he would speak of such legislation as in
his conscience hlie believed it was-corrupt, and
leading to corruption. And so long as these mo-
neyed corporations, which require a vote of two-
thirds of each branch of the legislature to create
them, shall continue to yield exorbitant profits,
they will always combine, and use undue means
to procure a charter. Humble as his powers were,
if hlie could be instrumental in effecting a change
in our legislation in this respect, he should feel
thlnt h hnal dnnn na rront ornnd n o the onmmiinii7



1) A IT V A I -P A 7VV

CONSPIRACY-Citizens ofAlbany-Without my
knowledge, cons-ent or approbation, my office, at the cor-
ner of Hudson and Green sts. in your city, was closed
and shut-up by Dr. Carwan, my clerk. This man no doubt
having been induced to do so by some gentleman connec-
ted with me-lieine, who thought that I should be so much
injured thereby as to. cause me not to again open it; but
they are woefully mistaken. It is true the time of year
was well chosen ; and in consequence of the river being
closed and the difficulty of travelling, much time has been
lost before Lt has been re-opened ; besides near a fortnight
had elapsed ere I knew so muucih villany had been enacted.
I have again succeeded in opening the office, and will do
all in my power to keep a supply of the BRANDRETH
PILLS always on hand ; and from the high character of
the clerk, Mr. Bosworth, I feel confident that no such cir-
cumstance is likely again to occur. The high character
Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills have obtained
wherever they have been introduced, renders it unneces-
sary for me to'say any thing in their favor except that
their cleansing, their purgative properties shall always
be maintained, and all which the public have occasion t6
do is to libe careful to obtain the genuine article.
To Brandrethian agents-The office of Dr. Brandreth,
corner of Hudson and Green sts., Albany, is reopened,
and a large supply of pills is now there, so that any or-
ders will be promptly executed. The eAsh must be remit-
ted, as the present agent, Mr. Bosworth, is perfectly un-
acquainted with the sub-agents. He is in possession of
mthe Ledger, and will be able tc receive payment for any,
amount of pills owing for
ja25-d3m BENJ. BRANDRETH, M. D.


Will be presented (3d time) the grand Drama of
Count Ankarstrom, Nickinson.
Segel, Gibson.
Oscar, Mrs. Blake.
Arvedson, Miss Cushman.
Previous to the diama, the burletta of
Natz Teipk,. Mr. Farrell
Max, Miss Cushman
Jfissette Gierstein, Mrs. Blake.

N T.ICE-.I, --Thetrustees of the first Methodist Epis-
copal church in Division street, propose renting the
pews in said church, and will be in attendance for that
purpose on the first day of February, 1837, from 10 o'cl'k
A. M,- -to 4 o'clock P. M. Persons wishing to hire pews
in saii chrhue-h are respectfully invited to attend. ja30-2t
BAR AND OTHERS-The rubscriber intends to
hold an auction of Law Books at his store on Friday eve-
ning, Feb. 3. Lawyers and others who have duplicate or
-surplus copies of valuable law books to dispose of, would
-do well to send a list of them in order to have them inser-
.ted in time catalogue, which will be put to press on Thurs-
day. [fel] U. O'HARA, tD Gieen-st.
-1TIW BOOKS AT 0. STEELE'S Bookstore-
1. e Great Metropolis, by the author of Random
6eaolleetions of the Lords and Commons.
Liv3, translated by Geo. Baker, forming 24, 25, 26, 27
and,'28 Harpers Classical Library.
A Home Tour through the manufacturing districts of
England, by-4ir George Head.
. An Elementary Treatise oun Anatomy, by A, L.J.
Bayle, translated by Sidney Doane.
The New York Book of Poetry.
Utarborn's edition of Byron, elegantly bound, fel

7 8 WILLOW CRADLES of different sizes,
and of good quality, are fur sale at the Variety
Store, 392 South Market-street, between Hudson and Di-
REGISrER-County Clerks and other gentlemen
in the different counties of this state, who have not yet
replied to the Circulars of the compiler, asking for infor-
Aination for the work, are earnestly requested to forward
-mch information without delay, as it is intended to put
-the book to press immediately, and -to publish the same
as soon as possible. EDWIN WILLIAMS,
fei-dae3t No. 180 Broadway, New York.
h..I by given, that Benjamin P. Gregory, James P.
%Gauld.and John Silsby, have formed a limited partner-
ship, pursuant to the 4th chapter, 2d part and 1st title of
the revised statutes of the state of New York, and the
name of the firm. under which such partnership is to be
conducted, is B. P. GREGORY & CO., and that the Im-
siness so to ie conducted is Coach Making: That the said
JamesP. Gould and John Silsby are general partners,
and the said Benjamin P. Gregory is a special partner;
-that the s6id Benjamin P. Gregory, as such special part-
'ner, has contributed to the common stock the sum of Ten
Thousand Dollars. That the said partnership commenced
on the16th day of January, 1837, and will terminate on
..the 16thday of January, 1838. Albany, Jan. 30. 1837.
The above business will be conducted at Nos. 9, 11 and
13 Chur,'h-street, Albany.
fel B. P. GREGORY & CO.

T HE subscribers having pureha-ed the stock and stove
Establishment lately owned by W. H. Cheney of this
city, are now making such arrangements as will enable
them to offer to the present customers of the concern and
the public generally, a complete assortment of Rotary,
SConical, and other approved Cooking Stoves, on as libe-
ral terms as any other house in his city or state. They
are making such improvements and alterations in the
SCast Oven Rotary, as experience has shown to be neces-
sary to render it perfect, and they have the fullest confi-
dence in recommending it as the best cooking stove now
,4aown. They will keep Coal, Parlor, Franklin, Six
-plate and other stoves constantly on hand. Also, Sheet
Jroau Tin and Copper. The business will be conducted
',yMaliyinardFitch, as Agent, to whom all orders and
-commttaieations relative to said business may b6 address-
ed. tfel-tfj RELYEA & WRIGHT.
-3-All that valuable property situated in the village
of Greenbuish, known as the property of I. Fly, consist-
-ing of the brick stores now occupied by said Fly and E.
C. Warner, with several vacant lots, from which the
buildings were burnt last spring. If not sold at private
vale hy the first of April, they will then be offered at pub-
lic auction. Apply to J & F SLACiI
fel-6w J. & R. F. SLAC. .
TO LET-From the first of May next, the
1-house, corner of Steubeh-strect and Middle lane,
now oct;cupied by William Kline. Enquire of
fel-3t JAMES DEXTER, State Hall.
SLO ET-From the first day of May next,
the iouseNo. 23 Montgomery-st. Apply to
rfel at Dr.. Marsh's Office.
TO LET-Two stores in Hamilton-street.
Enquire of
fl-c C. F. PRUYNI
inii SALE-The subscriber offers for sale his resi-
Idencein the village of Mechabicsville, Saratoga
l.j ipcounty, together with his Farm, containing 57
acres adjoining the same. The location is remarkably
-healthy, and in every respect as pleasant and convenient
as could bedesired, being on thie Hudson river about IS
miles north of the city of Albany, and in the immediate
-vicinity of an enterprising and highly flourishing village,
-with churches, stores manufactories, &ec,
The dwelling is spacious andi commodious, and its va-
rious apartments well and conveniently arranged; it is
delightfully situated on the post road from Albany to
WVhttehall, and commands a fine view of the valley of the
Hudson from its front. In the rear is a beautiful oak
g rove with several walks and summer houses, and ad-
joining the grove is an orchard of one hundred hearing
The outhouses, including barn, shed, granary, carriage-
'house, wood house, and ice house, are all constructed of
tihe most permanent materials, and In the very best style.
There is also a very large garden, well laid out, and high-
-4y cultivated and improved, containing grapes in abun-
dancee, and fruit of almost every kind.
The cars upon the rail-road from Troy to Ballston Spa
-stop upon the border of the village for the purpose of
,laittirig and receiving passengers, thus a pleasant convey-
-ance from Mechanicsville to Albany is afforded daily in
the short space of an hour and a half, In addition to the
rail-road there are two lines of stages which pass every
The terms of sale will be easy, and property in the city
-of Albany will be taken in exchange. For further par-
ticulars enquire of LYNOTT BLOODGOOD,
212 North Market-st., Albany, or of
-fel-dactAl at Mechanicsville.
W THEREAS the mayor, aldermen and coinmonalty of
S the city of Albany in common council convened, did
'by their resolution passed the 23d of January now last,
for the purpose of opening and continuing Gansevoort-
-street, require the ground and appurtenances embraced
Within the space of fifty feet, commencing at tJie present
western termination of said street, and running thence to
"Delaware street, the south line of the city, to constitute
the south range of said Gansevoort-street-Now, there-
ifore, notice is hereby given to the owner or owners of the
ground, with thIe appurtenances, required as aforesaid,
and to others interested in the premises, that at(cord-
Sing to the statutes in such case mniade, the damages and
recompense which such owner or owners will be entitled
to for the public use of the same, will be inquired into and
assessed- and the whole amount of such damages and
recompense, together with the costs, charges and ex-
penses incident to the proceedings, will be apportion-
PA n.dnR,-l q. .-, I he ont,,r o,-r ntInerq-o~nin

peetfully informs the ladies and gentlemen of Albany,
Troy and Schenectada, that he will for the first time in
this city give a Fancy Dress and Masquerade Ball, at
Stanwix Hall, on Thursday February 7th. Tickets ofad-
mission $5, to be had of Mr. WV. only.
Gentlemen wishing further information, will find Mr.
W. at Stanwix Hall every day from 1 until 3 o'clock P.
M., until the night of the ball. The number of subscri-
bers will he limited. Tickets wilt not be sold at the door.
Particulars in future advertisement ja24

subscriber has received his supply of Goods, and will
sell them at the lowest possible prices.
nol9 H. D. W. KEYSER.

SHAKER SIEVES-A new supply just received
at the Variety Store 392 South Market st., by
DOMESTIC FLANNELS-Just received a few
D pieces of Whiite country made Flannels, for sale by
no19 A. M. SLINGERLAND, 376 S. Markets.

PLAStER stands unrivalled for curing scrofulous
swellings, scurvy, sores, lame back, fresh wounds, pains
in the side, hip and limbs. Price 25 cents. For sale at
444 South Market st., [nols8] GREGORY'S.

WTRITING FLUID--English and American
SWriting Fluid, for sale at the Variety Store by

-A large and splendid assortment just received by
au.3 H. RAYMOND, Argus Building.

just received a fine assortment of velvet, satin and
common, with rich velvet and plain borders, comprising a
great variety of patterns. lie has always on hand and will
make to order, at short notice, window curtains, hair and
moss mattresses, feather beds, carpets, cushions, &c.
N. B. Hair, feathers and black moss by the bale, at the
store No. 313 North Market street, aul

DAY'S POCKET ALMANACS can be obtain.
ed bh wholesale or retail at the Variety Store, 392 S.
Market-st, between Hudson and Division streets.
CANAL BOARD-The usual annual session of
the Canal Board will commence on the 15th of Feb-
ruary next, at the canal room, in the city of Albany, at
10 o'clock, A. M. By order.
ja[7-clwdtd G.W. NEWVLL, Clerk.

PUB LIC AUCTION-The Commissioners of lhe
Albany Basin have directed that the steamboat lan-
ding, and the wood yard connectedtherewith, at the mouthi
end of the Albany Pier, should be rented for one year
from the first of April next, at public auction, to the high-
est bidder: said auction will be held on Monday, the 6th
day of February next, at the Mansion House, at 12 o'-
'clock at noon. Albany, Jan. 26, 1837.
ja27-dtd JOSEPH ALEXANDER, Coin.

50 SHARES STOCK in the Commercial Bank
5 of Oswego, for sale. Apply to
THOMAS GOUGH, Stock and Exchange Broker,
ja27 349 N. Market-st., under the Museum.
NOTI[CE-The catalogues of the furniture sale ad-
vertised for Tuesday next, are now ready for ex-
amination at the auction room of

POSTPONEMENT-The large sale advertised
for Friday (this) morning, is unavoidably postponed
Until Thursday next, the 2d of February.
WHITE WAX BEADS of various sizes, for
sale at the Variety Store, 392 South Market street,
between Hudson and Division sts. by

W1TINTER HOSIERY-A complete assortment
V ofgentlemnen's, ladies', boys', misses' and children's
amba' wool, merino, mohair and worsted hose, at 319 N.
Market st. noll E. A. HARRIS.
" STOCKS, at 384 S. Market corner of Hudson st. by
dollar upon each share of the capital stock of said
company, payable on or before the 20th inst., has been
ordered by the board of directors. Payment will accor-
dingly be received by me, at the Supreme Court Clerk's
Office. PHILIP WENDELL, Treasurer.
January 16, 1837. ja16-to ja23.

superior article for polishing brass and other metals
that require a high and durable lustre, for sale at the-.Va-
riety Store, 392 South Market-st., between Hudson and
Division streets, by
COTTON BATTS-20 bales superior quality'io-t
ton Batts, for sale by [ja23] S. MORGAN & CO.
SYDNEY COAL-The subscribers have a quanti-
tity of Sydney Coal which will answer as a substi-
tute in parlor grates for the anthracite.
jan23 W. IR. MORRIS & Co. 47 Columbia-st.

C-ARPET BRUSHES sold at the Variety Store
.392 South Market-st. between Hudson and Division-
streets, by rja23] STEPHEN VAN SCHAACK.
M AP 3LE Su0Our tor sale at tie variety Store,
392 S. Market st., corner of Hudson and Division
sts., by [ja24j STEPHEN VAN SCHAACK.
(C-ANDLEWICK-1S bales candlewick of a supe-
Y rior quality, suitable for chandlers, just received and
for sale by

- STORE TO LET from the 1st of May-
'sA store to be constructed in the building former-
Sly occupied by the subscriber, on the corner of
SNorth Market and Columbia streets. For terms,
&c., enquire at No. 7 Elk street, Academy Park.
ja31-2awtf PETER WENDELL.

i now in the occupation of the subscriber, on the
corner of Church and Bass sts. He also offers
ffor sale the whole of his stock in trade, consist-
ing of groceries and provisions. To any person wish-
ing to enter into the grocery business, a more desirable
situation cannot be obtained. Also, adjoining said groce-
ry in Bass st. a -nimall two story dwelling house. Terms
made known on application to the subscriber.
% ariety Store392 South Marketst., between Htudson
anid Division ats, by

ENGRAVINGS-'The subscriber has now open for
sale and the inspection of the public, thIe most super,
collection of Engravings ever offered to the citizens of
this or any other city. They will be kept hanging around
the store for a week. The public are respectfully invited
to call and examine them at 328 North Market st.

moirs of Aaron Burr, iy M. L. Davis; Bunyan's
Pilgrim's Progress, with 50 illustrations; Thucydides,
translated by W. Smith, D. D.; Life and works of ('ow-
p er, by Southey, vol. 8; Saturday Magazine, part 51;
Penny Magazine, part 51; Penny Cyclopedia, part .i;
Family Commentary, part 10; just received at
ja3l OLIVER STEELE'S Bookstore.
f3OM'ArTUM IN JARS for sale at the Via'iety
SStore, 39-2 South Market st., between Hudson and
Division streets, by

FIGURED SILK for saleat976S. Market-At. by

FOR SALE- Counting House Desk-also 2 Coun-
ters. Enquire at 371 South Market st. ja26
W ANTED-A Journeyman Bookbinder--a good
I workman at plain work. Enquire at
ja26 0. STEELE'S Bookstore.

S OAPS-A great variety ofsoaps, such as Otto ol
Rose, Almond, Fancy, Emolient Shaving Cakes and
Saponceous Compound, &c. may be had at Ihe Medicine
Store 444 South Market st. nearly opposite Eagle Tavern,

H ORSE RADISII-Prepared by the Shakers and
sold at the Variety Store, 392 S. Market street, be-
tween Hudson and IDivision sts. by


OUGHS, COLDS, &c.-Dr. T Bartholomew's
Expectorant Pink Syrup. a pleasant cordial for influ-

e in





g a


Ie S1
Fl- it
th a
ar j).
h- tI


I- b3
A to
t' tr


Until further notice, the departures on this road will lie
as follows, viz:
Cars will leave Saratoga Springs daily at
8j o'clock A. M.
Leave Schenectady immediately after the arrival of the
Utica Cars,
(say 3 o'clock P. M.)
Passengers for the Springs may leave Albany by the cars
which start at 11 o'clock A. M. from the depot in
State street, and can procure tickets at thie office for tIhe
whole route.
There is a daily line of stages from the Springs to the
north, via Glen's Falls and Sanudy Hill, which intersects
the principal stage routes to Montreal, Vermont, New-
Hampshire, and the eastern part of Massachuisetts.

-p TICE-- United States Mail Coach
VAI r leaves Poughkeepsie daily (Sunday ex-
cepted) at 6 o'clock A. llM. for Sharon, Litchfield and
-lartfotd. A. FISHBECK, Agent, at Hatch's Hotel.
N. B. Extras furnished at short notice. myll-9ml

m COUNTY FOR SALt,-l---ihe suiscriher offers
l for sale thai I beautifully situated FARM called
ilWOOl) LAWN, containing 151 acres, imnmedi-
atelv north from the village of Saratoga Springs, on
which the new STONE MANSION with COLLOT NADE
front, aso conlpicuously appears to the passer hy, being
40 by 60 feet, finished in the most approved moder- style,
withl splendid Garden, a variety of Shrubbery, fruit of
the choicest selection, out-ihouses of every necessary he-
scriptionl. The situation of this farm is such ai0 will ad-
mit ofa division, therefore will be sold separate or togeth-
er. The Mansion House cost $10,000.
Also a FARM of '225 acres, on the opposite side of the
highway, which ca i be conveniently divided into two
Farms of sufficient siz'. As a grazing Farm there is none
that stands higher, nd for ordinary farming purposes is
not surpassed by any. The Dwelling which is known as
the Putnam Boardin House, is a very good Framine Build-


SHiAKSPERIAN READINGS BY MR. LYNE. 'Until further notice, the Cars will leave 115 State street
Albany at
This evening will lie presented 9 o'clock A. M.
3 do P. Al.,
PART I.-Song-The Breaking of the Day, Mr. Russell 3 do P.do
Song-Roory Oi'Moore, Russell And leave Schenectady for Albany at
T-he Dagger Vision (from Macbeth) Mr. Lyne 8.j o'clock A. M.
Song-The Missletoe Bough, Mr. Russell o clok A. M
Song-The Lass O'Gowrie, Russell 2 do oP..
Tinion's Malediction on Athens, Mr. Lyne7 do do nti further notice.
Song-The Mountain Maid, Mr. Russell no29 P. L. PARSONS, Sup't.
Othello's Address to tile Senate, Mr. Lyne
Song-The Mellow Horn, Mr. Russell UTICA & SCHENECTADA RAILROAD.
PART II.-Song-The Sea, Mr. Russell
Song-Boys of Kilkenny (Irish) Mr. Russell
Shakspeare's Seven Ages, Mr. Lyne, 1--
Song-The Rose will cease to bloom, Mr. Russell Until farther notice, a train of Railroad Coaches wil
Song-Shelegh Megan, Russell leave daily, as follows:
Mariner's Dream, Mr. Lyne From Utica at 10 o'clock A. IM.
Song-The Nightingale Club, Mr. Russell From Ahlbany at 9 o'clock A. M.
Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Admittance, 50 cts. From Schenectada at 11 o'clock A. M.
N. ,B-Those Who visit the Museum during thel day, Tickets to be procured at the offices, and seats taken in
w.ll-b Those Who visi th s g t day, accordance with the number andletter.
will be admiitted in the evening by paying 25 cents. M nC. YOUNG,

d-LN xyA&n Q'A2('x, r -Q A T! no3O Superintendent and Engineer.

i ment of 'Lectures for January 1837;
Friday. Jan.. 13-Jamies II. Arinsby, M. D.-Subject; th(
Animal Mechanism.
'Tuesday, 17-Jamies H. Armnsby, M. D.-The Aninmal
d eclhanisnm.
t Friday, 20-Amos Dean, esq.-The Philosophy of Hu-
man Life.
Tuesday, 24-Imon. Samuel Young-Suggestions on the
best mode of promoting civilization and improvement.
Friday, 27-Rev. Edw'd N. Kirk-Moral Philosophy.
Tuesday, 31-Amos Dean, esq.-3d lecture on the Phi-
losophy of Human Life.
Every member will be required to exhibit his ticket to
thie Librarian at the door.
Lectures to commence at 8 o'clock.
jal2 ROBT. H. PRUYN, Chi'n Lect. Corn.
YORK, offers to insure Buildings, Goods, Merehandize
and Personal Property, generally, against loss or damage
by Fire, assuring the public, that the affairs of the Comn-
1 pany shall be conducted with such fairness and liberality
as shall entitle it to confidence and patronage.
B. F. STEVENS, Sec'y.
S (Office over WV. C. Little's bookstore, 67 State st.) who
will issue policies to applicants without delay.
Directors are:
Robert Ainslie John L. Graham
Daniel Jackson Stephen Storm
Henry WVyckoff Edgar Jenkins
Henry H, Leeds Cortlandt Palmer
Henry H. Elliott Louis De Casse
SGeorge D. Strong David Codwise
Thomas Sargeant C. V. B. Hasbrook
Thomas Bolton Sam'i T. Tisdale
Thomas Tileston Charles De Forest
Charles 0. Handy Edmund Frost
Win. P. Hallett dels5
hereby given that a dividend of 4J per cent upon the
capital stock of this institution, for the current 4 months,
is this day declared, payable to the shareholders, or their
legal representatives, on or after the first day of Februa-
ry next. Poughkeepsie, January 3, 1837. By order of
the Directors. W W. CUNNINGHAM,
ja6-td Cashier.
MlEETING ot' the Board of Directors of the First
Company of the Great Western TurnpikeRoad, Al-
bany, January 9, 1837-Resolved, That a dividend of Se-
venty Cents be declared and paid on each share of stock,
on the 14th inst. at the store,of William C. Miller No. 56
State street. ; CHRISTIAN MILLER,
jal 4-2aw2w Treasurer.
COMPANY-Notice. is hereby given that the books
of subscription to the capital stock of the Geneseo and
Pittsford Railroad Cominpany, will be opened on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday oithe 13th, 14th and 15th days
of February next at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and kept
open until four o'clock in the afternoon of each of said
days, at the inn of John Acersin the village of Pittsford,r
at the inn of Orry Case im the village of West Mendon, at
the inn of John Damnnin the Village of Lima, at the inn of i
A. Worthington in the village of Genm"eo. The capital
stock of said company is $I150,000, divided into shares of I
$100 eacli; and $10 on each share to be paid in at the time
of subscribing. Dated December 31, 1836.r
Ira Bellows Henry Pierce
John Acer HIenry Grout
Charles Colt Commissioners jal2-td 1

from the rules and regulations of the- Yolung Men's
Association of the city of Albany:
Annual Meeting-1. There shall he a meeting of the
members of the Association on the first Monday of Feb-
ruary, for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing
year, receiving reports of -the executive committee an
the treasurer, and for the transaction of such other busi-
ness connected with the affairs of the association as may
be presented for consideration.
2. The said meeting shall be held at the lecture room of
the association for the time being, at 7 o'clock P. M. un-
less otherwise ordered by the executive committee, and
notice of the time and place of meeting shall be given at
east three days previous, in one or more of the public
newspapers published in the city.
In conformity with the above rules, a meeting will be
helid at the lecture room of the Association, on Monday
he 6th day of Feh.ruary next, at 7 o'clock P. M.
Every regular member, and all honorary and life mem-
bers within the age of 35 years, are entitled to vote at
aid election.
ja9 DAN'L FRY, Ree. Seely.

By virtue of a mortgage.
Friday, 3d February, at 10 o'clock, in front of store, 1
large quantity of household and grocery furniture, con-
sisting of tables, chairs, bureaus,side board, cots, looking
glasses, cupboards, carpet, oil cloth, wash stands, clocks,
beds, bedding, together With a quantity of crockery, glass
ware, kegs, stand casks, &c., with the store furniture.
At Private Sale.,
900 fancy cane seat chairs.
100 maple do do
100 Windsot chairs.
100 scroll seat nurse rocking chairs.
77 do do large ( do
100 turned post French hedsteads.
50 feather beds, assorted.
40 eight day mahogany clocks, warranted,
125 thirty hour clocks, warranted.
250 looking glasses, assorted sizes.
50 bushels red top seed. .


f Auctioneers and Commission Merchants-Store No. 66 (Auction and Commission and Vholesale )Dry Goods
State street.j Merchants-Store No. 63 State-street.)
:r Regular days for out-d-or sales, Mondays, i'Wed- Dr "De
ndsdays and Fridys. DRY GOODS.
WOOD. c On Friday, February 3d, at ten o'clock, on a credit of
On Wednesday, Feb. st, at o'clock A. M m or approved notes, a large and general assortment
about half of imml)orted and domestic dry goods, among which are a
a mile east of the village of Bath, on the Sandlake turn- variety of cloths and cassimeres, mderinos and cireassians,
pike, one thousand cords of hard wood, consisting of flannels, lack and blue blk. Italian swings, raittinetts,
white oak, rock oak, maple, iron wood;- also a quantity brown hollands, Irish linen, table lin en, buffalo cloths,
of yellow at-d white- pine. "aqiuuybonhl~ns rs ietbelnn ufl lts
ofTerms l iberal, and will be. made know at the store beaverteens, hunters' cord, silk and valentia vesting,
Terms liberal, and will be made known at the store buckram, red padding, osnamburghs, burlups, Russia dia-
On Thursday, 2d February, at 10 o'clock, pers, shawls and hdkfs. ladies and gents. gloves, elastic
For the benefit of whom it may concern, being articles garters amn suspenders, i. W. j hose, guernsey shirts,,
left at Swiftsmire Line, and sold by order ofteapt. 1). Peek, misses and-children's hose, silk flgg and pongee, cotton
agent, tile following articles: flaggs, purple and buffshawls,cdark chintz, blue and fancy
5 chests tea I half pipe brandy I bundle band iron prints, col'd amd 1,k cambrics. &c. Also 20 bales and ea-
5 half do do 1lqr cask liquor 8 do wire ses dom drti dk shbirtings, sheep &grey A cloth, sattinelts,
13 caddies do 1 do do wine 4 kegs nails waddir-g, cotton butts, checks, &e.
13 boxes raisins 1 bbl liquor I crate crockery AT PRIVATE SALE.
dis ... t~L clot stti et

I keg do 1 box herring 1I coilrrope AT PRIVATE SALE.
I bag coffee- 1 matt cassia I bale batts 25 cases men's thick boots.
1 do pepper 1 bbl oil 2 hampers bottles 30 do do calf do.
1 basket oil 108 bars Engl'h iron 3 bdls wrap'g paper 10 do do kip brogans.
1 box sugar 1 cask brass kettles 1 keg sal nitre .30 bales blk. and white wadding.
1 bbl do 2 bdls cast steel 2 bbis fish 10 bales candle wick.
2 hhids do I do round iron I halfdo lo %0 lbsa Marshall's, patent thread.
3 bdls hoop iron 1 bbl oil 200 doz. woollen gloves.
Also at the same time, 100 boxes first quality mould and dipt candles.
1 box 1 keg almond 1 keg mustard
1 trunk bed clothing 1 bag coffee 18 pa paper hangings REAL ESTATE.
4 bdls nail rods 1 bag spice Lot gun stocks
2 qr casks wine 1 chest tea j 300 pair assorted win- C N S
4 boxes sugar 4 half do dow Wlinds CHANCERY SALE-Will be soldin the
1 bihc do 2 kegs nails m y of NwYork at public uretion, at MILLER,








e S,



I th








(Real Etate Brokeri, 'ntd Agents and A-ctiQneers
Store No.. -State-stlet.) .. .
TICE. A.. "

6kb TO RENT, and)Mosi.ssion gi ellini,.I...,-,-
m ly-TIn house in INoiih Market-,t-retii ...i., .-1
the Fifth Ward HMi e'; aii huui m-'e mi v.iimi
would make a lirita tOte tnnd fora a"rv hmg' ",-
ano forte mnanufactory, orfor ahy other Ittrpisr, lita rc-
quiresroom. ItI would bQe prur'rred ro let t f.ir mli .1
purpose rathlier than for a'pul''iishu se; but mt'will I, rv.,'-
edfor any respectiahle'and permaent -uies. \rip: \'
C. & A. W. JOINSON & CI.,
jal3 --374 South Market st.

TO LET--At low, rmnts, .with immmedlte pos-
isession- Three Stomr inStanwixJIall, on Maid-
I 11 en lane, with cellars and lofts, lately occupied by
i Packer, Prentica & Co., i,. Annesley and P. M.
Orange. Thesestoreg'ean'be eJ arged to siit a4', kind
of business. .. .
Alsqo,, large rooms for 'ociLiie or mechanics,, arnl offi
cesfor artists, &e. ,pAply I ",
del2 Office No. 5 S-tivwix Hll.


I iron








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ly her

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y 12
7. by
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of o
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e* ing




dtf CHAtNCERY SALE-will be soldin the
city of New York at -public fiction, at MILLER,
:PINE & MILLER'S auction room, No. 30 Broad
UI street, on the twenty-third day of January inst.,
at twelve o'clock at noon, under the direction of Samuel
Cowdrey, minaster in chancery, all that certain house and
lot in the third ward of Albany, bounded west by late
Dock now Dean -street, south by a lot heretofore of Ba-
rent G. Staats, north by Maiden lane, and cast by lot of
John Burnet, as the same were formerly occupied by Ry-
nier Jacob Van Everen deceased, containing on Dean st.
57 feet, along tbetround of said Burnet on the east 48feet
11 inches, in length on south side 77 feet 5j inches, on the
north side 75 feet 61 inclihe, English measure more or less.
The sale of the above property is postponed until the
twenty-third day of February next, at the same hour and
place. ja'20-2awtfebl5tdtd
-the subscriber is induced, by a poor state of'health
to offer for sale his Flouring and Grist Mill, situated on
the Varick Canal at Oswego. It has four run of stone for
flouring, and two for listing, geared distinet-from each
other, and may be applied to one or both purposes, at will.
There is also connected with the custom mill, machinery
for grindingkill dried corn. The flour made atthis mill
is among the fancy brands. For further particulars en-
quire of E, Benson and J. Lefferts, NewYork, or the
subscriber at Oswego. Oswego, October 11, 1836.
ocl6ftf C. McCULLY.
JL CY IN NEW YQRK-The undersigned haa taken
an office No. 24 Nassau street, New York, for the purpose
of buying and selling real estate on commission, for the
letting or leasing of the-same, and for the transaction of all
matters in any way connected with real estate in any part
ot the Union. He will also attend to business of any other
nature which may be confided to his charge; and to per-
sons at a distance who have business to transact at New-
York, hlie offers his services with the assurance, that their
orders will be promptly and efficiently acted upon.
Refers to Messrs. Prime, Ward & King, Messrs. Boor-
aan, Johnson & Co.. Daniel Lord jr. esq. de2-3m

ns c
at I


as tl
Id R


e so

r on

ed t

all c
to tl

ted i
of g
o f S
p al i,

Sby given that George Rumell, Villtam Russell and
Charles D. Gould have formed a limited partnership, pur
suant to the 4th chapter, 2d part and 1st title of tie. rc-
visedstatutes of the ,state of New York. That the nianme
or firm under which such partnership is to be conducted
is GEORWE IRUta$ELL & BROTHER. That the ge-
neral nature of the hu W4*ss.lntended to be transacted lv
the said partnership is the wholesale and retail dealitig I'l
Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, &e,nd Plaister. That the saiti
George Russell and William Russell are general part-
ners, and the said Charit-s 1). Gould is special partner;
all residing in the city ofAlbany. That the saidCharle-4
D. Gould, as such special partner, has contributed to tlie
common stock of said partnership, the sum of. Seven
Thousand Dollars, which he has paid in cash. 'That said
partnership is to commence on the eleventh day of No-
vember 1836, and terminate on the first day of-January
1840.. Albany, November 11, 1836.

qciarter having been commenced on the 21st-day of
the present month, the Trustees give-notice, that a Nor-
mal Class hai been established in this institution for th,-
purpose of preparingyoung ladies to become teachers it%
all the various branches ot education pursued in tmhe A,
All graduates oftlhe Academy are considered as quali
fled for admission to thisclass; other persons wishing il<
enjoy the advantages of it, will be required to furnish satu
istfactory evidence of having gone through the 'whhle
course of studies required by the regulations of the Acad-
emy; and if it be thought proper, to suibmiit to an examin-
ation of their proficiency.
The members oft this class will be required occasionally,
under the direction ofthe Principal, to instruct in the A
academy, that they may acquire practical knowledge; and
as thesingle object of the TIrustees in this arrangement is
to assist in supplying the large and increasing demandd.
throughout the country, for well educated teachers, i:m
charge will be made for their instruction.
At the-close of one fdll year, such members of the class
as shall sustain a satisfactory examination, shall receive
a certifleate in proper form, under the signature -of the
President and Trustees, of their being duly qualified.to
discharge the duties of an instructor., Albany, November
-3, 1836. By order of the Board.
Sno24 A. CIITTENTOI, Principal.

HEET IRON, TIN PLATEI; &c.-250 bun-
S dles English Sheet Iron -
100 bundles Russia do
150 boxes Tib Plate "

NAL--NOTICE--Tealed proposals will be received
by the Canal Commissioners until the 7th day of Februa-
ry next, for constructing a new Aqueduct over the Gene-
see river at Rochester.
The prices for work must include the expense of mate-
rials necessary for the completion of the same, according
to the plans and specifications that will be presented at
the time of receiving proposals.
The aqueduct must be completed by the 20th day of Oc-
tober 1838.
Security will be required for the performance of con-
tracts, and propositions should be accompanied by the
names of responsible persons, signifying their assent to
become sureties. If the character and responsibility of
hose proposing, and the sureties they shall offer, are not
known to the undersigned, or the chief or resident engi-
neer, a certificate -of good character, and the extent o
their responsibility, signed by the first judge or clerk o.
the county in which they severally reside, will be required
No transfer of contracts will be recognized.
The location of the work, plans of the structure, with
specifications of the kind of materials and the manner of
constructions are ready for examination in the city of
The Chief Engineer is at Rochester, and will give all
necessary information and furnish blank propositions.-
The undersigned will attend in the city of Rochester on
the 6th day of February next to receive propositions.
The full names of all persons that are parties to any pro-
position must be written out in the signatures for the
The parties tW the propositions which may be accepted,
will be required to enter into contracts immediately after
the acceptance of the same.
The contract for the above work, having been abandon-
ed by the former contractors, the commissioners will ex-
pect the personi or persons who enter into a new con-
tract, to take all the materials procured by the former con-
tractors, at the estimated prices of the Engineer. Alba-
ny, January 6, 1837. J. BOWMAN,
ja9-dactd Acting Canal Commissioner.
U7 The editors of the Fonda Herald, Saratoga Sentinel,
Lockport Balanoe and Buffalo Republican, will publish
the above three weeks and charge Canal Commissioners.

---"-W --tv

-TO LET-From thejfirst day o(I Mlay inexI. tIhe.
twoatory brick dwellingtouse, No. 9 Lib-rty-st,
Enquire of H. WELLS,
32 State'street;
TOQLET-From the. ,t of MNiy ne.r. tile
I a' 'store r No, 14 .tate sf., o occupied by Board-
S R anr Perry. Enquire of
jal tf 212 North Market-st

TO LET, from the&l t bf May ,next, the
large three story brick Achrtie Nom 419Columbia
street. Tei house Is one bf f ibk hst in this city,
]L and has recently been rint i* good repawr.in-
quireo fS. CHEEVER, 67 State-sT j3li
d .FOR SAL-'Three lots wift the lhulhi,.gsi
IB'i thereon, situate oua the westsfde of North 1Pearl
street, corner of Faz Street; each '21 t'et nine
H 1 inches front on .. Pearl st.,by about-70 ftetdeep.
Said lits are eligible situated for residences or retail
stores; being near the central part or the city. If not
sold by the 20th of February neat, they Will then be of-
fered at public sale at the Mansion House in this city.-
Terms easy for the purchaser. Title Indisputable. For
further particulars enquire oif the sullscrlber, 58 Orange
street. :January 27,1837. .. -
ja28-dtfeb20 HAIMIN VI8SCHER.
DWELLI-NGS TPO LET, and posses-
S u suion given 1st May -next.-A three story brick
I l dwelling house, No. 154 South Pearl-st., oppo-
site Kane's walk; and a three story brick dwel-
ling house, No. 54 Wasiington-st., both-modern built and
in good order. ',
A two story frame dwelling in Malcom st.
A two story framne dwelling, No 12 Van Tromp st.
do do 34iVanSchaekcst.
do, do 72 Orangest.
do do Second st., Abour Hill. '
do do Schenectadft turnpike.
Three two story frame dwellingsin Herkimer St.
The above property has recently changed owners, and,
will be rented without reference to the preifent occupants
and will be put in good tepnantable %*rde. Apply to ,
-S. COJBB-33M North Market si.
The present occupants will pay aI reT on the above,
on the first of February-next, ait my office, No. 335SNorthi- ,
Market st. (-.JaA ,28" S. C *
eN TO LET-From the '-stf oftMay next, tile'
neat and commodious 3 story Dwelling-house on
the-south-east corner of South Feari and Wes-
terlo-streets. The premises are in excellent or-
der, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Beekman. On
the lot is also a cistern' stable, wood-house, &c." Also,
the 3 story brick dwelling house on the corner of Colum-
bia and Water--treets. Enquitre of
ja24 tf 44 Slate-street.
TO LET-From the 1st of May next, a store,
s11' dwelling and yard in State-st.:, nonw occupied by
01 L.G. MeClasky. "
i.l Store, dwelling and yard next west, now occu-
pied Worcester and Clement. -
Store No. 4 Green st. :
Store and lofts No, 10 Gteen-st.
5 rooms over the storoof Mr. Button, No. 4 Green-st.,
I office, 2d story, and 3 in 3d story,, of the building corner
of State and Green-sts. Possession of these rooms may
le had immediately. -
UrjLLl~k dr jur llm ^ je.*' __ ^A f^^l^

MlICHIGAN LANDS-Persons desirous of pur-
chasi'ng land in the state of Michigan, are informed
that the undersigned has been appointed agent by Messrs.
Mickles & Co. of Monroe, Michigan, who possess every
advantage of making a selection of the best location andi
choice of a good soil. He will receive orders from such
as wish to purchase for any quantity they may want.-
Such persons will be savedthe necessity of sending-specie
to the land office, by depositing the price of the number of
acres they want to buy, in the Mechanics' and Farmers'
Bank in this city, at two dollars per acre, subject to the
drafts of Messrs. M.'s& Co., on the delivery of the ne-
cessary certificates and papers for said purchase. a
N. B. References can be given at the office of the sub-
scriber as to the respectability and standing of the above
gentlemen. Apply at 3419 North Market-street, under the
Museum, se7

PLAr IED WARE-A large and very general
assortment constantly for sale by
C. & A. W. JOHNSON & CO.,
aul 374 South Market st.
G ENERAL AGENCY-The subscriber offers his
services to the public for the renting of tenements,
settling estates for the benefit of creditors, adjusting of
accounts, collecting of bills, notes, rents, &c.
All business entrusted to his care shall receive promp
and efficient attention. ERASTUS PERRY,
December 26th, 1836. Office No. 82 State st.
E. Corning & Co. Hon. Albert Gallup, Bern,
R. V. Dewitt, J.T. Norton, Farmington,Ct.
Peter Gansevoort, J. J. Hitchcoek, Philad'a,
T. WV. Olcott, Charles A. Hopkins,
H. Bleecker, E. M. Teall,
B. Tibbits, Henry Trowbridge,
Chauncey Humphrey, E. W. & C. Skinner,
John S. Walsh, H. S. VanIngen,
A. Crittenton, John E. Lovett,
Webb & Douglas, R. M. Meiggs,
Packer, Prentice & Co. Dibble & Brown,
B. R. Wood, Lemuel Steele & Son,
Ira Harris, Henry Rawls & Co.
Reynolds & Woodruff, H. B. Webster,
Joel Rathbone, Ceo. Davis,
Pruyn,Wilson&Vosburgh E. H. Pease. de26-d*2aw3m

THOMAS informs his friends and the public general-
ly, he has just received his winter's stock of WVines and
Liquors, comprising a lar g and varied assortment of
wines, sonic of which will be found to surpass in quality
any ever broughtto this market. Also an extensive stock
of BRANDY, GIN, &c., of various and approved brands;
the whole of which he offers for sale on most advantageous
terms, at his store No. 13 State street, not
for cleaning stoves, for sale at the Medicine Store
444 South Market street, GREGORY'S.

FRENCH PRINTS-Red and dark col'd Frencli
prints, just rec'd anld for sale cheap at No. 384 South
Market street, corner of Hudson, by

MEDICAL BOOKS-Eberley's Practice, 2 vol.;
Eberley's Theraputics, 2vols.; Dungleson's Physi-
ology, 2 vols.; Good's Study of Medicine, 2 vols.; Wood
and Beach's U, States Dispensatory; Cooper's Surgery,
2 vols.; Dungleson on Hygen; Dewes on Children; Dew-
es on Females; Dewes on Midwifery; WVestar's Anafto-
my, 2 vols.; Blandon's Anatomy, 2 vols.; together with
a general assortment of stmnmardi medical works, for sale
at reduced prices, by R. O'HARA,
jal8 Bookseller and Stationer, 5 Green-st.
DER sold wholesale or retail at the Variety Store,
392 South Market st., between Hudson and 1)ivision sts.,

NOTICE-At a meeting o" the Board ofthlie NEW-
PANY, held January 3, 1837, Henry Breevoort, jr., was
nominated to fill a vacancy in the board of Trustees of
said company. January 4, 1837. .
ja9-d3w E. A. NICOLL, Sec'y.
N OTICE-Application will be made at tihe next ses-
sion of the legislature, for tie incorporation of anew
marine insurance company to he called the United States
Insurance Company, with a capital of one hundred thou-
sand dollars, with the privilege of increasing it to five
hundred thousand dollars or one million of dollars, and to
be located in the city of New York. New York, Novem-
ber 23, 1836. de31-enis6w

New style, for Field and Staff Officers, of different RICULTR RAL SEEDSE s AND, A-
grades, richly trfmilmed, and in great variety. Also, eve- --I---- -------- .--L--A---------rhtu rk jiM
ry description of Silk and Fur Hats, Caps. &c., wholesale E Seeds, growth of 1836, among which are all the
and retail, at .AYEJ.. finest Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Brocolie, Radishes, Peas.
J~y> .. ^..l -"^-'^ st &c. that are cultivated itts ngland, France and Holland,
E-SSENCE OF BONESET-The citizens of A!- together with every sort t- at can be raised to advantage
1 bany, families residing in its vicinity and the public in our own country, and which are grown expressly for
in general, are respectfully informed that an unusually my use from stock furnished and raised by the most expe-
large supply of this excellent Cough medicine has of late rienaced gardeners in this country ; in short every article
been'carefully prepared and is now ready for use. Future emanating from my store, warranted genuine and fresh.
applications for the same will not, as heretofore, meet Also Skinless Oats, Potatoe Oats 4-14 lb weight to the
with disappointment, bushel, Perennial Rye Grass, White Clover, Lucern o01
GEORGE COOKE, A. M. M. D. LL. D. French Clover, Orchard Grass, Herds Grass, White Mul-
W T L GOODS-W-ILIAM BAGT berry and Yellow Locust Seeds, Spring Tares or Vetches,
EW FALL GOODS-WILLIAM BAGLE genuine Mangel Vurtzel, RutaBaga and field TurnItl
N is now opening at No. 46 Cedar street, New xork, a Seeds, well worth the attention of Farmers.
complete and desirable assortment of new JRY GOODS. Wholesale dealers supplied on accommodating terms
He solicits his friends and other buyers to call at the new Price lists, by the pound and bushel, furnished on applp
storeto which hlie removed on 1st May. New York, Au- cation, as also catalogues of my whole collection, gratis.
gust 1, 1836. auS8-dac Flower roots, bulb glasses, green house plants, the bes,
H OUSE SLOOP, BOAT, SIGNT AND books on gardening, &c. at various prices, bird seed of
ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, GILDING AND every sort, pearl barley, oatmeala, emhden grots for gruel,
GLAZ IIG-The subscri h:ng made an arrangement split peas, white and brown munnstard seed, garden flower
GLAZIVG-TIhe subscrilm;-r lax-uug made an airangemnemnt- pots and garden tools, Russian bass mats. 1
with Israel M. Reeves for the prosecution of the above poThe Flow and garden tools, Russian bass mats.e oicest va
branchc. of business exclusively, said business will he Thle Flower Seed department embraces the choicest va-
branches of business exclusively, said business will riety to le found in this country, in which are included
carried on at the old stand heretofore occupied by Messrs. choice double dahlia seed, carnation and choice pinks,
Smith & Porter, 39-1 South Market street, up stairs, under (Germian and China asters, splendid double balsams, wint
the name of REEVES & (0. All orders executed prompt- a addition of several new varieties, accompanied with a
ly and in a workmanlike manner, on reasonable terms. printed direct on fore tittire and mamageaent, w
JOHNSSMITH printed direction for culture and management,
JOHN S. SMITH. rdersrefill)
N.B. A number of first rate journeymen wanted as wl le punctually attended to, on caefull
aoe also, an apprentice. Noe ut one wo can com packed and forwarded as directed. But as the collection
above; also, an apprentice. None but one who can coine o itn et sotntobeoe n oeilsia
well recommended need apply. a5 of distant debts is often troublesome, and sometimes im-
well recommended ned apply a practicable, it is desired that satisfactory references be
('AOKE-A few chaldrons of Coke, a good article foi made to persons in Albany, when the older is not accomn-
# Nottls stoves, for sale by panied with the money.
(C. LIVINGSTON & CO., SEED CORN-The subscriber has a quantity of the
no29 No. 580 South Market street, celebrated 12 rowedDutton Corn, raised by J. Buel. The
-HARA IS A BANIL A --IA AC for1837 advantages of raising this corn are its prolific quali-
just ublished nd for sale by the housed, hn ties, being easily made to yield from 70 to 80 bushels tothe
red, dozen or single one, at acre, and its early maturity, ripening in about 100 days
oc4 HAfA'S Bookstore, reen rom time of planting. W.THORBURN,
O'HARAS Bookstore, 5 Green t. jail No. 317 N. Market st.
SENTLEMEN'S Superfine Lamihbs'-wool and Me- R.COOKE-Theattentionestowed upon a par-
t rino Shirts and Drawers, large sizes and very thick, ticular branch of medicine besty Dr. Cooke, of Albanyr-
juist received at- 319 North Market street, by (a tic*ular'bm'anchm of medicine by Dr. Cooke, of Albany,
just received at 319 North Market streetA HARy (a regularly qualified medic-al practitioner, by long tried
............. ...... -. .......R experience and practical knowledge, as Physician to the
W TINDOW PAINTINGS-3 sets for sale low at Lock Hospital in this city, as well as extensive Hospitals
371 S. Market st (de2:T l hi. D. V. KEYSER. on the continent) continues to merit as well as receive
WIT INES-Choice old India Madeira, pale and brown the confidence of the public
Y Sherry, Teneriffe, Lisbon, Canary, Port, Muscat Dr. Cooke reminds those afflicted with any of the com-
and Vin de (rave Wines, imported by the subscriber and plaints, lor the cure of which he is not unjustly celebrated,
warranted pure, for sale by the quarter cask orsingle al- that hlie continues his peculiar mode of treatntent, thereby
Ion ,by .E.a R. -ATTERLEE, ga avoiding those consequences attendant upon the abuse of
de31l 61 State st. Mercury-effecting a speedy and perfect cure, leaving his
patient with a sound constitution.
pOYS, FANCY GOODS, &c.--Dealers sup- His offices are in the LOCK HOSPITAL, No. 3 Norton
M plied at reasonable prices from the large and well se- street, late Store lane. Strangers in the city and others
elected assortment at the Variety Store 392 South Market desirouis oftmedical aid will be very fortunate in having his
street. dell S..VAN SCIIAACK. advice andti counsel.
CUTTER AND HARNESS-FOR SALE-A Hours of attendance fromni 9 A. M. to 9 P M.U
new andt fashionable built Cutter, together with lIar- a See Advertisement on the first page,._ ju7
ness, Buffalo Robe, &c., if required. Enquire- at-13State TO. 305 NORTH MARKET ST. ALBA-
street. de2 E. THOMAS. N NY-WVILLIS & BENTLEY, Venetian and Rol-
A FEW REAL FRENCH WORK CO ler Blind Manufacturers, and general dealers ini Wood i
FEWARS REAL FRENCH WORK COL- Ware, French, English am-d Geruman '1oysi, Broomus,
LARS; also single collars trimmed with threadlace, B are, encs Englisl and German toys, Brooms,
French work bands, &I., received this morning at 319 N Brushes, &c. wholesale and retail, invite house keepers
Market st. de2 E. A. HARRIS. and retailers to call and examine their present stock, as
every attention willbe paid to persons calling to examine
C-HAMOIS SKIN SHIRTS AND DRAW- their goods and prices.
.ERS, a superior article-also-spun silk do., at 371 Wood turning done to order. de2t-3mn

MICHIGAN LANDS-The subscriber has ap-
pointed Messrs. Davis & Jones of this city, his A-
gents for the sale oflandsiit Michigan, at the low price
of TWO DOLLARS PER ACRE. Having been judi-
ciously selected by persons long residents of the country,
and who are well acquainted with the business, possess-
ing a soil unsurpassed in quality, a climate peculiarly mild
and favorable for agriculture, being eligible located in the
most flourishing district in Michigan, and no payment be-
ing required until the title is legally vested in the purcha-
ser, a confident assurance Is tendered to all, that a more
desirable opportunity for securing to one's self or family a
portion of these rich domains, or for a safe speculation,
cannot be presented.
The rapid settlement and extraordinary improvements
in the country are fast enhancing their value, while the
difficulties of purchasing, which generally interpose, are
hereby entirely overcome. Enquire of DAVIS& JONES,
auctioneers, 66 State street. Albany, October 17, 1836.

necwsapeprs puulisned i tilent city.
In conformity with the above rules, a meeting will be
held at the lecture room of the Association, on Monday
the 6th day of Felruary next, at 7 o'clock P. M.
Every regular member, and all honorary and life mem-
bers within the age of 35 years, are entitled to vote at
said election.
ja9 DAN'L FRY, Rec. See'y.

and Solicitor, has opened an office in the building
lately erected by Mr. Morange, on the corner ofN. Mar-
ket street and Maiden lane. All professional business
with which hie iay be entrusted, will be faithfully and
promptly attended to. jall-lnm

ington street, Albany-The subscriber respectful-
ly informs his friends and the public, that his-
house is now enlarged and furnished in first rate
tyle, and ready forthe reception of more company. From
12 to 18 boarders can be accommodated with good rooms,
by thIe week, month or year, with other company, on rea-
sonable terms. The above house is situated on the most
pleasant street in the city, and is one of the best and most
convenient locations for members of the legislature, of
whom hlie solicits a share of patronage, together with oth-
N. B. There is a good and convenient stable attached to
the above, with a shed for the accommodation of persons
travelling by private conveyance. &ec. de23-3mSu


J FITCH, Attorney and Counsellor at Law and So-
licitor in Chancery. Office on Summit street, a few
doors south of the Mansion House, Toledo. de30-3m



The Steamboats 0. ELLSWORTH, Captain Haviland
MOUNT-PLEASANT, do Gillespie,
HEIY ECKFORD, do Higham,
Will be cmPlojedl temrilasivlv the lining seasn in tn.*

Iinte f 1 AUeD'uiyivtepmnn ~~m i~.

U 1ttJ"-l.

VIS and JEREMIAH ROMEYN have formed a con-
nection as Attorneys and Counsellors at Law and Soli-
citors in Chancery. Office 27j Congress-st. Troy, N. Y.
Jan. i,1836. fe6-tf
JOHN KOON9 Attorn.wv and Counsellor at Law,
has removed to the city of Troy, and opened an Of-
fice at No. 42 First-street, for the transaction of profes-
sional business. je3-tf

moved to their Office in the Albany Steam Dye Wood
Mill No. 57 Water street, and have commenced business
under the firm of -
D ISSOLUTION-The co-partnership heretofore
Dlsexisting between Evert Wynkoop and Gilbert Win-
ne, in the Hatting business, was dissolved on the 4th of
August Inst. by mutual consent.
The business, in future, will be carried on by Evert
Wynkoop, at the old stand 427 South Market-st., agreea-
bly to the article of dissolution-the subscriber is to pay
all debts owing by the councern, and to receive all debts
that may be due to it.
OIOTICE '-Notice is hereby given to all persons having
1 claims or demands against Asher Cook, of the city of
Albany, to present the same with proper vouchers, to the
subscriber, assignee of the said Cook for the benefit of all
his creditors, at his office No. 219 Front street in the city
of New York, on or before the third day of May next 1837.
de23-dtf Assignee of-Asher CooKc.

W OOD-From One to Five Hundred Cords of first
rate Wood for sale low, in lots to suit purchasers,
lying on-the Pocsten Kill and Berlin Turnpike, about 14
miles from Troy and 17 from Albany. Persons having
teams can make a first rate business to buy and sell this
wood in either city. Enquire at No. 377 South Market
street, Albany, or No. 1 Cannmon Place, Troy. ja5

at 384 South Market, corner of Hudson street, by
IG'D MERINOS-A choice assortment at 384 S.
M,'-rket, corner ofHudlson st. by"
CLES of all patterns, for sale by

-TO L.E'P-Store 395 North Market .-trrl, :ar.d
possess0rm given imtnediately. .I ,.
n' : :nquireat the-Store.

S TO LAT-On-o, ffict; i e second trur ; iinl
lI, onelarge roonmm 4S l?, let": on IIle ilhiri lo i,t
the. new building 'pruci'eEf-Market- street aol
R Maiden Jae. Alsol-3ine riiomi on [it',e,-uiid
floQr and one on llut third flour of the house t\\ n1liloam I)
No. 34I Soulh Peiirl street, ciiea% NV-erlo st. E' Lniur,- .,tf
del9 1. M. MORANGI :113 N. .Mnrk,-t si.
TO L][ET--The larvWe room o'er Si t., ai ;
Shaw's D4)ruggists-store iu shtawt, reepi, kiL\ It :1`1
CONCERT HALli,- -Enquire at 42Lydius st.
no82 ... VAN LOON.

THPAN V OF HARTFORD, Conn., has commissioned
the undersigned as its Agent in this city, and he is now
prepared to assure against loss or damage by Fire on as
reasonable terms as any other office.
This Company, incorporated in 1825, is justly celebrated
for promptitude in the transaction of its business, and
liberality in the adjusting and payment of its losses.
The Agent would particularly invite those who werm
formerly covered by him, to renewv their policies at his
In ordinary cases, the undersigned will make his owr
surveys, thereby avoid mngthe delay and expense incidents
tone applications. Albany, November 14, 1836.
delO-tf Over IV. C. Little's Bookstore, State st.
rt-'^. (S---i- THE Copartnership be.
't ween Cuyler & Nelson
._ B 1 is Dentists, having this
11 day closed, the buaines:
will hbe hereafter conducted by the subscribers, who lhave
associated themselves for that I purpose, at tlie office oflthe
late C. & N., No. 319 North Market street, opposite Stan.
wix Hall. R. NELSON.
Intending to remove to the cily of New York, I ani
pleased that I have it in my power to recommend to my
former patrons, a gentleman inii whom the utmost confi-
dence can be placed iby all who may need his professional
services. In speaking thus of Mr. Alexander Nelson,
therefore, as my successor, I do it from the most unques-
tionable evidence of his character and his skill asaa Den-
list. With regard to Mr. Robert Nelson, my late partner,
I can only say, that his reputation as a Dentist is too well
established to need a word from me. I
ocl-6um Office 76 Chamber st., New York.
attention of those la-
dies and gentlemen
who are desirous ofrepleting the vacancies caused by the
loss of the original teeth, is respectfully invited to the
subscriber's Human Incorruptible Teeth; likewise to his
method and manner of setting and inserting thelm-they
are incorruptible, they never change their color, nor do
they absorb the saliva orjuices of the mouth; consequent-
ly, they d(ii not cause an unpleasant taste or fetid breath.
They can be supplied from one to an entire set, to cor-

eupled by James Wazlker as a miachine a~p i
Dwelling No. 136 South Pearl-street, occupied by L
Lloyd. -
Large 3 story tore, corier of Waslhingtou anu4 Lark
Two parlors and bed room n-n second story, and front
basement room in building eccupled by Miss Law, 32
Green-st. ,
Blacksmith shop in Hamilton-st., occupied by James
D. Filsei. -r. / .
Grocery and dwelling No. 542, and building in yard, S
Market-st., now occupied by G. Nowlan. Emnquire of
ja20-dtfeblt2awtf J. T. COOPER




Market st.


Novmbr-The Store, latM o:VcuAied LOs ernviss

MApply toti L ti. tl, r -uiLD, at Dr. Mar.shs,
t Office, cor.D. Market at. & Maiden lane.
"O LET--FPlom thKlM o'N,;vemb-r Hn-7.
t ImHthe 'store 325 North Market-st.. oppositethe post
office, now occupied by'the suascriber. Poss'es."
sion will be given sooner *if necessary. ,-
se I- VW. THRHBURN-. Sedsmnan.
TO LET'-Two Loftls in the stor, house No u "
I Exchange iAeet. Potsession giuen imnumedi,,-
ly. Enqnuiie aiJ4 Stte street.

TO LEIi-Frrmi inft-lirsr ot Noveuimbelr '.
'ilthree Roomnis for Offices, in Ithe nert budilding cor-
ner of N.WMarkst-st. and Maidenj Lane; and also,
the store No. 289, North Market-st., now occu-
pied as a dry goods store. nt.ntlireof
ser6 16 Nlaiden-llne.

Communication--The'proprietors, in announce
ing to their many and extended friends, feel a,
pleasure in laying before them their arrangements in re-
: lation to their Drafts on Ireland.
They wish it to he clearly understood, their drafts on
the Messrs. Robinsons & Co. of Dublin, are payable in
every province and county, besides in all the inland towns,
answering the same purpose as Bank of Ireland Notes-
a convenience not hitherto held out by any other estab-
Those parties desirous of having drafts on the under-
mentioned places, can always be accommodated, viz:
On Dublin The Robinsons & Co,
Belfast Charles Allen.
Londonderry Samuel Robinson.
Newry Jefferson & Godfrey.
Castleblaney John Matthews.
Cork A. Murray.
Waterford Gilbert M'Gloin.
Sligo John Boyle.
Edgeworthtown John Payne.
In order to unite and meet the views of our friends on
both sides of the Atlantic, Eagles, Half Eagles and Quar-
ter Eales, have been shipped to Ireland with the object
solely of accommodating as much as possible, those se-
lecting the Robinsons' Line-a consideration of import-
antce, as it does away with the possibility of being imposed
ou by purchasing Doubloons, or other currency, to which
they are strangers.
Passage secured in good American ships free from de-
tension, at moderate-rates in weevily opportunities.
Drafts, as usual, on England, Scotland and Wales. Ap-
ply to or address '334 Pearl street, New York.
Messrs. ROBINSON BROTHERS, Liverpool.
da3 THE ROBINSONS & CO., Dublin.

ed t

all c
to tl

ted i
of g
o f 'S
p al i,

t %ve(
ing I
Ir' a
in fr


Syracuse Railroad Company are required to pay, on or
before. the eibhteenth day of January next, the sum or
Four Dollarm; and on or before fhe sixth day of-February
next, the further su31 of Four Dollars; and on or before
the sixth day of March next, the further sum of Four Dol-
lars, upon each share of stock in said company held by
them respectively, under the penalty provided by the
charter in case of non-payment, of the forfeiture of their
stock with all previous payments made thereon.
Stockholders, whose stock is registered in the city of
New York, arc required to make said payments to J. De-
Infield, esq. at his office for the register and transfer of
stock in the city of New York, at the Phenix Bank; and
all other stockholders are required to make said payments
to the Treasurer of the Company at the Cayuga County
Bank in Auburn. Dated Auburn, Dec. 12, 183ts. By or-
der of the Directors. G. B. THROOP,
del7-dtmar7 Treas'r of the A.,& S. R. R. Co.
VIS & JONES will offe-r at public vendue, THIS
DAY, Jan. 31), at 12 o'clock, at the Mansion
.House, the following valuable real estate, situa-
ted in the city ot Albany. State street property. The lot
of ground, with buildings thereon, situated at the corner
of State and North Pearl streets, being bounded on the
south by State st. 22 feet, on the west by property of the
late Geo. Webster 115 feet, north by property of Friend
Humphrey 22 feet, and east by North Pearl street 115 feet.
The central situation of this property, and its long occu-
pation as a business stand, are so well known, that any
detailed statement of its value or advantages i-K deemed
South Pearl street property. Lot No. 4, in S. Pearl
street, between Johnson and .Schuyler streets, running
through to Franklin street, being in fronw and rear 37
feet, and in depth on the north side 1212 feet, and on the
south -15 feet. Lot No.13, in South Pearl street, be-
tween Schuyler and Bassmtt streets, being in front and
rear. 2 feet, and in depth to Franklin street, 220 feet.
Malcolm street property. A lot on the west side !al-
colm street, bounded south by property formerly belong-
ing to Owen ALcClasky, west by property of' Isaac Maay-
er, and north by property of the lal J-Ihn Taylor; being
in front and rear 12"2 feet, and in depth 60 feet.
Valuable pier lots. Lots Noil. 17 and 16 on the pier,
each 33 feet wide.
The terms of the above sale will be "2j per cent to be
paid on the day of sale, 174 per cent on the 1st day of
May, and the remainder ta be secured by bond and mort
gage, payable in 4 years. ja30--lt

B OOTS AND SHOES-The subscriber has on
hand an extensive assortment of Boots and S"oes,
which lie offers at wholesale or retail, on the mosjlibe-
ral terms, at 32 State street, one door from the comler of
Market. je-24 H. WELLS.

in f
1 9

U *W '~' \

AT a court. ufocchaluctryv hitel
at the city of New Yqk o
member, one thousandeight l
sent, William T. McCoui(,i ti
William B. Bolles.John 0.
hain, receivers oftue es ate a
surance Conmpany in the cit
berts, David iloberts and Ca
Field and Mary Ann his wif
Roberts Amelia Roberts and Robe
It appearing by affidavit to
that the said defendants Dvi
wife respectively, resIde out
of illinois, one of the Unit
tion of Gabriel Winter, esq.
it is ordered, that the raid de
Catharine his wife, do rece a
bill of complaint fn this cauws
date of this order, andin default
be take as confessed again
as shliall make default therein
wished within twenty days in
newspaper called the New Y
priced in the city of New Yor
tion be continued in each o
weeks in succession, once at
ber 20, 18M6. .
Sthe Vice Chalcellor of th
Gregory and Mary Eliza hi
and Emily Gregory v.; Neh
wife, William Uregory, Amel
ry, Harriet Gregor and El
'In pursuance of an order nade
and of the statute in such ca
sons having rny general lie
or decree, on any undivided s
and premises set forth iW the
cause, and which art blpreina
and described, are reqiiired
signed or or beforethe fifth
ten o'clock in the forenoon of
Wall street In thecity of
liens or Incumbrances, togeth
of the amount dae'thereon;
ses are thus described, to wi
pieces or parcels of ground s
late, eighth ward of the city o
tain map annexed to an inden
first day of August in the y
eight hundred and twenty,
of the city and state of Ne
part, Magdalen Beekman, of
the second part. Johanna B
widow, of the third part, dA
same place, gentleman,-ofthe'
the office of register in and f
York, in liber 147 ofcQnveyb
13 (thirteen)fronting on B
(twenty) in the rear there
which two lots taken together
bounded and contain as follow
Broadway twenty-five feet
street twenty-five feet, nor
and 19 belonging to alderm
and southwesterly on Iots nu
Asher Marx two hundred fee
more or less. Dated New
IN CHANCERY-Before the
isa Cassidy vs. William Ca
rose Spencer Cassidy, Mary
Elizabeth Cassidy, and De Wi
race B. Webster, Henry Ca
executors of the will of Patr
In pursuance and in virtue o
cause on the fiftfiday of Sept
olone of the makers of this c
public auction at. the ians
street in the city of Albany
S(t137) at 12 o'clk at no
All that certainapieee of la
situate- i tlhethird ward of t
ner of Chapel street and Ma
three feet six iqdchesb in fion
"'feet eight and a haiiimche
hundred and six feet-fiye at
boundary line, and seveenty-t
east boundary line; the last me
Also ialr that certain piece o
ward 'of the city of Albany, o
(late Wolf street,) dand west
guished on a map filed in the
and county of Albany on the
lot number three, and bound
northwesticornor of lot num
south forty-three degrees a
chains and fifty linksto Min
thence north forty-six degre
long the north-side of 1the ca
along the east bounds of lo
fifty links to Lydius street,-t
the same one chain to the
Also all that certain piece of
of the city of Albany on the
dius) street, and distinguish
clerk's office on the second
six, and bouuded as follows
corner of lot number five an
"; three degreesaad thirty minu
"" links to Mink (now Ferry) s
degress and thirty -minutes, we
saine one chain, thence north
.- :lot number sev.en,;itchain
SLydiusy street, entice along
chain to Pe pla
Also datait piece of ground
the City of Albany oi the so
s' street, and distinguished o
clerk's office on"tihe'secon
eleven, aidbirided as foll9
West corner bf lot number te
forty-three 3e[rees thirty i
ty links to Mink (now Ferry)
six degrees thirty minutes we
same one chain, thence north
lot'number twelve ten chains
Lydius] street, thence along
chain to the pl
Also all that certain lot of
on, situate in the fifth ward
west side of North' Market st
by North Marketstrset thirty-n
north by a lot of ground sai
two hundred and eighty-four
by Orchard street thirty-five
quarters of an inch, and on
said to belong to Charles C
ty-four feet
Also all that certain lot of g
WAtv- ) being thirty-five feet one and
and about sevetaty-eix feet fiv
Also the one equal undivided
remainder (after the deceased
seized of alie estate therein)
of land with the buildings t
ward of the city of Albany,
of John Meads (formerly kno
on the south by Steuben tree
formerly owned by Abrahanv

Columbia street, being about
ben street and on Columbia s
and= ixty-four feetdeep
Also' all those certain lots
near thWone-minile itone,in ti
and distinguished on a map t
forty-six anad forty-jreeven,
street: lot number forty-six
Sand street, on the west by l
east by lot number forty-five
street, being in breadth thro
number forty-seven is bounded
on the west by lots numibettsf
the east by lot number forty-
Fox street, being in breadth t
Also all that certain 1Ot,6f l
ing in the second ward t't ow
and'distinguished on -a m a
lot number seven, beginning a
running thence along Fox street
and ofthe samine width in the o
and sixteen fe
Also all that certain'lotof
ing in the second war4 of t
and distinguished on a map
number four, beginning at a
ningtthence long Road tree
,es, thence north one hundred
ly thirty-one 'feet five inche
and sixteen feet to the plac
January 18th, 1837.
tan order of this honorable
highest bidder at public auct
auction room No. 30 Broad st
on the twenty-third day of J
at noon, under the direction
subscriber, one of the master
certain house and lot of grout
the city of Albany, bounded
Dean street, south by i 1ot o
Q. Staats of the city. of Alb
by Maiden lane, and east by
John Burinet, as the same ba
sea were owned and occupied
en deceased, in his life time
Dock and now Dean street fill
side alongthe ground now or
forty-eight feet eleven inches
side seventy-seven feet five a
north side seventy-five feet
E English measure, be the sam
all and singular Ihe tenemen
tenaikctttI.ereuntoi belong
DatedNiew York,
delO-lawtd S. COWDRE
The sale of the above prem
twenty-third day of Febru
and place. Dated 14thanu
jal9 S. COWDREY, M

A t' a taort ofch;mncicryv hel
t. atthe 'city of Albany, on
one tho isanid eilit hiumn'lread
ben H. Valwort
Helen Frances Vought vs.
Vought, John Vought son ofJ
Vought son of Abrahami Voug
It appearing by affidavit to t
that the above named de
Christoper Vought, resides o
but within the United States,
Jersey-on nimotion of Mr. Pru
er, esq solicitor for the com
the said John Vought cause
in this cause, and notice the
plainant's solicitor within
this order, and in case of hi
answer to said bi!l tobe filed
thecomplain ilt's solicitor w
of a copy of said bill, or in de
plainant's bill of complaint
said defendant John Vought'
and it is further ordered, th
a copy of thisorder to be inse
the New York Times, a news
of New York, withiniwenty d
same be published in each
weeks in succession once at
publication not to be necessa
be personally served on the
Christopher Vought twenty
prescribed for entering
del7-Sw JAM
A T a court of chancery hel
at the city of New York,
December, one thousand eight
sent, William T. McCoun, vice
WVilliam Horace Brown an
Dudley and Helen his wife, D
Burling, Jonathan D. Steve
M. Quint James J. Stewart,
Trint, Charles Schenck, Fra
William Bull, James Free
It appearing by affidavits to
that the defendant David D.
state, and that process for hi
been duly issued, and that th
reason of the absence ofsaid
tion of Philip S. Crooke, solid
is ordered, that the said def
and answer the bill within
hereof, or in default thereof,
be taken as confessed against
ed, that a copy of this order
Says from the date hereof i
Evening Post, printed in ihis
session and once at leas
de.318-Sw J
T a court of chancery held
Sat the city of Albany, o
lDecember, in the year of
i hundred and thirty-six--Pre
Chancellor of th
I Maria Hicks vs
It appearing to the satisfact
fendant in the above suit isa
f process for his appearance i
sued but could not be served
his place ofresidenue and fro
meant within the same-on mot
licitor and counsel of the co
said Edwin Hflicks appear ant
of the complainant tiled in t
-from the date of this order,
be taken against him as conf
it is further ordered, that wi
of this order the complainant
lished in the state paper an
nal, published in Troy, and t
Stinued for eight weeks in su
the same papers, orthat-a cop
Ssonally on the said Edwin at
time prescribed f
E. Clark, solicitor.
IN CHANCERY-Before the
r and Eliza M. his wife, vs.
SHenry Coe, Mary Eliz
h By virtue of an order of
e state of New Yor'k made in th
Sing date the 20th day of Decen
l by require all persons havin
-decree, on any undivided sh
parties in the above suit, in
ir parcels of land situatethd
STroy in the county of Rensseer
e conimmonly known and distin
e by the names and description
i No. fifty-two, bounded east on
number fifty-three, on the we
south by lot number fifty, ea
Side and one hundred and th
d fore me, at my office in said
f of February next at ten o'cl
and there produce proof of a
d ces, together with satisfact
Sthereon; at which time and
Shaving either a general or sp
r foresaid, and any creditor not a
a general lien on any undivi
will then atnd there be hear
claims, and if requested, the
Evidence and report the amou
Party to this suit, which is eit
f or incuimnbrance upon all the
ties to said premises, and w
Sin the hands of the purchase
are hereby notified then and
f their aforesaid lienrs and ti
the 29th day of Decemrn
de30-6w WVM. M. BLIS
T a court ofchancery held
at the city of Albany, on t
cember, one thousand eight
sent, Reuben Hi. Wa
Time New York Life Insura
Darius Orton and Sarah his
man Orton ,Zoheth All
It appearing hy affidavit to
that the defendants Darius
Bronson Orton, Truman Orto
outof this state, hut-are res
-on motion of Julius Rhoades
complainants, it is ordered,
Sarah his wife, Bronson Orto
Devoy cause their appearance
thereof to be served on the c
*four months from the date o
their appearance that they ca
plainants' bill to be filed,
on the complainants' solicitor
vice of a copy of said bill; an
. w~iutu^niLv.jyays the said
Republican, and that said pub
of said papersat least once
in succession, or that they
lie personally served on the
his wife, Bronson Orton, T
voy, at least twenty days be
their appearance.
de28-8w J

AT a court or chancery held
at the city ot Albany, on
one thousand eight hundred a
Jaimes Vanderpool, vice chan
Simon A. Veeder and Elizabe
Brinckerhoff, Lewis Dunha
Thomas L.
Itappearing by affidavitto th
that the defendant WVilliam
this state, butcannot be fou
liby reason of his absence f
Messrs. McKown & Van Buren
lainants, it is ordered, that
appearance to be entered, an
on the complaiunants' solicit
the date of this order; and i
lie cause his answer to the com
and acopy thereofto be serve
citors within forty days after
and in default thereof, said
ed: and it is further ordered
within twenty days cause this
state paper and in the Newv
for eight weeks in succession
btt such publication shall no
complainants shall cause a co
personally upon the said Wi
twenty days before the time
pearance in this cause
ja9-Sw J
N OTICF is hereby given t
S made to the legislature o
the next session, for the inc
cated in the city 'of New Yor
and Real Estate Bank, with a
lars. New York, Dec.31,
N OTICE-Application will b
of the state of New York a
-the incorporation of a bank
with a,capital of one million
the city of New York. N. Y
BY'order of Michael Ulsh
cthe court of conimon pleas
of New-York, notice is her
provisions of the statute au
non-resident debtors, tha
against the estate of
FR,- composing the firm of
Massachusetts, nion-reside.nt
and that the Same will be s
debts, unless they appear an
according to law, within nine
cation of this notice; andt t
due to them by residents of t
them or for their use, of an
belonging to them, and the
tv bv them, are forbidden
this 7th day of Janua
ja20-9im Attorney fo
A T a court of chancery hel
at the city of Albany, on
one thousand eight hundred

A T a court oflchanceryv helt
at the city of Newv'Vork, o
ot December, one thousand e
Present, William T McCoun, v
Charles Kelsey vs. Jos
It appearing by affidavit to t
that process of subpcmna has i
thIe seal of this court dire
Brower, whio is a resident oft
cess could not be served up
of his absence from this sta
lor, esq. solicitor for comply
said defendant do cause his
notice thereof served upon
within three months from th
case of his appearance that
complainants' bill to be filed
said solicitor within fortyda
said bill, and in default their
confessed; aed it is further
plainant within twenty days
lished in the state paper an
Thie New York Evening Post,
York, and to be published in e
weeks in succession and on
weeks. Copy. JOHN
John N. Tayler, sol'r for
AT a court ofechancery held
Sat tihe city of Albany, on th
member, one thousand eight
sent, Reuben 1H. Wa
Elizabeth Wait Tibbits an
vs. George Tibbils. JacobL
Howard Tibbits, Tomt McCo
Tibbits, George Griswo
It appearing by affidavit to
that the bill in this cause was
certain tracts, pieces or par
scribed, that process of subpno
titled cause, has been issue
this honorable court, direct
Tibbits and Tomin McCoun Tibbi
dent ofthis state, but that s
on either of said defendant
from this state-on motion
hoven, esq. solicitor for th
that the said defendantits Ho
Tibbits, do each of them cause
ed, and notice thereofto be s
complainants, on or before th
andin defaultthereof, that,
fessed against them; anid it is
der be published in tihe state
sively once in each week. The
or parcels of land is describe
certain part of an islandcalled
and being in the town of Vat
bany; and bounded northl by
which belongs to George Ti
and west by the southern br
river, containing abult one hu
excepting out oftthe same four
land conveyed to thIe Renss
Company by David Cady and
by an indenture bearing date
thousand eight hundred and t
said pieces is in and by said
and described as follows, to
parcel of land situate on Gre
bany, commtencing at a stake
Rensselaer and Saratoga Ra
the lHudson river, andextendi
grees and forty-five minutes
forty-nine degrees thirty-th
feet one and one half inch, t
and thirty-four minutes 'vest se
inch, thence north thirty eight
nutes west seventy feet and o
north thirty-three degrees
feet and one and one half ip t
degrees and sixteen minutes
half inch, thence nor h twen
nutes west seventy feet and on
teen degrees and forty-four
one half inch, thence north ni
nutes west seventy feet one a
four degrees and twelve minu
one hall'iimch, thence north o
nutes east seventy feet one a
seven degrees and twenty mi
and one half inch, thencee n
minutes east seventy feet an
eighteen degrees and fifty-t
one and one half inch, then
and three-fourths of a degr
feet, thence along the line o
ly belonging tothe said Danie
due east ninety feet six inc
degrees and three-fourths o
hundred and thirty feel, then
fifty-two minutes west sixt
inches, thence south thirteen
sixty-one feet ten and one han
degrees and twenty minutes
one half inches, thence sout
minutes west sixty-one feet t
south four degrees and twelve
ten and pne half inches, then
ty-eight minutes east sixty-o
es, thence south fifteen dmegr
sixty-one feet ten and one ha
ty-one degrees and thirty mi
and one halfinches, thence
and sixteen minutes east sixth
inches, thence south thirty-
east sixty-one feet ten and
thirty-eight degrees forty-eig
ten and one half inches, the
and thirty-four minu es east i
inches, thence south forty-n
minutes east forty feet, then
ty-five minutes east one hundu
south forty-four degrees and
two feet six inches to the place
is described as all that certain
situ'ile on Green Island in t
cing in the south line.ofthe
road and at tht southwest c
structing across the Hludso
south sixty-five degrees west
to low water mark in the lo
hiawk river, themce north twe
two feet six inches, thence
twelve hundred and sixty-four
Rensselaer and Saratoga Rai
eightdegrees east ninety-eigh
sing. The third is described
or parcel of land situate upo
on the east side of the west
river and on the southerly si
piece or parcel of land, com
on the easterly side of the sa
Molta\\ k river, and on thIe so
scribed piece or parcel of la
-leQ^th side ofsaid __ece_ r
sooth eleven degrees east fo
thence south sixty-five degree
venty feet to low water mark
west or lower sprout of' th
said sprout ofsaid river at
degrees west four hundred and
beginning, containing five ac
described as all timat certain
situate upon Green Island af
beginning at low water ma
Hudson river under the centre

now constructing across that
Saratoga Railroad Company
iwenty-three and one halfdef
forty-five feet to a stake a
hank of said river Hudson, th
quarters of a degree west ni
to a stake, thence north thi
erees east eight hundred and
thence south fifty-one and !hr
815 feet to low water mark on
river aforesaidl, thence along
thirty-four and one half de
thirty-three feet to the place
cres of land, exclusive of th
ind secondly above describe
these boundaries. The second
oiels of land for the partition i
w"s filed, is described as, fo
piece or parcel of land under
Watervliet in thIe county of
of the Hudson river along th
and is bounded antd described i
made by Sidney A. Beers I
thousand eight hundred and th
tary's office, as follows, to
the south line of George Tibb
the distance of 94 feet from
thie aforesaid south line, the
nutes east. 340 feet, thence
west 508 feet, thence south 14
south 17 degrees and 30 minu
27 degrees and 20 minutes we
degrees and 20 minutes west
greens and 30 minutes west 450
and 15 minutes west 300 feet
10 minutes west 290 feet, th
feet, thence south 44degrees
thence south M3 degrees an
thence south 25 degrees and 4
thence south 23 degrees & 45
south 23 degrees and 10 minute
39 degrees and 10 minutes we
degrees and 40 minutes west 3
agrees ani 55 minutes west 490
and '20 minutes west 228 feet,
945 feet to the west side of
shore of the Mohawk andup a
river to the place of
ja9-3m J
,.' fore the vice chancellor
SRotbert Steele, complain
der, Ahbrahlam T. Rose and El
Van Gelder, Jonathan F. Seel
Martha Van Gelder. Louisa
Henry Davis and Isabella M.
Steele, Thomas W Maring, M
iand Esther WVaring, infants,
dian ad litem, and Martha Wh
dler, who was widow of Abral

*:r '.tKOGAJ'
N OTICE-In pursuance of an
Sthecounty of Albany, noti
the creditors of William Duff
deceased, to exhibit their sev
ry vouchers in support there
his office No. 322 North Mark
before the thirteenth day ofApr
place a distribution ofthQ m
designed, as administrators o
among thecreditors thereof,
ocl2-6m JAMES D)
OTICE-PPursuant to an ord
N' county of Albany, notice
creditors of Ezra Ames, late
ed, to present their respect
vouchers thereof, to the subscri
41 South Pearl street in said
seventh day of April ne
oc24-6m ANG
OTICE-In pursuance of a
of the county of Albany, no
the creditors of Mlichael Levn
deceased, to exhibit their ser
ry vouchers in support there
store at the corner of Ferry
of Albany, on or before the
Oct. .. 1836.
"OTICE-In pursuance of an
N the county of Albany, not
the creditors of Gardener Till
bany, deceased, to exhibit t
demands with the vouchers in
scriber, No. 10 Plain street,
third day of June next, atte
that day. Dated
de2-61i G.
IOF HE people ofthe state oe
A. God free and independent
of kin of Romeo Walbridge, l
county of Rensselaer
You are hereby cited to app
our county of Rensselaer, in
twenty-seventh day of Febr
the forenoon ofthat day, at ti
of Troy, then and there to a
the account of Julia Walbri
W. Walbridge, executor of th
the said Romeo Walbridge de
there be rendered bef
In testimony whereof, we ha
four said surrogate to he
[L. S. I hiess, Job Pierson, e
ty, at the city of Troy
November, in the year o
eight hundred
n o24 4 triJ P IE R S O N S r o a e

iHE people of the state o
S God free and independent,
kin and legatees of Margaret
New-York, decease
You and each of you are her
sonally to be and appear bef
ty of New York, at his office
the tenth day of March nex
forenoon of that day, then and
tlementofthe accounts ofJa
Jacob Brouwer, the executors of
of the said Margare
In testimony whereof, we ha
of our said surrogate to
ness, James Campbell, es
[IN. .] county, at thecity
of December, in the yea
sand eight hundred and t
depejidence th
HE people of the state of
God free anrid independent,
of kin of Peter Brown, late
deceased, se
You and each of you are her
sonally to be and appear bef
ty of New York, at his office
the ninth day of June next at
nooa of that day, then and the
ament of the accounts of John
the goods, chattels and cre
In testimony wlhereof, we ha
ofsaid surrogate to be h
James Campbell, esq. sur
[I. ] ty, at the city of Nw
member, in the year of
eight hundred and thirty-
ence the s
HE people of the Stateof
God free and independent,
kin and all other persons int
phen Jumel, a native of Fra
Neewv York, merchant, d
Vou and each of you are her
sonally to be and appear bef
ty of New York, at his office
the thirteenth day of July 1
of tIhat day, then and there to
of the accounts of Eliza B Bu
ministratrix of the goods, cha
phen Jumel
In testimony whereof, we ha
of said surrogate to be h
James Campbell, esq. sur
[L. S.] ty, at the city of N
December, in the year o
eight hundred andI thirty-
ence the s
de'26-6m JAMIKSCA
IN the matter of proving tlm
Dwight Browningdeceased
Dwight Browning, -ate of
York, d
Notice is hereby given tha
in the last will and testame
ing deceased named, intends to
county of New York, at his
York, on the thirteenth day
clock in the forenoon of tha
will and testament of the sai
said surrogate, according to
and provided. Dated this
T O the -heirs of Abrahamn
all others whom
You wilt please to take noti
the twenty-seventh "day of
surrogate ofthe county of A
shall then be held, at ten o'
mday, to take the proof of, a
testament of Abraham Vami V
cdhi'ttjl in the county of
evised statuiuol' St- iTItAX
uarv 12,
Yours, &c. AB'
jal 1-6w Exe'
N OTICE-In pursuance of a
hard, surrogate of the cou
having claims against the est

the city of Albany, deceased,
bit the same, together with t
of, to Gideon Hawley,esq. on
will and testament of said d
North Peam'rl street in said c
fillh day of July next.
jal4-6fm AUGUS

T O the heirs of Ephraiun Swi
ers whom it
You will please to take notice
ty-fourth day of February ne
the (,ouutdy ofAlbany, whereso
held, xt tel o'clock in the fo
proof of and record the last wi
Switzer, late of thie town of
of Albadny, deceased, pursuant
article first, part second of th
of New York. Dated
Yours, &c.
jal2-6w An exe
I N the matter of proving th
Miles R. Burke deceaitsed. T
R. Burge, late of the city
Notice is hereby given that
the last will and testament o
ceased named, intend to apply
ty of New York, at his office
the twenty-second day of Feb
the forenoon of that day, to ha
ment of the said deceased, d
gate, according to the statut
ded. Dated this 7th
N OTICE-Public notice is h
cation will be made to the
New York, during the present
corporate a society in the c
lent purposes, to be called
sociation, with power to hold
of said society, not exceeding
New York, Jan. 5, 1837.
B Y virtnue ot a power contain
of mortgage bearing date th
the year of our Lord one tho
ty-five, executed by Peter' Fl
city andcounty of Albany an
nman Gansevoort and Peter G
ast will and testament of C i
and recorded in book number
156,457 and 458, on th 29dt Apl
of the city and county of'4lba
now claimedto be duethesunm
V--... r---*, V .- 11 f I-t I-* _;__ __- 0

B' virtu er'a power contain
of mortgage bearing date thd
april in the year one thousand e
executed by Rubin D. Vickhtan
town of Coeymans and count
New York, to Conral Ten Ey
and county of Albany, and Ja
tlionv Ter Eyck, of the towvo
Rensselaer and state of New Yo
no. 23 of mortgages, on pages
of November (one thousand e
in the clerk's office of the
upon which there isnow claimed
hiumndred and fifly-txwo dollar
tain piece or parcel of land wi
uated in the town of Coeyman
lows: beginning at the southeast
formsaid Conrad Ten Eyck, n
Schcrminerhorn, at the turnpike
nine degrees east five chain
degrees and fifteen minutes
eight links to a rock lying in
Frederic Heighlt's east line
house in which Joseph Winsm
thence southerly along thIe ro
long thie turnpike to thIe plac
acres of land, be the same mor
lic auction at the city hall
eighteenth day of May 1837,
and the mortgage then and th
according to the form of the s
provided Dated
Executors of ConradT
Frot hlngham & Lansing, at
[Pursuantit to Revised Sta
V., title l, art. 5; relate
meats by an insolvent, fo
eating his person fr
JAMES F. HOWE, notice fi
1837; creditors tQo appear
recorder of the city of New-
City Hall of the city of New-
1837, at ten o'clock in the f
ber 17 1836; creditors kop
Cushman, recorder of the city
city, on the twenty-fourth da
clock in thIe forenoon.
r EORGE LANMAN, notice
1,937; creditors to appear
recorder of tlhe city of New Y
hall ofsaidcity, on the six
eleven o'clock in the foren
JOSEPH HARRIS, notice ff p
1837; creditors to appear be
of the city of New-York, at
in said city, on the fourth of
the forenoon.

SEORGE SOLE, individually
If Sole & Sankey, notice fi
1837, creditors to appear befo
judge of common pleas for
York, on the 14th day of Marc
City Hall. in said city, at
[Pursuant to Revised Stat
V., title 1 art. 3; relate
ments madepursuant to
solventand his
LYMAN FENN, of the city
Sda, notice first published J
appear before hion. Samnuel
Church street in the city of
day of February 1837, at nin
ber 20 1836; creditors to
Cheever, first judge of Alba
&c. at his office in Albany,
1S37, at ten o'clock in th
D ENNIE SAYRE, of thie c
in his individual capacity
WVighlt and Dennie Sayre, l
name, style and firm of A. W
January 7 1837; creditors to
ard Riker, recorder ofthe ci
in the city hall of said city,
1837 at eleven o'clock in th
Spublishied January 30 137
fore honi Samuel Cheever, f
courts, counsellor, &c., at
twelfth day of April. 1837, at

N OTICE is hereby given tha
to the legislature of this
sion, to amend the charter
rance Company of the city o
said company to divide thei
crease the numlier of Direct
N OTICE is hereby given th
madeto thelegislature at
ofincorporation for an associ
science and the arts, and for
the accommodation of the Mec
of New York, with a capital
New York, Dec. 30, 1l36.
N OTICE is hereby given th
made to the legislature oft
sion, for an act to incorpor
of 81,000,000, with ban king
ship canal from Greenbush, o
to some point below the over
the banking house to be loca
laier, with the privilege of a
and to lie called the Rens
New York, Dec. 21, 1836.
OTICE-The mayor, alde
the city of Albany will ap
ofthe legislature, for such r
tied An act to amend an act
the Albany basin, passed Apri
work mentioned in the first
have been completed, that
in the said act may assess
any property taken or in an
tion the same and the expense
and to authorise the collect
the same, until the other im
said original act shall have
that the commissioners shall
est of all moneys advanced, f
cowpqljo -.-Q uiproye the
ner provided thereby, as a p
provement. Albany, Januar
common council. ja9-6
N OTICE is hereby given th
made to the legislature
at its present session, wh
Tuesday of January, instant,
sate the St. George's Socie
the said society to hold real
ty thousand dollars. The ob
afford relief and advice to i
to their wives, widows or c
York, and to promote soci
members; and thie property
to be expended
New-York, Jan. 12,1837.
N OTICE is hereby given tha
to the legislature of the
present session, for the extend
the deposition of the capital
Insurance Company of the c
paid in. New York, Jan. 1

N CHAN'CEIY-Before thie
First Circuit. .Jocob Polh
derbilt and Margaret his wi
Ann Stryker vs. Garret Stry
In pursuance of the statute
vided and ofan order of this
tled cause, notice is hereby g
general lien or incumibrance
share of the premises sought t
and hereinafter described, b
duce to the undersigned at hi
lyn, on or before thie sixteen
'of all such liens or incumbr
spectively due thereon. The
as follow
All that certain farm, piece
buildings thereon, situated, l
Flatbush in thcoUnty of K
bounded and retaining as fo
ning at the southwesterly core
Jamaica and Flatbush Turnpik
Peter Stryker deceased, the
said last mentioned land a
drick Wyckoff, WVilliam Allg
Protestant Dutch Church of F
Peter Nefits deceased, now
Road so called; thence north
centre line of thie Clove Road
westerly along said last menne
C. Stoothoof; thence souther
land and also along land of
liam C. Story and Mrs. Deb
Gerrit Martense deceased, to
the said last mentioned land;
southerly line or side of thi
turnpike road aforesaid, and co
acres, be the same more or l
And also all that certain lot,
and wood land situated, lyii
Flatbush aforesaid, bounded
viz: northerly partly by woo
Clarkson, formerly ofJohn V
land formerly of PeterNeefi
fus; easterly by land of JohnM
hannis Waldron; southerly b

BY order of the hon. Samnuel
superior court ot the c
hereby given, pursuant to the
thorising attachments against
an attachment has issued
HAM LEWIS, a non-resident
and that the same will be sold
unlesshe appear and discha
ing to law, within ninite month
of this notice; and that them
him by residents ofthis state
for his use, ofany property w
him, and the transfer of any
biddon by law and are void
vember 1836. CHA
nol19-9m Attor
B- V order of lion. Michael ls
Sthe court of common plea
of New York, notice is hereb
visions of the stattute authiori
resident debtors, that an a
the esta-te of DANIEL M.
the state of Pennsylvania, a
the payn-f.t of his debts, unI
such attachment, according
from the first publication oft
ment of any debts due to him b
the delivery to him, or for h
in this state belonging to t
such property by hini, are f
Dated this first
GEO. jylS-9iim credit
I1Y order of the lion. Mi
.L judge ofthe court of con
county ot'New York, notice
the directions of thle stat
against noin-resident debtor
stied against the estate o
Pennsylvania, and that the s
ment of their debts, unless
such attachment, according
firomn the first publication of
mentof any debts due to them
the delivery to them or for
in this state belonging to ti
such, property bythemn, are f
Dated this first
jylS-9m credit
B V order of the bhon. Michael Uh
ofthe court of common pleas
of New York, notice is hereb
visions of the statute author
sconding and concealed debtor
sued against the estate of
this state, lately residing i
scondino debtor, and that the
meant of his debts, unless he
tachment according to law,
first publication of this noti
debt, and the delivery of an
debtor, to him or to his use,
perty by him for any purpose
law and are void. Dated th
Attorney for att
B Y order ofthe hon. John
the court of common pleas
New York, notice is hereby g
sions of the statute authion
resident debtors, that an attack
estate of JONATHAN S
BISHOP, composing the firm
of WVarren in the state of M
same will be sold for the pa
they appear and discharge s
law, within nine months from
notice; and tIha tlhe paym
by residents of this state,
for their use, of any property
to them, and the transfer o
are forbidden by law andare
June, 1836.
jy2-9m Attorne
B VY order of' hon. Michael U
of the court of common plea
county of New York, notice
the provisions of the statute
against non-resident debtors, th
against tlihe-estate of TUST
Panama in South America, an
for the payment of his debt
charge such attachment, ac
months from tihe first public
thie payment of any deltsdu
state, and the delivery to hi
perty within this statebelon
of any siclh property by hi
are void. Dated the 31
no7-9m Attorneys for
B Y order of the lion. Michael
of the court of commimeon p
._ Jj rk, notice is herebgiven,
resident debtors, mhat an atta
estate of JOHANN DAN'
residents of Frankfort on the
the same will be sold forth
they appear and discharge su
law, within nine months from
notice; and that the payment
residents of this state, and th
use, of any property within t
and thIe transfer of any such
den by law and are void. Dated
au9-9nm Attorney for
B Y order of the hon. John1'T.
city and county of New Yo
en, pursuant to the provision
attachments against non-resi
ment has issued against t
that the same will be sold f
unless they appear and dis
cording to law, within nine
cation of this notice; and tha
to them by residents ofthis st
or for thmer use, of any prop
ing to them, and the transfer
are forbidden by law and are
May, 1836.
my6-9m Attornu
BY order of the hion. John
B court of common pleas o
of the degree of counsellor
notice is hereby given accor
statute authorising attachment
ors, that an attachment has
that the same will be sold for
less he appear and discharge
law, within nine months from
notice; amdlthat the payment
sidents of this state, and the
of any property within this
the transfer of any such prop
law and are void. D
H. P. & S.
apl5-9m Attorneys

EB Y order of the hon. Richa
0 city of New York, notice
suant to thie provisions of
tachments against non-residit
ment has issued against
TINGS, a resident of the p
the same will be sold for the
he appear and discharge suc
law, within nine months from
notice; and that the payment
residents of this state, and t
use, ofany property within th
andthe transfer of any such
den by law and are void. D
niyl6-9m Attorn

B Y order of hon. Richard Ri
New York, notice is here
provisions of thestatute aut
non-resident debtors, that
against the estate of
REIRA, a resident of Rio G

against absconding, conceal
and that the same will be
debtors, unless he, the said
discharge such attachment a
months from the firpt publ
that the payment of any deb
property belonging to the sa
use, and thie transfer of any
pose whatever, are forbidde
;ed the 26th day of January,
ja30-3m Attorne
N O'TICE is hereby given th
Sto the legislature of th
ensuing session, for an act
styled the Exchange Bank of
a capital of two million ofdol
N O'rICE is hereby given
S bridge Rail Road Compay wi
the legislature of the state
session, for an amendment t
company power to change t
their road in such manner a
termination of the Boston
-Tamnufrv 1 IA 2l7.y

V ardler of the hon. Rtichar
city of New York, notice is
to the provisions of tie slatutt
against nen-resilent debtors. t,
sued again nst the estate of6
England, composing the now
son & Co. of London aforesa
same will be sold for thIe pay
appear and discharge such al
within nine months from the
tice; and that th'c payment o
sidents of this state, and theI
useofany property withiin t
and the transfer ofany such p
den by law and are void. D)atr
no25-9mrn Attorn
B V order ofthe lion. Jo.hn
cm court of conmiuon pleas oft
York, notice is hereby given,
the statute authorising attan
debtors, that an attachiu-enmt
dents ofEngland in the Kin
thatthie same will be sold f't
unless they appear and discha
cording to law, within nine m
tion of this notice; and tl
due to them by residents of
to them or for their use, ol
belonging to them, and the
them. are forbidden by law
day of' November, 1836
not1l-9m Attorn

B Y order ofthe hon. Natha
the corunfy of Kings, notic
to the provisions of the sta
against absconding and conce
ment has issued against t
formerly an inhabitant ofthis
formerly residing in the ci
same will be sold for the pay
appear anddischarge such a
within three months from ti
notice; and that the payment,
ry of any property belonging
his use, and the transfer of
iurlose whatever, are forbidde
ah'd the 7th day o'N
no1i-3iiJ Attorne
B Y order ofthe lion. MichaelUls
of the court of common pleas the
of New York, notice is her
provisions ol thIe statute au
absconding and concealed deb
issued against the estate
hiabitant of this state e, an abs
in the city of Newl York, and
the payment ofhis debts, un
such attachment, according
from the first publication of
ment of any debt, and the del
ing to such debtor, to him or
arty property by him for any
bidden byv law and are voi
vember, 1S36.
nol0--3m Attorn
Y order ofthe hon. Richard R
B of New York, notice is
the provisions of the statute
against non-resident debtors,
against the estate of THO
Falmnouth in Jamaica; and th
the payment ofhis debts, un
such attachment according
from the first publication of
meant ofany debts due to him b
the deliveryto him or for hi
this state belonging to him,
property by him, are forbid
ted the 2thli day
ja-Om Attorney
Y order of hon.Jolmn T. Irving, f
York common pleas, notice her
ant, to the provisions ofthe s
against non-resident debtors
sued against the estateof T
England in the Kingdom of G
same will be sold for the pa
appear and discharge such a
within nine months from the
twice, and that the payment of
dents of this state, and the de
any property within this sta
transfer of any such propart
and are void. Dated the 1
de21 -9m n Attor
B Y order of the hon. John T.
court of common pleas of
York, notice is hereby given
of the statute authorising a
and concealed debtors, that
against the estate of CHAR
of this state, an absconding d
New York, and that the same
of his debts, unless he apple
merit according to law, with
publication of this notice;
debt, and the delivery of an
debtor, to him or for his use
perty by him for anypurp'os
law and are void. Dated th
J. V W. I
noIl0-3m Attorn
B Y order of the hron. Rich
city of NewYork, notices
the provisions of the statut
against absconding and conceal
Sent has issued against t
stock and exchange broker, an
absconding debtor, residing
that the same will be sold f
unless he appear and dischar
to law, within three months fr
this notice; and that the paym
ery ofany property belonging
his use, and the transfer of
purpose whatever, are forbid
ated the 30th day
de2-3m Attorne
B -VY order of the mhon. Jjhn T
court of common pleas fo
New York, notice is hereby gi
sions of the statute author
resident debtors,.that an att
estate of JEREMIAH FO
residents of Lubec in the state
will be sold for the payment o
pear and discharge such at
within nine months from the
twice; and that the payment of
,eld~lt ,tdel' -or, -To .
use, of any property within t
and the transfer of any such
den by law and are void. Da
del3-9m Attorn
Y order of hon. John T. Irvi
eof common pleas in anrd f
New York, notice is hereby given, purs
sions ofthe statute aut.hori
resident debtors, that an a
the estates of RALPH T
residents of thie state of Co
will be sold ferthie payment
pear and discharge such at
within nine months fm-om the
tice; and that the payment
residents of this state, and
their use, of any property w
them and the transfer of any
any purpose whatever, are
void. Dated the 28th
D. M. C
del0-9mn Attorn
BY order of thIe hon. Richar
S yof Newv York notice
debtor, and to all others who
plication and due proof made
suant to the directions ofthe
state of New York entitled,
sconding and absent debtors, h
ofthe said debtor to be seize
and discharges his debts, wi
notice of such seizure, all t
payment of his debts. Date
1836. GRAHAM,
de30-3m Attorney
BY order of Samuel WV. Jone
county courts of the cou
sellor, &c., notice is here
has issued against the esta
or late of the city of Schen
sealed debtor, on due pro

'.t iV Aorftr 4,ftli hion. JoIti
i comr o ocommnIe ., p e s ii.
York, notice is hereby gi ven,
the stall ue authorising atta
concealed debtors that an att
thle estate of VWILLIAAM
of this state, an ubsFconding
in the county of Oneida, ant t
t,:e payment of his dlebts, un
charge such attacelithment ac
nmiotlhs from the first public
the payment of any debt, and
belonging to such debtor, to h
for of any property by hinm f
forbidden by law and are voi
vember lp36.
no29-3t11 Attor
Y order of Ogden Edwards,
first circuit, notice is hir
has issued againsttlhe est
or late of the city of New Yo
ed debtor, on idue proof made t
suant to the directions of t
ments against absconding, co
ors, and that the same will b
debts, unless he the said C
charge such attachment acc
months from the first publicati
payment ofany debts, and the
longingto the said debtor, t
transfer of any property by hi
are forbidden by law and ar
November 1S36.
no7-3m Attorne

Daily Albany Argus
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 Material Information
Title: Daily Albany Argus
Alternate Title: Albany Argus
Daily city gazette
Physical Description: v. : ; 62 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Croswell & Van Benthuysen
Place of Publication: Albany N.Y
Creation Date: February 1, 1837
Publication Date: 1827-1856
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Albany (N.Y.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Albany County (N.Y.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- Albany -- Albany
Coordinates: 42.652594 x -73.757314 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Available on microfilm from the Micro Photo Div., Bell & Howell Co.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 3, no. 681 (Dec. 27, 1827)-v. 31, no. 9252 (Feb. 16, 1856).
General Note: Publishers: Edwin Croswell, Obadiah Romney Van Benthuysen & Thomas M. Burt, 1831-1834; E. Croswell, O.R. Van Benthuysen, Thos. M. Burt & Sherman Croswell, 1834-1840; Edwin Croswell, Henry H. Van Dyck & Sherman Croswell, 1840-1843; Edwin Croswell & Sherman Croswell, 1843-1848; Edwin Croswell, Sherman Croswell & Samuel M. Shaw, 1849-1850; Edwin Croswell, Sherman Croswell, Samuel M. Shaw & James I. Johnson, 1851; Edwin Croswell, Sherman Croswell & James I. Johnson, 1851-<1853>; Sherman Croswell & Gideon Tucker, 1854; Calvert Comstock & James I. Johnson, <1855>-1856.
General Note: "Republican," 1827-1833; "Democratic," 1834-1856.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 02260077
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A- received and for sa
corner of MVrket str
ber solicits a share of pub
_ ,Green's Straw Cutters
'Shellers doub
Wileoyand Conklin's
56, 8j1, 5; also aide
Plou gits, P ou h
Nobbins' Corn Plante
Bcement's Dr
Craig's" Scotch Harr
Bement's Expand
Rotary Pumps for
Potatoe Hoes or Hooks, v
oes, well worth theatre
'he public are respectful

South hMarket st. (Law'
all for cash or app
S4000 yards cali
1 500 do English
I 5W do black and
50 pieces cloths anI ca
30 do silk vesti
54) dozen s
50 do
50 do tine li t
do cotton,'I w.andor
^ ^0it p e r r e
ease liner
Together with an assortt
good store. The pubic are
o Ir
C--- l-- H t I i
Atr I'll t..,,,headla kand
rr .117o

rof slper~fine bIlk, Iluear
an tssortnent of cloths for
thle lowest prices at3
poll- M"" 'MOSEa
_11.' RE-.'tMORANGE'i
latest arrivals from Paris a
ortitene of Fine and Com
vet, Fine Silver,%%'hitr
with rich Velvet c d In-i ,B,
tion'of Fire, Board P. r ,
WVorsted; andt Coton Frnn-
namentsi.1Hairandl Moss Ma
Beds, Cotnnmon do., Chair
ra ,parent Paintlngs fo
aewill sell low at his ator
-.N_.. R Live Geese Feathe
or package.
ceIve nrd offers for sal
crip tio n (-I I' r e u ile IA 1. I "
extract froin lleiN+;w tori
FI hlr.V,.l- .\ r,, h I,
iagot l a p eetgo
tielr e.Mj ~. ..n,..r .,
gon. Te aUvanta~ge
post .... ov,

o ev rh pwrit ine 'if ln ..r
coU, snR' contains much mo
,',fo>,ur.- ,.,ni:idcr gbl .-i ^
Liadrying,'fting &e., and
utritious food for a horse t
)te- Ih ptf pr ,i ,,r,
jaS o,:rnert l"N. r
21l PLAINS "'AkI

.isitti~l he .onf~id~
IJ- meri,:kv hmn).r merile 0
,. t, ,hr 'll,,l U fh $
C'.i l..~in Be. or.-,..)o r
r. l.i A i.-.r rl, e tiar. dr. ln ,
clr n. altn 1io I- &.pplh< lr,-
idi 1 \' hW l. In-Is c,, '.,r
leet (1,\ & WIIL,\01
1I'. III ] '..r, Alllb,;
*nm.. put 1.1. in i~ Iti- 1-,
M o.le p,,l f... I .I ,r,l I,
-1 inner. ; ,l ; I ull .,
,m f-51 .al, iu
ae:a) I I corner N.
, on-jnandas.usual, litr, a,-.t
nt fashionablehal,.oie.cr lr
5averq ofVaTiouS Fiiiierr-. pi
>ys' +hats and Cloar caps,
othca.,6. ladies' anra r.,,-,.
mprsin IIthe,- laIe,', a-....
ores N.u:- 1",i rdJ7 X .u
de20 &
h happieetIeffect in rheunmati
ik or side, pain in the head
es, bruise, cuts,-felons w
et, Likewise, it iQ foinl e
.rains, t Lit .,r ir,,im.: ,', S,
s appl:ed, jlld I.ni r'r.'Irl
always ihriimpc- ior, ineai. p
rice.S e.n1si r ru A .uf..
;dicne ,.4tor sui ilijllii
tgle Tu% .-.>n. l
n~rlb~r hav aqh~aatl othe ir
F1 I.orM. r.. e.3l, L J. Blrl..
Se o.irn fir I1, prolific qI le
I.J i trO ;l l... il) IU il.eJ- t, I e
lY, ri[.rniig n .nl,..:,]ii 10f i'.
\," THOKDL'R|.
de N. Marketr
qOTIPCE-Tile Q-nbacribpr
.5trI l .6outh Al i-k-',iI re .
sal. i-loil l & Porlfr, in'
ining stock of goods, inte
fel lh i u n .Idia e rl :, e.r file ,
II inake a lull at,.] *,rp,-e
hdo0t (I';-. B. H i 1PS, L) ..
t'llred ,.eili .in J i : lij a;I i.
r.1; :, latrie f~ii~l .^r (,i
a prontable for the country
veto offer at whoh:talr ,,r r
blie a.t Mir price,. .iod .
'he HOUSE, 4LOOl", W
SINESScontinuedat thic
SB. J. cS. being ai,, a-,:
Professor Lewis C. Beek, o
iame!led W.I,,, \.-, .,t
a.mmuucw Hn. *"e** f,-c "**r'"
ressedto inc ,i[l.,rber
. .y.
criber offers to build, on t
J- Townsend's Furnace, A
am Dredge. Having built
nB & Howard,-for the Un
rovementi and Canada, an
tes at Chicago, and one for
self that his Dredge is s
persons wishing to build or
d work complete, will do we
before the
1 persons are cautioned not
lhe subscriber, either by r
ter Ithe vr,lr f
I I- IsO II _
Opened this nrlol uiog at 81
tie green satMi and poult
,.blue blk andc9Pd "ilks,
pelhssedresses, fg'd satin
d scarfs and sllawls, togeth
desirable goods,
ir|Dozen.B~i,~..k~iii, Ml
LU de31 .\ DVIs]
IN, COPPER &ce.---
']'ry, N. ., have now on
n Plates : "
eatlting Cup, per '
sides i-frill stock" of IR
ties, Which'they pledge t
s, on the* ntost accommodate
1837. ,
EW GOOD --T'lte subiscr
,a very fine assortiiient
watches, mosn-ic pins, silv
t* card basket,, silver plates
:knife, fork and spoon, wh
aries, thimbles, rings aid
rtment of diamond pins ahd
s, butter. tubs, japanned t
so .a very. large .and sl
:ng machines wiJl be fauris
notice (with or without l
oftte 'U. States or the C'
twenty to three hundred to
'atlng from four to twenty
,e anchors, leaving thle b
epth- under fifty feet, and
artta distance o~f from six t
o'thre'e feet'of water,.wit
ty for taking up logs or roc
dintf ten tons in weight,
thousand dollar~s. The ex
arthi from a depth of fifteen
liter eeows, will not excee
g wood at @5 per cord, .
ntachiines, constructed by

performance guaran
ntracts'tor dredging to an
unable t(ruia by
ninicatlons directed to
wiU be promptly attended
de'23 '-
!W LAW BOOKSjl--New-
being a digest o~all the
it period down to tile pr
Wendell's Reports, 14th
. Story's Equity, jumt w
\VM & A\ G
carlet shawls, ivhite and
boring and for sale at t.i
at, corner of Hu
)TICE-The subscriber has
ortinent of Upholstery
Tassels of all colors and
Also Buff and other fa
as at his Cabinetand Up
St. nol20
ES-Tlhe Subscribers hav
caslitaer's hands, over
Leverand Anchor Escape
9100 to$S250 each, which m
e, equal to any in the ,
te time piece, and to sntt
al be'accomnmiodated h
.". I C. & A. .
st.received a d for s
to~ wl "",
'. 37t o
all to whoin tllq8d pi6ee
,,t. in conform ity w ith lhe
nersllipsawothe sulbscrilbers,
lartnership heretofore f
me and firmn ofColgatc,Poll
r-York, in which firm C
and Rolbert Colgate re .
Colgate and John Colgate
en i solved by mutuanl c
oed 1by the slaid' partners,
rn d -, til e l ni
yin tire ye
fs1pt-mrP.r p


F. CROSh7FLL, Print
Ti10S. MBR,
S. Clt
Office ANo. 37a South
room. in the
.payable h
per annum, paya
payable in advance, with
No subscription received
No paper willbe discont
of flie proprietors) unti
3:7 Advertisements consp
37 Insolvent notices in
weeks for $2. Other legal
of 50 cents per folio (oi'l
fod "20 cents per folio fo
all eases payment is
All letters and communic

addition of Eli C. Robi
PLACE, and warranted s
construction now in us
comfort in cold weather, a
litrt to suit the.ch
These Stoves can be conn
of either coal or wood. a
apart and cleansed without
for parlors, upper halls, o
able and healthy warmth t
are used; the air being pu
than where stoves in which
contact with iron
A great variety of elega
for sale by A. 1
STOVES.-The subscribe
lion of their customers an
hove named article. They
portant improvements in
experience of the lAstyea
cammend them as unrivplle
The. various processes ofb
ling and baking, are'effe
time, and the oven so impro
fain at all.times a perfect
Certificates with the fol
ing tile high estimation i
are held among those who
nl beseacn at the subscrib
Albany-Peter Bullions,
Huntly, F. S. Pease, Geor
Sparhawk, D.'Banfield, Ir
Jarcd L. Rathbone
Watervliet -S
Butternutts, Otsego count
SeeJy Mordecai Wing. Sa
John it. Bissell,
Schodack, Rensselae
Sclmharie county-William
Homer, Cortland county
Bebermerhorn, Horace ,
*Jlollar,.Orrin Bowen, M
hrtN'sbit, John S..Fo
Coul'n Manufact
Cortlandville, Cortland
P. Brainard,
Tully Onondaga county-D
iVm. 0. 0
Cortland county-A. H. Br
Tnmpkins county-Will
Clienafigo county-Eli
Connecticut-David M. J
Reed, A
Having made arrangement
suing season, to be made i
pervision and care, and of
American iron, we shall be
perfect casting, far super
able to procure. This'arra
-mount 'and fit our stoves mo
toIno with castings made
ap22 JE
STOVE-The subscriber
of stove dealers and the pu
Stove, which has been invent
,ter. It is not deemed nece
great pains have been taken
treat as possible, and to co
go combine economy and co
that three boilers are placed
a veiy small quantity of fu
cooking, boiling, &c. The
siuch, as to'admit a large tin
or baking, and which answ
for those uses, as will be
below, A tin oven nay also
,he same moaner as those u
thyr with an oven in the
than any-heretofore offered
try. Boiling, roasting and b
time and in the best manner.
iac.rihaed,-is now offered to a
lie, and will be sold wholes
, ber, at No. '24 S
N. B. .All.personsare cau
ing or using this'stove c
Dear 'sir-We can cheerfull
1f others, to the good quali
Ve have three of your No.
boats. All ofthetm are fitte
ens, both of which bake or r
other with the oven in the st
render it a complete article,
or 30 persons. They are pecu
on"account of their taking
and the compact manner in
). I : :
Proprietors of Trade
We have'Mr. Frendh's ne
iome.ofour lbuats; and fully
fe Hughesays
Alban,"2601th lay, 1835-W
aud and examined M.-Frenc
heerfully add our testimony
lending it to the public as
', We consider it a great
0. Wilson,
Wim.,C. Halse,
Blanc~hard & Robertson,
Maniy more testimonials mig
wrber deems the above suffi
'Coal and Parlor Stoves of
ith Copper, Tin, Sheet
W. H. C
se.I .
Mtr..M. French-Demi'sir;
rehased ofyou is now in s
ist cheerfully say, that it a
se. The peculiar construct
lated to admit the reflect
;'better than'in any stove 1
'e. The oven attached to t
eean bake, roast and- boil
i'h less fuel is required t
I in use. Altogether, it gi
;would cordially recommend
inomize either il
Thus. L~awrence,
have used in my family on
l-Cobli Stoves for tlte last
giren entire satisfaction
in foul. We consider it a
irecommend It to the pub
r. French--I have used'on
*ftovee for the last three m
"o say, it in every way an
I thick ,ny expense for fue
by it, and we can cook wi
ons. Boasting, baking an
Time and iln the lbest man
nted with stoves, and am
rence over any
O0. G. De
Proprietor of Tet
rOVES--The subscriber wo
Dealers and others, who
.hese stoves last fall,'that
s for the coming season, as
ple supply. staving mad
tperience of the past seas
inmend them, as being un
r any other market, either
.hi38pness or capact
nfyi. deattern nrf. t rvitf/ tn

dollars VOL. XII. -* ALBANWD

ese: DP^F SOe L, SdToDn STOVES-- / LANTiiPT.^-S^adET AcADE,^[ LBANS^ A 11D 01

,ecerifcesan Rec~n o mu? ndSin^ ^ U:^ ^ A---hbe n ttr m-ofS ; ol ed~i the- M-

tlhem Io the public. A few of these are annexed in the or- eation--the cultivation of the intellect, and the formation do Mtji
7 ; ten der of th eir da tes. T lhe prop rietor 's c on con fidently r ef er o f c laracter. un der the ...in fl uen ce of t t e C hri stian. rel giOnar, d E IL N ,
teat ,tohuodrcds ofcilizens ofNe w i;aven,. for stllar esti- to make he c~our ^T eabv
o.T o rom~akoranciSeMarkoe,Yok aesq' fa.othe 8hoase1 ofadrsdMa tr t...r&. T'"hey have eng ^d thee sertiins, ana efiiu. op f
Make e ok ae a.B 86(drse teachers. .Mr. E. B Janes Is the Principal, and M~r. "g : -
h a e t e) "

W"\e ae oe and moresatisfi.ed with your stove every reeomendatou lasca~l hstructr." .To ai nt a 0a
at'tewevayacoding to he eahchether hgho ledge eeded^ ^S to prpr h nfr h atv uisolf, hmfrta up
low. It is equally distributed through the room. It kteeps fo r eainltuy rfrcleg.'oie rils
lor prote-s.naI stu y or1or Iollege.-,.. .. it a t" ree

up tile (ire tllrough the nightt, and there is no difficulty" in 'rbe.term's will bemaekonb MrJnea te h gn
R UO N tlhe nm morning in ad dlitg to it.. I thi ek lm ay venture to say, A -,a e, i t l. A lb ny, -oem ber- u" 38. goods uy t ue w e ster n nu
.. . .. . +"

>y the that one peck of nut coal keeps us as comfortable as we. E.B A EPicpl n ipsto f
FIRE- could wish for'24 Hlours.* Iiste osco fralc-E.N CR ,
otherI no lcl eail m.agd an la iepaeIee .P R N IE H

taken tern of stoves invented by scientific men, and made trial JOHN WILLARD, SSS co manded cyme
ig. f ov.amento o re or sachy .. ..
* I

ytlr w one of "I Ih A o.I t d iR r a An nW

ato mt ler u T hich e pocure lst Noemer aoo JI 0. COLE, R
*aial hav had t in costa t use thog t "a og rThe riner aIn pog ofeprJ.GIBBnt s, viz th lsiaGRe ;sE ; +
art ] Rgers^^u ae ls^o u Tne b SehSTOVe S c ANYd PE ARLlSh, ACADEMYr h ca demy well .p0 Folitc

a'v. nplateandbelde otthaege nee beorr at n h se ranclio of thedywiltedaymf enpctmmb daer, oVr Mcte Agent, NooS
.temp es n wirom i u tli n? nfthe i ni d 1in isav grear see np t tp et T he a lt der tn ae no a ray ges. dere t c r spond- et A hlb a dylto n
lOK~ totael Yoep,0 on^ g t~~d e iefl lr b~seen ? ofee 0Thehelm e.s ofdrwp arentsorghentructonn of tl wlheiroe-y RAef ILAD
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BryaatsN o. 1, 2, 2,3, & .. Hudson's'No.2, D instugoeatc rt s .eeah lle ar c e 'Y l be no dif'iultv n sendinpt g
Gibson's No. 2, 3,'1, 5 & 8. Russell's No. 2. [orKn.. t ,11 l 'ie cit ,:of N .w Yo,, .t e L rt o -care f Un lted States, and t
W ood's (or 3 3 & &4 A W ood's C. S. 1 2 &3 old distonguisheldext o .w carefullyprotected from obe t
Freeborn's ^ l i, -* Cliamberlain'; ,,to. 3. of.to e University of t, n Dr 'rri delay to the place
Also-The celebrated Side-Hill Plough, No. 1 and 2. successivelypresided overte inston;oBn Aljany, Fave. Oic No. 3 Norton-street, near
Country Founders carIle, suppliedw ithPIG IRONButler.s y p o, Genera tae h s m .
As -P T E N id n SC EW cut to otr- cyle Ou-' A Cuelnl ttuVu n Dahi tonN coti'
FIRE BRICK, COAL,A1 AnrOe arND n CA, .., t-crta, __ -n
Iron, Jacob) Suth~erlandGnu
Bolting r, warning and Finishing, inoall their various Norton, es-'Farmington, Con ,' 't-- a" T. es.Byor er n11 e ck
bthescxecuted with neatnesan depth "otte ar, g...nn...ersts, you ..Err enSpe
brncesa o ma gsonlYj 5 Dr. EVANS contin tdonbeconsulted, as
Fu-reATTERNS deand SCREWScnt to or-officeInall"r u dsas ", ,t"itu
Also CRITTENTON, Secretary o adeic
der. ". The Trusitees are: "oer and all impuarities of thelloo h eieie rfr Soe nti i
N%,Ac AND AG otharrticalEllwrightEEill furnisli oR eon. JOHNN N. CAMPBRELLLL. Dr. iven' D.gonrceat p fclly demrlates his n n J.eOFGr
cahluerations and erby m anufature. RCH,- GIDEONBAD tIAWLEYD Esq. priormanatlloent inose ts
iu2r. F& RR[CA P. PRENTITT, |tire of 37 years in various climatend the wost i
COTTON MACHINISTS may obtain castings at this RICHS'PDAT.CE IS '" 1 tilsis Dr. Eva
Furnace made of ScotchIron,. VAN C r ep o i s o tly ee d it h is pro n
"Al articles ordered can be forwarded to any part ofthe I .RAELSMITHd grea tiveless attedrin hecs
United States or the Caadas. Orders raly be addressed Eon. JAMES w VANDIRPOE. lenders ... ,. grea to iemed andi iretiicent t
to WILLIAM V. MANY, Eagle Air Furnae, No. RI PHILIPrS.iVAN Ripo ELAEREsq go, iety are daily falling sacrifi
Beaver-stretb Albany, or to tir eare ofaessrsERASTS To aOr S.-t. OLCOTT, those pretenders Strangers are particrier
l "nd & 'CO d f t e IRA HARRIS, .e.hod not tobEo deceived by the. E
d-IOA.CII AND WAGON AXLET----REE- of MoHn. GREENE. C. BRONSON. Dr vn'geatpoesinl xcsec%
Dr.aidto hav hreati- la t wor s utte ed by N elsonat tb
U tne superior N'ewark and Deroy manufacture. ARCI-IIhtiLD MriNTYtE, Es4t .'cliniates, will soon cor tr
uai2 "l'Forsaleti STEELE & oARIEN.j. IA9EZRA PARC E PRENTICE, ihisSuperior soir
p^OSi E'^W mder5d doindttheirnouty icfthe earar
speedily an o ssfibl per.Thousand, area nne l l y.andrc ua l-eti s w i w notifa
WASHi BALLS, for sale at the Variety Store 31r" fiTe subscriber has justr r ived a all
SOAth Market st. o2,4 S. VAN SCHAACK,- delicate ru prepare
si ithanany, offered tire previous season. It nred fro mi et s. (post pFaid) describe te cas
ASIX NA 1,UPO11T AND real-sweet cornwhichhbeing taken from the ear'jinthe.Wl av eqreua nddrciossn
"~ISR "' ""'""" 'g'"" T behad lat the above DisptensaryAievl o
PAPER IM NGNGGO.--i. MOR 1NG ,19 ust milk,isdidb q ckpoe ,by ihalt eiae
re[ 'ivelbytil~l(, ltest arrtvals,.an extensive st~sortnuicnt of flavor of tile grain is retained. It~only.reqircs tobe tried = l cnann o pe
% I l k a d o t o r i n g e s a n d g a l lo o n is w o r s to a d a m a s k c ur t o b et a p p r o v e d T e p o e t e h d O ~ n ~ r n t i o e r a a d s a e i h d r c i n ,
rain ornaments, &c,; also, line and colmonrio pper hung- Soak it over nightt i ri ac' l'swtc oltfr3 adt tun ftedsae
iugo, coinprising it greatt variety of patterns. If. 1---.,, ho. urlns in an equal qu'antity of n {tdsf ae rtn he/t n cuay
hair a nti moss mattresses4, live geesefeathers beds' co ul- tlhen be scarcely different from fresh green co' rce o Also a preventiv e for the asan~ onh n n e bta s ae tp itiUsf.. .,br tw l, nm t i ite so ls f on ttns t a r O K o
nlo~ lnO d ,P ilbista es, &e; will make to order to tire htiti, st entspe u r, ( pntn kc a dih orfv p rs s) d '
fashions, wi dowadbed curtains, carlpets"ottln 'wini lllkeeptrllnJune. A s ueir !ltes~sn Dr.'E.19 ffice rs arued tap
exosd tu ea tlrsola 01ervutilon. Be partlicular to heall hrsoigrm de.D .
N .B r i ve gleese fothRt]ero, o mtim on do, hairs and m oss whi t eM u tard Seed; fres a m a .
siPe ro quliie, lt 'ar r malp, ges, ocil I... W. ,V. TII RI N, In all Cases thle most inlviohdl
..... AMES '"-2";0 airs -r .... ...ass nu,29 corner N. Market St.and M aidn lcane. N. ] N1 cnoxa
andl silver plated coach Ilame st,r aeby""orl'TMIL-00 lons f o o,,, t EEF---50 bris NMBeess fo
-.. ." rl~r ~I V '.R,.A 7 17I.rV A ., o ., r deafl-2w

ntry qCI e....i.e...[IV.I....
taking Chiir purchases; th
2 mere ina
.ificatas from those who
etions of the country have
t the store. Below are
ave used them i
ve had one of E. N, Pra
ig stoves in use In my
s, and take pleasure in r
he best article.that has e
Its peculiarconstruction
ime to boil in four plac
n even and regular heat, a
d directly to the fire, wi
In plates as in most othe
reat convenience, despa
Tiles. La
ag had in use the past wi
iler cooking' stoves, I ca
>tion, and from the infor
"idedly an excellent and
cell and expeditiously all
g and boiling in four boil
e consumption of a very
David 1
ubseriberlors had in opera
three months, one of E.+
joking stoves, and takes
g it to the public, as bei
re kind for bakhtg, boili
ider his notice. It is dh
n, and consumes but a s
k it does.
'ratt-The improved fou
ed of you, I am highly p
mt of the very small quan
Herman T
ratt--. take pleasure i
re well satisfied with y
stove. Your recommenda
ectly'correct; it certain
or the amount of cooking
their It very handsome an
rt, respectfully,
commendd the improve
being rite Ibest stove I
formed lme, boil; bake a
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I economy in fuel. I pr
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aotlce ofct
If. C. Wh
ratt-With the four boil
1 Imy family are well p
operations ofcooking i
%Patch, anil consumes il
T" done.

y D la"Shaw of this
3 ,cuuuting-roolns, stores
A. H.
r0 TIl CO4? ST
obre1t the manuf
N-. 0 I


. Aw AB ^%^ tr

---- r`l :7`-. ~-.1 -..--~ U(Y~PY

I_~ I___ __ ___ li_ ~( _

b>y them on account of the lateral canals, *and aI ST OF LTTE-R S remaining ill t,
at action has been had under the acts of the last L- Post Office, February i1,1,'83'7 n i. t
eion of the legislature authorising the construe, r Persons cam lngfor tiefolelow'inglettr
in or the.Genessee Valley and Black River ca- toc0 meniotht they are advertised.s""
J Jas Anderson John AdriiAnce S anuel
On motion of Mr. PATTERSON, it was so amend- AAl" l *Revil IVm Ame r
as to include tile estimated expense of enlarg- Eli Albcy Elizabet J osdeh ,S A
tthe Erie canal, and adopted. Uen CAbbol Louisa Abell "2
AIr. P. TtCcKFn offered the followin-g: zr.. ... B
IedeResolved, (0f the senate concur,) Thai this w 1142WJacob B-nlt e o Th sOWB
islature tender an expression of their thanks to Pat Pari"ley J Belcher Oyng ill^
senate of thie U. States, and their COng;ra na. a- { B"ar1.n.,, 13";H- &Iker Wi iulBrou
ns to the country for the recent act of thie foir- Wm Bake Horac Bel,lell J[, Braid
ri i EXPUNGlIG fom its journal Hil resoiu- 1: Bill n iBil" *^ "l
Adopted March 28th, 1834, unjustly Impeach- S G'n "im -,Jag L Beebe P Booth
.atallt Balrnes Lou-..Barnet Mslau
the executive" proceedings of president .TAcx- BaoriB ou r os enam" r Tr isstramI
in relation to the public revenue." Ward11Bailev J AV Bland Robert Brir
kfter several ineffectual attempts by Messes Robt Ballougl; AlirBishloft ....rtt
f r e so, = 1, In B a n ok s 2 Jaga s M1 B e i e P a t ri c ke l
DREW WI ILLIS and TAYLOR, to lay the eressau- ee Bates A-bne' Beard Mrs P k r.
n on the table, and to amend. DennisiBacon Rhoda W1Wurtley GroAIgir
nhe question was taken by ayns and noes, and ,S S Barnes Dr GeeVBo-dGeo-rge oI
roll called, when the absenties were directed UeoABaldrv Jas Braidwood MiucheelCB
e called, and were called by the Clerk. Mr. beka,""Baer apt Bostraard Chandlester BI
osevelt not answering to his name, and several ElizaBarnard Mlalinda radish JosephBu
tleman having stated that he was within the Lolry Bacon Halsted Brewster Wiln u
when the question was stated from the chair, P11Beedbe DanieltBromleyy aBJaesB
0 y A ar B ow n alryB u!rr';
ANDREw moved that Mr. Roosevelt be ex- David Berney Fr'rink erhof "oseph B
*d; but the house refused, and on motion of Eleanor L Blancli-17m Bridiford Simon Ba r
C. ROGEs, the Sergeant at Arms was sent A Jas Boyd & Co MaryBurro
P e'ter -tBe ck er !Cia r'iss ae P ra tt J o se p h B n
ursuit of the absent member. Mr. R. soon Ed'ardBissell Alvin'Brul cP. in
eared and voted with the majority. The name C." A e
Ir. WiLLis being also called, that gentleman James Canterell Jonathan1 Child Able F Con
he was in his seat but did not vote; and re- James CamPbebll Daniel Clark A RI Cobb
sted to be excused. Being asked by, Mr. bunici Ca'dy 2!Euiabt..hurchi.,RPoile
DISH to state .some reason, Mr. W. said it was Ephrtim Caly James Clapp n rHlLs.TCoil
ruse he ".conceived all this business to be in- Thomas Cadmus John Christy David M1Cc
ressibly despicable," when I lie was called to David'Callepnder "ll ChyaL esnu't Gatherine C
SWiliamampbe ll artin 6 Clark Geore C
r and compelled to vote. Mr. W voted in Patrick Casidv y Sa elClark EdwargedCog,
negative. .George Callin Ali- Clutterinick Patrick Co~l;
ile result was then announced, ayes 74 noes uIt AlCasamt e John Clahfiee liah Comls
So the resolution sadoptedu. Nat Crpen rill D _, I Am
,It.- ANDREW offered a resolution directing Robert C Case Ambrose Charles don 2
aberoin possession of any facts criminating Charles Calvr'y 1.oxanaR Cooke John Cutter i
banks to divulge them forthwith, &c. &c. and Jamn Chill ,o!'a", gen Benezerodman Cos,
bsent members to inquire into and report to Daniel Cahill Je nh.oo Srahum
Speaker any thing of tlutt character which Nehemiah Casp ,o !4 S. Conkliug Alary Crawvf
h Stephlen Clark Ed" rd C ale
it come to their knowledge-which was op- Jo. C3 "r o Jat'es Crawl
d as a.direct imputation upon the house, as Louia Crosb .5 ICu.Der Dari!Cobb
cting upon the competency of: the select com- XWilliatm Doyle Philip J Deforest irah- Dun-- i
ee ofmvestigation, and rejected, WinDale -O0&.B Dickinson Nathan Dog
W1s Dare Ben t -- Dennison John Dulin,,e
ly Mr. T. W. TUCKcER, to amend the act for Emiy Dvis Gen John eKot~licaelDo
more convenierlt adjustment of the affairs of T'homas DavenportDaniel Devoe .RobtDollar
sin insurance companies: To amend the chart- IV....idso Maria Decker AyAnnDow
D$anl Darev W aity Dennison MrDuca
o1 the Hamilton fire insurance company, New. ATDa-" .. *vDu^nynsanoo
[. Henry S-Dexter. Lyavan T Dotvi2 A M DowIina
*f Mr. TALDTAGE, to amend the act relative to Chas V D "nisir E ". Those Newin;
inspection of flour and meal in New-York. Aral Eldridge Isaac Es. E-- E
SMr. TAYLOR, to amend the act regulating artla Ellhson J5asrvin Chas H Batoz
on bills of exchange and promissory notes. Francis Evering- N ncy Esinore. Randall M Ea
hllam John R Edict Joh n lo
dered to be printed.] = Jame s "FEIton
y Mr. MCELWAIN, to loan money to the coun- F
f Genesee. F S Fairchild, Marthan W Fiske Alonzo Fodil,
1 Mr. SMEAD, to incorporate the Steuben coun- ThiFcirguson Geor Field E MFox
utual insurance company. D -" aniel thersonAnn Fitch A P Fonds
M ucichael Finn J Fterinin Win HPoster
n motion of Mr. HERTTELL, the select coru Dennis Flinn Michael &ox Capt EUFord
e.e on so much of the Governor's message as F 'lre!derickFitcht t Cynth iaeIFrishy GeoiBge F Fox
tes to Pilots, was excused from attending the Chas Fisk BenjaminrFord J Fuller
lar sessions of the house, untitlltey had com- U-
ed their labors. Raddon Gifford J H Gillespie Susan Grimwo
tr I argaret Gillespie Patrick Gaynor Jame Greew
fr. H. ROGERS gave notice of his intention to Ann ElizF h GardunG N Garton Aaroun Goorie
-duce a bill to authorize the agents employed John Gilain Emily Gardner Mirs JgCGreen
1e State upon the canal to pass free of toll Susannh Geer lKr G SGai! Ira Glen -
he towing path on the Fort Miller Bridge. iTho mardner *Wilam G ibson vll iam Green
In motion of Mr. H. RoGERs. the Canal Wm.Galliher Charles COGager N iriffn
nmissioners were directed to furnish the canal William Gilbert Jacob Griffin 2 William Grave
mittee with a statement of the difference of Patrick Glvt i l'ary Jane Gray aniel Garne
xpenses;of the present and the former ter- *T h -m..........MsesGoodrich HiramGray
tion of the Chenango canal.'. William Cannon n
In motion of Mr. BRADISH, the papers on file H
G teor'ge Harris Nine), M R ag. 'Cathrn o
ive to the claim of Wm. Crossett and others, C h.arlesHl 3 l atha n P g lo tharkin How
recommitted Frederick HastingsHenry H'twon John Hurdi"
THE RESTRAINING LAW. WJ.Hnauilton A VHess 2 Robert Humphr
-.- Air Harrison Basin Hewvlet Jonathan Hoar
he house, in committee of the whole Mr. T. Su.sanHallenbeck Su, nHrn Js
TUcxER in the chair, took up the bill from the JamesiHarris MAr Herningtou ington
Ae, to repeal in part the R. S. relative to'un- llI'avsll Robert Henry Howard Holdrid,
prized banking &c. -"Pt; .RH Ellen H nessy Richard Holmes
ed ankng c.. atrck If agan Julian J Hickox Chester Howe
"ter averbalamendment so the first section it BradfordHand MessrsHitchcock&AIariaHoughtaili
adopted without debate. Elizabeth Haswell Lagran.e .Mr Hoyte
-Robert H arrison Guh an T H ickox W li m H n e
r, TAYLOR moved to strike out the second I'll: ;.-.IT.. 1. .Jo .n Hill x Jilliam Hower
on,land addressed the committee in support of \1,%i 1,-1-11 ,zekial Holdt idgeJulianHuwhea
ation ; but gave way to Mr. KiSG who moved Thomas Hease NancgyHowe ThomasHaynes
the committee rise. I & C
apt Judson Robert Jones Chas R Johnst
e committee rose, and the house adjourned Ca.Jhn sn-, Joh s nJso
o'clock to-morrow morning. Leonard&Johnson S B Jewett O R Jewett -
F R G J P -Ha- r arriet Kirk OA Kingsley Heran Knel
"i '*- JESUP. AnnKnowlson Hannah C U enyonJohn A Kinglde
e, have been furnished with a copy of a com.- Williamn Kefgan Onslow G Keth -Phillip Kenedy
cation just received at the Wari Office-from Elizabeth ese A-a"Kimball rJulius Keyes
r General JEsuP, at Tampa Bay, dated'Jan- A L Lawren ceArr., .B -.. i Prd.. .
1st. In addition to the ibrce then with him Adaline Lewis TJ.r.sh '^ G 'J Lo mis
serving in- other parts of Florida, -two com- Capt M Leonard Monsieur Hippo-EliasLong
s of Artillery, and six of the Second Regi- J HLew little Legrand Nail Longhry
~Thomas Leonard Levi Lewis -
of Dragoons, amounting to about five hun- Levi Lewis I- Joshualobdeli .
-. .... John arena Charl'es Low
besides one hundred recruits, all from the Lewis J Lewis Henry A Lambert MessrsPLiddy
board, must have reached the seat of war be- Polly Lee Jane Lettore Co
hts ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~D dae ~b, ". Dvd Viell ^pruty McCarthy .John McICropen
1 eao-Quaa'ters, Army of the South,Z JJ Mclar'lane- Johann McElroy 3 Alex AeCamero
Tampa Bay, January 1st, 1837. Owen McOroney James'MeCormick John McGrath
:TRACT.-" The principal Indian chief of'the, PatrSick ..c1 'Y0 Joseph MclcCeden Jas McGrafly
ent of Indian warriors in the service'of the "Vfr MeG^ak atmoc^an ,P.hk Mfnio h'l l ira oan
i States, came in yesterday, .and brought.me M -
a from Brigadier General-Armistead, corn- tJ.e ,-rir Jane Mattice Margaret Morrell
ng on the Withlacoochie, and Major MIV 6r" S', btills 3ohn.G MorrisM -
remanding the Indian force. Occupied as Jame, H Mallory ams M iller.Richard Murray-
one about me is in active preparation for Saly Martin Louis SirtnenMcn-J More
eld, I cannot send copies of the reports ; but M .. a"rti e2 sum. Mr Mooise
dians overe found in that part of the country Daniel March R....ditchell H ..... ..."sb
1 the intbrmationf which I have been able to John R -Martin btephen .-iink W APM.
n, leads me to the belief, that the body of the Ben LadyMar Jailbm Motrouigh Orelia B. Mosley."
ejiiMyon ba une~ll AleiHlrrs2
nare south and southeast. The troops in Tho, s-olahvil e ...... ,lIorrts
iterior are actively engaged, and I shall join Jane Maffet Col' 'TaeecB Ia ... Yr
immediately. Commodore Dallas has sent 'T MaginniO ? ec Mink W hirte "
sailors to garrison Fort Foster, twenty-five aia Nash Chas N o
east of this place. He despatched a garri. MaryNo n Wliamnorri s iliamNewan
yesterday to Fort Clinch, and has promised a Thomas Newman John Nottingh am
on for this place, This will increase the Mahw O 0
force for the field. There is so much sick- rae Capt William Ostrander a
however, amoung the volnuteers and reu G WG Pa.ul Daniel Peck E dward Perkins
ops that I shall not have more than nine Thoe J Paul Norris A Phelps 4 Miss Louisa :pee
ed or a thousand of them altogether flor act- Samu_ e ,l Barnabas Per lls iam
Mi.-alss Am v'arks, PeterPeek A A Pierson
vice, and at least a hundred of them will KUey Nth Paul 2 Mrs Alnn8 Pease Horace Pierce
uired for convoys. The Indians are entirely Elizalbefh Parker Hugh ]) Perry ,T. D. R 'Putman
down; most of them are sick, and I expect .1)A P,,sons .Prudence'Philleo -Titus W Poivere
te: service from them. .They will go hene frs~ "Parke 'Blackman Peck Mis B Pnlver
'te sevcefomtem ThyAvl g om .%t ydia Parker John Peckham Gilbert Purdy 2
t of this month. Such, of them as are fit Eishia Peck Warren PerrintonVictor Post -
vice, I will prevail upon, if possible, to ac- ', n '
ny me on an expedition against the prinei- '"ul R -
ief of the Seminole Micanopy. Hre ia "Mary'Raynard Patrick Riley Edwd Roe!
be within four days' march of me. Henfr, Rasea!! C F Rice ThosI~obiino
I have the honor to be, &c. 0","11d Br~itdge~tRigng eU "siafl5i GRot
THMSH EC, Maj" Gwl '"RaOn y^! s"^ Ti*las Rooker
o,: Gen ,.3a ,Noft Geerya.lyo.d *:,lRl ll ,iss v ^ Round
nlal'lcs F lice John Ross Harvey J Robisson
O F N E O R, 'B rt r T ho R chard son" M orse R ew ell G e e R osevelt -
""Rev, DavidI Scott B F Smith `2 Erasmus Stone
r l a w a n e s a n d iff i i e c nt t i n e s l h a l l lb e p e s c r ib e d G e o 1) S a n d f o r d G i e J l o r Z a h i h t n d h
shall cQommence and take effect throughout the Ehizabeth Sanford3Gco Smith,. las K Storey
aldnOat bcforec ithe tweit day after the day Ranson Scott Fortan Simpson SamaelB Stone :
;pl pssage a) cet, e by the Secretary ofStatoe ]0l'elltZ Snyder Abhm Sickels Gee Strong
.R. S. pagC 157, IB2.] Jas B Sargent Connler Slater liiclld Stoker
"n YIrlcott Edwd Small Jas o authorize the Utioa and SclIeraectady Roil Road J M SchermerhiornMargaret Simp-son Stanford & "Wilsoa
any to convey tlhe mails of the United States. Harriet San tec .Jaln Smith Betsey'C Spafford
~iP assed January '27, 1837. nrs.T.a, ;' -, ,. .'ittMary ,lane SranaI Swartz & Lubrieli
ople of the st~ts of New-York represented i, senate sa4m "I -,.fr','i Ann Miaria Snmithi- Miss Julia So nera
"*.,do enact as follows: W\n Sheridan Joseph C Sibley Joseph strange
, ,u be lawtul for theUtica and Schenectady Rail Adam Sheats "Rev Chas Smith Win Sun
mnpany, aiid it shall be tlie d'iy of tile said co n-- John Sergeant JIames Smith Horace Sprague
ena applied to by the 1Postnmaster Geraeral, to conl- Silas Rherburne Walter Smith H J Stowe 2
niails of the Uni~ted States on the said road and John F Shiaw Ichabod Smith WVm Striekland
ley shall not agree with him as to the !'ate of Robt S hrtley Chas Smith S Stiles
ation therefore and as to the time, manner and Patriclt Shcriden Mrs Fanny Snlitl A arisen Sunnier
of carrying the same, it shiah be lawful for tlhe Htenry Shoemaker Gee Smith John Stevens
r of. his state to appoint throe commissioners Henry Simpson Elislla Smiith James Sparks
majority of theam after fifteen days notice in John T Snmitlh Jolin Stont...
o said company shall determine and fix the prices Richard mith Gen N L Stewart
I conditions aforesaid. "T .
#ew-Yr. -v. 1 his. bill, ,avin bee ....... o Edad f' Thomas11^ S D Tilnan> Robt Townsend
,'y's Office. ; and signed bn the GovernPor fthis Jobnftlomo~lnl JaG Trupbour '2_ Jolhn Turner
he 27tl. day of Janua'y, 1837, I do hereby eerti~y iara! ?hobroc Mr Turra' Mons Pierre Trn'-
l, ecm ,aw on ta' a. "ane wxnompsonAdclia Town-ley deau
S" JOH N A..DIX ,Secretar, of Stat 5"," "'lpa .Hle UTiUS CMllownscnu z
.. ......... *--"* .... -ata. Richd d-homnas Jolhn Turnuirc A WVTiffet esa

tending the time for collecting'of taxes in the Owen Thompson GeoTibits CaptMH Turner
*f a n d l a k e i n t h e c o u n t y o f R e n s s e l a c r JV V a u ] t r e a ] ', r. & U r, .
Passed January 30, 1837. JohnVan Abt n .eePame",a Vail N Underwood
)p Ie of the state of R e w-Y ork, represented in sen cA nnV n B r, a m JH arman v e rnon L evi V ail
assembly, do enact asfollows: Ann van Bramcr Harman Van Allenlobt Van Deusen
tlhe collector of taxes of the town of Sandlake 1""pto n
,w his security in i;ocli manner as the supervisor H Walsh Va1 ler'11hit in g Ja-h Wilalis
wvn sliall reasonably require, the tim e for col- F ,1,T i' t ^, .n Jac W illiam
nd making return of taxes of said towvn, shall M), ,S" v. oeh WlheIlply Mirs Nancy Wilki-
;dto the irst day of March next. I, hs. It Valdron P W% ells son' n
i.s law shall take ect from the passage ere- e An Warn rr sonWhiteLo Willewell Es
-' ', "Airs It Waterman John Vhite John O0 Wilson
.. ... .Jnnes Wain. Thos Watson AMiss AMary A"Wicksl
f Veiv-York, I his hill having beeii approved D B WakernaU 4. r, Wells )Daniel WilliSha
ry's Office and signed by the Governor of Chas M Watson Il,-,,1 hiVte Orph6ns"Wood
toil the thirtieth day of January, 1837 I do Mrs BetseyWait John Wilson William Wright
tefy that theme became a law on Ihat day, hartoi3
iOH r-- ". .' t',3' EVharonoRowecChazs S W illiaoss3 Samutel M Wsods
JOH. A. DX, .Secretary of State. Dr U I''. ller Elizabeth "Weir Harriet L right
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MARRIED, William Webster Bcrij A Werks- John Wright
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DIED; Tobias Young B S Youngs Mary S Yonne.
-IHIaven. Ct. ou Thursday last, EaENEZER BALC- "
rly of this city. John A Zealman
tives, friends, and acquaintances of ALEXAN- S. VANRENSSELAERP. Al.
a, deceased, and of hii father, John Fraser, are
o attend his funeral to-imorrow afternoon at 3 T OTICE-The partnership heretofore existing be-
rn No. 27 Fox-street. .Li tween Robert Robcrlsoa] and Moses Wood of the
._ cily of Albany, and Ross W. Wood of the city of Newt:
ir,.. o uikldt'r the copirtilership name of Itobeitson'&
-EeUANICS BENiFIT SOCIETvY Will Meet at their Wood, in thegrocerv business in thecitv of Albaiy, woms
ec Law Building, this evening, at 7, P. M5- on the 5it day of Jlily last, dissolved by mutual consent
ber contributes monthly 37j cents.; and any Of the part:ners. "
ken sick, or not able to follow his usual bust- -Ja1l-d3' ROBERT ROI'N.Q."
cs#4 per week. Initiation fee is 3. WTAN'TED-A a journcyman coach trininer,. To
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P. THOMPSON, Sic'v. tywillbtereqaiiri. Applyto STErIE& VARREN,
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SKETCH OF THE DE BArE, b en fsn ,M '. initha. tofa persecuted& n."m .n All'that he had'said M .-VAN DYCK rose again to say, that the ductwould be regarded, he would a his hand ..
YOUNG and.MrVAIsoN, in 'the .<^r,Al,*-.Mlm !_hich tiniched ih ,.- ..e,?aior fnoin the Alib. brtdbeen. explanation had but just been furnished to 'him, up'nS uh^^ e ,hii -n~t~ene~ Legislature of New-York, ed b
January 30. .. I 8.I"ai td repel charges olcrniruption a,"aminq the, as and not in time to communicate it to the Senator gration, and I promise to cover him and his chargep* ,--- '..-
.. |. le ..g lt u e d ."", n which,..h front the 4th before he mad the charge. with eon rmfi t o L d P g ily Albany Argus.] nes
(Reported for the Daily Abay -Ag,.s.. it t not repelled, Would, go lbtt as idm ted to be Mr. YOUNGsaid he was glad the explanation *'M' MAISON- said he had express., stated in IN SENATE. tir
Mr. YOUNG called for thee cor,fiderationr ol the true. When these charges were connected with .had been given, and sincerely wished the Senator .In r .-nT. Janua-y 1 "-.al
.. .. .I oving tme resolution, -that ne desired' not to be Tu'esday, Jnuals3.
lowing resolution, laid on the inten to;mmte passage sofbilltsor which thelsenator well could as readily, andlsatie lhtorilyexplain the 9th-g wased on the committee; and more particularly- Petitions resentedandr: By Mr.^ a E0 -
g ome Iafu discu. this s i e knew that lie (Mr, M.) in common-withalarge er charges He .ould a .. ... that w f .. .. ,er com itee tees edo
oI ti Sict h,. te Ape rson al mo ties d oeen wattroued oto ime ARDS, onp r cengs oe a publicleetingf at Seneca ng Ir
ResolvedThatio in cneqjuenceato tei s sniatoen, in po n the sen aoents nowpr gsosvote d, h r ul. accuseONcontinued : fe pwascharten witd orderwutil theuresolution ) did ner wiscus Fi o g antt nrepea of bank ing fc l etra t
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corporation on the distributi o nof h rsto h ..anking .askedo Lcy.T.ac.......dwa......,--And,-if tepresa c o un-ty a ran ceeal wf 'as e r of Ti v and for, a t they ........- asseteablyi ing ola the ,t, day o ..r agnera l1e
Mr. YOUNG Saidt it was not h is in tention .,to.ev erys'enator w o oedc e rth eadutt onai ess te. petonhl_ hardly behieven hat the charge waso se- subi ect was considered o d ... eod aofh .an fr te m banking ce law. a S nea nynO ouip eo i the

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ther es olu tioninc seqent s ge s of' "he gsit action in .....ungetlemany ,r a nd in ct he 4th da of M arcnw next and or ,a1 en gea i n

sh ares ofthe sto ; whiessar y a ig es "-f"u "r sburi ug ht^ about by d re eti g perm o nal at t k a dr ts g "th at o fring h ter io Seri n ) oje ctd t o ed e f ther disolus ion .n oa w inderpally ussion ut the M r e ea lc-often l awoeaoe r ingtrldietatll In !r
which biwtd placed.b...he Sena tor l^.m. t.:e_. sa ircsic aacting todertlewosamenre spo n iie s wi th eme dv idua lein'that wh o us e nthadihad low o ic ersmS y n o re oretd ab8 al soomhe rep or t

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p roit -, ~h.a ,t e I e .ea n t i nand no gave a t o v e h u t htre s e et Th e d than e thadt th e e lx 'tha e d sicat oer om t s i le.4 t h e y, n se da p, by A B N A RGtS vhe disnsso. wi c A S S uE d th o t A ,
rin g at di subscsio n a ., 1 .nd r s lio r, s r. a m or. toentilsaa t ur e r om te 5 t an g 1 c one t tse li unt e r to- v t p er o a n a irref, r.i,
,. e sht-. C o.,.y ,be .. ... .. b e en fr'm the 4th is tbis." thN o he invs r ia fod.,r i tleld be denied by tl .. .. a nate....i... y0,000, heAfara, rres en WE JOOR N IN G ,r .uonl p assed Jas p oposed Th be and

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f rth se ct o p~ s a o f. th e r b~ il l fo r theb e pm ~ tea l i r,, :t, 'o f .. g a ad e g t f e-i.1 th i l e si r es, to w rpmentA r u t o fi t n, ad-e s a w e .. Y .. I gV
reportd mi he Oficitlheoadvancement of thers public- interest, .dem tn se-o "t" mIt e.ad ayto ot e spofn siii ty ora- i nvePrstiaigitt- As for the re- ... .. n" e Of a law rof .. T
,t the restrsessiong a, h ligoe ( iMr. t) ad;spo,,k;ttry e sgm ngen ofcombine-p bill o n the st ioy saln. otpasrtieported fromthe peton T d-sclaime .....de by the senat"r o pe o yl '.The senat e o ,ncu rre ihthe reBa tink of A trora. le.I
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Senator~~ ~ ~ hatt- hneoftoo h'cm i. ."i~le"'^ -l ie-^ threw beid,,lm Id.,ll~ i;i -Sp b eak oneur,: woiat the ceaomm eai zes25 ysioescn ern inga oIlcllgaSn u euesu-h r RO?',,ref~th 7 o byna ro te
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f o rr c oU N G D seat i g, II I& e x th e s en ato r T m a t l a s e e a n d e a chImemg a P o t hea a n d M la trid St h awa t c of t h e
wastioo larneforthen tvilclate ofnPou hee stock .o t wasyItnom shall coninuentooyed exorbitat profits, tion aum tery byrief Ta mblint, o fthem. nvOntmotio... .. ..Mr. T LLIAG Yl wnra ritingt

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l how s e i M rt ,. t h e n c l l e t ; ne i e a n t I sn t oe l t o o. c.rr t o r .m t o r m an i t n o a n d l e rpi sateio bit h yi t h e h o wl fer e s t e d n ] w ,s r e a d r-o, 1- n l-' ) .k i ", 1 .t A c o rmau ni leto a b le ,e a d f ro mm itthed P o sl to tet n
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th a t undwaren, i n,,u, w which b ca e t o w hohe, v o ated M r y O : I d nt ofb trayato eth ese n t o I t e mthetcha i d s tfoored uahpot iwr by t he b s the se nat re a, orafte d anr.pp top te a des s w a ter of the O swe o d av ,de t be saltownor s at
ir~~~~~ ~~ ~ gh himtr' bank ofs winte room "ivetgae '",^ hth oeakn ot i nternal improve imnt Mr.lls)las matter, of' adpreete presentn g 'tile di cou ntio ess hrof Ere teblle* autorsin teo vernno rat o a ppin t a cy~or-"n
Gov To mpkins w o nl~ ce pa ro uldthe Se atr if practw- avaarty ofhi w s own creation-twhichn onevor ) ead wheicn ste werce w c prsntdo n thelir sould mer- M01re o tonofe re Niag. araWtn Livngso mn d- Yaes one lot tl e c iutye of' NWaYre S rtogsppya, M ont- bro in
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obtainin othe capi a rfther Du tilei C'nuiica B ink. Ali ou"l .,'Si he wa plae to liuxt -itdseve n d wit hato ien Senators f rom them Orleans,i Gn esee,o 1 O ti, gete a co aiuioailf sen
r.~an dw hic hon adngt er e o so dr v il,, l u i~ini o toiy c m r- .s ,of R he t was M tr. desire t6 efec ask o ediaorm in egiltwee n -t my l esh i, and o re is const eitu laens, tor b repl ato wJt am s Sey mour,, 'y s a defga es B ty and afGter pSom e rem rk byhie ac ind M es rs a u hom
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D1 here ab urgc ed* o their p ssa erea ryn of ce b hd tempi i ar h s n t, y e t o rem in d ms wem b er It i st~ on b e bel ag g oti sti al ;- by ug t he ca a d r sould say. b uta rem ark an d J oh n L me y, T h e se at then we nti nti o ns oa n sie r arti n ofM r
ic, shars o rningoo, akd whichninor e by ais A -. "" brough lueu "t aotb dietin p*uersona at tack b anc d by tha dui ng sisterm of servi cei e ha d itno been tex of Eriel, secre taoris1, o lent. ;C unild te. Darwi Adjournedeed.

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aiadiedtot n T h i uches Cm uny Bn e,3arI,,nkadv r- ra n e waes bth .. spc lao brdg of Erieway Jame he-m u~ oad Mlu e-o opoueam rlcn icin "^ "" 1 t onrote, Al-r fo eyG S Coaenal Bank ac t Por t age.r-
Th s s g tha they io l a p yfr bils n-h ic rease~ %of had he f avoi e: measurs, ortunbates his argu e n s me a ki e s ]atduc beea rgatified in-llt hi r de siadrestf rapn d sl".en t Ayand cofu ivngt on aomdtJesw e eas o p ifo h o ta t rte H awley ca al
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ouh te bel was pure, aend asfa in commtee fof nde hs! Whye shul any oe adhes wair la to pu fhm leeshl h ave o ncience li e -bele d ifth Wa tervut n S eaeolietsalardSm el G. A drewsfecreutaieoso.ow Buren, Harbor Byo count W ESLAKaative sto the Ma- jori
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e a or suspicion t at s. Lur u hall-3 '1z m il d. arnel-house. -] Let the., seamet M r.l.of the e isl tu et c ea er the e pl nat rrofcis cou se onohe realucour.tILE heooudsnefvotoftO xbil oafn-d. se"(
wastioo 'werge ,mor te village of I Zouehke epul ,,o wrjumen int*oe tpersonal atot alacks fe teshl onS f ti ue St te, yvield aexordita ugt pro ts entio bsub itted forth consderaion oftlejvsiea "con- le~ l I"l eiltrewt op rtn
which theour Sento from th ell by.M n all-for all have an equal.ri- ht they hilawyss cming t e sep nt otemus ic ofdu e foea s tin co m tte fond Bya Mr HIE of the trie ttte, wm curstee of teP rebl- t aersam
thirset.hd a w li gres alter i t.'bnc oih qjnt i lv n M1t re ,G SO vetin TMat Tune of Niagaron andc Mr. prour hig csre.H m l s i o esw rcatoo l, br a distrs. ibutio n d ft wascordee d of t te ofn
mof nth w asl appareinitly reducetd f~ s w50000 In makej t eqa l personlapiety tienp of' to ate s said in bi rd sh al notl be ist urm entlo in garde n, an bc omn e -OG TO O Sr ,a ram l n ieaturdae asfolatp inr t "raing ton otheioncoro rate academ ie 'b Seret,
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inselogy -fh fls Ietin -Tecptl, r .. '. ,...,i surpeed wihteSn hth.hddn ra odt h omnt oe oklaeCmmisoneys, reltie US.to tha s fte purpluse By ~lbre t
*~~~ ~ bank of nrae o :iin n the gtavrm er 1,l.deai n of' annlgila ori actd -un- legislat or: ohrid& miod re o con tributin dt tht 1her eae .-ne anEprpit ddes- w tro heO w g aafr atw rsa

erofshres ne tkto be issued is express or implied, by. Whichhe was change than by'adducing such arguments as were Mr- V' B. then retired, and the Senate proceeded Lve.... .... An actn ex
to receive stock as a reward for-Jis vote or i lflu- pIii r ag.in:.. it. He was accused of being to the choice o a n ns lead a thid time and passed t
d. The 0riginid,".apital of ::thelikr- s no ".c.'. ....o...... ... ",e drap,.ed r "r.eitaHeiwe acuhedhbeigi"getsPrsideticrmtemtMr.Kcy of. .w.t.-'T.. P : ^
fence, neougnt be draged lromO-curity and, L, ,iraglo- l ekling to rides into the guber- of Ala. having 7 votes r Southard 7,gilts and cometency of t- Thea
t i medin. thens; ti bt sand w 'as ,p robea d bl p tothe scorn of the whole country. Prove naroria chair.W Was his legislative course fr the o a K Souttard7,aud heses. ate anSas
he Sena-tor w..- r .!-" .n v" that any one had so acted, and lie would joih :in last to ye, l I, h -te had dan ...........on. himrs stttering, Mri'. K. was declared to be dUly To appoint commissioners to lay out a road 9 1.,"
hehSenatorBu a member ofnthe %le asfeofhosen. from York to Avon.
ikeepsie, responsiblebr that krowl.d the,-condemnation, But a member-of the leg, a- the anger of his associates, and rendered himself .. Y '- of said tov
-willbesaen, onexamination, that h -i ture had the same right as other citizens to in. the butt of all their attacks, that of mao The bill denat an funds To confirm the acts of John A. Siver, as con- lecing an,
ll beseen on eaminionIbat h ... i' "" ", t ae g ge? ':Th"g !ii"Id de'signa-thing' ds .. .. i '" '"the
rough the bill in a ahap- w-hich -,-m t,. vest his money; and until that right should be He had. always supposed it the course of a dema- receivable for the revenue of-the U. S. beingth owner o.eeds
-" r ,wg,-nitle.t' of -ankid-tofla--.-To-autuhe iar therevenesoi-hreistianeiparey"o Oni"a 0`2 Tl
c a p i ta l o f $ 6 0 0 01. ',) $ 1 ..1 10-. cO i r .t- h" t a k e n f ro m t h e m n o m a n w a s e n t i t le d t o c a l l i n g o g u e t o fl a t t e r t h e np a s s i o n s s pc.. .. . .n-o f mfnkn a ,o r d r ,r ,T.pg T o ut h o rns e t h e fi r s t C h ri s t ia n p a r t y o f O n e i d a of
dyertised forin the Argus, and $150,000 question the propriety oftheir so doing. ter public delusions-to rai, n ones, and to Stateaf
aa hm n arged, also, said Mr- M., with changing mount those Which are' in existence. If to strip i o ,in lvor thebill !had replied to Mr. BEN- .Concerning the temporary relief of paupers i hSecretat
ated for the bll intended .togrant of the names of commi.sionetin the charter of the the disguises from false systems, from corrupt TON, it was postponed ou motion of Mr. RiRVFs. Warren county. 1'.his erate,
rarme forathe billuintened.stoaf, grant. And To mend the act authtorising certain personst eb cr
ck s Farmers and Manufactures Bank. and of-reaping measures, and fh mtcorrupt men, were to be a de The following resolution, offered b g i st
" k a'sbeen filled* up, and.'the SehatOr ad- a pecuniary.........ge' t.hereb"y- 9 .'p. ,- Tefloigrsouin fee yM .6B drain Crusoe l1,ein ;..ubn,, ou.. ....,
lathe obla;nPddiricll e '166 shares of the I I-_^ hec harge magogue, ne.should continue.tooe one. TON, was, adopted by, the Senate: d To... amene a tdi recting-tefy
besides w which itis alleged tlat a long list of M r. YO U G said l authority f e rg M r. M AISON said, if the senator sets him self Re a3 Ta t ... .t .. .. c r d a l cing the P s e-nt of
cousins,'4ka awarthSaerSindtirelyn rs frendahs, newspaper whiche hel it inhi ha. upas a lectnavre on lhiaw.e-l-, purity, he ought to Resolved, lis. Senate cordially recipro hosn the Pre51dent and Vice-Prishuhn. the o w t
icks nsaw rdieds, them n irecl for iseneft.av Mr. MAISON: I pronounce the charge a vile begin with leelim;i~i ~.p h .,n% n household. Now -, c the sentiments of personal kindness expressed U. States. VAqDW
MISON 'rod in ..r... -il hi .bn f andmalicious calumny,; come from what source it he was instructed io say, that in 1833, Dudley' b the Vice-President towards the members of this To amend the act relative to the court-house, of gen. J. :
, .roset replyremarkingt; and its author a liar Burwel a sonin-law othe senator, voted fsbody, on taking leave of them, and that the jail and clerk's ofice in Montgomery county.
Io N n rve se twn replyjetbefre ngthe eatein ay Sendisauto ir uieliasni-a ftee ha v"ed"f"rA"t"o"sing""e toaonScuc"l"o' B' dl t
ld provosethpolls ubjectbefore the ..... ', The Senator has charged me with the petitlar- a bank, subscribed and took stock in it, was made thanks of the Sexate be presented to Martin Van AuthorIsg the common council of Buffalo to ,., .
ofpaonenthefo llowig" additiona l claus' .ceny crime of stealing a bank billfroom.the Secre- director of it, and afterwards appointed its ator- Buren,V. P. of the U. ., in testimony of the loan money; ayes 87, noes 3. [Messrs. Herttell, frn ievr
.... c taryisrofdice. Whle I characterize this charge in ney -s impartiality, dignity and ability with which he Holland and Paddock.] Th]', i
oatitisiropr for senators holdingstock the terms which it deserves, I will at the same Mr., L. BARDSLEY Can this be in order? aspresided over their deliberations, and of their Mr CASH offered the follow tet
her ano express or impliore xndorbi t-ant ,1 ,e time state a fact which may possibly, have led the Mr. MAISON:. If I am out of order I waive entire approbation of his conduct in the discharge Resolded, That. te Canal Board be requested restedt
10 selling would vote for the bill which' may be clerk alluded' to by the Senator, from the .4th, to that point, But what 'has the senator himself of the arduous and important duties assigned him to report to this house the number of canalsa in this d -,,o ro'
ding to inerase the capital of said bank.", give him eronebus information. IProbably he mis- done, according to his own showing. Mr. M. as President of the Senate, state, which belong to the state, the name and ...'-
IOUN.G aid he, had no objection to the apprehended the character of the bill which I ask- then read. firom the report of the debate on the in- In the House, Mr.. DiONGOOOLE, from the corn- length eoi each, the number o t locks and amount Alian tl
epnt,., ifthe senator would make out the ed to sec last summer- troductionh of his resolution, two weeks- ince, mitte on somu f the President's Messae o lOCaage nm eacnhof thoecompleted, andfthe;s, Eahomiint
le would expect and deserve to be held up Mr. VAN DYCK : He did so; he has since cal. Mr Y's.explanation of his sale of Saratogacc.rea s t e modeofel":" "ng"" t h P r es i t" atea number and amount eof thoseunfinished; E ch. mere
r scorn and-rdprobatfdn, if'a particle ofthe led upon me, to say that he was mistaken in. the Bank stock; and argued from it that he had cu"- clates to-fse e'oUe S.e ectng the President and the amount im dollars each one of those finished nmber ta-
ntha8ttof were founded in 1- binl truhc h lie supposed was taken by the Senator. iably allowed the purchaser to believe that he VcPresident.of the U. S., reported, referring to cost, and the estimated cost of each ofthe unfin- cs.. re.,
4AISON staid he would endeavor; and hl Mr. YOUNG said lie had given -his authority wouldvote'oi0r the bill. -* a report and resolutions made by the same com. lslhed once; the estimated cost of each one when All these
he should succeed,.to preservethe'most lbr 'the charge. With this explanation, lie ieadi.-' Mr YOUNG remarked that if the senator chose-t ........ --"s.. a nd rt t d. commenced, and the actual cost when finished ceiv, ,o
rood humor in all that he had 'to sayin ly, exonerated the senator from it. to ncll in question M i. Burw ell's ethe o tte b ,s c e a nd tm men gmg h at c the difference in the estim ated and actual cost oe .tnda
!the senator from nte 4th; .because, he Mr. MAISON'taid he would nevertheless fully outhttoaddreaskimse tae committee be discharged, and that the House each, the difference in the estimated aggregate ll ...
,vinced.that i hne should allow his feel- explain the circumstances. He then went on. to cadied him (Mr Y.) to account for the transaction ta1te up the previous resolution, and make it the cost all and the actual aggregate cost of all.- (CT The
become excited, the object of that 'senator say, that.a question had been raised as to the man- which was the subject matter of investigation by special order until disposed of. This course was Tile amount drawn from the Treasury or any of importance
e attained, whcn should not be, if he ner in which some changes had been made in the the committee of Which he is chairman. Let hi; objected to by Messrs. VANDEOr an iR. the Pubihe Funds each year, to make up the deft- aityfrecoai,
eventit. The sunrises and the sweeping directors of th]et.Dutcthesi co." mutual insurance probe that matter to thie bottom-he is the chain r.teo, as tending inevitably to prevent thea ctin tile timp tle ................
therefore % 'eh he has utte I el ,),n a d, to clear u ) tl; t > ,I I 1 1 ; . ''"" .Na edn nvtbyt rvetteicin ti i ?ton"."- -

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fl *'' xl, h'' lN c F-It. It -* 11,1 P ;ge -s.f r th'S
sO sO li t'tw ic- sartat.11 i u lt

s* r. I ,. Ih k
..,.; i.t Ii -AD M ESTI FLs- yjust receivedwiol r eR
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-.i ) i ,i _-17.:,i ],, ;.,;,-i,-,;, .\ ,i,-,-,I' ,- ill tin ie l~Ti a hu V arietyn 9 o e 926 u h l re s. b

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Miss .-lil ts ot-' \. .iPLASTER stnds "- ri, e'l 'r' cring=c'. o'leae
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i' m -'in .. t:2 in' th1e iteip'I ii; P 'ni.F r aea atot. A I

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,hi. II m '.I.-~ t I.. t, blasters.oo F',eidyr- fl.
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a's Im- a -1,. ,',. '..- .- t'tt.ns -. -'mo h'i Alban i

hI t. e.P. GRE OR 0. ..5 O. 5n OMB''A-ifN --
-inichur' ch o- I sPEARL, haNAME LLED&JEm u.Pstoh ianoftJ' -AttherTi
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lasssr ututuen of Byron, eETgALsAtACo caudb f en Ion0'cloc

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a-ro,, Jn 1d37, datis-amindst wil lereindute on Di oin ust a
II ~- x .I IF "...k maufatrli ngLdis cudctf sfte Albany- Pi

,by~ dl [ F itch, A gen', Jt t h an.. 30l 1837. f o h ja.2 a
i.- 1TPH' VANJMI "P.ACK CorkY w V V-

n-- t R-.b A PR mENT O, stnit t'.ueiu a "na ato B tderu sad a s l
a ti oa t il C "'- iBoa md ilult, rieoe dayeofFreb
.ssircl i ^I be mvdute at ?,ou. 9,11 an .

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it..ia it ti it' "',A5a0 tREGORYj&2CO.tdO
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Thousand T Do la 'er. That t shnesa id p artneersi commnted D-yiv o sest

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,ihe at rtbusrin tese s rwipe I nac t and private ner T u i.t

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13e 1a A l o- t Nw Y rstreetslnonanatt eationr
!:r 6 B.sP. GREGR b C j WO 7TBprcsfrSATI

m Aile nor Tj oo te i rshi gol a'tho e i edte jyiD AaV St. an
ja- stxbi a .t tIit, hasenyownedbyW iilH.EChne of POrEtDLEW
fIfyL i- : f CA E IE T R S Jat Hall, 11O T O EMN.h lagesle dvrisd. e h pas n seif
t e O T-h Fre om o t fist dad of-heca neratmid do slly
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&o G ree ms, kitv uso In the property i'm T l Platiotifiil o ow

T. imotv e r with s several al c and hase, fwoum intita- the Itenyio1
building t e, al re o s an chassring. f oends led ,.atri e Cbl l ofAl

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TO Lh hrta E T-f a ro she fis dayf of Maydtinext, fan sailey Com
sea ol CcousecNo.2ryJinfgormaty-ntalA

raU-roadthere are two lines of stages which pass every ja31
dIay ('A.' G OU-,lWATORE
The tcrtn of sale will te eash. and property 1 tie ,ty
ToOAlba wil LEta'env i stoexcange Htittirtl- tp ivlslNo r st Ar
tiFAulNfrs enquire of LeNOTT BLooDtONED, l
a 21y 2 North Market-st.s Albany, 'oo ot -
insA-impeesuscDANIEL GOLrsaN. th IGURED SILK fo, salE
S"l-d entAsi at MevghaniefAvile. ce
Cacre als o n aym a e rmen 'caonl ioinmonaaltyofs SAtag-
Ilt andr ,ip fl tany ines ct a pon council co nveneld, id s tPer, Ent

as cour td he indi, being oa eondl H inu iniv nse aout 18
in c n re et th, sth eof the cityof Albanyran i o s e .i isise r oro lm o
,hewn so theyran kepo Coal, Paaeo rt-lore N Frankli-, Six htporeqieoa hihaddrbelsrfrslCaoh- a ilbrqie tetr

vire, int Io t nerb poivue an tly t h o un i o in.le a go hee Store 4
;-wit cu rc, wit sc ae apwurcenanfc is, Aeq a ondsaid ja9

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,rhe hallpe, tned mther outh a uslisesfthsiy coshe.e ii. Rs e Ale
Hudson from ts fabe ront, ha s0 uIl!-lh yJnar 87

o groe ivitah svr al fsra o .i andsuenort-irhue 'no, a- aerdi- SL itnGosV Co
oe iiang te icro e s en tnhe o ch edo r o howner.i oE tueang BInart aldthem i
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h. ouer, 'anwthoseal vacant a nd o rlo st o gructed fan shestore2l difo l

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th u irnst o ciloheill otensbe offerd g t a ap. 392 South Mnark b
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1,4tnpn S Dl O~! w E XT ovERStat Hleeli A D E IC -5bleiadewccfa' N l'o hnles us *eve"` nxt ie tesuno

a n te romI fc hqiulteso Albanyisnsffrdeddntumosuy .n Pennor gun o

e so pat e ofo f the ihou s t an d a t of I at anto 'eor F a d lyC
h,; Eio N1 2U 3 ',oEALey-t Apply to JIM SAMULLk MOGN&C. tas pnechsaeo
rlfr s-ensa wih areterp'urinesf tenages wh ich pse ev fferyco
at D r. M,.. t ........... i ST O REpuT OiL E, from,,ile.Ist of :, .or

dayAsoeobcru.cedrn:t:e buildingsform-r-.stock,.it,,a,,ipreviJosp s
TOay T will be p oti to the ssy.anpaoe r w i a the u city owe
nro resSli ed E ne oaquire a aoAf "3R N ot aktadClm i tet.F rtrs e ok r3rqie

f Albany tolh be taken idort exchange. ForfAlbfny par- Ah.asorf h
llsis enquhire of ALYnOT BnhNoi.r7ElkDiisi oncasemyeeai,.
2"2 WENDELL. t ocnkiorth Market latny o laf t
DANIL GODEN, FIGUED SILKotfor sahett 570S.ar

I Vfl-atAl UABLE arI,1. ETY FOR T AhechasicavGeyel _
- RAt uftbesubsyor, aldermenorad romnmonaity of 'nOr ofT sr
de nlit a f t ybany.incommo neeilZconvened, d eridu' tens. rape
ft al.'r,%hi.-I ~in5i ImeS Id of lle Jm S ary mv itor cre fC urhadBs't.Heas fes dr fteDrcos
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-ars ao-i.m- 0 gound ad ain srnoNem blyucd goceriesand po nsors
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joiningcitha--. ovei s n. ortutrd ofoyethe ul'. uub .ndrdh : C aead h npcinotep, I Ii i .p .pa o sabsns tn
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-'~ UThr ina-,t1o r-,ndc iammilfrtlun ellc idotyf lany, at hus afar cha.hiR E houhtoFanln te
March nue xt .1.r~ 1, a ena o-k n inths f r aenoo n o tat day. 392 Sodethontie
Th as pnte alrodfo Im o alon,;uPlgr- O.ims antiof ressale t h~ luta- r w culradBs
Attfeeniandyn fort
,Go~ao tebodr fthentay llagdenmm irena pd rposent ortr annlaer yI.ofNh .I,;Lf II I;.II Aacl
ge -I"- ofathe city of Albany.aptri1r colnausreetSers-

!'-I| T'I OF' NEW-YORK-The an-lcrs ..7..., .
t11t NE Vt 0 wRK rk W HIE R!4Nw-okt ieinti
w,Il sellU at auction, in the city of New-York, on Wed- A%/a l"
nesday t'ie 1'5th of February, at 11 o'clock, at theirre-
3,..n ire, No. V Wall street, 11000 prime FIJUR SEALS. ur
SKLN- s t received from barqlue Catharine, from Mon- PILOT CL
tevhdeo t-" taiogue will be really, and thie siLts pretlar- 0. Cloths a
f .ri .. ation 3 days previous to the Bsale, New t- ornrof
I'.'',rPi "'.. 'i. i. ary, 1 37.
e 'itd-dti 1. R. MINTURN & CO., Auctioneers. .... RE.
.lOSE BLaNNKNETS-A few -pair of 12-4 and 1:.4 F' ety Store 3
,EtLBlanketsou an, anul, d far sal at lit reduced pric, at nol
atlS lSouth Market corner of Hudson street, y
S -s" ale at the Medicin Store 444 Soth
R IRO % % .t- ii i- -' .-r-"w Bars, utiscc foi nal
%.. 'u"":".'. .Ms'a; -"n, : "" -...ait
.- Jii h ..... m. .. .. ~i,i" "' 't B ,,.. A.i sK re
fi Trt'r" il .r1'NTJ'y ',., ,: .y ,i,, i.,, ,.,,, Cii;
Ub ^ '.,:as 'mau .'. I, O'tret,' hby:lort;,'. -. toum : *
'-etwe. 1 11 .11"."' imI ."" ihum'" ... P L AID 5111S
4.P; 1s''l''l'itP VAN SCHAACr. 13
S lSS.P'r ON-- I h ',,.tnsershlp heretofore SILKVLVT
,11.0l e i's1.1.,.I,',,t." r at. ,i, ilni l.-lt, under lselih .rm o rc
Rant I..Yo ..ur. in. ny I, ay utual consentay'7iot.csre.byamus-asit
'"Athur If t.-. i .1hla ullini... Ito tcetlos tlhubusinesu ,
:, qllr.' .fn No I II.Iol a d I tsmi,.'.ay, Jtan.25i, 1I-I. L -A rw
I ,IlIUn*H.RRO 'OT, just received and for sale by
SJl.D.lI. Ij l MES6. YOUNG, nol W: i
'tbewHE I.l'l: Olh' I it.<. AtOIN 11s111y, hc (-iRAVAT
mall 1 It, ,.. al. ,,,V h,. I t.n Iii., r in ,aalc t
i t. li 11tinm I.. \ -l l, .i. .,i. n u- i,-' 1 l. tw eci
H- i lI-R C 1 *I NT*'& 13 0 0 H .- 'I'. hI.j I N
'p t- ,',-,,', il ., .ini tie '., r 7, O
)sis llilhl.l".V ,- VAN GAASBEEIf. BELLEI(EI ,---- 1
*- fo Pi- ----pi-ED fas.'.'.al a'- .fi.n otPh .itu>.. t..u u hiu o mlahe,
.ARP ., O (.IIN .114 4.111 I DY tor sitck of Si-0mo 10B.t
IL [[i % m .- 1' ht..,n lirk iistreet, hIesi'cn hoeow sotpricesi
'ulidisr inn iEmitk% i talhy triA S ODAat prices, t
+ 'J ~ i] Ul[BA gil his Customners.
flELLO nBi.S-. r ,-, ,ii n,. r .at1i inhrlI -.i aw..u I ,i.. Count
- %'A slti i 'm,, I in Ml l I'l'll'N V IN H1 Il.\ .ol" Ii, send In thio
S MI 'r -. In.- i ,. ,,,,,' I0liu .r-,I ii-,.tba.a i(-nRp1
m r ''-EN'FI EqtMIE' 0 F 'ItI 4iLa fslial-; uu,,I, 3l
aW Market street. If.... "u ssANILLA A su
J!118 I" 3 II n tllll' IV.A tilie~b~qn l
i4 ANDLES--O s boxes mould an .i.n.o t ,>il a ii i.t, ra- nicty Stor
.]Ja8 .ale by SI. M 'uI \( '. .,Io


el thei Corn will le
1 A.

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do until ft

, a train of Rai
at 10 o'c
iy at 9 o'
ieetada at 11
red at the offices,
iniber sn
WiM, C.

the departures on

stoga Sprin
iniiediately after
3 o'clock ..
rings may leave
'clock A. M. fr
rocutre tickets at
.i .i -. aYUm G
tl,,,. i, whi
ai'i.. :,.i..lh Hill
les to Montreal
stern part of
I--United Sta
Poughkeepsic da
Sl. M. for Sharo
BECK, Agent, at
oled uat short no
on-!1lie proprie
any and extended
re them their ar
)n Ir
'arly understood,
& Co. ofDubliTn
stly, besides i in l
rpose as Hank o
rtiui held outt by

is of having dra
aIways bi acco
The Robins
Sanmuel R
John Matt
A. Mur
ol I o
meet the views o
e, Eagles, ItalIf
tipped to Ireltan
Sas muchli as pos
AiTie-a consider
tih the possibility
sans, or other c
d Americanl ship
ce in weeatly
igland, Scotland
ari street
NiONS & Co

-ealed proposals
ners until the 7
g a new Aqueduc
must include the
impletion ofthe
itions that will
completed by th
red for thle per
should be acco
persons, signify
character and r
i sureties they sho
ed, or the chiefor
)d character, a
ed by the first j
severally reside,
ts will be
irk, plans of th
id of materials ai
for examination
at Rochester, a
ud furnish blank
cud in the city
next to receive
ersonus that are p
n out in thle si
positions which
into contracts i
aove work, havi
tors, the commisi
ans who enter
rialss procured bh
prices of the
3. BO
Acting Canal
'onda Herald, S
Buffalo Republic
id charge CanalC
r llt r,,0Kb ,le.r'
any arc require
y of January n
beforefille sixth
Four Dollars; a
ext, thie furthers
stock in said
r the penalty pr
ymnent, of the f
aymniens miad
oek is register
to make said pa
nor the register
York, at the P
required to mak
ompany'at the
Auburn, Dec. 1
G. B.
reas'r of the A.
L ,l-i .II, [
E'Ii Cil ,.u. r
,.1 f ... .1.1..
.f,.: real estatsta
State street pro
Sthereon, situat
streets, being
tonthewest by t
et, north by pro
st by North Pearl
this 'property, ani
I, arc so wells
value or advan
)certy. Lot No.
aiu Schluyler s
et, being in fr
norlh sidel 212
13, in South P
stltt streets, bei
to Franklitsri M
A lot oil th.i e
by property fo
West by prop er
Sof llie la* Jon
mal in deplh
ots Noi. 17 anSi
sale will be 2
17 pecr cell't ol
a be securetl bI
I 1.I I'lie su
.iiilFAlRi ....t
''I, ,i ,u ,. ~- I i
,II 'I- ,' I ,,
li \ 'i -'llN\ ,11i
llppears lo the p
tile most approve
variety of Shrun
t-huouuscd of eve
nof tiis faritn is
re will be sold s
coat $
;rcs, on the oppo
- conveniently
As a grazing Fa
for.orditnary ',,. i
hCDweli Dellig ,I i
use, is a very g
erable style, th
niber and well ar

0 acres, which
A is well situat
, and is also a
ncipally meadow
annually. The so
lte very best qua
well watered. an
f acres of TI
I' very desirable
gentleimen's count
meost polnlar villa
I may, dirring t
evening aund ibrea
oratoga. I
as theFitz Sim
cthe west side o
anal. -It contains
-fnd fInce, swit
uI i uP.i. oul-h i
it the farin. 'hTile
tivition. It hasi
A n'a
situea.'ed in the
les frcin tile raf
ron J.'sa3p's La
vith every 0-i Cr ..
uaniy market" -i
is now hi fuhll .,-1
unlock, pJ. IIe, i'. lII
d to be of the fir
the timber Is o
and under good
inferior to none
situation for a
NT, as there isa
k, at $1, to 91
itiin threemil
not a tannery wi
iars I must refte
t, caq., Snr
of lthe above wil
, 1837. .
tr sale at the V
tween Hudsona an
of a superior q
ARA'I Booksto
S--A good assert
-76 Sou

~ I~__~ I__

J .mnw style, for Field and officers
grades, richly l; dinib'eA, rb
ry description of Silk ad F
and retail, at
"- yuo ... -, *. n'
lbany, fiunmilies residingin
in general, are respectfully
large supply of this excelle
been'carefully prepared and
applications for the same w
w'itlh disap
is now opening at No. 46 Ce
complete and desirable assor
He solicits his friends and o
storeto which hlie removeA
guist 1, 1836.
GLA ZtiG-The subscriber hl
with Israel M. Reeves for t
branches of business exclus
carririled oni at the old stand hb
Smith &. Porter, 39.1 Souith Mar
t lie name ofREEVES & 0O0. A
ly and in a workmanlike In
N. B. A number of first r
above; also, an apprentice.
well recommended need ap
COKE-A few chaldrons ot'
SNaoilt's stove s
o3h No.50South
N just published and for sa
red, dozen or single ol
ocl It. O'IHARA'
Gr'i ENTLEMEN'S Superfine
Srino Shirts and Drawers,
just received nt 319 N
3:71S. Market st de2
W I-NES-Choice oldT IndiaMad
IVe Sherry, Tenoerife, Lis
and Vin dIe Graive CWV ins, imi
wuTainled plure, for salle by t
lolih Ey '
i01 ( l
de3iLiT6o s
.1-10% S, I NCI -4-- 00- 4. ).

Si i .i I ,
Sinew andi fashionable built
iess, Buffalo Rlobe, &c., if r
street. de
LARS; also single ebllasri i
French work bands, &c,, rece
Market st. d
ERS, a superior article-a-
South Market st. j.al9
N EW BOOKS-Historical
ITimne, by N. V. WraxdlP
the Pickwick Club, edited b
Analysis of tIe derivativ
guage, ly Salem Tawnv, A.
dence on the principles of r
temperance, eotwveen Sam e
Smoth, amnd Rev. Dr',. Edw
ja23 STEEL
A NNUALS-A few copies ofte A
Slish Annuls for 1 for sa
jag B O'HARA
R. O'HARIA'S Dopl Store and
No 5 Gr6en st. '
R AGS--3 tonils of blue rags
.'rags, for sale o
ja2lt ROBERT O'HARA, 5

LARD in tubs and tl
jai2 t J. & D CA

cral splendid French grand
top dampers, harp stop, &c.
grand or flange action pinno
ber invites the particular
ja24-2w R. S.
SDelano's fire proof Iron Cht
reduced prices for cas
jaI23 S. MO
jalO No.
341" 0 iI-S. CHEESE n con
4-0lw 2000 lbs. dair tt
jal8 J. &D.
plified and Illustrated byu
letter press. 1., ;r. i A:m
frohim llto7lin,. WiuI.', h-
JlW+ '

J> ,Vy.'' WHALE respectfully
patron! tbeladies and gentle
cinity, that hi9seepndquariciw
commence on Saturday ne t
would merely say that in c
obliged to reduce thIe price o
of gaining pupils, that his sc
lect and genteel, Every thlin
produced as fast as receive
. nlovcid to the office fo
Thorps & Sprague,
The office, e No.3 Beaver st,
Jan. 25.

& iiOenlut of Lectur
Friday. Jan. J3--janIes I
Animal MAl
Tuesday, 17-James H. Ar
et Friday, 20-Amos Dean
'Tesday, 24-Hlon. SamuelYE
lbest imode of promoting ci
Friday, 27-Rev. Edw'dN.
Tuesday, 31-Amos Dean, e
losophy of
Every member will be require
lme Librarian
Lectures to comment
jal2 ROBT. H. PIYN
YORK, offers to insure Buil
and Personal Property, gener
by Fire, assuring itl itme pt
I pany shall be conducted within
as shall entitle it toconfid
1 I1 'I I A nt
a (Office-.- r \C L. LI.
.,'eatlutsisithout h ,-,

Robe t A.,.m, 1,.
Daniel Jackson
Henry Vvckoff -
Heniry H. Leeds
Henry H. Elli-itt
George D. Strou D
Thomas Sargeanr C
Thomas Bolton .
Thomas Tileston I
Charles 0. Handy
Win.a P. Hallett s
hlierehy give that L divide.iIi.,
capital stock of this institution
is this day declared, payable t
legal representatives, on oraft
ry next. Poughlkeepsie, Janu
the Directors.
-I EETING of tihe Boardm
Il. Company' oih.e Great W
bany, January I, 1837--Reso
venty Cents be declared and
on the 14th inst. at -., -.i-,,
Slate street. .
jal4-2aw2w -
COAMPANY'V-Noticehis here
ofsuhbscription to the capi
Pittsaford Railroad Company,
Tuesday and WVednesday of t
of February next at ten o'clo
open until four o'clock in th
days, at the inn ofJohn'l-Acer
.it the inn ofOrry Case inile th
the inn ofJohn Dannin the vi
A. Iorshingtoli in t)'i vil
stock of said company is 15t;0
$100 each; and 910 on eachlia
of subscribing. Dated Dece
Ira Bellows H
John Acer Hr
Charles Colt. "
B handanlextensive assortme
*which lie offers at wholesale
r a l t e rn m s i "' 1 ",1t m '
Market. j I
assortment consta
C. & A. JV. J
aiml -
N services to the public f
settling estates, for 'u i ,ii.,.r i
accounts, collecting .-i L
All business entrusl. r..-i i,
and efficient atteti6'..
December 26th, 185t,,
E. Corning & Co.
R, V. Dewitt, J.T
Peter Gansevoort, SJJ.
T IV.W'Olcott, -
H. Bleecker,
B. Tibbits,
Chauneey Humpbrey; .
John S. WValsh,
A. Crittenton,
Webb & Douglas, I.
Packer, Prentice &
B. R. Wood, ,o
Ira Harris,
Reynolds & Woodruff,
Joel Rathbone, -
STHOMAS informs his friend
ly, hle has just received his
Liquors, comprising a -larg
wines, sonic of which will b
any ever brought to thismar
of BRANDY, GIN, &c., of va
the whole of whichli he offers
terms, at his store No. 13 S
for cleaning stoves, for
144 Soh Market street,
prints, jast ree'd and for
llarket Street, co
oc5 MOSL
a Eberley'sTheraputies, 2
log y, 2 vols.; Good's Study
Mid IBeach's U, States Disp
2 vols.; Dungleson on Hygen
es ohi Females; Dewes on M
ny, 2 vols.; Blandon's Anato
l general assortment of stand
at reduced prices, by
jals8 Bookseller
DER sold wholesale or ret
h92 South Market st., between
jal8 by

a] i/'nii Ihri ri'l.'- hni.I rd.'rill

.lr'h,,i'ii itl',1 i ie ; Ili I rl-

; '.ll.r i, ll ii, f t.,.. e exe
tir. t .. -i.., 6-i, 1i ,.1 i. trI-
ness connected with the aff
S Ii. s..h ai-.tieI iak' Mi i
Ihi.:. :. .;.',, ii.i t.ir 1h 1, 5 ir .
I- oirr .r- .. .i. i ,1 i.i i
i', : *i l '. 1 I, 'ic ',I rl ;.l

In conformity with the abo
held at the lecture room of
the 6th day of Feiruaryne
Every regular member, and
bers within the age of 35 y
said election,
and Solicitor, has opened
lately erected by Mr. Moran
ket street and Maiden lane
with which he iay be entrus
promptly attended to.
J PITCH, Attorney and Ct
o licitor in Chancery. Office
doors south of the Mansion
nection as Attorneys and C
citors in Chancery. Office
Jan. 1, 1836. '
JOHN KOON, Attorna.v
Sh.s removed to the cityof
fice at No. 42 First-street, f
sional business. "'.
meoved to theirOffice in
Mill No. 57 AV',a-r ltr, b.
under the nr;i' ,
nol2-tf GEO
existing between Evert W
ne, in the Hatting business,
August Inst. lby mutual
The business, in future, w
Wynkoop, at the old stand 4
lily to thle article of dissol
all debts owing by the eouner
that nmay be due to it.
aul -f-tf E
i'TOTICE -Notice is hereby-
.L clauitsor demands against
Albany, to present the same
subscriber, assignee of thie sa
his creditors, at his office N
of New York, on or before th

N OTICE-A t a meeting of
PANY, held January ,3 1837
nominated to fill a vacancy
said company. January
jag-d3w E.
NlOTICE-Application will
sion oftbe legislature, for
marine insurance company to
Insurance Company, with ae
sand dollars, with the privi
hundred thousand dollars oro
be located in the city of
ber 23,1831i.
'a.Seeds, growth of 130.
finest Cabbages, Cauliflower
&c. that are cultivated i il
together with every sort t 1
in our own country, and wsl
my.use fionm stock furnishliedi
riented .garirdeners in this count
emanatiung from my store, wa
Also Skinless Oats, Potatoe
bushlel, Perennial Rye Gras
French Clover, Orchard Gras
berry and Yellow Locust See
genuine Mantigel Wurtze, Ru
Seeds, well twortl the
Wholesalde dealers supplied
Price lists, by the pound anu
cation, as also catalogues of
Flower roots, bulb glasses,
books on gardening, &c., at
every sort, pearl barley, oat
split peas, white and brown
pots and garden tool
The Flower Seed department
riety to Ie found i this co
Ihoicee double dahlia seed,
(Gerian and China. asters, s
an addition of several new
n'interit direction fsr c
Orders will Ihe punctually
packed and forwarded as dir
of distant debts is often Iruls
practicaible, it is desired ts
made to persons in Albany,
pauntied with thie mon
SEED CORN-The subscribe
celebrated 12 rowedDutton C
advantages of raising this c
ties, being easily made to yie
acre, and its early maturity,i
from .tiame of planting.
jall L .
lR. COOKE-The attention
l aculhrbranchi of medicine b
(a regularly qualified niedica
experience and practical kno
Lock Hospital in this city,
on tie continent) 'continutest
the confidence
Dr. Cookeremiinds those affl
plaints, for the cure ofwhichlu
that lie continues huia penuli
avoidlig hose consequences
Mercury--cfcceting a spsedy
patient will a s o nstitt
His offices are in tihe LO
l I I.I.... 1.. .1 ...I ,,i, 11
advice and ciasel.
Hours of attendance fro
a-7 See Advertiscinent on ti
ler Blind Manufacturers,, Un
WVare, French, English
Brushes, &c. wholesale and rl
and retailers to call and exa
every attention willhe paid t
their goods
- Wood turning done to or
chor Escapenemut an
ROAD-Call for Sixteenth
The stockholders in the Uti
Company are required to pay,
next, the sum of five dollars
by them respectively, under
In case of'non-payment, of t
with all previous payment m
Stockholders whose stock i
New-York, are required to m
lafield esq. at the office fo
saud stock, kept at thie Ph
stockholders whose stock is
bany, are required to make
rer of said-comnpany, at his
Pearl-street. By order.
Alluuny. Dec. 26th, 1836.
SToa be published in tIhe
Evening Sournal, thIe Albany
York Tilies anid Commercia
Whig, Utica Observer, the S
Schenectady Cabinet, the
Courier, once a week In eachnl
next, and hills sent to te Tle
COMPANY-Dividend ot S
of this company aire informed
cent on the amount heretofo
stock, has been declared by t
out of its nett earnings since
and that tlIe same will be pay
ruary next, at the same time
stanlment on their stock
The dividend of 7 per cent o
on stock ($1,500,000) will be
$5 a share or 5 per cent on
000,000) will be only $100,000
the dividend, by deducting o
tended to be done, a balance
main payable to each stoekhol
application in person or by
his stock shall be registered
next-or ten dlays previous t
no transfers of stock can be n
pany. Albany, January 11,
ICTTobe publishedin the
lng Journal, Albany Daily
Times and Commercial Adve
Utica Observer, TheI Sehen
nectady Cabinet, the Fonda
once a week in each until th
bills sent to tle treasurer
126,1828,1832 and 1834, it
and warranted p
aul7 E. R. S





(Auctioneers and CominonitunA
State s
0 Regular days for ulott ilm
dsdays and Fridy.
Oi.W -I .I.0 .I-l .I !
1I .. in. ,i.i ,li. ih in i ''._

T'rini llihernil, iih, will W l
(li, i .. i, ... I,
o r l lui' h -li 1 l. i I i .11 ,i
left lit 6, .l'i -1111 I in-, i i ,
agent, Im..h I Th:
5 ches- ,. t it rIi |iil I
to hall iI, ,I,, ,di ,
I3 ,uhddleid u d I hl4e d
13 bosiqa rutilij I bhc l iq
I hueg doI I hiss hri i
1 hil" ,,11 "i 1 tf tc
1 I I" I'1i-, 1 1i tl oi l
l I i1iMi,' ,,l 1u1' i, irt
l ,ii,!,, l ..u :ii I.l
1 h11,I .1 41 .I..dl ,
4 J.,-' Ihdo round io afod
3I -lu lit,, I
Also at the
I hira 1 ke
1 i 1,. i.., ,. clolthingI bag
4 hl.1 i ,nmuI rods 1 ba
1- 'i' iii 1c t ine 1 chesssa
u i,-' 4 .dioe., 4 ha
I liil do
By virtue of
Prilday, 3d February, at 10 o'l
Inroc quantity of households
u-in,% os tsbies, .1i. ,;- i. -ti ;'.I
I.1' c., upboard, -, 1. .:..
beds, bedding, to v II..r il ) j >'l l
Ware, kegs, stand .': l .. .
.\i P'.s ,
900 fancy can
100 maple
100 Windso
100 scrollseat nuro
77 do do
100 turned post Frenchh
50 feather b
40 .eight day mahogan
125 thirty hour clocks, wrr
250 looking glasses, assorted
50 bifhels red to seed.

city of New York at puh
Street, on the twenty-h
at swelve o'clock ait noon, u
Cowdrey, master in chancery
lot in the third wtrd of A
Dock now Dean street, soutl
rent G.- Staaits, north by Maid
John Burnet, aits the same w
nier Jacob Vani Everen dece
57 feet, along ]lie knround of
11 inches, in length oni souit
north ide 7.1 feet 04 inches,
'Ilhe ileo f the above propel
twventy-third day uof Februa
e i-The. ubseriber is ildueed,
to offer for sale his Flourin
the Varick Canlal at Oswegao.
louring, and two for grinting
other, and may be applied to on
Piere is also connected with
for grinding killdriedeor.
s among tIle fancy brands.
quire ofE. Benson and J.
ulscriberi at Oswego. Os
an office'No. 24 Nassau stre
'f buying and selling real e
getting or leasing of the same,
atters in any way connected
of the:Union.r Hewill also att
latuire which nay lie confide
ons at a distance who have b
(ork, lie offers his services
riders will he. promptly
J. A. B
Refer's lo Messrs. Prime, W
man, Johnson & Co., Danie

Chasing land in the state
that the undersigned has bee
Mickles & Co. of Monroe,
advantage of making a select
choice of a good soil. He wi
as wish to purchase for an
Such persons will besavedthes
to the land office,.by deposit
acres they want to buy, in
Bank in this city, at two dol
drafts of Messrs. M.'s & Co.
cessary certificates and p
N. B. References can be give
scriber as to the respectable
gentlemen. Apply at 34 Nor
Museum. '
pointed Messrs. Davis & J
gents for the sale oflands ih
ciously selected by persons l
and who are well acquainted
ing a soil unsurpassed in qua
and favorable for agriculture,
most flourishing district in
ing required until the title i
ser, a confident assurance is
desirable opportunity for secu
portion of these rich. domain
cannotbe prsented.
Therapid settlementanid
in the country are fast enha
Difficulties of purchasing, w
hereby entirely overcome.
Auctioneers, 66 State street
oclSetf O

ington street, Alhanv-Th
"Iing Al
ly informs his friends a
House is now enlarged a
style, and ready forthe rec
12 to 18 boarders can be ac
by the week, month or year,
sonabie terms. The above h
pleasant street in the city, o
convenient locations for mem
whom he solicits a share of
er company. "L
N.'B. There is a good and ce
the above, with a shed fort
travelling by private conv


The Steamboats 0. ELLSWO
will bhue..itnpe f F(oYed exclusively

W OOD-From One to Five
S rate Wood for saie low,in
lying ontic PocstenaKill a
miles from Troy and,17 fr
teams can make first rate
'wood in either city. Enqui
street, Albany, or No. 1
at 384 South Miarhket, corn
ja5 MOSE
I Market, corner of ds
die30 MOSE
-W .CLES of all patte
aul -
tie undersigned as its Agent
prepareul to assure against
reasonabletermis as
This Company, incorporated
for promptitude in tie trans
liberality in the adjusting
ThIe Agent would particularly
formerly covered by him, to
In ordinary cases, the undtie
surveys, thereby avoidaingthe
trenew applications. Alb
dl0-if Over WV. C, Litt
THE opartaesipe
tw 's--t-ce &Ns--oy
its aDentist,,hvngti
,- -: -..i laJ''i ,
S-day -'closed, tebs s
will lie hereafter conducted
associated themselves foray that
late C. & N., No. 319 North
wix Hall.
Intending to remove to tI
pleased t1aiit I have it in i
former patrons, a gentlenmai
den'ce can be placed by all s
services. In speaking thus
therefore, as my successor, I
tionabule evidence of mis char
list. -With regard ho Mr. Ro
-I calt only say, that his repu
established to need a word f
oc0-6um, Oflice7f

-_3 ,- I
~~s BLE EM h
ON O M'dies anulge
who are desirous ofrplelting
loss of the. original teeth, i
subscriber's HIuman Incorrupt
method and mihanner of setti
are incorruptible, they never
they absorb the saliva or juice
ly, they do not cause an unpl
They call be supplied froIn on
respond with the living teeth
ral and all kinds of artificial
the latest improved style
method of inserting them gi
bined with all the important
ferent uses in mnastificalion,
the original fornm of the mout
any unpleasant or pinfiul op
serted by atmospheric pressure
clasps, ligatuies, &cn. w itie
set on tlhie unerring principle
uniformity anid adaption to
li' tile clos
performs every operation on
on the most modern and appr
gery, with tlleast possible
al skill. Curious teeth fille
with gold, platina, etc. Loose
er arising from age, neglect, sc
eases of tie gums. Irregular
prevented, ill adults remedi
teeth extracted. 'lhe treat
ticularly a
S No. 82 Hudson
Professional operations and
as usual. i
Just received andi offersforS
Vegetable Cutter, and feels c
in saying it is well'worthmy
The above machine, design
cattle and sheep, is operate
and will cut potatoes, turn
Price 910, at the Albany Agr
ry. dIelS
racao, Maraschli o, Ani
Rose, Creme de Menthc, Eli
Syrup, raspberry brandy, str
lbraudy; for sale by
PIG IRON--300 tons Scotc
Land and most approved br
sale tby
SStore 392 South MAarket st
Division sts. Ja
t te Variety Store
HOLDERS-A few very eleg
au3 .Y
SAGE-A few Pounds of sup
well cured. For sale at th
Market street,
Flannel, warranted not
310 North Mlarke
n 110 IN

(Atluction and Commisston i
Mierchants--tore No
On ''ridsty,Febru ary 3d, at
S,... or approved notes, ala
.I portedd and domestic dr
ri-. of clotlis and cassimrein
i .... i,, bfulik ani blue bl.1
brown hollnilsa, Irish line?,
lieavertecnus, bunnters' cord,
buckram, redi padding, osnab
pers., shawls and hdkfh, ladies
garters and suspenders, I.
snisss grandchildren's line,
flaggs, purple and bufalsawls
prints, eol'd and lilk cambric
sesa donestic slhirtings, she
wadding, cotton Ia
25 cases men's
30 do do
10 do do kip roga
O30 bales blk. an
10 bales c
200 lbs Marslhall
200 doz. woo
100 boxes first quality


TO. LETS and po55ei5
a.Novttnt,sn-i1 lt 't.
i -Hotaiioi_ & L l|... ,..
aBti Apply, l-, '. 0 f'
no4-tf (tiF, -.-. -.1.1 N .
t TO LET-l i'i,
.ij thestore .25 Nort
|Il office, now occupieid
IBi nasioan wiilli bie giv
STO LETR'L-Two Lofts
; i;Exchngetreet. Pd's
!r Iylnquie 4 a t
TO LET-Froi rtn-i
i.-three Rooms for Off
IlHlI ne of N.Miarkst-s
IIthe store No. 289, Nor
pied as a'drygoodsso
P. ,MM
Selo 16'a"l 'l "a
sel .
TO LET-Fromul thefis
two story rick dwelli
I Enquire of
32 Stat
cTO LET-From the
8+storeNo. 1I.ii.eln '
Il man & Pm
irTO LET, f,,i, l
B large three b irLi ,
l street The.,t m r i i
Bt! afid a tn retienilIr .i.
quureof.+ t.HE

A Jlbe SALE-li I
therejii. aa-numP oin ml,_
Itree'. '',euriet ,i FOi a
inchic ir.,nl h. c'. P afr]
Said luts ar e hli'itM sdlu i
stores; being near tile ce
sol hby the 20th of Feruna
fered at public sale at the H
Terms easy for the purcliad
further particulars enquirer
street. January7,1
ja2S-dtfeb20l -
lu sion given 1st May
UI dwelling house;, No;,
IR site Kane5s walk; and
ling house, No.54 Vasbhintg
in good order.
A two story frame dwelli
A two story frame dwell
do do
do -do '
do do .
do do S '
Three two story frame d
The above property has
will- be rented without ref
and will be put in good t
S. COBB.3135 N
bei i: iriin ,'.a'p.iihlr
un r.r alra .f 17 e.1 ruair. l '
N'J rL--I L

j TO LET-From thu
" i.c l util, :.?n tii....J .'
Illr Ib"' uillil-Ct.il li r
C; t rlo-slrrel.. T] r r rel %
der, ad ndot% in tIre .'-'u
thile lot is i-l-.a einseiern si'
the 3 story brick dwelling
bia and WVater-tre
ja Itf Slat
TO LET-Fromn these 1
dwelling and yard in S
l L. G. MClask
Store, dwelling and
pied orcester an
tore No. 4 Gree
Store and lofts No. 10
5 rooms over thestore of
i office, 2d story, and 3 in
of. State and Green-sts. P
lie had inumediatey.' ,
P rA-EkAwE'ailwreiesn
eupled by James iValkera
Dwelling No. 136 South P
Lloyd.. ,. ."
SLarge 3 story store, coir
.Two parlors adtubed roo
basement room in building
Blacksmith shop in Hamil
D. Fisher. .
Grocery and dwelling No.
Market-st., now occupied
hby given that George R
Charles D. Gould have form
mua.ilt lt.. ic 4th iiJ.ler.'. 2
1I-, d llr cl' ;-J. pah" 1.p. obe c u
1-:0 t, nuiun r i'ii &1is. Tht>
i:r rii Ui.in L.r m I -i.;limiuth .
. <.K'lif~i~r- iIli.-.-ELI.
nl ai-l o11 i i.sl Sm i.. aI.h 'ri.
tih e A '. I.il] rl || Ii lr i h, -
; i.L il. Oil l l hL. 'ar &.. It
1 c l 6 Il-i ill "lhll \ 'l l h,
alil rtlr, ,ii~i. Ih, He.l ;., al
D. I;.uildl. i..,ihh l ,p,. l .
(iu'liih.i'iu 1.t *. i i amii
Tlhotusandl Dollars, which ih
partnership is to comment
vemlier 1836, and terminate
1840.. Albany, No
nol2 CLES
quarter having lbeenu .ii,
;.te ptr n.- iii,,i I., the Tr
1 1u liw iI'.i b...- h ...ul ,.i .
.. 1 p..'ri -,:,...I i,.. t-.'rt'h tr )
all the various lu'ranhes o
academy. .
All graduates of the Acad
tied for admission to this-c
enjoy the advantages of.it,
isfactory evidence of hai
course of studies required
emy; and ifit lie thought pro
al ion oftheir profici
The members of this class
under the direction ofthe 'Pr
academy, that they maty ac
,as the single object of ut i
to assist in supplying the
throughout the country, fo
charge will be made foi
At the, close of oneffill year,
as shall sustain n satisfactor
a certificate in properr fori
President anud 'rnistees, o
discharge the diliecs of a
23,1838. By ord
no24- -" A" A
dies English Sheet Iro
100 bundles Rnussi
150 boxes 'il
10 cases sheathingop
50aSlheeths Braziers' do;.
1200 lbs Bar Lead'.for
deS JO
F OR- SALEX-'1 excell
hundred and seven acres,
Albany, on thue Albany
farm lays.very hlandsoumi-
goodi ordery-huildings nea
twenty-foucr feet," twvb st
barn slxiy feef-square, a
county. It is handsomely
as it commands a fine pro
never failing springs ofsof
j "lf .'
jultl -o.... Quay -t"
"'TEW BOOKS-lloii.
1 l time, b. N.WlB. I\ P
Chlb, part second, by B A
of Naiades, by Isaac Lec
bly hatlves of Newv-York s
vere, a play,' by E. L B
Aaron Burr, byM. L.Davi
ja24 by W C,

pi pliniumn ajaceis)-This
looks very inuch like thie
and is of thIe most beautify
pink, pearl color, bluob, &
lion, thIe seed'should he n
bher, in a bed flight ric
ter, cover it with straw
which remove in the month
clean. Larksprsn should At
cents per paper. Sol
se? oppos
S superior.article, for s
de'2 b "."
sold and warranted at t
Market st, ho '
S(medium size) just rece
ces, on liberal terms, a
nol6 and Pape
U 200 reams of large siz r
morning from the mills, ansnd
sets, at O'
au9 Pat
cast -se atasrl, 1Mil1 a e
eeived for sale by

&%5UE 51g0uOASreceive
de24 a53 -
S ,jUB E No.
Qcaley or~n llt rkt tretby C

_~ I~_~__i_ ~_~


(Real Eatate Brokera
Store Go. 6 State,

da To RiEIN, ..! ...

Bt l ii the F r i I f'r,-1 I
ano t ro e r io hi.i h' y. r o-. I.
quires rooa it....i i. -ii I
purpose rather Il l 5h I'.i l
edfor anvr, lpt il~IU "*h. I"I.
t' & .\. IV
BTO LET-." i,'-. ,,*,
l en lane, with cellars an
Packer, 'renlic & C
Alorange. Thesestores c m [...
of business.
Also, large roons for so
ces for artists,
delffice N.
TO LET-Store 325
X !! gv possession i
En quire atth o

TO LET-On.- ,.iTi,,c ,a
I llitq r, + l,.mll,'. .h ,.
Ei i il lrr j h l 1 \ld 1 i
floor andone on thlie third f
No. 13i South Pearl street,
del 9 '. M. M
TO LET--The larg
L Shaw's Druggists store
n022B nL O


... .. .. . f i A -

.. ,,,. ,," ,., .-.r .% I- --I : a te O f 10
.New N orK, to u+onrat ien Eyec lolie town 11 i+ouymans again
and counts of Albany, and Jacoh A. Tel Kyck and An- tied
thlonv Tenl Eyrk, ofIlhe town ofSchodack i iecountyOf EDi
Rensselaer and state of New Yore, and recorded in book Engl
no. 2j3 of mortgages, oil pages42;, 4-24, on the second day soi JI
of November one thousandd eight hundred and twenty-six, same
in the clerk's office of the city and county of Albany, and appe-
upon which there isjnow claimed to bedue tie siln Of five withi
hundred mid fifly-Lvthe dollars and ewo c-nts-All that cor- tice;-
lain piece or parcel of land with the buildings thereon, sit- side
lated in the town ofCoeymans aforesaid bounded 1s rol- Ise0
lows: beginning at tile southeast corner ofs, farm of then- and t
foresaid Conrad Ten Eyck, nowf it possession ofJacob 1. den I
Schcrmerlhorn, at the turnpike road, and runs thencenorth 136.
nine degrees east five chains, thence north twenty-three no:
degrees and fifteen minutes west seven chains and sixty-
eiglht links to a rock lying m tie edge ofa small hrook in
FrcedericHeihht's east line, and nearly opposite to the,
house in which Joseph -Winslow now or formerly lived, *""
thence southerly along the road to the turnpike, thence a- I '
long the tnrnpike to the. place ofbeginning, containing five I
acres ofland, be the same Inore or less-will besoldatpub- O J
lie auction at the city hall in the city of Albany, (.i the denu
eighteenth day ofiMayliS37, at twelveo'clock at noon, taI
- ,-1 itl,, ,...ri;- !: i.,,n and there foreclosed by said sale, ,.
1.1...I- ,I I h. I'|1|T,|11 ofrthe statute in Such case made ahl -*-
nrovided. Dated November 4, 1S36. ""
Executors of Conrad Ten Eyck deceased. bloi
Froihingham & Lansing, lyg. ntcls-21w Ila
[.Pursuant to Revised Statutes,'part second, chap. here
V., title l,art. 5; relating to "voluntary assign. thor
ments by an insolvent, for lle purpose ofexoner hit a
ating his person from imprisonmnt nt."I i
J"1AMES F. HOWE, notice first published January 17, onle
18S7; creditors tlo appear before Hon. Richard Iiker, ing I
recorder of the city of New-York, at lis chambers in the of E]
City Hall of the city of New-York,on the 3dday of April, him
1937, at ten o'clock it the forenoon of that day. jal7E10w for I
A LANSON HUGlISOK, notice first published Decen- hin,
ber 17 1836; creditors 1,o appear before ltol. John P. bidd
Cushlman, recorder of the city of Troy, it lis office in said vem
city, on the twenty-fourth clay ofFebruary 1e37, at ten o'- nc
clock in the forenoon. E10 -
'M^ EORGE LANMAN, notice first published January 2 B
1437; creditors'T-. before lion. Richard Riker, of P'
recorder ofthe city f.." ork, at his office in the city visii
hall ofsaidecity, on the sixteenth day of Match 1S37, at resii
eleven o'clock in file forenoon. El) the
JOSEPH HARRIS, notice ffi'st publishedJanuary 25, the
1 37, creditors to appear before Richard Riker, recorder tile
of the city of New-York, at his office in the City Hall, sul'
ia said city., on the fourth of April, 1837, at ten o'clock in '01
tle forenoon. ja25-10w e "
d~^EORGE SOLE, individually,andasoneofthefirm o illtj
G*.3, Sole & Sankey, notice first published January 27, site]
1837, creditors to aoppehr before lion. John T; Irving, first Dut
judge of common pleas forth city and county of New-
York, on the 14th day of March, 1837, at Chambers in the jy
City Hall, in said city, at 10 o'clock A.M. EOvi
[Pursuantto Revised Statutes, Fartsecond, chap. fil
V,, title 1.art. 3; relating to voluntaryy assign-
ments madepursuant to the application olanin- sie,
solventand his creditors."I DA
"YAIAN FENN, of the city al county ofadh ta- Pen
da, notice first published January2 1837; creditors to "le,
appear before :lion. Samuel W. Jones, at his office in sl
Church street in tile city ofSchenectada, oi the eleventh """
day of February 1.837, at nine o'clock in the forenoon. D6 me,
JgOHN H. WNILLIAMS, notice first published Dem- in t
U her 20. 1836i, creditors to, appear before hon.' Samuel sue]
Cheever, firstjudgQ of Albany county courts, counsellor, Dat
&c. at his office in Albany, on the seventh day of March
1_537, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. D10 jy
D'kENNIE SAYRE, ofibe city of New York, as wel
in his individual capacity as copartner of Amherst
,Vight and Dennie Sayre, lately doing bn- ofI
name, style and-firnt of A.- WVight, notice r visl
January 7 1837; creditors to appear before the li. Rich- scot
ard Riker, recorder ofthe city of New York, at his office sie'
in the city hall ofsaid city, on the twenty-first day of March Ehis
IS37 at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ofsard day. DI0 scol
r1[11HOMAXI .L. HAIM' NEZ,, of Albany, notice first met
published January30 18S1; 0 I- i car be- ..cl
i,,- hont Samuel Cheever, first "I- county
courts. counsellor, &c., at his (.1f- on t debt
twelfth day of April, 1837, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon', pert
D10 l
LOTICEis hereby given- that application wilI bemade
N to tle legislature of~this state at their r ..in'. -es- d
sion, to amend the charteroftheJackson i nai-
rance Company ofthe city of New York, so as to allow fn
said company to divide their surplus profits and to in- 10
ereasethlenumber of Directors. Nov.14,1836. nol7-tf Nei
"NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be resi
1 made to tce legislature at its next session, for an act. nst;
ofincorporation for "an association, for the promotion of B1c
science and the arts, and for the eretion ofa building for of
the accommodation of the echcity -sar
of New York, with azeapital of from 150,000 '-. S'" ""n the:
New York, Dec. 30, 1836. j,- law
"OTICE is hereby given that tn application will be not
made to.thie legislatureoftis state at their nextfses- for
sion, for an act to incorporate a company with a capital t t
of @1,)000,000, with banking privileges, to construct a re
ship canal from Greenbush, opposite the city ofAlbany, in
to some point below the overslangi on the Hudson riveri
the banking house to be located, in the county of Rensse-
'laerIwith the privilege of a branch in the city of Albany,b
and to lie called the Rensselaer County CanalBank.-
New York, Dec. 24, 1836. ja6-6w coi
]NTOTICE-The mayor, aldermen and commonality Of ,,a
the city of Albany will apply at tile present session -
of the legislature, for such an alteration of the act unti- pit]
tied An act to alnend ;in acltto improve the e for
the Albany basin, passed April 14,1836, so 011;
work mentioned in the first section of the said act shall mo
have, been completed, that the commissioners mentioned the
in the said act may assess the damages to the Owner of sta
any property taken or in any manner injured, and appor- put
lion the same.and the expenses ..1. nin:.-Fri.. I.;.-r oft
and to authorise the collection "I-- -.I I ----i i are
the same, until the other improvements mentioned in the
said original act shall have been finished. And further, n
that the couu+lnssioners shall be required to add tle ilter-
est of all moneys advanced, from time to time, by the said T
cormat t Improve the Albany basin under tte ori- oI
ner providedthlereby,as apart oftheexpenseofsuchrm-
-provement. Albany, January 9, 1837. By order of the re,
common council. jag-6w P. Carmichael, clerk.
NTOTIC. is hereby given that an application will be tle
I made to the legislature of the state of New-York, lie
at its: present session, which commenced on the firs; hav
Tuesday of January, instant, 1837, for an act to incorpo- not
sate the St, George's Society of New-York, and to allow res
the said society to hold real estaic-to theamount of-twen- lisc
ty thousand dollars. The object of th s In* to an(
afford relief and advice to indigent nativs of England, or '1137
to their wives, widows or children in Ihe cit, of Iew-
York, and to promote social intercourse amongst its a
members ; and the property and income Of The Society is
to be expended in charity only.
New-York, Jan. 12, 1837. jal7-6w. en,
[WOTICE is hereby given that application will be made. "me
N o i to the legislature of thi state ofNew York.sat their ant
present session, for the extension of the time of filing of ,
the deposition of the capital stock of tle Columbian Fire tha
"Insurance Company of the city ofNew York llin 11111
pnid in. Now York, Jan. 10, 1837. J 6 1 r
IN CIIANGERY--Before the Vice Chancellor of lhe to
First Circuit, Jocol) Polhemus Stryker, John J. Van- or]
i.I.iii ,,,,i "1 ,, ... i his w ife, Gertrude Ann Stryker and 111
lin *'*i : .* rirt Stryker, Henry Stryker and Ger- a e"
rude Stryker. ALL
In pursuance of there statute in such case made and pro- 2
vidad and 6f anl order uPthIlscor neitleaveni-B
tied c~anse, notice is hereby givntalpesahvi ayj
General lien or incumbrance onanudideineeto of
sliare of llhe prentises sought to b attoe nti as o
anll hereinafter described, by JudenoreceIpo-sa
dac, to tlhe ulndersigned at his ofieitlecyofrok s
lyn, on or before the sixteenthdyoFerryntpo W
"of all such liens or!ncunmn'ancvsadfteaonsr-ti
spectively due thereon. The ssid rmssaedsrbdls
as follows, to wit: [a
All that certain farm, piece orpceoflnwihteno
buildings thereon, situated, lyingadeigite onf id
Flatbalsh in the. county of KensadsaeofNwYro
hounded and conhtainipg as follow laistsa:ben e
sing ait tile southwesterly cosnrtierefo h roln a
Jamaic~a and Phttlbushi TurnplikRodbylnfoeryf
Peter Strvker deceased, thlenc unigesrlaog a
said last mentioned land an-ldofA readHn-^
.tlrick Wyekoff, W+illiam Alle n ai fleRfre
Protestant Dutcih Church of P'latuh oteln hno
Peter Nefits deceased, now the celcln fteCoe~a
Road so called; thence northern ln adln rti
centre linle of the Clove Road to ado onLt;tec S
westerly aloeg said last mentioned adt ado ila
(C. Stoothioof, thence souttherly ln adls etoe
land and also along land of Ann Stnlc n adoWI
lianm C. Story and Mrhs. Deborn atisfomlyf '
Gerrit Marte~nse deceased, to llesth hef ieo ln f',
the saidl last ne~ntioaed land, thecwselaln lesi
southerly lille or side. of llhe lasmeiodladtth ".
tuirnpike road albre~said, and conaiigb smaonity"
acres, be the same inore or legs.o -
And also-all that certain lot, j...." -..lo elln
and wood land situated, lying j ~ nI" ,;..t ono
Flatbusli afore~said, bounded an otiiga olw,'

land formlerly of P~elerNe~efe .1. i.jn- -i. 1, .

f r erilty c~' r ,'-i ,ij: .i, ,' .. i .e-y p rl y A

G errit V a,,,i, i .r **,i.1, i_ i ], r.'', ,utu h. i ,,, ,

lie tie same more or ss. firs
'nd also all that ('ertain other lot, piece or parcel ofheood any
land situated, lying and being in the~toin oflatbush a- deli
foresaid, bounded as follows, viz: northerly by tle patent. this
line boieween the town otf'FIatbush'and lle city ofBrook- pro
iyn; easterly by wood land now or late ofGarret Vandcr- ted
veer; southerly by land now or late of William William-
son. or partly by land of John Schenck, and westerly by sc
lahd of the said Williamn Willi'aso deceased, ani con-
taining five acres, be the same more or less.
And also all that certain tract, piece or parcel of sall.
Meadow situated, lying andbcing at Flatlands it the said tha
county of Kings, and bounded and u .. .ii...i -t C-ii-ows,
viz, easterly by Bedford-creek so by site
meadow late of William Cowenhovcn deceased; norther- d
ly by meadow late ofAdrian Martemse deceased; and west- sol
Orly by the piece or parcel of fresh meadow hereinafter do-
icribed. containing six acres, be the same iore or Ies i
A And also all that certain lot, piece or parcel O
neadow Situated, lying and beinr In Ile town ofFlatlands st
foresald, bounded and describedai follows, that is to say: v m
southerly by land late of William Cowenboven deceased, ,1
easterly by tie salt meadow above described- northerly by it
meadow of Mrs. Susan Catin, and southwesterly by aroi
dividing same front meadow formerly ofaJoh Fish dcld B
containing twoand ahalfacres of land, bethb same more --
or less,. **T
ArAnd also all that certain lot, piece or parcel of woodland
ti lateh' lyingand being it the town otFlathush aforesaid, City
bounded as follows, viz: northerly by land or iood land "'I"
formerly ofJolhn It.- Cowenhovcn deceased; easterly part- Men
y by wood laild foinmerly of Johanes E. Lott, now of iss"
.Ihn Lott, and p trtly by clear land formerly of Saciuel

^ r --

* n illidit i h~ l. t o E iir i .11
"r"n. B. Bol-. Jol, C IoEdwardl.ui
, ahll e ni P. fle eihll .rvlilvr-i Traders' II
o -, L ;ulla-ah.. in11 Unld ,,I) 01 N1,-% N k %- Mlary R.l
"L'6,, uofI lLa.. ndl C 111W.aIlre llli wife,;-Thomas F
Vllsnn.d 'Via) Ann irt "l't. ll.N.11R. Roberts, Jan
t -rip A- i .E"l R,-lLh rtr.o r.d P .1 ,rL l:dw ard s.
hspe-aklikem afflaidvn1 I.. fi.le QA.ir'i.ctiokk orthls coinl
It tire slid d -f .n0 l d, h at % id R ..ba ri-; and C atliarinehi
./'- l-ilt .1 Lm; -1 0i!and in the star
fl~liii.Fn la..,lii-,I e oLd~ S5Ll,: oflAmnerica.-on ran
l ao l' Lt ; i rl l \% 'l l l r r l q il n il3,9 1 r la o o .
o di e ir.-', l t i If,. I.id decltfiiund, D ., I li.:.idn .1
ltharine his wife, do respectively appear and answer f
ill of complaint In this ause within four months fron th
ie of this order, arid-in default thereof, that the said bi
taken as confessed against them, or such one of ttj
"liall make default therein; t
*bed within twenty days in UIe stae paper and in >1
espapr called tile New York Commercial Advertise
iated in the ciry of New York,. and little said publics
ok be continued in each or the said papers for eigo
leeks in succession, once at least in each week. Decen
y 2 0 1 8 3 .e 2.. .w
ITATE OF NEW YORK, 8 IChanceryBefo
the Vice Chancellor ofthe First Circuit. Edward N
;regory and Mary Eliza his wife, Clistianna Gregor
nd Emily Gregory vys.Nehemiah Gregory and Mary h
-ire, William Uregory,/Amelia Gregory, Virginia Grego
r, Harriet Gregor a ly. Inpartition.
In pursuance of an oidermatle in the above a.mitled caus
ad ofthe statute in such ease made and provided,all pe
ins having any general lien or ihcumbrance by judgment
decree, on any undivided share or interest in the lan
Id premises set forth ii ithe bill ofcoiplint filed in th
use, and which are hereinafter particularly mentioned,
id described, are'.reqtired to produce tire the trder
gned, or or before'the fifteenth day of February next a
.n o'clock in the forenoon of that day, at my office No. I
7all street In the city of New York, proof of all sue
ns or Incumbrances, together with satisfactory evident
'the amount dud thereoni which, said lends and prem
,s are thus descr16ed, to wit: all those two certain lot
teces or parcels ofground situate, lying and being in th
,ie eighth ward of the city GUN
in map annexed to an indenture bearing date the twenty
st day of August in the year of ou. Lord one thousand
ight hundred antwenty, ma Cthrin C
the city IId slate of New Yor widow, o Ie fir
rt, Magdalen Beekman, fthe same Inae pointer,
ie second part. Johanria Beekman, of he sameiplac
Fidow of the third part, und Alexaoder L. Stewamof tt
w me place, gentlemant-ofthe'fourth'p;.rt, and recorded i
"e ofice ofregister in apd for the city and county 6jNe
rork, in liber 147 of conveyances; page K bylotnumbe
(thirteen) fronting on Broudway, and lot number-2
wenly) in the rear thereoffronting on'Mercer street
.,)rich two lout taken Iogether as one Piece of ground a
wounded and contain a2 follows. iit -i_,-, ..
roadway twenty-five- feet, rnhiimn-rl) .I AP..
reet twenty-five feet, nortblitorly oi I..L inunii" r;
dl 19 belonging to alderman Tju fr In,, iiuiirc.' i,.
nd southwesterly on Il o nunit2al*r l .''i o ?1 ..
asher Marx two hundred feet. be tie contents ihee
aoreorless. Dated New York, Deember-!, 1839.
ja3-6w Masker in Chancery.
N CHANCERY--Before the Che ellor-Frances Lot
isaCassidy vs. William Cassidy, Charles Cassidy,An
,rose Spencer Cassidy, Mary Cassidy, Margaret Cassid
,lizabeth Cassidy, and De Vilt Clinton Cassidy, and Hc
ae B. Webster, Henry Caasid, mil Fir.ii.. |MLI:...
xecutoraofthe willofPatrick -
In pursuance, and invirtue of the decree entered in i
auseou tlie filt,day;of "Jtp,i il"m. l.-.I,.the subscribei
leof the masters of til ,i **uFI %il expose forsalel1
db hl : ua ltio l 1n h L c llle f\ r. r i I ..ll 111 N -)riI-1jflih,
If,-1 Ji lliA .:Il) o[' Afialil, til fl... j. h III I.,,1 of Ila.. hI.I
"l aW d'A l o'Clolk tr nt 1ili. c?
,A1 ll at : [i ala i: ii ~ lr v PI- 1 u lahi iiti jiijii;1, 1 .
e.'l e I I.l ehiI rd I atd o f ti| ea ) w th in
cr ,,I hIpel .i4c. L jnd dil Maider. 1jnv, aii]j I ILI1I
de, i'et i I 1"" ill I'r-inI ur, C iiip~ l P11fi,
c l e i. l o a a.li a h u l l | i.en o is in l .i 1i ko .i cF. V'lF i.:, ...I
llndl'iriij .] .1 i lr't. nl rl:h [\lue i f-d ri iijc.^i

tiiiiiiii : i ,.I "l AlbArr ein it ibif lll u .
JB|" \''.l "i lt:l.rt i andl i- i .l i lm ;,.s*,,i j ,
L r'nd- .n 11 ii.&p lilad le the ,- .
l nurithI,'r tait-e(, arnd L,',bedrdlJ 'iiui.i4 jii,[i
k..rllih i tti lur u 6 lit h..t r l j d.q
*.. I l..,lly-IllT*:. i l. b o ll l I ,
I.l]. ld 11L)Ill k lin .- M'limi s|]], I H..I ,i1, r.-1
ience north forty-six degrees and thirty minktes westa
-mgg Ehf noilli Aide of lifea.dic on;: e lli'il. [iinev fiu>L"-ri
dlOl lh III.? l at b.jli nd o 1f fot Iu-ber Jilin it li.:I|..... .11
'l) ii .h i l' L).J], i- lr rie MLn., Uri, Chaff.i I,-i Lt.. plma--0 'i -L'iiiini~j
Ali-, ull [Iba 1',Ilb. 11 pif 'EW lend [-h, .nil. rir!L war
A th ] le .1 I,'6 All..n..) in .m ii -H I 1 Vull ,-l Ly
ius) street, and distinguished on- a map filed in' tiesni
lerk'sroffiieon ,the sedondday obljy, 1S03, by lot numbs
ix, andbouaded. as.follows: beginning at tle northwas
orner of fot number five and running thence south forty
rtife,"f' I indJ lirii'Ll iiiniu r I i -i hr-. ; ,r, fo'i
- Lm W M ink ilo"i Fcrr)- i *ireel, 11'c ri-c i. I.-rL -A
'e2l? t lahd il k)h l il.l1il % i fl il if. Id, l .J .
dljil *lied L1h'lin. u-lel-.I. rrrll-er t1
I hiliTiAb r se~en I, t ll i.; wil y' link. I... \11
. idi I M en i ir[I, r Siiii t,, l -.u j 1 ..I
tinIr l) I ll? place of becimima.
Ali-, II nll i pifi:- oit ",.jid 11.,il* 1n .l: -1 iliir
|lljltlll 01" Albji.l .111 I l l h u I.E...1\ .1' ., )..l
Itikl, ,d Wtd .......h~
leIEtk I ,.,l d oi tinr t ll, j orti lla p Li,-r.-iH' rili ,| ln,.
ollhrtrl. atil [i'jIin I l a.i I'I- i,.
c1 t Cd1 rr i 'h)[ r lufri t[ iz and iir i.. i
;jrfL[-anr(- do re~ a [llr) n-ih telle ii .11 ..iiLir,; r--j ni
. i -i M inIh iO t -'i t rn :--
itiqJ-rtuaiLhaly irirnilti i %vi,5[ riloid i-i llie iino lii* 1 .i' )
mci~l-l-r l~llrty1 lellltH..r llivrl l_[ H.,., luji]
ut ril.inLit:r III rlItc I@. .l lhqili dn. H')lll -lj \ 'jj'il..i

ki I ,I l tII ln i t n.:*[ t i;rIr1 ii -
61Alinbc! jiikt i c i v, i. -rlu i g lu i -Aujn fft, i-k: tIi. ri- i~i
. *i l, IlU. l[ ill lle r il'lI 'll l[ l
Mir-1I. iil fid.- I.,'n o~irk :16Lrr.iij a rijll, .io' 1" j -
r.J.( ;.-3 .1"f ,orI 1 ,M arh -t re! dL:.U o ''.
.* rlh M III 1. 1 ik ri LNl rll rl n ',:l al e v.
I-,riln D" a lot of gr-nud siJ 10 1" IIaiirL a
%%a-1 Ilurid. Ld ',lll J.,ft i r fe e t .[-. iJ, ...1 ll -
ly Orchard street thirty-five feet seven inches and three
ulirlirm U f \ In. ..h kind -,I1 kill b i a I~
i1,;! [Iil:l'.hig lto C'tli lrl i a im pir, ia tI v ., rin-, r, I r
t-I'oUr Irle t o niL1101, .
AlIr- *| illIWi e Milalfor Ol ot'JOrounr ij S ii III III i l 11-1
..A1':) 1 -I- 1 l.-.r.i On-h_ w .-
,I, 111 llrij -11 e livel ri d a lIh 1, 1'N.- i'r.-.n ,
Ill h 1'" +- nly-oilx I ved J1 IIlie dl' knt l l h 1 r .
A i).'i ith r i i ie l l ii m"l Ii iit | lrt r' lFJ 11
,n.rvhI id~r hr r, ..e.I El
cle -. I of elllis G la fclu lhl:l in od 1,- 1 l11 Hi- r.rr .... I.,
-I' la-d L [%% III- h e ll lltl;!. ll11- ---h t"LL.I r Fll M !._e uj.
vardof+theii.ty of Albany, bounded Cast by tie property
if Joelmq1cidsW(formeriy known as the Mechanics' Hall
ltbesouth.bvSteuben street, on the i- 1 o.j -.. 1
u rlylieT F r, Ike .1 >. Tiin \in o, ii ... .... (1. .
j'lEujibli i-Ic t ji b ih [lnr[ I' i in I ';-h hr.
icr#,ili ml .jal il L'oh1iPlu ii astrr -. a t. .
undSi-lF) *1'uon I''.I e p lr- .
AlSo~j| a ll ih, ..rLar, lh..li ll
rar dinporlcn dulhnl? j Oi n l Ilie clIa-yi' .Ali'l I L-ri^ ui..,,0
n-ilili~ly ii -rclo ia i p iherfni -rai.1111.1 iiiit'..
Neeil IM l riu-nL..'rio y-S[9i,k i.. ii l, 11]ii ..iii>,,,
Wihl mtr t ii-,1 IIlIr v le by I,-'L r' i ..rlr
airl by lot nihi.ii...r drrill j I l 'l l> j, r
ir.cr. tin In b jetdth ILroughoug h lM III .
hlTibSOr ii-r-- i:. i boundtil d Jm iui1 -i;."'i I I. ,
Gillie.', l '. lOI r1. nlr0 h II- iAr'lr f rl i in .I n;-] ." ...
i,? eait I.\ I.,I nunaerr I',n[j 2l *
S[ [llr I' [, [ ', i.. nr Ih .-11 1.tlrl i l%
Also all ili j t i ol [..ln t o of' gr ii i i c, 1, i i
Sirthe ;I ',-. rla d A d ar l" II ,i f i.
Id -l1h ll': n a m p
,[nl l [ .]]ll.: t p I .n % bram Onkie a
begmbi "- nL^inning Iit j M-:-Ii F*i ox- street, and
rnln La o-..e jl.)ril; I'.ii .-Ir. l i i i-- 1, _
d ol't Tna w n %, -- I lI Jr.-- rnt r j. .,iii i l. h r.
i(sixleen feet. ', -
A1--o, all l l,t I...I qr -u,.j j11,31, lying ;"l..I 1.. .
'In lhe *^e.*..rh'l ii.ar'i ,l lh +'i lA Lji n ..'i
hbib r rI',.r. be~ml in.ho 'ji h pi-ii*lhr l'.invjiir
Illrin: h.jilla Oli; hilllldltril lllj i rlI r .||ni.t .rr

'hiuii Irlli, lI")7. W 11 1il LV
y20:.6w ate in C.ncy
< +CHANCERY, *State of NeYoasPrua t
an order of this honorable orwl esl oti
[hest bidder at public auctiona'ilePa ilr'
:tion room.No. 30 Broad strep~ ntl iyo e ok
tlits twenty-third day of Janayexatwleo'ok
noon, ninder the'direction an ueitnec fli
secriber, ene of the masters ofhesicoralhl
lain house atd Iot: of gloundaiut ir hhr ado
City of Albany, bounded wetb lt okadnw
,,n1 [lrx [ .j l J ~ Ih t' 1 I i~ii l i ;r u l l",. i...i .iI ,
,M -u ller, lijni^, anlj <',st 1.\ ii i.i 11 (i.u i .-.iii*
:in Bnrimet, as llhe same b~argandaddsrbdpei
were owned and occupied byh ne ao a vr
deeaased, in his life time. cotiigi ral nlt
ek andi now Dean street flilly-en tadonteas
along the ground now or lateote aiJonBrt
ty-eightife~t eleven 'inches, n nlnt nli ot
B seventy-seven* feet five andoealicesan th
'th side seventy-five feet sixailoehl nhs l
glish measure, be the samte mr rlstgte i
and singular the tenementshrdtensadpu-
ahctfs-thereiimto belonging or nayieaprann
tedLNew York, Dedecbr813.
el0 lawtd S. COWDREYmatrichcey
?'he salceof the above premissspotne tite
-caty-third day of Februarnetatheae iu
I place. Dated 14th January 67
19 CO ,VDRKY atri hney
.T a court of chahncery helfothsae fNc'
i 'Xork, at the city of AlbayontelhdylJnu
', onr. thousand eightt hundredad hry-ee-Pe
, -R eu ben.H. W a~wrli; aclo.
larent Van Alen, v. 'Aaron.ann ii antE
nnhing his wife, Geor'ge GoulJo WBeaHnr
nlick, John Priee and Josep ay

t appearing by affidavit to satisfaction ofthiq court
,t process of subpoinwto appear has been issued out of
I under the seal tof this -court, directed to the said de-
dants, and thatthe defendantAaron inning, who is
Msidentofthis state, could not be served with suchpro-
s by reason hf his absence from or concealment with-
this state, and alsoby reason of his continued absence
atnthe fia, > ii i m-.n-A .1 L,
ill:lrd. -uln ll..r i f o Un. i l I
jril 'r' J, lh'jL lli>: eal-1 delfid l \ iin i-tih *I .
i i.| ,,:. r r .- ti t, DO ,r,. ] l. .: i
served on iIIr <:onjldo iam'I wil iiUOr MIIr-i Lrirf
nths from it, dale el I lij oril. I, aFl In e:,iee I-- r )
iiUn-.. [MIhA I1 tLj11,6 1.i Inswer" tD he complainant's'
to i-e hldd. unj a .-.)p% thereof to be served oil tlhc
al.iii'-lkiloflo"nloiin fortyldays after service of
i I'D ul .-pi bill. htd In wefaultthereof, thitsaidbill
Y 13 I hlir. asi -.-)l~i>qcd 63 said Aairon Manning; and
a Flrin'r the said complainant within
tilty .iitrI. ..5 asr this order to be published in tle
1, 'ipar.- aind ii, ihe newspaper printed in the city of
S Ti ,rTi Budget, and to be published bl eac
ilII-IB]'ir v.* -hlt weeks in succession, anid once ait
1in.j 111 ,. hi?-id weeks; I~iitstiilipublficalion 'sha.ll
.tbet..,~ if.-Lase the said .coiiiplai~ant shall cause
M''.)! [ru m wdr 1.) be Nerved personally upon the said
fI"llain l t R,.h iiin, at least twenty days before
cUh : ,., l.rL-cribed for his appearance in this
112 ., C E PORTER..,

.. I I I I .11 I. I I I. I I L I V,L .i .I. .'.i .. % .. 1 I I L i. -I, 1 .. I I ..-,, 1 -- Ii.. I I 1 .-.I % .- ',f 1 .1 ii It .-. '!' L .,' ., f if K I I C
.-. I 1I.. I .. 1 I .. I ..l L. -,, ,l l ,- .t 1 I 'll.. '.I. I, I l I .. .Lr, I t I I I rI V l
I. v,u;,.l ,\riI;%,.rih. -'h ,.-.[. 11--r."" II ,t ..I[III %', -II..hl .'1-1. 1l 1- l--.11 .
II. Ih1'r, h, \" % lo n-,II J .,]lf J.Ibl .-n-i- 'I lP,.i.. .I ... ,il":ll -lll
a- Vouuht, John Vought' on of Clhristopher Vought, Johnie Charles Kelsey vs. Joseph Brower and Others. deeealfil, to extrot tneir several demands with satiqfacto- N
Voaught son ofAbraliarn Vought and John Vandrrvolgen. Itappearig by affidavit tothe satisfaction ofthiscourt, ry vouchers in support thereof, LO Peter Catger, esq. at '
- It apelparing il, affid avit to.the satisfaction ofthis court, tlhat process of subpaenahas been issued out ofand under his office No. 32-2 North ilarkn Street in said eit), on o El
P.- 01 -ve named defendant Join Vought Son o" ie seat Of this Court directed to tile defendant Joseph before the thirtrenth day ofApril next; tit which timoe and I
,t Christoper Vought resides out of tlhe state of New York, 1rower, weho is a resident of thisai, but Lhut s I place a distribution ofthi moneys in tie hands ofthe ai- T
b.tL within the i united States, to wile in the state of New- cess could not be served upon said defendant', by reason designed, as administrators ofthe estate; of said deceased,
rt, jersey--on motion ef:Mr. Pruyn, in behalf of B. F. Coop- of his absence from this ste-on motion ofJohn N.Tav- among
is er esq solicitor for the complainant, it is ordered, that Ior, esq.solicitor for complainant, it is ordered, that the 11,1836. JOHN H. DUFFY,
te the said John Vouglht cause his appeararnceto be entered aidd defendant do cause his appearance to he entered, and oc1sil JAMES DUFFV, Administrators, I
- in this cause, and notice thereof to be servedon-the corn- notice'thereof served upon the conelainan IS Saleftor
. p1i;na, ts solicitor within four months from the date of within three months from tie da o his order, and iG ai order artli e l urphv 1
,; .i readincs fI appearance that lie cause his case of his appearance that lie cause his answer to tlhe t^iooFrA all thei Iivofln"d'p
I he answer to said biMl to be filed, and a copy thereofserved on complainants' bill to be filed, and a cop) thereof served on redv horont17
t theeiluplain 1IIL'iso lCitor w thin forty dayr afterserviee said solicitor within fortydays after service Ofoa COPY of edt, to Penthr respective claims vith le proper
n ofacopy ofaidbl orin llie said coin- saidbill, and it default thereof that said bill be taken as s"opy 'f i orn deuththe o the stidscribers,- aiitnidreuidetceNo.rn
,n plainant's bill oreomplaint lie taken scoeonfessed by the confessed-, a id it is further red that tle said com- 4 1 P s city*on or b ht Y- I
b- said defendant John Vought'son of Christopher Vought; plainaant within twenty days cause this order to be pub- Sevenh'da*"*"pril nx. 0tb ,-, 18
lie, and it is furtller ordered, that the said conplpainant cause wished in tile state paper and w ile newspaper entitled 3 ULO. AMFS F
r, a copy of fltis order to be inserted intile state paper and itn The New York Evening Post, printed it the city ofNew- "T- In an\Ia, ode oI. sulors.
a- tII New York Times, a newspaper published in the city York, and to be published int each of said papers For fight
ht of New York within'twerty days hereafter, and that the weeks in succession and once at least i i afthe county ofAlbany, notice is herehygiven to all
u- gane be published in each of the said papers for eight weeks. Copy. JOHN WALWOBTI, Clerk. tle creditors ofAMichaelLevne, ]ate oflhe city ofAlbany,
weeks in succession once at least it each week. but such ia5-Sw deceased, to exillft~thair several demands with satisfactt- si
publication not to be necessary in case aeopy ofthis order T a court ofecancery held for the state ofNew Iork IT vouchers in support thereof, to tle undersigned, at his
re be personally served onthe defendant. ...JonVoughtson ol at tlle city olAlbany, o the thirty-first. da or De- store at tire corner of Ferry and Pearl streets In the city
N.Christophler Vought twe nty asblbet iehrt
ry Ch"tph, g y dys t e h elrin ber, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six-pre ofAlbany, on or before the eleventh day OfApril next.-
prescribed'for entering Iltsi appearance. Copy. sent, Reuben If. Walworth, chancellor. Oct. 36. PETER U. DOYLE,
1is del7-8w JAMES PORTER, Register. Elizabeth -Wait Tibbits and Margaret MeCoun Tibbils oct0-6 Administrator, &c..
o' -,T a court of ehancerk held for the state of New York, vs. George ,Tbbils. Jacob-L. Lane John T.Me Be A nt the city ofNew York, on the fourteenth day of Howard"Tibbits, Tom McCoun rihhils, Sarah Matilda N o, tyofAlbany, notice is heriby given to all
se December, one lhousandeig't-hundred andthirty-six-Pre- Tibbits, George Grswold and Le-GrandCaon. tire creditorsoGardener Tillotson, late oftle CiLV ofAl-
r- sent, William T. MuCout, vice chancellor of the first cir- It appearing by affidavt oesataccouts and
Its ellit. I -I thatthie tillithistcausewasfiledfrtiepartitionoftlv demands with the vouchers in support thereof, to the sub-
. Williami Horace Brown and Leonard Lee vs.. Henry certain tracts, pieces or parcels of land hereinafter de- seriber, No. 10Plain-street, in saidicity, on or before the
i, Dudley and llelen.lfis wife, David D.Fiel, Elienezer scribed, that process ofs third day oJune next, aen O'clock i the forenoon of
T- Burling, Jonathan D. Steveoson, G urdon Burnhaim, James titled cause,.has beeen issued ot ofand 'tnder the seal of that day Dated December 1, 183G.
r- M.,QuirnTJaumesJ..Sewart, William H. Slinemets, Eliza Etlis hoInrable court, directed to [lie defendants Howard dea-6 G. HALL, Administrator, &c.
1t TPrint ICharles Schlenck FranciaS S.Brown John B. Bull Tibbits and Tom McCann ibbits, each of whom is a rest-
12 Villiam Bull Jams Feeland and.oatioWilkes dentt f his state, btthat s process could nobe served f eoplOftheSate ew ork, by the grace o
;" I necnbvfiasth^^ aete o said defendants fly reason of their absence IB God free and independent, to tlle creditors and next .
I~l It appearing"by affidavitstn the saris"ae~tion oft hisecourt, on eithier.fsaddf
" that ilt, tire fndanut DavidD.D Field, is 'resident of this from thhissate-on motionof WilliaI. Van icoo- Orki ofRomeoWalridge te oflhe city ofTroy it tie
" state, andthatprocessforhisa ace intisaue has ove, esq. solicitor for te omplainans, i is ordered, county of leisselaer, deceased, greeting:
s-bon'u~ sue umllnt eS tha -h ~ddfnaisoadibtadTmM~u "are hereby cited to appear before our Surrogate of
lbnen duly issued, and that the sanm Could not be served by that the said defendants oadibt n onM~u o '
S reason tleahbsencefsaid Fieldfrotisst-onm- Tibbits, do each ofthem cause his appearance to be enter- or c ofRensselaer, in our surrogate cour, o. e
W- Iin ofPhilp 3 ookei ed, and notice thereorto be served on tie solicitor for tie twenty-rcventh day of February next at ten o'clock inloo
u isrdered, that the Saiddefendant David D .Field, appeal complainants, on or before te fifteenth d I ...F ., :I next tie forenoon ofthat day, at tle surrogate office fi llte city
a nd ,answer tile bill within three months'fromn tie date andin default.thereof, that said bill rmay.... iuh. A,,, con- of Troy, then and there to attend Ele final settlement of
, hereof, or i,defanltLhereof, tllatthe said bill ofcomplaint fessed against them; and ilt isrr ordered, that this or- the account of Juli Walbridge, executrix, a Ebceze
o.b taken tu courizspd at hm; and itis fuEther order der le published in thestate paper for three months succM- W. Walbridge, executor ofthe last will and testament ofti
ed; thacopy of tis6rde published within twenty "vely once i each week. Tiirst of said tracts, pieces he said R e Waldg deceased, which will then and
I' dni~ le~t ~eireprels offland is described as follows, owit- all that there lie rendered before ie said surrogatee.
Ile days fron.the (late hereof i t r the state paper and cil the orrpare.,,.,nLO In testimony where, we have caused the sea] of office
in Evening Post. printed in thifs state, freight w#eeksin sue- certain part of ail tslandeellea f ,Iidt-5..I r,
session and onceat least in echh wveek. Copy., anunbeinginltletownofWatem,~r, ...,.,,i --I .11 of oursaid surrogatetohelereuntoaffixed. Wit-
IV- *dTs OSw L OT^~ bany; and bounded north L-..-.1, purt.oftil said island [(L. S. I ness,. Job Pierson, esq. surrogate of ~lllesaid coun- *
er de3l-8w JOHN WALWORTH, Clerk. which b g Georg( I ,[.,..I: east by Hudson river, ty, at the city of Troy, the .twhenty-se1ond day I
,V AT acourtofleianeery held for the state of New YorkI and^wet by the southern branch oi'sprout oftho Mohawk November,
-- + at the city of Albany. on the twety-seventh day of river containing about one hundred ami twenty-fiveacrca eight hundred andthirty-srx.
re December, in tLe year of our Lord one thousand eight excepting out of the saie four certain pieces or parcels of '10244m, J. PIERSON, Surrogate. I
.. hundredandathirty-six-Preseit, James vanderpoel,. vice land conveyed to the Rensselaer, had Saratoga Railroad (
,i chancelloria Hicksv tErawd cicuit. Company by David.Cady and Margaret C Cady his wife, T Godfreeiandimlcpen ut ....., znext of
i i,-ariaHicksvs. E"iHc ... .. livenvaindenturebearinearingdateth (ayofStemberone kin ad legatees of Margaret 3'Britpq lae Of til cit of
', It appearing to the satisfaction of tnliscourt, lhat theIe-' thosandeighthundredandlliirly-five. The2nrstofwhich New-YorK deceasdend relfn I
I. ndmlt in tireabove suits a resident 0ft ms state, a -, thuaidts"
... f or..i s..irthe a ne i..sa r.siden of hiss saen la is- saiu peees is 13n a le sid indenture butted and bounded You and'eacofu bcdn q d per
of process .ord described ama follows, to w it: all that certain piece or soualv to lie and appear before ours ontcrcoua-oI
sued butonould not he served by reason of is absence fron r fland situate no Green Island it tie county OfA tyofeivYork at his officein e ty oNwYork ol
his place ofresidenue and fr'om this state, 'or his conc seal- y reonnIc g L S
baly cn^^oielnelnloennr atarS a strike^ on th;0 South Sieoftethe tnh a ^ o^f Mrhnext at eleven o'lck nte1
nent wi thin Ltne sa e--on motion of~r l ark" t e so- U-- .. .. ... a -I"' S R,,, ,.I .Il.,.. ,., t- ,
licitor and counsel o itIe copinant, it is Ordered, t I I a I .:.;,,:. foeno thatt day, then and there toa Itent the final set-
u- said Edwin flicks appear and ns werrthe bill ofcomplaint "" 7 ,. ,,,,,, 't-o '..'., eCtoll ;ti e ac cutos of..as Burgess, ohn Cland
al- oflle complainant filed in tie sane, within threenmonths ....".........".r1*** """ *l 11, I 1Jou-te t of the sast will and t IBued ad
y, -fiomn the date of this order,.-or that said hill of--complin ut *.; .I, I.
o- be taken against hia as confessed in default thereof; and -" ', f :" I I -. 1 1. ,,.r .i Ii ;t 's 1"^ .- b-of. v* i., .. .. l..j IV.. r.-.,1 .:.|office-
., it is further ordered, that within twenty days from the date in I Ili. .,1 : 1% I -, -. .. I .I.. ], .1 of O..r ... ; .. 1. ,.-. I... I ,,.I W it-
I. offthi order tire complainant. cause this order to e pll)- ii, .. ,.i, 1.- I I-L .' ,, I ... *; I... nes! I ""L'... i i *, r Said
. lished in the state paper and in the-New Y ork State Jour-r .. .. .. I n 1.1 -.. ...... I ,, i I 9 *I m. I n % I ... V. .. 1 I I lay
us nal, published in Troy, and that Said publication be co .- I IbIIII, .1,,, -, -, I, i I of December, it the'year of our Lord one thuu-
:r ........ II.., ,Libi ,,I% r ;i, ;.,,.-.. ....., 'orcein cach week in dege' and'L.Si teen minutes west seventy feet. one'and one .- *;** ... -:11 .... -n* ili:";rly-5ix, anti of our fit-
:,. I., ,,. ,-, ,r-,, ,I..-.-,,..... .I',.- e.1re. and ;I I I Z
I I .-1 WI .I 1 f- III-So d r e e v dpe Ie
" I 1. "*I, 1 ,; I,:: II II- FA1A,11 d 1 oe' vedty days beforet- ialfinch, then ce nor h twenty-one degrees and thirty mri- del0-3m JAMES CAMPBL.
.re tites westseventy feel and on, .alfinchthece north ff "
i. Ill.: p-r-.I I..r -n. ... r teentdegrees and forty-fourminutes west seventy feetand HE people ofthe state of, New York, by the grace of""
,i 'n ,kslt. 'A s' o, Clerk, One half'inchi, thence north ninedegreesandfifty-eightmi- T *God free and independent, to the creditors. and next
". E. s- I de30-8w rues west seventy-feet one and one d alfinoli;tbencenorll *of1 ofPeter irown, late of Raleigh, Norfli' Cayolina,
I ,-IN CHANCERY-Before the Chancellor. James Brown four degrees and twelve minutes wst seventy feet one and deceased, send greeting: ,
., and-Eliza M. his wife,.vs. JonasMynderse-CoeEdward ore o halflinch, thence, north one degree and thirty-four nri- ou and each ofyou are hereby cited and required per-
,. Henry Coe; Mary Eliza Coe arid Abigal Coe. ntifes east seventy feet one and one halfinch, thence norh Serally to he and appear before our surrogate ofthe cour-
In By virtue Ofran order of the corrt of chancery ofthe v1en de7ree b*rifl r] ev reiniv- en3t -pntv fpi nr tyofiew Yorktathisofneein'thecity otNewYork, on
state ofNew York made in lt.o ,.i.... .I ii~iid.l..... t ,. ..l ..- Win I,-- I.-.-...! I,,-,,, ir, i. 11, .1 .... I ,, 1 the nintt day of June next at. eleven o'clock in the fore-*
r ing date the?20th day ofDecf.I,, I. i-,, I11 -.I lw 1,: I")I, l ...- I00.-,llh" r ..,r.. ....n I'... I .,.I r, l. Il r,. I,.. I...i ,,oR olthai day, thei and there, t attend tie' final settle- ;
.1 r-require all person. heaving a general lien by. judgment or I h,2o .I. w-I, .1 r re,:%. .t r,,'i, I ..n r:,.Z .--1, went of the accounts of JohnStrachan, administrator ofI
-decree, 'oi any undivided share or interest ofany of the -..rr .,.i .ii I. 11I,-A- 11, 11 El. ...., .JI.- .. the goods) chattels and credits of the ,said Peter Brown ,
parties in ithe above suit, in those two several lots, pieces irm ibr- [ ..'.ii. *.I .1 d -- I' %' I- i'i:-ilit l-u-ir,.'J deceased. I I .7
II r parcels of land situated ill tile first warad -of the city orf-. feet, thence along the line offence between-tle lands late- In testimony whereas, we have caused the seat of office
'I... ,.., Ilh, ....r,1-, ".If l l-, I I,. Il ,, 1 .1. ,.1' ,\N-I V.-. h l i..ri...af;i-l. I.. i.r i, d Daniel Cady and George Tibbits o, sat surrogate to be hereunto affixed. WVitness, I
, I .1, I .,V I I .1 ..... .... 111.4 ... ... .1 11. I,,.InI I t iii iinIq I ,,- .I i r I-n. n, .-, nn,... Jam s .,rm pbelll, esq. surrogate of our said coun-
1., lh.- Ina ...i ,- .. I h .. ,,I-,,I,,n -',-' ,i ,n... battle city ofNnw Y ork, the flt h .-.f -
''* ~ ~ 1I '< ~ ii. i i. iii.] -. i f .i..i -.1 [I'-, I ij .. n. r ..i i i.- r. .: ii.-I .i.li. l i. l i I ur 11-1 1. -. *....l I. .I i I 11 III .-i, -, 1 [. 8 ,1 cei be, i h e r o u o d ci. H .., .-
'. I, N -.. f, 1 I. t .1--1.. .1 f ,1; I.,,rI c[" 1 ._ .-n in r, g, mr r, ,, ai-i l ,,b nnI ll,,II i,, l f...1, I II,-1 b n .,. V., -- .,Ic n b r'i h e r o u o d (" ....r
' I I..,. .. r,.f i'ti .- Iii ..r .. i f. h %I I l I', ,i ..% ...I ..r. 11, fi ftyt twv; oo m inu tes w est [ ii .. i. I.- Ii ,,,.I : I.. 11 eight t h un dred a nd th irty-six an d o f (.,. ,I.. 1. .-.. I
a- s .5 i ,I i I I. ,1,nn 1, a In j. In: ..,I .-II d..,I h.t. I .:-I, h.'..- Ii i n1 .+inches, then south thirteendegrees and six minutes west ence tlesixly-first
I, '.,% r .I. J ....r I ,r,,,I,.'.i ,. dn.i III. lii .,ri .i-i. I.,,r. a I sixty-one'fetten and-onehalf~inclt ; I,.1, :.-lb :. ,, del0-6m I JAM ES CAM PBELL.
,: I. ,r,. iej.-r -I ..r... .4...i.." ; i. f- 1'.,.,. .'... tl, -.Lrh, .1,1 degreesaand tw enty m minutes w est l, -I, f n, le i ..... I -ll,. .
;. ...fF, I' I ,r,,r) ..I,, i. ..'..I..... ,,, .. ,"I .. ,,I .',.., ... I ,Ii i. oae halfinches, .thence southson deg atGod free and independent, to-i, i.j ..r u. I .,f
.,1 I ,.n.- I.n.., I .... h. .. '."'.. ,il -.1. l. l..- 1 ni0 A. I I l .. I.In I .11- ,m minutes w estlsixty-one fee t ten and one halfin d ies, th ence kin and all other person esninterested in tir e :1 IV ..I -I
Ed ... i.,:.u; ., ,iii. ,i .i ,h -. -.. .... ,,. i,. l ,, ,,.:., dl.- south fourndegrees and twelve minutes eastsixty-onefeet I 11 J me], a native of France lut late ., 11'- ,I .If
!...--.,,' I .I I. ,.. ,,,.. i.,n ,,' i. 11.,. IN, .ti, _.. ten and aele merchant, deceased. send grpeting:
id -I .. n..,I.. I ...e..l o,r z"-. ,.-.. i.,. ni I i, I-m ,.:'m ,. Ly-eight minutes east sixty-one feet ten and one half inch- ; iYou andeach ofyou are hereby cited and required per-
e I. f..i ; -...I. ., 1, I.I- r- ,h,,,1. II... ,i i 1 .. i-ne. -, I... r.P es, theenee'south fifteen degrees and fory- 'i nt se ri ally to be and 1.1.,- -r i.;.r. --, ;- I- *i. ..(the co 1- '
"t t; :-.- 1h. -.1 IV I ....i 1 IJ .111.1.1 .;....i ri I- ." Ini- I Ir..n I sixtV-0110 feet ten and one half inches, thIe.ce south = n ty of New York, ;.i i..- f. ..rf IV I.1. I ri. Ii N] >,. York, on ,
at i l ,,n-h--lG' n,.n.. ;l .-A thirtyh mi.utersneast Sixty one "feet ten-nefeette,
,_ 3 ,ir n. nit.. ,i,.... I... i -,. l I. .... It t' "" T. IhI,.. I. ..." .I- J 8'37 at tw elve. o'clock at 'oon
, n,,.. ,. I ,1' t. ,4,., .. ,' 1. .,nl..,.n,.. r will ascertain by ,,-,I .,-. I. l, ,i...ies, Lhent e mouth twenty-seven degrees .1 ,1, I .1 I. IV,, I, -4 I ,- reto attend' le final settlement
S. i ..i..n ... .. ..... ......., .I... -.. any cr d tor note ... z, I- : -. .. I ..... f. I I. I ..... one half 1H I. .. ...... 1: -.1 I" 11 Burr formerlyy Junel), the ad-
1, I.,11 .. .. 1 1. I VN.A....... L., ., ..1.. i d.....a o specific lie .I.. :. 11....-. -* *..i .., ii-r .1. : :.I..] 11.. Mi utes I.. 1. ,11. ..I 11,. .. chattels and credits of said Ste s
.. I ., ..I.... r .. r i n.. l...1-1 *.. 1 1 ,.1*l r interests of the par- I :, .1%...i..- I. .-, 'r-i ...b' 1. I, -- -, iri. -ice South -. i, 1 I 1. ... .I
1, -.. [... :I-- |.l,:I ,;,' ,,, .. l I% ,'.0.! i e.n.,I num ber the same i-i-l"- ....l -I ; r 4 .: 1:1.11-1-:: I I I .i>'-onefeet Initestimony whereof, we have caused the seat of office
, .1. ih r ii n nn.l' .1I'll.. ,i I- .,..I ".n.,I I .. -..s ..... | I. ,I. I. .it -1 I.-, ii,.T.-: ;.... ii ri. .,...,, degrees ofsaid surrogate tobo hereunto affi xed. IW itness,n
r." ,:., ., ,,I,i,.1 [I.I ., ,r,.'i,il .-.., I. 1 .i ,. ., i .I 11.1, i, ".i. I;,I-, ....,., ,.,..,,i CS eastsixtv-one feet ten and onehalf Jam es Cam bell, .j .,rr..- .... i .,% d court
. 1 I. .I.. .,-.. ,, I,' Z ,," i.] 1 I hr ,,,......, IL ,, i..L ii ... '.i. D a ted I h I .. H f n i- i l -P I. n d tb ir t th ree ( L s .1 ly a t th e city o f I\ -, V V.. I ,- .. III d ay o f
h ; .. ; III. .:.i l ..;-.,- I, i .. I V~ .1IO r.,.I. t :,: I .., I. 1. Ll-i -. -II, i n.rii, ..-,. 1. 1:'r. for- '.D ece b r n li e rn o d o e t o s n
-' In 211 | ,. ) ~,:,, I,,n. 1h, jt., .le'en, nti irln of,-uh L rd ',,thoua,.
,i ,I- |i ,>- I V M 1 i i; RLl- r, r II n Chanceryv ty-f, ,"f. ,,,r, i. I ... i .. l..[ &i1. 1..., .11... I..,., ,ence I 'eight hundred and 'diiity-taix, and of u r independ-
-,+ ... ......... .. south forty-four degrees and fifteen minutes test eighty- e sixty-firt
T acout rchncey elfTorthstae o~e-Yoktwo feet six let hes to tire. place ot e lnnln~g hscn
-*f At the city of Albany,. oilthe-twent-sxt (layofD desrires CAMPBELL, Surrogate.
b 'emer,' one. mousanda.ight hut -six-Ptrei- is dscritea sae on^ ^ ^ Gree
ii. Sitnrr onGrenIsan i teeoutyofibny cmien at!, oraterofprvegtelas %in anetetlort
serd., leai ''I. alvr' tli' ian e* -.. : e itles at nght
The New York Life. Insurance and Trust Company vs. "(11 and at the southwest corner of the bridge now cun- [ I Il,.. :, .tie of Ele city an State of New-
. t aril s UOrton and Sarah Ils w ife, B ronson O rton ., T rU- e I i
1 man OrtonZolaeth Allen and Patrick Devoy.. sout.ixty-five degree.,; west thirteen hundred and ny feel Notice is heresy given that jhe undersigned; executor
1 [if.,... ..-j Li.) ,,Ir.[I... I]it, -.-,actil.-_rX .........- t low water mark it the lower or westsprout ofthe Mo. in Ihe last will and testament oftie said DwightBrown-
I" h I li, -I-, .l: rr-- I I III :; 1)I- I 1, I-, I n 'd ,Ik it aI.. Itll d evedn me ,in.,t e ip l t hesu r gaeerth
Ill H. .. .-i Ir.. I .r i- I i.i.:,,I P t ick ii,, re ide hawk river, th"ence norlei,- th twen tk t odgesleo
'.i. .ri, -iii~ 'I...,] atI k -I rsd two 'feel. Six inches/llience north sixty-five degrees east coal ly of New York, at his office in the city of New-I
1 i ", .... .1 II;- I I 1, i.,.-I i. : iII. ..If.. i-'.I, twelve hundred"andsixlv-fi r feet tothe soit Uncofthe York, on the thirteenth day of February next at ten o,-
Z-- .t ,....,... .,].I. ,,|., I|.^ I- -. .,I ...I .IMI|., I I..| I I. ,. I Re I nd Sa a 'lock in tile forenoon offhat day, to have the said ,,sR s
.1 omplalnaler rl I I IgII itall|riadn thence South. Sixty- c -~
contplainalr .. ; .. -,-z ...r.l- I-I. 1I- .1 I I.- 11, --I ... ., w for I. i..,.I e ighttdeare"s cast ninreiy-eight feet to tile place of beginl- w"ll and testament of tlle said deceased, duty proved herbre
I. Sarah hs I Iii B, or. I. s-r -. 5.i u ~r. .,.i, I,.I.i I. .. ., I..i 1 ,ir int,. The third is described as all thlat certain other piaco Said ,arrogate., according to Ihe, starurte 'in such case made,
.1 Dtevoyecause their appearane~e to be entered],.anid noticlte o ree O-lndit
;I o as hi apaac ob ntrd n oif or parcel of land situagte upoll Green Island aforesaid, and and Provided. Dated llhis27th day Of OCecember IQ3G.
' thereof to e. served o, die complainants' solicitor within on the east side ofthe w de31-Uw *. -HENRY A. BEACH.
.1 .1'."1., j i.'E ...a.: t ,I- I, '. '.." lle' ii:,F-A 'l ..j., ... '.I rvert and1 oi tn he 't herly side of tile last above described 0 the o behetirs nf AbraiaiVan Ve rten, deceased, aud t
I- nr..li .i I1 1lI I.'./..-I..., 'nn .l i.. II.,','1 I..1 h .. ."' .t 1-1':- n- ,.- n I I .I.Il. ... .1=- n IL "1 ater m ark and T rll other, w hom it m ay concern. ,I
.1 I -- "A'.1 I l. L "--"1 r' I.. .1 I ." Me a\k "rive'.ando -l sic e lt a en se 'x at
V I.... ..."-1...-'1he said complainants-causethis'orders cribedpiecee ;pare IOfrlan..A y wheresoe h ourt
fs-id piece or parcel of.lanInorthtsixty. 1.0.1p 11m.IntI..:tI..o1,tatotellrO'clok uth I.ide forenoonpofctha
.. '." .I n'.. ta:e.wit bii p. onp, bc e tmuei e, soath eeven degrees east four ]nr7', totake the proof of, and ra-d-lI- -4 -.
1 .. I.,[...|, ii.istonteinleatli weel lnr."hi h I.. .... -.-I i l. -I .. .. ..],i Ii[..:N ...... mw -. Ia' 1" 'I. .....I 11 /-i" ; ,ve l,,,.v feet(,. to i",Inw(dwat+u ~ l :..I I i
* I I l"" ,' ]' j' n i e [l ,tto'nano. I' ']e I. i' (y feet to low wats r mark Oil the easterly side of maid 1 ..... 1'"I oI-..-,""..-'' wet (if Albanly d eCUwed, ppUtsuant, In -r
: -U 1.'<; -.I ua.1,11,."t~ o + 'rn e .' 1-.1 V .11 I....... ".I IE .. R.R1e.i. ,einniigcontinig fi...
.1 1',, r. ,'B,.-;J-.,:Orion, Truman Ortoll andPa;trick De- Se(~ocrs ^ J*r**" -tatu-T -ii,--,;'. 41 .7.),-,,T,,Tjan6,-
t heir apearance.^ ^ ^ ."6 -- -0 Co^ ^ ^ ^ 0 I ere vs ou ude evnyfe ote lc f or, -o AB.M S. VAN VECHTEN, I
) de2-,w JAMES PORTER, Register. dbe sribedJA aa,,-sv alltlAG .BV
) T a.court01ch ne ry liehl b! 11.. ;I ,I. ..IN -,- Y. .l situate upon Green Island afore said, bounded as; follows: -d f h,... ... fh ," ,w ll. ned.
. -at the city of A lbany, on tie r l-li .-.I .1 .. 11-1. I.. \' 'I. I ..h -.n --i.- %t .- ;I I. r- 4, It,. N 1. .. ., It .... .,n, .11 ii ,
I onethousand eight hundred and iiiiri. :. *i-- P. :,-i.i i...,J: I" .I n ,. *u I ., i : I.i i I .i ] h: 1 : ..I In. U, ..l. I i ... ...: ... .. ..... I .:,i,' i, .11 I.. I ..,1 I
Jam s V ndepo l. icech ncelorof hethid crc It.. ..-" .....I. Ii..i .i.; I..... ; n 1 1 ,I i, I.% III... I?. I.:;., I I .,,,,I having claims against tlle estate ot 1A\ III. -1.1 I..1 1 "- title Of
Jaules Vanderpool. viceechancelelor ofthe third circuit.- ,,,I....h.. h.7''.' .t
I Simon A. Veeder and Elizazbethl his wife vs. Eve Maria i ir .I.... I R i-ii-. I --I,,,-',,-, *j-..i llrii,.' thence South file city of Albany, deceased, are hereby re, t e
Brinckerhoff, Lewis Dunham, W illiam W .-Chester and *r ; .... n ,1 .,. A I'...ir hundred and bit t.e sae, ,- w t, te nn r
I Thomas L. Chester. : I' r',. ,... lI I.. ,I. *I I...I A 'I'. I 1. .rk on the westr o tof. Gideon Hawleveaq. one ofthe exec term Of tle]lst
'Itappear.r,.: .i-s ,o :.. : :1I ,. ,,,-, ofthiseourt. -,1.i ,f- ;i ,; -1 1 r HM idJ.-.r,. 1 i.ri..: i-orth fifty-one andthree "i and testament ofsaid deceased, it his office No. 6 r
that the de:, I .j ,rit %\% i ..1 ,, %,, ri I, a rt esident of ,.,,,. I. .i.-I, 11. -1 oiri- i.. ired and sixty-two feet North Pearl .street in said city, ol or before tile tWeny t
this state, I..., ,,.-ih.. I. i.., I l I I., .. I" w ith subpoi na -. '. I I ii."i I -, i.i and one quarter de- fifth day of July next. D acted January 11, I
by reason of his absence from the state-on motion of ereeseast eight hundred and fifty-eight feet to a strke, GIDEON HAVLEY,
NMessrs. ArfeKown &d Van Buren, solicitors for the comn- thence south fifty-one and three Iter oa degree east JAMES KING,
,lainants, it is ordered, that tlhe said defendantcaunse hit ,5r feet to loi watermark oi the=wes kofthe fudson j"14-fln enters.
*appearance to be entered, and notice thereofto Ibe. served river aforesaid, tlence alongthe marginofsaid i I 11 heirs ofaionhraunSwitzer dec P
Ion the complainants' solicitors within three Lmonths from ,'I... I -f.... IV, & one I,"alf degrees west four hundreds and A er",,i-ni it oviv concern- I
tledate of this order;and ih case of his appearance that III Ill,,.- -..ttothe place beginning, containing 15 a- I
I-... c se, -s answer to ,, ........,,, ,. bill to be.ffled .1 I -.,, .. elusive of that portion ol the land firstly Iy-fourdi daivo- -I na Te >n l ..' of
.... 0-- r... .l... .... 11, .*.,iplainants, .oli- and-secondly abovedescribed, which is contained within thetIo.n.tyoIAlbare.Lv "h.resoever.. i .,,r .' '."I'I'II,. b1
; -,,,!. I ,I-.. .. I. n 1.1.. a I .. I .. e .i. 1 farop ofsaid hill, Lheseboind ineis. The second of said tracts, pieces or par- held, t tll o'clock in thpfon onon ftha da 'to
., .1, .li,,,i.,1 ,h. ,. ,.I -1,,1 ,I, ,,, be taken asconfess- olsof land for thepartition of which the hill in this cause proof f o
... l l ,1 -1 1. l..,il .I ....I- .1-, Ili. 1 saidd complainants was filed, is described as, follows, to wit: ,ll that certain ;I 1, .. I I 'N Sct l i tI
I ., It.,-, I,,...,, .. I. ,, -. ......I ., be published itn the piece or pareel of land under water situate i. the town or .., 1
state paper and in the New York Tim es, and continued V .'-I- 1-h % ....nel, .. \ :,.l;..; i. ,, ,, ,,, "*" *I. r" '' to chapter sixth, tiItl firt,
for eightweeks in succession, once at least in each week, 1 I.. I-- l,..... .. I A- .o.-c .IIV -1 -.1. ..Ii ,.- 1,1 ,; I ," .: !, I ,,, : ".,, ,,I r" isn'Islatutes, ofthe atIate.
..t such pnblieatiorIshall not be necessary in case-the said e,,,I i ,..,,-,.l..ih '1 : ,
.,1,n, 1I i ,,r,.i, Ird| ,' .... .,...r. ..r ,i thils order to be-served made by Sidney A.B e I lh mo t ofJ n ayo e al-w Anp rtr im 1,n ,;]
... r.,.,,h'tll, I,,,.I, in,-. *-:,I \\ ,ihI V,, W. ]hester, atIai to s d eih h nde an iry fvild nou sce- -x c trna d ns dw l.
W twetyda~ys hcfonre theta tme above prescribed for his ap- tary's office, as follows, towi;egnnga pntwer rNh atrofrvn"hlswllndeta ntf
pe ",anee inl this cause. A copy. the south line of George Tibisladsiksterert1MleRBuk ciip Tnhlpri i>fiin
ja9-8w. JAMES PORTER, Clerk. thudfstanceof'-4 feet from a pithpn rosadgin .Buelt fh cyadta
N kOTICE' is herefiy given thatian applicationu will be ""autos esas ut34 feet, thence, souti ere n 1 i esd
1madec to the legislature of the statenf New Y.-ork at ","et50S fet,? '"" then sot 14 "'e'8"10"lu~ oiei eeygvnta h nesgeeeuosi
coated in the city'of New York, to lbe called the Bailders' ."'17 '"g 's and 30 mntsws30fehncsuhcaedaeitndoapytoh Brogloflec
apd Real Estate Bank, wivth a capital of five-mlillion dol- degrees al 2 minutes~ 5 f\vest 'i1',1t "'(Wv k "ofc 1 "***yOFe l.
lae.NwYr.De 1 .3.'Jg2w"grees and 80 minutes west 450 fee~thecsot26dreshefrnn rhidvo vrptifiowinntit^
]'TOTICE--AptdiKotiou will be made to the legislature and ]:5 mirnutes west 300.feet,teneoth3dgrsad mnof side ^
'IM of the. state of New trork at its present session, for 10emin~utes west 2?0 feet, tluence ot 3ere et10glacrigt lesauei uhcs aoadnoi
.tihe incorporation of ab ank to he called the Pacific Bank, fe, thenc~e south 44dgre a d45mntswt30fel d adth 7havoJnur187"" *
with a~eapital ofnone million of dollars, to be located in! thence south 33 degrees an 0mnisws Pfe. ''CBIO
thie. city. of New York. N. York. Jan. 8f, la37. jia1-6w tihence south 25 degr ees ad4 iue et10fe, .* I'BTOAI
"B[Y'- order of Mic~hael *Ulshopflr, associate judge of 'h'esouth `23deg re i 5niilsws 5'et hne jl-l E.W TOG *
of New-York,2 eniei eey^ve;prun ote degrees and 40 m nute est 87 ^ feTC -u~cntc shre,,gvnta n:pi
non-residenit .debtors, that. an_ attaelihn et has i~ss el ,'] n,-, ,-,l.,i.. ,1, .. libf..i hec orh1 dgee e 'opraeasoit"i h ct o e Yrfo e-v- S n E S ^ ^ ^ nt e O f"^ ew% ^^ ^^
n-'t," ". r '"'l" + ,c 'ti; ,.f fnowls dE Co,, of"Amherst '' S[I ',l- *".." [,,h .. lk '*ree Islnd th ned w le ln up ss ob cle h h m okB n v ln s
M] 'i h''. "i J. r -' 0i rthe state of pev-York riw ,' **", *,, i, .... ""'*I -'.." _, ""* h,;I'' ^(+,,,," o ert od e le tte fr he be t
... 1 h l h ; 1,/ "1 l h,, 5.I, i, i II1, i''l h. ,:'l e, '.1~ rII ... j i..- ii, ii. .. I,.,;> .( ..i* r. ,,,. ;, 1 va u th s m f 25 0 .
"*r ..-.1.1.1.: i..'i -i III~I1hr, ein r.n ,:rih,? 'r,-,ii i ir i: ~ii f IY l \ \* .KI l\ < l\.i ~ ,1,1.- IS^ Y~ vrIue ot 1a' powe contle inac ranln e tr
cation of this notice; an.I hn. lr,-,1 i ,,,n- [ '.. ,lTI'.l' 'i..i ,h.:iLi. f' ore tle vice chancellor h is ic i. .tB o ot a ebaigd t h ite t a fA rli
dne to then by residents of this state, and the. delivery to 'Rol.,.,'.i, i-O.l. ,.,r,,ir~i.~i~ i.rs~rlanVnGl h ero u odoctosn ih ude n hr
thcm nr for their use, of anl, i,......,IIi iiilln hii ** -.11 '-decr, A i ,,,,i r R,..,ri~ i. iiw fll lz n i i--lb ee' ln n ayhsw f fh
belonging to them, andt~ie "* .,Ir ,.I ...ii .. 11t" r ..i^r" Vqan (.. 1.1;t. .[,.h tini,. r *> .,iM rlahsw fae .ii.1...ij .ofA a yaid tle fN wY r ,to e E
ty hy throb, are forbidden I-, r, ,r,,i .... i.,.ii lI;.,. ,i Martl:, t' i., ,i., ..I., I sir ee eW l, ij.(.... .ia dP trG n e o re e uos o h
this7thdav of January .183". ",AIl'll B \Mi.ril, Heitr) f,',-,r ..1. .'.h,l. M.. fltIqlpiM aswllndetmntoCahinGasvordcae,
jaaO-!bn Attorney for attaching c~reditor. Steele, Thonmas *Warinz, Man Wrv n I..i \',in adrcoddnhoknme3Sfmrtaeopgs(
A~t~c^ l~bnyhnlt~urn~y ,, a sd Eshel',V+,-.a. m'.;;\^, "q;, \',|:;*,^s lr;i:,u -,rl S S^ ^ ^ i T eaat;fhaneryeldrhesatef:e-:;rk,'l attheeitynf,*baoy ont ^ c~ ^ ~ r^^ n th orh.afaua

n i traB s, vs. Aaron Iltannina and Harriet E. Maln- T .I .... '1 s ..... .. 1. 11 in na C P ol' e
Dill" his wife, William DnelAde on n fnodrofti -cshtv i -- -0 lv
adrvesould artntDdnlesiJohp .at esenryP-videds co, ade ^ e d fifh wa belong
Mrg Could BaetI'Vnan Aen J oie hn GAV. Baes Her n the' ablove eni~ttledct-a **>i"-tce.isg hereby given, to all to Lhe estate of Puter Gansevoolt ir., deceased, surveyed
Alinick, John PriceadJspGry
Uw w~ ^S ^ .],* ,pe-rsons.having tiny general lion, or inctinbrance-upoit any February 1834 by George AV. Carpenter, and now.on file fat
It pring of subnoe to the satisfi runivided share or interest in the lands described ip tile ill tileyofflet of tile c 'fthe ciand county ot' Albany,
that pr of seal to appeal' I o Id I rcoruplaittin this cause, and hereinafterimentioned, bounded weterly in front on Jackson street, northerly byppir
and and te s thq dcordireted to tieaid de- an y part theeof by jugent or, decree, that they pro- lot number twelve (12) on said map, easterly indpart b.vhsafts IV]
frendants, and that.the dat Ar a who 'c' t tile on or before the first day of March next, at number s-eventeen and ei gteen, and southerly by lot hut- v
is a residen of t is atcnot-he srd witll "ly ce, number 3 Wall-street, in the city of New- ber tel (10) designated od) said traal), contain in tg twneewty- So
piocessy Iy rea son of h s abenepfrisoo f of all such their respective ]tells or incu- foun feet in width front and real ant forty-lix feet and I
sen se stat e an d alo bran ces, and the am counts due thereon respectively, and three inches in depth, be t ile nam e meore or less; reference to
be n f ro n h l o im l r si d n c e 1o m i o n o f J h t p e ci f El e na t ur e o f th e sa i d i n c um b ra n c e s a n d b e in g h a d to t i e s a id m a p w ill m o r e f u lly a n d a t las re 'a p -
Wlh frd ,som t or he d at dofthi nso ir i nM n t, n e dates therenE respectively. The lands described in pear- will be sold at public auction at tie Mansion House l
ait "i~odrdtat tne sad e fedntAro anigd tile bill of complatint, and above referred to, are as fol- in North Marketstreet in the city of A Ih.ny, on tlle first Co
cuse isape arance toi bementr-ii ean d not~icethr eo toi lows : All that certain message or house and lot of Monday of July necxtat twelve o'clock at noon, and the said vi
bentservdointhe comilnathss olicitr within threou ,round, situate in the fourteenth, late eighth ward of the mortgage Ilierf and there foreclosed by saiiI sale, according in
pearance thatlhe causehis toLe coplainant SS6 ostfmowknowa lot Datd 4th January 1837 o r]
illto be iled, andia ceopy thereofto be served oia the con OOhT and -
plainant's solicitor, within forty days after service of i tPrince-stroet, easterly by lot number (885) eight hundred PETER GAN8EVOORT
copy of said bill, and in default, thereof, said hill nay be and, eighty-five, southerly by lot number eight hundred Executors of Catherine Ganghvoortdectiaied. n
taken as eonfessedby said Aarpn ian tfina;hand it further and eighty nine (8,9,) andanlevoort& MITattornKys. a-l a
ordered that the said -conmplainant withiin twenty days 'hundred and e~ighty-en(87)ctaigiibrdhil
cause this order to.be published in the state paper, and in it freotand rear twenty-nve feet, anin engthonthewes venttlat ion will made 8
of Troyncalledrthe TroytN-2i12'festl andebn
newspaper printed in ty side one hundred and eleven feet six inches, and on the 1c to I islature of this state, at its present elle
B,.l,..i ,,n, I i,.ll 1 ., ,., .ri,l papers o east side one hundred and three feet nine inches, be the essis, or an at to coneythe first Presbyterian et- "
..i,. I. ,1 ,. ..... "'h,.i.,", *,i i.. eachh ofthe ae moeng house of esterlo, and the meeting houseowned by
: .1,1 ., r,,,Frui,,s, iote ohr les....ah the ,,merewnecssaryeyedby 1 "7 l ie+n
h""'1 r..,i I,*"' ill'' r1i'-'" e"**n necessary Hyer, of the city q.f.New- York, .lime inspector, to Ara the Dutch church of Pramic. both in the town of Weuter- `
1 -1 l' ,,,',.r.,i-.I ,,,,,rIn..,5l,,in. 1 .,1 '1 ,,, nf'lhis order hain Van G6"der, Sen., by deed dated the 23d lay of No- lo, Albany county, to the elders a d deacons ofthe Re- or
,.... V. ,. ,.. ,,.,, ,11, ,1,,..r, .,.I A ,.,, inningg, tl vember, A. D., 1608, recorded in the R.;.1. 1'1 office, of formed Protestant Dutch Church of Westerlo, and their .
least twenty days before ties tiun'-above prescribed for his the city alnl county of New-York in :,..' ^ .I convey- sucmsors in office. sit
appearance in this cause. Copy. anees, page 492. Vew-York J 87 I
Jta23-8w, r JAMES TORTEIR, Register. ja17-6w DAVID CODWISE, Master in Chancery. VOTICI -The New-York and Wtlliamsburgh Ferry I
4W-YORKANDBROOKIANCOATCOIPANY uricEisherebygiVcnlitan application will b, R CompanyOwillNO C AUplytosthe presenthLegvlnatureforaan
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