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Daily to the South,
fi HE Baltimore Steam Pdeket Company" announce to the
_.1 travelling public that they have succeeded the Maryland
and Virg;nia Steamboat Company, and are now carrying on the
above line in connexion with the Portsmouth anti Roanoke Rail-
road and the Roanoke, Wilmington, and Charleston Railroad and
Steamboat lines.
The following fast and superior steamboats are employed on the
One of which leaves the lower end of Spear's wharf, Baltimore,
daily at 9 o'clock A. M. and arrives at Portsmouth at 11 to li
o'clock snme night.
Cars are on the wharf waiting for travellers who intend going
further Souih. The moment the baggage and passengers can be
transferred, they are off, and arrive at Weldon (80 miles) in am-
ple time to take the cars for Wilmington, where they arrive same
evening in time for the steamboat for Charleston, arriving in the
latter city next morning-being about 50 hours from Baltimore, a
distance of 600 miles.
3 Thisis the only route connecting with the Wilmington Rail-
road at Weldon,.
Travellers who prefer the Southwestern route, that is, not going
through Charleston, can have instant accommodation at Weldon
by stage 12 miles to the Raleigh Railroad, which Flares them pre-
cisely where they would be were they to go through Gasten, with-
out any more expense and less than onehalf the fatigue.
Passengers for Richmond and Petersburg, by leaving Baltimore
in the boats of this line on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, sleep
on board, and arrive in Richmond next afternoon about 3 o'clock.
ocLt 22 Agent Baltimome Steam Packet Co. Baltimore.
1 The steamboat PHENIX will resume her regular
trips between Washington and Alexandria on
Thursday, the l5th inst. and will run at the following hours from
each place, viz.
Leave Alexandria. Leave If ashington.
At 8 and 10 O'clock A. M.: At 9 and 11 o'clock A. M.
At 2 and 4 o'clock P. M. At 3 and 5 o'clock P. M.
The Phoenix will leave Alexandria for Georgetown daily at 11l
o'clock, (Sundays excepted,) and leave Georgetown for Alexan-
dria at 121 o'clock. JOHN WILSON,
Soct 15-dim Captain.
q O^ On and alter Wednesday, the 14th October, the
!F-^ Steamboat JOSEPH JOHNSON will depart as
follows, viz.
Leave Washington, Leave Alexandria,
At 10and 12 A.M. At9and 11 A.M.
At 2and 4P.M. Atland 3P.M.
Until further notice.-Oct. 13.
mar 301-tf IGNATIUS ALLEN, Captain.

Iilt- ii \r' I. '. l-l5UI.i-i are now informed that the
SAlligator Lint is in successful operation through the en-
tire route to Mobile, via the Georgia Railroad cars to Greensboro',
then.-.e by stages to Macon, Permy, Pindartowin, and Bainbridge,
thcence by steamers Leroy and Charleston Ito lola, via Chattahoo-
chic, thence by railroad to St. Joseph's, thence per steamers Cham-
p;'" "i ll';..: .ni, via Pensacola, to Mobile. Passengers by the Al-
I.- I..., i.,: Augusta every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa.ur-
day, at 6 o'clock P. M. and are assured to arrive in Mobile in
our days.
The staging upon the Alligator Line being reduced to 210
miles, much loss than by any other route, and over tihe best natu-
al roads in shle Southern country, every comfort and accommoda-
tion are guarautied to passengers upon thIe line, and they are at
the santoe time assured that they shall be exempt from all the
impositions daily practised upon then upon the upper route, via
Columbus and Montgomery, and that our object shall be to ex-
pedite, accommodate, and please our patrons.
This line connects at Bainbridge for Tallahassee, Florida, via
Quiincy, and leaves immediately on the arrival at Bainbridge.
AEJ- Two coaches will at all times be run in company when the
travel requires it.
For seats in the above line apply at the office at the United
States Hotel, Augusta, Georgia, to
may 7 GRO. M. DENT, Agent.

On and after Wednesday, 17th instant, the steamboat CON-
SrITU UION will leave Bowly's wharf for Philadelphia every
morning, (except Sundays,) precisely at 6 o'clock; returning
sane day, wkh the passengers from Philadelphia; putting those
boundl South on board the Norfolk boats in the river, and those for
Washington and the West at Baltimore, in time for the evening
train of ears.
Passage $4. Meals as usual.

,'l 'm Dally Excursion to Frenchtown and back.
The CONSTITUTION, going up and down the
Same ilay, alfards a pleasant and cheap excursion through the
beautiful scenery of the Chesapeake Bay, enjoying the sea breeze
for about nine hours.
Excursion tickets, including breakfast and dinner, $2.
june 27 T. SHEPPARD, Agent.
OWA.-Description of the United States lands in Iowa, giv-
ing a full and complete description of every section and quar-
ter section, quality of soil, timber, prairies, swamp, rock, coal
banks, iron and lead ores, mill seats, &c. &c., with a large topo-
graphical map of the United States surveys, showing the sections,
&ce., I volume; just published. Por sale by P. TAYLOR.
Also, Travellers' Dictionary for Illinois, with a large sectional
map, 1 volume. $
Northern Traveller through the Northern States and Canada
I volume, 1840. july 17
D DRAWING PAPER.-W. FISCHER has just received
by the schooner President, from the manufacturer, 20
reams of superior Drawing Paper, which was made expressly to
order, and Ifor sale only at Stationers' Hall, where the beat im-
ported drawing materials are constantly kept for sale on the most
reasonable terms. july 31
Orphans' Court, Sept. 22, 1810.
District of Columbia, Washington county, to wit:
N the case of William S. Nicholls, administrator debonis non
I of James Kincaid, of said county. deceased, the said admini-
nistrator, with the approbation of the Orphans' Court, has appoint-
ed lthe second Tuesdiy in April, 1841, for the final settlement of
said estate, a,,d for payment and distribution, in the Court's direc-
tion andl control,of the assets in said administrator's hands to the
legal representatives of said deceased, at which time and place
the said -,i r..,.i. i,..: r re requested to attend : Provided
a copyof i -1.: tt.l, i 1 -I1 Ih..d once a month for three months
previous to said second Tuesday in April next, 1841.
Test: ED. N. ROACH,
sept 28-itn3m Register of Wills.
HOU N D CAN DY, for public speakers, lawyers, clergy-
men, andi all others whose voice or lungs may be subject to weak-
ness, exhaustion or disease.
The advertiser, agent for the patentee, has just received a sup-
ply of the above article, valuable for its medicinal properties and
highly recommended by the physicians at the North. For sale
(in sealed packages only) by F. TAYLOR,
oct 7 Bookseller.
POCAIiONTAS, A Legend, by Mrs. M. M. Webster,
just received by F. TAYLOR,
oct 5 Immediately east of Gadsby's.
.L new edition, in 2 volumes, witlm a portrait of the author, is
just publishled and Ior sale by WM. M. MORRISON, 4 doors
west of Brown's Hotel. june 3
U. R EF ER EN CE, being a comprehensive, historical, sta-
tistical, topographical, nnd political view of the United States of
North America, aid of the several States and Territories, care-
fully revised from the latestauthorities. Forsale at the Book and
Stationery store of R. FARNHAM,
oct 7 between 9th and 10th streets, Penn. avenue.
CIIOOL B)OOKS.-A large and general assortmnent of
School Books of the latest and most approved editions is
just received and for sale low by
sept 28-3t Penn. av. 3 doors east of the City Post Office.
VENHE PICTORIAL BIBLE, being the Old and New
5. Testameots, according to tie authorized version, illustrated
with many hundred wood cuts, representing the historical events,
after celebrated pictures, the landscape scenes, from original
drawings, 0i ftom authentic engravings, and subjects of costume
and antiquities, f'iom the best scenes, to which are added Original
Notes, chiefly explanatory of the engravings and of such passages
connected with the history, geography, natural history, and anti-
quities of the Sacred Scriptures, as require observation, complete
in three beautiful volumes, lately imported from London and for
sale by
sept28 F. TAYLOR.

CHEAP LAW BOOKS.-The subscriber has for sale
a valuable collection of Law Bcks, in great variety, ofthe
latest and most improved editions, for sale at as low prices in
every case as they can be procured either in Philadelphia or
New York, lower in some cases than either. Individuals wishing
to purchase are invited to call and examine for themselves on this
point before sending theirorders to the North.
july 15 F. TAYLOR, Bookseller.
D IGEST OF PATENTS.-A Digest of Patent', issued
.9by the United States, from 1790 to January 1, 1830; pub-
lished by act of Congress, under the supex'Atendence of the Coin-
inissioner of Patents, Henry L. Ellsworth,; to which is added the
present law relating to patents.
For sale at the bookstore of R. PARNHAM,
July 27 Between th and 1 0tb streetIs, Penn, veite,

MORE.-Tlie regular lectures in this institution will iL. ,. -i r, and screened, of superior quality, Farticulat ly I to the house of Mis. Gassaway, corner of Pennsylvania
commence at the usual period, the last Monday of October, anti recommended for family use, being remarkably clean and free avenue and 10th street, where a morning cliss for Ladies and
continue until the 1st of March. fomm all slate, fir sale, at very low prices, by new evening classes fior Gentlemen are now forming for the study
The Faculty consist of the following professors in thie order of i3. M. DERINGER, of the French and Spanish Longuages. Instruction given to tihe
appointment: Wharfat the foot of Jefferson street, Georgetown. loimmer alko in the Italian and Latin Languages, and in tie Eng
J. H. MILLER, M. D. Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. oct 27-2w sh Branches, Penmanship, and Music on tlie Piano or Guitar.
SAMUEL K.JEsNNINGS, MI. ),Proflesor ofMaterialMedicl, Tie-I CARD.-EDWVAtD O"WEN and EVAN EVANS, here- Private lessons given at the dwc!lings of pupils, if desired.
rapeuirsandLegalMedicine. l re tradgunder the firm E. Owe & Co., haveta- Translations made with exacness arld despatch. nov 5-6t
W. W. HANDY, M. D. Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of ken i to partaorship John S. Owen. The firm will hereafter be m fu Ail-l.VIt 1l-4 'l( I. T 0. _T L :,. J1 1 t. I i- :Y .
Women and Children. Pfr i a Pc known as that of OWEN, EVANS, & CO. Thiey feel grateful -B The subscriber, to close sales of lhis stock of Coal Stoves
JOHN c. S. MONKUR M. D. Pro orofInstitues and Practice fr the very liberal patronage with which they have been laored, and Grates, will dispose of them at less lin cost prices. The
of Medicine.
EDWARD FOREMAN, M. I). Professor of Chemistry. at ihe same time they have to request all those indebted to them Public will find amtuong them an assortment of Russia Iron and
JOHN K. W. DUBtARI M. D. Professor of Surgery and Surgic al to call and settle the same, either by note or otherwise, without Brass-imounted Grates, Dr. Nott's and Olnisted's Coal Stoves,
Anatomy. delay, a ms it is especially necessary that the business of the late and Oiney's Coal Blurners, to which their aut-ntion is invited.
W. R. HANDY, M. D. De rio nstrator of Aattny.r be closed. He has also on hand his usual stecik of Hardware and Cutlery,
The faculty would invite the attention of students of medicine OWEN, EVANS, & CO., Merchant Tailors, Pennsylvania which he will sell at the lowest rates, wholesale and retail.
and the prfesion generally to the peculiar ada ig of this Avenue, near Fuller's Hotel, beg leave tn announce to their pa- Also, a large stock of Cooking, Ten. plate, Franklin, and Par-
insituti sn. on ge lly to he pcular dtas of ts rn and the Public in general that they have just received 'heir lor Stoves, cheap. 1). ENGLISH, jr.
Thire plan is navel and it is believed improved. In the same ed- usual supply of Fail and Wiiter Goods, consisting of- nov 5-eolmh Georgetown.
ifice are contained a college for the delivery of lectures, rooms for iamod Beavers, Cloth, Csimeres, Figured Velvets San, MACAULEY SONS, No. 103., Chestnut
a large number of resident students, and a hospital Ior the sick and Cashmere Vestimgs, &c. of the most approved patterns and I. t aet, Philadelphia, respectfullNy acquaint their friends
The hospital, which is thie place chosen for thie medical treattont very best quality. and the Public that they continue to mnul ufantcure extensively
of the seamen of the United States entitled to hospital relieffrom Likewise, e -. 1 ., sortment of the minor articles of gentle. AENT i Pu Olt OIh CcOTHS, i on romus, halls, vestibulesi,
the Government, and containing upwards of 100 patients, pulie me's dress, -, tlandkereifi, Cravats, Scarfs, Shirts, PAN tairs; whicL I can be furnished at the shor roost noticealls v estibules,
and stairs; which can be furnished at the shortest notice, at re-
and private, affords ,oe of the best fields for tbe study of diseso Suspecders, Gloves, &e.
in thus country. AntI as mime resident students have ra pa if time T their Muimiary and Navel friendd they wish to state that the edUed prices, (say sizerwithittut seemm) very superior in point of
in thiscountry Art(aasmthepesutenfstrdensneaattendse.iliumiein fittinug, oaid that Fruit, recent sge, durability, and richuness ofcolors.
patients, tinder the direction efl he Pofessors, they cannot fail to same good fortuneattends themi Embro y te highly approved plan of Hare
acquire a knowledge of practice which will greatly facilitate %' .u. . "pthi ar Lndon Military aid Naval Em oiderys i &a TheYauBniatolnaured, onwhihgives ageeto artleby aresow
their success in after life. , t,. are now empo wproessn the manufacturing, without which a good Floor Oil loth
The arrangements for thie prosecution of the important depart- tm.ii,, .l lose by comparison with that of European man- client be nmadue.
ment of ammaununy are unosurhpansed its this country. Iu addition to .rot2-e~ antb ae
ment of anatomy are unsurpassed in thils country. II addition to -The Ptiiladclphia Patent Floor Oil Cloth Manufactory" was
the abundance ofsubjects fur which Bahlimore lihas always been so 10 O3 FARME S.--BOOTS ANI) SHOES.-The the first, and fur many years the onlyone, of the kid in the Unit-
remarkable, owing to the liberal and enlightened views of her -A subscriber lias ou hand s splendid assortment of coarse ed States. It is now about 36 years in successful operation, and
citizens, ',- h-a, if-. I,,. o .- f the dissecting-rooms of this Univer- '._ ... .-oure Boot., &c. for servants, to which thie attention out a scale calculated to manufacturer uipwaids of 100,000 yards of
sity are a., in -... t 1., I .;uliar facilities. i ... r .. particularly is most respecttfully invited. Oil Cloth per annum ; tihe Proprietors can therefore warrant their
In tie different departments the professors are well supplied My coarse Biogans are alh of first-rate material, and wanrant- manufacture equal to thur imported in every respect, and will be
with the essential I ,.: ,I.- *I. ..- i. ..-.;-, I. ever is required. ed to wear well. My prices are tenper cent. tower than ctn be sold at least25 or 30 per cent. lower.
The chemical iij-Isin .. noi.....: i.. mu it u. thie principles uf ;,Id by any person or persons in this city. In tact, 1 have de- Orders from any part of time United States, South America, or
chemistry. termined to se I to the best advantage for cash. Those who are the West Indies, sent through us, or addressed to time Inaiufac-
The department of surgery will be illustrated by a large num- -n want of shoes, warranted good and cheap, can find them at turers with proper references, will be promptly attended to.
her of instruments, models, and apparatus, comprising those of store No. 10, Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. 31-' Orders will be received by WM. & GEO. STETTINIUS,
Auzoux,and the pathological models ot Thibert, so justly celebrated, oct 29-eodlw ANDREW HOOVER. where specimens mauy he seen. sept 22-3tiw2m
imported from Europe expressly for this department of the Uni- I H oL Y F l E P PLE, m ar mes o f L I L .l tit .1 SI .I1,..... i i 1.
vemrsty. discourses on the Catechliom of the Protestant Episcopal W at prices to suit the times-
The Faculty sincerely believe that young mmen cboh really detc
iThe F aequre a practicaerely believdge that young meson cannot fail Church, by J. P. K. Henshaw, I). I). Rector of St. Peter's 20 barrels New York anti Virginia family flour
sire to acquire a practical knowledge oftheir profession cannot fail Church Baltimore. Just published and for Pale by 10 do Potomac (family) shad
to be struck with time great advantages an institution organized in W. M. MORRISON, Double and single loaf sugar
so improved a plant moust afford, and they invite all such to visit nov 2 4 door West of. Brown's Hotel, Pa. av. Lump and crushed do
their institutilou, and to form an impartial judgment of what is the St. Croix, Porto Rico, and New Orleans do
best suited to advance their own interests. MEKICAN MEL>ODI .lSu-Conmaining selection from Mocha, Java, Laguira, and St. Dcetaingo coffee
Additional information in reference to tie plan, terms, &c. the productions of two hundred writers, compiled by G.. r,. Imperial, gunpowder, young hysonu, and black teas
may be obtained by letter addressed to Morris, with illustrations designed and engraved by L. P. t-_ ., Sperm dd, and dit candles
JOHN R. W. DUNBAR. Jr. Just published and for sale by R. FARNHAM, between 9lh Together with a general assortment ofe all kinds of groceries,
sept 22-dtNov.15 Dean of the Faculty. andl 10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue. nov 2 which ha c been selected with care expressly (or family use.
The Fredericksbhuig Arena, Richmond Eenquirer, Norfolk Bea- 'I SYSTEM O1. PHACTI1CAL Mlinl)ICINE, comi- WATERS & IDELANY,
eon, Charlottesville Advocate, Staunton Spectator, and Winches- prised in a series of original dissertations, arranged and ed- nov 4-lw Corner of 7ih and E streets.
ter Republican will copy time above. ited by Alexander Tweedie, M. D. F. R. S. and Fevers and Dis- {I_, l)H m"-- I Il AND GIA)VEH. iigh Street,
tI n I ARENTS AND TE sCIIERS.-SCHOOl eases o f the Skin, are this day published and for sale by 2I bNtweem dL .1 aid 3d, GeoretuGwnV.R-Tlc sutsiciSber
BOOKS.-Thie subscriber having lately received frcnm \. M. MORRISON, takes this method of tendering his sincere and grateful acknow-
tie North a very large supply of School Books, and all that are aug 5 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. ledgments to his patronas here ant elsewhere for the very liberal
used in tho District, and havingselected those thatare well bound, L'CONOMICALAL ,liIARY.-Ttic cheapest collect on palronage which they have extended to him since his appearance
andthe besteditions, those who wish to purchase will find ittotheir E of choice literature ever published in any country. The in this place, and hopes, by an unremitting attention on his part,
interest to examine them. School Books will be sold at reduced price of each volume, of about 200 pages, is 18i cents. They to merit a continuance of thie same.
prices, and a liberal discount made to those who purchase by the are handsomely printed, and the type clear and '. i-; i ,and tihe He ia happy to inform theem that he is now prepared to accom-
quanltity, work such ua every ftmiy should possess. Time t' i.. i volumes umiodate hem wilh every article in his line, sucli as Buckskinis of
Also, Blank Books and Stationery of every kind, of the best osit of Moral Tales, by celebrated authors of all countries, every size, quality, and colr.
quality in the market, and will be sold at the lowest prices. [hie second series consista of Tales rif Humor, also by celebrated He has also on hand a fine assortment of substantial Bucekskin
sept 2 H. FARNHAM. writers. The above are now published. The other volumes will Gloves, lined and unint d; also, lined Fur Gloives; al iof' which
T HE WHITE SU LPIIUR I 'APIERS, or Llte at insist of 'Tales of Terror, Talcs of Supierstition, Tales of Pas- lie will dispose of, wholesale or retail, on raccouimodating terms.
Sthe Spritigsof Western Virginia, sioun, Tales from History, &c. Various other works will be ad- Also, a good supply of clean IDeer Hir, for s-iddler's use.
Also, FauquierSulphur S.rings, being tlt- substance of a series dcd. Thie cash system will be adopted ; and if thie experiment N. B. All orders from a ditancuo gratefully received, aind
of Familiar L.etters, illustrating th scenery, loialitii,,mediinal .s patronized by the Public, about one volunime a fortnight will ap- ..- i.i attended to.
virtues, a-. i...II. i i'. 1-.. . i ;. f ,I. .V'itie Sulphur Springs uear. These will be sold single or in sets. For sale at the Book- "_."- [H will make to order Buckskin Shirts and Drawers, or
at Warreiu ,. F..,- r ,. r i, \ .- ... ., By ia visitor. tore of R. FARNHAM, anty article in his line, in the neatest possible manner, and of the
Per sale at thie bookstore of R. FARNHAM, oct 28 Between 9tilh anl 10thl s., Pennm. av. best material. JACOB IRAMSBURG,
july 27 Between 9th and i10th streets, Penn. avenue. .1 11 |It A .j. N- I IM i.71V. K -. .n \ ... .... "1. nov 4-eol2tf(tuog,.tiown.
YCI.OPE)IA 01F IIISTORY, anrringed alpmribeti- 1. Black, superior article to any imported. Just received at EW OlKS.-Tlmhe Husband Hunter, in 2 vols. Ever)
C call fur immediate reference, and fbrmnimg a complete body oct 21-3t TOIDD'S iDrug Store. -1 Day Life in London, by Jamies (Irant, author of I ecol.-
of information on Histomy, Biography, and Geography, both en- j EW BOlOKS.- Texas in 1840, or the Emigrant'sGuide, elections of the House of lurds and Commtons." Grat Metro-
cient and modern ; containing also a full and complete Chronolo 'i by an emigrant front thie United States, I vol. ris,"'' &c. iu 2 vsis. Just received for sl I- F rTAYLOli, o
gy, amid very numerous illustrative engravings ; 708 pages hand- ... IApplied to Agricullure, by Chaptal, Humphrcy "r circulation among the sublcribers to the t .. -, eurculaminp
somely printed, handsomely and strongly bouudi. Price tnly $2 50 , P, i RKunwick, and others, 1vol. library, uiuiautly east of Gadshy'sHoel. mr 27
sept 16 F. TAYLOR. Armstrong's Treatise on Agriculture,with notes, byJ.Buell"A .I! A1. ,1111 t *U' "- LA I t f-l '.t (.''!1 .. ', -im.
B EDFORD WATEI.-A further supply of Bedford vol. V a- -lie six ivos. ucolta n sucm0,.i mLm tisine) .1 -ame, a cmk ui.]-
SWater, in barrelsand half barrels, Ohis day received direct Capt. Parry'sn Three Voyages towards the Northl Pole, new only, at $8 50 the set, by F. TAYLOR, published at $15.
fiom the Springs, at editin-, all euomprised in2 vols.ON ESS NS OF 1AR Y LOIE UE 1
aug 8-6t TODD'S Irug Store. First Principles ofChymistry, by Professor Renwick, of Co- vONlihiny avingA ; 2d vol. Te Thosnd a Year;I 1
INb bhagCollege,NmnYok. w ny e vig; 2d vol. Te Thotd a Year;
I E PRINCIPLES OF FREE TRAeE, by lebmen ets -Pby Professor Upham, of Nos. 3and4 Charles O'Malley, tie Irish l).,-,, with engra-
m. Condy Raguet, new edition, complete in one octavo vol. o0 dnin College ings; are thisday receivedforsalebyF. TA I mIutor lurcircu-
just published and for sale by P. TAYLOR. This edition on- The Social Destinyof MJan, or Association and Rcorgani- ation among tlhe subscribers to tie Waverltey Circulating Library.
tains the names of the Members of the Free Trade Convention nation of Industry, by Al.ert Brisbane, I vol. "1,OtOKS FOR THE YOUNG--WVell adapted lur
held in Philadelphia in 1831. Bacchus, a prize essay, on tie nature, causes, effects, and cure "3 Birthday and lHolyday Presents, 181 1.-The
Also, Raguet on Currency and Banking, new edition, 1840. if inlemperance, 1 vol. attention of booksellers, country merchants, parents, and teachers,
Hi-tory of hlie Federal Government for fifty years, from Mmnch This day received and for sale by is respectfully invited to thie following collection of choice Bomks
1789, to March, 1839, by Alden Bradford, I vol. octavo, 1840. oct 28 FP. TAYLOR. for young people ; published by Juames P. Giffing, successor toS.
Jeremy Bentham on L ilt;n.n o ,,i Ioi.a 56 Gold street, New York.
Carey a Principles of P..,,. ,L.. .......m,, treating of the causes E iW MUSIC.-Just received, tihe following pieces of bCon, 5 Gold street, Neac to rk.nnounce that hese volumes
which retard increase in the numbers of mankind, and of time sic, at the old established store, two doors east of the City he puisher ly the x eain e to y narmof that these voudicioumes and
causes which retard improvement in the political condition of Post Office. W. FISCHER. well infried persons in thiammdy muntry, and imaveust tu received tieius an
men, 1 vol. octavo, 1840. Log Cabin Quick Step North Bend Quiek Step, General Har- ell infield persons in is century, amd hoe rceiveul ther
McCulloh's Commercial Dictionary, last edition. riso's Tippecanoe Granud Marlch I've gazed on eyes as bright as fill approbation, as books admirably adapted to inculcate pre
And a large collection of all other of the most valuable works thine, Marche Autrichienne, with variations, If tlhui hast crushed mrals nd correct am OOK useful Wmaionm H
on Political Economy and all its various branches, sept 18 a flower, With your little Wife, Amarinthi Waltz, Mosoique Muii- I. BO PARLEY'S UNIVER SAL HISTORY, hi e basis ofG-t.
EW PoiticaF_____arondo__ayIt I PRLEY'S UNIVERSAL HISTORY,osunEtime bat-ho of~-
? EW BOOKS.-The Young Prima Donna, a Romance rale, e ri !o.,r may gm vamd Chronology.
N.I of the Opera, by Mrs. Grey, author of the Duke, Contin- S UTHE FORD'S INSTITUTESOF NATION- It. WONI)ERS OF TIHE EARTH, SEA, AND SKY, by
nation of the Memoirs of the Court of I ,..- I ... I during the Reign iR AL I AW, Cheap- Last and best edition, both volumes Peter Parley.
of the Stuarts, including the Protectorate, by John Heneage Jesse, .uoumprised in one octavo volume of 596 pages, in ful lahw bind- IV. TALE ABOUT CHRISTMAS, by Peter Parley.
also Nos.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10ofCharles O'Nalliy, theIish l Dragoon ing, price $1 75, publishedd at 84.) V. GIRL'S OWN BOOK, by Mrs. Child.
this day received and for sale by W. M. MORRISON, 4 doors oct 26 F. TAYLOR. VI. PETEll PARLEY'S CHRISTMAS GIFT.
west of Brown's Hotel. oct21t I- L lii tll I..VA'.IA1 II i-I. L %m I MN ,it, , I i.y, VII. AU I'HENTIG ANECIOTES of General Washington.
W EW NOVEL.-The YoungPriumalonna, by Mrs. Grey, Gerald Hull, NI. I).-Thie eighh number of this work just VIIIl MY LPTTLE FIIIENDS, by Mrs. G. TGimaon.
.L author of The Duke ; Humaphrey's Clock, No. 12; tiend the eceived and for sale at the Bookstore of IX EE PARLY'S KOFPO RY igiad
continuation (inu two volumes) of Jesse's Court of England under RIt. FARNIIAM, ceset.
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the Stuarts and time Proteetorate, are just. published, and this day BveweMnh 9th and 10th streets, Pen. avenue. ,.r
received for sale by P. TAYLOR, or fia circulation fiom the Wa- Condilions: The Hlommtopathie Examiner is published every ad i.URE BOOK for Little Folks
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O(.tNIIIJ?-f.N, N Le-7- i,. ,---------- m. vadvan.ce. All tme ...nukbors onay hbe inul tins befmm.e.. met 28 XII. ROSE AND IE1R LAMB, with other"Pales.
O 61111 ..1,IL \ % l, ,y bXIII. PARLEY'S R/.MIBLES inu England, Ireland, Scotland,
I tionary notes, by Mrs. M. M. Webster. Contents.-The ffUSTl I'UBLISil El) and for sale by W. M. MO.RI- &c.
Wife, the Mother, Matoa's lament it her mother's grave, Matos, uV SON, 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel, POCAHONTAS," a XIV. EMILY AND CHARLES. orthIe Art of iLetterV Writing.
a family sketch, Nanlaquas, the exile, the return, the visit and sI .-nd. witu historical and traditionary notes, by Mrs. M.M. XV. A MO)THER'S LiIIRARY for Lle Folks, ori ginal and
prophecy, the captivity, the landing, Poei uhontas's u oaputii r`, thei , in __ sJti 25 select.
marriage and departure of Pocahontas, artn unloked-lor adven 1 1.. 1 i 01. 1- t "i 'l m .k.--.. ... ... -,. XVI. BOOK OF CURIOSITIES, by Peter Parley.
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V.BI. lishingin Parisa in lg.-- i --i-n volumes, with very n muner- TS u Mp i cmin G r and Myrch T. Mo re Eq. .by I11, ilt-. o n Bm t in "1 I 1 in11 ins A e in 'n i n-s
ous Topographieal and M.u.t.,' MNI, and Engravings, dedicated i. Nie.a Pmora C draid k Sep c hea, by mmelh ter. Henry Blinuusnt oX. Alta munn, frio..
to the Army arid National Guard of France. P F B tick Step the foulh Iondun edition, is jst uilIe nai riey
"C'est lapremiere fois que l'on essayedereunimrdomnsun semne 1... cin.. mpoekStep is nrymitntofdrums. fifes, and 4ugleo w.et. MOR ,iSON,
collection les meilleurs ouvraees qui traimentde l'antmnliiaire. Co Six 'onatten, composed Suy Heurny '. Powell oct 26 4 d-oors west uof urine m otle!.
travail est feit par deux hmunmes dea lettres; em cumme ils nesent sr D iscomtent or Sulhuor SptisOing Watz I- ................
etagrni'oiauraaeeneeameismnrnet Ilivertissmemeotonunwo Motits, from thme Opera Zehunira 'Iilil Ic. Ill-s I I. at *N --' "I "-. ... -- -'in ,..
etrangers ni 1ln us 0 Imautre vs science dse aries, hIs-etcotfro nent Overture to Lodoiska, arranged hor two performers I sand extracts, from tine best authors, selected by Jols Tay-
tout cc que ceute tache offee de duhfictle."-Ertract from the Meyerbeer's March, do as a Rondino lor, in 2 vols. Also, tie Lacon, or Many T[ings in Few Words,
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Theme de Martiani, with variations by Czerny complete in 1 vol. revised edition with an index, is f,-i stle by
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To be completed in six volmnes, the first and second of which Shl of fot p i I'URES ON P NeS\ JA 5ei. by 1e
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LaI LrtcItienneN lb Io ...n ii.....m.r..u
ant 14 Agemnt for the Paris Pahtshenrsa. A Lifeon thin Ocean Wave do m-N C iTI l t| 1-. H.,,l .. ir-,,, ..
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W AVERIR EY Nt)VEI.5, (Sm. Valentine's ilay.) Riehardson's Dictionary, quarto, complete. for $12, usuo-l price satisfontiuou. sept 19-co-2ui
A further supply of the cheap edition of the Waverley 18 dollars. Wehster's large lmictitoualy, full boumul last and best- l a't
Novels is this day received, and fur sail brdutio, for $4. Foresle (a few espies it etch ouly) my F. PAY- "TNI^l5 1.11i41 INrK.t Frats Ku-ile-n's ladgoidut ta nk'
-V MI. hitORRIi[SON, 10OR; tugethlier mliii a large e tlleccii muof nithlier vmmu sh te lBtohs, .Ucwsrran~ted mum pmroldue e a pied p~ctmmierman Ielbmk, finemule a
sept 7 Four doors west oI BIrawn's Houte. fIfr sallc at lower prices, upon tie average, than they cart hue fimun] nov' 3--6r 'TOlol'S Itruig Store.
--'OO ----L-----O-----_ )_- -----t--b-s--ed- elsewhere in the United Stales. june 22 %,m t(TIJ 8I.- mtion away froim the sutiscriber, on time 3d must.,
| OORE'S LIFE (IF IIYHON. Jmui- puubluishued a I,,,,.^.w fi ,i~,.-ino~eagi~ "goby ILadSNY ili 7er ,,,5fe
1LTI new edition of The Life of Lo-d Byrn, with hits letters NLOICA'S I.EXIC and journals, by Thomas Moore. .f. S"mut Sentiment of Flowmero, with an outline of Botany and a m or 5 inches a In, bushy beau, roicerlym stuiot, pleasant ouinie-
"Asa composition it deserves to i -. I -.. ,;. bestsne- Poetical Introduction, by Catherine H. Wu'termtan ; Floral ti. nave, reity torfid, amd n tolerably might ulatto. Sundy is 16
.. ..... .. ... ,..-,- ...n ,,.,. in ,,,),t h rt sin ma,,' hi l,, thik met. huree hea d sery thick linus.

e i m e n s o f E n g l i s h p r o s e w h i c h o u r ,g i 1 ,n- m i ., tu r ep l a y m r U t u topt e m a o n- 1owe r a -y t i tYar t to i u t a o e m ; u - -. - -.. . . .-,-.-- ,- . . . . .. in
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among the best in our language. They are less affeetedl than also, The Language of Flowers, with Illustrative Poetry ; to whclh lor, and ntis a large scar ot tie boitti.. , , occasi,,n-
those of Pope and Walpole ; they have more matter in them, than is now first added the Calendar of Flowers, &e. are fir sale by ed by a scythe ; cothing such Ns field hands tusmually wear. Who-
those of Cowper." r. MORRISON, ever will apprehend saio d boys, nd hring theine to m, r i o,
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I ~~~iftken cynthia fir,- munes of tame ; 851, if miner thait slistancr, oamii
was a rare and admirable instance of that highest art which c anl u n i t .A i. l.a N 11 .- -.. ,..i m,1 ,i.. 1.. ,!-. mnt h cou d1ty ; i h 1 n if out t a d.-.- c-..
not be distinguished front nature."-M-acaalay's Miscellanies, specting the sale aindl disposition of the public lando, with ini lc illtnt S. DUCKETT,
page 38. mthe instructions issued from time to lime by tihe Secretaries of the Near Good Lucl P. 0. Prince George's co. Md.
Complete in 2 octave vols., handsome edition, with portraits. Treasury and the Commissioners of the General Land Office, and NePt 14Cw5t
Price $3 25. Just received by F.'1' TAYLIOR. the official opinions of the Attorneys General on questions arising 5dm-14-w-t
W. AVERItlI NOVEULS.-(AnneoohGIer-tin,)ha fur-- under the Land Laws, running from 1776 to the present time. 2 g-11HARIES O'MALIVEY, Nos. II amnd12; also, third
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ct, 14 four doors west of Brown's Hotel. june 29 F, TAYLOR, nova 2 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.

A T a meeting of the President and Direetors this day, time fol-
lowing preamble and resolution were adopted, viz.
Whereas, it is required by law that a general meeting of the
stockholders of this Institution shall be lidd within six months
frmn the 3d day of July la-t, for thie purpose of deciding on the
propriety of aim horizing thIe President and Directors thereof, for
thie thinie being, to file their declaration, in writing, in the office of
thile Secretary of the Treasury, assenting to and accepting the ex-
tenit, of its charter, as granted by the act of Congress, passed
on time 3d lay of July, 1840, entitled An acit to continue the cor-
porate existence of the Banuks in the District of Columbia, forcer-
tuin purposes :" Therefore be it
Resolved, That a general meeting of the stockholders for the
said t purpose, and for thie purpose of considering other subjects that
miay be submitted, be, and thie same is hereby, accordingly called
for Monday, the 2lst day of'December next, to be held at the Bank-
ing IHouse of thie Institution in this city at 11 o'clock A. M.
Extract from the Minutes.
nov 6-3taw6w Cashier.
]FOR RENT.-A convenient two-story brick house,
suitable for a small family, near the corner of 13thst.
and Maryland avenue, in tIhe neighborhood of the Poto-
mac bridge. The pavement is continuous to the Centre Market
by 71hi and 12th streets. To a punctual tenant the rent will be
moderate. Apply to
ROSINA CHESIRE, 7th st. near D.
R' Mrs. C. cen accommodate a gentleman with board, together
with au eligible apartment. nov 10-d3t
AIARVIE 0 FO1R RENT.--That very plea-
v"'&k sant residence on Fairview Hill, situated near thie cen-
- 1.L M- tret of square 513, fronting on M street north, between
4th andiii 5i streets west, now occupied hy Lund Washitngton, Sen.
Esq will be for rent on the, 1st day of January next, when Mr.
Washington's lease will expire. Possession -imay be had earlier
byapplicatioln to hit.
The house contains nine rooms and cellar, with about 3J acres
of iand, tim good order anld easy of cultivation, and a pump of ex-
celleUnt water near the houre.
For further particulars, inquire of
nov 4-colm City Post Office.
,9 F'OR RENT-That handsome and commodious es-
t ,iblist inmenti in Capituol Hill, recently occupied by tIhe
L1-' .L Vice President. Tie house and premises have under-
gone a complete repair and improvements added ; perhaps there
is no residence in Wa. hinditou that possesses more conveniences
for. large family. Mr. DANItEL HOMANS, who resides on Capi-
tol Hill, will show the premises, ifealled upon.
For terms apply to HENRY DAINGERFIELD,
crt 31-d2w Alexandria.
U 'i itI REN oT.-The large tlhree-story house adjoining
the six buildings, with a good stable and carriage house.
;ialPossession can be had immediately. Apply to N. A.
oct 5-eotf W. WORTHINGTON.
IFOR RENT, and possession given immediately,
that very desirable three.stry brick house, recently
S occupied by Mr. Jouas Keller. No house in the city
is btter calculated for a .r Ii, i ... ,- and, from its location,
being within five ninu es ik .t m it. President's House and
public offtes, it is considered a most valuable stand for business.
Inquire of KING & WILSON, Land Agen:s,
sept 7-eotf next door west of the premises.
f t)UGIHl SIR', P.-The subscriber has been induced to
ti ofe tit iis medicine to thIe Public, frotm his personal kunowl-
edge of its effects, amndl tIe testimony of those who have been the
subjects of its operation. In no instance within his knowledge,
anid they have been many, has it failed to give immediate relief to
ihe patient, and ultimately to remove the most *;r .;. --, ,jh,
bronlit i n by taking cold. Those afflicted i. ii .J. I 1-i 1to
make trial of this reumiedVy, have testimony from others, in writing
or verbally, on the subject. RICHAiD) THOMPSON,
Sole \. r.i
This Medicine is to be had at the P...: i.-,r. .fDr.T. [ .i. ,, ,
and at thie store of thie subscriber, one door west career of 4,i st.
and Pliienn. avenue. oct 23-3tawtf
.t WV. FIHCHER has just returned from Now York and Ios
ton, where hi has been replenishing his stock of Stationery, Ar-
tists' umterialis, perfumery, fancy articles, music, and musical in-
Ftriumcnmt, teinlbracing ariuclesa every description in hi- limne. To
a due appreciation of his stock, anudI of the qualities of the articles,
in inspeetinn will be necessary, and which lie respectfully invites,
at Stationers' Hall, where a strict uniformity of dealing is ob
served, nov 4-2aw4w
..A THOS. PURsELL has just inpoited per ships Alexandria
andl Potomnuc, from Liveripool, ninety-nine crates and hogslicads
ef thic above articles, of thIe laicst patterns and shapes, whiclh, with
mis former stock, makes hils assortment extensive and complete ;
iall of which will be s-old wholesale and retail, at Alexandria and
Northern priees-
Stoneware, at factory prices
Pipes, in boxes of three and frcur gross eaci
Cut, mioulded, and plai n glass, looking i I -1 waiters
Hall, ast-a, stand, wail, liverpool, ani i'..- lamps
Knives andl forks, Britannia ware, German silver, &c.
Goodsassortedin .,i ,L .' ..... i for groceries, &c.
Those wishing to g -....- .. i. l t[ I. .. -- tiin a call and ex-
amine stock, quality, and prices, as hlie is determined to sell as
low and on as good terms as any other establishment.
sept I 0-eo2m Opposite Brown's Hotel, Penn. av.
t)''iCSi';--T!)s is to give notice that the subscriber hais ob-
tuined frin lthIe Orphans' Court of Charles county, in Ma-
ryland, letters of administration on rthe personal estate of Robert
IL. Clusnents, late of Charles county, deceased. All persons ihav-
iug claims against the sauil deceased are hereby warned to exhib-
it tlie aine, with thie vouchers thu-reof, to the subscriber at or be-
fore thle -I th (lay of April next; they miay otherwise, by law, be
excluded fromn all benefit if thie said estate.
Given under my hand this 9th day of October, 1840.
oct i3--w4w Adin'r of Robert II. Clements.
-.%rOTICEIIS I IEREBY GIVEN that application uis
.L been madoe iat tie office of the Register of thIe Corporation
of Waishington for thIe renewal of time following certificates of the
s;tock of the said Corpolation in the name of H. 11. Corcoran,
which are lost or nii.s!aid, viz.
No. 357, dated Januiiary 7, 1839, for $135.
No. 258, do do I100t.
No. 639,datedDecemberr20, 1839, for 135.
oct26-2aw3w JOHN MARBURY.
-% AAN'i').m.--I wish to purchase or hire a first-rate co.ki,
V1 from thio country, forumy own use. Should any person in
thie country have such, an i be not disposed to sell, I will give a
lihecral price for the tire, besides paying the tax to the Cmorpora-
tion of hilisciiy. WM. L. BRENT,
nov 3-eo2w Waishington.
I B 'HER MAN, who has no nm-ans of livelihood, want a
home ifor life, I wish to employ such, or the sole purpose of real-
tdingin my house and taking care of tIle samin, at Pomonkey, Ma-
ryland. Tiie residence is a pleasant, antd will be a comufoIr-
table one to such a inan.
nov 4-eotf WM. L. BRENT.
RENT.-Mrs. ENGLISH has several handsome fur-
niihed rooms, two of which are parlors, which she would be happy
to runt, citii r with or without board.
Personis wishing such accommodations, will please call on F
sirect, south side, between l3th and 14Ith streets, and opposite the
I1 n. John Q Adams's residence, nov 4-eo2w
S 0()01) 1,E'THiR I'APER, faint lined, at 3 dollars
lf per reaim, ai most exceltentand cheap article. Also, a great
variety of Paper at the lowest prices, at the Bookstore of
sept 28 Between 9th, and 10th sts. Penn. avenue.
fg1E III.'lTOIY 0I' EUitOPE, from the commeuint ce-
I mieat of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the
nourimin:i,) by Architald Allisoni, r a. a. it. Seven voemtes are
published ; the eighth, wchml compleies the work, will be issued
in London in the course of a week or two from this time. Co-
ries of this work will I.e imported by F. TAYLOR, Bookselier,
Washington city, fot tlbie who wi.shi to order thiem. The price
in this country will be about h0 dollars.
No work could hiaye made such progress in national opinion
without substantial qualities. Its vigor of research and its man-
liness of principle, its accurate knowledge and its animation of
style have I-een tile grounds of its remarkable public favor, as
they are the guaranties for its permanent popularity.'--Jlaok-
"The History of Europe during the French Revolution is in-
dispensable to all those wco are ,-- r.,;..; collectious on this sub-
I i "t .. replction of them .n. -Preface to the French
l',-, ,, uM, AI. Paquis.
"The tiitory of Europe during the French Revolution is by
far the most rcmakable historical work of the last century."-
Foreign Quarterly IReview. ljuy 3
b .rW. FISCHER Ias just opened avery largequiantity of ex-
tra siperfiue red, black, and fancy colored Sealing Wax and
Wiaftrs. Also, 20,000 sul'erior Quills, wiiche lie has recently
imported direct from the manufacturer, sept 4

tA feom the celebrated manufacturers, Jessop i& Brothers,
100 reauvsblum wove luand-made letter rater, ruled on three sides,
a mout excellent article, for sale at Stationers' Hall, where the
very best writing papers, either ofEnghish or American manumfac-
ture, are constantly kept for sale. oct 14
Orlahans' Court, oct. 30, 1840.

District of Columbia,4 V '. .. '.ui i ,".. ,.'/"
N N the ease of Johun F. '_- t . .. I..i.. r. r Charles Li-
lte, deceased, thIe administrator of Charles Litle, aforesaid,
with the approbation of the Orphlans' Court, has appointed tihe
fourth itt,'sdahiy in Nov ember next fior the settlement of said es-
tate, and for payment and distribution, under the Cout's direc-
tion and control, of the assets in thIe hands of said administrator,
so far as collected and turned I into money ; when and where a'l
the creditors of said deceased are requested to attend: Provid-
ed, a copy of this order be published in one or more newspapers of
the County of Washington ; and this notice to be published once
a week for three successive weeks prior to said fourth Tuesday
in November next.
Test; ED. N. ROACH,
nov 3-law3w Reg. of Wills,

Washinigton, November 6,1840
PROPOSALS will be received at this office until the 24th
inst., to supply eight hundred barrels, of 300 pounds each,
of the best quality Hydraulic Cement, to be delivered at the new
General Post Office Building, in such quantities as may be order-
ed from time to time. Two hundred barrels to be delivered in all
the month of December next, and the residue in the month of
May following. Specimens of the cement (a barrel full) must be
sent with the proposals. nov 10-dtd
P UBLiC SALES.-- will sell, in front of my store, on
Thursday, 12th instant, at 10 A. M. between 9th and 10th
streets, a lot of superior Furniture, consisting ol Bureaus, Tables,
I large in,,l. .r.5 Book-case, Sofas, 1 dozen splendid cane
Chairs, a.....I i. i,.,s, Ingrain and Cotton Carpets, hair and shuck
Mattresses, poplar and maple Bedsteads, Cots, 1 large Franklin
Stove, I small do. Ten plate do. various sizes leather Trunks,
plated Castors, with 4 and 6 bottles, plated Candlesticks, Snuf-
fers and Trays, with a good assortment of Crockery, &c.
Also, a small lot of cut Dry Goods, such as brown, mixed, and
olive Cloths, Rose Blankets, Linen Tahlecloths, Canton Flannels,
and Bed Ticking, with many other articles.
Auctioneer and Corn. Merchant.
N. B. Any additions will bh received.
Ur Evening sales at store on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat-
nov 10-3t W. M.
rich rnousselines di lines, cashmere style
Also, 5,000 pieces of all other styles, well assorted.
flICH VE'TIN G!.-We have on hand rich winter vest-
ings of every description. Gentlemen wishing to purchase
will please call and examine them.
ECBENTILY RECICEIVED, stocks, cravats, long end
scai fs, and gum suspenders in endless variety.
open on Tiursday, the 12th inst a handsome assortment of
winter millinery.
Dressmaking done in the most fashionable style and at the short-
est notice.
Two or three apprentices wanted. nov 10-3t
I INGERD & BRAI)IEY have on hand Cotton and
S Woollen Flannels of every description. Purchasers
wishing bargains will find it to theiir advantage to call early.
nov 10
LOR WINTER.-Gentleimnen's merino, shaker net, and
F lambswool drawers and shirts of superior quality.
LOAK CLO)TIHIS.-75 pieces ladies' cloak cloths for sale
at our usual low prices.
150 pieces rich Valenciennes Laces
150 dozen Silk Hose and half Hose, plain, ribbed,and embroid-
ered, uti hand and for sale by
RANGE FLOWER WATER.--Fme flavored treble
distilled Orange Flower Water, just recoivel at
aug 5 TODD'S Drug Store.
,'t k i.lthH MAHOGANY PIANO Ft)IET.-Just
10 received Irum Messrs. Cbickering & Mackays, another ma-
iiogany piano f rte, with harp pedal, of superior tone and work-
,ianship, for sale at Stationers' Hall. oct 12
'URGICAL Nt)'I'CE.-Tie fellow ine notice of some
new metlhodi of operating for strictures of the male urethra,
mind certain female infirmities, termed in medical language verico-
cagiual fistula, and ununited lacerait:one of time perireion, is ad-
tressed to the afflicted thiriugh the columns of a newspaper, be-
ieving thie information it contains will prove beneficial to them ;
tid thie writer will state that, although the information he thus
eriders is not derived fi'om his own experience and practice as a
urtgeoon, he nevertheless feels the utmost confidence that it will
,ot disappoint or prove the less valinable. Being a medical man
,iniself, he can in some degree appreciate the character of the
operations for efficacy and safety ; asd, in commending them, as
well as the able surgeon who has contrived and repeatedly per-
ii)ried them with undeviating success, to the notice of the afflict-
ed, he trusts that he may be regarded as candid and disinterested
in what lie states.
In every age and country, the treatment of strictures of the male
urethra has been regarded difficult, and extremely uncertain in
ihe amount of curative benefit following from thie plans generally
employed. Many, nay, very many cases have passed under treat-
menrot, and for a lengthened period, without being essentially ben-
efited ; and now and then instances have occurred in which no
good at all has been experienced, and the unfortunate sufferers
iius doomed to drag cut miserable lives. In veicoe-vaginal fistula,
and lacerations of the perintaeum, greater difficulties and unceim-
tainty of success have uniformly been met with, from the modes
if treating ihose terrible infirmities generally adopted by the pro-
fess.on. A very large majority, nay, it might be stated and not
incotreetly that nearly every case has proved incurable upon the
established plans of treating them. Females have been forced,
in consequence of their intractable nature, to drag nut lives of suf-
fering from these infirmities, and not unfrequently, during the
4rcater part of the time, to hide themselves from society, and
even to feel almost that they were loathsf me nuisances in their
,,wn families. When relief lhi been obtained, it has generally
afforded so little benefit as hardly to be felt as relief. And of the
large number of eases treated, the records of surgery can only
iirnish a few examples that reflect credit. Until within a few
ears, the condition of the surgical means for correcting these in-
firmities was pretty much as has been represented by the preced-
i ,tairment. New or improved plans for t. r,-. i;r. i.. ",, .tore
...'. I.1 and uffectually were then demand..t ; .i-.1 i *iT. uri the
writer infinite satisfaction in being able to state that the desiderata
live been fully supplied by our distinguished countryman, Dr.
METTANER, of Virginia. Perhaps in no department of surgery
have greater improvements been made than in contriving modes
firtreating the three inlirmitis already named. For some six
or seven yeats, Dr. METTANER has treated these affections uni-
foibrily successfully; and the writer of this notice, an early and
itimate friend of the Doctor, has taken it upon himself, without
lhis knowledge orapprobation, toannounce the fact to the afflicted,
and to commend him to their notice in the treatment of such
cases, as well as in all others requiring skill im' good judgment.
With ait view of inspiring confidence within the fliceted, and at the
same time to show that thie writer has not been led away by his
iat tialities as a friend in making the preceding communication,
he will state that hlie has very lately witnessed an exceedingly in-
teresting ease of stricture, complicated i;h numerous and exten-
sve fistula of the petritroum and seratum, successfully treated by
Dr. METTANER. This ease was seetn,an-d particularly examined,
by the writer, before it passed into the Doetor's hands and after
iis core, and he declares that a i-ore unpromising one he has nie-
ver witnessed, nor has a more gratifying opportunity ever been
uffoided him of beholding the complete triumph of -cience and
skill in this noble department uf the healing art than its cure pre-
sented. Many extremely bad eases of this disease have been
treatly equally successfully by the Doctom ; indeed, he has not
failed in a single ease since lhis present mode of tieaing stric-
tures was adopted. In a conversation with Dr. M. a short time
since, he stated that, if patients laboring under these affections
would conform to the few restraints necessary to give proper effi-
cacy to the operation, a failure could not Dossibly result; and that
his experience justified h-m in guarantying cures in every case,
oven the most unpromising. In the treatment of verico-vaginal
fistula and lacerations of the peinmeum, the writer is warranted in
satming that Dr. M.'s success is without a parallel in this country,
as he has cured perfectly three cases of the former and three
cases of the latter infirmity. These affections, the Doctor thinks,
are cirabule in nearly every case, as nine have likely ever occur-
red of more unpromising characters than some successfully treat-
t-d by him. When it is recollected that very few eases of these
umiost afflictive infirmities, out of the large number known to have
.cemrred, are ever cured, too much praise cannot be awarded Dr.
Meitaner for the valuable improvement le has comtmributed towards
their mome successful treatment In closing this notice, lhIe wri.
icr will say, if thie information lie has presented shiall be the
means of .- ...* r-i r.l- ,.- i licted fellow-being from a state of
tainfit anti i..- u .- ,i ri., lie will feel himselfrepaid mur the
mime and little trouble it may have cost him to prepare it.
nov 5-3tm N _M )ICO-ANIICUS
C APITOL HILL ACADEMY.-The subscriber re-
spectfully informs the citizens of Washington that he will
oaen a Select School for boys in the beautiful and commodious
chiamher of the Columbia Engine-house, on Monday next, at nine
o'clock A. M.
Thorough instruction will be given in the English, Classical,
and Mathemnatical branches, and French. Terms made known at
lis school-room.
nov 6-3t CHAS. H. CRAGIN, A.M.
N EW GROCERY STORE.- The undersigned, have
ing disposed of his interest in time grocery store of Essex
& Lazenby, would mf m* *. ,i,,l,' announce to the citizens of Wash-
ingtou and vicinity ',in--' in. h, taken tmIe new store-house corner
of 7th amd I streets, for the purpose of conducting the Grocery
business, wheme ie has in store, and is now receiving, a general
assortment of Groceries, Liquors, China, Glass, Earthenware,
asol a variety of Fancy Articles, embracing every article usually
kept in the Grocery line, and wmieh he would invite the Public
tim call and examine for themselves.
These goods were carefimly selected in Baltimore, partly for
cash, and will be soel low. D. LINGAN LAZENBY,
nov 5-3t Corner ef 7th and I streets.
JALU ABLE LAND I OR SALE.-The subscriber
offers at private sale all those several tracts of land lying in
Prince George's eunmty, and commonly known as the Manor. An
nppomtunity is here offered to persons wishing to invest in real es-
tate rarely to be met with, as these tracts contain from five to six
thousand acres, whizh have been divided into a number of lots,
containing from omme to five hundred acres each. The reads from

Washington city to Piscataway, from Washington city to Noting-
ham, front Marlborough to Piscataway, from Alexandria to Marl-
borough, and many others, pass thronghl the land, which is situated
almbout an equalI distance from each place.
It is deemed unnecessary to give miy further description, as
hose wishing to purchase will no doubt examine foi themselves.
These lots will be sold on the most accommodating terms, as a
very long credit will be given for the purchase money, upon the
F urchaser giving security for the payment of the interest annually.
Any information ou the subject will he given upon application
to the subscriber, near Bladensburg, or to John Calvert, Esq. liv-
Ing on a part ofsaid tract.
aug 7-2awtf CHARLES B. CAdVFRTi

as they are concerned, to take the necessary measures for the
dispersion according to law of any assemblages that may be
held. The Colonels of the municipal guard of the city of
Paris, and of the 1st legion of departmental gendarmerie, as
also the commanders of all other military bodies, are invited
to lend aid and assistance whenever they shall be legally
called upon to do so.
The Councillor of State, Prefect of Police.
The Observateur of Brussels gives the following account
of the Navy of Holland:-
The navy in commission is composed of 9 frigates, of
which 3 are used as uI-l-,ii,[. 9 corvettes, 1 of which is
used as a naval-school, I-' hl.%;, 1 of which also is a naval-
school -, 25 gun-sloops, 4 armed steamers, 2 transports, and a
demonstration-ship attached to the naval institution of Me-
demblick. The vessels not in commission are 8 ships of the
line, of which 5 are finished, and 3 building; 12 frigates, of
which 5 are finished, and 7 are building ; 9 corvettes, of which
4 are finished, 2 are building, and 3 are employed as hospital
ships; 9 brigs, of' which 4 are finished, and 5 are building;
and 68 gun-sloops. The total, therefore, is 8 ships of the
line, 21 frigates, 15 corvettes, 21 brigs, and 95 gun-sloops.
The crews in active service amount to 5,000 men; the offi-
cers of the fleet are 472 in number. The number of marines
in the different ports is 383. The shipwrights and others em-
ployed in building and fitting out, at Amsterdam, Willem-
sord, Rotterdam, Helvoetsluys, and Flushing amount to
2,098. The budget of the navy is 5,250,000 Dutch florins.
The Dutch have not one three-decker, and their largest ships
of the line are of 84 guns. The officers are composed of 3
vice-admirals, 7 rear-admirals, 23 full-captains, 40 lieutenant-
captains, 8"2 full-lieutenants, 172 lieutenants of the second
class, 79 midshipmen, and 66 surgeons."
Advices from Algiers, of 8th instant, state that the Arabs
made a bold attempt on the night of the 1st and morning of
the 2d, some of them having penetrated the Sahel, avoided
the French posts, and come up to the very gates of Algiers,
where, about one in the morning, they set fire to some ricks
of hay close to the gate of El Babazoun, and an immense
pile of building-wood kept there. The conflagration was
immediately perceived, and all the authorities and troops turn-
ed out. The ricks and wood were consumed. A large sta-
ble near the gate was also burnt, but 100 horses in it were
fortunately saved. The total damage was estimated at from
150,000fr. to 200,C00fr. Some of the native inhabitants of
the environs came to look on, but would not assist in putting
the fire out. A strong guard was posted next day at the
spot ; but front that time no further accident had occurred.
Nothing was seen of the marauders who executed this at-
MISERIES OF MANAGEMENT.-The father of the late Sir
Watkin Williams Wynn was a great patron of the arts, and
so fond of theatrical amusements that he built a theatre for
the diversion of himself and friends at Wynnstay, in North
Wales. On one occasion Austin, the actor, then manager
of the Chester Theatre, was requested by Sir Watkin to su-
perintend the *..- ;r., up of a favorite comedy, which was to
be acted entirely by amateurs, most of whom were noblemen
and ladies of rank. A day was fixed for the performance,
anri, as a matter of course, a rehearsal was called in the
morning. Sir Watkin and Austin were at their post mak-
ing the necessary preparations to give effect to the play.
When all was ready, Clear the stage," said Sir Watkin,
and call Lord A." His lordship's gone out shooting,"
returned the servant. Call Sir B. C. then." He's gone
fishing." Request Lady D. to come, then." Her lady-
ship and several others are just gone out for a drive." Who
the devil," cried the knight, would be a manager V" "I
am sure I would not," said Austin directly, if I had your
The acknowledged inferiority of the Irish fisheries to the
Scotch and English is not to be ascribed to any undue pref-
erence shown to the latter, but to the difference in the means
and facilities with which they are severally conducted. The
Irish are far behind their competitors in the size and con-
struction of their boats, in the quality and supply of the re-
quisite gear and tackle, and in the skill and training of the
persons they employ. Their exertions are also, in many
places, cramped and restricted by absurd regulations and by-
laws amongst themselves. What wonder, then, if, with
these disadvantages, they fail of success
But let these defects be remedied, and Ireland may drive
all rivalry from her native seas.


Mr. HOLTON : A speech by Mr. Stanly, of this State, on
the Expenditures of this Mint, has, by the liberality of some
of my political opponents, been printed in a pamphlet form
at this place, this week, with a view to influence the ap-
proaching election.
To the slightest observer, it is apparent that the whole of
this speech is made with bad temper; I shall show that much
of it is composed of misrepresentation, and some of its state-
ments positively false.
It is an old saying, that Falsehood travels the rounds
while Truth i1 putting on his boots." But this answer was
unavoidably delayed, to procure some official information on
the subject.
The basis of the speech is founded on a document from
the Register of the Treasury, and vouchers filed in the
Treasury Department at Washington. The document is
truly quoted by Mr. Stanly, and is as follows-(Doc. 189,
25Lh Cong. 3d Sess.:)
"Annual expenses of the Branch Mint at Charlotte, N. C.
exclusive of the buildings, machinery, enclosing grounds, appa-
ratus, tools and fixtures, agreeably to the resolution of the House
of Representatives of the 4th February, 1840 :
1837. Officers and clerks $10466 66
Wastage of gold and contingent expenses 5,600 00
Compensation to laborers 1,500 00
$17,466 66
1838. Officers and clerk ..- 7,000 00
Wantage of gold and contingent expenses 5,400 00
Compensation to laborers 3,600 00
$16,000 00
Register's Office, February 6, 1839.
T. L. SMITH, Register."
The following correspondence between the Register and
myself (which are all the letters that ever passed on the sub-
ject) will materially explain this document, and do away
much of the impression and untrue inferences of Mr.
Stanly :
Charlotte, N. C. July25, 1840.
Sin : In Doc. H. R. No. 189, 25th Cong. 3d Sess. a memoran-
dum appears, signed by you, dated July 6th, 1839, agreeably to
the resolution of the House of Representatives of 4th February,
1839, in which you Nay, 'Annual Expense of the Branch Mint at
1837. Officers and clerk $- 10,466 66
1838. Same 7,000 00
The amount appropriated in 1837 and 1838, for their salaries,
was $6,000 for each year.
I received in 1837, upon various requisitions made by me, viz.
March 9 500
June 11-t 1 500
September 30 1,600
December 30 1,.5 i0
-- $5,000

Mr. Stanly's assertion is, that in 1837 there was paid 1i6
salaries to officers and clerk $10,466 66. He knew that
this was not true, for he had before him the receipts of those
officers and clerk for that very year, in amount less than five
thousand dollars.
In regard to the item of" wastage of gold," much was said.
The assayer, melter, and refiner, have published a statement
which must satisfy the most captious and fault-findirg. This
article I never saw until in the public prints. It shows the
fact, which I knew to be true, that there was no wastage of
gold in 1837, because there was no coinage; that the whole
wastage for 1838 and 1839 was very inconsiderable, and that
this matter is legally placed beyond my control; and as the
article states, any charge of unnecessary waste falls directly
upon the melter, refiner, ahd coiner."
But the chief burden of complaint is some trees purchased
with the Government funds. In decorating the grounds and
edifice, which was located in a barren oldfield, I ih.u.liit that
I but faithfully discharged my duty. The ..uldD._-j and
grounds cost the United States large sums of money. It
is visited as a part and parcel of the national property, by
not only our own citizens, but by Europeans of science and
character. I pity any man's heart who does not wish that his
nation, through her public institutions, should appear respect-
able and dignified. But the expenditure is made; no similar
is or will ever be necessary. If I erred, I hope that it is not
an unpardonable error, and in the idea of Burke, I trust
"something may be pardoned to the spirit of patriotism."
The speech quotes a bill for paper, inkstands, and pen-
knives purchased for the use of the Mint."
These, in Mr. Stanly's opinion, are large items, for with
them he occupied the attention of the congregated wisdom of
the nation. Can the public correspondence and accounts be
kept without these essentials I There were three penknives
in the bill named, and they were given out to tile three offi-
cers of the mint for their respective desks. These large items
will be considered very little things by the I, jlr,-,.s portion
of the community; but they should recollect I hat Mr. Stanly
is a very little man, and Goldsmith has beautifully told us that
These little things are great to little men."
Did this scrupulous little member of Congress refuse the
knife given to him and piid for by the United States 7 Hvs
he refused the various other perquisites, such as "satin post
gilt-edge paper," fancy sealingwax, books, &c., which Dr.
Petrikin, of Pennsylvania, asserted on the floor of Congress
last session exceeded in value the pay of a member I If he
did receive these perquisites, what a consistent little jewel he
is! Brother," cast the beam out of thine own eye."
But the speech further complains of some purchases for
fixtures and furniture, and states that it never was designed
by Congress to attach a dwelling house to the establishment,
and adduces the act of Congress of 1835to prove the position.
Now I here take issue with the gentleman, and will show his
error. Not only the act of 1835, as quoted, establishing the
mint, was passed, but by the act of 1837 there were seven
thousand dollars specially appropriated for enclosing the
grounds of this Mint, for repairing a building on the lot, and
for outhouses." This was specifically appropriated on the
estimate that it was for the outhouses to be established to the
Superintendent's dwelling. See act of Congress of 1837,
page 55 Why did not Mr. Stanly quote al-o this latter
law'I Why suppress a material part I Congress as much
intended one as the other to be the law. Then if Congress
did appropriate money for a dwelling and outhouses for thj
Superintendent, certainly such furniture and fixtures as are
necessary and proper for the building was a proper and judi-
cious expenditure. The above amount expended, as shown
in the bills, does not exceed $500. It is public property, and
while in my care shall be safely preserved and faithfully trans-
mitted whenever the Government shall desire it. The arti-
cles which are in the house, and of private use and comfort,
are paid for by myself. If they are extravagant, neither Mr.
Stanly nor the Government has ever paid one cent for them,
although he untruly intimates otherwise. For, in a letter to
the Raleigh Register of the 2d of June last, he states that
even my table selt was paid for by the United States." It
is true that, in the accounts, there is salt paid for, but every
one acquainted with science knows that salt is an essential
ingredient in the separation of .1d1 Ind silver, and is much
used by the melter and refiner .r ihi. purpose. It can satis-
factorily be proved that not one particle of salt ever charged
to the United States was ever even carried to my apartmenUt,
much less used for my personal benefit. Had Mr. Stanly
looked at the account of the other minis, he would have seen
similar charges; and had he known of what he was talking,
or had he ever known me personally, he never would have
said that this salt was for my private benefit. I commend to
him in future the remarks of Fielding, that a man generally
talks better when he knows what he is talking about."
Mr. Stanly is pleased to say, but little skill is required
to conduct all the coinage done at Charlotte." Had he been
as careful to examine all the documents of the nation as lie
is anxious to misrepresent some of them, he would have dis-
covered that this Branch of the Mint has already coined
more than three hundred thousand dollars, ($300,000,) all of
the produce of North Carolina, and that the annual expense
is less than $12,000. This Mint has already gone through
its probationary state in the heavy outfits incident to its es-
tablishment ; the officers and men are all at their posts ; the
machinery is in perfect order ; and materials laid in for the
year in advance. It indisputably acts as a direct encourage.
ment to the mining interests of our State, and while it thus
tends to expand her resources, it adds to the amount of pre-
cious metals in the commercial world. But, if Mr. Stanly
wishes with a parricidal hand to destroy this the almost only
institution that shows that our native State belongs to the
Federal Family of the Union, I do not envy his feelings.
I do not complain of Mr. Stanly. As a member of Con-
gress he had a right diligently to inquire and true present-
ment make" of all public officers. As one of the r- ,,..l in-
quest of the nation, he has presented his bill: i, i- .r my
countrymen as jurors to say whether his charges are proved
or just. How far party malevolence or personal spleen has
led him, his own conscience must decide. I shall not con-
descend to bandy the persona- epithets which he has indulg-
ed in. I shall be content to place myself right in this behalf.
I have tried to discharge my duty, and I believe I have suc-
ceeded. I have no other claim to confidence or support, nor
have I any line of parentage to depend on for fame, fortune,
or character. To me, then, good name is "the immediate
jewel of the soul." This is my apology for presenting the
truth to the Public, and truth will always prevail: Ilt
greatest friend is time; its greatest enemy, prejudice; and
its constant companion, humility."
U. S. BRANCH MINT, Charlotte, 13th Aug. 1840.
OTICE is hereby given that the Library of I'. ,-,,.. will
be closed on Tuesday, the 27th instant, and -AII r,..T ,again
be opened until Tuesday, the 24th of November.
oct 13-3tawlmn JOHN S. MEEHAN, Librarian.
Virginia tor Sale at Public Auction.-13v virtue of
a deed of trust, executed by John Mason, Jr. Esq. and Cathatino
his wife, on the l7th August, 1835, for certain purposes therein
mentioned, the subscriber will offer for sale, at public auction, at
the tavern of Mr. George P. Wise, in Alexandria, in the District
of Columbia, on Thursday, the 26th day of November inst. at 11
o'clock A. M. all that valuable tract or parcel of land called
Dogue or Dogue's Neck, situate in the county of Fairfax, in the
State of Virginia, at the junction of the Occoquan and the Poto-
mac rivers, which shall be included in the following lines and de-
scriptions-that is to say ; Beginning in the line established be-
tween the late George Mason of Gunston, deceased, and the late
William Mason of Lexingtonj both of said county of Fairfax, at a
stake driven in the ground, where was intend 'd to be planted a
stone marked No. 1, about the middle of the northwestern margin
of a small island described in the will of the late George Mason
of Lexingtou, (the father of the said George and William,) as be-
ing on the north side of a marsh, called the Great marsh, at or
near the month of Crawford's creek, and supposed to contain two
or three acres of land ; thence, with the said dividing line across
the arm of the moarsh and through the adjoining field, north two
degrees and three-quarters west, to a stake drove in the ground,
where was to be planted a stone nlarked IM. GM. WM. by the
side of the road leading from Lexington down into the neck, near
the head of one of the forks of Poplar branch, and about one
hundred and eighteen poles from a noted Iombardy poplar tree
standing by itself in a field in a continuation of the said north two
degrees and three-qoarteis west course and at rise end of the
same, being one of the trees described in the aforesaid will as
near old Crawford's grave yard, and for a corner in said d;. ; itii,-
line, at which place corners with the tract herein described a
tract of land heretofore conveyed by said William Mason, late of
Lexington, deceased, to hia brother, the late George Mason, of
Gunston, deceased, as also a tract of land heretofore sold by said
William of Lexington to William Mason of Mattawoman ; thence
south sixty-five degrees and a half west through the open ieitis
to. ared oak three, where was to be planted a stone marked I &
W, near the head of a lane called Grabam's lane, tien the same
course continued through the field to the woods at a place called
the long levels, through the said woods to an enclosed field of the
plantation formerly called Naee's plantation, and through thils last
mentioned field, leaving the barn and houses in the same a little
to the right, crossing a deep ravine and a smalt pieee of woods to
a field lying on Occoquan river, called the old plantation, and
through the said field to a stake driven in the ground, where was
to be planted a stone marked WM. IM. near the bank of said
river t and thence with rthe same course continued down the bank

and across the beach to the margin of said river at a place about
twenty-eight poles below the lower side of a marsh or pocosin
which makes up into the woods, being in all for this course eight
hundred and twenty-four poles ; thence down the river Occoquan
and binding therewith, according to its several courses and mean-
ders, and crossing a pocosin, called the Short marsh, and the mouth
of a small creek or gut, called High Point creek, to the junction
of the Oecoquan river with the Potomac river, at or near a place
called High Point; thence up the river Potomac and binding
therewith, according to its several courses and meanders, pasting
by a pocosin, called the Ash pocosin, and around a place called
Stony point, and along the beach adjoining the Great marsh
hereinbefore mentioned, to a place called the Cauieway point, de-
scribed in the heretofore mentioned will of the late. George Ma-
son of Lexington, es at the mouth of the Great marsh, and for the
beginning of the aforesaid dividing line between his sons Geomge
and William, and lately established by them as such ; thence in
a straight line northwardly, through the said marsh to the begin-
ning, supposed to contain fourteen hundred and fifty acres of
land, be the same more or less ; being the same tract of land
heretofore conveyed by William Mason, late of Lexington, de-
ceased, to a certain John Mason, by deed bearing date the ninth
day of November, 1818.
This tract contains some of the most valuable, productive, and
well-known fisheries on the River Potomac, some of them known
as the High Point Fisheries ;" and, in that respect, indepen-
dent of the value of land, presents an opportunity for a most pro-
fitable investment.
The terms of sale shall be made known at the time of sale,
and, on full payment of the purchase money, with all interest and
costs, the subscriber, as trustee, will convey to the purchaser or
purchasers all the right and title given in the aforesaid deed of
noy 4-3tawilONovadta RD. SMITH, Trusteo,

"-- - [past Year, which 'in one respect may be termed an aperptz of An ornamental printer of Paris was recently fined 600 weeks, and these in very moderate quantities. H ee o
FROM FA REIGN PAPERS, the condition of French commerce during the past year, so francs and sentenced to a year's imprisonment by the Court luntarily abandoned his resolution. He was at length corn-
far as the litigation of commercial causes and tire extent of of Assize, for exposing to view and selling obscene and irre- polled to take some nutriment, but not Until inanition had
RECEIVEDFROM OUR EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENT. bankruptcy. Thus, of commercial suits he stated the num livious prints. The verdict of the jury was to the following gone too far, and he died completely attenuated. When sound
her of citations to have been 41,331, of which 32,780 were effect: "Guilty of exposing for sale works contrary to the religious principles produce a struggle in the mind which is
Within the last week the public journals have announce d by default; 8,283 were decided absolutely or by con- religion of the majority of the French people." beginning to be deranged, the contest generally ends in sui-
the departure of several vessels from London and other parts ciliation ; some remained for decision, and the remainder were I A few days ago,"c says the Uniter,, the conversation cide.- Winslow's Anatomy of Suicide,
of England, containing a number of persons of considerable withdrawn or erased from the list. In comparison with the at the staff-quarters of the National Guard turned on the JARLEY'S WAX-WORK Snow.-When the festoons were
property, with their families, and accompanied by a due pro- y preceding, the reduction in th' e number of these citations rumors of war, in presence of Marshal Grard. An officer all put up as tastily as they might be, the stupendous collec-
portion of mechanics and laborers, as emigrants to one or was equal t e Amongst those of absolute refer- asked him whether he expected a war I I would bet neither tion was uncovered, and there were displayed, on a raised
other of the newly-formed colonies, of which Britain poa- once, however, there were a larger proportion in which the fur nor against one,' replied the Marshal, but I do not ex- platform, some two feet from the floor, running round the
sesses a rich variety. We consider the subject of sufficient pleadings whereof' much greater length and the nature of pect one.' I room and parted from the rude public by a crimson rope, breast
m oment to warrant a few remarks on the general subject of w which required them to be sent for hearing before a higher h g ,d v r pi hl fi i so ee rtd c a at r, s nl
emigration. judicial grade, In the course of the year, the number of The Russian order of St. Andrew, which has just been high, livers sprightly effigies celebrated characterlimsingly
Emigration, as a temporary and partial relief from the evils failures declared at the tribunal was 843, which was about conferred by the Emperor Nicholas on the Baron Brunow, and in groups clad in glittering dresses of various climes and
of a redundant population, differs materially, in many points, one-tenth below that of the year before. These failures con- was instituted by Peter the Great, in 1698, and dedicated to times, and standing more or less unsteadily upon their legs,s
from the causes which ledto 10he formation of colonies by t*eds ssowf principally of small dealers in provisions, colonial pro- the Apostle, to whom tradition attributes the introduction of with their eyes very wide open, and their nostrils very much
ancients. The Roman colonies were mostly planted for pur- tducts, and objects dress and tifncy, as well as of the greater Christianity into Muscovy. It ranks very high among Rus- inflated, and the muscles of their legs and arms very stronglyti
poses purely political-either what of extending the territory,p number of those establishments where a ridiculous luxury sian orders, and is only bestowed on men of the first conse- prise. v AHllte gentaltei w r e ery penaces exreasted gnd very
rsorigtefotesnthreuloroalaigteand gaudy gilding are the principal elements of credit." The quence.--Globe. rs.Altegnemnwevrypeo-eaedndey%
or securing the frontiers of the republic, or of allaying the toe about the beards, and all the ladies were miraculous 4
discontent of the citizens when they endeavored date of the "judicial year" does not exactly appear in the By au arrival from St. Helena, of the 20th July, we find figures; and all the ladies and all the gentlemen were look-
an Agrarian law, their right to a share in the conquered t, by document from which these facts are take, so as to afford theJinville was hourly expected in the Armise, ing intensely nowhere, and staring with extraordinary earn-
lands. Of the free citizens, and not of the slaves, who formed means of accurate comparison with the fiats issued or Lon- and great preparations had been making t do honor to his estness at nothing. That said Mrs. Jarley, int her I
the lowest class of the State, the Roman colonies were con- don, of which the account in an authentic form is Summed up Royal Highness. There was no French man-of-war, at the exhibition tone, as Nell touched a 6;.-ur, at the beginning of '
stituted. Nor were the Greek colonies composed of the lowest ly from January 11, 1838, to January 1t, 1839. But, ta- above date, at the island ; but her Majesty's schooner Dolphin the platform, is an unfortunate MJ.d If Honor in the time C
and poorest portions of society, but rather of the middle and king the data as they exist, it will result that- remained. A carriage of amazing dimensions had been built of Queen Elizabeth, who died from pricking her finger in i
high classes-of persons who had capital sufficient to build n Paris for thejuial yar now ended the failures were 83 for the conveyance of Napoleon's remains from the tomb to consequence of working upon .,., Observe the blood
or to shreshipping, and to lay in ta supply of provisions suffi- lIn London, from IS3 to IS39, the fiats 306 the landing place-Courier. which is seen trickling from h- ,til ,, also the gold eyed s
cient to last. unir l heir newgpossessions became product e. This would show an extraordinary difference in favor oe s a
Ifteren weet o oat uttheir men sw fprovssiong hs bec tmte rpro die the superior solidity of London traders, or of vastly greater W within the last ten years, one of the new secret societies, needle of the period, with which she isat work." All this
and rianit rise of motof thoecolonies tow t d extent and activity of trade in Paris, which of course is a sup- which are fast superseding the older ones in numbers, utility, Nell repeated twice or thrice, pointing to the finger and the
power would afford sufficient grounds for concluding that a position entirely inadmissible and unfound.d, as the reverse s and respectability-we mean the Odd Fellows' Society-has ,,eedlea the rih times, and then passed on to the next.
quantity of capital, in those times considerable must have notoriously the fact. But, to establish a fair standard of com- distributed in charity amongst its members, and other appli- "That, ladies and gentlemen," said Mrs. Jarley, is Jasper v
beeneAmp eyed*fo e s dtirbfoundationl Tht i n a P s etfiess fulemi- prison, it is necessary to bear in mind that in Paris there is cants for its bounty, no less a sum than 130,000 -Globe. Paeklemerton, of atrocious memory, who courted and married
sellempoye inthei fondaion Th mos sucesfule fourteen wives, and destroyed them all by tickling the soles
granions in modern times have consisted, not of the lowest H secondary system of insolvent registration and adjudica- SANDWICH BAY.-By an arrival from the coast of Libra- of their feet when they was sleeping in the consciousness of
class of laborers sent out a the public charge, but of owes lion, as here in the Insolvent Count. On cursory reference dor, her Majesty's sloop Crocodile was left at Sandwich Bay innocence and virtue. On being brought to the scaffold and
of small capitals, who have sought in other countries more to tle recent report on bankruptcy and insolvency, no account there. She had instructions to survey the state of the fish- asked if he was sorry for what he had"done. he replied, yes,
fertile sources of production than they could find at home. of the number of persons vwho have applied to, or passed cries on the coast, where Americans are slated to have made he war sorry for having let 'emoffso easyan hopedall Chris- t
The improved system of management under which the through, the Insolvent Court for theexactyearof1838-9ap- great encroachments. And also the captain had instruction tian husbands would pardon himnthe offence. Letthis bea
Crown lands in the British Colonies have recently been pears to be given. But there is a return from the Insolvent to make inquiries into the religious condition of the inhabi- warning to all young ladies to be particular in the character
placed by the Government at home has supplied a new stimu- Court from the 1st of october, 1838 to the 1st of December, tant3, for which end a series of queries had been drawn up of the gentlemen of their choice. Observe that his fingers is
lus to the spirit of emigration ; and many persons, possessed composing a period of 14 months, from which it results I hat for him by the Bishop of Newfouddland. On his %. N he curled as if in the act of tickling, and that his face is repre-
of small capital, have left the shores of Britain to settle in one the number of town cases for hearing during that time was had hauled down a French flag which was found il),,,g on sented with a wink, as he appeared when committing his bar-
er other of the numerous colonies, in both hemispheres, which 1,679, of which ali but 58, where parties went out of custody the shore of one of the fishing stations, where, by treaty, the barous mBuders."-Master Humphrey's Clock.-
pertain to the Sovereign of England. On these the new settle- before the day of hearing, were heard and disposed of, leaving French were entitled to fish on the coast of Newfoundland. I
mentswillmainlydependforthesuccessfuldevelopmentoftheir tile nett number 16a21. Deducting one-seventh for the two CARAVAN TRAVELLINU IN THE EAST.-This beintr an as-
resources, and for the moral improvement of their inhabitants. nths' surplus over the year, assuming for the moment an Ir ND A RU aEsVoLw. sse makalhatil semblage of merchants and travellers congregating together
Thesourceltand weqthehespri t ofic heraited tsco ual average rate for every month, which of course is not which only a few years ago was sent to this country as hat- for mutual protection, there is always, to a certain degree,
try to its present high state of intelligence and refinement, wil the preis fact, but for the sake of the argument, and as an last' now sells, in a fine state, as high as 10s. to 14s. per danger when oin oer the Turkish Peria soil
trytoit pesnthig sat o itelienc ad efneen, Il approximative calculation, there would their be for Lnnon pou nd, when spun into thread. One firm spins as much In-soednr wh enh goisesover thar es T urkis and Pna e rsieand noilic
constitute at once the foundation of, and supply the means IPP ol1ent court liere 1ould dit rubber thread every week as would reach from London wphouh arises from that restless and untameable and nomadicF
fo;r raising a similar superstructure in the settlements which Insolvent Court, 188-9 390 to Canton, the country it is imported from. There are twelve Pountio ngcalle" uthabitingoterfrontiers of those
they have selected as the scenes of their enterprise, and the Town fiats 306 conateeesiit al utoit, ovrndhynoe.Do
site of their future homes. Without the intellectual and mo. patents for this article, and these patents have cost more to ring my bei^ngat Aiz Rolin they were flying about in all
rls u eite o rit th ir f suue homers. W tons, thhe m int f ell etu landore-rotls 1,696 defend in law, than the amount paid for India rubber sine direcin, t ig a vnae9fa n rm d p p laIn o
ral superiority of such persons, the masses of mere laborers -r in P I the article has been known to us as of any vlue. Ex pert alo stito tkeng advantage of an unarmed population,and
and the lower classes of mechanics who might be induced, by F resn Pa ments are now mak in Enland am in France to al t
mets re nw mkingin nglad ati i Frnce o aplyThirty travellers had just presented themselves, plundered
the force of physical suffering, to break asunder the Aies of Excess in London .. -853 the article to the cure of consumption I
country and kindred, and to seek a bare subsistence !in some r>ErTlO"l- ,- 5 h ril otecr fcnupin!and stripped to the skin. There being at length ready about,
other place, would gradually rink into a state of semei-b;rba- Or more than double the number of failures These proper- Crockford, it is very generally rumored and credited, will a hundred and fifty people, we formed our caravan of the most
rism ; and thus, if the designs of those who supplied them tans are far fron showing unfavorably for London, for whilst retire with an income of nothing short of -25.000 per an- motley group, both of man and beast, that was, perhaps, ever
with the means of emigration were not frustrated by the en- the population is at least double that of Pans, the commerce num, or the interest of more than half a million of money, assembled. I was the only European amongst them, andI
lire failure of the project, the new settlements would but carried on is doubtless morethan tenfold in amount. Crockford has not the ambition of Gulley, or probably like consequently some object of the vacant stare of the mule-
During the judicial year 87"2 failures had been terminated that renowned, or, as Luttrell calls him, so-fist-icated person- teers. The leading camel, led by a donkey, was adorned
slowly progress towards improvement, owing to the absence thus: 689 by concordat ; 183 by compromise, and 219 clo sedl age, he might obtain a seat in Parliament-the ambitious with much frippery, and colored beads and bits of glass about
ability to direct and govern each other, t or want of funds sufficient to pay expenses. These failures yearning of more than one mail that we have heard of in the head and ears, the knees, and saddle housings: of this
S is only of late years that those to whom are confided the ad given occasion to 3,809 meetings ot creditors, connexion with the play-ring. But Crocky has no ambition the leader of the caravan is very proud, and as it moves on
guidance and government of the nation have had their a In the course of the judicial year '497 commercial compa- of this kind ; lie looks to indulgence in the quietude of re- at a funeral pace, there is plenty of time to smoke the pipe of
lion directed to the policy of facilitating and regulating emi- 'nws, or joint-stock associations, had been registered, which treata-to the pleasure of reflecting on his past doings, and reflection whilst the sound of the camels' bells is sonorously
gration fromed the ohey tof faiistang dnd reg nc i- were about 60 less than the year preceding, and 150 below calculating events to come ; pot theevents of chance, but the issuing from the ravines, the train sometimes occupying halt'
curious illustration of the prejudice which prevailed among the year 1837-8, a year in which they were so abundant, events of eternity Crocky is now rich enough to purchase a mile in length; the day's travel being determined either by
Britain's stratonat a very recent date, against coloniz- Thre had been in thesame tirne496 dissolutions, o.- I.. *-k;rn. repentance and build churches.--Satirist, the pasture to be found for the cattle, which is free to all
tinan te rumnt b wih he sugt ojutiy herup, of companies, which was about 50 above tire i.i.s...,,, r --I..
tion, and the arguments by which they sought to justify their preceding years. Altogether, the French cov mercaH tE : T rH ANDSCOTCH.--" I canna say that I dinna like comers if it be summer, or to the village supply of provender
metriaal does not appear to work unfavorably but the worthy Pres- whiskey toddy," said theDoctor; in the cauld winter if i the winter. As to the traveller's accommodation, that
will be found among Dr. FRANKLIN'S Miscellaneous Papers. ni gtes it strons opinion nfrelabl, b the w oray n tAs n se bad." Ahl that's it," said Power, there's is the last thing thought of, and to sleep with your horse is
Some time after Dr. FRANKLIN came to England on di ent intimtated a strong opinion oil relaxing the debtor and "(f cthhv nnu orP~ad~ olclthe order of the day I never i^lpt better than in a warm
nhss-creditor law as fatal to the morality which distinguishes the pull you Scotch have upon us poor Patlanders--eool, eal-thoreofheay ner epbterhnin wm
cond mission, as agent for Pennsylvania, (about 1766,) a pro- French commerce from that of many nations where bankrupt- cnlatini, long-headed fellows, you only come up to the mark stable, amidst currycomb music and clouds of dust: there is
ject was formed in America, originating with Sir W. JOHN- iregar after 15 tumblers ; whereas we hot-brained devils, with a generally a small raised platform at one end of it, with a
noN, Governor FRANKLIN, and others, for settling a new colo- e s aded without shame, and too commonly." turndchi derees o F i n high-rse en chimney, and this is the traveller's rest." Then for pro-
ny in the Ohio country ; and Doctor FRANKLIN was request- SUBMARINE FOREST.-We have been favored with an in- gine of good spirits always ready for an explosion, we go visions, bread, milk, and eggs are generally to be found ; and
ed to explain to and enforce upon the Government here the spection of several specimens of the fos,-il remains of this clean mad when tipsey ; not but I am fully convinced that a t muffrus," or wallet, ought to contain rie, coffee, su-
advantages which would bederived from the undertaking, and forest. It lies on the seacoast, below Seathorne, or Ow- mad Irishman is worth two sane people of any other country Ear, and tobacco.-Monthly Magazine.
to solicit a grant from the Crown to carry it into effect. In thorne, and extends along the shore for some hundred yards, under Heaven."--Charles O'Malley. THE IRISH Hous, O' FCOMONS.-Jerome Duigenan, one
the progress of the negotiation, Lord HILLSROaOUGH, Secre- and, probably, a considerable way below low-water mark into Co and h t by F ahnh was mh patroni o-
tary to the Board of Trade and Plantations, drew up a Re- the sea, The most prominent portion now visible is to the ay and he Italiansr F. Vn Raitumere Withl a t si og thte t onent Irish harpists, was much patronized by ofl-
port to the Cabinet against the application; and in the course north of the ancient site of Owthorne church, supposed to louch of the profsor petit maitre-the least thing of the let
of his argument urged, as reasons which ought to prevail with have been built early in the 13th century. Whether the Sir Plume'-Von Raumer is, as heretofore, a very lively, trim. According to Mr. Bunting, in his account of the old
the Privy Council to refuse the grant, the following notable ground on which this forest once stood has experienced the very i",,, ",..s-.** ..,1,, *" ..--- de voyage, and if not as profound music of Ireland, the latter was sopiqued by the performance
reasons: The proposed new settlement was so distant that change which has taken place, through the agency of a con- as he Lt..%**-,, .%., II. .,I ".u ingenious and far from common- of a Welsh harper that a bet of 100 guineas was made that
the expense of conveying our manufactures thither would vulsion of nature, or from the mere gradual encroachment of place historiographer. In these two volumes, he takes us the Colonel could produce a sweeter finger," and that be-
prevent the settlers from using British manufactured goods; the sea, does not appear from any documentary testimony will him from Dresden, by Vienna, to Trieste, and from longed to a man who "neither wore linen or woollen." The
the settlers would therefore be compelled to manufacture for we think from the last, the cliff above it being remembered ~y thence to the sea Cybele, and so onward through the various anecdote further relates, that to settle this wager the Welch
themselves! It would also, on account of the distance, be hol inhabitants to m at e been much nearer the, fossil remains Stites of Italy down to Sicily, giving us, as he goes, some and the Irish harpers were allowed a trial of skill in the Irish
difficult to defend and govern the new settlement. When it than it now is, and must have been part of the mainland on light and graceful notices of the ordinary topics of tourist Houseof Commons before business commenced, when Duige-
is considered that the proposed new settlement was situate in which the forest stood. These remains consist of fir, beech, observation-the arts, literature, the theatres, scenery, and Dan appeared in his full Cauthack dress, namely, a dress
the very heart of America, and is now one of the most flour- and oak, most of them in a carbonized state, and crumbling society, but reserving much the better half of his communi- of beaten rushes, with something like a caddy or plaid of the
fishing of the United States, the objection founded on distance to pieces on any force being applied to them, A few mouth, ca tons for inquiries into the workings of the present politi- same stuff, and a cap (the barrad of the old bards) shaped a
from England will be sufficient to show how rapid must have ago, the vertebra and antlers of a stag were found, which are cal systems I,( i,-t..ul this old classic land, and more partic, lke a sugar-loaf, with many tassels."
been the improvements in the science of locomotion within now in the possession of the Rev. C. Sykes, of Roos. The ularly for a survey of the history of Naples and Sicily in SCARLET FEvsR.-Scarletina, an annual visiter at this sea-
the last few years, seeing that 70 years since America was re- trunks and boles of many of the trees now visible are from latter times. This is a melancholy work, but it is executed son, has this year prevailed to a greater extent than usual ;
guarded as almost beyond the reach of commercial enterprise! twelve to eighteen inches in diameter, and from three to four in a masterly manner. It so happened that, as our learned scarcely a town in the kingdom but has felt its effects, though ,
But the principal reason which induced Lord HILLSBOROUGH feet above the surface, inclining in different directions, from traveller was en route for Italy, he had an interview with no some but slightly, yet in others it has been more severe than for
and several of his colleagues to resist the project of a new co- a horizontal position, at an angle of about 30 degrees. Tht less a person than Prince Metlernich, who, on the occasion, many preceding years. It has been almost entirely confined to
lony, was one which contrasts most strongly with the present arms and branches are prostrate, and partially embedded in was the most affable, unaffected, artless, and sage of states- children. Nightshade has been strongly recommended by v
efforts of Irish landlords, by all sorts of means, to thin their the sand of the shore. The best time for a survey is the men. They had a full half hour's interview. The Prince the first physicians of Europe, and many others who have ,
estates of the wretched peasantry-their numbers being so second and third days after the full and change of the moon, asked me, more than once, whether I was not of his way of tried and proved its good effects in all cases. Those who t
large, and the means of subsistence, through the prevalence as the tides then ebb and flow the lowest.-Hall paper. .;,'.k,,..-." says Von Raumer, and doubtless he was d'accord. have used this precaution have, though in the infected houses,
%% a vvid not be surprised, after this happy concurrence, to escaped the infection. The formula-recommended is, a solu- t
ofaine,in theirci moystrevolting tyforms, thatpoverty and evet About six months since, as the beagles forming the hnnt of find that Venice and all Lombardy are in the finest possible tion of two grains of the extract of nightshade in an ounce of
famine, inheirmost prevoincipalgreao forms, ovess the land. T. Broadwood, Esq. of Holmhush, were hunting, they were condition, and that the yearning of Italian patriots fior a distilled water. To children of from one to to, years of age, '
catiord t, sootemptationci reigaton rreistig w d h littacked and some of them bitten by a dog in a rabid state. freedom from the Austrian yoke is but, at best, a manifesta- from one to five drops of this solution are given four times a .
catioh was the temptation to emigration it would hold out to Since that time the strictest attention has been paid to them, tion nf amiable insanity. Still the Von gives his reasons day ; from ten years upwards, from six to ten drops are given
the population of Ireland, and the consequent danger it would but no sign of the malady was noticed until Monday night, for the faith he professes in this delicate matter, and he also four times in the 24 hours, In some instances this has
c create ionf that country cobeing dispeopled extent,! at the public cost, e on the keeper entering the kennel to feed them, he per- make out a fair ex part case. There is much to interest been continued for a fortnight.-Globe.
ato tc ivd a strange alteration in one of them, On the following in his publication, and it already enjoys an extensive circu-
although it may for a time palliate the evils of a redundant nu rnIng it was evident hydrophobia had commenced ; the lation. CHARACTER Op CROMWELL.-Although the portrait of o
population, as it reaches not the source of the evil, will never 'nak was secured in the kennel, the one attacked prowling Cromwell has been sketched by many a masterly hand, his
extirpate the causes in which the evil originates ; while, if it about the kennel howling most dismally, with saliva running EXTRAORDINARY CANDIDATE FOR AN M. P.-Among the character continues to be as great an enigma as it is a wonder;
be carried on to an extent sufficient to effect a temporary ir- from his mouth i the other dogs seemed conscious of thi advertisements in the Ayr Advertiser of Thursday last is an and we, who are enabled to take acalmer view of his conduct,
prevenent in a country impoverished by a superabundant p- dreadful malady under which their companion was suffering e leceioneering address To the Free and Independent Elec- are perhaps as far removed from the truth as were his more
pulatin,it would require an outlay of national capital which creek the s of their kennels and avoiding him as tors of the County of Ayr," (presently represented by Vis- bigoted contemporaries. Who, indeed, can form a just esti-
ustmateral yaffet the sore sof r o, adth us much as possible. Mr. Broadwood immediately issued diree- count Kelburne,) signed John Parker, Laird of Assloss and mate of one whose whole life was a continued artifice-a long
materially diminish the means of employing the laboring pO- tions for the dogs to be shot, but previous to the order being Sliddery Braes." The composition of this document is cer- contradiction ; whose tools were the vices and weaknesses ot
pulation of the empire at large. For these reasons we bail received the dog had gone rvin, mad, biting all he cohu mainly unique. Mr. Parker having avowed his ambition to mankind ; and whose o., I.i,.. ,tones were dissimulation and
w ith ap p ro batio n th e spirit o f e n terprise w h ic h h as b een called r c i e h o a] g n a i g m d i i g a l h o l
forth, irnhucing persons of intet get near, till at last the poor creatures could bear it no longer, represent his native county, and being assured from the signs deceit ; who professed hbu,,I.i o, while he aimed at greatness ;
orthe ind ingprsonsfinteligence and capital to employ and they all set upon him with, as it would seem, a determi of en tIe, that we must soon have a dissolution of Parlia- who spoke of liberty, yet ruled with the sword ; who fought
their resources in the attempt to colonize distant settlement ts- nation of d. ,-,.. hi:n, which they did; they were seen ment, proceeds to state his religious and political creed, against monarchy, yet made himself a despot; and who, com-
thus offering to the redundant laborers and mechanics of this reas high they coul and dash i I am warmly," he says, nay, enthusiastically attached matting the most fearful crimes, could solemnly appeal to
contryadantagesn the^ laorit andf profitabl e epoyment against the stones. The number shot was nearly 20. to the church of my forefathers-the glorious kirk of Scot- Heaven for their justice'I In so extraordinary a compound
of their labor, to accompany or follow them, which mere emi- [Sandard land-that church of many martyrs; and will spend the last of courage, enthusiasm, ambition, and hypocrisy, who will
tationfurnised te s h pee p A CHINESE DANDY.-Manv persons have supposed, who 'hillig I have in her defence against all the powers of hell, venture to draw the line, or undertake to sift the gold from
chare could never afford only know the Chinese snperficially, that a nation so grave aked by the pious majority of the Court of Session." the dross'I Who will assert that he was always the hypo-
Translation of a petition from tie nations and inhabitants of so sedate, and so monotonous, cannot include either fops or This is at least explicit. In consistency with his religious crite; or, on the other hand, who will point out at what par- ,
Mount Lebanon and Syria to Sultan Abdul Medjid, f bon vivants. They are, however, mistaken; few countries opinions, the Laird of Assloss and Sliddery Braes thus can- ticular period he was honest in politics, or sincere in religion;
Constantinople. possess more of these worthies than China, though per- didly avows his political sentiments: that at such an era he was a patriot or a dissembler, a fanatic
"APETITION.-We humbly supplicate at the threshold of ha"ps theirtale^nts are not carried to so "re-it an excess a? In politics I am all out-and-out double-distilled radical, or a skepticism That which we really know of Cromwell's
.I 11 b t t k e c a e n c a ti t o r. s oi li t t e el d ed f o l o e rs c h r ate r a ysbepti s.uTmt m ed h u p n area y k nw w o f rd On t e lo n e
the Divan of the mighty Sovereign, the benevolent and just in oher part of the world. The dress .1 h, Chinese petit bu oamhari r s t d character may be summed up in a few words. On the one
the venerated authority and daring lion, the lord of the sword mailre is very expensive, being composed of the most costly of the unhappy Owen, formerly of Lanark Mills, a man who hand, he was brave in battle, and wise in council ; temperate i
and of the pen (viz. of death and mercy,) the shadow of skins or carpcts; his boots or shoes are of a particular shape, Should have been in a lunatic asylum vears a .. My mod- andl sober in his manner of living, and in the bosom of his
God over the earth, our honored Sultan, Abdul Medjid and made of the richest black satin of Nankin, (lie soles are 'Is of eloquence-the great apostle of ar."1--. I.1 aIaC;I- own family kind, cheerful, and affectionate. On the other I
Khan ; may God perpetuate the days of his flourishing reign of a certain height; his knee cap-,are elegantly embroidered ; mous Paul, Demosthenes, and the firs, Ear] of hatham." hand, he was at best an illustrious hypocrite. There was
for ever and ever-Amen. That the frightful tyranny and his ep and button are of the neatest cut; his pipes elegant On the subject of character, the laird is as plain-spoken as nothing of the Roman in his patriotism; his religion was sul-
the horrible oppression and cruelty under which Mohammed and high.priced; his tobacco of the best manufacture of Fo on politics. lied by fanaticism and grimace, and he rose by artifices incom-
Ali Pacha has belabored us (he who pretends to be as one of kien ; an English gold watch, a tooth pick hung at his but- Now, as to private character, which in an M. P. should parible with true greatness.--Jesse's Memoirs qf the Court of
your Majesty's slaves, but who, in fact. has dared to bp irpa- ton, with a string of valuable pearls ; a fan from Nankin, be.good, I refer you to every man, woman (I had almost said England.
chru your M mosty llvs ustrwious and haeneraed throf blessre- sceted with chulan flowers. Such are the personal appoint- chihl) in Kilmarnoek. My constitution, thanks to grace, is APLCTOo TMSERCRSLRFOArirTRI
ed memory, and whose abode now may be Paradise,) have ments of a Chinaese dandy, excellent, and was well tried in my younger years. My me.PRo s s.--A .^number f ldiesand dstinguse ^cs j
compelled us to throw ourselves at the feet of your imperial THE JrEws AND OLIVER CROM WELL.--Io the King's roller- Lords TalbtDenman, Glnee, Monrieff, M Jeffrey Curt Prfeso Grham, Mr." Jhe urderiand othrniter a ry a\,lo.,nd
throne, which is adorned with the rays of justice and mercy, tion in the British M oseum is a. pam p~hlet of some rarity, ninghani and F llrtn .n M books ? of, consutatio arc th es sorntifahamer un, p i a stl astnde tothe r ollterary ano
spreading our supplicating arms towards your Majesty's pa- called The humble petition of Menessah Ben Israel, one of ee-blesse Word of GOD,' ll the pnuritnial dvnes inse. thesinii moen, aparatvisi land eweriekntao t demonstration
ternal and sublime clemency, that you may he pleased to turn the Jewish nation, to his bI-,n, .-!, ii.. Lord Protector Crom- chhnemrs, Gordon. Buchanan, &e. amC fnd of8 agicltre consructd e by par, atnus, apdeplyimng talmonsph ric prssr
your eye towards our protection and safety, knowing as we well." The following curious anecdote of this affair is given but not very practical, being but ehlon at home"f'cute osrcedbMPikfraplngaophicreue
do how vast and extensive the equity of your Majesty's in that rare work Raeguenet's Hist. d'Oh~ver Cromwell." The laird ^ c*tne thi strainose of feaneayom ni-inpplincarria utue s on ra ays. Shuldstitue porinipe
government, which is so renowned thronghoot the world, About the time Rabbi Menessah Ben Israel came to Eng- ton, and in opennessand candor is certa T '01inyspro oms rv Pa'alale nprctriae for eihralys So ul the e prpoeitncipll
aud how immense and unlimited your Majesty's mercy and land to solicit the Jews admission, the Asiatic Jews sent of the non-intrusionipstsaial nprciefr ihro teepross twl
clemency; wherefore our hearts burn with the fire of the de- hither the noted Ralbbi Jacob Ben Azahel, with several I am shmed tosay I am still unmarried, but, under thenprese, angmoe espeial sosit shouhkale proe anailable
sire of attaining that happiness also which is enjoyed by all others of his nation, to make private inquiry whether Crom- GOD'S grace, intend to i pm ay Be c soo ; l bu her areind, a nlte aid purposesp c ly so ifiet h ousb ldpry ontem avalatdble
those fortunate beings who are your subjects. What crime well was not that MEssiah whom they hadl so long expected ; two totat barain, pardon me fi^ not sayin, more at prese t.e^61P^ ^hsbnr otmltdb
have we committed to cause your Majesty's resplendent faee which deputies, upon their arrival, pretending other business I m ae^ nx~ek.h~ h 7 tei'-1-l sfrp dt mlyasainr nie
to be turned away from us, and thereby we should be leftto be were several limes indulged the favor of" a private audncne sure^Dv inpyn ou all,^ if inmhoe, proave reatc worka n ar pum or pps wterr-wefy the r airi ainso pies
thrashed under the edges of an unbearable tyranny and of an from him ; and at one of them proposed buying the Hebrew if 1can ge horses to keep Ju with myv enthusism "T o 'w ok a rP"1 0'P^ t rrfy heir n mi rpp s
unsupportable iniquity and oppression, while our fathers and books and manuscripts belonging to the University of Cam- GoD blessthe Oueen andPic let an tunT' thei hert to b~e la*id underground, as is done for the transmission of
forefathers, ever sauce a period of 400 years, have continually bridge, in order to have an opportunity, under pretence of unto Himself. OldMelbourne--not^ a dfelw n h ions from ma ntreor ths trainsmad ipesio oiegae so mayl they
enjoyed the happiness and comfort of the protection of your viewingthem, to inquire amongst his relations in Huntmndon- whole--worthy, excellent Fox Ma~ul,. andi gret sces to eidn from a stntionary tetrng sine w orkn gai p pso mayon they
M ajesty's imperial standard ? W e are the nr sons, and pie- shire, where he was born, and whether any of his ancestors !s ex el n Ox ''''H N PA RK ER,8 h al and o"* fo eveatonry enineh w rith vage a ire dimstalnges toe
pared to follow their steps, that we may inherit the same hap- could be proved of Jewish extract. This project of theirs Taird of Asslo s a. KSlidr y Bra es.a d f e ey fed ih vavs a i e it n et
piness which they enjoyed forso many centuries, to the great was very readily agreed to, the Universily at that time being t, King' Arms Inn, Ayr, Aug 27 1840" re which valve a flexible air-tight pipe, composed of leather and
glory of your Ma)esty's imperial dynasty, under a cloud on account of their former loyalty to the King, gAmIn ylAK 7 80 caoutchouc, will coil round a drum of the machine, to which
Wethierefore, pray and supplicate your paternal benigni, and accordingly the ambassadors set forward upon their jour- A quantity of quicksilver is in the possession of a veterinary ploughshares, spades, hoes, or any other implements may be
ty and clemency not to abandon us, and to lent ht e said that a n.ov R,,it J; .,.. .,;..,I. 0.y l.;r much longer continuance at surgeon at Oswestry, which was gathered from the breast, attached, as the case requires; this is a brief sketch of the
'vast and numerous population has been left tn be immolated I.u, 1t,,..1.., ii.,,n C.1.*,.!.,,i^.. that their business at the last bone and other remains of the body of a respectable farmer principle, and, as far as we have had an opportunity of reflect-
as a sacrifce to the sefinsh ambition and sordid avarice of a place was not such as was pretended, and by not making their who was interred in Whittington churchyard 35 years ago. ing upon it, we see no insuperable obstacle to its practical
single man ; a tyrant, totally devoid of feeling and humanity, inquiries into Oliver's pedigrec with that caution and s'ecresy The discovery was made last week, whilst a grave was heine application to all the purposes contemplated by its author;
Who nut only proved himself ungrateful to and forgetful of which was necessary in su'h an saffair, the true purpose of dug to receive the corpse of a son of the above.--Shrewsbury but we believe it has nrot as yet been put to the test in any
your MaJesty s great bounty to hnn, but dared most perfidious- their errand intn England became quickly known at London, News. practical operation of agriculture; if successful, it will nrove
jy to turn his sword towards your sacred person. Seeing our- and was very much talked of; which causing great scandal A SENSIBLE. PRESCRIPTION .-There are thousands uipon of inestimable value to our colonial proprietors, especially to
selvesthspcder i'n t'his mst w'.rete d urandmsrablecondi-6''!! amn th saints, he was it~reed suddenly to pack them out of thousands who do notc thinkthemseles quiteienough to those who have aread stea engines ere'ctedl ontheir estates.
tio'n, orering son thls ereoforttri and annihi-^ the kingdom, without granting an ot their reqluests." call in the doctor, and yet go on from week to week, from We believe a\ ^ coman is alrad fomd applying it to
...nd fec f th eiim ~ n l .i i f v u T hle S ntlnelle of Toulon mentions another instance of monh to month, and from year to year, continually sending railways, and if successful, it will add greatly to the agreea-
nmprd a ndesovero h eign tmty e~u and lw ful^ rihs of yonnur e 1 ath oecasiuned by puni.,hment in a Government steamer, jasof aru eolorat, ds h ys it (epla e cala y w risndow s f i f w it k g anwnoyance resl~ytaeing ro nae smchaspteil of st amsoe, thd
Imeial sot ereignaty- oeruf onr which0 we, shal cntnu A sailor of the Lavoisier, attached to the Levant souadron.J"o aiu ooe hsc epcal rmo, sifrc V ersligfo h saeo tasoe n

trust to the divine aid of the Almighty, and in your Majesty's having been guilty of insubordination, was ordered into the people were as silly as mackerel, and very liable to be taken cmners
assistance, to overpower that common enemy of yours and bool-hoei, and was suffocated. The second officer of the with the same color of bait. Now, it n for these people that A letter from Lisbon of the 12th inst. given by the Castel-
ours, and to drive him away from your dominions ship was sent home under arrest, and the father of the de- Iwould presume to prescribe. What they want is not so lano of Madrid, says :-" We had last night an attempt at
ours, encd, towdre again supplicate from yo ur domino eof ased has laid a complaint before the Proureur d Roi at much physic as diversion. How many are there who, while revolt-300 people having paraded the streets, crrvina out,
"y Hence, we again supplicate and implore the throne of Toulon. they are at home, moping about with dull companions, or no Down with the Ministers! The Constitution of 1838 for-
_your Majesty's universal mercy and clemency, to turn your copanions at all, feel pains in the shoulders and in the back ever !' They reached the arsenal, and forced the gates in
royal face towards us with your mighty aid and assistance ; We have heard from an English ... of and in the chest-have dizziness in the head--black things order to get at the arms, but a battalion of chasseurs came
especially our said enemy having stopped all the roads against respectability, and who has resided .r r., r, years in China, floating before the eyes--sudden starting and twinges, andbup, and immediately dispersed the rioters. Several of the
us ',y land, and also by sea, and thereby prevents us receiving that several descendants of the old Chinesedynasty are living so on; how many are there tormented thus, who, when some ministers mounted their horses and rode through the streets,
any supply of the necessary warlike stores we are in need of; in Nankin and its vicinity ; hence, should circumstances be brisk and lively and intelligent friend appears, capable of directing the movements of the troops and police. Seven
and as we have no fleet to oppose his, we most earnestly en- driven to extremities, it is- not unlikely that the Shah Soojah rousing the attention and setting Ihe spirits in a glow, actu- persons have been arrested."
treat your Majesty to afford us the needful succors for the system will be resorted to in China, and the Tartar sovereign ally forget their complaints, and feel that fonr that evening or
openingof the roads, &e. otherwise weshallbe, God forbid, bedisplaced.--Sun. morning, as the case may be, they are uncommonly well .I We areglad to seethe followiniordonnan
unavoidably placed in a most distressing statetas in an ir- A MINISTER'S '! LS~URE."- Lord John Russell has been Now, these persons, instead of taking black draught," as ideed to have been issued some days ago) in the official pa-
minent ruin. But, no! never will your Majesty's imperial reposing, after the fatigues ofthe session, at Naworth Castle they very commonly do, (for the pretty colors in the druggist's peers, and on the walls of the capital --
natd paternal mercy and benevolence allow such a disastrous in Cumberland. Last Saturday evening week, the postage front window are by no meanscommon to his nauseous stock,' Considering that for several days past workmen of dif-
calamity to befal us. And we pray the Almighty God topre. of his lordship's despatches to the Colonial Office amounted should take some far less melancholy medicine. It should f yrent branches, with the view of la oncertingthe means of
s~rve your sacred person, and to perpetuate the days of your to 21. 17s., and no more."-Perth paper, not be material physic, but a wholesome, cheerful philosophy modifying the regulations of labor, have assembled in bodies
glorious reign with happiness, and victory., [The Table Talker. more or less numerous, to the obstruction of the public tho-
Signed and sealed by your Majesty's slaves, The Rev. Dr. Shuttleworth, of New College, Oxford, is roughfare, and the alarm of the inhabitants in the localities
THE NATION OF METAOWLEH, gazetted as the successor of Dr. Otter, in the see of Chiches- SINGUbAf CASES uop SuiCiDE-Misinterpretations of scrip- where such assemblages were helh, and that such a state of
"THE NATION OF DROOZ.hter. The appointment is a testimony of the interest taken by ture will sometimes lead those piously inclined to thecom- things is attended with great inconvenience to public safety,
"THE CHRISTIAN NATION." the Cabinet in the real welfare of the church, The new mission of self-destruction. M. Gillet hung himself at we have ordained as follows: Art. 1. The law of April 10,
A Bishop is known to be possessed of distinguished learning the age of 75, having left in his own handwriting the follow- 1831 (1), against public assemblages (attroupemens) shall he-
A report is given in the Paris papers of the usual periodical and of liberal and enlightened opinions, His uncompromis- ing apology : "Jesus Christ has said that when a tree is old, again published and posted up. Art. 2. The Sub-Prefectsof
meeting of the Tribunal of Commerce for the installation of ing hostility to the newly broached system of Oxford theology, and cannot bear fruit, it is good that it should be destroyed" the arrondissements of Sceaux and St. Denis, the Mayors of
new judges and supplementary judges. On this occasion, M. better known by the appellation of Puseyism, and of which Dr. Burrows attended a nobleman who, for fear of being poi- the rural communes within the district of the Prefecture of
Pepin Lehalleur addressed a discourse to the audience, cm- his recent work, Scripture, not tradition," affords abundant soned, though be pretended it was in imitation of our Sa. Police, the chief of the municipal police, and the commis.
pr smary .... of the fwbgro 9 (the Tribunal during the evidencet at )t. 11, his orthodoxy and his learning, viour'p task, took nothing' bqtstraw berries and water for threo saaies of police, are charged each and every of them, as far

In 1838-
Mareh 7
April 4
June 19
September 21
December 22


Thc,,e two years' requisitions under this item, for 1837_ and
1838, came to the exact sum appropriated by Congress for those
years. Will you be so good a& to explain to me this fact, in your
memorandum of 6l11 February, 1839, as to annual expenses of
the year 1837 being $10,466 66, when there was not that sum
appropriated by Congress, nor one-half of it drawn by mel
My reason for troubling you will be very satisfactory, when I
state that the Opposition press and speakers are using this docu-
ment to the detriment of the Administration and to my personal
This document was the basis of Mr. Stanly's statement in the
House of Representatives, that the officers and clerk received
more money in 1837, though the Mint was in operation but one
month of the year, than they did for the whole of 1838.'
This is not true. If the amount, as you state, was drawn in
1837, it was not drawn by me, nor was it appropriated to the pay-
mert of 'salaries of officers and clerk of the Branch Mint at
I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient ser-
vant, JNO. H. WHEELER,
To T. L. SMITH, Esq. Register of the Treasury, Washington."
"Register's Office, July 31, 1840.
"SIR : Enclosed is a list* of the warrants drawn on the Trea-
sury of the United States and recorded in the books of this Office,
under the head of salaries, and of the officers and clerk of the
Branch Mint at Charlotte, during the years 1837 and 1838. The
warrant for $466 66 was issued in favor of Robert M. Patterson,
on an account settled at the Treasury, for expenses incurred by
him for the Branch Mint at Charlotte. That for $5,000 was issued
on your letter of the 4th October, 1837, requesting that amount
'for the purpose of paying tie incidental ex,enses of this Branch
Mint,' and was charged, as also the warrant in favor of Mr. Pat-
terson, to the appropriation of $15,000, under the act of3d March,
1835, entitled 'An act to establish Branch Minis of the United
States,' for the SALARIES, wages, allowances, and incidental ex
penses of said Branch Mints.
I am respectfully, sir, your obedient servant,
It is here seen that in the year 1837, instead of ($10,466
66) ten thousand four hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty-
six cents, there was spent actually less than half that sum,
and that the Director of the Mint spent at Philadelphia a
portion of it for this Mint, and the balance was appropriated
" to the incidental expenses of this Branch Mint." What
these incidental expenses were is shown in the vouchers;
and were for the transportation of heavy machinery and erec-
tion thereof, the hire of artisans to erect the melting furnaces,
the purchase of material, and other necessary expenses. But
This list is as set forth in the foregoing letter, with the excep-
tion ofa warrant issued 1837, July 14, No. 6016, in favor ofR. M.
Patterson, Philadelphia, $466 66 ; October 11, 6770, in faytr of
John H. Wheeler, I6,000.


The great natural energy of General JACKSON, combined
with his ignorance of the great interests of the country, pe-
culiarly exposed him to the selfish arts and impudent in-
fluence of the demagogues who surrounded him.
I am disposed to think that his mind is naturally honest,
sincere, and candid. But I do not believe that he ever seri-
ously looked into the solemn duties of his station as Pre'i-
dent of the United States. I think, too, he possesses a cer-
tain generosity of character and great ardor of a certain kind
of friendship. But he has not enlargement of soul. I do
not say he has not energy of soul, or warmth of soul ; but he
has not enlargement of soul. HIe has narrow and bitter
personal and political prejudices, which, whilst he does more
than justice to his friends, lead him to be wholly destitute of
justice to his enemies or opponents, both in private and pub-
lic life. With all his warmth of soul, he has great coldness
of soul-that is, he lacks, totally, that distinguishing charac-
teristic of true greatness of soul- magnanimity.
But the prime and principal ground of the corrupt elec-
tion, and the reckless Administration of General JACKSON,
was that vile crew of DEMAGOGUES who were continually
about him, and who flattered his ignorance and his energy,
of which latter quality he was extremely vain, until they
brought him fully into their service and into the furtherance
of their views. They paid him in sycophancy, and he allow-
ed them to carry on their system of PROScRIPTION" and
"sPOILS."-It was theirs.
Yes; this was primarily and mainly their work. General
JACKSON himself sought no spoils." His disposition was
too lofty for this-he left this for the dregs of human nature-
for that selfish and unfeeling SPOILS PARTY," who were
ready to "proscribe" every virtuous and patriotic citizen
from office-to turn them and their wives and their little
ones into the streets, whilst they, treading in the wine-press
of a loathsome surfeit, celebrated the orgies of as false a liber-
ty as was ever mouthed by an agrarian loafer. With all the
penetration and energy of character of General JACKSON,
the SPOILs PARTY" made a TOOL of him, and battened on
his influence until the liberties of the country became soiled,
and many of the principal interests of the Public exhibited
the aspect of blight and decay.


We copy the following interesting article from
the St. Louis Gazette of the 21st ult. :
The two cities of the United States which are progressing
most rapidly in population and wealth, at the present time, in
proportion to their size, are undoubtedly Boston and St.
ouis, one in the Eastern, the other in the Western section
of the Union. Far many years-from 1800 to 1830-Boston
was lo-ing ground, in the race for greatness with New York,
Philadelphia, and Baltimore; but about the year 1830 a new
era dawned on that city, through the instrumentality of its
enterprising capitalists, which has turned the tide strongly in
its favor. At that time, the first railroad was constructed on
one side of the city, and the first steam-power loom establish-
ment erected on the other. From that time to the present,
Lowell has increased in population from 200 to 20,000, and in
wealth from $100,000 to 20,000,000. The cotton manufac-
tures of Lowell, and the hundred other manufacturing vil-
lages in New England, have given a stability to the trade of
Boston unknown to any other city in the Union.
Massachusetts, formerly exporting, it was said, nothing but
granite and ice, now produces manufactures valued at ninety
millions of dollars per annual, a large part of which centres
at Boston, as a place of distribution to all parts of the Union.
At a later period than that first mentioned, her far-seeing
citizens became convinced that, although she had no river
likethe Hudson, the Delaware, or the Susquehanna, tobring
to her wharves the products of the boundless and fertile West,
yet that an iron pathway might be laid along her mountain
gorges, over which a steam-engine with a train of cars could
move at the rate of thirty miles per hour, taking the produce
of the lakes at the outlet of the New York Canal, and land-
ing it at Boston in less time than it can be delivered at New
York. About one-half of this road is completed, and the
while will be finished within twelve months from this time.
This road will cost not far from seven millions of dollars.
It is calculated to support an engine of fourteen tons weight,
and to carry 1,000 barrels of flour in a single train of cars ten
miles an hour. It is estimated that when finished, flour can
be transported from Albany to Boston, 201 miles, for 30 cents
per barrel. Two thousand men are now at work on this road,
in some sections, both night and day. The capitalists of Bos-
ton have also contributed largely to the funds required for
laying down railways fromAlbany to Buffalo, betweenwhich
places there will soon be a continuous line completed. The
same enterprise and capital will, ere many years shall have
elapsed, continue the same line across Ohio, Indiana, and Illi-
nois, to St. Louis, in case the funds required for the work are
not furnished by the States on the route;
St. Louis owes its present prosperity to neither manufacto-
ries nor railroads, for it has scarce a dollar expended in
Its progress has been accelerated mainly by the hundreds
of thousands of immigrants who have overspread the prai-
ries of Missouri, Illinois, Wiskonsin, and Iowa-who have
come here for the sale of their agricultural and mining pro-
ductions, and for the purchase of merchandise. The increase
of this city in wealth and population, within the past ten
years, is scarcely paralleled. In 1831 the population of the
city and suburbs was estimated at 6,000. It is now not far
from 30,000, and rapidly increasing. The number of build-
ings recently commenced is very great, and the value of those
in course of completion will exceed a million and a half of
The trade between this city and Boston is greater, and the
connexion more intimate, than is generally imagined. The
various staple articles of export from Boston, including do-
mestic goods, boots and shoes, oil, candles, &c. required for
this market, and which are forwarded from here for the up-
per country, cannot fall short of two millions of dollars.
We shall close these remarks with a comparative state-
ment of the value of Western productions shipped from New
Orleans to New York and Boston.

New York.
Tobacco, 560,000
Cotton, 1,880,000
Flour, 228,000
Pork, 270000
Bacon, 109000
Lard, 36000
Beef, 3,2(X0
Corn, 15,000
Lead, 270,000

Total 3,371,000



PERTY-By virtue of a deed of trust from John Hitz,
now deceased, to me, 1 will offer for sale at public auction, for
cash, at Edward Dyer's auction rooms, in the city of Washing-
ton, on Monday, 16th November next, at 11 o'clock A. M. a va-
luable piece of land lying in the county of Washington, containing
60 acres 2 roods and 20 perches, being that part of lot No. 1, of
the larger divisions of Mount Pleasant" which in the division of
thie real estate of James Pete,, deceased, was allotted to David Pe-
ter, now deceased, beginning for the same at a stone at the end of
It 56-100 perches on the line from stone No. 19 to stone No. 20
of thie who'elot, and running thence north 821 E. 114 84-100 tOO pa.
to said stone No. 20; S. 3610 W. t100 ps. to stone No. 21; S.20JQ
E. 88 ps. to stone No. 22; N. 57 W. 64 ps. to stone No. 23; S,
78'" W. 32 4-5 ps. to the dividing line between David Peter and
Elizabeth Dunlop's part of said lot on said division; and with that
dividing line to the beginning, with the improvements and appur-
On the full and due payment of the purchase money, I will ex-
ecute to the purchaser, at his cost and request, a valid deed of con-
veyance of all the right and estate in said premises that I am em-
powered to sell and convey under said deed.
If the terms of sale be not complied with on the day of sale, 1
reserve the right to resell the premises at public auction, for cash,
after three days' advertisement, at the risk and cost of the pur-
chaser. WM. HAYMAN, Trustee.
oct26-2awts3tif E. DYER, Auctioneer.
7-IF u.I TEE-, 'SA i.E OF- 0 Etl.; BLE IlMIPRO-
- VED PROPEIRTY.-By virtue ofa deed of trust from
Charles Horace Upton and wife, dated the 6tb day of June, 1838,
and duly recorded in the !and records of Washington county, in
the District of Columbia, in liber W B, No. 70, folios 53, 54, 55,
and 56, the subscriber will sell at public auction, at the auction
store of Edward Dyer, on Thursday, the 12th day of November
next, at half past 4 o'clock P. M., for cash, all that piece or parcel
of ground lying in the city of Washington, being part of square
No. 74, beginning far the said piece on Pennsylvania avenue, at
the distance of three hundred and seventy-three feet ten inches
from the southwest corner of said square, and at the centre of the
party-wall, between the first and second houses now erected upon
said square, arsd running thence, with a line drawn northwardly
through and with thIe middle of said party-wall, one hundred and
twenty-six feet; thence eastwardly, parallel with Pennsylvania
avenue, twenty three feet three inches; thence southerly, through
and withI the middle of the party-wall of the second and third
houses erected on said square, one hundred and twenty-six feet,
to intersect Pennsylvania avenue ; sand thence, with the said ave-
nue, to the beginning. On wh-ch is erected a three-story brick
tenement, the same being the second house from the west end of
the row commonly known as the Six Buildings.
Upon the payment of the purchlmase-money, the subscriber will
convey to the purchaser all the title and estate conveyed to him
by said deed of trust. If the purchase-money be not paid within
three days from the day of sale, the property will be advertised
and resold at the risk and expense of the first purchaser.
J. B. H. SMITH, Trustee.
net 13-2taw&d3tif Auctioneer.


"Liberty and Union,now and forever, one and



In laying before our readers the results of the
Presidential Election, as they successively reach
us from the more distant States, it has become
little else than the announcement of successive
triumphs of the Whig cause. We give below
some samples of the manner in which the Re-
publican Candidates have swept over the great
States of the West. Surely never before in the
history of nations were the rulers of any free
State so signally rebuked and repudiated by their
countrymen, as are the miserable men to whose
hands, in an evil hour, were entrusted the desti-
nies of this Republic. God grant that it may
prove a lesson and a warning to their successors
in all time to come !

[The following are
2d days' voting:]

Harden county
Mercer (lst day)
Lincoln (do.)
Shelby (do.)
Meade (do.
Fayette (2d day)
Woodford (do.) .
Carroll (do.)
Gallatin (do.)

results of only the 1st and


Van Buren.

In the returns of this State, the majorities alone
being given, we do not find the name of Mr. Van
Burn at all. The only information furnished is
the majority for HARRISON in each county, with
the gain it exhibits over the majority of Bigger,
the Whig candidate for Governor in August. Per

Jefferson .
Floyd .
Dearborn .
Franklin .

Lenawee .
Oakland .
St. Clair .
Macomb .

S 1653

S 100


Gain on Bigger.

Van Buren.

The vote in 67 counties of this State, as fur-
nished in the last Columbus Statesman, stands as
follows :
For Harrison, 34,893
For Van Buren, 9,289

Nothing yet definitive from this State.

SILK IN TEXAs.-A correspondent of a New
Orleans paper mentions that multicaulis trees
enough have been imported into Galveston to
stock the whole country. Some were sold, some
given away, and some died away.

ARMY AND NAVY CHRONICLE.-We are requested to state
that the suspension of this paper for a few weeks past has
been occasioned by disappointment in the receipt of remnittan-
ces long since expected, and the difficulty of procuring money
in Washington. It is hoped that the friends of the work will
continue to give it their aid, and that those who are indebted
will be made sensible of the importance of prompt remit-
An early resumption being anticipated, papers that exchange
with the Chronicle are solicited to continue the favor.

THE BUNKER HILL MONUMENT.-We have the pleasure
of announcing, says the Boston Courier, that contracts for
completing the Monument of Bunker Hill were yesterday
signed by the contractor, Mr. JAMES S. SAVAGE, on the one
part, and by the President of the Monument Association on
the other. It is specified that the monument shall be com-
pleted agreeably to the original design by the first of October,
1843, for the sum of $43,000. Mr. SAVAGE will commence
operations at the quarry immediately, and will begin to lay
the stone as early as possible in the ensuing spring.

A REBUKE INDEED.-New York has put her veto upon the
re-election of MARTIN VAN BuREN. Four years ago, she
gave him a majority of 28,000 ; and now, after a taste of his
quality as the Chief Magistrate of a nation, this same New
York has decided against him by more than ten thousand
votes. This reversal of judgment is worthy of special re-
mark and notice. It is an eloquent lesson to public men, and
comes as a powerful voice of warning to all who would sac-
rifice right for expediency, or sink the character of the en-
lightened statesman in that of the grovelling partisan striving
for the spoils. For fifty years, during which the present form
of Government has existed, this is the first instance in which
a candidate for the Presidency, much less an actual Presi-
dent, has failed to obtain the vote of his own State In a
judgment upon his measures, such as this, there can be no
mistake. From such a condemnation there can be no appeal.
As it is the first instance of such condemnation-reluctant,
but decisive-let us hope it may be the last which evil coun-
sels and bad government may render necessary. Let us hope
that a parent State will never again be constrained to render
judgment upon a recreant son, and that the case of Mr. VAN
BUREN, the head of the spoils Administiation of 18410, will
live in the memory of aspiring politicians as an example to
deter.- Baltimore Patriot.

On Monday week, the Faculty of the University of Virgi-
nia chose Dr. JOSEPH TOGNO Tutor of ltalian and French,
and Mr. PAUL DIODA Tutor of Spanish and German Lan-
guages in that Institution.

STEAMBOAT EXPLOSION.-The steamboat Le Roy exploded
her boiler on the 25th ult., near Appalachicola, by which the
following persons were killed -
Daniel Rowlett, passenger.
Washington Smith, master.
John Ashton, engineer.
Pressly Hicks, fireman.
John Waller, do.
Henry Carter, a free mulatto, steward.
The names oh the wounded we have riot learned.
Fortunately, there were not many passengers on board ;
otherwise the disaster would have been still more melancholy.
The Le Roy was owned by the mail contractors on the great
Southern route, Messrs. Hopkins and Stockton.
THE LADIES' COMPamNION.-We have received of Mr.
HaMrPTroN, agent for the District, the November No. of this
beautiful monthly. It is embellished with a fine steel en-
graving of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn, besides two
pages of original music composed expressly for the book.
The articles in this No. are uncommonly fine; among them
we notice "Athens and its vicinity," by J. E. Dow, Esq.
Love in a puzzle," a poem, by CAROLINE T. ORME, Lines
by Mrs. SIGOURNEY," "Night," a poem, by Col. W. C.
RIcHARDS, A Mother's last prayer," by Mrs. STEPHENS,
&c. &c. Mr. H. delivers the work free of postage to sub-
scribers in the District; and as the November No. commences
a volume, it is a good opportunity for new subscribers. Agen-
cy office a few doors east of the City Post Office.

the officers were practising riding, Lieut. S. J. BRANSFORD
was thrown from his horse and so badly hurt as to cause his
death a few hours after.-Express.

Dr. PALMER, of Pittsfield, Mass. who was injured a short
time since by accidentally inhaling concentrated sulphuric
acid, has since died,


A very large and delighted number of Whigs was gather-
ed at the Log Cabin on Monday evening last, and never
have we witnessed such joy and enthusiasm. Mr. LEE, a
distinguished Whig of Baltimore, and once one of our cher-
ished f low-townsmen, was called to the stand, and for up-
wards of an hour enchained the meeting with a strain of im-
passioned eloquence, which could not be surpassed. He
dwelt on the extent and brilliancy of our victory, and most
justly rebuked and denounced the principles and practices of
the present defeated Administration. His reference to the
part borne by CLAY, WEBSTER, RIVES, and others, in the late
glorious contest, was beautiful arid touching; while the alter-
nate wit and sarcasm of his admirable address called forth re-
peated cheers; and the appeal he made to the People of this
long-suffering District was responded to with heart and soul
by all.
On the whole, the feelings and pleasure of the meeting were
at the highest point of enjoyment; and it is doing but slight
justice to Mr. LEE to say that his speech inspired the warm-
est sentiments of patriotism, and placed him high among the
most eloquent of the land. t

FtIRE.-About four o'clock yesterday morning the alarm of
fire was given, which proved to be in the steamboat Empress,
bound for St. Louis, and ready to start. She was lying at
the foot of Gravier street-the steamboats Rienzi, Oceans,
&c. lying in the same tier. It was thought advisable to cut
the Empress adrift, which was accordingly done. She then
drifted with the current, and was urged by the wind towards
the opposite side of the river, and unfortunately brought up
alongside of the steamboat Monarch, (recently launched, af-
ter having undergone thorough repairs,) and we regret to
state that in a few minutes the Monarch caught fire, and
burned to the water's edge. The fire then communicated to
the hulk of the Boonslick, which was also consumed ; and,
by the greatest dint of exertion, the Huma, lying on the stocks
at the yard of Messrs. Harroll & Co. was saved, with but lit-
tle damage to the after-cabin. During the confusion on board
the Monarch, an explosion of gunpowder took place on board
the Empress, from the forward hatch, which materially deter-
red the efforts to save a portion of her cargo. However, we
are happy to state that no injury was sustained by the per-
sons in the immediate vicinity. The hulks were towed down
by the ferry-boat to the flats opposite Slaughter House Point,
and we learn an attempt will be made to save the engines.
We have not learnt how the fire originated.

REAL WHIGs.-An instance of extraordinary zeal in favor
of Harrison and Tyler on the part of two Whig voters of
our city has been communicated to us. John Sinclair and
John Parrot were at work on Tilghman's Island, about 30
miles from Baltimore, for some days previous to the election,
and were prevented from leaving in consequence of having
no means of conveyance to the city. On the morning previ-
ous to the election a sail boat from Baltimore touched at the
Island, and took on board two Locofocos, the boat having, it
is said, been sent down especially f'or them. The two Whigs
solicited a passage on board the boat, but the Locofoco com-
mander positively refused them, notwithstanding five dollars
were offered by each of them for a seat. Determined not to
be prevented, if possible, from depositing their votes, they
procured, on the morning of the election, a small canoe, bare-
ly sufficient to contain the two, and, stepping into their frail
and tender bark, paddled across the bay to Sandy Point, a
distance of seven or eight miles, at the imminent peril of their
lives-from thence they footed it all the way to Baltimore, a
distance of about 35 miles, :, i..:_ ,t 1i, First Ward polls
at half past 5 o'clock, precis.Ij ;,.1 t.... . before the close,
covered with sweat andti dust, when their votes were triumph-
antly deposited for Tippecanoe and Tyler too." Such dle-
votion to correct principles has no parallel in the history of
elections. Mr. Parrot had only arrived at age in October
last, and the vote which hegave on Monday wasconsequent-
ly the first noble act of a grateful and zealous freeman to-
waids one of his country's noblest benefactors.-Balt. Pat.
Extract of a letter froc., P,'i., dated 16th October,
1840: Mr. WHEATON, \lii.-.r ...I the United States in
Berlin, has been in our city for some days ; he is travelling
t,.rough the States of the Germanic Conf-deration, to obtain
a more perfect knowledge of its industry, commerce, arid pub-
lie institutions. Mr. Wheaton is already known as one of
the most distinguished statesmen of his own country, andt has
greatly benefited biv his negotiations with the German Com-
mercial Union. His continued exertiontis to increase com-
merce and friendly relations between the United States of
North America and Germany merit the acknowledgments of
the latter country."
The DUKE OF NEWCASTLE has recently purchased the
estate of Worksop for $1,824,000 ; in consequence of which
he has now a demesne of nearly twenty miles in length.
The old castle of Worksop is to be removed, and to facilitate
this, his lordship proposes to construct a railroad, about half
a mile in length, to the canal which crosses the estate. The
old castle is a fine building, a finished specimen of the pure
Corinthian order. The roof, which was renewed twelve
years since, cost $144,000; and the lead put upon it weighed
about 250 tons. The stone for the t.l.tir,' cost $144,000,
and the oak timber $75,0004). The chimney pieces are esti-
mated to have cost $72,000. There are 200 plate glass win-
dows, and about the same number of solid mahogany doors,
[Phil N. Amer.
PEDESTRIAN FEAT.-On Monday evening John Townsend,
the celebrated pedestrian who recently accomplished an
arduous six days' task on the Present road, undertook to per-
form, for a benefit, on the bowling green of the High Park
Coffee House, the following feat: To pick up 100 stones, each
a yard apart, with his mouth, and deposit them in a basket
without touching them with his hands; to run a mile; to walk
3 miles forward, andl 3 miles backward ; and finally to run a
hoop two miles; the whole to be accomplished in three suc-
cessive hours. He commenced operations soon after 5 o'clock,
and accomplished the feat with great ease within sixteen
minutes of the prescribed time. He afterwards, by way of
afierpiece, picked up 40 stones in the same manner as before,
in almost 11 minutes. This extraordinary pedestrian is up-
wards of 50 years of age. A vast number of persons wit-
nessed the feat.-London Paper.

On Thursday ,.,-i...., 5th instant, by the Rev. T. B.
SARGENT, Mr. WVILLIA %t WINN, son of the late TiMo-
THY WINN, Purser of the U. S. Navy, to Miss GOUGH
CARROLL, daughter of the Hon. JAMES CARROLL, of Bal-
timore. .
In Georgetown, D. C. on Sunday, Nov. 8th, after a long
and painful illness, RICHARD HALL, in the 37th year ot
his age, leaving a large number of friends and relations to
mourn his loss.
In St. Louis, on the 27th of Octoher, in the 5th year of
her age, Rosa, youngest daughter of RICHAaRD WRIGHT, late
of Washington.

75lABILE O1" THE I)ltli), by the author of the List-
rcrer, Christ our Example, &c. Also, a lurlher supply of
Blunt's Sermons. This day received and for sale by
nov It 4 doors west of Hrown's Hotel.
. [- i]-Tr'Hi a "J I.I it t h.-'1 lic IS ts ,,rli.-|I i,,
SNew "Vorld of Saturday last contains more of lhe story ,f
Humphrey's Clock than has vet appeared in any otier f~rii in
the United States. The New World is one of the largest sized
ail best printed newspapers, and reprints for three doullrs per an-
num as many of the new books, and other literary publicatiins of
the day, as could be purchased in any other for,, for 50 dollars,
with the further advantage ofgetiing them by mail at newspaper
i.. f './ to any part of the Union. Tle second year of the
V,... it .r commencing at this time offers a convenient period
for subscribers to commence.
Apply to F. TAYLOR,
nov 11 Bookseller, Washington.
somely Furnished House for Rent.-I have for
rent a most desirable private residence in the neighbhoihiod of the
Marine Garrison-a very comfortable two-srory brick house, with
all necessary out-hobasea, and the house handsomely and fashiona-
lly furnished. The whole will bh rested together, oi, if prefer-
red, separately. tnquire of EIiW. DYERl,
nov 6-il3tif Auc. and Con,. Merclhant.
SERVANTS W'ANTEI).-Tbe subscribers want to hire
10 active male and 10 female servants.
None need apply but those who can come well recommended.

Slaves would be preferred. NEWTON &.GAD)SBY,
sept 22-eotDlec. lifcp National Hotel.
have just received by the ship Katherine J.ickson from
Liverpool a hirge assortment of l)Dntists and Jewellers' Files.
Have also on hand a general assortment of larger files of the
mo't al.proved manufacture.
Our assortmentof hardware ,yrir-.l i. also very complete.
( O-Ii'i I. 1 1,&COYLE,
nov 4--eo6tif Opposite Brown's Hotel.
75,000 Dollars.
WARE. Class No. 25.
Draws Thursday, November 12, 184)0.
1 prize of $1c,000"
I do 15,00(0 1
1 do 15,0 te0 5 prizes of $15,000 are $75,000.
1 do 15,000 I
1 do 15,000 J
5 prizes of $3,503, lI0 of $2,000 ; 50 of $1,000,
are $50,000.
150 (lowest three numbers) of $500 are $75,000.
Whole tickets $15-Shares in proportion.
Certificates of pr.-k,'..- 25 whole tickets $130
Do .I ,. 25 half do 90
)Do do of 25 quarter do 45
Do do of 25 eighths do 22 50
FoPer tickets and certificates of packages in the above, apply to
or address JAS. PHALEN & CO. Managers,
nov 7-tl2novif Pena. Avenue, near 41 street.


Extract of a Letter to the Editors of the Savannah Republican,
received from an Officer of the Florida Army.
By last night's express I am enabled to give you the result
of the conference of the Indians with Gen. ARMISTEAD at
Tampa Bay.
Halleck Tustenugge, Tiger-Tail, and six others, came in
at the appointed time, and, among other things, agreed to meet
the General with 300 of their people at Fort King on the 7th
instant, for the purpose of further negotiations. It is expect-
ed that the two chiefs named will proceed to Washington,
and visit the President in propria persona.
If they should deem it their interest to come in in good
faith, it may end the war, as they probably have it in their
power to dictate terms of peace; but I opine that if the war
is ended only upon the good faith of the Indians, it will last
forever and a day. They are like England on the boundary
question; they will appoint commissioners and negotiate until
doomsday, and until doomsday hold on to the country.
Colonel WORTH, the gallant commander of the Republic's
Own," with two companies, left here a few days since for
Fort King, where he will meet the balance (8 companies) of
his regiment.
On Wednesday afternoon last, from sixteen to twenty In-
dians made their appearance on Colonel HANSON'S plantation,
about two miles from this city, robbing the negroes of all their
blankets and winter clothing. Their intention was to fire the
buildings, and make prize ef the negroes; but some of them
having escaped, and making their way to town, were fallen
in with by one or two gentlemen who had been hunting, and
they pushed on with the intelligence. The quick appearance
of a few persons from town tended to hasten them away with
their plunder, and enabled the negroes whom they had with
them to fall back in the sugar-cane field, and thus escape
them. One Indtian, without luggage, was fired upon, sup-
posed to be Wild Cat, as he left the enclosure without any of
the plundered property. They fired one rifle into the dwell-
ing-house, which nearly wounded the overseer. The pro-
perty taken amounts to a considerable sum. No other da-
Lieutenant BROWN, 3d Artillery, was very promptly on the
spot with eleven men, and remained during the night on
guard, and yesterday morning proceeded, in command of
Lieutenant GRAHAM'S detachmnient of dragoons and his own
command, with Lieutenant WESTCOTT of the Infantry, in
An unfortunate and truly melancholy occurrence took place
at Colonel HIANSON'S plantation at half past two o'clock on
Thursday morning. The sentinels having dliscovered,in two
places, persons approaching, retreated to the house, within
which the small force on the plantation were, and gave the
alarm. Immediately Lieutenant BiOWN, with his men, pro-
ceeded to reconnoitre, as well as the four or five friends who
had offered to remain on the place; and, having been on the
watch for upwards of 30 minutes, they discovered persons
moving quickly up; the sergeant fired, i..,,...!., Lieutenant
GoAI4Ui, of the dragoons, in the arm, oii i-ulh.,g Sergeant
WOLCOTT, of his company. Lieutenant GiRAHAM, it seems,
was approaching with great caution, (he ,,' u.-, at Picolata,
received an express ',f..riri,. him that Indians had been at
the plantation ;) anc i. I'.. i ofthe alarm having taken place
some time previous brought him in collision with the troops
in charge, who were anticipating the approach of the enemy.
At the moment preceding the fire they were heard to spring
their bayonets, which sounded much like the click of cocking
a gun, and it was under these circumstances that the accident
occurred. Fortunately, Dr. BARNUM was one of the gentle-
men who had remained for the protection of the place in con-
nexion with Lieutenant BROWN and 11 men of his company,
and his services were very promptly and beneficially rendered
Lieutenant GRAHAM. Sergeant WOLCOTTr was brought into
the house immediately, but he was dead. Lieut. G.'s wound,
though severe, is by no means of a dangerous character; and
hlie wilt, in a very short time, rejoin his company.
A detachment of Captains MtCKER'S and PELLICER'S
mn)u.nted volunteer force proceeded, on Tuesday last, at day-
light, to Musquito beach. The Indian signs were fresh in
that neighborhood ; and a small party of gentlemen, bunting
at Mala-Compra, discovered such evidences of their proximity
to the enemy that they left for this city.


NEW OtRLEANS, OCT. 28, 1840.
The steam-ship Savannah arrived yesterday, bringing Tex-
as papers to the 22d instant. They contain nothing of parti-
cular interest. General Houston's plan of organizing the mi-
litia, like Mr. Van Buren's, has proved unpopular, and will
riot succeed. Congress assembles on the first Monday in
November. A letter front Houston confirms the intelligence
ofthecapture ofArista, the Central general in Mexico,though
its statements differ somewhat, asto particulars, from accounts
previously received. The settlements on the frontier were
free from Indian depredations.
The papers generally strongly urge upon the Government
the necessity of immediately sending the Navy to sea with
fighting orders. They consider that Mexico will only be
brought to acknowledge the independence of Texas by direct
offensive measures. The Federalists of Campeachy and Yu-
catan are anxious to co-operate with the Texian fleet.

Died, in Washington, on Thursday, the 5th of No-
vember, Miss ELLEN SCHNEE.VIAN, eldest daughter of
Mrs. H. ULHicH. Her short illness was not alarming, and
her watchful and anxious relations and friends were totally
unprepared for its fatal termination. The distress caused by
this painful event is i.- i.l felt by one among the many who
knew and loved her .-.iI and appreciated her ,,,i.,i. ii.;:
virtues. In all the elegant accomplishments % lu.n. ..n.,i.,
happy life this lamented young ladly was pre-eminent, whilst
the arduous and important duties which, from her earliest
years, she was destined to fulfil, were met with a moral ener-
gy which never :1 :-..1. and an animated cheerfulness which
threw its halo on all around. Her ease and politieness of de-
portment and high cultivation of mind, united to the most
engaging frankness of manner, revealing the impulses of her
,.irt-rosi heart, at once inspired conrifidence, admiration, and
i.l ...- i., and whlst each hour, each tmooient was employed
to delight, tm benefit, or to sooth. Who can now describe the
desolation of those nearest ties to whom site was the centre
of life and joy, or of that home where the endearing tones of
her voice are no longer heard, and where this sad bereavement
has left a void never to be filled 1 May that Being to whom
her last prayer was so emphatically addressed be their sup-
port as it was hiers, whom they deplore. A purer spirit ne-
ven left its mortal tenement for those blissful regions for which
her short residence on earth had been the precursor. She
obeyed the summons of her Creator as infants fall asleep-
While memory, with more than Egypt's art,
p,..i .I...;,,..- .il tmi sorrows ofhte be! it,
-.i ,j itt- .i .r which she raised to we,
And feeds the source whence tears eternal flw.

OR RENT, a large and excellent store-room, with or
BL wihiut a cellar, at the corner ef Pennsylvanita avenue
and Third street. Inquire at the second door Iromn the corner
west, or of J. P. Polk, War department, oct 31t-eoliif
between '2d and 3dt, Georuretown--Tte subscriber
takes thts method of tendering hius sincere and grutefiut acknow-
ledgmeuts to his patrons here atd elsewhere for ihe very liberal
pauronuge which they have extcndsd to him sinte lis appearance
in this place, ail hopes, by an unremitting attention on his part,
to merit a continuance of thie saime
He is happy to inform them that he is now prepared to accom-
modate them with every article in his line, such as Buckskins of
every size, quality, amd color.
He has also on hand a fine assortment of substantial Buckskin
Gloves, lined al umlin, d; also, lined Fur Gloves; all otf which
he will dispose of, wholesale or retail, on aruinuiodating terms.
Also, a good supply of clean Deer -Itair, for snddler's use.
N. B. All orders from a distance gratefully received, and
proinptly attended to.
5" He will make to order Buckskin Shirts and Drawers, or
any article in his line, in the neatest possible manner, and of the
best material. JACOB tAMSBURG,
nov 4-eol2r Georgetown.
.30 barrels Family and Superfine Flur
50 boxes Window-glass, at factory pries glaziers will find

it to their interest to call and examine this Glass, which
is cheaper titan any in the city
I barrel Whiting
10 barrels pure cider Vinegar
Also, daily expected-
Superior Maite Mercer Potatoes; families who wish them
at vessel price will please leave their orders.
For sale at the cheap store opposite Brown's Hotel.
nov 9-eoif3t W. H. TENNEY.
-B away, Ot thrte right of th, 2l il. from the stiunscriber,
near Petersvilile, Frederiek coninty, M,ryland, a negro man called
BEN GROSS, about 37 years of age, 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high,
square built, a light black color. Hle can read and write, pre-
tends to be religious. Very plausible, very slow in talk, large
eyes, a good deal of white in them, fit nose, wishes to be consid-
ered dignified in appearance and conversation He is a good
waiter, some knowledge of milling, and some tact as a carpenter.
As he can write, no doubt lie has forged a pass and will make for
Pennsylvania. His mother is a free woman, lives in Frederick,
where he ihas a brother living. His clothes are so numerous that
a description is unnecessary; generally they are of the best quali-
ty. The above reward will be paid if taken or secured in any
jail so that I may get him in or without the State.
nov 5-d4t&eol2t JAMES L. IIAWKINS.
l EGROES WANTED.--Cash and the highest market
Sprimes will be paid for any number of :.k. l v i -..
of both sexes,(familiesand inechanicsincluded.) Allzommunica-
tions addressed t o me at the old establishment of Armfield, Frank-
lin & Co., west end of Dukestreet,Alexandria,D. C., will meet
with prompt attention.
july 26-2awpp&lawdptf GEORGE KEPHART.


CRIMINAL COURT.-In consequence of the indisposition of
the Hon. Judge DUNLOP, who was unable to preside in our
Criminal Court on Monday and yesterday, the Court was
further adjourned until Tuesday, the 17th instant, whenall
jurors and witnesses are ordered to attend.

ing of this Society, holden at the City Hall last Saturday,
pursuant to public notice, Colonel HENDERSON exhibited some
Mammoth Rohan Potatoes of immense size.

ALARMS OF FIRE.-There have been several alarms of fire,
during the last and present week, originating either in wanton-
ness or the desire to call out the Fire Companies unnecessari-
ly, or from blazing chimneys, which, however alarming in ap-
pearance, were soon extinguished without any serious injury.

Friday night, afire was discovered in the building situated
between Ninth and Tenth streets, on the margin of the Wash-
ington Canal, and occupied by Mr. S. W. Handy as a hat
manufactory. Through timely exertions of the citizens and
fire companies, the flames were soon arrested, and, we are
glad to learn, without much injury to Mr. Handy. Suspicion
having fallen upon a person named John Smith, a journey-
man hatter lately in the employment of Mr. Handy, and
who had been discharged that evening, and had been heard
to make some threats towards Mr. H., Smith was immediate-
ly arrested by T. C. Wilson, constable, and taken before
Justice Morsell, by whom the prisoner, after a proper exami-
nation, was fully committed for trial at the Criminal Court
now in session. We forbear to state the circumstances which
appeared in evidence before the magistrate to criminate the
prisoner, seeing that his trial will take place in a few days,
when we shall again advert to the case.


The Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present: Messrs. Goldsborough, i'W,.. .- I u Barclay, Ran-
dolph, KirkwoodGunton,Goddard, Brent, Ularbery, Brady,Clarke,
Dove, s and l Marshall.
Mr. GODDAsD presented a memorial from Walter Clarke and
others, in relation to the vending of merchandise in the Centre
Market house ; which was read, and referred to Messrs. Goddard
Carbery, and Randolph.
Mr. CLARKE, from the Committee on the Asylum, made a re-
port of tihe number of persons received at the Asylum from the 1st
to the 31st October ; which was read, and laid on the table.
And adjourned.

The Board met; all present except Messrs. Orme, Clarke, and
Mr. IHARKNESS presented a communication from the President
of the Northern Liberties Fire Company, asking the loan of a
bell formerly suspended over the West Market; which was read,
and referred to the Committee of Ways and Means.
Mr. BACON, float the Committee on Ithe Asylum, made a re-
port of the number of persons admitted into the Asylum during
the last month.
Mr. MeDoNALD submitted the following resolution, which was
read and adopted, and Messrs. Easby, Harkness, and Byington
were appointed the committee :
Resolved, That a committee be appointed to examine into the
condition of the bridge at ithe intersection of Pennsylvania avenue
and Second srccet west, and to devise the best and most econom-
ical plan for rebuilding or repairing the said bridge, or for erect-
ing some temporary structure oni the said bridge which will be
heast calculated to promnute the public convenience, and that said
cominiitee report by bill or otht rwise.
Mr. BACON, on leave, introduced a bill entitled An act au-
i,.- ,. ,.1 ,',.. 1 ,,,_ of9th street west;" which was read twice,
.. u r, . ,. ,h tI mi mitte on Improvements.
Tie bill supplementary to the act authorizing the appointment
of one collector of taxes," &c. was taken up, the amendment of-
fered by Mr. JOHNsoN at the last meeting of the Board agreed to,
wilh ast amendment proposed by Mr. BACON. The bill was then
read the third time, and, on motion of Mr. McDONALD,laid on the
Mr. EASBY submitted the following resolution, which was read
and adopted, and Messrs. Easby, Bryan, and Johnson appointed
the conumnitee :
Resolved, That a select committee, to consist of three mem-
bers, be appointed to examine the claim ofM. C. Ewing for ser-
vices it ... l.; .- ..fthe channel ofthe Potomac river, and
report '. I ir it, . . ..
On motion of Mr. STEWART, the bill to establish an addition-
al police district was taken uip. Mr. BVYINGTON renewed the
motion made by him at the last meeting to further extend the
district; which was agreed to. Mr. BACON moved the indefinite
postponement of the bill, which motion was negatived as follows :
YEAS-Messrs. Bryan and Bacon-2.
NAYS-Messrs. Eaby, Wilson, Johnson, Stewart, Harkness,
MlcDonald, Bassett, Houston, Blyington, Maddox, Fulmner, Cran-
dell, nd tHamily-13.
On motion of Mr. EASBV, the bill was then laid on the table.
And the tlBoard adiolrned.
I3- Tlse Executive Committee of the Tippecanoe
Club will meet this evening, (Wednesday,) at 7 o'clock, at the
roons of rthe chairman, nov Il
g Columbia Artillery.--An adjourned meeting will be
held on Wednesday (this) evening at the usual place. Punctual
attendance is requested.
nov 10 JOSEPH ETTER, Secretary.
Ot Tuesday, their 0th November, 1 will sell at public auc-
tion, to the highest bidder, Lots Nos. 5, 6, 7, and part of 8, in
D)avidson's subdivision oflsqare No. 248, fronting 80 feet ona north
K street, by 145 feet deep, toai alley, containing 11,600 square
feet. These are the inmo:t eligible and desirable building lots in
the city, having a soulh front upon ithe vacant water square, and in
the square next west of the Franklin Row, with a footway laid
down to Pennsylivatnia avenue.
Terms : One-fourth of the purchaso-money in cash, and the
balance in six, twelve, iand eighteen months, for notes satisfacto-
rile endorsed, bearing interest.
Sale to take place on the premises, at 4 o'clock P. M.
oct29 E.W. DYER, Auct.
-f The above sale Is postponed to Tuesday next, the
17th instant, satie hour and plice.
nov It EDWARD DYER, Auctioneer.
UTENS1ILS.-In virtue ofa deed of trust from John Hitz, sr.
to the subscriber, will be exposed to public sale, on Tuesday, the
lOut instaunt, at 12 o'clock M., on the premises, the following ar-
ticles, to wit:
14 cows, some of them giving milk
2 horses, 2 wagons, 1 [lough, I harrow, and 1 cultivator
2 corn-shellers, patent scales and weights
1 grindstone, and set of wagon harness complete
The above sale will take place at the residence of the late John
Hitz, sr., about two miles north of the city of Washington, if fair,
if not, tie next fair day.
Terms of sale : All sunms of and under $20, cash ; over $20, a
credit of 60 days, for notes with approved endorsers.
JOHN HITZ, jr. Trustee.
nov 4-eod&M&Tif EDW. t)YER, Auctioneer.
3:1 The above sale is p.,-H tie-l. hit consequence of
the necessary absence of the i..... .' m. Friday next, the 13th
instant, same hour un I place. E DYER,
nov 11--3tWrh&F Auctioneer.
t-. ContUmporary History of Ihe Nations of Antiqutty, with Ob-
servations on Chronoltgical Eras, by Jushua Teulmin Smith, au-
thortf Snith's Progress of Philosophy among the Ancients; 1
eol. Price 62 cents. Just received for sale by
nov lI P. TAYLOR.
13 Drawn Numbers.
$20,000-$5,000--$2,000-$ 1,500- ] 1 400
$1,153V -10 prizes of $1,000--10 of $500, &c.
Tickets only $5-Halves $S2 hO-Quarters $1 25.
THURSDAY, Nov. 12,
Will lie drawn.
$12,000- $3,000-$'2,000--$1,200- $1,179-
10 of $1,000, &c.
Tickets $4-Halves $2--Quarters $1 00.
For sale by D. S. GREGORY & CO.
Penn. avenue, next door east of Gadsby's Hotel,
nov 11-2t Washington.
.3- away from the subscriber, on Sunday, the 8th of Novem
ber, my nuegro man SAM, who calls himself Samuel Tyler. He
is of ordinary stature, asout 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high ; of rather

a copper color ; remarkably handsome, and genteel in his appear-
ance. As this servant has had great i.r-. I. Ih. has no doubt
accumulated considerable money, and t 1 L-.I..) change his
clothing. tie has Taken with him a handsome blue frock coat,
one grty coated with steel buttons, one drab-colored overcoat, one
pair of blue pantaloons, and one new pair of light mixed cloth.
He went off without provocation, and I have no doubt but he
iixa, gone immediately forusome free State.
I will give $50 if taken ini Prince -G. county or the Dis-
trict of tCoumubia; S100l if taken ou i u,.. county, and in the
State of Maryland ; and the above reward if taken any where else.
nov I -eofit Near Alexandria.
HUGH SMITH t & CO. have recently imported, per ships
Pocahontas, Ligonia, Alexandria, and Pioneer, from Liverpool,
their fall supply, consisting of
241 crates and hogsheads China and Earthenware.
These goods, from the best manufacturers in England, and of
the latest patterns, together with their large stock on hand, will
be sold, wholesale and retail, on the most moderate terms.
Dining Sets, white and colored China, &c.
Tea Sets, French and English best gilt and plain
Plain and cut Glassware
Best quality English Britannia Tea Sets
F.r. 0:I. ;l:Ier-mounted and other Castors
1-..1u -, i
Astral, Hall, and other Lamps
Sioneoware, of an excellent quality
Pipes in boxes
Window Glass of all sizes.
Alexandria. oct 24-dlmif
V 5URKEY RHUBARB of superior quality.-A small
S .tlo of thisscarce article just received at TODD'S.


NEW YORK, NOVzMBEt 9, 1840.
The returns from the interior but swell the
HARRISON majorities, who probably has the State
by nearly 12,000 majority. SEWARD will run be-
hind about 3,000. The victory is complete-Se-
nate, Assembly, and a majority of the members of'
Congress, it is probable, though one district is
unsettled yet. What a disappointment for the
people of the Globe, who so flattered themselves
with hope when they got the first returns !
Gen. HARRISON run ahead of the Whig ticket
in nearly all parts of the State. His majority will
be larger than the real Whig strength.
The steam-packet President, which sailed hence
for Liverpool on the 2d instant with between
sixty and seventy passengers, returned to-day, on
account of a want of coal. Since leaving port
she has experienced a continued gale of wind,
and was compelled to lie to for four days, at the
expiration of which the amount of coal on hand
not being thought sufficient for the voyage, she
put away for New York.
The return of the President will be a serious
disappointment not only to passengers, but to
those who made remittances by her, as the amount
of bills on board for Europe is very large.
A large business has been done at the stock
exchange to-day at a slight advance on Saturday's
prices. Flour is a shade lower to-day; sales have
been made of Michigan at $4 87, and Western at
The British war steamer, commenced some
time since at Chippewa, Upper Canada, for the
Lakes, is nearly completed. She rates, it is said,
eight 18 pound carronades, is 148 feet on deck,
about 400 tons admeasurement, and is fitted with
two 45 horse power low pressure steam engines.
The grates and boilers are arranged expressly for
burning Ohio coal.


NEw YORK, Nov. 9,1840.
A great sensation was created in this city this morning be-
tween 8 and 9 o'clock, by the announcement of the telegraph
that a steam-ship was seen in the offing. The announce-
ment on the telegraph ran thus:
9 o'clock-In the offing a large British steamer, with three
masts, coming in slowly under steam."
The public anxiety was intense to know what steam-ship
it was, as none was due or expected about this time. The
Queen had only been out eight days, and therefore it could
not be her; and some supposed it was the new ship Colum-
bia, whose place was taken by the Britannia. At 10 o'clock
the telegraph had this announcement:
Outside the Hook, the steam-ship President, put back
apparently in distress."
All the mercantile men were running hither and thither to
inquire the cause of her return, and alarm sat on the faces of
all who had friends on board of her. And it was not until
half past eleven that the cause was ascertained from the tele-
graph bulletin, which ran thus :
"Half past 11-President steam.ship, three miles off the
West Bank; returned, with her starboard wheel disabled;
coming up slowly under steam."
What has caused this accident we are yet unable to learn;
although from the recent high tides and heavy gales on the
coast, we have no doubt that she experienced a tremendous
storm, or perhaps a succession of gales and heavy seas.
The President sailed from this city last Monday, with 85
passengers, and $150,000 in specie. Among the passengers
were Mr. Jaudon, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Alsop, all of the U. S.
Bank, who were going out to London to make the final ar-
trangements for the resumption of specie payments by that
bank; andt had made all their calculations relative to mone-
tary matters, based on the belief that the President would ar-
rive out on or about the 16th of the month. This delay will
be productive of sad inconvenience in this respect alone, and
overthrow all the arrangements made in England. Bills will
become due and be protested, and quite a small explosion will
succeed. Many of our most eminent merchants have also
made similar calculations in regard to money matters, all of
which will be overthrown, to thesurprise and derangement of
the mercantile world in England.
Added to all this will be the intense and agonizing excite-
ment produced in other quarters in England by her non-arri-
val. The Acadia left Boston on Sunday, the 1st instant, and
will reach Liverpool next Saturday, with the positive intelli-.
gence that the steamnship President was to follow her next
day, and carrying out the names of many who were to leave
in her. The President will be due in Liverpool next Mon-
day. Bat that d y will pass over, and the day after that, and
the whole week will run by, and yet there will be no trace of
the President. And eyes will grow dim with watching, and
cheeks look pale with fear, and fond hearts ache with agony
fur the supposed loss of all they hlve. For when ten, twelve,
and perhaps fourteen days roll by after she is due, and no
tidings of her reach the shores of England, (for none can
reach until the Patrick Henry arrives on or about the 26th
instant,) the conclusion of a majority will be, that she has
gone to the bottom, with all on board. There will be four-
teen days of intense suspense, and fourteen days is an age in
money matters, commerce, or love.-Herald.
Two o'clock.-All that we can learn is, that she has re-
turned to port for a supply of coal, having encountered tre-
mendous ales from the time she left.
From Monday, the day of sailing, till Saturday at3 P. M.
we understand that she made only three hundred miles.-
Comn. Adv.

Sale This Day.
Oa Wednesday next, the 11th instant, at half past 10 o'clock,
A. M. I shall sell, at the two-story brick-house, on I hub street, be-
tween F and G., (lately occupied by the Spanish Minister,) all
the household and kitchen furniture of the establishment, con-
sisting of, in part-
Handsome spring seat sofas and mahogany chairs
Do mahogany pier and centre tables, mantel glasses
Do mantel clock and ornaments, astral and mantel
Excellent ingrain parlor carpets and ruga, candlesticks
Brass fender, andirons, shovels and tongs, &c.
Mahogany sideboard, pillar and claw dining tables
Handsome dinner set, gold-band tea-set
Cut-glass decanters, wites, tumblers, &c.
Knives and forks, hall lamps, passage and stair carpet & rods
Very handsome mahogany French, highpost, and other
Mahogany toilet and other nureaus, mahogany and other
washstamnds, basins, pitchers, &c.
Excellent bels, hair mattresses, and some bedding
Chaiibe, carpets, window curtains, chairs, &eC.
With an excellent lot of kitchen utensils.
Terms of sale : All sums of and under $25, cash ; over $25, a
credit of 60 and 90 days for notes satisfactorily endorsed.
nov 9-dif EDW. DYER, Auctioneer.
AVY YARD BRIDGE.-Proposals will be received,
until the 10th of December next, for the following mate-
rials, of either oak or chestnut-
For 9 caps, 26 ft. long, 12 in. thick, and 13 in. wide
40 stringers, 22 ft. long, 7 in. thick, and 11 in. wide
30 piles, l0 to be 35 feet long and 20 to be 20 ft. long, and
all to square 14 in. 12 feet down from the head
35 braces, 26 ft. long, 6 in. thick, and l1 in. wide
Specifying, distinctly, the prices of oak and chestnut. To be
delivered at the Bridge during the month of March, 1841, or
sooner, at the option of the contractor.
Proposals will likewise be received for the work incident to
taking up or repairing the defective parts of the Bridge and re-

placing thim with sound materials, stated in such a way as will
show the expense of placing the above materials, or such part of
them as may be found necessary.
nov ll-2awtl)ec. 10 President.
W ILLIAM DOVE, having taken the store formerly oc-
cupied by Howison & Jackson, Pennsylvania avenue, be-
tween 12th and 13th streets, has just received, and offers forsale-
100 Baltimore new cured hams
500 pounds dried beef and beef tongues
20 barrels New York and VA.ievu, family flour
St. Croix, Orleans, and Poer-..- R. :-. sugars
All qualities loaf and lump sugars
Java, Rio, Manilla, St. Domingo, and other coffee
200 gallons best bleached oil, also fall oil
Superior young hyson, imperial, gunpowder, and other teas
Sugar-house, West India, and Orleans molasses
A good assortment of wines and liquors
And all other articles usually kept in the grocery line, which he
begs all to call and examine if they do not buy.
N.B. A few bags of new feathers.
nov 11-3t WM. D)OVE.
V ENITIAN BLINDS made and repaired, on Pennsyl.
vania avenue, a feu doors east of the City Post Office, and
between 1lth and 12th streets.
WILLIAM NOELL, Venitian Blind Maker, respectfully in-
forms the Public that he is ready to execute, at the shortest no-
tice, and on the most reasonable terms, all work in his line of
3'. Work made up to order, in all shapes and colors, suitable
for offices, halls, hotels and dwellings, for cash or city accept-
ances, nov ll-eotDero

AND TRAVELS, from the German of Goethe, anew
Sedition, revised and corrected, by Thomas Carlisle, in 3 vols.
Also, No. 13 of Master Humphrey's Clock.
This day received and for lpale by W. M. MORRISON,
ay 11 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel,

- I

history of th, People, as wells ahistoryofthe kingdom, con-
taining many hundredsuperior engravings, delineating their monn-
mental records, coins, costumes, bothciviland military, remarkable
historical scenes, cathedialk, and other great works of architect-
ure ; domestic buildings, furniture and ornaments, very numerous
portraits, sports, and other illustrations of manners and customs,
mechanical inventions, &c. &c., a valuable and beautiful book,
London, 1839, at an exceeding low price. For sale by
july 15 P. TAYLOR.
V' 'ALES AND NOVELS, by Maria Edgeworth,
I Harper's edition, eighteen volumes, bound in nine.
Also, the Works of Mrs. Sherwood, being the only uniform
edition ever published in the United States, in 13 vols.; are for
sale at the Book and Stationery Store of
une 17 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
,EMS.-The Fall of Aztalan, and other poems, by A. Al-
k exander. Wales, and other poems, by Maria James, with
an Introduction by A. Potter, D. D. Also, Fanny, with other po-
ems, are for sale by W. M. MORRISON,
aug 19 Pour doors west of Brown's Hotel.
1 0 0 LIAM FISCHER has just opened 1200 cards of
Patent Metallic Pens, which he has recently imported direct from
tie pat rntees, Messrs. James Perry & Ca. of London, embracing
every description of pens made by these unrivalled manufactur-
ers ; among them are two kinds entirely new, called the Varnish-
ed and Raven Black Pens. All of which are offered at wholesale
or retail, on the most reasonable terms, at Stationers' Hall.
aug 31
FlrU(HE MAN AT ARMS, or Henry de Cerons, by James'
Author of the King's Highway, Richelieu, &c. is just pub-
lished, and expected to-day orto-morrow.
Porsaleby F. TAYLOR, or forcirculation from his Circulating
Library. sept 11
CHRIST TO RETURN ; a practical exposition of the
prophecy recorded in the 24th and 25th chapters of the
Gospel According to St. Matthew, with a preface, by the Right
Reverend L. Sillinan Ives, D. D., Bishop of the Diocess of North
Carolina; by G. Emlen Hare, Rector ofTrinimty Church, Prince-
ton, New Jersey. Just published and for sale by W. M. MOR-
RISON, 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. Oct 9
ED, as to Mind, Morals, Marriage, and Divorce, by A.
Walker, second edition. Also, Intermarriage, or the mode in
which, and the causes why, beauty, health, and intellect result
from certain unions, and deformities, diseases, and insanity from
others, by A. Walker, are for sale by
july 24 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
'BLIE TOKEN and Atlantic Souvenir for 1841.
A Christmas and New Yeai's Present, edited by S. G.
Goodrich. Embellishments: 1. Presentation Plate; 2. Vignette
Title-page; 3. Swiss Boy's Farewell to the Rhone; 4.. The
Dream, designed by J. Stewart and engraved by Inman; 5. Ma-
rion; 6. Thire Toilet; 7. Place of Joan of Ate, at Rouen ; 8. The
Somnambulist; 9. The Student of Nature; 1.0. The Flatterer;
11. The Declaration; 12. The Pilgrim.
Just received and for sale at the Bookstore of
oct 2 Between 9th and 10th stq. Penn. Avenue.
HI E B POCKET LAWYER.-Justreceived forsale by
SF. TAYLOR, complete in one volume of 144 pages, price
37 cents, comprising forms necessary in all mercantile and money
transactions, including every direction essential to the magistrate
and private individual, laid down in so plain a manner as to enable
every person to transact his own concerns. To which is added a
Law Dictionary, compiled by a gentleman of the Philadelphia
Bar. sept 30
art of rapid writing illustrated and explained, to which is
added the Angular and anti-Angular Systems, exemplified with
plates, by B. F. Foster. A Concise Treatise on Commercial
Book keeping, elucidating time principles and practice of Double
Entry and thie modern method of arranging merchants' accounts,
by B. F. Foster ; second edition. A Practical Summary of the
law and usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, &c.,
and general information connected with the Counting House, by
B. F. Foster Also, the Merchant's Manual, comprising the prin-
ciples of Trade, Commerce, Banking, &c., by B. F. Foster; are
for sale by W. M. MORRISON, four doors west of Brown's Ho-
tel. july 31
U. ING, drawn up at the request of the Mercantile Library
Association of New York, price 37 cents. Just published and
this day received for sale by F. TAYLOR. june 26
Il1HE BOOK OF JASHER, referred to in Joshua and
Second Samnuel, faithfully translated from the original He-
brew into Etglish, I vol.; Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, new edi-
tion, 2 vols.; Dunlaa's History of the State of New York ; Dic-
tionary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, by Rev. Win. Staun-
ton ; Course of Reading, by Chancellor Kent, prepared for the
Mere,...i L;i rr, \ .elation; Keble's Christian Year, new
and .,...i.,i E..,.:i. ir,. n ; B -id Rook of Heraldry; Hand
Book i r. i ,. .. ; t.'..ir. 'm Principles of Homumopathy ;
Hand Book of Ii. 1; L r ., New York Geological and Minera-
logical Reports, 1 : .1 ; '..;r.'s Practice of Homimeopathy ; the
Dramatic Works of Massinger and Ford, complete in one octavo
volume, beautiful London edition, with an introduction by Hartley
*4 C.leridge; British Naval Biography ; Duties of Troops, by Lieut.
Col. Leach, C. B. Just received for sale by
jane 24 F. TAYLOR.
AVERLEY NOVELS, Woodstock.-A further
supply of the cheap edition this day received and for sale
by W. M. MORKISON, four doors west of Brown's Hotel.
MERICAN NAVAL BATTLES, in I volume of 270
pages, with twenty Engravings, price 62 cents, is just re-
ceived for sale by P. TAYLOR, being a complete history and
description of all the battles fought by the United States Navy
frout, its first e-stablishment to the present time. ap 10
ASH FOR N EGROEm.-I wishto purchase any numn-
ber of Negroes, for the Louisiana market. Persons having
servants to dispose of would do well to give me a call, as I am de-
termined, at all thues, to give the highest market prices. I can
at all times be found at the Steamboat Hotel, formerly kept by
Thomnas Lloyd, and now by B. 0. Shekell, on 7th street, oppo-
site the Centre Market. All communications will be promptly
attended to.
aug 14-dtf JAMES H. BIRCH.
IAGUEI ON F'REE TRADE.-The principles of
SFree Trade, illustrated in a series of short and familiar es-
says, by Coudy Raguet. Just received for sale by P. TAYLOR,
immediately east of Gadsby's Hotel. aug 24
ARRYAT'S NOVELS, Cheap.-Captain Marry-
.Y at's Novels, ten in number, all contained in two large oc-
tavo volumes, well printed, and full bound in leather. Price for
tei whole, $2 50, published originally at an average price of
$1 50 for each novel. Forsadleby F. TAYLOR.
.5k i* i, i had at thie Wholesale and Retail Paper Ware-
hiuise of R. FARNHIAM, between 9th and 10th streets, Pennsyl-
vania avenue; wiuo ias for sale
500 reams 24t by 33)
6500 reams 24 by 34 PRINTING PAPER.
500 reams 22 by 32
Xnd ill orders for paper of any size or quality will be attended to.
sept 28
Sfor sale by F. TAYLOR, illustrated with many hundred
beautiful engravings representing The Historical Events, engrav-
ed fro'n celebrated paint mgs; The Landscape Scenes, from ori-
-;.. IIr ., ,.ii,. I ketches ; Antiquities, Costume, Natural His-
r), % v icli are added very copious notes explanatory
of the engravings, and of such passages connected with the His-
tory, Geography, Natural History, and Antiquities of the Sacred
S-riptures as req'iire llustration. For vale very low.
M ACAUI.A 'S MISLEILANIES, io 2 volumes,
containing the articles, chiefly historical, which have most
attracted attention of those originally appearing in the Edinburg
Review since 1825, being the productions of T. Babington Macau-
lay, Secretary at War and Member of Parliament for Edinburg-
productions which have teen universally admired, both in Eng-
land and America, during the last fifteen years, for their vivid
eloquence, extensive learning, and splendor of illustration,
haiidsomely printed, an additional supply this day received for
sale by
sept 16 P. TAYLOR.
t(-ECt) ND PART o1 De Tocquevllle's Democrary.-
C ^ 'le Social Influence of Democracy, by Alexis de Tocque-
ville, I vol. octavo, is just reprinted from the London Translatioit,
and this day received for sale by
oct 17 P. TAYLOR.
This novel and useful invention ensures ani instantaneous
Supply of Clear Filtered Ink, in the cup of the filter, which can
be returned into the inkstand at any moment, where it is secured
from injury, and not affected by the atmosphere. The ink, thus
protected, never thickens or molds, and remains good for any
length of time, in any climate. The process of filtration causes
the coloring matter to be held in suspension; hence the trouble
and incoavenience occasioned by unsuitable ink, generally found
in ordinary inkstands, are completely obviated by the use of the
Filter Inkstand. One of moderate size will contain sufficient ink
for six or twelve mouths' writing.
A further supply, of various siees,just imported, and will be sold
at reduced prices by R. FARNHAM, between 9ih and 10th
streets, Pennsylvania avenue, oct 5
W. EISCHER has for sale Perforated Cards and Bristol
Boards, assorted colors, for fancy work, which he recently im-
ported from London. sept 4

Stokes's Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Physic,
with notes, and twelve additional lectures, by John Bell, M. D., t
vol.; Miscellanies on Homreopathy, by an association of Homniceopa-
thic Physicians, 1 vol.; Seoutetten on the Radical Cure of Club-
foot, I vol. ; Warren's Surgical Observations on Tumors, with
cases and operations, 1 vol.; Burdel! on the Structure, Physiolo-
gv, Anatomy, and Diseases of the Teeth, I vol ; The Philosophy
of Human Nature in its Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Rela-
tions, by 11. McCormnac, M. D., London; The Comparative State
of Medicine in France, England, and Germany, by A. Muehliry, M.
D. of Hanover, I vol. ; Tweedie on Fevers, Inflammation and Dis-
eases of the Skin, 1 vol.; just received, together with many other
medical and surgical works, and for sale at the lowest prices by
F. TAYLOR. oct 30
Also, the latest numbers of Bell's Medical Library, nfDungli-
eon's Medical Mit, c',-, of the American Journal of Medical
,Sciences, and o, 1,. N.-N Yurk and Baltimore Medical and Sur-
gical Journals, for each of which the advertiser acts as agent, and
will have them regularly forwarded to any part of the United
*** Books imported to order from London and Paris.
ea d ithi. ,lay riceiv-d, for sale by P. TAYLOR.
Mary, Q ien of Scotts-A jrtrntal of her twenty years' capti-
vity, trial, and execution, froa state papers and contemporary let-
ters and documents, by W. Jos. Walter, author of the Life and
Titnes of Sir Thomas More, in two volumes, illustrated with an
engraved portrait from an original painting of Mary, now in the
Royal Collection in Paris, and with two autograph letters, one
Written in her sixteenth and the other in her thirty-sixth year,

Bank of Washington, October 15, 18tO."l
'OTICE IS HEREi>Y GIVEN that a general meet-
ing of the Stockholders of this Bank will be holden on
Tuesday, the first day of Decembar next, at the banking-house,
at 12 o'clock M. for the purpose of considering the propriety of
accepting the terms of thie act of Congress, passed on thie 3d day
of July, 1840, entitled An act to continue the corporate existence
of the Banks in the District of Columbia for certain purposes."
By orde i of the President and Directors.
oct 16-3tawtd JAS. ADAMS, Cashier.
GAIUNUi l at hA t iUIH'IJON.--JA.ik, i. aAta-
TEN,(late of Baltimore,) having made this city his perma-
nent residence, will undertake, with hisaccustomed zealand dil-
igence, the settlement of claims generally; and more particularly
claims before Congress, against tihe United States, or the several
Departments thereof, and before any Board ol Commissioners that
may be raised for the adjustment of spoliation or other claims.
He has now in charge the entire class arising out of Fremmnch spo-
liations prior to the year 1800; with reference to which, in addition
to a mass of documents and proofs in his possession, be has ac-
cess to those in the archives of the Government.
Claimants and pensioners on the Navy fund, &c. bountylands,
return duties, &c. d&c. and those requiring life insurance, can
have their business promptly attended to by letter, post paid,)
and thus relieve themselves from an expensive and inconvenient
personal attendance.
Havingobtained a commission of Notary Public, he is prepared
to furnish legalized copies of any required public documents or
other papers. He has been so long engaged in the duties of in
agent, that it can only be necessary now to say that economy and
prompt attention shall be extended to all business confided .o his
care; and that, to enable him to render his services and facilities
more efficacious, he has become familiar with all the forms of
Officeon F street, neartheanew Treasury Building.
feb 26-

I)iFtCcs-"No. 136 hi1 ltiiumorc reet. ihaltimui r. \ 1l
street, New York.
\r,i *.,.',- F. .. ; Avenue, b i-tweenRu Filler's Hotel and
h r- ar -, I',.. ... ..i W alshington city.
I ', I 1 iiP, PA I) IN S2,llil,00lt0.
PATRICK MACAULAY, Presidinit, Bialtimuore.
JOHN DUER, Vic.e Presiment, New Ymork.
1 ONEY received dully on deposit, on which interest wil be
1- allowed, payable s-i--annually. The Conmpany also in-
Pures lives, Wuants annuities, sells eundowients, antud execiete
Of the rates of insuranceof $100 on a single lif
Age. I year. years. For life. Age. 1 year. 7yeap.rs. Forlife
14 72 86 1 53 38 1 48 I 70 3 05
1t 77 88 1 56 39. 1 b7 1 76 3 11
t6 84 90 I 62 40 1 69 1 83 3 20
17 86 91 1 65 41 1 78 1 88 3 31
18 89 92 1 69 42 1 85 1 89 3 40
19 90 94 1 73 43 1 89 1 92 3 51
20 91 95 1 77 44 1 90 1 -34 a 63
21 92 97 1 82 45 1 91 1 96 3 73
22 94 99 i 88 46 1 92 1 98 3 87
23 97 1 03 1 93 47 1 93 1 99 4 01
24 99 1 07 1 98 48 1 84 2 02 4 17
25 1 00 1 12 2 04 49 1 95 2 01 4 49
26 1 07 1 17 2 11 50 1 96 2 09 4 60
27 1 12 1 23 2 17 61 1 97 2 20 4 75
28 1 20 1 28 2 24 52 2 02 2 37 4 90
29 1 28 1 35 2 31 53 2 10 2 59 6 24
80 1 31 1 36 2 36 54 2 18 2 89 6 49
31 1 32 1 42 2 43 55 2 32 3 21 5 78
32 1 33 1 46 2 60 56 2 47 3 56 6 05
33 1 34 1 48 2 57 b7 2 70 4 20 6 27
34 1 35 1 50 2 64 b8 3 14 4 31 6 50
35 1 36 1 63 2 76 b9 3 67 4 63 6 75
36 1 39 1 57 2 81. 60 4 38 4 91 7 00
37 1 43 1 63 2 90
Applications, post paid, may be addressed to PATRICIK
MACAULAY, Esq., Presidenmt, Baltimore; or MORRIS ROB,
INSON, Esq., Vice President, New York; to which immediate
attention will be paid.
Applications may also be made personally, or by letter, poas
paid, toPRANCISA I',- kl'.I, t I. \- .i-..' the Company ir
the City of WAsHsm-.. ... II. .. .. -- t'ennsvlvania Ave-
sue,between Fuller's Hotel and 15th1 street, ap 23-d Iv
ORD TO WOMAN, thie Love of the World, andothrme
Cu G lr ;,m .' being a collection of short pieces by Caro-
line Fry, --I. i I n. Listener, &c. A few copies are just re-
ceived and for sale by WM. M. MORRISON, 4 doors west ol
Brown's Hotel. aug 31
LORIDA WATER-Just received, at time old Snuff,
Tobacco, and Fancy Store, Pennsylvania avenue, east of tht
City Post Office, for sale at 51) cents per bottle, from Lanroque, tli,
original inventor. LEWIS JOHNsON.
P. S \ .- ..-- i..- ... fresh French, Entlh 'i .nhi Arome-
ricau P. ri ...-.. I. ..-.. Essences, fine i -, &c. &c
at thie lowest prices, as above. sept 21
EINGLI1SH BOOKS.- B,.con's Essays, and Wis dom o l
lAthe Ancienos, I vol. Horne Tooke's Diveruions of Pur
ley, new edition, London 1840, complete in 1 v,)il. Fuller's Hol)
antd Profane State, tI vol. London 1840. Chaiucer's m anter!ury
Tales, 2 volumes. Enfield's History of PI.. I 1 i.. i.. ,i I. i.
Periods, new edition, complete in I vol. octavo. Bourrienne'-
Napoleon, 4 vols. Essays and Selectionsa hy Basil Montattu, I Vol.
Milman's Complete Poetical Works, 3 v- ,Is Lanmartine's Work.
in French, complete in I octavo vol. muny engravings. Sketches
of Popular Tumuh's, illustrative of thie evils of Popular Ignorance,.
I vol. Time Complete works of Charles L-imb, in 1 octavo vol
History and Antiquities of thie Dorians, by Muller, 2 vols. Percy's
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, the whole work complete in
1 vol. Painting and the Fine Arts, by Williami Hazlett and B.
R. Haydon, I vol. And many others, just received for sale iy
oct 9 PF. TAYLORt.
ATHOLIC BOOK, Louisa, or the Virtuous Vil-
lager, a Roman Catholic tale, irani-lated from Ime French;
together with a general assortment of Catholic Reading and
Prayer Books, which are for sale low by
july 29 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
l iAATI,,) "' 'H Isi I1 : .. ,..i 1.i it
gister for 1841). price 25 ceints, m ,, i.. Tales of time
votes by Counties in each of thie States, comomared with the votes
cast in the same States and Counties at the last Gubernatorial oi
Congressional Electious; anti a variety of other useful political in-
formation. Just published, and this day received by
sept 23 F. TAYLOR.
UMPHRE9'S CLOCK.-No. 9 Master Humphrey's
I Clock is just received and for sale by
sept 25 F. TAYLOR.
porter ihas just received per shp Wellington, 5,000 skins
of superior prepared Parchment from the celebrated factory of
(late Chs. Terry) Messrs. Cooper & Phiillips, London, whiuhi will
enable him to supply State Governments or Institutions with any
required size at aits low a price, if not less, than any other estab-
lishment in thie United States.
Orders for the above article or any other in the Stationery line,
promptly executed at Stationers' Hall, where a strict uniformity
of prices is observed, sept 30-3taw4w
OIMES' AN NAILS OF AM I-RICA, fm-omn the di7-
covery by Columbus, in thie year 1492, to the year 1826,
in 2 volumes. For sale very low by
June 1 F. TAYLOR.
S TAYL)OR, in 1 octivon vol. London edition. Just received
for sale by F. TAYLOR. Price 1 25, usual price $2 25.
oct 7
CHOOL IPREMIUM BOOKS, in great variety, for
S sale very low by F. TAYLOR,
july 31 Immediately east of Gailsbv's.
For sale at the Boin-ltinre of R. FARNHAM, b tween 9thl
adl 10th streets, Pennsylvanima avtveue, july 27
KEBLEi's CIiKti-1 1 s t iii'", u-in C,,5.i~~,~
American editions, just received for sale by F. TAYLOR,
n plain as well as in rich utinlin~s. sept 25
37, 38, 39, and 40) are just received by
aug 21 Immediately east of Gad by's Hotel.
OVEL INKSTAND.--Aim Englishmian nomed Perry
L- has invented an inkstand which prevents the ink becoming
mouldy or evaporating. He has applied the principle of thie air
pumnp in such a way, that by turning a screw the cup of the ink
stand is instantly supplied wilh pure filtered ink from a reservoir
below, into which reservoir lhe ink iu thie cup descends again
when a reverse turn is given to the screw. On its journey up-
ward it passes through a small sieve of fine silver wire, by which
all impuriuies are excluded. Thie contrivance is ingenious and
works admirably ; giving to thie filter inkstands a manifest supe-
riority over any other kind in existence.-Baltimore Clipper.
The above novel inkstands, of various sir -, have bcen import-
ed direct from the patentees, Messrs. Jimcs Perry & Co Lonmon,
by Mr. WM. FISCHER, proprietor of Stationernv' Hall in this
city, from whom they can be bad, at wholesale or retail, on the
most reasonable terms, sept 30
N E, NBOVELs.-Cousin Geiuffry, the Old Bachelor, a
novel, edited by Theodore Htuk, Esq. author of Gurney
Married, Births, Deaths, and Marriages, &c. in 2 volumes, is
this day published, and for sale by
july 1 Four doors west of Brown's Hotel.
NGLiiHl BI,ACK INK..-W. FISCHER has just
opened a quantity of fine extra Writing Black Ink, int qutar.
jugs, which hue lias receetl imported direct from the manufhactu-
rers, Messrs. Cooper and Phillips, of London This Iuk is said
to he the best that lhms ever becn offered for sale in tlMis country,
a,.. l I. .l,n -, ir ..*I of ii time pubhc ofices. For sale omly at

Si ii.'.'' Ih. tHI sept4
V IALES OF' THIE DRAMA, by Miss Macaulev, found-
_ ed on the Dramias oh Massinger, Rnwe, Goldsmith, Cowley,
Cumberlanmd, Murphy, Lillo, F.arquhar, Congreve, and others, 1
vol. embellished with 135 engravings, price 50 cents, (published
at 81 25,) for sale hy
aug 26 FP. TAYLOR.
P ARLEY'S MIAGAZINE, part 30, just received by
F. TAYLOR, immediately east of Gadsby's. aug 7
tINIPPECANOE PENS.-New pattern Steel Pens, a
L superior article; Queeni's Own Pen, with medallion head
of her Majesty; Prince Albert Pen, will, fine portrait; Ladies'
RhPe:Wnosycc, '-'mmooropinuv-iiomi itu imt, imeusil-re-viute

SNSURES LINES for one er nioreyears, orforlitle.

Rates for One Hundred Dollars.
Age. One year. Seven years. Forlife.
25 1.00 1.12 2.04
30 1.31 1.36 2.36
a5 1.36 1.53 2.76
40 1.69 1.83 3.20
,6 1.91 1.96 3.73
50 1.96 2.09 4.60
f5 2.32 3.21 6.78
60 4.35 4.91 7.00
Ratesfor One Hundred Dollars.
60 years of age, 10.55 per cent.)
65 do. 12.27 do. per annum.
70 do. 14.19 do.
For One Hundred Dollars deposited at birth of child, the Com-
pany will pay, if he attain 21 years ofage, $469
At six months, 408
One year, 375
The Comnpony also executes trusts; receives money on dieposite,
paying interest semi-annually, or compounding it, and makes
all kinds of contracts in which life or the interest of money is in-
volved. WILLIAM MURDOCK, Secretary.

James H. Causten, City of Washington.
Dr. B. R. Weliford, F .i. -i tkl-.,, Virginia.
H. HAidwin, Richmond, Va.
D. Robertson, Norfiolk, Va.
A.S. Fidball, Winchester, Va.
George Richards, Leesburgr. Va. mar 1-ly
A CARD.-Published this day, the second edition of "A
Word in Season; or, Review of the Political Life and Opin-
ions of Martin Van Buren, addressed to the entire D r---- r. of
the American People. Dedicated to the Tippecanoe 'lji : ..i the
Union, by a Harrison Democrat."
Tie following extracts are taken from the notices with which
this pamphlet has been favored by lthe National Intelligeneer and
the Madisonian:
Without having an opportunity of readingit through, we have
been enabled to look over it sufficiently to perceive that it has
bee i. .,n with great research, and arranged with perspicu-
Sity si. i ti-,n .1, and promises to enlist considerable public inter-
est, as a text-book on the subject it treats of'"-Nat. aInt. Sep-
tember 24.
Those who desire full and minute information respecting the
life, opinions, and political history of Mr. Van Buren, should pro-
cure a couy of the pamphlet just published by Mr. Morrison, of
thii city, entitled A Word in Seanon," &c. &c. The author has
used great cure and industry in the compilation, and presents his
fuels in a clear, methodical, and interesting manner."-Mi'ad.
September 25.
Price, 55 for 100 copies; $3 for 50copies; and $2 for25 copies.
5_" Orders addressed to thie undersigned, post paid, will re-
ceive prompt attention.
Ili,'Friendly editors will confer a favor by giving this an in-
sertiun. W. M. MORRISON,
sept 30 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
JEW MUSIC.-Just received, the following pieces of new
N Music, atthe old-established store twodoors eost of the City
Post Office. W. FISCHER.
I. .....-. melodies, Nos. 1 to 9: When twilight is stealing, a
dii i I I... music of thy song; When voices breathe a music
sweet; Ask not from me, a duet; Smile on; Thre voice of the
east; 0, touch the harp ; The hours to night; thie bird t.-fr. r-. ;
Metaconm's grand march, by A. J. Shaw; Recollections -i li.,if
lo, Quick-step, byJohnson ; Grand promenade march,hby Detsch;
American Quick-step; Bounaparte crossing the Alps; Leander
crossing the Hellespont. sept a
T O FIELD SPORTSMEN.-The subscriber has on
B hand for sale, at very reduced prices, a few very superior
Double Percussion Landon made Guns, in handsome mahogany
cases, with all the necessary implements complete ; several lower-
priced Douible Percussion I'I,|. t I. Guns, from $25 to $50 each ;
and an assortment of good .,..i.- Guns, ranging from $12 to $820
Also, a complete assortment of Sporting Apparatus, such as fine
and common game bags, patent copper powder flsks, various
sizes; every variety of double and single shot bags and pouch-
e", sportsmen's bodies and drinking culs, Pigon & Wilkes's
celebrated London and Duipont's best American sporting powder;
best Baltimore shot, all sizes; wad-cutters, patent wads, &c.
Also, a general assortment of belt, travelling, pocket, and other
Pistols. .
For sale cheap, for cash, at the old Snuff, Tobacco, and Fancy
store, four doors east of the City Post Office, Penn. avenues.
P. S A small invoice of Kendall & Co.'s and Adams's new pat-
ont Rifles for sale as above sept 16
pH"IS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that the subscriber
T has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington
county, in the Dstri't of Coluhmbia, letters of administration on the
personal estate of Eleizer Early, late of Washington county, de-
ceased. All persons having claims against said deceased are
hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof,
to the subscriber on or before the 14h1 day of October next,
they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said
estate. Given under my hand this l5ih day ofOctober, 1840.
oct 16-law4w Administrator.
T EBLE'S CHRISTIAN YEAR.-Thought. in verse
tfor the Sunday -i. i H -. i i-,.1- ...i. o the Year, second
American edition, is ..- ., i..'-t, .,..1 i iI. by
july 3 Four doors westof Brown's Hotel.
11 by M. A. Thiers, translated, with notes and illustrations,
from the most authentic sources, by Frederick Shoberl, in 3 vols.
A further supply this day received and for sale at W. M MOR-
RISON'S Book and Stationery store, 4 doors west of Brown's
Hotel, june 5
| EW Gt)OD1.-W. FISCHER, Importer and Dealer in
S Fancy and Staple Stationery, Drawing materials, Terry's
Prepared Parchment, Rodgers' best Cutlery, Perfutnemy, and Fan-
cy Articles, takes pleasure in announcing the arrival at New
York of a part of his fall supply of goods from England by the
ship Westminster. A description of them will be given in a fu-
'ure advertisement; aug 8
A popular view of Astronomy, 1 large quarto volume, filled
with engravings, beautifully printed and well bound. A few cop-
I ... ;ved for sale. Price $4 50, (published in Boston, in
-" .,, "i .- .F. TAYLOR.
subscriber has received in-.,.' .. Wilkes' Best English
i1"m., Powder; also, Dupont's Best EgeI--at the old Snuff
r .... and Faicy Store, 4 doors east of thIe City Pust Office.
1 large folio volume, containing 26 Ii.- ,.A.I I 1. u.i ...
lured engravings, with a descriptive and I.,- ,. - ... i .. i.
by M. Dubourg. Published in London, in 1820, at six guineas
mind a half. A few copies just imported by F. TAYLOR, price
8 dollars, jinne 26
scriber has just received an invoice of Martinique Macouba
Snuffi, also Yellow Scentedand LaLncaster Rappee Snoff,at thie old
-numl, Tobacco, anid Fancy Store, four doors east of the City Post
Ot)U'I'GATI'E'S TRAVELS through Arnmenia, Kurdls-
tan, Persia, and Mesopotamia, with an Introduction, and Oc-
'asional Observations upon the Condition ofMohamumedanismn and
Christianity in those countries; by time Rev. Horatio Southgate;
in 2 vols. this day received and for sale by W. M. MORRISON)
4 doors west of Brown's Hote. si pt 30
IlS i!N G TACKLE.-' ihe subscriber has jnstirce.eived
a supply of three and four-lointed Fishing Rods. Also,
Seascass umnd Silk Liues, Floats, &e at the old Snuff, Tobacec,
and Fancy Store, 4 doors east of the City Post Office.
C| lIE AMERICAN ALMANAC and Rposiuory of
UL Useful Knowledge for the Year 1841, just received and for
sale by W. M. MORRISON,
4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
Al -o, the Cultivator's Almanac and Cabinet of Agrieuultural
Knowledge for h841. [Globe] oct 2
LU B.V...- ,,--Ti.. Children's Fireside Book, translated from the
French m tt i '. author of thie Children's Friend, wilh many
engravings ; The Children's Comnpanion, wilh r '..,--.: -. bv
ame author; The Juvenile F ,, i.i..- m, a -in, u ..... ansd
himrthday souvenir for 1841 ; Thie -.. , eollecuion of new
fairy tales, with two hiiunrdrned enper'nvfum s; Friendship's Offering,
a new souvenir fir 1841 ml ...t.i. 'n, iri.- J and richly bousd ;
and many others of the same character.
Just received and for sale at time lowest prices by
oct 11 F. TAYLOR
1VX WHITE, D. D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal
Church in the State of Pennsylvania, by Bird Wilson, D. D. is
for sale by W. M. MORRISON,
mug 12 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
H ER .) OF TIPPECANOE, or the Story of the Life
Lof William Henry Harrison, related by Captain Miller to
his Boys.
-m Time youthful patriots and rising' statesmen of the United States
can read tit history, anl become acquainted with the prinoi les
which guided the generation to which General Ham prison belongs-

principles which, had they not been forsaken, our country would
never have seen her present days .- f I --i i:r.. 1 I. to which
our rulers must return before that l .1 I, l.hall go up
and roll away. Before y coueme to act, these men will have gone
to their graces-but, it is to hbe hoped that you will adopt their
principles, and catch so much of their spirit, that, when in place
fi your fathers, you stand up to vote, you will place men in au-
thority who will be a terror to evil-doers, and a praise of them
that do well."
Just received and for sale at thie Bookstore of R. FARNHAM,
between 91h andm 10th streets, Pennsylvania avenue, sept 2
L O D BROUGHAM'S Letters and Speeches on
va rlus subjects just published and received for sale by
Also, Jack Ahore, by the author of Ratlin the Reefer, &c. two
volumes, sept 7

Riuuy Feni ,i uul&e Perfctmn; and me different varieties P ENNY CYCL.P} EDIA, vol. 17, just publish d.-
of Gillot's, Windle's, Hcely'., Warren's, Pardow's, and Perry- enn y a O eDIA, vol. 17, just published.
inn Pens. The largest a5sortmenrt and variety to b-) found in time eofuny Magazinoe, up to June, 1840 8
at mte hmeriprics, ,Ibrary of Useful Knowi, dye, tip to No. 288.
United States for sale, wholesale and retail, atMaps, puishede lowest y the Society for the iffuo on of Uafu
by R. PARNHAM, Maps, published tby the Society for the Diffusion of Useful
pby R. FARNHAM, Knowledge, completed as far as No. 84.
sept 28 Between 9th and 10thstreets, Penn. avenue. individuals who have been taking either of the above series
I EMOIRS OF THE COUIIT OF ENGLAND iare informed that they can have their sets completed by leaving
L.E.a during the reign of tile Stuarts. including the theii orders with
Protectorate, by John Heneaye Jesse, in 2 volumes, is this day oct 28 F. TAYLOR, Bookseller.
received, andfior sale by W.M. MORRISON, 4doorswesto .f UN VER ALGAZETTEER ,h
Brown'sHotel.lily1 13",- I ..-. ,ii n, (18411,) large octavo, 830 closely printed pages,
F RENCH PLAYING CARlS.-W. FIcCHER has with 200 engravings, containing also a Commeicial Dictionary,
just received a large supply of those superior French play- with much other useful and valuable matter inot usually contained
ing cards, assorted colors. Also, constantly on hand the best in works of this class, handsomely printed, one large volume, in
American manufactured playing cards; which will be sold whole full leather binding; for sale by F. TAYLOR, at $2 75, publish-
sale or retail, at Stationers' Hail. jnue 12 ed at $5. noy 2

G UITARS.-Wm. FISCHER has just opened a great variety
of plain and ornamental Guitars, with patent screws, square
and flat heads, with or without cases, at prices from five to sixty
dollars each.
Also, constantly on hand, best Pianos, by the unequalled manu-
facturers Messrs. Chiekering & Mackays, Boston. Violins, Flutes,
Clarionets, Flageolets, Files, and Accordions with semitones,
with the most approved instruction books for each instrument.
nov 9
ALEXANDRIA FOUNDRY, Steam-engline and
Machiue Factory.-Iron, brass, and composition cast-
ings of every description, high and low pressure steam engines,
fire engines, sheet-iron boats, mill anti tobacco screws, turning
lathes, bells of all sizes, letter copying presses, &c. ( r other ma-
chinery, executed promptly, and on the most favorable terms by
T. W. & R. C. SMITH,
The above have a very large assortment of patterns for mill and
other gearing, &c. Also, a variety of handsome patterns for cast-
iron railings, &c.
They have for sale-
One locomotive engine
One 20 horse high pressure engine
Two 8 horse do do
One 3 horse do do
Allof which are completed, and will be sold very low if early
application is made. oct 3- ly
neral Agent, tenders his services to those having claims
against the Mexican Government under its late treaty with the
United States. Letters to his address, at Washington City, will
receive prompt attention, may 6-ceo6m
The New Orleans Bee will please copy the above eo6t in
French mand English, and charge this office.
new and improved edition, ata reduced price, is just pub-
lished, and this day received for sale by F. TAYLOR, who has
also for sale a collection of the best works en Currency and Fi-
nance, and all oth.rbranches of Political Ecomnomy, more complete
and extensive than can be found elsewhere in the United States.
All fur sale at the lowest prices. June 17
HISTORY OF WEST POINT.-A sketch of the
history and topography of Weut Point and thie U. S. Mil-
itary Academy by Roswell Park, A. M., just received by F.
TAYLOR, immediately east of Gadsby's. aug 5
MERICAN ALMANAC, 1841, just received by
oet 5 Immediately east of Gadsby's.

RE a certain cure for every curable disease' ; because
they o0 only i, .,i.id, clienset the stomach and bowels
and PURIFY THE I.1 t.u, Ibut they ou iduce a puoperdi-
charge by the Lungs, Skin, and Kidneys; in other words, the)
open all the natural drains, and thus NATURE, te UlGRANLI
PHYSICIAN, is left free to combat and conquer disease.
It should also be borne in mind that the above-inamedI Indiam
Vegetable Pills are so natural to the human CONSTITUTION
that not the slightest dread of pain or sickness need be appre-
hended from their use, even by thie most delicate; at the same
time, if they be h.sed in such a manner as to opera fir. I i. ..
bowels, and persevered with for a short time, it I I ..', I -0
CONTINUE long in the body.
In all disordered motions of the Blood, called Intermittent, Re
umittent, Nervous, Inflammatory, and Putrid
The Indian Vegetable Pills will be found a certain remedy.
because they cleanse the Stomach and Bowels of all bilious inmat-
ter, and purify the Blood; consequently, as they remove the caust
of every kind of disease, they are absolutely certain to cure ever%
kind of Fever.
So, also, when morbid humors are deposited upon the membrane
and muscle, causing those pains, inflammations, and swellings,
The Indian Vegetable Pills may be relied ot as always certain
to give relief, and, if persevered with, will most assuredly, and
without fail, make a perfect cure of the above Ipainful maladies
Fromnt three to six of said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken ever)
night on "going to bed, will. in a short time, completely rid the
body of all morbid and corrupt hurnmors; and Rheuitmatism, Gout,
and pain of every description, will disappear as if by magic.
For the same reason,i when, from sudden changes of atmosphere,
or any other cause, thie perspiration is checked, and those hummois
which should pass off by the skin are thrown inwau:dly, causing
headach, nausea, and sickness, pains in the bones, watery and
inflamed eyes,sore throat, I.--.. r --r,. .: 1, 1 . ,... i L.. .-
matic pains in various part.- ..,I I., ..1.,, I. r I, '" "
toms of
The Indian Vegetable Pills will invariably give immediate re-
lief. Three or four Pills, taken at night on going to bed, and re-
peated a few times, will remove all the above unpleasant symp-
tomis, and restore the body to even sounder health than it was be
fore. The same may be said of I)itfficulty of Breathing, or
The Indian Vegetable Pills will loosen and carry off by the sto-
mach andul bowels those tough phlegmy humors which stop uip tih
air-cells of the lungs, and are the cause of the above dreadful corn
It should also be remembered that the Indian Vegetable Pill.
sre certain to remove pain in ihe side, oppression, nausea, anc
sickness, loss of appetite, costiveness, a yellow tinge of the skirt
and eyes, and every other symptom of
Because they purge from the body those corrupt and stagnan
hi-nmoors which, when deposited upon the Liver, are thie cause os
the above dangerous complaint. They are also a certain pre-
ventive of
Because they carry off those huumors which, obstructing the
circulation, are tihe cause of a rush or determination of lblooc
to the head, giddiness, especially on turning suddenly round,
blindness, drowsiness, loss of memory, inflammmuation of thie brain,
insanity, and every other disorder of the mind.
Those who laboi within doors should remember that they fre
quently breathe an atmosphere which is wholly unfit for thie pro
per expansion of the Lungs, and, at the same time, owing to wan,
of exercise, thie bowels are not suifficiently evacuated, thie bioot
becomes impure, and headache, indigestion, palpitation of ihe
heart,and many other disagreeable symptoms, are sure to follow
Being a cleanser of the Stoimachi and Bowels, and a DIREC'I
PURIFIER of the Blood, are certain nut only to remove pain o
distress of every kind front the body, but, if !.-. I ... .., -
as L. .. ,ii.. i....i free from those hum ors w t .. ,- ,- I % 11
of F\ LhY MALADY UNDER HEAVEN, they will most as-
suredly promote such a just and equal circulation of the Bluod.
that those who lead a sedentary life will be enabled to ..i., .."..
health, and DISEASE OP ANY KIND WILL 1 1. \l -(I
Agent for Washington City-ROBERT FARNHAM, Book-
seller, Pennsylv,."a Avenue.
Baltimore-WM. G. COOK, 3 North Gay street.
TEEL, PENS.-Just received by the ship Plate, from
S Liverpool, the following Steel Pens, &c. viz.
Peiryian Double patient, extra fine, under-spring, three point-
ed, India-rubber, and raven black Perryian Pen, new pattern.
Also Gillott's,s Windle's, Pardue's, Chance's, Harwood's, War-
ren's, ano Keely & Son's Steel Pens.
Also, the Patent Pirryiun 'ilter Inkstand, which ensures an
instantaneous supply of clear filtered Ink in tfie cup of the filter,
which can be returned into the Inkstand at any moment, where
it is secured from injury, and not affected by the atmosphere.
The Ink thus protected never thickens or moulds, and remains
good for any length of time, in any climate.
aug 28 Between 9th and 10th streets, Penn. Avenue.
T HE BOSTON TOKEN and Atlantic Sou enlr,
a Christmoas and New Year's Present for 1841, edited by
S. G. Goodrich, just received, and for sale by
sept 1l Penn. Av tuetween 9ith and soul mts.
ed a fresh supply of Lorihlard's Macouba Snuff, at Ihe old
Snuli; Tobacco, and Fancy Store, 4 doors east of mhe Post Office.
HARLES O'MALLEY, the Iristihii '", by Ilarry
Lorrequer, with illustrations, by Phiz, i. in. i number iv
just published; also, Humphrey's Clock No. 9. This doy re-
ceived and ior sale by W. M. MORRISON,
sept 25 4d.)ors west of Brown's Hotel, Perum. Avenue.
N ILLUSTRATED ATLAS, Geographical, Statisti-
cal, and Historical, of the United States and the adjacent
countries. By T. G. Bradford.
For sale at the Book and Statiommery store of
july 27 Between 9th and 10th streets, Penn. avenue.
N EW WORKS.-Letters and Speeches on various sub-
jects, by Henry Lord Brougham, F. R. S. and Member of
the National Institute of France, in 2 vols.
Also, Jack Ashore, by the author of Ratlin the Reefer, &c. in 2
vols. is this day published, and for sale by
sept 9 Four doors west of Brown's Hotel.
AVERLEY NOVELS-CGlu oruicles of the Cannon-
gate, first series, Highland Widow and Two Drovers,
The Surgeon's Daughter, &c. A further supply of the cheap edi-
tion this day received and for sale by

july 31 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
t Countess Ida,"just received for sale by F. TAYLOR,
or for circulation among the subscribers to the Waverley Circu-
lating Library. june 8
Orphans' Court.
District ofColumbia, Wo, ,c t' ... r ', -.,'
T is, this 30th of Oct(,i ."f, i i, r.i. ui. i* iUe Court that
the administratrix of Thomas Sheckel sell it auction the whole
of his personal estate, first giving notice for three days in some
public newspaper, for all sums of and utinder ten dollars, cash;
and for all sumns above ten do lars, a credit of sixty days, taking
notes, with approved endorsers, to secure the payment of the
same, with interest from the day of sale.

nov 4-w3t

El). N. ROACH,
Register of Wills.

Orplhans'Court, Nov. 3d, 1840.
District of Columbia, Washington county, to wit:
0rN application, it is ordered that letters of administration
on the estate of John L. Bill, late a Lieutenant in the Navy
of the Usited States, deceased, he granted to James I. Causten,
unless cause to the contrary he shown on or before the first Tues-
day in December next: Provided, a copy of this order be publish-
ed in the In, i-..11 .-,r and Globe newspapers of this city once a
week for three successive weeks previous to snid first Tuesday
in December next. NATH'L P CAITSIN,
Judge Orphans' Court.
Test: ED. N. ROACH,
nov 4-w3w [Globe] Registerof Wills.
COPY BOOKS, plain, very superior, and much better than
is usually offered for sale, may be had at the lowest prices
at the Stationery store of R. PARNHAM,
oct 7 between 9th and 10th vtreetib Penn avenue.

SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received atthe office
.-of the Assistant Quartermaster of the Marine Corps at Phila-
delphia, until the 10th day of November nextfor furnishing rations
to the United States Marines at the following stations for the
year 1841-
Portsmouth, New Hampshire;
Charlestown, Massa.husetts ;
Brooklyn, Long Island, New York;
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ;
Gosport, near Norfolk, Virginia;
Pensacola, Florida; and
Washington, District of Columbia.
The ration to consist of one pound and a quarter of fresh beef,
or three-quarters of a pound of umess pork, eighteen ounces of
bread or flour, at the option of the Government, and at the rate of
six pounds of good green coffee, twelve pounds of good New Or-
leans sugar, eight quarts of beans, four quarts of vinegar, two
quuarts of salt, four pounds of soapt, and one and a half pounds oh
good dipped candles to each hundred rations.
It is understood that the full side of beef (necks and shins ex-
cluded) ibe delivered; ifrequired, if such quantity be not requir-
ed, that the fore and hind quarters tue delivered alternately, and
the bread or flour shall be ofsuperfine quality ; all the articles to
be unexceptionable, and to be issued to the troops withoutexpense
to the United States.
The proposals to be endorsed Proposals for rations for 1841,"
and to be addressed to George F. Lindsay, Esq. Assistant Quar-
termaster United States Marine Corps, Philadelphia, Pa.
AUG. A. NICHOLSON, Quartermaster.
]n 'The American Sentinel and Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia,
the Portsmoumh Gazette, New IHampshire, the New York Eve-
ning Post, the Republican Herald, Providence, Rhode Island,
Baltimore Republican, Norfolk Herald, Richmond Enq dtirer, Rich-
muod Whig, and Pensacola Gazette will give the above three
insertions each per week, and send one copy of thie advertise-
ment, to accompany the account when forwarded, to this office fom
payment. oct 5-3taiwtd
.D APERIENT for dyspepsia or indigestion, nervous de-
bility, giddiness, headchil, acidity of the stomach, habitualcos-
tiveness, cutaneous diseases, gout, gravel, &c. and much valued
as a gentle cooling purgative.
This desirable preparation has received the patronage of many
eminent mnimmbcrs of thie profession, and from a 1; ;,.',: public
many respectable and unsolicited testimonials ci i it.-.:, as a
medicine have been elicited. With all the pleasing qualities of
a glass of soda water, it possesses the active medicinal properties
of theft most approved salinous porgatives; is pleasantto the pa
late, -..I i,_.i. 'f- to the stomach.
\%% i...... in the habit of making out certificates of com-
mendalion for unlicensed quackeries, but we do know of a nos-
trum, approved too by theo Faculty, that cannot be recommended
too highly to the attention of every family during the present
warm weather. It is denominated Butler's Effervescent Mag-
nesian Aperient,' and its medicinal properties are admirably
adapted to the alleviation and removal of the numerous bodily
complaints incidental to thIe summer season. We doubt whether
the whole Pharmuacopcia offers a more innocent and effeciivere-
mredy, or a more pleasant and palatable preventive. Having
seen its virtues tested in cases of severe headache and threatened
cholera morbus, we can conscientiously testify concerning its uti-
lity."-Ed. New York Even. Jour.
For sale atTlODI'S Drug Store. aug3-12t
S EW YORK E EVIEW.-Subscriptions to this valua-
ble Periodical fiti-ih--h' quarterly at 85 per anr.umn) will
be taken by F. TAY1 I it; ,,t for the publishers, by whom the
work can be forwarded regularly to any part of the United States.
The latest number, containing the article on the "Constitutional
History of Greece and the Democracy of Athens," is just re-
ceived by F. T. aug 31
B ACCO.-The subscriber, at the old Snuff, Tobacco, and
Fancy Store, has a variety ofGerman Pipes ; also, Turkish, New
York, and Brazilian Smoking Tobacco.
EyEW BOOS'.S.-Cousin Geoffrey, the Old Bachelor, by
.' Theodore Hook, Esq., author of Jack Bragg, &c. in two
volumes, 12mo.
Memoirs of the Court ofEngland during Ithe reign ofthe Stuarts,
including tbe Protectorate, by J. H. Jesee, in 2 volumes, 12mno.
New edition of Keeble's Christian Year, in 1 vol. 16mno.
Also, No. 4 of Master Humphrey's Clock. Just received for
july 3 Penn. Av. three doors east of Post Office.
l official report of its merits is founded upon twenty years'
experience by Dr. Cuminms, Inspector of Army Hospitals, commu-
nicuted to the discoverer, Sir James Murray :
Tihe Sutiun of Magnesia is found particularly beneficial as a
pleasing sedative and aperient, in all cases of irritation or Acid-
ityof the Stomach, particularly during pregnancy, febrile com-
plaints, infantile disorders, or sea-sickness.
An ounce or two of the Solution speedily removes heartburn,
acid eructations, sourness, or irregular digestions of females andti
In tihe Armiy and Navy, it has been found tocompose the stom-
,ch in a few minutes, after any excess or hard drinking.
The Soluti n is of itself an agreeable aperient, but its laxative
properties can hbe much augmented by taking with it, or directly
ifrer it, a little lemnton juice mixed with sugar and water, or even
Cream of Tartar Tea; in this manner a very agreeable effervescent
draught can be safely taken at any time during fever or lthiiist.
The antiseptic qualities of this Solution, owing to the presence
of so much caibmnic acid, have been funid very valuable in putrid
and other fevers. As a lotion for the mouth, itsweetens the breath,
and tihe Magnesia clears the teeth from tartar.
; For preventing the evolution or deposition of Uric Acid, in
gout or gravel, tho efficacy of the dissolved Magnesia was long
since amuhemuticated by Drs. M'Donnell and Richaildson, and Sir
James Murray.
The Solution has almost invariably succeeded in removing
the fit, spasms, headaches, and gastric coughs to which deli-
cate persons are subject from acids and cruelties oi the stomach
and bowels."

Extract from the Medico-Chirurgical Review for April, 1829,
edited by Dr. JAMEs JOHNSON, Fhysician-extraordinary to the late
King, &c. &e. :
Pellucid Solution of Magnesia.-This veryuseful and ele-
gant preparation we have beett trying for some months, as an Ape-
rient ant acid in dyspeptic complaints, attended with acidity and
constipation, and within very great benefit. It his the advantage
over common Magnesia in being dissolved, and therefore not liable
,o accumulate in the bowels. It is decidedly superior to Soda or
Potash, on account of its aperient quality, and of its having no ten-
dency to reduction of flesh and strength, which the two carbonates
abc ,...; i . i- ;, ...I to, when long continued and taken
in (i 'i i T' i .....- '. hope Sir James Murray, the dis
coverer of thie process for preparing this medicine, will take the
trouble to make it more generally accessible to the public in this
metuopolis, there being only one ortwoauthorized agents here."

Sir HUMPHnREY DAVY testified that this Solution forms soluble
combinations within uric acid salts in cases of gout and gravel,there-
by counteracting m' .. -,,i.,r; m.... tendency when other alkalies and
even Magnesia LiI- h 1 I ti-.-.1. For sale at
aug 31- TODD'S Drug stoae.
S and Razor Strop.-The subscriber has just received a few
dozen of the above ceelebrated Tfablet and Razor Strop, which is
mu.-t Iv recommended by all who are acquainted with its superior
..I.'.. at the old Snuff, Tobacco, and Fancy Store, four doors
east of the City Post Office.
C HEAP BOOKS.-PF. TAYLOR hais on hand a large and
.J valuable collection of books in every class ofliterature and
science, purchased not from tIe trade at the North, hut at the
same sources where they lay in their supplies-the New York
and Phitladelplia semi-annual trade sales. His stock of English
editions me iimported directly himself, and he is able fur these rea-
sona tu sell as cheap in every case as they can be found any
where in the United States, in many cases cheaper. Purchasers
are invited to call and examine for themselves on this head at his
bookstore imsiediatuely east of Gadsby's Hotel. july 20
A NNA S OF QUODLIIBIsT, with an authentic ae-
cnnnt of thie origin and growth of the Borough, and sketches
of the most remarkable and distinguished characters of that place
and its vicinity, now made public at the request and under the
patronage of The Great New Light Democratic Central Commit-
tee of Qaodlibeti-nMaxima de nihilo nascitur historic." In
I volume. Just published, and this day received for sale by
sept 259 F. TAYLOR.
r vc? stjaaiasA TCS. -FRAMt-;It A. itiCKlbSettileoity
U.. of Washington, having resigned the appointment held by
him for several years in the Treasury amd War Departments, has
undertaken the agency of claims before Congress, and other
branches of the Government, including commissioners under
treaties, and the various public offices ; also, the procuring of
patents for public lauds, prosecuting claims for services in the
Revolution, asud for Navy pensions, and generally such other
business as may require the aid of an agent at Washington" He
will likewise attend to time prosecution of bounty land claims
pyon the State of Virginia, and the recovery ol landsin Ohio
-.hich have been sold for taxes.
Persons having, or supposing themselves to have claims, on
'ransmitting a statement of the facts,witl be advised of the proper
course of proceeding. His charge will be moderate, depending
upon the amount of the claim and the extent of the service.
He is also agent for the American Life Insurance and Trust
Conupany, which has a capital of two millions of dollars paid in,
tod for ihe Baltimore Fire Insnrance Company.
Mr. F. A. DIceINS is known to most of those who have been
'm m -.'r-. tin.'lt. 'I,. It i i. a years, or who have occupiedany
,,)I -21,ii l, v ,1 C'. "i-h i kl, ,i
His office is on Pennsylvania avenue,hbetween Fuller'n Hotel
and Fifteenth street.
I' All letters must he post paid. sept 12--lyd

B ORID)ER BEAGLES, a Tale of Mississippi, by the au-
thor of Richard Hurdis," in 2 vols.; Woman's Love and
the Ward's Favor, or thIe Fergusons, by the Hon. Edmund Phipps,
in 2 vols.; also, No. 8 of Master Humphrey's Clock ; are this
dlay published and for sale by W. M. MORRISON,
aug 26 4 doers west of Brown's Hotel.
ANDI 1 (2.-Hi.story of British America, comprehend-
ing Canada, Upper and Lower; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland, Prince Edward's island, the Bermudas, and the
Fur countries, &c. by Hugh Murray, F. R. S. E. in 2 volumes, is
for sale by W. M. MORRISON,
june 24 Four doors west of Brown's Hotel.
[ ABLES t original and selected, by the most esteemed
European and Oriental authors, with an IntroductoryDisser-
tation on the History of Fables, comprising biographical notices of
the most eminent Fabolists, by G. Moir Bussey, illustrated by nu-
mnerous eneravinms. 4'*ehn-d by J, J. Grandville, is forsale al the
Book and ......, m .. .,-i W. M. MORRISON,
june 10 Four doors west of Brown's Hotel.
F FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.-Historyofthe Fede-
ral Government for fifty years, from March, 1789, to March,
1839, by Alden Bradford, L. L. D. editor of the Massachusetts
State Papers, &c. Just received for sale by

jnly 24

Immediately east of Gadsby'sa.

few copies of the complete year of this well-known and
valuable literary newspaper are for sale by F. TAYLOR.
Price $1 50, handsomely bound. sept 28

A T a meeting of thie President and Directors this day, the fol-
lowing preamble and resolution were adopted, viz.
WHsnxAS it is required by law that a General Meetingof the
Stockholders of this institution shall be held within six month
from the 3d day Of July last, lor the purpose ofdeciding on the
propriety of authorizing the President and Directors thereof, for
the time being, to file their declaration in writing in the office of
the Secretary of the Tieasury assenting to and accepting the ex-
tension of its charter, as granted by the act of Congress passed on
the 3d day of July, 1840, entitled "An act to continue the corpo-
rate existence of the Banks in the District of Columbia for cer-
tain purposes;'" therefore be it
Resolved, That a General Meeting of the Stockholders, for the
said purpose, and for the purpose of considering other subjects that
may he submitted, be, and the same is hereby, accordingly called
for Monday, thie 9th day of November next, to be hlield at the bank-
ing-house of the institution in this city, at 12o'clock M.
Extract from the minutes: RD. SMITH,
sept 26-eotd Ctuhicr._
N EW NOVEL, by Hitiflmai, authoreofA Winter in tilte
l West-Greyslaer, a Romance oh the Mohawk. 2 vols. lthia
day received for sale by F. TAYLOR.
Also, volumes 104 and 105 of Harper's Family Library, contain-
ing Life and Travels of Mungo Pal k, and the Natural History of
Animals. july 6
N EW BOOKS.-Ten Thousand a Year, Hiwaid Pinck-
L ney, Nos. 10 and 11 Master Humphrey's Clock, The hilsh
Dragoon. Just published and for sale by
oct 7 (Globe) 4 doors west ol Biown's BHotel.
S by the Rev. Sainuel BurJor, D. D. author of Oliginal Cus-
toms, a new edition, revised arid enlarged, is for sale by
aug 24 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel.
t UIDIE '1t) TRAD E-The Chemist and Druggist.
SGuide to Trade-The Printer.
Guide to Trade-The Plumber, Painter, and Glazier.
Just imported from London by P. TAYLOR. For sale at 50
and 38 cents each. sept 11
A CADEMICAL LECTURESi n the Jewish 5ci11.-
lures and Antiquities, by John Gorham Palftey, D.D1., Pio-
essor of Biblical Literature in the Univeritv ,r Ci.,.i.,iTi, it
and 2d volumes are for sale by W. M. NOtI. I-i'-N, i-.... smis
west of Brown's Hotel. sept 23
F 3BHE N OR'THMEN in New Ltngland in the 'Tentth
I Century, by J. T. Smith, 1 volutnc of 364 pages and seve-
ral mars; price $1. Just published, and this day received f(cr
sale by F. i'AYLOR. sept 23
EW NOVEL.-The Quiet Husband, by Miss Ellin
L Pickcring, author of Nan Darrall, The Fright, &c. in 2 vols.
is this day published and for sale by
july 10 4 doors west of Btrown's Hotel.
EW MUSIC.-Just received, tie billowing pie(ces of
L New Music, at the old established store, two doors east of
he City Post Office. W. FISCIIER.
Songs: Sleep my love and sweetly sleep, with beautiful vig-
iette; I'll dream of thee; Tyrol, my native home ; <.ie each a
cup, and fill it lu' ; 1 know that ho loves tme; Not a Spuni-h
maiden; The reconciliation, words by thie Duke of Buckinghiam ;
Ave Maria, romance; My bonnie blue eyed lassie, 0; Mon Dieu,
que je suis Malheureuse; 0, give me musie, a glee fr I voices.
Six, patriotic ballads, as follosice, dedicated to the Tippe-
eanoe As sociations: Good hard cider; Gallant old heroic; Buck-
eye song; Log cabin; Tip's invitation to Loco; Cinciinnatus of
the West.
Waltzes: Mulhausen waltz; The Julio waltzes; La Vien-
noise; Papillon gallop.
lMarches: The lancer's quick-step, by Raymiond; British
mnrch, by Kalkbrenner; Palermomarch, by Julio; President
Van Buren's grand niilch; Malcim's march, arranged as a ieRon-
do; La Tempete, Valse Brillante; Cavatina, from La Sonusin-
bula, by Herz.
Tiot9s collection of easy duets; Twelve solfeggi or preparato-
ry lessons in thie art of singing, adapted to a single scholar or
t;asses, by Bagioli. sept 16
I ASH FOR NEGROES.-I wish to purchase for the
C Louisiana and Texas rockets any number of Negroes, for
which I will pay the highest price. I can bef 1...i,, 1ii !1 .... ,at
my residence, corner of 7th street and Maryland avenue. All
letters shall have the earliest attention.
sept 1 l-eo2nm WM. H. RICHARDS.
SAWS OF ETIOLUETTE,orShort Rulesand Retlec-
L tions for Conduct in Society, by a gentleman, 1 pocket vil.
price 50 cents. Also, the Canons of Good Breeding for Gentle-
men, by the author of Laws of Etiquette, I small volume, price
30 cents, giving hints on personal appearance and appairul, on
manner, on conversation, behavior on particular occasions, on
good breeding, on morning calls, evening visits, on receiving comn
pany, &c. &c. for sale by
june 3 P. TAYLOR.
j1 ADIlSON PAPERS.-'Ihe papers of Jbmes Madison
IV. purchased by order of Congress, being his correspondence
i md reports oh debates during the Congress ol the Confederationm,
ind his reports of debates in the Fedeal Convention, now publish-
!d from the original manuscripts deposited in the Depiarmitr nt of
',tatc, by direction of the Joint Library Committee of Congress,
nmder the superintendence of Henry 1). Gilpin. Just received
mtd for sale at the bookstore ofiR. FARNHAM, between 9th and
10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue. mar 23
| "I, SPECIFIC COMPOUND) for ihe cure of
I dG.r,...rdi. G l.: tri i,.r., D ;,!. i ... ii; ,- .I. ;. i .- I. ;rgt
i t, t, 11.. t il .-,l viori..t, J, -l, ..i I ,i h... rt,, 3u .1 ,, ll.,r
sex. In no case has this medicine been known to fail to effect a'
permanent t cure, and that, too, in the shortest possible time.
Should this medicine fail to effect a cure where it has been taken
according to directions, return the empty vial and get back the
money. Why, then, spend both time and money wilh such quack
nostrums as cannot be depended upon, when for S1 yon cmn puir-
uhase a pleasant, sure, and speedy cure, corn posed solely ofvegeta-
tile substance 7 One hundred dollars will be paid to any tne who
will produce a medicine to equal this compound, or who will prove
that it contains any mmineral substance whatever.
N. B. This medicine can be had at H. Wade's Drug Store, 7th
-treet, below E. aug 14--eoly
Homrne's Introduction, new and handsome edition, 1840, very
handsomely bound. Price $5.
Border's Pious Women, new and enlarged edition, octavo, full
tiound, and complete, for 81 25.
Butterworth's Concordance, octavo, full hound; $1 50.
Sturm's Reflections, complete in one vol. octavo, full bound; 81 25.
Watson's Body ofDivinity, ectavo, 776 pages; I 75.
Bickersteth's Harmony of thIe Gospels; 50 cents; one volume
of 420 pages, bound.
Hawkes's History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Mary-
land, I octavo volume, $1 75; and many others, at thie same low
average of price, sept 2
_UMPHR EY'S CLOCK, NOs. 10 and 11l; No. 2 of
Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon ; T'en Thousand a
Year, in 2 volumes ; Howard Pinckney, a novel, by the author of
Clinton Bradshaw, &c. October No. of Lady's Book.
Just received by F. TAYLOR,
oct 7 Immediately east of Gadsby's.
EW BOOKS.-This day received ftor sale by F. TAY-
LOR, or for circulation amiing the subscribers to thie Wa-
verley Cmculating Library, east of Gadsby's Hotel, Border Bea-
dles, a Tale of Mississippi, by the author of Richard Hurdis, 2
vols. Also, Woman's Luove, a novel, in 2 vols. ; Humphrey's
Clock, part 8; Lady's Book for September; Bell's Medical Li-
turary for August. aug 28
L EA'T'HER FANS, t S ceived a small invoice of Feather Fans, &c. for sale low at
bhe Old Snuff, Tobacco, and Fancy Store, 4 doors east of the City
Post 0f1fce.
Combe, Esq. including its application to the present and
prospective condition of tIme United States, with notcs, an iiino-
Iuctory essay, and an historical sketch, by Andrew Boardman, is
for sale by W. M. MORRISON,
july 13 4 doors west of Brown's -Itel.
TION or an Historical Inquiry into the ldeality and Caim-
oation of Scriptural Election, as received adl maintained in the
Primitive Church of Christ; by George Stanly Falter, B. D. au-
thor of Difficulties ef Romnanism, Difficulties of Infilelity, &c. is
just published and for sale by W. M. MORRISON, 4 dooms wrst of
Brown's Hotel. sept 30
Orphans' Court, Sept. 24, 1841.
District of Columbia, Washinglon county, to wit:
O N APPLICATION, it is ordered, that letters ofadmi-
nitration be granted to John Foote, on the estate ofJohn
Barmy, late of Washington county, District of Columbia, deceas-
ed, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before tlie
third Tuesday of October next: Provided, a copy of tims ordr r
be published in the Globe and lntelligencer newspapers once
a week for three successive weeks previous to said third Tues-
day in October next.

True copy.-Test:
oct 5-w3t

(Globe) Regieler of Wills.

f'HE I" 'RENCH PIIJLI--OI ai reuieuiec ever yet u11-
Scovered for the cure of GonorrhEa, Gleets, Female Coum-
plaints, &c. &c. these Pills are the most certain.
They possess great advantages over the balsams and all liquid
medicines, by being entirely free from smell, and consequently do
notaffect the breath in the least, therebypreventing the possibili-
ty of discovery while using them.
Besides this important advantage, they never cause a sickness
ofthe stomach, and in the early stages ofthe disease they usually
effect a cure in a few days with little regard to diet or exposure.
in the most obstinate stages of the disease, they are equally cer-
tain, having cured many after every other medicine had failed,
Priceone dollar per box, Forsale by
nov 1-eoly Successor to W. G.-nton.
vations upon thIe Mediterranean, and upon P rtugal, Spain,
and other countries, by R. B. Horner, M. D., U. S. N., Surgeon
to the U. S. Naval Asylum, and Hon. Member of the Philadelphia
Medical Society, with Engravings, is for sale by W. M. MORRI-
SON, four doors west of Brown's IHotel. july 27
W EW BOOKS just received atnd for sale by F.
-1 TAYLOR.-Selections from the Edinburgh Review,
being the articles ofT. Babington Macaulay, M. P. that have a -
peared in that periodical since 1826, published in 2 vols. Boston,
1840; Theory of Legislation, by Joremy Bentham, translated
fromut the French of Dumont, 2 vols. containing Principles of 1Legis-
lation, Principles of the Civil Code, and Principles of the Penol
Code; Weeks on the Management of Bees in a Profitable Man-
ner to their Owners, I small volume, 50 cents. july 8

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