<%BANNER%> a. a .J... ., I frona 1'.- at-.- **.I, i' hs not hIlv a siore satisfactory opportunity of rid- courtr-road evinced their loyalty with quite .as shouted all on tire viitai .,It.iither." The
a r.,ri. .r- 7,.,. i.. ; 1821, aa.I an.h a I l II ..,,, itig in the relief of the. unfortunate strallgea in iuch splendor as a ny of the.streets which we person who held thle dagger seemed, alarmed ibr
Sr '1t yaI i 1 nrit ure of thatt dpartinata 'lteestaaw'. have bulosue-nientioned. I Fitzroy-square, no his persnpa]i sialfety, and as the .cLli' ,n..,,I was
oiiig the year, wsill rinot l, ie suired, if that a- Tlhi pwtss wldose names are ereunto sub- ere exhited, no were tany .to beg seeno just tiren passing, lihe rushed in amnugst them
mount should be directed to be carried to the ac- scrieda, voluntarily lender the amount opposite in Uharlotte-street, which branches off from it. and said soniethiin,; which was linot audible, but
count of ia;m surplus fiuna, the estitnates for the their respective naies, for the relief of S.atuErt Ratllbonl-place was well illuminated, and in one W'as supposed Io be anl appeal for protection ; but
vyeair 1U211 and the balance against the Treasury 1AN a,, l-te of Devoushire, Eugland n, a his of the houses we otserved the initials of the the soldiers p --sed oi without g.,,-a..a- hbim,
a on the first day of that year, as presented in this family, consisting oft a wife, six children, and Queen's name, C.R. displayed in variegated and at 'liat .nomenli a youth, ho la i,il.- up his
report, will remain to be provided for. one grand child, who embarked at Liverpool oh. lamps amid festoonst (if laurel, in the instersti es leels, adll instantly threw himself over hii,
It imay ie proper to observe, that all sums boardd the Caledonia, capt. Struthers, 1br New- of which several placards of ,,t siti itcorrio' wrested tli- nturdesous weetpoa" fa nca his griap,
ywhlicih will be carried to tr account of the surplus York hi Or-rsber last; v brought ao ., mo,. ie.irt. an a p,,rd.The appearance of Oxfold-street was and imnlmeiately placed it iiti. I. ,,tI ,.;a,, a,ato, ao
I fund on the 31st day ofthis moth, are not com- consisting of me tha to hdre ad ly. ey ll andtherowd at were walig his waistcoat ad shirt. ,-
preh blended in any6ftheforegoingsstatenmn,, ts. pods .. air of bsterlings joy in money, te u ush ats ofthe moment, and such .-;. anL-
Inaccuracies having been discovered in ithe es- life of industry and eeonoiny, besides t..,.: -. ,. .,, h,, r .a ... air spctacl.ir rush ated to behold eIhe dander, t, i .itea.. wr
.imate of the probable expenditure of the year and stores sualicient to sustainhim and his lauly Scho-saluare was g uerally lighted ups ;but there had been thel cauetof atenmischief altd di stu-
1il1,.presented in tihe annual Treasury Report till he reached his .on -who is settled 'in the in- w scarcely a santalle either in dGief or erit atde slipped off. The I erson chief took tieb
of the 1st ist. resulting, prineipailly, fromri thie dif- trior oftthe state of New-York, and to re.aider his was crcely a riinle befardGr-sitreet was iu -i eipon pess.d in keepi erg io and fiwhooak tile
farent manner of keeping the warrant and appro- situatiss comfortable through the wite.r; all the same condition; and tno great blaze or light it hoi e with him; it was a nidshipani'sdita k
priation accountsin the Treasury, War, and Na- which, together with his eldest daughter, the struck u|ton the eye nsii'Il the spectator came to ,anam was ;In good ri.pair. The ..'r is. on tlhe
Svy Departments,! a vail myselfsof this occa-itrn to widowed another of the giandr child, were lost the head of Ficcadiliy. Fram Coventry-street up house of the getleman before ..IIlu.. ,i t tthei
correct those inaccuracy's, and to present the a- with the said hitp o tie Jersey shore, near Long towards Ilyd,-piark-caruer, Piccadilly pressated increased, aud coit.tied with unabarte alour
mnountofthe deficiency which will have tobe pro- Branch,ni thie mightof the 28th of Deceiber last, iaaait- i.a.b .. a .... Ir irestrik. till a detachme"t f tha life ,, sa i, 1
r t.1 i flr l, a :i -he t- a'- .u,, ,' i u ot excepting a single suit of clothes fior thire chil- ing by 7..- ao ala -a-s'a-stnet I ano SiOa of tie, t. at aaaa -i i
"T,........ ', 0.. .,- ,'1i :' ... --,during the year dren, who landed from the.wreck with o covering hiitcri ali-stret were, shrowda C... a "y ad passed, amidst ud I ,
"' .a! iha .. n.. a,.-.haa .,. ini the treasury to protect tlwier fro' t the faosty waves anid tile alley was eone bl ze. aarligher ...ti t a- '. a n aiy lad passed aan st u .l adul
on the first of January of that year, were esti- midnight: winter's blast, save the garmntss is ses a transparen,-cy v-ar .ii.i,. ,. which bore tl-plrg ofhands, when it ,. ...11. ,,,. I, ,.
mated in the annual report at which thiy -Iept and a blanket thrown oivi !r thei n tie 1,,niC..,, 1. t -.i.,h "-*- M i conttrivel s, 'lite in litary.were not allowed to iat[..- IiLt al,.
*. '-,- .i7 "1 -.ir..i, after thel y I, ft.the wreck. In the boat aettors, atndi s pt.~ -. a tahe infamous conspi- the gates at Tem plebar being closeL,.
The payments from the treasury to which upset i:, ..IN .,vi. i, I.,n.t 1 ere several of -.,,.,, against her Majesty, meet with that doom Or Saturday morning a itn *i a i. .1 r pn
Sthe 30th Sept. lasr, amounted to 16,908,413 80 the children, ... a, i. : i', j... ji. wilow wiho ,, t i im tr ialigiai.t hearts would have as- at tie iMansion-house in the .,hli.n ta a' .a.-i --
I which being deducted from the ag- were thrown on shore by the waves iii nrrly at signed to ler.'' Every house, without exception) The lord mayor intends to- illuminate the
gregate amount above stated, leaves lifeless state, and saved only by the exertions sof m Lvicester-square, boretestimony of the saris- Manion-house this evening and on Monday."
br the service ofthe fourth quarter 5,417,830 83 the inhabitants whi'camne to theii assistance.- action which has been afforded.to the motropi- This notice, of course, gave the hint to those

quarter, andthose hic are requrThus he finds himself, in a strange land without lis by the rejection of the bill. Several young citizens who always follow the example of their
ed to complete the service of the year e means ofprosecuting his journey, or alleviate urchins were in this place busy in amusing them- chiefinagistrate, and in the aesit,.,l lih, uilumiin-
1820, are as follows: ing the hunger of his children, except through selves .;c, .i-...h ta, ._a ,,-., c.-ackers, and oth- tion was geiteral, and much si-.,, b,. anat uHl:,.-
Civil, dipln- 'the aid of the chiaritable and humane citizens of air kind i.--. 5. : ; ,, i, ,s from a fear that "light have been expected f oif...a :a I-ir.. ui a.:..
nmatic, & mis- New-York. t ihe noise which was thus created would .sot be The Mansion-house was illuminated with the
f cellaneous, 476,20 [We aie requested to state, that the family o sufficient for their occasion. the newsmen kept ad- le-tters C. R. and the large star of Blunswick,
And to be Mr.Hand are at present at the house ofSphen ding the exertions of their iungs and horns toin- surrounded by wreaths of laurel, The front o"
creaseit. Guildhall was-illuminiated with the same de-
made, 930,293 1,407,213 56 Wright, No. 237 Division-street, where articles S. iartin's-hlne was only partially illumina- vices, and, as viewed from Cheapside, had a very
Militeryde of clothing, bedding, &c. will be thankfully re- ted ; but in New-street, King-street, Great-Rus- pleasing effect. Thi Al .a.i1. l.be-t.....ru, in
apartment, al- ceived.]' sll-street, and Covent-garden, not a ray of light, Lonibard-street, was cti L.tmija I.ll....t.iti with
ready made 93,688 90 except what was afforded by the glimmering of the C. R. and festoons. The banlking-house of
And to.be FROM LONDON PAPERS, the gas-lights, was to be discovered. Bjydges- Sir William Curtis, and those of the other bank-
made, 665,164 61 [By'theship. Ji sector ] street afforded ira-. ., ,.,l rl :.-Claj ",io .i ,,I I-..:, -aS in L t..,-b,- i..I-:trn ,-re a iL: nii, .1,1,s.a
Nav'aldepart- Received atthe Office of the Conmricial Advertiser. th e Strand, in .h -a I wr, a..,sity .iIl..- ... m e ..
entalready h"rolderasoeamed o .rina.witheaeh.oh trs a.to .v he T--haes we alaiahlstale hy tlantr.a.t-, dai
a-re a .o..--- ......- FronmBell'sIF.,'. '.. .., of Nov. 12. should 12. hulddisplayhis attachment tiler Majestyin the effect from tie rl1l.,o, ra e ,.,hi,., _
And to be 1- ILL. I *\hl N.\ I it. i the most brilliant manner. We are sorry, how- particularly striking.
le made, 1,110,000 00 e to find that there were some persons in that The triumph of the Queen was celebrateodtin
n2,556,22800 Oni Friday evening, in consequence ofthe re- sever to d that tierre some person i th The riup oft Qun was celebrated
25,2 ofthe Queven'scase, tneqe ws r neighborhood who did not sympathize in tile de- Monday mght by a 6,, ,..1 ,Ih,,,,,,,,..... It was
Public debt,paymentsal- suit of the Queen's case, there was a very gene- light so warmly felt by th fellow-citizens. They the third night, but at I, .aly r.., ...i -a the two
sre made, and to be490000000 raldemonsration of popular feeling ; the partc- refuse to illumiate their houses, and the ul- preceding, in the variety of devises at transpa..
made, 4,900,000 '00 J tars ofwhich w e subjoin. t t an, receiing i ll It
"Lacft side of Oxforsd-st. r c.--'he illh m nation titude, in revenge, broke their wiindows. The rencies, aud the prof.i,...,. al.s t..ilI t,,i a h,
Making the aggregate i l'ic-cadilly, and in t -i.,.t.. -,,, : ,as south consequence of this waas, that the militiuty were .The day was wet, c. i, ,.'.1 .-..,- li ., .-
u sum of 9,66'2,295 07 of that thoroughfare, did i.,t Lecaui'. '".a' 1Ua- :..t ., ; but, though the Riot Act wasread, we ed up towards evening, and the darkness arth.
h And leavg a balan a: e til nine orlock. Bond-. L. ,l,.- .. ,, in havenot heard that any material injury has been .ih t proved favorable ,. tl ..- With t
And leaving a balan.-n ,,.;i;I-a t,0 til nisine o clock. liot-a.s a a.a.lair aS iib ks i 1.
,- Treasury, on the 1st of ., ,a.,,-, 1I. 21 the evening, and thes ma.-. I .,. ,. ,- i i ,, crow ulti atly dispersed, and all was perfect .- --I- i Cue -a. 'tere were also bou-fires
d ot -4,:,..i,' 2 vonshirc, Lord Georges (., ....r.., a 1s, C.I .s,, cro l-nctimaitey Thsersed, ad l a perfect- .ia. iah. aas pala, o it. terew a ec atso bo-fire
0 To avoid complexity, the sums estimated to be atind many other piersonsoflortue and situation, ly tran l at 1 clock. T ltaryt h i e i a I in various parts of tire town, at v haich ne Cot-
e necessary to complete the se-rvice of the year bore ample testimony of the principles of their coss ti sa b t C g- ,,,r r,,i r.--.able; it was in Bur-
i- 1820, or Ir effect thie objects for which tlire several proprietors ; nor were the great hotels backward omb St. Paul's Church-ard liht- leihstreet in the Strand n the course fte
s appropriations were made, are, in the above io the expression of their opinions ; but some of ed up frm tup t bottom. In Bisopsgate-sreet, l eight rhe effigies of Majocchiat d Madh me Du-
Ve statement, considered a charge upon thie Treasu- there inliahiitantsofBrook-sircet, Grosveaior-strcet, at Ir. Ste's, o. 78. a a, -,,, u, atrins- moit aere brought forward ; a gallows was e-
s, ry during tie fourth quarter of1 the year; although Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, and tile viQil- a...,. Steven s,' o.. tie red om which after.hanig teir e ime
I- it is probable that a.poition of those sunsmay ty, were tardly in their measures ; annt,, w'ltei pra The y have done their utmost to destroy they were consigued to the flames. Thie figures
ie not be drawn until late in the ensuing year, and, their time in prepiratiou--some were unprepar- me;" aa d under her feet on which she trampled were aslarge as hf t and on their breasts a pl.-
g possibly, a small part not sfoure the y. ,,, i.. I ed altogether--and some iteuiohi e ta were the words "Leach, Cooke, and Conspira- card was fixed, announcing that they were tbo be
tIn the annual report, no sum was charged upon l .i -" a oc e y.'" I her right hand she held a scroll, ol burned for perjury. In consequence of the con-
wt-n fourth hequarter, but what was ,.vlei.. aa- r i I.t,, assembled, 'd proceed. which were the woids q God andt the People.1" tinuea I t., d,, i... l,r, day, the streets were in a
,,. Theestimatesof the-icccipitsnto o aund ta,- 'a-i-.. ..a 'Ih t. sh,:,- -a.. .i; : d .. T Bible Society, in Earl-street, Blackfriars, very bad state for pedestrians, being covered
ne the Treasary during the year 1321, thingwasadonewithgoodhumor ;ninepersonsout ws lighn tedu wi-aeth vaegatedarpe., A ew ious- di d hed Tbr.bUtt.haeadmeri ofi prasvt
; presented in theannual report of the of ten obeyed the call of the populace without re- es Su-stret, Bhopsgate-street, were illu-orce, ut e nuas pero
tn ir- ,. public e $1n. 550,000 00 luctance; a atfew people, who refused u to bor inated ; also in Gracechurch-street. a rveresed e in crh poportin-
in dit-ri fttht ar is. their candles, were laughed att, and left to enjoy Easerrn and Soulhern Dicisaonof London.-- was incessanett aia after ela' otcime whee
e Civil. diplomsaticanlaiscellaneoul th te obscurity which they courted. Apsley-house The illumninations iu the Borough, although nriotMilitary and civil ll streets
; 1,76i9,8 .a 0-1.-i: ,a,,.-,a tlne Int: was. ienveloped in gloom. In iHanihlton-place brilliant, were extremely general : almost every nt ad cs ha a-. a- l. aseet
Sdians ,,.a- I,,.l n I-.,., "' ra n N)t tli(-re where, welthink, less lamps than usual; but house as lighted ionn London-bdge to the s peaceable the service was one f He da -
-Military department, ah-lu.. the Duke of Gloucester and the PrincessSophia, tones'-end, and many were adorned with fanci- sopeace e service asone htte an-
er fortifications, ordnance, Indian de- by thie splendor of their flambeaux, made visible ful decorations. In one we observed three busts ge. -, illt f
partminet, Revolutionary, and mili- the darkness of the aew who dwell near them. It of the Queen, each surrounded with white rib- th e ilunations, but few winudos in
ir, tary pensions, arming the militia, would be tedious to describe thie state of each se- bands, and bowsof white ribbands were tasteful- sth s wecst ,afilIe town were broken. The hous-
Sarrears te s ofto80,7 5e st Jan. 1817, whic veralstreet ; generally speaking, the illumination ly displayed. In another we remarked Caro- e.ss 'f where senetst erthe Mariuis w f bAn-
k- has been deducted from the esti.- 'as, in this part of the town, unequal, and the lin Regina," inscribed ol white silk, and sur- Ien ; the Earl of Whitworti's, in Grosvenor-
h. mates, and is not included in the inequality is easily accounted for ; a great num.- rounded by variegated lamps. In every direc- square-the whole of the lining parlor windows
se, above balance against the Treasury, her of families are out of town, and their houses tion brilliant stars, and festoonss forced of lamps ere broken. A few panes were broken at the
's 6,798,515 18.-Naval department, are only.occupied by servants, who either spare were seen, and garlands of white flowers were Duke of rose's hou e in Grboenr su tah
2, including the gradual ira ,.. their own pains, or are at a loss to act in the ab- exhibited from the windows. In the poorest Several paontroserebro in at tsvenor-squl of ar
o, the navy, 3,428,67, .1 -I ,,.. sence of their masters. In soe streets the blaze streets, such is the unanimous feeling which per- rowbys hs, ad likewise atthe Earl of Ls-il
; debt, being the amount of principal was universal, vades all cl ...., ,iui aa;a..i a ...., visible, par- ale's house, i It E aei. L. -s qu
a5, 1821, 5,477,7i ble in te yigt sid fO.frd-et.-The whole north- ticularly i I. ,a- i.y-street in the T above ae l e hear of being oke, i
o, 1, ,,7,hr' 3 76. t,, 1] *,'18 ;'a eroa side of xford-street and Caveudishr-square, Borough, and the neighborhood. But the most t d thetown -

a 'a..lh ae-'- i excess of ex- aud particularly Welbeck-streer, Wigmore-st. ianterestirg and novel sight, was the illumination that end of thetown. .
o. -. l,.hiaa. I-,..| ,.I .: r.. 'a ir...i 954,018 79 and Harl,-y-street, were more brilliantly than of the ships in the Pool, visible froom London- 1 --
S ', a.,,-. ai- .l,. l ....,...,.. ..,- generally illuminated. In Manchester-squiare bridge. The effect was indeed extremely bcauti- On *,nrlin, ev .- Ia s.'. Ro.P. A -o. k
,, *.a-i,.J a.,..nst tl-..: 1.a.usy tn.e we observed but two houses which exhibited any ful. Every ship, as far as the eye could reach, the 1.-. l. s,. F-l- ns, to Miss CRTyrlnam A.:
,, listJan. 1821, of 4,20.1,484 24 signs of illumination. The noble residence of was lighted, nut iyattems ea butat tt the eldest daughter efn r : ...i -....: ,li.. L- n;i! of" tin
d; L aves, to beprovide.p r, thi um of t,158,,83 Earl Grey, in Portmai-square, and several other bows, and in various other paits of the vessel.- city.
a But the Secretary of the Nay has beautiful mansions in its vicinity, were superbly Every description ofvressel,from thie oyster-snai.ck On Monday evening 1 a,.. 1. i ".:. ; ,.
V. stated in his letter of the 1th 'inst.t decorated with every species of lights. flytide- to the East-indiistman, and extending from Lon- MAr. Joii.ns Gasis,, too I. a .- ,. ,- ,
e, herwvith transmitted, tha ItfthIe ap- .street, Berkeley-street, Moaunt-street, Grosve- don-bridge to Limnelouse-Pool, took part in the f .rit ,ENo .s, l to 'ei n .AsnT tAHoMs ; and hr.
o, propriation of B1,00,000, ibr the nor-square, and Lower Brook-streer, all dis- general joy. l.ndona-bridge was completely Jas it sou, to aliss SoIaa Maoo A-oTr, al
oa gradual ill, ,aa I ,.fi,,- I,. I *. a,.-' playedtht same it nutni station s of an at,. a,..,.. crowded with people a txious to witness the a a. .: i i a r
in a itha', .""lul'liall l ar u a a : i ate regard for hsr majesty. Im H-ai0over-square.r il** l 'iia *- l a r>.l 'Fi. ai .,F ita i.a, -a- Corn- .ill a ,- ., a ial..i. i la a .'. ai,i'aa a l'-
tu 0ctedni -" 0 t r' ba m- alaat 50i her000 000mati t .he lights were numerous ; but we do nt reniet in -' lU, i, a -.I...| -.eLat,; 1o ,t l.l .i ll .'i- i and soxi, all ot iliscty.
ber to Iave observed one house in Great G.eoge- ,* ***,. ", ,l]"l.ination was very gen- On Monday ,u 1. I.,. tli,. r: Feii
Vill leave at balance against the street (which.aour readers will remember runs out ern), atid many ho uses were ligatled up fronm Mr. SAaCI-L P. .... ---h.... ,'5. FtAlt
e, Treasurv of sit .. 3 03 of it) which had not set up the same emblems of the highest to the lowest stories. There, as both of this city. .
ve It will be perceived that this balance is less peaceful triumph-an observation which equally well as in many other places ,where the illunmi- OMa Tuesdayy eveaitg last, by the lTtv. Dr. Covel,
am than that presented i the annual report of the applisto Swalliow and Titchlield-streets, to a nation was prculiaily brilliant, the plpalace ti-r A .tLrn. J.ovAs i to Less us Cr .eivs altea
s- Treasury, by by2,793,303 74, whiich amount con- prt rf \Waterloo-street, and eminently to tihe va- were unable to restrcii tieIr ... .I.,, aid three At.hmaica. L. L'on Saturday evtohi.la.t y |tu
; sists, lst, of the sum which, it has since been rions aurentues which open into it, and to the Hay- cheers were giv.crit by the passion nliitude. 'V-e. Fev. Jacob Schloouimiaker, ir J.len V'sari.to Mhyr
at found, t ill not be wanted for the havl service: taaret and Ctockspur-street. The streets were remarked th ilt ... i a .,,ia..,: of the periople who LLrnx l.ti.iitS, boti f thel towf'ofPiattieroi', Na .
Od, of thie balances of appropi nations, for civil list, exceedingly thronged by ti...,;- i whose de- were most wr .n ..,-s. .,. u.... cheers score white. At South ,i' ., -.. Y. on ilthe 4thulK byi l the le.
d .and miscellaneous objects, which, it appears upon portmeist was particularly quiet and b-coauaing, cockades in their hluats. Pasties With lnambtaerxc Charles IF. Builer, .i ata.i ,wsa *'a u1 to .Mi.:
r 's subsequent, examination, will not be required ; In thelu.ncigshbirntood of Temple-bar we saw a, and while cookades-paraded the street, crying, L MEA t, dauhner of Andrew ..I. "1 a .... a 5Sounh
mi 3d, of an excess in the estimate in tc charge for small detachment of tlhe Lu, ..- -.i, whose con- i" Long lih Queen Caroline," ad chanting ,Salem,
e- the military service, resulting fosn the differentt duct appeared to be regulated by tihe tranquil '' Rue Br.iasiiu. S Some of them were pecn- D D ..
u- rodea of keeping the: warrant and approlariation demeaotr of the populace. -liarly hludl -in their vociferations, of ,\a' tsariri- ,---7 a -
he accounts init the different delartmiett : and Th/e Cbti-Hase, S. a/ iiJames's..Squnare,' &e.-- aordo.;.' blut we did ot ubsberve theleast ap. -r- ""-'. nass crar.
S4l, tle balance in the l.annds of 1.1.. .I. Tlsisrqua tr of the town presented a lively pr tre aice' of iot lordisturbance. In Cheahpsite, ..t- Ye'erdayi rin, Mr. DAVI Hin, aged 70
ot on the 1st of January, 18, ,as ages.i a' ',e a, of pubac rojicing. Early in the evening the club- though tIe st reet was ohronghd with multitudes, years.
d. department, which oght to have been deducted house in Jaiies's-square, Pall-mall, antd Clihar- they were 'xtrni tanquil. Th l he; bitntils Un Sunday afternoon,, Mr. J"aniAse GRar, of

rd ftrom that e large, as it hid aheady been drawn ing-cross, were illiiiinated. Brooles's, i St. ofoneiouse wre obstinate in reusig to t li .. ,
o- frnt the Treasury. Ja ness-street, deserved a di attracted p.,rticular up, and, wre believe, one window wis bioken.- t(ai -I' i.i Serv, Esq. late a Cat-
a I n determining thieamno nt ofthie\Joan which notice. Though no previous preparations could The effect was ..,r ..... .i ., ., ..,s,.il ..a were A 'A B i edfori a VW'estcilst [t.rfol., i,,"i. ,.-:, "
., iill bhe necessay fobr thlie service f thei year 1821, have been made, the balcony, in a. shl.t tii, seen at almn t ... ... in th ousel ofthe 29th ult. Dr. Win. H. ..i. ... arr ,t. i',
t!i if tHat shall be the-only mode resorned to fotneet- was tastefully dsctrated vith' royal crowi,witl Ludgate-hill nth a a. -,. ar. J, a house which a yea. of his age. e has left il disconsolate widow,
- ing thie deficiency, it is proper to stale, that, oF the letters Q. C. the initial of Queen Caroline. wis not ilhmeiated. Some of then) t ere deco- ansI four young children, ageid parents anl a ,unmer-
"o the sum iwr iln the Treasury, there are upwards White's wias illuminated profusely with torches- rated aith fesloons, and other ormsieil.s. cus train of other cainiexiouis ad -irirnds to feel
ix of 6004,050U dcllr 1a of sp1ecri drtpn ste, which can- Boodle's very spar ingly ; the Guatdbs' niss-ciub I All ith coaches that luft Luoudi bore marks ofr deeply this berava'Lt.

At Milford, CLt on Saturday evening last, Capt. w av. a' that v,-c hops it i cilt inr ai s4,thI go t'irotgh youth whole course of lesson, hba
Jobtn W ti in h,_. e.J n2 ,. ir, ....i.. .''- li t it has been, i,, other words, a ni. .i-.:.. t., I should t..: .. !. : ,, ..l *, rn ,
Ar RP...Iri... rI, '.It Ji.n L. i, proprietor ofthe Bell ,.., ,t r ir tie f,I., r -a J the enemies to *-, ti with ease i ,i1 *I -. li I'" .- i
Tavern. the restriction of slavery.' hIeartily approve your system, as happily calcu-
Deaths in Philadelphia, last week, 67. We canl assure Mr. Fell, that we never wrote, or lated to impart tr the attentive student, within a
WEEKLY REPORT OF DEATHS. uttered, or f,-., lh.. sentence of tbis kid. very morlerate space of t-ime, a kicledge o
W Y EP-,ireport iDT,.1., orDn e e of t igrammear as well as of words; an d sinceirely
TI.. iii.,.,.. '...I reports: .. 1. ,i. ,f 0 persons Our remark i.-...., i, r of .- .r- of the hope that you may receive a liberal patronage,
doi. I,,i. 1 ..* 'alinhg on ,.i.i. Dec. 30th, House of Representatives, were of a very diffreui. 5'ith many thanks for yourktind and laborious
vi. 1 e, 13 weoforuen, der7 boys, aof 1yea girls. Of character, and written in a very different temper. attentions, I am,; dear sir, your much oblige
tou 14 ie r "uder ag, of t a, e friend, and very humble servant,
|i n.",1 .. I ,, Ii, .:. "t...i .. .. .-I- *i. 10 be- /Y The Floridas.-The mails of this morning furnish HOSEA HILDRETH.
'. i. n In. ..* il I i *i .'-' .een l5( us several articles, from various, .- ,. ., I cornro- MR. HAMILTON.
amidl60.,2 r i....i ; .l ....I -i*) i, 1 betw. lnd : the a cu received y the Hector th In dion to these facts, which it is ..:,
8 .-Dis-. .:-. l *.'-Y, ,'rned or : ilI.i, 2, I have been impartially stated, it may be proper
catarrhl, 1; colic, I conisunptiolr, 14 :conivnlsioins, 5; the Stpanish Cortes have ratified the treaty ceding; to observe, that when Mr. Hamilton contemplal-
diarrhnal, 1; dropsy in the chest, I; tdropsy in head, the FPloridas to the LUnited States. The Pleiades has ed visiting Loindon, in October- last, he received
1 i'...r,2 fver, bilious, I; fever, puerperal I ; arrived at Philadelphia, from Gibraltar, with Mr. letters of introduction to Mr. Rush, our minister
I..... r.' ,cc-. 4; hiivesor croup, 2 ;hysteria, I; iii-
S..., i..f ..-I the b wels, 2; iulammati o t. ,.L, r., :,I e... r, and bearer of dispatches to at the court of St. James, fro., ,. .-... ,:Iiy O
chest, 3: i',lr'... ...i ..f. dhe liver, 1; measles, 4 ; government, from our Ministerat the court of Ma- the Treasury, the Attorney -..,i-. tI I t.1 1.,
nervous di'. ..- I A,', Ii; quinsy, 1 ; sprue, I drid. They were delivered to him by Mr. Rich, Statesn &-c.
Cstillbo ,n ue ..t e s t, I; tabes mesenterica,1 But after all, M r. H. prefers to convince the
telling, I; unknown., Consulof the United States at Valenci, who stated citizens of ,i, ,,..f the practicability and so-
GEO. % I. 'iI'.'.tf j(.,- nrpector. that they contained a duplicate copy of tihe ratified priority ..i ....I i .r-i*j.:i..ii by actual ex-
q. h~,fU1'I-.L Lij.-'"'' EF~L treaty, and that the original iha.d been forwarded b: prior. ri.., ,i:t. than by his recommendations;
i-,. .O',c-.. L c'I. rI i I .. ... ', the way of Bordeaux. Mr. Rich f.Lrther informed and I ;I.. -one fortiight with a class ofpu-
s. ,u' ,' in,. .... ,' .i ,m il ., Mr. Stansbury, tha Cthe ratification by the King and pils to tert the excellence of his systemto the
i-.% i I. -. it LonI Brancti,) with her rigging, ca- C i satisfaction) of any one. If he cai effect all that
l. ,'.;, -'. wt Cortes wasunqual/ andentire,aving no appen- ie promises, of iw which, till reading the papers be-
-.i..,i ,1e, iI. (of 21 tons,) Butler, 14 d'.,';. dant" 'r "-' .r I .'. lobre me, 1 have been perfectly incredulous, no
Gibara,Cuba, in ballast,-to the master. Th.. 4 c.i iii. -. i ..li, -,i.-.I from t i. i.r-"i. .1 one will doubt the great utility of his system, and
1'.. I *'1 i.J '*.' m.lteo. 7. company with the Pleiades, has arrived 1 h ,i tic i. no one desirous of acquiring a knowl-dge of the
13, fell in with ti ii, of Shields lt 4, 2f long A ton, and confirms the above int, ligence, most important of the living languages, will he-
12, 13,fell rim Wviith tirs eClfmnoi, nf siseldu, fon A-ctions.
run rica to Berwick, very leaky; her b lwarks and The following is an extract from a -letter to the state to avail himself of hiinstructicos.
i.. ,. :i,.....* ,r,..l .., I 1.,i'...1 ,!. editors of the Franklin Gazette, received by tie Te Fre l .e S e.' m-Having in a former
"1 .......... .t I'.,, r, !, ... ..., *,i,,, ,, >,, I T T e F rei. L-.,,,.',, ..- H having in a form er
'i,i. ., ,,i ', i ., ., I.1. .1 heafterwardspro- Pleiades, dated St. Rloque, Oct. 21,1820. number ofiL T ''I."I, a statement of Mr.
... .. I re ,i It,.).. '. her cargo and re- I write you from a Spanish village, six tles Harmilton's pretensions to a new and I...I. ..
from Gibraltar, to tell you that Ferdiand ihas mode of teaching French, with some of the testi-
SJ '.. ,e -Tire pi -lbrn-' from ijeen authorized, rather instructed, by the Corlte, money ton which he relied for the proofof his suec-
S" h ,, ,' .t, n, ,i, ,,, uo cede lie Fl oridas to tlhe Utited Slates; anid ,.caa.ue u- Li.i et .. l .-r !., ..; ., I was in-
1 d ,A' "th ,. at the oiimrpointseof tie rejected treaty art ,o dUced finrum v ..,.... ..I i, .... ..t temnd his
.1.e -n-- --- ----- ba nsseted to. The extensive grants of lands in irstrucIions to a class in this city, and shall now
I ill -.t\ 1. \ l-NIN'C, .1 \ 'NI.' i i.- i. Floriida that have occasionedl ost, if not ill the offer a few additional remarks on this subject.-
dilliculty, are cancello 1, that our ailf'irs with It affords nme great pleasure to say, thait thie pro-
DIVTIDENDQ_' Spain are at last adjusted. An ateliprt will be gress of his pupils far exceeds my expectations,
'The Directors of the.Manh ttan Bank have de- rn.atdl., i .. r..I ...-ernmen, .r ,.,i i.. i.: and has fully satisfied me of the superioriiy of Ihis
.lared a divi uend of four and a bal per centre frn om f on i i .. i-- i but it t ic--i ,,v..1. .. I ,' method of instruction over any that has. cone
turn la-i sinixrrn loutlayahle oil the. 10th ,aitariy`. upon. A Spanish messenger with the treinty within my knowledge. In the course-nf six les-
raified byy the kin- is to leave M adrid about this sons, which did lnot occupy iore than two hours
The Direclrsof the Bank of America have de- tie for Washiingloi; he will go via Bordeaux each, his class have acquired scli' a kituwleidge
clarced adivid..-.1 f t..-i .1.1ars and fifty cents pe or Havre, and make aill speed, but it is probable of the language, as to be able to read the Frenche
share i -..,-h le :i : ni.....,I.. payable on the 3d of despatches will reach government Inofure his ar- Testament,. i u facility, and so far as I canll
J. atu rival, and that you n ill receive this also before judge with accuracy. Oil thie sixth lesson, they
'The tagle Insnurate Company have d.cl.ared a the news is even known at 'ashington. You read several chapters, which. most of them had
ihe ie le Insourance Company have declared aixmay te spend upon tie correctness of this in- not previously looked at, with a promptitude andi
ividend four and half per cent. for the last six nrmation." correctness, niothI of neCaning and pronunciation,
S II. i. i' ~ ',, 15th i of January'. ,..,, l.. ....,i. .i ;.. ..fi the foregoing accounts, which, I believe, ,... I .. i..1... -....1, ,. one,
The 'Nal.....-i I i.ii, Conmpapy have declared We',...d ,, .. ..1 ... .. ofa letter froi m W ash- who had been accusten, .i [ 1 .. .. L.. slowed

a dividend of six per cent. for the last six mnths ington, publishedyesterday, i regard to the condir at! toilre process of learning a language i
the ordinary way. The first scholar il Iis class
I i'i0- l- t l* l January ton said to have been. attachedI toin I, ., entire- was a il d 12 or tI. years oi who had lever
I ,. M,.l, .. ,,. lFire Insurance Company have ly rroneons. looked at ', -.. .. .1. before hlie commenced
.',,, in i ,.! ,'rc- "- ,.'',i fi.. t'. last six In regard to this subject, the editorsofthe Nation- with M r. Ii .. .. ..... ., the sixth lesson he did
'I l e ',. t. .s I i..' ... (. ,.i. .1 I.'... -Icclar.- .. "' ... i nke the tpilowino -n rmari... not, to the best of miy recollm action, miss three
. r. .. .i, ...*C L* T r p n ,T .words, either in pronunciatibou Or co)ntruction,
ed a dividend of five per cent for the last six months, Th for realwilh Spl i .r--L'thle room is left in oring through with three chapteis. During
payable o the th o January. arrival in ,, by the lat the six leIsons, h.also wrote several pieces of
ThaOeanc l ... ..1.. Company: rave declared a treaty betwee I- t i' i... I ,, thtlat th e .correct composition in French, embracing the
,i ... i'1 .iffoi ur per. cent. for the last six months, .been atlength rtitified tby tlat poweirv. h.-.s ctisn phrases whiih hue Ibad learned, lie
payable on tie8th of January. it to be "so ratified, an interesting question pre- rest To the class were mostly professional mell,
sents itself to our government.. nose avocations prevented them from devoting
Ohio.-The Legislature ofOhio is in session. jl- The Tbraty has beenuratiied by the President anl y more time to the subject than was spent
le T.;,,' .,I ; ,l.,, I F,. ;. I. of the ,, ,, and Senate of the United States. i tint the treaty with Mr. lHamilton, and who, in some cases,
a n .,. .. I. i ~1... ..1, 1 I. .. of tihe u ..... ac l u e -.-i ., -t ttif y it wereh ,,,t, I I I tile calls of business to lose,
a.. of heHouse within a certa e. That hisinstructions ; but notwithstanding these dis-
nf .,s i., ,,,,.., s-e r '., l. .ive perused thte lapsed. Is the treaty now a treaty, or wi1 it advantages and strange as it may seen, in a-
of I-. 0.0-.I, I. i I.ihve pernsedtie lapsed. Is the treaty irns a treaty, or t-ill it hunt 12er 14 hou s they learned to iead them
message of G v. Allen to tihe Legislahture. It is a require to be again submitted to the Sinuate ?' If ut
plain dot ..,..,,i ,r ,, i ;i, I ,,.i., ......,-,.i shews it be not required to be subln itted to the Senatel Testament correctly. One of the pupils observ-
,that tile: ,I.I .i-,, ..-. a the in- bit mv heo,'thelaw of the ilad by tie Pr ed thatoil trial he found hiniself able to read a
0h....at n...1 Presi nt, t ..I t newspaper in French -. In .' I I I ih ; and re-,
tests of .. .. ... The direion to sulnit it to the Senate again or not, what he ha received fr six.
Governor reconnends a revision of the judiciary as policy may dictate Ife has such a w hat he had received for siix.s i
system, which, lie says, was tolerable for a popu- tionary power, will lie exercise it? this am cihay that anl not th only witness in'
nation of 50,000 persons, but ill-adapted to one of Our impressions, the result of con jeture mere- ,city t. ... exc.. ellechof Mr Hnt ti on'ss-, m
more -:,,n ,,11 i m ll n. I i .... I of Ohio y are, that the treaty wil b again submitted with other ...., a
are .v -1. I .... Iu, ....,.n ,i,,i>. hireardto ., t. the, e ateo that ifit is t e, there unuy be some other uodes of instruction, tualif as thei. to
projecte'C .,I... ........ int waters o Lake .... .o ,,)positio u to i t it ie score of tie Wlestecr judge of Mr. ti.s method, may be appealedd to
with the Ohio river, the Governor states, that the it now stands. naily Is in will, I trust, concur with re in the correct-
Coinnmissioiners appointed to explore and locate the -. l. **l'I I 'i .'.l..n. remarks. Thlie strongest e-
route, ate ntrot proceeded pou tu,- i..i.. i.;. con- Te French Lan .- ailton cer evidence oftheir approbation of this new n'od of
sequenceof an indsproc sitioded of ( ... .... L 1 tChe of te lFrench langage.- Mr.am Iilton teacherr instruction, and of their conviction of its superi-
seqence of an indispsitio of ti ofthere language, asarvein thisciy, and ority, is their determination to persevere and re-
necessary land to the stale. Should the genera, go- proposes teaching tlhis blanch oc polite learning.- ceive another section of lessons from llMr. Ham-
,r1h. h uli' ..,, ,,-. i t... sellorgranttlhe neces- 'J'ie tinlowing articles, in relation to M. r. Hamiltons ilton. TOu these g ntlenen I begleave to refer all
S .l, lin i t.noli .I. ....iH i Canal must be cut, the Sstel, and thue sucess which lias in ., I-. 1 ... i i... wlh yet entertain doubts onil tire siui-.
.i .i.-f',' ; ii. ..i1 r', ir.i. bi e found able lors, we copy from tlie 1n .. Stintesuitan of tn ,.I lihi w wouldd perui haps avail themselves i Ii..,
i.e i,,,i .t .i.-,.n. ut e .,1ahi... hr-. e, uponali- stof Augusts 'd t ofron Septeamber. The f ti opportunity of learning French, if they were sa-
'I.i.,t i. .,,. h I ,iitze,uponali-ht oflAguttA.ndtt of September.thetuarefrrnm tisfied that Mr. Hamilton's extraordinary pretei-.
eral charter from the state. Notwithstanding tie tile pen of Mr. Carter, the Editor, and heretofore sions are seltl grotroi-nded.
pecuniary difficulties at the west, the revenue of Professor of the Learned Languages it Dartmouth It will b.' scin by an advertisement in this pa-
Ohio appears to be int a iul,, ..I. ., ,,. College. per, hat Mr. I linillon hans concluded to remain
SFront ii' :'. Sttesman olug- 1, 180, in the n city for the present. i hose who are. di-
.,.,lM Coleman, of tire Evening Post, we T e f sirous of learnlg isL I guagewill probably
-ate free tosay, itat of daily papers, ive o not yettic e r It public havehmeard tomu is, nis o in I.nnhtalu noie r on itcnity o ar I f q irg it,
print h)is favorite number of 184t0; but we are not this city, and proposes to give h i. ; ,i. so short a tlie, at nit so trifing an expense
ru ".tt : .. .. >;.lk,', ii i;.;. ,, I ,- '-.e r.,,. L.anguage, ifhe shall m i u .I.. I ndl cou in ced, a I ar of' the utility of this ss-
Siti.,l .. t ,,, .. 1 A i it l il -. i,,.. ,- .; .. .. ,,-' i,.. ['I' has politely submitted to t -mn t i structiono I h i nnot but t h It s it -
dustry, and strict.attentiofi toa ,t i. i ir....iny insption .his papers, emnbracing explana s utor w ib
business, tveu mlay fairly anticipate being l.., o s... of his mondcof inistrutioni, tetimonuials of -e-
"along side" of the daily Post, beoremanyseason its i. rits, aid the objction.- wtich, have been BANK U NITED STATES.
-alongside"O fLite daily Post befre many seasons raised to it Fronu these I sthil present a concise ir, 1821.
!,1- Follk .i.tAI '. hI, ire Imean time we can -, i -., ,.- of r. Hamiltonl t -s ,.], plre- Ti. f-.li .- .1... t,. i '.,, ,.. ,, i
ei l ..,,.I ..i, .--.. t. -.. thi 7t i. 1. .- ",.e.. I a tensions, and someof the facts .,. ,, ... ,,... relies Di,. ", ,- .' ,. 1 the U liu itid States, ,.r
al.t' 1\i.. J,-u," i ,.i hope that the partners of for their support, without offering any opinion of i.-. ,,,;,,. rear, by the Pies:ieilo ot thle United
both concerns may live to enjoy many more, with my own on the subject. In fiorty-.eight lessons, -- t li
at least lu.t daIl, m,,'i -,ii:ic.c t .-t. which are given every other day, lie proposes to L ,- .1. Ci,. ,. \; d. !.i aid John
give a pers in ofordinary capacity such a know- ( ,..... .
i it Iil. i.. t,,. ]:, ,.l ... i *, li.].,, rns. i froth 'i 1. '... of III: 1 ..I.01 langu age ts shall enable ,., ',il,, .. .
;. ,,.' .... I .. !,.ui. .. i.'1. "', in "" late R'ichmont l l hi to read, write, a id speak it witi correctness Charles E. Iu... f. i* J',er -'orf.
andl ease. Ile also professes to urnake a person And at as dlectiouirI huh :% ithe Stockholders,
Enliquier, upon the Missouri controversy. After sa far acquainted wilthr the French lang Iage And at he ank election held :y the Stocoldest and
asserting .that there, is not a i:;-, :, in the si- lessons, given as abe mentioned, s at e u- at the i as tn te uollo S lugentle n nweres aduly
union u,, I,. h i.. African raceare allowed all tie .,l-, 1..,. o read, construeaud parse the French elert.ed Dln ,te f..lwir trl.;. oi -,, y
civil itI pi..hI.uCa l ,_i .. I ..,tizens therein," antd i i- I ,.. i. .hir facility and ae uraTcy1. tEa ech d" D l. i n '
ianII.:r ,i liiiin that lCi.huil, that free personsof lesson occupiesabout an hour and a half. There Pierce Butler JohnPotter,
are between c i .' ,
color are citizens, it does not follow that the Consti- treei at rades .. p, ', Tutonias '.' ".i..- GerNSouth Carolina
tI ,.,., ... [ .,i..c iL ,.. ,. ,, .i,. the refusal tLguaranteestoel ct, but wio ch itc is dee ed ousta C ...Schott George Jloffm an nd
.t,,,t I..>..i. t....c. .ui nr" limitsofMissouri," Hgiu.... gw.si.r r cmes shott .ryland
, t I I, '. lit itS ofMissouri, ,. .. Sau Wetherill 1ob Yt I, Rob, ert ,.,,. ...
.l I.. u IU a ..c ',it. .... 1. i i "1'" I l ** apparently extravagant Silas E. W ier ditto
t ..i, ut i ie .J.-i.. 1:1i :-.. for the pretensions, Mr. Hanilton produces the un- Jimes C. Fisher I.obert Le dax,
:..,, ..: i .... i i i ,,.usii .i. i-. ,h I .,. -" Citi- equivocal testinomy of many highly res- Thomas P. Cope A rew.- hYork
- li ,.' ,..,.rli sl i.t -l.ll I,,:.. ..,,'i... to all the pectabl.e 'ilizens in different paris of the United Samnuel Carswell Archibald Gracie,
rights, privileges, and imtmunities of citizens in States. He has instructed at New-Yorki, Phil,- Henry Pratts ditto
i .,- in i ;i .." Well, mark now, it is not delpitan i ii..1- -. Baltimore, aund Boston, at Williamr Stevenson .Nathaniel Silsbee,
*. ,. I....'.':, .. n' each state, shil. be citizens of all which places he at first met with violent op- John Coulter iassarh}'is I
..,: i ,: for that is a solecism aind ab- poinui ofrom v oi.uy persons, who considered his Robert C'lemning )arDvid Seamrsu d d s
snrdity in teruns, and breaks down the barriers *system if instrAction as the visroarmy and frau And at a inceliing of thI Directors, hel at the
between the states at once but that the citizens utlent sheine of an empiric ; but it appears urom P ,., ;,,- t hiievcinig at* 6 o'clock LANG-
* ,.5, ,~i.,, IIn:h h.,I ,. i.- .- mu .! their hisr apers, that in every instance he madeI is 1i,, ,. il '" -_, iEsq. was u aniimously clectead
ill .i.m..... :1. .11 I,, i,, I .. I t qI. I, .. privi- way against the prejudices, which were excited President for the cunsuinrg year.
AI .. in-, :- ii. l .ini ritnI n of citizens in the against him, and finally, succeeded in obtaining g
.other states ;' so far as it is possible, or consis- numerous classes. From citizens of thie first The Legislature of Louisiana have before them
tent with common sense, that the citizens e -i 't I,.i nat the above mentioned places, who at- a hill to petition the general government to erect
anotihe, .-,i .ii r r t i.d'i, p'.:-, i, ... i i,, i. tendedhis examination, aI.. .' ;t, .. i- 1,, ..,, Cfor their defeli ce. 'I1hey state lhat
;rights, p .II,. i tl; i. iil..lii i i.tia and ear-witnesses of the itl..i,:!ii.. |l ,-i. ,.I i. i. 1. .- eleven m liilons ofdollars have been.
Admirable! Who can withstand such wisdom, his pupils, e brings satisfy. i.:.. ,.etitr.t. art- ',, [,.,,.' i..... their state to the United Staltes govern-
hh overwhelming accomplished all that he promised. Among ment since 1815, and they have expended for
'lsed surh overwhelhing reasoning as this. Truly these are intMlligent and literary gentlemen of all their defeLnce but $200,000.
auranthor may cailn a nichein the temple offame, profession io would not risk their reputatisbut 0,000
by the sideof thenimmortal Locke The citizensof by countenancing quackery. I have now before r .11 -t. a.i, L. T. Doc. 30,
New-York, forinstance, according to his acute me- i.,. i. i- I,..s.:,1 to Mr. Hamilton, and re- Singular"'- .. .-... .- for .ro-
thod of constriting iie constitution, are entitled to ..,", -1. 1..l li ,in h,, mode of instruction, from a noasers. thi l, forenoon about 10 otclock-; a
.1e ?i.-....,.,: ,and imm cities, of citizens of Lieutenant Governor of one of the eastern states, streak of fire about the bigness of a man's body,
te several states, so lo.g as they stay at home, but of the district court of the united States, and about 60 feet in length wtas seen to shoot'
dnol several os such .a as t.n stn.,,,,y of his ar t i, clergy awithst e of whom I have fron the south litoe the western hemisphere.-
" F" *" I III. i...'..l-, of his a-g. the honor ofia personal acquaintance, and all if Thie air at the tlinme was entirely hu-ar, cand
.rient, ifit means any thing. True. according to the whom I knew by reputation. The following note scarcely'a cloud to be seen. We should like to
lucid ideas of this writer, we may be periited to ri from the Rev. Mr. Hildreth, of Eueter Acadc- hear the opinion of all astronomer respecting it.
i.. .. ci 'i ,' i .. "ia, m ', one of thefirst institutions of the ki d in
S i i h i., itI ,..l 11, II'., 1 I,.,ih:i .'t l ,i ,r .. or tlt s country, and was written under circt nstan- From lite Vorfolk If r .' ''. :. I.
pieasre; butice Imust preserve -*i. i... .,, ., a,,n tces which would render him extremely cautions C., '. .: .Santa Mlar,. -. .
al ce," and cannot site there without their ofsitg mo than te strictest justice would I It hI cll, .-in' the schooner George, arrived:at

ennrission. "Liberty and Equality," with a wit- BosrO, Jan. 6, 1820. in r I,,I 'I .L .i.i i, ysurrndom Cape Hatien,
-ntess Dear Sir-Having been a pupil of yoursfor one riot forces, (does not recollect under whose comn-
f -- fortnight, and being about to leave town, I avail (hand,) on the 12th November.
The tbllowing sentence appears in the Savannah mysef oIt II .: i.-ppi ,non ,fr expressing my entire Capt. H. has been at Santa Martha since its
,.. t .. 2 I 1ult. and is attributed to tihe satisfaction' with your mode of teaching the capture, and furnishes the i II...t ,-. items of in-
S. un iFl .re.nch Language. My progress, though I have teiligence arel.tive o rthe event. Fort Giiega,
Without any of the squeamishness on his nbeet a laborious student has exceeded tle on the rive. Miagielena, it appears, was sotne-
"icWithout anyw of the squeanuishness on this expectations with which I left home ; and-were thing like a k,-y to Santa Martha-this Fort, the
Spv er to I,.,, ,,, ., ,., ng enough to Pcatri9ts possessed themselves of, by storm on the

e l1th, after a~iasccni:-; ; .i..t p i :......- office-ce--me laf ai a ond one quaritf chizeIls ofj Jane, Tater' pit into i. Johns on the 8th intr. i.
remainder, but few lin ......1., .. 'i :it, toI tI, Baltimore, and ,. *.... ., .- iia tersentt by mail g bei ashore .1 .i i. .; iur cargo i
l Fort, escaped by ti.h. to a gentleman in Ohio 1 .. ** 1 d an rd e peci
The next day, (the 12th) .,,ir. 3 ,.,, ,, ... -u No. 622, a prize of 5,00C0 dollars was sold at .re ,eatl er o' .t co"t-. in a crne rat
his squadron before Santa Martha, and sent a Messrs. Allens' office, Friday nffght. cap .zed l er windlan atti lost hi
f flig ashore demanding its surrender, which was No. 420(6, a priza-of 300)i dollars, at Messrs. chini cable ardl iincir a!-, split !c g) ati oi
accordingly donein a manner and upon terms cor- WVaites' office--and galiiitsil ictre they crlfi-ie btir'hnnd.
, :-:.,, .,.;. '. ii, rhe demand. No. .21 a prize of 2,00 dollars, and 17-43, i1rig Pleiades ', I i .. ibrahlar, nirr
'I l- LU. Il,,., of war John Adamts, Captain a prize of l,000, at Gillespie's ofice.-HBK!.. Mar, ved a' Marcust 1i ...... *.... a ri. -o:
W\adsworth, arrived at St Pierrps Martinique, on CChronicle.. tiIe Sttiils ip co. with- a:oinut : -,i.
the 13th ult. flomr the Coast of Africa-Letters P- jp. T/OR':, J.n. 2-Arr. lirzcrer "1'
from at)n officer on board received here, state, tOMinen1tcIATiONS.s. .,h"(, iFO,'K. ei '.)-a J.--Arrx ;e, I l-w.e-l.cr t:.-
that I|..I |.s .|, a -i..c-i .... and Turner, had (G,. Ir.- -. (, .. .. -OnN ew-Year's Aines, I iro .; '... Le'i,
V,-.i sir i, ... -.. i. i .:,1 ili- J. A. from Hamlptonu fr., ,'... i .-... I.. i. ,,1 Capital Prize of night, ., i nio rto1nt l.
r* oads. : ,i.'.1:..r. ,- iNo. 21382 prize of 2,0 -i andNo. sort. Corn S pert :'uh2el, a-id s' w r r G peit bl.-
1743 a prize of 1,000; all sold by Gillespie, a No'e of tinrc: mit aikct.
From the Baltimore Tel-plo, #tJean. 2. f.,,,, ,' t, to two gentlemen in Boston, schr Hai ti, 12 da ys "ou .La.e vlei
Captain Barbiue,ofthe -.i,,. Llis, i.j t u rn i- Dec brig Deca'r, \lh!k 'N." l "la
f ved from Port ,'.. P. .:.-, : ,.. i. .- 0 ....U nrmn i. M ore P :. .7' .' 2 .- .._ 63. 2, which v,, ," ,,i .. ,, ,
e'.... | t].1.I schi.. i.c. t, ...irA i .ii ,i reported came up a 1.'1 I- i t. l; ..- ?. ew -Yclr's iBe..', .. ,
that, that place had surrendered to the patriot Day, in Baltimore, Oue IlI.alf remained on handle 101 .i0 J;,mn. l.-Arr. snoe10 E woony, frIt
forces, and but little doubt existed of tile speedy at their office. N. C'aro.lina. via Dux-'.'ry.
fall of Carthagena. Erig Clio, I'-:"'r "*' ': '-. i ,'
President b.... Id l; t ] ,,t ed, P'. t au F ro F I ". '' for ace. put .. -. ,,-~.i. r, ....... ,
Prince ; the .,..- r .:..- i,. i [ ot,.-J .. .i t .A A l .1 it i . havhi g beeoi I r..., ,, ,i
tm erican pr t,.l ...., ,,.i -. ,.:..I 1. _.I.- cof- Copy ofa lettertf ., I r. .. i, '.. l ,.11 .. i,.i ., I .. I minen laole.
S *Parry'Conunat h,, I. I .- ,,, -, -. ii .' IC o... "i' tseo, Foster. f lro liiM;cio,-r fl, 'f r tli
fee 32. ly employed with the Griper g un-br:ig, on avoy port, arrived at Chhathai on aiaturday.
S-.- f discovery, in the Arctic Seas,) to Johnli Brig Otter, Ashton. 101 days fromdi the ie c
From the Charlestorn Gazelte, of Dec. 27. "iii.....Croker, Esq, dated his majesty's ship Hec- France, for this port, arrived in'the Vine ard aouun
Captain 'W white, *.. .1 e ri .:; Cervantes, arrived la,, i .r ,.-r o ir .;.' Strait, lat. 70 ,1. l ; i -.... n .. l. l i
on Monday from (;i-, 1 ,, tailed in company, N. :0u.. I ; t. i WV. Sept. 5.i 7 '. 't ,, .t a n IIth, .. P9
on the 13th of November, with the brig Pleiades- Sir-I avail imyselfof an unexpected opporta- ? .e i... i .... liIr trwnlers-h.
for Philadelphia, by which vessel despatches had nity by the Le-, of Hill, whaler, to acquaint received froni their agentsin Londont the riwml ii":
been sent by Mir. Rich, tre American Consul ill you, for the information of iny lords connissinI- "TIe Cordelia lell 5ithi Jrine. SipOplii
Valencia, who was iin Gibraltar whei tite Cer- ers of :he admiralty, that hisl majesty's sh.ps on- naeBtte rivr asthe ,, ir"a ,'c:ni- ic'ant 1
vantes sailed, announcing to our govern ent the der my orders, succeeded in It '.:, .. 1 ;...:- | i ,., .ui. \ I i it.... ship (,iyV. h!n
ratification of the treaty hiytil. sp..i.l, Cortes, sage through Laucaster's Sou I h,u i.-e Polar d ,.- .., -aiti th- fr new teas, expected t
forthe cession of the Floridas to the U. States. Sea, and penetrated, during the summer of 1819, sal with the i.. of 'tihe t ,,,11 ,
The gentleman who furnishes the above intel- as far as the longitude of 11'2.} degrees west of in Nov. ; ship i i Brothers, '...,, .
,., ... .. ..... that no doubt can be outer- C( ,*i., between t r pa. .il, -.. 74 deg. 75 waiting fb r new teas, would sail tifr li ,.iwilh t.i
S ,,. I r ,:, tness. d. I. -I... i i ti ha i noir i r i,,. .:, i'fovi t e
ie also informs that the Algerine squadron Il this space twelve islands have been discov- *. .....'. South Americi,. 1- i.. above Il
tile Amterican vessels w i 1 ,I siledfl
S. ...... inthe Mediterranean in quest of the ered, and named the islandsof ?:. -,,..,,,,, iU Macoan
vessels of Tunis, with which government they honor of his majesty. The expedition wintered -- .
were at oar. It is said they had captured some in a harbor oil the South side of the largest of POLICE OF
American vessels. Our inforin antwas in Leghorn iI.-. l ....:- ., .il..I .,.1i. II:1 -.. i inr lat. 74 POLICE O I ,E
in October last, at which ','.,. lih .iA;--ii..ii-,. were i.;-. -1 it.a... i I,.i ,.,, 111. i ~. 1; ,.,,. aW.and .. 1 caution
off that port. .. l l.,, .i ,, ...i ...1. i,r,: on the g n ..i .. ,,3 caution
-,. no., i, ..i. i,,I Austrian troops were pene- it., ,.- i.. I .l,. I.. at the comml enceme ent of against itnew eAnissio-, :, i. t, l t-io di la
rating into Italy, in the month ofOctober. the present season, the ships being ill perfect con- cites. (tther A) re lt!e i emhan,, Biank 'o th
The Spanish Cortoswere proceeding very qui- edition, the officers and menr in excellent health, on pcity. They are- .,. i. .. ... I Ito pcis:
etly in business, and gave the greatest satisfac- and with every prospect of the final accomplish- the l)ottom of this note are of te sane sia inle
tion -., t... -, .c.i i,,. i.i, ..1.1. ...1 'i-4 -.I t ment four entv.rprnze. colour. li the genuine n notes of th e sam irte ba k
their .-,,,:,-,.., ,,, -,, t..... th I.t..i u.- .,,.:- At thesouth-westend of Melville island, how- toe Itt er is of a muc iiaeno e col rh u saie artin
craft, superstition and tyranny. ever, the quantity and magnittide of the ice was ar ich Al co r l
A Gibralter Price Current of the 8th of Novem- found to increase so much, that to,- sixteen days, ter 1ic- supports it. t Alio, ho dollar r coun
ber, quotes C.rolitia rice .-4l;; Flour 5-; Span- (being about one third of the whole navigable Tire -I-. t '- this totI is verd .. a.. ..
ish .i ,,- -i t.,l cent premiuin ,.-.:. ,, i 1 ,,1 ,,i,..i t.h Polar.Sea,)it wasfund Theff .....1. th air, dsnotesi er ., il .ci, .,i
I I,. ,..,,.., .,-I ..,.- in Spain, I ,, .t i.-.,, ,ii,-,,:. Ii ...... to the westward beyond edii pirrti ularly the haire, w nch oni i,,. ., .uini
aiolished. -i i. I c... ,l.-g. 47r r. W ; ; in older, -ota- i- s-v-_y deepl-ysvlaystier ..led .. jan t4
Cotimmercial accounts from Bordeaux, of the therefore, that uio time might be loat, I deterniini- 1 -.- i li.- Co
,29th of October, received by brig Boroen, arrived ed to try what could be done int a more south- ril i-. 1 I-.',,,: 11.. .jI- .,. ,u neral,
on Monday, quote upland cotton at 3-2 to 34 i 1i -It.. -i,, i..i rtat purpose, ran back along. and < ,, ., b.'..... ....I L .'lr iomportantor.
soils; rnce.32 t, I'. i..id, ,i i I :.- i.: i i r,.. ir i..,, 1 h.... I lberto forun ed a, gan, .. .i -----...- ,0- -u'i..ale -:,, ,: ..
S W e find by H -I ..-.... I,: li 15th inst. re- -.n,1. .....-.... l,,,,, 1. t i ...rus,lbi order to tions .-. i ... l .t.. t i ,... the biliar3
ceiv -d at this office by the Steam Ship, that the look out for any opening which might favor the secri .... I .. i.. i .I.: drawn froil
Bill for protecting the Liberty of the Press, and at plan I had in view; in this endeavor I was also _arn ample share of experience, and a close am
the same time rereessing its licentiousness,wasbe- it;., *rp..-,.l,dl. ind the season being so far advanc- constant attention to this subject in various cli.
fare the ColtesofSp.n. ii- 1 O..i..i... i ] ,., I.. Ia. ., tir ...- .. ;..n .liether, mates; I i .. i appropriate anrd ne sr-
sists of76 articles, :,ri, ..-. i. : i,.- c t.. .i.. .'. i ll h. ..,; .. .., 1.c f. r -f trhe fiil mod i i i... r I ,'.. r The.whole ill .r tr.cl .
authors the trial by i. 1 -,'. -ti,- i.I..i:.l, i, l.,i.- .. .... iI ,, ,., i ,, .l ,,, c .ii'i... -,. l by an extelsive'selection of cases
composed of nine members, is to find a true bill hope of success, I consulted the i".-r.i ,|I,'. i.,.. .....-.. i-i ., the many serious and fatal con,
or not, as the case may be ; and the second, cers of the expedition, wvho were tnuanimously sequences which too often arise from a mistake
composed of twvIlve, is to give the final decision- of opinion, that nothing more could be done, view of the i.-i. ri, -.. i..i f i .. --t.. i,,i
in which tw .-i it l f -i |,, ...., .. .. ,, quired and that it was, on iti i a :..-,.i.,, advisable to Faith oun, .,i. -, I'.. i.. ,,i .e .., t in .. i-,,.,.
to con ur, ;.. i ....i ti.- ,.i .1i .,...un try. re turn to England. able East ].I.. i .1.1,. 1,', ..ii .:;-- i' :i .1.',:i,
Very two ..... ,.i .. me- In this opinion it was impossible for me, under eait edition.
beis, is to be appointed by the Cortes, for the existing circumstances, notto concur, and I trust The Beauties of Shakespeare, by the lat(
protection of tile Liberty of the Press, which shall that, the detailed account of our proceedings, Rev. William Dodd, L. L. D.
sit in the Metropolis, and have under its' direc- whi.1. I :1. i,! ..1i, 1 .. .... i..... t The Morbid Anatomy of some of the most im
tion tihe two Junits, to be appointed for the same .fore ., i i ... .-i. i1.-, .ill i. ,_lt. i. .- r .....' f t he li.....ii ii l, by M atthevs
purpose, and at tihe same time, in tile Capitals ry, .. I ll i....... ....1 i xertions have not been I i.'l 1i '. I R. fl -. ,.1. ..1 extraordinary3
ofi .exico and Peru. crowned with complete suei'css, they will not to the king, fellow of the Royal College of Phy.
be found discreditable to the naval honor of our siciails in London, and honorary fellow of thi
Bo'toOt .Iain. 2. country. Royal College of Physicians in F i...ti .i &c
The .sllip lost on Nauset Beach, was the it ,, I beg you will be pleased to acquaint, their Third '.. t !.-.... ...- li c L....i I .......
M orriso of Newburyport, I. ... l ..ui Petro and Lordshipd that, l--i;." r--1.-i,-- I tih -trvey li,, \ t i.,: ii.i., ., ,,,-.1, .-.. .
St. illo ins 1 days f'r-on i i B ostont.- v"est I.... i . i .. ..: ny l ,t.' : ". ri, i. -- i l,. I i.' I',
A few rinds. ol her cargo, and some of the vessel's turn, and being .ui, oi I t. : igl.., aspos- ersteth- ill i. ,1.--- i, :| 1 .,,f*.1 ,
n,-toerials saved-- about 5000 dis. In specie, had il l ri,, ....,,,,, ,r ., i,. .. i ,. ,,, season It '. I Lr.,
been picked up--same of the ... ... boxes were 1i.-.. ..... i i i. .Ih. navigation of :i..:,. i t q- ,, :
itarked S Parkman, jr. & co. and J and J I.. .r. .-. I I. c I i ...1:.1. .1 it right to i.r 11, ih. t-' l 'I-i:' ,.i t" i_- Ti-tIrl ., N
A gentletnan who left W elfleet on Saturday (t i-.. rr ,,, i. in. a.nt ....f t..t, ,,.....i,.: 1-i ,..- r h ilL following prizesmay be -' front
morning understood that 9 ia .C ...- r, ,; h. ', and Lee, a more fill account of th!. -, I ishall a tile wheels of the Literature I. i. ,
I were saved-ao iong the 1.-.. I .. I, pas- only, therefore, add, that having accomplished 4, viz :-1 prize o' ;..'i,Uii, 1do 10,000, and pri
sigelr-- the capt. and supercargo perished lashed the object now in view, I hope to reach England zes of 1000, 'O, l i'i, II ,.1 t .r ., ...... of 10
to the quarter rail-sle struck at 10 o'clock, and by the first week in November. The Capital .i i: ..1 :,*'. ..I'II', i II .I ,1 be pu
wr- t to pieces about 1. Two of the bodies hilad I have the honor to be, &c. in the wheel i..-I-......1-- iti..
reen found. The 2dmtirte and 3seaimen reached W. E. PARRY, Lieut and Comr. Price of Tr 1. r, ,, .....' tion.
the shore alive, wsenr the ship was parting.. i Pry four more drawingsto comple.i Ire Lottery1
I ie letters per Rolla. canw on sliore, and were M/' R R I t' D. Tickets anrid Shares for sale at P. CAY
received at the Po.st Oficer last evening. Last venin_-,. -" R. Wi. Parkinson, Mr. FIE L_,. i'., -'l I. itate Lottery Ofice, No. 12
Thie Leander, Oririon, and ,1........ ...I ', M l.i n: ; i r .
driveni o 0 r i I i Stage Hlarboi. 'c In.... 'i- ,- I h t ., I .. .. ,
the ic -- i comlinhig into Ilyalun -... .... .,,, ,. D l..: ,.:tI i I.,,t ',, ,. t',. ., '. ,,
i. ri on shoic, amonng thie ro.ks, at high water, On Tuesday evening, after a short illness, Mrs. ly answered, by i ( ;
(wind on shore) where siue remained 12 hours, T.ANKITIsir. WIL: ,' 14'i years. Inliher death Who sold (while, with the Managers) the twv
ut got ofT, without any injury, except o her ca- it ima .. .. ii ... ,. deprived of one of its ,., ,I P.: f '-; '. i..]i ;,, lg i
blues, her bottom not having touched the rocks- in. .i0 r. i ,: ,l,,j and useful membl r? .. I of ,li ,' .' ..
Mniie of her cargo was taken out, riThe sloops O : ..i., i .1, consumption, i i- ..i .. Uicurrct. i- 'I .- i...- Iought andri sold on t l,
,Il ,rriwly escaped going on shore, the M. having oh 6 months, at the residence of iis L,,,..-i',,, L, ,,, l
tourlled. Albany co. Pi,. T-oon, of the house of Brown & most avorable terms. jain
On Saturday, atsuit set, saw a greatuumber 1r.,r -t ;. ..i. 7 i .- t'ersage. ONLY rtli DAYS-
oftmeni, ;, .I l-.. .., at work ic c.. ... r.. ,,, i- ,1 .. '. ter_ a gerS g y .,,,,|I t_ i, I Pterature Lottery, and thh-
saviDg [a,' l,. : f..... a wreck, ,, l !L ,. I l ,,, ,, ,I'I J2, illPal ii i yTaria I ..... -,- w ,l 0t Prizes still rnndra0 :
The schlri Rapid, Anderson, hence bound to l a...l ...', .... .., 1 f 2I000, of 10,000, I of 5,00. :-
T-entor, took fice on Saturday night last near the 77th year of his age, a soldierof A,.. ,. ,,,,,' A few Tickets and Shares for sale at the Lucky
Fort Indepeindence, and ran ashore at Spectacle At Southbury, Con. the Hon. Ctutis Hinman, one Lottery Office of N. .11 i'\ H, 155 Broadway.
Islanct-vessel burnt to the water's'edge-the of the mtrembersof theSenateof thatstate. Promissory Notes, and prizes in former Lotte-
captain, t .. il ., -lost their 11 '- ".' -irs. Sidney Lewis, tu.i1d 7 ; Mrs. ries, taken in payment. ian 4
cloting I 1 i'.l .. H n ir r n..1...,1 35.-AtLisle, Y. .1. ira-Cook, in iI inA i'
r, thtintg22 --Ai linroe, N. Y. Mr. Jonathian Archer. o75- --]Pw
The brig Iitdependence, Capt. J. G. Low, of aPt "Pr V -VMrs. Harriet illas 0. t Capital Prize f 25,000 will be put in
this port, arrived at Gloucester on Saturday Auburn, Mrs. Winchester, 35.-At Buffalo, the wheel, when tbere will be only tihre.-
lorniig last, from St. Petersburgh, it being the MissCornelia Ann King, 17.-At r;,.... ,. yMrs. inore drawings. There are also floating
second voyage out and home which site has per- I;.... ..... ioca;, N Y 11. ...... iro n 1 prize of 10,0.inii .1 :li i
formed this season. She sailed front thissport for. 'I -. H. '. M i ... do of ,,3ii ...,
St. Petersburgh March 25, discharged htier cargo I: % 11 ...... -At i ii, -I it (. ,t I. -. i-\,,. i..1 -- ".. ..
there, and arrived here with her return cargo. ." ....,' &- I .. G. & R. WAITE
Aug 14-sailed again Sept. 1, and left St. Peters- Mr[ a n, ", -, ...... Hae a few warranted undrawn Tickets, which
burgh on her second return, Oct. 29. -.,,,.'.'. ... .. .. .I -- ,, i-.t.,,,_. they will sell at i eact, if applied for immaed..
.- n.i ... i .. 1 .. n ui.. .. lately, at
Bridgeport Connecticut Couriner, Jan. 3. atr 1... .. .. .. Jo.54Maiden-lae, or : -. ,,,.i ne'
-" '. Occurrence.- On Thursday eveiinf g ic ,,. 1I .,in .I ,. .. -' j r an 4 to St. Pa .. I .-
-e l .... eight o'clock, the inhabitants of this Ci-.. C. 1- ,. '-.t"er E- '. L 'i" ILLESPIE's Prize List-Grand ANation,,.
borough were alarmed by the cry of Fire which TMr ..r. I .. ..-In Rorbessn co. C Lottery, 4th Class
wit11 a sudden glnre of hight, aIlto by a slight ,' I: ,,,,,i, iherso T ;;I l,, r ir.. i,' j ,' .,.. ,', .
fall of snow, created for a few nitonents, sersan- hi ; ,.I ,, '1_ ,, -, ... .. c,,._t. .,in r i Non s. "> -. i > I l., 10O.
lions of terror and consternation which i ay very ,I. i. .i .1.... i .. i ,.n _i i ,i..,., i "i, Both solo .I' t ..!l' i i'.
naturally be felt by a people n id ii,,i a p-laner i i i,'i.r i .i 1 I .... -. A t .,,,,. (i ,,, '1, T. he L ottery n ill d ras a ai to-n r o i
so compactly and so combustibly huilt T'le fire, I t"oisu C. Joihnsoni 25.-At Marion District.S f trshe he rnceiet nin hourdmry. It
we soon learnt, irig irated at the village of Old ucr ',,, c', Il .1 I ,.ety lill S. (?. h d i l be received on on y. pru-
Mill, about a mile anid a half distant in a ,1 'h : 1 -,1, -,1:, ., i ... ,-i.. Tenn. Elilh sent price of I ', I -- ii ,, it propor-
,titrerhy orccupihi bvi r. a u i ...i ..n I--, .. ..-., ,_ .- ;,,. rtony but will. r .,, in, li -... ie 15th inst.
o, d.,, lormerly occupied by Mr; Darius Ful- :,,,,,I ;, h r ,,, :, ;. '. '. a I, i, Cash will be advanced ott "he prizes as s eon ;a
some, deceased, and in which hris aged widow .i,,, i ,, 1 -i ..... t. r Samuel drawnl by Gillespie, i 37- Bro1dway
lately lived, and died, inconsequence of a fit of ., :, ,i, I, r, ., Samuel Pier jan 5 2 dorsn mirth City-Hote
apoplexy, wcich f-frled iner into the fire, she be- pout, !2.-At East Haddam, Ct. Jared Spencer Esq.
ig the only tenant of e thr e house. But a most 58 ; Miss EizaBrainar, 19.-A Hartford, Ct. 1r. TYLEPR'S PRIZE LIST.
singular and : 1iI... .. .. ,,,,,. is, that the Nathaniel Smuith, 52.-At Prctt]n. Ct: Miss ,' -, i F RAND NATIONAL i. ..: i[, LOTTERY,
very person who discovered her in her last dis- Stanlon, 2:-At Fairfieli I r i Bethuel *'. third class.
treming atg:onies, was the very person wl h as 76: Mr. Jonath'an ,.1..,,' ; Airs. Eunice ii. 12.' .'.- .' ,. ".
now fallon a victims (through hlr own d aed man,757--.At Weston, Mr. Eliphialet Jennings, 58 Nos. '11172, : I.:t, 104150 -
and vicia1is propensCties) to the same des api CatSenul Diuuk At Bonsn Mr Je 601e iah, re36ne 5 35 t a 5okets.
element. The widow Huldah Baker, a poor, Lincoln, 60: Mr. Jonas Amres, 49; Mr. Timothy lreewlale tLckets.
dissipated, wretched vagrant, whoin the lifetime Fletchier,40; Mr. W .Elli. -... I '.,h.' i,, [ ; Sti at TYLERte.
of old MIrs. Folsoem, frequently called at her fitven treemnan, 85.-At Ci, ,. i. n -i,.. Gai of hlie wtheel this day 330 dollais.
,,,, *1 ,lii.i-, ,'i-, mad latterly made it .. i ;- t. ,ii t- t it, .31; Mrs. ', ',, i ,. -, 2: Draws galineO Folu tint otti t inab .ait
.,,..... i,r, I,, ,g ".. ; on thate\,eningrc'ur,- ,, ,.- i, Ma-s. Mrs Prudeni e MI:arsh,72.--At On.Moun Iy tnext T'iketa- will ;'nthn- /ce to 14
ed home with thie means, if nrot in atn .,, -- 'n .*, Als. Sal Patesinter 3--At -New.on. dolls. s. ltil 10 o'clock on Saturdiy night ii,. ,
i i r r e i t OS t r c lise la'aCrackbrne. 17.- At oblri,, h ,,,,,11. ; innnt b ine halr, ,, -- i.. i. lnt Ic. *
sltar .In i .... .i a and, awful to relate, end- r 1, 1-.-. i i .-i i iCi. na .boie l i t.t u.. -re ... X- l -p
.. -.... with her life, in the iames go -- i. l .. ,. ,,. 1 au1 l h $ 1 '
t- t '.-', ,- ",l s-- 'thui s leaving behind r ... ,. ,1. i iir 1 S. '. to be drawn:- 1 pze''cf
Ier, to these add ictedt th ,tie worse tian brtish t .1 I.',, .... -- ur of 10 r i of in ,. I 4S"
priuctic ofr dunke,'ness, tis sat orme.nto-Jiei S n.. tr of .- 0i- i* of w0- 4' of 10ll0u-belid. a large
cl bra helc, soleabrutesEdied. Jr Woodran 57,.i-', : ... srs. Ei' no.e onl 50, ad ,t;,i lerpriz.

T Vashiar2glan Mronumrt Loeter".-p.Considera- Sti lt.37.-A o 't .i, ae'a 111 Dlp S
bl- excitement ,'--e ....,-f, ....1 ,I;,, this city yes- Srav, 4t t Mr. JohninJ.ohiiso' : ; ,Miis Nancy Laun- o. )D V,"IO.1L LO TTERY' : "r
terc ly,lby the 'i ... i l.. 1.. i,,n which was derkin -At Cnicord, N. H. Mrs. Loiols t'-ri.'.. 5 .. 1 S c road x.'v, Ner -Yoit.
accalplised in a lewt hours, and prizes to te a- Deathls in 'ew-l-IIaven, in the ye.ir 1820, 1e5. i l 1 .

tmountof one hundred thousand dt(illars di.'tritUt- -
ed amoiig the fortunate holders nf tckets-'lte' IfPHLADELPHI[L/, ,ar 3.--p.-low,ship MaI g-1. .. l .'., I
five great capitals were disposed of at thaliblow- net, Garwood, I.riesrl, F.rc richer Etrpuriz, ca, m, U., TST received anld fr i h ,le hby SA-V.UEL
ing oices Richnmornd ait a ]. brig nameni. .. urknwn. \ VOO1 & SONS, attir Prl' Wa\reHii-,"
Non.1134, a prize of .40,000 doI nls was se At Newcactle. Sp.iip ili Arr--- .CII, -,'hit'eor I P1ar -street-l124- rea.nns ttnick .\\tic.a.
from Gillespic's tfice, to ai gecileman i Boston ro t! ons or to .- Tile A. left it O kn it., g aper 0 do- f"edo w.
No. 2'265, a prize of 10,000 dollars, at Coheui's schlr -ari"a 'ir a' PthI re, in r dars, T-.e. r:!; jn


C'O.V. IERCI.-l 1 .-ID! '"R. TISEFt,
.January Ist, 1821.
O iEs more re nrnslte ddayof mirth,
W\Vhei picisure dances round the hl...iIh.
Vsi-a r .,aur., 'lIid. .],, .jid grave and gay,
: ri "V Il .,l., l l..I j,,..mf l ll., ;
W h en r i .i .,.l *- .II ir ,'ui e ., I arrJo mr r,: .
*.." ,a.,.;r,- i, r .t eet-ltearts r.,1l'., greet;
,''. in a i ilr.'-n 11) ,.iit niarrblel' p it ,:
I .. r ii I I' i.rI iai -i rm .i t lIa r.t' t ,
When dandy cits and country beaux
-., 1r i;... [l '- l .hul -i .' ,, S ii Ill. ,
', ,In hr .n ii n ; .. d it6 l b-..ll,
i-h ,.. h. .,,'d hy ( .i J ad ne '.' i. 11,
D-ck'dl out in nature's rosy bloom,
.\- I hi. itn 1 i. festive room,
And, sprightlier than the hart or ron,
. .. dri, .: lig hi f.t islic toe ;
i t. i. -i' ll,. ir w ntttd labhour.trs
mil ierkirng up 'lit lIai .n,..i ,-r t in. i.' .i ;
Vhe l eanitad .'t '.., u, ,a thi i .l ,?
s..!i .,, i .1 .. l r il .i ,r id. l pPobe ;
*I t I, 1 .. ll.. l1, ., C 1 Irl l f II ll :..1
'..l a..p iIl.-rr ,at ,I 1.-- ..'. t..',' fees
Sta ,..I ini '-at tii.v i l iie i al h hoardg,
` | ,| 1 L I I | .11 I- It'.ll hl Ih r |,.,. l .
\nl-, h-1ij n 111 ." i hh ihi it' newsW
Awakes betlines his drowsy muse,
lI hal -Ir1 e ll y a i' l .ra hi imn .r, ilrs rll,.' ,
By' tIF.iainI. I.t ih I ir w 'I rai. .5r" .*
But how shall we our song ,-,.; ,
lii n l Pilt.. I i.w efil me Tl',-l..,.: fA l tl
Jl.;i' -t. -l A i 1,l irle' n lI .rr.. eli,
In sounding l e 1. ir i notes before ?
hi. l.Ii r i% % e I 1 m lhll, n .r eW ;
t liitlll:l'.tl ih ll to 1i t- i in '. .I *Pw ';
No iattle-fiehis, no blood and thunder,

"I i ,, I I" n, in i uhtil r.iia a n:' ,
As erst when first the sun arose,
Theearth from darkness to retrieve,
%,1 .I ,lMhr i!,' on i .tl .rl-: 1:<..-
ali., i.lr, l ,.i i alr I lst 'aIc k Il their armi s,
And thus we're freed from all alarms,
S .- *l.i. 1 fiir-rnd Nau.ali .i. 'l.i.,
At -h:a.lin *.f- l-' ki t i'M il hl..
Or whei :r--,f Doctrr I Verplank,
Irf o: uhl In: I arirni: ,ari l t h B ,.'i
Alnhii.la through 1%lt. Cujoltimbia'i ln:;.,,
WVt''r -e 1 'i' late inil ii l,1 7h.u1 N.,
Yril[ i.lh n %t' .lance to 'liahnre remote,
I:. 1llli, o :otIri.r,- nd iuitir.J'rdr ia nulte,
r'l.a.li on Itis :. ,lm. h III i eIt ,
LIn- lill nmr.: .rirenimig fro.nm di,- ..,y.
I.,t. ,'a1 j-ar', day hriali lt ictjui- ito:e
utt L.U r,,Ie's irkli e ,i I to dichl.1 i ,
I i: I.iy -I-'i:J foih a liilid I ht,
r... Iini l ti .';ece iti' glot-my ni.ilhl,
it lI. De:ponii'm, side airJ tlar,
t'irill 'd e "-r. tnhoin t hi' r.tr
F nr Fre'-.d 'm frim ier Ir iOUra,..tair, *ear,
j.4,.t-liJ ilic s.Imom atid diopr ,.1 tear.
I,1 lil.- rise Dove of old, shetound
,;'Uo leli p lice upon h t h. r.i.iJ .
SiidIlenr r it srmP -..i-lt arm
fitil I.ekt: Ii., ol'.-:.i) ide-p.l1 I ..h rm,
II. iron iroin and trk pire fell ;
Ap..J o'er earh inanitain.. plain and dell,
'1 te hrouis ol Liberty, so rare,
Came ruih;bnz wildly through the air !
Spttin where of lafe her tears and blood,
lad minded in a purple flood,
Tu rei.cue Ifroin a tyiasn's hand
The crown and monarch of her land-
But where ala! the iet'ry came,
S. second bondage io proclaim,-
10%w de-lir'J tirst to lead the way,
\ hill r.pilure caught lb' nspiring Iny,
'lihilh ihrll'd through tery ti-n'rous breas a,
i, [ii ril.: the alinigli'. ruonarchi i creMe '
l', i all1 i1 i. real tihe %ai Sal It'hr.ng,
lin hr' uls prUilaniin d lte ir, l oilte soilg,
1\ itih onai thiouglh every duntgeon drear,.
1ll on lithe ond'ring |,ri."oner e ar :
i liti t i 'l i priet with arigryv sco- u l,
Iecitl d t IhnIl hi muSll.y col :
it( in tIll tiLr tag-e, their effort i aint
ThIre |iin, rfl lorreilnt ir. reltrain .
Clhiians, laks and igr le; alike di.solv'd
Ihr -aiuls in rulin'- lre invo'l'd ,-
Nor lnatii I hlieii I lay tl o leil,
Th'!: bloo.ly Inquis.ili n full
Thcn apalca--ioie, and hiu- unfurl'd
Pr..ud FI-eed.im s banner to the iurld
\\M le s'.;l'l lie soul-inspiring freeze.,
:.. u.I 'e lihe lo,'pid PortugrUEEe-
DLrpeli'd the li.ane.s of inunkish pow'r,
And gas,,e them 'rli edonul in an hour.
Lini mait) lire iol1le reign and long
Ti.h,.ir Ioro Jrdni- awalir- the song:
We le.n e these ,enl_.- and g.'e in %aj,
ror ,t1J"LIt to enrich ur 0 It -ruin.
\IraP., other nallln., '. -titer d o',er
Fniau,1a t m ainiiart i., ighlti, or alhor'.
\11'lih' itth.r pldildntg u..rlihtn ptowc:.,
Art dJoriar, oIl LLe ir.Jiini hliourt,
i"he icm.t and il 'ot tat lu .:i a C-.,r
-till c.,ilerIlta+ ihr.trmi ul >i.i'r.
\til nhlt'e eusit a lu '',' id a m r.ala.arl.':,
lie tcant'li'.e- il. ik s itli e, .... I'' ,la i,
ul' t a, h r. i a.,O r, Ii a la lafle'rai UtJ. t'' ?,
Slihe i i-. / hi: farl 'iite tr,'e
Mi .., ait ade tlant biik t.ld IdJ), i' ancc,
a 'e lrn,, tip uie til:.;, Jlt e,
H,.i .',,,r I.t, it IIeI othel rauan,
.Strt.il'-" uilun bambe was born !
...d I.juJi'ther' rtniii1r'i Ia'il nv ilhoul,
.\id ult .aid ho1 5tl I |trtgilt- laomut ;
Wlhia itr'aitiptli hiar.e dnd claim r1,i a"1.
Aud Iu-;ol, ,-..i.ad l.in hill Io iill,
'.., ditiiou:Lirate the nati on's i,,y,
Aiid l.:t lilu- ;v fpl-rl'e ted L,,, '
rAnd e",'' lr Je uO-ainie're,

'J'h ip'rtr l ll,- d t i ;', i-.ir. ia -.' .. .
Tlhe at .inl..,J l ih jin .' l -a]y grl.' i'
\Ve in "t ,m lIl lini:er ,, u I lit.,
Ott Englatid's uol lasI.a,, hit .iat t 1 l, It'

Thnt IAe Ao Ija if for ages long,
For g meir -, uti-a iIllsy 1i1. a 'ing :
. hI-re gliary. lintnanr, art'r-[ .Lhi l 'arI c.
a laverais'd o01 iigh the Brii-i. tillie;
And wliere, as pa'riols knosf tall well,
A Il,.d i,.Jii, L.,I d Iutid Si Jiey tiel

But where, alas! in modern days,
There little to crrmnarand our praise.
Old Mr. ,1ull in -aurly mood,
Is watching o'er his factious brood,
Who heed not giibbet a.e, or tiun,
So they can liave their fill of fan.
i:. .r,,lsy .,in in early life,
r,1ai6 rd I-i 'i.-k 'i taint a wife,
To save him finm li shli ill's lIbet r,
WV tho lie,1 i ,t ili. a2 .t i i kiliot.k'r *
BIut hth, .hI"- I.:.n '.) -inuuiin as 0 ter,
He kiarnJlIht mk d arr uut irdoorr ;
And bade her down life's current : float,
tIm .ti.ral -lillm'i i2 D' her bc.-i .
i-.-' I.d1, nti t l mail.r,r m,-,d,
in lir i. : gir. l tin d jllijiJde,
Though oft the gloorn was lightened, with
Trhe c.jir.lany 1' 51Sl.tiry Smith.
;.. in; -li,,ii.5 Is Jond of classic lore,
llti ,o. .i. iire ..in. d 'o explore
[I.; cli'; iet lslrien i :aiI- aJid herilll;t i uii
\\ hir-e: .'. lo died, m lite : Hc r e in. t it l t ,
And where the dauntless Dido sleeps,
An,]d Algi,..i h-r -;raLliij i'ls i'
A'ivi i.1 in lialy, nur Jdame,
L'.ik d ba .kn bliilih t;il -il -thame
I',r :.' O t lie ti ld she could ot il d :h-on,
IS\\ li ciciinrr i'm alr.1 y El i -l lfahis..i,
And ,l a ni i ri-:e, iamd niil t h a.Jii uri,
She pack'd offhonie hier Englith court,
AnlJ tral .lit. %a hi t li'd 1.1 ,Milan,
in -LUrch I .lhie i.iht litt l en ittu.n,
To ru Iran iill. n, 'rr e i i i.Lsii.ads,
And n, a n t lia h.r in ,t.jr rril.:-.
lip :ini ,-i-.-nias fiainmr1 thl tiling;-
A substitute for Lu.iuiad s kin,-:,
Who though of late oft cleatis'd a stable,
\t Ilt r ..h in cited Ilo hi:r luilt,
it ,ild;r.- of pn.'l : e.r;n.r. id r ,
N'-0( iliuic-h d'ir l iil Ii. t1Ihr l -
c" il l i- dear IH.i';.m i, 'i; Ilii,
I itl o il aunt ri .' ,I ,l ble sit.
You ride so well upon the way,
fi % nih iuir iIo'al :.,'If, I t..,-.
t" Q tiil il ml11 dianoii., 'larch t and mouldy,
s.inig hise 1 .it, ('carnouij.r- Oldi.
"N one rial ii.\% i ac: -l,.il i ..1 r i ri r i tiiii,
S-iiirng I|illitr, Ith.-n, Ilhl Iatllir.i aania
Bring me Fauslina-any olh,. r- -
u" Y rini Vh-iiint.-, aind i.(y old uin lhir.
I lr.it ian u.ia ':- il, -li .,ii; 1. Iat a ll. l
"I ,". r, und t.B,,tail.bring: tlnm all.
y Is' --Ic tlar ,i-- ir' on lli.r ile,
** I i ', r Irn ... L 'luiiL--.,ull : I .it lity i it- a
r rr t ,
U lien old li;n, Ge-r-rL-e 'tu- i%- 11 inurr'd,
Hi r i'.%elt i', -li i hord. ielirnii'd,

1 itle il. ,rn I ,e'.d Ii h hi.I cor rina.-';a,
As leader of ihLo opposition o
T., i-,.u;.neran her lord's commands,
And squeeze (tl- lalbli- a .-e.,y i i.,lt,
And make them for her virtue pray,
At least as oftl ~ t tMice: a day.
I tie KiM g, a ihea.llih}, rut.u-tl i'flll ,
Witli bitr lierfhal- ai little mellow,
Resolved to fright his royal spouse,
.nid r.ad other break again Io tbrov.iee
That he might scramble up alone,
That crazy i.;e. lie R.I1. h throne.
I:.1h slin: lt tl'.|ii.urni G.risa.n neilile,
ilefiis'd with \Vilherli.e to 'ilIlen,
l'h'atagh 11 Iehe nation a v ery d Jy,
From morn to ranbih should for her pmra
She sore oultrihlt the Brit.ish liun,
The dragon was that she would fly-on ;
And that tie people snora, should sing,
Of G,',rge the Qiue i, and .'/he the King!
Slie ralble sent by Mi. Brougham,
Soon fil'd up ee'ay inch of room,
ThroURl uall Ihe silreets ofi l.don toot. n,
Andl all the alley- up and down,
Froit Chrlton-bhou to Huggin-ireen.
To gFi(rt heir l.:ely, injur d Queen.
'The Queen rode lfoib in coach und four,
And bow'd at eatery nle-I.ou-e dool,
1'u ladies deck'd in fine peli:e,
I enat out for eighteen perne a-picr.cf.
Witli ribbands, laces, bibs and tuckers,
.And rTl' and iadil., and frill, and pucker:,
%a ith linsey-ouoolsey trinm'd ivith blond,
.tAnd o-tlich plume- to curre'pond:
Mcalt.tione the Lordis ilh rev'rend grace,
Are i,.t ely attring If."c,- tto face,
l' i"ing meaiin to rid the King,
Of th.-, editiou'. I,..ii-onous Ilhincr
And now to end it.;- lovely story,
Huzza hia, ta f'.r .lJani : 'Ih..', ;
t'lay all .uur i.a i1 nd daughter. be,
In de'edr ulf iLtu ...-t like i4,e '
DLtar niic" Ind i' n hmee we lutn,
Where Frrdom U .dis.ni contanrtl burLti
athlie kinsn .din r.'.ii I d ,. and 'te an 'lid ine,
Ila'e ft un.r.idn ] dour chrerl'ulichine ,
Whcirt: uo're't iih lull and fertile plajin,
HeI'allh, pieaet .lntite iit.nd [Ilernil rl:i-M;
\l e'e la .nc clie l, al, jutit.e Itiu:e,
And free alike to richl and poor;--
A eliool hoijiu.- lhert'-.s ienple ll, r, t
And coin ci, iia'' ftre'e ai fln iieL', i riia hr
-s:-I aret tIe bleliicsit hr l ..nr :h a lis I .iar,
catletr'd in tilt i prol'n-ri.,n t ne '
.leit- m.-.ill I cl, mny .t'.~.aiii- bun no;
NI-. -'..i- I inu- rn lit h ari, r et' I t .
N t ''1a'i.Iu allm hrin hlii, -I ti'e-tri n sihr,
[as art, -.' I'u e ..c a.',J,- ,.r wa r
.a]t )s.ar unmi o'. d, Ii pr-ji, irr.', .
Amidst the furious battle finty,
NiIt thlen rn ai, more lirnaly l-'-1,.!
lAb tL e tI- o.'ce.ni' .titny !I.-.dJ.
Uin( iin,\ nil.- .' III eiiir *l.hj :,
Sll.iit e )I.iJed t l the ml'listi; ;I,,i ,
And lhke a rrt-i. ,lI', .,ia i.' l,
She floats the sport of ee.,'y p t,.:.
I'i srIar'.e. 'li- im't -1 pr.,ii-r;im;i,..r ai n.n ,
[ ,ri in *h:i:h 'r : am'r .a rliouil i hilk thit l it n.i:,
a. lir hteri he ,u.ai nh' rai e rtntt nif mur h
li- cou niri ihllm a L.ir i-u ni ir illh. ta tril,
tria illh i r I 1. i r, .ti.J -i. l.iy l1hirt,
B n. ildi.'" id ,ull tl b [lit I.[ ; -ir.I :
t*....*. el-e inoud tan at morn i.,l.e,
,- "i n il ;. Li ,i1 r ',-r" |.;,k .
a'd It J< ,l t i. kr'. lit ,ir e -a ii" e1 e,
Ot all hi a i-.. ti-i i~ar'l, inoke.' leave ;
iNay, go, ar:, \'ihh lIne nuht ott I 'a,-e Ii,

It 't,,iirii'u, l-.ill I,, a,,, i, s .S ,a.ech '
\ lii cl.- til LL[ {|.a'- ,..'..,iii in !pin .,
Could tinalk, -CIcli it.Lih' e CAl.i..
.i i? elh.en centi L.'iarn,, of | ;tn h,
t I;f'r thle ctap'tal of -r,. ,j i -

S BEh*Jd'-but 'tay-T'm quite nnale, If thus, 'tisnot as I hadfear'd :" ERA- MTI-HIALL AC.lENIV, AGENTS FOR THE N. YORK .PECTATOR
Tuo aint lie scen--so take a ftble:- "ia'a 1 tl exuctily tha.t-Ibut still,- Ftlaibuswh, L. I. 4 rrt: r.'f,roI NeWAc-. Ir?.I iN IPPERA r,.ADA.
U.nce on a time, rt kleg.nd, lell, Lord Liverpool's withdrawn the.billt; UNDER I IE in L .r Ti ON F r'i tn -Jl, a: ul. Er'1. P. IJ'.
A huntsman, rambling thrrjtl a dell, Wiib carcea Ie,. to stand apon," iTS Aa,]eiy ,-, ...Ib;.nr te advrtages of -.t.nn ,' ., I.
S (Where .,lnce i eld I n sullen egl.am ?Her ....:, if nr:.1 later I-''t, ., won, 1T io. m Altate it,,-. n S iirici a 0 tohe 'Ir roe- ti' t ,- R (A rt. ri

lr..-r ar,..-;.n, clrla rle as the 'r.l,,' Ar,d all tIe xw .,ers' bungling tropes, ., kiil..,: lhe Ilnt ,. a tS f ,.',t,,no:,,r, "nI .t L,] t .Vi. -,,'-,',,,-- ,M \u,r L.a,,ct-c.rp, LiL.ra.ijt.
Was startled at til' irnausl nu Are blasted, with theirmonarch's hopes l" and exnsepla of dueuaton. r, -- .a3 I" Esq.
TERMS, pTF: Q 'II qI.T r:,,r--[\I.T .},,, Q ,.
Of vicee. 'h,is: i or rear lhe rl- .rJ <,it r_ .llern.ijli, nd t\ Ilin. n,- i Board, and tuition t iu t,. Ia i ;ai J uJ r,:k n[e Th ,I .. ,:. I. .l-'d. i S ,," ht'. 1
Ti.,n ri in lrcin I It rit' li;r,. brL it. h t.h lia h Mlla, N .:t'i ll. R.l,.,a suI1, Classics or Mathetmnti'i- .i C0 0 iS |ai. ih .'ii.'; ... ''r annum. "
lie quick espied a folded snake, Earl tir I.u r 1 1-tI trot by and Eldon, ] Bonrd, ann titiont il e, &1 '.h, h 2 00 t-
The Head and Tail, like angry elve, Your labours surely were not well done ; I .--,1 .i. -T';i.. ;Tr ClasOs or i .. M A
[E. ,,,,..cr er,;,in .,h Ii ,-.-njives! And Westmoreland, ard Liverp,.,ul, M,;l :Cl'si s8 00 UNITLPD S 0A'. 1ta A E lA.
i.A.ll, I,, ill J.rrn lic ri;fe, WVih lu ,.,..:, should be'sent to school, I- i Ei'glish, &c. 68 00 In tme District / t .1 .',,
(.ur h.in, .jf Iaua ilhoul a wifei) l.- i..,:' y, strive again tobaulk, a F ,..I ,. ,; no Intsl;,,, ,. pupils pay- and '...: ./ .r. ,, :. I ct,,.r
-le pan.'.-- ',iri rlim.e i a in liis gun, A BritishQ ueelf, with eye f lo hawk. a1 '...a L..l tir ,t ,-' ., 4 t11 t r7.t-,: ., ', .'it(.,',r,./Li. 132,.i
Heard I, .e f .i..-rr,, r: 0: I cotildnUw l,.,Le r ak volumes, Boarders provide their own Beds, &c.- our said Court, begun ind held at Wind-
Ti 7.,' / n It : ;p -j '.- Too long proud Head, ',i.j I'-..l. b n oati these lengthened columns, Payments, quarterly in advance. qort, within, andit -.r Itc ..1.1 ,i- :r, ,i..1 i t', I..
S,_ 1.1i,1tr tJ i te'.,.. er 't.: ledI ; I r pr t a e l r ct of of iiotle. fame, 7.C .. ." ., .l I i .rji ,h ..n [ n ed '
Through '.,..; d. r.a k-o,u ,- r thorn 3i] hbrra ble, \Vho thus has put her lf I o'la t nm,! ,., .-, It,.... ,. .j t ', i,'- I I I' "tair..... '-mt it.. .. \'f ,rrld .
At your b .l t I ,,r, 'A I,. rraml.I,-, She now with Bergami may ride, 4 .. .. .. .I ,tl c .1 ,I .I .,.. '..,.. :n a i. ith, to ttie
ir,,d v a,.si r igial il. j.,urn ry'z O' 1lt h;i, ,la c,- ar i-r sde. i,..: ,, ,. ,-, .- L a Irr. l :t :,ii. II, r,t '
[ it a tli-lid l .l d rat vou rti a.,re' *(, twir. t ,a i I th ll' r bi lule rl out, It A,' r t i l a .h '"I th. L ,,. .i i ', ,i ,c"
I er ra-a al .i alyp;e, And w i .r tn a k out; es C tI E v I I 1 it Hudson owe, and fr,.ii tl. i l ', i,-,l re. U i. I,I
The Head in accents mild, replied :- r ; M jig iver,iand SoutithrnPartof Poughkeepsie Town- l. i h i. .i,.i, ,Jnt. ....t I .\' ..
'' Dea.r T. /, I know ul" no at .itt ClarI.I In .it. ol mIt iriut ial ',1,: .-- :lhI iti ......,m of the \V I ,... ( r. i.. I From .i. 1 i'l-v l ix..,., l ,e' i. 1, a, i, ., l ,-.r oIa L.'tr.I L,,.
F.i 't ih..i *' rC ur ,t r .,i hr,' .ln ,i Can stay at home, or rai:kward fly, .*ytI .. r, .,-' E s elon sal i.a I '- .i., I.-, for i i .' ,i' '.l.lIl'" r.1. i 1 ,, -I nt i' ,i.>i, I. itlir a1.t
F., \ I.L t ., i". I has its gooditi a run of nt business ," '.t h l-i i. t 0 1 .1 .I it", t, ili'i, itl' I. a t.,, it-. 1,
F. .. ti ,. lur l, I ,h mIh ,,i:( i.m enI.'.,-. e aTo Iltc ,rn,,olb hike in Italy as any la ending on the river, arid its business in- .-,., ,'0* ', ,I 1 i I. ,'h, ,' i t, I 'il--..I ,tit ..
Ihal II .. 'A. F .tlsI iul. t ..I.. iele ,ad Andyet nofoe cani lfix npon her, ir ,..;-.a It '. I ,antr tl l.1t tin ', to a ,.,,' vf. ii.ili ia., t.h. i,. .I,' l -i t ... it, l .11
\..d I. i. r, .r h,_id ir, d,: l, v. 'r.-, A tn-t h a. rar er,'e5. ti i ti r I. 1I...... thy and p.,-.,,," ,.,,- i.' ,I ,t -1 ,.,Ih is such i ',' I ii, .,. i .rl L ,'' t ;, I : .t i
A Tail, stone-blind, should go before? happy King of happy state, that it cannot fail of i,,.-. -1 ','i -' ttten- .- ,,n. a ..I a,,I ,,.h1. 't.,, I~ I, uiln
t Tinm f orni -h'J nil ash go a r e i tow swep ase ,t and pleasant is your fate, tion being paid to the l.1 : .' t,. i i,. their ,.,.I Ia i. .... .l' I,,,, ,,, I I, .,,
lin if rni.e ilt d eil%%;11 h i in I .r,K o. t an l .1-1-im aa rate ... .., i. .. ... ., .r
Oi e `1 :L7e Ahan [itlg,.'r s l ,li- T, ,,. i d; l"yr o i ." I -I rotrte' o n il.,I -..'.,p l ,..,t,' ,, i i tr. 'aa hit. il, *i ,i. .i ,ihi'.i'i'a]r,.l ,r, I ht I,-I. ., .
Entabiled thus each fot to spy, d, prihee, do not letyo r n, ... ,- -,,,-, ... ,, welling- I, ,. .,
And front aiarnis to i I.I) I, Between you both, now tun ,ble downit ,I 'I i, ,t ,,,. ,a, ., ; n I ,,* t. I i i .... il.,,.i ,tlr .I
\,.'.'p Ir l.. ll d lm rinltt o. i. 1 g ell. r. ^ ,1'1 L.> UI T II' L ilf, frh I .L I IL d .. ,,* . .. ,, iI.. r,., .... ,. a sr ,, ., ,, .. h ,r L,' ,', i I.
l]d ra.:iii.5. tiring; or fairer weather. ttlasoften hern e alin ..G,..I,,l .r i.... ,nr ,.. '"-..'i by none, for doing business on a smain ll -, ,,, ,. ,, .. ,_ ilt I'L,,,l.' ,., I
it id : ," ur, l In I'm int clit'd, was im red ti r.arry his I.r, .. ... .. ,, i ,,, .. .. or largescale. Also, several .1 c I ,.... ... i ,,... i r,,,
rth rltillalf., iimprovi hollf'. l .' I l ",h viI,.- .hJ. '.i
1 r- ni ol irr ivwn to 4n enlivill, ps% t :.n .i l l. r1i-istart( ,r 11. ..I 1, -1:
\ui l V ll i 1.) Tookl W. i ei.,ei mtt vlitii "- ,,-. h t i' ""n 'n"- ; ," ''" ,,,,, i I .i i. ._.... i i *i i, i -',. ,i. .l j,
Likp p liliri. iiti., irirong Fin] lirsl." letter tICront al offlie r ,, a '. ,\''.,.. ,,ri ,-', n rtrri,' ,j h' a ,,: ", v,' .'," f ,, i' i, i. l l *ri i .'fh .-a h, a i, ana, i- ,I a'' i t: ll,- i l ...I,|
iat fir, irejrrd--ir Hlend,eniough, i.n
,.,.-.,,' ^ ,,,d ".n. .le.o'ugl,, th^ : .: ".-I "th,,'D e c ,...., ,I l i 1. bIrU 1l,,.,. .i..0 p t o ,: I'r"'', I if ", *'1. ..l .l '., .. .. .l ,'.. I.,,..:: .
( ha' ,hry dJt l inle linr .t ll, Lt.rlL I .. i. tadde it a Lt.aI t, '' the hbt-it ..ss t ratis 4req .. a.. ,i-,al I it .ll. tt ,.1- n ,,IT ,. ,, I ; ,; 'a ,I I ,, ,, -.t :it
For Free and Equal we were born, i .. "' ,r t. '. her Majesty. esto retire i,...- t1 r p bli .a.i... i. A f n- i i,..i, l.,,i .ia .l tit,.". ,.J. hii i ,, ,i ..i i. ],.i, r
A tfr t iti i us t' l u c' r In 11i..,tn .. 1 .1N.i .1, n' r. i' .1 a11 1 : l'." i i-i .h .ll in .," ll" C-I" ti1 i'. t.t, lt n I_ ; o ai Ii. .ii i .,. en .l -.i ('.- iu t .r,.
',t fi,.Lr .hall lyrannize, .- i ...... .n .. .
Because I've neither ears nor eyes; t i l I T i ,, ''" i''' .... meant, or property that will aent in any ii..,.,,:. : "[ r,'taO aI II t :. ,..
Not m ine l- full : h ll I ai;' a t th lt ItranA -IF -11 1 I' .I
aSo n "l4 I,.u r e t e' 'in .mjm l, ,I 'l I. h ,, I .ai h .r i l i i 1. 1. a Iri i.. 1 ,, iU,Ii
1** 1i.' ,, of the C'abint 't Co(i.ncil. i .1 -C .0'... i L' l.. -Jr ,
S I .i,' I l ain meekness bow'd assent, .. ."1 \ I. 0l BOGAPRDUS, ',,- .i i... I i',,,. .. I,'. n-.ii, ,,,,
Nr.i .lv !,rl,. lic m n ,il ,- ..tn i r ,enii N uO l .:'.- F 'I( I|'D : ''. 1, R BI 1 \i l h, ,..,,.., ,. l. t t, .., i
1n I l h ; I, i r, f ir l h e l u l .l .ir .-r n .. l ,: : ,, l y I . ,6, .. .. I l r I f. II _l., I, ,,, |. ; .-If,. i .
L r ce i l ,I i l' ..' l ,, i ,i' .'i ll t I ,._' i .. A ny e.,.r.Ia 1i. li i r. i .. i i l i -, :. i It i ,,
IL. ptrleri.'e |ll.- b :flel",- i ',i"".l offi ee il! ,,, i...: r' r Ih ,.,, I L Ih l,,,:; 1 .. i.,,t I i., I 1 .... ,' |.. I."'"" 1 .1,. >l~e [.. h '..l. ,1 .
,i'F., ni;b.fLre Olne [ .,.i %aslm w rlont, to in. advauteg. vizM: .... .. l i n..i I .. .
I I Iil.,-_uII";iih l IIlI -III"ih'11..IrlIt,-:, I---i,.Ii- i .
Irl. f r a rr d u ph d d i,, l ,fef a r ( .. .. 1 ,., ,n I r i .l ,..il ,i .

Implirr .rFlo ti o L in, aew c-areier .aTimothy Ford, ii. i-,.i, ,,' .i. ir .
1 r .1 r .ui lull .. c nr, 'd .:. i il ,. ... ; ii, .. I n I,- .1 l i -.. l l ....
IfIL ... p r.-. I.. ,., I i ill- to h e e d ,a .. "
SL.- f%,i.,tI. i,, .j lJ .. ilk to h ed' 1 .... ,,,. ... C ha r 'es Miri i -I,- Ii.1 i. i, i .- '..t i i'- -t ,: 11. J-.lh ,' I 1 I ..
i\, [ ,, ] i ... i 1 ,, .. .. I- "
A l- I li i,, . I ai, I I ti a.. a A t t e s t ,E SSt. .. I I s, .
In silence followed close behind. .,, .. t' [tI,. I tie su i t Atesthe it is onid t JESS, t'GO i ,VE, c.a _
J.h short l.. .. ..! 1. ., .1 the saime. The proprietor is con d. itI, Ir.... I .
But short, alas! his l,ad, .,:t r'ei.:ni ; ,t ,. .I!\ ,, .. ,i.. l 5 .. ,' i, ., .. a ",, -, .. .. ,., ,, v I ...... ...
Sh nrt w ia lh ic li inplh h i lnd gained ; \.il, I ,. .I .I. : I,, l., i,. ,, I. ,, i to remi e- .' t .. i. ... I, r ..I..~ hil l .
For winding on at furious rate, I h l.. .I .-,... y L-'. v tsmntokvy fiie places invariably ; to save one .. .. ,- t.,. p ..,,,..r. b.t : -1,
It t a ii nn.lahn ali lt ire. R obert Burke, .- '. ,,., halfof thIe ouel t ai l t ,.a... I -.' i. .. F eI 'i V .l1 r,,.r.i,,.,. -.. ...' .. 1 I .t
ll >, hi,,. lr,:e ;,_ l,.,l,:, iii. n :.'" .i-i ..ii,- l,,tl if, ,,i [1r.L .J., I' lI1,, |'' i l, r 111.1,-,fi,, l.. I,'G ., ,i
[T o thriri hlla .. ll du'i e 0hnd pl.i .l.-.,i [, ,. i p iartm ent, he It I, i.. -i, ,I ,...r.i. r i :- .,t i ,,,, ;.h iI >'.'..h 1. *. i, ."..I,, ,h i:
In the roiuLtha cr ck .f hemlock stum p .i l- Lu i. .... ... .i i .. ..., i. .ii i .. tat i ,. ,ia. .. i l 11, rT n t-' i ..p.ii ill i' '' i 'l. .- r I I
In vain llthen did hll f ts%'irt ..nf i twist, I i ryi.... 1. 1 1 1.0l 1 1a L :i ; t 11 .. I .... i ." .,, 1 1. i r. ...It I
A ln d striv e to g a inr l lh.. p a il, hli ,. j l 'd I ,- i I, .u p ro . : I 1 i i < ,. .r ...Ir ....1
p l" T jaI. n ,l.l -L-Fll- I I .l r ,1 1 t .,r "...I ,:, ll t 'iULt ti re .- I i i ]..c 1 .- t .,'h III; o ,. t.J u ,:h .l l ,,I, rl l -
r.,,y. M s. i ri Tail," r....n ,- bhro i dly wi Id, I j ,i n,-. l ,*, ,, ..,n, n.. is now thought | ; 1 *".. .. d. I,,,:,, ar..,. they have
"h e'"tmrptihl, rh-in I m -n: i H l, Ii0.I i1:l. he co plete. laat I.u i -- s no tiauo ght to I a.. ia i t ,, .'I., .I :, z .i.i I. :.. .i li ave
** hy l 't preni f.ia. iar,! w' tle 'ri5 d"' h.. (' l lt'. ivili .,hd, rP n.. 1, ri .. .1 .. S* ...t h- a ,i' tlaor n d l i- i l t .,- ul, ,,i 01 .. ,1-.1i, t,a:.h ll.. i.a
N o r lo il- r illo r l. ,ti r t iaie a l% n y I : r l, P 1 J I i, i .: ]1, ,- ,. :. i -.: .l i _,h ,, v n | i .i-. i [r t l.. ., ro,, ,
rihe Tail wa m ul?-- llhen miirlt'dagain, N,..h..- I I( 0 tr,,i....-n Alexander Stewart, ,,,' I,, ia ,,i i, i, ila t t 'l t ,:tic i l In .. I, ,_r, L,,.-.- Iu ,r1 ,l ri i n .11.
lUlnwilling th i .) clo)e hi, reign ,- ,i 1"1.V -, .... i, n r T I l O ..- L .
a`1'li b) n..haeI,iasailHIle-..'," p i-as1t% i atit'"i la c lemite, l ..II..1. .. ..1 1, 'il'i.t l i_ l .
That gives you all this miglty tiraibli ?" l. ,Dul.. RichardTraverse, i' *.t t -ih.'i-. L.., i,.:.. i i) ., .-,hI ,,. a [ N-,iC ii ]'ItimlFP-O',
dear' said Tail-"l yield at l..... .. Joh Thompt sn, .. J.. DI. [.,, .:.i Alt..,,t.y for the Patent dec 28-Clt&StFl
dr said Tail- eldatlas -John Dennanev. .'hi a ,i, ,,, ... I i,,,I P l atia ti lr ai t. a il-',ict. L '-- -
I rcoarn'l lt .! o l- I'm .'i, i`g .i..t '" ( ]Url].. n L'.. u. '. I. ,1 1:. \ _. I ,,l I,,h ,g ,,,,:,, [,, ., ,.. l. i ., l .. .' ..i. O 0 10 A N i I'C N .V A A.
.. Good t rii il. l ,-ad, y" si'velearat Itrust, I-1, 'i.,t .... uti |la.. a., i. i. C'. f l I ..\tI: I'i tf ,..,.,ri,. l..',u; i, ,a .
The truth I told you at the first CornesliusEas, \ .t ., tI CAMPIBEL 5- I, '. .. .. it ..t I
T h.,t N at e noc, er had i n'J ; ,; ", N .B I .. 1 .u l a l, .C e ks .... ens,. I i s..A, F. s, .
The liH t'o d.'ugle on behind, I l', It',-a, ,'.,i- .I n. ,. have built oil this former il..n, r .i i.a i I : L..linh. t- C ,I.I L..' ii.- r ti~ t.IL r r I,, in,
Nor eke the Tail, whate'er its speed I' k I.- ....a. ( rn. i.u.-ii, i I .,, plan, taken froin this, witho:.i it i ........ r- M ,...... .li.., ... ...I i .t :. *, n.v it.r tan n ..t
To turn ab,.ut and take the ledi *,1 ,- r "''.u ,1 I ,. S formed thatt licences i ay be h.ad of the. said Jo- .in,,. it i, .iti...r 1 I ;1aill..h. I i, C.t 'l. i,<
ri.e Tal which noni w .s bleeding nore Ela..lI,,l. M ., 1 '.01. Zit.. :. nit ,. .a ,, a .,, .' in p I :...,; n-' a ,as- i- t i.ul i.a .. -.,, a t... ..,i .. t .m ,..
(Waie his asiant- biut l aid no more. .. --I I ir....-A Peter Griflit, y .-,. .1 .n .11 : i No 11 ir, I ,, .
rT lle icl.-r /i,^ t l lther d,,rl ed1irt l, I | ,' ,' a 1 ,1., :. n 'R? l .| I ... ,., ,r : h. I, l I ,,,,,..- ed so m ,.h i,..,ul., i,,,; :...',, i -. ., .i ..,
A nd d; iliangil d fro m filet cra.I n. .lr :, iith .- I,.-'...'- i. 1., ii 1 ,. i t I t -. t t. t a. i ,1 ., i ,ir.,, ie.
C rept 'a ll s-a L ,pii htline and ea-..e -1 ,i i, i ir-.l a,, .if r. I '1 P ,., t t.l :-A(. h,:Ir. t rI. ;. a ... I '.,', t i; ... i,. r- .I r, [ r, ':,ll '- ,,Ih.l l,- .ni,-
rIpt a w'h. p.,igh ].rnet, -,,,, -taI- t -i .. ,l to D o- r FnePer'. aa" i. ? iq-CA1tf ties of I ,c. I I. c. ,,,., -. ,' .iin ..ttl, ,.1-
Aloong thle brakes and forest trees. l,',hn i1, i ,i l,.-., CharlesBrown, I .,: ),LL, 11 L t .it11. PeIii)sv,.i, ,, a. it,.: i...r. s .,i-,. ,. i- [ th,..
... A 'L C, \ I O r.^-, il,l Il,.i l,,'. \,,ih,.- ,,., 1,,1.., ,1,,: ., ,. c.h.. l :,1 t ui, ,.l. ,_ ,' r .,0' I. P i,- I.' ,i P ilitt I ,.i, ilh.. ,i e A l Ihih -1 ',,' ", i,
A. ta'aLaIai thatjO..". at. a 'aC tll- C-,
The Cr Aseil a ICiC,1C11>-'N tan. t~'II Hai.. 1 1. .. 't. H ti e tiasl :* I-tar'-i- na' r(t.- o .. nil. ;.. .'ver :I;rte I nh. .
The CounaHi ai lhe study :li r, .i i I .., ,.'. i. .. i, ,i -,
That brought th.- l.- .ll. ,!, T up plump, -i --'a .i -. '..r \ia.l. *tt Iv"e 11 fivai e iai .-in,,.,--, b let- h, T., t. ri I .l:,,,'. "... .. ,l -
S" \VilIh,,, J.lin: .i, Ih.,,, j',., '. .i .111 ,i. i-..,.,i ,.11 persous +,t,,h,,',:i i r oa "il,; l-l-, ,-I ',.shn....ro.d.,,-
And left uA ith lhe n ecl rel..-:lon, JI,,, f,.a.-an, i.,, ,-,,l, I it ,, EtA .i;. 1a :.,, /". ," ,' ti lln t- I i .
[hnln alter lh,b ne- 5,t prins h, electii,: .li., l n 1 i .l ti ,,,l \\'I -,. nar- .., n. r. i r -e -,a I.a'.,,. '" '. '.'i Ih, ,i 1 .i, i I i'.
Stt. pi,, ,i, K ,,.r .. JohnRush, them to be such. il.te l.adal ain l ill t l lt c ..,. ,i t. .. 'Frederick -Iemnert, T he Dobe t, Peter Lehmai o an Caleb Tay- for Hot. Lia, a1 it .. i, n ti rat. a.-.
.Ahd Ian iu flirtiael '.111n 6 pi',..- PeL.J, .i.-r-. []1 I.'l,,, I.:,l.l, rl I... ". l'.'W ..,tPeter L6lan, an Caleb T ay- I.. I. ;11. 1 I li,, -i.
.tt..J as in larimnem hta e oceed. I -ri ,In %-I .1. 1 i-.; 'a-. ....<. fA 'Neil,
Aid fur lhih wie arnd b .Id ,l rc;,V.,- n-i llitt ,. Cr ,., ;I,.,,i ; ii, ,i r, ,, o ,' .- ,,' .. i
:L,. lie the l Council I, i.i..ln, Abh Lenlie r, I 1, ,- ,. John Crosby & Sons, of ilontpeli I,'l ,,,,'e a.. 4niir to ,. IL] _-( 1 -i El oadwaiN.
That potent guard of Freedoa's rock, ni l.,al ,. a ., t i, ,,|, L,,. ., *.i t, .. -- 9 4 roadway.
.lit.i ar nl.t, m ,,J t t o ; .i r.,. t,-... a ,, ., / ', '., '". a..I... tI- ,t ,',. -, [ "t i. s..LP. :.
Andi -a' d the Be clt and Con-etil tiont L. ., I ?', l, r,,i ,rr ,,. ,, ,, '. t r i, ii,.ll h r.. 'I Ti, t, It \ i.i. ,A h i,. r uh eribe-
From ruin and from Ileitul i. iii! 1.1C I\x iD BERBIAN, to the information requested., i ,I ..,..... .. I tic -,..., a .air II'i n.i,.
-* 5 ( h II a,.,' a'1 IL ''", 1ia,: I: i iti' t II, nl.l' .|l... i1 .., k:i, ,- .. I J ,, i, ,, I ., :,,l til , ,, i ,
To close my strain: I sing once more ---- Fellow of the Coun. Medt. Convention. state of cultivati i, ,, ..: it ,A,,,,.. ,a :
New-York; thy firm tand rocky shore ; INI3IGESTION J' iew-Laondan, ov. 27,1830. |.., ,i r. ,, .. :. .... i ;,,;r, a., ,, i ,M e t ,, a i
T h y i .' oy l eitta a I'o u n t s.i ni leta,, OC 5 (1 1 ? P ft. 't .';. It: :. .. .. .a.tt ,, a.. Ir. h i ,ra t-. .I ... ..u l. : ia ,..
-li-I] ,L. n f.i u t.t. t a t t. t t v I r. lI a-ti -a i t i 1, .. ... _l 1 ii
"'l 'h If 'li*. r Hl e 1m ,ll l l hiirlal tni l t da i r 't l-.. ,i ,-,i I',a ,_a.. n-l. i ,, i t a i. T o eI,, r I I0 b e a l l i,, h I :; ,I 1, i -Ia- r l ,',', i, I p ,i -II h,. i -
Thy nti-, .ra..n a i .in u ...' complaint of stubborn k nd, md atall tines L-(,il [ I.1 h. ,ti-; n't i, n'.-... ... I l-,.t a, t n' l. eI.s a.. .r. ,' ..
'Tnhy ',,,I. ,,i,, rd ih l n t.' i t.' r -i ... Ti, ..-. -h,',rii 'a'. ',,. i 1f New-York, receives, directly from the M an- ti DAVID Jal 1 ) .I r;t .. v ... ta a .,,i
Thy silver lakae, hl haimuba ihi l I.l- d, I. 'i'in 'a'1t. r 1 a '-ia n t,_ti "," ,, -, i.,,,''la -ai,._*u,,,u. ,cr.,.l., -, '...ii' ,',, 'a i deseripttion or to' r- .i .. -r,' i,'h- ,, i-at..- c t..., ii titr'
-. h* iila.deli .'ah' 'd. h'll~l~k ch~ + -,,i,. ,,,i;,'I',! ,,.'," I ,,i I Jl ,,, ,- i.." h. ,I i, ,t ,, ri.. l l I. ,, .. -. ., '. .'. descri p tion or to .. ,, il j i. l.-.. i .',...l m et

(.il rul's lip, iia Lc;,..- ihLii -.",ak nr l..a-,i. r ...i,, ,i,. r,, [ .. t, ..r ,,-.. i" west possible rates. AAmions wv ich are, tbhe best s 'i.. "T l! l i'. i l ..
mit ui'lr lnl, m:,.. i t tili.i... i.iluid, i, .r .l 5 ia 'a'' t i .. I s elections of wAsh ..:. i.. r ... .' .-.'., i .i.. : i al .i .
t t a a t a ianan d li--tid .. lr le n ,,, l d *' r- .a r .aal .,, ,t a':l, "'I .. r a l l ., i.. .I .i ..u l e. .. ,l .' ... I.'i ',1 ... I t ,.i ., ,,1 '. Ltn.
l\t,' no rude' tiin ar -l't.'n i'' -r i,,--,, i,. .tti t .. h ,. .,n,. ..I',, ... i vw which, w hen soll, i. I -' li t .iat. t, a .. .t t'C i t ,- -" .i... i. i.. ''i. u (
S .M /l~l nuo rn.]t h ~ 1 .1. [u ii e t, ', i. ,, ,,,ll i :r., I ri. it,- ..rt. -t...i,,,. ,i 11,, part of thie cout nt; ...1 .-... .1i, I.- l i'. ,l '"r" I... reir ce as-above.
U j r L e'aiu ll m i uj 'i h u a la n ,J i- u id J [i : r i : .i:r i t'il ,r. l'. .lt i. ,l i a h a .,i i ,,[I ,,l l ,i i. 1, ir i,- -- ira. .. '.' i i I 1" .'t*" J, n 'I l I 1' .
MIa 1.ar- '.:a n e .'e rt,' .il ? i h, i.a, ;,'i i a a r fig li f i I It --" ,. ., lu ll t i I ...I ,1*,It to b e return ili ~ ~ I i -ed
.' I ll h 1 1 L '' 1 1 ,.,- 1 .. 1 i / '>. i i,,,,; ,1 t', i. i rl.. i fn hM r ti n oe m money' at ,'1 i 1. I .
l n h l I t.i .- lov r ,',e r l,, dj ,'.. l, a, i e i tia l ld lb r t le c re o f t l, .I; ... |i a.. i i tlte o p t o o i at th I, -- o tl th a t C IIOt i I I i I, I ,l a '., I .,-
May no illi.tu- lovere'er, most complicated srm d such a I- at a, i. .' I p- it esaa.c'goodw e s _I 1d iNICHOT I\H:T .s. r,
Fru, I....als s eCa tailt ia'i h l,' h h., ., .....a.. rt.,,. ,,t ..- 1tiaL r., .,
..1 l,,i .hl,. I.l'. "-. ,. ,, ; 1 ,1 i ,' ,1.. .1 1i r i '. -,.c L l ', h ..'h ,: .-.I ,,i t i n ( ,. :Ti ..- ." 1ll -. I I i l .. i P o ts 'ta-" I'i ;", l l""'a a,, !., ,l I ,1. I.
A n, m y t h e po o t a l ,.: l i- l. r a.o.. I ,I ..., .i iu .. .. i s u p e r io r S c r e w s fo r tlIr n it gi t h e s to n e w ith o r .. .. a' ,, .' ., ,
M y., < j, ,,... l,; i ,,,.li,., ., t, i.. .m.t.a,.... . B ins -c. I il l, Ci rit ius 1 i l h l"-*-e i g id e." Tih 1 l[ s..h. y
; .ay .n II u .,y d h .,iy .-i l.. ..uit l .t 'l. i ti ...t i .i 1 .. a a ,1 h ,.i,. l lI -.i ,- n ,, .1 I ,, l \ i e, r a n d i .' i 1,. '-. i, n ;t ..T ., i ,,i.
\I,, i,.-,,l,, and joy attend the youth, a :. ,,,t t, 1. ...&c. l' u t l, m,,,,i .-a -i' .at ,
A ni N o ah learn tc -f-ark I,.'l u a- 'It '.th; ,, r It i 'l,.. t ii. ] ,il' n it A s so all ki ds o f W IR E C L O T H fo r stan d .. n t: I. 1 ,
itt a it lu ta te 5Lrt.- --u ma t. s e,-,a1,rln ,,.. h ,] r,,:, a i f i i I l'.. I .- .. -
"- J' ol'i I ,ei. tr u,,- r i ,i I".. I Ii II l r ..l1, a,.t I T 1 1 I- 'I.. I i '. I .
-- will rci esto- ia, ,i.. .tia, I ,r ,,. f digestion BURI.BLOCKS, froi. t : i.i t ,, ;.: i"i I' ,,.. t'- .... it,. i, rs can also be knowr ,
I'UO I S 'RIPi l.'.al R.OI :L[IN. t "' !' li...i.. ,,.i.l ,i.a.. tli,'l ....... .. ,, i ,, sale separately, ti... .1 .. I......:" .. .- ,. B A lI. iTHAICHT,

Stop ,t11 lt.' h c-,a I 11 |le la r-i n income T! ..- ', '.o ia.. I' '' h r vortei .i. 'i --.' '.... :ui v. ..-aa i* < ..i V. .1
T a I, eitI-r the illr' .I,, I I., ; ,,il', .ilstreetwhee ed to any part of the United Srates. ae 2,-C&S m
\,,\ Inal,.t,a,>'am ,lte -, beat the drumd I ,i ,.r.:i,-,_,u. i l, :. ,,rn t it ,l .. ,: -, ""'i i' aug -

S" l-i ,,'1,.. n i. t i doom d to fl. I .'. iI. his Daughter Maria LI ., .., ne vol o. O. 60 ALL-STRE
IlHas safely ieather'd out the squall, ohecrt Rohrr.-nn.' lronad.-' iy- price g i pc x rl I"x. 2 l the a d for ', -" by X.Wt. SECOK r i... t .... F i- t i .' C*"r

'a Thl iull L ( ,FO L i I I, .. 1 s, ,,,,, I Cn ,l a w..' ll ** -
"'Then',. I,,. ,,,.p,.,'i ,, -,:,."d, ? Ire ,,,It-:,? I .,, .,,. ubo; un Ie 9Cd&S law i.,,. ,, .,. dei.. --.-- -,

New-York spectator
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 Material Information
Title: New-York spectator
Uniform Title: New-York spectator (New York, N.Y. 1804)
Alternate title: New York spectator
New York spectator and semi-weekly commercial advertiser
Spectator and commercial advertiser
Physical Description: v. : ; 55-78 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: J. Mills
Place of Publication: New-York N.Y
Creation Date: January 5, 1821
Publication Date: 1804-1867
Frequency: semiweekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- New York (N.Y.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- New York County (N.Y.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York -- New York
Coordinates: 40.716667 x -74 ( Place of Publication )
Citation/Reference: Fox, L.H. New York City newspapers,
Additional Physical Form: Available on microfilm from the New York Public Library, and in microform by Readex Microprint Corp.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 7, no. 673 (Jan. 14, 1804)-Mar. 28, 1867.
General Note: National Republican (1820-1834); Whig (1835-1850); cf. Fox, New York City Newspapers.
General Note: Publisher: Lewis & Hall, <Nov. 17, 1813>- ; Francis Hall & Co., <April 11, 1820-Aug. 15, 1844> ; John B. Hall and Francis Hall, <Aug. 16, 1844->
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 09487613
lccn - sn 83045488
System ID: UF00073183:00009
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- i~.2-y>. -


- ~ S." -~ -T -. '-~~'~-- "~


NO. 150. WALU-Sjo, tl

_~~- 5-. ~ ~

S_ to their other provocations, it might have driven On the night of the 25th of December, a ship be- quitiy, and 18s 6d for good. About 4h00 bis. Am.
TUESDAY, JANUARY 2. them to open rebellion. But should the national, longingg to Newburyport, from Guadalcupe, via L4. a. s fTurp oeino at I, ,i ,
friomthis ora .1.r .'--A '-. i t hbe doomed to Thomas, we t ashoreon Norsette Beach, Cape Cod, i' lour, Am. sweet, 's. ` i2: 2
THE NEW EAR. t r l.I i n. ..- ,.,iser r ..lui r, I.. ont at low water,and went to pieces immediately. The
We congratulate our patrons on the commence- I rsis, s, i tu ii,,i our ".-,ir.'r',mnii, it t she' captain, first mate, two passengers, and five of the SAVINGS BANK.
ncntoi 01 \- T. i5 t- s.-.. .f those p'i,.) ..r,"r',.n-ItL s,,s. -I,. i.. .. i *-l,"tlik.- .crew were drowned. T e second tmate and three of The receipts on Saturday .ein..u reU toglQ,-
which measure the lapse .o timehas..:* %N ", s. Alr -r ar".i 1. .yrr millions tr ik .-r:..*otashore. She hadacargo of 556hhdls. 101, frontm 27 depositors. T).t.- Deposits
and we still survive, and are surrounded ith a rntl o I e in Euro, As t and mrica-and, by masses20 do. of sugar, ai20 d. ofu. Only nce the commencement of this institution in Ju-
Iioftrmen in Europe, Asi;:nd ,erica-tand, by olase do-orugar,and20do.ou. Only,
titudeof blessings,civilsonialad rehgaous, iooni she ls,oi lhainf -.a .t,'.. .' ; 4.hhds.ofs.rum have been saved. Iulf a 1,illion of Dollars.
we do survive, is becaiusa the Great Goverrinor of the globe. When some power shall glow strong enough
universe to fe-rciftul; and it is fit that at this segat- to cope with her oi her native element-to drive her Blank of Ae United States.-At a meeting of the CORONER'S OF E, Dec. 30.
devoted to testivity,we should mingle with our from ro..i i,,.l islands, her fastnessesin every Directors of the Bank of the United States, held An inquest was taken last evening, on the bo-
Tlatlonts,gratitide t...iar pr.e .:rfer At suan ch a to sime i to her ownt ative isle--then, yesterday, at their new Banking House, in Philadcl- ldyofa Swede, aimed George, a mariner, on
tot s o less the dit of rethan of y, to sd not till then, will England al phit, i was declared inexpedient to take a divi. board the Philadelphia Packet Martha, Captain
tik upon the past; and our readers wnd not tll then, l edngland fall. t the reset perio. Dennison, who unfortunately fell in I ll..ii.
gy if ponthepat; andour readers we no- But we must hasten to our own country. Here end at te present period. The coroner cannot refrain but to return his sin-
apology if in a fbdrefl adie ao n d yprinearvets i we meet on all sides the-topics of proud C.,,,:r t... Robbers Deeted.-On Friday last te published cere thanks to Sylvester Judson, for his humane
latoe at o eye oorr theidewsl of attention to the corpse is order to restore him to
Shitory.lation. Castingour eyesover t wideexpanse o advertisenit.in our paper, offering a reward ir attention tod his kide corpse s order tothejury.
FI-r some time prev ous to its commencement, our territory, we every where discern marks of grow- .the apprehension of the persons who, the night pre- Also, on the fterinon of the 31st inst on it.

the state of Europe had excited generalalarm. Just itg prosperity. Thecessfon ,f the lFloridas on the vionsly, broke into thestore of Mr. Jool Ketchumi, b dy of Andrew Elliot, aged 25 years, born in
beginning to breathe from the conflicts of protracted part of Spain, by the ratification of the treaty, and i Pearl-street. A woman, on seeing the notice, sus. New-Hampshire,carne this death by beingin the
S i fr a o son othe state of frietmdly negotiations with the various pectedthtt some articles which had been left inI her forecastle of the schooner Thacher, in the act of
Sre e, these irable ro et y seem- foreign powers, gladden uswith the prospect of pr- care, were part of the stolen property-she gave in- sinking at Crane-wtrf.
e basted edition, league with infidelity, had metal peace U er er sterg car, ommerce, orition to te Olcers of Police, and her sus- The names and ages of the six children of Mr.
tttred their ..ii. of discord, amd demande. their Agrculture and Manautactures, conspire to confer picions proved to be correct. The man who left Win. Fllansbee, that perished when his house at
wicinris. Their agencywas confined to no itarrow, u.po.ourlandta vgorwhiclhwillenableher.tooprate them was taken into custody, and on his evidence New-Uhester, N. H. was destroyed It.. fi,.. -r ii,-
spherehutthro!houtEngland, France aniGermany with resistless energy ou the idestiniesot the iorld.- tour others wvere apprelheuded, and are now in con- liIth i,.anIt, were, ThomaT s it his -I ,, Ju-
,they ped extending their influence, and threat- It is not indeed in t this path, that nations commiionly ineiment.oi- ourr --w s-o u- r !th, er o ier th Peter ll his th, ..; .11 i. ti r
hey apparel g r their trophies frnow. Their distinctios the others a whitma. tih, Williamm in his 4thi, and John in his 2nd.-
- i,,, e i pit... it .. oi '..f .1.1-. l n-: i ,... I gm ,-F gio : gath ti r t pr s ren o h r tstn n h other ti eawhite Mr. F. is now childless as well as house less.-
r govnment. Even beyond the Pyrenees, in Spain, are too frequently purchased with litionsof blood,W should e to no whether there o eldest children, itappeared, had made
sunkas were the inhabitants in deathlike lethargy, on the altars of war. But the Christian Patriot willher thersome attempts to escape; while the others lay
: : :r feeble contests with co- notlainent that hiscountry can callnogroans ofdy. is any foundation for the reporting circulation, that pparntly asleep i their bedsu their little arms
ones beyond the ocean, politiians thought they ing, nor heaps of slain, to attest the prowess of her a proposition was made to Governor Clintt, by the twi,ed- about each other ii all the innocent fondl-
;,ercived withualarming certainty thie elements of arms, or the extent of ier victories. He sees her late Atorney-General, antd rejected, that if e col ness of inotancy and love. A sense of their suf-
civilar. w hr. ,I ..I [r I,-'.I ti..I-i., h.t of going proudlyon her way to greaotimss, "' n1,i-I .-I i .....tJ,..t J.I .. ofi the Suprerme Court to sup- firings had not probably aroused them, and the
..- -.Pl t. .., she vacancy oefasioned by the resignation of sweet sleepI nto which they fell,t was to them their

I.ouvel in Frani.e, and the previous one of Sandt in home ana respected aiuroad' is-i e is sasiyieua.- .
Gemay, asbecome the businessof thousands; and Would that amid this general satisfaction, the re, Chief Justice Thompson, lie would withdraw ai ter the spectators had tries i vain to extricate
:i'ope, il-fatedFturope, seemed on the brink of a re- prospect oftho last year left us nothing to deplore.- oppositiOn them, could be distinctly seen itn the midst of the
volutin,which,like her own volcanoes, had for a Would that we might erase from ourremembrance CONTINUATIONOF SUMMARY fitry element. It is impossible to tell how the
I oltt w ich COATINUATION OF SUMMMARY itf -fire originated, although from ani appearance of
,..,,. ...ir..i I.,', .. t o:..nc- a more de- arid flom the remembrance of the world, the fact- From Londi papers reeivcd ot this Olrc, b earlier burintig i a bed-room, in which the small
--.,,o :.. .1s i., n m ,..., t .h.'.i ,. ,. t.l, t of devas- that the representatives ot a free people, alter an the ship pIector. children were accustomed to put away their play-
is *-,,, i, i, Ihh .: st. ,., '.,. i ,,. it the ap- angrycontest, l...i resolved to perpetuate in our The vyoun Duke of Bordeau- has been vacci things, it is thought that by a spark from a can-
pe emlsions of the friends of order, what was the re- land the existenceof S.AVElsY. But this is no ated, ; te operation is minutely detailed in the die, or some other light carried into that room,
silt Spain was thie first to move-and how ? As time for despondence. The constitution of Missau- Moniteur. He received three punctures in each thile fire may have "......... i.-.,...ii. ,...i T. s-. iw
i to setat deiace all the sa a ty of wisd sihe ri has been rejeteq. .. I t.1. -ft the cause of iss- ars. reuntin ng btes a.- -,'. : ,,t i il i. i mtstere
o i %;l a theagaciy oftert.dr "eil t r il preos Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, taking into conside- collected oni the following day by thle tnighbors,
h e vit -. ..i..i.sy av .... d..t_- J ,ii, ,, I in .. .xsures of oppression ab- ,.t 'h. .. i i's';retts u i i d i o o r."- --B .r
who.sepeople, vindictive by naotare, have fought rot solutel, .m,-,.1, 1 h i, in holding in one hand an .. .... 6. s.. l. .1 .. i;,.... for himself iterred in common form.l-Bost. Pak.
the o title of tite head -t I -,, '. .f .....anefor himself
only in ancient but in modern times with more than instrument declaring that every man within her lim- oftlitle of the head _.. ... 1-, The-two -AFalan Camels, -introdTch-e6n the
human ferocity-Spain has presented to tie world its guility- oflt-3. ... ,lored like our own," It ....ais .. ,,,...,. ,i tile wives of three stage, in the Dramatic Romance of Blue Beard,
I.,. pFi. h,.l.is i., ofa.i oh ot 'i. "l.'I .i r. i r. "l;.n should'be a slave l n. I ,- 1na, the other, cl d e-m de- .. t.'....' i, It I .,- i.i. i l .ti winners by trade, and had a novel and pleasing effect. The i animals
I., I.ii .; ier ti.h%'- till tempe'ate firmness, she, nmandled tobe r... -.. ,. t... ..ember of a confede- dia.s of'ia,, lien tle tow, wee'., within a few appeared to be perfectly docile. They passed .
constrained her monarch to yield them ; and she racy whose fundamental principle is the equality of ales ac thr, ee of twi a a e- over a igh ouan n te procession,
"" .--. .. .. i.tirr;.... her cortes, and if all menm Whlen,wesay, she did this, Congress shud- Admiral Sir C(harles owley has left London for ig te ialogue and at th te stage;ord ofcolaid and,
.us I. ,'- ,, ,-.. .' ... s least the reasonable pras- dered at the solecism, and bid itfiomn their presence. Portsmouth, to embark oin board stle Syibellc fi.gate, d
em v ;ascou ainnander it chief oti the Jamaica stao r otse a.1]. joined int tIhe prociessioin, and repassed
pjct of liberty. In Naples and Sicily we have wit- Yes, praised be Heaven, disgracedasweare by slave- A serious affray has takeu place t Folkestoe, be- th mountains. lThe audience were tmth grat-
nessed the same prodigies. Portugal has roused fIrom ry, this blot has not, and will not, reach the escut- teen a partly of smugglers and the meniou the pre- ified witll tile exhibition, and th.e piece was an-
her slumbers, and if it be not (lone already, we may clicons of our fame. And mhay we not hope, that veutive service, during which several of the latter niounced for rcpetitioti, on Monday evening.-E're..
swere shut,s asi siv'erely wounded. /;tl.
soon bear of the complete establishment of her free- having had a year for reflctiosi, Congress will go A .... s. l.t, i s.ryI w.ol s .- Stiunday fort-
doin. This peaceful spirit of reform, new as it isin hfarther-that the rejection evinces a revolution of night iS lo L. !L i.1 l. 1. ,--.1 .... In a collctc-NOromc, Dec. 25.
tie politieallihorizon, has croseed the Alps, and thro' .i. ills.-., p.a subject. VCe trust that it does-that t i i :,, r, ,l ..... ..:.......... irtat inst55tn- Capt. Stone, of the Alpha aego, report-
-',r |i-ail .f-Germany is fiuidig its way, and po- Aimerica, so long deaf to the groans of Africa, has tie receiving plates. under our narihe head, from .Cape Haytiin,
during its results. Light has dawned uponn the. op- awaked-and that, uni'ing within the kingdoms of Po s i .l 1 ... ..f administration are talked of:- states that three or four days beftbie .- : ., 'il'.
i., ar l ..l I [.ti, .. i..i.''..,ii.. and iuti.;i -.ur.'.., ,i ... r..a') l i .. hter influence to drivefroin Lor 1. Is, it. is. .... l Grnuville are saul to be on the itwo hFrench Frigates, rr and on, sent in a
S,,s f,. :-- ... ie. i.-1,,e,, i., sll in quest of' the earth one of the direstcurses that aftlictsthe hu- hve of coming into ise Cabinet.o T is r1' o m s u g oftrus l to President Boyer. Capt. S. could
5' .- Ti'S- 5!s IS 51. ~ ~t.5, cis that else have origin .t 1s1 cinie ali i.s c' k ol i l '.; e '. il i putpos s f ,, s : ,'c i s in -
"ritdae, man family. f tisilniey, te urt-c oi` c tme si ,,,(..iie irn i te lot is. .ten is,, I t,,ispired, wheu be sailed, fronl w'ibi
b t .. .... s' s .iin i i. .....ii'uty b rtt'tit to i- 'lil: .. tih ..i.... |P ...i r e,... ''i .- I, s. .. ...' ... i t is sa.id, t it r e 1....I i s'.. s ias he u is t n t .. I .... u I i .... i'x-
s-eculate nay appear stl .B irtw-whY a stn- ,.-.. i.... .. ... r. is st.I pss "eceldig. Tiei' a i i) ) ension exc te. it i- '' s' i -- -
.gurished writer when speaking of Europe, we may the past year hasbeen distinguished. It is grateful mind by the proceedings against to. ae, hald Beacon.
-, ,, ..i. .inry. thai. thu.'i (,f] ii- -mis-h amidst thie revolutionsof the age find one cause caused nearly a total suspetision of commercial -
aritar governmentl,,hthe pepleat .re ,...ti.. ithe he resivolotihcn e speculationn. Tttuitrumi,. Ohio, Dec. 21.
arbitrary government, the people are bent on the proressie--the cause of Christ The. -history of Much iury has been sustained alig the Sus-.: On Tusday the 12th iut. during tie session of
establishmelst of solid institutions. If with such a each succeeding yearmnoreclearlyde.nonstra esthat coast, by an extraordinary tidi. occasionte-, io the court tit'conunon pleas. for T. ...t..|: ....1m
.,, l:.-v acmain as recent i..-l .: represents .HisKingdom is rapidly approaching who is to reign dou t, by the tremncuidous .. i ., with short th, HLon. ('orge Tod presiding, Lois Stone was
y ide-stiread commotion, atK ces As.Loi on'r Lshae Aircaiy his .ter.isionhav.prev, ,-1- t i. tried for the ualledged murderof her three infant
,, I, i[....l by any wide-spread commotion, this Kixr. ot KtIas AAD LofD oFr LoRDS. Already his .',t i L ,, ot l S -' '*'**" i o'*n -t f m e
instancee only renders the spirit more fornida- followers have firmed their raks, and are advanc.- Ir I. I h,,.... ., .urite ,t .-, ewh children. The trial presented a scene as inter-
e. Indeed, when ehis i |L.,tI temper-when, ing to emancipate the world from ie thbraldom of sitn ,' ", h.""' i l... but bydriaikig thiuI e"sting andi nlanchlily as was ever, perhaps, it--
S "i r e' r 0 ii t,.' tess i i i. court justice, itn thisor aniy other
goaded to resistance by wrong heaped upon wrong, and death. Armed iwith no other weapon but the Wilkie, the painter, is at present occupied on a! coule try.
anatian determined to be free still merely demands Bible, they carry conquest around their, ansI even picture,.t ,e tsubjectof whiclh:sa itChelsea pcnsiotier IPublic feeling was greatly excited, and a large
its freedom, and that too with t ii.er:mi s' .- ir ,i,,.., 1, -., .. .i,i,,,ms to publi-h the tidiniigs of lih- .', !.. from the Gazette t his couirLadCie an account e-Icouarse of people of both sexes, i .... -
fn.npnearncc shoidd be the lesson of Kings. If they erty i.ndsalvation to every nation, and kindred, and .s 5,. batl lVutieloo It is lbs te e of sembled to witness tl protoceedigs. Court open-
ited it, wemiay.hope to see Sovereigns united with tongue, and people. fii tho language of inspiration The Ireich papers announce, with sonme confi- Ied at 9o 'clock : the jury were empannelUed-in-
l,,bs.- i,...':u, in ,.usi,, ti,.. ab,,.,..- ofgovernment, wewouh-bid ti.e,,'i God Speed." H will d i o so. enoce, that "'e at events arc e .:es :. I tiy ;" s'itucted coucerni the nature ofthe case before
n,.I q r'sitS-'-IS ci t, liberty. But if, reckless of He has' pledged hihe aid, ind who shall stay "his srrn, ad a ds that tho adv-ced,,ul s.. AusIthet--and issue jmei d on a plea of no guileq.
1,,,,slI........., -,, T rm T rre." 'ie couo selforth prosecutioi Messrs.Harper,
comsequeezes. thoy still persist in a mad .i.i r ,,|' oppression, t needs no keenness of vision to see in Deceiveris tott, ring A few mo.1 stuS ggln;s, and the i l. 1.;,, .t .. 1,, .. ,..1 i utmost deliccy, lthoigh at thIe same time with
this deceitful cal, the h-a,,,l.I.i f isomne tremen- contest will be over: a few more efforts, and the t, r,.' l '. 1i.. "5 ..is I -.. I .. i a cal C idor and fi mness. The counsel fori the accus-
dots tempest. Tihe sovereigis of thi northern pow- victory will be woin lie who shall come, will come; country. T ... I Messrs. Vebb i d Granger called witnesses
ss ofrif-.i,i..-:,t. .t-' last advices. ,I.- .*..' l.th. and the whole earth pour forth the thundering allc to be mntina,,, '.. .,t,,....... i,.. ,, s,. ,.-. ,. sSOTv i th -woman nsane, and happily suicceed-
for consultation. It is, the events n i. l I -'-,,ui nTlM It.ord. s ic sls. r s .u.e is-- t _elass-b.yr. -. .)1.I, .. 5l', .-, v. ..[All the wit-ere
uj,,,l ;i-.ujhl..1,1 the symtonms of s i; o --t o .- --','wsoul dto injustice to our feelings should we i, s.in.... ,.' L .,.1,1. i...i Boulogne, that the gestleuien of eminence in tstl medical s.. profession,
I.,.lll .1ogi thir.s own people, too strong to be mis- 'neglect on this occasion to express our gratitude to inhabitants of that .,: s- i,,r.1.. 4t- i le r- concurred in the same opinion ; and her insanity
take, an too menacing to be passed edI, .i, .'..i. ouir friends, and a liberal public, for the patronage ing that hlonap;i'te is ...... r-i. i ,s was clearly and unequivocally .. i .i ,-.1i.--
that has called them together. M1..-i' .t..l.....t. ,,,. ps with which we have been favoured during the past ice had Imuch ldificulty in uu -i-. T... Te caristo er i enthat unfortunate accusppea d pre-
their deliberations, and the course :i.l, 1..- o. ..--e season, and for the increasing approbation which Anarticlefrom iFraukbrl ,t S' Ii I.. I r has mous to amiae otalderangent, appeared in the
T,, pUi,,s- .\ia11Lni,.r f a i aclous prince, and if, has been bestowed upon our i..lis. labors. And been concluded by te Britl:sh governsneit with the emost a miabl comtunrs, and pity and compassion
Porte which has uoftended the Eu i petro r o l tssia or er misortues tookpossession ofevery bream.
:. i, thi. ., s... .,i i. lnith his accustomed fore- since it is in some degree the order of the day, to a cd smiven ,. t _..r of R a, Th .e es bu one etols--sone seuinren th sothe
sight, he and bis associates may avert the storm. speak of our subscription lists-we cheerfully it also mention i ..,, ,s r,,S. ,, ,.-, .., ,,,. :yi .ect; and thejury, after hearing thie arguments
Iftst, we shall only I-e i isi.,;-':. 1 ii' ihcs -hrooes acknowledge the deep obligations" which we are l r t haI t ith i i.. ... 1. i. I ..1 '.,... .. .r i,! .. notlu sides, which were short ai..i ...n itrseer ,
are not overturned, 1 l mil: iC.-.:., emblems of under for the unexampled mcrease of our sub- 'of 'russiasm s,., ''-' u- unanI 'us in their verdict of s .;u '. --
royalty scattered to thewinds. scription," and "the enlargement four advertising oBy arsdices frol Cofu, dated Oct.1 2th, we re- Mrsistone left this place on Wednesday morning
I! .ltan I nas had to encounter a more turbulent patronage." And the facts will .warrants us in ceive the interesting ibrination i, I il. i .1 i a state of total detange-mnt.
from Pa.ga, cose treatsmeiest,is' mis ..
.": Tshe disaflection created by commercial dis- making it public, that without any extraordinary from Para, whose treatment, e.. .11 ,, ..'n. o- ,S "
.i. di small and obscure spot they occupied, had excited Frnthm Ie Vational Intelligencer of Saturday.
tress, and inflamed by the publications of infidel re- exertons-our subscriptions have increased within .. s v of the whole civilized world, have re- r Inellgence fona Af 'iec.-Tle letter fro
former, has threatened the country with awful con- thelastfourmonths more0than SEVEN HUNDRED- '.1 Ist "stael Pach a, of Janiina, a tbrmial in. AM I.uoi e xtrom actscti.- he letter from n
vulsiols. S .r.:..Is had the nation closed the se- .asd a usii -. our daily and count paper vtato t rtur totir w. t i. i:...,,, extracts Ire made from an
hotfereo h l in tiletsneuleof t-i. 1 I.r ,i ..h ,it .. ,,t ,..,.t, t s .ri ,q'i,. I. r.i Sttates Navy-to
lchre upon its aged monarch, before they were publish a far greater number than any other paper protection .,h, ,t..r -.....l. .., l.scity, was not intended for
called to witness tile execution of a hand of hardy int ile city or state. These being time facts, we may ti" of all their property. 'ey are umnrssoo.i irl puslicatiai ; hbut, as it contains interesting and
beaeinso w me on of a lie asmg the result of th dep ita ots n -. 1111.. atisf ifmrnsatson fro m the sistsn dear
and bloody conspirators. Insubordination was ex- venture "'respectfully to solicit ofour fries i t tn sthe eltof t ak damg thi- I h,. lats infoim'mtion from the m obtnists near
tending-wlien the attention, not of England only, particularly four mercantile friends, a continue ce triu tiosAlop I i eir ra stLeoille nave asked and obtained eave
lait of the world, became fixed on the most singular of their countenance and support." VWiil) a circle. out againus the '1Turkit pI ,j i,, r it... wlhic li .t l e
e entin ...... ,..---. mrial of the Queen.- laion thus extensive "i tltihecsity ane is cosnt, ae ia e a ow- l Aams, fctoberthe Isla Los80.
e shall n.:, t ,.'t' i, ..-,. mtl on the guiltor inmto- daily increasing," we flatter ourselves that it is Six Ladies, witnesses int lavor of hi'r aje ty-.'ar- Subsequent to tmylast communication, per
cenoce of hier Majesty-a question upon which there umtnecessary to remIind an intelligent public, that rived in ,iondo from Italy, 0o1 Fridiy after thie ill 'U. S. Ship ornet, we have continued cruiziug
.s great n,... of opinion both hin esEnglandr and our paper mnay unow be.i consider, not only a r11, 1 ... 1. .1 Nov. 1, says,,T e un oda. ron th e incesrat Leou to Cawfully
America. I .rea rs-timeony, and he result, are be-s, convenient at a profitable channel through Kig as sanctioned tie decree of the Crte a he avy s'ors of airom thure tince hs beea n redeawfulr-
fore ourareaderl-they will judge for themselveslwhich to onvy mercantile and other information ishing al Monasiteri ., .. i,. heir .nmen-e fexceydisglyirksoean ti hasient, eogh
3ut wiat aion-i. ,,t,. ,., s. t d. ih'- s i a s..,rn totieptublic'" 'I', '',F i., pay till' -"s 'i,,,it t i,.iI This event edexceediglyirksme and u pleasant tho gh
is or ** ,1,1 i .:, Im- '}, ... in tie Spanish an.- ;vWe may now calculate on a nore favorable spell.
>huriisls o rs. "' -tr. i'' .... .. ,,i i-d, o ,rn sitals i .We anchored, a few days since, at Sierra Leonme,
ar'ig." To seea private individualappealing to a Dishtrssing Shipirecks.-The vessel mentioned j -lhenewsof the cesion of the Flo idae to their U. where the flev. Mr. Coker, the only surviving
p ub l ic tribunal for redress against the ruthless rob- I" ourt'1 1..: t'r,' ..r s-- .1 i v.ti.i o...-|:rH....- ..l r. iS. ....,' i ii]...J. i i ,. ....' ...., ,,, i the Treaty agent to the Colohizing Society, visited us, and
h's of his connubial bliss, is painful enough. But to be the .aledonia, Captain Struthers, of this port, ,, ,.t1 '0i i % ,-i. .'-I -. .. i pinr tisinediately to corroborated the circumstances mentioned in re-
this country. -I '.in,1i-i i k ih i-' hr o. has beets of- lotion to tile recent emigrants from our country.
mo see a potentate, holding, as he does, the loftiest 60 days tfrin Liverpool, with 352 tons salt, and 200 tially cour aicated to ie America .- h is ere ofi nation to the recent eiigrants from our country.
thlreng, and controlling the greatest nation in Eu- tons coal. The shipwentashore on Thursdayeve- Li do.a Mnster Their number isnow reduxisteceiong thes, a not ac
erpe; to behold him, after ransacking the continent ing, I-,,n. it,-. ,,ss. ,S.-,sn, and went to pieces the Tlhe Lord Mayor's Day waso ,e of the most splen- wh'teor dividual it existence among they, Pos-
did its tie annals of Loudo ,. iThe second toast am-
forr montths, and' even for years, to procure stesti- next day, during a strong wind from tihe eastward. es n at te diar was m Thea t Queenr." A ..o...s t,: 1 t,- a settlement called Yonte,, which is
money, at :i. ,..il6its t .iits sislii.,l u'm, to the world, A widow lady, who iad the charge of a faumilyof this toast was annotinced, a spark of (5 si. ..... I,.,, 1 i-. l conceived healthy; though he ap-
thrit he nial 1.'..r. il. m le 1' I 1,- l...m an adiul- children, and two seamen, were drowned. The rest seeimesfto have been at uriccenkindled : everyliaind, peared to apprehend, front thie encroachments
tress-after thavilng spent the greater part of his life of the crew and passengers landed at Long Branch. kerhief; andfemal '.I Us li e usa r u white s of (by hva they we reenvironty med) tt it would
u a course of open adultery hiiself-we sicken at Since the above was in type we have received the applause, they doubled ands trebled them, unUtil time eventuatett hens qcre Uevisotf a serious nature.
*,le conmtenplatioa. The liH.suse.of Lords, upon two following from ournews collector. whole company had exsau ted til it,, .r They have th island tliYee months' salt provi-
For nearly ten minutes thei his.sl as m .'-. ," 5's),,
ies. .hay'- ,oleict trno'.. ncel hber SltS-ti Thee Caledoniia sailed from Liverpool on thel41thimds aclllamtn As sohnasthetoastasdtank t a tmeegardate ohlfrther It hey arn r t t s:he
he bill was withdrawn by thie premier, int cousnse- ofOctober, ut having lost s6ne ofr her spar she tie hand strek up, Here's a health to all good it yregrd y ting frtier they areducd
rtience of the small majority on the last vote, and put back, and sailed again oh the 26th. During the Lasses," o to the greatest state of exigency : thle donations
LIVERPOOL MARKET. Nov. I18. sentmefroi the Uniited Stateshave all beess esiaust-
ron an apprehension, probably, that itiwoul,d not passage the Caledonia experienced boisterouswea. Orott LIVn market-RPOOL MARK..T, p d. I e seteroinu the united Statesit vip alrocatiai xhausirt
lass ithe Connnos, and also that it might lead to a ther-s severalof the crew were sick and unable to do .-l.5.cotto marketl-..l r..i...-- depressi,ed. Te ef, withoseut the omthlley were bestown ed. Cthker
,opulat couinuotion. Now, that the drama has duty.. Passengers, Ann Starbuck,F. lT.,-rn, Is. I hi, r....- .... -. I.1 2i' :'.,, i .d's,. wtos engaged in palaver with twee Kigs atowed. Cokie
!o.ed, we will isot detain the reader with predic- S. lia., I, wife and seven children. Ann their lJ. '.I h '-n i-' selected at127d; 25U Orleansl f t le Slerro aisnBagd roo settles ens, i
ions abut ., I s,,,1.,ht thave t 0,, hI.s c......es.,Is 1' daughter, ad2, .was drowned, as were two sea- bacco, re still scace; ablt 30 bs ia e weeks-left them, however without being ena-
lihold the bill bae passed. The final resolution of ien, Johnlasey,.an Jr;shman, and William Sau.- sold for tile Irish market at 5 to 6d, anrd a ,. a t bled to adjust his negotiations relative to the la a
he Ministry i .2:. '.rl.- i kt iu Offensive deis, a Scotchlnitia,. The pTssengers and crew lost good at 71 21d. Ashes, 38 tot40s diull. A s,. t i ., on which tliey propose mainaiig a ipernument set-
s the biJl seeme to be to the pco-uace,: l.cI n .ldiJ *.-. hintir casks new Carolina Rice has taken place, of trwiu. tleinent. It's situated on tie Kanna river, one
the grr'.::s- took about 70 ea:,;s at 16s tih for miixied of tie brasiclhes of the Bangroo. The country in

Its vicinity is mountantaus, well wootde, water- r nis t" -:. ;.'1,i A.6.'- .." t.i.. i.1
e,, antd : c'iii,-l fertile and there is little '! ,'r .l :i-." -.* .' ft/heactiflbk
'i iis 1n t irs. silabors will be croined with 8106
I,. ,1'.. .. ,,,, .. ,ueccsZ. ne tiver water, it J, seph Saunders. New-7 tok, ; -' b. 2; Nathiani
l 's ,.-,o i. ,; I" r.. j, m.,, o" Lawren ce, dlo. Mar -1 2.; .foselph A. diasia is Fe;
i. ... ... .* ..- inn. se of inu r o r o. Jt J Sanuel W illstoi
11 ,. a t I .. ..c ,. I.,,? p,>I p,-., l -: 1s,)al- ., i rO ,, ,. rlareh ; II I' ., ..f O r ,- ._
Ier r .:ir i: In .:-., t. r 0. l. i .I .J ., ..] ; u be- I . .. i..
.:.i.n.e e s. :(: .l .j i. hr i <..h=- l b1t. p ,.:..no us ,,f \ ,.,>hi ., t'-l 1 .t, 1 I... .. I ..
..ub siirn-'with which the water is supposed to March 2; imteoan ri.l, jr i, I ,
be impregnat.,'-d. d_ itts,, f hs se pe- ISamuel Carman, of I'l&ttekill, Feb.'," .; Vi. 'T
be impregnat-fI T- t t.- l ,. : -bss Feb, 7: ,imothy CAsuee
ple was sent I. -. ,.s,.i I.l I. I lC, i %. 1 l.r ; aid .. : ..; h Feb.. : Timot Cial, ted
-,'I. 1 ,,, l... I,, t i .1,seph E. IRiL -. .I ,t he
scarce had the Gth day passed, ere the oiicer I, .. l. ISterling, of Ad .1,u, ,i .1. i, 15.
commanding, together with his crew, were be-
reaved of existence. At this juncture, with a 1.I i R I RE D.
very few exceptions, they are in the enjoyment On Wednesday ., in-: last, by the Rev. C. I.1
of good health ; and, I presume, now that the Frey, Mr. En.%tuxtI L... ., to iiss JAas YoiY
,,,-lm. i.s .,. have passed, they will have noth- both of this city.
ing, saving thi,.- s.: i: ,,1,a1... tici the na- On Thursday ...ir. .,l.r vtheRev. C. F. Froy
ties to contend with. this Pos., I .cit DAv, both cit
"The man, Kizzel, on whose land they were At tsishington, on iin ,-l. t. T :r;s, s ir'-
tempor'arihl I ,.-eir ., Is. : 'of is i i I i- Esq. al epresentive int(.. i.. ...,il. s ..i i '.
ll sl pi ., ti ll i lrlfp[..-'1.-'i1 .i. h Ill: IIlL.ijl.lI to VlissC.Uatl..A VW OiRT' .
his character, has proved, in the sequel, a de-
signing and mercenary wretch, and left no means D I E D.
untried to throw every impediment in the way of Last evening, at a quarter tast oolo;;lk. Mrs.
the advancement of our colonial interest. The Zt ir'I ;- -.i-i.-. ,-1f of VWm M'Laughlin.a :
circumstances,ItrustofCapt. Wadsworth'shav- I,;.-IM, *. 1 ,h -11., I.Crone, tin the 32d year of hei
ing refitted this vessel, and dispatched her, with agetoa morning, B
anl officer and crew to Sherbro, will be the means yesterday iorni, e. T
,' -rcitiunga sin.li..lii-.e- in thlie face of affairs. yesterday io000, S.tnan WITre, aged about 21
T li: shock ill .uiss.i, :t:.I.ij-jy' dampen the zeal months, daughter of Win. H. Wlhitlock.
of those who have exerted themselves in a cause Atitthaca, N. Y. Mr. JosA.si'AN CausE, aged 3,1
so honorable-and that they may attain the formerly of li,;i.'
grand point at which they have so long aimed is At Eye, %.- 1.. e *, .... on Sunday, 31st ult. ol
any imos.t sincere wish. short illness, D.i.aaL ADnE., aged 7U yeaes.
'" \%Va., le, l io,1 ,. tr I e,,ne u .. .ayi since, .' V 1. ,
aS .l,-.,-.ur ,' 1 s ., 11, i l i'us, ..., i.|,,.]..e the Cy- Ship China, W hitter, 41 dnvs from Cadiz, with
ane, though the hurry of her commander to quicksilver, salt, wool and wines, to S. Hicks, owner,
leave us will preclude the possibility of my writ- .. IRoberts, and Gen. Vives, the Spanish minister.-
ing more at leisure. We have received.. advices Left, ship Tea Plant, for N. York, same day; brig
of American-slave-ships taking in cargoes up the Hope, Hatch, for do next day; Hope, fobr a-
river ; and so soon as we may reach the mouth, vana, sailed 2 days before ; ship larner.Weldin,of
i..tend sending a force sufficient to take them. It Portsmouth, just arrfrom Londlon ; a Philadelphia
will be necessary to ascend about 70miles, to the ship, uncertain when tl sail. The sehr --, Stevens,
wil be ecesstry to ascend of Portland; from Boston, hound up the Straits, got
factory front which they procure their slaves." a shore a few miles south of Cadiz light, but after
awards got off and arr at Cadiz, where shetw s con-
r' ',f-IDA. _E '- 'tl ,denied 1. ,.k,:. ,.%... i D, .; 21. lat35, long 68,30,
i 1 **2 kS l spoke Lr. I..--i.-. s .I I 'frBoston.
IN SENATE. Ship Garonne, Whiting, 8S days from Trieste, witll
Friday, December 29. glass,.soap, brimstone, &c. to G. G. & S. Howland.
Mr. Van Dyke gave notice, that, on Tuesday ',team ship Ki.. i Fuin.m. Most, 8 _days front
next, hlie should ask leave to introduce a billIto -Charleston, i,,[lti.i, teei-ei.'l toD.Dunhliam.
establish an uniform system of.bankruptcy. Brigana, ,mbh,.,. ,ki.n-.,ce, 12 days from Ha l.
At a,, il, hour the Senate adjourned to Tues- i l.r .:u|,.itl, .,rIt, 2 ,l) ,li,:,is tlalri ll,.', ind
.1 S ,, ..... 1K .,,-... -I' li..si St. Eustatia, with im, -.u: t :,nf n im.l'iSem.
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Lil- ,L,, ,, L ,,.,.,ll, ,\, ,. r'teiii-
M r H e r r ic i a t t e n d e d thi s d a y r".: .. .
Mr. Williams, of N. C. from the committee -i ;. s ll.. ,i", ki, 22 .1.ia i flou Pi.ii a.n Pi.;e,
of claims, man de ar unfavorable report on the pe- L t'X.,,itee & h %., ,ar& tI.,, I ig -a,.,at
tition of Eli Harttr; whicil was-referred to a com.- ,ebec.. ,iiie 2.l, I.)% sht put i.a tlh
ttion f Eli Hart; wh was referred to a co- Dec. with loss of one man, and the rest of the crew
mittee of the whole. mostly :. .- .I.:.l -031 Tirn for Rtum Key and
The,' Speaker laid before the house a letter thence l;,r I-'l.l.,.l..it a, urlits ... ia,an, l f capt.
from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting Steele.
statements of the District Tonnage of the United- Schr Penobrscot Packet, Snow, 7ds. from Georgia.
States, on the 31st of December, 1819; also a Sailed this morning, wind N, W. ship Ann, Crock-
letter froni the same IDepartment, transmitting er, from Qua. t...l,.,. Isli i..e ,C.i l
statements of goods, wares, and merchandize, ex- :.ALl., ii I R.D- 2.-I IIt. t,; L e.-:lyM n..
dfronthte United Statestoforeigstcountries roe, Pullet, fs..st Its.r,,amii, ,d 5i i t,. Capes.
ported front th Unied Sates to forBOS'l '. ec. 27.-.--Arr. schr James, Brown,
during the year ending 30th Septemtber, 1820; St: Bart, 3 days. r
which were severally ordered to lie ont the table, Ship Maine, Leach, from, Cronstadt. Nov. 8lh
and be printed. lat 49, long 32. ... \i I rii. t S.,iMli,. '21 days frotr
The Speaker also laid before the house a let- V ,,.:i,;. I f. i r,i...i. 12 I t F. .1, long41
ter from c iit ..... t Li)y of the Treasury, stating I. .;i t.. ., l. i... i n..: r., ...m n .. York, las
that the records of the Treasury do not contain l. *.. s ,. i. I d s t. I5 :, r 1 .ndon--ha(t
the information required by the resolution of this thrown overboard h r deck load of l urnr, in con
tonnageof Amterican and Britisih vessels which -. ,,,,_l .h i brig, ;1 da ,r,, ..m .
I ..... a..r i t -r.n. ia th psrltq of-_the Itiited Aii-r dat Marblehead on T tc ila :.... !..*:
S tats for the West Indies, the Bahama Islands, Lion,Chapman, 67 days from -. 'a1h si-. "
and Bermuda, in 1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, and IAEf'1'PORT, Dec. 27.-BytheR. Island Reven
1820; that measures have been taken to obtain s i Co -, C.iCol..o, 0oe, frm thil .,. f...t, w
the iniforination .fcoi the collectors of the cat- "-i II. sp ~ tilh I t'_i... k, .rriv
toms, which it is presumed will be received iin r: 1 i I (i-''A' t ,' lli l A iST%,t, I.'st- -1.. sperr
time to be laid before Coi.,, .: i, i h, ,,.. ..1 is.h ,mi he J s l ..i' ... t .. Coast
sent session, except from the ports on the Gulf .t. v n I. aitt.,, 2a!..slsr tiy,, e, ..'ith*8(
of M exico. .t, -%aa -'. 2, 5 .tI 1 l.r u s P ; .It ,, l s, 36(
ArPP .rn I. '...I2. i .. i hFL ir-.i ; T I i rLt ., s t .1 \ i ., Con, 1.: ,. i .. -.,
I\ r. .\ I. ... i.] l..i rtBj lIht .C .'sIt.l|IOn Ijt s In *r. .I i .Jl, .... ,- .ih. II ..,il.

following resolution:
Ri solved, That a committee be appointed to
: 1 i |,1.: :, h t ;, I 's'i 'ii [st- s '.11,= I ] sl in's.'], a,,
;- ItI 5 I sll i .. '.p'- s I i '.1 s l ss .e, l a.l ,l...

the several status, according to the fourth enu-
meration of the People of the United States.
The question being then taken on agreeing to
the resolve, was decided in the nffirmative. And
Messrs. Anderson, Lowndus, Fuller, Campbell,
and Storrs, were appointed a committee accord-
ingly, under said resolution.
The Ord'i's of the Day were called over : but
many members being absent, and no disposition
appearing to call up business-
ThieHouse, o-z>iat-ioi..nf.Jn,- m-l, to .Tuesday.
,us.t before the House adjourned on Thursday,
Mr. F. Johnson, 'if Ki.. ri..lky, gave notice, that,
on the 8th day of January, he should move to
take up for consideration the bill, reported at the
last session of Congress, to a uthorise the Presi-
dent of the U. States to take possession of East
and West Florida. He had been reminded of it,
Ihe said, by the bill reported this day by the com-
mitteeon military affairs, f.eor rile i -.:.1t .ti si of the
The following Proceedings took place in the
Senate on Thursday, not before noticed:
Mr. Joihnson, of Kentucky, submitted the fol-
lowing resolve :'
R1teseled, That the committee on Public Lands
be instructed to inquire into the expediency of
providing by law, a Map, to be annexed to the
Patent of each soldier, designating the survey in
which his patent is located ; Provided the same
shall not cost the government more than twenty
five cents per meap.
This resolve lies on the table.
The Senate proceeded to consider the motion
of the 22d instant, directing the committee oni
Pensions to inquire into ille expediency ofgrant-
ing to the heirs of non-cominissioned officers and
soldiers, who have died while in actual service,
five years' ihalfpay, and disagreed thereto.

Exports from tihe '5...' -From the a-
mpunt of the Exports -r .: '... I States, yes-
terday laid before the lHouse of representatives,
it appears that the Exports, fsor thi year ending
30th Soiept last, were valued as follows :
Of Domestic Products, .51,683,640
Foreign Producs, 13,008,0-29
Making a total of .69,691,669, according to the
custom-house valuation.
fThe Domestic Exports were composed of the
following general ainouils :
Products of thie Sea, 2,251,000
Products of the Forest, 5,304,000
Products of Agricusltur,. 41,485,000
Products of Maouftctures, 2,(l09000
Unceertain, ti-5,000







I lil', ('s.,f,.1) sp; Frances, Gerald, 430 sp. 350 w.
l,. .\', l~i].:,(.'..un. IO.I sp, Leandcer, Coffin, 100
P:i I'.' .,. i, :... :p Aug. 3,Aurora, Russell,400
.' ; i..,ir : I-. n 1.,ui sp. 10th, V -l\.i; ,.ti,
', i s.. .. H-cy.,LC .ffin, 1100 sp ; I s.",, i .'.irt
1470 sp. ; Franklin, Coffin, 750 sp ; Gov. Strong,
Smith, 160 sp ; ..r \\ :, .. sp. and 600 w ;
Ge rge, Fitch, If.' .u' on.1l : ; 12th, Barclay,
Coffin, 650 sp. ; Peruvian, Wyer, 1100 sp. ; Essex,
Pollard, 580 sp, ; Lady Adams, H- '",5' tsp; A-
1.-.n. N,.' t.,I., '. .., I' a. d 120 J...... '.. 4w ift,of
[. L ., I ,., W i..,. I,, 'Tobev do, 100
.p ; .'r..Jt si. iian ,I.I. ,1 .,, ,,.J i l, A gust
;,, C ,..Is ,.* ,11, i. .,'5- ,. 5. ... i -p ..

\,L I D1N i. 'IA \.1, JN\ NI .iVY 3.

Mr. Smith, of South-Carolina, in his singular
Speech in the Senate upon li.e i lio..i i Q1,. ,s..n, in
reply to the late Mr. Burrill, of Rhode-[land,
touching the resolutions passed by the Legislature of
this State upon the subject, uttered the following
sentence :-" And lie would here remark, that when
"a iill wvas offered by a gentleman of New-York,
(Mr. Root,) for the purpose of declaring that
slavery did not exist in that state, it was objected
"to by the gentleman who offered the resolutions for
rejecting Missouri, (Mr. J. C. Spencer,) li..:., ,i
hlie said, it did not apply. Mr. Smith .b. :, .:..
that he had been informed that that gentleman
"was the owner of several slaves himself." Grave
and reverend Senators ought to be more cautious, a
to the statements they think proper to make upon
the floor of Congress, It is not true that Mr. Spen-
cer objected ts the bill introduced by Mr. Root, de-
claring that slavery cannot exist in this state-bvt
on the contrary, he supported every callumtide by the
moverfor its consideration, andspokefreqsuently and
earnestly in favor of passing the bill. Nor is it trust
that Mr. Spencer is the owner of slaves. Thissliander
Mr. S. has refuted under his own hand; but the edi-
tor who made the charge, has never had the crudi,!
to publish the refutation, lie ias, on the contrary,
often reiterated the charge. If Mr. -. ..ti,l. i .1i-:
hereafter to speak of -he atfTais of this senate uponu
newspaper authority, we would advise him to make
a better selection of papers.

Bachelors look oiu!-A Mr. Milland, cfthe Mary-
land Legislature, has cbtaine.d leave and aetuallyv
introduced a. bill to impose a tax upon Bachelors.-.
The bill was referred to a seleet committee of seven.
A writer ii .the altimore Patr.bot says, if the proi
coeds arisitigfroit he( tax upon Bachelors isto go in-
to the State T;'insury,we may soon begin with inter.
nal huproveinents, and canals.'"
Now we wI d hQbeg leave to suggest ,*'i'-, i'.

Scours to t is i 1i.'..., mt'- "i "
ccr.m ict A'oar ', -e tried to m : :: :-. ::. )rry prsilsege o
o if D I e T T10 ,to"': do ; : ..,...,, be done io attotiar ay ; be-
More Prizesfrain .'11lins' Truly u ... u' a tax; upon all, whether rich or pond woum '
-Ticket No. 119M9, in the Literature Lotte.y, be niji;t, SAsids, th'ei'e :;.re mat;y of liA, fr ,tfsni,
came up this morning io one of thc capital priz- tV iho are more -ihmiedl qtail at thian :. -
esof TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. The fortunhl tti ,holJ hlv 1, losg burned
ticket was sold to a mei rhanit ofthis city in Somith- .- ---" the .'ips 012 and seci c'in'tim."
street. There arce only 'OUI more a'ays of draw- inl o:'1,. feltt
in and thi. fo!o.wingt Prizs are undra n : 25-. T'h 1:. e." ~
000,~ ~ 10,000.ou, 02oc, 1010, c'The'y have done all int :heir power to change the,
000, 10,000 0i0, 1000t,vert on. a t a x
100, c. ', .


-. -Z-i


would be punishing a man for his mistortine. The: went on the bows with the harpoon to receive
true course, then, will be, to appoint special officers them. When with n about 15 feet from the yes-
in the several cities ol Alaryland, whose duty it shall si el, fond it to be a Sike-called the Skipper up
e to ie intoth mattr; and vry Ba -by this time le had come so as to touch the
be to inquire into tiese matters; and everyB a vessel forward and Jay himself alongside, moving
for, who is srucl fiuio choice, should be compelled to slowly, his head past the stern ani his tail un-
ziipport an Old .tutd who is such from necessity.-- der the bowsprit. Supposed him to be about
Thus will wilfuil bachelor- he punished, and helpless twenty feet longer thnla tire vessel, wylicli is eighty
and hilamtinies antiquated incidents provided for. o. *i ***-** .A light breeze coming up, left him
\se marvel that our wortiiy, and usually tranquil, astern-his head about three or four feet out of
frend, Cayia,ofithe Fed water. One of the people says, '" he appeared as
?;rnd, (nwyun,oftbeIFedera) Ge..tte.i,as<,rot'air- t have see hin ideseJbhd in the i......--,, .
tdsesed lhis tac,.' and like a true knight laemn the hLehaeeud, Dec.s 281tb I 0."t
iea.d upon this subject ; it beilig o. n:ch vital impor- -
tance ) lahiim, if not to fis readers. I-s le a Roman By tthe schoolnet Bl.nufield, Capt. Other, from
andwti wii hesufiHr Lh-is "' iSquaimlijte lean, that the schooner New Bethia,
m A Capt. fHal, which sailed on Moudlay for Cihnrles-
"Armidstl the wood, the i(eopard knows his kind, i trn, a-pruag aleak 0I T I s. ;-.,i tl. C. plain
ie tiger iIry im-.n ... .. a-.., i a fulinig the leak gaining .3 yrl .- .. .:i-e el. to
-Man iutey is ...-a. .. t---ruin her on shore 19 miles to the southard of the
.I/ ., .. ,*. -- Lt -a- t!il to have Hook, and it is feared she will be lost. The
-r,' ... ,. ir. ., I. ., ..-lcru, of0 l Marylaul. It B loomfield has her ,,;I., ,; .'. ..: r ian .:rggo of
was a bil reported on a petition from J ohn J. Moore, .i ...a 1,m, r s, 5, dC.oa, ti., a.J.-.,\,t. .Id,.
of liarraion C(ounty, Olio, novw in confinemaent in -
Baltimore Jail, at the suit of Thomas Emsry, al-o fir.-Eirly on thrt......in -- Thursday last,
nof laimrion Countiy, Ohio. Thie circumstances of a fire hioke out in the Tick ATaitufactory in
| Hlanover, [Mass.] and such was thle progress of
the case are said to Ire as foll,ws:-" Some tired the devouring element, before it was discovered,
pa-st, lrs. aMoore purchased goods of Mr. Eanory, to that all exertion to arrest its destructive course,
the amount of eight thousand dollars, for whichIa he proved fruitless. Nothing of its contents were
gave cight notes of one thousand dollar.c ea,;It-of saved. '1 lr: a -l i.i,....:,, i i : f:,.ari the pro-
this amio lun five' tboisand Idollars was paid. Mr. pertyoft Sa. 1 -i -J.. ..t ...a ., ,. e-i 1.' Messrs.
Emory was indebted to aerhanits in ia!tlnore Jr Nathaniel Russell, & Co. anndothers. Loss.comn-
my p indebted to erans i llioreJor uted at $3000.
these very goods: and four months ago employed
Air. Moore togo to Baltimtre to nrake arran;ttements From the Albanry Diiti ddvertiser of.han. 1.
there, so that hen might have Lnge r time to pay for On Saturday morning last, about 5 o'clock,
tiem,i and lhe was ti pay M I r. Maoore-'s expenses to the weather being most dreary and inc!cliens,
and from l raftiuore. In a fewt days after Mr. atrud the streets and sidie-walks a glare of ice, the
n r, itae. r a y loath city was alarmed by the cry of fire, which had
3Mloore'sdeparture. Mr. F.mory went nd m oath broke out in the house occupied by Mrs. W.
that Morre lhad gne oilff with intent ito defiaud his Groesbeeck, in 'Y, rthl Market-l,..,-,r .n.i,.l I'...
cieditors, i amt attached all his property in MiYoorfield, it w ': L'. A I ,, tilir,.. ,. a y ... uanc. ... ..r-- .
store, goods, lands and l'6., a anew frame house. by tl -rier'r- l..I n.. r.i' Oan a i t at- ...'-7
balds, and every thiigt h ilad ili the world. Emory hie house in which it broke out, auid the adjoining
then sent on one of .Moore's notes to a merchant in one, occupied by maj. Israel Smith, were both
destroyed. Mrs. Gro.nsbeeck lost ahnost all the
'aitimore, by post. forwwLhi he was arrested; and hearing apparel noflerfamily, andl herbAnseh-lld
being a -,iranaer, and note.-a.be to give security, he furniture. The princi pal part oftd h ii furniture o
.as pit ina jil at the request of Emory." It was Major Smith was saved, though we understated
Proved that the petitioner had always supported an his loss is about 600 dollars. The house oceupi-
excehMinI character, aml that he hasa wif, and iltni- ed by Mrs. Goesbeeck was owned by iMls. Mer-
ly i (.0hio. The hill for.his relief wasimntediately salus, of New-York, formerly of this '-ity, and
That occupied by Majora Smithi I1y Dr. Elias Wil.
S.I seI- by special orders, through all its stages, in ca-i on ui- C a The lattvcr was insured. E i -
..ll -....l.... t.. I ,.; 1 a., i. tire is supposed to have beun accidental, but how.
S- -.. it took place is uunkanowu.
Co: -ie Poins, and lend a han'! to laugh it tookplac is unk
Lbok.! k ee at fault, my friend Tip-Staff ST. Lotis, M iss.] Dec. 6
h /iakesh eaSvmn,. ". C .
N esptenw.- Lieutenant .Tallaftrro, Indian Ageut, at Saint
hing Lfoirhme out.of Coutenane.-- Peters, brevet capiL. ,earnard, paymaster of the
the Auousta Chronicle received a few days since, 5th regiment, ai'; lieu. lHenry Wilkins, arrived ina
the editor ann oupces that four thousand dollars are town- on Tuesday [litae 28th ult. from the military
due hin in Aiagilsta: alone-that after.two weeks poast at the amourh of the river Ft. Peters, near
hard dunning, he was nailed to col eci(but about the fills of St. Anthony. Lieutenant Wilkins,
ane l.1,hna a.1 .1il,.-i-;-.W t u.s[n W-. 2 t al ..s l brought wit him a Stoix nudian, surrendered by
.. i1.- I.a.l ,' r, f the murderer's of Manuel Lisa
the paragraph, hev r a...a., '. a au-n. 1. II .. ,. ., o h lm.,t suriunerr.
an ie-icfstor;, merely to avoid. C L- -, .
,.... .an .. .]..a ;,,...a.. a fr_. .--' .). -idd c.sptitini'J'Atn Smith, who conimande-d the brig
-R1' FT-i77T-,.. ~~T. iuij..;- ir, ha t.,.r.. .l Genseral Ramirez, captured and carried into Sa-
siteriff fbr thte wild goose chase" he led there ; but vaiinIal some lime since by the revenue cutter
he says, a a gautijiation lie could not ih- v Dallas, Capt. Jackson, "was on Wednesday:last
he says, was a aifi io could not wi- tried before the U. S. Court at Savannah, on thea
stand. Our jolly brother of the quill further says, charge of Piracy, and was acquitted.-Charles-
Ihat there -; ..,I, ... ,,.. irl., i,a I j. 1 ;r,. ( ,,a.-t.1 ton Courier.
fine in all this; arld ,"f it could only conteue long -
enough, he would not change his situation for that Yesterday, morning, John Baptiste Lajednesse
.ai" dse -1-.tL man that wears a head." We do a"I.1 L.uia Co'...?, .it Doyon, who had been con-
Shere maybe something indefinabley :d n,- ay robbery at the last Court of
,,,-i a there maybe something "indefinably Oyer and Terminer, for this District, paid with
fine" in such a situation; but, for ourselves, we their lives, the awful atonement to oflendedjus-
have no desire to try the experiment. twice and violated law. It is said the unfortunate
men have since they were -convicted, behaved
.eive-Fhampshire.-The LegislatureofNew-Hamp.- in a way befitting their solemn situation ; and
shire adjourned on ti.e 23d ult. A resolution was dlied ,sincerely penitent for their crimes.-.lon-
passed directing the opinion of the people to be real herald Dec. 23.

'.iloai in Mar II next, on the subject ofa Revision of FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.
',th C'j ,ilit.an. A law was also passed, providing OFFICE OF THuE HEI-IALD,
for the organization of a State Board of Agriculture. IN LRE "TNt l,,r--C i ',d .Dl.\I:
An apprnrijiion. of$100u a.ai.ti-ifo'r or ih.-e-.i.ca- KL I '.- :-1 'LRnRML,
tion ofDeaf and DumbChiaiJ aic isor mai italte. at Extract ofa lellerfront a respectable mercantile
the American Asylum,at Hartford. A billwas pas- housein St. ,Gori.,s ra ri,da,1 tia the Pro
sed, making an appropriation for the payment of ar- prior of the C(.,,a it r..,:d g a .i ;New
,Room, in this town, dated-
rears due the officers and professors of the late Gov. Cc ST. GEORGEs, [Ber.] Dec. 16, 1820.
Plumer's University, the charterr of which was.do- -War. G. LYFORD, Esq.
clai-'J auo.'nataiur..-.s.,l This bill was_te)ooted bly "Dear Siri-The annexed Prices Currentyo
nGov. Bell, and sent back to the'legislature; where, will observe quote Corn at 80 a 85 cents, though
upon a re-consideration, it did nrot pa is i)L the re- it isnow absolutely bringing one dollar per bush
a' ThI,: ..it. H-. a, C ,|.i.ain Chadwick arrive
,-!,.,],te h.ij. ,i t ,,- -k i IN. -.m ..-.a, :b.1, N C. with 210
Kentcicky.-It is proposed in the Kentucky Legis- busloels, ani is solds at tiat pice ; ot we ha
h sier of Cogres fros quoted it lower in consequence of the prohahil
ltare, to instrntt thMogres ty of snore arriving. Should any of your friend
that state, to oppose the ratification of the treaty be disposed ta make any Shipments thiswat ,
,..ni, C;a1n. on account of the Province of Texas would reconmmend the article of black eyed 'Pea
,. t'.eh'aana-,,i,. We are also informed by a western the quantities'required for the Islands being con
paper, that various amendments of the laws especl- siderable, and we hear of none expected. Th
"-ag thecollection of debts, ...ier:-, thi.-e,, .,. ,i,' barter trade between this and thie States. being
is-d1..-, a. ,' .. '. -lw".'. .. .- -n *i.i a..1.1. a., n s t. a-- i -.Si quoted areofcourse fo
.......-,-a-hlta : _, i. I ...n e-si.:.-ai,.g i ,-..; is ,tc I, i. i-a. were i,,.i.., '1 5 I r Ti i,.I, ., -.v. ; C-l- i .,. :. I-
ni, ar.... a i.-. I -...rct.-., ih,- ie'i,.:. --,.,being .i .. s-., A ll. ., la .;schooners Sarah & Jai
taken by a ea. sa. is allowed to deliver up his proper- I -i', *i..** t. 'a in 3 days for Turk's Island
ty intmmediatell, and be discharged; but if he will I' "'," a ".., to sailing a few days for a
not deliver it, -within a reasonable time fixed, he is Easterr port; 11'erlo,Chadwick, foriNegivbern,
to be committed to riose gaol, and not allowed the Amesbumy, arrived yesterday froi" GCastine
benefit of the i prison bounds, which extend to the sloops Miller, Fossett, [37 days fao o i.af..Ih
limits of the county town. .M .' d..lar ,.r Mary Jane, Sharis, do."'
1- It. aria c at St. George'sBermuda, Dccemb,
Blest paper credit! last and best supply. 16,1820.
That lends corruption swifter wings to tly Flour, suop. fine, per' bbl. $5 0, scarce; Flou
S/.a.,a,...--TIhe I.L la,,,e ,f this state is in ses- e, do. 3 a4, do. ; Mleal, aIdian, do.-3 aS5
br:Ins -do. per pun.- 18na20, do, ; lBread. tNav--,-bi .350
sion. The n'i,eii.od' in his Speech, recommends 3 75, sales; -.I: Pilot, do. 4 .j ; do., rac
the adoption 0'l a-,a Mueg to compel the defaultin" ers, do. 5 a in demand ;Corn, Indian, bus
30 80c. a 85, scarce : Oats, do. 60c a 62 nonen; Peas
banks to resume specie payments at an appointed black eyed, do. 4 1 50a 1 75, in deani)on; ".bird
time. The treasury lias sufferedby the depreciation eye, do. 1 a 1 12 rdo. ; Beans, white, do. 1 75 a
of their paper. The whole expenditure tf the state do-; Iice, per' a10tbs. 4 a 4 4, plenty; Tobacc
is only $h7,5J-anid yet tl ie neesnue fr-o i taxation leaf, (Io.. P8a 9; scarce; :Tar, per bbl. 3 a 3 ., do
isonly17,000-and yet te e om taxation Pitch, do. 4 a 44, in emand Trpetine, do 4
is insufficient to meet it, being only $13,000 The 4 ;. ldull Hnch. ,- dressed, W. 0. i.' .i, ,. a 6
deficit of 4,000 hlas heretofore been made up by : ..' 3 a' -'.i ,, d o. 55 a 60, rdo.; do. di
s I R.0.. ho: 33a 35, do.-; do. Northern do. do. 20
loans, and the governor subminits it to the wisdom of 25, dull; Shooks, W. 0, each, 14 a 1 ,. dl ; d
the ipe-'l'itt ire wlhther they wil, continue to '.w ,. I- '). do. 1 a.1. do. -I... it, it 2 .. ,
,OVtt i II.l i i 1- I1 a.I Spikes, p erdoz. 1, a,.'. L .... ','.hi,
o ,' l- '. 100), IS a 20, ind. .. a, a,. i. ,.- a' .. I ,
35 a 2f I. P .. mh-iim, cr, do. do. 20 a 2
The F!oridas.--The editor of the ['mha.li.l.h.' l; : .... ". .... 1. 2 do. 7 ula3, in demand
Gazettesays, lie hasseen a letter f'ia.,Ia 'm ..li,.I..i. do. caai".,n ai. .1 ;, -ales; (t chips, do. 2
f the December, which tate, that it i confi do. Jamaica per gal. 55.a 0; do.
f t December, h t, at it is c Island,do. 45a 50; Molasses, do. 25 a 28 ; Coffl
dc,:- ,, ., ,-.' II..-t ,I.. I. ......,- is in possession of per 100lbs. Q24 a 25; Sugars, do.. 8 a 9; Piment
the ratified treaty; but that it has a condition at- perlb. 15e. a 18; G aa.a.r, ia, none; Exchange c
tached to it that renders-it totally inadmissible. Mr. 1 n-l..,1-. D1ol. at 1. 0a I a l,, 0 i ,'.
S .,_ -ma the I ra., ,. 1 1 1-2
.Jonlsona's notice, (mentioned inl .this paper yester- premiuT. "
day,) toe-ll up the bill, was believed to be the surest i t-- te .
method of obtainiugiroan the Executive conclusive Lt. Mervin the ftinlitedS ates ship Cyan.t
lofuisa.tlru oss thse subject. e has arrived in this city. By him letters ha%
-- been received at" the Navy Departnment fro
.SEA SEPPENT Capt..Trenchard,of the Cyaie, and Capt.' ad
-In behalf of thie whole fraternity of Editors, as awrth, of the United States' ship John Adamn
well as.onrelves, we Ibegleaove to tender our grati- likewise, letters front Daniel-(Coker, who has
tulde o lis High Mightiness, The Old Seipet," present time care of thle Am,.a ird: tel ra --, Aft
for enabling us to present the following in fornatin Liut. visited Board the C le attl
n t .l.. T- i ,0 r, I RyLi m "t. V visited Canilpelar, ald lthe settle
i o.tin piru lic.. h' -. c.,-a.,L.l. ,,,,i,, .I l at h, Royal ii ya-oniel in the island of Sherbro, anid left the
J,;. 1,;a to theie abodes," we can blut regard as all well on the is 6t of October.' These gentle
peculiarly fortunauc. The great matrimonial quar.- mnen have given a particular account of the sit
hr 1 Iu.l'-....l -.,,.. resulted in the triumph of thile ationi nf the Americans, and of the causes of tl
L'- .----- -h.. were jest ca g about to late disasters in their sickness and death. Fro
ee what else of equal llp,-.,a te se these vario s cornlstuic ithonns t appears that i
lhold of, toal.s.,,e, inatreat, and astonish the public. The mtstae m a rtrerliori ai ofilty ave bie
Extract crom ith log book of the schr. General of te Johni Adams, po)isLd nt t, pro
Jiackson, Capt. Thomason arrived at Boston frt,a bably arose fron itig tha our ast,' pir't
the Grand B.ink. at Marblehead :-D c. 10 18'20, survived, wt.n i s forurtt; t y s 's t t -" '
lat. 5120,.1lon.154:30, sawthe Se: Serpent. A- five had di..t. I. "-lattE w.E.it asg re a .
bolrt 11 P, 'M it being calhn, the watch oil deck .11 iliC ,0 .1.u 4, sta te ent agrees wii
saw something in the water, making for the yes- ae oni tlhe spot. and wiiItbi list of ne r i soils-.h
el uispposed to be po'rpoiss-o.e ofthe people hanveiedI,ad which has be st.ofhe persons
Sand Mr. Doughen. h by

It is understood that a par.lcular communica-' not be available during the year. The time ne- very splendidly. In Pal-ttall, though nearly all the general joy, the coachmen having decorated
tion will be made to the public' by the Board of cessar to transfer the revenue collected in thie the houses were lighted upabout.8 o'clock, no- their hats and their horses with a profusion of
Managers ofthe Colonization Society, so soon as western states,and in those borderingon the Gulf thing particular was observable. Groupsof peo- white ribbons. The neighboring villages were
it can beprepared. of ilexico, beyond what is expended in those ple, at different periods of the evening, collected not slow in testifying their n.p.itrar v ihl uHe
i can prpstates, to tile places where it will be expendeds I in Vaterloo-place, anxious to learn if Carlton feelingsof the metropolis. C (. i-ij, .remn sia.
SUPPLEXJIENTAL TREASURY REPORT may be estimated, upon an average, at 6 months. house partook in ilhe general joy ; but the col- Deptiobd, &c. soon resounded with the shouts of
ox ir One half of the sums collected in those states I lounade was illuminated only with its usual por- triumph.
STATE OF THE FINANCES.- may, therefore, be considered, through the year, -''.:I lamps. From Carlton-hltaus we proceed- Thus,'in a few hours, thispatitfactory event
TarAster De Aemeritr,. "is i a situation not to be7 applicable to.the de- I .-1 ?i. -iimes's-seuare. There the houses of was celebrated, by one spontaneous movement,
S 21st December. i820. mands upon the Treasury ; as it will be in tran-' ithe a.t.-ii and gentry weregenerally illuminated over a space of not less than 50 square miles.
Sir: In conformity with the provisiors.of the situ between the places of collection andi tnose of s vith more or less brilliancy, tho'froim the sudden -
8iit section of t hh act of Ist lay, 1820; entitled expenditure. If this amount be stated at 600,000 Ilattureof the call, and the wi nt of preparation, FromnLicerpool aperss.
A'n act in addition to tihe sev-ral acts f r the dollar.-, there will be, through the year, the sumn there were no coloured lampsor tasteful designs. ILLUMIA'ATlIONS IN LONDON.
establishuient and regulation of tie Ire.'ury, of 1)(1,4 000 do lars which cannot be considered The houses of.Lord C..- 1. .-... s nd the Duke of Between half past ten and eleven o'clock the
War, an," Navy Departments," statemn.Its are as nv:ii;ible. No.rthunmberlaiid weer, .,.. .-. ., the only man- following occurrence took place at Charing-
annexed to the t i... .,f' the public expendi- To ensure the prompt discharge of all demands -ious involved in their usual gloom. His Lord- cross :-A large crowd had assembled discharging
tite fur the year 1 .';, ..t.l ,.are herewith trans- upotn fhe Treasury, and to place ti, public cred- ship, if we recollect right, has not occupied his fire works and applauding such individuals as
anittcd, showing- it be-yond the reach of accident, the sount of house since' tie Queen hired Lady Francis's had lights iln their windows in n,.'nc.r of the
I. That tire permanent appropriations, and o(,000,10 oughtto remain in the Treasury. It' house adjoining. Aln i ......e,-.' crowd was col- Queen. Thle house of a.te person .(an army
those for a term of years not yetexpired, amount- is probable that, oftthe appropriations for 1821, elected in the ssqua'r, aind continued to n late hour clothier) became a I pti.ular object with the
ed to i1t1, 'I1,''" 00. nearly htatanion1t will remain tt iL T,....,.,,, at ni'iht. The Duke of Bedford's fi..1. y .,, *.. hl.:. who were a considerable tlitieemiiploy.
2. That, of the sums appropriated for 1820, or in'thie hands of he Treasurer, asi,|.,, .u ir. ti....b;l, cheered. Thebounst of Lord C tl.U,n tt ',ed *: ,ll.5. upon. the ownerto light .up, but find-
and previous years, it is estimated that there will enl of the year. But it is considered- uns:lie to was protected by the :,:iltar.i Neither the Ad- ing their cries disregarded, they commenced an
remain on the books of the Treasury, oi the 1st trust to that contingency. it is, therefore, re- miralty, nor Whitehall, anr Downing-street were attack upon the windows, many of which they
ofa Jn. 182!, $,907,t619 03. siectfully siubmitte -that provision be niade for illumiunated ; and while we were there thel multi- demolished. 'Whilst ithe crowd were thus em-
3. That tiere will be, on that day, in the .raising thr sum of7,300,000dollars, in aid of the tude had not paid then a visit. played, aman of good appearance rushed amongst
hands of the Treasurer, as agent of the War and funds which it is estimated will be received into lHoiborn4 and ricinit./.-The illumination in them with a dagger, ..l,.,t 11 ii.lhs h..I.i, l, iai.
N avy Departmetis, $9-27,241 29. the Treasury during thie year 18321. If that a- Holborn was very general; and though the stid- right hand, wilh w... I. .,. tbee.iau irtans--i.nt. nt
4. That tile whole amount of unexpended ba- mont should be raised by loan, the interest of the deriness with which it was got tp prevented the to stab all about fhim, and wounded several per-
lances of appropriations subject to. the.disposi- debt thus ere atedwtil increase the public expen- display of many devises, several of the windows sons very severely. A man received a thrust
tion of the Executive Government, during the diture, and render the amount proposed to be rais- were haiidsottely decorated withleaves of laurel" t1,oorh the palm of the hand, a, boy was stab-
ye. I -'1, ;,,,. ,. at .'7,834,860 32. er indispensable. anong which were interspersed mottosdeclarato- bed in 11.L thIirk, an. a great many others had
I ,'a, i i 1 ...i. iher'r will be required, to.. I remain, with respect, your most obedient tory of the affection whichll the owes of tie hou- their clothes rent by stabs aimed at their bodies.
defray the expenses iticurred in 1820, or necessa- servant, WVl. H. CRAWFORD. ses bore towards her majesty. Several of tile The panic which the conduct of this violntit per-
ry to efiectthe objects for which tihe several ap- 'rhe lion. John TV. Taylbr, streets leading from liolboi'n into the squares on sof struck into thie populace, caused them to dis-
propriations were made, $3,63i2,659 41. Speaker of tie House of Representatives. tie north side of'it, asalsothe squaiesthemselves, perse in all directions, and ino one seemed in-
6. And that there will remain, unexpended, and were irradiated ny the light of a thousand lus- clined to oppose his career. At'lenglh a yo6ing
not necessary to effect tihos objects for which the [. t ires. Beiltbrd-sqluale was particularly resplen- man anitade,a rush at hiii, aml grappled % iti lhiin
severa-l appropriations were made, 4,02,- A subsrription, ofwh.chthe following is a copy, dent, as was also Great Russell-street, Blooums- a. while, but was, by tile superior strength of his
200 1.i has been left with tir editors of the Mercantile bAary, Clarlotte-street, Tavistock-streer, and opponent, at length compelled to desist, and look
As it is ascertained that t.e ..im ,*n .l .fl 420.0 Advertiser, who will cheerfully attend to receiv- Percy-stiree, appeared to join in the generaljoy ; to his personal safety. H.,s, .:.; 'i ;. ,. i-'.
91, with thie exce'ltion of ;; 1 .. ., .i ,7, ..,. intg thie conltrlbtions of the humane, who niay and the upper and lower ends of TI'ttlena- ad the eft,-it of igniting