Title: Talk by Honourable Premier on the Salaries Situation, broadcast on 7th September, 1970
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Title: Talk by Honourable Premier on the Salaries Situation, broadcast on 7th September, 1970
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Language: English
Creator: Dominica. Premier (1970)
Publisher: Dominica. Premier (1970)
Publication Date: 1970
Subject: Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: Caribbean
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I Tk by The UWwrable Premier on The Sfrmes Situation

,eof Domiu ,-iS '' .. ,

L I feel it incumbent upon me to express to you Government's concern over the ~re t incident
I4F' c"`asued many servants of the Stte to be away fom', eir posts on Friday and lday ast,
S, .W te guise of illness. Government recognizes the inconvenience caused you b : ..
jt responsiblee action and it is in this context I propose as the first Minister of the C country to .

,' The Dominica Civil Service Association ndide formal representations'to Governia pt for a
t,: u p lane civil serypats on rbhe grounds of 14* asked fcost i io the Ws salaries
in 1,66. ey suggested that Mr. F.N.vM. asi who tadr6 such a*.
e t of Antia hod itdertke revision. Tis iby Govern
'xgvias : D br. NJ.O. Liwpool w vits Ass*c*tin Sq#itor were
.. .' snitwtoer a.pF .: .pF adciat .:.;,. .:
&Vsue fAl. e eAbf snteadeia wi t nAag ob .sf the executivee of the
'" a AA1[ m lq t July, 1969. The final terms ofre eretne as approvedby the Cabinet were conveyed
to ~ Asa~~ dPti bythe inana Soeqtaryby l g ofh DWmbar, 1969.
*T nH*o hi lawstadtOlays from 27th Pbriay to Sunday th
i qu whi a a ia Dur i its sittings to quotft the Asso-
4 12thia lls^itNclmve (Itdo" i (held (by the Awigtiop) .with
sa. urging tdmne hourM ~f ssion, givisg toteof 55 hours ofdiscusuioaseoer a three

S4. Saon after the report was printed, copies were released to the Association and ther action
invited. This was received at the end of May stating "that the Dominica Civil Service Association
'"a: thd Pahs li/Liverpool Reprt to be unacceptable due to its many inconsistencies and to the
f that the new relativities which they seek to establish will cause severe Public Service dissatisfaction
i onley result in a lowering of Public Service Morale and efficiency".
9'. The effort'by Government to obtain from the Association the precise areas of disagreement
,4'1te glOrt to enable those differences to be discussed and resolved in the shortest possible time
S'pred fruless.
6. Government called in the Association to a meeting chaired by me to discuss the matter and
I" 4Was then agreed that a Committee of four Permanent Secretaries should enter into negotiation with
,: Association and to make tecommendatios to Government. Regular meetings between the re-
i ptivws.* Qprsnunt and the Assocition began on the 29th June and lasted until the 23rd
Jlyv atd d at d afttrwa several oopfttionW took place between the Official ide
t' ie ii dIetnatters whik the bfisial saide felt the need for such consultations. 6
Following upon the submission of the Negotiating Committee's Repon to Cabinet, the Asso-
Scim was ipvited to meet me in order that they might be informed of Governments position in the

8. The meeting was held and the Association was informed of the variation which Cabinet has
approve. Arguments were advanced by the Associatios for further departures from the PusineUli
reommndations but it was pointed out that the relativities could not be further interferred with.
S" sunaxa to be satisfied, but before their departure pointed out that they would be prepared to
foam le 5% srrearsrs payment on the 1969 salaries, a payment suggested by the Commission in its
report, if the following submissions would be entertained.
1. Minimum salary payable should be $1,560i nd ai iosts carrying a maximum f $2,400
should be increased to $3,120 p.a.
' '2. Equal pay at minimum for Police, Prisons and Fire.

,.:: ,. La~.,.d"Ylll~lr

S" *'. .- .-. ':. .
3.^ Mi"i0um Cd.0 tg
4. Minimum for District MVidwives., Nursipg A4sisn l enl k me from $1,920 to
$3,120. I 'i" l ". Si te
5. The nurses at the Mental Home'presently graded as Staff Nurses should convert at the
same point as Staff Nurses at the hospital.
S '
9.I subsequently met the Association and informed them that approval could only :bgist)P
the folloing:--' '.
1. The minimum salary for all posis which the'6Cmiiisb ne f itdcbmMi i4hd t
$105 per month would be increased to $125 (which represents an increase t)'* ti
:, and above the Commission's. recommendations ;
2. The nurses at the Mental Rom presently graed as Stiff Nurses should 4dsnrt Ht( t
,same point as Staff Nurses At the hospital;
'; '' 3. That the 5% arrears payment would be made since it was not only te ufi a41
Sbut also the Public Health Inspectors Association the Police Welfare As&ociatloa id'
those people whom the CSA did not represent; further, the payment of the 5 % arrears
S-, would be a capital sum whereas the variations if entertained would be annually recurrent.
Among the variatios waotf following ,' ,, "'"

Teaching Auxiliary I
do. i
do. -

Present .
$; 75
$60 $75
$60 $75

S100ooer month
S105 pwermontb
$110 per month

$ll5permont4. ,,
.$120.per month ,..
$125 per month

es .egfr 75_ -.149 '- 1 *'0
'Office Attend1 '' nt 149 0: : ,.
SOffice Attendant "'" 100-- 49 .' '..r',|=- 0-

. 120-200 perman
S12- 200: ,,-.a

Caretaker (Messenger): : '' '
Porter Messenger ) < ,I
Gatekeeper/ )
.Male Attendant .) 75- .149 ;, ., .. ,

is was fuher increased at the minimum fo.$125 ipr, ,
SCstoms Guards'' 00-- |4. ., 3 11 0 ,";f4
Kstmen v, 75- 149 ,, 130 280 135 260 per M th

Laboratory Attendants)
Offce Attendants )
Seamstresses .i

, 700 -5_ 149) '. 2o0 o L t -

Storeteptr/Bpthnical Gardcns) 2'' : !*t*, <4
Guard, Botanical Gardens ) .1060 149 '
Qualified Teacher 149 266 230 -450
Assistant Teacher 149 266)
Student Teacher 90Q- 106) 130 5 1.
Student Probationer 106 142)

50 3345

35 335



Recommended Approwd :,

*'' r'

luLlak. .'


94 ursue a c9_is qf study at a reogised

t, hey.. .

H, uMe F2 1- 31'5per month $260 MSasrpnth.
,.][ l, T'u' ,, ,
WtVsitor.Senior Nurse d
SMentpl Home 196 335 400 do. 357 475 per month

I" *" 740 S-34-f:l de.

10-- 172 180- 260 18i- 295 d

the Doim a Scr. i ad th mad by Wm for Si Lcia, and Anti4, in2

.'It must also.b" remembered that Mr. Pusinelli in addition to having reviewed salaries in
Lucia an Vi c ot a e t to o o o -29eval n
,;, i-|rM21

rI the ndf cn e de between the romta endatdons nmat by
t, ,n, Puid l itpe Domimo Cif tJhl S aievre sd those made by him for Sft L .ia, and Antigua, in
a",of which cases the terms of rqepiS c were s botantlally the same.

*.5 It must glso be remembered that Mr. Pusinelli in addition to having reveiwed salaries in
so t. p Lucia andSt. Vincert, carried out an extensive three to four months job evaluation exercise

4' With this background I think it will be appreciated that the job done by him was not an ama-
S trinh oae and the magnitude of the concessions made by Government which had the effect of in-
riag the financial implications of the salaries revi esi sed by him from 1.6 million dollars
et Oicillion dollars can be seen against this background as well as in the light of one of thetlerms o
".s namely the ability of the State to pay those increases.

S' ii'. toa 1o ugust, 197af w hilch the Commitatioee t me and the Offitcial sie were egaged in discuhadg
S se problems, a large number of Clerical ficers left their desks, t ua con vered o Government
woul arters. When the.question whegter fhy were aware of what hadhappened r whether they
Iapsanctioped -. demonstration was put to the Executive of the Association, they denied knowledge
Sofu'ie dmnonstration or events 'leading up to it; when the President was asked by the Chief Establish-
iment Officer, why then did he not order the clerks back to work, since they were acting irregularly, he
that the demonstration was a protest against the Executive of the Association for not having
satisfactory terms for thea An emergency meeting of the Executive of the CSA was im-
oonned, after which the Committee met me and stated that the Clerical Officers now had
th ffispt asked to be heard. 1 pointed out that unless the situation returned to normal, a
b would at be granted. The Association gave the undertaking that the Clerical Offloers, would
retua to their desks whereupon I agreed to meet the Association the following day.
16 On the appointed day, I endeavoured to find out from the Executive Commiteeof the Asso-
S 6ciateo on whom rested the responsibility for the Clerical Officers' demonstration. The only reply

1 f

co wifrqlb^^tl^^Qetit~pl Icerdllow hblItfrq 'fi~tty'*fh3iJW t p EB
ton tamk=IT a
on b afthty. had pntwaren ea alnblttM thaMt*miu
a further increasfl& nt bet -madea and tha t4h e l 6 b o s&,th K
be borne in mind also that any variation in the Clerical Officors at wMaot eEt-a wl 4
posts. .4c salayles bill w ready hih and any further in would result a, in.ea t
I furtho. ltld that if they desired the~ could refer the llt tarbitration. 1 paiab
aP~ a sole t r lght be sge dupop o s.es or failing te.t hat
orf'equait .bitrators fa by both tide*i th ith aldpa Chairman. r i. 3*V
17. I think it is necressaryto go into some detail on thoqy4patis of the salariea f
18. A present, Clerical '4icers are paid at the midlmum $116 per month and iMt'
per month. The new salary scales give a serving Clerical Officer $S80 at minimum, an
64 per month -orr 55% increase. Officers with quafli tiop.in excess of the pr tt t
hmens get extra increments for each approved G.C.E. "' levt= pass in excess of=thefitai
position is roughly the same for some technical posts Agricultural lastrudort, ap. w#ho
evwl qualifications ,

19, Tasalad
who in the pst C,
n 11w PC aim
crefitl isde. T1

intment as Cierical Assistiats -Mth aa v6ry lUhit&&
and could rise to the most senior posts in the Gqven
S"O(' Level passes ib excess of the milun, iinc u
ary for owidcat ssisfats SIf pet ont, and t
ies4 a 1 o% iatirtse- ftr ne etrlraa blt' for' 4
reg'n of 30% on conversion. As has already been
-Cevfa p^ Lh i%%,a'~ 'wil Bt thathd.
pt^,;- I- ^obi f e hbsw how exifagttp
HIfC^^ttew'i~id~y lWYI^? *'*. ***

S I -' ,* ~ ...''-- i ,1, .' Tr ,
,, --- :.-- :-------, v ^ ,:I I ,', I
Let us-fhe It, werr living in a competitive age d if a young paraso with two
who could not e~qbr the service pevk>ioly can now do so and jte o to ontinue wl iprivatwr
while he or she is employed in order to take' advantage fbr ea additional 'i r travel
then good lack and my complements and best wishes to those who B ves will to sh e by
their studies while they eare To ltha I say like he artm who uies hb tsaents wisely, i

Tbhe Amclation has repeatedly stated that thdy *Woy the fute pCftp f a trade Stion.
Hence they must be prepatd to accept thom rights and obligedoe whueb go vth de u pmnMastus.

---- -~

a"10l W, "k. with .
aotlwfratsroade this&. 1thl the WiN oI F hpa
n ooiaeSdati^Iaf hi t fa th ey t hw bs lfrw < OiU ow'amagn YMt,
d E s eap ma 'ee .Thom talleav Surage Mmihalation
over ad above the recommendations 'f i ca~liag the tmpa.et e20%00.' This
the Government felt itself able to defend..' The essence of industrial relations is give and take and
Meagaqab ti 'Tbe GovMafmet't MU has -a 'e-niUleaw.ii CM oly l 4Mdfrtitdr a spirit
Wecotprotmiei Idded the Executive V V Ui4ciAsel ti beae t -
I announced Cabinet's decision on the Salritbvialon. We dotteiabW anOisa=Mit lds QpM P
any further bearing in mind other commitmU viz. the wages bill, and the other services which have
sh o t mdtdti W io Lfthoe e aat ry;. L1 *atldtiL were
evBltfatecondfltlnrs'owterrSioe p r, iaWss ia

tradiction that the salaries now paid to the Domicdca Civil Service are in most caes better and in
some icai*shA N bNra OHma i tew waai st La at gsd, ts Nb A~ohted Saii e w which
are not now grant aided. Dominiea, as you know is still gramt aided.
M;. ',. .; .r. rH. l.r o A ,, l ,, , , . "

The v i Servics Ausoci&wstba *Wpidyow 1 padi, wdle hy.huts Q4 lowr mem bers
to report sick, whep in fact they are not sick. Many of the officers who stayed away have either sent
at"erom a 4, tll, i a v. te .: that tl re.ro ik. is obvious. thefose that the telephone
Issags aessis isi areas of diashoes. A. aepeuible,union muMt do better
thOean lha if it-i0
,' "; This pi ,,p''.
This pessi. because inhere issa Civil Seivice rule, which allows offers to sport
ik@ foo 'two| l wr.ithout pedcin a medical ertilort.. This hasalwys been op-
toiNd, verraug ment and was aiWays optf to abuse. So fa it has work well eough
fat ..w would sorsmally not budr4s people with pModci a mediel seWfieate for a vey
; Uii. a ne as a day or two. We fet able to trut them s be .onest with tbmnelves. The
i pci of te Assooiation has abused this re and subjected the public to substantial. inuoaveni-
ence; there has been a brep b of the trout which was placed In offlemn to give & true report of their
illness for two days or less.
the Assciation has openly asked their members to go on strike in breach of the law under
the gaise of reporting sick. This act cannot be condoned. Government have therefore decided to
approve the amendment of the General Order which allowed this privilege of two days illness without
medical certificate. The salaries Commissioner had recommended that the order be changed so that
a Head of Department could insist on a medical certificate if that was thought necessary, even where
S the period of illness did not exceed two days. The Commission must have felt that this rule could
have been abused, as the Civil Service Associatioii has now instructed their members to do. Govern-
ment has therefore decided that effective from today (and a circular has been issued to that effect)
that the General Order will be changed so that a medical certificate could be called for no matter what
is the period of illness, if that is considered necessary.
I am sure the public will feel that Government had no alternative and if people are going to
report sick only when they are genuinely sick, they need have no fear.
I have heard of instances of people reporting for work and being told to go home. I can scarcely
believe it. It is unusual even where there is genuine strike action for the essential service personnel,

I :5

r ,

stsuh at Nures and Fireten to be called out. Unions, ven where they are asamrtn sg their: leit
mate rights, are always aeotios not to endanlgr live and property. .
,. .Th executive. of the Cil Service Aociation has di regard thisa sad code. They mnut.
lose to Wect' of an mnmbermof Sooisy fo %his very mriou nmpreed st act., Tp P
stand ndemad for what camelsy be described as a ispoe act, and;ot
whede t ..mue is stilt one VindFustrial relations or w er under. Der of -sarim 0:
moti".fle4 ktahcS on the .partrd, certain individual 'IfI oWAsocideto A so qag 'vmal
of their *llirwwhy do theyardtwish the iss%.teo,go ftoe bitration. ... ,. ,,..-,4. '
_I'* .. 1 ', ', ,j '' I
Govment supports, W the right of wovrker.to press for aatisfaiiori.y. 6n
S mnt. B~uiaverything w mere are rules and lawslty which we do them .Thmom m.. '
from the na we are inviting os. .. .. ,,,,. I ,
Yev haw be e,swamped.with repeated releasmB d ued aUl a ng by the Exsrnti of t hCW. jA
during thr segodation for increased salaries, many of,them containing half trutha.. On mraay~.o
caions I pointed out To the Scetary that if the general body of the Association are to be asked saott
ina repoasiVte manner they must be given all the facts and not only the Executives' side of the picsoe,
,* ', "l ,, I. ,
Iaspitaeftb ft that m advicefLos deaf.ars. Govam nm trefumd tobp pa9vokt. .
4" .' \ I ,,,1,- .. ,; ,' .' ,.., ,9'. Il ,;,' P ( .. ,'0 '.i. '.,i "9 ''
We went on with our negotiations in a affbrt to hear and consider all the issues as prson .
by MAee ut oftbf AptsM Ouatin. ,But when individual Civil ,rvt ae being either cajoled or
Uith ataWsM& n tpabk yon wee.tql4d to reppsr sick adthis is no P C, causing pboe to
shield under a rule which permitWs i vAlvteM to *pot ck.for tjo days wi pro duni a
- certificate, instead of observing the law and fight in the open as all other Trade Unins do, and by tibi
act disrupting the essential services without prior notice of the intention to call a strike, is an act, that,
Sshdlnotiiw k .o' ,MtkWitcafio g. vWy itileo r o :Cou.try
aO=ttGidO and'aatd for w*me that he hak
eitslb$yiew 4he ttalb sik, 5.6*i llfbW bspM rawiwls'I-a ah on t't., .
be tomorrow. This can came a chuckle in certain quarter, but it ~b .vry asetlo ..
because such attitude can cause only one thing undenine not o th charaQer
.Aothe moushr'f .a b' jiV 4 'z -r..h m Mf

should labbeaboreur8(*ti( oirh 14* an lar s
wcqfte.uM,,aH- h. il..dm, .uu ^.. uta e r.-t. I
14 build 1n C! wary-,' 0. wor ,- mft .,
hospital,. all thoae who ~*dtbered to smrve in otheratma ifth'aMBM rdi :: ,
You have proved, that like candles, good deeds will continue to shine in a naughty world.

e-yi ) ; ; ,i *i,;- ,,Y i ; ,/ .

r ,

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