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Group Title: Guide to the Florida Greeks
Title: Guide to Florida Greeks
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& 2007
h. guide to

>^T^ CL k



Florida Greek Community Profile




Number of Chapters
Number of Chapters with Houses
New Members (F06)
Active Members (F06)
Total Number of Members (F06)
Average Chapter Size

% of Florida Greeks > 3.5 GPA

26 10 9 16 61
20 0 0 16 36
447 70 24 696 1237
1862 119 126 1883 3990
-23p" 189 150 2579 5227
86 18 17 161 NA

All-UF 3.22

316 318 32 322 324 326 328 33 332

Florida Greek Philanthropic Beneficiaries
34th Street Wall Adopt-A-Road Adopt-A-School Alpha Chi Omega Foundation ALS Therapy Develop-
ment Foundation American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons American Juvenile Arthritis Foundation Be
Responsible About Drinking (BRAD 21) Big Brothers and Big Sisters Boys and Girls Club Camp Boggy
Creek Chaim Sheba Medical Center Children's Hospital of Richmond, VA Children's Miracle Network *
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Delta Gamma Foundation Dr. Suess'
Read Across America Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Federal TRIO programs Friends for Life
* FUTURO Gainesville Lions Club Gainesville Youth Baseball League Girl Scouts Guide-Right Habitat
for Humanity Lake Forest Elementary School of Gainesville Life South Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
* Make-A-Wish Foundation March of Dimes Walk America McGuire Village Meals on Wheels Mind
Sight Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) National Conference for Community &Justice (NCCJ) North
American Food Drive Peaceful Paths The Phoenix Center Prevent Child Abuse America Project Haiti
* Reading is Fundamental Reagan Research Institute Red Cross Ronald McDonald House St Francis
House StJude's Children's Hospital Shoebox Project Sigma Nu Educational Foundation Spinal Muscular
Atrophy Surf Rider Foundation Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Take a Pal to the Polls The V
Foundation Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. Z-Hope

IKL'O M 0i" N FPHL' anwllcn

Council IY iI-Y l II

Office of Sorority & Fraternity Affairs
310J. Wayne Reitz Union
(352) 846-3171

Important Dates
Panhellenic Recruitment
August 18-27, 2007
www.ufpanhellenic. com
Classes Begin
August 23, 2007
IFC Recruitment
August 26-31, 2007
MGC Showcase
August 29, 2007
NPHC presents
Meet the Divine Nine
August 30, 2007

Statement on Hazing
The University of Florida takes hazing seri-
ously. Hazing is prohibited by law in the state
of Florida and the Student Code of Conduct
at the University of Florida the prevention of
hazing is the responsibility of every member
of the University community.

Hazing is defined as any action or situation
which recklessly or intentionally endangers
the mental or physical health or safety of a
student for the purpose of initiation or admis-
sion into or affiliation with any -, .11,. .iii ,'
'1p"-. .ii in' under the sanction of the university
regardless of location, intent, or consent of
participants. Under the Chad Meredith Act,
hazing that results in serious injury or death
is a felony punishable by up to five years in

Should you wish to file a complaint, please
feel free to contact the Office of Sorority &
Fraternity Affairs at (352) 846-3171.


FLorida Creek CovvmmtIuVitU
W elcom e .................... ... ....... ................ ..... 2
Sch olarsh ip ...................... ............... .................. 3
Service & Philanthropy ................................................ 4
Lead ersh ip ................................ ... ........... ............. 5
Com m unity .................................. ............... ... 6
D efin itio n s .................................... ........... ............. 8
Housing and Financial Information............................ 34
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ...........................35
Cam pus M ap.............................. ......................... 36

InAterfrateriAty CoIAnVCil ((FC)
W elcom e and Overview .............................................. 10
Recruitm ent Inform ation .......................................... 10
Chapter Profiles......................................................... 11

MILticIMLtMral CGreek CounICil (MGaC)
O overview ............................... ............................ ..... 16
MGC Sorority Chapter Profiles ................................... 17
MGC Fraternity Chapter Profiles................................. 19

NationaL PTan-HeLLe.leic CounI cil (NPH-C)
O overview .................................... .................... ... 2 0
NPHC Sorority Chapter Profiles.................................. 21
NPHC Fraternity Chapter Profiles............................... 23

Painhellenic CounIACil (PC)
W elcom e and Overview ............................................. 25
Recruitm ent Inform ation .......................................... 26
Recruitm ent Schedule.................. .................. 27
W hat to W ear............................................................. 27
Chapter Profiles......................... ......................... 28

he Florida Greek community is
fortunate to have a professional
staff that consists of three full-time
professionals, one Graduate Assistant
and one Senior Secretary. Together the
staff provides leadership development,
program planning and advisement for
four governing councils, 61 chapters,
the Greek Judicial Board, and the Order
of Omega National Greek honor society.

FL e Mhit. & NFHCL Fan.tLlcrt




Division of Student Affairs
Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs
310 J.Wayne Reitz Union
PO Box 1 18505
Gainesville, FL 3261 1-8505
(352) 846-3171 FAX (352) 392-6450
An Equal Opportunity Institution

Student life outside the classroom is an integral component of the college experience.
Involvement not only makes a large campus feel smaller, it also helps promote academic
and personal success. Sororities and fraternities are just one way to get involved at the
University of Florida. Sororities and fraternities strive to be values-based organizations
committed to scholarship, service, leadership, and community.
In fall 2006, 44% of the 5,200 members of the Florida Greek Community earned a
3.5 or higher semester GPA. In addition, the All-Greek GPA of 3.31 exceeded the
All Undergraduate GPA of 3.22. Within chapters, junior and senior members mentor
freshmen to assist with scholastic achievement.
Sorority and fraternity members complete thousands of hours of community service
and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support charitable organizations across
the country In fact, almost 1,000 members of the Florida Greek Community came
together on March 3, 2007 to complete various service projects within Gainesville area.
Leadership development and community building are also prominent experiences
within the community Members are exposed to conferences and workshops that
focus on teambuilding, ethics and values, public speaking, and diversity. Through formal
leadership positions, members apply their classroom knowledge to benefit the chapters
by working with budgets, planning events, and networking with other student leaders
and campus officials.
Sororities and fraternities aim to compliment and expound on the educational
experience offered at the University of Florida. Please consider taking more time to
learn about our sixty-one chapters as well as the entire Florida Greek Community by
reviewing the Office's website at www.greeks.ufl.edu or by attending any recruitment or
interest meeting ofthe organizations.
Go Gators,
Christopher H. Bullins, M.A.
Assistant DirectorJ.Wayne Reitz Union
Director Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs



2 The Guide to Florida Greeks

whyJoiV A A sorority Or Fraternity?
Since the founding of the first fraternity in 1776,
sororities and fraternities have helped college
students throughout North America develop strong
networks of support on campus and beyond. Join-
ing a sorority or fraternity will help enhance your
collegiate experience by providing support and
resources to help your academic, leadership and
social development skills.

Research shows that students who develop a sense
of belonging and a connection to their college com-
munity are more likely to graduate from college.
Joining a fraternity or sorority is an excellent way to
make that connection and to find your place at the
University of Florida. Approximately 5,200 students
are members of the 61 fraternities and sororities

The Florida Greek community is diverse and
includes a wide array of i 1111 111iI.. to meet the
needs of today's college student. Whether you are
interested in:, i ..1 . 1111 .ii .. with a house, an
S.. II, ii,'ii with an emphasis on culture, or an
, .. ,1111 i,, that places emphasis on community
service, you will find what you are searching for
within the Florida Greek community.

Maintaining a high level of academic success is
a tradition within the Florida Greek community.
The Florida I ,.'.1 I 1,1, point average has been
li..i.. li i the all-UF .iii. i.i. n .i .. f, ,i i,.- last
two years.

The Florida Greek community takes pride in this
accomplishment and offer many resources and
programs to maintain this exceptional achievement.
Some of the resources and p" '. I iI. i i-,i' .-to
enrich the academic experience include:
scholarship chairs, chapter officers who
work with the chapter and University to
create a scholarship plan that is conducive
to its members
major matching, through which members
sharing majors or classes can i.1ii- i ,.... il. I
or tutor each other
partnership with TutoringZone that affords
members of the Florida Greek community
the opportunity to receive tutoring free of
charge during reading days at various
chapter houses organized by area of study
incentive programs, in which members are
recognized for academic achievement and
scholastic effort

Scholastic ProfUle
Name: Shae Ferguson
GPA: 4.0
Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: PC
Campus Involvement: Panhellenic
Council President, Recruitment
Counselor, Chapter Delegate and
Officer, Florida Leadership Academy,
Student Honors Organization.
What does being a Florida Greek mean to you?
"turning your college experience into one that has last-
ing meaning and purpose. Being Greek expands your
horizons and pushes you past your comfort zone so that
you can begin to see your true potential as a citizen.
The memories, friends, and connections I have made
have given me perspective in college life, supported my
endeavors, and built my confidence."
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
Be true to yourself and open your eyes to the endless pos-
sibilities that being Greek offers you. You hold the keys
to your future, and joining the Florida Greek community
is ultimately your decision. It is one that will help you
to live, to laugh, and to love more strongly than you can


44-f of Florlda

Greekes had above

a 3.5 CGPA

University of Florida 3

sevioe Pro fle
Name: Lauren Asher
Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: PC
Campus Involvement: Dance
Marathon, Ronald McDonald House
volunteer, Winn Dixie Hope Lodge
Bingo Coordinator, Student Senate,
Sorority Chapter VP, Panhellenic
What does being a Florida Greek mean to you?
Having my own community to connect to on this huge
campus of 50,000 students. The Florida Greek com-
munity has offered me a home away from home and
relationships that I will cherish and hold on to forever.
Being Greek has become apart of who I am and provided
me with endless opportunities to participate in campus
organizations and get involved in the community. I see
myself as a member of a great community that is set apart
from anything else I will ever experience.
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
I would first share with them all of the amazing experi-
ences, opportunities and memories I have had in my
three, i, ..I I...... I ....I I would tell them to definitely
make the most of this experience and step out of their
comfort zone. One of the best parts of my Greek experi-
encehasbe.iiiii,..,1..i,, .. l.. l I.. ,1 p..1pi. I1..
come from so ,, I.. ..i- ,.ti ImI .., i... ,, .... ,I

ALL qreele service Day
All Greek Service Day (AGSD) provides members
of the Florida Greek community the opportunity
to give back and provide service to the Gainesville
and Alachua County community This Spring over
900 members of the Florida Greek community
completed approximately 30 service projects for
various non-profit agencies in the community.

Choucls, Goblius, Uand Greeeks
Ghouls, Goblins, and Greeks is an annual service
project sponsored by the Panhellenic Council's
Junior Panhellenic (new member) division. During
Ghouls, Goblins, and Greeks each of the chapters
decorate their house and yard to provide a night
of entertainment for more than 600 children and
their families on Panhellenic Drive.

Greek Blood Dtrive
The Greek Blood Drive held each Fall and Spring
semester, is a week-long competition between
sororities and fraternities to see who can raise the
most blood donations by the end of the week. The
Blood Bucket, the coveted prize for winners, is
given to the sorority and fraternity with the most
donors as well as the highest percentage of donors.
Last year, approximately 1,200 units of blood,
which impacts approximately 3,600 lives, were

Most chapters sponsor a philanthropic event such
as an athletic tournament, dance competition,
pageant, or ball that benefits a local or national
ci ,i ,iHd. i -i .. 11i1 i. In addition, many of these
same chapters participate in Dance Marathon, a
32-hour event where participants stay awake and
on their feet to raise money and awareness for the
Children's Miracle Network. In the 12 years of
Dance Marathon at UF's existence, more than $2
million has been donated ii l In.. ii..- largest and
most successful student-run philanthropy in the
southeastern United States.

Last semester alone,
the Flovida Greelz
commLui l.t raised

$ 00v,000 for VaCrioLs
philcathropio oclises.

4 The Guide to Florida Greeks

he Florida Greek community is an excellent
place to gain the experience and knowledge
necessary to develop strong leadership skills. The
community is self-governing, giving student leaders
the opportunity to shape policies and standards
fortheirown i.. i,, iii.. as well as the larger
fraternity and sorority community. Serving as an of-
ficer or committee chair in a chapter or governing
council will help an individual develop a multitude
of leadership skills not limited to conflict manage-
ment, 1..1.. III. i decision making, and effective
communication skills.

Being a member of the Florida Greek community
often serves as a "gateway to involvement" in other
areas of campus such as Student Government,
clubs, .". 1111 ii,.i,. and campus honoraries.
Members of the Florida Greek community have
historically held some of the highest leadership po-
sitions and honors on campus. Nationally, numer-
ous chapters provide opportunities for members
to attend regional and national leadership training

Leadership Profile
Name: Ryan Moseley
Classification: Graduate Student
Council Affiliation: IFC
Campus Involvement: Student
Government (Student Body
President, Student Body Treasurer,
Student Senator), Chapter President,
What does being a Florida Greek mean to you?
Being a Florida Greek means that you are a steward for
leadership and service in the UF and Gainesville
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
I would advise them to take advantage of every opportu-
nity this is available to them as members of UF's Greek
community. By utilizing mentorships, information, and
programming that is available through the community,
one will be able to see consistent growth and improve-
ment over the course of their four years at the university.

FLorida Greeke Leaodership PrOCYrams

* Greek AdvaniVCe

* Jr. Pancvhelleve
* MNC CovMeLCber
SN~ew Membev r Smposiuvm

* NPHC SLK_1mvIit
* order of ovegac
* PcarhVelLeitic RecruLtmve\,t
COKuvnselors (Pi Chis)

University of Florida 5

Commvunt.ity ProfLUe

Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: NPHC
Campus Involvement: Chapter
President, Florida Blue Key, Preview
Staff, Black History Month Director,
Outreach Ambassadors
What does being a Florida
Greek mean to you?
Being a Florida Greek is a responsibility. It's more than
just wearing letters and having fun, it's a vast amount of
work. We as members of the Florida Greek community
have been called to serve those less fortunate than us
(homeless people, at-risk youth, etc.) and we should hold
these responsibilities at a high regard. It means being
willing to work not only for the betterment of yourself but
the betterment of others also. It's more than just parties
and socials, it's getting good grades and being a role
model for other college students.
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
Be prepared to work hard! It's not as easy as it looks.
Make sure that you really evaluate if joining the Florida
Greek Community is something that you want to do.
Also, understand that YOU make your organization; your
organization does not make YOU.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood are bonds of unity
and enduring friendship. These bonds reach
not only between members within each chapter,
but also among chapters throughout the world,
as each 1 m ii. -11i, shares history and founding
ideals. By becoming a member of the Florida Greek
community, you will experience an easier transition

from high school to college and gain a "home away
from home." You will be in the perfect position
to meet other students with diverse backgrounds,
similar interests, and new 1-'. i"-' 'I' i '- ,iiinh ..
some of the brotherhood and sisterhood activities
such as chapter retreats, intramurals, socials and
date functions.

*%.' 44.

'41C .

't ,


6 The Guide to Florida Greeks

Gactor GrowL anud H-omVecomViAg
Each year, thousands of UF Alumni return to their
Alma Mater for homeco',,,"'. f...ii, i..., During
Homecoming week, sororities and fraternities pair
up to build floats and participate in a number of
activities such as date functions, SoulFest, Gator
Growl, the world's largest student-run pep rally, the
Homecoming Parade and the alumni barbecue.

qreelk week
Greek Week is the week where members of
the Florida Greek community come 1t ... .il. to
celebrate and show the University what it means to
be a Florida Greek. Multiple chapters form teams
participate in service and compete in a number of
other activities to see who will be crowned Greek
Week champion.

rqeelk Awards
The Annual Greek Awards Banquet & Induction
Ceremony, held in November, is a recognition event
put on by the four governing councils and the
Office of Sorority & Fraternity Affairs to celebrate
chapter achievements in the areas of scholarship,
service, leadership, and community Newly elected
executive officers for IFC, MGC, and Panhellenic
are also introduced and inducted.

I ntram~V traILs
Intramural sports allow sororities and fraternities
a chance to safely compete with one another on a
one-to-one basis, regardless of one's athletic ability.
The competition within the Florida Greek com-
munity is intense, r. i.11.. ., ,f ili..- range of sports
offered, yet competition remains fun and ... 11, .
IFC and Panhellenic have council-sponsored
tournaments as well as awards for the intramural
athletes and teams.

NPH-C stepshow
The UF NPHC Stepshow, formerly known as BGE,
takes place each Fall and showcases the talents
of each of the nine NPHC chapters at UF Approxi-
mately 1600 students and community members
come from North and Central Florida to participate
in one of UF's fastest growing traditions.

orange B&Lue Pep RaLLy
During Spring weekend, the Interfraternity Council
(IFC) sponsors the Orange & Blue pep rally. This
spirit-filled event takes place the night before the
Annual Orange & Blue game and features Coach
Urban Meyer, the UF football team, the UF cheer-
leaders and mascots, Albert and Alberta

University of Florida 7



Active: A member who has been initiated into
1.... i. i iI.. i iv or sorority membership and is
active at the collegiate level.
Alumni/ae: Initiated fraternity or sorority mem-
bers who have graduated from college.
Bid: A formal invitation to join a particular sorority
or fraternity
Big Brother or Big Sister: An active member
who serves as a mentor to a New Member during
their New Member Program.
Call: A vocal sound (sometimes high-pitched)
used by members of NPHC and MGC organizations
to :, .1 [ ,,,,, .. m. ,, 11'. .. ,,.I
Chapter: The local group of:i lil...'i ii ii.
,,. ii. hii. and designated bya special name, or
Greek letters
Coming Out Show: The introduction of a line to
campus. This is usually the first full step show/exhi-
bition performed by members of the new member
class of a MGC or NPHC organization.
Continuous Open Bidding (COB or
Spring Recruitment): An informal recruitment
process that takes places after the conclusion of
Formal Panhellenic recruitment.
Crossed: The actual date of initiation into a NPHC
or MGC sorority or fraternity.
Divine Nine: Term used to describe the nine
Ni'i I fliii. i. ii11 i ..ii. Also the title of the
book that chronicles the history of NPHC groups.
Formal Panhellenic Recruitment: A series
of events given by each sorority that are designed to
introduce sorority life to potential new members.
Formal Panhellenic Recruitment is scheduled by the
Panhellenic Council.
Grip: Secret handshake exchanged by members
House Director/House Mom or House
Parents: A person hired by the housing corpora-

8 The Guide to Florida Greeks

tion board to live in the chapter house and super-
vise the day-to-day activities of live-in members.
Interfraternity Council (IFC): The governing
body 26 fraternities at the University of Florida.
IFC Recruitment: A week-long period in which
fraternities and potential new members become
Initiation: The formal ceremony that marks the
beginning of active membership. Each chapter
has a different set of requirements in order to be
Interfraternity Council (IFC): The governing
body of 27 social fraternities at the University of
International/National Headquarters:
The central i.. i, iii. of a particular fraternity
or sorority.
Intramurals: Athletic programs administered by
Recreational Sports in which members from differ-
ent chapters form teams and compete in sporting
Lavaliere: A pendant displaying a fraternity's or
sorority's Greek letters.
Legacy: A 1.1 p. .. ,,,. ,,, . I ... ,1h,,.. 1. l. It, I I
ent, parent, or ..li-i.j. .. In alumnus of, or active
in, a particular fraternity or sorority The exact
definition varies from one chapter to another. Each
chapter or international .i i i1ii. i l ,.; its own
policy regarding legacies. Please note that most
S.I. 11 ii,,.., 11.: not obligated to pledge or extend
bids to legacies.
Line: Term used to describe the members of a
new member class in NPHC and MGC organizations
Membership Intake: The process that NPHC
and MGC chapters utilize to recruit, interview,
select, and initiate new members. The period of
membership intake varies from chapter to chapter,
but can not exceed 10 weeks.

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC):
The National Panhellenic Conference is the umbrel-
la organization for 26 national and international
women's fraternities and sororities.
National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC):
Umbrella organization for 9 Historically-Black
sororities and fraternities (5 fraternities, 4 sorori-
Neophyte: A member of the last line to cross in
the local chapter of a NPHC or MGC organization.
New Member: A member of a fraternity or
sorority who has not been initiated.
New Member Educator/Membership
Intake Coordinator: The individual who is the
liaison between the new members and the Chapter.
This individual is responsible f,, i l...... 1 I.. 11 ,. and
monitoring the new member program and prepar-
ing the new members for initiation.
New Member Program: A period of educa-
tion when new members learn the history, ideals,
and values of fraternity and sorority life. The time
frame of the New Member program varies for each
chapter but can not exceed 10 weeks.
Philanthropy: A charitable fundraiser spon-
sored by a sorority or fraternity
Pledge: See New Member
Potential New Member (PNM): A college
woman who i. I.iiT. 'i .Ii.. !% ormal Panhellenic
recruitment in the Fall.
Prophyte: A seasoned member of a NPHC or
MGC organization. A neophyte becomes a prophyte
after another line is initiated.
Recommendation (Rec Letter): A personal
letter of reference provided by an alumnus of
national sorority or fraternity to the local chapter at
UF Letters of recommendation do NOT guarantee a
bid from a sorority or fraternity

Recruitment (Rush) Chair: An active mem-
ber of a sorority or fraternity who is in charge of all
recruitment efforts for the chapter
Recruitment Counselor (Pi Chi): A trained
sorority member who has disaffiliated herself from
her chapter during Formal Panhellenic Recruit-
ment in order to counsel and assist women in
make informed decisions during recruitment.
Social: A get i,.. ,-. 1.l ,ii another group for a
party, dinner or fun occasion.
Stroll or party hop: A line dance done by
members of NPHC or MGC organizations (usually at
a party or step show).
The Set: Area on Turlington Plaza where MGC and
NPHC groups table and congregate. Also the loca-
tion of several coming out shows.

University of Florida 9


what is the InterfraterAityu
councIA iL ((PC)?
The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at the University
of Florida is the governing body for twenty-six
men's fraternities on campus. The Interfraternity
Council is responsible for ensuring communica-
tion among the fraternities, as well as coordinating
specific events, including Fall and Spring Recruit-
ment, the IFC New Member Education Speakers
and other Greek activities.

(FC Recorltmevnt.t
Recruitment or "rush" is the process of recruit-
ing new members into the Interfraternity Council
(IFC). IFC holds formal recruitment during the
Spring and Fall. In order to participate, you must
register at www.greekgator.com.

Recriitment Tirps
1. Do your research! Joining a fraternity is a
big decision. It is an experience that will be with
you for the rest of your life. In order to make the
best decision, you should do research on the IFC
website (www.greekgator.com) as well as the Of-
fice of Sorority & Fraternity Affairs website at www.
2. Explore your options. There are 26
different IFC chapters that provide a variety of op-
tions. Try to visit and learn about as many of these
chapters as possible.

3. Ask questions. As you proceed ask questions
about the chapter's cost, involvement on campus,
academic success, and new member process. This
will allow you to make an informed decision.
4. Make your own decision. Do not miss
out on a chapter because of peer pressure or
stereotypes. You have to make the decision that is
best for you; after all you will be the one who is in
the chapter for the next four years.

zRectri tmvn.evt scheLdule
suIAVday, August 26, 2007
6pm Recruitment Kickoff Forum

Monda y, August 27 through
Thursday, August 30, 2007
11lam 2pm Lunch
5pm 7pm Dinner
8pm 11pm Evening Event
All events are held at chapter locations

Friday, AuguCst 31, 2007
Invite only events

10 The Guide to Florida Greeks


ALpha epsilovu Pi (AEII)
Nickname: AEPi
Chapter Name: Phi Gamma
National website: www.aepi.org
Chapter website: www.aepiuf.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1913
Year Founded at UF: 1951
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: AEPi Poker
All-Night Long '.... i.. li-, the Leukemia and Lym-
phoma Society)

AEPi has existed on campus since 1951 and has
initiated over 1,700 strong men seeking leadership,
brotherhood and success. We stand firm in our val-
ues and traditions and have the highest standards
for our members. We are also very active in social
events, academic works and service projects at the
University and within the community. Members who
graduate leave as well-rounded individuals who
have gained invaluable social and academic skills
that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Alpha Tar omvega (ATQ)
Nickname: ATO
Chapter Name: Florida Alpha Omega
National website: www.ato.org
Chapter website: www.ufato.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1865
Year Founded at UF: 1884
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Adopt-a-Road,
Golf Tournament

To bind men 1.. *..il.. i a brotherhood based upon
eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as
strong as right itself, and as lasting as humanity;
to know no north, no south, no east, no west, but
to know man as man, to teach that true men the
world over should stand t, ..lil,. and contend for
supremacy of good over evil; to teach not politics,
but morals; to foster not partisanship, but the rec-
ognition of true merit wherever found; to have no
narrower limits within which to wo1 it.. ..il ..I for
the elevation of man than the outlines of the world;
these were the thoughts and hopes uppermost in
the minds of the founders of Alpha Tau Omega

chi Phi (XD)
Nickname: Chi Phi
Chapter Name: Theta Delta
National website: www.chiphi.org
Chapter website: 11iii 11'.'. nil ..in/~-chiphifl
Year Founded Nationally: 1824
Year Founded at UF: 1935
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Boys & Girls Club

The Chi Phi Fraternity is the nation's oldest frater-
nal .i 111 ii. '1 founded in 1824 at Princeton Col-
lege. Locally, the Theta Delta Chapter has existed on
campus at One Fraternity Row since 1935. The Chi
Phi Fraternity is dedicated to molding men into true
S.i i ... ... through the guiding principles of truth,
honor, and personal integrity. Spend four years
in a chapter and a lifetime living among the many
illustrious Chi Phi brothers of past and present.

ALpha qa4mmv a Rtho (AIP)
Nickname: AGR
Chapter Name: Alpha Gamma
National website: www.agrs.org
Chapter website: www.agruf.org
Year Founded Nationally: 1908
Year Founded at UF: 1924
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: AGR Buckoff

Alpha Gamma Rho is both a social and professional
fraternity. AGR allows for members to socialize with
other students on campus and people in the com-
munity, along with, providing a strong brotherhood
and a house for members. AGR is also a profes-
sional fraternity. AGR is for young men pursuing
any career related to il. i-,I ..I,,ll. f.od or fiber
industries, and utilizes alumni networking op-
portunities. Alpha Gamma Rho truly is "four years
and a lifetime".

1Beta Theta Pi (BOI )
Nickname: Beta
Chapter Name: Gamma Xi
National website: wwwbetathetapi.com
Chapter website: www.ufbeta.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1839
Year Founded at UF: 1930
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
5 Points of Life Marathon, 34th St Cleanup, Beta
Field Day

Beta Theta Pi was founded August 8, 1839 at Miami
University in Oxford, Ohio. Today, Beta has 125
chapters in Canada and the Unites States. Beta is
dedicated to building men of principle. Our broth-
erhood aids the individual, builds the Fraternity
:i.i .,. ll.. ir n. I.1, the host academic institution
through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence,
high standards of moral conduct and respon-
sible citizenship. The Gamma Xi chapter recently
celebrated its 75th anniversary at the University of

Delta chi (AX)
Nickname: D-Chi
Chapter Name: Florida Colony
National website: www.deltachi.org
Chapter website: www.floridadeltachi.org
Year Founded Nationally: 1890
Year Founded at UF: 1925
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Delta Chi Earthball supporting the
Jimmy V Foundation

Delta Chi was originally found as a law fraternity
by two Cornell University law students on October
13, 1890. Since that October evening in1890, from
our origins as a professional law fraternity to our
status today as one of North America's leading and
most progressive-social fraternities. Delta Chi still
continues to stand for and promote its classic val-
ues; Justice, Character, Friendship, Education. The
Florida Chapter has been active since 1926. Delta
Chi is also the first fraternity to abolish hell week.

University of Florida 11


IFC Prof-le
Name: Arthur Portnoy
Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: IFC
Campus Involvement: Chapter
o President, Gator Growl (Asst. Pro-
Sducer, Tech. Director), Preview, First
Year Florida Peer Leader, Cicerones
S What does being a Florida
Greek mean to you?
Being a Florida Greek means belonging to something that
is much larger than you and much larger than a group.
Being a Florida Greek means being part of a community
that encompasses IFC, MGC, NPHC, and PC. When we act,
we act together for the good and the bad, which hold us
to a higher level. Being a Florida Greek gives you so many
experiences to develop inside and outside the classroom.
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
When you go to join a fraternity or a sorority, join what
you want to join and not what your friends are doing.
Joining a Greek organization is a huge commitment
that you have make for yourself so that it is the most

Delta rTaou Deta (ATA)
Nickname: Delta
Chapter Name: Delta Zeta
National website: www.delts.org
Chapter website:
Year Founded Nationally: 1858
Year Founded at UF: 1925
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Miss Greek Pageant

Delta Tau Delta is much more than a social orga-
nization, a place to live or a way to meet people.
Our mission "committed to lives of excellence"
drives our actions, programming and essence. DTD
fulfills many purposes from honing its members'
leadership skills, helping them grow personally and
providing a nurturing environment to enjoy their
collegiate and post-collegiate experience. Delt life
provides fantastic opportunities like the Leadership
Academy, conferences and conventions, service-
learning through Adopt-a-School and other com-
munity service opportunities and our new member
education initiative.

Delta Mtpilovu (AY)
Nickname: DU
Chapter Name: Delta Upsilon
National website: www.deltau.org
Chapter website: l.1ii -i'. niil ...in/-deltau
Year Founded Nationally: 1834
Year Founded at UF: 1957
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Life South Marathon, Red Cross Rock Relief Con-
cert, Boys & Girls Club

Delta Upsilon is the 6th oldest national fraternity
and the oldest of any fraternity currently with a
chapter at the University of Florida. Delta Upsilon
is an -.. ii, ii. -, that is 172 years old and which
has been a leader in the Greek movement since day
one. From our beginnings in 1834, Delta Upsilon
has been a non-secret fraternity, dedicated to build-
ing better men.

12 The Guide to Florida Greeks

K-appa ALpha (KA)
Nickname: KA
Chapter Name: Beta Zeta
National website: www.kappaalphaorder.org
Chapter website: ufak.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1865
Year Founded at UF: 1904
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:

Kappa Alpha Order seeks to create a lifetime
experience which centers on reverence to God,
duty, honor, character and .... ii.., I.iii conduct as
inspired by Robert E. Lee, our spiritual founder.
While Kappa Alpha's have never claimed that
Robert Edward Lee was an initiated member of
the Order, we do rejoice his noble life. We are
immensely proud and honored that his ideals were
woven into KAs soul.

LamVbda chi Alpha (AXA)
Nickname: Lambda Chi
Chapter Name: Epsilon-Mu Zeta
National website: www.lambdachi.org
Chapter website: www.uflambdachi.org
Year Founded Nationally: 1909
Year Founded at UF: 1933
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Santa's Visit, Watermelon Bust (benefiting North
American Food Drive),

Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the youngest, yet most
rapidly gro ,,,,. ii Ii.. i ini. in the country. Since its
creation in 1909, Lambda Chi has been a leader in
the Greek world. In 1972, it became the first frater-
nity to ban hazing and replaced the term "pledge"
with "associate member". Lambda Chi Alpha strives
to foster the development of its members, empha-
sizing scholarship, athletics, service and a positive
social experience.

Phti GVLammvta Dseta (FII)
Nickname: Fiji or Phi Gam
Chapter Name: Upsilon Phi
National website: www.phigam.org
Chapter website: refer to national
Year Founded Nationally: 1848
Year Founded at UF: 1941
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: The Red Cross

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta is dedicated to
fostering the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Mo-
rality, Service, and Excellence. We are an interna-
tional fraternity of the honest caliber, with national
Top 3 rankings in every category when compared
to other fraternities. A Fiji -....ii.... i11 i ; a man of
character, competence, and drive. Additionally, Phi
Gamma Delta is not for college alone. There are no
"alumni" here; our fraternal bonds last for life.

Kjarppa sgmiva (KX)
Nickname: Kappa Sig
Chapter Name: Delta-Delta
National website: kappasigma.org
Chapter website: kappasigmauf.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1869
Year Founded at UF: 1922
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Kappa Sigma Crescent Cup, Operation Christmas

Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded on December
10, 1869 at the University of Virginia, and since
then has grown '.p.i.. iii ill: coming to the Uni-
versity of Florida in 1922. Kappa Sigma believes in
the total development of a better man, and is based
on four cornerstones: Fellowship, Leadership,
Scholarship, and Service.

Phi DeLta Theta (<(AO)
Nickname: Phi Delt
Chapter Name: Florida Alpha
National website: pl...... 1i. h 1il ..I i .., ..
Chapter website: 1l i. .. """ 1i ,,ii.. lilli0 .ii 11,- ..
Year Founded Nationally: 1848
Year Founded at UF: 1925
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Walk to
Defeat ALS, Ultimate Dodgeball supporting Spinal
Muscular Atrophy

Founded at the University of Florida in 1925,
Phi Delta Theta Florida Alpha heralds the largest
membership of any other chapter in the world. A
Phi Delt man exhibits the three cardinal principles
of friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude.
Phi Delta Theta strives to be the standard for
Fraternity men, and is committed to developing
character and values of all types of individuals.

Phi K mappa Tau (4KT)
Nickname: Phi Tau
Chapter Name: Phi Kappa Tau
National website: '...... i I'p ili 1, ,,l
Chapter website: www.ufphitau.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1906
Year Founded at UF: 1926
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Midnight
Madness featuring "Say What" Karaoke

We are ... .ll ..i.. .. committed to the pursuit of
excellence in brotherhood, community, scholar-
ship and service, while still enjoying the full college
experience. For 100 years we have excelled in this
pursuit, and this year we celebrate our Centennial.

Interested in joinivL an IFeC Fraterwitiu? find mwore info aCt www.greekgzator.com.

University of Florida 13


Phi sigva Kcarppa (01K)
Nickname: Phi Sig
Chapter Name: Delta Tetarton
National website: www.phisigmakappa.org
Chapter website: www.phisigflorida.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1873
Year Founded at UF: 1951, 1993
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Phi Sig Spike: Beach Volleyball Tournament

Phi Sigma Kappa is :l i.. '.*i.. brotherhood
dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the
university community, and our world, by giving
its members opportunities to develop leadership
skills, participate in service to others, achieve aca-
demic excellence, experience cultural diversity, and
1'' .- -'. 1. "-'.. .. i ii...Ii:, Our creative and unique
educational initiatives for leadership development
are a step ahead of many other groups.

Pi LMa.bda Phi (IIAM()
Nickname: Pi Lam
Chapter Name: Florida Delta
National website: ......l i ,I,,,'i Il..h ,,..
Chapter website: www.ufpilam.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1895
Year Founded at UF: 1925
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
March of Dimes Walk America, Pi Lam Rocks
" i..i. Gl.. I ii. ,...; for Life at UF

Founded in 1895 at Yale by three men, Pi Lambda
Phi was the first non-sectarian and non-discrimina-
tory fraternity established. Our colors are purple
and gold and our mascot is the lion. We are
located at 15 fraternity row, the top of fraternity
row, in a house that was built in 1955. From our
years here, we have created ...i.l, ....... with core
values that have helped them become leaders in
their careers and communities. We pride ourselves
on our diversity, traditions and values.

sigMvta chi (XX)
Nickname: Sigma Chi
Chapter Name: Gamma Theta
National website: www.sigmachi.org
Chapter website: www.ufsigmachi.org
Year Founded Nationally: 1855
Year Founded at UF: 1924
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Derby Days featuring Children's Miracle Network

Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in the
collegiate experience that engenders :, i,. i, ,..
commitment to strive to achieve true friendship,
equal justice and the fulfillment of learning as part
of our overall responsibilities to the broader com-
munities in which we live. Sigma Chi Fraternity best
serves its purpose by develi T'i .... "i l .....i ,...and
monitoring programs that foster leadership, build
character, and promote positive relationship skills
which in turn, enable our members to become
productive and .. ii- l' II 1,. i 't in their families,
colleges and communities.

Pi Kappa PhiL (IIKO)
Nickname: Pi Kapp
Chapter Name: Alpha Epsilon
National website: .....i ' ..' .
Chapter website: ..... i ''1 1'' ..
Year Founded Nationally: 1904
Year Founded at UF: 1924
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
PUSH America

For over 100 years, Pi Kappa Phi has been building
better men on college campuses across the country
From our humble roots at the, ,I 11,. ..., Charleston
in South Carolina, to over 140 campuses today, Pi
Kappa Phi stands for a commitment to fundamental
values. We are a first CLASS fraternity who firmly
believes in the tenets of Character, Leadership,
Academics, Sportsmanship and Service. Pi Kappa
Phi helps build men who choose to lead.

slgm.a ALpha epsiLovu (2AE)
Nickname: SAE
Chapter Name: Florida Upsilon
National website: www.sae.net
Chapter website: www.uf-sae.com/menu.htm
Year Founded Nationally: 1856
Year Founded at UF: 1884
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Cajun Cookout "...I. iiii... Big Brothers Big Sisters

As the first fraternity at the University of Florida,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon embraces a rich history and
tradition. We have fostered brotherhood based
upon character, honor, humility, and friendship,
as state in our creed "The True Gentleman". SAE
offers a unique bond that transcends college years
and is the reason why we enjoy and benefit from
the largest alumni base at UF In addition to a last-
ing presence at Florida, SAE is known for its event-
ful social calendar, campus leadership, community
service, intramural participation, and the largest
fraternity house on campus.

sitgma Nu (IN)
Nickname: Sigma Nu
Chapter Name: Epsilon Zeta
National website: www.sigmanu.org
Chapter website: www.ufsigmanu.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1869
Year Founded at UF: 1920, 2005
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Gainesville City League Baseball, Sigma Nu Educa-
tional Foundation, Sigma Nu Swampball

Sigma Nu is an honor fraternity founded on the
principles of Love, Truth and Honor. We are com-
mitted to teaching and experiencing leadership,
ethics, character, scholarship and brotherhood.
Sigma Nu has over 200,000 initiates at over 250
chapters nationwide. The Epsilon Zeta chapter has
a rich history at UF Some notable alumni include
Senator Bob Graham and former UF President
Marshall Criser.

14 The Guide to Florida Greeks

sigma Phli EpslLovu ( E)
Nickname: Sig Ep
Chapter Name: Sigma Phi Epsilon
National website: 'lI .. "'.' 1 1"..
Chapter website: www.ufsigep.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1901
Year Founded at UF: 1925
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Surf Frenzy '.... i..Ci, the Surf Rider Foundation;
The Foot Prints Mentor/Mentee Program

Sigma Phi Epsilon is the largest fraternity, both at
the University of Florida and in the United States.
Rooted in its cardinal principles of virtue, diligence
and brotherly love, Sig Eps strive to exemplify the
ancient Greek ideal of the balanced man; one who
is a leader, scholar, iil.l. I.nI -.entleman. To
that end, our members hold a number of campus
leadership positions, boast one of the highest
overall fraternity GPAs, and consistently place in the
President's Cup, an annual award for intramurals.

Tau Epsilovn Phi (TECI)
Nickname: Tep
Chapter Name: Tau Alpha
National website: www.tephq.org
Chapter website: http://esasson.com/tep/tep2.html
Year Founded Nationally: 1910
Year Founded at UF: 1925
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Tep Trot,
Habitat for humanity

Founded at Columbia in 1910, Tau Epsilon Phi
opened its Tau Alpha chapter at the University
of Florida in February of 1925 on 9 Fraternity
Row. TEP men, then and now, adhere to three
ideals upon which we were founded: friendship,
chivalry and service. Through the pursuit of these
three virtues, we leave college with a readiness to
pursue our lives. Some famous TEP alumni include
President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Arnold "Red" Au-
erbach and Larry King. TEP has flourished through
its reputation of tradition, excellence and pride.

Theta chi (OX)
Nickname: Theta Chi
Chapter Name: Tau
National website: l..... I .i .1 .. -
Chapter website: .. I.. ii.. liii f..,
Year Founded Nationally: 1856
Year Founded at UF: 1916
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Kyle Schue-
mann Kickball Tournament 'i.,...iiii.. Be Respon-
sible About Drinking 21 (BRAD 21)

Theta Chi is a Social Fraternity dedicated to uphold-
ing the highest of standards for its members. We
have a rich history at the University of Florida and
pride ourselves on brotherhood, campus leader-
ship, service, athletics, diversity, and academic ex-
cellence. Members graduate from our chapter with
a one of a kind experience and leave as Gentlemen
of Theta Chi

sigOmoa Pi (( )
Nickname: Sigma Pi
Chapter Name: Zeta Zeta
National website: www.sigmapi.org
Chapter website: www.ufsigmapi.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1897
Year Founded at UF: 2003
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
ACE Altruistic Campus Experience project; Sigma
Pi Golf Classic '..... li1..l, the ALS Therapy Develop-
ment Foundation

Sigma Pi returned to the University of Florida in
2003. Since then we have been making strides to
become a strong presence on campus. We've done
this by combining :ii i..lii 1 i brotherhood with
a drive to leave a positive legacy at UF Our legacy
.... I111 ,1il, a biannual ACE Project, where we give
back to the university This project has garnered
us University and Inii.. 1 11 ii ,.ii l .... .. ii.ii..I In
addition, our brothers hold some of the highest
leadership positions on campus.

Tau Kjappa e-psilovn (TKE)
Nickname: Teke
Chapter Name: Gamma Theta
National website: ..... t .. .
Chapter website: o. ,i 1' .. -.......
Year Founded Nationally: 1899
Year Founded at UF: 1950
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Reagan Research Institute, Crohn's and Colitis
Foundation of America

Since 1899, l..iI..Il,,...I individuals Ronald
Reagan, Elvis Presley, Conrad Hilton, Charles Wal-
green and many others will recount their success in
life and attribute much of them to their experiences
as a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. As the world's
largest fraternity, we are known for producing the
finest .... Ii .,,. n and .'. ii.. 1 b. i.. .; that leave
their mark on the world. Florida Greeks are
active in service, athletics, and social activities,
but TKE prides itself on developing a sense of
true brotherhood.

zeta Beta Tau (ZBT)
Nickname: ZBT
Chapter Name: Alpha Zeta
National website: www.zbt.org
Chapter website: www.zbtuf.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1898
Year Founded at UF: 1995
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: ZBT Get on
the Ball, ZBT Kickball

The Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity was founded in 1898.
Our members strive for excellence in leader-
ship, service, academics and brotherhood. Our
high standards allow us to excel at all aspects of
fraternal life.

University of Florida 15

what is the MultiLcALtucratL Greele
CounAcil (MqC)?
The Multicultural Greek Council, better known as
the MGC is the governing body of the internation-
ally and l .ii i ., i, i..'i.... i ..I. ethnically based
fraternity and sorority chapters at the University
of Florida. The council currently has six sororities
and four fraternities.

The primary purpose of the Multicultural Greek
Council is to unite its member i. ,1111 ..11'. in
order to share ideas and a support network for
students. Members of the MGC experience Greek
life in a very unique way. Each chapter is relatively
small in size which provides a very strong family
life bond.

How do IjoiVL a MGC orgavLzattiovu?
Membership intake which is the process of select-
ing, .,ll. II,.. and :,1i, n,.. .,, ,,, I ;.,. . part
of the process of joining an MGC organization,
and the process differs for each group. Intake may
include interviews, group activities, and study of
group values/traditions. MGC organizations usually
have member intake once a year at various times
(either Fall or Spring).

To learn more about an .. 1111 111i 1 potential
member are encouraged to attend informational
sessions as well as speak to current members. Also,
every year the MGC hosts a MGC Showcase which
gives potential members an opportunity to learn
more about all of the MGC organizations.

MGC- showcase
The MGC Showcase is an annual event held in the
Fallwhere each of the 10 member .. .iin ii,,i..
does a presentation (usually:, ii *.i !.....n. .1 11
or saluting) to showcase their .r. ii i I ii. to
potential new members as well as the UF commu-
nity In addition, .r. ii111" 11,.. hold a tabling fair
that allows new students and potential members
the opportunity to ask questions and learn more
information about each f li ... ,I.. .i, iii'.n. that
comprise of the MGC.

Mc(C showc-ase
wednesday, Augucst 29, 200
6:30pm JWRU Grand Ballroom

TDid u ou kZvow?

ALthough ethvlc.all
based, the MvLtic.vLtvral
qreeke CoIAvC.il ewmbracoes
mev. aRvd womev. of aLL

different bactgrov ds.

16 The Guide to Florida Greeks

ieLta Phii omvleg (A(IQ)
Nickname: DPO, DPhiO
Chapter Name: UF Colony of Delta Phi Omega
Nationalwebsite: li ..ii '1'. i .11 ..i... ..0 ..
Chapterwebsite: 1.i1 .i'. .-. nil ..i./~-dpo
Year Founded Nationally: 1998
Year Founded at UF: 2003
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Boys & Girls
Club, ASHA for Education, Children's education and

The purpose of Delta Phi Omega shall be to foster
unity among South Asian women, build community
awareness, and gain a greater understanding of
oneself and others. The sorority aspires to instill
leadership traits, excel in all academic endeavors,
to encourage an active relationship between the
sorority and its respective university and shall do so
with the utmost compassion, dignity, and fortitude.

qanmmoa Eta (MH)
Nickname: Gamma Etas
Chapter Name: Alpha
National website: www.gammaetasororityorg
Chapter website: www.ufgammaeta.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1995
Year Founded at UF: 1995
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Finding a Cure
in Style Fashion Show'... l.. ill, i..- Lupus Founda-
tion of America

Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc is a Latin-based Multi-
cultural Sorority dedicated to the development
of strong female leaders. Since our founding in
October 1995, we have continued to serve as posi-
tive role models for members of our community,
by upholding our seven pillars of leadership, unity,
diversity, strength, service, scholarship and

MCc i>Profile
Name: Maryam Laguna
Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: MGC
Campus Involvement: Resident
Assistant, MGC Admin VP, Hispanic
Heritage Month, VISA Pageant Direc-
tor, GreekJudicial Board
What does being a Florida
Greek mean to you?
Being a Florida Greek to me means being a role model
inside and outside of the classroom. Setting the standard
and working everyday to make UF and our Greek
community better through scholarship, leadership and
service. Being a Florida Greek means being part of a
family in which everyone strives for excellence. Being
part of the Florida Greek community for me has given me
lifelong friendships and memories that I will cherish for
a lifetime.
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
When deciding which Greek lettered organization is the
best fit for you it is important to do your research on

l. ,l III I . I .. I DI.. II 0 I t 'l- l_ 11111i i .. ,Lt
.I I ,.. I Ih ,.. ,i _* . Ill.,ll ''ll lit 1 i. II.. 11 .1 I Ih,.
III,, I I 'l'u ii '

trle 1 :11i.i 'L, A.fl. bt;LtiA ~ b
'tilt 'It U l U-L -LL ULz f

University of Florida 17

Kjappa Phi LamVbda (KIDA)
Nickname: Kappas
Chapter Name: Rho
National website: ...... i.. iTh 'i .i,,M I ..
Chapter website: www.ufkpl.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1995
Year Founded at UF: 2004
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: I ,.ii ii..- Night
Walk, National Asian Pacific American Women's
Forum, Peaceful Paths

On March 9, 1995 seven extraordinary women
came .l ...i. to form the honorable Kappa Phi
Lambda Sorority at Binghamton University To date
we have over 20 chapters with approximately 1000
sisters and we are continuously growing. Kappa
Phi Lambda is the first Pan-Asian Cultural Sorority
to enter the University of Florida. We are Asian
interest, not Asian exclusive. With open minds,
and open hearts through education and learning
we emphasize Sisterhood, Service and Cultural

Theta Nu xi (ONE)
Nickname: Theta Women, Theta Nus
Chapter Name: Absolutely Astonishing Alpha Alpha
National website: .1 i1,.., ., ,
Chapter website: www.1225media.com/uftnx
Year Founded Nationally: 1997
Year Founded at UF: 2005
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
National Conference for Community & Justice

Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was
founded on April 11, 1997 at the University of
North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The sisters of Theta
Nu Xi live by the tenets of Scholarship, Service,
Sisterhood, Leadership and Multiculturalism. The
Alpha Alpha Chapter was founded at the University
of Florida on June 4, 2005. Theta Nu Xi is the first
multicultural-based sorority at UF and is currently
the fastest growing sorority in the nation.

Lambda Theta ALpha (AOA)
Nickname: LTA
Chapter Name: Chi Chapter
National website: lambdalady.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-ltal975
Year Founded Nationally: 1975
Year Founded at UF: 1996
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: FUTURO

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. was
established in 1975 at Kean University as the first
Latin-based sorority in the nation. Since it's a
founding, i... .1. 1. 111 1 i .1 ;i grown to include
over 90 chapters nationwide and continues to grow,
Lambda Theta Alpha is an academic-based sorority
dedicated to scholarly excellence, empowerment
of all women, cultural and political awareness, and
community activism. The sorority was established
as a support system for women of all ethnicities in
higher education.

sigmta Lamu.bda cGammat (XAr)
Nickname: Gammas
Chapter Name: Resilient Rho Alpha
National website: www.sigmalambdagamma.com
Chapter website: grove.ufl..Iln .1i. I....
Year Founded Nationally: 1990
Year Founded at UF: 1999
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Federal TRIO

Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority is the largest
Historically Latina, Multicultural Sorority in the US
with chapters expanding from New York to Texas,
Florida to California, We are an academic, cultural,
service and social I.. .ii i. ii.i, dedicated to pro-
moting our evolving and diverse cultures by sharing
it with others through our five principles

18 The Guide to Florida Greeks

Lambbda Thetta Phi (A0<4)
Nickname: Lambdas
Chapter Name: Phi
National website: www.lambdal975.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-lambdatp
Year Founded Nationally: 1975
Year Founded at UF: 1995
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
St Francis House

Lambda Theta Pl, i ,ii Ii '. iii; Inc. was
founded on December 1, 1975 at Kean '' 11..,-
in Union, New Jersey. It was the first nationally
recognized Latino fraternity in the country. Lambda
Theta Phi is a non-profit service/social fraternity
emphasizing Latin unity and the celebration of the
Latin culture. The fraternity's goals are to promote
scholarship, Latin unity, respect for all cultures
and brotherhood. By working in the community,
the fraternity hopes to enhance the image of Latin
culture and provide positive role models in the
Latino community

Pi Delta Psi (IIAP)
Nickname: PDPsi
Chapter Name: UF Associate Chapter of Pi Delta Psi
National website: www.pideltapsi.com
Chapter website: www.ufpdpsi.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1994
Year Founded at UF: 2004
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Building Dreams Foundation

Description of the Chapter:
The UF Associate Chapter of Pi Delta Psi Frater-
nity, Inc. was chartered on November 13, 2004
by twenty men of various backgrounds. Having
developed the bond of brotherhood, these men
dedicate their lives to the four pillars: academic
achievement, cultural awareness, righteousness,
and friendship/loyalty. Moreover, they refuse to be
C I, ..- ,, 1 .. 1, .. 1,. ..... %1... 1, I,,mr, Rather,
these men have engaged themselves with UF's Asian
American community and UF's campus as a whole.

sigvta Beta tRho (IBP)
Nickname: Sig Rho Cobras
Chapter Name: Sigma Beta Rho UF Colony
National website: www.sigmabetarho.com
Chapter website: www.sigmabetarho.com/uf
Year Founded Nationally: 1996
Year Founded at UF: 2002
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: Youth Educa-
tion, Adopt-a-Road

Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. is a multicultural
fraternity founded on August 16, 1996 at the
University of Pennsylvania. Over the past ten years
Sigma Beta Rho has grown tremendously across the
nation, with over 30 chapters, associate chapters,
and colonies. As both a service and social frater-
nity, Sigma Beta Rho is pleased to have supported
I... .... i.... 1 1 .I'... which the chapters are built,
keep the brotherhood bond strong, and to keep the
many diverse cultures alive.

sigvta L-avmbda Beta (lAB)
Nickname: Betas
Chapter Name: Zeta Beta
National website: www.sigmalambdabeta.com
Chapter website: www.sigmalambdabeta.com/ze-
Year Founded Nationally: 1986
Year Founded at UF: 1999
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
CPR Awareness Day, "Big Brothers, Big Sisters"

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.
is the largest Latino-based Multicultural Fraternity
in the nation. We believe in the principles of fair-
ness and opportunity as well as the equality of all
men no matter what their race, culture, or
ethnicity. Founded on April 4th, 1986 at the
University of Iowa and based on cultural under-
standing and wisdom, we all strive to model our
principles and present ourselves in :, I...l.l ,.., Il,
and educated fashion.

University of Florida 19

A A A a

What is the NationAaL rPan-Hellenidc
COIcuACil (NPH-C)?
The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated
(NPHC) is composed of nine historically-Black
Greek Letter .. .1111 111i .. that evolved at a time
when Blacks were denied i .. l..-.. 1iiI i .. 1i1.; and
services afforded to others. Each of the nine NPHC
... 1111 ii. i,,., were designed to foster brotherhood
or sisterhood and serve as conduits by which action
plans could be formulated to influence social ac-
tion and change in the Black community.

-ow do joiVL a NPH-C orgawizatiovn?
NPHC organizations do not use a recruitment pro-
cess similar to the one used by the Interfraternity
Council or the Panhellenic Council. NPHC and MGC
,1.. 11,1 I.. participate in membership intake,
the process of ......ii.. ...' .. ii. :. and :1ii ii...
new members, once a year (either Fall or Spring)
at a time deemed by the specific ,.. J.i ii'. ii not

Aspirants, or interested persons, should note that
individual organizations will hold informational
S1.... I.. ,... throughout the school year. These meet-
ings will be advertised throughout various locations
on campus and will provide aspirants with the op-
portunityto learn more about an 1.. .il ii,.,ii and
perhaps get specific intake questions answered.

Meet the tDivinv e NinAe
Each Fall, NPHC hosts its annual Meet the Divine
'"I\.. p1 '"'' which showcases each of the nine
affiliate member fraternities and sororities on cam-
pus. Students in attendance will have the opportu-
nity to learn more about the UF NPHC, the process
for joining the council, and the diverse experiences
of NPHC members. This unique event allows for
personal interaction, information sharing, and
exposure to Greek Life for interested students.

20 The Guide to Florida Greeks

ALpha K-appa ALpha (AKA)
Nickname: AKAs
Chapter Name: Iota Lambda
National website: www.akal908.com
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/~ill975
Year Founded Nationally: 1908
Year Founded at UF: 1975
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Girls Scouts Troup, Al'z Place, MLK Health Fair

Founded in 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
became America's first Greek-letter ii. 111 111,. 11
established by Black college women. Today, Alpha
Kappa Alpha thrives as a sisterhood of women who
have consciously chosen the affiliation as a means
of self-fulfillment through volunteer service in the
areas of our Five Targets, which include Education,
The Black Family, Health, Economics, and The
Arts. Alpha Kappa Alpha cultivates and encourages
high scholastic and ethical standards and serves all
mankind though a nucleus of more than 180,000
women in all over the world.

Delta s[igMva Theta (AeO)
Nickname: Deltas
Chapter Name: Lambda Psi
National website: I ... i .. iii ..i.. i .i i -...
Chapter website: www.lambdapsi.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1913
Year Founded at UF: 1975
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Financial Fortitude Workshops, Delta GEMS

Description of the Chapter:
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is an organiza-
tion of college educated women committed to the
constructive development of its members and to
public service, with a primary focus on the black
community The Lambda Psi chapter imple-
ments service 1I"- ..i I" i i i .. ilj..i.l with our
national ... i ii,,i'., five 1'." ii'"i ,i .: thrust;
economic development, educational development,
international awareness and involvement, physical
and mental health and political awareness and

University of Florida 21

sigmva Cammvta TRho (1MP)
Nickname: SGRho
Chapter Name: Lambda Rho
National website: www.sgrho1922.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-sgrho
Year Founded Nationally: 1922
Year Founded at UF: 1990
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Youth Symposium

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was founded by
seven women at Butler University on November 12,
1922 whom had the desire to enlighten a nation.
It is the only historically black, Greek sorority
founded at a predominantly white university Each
founder showed a tenacious spirit to overcome
racism and sexism. To this day, the ladies of
Si..- i .iill uphold the foundation and beliefs that
this sororitywas founded upon ,ii.. IIIIni. to
grow in the bonds of sisterhood, scholarship
and leadership.

zeta Phi Beta (Z(B)
Nickname: Z Phi B
Chapter Name: Mu Epsilon
Nationalwebsite: 1. 111i !' 2 ....
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-zphi96
Year Founded Nationally: 1920
Year Founded at UF: 1974
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Caring & Sharing Learning Center, Boys & Girls
Club, Williston Road Beautification, Stork's Nest,

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was founded on the
simple belief that sorority elitism and socializing
should not overshadow the real mission for pro-
,I,....i.. i.. ,.1111 ii.. i 1~. address societalmores,
ills, prejudices, poverty and health concerns of the
day Founded January 16, 1920, Zeta began as an
idea conceived by five coeds at Howard University
in Washington, DC. These five women, also known
as our Five Pearls, dared to depart from the tradi-
tional coalitions for black women.

Battle of the creeks:

The RF NPH-C stepshow

saturday, October 27, 2o007

crYtis M. PhlllLps CevLter

for the Perforvmivg Arts

22 The Guide to Florida Greeks

ALpha Phi ALpha (A4A)
Nickname: The Alphas
Chapter Name: Theta Sigma
National website: www.alphaphialpha.net
Chapter website: l... .. I. I 11 11 .i
Year Founded Nationally: 1906
Year Founded at UF: 1973
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Project Alpha, March of Dimes, Miss Black and
Gold Scholarship Pageant, Sleepout for the Home-
less, Alpha Academy

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first intercol-
1.. 1i .. i .... 1. letter fraternity established for black
students was organized at Cornell University in
Ithaca, NY on December 4, 1906. The Theta Sigma
Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded
on the University of Florida campus on August 9,
1973. The fraternity has grown steadily in influence
throughout the years. It has been integrated since
1945 and has expanded tremendously; there are
now approximately 800 chapters located through-
out the World.

iota Phi Theta (100)
Nickname: Iotas
Chapter Name: Gamma Omicron
National website: www.IotaPhiTheta.org
Chapter website: www.GOCentaurs.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1963
Year Founded at UF: 1998
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: The Phoenix
Center & Reichert House

On September 19, 1963, at the Morgan State Col-
lege, 12 students founded what is now the nation's
fi il i 1 i... ., predominately African-American social
service fraternity; Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.
The purpose of this organization is the develop-
ment and perpetuation of scholarship, leadership,
citizenship, fidelity and brotherhood among men.
The members of Gamma Omicron know that their
.1 iii. '. ill only be what they make of it and
continue to work hard at '..i... i... themselves and
their community They continue and will always
continue, "Building a Tradition, Not Resting
Upon One."

K-appa ALpha Psi (KAV)
Nickname: Kappas
Chapter Name: Zeta Phi
National website: www.kappaalphapsil91 1.com
Chapter website: www.zetaphinupes.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1911
Year Founded at UF: 1972
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded Janu-
ary 5, 1911 in Bloomington, Indiana on the cam-
pus of Indiana University As Kappa Alpha Psi moves
closer towards 100 yrs. of existence, its ideals and
purpose are still the same. With "Achievement
in every field of human endeavor" as its motto,
Kappa men continue to make contributions to their
community and to society. Today, Kappa Alpha Psi
has grown to over 362 undergraduate chapters and
334 cities of alumni chapters.

University of Florida 23

A a

NPH-C ProfLle
Name: Will Atkins
Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: NPHC
Campus Involvement: Homecom-
ing Associate General Chairman,
Chapter Treasurer, Preview Staff, Ci-
cerones, Mr. BSU, College Reach-Out
Program Tutor, Teaching Assistant
What does being a Florida Greek mean to you?
Being a Florida Greek means more than what Greek life
appears to be on the surface. Being involved with the
Florida Greek community has fostered a greater sense of
service to the local and campus communities. It means
more than brotherhood and sisterhood within individual
chapters, but with the Greek community, as a whole. It
encourages pride in your individual chapter, while also
being proud to be a Florida Greek as well. Being a Florida
Greek means commitment and dedication to service,
scholarship, leadership, and brotherhood/sisterhood.
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
When thinking about joining the Florida Greek Commu-
nity, one should understand the duties and responsibilities
that come along with it. To whom much is given, much is
required. You are not only accountable to your chapter,
but to your community and you should be ready to repre-
sent the ideals and standards of the Greek community as
recommended. As well as being responsible, ... .l.. iI .
give to the community; the more you put into something,
the more you get out of it

omvega Psi Phif (QV4)
Nickname: Omegas
Chapter Name: Omicron Zeta
National website: www.oppf.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-omegaozl
Year Founded Nationally: 1911
Year Founded at UF: 1973
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Meals on Wheels

The Omicron Zeta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi was
chartered on November 5, 1973 at the University
of Florida. Since its inception Omicron Zeta has
been committed to upholding the ideals of Omega
through campus and community involvement,
remaining consistent with the noble intentions of
our Fraternity Founders.

Phi Beta sigva (DBI2)
Nickname: Sigmas
Chapter Name: Zeta Kappa
National website: .. .. Il. i, '
Chapter website: www.zksigmas.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1914
Year Founded at UF: 1974
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Blue and White Weekend, I .-li il..- Night, Haber-
chase Nursing Home, Caring and Sharing Learning

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is an .. ii' ,,,,
of college-educated males that devotes its time to
uplifting the community. For 93 years our organiza-
tion has blossomed and grown to continue the
ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service.
The World Famous Zeta Kappa Chapter has been
blessed with the vision to execute our fraternity's
motto: "Culture for Service, Service for Humanity".

24 The Guide to Florida Greeks

what is Panuhelleitc?
The Panhellenic Council serves as the governing
body for sixteen National Panhellenic Conference
chapters on campus, .. IIi... a sisterhood of over
2,500 women. Through educational, service, and
social activities, the Panhellenic Council strives to
develnp its memhnrs indl the ITnivrsit' nf Flnridi
l I. I.. l .I. 11 Il ,I.. 11 ii 111 11 i I ,II 1,,..... In ,
.I.. hii.. 'l

i I. I111. 1 11. ii. 1 i. .. Ii. 111 111. 11 I ii ii 111.. 1 1 1

, *II'-. P 1 11 , I
* I .. ll..1 ..'II I ..1i l IIh II I....h I I h,11

* \ I ll ,, \\.I h ,,, 11 ,h 1 1 1 h l In I I, '.1 iiiiii i i.

* IIIIII'' I.. I I 'lllh ,.ll, .I .I I,. .1 .. ll l .l l I II. ',

1I ',',,,I ', I ll, I l. h II.I h ,,lI'I. I IIll 1, I ,h l, t al.. ,I'

Visit the Panhellenic website at
www. vfpanheI elle'o-.ov0'
to Learn- ore abo-t Recrvitetmnt, events,
actdo oontact itformvatiovn.

Ou-r vision is to promote iv

wovmea Leaodership, diversity,

scholastic ac1hievemenvt, and

servnle through relatitonships

with. aond beyondt the

PawhelleiLc commuo ity.

University of Florida 25

Formal Recruitment is the primary way the sixteen Panhellenic chapters
acquire new members. During the four round Recruitment process in the fall,
you will have an opportunity to learn about each of the chapters on campus.
You will meet current chapter members and learn what it means to be a Pan-
hellenic woman in the Florida Greek community.

Please understand that this is a mutual selection process. After each round,
you will preference a certain number of chapters and each sorority will
preference a certain number of women. Participation in Recruitment does
not obligate you to join a sorority nor does it guarantee membership. To assist
you through the Recruitment process, disaffiliated Panhellenic women who are
trained to be Recruitment counselors will be available at all times.

Potential New Member orievutatiovu
To help you better understand the Recruitment process, there is a MANDATORY
orientation on Friday, August 18th at 7pm in the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom.
\I 0ll1... ..1.. .. you will have a chance to hear more about the Panhellenic
Council, meet your Recruitment counselors, and ask any questions you may
have. No sorority women will be in attendance and casual dress is suggested.

ParenAt Fad=ilu Memve ber (vnforvmatlovu Meeting
Parents of Potential New Members are encouraged to attend an informational
ii.....,... directly following the Potential New Member Orientation. At this meet-
ing, you will receive information about the Recruitment process, the schedule
for the week, and a general overview of sorority life. This is a perfect time to
ask any pertinent questions, as the Panhellenic Executive officers and various
UF administrators will be present. .. .. .

visit the Pachelleeio website c1t
S "www.v f caniheLLentio. oo
to register for Pcanhelleic Reorvitm entt.

S Registration its $45 aodt opens on May I, t OO7.
I. (Late reSgistrationv: AugSst -10, aO7

26 The Guide to Florida Greeks

R czruitnvw.eKvt schedule
saturday y, AAugust s1, 2o00o
9am Residence Halls Open
7pm Potential New Member Orientation
Reitz Union Grand Ballroom
7:30pm Parent & Family Member
I111,,,,,, ,11 ,,,,n I 1 .... i l.
Reitz Union Grand Ballroom

sunAVday, ALugust 19 -
Monday, AIAuust 20, 2ao00
Round 1- Potential New Members visit
each of the 16 chapters.
Tuesday, AIugust ai -
wedesoda y, Acugust 22, 2ao00
Round 2 (philanthropy) Potential New
Members visit up to eleven of the sixteen
Th$ursdaly, Acugust a3, 2007
First Day of Class! No recruitment activities

Friday, AIugust 24 -
saturdayll AAugust 25, 20037
Round 3 (video) Potential New Members visit
up to seven of the sixteen chapters
suAnday, Acugust 26, 200oo
Preferentials Potential New Members visit up
to three of the sixteen chapters
Mondaol AIgAcust a2 200-

Round 2 Round 3

This is the most casual round when
Potential New Members are invited
to all sixteen chapter houses. This
round requires a good deal of
walking so comfortable shoes are
recommended. Women may choose
to wear simple tank tops or shirts
with paired with shorts, capri
pants, or casual skirts.

This is the/.,.. t '." round when
chapters share their I. ,...... ;i
service and philanthropic projects
with Potential New Members. Wom-
en are encouraged to wear skirts or
capri pants with a simple shirt.

This is the sisterhood round and
is more formal than other rounds.
During this round, chapters high-
light their unique qualities during
videos that they have created.
Sundresses or nice skirts and tops
are suggested.

This is the most formal of all rounds.
This is a time during which Potential
New Members ., .'.' ,' apart of the
chapter's ritual. Women are encour-
aged to wear cocktail or semi-formal

University of Florida 27

Round I


ALpha chi ov.mega (AXQ)
Nickname: Alpha Chi
Chapter Name: Gamma Iota
National website: www.alphachiomega.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-alphachi
Year Founded Nationally: 1885
Year Founded at UF: 1949
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Peaceful Paths, Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, The
Great Escape

Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw University
in Greencastle, Indiana. It was originally founded as
a musical sorority and although we have expanded
our membership beyond music students, we still
hold a deep appreciation for the fine arts and
recognize our original founding with our national
symbol of the lyre. Our sisterhood is based on
the values of friendship, leadership, learning, and

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Alpha Chi Omega
Attn: Recruitment Chair
820 W. Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

ALpha Delta Pi (AAII)
Nickname: ADPi
Chapter Name: Gamma Iota
National website: www.alphadeltapi.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-adpi
Year Founded Nationally: 1851
Year Founded at UF: 1948
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Lion Share Challenge featuring Rock the Mic ben-
efiting the Ronald McDonald House

Founded at Wesleyan '11. -.: in Macon, i.. ..i
Alpha Delta Pi holds the distinction of being the
first secret society in the world for college women.
As the model of today's sorority system, it is only fit-
ting that our founding took place at the first college
in the world chartered to grant degrees to women.
The qualifications for membership have remained
unchanged through the years: scholarship, high
principles, strong traditions and true friendships.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Allison Johnson
ATTN: ADPi Recruitment
831 W. Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

ALpha epsilovu, Ph (AED )
Nickname: AEPhi
Chapter Name: Alpha Tau
National website: www.aephi.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-aephi
Year Founded Nationally: 1909
Year Founded at UF: 1948
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
AEPhi After D:,i 1-..,.n. l... ,. the Elizabeth Glaser
Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Phi Hoops '.i... llll.
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and
Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Tel-Hashomer,

Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded by seven Jewish
women at Barnard I '.11.. .: in New York on October
24, 1909. These women had a dream of form-
ing a sorority where exceptional women of all
backgrounds, religions interests and varying beliefs
would be welcomed with open arms. This sorority
would endeavor to foster lifelong friendships and
sisterhood, academics, social involvement and
community service, all the while providing a home
away from home for it's members

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Stefanie Brown
2800 SW Williston Rd #431
Gainesville, FL 32608

28 The Guide to Florida Greeks

ALpha oMLiDcrovA Pi (AOII)
Nickname: AOPi
Chapter Name: Gamma Omicron
National website: www.alphaomicronpi.org
Chapter website: www.ufaopi.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1897
Year Founded at UF: 1948
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Arthritis Research and American Juvenile Arthritis

The Gamma Omicron chapter of Alpha Omicron
Pi was one of the first five sororities to be founded
at the University of Florida in 1948. AOPi has
178 chartered collegiate chapters and over 300
chartered alumnae chapters throughout United
States and Canada. Our mission as an international
women's fraternity is to "promote friendship for a
lifetime, inspire academic excellence and lifelong
learning, and develop leadership skills through
service to the fraternity and community."

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Julie Taube, House Director
819 W. Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

chi omega (XQ)
Nickname: Chi 0
Chapter Name: Eta Delta
National website: www.chiomega.com
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-chiomega
Year Founded Nationally: 1895
Year Founded at UF: 1948
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Chi Omega Sandblast Volleyball Tournament ben-
efiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Chi Omega is the largest women's fraternal organi-
zation is the world with 300,000 initiates and 171
collegiate chapters. To its members, however, Chi
Omega is more than an I,.. ,, ii. 11 providing
them with unique opportunities in leadership, in
scholarship, and in life-long friendship. Chi Omega
strives to prepare young women to achieve their
highest possible aspirations.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Sarah Davis
610 NW 36th St
Gainesville, FL 32607

Delta Delta >Detat (AAA)
Nickname: Tri Delta
Chapter Name: Alpha Psi
National website: www.tridelta.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-tridelta
Year Founded Nationally: 1888
Year Founded at UF: 1948
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy: St Jude
Children's Research Hospital

Built upon the motto "Let us steadfastly love one
another", Tri-Delta has been building life-long
friendship at the University of Florida for the past
fifty-eight years, while fostering an environment
where its members can grow socially and intel-
lectually. The pride we all share in our sisterhood,
scholarly achievements, leadership, and the service
we provide have helped us to become, 1t. ...il..
the best we can be,', ill.. 1..~ I1II,. our unique and
individual characteristics.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Carly Carvel
1134 East Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

University of Florida 29

Name: Linda Bernms
Classification: Senior
Council Affiliation: PC
Campus Involvement: Cice-
rone, Florida Blue Key, Panhellenic
Delegate, Director, and Recruitment
Counselor, ACCENT Speaker's Bureau
SWhat does being a Florida Greek
9 mean to you?
O Being a Florida Greek for the past three years has meant
being a part of close knit community. As a Florida Greek
I have been given the opportunity to meet a diverse group
of people who share pride and love for the University of
Florida. I believe that as a member of the Florida Greek
Community I will have gained the leadership and knowl-
edge to be able to make a difference in the world.
Words of wisdom for someone who wants to be a
Florida Greek?
I would advise the potential Greek member who was
hesitant about joining to keep an open mind throughout
the recruitment process and stress that there is an orga-
nization for everyone. Going Greek enhanced my college
experience as a result of its emphasis on academics,
leadership, service and community

Delta qammoa (A')
Nickname: Dee-Gee
Chapter Name: Gamma Theta
National website: deltagamma.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-deltagee
Year Founded Nationally: 1873
Year Founded at UF: 1949
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Anchor Splash'... i.. 6ii.. the Delta Gamma Founda-
tion, Gainesville Lions Club, Mind Sight, Dance
Marathon, Walk for Hope, Champs, Greek Blood
Drive, Over-the-Counter Medicine Drive

Delta Gamma's primary purpose is to create an
environment for its members in which lasting
friendships are established. Our l!F.i.l i. ii.......-..
ship provides women with opportunities to grow
intellectually and socially. Each school year we
renew our commitment toward sisterhood through
academic achievement, leadership opportunities
on and off campus, intramural sports, service to
others, participation in philanthropies and a well-
rounded social life. Delta Gamma continues to
provide memories and friendships that last
a lifetime

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Christina Weininger
808 W Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

Delta Phi epsiovu (A(DE)
Nickname: DphiE
Chapter Name: Delta Kappa
National website: www.dphie.org
Chapter website: www.ufpanhellenic.com/sorori-
Year Founded Nationally: 1917
Year Founded at UF: 1969
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Deepher Dude '...n.. i1 in.. Cystic Fibrosis

Delta Phi Epsilon develops a social conscious-
ness and a commitment to think and act for the
greater good. We assure continuous development
and achievement for women by embracing our
founding principles of Justice Sisterhood, and Love.
We strive to set the standard for sisterhood in an
ever-changing world.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Lauren Goodkind
1115 SW 9th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601

30 The Guide to Florida Greeks
30 The Guide to Florida Greeks

DeLta zeta (AZ)
Nickname: DZ
Chapter Name: Pi Alpha
National website: deltazeta.org
Chapter website: www.esasson.com/DeltaZeta
Year Founded Nationally: 1902
Year Founded at UF: 2002
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Delta Zeta Clay Classic, a Skeet and Trap Shooting
Competition, ... i.. fill .. the House Ear Institute for
the hearing impaired; Boys & Girls Club Caribbean
Cruise event.

Delta Zeta continues to snag the campus spotlight
in areas of philanthropy, pageantry, athletics and
scholastic. The Pi Alpha chapter added members
in Cicerones and Student Senate and ranked first
ii I I' I. 11 1, h 1 i I, I I I... 11 1 111a I ll 111. 1

I.. I .II ..hl II .. I I I I.I.. I hII. .l I I J I -. I IIi..
'..inn i i. I I II.. I II- \ I'.,. I nin ,..n*iI .. I I, I. !l, n, I

I'l 1... ... 11. 1 1. I..ll..n ,. ,, n....,, ..Ind11 %l 1 -, I,
bI..ll.I.I II, \I-I .1

1 liii.. ill.. 11 .111

Kappa ALpha Theta (KAO)
Nickname: Theta
Chapter Name: Delta Theta
National website: ...... \i''l il Ih i il,.I ..
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-thetauf
Year Founded Nationally: 1870
Year Founded at UF: 1960
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Ultimate Dodgeball '..i. ii11 ... Court Appointed
Special Advocates (CASA)

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Theta
exists to nurture each member throughout her
college and alumnae experience and to offer a
lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual and
moral growth as she meets the higher and broader
demands of mature life. Kappa Alpha Theta is the
i 'l I I I.... I I .11 II. I.. i I 1 II i1 11'. 111.
II I ii ', l .Ii.. *h ii I ,,n 11 IIn I I II I.I I II I
\ ,1 n i ,Ii,,i (I.I' un, I nn . ,nl I,,.I b. 1
II u I 1 n.. u1 In l' I21I ..In U ,I.. 111 .1 I I 11 nnnnln ull..'

I I . ....11 I ..11..1 .., I, I....,innl n ..In, I II ,,I b .
b II I. i I I I..I II
I I ihi. il .. I I 111

a u1n,.,, ,ll,. 11 2,,1**

University of Florida


Ktappoa ieLta (KA)
Nickname: KD
Chapter Name: Beta Pi
National website: www.kappadelta.org
Chapter website: www.ufkappadelta.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1897
Year Founded at UF: 1948
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
S Prevent Child Abuse America, Girl Scouts of the
USA, Children's Hospital of Richmond, VA, Ameri-
S can Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Lake Forest
Elementary School of ( III... 11l.. 1.. 11i11 ..-impaired

Kappa Delta's open motto is "Ta Kala Diokomen"
meaning "Let us strive for that which is honorable,
beautiful and highest". Kappa Delta teaches the
values of altruism, belief inhuman dignity and con-
cern for fellow human beings, principles adopted
by the sorority's founders in 1897. There are over
190,000 initiates and 206 chapters nationwide.
Our chapter at the University of Florida is proudly
among the top ten percent of Kappa Delta Chapters
in the nation.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Kappa Delta
Attn: Recruitment Chair
1122 East Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

k-appa k-appa qanmmoa (KKT)
Nickname: Kappa
Chapter Name: Epsilon Phi
National website: www.kkg.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-kkg
Year Founded Nationally: 1870
Year Founded at UF: 1978
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Too Hot to Handle wing. II.n contest '.... illi,,
Reading is Fundamental

Founded in 1870, Kappa is one of the oldest
women's fraternities. Kappa has a total member-
ship of more than 200,000 women, with 131 colle-
giate chapters in the United States and Canada and
more than 300 alumnae associations worldwide.
Kappa promotes, through its standards, a broad
college experience and is proud of its programs
of consequence, its high standards and adherence
to ethical principles, and of its countless members
whose accomplishments have provided a better life
for others.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Attn: Elizabeth Oehl
401 SW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

Phii MM ($DM)
Nickname: Phi Mu
Chapter Name: Alpha Nu
National website: www.phimu.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-alphanu
Year Founded Nationally: 1852
Year Founded at UF: 1949
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Hom erun Derby:i n.l 'lI' 1 ..i 1ii 1Iii iI .. li..ill1 .
Children's Miracle Network

Founded in 1852, Phi Mu is a women's organi-
zation which provides personal and academic
development, service to others, commitment to ex-
cellence, and lif.. i. -ii. i .i.ilp through a shared
tradition. Beginning in college and throughout
our members' lives, Phi Mu provides the support
network and resources necessary to empower
women to imagine, believe, and achieve their goals.
We have a long history of social service and giving
back to others while providing social opportunities
and personal development to our members.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Recruitment Director
1152 E Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601


t-tr. is

32 The Guide to Florida Greeks

Pi Beta Phi (IIBID)
Nickname: Pi Phi
Chapter Name: Florida Delta
National website: pi..i. I' ipl .'..
Chapter website: www.ufpibetaphi.com
Year Founded Nationally: 1867
Year Founded at UF: 1969
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Dr. Suess' Read Across America, Down 'n Dirty
Football Tournament

Pi Beta Phi's women enjoy much more than just
being a Gator and living on Fraternity Row. They
are actively involved throughout our university and
the Gainesville community, with many elite organi-
zations li ii.. 1 I 1 1 ..i i.'. ... iii. ... Service is a
principal value of the Pi Beta Phi sisterhood, with
active involvement in every fraternity and sorority
philanthropy on campus. Their philanthropy, Down
'n Dirty a flag football tournament '.... i. 11 .l. Links
to Literacy, has the largest fraternity involvement on
campus, and raised over $17,000 this year.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Emily Jeffers
37 W Fraternity Drive
Gainesville, FL 32603

sigmvta CKappa (1K)
Nickname: Sig Kap
Chapter Name: Beta Tau
National website: www.sigmakappa.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-sigkap/main.html
Year Founded Nationally: 1874
Year Founded at UF: 1949
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Project that support Alzheimer's Disease research
and gerontology studies. Examples include party
with senior citizens center, observance of Inherit
the Earth Day, Sigma Shootout Pool Tournament

Sigma Kappa is a social women's I,.. Jil ii.1 i
with a worldwide sisterhood of 140,000 strong.
i ..... il ..I, Kappa women work toward build-
ing a life-long friendship, enhancing their social,
intellectual and spiritual character and working to
better the community around them. With chapters
in 40 states, the vision of Sigma Kappa is to be a
premiere Sorority, forever achieving excellence
in our chapters and among our members while
influencing the lives of others.

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Attn: Recruitment Chair
1108 E. Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

Leta Tau ALpha (ZTA)
Nickname: Zeta
Chapter Name: Gamma Iota
National website: www.zetataualpha.org
Chapter website: grove.ufl.edu/-zeta
Year Founded Nationally: 1898
Year Founded at UF: 1949
Service Project(s) and Philanthropy:
Zeta Linedance ',. I.. i,,. Breast Cancer Education
and Awareness

In 1898, Zeta Tau Alpha was founded by nine
women who wanted to intensify friendships in
accordance ii Ii, 1h,., l.. ..; and to perform such
deeds as would conduce to the building up of a
purer and nobler womanhood. Brought to the
University of Florida in 1949, Zetas still stand with
their open motto "seek the noblest" and are a
sisterhood constantly bound 1... l.. i.. I. i . il.i .l
scholarship, service and love, "the greatest of all

Please send letters of recommendation to:
Jill Williams
8979 SW 44th Lane
Gainesville, FL 32608

University of Florida 33

For many members of the Florida Greek commu-
nity, living in their chapter house has proven to be
a convenient and economical way to enhance their
Greek experience. Currently, 36 of the 61 chapters
at UF have chapter houses. Each house is managed
on a day-to-day basis by a full-time House Direc-
tor, and is overseen by a local or national house
corporation board, a group of alumni that oversee
the house director, chapter finances, and advises
the upkeep and remodeling of the facilities. Many
chapter houses provide you with study areas, TV
rooms, computer labs, 10-15 meals per week, and
on-site parking.

H-ow Vtmuch does it cost to live iL
the house?
For most chapters the fees for living in the chapter
house are comparable to or in many cases less-
than living in a residence hall or apartment and
having an on-campus meal plan. Room and board,
meals, dues, and event costs are included in one
lump sum il. '.f .... 1i1 iii. it cheaper than other
living situations.

Can I (live il the chapter house as
a freshmanvu?
Most chapter living facilities house only active
members (usually sophomores and juniors).
Almost all New Members and freshmen live in
their respective residence halls or off-campus
apartments or houses, because most chapters fill
their houses during il. i...... "-1 iT.. semester.
Members who live "out of house" usually frequent
the chapter house during the day and eat lunch and
dinner at the house.


Fin-anclatl InVformV atiovu
What are the costs associated with joining a frater-
nity or sorority? [in shadow box]
The cost of membership varies from chapter to
chapter. In general, the first semester of member-
ship is the most expensive because of one time
New Member/Membership Intake fees. Several
chapters at UF offer payment plans and scholar-
ships for members who need financial assistance.
Each individual has different financial .i-ir. il,. I.,
associated with membership and Potential New
Members are encouraged to ask questions about
any other fees outside of dues that you will be
expected to pay once initiated.

it seems liWe a Lot to be creeke! where Interfraternity Council (IFC):

exactly is my money goig?O
It varies from chapter to chapter, however the most
common places your money goes:
*National fees and .i-Ii. iil,,.,
Membership Recruitment
Service projects
Sisterhood activities
Special events (Homecoming, Family Weekend,
National Conventions)

Additional costs lhi. iiii.:lih, i, .... i.. i.. -.. ill .1.) to
meal plans, pictures, gifts, social events, T-shirts, etc.

new member and/or the initiation fee
(one-time expense)
chapter dues
national fees
social fees
risk management insurance
room and board fees (for members
who live in the house)
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC):
Expenses paid upon initiation may include:
the new member/initiation fee
national, regional and local dues
Yearly expenses may include:
national, regional, local dues
risk management insurance

34 The Guide to Florida Greeks

whev can o joi o a fraternity
or sorority?
* Interfraternity Council: first full week of the Fall
or beginning .f il.. s" .pi". semester
* Multicultural Greek Council: varies by chapter
* National Pan-Hellenic Council: varies by chapter
* Panhellenic Council: Formal recruitment Fall
semester, the week before classes start; informal
recruitment beginning of Spring semester (not all
chapters participate)

For the most up-to-date information, all interested
men and women are encouraged to visit the Office
of Sorority & Fraternity Affairs website at: www.

Do I Veed to purchase a mveal planw if I
joiVu a sorority or fraternity with
a house?
It depends. Housed chapters have their own meal
plan programs and provide 10-15 meals a week.
Because snacks and weekend meals are usually
not included, many members of the Florida Greek
community find it convenient to purchase a campus

meal plan for missed meals and extra food. For
most students we recommend declining balance.
For more information on UF meal plans please visit

How VmuAch tiVLe does being in a
sorority a0nd fraternity taee uLp?
Being a member of a sorority and fraternity is a
i...iiii.. i ini .... commitment. For most people, the
time requirement would be equivalent to taking
another 3-credit class (3 hours/wk).

How are sororities anod frateraities
held accounAttable?
'\ iiIi, ..I ,i ..i .. ,.. ,I .. I ii, i'.,,., each of our in-
dividual chapters are held accountable by multiple
entities. Chapters are responsible f i,, .......Ii, the
standards that are set forth by their international
. .1111 ii i.'- their governing council, as well as the
University of Florida through the Office of Sorority
& Fraternity Affairs. In addition, each chapter is
required to maintain an internal judicial system
that is designed to hold members accountable for
their actions.

How can i -fiAtd out what
orgaiwzatiovus are iL trouble or
have good grades?
Information (grades, conduct, etc.) on each of
our chapters is available at the ww', ....1 .. ,il
edu website. Once on the website, click on the Re-
sources tab and then scroll to the Chapter Profiles
section at the bottom of the page.

what is the viaversity's stanoe
oU haziLg?
UF seeks to promote a safe environment in which
students may participate without compromising
their health, safety or welfare. For more informa-
tion, please see the inside front cover.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC):
Expenses paid upon initiation may include:
the new member/initiation fee
national, regional and local dues
Yearly expenses may include:
national, regional, local dues
risk management insurance
Panhellenic Council (PC):
new member and/or the initiation fee
(one-time expense)
chapter dues
national fees
social fees
risk management insurance
room and board fees (for members who
live in the house)

Average IFC New Member Fee: $977
Average Panhellenic New Member Fee: $366
Please note that overall totals vary greatly

University of Florida 35

Average room and board for an IFC Fraternity: $1655
Average room and board for a Panhellenic Sorority: $2481
Average room and board for first-year student living
in the residence hall: (Housing: $1858, Dining: $1447) $3305
Please note that the costs vary from chapter to chapter


~ L I i

r' [' -:M, f1 -
1 -,7. ` W n C - -- "

- 1 ..V "' ,r .. ,


-,' -I. i ," iB I

-c cr'w.R I 'Ps".I

f I,11
"'./" A... Y ,. ^ A

.- -
tre ,, '" t -_
,*^^ E, ._"

- P Ai I


S '- .. -----
L ^il--.". II- ----
1.' .-' -

-i^ ,i -l r

_ tt ._ -, g. --
.1 :
it" .. ;-., IL, '
L' -,- II

_ -, I. .


36 The Guide to Florida Greeks

Cil cp

I~1 =*=T;

To m Togp -

I1 -
- .'r ,
, J' f_._,_.,

FLoroida Gjreekz chapters
Interfraternity Council (IFC)
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
ZQ(B 100 KAV
Panhellenic Council (PC)
Please note that Pi Kappa Alpha (IIKA, Pike)
is suspended through Fall 2011 and Sigma Alpha

Top 51Reasons why u yo
should considerJoi.ninc the
Florvida vreeke commit ty
1. FLorida Greekes Makee the Grade!
Since 2005, the Florida Greek GPA has been higher than the All UF GPA.
2. Leaders onv campus!
Members of the Florida Greek community have historically held some
of the highest leadership positions and honors on campus.
3. Lend4 a -telpinLg H-awd!
Last semester members of the Florida Greek community participated in
over 6,000 hours of community service and raised approximately
$200,000 for philanthropic causes.
4. we H-ave Covnnectiovns!
Greek members have networking opportunities through Greek alumni:
for jobs, internships, advice and real world work experience
5. Great Memwories to Last a Lifetitv e!
Florida Greeks know how to have responsible fun and maintain a balance
between their academics and social events. Socials, formals, Greek Week
and family weekends are just a few activities offered for great times at
The University of Florida!

The Foundation for The Gator Nation
Office of Sorority & Fraternity Affairs
310 J. Wayne Reitz Union
P. O. Box 118505
Gainesville, FL 32611-8505

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