Title: Policy background.
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Title: Policy background.
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Washington, D.C.
October 13, 1969



1. Article 23 of the United Nations Charter specifies:

"The General Assembly shall elect six Members of
the United Nations to be non-permanent members of
the Security Council, due regard being specially
paid, in the first instance, to the contribution
of Members of the United Nations to the maintenance
of international peace and security and to the
other purposes of'the Organization."

On October 20, 1969, the Syrian Arab Republic will present itself
for election as a member of the Security Council to take up the
seat vacated by Pakistan. It is an amazing prospect.

2. For the sake of the UN's own integrity and credibility, there
will be members of the General Assembly who will want to look into
the credentials of the Syrian Arab Republic before casting their
votes, as the Charter specifies. The accident of geographic loca-
tion is of itself not sufficient qualification for membership in
the body charged by the Charter with "primary responsibility for
the maintenance of international peace and security."
Assuming the UN Charter is the guide and the General Assembly
no mere international rubber stamp, the credential check will bar
the Syrian Arab Republic from election to the Security Council.
For what are the credentials which the Syrian Arab Republic offers
in respect of international peace and the other purposes for which
the United Nations stands?

The Syrian Arab Republic defied the United Nations in 1948 by
launching an unprovoked war of aggression against a neighboring
State. The Israeli villages captured were razed to the ground and
when the Syrian army withdrew in 1949 it left behind a wasteland
of destruction.

The Syrian Arab Republic has declared ever since that it will
persist in waging war against Israel despite the Charter of the
United Nations and despite its own international obligations.

The Syrian Arab Republic renounced its armistice agreement
with Israel and repeatedly exploited the strategic Golan Heights
to shell and launch terror raids against vulnerable farm villages
in Israel's northern lowlands.

The Syrian Arab Republic was the first to organize terror
bands against Israel. El Fatah was originally organized in Syria
as an arm of the Syrian army's Deuxieme Bureau. Israel brought
complaints to the Security Council on Syria's role in initiating
warfare by terror as far back as 1965 and 1966. Syria has since
been implicated in organizing terror warfare against Ethiopia.

The Syrian Arab Republic has throughout conducted a campaign
of persecution against its Jewish community, subjecting the Jews
to arbitrary imprisonment, loss of civil rights, confiscation of
property and curfew. To compound the felony, Jeus are not
permitted to leave Syria.
Christians in Syria, too, have been the victims of discrimi-
natory measures, their schools closed and their.freedom of wor-
ship inhibited.

The Syrian Arab Republic sent raiders to kidnap Israeli
farmers and fishermen from Israeli territory, incarcerating them
in the prisons of Damascus and Palmyra where they were subjected
to the most inhuman physical and mental torture. For years,
while they were lingering in these jails, the Damascus authori-
ties denied even that they were being held in Syria. No appeals,
no interventions from the United N'.ions, from the International
Red Cross, from the Vatican, from third Governments helped.
When, after more than twelve years, Syria finally admitted to
holding these persons and agreed to return them, those who came
back to Israel alive were wrecks of human beings, all but one of
whom had to be confined in mental hospitals.

And, most recently, and most notoriously: The Syrian Arab
Republic has, for more than a month, h-ld in detention two Is-
raeli civilians hijacked by Arab terrorists to Damascus in an
American civil aircraft on an international flight. The contin-
ued forcible detention of those innocent civilians, who were
brought to Syria by violence, is an act of piracy for which the
Syrian Arab Republic is accountable before international law.
All the efforts of the civil airline authorities, of the U.S.
Government, and of other Governments and international agencies
to secure their release have met, thus far, with failure.

3. These are the credentials '':ich the Syrian Arab Republic
brings before the members of the UN General Assembly. If they
are ignored and Syria is indeed elected to the Security Council,
it will serve only to broaden the gap between the UN Charter
principles and the UN as an instrument of international justice
and peace.

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