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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 09-05-1975
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U.K Md, .R- peentave

I Co:in Turner (London) l.d.
Is2 Shaftaeburu A v. W.1


TPuc* Comuite Tortutna
- P iyLS-sANCAei&X>>

Friday Septemuber,01, 1975

a ENOraeirT WI T"' PRE4DS
T70..; dul-rppointfed co.-linittee to .meet
andr negotiate with the Dreads has not
yet had an official encounter with
them, but, two. things have happened:
the amnesty period has been extended
t6o, Seotember 30; and, a sub- committee
of three (headed. by Father Alexander)
are sure\ that a meeting is in the off-
I n g an.d r ill'- take place very -soon,
Msanwh"ile an unofficial suinee in-.
fors us that some of the so-called
tDreads' are very keen on meeting 'with
th .Co iittee^-: .:

Our Best Asset Forests..
What Newsweek Said ,
In this wideIy-re d U.S. magazine (Sept. 1), artn r
tide o UN;).'it': S efforts to save nature from and
for mankind' :by chrrishing a global system Eden.
like sanectuaries, ubmes Dominica as second ,of
three Bromasib reserves' described:
"The iskod of Domrinica, between -Guadeloupe.
and Martinique, boasting the only large tropical
rain forest left in the Lesser Antillst- Such' for
eets are a it2al means of forcing clouds io re' sek
their moisture, and scientists hope that research,
may provide a clue to increasmig the shrinking
'fresh water-supply on., neighboring islands by
replanting rain forests. A.
According to the British journal "New Scientist"
Wrote in April 75: .
"This is the year of the tropical rain
foarets: the beginning of a campaign to prevent
the snuffing out bf up to 5o million years of con-
tinuous evolution. It' sounds odd dedicating
such a short period .to something that has en-
Sdared so long -rather like allocating a second
marriage to your husband or wife.
'T. tropical rain forests are the most ,u-
berantly variegated assertions of life on this
planer. No other .*sat community can match
them for diversity or c mpgilety.
fEfuamerating some of these rare
tropical growths, the article says:
"There is no disputing, however, that
-the persistent disruptions of logging,
clearing for plantations, colonisa-
tion and extanding shifting agri etl-
turse are dangerous," Once dsetroyed,
some plants would. be gone ,forever.

The fist conference of Caribbean Coneil-
tints convenes for the- Opening Selsiob at the
Fort Ycung Hotel on Monday 8th September.
Some 200 guests, CoBference Delegate and Ob-
aierver will listen to the Feature Address by Mr.
Alster Mclntyre, Secretary General of the Ci-
com Secretariat, on the subject "The! Outlook
for the Caribbea.n Community'
The Commonwsauth
Secretariat s.,-uned:
recently in LondrtI that
proposals for redpucng the
gap ,between,;, tri. aild-d
poor Inations h. been
submitted to _A Gnmon-
wealth Heads of Govem-
mintt, in tme interim
report of -a group f ten
experts from Cuomnonwealth
W. Alister Mcintyre,
Secretary-Geneial of- "the
Caribbean Cdmmuni y,
Mr. Mcintyre- heli intensive (isacusstion
in Oftawa.f

Satisfaction has been expressed
in many quarters by Government' 9,
appointment of an acceptable Comn-.
miasion of Inquiry into the state
of affairs at the Public WTrks De-
partment. But, even more live27
are the demands thatI such an in-
quiry be held in public, After all,
was not the carnival fire inquiry
held in public, to satisfy the 'an-
xious mind of the people? The
general feeling seems to be that
for the sake of those who are in-
nocent as much. as for those ;k s c
are not, the whole matter should
be subjected to the searchlight
of an impartial probe.


Our Canadian friends have come,
up with something good against Two
sound films on our National Park' -
one to make Dot~tinica aware of its
precious now park. and the other %o
show the park to Canadians.



~~ ~~--~----


~C; -s s:

ag -n : .i ,v -. .mb 5 a -C
Fiction MAL TITINE Cynthia- Vatt T H E P R. E S S --Serious & Funny
"I see the amnesty extended," On Oct. 21, 1975, the Inter Ameri-
Ge-elia said to Ma Titine. camr Press Association on Fieed'm of
"So I see," .that good lady re- the Press will meet in Sao Paulo,
plied, 'but I wondering how it will Brazil. They ask us what infringe-
end. 'Already I hear People saying. ments of this freedom are current- in
that the letter in the papers was, Dominica. We. can underline one,aside
not written by no: Dread.." (liodk- from the perennial threat of the Sed-
ing very nice in her self-made itious Agt: the discrimination prac-
smock#d- dress;) .tised by Government in giving .offic-
S"Well" "Genelia .looking even ial notices and' advertisements only
better in her .self made smock), to its small-circulation Party news-
settled back comfortably* "'let's paper and in part;to-'one other Press
leave that alone for. now...I heard organ in this island. Por as Lord
over the radio that Dominica will pointed out in. the Observer, news-
be host foi the Shell Shield Tour- papers are particularly vulnerable to
hament next year.. So at last the advertising deprivation, and' Govern-
Windsor Park will get some atton4 ment information should be available
tion! 'It was time?...the place, is to everyone., Some governments, he in-
just "a grazing ground, barring the dieates in another article, far from
ne-ball court." helping independent papers to survive
"Ubhunh, Ma Titine grunted, "hop would "replace those that-die by otheo
they biuiid proper pavillions .an. that would function under licence' frm
o- 1 ." I a public authority. "Such papers could
But what about the famous stad- not attack their licensing authority-
ium C-~c~.Lment was supposed to have (ultimately .the Government),
erected at .anefield? Another pro- Now for the comic side-.,,Writing
jec~t gone into thin air?" in the glossy magazine bARLING, one
"It looks so," Ma Titine replied, CCampling 'quotes a .lot ofmisprints
"maybe they will convert it into, and newspaper "mistakes' which are
another- housIing scheme...and you' sometimes- very funny. Here are some:
f h Tourist's split-up after bush Crash.
know what that means:* Plans, plan, Tursts split up ater bush cras.
plans...and just a minority getting Dead in ravyard.
Minority getin The Minister 'broke the news at a
through... and then... pouf the mon The news a a
is: all finished. I. I did nmy house- deception for journalists at his of-
Sain soi yu Ie wuid, no h ficial residence.* The choirs combin-
kepin soyou iend would nota ed to sing The Holy City. There was
"Genelia laughed. "But it look a very good attendance, and the sin-
enea lauge ut it look ning was much appreciated by those
as though they have a bloodhound on present. DURING NUCLEAR ATTACK
the trail... although nothing ha THERE WILL BE A SCHOOL .KOLIDAY. '
really been cu(eght yet...ha. ha- (Wa'll quote some more soon, or
"You heard what the Prime Minis- even make our own, by accident...)
ter of Barbados said about some is-
land and overseas. ~athoritiet cut- PLANS FOR UNIVERSAL CHILDRENS DAY
ting down on those lavris expenses The Canadi'an Save the Children
they make for going to conferences Fund announce that a local committee
and so on? And.helping more the is being formed to plan this years
poverty-stricken people of their celebration (October 6th is the day).
place? I hope they chew that good!' The theme for 1975 is "TODAYS' GIRLS
"Oh yes," Genelia exclaimed, "I *- TOMORROWS. WOMEN". There will be
totally agree with him in this res- many and varied activities, and any-
pecti You heard the story of one of one interested in helping to make
our former Ministers who went to preparations for this event is invit-
England for the 'first time? When to contact the ILand Supervi-sor of
he rc-t:r-ed and was asked about, the CSF (Hillsborough St.,Roseau, tele-
outcome of 'the conference, he ans- i ne 2020. from 8 am to 4 pm.
were. sragly: 'I doan reehar ITI all overseas phone calls
all wat dey say...I dean have he&d having to be made at the Cable & lire-.
for dat;, but at least I can say dat less: office.j.it's only cables and
before I Mdie I see.Big Be...I even telegrams are obliged to be sent from
btouch.it tv' By th e way, if you seen .here...phone. calls abroad can still
touch t' By the way, f you see from th home"
Baby, tell her she s wrong about .e fm

< Pd eY T^wo

8 T A "R

li~rirlnv_ Sant.FimbF?1P Fj-7iC3ir;r.~


V* __..2 mA.. u 4-i i 1 ; l-I


Dear. Madam Editorp
I 'would like to suggest that the
Hon. Min. for Commtiuniations and Works.
and the :CT... travel up any weekday
at 7 a&'fi. in thre P.W,D.. sJ.eep which
goes to MXOne- Prosper' to fe'tch 'work-
-ers. -If they keep a lose wao h as
.-hey -dr1iva,. they will. see: 3 .). a, aandBa
siide otr muad fisom. SteAroment Estate,
2) a, mxlvert bloa1ked and lost (wherw
the .iawrne was) which, now ditched
wilf sEoon fb6rm-inother landselide, 3
galleys, fiv~ r of them, all ovr 12"f
deep diagonally across a main pad ,4)
a bridge that is incredibly dangerous
-and 5) 100 yds 'farther on, a spot
where a ridge 'in ,the road forces cars
into the ditih regularly&. All on roadsr
o.lassified as "First Class".
I had to have the chassiss of Win
ear welded yesterday after trayelling
this ',oad,, -

5. 9.w 75

Jomr sr-oROn'

One, ihsre. bedroom house situate on
3446 square feet ot land in the Melvill~
all Development, Marigo .
Attractive mortgage terms are offered.
Apply in person or in writing to:-
R .. OSEAU Tel .399

1971 AUSTIN 1300-
Contact: Rupert Sorhaindo,
SGoodwill. Tel. 334%


" *' ..' h' ; *: hi a p p ly :u r 0 ' "r -
Must have passed English and Mathewit6Bs it
G C.E. "A' Leved
Apply o P.O. Box is
-. -' '-' '" .

SIf You are one of thote who get colds fr-ue-aly
and- whom. Influenza never misses re's
good news for you.
A course of NELSON'S INFLU-
STABLETS will go a long way to
develop in you immunity ag~rst
these distressing and often danger.
ous ailments.,
A course of Neison's Influenza
and Common Cold Tablets Will
cost you only -4.15 per bottle.
S at
r ^ /- ; * -. 1 -- -

P1, Fu T STAiiiiiiiiiiin"RIT 1ida Se.t be r


S. i .A "





Schsdufe of Application for Certifltx of Title and Noti
thereon and Caveats for week endlng

DOW RXequaest 'Prsion Presenting Nature of re tIest
r "g whether a Certficate
of Title. of Noting
^ ith9eersn or Ctveat.

Reqa t latedt The Calibhi Ra6t Zr thise Usua
the 22nd dai Co opl~ rative o a First Certhfcate
of Jly 1j975 Credit Union,u- of Tidt! si respect of
Presented th ia ited a portion of lahld hi
- th, ^y ^of b ids SoltfI tea -:s.o of Ct i h
August 75 Ciia rA. shie in the Parish of.
at 10.49 a.m. Dpspigmy St. Andrew in the,
S. State of Da)kamincaf o O
Sta ing" 3332 square
folt Watad bounded &Z
folailows: .

North by the eCatleblhis e Pertsmrouh Pubikc Road, Eastby
S so Accsa Road, South by land of Maes3ita Wararipgtos.
Wasst by land Joshua 1c.eb.

Req.vstl datesd Eptin Lewti. Request for the isue
6th May 1975 by hr Soitor of a irst Cortficate
Presented Vanya Dupiga of Titl in respect of
21st August a. portion of land at
197 Otrohbaado situated
t.f 1.2 asimnr !in the village of St.
Joseph iln the Parish
of St. Joseph in *the
State of Dominica coo
taming 850 square
feet and bounded as
Ne thu .aof- Mary Lee> South L4ad of Ralafrd Skerlitt,
ait L*nd of Laturerle Btheloemew West Public Rada.

4or wexk tn4 j 6th day of September, 1975 '
REaquo t datedT Clotho Ptrik ad Appiati of Clote
4 7 75 '. I Raeigh Charles Patrick and Raeisgh
Presented I by their Solicitor Charles or the issue
10.3`1 a ri ,of title* in respect of
75- at .Eugena Charles o" a hirt ce~rti cat
*A Portion of Rand in
the Town of Reseau
- ,----g--in the .ariah of St.
Gd ge containing
802. quaer foet and bmn"ed an follow -:.
o Nrth.Eaie: La-rs fo Eart White; Souih.East: Land of
SHetry John Lewis;. South West: A wsil on land of
.Philtp LUwis Jol n Jules; North West: River Bnk'

I-si t *t dated
18a 7 75
3 9 75
at 10.40 a.Bm.

S!,sio 'e Grmain na Application of Luie
personal represent .Gemain as personal
Sttie of Hayes P p-repsrtative o f
ieCq~tate eceased Hayes Pacquette de
by iher Solicitor ceaa*d for. the issue*
M Ena ia Chirlso of a first cartificato
--,------- iof title in respect of,
A Portion of land at
Scotts Head in -the
Parish of St. Mark coek
Staying "! 128 square
feet ad. bounded as

North-East: Lands of Erna Germaln; North West
Public Road: South Easf: Lands of VeronicaGregoire;
South West: Lands of Franlis ino. Lewis


Registrar's Office, isabela Shlllngford
Roseau, Dominicaa,. Acting Registrar of Titlest
NO rE: .Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a.
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date-of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this Strte or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was lasc served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
laniPbni respect of which the application Is ma4e.



~*i~ra----Ym -- -~--~c- ;--~I~c~--I~...g------,-.---



C-- -



~6CL~U-Y -- II ~L~~ -II______ IICYCiS-~

Friday September 5I, .97S

Page PoFur

T~& ~E~AR


Friday, -September 5.1957 TH E'

1975 Economic Recovery Year?
1974- was declared 'Agricultural
Year by the Dominica Government,
1975 was declared Economic Recovery
Year. This is Sept. 1975. The'
Dominican zaxious for economic re-
covery cannot see this,
I at does he see on all fronts
and in all aspects of economic pro-
gress? There is confusion in the
first place, since -the recent taxes
initiated by Finance Minister Vic
Riviere. Why, did he. not wait to. seaS
some economic recovery before em-
barking stupidly and blindly upon
heavy taxation without rhyme or
reason? Perhaps'when he blunders
like this.his,-colleagues will say,
"Dominicans will forget,"
Yes, the Dominican sees Premier
John hiring aircraft, running ..
around-.the Caribbeah looking for
aid, to do 'big things' -- to build
an. international airport; to set up
a timber "industry (?); to set up
other new industries like tea and
rice.; while the old banana industry
is being neglected.
No- one hears much about..the
training of a defense force: army in-
our neighboring territories.. Per-
haps the modern slogan is: If you
wish for. economic recovery, spend
all taxpayers' money on arms and
modern armaments. The Dominica
Government should know that U.S.A.
economy has suffered by the Viet N=m
There are too many officers in the:
Agricultural Ministry receiving pay
month after month for doing their
own thing every day in five. If
their' jobs have become redundant
why keep them in employMent forever
at taxpayers' expense?' A periodic-
al field-dcay- i a good thing. But
the agricultural office must pay
regular, useful and helpful- visits
to the farmers own particular plots,
SFarmrers do ..ot fQrget the good
old agricultural officers in the
Marigot District like White, Carbon,
Hill, etc. who'were friends of the.
farmers;. Now. that there is more.
need for farmers' visits, farmers
see them whirling around chiefly on.
their own business.
Seminars and trips abroad are
legion. .What is brought back is
agriculturally nil. And off goes the.
PremieF againr- on tourism s&gaeri

Let us take a look at how justice
is being administered in Britain
and the way. it is being administer-
ed here in Dominica nowadays. The
"LAW OP 4ENGLA1ND" (20 books) .have been
collected by: Lord Halsbury. But the
idea-of all these laws is to- atke
certain that no Government, no offi-
cial .am no policeaian shall be; a-bl
to interfere with the freedom of any
citizen before he or she has been
tried in public by independent
judges. If the police arrest a
British citizen they must bring him
"before a magistrate within twenty-
foxe hours. No Government has either
*the ~ight'or the.power to interfere
with the 'working of Justice: in Bri-
tain That, is.why the county has.
boen so happily free from civil
:trouble except -for- IRA inspired
violence. That is to. say the law of
the. land is, the master of the land..
Everybody in the United Kingdom must
obey the-Law; even the Government
must obey the law.
In England, the police is an un-.
armed civilian force.' Also' in
England, it is. still true'that when
the .matter is doubtful English Law'
puts, the freedom of a man before the
interest of the'State. Again, udgee,
once; they have been- appointed hold
their office for life. No Govern-
ment can remove them for their
opinions. The same is: true of the
civil servants and the. police. All
these people hold their appointments
through the Sovereign, whos.tandi
outside. and above all pari,. Justice
flows from the throne; Governments-
may. come ..and V but the principles
of Justice in Britain still go on
as they have done for-a thousand
years So: in Britain there is no
'electrifying team' as we now have
in Dominica. Madam, we-aho know the~ e
things must feel sad for what is-
happening in ibminica today.
Where are all the legal -bactition-
ers we are 'paying to see that justice
is. done in Dominica as it is done in
There are three persons in Domini-
ca who all Dominicans must thank #odc
for the way.they have used their con-
science; Mr.D.H.Philbert who saved
the life of people in Dominica on the.
16th Decnmber, 1971; (Co3ede On

S T A ---- ---


3 Paee F1ive.

S*T*A*R*S*P*O4'R*TAS Morchriston AfTING LIKE A- LADY
FOOTBALL On Saturday"30th August, It would appear that being and
the-1975 Football League Competiticn acting like, a Lady poses insurmount-
officially got. underway at the Wind- able difficulties for some of us.
sor Perk,with addresses from the-" But I am more inclined to come to the
President of the, Foot ball Associa- conclusion that ROSES don't bloom in
tion Mr.Hubert Joseh.,,the Mayor GUTTERS regardless of what station
df o.cau, iMr.George. Karam, His Ex- some of us. have reached in public
cellency the Governor 'and the Perm- life, Some of us cannot-hide our
anent' Secretary in the Premier's ", spots no matter what. The saying
office, Mr.Arlington Riviere, that a leopard retains its spots re-
Following the speeches, Mr.Joseph gardless, is true-in the context.of a
presented the teams to the above- LADY who is currently doing an in-
mentioned dignitariess following justice not only to the office, her
which a footballorama took place- husband holds, but to the general
during which competition 13teams, public who are forced to have to toler-
took part in a series of 15-mins. ate her mauvais langue and unladylike
matches,. wVth 'Kensborough United conduct ri public, and callous dis-
emerging the victors after clashingL regard for slander. Some. of those
with their junior first division. glaring. shortcomings are made evident,
Kens. even, in rum shops. "
On Suniay, Harlem Rovers, (l19S But yhat, is most disturbing-i,, the
League & Knoackout champions) started obvious lackof control of the situa-
the defence of their -title when: they tion b. her. husband, of is. he bliss-
'dfeated' Kens\S-i in a very keen- fully ignoran.t'of events which, the,
match. iO Tues-dary, 2nd Sept., San-t whole of Roseau is aware of? Deceat
defeated Celtics United goals to '' citizens must demand that-restraint .
nil. Both goals coming from Alick be put on that woman to get her to/
Charles. **CR ICKET AUSTRALIA RE- curb hey tongue and behave.like the
'TAIdS ASHES. By virtue of their wife of a responsible public'official.
victory 'in the'1st test match in the While Ji do not ba-o the practical
.4-match series, Australia'retained experience (I am a spinster) to 'offe
the Ashes; 1-nil with three matches advice'to the husband on how to deal
drawn. In the 4th and final test ith' the situation, I urge him to
match, lan Chappell won the toss for h4sten to halt the embarrassment and
the first time in the series -and *disrepute in which he, now finds him-
ele :e'- to bat. Australia amassed slf because 'of his better half,
the fine. tohal of 532/9 dec., with I m~xst warn Lady Gojdiva thatcher
I.Chappell 19, Rick McCosker 127, be6haviour will cause her to remain
D..,Walters 65, R.Edwdrds 44 and R.. -Prever naked, in the eyes of the
Marsh 3-5, England replied with 191 3 blic .
and were asked to follow on. They I am a. firm believer that :men should
surpassed-Australial's first innings walk %all, but.I believe also that
total with 568, leaving Australia ,to their wives should complement that
get 198 for-victory in 25 minutes effort.
plus 20 overs.- At 40/2 the match Rise, Daughter of Darkness, Rise!!
was closed as a. draw. For England: -,'ALADY IN MY OWN RIGHT, Roseau.
Bob Woolmer (playing his 2nd test, JUSTICE & LIBERTY (fr. D 5) Miss Eagn-
match) 149, John Edricli 96, G,Roope ia. Charles from the time Leblano
77, D.Steele 66 and A.Knott 64, Doug passed his seditious 'Law she is using
Walters 4/54. .After the match, Ian bey legal training to protect Domini-
Chappell announced his decision-to cans --- and Mr, Jeey Vanterpool who
resi*ga as .Australia's-skipper after cold not. bearup any longer according
captainng'30 test matches,_ breaking to his conscience. They have exposed
Bobbie Simpson's' record. He said he the secret that-'was taking place at
would continue as a player; Ross. the 'White House' in Cornwall Street.'
Edwards, also of Australia, has also May the blessing of God be upon
-.decided to finish with test cricket, these three. individuals.
Dominica will be host. to Barbados in EC.LOBLACK '
-3 Shoal S.ie-l match next. year.

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Rbbert EAAllfrey of Mill House,COpt
Hal- a0t 2. Bath Roead Ro6seau, Dominica, West Indies.

Pridgy September 5 195?

Drrrra- ~4v

'P H' R ~`~ a R