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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 08-22-1975
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Tel: Printery 2691, Editor 2610 '
SU.K. Media Rpresintative: '-' "
I Coiln Turner (Londpn) Ltid, 8 0-,-?
1Azt. r Athtlv ,.1

riday A ast2S&75%

'C.AI WE TRUr-T THE ,t"-:'1 .i. t iN.-.iC"
Starting with a probing shoe oB why the
Minister's budget speech was broadcast in full
without permislion as specified by the House,
while hee Debate -was not being saiitely live-
broadcase Hon. M.E Chares was told by the
--peiake dat permission lad to be sought from
the Manager of Radio Dominiae (Mr. Dlnris.
Joc phl: a explanation which thi Oppositios
found unutastfctory.
The Opposition Leader, naming the budige
a gloom and doom one, said it was sadly lacking
in knowledge of the people of Dominica. She
thought the two aims of a budget bhoui be ) ,
ao fight nutcployament 2)) to .fit iofatkion.
-_Did tie Minisier think that dismissig 580 civil
servants helped unemployment?
STbe budget spccwh was ritien in Dread lane
Sguage: "I an I mnd'lMe an M adsia the Min-
ister in his bo.anical gardens o taory ldays was
the forerunner of the pseudo intellectual0"
whbom he now buhatsdown.
kRest of Miss Charle' speech p 2)
1 .r '" '." **- . "* " ' '
"I cannot allow you to quote from tati pa-
:pe r said the Speaker when Hon. L.Honychurlh
w_: as about to read an editorll n land s ptintd
iri thk, Herald of May II, 1963. A pity fair the I
Editorial favoured land tax under ,humane and
gradual conditions, and could shave been a blue
printJoir amendments. Tbe lanj tax bill had bean
taikeMwoff the order paper, anTway
The third Nominated Member tlhourat that
duttcation, health and seciat services were the
Most 'hard hit- .election prPemises oni- thbese a
partnments could ,not be im.ple.neant.d (such as
free secondary school efor all). Thea'ewas no men.
tion in the budigt speech of that external trade
buream over which a Minister had been fhied. In
Screamed coanumptiob tax would negate any i bne
Sfit of CARICOM, as it was so much like import
duty. And what of the 1970 centids, for wfich we
have not, yet paid? It was 'necessary for future
planningi. g.'

THE y recent four mionths',of drouitf
has seriously' affected bantiala io-
duction, particularly in the North.
-Shipment figures were between 100
& 200 tons less than average for,
th&e first 2 weeks of, August. ". The
yeai* s shortfall may be between 4
.axnd, ,000 tons,

NlICAl ^A. :- .

Sic CosnTltet'1 .Tortruni -

SGreat Catholic


T iti, e':i o."- e y"h r pi 4:: .
i ", : 'it., 0

LAST rweek-end a wonderful spectacle
took plaoe ini Roseau. The largest pro-
S.-ess.onal gathering of people ever '
seen in- this island' marched, following .
their morning worship and celebration
in bright 'smshine,, frini tb.e Convent--
Prep to St. Msiry' s Academy, to eorlmeta-,
or'ate the 12-. e anniversary of the foun-
dation of the DItocese of Roseau The
Faithful from 1rill or ThA Statw a
to Join in this moving historic event,

Consocration .I btesing of the' offering Open.atr altar, i to r.
Bishop BSwers Arthbirh op Webster and Bishop Sghsartt.
. .. .. ...
* ,4 54 j.

,.' ---- ,-...- ...... .. -

_tt I-_ t: /- --= ,,^.S ."'-,,-",,-'
of l-" lo 'A ."



ae NTWO T'H E S-T A R 1'rid'av.Aust 22 1r975

GLOOM BUDGET: Oppositl n Leader' s
speech ,from page 1:
The Minister had stated that our
future was not in agriculture..."we
must industrialise". Bdt was Gbvti.
only going to give business incen-
tives to its friends, and penalize
-opponents? What will be the cost of
imposition of more price control?
And the-External Trade Bureau- where
is it? Not a word about itl Govtb,has
declared that it intends to keep-
wagesat their present low level.,,
Buy local & eat local --having done
so all my life, the restrictions im..
posed by Govt. wontt affect me, nor
a certain gentleman who has eaten
local for 99. and a half years and is
atili at -work. But, there are other
consumers who need more variety,.,
A .vital point is how to preserve lo-
cal food. I .have information gained
abroad and can give it to G6vt. on -
request. It would enable us to pre-
serve food like breadfruit beyond
its seasonn -peg lpa alj .yeaB 3aad
As regards rent restriction amend-
ments, landlords will find a.lawful
way IZ. pass on the increases; and in
respect of tax evasion and tax avoid.
-ante, the Minister has had experience
of these matters, which is no doubt
why he has put this forward, ..
Land tax and land appreciation tax--
it is .rad to bracket them together;
Note that Land'Tax is removed from
the Order Paper, As regards fees,
many people won't register their
docu tents, Our low hotel ratesteed
to attract visitors; if guests have
to pay 10% to Gbvt they may think
they have toq pay danger money for"
coming to Dominical
The new high prices of liquor may
lead to increase in: smuggling. Fbr
every case of White Horse Whisky leg-
itimately paid for, 100 cases are
smuggled into the State. The chances
of industrialists coming into Domin-
ica are less with all these taxes.
More tax is not the answer -increas-
ed production is the answer.Gbvt. is
discouraging people from producing.
One doesn't only have money by maldig
it, but also by spending it wisely,
Unnecessary to give such salaries to
Beard Members, spend so much on re-
fugbishing Governor & Premier's homes
and the Premier's new car...
In his speech, the Ministers voice
expressed hatred against Civil Ser-
vants, who are entitled to be treated
fairly...Politicians should take de-
cisions in Cabinet and ithe House,not

OPP.LEADER contd.: at sporting
events and drinking sessions in the
White House. (Quoting from budget
speech): "Wastage and loss of pub-
lic funds can no longer be tolerated"
Yesl said the Opposition Leader; but
why are British Development funds
spent on a new German Crr for the
..Premier? $21,450 refurbishing G.H.
and $18,000 for refurbishing Premiers
houseI Meanwhile there is no supply
of oxygen at. PMH ; bandages are wash-
ed and rewashed patients lack bare
essentials. Is the Minister really
going, to fight corruption, nepotism-
and favouritism? Creating jobs for
Party hacks is also corruption.
Can we trust the Minister of Fin-
ance? He spoke of a tree in isa speech
but no mention was made of the tree
bearing fruit. Is it not a case of a
'male pawpaw tree which does not bear
fruit? As to income tax no provi.s
ion was made (as promised5 for 4mar-
ried couples to. be taxed separately,
And why no reference to an. internat-
ional airport, the growing of tea
and rice? We all have a right to knao
The Freedom Leader endQd with the
reminder r 'that our country requires
the full co-operation of all classes
to restore our land from the work of
destruction started by a man who is
Sno longer with us. -
(This is a telescopic vrTsion of
.her speech which lasted 1 hour's.
In the committee stage of the Rent
amendment act, ,Mi.ss Charles put for-
ward amendments to ease the lot of.
'the little man. Some were accepted),
PAT STEVENSi Second Opposition '
speaker" spoke of the unfairness of
keeping the debate off the air; he
asked why money was being spent on
NCOts Quarters for Marigot when that
town's water supply and hospital
were neglected. The Child Guidance
Officer was doing family planning..,
No Secondary School, so $60 a month
had to be paid to keep. children in
Roseau for their education. There
-was always a Watergate in Dominical:
The Speaker made Pat withdraw a re-
mark about corrupt members in the
House, but did not make a member
withdraw the appelation ."Misleader
of the Opposition" thrown at -Miss
passioned speech said "we have not
stopped the-PWD inquiry". He said,
that Dreads & Youth supported the
Freedom Party "tooth & nail" during
election; gave a Bahaai quotation.

l~i"ri~zlv,~-~ts~ust; 22, 297$

'I' HE S.T B ii

Page v'WO

F'd4ay,'Augtst 22 197.5

Move to help.
Dominica's Youth

. A movement to help
meet the aspirations at the
young people of Dominica
took a big step forward in
London recently.
The Royal Common-
wealth Society head-,
quarters hi the British
capital was the sowe of
the signing by a number of
distinguished people of-a
document giving the
Dominica Committee of the
Philafflsa Youth .Develop-
ment Scheme the status of
a charitable Trust,.
The Trust is expeetsd
.to attract financid. and
other help from companies
and inndi vidtals In Britaln.
The driving fore
behind the Committee to
Its 'Chairman, Mr. Thomas
Tuoi, formerly ,eritiush
1Colmfnssion"er In Malawl.
who ihas recently been in
Pqmrnltca to disckrss_ wIth
Ministers plans to over-
cime the unemployment
poblem. ,

The London Committee
will cWordtnate its %O4rk
with a Committee aet up
In. Roseau
SAn ,agreed action'
programme alms8 at the
es6ablithment of national
community centres to
initiate self-help projects,
asuch as, agriCuItural,
small-hotdings and Iight
Industry, and youth a
change programram
between schools in
Domintca ani the United
4We hope this campaign
will show the people of
otminica sa Gthey -have
fliend- s riltair anf
elsewhere to help soiva.
their probletln,," said Mr.
Tuli. "it will, w hope,
Qfve the yousl g u lople of
oBTilnoa a sense qf
pupose"' *
The Truast hopes o
3SI t in solving the
massive un plosnwt
proiam of Oomaiic^

I. zo r.- eBsnop rowera, ,rena
Webster and Bishea Boiero.

Wtbster a s BA ic


| n1~~ 3r~

'A good Civil ;erviac is thus eva~i~
some extent a prerequisite of r4pid
growth* In this respect the record, of
underdeveloped countries is poor fai-
lure to establish systems-of recruit
ment and promotion based on vierit lead
to inefficiency; failure ,tf "k- -.com-
petitive salaries leads ,to corruptionL
and failure to delineate the rejspeet-
ive roles of professional administra-
tors and of party politicians 3xeada
to confused decision making.
Development planning is hardly 1r-
ticable until, a 'ounEry haa-s tabil-
ed a Civil Service capable of imple-
-ientin- plansC-sa anpg L'j .
on Development Planning: .qoiuoted b* *
,M.E. Charles during the Budget Debata

Wf AYM_'r p, -t 'f tho1die gt'1' On 1i^?.
and whom Influenz.a never miss hew'tr e
S 'go4od ew for y)o *


TABLETS will go a long way toa
d: velop in 'you immunity agalBst
these distressing and often danger-
ous ailmenms..
A course of Nelson, s Tnfluei.a
and Cormmn Cold Tablets !41
cost you only $4.15 per borfe,


i -



CO. LT&l










- I- I-0

-- -- -- 1-- -C


THE STA -v.R: __mta 1_ 7
_ ^ ~ r i |||H._|._|,,-||,.,||,..|<.I. ,,iir i"Tf> ^".^ r'"" -*-- *-*-**--^ *am.^o.-Jii-' aliiiir'iiiiilni- '* "-"


App nations are invited for the post of
Fisld Officers and Field Assistants with
WINBAN Research and Development.
Suc :-;ful candidates will be required
to assist in exercises surrounding the im-
Ip lcmeta action and developmenrof baana
Stuit quality control as wefl as agrobomic
and disease control exercises.
Salrica will depend on qualifications
|iand e~ perience and different grades of
fficect will b e required for the above

applications in your own handwriting
ifrtist each the Director of WINBAN
Research and Development Division, P,
0 Be:- iT 5, Castries, St. Lucia, not later.
tbs A -Usst,3pth 1975

-* .- * /

$cedule of Application. for CertifikRe of Title and NotliInt
thton tr;S4 CatWsfor week ending With o( AtiAtl 017
' Reqtue;., d Person Prese~ting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title /of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
R ratwt daied Conrad Car.tte Application of Con
:-a1 '-2 -a by his Solicitrnl rad Carette fer the

iPresented M.iEutgenia issue of a- First Certi
12 8 74 Charles ficat of Titl4 in re-
| t.55 a N pect of a portion of
i -m an at Moore Park
in the Parish of St.
SAndrew, containing
S".1809 suare feat cnd
bounded as follows:
Noith Eatt.s; Ld of WIl. lPseph, East:Pub'ic Road, South:
SLi94 of ValenOne Chrrt.mas, West Land of Donacin Ferrol
NNort-West; Lstad of Phillip John and Wills Joseph,

Req t daa"ed fJ ett R t for ehe issue
thi 2nd day of Ale~ nder of aT First Certificate
Aprit 1IS by her Solicito o Title n respect of
.Pr*jented tbhe Ci110 A-M a portion of lai.f
13fday of D iay known as Lot 4 part
1iAust y f5 of La Paille Estate in
!it 12No the Parish of St. An-
t drew, in the Sate of
Doamiaia eoitaitdir
2288 sqMare feet a n
Sbouandetd as follows:
Nedifby t Pobile Road; test by land. Reseir d fr r Road ever
Las POitir ij South by La fallIt Estate; West by Lt PaBlfe
?.tpta 4a Ot*dICa.c0 n o

Request dated Staf ford James Requ&at f or the itsue
the 1Ith day o by his Solicitor I of a Fir t CartificaO
August 1975 Cilm A.M, of Tite in reapact oi
Presented the Dupignay &a portionof lan.d iii
11th day of the villag, of Maragot
Aunldat 197 in the Parish ofSt.
.at 5.4 p.m. Andrew, in the State
of _ominia_ coiastirl
'in"g t.66 acres ati
Su "d e ... btS as foltows;
North by. andrs of 0Dad'AAlred, Pter Daram, `Ahd KHgglE a
SWlliamts East by fands of .Hutgg1n Williams and Mrs, Man
Alfred, South y lands of Levi Hamlet andE zeklel RAdBrt;
SWarnt ly a Pubtie Rosad.,

Request dated Tutil St. John Reoqueis for the isaaue
tho,9th day of by hit Solicitor kf a Firat Ceatficato
May 19758 Ciai A.M o f Ti tle in '.,p.t..,of
Presented the Dupigay a parmUan oif k rni t
?1. t day of DbiquS (Calibishi<)
Augut .1975 n-n the Parish of ,St.
at I1.00 a.m _Andrew in the State.
Sof Dominica e:ontai~
ingr 4572 asqute feet .
Sand bounded foliKt
North by land of Ednir Abrarhm; West by laid of Ednar
Abfahsm; South by land of Wlglty Vivlle; East bY
Public md,. -
uteauest dated. iMri* CastTrir Aprpcatisoof Mrse
16 12 74 ... pesnal repre.. Ctasiir perrosat p- j
Presented sentaiive of rewstt&tve of Shel-
19 8 75 Shelford Casimir ford Casimir for tho
at 11.00 a.m by her Solicitor jsue of a First Caeri-
M. Eugenia ficato of TitlE in res-
Charles pect of a portion of
lan d in the villge of
S Salisbury in the Pa-
rish of St. Joseph
-containing 1.848
.acres and bounded
North East Land of Fenos Barrie; South East Publik foad;
South Land of Margreton Underwood; North West A Ra.
v4ine Separating it from Land of Howell D. Shillingford.

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,..

Isabella Shiingford
Acttng Registrr f Tidies

NOTE' Any person who desires to object to the Issuing of a-
Certlficate of title pn the aboya application may enter a Caveat
tn the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance yf this schedule 4in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed 'by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land a&spett of which the application Is made.


Contact -C
20 Cork Street,
Roseau' "
Phone Za9
1. V -
2:l2L-- -



- -I-`-~-- --- -'--- ---------


Dc._.nL-1-Q _67

Pan rp YeWi-a

Vr.uay,au u u I'L. Zj -- i s C. -s I
CADID COMMENTS by -W.;S.Stevens Fiction MA TITIE Cynthia latt
Electric Services in the ,Norh-East Ma Titine was getting prepared to
There have been frequent. inter- attend the open-air Mass at the Con-
ruptions of current for-six succes- vent Prep School grounds, after which
sive days at MLeigot from the. hours' a grand procession took place through
of 7 to. .a.m. and 12 noon onwaLt" some streets of thes.city. Euril
Managers of most important con- had written that she would come to
cerns are listed in the 'Telephore Dominica for this great anniversary,
Directory with boththeir offices but had been uxlable to eo so. Abyway,
and their residences. But this is Ma Titine had a few relations and
not so.in the case of the Manager friends from the country with her.
of Dominica Electricity Services, The. Friday before., they had attended
whose home number is ex-directory. --he inmpe.ssive Mas.s at the CO.thedral
Thus I could hot locate him: when where .a married layman had been or-
last week-end I needed some. urgent drained dieaon. The exhibition at the
information from him. One or two .-St.Gcradrs Hall was a, very worthwhile
lower rqnk employees, hardly wanted experience.- depicting the life of
to reveal his name. He is a Mr.Jones the dioc..se in its various stages.
-; and I contacted him at his off- This ;125th anniversary of the
ice on Monday,wht4 he said that diocese- was a huge. success. Native-
a6.notice was put out over Radio Dmi- born Bishop Bowers was a concelabrc-t
inica that North-Eastern area ser- with the Archbishop -of St.Lucia '(the
vices would- be interrupted. Nobody main celd?~rant) and the. Bishop of"
in ours area seemed to have picked. Poseau. The crowd was. immense, aid
up this notice over DBS, and in any the altar-and nearby scene tastefully
qase it proved erroneous, for ser- decorated, .as.were maly houses and: thi
vices were not repairedd in the ear:r streets whore the procession would -
evenings. Mr. Jones also stated pass. ~he AM s: began 'at lO.OO am. .
that the engine or machinery was and everything, was over :by 1,00 V.m.
giving trouble and that the Cor- '"Well; Ma Titine said as she
pany was doing its best to set it rested her tired. pgs on -a pouffe,
right. ~ "that was a splendid celebration."
At Marigot, however, the rumour "Superfine." eXclaimed Baby who was
is widespread that Weirs and Sam's "press '"ut-oh-y--y legs---I even
Gutter have no water while Marigot have oramp."
Roperr has; so the latter can be "You're' putting on too much weight';"
without lights for half the night. -Ge"nlia replied. "Look at Titine
A group of young men saw the area since she: started reducing,"
supervisor cut off. lighting on the' Ma Titine sighed. "Uhrimm---but.
Marigot .Section on Moin.evening last. I'Atimissing all those nyam-nyam I
Another group including, the Dis- sat not. have."
trict representative and myself via- Baby leaned.back in her chair.
ited Weirs, and found lights in that '!Wat about, House of Assembly? At
section. In the vicinity of the well Last we can siddown dere..."
lit business place of the supervisor "Enhen:" Genelia snorted, "but
was an electric technician from what about. all those stairs first?
Roseau who didn't ,seem much concern-You want to collapse in the arms Of
ed about the. plight of the other the Defence Force?"
part of the village. W.S.S.Sontd:MINISTER OF FINANCG AAGi.N-
Electricity is a vital utility Three months after the general elec-
service, and I.say that top person- tion, Hon.Victor Riviere delivered
nel should be accessible in an emor- his first Budget address to. a full
agency, .and that persons who run House of Assembly in a manner remini
their own business should not be put scent of the Jamaica boat exhibition.
in charge of public services, since The tone in which the speech was del-
these matters cause inconvenience, ivered and the taxes levied indicate,
lose and hardship to those, who pay. without a doubt, that this Minister
finallyy, we need courtesy and is ignorant of the elementary -princi-
ctsideration from top to bottom. ples of taxation, a subject which ex-
Hats off to the Banks & Hotels where perts on finance and taxation approach
people or customers receive decent as though they were treading on holy
attention at 'all times. -ground. (concluded on p.6)

- TH P. 5q A R

rr~~,i, P...m,,~F ~C) InliLI



POOTBALL In the semi-final match Last ,Friday a delegation led by ie
between Dominica and Barbados play-' Gen.Seeretary. of the Civil Service As-
ed-at the Windsor Park last weekend, sooiation and their lawyer Miss Chars ,
Barbados avenged last year's. defeat met a Government team of which the
by beating the home -team one goal- Attorney General was the spokesman.
to nil. The match was evenly con- Proposals arrived at 8 days earlier
tested, and not many scoring chan.. were agreed upon by both parties,andd
ces. However, one of DominicaIts the A.G. undertook to seek the Prem-
raids during the 2nd half of the ieo's approval of the settlement. He
match, resulted in a, penalty which telephoned Miss Charles at 1.30 p.m.
was saved by the'Bajan goalkeeper. to confirm such approval. Written con-
A.fcw minute. later Barbados found fic'mtion was required by the workers
the nets and took the- match -nil. on'Mon. a.m. 18th the A.G's letter.
However, the,.official league containing settl6ment-terms was r.e-
which was scheduled to start last 'ceived, so the Mqnthly Paid Workers
weeke-nd. (al had to be postponed to resumed work at 11 a.m., sure of re-
this.weeken) may not come ofa vised rates of pay for the months of
this weekend) may not come off as _.
planned, as there is now a misund Jr-lyAugust; arrdars of pay fot 1.
L months from (an 1974 (to be paid in
standing between the Dominicaa Foot- monthly fr inan t (starting dept.
.ball Association and theta Roseau 1- monthly instalOTents starting Sept.)
th ounci l e whole im- and no.loss of pay to these workers
Town Council Mayo. ahe whole im- during their strike period. ,
pasnse centered round money, At dring the i to i e solidarit .
"3 r 1 r testibute mas due toT-O UO TOe BUDGE dEAriTE
.present new developments are await edo th Central Wate Authority work-
;At an emergency meeting of the footers involved. It is a triumph for the
callers held at Doinica Grammar GCSA aft er hard and protracted negbot-
SSchool, Thursday 21st August, it i. nations. .
.was unanimously passed that one-tWirda OUR COWMENT ON THE "SPECIALS". RE&IG- ,
percent of the gates should go to NATION: 1) Those Special Cbostables
the -RTC and if unaccepted by' thte did right to resign. 2) It is -sad that
Mayor,- nothing would e given to ths friendship should be the main motiv-
Town Council and football would com-,ation for influence and action.. 3)- We
mence irrespective of /what the Town know who- resigned, -and are interested
Council thinks.. in the names of, those who hung on
--The 5-rd cricket test match betwon OTHE.R-.CONTRIBUTIONS TO BUDGET DEBATE
England and Australia played at Hon. Moise said that local ills are
Headingly, Leeds, was abandoned on blamed on international conditions;he
the 5th and final. day, with Astralia commented- well on Lthe problems of
- needing'2.25 runs for victory, and 'CARICOM. Hon. Cyrus talked fully on
England needing to get only 7 wicke land tax-and agriculture. -He supported
to*ensure. Victory aund the- level-i, I the prin-ciple of land tax, but .said:
of the series. However, on the that the time was not yet ripe-for it.
final morning it was discovered that HonC.aslimir initiating the p.m. sssin,
vandals. had gotten into the grounds called the budget .vindictive": it
during the night. and damaged the piled a mountain of taxation. on the
,pitch, thus disallowing play for podr people 'of the State. The. Prison;
the day. Anyway, it rained all day..cost thousands of dollars toIkeep peo-
Scores were: England 288 and 291, ple behind bars. Let Govt. train in-
.with rich 62 & r 55, David Steele 75 mates to be productivoeWhere were the
wioth dric9 6Fo2 r 35, Da coannreite1 ann for Geneva Estate?
&92. and Tony Grieg 51 & 49. For MI OF FINANCE AGAIN W.S.S.
Australia: Gary Gilmore (in his first (rp i-5.) Mi ButAit has been reoW* gsnd
tet match againsllett E50 gland). Dilee by thinking .people that the ballot
5/70, A. Mallett 5/50 and D.Lilleeimmediately correct
2/48. Australia in their turn at box ca^^ imFdiate l correct
2/4. *h astraia- in thitu the political blunders which menace.
the crease.-,crumbled ori-155 in their s ry p n
security beace,. social and
first innings to the,spin of new- economic roseriT iloni
test captain Phil Edmonds'5/28, and mi property in Dominca.
John Snow 5/22....-Australia set to TO H.L. & OTHERS: Your. complaintss
score. 445 in their second innings at lack of BBC 7 a.m. news seem to
wer& ,20/3., Rick MCoske-' 95 n.o. have been amended by Radio DBS.
Printed and Publi he by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
at 26 -Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

Pame Six

SFidav. AgAust 22-1975