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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 04-18-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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2 lo EiAor 2H610
.?, 6.. edia Riepr tentative:
-/j Tmrner (London) Ltd.
-.2 Shqftesbury Ave. W.1.
'i ay Aprail 18 1975

WIN, LOSE OR DR AW ,. John Spector
SA side that has played cricket. through-
out the Tournament .with teai spirit and
with the patience, an 1 intel licgence unmat-
ch.sd i.n er rir"e b history.
A side which can ,do ,-mdly overhaul the
first in-nin".- total of a top batting team
Jlike Jmaica.- A side that cani show mighty
u i'' l points for teamwork.*
ST.:l .bi~t not least, a side .that can
score-the highest innings figures in the
.last innings on a crumbling Queens Park-
Oval wickeSt against the top Ali spinners
:,r-mic 'lest Indies:. THE COMBINED -IS LANDS.:
Ifr Findlay and Gore'had known the 'ro-
ci'se rules (as first interpreted by Jeff
StollmeYer), they could have gone for the
big hit on the last ball and lost the
wicket by. ri.m-out or stumping -- and won
the Shiel& thlout ar.;urtnt. t whatever had
hiap'rened,, Trini..ad coulr not have won,
Guyana 'could not have. taken the Shield,.
S:.. I L ands ic;ul. h.-v lo 0st another wi cet
or 'ton, bui they would have ydon the Shell
imTt. j Thn7 won that Shield morally, eth-
ically, sportingly and mathematically with'
Sa wicket: in hand on a TIE, Let the W.I.
Board of Cificket Control argu' rules as
thiy will.Co.mbineb Islands cannot now be
i.gnoredt ... ,.. -


MRt #IY- 1975
is C.S.A. Day at Douglas Bay
All CSA Members and their families
*are invited to the C.S.A. Family
Outing on May Day.
.Contact the C.S A. office for details.
It is.a family affair so BE THERE!

SLennox for the House

Support Mr. Patrick John

L hear that the Freedom Party and
other Roseau people are condemning oU
Premier Mr. Patrick John because he ai
tacked a white boy Lennox Hotnney*
church, I want, to supportA Mr. Premier
andpour Minister of Finance A-d Pro-
tection Capt. Vic Riviere for w-Lat they
said about Lennox Honneychurh at the
Labour Party meeting held at Potters-
ville on Saturday ,5th April 1975 ;and
Monday 7th April i n Hillsborough

Our Premier Mr. Pk:ik John, said
that Lennox Honneychurch was a white
man and all his relatives and friCrds are
white. He mentioned about Mrs. Napier
who was a whitewoman of Pointe Bap-
tiste at Calibishie. This whitewoman did
nothing for Dominica. Mr, Patrick John
mentioned about Mrs. Narodney and
them who are all white people and mem
bers of the Bougeosie Casss who are
against Black People. Capt. Vic Riviere
and Hon Speaker Eustace Francis made
good points about these white people
of the Bourgeoise.

(concluded on page 5)
-- ii i i i


MSt. Alle e e Cret er

Stalwarts of tht Shell Shield Cricket Scri

irk.AUG -4 .7
FOR T' -* =" T *-, i,py -

S t tt -u-e tartu T OF GOVT. MEL ING.
_tr-PHYS SAND ALLFREY" April 29 May 6

.... .. . ... . -


by MARTE'_ DAVI3 PIERRE by VE.B-, Loubiere.
SI hope that members and followers
I would liketo congratulate Mr. of -the Dominica Labour Party, symbol
Alwin Bully for the thought-provok- the SHOE, will have a copy of their
ing scenes portrayed. in his play March 1975 manifesto and tick off
t.Streakt which I hope have assisted each of the 2 promises as they are
more mature minds to examine criti- fulfilled. Itwould be a-very good
call the pitfalls facing our socieQ idea for all Dominicans to get a
today. The play highlighted a par- copy and do the same; this will help
ticular era, which has been formul- them, to refresh their memories at
eating for some time:, an era wherein the next elections they are so for-
we have rejected all the principles getful. Obtain or borrow one, and
on which society is based discip- make your otn copy of the LeBlano
'.line, self-respect, respect for ct(hi Labour Party manifesto for 1970, or
and their human rights, self-control a copy of THE STAR Friday February 28
virtue and responsibility. We say 1975, page 2. also a copy of the La-
that these principles belong to the bour Party manifesto for March 1975,
days of colonialism and they mustgo, or a copy of THE EDUCATOR 19thMarda
but there is' nothing to-replace th1em a975. p n s o p
by, so we end up doing our o.wnltin. Gcet a plain sheet of paper and
This ideology is what is-really now proceed as bldw: under 1970 list all
reaing.its ugly head like the man- thepromises of the LeBanc Labour-,
ster .ignorance referred to in.the Party; under 1975 do the same for
steer ignorancereferred to in e the Dominiaa( 'John) Labour Party. As
Today we. glibly say that we know time goes by, put a tick or an x
all the solutions to the problems against the promises which you think
our society, but if we really eak have or have not been..kept, and as
ourselvswe willsee that we are the next- election approaches, heck
ourselves we will.see that we are the amount f tc a + -q
not even able to face the problems It should be easy a put atwhop
o-f the small unit the family -muchu It should be easy to put aA~hopj iS
of.the ma unt the family big X against the LLP promise of
less the sobiety,.We all try to run heck against bureaucracy as against
away froni responsibility; we take the D(J)LPincrease of ten constitute
life in its stride, we degrade our' hP
lifh in itsgn tride, we degrade ourus ncies from eleven to twenty-one; as
human dignity, and we make- ourselves a he L p rmise of an Intemat-
s e o also the LLP promise of an Internat-
slaves to our passions, indulging ional Jet Airport (a survey was even
freely in the easy means of birth-. made hat became of -it?)I .1 the
con-l put at. our disposal by the D(J)LP in 197. has promised (No.15-4)
manufacturers Who are always happy to construction of an international'air-
take advantage of .a position; andwe
port at Crotapton Point.
fail to see that we are slowly des LeBlanc pP Manifesto D/ca(J)LP Ta:
trying mankind 197 -Rbads 197g.Agriculture
We even.go a ste-p further and Developmenrketing ard
thrbw away the s ahctty of marriage Water Development Marketing ioard
throw away the sahctity of marriage. Electricity :eta Womens' Rights
The question asked today is Why Te t axes h
marry and have problems, but as was etc. Fisheries etc.
evinced: from the play, tJant had ____
more than her share of problems, P.S. Regarding "Why 21 constituencies
which tore at her very heart strings (THE.STAR, Fri.April 4), I think the
She allowed her-boyfriend to- enter- D (J)LPts main reason for-the increse
into the intimacy of her life, but was to increase their winning chances
he would.not let her into his,treat- results proved them right.Of course
ing her only as a slave to his pas- they were not interested in, and did.
sions. We may argue that this .also not consider-, the increased co-st to
exists in. married life, but when the taxpayer, Winning and Staying in
married a woman receives the spirit- power was all that mattered to thew.
ual resources of the .sacrament of One may not believe it but these
matrimony which comfort her in time weaknesses-are both our friends and
of adversity: tJan? had to rely sle- our adversaries. Our friends in that
ly on hr own limited human resourns. they are so necessary to motivate tw
and it was by no means an.easy task., f we are to progress, and our adver-
We saw portrayed too in the play series in that they can bring about
the human weaknesses of petty jeal- the downfall of society.(See page 7)
ousy,hatred, .gossiping & selfishness.



Friday, April 18, 1975

Page Two T H


F a, April T9 7 THE ST A R Page Three
It's A Dog's Life by Patches
The humans who befriended me we're
referred to by my late father RRags as
Mum ard D.ad, but being of a':later and
more insecure generation, I 1 c all .
them M& .D. The only, thing I' have a-
gainst them is that .althoutEV, they are
Freedom people, they keep ma imprison--'
ed because I am a danger not only to
their enemies but to their friends. I ,.; .
first became aware of their intense
interest in politics when I heard then
telling Mr,. Parrott, then chief of
Reuters in Barbados, that they felt.
too committed to try and do an more
objective reporting. They handed over
to someone who (being both a business MY FIRST BOYERIE D
man and an American citizen) might like- I don't use the expression bitch'
ly turn out to be more impartial. which is a: dirty word all. over the-
But although aI am to a certain ex- wrd, bh ds and huma
.tent imiirisonedj, the question arises world, both for! dogs and humans,
tent i e the question e ut always understood when
es at gme; ads to 6 ether the faraily'MM runs
ime or doi .~ an the family, I require got terribly vexed and nervous if
so beuch attention and care, plus a any. young girl .under her c are tried
o d ae -to live it up and:'Ihave bachannal'
roosm *' f y owohat ththe danswe iso
rot am na that e a r at carnival time. She said tlwo .dayT
debatable.i l"good .times' l.were not worth a' life
SIn the picture -printed. today.youa .disast aer, antugh she as lto
see me with my first boyfriend during of .disaster.athough she is t
my halcyon early days~ His name was An a .ly nas ou i, nde s
^ amred o, fur se resa dog'of^
.ude,'ani every time I hear that old I am, as.you see, a dog of.mid
Juong "He Jude.r iremher that old blood, more white than black.(in
song IHey Jude I rememberandw ua ld dfiut yeof wad t
claimo beone offact role buts the male tos the. '
David lce red us both took care of usutie m
nd ade.us happy in thousand whom., ultimately became attached
nd made us happy in the house' 6 dya
g'. and entirely faithful was a large
Grounds of St.Aroment. -Even. today, black dog named Jango, 'given to our
,whenever I hear M pr D say "where's David by the late Mr. (Androclesa
Dayday?" I rush into that boy's room Loftus Roberts and his second daugh
and hunt all allr.ound, even under the Loftus Robertsand his ond. auh
t ter, Jango came to our home as a.
bed, where I used' to sleep. pup-and so youmay ay that ma-
'But to return to Jude....he, was a .ri a man youaer than t myel;is
gift to M& D from Mr', R NrSJoseph. tied a man younger than. myselt;his
gift to M-& D from Mro & Mrs.Josoph* hape.ter differs fbom my owns
Decha'asay: a golden Dominican hunt- carbon does from chalk. But in my
ing dog with a black nose. Poor dear opihaion doe ithe best dog in this
* Jude came to a sad end. He was lent opinion he is the beethe fadog n tr
to a white couple from Cable & Wire- is and he became the father
all my subsequent children.
.less to guard their home, but the all m subsequent hidden
mald said he bit her and he was. de- Poetry is always being spoken
m aid said he bit her, and e was de- or spoken of in our home. And one
stroyed That is the first I knewofmyfvourite verses is:
of a .dog biting the hand that fed
him, which is a thing that Dominifa He -prayeth best who loveth best
politicians do, of course.But seldom All. things both great and small;
dogs.' ,- Fo!& the dear God who loveth us
At carnival. time like, manyyoung He made and loveth all.
Dominican femalesof all kinds, I That's by S.T.Coleridge from The
had a mad orgy during my teen-age, Ancient Mlariner, and it's the story
and my first surprising litter of of'an accursed man who shot the
'pups causedisome consternation.One albatross. & D would never shoot
was Jude's, and one was agreattbg a fbatrosers.d or urry creature hoot
girl named Sheba. After this misad- love allt nature'sr creatures Thc
venture I settled down, and can love all nature's children, even h-"
venture I settled dof the, afew std can luding my difficult self, and try
claimto be one of the few stable to understand them.
mated female'dogs in the State. (To be continued)

Pa. oreTF A


from Topic for Today
Merely to rant against mua-
pected malpractice cut very
little ice in fn;, and would
serve no greater purpose In
197 or 1976. The people, re-
grettably. sem to have accept
ed corrupuon-as the Inevitable
concomitant of politics and are
not greatly impressed by the
Sreams for this apparent
uncoonern stem from several.
causes: they are not at all con-
vinced that other available
candidates offer sounder in-
tegrity; the level of corruption
is not considered an unbearabl
burden .- and is even thought
to be a cheap price for good
government (as defined by
them); ad few believe that a
deelgration of assets, to be
followed by frequent checks,
will really achieve anything.
This is not to say that any of
these contentions are tenable.
In fact, there is another, equally
powerful if equally untenable
- to be added. This Is that most
of the electorate may well sup-
port corruption because they
believe that they are enjoying
a share in it proceeds.
They may well believe that
corruption extends beyond the
mere feathering oa politician's
nest to feathering of the
nests of me undeserving, them-
selves. .
It may be as well for us to
examine ourselves to see which,
Sany, of these. submissions
keeps u voting the way we do.
The discovery may not cause us
to switch our loyalties, but at
least t will prevent us from
foog ourselves as to motive.
Our failure to be convinced of
the greater honesty of others
offering to carry on the burden
of government is surely not any
big surprise.' As far as I remem-
ber, no voices of protest were
heard in the legislative chamber
when last parliamentary sala-
ries were raised.
Such Increases have been
given more than once since 1060,
and on each occasion I have
been a nely voice cryidn in the
. wilderness against the principle
of paliamentarian raisin their
own ay.. "Not onef the, as
far as mymemor serve, pu;b
lcly expressed dlsagreemen
with the system of
throughout the year of his as-.
As to.the level of corruption,
undoubtedly this grows in the
telling. T is not to discount
completely its existence. The
signs are too obvious. When,
however, it is noted that some
who should be beneficiaries are
not as free from financial
worries as one would expect,
then there is room for hope.
Certainly, it is dangerous to
draw comparisons from other

by E.L C. Barbados
e w I y eteepevdet -countriea,
eitherof the methods of control
lng corruptin or of the extent
of Its mpit.- The mere fact
that Tanzanian leaders had
earned themselves the tle.'of
'Wabente the tribe of the
Mercedes Benz" shows that
human nature is the same
As to whether Nyerere's
efforts have achieved their de-
sired objectives, that is some-
thing of which -we would scarce-
ly learn the truth at this dis-
tance. One thing, I still read of
complaints from Dar-e -Salaam
about government paying for its
officers to stay at expensive
hotels, and, o the reluctance of
the young to participate in the
ftttnm experience when the
bright lights of the city beckon.
Other complaints are at the
burgeoning civil service, well-
pad to exchange memoranda
and Invent new nuisance forms
of no value to anybody but their
Most upsetting of the reasons
outlined u that of the support
for corruption in the hope. f
sharing in Its benefits. There is
a lot of this, much, of it Act
promptly recognisable.
Corruption, let me say, is not
solely confined to the taking of
bribes, or the use of fore-know.
ledge to gain business advan-
tage, or the pedllnf of influ.
ence. It is equally the passing
of laws which are themselves
corrupt, lie the four per cent
tax on hotel gross receipts;, and
the selective implementation of
regulations, whereby 'one busi-
nessman or citizen is favoured ,
over another without justifiea-
tion other than political favour-
Itism. -
In fact, it is these last con-
siderations which increase tl-e
focks of yard fowls. all hoping
to peck at the grains of corn
released by the farmer-politi-
clans in the political back-
yards. ,
To prevent iibisters, parlia-
mentarians and senior civil ser-
vants front driving in Merce-
des-Benz, Jaguar or Rover mo-
tor-carw may fool some of the
people, but not very many. It is
not the appearance of justice
that we want; it is Jstice itself.
And it is very doubtful that the
declaration of assets, revardlerw
of the fanfare with which it i.
accbmpanled, will really and
truly change the spots on th
several leopards.
What we really want an4
what-we'll never eet is somt
cletr thinking on the part ct
those people called upon to volt
to recognise the value of inte-
grity in the pursuit of progress
and happiness.

of a 700ft.diameter Skyship was
launched over Britain this week;
following tests,the full sized
plane,powered by 10 RR turbo prop'
engines, payload 400 tons, helium
lifted -to travel at 100 knots,will
land on a 10 acre p6.d in 4 years.

week:)- 1) How do you really pro-
nounce Caribbean? Carr- ybbun,or
Carry-beeun? 2) What is Victor
Riviere a Captain of? Army?Navy?
Police? 3) Regarding Lennox, -
what colour are the Duchess of
Kentish and Politico-Sportswrit-
er Royston?

LAST WEEK we omitted to set
down an important point raised
by the 5 1m-Co members of CSA
in their defence of Gen. Sec.
Charles Savarin: where in the
CPSA constitution are there pro-
visions for censuring delegates
or affiliates? And why wasn't
the question of censure circu-
lated. on the agenda to .delega-
tes beforehand? TELL US$....,

BARCLAYS BANK Sr. Director,East Car-
ibbean (Nr. Richard Barclay), pro-
moted to Lonidon, paid a brief good-
bye visit to Dominica on Thursday .
* A ?l172,000 entomological grant far
research on Sea Island Cotton pwsts
(Antigua,Barbados); '26,000 for Ag-
ricultural "Inservice Training(UWI)
and $860,0p to WINBAN for a Centre
(Banana T~chnology,St.Lucia) shou
Barclays interest in agriculture.

this week ILO Personnel (all male)
co-operated with Dominica Govern-
ment in a 4-day seminar on Populat-
ion and Family Welfare. The Press
was not invited; Assembly Members
were there in force, but no Oppos-.
ition Members were invited. We dshal
print notes from one of the more
important addresses next week.


"t quality Beef Extract and a readily Masimi-
labic forMn of iron plus Vitamin Bi, in a base of
British Sherry.
GREEN'S BEEF IRON & WINE is an excel-
lent tonic and stimrulant in run-down conditions,
Enriches the bloid.

Obtainable from all drug stores in



Friday April 18 1975

Page Pour t

I ri day pr p HOW LLii LZ/ MUM -- - ----
All these white people must know How can a country develop with
that Dominica is a Black People's m6puis and lies from a Premier?
country and has no place for them I was reading this morning what the
under the dynamic leadership of Mr., Greeks of old considered best for the
Premier Patrick John. I think our development of a country. *
Labour Government should deport all "A leader needs wise regulation of
these white people. Gdvernment- his work and just restraints on his
should also pass a law to prevent conduct. He needs to follow a line of
Lennox Honneychurch from being in action and thought that will lead him
the Government House of Assembly to make right decisions, get the facts,
because he is a whitemnm. Deport weigh and appraise, take action, check
him also results.
Freedom Party and the Roseau' "The value of the judgment of a
bougeosie must keep their mouths person n in authority is determined by
quiet and let Mr. 'Premier Patrick the extent of his acquaintance with
John do what he like because this the best standards. The most important
Labour Government have the support question a person in authority can ask
of the poor Black People of Fond himself is how far his behaviour com-
a Cole, Gutter Village and Dominica. pares with some recognized high stan-
We shall not be moved. dard.
Yours truly, BLACK YOUTH, "There can be no substitute for in-
17.4.75 Fond Cold tegrity in a person seeking to be a
leader. This involves more than simple
S- abstention from crime. It includes
Editor's note: This-letter is the adherence to ethical principles and
mildest of four., such letters we have soundness of moral character. Fairness
received over the past two weeks.We and impartiality are specially needed
hesitated to print it and even now iA the character of a person in authori-
do so very reluctantly because of ty. He must speak the truth to those
its deep. racialist tone. These corn- under him and keep his promises to
munications have apparently been pro-everon,, regardless of party."
evoked by statements made by the Prem- I must say without prejudice how
ier and his Party Members at ,hank- oiic he hop
Ycan Dominica have any hope of dprvolop-
You victory meetings held in Roseau rent under E.O.LeBlanc's Shoe Party
over the past two week-ends., At such leaders? Hpn. Patrick John made a state-
meet ings, the Premier attacked Opp- meant abroad that he is going to build
-osition nominated member Lennox the deepwater harbour and that will
Honychurch on grounds of his colour, give employment to 300 people I have
They called him 'honkie'. B6ke', checked and I found that only 25 to 30
'whiteman whiteboy 'Bourgeois people, are employed there. Another
-This attitude of the Hon.Premier and statement he made is that his country
his Party should receive the total is rich with potential and the people
condemnation of thinking,reasonable are saying how he told them that unless
member's of the Community he gets aid from overseas, Domin'nca
We think that coming in the wakewill have no hope.
of the unfortunate 'and terrible in- Putting everything in a nutshell,
cidents of 1974 culminating in the how can any Dominican with a little
passage of the Dreads Law, these ene expect Domiiato move
ubl sense expect Dominiacto move forward
public statement; are inflammatory, with these type of so-called leaders
provocative and dangerous to-the of the Labour Shoe Party? E.C.L
peace and order of the country.It is *-
sickening to see young, poor and AILING MIjISTER OFP
misguided youths expressing their Hen i. of abu, Social Security
support for the racial outpourings o and Youth ATfairs Isaiah Thomas, who
the Premier and his friends. We hope and Youth Affairs Isaiah Thomas, who.
the Premier and his friends We hope went before a medical board and got
that Church leaders,Trade Unions, a retired on grounds of failing health
Chamber of Comimerce,Youth Groups and (so0 that he could run 'torLeOOtions)'
other associations will come out inhas now take off to continue his law
condemnation of this racialism, studies at U.W.I., leaving his Parlia-
-studies at U.iWOIs leaving his Parlia-
REGRET that we are unable to print mentary Secretary Luke Corriette as.
Mr.W.S.Stevens piece fnfyour of acting Minister. Cost to taxPayers
Lennox's nomination. v 0 HiiH iE. .*.?


Pn er Pi vei

A il 18 1976

Friday April 18 1975

l'- s -SIx--l T I- I
Schedule of Appication for Certificate of title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending l2th day of April 1975
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheta
Ser a Certificate of Title of
..N _otlng thereon or (avSalt.;,

SRequest dated
28th February
9th April 1975
at 10.25 a.m

Alick Lazarre
by his Solicitor

Request for the issue
of'a First Certificate
of Title iBnreapect of
a portion of land
known as a lot at
Morns Prosper in the
Parish of St. George
containing 0.556
ecrea and bounded
ma follows:*

North-W.Was land of Baby Austrie Noathi ind of. Baby
Austrie Easit land of Alick Lazare South lands of Cynthia
Austrie and Baby Austril West land of Baby Austrit.
S tequst dated Emil Talbot Application of Emil
18 3 75 by his Solicitor Talbot for the issue
Present IM.Eugena l of a first cwrtifica L
9 4 75 t Charles of titlei n respect of
at 12.4'pn.m. a_ .portion of land at
Loubiero in the Pa-
rish of St Georgt e oss
taking 2120 square
feet and bounded as
North & South: B8 land of Edward Shllinllord Eut: By a
Pujlc Road West? The Se_

Schodulo 'for r9ok ond
Request dated Phyllis
36 1 75 Garrdw
Presented by her Solicii
16 4 75 M.Eugeria
at 11.20 a.m. Chari

ing 19th dvy of April 1975

Application for the
isaun ori New Certi
ficate of title inafa
voiur of Phyllis Gar...
rmway in respect of
a portion of land mn

it .; Town of Portsmouth in the Parisbof St John con,
"taing l 2,754 square feet and bounded as follows
North: Land of Kachel Benjmin East: Lands of tachel Banjl.
mni andd eantillellBeony South Lahds of Gwendollne Carbon
Cyrlle' and Austin Wallace West Bay Stru- .
---~--1 a-wr a~-e --c-svr ~ a

Request dated
the 19th day of
March. 1975
Prosel*ed the
14th ,-if
Aprit 5
at 12. p.a

Steven Gerald
y hi Solicitor;,
Cimt AM

Request for the issui
of a First Cetificate
of Title in respect of'
a portion of land at
LAg6on Portsmouth,
in the Parish of St.
John, in the State of

Dominica containin'.784.0 q. ft.ndt bounded as felows:
North by fand of Ernlsi Deibonne North East by land of
Stevn G: Sylvester South East by land of Christing
SSylvester South West by lind of Christine Sylveytor

RHsaest dated
the d-th day o
March 1975
Presented the
14th day of
April 1975
at 2.45 pnm

'Aliena Dyer -
as persona re
preventative of
Christmnas de
by her Solicitor
Cilma A.M

_______________ _________________ A

Rueqst for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land in
the Wesley village in,
the Parish of St An-
drew in the State of
Dominica containing
2344 square feet and
b9undod as follows:-

North Eat b aiind .of Anestin Allitair South East by land of
Burnhsan ftilli West by a Public Road South by land of
Emliat LVwrnVeW (C t -' 'r c4jamrit)

Page Six


AARON SLY High Street
(Opposite Dominica Club)





C- M

Produce, and Bottled in Great Britain by.
Vine ProdulsLimited, Kingston-Upon-Thampi
I I I . . .. .. . -" ""i. I

~II~T~C~-~ -..II



Reitirar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORdT
Roseau, Dominica. 'Regittrar of Titles
NOTE; Any p rson who dc~ir' t to object (. the isulnlg oft
Certificateof title on the above applicalton may enter a Caveat
In the abyve office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date. when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the appiFcatlorAls made. _

3riC ay pr 6 --

There is no evidence in any of the
State's newspapers indicating that
there were more than four polling
stations. in the La Plaine Constituency.
However, the result of the-first count
as given over Radio Dominica is as
follows: Poll. Stn. No.l La Plaine
Village Council Office Lab. Free.
Pol.Stt.. 66 110
NM.2-M.Bruney's Res.
Plaisance 68 100
No.3-Boetica Govt.School 55 42
No.4-Delices 62 5
No.5- ? 99 9
N0 ? 73 25
Total. 425 3 292
One .is unable to tell whether the
extra two. polling stations wer.o at
Mr. Dog's or at Mrs. Cat's. home. One
also wonders whether they were :thought,
necessary at the last minute; and if
so why did the Chief Electoral Offi-
Scer did not tell us so among all the,
little nothing he broadcast at the
eleventh hour.
Surely Mr. Joseph must wanv some
one to accuse him of fraud, but ,we
know that he could never be guilty 9f
such an offence.' Moreover, such an
occurence could not be practised so
openly. For all we know there could
be .a subsdqtion under the section pf
the laws governing the selection of
.polling stations making this irregu-
larity perfectly proper and valid.
"The least the citizens of this
country deserves Mr. S.V. Joseph, is
a simple explanatidh from you." Lead
us not into temptation
b. ntinued from D.2)
STREAK- A Review / by M. D* Pierre
If we have not got a. touch of
jealousy,-then we remain unambitious,
but what we must guard against is the
yellow eye of jealousy pere we covet
what is not ours and go so far as
even to destroy the other man either
by burning or using other foul means,
Hatred is one of our strongest pass-
ions, ,wo must hate hut only that
which is" ugly a-dnimmoral in the -pex-
son, not the person himself, for if
we hate the person we will not be
able to bestow that christian charity
that is so important to living and
building a society. Again, go s;siping
is part of the culture of a small
society, it cannot be eradicated;
this' is. what helps us to build up our
ego and our image and not be;e t col_
Mq-'gt^ coxjly

STREAK -(concled.)...introverts. One,
will not be convinced of this. until
one goes to a strange country and
feels oneself just a walking mechani-
cal Jane,on the streets,-with no one
bothering. That is why so many
frustrated people go about doing the
most farfetched things simply to get
into the limelight. What should be
rooted out of us is the destructive
form of gossiping where one enjoys
.or brings about the downfall of ano-
ther instead of stretching out a
hand to help him discover himself
again. In the case of selfishnesst,
it is only by loving oneself that
one can love others. But what we
must guard against is the selfish-
ness which makes us that monster
where we trample over the human
rights of others because we want to
have things our way, and when it
does: not suit us, blame others. The
play has put life in a. nutshell as
it exists today and it is left for
us to realise'that it is the sum
total of these digressions that east
their shadows over our society and
retard our progress. The question
that remains-unanswered is what is
each one of us going to do about it.
Mr. Bully must certainly be con-
gratulated for training such a large
cast and getting such excellent per-
formances from them. M.D.P. -
by May Christian
Well, Election is come and gone,
Again Labour Party has won. Congra-
tulations from Government personnel
abroad were numberless, but I don!t,
think we heard so many from our local
bodies. If you ask me, the contest-
ants themselves should have "been the
first to extend 'Good Luck' wishes
to their opponents, the Shoe Party
now wearing the laurels,
I once witnessed an Election issue
celebration in the sister island of
Guadeloupe when Dr. Elene won a land-
slide, victory over Dr, Jazore as
Mayor re-elected. 't the Mairie,
candidates and friends gathere,!,where
handshakes and even kisses from the
enemies (opposing campaigners) took
place. Erom the balcony, the success-
ful Dr. Elene advised the public, (who
after the votes of thanks danced up
and down the streets), that he did
not'want any funeral or other mock-
ery, but that both'losera and winners
must enjoy the evening alike.
(concld. p.8)

Page @even -

~ FT Ti: S T /i: H

F d A il 18 1975

1. iW .nf ii I 1 i i 1 1 i .1. i - 1

11 Mor1emiNEston
STTIe lact round of Shell Shield
matches, the Combined Islands came
within touching distance of this
year's. trophy when they played Trini-
,dad but failed to gain the champion-
ship because they had. one wicket
standing. Scores were:. Trinidad 259
and 252; CoQbineledliands 229 & 282/9.
Some recognized authorities see the.
aatcsh as drawn including the BBC,
whilst others think it a tie and'as
ach -the points should-be -evenly
distributed However, at present.
with the-match a draw, Guyana have
won the Shell championship for the
Sl2d time in three years. ,

.26pj W?)z came out Mhau U1hU.ee; aS C e 1 Va
Odyaia 4 1 2 0 1 8pts', r aw; Guyana had the most points!
Cblibined Is. t 1 0 3 26 ,.Then it was heard that an ultimate
Jamn!ica 4 0 0 20 verdict would. be given, .but not for
Birbados 4 3 1 8 0i a long while.
ria. dad. 4 0 1, 2 2 8 "Dat is suspense'" Baby exclaimed.:
"Bee de Isl~ans eallv win' de trmypheq
Jamaica got first innings points "Eef de Islanse wide tr
in their draw 'match against 'Brbado~ allyou lo00ok,. aee
SRICKETERS SPEAK (A letter) -- i WY WS1:-iiss Carmen Parris has ben
:': :-few; ears ago, ability was not appointed Jamaica's new Ambassador to
enough andC family name: and social France.6BAiRBADOS Speaker and. onetime
standing Was_ the criterion. iiow app- editor of G6vt.ncwspaplr(DEMOCRAT(deed))
a.',egitly,friendship has taken over. in has bankruptcy proceedings out against
the selections of the DominicaCric- him and. was granted 6-months leave.
.-ket team ** This year, like pre- He is lawyer- Neville Maxwell, sued
vious years, several young c-ricketers for.libel, 4 years- ago by 'H.B.StJohn,
were -omitted from the trials: Hodge successfully. Maxwell-has left B/dos.
Oliver (Smartians), D.Dublin H. La-, A quote from EQUALS, new race relat-
fond (Blackburns.),A.Solomon (Gutter ions paper,' editor Arif Ali:
Crowms, ALawrence (Spartans),who re- "A prosperous, well-educated black
presented the Windwards Youth Team middle class need not be a. race of
in .the Benson & HeIdgps Tournament, Uncle Toms or sell-outs, for from its
SMunro,iE.Jarvis,R.John,"Century 'ranks will come the thinakrs and men
Scorer"k(Celtic United) all had good of action we so desperately need."
igures that warranted selection,yet ACCORDING TO COMPUTATIONS, .the fol-
place is.found for players who are lowing genElection candidates did'
obviously "over the.hill ". Grans- NOT lose their deposits candidate in
worth Lafond who has not led, a team NOT lose their deposits asJstated in
il the, league andIrving Shillingfo the Educator:' Perry JAlcid, (40 of
'in the league and."Irvir~g Shling~brd. votes); E.D'Lamini -.21%; S.Lestrade
who publicly indicated that-he Will 1oes Ca) dates music total Le trade
not accept captaincy, are given the votes. must total of
teams to lead.. Clem John is also ih-
cluded, and like G.Lafond & others (SGD):Matt Hill,D, Abraham, HJno.Bap-
he does not de 'erve it. We feel tiste,H.0liver,CtElwin,R.Letang, T.
therefore, that reformation of the Bertrand and'C.Doctrove.- iETBALL:
Dominica Crioket Team should be the H, Specials are 1975 Champions.
policy, since our more prominent HEALTHY EL3ECTION TACTICS (fr.p.7)
players kre on their way out.*Fina3ly Let us hope here in Dominica also, all
we cannot cuestion'the honesty of quarrels and mud-slingings will end
the cricket Selectors, but they in anti-olimax in future:., M,- C,
should at least think progressively, editor' note- n ch.nyone ima-- in
SGD I.-Muhr- ,, L.SebastianB,M.George, C. Jdi~to as of the an anyone imaginndree
MariA.,sHLondT^i (ctd nxtW c idisters.of the Labour and Freedom
ariLan TIntish (ctd xt Benches in the House kissin g each other.'
.,ti tedand BPublished by the Proprietor' R.El. Alfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
Sat 26 Bath Road, Roso~y.sI.n.,inja West Mi'dies

SFiction ,ma .-J'1Jl.. Uynthia Watt
Ga~Ua anajd Reuben were married the'
following Saturday. As can be expect-
ed, it, was a gala affair and the newly-
weds were now happily honeymooning at
Giraudel, one of their gifts being
3 Ibs of-sugar.
All the talk about town now was
Alwyn Bully's production "STREAK"
which made a great hit with, the public,
young and old. Meanwhile Ma Titine
and Baby were constantly.glued to the
radio listening to the Shell Shield,
tournament, 'praying for the Combined
Islands. There was tension on the
Monday afternoon when the Combined .
Islands were batting. Eventually it
__ -_l- .LT- L -tTr /-rt -< iir tv ri 4 ^ U


Pase. Einht

Pr iday Apr il 18 1975