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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 03-28-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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U.K., Media R..;resenzati, .eC
i Coa Turner (Lndor Ltd.
112 '.Safte b ry, Ave. W.1,
. bte:' Str, Doflrc;
ej d Pr overy 269(, Ed tor 2610

. ri'rry'*'af ^-ta
r^b~ i!t a ?Mpffa- -'" -patiie~B WyS ftB^ ls


8oo N n i 162 EAST 7 S ST

Itut tli .-

___.tdh.r- PHyLI.USSHAND' ALLFRIEY ,i.'i,

THE FREEDOM PARTY through tbis
S, Jit pt ult i't to all b #e ag didantsh
;.'h put up sudh a .brave dgbr in the
.Gienrat. Ucio 'none oe whom lost
I thci- dep,;sits.
appreciative thanks also go to the host
of supporters and friends 1j over Domi-
n mca who gse freely ot their best to uy
and win the seats, fr- Freedm. .
--Ou, heartiest congratulations go out to
he hee succ.essful candidates: Eugenia
Chdare, R.oseau, Avan:Casimir, Grand
SBay, and AnthonyMose, Soufriere.
In spite of FreedocB's apparent defeat,
Scountry-wide figures show that more
Voters ot Dominica voted against Labour T
0 Yo ;967 against) than for(0o,6 51) t
S Wr; rlt-i i~-1 10,5r I irs O1,991. a
-'~ ----I C






A short-work week -- the Easter holidays
has again diminished this week's issue.



AE PEOPLE of thia Stato
(oven -most of the Labiour
victors) wero. unpreprod -a.
for a 16-seat win by DL .
against Freedom (3) and
tWo -lndopenddlts,PiStevoena
,VA. "ikr!A 4.,
and Conrad syrns. Time
will graduaMly revoal earm
iddoen roosons for such 'a
big rovorsali at the last.
We hearr that a big firm & B
certain ChristiaSn sects
chro naoned, wrkorkrs and mno-
3ora .if Labour losee", `4
hIo 6 iet* Ministora (plan '
ho vin iiig Promier P.John)
ro Vic IRivioro (Financoe)L.
uriotto (Hoomo & Youth) I.
'homas (Education)I.i.Cir is.
,ian (I ealth) iand ik,Douglas, M. E Charil
gri culture. We. shall com.- WO wman candidate
oent further next wook.
--- Praise fro m
GQiry was Sir E&ine

Negligent sese suppema.

Grenada's Prime Minis-
ter, Eric Gairy, has been
charged with negligence
in handling the. events.
prior to the "Bloody
MOnday" incidents in his
country on Januiary 21st
last ,year, 'whn riots,
looting and bloodshed
resulted In the death of a
St. George's businessman,.
And a. probe has been
ordered into the conduct
of the island's Solicitor
General, two magistrates
and a senior police offi-
cial. Also, the sacking of
another senior police
official and a complete
revamping of the Police
Force has been recoi-t


La vi/c cr
z ,.
1 9,-S

Anthony Moiis


-* -^



H S-- . --H E- M .. ^.1. P.A I .o-...

The. People.: "They are in power/i I am
accustomed, so I voting Labour" "I
really cannot explain what I voting
'or,'but I going to vote for the lit-
tle man" "I voting Labour, because
I against Communism and Dreada.. I
don't know what isn Commniism and I
don't see no Dreads*..I don't care,
but I voting PATRICK."
Part of a Drea1: Police cars carrying
placards...policemen taking holiday
Lo c'!rpaign for a candidate...police-
men in. line at' the 4oor of the polls.
"Do you know that if you do not vote
for him, you are going to lose your
little job? The others are going to
take your piece of land"..."if youi do
not vote Labour, something bad will
happen to you." ".Remembor that if I
ask anybody to jump, he will junmp.,.
if TI ask the Governor to do something&
he is. going.--o do it. **,there istno
Governor, I am The Governon ", Was
he so happy that he could not address
the people on the radio the night of
*tA'e vi-tory?
On P~1 Sundvy: people jumping in
the street.,
In the middle of the _Holy. Week: people
bacchanaling and shouting' insults at
the losers around town.
Talk a=d gosasi_ "Today is the 25th;.
with what" money are they going to pay.
u?..."Quiet, boy, they will find the,
money -. don't worry where it will
come from"..."I tell you this; will be
a Babylon-backed Government,. ,You 2ncv
who gave the rum?...who gave the
money?' .."Do you know that Ministers
and the police are going to be in-
creased"'..." I heard that the cash
is empty...we hope that ~rance is
going to help a little bit"..."he was
a member of the C,I.A.".,."I don't
kn6w what that is..."
Country-wide numbers: 10976 AGAINST
Labour; 10615 FOR Latbour. (st count).
Vote at 18: the young people were dis-
couraged to vote...they held back,..
C2UDE QC0O.LTETS: So, one more time:
rum, lies, money,. fear win the elect-
ion, and the ignorance also...what
kind of Christiana are they in Domini-
ca to jump up during. Holy Week?...
people annot explain what they were
voting for...people need a god to be-
lieve .in...to be a god you don't needf.
any knowledge.., just have a powerful
voicel.. a car...a house.., and a TiV*
set...they will believe in your power.
(Qonncld.dback page)

St.Lucia must be proud of its UWI
Extra Mural Department, for it hds
performed the valuable role of pub-
lishing the work of a young poet,
Robert Lee, third in its literary
series. And despite tiny misprints,
the production is beautiful. Our
own.Alwin. Bully designed the cover,
with fine and simple symbolism and
illu-strated sensitively certain poems.
iow as to -'the poems: they are real
poems, Westindian in breadth, uni-
versal in feeling, hard, unconven-
tional in shape-, and gleaming wjth
Black Pricde One day soon I dsall
take advantage of my reviewer's
right. ,o print one or two in this
little paper The Star. Fo' I am very
grateful to this gifted St.Lucian
Robert Lee for a presentation .opy
of -"Vocatin".. You can order your
own from IOUANALOA Publications,
U.W.I., the Morne, Castries or bet-
ter still 16ok for it in our own
local bookshops, which get a discount
on six copies. Lee is Head of the
English Dept of .St.Mary's .College,
Castries, and is a short story writer
as well as poet, theatrical critic
-and actor. A collection well worth
having. *
Eddie D'Pope of Dominica also did
mine the honour and pleasure of giving
me a copy of his poems, in a 55-page
book "Beyond Dark Clouds". These
verses are full of surprises. Some-
times the author makes a, little
entle fun of his readers and.some-
times he is extremely serious. You
can choose which of his several moods
you prefer- He coul a~gll have eli-
minated most of the/ponters at the
end of the poems, in my view; but
those serve to make the collection
different. Here again, I hope
Eddie will lJlow me to-gquote in due
course from some of these personalist
poeiis which are directed straight
at the reader like appointing finger.
We think you can buy your own copy
in Roseau if you are a verse-lover.
Dave Wilson, the writer's brother,
did the cover painting. Photographs
by Curtis Henry.

.Those who expect to reap the
blessing of freedom must, like men,
undergo the fatigues of supporting
S e- IThomas Paine: The CriaUa


PI r-7 Two,

rlTii~7vil NI~~~h SI~- ~QrFi

.pLF y;*

Frda Marc laa: -Lr Q~

makin domu sleep well in doir bed .. no .DrWt
frightonin doa again.A 1.t. 0o1-t0-


FICTION MA TITIKP by Cyntlia. Watt
Tho General lloction was over the Labour
.hoo PFaty Ihaving gained 16 out of 21 aoeGt
in the Houos of Assembly.
Ma .Titino, Gonolin and Ban~y clustered
near the radio that Monday night checking
the results s thycameo through polling
station by polling station. As the last one
was announced (aid the final result. ts
iknon, jBy said sourly
"I know do Shoe Party would win ,.. boon
plenty of do people sayin dat do Promicer

...c--- -, :, .. -- .: =.... -.-,--.....

SDominica Telephones wishes to inform
the pupic that, following the examinas-
tion and approval by the Public Service 1
U(tilites Commission. of a request for
temporary rates, to be fixed in accor-
dance. with the Provision of the Public
Utility Commission Act. No. 28 of 1972,
and pending the final determination of
the Rates Application submitted on 25th
April 1974, the following rates for Tele-
phone rentals and call fees will be effec-
tive from ist April, 1975 unless other
wise determined by the Public Utilities
SCommission before that date.


No change
$213.96 pa,
a$23.96 p.a


Meate call uia t

No change
$28.o00 psa
$238.00 p.a,
12 cents per unit

In English, French, Maths for school
leaving dropouts.
Apply: STAR Office

" 4IETR/$5 CORlP!

pany Limited wishes to inform their
customers that their Showroom, Whole
sale and Retail Department w i 11 be
closed for stocktaking on ist April 1975
but the office will be opened.

Any inconvenience caused is

VolMAwagon slatte C"?
Automatic .aaamissiona
Apply:1 M, E haIle
'a Old sd mt,
.oseau i .
C~gBin a
Dssm e~~

deeply re-


Produced and Boidted in Great Britain by.
Vine Products Litnited,Kingston-Upon-Thames







-- -- i----- -- ---




Q~esla~Llap~Crrr~ Irra----u--lr ~-lm~nppp~O~~

' LT*m" TA&

f~r~r-~*,--*I 8it IfC9



- Winest

Paee Four

Request dated Joaeph Reque'
the 21st day Simeon Sirionj of a ri
of January Egbert Jobhn f Tit
.1975 Edwards and a port
Presented i Ronald Fran La Pal
18th March cisThe Cos- lage
| 1975 Stbrian Trustee 'in the
at 9.30 a;n.m of the Gospel Andre,
,Mission- by of DoB
their Solicitor Va ya Dupigny Ing 8d
l-and b
.' i * l aw s:.

it for the issue
rst Certificate
, in respect of
Ion of land at
lie in the Vilr
f VieiHe ,Case
Parish of St.
w in the State
rinica contain-
. square feet
sunded as fol-

North Land of Clarence Brumant; South Land of James
Seaman; East Land of Felcle Parillon, West Land of
Phobe Royer.. -. I,- y .. a, c 1 7-

Seaulo- for wook ond ing., 9th day of March 197
Reaquet dated lnia Corbette Requestforthe iue
the 81th day by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
of February Cilma A.M ef Title in respect of
1975 Dupigny a portion 9f land at
Presented the Atkinson inthe Pa-
24th dayof "rih of St. David in
March 1975 the State of Domrinica
, at 15 7 ..ontatning 2.194
acres and bounded as follows:-
North by land of Nicholas Laville South by lands of Stephen
son Baron and O'Neil Burton East by s -Road separating it
from land of O'Neil Burton
Ro,. e r the issue
SRequest dated Roxson Mac Requet for th issu
the.2dd day Dowi Robna of a First Certificate
of January by his Solicitor, of Title in respect of
1975 Cilma A.M a portion of land at
Presented the Dupigny Wesley in the Parish
24th day of -I of St. Andrew in the
March 1975 containing 3223 State of Dominicp.
at 3.55 p.m square feCt and boten ded as follows:


STAR ___Friday March 28 197S
ehordulic for woek-ondng 29th ay aot tsorntc
rth M a' d enry PhH" Pl g 'South by lan -: ts :.ltlnla
IJtrvlier West by a Public Main Road East by a Publlc Read
Ssearating It from land of Egbert Joseh

Schedule nf Appliciaon for Cer 1'1. ot Title and Notings |
?herr;o and .Cavets fc-rv,week ending 2.Rns day of March 1$75
i ate Requested Person Presenting Narure of reqs whileth
i ser a Certificate of Title of
S-- reo- or g, a*t.
equst dtid Millie RePest for the issue
f the 6th day I Herdersoa o f F'-st Certificate
If January -y her Solicitor of Title -i reapect of
S1975 Cim~ A.M. a portion of land
Presented Dupigay own as a- It at
I 8i' d,-.y T o te Morne, Grand
SMarech M ay in the Parish of
1 975 St Patrick in, the-
S j3.20i I I$State. of Dominica
eancsrinSr 7790 square feet and bounded as follows.-
North by land of Luke Bedminster end a Ravlne separa
ting it from land of Virginla Alexanrder; East by lands
Sof Fraictls Biton, Paul Angol and Pierre Akendor;
South by a Fubilic Rpad West by lands of Vlgtoria
Thmnas, George Abrahnam and Dllcl Jl .
qsTated Alleyne Request for the issue
Sthe 19th day. Thomas 9~ a First Certificate
of February by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
-1975' Ciha A.M;. a portion of land at
J Presented i Dupigny Woodford Hii in the
the 17th day I J Parish of St. Andrew 'i
of .March in the State of Doemi
1975 nica containing 5077
at 1.35 a square feet anad bqoun-
i -- doed as follow;:*
SNorth East by land of tepnnard Frncols, North WVst.
by land of Maible Benjami n South East by a Public
Road;, South Wesrt y lanj of St. George Thomas

queeatei Roon Mac equest fw thes
the 22nd day Dowell Robin of a Fir ',st i ficate.
of January by his Solicitor of T-"- in -aspect of
1975 CilmaA.M I portion ..re land a*.
Presented the Dupigny Wesley in the.Parib
24th day of I of St. Andr ;iyn.the
March 1975 .Sta:e nf ominic i
at 3.55 p.m .. g .cntaiing 32 21
square fo t and boun
as e fr -ws:-;
North- by land of Henry Phllip South by land of Christal!,
Jarviere West by a Public Main- Road East by a Publite Rosi
.. ,. _ -.I .1 --- r.L.... l

.eparating it from 4ano oF ugert, josepi
Request dated Shand Cyrus Reol it r. the i-sst
3 Ha May by his Solicit or ota 'irm Cqrtifikai
1974 Vanya Dupigay of I tle i respect ..
24th March o tO e aX Vl._ r
1975 lot a r~:.,are C:.
at 3.00 p.m. e i*n the Parial' C
Sint*u O_1'uFini5c
containing 2.344 acres and bounded as. owsa:-
North by land of Aril Abthamr and Leridrd LSawinc
East By a Public Road South- By land of Deisr h s,Poslyt,4.
Peter Georg, K alina St. Rose and C yefn Cy us Wset y
land of Phlp -George .

Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica.

-Registr of.Tittls .

NOTE: Arty pi'rson who idc2eft; to ob j 1c to a (iuing OU'
Certificatsof title on thE.abov. application nai etcer a Cavey
in the above office withhi six weeks from the 'Jate of the F, :
appearance of this schedule li thhe STAR Ne paper puliiH i -.
in this State or from the date when the notake r-%escribed b, h
law was last-served on any owner or occupier "f adjoining
land in respect of which the applcatioter i made.
.ipatols l.a,.,|



o the Magistrate Dist. "G" & Chief of Police
I, Harald Valmond, now residing L ,.:aca
Parish of St. David do hereby give you notice -
that it is my intention to apply at the MaIgis-
trate a Court to be held Marigot on We day, the 2nd day of April 1975, ensuing for a
of my premises at Bataca Parish of St. David.
Dated the zoth day- of March 973,
J Harild Valou di.

To, thteMagistra Dist "F" and Chief ice
I, Ferdie Jacob. now residing at Castle Br.ce
Parish of St. David do hereby give yoq notice
that it is my intention to apply, at the Magis!
rate's Court to be held at Castle Bruce n Frsi-
day the zth day of April 1975 ensuing for a
my premises at Castle Bruce Parish David.

Dated the 7th of Macb 19
I.,__erdie Jcob,
-0---cl--Zco b,--~




P- ---~~__ _~_^._~-,-~I- -- --.----u-~I-- ---l,~-~x~-.~-F
_Ill~~i~(Pl~sOlb--~Ug~ I)

-- -~--


~ -----~-- -------------------



IS SUTC=ESS VJ -A. BAJD ) WORD 0? $ Ktelvin rarois
Successis by no means a bad word. However, it might be only a matter
of time before success becomes one of the meanest words in the English
dictionary, being more and more as~soaited as it is these days with coraupt-
ion, exploitation, victimization and foul play.
Let us not forget to give honour where it la de in case of men who
have striven hard, some of them at the expense of great sacrifices, to
reach where they have.
A certain American man who had received so many praises and congra-
tulations upon receiving one of ithae highest honours in .his field of work
expressed surprise at the outburst of lavish encominimms he receive, remark-
ing that few took into account the fact that he had spent the best days of
his youth studying laboriously towards the result he eventually obtained.
This is often the case; few notice the effort, all envy the success.,
Still we cannot deny. that success today is too commonly linked with
the barbaric attitude of men and women wanting to reach'certain -heights at
whatever expense their consciences, their bodies, their souls; men climb-
ing- upon the backs and necks of their colleagues, betraying their friends
and relatives to reach their. goals .
We hear of undesirables. forging certificates and degtaqe And ~tg
voting. papers:, but even worse is, the realization: of supposedly decent men
who are said to receive bribes, to bestow diplomas and boarding-out certifi-
cates. a d-degrees upon undeserving persabagps. There is also news of a
certain other category of men who pay certain institutions to fail candi-
dates they cannot manipulate, or caxidiates that are 'inclined to be too
progressive for-their liking:.radil.ng them over and over in an attempt to-
frustrate their efforts and oripple. their ambitions. No wonder there is a.
decline in principle, professional ethics and good relations all over
the world,
We- also have the famous; manufacturers continuously maximising profit
and oppressing the poor working consumers and retailers. They too are
successful men,
We can ask ourselves, what is success? Success -can only be seen in
.contraBt vi&failure. If every man performance rated above 50% we would
still find that the pass mark would be raised to something: like 70%, so
there would still be failures,. The reason being that although all men are
born equal and should be given equal opportunities they are not born with.
equal endowment and. equal ability. The less successful man may be more
hardworking than his successful* friend. It is in the light of this trth
that some men who have attained a, sta-ndard satisfactory to themselves
voluntarily donate a percentage of their income towards some form of charity
The observation of John Pezyton as, quoted by E.L.C,. of the Barbados
.Advocate is very caustic when taken in the context of the situation of the
lesser developed countries. For -how many of our successful men, even among
the wealthiest, did not arrive there through a scholarship'or fellowship
coming from a wealthier source?
This decent attempt by th@ Educator and other labour sources at the
degradation of the Roseau Central Cabdidate (M.S.Charles) for the past
election is' a perfect example of what could be "Success now i; a bad
Those-responsible for bestowing success on candidates should have been
more sober, careful and selective lest by the turn of this century success
becomes associated with bandits, :rapists and OPPORTUNISTS of one kind o0i
"It is not the success that counts but the effort. Not the victory
but how the battle was lost or won*" "Quality" will always be.the det-j-
min1rj factorthe gauge which will register whether they are "men or mice."
A QUOTATION: Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains* O.e
thinks himself themaster of 'others, and still remains a greater
slave than they. Jean Jac~oes Rousseau1 '~JQ ial.Xlk3rI.as"*.

r~ FT ~R ~ 'P Q R

'k~a~v, Bt~Ir~ch ..L. ~L~I&

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchrison '0SOMNAMBUI'STIC ELJ.TION (fr.p. 2)
CRICKET GUYANA NOW LEADS Show them yoQur big purse and they-will
As Shell Shield matches continued, jump if you ask them to jump...Michael
Guyana, with a 10-wicket victory Manley from Jamaica sends a cable of
over. Barbados, have now taken the congratulation...he is planning to
lead in this year Shell Shield coin- set up a new socialism in Jamaica...
petition, Guyana amassed 562 for Many people believe that socialism..is
the loss of 7 wickets declared. Roy communism, what all this does mean?...,
Fredericks got the highest individual A Russian Embassy is going- to be put
score in the Shell competition (250 in Jamaica...Pat don't want communism...
runs) and A.Kallicharan aligo got a so why he got a cable from Manley?...
century.. Holde: got 5/138., Barbados The Prefec -of Guadeloupe has sehit a
replied with 323 and were forced to cable...what means that?...A French
follow on. David Murray got 'a century. radio is going to.start here in July*..
Barbados could only score 251 runs the -Fenqh have staMtet a- factory at
in their 2nd linings, leaving Guyana Soufriere in StdLucia to produce
to get 135 runs for victory which energy...Iszlaeli-English are going to
they got easily. .start a timber. business in our land...
Trinidad held Jamaica to a draw, The Americans..oare they in the back-
thanks to a long fighting knock of ground of this little election, but an
,71 n.o. by Larry Gomes in Trinidad's internatio al card game being played?
2nd innings and fine support from Who is going to have the benefit of
Inshan All. Lawrence Rowe was out- this whole .affair?...Not tr. voter!
run-out for 91,.in Jamaica's first- certainly not the poor people who are
inningsand Herbert Chang got 110 supposed to jump when ordered...So,
n.o. On Saturday, the Combined Is. we have.voted; lets us jumpnovr.
.will play Barbados in Barbados, Gray- Contributed
sao Shillingford & Norbert Phillip .. TTr.p. Just then hey
are both off the team through inj yr 'ieard the diaL of the,,~ rowd complete
LEAGUE At theI DS Grounds last week- .
en4, Celtics. United gained a 9-wicket with lapeau' cabrit, trumpet, tins and
victory over Gutt~er Crowns Who bated whatever else could complete the noise.
The revellers had their away until
firan stored o 65 and later snge early dawn. On Tuesday night the
-opening start o6 and later Premier broadcast his thanks to the
their 2nd wicket at 91 which was,
scored in an hour. Alfred Solomon electorate, and that night the victory-
sabred in an hour, Alfred'Solomox
56 & Henry 29; T.Kentish 7/70 and drunk supporters jumped up the streets
H.Joh;i Baptite 3/50. Celtics United of Roseau. -But earlier on, about .four
replied with 171.r I.unroe 4, C. o'clock, while Ma Titine and her friends
Ieiea we25 & .Geoge I38. V.Titre 4/31 were relaxing on the porch of her home,
& M.Hill: 4./34. Gutter Crowns col- an untidy crowd was seen coming up.the
lapsed for 59 runs in their 2nd,. in- street. ,t was a mock funeral, con-
iings, afte-, be ing 16/6, with I.Jobhn plete with'coffin, priest and acolytes.
ste. 4/ n: 2 es at c-lose of The coffin was draped in white with
the first day's play... Celtics got red flowers on the lid.
the 0.runs neededorthe los 1 gon tour edo thelr
Swicket o chant. "We shall not be moved"'
At the Botanical Gardens, Spatans "It's still early ds," Genelia
defeated Saints for the first time n said, "and they have to tackle their
eee aints for the irsttime i
league *:i icket. As a rule, matches own ruin."
usually ended' n a draw, but in thisBu di s Ho Week, reiterated
Baby. 11iriday is.-Good Friday,,."
low, close-scoring match Spartans By. is Good Friday..
"wnJust aiow we will hear Treasury
won by 6 runs,
FOOTBALL In the Off-season competi- Bllls.being tendered every week,
~ ...' ....-o c.. ...G enelia said.
tion at Winasor Park, after the ma t da ab burst n thch
between DGS & Mondericks this after- e da S y l me dh "lyou
noon (Thursda.y), there will remain o heah dat. Somebody tell me dey have
to be played *only 2 matches which wJ1i one-. daybar at Govt. Headcpuartera, dose
to lbe played only..2' w having a meeting to choose
hold no-bearing on present..positions MinStdates ~l .in a meetbn to choose
'in the different groups. In Group"A" ha a~T an wad n & aTp en.h o -
Cel-Kens:, Upper Goodwill and/or Merry-GS~a ounce, iS.; uroup "B1a ,Potters, S
Stru gler. and/or _enaborough- Virgin Rovers,
rinted~and Published by the Proprietoc~ R.E.Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
Sat 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

rr H ~: S 'i' ~ R;

~-r-: -!-- ~b~Z~iFrh d8,`t~l_9Qfi

Pa fe S :~x