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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 02-14-1975
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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'2 ^ \-j

.2~ /ze^LC^^ / */'/~~r^-*/

j/ ~ 1 L r- rrni ji LL iPrLN iJ rC I

e R Potical ama ,
Although we do not go along withth e W asted Years
0many superlativgs lavished o n Carnival A4.LAST -
:.-, ~ther. is no doubt that it wasa plea GNERL ELE ON
s~t fete for most of us and its promoters .-
PMust be thanked for their efforts. j .E, ~CaHAION from int Court
iTu asot leiradi^, tho Domini '" !
W hat we would single ou to r praise .osa so-f Asaoebly WP dissoilodnc ,
are not the costumes, the beauty queens A Gonoral. lotion muaa be hold
though they were very attractive) or the within 90 days. Rumours of a spli
massed bands, but the hard hitting intel botweei Min. of Agriculturo otc.
figent quality o f the calypsoes, some of sti-Lae and Premier John could not
,ih hh had Asirfrig-tunes a n d grin be confilrmuiad by Peoss timo.'
.hhad m There win g L ao wFh Freedom Party
WoOrdS meeting in Lagon tonight, Friday.,


Buit often the words and the music did not come
cver. Why? Because the tempo was too slow and
.e-liike aad the artiIclatiio muffled, Thus a
-'1:V7 .. cI pso-gePts los! Jn the pcformance.
'We'd like to hcar a speeded up, revised L.P.
...or:d of all ibis year'- good calypsoes (-which
have so much social content .) Can one ever for
ei the criticism of Police, Brutality reiterated in
se'veralsongs) and the passionate cry ofI-anda-I
d 'isplee treat uts i-e humun beings'? But we
want :. hear th WORDS and -the UNES!
SSl report next issuo,-.-ditor.

. LefM M Michel Guy right Prbf. Pierre
SLuette, well known ms;iai.,teacher ad tW''
' a. noi lt weook

ON Carnival rftaosdy we attended the
IPuzcrall of a very gei Mia Maggio Rlivioreo,. agd 91. We
'ahall miss hor. a lot. A tribute to
her will be publisalih very soon. .
Central Water Autthrity worIoers,
dissatisfied with Govt. s reaction
to nn agreement On pay, wont on a
two day "sick-out" this wook.
17. year.old Francillia Toussaint of Portsmouth
was crowned Miss North Dominica 1975 by
PADIC Chairman Charles Savarin at the Carni-
val Queen Show held at the St. Johl's School
Hall in Portsmouth on Sunday night. Gertrude
Lawrance and Edmayer Ferrol (both 18) were
first and second runners-up. (s*e pbge si%)

I Acre of land at Montine Grandbay
suitablefor erection of building.
Apply: M.E.Charles, 28 Old Street,
P.O.Bbx 121, Dom1inca,

571-i.t. .


Fri~ida, February 14, 1975

by S.R. & 0.
Have you joined the T.V. draze?
Paid hundreds of dollars to sit and,
S gaze
And watch Bajan programmes
Through electronic haze?
A duty-free T.V, they say
I-a-quite the latest thing,
The latest roof-top symbol
In the Goodwill Jlae field ring,
T.V. they say' .
Puti our island
Firmly on the map.
It's just a Labour stunt you see
.And is (excuse me) crap.
It's not for those on the Windward
And not for those up I'orth, [coast
Thousands and thousands hae .been
N(ith duty-free encouragement) (spent.
To provide a service to a few -
Of the influential sort.
.The T,V. clique rush everywhere
To plug in T.V. erections:
A certain merchant is on the ball
-With strong government connections,.
To those who wish .
To-spend in this way
I say'go right ahead -
But I prefer to read a book

Written QULSTIOIS to the Premier
--put during his recent visit to
Marigot by farmer Arthur Jones:
1, Mr, Premier, since according to
you, Sir, this year is proclaimed
to be Economic Recovery Year,which
precedes (?succeeds) Agricultural
year, "will Government guarantee
citrus farmers a refund of fifty
percent of what was collected by
Sthe packing plant, to enable pro-
ducers to stay in business? and
to meet their outstanding debts as
a result of the extremely low
prices paid to growers at the end
of the 1974 crop....?
.2 Mr. Premier, seeing that the
House of Assembly is the place where
the people'sbusiness is. discussed,
and that other territories in the
Caribbean provide for the proceedings
of their business in the House to be
broadcast, What is the delay in the
people of Dominica not being able to
hear what transpires ia the House,
since it was passed in the House that
the proceedings should be reproduced
over Radio Dominica for the benefit
of the people of this State? A.J.

....uuJy Ui.lau I^uO, L0 U R G R APE FR U IT
by Hugh' Lawfence
COMOIIWEALTH POETRY PRIZE ,-essrs. L. Rose & Co. seem to be
. The 250 prize ($l,2C0) awarded an- the only ones trying to help out our
nually by the Commonwealth Institute grapefruit industry. When I read the
and the Nht0ional Book League of U.K. notice in the papers-regarding the
for a. first b'ok of poetry in the: priqe offered by them, I found it
English-language,has just been. an- rather disappointing and discouraging.
nounced. A good friend of mine who owns a
Publishers should submit titles grapefruit plantation totally agreed
before? 30 June 1975, submitting 7 with me.
copies of each book. Manuscripts and But the same friend witnessed one
typescripts will not be accepted, day a truck laden with grapefruit;
Abrief account of the life and Ihe owner made a transaction at the"
career of the author, givingplace Bath Estate-factory and.aftewards
of birth id present address,should Was paid on the- spot, seeming very
be sent with thebooks te:- much happT and satisfied.
The Librarian, Commonwealth Inst., My fri nd immediately regretted
Kensington High Street, that he ever sold his crop to the
London W.8 6 I.Q. ENGMLAND. Marketing Depot, for up to that time
or perhaps even now, he has not re-
A IEW SPOT FOR LOCAL HANDIWORK ceived his cash. We shall ever pray
Some interesting art work such as that Messrs. L.Rose & Co. never de-
vases eetc. made of bamboo and, shells part from our shores. H. L.
may be found at Edwin.Bros, Shop at Editor's Note:this corr spondence is
58 Hillside Ave. St. Joseph. now ~ ose,.
GEEST INDUTRIES -New Estates. M. QUOTE: "The young,who have grown up
Mr. Garne,t L.Didier, who joined surrounded bi the vocabulary of lew-
Geests in July -1957, is to be congrat. speak,are inevitably its most com-
l.ated on his appointment as their plete victims Undergraduates talk
Estates MaLiage,aft'er progressive promotions. in slogans.. A LeJeune.

i____ __ ___ ----L-~IIU----T~ -i


SPae TWo

r T t ... S T k 1%

.., t--- T , = 4 -'
b.Ir. J' t43 ~ = '..t .. .., -
P~d~ b u ~ x--~~_~~S~;1~1.~"~~J -~ rt,-,.,,,,,. ... ,,~j.-,,~,,,,.:,, , g ....,
A3 0 YF ~ EAR'
4.4-. ,10 -nr, k tT... ...
S -.
Cl of h c'" "'v '",

IV ,, .,. .V.,.
., ,.' ".," .v .


lat load
-or of a
Bri eish
poli ti.c al
par ty .
A Teryi
miot tho of

cheai dst,
- sheo beat
eattlih d
by a big
t'l r't ity.

Above. Eugenia Charles,
founder--~ombor and lat
President of the Domia-
icd Frcedom Pa"rty, Wsll
kno-wa for her legal work
as a harris-te and1 her
interest in equal rights
for women aml wen.
Vi atos Pi Oero LUce tto.
-** -IY- ".- 3~-. .^'sstsssessass~s

it .
I- /
Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister

: N. ' .a . .

I' Y :.
'. .,o .";p

Mayor Annettec
St. iilairo of
RoaoBa (New-

Simone Veil, the
bravo & brilliant
Minister of H itith


hiAfrica's first Woman PM

Mme. Elizabeth Domitien Republic, on January 2
became Africa's first -
and the world'S third The other two wxmnun1
Woman Prite Minister Prime Ministers are Mrs;.
After a reshuffle announced Indira O Ghandi in, India
by the Goveranment f and Mrs. Sirimavo Oandara-i
angui, Central African naike in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

PieFturced above with Dr.Oric W'iliirs tand President JoImoKosnyatt. of Xoenya (centre) is
hi:in,' ShLnid Si ~naoseo, -Oxford MA. She ia flying in tom urrov from Africa via Trinidad
Toi Vist her ,:'r*.-.',a the Allroye, Thc womSnt editor of this smarll novapaper (hvraciEf
,asce na F.odoral. W I Miniator of dcant:ion) has always beon strnc-g for the highest
poasifblo Ciiuc.ation for girls, who~thor thtey marry or not.Lulkidly Robort Allfroy(PlhDIBat
father) and Aulan is"aunco (her hushorand, visor in the Cabi.ist OfQtico of Proeident
xenno.th Kakunda and a snatwbiian director of the Ford Fo undation) a groo with this view,
Please, readers, aoud in plio(ltgri.phs of Da inicrt womaon who have achieved di stirnction

THE STr- aTfle{ AR Friday February 14 1975B


House andi Lot at Madrelle
Ajppy: M.E.Charles, 28 Old Street,
SP.O.Box fzx, Deimiica.
l ee

Applications are invited from stuitble qualified
perse6s for the vacant post of Technical Assis~ t
tant Citrts Research
Qualifications: Minimum educational qualifica-
tion '0' Levels Science and Mathematics. Field
experience with citrus is necessary
Salary according to qualifications
Applicants ti asing age, qualification and ex-
perience ihoi, ld be submitted to the Secretary-
ainager,. The Co-operative Cirrus Growers
.Roc ation 21 Hanover Street, Roseau, to
sreac ahis not l er tzhana 66t, February .975


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 8oh day of February 197J
Date Requested Person PresentIng Nature of request wheth-"
er a Certificate of Title of
N ttlnr thereon or Cav;:r.
Request dated Clarenice Applicatiou of C'a-
25 10' 73 Leathm r'ence Leathamn for
Presented by his Solicitor the issue of a fira1
13 2 75 M.Eugenia certificate of title in
at 10,07 a.m. Claarles I respect of .a portion
.w m..... of iand at Robimson
in the Pariah oe St
George contak -s"g*
1.544 acres and boae.-
dld as feollws
North East Branch River Blanc North West Land
of Marie Hypolite South Land of Marie Hypollte
South East Land claimed by Adam Isles and Brasch of
River Blanc--

Request dated
5 2 73
13 2 75
at 10.17 a.nm.

Maie Frederi
ca Jordan n$fe
by her Solicitor

Application of Merie
Frederica Jordon
noee Richard for the
iassn of a first certifi-
cate of title in r;s-
pect of a portion of
land known af.Resi-
ential Lot in the Vii-
lafge of Pointe Michel
in the Parish of St
Lulke conaining-.598
square feet and boun-
ded as follows

North West lands of Albert Peltier North East lands of
Haize John-Lewis and Clemencla Thomas South & Sauth
East By a Public Road to Aberdeen

S --l'e~W --- --n'46. m ASth day of Fabruary 1975

Request dated Cora Elcock Request for the issue
the 21st day hy b'er Solicitor of a First Certificate
of January Cilma AM of Title in respect of
1975 Dupigny a portion of land at
Presented.the Marigot in the Parish
6th day of of St. Andrew in the
February 197S State of Dominica conr.
at.3.40 p.m. tainintg 7120 square
--.,.....-s -- ..-.--- feet and bounded as
North East by land of Romain iames, North West by a Pub.
!ic Roadt South East by land of Gerald Dorsette, South
West by land of Hezekiah Joseph,.

Registrar's o office,
Roseau, Dominica.

Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any person who dear.o to object: Lhc imuali o a'
Certificateof title on the above applicatioe~may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule ii the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land In respect of which the applications made.

SProduced and Bottled in Great BTitain by
Vine Products Limited, King son-Upon-Thames

. --_ . ... ..



^g~i^ fs^he all




I-~--~~~`~"~III--~"~~l~.r_~LUlt h
~VnncMwu x~- nrMr~awz~mrswMuMIrrrutueun*rrasau~ur~a~a

.................... II~ll

----- --------9~---LIUB10~U"W~~""U"""-


PaNe Four


Fsrida* F&Blruakr a% PB?.&i


: r- ; aKg



Br tiwsh


P ge.a ITT 'H E S .T A R Friday.. February 14- 1975
I imagine Dominica is in a very tender economic situation and there
must be a great deal of insecurity together with the- inevitable scapegoat-
ing. I hada sort of feeling when I was. in Dominica in the 1970s, when
Rosie Douglas was beating up and down the coast (I watched and. listened to
him several times), that that-might 1be the beginning of something disturb-
ing or to give Roosie the benefit of thie doubt, that he was perhaps the
first congenial focus for the latent dissatisfaction in your community.
I "ead with relief that LeBlanc had at last been shuttled off, but I
wonder whether his ghost doesn't still call the tune? I see Dominica has
appealed to Britain for financial relief. That would surely only be a.
temporary stopgap, just the first of a succession of appeals. I m speaking,
of course, in distant ignorance. But I always felt -- without 'necessarily
having any answers the approach to Dominican agricultural policy was
quite wrong. With her terrainand climate, more or less unique in the
Caribbean, there seemed little future in.competing in the same market with
other islands more suited to it. How can Dominica hold-her own-in the
banana market alongside those countries with flat tracts of land, well '
irrigated, close to the sea? How can mountain-climbing donkeys compete
with a tractor or truck? Worst of all -- looking into the future -- it
a timber industry is conducted at the expense of your natural forest, how
can it be prosecuted without destroying Dominica?
Dominica is so unique, so magnificent, so rarely beautiful (.I mean it
has a rare beauty) it cannot be a proper solution to destroy all that. It
is equivalent to forcing a left-handed child to write with his right hand'
I realise mountains and jungles are n6t easily negotiable on an economic
basis. I talked to many people during my stay there in the 1970s about:
this. Bananas and coconuts were about all most of them could think in
terms of.:' Without knowing if my suggestions had any value at all, I tried
to feel the possibility of experimenting with other fruits which might be.
grown.in partnership with the forest and not in opposition. to it.. Like
grapes, spices, olives, soudin, Vineyards along the west coast from
St. Joseph to Portsmouth could make use of less interesting, and eqologic-
ally less important land. I don't of course know if grapes would grow
the-re -- has' anyone tried?.' The land and its rainfall' is rather similar
to the wine producing areas of South Africa. But I found most people
couldn't imagine an economy 'based on. anything but bananas. This.may well
be- because of the policy of allowing workers to clear the forest and plant
their own bananas, until the coconuts overtake them. i
Any approach to the'economy of Dominica must begin with a careful assess-
ment of her potential, her treasures, her 'personality. Too often such
assessments begin with needs, and the whole process thereon neither recog-
nises the potential, nor satisfies needs. (Name Given)

'The Carnival Organising Committee wishes to thank the general publicc
for its participation in what, from all accounts, appears to ha'-e been a
full-scale enjoyment,of the festivities of Carnical 1975, The Yommittee
'is gratified that the events: have. largely been incident-free and that many
visitors to the State were able to-obtain pleasure from the occasion.
It is the duty of the. Carnival Organising Committee to record'its pro-
foundest apologies to any members of the general public who were affronted
by certain statements made by a participant in one of the competing floats
in the Sunday afternoon parade "at the Windsor Park. The Comnittee 'regrets
the intrusion of politics'into what was only intended as pure entertainment;
and wishes to.emphasise that the incident was unforeseen.
for C.O.O.
E.PITOR'S NOTE: Apparently admeone in a float which drew attention to the
hunger and )need in Dominica- spoke out of turn on the C.O.C.network, and
objection was taken to his remarks, by oertdin. bystanders and officials.

Page 4Six T HE S T A R Friday, February 14,'7p
CRICKET England Wins Final Test Do you know that during the Dread
England won the sixth and final business, I asked Premier Patrick
test match against Australia at ~~ot'that inasmuch- as he had asked
Melbourne by an innings and four runs the general public to cooperate with
to give them thefi only win in the him, it would be good for him to ask
series. Australia had regained the the Opposition to talk to the:.ation
Ashes. by the end of the 4th test: on Radio Dominica.
,match with a 5-nil lead. Final He agreed with me. He would ask
standings:- Australia 4, England 1. & Miss M.E.Charles or the Leader of the
one match drawn. Opposition (Mr'. Moise) to 'speak. over
SAustralia batted first on a damp the air-. Up to now this has not been
strip and were bowled out for the done.
lowest total in the series, 152. The It would be good for your Readers
man mainly responsible for the damaa to k ow that the Opposition-had. put
Peter Lever 6/58, and Chris, Old chip- a Motion to the House,asking Premier
ped In with 3/45. Grieg 1/34,.. lan P.John to call back Mr. LeBlanc to
Chappel-l 65. give an account of .the bad state in
England in their turn.at the which he put Dominica and .hen ran
crease amassed the.-highest score of awayY The Speaker of the House, en-
the entire series, 529, with centur- couraged by the Premier, disallowed^
ies coming from skipper Mike Denness the Motion. They didn't even allow it
a and Keith Fletcher, and T. Grieg 89. to go before the House. Is it too
Max WValker 8/144. much to say that the Speaker -and ,the
Australia in their 2nd innings Premier are quite satisfied with what
started well) reaching 274/3 by the Mr: LeBlanc has done?
end of the 4th day. By lunch on the Many people are asking me if it is
final day they had lost,3 more wick- true that after Premier Joh. knew that
ets. Soon after luach they were all Government was bankrupt,-yet he could .
Dismissed for 373. Grieg Chappeljl give 1Uir. LeBlanc $13,000 on account of
'-10o, I.Redpath 83, McCosker 76 and $64,000 said to, be claimed by Mr. Le-
I.Chappell 50. .For England, T+Grieg Blanc foT his gratuity.
4/88, P.Lever 3/65 and G.A Arold 3/88 'Iith all this; Madam, I was, glad to
FOOTBALL -In the Harlem off season hear that the people from one end to
league, K-Hides defeated Loubiere 5 the other of Dominica are saying that'
goals tone. Thursday 13th Februar they are not asking for Barabbas this
Bath Road, who had scored 19 goals time and crucify the innocent, for the
in two matches.,brought their tally Mosaic veil that.was on their eyes at.
to 24, when chief rivals Cornwall the last election is torn from top to
Street were soundly thrashed 5 goals bottom. There must be a change. Mr.
to one. Wilfred "Fox"l Dontfraid., John must surely have heard this ru-
netted all 5 goals for' Bath Road. mour all over Dominica it is time
The league continues tomorrow forr.him .to tell us over the radio ...
The Windsor Park off season league The people are also asking why .there
is expected to start tomorrow with are still, except for some hasty mends,
a parade of teams,.and addresses by for Carnival) so: many potholes in the
various personalities.- Twelve teams streets of Roseau. The answer is that
are expected.,to participate, when Leu-.anc & his Ministers saw thee
------- wonderful piece of work that the
C A R N .1 V A L PRIZEWIM~IES Freedom Parcty did at Long Acre, they
Calypso XKing -- Lord Solo (see p.1) they were jealous of the hands-and
Carnival-Queen Marie Louise Rock brains of the Freedom Party and took
Band'of the Year -"Nature.by Night" all street work away from them.-E.C.L.
lst(a production of St.Martins School, ...
2nd "Millionaires of the Ages". PORTSM1OUTH CARIIVAL: the girls were
Brd",Harvest of Gold'! (D. Doctrove) judged on beauty rather than for elab
orate costumes, as heretofore. The de-
Road March King Lord Chicki for cision was warmly endorsed by crowds.
his "If' you lash the Cat Lord Dyna won %he crown for his calyp-
S the Cat will lash you back" -a so "Tell me Why you declare a State of.
scathing expose' of youth's dilemmas. e Sool ca eIl.
We should welcome the written words n eiciie free restv
of leading calypsoes &aa loan of Marie Loluise Rock's photograph for print
:Printed and.Published by the Prpri'e:tbr RE.A Jfr.ey, of Copthall Mill House
a-t 26 Bath Road, Roseau, .Dominica,' West Indies.