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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 11-22-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs.. ane LO r TI1IAL, Librarian,
jResearch Inctitue for the study of inan
162 East 70 Streeot,
New Yorl 10021 ITY. U.S.A. "; 1"
I-,i. '," n eryA.ri_?' cStam .. .': .. ....
'.,!'! Kroe-f *..-fHiof'i svj. g1%K
j S ^;;^^ ,.^< '* "-j **i* D 4,.:'

~ii~ -


S" i ".L-si.ting DOfMIN.CA
* -": *',Nev. 24( Su1 -28.
Lerd Segml,& M.P.a
S gho ] sfLo se, Mar tron
- nd Gran ..


S,; h,-.rs of debate on Tuesday,. "an
Act . i .., for the suppression
of .-i.. abolished rc, unlawful, pur-.,.
po.s,. arid r the bfi er preservation' of
.. '-'l- -",y, '1 ~-',ic order and public ,
.... r:ei.:d the support of both
," .' of hr Houose of Assembly.
A : -'.:': l.:., reluctance in the remarks
of ".ne mr: vbr., showed the dilemma they'
,' in they wanted- to stamp out vio-.
;..: and inumidation, b u t they ha d
srave .!, about the possible uses of
Such an A:c:, and at least three of. them.
-- ed by Hon:Eugenia. Charles said iP
must ,xt stand on the Statute Book one
day long.r.ihan is necessary,, because it
Sa .Fn rrsion o0 a fundamental. right..
amendment to the Corporal Punish-
mran i bo![ion. Act did NOT receive the
support o'f w o i important Members or
the -*.use- Leader of the Opposition
a'-e and Ho-. Eugenia Charles, who
Sas we do) resisted the reintroduction of
..a. ,:.. ji.: al horror, the cat-o'-nine-
-,,. Flog;ging or whipping can again b
..d a Court of Law tor 8 types or
:', e.s: (the Amendment to the Act was

In a good and factual speech which did
TIC -"'are even members of his own esta-
lr ie, : Premier John presented the
case .. 'mn the DreadIs a d in f wbur of,'
.-i.-. ; unlawful groups, "We shall
,,,: fire with fire- guns with guns..,'
MoreI onT ',h- House' p4

SIhp ,Prence (Pastor} aid4, a-nil wish through
tbii medium, to thank 4ll who sent flowers,
'wr aths. cards, and al otherOs wbo im anv other
-',,havew expressed tbei' kindneia at the be-
i ,"Ma,.'r I of Helen Prince.

j l r r V ....

St q o rte-democratize t h e
DoSaiica Banana Growers As-
isction have now bee taken~
S Growe will be represented
on thel Maneagement C ommMIttee
and PKt Stevens' mrn ion calling
for lan iqiay into the banana
S/ ndisty was, passed in the
/ Houe.

I------ 9.'. -----

A Lot it Fond Coli
For PaticJlars
Appy to
CilmA A.AL Dpipy; Chambers,
20 hsnva $, et, Roseau.


......ed dd

1 I -


''.^*a.M'-^*^^ irt.'jaEfflaK'fa'ttsifc itfaa-re sssaw^vasaiKisiSMsSwmf-^w-

At' the close of the lot case in "The
most unusual Asize "- which lasted 8
weeks and one day- instead of the usual
thank you address to. rsvirg Juries, His
Honour Mr. Justs J.D.B. Renwick
(speaking in very sombre tones) said:
'There have ..been aegations which
have been published for all the world to
see, in a, document headed "Under-
ground", of very. far reaching consequen-
ces, and more recently .(very recently) in
a document calling it Twavay" dated,
Nov. 1,3th, 1974.
I would like to read two extracts. Under
*Post Trial Event*in Twavay (page 2):
5/Tue./AM The Uadergroun," patm
phlet ndiculing Judges bias, Jury s ir-,
respousibiriy, and Police frame-up of
Trotter appears.

r ,oveder- M0. "19 4; ,

- PH Y L L 4

i-i i .T __- - frlCS ,,%71vA

PAP Two T HE. ST A Friday, iovemer 2,1'97r
Under'"Local Wn'._avay page: 7, Judge Renwici quoted; "The judge
could have spent his time doing something, else id tead of rail-roading
the jury. He is paid approximately $1,500 umon4 by the government.
What if he didn't convict? Imagine $1,500 va thb-life of Desmond Trotter.
Isn't that cold-blooded murder: for selfish and narrow economic interests?"
."Tbia to my knowledge is the first time," continued Judge Renwick
gravely, "that I have been accused of murder."
He then quoted further from the document Twavay such as "the people
are the final judges, not Judge Renwit-cor money puppets or the CID or
the cowboy court system."
The Judge went on: "I am deeply concerned about the administration of
justice in Dominica. As far as I am aware, all judges are subject to
criticism; but criticism is one thing character-assassination is another^
I have been minded to use the powers which' I think the Court has to
punish on my own motion any contempt of Court."
Mr. Justice Renwick then citied extracts from Balogh v. The Crown
Court at St. Albans:( 1974,3 All-England Reports) page 285:
"Lord Denning, Master of the Rolls, says this:
'Gathering together the .experience of ths past, then (whatever expression
was used) a judge of one of the. Superior.. Court or a judge of Assizes
could always punish summarily on his own motion for contempt of court
where ever there was. a gross-interference with the' course of justice in.
a case that was being tried or about to be trite, or just over --no
matter whether the Judge saw it with his own eyeflgor it was reported 'to
him by the Officer of the Court or by others whenever it was urgent
and imperative to act at once.'
Then he (Lord Denning) goes on: 'this power of summary punishment is
a great power but it is a necessary power. It is gtvam so as to maintain
the dignity and authority of the Court and to ensure a fair trial. It
is to be exercised by the Judge of his; own motion only when it is urgent
and imperative to act immediately so as to maintain the authority of. the
Coutt and prevent disorder, to enable witnesses to be free from fear
and juries .ieImproper influence and the like."
As I have said, 'a judge should act of his own motion only when it is
urgent and imperative to act immediately. In all other cases he should not.
take it upon himself to move. He should lave it to the Attorney-General
or to the Party aggrieved to make a motion in accordance with the rules in
R.S.C. Ord. 52. .The reason, is so that -he should.not appear to be both
prosecutor and judge: for that is: a role which does not become hinm well.
Judges should not hesitate to exercise .the authority they inherit
from the past. Insults are best treated with disdain save when''they
are gross and scandalous..
Judge Renwick then observed that Lord, Justice Stephenson and
L.J. Lawson concurred with Dennihg's view in the same case.
Then the Domiiicsa Supreme Court Judge added the following significant
-final wwords:-
"I have taken this unprecedented step because I am genuinely con-
cerned with the administration of justice in Dominica, I am here asking
that all the members of the Bar should join with me in trying to uphold
the dignity of the Court.
I am a firm believer that once this Court is destroyed, nothing,
can save. us, "





AT .
&C O. LT.





Pagen our-T E FTATrldn v, NovInhr P, 1974
SUPPRESSION OF DREADS ACT (from pL.l) Fiction MA TITINE Cynthia Watt
It was gratifying that some essen- Baby dropped in, as usual on a wet
tial Opposition amendments were ac- clismal day. "Come to give an account of
cepte d during this session: example, your stewardship?" laughed Ma Titine,.
Section 13 of the "Prohibited Socie- "Come to cheer you up -- I see you
ties Act was completely deleted -- doan even have radio playing Baby re-
it gave the Minister undue power to plied. "Come on, les drop all serious
amend the legislation just passed,, thought foh now an tink about Chrissmass-
Again, an arrested member of an un- try to make ours bright as befoh. An
lawful association shall be brought Gco.elia weddin almost on us! Have you
before a magistrate within 48 hours -bought a present yet?"
not just at the first opportunity. Ma Titine was afraid to say that
Perhaps the most important amendment she hadn't bought a present in case the
was the insertion of the word 'un- wedding didn't come off at the last mo-
lawful' before 'objective', referring month. She just put a. finger in her month
to the definition of groups to be and seemed to ponder.
proscribed. *Do the public realise "It's all right for you, Baby, you
that it now isn't unlawful for any don't have family abroad to miss. But
person to kill or injure any member my heart is in three pieces --here, and
of an unlawful association or socie- with Garge and with Eurilla and them..,
ty who is found in any dwelling house Anyway, tell me what you had in mind to
whether by day or night? do at Christmas?"'
It is still a sad, wretched, i- Baby stretched out her legs. "Well,
It is still a sad, wretched, il- was tinkin.,.remembah de Chrissmas
liberal Act, forced upon Dominicans.emembh de Chissmss
by-circumstances; we hope the circum- Pahty we deed give de pore people? ell
stances will quickly alter so that it wy ot giv cm one again? If you
enersed y Wso F agree, I will supply a beeg torkey. Eggs
may be erased. WHOSE FAULT? is scarce rong town nut as you know Qm
The Freedom Members blamed the fowls. really do well an I sell eggs foh
Government for its earlier-incitement so. So dat is my geeft foh de pore. I
to class and racial hatred; Govern- will use dat money an buy a beeg torkey.
ment (with Hon.T.Etienne as main Wat you say?"
spokesman on this point) countered Ma Titine reminded her that last
with the old 16th De cember bogey.:as Christmass the party had been provisioned
the inspiration to' indiscipline! And by a Government Minister! However they
those two freelancers R.O.P.Armour both put their heads together, making
an-. Pat Stevens added their quota of up a list of what was needed. Then
strong criticism. The debate will be Baby said: "Now we must put an advert(
broadcast after editing by Speaker. isment in de STAR. You know bettah how
Two Acts concerning the Police to write it out."
were passed: pensions or gratuitous Ma Titine did this and Baby said she
payments for Special Constables and would drop it at the office.
pensions for their .Vependants if the "Tell them it is for four issues...
S.P.s were killed on duty fair four weeks," Ma Titine told her.
enough, QUESTIO1NS "An I self will go wrong and check up)
In the main the answers were not on de guests. It have moh pore people
replies at all. Most pathetic was dis yeah dan ever befoh! "
failure of public assistance for 7 "So clon't over-invite," said Ma Tit-
weeks why? "Because of a cash lim- ine sagely. IAn she added "Baby, I
station on the Ministry concerned at know you like weeding your yard, but
the time...payment-by Fri.November 15.'t look what happen to Mrs. Daphne Agar
What about the $13,500? A persistent when she was gardening all alone -
supplementary from Miss Charles eli- two men with guns and masks threatened
cited the fact that Mr. Eustace Fran- her anc maao her give up her money -
cis got $2,000 to l.ad the Sept.Oct $25 then they sneaked upstairs to
(Court) Sessionsl the first reply trap her with her overseer's cash -
just fobbed. it off! Pressed for a a whole Y200 and they shoot off to
breakdown of PWD expenditure on oils scare her! Be careful with your egg,
and fuels, the Premier said: "The way moQIy:-,
the Public Works operates, we can't HMS ESKIMO: Portsmouth people much
give an answer."* Bath Estate Housiq: enjoyocL the visit of this fine ship
Nov.10-13.Officers & crew had a good
--project "will be considered by CDB time 'n to 1,n on the beach. They
at Directors mooting in .Deconber.. onteorainou "VPs" on board.

PxvlF Fi" H TR av~sr2~~~



Make You* XMAS Cheerful
Meaningful the HALLMARK


.Shop at


6 Uppr Lank-.

+34 -,4

..... .... ....I.. N :: C E....

tify i-h pnera's pubic thar mry wife Lonisma
Wijiat` aez Gceoriz hvipg ,eft my borne and
priectio on Saturday' August 24th 197,4, I
a tr longer responsible f.tr a debts or com-
--, -- ..- .

V pj

forqualit ,
and alue



T-; J
rjn ': o P\ Pnhinevk one grape

M'iC Which acCOUnb!, !'\ 1P hIn quaiil^.
! U` JL ){[iLk, _d

SchedMo f Aipokatlof for C DPana of tbe & #aUREbrem
Covemr for 23rdo y of ^mber 7

Aqueiisit dated
the 18tb day
of November
the 9tgh day
of Novear.b Vr,
at 3,30 jm.


Aug ustut
by her Solicitor
Cilma A M
Dupr Rjiv

or Ce.rfftgMe. of Ttt v.
tP4og thWtPOr or citfxi^.
Request for the -ama
o.f a Fir~t Certifirate
of Ttie in rezpepft of
a portion of Ila..d i
the Townr of RoMa
n th O Statf of ow.j
square feet &int bAouf
dcid k foitowt: |

Noinrh"Eat bf a Right of way separating it from Sanc of Mgtono
neot Colebrook Naorth.We. by i of of gac.nne Ca
"Y r 4
Brook. s-uth Cas by over S'e t Sout, W& by (and at

Request dated Jeangn Dublin Request for the i5tei
the 13th day personal repro of a First Cerifiicat*
of October isetative of of ittle iv respect 04f'
19.74 ,. Thomaxs Andrew a port)sn 4f an ,.' .
Prentte'd f deceased Mahait in the Paroe
the I tht day iby her Souictor of St Paul, ii, thf..
of Novemnbar,., Ciia A M State o Dominka e'an
S. Dupiginy taminr 920 swqure
" 1 .A & m. feet ant bou *
Not th"ast isy a PubfIC K ad South East by a .rght 0'
wDy senara.ftg ft from t.wd of M??thidd Ltidsay Nii
West by !an4 of Gal.vav *oetph S iBth Woe rp lans of
V.rette S smma

qu e ce EPHRAIM I, I ; "-SZJ
(Uiesu. *J C. rst. of Tie. |
NCO>U. Af,$- person wfw desires to Object Wo -the ',r g 1i
Carie of tris an th e ati qphciaoMstay entr a .
in *" ovq ofice ith w x weeks frm the diite 4f tht- ".
prarHsc &f r sri like STAK Nov*papcr tbik~ei.o
inm th Srtate or frcmn the date whiet the nontcx prsscrFbA e
iw was ast served on awy owner or occupter of ady
rit. in vspecn of wifeit the ia.piIcatew is we* 31.


Headaches, Neuralgia., Wbeumatic Pains
Pe odicc pains, Deanta Pain- All Yield to

THE tablet with THE POWER go stop i,-.v
Ila pes oft 20 tabletss at 85c. and
conamiers of 5o tables at xi.66

The Dominica Dispensary Co. Lt
San Distrbutors

AV -

Gium ~awik

- _- _1_._- -M


Fniva. *ovwewbsw 22f !:.'4

Pa t Fiws


CA -N--D I-D.-'. .O..M J.L -.T S.. --_-.r.imr. School leaving Results:. ':
by W.S. Stevens '. (continued frm -ft issue).
What concerns the layman is two things, probably three: (i)' The-Enrol. ..
ment figures at' each .school and (i'i) the number of pupils who reach the-
School. Leaving .standard. and. have received the course after ten years of-
schooling under -indifferent conditions. The number of passes should not
worry ..edcators, parents or..publlic, seeing that if a ptpil is -inspired he
will continue, hdisor .her education -. "the habit of mind of the eternal student"
Education Officers should spAend mo e.' time supervising teaching methods
of Junior Teachers. given large classes..(yihich Principals neglect) instead -of
collecting and compiling intricate datt~86i compulsory, and optional subjects,
subject passe e .
,It' is very ple-ar that the few pupid}s 'reaching the School Leaving stahda,.rd
are often handicapped: in their7 earliest'school years through inefficient
teaching, Principals .of schools feel- they are not pagd to supervise -and in-
struct .the human raw material appointed tq: assi-st in their schools. *
'Training College. Teachers should be given, travdl.-time and-allowances to go
out and give. some help and direction to'u4trained teachers in schools.-
Gping through the maze of statistical :,in the School Leaving Results issued
reeently,, I have not seen Civics taught iin our Primary Schools. I know I 'iam -
always told "You ,were theree. As Inspectdr of Schools I;secured a textbook
on CiVics. usd. in St, ;Lc;ia, and;Mr,. O.A1 YValker (then Chief Education'Officer) 6
introduced the subject into the schools, ,;A revised edition was also issued. "C
Unless pupils know how Government is run, 'also how it gets and spends its -
monpy,. 'cuts". and P'bribe.s" and, t"btobo"',will increase and pa3rsites will' con-
tinue to.. flourish in high,places ..,W.e mtst educate f6r society or perilh.
My last word is Character Training in. all -schools. Some call it ."Mordl
Instruction" --. a term not ch-rished by our so-called modern educators..-
SBoys. and girls must receive direct instruction about th p'itfallsof a
society becoming more corrupt and cruel everyday. Thee children should not''-5e
left to. be instructed only when an evil thing occurs. They should be shown'
thbl'eyil consequences of ba~, trends..before they are enveloped in the ort of '
atmosphere which corrupts, our youth at ll: levels today.
'The "educators"' who 'advocated free discipline 1ind let-thigstake-wh.t-
course-they-will are to blame. for our plight to.dy,' Some of them have admitted-
their mistake. What was; wisely said was "Train up a. child in the way it should
go...NOT in the Way it is. inclined to go." (Italics mine) -- W.S.S.


The son of a well-known Kittitian
(who was a British Liberal M.P. in.;his
time) has just .published a book which
is, said to be one- of.-thae.funniest ,
tales; since -.v.lyn Waugh's IDclihe..and
Fall. -
The. authorr as Humphry Berkelet a
Tory MP. Who joined the Labour,&Party'
after .he successfully piloted a contro-.
versial.,-Bill through the House, and ,
Sost his Conservative seat -as a result.
be new-.leems-e-o have pht-ab 'ide-polftica.
for'writing, following a spell with the
U.iN.' Association and other, occupationEs,
His booX is called "The Life and
Death of R0cheater Sneath" and relates
a hoaxing joke invented by Humphry'
when, an undergraduate. He pretended
he wa-s the headmaster of a fictitious
public school-- Selhurst-- giving 'a
fairly convincing address, and signed
letters to variiQus,prqminent persons

In our view, several of the ques-
tions were hot answered,at all,'
save wherb supplemehtarie,t' extra.o-'
ted .a b-it more information from. th ..
Minister concerned. '-
One such questionn conrerned'theT "
provision of continued medial 'ser-A
voices at Ga'nidbay .a A repyti
aL Doctor was staying on -.:on a'month-.
to month-basis an'd-.that "efforts
are being made"-'is n6t strictly a
reply, (More P.4s o*1 page 4.)

under the surname Sneath,' congratu-
-lating some, advising others,, posing
his 'school problems' and so on.
The book tells how these indivi-
duals responded and how: in the end
Sneath_.had to be put away,.."There
is- a laugh on every page," says the
New Statesman of.this hilariodus ook.
We don't-doubt it.-,:

Pa e -i'iv

V Iy l 16'. 1
AlvuIJ L. .Pag Seven

Page Seven

On Tuesday 20th,November, the team As all can see, the crisis with
for the.1974,".pham Football Tourna- fuel (especially kerosene) is long-
ment which .will be held in St. Lucia lasting and. may-one day come to.stay.
as from December 1 was released over Then, could not Dominica, a sugar-
the local radio station. Notable. om- cane groWitu. as well as rum-producing
missions from the. 15 named are : country, provide a substitute? .
Herminus Emanuel and Wilfred Dontfraid The distilled by-product called
both of Harlem.iRoveras, two of the best =tfogene is' freely used in Guadeloupe
forwardsmen in the State and Fitz as a domestic fuel, being, locally
Henry 16f Kensborough United who suf- produced along with aledbol in the
feared' a' leg injury in the very first big sugar ;actories. Pirog is 'used
match of the league. The team reads*. for short cooking as making coffee,
M.ales, I.-Banoit,-D.Dewhurst, C. or chicken noodle soup for an invalid
Elwin, O.Grell, O.Joseph, A.Lawrence, or warming the baby's food. In fact,
J.Lawrence, J.Lewis, G.Mondesire, R. piro-ene proves a great help in thd
Murphy, V.Rene, A.Solomon, C.Steber sick-rodmn.
and R.Williams. Yet, 'iR times of kerosene shortage
Meanwhile, Kensborough United has as happess'now, it could take its-
won the Under-16 Youth Footballfp9-H place in. the kitchen. Only, it woulo
scored. by the Youth Development bivi- call fo specially built burning ves-
sion, when they defeated lt runner- sel or apparatus, which is sold every-
up DG,-35-nil on Tuesday 19 Nov. in the .-where that this fuel is produced,
finals of the competition. Saints & Why con't our local sugarcane mille
SMA are 24d & 3rd runner sup respect- contact the French islands on this."'
ively. 1ETBALL: For the first time needed piirogene project? M.C
in 2 years, a netball league got under .
way but Ifad to come to a speedy end I.DI3 CRITICISM by Hugh, Lawreh!e
because 'of rain. Eight teams regis- When the, Rosalie bridge was opened."
tered in the off season league which I efmemember Mrj Lovelace who was Admin.-
started with a Colours -vs Whites match istrator at the time, saying that' this
at the Winidsor Park on Monday, No'v~18. bridge h-sa hacl plenty ok criticism ty
CRICKET: VICTORIES ON TOUR lay people He really meant that our
This week MCC and the West Indies lay people. 'seem to know more about
touring teams to Australia and India civil engineering than those who are
respectively registered their first qualifiedC. He went on to say that "the
wins on tour when they defeated New people who like to criticize, if.they
South Wales & South Zone respectively, had a chance to see the amount of mis-
Mike DenDess won the toss for MCC and takes he makes in his office, he would
seit f'in New South Wales to bat. .They. have no peace,
amassed 338 with test player I. Davis. This kincl of engineering work'jis
Topscoring 'with 91. MCC replied with one that is alwao-s -exposed. The Mini-
d brisk 339/7 dec].; Keith Fletcher 791 ster of C & W'at the. time when t.he
and Tony Griog 70. New South Wales in bridge was built, and who wa-s only a
their 2nd innings were bundled out for headteacher, helped a great deal in
181 and MCCOidn.-d tjansiSy4Veast In- this criticism. However time has
dies in their match against .South Zone. proved that Mr. -ughes was correct in
were blasted for 313/5 by the eonc of. his plans ,'We can still say to him
Sthe 1sf' day -- test. batsmen Vishwanath "Bravo HuHgh*" H.L.
114 & Patel 106 n.o., main-., .gote. -Ar R T ,t TS CC -- At th
West Indies by the end, of .the 2nd cday ed O ,,t h Ts CRICpET At the f
had replied with 5337/1; Alvin Kalli- .st match between the West ndie frst
charan 151,:'Leonard BaichVn 114 no. Ist match etn the West Indies.&
G. Greenidge retired hurt 55 out of an India played at Bangalore, West Indies
opening q-tt5:r'f"75;. L.Rowe 15 no. were .212/2 after being put in to bat
On the 3rd and final day, South Zone's by the Nawab of Pataudi, India's skip-.v,
captain the Nawdb of Pataudi (India's. -per. Gordon Greenidge run out for 9,3
new captain Ajit Wadekar's replace- and V.Richards 04; Fredericks 23 re- -,
meant) declared at 186/8. West Indies tired hulpt after twisting an ankle and
set to score 163 for victory got the ot-lic a,_n 64 loyd the
Segu red -runs, in 78 mi.autes for the lows "- eyiltUe C.Lloyd 79n.o
Sa lichaaran'44.n. .o,**TO GOODWILL CATHOLIC: Your le ter will appear nxt wk.Ed.

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