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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 11-15-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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jane 1UJLI1M'L1 1" y V 3RfH TITUTE
Research nstx iu for 'tOROF L- -iTUTE
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ev "10021 ', 974 ,CA YORK, Y 10021 .
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f.'; *. ..'s" 'i .: -"". ^ "r i: ds5 t ". ,
" z art' ~n we. h us is- "A-ces ad some
o"':" *.. :...w defcta.C with s$lOgans' in B.
hr-t,'^ r".' T'ei pav :tr deziar:n'oz "Free Desmond
T... r ree -sa-ror :" bhe, dark ours of
i.* % :i t: ro;C. :vcr :bc T.- n r Trial r' -
Sau .. R eaw u r r:. crene torn
bb71 "ngm fUds t c' la'ontragues 'and

.... v. :d ',R; .:-,ild be s'i opposing faction
'p p ,r: ..er..:s'.. and this tise wihrb ,
,iaii pi-i. .:.'tcj for thie wumtnediare hanging of

T. P.--a Bakn of CaSada building has
it graoiti si'., nOt so much be
.. o. bo.l3.sie fe"el- .es, but .because it provides
Sa.- -: *.-. ,SU ae at white wall space.

A M"'tob.. ch. r rupi babfi fe. raponsle :&
iiC s uncertair The red slogans may Jhavei. beeO
;ae by genui-e Fronter supporters bur populaIr
.r.piniof is divided on the origanamrs of the blat
.'..:.;,- I ,s -is .possible tha both se of slo-
*ace arif mfo" 0a va ourc.z ad that the pe,
thc of Domirns oae beiijg used sa gu-nes pigs in
ian csperiwI 0nI POicalC3 SciucC
'Three voung cot a weret ar-eted inGcWod-
wit' asrfter cai'dnrint o Tueav 'They were-
.Id-Jedd :ojbave been caught by. Police printing
fro TO' ri._.!ogabs tO a wall Bil was granted


Resuluio- in the House P; 3

To give an account of his ste,
e.ardship -

This Motion was disallowed
(rejected) by the Speaker be
forehand as we learn when.
gsng .to press,,

'I, Idart4i DavIs Pierre

The an of Singing seems lost to Daminick
Gone forever are the days yhen one recaltibe
voices, to mcntuon but a few,7Mrs. \tabel Bridge-
water, Mrs Howard ShillJagfrd. Miss Marie
Latortnch anid Mrst Elbce Beilor: I. was # oiea-
sure radi:c :o bear them w g in the CburtcIh a6d
at concerts The development of those voroes wse
s a dii ct result of the type of music they were
exposed to m their early childhood. But today we
are told' hat the slave mstcri forced tbeir cul-
lure on tUi and that we were braiwashed into
t .m. that the culture and mucI- of out Colo-
a past are the bestm So ini order wtO -rid our
serves of those ides we are now btsinwashcd
iato thinknb.g rhat all the .loud and -.ichy
noims we hear over our Caribbean Radio Sta-
donis and nern'music' is West India; and we
go so far as to call it: good music and sinpag
But the question is by what do we udge our stan-
duard? Whai a our crtria? -
We rdon t ver yet k**ow inhr sart. We ue a
Ilto" 'op'p, a e 'reggae a tie 'clsvpo t.'sti't 'fa l
ton'" and we have noc y)c niet Me 'i t-r.'I )matnican pet
pour'l of the whole thing. Where ar Im jr doctors of intu-
sic' And flow aware of this we are. I nce our musical ex-
aminationre adjldticated by the very colonials whose mu-
tic wet spurn, and we feel proud when wv. itood in 3ar hands
their Certificate from iht Royal School of uati' We,-c
ony' faWhio* our music by uunsg the-s-tanards alread- y d -
Ceptri world-wilde, f then wt say that ,,e want our umlu-
sic to be' more relevaht to our wayi flte, what then is
the standard wt have se for us to acnievc this eIml We
ese tba.revergroping In the dark Anvthinm medocre
wams to satisfy vs. We don't look for cone and quality in
the voce but rather the loudest screech. vben we hper
a trained voice: we seem. to lma It among the funnisdlt-f
Itaghtlt. smt often cr'istir it. This Is sad buot true.

A Lot at Fond Cole
For Particulars
Apply to
Cilma M.Dupigny, Ch bers
20 a snover Street, Roearau.
*i 1'' : 't .y3-q

. 4., R.4 E & Supp Kn -St
S*. .- .

SI. -V. R iav November 15 19 74

THE ART OF SINGInG. AjD GOOD MUSIC by Marie Davis Pierre kfr_._l)
We all agree that a. child should be taught the basic- standard music at
school and 'that the gadio as a medium of education, should complement this.
But what happens over Radio Dominica? We are hit day and night with one
type of music., as though we are in some boxing ring, Spooge, Rock and
Reggae and so the child becomes a little confused in his mind as he hears
nothing of what he is taught at school: and this lack of varied selection
handicaps the child in his endeavour to build up quality, because he lacks a
basis for comparison. Is there any wonder then that today we are inclined
consistently to listen and enjoy only one kind of music --that which we call
local? How unfortunate this is when we consider that we are being deprived
of the greater interest and enjoyment that exposure to a wider variety of
music would bring. We also tend to think that such local music has quality
while the music we are not familiar with lacks quality and expression. And
how far wrong we are. But until we have contact with. other music we will
never be able to improve the standard of our local music, but rather remain
in a musical rut.
The muaic that is truly West Indian is Steel drums and Calypsos. Hasn't
the, Trinidad Steel Harmonic Orchestra proved to the world that in order to
reach a standard they must be versatile? One does not just blow or beat an
instrument or sing as loud as he can and. call it music. There are various
modulations in music, apart from the art itself, and this is what makes
musical sounds pleasant and not jar on' the ears. It has been proved that ex-
oessive loudness of rock music damages the ears permanently and loud 'singing:
damagess the vocal chords, but here there is always constant rivalry between
the voice and the instruments. When it is discovered that one requires real
gut-s, rather' than quality,, to get in the limelight over Radio Dominica,, then.
there is no need to attain a. standard., It was not so long ago that a Music
examination was held in bominica and we 'all felt proud of the results, which
ranged from-the lowest Grade I to the highest Grade V. The examination was
based on the same standard which we are' now being brainwashed to think dif-
ferently about. 'After the -hara work, that ,as put in by the pupils and their
teachers no one ever gave thought to highlighting their efforts and bringing
their art to the forefront over the Radio so that others might be- encouraged
to follow their example. On the contrary, what we heard highlighted over
Radio Dominica was a talent show with two female vocalists and when I heard
the quality of the renditions of those two female vocalists I realized then
that the art of singing was lost in Dominica. I am sure-that those two girls
love music and so I would like to suggest to them that they must listen to
quite a different type of musical programnne if they want to achieve a stan-
dard in singing. Talent is like a rare jewel which must be polished to bring
out its true colours; it will never shine: in its. raw state.
In the other Caribbqan islands Music is. of a very high standard. They
have various outstanding choirs,, but here in Dominica little do we know that
we are now creating a-gap in music in our present generation which the next
generation will have. to.bridge just as we are, at present trying to bridge the
gap th-,` now. exists between grown-ups and the youth. We hear today that our .
Educational system is not relevant to our society. In like manner the chil-
dren will soon say that the music they are forced to learn for exams-is not
relevant to. our society since Spooge, Rock, Soul and Reggae are given the
highlight: of the day.
I wish-to say to all those who aro interested in standard music to
always persevere, for a prophet is never honoured in his country. M.D.P.

Another Quotation from Psychplogist KENnTH B.CLARK from THE PATHOS OF POWERS
To the extent that the Negro succeeds in freeing America from the
shackles of trying to keep his people in. an inferior position, the Negro will
help America to escape from the deadening mediocrity which now seems to en-
anare it. It should now be clear, that the Negro -intellectual cannot
acquiesce to the acceptance; of the limited goals of racial integration.

P3 T~f \r'

Friday, November 15. 1974 T H E S T A R Page Three___.,
--------- Miss Barbara Patterson, Regional
Tabled by THE OPPOSITION for the Field Director for the Caribbean Terri-
next' meeting of the HOUSE OF ASS- stories, in Maternal & Child Health,
EMBLY 19th November, 1974 (Tues.) Family Planning and Nutrition was here
WHERwA Edr-ward. Lblano in 1968 last week in a follow-up visit -- from
"WHEREAS Edward Lblac inse 1968 the Caribbean Working Party held in
was asked to reign because he and Barbados, May 1974.
his Goverment had enacted lawsion Dominica's representative to the Work-
AND WHERinthe ConEwartiLeblanc rtuetion ing Party was Miss Virginia Austrie of
AND WHEREAS Edward Leblacted o refused Castle Bruce (whom Miss Patterson met
and stated he was elected to rule here also). She is a Registered Nurse
for five years sad rule he must for Midwife.
the full five years Miss Patterson had discussions with
AND WHEREAS after the 1970 elec- Br. Dorian Shillingford (Chief Medical
tions Edward Leblanc stated that he' Officer) in the Ministry; also Dr.Bernard
had again been elected by the major- Sorhaindo, Obstetrician and Gynaecologis4
ity of the people to rule for a fur- Princess Margaret Hospital; members of
their five years the Staff of the Obstetric Unit, Matron,
AND WHEREAS the said Edward Le- Vermalen (midwifery tutor) and
Sister Vermaelen (midwifery tutor) and
blanc has failed .to serve the five Miss Marjorie Joseph who assists in the
years term but has qyit without school as well; also other members of

giving t WHERE pblic any reason left the the hospital, oven some not directly
AND WHEREAS he has left the connected with maternal and child hJalth.,
State in a .dire economic situatii Miss Patterson was, able to pay a visit
with a mountain of debts and prala0 sto Miss Aramintha Thomas. (Superintendent
Which are almost insurmountable by of Nurses) and found her talk with Miss
the forces of law and order : Thomas very profitable. Other members
BE IT RESOLVED that the said of the Health Care Services whom she
Edward Leblanc be .brought before would have liked to have met were busy
this Honourable House to give an with other meetings.
explanation of h is resignation and Miss Patterson has this to say of the
to give an account of his mal- Obstetric Unit:-
administration. That the keen interest shown in the
__________ care of the patients, in quality, effi-
ANOTHER RESOLUTION FOR THE HOUSE ciency and team spirit showed clearly
n OT e B O n Ts that progress in the Department was an
on The Banana Industry asset to all in Dominica. She feels
presented by PAT STEVENS, Member for that the dynamic, yet unassuming Dr.
the North Eastern District: :Bernard Sorhaindo who has contributed
REA the Banana Industry is greatly to the architecture, academic
hEREAS the Banana Industry isn side, quality patient-care, and above all,
the major enterprise in Dominica creating the right democratic milieu with
ANreD Wnot sEREA conditions prevailing allconcerne, is exemplary among the
are not satisfactory to the producers ~ other personnel met with in the
BE IT RESOLVED that the Govern- Caribbean.
ment conducts an enquiry immediately The model health centre as viewed in-
into its operations, as proposed by side, is also significant of that pro-
the Dominica Farmers Union. grossive and consistent improvement in
maternal and child health which is the
READER'S VIEW by Hugh aim of the International Confederation
I Chron: Lawrence of Midwives and joint Study Group, on
"TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED" whose staff Miss Patterson is a member.
We Catholics of Dominica were This was the highlight of her official
greatly shocked and much aggrieved visit to Dominica. She looks forward to
when we learnt about the abuses returning for further follow-up visits
and insults uttered against our be- and is happy with the hospitality of our
loved Dominican-born Bishop Joseph people hero.
Oliver Bowers, S.VQD., J.C.L.D.D., Subsequently Miss Patterson left for
a black brother and the son of an Montserrat to continue a follow-up visit
Antiguan father, -. there.
*This OPP,MOTION, as stated on p.1, was "disallowed" or rejected by SPEAiER.

Paaersu 'r

SnN T4(.B CO ," d.ec.dJrA tht ~i ,VsPrt of 't. is, h.wI acte ultrn vires the Constit-
atnio by e'ntertag upo u ailo pftls n of i:r tot put thorn uanler sugar, TEfhRtvv rnniont wicni-
dod4 the A.t,,givingu tIie inizste nu Imnustry authority to decide whether "i plot of linrd is
s th-t land, if as empowurin)g hima to ta'e it. Before the U aMiebodmt, however, this is
at a thrifty t, i sll farmer lost 0htu his mod was ploughed uz..or:

'M Ot md #IV Qp s I onizeS Mim a" my af t
'Ag -, z: aft, "0.. -q, A&*& SVA"BVf(W QMdae

' -s 'E 1w t w.

2 A-:roSde Times

I &f.4 1ft "bm
t.Us ..q

9 f^? ^sw '?:'A
6 ?.' g.9w .wSTn
4 iteama bfwse

1' sfe- *- w&

1. r; n'v Trt

* S fx'y ~s

P Ankaa tse
S1 CasAiew dee

I tln ereo @
Rom -; Pm.. ifte gp
i ^^ms a.T

CA e

TraiV4f'-: '
Ps ..l


& ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sm [tl&, AA Ai.'.A.' .

On Fri. -.

- 'SaS. i

AD., LTS 2,,<
j .A ItY,- ,.

A:.. an; S'"c ,G s' .* ,. .. *. .. .

S... ,. '" 4 t.'- I .". ' i4A r ,

-, ,, '

A 0 "
'. .- ,

;~, -i P& ; i
S l. . 2 ... d: s < to

. ary Co A .


I .,
imtf itm

Ichttee of Ap~patis Wfr CAea of Tcle & Nmcri *re&r
Caavs. fo g 1d da of Novewmbw W'4 3
p u!w ^srmsa P'reaa Nature oC j F -wt
|? a2 Cartficate of Tide
g Naing thersmo or Caveas

Rteqent date Etien M y
7t0h August ersonal repro
1974 stntative of
Presented Eurinie Casey
29th October U deceased
1974 by het Solicitor
at 10.24 am.1 Vanya.

equest for the issuw
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a lot at LA-
gon, Portsnacuth, in
the Parish of St John
in ithe StatB of Donne

nria containing 1.269 acres andM bowjnded as follws:-
North West: Land of Eugene, Touisaint North East:
Crown iand South Stz: iand f Auguti*ne Avrille
Wet Lwed if Ek L____
:i6h say L Niovember i974

Request dated Ains. Dulhin
the 13tk day personal repre
of October wontative of
i974 Thusa Amdrew
PrF.e J deceased
the I Ith day by her St,)rA
of Noveaibsr, Cian A.M
1974 Du1igny
at 1 L40 a.m.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect af
a portion of lad at
Mahaut in the Paria f
of St PauJ, ia thO
Stat. of Domzniea coo
training 920 square
feet and bounded as
fti6 ws.- U-

I orth-East by' a Public Road South East by a Right of .
way separating it from land of Mathilds Lindsay North
West by afnd ef Gyvan j neh South West by lend 0f
a...... Registrar of 'Iides
| c ",< ,Any p ,w'is dei res to object to the issuwny of
"- 2. -, .- f te o the 3wve aippiicatioimy enter a a
in the jttre ot wihiv ox wfeks from the date of the F'r-
,:- .. ,; h. *h:r'tN A tte STAR Newpape. published
th S,, frnt ti'e dae w4f the notie pre ncrtbed try
'... ist .rw.'d on ny .swrer or occupier of djoinan
S at Asf vwa mis zptadton a made
"wisx sw-ww^ ^^^ ^ ^' '^'" ""' """'' Ili" !! *''""^



';-*' Your: XMAS Cheerful and
5b .i: at

6 Upi- Lane Roseau.




Friday Novemcwb 1.5. 19 +'

P e "Fear

Friday, Novenber 15,. 1974 T E S T A R Page Five
NEW S *M E D.-1 A: 1: The. Press- Fiction MA TITINE .Cynthia Watt
by W.S. Stevens (CANDID COMMENTS) Ma Titine wds so .upset by the condi-
Last week the leading article in tion of the State that she and her
the New Chronicle suggested a get- friends -did nothing at all for National
together of two warring political Day. .They spent the day at Genelia's
facqtore Patrick.John and Ronald in a subdued mood. The gloom of the
Armour --with other gentlemen'to murder trial had thrown a pall -Over the
discuss Dominica's grave problems whole town; the conviction of one and
"over some drinks" (italics mine)., the; acquittal of the' other had caused
I am not inclined to tackle any sec- even further controversy, and people
tion of the press if.it makes a gen- ,went:about the place with a hangdog look.
uine effort to give light and leading -Slogans were splashed around.,
But taking, all things into consider- When on November 53, National Day, a
action, I think the duty of the. press white doctor was attacked and received
is to LEAD and not to joke,., however a wound on the neck, the conjectures
anxious, it may appear to lend support flew wide and wild. The editor of the
,to what sensible people regard as a STAR was hit by a catapult st&ne at -hear
discredited political party or parties home grounds and fell concussed into
the nearby pool...
II: RADIO DOMINICA .Such were the events which befell
Everybody in Dominica heard with National week; no wonder Ma Titine was
dismay What happened to r.McKernzie in no mood to celebrate.
recently at his Mount .St,Mary's. home., Now ,he, 'Baby and Genelia were getting
Some said at first :it wasn't true as up steam over "John's, promised action"
Radio Dominica did'not- announce it, *to put down the Dreads and "radicalism
-After a week, when the good gentle-and. lawlessness." Tough legislation was
man was discharged from the hospital, due in the House on November 19: the
Radio Dominica reports his discharge three. ladies determined to be there. All
with a sort of casual remark on the three of them were partial towards youth,
vicious:attack upon his life and per- though they resented the crime-wave. But
son at a. time of National Day 'ejoic- only one of them (Genelia) thought that
ing, a new rigid law could do the hat or shoe
Dominicans pay for gettinganews trick. The others commented:
from Radio-Dominica, and news in di- ^ILook what Seiashus Ack done to de
luted form, even if it is now a set- newspapah, enh?"
tied matter that. we must have'it in ".'And look what laws, and house imprison-
the most atrocious English which ments did to the Civil Service,' eh-eh?".
makes us; all ,ridiculous and contempt- tacked on Ma Titine,
ible in the eyes of those who hear it These three female wiseheads fell-to
at home and abroad. planning what they would do in the
'* present situation, They had some pretty
good ideas, too.

Thieves broke into the Marigot
Methodist Church on Saturday November
9th, carrying off a large quantity of
harvest offerings. I will. comment. c
briefly later on the absence of police G
patrols to prevent crime.
late Mr. Lester Pearson, then Prime:
Minister of Canada said at the Third (
Commonwealth (1964) Conference in Ot- C
-tawa: "Education is the most important I
subject of our times"
If this were accepted as truth,. the.
1974 School-leaving Results would have
been announQed and published, The Ele-,
mentary or Primary School is the only
school for over 85% of our school popu-
lation. What happens there is of tre-
mendous importance for present and fu-
ture. generations.. There are a, number

Lord Hailes, a former Goverhor-General
f the. West 'Indies and Conservative .
Government Works Minister, died in Lon-
don on Nov. 5, aged 73. He was Govern-
or-General of the abortive West Indian
federation from 1957 to 1962. His widow,
Lady Hailes, keenly promoted "Save the
hi ldren" while they were in the West
of figures issued in connection with
the 1974 results.* Three schools deseve
honourable mention:-St.Joseph's School
for a big entry and all-round results;
Weirs-Marigot for having entered '3 pu-
pils out of an tpxolment of 733 (10%)
and little Concord School for; obtalin-,
ing the highe-st percentage of passes.
.(Mo.aL Ahl.a .giiecot ..jext w-... :i80Ss)

- CRICKET ROBINS XI WHIPS DOMIRICA' g'di i6Os "of regional English-lang- -
Dominica was defeated 2 innings uage newspapers met in St.Lucia this;
to 1 by the D.H. Robins XI in 2 days week to discuss Press freedom and- the
when they were dismissed for totals' formation of a Caribbean Press Coun-
of 146 & 143 in 41 hrs. in reply to oil, among other topics. We are sorry
D.H.Robins XI 359/9 declared., we were not given the opportunity to
Norbert Phillip won the toss for place before this meeting a paper
Dominica amd sent in the. Robins' tema stating that one method W.I.Govern-
to bat. M.Harris and Captain John ments use to "kill" independent or
Jameson opened the innings, and off critical newsorgans; is the withdrawal
the 2nd delivery of the morning, of all. official advertising, which
Jameson was dropped behind the wick- they place only with partisan or 'sym-
,et at duck and went on to pulverize pathetic' newspapers as in Dominica.
@% bowling. pounding 84 rune in 85 TOUCH HOT MY ANOTED H.L.,- p.5
minutes off 71 balls with l-4s and .
minutes off 71 balls withe 1-4s and When I visited Antigua in Aug. last I
3-6s. Mustact. Mohammed the Pakistan
test allrounder joined Jameson when was told by a good friend that wrdso
the score was 20/2,saharedin a on certain placards carried by r .
partnership of 98 scored, in 60 min- testers who picketed his palace were
utes -- cored-136. The declaration rather rude and offnsaive.This sort of
came after 25 minutes batting on th6e thing was never heard of in-the Carib-
2nd morning withthe total 59/9 boan, except for what is said to have
2nd morning withlthe total 59/9 takn place in Martinique just before
in 5325 minutes from the overnight 321. n ,
Dominica bowling: NPhillip 3/69, G.- eruption of Mt*Pelee. We must never

being 85/1 at lunch. Topscor er a r from any serious catastrophe. H.L.
were: debutante C.Marie 45 and I. ':n "' O I A A R2AM ..,
Shillingford 45. In their 2nd inn~M Last night the 13th November I hadt
they fared worse and with K.Laurent a dream in which I was going down the
unable to bat because of illness, street and I saw a number of men by
'scored 143/9. J.C.Lawrence at':No.5 the Old Barclays Bank, and they were '
pounded 57 runs cin 30 minutes with crying. I saw a man standing in the
6-4s and 4-6 Bowling for Robins XI middle of the street with a white
Rouse 1/33 & 2/27, Johnson 6/18, Ed- gown from his shoulder down to his
munds 2/14 &3/47, Turner 1/13 and toes.. I went to him and -I said"Sir,
Mustag 3/11. why is it all these men are crying?"
FOOTBALL COLTS WIN PLAYERS TROPHY He told me, "these are they who have
Colts won theit* 2nd trophy when seen the writing on the wall that
they defeated Rest Of PteMi6hel 2-1 dishonesty will no longer be the road
in the finals of 2nd'Knockout compet- to success in Dominica, for justice
ition to win the. Players Trophy. Rest and. godliness will soon take over
Went early into the lead, but 2 goals Dominica." When he told me so, 'he.
from 14-year-old schoolboy D.Etienne just raised his arm and I awoke from
in each half enabled Colts to win the sleep.,
championship. G.Remy, Colts goalkeep-- E.C. LOBLA__
er, did a good job..* In other matches STARSPORTS contd. AiNTIGUAN IS WEW
Colts defeated Ghetto 1-nil, scored BRITISH BOXING CHAMPION: 22-year-old
by A.Casimir; a. match which lacked. Maurice Hope, "Ali style with sheer
any real excitement. Rest of Pte. -boxing ability" scored a knock aut
Michel defeated Granites 4-3 after in 8th'round over holder L.Paul to
the match had gone into extra time at become British Light-Middleweight
3-3. R.Charles and 12-yr.-old T.Bleau Champion. ****** INDIA TESTS:Cricket
put Granites 2 ahead, but by the in- 1st test Nov.22nd 27th
terval P.Lockhart for Rest had made 2nd test Dec.llth 16th.
it 2-1. On resumption, a penalty ; 3d, test -,Dec.27th-- Jan.lst
scored by A.Williams. put Granites 3-1
ahead But .& hat-trick by D.Edwards, gave Rest Of Pte.Michel. the match
Alick Gage, who refereed the matches did 4 good job. (All. at Poree Pk. ,Pte. MiceJ )
Pr'intpd & Published by the Proprietor R.E. .Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
at 26,Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

P e Six