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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 11-01-1974
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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. ,' ' '
- .ry 69 ,tiN or 26E .

e4 .

+j. i .. +.. ,*/,^u.; ^^t .. *

.i ^".' .. -0" .. ." 4 ,
" .. ,- ^ .: -", .w v f' *;"

'. e n J . .. ,.a .
.e t ,.. p utide the prison ,e.
c._c. tiear.them ing the paspmg bie ,
as!, pt. people aw,?;a wait,
* FK ti.u. g * k *.. - T A KI. t.-.f, --

. S F.. n'_ & FIRE CFt CERS ,-.-

Buy Your Films TODAY,.
Stores will be closed for the
*next three days.:,.,, '
2 "' .

,.. D OF THAM-8



C n Joseph, Edward Elwin Alwia Danaglar
Ethel ,"Doorfraid. .Glora Etienne. Jennifer
Joseph, Albert Thomas and their relatives in-
Dominica ard ove-ess, very cordially thann
all thl kind and -hoiughtful frieLJis and ac-
quaiaoces who sent flowers or in many
adtr ways expressed ,sympathy to them 'on
the decease bf their dearly beloved "Mama",
(Mrs.) Olive Joseph lately of i9 Bath Road,
aKau. _______

*UWI, St. Augustine inies applications
Sfor the post of"Research Fellow Junior
Research -Fellow in, the Department of
Agricultural ECension. Closing date as
'Ws asa possible, further ctails at Resi-
dent Tutor's Office, during office hours
.fc^i -s/i


Bi.g Prize for .former
SSTAR Columnimst



This year, arr aograments will be somewhat
diffee-LT Suoday Novembr 3~is NsaO6AfDa'.
rhusrcb Services will be- held throughout the.
State. IT s.m, a Military Farade in the Bomis.ia .
Ga debs at whicb the Governor will be present
M. oady, ,Niovember 4.: Youth Rally at the
Btancal Gardens trom 8.00oo .m. and Gafa CuL-
tiura Performances there from a p.m Tuesday
Nowverh,.er 5.: P'b: hohdav fcr Catarva i~um
-* ag . -ee p .9 -) .. .- : -- ..--- "

S fei are' invited for' the p-chase of
one seven tef Bedfdrd truck Registra
'tioio No. 979,9 which may be -ispeted
by arrangement with the Operadon Ms
nager, Dominica Ba-.na CG rowers -.As-
sociatir, 13 ove Street, Roseau.
Offers in writing -ust be in, seed en,
velops marked "'Tender for Truck"'
and addressed to the General Manager
Dominica. Banaini Growers Association
Roseau, to reach him" no& later than
'"3lhi November,, -974,
The AssociaiiLn does not bind itself to
accept the highest or any offer.
(Signed) V.E White
S26th October 974 Generl Manager

b o um' i4

Furnished apartment two bedroom
at Loubiere--
Furnished house- three bedroom
at Loubieret
Apartment -ground floor
at 20 MurpoyLand, Goodwill:
Apartment at a8 Old Street, Roseau
Appky.to M.E.Charies
28 Old Street
Rcseau. Doinmwca
w s*472J&

" .... .._...tl


.. ..-, ;', ".


Nine village council by-laws (mainly on roads & trucks, but includ-
ing cutting of trees, building rate, sanitation, control of animals, latrines
...these were dealt with as usual just after the formal opening procedures
of the House last Thursday. As usual, also, there was supplementary expen-
diture amounting to $11,610 (Jan.-Sept. 1974). "There has been an increase
in the number of post mortems carried out during the year" was the. explana-
tory noteunder "Rewards & Compensation". .Pathology fees,and rewards to
search parties for missing p.ersons,brought .the total under Head E2201 (17)
to $3,010. An access road to the Televisiorh Transmitter site and building
to house it in luns away with a further $8,600, Audit Accounts for 1973
...an extension of time until Dec.31, 1974 for submission of these accounts
was arranged 'by instrument'.
Two reports vital to the people of DomiAica were laid: theDominica
Banana Growers Assoc.Annual Report & A/cs 1973; and the Interim Report of
the Committee of the- Public Accounts (1972), with Minutesi: -laid by Hon.M.E.
Charles, Chairman. We shall be reporting on this.
Q B E S T 0 N S
Hon. A. Moise, Leader of the Opposition, asked for a full report on
(a) the negotiations of the Deep Water Harbour contract, and (b) negotia-
tions for the purchase of LIAT in particular the part played by the Vene-
zue-lans (abortive). He also asked the Min, Corma. & Works why the Massacre
by-pass has been sited so perilously by the. sea rather than in the heights
of Massacre; and whether Govt. considered as a priority the rebuilding of
the Grand Bay road which (through neglect) had passed the stage in which,
repairs could be meaniiig,;fully made. The resting of the unmaintainable
Soufriere Rd. was 1his third poser. 'Hon. R.S.Fadelle (Southern)asked
the-'-.on.Min of Agriculture to assure the House that JWIERA is providing
a bo0 suitable for the. refrigerated shipping of bananas to the United Kingd-'n
and- also enquired what happened to the excess materials which might have
remained.. after completion of the Citrus packing shed, their value and the
manner of their ,disposal?
The Questions put by Hon*.M.E.Charles on Secondary Schools asked the FEd-
ucation Minister what steps and plans were being undertaken to accommodate
qualified pupils for whom places could not be founds Stfll on Education,
she pressed '. the same Minister to state the amount of contribution due to
U.W.I. and the Council of Legal Education. Her final probe was: "Will Gov-
ernment state the amount they have ..expended on the recent visit to Barba-
dos for health reasons for Mr. Bernard JoCools Lartigue arid the basis for
this expenditure"? B I r
Five Bills included one extending Portsmouth Tbwn Council's term of
office to the end of the year. Next, the Supplementary Appropriation(above)
totalling $11,610. An amendment to the Treasury Bills Act. A fairly long
and complex Loans Act "to allow the Min. of Finance additional authority to,
-egotiate loans from approved sources on behalf of Government" because
"it is necessary to resort to borrowing". An amendment (error) Ji the
Narcotics Act... Then, under GOVERNMENT BUSINESS, the Premier as Minister
of Finance moved a Resolution "Authorisation for Overdraft", through which
that Minister:.' may borrow by means of a fluctuating overdraft from Barclaya
Bank International Ltd. and/or the Royal Bank of Canada a sum not exceeding
one million, five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) "to meet current
requirements". Hone. Earl Leslie moved that the Layou Park Neiba Ravine
track (half a mile) shall be a public road. Then of course there was' Pat
Stevens resolution that Londonderry Youth Camp be converted into a Secondary
School. (Some ANSVERS & Other Details of House business p06)
The Spcial Centre has distributed a most ingenious National Day letter
in the shape of the Dominica map, appealing for the improvement of soc-
iety by worKing together in harmony. Moreover the Social Centre offers a
cook1oh. of f dods that the land can provide for $1.25. COOK DOMINIICAIN!

Friday, November 1, 1974


Page Two

Friday, b{ovember 1,1974 T H E S T A R iPage inree

The following is the text of a Resolution unanimously agreed upon at a
meeting of the Prison and Fire Officers' Section of the C.S.A. held on
Monday 28th October 1974, to discuss the attempts being made by the Ministry
of Home Affairs to force Civil Servants attached to that Ministry to take
Oaths of Seovecy under the Civil Service Act.
WHEREAS the Civil Service Act is: a vindictive and objectionable piece of
legislation; ,
Ant Whereas the wholesale taking of Oaths by Civil Servants is as ridiculous
ma it is unwarrmnted in a democratic society;
And Whereas the provisions of the Act seek to make criminals and potential
criminals if not slaves of civil servants;
And Whereas there are a number of pressing conditions of service matters
affecting prison and fire service personnel. requiring the immediate attention
of the Ministry of Home Affairs:
BE IT RESOLVED that this meeting of the Fife and Prison Officers Section of
the C.S.A. condemn the efforts currently being made by the Ministry of Home
Affairs to force compliance with the Civil Service Act;
Aud Be it Resolved that this meeting uncoditionally object to the taking of-.
Oaths under the Civil Service Act;
And Be it Resolved that the Ministry be requested to desist from any further
attenmIs at forcing civil servants to take oaths under the Civil Service Act;
And Be it Further Resolved that Government be. called upon to revoke the Civil
Service Act and to take steps to correct the serious pay and other conditions
of service problems with which the civil service is faced.
In a covering letter to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home
Affairs, C.S.A. General Secretary Charles Savarin requested that a meeting
between the Ministry and the Fire and Prison Officers Sections of the C.SoA.
be arranged to discuss the many other service problems presently facing the
Fire and Prison serVices. Among the problems listed are the shortage of
manpower, the non-issue of uniforms, unfilled vacancies in promoted posts and
lack of training opportunities.
(Pd. advt.) General Secretary.

First prize in both these con-
--A B ROTHE R 1510 ? tests was won by talented Mr.Raymond
Lawrence of Radio Dominica; he is not
For SALE, RENT or REPAIR? only a broadcasting compere but an
If so, DISCUSS it with someone artist and an actor as well, and is
who may want to BUY or RENT the now in London training at the BBC.
BROTHER 1510 from you or perhaps Reginald Winston and M.P.Carpenter
undertake to get same repaired placed second and third for poems.
for you Mr. Carpenter is a Dominican who lives
for **WRITE to or CONTACT in Surrey, England. This is the first
THE INQUIRER, c/o THE DOMINICA time an entry from abroad has won a
TRADE UNION, prize in the contest. His poem is
70-1 Queen. Mary. Street, ROSEAU. called "Chemon D'Balatta" and he
has recently published father verses.
'The Plight of the Carib' is the title of R.Lawr ence's winning short
story, while Michael Bruney of the 6th Form Colleggv.placed second and
Lawrence Boyd of Pte. Michel came in third. Twenty entrants competed
fn the -poetry section, and only eight for the short story contest.

m- r-

THE STAR Friday Novewmber It4

sSchedye of Appliaiden for C as. d Tt4id & Nigthi *'.tZ 44 |
(Cwfia"r.s for wwk e l ai cloy OCtober !974
,- .....4.. .Ju7 .

flque4sts Prrwe csanrl | ti ). Ii .g ..
|e-r a C ettkza of Tite a
|4' |sacwanni~Ls z N* viwhenaes or
Request dated Nathaniel eqneat for the iassU
the 15th day Phmrwah of a First Certificate
of tcober bb hit Soilcitc of Tide an respect of
197 4 Cil;ma AM. a portion of land
p'Pre e.nted the D Dupigny known as Bois Den,
*'.{ ci t Grand Bay in the Pac-
S.. ..r 97 ish o St. Patrick in
4 ..' | the State of Domini
.-- -'r...'y i acres ani bounded as oillewi:s
North -ai by -and of Miley Grove, Aoan Firegisa and
A:uss L.oit East by landsof Bernard Matthew and earn
*ed Basiain Soutth by land Bernard Bsstlen anO Vicent
rLouv W.sby landof ')iip rC- ..


d1. -te t .-I aequezt for the isMB
thx I4rn rfi1y Tavernier I o e. F'nrt Certificate
of (Jct'cf |by Ler Sohcitsy ag Title i.n r-aspect Of kf
1974 Cilrna A M. a portion of land
Presented the Dupigny known as a Residen
-t da3 i of tsnal lot in Reoseau ia
O b p 7 3Geheg f-ir ofthe State
of-- DOMi'"ca contao a
ns 23% sar foo.t and bounded as r owa-
Norh bt hy ar'r of Arxeimfl jofhnson SatLh Eas. 6y
; yG.e V S c Souch Weae by land of Philip
;.&rt' Lucy Gratkud No rr' WVtx by land 0if james

S- '* '^ L^-^' -s' -':1." -^ *'*' *" ;o ^ ^_
ti 15th day Joaph of a First Certficaf j
of Ociobtr Iby his Solicitor of Title it respect of
S74 Cihna AM a portion of land
P granted the DOpigny knowu as a lot at
|23rd day oA i Wetaky in the Paras
Octob'tr 197 7f St. ."i.- ite tt
3- -, ..A4.1 o f. D. a..a.> l l .. I
-; n..t. -';, H 'a, i .t. fcos tfls bn-; d,45B'4 as efo aiws- t
Nornh RV and of : Richards Scuth Est by f Pubelic
Rad Scuth WA'st by land oat Mary $sn Augstisra.
.. l :. .>'it.. ..- --- -- -- -
6t day I Peltir of a First Certificaet
f -. v- iby his Salicitor of Tide in ra"'rectc of
1974 Ciibma AM a portian of landI
.--.- the Dupigny kEnowua a lit a t
k /t day fj Lubiiera in the P&a-
O'cih s a ni4 sh of St. Gcorge a
at 3.45 P M. the State of Domi
Sincak containing 1267
Nor 1 squar feri and boundad &as fuilows:-
SNorth Eas. by a'nd o Virgirm Lstrade and Es1te Taib'Ter
Soudh Est b tbh ' Krd So'th WvesT by tanr of
H. Gal No tet bI land of Eugola Chasri!n
*' ''-.1'.. t.Aa7 i .*. hta.'.W i'l,.ttr 1:~ ,, s .t f '^ f,,'nft ( ,-7 4
1- .^- ,ir ,i'.^ -.'* .. i. 'L Ain ., ,T. _' ^ -
:,'*** -- "' ' 1.slJ''.*^.. ^ *. *y v s. .a a
cl .'1 dMty3 Celestine 1 a First Certificte
of Sepr hii? y his Solicitor of Tie in respect fi
Ciirena AM a portion of land at
.id t0a 6pi&uy |&..+. in the P.
of ji PSt Andrw in
I < I47 St2ate .T 0r.. C 'E
... .. . ... .... J i? s 12 33 |
Squi -.. . -- &.a (Sfoj 'ica-
,N Yh y a -' '4u' ri'.par qg t ran Iad of EWrPng s 1 i
EXt by -' of Savia Douiias SouTh by laud of T*Rna Wpt-
gm. and lnld of Wason Celestine West iy faoi4 rf r. i!wr!iaai i
I. a~^h.
1'-.^^^ggg^^g^Baa^ I

S' qual, g g 2nd day of^ Neywmjer 6W74 ;
Thiaout date& SaManal R'M':ie'* s -
the.2cst day Josep of a- Fs Certificatj
S -'.-r jy 8is Soier f Titc in respect o'
2974 f,;tra AM parf& n 0 b4ad a
.PresetEd thi Deap Siapfay Ne&s to time Pwd 24*
M0tk Day ga s t Jiap, io fN .i
00ofw 1,74 Swai of DaxttAamw'
acres ani bow-Add1
as feawK-|
'oftnh by linds of Crlementin, David asd Agst& Ckwa;
South by centre 11is of ravine sepcrating KI frnom and of jsj
Ayan: West by land of Clemwentiaa David; Emst by a read s.
ratingg it from land af SamaSet Joseph.


a eC D L for the Smile

of H eItlh |

U 0se It. for the Smile

of Beauty

BoIh c tainahble .rm, k,

T/t DO1/I/ /S'PE At

** ********


a~w.... q..9


^ ^ - -^>-oatKBa-

F49,t o ti

RnW%. oatinfca, RegistRar of TitM|
NOTE: Any pers" who dires ta o6K to rhs inuing oft
Cerif*caTe of title on te sihwove applcaidoramay eWter aww
im the above afce with six weets from the d&c the Fke.R"
sppearate o4 th;s schedule te he STAR Netspar pvbihnshe
in this Ssae o' from the date when the ntcea pracrtibe '.iy
tlaw was last wsrti da any ow or cor a cc 4aft i o b



To assist Office Manager with function~
pertaining to proc, ,ng of accou and
supervising office proce.Tes.
THE APPLICANT must have a good
knowledge of Bookkeeping and Accounts
and practical experience in keeping books
of accounts.
SALARY w2il be in the range of $45oUw
to $6oo.oo per month and the point of oe-
try will depend on the ability and expe-
rience of the -o;a'f-f-l candidate.
.Pf _LICATIONS in the applicant own
handwriting, stating age & level of educhc
Lion, together with names and addresses
of ,,'-o referees should be sent to:
"Asistant Manager"
P.O. Box 202, Roseau
Ur:tsiub capplicstiosa will not be acknoddedged

F~riiay. INovember 1.. 1974 ~ i

Remember the Moyne Commissionl.
When Lord Moyne visited Dominica
in 1938 as head of the commission to t
inquire into the 1937 augar disturb- A
ances which flared up with dire ef- h
fects in the West Indies, he sailed a
to both Martinique and Quadeloupe to: 1
examine the economic backwardness of S
Dominica compared with economic pro-
gross in these two French islands. "
Lord Moyng, an Englishman himself, r
discovered that the difference lay in a
the fact that Dominica was a British a
Colony run on colonial lines without* L
political representation and with ne-
glected economic initiative.
Following World War IIthe Report
of the Commission was published and T
the United Nations Organization (re- .
placing the ineffectual League of Na- b
tions) insisted that Metropolitan t
countries, must not hang on to: colony '-b
ies, but must give them independence
without much ado- \ h
The U.N.O. with good intaniopns h
made -a mistake. It could have. stipu- b
/ latedL that colonies be first put on
their feet economically and that full h
A.lemraotic Government should be. gran-
ted' to West Indi&n Colonies 6nly if t
their populatio$.'was 90/ literate..
Obviously e clduation and -; "economic de- p
velopment should proceed at good pace,
hand in, hand; though folks'said th~e
people must learn by their mistakeso. u
Britain herself was anxious to yield d
to politicians poised for power to
rule dictatorially, a
Marryshow's. idea of a lFederation C
took wing. But the strong were not
prepared to help the weak. The Fed-
eration died in infancy and what we
have now is chaos' and confusion. in th!
smaller territories.
Associated Statehood with our
"Mother Country" does not make. it pos-
sible for citizens" in .tbhe-ai.ptawt.,to
go to Britain, while citizens in neigh-
bouring foreign islands' have-the right
and privilege to go -to France, Holland
or U.S.A. without having to pass a
rigid means test,
Finally, and in the meantime., The
Moyne Commission Report with .a little
pushing up has recommendations which
can usefully be put into effect NOW to
raise living standards in the little
confused and chaotic Associated States,
The Report should be useful reading
-matter for would-be politicians.

Pan ge Five

A fUG1GWzI- by Eugh Lawrence
Perhaps many Catholics will agree
with me if I make a suggestion to.
Radio Dominica, with the approval of
Father Alexander, that the hour of
"Christ Alive" be changed to 7.15 pm
instead, It- started at 5.15, and then
to, 6.15 pm, and. I, among others,
found those hoprs very inconvenient.
At present BIG A gives. the news up
to 6.20 or 6.25 epm, and at times when
we: forget to put on Radio Dominica,
we miss "Christ Alive" with much
regret. -- H.L.
numbers will be drawn at Radio Domin,
ica during the forenoon of Nov.4,with
Press: representatives looking on.

Big Prize for former STAR columnist
Justin Simon, a former pupil and,
hen a teacher at the St. Mary's
academy who achieved his LLB with
onours (among other Dominican students)
At Cave. Hill University, Barbados, in.
9375, is now in his final year at UWI,
t. Augustine, Trinidad.
In a recent letter home he says:
Imagine my surprise to discover on ar-
ival here (Trinidad) that I was awarded
o500.00 book pri.e for scholastic
achievement at the examinations held in
Legal. Education at UWI, St. Augustine. "
Another Dominican (Evelyn Bell)' also
pDt a book prize of equal value
Due to the little he gets out of the
anana industry, the children of the ba-
.ana grower, in addition to' undernutri-
ion, are not endowed with the; best ed.-
ation for which nature has fitted them.
decent home is seldpom.their lot. They
ave grave disabilities. Earlier this
.onth, trucks in an effort to transport
ananas sank in mud on feeder' roads not
epaired for seven .years. The bananas
ad to. be, unloaded- to pull out the vehi-
les, Bad packing, flimsy boxes tossed
o and fro and intolerable conditions oaf
purchase are blameable, on Government and."
he purchasing company.
Computer Reaearch will not improve
quality. Those who close their eyes to-
nfair conditions both at home and
broad should come here to see how it is
t present impossible for Dominican ba o
nas to compete with bananas from "Dollar
countries" where conditions and facili-
ies for growing and handling bananas,
re infinitely superior. ( fWr.S. .-
(Cld fr. Ia is va..


P 4 -Nr 3 T A R ri oei l 11

* T*A*R* S*P*O*R T S Morchriston
On the night of October 29, after'
11. o'clock Dominica time, and morn-
ing of the 30th in other parts' of
the world, Mohammed Ali, former world
champion who never lost his title in'
the ring, regained his crown after a
2 min. 58 sec. 8th round knockout of
title holder George Foreman in- Zaire
on the African continent, Ali, who
was easily in command of the fight,
opened the cut over-Foreman's eye in
the very first round and went on to
demolish him.

S T 0 P.

P R E S 8



MA SON Acquitted.

of the murder of. John Albert Girasek,
U.S. citizen, at carnival in 19,74.

The J~ury deliberated long and serious-
ly, after a- lengthy saupming-up lby Mr.
Justice. Reo ick.There may be an Appeal.

Fridav. November 1. 1974.


IDS, ^by virtue of their 4--1 win A verbal skirmish over the seat-
er following on their 42 win ing of Mr. R.O.P.Armour was the first
otteras'United,,hve won the 2nd di- flurry in the House, the Ag.Speaker(Mr.
vision knockout competition, thus; Tavernier) suggesting that he be stated
tak'.ng bot1 cups competed for. C.E1- with the -Opposition. Hon.M.E.Charles
win 2, L.RoDea and P.Joseph scored objected, saying that Mr.Armour was not
for DOS and against Potters U., C. 1a Member.of the Opposition;whereupon Mr
Snd aawrence 2 P.JohnI (Premier) sided with Miss Charbs.
Elwin .2 and A.Lawrence 2. In other
matches, DXS 4, Spurs nil, Kenabo- Mr. Armour then gave, reasons for sitting,
rough U. nil Potters U 1, Monder- on the Govtside. The Speaker pointed'
ic 1 .SMA 1, (replay) Mnder icks jout. that Mr.Pat Stevens was an nd.Mem-
1 SMA 2. (match ended prematurely). be and sat onhe O ... Then .
^GOLT WIN HAMP-IOSHITP Armour asked to b.e ",laced somewhere
Sunday afternoon Oct. 27th, Colts This 'was. one; he seated- himself in ,
and "Letto clashed in the finals of middle of the aisle,veering Govt.-wards,
the Louis Benoit League.. Colts easi- Q U E TI, 0S ,- 6.ncer ."L -A ,T,
'ly outplayed their opponents and de- Miss; Charles posed some sharp-guerie~
feated them 4-nil., Leslie Etienne, on-the-Venezuelans part in all those
Colt' captain who. acbred 2 goal negotiations. Mri. John eventually re-
against Granites, scored 5 goals and plied that Dorinica had not yet commit-
Wilbert Peter got" the fourth. Colts, ed itself. Mr. Armour challenged the,
with 15 points easily won the chamn -dt decrease in certain grants and edntrib-
pionship for the 3rd time in ,4 years, utions yet an increase for T.V. *
1971, 1973 and 1974. The referee, (Incidentally, the uncommittedd LIAT
Alick Gage, who also refereed the.' question took up nearly 9 foolscap pgs.)
Ghetto vs. Rest of Pte.Michel match Lengthy category Acal reports of meetings
came in for much praise, and some and statistics were set out to baffle
people think he should referee all the questioner,' in our view. Dominica
the matches. Such is the esteem-in will be responsible for 7,5o of the
which he is held.in -t- -.k'i,'k(. equity, however, payable over 5 years.
In, other matches played, Sat. 26, A loan has been requested by LDCs from
Rest of Pte.Michel and Ghetto played the Caribbean Development Bank. .
to a one-all draw. Scorers were P. WINERA: These boxes are not standing up.
Lockhart for Rest of Pointe .Michel to the banana'trade, was the reply.WIN-
and C.Olivacee for Ghetto. BAN is agitating about this... And
On Sunday. at 10 -a.m., Rest of Pte. on CITRUS PACKING SHED: TWo Agencies
Michel'who won the Pte.Michel trophy were involved: Dominica Conittruction
,in 1972 defeated Granites 3-1. H.Bal- Company Ltd. and the PWD of Min C & W.
son 2 and D.Edwards scored for the D/ca Cons.Co was responsible (or man-
Rest of Pte.Michel..and R.Charles got aging materials, ;PWD said they were not
Granites lone goal. Sydney Pemberton aware, that there were any surplus goods.
officiated. MASSACRE BY-PASS:'Govt. advisers consid-
_ered the sea route more practical."It
,AS3SLY: DW HARBOUR: 2 bids, too will be protected from sea. by Rock Arma
Xreat for our budget,.. -but next wk. our, (Tell us what that is.) -'C.W.
we shall spoll our the complex- reply. (More explanations next week.- Ed.
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copthall Mill Hodue
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, -Dominica, West Indies .