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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-25-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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LOaEfIMTIZAL, Librarian,
Institute for the study of nan
70 Strot,
nO y-r U.S.A. os/S

TYS. Stevens writes: samdi.ately aftor grow-
er vwero persmiaded to accept another cOsB to
give thuea msre tertiil.sar, o Y. rent the" "ba-
a(.s prxco Loru Lr-i-rs-sr- i., ci vstdo.d:
Gtaeiots charged the incroaNod freight to the.
grower everyhc4dy in biananans benefits e2c L
t.!e hard-vorked rrurer. r, agar people a l I
over th. w-rld stand up fur a f&ir price for
s-':4. ht tha buanauta grower toils. sweats.,
o&ta l3ea and lea am.nd is a alanatritio .tc-

We ..jmct to o p e n our Grapefruis,
Juice Factory in early December. Th e
w. aac-q will end at the end of February.
Would growers w h o are interested in
V.ppIying ,as with grapefruits and wish to
Si-,.- 'i s as- cubcers plcs2 Ca--j
tact L.Rose & Co. office when we shall
issue a questionnaire. Only registered cus-
tomers will be given a weekly fruit alloca
tion. A minimum load ot 60o lbs at a
time is required. Fruit must be delivered
loose nor in boxes.
At the star of the season our fruit speci-
ficadon will be as follows:
r fparuit Citrus Paradisii
Vany V- Marsh Seedless
General Descgrion F r u i t must be
.i. n iEJiamaged picked fruit with
no serious bruising or deformaon. The
skin shocild be full yellow in -.olou:.
i ize Ran -- Fruit diameter must fall
witm in e range 3j to 5 i "measured
at right angles to the stem axis.
After reaming from the fruit, the juice
must have the following characteristics:
ae'I -- Cean, fresh and characteristic,
tlt not too bitter. Free from foreign
,qr: .-- Between ;.ooi and x.6% w/v
|.as -t,1.L; ad citric acid.
R .t. .- Solids- (OBRIX) at

Prick -- We shail pay 2.75 cents per b b
".*.".-.e,:, to cu. rftacaor.. ^7-,, j
ffiriiradaB nt'a wa^iw'tt'ltBRBagitaatisFJrifastelvnt^ Wor no lkwa.6TlsVltrJ

Mrs. Jane
Research l
3162 East
New Yorlh

'A4 :4 '75
1nM.E ..r OR T 1 i OF 'N


S t ZMortww Final sprechas -

LE 310C ETS eORXlry
Former Premier Edward 0. Leblanc
this month got I,3,:5o.oo gravity from
rth Treasury in accordance with the pro-
visions of the recently enacted Retiring
Allowance (Legislative Service) Act.
The C.S.A. newspaper VIEWPOINT
comments: "Wheiber Mr. le Blanc -i
entitled to his $13,soo.oo or not is not the
question. As Premier of this country from
1961-1974, he must accept the blame for
the serious economic crisis no w fciag
the country. If the Treasury is dry, he
and his ministers are responsible." (se. p.)
CS.A. revestiag a rneutng vith the Prftear on ?he "in.
trim payment for Civil Servants by Dacemter, draw his
,teatlon and that of the Home Affairs Perm. Sec. to "a
vindictive Civil Service Act and o attempts to make Cvil
Seawm-t take oaths of Agiance & sEncrecy, warnig thas
.lndewriu aaatn ma'a, reVun (-."m "SWV P9MVflWfia.'"

cons ti to tionauiy Vl7 the Honourabie Premier mta:,-
completa*, says. statement as regards the date fo-
Pat StevensaA. it the bye-election to be held in tzL,
the Spoaker did Numth Western Constituency?
anot ecept hia RESOLUTION
-it que8tiOn- a acAte problem 1W.
(g)i f the Dl~o~m- re as regards scuinag Sec.A-
iica Stdg.alo d Schoo a. for puptk,
a Orders debarra R se and Porsworth, a twh
seeking nfo A the High CsE for Board asr
tin z r t h Lodge, prsens a economic threat
tore wth arc to those responsible.
in thoir atroe. B it resolved, that the Lonaded--
rets I ry Youth Campcompound be co-
ay is the date vwted ito a Secondary School to
of a legal by- serve the North Eastern Villages :
election ecret from January .1975, a '
End all miseries of life like boy friend girl i
fi(Med, ex, marrmi, divorce, e.ramnatioe, i b, .
promoticw, lottery, bingo, pooe., sweepatakes,
w esi pirits, bad I.c adiments, oil digtresm w
SanMy oter ty1fs o&f probtmn can be solved in
strict coniideece.
Writs for FREE DETAILS:. 4
.,,yn 7/4 i LHw-wwmi

PAge Two


Friday. October 25. 1974

Recently it was stated in authoritative quarters that Canada was to have
a look at the schools. she donated to Dominica. A look at the Grandbay School-
will certainly not encourage the. Canadian Government to donate more schools.
Unfortunately the British Government is not similarly concerned. The
Weirs-Marigot School just five years old has suffered terribly at the hands
of vandals;. When on one occasini,it was suggested that the police could have *
tracked down the evil-doers, a police constable was reported to have protested
loudly that that was not the work of the police.
At the beginning of the current term two new schools were opened without
The Roseau Boys School on the site of the old Grammar School is perhaps
the last word in school site and structure with its myriad angular port-holes
to conceal the effects of bad planning and pigheadedness. So there was no
formal opening there --evidently lest the occasion would spark off criticisms
which the Education Minister could not answer.
There is the Thibaud School also, which was not formally and publicly
opened. The history of education at Thibaud is probably not something the
present Government would like lmova,*.
Yet it is more than fitting that young and old at Thibaud should havg
been reminded that when the late. Mrs. Elma-Napier (then Elected Representative
of the North) saw the handicap of the five-year-olds who had either to walk to
Vieille Case or do without early schooling, she hired a building., paid the iost
competent person she could lay hands on and initiated education at Thibaud*
It all happened in the late -forties and Mrs. Napier sought my assistance
when I was District Education Officer to obtain competent staff and set edu-
cation on ita feet in that little village.
The Government (including the Ministry of Education) may forget, but hun-
dreds at Thibaud will remember the late Mrs. Napier.
As a Minister of Education I strove hard to get my colleagues to build a
proper water closet at Weirs-Marigot School. I was ridiculed iby ay. colleague,.
the then Minister for Communication and Works, Mr. Ronald Armour. He then had
the full backing of ex-Prqmier Edward LeBlane.
Today, five years later, the faulty concrete water closet had to be de-.
molished and a pit latrine with a fragile wooden housing takes its place.
If this is not sanitary retrogression of the first degree, then perhaps'
I am misleading folks who have eyes and noses.
Finally, the pace of school construction has considerably slackened and
rapid deterioration of schoolbuildings of wood and stone is pathetically

I would like a little space in the STAR to let the people of
Portsmouth know the way we were treated in Vieille Case Hall, when the Ports-
mouth group performed there. First our welcome was: "We 1ill laugh at you all
tonight:" The Belaire children of Portsmouth danced so well that some people
in Vieille Case said it was their children who danced the Belaire.
I myself when I went on the Stage it was just Carnival in the
Hall. I made a. nice patois song about Peace in Dominica an-d when I went to
sing I had to wait ten minutes but could not say; a word, I had to bow my head
and walk down. I feel it is high time that song. parts of Dominica like Vieille.
Case should be more civilised, especially today when we are always hearing Love
Peace and Happiness amongst our people...fancy such people treating others
from another part like Wild Indians'.
You young generations from 1974 on beware of Vieille Case for
any games or fetes. If the Portsmouth people had behaved like that, the whole
matter would have been published already.


k .J I,-"r

,O.,;.IA;> .. .. .:i;e T.ipper i:uck ,..' 2,066

I 72r Ns r o: a y .7c
r i{ .: : F ..
TickphTeI No 7241

T'- Le E i

at t.J..b ::" |
F.ar -rd houset- tbr.e bedroom
a Loubieret
Apanercr-:!;'-.utt' Joor
a 20 Mu.r y Lane, Goodwill.
A; :i.enr a at zS Oi Street, Roseau
Arr,, to M E.Ch, rtcs
28 O2 Mr .,:
iascnmhia.. D.&.u.aa t.tI

* i .4k'" i k. N. "F

To assti C Office Manager with f.-,.c-i:ot.'s
penaiunlg to p:.-sing of zcour tz 2.and
Isupervisiog cttce procedures.
THE APPLIC' NT n::- have a good
kn.ow!:..-.., of Book keeping and Accounms
and p xpeence n keeping books I
ofa' '" r*. | to ,
SALARY will be ,n the rng.- of S4AC.oo
to N600. o per r-ont and tbe point a etr
try will depend on rhe abil.lv anJ *-: |
rience of the suzc. ss. ul s :,di. .. I
APPLICATIONS in the appi.ants own
handwrntig, stating age & levet oC educat-
tion, together with cza..' and adrtM-:
o! two referees should be sent to:

, P:O. B1 x 202, Rou
U om nible apphauo. s ws DOS be ,::tr ,....'l.l .-.',
.^ f.^,c .,^- ^t. 3 se-|>seiMnariwa -inn rsms "sse *! ~ *n a nwaiiu r-twi~*

of Bea uth I
Vse fII^I or the Smile *

10 an


PVC PIPES and Fi ":s

Aunar.i 'm and Steel WINDOWS


fr '1" A5S"',i^ "' ^;" A~ Q^ iI a
Budincg Supplhes Department, Newuown.
I TfC Oi Slmen with dhe New Look I
ai 2;tg g a- m.:t fBe*r

The tscourE: allowance now -r effect wJl!
be e,: '.cad to:




As we go to Preass this notorious in.dor case, which carries im-
plications not only for Dominica but for the entire Caribbean, is drawing
to its close. The final speeches are being made by Counsel for the Pros-
ecutian and- for the Defo^e:t then the Judge has his deeply considered
summing_ up, and the Jury is faced, with the agony of decision. '
Somebody placed in our office a-paper headed "DESMOND TROTTER'S
STATEvMET lFROM COURT 21-22 Oct. 1974 Queen vs. Des Trotter & Roy Mason
Murder Trial, Roseau, Dominica, W.I. "
We shall not comment on it, save to say that it is one of the saddest
doc ,rait we have ever read. Our readers will learn wMy, lter. Its whole
terminology ("I and I are merely humble men" etc.) squads almost like a
Quaker testament, and makes the drama of death and disaster seem unreal.
We also received an M.N.D. Publication qhich is a sustained. prcte-ot
against the termination of Mr. Joey Peltier's teaching post .at the St.,
Mary's Academy. Will the Academy come out with a stat.;ent on this matter?
We do not know enough about it all to make any pronouncement.



On Sunday Oct. 27th the Conservation Society of Dominica is holding a
meeting at the Museum in Victoria Street to elect a new President,due to
the sad .death of Mr. Keith Alleyne Q.C. Membership cards will be given
out and fees collected. Mr. Christopher Maximea will chair the meeting and
give members a short address on his recent trip.
Prime Minister & First Lord of the Treasury Mr. Harold Wilson
Lord President of the Council and Leader of
the House of Commons Mr. Edward Short
Secretary of State for Forceign aad Com-
monwealth Affairs Mr. James Callaghan
Lord Chancellor Lord Elwyn-Jones

Home Se cretary
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Se cretary of State for the Environment
Secretary of State for Employment
Secretary of State for Enj~rgy
Sec. of State for Social Service sa
" Prices & Consumer Protectior
" for Industry
Sec./Trade & Pre sident,Board of Trade
Secretary of State for Defence
Sec../State for Education & Science
Secretary of St ate 'for Scotland
Northern Ireland
Minister of Agriculture,Fishers & Food

Mr. Roy Jenkins
Mr. Denis Healey
Mr.Anthony Crosland
Mr. Michael Foot
Mr. Eric Varley
Mrs.Barbara Castle
S Mrs.. Shirley Williams
Mr. Anthony Wedgwood Benn
Mr. Peter Shore
Mr. Roy Mason
Mr.Reginald Prentice
Mr. William Ross
IMr. John Morris.

Mr. Fred Peart

Chancellor, Duchy of Lancaster: Mr. Harold Lever. Lord Privy Seal Lord
Parliamentary Sec. to Treoasury (Ghief' Whip) Mr.Robert Mellish
Minister for Planning & Local Gov crnment Mr. John Silkin.

jFriday octotep 09, 19%4


Pa e Four

Rriav.Octber25~9 T TH S T A RPaFv

According to the Swiss Federal Sta-I
tistical Bureau, the birth rate in
Switzerland is still declining. In
April 1974 there were 7,514 births, in
the country, which is 299 less than in
April a year ago, or -approximately 25/o.
Since the death rate in April 1974 and
April 1973 remained about the same,
these figures point to a slight decline
in the population of the country as
determined by a comparison of births
and deaths. Meanwhile the World birth-
rate stands at 200,000 babies per day.
It is imperative that a solution to the
problem be found.
REEERENDUM: The Swiss people voted
recently in a referendum
.S se .page- 7)

A Collective Agreement between
Geest Industries (Estates) Ltd. and
the Dominica Amalgamated Workers'
Union providing for the rates of pay
and other conditions of work on the
Company's estates at Brantridge, Wood-
ford Hill and Portsmouth and covering
over three hundred plia workers, is
arranged and will be reviewed after
one year from July 1974.
In the final stage for signature is
the Amalgated Workers' Union/Dominica
Banana Growers' Association agreement.
covering the Association's Clerical
and Senior Boxing Plant and Field
Staff. In this agreement which in-
volved long and hard bargaining, Union
and Association agreed on a salary
structure that will being increases of
from 15/o to 35% from January, 1974.
The DBGA and DAWU will .meet shortly
to discuss rates and conditions of
work for the Association's more than
four hundred plu3 Boxing Plant work-
DAWU, which recently gained recog-
nition from Anchorage Hotel, will
shortly be submitting proposals for new
agreements to Messra. H.H.V. Whitchurchl
Land Management Authority, Wet Area
Experimemtal Station, L.A. Dupigny,
Londonderry Estate and Geest Industries
(Long House) and will seek to commence
negotiations on behalf of the workers
at Fort Young Hotel.

The actual suicide on Tuesday, 18th September 1974, of a man on remand
for the murder of Keith Alleyne will no doubt raise cries for another Commis-
sion of Inquiry whose report will again be sat upon by the Ministry of Home
Affairs. It may be, that only direct action by the prison officers including
a refusal to work under conditions which they consider to be too trying, will
provide the necessary impetus to improve the working condiinicas and security
at Hef Majesty's Prisons. from C.S.A's VIEWPOIINT

In a. letter dated 10th July 1974,
addressed to the General Secretary
C.S.A. and signed by some 20 prison
officers, the staff of Her Majesty's
Prison at Goodwill complained to the
C.S.A. of what they refer to as "the
constant threat of life and limb to
which they were exposed."
The prison officers complained
that they had drawn the matter to the
attention of successive Ministers for
Home Affairs and their Permanent Sec-
retaries without success.
The officers gave the following
example of their Complaints:-
"...will kill, chop and cripple
them if they, the prison officers,
raise their voices at them, to
actual examples of assault on
Prison Officers with knives, cutlas-
es and stones."
A C.S.A. delegation led by Presi-
dent Daniel Caudeiron and including
two prison officers met with Home
Affairs Permanent Secretary Arlington
Riviere on the 24th of July to discuss
the prison officers grievances...
Mr. Riviere assured the delegation.
that the report of the Commission of
Inquiry into conditions at the prisons
(which he said was in his hands) dealt
with all of the matters raised but
that he would take immediate steps to
discuss the question of staffing with
the Chief Establishment Officer.
To date there has been no improve-
mont in the working conditions at the
prisons, and prison officers still do
an average of 56 hours a week with as
little as 2 officers on duty during
the night, under poor lighting condi-
tions, without firearms, and with a
prison population in excess of 70 in-
eluding 14 in the security block. The
report which Mr.Riviere spoke about
appears to be a phantom report as it
is yet to be seen by the C.S.A or
other persons.
In recent times guns, cutlasses,
razor blades and other weapons have
been found in the possession of prison-
ers, One recent attempt at suicide by
a condemned man who cut both wrists
with a. razor blade went by almost
without notice.

Page Five

Friday. October 25,1974

Pri 'y -

eto IW

1HE S"AA i

7T" i'e.. -:^1 I

M gr
4 .4t'fd'?^*-td Ap~'-ar fer C ase 7a Tt ha NOtwFii %P of
rof 'c tcvr (3-74 A
A' .. .-. .' r i ,. *

4!'1 -h '.1 I I1.'c4 a s *'*A'''t~~ ~a *' t"
,,* i .. -- : .*'i: .1 <:.i.-;, i ~, .- -i:r *'., e, ** * ; "f; t

74 of Rcbaon offl a FI-st Cert icat
tr$1r i'64 by hi i Sehciter of Tiitl to respectof
$''. C i'sr AM a pt-rtionf of aed
9 I D'uth ayv known 1 s z lot at
.tcCer 1974 Saein, GAoit*;r Marigot
-.. .m. f is. the Parszh or St.
4. .. .*.*, '. C n i .- -a o a ing !4 '1 '..
f '."Tee 4nd tIboundd &0, to towv:-
f ei' a by? ad f 1'a SOiveirter'; N :v ;and of C j
'-ct Cys:" $o i '03ass. by And of V.-r v: and jarnrs
.5'-' ASft4' Souoh AfnSi 'v a ;ot path s.'armt: -l- 'ro 'i |
^ S"{ aiO'is illzin Li:' yvv i.mdk of of i-bt '
p~VI 7 an Oa .'er1
4:: i i 7 *. 7' r : >t'e t''' 5
J n t2 -?rc .S *.' a'... ..-.- "-.&. t t -
'- dAttd[ Albert R mYeet for th* r..
r 3 day A4 f a Fi-;st Cern es- ^
rs'stennNsr Aey Ai" (j- e tf Tith C reeCtf lf
sin?74 C A M a ip un tof land at
i- I f.3 MIr Igot w ai thi Pari h i
Kt 4 4ayr of .i or St. Andrzw, in treo
toy ,74 'Sta of ODkania
1p" e io"ring "?.760

p~~~~~i Ii v IN~~WA~ i~
-'--a-l----'- osquri fret an s

4 te t-z i o' cr 'arf"..;e A;sagnzcr S(r. r' : av I d of D Ce I
ic-ai O .. C 'S Za c' Fd P '.'21 *.irr ' i !,;. :andjs c Hant
lA Ai'xp'de sa 8ealntz A\exnd4'r t
sw>t.i< -, w. > ..t. .. ^--.> .-** T ~^ ,i;-,*t^ ttll
Ar J''r -: evsts 'o e Ua e
ith. 0. 8Lb UA -F t. i r,5l
of(L Ocutey ry i-* Slk t 4 sS. n res "d ctf
4194 CaeAM- ... 'Ai
Presented ~te4 U .. '' -41A
r4 i da v If' vre l r
.t Octb, ,9 S. j al m the S,^^tat
ID 11- - '-- A l 5~ j D c r de Zh. 4
I C .45-^ .l J ^: ^ --^ ..* -i. -t Vr-r" i- "* *'i
5 1474 ,'uia -i t
ir 541 b ds ^ so t-. i t.~ A ; "
r n h nd ta a in ts *s' i ~ w-i ,~
earth bi, z Osvina S'uat; So: s "st zy oin: a
r;- .* a.?si '- :4;s''av
p. .. I *- 1
49. 7 | Pss dum ce Po'73do for hb m
6 -e ni Src't;o arue uOf Z first *ctPi ,
4il ggZra i ;cate of Ath ': rP
at 12 2 3 a,!e 4 prct ..5 A 4o.t iO r iA
"I% v it
I~~ror i theA Pafr 0 sb J
oC St Daaid t-osts!? j

f em- crow Z'h am ".;O 1 z<"- ~i~r
4 nd 4.. 4L 0 Ar i Aii ,:a, E ;. I Zf Arte .br'iA, j
?O*1'flRZ!'*"C X '' v *3 -

2 s. n 1o.' ,
j~ A'snt; Crtnwr Landir 4'-4 'fw^ C *'.r*':ip" isn>1 41*2A c.-S 'A ?. y

P~~ ~ tG.''i
5ti ::'A Ve .'a z ,.; Z K of eI
l~ 341(44044 tt 4
:ZS'J. ;?.^ a 4r-ri' 4p't^ V

",.att t ow >r o
an. .. P4 I P 2ar, a p S.of S. Lak^ I
jWT h ' ; s; . At .ou* a s b .. .wi. |
'4arJ Al j f $on tj K XC-'
' i~ 'y T lt. i 'V .'t. i W, 4" C : g r94Z A $ : Ay ( ! 4 <4 1 7 7
i my Ty ..,- c^ ;'..,!!c R ~ W .41 -*; at
C' 45rtf.l? -";'ii^*'&'' l~"(

I ReqMeL4st Qk'Jj (ttnA Kequt or tn h e
the 5t'h da i Phairoh b Firs CATrefcbat
t ofctob !y Em 5., S>iicseor ior n rPC er '
| 174 ij Ciina A M. a porzn of innc
P... sente b I Dfprgny known as Bois De,
156 d-v .i Grand Bay in t 1m -.
icibt I- ec r :s h of St. Patr;-cn ;,R
CXtob m ti J State of Don in-

P m. cni'Lrnu a and b N rth East by 'mnd of Mil ey Grove, Alto Frere s and
j Atat Louis Easi by iandyof Bernard Matthew a.d Bern
t4 Bawtesn Souyth by iand S3rnarSd Bastitan atnd Vmctn
LUya6 Wwst by land of Phiftio F-egitj
^^'~~ ,t~*T'^^"T ""MT'T^^^v.


thf 14th day Tavernmer of t, F.rs: Certificate
of October 1h6y her Sohcitor o: itie at respect of
1974 Cilroa A N4 a t p-prt.or a t r amd
Present i' be Duignv korowin as Rosidaen
16th dit it Ua. lot tf tos Skichor ;: inne Pari h of St.
at 3.45 p George in the Stat
S^.^~i^239 rare f.t.of1 Di mi CniAM WontaOa
sne 2398 -Aq Oarte fet.ad bounde* as fallwwa'
North East :'e ;.-4 of A!;ne ,ehnsof Sutrct East iy
Klilg George / .'-eet Sus-'N West. cy 1arnd of PrtiJo
Reck end -. lud '.r-h Neas cy ai of iantes

-R "S, o6t # as Octhbtr 1114

ts15ti dy Joseh of at Firit Cr.t:c r.A
of October b b Sa;er to' of Tite 4n respect c
1974 Cim A M A a po oan o r dt A
PrFesented ti-e O a kn- as a lot A
.. dy 0of Wtey at I" P
October 197t of ct Ardrew ite
at 31.3J p Stento of Doain a w
coratiantsn lO.'4-3 uA&t' Y a nt d a; ft w
N4rth by and of Suiy cardss Ouft East oy a Pa c
Roa4 So,;th IvgNti bv tartd of Mary jane Augtuir7 e.
? -" 4. e^"-' *. u i .- r .--- .
thn (61St d-/ ' Pldtr of a F;rat Certv tt 5
44 Otber t bt'r S..y N, -': Ait Ti.e >n esect m.t
1.74 Cima AM N a p-r t-avn p tie a
PFreiSSeted 'her | [upsgn" ' | iAa ,a" a lot a'.o
.''I dly of otbners n the Ps-
1s'IA 197i l rf S George St
3.6 p aie S i : State of -

8ituatre lcet and h".urnsekr A'.t folUo0wt:-

South t,.o- t.; ?uisx'Z: d '5f) &O4 W: t cey :ana f j
K. Gre.l .'ort) VVes- .-nc of Eug O ia Cr riqs.

1tfseait IA.n:^, R-eistrar of T'eiur

NO';'E: ( > .rsorwn v.who desires to 3e the D isnui ''-
Ce;rA:Eft'r .s -,:l" on :b;- at'tv" sr;*u'ihenos'rnay srtr ai C
is : a'.,X e.-'vo tk ') .* -: u rr' :he Jate ofd s '
u tt .'k n 't .: *n t ie rMA r "itn .t s e
^ a l;t< ''t:'; 0< .' *nthy ca. wrht.- the *w:v 1 .^*t..*',.- :;
A to w- tt'" on wi '%.f ai tftr oc p'a .

,.nt -*,wir^ .s.1. '' -. .r ." n-,. .i nI-. fl. A" 'i *- 't. ,' 't'flt awl44J'C44fi WSMis y *44w-'54'.R'1-v5
;M'M-r V .'* -.
?T"1I reeaw :li aboru; i ;:: S F' eratA, wenfth. '
Ack. [ falfssr. f'r ieinddp, io e, romance, near-
Siru., .AuiraugMrat.tr, .torv. 'eItpatakeK
4: p i ,r'., h'dcer t; r -tt met backs, rnastf
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Friday. Octoberr25, 1974 T H E
by Hugh Lawrence
On the morning of Oct.8 last when
.we felt the heavy earth.tremor, it re-
.minded me of the words: of St.Paul when
he wrote to the Corinthians;.
I can understand if a couple is
married, the two parties may, if they
wish, agree to some sort of family
planning, but to instruct all those
very young and unmarried women who are
having so many children freely with
perhaps several fathers, is not help-
ful to our society, in my opinion.
This only helps, to bring more abomina-
tion in our land including disease
malnutrition and delinquency. Let's
see what St.Paul has to say, so that
our churches and even our schools may
take a firm stand by teaching ,and
instructing our youth.
"EKowv you not that fJour bodies are
the member of Cgrist? Shall I then
take the members. of Christ and make
them the members of an harlot.? God
forbid". Let. us pray hard that the
Lord may spare us. H.L.

ST A R Pazg Seven

Fiction MA TITINE Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine was correct in her sur-
mise. Thid following, week, early on
Monday morning, the usual crowd was
gathered at the Courthouse gate.
When it was opened, the usual pell-
mell rush began. Two women fell on
the steps and were unconcernedly
stepped over.
Baby ahd Ma Titine were on the
other side of the street across the
Courthouse. They were about to cross
over when another headlong rush by
some of the accused' friends occur-
ed, so they both remained where they
were. After a few minutes Baby said:
"I goin an see if it have place,"
and she stepped. briskly over to the.
Courthouse. Peeping through a win-
dow, she scanned inside. It was
filled. She returned to Ma Titine,
shaking her head.
"Nottin doin...doan even have room,
for-a ants to squeeze" she told her.
They went to the Library nearby
and relaxed their tired legs, mean-
while keeping an eye on the Couvt
house. About half-an-hour later, the

crowd came out and Baby and Ma Titine, were told& that the coutt was adjourned
until two o'clock in the afternoon, as the. Grenadian lawyer was not too well.
and was una ble to attend court that morning. But Ma Titine and Baby decided
against returning.
"For all you hear correctly from the people," Ma Titine observed, "it-'
best to remain home". Baby totally agreed with her.
Later that evening they heard that the other accused was testifidog.na
court and that he statedd that they (the two accused of murder) had suffered
police brutality and that they were not even allowed hospital treatment.
"I don'know what to make of this trial", Ma Titine remarked. "It is so con-
fusing". Again Baby nodded agreement.
"Confusin is right." she exclaimed. "Mel I glad I is not a jury...Guv-
ment will have a beeg expense foh dat case..."' Suddenly she laughed out loud.
Ma. Titine stared at her. "I don't see the joke in that," she daid sternly-,
Baby was still laughing. "Know wat de joke is? Dey aayin Domeenaeka so
pore, I wondarin eef dose jury will get money... An again, look dey pahaps
drain de Treshoree an give de. ex-Premiah $153,500.00 gratooity' Dey deeden have
money to do dis...deeden have money to do dat...pahaps dey was gadderin up
all de money to give heem. Nex ting you will heah...no salary...an Chriss-
mass comin...hope dey doan do dat anyway'" She chuckled. "B.oy, people would
enragee! I wandah if he will get de penshan too."
Next day, they were astonished to hear that the second accused young-man
had made an unsworn statement full of social criticism, lasting two hours and
forty-five minutes!

When Guyana's Ambassodor to China,
Mr. David Singh, resigned because of a
report by the Ombudsman supporting a
complaint that he used-Government lab-
our on work at his home, Guyanese radio
stations suspended all scheduled pro-
grammes for the day, playing instead
hymns and religious music.

SWISS REFERENDUM (fr.p.5). The voters
rejected by 1,689,870 to 878,739 votes
the National Party's proposal to ex-
pel 500,000 of Switzerland's one mil-
lion foreigners from that land. But
Politician J.Schwarzenbach said he
would press, ahead and attempt to halve
the number of foreigners but over
10 years.

n., ~44 V+ rn Ri S: T A i
.L agI .4 -- -

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston
BOX V s02. October 30, George Foreman-,
World Boxing Heavyweight champion will
defend his title against Mohammed Ali
in Kinshasha, Zaire. The fight which-
was originally sche doleda B
had to be postponed after Ebreman suf-
fered an eye injury received in train-
ing. CRICKET: The MCC touring party
left England on Monday, 21st Apgust.
for their 5-month tour of Australia.
The team reads Alec Bedser, Manager;
Mike Deness, captain; D. Amiss, G,Arn-
old, J. Edrich, K.Fletcher, T. Grieg,
M. Hendricks, A. Knott, P. Lever, D.
Lloyd, B. Luckhurst, C. Old, B.Taylor,
F. Titmus, D. Underwood and By Wyllis.
Their first match starts October 31st.
Pakistan has asked for three test
matches, instead of two when the West
Indies tour India, Pakistan and Sri-
Lanka, and also two one-day interna-
tional matches.
The Deryck Robin's XI lost. their
first match of their Caribbean tour
played in Barbados.
FOOTBALL: The Pte.Michel football
league started last week with four te
teams competing for the Pte.Michel
trophy and for the first time the Hon.
Clive Tavernier and Louis Benoit tro--
phbLea. The teams are Colts, Granites.,
est of Pte.Michel and Ghetto. In the
opening match played Sat.19, at 4.p.m.
Colts' captain scored both goals whilst
R.Charles converted a penalty for
Granites;. Referee was Louis Benoit.
In other matches played the. follow-
ing Sunday (2Oth) at 10 a.m., Colts
& Rest of Pte.Michel played to an. ex-
citing two-all draw. Colts scored
first through H.Charles. Rest of Pte.
Michel stormed back with 2 goals from
H.Balson and H.Peter, penetrating the.
strong defence of L.Blaize, C.Prevost
and P.Raphael. However, C.Pemberton a
few minutes later found the equalizer
for Colts. Referee was former island

underlines that some Civil Servants who
have served the country twice or three
times longer than LeBlano, stand to lo-e-
their Hbni they cannot now meet mor-
gage payments. CSA also spells out the
plight of certain underpaid Civil Sesmm
BANANA PRICE (fr.pT) : Let Britain re-

player Sydney Pemberton. Sunday after- member that when two warclouds threat-
noon, Granites & Ghetto played to a 1- enod,thc youths of these islands offer-
all draw. Scorers were K.Charles for ered their lives to save the civilizat-
Granites and for Ghetto, a right foot- tion which Britain had built up' There
er.from R.Toussaint deflected off a was no talk then of "dollar countried"o
defender into the nets. State referee Those lands may produce better bananas
Alick Gage officiated. because they he a better faillties.
D.G.S. trounced Spurs 4-nil in the (To be continued next yqk)
first match of the 2nd Division Knock- "LIMITED STATE 0. I 'MR_,CY". St. Kitts
out competition. Algernon "Bull" Bulldozers smashed down private land-
Lawrence converted all four goals for ownBulldozers (nc0p otin ivate leaders)'fences
D.G.S and h hrL owners (incOppoaitict. leaders), fences.
core goarl -. A.MHMY eaeay.on. .Judge ruled .tain.. ._Bra e g
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Co-Ptnall Mill souse
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

Dear Madam,
I write in reply to your
front-page article (contributed) under
C.S.A.4 in THE STAR on 18th October
1974, I write, not because I have time
to waste involving myself in what has
become Mr. Charles Savarin's =s01
pastime, if not his main/sole occupa-
tion -- writine letters to provoke
"puerile sarcasm" or firing "punches''
on paper!
I write, not in an attempt to tell
Mr. Charles A.Savarin that he must not
try to use any and every occasion and
opportunity and incident to get some
self-addlation, personal publicity and
the like, ..se..
Neither do I write to defend "the
administration" (Savarin s favourite)
for the events/decisions leading up
to the fuel crisis in November-January
past. For I knlrow that if other counsel.
had not prevailed and dominated, there
would have been no prolonged crisis.
I write only to ask Mr. Charles A.
Savarin to publish in full the four
letters exchanged between himself and
the Ministry from October 4th, 1974
1ad ending with mine of October 14th,
1974. That's all.
You should find space to publish
the four letters in full in The Star.*
No more from me on this issue. Thank
yo madam, Yours very sincerely,
ct.21, 1974. JULIEN 1., JOHioSO

This taw a 0s5lal i ssiyiso*

Tp H E


P Ei ht