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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-18-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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ro. Jane iLh ItAL, Librarian,
Research Institflo for the study Of r'an
.62 East 70 Str ot,
New Yorlk 10Q21, J-. U.S*A OS/5

Tel: V 2,691, i. dtar 2610
1CGih Turnr Lodbuton) Ltd. W
12 .r;.... A .,W J V t 4

- .-. 18 1974 lcr-- PHYLLIS

hi ^~g

A -... -i 3 in rie isto & 6, eat
4b, a alrty apard, prie of 8
it. aneanswa by, ;W3sU1. this i t
*ij t:f4a tate4 a swr ip8 *
kaim if .impwtisji ,hioi Ovality filutt',
miiare & .. Jmes... Jt -'s ,.t-$t fro. is IA &d n, 41k 'e0 4ws :tasass:

yov" vital letters ffecltd 4di a thicash.
On" in 3,1974, the Desaiica Civil Service As-
Stio'J ot-r-ffrr'' $So anawhb(ichf impfemen-
ted) could have avoided some ef the mon frus-
triaf inc.rs";ait& of that period. .
On Oct. r, Mr. Charles, Sarvarin, Gen. Sec.
'CS A., Wtte to the Perm Sec, .Ainistri of
Agriplture, Trade & Naturl Resources,.query-
nm hbow the delay of a tanker by 2 days could
br.ag fte wr ae TnSpor3naio?,a srym of a State-
to a 'hait. H0 cali d at a *Domica PaFw Qci]
and made four suggesios: r) a isc nria g am-o
mal fuel shtorrae capacity pmesandy availmLe he;
2) require b15k inszsllations to mak regular
weekly remrns on field consumption and applies;
.) take. Sps o secure that there is i'ways a. 3s
moth. rastE of fael above the reg. way w-
suamptieu; and 4) that my decree n yki#p*-
ted d=uacsin this rfa resn be'iaedialy rq r.
ed to the Ad-miswtk ,

- l .. p ., &

.T. ;aa. t frio,-r with f setions
._prtaxliBn4 to pTocssiW g of *atosente f a
Sup&r .La.tn. o:fies proeadare. a
THE AP4U CM41 saat nawe d. -.g:csl'ji..-e of
Booineetag and Accounts and pnra.ctial et-
per.ne ui. keeping books. 6f aoouit.
.f..# ? 4 l. be ian the ran of $450.'X io
zo wij F_;.. month and t.e poiat' of entry
will d.peand. on theability' and eperiaenc
of the oauosafal caudidata.
APPLIATICOAS,2 in the applic aatg haindriiting,
.tat xng age & level oft edcatin., together
Vith zafsl anid als.reaca of two rnferes
enoulta cbe lmect to: W tetaat
a'asaitant Danager"
I P.O. B= 202, Rkseau.
Ur tabUe anticatia wil a t be
MEW 4%

*e .Aa- IdC- SsTB.r r

,.- N.- 7 10021


T-E III ..O.


In what. -an only be .escbed as
frenzied irmawure and unstatemanJike
rewcion to an article appearing in the
Monday 23rd September .1974 issue .of
the C.S.A. publication VIEWPOINT,
Mr. Parick John, Premier of Domiica,
wrote to C.S.A. General Secretary
Charies Savarin, making abusive remarks
about his integrity and personal motives
in the, discharge of hiS. duties as Ge- ,
eral Secretary.
&S wscanen of letters an asse 4. 5 &


k CWra ,e w -

t h c mar e Tar

Reqesa at rancUs fplseatae. U
19 4. 73 Polydar cis Polydoer foe the
Presented by his Solcitor issue of' a first estz-
16. 10, 74 M.Eugenisa ficate.of title ina r.-
at 12.12 p.m. Charles pej of a portion 'w
land at Riview Cy
rique in the Pzriwb
of St. David etasti-
ing 8.525 acres and
'Lead iQ and bounded asfs(l~rr.
Nshif^ SaBd > Garassia ab: South: RAvt* Cydw*
mnd Lad of ArWe4 Abraham; East: Lands &f Aridel Abra.
Mm tWd Mowga Poydre and BranRch of Rsvise Cyrqu;
West: Crhwn Land edw'kmvtse Cyrique ond Land of Watt
GX Om 4- 1 v C

fe t S i a S 'V iW t' -!\ I NERO
f6 date 7wi4aagnz ApplkCatioa of Vers
1P&o4wd 74 %sojikitw V Wrrigton for die
lSo 74 M.10tVa.7 i-ue of a fii c
at 12.15 .mw Carlfea. at of tite -
att1 SS poet oft a portion of
latd at PoBint* NIhl -i-t hr"s of St. Laue
eWttiangf 3 sqvmef feet banded so feM&nrm
North: Lands td FerdusedW Charles South: Land of Re*6-
Snoy Toussaint: 1ss: %Pufw c Road. West The Sol.

' 1Re6tr ftar OF Tkw,
NOTE: Any peroN w*o 4dirm ta obje to tOe f
Cwtzleae of $1 os th aoe alcatas" it a ov e
ti Mie *ahev ace wiuda six weaafwh.th dwe of the
8pp3arace Of eVA sa e I the STAA Newspaper pcr steh
in trs State Cw fteO the dee wA *sn teamte pressCE !
ka wa a my on w a0 o "k 9s
40w9 in r

^B^^npjii^l~^^ayi~mf^^ niJTf w


1 11 /'

Pgp Twn T H E S T A R 1Friay, notrb.hr 1974 .:
S w r On "Misleading People"
A Snowy Trek
After spending seven days in Canada Misleading people in the banana in-
and calling upon more than seventy dustry is a vague and persistent charge
airline offices-, travel wholesalers', made by the banana authorities against
and travel agents, the Dominica Tour- me from time to time.
ism team, consisting of L.A. Brand of One's 'light' and training is not
Island House, Mrs. Janice Armour of always to-be abandoned in the pursuit
Anchorage Hotel and Miss Linda Harris of power, position and profit. A
of Castaways, drove across the U.S- schoolmaster of many years, I developed
Canadian border and stopped at Roches- a passion for truth and fairplay quite
ter, New York. During the night an apart from a love of learning and ideals
early snow fall of more than four in- The banana authorities, however, em-
ches covered the area and members of balrased when I touch upon unsavoury
the team were obliged to walk through practices; in the industry such as: keep-
falling snow to call upon agents there ing back an announcement of a banana
and in adjacent cities before driving price and not paying it to the hard-
on to Syracuse where they again made worked producer, making him pay over
their way through snow flurries,. and over for fertilizer and foam pads
From Syracuse the team calledaupon without submitting an account, running
agents in Schenectaidy and Albany, N.Y., the industry without growers having a
including smaller adjacent cities be- say in how the moneys they produce are
fore continuing on to the State of spent must.blame it upon my 'light',
Massachusetts. By day's end the team training and ideals and not upon me
had.called upon 30 US agents and will personally.
visit more.than 70 other agents in You cannot teach an old dog new
Mass., Conn., and New York. tricks. It is no fault of mine if 'I am
To .date the team has discussed the angered when folks less placed than my-
tourism potential of Dominica with more self are not treated in the way'they
than four hundred persons in the travel should be.
business in Canada and the USA and by Today we have all kinds of social
the end of the tour next week will have institutions supposedly aiming at im-
personally discussed Dominica with more proving the lot of mankind. Yet for
than 650 persons in tourism and driven many reasons, the sponge is nicely ap-
more than four thousand miles in the plied to the prevailing and obvious
effort. evils which never touch men's conscience
IT ALL DEPE0ND4 ON LIAT Last week in the New Dominica. Chron-
The availability and dependability icle, Eleanore Douglas was kind and
of the schedules and service of LIAT courageous enough to come out on mal-
are the most prevalent expressed worry nutrition. The people who contribute
of the travel agents visited in North materially to a nation are those who
America. One frequent question asked have a conscience. As regards the
by travel agents is "what will happen banana authorities, even if t "mislead"'
to LIAT now that Court Lines has ex- the people, the Winter Support Price
perienced its difficulties?" The is obsolete and unfair in that the
Dominicateam has offered assurances in amount the grower contributes weekly
each instance but early and believable is not stated periodically; the amount
assurances by LIAT will be of great. coming back. to him when the price drops
benefit to Dominica'a immediate tourist is always less than what is extracted,
business, and he never gets the Balance back in
cash or in kind.
U. W. I. CHILD CARE EXPERT It is time for the authorities to
Mrs. PEARL LAMB, Social Worker, Re- come out and say in view of the new
gional Pre-School Development Centre, extra cess for fertilizer, and in view
(Extra Mural Studies, U.W.I.), Jamaica, of the high cost of living "We shall
will visit Dominica from Oct. 21-23. pay you the full price. and you (the
She will be met by Mrs. Doreen Fran- growers) must save your money against
cisACanadian Save The Children Fund, any drop in the winter". This would be
and a full child-care programme has a fine gesture. Greater men tham my-
been arranged. self have been charged with "misleading"
the people." The clarifying job has to
be done. History has repeatedly shon .tbat" mna.' there is no ono (_se .9 )

ThE 2-TAR Par Vhs en
~1&Jts kke.~{~n'* ~ ~ r ,,,str{~ ~ ~ w4Jf~e0d~Wim4W~ainI0

i-.$. 0 ..
r 's t -* t
^^ (A -te A~i? .-* '. ',-,. ..:'* -, ; \^ '. s *i.a w
i> ~ 3t" -* :1*** 'r^ ** "*.*j ** .' ^ i ^r 4
tLIA-o -.Anr P r'ur. It
CA L bitlflCkd 1 cle

.- dated Hugsoh A A. cation of
**> ..-:' *.r -i i:s-i-i r *'~t ..^ '. .. ~ tw w s

SAl 3 73 Redssman~ t. .,ph Ra~ieasan B I
'.-...SpA Ify his Soiiteor h ismme of a Is&t
3 i74 t M. nn. *a'* |te of a tiea
1CA. c twe at FeueC 1
la te Pari'sh f St.
? r '* '< Cn ri~e, a t m~i
aa4*d as ne Mw
North & North East Estate of Dr. E.8 GarTid S&o I
Land o0C H & P A South- Enst A Dry Rvine separb.
ing t from I d pf.C H & P A W'st Uift of th Heirs
of Cle t ,. CH & PA & .:,r MiAip
fietveia dated E -ma -el 'ath of Eas.-
9 74 noa Ba te ssl Jap Bapit
Pr aa6aY hil. SoI-:s.aL- -for is lw of a
IQ 74 M. Eaftia h ir Etawf&ft
svt 3.S ~i.n CkivtriiT t' Sein~rnwg*ctdaitW
;t i* fP ift"CtBS of a la
00 P-.tmi iSathe Jtown
R:4b dk Jins t
a cntemisg 2898 sqare feetland a ;.wkd, a ^feowefa. *
NMab;: Hotfed Streer Soutst Lasn, of Coradt Taeratesr
West -i'ci VM Street East IBldof 't*.tc6 Pap.
Ets&e dated .Reaal Ak ln.i Ap-Aicativo of Rea
0Z 74 Adrien ad al'Agatha Adrian
~ ~~ Ul 10Marire a n.das Mai
PreaSnted I VA Edit h Marin,
8 IC 74 | PNiore- a "M Pierre aa tetaftb ii
at 30 pa.m. tats in o Mm 'fo t" is
j--- ;----? man se of & first ertifi*-
their Solicitor eas of title in "W
PA:M. EUe*ta pet 4-a. prti of
Chizeis e.. at Pa yard ite
Panr i of St. Paal,
ci itaiain- 9?.AiJ Square fet atif beaa ded as foaS&
Morth: Lands of Emmwanul -..s.'.65 r, Thomas lsidtre
mnd Cecitsa aardoT,.lie; Soustw: Land o- FrFaicse Dartval
East: tad of Sdasy Adrien Wtrt: Land of EtmmsNuel
L! i. tcptter.-
6 .-; *,-. ted Fran-es 86p-j Apliciatin of FroM
74 san fee 8 Sn a swe
Praesented | att & i l ass Wuiasn
7 B4furnett as Nte ..tt teeato
at MI2.5 p.iB anUa sts iin aw gIamBson fer tihe
en W... j of & first eao.
6 their Solicitor icate- of title ain re
M. Etgnia pect of a portias of
1- a at We..ay in
?thcParishof S wp'4,i^ aq

.rtnh Laimd M1vyfield4*4 aoet 'f"ic 9a04 East
Lad of Joshua Cakastinea Wet a',d -o Olwq I Mac.
]* Dona te.. *. -* **-* :'

Request kti!'

of Septsbe-a" 2

Sth daIy {"^ a ,; '* 1t

Sbay his 'Solicitor
S (.il.ra .M.
On Oi :-.>;,

1erpquest for the ins~
f a YirEt C -ertIcate
of Tde ism res po of
a portion of B at
WeAky in ahe Parish
,f St Adrew is ti
-Stab@ of Doamimea
aCk2daiSiBft 117,744

North by a vfib-e Roadt East by a vitftae Road; Saeth
by In)d 4 As'rthr Robin; Westt by ads aof the Govera-.
feet of ormiDnleaic and Am.nfda 7; r ,. .

'. e 4sst" W CsA a .
r '-'-e dated Flwesacssa f Roanst foa the issaw
1it a .orwf Maginira j f First Certificate
9. by 7k--r Solicitaer I Te ii respect of
rst Vaya ,O :.] ptrtiek"of land
8th Octbrl 36 < :-. D^upigWy 'IsKMws as a rBsiden
*4 1: j til Wt a.t Partaneaouth
A I5 Parish of St.
Jobn, tiahthi,, ate o mnea E teo riftg 2565
are fewsit and --Loldaded as Esl lwsenv
tNorth. By' lads of Cyri Valeri; ast: By- lands 'f Perry
Akid: South: By land of Milktent Marl; WaC by 8y5 Strat

ogest dat Geralm Reqaa for the u Hmeif
t.A 4th day rf William* of a First Certificate
Jily 1 970 by -her Solicitor f Tl 1a6 respect of
rwestdd thej Cilma A.M. a portion of land
Mt day of Dupigay in tahe Parisi of St
ce ,1974 j AmdrSw is the State
^Ji^Lte^J --- ^ >' of Dmaimtaaa ea^mts
is1 43.3square feet B4 ended as fano wa-
On the North by lands Lf Floaurenc Pravnst a4 Pubac
Road. On tho East by minds of Floturwance Prewa On
she Soith by tends of Verialce Marwet On the Wet by
a Public Road.

quest dated Jack Hayden Request for the ik~.. |
tMe 7th day of Robuisos of a First Certificate
lOctober 1974 y his Solicitor taof Title in respect of
Presented j, Ci'na A M. a pArtMin of LOfand
the 9th day I Dupigny know* as a W t at.
of October 1974 S Ca ter i
t,".. A. in th Paris 8a ,s t.
urW m ae cntaining 14
rEasmi4e4 t a oendd as follows:-
Morth-Wrnt by land of Eva Sylvester; North by land of Ci
rmse Sylvroser; South East by' land of Van Davis and jfses
ylvester; South West by a foot path separating it from land
Masrin 'Carifn East b itid of Masb Felt

t'&af I Afnt Re` equzet f 0i mu
th 30th day Aletainder wof a First Certificate
of Sevttabesr by his Soliitor of Title in respect of
1974 Cilma AM. a portton f land at
resented the 'Du y 'Ford Manger'" in
14th dayf the '. o ef MaA n
ober 1974 1M e in the ParishgD f ,
S2.25 m Paul, in tthe State
wt. .i A.'"; . ,o.f Domnnamc lsam.i
S4743 qumre feet a" 4eaded 4 fv'owa
art by land of Beatrice Alemander South by land of Offnf-
w East by tend of Radt'f 'Prince; West by lands of Hn
M& Alexander and Beatritce Atilander i
Request date Sebatien Request for ti.as
the 11thb day -S. Lti'e of a Pirss Certificate
of October by his 'Solicitor of Tite in respect of I
1974 Cilma A-M. a portion of land at`
Presented the Dupigay Marigot in the Parish
14-h d&y of of St. AIew, th
Octqber 197 State f. Doii
at 2.5 P.. pgtaingthi 17,568
uifr fet an4d ,ew
S dd as d folows-
nh by lands of Davina Stuart; South-East by lands & Shtnd
fly and Mus grfaPblin: East by lands of Mwr- -a Dublin
w este by Ian& of Qijjyr Abrharam and Joteph E Dame.
^aai~t,-a!ifla.( Bis~a!o

staw's e.
kn A e R aF. att fitt

NOTE: Any person who desire to otbjct to tiw IsSaIg -f ,'
Certicaste Cd tite on the above appcikantMaRy sar a CaYfes.
In the above oaer within six weeks from the date of thr FT -
apparaice of this sche-d4e i te STAR N4wspaer ablst-
in this Stie or from the date whenVm th notice nwsn'ried by
hew wu lest served on any owner or oziAapW4r of.--'r*
4eAd 1, repeat & wMich the aspp' wio3 tsofaf

Page Ta.ee





(A C. S. A. Release) from page one

Oct.18th, 1974

This letter which Mr John claims is to It was also brought to my knowledge that
place the facts on record for the benefit of numerous telephone calls were made to my home
the general public and the Civil Service in on that Sunday; you Would realise, Mr.Savarin,
particular, has been widely distributed and that is must have been very uncomfortable for
sent to sympathetic sections of the local those, at my home then, who wished peace and
press. An edited version of the letter was quietness.
also read over Radio Dominica. : I wish to state that L k16au of my selection
Thu Dominica Civil Service Association has as WISA's representative to the Conference on
replied to the Premier and has requested that the day prior to my departure for Trinidad by
its reply and the address given by Mr. Sav-, way of a telephone call from the Deputy Prom-
arin at the General Meeting of the 27th Sep- ier, Hon. Thomas Etienne,, ho was attending
tember 1974, be broadcast over Radio Dominica.tho WISA meeting in Antigua.
In an effort to give as balanced a view The Managing Director of ECCA, My Conference
of the matter as possible the Association has Advisor, along with the Ag.Canadian High Com-
.bought advertising space in this..Nowspaper missioner- arranged for my departure to Canada
to bring out the full text of both letters to on Monday, 23rd September, 1974.
the public. You, I am sure, are aware of this, that on
Mr. John's letter of the 9th of October the morning of my departure for Canada, Mrs.
174 reads:- Rhona Fingal, a member of the C.S.A.tulephoned
4 OFFICE OF THE PREMIER me and inquired, on your behalf, about my dis-
Cabinet Secretariat 9th October 1974. oussions in Trinidad. I told her that the dis-
Dear Sir cussions were hold but that formal applicet-
ir, It is indeed inconceivable how you ons wore to be made to the Trinidad Govern-
know of no other game but of misleading mem- ont and that no firm reply could be given un-
bers-of the Public Service. til the applications were fully considered and
I am referring to an article in the Civ- the Government of Trinidad and Tobago formerly
il Service Association news, media, the VIEW- hic) replied.
SPOINT of Monday, 23rdSeptember 1974, and the You have failed to report this communication
caption "PREMIER JOHN PLAYS HIDE AND SEEK". ur mabers! En pass&rt, and for the
I have chocked the contents of the art- information of all concerned the applications.,
idle, which are .-not o-ly misleading, but un- .avu bon sent.
justifiable;.. and for the benefit of the gen- What then are you worried about Mr. Savarin?

eral public and in particular, Civil
I wish to place on record the FACTS.
On Friday, 6th,..September, 1974,
delegation from the Civil Service As
led by you; and we discussed the dif:
being experienced in funding the rec<
tions of the Salaries and Wages revi<
dicating that "an additional taxati'
be the last avenue which I.- would thi;
sing(sio) for this purpose .
I farther informed the delegati'
would attempt to discuss the problem
Trinidad and Tobago Government but p
out that this was a delicate matter 1
Would require tact and patience.
In this respect, I accordingly
Trinidad on 18th September, 1974 and
on the evening of the. 21st September

servants, oms to us that you are perturbed over the
ame document to which you have affixed your
I met a signature for "additional taxation" to pay
sociaulties your members, yourself and staff.
micunties You are perturbed, because you have hith-
immenda- orto considered yourself too clever to be
ew., in- trapped, but you know and cannot defend your
on wol-d Qncurrence with the recommendation for "in
"creased taxation" politically nor indeed as a
leader of a section of the public "the mem-
on that I bets of the C.S.A".
with the Surely, Mr. Savarin, you did not expect me
pointed to bit at; home and await your calls or to post-
which pon my' vidit to Canada, to attend the Con-
ft for ronce on the day scheduled? -
lrft for I wish to emphasis, most vehemently, that
returned I am aware of the inadequacy of present wage
, 1974- L.vuol in the fact of world inflation and in-

I have boon given to understand that ybou,.rased oil prices. I reaffirm my Government's
on th day following my arrival from Trinidadc tment to rectify this at the earliest op-
which incidentally was a Sunday, telephoned portunity, but unlike you Mr. Savarin, I may
the homes of certain senior officials enquir- consider a.litional taxation On the people of
ing of my whereabouts and indicating your con-Dominic4, only as a very, very last resort.
corn about a news item that I was due to loav It should by now be clear to everyone that
the State for Canada, on Monday, 23rd Septom- the HIDE AND SEEK GAME is being played NOT by
ber, 1974, to attend a Commonwealth Finance mo but by you, the General Secretary of the
Minister's Conference. (ruxt col.) CSA who, it would appear,, cannot call a meet-
Mr. Charles Savarin, General Secretary, ing of your Association before you call on me,
Civil Service Association, ROSEAU., (continued on following pag)

TiHE t'I'AH, p.* Ptr.

-STAR Oct.18, 1974:- THE PREMIER JOHN CHARLES SAVARAN ISSUE (pages 1 & 4) .Page -,Five
and I have nothing for you before I receive It was on the strength of this under-
.apositive response from friendly Governmunts taking and in all good -faith that the Ex-
of the availability of required finance re- poutive Committee agreed to postpone -the
quested frpm them by my Government. General Meeting originally scheduled. for
At a meeting with you and Your Executive the 13th of September to Friday 27th of',
on 6th August 1974 I appealed for PEACE AND September, thereby allowing sufficient time
CO-OPERATIONi ;.your actions have clearly-indic- for the Premier to hold.his talks and to
ated that you insist on CONFRONTATION. bring the Associatio--.p &''date on devel-
The time is now ripe, Mr. Savarin, to act opments.
as a responsible.leader, and for once,, call Your admission that you were aware of
"A SPADE A SPADE." your selection as WISA's,ropresentative to-
"ASPADE A Patrc R. Yours in Peace, the Canada Conference on the day prior to'
(Sgd.) Patrick R. John, PREMIER.. your. departure tor, Trinidad, is as-glaring
THE DOMINICA CIVIL SERVICE ASSOCIATION'S RE- an exampleas-any of the Ji&ck'f good faith.
To PLY IS AS FOLLOWS;- on your part in dealing' with the Association.-'
The Honourable Premier,Premier's Office,ROSEAU The Premier of-Iominica has the entiree Cab-
Sir, T we could engaging inot Secretariat, the Establish&ent Depart-7
I that ein mount and the Information Division at his,
a verbal duel with the Premier would bring disposal. It certainly could not-be to dif-
about a solution to the problems facing this fut for the Premier to request one
SAfioult for the Premier to request one of
country the C.S.A. would not hesitate to for-
his many officials to inform the AsSociation
ward a 'tit for tat' responsee to your personal -.
I of this-unforeseen commitment and to arrange.,
attacks on its General Secretary Mr. C.A.Sav- and to arrange a ne dat for a meeting.
and to arrange a new date for a meeting.
arin. Since such an exchange cannot servo any I, Savarn's rt to contact you
Mr. Savarin's efforts to contact you
useful purpose except to inflame passions, 'vr the wknd should be ,ftiiiiinded rather-
thereby diverting attention from the major or thn cr keni should ao mended rather
issues of Salaries Revision and the revocation than criticised as itas at groat personal
inconvenience that he sought to make con-
of the Civil Service Act, we will confine our- tact and to have a cs hel of communicak tioh'
shelves to correcting the many misconceptions n to v d
contained in your letter of the 9th..Oot. 1974. you
.. ofprgeut at when you repeated'your invita-
Your claim that Mr. Savarin seeks to m.f -,tha .w .y
S. .. ,Savarin to ring youp-.,homueny-
lead the public service is as unfair as it is .. "")'
,o th o clearly indica^^ his stance
untrue. Mr. Savarin is a member of the Exec-,-*-, o ..-a i ,: -, h .
ut.ive m.i..e r to do, so-'as yoq h41a on a rpre.vous occasion
utive Committee and in his capacity as Gener d.d ta .tm. ent ofith political platform
.. ... made statements on0 .the political platform
eral Secretary has specifio-'duties and respon- to t ffect tha he, r. avarin, was;-.T. .
sibilities. These are carried out with the ,ha ofo t i yor wif was-in.
s 1 Ka4abit of disturbing your wife .by. inging
full knowledge and consent of the Executiv- Patr
Committee. The observations made at the Gen- .b y ne anr as ingoat o i n-
,.. ,, ,-* A. sisted nevertheless that,"ho"Should c all,and
oral Meeting and the information contGined si ted ,l ,-
the C.S.A. Viewpoint are statements of 'fact You have laid great emphasis on the alleg-
and not merely a matter of opinion. Mr. Sava- action that Mr. Savarirr.failed to communicate
rin enjoys the fully confidence of the Execut- to the members of the Association the fact
ive Committee and the General Membership and that you informed Mrs. Final that "discuss-
outside of Executive Committee Meetings con- .ha held in Trinidad but that formal d
suits the President, .the Vicu President and.- applications ore to be made to the Trinidad
other members of the Executive Comittee on Government and that no firm reply could be
all C.S.A. matters. The article "PREMIER JOHN Gove nt and that no firm reply could be
given until the applications were fully con-p
PLAYS HIDE AND SEEK' is no exception to thiq sirud and thu Government of Trinidad&
practice, and although'the article is not Tobago 'formerly' replied". You also lai.
flattering the Premier cannot doubt its accur- that you have checked the contents of. the
acy. The Premier cannot deny either that at article captioned "PREMIER JQOI-,PLAYS HIDE
the mooting of the 6th of September, he not AND SEEK", but that very-article states:
only threatened to "put tax in the people skin. "No fewer than 6 -attempts were made to
and go out and say that the C.S.A. recommended co et the. Pr-mier's home on Sunday but
a tax increase", but went qn to say that "tho without"success. At 6.30 a.m. on Monday
Civil Service Act is law anrk if you take milji, '23rd September a further call was made to
tant action I will implement' it to thoQfinish." the Premier's home. He answered in person
In making reference to his proposed trip to only to say that he was leaving for the
Trinidad the Premier forgot to mention that he Airport within the hour and that Government
had givdn an undptaAing..jDk thh Executive W=,y attl n i'eirtink -with-Tlnedd."
Committee on the 23rd of S;ptomber to discuss This statement was further elaborated upon
what progress had been made in his discussions at the General Meeooting.
with the C.D.B. in Barbados the Permanent Sec- When you say that Mr. Savarin is perturb-
retary from the Ministry of Overseas Devulop- ed because he has hitherto considered him-
mont and Dr.Eric Williams in Trinidad. self too clover to be trapped (next page)

Pg. gi 9 Vw 8 I AI r fidaV, OGteobr 18h, 174
SE psaogt JOB a-saun $VAIAEiI ( WoemaioI)Tri7 1,, & ,$ '
...Yia saysfin at ffet tht the Piri. teU. ed fAb itZtAon
are preoooupig with isylas owS er or. seMa bwt 00date *it itle seme. su
te insistence at the fgrersa t Neatia ti Vqpa an the inolaina tt ifamSow to wl-
asased Tzati-o1 in the S3larikes D anoti m their ThAP for Mr. Savaria? Is this
y the Goverment sgotiAtiSg Tem yielded a ptht matters but refwt d to sn oan this
*'en? Is it Mr. Slavaria uwho is sam APD ar is- it thoWe who set the TAP who are war at
oaoe again?
As you say the time is a- Tipc to Ul -a *pai a spde.. The tubs is net Mr. Savaxia
ar any of the inttera: rfeaoin to in year wt p. Ia the siaplest 3te4s i's a qsatian
S The -iamstion uhicah the saeotiation 'ta maitns ed is, i whe will the Civil Serviem be
paid? Tell i his, then rete the Civil 3ve ALt, and yon ona haw al1 the peace end
Go-operation you coal hpe" fer.
We are not seeking a onaforatatioa, but ms fsaer trade waioniat you are aware ta&t
attacic" onr. union officials by the empleerT is tj1e sarest way to preowake union aetiion. We
ar" not yet at tUe brink a itke are we far ftraeg it. A C.S.A./Gowerseat cnerastation in
the faoe of mo eivil servicee diesoxtest an ts pa questici would prove to be a bitter
oonfilct 1adL-L. if the Praiar was.' to push a mouald bear this is mind.
Finally you av state. that year letter is iataded i to place the PAC5 an oroard for
the benefit of tie gpazal public amd civil uermantg in particular. Ve mast thmrafore
roquemt that- baeto&V modia y s e tV torifg thpr PCSM to the public, that the Asstciati:as
response be aised trwrh the MnM mdia.. It it it the PACTS ..wiach yeou at really intet-
ested in bringiag eat tha us wealA suggest tht Mr*. Savarin's ocstributione, to the General-
Mesting, which -s hav wk tapt, shoulA ala. be plaUfd over Badio DEminica.
lltk; c.tober, 1974 Ft5 ?V t() siasia severia, VIC PasIW!s MsA.

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Of Health


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SBoth obtainable from


PVC PIPES and Fittings

" Aleuinium and, Teell WINDOWS



SSupplies Department, Newtown
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JUST f&/E:


Th~~r~C)r'.tKhF~ 1R 1Q74


. (Human Drama at L'Audience) Madam,
T(Human Drama at L'Audiencessl o, I cannot help it: I must quote
The murder brial was still on, w h d of K domn t re
Ma Titine tried to attend each day, the wisdom of King Solomon the great.
but for the last four' days she had He said, "Woe to thee 0 land, when
been unable to do so, owing to the thio king is a child, but blessed art
heavy rush of the crowd who gathered thou 0 land when thy king is the son
near the High Court; she tried to fig- of nobles.".
ure why such a flock of human bodies Madam, the type of crisis which we
pressed so much to attend the trial: are faced with in Dominica for the-
Cruelty? Curiosity? Nothing to do? past few years, it is not by nature
"Me!" she exclaimed to Genelia. and or any act of God; it is purely be-
Baby, "I don't intend to get squashed cause our kings are children.
up by that mob, murder trial or not'" I thought.that when it came to so-
"Helas," Baby replied woefully, calledNational Day in Dominica,-I
"Friday morning I try to squeeze in, thought we would have certain changes.
but is de crowd dat squeeze me; I think Let us say this "AGRRICULTURE YEAR", we
my ribs deed break." She prodded her would have had competitions for best
sides. "Dey still hurtin me." banana fields, best farms., livestdck,
Monday morning, Ma Titine had again chicken, best sanitation, best hygieae
tried ineffectively to gain entrance, etc. The children they have dancing
so decided to return home. She met belaire year after year, I thought
Baby hurrying to be on time. they could take others as well and let
"Nothing doing Baby," she toldjaer, them compete for better English. IT-
"The place is overcrowded. Know what stead our kings do that which is quo-
I just plan to do? Let's go home :and ted above, they are doing just what
help me sort out clothes etc., to send" Solomon has said. With such a-crisis
"she paused, "clothes and things that as Dominica is facing today, in the
E.rilla and Garge send me...to send as name of heaven, what good will jumping.
hurricane relief to the poor people in day do foi. us after all!.
British Honduras." I hope your readers will not -take
So here they were at Titine'sa,bund- this as criticism, but they will ..oon-
ling and packaging whatever they thougt side like Solomon when he said. 't"
would be useful; even rice, flour, "Blessed art thou 0 land when thy
sugar and a big tin of guava cheese; king is the son of nobles".
By lunchtime they were hot and tired In conclusion, I must say after
and three big boxes were ready for.. all, how can we&.Dominicans expect ba-
shipping. After ,luioaeThMa Titine'.de- bie's like 'thqse ministers we have' now
cided-to return to,.the' High Court again to *decide our destinid:.in pay way. to
and at exactly 1.80 p.m. Baby and her- bring prosperity to this .countryR .I
self entered and managed to get seated. can't blue .Ptrick h, ur n]!Itr
A aan behind them was grumbling because, Prd Mi'er fo,.,taking his trips ahroad f
he said, ''the jurors' benches ,onQ-the'-.. as others -befre. have 'all take 'theim
left'had side was- reserved for the F,,o o ror shortage of space, I cam :only
juts,;-tthe police tqld, him-when' he say: May the -time be not too far
entered, yet, "T'..'.look I see it have when these children will be kicked
oddah people"sittin dere." There fol- out of office and mature men and wo-
lowed an argument between another man men will. take over the destiny of:
and himself as to the state of class this country on their noble shoulders.,
discrimination in Dominica. The sit- .-- E.C. LOBLACK. ...
ting was resumed at 2.30 p.m. and one DBSSC THIIRTEENTH SCHOLARSHIP
of the accused was called to the wit- William Casimir, a pupil of Fond St.
ness stand. The jury was dismissed Jean Govt.School, has been awarded a
for this period. He, the accused, was fully paid-up scholarship to a secor-
cross examined by the Prosecutor for dary school by the Dominica Benevolent
the Crown; one point which was greatly Schol. Club of New-York (their la5th),
deliberated on was when the Prosecutor through its local Board of Trustees of
asked the accused ".**..so you didn't which Mr. S.J.Lewis is Chairman and
break down to the extent of a confess- Miss Irene Davis is Sec, /Treasurer.
ion?" at which the defence counsel rose This. charitable group was founded in
in protest at the word "confession 1947 and contributes in many ways to the
Ma Titine said on her way home, "it the welfare of the community.
looks as if this trial will last next week'"( t

Pqa t- Fh ivi-n


Page V ETh-f T H X-- STAR T 1.19-. A

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston
Harlem Rovers went down 2-nil to
Spartans on Sat. 12th Oct. *Spartans
playing attacking football from the
first whistle were early rewarded with
a sizzler of-.a right-footer from
Jeffrey C. Lawrence which the Havlem
Rovers' goalkeeper completely failed
to negotiate Late in the 2nd half
of the match Derek Abraham, better
known as a cricketer, was fouled in
thel''Harlem goal area and a penalty
awarded to: Spartans. 'Desmond DewhTrsV!
*kicked the penalty over the bar. ;Just-
about '5 minutes to the end Vivian
*Rene., linkman and Spartans? captain,
Sfoud. himself unmarked and with a
clear shot put Spartans well on top.
tHr lem Rovers mireantime, their forwards
14etn just wanted to walk into the Spar-
tghs goal and thus lost many scoring
opportunities. When the 2nd goal-was:
scored, spectators began-encroaching
anto the playing area. And with Spar-
tans unable to take a goal kick, at
just about 3 minutes to final whistle,
Desmond Martin the referee blew off
the match. The following Monday over
the radio, it was announced that Spar-
tans had won the match & the O.D.Bxis.
bane trophy, A decision STARSPORTS
disagree with*

Since the Dominica fuel crisis ooe-
cured at the height of the hurricane.
season and during increased volcanic
activity, Mr. Savarin asked "Can
anyone imagine attempting an evacua4
tion of Roseau without petrol?"
Mr. Julian N. Johnson, signing for
Perm.Sec. (Trade.). eplied 'on Oct. 8,
asking Mr. Savaring to give him an
idea as to the capital outlay involved
in CSA's; para.3). above; .and to outline
"however- sketchily" the steps ,for im-
plementation thereof,: .)
-" Johnson went on to write "The pro-
mise b'n which your conclusions' have
been based is false. The" -tanker was in
fact delayed by one full:week...an
Act of God..ihurricane Gertrude".
Stating further-that neither the Ad-
ministration nor the D.C.S.A. has con-
trol over Acts of God.
In reply to this, Savarin 'W5ote on
Oct. 10 doubting the impressions of
incapacity by the Ministry and the en-
.tire Administration to arrive at the
relevant "guesstimates";' or that the
shortage of fuel in- the State is no -
concern of the Dominica Civil Service'
Assoc, castigating the writer for.his
'*"puerile attempt at sarcasm"; -and.
final punch trusting that'the- sig-
natory & Administration were aware
that another "Act of God" had damage.

For the second year running, D.G.S. the W.I. Oil Refineries in Antigua...
are champions in the 2nd Division and hoping that the Ministry would
League competition, one point ahead of make contingency plans "however sketch-
runner--up Kensborough United. D6GOSi, ily" to deal with the resultant in-
capa ined by Algernon Lawrence, bro- evitable interruption of fuel supplies
their to -Jeoffry G.Lawrence who led the from Antigua.
team (also successfully) last year,had
easily the best team with individuals CANDID COMMENTS (fr.,n2) to ppen the
like Lawrence,::C.Elwin, L.Rocque., G. eyes of people in time, the result is
Timothy, T.Knight, all representatives bloody revolution..and its dire conse-
i6f the State-team & other' promising quences, And so I make no apology .
players like T. Kentish, X.B';umant, C. for my brand of "misleading peopleW" S
Pierre, -P.-Josetlh, Piper, .D.Lugay -and T 0 L E T- i
R.Lander. They- won. 3 of'their 5 matches Furnished apartment (two bedroom) at
and'-drew' 2 and-scored.17 goals averag- Loubiere
in.Oever 3 goals 'a match Cecil'Elwin Furnished hbuse (three bedroom) at
who led the Stat'e'-team, finished with, 7 h Loubiere
goals in- maticw played, Other gn ai Apartment ground floor, at 20 Murphy -
scorers.were A.Lawren.ce 5, T.Kentish 5 3 n od -
Lane, Goodwill
and C.Pierre 2. Ih the final match of Apartment at 28 Old Street, Roseau '
the competition, D.,G,S. easily defeated APPLY TO '14.E. Charles*
S.M.A. 4,-2. Scorers for D.G.S.: C.Elwin 28 Old Street
3 and C.Pierre and for S.M.A. Lesh and Roseau, Dominica.
J.Guiste scored. The Pte.Michel foot- DAWU & =GEETS are to sign a Collective agree-
ball league starts tomorrow, Sat.19th,- ment on rates of ay an. work conditions .
at 4.p.m. -With a match between defend-. covering 300, workxrii. (More DAWU NEWS Oct.25).
ing champions Colts & runner up Granites the last season. (More next week).

Printed and.Published
by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of'Co;&thall Mill House at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominfoa, West Indies.




Priday.October 18.1974