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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-11-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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.-''- LA,.eI%',t. LAbrariaflt..
i . .r -
~2 Eat 78UStr a o ts .

0 Vot. KIX No. 14
Cabl.e: Star, Dom ca I
!. T e..ry;,59i .d ,- 0 i

Friday, Oc:tober I 1974

7F.Q > -,'y* OF M '
ti:'LV Y S iR.L ET

A, .,---- -* - ,. I; -
a "' ', ', A f Y

. v ,-.'. ... PS .i', SH ANIO.A,' -.EY .A.LLF.R. E. Y. .

CAR /IV L f'R '

The trialdof -wo young me;. Roy
and'-'Dc c.nd .T1-ner both aged ''fjr
the death, of visiting American John-Al
. berry Jriioce' of Mmiifi oto u rtsuing fro
a.gunshot woud on Carn ral 'Tesday
start i t$Mo&dayIast ;
ATtr~ 16 ri" 'arduouns crwe x '.
aminn.ati'4fs of police a- Irti it -
no asea, this tense easp asz Ajuns red
unti"' M'onday nvet. -rieakii give "
h' young Xidy free Aiigma *' nrefier-&-
red batk to that State for scnafinatita
,Th6 Jury is as. flocked ape r.t &astnmy.

.Ow'Ce: 'Wayr mo 4-.d, with his faely t Fiday. ct.'4.
r, '. tk aock rek. Sc d Mr.-& 'is C terd J .r.., .fr im
England), who were marooned In the sv.elhtg fleuda of t*S
es" Rive, j'et around'Rver Clt"re.
Mr. Rock used his water-hoe as -fti to resae them.

A 4 i1.,IfCfon D C ;?001

"This Press, which play 4 unIique role in'
publishing 6 r4si Aifiii aebtfies novels, poetry
snd trticini, has contacdbd Mr. f"RlRalph GQi ..
mir' over a mnew C-ibbean literary* poject:- Mr.
>iy.-ElHefk .ft ohtre 3,CP is cole'ting -ws4 n .O"e -
isy3 bn e'-h of the cultural-lingmi-ikreas f't "
iit&B4beaip-f.a his ~sked. Mi C. siai. to d~arimt-
-- Wt4W-W bo word tflss o oaur 1ocal writer;
-iome 6f.,eissays niay -be used also' in -riaotbte "-
book'ti CaribbebafWriters (sitmili' to Africsa'
Aukors);' "obks b. Amod -Yut ks," work- by.
Mutswaire;-Kgubane and Eligwe areareidy put
li6td in fifbt k alm with onigii l art wok.

.- / R, .

^> "" r 0rc
odte nabdinjg immedistely p gceding khe
counasm eaowof the mPiMaSr stil -at twe'Higth
QCoufr,:Miurice Bishop 4a"edi to' pra'az
atif '&mDiiosca Bit by Mr. Juate Renwitck.
SAMsWEice -Bihop is well kmewo tw iCauib.
hbemnasw e (f theIeadidgA figures in theg'-pem
march aad deaonraties which took plce in
Greoadat the end of aIt year and fimmradiatcfly
prior t6 thee 'ndpendenc-' Cekebrstioa in that
island. Page 8
aaf ,wen.l..m...inl^a1kaUelmJ.^

STheoqtit akny in eed'. wll
.:*.' ..'-. "


L s W : REY :4. 1 1 N
6lf S

3" f 276 5 '
L TE TIME we go. to Praess, the British Laboat Partw ha
A ti4y 7 orall ,Ajor ty af- 3 r. tr' d',ard i who thtd
Io.Wsd for a nauiaor victory, said k arliwat shou4 amn
give a oa d tV the' country, *iee Britaii. is fainag the
g'ayest' national crisis sitcer the nrww
S c s on lis- -- O-8 t s -
"ThtxytsXa&t~ionM ^.*iota !91W t~ '*-


irt -i ,m m -.

A rT A

Ibiday October 11 1974

r"./u.kaL ".iKW .I. ij. -t ,.., -- .... -
Some years ago the Government of Dominica began to negotiate with the
Caribbean Development Bank for a loan for the building of a Deep Water Har-
bour. The loan, in the sum of five and a half million dollars, was granted.
But Government delayed in taking up the loan. It is understood that the
Government delayed because it wished the project to get off the ground im-
mediately prior to a General Election so that they could get the full bene-
fit of-the kudos of bringing employment to a country which had been starving
since 1970 for work and money.
Unfortunately for Government, the soothsayers whom they frequent did
not warn them that the economic and energy crisis was on its way and that
it would put such a stranglehold in ll, areas that the cost of building the
planned deeppater harbour would more than double.
So that having required their designers for-this pro'jec-t to design: .
buildings for use in conjunction with the Harbour which were impossiblyhjgh;
in cost, Government found that when they wished to take up the loan (which
had almost lapsed by the passing of time) the cost was -in the. region of
14 to 16 million dollars. As a result neither of the two tenders which.
were finally made from the field of sixteen interested construction firms
could be accepted.
It was therefore decided that the contract should be negotiated.
At this stage the Venezuelan Government heard of the negotiations to take
place and encouraged Venezuelans to make an offer to be considered at this
time since all tenders formerly made. had been rejected. It is understood
that the Venezuelan bid was for 10 million dollars for a 1,000. foot harbour.
In addition the Venezuelans were prepared to make a package deal in which
they would bring all assistance necessary to enable Government to build a
jet airstrip at Crompton Point, which they had already investigated and' on-
sidered to be a suitable area for such an airport. The Venezuelans were alsoU
ready to do certain preliminary work at- the Cabrits without cost to Govern-
ment while doing this project. ,. - -. .- .,.
We understand that the Venezuelan offer was rejected by Government
without much consideration and that the reason given when inquiries were
made by them -was that the method proposed by them was unsuitable because.
Dominica is in an eathquake zone. Tt is apparent that the experts believe
that in such a zone piles ape necessary. Perhaps they dan explain to ui the
damage to the Antigua Deepwhte Harbourb But if We are to judge for our-
selves, we would like a debate in ani open forum on the subject---for we have
long lost our respect for expert opinions. We must judge for. ourselves,
So, having turned down the Venezuelans, Government negotiated -with the
USA firm who have beenx awarded the contract, 'and we understand that one of
the terms of the.contract was that a sub-contract for the supply of -fill
to the area was made to Dominica Mining Company and Carlyon- Armour,- working
in a joint venture. This contract was signed by the Minister.vof Communicat-
ions and Works (not the Minister for Home Affairs who I is "suffering, from an.
illness of the eyes;) and all the public were informed .of twas' the ,.SIGNG,
whiQh took place wfith the usual pomp and ceremony,. The public were not,
however, informed of the celebrations which took place the'same. night..at,4ai
local hotel: the participants in the celebration being the Minister him-6-
self, members of.the Armour' family, the Projects Officer specially appoint-
ed by Government to look after such matters, members of Management Consul-
tants Limited and members of the firm of engineers (Consulting Engineers
Partnership) who have done some of the designing for the Deepwater Harbour,
and the persons to whom the contract -ad been awarded.
We, the FREEDOM PARTY, are not in a position to judge the issue without
having the full details put before us. We are not prepared to give any cred-
ence to the rumours which are running r ampant in Dominica. What we do de-
mand is a full and detailed(- statement from the Ministers concerned, namely
Finance .and Communications and Works.
The Deepwater Harbour must not become, like Radio Dominica, a pet toy
of the Labour Party. It is our business and the Public must be told.

m'TH I

fl' ;4 4 Q P e I Nr hreT-- ->,ar

,jSchtuialof( Apr r.ad for -CffaslMtl a? .INott therst
9 :.. C .." f, n:', t"g o wt re rr O C e iw
II 1 | ,er at Cert'ifiate of Title
O ating thereon or a

."*',. e ..'r ia~ted
the 4ih da.y tf
1July 1948
Presented the
; day of.
s 60Tber 197
t. 0.45 a.&n.
.r----a- ~lC~m3tlnl''laW9

Geral dine
la hex Soiictee
Cimna AM.,
Si" r itia

Reqnead for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
in the Parish of St
Andreyv in the State
of Doniriica contain
ing 5743.3 square
feet and boarded a's
follows: -

On the North by lads of Flourance Prevast and Public
Road. On the East by lands of Floturence Prvevost On
thi S. uth by lands of Vernice Maxwei Or. the Wqst by
S PubIi;z'Roads,
eqetfor the 4famu
qesa~t d Fre3erict of a First Certificate
7fTitlew r espe~ct ofi
!tho 18th a^y Teemaque a portion of land at
74 September by hilma A.M.htr Wesley in the Priash
19 74 Cilma A.NI. fS nde a
Presented thea Dupigny StAndrew Mi thes
8th day of State of Donnica
October 1974 containing 17,744
at.11. ai.m, ,qlara feet and beenB-
dad as follows:-
North byat s Road. Fat by a vltage Road; South
by land of Arthur Robhn; West by lands of the Gover .
ment, of, Domntnica and Amanda Raobin,.
-r of 197bwI4

Request dSated 1ioSph Raphael
ISth July 197 4.&1l Casnuir
Pensented 27th AM Arznar
September WA*worth.
974 at ekgia4
3.30 P.m. W iamfer.
of Fra nts icholas, 4'
Ceased bi tkfsgr Salicitar
Va a a ? s

Requ-aest faor thb sitw ia
of a New Certificate
'of Titde in reBpect o"
. portion of land !b-
Soufriere Vailk g #1
the Pariah of. St.
Mark ia t; Sistre of
D :''.?rrmni>,- cEntaiiag
1,27 Sfq a feet
i vsans o e fow

Ncrtb-ian: Soufri, Etmae SnsdEan Es.a ate $
F'rtcNs- Ne haas; 1eSuth.West Land of CletuiJan i
Lcwis; N6rh ^an: Pubikc Road.

I-. :..r f .,,

te =ak in' Sth day of October 074

Reacuest &* ,i Syl7ia Ryan Requ*st for the isvve,
eIs it day of by F eb r Ski I e if a First Certificate.
Lc.ib, er 1974 Cilna A.M. of Title in respectt of
Preanrtad t6he Dpiasy a. portion of land at
,2nd day OF I St.Joseph-. in the Pa"
tte-.er 1597i" h r of St Joseph in.
at 2.35 ..n the Statt of Dominina
Scontainintg 1140
S. Tqiare feet and bo-n
1ad as foSlkw
North-ist by a Pubeiic Road; North.Wesa by the Sk:
| othJiEat by land of Ralph Rsi ; South-West by leint
of Edney Irosper.
L ni,-ii jji llri"i nifi:r~m i ilri 'ir~nyi -iirjii~iaiW 11 i ~ m rBi 11 TM r iin i m iil[ftl

Rctistrrart UarKn *, EHRAIM F. GEORGES
Rosc-at.. Domsnica, Registrar of Titles
NOTE Any >perse who desirta w o biect to the i.u n of 4
Cerurfkcce ca :id.'e oni hN' ibwve aspphtUo?%aWy enter a Cav ea.
In1' Eti? sbove o *<'e. itid. ws weeks front the date of the First
pfrmn:.f a this -ciewdo a tde STAR Neiwsp. pushed
in th STratie or from the dve when the nonce prescribed by
law was lait servAd on any owner or occupier 44 adlio t
"Ind I rp8ect. of whch the :bppcstloifs ma

I. .

advise subscribers on the Roseau, St. Jo-
-seph and Grandbay exchanges that copi&a'
RECTORIES, 1974 75 can now b e ob-
tained at their office on 30, Hanover Street.

-Governrmeti subscribers- o i the Roseau,
St. Joseph. and Grandby" exchanges are
-asked to collect their copies from Mr. R.
McNamara in thbe Ministry of CommuniI"
cations-& Works.'

Subscribers on the Pcrtsmouth and Man-
got exchanges are requested to collect their $
copies from their respective exchanges,

Eand miseries of life like boy friend or girl
friend ex., marriage, divorce, examinatioB, job,
promcaion,' lottery, bingo,pools, sweepstakes,
evil spirits, bad lack, ailments, all distresses or
any other typs of pr oblems can be solved in
strict caonfideSce.
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'^a~s l .*"*Atf -_ -

...m E... 5T.-

Page 'Chree

C-,.,1,... .''^^J^i. I1'

-'7-_ 7--- LT-s C ..... -&'


Page ]g T HE S T A R Frida,. October 11, 1974
(An Emergency Call for_ DoilJicarns st. Home & Abroad)
by W.-, Stevpn

It is a truism that a peo-ale gets the government it deserves. That re-
nowned Methodist hymnologist, Charles Wesley,sang:
"What troubles have we seen,
What conflicts have we passed,
Fighting without and fears within,
Since we assembled last"
We need to count these "conflicts" and "troubles" if we are to restore a
broken and wounded Dominica to a decent place ing-O Third Bad Worldi
I am not saying anything; disparaging to Mr4 Patrick John in his hectic
efforts here and there to get funds; he and his '9arty think to fix up Dominical
There is a time for everything. Mondy is perhaps- the least at this stage. We
have to get down to "brass tacks".
Up till recently a law was passed to muzzle Dominicans and prevent them
from communicating over the air, which Shakespeare described as a "chartered
libertine'* We call to mind unnecessary States of Emergencies which, damaged
our image at home and abroad. Powers were given to the Police tosearch with-
out a warrant. Ministers charged each other even in the House of Assembly
with making questionable deals. There has been reckless handling of public
funds. Very little or no effort was made to maintain a once-promisi3g nation-
al econonmy.Interference with the coursa'fjustice has frequently taken place.
A bad land policy leads to crime. Law a*d Order in consequence have broken
Down. There has been perversion of the proper purpose and function of the
Police Force. We saw Education and Agriculture neglected to the detriment of
youth and a disregard for Dominica's NO industry The Public Works Division '
has dismally failed, employing people even now with nothing to do. Ministers
of Government have been employed without even a minimal educational background,
while there is much prating and ranting about discipline, schools, colleges,
technical institutes and seminars.' There is utter refusal or failure .to cut
out social frills and fripperies and spend the money on essentials* We have a
boat that has never brought in five po6W s of fish to nmy knowledge. People
say it should be rigged amd conditioned to take surplus food to neighboring
needy islands. I could go on. But these are some of the things to think about
instead of "election opinion polls" in a country where less than half the pop-
ulation is literate. Democracy will never work where, as the Rresent Minister
of Education said a few years ago, "literacy is not necessary .
Dominicans at home and abroad,,our light has faded out and will not be re-
kindled until we get men of high calibre, sound intellect, broad vision, sin-
cere purpose and great, heart' to lead us,
Will the "sons and daughters" in our National Soing, in spirit and. truth
"come. -forWard" now? Do they all say the path of servi-ce to their bleeding :
country is too costlyT. let us get-down to "brass tacks", Here is an Emergency
Call to Dominicans at home and abroad.
"Breathes there a man with soul so dead,
"Who never to himself hath said
"This is my own, ny native land!"
-_ Sir Walter Scott.
T E i .. I S
On Sunday, September 6, Brinsxley Qharlea and Tony Layng won the menus
doubles ,tennis tournament at .the AnchoXage Hotel, beating D.K. Burton and
Dermott Southwell in a close finals match, of 7-5, 7-5, Ro*ty Fortune and
Gifford Shillingford defeated Waddy Astaphan and Earl Blackman to place third
in this second Anchorage tournament of the season. The player in this tourn-
ament who Was' the most popular was Waddy Astaphan, with his brilliant net play
which greatly pleased 'the spectators. His son Jackie Astaphan, now studying in
England,, wa'- the winner of the last tournament.' The next tournament, to be
held at the end" of this month, will have 'divisions for women's singles and
doubles as well asc men's singles, and doubles. It is hopeful that these tourn-
aments will further encourage the growing popularity of tennis in Dominica.

Friday., October 1.1, 1974 T H E S T A R Page Five
Fiction MA TITIENE Cynthia Watt TOUR:iST UCAiAIR11iK3
Garge was exuberantly surprised-aCt -Three. Dominica Hoteliers Pete
Ma Titine's visit to him and stunned Brand (Island House), Janic6 Armour
when he saw the three others. At fipst ( Anchorage) and Linda Harris (Casta-
he was rather stiff in his replies to ways), were in Canada for their first
Reuben, but on hearing of the forth-: week:of a :3-week promotion salea tour.
coming marriage between him and Gepeia of the Toronto area and the north- ..-
Garge discarded his cold manner and.- eastern United States. Mrs. Armour and
was soon laughing heartily at Reubents jMiss Harris were supported- financially
jokes. He was told of all the recent by a combination of funds, from the -
events in Dominica, especially of tha Hotel: Association, the. Dominica .Tourist
volcanic activity at Micotrn. and 'shop Boar and the business community (the
latter '&ive spearheaded by Mr.- Francis
"Garge," Baby told him, "we getting Brown 6- llingford & Co.Ltd).
twnblan terre all de time. Each tihe Mr. Br~ l 1totorcar and all three
I feel one is so my heart an my inside. shared. in its operation costs. This
treomblin too0" was the follow-up to a May 1974 pe~rson-
"Say earthquakes Baby" Garge said al tour of U.S* Travel Agents.
reprovingly, "you in St. Thomas now you Th ladies flew BWIA and LIAT on com-
know." Glancing -at thb other patients plimentary tickets to Mr. Brand's ROUVQ
in the ward he continued, There is no at OceanRidge, Florida, from whence
Dominican or -Stj Lucian- in here, -so they departed the following morning in
soeak good english. (Hge himself 0poke Brand's car heading' for Toronto via
strong American).. New ork City,- They learnt there un-
Ma Titine and her friends spent a fortunately that the video-casette of
very happy and enjoyable week in 3t. the film "Waitikubull" was unsuitable
Thomas, and never heard any further for normal projector viewing without.
echoes of the woman-scandal about.Carge, heavy and .expensive equipment. It ,was
Garge eventually decided to come home therefore not used..
to recuperate after his discharge from Help and assistance in Canada was
hospital* He had long ago applied for obtained from Canadian Travel Advisors
permanent reesidence in the: U. S Ltd., ,who supplied lists of travel
Back in Dominica ahead of him, Ma agents etc. After visiting and holding
Titine was gripped by -her interest in cordial discussions with BWIA, Air
the week's murder trial -murder qf a Canada, Fairway Tours and University
fiiendly white man from Minnesota'at Tours Litd.., all large-volume sources
Carnival-time. and tried not to m4ss a of potential business in the Toronto
single days One of the accused was re- area$ the group called #pon the indivi-
presented by a young Grenadian lawyer dual travel agents listed by CTAL and
(whose father had been murdered), be-. also on Editorial Services Ltd., the
sides the one appointed them by gov- ECTA representative in Canada.
ernment. Also witnessing at the tral, A donation by Mr. & Mrs. Brand of
was a Barbadian Police Officer a Island House of eighty dozen anthuriums
ballistics expert. The trial was now in valuedd about $5,000 EC) was lost in
its fourth day and each day the cQurt- transit and only discovered in Toronto
house was filled to capacity; crowds when perished and unusable. Three more
were gathered in-its: heighbourhood too. days ih Toronto then east to the
Comments were to be heard on all sides, United States with valuable city stops
each giving their own personal views onen route to the border of N.Y. Massa-
the matter, chisetts. .Brochures of Dominica and
"Messier exclaimed .Baby, whc| ac- each local hotel were distributed. The
companies Ma Titine "look police. group worked hard to tell the USA and
Some even have gun. Mana, tings ,high Canadian markets how Dominica is such a
in Dome-eneeka." "' nice place to visit -- and to spend
"That case looks like it will oon- their money in for us to use seven
tinue next week,"" Ma Titine observed, time or more (each tourist dollar' in
"It look so," Baby replied, "Ti.tine, Florida turns over not less than an
plenty tings we.deeden heah bout 4is average 7 times in that State's economy).
muddah coming out now. Me self, iS de COMOI 0WEALTH POETRY PRIZ '
vordick I longin to haah..." to DENIS SCOT a Ked .wa. awrd.
,LUUl.UA -MUUKI the sudden week-end for his first.book of poetry "UNCLO
death of Sir Ira Simmons, her Governor. TIME1 published by University of Pitts-
u r.._.,J--j0Q ,, .Press,_

"1 S~x THE .L.-- --^
STATI- BYR .vguset dated Fl rentin-
TiTLE BY REGIA"ON ACT ... .4th A. gt Ma oi y
S-etsulaof Appichtis for C-r -esw f T-i-e & Nti 1974. y her SoDicitor
SCavets for a weep.0.21_* _201 y O Quasbe 74 Presented Vv&ya
sp% ie Person Presentif &taw h Octer Dp.y
r a wCe aOf a Tite 1974
thermo or It t 0.J% a.m.
im~l^llnmIMMk.Ml U.UH I_. -- r-llOI l-W- ^--M-^-^*l~llr--Tlrl. rB^ .iinlt-n-T~ili i~r^ ^ A^ t^ AMfl(H

Request dated Hugh J6soph
21 3 73 Rdiiman
Pmeedted tby his Solicitor
7- 10 74 M. Eugenia
at 11.45 a.m. Charles

Applicatisan of H'g
Josepk Redman far
the i*ss of a fit
certificate of title no
rpa -of a portaio
of land at Fond CeIe
in the Priah of I SL
George, ontaiaz
4.102 acres
m!aEdd a Few ..-

North & North East Estate of Dr. E.9 Garrad South
Land of C H & P A Sou, h East A. Dry Ravwe sepiara.
ing it from land of C.H & PA West Lands of the Heirs
of Clement Birzy C H & P A & Oscar PhflIlp

Request dated Emmanuel Application of Em-i
10 9 74 JUo. Baptiste manauel Jno Begtiste
Presveted 6y his Solicitor for the issue of a
..8 -10 74 M. Eugenia first certificate of ti
t- 3 35 a.m. Charles t6 in respect of a Wt
of land in the Town
of Portsamaith in the
Parish of St. John,
containmaf 2898 square feet and bovaded a foIllaws.'
Ncrih: Holland Streer SSouth: Land of Conrad Tavernle.t
Wezt Rodney Street East Land of Hyacinth Popae.


Requet dated Rennel Agatha Application of Ren
,O 74 Adrien and nel'Agatha Adrliae
Presented i Edith Maria and EditS. Maria
1 10 74 Pierre as te Pierre as tenants ini
it 3.20 p.m. j. ants in com common for the is
-- -- mon sue of a first certifi-
-. by their Solicitor cate of title in rpa
M. Eugni'a pect of a portion of
S a nd at Payard in the'
-.- --- Paritih of St. Paul.,
cftkwisimg 93800 square feet an d buisded a& foliowa:J
North '"Lan,+. -f Em-rmnust Lagcaster, Tgomas Ifidere
.and Ceciiz 3Sd-ouille. South: Lnid of Fraicess Dorivia
Llst .inr, o' S-ydnst Adiien West: Land of Emmanuel
Li!>;*nt ^ >

teqaest i iated Frances Blen- Application of Faran
24 7' 74 I man net Bur cs Blmenmian nee
Preated z" "inett & A ,lini" Burnett & William
7 10 74 Burniett as t-n BrBaett. as tenants
at 12P. p.m. ahts n.com in common for the
I .M--. on- iasue of a first ctrti-
by .their Soi-or ficate of tite in rea
SM, Eugnsa pect of a. portion of
'"-""'"'' ..... Chrj land at Wesley in
hie Pariah of &"tS3rew containing 14,100. square
feet and bounded as feo w :-
North Land of 1iyfield Jamss .South Public koasd E itt
LarA' of joshu aCetestmne West Land of Oiftvr 'Mac.

Re qest dated Frederick Kequest for the issue
the 8th day 1 Telemaque of a First Certificate
of September by his Solicitor t of Title in respect of
S974 Cilma A.M...-I a portion of land at!
Presented the i Dupiiny Wesley in the Parish
th day of of St Andrew inthbe
October 1974 State of Dominica
L .- contaiainig 17,744
mq.are.tt- 3 Wa frmws:-
North by a.viyage Rg a;d .East by a viflage Road; South
i B lafd. of Arthur Rofi6rn; West my lands of the Govern-
ment of Domintca and Amanda Robin.

square feet and bouindd as
North: By la-ds of Cyril; Vai.rSi; E
Aki; South: By land of Miltcent

r.:ady October 11 i074

Reoe*at for the issm
of a !irtt C .1 .
of TitZe in reipec of
a portion of lancd
known as a rtsiden
trial lot at Prtamoutth
an the Parish of St.
a otoinins 2565

ast: By lands of Perry
Marie; Wesat By Bay SmWAS

rEtfar's eAM ..-GEO1G -:.'"
Romi5uk. Dom inka. ta sytai of Tlee Z
NOTE:. Any person wio d4sris to aiject to the issumg of'
Certificate of title on the abtve appicatiommay emer a Co a
tI the above ofce within six weeks from the date of the Fir
appearance of dis schedtte it the STAR Newspaper pubUshed
Is this State or from the dam whei the o ice pscribed by7
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Page Seven

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Extracts fromAnrtiQe by Alisty :- IT, WAS A TREAT cby Hugh Lawr.iee
Hughes on "GARICOM--A DISUNITINC Thanks to Radio .Dominica for announ-
FORCE" .(St.Kit.ts Democrat) ding that a L]atin mass would be cele- ..
Last month, i h- Trinidad Domiiica.'s brated at the St. Alphonaus church on .
Premier Patrick. j .orn told.I te Press Sunday the 29th September last. We
he favours "a political union .amo'g listen4ed*.with great eagerness and-we
the English-speaking -Caribbean' cqun-, surely -njoyed every bit .of it. :My
tries." -H said,- too,- he would- like! wife and T who were choir members in t-
to see CARICOM operate_.'as. !'"one big the'church.es of Salybi'aand Wesley res-
natin". pectively! in our youth'were greatly -
r.John"a'sstatemnents ae not Qrig&n- touched.: .aid it brought back to us
al, but they: qualify him fog; admitted sovet"membries of our Latin-sung mass.
$o a special: group. ',He is the latept It was a treat. At 'this stage allow,
member of', the club of. politicians who ;me to congratulate Mr. Sylvester Joseph,
talk about West-indian political n.Wl.ty the ,Local Government Commissioner, who
but who seem unwilling to do anything in :spite of his; daily duties foun&
positive towards achieving. that goal. enough time within a month to organize -
S-." the function, This reminds me of his-
EVery Commonwealth. Caribbean couT deceased father Brenville- who 'for' fifty
wants to see the others advance. BPt, or more years sung those sweet Latin"'
that'th6ought comes after. First con,,- masses at + Wesley. Can he'be for-;/
siderations are, naturally,-for o e* a8 gotten? .Never. ,1 somee1 ears ago, at a"
own territory, ripe age he. departed thi'b world to re-'
That attitude, however,, breeds, cornm- ceiye-. his deserving reward. -He left. .
petition- and division .It strengthens behind him a modern world full: of: hate,-
insularity. Narrow'territorial out. wickedness and unbelief. '
looks,.loyaltieds .and mtbitioqn, obscuree 'Sing unto 'the, Lobd, bless his; natme.,
the common Westind.ian:'idntity.. 4d, -' show forth his salVation from day to- "
in actively:promoting, economic P`a'tier day '(Psalm'96)..". H.L
than .political integration, real Wept-
indian-aiunity becomes a-far-fetched GARICOM (fr.col.l)l states, .secure in
possibi ity and 'litt-1e6 more than an' the economic protection of sotma god- .
attractive catchword f .. father. ...
**'"* 4 But, no godfather wil carry us '-~ .
Why do we. continue to deny ourselves definitely. The world is .in economic,.
the.. essential strength of political' trouble and nobody will put our wel-
'hnity? What makes us think we.. can..pf- fare before their own.- Charity .will.
ford to darry on s divided units, not support us: And, we cannot sup-.
maintaining sepei ht Governments, port ourselves as individual tnits.
working out different development; plans, Political dnity will provide our,.stica-
and pursuing individual destinie? gest chance of, survival,and neither,.:
S RACISI selfishness nor -shortsightedness -
Answers may.lie in another state-e should-be allowed to stand in our way. -
ment .by .Premibr, John of Dominica.-, f: SWISS PATOIS by Ian -Tickle..
Br.ithin doe.s'"t .give Dom'ica subpt.n- ^ Foreigners dometihmes ask what lan-
tial. financial assistance, he said uage the Swis speak; and -they ar#t
his "Ij4nd?'wouJd. suffer mountainous guago, the Swis; apd
rhais andwould suffer mount inou often a ',bit surprised at the answer. .
racism, delinquency. and crime. i .it, .bout the pol-itical coh.aion ",
That's unfortunate, but whose res- o atate where there 'are several"
-t t Io ma ou a1 of -a "state where there are "sveral
ponsibilit~y.idt? Too manyr 'of us 0 lingui' ticp.groups; but secondly, and
unaware.that there's another' side to much more sQ, about the fact that,
the fact, that, massa day' onhe'- Britain '.,hilethey are used to the idea'of
has no 4a~l, obligation t'o giv assist- people speaking German, Frehnch and
ance to D6minica or any other of hei Italian, they can't at all"get used to
former. c6lonies. But, ,in the big 'the idea of people speakih 'ai language
territorielsand in the small, a lpt of they-hide never heard .oo; name.l '
us st expect massa to bail usp out Romantsch. Well, people in Swii~sland
of economic trouble, aSo, Westiniap pol- do speak. Romantsch,, which is esaential-
itical 'uhityJ' is no big thing io up. We. ly a Latin tongue and mother-tongue to
don t,see ,the '.p-essing~need t streng a linguistic community of about'40,000.
.then ursele We believe we can dlHOUA' IN ANTIGUA caused 4i V &
continue..topx'e"ser our tiny nation mion ..amage .,,eignt pebpe i
co t .i ...n .... .. - I. oncld.next jL, ,,.. ...- . ,

S'. L. o t Ai riday. October 11. 197A
FOOTBALL; 0,D.B.' FINALS TOMORROW (p.1) His ,friend... school aud law-
With .the disqualification of both student mate, Brian-"Alleyif'inov.e
Kensborough United and Saints from the ,Motion for the;admissipon; He :Ia..
taking further part in the ,O.D.Brisbae. supported by M.Eugenia, Charley .aid
championships after two replays failed R,,H. Lockhart. :
to materialize after 'an earlier inci- Both the Ju'dge and 'the n ew -BS.ri-s-
den, during the competition between the ter made ^Oefere te t6 the appareMt- :iM -
two teams, the remainig matches had to congruadnce 6f barfiastrsa ingadhil-
be reshuffled.. The teams- remaining, _wyS ted to the j .qCourt on more than- on'e
Gutter Crowns, Harlem Rovers &t.Spartahls oc'asio"' "..se. he. irf' sat in iif-
"Last Stundy, Harlem:Rovers lose ferent pladce's.- Mr. iop went further
with'Gutter Crowns in'-the semi-finals and .said tlt, as a We st Id~n -he *
in probably the"fastest' match this .sea- 16oked: forward" to .the -day'when there
son. However, favourites, Harlem Roveip wdoud *be such com-idetde integration-of
whose brand of football.over the last the p.e-1Pes in thp West Indies, that
few years is definitely different from- dvcih admissions:, passports., work per-
the other teams' emerged comfortable mits .and immigration restrictions.
winners. At the interval, they led would no longer be necessary as' between
1-nil, scored' by Irvine Benbit who the isia.bda.
earlier in the season did not enjoy the
best of form. Midway in-the second R R'E ArD.E R'S V I E W
half, .he made it 2-ni'f and shortly "IN DEIFNCE OF THE ARMOURS"
afterwards, Wilfred Don6tfraid made it "Dear Editor: "- .. '
3.nil. A defence blunder from way-out Ro v Arur Progresveprintebo
fa the .flank,in, trying to pass a ball arty ams,* I d.o not know if ou
to hisgoalkeeper* went way off in the L.r o let ti l e syou are
middle of the goal area and Algernon ypur qader There was lubtersho. in
Bellot h6o was lurking-in the middle, th Edu -Ther -a publashedin'
charge t ughand netted.. Fi mean attack on the Armours as a famlVy
scpres,, Harlem Rovers ., Gutter Crowns 1 and. most on R.O.P.Armour., ex -DepUty
2ND DIVISION: D.Go.S., after a bright Premier during the-LeBlanc rule, ex--
start this season .drew their last two Minister of Finance Ex.Minister of
matehb First, Potters United one-all Communications .& Works. t
and ion Wednesday this week 3-5 against All .the. time he held those office,
Kensborough UAited. scorers in the his former colleagues and their hcan-
D.--GS./Ken obrough .. match were Cecil ger ons did not attack him or try to.
Elwi .2 and A.Lawrence for D.G.S.; Cuf fi smear his family as a-whole on:a o
2.h.E onfor Kehsborough United. a basis. The,_.even put him. for-
SAlso:this week,Spurs won their first ward-. s a Left Socialist leader.Now,
match in the second division competit because of a split in tir c ,not-
wben they defeated Mondericks -l. ing is, too low f "or these peopale- tm
TAI-- ..OF^ ON. "TAR '- say -p ut he ArmQur brothers and -,-
Tf 19-74 off seatoh- zitaion bas- 4aeirpride pd. prejuda.`6a! origdi-
ke-tball league ~ so: edby,.the- 'Bket- pbut meanwhile these aS en critIts. are
ball, AsSeba.itOn ( beore es Warm pushing hard, to get- to-the ve -,
up- for the,'l7B o) son)got under, way:,, tion of W"apmulated famly; w. -
at 'the--Winder'-Park- on Wedne:day h h which theymate.so Jealousof w -
October with-an intermediadte-matchbe That mean writer who calls- the. --
tween -vew team-' Kensborough United'and Armours opportunists, grabbed a
Domi-nica Gammar -Schdol (DtG.S..).Twelve power mongers is: a-so. calling the
teams in-two-'divisions registered. The' \Aituation,-the decline:of the Armour
first-division & intermediate leagues,: Empire, but in the view of the major-,
In-the Ist match, D.G.S.-defeated ity and of myself the decline and. the
Kenqbbrougl--U. 5723-. Topscorers were decay-is .n the Dominica Labour Party
I.Williams -8pts for D.G.80 and A.Wil`. -- its remnants OGE T NOTH.
liandl0 pts for Kensborough- U. In PROGRESSIST ORTH.
-the feat-re match of the -evening, Raid. *.oNTE: We neverisaw a copy of this,
ers (62pts) defeated D.G,S. (45pts) in document..-
an exciting match. High scorers were Editor.
G-enwo6roth John 21 and A.Etienne 19 ifor TASPORTS T E I S page.. .
_Ra-der&g!-and C.Severin 12 and T.Kinght- 11. The league continues tonight,
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E. Allfrey of Copthall Mill House,
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies.