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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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- t/o. .~ .

Fridy ,Septebr-'. 20 1-97

* 0


Boys in the Senior Forms of the new
Roseau Boys' Schoob are much dismayed
to'learn that they are to be put out of the /
school to make room, for girls and their
parent-are- eWen' more angry:. Imagine af- :
ter settling down to all day studies in a new
building, these boys (who are working to-
wards secondary school places) are to be
S., .put out and reduced to i 5 p.m. school
In Goodwii to make ro6m for girls.
Now the STAR Editor'i s a strong-
defender of women's rights and favours co-
education. B u t it is definitely unfair to
raise the boys' hopes and dash them down.;
Moreover, t h e provision of girls toilets
shows that Govt. planned to do this all a-
long, and never informed the public.

A y-rsfif' ripewi;.n
Mr. Rupert Sorhaindo has commented
o the doctors' appeal for tax exemption
on their private practice earnings, (STAR
Fri. Sept, .i th)>In his letter he infers
that doctors are selfish; greedy money--
grabbers who want to evade paying tax, a-
point of view which is totally wrong since
doctors are important tax-payers of the
State- ,
I am not disputing the writertiposition
as champion on any issue-social, political
quasi- political and educational, what I
Wish to point out is the fact that be has
dismissed the "Sundry Concessions" and
Shas'taken this issue out of context of the
total discussions. (See ,Page 2)


N_# 8 totuftPW Eisht
The people of Dominics, who had never been
kept aware, save through. Opposition. eipouUres *
in bhe House .of Assembly, of the dteriorating
state of the' Island's economy, heard something
oi the sotrv story m a recorded interview between
Primier -,R. John and Mr. Dick King of the
Ministry of -Overseas Development on Sept. i5
Sir Bruce Greatbatch, Head of the British Devel
opmetit Division, was present at the first discum-
sions, .- "-
Mr. John meotiond- senou umemrploment,
especially among the young" and added 'if we
afte,inable to receive from' R'LM. Govt.,substan-
Stial assistancd soon there will be a high rate of
delinquency, crime racism and a chaotic econo
mic conditionY. fHe urged a big loan as a bridging
operation to provide Domihica with time to re-
Strudture its economy, and provided a long de-
tailed hsti of needs and wants.: la a reasuoed re-
j ply Mt King said be saw the habrt term p#oblems-
t as budget deficiency, unemployment and inflation,
3 and long term ones as developing. moreresources
and',utrng back operations to balance the budget
.: a 'ced'fcr .risth Conmu zats to "come and
help you work out both tihe strategies."
Mr. John's remarks -about Dominican, being
unwilling to pick up cramin but wishing to it at
the bead of the table w," reported over the air
but ot in ocial. ews reeaes.
. STAR Suspension'
Publication ofthe STAR hasto be
suspended next week due to acute
paper shortage. .

Shas always had a tradition of prcruittng io vely girls, now
has a stranz lInre-up of handtomi Cartbbean young men in
its strength. -
__ _. :'4-. ":

BELOW.. Two DoT-incans, j,,. Franco ( ext left) and6 R
Naraine *ex right are seen at Barcrays Staff Tr(ining C n.
tr, BSarbados The .ady ln the jro4p ts an instructor


ABOVE: G... "Motvy" St John, newly tr station & Merhods Officer rr .arbados sad the Eatern
-States: He Is 1sed in Brtdgetown. 1t .Zstvac;ick rros-t
London H:Q. is a schlars.ip winner of Grenada with fine
academic a.nd spo rt record af4 vari.e banking exp nc*

Ioe 'IW^ T H R e 2 R

A Personal Viewpoint .- Dr.John Royc
(fr.-.1) Here are some facts which
were the basis for our demands.
Some recent articles in the. 'New
Chronicle' show that there is real
and increasing concern over the lack
of-doctors in the State and the fact
-tht. many Dominicans (who previously
had the record in the West Indies for-
returning home) may not. return to
practise, in. Dominica and in fact some
have Jeef. The present doctors there-
fore felt that some Iincentives were
necessary to keep doctors here and to
maintain a decent standard -of living
(after 10 'or more years of arduous
study!). We, mentioned a number :'of
such possibilities to the Premier in-
cluding tax-exemptions, house allow-
ance, upgraded salaries, mileage revi-
sion, country practice allowance etc
etc. The fact that the same may apply
to other professionals is totally'
irrelevant since we were not seeing
the Hon. Premier on behalf of teachers,
-policemen, lawyers, farmers, civil
servants etc. Surely they can fight ,
for themselves
Further, the government of Dominica
cannot pay doctors, full time satisfao-
tory salaries, so the doctors need a-
supplemental form af earning -.-.. henc6
private practice.' Dominica is very
poor, so that even with the five to
ten dollars now. be ing. charged .per
patient in 'off-icels,many people cannot
and 'do not pay the fees (sometimes as.
'high as 10 -to 15 per cent of all,
patients. seen), although this fee"' for
service is considerably lower tha "
what is charged in most of the other,
West Indian islands. Moreover,,with
office rent of over $100 monthly, pro-
fessional fees of $100 yPa., telephone
and Light Bill of some $180 annually,
office equipment... there are not -the
fanta tic sums of money made as some .
might, assume. -In, fact some doctors are:
finding-it very difficult t6 exist,muc..
.a 'to 1ve in Dominica and from per-
sonal experience owe more in taxes-than
their saved earnings even after a
period of nearly 10 years of practice
in Dominica
T- he sad fact of the matter is that-
unless and until many such ,concessions
as -we demand are ..met many doctors will
leave Dominica. It iS important to
'note that our requests are not unique
to Dominican doctors or without prece-
dence. In many territories of the-
Caribbean, house' allowance;, .tax exemp-
tionsi(such as Farmers' of Dominica are
enjoying this year and forever?) and
even grocery allowance, for interns

FO R C0 CT 0 R S?

The o0L ervat ions made by Rupert
Sorhaindo in the- !iday September.
13, 1974 edition of the tar. on'
'Tax Relief' for doctors will ln"ad
support in many quarters and
hopefully among the doctors them-s
selves. Our doctors are*.a privi-
leged minority even among.profess-
ionals. To seek any kind of exempt
tion from ,taxes od personal incomel-
is the most-,unfair request that
our otherwise responsible medical
practitioners could associate them-
selves with.,
It is widely held. that a. doctor'|
earning from private practise is
more than his civil service salary
.Land allowances combined, -It is
therefore difficult to see what
arguments the doctors could advance
to0support.their request for tax
exemptions. It is my considered
opinion that the doctors, are already
enjoying a measure of tax relief
as they do not- issue stamped 2?e*
.ceipts for fees. Perhaps, the. doc-
tors would( wish to consider om- ,
plying with this provision of the
;law- and then submitting their num.-
bered receipt books, or, an audited
, .statement of same, to the Inland
Revenue Department when making
their annual returns,.
Premier John, on -the other hand,.:
must stop this nonsense.of telling
everybody- "we will look into that."
Promises, the Premier must under-
stand,. are debts. When collection-
time comes around Premier John is
going to be in & lot of hot water
if he has not kept his 101 promises.
.A Personal Viewpoint (fr.cl. l)
have been in force for years to
keep doctors in some of the Islandst
For.. expatriate. doctors 'a retainer
fee of- over 40% (of salary) has
always been given a. an incentive
to work here in Dominica.& Has any-
one' queried?
At the meeting in question with
the Premier, we pointed out to him.
and the Minister of Education and
Health that just by being in DomijA
ca and working under the- most
frustrating,' most trying, 'and some-
timesi very .primitive conditions
(visit St.Luka's Hopital and the
overcrowded children s ward of PMI).
is enough SACRIPICE for anyone to.
make .
Probably Dominicans are very
patriotic, (concluded on pae?')

Pr- "-v. Se-otember 20. 1974

P'cr e o i


P age Three

\t^aA^^%iai &(C?B ^-

Or EL .

TeCv tAS Wir Ger the,
,? i c rei.n a i for
.vh( m tis colum.rn has frr-

I-t'.a elt ltSh he p eserit Tion

ofr aje of the pr,, aty rithb
ean rfTocracy His onclrcy
Ston dsa-rve our lervp at-
tenton-i In parfttcular. e de-
Ser'eV tone earneI stue year
,r'nt.u h-ise-d in st ni-ne
t',e-dl wilh tahe prhsn!rpartiyn

tb a' grd majiry ha
o.ie thote prnpthieg o the
ue'ipl t or the eop e, tai

s lS -r C'a;bban viacr

-0 elare '"T'ked dtree More.
rf I "amen'LA'tary derftocracy
wvbt.h wtre nave st borrowed
-e evolved or the vea
into a kind of C-ani dicta-
": eh- i r.-: hd in r In
'l 0 heoi ra > prty
LOEI '.ity obed u maty pa tys
tohy tvaLrecEn or alar le
its abr -eoe yI wr Thiir he.
uhtai Qit cohvern 'o rns
pr i e.: ev.n ,.4 'ritain. .-vhert
arndg radio ard intitu
ton .r, to say nothing or thwe
*.s h.ack berv, I tch ev laritg
~ee t-.e -c-ev'erf the Cabinct
o a agrked degree More_
Ule Lapwr gtlouse
er. though mn Britain it
S*. : r ru t isng
-* \r at least, to
>*a'p tlh Lords -with' a host
of r.iCly criAted Pera Eup-
Posftiy obed.ent to tafi Party
vh p. the cVerr. once they
hav,! received the? [ r R e.
hwfNef U"jually shers conider-
able .**.n!,*,....,.* integrity
and .depridern'e
01 ;r1ttn the huge ptowet
i *'.. iv partv wito a large

iurIiity aisu up% to now aL
'ajs be te.m, perTj by h'un-.
dreds of yaars of dflci1pUne.
se'l-'-trtrtint an c1stonm.
'"i) J1,tneina, we have bor-
rcAdl thVie letter, hut litla
Mt th1t spirit. There !" virt.i.l-
y,- chance ef a back bench
revni, m orng menn wirA. by
anid lare, regad their
&dalne Mand poaitioa as Mern.
twers of Pariament #s more
important tar. tler country
MaId are not In any event.
Vfey brisht.
'In the ('JIper vwuse, tahe
utor.-s, .f-th notabi-y few
exacptioms, asv menre rubber
stanps. TUs is s ct surprising
wht? their app etmsent is
not for life and tZie- Senate
is regarded either as a step-
paig stone to elec on -o ihe
Lower House., a place of
tea.p- rary loddgetent te-
tween elefctiorzn or a haven
a1. rLt tor exr.inct vnlcanoeo.
ij'othing mt.eb can be sx-.
wekid Eftr an 'Upper H-mouse
whkh has been transftorrned
int' a po'.ticsal knmacker's
"It i t su risi.g, there-
fr-e. that rt pohtlitil rras..
er -have disiowver-ed that with
a iarge majorityy of tame up..-
po!te'rs and syco?,:ants irn
b Houser Houses, P arlimea.t Is
ino'ing more than a rub-ber
stirrn for Cabinet decistnis.
Tharr is ra ily no need for
,d c'ot( at all, save for the
ntM- formal or perfuwktorv of
pCres.riations; and on the -are
o0-a-:0tns when Memrnbers are
ter'pt-d inoi debate by the
tek-v. io ca-Iers, it is not
so .-ch a Pathamentary de-
ate ..- an e ercise in dema.n
S801t. partiess apps;r bored
h f, Ith wible Parliamentary
wpr..Mtur the prtv in

power becau'w it knows no
J.-rate is ni e-sery; anrd the
Oputu-titon beiatSe it : ows
taahl in term '*at eUit:*wve..
i.e- nc debate Is of say use
wm tver.
"Tfia prporrose of Parlia.
ni*^tary deste is to ex.
uouont, sRerustade and change
the minds of tnemibers. When
the minds ofi the Me iebers of
both teaouaes are already
ade Wp -by edict, debate be..
comer pointless,'
M'-- WrighFt' analysis is not
applicable only in Jamatica
n-- is it any use appealing
to those with the power to
-estore denmocracy to us to
doe something about it Those
who are in the saddle are
nacurlly content with their
seals'. The horse has been
acri broken in. and no longer
shies, 'bAcks or rewrs, except
under the moat extraordinary
of circumstemea4
There has to be a new Wite
put into the .animal for it to
sn.i.'e off the rider. and s*wM
then. as ol now, the result
will only be to exchange ote
set of spurs for another,
equally sharp.
Not that it is mnposuika to
estabtish a g1orcughty dembo-
razit' system of NoverwIinnt.
in which the people will be
ce,,,-tantly involved, and
Under which no Ca41biet
wn.id dare to attempt Un-
aercptable action.
Trbtz- col umn has alre- y
p-oduced its submissionM for
a totaling House, an eicted
Senate. representative 0of sfe-
tior A interest, and an
executive Cabinet. sepa6aw
from the lAgislature.
'Tohbody, of course, takes
qny notice. iand I rather
thi-k they are right. Nfo mnt.
tcr tow much more sattfiu.

tmn? to the people sach
change may pryoaitse to be.
the fact reng3ns t4t tidher
of *e exist parties will at-
et to su h a& nowv
ld! to pam*ae int"nitily
resh.tait to Wew hdesi. 4ot
will aim MeW VniP enf
ex3a0lmn{ sOA a MAigptmtios,
sime their cabcermi, s Is ra-
pttedly shmaan is to talk in
gliab and iz'minlW tN
in crde tosaute um
eratt3entt as itsurrently Oxixts
ty fake proaigaes tr ididet.-
c r' t purposes.
Given thee cirhcustaMes,
the future of de.mocray is In
hopciest pef k Every succeed.
ing change in th e Coo.
stttut on wfl be aimed .t
concentrating eore adg mwer
rower into the han di o the
Cabinet, and Pairlit ut rwill
beo-e iess mad leam a a 4e-
cisin-mn*heinfg body. The
ewid result wilt b the One
Par+,%v State.
tever thel. the One Farty
Exivet.tive wl '-be able ~ ha-
aI'weed octcured in A&ea to
prnt oaribe ctains deemed u.-
deSirable faOM lists of pIo!.-
ca vandidated. so tbat we
sh'll have ea thi- elections,
I rt 1a, of murse, no use-
appabing to people W %riae
Up, They are -Vry much
awake, i, i their own in-
trnts. If not to thoe of the
Thev are. at e-oawe, 0e or
two, who tbeleve that their
interests and, those of the
coritrv coingwe. MUMfl arV
t _e ones ev more Igreeif
to 'be feared. for these are thm
Lord's Anol*td. d td visit
,;nM us eoua o4 are and
heaps of btimnstone in HiA
KName. Woe betide those a
as who st-id in the way of
Wie'Lord. Aren.

fa AImR Jo RN To CA.NAna
We lo Ie fro .~ Ott&rg source ihat Premier
1.:1. Jeha i. expected i.o visit Cnrals, next wk.

S'T. Vlc i 7-if ,, I~-ItT FPALLS
Proazer Mitctetill oiat the evte of censure
m~vod by a, coalition against him, Election date
not klOa.t, natic of oinag to Fpreas Pridav.

frCi''.t- yiLC rORst ihera mrc- 4 in DeIasnca -
Mor-ato hicetrinDIlablc tin, kiu Dimbl2, Maeaq*e-
'axd visiing S-keiannlogiat team.



From M~tnique ;.

comes th.s Dread ..

bairstyle for ladies
neat, ciean and at- ''
ractve. 'The hair

is paited ngtitly
* across the head and '
released in two
puffa. *

(Pres.Julius Nyrere of Thanmia))
'*If thi struggle in Africa is to
have any meaning; if the Afri can
wishes to keep the right to tell other
countries that he Bmat be relatedd on
equal terms with Whites, then be imst
make sure that the White is trowted
equally, like the Black." (Jim ga., at
his speech during the PP- conference.

To the Magistrate Dist "E" & Comfl mione
I af Pohice
I, Mrs. Martha Riviere now residing at Ms-
haut Parish of St. Paul do hereby give you
notice that it is my latcanon to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at Roseau oa
Wednesday, the 2nd day of October 1974.
ensuing for a Retail Liquor Licence in repeci
of my premises at Mahaut Parish of St. Paul

Dated the uith day of September 1974.
Martha Riviere


. _V

.A-'_ --MUI- iX "= -


4i7 -A-.



CommeoTntaryr on2

Caribb ean

Friday Septembey 20.1974

M 0 RE 0 N INQ UIRIES -- b M.G. White
.1 refer to your piece on the "Inquiry on Dominica Marketing
Board" which appeared in your Sept. 13 issue under the influential name
of E. C. Loblack.
Assuming that these are the respected gentleman's genuine independent
and considered thoughts and not the usual attempt at-.mischief by a devious
monster using poor old Loblack for her (his) personal ends, I would like
to confirm my total endorsement of his idea of such an inquiry.
An inquiry into the workings of the Marketing Board in all its aspects
is long overdue and before I even seriously considered resigning from that
institution, I strongly urged the responsible Minister, on more than one
occasion in his office (once, I think, in the presence of the Chairman)
that it would be good if he commissioned such an inquiry. For some reason
this idea was not implemented and I hope the new mood of inquiry will
allow it to blossom.
There is one thing which is, however, a bit curious (apart from the
fact that we know what sentences Mr. Loblack is and is not capable of con-
structing) and it is the fact that the writer found it necessary to make
the point that the Manager (presumably myself) would have to be called in
"to give an account of his stewardship". Certainly, an inquiry is an
inquiry, and in relation to the Marketing Board, would necessarily have to
encompass all its activities, and all its relationships, and all its per-
sonnel, past and present. How else could it be meaningful? An intelligent
board of inquiry could not be satisfied with less. Have we so soon for-
gotten Watergate? 0
.Regarding the suggested composition of the Board I agree with the pro-
posal of an independent qualified accountant, and perhaps a knowledgeable
farmer could prove useful. But where does an independent barrister come
in? (or did the writer have one in mind, one perhaps who has sat success-
fully on a number of boards, institutions, companies and individuals?)
If the important purposesof an inquiry are to be served, I would think that
the contribution of someone with a solid background in the subject of the
inquiry, Marketing, would be more relevant, more effective and more logical,
than'that of a barrister, however "independent". (Surely the days when a
particular 'barrister was seen as the inevitable adviser on all matters,
moral, legal, political, religious and economic, are over?).
Finally may I assure the Board, when it is set up, of my complete co-
operation. A subpoena will not be necessary. M.G.W
G 0 MMENTS : by Rupert Sorhaindo
Resignation of Chairman of the Dominica Cricket Association.. .A Radio
Dominica news item of a. fortnight or so ago informed the public of the
5esigation and subsequent replacement of the Hon. Arnold Active, Parlia-
mentary Secretary and former Home Affairs Minister in the Labour Govern-
ment, as Chairman of the Dominica Cricket Association.
However, not a word was said about the circumstances which led to that
resignation. I have been reliably informed by sources close to the Execu-
tive of the Association, who prefer to remain anonymous, that the decision
stemmed from an irregular 3s tu;ati OA
I do not consider it my responsibility to disclose the details; I think
that it is the responsibility of the Cricket Absociation to give the rele-
vant information to the Dominican sporting circle.
The Secretary of the. Cricket Association, Mr. Royston Ellis, has used
his "Commentary Box" column in the .Educator to point out the dangers- of
overpopulation, to praise Radio Dominica for its morning programming, and
to examine the "unfair" wage structure of a leading commercial house. He
Eas, too, insinuated in one of his articles (albeit mistakeitly) that Domi-
nicans go to the House of Assembly for the same reasons that the Ancient
Romans went to the Coliseum (to see "a good" fight). I wonder whether Mr.
Ellis will have tie' couragee to use his "Commentary Box" to state and com-
ment on the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Mr. Active on the
Cricket Association Executive. Dominican .cricket supporters (financial and
otherwise). have a right to know. The Dominican publQ has a right to know.
Andit. is important that the Dominican be told the full story" (See p.6-

S- r--. P R T A -

"Vir""M~de1y1liKl Scp- l-ainber- m la~liiliu 20 11114 T11 I STAR-ii- i111111111ini i-iiii- m-i-- i - -inu -iillli

die of Appicatlon for Cwttkota of Title & Noasm Aw.
anforfor weva endln 14th day of Sp cember 174
*d P n Presentin Nwture o us
er a Certlfasem of Title a
Noting thereon or Cwaet
Ram st dated Luke Jerome Request for the issue
the 14th day by hia Solicitor of a First Certificate
of August 1974 Cilma A.M of Title inrespect of a
Presented the Dupigny portion of land known
9th day of as a residential lot in
September 1974 in the Town of Ro-
at 3.10 p.m. seau in the Parish of
St. George, in the
State of Domumiica
containing 1128 square feet and beaded as foliws:.
North West by land of Sylvie Harris; North East by a
Right of Way separating it from lands of Mable Caesar
and Estate Louisa jerome; Sout, East by land of Ar-ee
David. South West by land of the Roman Ca' holc

Request dated
the 24th day
of July 1974
Presented the
9th day of
Septemb-r 1974
at 3.25 p m.

Claudius Roy,
by his Solicite
Cilma A.M

a&ad bounded as follows:-
North East by lands of Eigeva Ch
Road which separates it from I
Hill; South West by lands of
West by lands of Hammfe Oliver

Request dated Cherin
the 1st day of Trocard
July 1974. by her Solicitor
Presented the Cilhna A.M
13th day of Dupigny
September 1974
at 3.22 p.m. ,

Request for the issue
r of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
Sa portion of land
known as a residen-
tial lot at St. Joseph
in the Parish of St.
4- Joseph, in the State
of Dominica contain"
ing 800 square feet

aries; South East by a
ands Cedony and Selin
Rand:lph Fehlix; North
r '

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
"The Morne" in the
village of St Joseph
in the Parish of St Jo
seph in the State of
Dominica containing
1432 square feet and
bounded as follews:-

North-East by an Access Road which separates It from
la.d ol Ralph Royver South by land of Elgiver Henry;
East by itnd of Oritn Pierre; North.West by the Pu..
blic Road.
RMequet dated Cecilia Burnett Request for the issue
20'th August by her Solicitor of a First Certificate
1974.. Vanya Dupigny of Title in respect of
rSentembdr 1974th a portion of land at
Septeznb~r 1974 fMassacre Village in
at 2.55 p.m. a the Parish of St. Paul
in the State of Dom-
ini"a containing 1984
square feet and bounded as followsz
North: Public Track separating It from land of King
Bruno South: Gully separating it from land of Peter
Mhaxim and Claris Leben East- Foot Path separating it
from lands of the Roman Catholic Church znd Cla-s
Leben WV!u hands of Watson Cochrane and Denis
Seduce of Application fo" Ceruficae of Title and eotlq
_ SSn aSd C^aveats for week endir>i 21st day of September 1974

Request dated TVictor Jacob
the 10th day of by his Solicitor
September 19731 Cilma AM
Presented the Dupigny
18th day of
Septemri),:1,. 9 74
at 10.25 a n.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Calibishte in the Pa-
rish of St Andrew :i,
the State of Dominis*

containing 3440 square feet and bomwled as follows:-
North by a Public Road; East by lands of Lionel George;
South by the Sea; West by lands of Charles Davis.

UWI has approved the teaching of a Mas-
ter's Degree in Accounting. The Pro-
gramme will be full ame and will be fully
operative in the academic year 1975-76.

Applicants for the M.Sc. programme will
normally be expected to hold a Bachelor's
degree which includes courses in Accoun-
ting, Economics, Elements of Commercial
Law and Mathematics & Statistics. Stum-
dents who do not have t h e appropriate
background are urged to contact the Head
of Department of Management Studies to
determine the courses they need to pas to
qualify for acceptance; closing date 30th
Sept. 1974.
Fuller details at the University Centre dua
ring office hours. ,-




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able. Not to be compared with the sham
poos which are almost all detergent.
The ingredients which go into DOP
Shampoo are chosen carefully for their !
purity and gentle action. So if you really
care for your hair, start using DOP
Shampoo today. You will notice the diff-
DOP Shampoo is available as follows:
DOP Shampoo with Egg
DOP Shampoo with Vitamins
DOP Shampoo with Herbs.
I I U II .... _ __ II_' f g .l

registrar Voice, EPHRAIM F. GE05t '
Rosemu. Dominica, Regiatrar of Tiles ;
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuln o ::o:r
Certificate of title on the above appticatioimmay enter a vCav1.
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the'-'f;:i
appearance i this schedule in the STAR Newspaper pubelshznt.
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed L,:
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoinlg.
tand In respect of which the application is made.



UTELEOE 228I/2130i

"IFriSy SepWmaber 20 174



Friday. September 20. 1974

On Friday, Srpt.13, I met in pass-
in about a0 young boys having a big
debate. They said they had listened
to Mr. Honychurch giving the past
history of Dominica. This history
seems to show that Dominica under the
Leblanc Shoe Party (so-called Labour
Party)has lost more of her prestige.
They said that for Dominica today to
breathe the breath of life, all
Dominicans, young and old, rich and
poor must join together and kick out
the Leblanc Shoe Party once and for
all. They said they believe, that
Leblanc has bankrupted the country
and run away and put Patrick John as
Premier of Dominica. They said there
is no difference between Patrick and
Leblanc except that Patrick is keep-
ing the Church close, which Leblanc
hadn't done.
These young men said if they had
the power, after seeing the Grand Bay
School which was built by a Canadian
expert, they would inform the Bri-
tish Govt., Canadian Govt. and Ameri-
can Govt. that whatever aid they in-
tend to give Dominica, for God's
sake let them send their own experts
to manouevre all the difficult pro-
jects which they sponsor. They their
asked me what I thought of that and
I told them I agreed with them 10026
and I feel all Dominicans will agree
with them including you, Madam Edi-
tor. They said next before Patrick
John,' Premier, passes a law to deal
with Dreads, it would be better for
him to call back Leblanc to give an
account of his stewardship. -E.C.L
14th Sept. 1974
An entire section of Standard V
of Roseau Boys School, before that
school moved to new premises, failed
to get places in secondary schools,
evidently because the children had
never studied the subject matter
used in the questions. But, one boy
was lucky. His mother made represen-
tations to a Sec. School Headmaster,
and he was accepted: his. Mum is a
worker on the premises.
jor British newspaper shrank to Tabloi
loid size today in hopes of repeat-
ing the magic formula that has lately
spelt success in a difficult market
Latest deserter from the loftier
broadsheet ranks was the London Even-
ing News,, a paper now selling just
under a million copies daily.
The 1News thus joined its stable
mate, the Daily Mail, which went
Tabloid in 1971, and has since steadi-
ly gained strength.

ragex a.

Because there were "basic de-
fects" in the original installa-
tions of the new Roseau Market,
these will have to be corrected
from a 11,600 grant from the
British Government, Chillroom and
freezer units, are to be modified;
the drainage in the uncovered sec-
tion also has to be improved.
An -infusion of $400,000 from,
an American Foundation came as the
Social Centre moved to become a
corporate body. Sister Evelina
John Phillip is its first President,
with Sister Alicia who founded the
Centre at the request of the Bishop
of Roseau in 1950, as its Managing'
Director and Mr. Charles Maynard
and other Dominicans on the Board.
Hopes for increased productive de-
velopment are thus-given an impetus,
Since the signing of the: Deep-
water Contract, Dominica Mining
Co. has been officially notified
that they will not be granted any
further licence to undertake mining
operations here. They will be limi-
ted to the mining of pumice, Some-
one evidently awarded the contract
without consulting the Premier.
READER S VIEW Not So Unhygenic.
On Aug. 15, a correspondent sign-
ing "Dominican" wrote complaining
of unhygenic conditions in the air-
port washroom and restaurant kitchen
or she may have meant the main
lavatories but surely not the res-
taurant toilets, which are always
carefully cleaned. As to the kit-
chen, it would be fairer if this
room (as also the toilets) could be
observed between flights, and not
just when visitors are rushing in
and out or when food is actually
being prepared. Every kitchen
shows some untidiness during the
preparation of meals. And visitors
are sometimes careless in washrooms.
G.Demas, appointed Pres. of Carib-
bean Development Bank on July 1974
now lives in Barbados with wife and

COhMMETS (fr.32_) After all, the
public needs to be assured of the
integrity of its legislators; be-
cause as long as there are doubts
about the honesty of government
officials, public confidence in
such officials will be lacking.
And the consequences could be
disastrous*' R.S.

Sq T A P,

Tn H E.

T-i. - r-t -

~AR Paste Sevei~.

Monday morning, Gei.eli&a m
in a, tearing hurry, a c.masket
series hanging heavily on he
"What's the rush about?"
asked as she waylaid Baby.
"Geneliaj help me. wPd de
Le's go by Ma Titine....you n
'hurry nunh?"
Genelia took hold of one
the basket and they set. off
Titine's. Arriving there, t
hastily dumped on the kitchen
Baby flopped down onto a
.wiping the dripping perspire
her face.
"Whe-e-ew!" she fanned he
gorously. "Titine, you heasb
,..Ma& Titine, accustomed to
excited nature, nodded.,
"What do you think about
S"Well,-" Baby was fanning
"*vigorously, "wat I can say
Domeeneeka. only sinkingn more
Genelia. crossed her legs.
just coming up trie street, b
met you, when I heard two ge
..talking. Know what they wer
One said 'So 'the Premier loo
he's. not satisfied with his
abroad..., think, those outside
clans foolish? think- the Rng
stupid?' The other man repli
-Im saying is this, if the m
Dobinica- cannot govern the p
perly it s best the women ta
it's women's lib..these days
and as far as I can see, the:
-a better job.'" ,They both la
What allyou think about that
.Ma Titine agreed and Baby
her head. "Dey doan lie. We
tee eddicated women in de St
can do plentee bettah if dey
de chance. You know how I lo
Domeeneeka now? jus like a m
hompn. All, big shot head read
Onlee dey trying not to show'
The Onrminal Session was'
opened nec morning and the
dies planned to attend,. Whe
arrived the courthouse was p
they managed to get seats. T,
warned the jurors that the sa
would be a long. one. The ,ind
were smoothly despatched; th
the three murder cases which
present were most interested
murderer of the noted Q.C. lc
said thin; the two accused df
the American gentleman had a
may-care look about them; the
one was more or less diffider
these three cases were postpc
later date, interest waned ax
number in the gallery left. th
including Ma Titine, Baby and

thia Watt
iet Baby ,
of gro-
r arm.

Lot in a

.. ur' wna6. cmn -and
inat .many of my 'colleagUes in the
other islands cannot fathom, is why
so many Dominican doctors return home
to suffer as they do. Perhaps Mr.
Sorhaindo would care t" eomm&nht or
give the answer to this question.1^

MA TITIZE (cbncludedi) Outside, they:
side of overheard a group talking, about one
to Ma case which hadT been dropped --the
,he basket Marigot one in which American citizens
n floor, had been brutally assaulted. They
stool were also saying that there waS a
tion from rumoUr that the two witnesses, on that
cas e:had not been killed as was said,
rself Vi- but that they had committed .suicide.
d.de news? ,' Baby nudged Ma Titine. "I self
Babys a doan believe dose two young people
commit no ,suicide...enh Titine?t"
it?." But next morning the first news to
still more reach Ma Titine -was that th6 Q.C's
is disa... murderer had committed suicide. The
an more" whole' town was agog with the news and
"I was- many conjectures were to be heard.
before I "Well" said Baby, "I feel it'bet-
ntlemen tah so for -his...you know what I mean?
e saying? So dat is two case- dat woman take
k as: if place." She changed the subject. "I
trip will see you latah...eh eh, I'deed
politi- .forget to tell you.. since Satarday
lishman de State flag in Guvment yard ... it
ed 'What upsde wnL
en of
lace pro- LAW AGAINST THE DADS --W.S. Stevens
ke over; Rupert Sorhaindo ia one of our few
you know, ,independent thinkers in Dominica. His
y may do is an instance where one uses his ed-
ughed. ucation and intelligence to push pro-'
?, gress by opening the eyes of his less
nodded privileged compatriot.
have pleir Mr. Sorhaindo quickly saw through'
ate dat Government's intention to pass laws
only get to make a group of youth conform to
okin at the accepted patterns of society.
mental I am not a Black Power nor do I
y to buss. support their cause and practice.
it." But there is such a thing as the Rule
to be of Law, which in Dominica fs hardly
three la- considered when politic-ians"in Domini-.
a they ca take it into their hands to strike
backed, but terror into the hearts of their fel-
ae judge lows and humiliate them for good or
session ill.
Lctments There is not much space left for
ere were me, but I hope the Warning given in
everyone the STAR ,both by- Mr.- Sorhaindo and
in. The E.1..C. of the BARBADOS ADVOCATE %NEWS
)oked pale will be studied and, heeded by the
killing Government for the good of the peace
- devil- and order which a democracy under-.
other writes. -- W.SS.
It A s . . . .. .-.. .
ned to a BANANA PRICES UP AGAIN -- Two healthy
Ld a fair umps in the G;M.Price of Bananas
le court, (U.K.) are: from 2nd Sept. 144 to
Genelia. 148 per ton and a further increase of
2 per ton from-September 9I &8 per.,l v

Pase Seven '

tVSg*A ft -A+.h an-34

,qT A R

PFOotball:' 10 Championships in 5Yrs. Trovor Bruney of Moore Park, al-
-As was expected by football fans, leged to have signed a statement
Harlem Rovers won the knockout com- admitting responsibility for the -
petition and made it two champion- chopping death of Mr. Keith Alleyne
ships-in 2 weeks and their 10th in QJC. on the 6th July, 1974, cut his-
5 years. There is expected to be 2 throat with razor blades and died
more competitions for the lst divi- in prison after a Court appearance
sion league this season, so look on Tuesday.
out! Harlem Rovers in the semi-
final match of the knockout cornpeti- VALHALLA EMPLOYEES! SCHOOL ...
tion easily defeated Celtics. United by Rupert Sorhaindo
3-nil. Scorers wer.e I.Benoit, H., I have been reliably -informed
Emmanuel and W.Dontfraid. In the that the 'Valhalla people" have been
-finals on Tuesday, Gutter Crowns making preparations for establishing
held them to a, goalless first b-ef, a school, presumably for the child-.
,but on resumption, a pross by W. ren .of expatriate employees who are
Dontfraid on the' left wing deflect- expected to be engaged in the "devel-
ed off a defender into the nets to opment" projects in the State.
give. Harlem Rovers 1-nil win and the Apparently, rent for May and June
cup. Before meeting Celtics; United of this year (1974) was paid for a
on Sunday 15th Sept.., Halcyon of b building located in Roseau, by a re-
Goodwill held Harlem Rovers to a presentative- of the group. That
love-all draw after the match went building was to have been used as a
-into extra time.. and -they only .quali- school. (it is. curious that the'
,fied when Halcyon failed to score school-.would be located in Roseau,
their 5 penalties. Rovers scored 3 while most of the projects contracted
out of 4 taken whilst Halcyon net- for are supposed to, be undertaken in
t.fed only once in 4 as. : the Portsmouth -area. I- understand
,The up-set of the, competition w',* too, that prospective candidates for
,the knockout of Kensborough United. the post of Headmistress of the-pro-
by Gutter. Orowns (1-nil) who ewarr-l.- posed school have been screened.; and
ier in the 'season hadalso defeated i do.t -remember reading ,br listeng i
.Kenaborough U. -3-2, I..No goals .were to al advertisement for the-position,
scored.. in the first half, but Gif- I do not object to the establish-
ford Walash versatile player that he meantt of a. school .for foreign child- .
is, found .the nets 'for Cro*ws mid- rsn, in view- of' the limited' accomo-
way in the.2nd half.. The match was dation even. for Dominican childreA'
a very keen one, two young teams, in existing schools. In fact, a
.and the goalkeepers, Cletus Popo of school financed by "Valhalla" could
Kensborough U and Alfred Solomon for: conceivably accommodate Dminican .
Gutter Crowh,, gave a fine display children who have a difficult time
of goalkeeping. .' getting a place in our over-crowded
g2nd DIVISION:. The 2nd division' schools' But I object very strongly-
competition .started last week and to the secrecy with which this busi-.
the first two matches ended in ness is being handle ,Why hasn't
one-all draws.i The.Teams were Kens- the Dominican-public been told, about
borough U va. 'Mondericks and Spur's: the proposals? ,They certainly have a
vs. Potters United., On Monday,. right to know' Why were' the teaching
Kensborough \United gave Spurs a posts not advertised? Who recommend-
solid 3-nil defeat. Soorers. were:- ed the. individuals"-screened? Is the
Prancis Reid 2 and Emmanuel John, school designed to be an "elitist"
who also scored against Mondericks "segregationist", Panama-type inst it-
last week. Wednesday, S.M.A. and ution, in which foreign white chil-
Potters United played to a goalleas dren will be protected from- the "na-
draw. .* BOXING:; The world heavy-. tives:"? Will the school be organized
weight championship fight between according to the American educational
title holder George Poreman an sgrstem (quite different from ouri
challenger Moha~d Ali has been British-styled system)?
postponed.to next month because of These are all' important questions
an injury Foreman suffered over an that need to be asked Why are we
eye during a practice session, not given an open opportunity to ask
FTBALL: The first match .played --e7.y the SGRGY? ..S
for theO. 0.D,Brisbane Cup on a knock- ICA.. E I ashed Honduras coQst,
out basis was won by Halcyon who I gj a m ana tj a'
defeated Celtics U 3-2.. Scoreres were: C. tiTnggfrd 2,and E.James ror
Halcyon. M,.Isles and A Shillingford scored for Celtics U.

Printed & Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey 'of Colthall Mill House,
at 26. Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

Friday. SeDtember 20. 1974

af fe Eight