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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 08-30-1974
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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f4 i 16,623 AlY
'U Q. 9 --

YORK, R.Y, 10021J
ii '14


- Frday Araut

KYAY !TB -rD Premier
A=mpsaygs w Premor tgm or ath s neat fhe
sport. *
Ptemer John *ebutim, "oaly last night a ca cau-
ing iheselves the, dreas" and If y3 do sat;
know XVI y can dreads ism #s ois of peo-
ple believrg ia a CTSaim ideology. I DO NOT
KNOW THtR IDEOLOGY but they wa
arovod the street widi their hair wore r ,they
-a d;rty, they do not bathe, and they md and
asy ire Lot prepared to obey any laws. P of
,a.,dr cult.I is my Govermnt t' es.sii-
y to protectvetay Dominicn's right so walk't he
frftet without being afraid. It is the responibili
f Goveanmeat to visirs o this country
: *: i 1 GOING TO ENAC A S .:
Wm Aila- WALING-^YBR Ji-
Ftc, iwse when powiea caWe tom minute ar as l1a5Witi,
;a? Zfg y look at thA art iof Cklt, no Qat w wtms sort atr
dIe3icvy they W1 1'0sve the ioiprassan thk istew Doeffl-
fr' Fnslve" tnad f w e are Domkin'snt wTe W lMus proesU
tlang Domrltat. . they (the drads ) w)M degrade asd
or vi" pa nd Ltag t down'",
COMMENMT TSh Pr ner b eao entra8ed fIMthi. He saM
trier in lsiisb~ y"TM Ge aen ham bthe resposiay
t ) enact aws. fo- the w.lfare. o (the country a4 .10,v m e.
A L- n assf,# y ou. that every w thftai roveranWmB
'twouId enicz, te the papFace will have t"4 so avamiMs
tthoase ws and gZMt tsh conmus, 6 tii o Wk wheverw thea
tuxw 12 nte r th e Govt. nWi a S64 iIa 1at
ATTING ? .- Ddrc !atar themsmae day he stated
.... -wEN i PASS MY. etLL -.. "). ti f esa # t*
W. rlata Srous *ttA'd sueCO e rva eua6sms
ca &<* ;ttrtamu, wuish frivolity ai *the r- **h-tt?' : Pw ii. waott!s "i Uly WtWiMi A -ranod?

sf) *,-Ou tatB wee poliUf1 o i f adi yand ang a.
wi*ith i1ega. armia lc.ist weul .tf Gla.agew
'ro',l ted i.A udlciigs sad a ooea(4's*p itto
ltext sada re 4i9-K6. if'y f nl Iwoodf ea" imjisfc i

We Consider this a Fraud
At the Dominik Labour Party Con-
frence last Sunday, alleged: to have-
b|en attended by 600 members and sap-
porters, a new post was created to coa-
anue the dominance of retired Premier
Edward 0. Leblanc. The post is that of
'Party Chief.
Just as Leblanc caused h zto be
the 'Political Leader'in order to circum-
vent the power of the Founder Presi.
dent in 196, so he retains his hold an
the Shoe Party by this device.
In other words, dear readers, are you
being shockingly deceived by the
"change of heart etc. ", so touchingly sup-
ported by the Churches? Nothing has
1r Flly changed; The man running the
riT -ii --a'*S si n Pt, I
slightly more energetic type as his will
ing agent.
If the people of Dominica can sw.Iaow
this, they will swallow anything, ewve
the poison of national and self-destruoa
WM. W.OCM.Pond was oMdained a Deacon of the
Auhcan Church last Suday by Bishp Orlud
Liadsay, climaxing a life of devtion a d service,

The immediate family and relatives of the late
Bra Mdcrityre wish to tbsank all those who sent
Wreaths fiowen, cards at showed symp"s in
my way during their sorrowful moments,

The Editor cf this newp Mrs. P.S
Allfrey, appreciates the fact that the ye0aq masn
who stole her purse la Friday abandoned- i
where it could be found and was quickly re-
stoed to her, following her appeal in the netih.
hourhood. Its contents wee intact. This honest
as may be a good turning point.
She also thanks all thoe kind' people who
pthered round and tried to be helpfak

v A J J .V Jb. - n T.

A Banana Inquiry is Overdue if d kpn
Efforts sre being made to whittle (or Rev.Wilfred O.M.Pond)
dcwi the reasons for an independent Good Lore please have mercy
inquiry into every aspect of the How sweet I hear thy Call;
working of the Banana Industry in Grant that I see clearly
Dominica. And wisely as did Paul.
It is not just Paying a debt with-
out giving statements and accounts I take thy yoke, 0 Lord,
month by month to show how much has For thy burden is light
been. paid by the Dominica Banana My tongue shall preach the Word
Growers, how much remains unpaid, For thou leadeth aright.
and how long this unethical debt has Pour down, 0 Spirit Holy,
to hang as a millstone about the Thy wisdom, light and grace
.necks of hardworked banana growers, Upon. hy servant lowly
That is not all. Forever from place to. places
There is the fertilizer fraud. It
appears to the best of ny knowledge Christians rise, give praise and glory
that fertilizer was;.sold cheap or To Father, Son, Spirit Holy.
given away to certain persons who J.Ralp Gasimi
had neither bananas nor land to pla-t Domi.ica, WI.
bananas. These persons were in pos-; 1
session of huge stocks of fertilizer Ag. 25, 97'4
which were in turn sold to growers WE SHATLL OVERCOME
Now banana growers have regular de.- by E.OC Loblack
ductions made from sale of bananas, is a fact that the English t
today, whereas the fertilizer deals It is alofa patience and their
were made years ago. Only a compet- i .a s. very high In the S.lid
nevery pon fbnlanguage we read that "the mills of
On every pound of banana a cess G g sw l ye the g e
is taken fbom every grower4 To get God grind slowly yet they grind ex-
a bag of fertilizer you have to sel. ceeding. mall"'. Who would imagine
I ton (2240 lbs.) of banlanas quarere- that that little Labour Party that
ly. You lose fertilizer if your was formed by Loblack and MraAllfrey
sales do not in three months add up would bambeoe so many mn and women
to a ton. What becomes of the dif" in Dominica: The man who took the
ference of ces:s money accumulated a Party for his heaven, bankupted the
a yeat? Is it ever shown in the 1 country and ran away, and prevented
DmB.GeA'* books at the end of three law and order from taking their courses
months, six months or a year? He made Dominica become like some
Again and again growers complain savage land where the godly men and
of having to pay foam pads consis- women are slaves and his wicked Shoe
tently; yet the D.B.G.A. declares it at dominatee&. Sme hav& recently
does not keep accounts for foam pad?. asghtly ch~aged!, t btill they have
What of the huge expensive boxing maoe hatred to be ine order of -uhe dir.
plants on the estates? In whose r6 People are boasting that once they be-
gime in the D.B.G.A. were they con long to the Tmonjlea Shoe Party, they
structed, even against the suggestion can commit crime and get away with it.
of Mr. Van Geest himself? Why do the But I know that Elijah prayed and
rents vary so sharply for the several God opened the eyes of the godly 91as
boxing plants? and they saw a stronger force than
iWh"en money isl paid for boxed bana- Bhod ary force.
nas which stay ashore because of -We whose eyes are opened have seen
incompetence at top level, why raise- that Dominica will soon triumph over
a hue and cry that a certain boxing Lta-past. image. E.C.L,
plant delivered a shortage of boxed INTERESTING VISITORS to Dominica last
fruit. And is "14here ever a column in week included Williami H.Moore, Poli-
the books of the J).B.G.A. to show that tical/Labor Officer,U.S.Embas y,Bar-
the fruit left ashore isa p9id f9 ? bados; Graham Norton,U.K. Journalist; -
cocl*cI. & Wally Peterson. AmAn-Pin -+- ***-

P e T wo

Page oree THE ST AR ridav. August 3./ 1974
T-a H ... THE S U R V I V 0 R . by John Spector
IN 1955, nearly 20 years agq, Allfrey & Loblack founded the Labour
Party of Dominica. ..After the 1974 Convention of a Party with some kindea
superficial resemblance to that first Dominican political party (which-
had discarded the original HAT sypibol and taken to the dirty-SHOE, but
calls itself the Dominica Labour Party) only one tenuous thread remains
-- Assistant Secretary Miss Acme Trocard.
Backed by the stalwarts of the Dominica Trade Union and headed by a
proven socialist who had fought fpr the independence of Dominica and the.
end of Colonialism for ten years mn England, the: L.P. of D. had high hopes
for electing a government of equality of opportunity and socialist plan-
ning to steer both Dominica and (|n federal unity) the whole West Indies
to independence. But integrity ap.d political experience were to be de-
feated by treachery combined with ignorance. The D.T.U.Was'wrested from
Loblack's Presidency and withdrew support from the L.P.; then insularity.
brought down the Federation, and Leblanc did a "stab-in-the-back" act to
remove political leadership from Mrs.Allfrey and become Chief Minister ,in
1961, persuading a hand-picked'executive to expel the founder in 1962. '
The-sorry tale of incompetence and maladministration continued into
1970 as the Labour Party, still wearing the HAT, violated the 1967 Consti-
tution with Laws restricting the rights of Freedom of Speech. By the 1970
General Election some, of the wormo turned against Leblanc who went to bat-
tle with-the Shoe, 'defeating his trastwhile colleague's, 41 except W. S.
Stevens. -By 1973, the people of the island rebelled against Leblanc'sa
Laws and the rot was eating through the Labour Party Leblanc, evidently
losing confidence in ability to a gue such technical policies as CARIFTA
and CARICOM, withdrew from active administration and allowed the country
to be, governed by civil servants manipulating liJterBatppip et' ;for. Y -
sMe -A _MulTItlP it of Statutory Boards manned largely by retired civil
servants usurped.Atetrue administ action of Parliament and failed miserably
to cope with the mutterings. of the masses or the fuel crisis as recurrent
revenue" ran' down the drain and the Finance Minister borrowed from Peter to
pay Paul. -
By June 1975 it seemed that .O0.Leblanc had realized that Nemesis was
approaching and in July he design&ia his leadership of the Labour (Shoe)
Party and then the Premiership in favour of the- politically nondescript
and inexperienced Patrick John. The self-styled Labour Party intellectual.
Ronald-Armour, Jenner Armour, Elf6dp Henry asid Michael Douglas rebelled
against the Party power-plays masquerading under the name of democracy and
were duly cast out into outer darkness.
So now the rump of that Party founded long ago, and foundering .for 15
years, holds its Convention in Roqeau attracting a mere- handful of friend
& members. Their Executive Cmmitteeieboasts two pop orchestra manageirs,one
businessman (how much* Ihcome tax. oes he pay?) and ten nonentities., -Add to
these 14 ex-officio members from the House of Assembly, Portsmouth Town
Council and one nominated member from R.T.C. With Party Chief Leblanc and
P61ltical Leader John (Who spoke 4o. word of real politics during his first
and only "election to the: Hbuse, bit: swept in on a tide of sordid mepuis)
the Shoe Party Executive has 29 members (bot counting the auditors) any one
of whom is ready at the drop of a hat or a shoe to turn around and expel
any one of the other members if Mr. LeBoss says so'
And what Was achieved at the Convention? A vote of confidence in P.R.
John: Two resolutions calling for re-organization of the Party anu asking
'for facilities for elected members to meet their constituents (what a give-
aaway'): Two resolutions taken dirbet from the Freedom Party (jobsaon Boards
for the "boys", not for retired civil servants; and baqk to eleven consti-
tuencies): Co-ops & Youth; and "Party Whip wanted" (a misunderstanding of
such a function by the. Speaker of, the House.) What adull & dreary outlook.
b (Ne Wee- The prayer and all that

Page PourW T H E a-1 AR jida.v.Augst 0T. 1974
fiction MA T I T I IN (Sad Episoes) by Cynthia Watt
Baby was rapidly becoming the irand news-bringer -and gossiper of Ma
Titine's circle. On Saturday evening she moved over to a friend's house
in Fond Cole so as to attend the Labur PariyConfereaeum. But long before
that fairly dull event, she was bubbling over with news, her plump body
shaking like jelly-coco.
"Titine'" she burst out, her little grip in her hand, "Eef you heah
how a tief steal Ma Allfrey porse 9e boy lash his han in hah bag in Great
Marlborough Street aftah she come ou* de Bank, while she walking wid a
'Merican fren, an he zip inside a ti4 gate."
"He maybe thought she was a touiist," -said Ma Titine, perturbed. "So
what happened next?" '
"He disappear, an de 'Merican ~tart to follow him but he doan know die
beehive, so M& Allfrey run like de Fjinn pass Singar an right roun by Ma
Fedelle shop. an she enter de block Pq* annoder tin gate, an ahe start to axe
all dem residence question, tellin fpl loud she want hah porse back an hah
readin glasses-, else de Stah doan:print. But nobody deah admit day see de
boy except a, chiAe ar a lady on a v rendar...He well chap;pee by den"
"Elasa" sighed Ma Titine. "Is robbers; surrounding us today.tr
At that moment Reuben and Gene;Lia came up. "Did you hear how Ma Allfre
chase a, man an practise Karate on bpe:?" Reuben asked excitedly.
"An he hit her and she hit himi : st like Conrad and Kid Mayor," said
Genelia sarcastically. "I don't be4 eve a word of it."
"No," said Baby solemnly, "yo~ eight, is not true like dat. De lady
jus scour de place an she go back hah fren an say is no good, she mus
repoht to de Poleece, Crowds was gadderin in two street an people castin
wudds. to an fro, an suddenly a. woman come an say to Ma Allfrey "come an look
yoh porse". It was lying in the samn V ley she had passed in before. Ma
Allfrey pick it up and it dee have ieeryting in it, hah leetle cash. hah
-ktey;- ab ga .se a .a.i.peie t a.
"So den a poleece come up...". 'aid Reuben.
"Yes," daid Baby, firmly deter3 4ned to be the tale-bearer. "An aftah
Ma Allfrey tank everyone.consun she ~$tk to de poleece an tell heem matter
dead, hah propaitee all right. An l'she an everybody happy de young tief
trow back de porse. Da's how it supp-e to enn,"
"But it didn't end so," said Geqglia. "Because Police and C.I.D.
raided the neighbourhood and they fIqud plenty stolen goods...Tyres and so.~.'.
Baby chimed in again: "An as I iwas go,n up to Goodwill, I see a ban of
people by River Street and dey say is a poleeceman dey have beating up."
M& Titine put her hands to her 'head, "Bon'Dieu, you mean to say is
Dominica that is going to ruin like that?" -
But Baby was not finished. "'Dit is, dis morning; but look now have
. poleece wid craahi helmet an.gun in truck an van...I heah, say is behine dose
Dreads dey is...an a poleece shoot one in d9 troat...he is hospital.
one time people say he dead, but I heah he improviL."
"And Look what happen to that C nimir boy!" Ma Titine replied. "That
-poor young boy. They say he got a scholarship to a high school; his mother
was so glad she gave him a bicycle asp present...an look what happen...he
got run over by a truck on that bicyplp. He didnTt even live to see the
holidays over muchless to start school." She shook her head. "That was a
sad thing." Baby nodded, but then a' ewn appeared on her forehead.
"An at de Labour Party Confere cO, Leblanc an his family deed dere, an
he make a new post foh heemself as a-ty Chief,." She shrugged, "All dat
onlee mean he still de man rulin d 'de odder one onlee moose-boy I think "
"So now they have Premier, Po l4ial Leader,and Party Chief* Genelia
remarked. "Well, well, well, I wonder what they will create next."
"Mayfohbe Deputy sogParty hief '" Reuben mumbled. "An dey take Loblack song
fo deir Paty song." to comek out next wee
But there was; more to come...look out next weeW ...

n- n] Lu-i..v I i !.c t. _l.# v | / l0" + __. .. .. . -- .. . -- IIII I, I

A two-day strike by the Roseau
Town Council Scavengers ended on
Wednesday, 21st August. The work-
ers had been protesting against
their "supervision by Mr. Solomon
Scotland", the RT.C. Street Super-
visor. According to a letter sent
to the Council by WAVU on Tuesday,
19th August, Council workers were
dissatisfied with interference by
Mr. Scotland. The following morn.-
ing 20th August Councillors w"ee
informed of a strike by the workers
An Emergency meeting was imme-
diately scheduled for 11.30 a.m.
that same day. Contrary to Radio
Dominica Reports, that proposed
meeting never took place because
the Town Clerk was unable to pro-
duce the necessary records relating
to earlier decisions on that matter,
The Town Clerk, without consult-,
ing the Council, approached the
Central Government for their inter-

ventiond TIn a report prepared for
the Government, the Town Clerk
hurled several unfounded accusation s
at the Council.
IHi reachingl an agresreemn.t -r-un- -
WAWU, the Council reaffirmed its .4
earlier decision to have Mr. Sco tl
avoid< deoffrontation with the worker,
It was also decided that the workers
who had. timed in on Tuesday but had
not worked should receive half day,
pay for Tuesday and no pay for Wed-
At the insistence of the Mayor,
Annette St.Hilaire, the money for thq
said half day pay must be paid to
the worker# fr9m the honararium pait4
to Councillors,
It is rumoured that the Council
is preparing to take disciplinary
action against the Town Clerk as a
result of his actions in this matter.
WSBRIEFS: BananAs The GMP of
Bananas has gone up from 142 tO 144
per ton. Mr. P.O.C. (Cosy) Harris&
has been made a Queen's Counsel.
DAWU will hold a one-day seminar Qn
Sun. Sept. I for some 400 DBGA Boxiag
Plant, Field & Office workers from
all over Dominica: venue, Goodwill
Junior High School (9 a.m.) A poll
revealed that 12 of 14 workers at LiA.
Dupigny's opted for T.U. representa-
tion by DAWU.

Yes he is a Dominican; it is be-.
cause of his healtathat he is doing
so. The news has been broadcast
overT --ir, but how anGye-opie-
care? He is still with us though,
and may many who are sorry to lose
him wish him the best of health for

It has been years since he has
joined the Ministry. He has been to
Antigua, Jamaica etc. and even to
Jerusalem. So be of good cheer dear
people; he is still with us here.
tA special service of thanksgiving
was held for Rev. Didier on ThUrsday
evening at the Methodist Church,
Charles Lindbergh, first man to.-
fly solo across the Atlantic, died
this: week of cancer in his Hawaiian
home, aged 72. Lindbergh made his
epic 16-hour flight in 1929, in a
single-engined plane,- its wings
stuffed with pingpong balls and
loaded with fuel tanks.. He himself
was buoyed up by sandwiches and a
bottle of water.
Lindbergh a U.S.A.P. Colonel,
married Anne Morrow (herself a pion-
eer flyer). (concluded page )

QANDID COMMENTS (fr-.-2) -W.S..tevens
Of course it is the grower who elandes-
tinely pays.
There is at the moment a desire for
peace -at Government level when every
year there is an S.R.Q. which reappoints
an official committee to manage or mis-
manage the affairs of the Banana In&us-
try, despite the regular appeals of
the DPF.U. to give the growers (through
their Union) a say in the management
of what they consider their own affair.
Unlike sugar, there is never a ban-
ana bonus. Banana is a sort of third-
rate industry, though it is the basic
economy of thousands in Dominica. Only
the crumbs come to he growers who work
so very hard to provide salaries for
those who exploit them in so many ways.
The D.P.U. insists on the Inquiry
and an Adequate Representation on the
Committee of Management. Premier John
faithfully promised to give considera-
tion to these issues, -W.S.S.

T HE H .


Page Pive -

S -

CSeskha Appbi nt lt'bi o.e A & sat N
C& veak S tsw '31a .."y of AViE Wm


tor a Cardt 1
. %,

Request dat L"ll. Ache Ap piiekm of U4&a
29. 3. 74.' persoa5 sr.s A sa
Presented resentative orf tentative "Cfe"
28, 8. 74,, Charls mi a
at* 10.15 auam omta mi am foru the bo
uy her Safidtr of a firnt certiffe*A
__| IL~naemia t.t tse lia respect at a
Cha"tes Parto af ha af ds
jam Le f4thy ow oU lia 64th Paid. .,
Cmntiskxi 2,13 40sers set an
wa: Nortbs Pambreke Strea; Saouth: 4ad of L4art
Wsec Eas: Loed of Harold Thcmas; Won tlar f ftads
Ma*H is Vidal4

29. 3& 74. pesmesl leg- Achi paraceal rnme.
Paisnted reBSativoef a satiets. of, CheaJte
28. 8-. 74. Char4.i M ,i- M.imum Ace d6
at 10.05 a.- man &e4;;Qd ease for &a iease
bw- hel SuEcit of a first eartificae
.- p--_-.ti.m of adi. Am.* .
aMe in the w f t ri 6. T
J.on. esmoaixima 3,97T -amr fore S, '
foBrwcsa. torth i. .

Sd. day of AugMa ? i CIMwina .m S.

A shipment of the Rcl and Fr ~s

r -' ; ,'j.i^-.

iThe Bmies that Se Yaow CRr ma
Trac, Ba

C r a j

1 t vmff aN 7 Appea for VMe
1. 1. 74. by hP'-SeitS ras. of, & fiRst em-
Presetedt M. Emmmifa aficate ft title inae
97- 8& 74 Cos | of a porstio 'Of
at 11.40 a.m. knw s a Ch"
at Point Michrei aP o'! O ,
Loataiaing ar square? fotl a"d beanded asRA* M e::
Nonh mand of Deuis Elwtfa aet lEid of ewLer
South Public RMad Wwa ,Lad of Maria Myer

m. Dini EPHYA. F. CEO..
f Iucrart a Ollcc,, of isles,
NOTE: Any prsea who castt l., i *c
*Cacicte f tite on the above ap-:acEnR may Mar & Cavasa
in tie above ofice wethki aU weeki frci iep dma of ue Fua
Savmrwc- e e i, E sscedule im .1 wif pw ar p.1w-

ka i4f a BB B r CiiM- the Wk .t h

Owing to incident whem chues I
have been collected on blha of azp-
pliers, by persons not ac ,.'U rsi.Ed to
W so, we aust inmsatn the filowsag:
In l a where a supplier & at aD>-
Sconwany his her Co(nai the Fnnr i

a w.tt order ad m to ddv4
the raise cheque to a specific per-
smo MUST be supplied. If no mder
iq forwarded, cheques will .be wideld 4
until the sipplier tllects it h
or sends the written order auto" I
delivery of die c ugc.

nsosB me m

O Iflk SMoNmr At 5 jpa
had Psg l Ife seei phe toetht
%omumme ^^aubsenta^I

Saqwt. 4A Srsia I S
Z, 7C1 i no4ni ,, k.-,-pa6 fit
Pnesnted by hee S0 1w eis of a Piat
St27 8. 74' .-1 '--. sartificate of tide in
at 11.50 a.m. Charis ne pect sf aeO-.
of land ia the -Ji.A .
od Points
ia d n Cat PEriAi k
of St. Lole, s
; * sagm 1',499 -iwase
felt and, n j
Norh By a Foot Psth whi ch sepwates 9T from olaoo ?l0 .wthhcew
8 1a% East y latends of Delphine Charles Soa* r
lands of Jaeph Emmanual Wotr By a road to fBridoa whi
separates it from lads df Gwnrude Batstc
i. ll.l~lll...llllll.lll. & ntflT^lrlll ltn a il^^MlMl~^l.=ll~ll^nl~r-a^lll~niilfmgnln a c t -llJ n Me



B-- 'er:" -

riday August 30, 1974 T E STAR g Seve
D 0 M N I .C A R E V I S I T E Part II by Pierre Lucette
So, looking for 'a balance for your body and soul, why not find a bal-
ance,-for your environment? About housing, I. think that those' in charge do.
not make the singles effort to thirxk about a kind of architecture,using
the.new materials without spoiling the landscape and having care of the
personality'of those who live in thes6 new houses. The new housing style
developsa highly the sense of indivicpality and egocentrism, and is against
the group mentality developed in our' African. roots. Do young people care
about studying the reflection and prolongation of the African.mentality
through -the West Indian? I doubt it, -
I went fto the new market. It ip a horrible "i'chateau-fort" -disregarding
surrounding nature, not the popular get-together or forum place it should
be,- where the beat of the heart of the island can be heard. A market is
like a big heart; there you can get the right temperature of the town.
Youi market not only. is bloodless t bpt it has n6o beat. And the vegetables
are rare, too expensive: and digplaye6 without- the -human heat we we5e so
pleased to feel a1t the old market. : certainly, something has to be done to
teach new methods to the countryman su: regard to his background dtradi-
tions.' Dominica is a rich, productive 'land; .looking attthe market, one does
not get that impression at all.. A Wket should be open -and full of the
fruits of nature every day* Is your mdrket like this? Therefore, those
living in town will buy less of all heose imported and non-adapted foods.
There are so many tasty ways to cook yam, 'breadfruit, tania' anrd dashaeen that
one asks' oneself if the overboiling habits -we get in cooking our vegetables,
do not. reflect a total lack of imagition or of curiousity, So-mry good
studies and articl&a .have. been public hed on our Caribbean cooking art. And
believe me, the art of cooking is not. 4 private property belonging to the
rich people only. No. Remember the Chinese, the poorest ones know the best
way-to cook -the cheapest Ufood. i
You have absolutely no idea of 'hQ meaning of the' word "bread." All
around town,, I sw multiple profanagions against the "FLOUR GODS." Your'
'rich bakers should take a trip to st dy their art' in Vienna, if only because
they are supposed to respect their customers and educate their taste for the
.same price.. -
Speaking about your rivers, remember that Dominica is unique because of
them, and there is no reason that because "there are 364 of them thw
should be polluted; siing. .them the dangerous duty of carrying all .yur rub-
bish .to. the.- sea. u. .-
-Enxglish is your of.-alianguage ,: believe that tfher.Kugh clever
people-on.-your -radio, even those for Kwhom English is a Nalf-second language
,to start campaigning for the anti-pollution'of your'rivers. What. is the
attitude of the young Black Power people about your forests? There are lots
'of. useful things to be done to- pres.rve. them. If anything bad happened to
your forests, Dominica is going to6 disappear. Schoolteachers, doctors,
priests and ministers have their parl to play in that key environment battle.
Don't tell me that I want to remain backward Not But Dominicans should
realize that they have been so far preserved from the pollutoi.6 of T.V.
I am working-on-the T.V. in MartiniQ", and believe me, it is the most alien-
ating means ofcommunication we can have at our disposal. So sure we are
that too' many people working on T.V. ,idly know what .wrong they are doing.
So better you never let T.V. co*p here than to ae@ our identity vanish
through all the. new and bad- European |"abits. Finally a n't you stop think-
ing "person", "personalities,' in politics, and start thinking 'together",
'group", having the benefit of the terrible lessons from past centuries and
preFiou. yeari, for the. advancement of the: whole populationn of this very
special. island named .Dominjictt TPL.' _________
1074A:. -omo Kenyatta-was- last wee4'j"J!orIe. President or J enyaa (nopposedl
for "another five years his 3rd term of office.


64T*A.* Robj *P*Yi *"S Morchriston
FOOTBALL: Dominica Falls To St.Luoc
In the finals of the Cable & Wire's
less. sponsored under-20 football
tournament played at Victoria Park
in-St.Lucia on Sunday 18th, St.Lucta
defeated;Dominica 3-2 after the matxh
had gone into extra time. St.Lucia
led 1-nil -at the interval and made
it. 2-nil on resumption. However,
Jeffrey Lawrence and a penalty taken,
by Roy Murphy made it 2-all. Into
extra time, the St.Lucians got their
3rd goal and the match which earned
them the. championship- in the first X,
of -the competition.
LEAGUE: Last deek Thursday, Kensbo-.,
rough United won easily over Celtics;
United in a. match lacking in any r&,
pressure and probably the easiest
match this season, Scores were:
Kensborough-U. 4, Celtic U1.. For
Kenaborough, Roy Murphy 2, J. Lewij :
and E.Christopher. M.Cyrille scored
for Celtics. On Saturday, Spurs wacj
their second match when they defeated
.Halcyon 2-nil. Dontfraid scored
twice for Spurs. This week, Spartaes
found a different Potters United tha
-t. one th-led, 4-nil just over ..<.-
month ago, when thematch had to be'..
abandoned because naroaching spec-
tators. Their replay with Potters U
ended in a 1-all draw. Spartans, .
through Dewhurst led at the interv4a,
but a penalty to Potters which >had'r
to be rekicked, saw the scores level,
On Wednesday, Gutter Crownssur-- '
prised KeiAborough United and defeat-
ed them 3-2. Scorers for Crowns: -
T.Bertrand, G.Walsh and J.Nibbs, asd
for Kensborough, R.Murphy and J.Lewis.
CRICKET: The 3rd and final test !
match between England and Pakistan,
played at the Ovals in England ended -
in a &aw, the 3rd draw of the series.
The 1st & 2nd looked like definite
decisions, but on both occasions, p3ay
had to te abandoned on the final dazy
because of rain. But on this OccasiOn,
the long England occupation of the
crease in trying to avoid the follow
on, and their further attempt to st-
pass the Pakistan- total contributed d'
great t producng hat graw Sqopes
ere: Paks 2an 60 d ee 94/4' 9
Zaheer Abbas 240,, -aid Kdian .98 .& -

The reggae super-atar, Jimmy
Ctiff -left. Dominica recently, annoy-
ed and disappointed with his. show
business contacts here. He appear-
ed at the enlarged Palm Grove night
club on the 9th and 10th August.
The admission charge was $10 a
person and this, seemed to be the
'main grouch, not only with his fans,
but with Jimmy himself.
In an interview with Radio Domi-
nica which was. never aired, he ex-
pressed dissatisfaction with the
price that was charged and the disi-
tance of the venue, claiming that
the majority of his fans were de-
terred by these factors. No comment
on the $USgOO odd which the Jimmy
Cliff team charged for appearing!
Leaving Roseau to appear at Ports-
mouth, he was confident of better
luck in the northern district-,.
DEATH OF AN xAGLE (fr.p.5) Thdir
first child was kidnapped and mur-
dered one of the first kidnap-
pin s for ransom of a prominent per.,-
son p child. It caused a sensatji4n
----- he nMeria-Eagle-a- popular*ty-
waned in World War It when he
preached isolationism of the U.S.A,
and seemed to favour Nazi-ism. In
Later life he became a prominent
conservationist and anthropologist.
Responding to a plea. made by Mr.
"Vanoulst Jno Charles during the
Premier's tour (StJoseph), MiN Joha
promised a full inquiry inxo the
Banana Association Management. He
informed the people of Salisbury,
Colihaut,that they would not have to
pay the increased water rates -* He
promised $500 to Salisbury community
for levelling of their playground!
He promised to look into feeder road
roads, sanitation, youth employment,
water supply etc.... -- R.S.
NOTE: Willf Mr. N. Sunor) o.sent
in verses and a letter, please call
at the STAR office Sat. or Mon. a.m.,
'Controversial' PAPA DEE LEAVES'
Broadcaster and CSA President Daniel
Caudeiron flies to Canada tomorrow,
fqr a 3-yr. journalism & comominicai-

Friday, August 50,1,3D4

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