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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 07-05-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs Jane LOIFIThAL,, Libr
Research Ititue for thekuy r' 7. nan
16kL East 73 Stroet, L'. -, /
Nef York 10021 IT:Y. VUE.Is, V O y
Cabh Star, Ijownip. OS
Te: 'Prfnrery 2691, Editor 1610 D
helw J4"..1 t ZVOrIRIA0^
C Tcr'urner Londor Lri1.
i ZZ tesbt ry Sl4v. tis '- | trda f V Sact iomita aortt


Martin Lathlr itag' a
e motheor mrdered
lPTPsV 10 & 4


Vol X IX No,,!

Friday, *Uy 51 1974.

&A UU 1/
w i stamp prices (without notice1

t ?M4Wi that Goverwaumt is desperate
f r mtwey,. sb also biew that through Ithe
syste, knwn tas S.Jk & so (Stattotery Males
aiu tarders) they are able te imqpte roe-
triUctinas, iapaitaiona wtAd eves taesa wi'-
aut retoearse ta the people's form,' the
Fraae'f Ao a ly. A firo July I, t, e
^*rAiw Ci.t of DNutait jumped up tp e p6e-
a. s ratis thais Stata coansierably,
.iotheat a rorid of artiang to the long-safn
foria -pab.les. Thia is a severe blow to
ALnbaoir_v JipleO 4t" have rKelativea abreMa,
to the SiMa.J he a oM as ai a, aat to "t&e nmov-
paperi'rwhcsi hav B tacepte4 pestane-yAid 'saubt
ftr--a whele year a.d will be stack with Q*0
as. as charpeas qaLes their subscribers
tsoame p wi-.tbUta differeuses it is anotha.
bl.o qv iWt fNeiNito f e the-PrenA 1 l..k
.flte mfli'-Si ay01 giving official asti-Gb to
r-prnferrew organs.
!t- F~$4I Wdtio3 wttbeat repros-
,' *ta. 'r.-- *4'N^^^-I ',^''1*

ap~erg0i.4 rc ysita4aftiT4es, .Oa being .

(be .'diwutin i-*. serittipewl which

viiil mowy:dflhV, Io,JVJS*W that~it Is a
blow adti k iamip- life and c 1 ai "
prtsis frednv,- aid th outgoing of tate e.r
atios ta the osantry diStrictA., aireaty
ti Ct ii the frip vtf Govt,-ra Villap.
C~afliU, .. W& ^ jfs -"'' ., '.

[Hullo Comrade
- rteol&i raha'B* Ouyanaa 6on. lSa,
issaud orders..tBhat Civil Serrate
mmat addroeqs their clleageoua a
*the public relations epartioelrly
the plic real~tio aiestion,


Day df
the dove

Atma, Fif, utinei UNITED NATIONS A
and Sabria e among the dove -incorperadna the
names chosen for storms of the biological symh for women
1974 hurricane season which And the a t thetcal symbol
officiay begis in June. for equality-haM beat. chcen as
The 'tt of 21 female names the official wmbie for
was selected Monday by the internatioal women's year m
14atiiot1 Hurncarie' entiree 1975.
here . . : During
Naming storms with female the last two. seax. storms
Bnaues is a tradition that has have been fewer nd less
.been challenged unsuccessfully intense. And wie .the 1950
in recent years by women's were characteriztd by storms
rights sos- mornn up the Atlantic coat
Stoirms are given names since- 1960 they have mjpnkly
when they reach tropical status moved up the GJf of Mexico.
with winds of 39 miles per
hour, and are upgraded to After Alma. the o er names
hurricanes at 74 m.p.h. announced by the Hnurricane
The hurricane season Center are Becky, Carmen.
officially starts June I and DOWy,, Elaine, fini, Gertrude,
ends November 30 but most of Heater, Ivy, Justiae, Kathy,
the giant storms strike in the Linda, Marsha, Norma, Olp,
heart of'the season August Pearl. Roxan, Sabrina.
September or early October. ; Theirta, Vitola and Wilma,

cost of living stil

S- Rise 16 stamp; prices
I r i M(without ldoicel

Gqayaa sB: moving cable to
ArgentiaA on, the death of Poron. rz
All men are comrades, bt soie are
more comradely than others.


. .

Page Two T H E S T AR Friday. July 5. 1974
/:1 ) 17 THEE YOUNG ARE CRITICAL by E.C.Loblack
*[ y GiL Last week I met a few young men in
Hail to the Radio Station that's: 'a big debate: some of them saying that
been nowhere for a very long time.,, if Mr.Leblanc has, anything good for
Congratulations: Now, there's ,,the i n- the welfare of the country, and inas-
dication that something of value is much as he himself said that the doc-
being done...First, I am most im- tor has told him that John Royer has
pressed with LEN'OX HOiNYCHURCH's bad eyesight and therefore cannot take
"Story of Dominica"...Honestly, part in any reading .as Minister for
that's wotth mentioning here...So, Home Affairs, therefore Mr.Leblanc
at least for this prize treat, should put Mr.Patrick John as Minister
Dominicans can tune in to 595 in the for Home Affairs and put Ronald Armour
mornings....And, then, like the early in the place of Mr.Patrick and let
session is the only period under John Royer listen in the House of
consideration.. .RAY LAWRENCE and his Assembly, as at least he is not deaf.
group' add a touch-o'-spice to the These young men continued: from the
formerly very boring "morning hum- formation of the Government organ,
our" series (though the humour is called the EDUCATOR, they used to see I
rather brutal, the patois dialogue a heading which said: "All shall eat."
is lively)...Oh, we had quite a great Thqr say that for the past 4 or 5 months
deal. to bear with FLIP WILSON .and & the heading "that all shall eat" is no
LOUISE o~=ETT...So irrelevant.., longer visible on the EDUCATOR. They
So dry* also say they would like to know if it
Postage rates have gone up...up., is because the Editor of the EDUCATOC
UP....That is the latest in town.., is the Speaker of the House, an exceu-
And, everybody is complaining...The tive member of Leblanc's Party and now
change went into effect on July 1st. getting $1000; and they take- it that
But, letters posted June 30, and means he (Mr.Francis) shall-etandK
-selected for despatch on July 1st, the masses may perish"
were returned to their senders...(*)" Madam Editort I must say that I en.
Dominica is: in dire need of EREAD... dorse the statements of these young"
We all know that...Mais, that's noi men. One of them said.: "Boy, this
the -way...Why can't the Premier, time we the 18's must get Leblane and
Governor, other Ministers and Prin1 his regime out." Another one said:
cipal Secretaries. assist by making. "Boy, we must watch corruption ani
voluntary cuts in their salaries.9.* bribery as we understood took place
Discontinue (entirely, since Domini4 in the last election." --CE.C.L.
never benefits) all their overseas ---
conference commitments? Notice j U.K. Women's Club --. "Will
To: add "injury to insult" BOY)1E ladies eiays, when they nave finished
JOSEPH of LUIQUID ICE has. returned theii tea, wash the cups asid then
from Guadeloupe, only to find him- stand upside-down in the sink."
self asking for a reinstatement..** DICTATOR DIES IN BED
,Meanwhile, LIQUID ICE, with comple- President Juan Peron of Argentina
ly new gear, is meeting engagements died aged 78 on July 1, having made
in Guadeloupe this week. over the Presidency to havis wifeg made
With BOYIE back we assume that over the Presidency to hi wife Maria
SOUL SURVIVORS ain't in the position .stella, who will have a tough time.
TEX JOSEPH impressed us with...If (*)EDITOR'S NOTE : the Ministry of
things were going fine:, BOYIE would Comrrnications denies that the Post
never returned. Office sent back any material posted
SMASH is coming bigger and better before the rates rose on July 1st.
on the 17th July and, as from Augus, t S.A& U. S S raec -- g m
the New -Chronicle will. look like on further limitation f nergrement
scrap to SMASH...The printing will c nuclear tstmdualon o" u vdergro1 vs
better ..There'1ll be a colour front idKl ap sit,
page ....Sh6w-biz info covering every island in the CARICOM region..And,
therx 1l be inltia estblhg. circulation of 5,000...Look out, brother
Joe HonorS (n, pal, from -Ppajx. Boudh&)&, ..


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pgcr- Four

Fiction MA TITim Cuynthia Wat
- Ma Titine was doing household '
chores with her forehead all pleat,
ed with frowns. The reason? Well,
Genelia and herself had some very
harsh words...all over Reuben. Use-
less to tell Genelia that she,
Titine had absolutely no undue in-
terest in him any longer...merely
as a friend., but Genelia would not
accept this. She blamed Ma Titine,
heavily for Reuben's jilting her.
Ma Titine shrugged her shoulder,.
What could she do? If Genelia wanted
to break a friendship that had last,
ed so many years, well, could she
Titine prevent that? She tuned in
her radio, she liked bright music
while she worked. When she was.
through, she took a cool shower and
was about to stretch out on her
lounge chair, when she saw Baby
coming up excitedly.
"Titine," her -eyes were literarl-r
ly popping out of their sockets,
"Titine...you doan heah wat happen?,
But wat to do wif bomeeneekans now-
.-, h? ? rmem,'nQn ,-o se e'o'r1 le

.MA TITIIE (c00l)" Some of cem gezi&n
bail, all so wat?...meanwhile tings
going from bad to wuss."
"Honest, the whole world is in a
mess," Ma Titine sighed. "Look how in
America Mrs.Albertha King was murdered
..shot dead by a boy while playing
the organ."
"Wat." Baby nearly bolted out of
her chair, "Dey kill anodder King
again! Dey kill Martin Luther...dey
heel his wife..."
"Wait, wait," Ma Titine said. "You
have it all wrong. It's his mother the
boy killed."
"Oh yes., I forget, he an his fadder
had same name. I heah a man reading a
able sheet, an on it say da&t poleece
in Amerika find a papah wif de name of
ten Amerikan civil rights leadahs who
dey plan to keel in de room of de
black student dat keel Mrs.King. De
wuld reahly in a bad way. I remdm-
brin in our days...like now so we making.
plan to go moonlite piknik.,'go an
dance an fete an tings like dat...
nowadays is onlee mudder, mudderI-

modee wee..Aftah dose Baptees doktah -POLITICAL SIAMESE TWINS W.S.Stevens-
an dem come an treat dem foh free, Every four or five years Dominicigives
dey was bong to do dat? En-benh, birth to political Siamese Twinse two
way papah!" She took a drink of cold necessary evils despite a rapidly de--
ice-water, perspiration was dripping teriorating economy. We need a &olif-
down her face. She wiped it away and ical surgeon to make a successful op-
sat down fanning herself with an old eration: for two items of such heavy
magazine, expenditure at one time are always
"What's the matter?" Ma Titine a big drain upon meagre funds.
enquired. Baby's outburst had in- The Gen.Secretary of the C.S.A.
terrupted her own thoughts. seems to regard Back Pay as of great-
"Wat happen! You mean de radio er importance than non-payment of
doan say nothing?" monthly salaries through lack of rev-
Ma Titine shook her head. enue; and Mr.LeBlanc & his colleagues,
"Is not heah in Roseau...is at literate and illiterate, are plugging
Marigot...while dose doktah deed away at stopping all the gaps in the
givin a goodbye patty, a gang of vo9 toppling el section fortress. Three
eur take neahly all dose people sordid,insidious features in the re-
money an deir paper foh dem to travy cently passed Election Bill are -
Is not a shame. Dose raskalsl" i) punishing a young person who does
"My God." Ma Titine exclaimed, pot know his age (a very frequent sit-
"you meaA to say the place has been Uation here where often whole families
getting such a bad lamec already, are unlettered); ii) raising the bar-
they still adding more to it?" pier against Dominicans living over-
"You can say dat again!" Baby der seas: who want to enter politics be-
clared emphatically. "I heah dey cause their countrV is going to ruin;
ketch some...doan know if is true, and iii)Blackmailp'rsons who have
but is dat I heah...but ketch dem is served a prison sentence.
one...de law heah dose let deir There are other evidences of injus-
crimminel case stay too long befohi twice in that cruel & pusillanimous
dey bring .dem to jostice... next .c0S electionn law, whose perpetrators will
Sbed 6f its t h r. Verily' however find that evil contains the


Friday, July 5, 1974

Fri~a~i, ~lv ~ L074 THE STAR P&3, Fnre

la the Estate of
V'.... )R ADDISON BLANCHARD; deceased
Any person having claim against the
estate of Victor Addison Blanchard late-
of Old Street, Roseau, Dominica, who
died on the 13th day ot March 1973,
whose will was proved by Wilson Du-
p1 rand Louis Corriete the Executors
therein named on the 26th day ot Octo.
ber, 1973, is required to send particulars.
thereof in writing to Mr. Wilson Dupig-
ny .t Dupigny's Store, Long Lane, Ro-
scaau, Dominica on or before the 31st day
ol July, 1974, after which date the exe-
c,-tor, sball proceed to distribute thi as-
sets having regard only to valid claims
then notified.
Dated the 26th day of June, 1974.
S... F- OR SALE" '

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fluoride which has definitely been proved
to harden tooth enamel thus reduing the
incidence of dental decay.
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Agents for
Advise that this office wi be moving to
George Street, (opposite Framptoa's) as of
July i, 1974.
Tel. 2o22 General Office & Managers Desk
;oao Agents Office

3 Bedroom, Sitting & Dining Room, Kithcen,
Bathroom and Toilet.
Price: $26,ooo.o"
Contact: K. Winski
0/* Tel. 2 21

, ftes Five

Fridey. Jadv 7- 1,74


r a . G

SdNeda Of Apbewaiw for C!Bpm d Tidte& NAti nisgierov
& COM for we day of June 1974

or a Cati aseof Tidte4
%r-T"~ ~ ~ ~ ~~Nol Isia or.. 1Ca111vanl,.,,,.,.,O~~m~',

Request dated
the 24th day
of August
Presented the
27th day of
June 1974 at
12.20 p.m.

Pawd Edward
by his Solicitor
F.E. Degazon

-.equest for the issue
of a First Certificato!
of Title in respect f|
a portion of lan 2
known as Ti Jardia
at Hagley Grand Bay;
in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the Statil
of Dominica contain
jiut 1 (.23 acrp an

bounded as follows:- |
North West by lands of Anhie Laurent, East by a Ravine sepe
rating it from' Lands -of Nathanle Pharoah, South East by lands
of Annie Laurent and also lands of Green Pierre South by
Public Road, West by a Ravine ,separating it from lands of

quest dated PaWI Edward Request for the i.su
the 24th day Alexander of a First Certificat,
of Aagust by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
1973. F.E. Degazon a portlcn of land
PrPmen d tihe known as a lot at
27th day of Hagley in the Parish
Juoe 1974 at of St. Patrick, in the
12.12 p .a State of Dominicat
F.....containing 3.066
acres and bonded as foa ws:.:-
North-West by a Public Road, East by lands of the daughters
of Edward Alexander, South.East by lands of Sylvester Grein
Dsvid Andrew and a Public Road, South-West by lands Sonsop

'Schedule o Apokcation for Cerdfiatae of TIde and t
thereon and Caveats for week endti 6h day of July 1974
Rf aest dte EabethLe Applieatioa of Elizat
31 7 73 Mostete & beth Montoute &
Presented Vernon Ga Veraon Garard,
1 774 ran Waeh as Walsh as oint tea
at 12.25 p.m.. ioint temuts ants for the issue of
by their Solicitor a first certificat4 of
M. Eemsia title in respect of a
Charles portion of land known
as a Residential lot in
Roaw in the Parish
of St. Gore contain
m 971 square feet and bounded as follows:-
South-Wes- Upper L6e: Noth-W;est LIan d of Virginia
JCharlri; Norci.ac" Land of Estate Stapheale Bfsurlsuw;
South Eat Lwd of Stephhane lsberlisau & Irish Joseph.
Rwiqest dai -Lisa,' Defe Api atio o Li
3 S 7 |by er Solicitor fo tr e isme
Prsensd M. Eueis& of a first crtifieate
4 7 74 CisarksI o tile W respect of
at 10.25 a.m. a portis of land 4.-
S- tateM, in the village of.
COrdibisro inthem Pa,
Srish of St. Joseph
cotaiW 1313.3 squwa feat and 6ouded as folowa:.
Srth We s apropery of E. Williatms Pu!lkc, So;th Ears.
Property of Ferrier Leonward, Easts Property of E. Giraud
SWeaast Property of Lvrpcquo.


~Or weef~ kOrklft~ ~r tic. day

* o uly 1974 -c~u 7a

Reqiglt dated fortha D'a S y-t.=s. for the imt
20th May k hy er -.., *re-. of a Firsi CertnfcaM
1V74. anya r of TIitie a rpectof
Prratead lot a partsc or land
July 1974 at known az a ot at
2.13 p.m. Marigot in the Pa
ri h of St. Andiew,
in the State of Doran
nica contaimat
1.170 acres and
bounded as follows:-
North.Esat: tland of Martha DaniW; East: land of Psta Cuafor,
Clemano Burnett* and Beckette Robin; So .th land of Simon
James ard A right of way separating tt from land of Marks
Abraham: West: land of Peter Stmuei, Audrey Samnel and a
Public Road

Request dated
14th June
Presented iat
Jaly 1974 at
9.14 a.m.


by his Solicito
Vanya Dupigny

SRequest for the issue
of a First Certificat*
of Title in respect cf
a portion of land
a? Warner inthe Pay
rish of St. Paul, in
the State of Domi
nica contaitinga
19008 square e.t
and bounded as fol

North lends of Alpohona t Robert & Humus Luke Sautk
land of Christian Lablan East tIsds of Boyd Charles & Evonna
Luke South-West lands of Joseph Luke & N'ewman John

Registrar's Oice,


Rseau. Dominica, Registrarof Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certtfcate of title on the above applicacrormay enter a Cav
Iq trhe abo*e office within six weeks from the date of the first
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper publishted
in this State or from tlhe date when thet notice prescribed by!
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
la td i respect of wacth the app4tcagion is mde.


oaoe .00 v. $'.
Couetry ... $PA.
Surace Mail anywhaWere $1. 00 E.C.
E. Caribbena. .... $1t EC
Other B04, FWL, USVI., MO.MEC
Africa ......... tf*.s0
U.&& ......... M O us

^*f YTyo ^m. tr.

-- -- -- --

racs e ,


Friday. MV L 1*74

1 -- -r ** r- L.. 1 (~\r1 A

qr~~ AP

Li~f-i r r I W :n.n. I 4.I J.-P T A P

CAiDID COMMENTS i.3. Stevenq
oAnother Mari'ot Outrage
While the BaptSt s Medical Mis,-
sionaries who served the Marigot
Medical District for a. fortnight
were giving a farewell party at t4e
dilapidated medical residence, a
gang of bandits made off with most
of their cash and their travel
documents. This horrifying inci-
dent follows on the heel of Februao
attack on innocent U.S. citizens'
at Hatton Garden.
That the 'ulprits of the February
outrage are -still at large is an
indication that law, order and jusa
tice are not the priorities of our
Government legal department which
appears to be eternally busy on con-
troversial bills, while gangsters
endanger the peace and safety of
the community.
As I write (Sunday 7 p.m.), news
has been received that certain
youths are under-.arrest. Congra-
tulations to the Police who will-
always do a good job when they are
not misled and confused by any dic-

Pare Saten

Return of. Deceased bodies

-atorial edicts. Will the Hon, Minister for Home Af-
HAT R fairs state; Government's policy on the
THA Misplaced .Tape & Radio Domini.a eturn of:-
A stale and misplaced Geest Ban (a) Deceased bodies of Commonwealth
ana Tape last week stated that the Nationals; and
pribe of banana per ton had not (b) Deceased bodies of Aliens -
dropped. The misplaced or. stale who die by either natural or suspi-
tape was not checked before Radio cious causes' in Dominica?
Dominica put it over the air. The: ANSWER: The return of deceased bodies
somnolent banana authorities did overseas or into Dominica is primarily
not hasten to correct the error on the responsibility of the relatives or
Wednesday morning June 26. The coG0agents of the deceased. Government
fused situation had enough time to through the Police will offer assistance
take root among banana growers, wh9 where necessary e.g. in search and res-
will Jmever forget that 1972-1973 'ue of body. If the body is that of a
the Green Market Price rose in the member'-of the U.S. Armed Forces or a
U.K. and the mighty Managing Commi- citizen of the U.S. the American author-
tee neither announced nor paid it cities will collect and return it home
to the grower between Christmas an4 for burial if that were the wish of the
New Year at that time* relatives. However, in cases where
When subsequently I confronted there is no relative or agent Government
Mr.John Van Geest with the document would arrange for the burial and try to
on this issue at the Londonderry recover costs later. Obviously if there
Boxing Plant, he remarked that tha appeared to be suspicious causes for
was a matter for us and our Govern- death, the usual investigations would be
ment. Radio Dominica should in fu- undertaken by the Police.
ture state whether the "Geest Ba- iMr.Royer's reply, was, of course.
nana Corner" tape was fresh stale read for him). '
or misplaced. ______ ... ..... "1 .._,',
TO CORRESPONDENT 'James Boland' of STREA1 3.S If God .uad meat tis to-.
Wesley: your letter was obviously n= P d maked~ iwu, would all hbve been
not meant for t 8RT L 8ave pas-i ort oitm say clothes f"* Brith.h
sed it to the C ICE town

"Education has transformed the Com-
monwealth. and has begun to reveal the
extent of the talents of its members.
We have come to appreciate more fully
our literary and artistic treasures,
some of them coming from ancient cul-
tural traditions, others breaking new
ground in creative experiments.
"Perhaps literature illustrates best
the unity in diversity which is so im-
portant a feature of our Commonwealth,
Using the same EnglisA language, writers
of many race and background have en-
piched it with their individual quali-
ties, and have expressed both universal
human themes and the character of their
ovwn countries. We can all widen our
experience from such writings, and gain
that greater depth of understanding of
each other's viewpoint which is one of
the most valuable examples the Common-
yrealth can show to a changing and
troubled world." -FROM HER MAJESTY'S

NAM C h-t

Schedule of Applicafion for Cuerwfcate of Title & Notlnp teiw-sn
SC~WUs fw wk ~ 4ink 22ned day of June 1974

Reque.," dated
the 13th day
of June 1974.
Presented tkhe
20th day of
June 1974 at
S2,20 p.m.

Presenting Natgre 3 rei-s i Fw eba
or a Certfi3cate of Title a0
jNtisng rhereon or Cav.ea
'"-''''*r -"" ----

.Ludora Ce.les
tia icomamonly
called May)
by her Solicitor
Randall H.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
That piece or parcel
of land part of Des
Bois or Bamboo Es-
tate in the Partsih of
St. Joseph containnfi
26 62 acres and
bounded as follews:.-

North easterly by lanre at one **me of Jh M.cDonald Lafond
South. easterly by Davis Estate and a ravine separatfg it from
land of Itaac Thomras. Southery, by a. ravine separating It
from lsan of Edward Lest cad and vvesteriy b 1'- ad o Th:
Castsways Development ano< a ravine separating a frcm ;anr
sf Edwsrd Lestrade and Davti Estate

Reque,2 dated' Mildred Vache
19 /It /, 73. by he- So ;,,-: ,er
PreBeated M. Eugenia
S20/6/ 74 Charles

Application of fil.-
dred Vache for the
-issue 'f a first certi.
ficate of title in rea
pect of a Portion of
Iand known as a Let
.aet Dublanc in the
Parish of St. Peter
containing 1638

square feet and bouns
dad a& follows:-
North Lands of Cintda Charies & Haward Cassmtr, East
Lands of,Airhony Dumas & Othid Srephen Sottri Lands of
0*De Bethei ie & Othill Stephen, West The Caribtaan

Request dated[ Liline Cuffy PPCation
7 1 t 1 73 by her .Solicitor Cuffy for the issue of
Iuaed M. Eugenia a first certificate of
*20/6/74 Charles title in respecT of a
at 11.05 a.m. I portion of land
.kuown as a Reaides.
tial Lot in the Town
of- Roseau, in tka
Parish of St. GeCwrgi
containing 579 square feet and h.o ded as follows:.
North Wetk Litns of Phylli Mearto; Otsuth-Wtt Landi
of Georgians JoIson: Squth East Lands of Syivis John
North East Bath Road _
Schedule *;1 Appiicat:on ir Cerificate of Title and Notvin
h'reon and Caveats for v eek ending 29th day of June 1974-
Request date Julia Lambert f Applicatiou of Julia
5/4/74., nee Gachette Lalbert ioe CGa-
Presenated by he Solicitor chette fo, the issue
24 /6,/74 M. Eugenia of a first certificate
at 11.35 a.. Charles ofitite in respect of
-- --A Portion of land
known as a I ot at
Pointe Michel in the
-"Parish of St. Luke
containing 687 square feet an'j bounded a.s follows,:-
Notth Land of Elder Char e%, FAst Lard of Beanolt Male,
South i Ac %ts Road separacing 1; from land of Sonny Sardou.
ljWes__ t j!. d WM fo B..

Request dated', Forbe Partiln
the 6th day and Ferd)send
of June 1974 Parilln as ten
Presented the ants inr Corn
28th day of mon in equal-
June 1974 at shares
3.50 p.m. by their Solicitor
Cilrma A.M.
North by ian River: Sout' -./Vest by iPu'i ff Th
West by a Public Road.

Requ--, for the. iiuse
o a Fi'rst Certificate
a portion of land
known as a lot at
ColihMat in the PCr
isth of St. Peter, cork-
tainiMng 24,895
square feet and eoua-
dad as folw,-,..
Ez, C aihivt
eodora Le.oine;:

Request dated Paul Edward Request for the issue
the 24th day Alexander of a First Certificat
of August by his Solicitor of Title -n respect of
1973. ; F.E. Deazon a portion of land
Presented the : known -as --Roche-T
27th day of Fillee at Hagley I
June 1974 at Grand Bay. in the Parf
12.30 p.m. rish of St. Patrick. i
-----. the Satecf Di'crrr.:.. |
containing 0.687
acre anA bounded as
South by i*ards Of )'it E"'z '. zChnn::a -, na Ken
neth Hefiders,n" s autP lat by a Put. c e0od Nor-th
Scase by a Public a th W'West by a P jhc Road.
Rqet date N-ville Wilfred Requ' +t for the isrs'e
the 3lst day Wiliams and of a Firev C ,:,'" e.
f My 1974J Med.e Juhana aof Title in respect of
Presented them William, as a Prtio.a of land
27th day of- tenants in Corn known s a lok at
Jane 1974 at mon in equal Titin, in tae Parish
2.40 p.m. shares of St. PauJ, in the
by their Solicitor State of Do.ominrca
Cilma A.M. containing 9.11 I1
Dupigay acres aJnd rounmo~
MA folffws:.
North by lanc if Dar ej 'n.a& N-- -. -E; of
Daniei lsmaei. Eat by ianrd of Snerw:,od E-rate &
Dariei ImrnaeSouth-E.s-. b land cf Ois r ,We,
land of Lawrence Francis portly srearate t, a R. "
South 'West by a Roa.j

R' gistrar of Tidtes
NOTE: Any person 'who desires to object to the issur of a
Certificate of rttie on the above apph.cat'ionmay enter a Ceave
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the Firnt
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper pobilshedi
in.this State or roum the date when the notice prescribed bylt
.i" wa, ~asi served on any owner or occupier of adjoinin
td in ri-spect of which the application is made.

sbe Request dated- Wilon 7e;st sorT t1e qsa
the 24th day Celestine of a First Certifica t
of Jnwe 1974. by his Solicitor of Title in respect do
Presented the Cilma A.M. a portion of land
2Sth day of Dupigny known as village lot
June 1974 at at Calidiahie i. t.heb
11.20 a.m. Parish of St. Aadr;ew
in the Suite ofDomi
F'seao tai.,atgt,700
square feet and botade4 as fullws:-
North.West by land of Mrs. Lennard josiph: North Ear
by land of Mvrs- Ena Naptsr separated by a Pubic Bye Rsoa
South East by land of Howard .dltneau; South West by
land clameiad by ignatia Massicot nee N:xon and Ehza Abrtham r
~.*^;j____^^..j,.,^_^~~~ _i^.i.,,a__-__ w -/ -- w w wK-J ^ W --- .-

- Friday, '*| .1974'


P gsskt


^i' v ,Vl 5 4,A T.JVZ STAR Page Ni] .
S WIIj AMGH[IRjOPHER RICHARDS known 'in -Roseau as "Warder Richards", and
'to us at Mar.gQt-ai: 'Black" or' "Ariold" has passed to:his reward.
I hnever<,Lost, tQuth.with him ns'nce he was a pupil in 1925-1924, when
I was. a pup.il teiecher at1 the Mar igot Government School. As a lad he took
Life p:h Pps'-too seriously; this attitude ran through his entire career.
s a.r carpenter lhe exhibited commendable skill, when during. the hard
:years' of -.World; War II he war employeId'in the construction of our house.
Hi iithii intended, wife: SylVia, stu(i-ed Home-xmaking and needlework at our
'houad .'Alwaysrpolite, punctual. ani business-like. in all. that he did, he
'drew; to ;himself .a number of friends and admirers...
';got closest .to him when he was a Prison Warder and I1 Was Minister
tfr Labour and- Social Service's.' H4'always tactfully rebelled against
irregularities. which he could not eqia4ly accept. On his retirement he
confessed to me how much he was relieved because of conditions at HMP.
....Dominica today needs more people who will not accept what is wrong,
false and wicked people like W.C. Richards.
+ + +
MRS MARTHA HILL: It-was; at Marigot in the late thirties that Mrs Hill
and her husband, Corporal Richard Hill made the acquaintance of Mrs Stevens
and myself. .
Police cooperation and service was then different. Cricket, with its
appeal for. friendship 'drew Richard. Iill. and myself closer.
But when Corporal Hill' was transferred from Marigot', Mrs Hill Visited
our hoonie and insisted:,that -her eldest son James. remain with us to complete
his schooling atl Marigot. It is this'part of her admonition to James that
Mrs Stevens. and [ Will never forget;j "You are not. bright, but we-waelt-yo -
W b- a-man. a
Mrs Hill, after a long, excruciating illness, haa left a wise and
timely legacy to her children and to all mothers who -take family-rearing
seriously .. ... + -
BOYD VIGILLE. a. plumber by trade is another son of Marigot who passed
away within a week of illness at thq PMH.
He was a Achoolboy once who believed' that education was; important. He
never stopped reading and discussing current affairs.
A year. ago when the bugbear of township threatened Marigot, Boyd
Vigille rose to his: feet like a mature statesman and delivered a speech
against making Marigot a town without townly- amenities that would have
graced a big Coninonwealth Parliament. No one present will forget Boyd
Vigille's masterly., contribution on that occasion. Marigotw: ill miss his
.keen interest in public affairs andmankind.
+ + +
To the surviving relatives of all these good citizens, my iWife and
1 tender our deepest sympathy. .--W.S. STEVENS
E 1EED BOTH RACES -Hugh Lawreng: (fr.col.l) and still must buy the
After noticing- some large crowds medicine (costing sometimes up to .
da.ly waiting for medical treatment $20). Going to g dentist'-for one.ex+
near the old Roseau bridge, I remem-r traction also calls for $. It. is a
ber writing.,the following for the real blessing to have these medical
STAR a few weeks ago-, 'Do not harm practitioners from the U.S. coming -
U.S.S citizens., We are very happy here for awhile to render- the less
and satisfied to have our own col- fortunate free services. Is not the
our.ed'doctors serving us with much existence of the poor designed to
interest and'diligence, but we also test the hearts of the rich?
need:;others of different races Not Scripture says, 'The poor you will
s0 many of us can afford paying $10 always- have with you.'
,.ad-$5.efoi a -doctor, 'visit .o H.L. -

S*T.**R*P*0*R*T*S Xorcnr*SVon
Germany will meet on .Sunday, July 7,
to decide Who's WORLD champions. They
won all their matchlies in their respect?,
ive groups. First round last weekly's
issue. Second round, Argentine 1-Brazil
2,, West Germany 4-S'weden 2, East Germary
.0', Hollahid 2 and Poland I-Yugoslovia 0.
In the final'round before'the finals,
Argentina 1-East Germany" -', Brazil* 0,O
Holland 2, West Germany 1-P1oand 0( 'and
Sweden 2-Yugoslavia 1. Oi Saturday,
Brazil plays Poland for -rd place.
,' The local league for 1974 started on
Saturday, June 29th inwith 1973 champions
Harlem Rovers led by-State'captain
Oliver Joseph and runners-,up Kehsborough
United-led by Ericson Christopheir, after
address by football chairman""lI. Urban
lanrigan, Deputy Prelier & -' in.Of Fin-
anoe- Kohn.Patrick John, EHome Affairs
Minister Hon.John Royer. ad Councillor
Mr.Rupert Sorhaindo. Seven of the nine
ls1 division teams registered, paraded
before the kickoff by the Deputy' Prenie.
The teams are. Celtib's United., Gutter
Crowns, Halcyons, Harlem RIovers, Kens-'
-b oiugtniited, Potters' U8ited, Saints ,
Spartans" and new team Spiis,-- it long
31st a 2nd team from South (New Tovton-or
Harlem). .. .. . . . . ,.
Match officials were: Mr.Desmond
Martin, referee; and.' essrs.AlIbck Gage,
and Ti-son iJohn Baptisue. 'Harlem. Rovers.
won the match one-nil scored br young ...
Wilfred "Fox" Dontfraid, a brave header
f4'o ^ iEd 'om :1EroiiA Ie` height,
S'like last season, first goal scorer..
In othIer matches played during the
wedk, Saints 3, Gutter "Crowns .2., Scorers
Dorian'Simpson 2 and B.Charles I 'and, for
Crowns,, Gifford Walsji'.2, 'Celtics United
0,. a3cyon..O, .Spartains'. "21 Spurs 0. i''
CRICKET The 3rd aid' final test maitch-
beteen England and India at E gbpaston
sf6rted-yesterday.. England ledd 2-nil7
Press time score: /'i df/6fa// ..t- -- '-

In the Leeward Islandsi esketh Bell
cricket competition, ITevis'. by virtue of
their win over Antigu'a-by 3 wiokets are
1974 ohamnpions. Scores: Antigua 121 and
312 Gould 120, lNevih 189 -and 245/7;
LibLi d 86 n.o. and V.Amory 80. -'
Prccsntly, the Anigua Police Cricket
4'tteat are here in Dominica :and have en-
gaged'in a series of ma"t&hes. In the. 1st'
.match,. a 2<-day encounter,- Antigua .won f
wi-th'an innIngs to spare -

Printed & Published .b- teBPappie or e.-. Alcfre-y. of pth iHouse
Bat SOa ros au fomi.ca wetf Indiles.

*A. Rd Julyd 1 74
THE.' ANTI-CHRISTIA4 (from page one)
ATLANTA, GEORGIA: A Negro student,
Marcus Wayne Chenaujlt (23), shot dead
Ivrs. Martin Luther King Sr.' aged 69.,
as she played the organ in her Pas-
tor husband's Ebenezer Baptist Church
last Sunday.' A' deacon died' alongside
the .mother of the great "ma.m martyred
in the cause of civil rights,brother-
ly love and race equality..'. "I had a
dream *,. Let freedom reign ...
Chenault, in whose Ohio,Columbus
room 'Police found a death list of 10
U.S. civil rights leaders, claimed to
be a Jew named. Servant Jacob and said
he hated Christiains. FBI and Police
are investigating further. One comn-
ment in Dominica was: "tif the Baptists
recognized beatification, that lady
would surely be beatified."
Our columnist John Spector is pre-
paring an article one"THE PITFALLS OF
S.R.Os" Which' will enlighten you, our
readers: look out for it next Week.
Meanwhile, let's- give you 'some.
statistics Govt. is, even charging
16 cents for S.R.O0.25 which gives the
mew steep rates. Maybe they don't-ap--
pear steep to those with VIP salaries.
And the document contai.is many mis-
prints: names of countries spelled
Wrong, etc.
If you write letters, to persons in
Dominica ,you'll have to pay 100,each
envelope instead of 80. (isen. from, 50);
'this for unnde'r2 2 o. As for anewispaprs,
the stamp 'is 60 Jumped 100% from 30.0
,Heavier 'letters and papers .rise accordingly
IR- LETTERS:" Caribbean r3isei' frbm 100
to 150;. World from 200 to 250. (Forms)..
When you write to relatives -in Sritain,
be prepared tbpay -ten cents 'more; a rise
Trom 350 to 454.'-rite to Grena'dai- 200;
to Guyana -. 30" ; to Jamaica 5.3 (re-
cently 220.)iIartinique half-Ozl.,1e. lters
have 'gone up' from 220 to 300.,newspapers
from 80 to 100. Letters to our friends in
the Acusociate States now cost 20 instead
of 120; same for Trinidad. U.StA., rates
(letters) are lip from 300 to 400.And so on-
There' are ways bo'beating the racket.
-You can stop writiir,. save in emergency,
and keep a diary for your family- to read
when 'the" Government goes out. Give jobs
to jobless youngsters as messengers.Let
"them .have the stamp money. Use trucks and
.friendly-,cars to -deliver country packets.