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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 06-28-1974
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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JeLLibrarian, "
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datt y tld Civil .3ervant3 In a
c-ir cular l e tter that toE. i ca' s
financial position la showing cause
for alara. he pointed out that in
view of the .poor financial position.,
measures would be introduced to cur-
tail official spending.
These measures include a cut In
approved expenditures of 2Q.; and a
200 mile ceiling on' travel mileage
for Vublic officers.
Mr.Watty stated:" I am advised that
*the iBn cial situation of the Gov-
ernment is not showing signs of im-
orovemet and is now becoming fright-
fully disconcerting. With this in
view, it is necessary to further cur-
t.ll anendlture on the .aint1 ,-.- .
bfud e m. 'i
-w---*,att-tsat someone 11as come ot
in the open about what we all know.-
B.ravo. We can suggest further cuts
as well, for the benefit of the people
of Dominica. Ourtail entertainment :
allowances of Kinisters and top office-
lals aand Board Chairmen a fees; cut
all, save essential travel allowances.
reduce the G-overnor' s pay and completr-
ely revier- the pensions sdheme eor
.dc lticians and their wives. These ari
only a few of the many possible econo-.
mies that spring to our mind.
The Dotninic Branch of the British Red
Cnmos Saiety will be holding a Grand Sale of
NEW clothing at the Red Cross Headquarter
on Federtion Drive, Goodwill, on Saturday
29th JueC 1974 .commeracng at 9 o'clock in the
morningto raise much needed funds.
The main items of clothing include chil-
dren's sad. ladies dresses, pantsuits, nightdresses
and underwear.
COME ALONG in large numbers and
I lmI~at3 !lI

HoMs of Assmbly June 12-131974

tgB meeting of the ou.se held or
11th & 13th June this year demon-
strated that the Opposition is
quite justified in requiring that
the House should meet regularly
each.-month to transact Public .Bus-
S. S, *'Too much of the -business of
the Public is decided behind the
closed doors of Zabinet at which .
.w e understand only one voice is
'heard since the Premier q.uells an-y
disagreement with a threat to mslga
and a threat to draw the purse ,.
strings against the other unfortuna-
tely needy Ministers.
-Very imortaxL it::tm :aeg--
-through all stages while the *.overu-
ment Front Benchers showed that they
were there for the purpose ol saying
"Aye" no matter what was before them.
-.-. -




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ig^jmr.vumMiii MM- mill ---[-rrr-im-n *.^-jiiir-nnnitiTi^^iirmMtriiMiirnin

Fid&a.y, Jn 1974V

I bve read the "Prrposals for a Social Srcurity Security Scheme" pamphlet
put out by Government for public consideratiqt and comment and I must first
praise those concerned for letting the public know what is about to happen
in good time instRad of rushing it (with thrg days notice to the press)
through all its stages into law. In such acaso any press comment is made
useless when editors are faced with a fait ac.ompli: of course the Leblanc
"Educator-in-a-fog" can always praise it.
In this instance the editor of that Government Organ says, curiously en-
ough "but it does in some way fall short of expectations of some persons among
whom I include myself, for the reason that it does not make provision for un-
employment benefits." (My underlining). Presumably he is looking to the not-
far-distant-future when his only source of income may well be at the Bar
To return to the Provident Fund's successor, I am surprised that the com-
lete scheme as envisaged was not put into effect three years ago instead of
the Provident Fund. The reason I say this is' that 5% from the employer plus
5% from employee three years ago when employment was relatively high and the
dollar worth half as much again in terms of food and shelter, would have
bought a lot more Social Security than the 8% of worker's earnings in a bank-
rupt State with a projection for 1975 of the highest unemployment figures ever.
There is certainly no question of having a scheme for unemployment benefits --
'that would have to take some 25% of employe4.w rker's earnings (if any were
employed other than civil servants by then!)
The Provident Fund has been a great boon t, Government finances, supplying-
as it does quite a large contribution to thelmonthly issue of 3-months Treas-
ury Bills (to the lasting detriment of a mouqtnag National Debt). The new
scheme will not supply sp much for Treasury. jills, but the old discarded',NPP
:-l-b-ebi-~tr-t"rm~ over' their money for workers every motth m-po3 n o inat
6% or 7% interest per annum.
The few employers that are left (other than,, of course, the Government)
will have it hard with a contribution of 8% for all employees paid less than
$20 a week and 5% for those over $20 (the worker pays the remaining 3%). On
the top of it all will be Worker's compensation payments, yet to be determined.
Government, as the largest employer in the country, will not be exempt from
contribution which will have to cover both presently pensionable civil serv-
ants and non-pensionable -- the C.S.A. holds.;: watching brief there. Widow's
pensions and Maternity benefits show some illbgi4ality: pensions apply to both
legal and common-law wives, maternity grant o1 $,25 to "confinement of a wife"
and of an "insured woman", maternity allowance is for "an insured woman". Any
incentive to irresponsible child-bearing will. be a blow to the family-planning
programme. Anyway, actuaries notwithstanding, I.feel that the taxpayer will
have to foot a lot of the'bill either through direct or indirect taxes.
Administration costs of SS.S. will be greater than NPF due. to the variety
of benefits requiring certification. Employer? ;will figure it worth paying a
worker $20 instead of $19*90 a week, thus savyiA 50 cents. That $20 mark will
be a great headache in the case of daily paid'workers or agricultural workers
on 'task': who will check the employers? an army of inspectors? The Board will
need one of those wondermen, retired civil servants already with several
Boards to their credit, to administer the scheme in their spare time as highly
paid Executive Chairman. Finally, will pensions of ex-members of the House of
Assembly be calculated and paid out of the same fund? and the Members Pension
.tot repealed? How many monthly payments of Mfiisterial Salary will be required
to qualify for a 60% average-final-salary pension? One or two? Don't forget
.r.Leblanc that neither Egbert nor Cleve are yet. qualified and there is only
a short while to go before the General Election. It will certainly be their
last chance, the way the country is now being mismanaged.

* .*- *@ *

Friday, June 28. 1974

Pa rr Tn


Friday, June 26, 1974 THE S TA-R Pag --Thry-
M I C,E not M E N House of Assembly June 12,13 (P.1)
take for instance the "BANKING ACT". In 1971 the then Minister of
Finance had produced a Banking Bill which made the people of Dominica
shudder and his advisers turn away in disgust. The motive Qf the Bill
was to destroy the Credit 'Unions;, the Building Society and the Dominica
Co-operative Bank all local institutions which had served the public
well in the past. The present Banking Act bears little resemblance to
the iniquitous enactment that Armpur attempted to thrust down the throats
of a Public whiph he found to :'be far from gullible where their savings
were concerned, Obviously the objections made at the time and the advice
of Banking experts in the region, as well as knowledgeable international
advice, were accepted by the new Minister of Finance, resulting in a vital
change: the privacy of personal a counts has been guaranteed. There is
one very objectionable provision Vowever and that is.the provision for
numbered accounts. The Government' Front Bench agreed that this provision
would at the same time make provision for-the entry of tainted money into
the island and would permit crime amd pressures against Ministers which
might not be easily withstood; however the Government felt that with all
these disadvantages this introduce ion was essential to Dominica.:-
-The INSURANCE ACT which had hkd-,a first reading in 1971 was also re-
introduced and passed in all its Ot4ges. However-during the discussions
on this Act, Government for the fjrst time recognized that they were not
.sufficiently knowledgeable to be `b.e to deal with this matter on their
own, and accepted a few of the amendments suggested by the Opposition.. i
Those amendments are not sufficient 'to make the Act what it should bea nd
as a result many of the present IrqSrance Companies here will have to give
up business in Dominica, to the dqtriment,of the. Public.
In 1971the Government indicated that they had ~t.ait-e-d- --44 ----
A-griA tTBre-wimwthe mainstay of t4e :-country and should- be encouraged, and
as a result they passed legislatiqp giving a measure-of relief to persons
embarking on agriculture or exte ##g their agricultural holdings. Then
suddenly two months after the yeX ad begun Government decided that 1974-
should be AGRICULTURAL YEAR .and deOided to assist the agriculturist: they
would not charge income tax on incpme arising'from agricultural pursuits.
However they decided that if a losp was made the taxpayer should not be
allowed to write this loss off against other income. 1_This is said to be
an encouragement to young persons pbbut to ent-eW f Viris well known
'that if new land is to be broken tjere must be a loss for at. least 5 years.
This from a" Government which says st.i isintere-ted in .the small man: .T ,e
Opposition pointed out that this provision was being made to stifle t.e
small man and to prevent him from Oaking a 'go' of agriculture. It was.
obvious that the Government benches agreed with the Opposition's contention
but qome fear prevented them fom spyingso openly. They call themselves
"MEN "MICE" would ,be a much more suitable description.
Another important measure that game up before the House was the
REGISTRATION of-ELECTORS ACT. This Act provides for annual updating of
the electoral list. Provided it does not cost too much money, this Is a
very good measure. The Government refused to accept any suggestions or
amendments proposed by the Opposition. This was their particular pet
scheme to ensure that they have control of the machinery of elections so
that they can perpetuate themselves in office. The Act is open to much
abuse --abuse such as we have seen in the past and it is obvious that
parlous as the economy of the State is at present, the Labo-ur Party intends
to use the general revenue to pay for their- campaigning. They've done so
successfully in the past; it is up to the: Electors to see t-hat despite the
law being on the side of the Leblanc Labour Party they refuse to be used
again, and to ensure that the taxes pvaidinta:,General Revenue are used for
our Island State and not for any political ambitions of any person. It is
more than ever obvious that meetings of..the Hou @W7& held regularly and that
a Standing Committee of both parties should vet legislation before it
.rannham t.'ha T.noo

RULE OF LAW speech-by NORMAN WAWTINGTQ I"LILL ""(continued) excerptss)
Mr. Hill early proved that he had a big heart as well as a big brain.
"We must ensure that the quality of life is not ground underfoot..." he
said., about midway through his I1 hour ad ess to a freed.om-dedicated
audience, ..."the writing is on the wall, nd unless answers are forth-
coming, the climate will change to mistrust, aggressiveness and finally to
Violence. The law must provide a framework within which everyone must have
his place... That elusive balance between libertyy and constraint is it.,any
event a gamble, but it is a gamble which $e cannot afford to side-step...
We are witnessing what 1 call the battle q the liberties, collective and
individual...To opt for controlledd liberty results in the end in a de-
nial of the concept of liberty itself. To* ppt on the other hand for equality
as a sole philosophy results in a rejectiQp of the personality of the
individual. Common sense dictates that oae must search further... To
arrive at what is just in human relations ."e must analyse all that is real,
with humility and good faith... Finding :(ghality) implies the use of the
heart as well as the head... We cannot allow ourselves to be satisfied
with mediocrity."
..."An independent Judiciary is an indispensable requisite of a free soc-
iety under the Rule of Law. Such indep4dqnce implies freedom from inter-
ference by the executive or legislature 0ith the exercise of the judicial
function but does not mean that the Judge is entitled to act in an arbit-
rary manner. His duty is to interpret the law and (its) fundamental prin-
ciples. a
..."Equal access to law for the rich and the poor alike is essential to
thfe maintenance of the Rule of Law...*" Savyng that both State and the legal
profession had responsibility for this a cass, Mr. Hill said "the final'
- obligation rests on the legal professio.4 to ensure that adequate legal
advice and representation for the poor are provided, .
The role of lawyers in a ca.angi-w 34 Mr. Hill pointed out that law-
yers cannot confine themselves to the cq ct of their practise and the
administration of justice. They cannot r main strangers to Important devel-
opments in economic and social affairs., d should always" among other
duties,"be. always vigilant in the protection of civil liberties and human
rights." They should refuse to collabor3te with any authority in any act-
ion which violates the rule of law, and ShMuld be active in law reform,
especially where public understanding is slight. The Q.C. referred to an
essential tak foy 1yesepsiZ "to pre-eog p* fase? that delitoate bal-
03ao b&t"a tUS Wai at&a'tb& h -o a6 6aeanutial to-10 haf-
ns -d eb.$qlVa.nuen the speaker went on to the role of the lawyer
Selling country such as the Car bean region. "I submit," he said,-
that law and lawyers are instruments of social order... The Lawyer must
look beyond the narrow confines of the -,1 gnd gain understanding of the
society in which he lives so that he may play his part in its advancement,
He has a deep moral obligation to uphold. An4 advance the Rule of Law,
(whether as private practitioner, Attorney general or Judge wherever he
has influence) "and he should fulfill that obligation even if it brings
him into disfavour with authority or is cOntrary to current political pres-
sures... Lawyers should endeavour to secure the repeal or amendment of laws
which have become inappropriate or unjuad qr out of harmony with the needs
and aspirations of the people, to review proposed legislation and delega-
ted legislative inaotments, and to ensUte that they are in accord with the
Rule of Law..." (So that all a develop.In Society's members may "obtain
their full dignity as human beings".)
Finally, Mr, Hill dealt with the Rule of Maw and the Layman. He believed
in bridging the gap between a non-understanding citizenry and the Law,
and explained the work of the Commonwealtp Caribbean Bar Associations (of
which he is the yobUgest-ever President) t& this end. Law delays and ten
other important spheres of reqci rement-were given, plus vital recommenat-
^ .r .i 1-bp .yman. (ZSea -page 7)

Friday,. June 28, 1974

* age Jun& aai 11117

qat d lepiold Aan OApplication f Lf '
10 /4 /74 Emantuel pold Allan Emanuel,
Presented by his soincltor for ihe issue of a firyt`
13/6/74 M. Eugenia certr cate o. ;.te to
at 3 O'clock Charles. r.sp,+-ct of A House*
"--- -- -- 1ot in Ro*mu in the
Pa riJh of St. George
nzeaimz ing' 1414 6qoare feet and boumndld a" follow,:.- I
SNorh-Weg Land of Shand Cyros Nrth-East Land of|
state Lee -wailhazar $ South East Keneedy Avenuoe;
i'uth West Land of toat Cuffy
Aeget dated Atahitue Applicatis of An-
.7/1/74 Ausgsste toie Aotstie for
Presented by his Solicitor the issue of a first
13/.6/74' M.Eufena e.rtifiateof title in
e t10.30 a. n. Clrle respect of a Portina
0-<.-" 30 a.* -"h--es Iof land at St. Joseph
formerly part of
SSye Estate in the aii
lose of St Joseph con
Stamink 1,633.5 iu"re feet and bemldd as" follows.:
North: By Le6e sf A4stia *oeph & Lands of Syrs Estate *to
,mrated by'An Ats Us R a< West By lands of years Etate
'oern: By lands of jao.Uptstr Vid4al; East By an Ascss
Road $e parade It frorn Syirs Estte.
-P Requit dated Lewis Applicatipa of Lewis
-1 fy /7 -- -DRkmou lle Hardoiiile for the
I Presented 1y his SoUicitor issue of a first cctit'i
v X "4 t4tl i .

1t/-/ t
at 12.05 a. n.

. *U lan a

act of A ot n tko
village of Point Mi -
chel, in tihe Parish of
SCsf nLa .e,.atiR i* V

22$5 square feet and bouAned follows :
SNorth By ian4 of Annte Sylvester; East by land of Victore
Raphaei ~ouhis by fand of Happiland Jules West by

sdile o AesS for Ne.c.. o. T=t.e a.d = Wo4n-
BOI "nd Cveuts for Wek 404- t nt d.y o1 j.u, 974

, ieRstdated Mathilda John
, 7Tth nne 1974. Lewis
Presented by her Solicitor
18th June 1974, Vanya
at 10 50 arm. Dupigny

Request for the issue
of a First Certifiaita
of Title in respect f
a portion -of iand
known as a lot at
*ScotYs Head 'n the

Pariah of St.'Mark
im the State of Doam
nica containisa 836
jquatre ftfetSued bodAd as fotlews:
itsth l-an4 Qf Gege Wall: North-Wett, A Pjbil
Road South-E st land of the 14:rs of Pomna Eie South
V et-l: isn of i damay jervter. I "1..i',' ',

PLAYMNG CA&D$ at 90 cana pes pick


'd ~

Re= tat dated ieflsovn Request for the isEa
tbi 24th day Joseph of a First Certificat*
of May 1974. by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented Vapya a portion, of laud
17th June 1974 Dupieny kmown as a Residen.
at 2.40 p.m, iatl lot in the Town
--- ---- of Portsmoth- in the
Parish of St. John
in the Stateof Domi
ri"ca containing 1050
square feet andbown
ded as fohows:-
th ed of The He rs of Style Wayland; East land of
Ichoison joseph; South stand of Evy Thomas: West
-Irbur Lasts

osu DoSn. om .

EPHRAiM Ftar of R0
Rg*istrar of TWtes

NOT6:- Aay pWrm who deslirMs ob)jct to e see of a
rtm Centasm of Tie to the above appitcton any Tsa
vest in the t hove Ofitt within six weeks from the d se
frs appearAce of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
listhed In this Stst. or from the date when c i notice
rbed by law was tsrved on any owner or occupier of t.
it rqspes of whlKc th appicatten is mad ...

Susiness/Residential Lot at
Contact Star S. Lestrade
At No, I Love Lane
Phone 7 :o.
2j, Vli



Schhodulo Apfplication for lrtftcatse of Title & NeCtus hereMw
i. Cavens for %twrek etd 15;h d&y .o- juree i974
equated Pes Prting in naerwequet e
.j er 4 CertiSatle of Title
.i Noting thereon or CaV4s

Request dated Albertha Request for the'-issle
the 28th day Jos*ph of a First Certificate
of ilay 1974. by her Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.ML. a portion of land ,
17th day.of Dupigay at Wesley Village in
June 1974 at the Parish of St. An-
34.0 p.m. drew m the State of
Dominica contaaiing
2640 square feet and
bounded es follows:-
Noeth.Eost by ;nd of jariha Dunstan-' North-. est by ifn4
of Rose Joseph. South East by .srd of Rose Joseph; West
partly by land o Manassa SBurnetr and partly by iaid of Aditni

Request dated Jewelre Request for the issue
21tst y 1974 Stirren of a First Certlfcalt
Prente 18th June 1974 Varya a portion of land
at 11.00 p.m. ; Cupigoy at Lahaut iq the
Parish of St. Gorge
in the Statoe f Domi
mica contaninl
250650 square feet
ad boe ed as fel
North i4nd of Marvqlyn Burton East Public Road South
land of fleveatCe Guy West lands of John G. Htton. Cle.
vence Guy, and Marylyrt Burtns



Pave- Fivf

.YAV RK A34T'*- ,; .. 1b
< 0 a dop at Weirst w. tv
Mr.Davld Afredla house e at Weir was
totally destroyed by fiie throiigh lack
of water at midday on Friday 21st June
S0 =an the Fre Brigad6 rop6rt. -
Ms' daiighter-in-law, 1Mrsz. Thomas
Alfred, in deep sleep in tlio 'ise after
two gruesome days harvesting'bananas,
wae awakened by schoolchildro~ to be
told that her house was on" fire~-
Eeieghbours rushed to the scene 'nabl0
to got a bucket of water .to, put out the :
fXEeaw" David hi.Lself ifas ~Ti 'Box"
ing pV3ant for seven horse ~'trying bo sel
bis bananas when nws icaie to him, Iat
his. home was almost cdisumed by faire .
ZA son Thoma= was stil- ti thid P.M
ftospital recuperatinig from'Keiont Alfre46
trauic incident (when his trick was
totally destroyed at Entfiistle; AtkinAoa
a tetw toathl a few moixhs ago').'
st little village in Dominica have
bee" ii-pli.ed vith- water by Preinier
LeoBano, Ibum 2000 people of. the appro
imtte 3, 300' population at IIariaot are
witheioH wafer*
Motion after motion on thit nioe5s y
for IfTrs met with iojigou- aoefea.t -L
the undemocratio HPoUte'_of 'Asembly. VI
say to 3 ,.: .eBlano, as the X-Eng of the.
Belgianm t.oZ Kaiser Willielmi after
1fasoe was raped and-UBlgitim rushed i ,s
the 1914-.1918 ware, "arigot will lose
all but not its solf" -
No medicall Officer though' arigot
had One aine 1916, a, delapidated hos-
pita4 built since 1928t"a'schoo3.a
Weirs of approximately 750 p4pils, an'*
Air Port for many yqarsnoir-, no. second
dar.y school though second in populatioP
to Ioseau, a Banana Pozing Plant that,
is a veritable menace it the health of
banana. -producers thr2'.ou; bad birgaiza
tion,Maigot fights oni "we will nevk
suxrendeV, to your, political it2ocitieq
and oMis1i6s NMa r. XeOMiO11 Wd shall
never ti'd, ,c me what may. W.e' have
spirital' mental and jatorial re-
sources t+hat youk^snow not of. vTT.

The three main ar&as aft the panel
4iocussion last Thuracday (hel4 at UWZ)
ver#I Definition andisaiis involved
Causes of Delinquency. f-.egal 4nd Nedicl
ayec.t6 Effects on- (aX'the Delinquent
(b th# aze and' (a)- Gthe Socoiety- 'Ia geon*-
vorA aerAtion, .solutio-and treat-
aB. 4 (jMagth oolunam)

~AR ~iA,~W~9 28,A$7k~

M.PODek Antthony Pinard, who joined
Barclays- ank" Ihtenational Ltd. .ni
Aug. 196., has. boen promoted to asnior
supervisory status. Mr. Pinard, "who
was educitocd at o Barrison College, .
Barbados ; Presenitation College, 'Grenada
and the Ooniiica Grea~ar School, has
worked inh several of the Bafnk's aepart-
mea~ it, a sweU as-in Various branches.
Be firit"sorvedin the Roseau main
branch.Ithb6n went ito Portsmouth as Cash-
ier, ad4 as office 'in oharge of the'
Marieot' off ice. .E.ti. ning to o---'; o .ai. .
he was first" Ready creditt Of ficer, later
beomWing Assistant Acoountant at the
Queen-Nary Street branch. He i. at-
presenti Ti charge of-the P~reign Exchange
department at Od Street.
SE^P4nard ha"a.ttended two training
courses at the 'Banki's Staff Training
Ceitre, Zarbafdos ini1967 and 1973. .

As every citizen is concerned with
the 4uesti n of '=mL.LOXWF at this .
time, I beg for space to suggest a means
of solution' :
Coud bur local, newspapers neot st
up an 'ads'. -coliug vit-iting lover L
well aa .iob seeke6rrs to'saend in' cbtrirbu-
tions? {Quite"naiturally, the adverpti.er
bf either of the-situations would be
asked to piiut 'don a small fee.
So often"iioiaian either fromi the
country or to6wa -l~ io meet you-.~"i thb6'
street and asTkF 'd'o you know maama, any-
body who want .somebody to look-afteri'
the hoLipae?1" !o, I do not know of any-
one;. sO sbzry.1 -
Comes the 'ikint qest0on anybodyy who
Wants a-baby-itfter" As you see, that
person wants any pbasible job. .
It may be a young man who knovs eoca-t-
ly what he'is looki for -a me lihaido
train ngJob.b Buthe has tried Vain vat*f
and is on the point of giving up. .+hex-e
fore, anm' employment advertisement Ib
wor i e ........ ... . .. -

TheCha.rima at ` WMr FThaelX te, -
and amaig' Paneliists were"S 6rD*C udeiron,
Mr.R.IC1 kEe-'stst".SupVte -ofiris
M*Sir*Av er obseph, *1a0d of CIX, 's'
Ipabella aJ1llifhgforA, 'Xagistrate; fr.
Rupert 'Sorhaind., SMA., Mrv, fkrdt
erril, W2 3 .i and Dre John RoyeR

0 .0 a -_ & q v . -

Friday, zJue 28s 1974 >

VA. ..

day, June 28, .197 THE 8 A. R

RULE of LAW Speech *N.W.Hill (conel,)
Amoig those recommendations was the r e
establishment of an independent elec- 595 experiences power failure fjom
torate boundaries commission in each 5.00 60 8.00 p.m. on Saturday 22nd, and
terr itory, with right to appeal to priority is Given..to "CLITHEROE ID"
the Courts; a limit on campaign funds over "LOCAL TALMN:R.",..Talking about"
. and public disclosure of the sources, relevance, ah. w. Mr- This is thle height
Parliamentarians to make public dis- of absirdity..I wonder if any "cockney
closure of their assets & liabilities, speaking" community in Britain would.
Equal radio & television time for peifmit"3t,;.,';Dscard the only 30 MI~NUS
both govt. & opposition at elections. per week programme directed to the" pro-
Schools curriculum to include courses motion of national culture for something
.a W.I.history,role of govt.,opposjt- imported-..Something so IRRELNEVAANT
ion our courts and other institutions, Now, I had'a little bone to pick .
"A Law Reform Commission should be with -a certain 'somebody who-wrote to
established for the region as a whole the TRAD0flDS; bogging that DAVE
as tart of the Caricom Secretariat,." M IM iak imdntioon of DOMINICkA in i.
Bad Laws: Mr. Hill quoted Burke ... One of his generally saucy songs...who-
"Bad laws are the worst form of tyr.. qver you are "thknown", you've onLy
anny,"- They become Outmoded, times helped.in making a proper pappisho of.
change, politicians promulgate them Dominica aid Dominicans,..If TRADEtSEn
who do n6t understand what they are had to montioh mky country's name in a.
about."If it is true that people get song, itat tilie has long since passed...
the governments they deserve, it is Yeah, remember the day.' JlW.ARjeRA.N -
equally true that they get the laws spent. with--tho'eroup?., Rememaber "SaG'
they deserve. It is therefore up toE RU ASt",.;hat ws ours; Spiders-
the average citizen and the lawyer to to be precise.. 'ore--igapnored..,ilat's_
_ee to It-that-he ---Aeserves good' laws ypur poiht, then?.-,ah't you Be satis-'
and that he gets good laws," fed wiTh wh ,L.Jene-Etoile"-SBiflea
_ilow to go about attaining this Mpntaghe- 7U0b1yo' TGaylords' Powe r-nion,
vital objectiVe was spelled out by the De Boys & De6m Lark and Gramnacks-ahave
'Jamaican Queen's Counsel, And he wise- d-ne?**.and, wait on the initiative of'
ly priticised in his final sentences Othero .........e...
the man who seeks always his own ad- Rumouriare spreading..,Unpleasant
vantage or follows the impulse of the stories are cirCulating...We hearof their
moment. "It seems to me that such a slht of E~fLE L...We knowt for certk.n,
man if he wants to live in our society btat the 'renctimane s with GeAMr IA.eS...
has gone wrong somewhere in his think.- t. hlat.'s the on-ly confirmed news,"'
ing because men cannot live together TGarden e- ot woed in oMa2 oi0 Squa re-
without some measure of altruism and Gardn -eforo a crowd. of 20,000 who were
of consistency in the conduct of each experiencing the-LY .& THE FAMILY STOEl%
other....I sincerely hope that all my al ic.in July, undCLIF is to release.
brothers and sisters in-the Caribbean lo Mbe2a,. d SW..or, mental hiditaps
who believe in freedom, the dignity cbeminglu BIGsoon. ..Ator mental hcandtatps
of man, whatever their political or "mbers eiertainment company" for show
religious beliefs, will join hands to P- embtioe.Clar indication of SACI "
gether so that we can make a co-opera- making use.-of the big name he has gained
tive effort to really make the Carib- for thus-of he big name he has pennegainedfor- D
bean a place worth while living .in AaLEYE...Aid the pace is steadily ih-
creasing for tEHDYl s pretty-aa-a- lond visit*. HAJIJBE has ignored O~. page frbe offer for any use from SMASE...
at makes us skeptical. especially with apL the pre-fund raising shows we've hebird"
about,... Gome onohildrenh..;gather. around the radio...This is your own prog ranme...
I hope you can count.w.if iot,'here's EXUMA..to sing"for 6~i'his'v.ery popular" coiintig
song..*.BUM BUM...0ich1-so6rry.. mean "BAM hAM-"..0f,8yes".. thatt, most appropriat-..
We know our envr6taeent... .595 is- l~o be. blamed if parents should hear the othe3.'v_-sbn
of "BAM M'...No. Don't be ahoke6d.. "It's RADIO DO.INICA...The station that keeps the
nation aLive... to IiAUGH As i", ..,That's.all.,

.4 ',,.,, '


1 Sd1-ah Appftaeal foM C-rfia oft Titlea & Naisa there w

W CM" SU for~ s ARONNA r 2fth' rt0y Jfune 1974
'| 'A "" [ a Certi cwe of Title'c

-+. : .. 1- Noting w.r. o rv, "
Reqwaest dat a'l Laiabert j Application of June)
5 4 74 `-.'se Ckchette Lambert nee G(.-
Jri*ehut"d "v fbe Solicitor chette for the issue
,24 6. 74 M. Eugenia. of a first certificat
t 11.* Lam. Charles of'title in respect of
' A Portion of lana
Known as alot at
Pointe Michel in the
Parish of St. Lakei
coa. : 67 square fact ad bounded as followed.
Notth Lead of ENder Chries East Land of ensolt Martl
Seoath-rAccvre- Rsd s#Mpsrarng it from land of Sonny Bardou
OkSi'-" Wo Land ofM. BaiIste Chat les.

Raw4s$t dated Wiem
to 24~e day Celestine
of Jo .e 974, by his Solicitor
Praeseted the Cilma A.M.
Zt&h da of Dupigny
Jme 1974 at
11.20 .m.

*Qa9s feet and banded a.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known aa village lot
at Calibiahie in the
Parish of St Andrew
in the State ofMDoumil
nee siataiMiigt6,700

Nsd.Wl*t by lend of Mrs. Lennard j]eph: North East
T land of Mrs. Elma' Napler sparatad by a Public Bye Road
Seh.. East by land of, Howard Bedinesu. South West by
Wd c.rnsd by I gatia Masaicot nse N xan and Elza Abraham

Friday. Jvav.,_ 2&.


Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica,

taegistrar of Ttis-.

,,NQOT E. An.y persn who desires to obp .o the iom of a
+Certiftmae of title on the above applcatior may eterw a Caveet
in the above office within six weeks from the aelt4 the Ftirst
appearance of -his Tchedule in the STAR Newspap~r "'iih--
in this State or from h.e date when 'the notice rs l byI
law was last served on any owner or occapter of adj4oif
latend in respect of which thbe pptic3tal is as
II-,I~ -- -I- ^ ~.-I^ < .. .1...i*-,. **i.. ...,aC= -.jc.


TO BE SOLD PURSUANT TO an Order made by the
J usie JDB. Renwick on the 13th day of May, 1974 in


+ mm H "rb M r" +i
---- -

Hoaorar.ble W,
Suit No,, 3 i5 of



Upon the Application of the above named Plaintif for -the. kai'. of
the Defendants land under. Section 4 of the Judgment's Act. Cap. oz "
Public Auction by the Registrar of Dominica, at the Registry Victoria
Street, Roseau at ic a.m. on Monday the ist day of July, 1974.

A parton of Land known os, tot 5960 state in the PoErersvilil Housing Scheme in t'1e Parish fA St. Geatvg,-
containing 180 sq uare feet and Dounted as follows: North-Fast.by Labanc iane; Nrth.W.Ws by Lot S A
South West by Lot S 545 South Ea~s bb Lob S.559"

Particulars and conditions of Sale may be obtained of Miss M. Eugeniit
Charles ot Chambers, Old Street, Roseau, Dominica, the so~.citor having thi
carnage ot the Sale and at the place of Sale.

Dated the, 5th day of Jute, 1974.
(Sgd) E.F. Georges


Schedule nf Appi-.-uin or C ,.'. of Ttee and Nh.. :
there-on and Cvsit, a'.. -- ending 22n4 day ef june 1974
Reqaet dated Liiinex C'uff P apAiCt Sr I O
7 11- 73 Ybher' Sicitor C'uy foe" ?ae of|
PreseBted M. Eugenia a first ertifhcate f
-20 6 74 C -.,)s'-, tit. in respect f :.
at 11.05a-ama I portiu of Leksd A
A__ _ Known as a Resiama.
tiat L t ia tfe" *ir .|

coatainain 579 sqre feet a" hViaidd as fdowav
North West Lands of Phylvi Merrilr; South-Wst Land-
of Gerlians ohnson; South East Lands of Sylvia John
North East Bath RQad

.I TI -. T H E
otion MAk TITIaM ynthia Watf
"'You doan invite to do pahty?" iaby e4-
quired- of Ma Titine.
"What spahty?" --
"PAPERBACES nunhf" Yu -d6in going to dq
opening, today? An de Ahtd Council
having deir pahty foh de writers of de r
book." -
"Yes," Ma Titine replied, rbut I hadg
no invitation to the party. "
"Is a osame) You should have get a in-
"But I didn't write no story for the
b o o k .. . . .
'~en sol" Baby-was somewhat indignantp
-"Listen Baby, Ma Titine haid laughing4-
ly, "out it off...its only istOries
from National Day Story Competitions
they published' and you know I have nevpr
sent in one," -
!Wtell, you bettah sen nod dis yeah..."
Baby was emphatic." Aer mood changed.
!'Anyway, dat book O.. bad at all foh
de fuss time...is a good ting you learp
.me to read.* "
The door opened and IReuben came in,
"Wat allyou talking aboutT?"
"Obh," Baby replied airily, "bout de
book pahty de Ahts& Council having, Dey
deeden invite Titine.. pahaps she nQt
have- enoff gra mannahsf0h deir style
I wondahl" -
"Anyway," Ma Titine said, "if they
want X will write something for their
next issue. ..that is if .they want."
"Genelia not heah-" Reuben asked'
suddenly. .
ay yoh- eyes mal" B&by snorted.
"You meet onlee two 6of:u...is not un-
dah.-de bed she lidin.'. .de wy-'you treat
haul You have de-'guts tbo ain for ha.T
-Yohi-not easee ma1""' Sie. -ot. up from
her- seat. "I goin.by de EIT PHOEMIX
supermarket...I comid 'back wen I buy
my messages. See Y*ou"
Baby threaded hei"way" amohg the
crowd ahd was soon there; She found tho
place entirely change as ffom former'
days.. She liked the light atmosphere
due to the paintiHg ..oihite and light
blue1..but she felt that it needed a
ssaxt flooring.* .
"Maybe dey, will' do dat atah," qbe.
mused. "An it have"ple f1 electric fap
but maybe when aey get/ / cbndishunalh
it widJL bettah...botlad..*riike'-to go
to de beakjus'foh dat." She finished
her purchases ind headed back bo Ma
Titine's. Plaing.he, -s..hoppg on the
kitchen dresser, (continued next col.)

S TA. i^-R Priy /June- J28LMYt .
(fr.col;.l) she proceeded to tell.them
about the- .IEW PIDENIX.
"Boy, I like. der e' Dose tings well
arrange on de shelves...of course, people
doan start to mess aroung dem yet.'..but
true, de place making you feel oo~nfhtable,
I like how dey paint dere... it'm~ia de
place feel-kine' obfsmooth...have lenhty
space to move roung....an plenty tings
dat we 6ahn see foh a long time...dey
doan feeneesh yet-you know...de carpen-
tah dere wbTdkid on a -door...yes boy, we
will-'go dere' an do our shopping, heah'
Titine? Do6e.b6der supahmarket ah dem
does b-e o'congest...especially on a
Satterday.. - ,
"You 'tihk EtI PHMENIX woan get congest
too?" Reiben inquired.., "Wait an se..e
is a wbindah it ho-'conges:already, .y.u '"
know us Domeeneekan already. .rush, rush,
rush." .. -
"Rush- or not,"-Baby declared, ""de .
colour"of -d6 place* alone makin"you feel
resful. Ay, ay, by de way, I healy
forget to teo l allyou dat..,garcon, dey
break an. open by Briabane. .opposite -e
CALABAS. ..I heah. dey take db -iyon chess
an all-.boy right dt inderein de center of
de towh..-dat e supeEarket jus open
an is ieah dere, ..papqt dey bettaht-k&-p
close watch wee. r .. "
"She iwet'to the kitchen to collaot
her parcels". -.pitng -one of them i-e -
took out "hagg la Ofsal and gave ift-
to Ma Titine, saying, "I know you rad4er
.i dah. dose odders so. I buy dia one as
a present foh you*. .
M-aTiti I. liked her and- after .,
joying. a" glass of s1-moss left- fbr-:.htte,.
At the doob sahe tiidure. "Knew what'- .-: -
get -to tellyou Titine? Dey hav-e pl.& y
room bet;e'ode goods stalLs .you an
only fat, butwidi dat big belly f bflie
is a g-, 6d 'tiX it' have 'lo much space,"
she lef-t laughing, .:i which a Titine. and
RIeube jied .' .. .
leube remarked, "Baby deed start -
actin fonny wen I ax bout Geneliad," to
which Ma T.itine-'replied, "Reuben, you
really blind 'man.*,.Baby in love. rd you."
"But is you I--love," he answered, and'
embraced her., Ma-aTitine struggled to get
free; being big and- husky, she succeeded.
"Look- ere Reuben, if you start iup
this foolishness again' you and me *dll '
break'bad}" She pushed him aw.ay from- her
"Behave yburiselfyou heart Best'you make
up with-Genelia...she'Jll make .you good
wif-'- ou-" .. f "
S3t she couldn't help feeling v sy

Pae ~en T. E1 \ S A R Friday, June 28, 1974
g*:**S*P*O P*g .Morchristoh ~ BLACK AIMD WHI2TE M O., Lbblacl;
FOOTBALL Li West Germany, the eight Jesus Christ told. us to give honour
quarter finalists cl.ahed on Wednesday. io whom. honour is due,'and that is thb
They were Argentina' O-Holland -4; uty of all Christinas, yet we have ob-
Brazil l-E.Germany 0 Poland -1-Sweden 0; served that since Ir.Leblanc got power
West Germany 2-Yugoslavia 0. The teams which is not even hnia) as Chief Minister,
knocked out after the- fitsht 24 matches hen Premier, he nover attended any of
are: Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Haiti, the Remermbrance Day services of the men
Italy (surprisLngly), Scotland, Urtguay fnd women who gave their lives for Free-
and Zaire. om and Liberty.
A FEATURE Gifford "IHosay" Tous aint, We observe too, anything that pertains
presently a member of Gutter Crowns, to Her Majesty the Queen,.j-Lblanc takes
has decided to make this season his last no part, and at the Queen's Birthday that
as a player in the local league- and non- was held this month, the people said "Why
selection on the State team this year. the parade?" since they were waiting for'
He hopes to continue in the gamee however NMr.Leblanc to be present, Mr.Leblanc was
as a referee in future years. at Vieille Case; he was not sick; eye-
He started playing league at the age witnesses saw him'fishing in his boat.
of 16 in 1963 for the YCIW.- In 1965, You see, 14adam,- this thing is going a
playing for Domfruit Roveris, he made the little too far. Leblanc must go by hook
State team and had his first--tour. He or crookI Because Leblanc is destroying
continued with Rovers "i 1966 and made the lovely image 6f Dominica. We give
"the Windwards that year. e joined Mr.Leblant honours which he' isnot even
ombermere, -one of our more ditinguishworthy of, ythe oes not want to give'
ed clubs for a couple, of years. He was honour to Her I.Iaesty-the Queen. Again.
a founder-member for Los .Sahtos in 1969 whenever he wants money to pay salaries,
to 1970. He played for Celtics United he yet sends to iler lajesty's government
in 1971 -1972 and was again-a founder- for money.. I remember once -Mr.Leblanc"
member of Gutter Ordns, -frm whlere-he told me that he only wants the capital,
-gained-selection to the"State team (197 buthe has. no ue for- apitalists" I sa
He fjould like to thank specially, Hon.* again, IB G -k W- VA--
B.R.John, Mr.Desmond IIartin"'afd Mr. j'esday, 'at. t e Clifton-Dupigny Technical
Skef'fington John, now in" Cbhada. He is college, they weri presenting certificates
confident that his team will do better: to boys and gir (about 100 of theim7, who
than. last year. .. : qualified within 2 years as engineers,
CIICIMaT The Tra0ellers Cricket Team of lumbers, 'other- types of mechanics, join-
Roseau defeated the E6erald- Team. on 1st prs, etc.., and Mr.Leblanc was there. The
innings at Mero to emerge' ne champions man never said a word of thanks, eveh to
of the Emerald Hillside League f6r 1974. the teachers I'.h;Christian, as Ninister
"n Scores in the match wierie Emerald 74 pf Education,.made a speech, in which he
& 119/8 deo. I.Shillihgford 20 5& 8 an pointed out to 'r.Leblanc and the audience
G.Shillingford 22. FortTrtvollers: a the beauty of the college is that it
HJohnBaptiste 6/14 &" 4/34, Lewis 2/0 ;is White teachers and .black students: and
Travellers 126 & 37/3; C'0.ari6 43. For e brought iin his usual mention of the
Emeralds: R.JohnBaptis-te 3/24 --,Sh 1 1. piano which-needs white keys: and black
. nford 4/25 and E.St.Valle 3/1. ceys .to make melody, But I say to make
India lost the 2nd test match against sweet melody,
England most humiliatingly to give .The people pr osnt aid that perhaps
England a 2-nil lead in the"three-match its becauseo what Ls.Christiansaid
series. In reply to England's 629, bout the. whit why Tr.Leblanc never said
India scored 302 in their let innings word They said that if it was the
and were asked to follow,; on. They were opening of a latrine, he and his Governor,
routed for 42 (their lowest score over) would make speeches like a parrotT"
in- less than 80 mins. at the crease. ..
The bowlers responsible for' their crush- PEN PAL:' Louis Katz (13), would like to
ing defeat by an innings a- d 285 runs correspond with someone in Dominica who
were Old, Arnold and Hondricks. -:would trade stamps: ith him..Addressb;
Pri an P ..l.s.e.. 550 Lunar Dr., Monterey Pk.,Calif.91754
PrLe'ied and Published -by.the PropPietor R.E.Allfrey, o; Copthall House at
26 Bath Roadf' Roseau, Dominica, lest Ihdies.




Average Weight per Bird 3 Ib



AfCS-. cu f43-i/#

^ nrpier --.~aenii THE STAR Friday_ Jun. 28,__

Sd *4ute of Appilcatum for Cerwtwfa o Tide & N oingas tm
Cve k 22nd day of June 1974
quest Perusn PeKsectlng N1ature ofa daiaW
S| or a Certifckte of Tke* a

Request dated
th, 13th day
of Jane 1974.
Presented the
20th day of
Jewe 1974 at
220 p.m.

Ludora C-b-ea
tia tcownionly
called May)
by her Solicitor
Randall H.

Request for the issW
of a First Certificao
of Title in respect f
That piece or parc*i
of land part of De*
Bois or Bamboo E#-
tate in the Parish of
St. Joseph conta"niag
26.62 acres aaU*
bounded as followsi-

North easterly by land at one time of John McDonaltd Lafoa.d
South easterly by Davis Estate and a ravine separating it from
Wlad of Isaac Thomas Southerly by a ravine separating it
from land of Edward Lestr ads and Westerly by land of the
Casttways Devetopment arno a ravine separating it from lan1
of. Edward Lestrade and Davis Estate
RequBt dated Hildred Vache Application of H+
19 11 73 by her Solicitor dred Vache for thp
Preswted M. Eugenia issue f a firat crat-
20) 6 74 Charlesa ficate of title inl r
It 1 O'clock pect of .k Portion 4f
land know* *as aLot
at Dublaai in thi
Pari". of St.., Poe.
containing- 1638
square feet abd b
ded as folewa:.

SRegstrar's Omce,
osejau. Dommnica,

R1*ritrar of Titila

tNOTE: Any person whq desires to object to. the issuing q a(
Certificate of title on the above app catiomrmay eater a Ca.svt
iW the above office within six weeks from the date of the F.jsc
appearance of th& schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
i~ this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
isw was liat served on any owner or occupier of adIdiUlng
t od in rspect of whteh the application to mae.


Agents for
Advise that this office will be moving to
George Street, (opposite Frampton's" as of
July I, 1974.
Tel. 2022 General Office & Manmgers Desk
200o Agents Office
________________L .~

1 -9MH-- l --^- *..1^.1111.M .*..-^...r-^...~,3^-^*---..

Comments are plentiful about the
proposed raising by Cable & Wireless
of o1tilioca'a telephone rates, lor-
mal subscribers' rental would Jump
over $10 p.a. and there would be ao
free calls. Business lines Would hame
a somewhat similar rise, and local
calls from public boxes would jvmz
frea 10 15 cents. Junction calls
15 5#,. CSA wrote Ptb.Utilities
CoanRa. asking if the rises mwoe 3at-
ified; WAN also protested new rates.
Rises now Bsspeided:,atil Oct. 24th

In the state of
Any person having claim against
the Batate of Vic.tor Addison Blanchard
late of 01& Street, Roseau, Dominica, ,
who died oA the i3th day nf MarchS, 3,
wboe will was proved by 1 ilso
Dupigny and Louis Corriette the Uxec-t
uitors thberei .-,awad on the 26th day ofi
October, 1973, 'is retired to- send
partieilara thereof in writing to Mr,
Wilson LSpigny ait Dupigsy's Store, .
Long Lane, Roseau, Dominica on or be-
fore the l1st day of July, .1974, after!
Whieh date the executors shall VUcOa
to distribute the asamSe having regard .
only to valid claims thaian'otifiedo
Dated the 26th day of Juoi, 1974.


PLAYING CARDS at go cemu per pck
are Aviable from

The Pozrd of Directors of J. Astaphan & Co;
(1o7o) Ltd. wishes to advise the general public
that the company will be closed for stocktakig
on Tuesday 2nd July,,1974. reopening on
Wednesday ?rd July for business as u4ual.
__- _. ... .... ..... .. ) 2/ -..


Friday, Jww 28, W74