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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 06-21-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs. Jane LOEIIT~2HAL, Librarian,
XResearch Institue for the study
162 East 73'Streeot,
New York 10021 ', IT,Y. uSA OS "
' :Star "c"mPtRESEARCH lST|UTra "' .
TIiS P9tmsry 264 FO 4TPiVtZ9Y OF MAN
& M^dua Reprggq ye": STREET DOM ,
A JB u N Y. 1009tr ect. *
$t Il Na 24 AU G29* Eito- PHYLL S

4wnrD0e .FrtunaE

Friday- J2 1- 21

IA n*ve i toabhop with *ff .@es uptaira
raw mkieod la, t "edaedaoy by PAP BUAES
A3'i~t i No. 6 Cork S.treet; oBB far .
ias tise Baey. West, aid the present book
4iplmr imlude .a, wde eollet ina'of *est
Isiiai-it, ekildre*.s booeeks and bokm on
e .ielt a ebta, The occasitaattended
b. :$riier ani. Minister of adtce,ti n,also
l garind 'Doaminioan .Shirt nSteried' (p.8)
:s4%iee were cam1ld in today (Fri.)-
*e i.Aeretigate & Saooting ia ideant
c liMtanh there a an said to be
ad Lsoia" t a shot d .t
:. tS TUILL WITt WV= (apae asbortage)
^Qfi1 fat Farsiaentwvry Reports on Acts and
A#0=bEr's actions.

Mr. Norman Washington Hill, Q.C.
MftHill said this mouth: "I never regret having
raifm rwtrd to help defendants in the Freedom
casu ...Lawyers ought to give-their srvics free
fea causes relatng to human rights
sa parts of hMa sp6, Page 2)



SMEl Ch-rlei and Mr. NorTmin Ht
fat i 'Maaous 5th Dec mnber' rrais here.

Barely thisweek a IUA bomb was threw
:ate the Briti sh Parl.iamet buildiAg .
.auing.,l cma.ltie' wad be rs of .fi'ro -
.figtiag hen ,a go.S pipe espi d.d,
Ner two days rnaming aarld V1ilso's
Minority Labour Gover1,~et was drfetaed
in te Commuaa; firat. ea:a bill to re-
inbaa'eTrade Unions a1. il lie t pi -
ia.ines; secondly o. a 'atiBsisaties
of inda try bill. Jlaectioa fea.x.t for
Septeme.r/. October.

Hive odiHes, Bottom 6osirds, M.ieti Co-
vers, Siandard and Shallow Frames,
Shallow- Supers, Foundation Wire,
Wire Holders, Wire Imrbedding Too],
Frame Grips, Bee Escapes, Eatrance
Guards, Bee Brushes, Bee Gloles,
Queen Excluiders, Hive Tools, Smokers,.
Syrup Feeders, Capping .. Kives, etc.
etc. ..

We also buy Honey
to a million gall.osn,
Wax you can supply.

- any quantity up
..and all the Bees



SMITH CORONA Electric Typewritet
the world's finest with Iand icsriages
a are stocked by


I -..., .. . -- -- -- -.n^,^ .,^ * ..., ,itw.~ i' l

NORMAN WASHIGTON HILL, Q.C. -, Excerpts fro:. his splendid *
address at the Freedom conventionn :
Referring to the American Sedition, Act of 1 '8:-
"A historian writes, 'finding fault with men I office was already an old
American custom.' Indeed it had become an essential part of the pursuit of
happiness. This is, equally true in the West :dies today.. So that,
ladies, and gentlemen, what happened in Dominic/ which gave rise to the
birth of the Freedom Party had manifested itself 170 years earlier in the
United States of America.
..My topic today is the relevance of the Rule of Law in the Caribbean.
Your objective is to be a meaningful alternative to the Government so that
should you be called upon by the people of Dom4nica, you can fulfill their
hopes and aspirations and be a good example in! the region. "
On the Rule of L w:- Put in everyday language, it means that your
liberty, your freedom and your rights should n.t be put in jeopardy, except-
1) By ordinary courts,
82 Following established and well-recognized procedures, and
3) giving effect to recognized and aooepted p ineiples of law.
Such historical documents as Magna. Carta (1215 The American Declaration
of Independence (1776) made- important impacts 0n the ebb and flow of the
battle for personal liberty, but none had been as specific and widely ac-
cepted as the Universal Declaration of Human R ghts of 1948.
From the International Commission of Jurist. Delhi Declaration 1959:
"Recognize that the Rule of Law is a dynamic concept for the expansion
and fulfillment of which jurists are primarily responsible and which should
be employed not only to safeguard and advance the civil and political rights,
of the individual in a free society, but also $o establish social, economic,
educational and cultural conditions under which| his legitimate aspirations.
and dignity may be realized." Hili
Among a list of essentials for society undep' the Rule of Law,Ma/JAisted.:
"Censorship must be prohibited. Sytematie interference with radio broadcasts'
must also be prohibited." "The will of the people is the basis of the
authority of public powers* This will must be expressed by free elections
and all direct and indirect pressure exercisddgn the voters to the end to
force them to express their opinion publicly; i* prohibited... Persons in
the employ of the state or its public services"'must exercise their functions
in the service of the community and not of -a political party or political
organization.....they must not receive directives from a political party.4 "
The right to personal security, no arrests "Without a judicial decision or
for preventive purposes", inviolability of r pdence, freedom of religion
and the right to privacy were also on the list; and "No political party
must be put in a preponderant position in,the state apparatus through leg-
islative or administrative provisions,"
In his section on Representative Government (through which alone can the
R ule of Law reach its highest expression and realization), the Q,C.detail-
ed conditions which were essential. for free ejeotions, such as freedom of
expression through the press and any other media of communication, speaking
of illiteracy as "an impediment to representative government".,., and that
"free compulsory education for all children and free education for all ill-
iterate adults" is likewise the state's duty, And speaking of the need to
limit executive powers, he suggested that th6 Lpgislature should check on
the granting of Emergency Powers and that citi4ns who suffered injury
through any illegal act of the executive should have an adequate remedy....
"Real danger," said Mr. Hill, "exists when tho citizenry whether by legis-
lative or executive action or abuse of the Judicial process are made to live
as if in a perpetual state of emergency." He then passed on to "Control by
the Courts and the Legislature over Executive Action", closely examining
each requirement, loophole and failing (even ty the practitioner).
We have summarised only about half of this fine speech. More anon.PSA.

.. Epiday. June 21. 1974

^^k~~k TIwA



C. ~ -'


SMAP Z.i&,T4- pyl 5

. A ^ S. wU 2)-1p -

J UNE 210 9074


HT 1 E JT A _. R ,Y .J ..21
** arioie-DaviMPierre -

A number of conflicting points of
view were expressed, about. the serial
'I, Christopher Macaulay', as it gradu-
ally unfolded itself'to its many list-
eners over the radio, young and old
alike. It has come to6 ah end, and I
thought I would express anu opinion on
it. How many of us today ever look for
tho'moral of any story that we either
see, read or hear? We seldom do, but
rather'allow our emotions to6go into
full play, often putting into oblivion
all. reasoning. ...
I wou4d like through this media. to
examine the moral of the serial'. It iss
a drama based on. the two greatest pass-.
ions 'Love' and 'HatredI passions
which-unite on the one hahia and draw
us apart on the other. Thie"passion
'Love' is one of the greatsat gifts
from God. It is an essential part of
living which unites us and enables us
to develop our whole mentality. We
shall never be said to be thoroughly
alive until we have been fired by an
all-absorbing love ..-"
'he passion !Hatred', another of the
great gifts, from God, is given to us on
the other hand to be used in the w "ay
God created us to use it, that is, to
hate all that- is evil"ini us, -'to supprefa
our passions (making them bur slaves.
rather than our masters) and not allow-.
ing them to reduce us to the levol~of
the lower animal of which God. .Tfmsolf
made us masters when ho said -L6et us
make man to our image anid likeness and
let him have dominion ove:' the boasts,
and the whole earth and ev6ry creeping
creature that moveth upon the earth'.
Having ds1rlt on the importance of
these two passions to human life, I
would like now to examih6 the harm
these .very same passions, using the
serial as a. basis, can do to the whole
human mind and body when hot used in
the way God created them to be used,
.. Wo-will first examine the passion
.Lovel. In the'verywordsof -laoaul-r.,
it was nebulous, just"floeting moments.
of pleasure., which always left behind .
the bitter taste of remorse and shame.!
Mac-.ulay's love for hdwiiha is an example
of that type of love. As it was hRot
subjected to reason, it became rather

L source of rief and- destiucti6nE3an a
goy, low1ering'er hu3an dignity, d-i-
troying her self-redpe'dt anfd breaking
down her entire morale ;thu she obnsidbm.-
ed life in the end not worth livin-a;nd
so destroyed it by taking an overdose,
Had love been'based on mutual self ".
respect, a lovo in which one sees/another
-..-the God-given rights of human dignity,
such a love would have redounded for the
good rather than the degradation and
destruction that--followed in its path,.-
The passion 'Hatred', as depicted in
the serial, can-aptly be described as
.blind. lin the saine way as a blind man
loses half the joy of living, in like
manner a man imbued with the fiery passid
of hatred" loos the real meaning of life;
he becomes bitter and is bereft of all
reasoning. M'acaulay in hia. blind hatred
destroyed his closest link, his. children.
He could not e'cohbilo himself to the
fact that lie tas marriied to Rose 'and
therefore- tht"binding link of. 'rust a
confidenco-on which love grows, was
severed from the very' beginning' and o-
the childron'of that marriage were born
out of phasi6n and hatred rather than"
that of love. The ultimate result was
that the children lacked the necessary
essentials on which life is built,"-- .
love, trust had confidence. The tragic
incidents that foblJied in the serial
cannot escape the niynd.s oye. The
daughter, whoseentire-morale was so
broken-doion that oho could no longer face
the worJld, ended her life in a brothel.
The son similarly lost all confidence in
himself and'could not bring himself to
making an honest living, and so chose a
profession which twas certainly Eis un-
doing, thereby spending',h.a;moat pro-
ductive years in prison. They both-had
sealed their doom. -In Robert Ashley we
saw that his unquenchable thirst for
hatred drove"him to madness and ho-'tookl
his own life* 'TIis natural ability for
success meant nothing to him. Hatred
therefore-destryecd his life, not only
physically but also mentally.
The Btory of Hacaulay oan be applied
to ourj.Iife today. 'We see hatred, in"
whatever form it may take, be it reli- .
gious. strife as in "Iorthern.-Irelaid, -'or
class or colour hatred, (conclop. 9).

4po .M.

TO SOLD PURSUANT TO n Order mn e by the Hoomxabe Mr.
;A ianwick athe 25 day at cas||y, 1974. ait d Seof
>,-U:.' i Suit No. 153 of g973w, twee Rongd G. H ad Ja1 es
Alleym, Upon the Applicati on th~ above nmnad Plimiffar te Ik of
the DMndant land under Section 4 of the Judynent's Act (Cap. zo of de
Rer : Laws of Dominica Mw) aa4 Order 3 gzaiesT and 2 of the 1970
St.' x the. Supreme Court (Reviion), at Pulic Auction by the Provtm
h.L::Lt, of Dominica, at the Court House, Roseas at 1o.3o a.m. in the fore*
ne on Monday the 24th day ot JA 1974
fl1h-i pti*ouia of )Wa ktwnw as L t5 05S r ps ? 8elfail Estate, is dw Pubk Of St. %tWl eMe
iE.% 19' sq4Aa feot and ba*mdS as ollows:. 'North by a prop Road, Soutk Waet by Lat ; -6
Neath Wen by Se 17 South Eat ai access Road., kegiter.book 02 4"
Paiculars and conditions or sae may be obtained trom Miss Vaya
Vq.V1 :'y of Chambers, 6 Kennedy Avenme, Reau, Dominica, the Solici
ot oha rin the ae of the le and at the pla of sae.
Da d1e 24th day of April, 1974

Sgd) E.F. Georges
:.2s 264vesT mASM P1.

TO BE SOLD PURSUANT TO an Order nmad by the Hloma Mrt
JOUN JA.,B, Renwi k "o the -tath d-y of O 1974 ia 8lt s.1ae

fiA IMaXMa& cW-QAaH yl BAo LItaie Plaiiffm
HLaOS~sanan iwn me.* D~efedanti

UL'a the Application of the above named laiuidfffor the sle of
tie DLk6mda& Sand under Section 4 of the Jud es AcCQap, io at
tkabli AltOon& by the Baftgistr of t te Iesatay,
Vid:oma 3t2eet, a sea at 10 Ws mx 2Sax the list @ay of
Jul-; 19%
1 0;, 4 M OU^ X 0. 0 0 l o 4 W o
A pat.jena of lLcu a Lta aist et theM !ttetrgrs11
t)ataiia the Pariab f t8.0erge c"ltaia&s 2806 f *
fNt d bo funded as tHla: )ot at; by 1anam1s Xiame, rlth..Wet
by Lot aw.9011, oAth -Bt; iy Lot &.545, d&u*-I-at by Lot 86W9."
PartioAlarg sA eAditlaea of Sals say W obtalae6A of Mie
Muniam Cblales of Chaaa s, 1 Olt Stet RO Oa, anavan,
the 0atisitor hariag the ZaiLage of the aw4 at the w3ae
of Salo.
satedi this 5th dal- of JTua, 1974.


smw-maatWfsw- '

S.Pag~e Six c I E~ `& T A R_ -rdy Jue2,17

A Dominican-born Doctor whob-now has
a. practice in the small town of Sterb-
fritz near Efankfurt, Germ~dy, returned
to his home place as the guest of his.'
sister last week, and returned to work
on Wednesday.
Dr. John Thomas, brother of Miss
,Araminta Thomas, well-known for Ker*
* Public Health work, is one of our!'fV-
ourito people, for he brings to all his
interests a breath-of u-ma~nkihdeosB
and intellect uaiJt'j S wonder "that
all the children in that Germhin town
want to be treated by him whohen they are
ill-- he move, among the~ like the Pied
Piper', and has in, his care" tio very
young Africans whom he adopted-in
Ugandd. and placed in a German school
(where they are doing well). They are
the only Black residents of that local-
We asked Dr. Thomas to give us some
of his viewpoints on current issues.
Three years ago, when" the Premier gave
him a few dbixutes, the Doctor. enquiredd
about the fishing industry. He finds
the industry still dormant. The Doctor
fools that we could well learn to feed
Ourselves if agriculture' was handled
the right way, but saw littLT siagn of
"Agricultural Year"1. Ie remarked (on,
tourism) that the Premier told him in
1971 "We do not want tourism.- r' dbn1'
want the country to be demorairised."-
People work hard in Germ&any and the
Doctor said. "There, I don't tsit down.
I. see 150 patients a da.y; pdtionts aae
in my "office at 7 a.m. I'fi-nish duties
at 12.30, and in the6'f.tornoon Ipay
atout 30'home visits'.. I may b6. ohn du
at night, or get wok6e up at- 4-5 a.m.
in emergency. A-Doctor1s'job.- ii --.
Germany- is to keep patients out of }gs
it-l. Hospital sare costs- the cou
$2o0.dily per paticiit without includingg
DoctorA* care. I: not o.ly diagnose bu-
also. tbeat-&y patients. I never send ..
persons wi.h pneumonia to.hospital, for
example." instruct the home nurses.
"I nevor refuse to QO to coe a patiei;
oven. when the patient is'hot one of mini
I would be sacked' for suchbeohaviour."
Speaking of the effect-of corruption .
on youth, Dr. Thomas said: certainlyiy
there is corruption in every couintr7,
but a poor country whose main develop-
mont is corrupt has the ybtli following
such an oza m le-- one cannot blame them,

. (fr.col. 1) Youth must be found training
San[ omploymcht." ....
We oexpressedreluctance at parting
from this able and imaginative young
Doctor, and he said: "Had Government
been willing to appoint me to a post
in this country"iil 1971-72 I would have
been backlTohg ago...I wrote, and after
a year got-&'nincohclusive reply to my
application. ..Govern6mont here seems
afraid of criticism oven when it -may bo
useful to'tho c6untry.- -It appears that
nobody must kihow'how well they are run-
ning the country,"
.So another brain -has. gone- _abroad -
again. .-*-- --P .- P .A.

"Iw'coan yoV ever get back at a pbli-
tician for -h6o you'have voted --if he
has paid people to vote for himii His
face is marked and a6 is. yours-,".-
.. -- Dr. JOI.t THDOIS "

the United Kingdom. has dropped from" 149
by 5 to 1744 per ton with effect from
Monday 17th June. 'This decrease in prioe
is said'to be due to the coming-into '
season of soft friuitwhich usually com-
petes with bananas at this time of thi-
year. ."

PAPERBAES tital hve .Sated here the
civilized cuistom of hiaK$.g a party Wo
lau ch a fie iblica tta --combining it
with the op'hing 'of their fine new twd-
fio0r premises at 53Oork Street,
This collection-of 7 short stories Tan
Arts Council production) with 8 illustra-
tions by .ioc&al artists and a cover'design
by Almn Bully (Tropical Printers ),i..
one of a series;. forewrd by Alick La2are.
The stories follow the National contest
precept of local sceeies, dialect ae folkl-
Sales.. Storis-.ae by. Eleanor Robea s .5.
Joan Bernard, Zenibkx Bonychuirch, .Vseli.ne
T.Pascal, Chris Seraphine, Anna. urnette
and Mark- Sylvestre They are straight-
forward narratives, sometimes simple,
sometimes exciting;hot subtle or ironic,,
and devoid of trick endings. They should
please many readers and are (as was sug-
gested) valuable for school reading, TheV
drawings vary; Lennox was lucky to be. able
to do.-his own. .I particularly liked
ligay's illistratiois, and A,. Bumphrey
came closest to being a professional

- PridBZ une 214-1974 -



Friday, June 21, 1974 k -
Fiction MA. TITINE CTnt
The following Sunday the fea
Corpus Christi was oelebrited b
joint High Mass at the St.Hary'
Grounds at 5 p.m. The -bpen-air
was well attended in spa-te of t
doubtful weather.
Na Titine, Baby and Gbnolia
present in all their finery; 4Ma
.especially was absolute glitt
in a. sequined/beade4 dress of s
material, huge gold earrings, g
necklace and gold bracelets. T
plete her outfit she dangled a.
and black handbag, All eyes tIu
wardo her when she entered"the
Garge had sent her a parcel & f
ago,, so she was now doing justi4
his gift. -
't"If boyl" one youthful sp*ec
occnlaimedI, 'look at la Titinel
shining tore than the sunl"' .
itou shore cutting a -da'ahT Ba
marked somewhat enviously," hesar
various wIhapers around on seeii
1ftor the ceremony, they all
Mitine s home.
-"I deeden see Reuben," Ba'y 6
"Hew could you in that crowd,
Titind replied*
,Xf he Was there he'cood have
ro us outside de gate," Baby sa
over to the radio and tuning in
music. Just then there was a l
knock at tho door.
"Oomb in," said Ma Titine.
The door opened and Reuben en
tteIl o," he greeted them, "I
looking-foh allyou.." .
"Deont tell me you .didfi"' see
Axyone could see her a mile away
elia said rath0"- sarcastically.
strained silence fell oh thle-gro
Ma. Titine laughed out'loudlyJ,: *"
laughter had subsided, she said
"Come now Gene3i.a, doh t be c
everything is forgotteii and forg
Don't start up anything-again pl
Genelia looked abashed, andl'
kept his eyes averted.' from her.
Na Titine brought out tho'liq
over their--drinks they'discussed
Government's Television Ac. "
"Acoording to Miss Charles, p
trying for bread and is T.V. the
them"' Ma Titine remarked '.
"An is true -dat is..onloee 'wos
dat iwill able to buy .VY. now.(n

T HE S T A.R Page..- Seven.
;hia Wat) MI- TITINE (conc.d.)"It already doan 'have
Lst of enoff fobd'i- de cbuntree; wat d&a have
y a so expenseerf i! cloes people have to
s- Aoade ocloea deir- oyes to buy aometing-nowadays,
* Nass muchless.-WT"V .ihd Baby-gave an angry
he snort. "omode,, a..5"
"Know wat.:.f hah?" Reubon asked- them.
were "I heah dht America had sen 50 head of-
. Titine cattle foh'Domeonoka...woell I hoae dbm
ring say dat Givamont6 put dovo cattle at'de
hiny Stock Earm, n'wat-dey doin?..,eve ytnimo
old dey killiii hoe. .an it have a. set of-
o comrn- people da do modt' sharing foh...dat moat'
big go.,,I all in deir freegoi ..a pore. people cryin
mod. to. foh a. poece 6f fresh meat I. say dat is
grounds* a damn shamiodt' "- I ...- -.
e6w days, "Is doir habit,;" Baby, replied, shrug-
ce to going her bhoulgers. -.
,"So they goidgato start the Natioha."
atbor Earki" Goenelia sd6 changing the conver-
She station, anhd trying to appear normal, al--
though-she whs still feeling hurt at
iby re- teubens 'cold-soidiLobring her.
Lung. the "Well., ,x"7"Alld ey, Mr 4, h..Mr..
ig. Ma Rupert Sorhaindo 5n dem deed plan to got
Guvamnt t-o do 'dat long ago, but day deed
went to hes-hos-hos..l".bwyou sayin dat wud .aa3ii?
.... anyway ," an he begin giggling, .'remem -
aid. bah we deed even "plant does tree a dem
"a sn we deed have br club..."
They all started laughing at the
wait remembrance of their stunt,
id. going "Dey can say wat dey want," Baby"con-
soft tinued,-"but we was do fuss--to start a
eight I ashun .l'.Pak "in Dbmeoheekal -
-tered. Well: the whole world is in a moss: and
was of course ur little islands have not"
escaped the fuel shortage,, food shortages
.-.Titinel and. rise in-the c6st of living. Add-e-
P" Gen- to that racism has reared its ugly hjad
- A and one wonders what will happen to"
up;then those of us whb belong to a minority"..
hen her group. Will we be even allowed to live
3 in these islands where we belong? Will
hildishi we be allowed to Viork in them?
ivenh. Minority groups all over the world
efu n|" seem to. suffer'today in spite of the
... aUnited atio s... ... ..... .......

uor and

y giving

ext. col.)

Archbisliop Pantin of Trinidad hits out
strongly on racial prejudice in the '
Catholic Church In his diocese. I bave
aken note of some good moves in some of
the much smaller bectsI, and one'is, vheo"
the time-of shakiig hands comes, everyone
happily takes part and..with imiles'too.-
(concluded on p. 10)

Pate Eight THE STAR f. zidy Jun. Z1,~ 1~74

Sch1e4aof 4Ap1~i atioC f6r C wrfc e oiirf Tftle & Nst S tfkhors*tn
&'Cavest fr weak efft 15th da o, Jue Ai 0T4 s
reR.&Keited Person Presentinrg Natured r. .1 '. .
er a Certifitce of Tt.is o0

qus -7.-i Leopolid Aan Application of L.eo.
|00/4/74 E|.mauei pohl Allan Emmnuel
Presernted by hib Souctor for issue *r B tirst
13/6/74 M, Eugenia cesria cate t,. Ain f t
at 3 O'clock bCa.Irles r.*spct of A House
a ---a ----w Lot in Roseau in the
Parih of St George
oma.nagt 1414 square feet and bousted as foliows:-
North-West L.an of' Shand Cyrtu; North.Edst L rd of
Estate Lee Balthazar: Saouth Easst Kernnedy Avenue;
South West Land of ja:'et Cuffy
Request dated Antoine pp Catsom o no -
7 / 1 /74 Asigate toine Auguiste for
Presented by his Solicitor the isats of a first
13/ //74 M.Eugenia' certificate of title in
at 10.30 a. Charles respect of a Portion
of land at St. Joseph
fo armserly part of
S ers Estate in the yil
lage of St. Joseph con
tamingi 1,633.5 square feet aB.d bound ase follows-:
North: By Lands of Au.tan Jseaph-& Lands of Syers Estate se-
parated by An Ae.ess:Road; '..West By lands of Syers Estate
So.-cn: By Iantds of }no. Baptiste Vidai., East By an Access-
Road Separites; It from Syiras Estate.
Requ*..t i., ls wi Application of Lewis
17 / I / 74 7 aroB lle Bardouille for tha
Presented by his Soiicitor issue of a first certifi
12/6/74 M, Eugenia tat* of title. in rs-
at 12.05 a.rn. a C..' pact of A I ot in the
,_--.- v.B-V-- village of Pointe Mi L
chel, in the Parish of
St. Luke containing
2285 q~sAreB feet amd botmned as follows-:
North By !an4 of Annote Syvester; East -by land of victor
Raphfeii South- by and oT Happtidand ules West -
land of Ada Mass :
e^^ uy~eof Application f'rmt4 oTTnre and Motl h t
a d .Caveat for eek eid .2nd dy .f jun. .974 .
equest ,aSidt Mathild. John Request for the issue
7th Jtne 1974J Lewis or a First Certifi ate
Presec.'d by her Soiicitor of Tiue in reipe 38th June 1974. Vanya a. p..rtion ,'* laid
at 10.50 a.m. 'Dupigny known as a lot at
Scotts Head. ai the
Parih of St. 'Mark
-n the State of Domni
ica c.ontakinig 836
square Bect and bolnsed as fSllwv:.
North Ezst land of George Wa!', Norfr-Ws- A PAbAltc
R~oad. South.East tend oO tne Hrts of PoUna El.o Sout.h
eita lan, oif dan.l jervier. j, ,-

PLAYING Cf L. 1 a 9o esam p= r psC -C
Orr. A'tisble fre] -

Request 6a -.1 i' .- Ri-qust f-r the ssue
the 28th day Josephij.t' J'Airs: Ceitficat6
of May 1974. by eer S.Aic(or c i Te n f respect
Presented the Cihna A.M.I portion: of land
17th day .*f Dup:gy t Weale Vilage i.s,
J ue ;7 at the PFrisa. f St. An.-
3.10 r. I drew Fn the 5?ate of
23140 square det and

North-East by 'and o Jbarl'i Du'nstan: N :.h- 'st ty 'an
of Rose Joseph. South East bt ird c. Rc: jc;eph, VWest
part, by iando Manasa u' ietie and parttiy by ,a-nd cf Ad!nia

Request dated t Jewelanti Request f.-r the
21&t May 1'74. .Stnz: of a Frar Certrfica.t
Presented iby her Soeic,'or of Title i respe-.:; f
18th June 1974 Varva portion of land
at 11.00 p.m. Eupignyl at Lahaut :. the
----------- Parih of St. George
in the Statr of Domi,
lue& pontainrng
25,050 Square feet
and bounded as fol
North land oft Marvelynr Burtan East Public Rokc South.
land of Clevence Guy West larnds of john G. HuEton Clse.
vence Guy, and Marvlyr Burc-n

the 24th day i Joseph
of May 1974. jby his Solicitor
Presented Vanya
17th June 1974 Dupirgny
'at 2.40 p.m.

Nrth nmlad of The Heirs of
Nichotson losEph; South
Harbour Lane

Request for the issue
of a First Certificata
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a Residen.
tal lot in the Town
of Portrtmoth in tde
Parish of St. John
in the State of Dom"
rca containing 105f--
square feet and 4omn
ded as follows

Style Wayisiad. East
iand -of Evy Thomas :

land of

Registrar of Title6

NOTE:-Ary person who desires s.cblect to the itsue of a
First CartlficaIe of Tit le h the above application may enter 1J
vest Il the above O rco w'thln six weeks from the date al,
he first apposrance of this Scheduie n the STAf;-Nevespapi-j
published in this State or from the date when tht notice pra e'
acribed by iaw was served or, any owner or occupa'r f adti:t,
band in respect of whkik the applkcation Is made. r
.oan-iii- i'l nl ..li ni f 'nn m l fn M i.lim I

Susness/Residential Lot at

ContaCt Sta St S. Lestradc
At .No. I Lcve L .ne
Ph1cne 2570.




.-' 7.

Pace Eight


Fr-da.y. June 21 1974

kaftegw's Office,
'ossati, Dornwioa

Friday June 21 1974 .
as exists among.us, or t.e hatred of
thoseQ 'ho are better 'off' o: those'i who
have a little more powpr, no matter
what it may be, w seeo tlfat i .its
blindness it des tooys the sweetness of
human nature and makes us. become bitte?
and inditfrent. In ,ike. mihner our
children grow up in .bi'terness'and re-
sqntment and become rebellious, des-
tructive, disrespectful anidi uncoopera-
tive. .When the seed of dissension is
sown, there is very' littie"we can do tq
bridge the .gap bet eeh ourselves and
our children who stare us in the face
and .accuse us vehemently of double'
standards, hypoori and injustice.
Thi serial therefoeTo hduld have .been
a lesson,to both yon~ Mdd oldaX The
older ones are to realism that as."
naoailay coulA not bridge the gap be-
ween himself and his children, in like
nannor the task of bridging ..thegap be..
tween ourselves and our children is not
an easy one and will call for extreme
effort on our part. The young people
are to learn that oxperiofce-is the '
better part of valour. God has made
a-i' world in such a manner that the
6ouag may ,learn-from th6 p46 experi-
unoes of the older ones, .rather than
repeat their mistakes, They should*
therefore despise not thle old, bii the..
which they openly oomdemih'in themin theip
double standards, hypocrisy and injua-
tco - a.nd avoid practising them in a
3ubto' manner Mt is only in this way
vo dan prevent any gap existing between
ourselVes and our childr6n'and their
children, as we#. in turni, will' hdve
nourished but children- with the milk of
htman kindhesa Which is fast disappear-
ing in this beautiful island'of..:ous,.
BI______ F,' ..MD PB
TSis week Radlo Dominica Horning Me4r
station was conducted by members of the ?'
Exoetive Committes: RbvA.Di.diea' (Chairi
min), Sbv*P.Wyatt (Vice-Chirmn),-Mr. "
P.r tin (HonoSec.), 'rs.C. Irti.'(Hon. "
Seasv,), Rev.LJames, a ; TJoseph. e BDre
B14 ,aharan, ReV.06,Scheske, .Pastor '
ASadio programmes wore "Faith in Actiop"
"Stfbs The Book Tor He" ,and "Around an4
About.". Meetings tookplaoe in differ-
ent churches and venues, during the wee].,
and will culminate -in the observaniice of
Bible Society Sunday 6n June 23rd.a;--.n 0
this day., churches are asked anext col.)

S TK Aage

BIBLE W6EEK :d 11'o1. to feature the
work of the =1ale ciyin some way,, .
and to tko/a oIfff2rThg if willing., Aso
there ace to be United Services on that
evening' .
At Roseau- Methodist Church (7-30' p.;m.)
and at MI6rigot 'Me-thodist Church (7-1m.,') '
SPECIAL 'QUOTE: "The whole of Domjica
should -be a Wtinal Park." -- Hiuriable
M.E.Charles at Fre&dom Party Convention.

The- ay 2 Hansard (H.of A.)
Morever, there is too much depcndeice
upon Income THx, the usuaal3ittle taxes o
here and there and import duties for
Money, can be saved by abolishing er-
tain posts .that are redundant.. There.
are certain .officers in' various divi"Jsion
who do ho work at all or who from day" to
day, week to week and month to month do
their own private work, and all this:is
well known-1in top -Gvernment circles-
where the Nelsonic eye is turned on. such
reports.. ,".
There& s ho need'to mention the reck-
less wasUte- hat- goes p', especially in
the Ministry for -Onimnlnication and" Wolks
or as some clever poeraon puts it "mdr,
consistent 'astbe" due to lack Of proper
supervision, bad, work on roads-, and" (as
a Minister said'in tho souse) gi f.'
employment'to worker" .for voes,.
lics mine). .
Civil ervants" cant be paid bocuwse
Premier LeBlanh does not spe fit to cut):
out unnecessary trimmings; and trappings';
pr to retrench geinerally in other direct-
|Lons for the economic build-up of the
country. .
It is also very important for the'
Government to stop habohing notions 'which
antagonise and' hurt hard-working citizens
p.g. making the Gbvernor sign S..&'O.'s .
o extend the term of office of a p.olti-
3al. bureaUcracyto manage the Banana In-.
Austry ..The e "is the recent effort on the
part of. Govirnment7'to prostitute the -
Pitrus Inaustry also.' *- .--
No money to pay Civil -"rVaAts1 I-sit
any wonder that the Provident IUnds" dre'
dwindling and'the bana-a growers have to
pay debts indefinitely& When industry,,
truth And justice are .enthroned-. in -
Dominioa, all.o.th6r'things will be' added,
and our future Gov6rnment won't have a
headache:'to find money to pay-Civil
Servaxits. .... .- WS.s..

Bas"e W I :



- T H "-E "

S**A"l*RA*SP*0*R*T*S "Nrbrist ta
FOOTBAIL. .The World qup matches are
wel1 on heir'way with hb upsets up to
date. Brazil, after 2 m-atches, are
yet to core a goal, surely missing
some of their top players of the last :
World Cup .in Mexico-,in 1970 and Pele
refusing to play. Yugosla&ia, after
theolz-love-all draw against- azsil in
the 1st match, came back strong to ut-
terl:y.-demolish Zair6 9-n l -- --
S"In another. group., West Germany are
through for the. next round of qualify-.
ing'matches after defeating Chile 1-nili
in scoring the ffrst goal of the 'tour-
-naiment; and" then Australia 3-nil.. East
Germany also defeated Australia 2-nil,
but. drew -with Chile 1-all. ..
Haiti put on a" good- fight against ..
Italy but .lost 1-3, scoring the first
goal-.on Italy in.-two-. years."- .
____ -:.In the .ske eth'6 B1ll Le reward
.gZands Oompetiti6n, Nevis 'wonnt their
match against Montserrat by 121 runa,
Mohtaerat were set 308 for victory,
but with the dismissal of Jim Allen for
,51 and the score: 93 (the scood wicket
down), thd-tight was practically )ost-,
Oorrietite. fought. or a bit *to get 621
but with the total at 174 h--became the
6th man. out. The side crumbled ror 186.
Willet. finished with 5/55 and mch
.figures of-12/92 and Parry V/52
The. other match Anitigua- vs' St.K tts,
was headed for a. drav. But before.that
was decided, Wilkirns, ,.the youi-g skipper
of St.Kitts took all 10 wickket in the
Antigua. 2nd innings for 130 rulis. A
truly remarkable featT-" .
Olive. Lloyd,- skipper of' the W6st
Indies team to' India, 'Pakistln and Sri
Laika, made -a f`Ling visit to the- West
Indi6s to help choose tie team. Lloyd
will be back in- Engla.4d in time bb
pi.a. 6o4!aturday fox his county LanCar
shi e. ... . ...
Cbff Boycott, the England opener,
wap dropped. for the 2nd 'test against
*India after his poor form lni the first
test. 'David Lloyd, t-he' Lancashird
captain and opener, replaced Khim on the
tedm. The match played at Lords started
on Thursday. England: all- out for 629.
Centuries came from Amics(185)" Deness
I// and Orieg/06.tedi finished with 6
for 232, 63.2 overs. Lloyd & Amiss put
on 116 -for,the first wickeb.4'/4. /4

:The.,D viniba, Branehzf the British
IRed Cross Society wil:lbe: holding .a',
Grand Sale:f.NITET clothing at the' Red-
Pross He6dq4iarters oni'b-deration Drive,
!qood wll, on S.ttr.day 29th June. 1974
pommenoxng at 9 o'clock in the-'morning,
to--raise much needed funds.
The main items of clothing include
phildtonks and' ladies' dresses, pants-
0uits, nightdresses and underwear." :'
COME ALONG in- large numbers and.
,An interesting panel discussion on .-
JUVENLE lDELIrQTUECY will be hold' at the
.p7tra fiural Depart~iet on Thurs.June 27
4t 8 p.mi. sharp. W7e"'I give you details
Of the three ma in issues and names of .
gnell ..t.. next. .ook. Reserve that datcd

Ip Dominica 'Sister. Suzanne M.E&Coorevits
(sister TutJr at PI4I) received the M.B.E.
and printer Rbbolto J.Blanc received. the
ritish Empire Ioeda3. During the-Queeiis
birthdayy parade here, Doctors E.IUatty
and Plhilip N. Griffin were ..presented' wit h--
their OB.E. 'aards by H,E. Sir Louis'-" -
Oools-Lartigue, and Nras. C..Agatha Robin-
Pon received her lI.BE.. then too. -
pOLITZICAL fSIMA^1faI : an Intero' tg
article'undo.- this arresting heading by
Mr, W.S.Stevehs had to be held ovo6r (tb-
4is and our recrct) because, of compress-
4.on .and lack of- space. Also- a follovi-up-.
6n the vital banana topics of the ia:.
We plead with correspondents to0 precis
READER'S VI- E(-fr..3 I holdno brieff
.._,or any member of our church in this res-
pect, but ~ notice at times; when asked. by
'the belebrant to partiOipate in this '
gesture of, brotHerly love, some members,
whether they"' all themselves bougewar o'-
what do not even-turh around to shake th&i
quashee brothers' hands. This sort of
apartheid shouhld-iot be prac.tised in'
any church 'here we ,gather to pray, sjig
and commune together,
And in some c asoe this very quashee
knows much'of his or her..,not too pleasant
background. "
"Good things and eyl,. life and death,
Poverty and riches are from God."
.1, ... - ---- UX ..G LAWRENCE. :

Printed and Published by the Proprietor .E. ALLFIET of Gopthal Nill House at
26 Bath Y1oad", Roseau-, DOminica, West Indies.