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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 06-07-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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A ~Rbirth Soon
. s Ja e~n~yet V2IIAL, Li.brarian, .50
Research Enslt ue for the study 6f ran ,
162 Easrt 70 t ot ro t,
New York 1Ool 1, -1T.YY1
rj.^ 'M^ jiferf tw O&F"' M^'lAN
C*o Torw i1 1EI i+4 J1
S-W m- k i'L A ra .-C z3 .... ....
V IA g .... .[kor PlfrkU Is

An fti fir A Plaine, Swdely

Back to cawRa: Mayor Amnette
3St. ilaire


Member for f E B E cEoral Dii
(i) Wherea e* loyment bhs become
. acute problem in Dominica and where
as there is national disapproval of Govern
2ment's Policy, in the re-employment of
retired Civil Servams to serve on Statuory
BoarxdS Be it restofed that Gwovernment
discontinuL this unethical practice.
(2) Whereas the House of Assembly is
-the highest Court :in the land, and' where-
ias the people in thfis tate are entided to
kaow w ha tiram ires therein; be it re-
solved that the prote"dings of the Houe
ot Assembly be uiced u its entirety
over Radio Dominca as part of Govem
menit laionuaonR _jk *o

"+ I'J A R "I

...SH*ND ALL.EY Fra. ,J .7
SHeafD ALLfEY Friday, ,M- 7, 197


AN ALT3iiATIVZ GOVT. (conelmded p.68)

f ore our people is whether the. stale
old. Goverznment, which has been inaz'--
power for years aad whose members .
have accuwmlated a lot of cash to
-h.ich they were unaccustomed,ahouldc
xot be chased out like bate. of night
iar.d the windows opened to admit per--
sons of integrity awd vision who, in-
.heriting chaos, could try to put.
.h -s island State on a'souA footing.



The Price Is Too Sigh

J 11?t

of I

E ,~ ,- ---- ; -

In Defence of a Principle
(WK. year ago,, n t. e 13th. JTuxe,
.1973, the Dominica Civil Cervice
.Aasociation went on str.ilke "a-i de-
.fenoe of. a principle that:
"Discipliaary action shall not
be take against a. public off-
Si.cer. muless that 'officer has
." Tbee- charged and given aa op-
porrtaity to defend himself."
oditbhe C.S.A*. 'still stands .by
t .ha't principle and by the pri.ci-
-.-le that the Bargaining Agent,the
tu.iici, has a right'to be heard on.
a4Q1y iattel* affecting the rights
of its members.



Page Two .S T A EL .S frida June 7T A_14,
READER'S VIEW Ei C Loblack CANDIDi. .COiU &IITTS W.S,. Stevens
No MonpeyfE S3alaries- Juvenile Delinquency in Dominica
S May I ask, wha E'r Leblanc,' Premier I was happy that "Dominica Children
of Dominica .ie ta Lng DiAini~ans to be? and Young Persons Walfare Association"
Around February this "yea, NMr.Leblanc came out'in the columns of this *newspmoer
.went on his radio tellingi" that -en Nto combat Juvenile Delinquency.
he took over the Governmeht, the budget When I was. Minister of Education and
was $5 million. He boasts how he has Health, Mrs. James and I made an effort
brought it up to $25 million plus so to do something about what worried a
many thousands. We are now in the month Judge, several magistrates and a few' top
of June & and at the time of writing policemen.' Our little plan to p ovide
no one cai get their salaries for the .three meals daily, to teach delinquent
month of May. boys inthe"mornings and train them in
I would like to tell ir'. Zeblanc (i) handcraft in the afternoons at the centre
he has never had this $25 million plus near the Printery was put before .Premier
what he mentioned and (2) we know too LeBlanc." Both-Ird. James (M.H.Ak) aand I
well that it is because 1r.Leblanc and pooled our scarce funds and found tho
his Government has squandered the life- money ahd"the mechanics to start what we
blood of both British and Dominiican Taxr believed. Iould h1ep boys in Roseau.
payers, that iswhy he could hot get Premier LeBlanc ridiculed our idea aiid
money 'to pay Civil Servants and other described it's a rhalf-baked" sche6b.
workers for the month of May. Miss Ritchi ws 'at' the time doing a
I would like to inform Mr. Leblahc laudable- work in this: direction' at -he
that when our budget' was 5''million, old. St. Maryrs Academy building.
Civil Servants and all other workers got I went "further and included Juv-ei-lo
their pay before the end qf the month, Delinquency- under: tho title- .Ghil T GUidance
Dear Madam, I remember there was a in the annual UI, Teachers' Bursary
long-past election in Domihica; deceased course. Mrs. Rita Thomas, was. selected
Rawle and Francis Potter were candidates for training at a U.K. University; l4(s.-
for Roseau. Rawle dressed a donkey and Thomas toured several-European count'oes
-had -a-a ato ide t.ha.t-_Lokey.-he don- And spent some time in Austria on he-
key was supposed to be saying', ITI will Child Guidahc6 course.
not vote for Rawle for I am an ass." On her return to Dominica in due ,ourjia
wonder at the last election if that waff she was appointed Child Guidance Officer
not the slogan that I would hot vote and was doing good work throughout the
for 'the Freedom Party.for'I'am an ass. State. Instead of sending another -oacher
As far as I can gather, .this' is just or two'to tackle fully Juvenile Delih-
what the people whoi want their salaries ,.6 quency, the "present Ministry of Educition
arq saying. The writing is .on the wal4 and Health was happy to transfer Mrs,
about Mr. Leblanc and his Government. `, Thoyas to do' Faily Planninig,
They are really weighed in-the balance And so Famiy Planning, 1acal Goverh-
and are found wanting. E..L ment, Cooperatives,, Community Developpent,
June. 2. E Construction of Police Stations and other
READER'S VIEW Hugh Lawence activitio'6got priority ov#r Juvenile
'"Dr.Kissinger a Man of Miracles" Delinquency.
,' .Kissin~r T ,-.an o Miracles" .- ~Premier LoBlahnc's clever dchemb ia no.
When I heard President Sadat of Egypt yet baed"and L heBquality of a newh6 itioh '
made the.remark above' 1 'really marvelled. aw
ade theremarkbove aly being. studiously and cruelly underminek4
This statement is nothih but the real Will ell-mein teachers, social
.truth. The U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. are and community development foc -volunoer
co-chairmen of the ide.le East peace to save Dominica? I am ready to help
treaty in Geneva; but while Dr.lissinger where I am.
was trying his utmost' best to have the ,.S,,
disengagemet matter settled,'Gromyko --
,kept going to and fro to prevent it, a.4 to encourage Syria not to accept unti-
Israel came out from all Arab lands, which is just impossible. Whenever the'Arab
states of 126 million bac~6kd by RussLa wage a war against Israel with its 3 mil-
lion, she deserves fo gain more and more lands to extend her small state and for
.her security. Egypt and Syria are still very lucky', for when Israelwas .about to
o-ptir-e Cairo and Damascus, the Russian diplomat rushed quickly (concl. 7),

Pae Thrge

chvsulr owf Appike~t e for C e fTile & Nta arp
, CSvesva o? week (nds Bofb 4ay of June 1974

WOW. "

vemq d Perwso Prewtiog Nature equ
Sr s CiertfAtca*of Titde

Request date, Viola Trail Request for the isis
the 10th day by her Solicitor of a First Certificate
of May 1974. Cilma A M.. of Title ia repect ef
Presented the Dupigay x portion of land at
15th da(y 4 Calibisie, in tde Pa-
;Jvne 1974 at ri4k of St. Aatdrewr in
10.40 m. j the State of Domiiea
.------- ontiaing 4360
atqua e feet and b sna
dAd follows:-

on v th 6.. Rofd; West by a Rigot (wae
loptrating it from tjandsi of Sylvster joseph; Sout-h by
lands of HUIs Petev-. East by lands of Mathlda Warrnlgea
Sof i p.t. Ioon for Cantlcate of Title and Noitip
SCavreat. r week snl l e day of jin. 174
aet bdat4 fLraid Veronica Request for the issue
,be 7th day Anthony of a First Certificate
j4 May 1977. ify her Solicitor of Title in respeetaf
ra 1:-h6 Cilia A M-. a portion of haud at
tith-'dy of Dupiany Salsbury, in the Pa-
May 1974at rib of 1St. Josephk
...- -.-. --- ---"*" containing 5
square feet &tia
asd t follews:-
t ^by k~ds 6t Theresa Vidci and G rard Elisalre;
;?, by had of -wthr ess Vadal; 5rn y a sbto
svArTq It tal"d of Dents Lylch: Wast by Ian&f
of ~Or mj nica Schoot Grounds.
R ue dit.- ter.tie *Request for the isse
the 27tn 7 WilB.lim of a First Certificate
( .;ay i' 4. *y 3s. S&A~citor ofi Tite i~ respect of
e -ese nt -.1 th.it CA.na A M. a pqrtion of land at
?')th day .: Dup y Woo.dford Hill, in the
S "- t Paris h of St. Andrew
L4 in the State of Domi.
i- .ntaln"'i 1202 scure feet and bounced
as flows:- Nolih East* by land of Hunter Abraham
North-Wet.by land f Mr &Mes. Hub.enr Andrew;
South-Walt bfr lands of Me. & Mrs. Hubert Andrew;
Ssu:h ,y a A.ci tid s5pirting i t f.am iands of al$ph
Andrew aii P.t R__q6t T Olequat latet p Ret tfr tI
the 20th day Floraint of a First Certifitcat
of May 1974, by his Soicitor of Tihle in respect of
Presented the Ciina A.M.. a, portion of la&
27th day of Dupia~y k0ofwn as a lot at
rWay 1974 at Capell, in the Pa |
3.25 pan.m. rish of St. Paul in the
_IBI B ini Stats- of Doiaaicate
containing 0 S82 acres and bonded as follows.

North by land o1 Hi4lous Florant; East by a Pubtli Ramd
partly separating it from land of Aldan Stetdman and a Ra
vine separating It amn larid of Heskeith !:sprit; South
by land of Hithoi Fiorant; YWVp by iaUd ef 14111Mo Fra*

modue 'ch management:
ba e i 280. i

tmo be graduates, with
ga4 some years teac ti g

Government Scale.


A pbe bfre t* 3ist' with two testimo
s oe bd present employee r

e. M tmon Didier,

= groud fto o t Premises situate
= K Lsae, aseau suitable for

par Pmcula a to:
S Miss -AM. Dupigny,

... ..... .. .-

Registrar of Titles
Mdatt e the oie prZ R
--***'^E.1""?"''!-.er ocT *' JpfkJl f r w *(adjolt agWKE~


hwis/B..... ntial Lot at

i SWK_ Sa trade
SNo. t Lore Lane

1 ---------- --M---

\ eadoleares September 1974
;' (ot igx ag possible)



* Salary acclapd

Fage Pour.- THE ST A. R Friday, June 7, 197L
Dominicanc are now convinced that when
So a "u mor Radio Dominica reports an event they must
No doubt about it,@.There1rs more cGming ~isard 90 of what is heard. It is dis-
from voluntary groups and-iiidividuals 'tressing that a broadcasting station dos-
than from the establishment...First, pite its own personal view tells you only
the establishment is just not capable what it wants" you to know.
enough; intellectually and otherwise... Up to now no Doiinican gets the actual
Well,. brother.. .What a mess, eh.'.Just happenings in the nation's highest court,
imagine "What good ican one epoct from' the House of Assembly. We live in a
"boobs!"..."knuakleheads"... "saps"...Ou, Hitlerite atmosphere of propaganda and
la lal Due to the overwhelming cur- authorised half-truthsi-
ousity-of such "marbleheads" it is only The recent DDGA Release, as published
fair...proper to anticipate lbot of in both sections of the press, made bad
"horsing around!'. ..Jeanwhile, "meat- reading and worse"logic. It gave. -tliee
heads" go bouncing their noses on wrong prices to tlhe grower: 8.80, 9.30 & 10.8
doors cents, after the author had laboured to
Now it's DOMINICA. ARTS COUTTCIL-s justify deduction after deduction.
presentation time...In a couple weeks The Managing Committee must be told
their anthology of local short stories flatly that (i) Banana Growers should do-
will be issued for sale.,,Oh the book-! cide for themselves with the Managihg
stands of Paperbacks Ltd and Cee-Bee... Committee-whether they welcome these de-
The price of $2.50 is yet another "giveT ductions (ii) thit the deductions made
away" offer ,..The book,-prinhted by TrQ- never seem to cone back to the grower,
pical Printers, features the work of there beiig no financial accounts given;
Lennox Honychurch, Daniel Caudeiron, (iii) that banana growers are human beings
Alwyn Bully, Ernest .Herrill, Alsid like those on the Managing Committee and
Joseph and a- bhnf-pt .of crs..-.It's the are affected 'by fu6l crises, high -ost of
3aeai. reLevant1 tex0ook o or 1iv .de a ouldbe iven all'
school ...elementary and secondary, that is coming. to them for their bahnaass
Here we. go...highll ging the musi- and left to do their own housekeeping;
cal scene: G.P.U's -orLs.n on material (iv) that detailed monthly statements of
for a. new album... .M'ile I. to release a what DBGA- receives and what they pa-~ ill
new single-at the end of.June... (eLeM do more good- than -dictatorial releases
says: that's pushing too.-mich; too soon. which have'neither rhyme nor reason. -
It's a big-mistake .. 're signing Finally, growers.-are reminded that
your death c&tificate)... meanwhile,. Dr,- Hoseen and Mr. Room Das fromthe
"Which One Is Me Home" has entered BIG :U.K. government will interview them oh the
A's Funm rty Chart at ITo.28i,'(Don6t problems theyo-facoin the banana industry.
you think the release of a neiw single. The -Managinig Committee has not been keep-
is going to either over-shadow this ing growers informed about this.
movers or the mover is going to entire- .SS.
ly mar. all possible chances. .o fhe 20TIr. UK BMAj7-- PR-IC -- --
newee?...Guadeloupe-biaed Fitzroy TEX The price of Bananas has gone up in
?Joseph of Loubiere, who, qitfie recent~ Britain by another. ha oe up In
was with LAWRENCE BROS, formerly MODUTC rS it y aothe1 a per tontybrog-
of Portsmouth, is forming another Domi' at up o king 149 -a-has in on tte cost
nican-group-in-Exile...Lead' guitarist of taking has ine eased* It is re-
of LIQU-ID ICE may soon m--L-t away; ported that the grower will get .2#
just like that...BLOCKS BOYD lihas trans.- hs bananas.
erred his ARGADIANS equipment back- to See page 8 for another letter by Mr
Pt' Michol...Salisbury's SIMPLE -7 has V.E.White,Gen.Manager of D.B.G.A *
packed up; until.-.DRAYTOIS 2 for- GAYr- DS: a large crowd i ------
LORDS POWER UNION's shbi: at ARAVAK on at the Freedom Parte crowd i expected
June 15...Thora Ja&k/on returns from Plaine, Sun. a.m, Be oen tion, La
Carifta Queen Contest in. S t.VLncenit s a.m Be on timed *
most disenchantedly. ..Walt weit wrong, Htu as di mets next Weds. 12
SLas Dominica? Oh,. -ohJ-Thia-aliwaysr the case...Loser's complaints...Loser's
J-a1t-ifw tion. ..J VNihner's prifde. -

/ C
9 4'
ft I,

about the fure of this c"" untry

about YOUR ftamre.and the fuamre

ot all Domiacans

about how you can make this island a beer place.

Come to




A round trip aet of oo wilhe cbi I+e and all wishing o auead f.B.ud
contact The'Party Arc in "thir village M'make.early arrangemenms for transport.
Bring your Wnch w,.. A .. .d y e : r picnic style.







rage -aunax W




,p.e 3 ton Bedford truck in good
ing condinon. Instalment terms
e arranged if a reasonable down
.tment is made and the prospective-
purchaser can guarantee repayment of
the balance at regular monthly inter-
vals. Contact N.A.N. Ducreay at No.8
Old Street, Roseau or ring 2325 during.
X 6(clock to 4 p m. on workdays and
at o1her rimes nng2l43. 2 pM!

Fridnv, Ja ,u : 7,174


- Mi

One Geegraphy Teacher
One Art and Crafts Teacher (part time).
Apply before June 2 nd giving qualifi-
cations, with two ttesimonials,one being
troau present employer to,
Rev. Atherton Didier,
P.O. Box 92,
Roseau.n. rn- 4' 2

- 2 E5IGEH 00M2 Or JUSEC
BMMAi: nrfatMT a. I




IRA 1s's Ma, 1.5,

Plant ift


TO BI SOLD PflDAf SC O au Order *aav by The tnaaraMle ubp Jriust ie
J.J.B. 2a492ck on' the 25th day of Jaoa3y, 1974, it. fte aate- of
BDoinics ta 3ait 'io. 153 of 12975, betw aa.R sl-aad. G. 'Auggluz fnt isae'
Alleyne, Upon the .pliatisoh atof te above nazed PLAni.fCff fr tle, .sale
of the Befendaat's land under Se3' tit 4 of the fldgeaa A;t (fCaq,,jL0
of the AseTised Law of kamalica 196X) aiA Order /51 Italos 1I aW, g a tg.
1970 Rules of the Saupreme COo'urt (aReviai)s, YAt JP&Its isf ttias. 7y t.he
Provost Marshal of Daminaica, at the CoUrt ?7cao, keaisn', at 10J80 a .
in the forenoao on Xodar tbs 24th day of Jwun, Y74&.
"The portion of land -At7n aZ Ltr 186 .*Lasr 1y 2' l pitt oa lfs 3 ;
Estate, in the Pariash of 01. Paul con-xca.ianinj IS!t aqRant fet atd
bounded as follows:- i4rerth by a proya rSd road,, outh-bt by Wft 1M6.
Morth-Wast by Lot 187, Fnath-east avn ea9es' roa14, tagifftter Bo. Go,
Polio 40
Particalawz azd conditions, at sale aWgr e *fAatt tp a ik
,Tanya DTpigay at 0ftooersa, 6 Jeanwfe AfreUe,* ra JAAnsat* sthee
Solicitor having tW. 'Canriage of rae s2alk "d /A .the 1la2e at al.
ated the 24th day crt AM l9, ) 974
* vni nuu ssaaslaam

p myRa a.~fl-flS'

n. an.... r amme m

Hive Bodies, Bottom Boards, Metal Co-
vers, Standard and Shallow Frames,
Shallow Supers, Foundation Wire,
Wire Holders, Wire Imbedding Tool,
Frame Grips, Bee Escapes, Entrance
Guards, Bee Brushes, Bee Gloves,
Queen Excluders, Hive Tools, Smokers.
Syrup Feeders, Capping Knives, etc.
We also buy Honey any quantity up,
to a million gallons, and all the Bees
Wax you, can supply.


An experienced young typist (lady) hbo special-
ies in producing very neat and tccurae type .
scripts is prepared to consider a mrsonable offer
frw= a professional office or a cotmrercial firm
Equiries in this connection we to tbe ad:

. .. .. .....ii

Fr~cLy Jun

7 TIE19? nthia Watt.
HA. TITfIE nt'hia Watt.

Genelia was very worri-d.' She sat
on her living-room settee, her hands
folded in her lap, her forehead a mass
of fr-wns. Reuben had promised to' go
to the Frenchman for wine, and just a
while ago she had met Plierre who again
told her to remind Reubeiabout the
drinks. Really, that was" just too'bad,
ahd the wedding only six days away.
She. didn't like his attitude at
Titine's either. He'had been in a raih
.er abstracted mood...she shook her
head...better go to Titine's for a
friendly chat ... .
Arriving at Titine's who should be
just coming out through tlle door but'.-
Reuben. To her already worried mind,
there was something furtive in the.way
he looked at her.
"Haie-e, Geni Titino .bakih.o jus
run in to see hah enh? Well dat's good,
; jus-goin myself.." .
"Are you so busy, Seuben?- -W'y not
go back with me and after we'll stop at
Pierro's for the drinks? Ismet him
earlier and he said he had'not seen you
yet,-" she-added accusingly~
Reuben's face was a mahssofguilt,
as oenelia was quick to"nbtice.- She
went on: "Reubens what's wron1 ? I can't
understand you these days"f ahd in .less
than a week we'll be marriedJ"
It was more than Reuben could bear.
Be sank down on the top step and held
his head-in. his hands.-.. "I jus...is
jus dat GonIt Is long" I wan to tell you
but,..0h Gad, oh Gad....wat to say nunh?"
He swallowed deeply. "!I doah'kibw wat
to say*0.bon dieu1,...,Gonblia wei not
marryin..@I- oannotbi married. .it impos-
siale, ..bon dieul help m6b .i.wat foh-me
to do nunh?...oh-Gad bondieuj ..'."
C-enella was dunbstruck. "'-We're not
getting married? Sobw-h6iw-.how--what
happen. .Jl don't understand..." she was
almost shouting and I-T Titine, overhear-
ing t.e, noise, breathed 'a troubled.
prayer: "Jesus, help me to clear up
this between them," ind making a hurried
sign of the cross, went out'to them,
Genelia was crying, leaning against
the porch. "Titine.. perhaps you oan
help,,.I.. I can..canot"understand
Reuben. "e..he..he.Wjuit told me..that..
we..we..weore not getting marriedd"
4a Titine breathed in6ther prayer in-.
wardly- then taking Go6elia by the arm
said: tLetts go insiie. .I111 'explain."
bet lea dgl es Ge...

B. T .A. E .gYr
The above name was mentioned in con-
versation a few days ago with regard to
its historical origin; how, in fact, did
the name come about.
The interesting explanation, quite
captivating,- ws that the wife of George
III once came to Dominica, and paid a
Visit to. this part to the south of Roseau,,
so that to do'honour to her and to com-
memorate her visit we now have the name
George IIIts wife was Charlotte of
Mocklenburgh-Strelit. by whom he had the
large family of nine sons and five daugh-
ters. .. -- .
But why adopt .Idw Town and not Xu6velle
Ville, the French equivalent? In any
case, there- seezn- no connection between
New Town and Charlotteville.
It is full of interest to mention in
this brief article the name of George" ll..-I -
All -students of. EMglish History are
au courant of the King's being described
a -e aonl fthoie lttle-minds: which 'could e
not appreciate greatness in others, and
which feel certain that their own way As
the true One."
In spite of the lesson his mother kept
iJpressi.ng on him l"to be Kingi", George.

n-es in consequences
Incidntzally, "(which I may meAtion
ch passant), during his troublous admihis.-
tati on e'Kih"was attackedvwith a fit
of insanity,, on two occasions.
When on tlie" first occasion his wit re-
tirned, there was such an outburst of
affectionate joy from the people that
George said it was almost worthwhile, to
hpve beet ill to witness his people's
On the'second occasion however, a fit
of madness left the King permanently in-
sane, sightless and deaf.
Such was the husband of Queen Charlotte
whoQ one historian says ,bore him, fifteen
children. ...- S.JL,

READER'S VIEW (frJ.p2)...to the 1.&ddle
East and had them to .agree to a ceasefire.
"Blessed be the LoId God', the God of .
Israel, who only. dooth Wondrous things."

The 5thi'meeting (4th Session) of the
2nd post-1967 Parliament will take place
at 10 a.m.,....W6ednesdy June 12th, at
"Governaont "Q.,

PaJ TEiht THE S .T A R FridaL June .7 JL197
S*T AR*S*P*O*R*T*S Iorchristo94. 'LETTER' TO TIHE EDITOR: Mo.re question
In the final match of" the knoc .out I wonder. who-ther "A REPLY TO i-r,
competition played Wednesday night, By- .HITE 'OF D.B,G.A." in your issue of the
Trinee Electrons defeated Caroni Cardi- Star -of 31st Hay was intended to answer
nals in what was almost a one-sided the questions raised in my letter to you
affair. Caroni who w:iere short of two published in the issue off24th INay.
key players, just never found their The questions were:
rhythm. At one stage in the first halg (a) What" was this "Secret Banana Contract
the score was level on'ten, but by half- with Goest Industries", (mentioned in
timer Electrons'led'26-10. Fin scorP QAITDD QOIN-EMTTS) ?
were: Electrons 49 C.Robinson i8 & b). What are the details of how "The DFU.
E. Blackman 11. Caroni'33: C.Uilliams auceeded las;" year in Saving Domi2ica ;
13. Cheers to Electrons for their fin9 Banana Growers-from a Secret Banana Con-
performances this season. tract with Geest Industries on'May 1,1973
The official closing ceremony of th. These questions are not answered in
basketball season took place last" Fri he "REPLY TO MR. 1WHITE" referred to above.
night after a return match between Ba4q It is not surprising that question -(a) is
Pros (league champions), and Caroni ot answered since there was no "Secret
Cardinals, (runners-up Iin both competlt Qontract w'ith-Geest Industries that I know
tions). The match, one ofe the most eF of to be :s!gnA and, as the reply admits,
citing this season, ended in a ra. I should knou. As regards question (b),
after extra time- was given at'56-56. L- t would be interesting and informative
Final scores 62-62. For Pros, A.St iH- to see and read the reply, if any, to the
aire 26 & B.Jones 22. -.Fr Cari nals,s member of Ekecutive of the Farmers Union
d.John Baptiate 14,, 'WT.eblanc 12, who commaunioated with .the Ministry of
C.o'Rberta 11 & O.Peters 10. Overseas Devilopment in London. These are
This match was .played b-ecause Elec#r the sort of details of how "The DFU suc-
rons had most of_their players on tour ceeded" I should like to know and which
for. Liat weekend. and so could not field think would be of interest to tho public.
a .team for the K.0,lnals, Please 'take full advantage 6f UTho,Gol-
ORICIET On Sunday, 2nd June1 Travel- oen opportunity".
1. Yours faithfully,
lers of Roseau hosted the Soufriere June 6, V.Eours hfaithfull
Cricket Team at the Botanichl Gardens j 1974 GEErL MANAGER,
in their 4th encounter, with all pre- GEcALB MANAGER1,
vious matches played at Soufriere.minica nana Growe -Aasacn.
Soufriere won 2 of the 3 matches
played at home, so it was just fitting MAN ALTERINATIVE GOVERNMEiT (fr. .).
that Travellers would gO all out to That is why the Freedom Party Con-
level the series, which they did when mention this week-end is of such im-
they surpassed the Soufriere 1st Innin portance: as the valid Parliamentary
total of 104 by replying with- 144. 1 Fo'. pppositionf, and with plenty of intel-'
Soufriere, the skipper, H.St.Tilaire, t ligent material to draw on, they can
who has represented Dominica as a fast pffer Dominicans a New Deal,
bowler slammed a fast 56 which-inclu-. We are not averse to the M.N.D.
dod 8 fours and 3 sixes'with- th& 50. putting up Third Party candidates.
coming up in 39 minutes; H1Xohn Bap- This is reasonable, and they are only
tiste finished with 6/19 & M.F il.. 3/29. exercising their right. We will not
In Travellers. 144, C.-arie 35, E.Lafon4 slander them with imputations of in-
31. St.laire baggf'ed 6/54i~ a hon- I erity, since some of them are quite
stop spell shared with! th AetZt open idealistic, and being young, they will
bowler of 36 overs. Pascal 3/83 accrue wisdom as they go along. In
The first test match between England an. fact, they are already doing so.
the touring Indians started yesterday at But it is to the tested and tough
Old Trafford, Manchester. England bat- freedomm Opposition, which captured
ting. first declared their innings closed5%$ of the countrywide votes last time,
at 32.8 for nine wickeot: T eith Fletchep -that the people will. look for stable
-123 not out. *;..**, *:,;.** .* guidance. And they will get it, to
Yrdatd & Published by the PTroir e2, R.E.Allfre, of Copthall Mill House at '
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.