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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 05-31-1974
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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sea gOO l L, 0 U ~ o f G as
.'_rW. .. ,~sf or
l- 'Tor- O .

Cable: Star. Donmli~ea ;
Tel: Printery 269, Editor 2610
U.K. Media Representative
Cohn Turner (London) Ltd.
-J1 ShIftesbury Ave. W1..
Vol. XVIII Na.22

.OM I ..

.rtut PHYLLucIS
.: Editor -- PHYLLIS


X 2 T ,.78
V N 0 002'1

2. S

Friday. May 31, 174

from owr lq er %Rprter
The A G.M. of the Dominica Banana Growers
Assn. was called for Tuesday at the Goodwill Pa-
rish Hal. It was something of a fasco. After the
Management Committee Chairman (Mr. Joffre
Robinson) had spoke and delegates were being
called, Mr. Alvin Armantrading asked permnltsao
to pt a question to the chair. Why were so
many policemen asked to stand by at this mneet-
ing? It ias an insult to the Growers who came
to discuss their problems and burning issues. He
then proposed chatthose who objected to the
police guard atmosphere should walk out.
Everybody walkedour savte.-hadfi f
delegates, leaving a skeleton quorum behind.
Some of the delegates wiAled out too... all this in
protest the unnecessary ponicng of the meeting.
-"The Police are here to maintain law and
order" said chAirman Robinson, Mr. Pat Stevens
pointed out that at a Citrus meeting the preced-
ig day with a greater mmbr of participants, no
extra police were called in, Walkie talkie police
were in the courtyard.

rite 431,r' 4 h, T
The flate st

Mr. Alvin Armantrading

JOHN SPECTOR- Page Five ---- .

We must take time off from our
local embroilients to .salute brave
Dr.Heaury Kissinger, miracle-diaa of
diplomatic negotiation, whose indefl.-
atigable shttlinx from one Middle
&a.3t w)rring- country to another ul-
tinately produced this week au a agree-
aent to di.segage the bloody combtat-
aits of .4yria and Israel, after his
fa..tast . efforts had produced cease-:
fires il adjacent lads.. is. reputa-.
tioa ascended faster tha" the ,descent
of President -ixoB's. Both combatants
have :ad. to cede .emanded territory,
wit ..a4,-United nations Buffer Zoae.-.
Bot -.Israeli and 3yria_ -iazet
Ta-Tfi-ed- ne agreement immediately
a.nd tiie U'ited ,at !ios meet. shortly
to authorise the U.,. buffer zoae

Le- us. salute also the aew Presi-
ie..t of P ance, who walked to the..
?re ..ch Parliament oL his two feet lu4
.has declared against wire tapping,
press ce-nsorship and other i.hibitioxa
of civil l iberty..
A MONTH OF FLOWERS The office he could not find
The amath ef May, jsat
eadiag, rovght a gl w
of flewer beauty to our LAVtKS
Ital. S.. thi flmortag eC-LoAk
trees 11l around ail RooMi
tQe blue sea i& (peuii)
in the Gardesa. Ou the
parienia tree in our
yard, 30 floors gloM I

'The Prince of Wals wiIl make
,.his maiden *pe$ch so the
.House of Lords 9(1 June 13 on.
"Sports and .*Itr"" .3


Pag w THE S T A. -1 -: ...

p Z .. e e .

Principles.. ."eleeM' believes in princi-
ples...And, "eLeM' respects ho who
perseveres... Now that- have..discover.
ed exactly who's Earlvworth C"arter ...I
4p down7ron my knees .. MrCrte?,' do
accept ,y humble apologieds**Yes,
aireeo' Earlsworth....As a matter" of fact
..,,CONGRATS...Xh your case.o.I surely
wokld not mind. "if" they made .you head-
boy of Juke-Box Badi6...irrespective
of the consequences. *..'Or,"-the price..,
You're a. trier...You re embitiout ..
Move"on. garcon...Embrace all opportur
nities..*I2hey're all opportunists...So
if'a "small fry" can get"miked-up....
Or, can be mistaken or someohe~lsee...
There's nothing wrong about that...thhl
. ..Mi-amigo, mi nah. om waiie America-
nos.. 8 Ie nah talk Yankee*.-.l ain't no,
copy-Oat...Lood, you're' -ading one mIre
Americano.* ..(ah Ameribaiaed'4.Domihicn)
on the RPIaio.**4595 fU as One more Yx
.s-"oummIA tu g:t yet, you hyor "
_%$ I got it. from most reliable vourceq,
-Ajid-Joseph-a tho editor of TLAWTEEN
No."4* .Ahi ahi..too airl,- for a, re-
vlew'i Bu, do keep.in :b ouch. '..eff
0edee. #Big AW's. 3: -6,e- uy'in'transit;
last" T7hursday....N' deepest sympathies,
b'yudoi A -
Too early publicity 6h. Weiy"- Alleyne 's
J. uly visit has. only spurred speculat-.
tioh.. given rise to too much buzzing.
eLel uderstands that show'will high-
light appomnnces by KUBULII, PROVOKER. .
besides a host of other top local perp-
formers* .Meanwhile ,"organizer and
Belles Combo s. .boss-man, VIC, dis-
closes that he's: taking time off frop
show affairs to attend to hiis books....
Don't over-do, guy....*Remember the body
ean-bear only- that TOO much. .Fror the
last -two weekends G>.P'U. have -beon
SU.a,.V!.I.-hopping... Iirst St. Thomas...
then St Oroixz.
Steel Band Association-is in a melee.r.
At least, things. do not soem"tb be as
badly of as with Dominica Cak6 pifid a
Arc3idika,....But, all that's -left is
traces and impressions, ...Boy, that's a
pityd ..
Handel and Evo are now hard at work on
their 'first song material,' toge-ther....
they, hope to copyright' with"-AS'.'C.A.P.
or B.M.I. before their first's6no is
ws. fn t he- oal uhl-wagO uii
Pcl -Pao)


Page _Two



; S T A.,

the first part of a fifty thous-
and pound grant by Barclays Bank to
Commonwealth YouIth Exchange Council to
encourage Commonwealth Youth Exchange,'"
was made ih Londoh on May' 20. Barclays
Bank International is giving the. money
over five-yekars to further friendship
and understaxdinin" between the young
people of'Commonwealth countries ,-in the
Caribbean, Africa, the Mediterainean
and the United Kingdom. The Bank is"
the first sponsobrof the Council from
the Commercial sector; its grant Waa'
described by Nr. Lofitus'Peyton Jolxedi.
Chairman of the Council, as very iJagi-
native. He said it is a tremendous lahd-
mark in the short history of the .Coinmbh
wealth Youth EIchange Council*s* .re..ent..
ing a first instalment cheque for t en
thousand pounds, Hr I Anthony TuhIe..' (Chair-
man of Barclays" said: "The Banik Cdomn-'
monwealth interests went back as far as
1925 when Barclays D.d*O. started doer-
ations inh Afria,. 6 th Oaribbean an CT'e
Mediterranean The Commonwealth haS
changed"' he said, "butthere is stii a
great neetfo teeiemovement __young-
.people between this country and othIr
countries in the G6ommonwealth,"1 The.
grant would be used for young people to
benefit from the broadening of outlook
that travel' 6ould bring,.
Mr Tuke spoke -of his banks: wi46 ab-
sociaiihns wi-th Cpmmonwealth- cunt~is
by training lboal staff "(in Nigeria
more than ninety even per cent of Q-
staff are Nigerian)...we are refled.ing
the principles'. bf harmony and under tan=-
ing among different nations that are the
basis of the Comnonf iealth; ouir graht -s
in keeping with this concept. ,he dm-
monwealth Yoith Exchange Council which"
held its first meetings in 1968 acts 4s
a Co-ordiniator afd sometimes as an orgii.
ator of Commonwealth Youth Exchange br
jects, Its funds come from a British '
Government grant through the Britisi .
Council and from outside sources. rAre
than eighty local authorities are affili-
ated to it and onhehundred and sixty
voluntary organizations are represented
on it. council. Youth Exchanges have
been arraige'd for Agriculturists, "Student
Youth Leaders and disabled people and
there have been Sports and cultural Qx-.
changes ahidpr6jects including voluntary
Social Service.

Come t42-

Ebc' =s" Q .:ure of thisc'uz__
abou~ YOUR future and the future t all Do~Aia.cas.
abo-U.: how 'yotu ca mak_ this island a better, : .
4 .


A round trip 4' of t .co will be c.arged ... all ;:. ato ead .cuJd
contact The-Party Agec in their village 'o n.. r9y arrutgmens for ta;parT
Bring your ITh w. you, -: .."'.-y he -.h.. s rival in picnic style




,T .TT H .

I am especially grateful'for a gold-*
en opportunity which "your correspondents
Mr.Vivian White, General lafhager of the
D.B.G..A. gave me in your issie of the
17th May last, to explain the Secret
Banana Contract of which he should know
much more than I.
Your readers, Madam, will remember
that-the Banana. Authorities 'told the
Dominica public that they were gearing
themselves to visit St.Lucia to sign a
Banana. contract with Gees-t Industries
on 1st May, 1973. This wias to be done
in a hurry. As one on the executive of
the Farmers Union, I became highly sus-
picious of another Banana contract with
Geest Industries. In the'circumstance,
I got in touch with Ir-S. O"Pringle,
then a member of the Managing Committee
-and Chief Agricultural Officer, and
asked to be favoured with a draft copy
of the new contract.
Mr.Pringle, in Vtypical Jamaican
twang, refused to grant, my request, but
said that I could purchase a copy of thp
.3.196 _contract and that if:1 foundit
wanting, I could make and submit recom-;
mendations and improvements for the new.
contract. :
Madam Editor, you and. your readers
wia1 also remember that I criticised Mr,
Pringle's attitude in another section og
the local press at the tine. Mr.'White,
it appears, has no memory. of' .this,
Nevertheless, I thank Heaven that I
do not launch out into the deep waters
of public service and c0itroversey with-
out knowing what to do next when" baffled
by aggressive and supposedly powerful
civil servants.
So I decided to communicate with the
Ministry of Overseas Developenit in
London, informing that authority that
despite its heavy finahbial- assistsince
to extend baaana cultivation for SOBMVU
in Dominica., a. contract was to- be signed
within a. week or two, and banana growers
were not even told to whl-f~the Dominica.
Government and the Manage.qCommittee
were committing them on top of the cru-
cial problems with which they were already
faced* I further begged-the'M.OD. to
use their good offices to protect -Dominic
banana growers, from further exploitation
in "this regard
About a month later, it was announced
over the Radio, (next col.)


(fr.col.l) tothle joy and triumph of
all banana growers,- that such a- con-
tract could n6t be signed before3O0th
September next, i.e. 1973, to give the
U.K. Government an opportunity to look
at -it .
,Madam. Editor.,.' where was Mr.Vivian
Whilte-ih~K l this? Whoever advised" Mr.
Wtj la, hit )ie ia- so unusually done on
a very b'ad wicket, must be laughing up
his sleeves.. .-.Perhaps it was a device
to show that .thl General Manager was
out of touchylfth Premier LeBlahic had
.specially engaged him to.-manage. ..
NeverthelesS, I make no apology for .
concluding that it wpa.a a secret contract;
that I had very timely informed'the
Ministry of Overseas Development of it,
and that the- ministry'ss prompt reply "had
driven the D.,.GA. or the Managemen6t
Committee into silence and inaction, for
up to now, no contract whatsoever has
been signed, and there is no doubt about
it, that my prompt action from what I
had got from 1r.Prihgle, had done a.
world of good to banana producers. in-
Dominica ahd'had caused the banana jug-
Eglers to be cautious when I am abidlt..
Here are a v ia:6more details, or. E
and your .reader, "
When. Geest..Indust'ries thunder, the
D.B.G.A. and ihagiadnt Committee treimbla,
and the'poor banana grower pays for it.
In 1971 Geest Industries thought of a"
clever way to break the 1964 Baan. Con-
tract. So Mr.Vah Geest told :-t"
D.B.G.A*. he wanted demanded an.- boxed
fruit. -If he: did not get this, he-w6uld
take baiianas"fr6m Latin American countrih
Panic and Pandemonium seAzed' the D.B.G.IA.
whose odtaimjn-an- wad lW.Reggie Ax'rur anid
Adviser?, 3rJenner"Armour. "Snapt" wcnt
the 196- contract which stipulated..that-
bananas were -ought on the stem. 'Boxing
plants were rapidly constructed on -laige
estates at tromoh~dus costs, 'staggering
even. to Nr.Van Geest himself, .and" the "
Association w as plunged into debts from
which it cannot yet be extricated.
The flimsy boxes used-by Geest Indus-
tries to distribute bananas in the U.K."
were brought out- to Dominica and the
D.B.G.A. had-tb pay the cost or the
freight or both for the boxes; more debt
to be paid by't i poor grower. When the
frail U,1." b oxes disintegrated under our
trpoicail environment, boxes were then
made from heavy Gomier wood;.-some" o.'
them weighed 351bs. ompty. (concl. 9)

Page Five

F i a, May 31,,, ,, 19 4 H STA.. R ,.,,

by .John Spector
Chairman Joffre Robinson opened the Dominica Banana Growers meet-
ing at Goodwill Parish Hall last Tuesday by declaring that only dele-
gates would be able to tqkp part in discussions. To ensure this re-
striction.he then called haroll, separating the sheep from the goats -
delegates to occupy the iwp front rows of seats and non-delegates behind.
Armantradinx another Mark Antony
Mr. Alvin Armantrad#ig, corralled among the sheep, promptly demon-
strated that he was not the type of sheep brought dumb to the slaughter.
He attacked the looming presence of so many Policemen at a meeting of
banana growers. Mr. Robinson explained that the Policemen were there
to "preserve law and order" .
Mr. Armantrading- in k"P usual forceful philosophic style played
upon this and within a fer minutes carried most of the growers with him
in his contention that it was insulting and democratically improper to
be so disgracefully surrounded by Policemen at a reputable meeting of
banana growers gathered to air their many grievances. He quickly sensed
that he had his audience "ith him. Tears came into his eyes as he de-
clared that he would not take part in the Banana Committee or D.B.G.A.
deliberations. The growers :rose to their feet; the men and women
walked ott bellind Mr. Arm' trading and condemned the timid few who re-
mained withiA. to decide banana issues under the menace of police-
.upervisiooh which might oerce and muzzle hard-worked banana growers
seeking thbir rights.
Outside the building$ fDominica Farmers Union President Mr. W. S.
Stevens advised the protectors, who were in a bad mood, to return home
They would be informed of the next mov.: _Ear --hav N IT used
thr-biggmst weapon. n
Meanwhile, banana grqwers are in general bitterly angry that Mr.
Leiano aid his hierarchY can keep a dictatorial bureaucracy going, to
t1islaagte the people's industry and place them under economic slavery.
To q4dte Mr. Stevens: "Hats, off to Mr.' Armantrading. Your Tuesday
bihhina speech at the Parish Hall is thb best you have ever made in your
whole career. It worked wners . .
Wonders. it reduced thie, Banana Growers A.G.M. to f e uorm of
Yesmen. Yet the Hon. Stanley Fadelle, delegate from Grand Bay, was
quoted over the radio and in a DBGA release as saying that- "hoae pres-
ent had learnt a ,great dqal more than they knew about the BananapInd-
ustry", and the release gqps on .to outline what they learned. Proi this
and the 1972 accounts (the' '73 accounts were not sent to the STAR), we
can tell the grower quite a lot. At-the present date -the Green Market
Price (GMP) is 147 per top $0704 EC, or 31.430 per Ib (not quite a
dollar for three pounds; aid' Geest takes 130 for "Company Contract Costs"
such as cost and.prof it of refrigerated shipping. The DBGA Management
Committee gets 18.49 cent Ylb. and the grower gets from this (with bon-
uses) 9.35/lb at boxing plants. Expressed as cents in a dollar's worth
of GMP, for each dollar:-
Geest... 41.3 cents, leaving 58.7 cents for DBGA; from this DBGA kee s
29.2 cents, and gives 29.5 cbnts .to growers (top price at boxing plants).
We know that from their 29r2 cents, 1 cents goes to cost of boxes (these
and the demanding costs wee, supplied Py'eests in 1972). We can ob-
tain at more facts from the 1972 accounts, such as that the top(boxed)
GMP was/ 4 EC per ton, or 19.28/lb. Then the DBGA received from Geest-/
over 55 cents in that dollar, out of which 11,4 went on wages,transport
& salaries in Dominica: and the Grower at 4,050/lb received 210 out of
that dollar, Now according to my calculations, out of a GMP dollar
the DBGA Committee (which took over in Oct.1972) at present gets the amne
.amount as before; the grower gets 8.50 more and Geest gets about the
same amount, (not having to dehand & box).* -


Friday. May 31, 1974

Page Sivx

One 3 ton Bedford truck. in good
running condition. Instalment terms
can be arranged if a reasonable down
payment is made and the prospective
purchaser can guarantee repayment of
the balance at regular monthly inter-
vals. Contact N.A.N. Ducreay at No.8
Old Street, Rseau or ring 2325 during
8 o'clock to 4 p m. on workdays and
at other times, rng 2143. -

... ,Friday,. May 31. 1974

I. .- A . L L IN E O F

Hive Bodies 'tcom Boards ., ,: ., Co--
vers,;- Standard and- *Shallow" Frames.,
Shallow Supers, Foundatin- Wir:,
Wire Hclders, Wire Imbedding Tool,
Frame G -ip3, Bee E '&. Entrance
Guards, Bee Brushes, Bee Gloyes,
Queen Exluders, Hive Tools, Smokers
Syrup Feeders, Capping Knives, etc..
We also buy Honesy any qu i'ity up
to a million gilons, and all the Bees
Wax you can supply.

for a garden pet and termite exterin wator
Phone z6io

The Gracious Estate House of ST. AROMENT..
One Mile from Sea and 700 foot Elevation in Beautiful Surroundings.
Phone M. BRADSHAW at 26io or Write him c/o -STAR OFFICE 26 Bath Road. ROSEAU.[
Also Adjoining Lot overlooking Roseau Valley.


urges all civil servants to ponder on the following:-

Are you satisfied thit you did all that you could do at work this. week?

Is there anything which you could have done you left undone?

Remember the C.S.A. is seeking a FAIR DAY'S PAY for everyone
and expects everyone to give a FAIR DAY'S WORK in return.

. -

5-.- ^ > ".






&Ada. -H Z S T A. Page -
D'B.G.A. MIS "PTi\-,S Fiction A TITI:E Cynthia V-att
The Green Market Pric6 or bananas Genelia dropped in on Ma Titine one
in the U.K. has abain increased. This morning a couple of days later. She wa
time by 3 per ton t6 M147 per ton with not her usual gay self; there were frown
offeoQt from 20th May, 1974.. lines on her forehead.
Growers will thorofore gain an addi, "You look worried Genelia," Ma Titine
tional 1- cent per lb .oil the price paid said, "lMind if I ask, you what's wrong?"
at boxing plants. As from tho'shipment Genelia let out a deep sigh.- _
of last week ending 25th % ay 1974 and "Is nothing I 'can really place Titine;
until further notice r&iers' will be but as though Reuben getting cool;.hesd
paid at the rate of 8.8 cents per lb not like before. Most times when we are
for bananas delivered at-thl boxing together, I have to repeat my words...
plants. In addition Growers who quali- it*s as tdhtogh..he.'.s in another vorl.."
fy can earn cent for-dehahdihG and -"Styange," Ma Titine replied, rrnow is
cent for sleeping" bonuses aaliditca pos- the time h3e should bo 'happy and peppy.r
sible total of 9.3. cents per b1. After Genelia left, Ma Titine pondered
As indicated in our-last news release on what she had'been told. She felt un-
-i cent is being put aside for Alinter easy somehoiw,-as for quite a few days
Price Support and an 'additional -cent now, she had seen that special glint-re-
per Ib' is also retained" for fertilizer turn to Reuben"s eyes whenever they hap-
in order to enable growers to continue opened to meet...his old glint meant for
to receive their quarterly issues of herself
-fertilizer at the same"normal rate as Her uneasiness was not misplaced, as
before at the prevailing pride of $21l16 the next day she"received a surprise
a bag,., visit from.-Reube-.
The grower in Dominida in' fact is "Haie, Titine," he called out as .he
anow getting not only th basic price of came in through the door. "How's tings,
8.8 cents per lb but in addition l cent how's tings?"
in fertilizer and .5 contGs ']interPri_ Ma Titine"came out of her bedroor--
Support making a total of 10.3 cents pe93 "Why...hello Re'be''an Eh, eh, you -eaxiy
lb for bananas, takin -into adcbount the here this morning ...whQre's Genelia?"-
'amounts retained for propaid'fertilizer Reuben took a Hseat but-he looked oA
and the Winter Price-' tpport. When edge. Ma Titih6 looked at him wailVy.
bonuses are earned in additioh,'the "Well'Titine,n he said at last,"is,-
grower gets a grand total of 10.8 cents .ike dis-,- come to as yoh advice... y
per lb. head touboolaY. .I doah know wat to do."
.-,-..-. ... .......... .--- Ma. Titine interrupted: "
A:REPLY TO IM WHIIITE fr.p2) Women "What's' wrbng witli .you Reuben? What
sweltered to carry the boxes with fruit are you .talking about?"
in them. Of course, this iwas ono. of the Reuben looked miserably at her.
instances'which brought the D.F.U. into "I tell'you is.-like dis Titine...is
existence.. To continue the details, you I love...not Genelia...I try to' Lhtch
which Mr.White requested, the D.B.G.A, wid .hahbecos is datallyou deed want,
after banana had suffered for two long but-.-" (he paused and shook his head.) --
years, at the expiration of the 1964 con., "I jus..,jus...ca--a-a-annot marry hah'"
tract,, broken in 1971 by thle cunning of Titine, an I 'doan know how to tell hahl."
Geest Industries aimed at effecting a Ma Titine-was' studied.
1973 contract with dehandihg-anid boxing "You joking Reubon. Reuben,. perhaps
to save face. Probably there'were other you going'to get the Iflu so you feeling
exploiting stipulations which, as I said depressed...or perhaps is cold feet you
before, never saw the light, of day. gpttinge...that happens to some people--.you
These are the details I hope they know. Boy, the wedding all arranged!"
will. be enjoyed ini'the right' quarters. Reubenh was speaking wildly now.
But I must needs vnin- correspondents that "Titihe.., oh'Gad Titine.. tell me wat
I will not always be distracted from my to 'o .nun.....hiow to'tell hah. .Boxidideu
candid comments to reply to matter over .dat ting"itarig ,-;ii bordarI5.me;.".
whi-ch the General Manager of the biggest' ? M" vlteaa dsd -ic"ly,
iUrtatry in the land should do some home- "Genelia coming';' let s talk' of something
work, else." (conc o)


FIa. ay 3 1 ?.

'SelW.*of Applirseto for Certtfiate of Titl. & Nothi aps
t Caevass fe wes a 254h 41ay of May, 1974
Pervoa PreCe1tic NiTture q :
o**er a Ce tifkitae of Tide d
No__ ting thereon or Cavt

Re.qest dated Norman
17&t May Wade
1974. by his Solicitor
Presented Vanya Dupiany
20th May 1974
at 9.25 .. .

Reque at for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a residen-
ti&l lot at Portamouth
mi the Parish of St.
John mn the State of
Domimca containia
1680 square feet a"d
bounded as foilws.:-

No -tf: m4ands o Oswald James Decoteau; East; Say
Str~t; South: Lands of Benjamin Stewart formerly J.
P. ~otrmes; Wes=t The Sea.

Request dated I Ev ri.a
1st December P rillor
1969. 6y her S.'icito
Presented Vanya cupigny
20th May 1974-
at 9.11 -.mB

Requa it for the issue
wi a First Certificate
r of TitLie in respect-of
Sa portion of lan
known as a residen-
tial lot Aet Coiibat4t
in the Parish of St.
Peter in the State of
Dbminica, containing
_897 square feet mad
bouaide3as follows:-

North West:. lands of Mrs. Moutet Anglais: North-
Eat.: lands of.Petp Ceco-.. South-Eist. hands of Eltsha :
John an; Eigenta Kete.'; Soatrn-'A,-s ub Road. i

1^Wd-4 of y Application for Certiftcate of Title and Noriig
and Caveats for week ending e* y ne, V74
Recaues't datt.?d Bertie Request for the issue
the 27ta day. Williams o a First Certificate
of May 1974. y his Solicitor of Tite ,in respect of
Presen:.ed te Cilm A M... a portion of land at
29th day of Dupigny Woodford Hill, in their
'May l1?74 at i Prish ofSt.- Andrew
12__0 pm__ in the State of Doonj-
nica contaanimg 4420.2 *ouare feet and bounded
as follows:- North East ty lands of Hunter Abraham
North-Wast by Lands of Mr &Mrs. Hubert Andrew,
South-West by lands of.Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Andrew:
South bv an Acces; Road 3irating r n'om lands of Rajlp
Aadrew and RedeHa Ancrew;

Notice is hereby given that the 23rd
Annual General Meeting of the -

LIMITED willCb held at
the Saint Gerard's Hall on Friday 7th June
1974, commencing at 7.30 p.m. All mem-
bers and interested persons are invited to
However, only members will be allowed to
take part in the discussions and vote on
any particular issue.




The Agenda for the Meeting is as fol-
Ascertainment of Quorum.
Taking apologies for absence
Reading and approval of minutes of last An-
nual General Meeting.
Discussion of matters arising from the mi

ia) Board of Directors. .
(b) Treasurer and Auditor,
) Credit Comitt .ee ,
S(d) Supervisory tCommittee
(6) Unfinisbed Business.
(7) a) New Business: Appropriaton of Surphas
for 1973. '
SAmoendment of Rules,
c) Remarks and suggestions from Floor.
(8) Electionos.
(9) Closing Reairks by President,
fI* Adjournment. -."

The ground floor ot Premises situate
- at3 Kings Lane, Roseau suitable for
Office or Business.
For Particulars apply to;:
Miss Cilma AM. Dupiguy,

Ch amoers,
request dte Joseph Requet for the issue 20 Hanover Sweet
the 20th day Florant of a First Certificate 20 Ro6O, e STe et
of May 1974. by his Solicitor of Title in respect ef : 0S168. _____ a
Presented the Cilma A.M. a portion of land
27th diy of Dupigny known as a lo at f t On.r-s tO ., E.PHRAIM F. GERGE
rM ay 'I 74 at Ca nrpbeil, in the Pa.- f w Do, m in ica..' R.ist-ar ci Tit/t E
3.25 p.m. rsh of St. Paui in the --
State of Dornainica OTC-- Any ptrWn who deaslrs o obfeict to &he g tue of a
containing 0.582 acres and bounded a: follow .rst Ctficate ofnite tin the sbove &ppicatton nay enrtr I
gyst in the abov. O9ice within six weeks from rhe 4ave ,
he first ap s rave of thtSchadul In the SuTAR Newso
North by land of Hitiout Florant; East by a Pubilc Row i pearancet of ^th. cr.-rdue in the STAR Newapp.t
partly separating it firon i of Aidan Stedmn and P- pushed in this Star# or frC the the dte whe the notice pr.
pavinrty separating it f om lanr of AdHeskan St h edmaprnt: a th Scribed by fw was erv*d on any owntr.or occupier of sdotiwae
vine separit.g ts f om land of Heske Epr!t: d in es b aspect of whI: chtu. iai' n is mw.
by IOd of Hiious FiorartL West by ipad of Hiloa ora n Har P an i w .I
miiitMglig^ictata n iScs''Cfi f -f.^^yTr^ jj^y nilltfl ItL^MlltHaaSjx t^

UmK~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ H SSmirmji~imma'lUilu^ TARi~oT^.w~i~aai~ag



PAGE M3AO HE T A. - .- _;kd '.
JUVENILE DELINQUENCY IN DOIUNIGA. '(.col.1) Some have been neglected B
Our society is facin-..a problem of. ireir parents because they cantt toler-
juvenile delinquency.- T is is a very ate them, while others have left hco on
serious one, which i' fieglected-by the their o h'for some reason or other.
majority of our p ople. -A child's Therefore, it is of utmost importance
character depends on many factors, that parents 'remain' with their children."
some of which parents have no control or move uith-.them as soon as they possi .
over. Thereforot. it should be the bly can; diont forget that grandparents'
business' of everyone of .is to protect 9r godparents or"any other relative can-
our children from becoming' delinquents Aot demand the respect that you would,
and if they do reach that stage,' then, from your child.-
try to find out how they are treated, The second phase would be those who
after they are found guilty by the appear before the courts on. one or more
magistrate; make it your business to instances. "Should an institution be
see to it that they are treated in a built and place' them in it, and have
manner that will not further ruin trained. people to teach them a trade or
their lives, or'bring their character profession? Should they be putin fos-
to a state of, disrepute.' ter- homes and appoint people to take care
Many of us are aware of the number of them? Shouild'they still be sent" to'
of juveniles (ie. boys and girls below the prisons? Or, should they be neglect-
the age of eighteen years) who appear ed.
before the magistrates in-Roseau,'as These are some of the questioned I
well as in the other districtt courts, would like you to, consider, and any
La some cases, if they are found guilty, Qther comments which you would lik .t o
taey are put on probation for"-a period iake on the subject, and. write tot-
of time during which they have to re- DOMiTICA.'CIILDREUT &'YOUNG PERSON 0M.IELNa.
yort to the,probation officer~ "On Association, P.O.-Box 201, Roseau,.
gualar ~ icasions. some are warn .ed f ... .. .,. ... .. -.- ....
-white others. (usually those who have _______ -:.1- -

appeared on more than one occasion) are
sen"' to serve a term at tie prison' ,
"his in itself is a very delicate
situation to 'which the' whole population
should give careful examination. There
are also cases where youngchildren,
especially 'boys, wander loose on the
streets, and though theyhave not found
thcmselvos before the courts, they seem
to be on the verge of committing often-
oes which will most likely dause them
to be brought ih&re. What are we going
to do with these
Let us firs' of all, think of what
is being done at present in Dominica to
those individuals. There is.a system
whereby people, especially 'in' the rural
araes, take the responsibility of car-
ing for some 91 these children who6
eventually grow up like thetr own. An
allowance is given to them aS well as
clothing for the upkeep of these chil-
dren. In most cases', the result of
that sort of Oar* :has proven to be very
satisfactory. A case like that would
lead one to believe that "tich children
need proper care and attent ion.,. The
parents of some of them have migrated
to some other country anid left their
children astray or with some guardian.

R E A D E R' S


Many people seem io'scorn or even
reject the Holy' Rosary, but for many
others it is a strong weapon against
Satan who is supposed to be let loose.
The prayers we recite p. the beads come
from the' Holyr ible, with the exception
of the Apostled Creed and the. .econd.
part of the Hail Mary. The Rosary" con-
sists of 15 decades and each decade.is
said to meditate on the 15 holy myster-
ies, starting with the Annunciation.
We have the five joyful mysteries, the
5 sorrowful mysteries and.the 5 glorious
mysteries'. Every "t*e Catholic under
the sun" should possess 'one. and' recite-it
daily,' whether at home, when travelling
and so on." In the Rosary the physically
blind finds comfort and hope.
Mrs. Marcia Williams43l, P.M. Harold
Wilson's political and 'private secretary
whose brother-'was involved in a shady"
land deal, has been madh a. Life Peeress,
< *: *

ri4day .May 3St 1974

S T AR*S *P*R S Mhrct
Dominica, by virtue of"their win .
over St,.Lucia in the final game at
Victoria Park, St.Lucia, in the sot-
tlers Tournament emerged unfiisputed
champ of Windward Islands cricket.
Domihica won the toss, ahd Phillip
asked Polius to take first'strike. St.
Lucia were soon in trouble,-but 30
from Bisset and Polius 63, sa r them to
168. Abraham 4/59., Phillip 3/31 and
Laurent. 3/34. Dominica in their turn
at the crease. managed a respectable
Z80,.;Sebastian 95, Abraham 51, I.Shil-A
lingford 31 and G.Shillangford 22. .1
* For St.Luciat -Anibaiher.-b6oled""bea- I
tifully. o finish vwi h 6/71. St.Lucia
*in their 2nd. innings started even more
disastrously than in the3tr lot innings.
losing 3- wkts. for 72 ru, a thanks
to a brisk 34 from debutant Normah
Joseph were eventually all out for 104,
thus .losing by -an inning "and 8 'runs,
Shillingford 5/491 Phillip 2/11, aind
Abraham 2/39; without mi~Vh preamble,
Morc hriston chooses 1"braham as~Domini-
oa's man of-th toUlrnameht*.


AL. TITINE (Sfr.,2) She raised. her Voice
slightly. 1!As' Iwas saying Reuben, I --
think we will have a last bachelor picnic
on Sunday.. ;.-" --
Genelia came in rather ruffled -
"Hello Titinel" then to Reuben, '"f
mind told me I would find you here..*
Remember.nuan horej ou eg ngo bre at

W ,." u-y ;the hFrenchman for our wedding bredafa t
Murray of Trinidad have been named. ,liquor"" .
captain and vice-captain respectively Reuben heaved himself from- where he
to-_our. India later this year.- sat and in a normal voice said: -
&IOTBALL Knockout matches payed to "That's true. .O.K. Titine...see allyou
date Raiders 56-- 3.,GS. 55; S.M.A. latah." -.......
-37s, Flames 30. Oaroni later -defeted The two women in his life were left
Raiders whilst during the same evening staring at each other. .. .
By-Trinee Elections defeated-league
champions, Bata Proo- On'Uednesday R EADER'S .-IE
night, Caroni Cardinals 66,. knockout Dear Madam,~
S-.I.,-'.. 2. The Tinals will be played -Tat a Shamet What a Disgrace$
on Friday betweft SWt-_t4 s and O'a.rnd It was reliably reported to me from a,
when the league will formally close. good source that the Minister for Home"
The Basketball.s Association fund-.: Affairs went to Government Headquarters
rasing4..Marathon .Basketball-game played and he looked all about asking everyone
at the Windsor Park last. Sunday can there the 16catibn"oT his office. That
aptly be. described- as a Marathon Effoxp was long after he. was already. confirmed
On the strength, of the participation .' as Minister for Home Affairs.
and enthusiasm displayed, the exercises The people wo"said- so, went on to-say
can be termed a success Th players' that -under- tIihlaw'6f justice, any -Iinis-
participatin g in the. gameij-ere put ter who doetsht know the location of his
into 2 teams Whites"& Colours. office in the-Parliamontary Building
Whites, *led by A.Etj'nhe'.woh; .they -should refund every cent he draws as.
scored 955 to Golours led -by C.John- Minister.' And the young people also sup-
ntiate. ELgh-.scores were'for -Whites: port that. .
g.xnight' 16-8, A.Etien e1..l6,. M.keemax NMay God help us, to,.soe that dayl
L, ocque 110, Peberton 100. X. LOBLAIEM -

Re e e aropr-e or .E. 'Allfrey of Copthall Mill House at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica,'West Indies.- -

b ly wj Lo p *** **.<*.. **

heryL .no i -ed- ?oot.Vu

in ateam 'wobkbimgf'H RM is plannijz -aa
evening 'song," poent, short story, et
recital...Loubiere Progressive Movement
will be observing 4th anniversary Educat-
ion/week during the-last week in July...
L.P.M. is pioud to be originators of"
Education. Week in Dominica. .Baby,,. would
the L4P.J. hive" published their roaring
SMASH without the fantastic -.---
like" help'of the STAWPRINTERE,..ak,
STAR...But, the Tyatwagas say some of our
business-mon gi e y6uth reasons to demon-
strate agitate...Some of them...Lke
PIG so. .. - .