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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 05-24-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Mrs Jane LOaEI- IIAL, Librarian,
Research Institue for t.ic stgf mn Th oZ VDNIJ
162 East 780Stzrot,
SYrT. l 021 ..ITY US U.. oAt
Cable: Star,. Dominica i A,
Tel: Prlntery 2691. Ediqr L V' I TB
UKK. Media ReVprNaw Y OF I Lt MIAN
Colin Turner (LonddD"nN -7
1 Shaftesbury Ave. W. 21 Y. .. 2u emte 3rtu .


Villagers are Suffering

Friday,! May, 24s 1974

Dominica is not interested in entering FRENCH AND AUSTRA-
further integration towards federation iof LIAN ELECTIONS
the Associated -States; Premier Edward Monsieur V. Giscard d'-stain, intel.
SM onsieur V...Gjscarad dEstau'g, intelr
Leb an d Reuters that he considered lectual Frenchman of aristocratic des-
the proposals "ill-timed and ill-advised. f '"
The Dominica Premiecent and former Finance Minister, just
adovanccanoye sated.. scraped through to beat M. Francois
stimionl advancecan only be success- Mitterand (soclist) in t h e French
fully made if firmly based on the wishes
general election, s2,3or,ooo rotorm gave
of the people. I am unable to say there g- d 'astaiAg over 013 o it-
is any such desire or wish coming from aI ion totoi.mittoraimd
the people ot Dominica now, and there- got 12.7 milliten -tes.
fore cannot at this moment offer any sup- I t was a hard fight
north to this proposal for constitutional between to brave en.

advance.' (masO ouwnsci page a)3)
Scholarly Opportunists and
=W-ssdventous- Politicas.F.^
S" bY JOHN .-r;.TOR
Readers who have ventured into te murky waters
.of the LeBlanc 'Party's political organ will recog-
nise the editorial voice of that 'news'.paper in
our heading. The term 'Conscientious politician
was applied (obliquely) to the latest ministerial ap-
poin tee to LeBlanc a Cabinet a gentleman so
conscientious poltcally that he has yet to mike
a main speech after 13 years in the House of A.
sembly: a man who, until recently, abandoned
the House just before 3.00 p.m. because his truck
was due to leave then (he received $234oo every
year for attending the House, sometimes less than
24 times i aye~r $Sio a timel.
Concluded on p. S
The term of office of the Management Committee is hereby
extended for a period of one year with effect from the 31st day of
May, 1974.
The oxtonsion has caused considerable dis-
satisfaction among banana growers horo.

Minister for Home Affairs BUs,vNss AND DEPARTMENT$
Care and protection of Children and young persons, cd6roerif,
Courts of Law, Deportation, Extradition; Firearms, Fire and Fi0e
Services, Hurricane Relief, Labour, Law and Order, Marna e
Licences, Naturalisation, Police, Prisons, Probation, Public Assist-
rnce and Poor Relief,' Public Functions and Ceremonials, Repatria-
tion, Social Development, Sports.

I AgSAuALIA result of a
general election call-ed
by P.M.Gougeh Whitlas as
also very cloose.ero --
versed Senato figures tt
a majority of I for his
Australian Labour Party
but in the lower House
bikARO DI'ISTA1 I his own maJ y fell to
PRESIDENt OF flANCj & emro ladf l of votes.

i i i ill -Z+ + : : + :'-

+ -+ ._


g e .& THE S T A R .-_idajay 1a 2 7s-7
A- leading member of 'the St.ia.tts "From-1967 until now there are oases
People ts Action. Movement 'said .at a pending. afteri.it-had been declared in -
reoent-meeting: -.--. ... the oourt- that Bradshaw went around
Sand locked tp decent people illegallyI
"A Chief Justice has not been appoint w cnt gt tice.i this
ed for'Wdo years because of politicalUp to now w cnt got justice- in this
ed for o becau ofpolitcal matter.- I Want to know why...But I
manoeuv g:,, said MR. MCMAEL POWELL. say whe corruption appears to
He said that he understood that whie say when he corrup 'on appears of
he was away he was roundly abused by justice, eten all of us had batter get
some frantic and frightened people who serious nd start thinking again get
said that he was destitute ahnd dd not serious- nd st`irt thinking aghnl,
have anything, and:that he grudged a IyearDo-hief J'o tic has not been ptt.o
certain fellow for am house. "t came appointed? -Isn't it a burning shme?-
here and told you among other.thinga A Chief -ustice--has not been appointed
that whereas the whole country is going for two i-'s because of political
to hell and the unfortunate masses of manoeur g. What is happening? "
working people in the country were hav of these ptty' little dictators iyn sa
ing-it difficult to fight with the boost of thdhse islands are trying to giot al
of living, the "inJsters 6f GdVer-nent, o. 6-'adb- tn g t t-
heo oe eman there who they figure will protect
whbidre put there. by the peop-le were them .
fattening themselves and"-were having a ."And:Bradshaw -1iows that he iai passed
big hposearama,,..These are not ordinary all kinds of unconstitutional laiws so
houses: they are mansions, skyscrapers he will like to get a Chief Justice
and.-big mooko-buildings. there thht- ill-spport him.
2hy are supposjdto he ~.bli se- te taot wltupt h i
vants They are drwing taxpayerss money any apefsiots it the-mpijudi a y, a
and as 'suoh what tbhy do and how they dP saying that if wd -out have judg i 2
it must be brought tO the public for this arying who a ifre dentof subthave jid.
erit'oal examination, for scrutiny and who ae me ofa principle, who arbsan-,
for qiwestioning.uld not Sn er with ethics thefA the whole question of
Powell could not see w mnh faster justice and democracy will be destoyed
who is -working for 900 per mo'pr basio at the st oke of a pen'. ad the co6i-i
salary, could agree to pay V00'per moto oroeth

being paid to be a. Miniate. this corruption business will ha
no house; a certain- Antiun waso casting ...... y-.........-o i..... i- a -
aspe siOns, not on 7alor.e-but on all or ) BDER'S .... "-V I E .
Ei.titians who hav.n ho bouse." ad ^ln^2jf^? Which? ..--*.
5,n cheargng .that oo nution .in gver Our-yongpeople today seem. more
meontwas worsaid deIf that i'-Powiell made re- eager to imitate hat as wron ana

ferenoe to Ehiopia. where a corrupt evil than accepting good, Going-o "
goernment was arrested by- thes-ame ari the movies is quite a nice. entdrt.in-

whioh' hey themselves had created-for ment, buf-the wrorig and evil pla.ys ...
protect h on must he declareed"u should not Be practi'ed by thwas P v s)
nEeiopia o tainn the oti plah. we have such as housebreaking,' arson,i.irder,
corruption, notwe haven oO'uption allht karate and ther'imoal shows I

herin Stchar Kitha. these bad and "dangerous pictures can-
meht oweall sondw nueid1 "But -Po hell'.are not be onger troithen they shoungl be
ome of usn who feelthatedy thereasnme al banned. n regards to ma ijuace.a'itin-
protection. .tathen decla:ed "but shouldn't be -oi c d.--yr them.. p b

hope"lost ; that provid.1 n iere are th# seems easier to buy 4:.cigarette "mde
oz-ts i:f we didhitt have Brtaih to run., one for $1.50 than..to buy a botite of.
t for jwhicewl We will have the courts, milk sibut,,' Tho' GCOD- is. really doing a
t .^ this. hamppening today?"- good. job.... (concluded p.9)

(from p.l): As a Minister,however, The Dpminica Freedom Party issued
this man will now receive $12,000 the following statement on learning
a year with ministerial pensionr4EhitE of the -Preemier's declaration:- .
and the control of a 'Travelling & 'Regarding he position of the Gov-
Subsistence Allowance' of $10 640 ernment of Domiiica as given by I-r.'Ed-
According to the 'scholarly e4it- ward Leblanc, Premier, in relation to
or, a Member of the House must "be the propo dals for Political Union of the
able to read unless incapacitatedby Associated EStates, the lominica Freedom
blindness... and speak the English Party Opposition wishes to express sur-
language with a degree of proficiency praise at tIip particular statement from
sufficient to enable him to take an the Premier as-follows: "I am unable to
active part in the proceedings of say there is any such desire or iis h corn-
the .House". We did not notice ay ing from the people of Dominica-now ."
intervention when Government benches How can the Premier say so, when he 'has
made unkind .,eferences to the rec-, norv put the6 issue to the people?.
ently elected Opposition Member 'Past regional events in which t-hc ov-
partial blindness, -s why. such a, ernmeht of Dominuica has shown interest
active defence for a Minister/Mem- have never- come from the people or re-
ber's. activity over the years?(In ceived'their prior consent'even in the
Britain s Parliament, on which ours House. of Assembly.'CARIFTA, GRENADA -DEC-
is modelled, "'unsighted' Members of LARATION are instances which come readily
Parliament have made a .great co4- to-mind. The Opposition therefore tot-
tribution and have been .honoured ally condo6ii& that. excuse from" the Prom.
for it.) ier and deems' it just another exhibition
In an earlier issue of the local of. political hypocrisy and inconsistency,
'Labour' organ the sqme scholarly. 'Accordingly we do not believe that
gentleman states.: "A firm decisiQon the individual inability of the Premier-
of the Premier...whether taken a..- to participate, meaningfully, in antr prof-
home in repose, or at a luncheon pr itable regioihal effort should be blamed.
dinner, anywhere at anytime, cannot.' on the people of Dominica by using them
in effect be countermanded by any ad- as:--an excuse.
verse authority whatsoever..."Fropn 'Conversely, the Freedom Party Oppos-
this we must deduce that the Prerner ition believes that the ultimate politi-
can stay at Vieille Case and issue: cal wellbeing of the region rests in a
orders without reference to the House satisfactorily designed Union,: aid -pled-
(? or his Cabinet)IYet .a few para. ges it -support--towards such an end.'
graphs later on he states. "Minist rs' -- .-.i b
...main office is the Legtalativep The Editor add-s: -e- ear.-from a firm but
Chamber where by the requirements" oV confidential source that .Premior Leblanc
constitutional law they are bound, t replied as long ago as mid-April to the
attend. Failure to attend will red- Premicr of"St.Vinneht who put the 'case-
ult in disqualification from Membpr- for a renewed attempt at integration be-
ship, which in turn would disqualify fore himj, iith a flat NO. We think that
an individual from holding officT this e:dhange .of letters should be pib-.
as a Minister of State, and THAT lishe.d in the Presp and over-the Radio.
capitals). A, week's delay .in. announcing .the. "in-
Can we yet draw any conclusion thatl rease of banana price in the UK before
the new Minister can read and speak be ioo in i et wti c 1s
well enough to take an active par+ in from the practice. The Banana Industry is
the affairs of the House? Is he then locked in .a-itfter struggle into which
a 'conscientious politician"? An4 Mr* LeBlancts bureaucracy has engulf edit.
conversely one might ask whether the But growers- will fight to the. very end.
conversely editor oone dpY^b u wht, -- n ...ware... shipments of banan:.. .total.
scholarly editor considers himself an in -0 ..buns non-exported? Bare-
opportunist? Posterity will probably faced experts? are telling the world it
provide all the answers by consign- was because bananamrowers did not .organ-
ing these gentlemen with all their .' their cutting But-it is they -who should
fellow travellers to b o anibe- at fruits do no _

Friday,May 24, 1974


Pa e Three

. -r friday May 24 19774

1E P0 RI by a.Special Correspondent

M uioatVf^'deptcce 'ot frox t11e
*woo that 6 sudaLoAna was' big,' But
it was a success from the .enthusiasm
displayed from villagers from Castle
Bruce .to Woodford imi" ..........
. 'After prayer by P.esident-'T.S.
Stevens, Vice Pres., Norrie Vidal gave
the welcome address.7 -THiis i-as followed
by the President's address "which was a,
mighty piece of inspiration. "
S. The- Secretary's Report by llr. Hobbes
St.John related the bad banana condi- '
tion which brought the Union into being
two years ago. -
The Treasurer s statement- was not
.encouraging. But the life'put into
the meeting by subsequent spe6dkrs left
taVmers convinced that their moral of /
financial support was a musti .
lion. Pat Stevens in his "ual '.
forceful style made helpful" :sbtri-
butiohn He called for dedication, de-
votion and. duty to. a Dominica heading.

Dear Madam-'Editor, -- -- -
In your" l6ie o 3~yfraia. May 17th
1974 I read the Columni.headed CARDID
COMMENTS .,,W..S.Stevena .
"Tuie~ i.,U. succeeded last year
S i saving' D'oinica Banana Growers
from a-Secret Banana Contract.'
w.th Geest Industries on 1ay 1,
I shall be grateful for' some elabo-
ration -f this interesting statement- i"i
your ne:t issue." What. was this "Seecret
Banana. Contract with Geest Inidustries?-
and. what are-the details of how "the
DF.U* succeed-ed.. lai ear in SLavig
D ominica Banana Growers from a Secret
Banana Coltraot with Geest Industries on
4ay 1 1973" .
I shall b I pleased if you would
publish this letter in your paper The
Star Yours sincerely,

r :General lfanager, D.B.GA.'

-or ine roos..,in every aspect, o0 soal. EMPLOYMNS2 FROM-PUBLIC FUNDS AFTER "-ESYT
economical and political life in
Dominica. The predeht practice of civil serqanjsa
MZ'additrading: ofSt. J6seph s being mp loyed from pu fd: er
some well-needed philsbpThical-blows they have retired from 6 public service
which Weree well .received. .early 30, with a gratuity is politically scandalous,
Snew members were enroi6ed and members and democrat-ca-ly immo.
Ialiied to pay monthly isbscrijtiona in Mr. ZBlane.O-munt stop this nonsense
a.. manner which.-revived .ah organization or go. ry Oivil Servant is entitled
which had-nearly sucoumibe to the vi- toa job. after he hias servedd in a-puiblic.
cious propoganda in high places. post. Butit s .ui."for him to be re-
QOugoing officers were nanimously. employed in-a public post. The reasons
returned with. the: exception of two .mem- are obvious many people graduate from
bers of Committee who i-iere absent. a. school, collegeor uiversiy.a ar
The. following persons will guide *eq entitleda o .u Ibli ob. The *,ierkpus
Union's storm-tossed- boat for another practice. ofre-employing Givil aervaiabis
tough.year labelled -Agriculturbl Year': bound to create dissatisfaction amon-g-.--
President, W.S .Stevens| "Vice-President, other qualified people. and can break the
Nor4e7Vidal; Secretdcy, 1obbes St.John peaoe of the'coummunity .-
Treasurer,, A~tin Stephens6ii. Assist. Of course, Ir. LeBlano's countr-jmen
Sooretar-y rrol Durand. Committee are generally too ame to tackle him.
emBers t Burnham Phillip; Mis Isla A vote o no. .confidence was moved .
elhmaoqua hd hMr. Edney Sylveatre. against LeBlano s government and neither
he nor 'any. Of f s Inisters said .-wo6rdT
S A D E -R'S. V I .E 7 in their. ,mdefeniae. But they all still
"NOT JUST PATCHING lEEDED"-Kelvin Franc; hatch political mischief.
I write 'with the* bi6nfidence"that .S STVES_
after reading this article"that the authorities concerned will undertake to let
this article be the.doc-mentation needed before' th following can be done. 'or .
ame time now the ia"Brdge over the 0Rq@au River has been a hazard to pedestrians
beoouse of the visible and.injurious holIe on its floorig'. I have complained the
above to the Acting Oilef Technioal OffiqOr who only pases the bridge in his car.
1e has promised to-send men to do. the necessary repairs,.I3ut 'up till noi he cahnot
fulfill his promise Tt .ie- obvious't-that the. potholes don't trouble him or higher
author *4 t (a conclu d on a g) 10)

-'r -- t_ "" ... .... ,- ---:4u .

PaLre 2our -

... - -T II E -

ZS T -A R_

Fr, MH 24, m74 -E SAR ..,
T H E D OM / /C 4 1, $ RV I E AS S O C" /d T
I Ses all &M yena to Il t*tt on te f aoiag(-
Are ryo v': k.S tht you did all that yo could do at work this week?

Is there anything which you could have de you left undone?

Reinember the C.SA is seeking a FAIR DAY'S PAY for everyone _
and .f S everyone to give a FAIR DAY'S WORK in r -

The Gracious Estate House of ST. AROM NT
Onie Mile from Sea and 700 foot Elevaion in Beautiful S ndi
Phone M. BRADSHAW at 2610 or Write him do STAR OFFICE.26 Bth Road, ROSEAU
Also A di. ,ni4 Lot overlooking Roseau Valley.

When you consider
what a If comes with,
You probably won't Believe What t GOES FOR,
iHeavy Duty Alternator Heavy Duty Suspension
Radial Tyres Rack and Pinion Steering
Servo-Assisted Brakes Screen Wash
F Underbody Seal Padded Facia
20 Cubic ft. Capacity Boot Parcel Shelf Glove Box
Anti-theft Steering Lock More Leg Room Front and Rear
So.rry Bu, We Are Unable to Advertise Our LOW PRICE.
Drop By Our Showroom and See Mr. C, Baf -t -
A|-C. SN8ILLU4SFOR &. 40. LTD.,
CAI M AccEsm SEWT. '
-- -,, ,^ ,_ ,, I ...... I S 6.IfI -

I Z z'i -a------.u--

;Scdeef AppSfes Cwtta atC Te & A
w_ 2s_ Iy f My, W4
*r aertacser ae f
9kI .hr"oM W

i wcMay wa
Presented anya DEpinay
S20th May 1974
Sat 9 5 &.i.
i____ -_

Requsat for tb. is***
af a First Certificaft
of Title in respect of
a portion of laInd
known as a residen-
in the Parih of St.
John in the State of
Doianiica containia
1tI square feet and
besa s d ama Bw

Nma: -u. Ia OswaN Pmms Deez:; EMst: a"
Ssrmt; Saout.e: Larnds of BWetmn Stewrt formally.
P. Kmtmeme: West The Sea.
Request dated Evartna Ree-st for t isse
1St Decesmber Pz ranon of & First Cer'tficae'
196.6 by her Solicitcr of Title in respect of
Presented Vavnya Dupinay a portion of land
20th WVay 1974 known asa residen.
at 9.11 a.m. tia lot at Clihahut
Sin the Parish of St.
eter in the State of
-. ~897 qare faet

North West: lands of Mrs. Mouset Anglals: North.
East: lands of P Caer Ceon; Suth-Est: Sands of Eflsha
Sjoh and Eugenta KeteC;; Sautl.West : Pub!c Road.

Imr anW Cavesns for week amnd fNth day of May, 1974

Request dated Sylvaer
the 23rd day G
of February byy hi6 Solier
1974. Vanya Dupigay
SPresented 9th
May 1974 at

North: A Publk Road: Ezst:
South: lands of Charles Desab
I r tes* Dess6*ya.

Request for the issue -
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land.
known as a lot at
Pichlien Graad Bay
n the Parish of St.
Patrick in the St te *
of Dowinaca contain
mag 20bfo square f.et
and bounded as fol

lands of De0sbay;:
sye: West: ln4ds of I

Recktar Of Titlea

NOM.- Any who daestew to ch~aa to te lo6ns a
C a tear cu P7 e ta iT 0hav sfappteasten Way 4s~a 4
Ia* usB the asbw 0Oce wteha six wees from the dute
to fru appearamii of hhe $cheda4e In the STAR PNwras
it this SMra or frqm the deri wvhea thet nooc
by b owwa prved ow y fwterar o0peasr 0(adeal
S eLNGsA oft6ch th* appOleta Is a4s04

"iL5? CO 9496EAS ADVEMSwI? ,

Annual Generia Meting of the -

the Saint Gerard's Hall oan Friday 7th Juie
1974, comencing at 7.30 p.m. All mtm-
bn and intemetd pawns are ignited to

kepart in the and voe on

any particular *sue.

The Agenda for the Meeting is as fol-

Awaertaiment of Quaoam.
Taking apologies for absew ,
Reading and approval of of last An-
rmal Geoef Meeting.
DiacUSi=O of matte arising from the m

(a) Board of Directors,
(b) Treasurer and Auditor,
(c Credit CoImaitte,

(6) -Unfinished Btsingsa.
(7) a) New Buriess: Appopristio~ of Surplus
for 1973
n Amendment of Ruie.
Rarmarks mad s$ggesti5cs ftom Fler
(8) E ections.

(t jo A mmtXr m=

SwxarSSSS3 N

Three House Lo at Trafeiger
5,470 sq.kh. $*44 qA.f, Qf9 3q ft.
Magnificent viw. of Roseau Valley
Water, LiiTm, Tdelphone
and 'on the Man oiad
SeC or Telephone AYOUB KAR

Mr., & MM Itchim Lwis Mr. & mrg
Jsob) Dib arti other tabers of te fa.
=Ily tbynk you mosi: i'erely "for your
oandolenvoa sad wi&b t express their
deep appreciation cf the help given to
ther. at this time of'd beracvcnv



vwiA MteW 2 4. m-

k,: P <,



f^-aw W-.3.


SL ase Offico
S&oa nt0 "ifnt

7M. 4 E S T A.R Page Sravn
Poem SeAb UDP' by
J.*R.Palpl. Casimir /, e -
for the liberation-of the braini- o -
towards Justice in word"-ahd deed. A. valuable, piece of literary mater.-
Don't be muzzled by the-threats alis UABSEEIT No.3. In short and most
of the maddeheo. crobd. precise terms, the oartoons. and illua-
Don't close your eyes6in fear trations are magnificent; superb, ex-
of evil doers. cellent exposing a wealth of talent,
which is yet to be acknowledged and
STAND P .. ...... rewarded by the topmost authority. "
to the unfortunate brother' Such a pity that so much goes to. waste
with blood-stained hands; whereas schools all around the State
the agent of destuc'tio6n would benefit front "the services of the
the-. puffed-up ignorant educator; these artist; namely Alwyn Bully,
the wicked sower of hatred Cairy Didier, Lennox Honychurch, Paul
the lame lover of idleness. Toulon .and. .a.coertain .Alixon _(in.this.
STiAD UP -.. ...." particular issue). -
for Woman's rights Qutsta4ding are Hubert Charlets'
Woman: -the daughter 'f RVe). historic account of the Carib Reserve;
Mants God-given'part'n,. an informative recap of te social con-
the-Mother of mother; editions and situations in the village
model of a happy"h6me ",of Salisbury by Ublsey Louis. and Marcus.
pattern of selfless love. Hilton's bold attempt at analysing uome
STAND UP of the-pr6bleam currently confronting'
diNgn'y f our youth'. ]. For-the first time, a w.o--
o-i man discusses nthe rise of sexual poll -
a- ima& of th.G.eator tics ii Dbominica" in the most practical
Tigorol son oT Ad4m; manner; relevantly presenting a chal-
Srotecto of; lenge to 1her other' colleagues wiho--are
-ule-r ot 0ther creatures sincerely concerned about the welfare
Of the sea,the air and the ear *. of Dominica. *Itfs the first time I
STAND have. laid eyes. on something from
Listen to the Master Power CANDI CCAUDEIRONT, and I feel,. quite
"Take up your oross and "follow honestly, that this teacher (D.G.S) has
.The eightt path to good living; been stifling her "fantastically rich
brother must .not kill 'brother. values. d *
the hungry must be.fed;' A- few years fro6r now, WAIHEEIT,5,3.-
auocour the sufferer ,. --like R6s 1 & 2 will become treas-
ures in the libraries of those who had
GOD I-. LOVE, realized its f'orth.. A$2. value sold
STh u P I for a moagre .500.,
-.l-- Such material van never be consi-'
OUS" ASEdered -old and outdated," Therefore,
The 5th meeting (4th Seasion) of my late review should rather encourage
the 2nd post-1967 Parliament will take you the ieader--to get your cop.
place at 10 a..m.,Tednesday June 12th, while they last, or even borrow onel
at Governm-nt" Yeah,..my favourite admirer from -.
South. ,.I"am. back.,.To offer unbiassed
and constructive remarks..T -tell it likq it is... h it BOYS AN'-DEM have S-P-L-I-T"
but, the members are yet very close. At pLeast theyw-ill.'.Until they have oolleie+i
that $550 from DOMINICA CALYPS0aflN ASSOqIATION...So6yoGive bee.t enooauraging: TOIK0,
eh. *...Well, I still insist that TO2O is unlike the' roters...'et's a hard worker'..
Sa's a. go-getter...just like "the guy you. envy. ..Hey, I just meant to listen to the
jadio.o.And, see.. .Y6ur growling scares 4e to death...*hy must you be "kumming tu
getttt ya"... (Ja, yes).,.Vell, my opinion still stads.'..*.AY- NDI) is still BOSS at
595..Ands the music train. -s'rbaking dov,...Earl.Sorthi arter...Is he a.-man from
rs. Jupiter or Pluto?.. .'ejeMH is convinced now, that- management does NOT intend .
employing anyone who will destroy the image of the present gahn oh. RADIO DOnINICA...
So, sea. you next .week --while I fly like a. LAK...,amd behave IMsaintly.

~minm. Kit ThE STAk


enjoy the
s le_.^

your lunch with
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S One (i) V.W. Single Cab Pick
2,00ooo ms in perfect working cond
f Fo; further particulars apply to:-
Armotir, Armour & Harxis,
1 1 Hanover Street, Roses


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Moss Jenaifer Ril, is thoe elegant &
woders beauV pidttired left. Sihe is
a lat-yaar Stadenit Narse at P. M. a.
and comes from Maitat.Cogratalations.f






Dairy and Grapefruit Farm
Comprising over 20o acres of excellent
agricultural land with many River Flats,
So Milking Cows, Complete Milking
Shed with 5s Free Stalls and all Milking
and Refrigeration Equipment. Road
Works and Bridges with piped water and
Electrical Plants, Manager's Quarter etc.
The Estate is in the Rosalie area and has
some of the finest River Pools on the is.-
20 acres under Grapetruit -
20 acres fenced in small grasmed paddocks-
Over Iooqox Board Feet of Lumber
growing on Esmte.
For further particulars contact: -
PtTER MAI EU: Tdephones 3124,3269
DR. RLB. BLATCHEIR: Telepbones 2526, 2059
*M W s^ I * .. . ,_____

Sixth Annual
Convention /
Members and Supporters of the Domini-
ca Freedom Party are informed that the
ISixth Annual Convention will take place
on Sunday June 9~h at LAPLAINE at
Io.oo a.m.
The G u est Speaker will be Mr.
Norman Hill Q.C. who will speak on
Human, Rights.
A round trip fare of Sr oo will be
charged and all wishing to attend should
contact The Party Agent in their village
to make early arrangmenes for transport.
Facilities for joining. The Parry will
be made available beore the open' session.
Members are advised to pa arrears
of_ subscripldon before the :.;.v__,,_ _,



S..Nav^iaa t -^ 2 j t..?t-_. A .L^ -

S-w ..' '..-

Tiction MA. TITMNE"- 'Cynthia Watt
Baby" sat on, her 'backd6or-_step- shell-
ing peas: and muttering to- ii6rself:
I"'lat I1 going to .put in dat soup nunh?
Bhreryting going high r ah hiigh6r'V Dey
say buy" looal but de fish not'"heaper;
salfish, dollal,-sometihg a pohg pg-
snout,, dollar-fifty-some ting a poijg j
even smke herrin big shot'; 'way papa.,
I'll*haves to .get some salbeef by t"eoil;.
his ohsa&per...odder pliac- is two dol-
lar a pong. Look a place'l" ....
As she. was about to rise she saw Ma
Ti-tine coming along huiriedly -
"Eaia Titinel" she clledoiut,. "way
you. going so ")busy? W-ay yoh oar?"
Ma Titine smiled, as she cane' uip,.
"After all Baby,, here isnrt'so far
that. I have to come in tie caro I must
exerciseimy legs. too." "As 'for-your first
question, I know you always go out so
eaify I had to walk fast not to miss you.,
lher entered the house aniid'Babg put
the, Eielled, peas on the table..
"'Iell wat il, it?" she e~iquired,
"hO's go to tho-Exhidiitioh this
aftenoon.- I- didn have times; to:go
yet,. *as you know,-X a1-yio" bus'with .
..Geeia's wedding arrangements ...but I_
have ames tOmtoe Coay# ft hear the Exhi-
bibin is' terrific.' ReUben and Genelia
walt yesterday and-they told mie about
i%-1 So Z going to see'"for iyself.."
.Baby grinned. "Dose 'lovbiids doan
hav no time for we now' Wte two have to
majk out how'we oan,"" -
,a Titine laughed in 'rettiri'. You
don't expect them to have u. trailing
behind them all the timo e." -
So that afternoon, they set off to
the exhibition .. Alaround..you eould
hear th6e raise for. th D.IC in helping-
to bring out the best 'of- the talents of
young Dominican artists, craftsmen and
arm e s ..... .. ... .
Titine and Baby wandered from one ex-
hibit to another, wonder and'astonish- -
ment depicted on their'-faces .
"'ell,, well1" Baby. said "' hnevh think
obu people deed good"wu like datt Look
-at so imoch nice ti-g si dey dbiii iid oco-
nut shellO Pointing'tbo the -irbught-iron
turniture' she exclaOned- "Iok" at dat -
bed... .do&* 'lamp,..dbse iablo arid chairs
Gcwoon, I novah knw"we'i: Dbiomaeeneeka
4ould make. dose. tings.,..is ',only in book
1 see dom. Ia..dat kine of naturee 'I
would'buy if I deed'rich. GarconI, dey,;
nioe..noting to say."

- S ?T.

.- T'ITE... "Yes .e Ma Titine agreed -
but I prefer oui local furniture made
from o r own oIb6odl wood made from tur
own native" trees. Ue have good fumni-
ture companies here I Look at those
pets. I bought' You'-would never believe
i.s not imported furniture. Wood is
inore comfortable"and homely,.. iron is
too cold.; .' fkbW what" I mean?"
Baby however defended the iron raft
saying' it- -wuld last forever and lodok
lovely. "An is our own people make it"'.
she added.
r Evrythifig they- saw was; admi-ea-and
raised,-but on their way home Baby
reomarkced' .
I 'Awayw it couxIE have plenty more
tings,---AJ1l'dose kicne of jellies a'hso
4n by--Bello, youi kibw it have plenty
odder kine dey' coildI make? Rem 6mber'
how we useo'to m.iiR green paipaw, green
'tomatbo, baxbaddhie, mamee,-apple an. -
so moch oddert.iie' of jam?. We'mus ibogin
to make ad6maifi.fi.J"1 doan lnow'iochh
1out painting' (dat ktnd)...but all of
demideed:gobd.r"' '
"Zou"*e 'ight," I TIitihe reZpllad,
referring" to ith' making of jellies and
jams. "'And- next time they -have.o-n 3.:-
hibitioii' again you and L. .uet 4eend in
our saria ze. "".... :
R EA'D' E-IR'S-' VIE W. -
.Dear Editor1Q. ..... ..
h, -ion Mdnday-,- Ilay 13,. the head
tpacher".f tho Grand abnd Sohool: made- a
Statement to the pupils saying. "!T,el
toase childroen'who have: left school they
should return to" sit the School Leaving
Ea." .. Ii'i&uld Ilike to .know, whether "
t4is statement was iade by the Minister"
of Educatig3n, aiid iprtains to ali -~boda
.or whether the tea oier so concerned, is
worried about the standard of education
of his schbool-leavers? I would all6i.':
l t-ke. tb6 kni whe'thcr there are n.b'a- ..
t.ndanoe Officers at the 'school nowa-
d0y7 Cor whither they have gone' out-. 7o
date) to s__i3elthat children' do not ;pgte
sahool..before the ago l1im147or whether.
t.e ieadteaoher concerned should not
wt>i to the Education Offier ooncern-
1ing he. :nruhor of under*-aged ach4oo6l-
14avers?- as- a native of Gr3an ~Ond
d agoed by the....
READE.M'S M-lJ A( *Wt.ig' to-
-.stamp out :.thii malpractice, and .the .
heavy fines "'mposed-by our magistrates
are a good deterrent to.

,Page In. T-3. J i ..u. -ma^ 4.S, Jn.M Z
o*WA*RE*p*,Q**g '5-Morchriston -

Cthe Botlr. Tormen tetty ovorseaor from- seven Domt-f.ia
h the Bot~ler Tcournamente congregations of Joihovahts witnesses
math played at the Botanical Gbiden. throughout the'island are presently-
last weekend the most not6ori eus omis- undergoing a.2-week course which begnn
sion in Dominican cricket 0oc".Ted with ..on indoy 13,- and is. .arranged by-the
the dropping of Grayson Shlliihgford Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society.It '
for the match against St.Vihncent. being held d at Kibadom Hall, Goo d-ill.
When the 13 names were released, one -1
might have thought that maybe Shilling- DOMINICA HITRSES ASOCIATION -Turses Ueek
ford had elected not tobe selected. Portsmouth Branch of the D.IT.A. re-
towever, on the first morning, of ilay, ports that the'Ueeki was "fairly well cel-
the .commentators said"that discilinary pbrated., It b6ean with Church service
aptioh had? bean taken"-bagist- h Ion Sun.12th, and continued with'talks C-
especially, as during trial and prac- demos related to current events, such as
tices, selected players were'warned Malnutrition Dfr.E.Armour; local foods
that being absent wouild'aff-ect their r MaIss E".Douglas; Alcoholism & IIealth -
places for the matches)-, But when on pr. Royo;.Diabetes & IT.ypertensio.6Jy. Dr.
Sunday it was publicly announced that Grell, whoso audience was most ent-hused.
no such action was -taken, the question, a full proramme was obs.rv..
can only be -what was the motive/reason READER'S VIEW (fr.'P.--) ..and for this
for non-selection? .. - --.. ; reason the. bri'dgew9'ft be repaired until
The match itself.. .Domini~ca won eas somebody_ (poor) is trapped resulting in
ily. Phillip won the toss aiid sent osG ox a log-or' death.
aSt.Vinoent in to bat '"They were bowled If the authorities concerned are unable
out for 85; Vincent Duggan 47,. only mant to make the necessary repairs, I suggest
to cross: 13.. Dominica replied with 335 or advise that the alternative be a sign
after losing one wicket for 4 runs and: board and placed at both ends of the
2 minor collapses down tlie .or-der, bridge, and reading as follows:
I.George 84, NPhillip 67',D.Abraham 57 NOTICE _
at no,4.01 liShillingfornd38 anr K, Laur.-. PEDESTRIANS .APRE ASKED TO PAY SSPECAL
ent -31 nso., no.ll.. The last pair. put. ATTENTlION TO. POTHOLES CAPABLE OF
on 68 runs. St. Vincent in their 2nd CAUSING. DEATH OR. LOSS OF LEG.
imings 98/3 overnight, all out 111 -be.- WE ARE. TTABLE TO REPAIR THE BRIDGE AT
aro .lunch on the 3rd day Sam Isles, --a PRESE1. (SG-) a2*Y, -
well-played 5 Bolng for Doiica .... - RA S
NThillip 2/14 & 6/21, G.Latond 1/27,. .. LVIN FRANCIS,1pseau
D.Abraham 2/15 & 4/1S aind.X.Taurent 3/2 NO WATER AT GOOD HOPE Villaers
AK-ETBA L Bata. Pros cWl card .their suffering: An emissary from Good
winning or Itnpionshp- wathh Caroni hope reported to the STAR that des-
Gardinals ad dominate. by convincing pite repeated promises since last gen.
whipping -DGS 97-46. DGS led at one election, no pure water supply has yet
stage 26-20 in the first -ha' during beern piped for the villagers, who have
which time J.Lawrenice (14 pts.)-had to to scoop water from ditches & gutters.
leave the- .court for 5 fols.. At- the 4 other bad dtio is & gutters.
fZterval. Pros 30, DGS 28.- The -2nd half ack of a choo in sGood Hope t the
it-was Bata Pros all the way-and .Jone 1 calch h ool i Good Hope the
it 'wa, Bata Pros all the ay-and: ,Jon. local children having to struggle up
38,, A.St.Hilaire 28 anid'L,Ienderson 25 slippery roads in bad weather to geup
were ruthlessly machine-like in toting oe ,sort of education Other to get
upthose baskets, Congratulations come somay ort of eucaton. "or ur people
from STARSPO0SEto BATA PROS on what can athe ney election bec for anybody in
only be described as. their historic been badlnext election because they have
achievement. en badly let down," said the re-
CRICKET, Spartans wwon't'he final match pOubtable old peasant farmer who
oTT.he. .4jC 30-ovor-knoolmut.- cmpe'e as, spokesman,
i..on.araJ.rst dolh..t.-.at the Botanical iENCH ELECTIOIS (see p) Martiniu '"
lh2ttll-e115 Sartaw only voted 58. -comared to 87% IO'anoeM
inted and Publised by he Proprietor R.E.Allfrey, of 6opthall 1,ill house at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, Uest Indies.


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